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 - Class of 1960

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3 Ku xxlf: W Ns' " N --, X N A X.. 9 4 ' 4 s ffx 4:-al I . , .r . Ff, JJ" .u nw w n 'NWA x fi WN S i ,, x 1 9 6 O 0 U N TA I N E E Mount Sf. Michael Academy Bronx 66, New York fz sz? ix. ix, Qu? 84 , e A f N. , 1 ' f o .. -f m.. 15. , mi l N ' f ' W ,K ' ,V I . NWE A' -.,ggg'Yny,.X fy-1? - M, ' f zvvi'-,wh f. g.. A' .. Q , ., fp: f 5- PI?,IJN'CIPA.L.'S JMEEIC The faculty and students of Mount St. Michael express their appreciation to Brother Kevin Aloysius for his untiring efforts in editing the yearbook. The staff has chosen LIGHT as the theme of the T960 Mountaineer. At this writing the choice seems timely for this morning's headline reads, "The United States Orbits Naviga- tional 'Lighthouse'." This and other spectacular advances in the field of science proclaim man's efforts to enlist even the power of the sun, the source of light and of life-giving energy. Thus do we strive to conquer the forces of nature. But scientific research, to the exclusion of other important considerations, could well prove the error of our times. The Christian concept of life upholds the dignity of man and acknowledges his rightful place in the universe. Another light, the steady glow of the sanctuary lamp, acts as a forceful reminder of this truth. Thus, before this lamp and in this perspective-our sufferings assume dignity and purpose. The theme recalls the words of Cardinal Newman, no stranger to suffering, "Lead kindly light amid the encircling gloom." In His darkest hour Christ exclaimed, "Father, why has thou forsaken me." For Judas the light of Faith disappeared, he alone extinguished it. Peter's grew dim, but his love, greater than his courage, kept alive the flickering flame until it burst forth bathed in the reflection of divine light. May our Graduates of the Class of '60 turn to their infinite source of Light and ever remain in the orbit of His love. ,QQ Qvvaawi 4 ROTHER LEO VINCENT, F.M.S. Wm.- W- ,,,,,, THI 2 5 i The education of each Mountie is a precious and immeasurable treasure. It is a preparation for his future as a Christian man of ideals and principles, living in a highly materialistic world. Leading each individual to the uncompromising truth, the purpose of our Catholic training, is accomplished through Christ, the Light of the World. As the planets revolve about the sun, so too, do the spiritual, intellectual, and physi- cal activities of the scholastic year revolve about Christ. Through the devoted Marist Society, Christ continually reflects His infinite wisdom and knowledge to make the Mountie port of a well informed Catholic laity. It is with Christ that the team so eagerly begins the scholastic year, looking forward to the radiation of His help to embrace ultimate triumph or to accept final defeat. It is in Christ that the Mountie absorbs the grace to comprehend his religion and to defend it in the face of all difficulty. Truly, the pages of this text can serve only to recapture those events, ioy and trials which have now brought the scholastic cycle to a successful close. But in reality, they must be remembered as the accomplishments of individuals, through Christ, with Christ, and in Christ. WMM, 1.....' 41 fm The instruction of good teachers in a pleasant scholastic environment linked to the eagerness to learn that makes the true student-this it is that produces the whole man, in the sense of his level, learned, in every sense, learning. if 'lf I 1 i 'ff , Mount Saint Michael is a college prepara- tory school, and an essential part of the required preliminary training is the ac- quisition of good personal study habits and mental discipline. During the last four years, the academic life of the Mount has molded her faithful sons into the Christian gentleman of today. For some the long awaited graduation is now the culmination of their school career, but for others-those who will pursue higher scholastic achievements-it is but a momen- tary respite on the long climb to the final goal. However, the many treasured memo- ries of student life at the Mount will long be remembered by both groups. The long hours of academic preparation have been sub- stantially supplemented by the vast number of student activities. Within this realm is in- cluded the excitement of the intramural con- tests, the expectation of the Proms and the anguish of a losing football season. But be- yond these will be remembered and treas- ured the many new friendships that were formed during the years at the Mount. M -we-MM,...,, i ,, f i E" 'V if.. ,,.,-s,,. ...M ,-- ,. M fu lu W'g Quiet decends on the Mount St. Michael hallways as Brothers end another day. bfi' ff! X, N, it . 1 , . ,sf 3, Kew-QW I5- After the morning's class work the Seniors enioy their lunch period. Social functions give the Mounties an opportunity to share the enioyment of extracurricular activities with that certain someone. :qs 'jtii L. , gig? The underclan resident students reside Paul's Dormitory. l ff!! as ue: it - ,,. . . M xl x Xt A Freshman Pays me Price of HIGHER Educmion. There comes a time te shew with pride what has been learned and the place of learning, and to show both to one of importance. "Practice makes perfect"5 moreover the hours of per- sonal etfort which supplement each day's group session malze for quality in the music and character in the musician. is he Teachers are left behind, but home with the Mountie go his work and his books, his loyalty and his ideals. A ,wr A L .ue x ,,,,.,,,... I2 ,enrmw-"'s "' " A' Mount students leave the memorial build- ing, which, throughout the year, has served as a scene for both underclass scholastic activity and extracurricular athletic and social functions, While most students rush for the -'Ftl6 Bus at 2:45 others depart for home in more comfortable manner. Science marches on, and college awards already reflect the fact that the Maunt is keeping pace. . .. I - ,,,, W 'Q l ., "' Q A 1 W " , A E .N 2 1 X x. L,,,,, ., 3 V-A if! e . 4 f 4 . 41 Aute, , Q dk IW. 1 .R ? X' "-f . M 'M'-.. , . R The Game-Seniors, Juniors, Sophs, and Fresh all different, but all bound by a loyalty to one team, one school, one tradition, and one ideal. 7 Q, L Nearly one hundred Mounties participated in track competi- tion this year. Here Sophmore G. Aieger shows the form he used to capture third place in the C.l'l.S.A.A. City Champion- ship. In addition to the program of interscholastic sports, Mount students are offered a program of intramural competition in football, basket- ball, volleyball, punchball and handball. Playing at various functions, the Band served to represent the Mount and also to foster school spirit. fb i I R 'aff EQ .N-gy ww 'K "' k, .5 1- ?"f ?HA ' ' 'iff T A X U X? Af 10 ,I fn?-i x L- 1,4 I 1 fi f xwxifxg q-.V I X 1-. 4' 'fr"i' ' ' , f 1.1 L V , 1 V , f 'S QQ 'xi-dx as 'f Q is. W, 0, N-Q.-,. N J 2 iff, Tiifwvx galil 14 QV! Tl mn "W 'H 1 1 Acuclclnic' Life Mount Saint Michael has four main facets: spiritual, academic, cultural, and athletic, Aside from the most important, the spiritual side, the most highly esteemed of these is acadamic life. But by academic life is not only meant preparing assignments and studying for exams and attaining high scholastic honors. These things have their place, it is true, but academic life more aptly denotes the air of intellectual endeavor which permeates the work of a sin- cere student body. ln a time when education is stressed as never before, a high-reaching academic program is one of the vital ingre- dients of a successful school. From the first day of enrollment, the Mount has perpetuated this four-fold spirit through- out its student body. Thus as we Seniors com- mence a new and challenging phase in our lives, we feel confident that this traditional Mount spirit will go with us. lt is this realization that prompts us to express sincere gratitude to Mount Saint Michael. Research, the heart of learning, is fostered in a setting rich for exploitation, full of inspiration and free from disturbance. -,.,. N ,K B' Cs 3 Mg Al a -in 'ci :L , ,.,.,, 4 K 5 in C Ca wif., Principles and procedures learned in class are demonstrated Reports and term paper assignments require the students and applied during the lab eriod. k p to ma e frequent use of The Bro. Albert Gustave Memorial Library. 15 If fr 'E The annual student body retreat and the opportunity for personal interviews which it aftords has long been a high spot in the opening week of school activity at the Mount. A boy enters. A young man leaves. A whole man? -Perhaps . . . What is a whole man? For four years we Mounties study Christ's Life, His sacraments, the Command- ments, and finally Apologetics. But to learn is not enough. The whole man lives what he has learned, he acts on principle rather than on caprice and he leads others by his exemplary life. Studies alone cannot constitute religious spirit. The Lenten Mass, daily Rosary, frequent confession, First Friday Mass and Communion, the annual retreat- all these religious opportunities offered at the Mount complement our studies. They help us to round out our character and education, not only for the pres- ent, but for our whole lives. Men devoted to high purpose find herein the strength of each day, rising to meet the sun and seeking their rest long after that orb has come and gone, along with us, for another day. Principles of Christian living learned in the classroom must be applied in the everyday life of each Mountle 1 15333 18.9 ' 1 .... awww- ganlllll.. K 5 nun QSM.. an awww- .-null K ww- gui! q - Wal ll -M "'G..... ., 3355 A, mguqifiw Ax.,, " ' Vg. iq...- .mmf A4-Q www? 15 1 I8 mi 'C Q E' 1 as vs: an rx' 5 i wasauwia M A wg!!! ' fm lflih AL WWW'- MM 1 ui"2rf'iA QM W -aww A W' "' 'ww km- ' ' 3 nv!! QM A . V x i. MX? 'Xia X J 5 mr' '5 ras 1,,.,wQ 5 iiw ' " W- +1 W -- neg-'sw-mwmr sz-SX! FATHER BERNARD HORST, S.M. FATHER GABRIEL LEE Chaplain Chaplain BROTHER WILLIAM JAMES, F.M.S. Dean of Studies BROTHER JOHN OF THE CROSS BROTHER LAWRENCE JOSEPH, F.M.S. Treasurer Guidance Director I' R T I O BROTHER PIUS xAvlER, F.M.s Deon of Discipline af fi , E. ro. 22 Bro. Adolph leo, F.M.S. Bro. Aloysius Damian, F.M S Mathemoticsp Prefect Religion 3Ap Spanish Ipit. ,,,,., . 1 Nu.:- 'U' Brendan Lawrance, F.M.S. Religion 4Cg lating Basketball Moderator Bro. Constantine, F.M.S. Assistant Treasurer Bro. Brian Francis, F.M.S. Religion 2Fg Mathematics: Social Studies Bra. Charles Patrick, F.M.S. vBro. Damian Gerard, F.M.S. Religion lEp Social Studiesg Spanishg Sadalityp Intramural Handball Religion 3Fg Social Studies Bro. Daniel Andrew, F.M.S. Religion 4A, Social Studies Bro. Dominic Thomas, F.M,S. Religion IG, Science, Photography 'Kit 'lr S i i ,Q Wynne-"E x Bro. Daniel Emilian, F.M.S. Prefer! Bro. Emile Michael, F.M.S. Steward QW' ,iw-nav .iw-. . ,, Bra. Francis Robert, F.M.S. 'X-'R' mf Bro. Gabriel Francis, F.M.S. :gow l '53, Bro. Daniel James, F.M.S. Religion 26, Science, Mathematics, Track Moderator Bro. Felix Matthias, F.M.S. Religion ID, Englith, Mathematics .4 ng uf? .....-.of Bro. Denis Christopher, F.M.S Religion 3D, Mathematics, Intramural Volleyball Bro. Francis Matthew, F.M.S. Religion 30, Social Studies, Track Moderator .N .4-'W " Q in-0"""i Bro. Gilbert Donateur, F.M,S. BYO- Gillwff I-0055. F-M-5- Religion 3E, Social Studies, Englighf Band Moderator Religion 4H, Latin, Mathematics, Religion 2A, Mathematics, Science Baseball Moderator Student Council, Football Moderator IMYGHIUFCI F00'bClll Bro. Gregory Francis, F.M.S. Religion 4F, English, Forensics 'it ,"lu....-- Bro. James Francis, F.M.S. Religion IIC, Science, Intramural Basketball Bro. Joseph Ambrose, F.M.S. Religion 2D, English, Social Studies, Intramural Basketball Bro. Joseph Damian, F.M.S. Mathematics, Steward Wil' ,,. Bro. Julian Ernest, F.M.S. Religion 38, Science, Science Club QTY! R Bro. Kevin Alayslus, F.M.S. Science, Mountaineer Bro. Jude Robert, F.M.S. Religion ZE, Mathematics, Science Bro. Kevin Edward, F.M.S. Bro. Laurence Christopher, F.M.S. lqligign 403 Mgfhgmqfigg: Religion 2C, English, Mechanical Fresh Basketball 24 Drawing, Tower Bro Myles En: F M S Religion TE French German Bro. Michael Norbert, F.M.S. Book Store " if QQ, WX -vu Bro. Maurice George, F.M.S. Religion 4E, French, Spanish, Sodality Nuff' Bro. Patrick Roch, F.M.S. Bro. Patrick Anselm, F.M.S. Religion IC, English, Poster Club Bro. Paul Felix, F.M.S. Prefeet Bro. Paul Andrew, F.M.S. Mathematics, J.V. Baseball Coach Religion 3Hp English, J.V. Football Moderator Bro. Paul Philihert, F.M.S. Bro. Peter Chanel, F.M.S. Librarian Infirmarian 25 4:22 'A 'VIEW-'V' 1 Bra, Pius Victor, F.M.S. French, Latin Bro. Sylvian, F.M.5. Maintenance M, ,ff ,Jpm., , if M M 'EP -..,,... fuer gm ua Bro. William Arthur, F.M.S. Religion IH, Mathematics, Typing Bro. Robert Jerome, F.M.S. Religion IF, Science, Intramural Punchball Bra. Thomas Anthony, F.M.S. Religion IB, Mathematics, Sodality Bro. Roy William, F.M.S. Religion 2H, English, Science' Sacrixtan Bro. Timothy Paul, F.M.S. Religion 28, French 4'-1' Broi Stephen Anthony, F,M.S. Religion 4B, English, Dramatic: Club Bro. Vincent Xavier, F.M.S Religion 46, Social Studies Intramural Football .l 'Ds ,Fx-f"" NV'-I' .--vw" ,,,,.s Mr. Patrick Barbieri Mr. Howie Borck Mr. Charles Goetz Spanish, Mountaineer Track Coach English, Tower Mr. Al Kull Social Studies: Phy. Ed.: Asst. Football Coach: Mr. Philip llahy ly. Baskubuu Coach Mathematics: Baskelball Coach Dr. .l. Arthur Rouihor Music: Band Direcior Mr. Howl: Smnh Football and Baseball Caach "'5""""1v 2 7 'limi' .l,., my x 1 . 'L ,w iw ,S Mrs. Catharine Spcrvxzi Socrnlary Mrs. lorsm: Paco Secroiary Mr. louis Zuccarsllo Hinory: Forum 27 f V2 +4 ' 7-N4 W- Mx A, f M' 5 x HV' JOHN A. ACKERLY 16 Smallwood Pl. North White Plains, N. Y. Poster Club 1, Forum 1, Cheering Squad 4, Intra- murals 1, Track 1,2,3,4. RAYMOND F. BAN KER 2036 Nereid Ave. Bronx 66, N. Y. Intramurals I,2,3,4, Football 2, Basketball Manager 1. 4 ' , :,. 1 A 1 ' ' 5 , 2 .W ,' ' 1. . '- . '5?17f1i15SffW:5R-Q..4'3fY f .J .4 5v:!f,SE5S...":. . ' M .. - W -"- T -'-'- ,....,.:W V We A M... my-ff N .V... A .... W ,:4,f:a-:fzagfm .. V ', 1 siunniv K. fr a-3, "f,igf'f:z?. ,. , It L. f S-5,2154 ii., W 'Kiwi 11,653 l fe iztmtlkilgtffw' 11WE'fY5ffi'l'Jf'lXZiM" ' 7 4 Jfwdasxpg 1960... RONALD J. AMENDOLA 800 Wolf's Lane Pelham Manor, N. Y. Intramurals 1,3,4. K5-'we' LAURENCE D. AUTORINO 43-31 Ithaca St. Elmhurst 73, L. l. Band 1, Intramurals 1,2,3,4p Football 1. 30 ORESTE J. ARCUNI 1122 Neill Ave. Bronx 61, N. Y. National Honor Society 3,4 Forum 1,2,3,4p Tower 4, Dra matics 4, Intramurals 1,2,3,4. F VINCENT L. ARGENTINO 1957 Mayflower Ave. Bronx 61, N. Y. Legion of Honor 1, Track 1, 2,3,4p Football 1,2,3. 415,91 DOMINIC J. BASCIANO ARTHUR S. BAUSCH JAMES M. BEATTIE 3094 Villa Ave. 4'lI West I8 St. 7 West 84 St. Bronx 68, N. Y. Manhattan 'l'l, N. Y. New York, N, Y. Intramurals 'l,2,3,4p Track 2. Student Council 4, Band l,2, Intramurals 2,3,4g Track 'l. JOSEPH G. BEGLEY 437 Reade Ave. Lindenhurst, N. Y. Science Club 27 Band 1,2,3, 4, Track 'l,2,3,4. Sure Brother we know. 3,47 Intramurals 'l,2,3p Foot- ball 'l,2,3,4g Track 'I,2,3,4. DONALD E. BELSEY 'I44-54 35 Ave. Flushing 54, N. Y. Poster Club ly Forum 'lp Dra- matics 3,45 Intramurals l,2,3, 4, Track 'l,2,4p Sodality. PETER P. BENYO 284 Hayward Ave. Yonkers 4, N. Y. Intramurals 'I,2,3,4, Trc 3. 