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-.k- kr 4 1 ' . ,i ,W ' fl 1 SM. K Q. 1. f "- W' as 5-. .av ' fr':il"'f V: 'f f 5' sf 1 "1 .-fit--1' 5. at V Q. I " Liififi . ,.ii,,s 12. ?"4".w -4' fi: ,if !vw . gg ELL, '-A 5f:v'??. if :5 T ' i 1 .ff 5 ,A . 'WH 7 , igayap Q N211 F MJ' eff' ' 2 .-iff C. 9 - W ' get ness. . V xg. I, lpn' is f5.,,..,,. rf ' L OUR HERITAGE ' . ' All great families throughout history have had and cherished their own individual coat of arms. Upon it was depicted all that their proud lineage stood for, its distinctive characteristics and aspirations. It was emblazened on their shields and pennants in rivaled and bloody combats. V i We, here at Mount Saint Michael, are members of a noble family. We are of many nationalities and cultures but we belong to the great family that is at once Catholic, Marist and American. All these symbols are depicted on our coat of arms. The scallop shell, a symbol of hope, is depicted three times to remind us of Faith, Hope and Charity, our Baptismal heritage. Located in the upper right hand corner we have the Marist "M" which stands for our common Mother and Queen, Mary, while the twelve stars rep- resen-t the apostles. The American Eagle on a diagonally striped Held of red, white and blue is the familiar and courageous emblem of our glorious country and way of life. The verbal expression of our common aspiration is the crowning feature of the seal "Ad Astra Per Aspera'-"To the Stars through Diflicultiesf' ' The ensuing pages are meant to show us this, that the life of a Christian and especially of a Mount student is an up hill struggleg we have to fight to win and work to succeed. .I- K ' ' ' ' " -- -'--NH' ' , ,5?iHR53!GfS71E67x?y15!m18!239i1IlISik5AE.4Jl?!.Aq'i,f?.FiVf9' ' Ji-H MOUNT SAINT MICHAEL ACADEMY 4300 Murdock Avenue Bronx 66, New York Staff PETER LARKIN Editor GEORGE HOMMEL Associate Editor Contents -page -Page npage -page -Page -Page page -page -Page n 'wa lb Q 5 mlm ,A , Q 'Q pm 'Wm -x K N in K vw - N km iv ar H Q. l . if A., . 9 " Q.: A,-4 3' fr ,N -A N. t Q , 2 . 'V ' ,A . .U O .' 'A ,J I 2. L- K , Q. 1 v"'f v ' . 'f ' ' - 1 A '- - .4 . v . I Q bf,- H , ' 5, .- .J A . " 5 4 , - 1 ' V N , fi, , ," -. Q . R 1 5"qr"4-' Q ., H". FQ W ' ' 'X , ' .-,-M, 1,1 9 ,, QA ,Q , ., , ... v L .. in ..,l, , f K MA i R Q- . -' - ' ' ' H af X 1 " 5. .V xg, .I I 4 -v ' f 1 i . P I-. . gk f- 1 ' ' ' , ' 4: 'K 1 fx , ,' . .' "' 3 , I ' f "K A s. dfu' I A f A' Q 9 s' ?C,g K 4 A Wxw. Ax . Q Q a Q ,IA- S 1 ' I gk, .N Q , ff' wa I E ' 1 , ,..s i xi, U--X V1 'X ,- .5 - Q X mf fx ,, XA A . , ' ,x N W4 FACULTY UNDERCLASSMEN ACTIVITIES 'PQ' QB' E 1 SENIORS If -W GRAMMAR GRADES I ay .,,. rf,-1.-,,. - ,F7 F-tg. .K ,r,r t X4 'T .!4TQ5iI'1Ti Qatar 5 96515 Men looked to the stars in primitive days as so many gods shaping their lives. The North Star guided the navi- gator set adrift on an unfamiliar sea, a star guided the Wise Men to their God. From theseimen who followed a star, we can take a lesson. Seas were rough and deserts were treacherous yet they followed their star through difficulties. Our journey up the Mount is lighted by a star but the journey is one that takes constant effort. We have to keep climbing and look to the summit and the stars against which it is set. A mountain climberfs hands are scarred with his strug- gles, for he often slips backward but he again renews his effort and starts back up. , So too, in our ascent to the stars, we will meet difficul- ties and face setbacks. We must, however, be constant and persevering in our effort to attain our goal. When we do meet with difficulties, we must remember that it is by patience and persevering effort that we shall overcome them. Our graduation from Mount St. Michael is only a pla- teau on the great mount of life where there are many plateaus but only one pinnacle. All might not find success on every plateau but our persevering effort on each will insure our success in achieving our ultimate goal which lies beyond the stars, in eternity. ATHLETICS . 'PFAKHP?SP3H?i5'5Q'?Li9T?5F?H9fP?5?!Y?'f51!!Z"Wilhiwtiwiif, . :V 4 ., ., N M J' 1 .isa . , , V ' .., , -,, .. ,NY g l " fi' - Q Q, Q' . fr' 3'-gf' s 'fl f - "' L 2 1' - ltr...-,i w 7, .. , V I .- ft ,. f Z, v . A 'A t , x .1 ICATIQN !. . Annual Mount Bazaar are some of the many P events sponsored by your organization. We do not want to overlook the Orphans' Christmas Party which you annually sponsor to turn an otherwise lonely period into a joyous holiday for orphans all over the area. You also award medals, coined t in memory of deceased Brothers, to outstanding students in scholarship, joumalism and sports. as Here on these pages we have pictured the past presidents of your organization. These are the men who, with the wonderful spirit and co-opera- , tion of the members of the Men's Club, have led your organization in its many benelicial and suc- . cessful undertakings. And so, gentlemen, it is with the greatest pleas- ure that we dedicate this issue of the Mountaineer -to you, the Mount St. Michael Men's Club. This our way of saying, "Thank you, for a job well done." Q Mr. Joseph Cassidy, Sr. rw, ,.. if ,,.., fs ix. Alvin Ryan Mr. James Gough iw - Mr. Walter comoyfffi - 591 W 1335! :Qs Mr. Robert Breen -vis' E Mr. William McGrath V ' i We oyjfer Thee our prayers and our works ,gq, qq,......,"v-vf.-v W - 'W'-' i L. g,,f We have seen and studied our schoolls motto "Ad Astra Per Aspera" and from it we have learned that the crown of success, both in the spiritual and in the material sense can be achieved only through hard work and perserverance, perhaps with many disappointments along the way. Indeed, it only stands to reason, that along the way, we must build a strong foundation to help us carry on through the difliculties of life. It is here at Mt. St. Michael that we begin to build that founda- tion, with the aid and counsel of our teachers. We can readily depend on our teachers for good, sound advice. We know that they are dedicated to their task because of their great love for God and their trust in today's youth. They have gained a true outlook on life because of their works, studies and personal experi- ence. We can be reasonably certain that many of our problems which to us, now, seem unsurmountable can be solved if we are willing to listen to their counsel and follow it. Throughout our high school career these men are the beacons which guide us toward our goal in life. To these men we owe a word of prayerful gratitude for their devoted interest and above all, our thanks for the example they have given us. f 'WHEN-a-uid BROTHER LEO VINCENT, F.M.S Principal 10 ,,,,1 lj!! I BRO. PATRICK EUGENE, F.M.S. Dean of Studies BRO. FLORENT AUGUSTINE, F.M.S Proctor ST 6 cg, "J- ' A mr 'X ' 411 oo x 2 v S - r 7'- 'lov Av ' 1- FATHER ADRIAN MCCARTHY, S.M. Chaplain FATHER JGSEPH MITROS, S.J . Chaplain xy.-M . Wm rw - . . M , N. . ,M --.Q-v,,,,f N- BRO. LAWRENCE JOSEPH, F.M.S. Guidance Director BRO. JOHN OF THE CROSS, F.M.S Treasurer ia if if .s gi, 41... git a' 'I 'nga' This year we wish to honor Brother Louis Elmo, who is celebrating his golden anniversary as a religious. Brother Louis has come to know Mount Saint Michael well, for over seventeen of his fifty years in religion have been spent here. We at the Mount have also had an opportunity to come to know Brother Louis, know him as a de- voted religious, a zealous educator, and a man whose example has set a high standard for all those who have come to know him. When Our Lord extended to Brother Louis the invitation to "Come follow Me," He called him to a difhcult yet sublime mission. Difficult, be- 'H 00 00 jubiie cause he would have to devote his whole life ar all his talents to a mission which, while requirit many sacrifices oilers few tangible rewards. Ye the mission is sublime, for Christ called Broth Louis to become a Christian educator, to instru youth, to train them in virtue and to teach the the love of God. Brother Louis has succeeded admirably in fl filling the mission which Our Lordwso graciouf entrusted to him. It is our ardent wish and pray that God may continue to bless him and give h many more fruitful years in His service. l. i Q, Nw- Bro. Aidan Norbert, F.M.S. Englishy Latin Bro. Adrian Norbert, F.M.S. Librarian we Bro. ,yr Alphonse Sylvain, F.M.S. Maintenance K Q' Religion 4B,' American History Bro. Bernard Xavier, F.M.S. m Religion 2A,' English rr 44 N 'Y' 'Y ww,-r Bro. Bernard Frederick, F.M.S. Lf ,.,f U Bro. Aloysius Damian, F.M.S. Religion 3E,' Spanish main 0' ' . 4' I Religion 3G,' English: Latin: Sodality Bro. Brendan Lawrence, F.M.S. A Bro. Charles Patrick, F.M.S. Religion 2D,' Englishg Social Studiesg World History 'GNP Bro Clement Gerard F M S Religion 4A, French, WW' .-...----Q Bro. Cletus Richard, F.M.S. Mathematicsg Student Council Mechanical Drawing ,,w""""""5 Bro. Constantine, F,M,S, Bro. Daniel Emilian, F.M.S. I nfirmarian Bro. Denis Christopher, F.M.S. Religion 2G,' Mathematicsg Physical Science Prefect x ,X A V9 .....---rf 3 ::: Bro. Denis Richard, F.M.S. N"-W? Bro. Emile Michael, F.M.S. Religion 4D,' Spanishg Procurator J.V. Football Coach Bro. Edward Lawrence, F.M.S. K American Historyj 'EFF . ' ' ' Scholarship Classg Forum: F, .. . Mount Mother's Club Moderator F Bro. Francis Matthew, F.M.S. Bro. Francis Robert, F.M.S. Religion 2H,' American Historyg Religion 1C,' American History Social Studiesg World History Latin ni Bro. Gabriel Francis, F.M.S. Englishg Band Moderator Bro. Gilbert Donateur, F.M.S. Bro. Gilbert Louis, F.M.S. Bro. James Francis, F.M.S. Religion 3F ,' Latin,' Sodality Religion 1K,' Biologyg Religion 2E,' General Science Mathematics Spanish 5 Q S is -N' Bro. Joseph Edward, F.M.S. Infirmarian , Xi Bro. Julian Ernest, F.M.S. Physicsj Science Club Bro Kevin Aloysius F M S Biology, Yearbook A QVX Bro. Kevin Edward, F .M.S. Bro. Maurice George, F .M.S. Bro. Michael Damian, F.M.S Religion 3D,' Mathematicsy Religion 1D,' Mathematicsg Religion lB,' Social Studies Freshman Basketball Coach Spanishg Sodality S s Bro. Mlchael Norbert, F.M.S. Bookstore Bro. Myles Eric, F.M.S. Religion IF,' Frenchg Typing WEA Q A f,l,k re Wi? Bro. Patrick Martm, F.M.S. Religion 4E,' Mathematicsg Football Moderatorg Sodality l. L Bro. Patrick Roch, F.M.S. Religion 2F,' English, Typingg Poster Club Fix Bro. Paul Andrew, F.M.S. Mathematics, Basketball Moderator, J.V. Basketball Coach agp' A Bro. Paul Felix, F.M.S. Bro. Raymond Arthur, F.M.S. Bro. Richard Anselm, F.M.S Prefect Religion 4C,' World History Religion 4F ,' Mathematicsg Spanish aw, Bro. Robert Eugene, F.M.S. Religion 2C,' Mathematicsg Freshman Football Coach Bro. Roy William, F.M.S. Religion 1G,' Englishg General Scienceg Sacristan Bro. Stephen Anthony, F.M.S. Religion 3B,' Englishg Dramatics l f-'IT Mm Bro. Stephen Joachim, F.M.S. Bro. Stephen Regis, F.M.S. Bro. Timothy Paul, F M S Religion 1H,' Englishg Yearbook Latin Religion 1A,' French General Science Bro. Vincent Xavier, F.M.S. Religion 2B,' Economics,- 'Wx wh-N., ' World History 21 -an-rf' X, M' Bro. William Bernard, F.M.S. Bro. William Ignatius, F.M.S. Chemistryg Forum Religion 3E,' Englishg Track Moderator Bro. William Arthur, F.M.S. Religion IE,' English: Mathematics Pig, Q fiv' .- Bro. William James, F.M.S. Religion 3C,' English: J.V. Baseball Coachg Tower Mr. Howie Borck Track Coach Mr. James Klmgel Basketball Coach A Mr. Alfred Kull Physical Educationg Social Stuliesg Assistant Football Coach l.. ,.,,. wqvmnqn-N.-NVWMAAY-awww N-,,,,,,r,,,,-.. ....., ,. W, waqpruwf' dy' L- an-... Mr. Daniel Leary Dr. A. J. Reuther Mathematics Music Instructorg Band Director A i Mrs. Loretta Pace Q L Secretary J,,m..xi 2 Mrs. Mary Rosato Secretary YR Mr. Howie Smith Varsity Football and Baseball Coach .f"i cs""1 X 1 3 Q 2 X 3 Q .f 2 E 3 S 3 s 1 E To the stars through difficulties" 3 1 1 U2 E mpf L , 2 3 5 1 E 2 5 H 1 - 1 N 521mm-1 X i 2 2 'Y , 3 , ' W -A Q '. 3: f 2 f v , ' R A 2 T2 ' 'I 5 f'rwf.f 1' a 'Q s No matter what our goal in life, the ultimate purpose must be, of course, to merit eternal happiness. The training and education we have received here at Mount St. Michael's is intended to help us in reaching this eternal goal. After our four years of training we should resemble the truly Christian man Pope Pius XII speaks of in his Encylical On Christian Education: "The true Christian, product of a Christian education, is the supematural man who thinks, judges and acts con- stantly in accordance with right reason illumined by the supernatural light of the example and teaching of Christ, in other words, to use the current term, the true and finished man." Our Catholic education provides a standard for us to live by throughout life. Our characters have been moulded by training, and now, it is our duty to use the training to the best advantage of our immortal soul and the souls of those we come in contact with. Let us not forget we have been trained for a dual purpose, our own perfection and that of our neighbor. Let us be grateful for what we have received by bring- ing the charity of Christ to all. This graduating class of 1957 is not a mass, an assembly line product, but so many individuals, each a true Christopher who must impart to all, along the road of his destiny, some spark of that Christ which has been nurtured in him here at Mount St. Michael. Let Christ be your model and you, the model of Christ. , e e a r e tnn ' i' if , ,VX f fs, 1" fi, ' ' ,x w b 5 -. N 'I' ,ff "N- : tr . 000 iimillw .Y P gg All . . 4 . A-M44 ' ' . yay Nvfnif "' + .': asf VJ ," .s s , I 4 fx X- 14' 'S' Lai' 4 Sm ' Ai "4 :ff f f 7 f THOMAS J. ABRUZESE Tom WERNER J. AGUILAR 4382 Furman Ave. Wern Bronx 66, N.Y. 55 South 7 Ave. Football 1,2,3,4g Baseball lg In- Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Intramurals 2,3,4. tramurals 2,3,4. i s ROBERT I. ACOCELLI Bob 724 E. 232 St. Bronx 66, N.Y. Sodality lg Intramurals 1,2,3 Poster Club 2. E in RICHARD W. ALLEN Dick 475 Bronx River Rd. Yonkers, N.Y. Honor Society 1,2,3,4. ANTHONY J. ALTIERI Tony 135 E. 237 St. Bronx 70, N.Y. Tower 4g Cheering Squad 1,2,3g Honor Society 1,2,3,4. PHILIP H. AHRENS Phil 1605 Metropolitan Ave. Bronx 62, N.Y. Intramurals 2,3. . ?l il- JOHN W. ANDERSON Andy 3467 Eastchester Rd. Bronx 69, N.Y. Intramurals 3,4. JOSEPH D. ANELLI Joe 137 S. Third Ave. Mt. Vemon, N.Y. Band 2,3,4. X 'Sv w hf I VINCENT A. ANDRISANI Vinnie 303 E. 148 St. Bronx 51, N.Y. Intramurals 1,3g Track 2,3. NW' 4 4 CHARLES A. BARIS Chuck 1628 Edison Ave. Bronx 61, N.Y. Track lg Science Club 3. RICHARD G. BARRY Archie 8 W. Fordham Rd. Bronx 58, N.Y. Basketball 2,35 Intramurals Track 1. I I- 5 1- 5,S'.,4 1 3 . 'I 'x A gl 59 WK- QP4'km -fs t J .f . NNW 53' I as 3 I SEQJ'g x .arf TERENCE J. ATTRIDGE Terry 1793 Riverside Dr. New York 34, N.Y. Sodality 2,3,4, Football 2,3g In- tramurals 2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4 Dramatics 3,4. S . .ss A we E l A 'J S fi .hx 'xl MV THOMAS M. BARRY Mike 31 Constant Ave. Yonkers, N.Y. Honor Society 1,2,3,4g Football 2,34 Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Track 1,2,3,4g Tower 4. ROBERT J. BETTINI Bikini 829 Adee Ave. Bronx 67, N.Y. Band 1,2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g Sci- ence Club 3. . ,i i . . . Vgrkiki I '-., ,.L, t," Qsigq ..ififwui11.r '1 R0- 5 W it Nr, gg, 2 N 352241 1523 A LAWRENCE E. BRADFORD Larry 357 S. Second Ave. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Band 1,2,3,4, Basketball lg Base- ball 1,2,3,4. FRANCIS J. BRADLEY Frank 1558 Unionport Rd. Bronx 62, N.Y. Intramurals 1,2g,Track 1,2,3g Z Tower 4. f , f W- ff "', I t 1 I I MARTIN F. BEAHM Doug 4589 Park Ave. Bronx 58, N.Y. Intramurals 3,4. MICHAEL J. BEVILACQUA Bevi 2145 Chatterton Ave. Bronx 72, N.Y. Intramurals 2,3,4g Science Club 3. LAWRENCE E. BREEN Larry 206 Devoe Ave. Yonkers, N.Y. Sodality 25 Student Council 2,3 g Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 2,3g Track 1,2. PATRICK E. BRESLIN Pat 1039 Simpson St. Bronx 59, N.Y. Baseball 2g Tower 3,45 Intramu rals 2. , 6 RICHARD A. BUCKNER 't . R' h l 'C 3 2601 Jerome Ave. V Bronx 68, N.Y. kb qk- kigzan I t ent Council 3,4g Honor So JAMES F- BRUN0 5 ciety 2,3,4g Football 1,2,3,4g Bas Rocky V f 4 ketball lg Track l,2,3,4g Intra- Bronx 66, N.Y. 4125 Bruner Ave. J IHUI'3lS 2,3,4- Honor Society 1,2. x zf' ,.,-,: ' A 4 .-- : Wflff JOHN F. BYRNE Byrnsie 1541 Metropolitan Ave. Bronx 62, N.Y. Science Club 3g Mountaineer 4g Intramurals 4. JOHN W. CAGGIANO C adge 1836 Hone Ave. Bronx 61, N.Y. Band l,2,3,4g Football l,2,3,4g Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2, 34 , . s ,LX -0 wg ,- W ,M L., K 4' L 55- 1' 1 . L sl -','-12.5. W QQQ "'k ' M Q V: .ef f JOHN J. CAGNEY Jack 2763 Sedgwick Ave. Bronx 68, N.Y. Basketball 33 Intramurals Track 1. emu -- .urwv-gy-ww'-ww-W-ff ff- 'YV-'W' ' "" Y' 7' ,Mt - L ALFRED S. CIFFONE Big Al 286 E. 206 St. Bronx 67, N.Y. Intramurals 3. . I ' 1 THOMAS A. CAVALIERE Cavey 3241 Perry Ave. Bronx 67, N.Y. Intramurals l,2,3,4g Track 1,2. Our Lady of The Mount 1. kN'i I f j ' I VINCENT J. CLARKE Rabbit 26 Linden Ave. Bronx 61, N.Y. Track 1,2,3,4. RAYMOND L. COLLINS Ray 686 Rhinelander Ave. Bronx 62, N.Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Sodality 4. LEONARD A. COPICOTTO Lenny Cop 653 E. 182 St. Bronx 57, N.Y. Poster Club 2g Intramurals 1,2, 3,4. S 'X ! Q D K DENIS T. CLEARY Den 686 Tinton Ave. Bronx 55, N.Y. D Q , -w.f--.-.,.- ., .A., ur.. , . . Nf- f-1--.q -f -w W1--V-Y -U---Y--, .,,',,, HARRY E. CREW Moose 2150 E. Tremont Ave. Bronx 62, N.Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. 3 Q t l 4: 1 .1 K , EDWARD K. CORBETT Me Too 1614 Tomlinson Ave. Bronx, N.Y. Band 1,2,3,4g Track 1. ROBERT C. CUSICK Lefty 434 N. High St. Mount Vernon, N.Y. Football lg Baseball 3,4g Intra- murals 1,2,3,4. D Where we study. KENNETH A. DARIENZO Kenny Da 2720 Seymour Ave. Bronx 69, N.Y. Track 1,2. Sodality 1,2g Honor Society 2g I DAVID J. CUNIF FE Dave 3299 Agar Place Bronx 65, N.Y. Football 1. Neg Ra 3 QB! Sze Meg 6 - .,f55QiS '5J'2R57 35 XL-1 . -1- . W 23 5 X A 7, 1 ,. ,.,,..Hgf35q,g- - gs' 135-W e 15 , 1 3. 5'5FYM ff: .- - . ii i . - - - ,. i . E Q 9 3 MICHAEL J. DALY Mike 60 Glen Rd. Yonkers, N.Y. Sodality 1. i K 32 0 : 'i 'Q i In If ,kii Tl 2 1 Es 'li' K We - E sam . SZ x 35 . .. w,.fgg+1:,ffg-'. C1 ,ffgsm '3Q.'5iifS?-fr .1 'A ' s s -4-. ..,.sN,- .. . .. wry, iff: S1 , za-ff lliLGil..fs:lQf: --if ,mz-A. . , W gN,,.,,., f... - W V '3w,..1-sr - ,,.L2 , . . . . Q Q.. X W-. it 157- sf 1 " le 3 w I 2 Y THOMAS M. DAVITT Kingston 25 Charlotte St. Kingston, N.Y. Honor Society 3, Science Club 3g Intramurals 3,4. SALVATORE A. DELPOZZO Del ROGER H. DEFILIPPIS Rog 808 Wolfs Lane Pelham Manor, N.Y. Science Club 3. RICHARD G. DELARDI Di 3029 Barnes Ave. Bronx 67, N.Y. Sodality lg Football l,2,3,4, In- tramurals 1 . Q DOMENIC L. DEGAETANO Dom 4064 Bronx Blvd. Bronx 66, N.Y. Honor Society lg Football 1,2,3 4g Track 1,2,4. 4616 Where we pray. 3603 Bronxwood Ave. Bronx 69, N.Y. LOUIS R. DELSAVIO Lou 1217 Lydig Ave. Bronx 61, N.Y. Forum 3,4, Tower 4. 