31 ck ST 6 'A pil "Fw YQ 1 ' 411 06 2 6,79 S r 5 '- T-ff Fit 9.1- iaflm zum, . ll EDWARD P. BERGAMINI NICHOLAS A BIANCO RICHARD M BILLINGSLEY CHARLES J BIRNBERG 22 Wlnslow Clrcle 1315 East 223 St 370 East 160 St Tuckahoe N Y Bronx 66 N Y Bronx 51 N Poster Club 34 Tower 4 Intramurals 1 2 34 Mountaineer 4 1- Track 1 234. Intramurals 3926 Secor Ave. Bronx 66, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. CARLO A. BOCCIA 943 East 218 St. Bronx 69, N. Y. Science Club 2, Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Football 1,2,3,4. KENNETH A. BLAIR 163-67 20 Road Queens 57, N. Y. Intramurals 4, Band 1,2,3,4, Forum 1. RIC HARD A. BONDI 621 East 179 St. Bronx 57, N. Y. Science Club 1,2,3,4p Post: Club 4, Forum 2,35 Photog raphy Club 2,3,4, Intramura 1,2,3. 32 JOHN J. BOURNE BRENDAN P. BOWE THOMAS J. BRADY 505 East Lincoln Ave. 3287 Hull Ave. 2220 Tremont Ave. Mount Vernon, N. Y. Bronx 67, N. Y. Bronx 62, N. Y. General Excellence 1,27 Na- lntramurals1,2,3,4. Intramurals 3. tional Honor Society 3,47 ln- tramurals 1,2,3,4, Basketball 'l,2,3,4. Bronx 66, N. Y. Sodality. 'Kyiv' NICHOLAS A. BRANCA 4336 Byron Ave. National Honor Society 3,47 Science Club 2, Forum 1, Tower 4, Mountaineer 3,4, In- tramurals 1,3,4g Track 1, JAMES A. BRAUNEISEN 1776 Castle Hill Ave. Bronx 61, N. Y. Cheering Squad 1, Intra- murals 1,2,3,4p Track 1. 4103 'WDM ,,m-aw Bro. James shows lub techniques to seniors N. Branca and C. Niessner 'Cm - V73 551 .J THOMAS W. BUCKLEY 2812 Harrington Ave. Bronx 61, N. Y. Cheering Squad 1, Intra- murals 1,2,3,4, Track 1. ,. lm, QQ" 'kffis .- ,gwsfsw-. ww Af! ' 9. X- .?25E'szLf, iikg, Ili.-H, 1 B R -A 'f wwf'-a - Q53 -Hfv-,112 W- f1'f"fii' 'b w--+ 5 t'N"I!iQ' we' V' gill , , M- V, -I is Xl' I 6 - ---- A 1544- 'iii NEIL A. CAMERA 506 South 2 Ave. Mount Vernon, N. Y. Bronx 67, N- Y- lg A x fiwflggl, ROY C. BUCKN ER 2601 Jerome Ave. Bronx 68, N. Y. Legion of Honor 27 National Honor Society 3,45 General Excellence Ig Student Coun- cil I,3,4p Intramurals I,2,3,4g Football I,2,3,4g Basketball I,2. ROBERT J. BURKE 265 East 235 St. Bronx 70, N. Y. Intramurals I,2,3,4. Finishing touches added at Hayes Rally. MICHAEL J. CAFFERTY 65 East 'I75 St. Bronx 53, N. Y. Mountaineer 47 Intramurals 2,3,4. GEORGE R. CAMPBELL 57 Remsen Road Yonkers, N. Y. General Excellence I, Na- tional Honor Society 3,4 Science Club 2,3,4p Forum I 2, Tower 3,45 Intramurals 2, 3,4. I DANIEL F. CANNON 2444 Bexley Park Rd. Columbus 9, Ohio Poster Club 4, Tower 4, Foot- ball 2,3,4p Track 2,3,4p So- dality. ,iii ...wo-AY ROBERT T. CAPO 33'l Springer Ave. Yonkers 4, N. Y. ntramurals T,2,3,4. My ' xg, Q Q..-.,,.,,,w NICHOLAS A. CAPOZZOLI 3335 Seymour Ave. Bronx 69, N. Y. General Excellence 3, Na- tional Honor Society 3,4, Tower 3,4, Intramurals 4, Football Manager 2, Baseball Manager 2, Sodality. ft a' Q n,. ,Q FRANCIS L. CAPASSO 908 East 233 St. Bronx 66, N. Y. Photography Club 2,3. PHILIP F. CARAGINE I5 North Bond Rd. Mount Vernon, N. Y. Intramurals 3, Sodality. 35 ALBERT A. CAPELLINI 729 East 229 St. Bronx 66, N. Y. Legion of Honor 3, National Honor Society 3,4, Tower 3, 4, Intramurals 'l,2,3,4, So- dality. THOMAS J. CARBONE 105 Woodlawn Ave. Yonkers, N. Y. Intramurals l,2,3,4. 'VFX . ,sf 1 "Shucks, I was going to use that one." ww., new , J., ,,,. LOUIS F. CASSARA 2729 Seymour Ave. Bronx 69, N. Y. Legion of Honor 3, Student Council 4, Band 2, Forum 3,45 Tower 4, Dramatics 2,3, 4, Intramurals I,2,3,4, So- mf dality. JOHN S. CAREY 7103 Narrows Ave. Brooklyn 9, N. Y. Legion of Honor 2, General Excellence I, Student Council 2,3,4, Band I,2,3,4, Cheer- ing Squad 4, Intramurals If Track 'I,2,3,4, Sodality. W?-s I ev: na- DENIS M. CAREY 'I53-50 75 St. Queens 67, N. Y. Intramurals 3,4. V . . ,,,., eg., e ,L I 'ii A" I Q ,-V . , N, 3- nw - YUM I MAURO M. CASSANO EDWARD J. CARROLL ALBERT E. CERUSSI 666 East 233 St. 2544 Valentine Ave. 4265 Webster Ave. Bronx 66, N. Y. Bronx 58, N. Y. Bronx 70, N. Y. Tower 4, Photography Club Intramurals 3,4. Tower 4, Mountaineer 4, In 2,35 Intramurals I,2,3,4. tramurals 'I,2,3,4. MICHAEL J. CHOVANIEC 20 East 4 St. Mount Vernon, N. Y. orum 1,2,3,4p Tower 3,47 ramatics 3,4p Intramurals 2, ,4. 'QW EDWARD L. CIBBARELLI 148-16 58 SI. Flushing 55, N. Y. Intramurals 4. 189' ROSARIO M. CIAMPO 761 East 211 St. Bronx 67, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,4. JOSEPH A. CIROCCO 734 East 181 St. Bronx 57, N. Y. General Excellence 2, Na- tional Honor Society 3, Tower 3,4, Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Foot- ball 1.2. 3 FRANK A. CONDURSO 1272 East 222 St. Bronx 69, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. JOHN J. CHRISTOPHER 32 Monroe St. New York 2, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. ROBERT F. CONNOLLY 48 Pershing Ave. New Rochelle, N. Y. Forum 3,4, Tower 4, Moun- taineer 4, Photography Club 3, Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Track 1,25 Track Manager 3. Aawaao 37 JAMES M. COOGAN 1150 East 214 St. Bronx 69, N. Y. Legion of Honor 25 General Excellence I5 National Honor Society 35 Student Council 2, 45 Tower 3,45 Cheering Squad 3,45 Intramurals 1,3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Sodality. fwwipwmumdaupgaea 2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Track DENNIS B. CORELLI PETER M. COSTA ROBERT S COVELLO 4313 Boro Ave. 1472 Beach Ave 91 East 208 St Bronx 66, N. Y. Bronx 60, N Y Bronx 67 N Y Dramatics 2,35 Intramurals I, Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Track I Intramurals I 2 3 4 PATRICK F. CURRAN 233 Elm St. Yonkers 2, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Basket- ball 2. IE SALVATORE J. CRISCUOLO 2073 Bryant Ave. Bronx 60, N. Y. Poster Club 15 Track 1. 38 FRANK P. DE BELLIS 265 McClellan St. Bronx 56, N. Y. Photography Club 35 Intro murals 1,25 Track 3.4. mp, bzflm ' ' MARTIN V. DE LISI 3829 Bronxwood Ave. Bronx 69, N. Y. Student Council 47 Intramurals l,2,3,4p Baseball 2,3,4g Sod- ality. DOMINICK R. DE SANTIS 41 Randolph St. Yonkers 5, N. Y. Band 1,2,3p Intramurals 1,25 Track1,3,4. LEON T. DE LORME DOUG A. DE MATTEO ANTHONY J. DENTATO 641 East 236 St. Bronx 66, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Track 1, 2, Sodality. 2965 Decatur Ave. Bronx 58, N. Y. General Excellence 37 Na tional Honor Society 3, Stu dent Council 4, Intramurals 1 Football 1,2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g Sodality. JOSEPH J. DERRICO 1111 Underhill Ave. Bronx 72, N. Y. Science Club 1,2,3,4, Intra- murals 2. 1727 Hone Ave. Bronx 61, N. Y. lntramurals 1,2,3,4f Basket- ball 1,2,3,4. MICHAEL B. DE VINCENZ 208 East 124 St. New York 35, N. Y. WILLIAM M. DEWART 520 East 235 St. Bronx 70, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. I V Ei? -'g ,.. ,. .S I 1 :. 'I , IK, RICHARD J. DOLAN 2837 Decatur Ave. Bronx 58, N. Y. National Honor Society 3,41 Science Club 1,2,3, Math Club 3, Band 1,2,3,4, Intra- murals 1,2,3, Tower 4. JOSEPH J. DI BARTOLO 3072 Buhre Ave. Bronx 61, N. Y. JAMES J. DIODATO 1451 Taylor Ave. Bronx 60, N. Y. National Honor Society 3,45 Intramurals 1,2,3g Football 1, 2,3,4, Track 3,45 Basketball 2,3,4g Sodality. Band 1. DENNIS J. DIX 251 West 261 St. Bronx 71, N. Y. I I Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Football PHILIP S. DI PIAZZA 3130 Spencer Dr. Bronx 65, N. Y. www' Time out lor a moment of prayer. I CHARLES J. DOOLEY 3067 Perry Ave. Bronx 67, N. Y. JOHN J. DORE 76 King Ave. Yonkers 5, N. Y. EDWARD A. DOUGHERTY 1562 Thieriot Ave. Bronx 60, N. Y. B Intramurals 1,2,3,4. DENIS A. DOYLE JERRY F. DOYLE JOHN P. DOYLE CHARLES N. DRISCOL1. 3135 Fenton Ave. 2143 Hermany Ave. 65 Kimball Ave. 20 West 190 Street Bronx 69, N. Y. Bronx 72, N. Y. Yonkers 4, N. Y. Bronx 68, N. Y. lf11rGr1'tUl'GlS1,2.3,4- Cheefing Sqvvd 4: Intramu- Forum 2,35 Tower 4, Cheer- Intramurals 1, Track 1,2,3,4. rals1,2,3,4. ing Squad 4, Intramurals 1,2, 3,45 Sodality. , BRIAN T. DUFFY 4060 Seton Ave. Bronx 66, N. Y. Sodolity, National Honor So ciety 3,45 Forum l,2,3,4p Tow er 4, Mountaineer 4. ALFONSO M. FALIVENE 2207 Gleason Ave. Bronx 62, N. Y. Forum 2, Tower 47 Dramatics 3,41 Intramurals 1,2,3,4p Sod- ality. JOHN M. FERRICK NICHOLAS T. FIERMONTE 3273 Parkside Place Bronx 67, N. Y. 4169 Murdock Avenue Bronx 66, N. Y. Intramurals I,2,3,4, Track 'I. National Honor Society 3,4 Photography Club 2,35 Intra- murals 'I,2,3,4g Sodality. FRANK A. FILARDO FRANK J. FINELLI 3033 Wilson Ave. 94 Cowles Ave. Bronx 69, N. Y. Yonkers 3, N. Y. Intramurals 'I,2,3,4. Intramurals 'I,4. I 'Iv' ...f-" RONALD J. FlsH W . 39 Joan Drive V V Yonkers 4, N. Y. 'I-f s so Intramurals 'l,2,3,4p Track I . M e' . , f Y. 'f M. I,2. Q, , ,Ii , A L - 4 , e,n 1 ,W t xwqki V3.1 Q ,,,7,w,L N-.- v 1 ,,., . ,AH . The Dean of Studies advises students. I I K af' -.vm Y. - -, ,, sp-'Fw ' f. , , f . .'L'v2a,vq.M' f ci ,sr 2. -f '.,:y...5Qi S-ex. '4 . :Af .- I-If Q - pry fi... ?" 4, ,, . I.: Mmm .. kg .Y , . V z',','g, .w,zgfg1,f f , N t ' f Jwwsf-2 .off -NN MICHAEL F. FITZGERALD 693 East T42 Street Bronx 54, N. Y. Student Council 3,45 Intra- murals 'l,2,3,4p Football 2,3,4p Baseball 'I,2,3,4. 911, .Saphnmmz um, Aaw . . JOHN M. FLORKOWSKI 40 Belden Avenue Yonkers 4, N. Y. ntramurals 1,2,3,4, Football ROBERT E. FURST 185 LaSalle Drive Yonkers, N. Y. :rum 1,2,3,4, Tower 3,45 ramatics 3,41 Cheering quad 4, Intramurals 1,2,3,4, adality. ST 'A PER 4' w 10 Q 2 va, S - r EI ' 'J' if s vi' THEODORE J. FLYNN EDWARD T. FORTUNATO FRED W. FREYRE 553 City Island Ave. 1990 Cruger Avenue 749 East 231 St. Bronx 64, N. Y. Bronx 62, N. Y. New York 66, N. Y. National Honor Society 3,45 Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Football Intramurals 1,37 Football 2,45 Forum 1,27 Intramurals 2,35 1. Track 1. ARTHUR P. FULVINI 4612 Bronx Blvd. New York 70, N. Y. Legion of Honor 1, National Honor Society 3,4, Science Club 3,41 Forum 1,2,3,47 Tow- er 3, 4p Intramurals 1,2,3,4. JOHN R. GALLARELLO 711 East 231 Street Bronx 66, N. Y. Band 1,2,3, Photography Club 2, Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Track 1, Baseball 2,3,4. . 9 . . . -M . . K WALTER M. GANTENBEIN 1940 East Tremont Ave. Bronx 62, N. Y. General Excellence 1,35 Na- tional Honor Society 3,49 Science Club 1,2,3,4g Tower 3,45 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. FRANK S. GIACC IO 4355 Grace Ave. Bronx 66, N. Y. Forum 1,2,3,4p Tower 4, Dra- matics 4, Intramurals 2,3,4. If I Z. ..,.. I 1 Zi f.,-I 2 3 . , , ..,. W - 5 .',, . fifsfrf E .. , m,x.,,MM, . ' gtffffffwffi. - .V 5 U' - 1 fr,--,?X-J..,:.Q::.:" -.fgngilf .f",gSf?:. . ,A - :r -X - . fl! . M115 .5 -,. ,,.,'...:.g: 3... ' ,.'wg,.,g.w31gfg::2ii:fWf5.25f ., ' is wg.. 5513-21.f1-iggffyiiggfisiegi ' I ' 1 df' .3f'5"I4.g1 -:Q5i'fif?Y?ff"I59le-'.G2 I ,f if 1. 4551.21 1 -Zywi,-f Jpx A f ..,,yf 'Y fl w fr ws- Q.. .wha 'titff -new ffcf ffm KW JOSEPH D. GARI JOHN V GARVELLI ALFRED M GARZINO 800 East 223 St. 1556 Leland Ave 1129 Vurglnla Ave Bronx 66, N. Y. Bronx 60 N Y Bronx 72 N Y Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Football Tower 4 Photography Club 2,3,4p Track 1. 23 Track 2 Sodallty .kg 13,15 .xr as E'..1... CHARLES T. GEBBIA 41 Western Avenue Yonkers, N. Y. Intramurals 1,223,4p Track 1,2. 46 FRANK D.GIARDlNA ARTHUR J. GILL JAMES F. GILLIGAN ROBERT P GIULIANO 1867 Bronxdale Ave. 4064 Bronx Blvd. 3043 Coddlngton Ave 735 Magenta Street New York 62, N. Y. Bronx 66, N. Y. Bronx 61 N Y Bronx 67 N Y National Honor Society 3,41 Forum 1, Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Intramurals 1,234 Track 1 Sodallty Dramatlcs34 Intra Football 1, Track 1,2. Basketball Manager 2,3. murals 1 2 34 JOHN M. GLYNN 260 North B'dwy Nyack, N. Y. Intramurals 3.4. 'o you expect me to believe that?" THOMAS A. GLYNN 123 Princeton St. Rockville Centre, N. Y. Intramurals 2,3,4. JOHN A. GONDOLA 3339 Barker Ave. Bronx 67, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. 47 BENJAMIN F. GOVERNALE 6803 Collinsdale Road Baltimore 34, Maryland Sciecnce Club 3, Intramurals 1,2,3,4. WALTER K. GRUENSTRASS 3926 Murdock Avenue Bronx 66, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. MICHAEL J. GRAHAM 55 West 180 Street Bronx 53, N. Y. Sodalityp Band 3,45 Intramu- rals 1 . 'i"IIN's. RALPH S. GRECO 264 East 211 St. Bronx 67, N. Y. General Excellence 3, Na- tional Honor Society 3,45 Forum 1,2,3,4, Tower 3,47 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. RICHARD J. GRIMALDI 4026 Carpenter Ave. Bronx 66, N. Y. Legion of Honor 3, National Honor Society 3,41 Track 1,2, 3,4. MAURICE T. GRIFFIN 1230 Leland Avenue Bronx 72, N. Y. Intramurals 1,45 Track 1. PATRICK J. GUARINO 4229 Barnes Avenue Bronx 66, N. Y. Student Council 4, lntram rals 1,2,3g Football 2,3,4, Bc ketball 1. ROBERT A. GUARINO EDWARD J. HARRINGTON CHARLES G. HARTMAN 4382 Furman Ave. 267 Logan Ave, 1455 Leland Ave. Bronx 66, N. Y. Bronx 65, N. Y. Bronx 60, N. Y. National Honor Society 3,45 Intramurals 3.4. Intramurals 1,25 1'r0Ck 2,3- Intramurals 1,2,3,4. --of VINCENT J. HEINTZ 114 Field Place ' ' ' " New York 68, N. Y. A Intramurals 1,2,3,4. 4r:.::-' EDWARD P. HEATON 2780 Grand Concourse A 5 V Bronx 58, N. Y. A .1 f Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Track 1. GODFREY H. HENDERSON 504 West 143 St. New York 31, N. Y. Intramurals 'I,2,3,4, Track 3,4. "Who dropped the nickle in my coke?" BQ?-fr' Intramurals 1,2,4. GENE D. HERMAN 1949 McGraw Ave. Bronx 62, N. Y. JOHN HETMAN 29-06 38th Ave. Astoria, Long Island Intramurals 2,3.4: Football 3. "You'll never make me smile ANDREW T. HICKEY 193 Beach 105 St. Queens 94, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2. PAUI. G. HILZEN KENNETH T. HODDER RICHARD K. HOFLER FRANK A. HOGAN 2275 Barker Ave. 2160 E. Tremont Ave. 1713 Van Buren St. 453 East 178 Street Bronx 67, N. Y. Bronx 62, N. Y. Bronx 60, N. Y. Bronx 52, N. Y. Band 1, Tower 4, Photog- Poster Club 1, Intramurals 2, General Excellence 2, Na- Intramurals 1. raphy Club 2, Intramurals 1, 3,4. tional Honor Society 3,4, ln- 3,4, tromurals 1,2,3,4, Football 2 3,4, Track 1, Baseball 1,3,4. 'W'0uaNhal- DAVID G. HOLBORN 68 Berkeley Ave. Yonkers, N. Y. National Honor Society 37 Student Council 2,3,4g Foot- ! ball 1,2,3,4p Basketball 15 Baseball 1,2,3,4. GEORGE T. HOTTER PAUL E. HUGHES JOHN P. HYNES 662 Sagamore St. 3120 Buhre Ave. 1456 Taylor Ave. Bronx 62, N. Y. Bronx 61, N. Y. Bronx 60, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Science Club 1, Intramurals Legion of Honor 1, Intramu- 1,2,3,4. rals 1,2,3,4g Sodality. Jlawia, ' mach, of fha. Hit 'li laifffiffi if X ff' ",.-WF' WK' 'F' 5:65:5-I.:"7,"-'l9if?E'5lf55?fll'--l5PEC:Jl5:'iilui fx K- I I I " E37'9!ffL32.1,if'if ffl: -Wir' 1' ' E f-'iif fy .." ,-.-, -5 X. gg 316 55 ' 'ffl new-. my 'L - BMV I K 'pf' ..' .ff 5 'Q ' .5 .Y Q: V' ' ..:?rE?fR'-5 ,A ffl .7 .2 ' ff V -' 'Q I'-fi" "Vw ......iw-:.Li.4. '- if . 5 :tl ' ' pifxittifzizggg gif" .f .. .12 mf- 1. .A ww-:fps ' mil f+'iLiL.f 'K 1' -' f - Y 4 vw-'-At--.. . 