33 -- 3i5s,.vxs1'F Hi5. W LOUIS P. DEMAYO Louze 1513 Parker St. Bronx 62, N.Y. Sodality 1,2, Honor Society 1,2 3,4g Science Club 3. LAWRENCE T. DEPASQUALE Larry 228 E. 118 St. New York, N.Y. Track 1,2, Intramurals 1,2,3,4. ANTHONY C. DEROSA THOMAS J. DEVANY Tony Tom 3139 Kingsland Ave. 21 Stillwell Ave. Bronx 69, N.Y. Yonkers, N-Y- Track 2,3,4g Science Club 3. Sodality 1,2,3,4, Honor Society 1,2,3,4g Tower 3,4. THOMAS M. DIAMOND Tommy 1106 Southern Blvd. Bronx 59, N.Y. GEORGE E. DIFFLEY George 1707 Unlversrty Avenue Bronx 53, N.Y. ' Forum lg Track lg Cheering 6 Squad 1,3g Intramurals 3. A to ' 1 Y .lr RALPH A. DIFIORE 2514 Tenbroeck Ave. Bronx, N.Y. Baseball 1, Intramurals 1,2,3,4. "Nl JOSEPH J. DINOIA Lefty 2965 E. 169 St. Bronx 61, N.Y. Football lg Baseball 1,2g Intran f murals 1. sf VINCENT R. DIPENTIMA EDWARD A. DISAPIO Vinnie Frenchie 3619 Willet Ave. 1381 Merry Ave. Bronx 69, N.Y. Bronx 61, N.Y. AUGUSTINE F. DISTADIO Gus 123 W. Third sr. IQQ r 6 Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Band 1,2,3,4. Q Q 53 . ., A ' J ROBERT E. DONOHUE .A Bob 443 Beach 139 St. Belle Harbor, L.I. X .J Intramurals 1,2,3,4. E p x ARTHUR P. DONOVAN Artie 2977 Webster Ave. Bronx 58 N.Y. Sodality lg Football l,2,3,4g Track 1,2. JAMESXT. DONOVAN Jim 354 84 St. . - ' Brooklyn 9, N.Y. I 3 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. F I JOSEPH D. DUERR EDWARD J. DUFFY JOHN J. DUKE Joe Duff Jack 40-14 157 St, 413 Beach 122 St. 1993 Gildersleeve Ave Flushing, N.Y. Rockaway Park 94, N.Y. Bronx 72, N.Y. Band 25 Football lgTrack 2. Band 1,2,3g Intramurals 2,3,4. Intramurals l,2,3,4. EDWARD W. DUNN 3599 Balnbrldge Ave. Bronx 67, N.Y. 9 Where we play. V ROBERT J. DUNN Bob 2114 Grand Ave. Bronx 53, N.Y. Basketball 1,2,3,4g Track 4, In- tramurals 1. MICHAEL J. DUNNE Mike 1421 McDonough Place Bronx 61, N.Y. Sodality 2, Intramurals 1,2. JOHN H. DWYER JOSEPH J. FAIRCLOUGH lack Joe 2126 Blackrock Ave. 4350 Furman Ave. Bronx 72, N.Y. Bronx 66, N.Y. Track l,2, Intramurals 2. ' Band 1,2,3,4g Football lg Cheer- ing Squad 2g Intramurals 1,2,3,4. JoHN P. FARRAUTO A Red fa 9 Emerson St. Yonkers, N.Y. Student Council 3, Honor Society 1,2,3g Band 1,2,3,4g Forum l,2, 3,45 Dramatics 2,3,4g Tower 4. 37 X JOHN J. FATIGATE Johnny 4202 Bronxwood Ave. Bronx 66, N.Y. Track lg Poster Clubg 2 Intra- murals 1,2,3,4. . Q PATRICK J. FAZZARI Fuzzy 2404 Crotona Ave. 3 . Bronx 58, N.Y. Honor Society 2,3,4g Band 2,3,4g Dramatics 4, Track 1,2, Science Club 3, Poster Club 1,2,3,4, Mountaineer 4. ARTHUR W. FONZO Art 1705 Zerega Ave. Bronx 62, N.Y. Sodality 1, Band 2,3,4. U PATRICK H. FUERY Pat 169 Elm Ave. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Science Club 3, Intramurals 2,3. JOHN F. GAFFNEY Jake 6011 Huxley Ave. Bronx 71, N.Y. Sodality lg Band 1,2, Track lg Intramurals 2. RICHARD J . F LATLEY Flat 2430 Tratman Ave. Bronx 61, N.Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. THOMAS J. FORKIN Red 1705 Purdy St. Bronx 62, N.Y. Student Council 4, Track 1,2 1 Football 1. THOMAS P. GEGENY Tom 1100 Pelham Parkway S. Bronx 61, N.Y. JOSEPH D. GILFEDDER Gilly 2093 Mohegan Ave. Bronx 60, N.Y. Track 2,3g Poster Club 4g Intra- ' murals 4. Q Qc I KEVIN D. GILLIGAN Kev 242 W. Lincoln Ave. Mt. Vemon, N.Y. Dramatics 3,45 Science Club 3g Poster Club 2,3. LOUIS P. GONZALEZ Speedy 667 Union Ave. Bronx 55, N.Y. Honor Society 1, Football 3,4, Intramurals l,2,3,4. ANTHONY G. GIACOIO Chief 1387 Castle Hill Ave. Bronx 62, N.Y. Honor Society 45 Science Club 3. DESMOND J. GILLIGAN Desi 266 Revere Ave. Bronx 65, N.Y. Football 3,4g Track 35 Intramu- rals 3,4. wr Q" 'Q -a,',,a CHARLES H. GROPP Charley 1550 Unionport Rd. Bronx 62, N.Y. Student Council 4g Track 1,2g Tower 4g Cheering Squad 4. pr. 1 .ai JAMES W. GRIECO Greek 29 W. Sidney Ave. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Football l,2,3,4, Track 1,2g Bas- ketball lg Baseball l,2,4g Science Club 3g Intramurals 2,3,4. 2 CHARLES J . GUMINA Chuck 30 Park Terrace East New York 34, N.Y. Band 2,3,4g Poster Club 3. FRED A. GUNTHER Fritz 1522 Unionport Rd. Bronx 62, N.Y. Honor Society 1, Track l,2,3,4, Science Club 3g Intramurals l,2. K' 2 x. . Q 'R Q s , . JOHN P. GROH Jack 626 Sunderland Rd. W. Englewood, N.J. Science Club 3, Intramurals 1,2, 3,4. FRANCIS J. GROSSO Grass 5917 Liebig Ave. Riverdale 71, N.Y. Track lg Intramurals 1,2,3,4. .n 'rack 1,2,3,4g Intramurals 1,2, o EUGENE P. HADDOCK EUGENE H. HAHN Gene Gene 320 E. 240 St. 3560 Olinville Ave. Bronx 70, N.Y. Bronx N.Y. Track lg Football Correspondent Honor Society 1,2g Baseball l,2, 3,4g Tower 4g Intramurals 1,2, 3,45 Track 1,2,3,4g Tower 4, In- 3,4. tramurals 2,3,4g Student Coun- cil 4. WILLIAM P. HENERY Bill 337 E. 56 St. New York 22, N.Y. Q MICHAEL J. HOLLYWOOD Mike 1 15 Brewster Ave. Yonkers 2, N.Y. GEORGE W. HOMMEL George , 3, 1950 E. Tremont Ave. A . 5 2 Bronx 62, N.Y. ' . Sodality 1,2,3,4g Forum 1,2g , Cheering Squad 4, Science Club X V 3g Mountaineer 3,4. ST 4 PER Fw Y0 O X 2 'YW 5 f- r 'S 'f 7.5-fr gas' 4' 14- JOHN F. HILLEN lack 272 E. 199 St. Bronx 58, N.Y. Intramurals 3. X217 M' A JOHN P. HOWARD JOHN W. HUGHES Jack Johnny 1357 Plimpton Ave. 1 Oakley Place Bronx 52, N.Y. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Track 1,3,4. Track 1,2, Intramurals 1,2,3,4. FRANCIS E. J ELINEK Jelly 3944 Pratt Ave. Bronx 66, N.Y. Sodality 2g Intramurals 1,2,3,4. RICHARD F. JONES Richie 14 South St. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Band 1,2,3,4. ALBERT A. INDRI Al 34 Cortlandt St. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Intramurals 2. vw Q TEDDY G. J UNG Teddy 4044 Dereimer Ave. Bronx 66, N.Y. b Football 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2 Track 1,25 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. JOHN E. KELLY Johnny 82 Caryl Ave. Yonkers, N.Y. Intramurals 3. WERNER E. KOHLER Koke 40 Edgewood Ave. Yonkers 4, N.Y. Sodality 1 5 Forum l,2. ig, ,, K ir V RICHARD J. KATONA Richie 929 E. 165 St. Bronx 59, N.Y. Science Club 3. JOHN J. KEHOE Johnny 2929 Bainbridge Ave. Bronx 58, N.Y. Football 1,2,3,4g Track l,2,3,4 WILLIAM R. KELLY Bill 681 E. 231 St. Bronx 66, N.Y. Basketball 2,3, Track 1,3,4g In- tramurals 1. JOHN J. KRUG Jack 3220 Perry Ave. i Bronx 67, N.Y. Honor Society lg Track l,2,3,4' Science Club 3, Poster Club 2,3 4, Intramurals 1,2,3,4. 1 9 ROBERT W. KRUPA Bob 2150 E. Tremont Ave. Bronx 62, N.Y. Intramurals 3,4. "Don't you see your mistake?" RICHARD A. KURTTI PETER J. LARKIN ANDREW F. LASALA Rich Pete Andy 2734 Sedgwick Ave. '2042 Grand Ave. 530 E. 236 St. Bronx 68, N.Y. Bronx 53, N.Y. Bronx 70, N.Y. Science Club 3, Intramurals 1. Sodality 1,2,3,4g Forum 3, Hon- Intramurals 3,4. or Society 1,2,3,4g Mountaineer ANTHONY A. LEMMA Tony 4149 Murdock Ave. Bronx 66, N.Y. Honor Society 2, Track 3,45 Sci- ence Club 3. PETER M. LENNON Pete 49 Edgewater Park Bronx 65, N.Y. BERNARD J. LEONARD Dutch 1421 Leland Ave. Bronx 60 N Y """ Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Baseball 2,3,4, Track l,2, Intra- murals 1 2 Student Council 3 4 "Don't worry, it'll come." W 19" 'inns Nui? 2' J ROBERT W. LEVENSON HENRY K. LINDBLOM RONALD P. LIZZI Levy Cotton Ron 4351 Murdock Ave. 1970 E. Tremont Ave. 4754 Richardson Ave. Bronx 66, N.Y. BrOIlX 62, N.Y. Bronx 70, N.Y. Band l,2,3,4g Basketball 2, In- Foofball lg Mountaineer 4. Intramurals l,2,3. tramurals 1,3. MICHAEL S. LOMBARDO Mike 1810 Hone Ave. Bronx 61, N.Y. Sodality 4. CARL T. MAIER Hoffan 4419 Carpenter Ave. Bronx 70, N.Y. Intramurals 1. G. f x THEODORE A. MARCELLA Ted 4396 Furman Ave. Bronx 66, N.Y. GEORGE R. MAYER Georgie 4001 Carpenter Ave. Bronx 66, N.Y. Football 1,2,3,4. JOSEPH A. MARINO Joe 1927 Tomlinson Ave. Bronx 61, N.Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. 3 r 5115 CHARLES F. MCBRIDE Chas 1102 Washington Ave. Bronx 56, N.Y. Band 1. JOHN A. MCELLIGOTT Mac 1461 Commonwealth Ave. Bronx 60, N.Y. rals 2,3,4. Football 1,2g Sodality 1,2,3,4g Forum 3,45 Track 1,2g Intramu- RICHARD C. MAYNAR Dick 2220 E. Tremont Ave. Bronx 62, N.Y. Football 1. 1 D KENNETH J. MCGAHREN Ken 60 Devoe Ave. Yonkers, N.Y. Sodality lg Cheering Squad 2, Z, Tower 45 Poster Club 2,3,4. 1 r 5, x.. .L K Intramurals 3. JOHN P. MCGRENAGHAN Gungie 505 So. 2nd Ave. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Intramurals l,2. 34. 1 1 SEAN J. MCHALE D0d's 446 Beach l22 St. Belle Harbor, L.I. Intramurals l,2,3. HUGH F. MCGRATH Hughie 4140 DeReimer Ave. Bronx 66, N.Y. Sodality l,2,4g Track Manager 2 3, Science Club 3. RICHARD T. MCGUIRE Mac 414 E. 178 St. Bronx 57, N.Y. x . 5 A 1 1. A 'S s JAMES T. MCKIERNAN Mac 35 Winfred Ave. Yonkers, N.Y. Sodality 2,49 Dramatics 3,4g .N Poster Club 2. -I 'Mk . 1 .N at I , ,fl JOHN F. MCNAMARA Mac 225 St. Ann's Ave. Bronx 54, N.Y. 4 1 A -,J THOMAS J. MCMAHON Mac 1711 Hering Ave. Bronx 61, N.Y. Dramatic Club 3,45 Track Man- ager 2. M JAMES F. MCNAMARA 1' , 7 Y MGC C 4 Box258 Verplanck, N.Y Science Club 3. S MICHAEL F. MCNELIS KENNETH M MEADE Mac Ken 1665 Monroe Ave. 1034 St John Ave Bronx 57, N.Y. Bronx 55 N Y Track 2, Intramurals 1,2. JOHN A. MEDURI Johnny M. 4313 Boyd Ave. Bronx 66, N.Y. Honor Society 1,29 Poster 2, Science Club 3. 48 Club WILLIAM R. MEICHNER Bill 1465 St. Lawrence Ave. Bronx 61, N.Y. PETER N, MENGRONE Tiny 4625 Wilder Ave. Bronx 66, N.Y. Football Manager 3g Track 3, 5 4g Intramurals 2,3,4. fl fs .1 xx Y X . VINCENT A. MERCURIO WILLIAM P. MERGLER 1 177 Grenada Pl. Wee Wllhe Bronx 66, N.Y. 4419 Bruner Ave. Band 2,3,4g Band Council 4g Bfonx 66, NY- Science Club 3. Football l,2,3,4g Basketball 1. "I hope that's English." KENNETH J. MOFFA Ken 4441 Carpenter Ave. Bronx 70, N.Y. murals 2,3,4. 49 5i f61Jifz if Sodality l,4g Track 1,2,4g Intra- . PHILIP V. MESSURI Phil 2053 Van Hoesen Ave. ' Bronx, N.Y. Intramurals 2,3,4. to ROBERT F. MONACO Bob A 2983 Young Ave. Bronx 69, N.Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Track 1. LOUIS E. MONOYIOS Louie 1024 Fox St. Bronx 59, N.Y. Track 1,2, Science Club 3, Intra- murals l,2,3,4. ax ...:: - - as s ' 1 I ROBERT J. MOONEY RUDOLPH M. MORAWEK Bob Der F uehrer 2518 Union Ave. 1171 Fulton Ave. Flushing, L.I. Bronx 56, N.Y. Band 1,2,3,4g Intramurals 3. Band 1. FRANCIS P MOSCHELLA Frank 2735 MSIIOH Ave Bronx 58 N Y Football 1 2 3 4 JOHN M MURDOCK Johnny 360 E. 151. St. Bronx 55, N.Y. DONALD K. MURRAY Don 2460 Tiebout Ave. Bronx 58, N.Y. Qtr Basketball 2g Intramurals l,3. RONALD J MUSOLINO Ronnie 4633 Park Ave. Bronx 58, N.Y. Track 2,3g Intramurals 1,2,3,4, 3 EI' MICHAEL E. MYERS JOHN J. MYLAN Mike Jack 204 Hill Crest Rd. 4305 Carpenter Ave Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Bronx 66, N Y Track l,2. PETER K. NAGLE Pete he W 'Nw- we . K t .5 537 Beach 130 St. Belle Harbor, N.Y. Intramurals l,2,3,4. ROBERT H. NATT Big Bob 69 Maple Place Yonkers 4, N.Y. Track 2,3g Cheering Squad 4g Poster Club 3,4g Intramurals 3,4. JOSEPH J NISTA oe 681 S. Frfth Ave. Mt Vernon NY Band 1,2,3,4, Intramurals 3,4. JOHN J. NISTA Johnny 681 S. Fifth Ave. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Track 3,4g Intramurals 1,2,3,4. .,.,. JOSEPH P. O'BRIEN 0'B 404 E. 187 St. Bronx 58, N.Y. Basketball 1,2,3. MICHAEL F O'CONNOR Mzke 5 Maple Pl. Mt Vernon N.Y. Sodality 1' Track 1 "The book must be wrong." JOHN J O'DONNELL 1274 First Ave. New York 21, N.Y. 1 ,I I , X54 . v " 1 ,...,. 'X j Ygrehegmfgiwglgstsz-si ,--f -2 .3155-53.1 E 5 Egg... si,-his: M - 3' 0 . 2 5 izsS'Q2S?5Fb if I Qsngrstixiel - ' s w?2'ifsfQf was . - -g KEVIN T O'LEARY - f .. .sQ.s?af-1 NNW ' 9-'if " ' ""-'J M ld get . A S ' -- . Y.'Y.53lEf??2gfi-1g5gi.?EiFg3Qiig5Qv 2. T.: gk 2914 Sommer Pl- E Bronx 65, N.Y. ,.-, K L 3 . ES Tower 4g Science Club 3. 'J Ji-riff W' O . , ,, . .o e . , ROBERT G. O'NEILL M, JOSEPH T. O'MEARA . .A Bob 648 E. 233 St. Bronx 66, N.Y. Intramurals 1,2,3. 'QU5 HUGH D. O'ROURKE Joey Hughie 2044 McGraw Ave. 4422 Bruner Ave. Bronx 62, N.Y. Bronx 66, N.Y. Y . 2 . PETER M. PAOLUCCI Pooch A 655 E. 223 St. Bronx 66, N.Y. Honor Soclety 4g Tower 45 In- tramurals 2. WILLIAM J. PARISI Big Bill 2516 Mickle Ave. Bronx 69, N.Y. -J , Basketball l,2,3g Track 1,2. G LOUIS R. PASQUALE Loule 2407 Esplanade Ave. Bronx 69, N.Y. Sodallty 1, Track 2g Intramurals . 2,3,4. '41 53 ...o- ' Tower 4. "All right, doves." li F11-. Louis A. PERE?-my El Senor 1935 Harrison Ave. Bronx 53, N.Y. Honor Society 4, Forum 2,3,4g Tower 4, Science Club 3. ROBERT J. PETTIGREW Bob 2735 Marion Ave. Bronx 58, N.Y. Honor Society 4, Basketball l,2, 3,4g Track lg Tower 4. 1 554,92 in 15 .1-A ifizfisiwi 5-fiiiirzsmszilaiff: 273' Fifiill :l3lr4'4s3tLY?1K"fQt.LESE-1119343Pigfeiiikiigffli iefeibkibi' .r,.v,.Q,W.1f.- 1... :vw fe: fe...-1 1.,s.r-Q .wferwfvr VW...-as mm ,:1..f-fm 'HW V-1:-:rw wr-fy f img.. - 1 are nw .L -., ye. 7 .1 swf-' -sir.1.-5251125242211sv 4f.f.sms1f'?..ws1... z,.f:-.wlf2'-'v.f.1fr.i T.:sff'sN5sv?sffz3eQf2ffei2sfv11i32.rffe5f 1-rsfr.f.-V lm- . . ...4-if.-Q-rr..vivlwggrdifasgiss-asifiwHssww-avr P - ff-11. Qzrffif. ...g-,g.,e i-.w.1e.r2s--1-'fi - -w e.i.:s,5s7 91-A -v.,sm?r,gmwff im :W-:rf-11.V...-raven.. -meigrfvggsjs wi, ,gf,f:igTa?,: 4 A ' . ifliiff .H 1 i'QgifffLfS15l?i'Q3T' f'ifiL7112f f g , . -, .gz.a.-1..1g,- 1' .- " -- 1, . ff .2 .. , is ' " . -.1.-aft- iw ' 1 fy -.f.,.Qs.1,.-:te-Q..-r...Q . -- i.w2rfvsr..rf.xrLf'. 1 .7-'V P- ki? '1' ' .yiwxmgiz-z.:s:YY. 3.1-'ffif f-1.1..ifzg..- -- Agissiigrzfzgiflrgg. 1 '-fVi:f:'s" z Y. S f' ' 7 . U12ffYYi359TSzgYfls?LLH .1.q..f13'.-:..'.-1. . Y 5 ' 7 .:fgiwjQi.,w,,.Sir.. 1- . -2 ,J f .K...2,:s5:r.mfviz.Q..Q31 .'f',:5..?,.+1 ' 'ik 1:-'Z 7. , 154: W' .J fhgbj.igv2Lgggf?L:ss5?fiEiI'-fi P1 iLi5..'5 -51239 iafi ' I :' . '17 U' :fbi ,:i1?"., ..:fi11L5f- " '. 53Z532?iJ1S52!fzz?GQii:?3?g7li' V terse-zkasififfeafsir 5i5fziI.'ff'EfiiQ.'TT.ri,,.q'.Sff51 1 - 1. - . 'ig35Ri3ii'?.3?i.EKE37L4fg M . .. - l 'F' vw-G'Q" 'X THOMAS V. PIZZO Tom 764 E. 236 St. Bronx 66, N.Y. Baseball 2,3,4g Intramurals l,2, 3,4. ROBERT W. POLITI Bob 2515 Laconia Ave. Bronx 69, N.Y. EDWARD C. PETTI Petzer 90 King Ave. Yonkers, N.Y. Sodality 2, Honor Society 43 Bas ketball l,2,3,4g Tower 4. v THOMAS E. PHELAN Tom 31 N. Bond St. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Football 2, Track 2, Band l,2,3 4g Dramatics 43 Science Club 3 Intramurals l,2,3,4. -nl . ANDREW W. POSCHMAN Andy 4627 Murdock Ave. Bronx 66, N.Y. ,QL A ' g 3 'X im gj Q ' '. V ' A Q KENNETH J. PRIMM Ken 103 Fordham St. Bronx 64, N.Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Xl" S .,., T. . DONALD P. RAINONE !"""' . GEORGE D. POURIA Rip 25 Saratoga Ave. Yonkers, N.Y. Intramurals 2,3,4. SALVATORE L. PROMUTO Sal 1803 Mulford Ave. Bronx 61, N.Y. Football 1,2,3,4, Track 2,35 In- tramurals 2,3. Don 4360 Furman Ave. 'A Bronx 66, N.Y. Z A Sodality 4. . SALVATORE G. RAPISARDA T A Sal A q xx 824 E. 220 St. . Bronx 67, N.Y. Track lg Intramurals 1,2,3g Foot- ball Manager 3,4. MAURO C. ROMITA Chris 2230 Lodovik Ave. Bronx 69, N.Y. Sodality 1, Football 1,2,3. ROBERT J . REILLY Bo 1503 Metropolrtan Ave. Bronx 62, N.Y. Track 1,29 MOUDt3lHCCI 4. THOMAS E. REZZA Timmy 189 Stevens Ave Mt. Vernon, N.Y. MATTHEW R. ROSSI Matty 716 E. 227 St. Bronx 66, N.Y. Band 2,3,4. JAMES F. RUBERTONE Jimmy 814 Rhinelander Ave. Bronx 62, N.Y. a 1 Intramur ls ,2,3, Track 1,2. . If ii A "Three o'clock line up." .I PASQUALE J . RUFFALO Ru 26 N. Slxth Ave. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 56 1 .QTEK 1. 'Q' MICHAEL J. SANTA MARIA Jackie 654 E. 224 St. Bronx 66, N.Y. Honor Society lg Football lg In- tramurals l,2g Baseball 25 Track 4. . "You again." THOMAS M SALERA Tommy 2020 Continental Ave. Bronx 61 N Y Scrence Club 1 NICHOLAS J SALERNO Nzck 4231 Carpenter Ave. Bronx 66, N.Y. Sodality 1,29 Band l,2,3,4g Intra- murals lg Track lg Science Club 3. ANTHONY E. SANTELLI Tony 245 Brinsmade Ave. Bronx 65, N.Y. Sodality lg Football 1,3g Intra- murals l,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2. 1 57 U? W'1"' Track L. E JOSEPH O. SCALONE Speedo 719 E. 242 St. Bronx 66. N.Y. ANTHONY J. SCAFUTA Tony 4528 Barnes Ave. Bronx 66, N.Y. f O PETER C. SCARAMUZZO ... re..rQ i . Pete f l ei sl ieuere 6 5 as r eeeere esse 117 N Sixth Ave Mt Vernon N Y FRANCIS J SCHMIDT Smztty 145-33 18 Ave. . . Band 2,3,4g Science Club 3. fi 1 LQ n331n1 ne e . .. I fmf Whitestone, L.I., N.Y. Student Council 3g Intramurals 2g Track 1,2,3,4. 3 f, o FRANCIS X. SCHRADE FREDERICK D. SCHULMERICH Frank Shoe 3963 Seton Ave. 401 E. 242 St. Bronx 66, N.Y. Yonkers 5, N.Y. Band 1,2,3,4. JOHN J. SCOLLARD U iii' 5 Johnny 2112 Edenwald Ave. Bronx 66, N.Y. Band l,2,3,4g Intramurals 1,2,3, 4g Track 1. E. LEE SERRAVILLO Sabu 319 E. 119 St. New York 35, N.Y. Football 1 . I JOHN J. SHERIDAN Johnny Tx 2 Bay St. f Bronx 64, N.Y. A Ms JOHN R. SIM A Big John 15 Bronxville Rd. Bronxville 8, N.Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Football 4. X J B aaaa Iaaa I . s I cz. as , lr . , ROCCO F. SINISI EDWARD A. SMITH Rocky Chicky 2523 Morgan Ave. 2770 Morgan Ave, Bronx 69, N.Y. Bronx , N.Y Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Track 1, MICHAEL J. SMITH Mike 590 Southern Blvd. Bronx 55, N.Y. X M' Band 1,2,3,4. Q, 'kg W nrn. .,,. 1, 'tus' 'a MATTHEW B. SOWU Matty 484 Sunderland Rd. West Englewood, N.J. Band 1: Track 3,4g Tower 3,4. I4 6 lV6l'l in 'HP'-ini. - ww JOSEPH W. SPADAFINO Joe 1610 Yates Ave. Bronx 61, N.Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. - Y .. . 1-- Q . . JAY W. STOEFFEL TERRANCE J. SUGHRUE I-J Terry 762 Tuckahoe Rd. 41 Park Terrace West Tuckahoe, N.Y. New York 34, N.Y. Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Track 4. Sodality lg Intramurals 2,3. THOMAS H. SULLIVAN Sully 2266 Gleason Ave. Bronx 62, N.Y. Sodality 1, Science Club 3. RICHARD J. SWEENEY Richie 500 Riverdale Ave. Yonkers, N.Y. ii Track 1. 5 J RICHARD L. TARANTO Rich 138 Woodfield Rd. West Hempstead, L.I. Band 2,3,4g Dramatics 3,4g Sci- ence Club 3. l so is - 5 'T' n WILLIAM P. TARINO Bill 145-34 17 Rd. Whitestone, L.I. Honor Society 1,2,3,4g Band lg Track 1,2,3. "Q--if rw: 5 af " l" , ' Qtf Jug. S E H . VI E 2, -'Tl 55 J, ' I i 3 3. Us E -1 ,Q ' rr 5 ,,, Q III ' 3- 9 Ox ew- C35 uf N FU za 5 Q 5 me Q W 5 IT! m W W w P4 VJ O ca. EI U Q l'1'1 Z : UU N 2 3 X' '- v-1 oo m D E U Sr F11 W '-u .. D7 51 to 3 ' E ' ua If "l -1 Z Xl "' na . w Z 7 '4 rf g JE' Q :3 cn N 0 rr 4. 1. THOMAS E. TOBIASEN ' Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Track 1. RICHARD J. TRICARIO Student Council 3,4g Football lg Football Manager 2,3,4g Science Club 1 Toby 9 Bayley Ave Yonkers, N.Y. ROBERT A TORTORELLA Hogey 3811 Carpenter Ave. Bronx 67, N.Y. Sodality 1,2g Honor Society 1,2, 3,45 Poster Club 2. Rich 4458 Wilder Ave. Bronx 66, N .Y. l 61 l "Qtr-rl, r'l..l. ... .1.- -.H A -- I 5. ,,.,,...,. fu..-I-,.,f... . ' f-' xt". 4- - -'V-.1-Mt.-V.. ..,,. . .-.W ,, it f, W S , 'N . 48 l i "Ab A J A,.. I fr: A ,5 wi., 'TF 5. ."' - 1552.7 .airy A ,7 W1 ' I f ,ll f an ARTHUR C. VIGGIANO Vig 28 Fourth Ave. Pelham, N.Y. Sodality 1,2,3,4g Football l,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3g Baseball 1,2,4. PATRICK F. WHITE Pat 2402 St. Raymond Ave. Bronx 61, N.Y. Football 1, Intramurals 1,2,3,4. dw QTTO M. WQLF 0 M KARL R. ZURN Dutch A FWZ 4220 Edson Ave. - 107 N. New Haven Ave. Bronx 66, N ,Y, Ventor City, N.J. Sodality 1, Band 1,2,3,4g lmra- Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Science Club murals 3,4g Track 2. 39 Poster Club 3. - 9 NICHOLAS C. VIOLINO Nickie 121 N. Sixth Ave. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Honor Society 1,2,3. FREDERICK J .WIZEMAN1 Sparks 4022 Wickham Ave. Bronx 66, N.Y. Band 1,2,3,4g Science Club 3. ! X- .frm W ifim uif 'WY 1' Y ? , 1 5 .gg-1, '-.- E ..,.,. y .,.. f .,..,, . Ns Senior Class History FRESHMAN YEAR Brother Vincent Dominic assumes the position of Assistant Principal and Brother Lawrence Joseph heads the new Department of Guidance. The Intramural Basketball program is introduced at the Mount. The centenary of the Immaculate Conception brings Marist Brother's stu- dents from the area to the Mount for a Marian Rally. Christmas holi- days find the Mount playing host to the Iirst Marist Invitational Tourn- ament. Our Freshman Football team has 6 wins, losing only to St. Peter's 12-13. Our J .V. Baseball team has a winning 14-1 record. SOPHOMORE YEAR The Beatification of Father Chapagnat brings the Mounties to the Cathedral where a special Mass is held for all Marist Brother's students. The Dramatic Club organized under the direction of Brother Stephen Anthony presents its first play. Thanksgiving Day is a day of triumph for our football team when they romp over Hayes 33-0. Our Outdoor Track team brings us further glories by winning the City Championship. JUNIOR YEAR An addition to the power-house is built to accommodate over sixty Brothers. A wooden track is erected as a living memorial to Brother Timonthy Daniel, who is killed in an auto accident. The Guidance Department inaugurates the Iowa Tests. The Mounties again beat Hayes 25-6. Our Varsity Basketball team captures the Westchester Private Parochial Schools championship. The Mount Track team captures the Fordham University Meet trophy. Both the Indoor and Outdoor teams become the City Catholic High School champions. SENIOR YEAR Brothers Patrick Eugene and F lorent Augustine fill the newly created posts of Dean of Studies and Proctor. Brother Director also takes on the position of Principal. The Smithmen succeed again in beating Hayes 12-0. Captain Richard Buckner is awarded the Lou Gehrig Award bringing it to the Mount for the second year in a row. The Seniors make .their closed Retreats at Gonzaga Retreat House. John Farrauto qualifies for the American Legion Speech contest iinals. The dramatics club presents its production of "Time Limit" to standing room only audiences. Graduation brings to a close four memorable years at the Mount. 