2" . Q. 712 sL1..w, f.,w .W-vw--mg, ,-f 3 4-5 w , 4.,w,w,,z,g, 2J'm2J.Q2fg3gQ 4 2' my :wi ' J e f ' wav-'1-fwv..'g1 -Q 5 4-,1 . - we - , frW""""Mw..' . f,xN,z. f-...ix sie H :- -frji, -swf:-'feta'-1 QA-V f-x.'fP,m-fsz KENNETH R. HOMMEL 1950 East Tremont Ave. Bronx 62, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. ANTHONY J. IMPERATO 2215 Tenbroeck Ave. Bronx 69, N. Y. Forum 15 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. ' 51 'That's her picture, but what's her phone number?" HAROLD P. KAPPES 3636 Greystone Ave. Bronx 63, N. Y. Intramurals 'I,2,3, Track 3,4. ERNEST J. KASSAY 2422 Fuller St. Bronx 6'I, N. Y. Intramurals I,2,3,4. ROBERT J. KAMMERER 3302 Hull Ave. Bronx 67, N. Y. Intramurals I,2,3,4y Track 'I. S X ,......,. U ' 212 Nr' Stk WN? 'f-:ff-iIf:i'5E: 321795555 Siifiig'-iN ., s.. NLM. .,.. ., rg ."fQf.I?3.f ez.. :ww A, .v..z.,.+.--5.2.2 Q W .t-zmwff. .f Q ,. . 7 .M -.4 Q -nQ?ig,?aigf.wi' S J: FIS fiiisiilffz ei rr? 5.2 .ef V I ., Ii Fifi W ' -A .L - .ff3f1iz?'5fR. .X x,.,.,,.. if il 1 if Q-iff . .,...-. .X-W i i ' 415 ............ , . , ...N-.I I W F - vfssf wfY5g"" .w . ff. 2 . . I g li -E A ,. ,Q 'if' FRS, . 2 ...J ,L 3.5 .. . ' ff 31 irfaf .Qi . .., 6?..5...f,.. .5 ., . Q., Ax... wt-.SQ '3 .1 si' g 5 i - -. '. Q-'43 , . Y J K I 5 5 sa TX ig .4 ff. 1 ,2-. Yff . sf isis I ,. , .111 I B S+ ix 3.1. 6 gg ,L .. .swf 759,32 3... Q .3334-212 I .:,.. ! . . QE Qi S . muah-f new EW!-A I ,Q A 'iv-if-off .Lg ' 3-2 . 5. f t I EI 1. 'Pi k V -f mv I -Yxlqva RAYMOND J. KEARNEY BERNARD J. KELLY NICHOLAS J. KINSCH 48-57 213 Street 756 Elton Ave. 4018 Rombouts Ave. Bayside 64, N. Y. Bronx 5'I, N. Y. Bronx 66, N. Y. Intramurals 2,3,4. Photography Club 3, Intra- Intramurals 'I,2,3,4. murals I,2,3,4. RICHARD P. KIRWAN 3810 Greystone Ave. Bronx 63, N. Y. Iational Honor Society 3,45 1tramurals 1,3,4g Sodality. an-L., JOHN K. KORKY 223 East 179 St. Bronx 57, N. Y. Science Club 1,25 Band 2, In- tramurals 1,2, Football 4, Track 2,3,4. THOMAS P. KRIZ RICHARD M. KROPP CLEMENT J. KRUG 1523 Unionport Rd. 1501 Metropolitan Ave. 2 South Pinehurst Ave. Bronx 62, N. Y. Bronx 62, N. Y. New York 33, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4p Football IntramuraIs1,2,3,4. Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Track 1, 2. 3, Sodality. I EV-1, S6 I M '79 Q 2 '76 s - f 1-by 36 0 R4 P Fw 10" of 11 JOSEPH P. KOPILAK 878 East 176 St. Bronx 60, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3. GAETANO J. LANNI 174 Kimball Ave. Yonkers 4, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. ww., gil. ' wr. w' EUGENE A. LAREAU I Arden St. New York 40, N. Y. National Honor Society 3,45 Tower 45 Intramurals I,3,4p Track 'l. RONALD M. LOMBARDI 4311 Wickham Ave. Bronx 66, N. Y. Intramurals I,2,3,4p Football Ig Baseball 2,3,4. SEI' -JJ' V' 4 f X ' 1 ici? f- I I, 'f ' ' .1 A ligiwfii -ifiililiiiii JOHN J. LARKIN 2042 Grand Ave. Bronk 53, N. Y. Intramurals I,2,3,4. .s 5355 ! 1'fI'iHTZT?! :-5:- 'I Mm fx A 5 I E, -3 A f 1 new 21.2 ix I 1 223 Eiif , w2 f 1M .'2 A - ig , JN ., I sew . . gf:-If J f . f I I -'-' 1 f I El f - 159253 5 .L 1 Q L fr.. e .fe S . . .mw- f 3, ffm' ' ' i 9,545 4 I O O C JOHN J. LAUSCHA WILLIAM J. LEONARD 4233 DeReimer Ave. 20 Arden St. Bronx 66, N. Y. New York 40, N. Y. I .1 ! ff .g li I'f?,f24.z,f:i:Ef5fi 2l:3:?ig.ii ..., . ,,,. 7, V L:,k LV ,, --1.15. 1. 5 ,, K K 3 5... if A Legion of Honor 3, National Honor Society 3,45 Intramu- rals 'I,3,4p Track 1,2,4. MICHAEL H. LOMBARDI II63 Astor Ave. Bronx 69, N. Y. Intramurals I,2,3,4. 3 2 s I MW 'ti kj . fi f f. , sw as fx I' LOUIS J. LONGO NICHOLAS V. LONGO ROBERT J. LYONS 128 West 167 St. 4140 B0Yd Avenue 1829 Unionport Road Bronx 52, N- Y- Bronx 66, N- Y- Bronx 62, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3. Legion of Honor 1,25 National Intramurals 11213147 Bqskef- Honor Society 3,47 Forum 1,2, ball 1,214- PETER P. MADDEN 2965 Valentine Ave. Bronx 58, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Science Club 2. . . and it's coed!" 3,45 Tower 4, Dramatics 3,45 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. GERALD J. MAHER 11A Maple Avenue Bronx 65, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. THOMAS C. MAHON 1718 Purdy Street Bronx 62, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Track 1,2. 55 ST 0 'A PE'- ' 0 2 7 S r 5' J 1-'lk rs 4' w 1 Od' ' ' Dgum ' am... JOHN M. MAHONEY 449 East 185 St. Bronx 58, N. Y. Intramurals Ig Track 1,2,3,4. ROBERT J. MANCINELLI 1936 E. Tremont Ave. Bronx 62, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. RICHARD L. MAIBERGER 2082 Edenwald Ave. Bronx 66, N. Y. General Excellence 2, Foot- ball 1,2,3,4, Track 1,2,3,4g Basketball 2, National Honor Society 3,47 Student Council 2,3,4. 56 MICHAEL J. MALANGA 2213 Woodhull Ave. Bronx 69, N. Y. Band 2, Intramurals 1. JOHN J. MALONEY 36 Arden St. New York 40, N. Y. Track 1. RICHARD W. MALUS 1689 Jerome Ave. Bronx 53, N. Y. Q5 LAWRENCE A. MALON EY 272 East 237 St. Bronx 70, N. Y. Intramurals1,2,4. THOMAS G. MANCUSO 4182 Bronxwood Ave. Bronx 66, N. Y. Science Club I,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3,4. sl. es'-ws' I f K if 5 51. ii.-1 , sf ,f-' if .,,,. Y 2 JOSEPH T. MARICONDA I790 Pitman Ave. Bronx 66, N. Y. Intramurals 'I,2,3,4. A .W 1 Quaid' . -ff' W ERNEST W. MAROTTI 822 East 230 St. Bronx 66, N. Y. Band 1,2,3,4y Intramurals 2,3. VITO A. MARRERO 'I59 Crescent Place Yonkers 4, N. Y. I, fig, Science Club I, Intramurals le we Q AAVA zgz A 'E I ti I I , I I 1, Track 1. ,,. . .af .-W1-an ,.,..f mn' MICHAEL G. MASTRONARDI 2780 University Ave. Bronx 68, N. Y. Intramurals I,2,3,4g Football Manager 3,4. ROBERT P. MAROTTI 610 Waring Ave. Bronx 67, N. Y. Band 'I,2,3,4, Forum 'I,2. First they dissected a worm, then a grassropper, then PETER M. MORGAN 2694 Briggs Ave. Bronx 58, N. Y. 4912... NK ANTHONY A. MAZZELLA 265 East 'I52 St. New York 51, N. Y. Intramurals I,2,3,4. RICHARD J. MEDVEC 693 Garden St. Elizabeth 2, New Jersey ii "5'NQw,ub ALEXANDER J. MONAHAN 78 West 'I80 St. Bronx 53, N. Y. Science Club I, Photography 3, Intramurals I,2,3,4. WILLIAM J. MURDOCK LIAM J. MURPHY JOSEPH J, MCALISTER 2067 Valentine Ave. 30 Highview Ave. 4349 Gumher Aye Bronx 57, N. Y. Olcl Greenwich, Conn. Bronx 66, N Y Science Club 'Ip Intramurals National Honor Society 34 Intramurals 'I,2,3,4 ,WK 'SWQ ,Q-av' '-we' PETER J. McBRIEN 1985 Bathgcte Ave Bronx 57, N. Y. Intramurals 2,3,4g Track 4. 5 ,A K 1 4 . . yr J - TTL, Q :', Vkyz JAMES E MCCAFFREY JOHN T. McCANN 885 Ecxsf 241 St 16 Lawrence Sf. Bronx 66 N Y Yonkers, N. Y. Scuence Club 1 2 Track 'l,2,3,4g Basketball 1 2 Just sign on the dotted line boys, and everything will be alright." BRIAN J. MCHUGH Bronx 62, N. Y. Intramurals I,2. WILLIAM E. McGUIRE 525 West 235th St. New York 63, N. Y. Intramurals l,2,3,4g Track 2. -fungi 1610 Metropolitan Ave. JAMES J. McGUIRE 2822 Coddington Ave Bronx 61, N. Y. Intramurals I,2,4. ks I ng, . . f 5 'vs LMP' M.. , -M.. .. . . is. . ff-st , .. . vfvger ' . 'Mil Q:-fy: . .5 523 ' ye It A . gi"f?'?Wm:.2fv,51f.' - , .gf .:,..f,....+.,. It A I , tx xy'C.Ifis --i' . ?Z5'E2E5SI 'Nil K W' ii?I?l??ISIlIlIg'27J1'7?fI,i s IS5U31Il?I5I1wkII Iii 5 X Sziviatztieess me? ,islznsst -s 'ffffgft 'mf -fi: f fs, THOMAS J. McKENNA ROBERT H. McKINNEY JAMES G. McMAHON 98 Earley St. 1380 Virginia Ave. 1686 Metropolitan Ave. Bronx 64, N. Y. Bronx 62, N. Y. Bronx 62, N. Y. Intramurals 2,37 Track I. Band I,2,3,4, Track 'I,2,3,4. Intramurals I,2,3, Basketball 2, Basketball manager 3. I MICHAEL D. McMANUS 852 72nd St. Brooklyn 28, N. Y. 1d Ip Poster Club lp Forum 7 Dramatics 45 Intramurals ,3,4g Track 'I,2. F FRANK M. NICOLOSI 3970 Hill Ave. Bronx 66, N. Y. tramurals 'I,2,3,4, Football 2. ST JOHN P. NAUGHTON 4319 Kepler Ave. Bronx 70, N. Y. Intramurals 2,-1. CHARLES B. NIESSNER 3650 Bronx Blvd. Bronx 67, N. Y. Legion of Honor 3, National Honor Society 3,45 Science Club 2, Mountaineer 3,45 In- tramurals I,2,3,4g Track 'I. PER + Q 2 '76, 4' - - v'- N v ov ,k ,43- 49114 Y F w 1 0' doc MICHAEL H. NOLAN 3334 Corsa Ave. Bronx 69, N. Y. Intramurals I,2,3,4g Football l,2. , In ARTHUR F. NAPOLITANO l938 Lurting Ave. Bronx 61, N. Y. Science Club 'I,2,3,4, Poster Club 1,27 Forum 3, Tower 4, Sodality. KEVIN M. O'CONNOR 689 E. 233 St. Bronx 66, N. Y. Intramurals l,2,3,4, Track 'lg Basketball 'l. 'div' 3 ,,,, I 0 rs., if ,Q NNN' mx iff ' ' tlmr!au.qZ.'60 o o o FRANCIS J ONEILL TERRENCE P OREILLY HUGH E. O'ROURKE 282 E Gun Hull Road 60 Elmsmere Road 2039 Turnbull Avenue Bronx 67 N Y Mount Vernon N Y Bronx 72, N. Y. Intramurals I 2 3 4 Intramurals I,2,3,4. JOHN A. O'HAGAN 2240 Ryer Ave. Bronx 58, N. Y. Photography Club 2, Intra- murals 'I,2,3,4. GUY B. PALUMBO 1225 Mayflower Ave. Bronx 6'l, N. Y. Intramurals 'l,2,4. .4-.M-..,, MICHAEL A. PAGLIUCA 2063 Hering Ave. Bronx 61, N. Y. Forum If Tower 3, Intramu- rals l,2,3,4, Football 2. 'Wm P I "RT 5:39 1 5 WILLIAM J. PANZERA 3020 Barnes Ave. Bronx 67, N. Y. EUGENE J. PAOLUCCI JOHN M. PAUZANO CARMELO A. PAVONE 655 East 233 St. 3158 Perry Ave. 1144 Pelham Pkwy. So. Bronx 66, N. Y. Bronx 67, N. Y. Bronx 61, N. Y. General Excellence 3, Tower Science Club 2, Intramurals Intramurals 1,2,4. 47 Mountaineer 4, Intramurals 3. 1,2,3,4p National Honor So- city 4. 191' 'Sflfnvfo 011595125195 lfigfylfl 351552 IVE? ff... '.V.' WILLIAM D. PEKERA gif? on it 0 Iree A I so Belmont Ave. liis gwgiei' M Yonkers' N. Y. I I . L Intramurals 1,2,3,4. A 2 tn' cle z " 'gtillii .5,55Jii'..ff5 Take out your assignment pads." t'.- I eeci Ilif f, ,',,. 55' .H - f' 1.2, ANTHONY A. PELOSI 1708 Hone Ave. Bronx 61, N. Y. General Excellence 2, Bandx 1,2,3,4. WILLIAM R. PEREZ. 2 Seaman Ave. Manhattan 34, N. Y. Poster Club 2,3,4, Photogra- phy Club 3,4, Intramurals 1, 2,3,4. 63 - E Aawth.a.97Zo1uzLbatfla 10116-6h?z.... DENNIS S. PERROTTA 33 Byron Avenue Yonkers 4, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. JOSEPH A. PIOMBO 3215 Kossuth Ave. Bronx 67, N. Y. Band 2,3. ROBERT E. PETERSEN LOUIS G. PETTI 512 Logan Avenue 90 King Avenue Bronx 65, N. Y. Yonkers 5, N- Y- Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Tower 4, Intramurals 1,2,3,4. WILLIAM L. PIERNO 3441 Fish Avenue Bronx 69, N. Y. Band 2,3,4y Poster Club 27 In- tramurals 1,25 Track 1. JOHN C. PIGNATARO 954 Cranford Ave. Bronx 66, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Football 2, Track 1,2, Basketball Man- ager 2,4, Sodality. 64' WILLIAM R. PITASSY 3015 Perry Avenue Bronx 58, N. Y. Intramurals 2, Football Ma ager 2. DANIEL J. POLCHINSKI WILLIAM P. POLIAN JOHN B. POSOLI 3951 DeReimer Ave. 2280 Loring Place 1836 Matthews Ave. BFOFIX 66, N- Y- Bronx 68, N. Y. Bronx 62, N. Y. Science Club 1,2,3,4:BGr1d 1, Band 1, Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Cheering Squad 2, Intramu 2,37 lf1fI'Cll'TlUf0lS 1,2,3,4- Football 1,2,3,4, Track 1,2. rals 1,2,3,4, Football 1,2,3 Track, 2,3. fi 'sr 3 ' K , 1- 5 ' " " ' ' I 3 A 1- A . . 1. RAYMOND G. RAND 1032 Vincent Ave. Bronx 65, N. Y. Intramurals 1,25 Track 2,3. ii if-5 DAVID L. RACK P.O. Box 25 Pawling, N. Y. Dramatics 3,4. THOMAS J. RAFFA 1860 Narragansett Ave. Bronx 61, N. Y. Bznd 3,45 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. "Okay, let go of it!" HENRY J. RAPISARDA 824 East 220 St. Bronx 67, N. Y. Legion of Honor 1, Intra- murals 1, Track 1,2,3,4p Base- ball 2. DAVID P. RAY 21 South Drive Hyde Park, N. Y. JOHN J. REDA 727 Bronx River Road Yonkers, N. Y. Poster Club 4, Intramurals 2,3,4. JAMES R. REILLEY DONALD J. ROSS DOUGLAS A. Ron-I FRANK A, RYAN 2951 Lawton Ave. 2204 Light St. 952 Sherman Ave. 39 Delano Aye Bronx 65, N. Y. Bronx 66, N. Y. Bronx 56, N. Y. Yonkers 5, N Y Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Intramurals 1,2,3,4p Baseball Intramurals 1,2,3g Football 2. lnfrqmul-gl, 2,3'4, 2,3,4. "'1f'? Seniors admire some of Mount's tropies. LOUIS H. SALICRUP 1680 Vyse Ave. Bronx 60, N. Y. Science Club 27 Poster Club lg Intramurals l,2,3,4g Track 'l,2. WALTER P. SAMORA 306 Hayward St. Yonkers 4, N. Y. Sodulityp Football l,2,3,4 Track l,2,3,4p Basketball l,2 3,4. Mount powerhouse. .Q an --v-.4,, DONALD F. SCHULTE 3013 Valentine Ave. Bronx 58, N. Y. Science Club 1,2,3,4, Photog raphy Club 2, Intramurals 3. JOHN D. SCHRADE 3963 Seton Ave. Bronx 66, N. Y. ...oar '-nl VINCENT N. SCARAMUZZO 117 North 6th Ave. Mount Vernon, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. .133 YT"""" Shun' so 2 A 2 ' PHILIP J. SCHWEPPENHAUSER 288 East 236 St. Bronx 70, N. Y. Sodalityp Science Club 2 Photography Club 2,37 Intra- murals 2,3,4. EDWARD M. SCOTT 2090 East Tremont Ave. Bronx 62, N. Y. Intramurals 1,45 Basketball 1, 2,3,4. Mm,-f ROBERT F. SERIO 4016 Carpenter Ave. Bronx 66, N. Y. Sodality, General Excellence 1,2,3g National Honor So- ciety 3,4p Student Council 4, Forum 1,2,3,4, Intramurals 1, 2,3,4, Track 1. JOHN J. SERRAVEZZA 1835 Bussing Ave. Bronx 66, N. Y. gion of Honor 1, Student vuncil 1, Photography Club Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Foot- tll 1. THOMAS K. SHERIDAN 2 Bay St. Bronx 64, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2, Track 1,3,4. GERARD J. SIMON ETTI 3236 Seymour Ave. Bronx 69, N. Y. JOHN E. SIMS 178 Palisade Ave. Yonkers 2, N. Y. Legion ol Honor 1,2,3g Na- tional Honor Society 3,47 Science Club 1,2, Intramurals 1,2,3,4. .X ST. M, Fw 10 xl 0 oo 2 655, S - P 5 I-I v 1,1 QP' IQA ,ER P 4' 95' PHILIP A. SPUCCI 2844 East 196 St. Bronx 61, N. Y. Science Club 1,2,3,4, Tower 4, Photography Club 2,35 In- tramurals 1,2,3,4g Sodality. THOMAS J. SHARKEY 628 East 216 St. Bronx 67, N. Y. Intramurals 1,3,4, Track 1,2 3,4. NIEL J. SQUILLANTE 4143 Boyd Ave. Bronx 66, N. Y. National Honor Society 3,47 Science Club 2, Tower 3,4p Dramatics 3,45 Intramurals 1, 2,3,4. THOMAS F. STARACE 'I44 West Lincoln Ave. Mount Vernon, N. Y. Forum 2. JOHN R. SUNDWALL 338 Newman Ave. Bronx 72, N. Y. Intramurals l,2,3,4. MICHAEL A. STEUER 3343 Decatur Ave. Bronx 61, N. Y. Student Council If Intra- murals l,2,3,4g Track 7 VINCENT P. SULLIVAN 1801 Archer St. Bronx 60, N. Y. Intramurals 'l,2,3,4, Football 2,3,4. 70 DANIEL J. STIGLIANI 658 Francis St. Pelham Manor, N. Y. Tower 4, Intramurals 1,3,4. RICHARD G. STOEPPLER 4563 Richardson Ave. Bronx 70, N. Y. Legion of Honor 27 National Honor Society 3,41 Band 'l,2, 3,45 Intramurals 'l,2,3,4p Bas- ketball I, Baseball 2,3,4. Intramurals 1,47 Track 2,3. MICHAEL C SWEENEY STEPHEN W TALLON JOHN F. TANCREDI 2901 DeWm PI 268 East 239 Sf. 1843 Colden Ave. Bronx 69 N Y Bronx 70 N Y. Bronx 62, N. Y. Intramurals 12 Track 12 General Excellence 2, Intra- General Excellence 2,3 Forum 1,3,4g Tower 4, lnfra murals 1,2,3,4. LOUIS T. TELLONE 557 East Fordham Rd. Bronx 58, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3. ROBERT W. THORNE 165 Hillview Ave. Yonkers 5, N. Y. 71 ma, mpgsdwmfm RICHARD J. TIERNEY 10 Jefferson Place Mount Vernon, N. Y. WILLIAM F. TREANOR 149 Lafayette St. Williston Park, L. l. Forum 3,45 Intramurals 17 Track Manager 1. ,. t-11,.