63 U derclassmen The Path we follow to t e stars is Q If .A I' choosing. Ho ver, in order to trav - along it, we must have p and guidan - . insure a safe and successful journ alon it pathway we came here for.a Catholic e 4 n, so that we might develop those spiri Q Q R intellectual gifts which God has gran - ' . he Mo t is now our guiding light to the A . It is up to e 1 of us to accept the guidance offered us so that we y become men of character. Since there are man oads to the top, the Mount offers us a wide curric and numerous activities. If we apply our talents t ur studies and to one or more of the many extra icular activities we are certainly guaranteed a succ ful high school career. Let these days at the Mount t used profitably so that you may find the road to the st 1. and eventually reach them. t ,Rf K. n x X X Row 1: E. Norberger, W. Suling. Row 2: H. Cunniffe, E. Gilmore. R. Herreros. Row 3: J. Olmstead, P. Im- bres, J. Kelly, D. Kelly, W. Wilders. "ls that the text you have on the desk?" . 1 2 ff N 1' .ct I 1 ,-M ,Nh Row l: F. DeFillippo, J. Fitcher. Row 2: W. Purcell, T. Finn. E. Farrell. Row 3: J. Niven, P. Klaskin, W. Sforza, J. Cameron, M. Castellano. "Psst . . . wisdom." Row l: J. Sperdini. F. Amoruso. Row 2: A. Fazio, P lmmcdiato, J. Agliata. Row 3: P. Cangialosi, L. Murphy J. Brown. S. Haley, J. DiCarlo. Row l: F. Pestone. J. Odierno. Row 2: B. Donato, T. Madden, R. Pozzuoli. Row 3: J. McAvoy, R. Reynolds, L. Nardi, A. Rizzo, D. Keegan. pf Row l: R. Runcllonc, A. McGowan, W. Hammond, A. Niclscn, S. Lunzano, T. Timmons. Row 2: P. Crorkin, F. LaPerch. W A pleasant interruption. ...T KM Row I: J. Solzinto, E. Curr, M. Foley, C. Harrington, A. Mulicro. Row 2: J. Wildbergcr, B. Perez, P. Wei- munn, W. Moscurelli, J. Ward, Row I' E Hightower W Dou hert J Whit . . . . g y, . e. Row 2: R. Clark, W. Clemente, J. Mischeli, T. King, R. Leitner, J. Racine, N. Moran, I" D Q1 Row I: E. Bun, R. Fereduy, M. Rohan, J. Miccoli, J. Spano. Row 2: J. Hendrie, J. Geis, M. Bishko, R. Nico- lai, D. Horgan. - X - :-f- S."-m-wr -5 1 iv i E S S A 3 fa . . S . 2 : 4 I .SF 1 g -y5.. J. g A R 1. . v x :- .. 919- Y? ie :iv YF'- fkii. i -, ir--:mf ' TT' K 4 . We , 11 1 A Qt , :..: - X 1 '-1. s W g. ' X A X T ' ' li. X "No fair peeking." on P+ 1 'q"'lllrwiI Front Row: J. Pizzuni, B. Fox. Row 2: M. Carguilo P. Churticr. M. Murisch. Top Row: R. Fausel, T Barrett. E. Howie. P. Strassburger. "No, don't look at the camera." RE? 'J' J S 3 I f tx- I M . t t . 4.. A .Y . l E van.. . Q -' -'g m v. gg Top Row: V. McGuire, A. Bulentine, A. Amodio, J Kclliher. Front Row: J. Bottino, T. Dodd, J. Herlihy M. Reilly. F. Teezzu, V. Digilio. if . ffj ' S I Standing: J. Penn. E. DiSanto, D. lezzi, S. Rowley, G. Standing: J.vGranuhan, E. Garcia,,T-. Donohue, P. l-ieim Batti, E. Quinn. Sitting: P. Cioffari, J. Garvey, J. Giallo, rich, V. Grirlin, A. Castellano. Sitting: M. O'MellH, I J. Gibbons. 68 Davenport, F. McHugh. P. Rodriguez. l 5 - l I! -4 - - u Front Row: P. Picca, J. O'Donnell. Middle Row: J. Hagan. I.. Cummins. W. McWalters. Back Row: J. Consentino, P. Aitoro, J. Casey, R. Barbuto, J. Henry. fu-, 'Len-Qi. "Is that her name?" f' , 5 Front Row: J. Gannon. J. Sheehan. Middle Row: F. Ricciuti, R. McDonald. F. Kump. Last Row: R. Sori- celli, F. Pollock, C. Girven, L. Ekert, J. Fellin. 'S S 2 J Front Row: J. Tripodi. T. Pagunini, C. Karway, R. F t R 3 J. 3 tt' 1' ', J. B J. M h ' Perone. Row 2: P. Cucchionc, D. Tonking, J. Healy, LUSJLO, G. gofpfrfl assano' mp y Row D. Walsh. Last Row: A. Vita, J. Durante, A. Tomanelli, D. Sullivan, S. Tosi. 69 YYY' i Seated: L. Burhcrio. J. Cunnion. A. Valentino, C. Fle- chaus. J. Quinn. Standing: R. Catanzaro, T. Doonan, A. Kziiner, J. Trapanesc, M. Maher. "lf you don't know it, I don't." Seated: P. Juergens, D. Perrone. K. Malone. E. Ma- honey. W. Burke. Standing: H. Nista. P. Smith, J. Romer, T. Ward, L. Marrafhno. i P is I! F Seated: F. Rivera. E. Piccolino, R. Buckingham. I. 562116612 J-A 5lllmb?fg6l'- L- MCHHSOIO- D- COW- Standing Cenguina. T. Canuvan. Standing: T. Dowling, J. Manco, A- CQVIIUI- W- HlCkCy- T- Byrne, D- C3fgiUl0- F- Leah! M. Olwell, E. Lawless. 70 V- PFIOHC- sr 5. ,. gm Fi 3539 ' is N Sitting: P, Snisky. K. Gamble. J. Robertson. Standing J. Walsh, W. Kohler, C. Krokel, A. Villacara, T. Nelly W. Fircz. U su ' f! "What's going on up there?" :mann ...xv Row 1: R. Cea, W. Darts, T. Cashel, G. Manzi, J. Broderick, S. Kowal. Row 2: E. Damboragian, L. Ing- lese, F. O'Conn0r, S. LoBreglio. ., 1. . ,E -1 .IS fx. Row l: D. Cremmins, T. Neubert, J. Marinaccio. Row Row 1: F. 0'Connor, R. Perez, D. Gerrity, A. Chiap- 2: R. Belotti, E. Patrono. R. Metakes, J. Pqgliese. Row parino, M. Kovacs Row 2: D. Chiappa, R. Pierantoni, 3. J. Ferraro, J. Dryer, T. Donohue, J. McG1nty. 7' B. Martin, J. Weldon. ft Sitting. W. Sforza, R. Meehan, M. Maffucci, M. Morra, C. Marino. B. McGrenughan. Standing: A. Bimbo, F. Monastcro, J. Cameron, P. Byrne, P. Fugazzi, L. Calbo, C. Mungino. Come on, what s the answer? V? tan Sitting: R. Montana, J. Cloidt, J. Dcrrico, D. O'Leary, R. Charticr. Standing: F. Farrell, M. Gilligan, E. Hand, G. Filardi, J. Rabbitt, J. Kettle, J. Marcyan, M. Hickey, K. Scarry. Sitting: R, Calamari, G. Reichling, R. Fisher, R. Pace, P. Ferrara. Standing: J. Synan, J. Connolly, A. Mc- Dermott, R. Tiani, C. Vaccariello, J. Schmidt, D. Totino, P. Smith. --,g2fw,,gge. - sz - - : . ' ' 441' X i n... J., l.,u .M.... .L--.. ...:.... "Now, your best smile for the photographer." Sealed: D. Harkins, R. Cozzi. J. Begley, M. Hughes, R. Jennings, R. Mayer. Standing: R. Shay, W. Nicol, E. Cummings, R. Klares, E. Kelly, J. O'Neill, D. Nigro, J. Sullivan. Q t , ww., A J-1. J i Row l: F. Justo, C. Carpentieriy, E. Lico, C. Muliero, J. Platoni. Row 2: J. Hensen, J. Noel, J. Gillespie, W. Dowling. The marks must be good this mnmh Row 1: F. Comastro, F. Manning, W. Camerato, L. Vlismas. Row 2: P. Rapisarda, R. MacRoy, H. Hintze, D. O'Boyle, J. Garafola, T. Overlander, W. Carroll, M. Piccolo, D. Guerra. 73 Seated: R. Marks, J. Carroll, G. Oddo, S. Altavilla, B. O'Farrell. Standing: M. Conlon, R. Burkhardt, T. Mc- Hugh, R. Cuneo, W. Pepple, R. Mohr. .Q Seated: A. Stietzel, J. Hein, L. Rodriguez, L. Ruggiero. Standing: R. Pizzo, A. Fernandez, J. Hall, J. Reilly, A. Prestipino, A. Maralli. Row 1: D. Dallal, B. Lane, R. Mozilo, L. Cleveland. Row 2: J. Palmieri, M. Hudak, J. Galligan, D. Wolff, R. Merena, M. Pohsweg. if. A K 4 1 .1, i"v,,..fQ' 5 s ' The line up. Row 1: J. Marci, D. Kelly, R. Rezza, A. Caputo, A Vaeca. Row 2: A. Loazoa, D. Cassetta, J. DeSalv0 Row 3: D. Skea, F. Dominici, J. Mullins. Row 1: A. Sim, J. Coleman. Row 2: P. Hunt, T. Seery, T. Ahern. Row 3: K. Doyle, T. Berta, J. Whalen, R. Capobianco, R. Mondare, A. Mirabelli, L. Paul. L -X . V I 2-C in Cinemascope. E . ig, ,E V in 4 i ., ,L Seated: K. Olitiers, M. Plaviak, S. Schady, R. Fiorito, H. Blackner. Standing: A. Wieland, J. Coyle, V. Carilli, T. Cotter, L. Stobbe, J. Tarnowski, J. Antonaccio. 5 1 f 4 t if if . . Q 1 e ws Seated: J. Aurigemma, A. Foresta. Standing: J. Cata lano, F. Persico, A. Ruggiero, B. Sowul, L. Napoli. Seated: S. Oddo, S. Kuyamjian. Row 2: T. Curtis, D. Kappes, F. Sposato. Standing: J. Gaffney, T. Timmons, R. Fox, G. Wojtusiak, B. Acheson, R. Barry, J. Powers. 'Q s AH Standing: M. Styles, P. Repetti, T. Wall, J. Scomillio. Sitting: M. Henitz, E. Freymuller, B. DiNardi, R. Asch- enbrener. -. My. S ...... . K .ff Q W H ,Q . A . R ,zz Q ' . is .4 K it X 4 " aw. f - 2 'fi it 4. Y sw s M at WK ff wp uf 1' .sc if YQ: ,X .a'Z5f1. .-Tc! ' .. ' 1 Inspection tour. Standing: A. Castello, R. Razzetti, J. Bodkin, Wil- liams, M. Corrigan. Sitting: J. Burich, D. Maiberger, F. Herman, E. Keane, P. Connors, A. Velto. Standing: M. Casey, B. Schwahn, J. Crumley, J. Ferra- rotti, J. Bachmann, P. Canavan. Sitting: J. Courtney, W. Apuzzo, B. Coleman, J. Broderick. Standing: D. Curtayne, W. Cummings, W. Comastrc J. Mahon, D. Sposato, J. Donar. Sitting: B. Leonarc C. Fuery, J. Porcelli, W. Stout. Row l: T. Frctel, E. Rankin. D. Johnson, M. Hanrahan. Row 2: W. McCarthy, T. Gamble, J. Maher, D. Mor- row, J. Masseo. R. Gori. Row 1: K. Wilson. J. Tegan, J. Whitman, M. Faustini, J. Conroy. Row 2: T. Mannion, J. Perhto, E. Termin- ello, D. Rolleri, R. Scavo. S' Seated: M. Bushck, R. Keane, I.. liguori, R. Szilumon. D. Tompkins. Standing: S. Cuccuru, R. Glew, G. Rist- off, J. Pappalardo. G. King, S. Imp. Q .5 . . in-J Srlxv I 'l 4 i in 3 .4 I 1 I "C'est bon." Row 1: S. Randazzo. J. Clarke, P. DeRosa. Row 2: M. Rockiki, R. Calderon, M. Myers. Row 3: E. O'Brien, D. Leidinger. Seated: V. Moschetti. J. Condello, D. Grady, L. Mc- Guire, R. Furnari, M. Nagle. Standing: M. Trainor, T. Hartnett, T. Mergler, J. Caserta, F. Wagner, H. Mar- tucci, J. Aurichio. l K Happy to be back in class. f I Seated: J. Berardo, P. Bova, M. Mastrangelo, P. Aliotta, S. Naclerio. Standing: T. Murphy, M. Abbott, M. Bo- relli, D. Lorusso, J. Murphy. Seated: A. Pacheco. J. Merritts, O. McMahon, J. Can merato, N. Ramol. Standing: B. Randazzo. L. D'Auri: J. Scozzari, P. Veteri, S. Levitas, E. Gavagan. Row l: J. J. Sweeney. D. Donelin, A. Teegan. Row M. Wall, J. Corsa. J. E. Sweeney, W. Gould. 5 J. 44 Row l: K. Nicholson, J. Chillino, M. Walsh, R. Maher, D. Hogan. Row 2: L. Doyle, J. Glaser, G. Canonico, A. Minella, D. lmperioli. .kyrmgg Row 1: R. Biele, M. McDermott, M. Carpinello. Row 2: A. DiNunzio, R. Thomma, W. Mayer, F. Trocchio, J. Lawrence, C. Barr. Row 1: R. Pugliese, J. Crupi, C. Newell. Row 2: G. Haver, E. Galvin, C. Bivona, A. Goscilo, E. Eivers, P. Ragone, E. Stumbo. Row l: V. Binghi, M. Hennessy, I.. Buono, A. Marchi- selli. R. Jewell. Row 2: J. Corcionc, G. Stoeffel, J. Mc- Geough, C. Milton, J. Powers, J. Simonetti. 