-, f,..w.f. . A 'X Sifgsezn- . -' QW.. Av' ,,.....a-' FRANK D. TINARI 2355 Beaumont Ave. Bronx 58, N. Y. Science Club 21 Poster Club 3,41 Mountaineer 4, .Intra- murals 1,2,3,4. RAYMOND J. TOMILOWICZ 42 Ricthie Drive Yonkers 5, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Track 1, 2,3. PHILIP J. TRACY 200 Dyckman St. New York 40, N. Y. Tower 4, Dramatics 4, Intra- murals 1,2,3,4, Mountaineer 4. THOMAS S. TORREGROSSA 1856 University Ave. Bronx 53, N. Y. JOHN H. TREGLIA 2900 Morris Park Ave. Bronx 61, N. Y. Science Club 1,25 Dam: 3,4, Intramurals 1,2,3,4, ketball Manager 3. JOHN F. TRINCHITELLA FRANK A. TROTTA THOMAS M. TUCCIARONE 3918 Seton Ave. 2816 Roebling Ave. 811 East 226 St. Bronx 66 N. Y. Bronx 61, N. Y. Photography Club 27 Imm- lntramurals 1,2,3,4, Track 1, Intramurals 1,2,3,4p Track 3, murals l,2,3,4, Baseball 2. 2, Football 1. ww: Intramurals 1,2,3,4. STEVEN R. TWOMEY JOHN A. ULIN 2363 Valentine Ave. Bronx 58, N. Y. RICHARD A. VALDE5 66 East Tremont Ave. Bronx 53, N. Y. Legion of Honor 3, Student Council 47 Basketball 1,2,3,4p Baseball 1,2,3,4. 32 Fleetwood Drive Hazlet, N. J. Math Club 3, Intramurals 3,45 Football 1. 1, Many Seniors made use of the services of the Guidance Oliice - ,vi 44154 n 1,2,3,4. ANTHONY L. VIGGIANO 128 Second Ave. Pelham, N. Y. Student Council 4, Intra- murals 3,45 Football 1,2,3,4p Track 1,25 Baseball 2,3,4. Q 'S VINCENT A. VANACORE 1009 East 225 St Bronx 66, N. Y. National Honor Society 3,4p Poster Club 2,3,4p Intramurals PETER J. VAN DE BROOK 261 East 201 St. Bronx 58, N. Y. Intramurals 4. NICHOLAS s. VAZZANA 1960 East Tremont Ave. Bronx 62, N. Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4p Football 2, Football Manager 4, Track 2. GUIDO J. VISIONI RICHARD T. WADDLE 2344 Eastchester Road 3483 Kingsland Ave New York 69, N. Y. Bronx 69, N Y General Excellence 2, Poster Intramurals 1,2,3, Track 2 Club 1, Intramurals 1,2,3,4p F2200 ROBERT W. WARD 84 Sterling Ave. Yonkers 54, N. Y. 4: Track l,2. n N ' ' ' 'Li'3ii?f? .fff:5i'ibi1g '.SH.5z:-I: ' t l .'fI .,Q.':', Ref l .Kwai Q Ra M XV' We 5 1? H fe gala? .azz .fi.sEti5s,, I M 7. V2 , . . .bpxvfskiffi . I .f Z ..ff1V-rise...-Wi. .H 5 .gms .I f-"""" fa 'fear zwfswifff ' Better count the trophies again, after Viigy they leave. 3, I '11, ,gpwi MARTIN R. WEBSTER ARCHIE E. WILSON JAMES G. WRIGHT 430 Jackson Ave. 83 Buena Vista Ave. I27 East 61 St. Bronx 55, N. Y. Yonkers 2, N. Y. New York 2'l, N. Y. ttramurals 'I,2,3,4g Football Intramurals 'I,2,3,4. Intramurals 2,3,4, Football 2. 1 Track I. Legion of Honor 2, Intra- murals 'I,2,3,4f Football 'I,3, HERBERT M. WEBER 133 South Terrace Ave. Mount Vernon, N. Y. Intramurals 1,27 Track 'I. RICHARD M. YARROBINO 4446 Monticello Ave. Bronx 66, N. Y. Sodalityg Intramurals I,2,3,4 Football 2, Track I. .afld M0 . RWM. 75 3 RAYMOND N. MANCUSO 46 Altonwood Place Yonkers, N. Y. ST A pil "fw 10 sg ' 41106 O 2 7 - 'F 54 ...J 1,3 3" Ql- THOMAS F. EIVERS 2399 Grand Concourse Bronx 58, N. Y. Intramurals 'lg Basketball 2,3. JOSEPH G. O'CONNELL 261 Seamen Ave. New York 37, N. Y. Intramurals 4, Sodality. GEORGE MUHLMEYER 4 Mallett Lane New Milford, Conn. ANGELO A. ZEGNA 4082 Seton Ave. Bronx 66, N. Y. Intramurals 'I,2,3,4. . .. ,... ,, W, X .,. .,..,.. R F ' 1 1' Q ' -". . FREDRIC A- ZITO an . A eef... ...A if 7715 Decclu' Ave- Bronx 58, N. Y. fffgf Science Club 2, Intramurals I '1r.. 5Z?lxl lTlm: .i I A 3 wg.. . f - i . ' -sm' u, . QQ.. ' X' m. 1 I , , , dz. ,. ..,. , IN MEMORIAM BRO. STEPHEN REGIS, F.M.S. On the morning of March 3rd, God saw fit to call to Him- self a friend of youth who for over fifty years had been actively engaged not only in teaching boys but, like John the Baptist, by his fervent example leading them to God. Words cannot aptly portray the mission and imply the vir- tue of a saintly religious, a man dedicated body and soul to his Institute and to his God. In eulogy as words pale before such a man this thought becomes one's own: Brother Stephen Regis, F.M.S. a "greater than I . . . the strap of whose shoes I am not worthy to loose." 77 Qff' a' Q 'nga' 1 aw ,. frlf 3' wa 1 W , 'e Mix' nf? - My 3,2 , iii' ,dr L Qfll YE. .5 if 5 ,. , .v -al 2- A qw Nfl, Q 5, V152 M .sb x ,E Q' k 'ww -vw ., 413 . , UT. , Yvljw Q X -,Am-Q1 ww if , Wg 7 M' X s X 24 wif' ,Jw Yi. f-, '- Q f 9? , K Ft S4 ' 2 -.wdi WNY 1 .,-.. 1 V wi 2 Q 3 ,4 A ,Q K+' K ff QQM ,iw egg gl fa 5 53 if .Milf wbif , y 2 AQ .1 , S ' R ,Www-v"kA'5Ak" Q 12 - . . Mmm sw ,,,,,,wv.wuv4a0 W ., ,, QLA. .. .f,,iL,i., 2955 51?-. 'Y -M fwN.Ls,fw W. v, iggggxxr' 1 .giig 1,51 4 .g, 3, Cx H, w W. Seated: S. Campana, A. Ballon, R. Cacciola, E. Burrona, M. Bucci, F. Cagliari, l.. Autera. Row 2: S. Caliendo, W. Bowen V. Boniface, W. Bebert, J. Birmingham, R. Andretta, R. Cam- panale, -R. Baulanger, C. Anderson, W. Brewster, G. Buinno, W. Buckley. Row 3: J. Bagnoli, J. Aitoro, A. Bisogno, G r Alexander, J. Albertelli, D. Bulfair, T. Burderi, J. Altieri, J. Bergin, J. Arcidiacono. Row 4:, H. Borck, J. Brennan, J. Bailey, E. Brock, C. Brady, M. Begley, H. Arp, T. Austin, A. Avitable, F. Ambrose, E. Callahan. X..-f, . F 5 Qlumor A 72 ij 'l 2 , 5 i C' JJJ 3 "Gentlemen, the time will come when you will have to "But Brother, I just want to barrow a pencil . . ." meet your Maker. Are you ready?" The preceding ques- tion has been frequently posed to the students of class 3A, by its director, Bro. Aloysius Damian. This particular ques- tion must be answered by each individual. But has the class met the scholastic challenge? We think so. We've con- tributed three varsity football players who have distin- guished themselves .... ln intramural competition, our foot- ball team placed third under the management of "Quick- thinking" Burderi .... J. Brennan bolsters the varsity bas- ketball team and in our midst, we have H. Borck, a track man about whom further need not be said .... Outside the world of sports, we have many students who have con- secrated themselves to Our Lady's society, the Sodality, plus eight who have obtained honors. Combined with enthusiasm, humor, and a great homeroom official, we stand united in all functions at the Mount. Amen. Seated: W. Dailey, J. DeAngelis, D. Dowds, J. Cassetta, l. DeFrancesco, P. Daddino, R. Dusault. Row 2: J. Cianci, F. Chianca, G. Capobianco, G. Conrad, R. DeConne, T. Dryer, R. Conners, R. Caruso, S. Cardassi, R. Colamno. Row 3: R. DeMouth, W. Dunne, J. ronin, J. Dernan, P. Connelly, J. Berri- lunior B Where did those blasted erasers go. You poor devils are going to suffer the consequences. Eh Mister Caruso .... Familiar sounds from the pandemonium that reigns con- tinuously at 3-B .... Athleticailly prone, we managed to cop the intramural crown after Brother Julian's fiery oration .... "Either cop this so-called intramural championship or seri- ous repercussions will follow." A minority of our intellectual group has successfully avoided Brother Julian's honored detention club, making themselves eligible for extra- curricular activities. Football wise, 3-B'ers have upheld the Mount on the field of play. We were more than well represented in Basketball and track .... And if this wasn't enough, we boosted the ranks of the band and cheering squad. Although Brother Julian has done away with the formality of Class elections, our admiration for him has been exemplified by Mister Caruso's affectionate outcry, "But brudder, we don't want no odder teacher." gan, M. Chirichello, J. Connelly, D. Daly, T. Collon, H. Delaney Row 4: M. Doyle, G. Cusack, J. Dooley, l. Credidio, P. Derrico R. Chiabrera, W. Casey, P. DeGregorio, P. Cavanaugh, J DiNardo. "Who asked you?" fi. eg mm ....., - 3 Seated: J. Gabriele, M. Fereclay, R. Fazio, C. Ferrara, A. Hamil- ton, P. Giannone, V. Gallo. Row 2: M. Hartnett, V. Geberth, J. Fiorillo, A. Garcia, l. Hall, G. Guilfoy, T. Gillespie, l. Gallalla, J. Hall. Row 3: R. Gonzalez, P. Hennessy, J. Flowers, ilm.......z 3' 1: V in-0 A . . Qtr, 1 I - -fr -'Q 3 ,F ! 5. , - "l'ley, fellasl Can l play?" W. Hall, T. Gallagher, R. Gibbons, E. Geraci, J. Ferrenbacll. Row 4: W. Grieco, E. Filardi, T. Glassey, P. Gentile, P. Grossi, O. Gentry, B. Geary. Junior C Amid the world turmoil, as Russia plots to subdue all and the U. S. seeks lasting peace, deep in the heart of Mount's tranquil abode lies the power of the school: "The Crushers of 3C" .... The supreme heads of the class are dictators E. Firardi and T. Gillespie H- the efforts of Bro. James Francisl .... Our potential power to defeat any nation or class at Mount lies in our extra-curricular strength. We supply the backbone of the football teams, who boast of conquering any opposing force from girls to missiles. The "Lonesome" center of the basketball team, Big B. Grieco, is again donated by "The Crushers of 3C". On the track squad we have L. and W. Hall and R. Gonzalez fwho boasts of someday putting a shot into orbit-we are con- fident that he will succeedl .... On Thursday, everyone in 3C moves to our secret hideout, which in reality is our Homeroom-401. Here we settle world-shaking problems such as how much booze we should drink on Friday night. Iunior D This past September Class 3D began an evolution from lowly juniors to invincible seniors. Members of our class found themselves among the ranks of the gridmen. We participated in intramural sports full of spirit but our luck seemed to run out when it came to the final score. The physical status of our boys was built up by their participa- tion in track, basketball and other athletics. A few of our classmen are active members of the Sodality and the Band. We are not lacking as far as clowns are concerned either. Holden seems to think Cor at least one of his border friendsl that shaving cream makes better hair cream than the usual brands. Lacy doesn't remember when lunch period ends and there are always some books overdue because Brother Librarian makes 307 a regular stop .... 3D was fortunatef?J to have members make frequent visits to the Dean's office .... Considering the room we take up on the honor roll, we are a well rounded class worthy of the "Junior" class at Mount Saint Michael. But. . . is that legal? Seated: W. Lacey, G. Jones, W. Ludwig, V. Larusso, T. litrenta, Kenny, T. Kelly, T. Maffei, E. Kuehnel, G. Hill. Row 4 G Hutter R. Ludwig, J. Mcffucci. Row 2: A. Kirby, T. Kevery, W. Holz- J. MacStravic, R. Hogan, l. Maglione, R. lorusso, G Hughes man, J. Hollurd, D. lmprota, J. Lynch, R. liberatore, F. lusala, W. Kulls, W. Houlikan. V. Maggie. Row 3: M. losquadro, A. Ingles, W. Junken, J. H,.4A-mm-V ' ii S si fgrf 1133 gi T -W as S Ii, "Ho hum, another busy day." Junior F Credit is surely due the Mount Faculty for doing the impossible, for assembling, with the precision of a time bomb, the only thing the Russians don't have: Class 3E. Guided by Bro. Francis Robert, 3E is an excellent example of perfect class harmony, especially during tests .... Seri- ously, 3E is the nucleus of Junior year with many students contributing their talents to various extra-curricular activi- ties .... The varsity football squad, the hoop circuit, and the Borckmen have been well strengthened by the ranks of 3E. Other extra-curricular activities such as the Sodality, Band, and Forum have also profited through the efforts of 3E members .... Although some faces are more familiar to the Dean of Discipline than to other members of the faculty, 3E deserves an E for all-around excellence in acti- vities, school spirit, and scholastic achievement. l l l Seated: E. Mahoney, J. Mortellaro, I.. Maione, W. Muller, F. S. Mastropaolo, R. McCloskey, M. McDonough, J. cCarthy, J. Marlullo, T. Mustico, R. McCahory. Row 2: R. Milaneso, R. Maniorin, B. Maloney, V. Milano. Row 4: J. McGovern, V. oschetta, J. Marchesani, J. Morris, T. Morritts, I.. Mozzarella, Malozi M. Mischetli, J. McHale, J. 0'Brien, V. Massimo, M. ll. Murphy, A. Mooney. Row 3: J. Marutollo, J. Manfrodonia, Mauucca, J. Miller, J. Marcogliese, M. Martin. Junior E Amidst the din and confusion of the third floor, one can rarely pass by without noticing the friendly atmosphere of school spirit which emanates from Room 304. Under the direction of its homeroom teacher, Bro. Charles Patrick, 3F has throughout the year contributed a great deal to foster spirit .... The world of scholars has received a large number of its citizens from 3F. T. Orr and T. Parente are two of its noted orators .... In the basketball world R. Pugliese copped a berth on the varsity quintet, while J. Noel acted as a varsity manager .... Although the class football team, headed by M. Perri, proved to be lacking in something, the class basketball team, led by V. Pizzo, fared much better .... As one Mount student has said, "There are two groups of boys in the Mount: those who are in 3F, and those who get the breaks." i . m 2 E ,Q 1 "But Brother, I didn't know it was against regulations." Seated: M. Paganini, G. McManus, A. Platoni, M. Perri, J. T. Ohlman. Row 3: T. Orr, G. Pisani, M. Quattrocchi, G. Noel, Naporkowski, P. Puleo, J. Porricelli. Row 2: F. Patti, A. Nemeth, J. Poschmann, A. Parente. Row 4: J. Pettigrew, V. Pino, J. J. lynch, A. Piccolino, M. Passafiume, M. Osnato, R. Pugliese, Orlando, F. Noia. l 1 2 i l l z 5 K: W. Smith. Row 3: C. Suviola, R. Shiel, R. Spano, W. Seated: P. Rouaoli, I. Saldarriuga, V. Rondina, E. Regaui, gone, W. Reilly, J. Scarpati, J. Spinopolice. Row 2: R. Regniault, A. Reilly, T. Riffulo, E. Randouo. Row 4: G. Robiclzo, R. Scott, W. Roppilo, R. Sheridan, J. Raodel, R. Silva, E. Sclmeller, A. Ra- Schoeck, J. Scutero, F. Scheffold, F. Scheffler. v "You moan I gotta take 'em?" lunior C- We are the men of 3G, Whose behavior suits the faculty-sometimes! We are not great but we come near it, Our ticket to success is our school spirit. Our class is a class like all classes, filled with those students who alter and complicate our lives. Although our class is not packed with geniuses, we can claim consider- able athletic talent. Under the adept guidance of our homeroom teacher, Bro. Francis Matthew, we ran a close second in intramural football. With the fervent support 3G has given all school activities, we can honestly say that 3G has made an outstanding contribution to Mount spirit. A few members of our class have even gone so for as to make an "indelible" impression on the faculty. Seated: W. Varley, I. Zaino, G. Weber, J. Zanzarella, J. Zam- brana, P. Walpole, A. Versaci. Row 2: R..Varian, B. Yehle, K. Walker, R. Stabile, J. Trotta, J. Sullivan, H. Timmons, R. Terregrona, I.. lyxyclr. Row 3: P. Stolmasylr, A. Trocchio, F. Junior H Amid the solemn and stately confines of Room 301 is found a concoction of human species unparalleled through- out the Mount. Adding to the frenzied flow of life which envelops 3H are the reprimands and dissertations of our overseer, Bro. Patrick Roch. There is no doubt that these bellowings are heard by Bro. Pius Xavier, at whose office 3H manages to maintain a fair representation each day .... 