1 A 9 Talking on the stairs is one demerit. . 9 A -1 Row 1: J. Orzo, H. Sullivan, J. Canella, A. Panella, J. Wilkinson. Row 2: T. O'Sullivan, D. Mickens, P. Mur- ray, F. Bruno, W. Walsh. Row l: J. l-larve, J. O'Connell, R. Marinaro, R. Herbert, P. McManus. Row 2: A. Georgio, C. Panutti, J. Lyons, fp S. Vecci, S. Liccardone. , 3 ...M 1 F - ' Z -is . . f..1.1. ,..,, , . i ii i'ii nl as X WW . ' V f fy i ' , ,,, y M at 2. f WSSW F twfv 'S 'I I ij , "Freedom at last." Favorite period. N . l I l 1 E. I l Row l: W. Gentile. R. Farrara, E. Abate, M. Casell: " ' ' V' A. Sanza. Row 2: P. Quaranta, R. Savignano, W. Swat Row 1: C. Qualles, W. McCarthy, M. DeAngelis, G. SOn,1-Faffell- Siburn. R. Ferraro. Row 2: L. Howley, W. Murray, 80 P gig B E Seated: H. Kappes, P. DiBcrnardi, R. Cutney, R. Ge- raghty. Standing: C. Richardson, W. Ford, C. Driscoll, J. Fasano. Seated: R. Valdes, W. O'Connor, P. Schweppenhauser, A. Falivene, E. DeBellis. Standing: P. Guarino, R. Banker, R. Covcllo, B. Bowe, M. DeGuilo, H. White. l f X W YH A moment of expectation. - H "They were a pushover, Brother." Q li. ff et Seated: M. Webster, J. Tantillo, N. Murtucci, J. Galla- rello, A. Murphy, R. Blank. Standing: E. Fortunato, giuO'R0Urke' M' Sweeney, T' Sharkeyi K' Tierney, M- 8-I Seated: R. Buckner, G. Visioni, .Lazarczyk, Cris- m suolo. Standing: P, Fmm M w.u,.f.. n n..M.n..A 1 Row 1: N. Capozzoli, T. Logan. Row 2: P. LaBerge, J. Garvelli, J. Dugan. Row 3: R. Nugent. J. O'Connell, C. Hartman. Row 4: J. Pignataro, T. Hickey, R. Mai- berger. Row l: W. Ford, N. Squillante. Row 2: R. Burke, R. Petersen, F. Tinari. Row 3: S. Tallon, L. Trinchitella, A. Ghelarducci. Row 4: F. Risucci, R. Salice, J. Gino. Row 1: K. Blair, M. DeVincenzo, L. Ruiz, J. Mariconda. Row 2: D. Mclnerney, J. McMahon, J. Cirocco, P. Curran, G. Simonetti. 3. 'E gl. i n J I Chalking up the day's mission total. S 3 .. . , zrrrf.: fr . -:gf 51533. rl! .-3.1. 2514... Y 1.1. ,U .N . M- ' ' ' ' , . .... re-ri J ' ' PM 'J l l l 4.. . .. ,. : gEs:gsz.:ss-fs JM- , V ' fuse: 1f:fw.fff '.-'.: 15.1.2121 -f w..ssggzi g,g , ,i . f . Siz giv szsfmggg -.43 5-,fr :Pv e: mS:fzi?l:f2Eff Srl ff q lg-Q , Row l: J. Maloney, G. Helmis, A. Capellini, R. Leg: V. Colangelo. Row 2: D. Holborn. D. DeMatteo, 'I Tucciarone, R. Wunner, J. Sundwall, J. Korky. Seated: J. Gondola. D. Polchinski. Standing: M. Mas- tronardi, R. Schulte, W. Pierno, N. Fiermonte, R. Lom- bardi, T. Raffa, B. Perry. G. Henderson, J. McAllister. l , Checking up. Row l: J. Ackerley, R. Amendola, J. Bourne. J. Del- Galdo, T. Cruzado. Row 2: F. Capasso,'J. Cashman, J. Brauneisen, M. Cassano, J. Charles, R. Ciampo. Q 5, Row 1: M. Lombardi, S. Rieger. Row 2: M. Delisi, F. Filardo, G. Palumbo. Row 3: J. McChesney, F. Hogan, C. Pavone, A. Dentato, R. Giuliano. q.. J' .FR 'lg , Q Rovy l: W. McCarthy. A. Hickey, J. Scrravezza. V. Sullivan, W. Molloy. Row 2: F. McCarthy, N. Zam- pano. F. Zamplno, A. Zegna, F. Zito, J. Moody. Row 1, Seated: R. O'Connor, F. Filomio. R. McKinney. Row 2: C. Krug, G. Legorburu. Standing: V. Argen- tino, K. Hommel, W. Gruenstrass, V. Coppola, J. Mc- Gillion. Seated: B. Mcl-lugh, K. Robinson. Row 2, Standing: R. Waddle, A. Mazzella, H. Weber, L. Petti, J, Kopilak, T. Torregrossa, J. Mullins. Row 3: A. Ferolito, J. Reda, V. Vanacore, N. Bianco, J. Coogan, A. Cloidt. 4:-N...,,, "Muy Bueno!" Row 1: R. Muncuso. V. Murtcmucci, R, Stancavage. SCHICGI' F- RWD- W- OTKOUAUOV- M- N.0li1n- W- Pere Rgw 23 L, Bakker. J, Reilly. Row 33 R, Tgmilowicl, P. Collins. J. Hctmun. Standing: J.Chr1stopcr, F. Cav: J. Finney, R. Lembo, D. Stigliani, J. McCann. cini. D' ROSS' E' KUSSUY- 84 J .5 3 5 t K if li E if . -1, Seated: F. Nlclchncr. V. Wallace, D. Corelli, T. Eivers, F. Trottai. Standing: F. Nicolosi, L. Longo, F. Giardina, P. Skocigoric, A. Gurzino. A. Dionisio, R. DelFaver0. Sentcd: A. Cutting, J. Ulin, I.. Maloney, R. Kirwan Standing: L. Tellonc, P. Van de Brook, F. Finelli, T Carbonc, F. Condurso, T. Kenny. 'tWho put the slug in the missions?" Seated: V. SC1ll'2lll1llZl0. R. Rand, L. Autorino. F. O'NeilI, Seated: R. Kammerer. J. Diodzlto, R. Pestone, G. Her- R. Hotlcr. Standing: R. Murphy, . Sullivan, M. Griffin, man. R. Thorne. Standing: H. Rupisarda, F. Campanale L. Odiernu, J. Lynn. G. Lann. 85 R. Tierney, T. Buckley, W. Holter. Diligent application. Row l: E. Scott, A. Squillante, P. Madden, P. Benyo. ow 2 A Gill P S ucci N Camera T Mahon R R : . . . p , . , . , . Kropp. Row 3: D. Scappatura, J. Sims, R. Long, D. Belsey, W. Samora. Row l: B. Duffy, A. Monahan, C. Gebbia. Row 2: J. Doyle, E. Giardina, W. Guntenbein. Furst, R. Fish. Row 3: M. Curran, W. Dewart, P. D1P1azza, R. Dolan. A ,. 9 5 Row l: F. FCCZIHFCY, M. Malanga, E. W. Marotti. Row 2: A. Ottimo. J. Reillcy. M. Murtha, D. Perrotta. M. Pagliuca. Row 3: T. Starace, G. Stephens, J. Tan- credi, P. Tracy. S. Twomey, A. Viggiano. TTT' "ls it clear now?" Row I, Seated: J. Begley, J. Schrade, T. Rottanelli, J. Naughton Row 7' V Heintl G Maher E Ber amini . -. . ., . , . g , A. Fulvini, M. Krawiec. Row 3: K. Champlin, B. Kelly, W. Murdock. F Row l, Seated: A. Pelosi, R. Mancinelli. Row 2: J. DiBart0lo, C. Birnberg. R. Museatella, C. Boccia, C. Martin, T. Kriz, W. Pekera. Row 3: J. Lauscha, N. Kinsch, J. Carey, M. Graham, F. DeBellis. R. McCabe, J. Rudden. "Dribble with the left, lead with the right." Row l, at table: l... Cassara. W. McGuire, J. O'Hagan, J. Dore. Row 2, Standing: M. Graham, R. Bondi, R. Capo. D. Scanlan. Row I, Seated: A. Wilson. M. Pentenrieder. Row 2: B. LaBerge, N. Vazzana, E. Dougherty, E. Lareau, R. Passarelli, T. Sheridan. ff ' 1 G 'f Seated: K. Hodder, T. Maneuso, A. Napolitano. J. Beattie, R. Mariotti, R. Yarrobino, E. Tinelli. Standing: Z LL'm" 5 L. Waters, E. Heaton, R. Sunday, J. Eichler. S E lg Q 9 x . ' M... me-u......! "And these are our benefactorsf' , Seated: N. Longo, D. DeSantis, N. Branca, R. Greco A. lmperato. Standing: C. Niessner, E. Paolucci, B Haberland, J. Pasoli, M. Cavanaugh. Row l: L. Solicrup. R. Mandeville. T. Rieth. P. Hughes. Seated: A. Bausch. D. Dix, G. Hotter, W. Panzera, R Row 2: A. DeVito, R. Grimaldi, B. Governale, D. Serio, R. Marotti, C. LoCascio. Standing: J. Florkowski Doyle, R. DeCock. R. Guarino, J. McGuire, W. Leonard. E i. Row l: J. Driscoll, O. Arcuni, L. DeI-ornc, R. Vecci. Row 2: J. Mcllctt. R. Stocplcr, P. Harrington, T. Ca- taldo, J. Chovamcc, J. Parker, M. Cafferty. ,fl Row I: T. McKenna, T. Flynn, J. Mahoney, F. Freyre, J. Mintcrn. Row 2: R. Damon, W. Treanor, P. Ryan, W. Kelly, M. Ulickas. Row l: J. Trcgliu, K. O'Connor, A. Cerussi, V. Marrero, P. Hilzcn. Row 2: D. Roth, W. Polian, J. Ross, J. Mills, J. Derrico. 89 g:.y.,! . , . . A J.. Study or sleep? W A., '. x . 1 Q- K 1 f-:SL ,. g R .1 ii --I Row I: B. Callahan. McCaffrey. J. Hynes. G. Camp bell. G. Martin. M. McManus. Row 2: R. Ricciardi J. Piombo, R. Connolly, G. Muhlmcyer. J. Larkin. R, I! v - A Vu.-725 X ff 3 .WN "The reward . . . of persevering ejjfortf' 1 ., L .3 1 , - , S S K -I .. ,AL,.M ., My , .,,. L.,.. . L,.. , .X ' g k -' .tk If-ji'-kg!in,213i1lfj'g4z'f5iQ1jfi'Qli.i..- .jf-,1 SZQVYQ'gL',z'i1'1jQ- f:'.'f15Q,:fi5-51,1I151-if'51fkgff3isQ?ifgifLE9?H255555f5"?5iZv22?5a'fi5:i.Qf?5Sf?E2'56d5 Vfi!5iiQl'5:f5IQg551i51?7252252Q55Qifgggggifkifwiisig5igg?ig5'b?i'f?s1fg5QQ:QQAgiagiipiiffgge-jMg?7g5fi'bg5gig:-igE5gXij:2j:si,i,f5Lgfg gPiQ:gjfgiQ,,'1-:K 3-- V A- ,--, . ,L., l V HD' ES swf' 'yr Wt'-if ,,, , wk -. Bro. Adolph Leo, F.M.S, Bro. Ambrose, F,M,S, Bro. Andrew Bernard, F.M.S Prefect First Grade Prefect Bro. Louis Elmo, F.M.S. Principal Bro. Arthur, F.M.S. Seventh Grade i .,.........w"" Bro. Cer1n Joseph, F.M.S. Eighth Grade Bro Robert Bernard, F.M.S. Ezghth Grade ig elf? ' K f R +-.el 3. Bro Christopher Robert F M S Bro Jogues Michael F M.S. Bro. Francis Gerard F M S Sixth Grade Second Grade Fgurfh Grade milk Bro. Michael Wilfrid, F.M.S. Seventh Grade Q .1 l"al'l'lI'l'lal" 1 ali F 'k.,. ,,,. , N, 2 ,. -:ea ww - fx w if " K . K M E Aitiere i i f Am? i A !0SCPh I if "3 . .V ir' UI' B01 N l'0n Av' Howard Botox ww dx William Berbert ' if Fra ncis Ch ianca w"""' will Richard Caro Dougxas Cohan 54 Richard Calameo X .,,. M .M I.: , W Www,-if we W V .Xr,A.,.,l 7 M .w ,4 9- 5.-,K my A X31 J OSCPI1 De Angelis Edward Cusati Lawrence D'Addio Ronaid Decome 94 ,SQPWN Jim Carmo' Peter Derrico ne Ferrara Lawrence Doyle gifaoluafea Mi 5544 :gg ,. ws' r t if ' Chafxesfeue K X J it ,Hu Joseph Fiorillo William F1ahive N...-f' ...ff fbi up FN!!-any S 4017 J hn Franwvmo o Anthony Garcia Robert Gibbons Q. Paul Grossi , K , . ' fit .X n Richard Harm to Robert Helmond Robert Hogan MM' Q A nthony yazzem x L .Q-.K 4 K an vw.. ,M is S Kaefn3n Thema Dennis King 95 Andrew Kirby QW 'M ' ft!" , .N X 1 R Ed ward Kuehnel George Koh I"al'l'l , , i s a . 1 I'I'l6ll' AMEX X -is 5. 1 . X n . , . Q -Q Xe gl .M .f X -X 'X X J ' ' K J iifx X A X , , ' 1 v . . Y 31gi,,5,s GW, . , 1, - fwiwq c"g:X.,a. :S -gs xmx-5 ' -3 sh , 5 -21359 , ' ,frm Q::s-,,..., :ix wmhiii :Xf- X m J- -J QM. ,ss 1' ...,, :vw 'L.:2'1..X2?'M :xiii 'Q .,... 11:55, 5 bg s ,X J' H., J. :S .1 gg f . -fgg wz h Soseiih Lync John Mccanhy if Owen L Ock fr T ,-V Thomas Litrenta K g s s F K -ji: .Qu in ,X X i .K ,.' J - P gs J ' S A C - h 532355 le' Malahn .. -1' .... - . L -gmwg -S ff fs: -- s' f s MM., Wk, . fm - ' If Sf0Phen LYUCJ1 Joseph MacStravic 5,5 3,4 in . J an 'W' A C . 