3H is unsurpassed in all four years as far as extra- curriculars are concerned. We have given our scholastic efforts the old college try, but it is very unlikely that any college will accept us .... The hunting refrains of "Varley, what have you got in your pocket?" and "Stroeble, get off your collarbone or stand up!" will assuredly go down in the unblemished history of the class at the head of stair- way one. Our Leader's pockets have waxed full through involuntary contributions by Varley. The pagan, domineer- ing Al Capone, who has attempted to wrest control of the class from Bro. Patrick, has thus far been duly checked in his efforts .... Well, there you have it. The odd band of students, the haunting refrains, the excellent scholastic re- presentation. H-armonious, H-ectic, H-ilarious, H-orrendous, H-appy-the class of 3H! Yodice, Fl Zonglietti, W. White, R. Warenkiewicz, V. Testa R. Stangrone, S. Wien. Row 4: S. Wilkins, J. Surico, N. Trevi- sani, C. Wallace, W. Sullivan, R. Stolfi, R. Strobel, G. Stern, T. Wasiellewski. 1 rf g, gf A .J N. ' ' 1 ff lu . . T 3 -J -fm I 'Q 1....w.................... . .W 5, -. fm' if A convenient way to get next periods test answers Soatod: J. Scorfi, G. Badia, E. Zongrono, J. Spadotto, J. Rosato, R. Stutzin, E. lamanno, G. Broiler, J. Galligan, J. Wright. Row P. lodard, P. Mongillo. Row 2: G. Treua, A. Piuuto, J. 4: J. Picarelli, J. Burclz, F. Thomas, T. Krista, J. Sicuranza, T. McCarty, D. 0'l.oary, M. Brocco, R. Panzironi, R. Croan, R. Cantilnea, V. Celentano, T. Chartier, H. Donnelly, R. Burton, Polaxxo, A. Cordaro, M. Duggan, R. Birkenstock. Row 3: C. T. Mcilligatt. Viggiano, J. Conway, D. DiMattoo, S. Fay, J. Joioe, R. Evans, l Wo have plenty of brains in 2-A. ophomore A As you step in, you inhale the pungent odor of formal- dehyde, that foul smelling liquid, used to preserve innocent animals until dissection. You've guessed it, 2-A is stuck in the Biology Lab. Brother Gilbert Louis may be seen crawl- ing about looking for uncaged mice, or two boys may be chewing some horrible substance, so that Brother Kevin may see the reaction. This must be stopped!! To escape it all, we find that many boys have ioined activities .... Replenishing the football squad are J. McCarthy, J. Con- way, F. Thomas, A. Cordaro, J. Parelli, and R. Panzervine. The Basketball team is represented by F. Thomas, T. McElli- gott, T. Chartier, and J. Scarfi. J. Spadotto and J. Trezza answer the call of the Forum .... We now close the door to room 106, leaving behind sleepy hamsters, skeleton- filled closets and uncaged mice. ophomore B Odors which permeate the room have deadened our sense of smell but life in the Biology lab has been a most active and interesting one for the men of 2-B .... Amidst the hamsters, alligators, fish and the many preserved specimen we have carried out our various activities. Class officers Ciotti, E. O'Neill, McCloskey, Fontana and Boylan have provided the leadership which sparked the formation of various committees which organized and carried out their activities during the organization period. A notable contribution was made to the school vocation drive by the group which Golden supervised .... We are well repre- sented in various extra-curricular activities and many of the boys from room 'IO4 took part in intramurals. Although the class did not win any trophies we did exhibit sports- manship and tried to take our defeats graciously .... What you have just read has been a short account of our life in the biology lab. We believe that 2-B has made its contri- bution to the Mount's school spirit and for this we must thank Bro. Timothy Paul who has made this year a memo- rable one. i , "I owe Brother Pius a summer." Soatod: l. Boylan, J. lruno, T. Hanley, R. Funicollo, D. Hynes, J. Conlon, C. Jones. Row 2: J. Tolopka, .I. DeTorres, A. D'An- draia, R. McCloskey, A. Stingone, E. O'Noill, T. Simois, R. Fon- tana, T. Snodgrass, T. DiCostanzo. Row 3: M. Spero, J. O'NeilI, R. . Pesce, K. Dougherty, V. Cafarolli, F. Sanlospirito, V. Dolucia C. Riviollo. Row 4: l. Golden, I.. Marrolli, F. Larkin, J. Dunltol, Flood, J. Hagan, J. Farah, J. Mastrangolo, P. Dublanylx, Ciotti. ophomore C Located in a dusty corner of the Memorial Building, discarded like an old isolation booth, is forgotten Room 15. Although we are totally neglected, as exemplified by the fact that our clock has read 12:15 for the past half-year, we, the members of Class 2C, do not remain unknown. Among our glorious group lies great talents Cmany of them hiddenj and personalities C"characters," whose description room does not permiti . . . Fostered by dynamic school spirit, we have succeeded in accomplishing 'what they said "couldn't be done." Yes, we were the most represented class at the Iona Tournament-with a total attendance of three students . . . Inspired by the cries of "Not important," ' "Soh Cah Too," and ". . . but by the same token," Class 2C has- managed to lead Sophomore Year in scholastic achievements. Our "thirst for knowledge" has been amply satisfied by the excellent guidance periods and "one-man stage productions" of Bro. Lawrence Christopher, to whom we are deeply indebted. 'Sl lfjl 1 iz? wit 1 ,. 2-C men examine the Poster Club's work. E 3 Q Seated: F. Pflum, R. Raus, B. Hoverter, R. DiGioia, J. Politi, Sheridan, R. Srtoney, A. Guarenti, J. DeSantis, A. Gandolfi, l. Reetieri, P. Fino. Row 2: J. Zanga, F. Pugliese, M. Yarchack, C. Brennan. Riw 4: J. Soi, C. Maguire, D. Conca, S. Woilusiak, l. Erard, G. Auger, J. Mulligan, J. Marcogliese, D. Denver, l. Dillianco, J. Gianelli, R. Armocida, D. DeWitt, H. Stumpur, W. Towneend. Row 3: E. Vernier, J. Wieland, S. Hyer, V. F. Bradley. ophomore D "Ours not to reason why, ours but to do or die . . ." This famous quotation and the smiling face of Bro. Joseph Ambrose greeted us as we started along the strenuous, brain-racking path of Sophomore Year . . . Ominously our classroom was No. 13, but we cast aside all superstition and completed the overland route smoothly, in spite of a few well-spaced obstacles . . . "School-Spirit" was our middle name, besides attending all school functions in great numbers, we contributed six Giffords to Jayvee Foot- ball, one Cousy to Jayvee Basketball, six Reillys to Track, four Louis Armstrongs to the Band, seven Dominic Savios to the Sodality, two W. J. Bryans to the Forum, two Buckners to the Student Council, and one Barrymore to the Dramatics Club . . . As we near the end of our iour- ney, we look toward new horizons Uunior Yearl, and say, "lt wasn't so bad after all." n You mean you actually do your homework at home 1 l Seated: V. Brennan, J. Kennedy, R. Young, A. Crino, J. Tripodi, nolds, N. Reda, M. Fenwick, M. levi, J. Hanaberry, E. Meehan, J. Biskko, N. Mancini. Row 2: D. Caruso, J. Boese, R. Santise, B. Bettini, B. Noreon. Row 4: T. Xavier, G. Yagunaff, J. Formes, J. Peuello, K. Keane, R. Jarezewski, F. Carguilo, J. Colucci, F. Morelli, R. Lipton, A. Principi, J. Bonarrigo, F. Fuchs, J. A. Tomei, D. Moscato. Row 3: R. Koehler, K. Hogan, E. Rey- McEviIly. Seated: R. McKay, D. Pignaro, l. lisella, A. Stiotzel, K. Bielot, P. Petorlon, J. Tinari, R. Cardilli. Row 2: D. McCarthy, M. Alva- rado, G. Kuyomiian, J. Porrotta, P. Tricario, J. Neuner, E. Doyle, A. Colonia, J. Civitano, T. Mahon. Row 3: F. Bratumil, R Panunnonte, J. Doherty, G. Mclean, R. Spina, W. Burkhart What do you mean we can't use this entrance?" 1 R. Denaro, G. Wood, I.. Peterson, G. Thonsen, W. Gibson. Row 4: P. Dinohue, G. Noturploe, R. Simmons, A. Piwni, D. 0'Shea, S. Napoleon, P. Vetrano, W. Mensi, M. Forgach, J. Burke, W. Henning, J. Hawthorne. ophomore E Well, here we are , Class 2-E, and that "E" stands tor "Excellent" . . . We stand above the rest of Sophomore year and we can prove this with overwhelming statistics . . . On the athletic side we have "speedy" R. Simmons on the Varsity gridiron and R. Spina, E. Doyle, R. McKay, and J. Neuner on the J. V .... Now don't get the idea 2-E is musclebound. ln other fields of endeavor we have con- tributed G. Kuyamjiatn and K. Bielot to the Science Club, R. Passanante and W. Mensi to the Poster Club, K. Bielot, R. Passanante and W. Mensi to the band . . . Our Mission total of S53 is tops among the Sophs . . . We also led in the returns of M.I.T. tickets . . . Through we were eliminated in the football intramurals, our hard play, good sportsman- ship and payola are bound to get us the basketball championship. Seated: l. Graui, A. Bongrovanni, K. lynch, T. la Panzina, Di Mehna, l. Guerci, R. Reardon, P. Internicola R Loltch J. Riccio, C. Cale, E. Grady. Row 2: M. O'leary, R. Kaweisza, W. Bernhard. Row 4: A. Natt, N. la Guardia D Frank J L. Ferruui, J. Timmsl, G. Ackerman, D. Meany, P. Tavolacci, Bruno, J. Spyropulos, R. Sforxa, Ernest Bierman. K. laychak, M. Mahoney. Row 3: D. Sheehan, P. Maior, A. ophomore F lt is easily said that an active class is a happy class. lt may also be said that the class of 2F is that class. "Happy" Arthur Natt, the president, is the popular ruler of this "toiling group of students." He can rely on his able cabinet of Loitsch, Tavolacci, and Maior, for any assistance. "Foot- ball" is the middle name of this class. Besides supplying seven lettermen to the J.V. Squad, we proudly sent Pete Major to the Varsity and had him return with his letter. The J.V. Basketball team was helped by F. Feruzzi. The intra- mural basketball squad started the season with a 2'l-6 romp over the "enemy" behind the high scoring of Pete McManus. Along with Pete our starting team consists of Dennis Frank, Richie Sforza, Paul lnteracola, and their capable captain John Sypropolis. With a mixture of con- stant practicing and hard effort, we've "got what it takes" to win a few trophies for ourselves. We're always found hard at work whether it be sports or studies, with unceas- ing assistance of Brother Brian Francis, our homeroom teacher. His comic wit urges his group of earnest students dauntlessly forward. fm ff!!! W-h-o-o-o-o-ps! E g. i' P 1- 1: "You mean I only failed one, Brother?" ophomore G The hilarity has subsided momentarily, the prayer is re- cited and the class is dismissed. Thus another day of utter chaos has ended in the most talked-about class of Sopho- more year. Although our class is known for its knack of talking at the wrong time and for its practical iokes, we do have our good points, but not many . . . These good points are represented by T. McNifl, captain of the J.V. Basketball team and member of the baseball squad. J. Anosky is also a member of the J.V. hoopsters. Some Grid Iron men are W. Kretzer, and C. Harman. Turning to the musical aspect we have T. Hessenius, D. Arcuro, and S. Facella in the band . . . On the lighter side of things we are ably represented in the renowned "2:45 Bus Club." To be a member one must be fleet of foot and keen of mind. Those fitting such a description are W. Turano, and J. McCarthy .... And now you have seen why we are un- questionably the zaniest class of sophomore year. Seated: R. Scarpati, R. Gabriele, J. Joyce, J. Astute, D. Ascuri W. Mcinery, I. Riley. Row 2: J. Cinosky, J. lacey, W. Kretzer, G. Verost, B. Cafero, R. Curtin, J. Gerard, M. Doris. Row 3 J. Amendola, E. Altieri, R. Mennillo, T. McCarthy, R. Sweeny, 1 V. Guarino, A. Smith, M. Qunin, C. 0'Keefe, H. Alexiadhes. Row 4: R. Carlson, R. King, J. Browne, T. Heuenius ,S. Facello, W. Turano, J. Alvino, T. McNiff, C. Nolan, C. Harman. ophomore H "First in the school" that our motto and we really live up to it, too!! Due to our strategic position, a competitive atmosphere and highly competent leadership, class 2H certainly lives up to its high standards. Of course we may be first only in fire drills, races to the cafeteria and dis- missal but that's beside the point. A leader in intramurals, room 5 is a winner in extra-curricular activities. The J.V. has R. Monaco and A. Feinez . . . J. Sasport and E. Mc- Hale are the speedsters of the class . . . G Grilliths and D. Carter can do wonders with a basketball .... Before we leave there are a few things we would like to know. What are those noises coming from next door? How accurate is the mission total? How come they sound-proofed the walls? ,V If f 4 ...aging C . Q, -.ass -z W "'2:45-The happiest time of the day." Seated: P. Brosnan, R. D'Aiello, R. Heaney, J. Fusco, W. McAu- Iiff, M. Molloy, F. Paine. Row 2: E. Derfinyak, F. Bertini, V. Cassotta, T. Tobin, A. Fernez, H. McCormack, F. Nicodemus, R. liberatore, W. Kelly. Row 3: E. McHale, T. Riordan, J. Behm r M. Deluccia, D. lanzarone, J. Sweeney, R. Mclaughlin, P Synan, A. Salorio, F. Schulz. Row 4: C. Zimmermann, G Griffiths, R. Monaco, K. M:Givney, D. Rosa, F. Harrison, J Guglieri, J. Maggie, J. Sasport, .l. Mills. Seated: J. DeMaNeis, R. Casale, M. Gallagher, B. Miraglia D. Florii, J. DeFrancis, P. Zanchelli, J. O'Roilly. Row 2: T Woronlriewiu, J. Crowley, P. Arcuri, N. Gregorwich, A. Ba- lletfa, J. Mulholland, J. Giordano, J. Mangano, G. Allen, F. ScoNi, M. Keane, P. McCarthy, M. Reilly. Row 3: W. Cavanagh I. Miluno, A. Saladino, J. Geis, M. Montemurro, P. McCarthy, "Head 'em off at the paul" 1 E. Raulett, J. Devaney, A. Cooper, J. Ryan, J. Tomassi, R. Walsh, T. Nazlerio. Row 4: J. Delorenzo, F. McCormick, R. Popolizio, M. Gilligan, R. Ret, E. Danseglio, S. Boninzasa, A. DeRosa, M. Tigue, E. Guarino, T. McCarron, R. Moscarolli, M. lepore, D. Kennedy. Freshman A 'I-A, the class that leads freshman year Cdown to lunch, of coursel is strategically located in room 2. From our position we command a three-fold view of the school yard, hall and overpass, providing us with a warning system equal to that of the Strategic Air Command . . . We have great athletes among our ranks, including R. Walsh and P. McCarthy of Frosh Football fame, really scamper, and M. Gilligan ability in basketball have led the Freshman team to many a victory . . . Brother Myles Eric, by his expert teaching R. Popolizio, who can and A. Cooper whose and guidance has shaped up a bunch of "greenhorns" into a respectable group of "meat heads" . . . ln conclu- sion we leave you with our motto: "Eat, drink and don'1 do your homework, for tomorrow it may snow." l Freshman B We started the year quietly-but that didn't last long. Yes, we have the dubious distinction of being the noisiest class in Freshman year . . . But this is not our only distinc- tion for l-B has made its contribution to the extra-curricular activities. We garnered second place in intramural football and the basketball squad notched fourth place among the Freshmen homerooms. We have also supported the various school activities. ln fact, what other class can boast of 'IOOWQ sale of tickets to the Korean Dance Festival? We do have our scholastic problems, especially during fifth period when Brother Daniel's "big stick" policy goes into effect. The puzzled look of many faces during third period is due to the fact that Brother Eric begins the prayers in German. This wouldn't be so bad, except for the fact that it's a French class . . . All things taken into consideration, we look forward with fortitude-in l-B you need it-to three more happy years at Mount St. Michael. it 5, 2 l Homeroom conference for I-B TS--.. Seated: P. Droxel, J. Matystik, M. Contillo, D. Tilton, M. Tynan, R. Kazaniian, J. DeGonnaro, W. Hlubik, A. Ruggiero, M. Cola A. Roenert, K. McCormick, C. Stevens. Row 2: C. Savino, P. man, A. Cirillo, R. langhaar, J. Immediate, G. Franklin. Raw Garguilo, M. Puppo, B. Roell, J. Corrado, P. Giunta, F. Laurin, 4: W. Serraveua, T. Pure, V. Milano, V. Piscopo, J. D'Angelo R. Ciceotelli, T. Reich, A. Malone, V. Catania, R. Picca, L. J. DeSanctis, K. Eagan, J. larkey, J. Carrol, G. Tokarzzuk Savina. Row 3: J. Galanek, J. Belleua, P. Callaro, A. Ramos, C. Caxamento. xo l Seated: B. Dielman, R. Hogan, P. D'Ascoli, J. Henitz, J Flaherty, T. Castelle, J. Palmieri, E. Deneen. Row 2: C. Kowal- sxyk, F. Maier, J. Naporkowski, J. Cavanaugh, R. Ettl, R Acllesen, J. Connolly, A. Ferrer, J. Byrne, R. Bisogno, J. Keat- ing, R. Donohue, J. Dreuler, T. Guldner. Row 3: R. Moore, Don't you ever get hungry in class? 5 D. DeNatale, R. Moricco, J. Brutto, M. Moore, D. Gleason, R. logon, R. 0'Brien, P. Joslin, J. Bagley, D. Magnon, D. Fish, G. Stewart. Row 4: H. Traulsen, S. Stienberg, G. Gilligan, W. Kriz, A. Silva, E. Speronza, K. Glaser, A. Mauro, S. DiGrandi, A. DeBellis. Freshman C Courteous . . . Considerate . . . Cooperative . . . Cheerful . . . all magnificent adiectives that have meaningful appli- cation to our stirring class, 1-C. In fact, if we don't stop stirring, Brother Anselm may have a few more appropriate words with which to describe us. Yes, indeed, we are a class that will go down in Mount history and, if we're not careful, we may go down in Algebra, Spanish, and English. All humor aside, we have given much to our studies, extra-curricular activities, athletics, and a deep devotion to our Blessed Lady. Our profound thanks to Silva, Stein- berg, Peraino and all the others who brought us honored victory at the Freshman Track Meet. Most of all, let us not forget our fervent thanks to the Marist Brothers for the privilege of studying under their guidance. Soated: R. Pol, H. Clarke, T. Edwards, R. E. Walsh, F. Olivc, Cardelli, A. Bianchini, K. O'Donnell, J. Foley J Numann J R. Sullivan, F. Spucci, M. Murphy. Row 2: J. Gura, A. Geary, Roberts, R. Delaurentis, J. Guinan, J. Mackenzie T Flhdlll G. Sullivan, T. DiGuglielmo, T. Rubino, D. Kowal, W. Ward, Row 4: T. M. Taylor, C. Matus, D. Hofer, G. Gloss J Barbara K. O'Brion, A. Fornandis, P. Donahue, R. McCormack, L. Calce- M. Barritti, E. Skiver, J. Wurazabal, J. Dons J Rrolo R rano, F. Penny, F. Clliuraui. Row 3: J. Molino, V. Bakker, E. Napoli, T. Lombardo. Freshman D September of 1959 will be remembered by all Mounties because they received the best Freshman class ever, namely iD. We have much to boast about and so we shall! For one thing, ID took the Freshman football intramurals by copping four out of four games. Besides intramurals, we sent J. MacKensie, T. Finelli, J. Gura, J. Doris, J. Riolo, J. Hall, and T. Lombardo to Freshman football and J. Holla and A. Fernandez to Freshman basketball . . . ID is known as the Freshman class with the most spirit and we proved this by winning the "Class Spirit" award at an inter-class track meet . . . One of the highlights of the year is Homeroom Guidance Period, moderated by our home- room teacher, Bro. Felix Matthias. lt is the success of these Guidance Periods which gives us knowledge of such things as how to act at dances, etc .... ln the following years we will be proud to say that we were once a part of 'lD. iv Happy days pf 4 13,2 L, "She's not my sister!" Freshman E How far off now seems that memorable day when we be- came Freshmen at the Mount . . . We are happy to say that, due to the efforts of our dedicated teachers, we scored numerous successes and victories in the intellectual, spiritual, and extra-curricular fields . . . Changing periods was like voyaging from one land to another. Science headed the agenda. We delved into the mysteries of the world about us. We also found that quizzes can occur at the most unexpected times . . . Our duties as future citizens were carefully explained to us during the Social Studies period. After this, we were offered a choice of ancient Latin or modern French. Fifty minutes of either were enough . . . A sorely needed intermission was provided by a brief lunch, followed by an excursion into the realm of mathematics . . . Under the kind attention of Mr. Goetz, the class discovered an interest in the study of our mother tongue which they never suspected . . . The Honor Roll has an excellent representation from 'IE, n'est-ce pas? One will also find a notable membership in several other scho- lastic activities. And with the hope of meeting again in the Sophomore section of next year's Mountaintaineer, we bow out of the picture. Soatodz D. Capalbo, R. Young, F. Gargni, M. Conrad, L. DeAn- gulis, N. Murray, J. Logan, R. Badame. Row 2. F. DeCesare, A. Bonsignors, A. Farri, M. Casale, V. Daddio, R. Condon, N Porlilio, W. Damcy, J. Yacovino, W. Itzkowitz, E. Collins, l. Naclorio, J. Zwicker, V. Ercolani, A. DeCiuttiis. Row 3: A. Sica P. DoGoorgox, J. Bagley, A. Pompillio, M. Trepetu, T. Woods, R. Gentile, B. Halligan, M. Cunnion, A. Ricciardi, T. Taylor, K. O'Keefe, P. Giblin. Row 4: J. Kruslta, P. Wolfe, A. Taurigny, C. Weidner, R. Esposito, G. Angelo, R. Puleo, R. Reader, D. McRedmond, F. Bianchi, F. Sica, A. Johnson, E. Martin, W. Finegan. Freshman F Well, here we are, the men of lF, and if ever a class deserved recognition for great achievements this is it. Class 'IF has sent more men than any other to the Frosh football team and although they are not the brainiest they can certainly boast of having the most brown. Some of our famous gridsters are: F. Hickey, T. McDonough, J. Brewster, A. Wines and M. Diffily. In track TF boasts such harriers as P. Citarilla, R. Finger, and P. Damin. To the band room "l2" has donated musically inclined T. Credidio, T. Clif- ford, W. Chirle, W. Archer. Those gifted in art of speaking, who have added to the forum's super-abundant talent, are: R. Gantenbein, F. Garbasky, R. Saino, R. Barone, R. Klein. On the academic side lF boasts more scholarships than any other class in freshmen year: P. Damin, R. Gantenbein, R. Sanio, A. Lorusso and M. Diffily. All in all, 'IF looks like the kind of class that will accomplish great things in future years. rf- .-...N x . "What to do, what to do?" Seated: R. Gontenbein, P. Traube, J. DiPulermo, F. Reale, R. Nico, K. Curran, P. Domin, J. McGowan, R. Tinger. Row 2: P. Citorella, W. Shine, T. Neory, R. Barone, R. Klein, A. McMahon, W. Archer, W. Eberle, R. Serno, F. Capolupo, W. Taurins, N. Constabile, F. Cumpolong. Row 3: R. Turnier, W. Bickerstaff, T. McDonough, P. Theer, N. DeGregorio, J. Altieri B. McGrath, R. Jeffrey, J. Donegan, M. Daly, D. lombordi B. Emanuele. Row 4: F. Hickey, R. Goetz, J. Brewster, F. Gor- kosky, W. Mutteis, C. Monte, T. Clifford, A. lorusso, M. Titus T. Credidio, M. Diffily, H. Nardoui. 1 v l l 2 H l l liall Seated: J. Morola, G. DeVoga, J. Forkin, M. Cifferi, R. Freda, P. Sanchiriea, M. Papo, W. Reilly. Raw 2: V. Belcastro, J. Desi dorio, W. Byrne, D. Webster, T. Price, C. Serraro, F. Greco, J. Rielly, J. Farley, P. Fioretti, A. Salicito, T. Palazzo. Row 3 B. O'Dohorty, T. Baiok, P. Sawin, A. Treua, J. Bruschi, R. N-r Sky it S as .A "Since l :an't brush after every meal I chew gum in class." 3 1 Calvano, J. Burke, W. Simon, T. Brady, M. DoGonnaro, T. Parente, M. Shady, G. Brugnoli. Row 4: R. Ansteot, P. Soprano, V. Lockman, E. Davis, Ri Elicona, C. Bevilacqua, J. Hastings, V. Padilla, A. Ciatti, T. McGuire, M. Andrucki, G. Ryan. Freshman G An indefinable kind of feeling pervaded the air, nerves were stretched, almost to the Dominic was about to perform wonderful world of science to famous teacher was mentioned identity of this class-the most ous, the spectacular class 'I-G breaking point, for Brother an experiment to open the us. Once the name of our you must have guessed the intelligent, the most gener- . . . To illustrate one facet of our excellence, let us examine the little matter of class mission donations. We undoubtedly lead the school with our donations ranging in the neighborhood of 75,000 to 80,000 mills . . . A brief, sweeping view of our astound- ingly enthusiastic participation in extra-curricular activities shows members of our class interested in the band, the forum, the track team, the frosh football team, the Sodality, the poster club, field events and, of course, study detention. I I I Seated: I.. Zumpano, W. Gulotta, J. Cortale, R. Ruberti, D. D. Connolly, A. Pipa, J. Di Pasquantonio, F. Petronella, J la Rontonda, J. Gardiner, P. Pruent, R. Furnari. Row 2: W. Dougherty, S. Bakay, J. Hall, K. Irwin, R. Cook. Row 4: R. Lutz Di Bartolo, J. Glynn, D. Ganey, W. Hunker, W. Gowenloch, N. Wynn, F. Branca, T. Connors, R. Seufert, W. Trelewicx, M J. Murray, V. Calvanezi, F. Farrelly, D. Kelly, D. Sullivan, J. Ciaiola, J. Cangialosi, J. Lynch, T. Orciuch, R. McCabe. Tavarnia, K. Murphy. Row 3: R. Kulls, C. Lenhard, J. Martinez, Freshman H Before we go into the biography of present-day IH, we would like to acquaint the majority with the "truth." Some have formed the opinion that the "H" stands for "Hope- less." We would like to correct this by informing you that the "H" stands for "Happiness" . . . With Bro. William Arthur as Homeroom teacher, the unpredictable IH steers itself through the many grueling trials of school life. Bro. William has a tranquilizing effect on his pet monsters three times a day. The "Animal Kingdom," as our chief refers to the class, is iust a bit more serious than would seem so at times. Members of our group are engaged universally in extra-curricular activities . . . Our class officials, Hunker and Austin, respectively, are backed up by a sanitation commission consisting of T. Connors, J. Hall, and D. Gaxney . . . Battling their way through the years, with many wins and many losses, IH deserves a very honorable mention. and then I heard another funny one , . ! 2 Y 2 i I I Q -Q A Junior Prom ,ef Student Council president Roy Buckner thanks Bro Gilbert Donoteur chairman of the Prom The Queen of the Prom and her Princesses pose with their escorts prior to the Grand March. mf if-Hs? A--fire?-W' X-of" Frank Trottu and date share the floor with the other Juniors. The end of u never-to-be forgotten night. as A night which the Senior Class of T960 will long remember is that of the Junior Prom. The Memorial Gym was transformed into a ballroom with Hawaii as its setting. Large drawings of island shores decorated the walls of the gym, while swaying palm trees added to the effect. These, together with the rafter and table decorations, pro- vided c proper setting for the social high- light of Junior Year. Although the actual Prom lasted but a few hours, the weeks spent in preparation and the days spent in accla.mation were just as much a part of it as the dancing itself. Our thanks to those who made this event one of the most enjoy- able in our years at the Mount. ,, if 1 nw, 1 39 , kk gt , , V 'RH Vikki gel,-f , if T The Queen and her escort cut the cake. Juniors and their dates enioy "An Evening in Hawaii The Grand March highlights a memorable evening. .nw N-nr .4 4-4 44 n Aghgf'-ffiwl , gig! 4 Us ' .119 sw- 7 la 53 31' A if, -5 IQ, f 5' " Q 1 Q 'W ',, fy, My-ig :W , A Nj, 3: 9: ,f .- ,Y ' gg' 1 A Q A? W if ki fwwifkt Yr 1 ,ak W, . , xx, -1 'N Y aj sr ,yi -1 f if ' g 9 W , .f , Q in Q i 'fiifs f W' ff Mgt Q .1 I . i 5: , W ,gr S -xx . 3 I ' .gg . 1 :,, ,. . ,., ki. " M F Qs iv' A f ZV, VZVH A V , ,, 3 HV, -- ' Q ,i.h A ,.,, Lf, , ij- , ' A ...W , -sf W., ,, W. , .Q N ,fi i , , E J wg? . -.1 R. Connolly and J. Mulligan were volu- able staff members who gave their talents to oll phases of yearbook production. ,ms ' ff Tl 32 Once again as the scholastic cycle comes to a close the staff of the Mountaineer is proud to present the fruit of its labors. Under the direction of Brother Kevin Aloysius and Mr. Patrick Barbieri, and under the leadership of our co-editors N. Branca and C. Niessner, we have compiled a book emphasizing all phases of academic life and unified under the theme "Light," ln contemplation of the many laborious hours devoted to the preparation of this issue, the staff sincerely trusts that its pages may help to recapture, if not vicariously relive, those events of the school year which have gone to form the true Mountie-intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically. We wish to thank our numerous friends and benefactors, faculty and student alike, without whose help this annual could not have been produced. Gratitude is especially ex- tended to Brother Dominic Thomas and the members of the Photography Club, who have proved a valuable asset to our presentation. To all who have helped we extend our sincere thanks. dalit SENIOR SODALITY COUNCIL: Seated: J Hynes, J. Sims, J. Doyle, W. Leonard, L Cassava. Standing: A. Capellini, J. Pigna- taro, R. Serie, D. DeMatteo. FRESHMEN SODALISTS: Seated: W. Dorney P. Damin, F. Gargani, R. Casale. Standing C. Casamento, V. Lockman, M. Gilligan, L. Silva, R. Walsh, R. 0'Brien. The Sodality is composed of Mount students who are anxious to manifest in a special manner their love for and devotion to the Blessed Mother of God. Their first aim, to sanctify themselves, is accomplished by their weekly corporate Mass and Communion. The secondary goal, to sanctify their neighbor, is per- formed by many Sodality projects aimed specifically at the student body. Besides work at the Lavelle School of the Blind, the Sodolists contributed their services at the annual Orphans Party and May devo- tions. A new system of committees was also inau- gurated to increase the efficiency of the Mount So- dality. Annual closed retreats, monthly recollections, and weekly meetings all helped to make the Mount Sodalist a true Marian Apostle. lf? ' s - ...WN SENIOR SODALITY MEMBERS: Seated: A. Falivene, J. Coogan, P. McBrien, D. Belsey, N. Fiermonte, J. Carey, R. Kirwan. Third R. Giuliano, E. Lareau, N. Branca, R. Furxt, J. Garvelli, P. Row: P. Caragine, J. McAlister, M. Crallam, T. Manwxo, J. Schweppenllauser. Second Row: L. Delorme, P. Spucci, N: O'Connell, W. Samara, J. DiBavtolo, B. Duffy. Capauoli, M. Delisi, D. Cannon, R. Yarrobino, A. Napolitano, JUNIOR SODALITY OFFICERS: A. Anderson, Sec'yp J. Ciunci, Vice Pres., R Pughesn Pretec! P Gross: Treasurer, VN ""' X-N. MEMBERS OF THE JUNIOR SODAIITY Seated: J. DeAngeIis, M. Bucci, M. Fere day, J. Kenny, J. Bermingham, T. Dryer, P Duddino. Standing: L. Credidio, M. Max- zucca, A. Kirby, E. Geraci, J. lynch, E Schneller, P. Hennessy, P. Derrico, R Chiubrera, G. Doherty. Az ' r W W iz 4 Q , M 'Hr' ln: new , , W ..1,:.,.-W. - . P I . ,N y is: ' ' V+ wfmnvsf-FY'lm'-'-ipfv my A :af -. . . K ' f 'w.,, 4115354323 1, M W Q' fa i 3 I 4-V 7 wg,-4.1: , qg.,x5,1 K - bk .mn K, V .-..,, mn -A-, ..,. X X ,L ,,1g'QQv M, X31 wklg Q Q W.. 4, my f P?1 5i1'3x51L 31255531 v -:MQ F,5.1f37ffw1gfg?Z1!tEf1?:1f ,.., - 'H w X ,L --w?Qlflg'. 