55' -ALA 'f1ii'4"A3I1".F TE fi ' E125 : Q. 1,2 A. 1 so I s lkgjkim-.J ' f' X5 't J - Hmes M James McGovern Kevin Movnihan ,MQ Joseph Naporkowski 96 Ortell Henry Morelli Thomas Ohl by mann 2i1'O .4-4,9 Th0maS Orr ig if W' gifaclualea Q 'xr' W "'-', f ff K V I0 me -- I . Seph P - , Anthony Pate -IQ 4 K 'W omceu' o it f tv Francis Patti Michael Perri fi XX A ,tx t , . Q " 9 ew- W!" Neg!! X,':"'-fy, ff K "f tt '- J'-23 -Q . Q- . A 't -to ' Hx , iyi t -1 1 3 1-.IQ tt si P Gefafd Pm Q etef Relzoali f l 'S' ' uf" Nich - 553 ,Q olas Rlbaudo Gerard Rokicki T Albert Radogna Nicholas Rescigno ---..,, K' my Louis Ruiz homas Rulfalo 14? Raymond Sc ot! Km 'W rancis yodice Robert Shiel 97 Robert Terragrossa E as ,i A .gg Q, if E ,. Row l: R. DiGioia, J. Vecchione. J. Politi. Row 2: A. Stingone, R. Curtin, J. Scarfi, M. Yarchak, F. Paine, J. Colucci. Row 3: Conca, G. Grifliths, J .Long. Row 1: P. Mongillo, J. Bishko, J. McCarthy, P. Fino, 3: L. DiBianco, J. Keenan, J. Boese, A. Batarese, W P. Bedard, J. Gerard. Row 2: W. Pepe, R. Ross, P. Korbet, E. Friend. Row 4: G. Yagunoff, R. Martinez Nicholson, P. Parisi, G. Kuyamjian, V. DeLucia. Row L. Fee, F. Thomas, G. Gerace, G. Kocher. Q 2 K S. Wojtusiak, W. Norton, L. Wood, M. DeLuccia. A. Gandolfi, A. Pisani. Row 4: N. Bottiglieri, J. Spyropulo, M. Spero, D. LW .ana 4-in. Row I: J. Palmieri, P. McCarthy, J. Naporkowski, A. Sousa J. Matystik, D. Lock. Row 2: D. Kowal, R. Sarno, B. Dielmann B, Emanuele, P. McCarthy, A. Ferrara. Row 3: V. Costa, B McKenzie, A. Richardson, T. Naclerio, T. Tomilowicz, N. Greg- orwich. Row 4: P. Kull, L. Silva, R. Cronin, G. Kopytko, G Cutrone, R. Green. Top Row: H. Traulscn, R. Atkins, T. Lom- bardo, J. Wruazabal, R. Maloney, G. Cloos. JL. -Di SCA? 1 T. -re-. sf' Row I: N. Barnaba, G. Savino, D. Reardon, A. Reda, R Morchella G Cox W Donato Row 4 H Frank N. Previti, R. Loughney. Row 2: C. Angelet, E. Boitano, R Mayer J Muscara S Brown M Romna E Graz J. Dietz, R. McMahon, P. Fratarcangelo, L. Perrotta, iano C. Pastore. Row 3: J. Mirenda, E. Papantonio, S. Joyce, -It QQ .Zi S' . . 5 .J Ri . an lik l l Au-A X f - rw, . A fixlfi -Ti' - 4 '- .- , .1 g .. 55 -K . Row l: D. Duffy, C. Shea. M. Iazetti, J. Ccrrato, G. Guardar- ramos, A. Perrotto, L. Shic,1ds. Row 2: J. Danisi. J. Richardson, R. Heilcmann. L. Morctti, J. Marcotte, J. Malgieri, R. DiSalvo, J. Murunelli. J. Shorman. Row 3: F. Esposito, A. Bordcs, P. Milo, L. Williams, D. Viewig, J. Ruhicco, C. Brown. R. Conroy. Row 4: G. Carey, D. Giantelli, T. Blenn, C. Ross, T. Moffat, A. Brown, H. Traulsen. M. Brown. ,ls .sal gon x .swab CTF Bottom Row: W. Cramer, P. Lanitis, R. Mercurio, P. P. Grande, J. Risucci. Top Row: C. Berridy, M. Gari- Davis, M. DiLorenzo, W. O'Grady. Row 2: T. Billings- ano, P. Gallo, M. Rosato, G. Azzariti, T. Mattola, P. ley, L. Williams, J. Kehlenback, J. Robertson, R. Morelli, Gionnone. l 642 i 'QF 0'-2 in Row 1: J. Gudewicz, S. Perkins, P. Longo, G. Catsos, L. Miressi. Row 2: J. Anderson, L. Scrvedio, K. Wiley, D. Santini, W. Smith, P. White. Row 3: R. Malgieri, P. DiFusco, W. Grafer, A. Val- pone, A. Fernandez, E. Stafsholt. QP, N6- ab Qy C3 as is -19- ROW li J. Bedilrd, W. Judge, S- MCCHHH, R- Malgiefi, Gerundo, J. Schmidt, D. Galgano, T. Danisi, M. Rosalo, T. Doyle, Row 2: R. Rubicco, M. Delfino, C. Kehlen- T. Flanagan. bach, W. Foster, E. Cramer, B. Kelly. Row 3: D. I wonder where "Double 3,5- f I the yellow went?" or nothing." 'Til see it and raise you tive." "What's he doing with that camera?" Resident IM 4- .1 -5 Students , , 5 . L.. A F.. , 7. I E i ,S . .2 X 2. zzu fl. uf fr 1 i . 2 gn gf, i A sure shot. The life of Reilly. "That's not what it says here." .1 1 msn sw., AMNX v-uS T"f X 3 g max 8 ,M 4? Q.. R. 4 1 ' 1 4 n 5 tfg. Y U I-Q. if Ml. 52 ff, W fue .5,gw'4,f'... - WQP5 qi W 3 f 1-asf' ., R 7 W. Lk 13? m W' . ,, g ,M . . .Hn A k Q""' U -R' ,....- ,,..,.--M ,.,...'-M .aj Q 5 35 Row 1, Seated 1Left to Rightl: A. Bausch, K. Nicholson, P. LaBerge, W. Perez. M. Casey. A. Cerussi, J. Mintern, M. McManus, T. Buckley, B. LaBerge, R. Mancuso, L. Ruiz. Row 2: T. Cruzado, R. Mariotti, N. Ramol. B. Governale J. Ackerl , G Muhlme er E. Tinelli T T rre y , y , , . o - grossa, J. Reilly, A. Mazella, G. Legorboru, D. Stigliani. Row 3: W. Molloy, J. Charles, M Krawiec, D. Scappatura, K. Robinson, L. Auto rino. W. O'Connor, R. Salice. T. Hickey, J. Beg ley, J. Hertman, R. Murphy, J. Carey. Row 4 M. DeGiuIio. T. Hartnett, R. Nugent. R. Rudden J. Mills, D. Besley, J. Lawrence, G. Stephens, R Tomilowicz, E. Keane, J. Parker, S. Imp. Division B Nur "To the victor belongs the spoils." 105 uReaClY, aim, - - ll,, Row l CLeft to Rightj: E. Stafsholt, W. Cramer, S. Perkins, D. Gerundo, W. Cramer, T. Doyle, W. Jud e. Row 2: D. Gal ano. P. Lanitis, M E S - DiLorenzo, W. Smith, R. Loughney, K. Wiley. Row 3: T. Denisi, T. Mottola, T. Billingsley, A. Valponc, P. DiFusco, W. Grafer, G. Catsos. Row 4: L. Shields, A. Reda, G. Guardarramas, M. lazzetti, C. Shea, R. Rucci. Row 5: J. Sherman, L. Williams, C. Brown, C. Pastore, C. Berridy, M. Gariano, J. Denisi. Row 6: R. Heilemann, R. DiSalvo, D. Viewig, J. Mirenda, C. Angelet, R. Conroy. Row 7: T. Moffet, R. Moschella, G. Carey, J. Muscara, C. Ross, F. Esposito, J. Rich- ardson. Row 8: H. Frank, M. Brown, Bro. Andrew Bernard, H. Traulsen, S. Brown. Division D 1. A 1 Y "Aw, go away." 106 Bedtime. Row l CLeft to Righty R. Ross, R. Dunham, D. Helmond, T. Kiernan, H. Traulsen, S. Lynch. J Lock. T. Tomllowicz, N. Gregowich, J. Matystik. Fiorillo, J. McCarthy. Row 6: A. lazzetti, A Row 2: G. Pratt. J. Bishko, J. McCarthy, R. Batarse, R. Torregrossa, L. Ruiz, F. Thomas Maloney. G. Cloos. Row 3: P. Nicholson, T. Row 7: D. King, A. Garcia, L. Fee, J. Lynch. J Lombarde, J. Fruazabal, P. Parisi, G. Kopytko, Kienan. R. Caro. Row 8: J. Francavillo, R. Mar R. Green. Row 4: W. Flahive, W. Korbet, L. tinez. L. Doyle, C. Fetter, P. Melahn. Row 9: DiBianco, E. Friend. N. Rescigno. Row 5: R. P. Grossi, K. Moynihan. Division C 11" IQ,-J A And please be on my side tomorrow." 107 "Don't forget behind the ears, boys." N in Long preparation . . . . . . brings a distinguished performance ..... .7 --Ill K TIVITIES A full an ell rounded educatron wo - sible wlthout e expenence afford our many BCIIVIIICS The ve the stude opportumty to de velop h1s talents d g1v to 111s school The spmtual the Mountaxneers were pro vlded by ty whlch maugurated many out s g the Month March The Student C0l1l1C11 orgamzed a wrde van of alfaxrs for the students An opportumty to elop ones porse and profes sional talents are gxven the Forum Dramatxcs and the Band The Poster C Tower and Mountameer foster the creatxve talents o e student All of the vanous extra rlcular RCIIVIIICS of the school are orgamzed m ord o gnve the students an opportumty to develop therr t nts and to help com plete and round out their edu lon Part1c1pat1on 1n the varlous actlvmes teaches the the value and nec esslty of co-operatnon or team wor any undertakmg st , r ojects, 1y the Vocational Tridum held Junior Prom An evening in Paris - such was the theme for the Junior Prom, an affair which will provide many fond memories for the members of the class of 1957. The gymnasium was gaily decorated in keeping with the theme of the danceg in the center of the floor was a large and well executed facsimile of the Eiffel Tower. Off to one side there was erected a typically Parisian outdoor cafe while on the opposite side one could look out the large picture windows upon familiar sights of Paris. In this setting the Mounties and their escorts spent a most enjoyable evening - an evening which may be considered one of the social high- lights of our stay at the Mount. To all who made the event so enjoyable we wish to say, "Thank you? r Y M 1 a 3, t l Q99 ,Q-tialuvl wanmdl' .A .. -sxxgfl if .. 1 ' new X 'L asf as .,,,, 'gd-A 3- A A1 '1N'h1m-...N K x f 1 " 3 - I' 4 L jk - 'J has i1 - . . sk. ygzy Go Ng X ' 1 -' .4 E . ww'-Q-fe. muah .y Student Council Pres. R. Buckner, V. Pres. L. Breen, Treas. S. Promuto, Sec'y. R. Tricario. D. McManus, D. Cargiulo, G. Cooper, W. Sullivan, J. Lugano, F. Trezza. This year the Mount student body directly elected their Student Council. The members of this organization are elected by their class- mates to set the lead and general example for the rest of the student body. The main objectives of the Student Council are: the establishment of greater harmony between the students and the faculty, the bettering of school activities and functions and the encouraging of the general spirit of the stu- dents. The devotion of the student council mem- bers is evidenced by their many diligent works for the improvement of the school both at the various functions and in the school itself. With special consideration towards the l officers of this organization, we wish to con- gratulate the Student Council for a job well done. J. Hall, M. Steuer, P. Quaranta, C. Barr, J. Serravezza. L. Paul. B. Leonard, E. Hahn, A. Donovan, T. Forkin, C. Gr0PP, M. Barry. EPT. V. . nf-'Vi ,IT-41, t ,Hi . t , . Y A E v E :gf X wr if I ' S H. O'Rouke, K. McGahren, C. Gropp, K. O'Leary. L. DelSavio, T. Devany, E. Petti. .. E Q if . X1 Y ' "WW s' Wg ' E rise -.415 x , .X X , ,, E.Hdd k,R.T ll,N.S'l Associate Editors A. Altieri and C. Gropp check a oc onore a A emo copy with Editor L. Perez Cseatedj. . 4' ..... T Q slug C T . . , .O .. ct Qu vs 6 I I 4 in I A . .x, df? HL. P. Paolucci, E. Petti, M. Barry, R. Pettigrew, K. H3 Sitting: F. Bradley, A. Altieri, J. Farrauto. Stand McGahren, C. Gropp. ing: T. Devany, O. Wolf, E. Hahn. Absent: G Dimev. Sodality Our Lady's Sodality is one of the most impor- tant and active organizations here at the Mount. This year the Sodality was divided into four groups with a different Moderator for each group. Though divided into separate groups, the members of the Sodality are united in aim and spirit. Their aim is the reconstruction of a Christ-like society through self reform. To attain this end they hold weekly meetings, dialogue Masses as well as other basic religious exercises. While the Sodality aims at the personal sanc- tiiication of its members, its work does not stop here. To bring others to Christ and thus help mold a more Christ-like society, they sponsor various projects and activities during the year. The annual collection for the Little Sisters of the Poor, the collection of religious articles, the Lenten devo- tions are just a few of the many projects of the Sodality. Q'-M4 L. Breen, J. McElligott, T. McMahon, G. Hommel. Seated: J. McElligott, T. Devany, A. Viggiano, S. Promuto. Standing: ' f T. Attridge, P. Larkin, G. Hommel. 