13618 wffaeggii , 4 ' "' , ' Q df 9 .Still - ...V -- ' N, WV- "" A -'2. H3 P' my I K ,,,. Q P-wg N.,-, 5 l , 5555, 'wi U,-uv' E, .... fax -W 2 3' Q W.. ui 5 ,I 3,. Q wh ,,.,,.., 3 1513322 A .f mary!! Y Nlwm :Dfw i ... Q V, 4, NN , W. ,, X V, xx- J. 4 k z 3 f' . X 2 1 .. -4 - f xl - 5 gm-,,.L?i?W N, ... K A x "It was not a mutiny in the old time sense of course, with flashing of cut- Iatsses, a captain in chains and desperate sailors turning outlaws, but the court of inquiry recommended trial for mutiny and the episode became known as 'The Caine Mutiny' throughout the service . . ." For its sixth annual production the Mount St. Michael Dramatic Club under the direction of Brother Stephen Anthony and ably assisted by Brother Joseph Ambrose and Brother Gilbert Louis performed Herman Wouk's exciting drama, "The Caine Mutiny Court Martial," February 'IO through February 14, 1960. In order to give the audience a sense of closer participation in the play, arena-style staging was employed so that a feeling of intimacy with the pIa.y and the issues involved, seemed to permeate the viewers. Overpowering is an overworked word, but it is the most accurate one to use in describing Thomas Orr's creation of Commander Queeg. His break- down in Act II left Mount audiences stunned with emotion as he succeeded in turning in a portrayal that ranks among the very best to be seen upon the Mount stage. Equally effective were Edward Filardi as Greenwald, the defense attorney, Oreste Arcuni as the Chief Judge, Nick Longo as the forceful prosecutor and Ken Taranto as Maryk, the confused but sincere lieutenant. "The Caine Mutiny Court Martial" is now part of Mount history and goes down in the records as a superb performance of a difficult play. "They have succeeded far beyond my expectations," said Brother Stephen Anthony of his actors and by their appreciation and applause Mount theater-goers shared his enthusiasm. "listen Maryk, l'd rather be prosecuting you than defending you. But, I believe I can get you off, if you'II iust leave me be."' "Yeah, l'm drunk, Been out drinking with the Judge Advocate, trying to have him take back some of the nasty things he said." "I did not make one, single, solitary mistake in the eighteen months that I was captain of the Caine, and I can prove it." tudes MuItitudes." "That's your contribution to the war effort mister. Pulling a minesweeper out of the South Pacific, that and your novel, Mr. Keefer, your "Multi- Forum 'S' OFFICERS OF THE FORUM: R. Furst, Secretary: N. Longo, Vice-Pres.: O. Arcuni, Treasurer: R. Serio, President. This year's Forum left no doubt that it was the best in the City. They got off to a flying start by taking first place in the Sacred Heart Park Terrace Tournament in Oratory and Extemp. In tournaments at St. John's and Xavier High Schools, the Mount finished third. O. Arcuni, E. Filardi, T. Orr and F. Zonghetti excelled in Oratory and Dramatic Interpretation, while R. Serio, who is this year's captain and who has been on the Varsity for four years, continued to rack up honors in Extemp. The debating season saw the team make the final round of the N.Y.U. Tournament. Four individual medals and a school plaque were won. The big event of the season occured on February 22nd. The Mount emerged as the new Debating Cham- pions ofthe Catholic Forensic League. Of the forty schools competing, the Mount scored 408 points, 28 points ahead of the second place team. R. Serio was chosen fourth best affirmative speaker and N. Longo fifth best negative speaker. R. Greco and T. Parente also finished high. All concerned feel that the Forum has risen to great heights and has become one of the finest in the history of the Mount. SOPHOMORE AND JUNIOR FORUM MEMBERS: Standing: J. Zenga, V. Celenza, C. Brennan, A. Pcrente, T. Orr, E. Filardi. Sealed: J. Raedel, J. Mulligan, J. Marchesani, J. Treua. SENIOR FORUM MEMBERS: Seated: F. Graccio, N. Longo, L. Cassara, R. Greco. Standing: M. Chovaniec, R. Furst, R. Serio, O. Arcuni, J. Tancredi, J. Trainer, B. Duffy. forum Highlights 1959-60 OCTOBER 1'lth-Catholic Forensic League Interpretation and Extemp, first out of 20 schools. NOVEMBER 14th-C.F.L. Original Oratory and Extemp, second out of 23 schools. JANUARY 30th-C.F.L. Original Oratory and Extemp, third out of 22 schools. FEBRUARY 22nd-St. Peter's College Debate Tournament, first out of 40 schools. MARCH 'I9th-National Forensic League De- bate Tournament, second out of 28 schools. MARCH 26th-Holy Cross College Debate Tournament, fourth out of 38 schools. APRIL 9th-The Mount played host to 24 schools for the Catholic Forensic League's Grand Tournament and placed second while qualifying four speakers for the National Tournament. FRESHMAN FORUM MEMBERS: Standing: K. O'Brien, M. Andruclxi, P Fioretti. Seated: F. Spucci, R. Klein, R. Gantenbein, J. Farley. 117 Tower ,nr-+, gm 'PFWY Seated: layout Editor J. Cirocco, Editor-in-Chief J. Coogan, Sports Editor .A. Capellini, News Editor A. Fulvini. Standing: Sports Editor R. Greco, Art Editor N. Bianco, Feature Editor N. Capouoli, Typing Editor M. Nolan. LITERARY MAGAZINE: Seated: S. Kahn, A. Capellini, J. Cirocco, E. lareau, Editor-in-Chief 0. Arcuni N. Bianco. Standing: Co-Editor, A. Fulvini, J. Maniorin, N. Capouoli, J. Doyle, R. Furst, R. Connolly. An, if " x " S' X T f W .... ,, W Q.. Q, A-,.,.f f- ig? T Q4 ,ff x V Y 4 .,,..Tw,a.k., , f "f 1 if Q f ,N-f fa gr f Lf 'J' Q" I 1 '-E? ' W . -Qu? 'K f yr 1 sf 1 . J f S, QW 5, 'Q .4 'sh R 1, ef gf? 'Y X .nf Sf: 1 3, gh.. if .4 N f 41 f 'C W ffm K .gif , 4 X 39 l md!" ,F '-J rw-ff-ff ,f""'m, V Ng' ,f .1 ms' .f 1 Hr V ,ff my ' My Mfg' x 1 ,s in . ,,L... W , . U4 15 3. X 'Elf Q s Mig . I : I . ' uk f f f f f . A 1, ,, 5: 9 f A J 1 : ,J -, ww X A x ' 5 ,gi X W J fiifx fiifi fm W , 2 Y K If f f i . h , 5 . 1,.. 4 i s Q, 5 5Q,fl,g , , QL,, Al 54 d nf., ew Aw ww.. - -2 Z, 4. If n I 2514 ,Jii'.' my Z 2 Z, La 'Mg m L, ., 5 J , 1 , SST' f we 2, wif b A 5 ' z V , 5 K. 53555 hw W Q39 NW 21 I A f Mm .. Qfxvawamx, M-5 omg '67 Mb.. A 1 5, ,xf. ,I F551 197 ' 2 5 X 2' as 5 R 1: ' rf! - 7 ' 2, , X we W 5::f,,Pf-Wi?" 7 .EY -:5-mmf M 2 af, Eff- F2 ' 135 g,, gf:,:izf.f f- , W, Q X. . 0 LY. Mg s ,H-.,.... w xx? ua .v w . -E .mae , my gf f b. .Q as A il AM w J Z, Y .,,, J . wx e Q .3 2 Q5 fi-I., . 56 , W L Q51 if 'ff is I 15355 L . T 2 wg!! tg age 1 1? ly 4 , iw W , ,WL A - . 1 GM ff? qw fax fa k .Q 'Mr 'M fi Z Y A .W , ,if , . A... fi Bre. Patrick, club moderator, checks the members work. Poster Club With the coming of particular school events and games, the Mount's consumption of scotch tape, paint brushes, and water colors increases enormously. The culprit or- ganization benevolently guilty of this atro- city is the Poster Club. The club's successful promotion of these events has greatly con- tributed to their success. Guided by Brother Patrick Anselm, its Moderator, and under the leadership of Frank Tinari, its President, the club has done extra-curricular work by entering and com- peting in state and national contests. Though little known, the contributions of this organi- zation have fostered a better school spirit in Mount students. Seated: E. Schneller, M. Tim- mons, F. Tinari, .l. Maniorin. Standing: S. Kahn, V. Vancove, J. Reda, R. Paul, W. Perez. Seated: E. Deneen, J. Flaherty, L Zumpano, W. Mcienery, F. Spucci, M. Moore, J. Politi. Standing: T. Hessenius, W. Bern- hard, G. Kuyamiian, T. la Pon- xina, J. Begley, J. Scarfi, L. Er- ard, B. Seufert, K. Hogan, P. Passannante, W. Mensi. The Mount Band prepares for the half-time udivily. 4 rf ' 3 356, ., Y , 5 Lb 1395!-3 5 V J' " 1 1 SENIOR BAND MEMBERS: Front Row: M. Graham, R. Sioeppler, W. Marolfi, J. Bagley, A. Firolito, T Mancuso, E. Marohi. Back Row: K. Blair, J. DoIGuldo, W. Pierno, A. Pelosi, T. Rain. Band This year marks the eighteenth anniver- sary of the Mount Saint Michael School Band under the direction of Dr. Reuther. The present membership of this orchestral group is approximately seventy students. These dedicated musicians have thrilled us at football games and various rallies staged throughout the year. Their most outstanding event, the annual Band Concert, feautred the finale of the William Tell Overture by Rossini, and Tchaikowski's Piano Concerto No. l, as played by the versatile K. Bielet. After this, the musicians iourneyed to Wash- ington to compete in the National High School Band Finals. Thus far, the band has acquired many accolades for its outstanding successes at these competitions. Music les- sons, offered gratis through this extracurri- cular activity, have inspired many young men, giving important cultural depth to our future generation. Dr Reuthor strikes up the band In practice or the annual Festival of Music. Motheris Club ,JA WW, k...,A .M R . Mrs. Frances Benvonger, Mrs. loretta Pace, Mrs. Grayce McGrath formed one of tho committees which planned the highly successful Fall Bridge Party. MOUNT MEN'S CLUB OFFICERS: Mr. Thomas Mannion, President, Bro. John, Moderator, Mr. Philip Arcuri, Vice Pres., Mr. Edward Kuehnel, Rec. 5ec'y., Mr. Anthony Nardi, Treasurer, Mr. William McCarthy, Corr. Soc'y. Not content with merely a passive role in Catholic education, the fathers and mothers of Mount men have pooled their talents and efforts into two effective organizations, the Men's Club led by Brother John, Moderator, and Mr. Thomas Mannion, President, and the Mother's Club headed by Mrs. Janette Serio, President, and Brother Stephen An- thony, Moderator. The two organizations iointly sponsor the highly successful bazaar. The Men's Club specialties are the annual Grammar School Tournament, Orphan's Party, and the Friday Night Social Games. The Mother's Club annual Bridge Parties and Fashion Shows are the highlights of their years activities. With the selfless effort of these two clubs the Marist Brothers at Mount St. Michael are able to obtain those added educational aids which help further the knowledge of the citizens of tomorrow. 'Za ,, prizes at the Bridge Party. Committee workers examine the many Committee for the annual Men's Club Grammar School Basketball Tournament: Mr. Dominick DiSantis, Mr. Thomas Mannion, Brother John of the Cross, Mr. David Holburn, Mr. Thomas 0'Brien. I?-"lIn1!l'-1 f 1 Underclassmen who were absent for the class pictures Front B Wilders P McManus .I Blum G Jones J Fenellu R R : F. R D ' ' ow yon, .Crlscl, J. Dooley G Doherty T McMahon Marcyan W McKeon Row Three K Mllanese T Welsh R T. Conlon, T. Kevney, R. Romanelll Row Tw G G l up Smithmen Suffer First Losing Season in Twenty-two Years VARSITY RECORD Mount Saint Michael Opponent I4 .............. ............ H oly Cross ......... 0 37 .......... ............ I ona ............. ...... 0 I4 .......... ............ S tepinac ............ O I2 .......... ............ S t. Benedict ....,. 'I4 0 .......... ............ C haminade ...... 22 20 .......... ............ N ew Rochelle 55 30 .......... ............ S t. Francis ......... 32 6 .......... ............ H ayes ..................... 6 Unbeaten! Untied! Unscored upon! In succession, Holy Cross, Iona, and Stepinac fell to the Maulers from the Mount. Then there was the trip to New Jersey. A little interception was the first indication. Then a trap play was correctly ana- lyzed, but while the tackled pass receiver went to score the second and winning touchdown, the tackler lay flat on his face on the muddy ground. The Mount dream season was thus startled out of existence, and the nightmare was about to begin. After a sound shellacking from a solid Terrier wall, a spirited Mount team fought valiantly to overcome a 26-8 halftime deficit, but, despite the efforts of Buckner and Can- non, they lost the game and the league title by a score of 32-30. The most frightening aspect of the nightmare oc- curred a week later as New Rochelle outclossed the Varsity 55-20, thus fixing the pre-Hayes season record at three and four. On Turkey day, the Mount defense foukght hard to pre- serve Howie Smith's unblemished record but our offense didn't seem to cooperate. The stubborn Hayes team played us to a tie, and we had our first losing season in 22 years. Cannon, eyed by Chaminade mon, hustle: down field VARSITY FOOTBALL: First Row-M. Muzzucca, T. Ruifolo, P. Gentile, J. Mcliole, L. Credidio P. Grossi, D. DeMattoo, R. Gonbalez, E. Filardi, R. Hofler, W. Schoeck, J. DiBartolo, W. Samora R. Moilaorger. Second Row-C. Boccia, D. Holborn, Derrico, G. Hughes, R. Lorusso, R. Ward W. Polian, E. Kuahnel, J. Gari, D. Cannon, R. Buckner, P. Major, F. Bisogno. Third Row-Bro Gilbert Donoteur, J. Korky, R. Simmons, D. Corelli, A. Viggiano, M. Fitzgerald, A. Baush, V Sullivan, P. Guorino, A. Ballon, J. Mozzarella, S. Campana, D. Dowds, E. Regazzi, F. Freyre, Coach, Howie Smith. i J., .A . .17 Bausch elude: toclxlers in tho St. Benedict's game. Samora gots clear of Clrominodo opposition. by DiBartolo. Somoro is not so lucky this limo. . V. Football Probably unparalleled in the annals of Mount football was the handicap under which the J.V. football team played. They were hurt by the amaz- ing number of able players who did not come out for the team and as a result the coach was limited in his selection of players. Though sparked by the offensive play of Fernez and Monaco, the team never truly warmed up and the record indicates this. However, the team's improved play gives prom- ise for the future. Mount Saint Michael Opponents 12 .................................... Holy Cross ..................... 18 12 .......... ........... I ona ............. ........ 0 22 .......... ........... S tepinac ...,..... ........ 6 6 .......... ........... D avis .................... ........ 6 6 .......... ........... C haminade ..................... 28 20 .......... ........... N ew Rochelle ............... 44 22 .......... ........... E vander ........................... 0 8 .......... ........... H ayes .......... .........,... 1 2 Holy Cronor stopped Frosh Football The Freshmen football team opened the season on a happy note by downing Blessed Sacrament 13-6. After falling into a mid-season slump the Mounties were beaten by Hayes 0-6, Stepinac 0-6, and Holy Cross 0-14. The Mounties soon overcame their offen- sive lapse and defeated Stepinac 12-7. Though the season wound up a disappointing 3 wins and 4 de- feats the team improved throughout the year. The coach, moderator and all concerned trust that the team will improve next year and that the spirit, co- ordination and teamwork of the yearlings will permit them to post a more impressive season record. launch carries for Mount. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL: Front Row: J. Ackerman, J. Doyle, W. Kreher, R. Young, J. Blum, J Neuner, R. McKay, H. Fernes, E. O'Neil. Second Row: A. DiMenna, J. Guglieri, R. Spina, J. Conway, V Sheridan, L. Restieri, F. Sandospirilio, G. Wieland, M. Levi. Third Row: A. Principi, T. Riordan, W. Norton R. Reynolds, J. Carter, A. D'Andria, M. Fenwick, A. Salorio, F. Maffelli. Fourth Row: W. Nair, J. Spyro- polus, W. Bernhard, R. Sforza, P. Dublanyk, J. Piccarrelli, R. Ciotti, C, Harman. FROSH FOOTBALL TEAM: Fin! Row: F. Casale, A. Bonsignore, F. Meyer, J. Gura, J. Descoli, J. Murray, P. McCarthy, J. MacKenzie, A. Ramos. Second Row: T. Connors, R. Trepero, A. Wines, R. J. Walsh, M. Cunnion, T. Finelli, A. Treua, T. J. Taylor, T. McConough. Third Row: G. Bronco, A. Pesce, T. Credidio, J. Doris, A. lorusso, W. Schady, F. Sica, W. Matteis, J. Riolo, W. Brewsfer. Fourfh Row: T. Austin, F. Hickey, J. Hall, J. Lynch, T. Lombardo, G. Tokorcyzk, J. Serraveua, M. Diflily, G. DeBellis. McCann orbits as astonished foes stand by. Eichlor and Scott converge on Molloy scoring attempt. 5 2 -1 W rt 28 if. .. J X t , 1. .. J of-fi Mr. Leahy gives the team a few pointers. Basketball Season 19 9-60 While posting a not too impressive 11-10 slate, this year's Varsity quintet, overcoming a mid-season reorganization problem, once again emerged with a commendable record. Features of Mr. Phil Leahy's inaugural season at the helm included an opening win over Division III Champions Tolentine, an overtime trouncing of Power Memorial's traveling netmen and an 87-80 shooting victory over a determined Iona squad that is still a coaches' conversation piece. Individual plaudits go to George Eichler, for his season high of 31 pts. in one game, his M.l.T. All- Star selection, and a coveted Annapolis appointment, to Captain Ed Scott, leading point-getter who rated three City-wide All-Star Team selections and as many college athletic grant offers for his fine back- court play, and to John McCann, the club's Basket- ball-Track standout, who was chosen to play his customary post position in the area All-Star contest. All three scored over the 200 pt. mark in their Senior Year of play. Senior Bob Lyons proved his skill at the foul-line by standing off all comers to rank first in M.I.T. free-throw competition. Bob and backcourt letterman John Bourne rounded out the Senior re- serve strength. Competition for starting spots next season should be keen, with good Junior strength and the nucleus of a Championship Junior Varsity squad returning. Coach Leahy is hopeful as he looks forward to the 1960-61 season with a fine, young, spirited and willing team. Kneeling: J. Bourne, G. Hutfer, W. Grieco, J. Brenna, G. Eichler. Standing: Moderator Bro. Brendan, R Pugliese, R. lyons, Capt E Scott, J Dooley, Coach Mr. Leahy. Seo!! grabs o rebound ugoinsi Toleniine. 'iv -0- T , 2 4 .. ww XSL X 2,221 ',: n . i n gg E. gm, ww ' ..- ,V ll X MF R -. T Y W . Q, wid .4 W 'A .WM 5 5 JK Q 1 8 1 -. l 1 Junior arsity JUNIOR VARSITY: Kneeling: Capt. T. McNifT, T. McElligott, C. J. Hannaberry, C. Riviello, F. Thomas, T. Chartier. Griffiths, D. Carter, I.. Golden, J. Soi. Standing: Coach Mr. Kull, Carter, the league's top rebounder, clears the boards against St. Francis. Mount Saint Michael's Junior Varsity Basketball team, piloted by Mr. Al Kull, assimilated 'I4 wins and only 4 Ioseses, certainly, a creditable record. The team began what looked like a Championship season by winning their first four outings, but then met a wall of Stepinac opposition and suffered their first defeat of the season C42-39l. Undaunted by this setback they trounced Iona in the teams' second clash 152-365, but fell again under the telling baskets of Tolentine C45-351. Their two other losses were cer- tainly no disgrace. The first was a defeat by Power Memorial 149-451 and the other, with Fordham, was so close that a single basket made the difference C39-371. The J.V. Hoopsters were aided by the steady accuracy of their four top scorers: Golden U63 pts.l, Carter U38 pts.J, McNilf and Griffiths U33 pts. eachj. With this record as a yardstick, next year's Varsity team may run off with another City Championship. Freshman FRESHMAN: Kneeling: G. Gilligan, S. DiGrandi, F. Hickey, A. Bro. Kevin Edward, A. Fernandez, J. Hall, M. Cunnion, D. DiBeIlis, R. Lutz, T. Taylor, M. Gilligan. Standing: Moderator Hofer, A. Cooper, R. O'Brien, R. Acheson, Manager J. Geis. lutx and Gilliggn go for ball in hard fought Stepinac game. Confidently employing excellent offensive and de- fensive maneuvers, the Freshmen were off and scor- ing at the first iump. Showing the characteristics of future Varsity Champs, the Frosh Five, under the coaching of Bro. Kevin Edward, started out the sea- son with two resounding triumphs over Archbishop Molloy, as well as wins over Fordham Prep and arch- rival Cardinal Hayes. These and other decisive vic- tories brought high scorersp J. Gilligan, B. Lutz, D. Hoffer, B. O'Brien and S. DiGrandi to a berth in the New York City Playoffs. With an impressive 14-4 record, and the excellent ballhandling displayed throughout the year, the Class of '64 will include the Varsity Basketball City Champions. 139 Cross Countr Track In the past years, the Mount has been the home of many individual cross- country stars, but its dreams of a well-rounded team was not fulfilled until the past few seasons. Hard practice and determination, coupled with the skillful handling of coach Howie Borck, cleared the way for a fine showing. Under the leadership of co-captains J. Ackerly and T. Sharky, the team kept up a consistent record and placed fifth or sixth in most of the meets. The upper- classmen put in good times, as usual, but one Freshman runner, E. Deneen, gave promise for great things in the future. His best time was 15:10, running in the J.V. two and a quarter mile competition. He placed sixth in that event. Both Mr. Borck and Brother Daniel James, team moderator, hope that the nearly forty returning team members will be able to post a better record for the 1960 Cross-Country Season. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: Kneeling: R. Grimaldi, T. Sharkey, J. McCann, H. Borck, T. Flynn. Standing: J. Coogan, P. Stalmaszyk, R. Martinez, J. Ackerly. ik .qw 4:19153-44' mi" PRI-'F .ff ,M-M. - ,, if J, Carrol and A. Ramos display form which enabled Qhem to ser u new Freshmen six-lap record of 1.53:6. Richie Maiberger's 280 yard dash set a new Mount record. hird Fastest ational Time For wo Mz'le Rela FRESHMEN CROSS-COUNTRY MEN. Kneeling: J. De Sanciis, M. Titus, J. Peraino, J. Carroll, S. Steinberg, R. Popolizio, C. Weidner, G. Brugnoli, J. D'Angolo. Standing: E. Deneen, R. Ciccoielli, P. Citarella, l. Silva, W. Biclrensialf, R. Moore, P. Guinta, R. Tinger. 142 JUNIOR VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: Kneeling: J. McEvilly, J. Carey, W. 'McCarthy, J. Begley, J. Sasport, J. Mahoney, R. McKinney, H. Donnelly. Standing: F. Bradly, J. Dunkel, J. Pugliese, V. Cofarelli, E. McHale, J. Mulligan, R. McCloskey, M. McDonough, F. Fuchs, F. Schefller. Gerry Hughs and Bob Simmons stick handling enabled the Senior six-lap relay team to score in most indoor meets. Indoor Track From the early part of November to the latter part of February, flashing, speeding figures are seen racing around the outskirts of the Mount. These hardly recognizable blurs form the quantity and qual- ity of this year's Mount lndoor Track Team. This year especially, Mount students can be more proud of this organization, coached by Mr. Howie Borck. Guided by Brother Francis Matthew, their mod- erator, and led by Richie Grimaldi, their captain, its members have broken major Mount track records. The two mile relay team set a new record for its event by being clocked at 8.02:7. ln Madison Square Garden, forthe City Championships, the team placed 4th. Walt Samora, a Senior, set a new Mount shot- put record of 53'6". To put the final touch on the season the Borckmen finished 3rd in the Sectional Championships. By showing their fine spirit in both team and in- dividual events the members of the squad made a fine showing which won them the esteem of the trackmen throughout the city. 143 'HM :EC if -.N -.X if -if U11 ers: Connors fires ball home as Iona man slides-OUT. Varsity Baseball The Varsity Baseball Team, coached by Mr. Howie Smith and moderated by Bro. Francis Robert, com- pleted a successful season by winning their Division Championship. Starting the season, the Mount lost two consecutive games to Molloy and Hayes. Rally- ing again and again, they finished with a competent 11-8 record. Supported by the pitching of G. Eichler and J. Glaser, the team garnered successive wins against Salesian, Sacred Heart and St. Helena's. VARSITY BASEBALL: First Row: M. Fitzgerald, J. Galerello, W. Regazzi, Camastro, P. Connors fa two-sport scholar- ship winnerl and O-Q-lifiers were the backbone of the team. Juniors Fitzgerald, Valdes, Stoeppler,-Galla- rello, Lombardi and Ross were welcome additions. All in all, the team was backed by the Mount student body. lt showed the ruggedness and dependibility in all its games that typifies the spirit of Mount Saint Michael. Camanstro, M. De Lisi, K. Olifiers, A. Vigiano. Second Row: G. L. Cassara, J. Lynch. Third Row: M. McDermott, P. Connors, R. Herman, Coach H. Smith, E. Regaui, R. Lombardi, R. Valdes, Hofler, D. Ross, G. Eichler, D. Holborn, J. Glazcr, R. Stoepler. Kneeling: J. Dooley, R. Nealon, T. McNiff, B. Mahoney, D. DeWitt. Second Row: L. Miressi, J. Tripodi, J. Weber, A. Hamil- .grin -1,511 pp , , . ,.,, ,ZVAK if t s 1 ,. A, ton, T. Brudori, D. Dowcls, L. Ruggiero. Third Row: H. Stampur, J. Brennan, F. Schelfold, T. Rulfalo, P. Gentile. . . Baseball Build a firm foundation and your iob is half done. Certainly-this could be one of the foremost thoughts in Howie Smith's mind as he views the .layvee's 'I5-3 record of last year. After clinching their Westchester Divisional title, they entered the play-offs and de- feated La Salle in the semifinals 5-3. The bubble burst, however, when the Junior Mounties fell to Mol- loy 8-4 in the championship game and thus had to settle for the second place trophy. Eichler hustles down first base line. 'Q 'min if 1 aw YA wg ,..- AML -lflk r A me - 1 if X4 lv 5' V Wiiinfwfm 'Eff' gk 'Kuw..,,....R Bro. AMBROSE, F.M.S. Firsi Grade CRA MAR FAC LTY MQW-W ' Ks, , ,, Bro. ANDREW BERNARD, F.M.S. Bro. ARTHUR, F.M.5. Prefed Sevenih Grade STM A '!""""'S9 v. W1C 'Y ' 1 d osx 2 04350 15' H v 1-Q Tr: ,if-38 06 4 PE vs. Bro. CORNELIUS GERARD, F.M.S Sevenih Grade , A Bro. DENNIS XAVIER, F.M.S. Bro. FRANCIS GERARD, F.M.S. Eighth Grade Fourth Grade 148 M E' sm. JosEPH csnm F.M.s. Sixth Grade jr , , f am r .egg S M --eww-5 Bro. JOSEPH STEPHANE, F.M.S. Second Grade Bro. REGIS JAMES, F.M.S. Principal 3 , A in . K, i., Bro. LEO JOSEPH, F.M.S. Bro. MARK ROLAND, F.M.S. Bro. ROCH ANTHONY, F.M.S Third Grade Eighth Grads Fifth Grade 149 150 rf-Cl N ., Q if "Well, il ain'i Nedicks!" 'Thanlu for the lifl, Brother. I never would have made it." we GRAMMAI lm"--o4. 'X -. No "So we all fail for the monfh, eh, Broihe v- RADES SCEN "ll's in the bag, boys!" "You're getting it now, Brother." --5 xx A-.., 9 N-,,,,s-Q K n I if 'MM Q l Ja . . E 'RUG kwa ami-Spifff is 5 25. X R. Alba if F bb It G. Anna" N. be-f""" ,wm . ww M E. luccini ,gl 5' F. Allisri GRAMMAR DU TE 1960 F. Bevacqua A. Calgogni new -Af'-9' G. Alfieri N. Clemente R. Alvarado "Q R' Afkilli T. Bird l. Coggin G. Cox ..Q..... J. Dieu T- Cl'0l1ifl J. Cunningham JR-saw hi" wr' f du-uv-1'0" P. Frqfqu w' Doncm angela G. Dregely r- Heenqn i000 Gm! G. Green "Nils my ,. S. Joyce R. King P. Kull H. Kurr Q' J Q 2 .. K Qafxfs Q, f wk, J ! f .,J fV: ,i sa i I I I f kky- LN..- "IT.'I73' Y MX 3-Nia 5 . k K X I .K ,,J.g, Sw. f J -.1 ,- i ws. 3 Q! iiiq ,..k .,k: if ,V R- lvrkeffi R. Marungelo B. Ma 'US R. Loughney 5 A 'Y Q? V nw' N . Qgilvrxf 'QP' R. MgMahon E. Pq Pahlqnjo R. Pisani R. Mayer J. McGrath M' nda 1' we J. Panos ' Jw' 'iq 1, f-. , 94' I A Maw" .nh 4 4 Jr H 7 1- C- PU5'0'9 l. Perrottcl ,... 5 'Q 'Y' my 'ru' .garb f A-my , 1 ' N. Previli -if .ry-v . ww- - - .. xfffaif' -LL.- .4,,...w ? " i I "' iii -H ff A-. K' 'ff' S 57 K fi. K ' .2 .. . , .L,, .. .Lf fr . ffvgliss' 535,535 wwf' .Z1 g1 1 i? zlq IY- i . Wm-. - .ML ,. . k K .J?Q5W XY Wx J S5 wi , vi viii S Yi SN sw 'X E Y RRRRR 5 RR.R R R 9 R... R .. . . . R w i ":' .ij 'ffif L, Tiff: m':' 2 ff 'R R free ' 9:22 R SW f 1 " f lfsgggi if .fifg B X A 5 l 'K 5 22 2 ff ,f ISV . E. Psarukis Yi 'f . I gg. ', R if K Q yw R... M . V, Q .. ,ijt I D. Reardon A. Rada R. Reynolds 7- J. D, Ricciardi ' swine if Srhumnon J- 5Pofg N mv. 'VL RLWi'lwG-Hfi . A Q ffj mi ,Q 3f5"'9"2 vi WH ggfrgggiyqgg 1 'W '94 . V, .,-M.3i gg? if A f-xffviirs' R. Sfrube F. Tomasulo M. Vanaccio C- wfighf wwf if Li - I 1 ... ,mf.,...,..,,,,. Bolfom Row: l. Shields, E. Kung, S. Bird, D. Simpson, G. DeCurfis, G. Murphy, A. Carcone, M Collone, E. Cosgrove, A. Miller, J. Danisi. Row 2: A. Bordes, J. Moliferno, P. Milo, M. Jouelii GR G. Gucrdurrmos, E. VcunWeur1en, J. Schuman, J. Marcolfi, W. Munoz, C. Shea, J. Muranelli R. Ruiz. Tip Row: R. Kellogg, N. Stork, F. Sanchez, A. Brown, L. Morelfi, C. Ross, F. Esposito R. DiSalvo, E. Walsh, T. Moffatt, H. Troulsen, J. Sheehan. Seated: J. Qucranla, A. Sicno, J. Cerralo, R. Bcrleffa, V. Pasquantonio, A. Annunziafa, D. Duffy. Row 2: D. Gianlelli, R. Simoncini, V. DeFazio, J. Casimoles, M. Vitacco, A. Perrolto, B. Chester, L Corcione, D. Erde. Row 3: R. Maxam, J. Rubicco, P. Manna, J. Kemp, R. Lom- bardi, J. Malgieri, G. lorsen, G. Kleva, A. Accinelli, T. Muliero, R. Grossi, J. Desalvo. Ilffx a 1 3 T I Bottom Row: K. Hennig, J. Kettle, F. DeCurtis, J. Gorenflo, P. lanitis, R. Ost, J. Lester, R Mercurio, M. Dilorenzo, G. Brown. Row 2: J. Kehlebach, R. Davis, S. Moccardi, M. Sheehan 6 W. O'Grody, A. Volger, R. Bogarozy, R. Bianco, P. Giannone, P. Grande. Row 3: R. Daring C. Berridy, J. Peterson, R. Morelli, P. Pearse, G. Fromme, M. Sullivan, G. Auariti, J. Robertson S. Ritter, R. Scelza. Bottom Row: P. White, l. Miressi, R. Pelliciari, W. Smith, J. Dilopi, J. Farrell, R. Wealleans, P. Longo, J. Medici, l. Gerosa. Row 2: R. De Gregorio, J. Gd Bewicz, V. Gigliu, R. Carbone, E. Tringuli, T. Scott, V. Di Bella, R. Milano, E. Bazzurro,.J. Anderson. Row 3: R. Malgieri, R. Miller, S. Cozabon, B. Sarno, J. Pierse, G. Gueperoux, P. Di Fusco, D. Nigrelli, D. Solvia, R. Croce. 1. Bottom Row: R. Molgieri, R. Dubois, C. Goff, W. Judge, S. McCann, P. Turner, J. Bedard, J. Russo. Row 2: E. Guarddarramas, J. Rusin, M. Doyle, M. Delfino, J. Schmidt, R. Huckko, 44 A, Burdi, F. Baroni, G. Bagarozy, R. Rubicco. Row 3: T. Flanagan, T. Danisi, D. Stella, P. McEnerny, T. Kerwin, C. Kelenbach, D. Kelly, W. Foster, M. Rosato. Bottom Row: P. Cordero, N. Pinza, C. Kortlong, J. D'Prazio, P. Savino, D. Fortino, R. Farrell, J. Murray. Row 2: J. Croce, J. Auuriti, P. Hennig, J. Thomas, J. Burdi, T. Kettle, J. Magnon, F. Maye. Row 3: J. Foster, J. Law, J. Eggert, W. Saavedra, C. Lalli, T. Knight, D. Simone, 3 T. Moran, J. Toratino. 5 s E 5 X E as Q ..., GRADE6 J. Leone, l. Massa, R. Alongi, M. Gray, P. Brannigan Bottom Row: R. Hudson, R. Piccininni, M. DeCiutiis, J. DeTone, J. Palumbo, W. Ramirez, S. Pisani, J. Jacilli. Row 2: M. Stabile, R. law, M. McCann, 5. Cirillo, R. Pettit, M. Cafferty, J. Porclleddiaf S. Sciacca. Row 3: J. Reutershan, M. Kearney, L Flanagan, J. Coscio, T. Mari- conda, C. DiBenedetto, R. Cannito, F. Tarantino, R. Davis. Bottom Row: P. Fraioli, A. Cordero, J. De Rosa, M. D'Josey, R. Zerbo, K. Gaglione, R. Miresci, T. Pelliciari, V. de Ciutiis. Row 2: C. Komondi, J. Colby, H. Blaney, R. Rifelli, J. Meehan, M. Farrell, E. Fioravanti, J. Hill, F. Angiulo. Row 3: N. Albanese, R. larrfe, L. Garcia, G. Crisci, CRADE1 UPG ?L' 9 41:1 Acknowledgments We wish to express our sincere thanks to the administration, faculty members and students for the cooperation rendered in the preparation of this years edition of the MOUNTAINEER. A word of appreciation is also due to the yearbook photographer, Delma Studio, and Mr. John McGuire, the representative of T. O'Toole and Sons, Inc. 160 13 6 I w .1 - gn V Y - -H A' '- 'Qi in

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