114 XX 73 Standing: R. Pierantoni, J. McGinty, P. Jeurgens. M. Foley. Sitting: R. Perez, G. Filardi, T. Finn, P. Fugazzi. VXI B. Davenport, F. I.aPerch, A. Tomanelli, R. Nicolai, M. Rohan, J. Murphy, M. Reilly, K. Gamble. sr' 2 9 g 1 . 16. is Standing: T. Browne, J. Durante. P. Bot- tino, P. Klaskin. Sitting: J. Micheli, R. Panissidi, D. Horgan, F. Rivera. Q41 4.34, Standing: J. Hcrlihy, R. Fisher, R. Fcreday J. Connolly. Sitting: J. Tripodi, S. LoBreg- lio, G. Cooper, J. Dryer. 71. Standing: V. Pres. W. Sullivan, Treas. J. Schmidt. Sitting: Sec'y. F. Trezza, Pres. J. Pugliese. Standing: J. Gaffney, J. Tarnowski, M. DeAngelis, V. Carilli, S. Schady, R. Fox. Sitting: S. Vecci, J. O'Connell, R. Cozzi, L. Napoli. t 1 I . H1 ' . 5 J , If 7 T 'lf' N329 fx rt gui Q .2rf.'-ff x .fn if 2 W .A , 2, Z1 Nf 5 f S .is x HIDE , i ,gg , v ,X A , fr t V ,. fi J fi I 1 A' f'-gf 'V I f 523: ii ' : W' U 'E . g i -. i ' 9 3 e I . 4 Standing: C. Pannuti, C. Qualles. A. Corini, P. Repetti, D. Nickens, K. Doyle. Sitting: P. Mc- Manus, G. Oddo, J. Broderick, R. Aschenbrener. V. Pres. A. Sim, Pres. P. Connors, Treas. J. Hall, Sec'y. J. Ahern. Standing: T. Gamble. D. Tompkins. T. Fretel, D. Rolleri, M. Rokicki, F. Sposato. Sitting: J. Nichol- sen. L. Stobbe, L. Paul, J. Crupi, H. Hintze, W. Carroll, J. Reilly, R. Shay. Standing: J. Courtney, D. Maiberger. W. Stont A. Louzao, J. Scozzari, G. Mayer. Sitting: J. Noel H6 T. Mannion, P. Aliotta. J. Coyle, J. Scomillio, J Berardo, J. Sweeney, J. Hein. 25 X .,, An, 5 . Seated: M. Krawiec, T. Sharkey, S. Lazarczyk, J. Sims. Standing: G. Legorburu, R. Ward, K. Blair. 2 M. Chovaniec, T. Flynn, W. Leonard, S, Lazar x ezyk, Freshmen Sodality group leaders. X f Y , gx T Seated: W. Leonard, J. Treglia, T. Flynn, J. Ulin, Seated: P. Scheppenhauser, R. Belsey, J. Mills, R. Yarrobino, G. Palumbo, J. Mahoney, H. White. J. Kr0PP, S. Tallon, R. Vecci, A. Cerussi, M. Standing: J. Pignotoro, A. Viggiano, P. Harringa- H7 Chovaniec. Standing' J. Naughton, J Carey W ton, C. Krug, M. DeVmcenzo. Murdock, J. Larkin, Ji. Doer, A. Bausch, A. Zegna: J. Gaffney, P. Bottino, F. Trezza, J. Farrauto, L. Perez, P. Byrne. John Farrauto takes the rostrum as Chairman of the Daily Mirror Forum. 'W' AC' Row l: T. McMahon. J. DiCarlo. M. Thackaberry. Row 2: A. Kainer, P. Rodriguez, P Hunt, F. Pollock. Row 3: J. Gaffney, J. White, P. Fazzari. F. Trezza, P. Bottino, P. Byrne T. Finn. Row I: F. Geaccio. J. Chavaniec, J Tangredi. R. Marotti, B. Dulfy, N Branca. P. Harrington. Row 2: G Campbell, R. Serio, T. Flynn, Loui: Zucarello, coach. In l D i l Row 1: J. Gaffney, Bro. Edward, moderator, Mr. L. Zuccarello, coachg J. White. Row 2: O. Arcuni, T. Phelan. P. Bottino, T. McMahon, L. Perez, N. Branca. I . Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. FORENSIC HIGHLIGHTS 24 - National Forensic League Student Congress at St. John'sg John Farrauto elected President of Senate, Frank Trezza outstanding Senator. 1 - In Debate Tourney at Brooklyn Prep, Freshmen compile 5 and 7 record against Sophomore opposition. Robert Serio wins best debater trophy. 7 -John Farrauto chairmans Daily Mirror Youth Forum. Awarded gold wrist watch. 15 - Largest Catholic Forensic League contest in its history held at Mount. Mothers' Club serves 411 students and 69 moderators! 22 - Half-year score in dual debates - 26 wins and 5 losses. 5 - Farrauto and Byrne receive extemp trophies at Chamin- ade tournament. 12-In the C.F.L. Tournament at Cathedral, Trezza and Freshman Serio win all four debates. .Farrauto and Perez win three. Team ties for second place with seven and one total. 14 - Eight Frosh teams engage in Debate Contest at Ford- ham, again meet Sophomores, but this time win six, drop two. 22 - Varsity again scores seven and one, takes second-place trophy in the 30-team Peacock Tournament sponsored by St. Peter's College. 23 - Sleeping overnight at the Mount, debaters off early to Albany, There they win the Siena College Tourney with a 5-1 record. Total score for the three major tournaments -- l9 and 3. March 2 -Orators and Extemp speakers win third-place trophy at Sacred Heart, Hempstead. Trezza, Perez and Bottino re- ceive trophies. March 23 - Competing with 33 other schools the Mount captures first place in the Dramatics and Freshman Oratory contest sponsored by the Catholic Forensic League at Fordham. Row 1: K. Blair, O. Arcuni, M. Pag- luicca, R. lmpcrato. R. Furst. Row 2: A. Squllante, F. Startcc. R. Greco, N. Longo, A. Fulvini. f 119 Dramatics ff R. Taranto, T. Attridge, P. Fazzari and T. P. Fazzari, J. McKiernan, P. Bottino, T. Davitt. Attridge, T. Davitt. wwf SL. M, mwwwc 1NM E www T! LYNX wi xxx ww WVNHR X gkkivfx X xx tflilljqb ,'g333Q5Af'f5' Q . ,763 4, f ., If-Af 1 ? ,UI rx fx fm: '4gfw,,P A95 9 wmw"4fQl, ii 1 ly N 5, "'+15E93'?" 15. 1 jwbnufmg V M 6, 1957 F. LaPerch, P. Bottino, R. Taranto, T Davitt, A ,Y J. During the year Brother Stephen Anthony and the cast devoted all their energies to the success of the play. Backstage, Brother Williain Arthur and his able assistants worked long hours painting and erecting scenery which added much to the production. Once again we salute the Dramatic Club for an- other outstanding performance. 5 1. lf 5 0 we 5 .f Sei 5 . - 3 M. Thackaberry, E. Carr, J. Gaffney, R. Taranto, T. Davitt. + fx, X BBA-0...L.... . e.t, R 1 Q, s .lim if - rr. 1 . . so M. Bishko as Corp. Evans, M. Thackaberry as T. Phelan as Col. Edwards, R. Taranto as Lt. Miller. Gen. Connors, J. Meduri as Sgt. Baker. Row 1: F. Schmidt. J. Gaffney, R. Taranto, F. LaPerch. J. White, J. Farrauto, J. Meduri, W. Tarino. Row 2: M. Rohan, T. Attridge, J. Mc- Kiernan. T. Phelan. M. Thackaberry, P. Bottino, E. Carr, T. McMahon, ' " - M t 121 T. Davitt, P. Fazzari. I Poster Club ,g I Y f E19 3 1 f 3 MOUNTIE In arousing interest in the various school actvities, perhaps the best stimulus has been Montie Mountie, a Poster Club creation symbolizing the average Mountie. This sensational little character has led us through our games, dances and other school functions. While Montie has been the rave of the year, he is only one of the ingenious works of the Poster Club in keeping the student body informed about coming events. For their tireless and imaginative work we wish to offer our sincere thanks. K. McGahren, R. Natt, B. Donato, L. Cummings, D. Belsey, I Schmidt, W. Moscarelli, J. Gilfedder. ?"1 Seated: J. Scomillio, C. Carpentiere, P. Aliotta, Seated: M. Rohan, T. Berta, J. Dtrrico. Standing J. Scozzari. Standing: C. Gumina, K. Hodder, H- HIIIIZC, E- GHVHSHH- S. Vecci. 122 'Nu-X Sc1ence Club The scientific interests of Mount students has found an outlet in the Science Club. This activity is under the supervision of Brother Julian Ernest and is an afhliate member of the Science Club of America. During the course of the year the club fostered the scientific attitude by encouraging various projects. The principles of these projects are in turn demonstrated to the Science Club members at the weekly meetings. Students of Freshman and Soph- omore year prepared projects for a Science Fair held in April. The projects were put on display and there was keen competition for the gold medals awarded for the outstanding exhibits. V ,f , ELM A. McDermott, J, DiSanto. R Meehan L Vllsmas A Ferolito B Donato. L Vlismas D Polshinski A Fernandez F1 ' R. s. 1 Bro Julian M Bishko 123 M' mmm' Smvo rf Editors G. Hommel, P. Larkin plan the yearbook. Mountaineer 59" T. Cotter. fri:-W ' f 4 1 ff " X P! I A ag . i K K - fif 5 J. Mellett, R. Reilly, J. Schmidt, H. Lindbloom, M. Foley, P. Byrne. 'I24 Typists P. Fazzari, G. Hommel, J. Byrne prepare copy for the printer. Cheering Squad The Cheering squad has added much to the color and excite- ment of the various sporting events held here at Mount Saint Michael. It was the members of the Cheering squad who rallied the student body behind the team at the' football games. Then after one of the Mount's poorest basketball seasons, the team went into the Westchester Tournament with little prospect of victory. At the tournament, supported by the students and led on by the Varsity football players, the team took home the tourna- ment First place trophy. Throughout the year, and especially during the Westchester Tournament, it was these devoted Mounties, the members of the Cheering squad, who made manifest a truly great school spirit which otherwise might have laid dormant during the year. R. Buckner leads the spirited Mount cheering section at the Westchester tournament. A cold November day at Stepi- nac where the Mount fans watched the Smithmen begin their late season comeback. . . .fl R . W, t ss uw . .. N? Q .-. -vw ' f-'Fi' 'FWYQQ 'LK his -'M .-1 F fl'-nun T An.-IAM. D mn.. 1 n Band Back: R. Salamon, W. Kohler, N. Moran, F. Riccuiti. Front: R. Calderon, J. Pugliese, T. Mancuso. Back: V. Griffin, J. Henry, A. Fonzo, R. Carroll, A. Fernandez. Front: R. Taranto, B. Sowul, C. Gumina, D. Pulchinski, K. Marott. I Throughout the year the 120-piece Mount B under the leadership of Dr. Reuther and the 1 moderator, Brother Gabriel Francis, has supplier with continuous entertainment. During the moi of September, October and November, the band seen giving support to the football team and er taining the spectators with their snappy rhythm. Columbus Day the boys distinguished themselve: their fine marching. Praise is due to them for t line musical entertainment at the Christmas Ass bly. The annual concert was held on March 23 wQ was highlighted by clarinet and saxaphone enseml Washington was revisited where they again defer their first place title. Under Dr. Reuther the music makers have n a name for themselves. Congratulations for an cellent year of music. Back? R- Marotti. J- SCOZZHYL S- Back: A. Vita, I. Gaffney, F. Wizemann, G. Rokicki, I-lalev. Front: K. Blair, W. Darts. Mercurio. Front: J.. Caggiano, J. DelGaldo, J. Mc- Back: J. Whalen, C. Panutti, J. Wiltenson, A. Fiorito. M. Hennessy. Front. P. La- Berge, P. Murray, S. Vecci, S. Tosi. Fazzari, A. Bausch. Back: R. Shay, M. Rossi, J. Gallorelo, R Bettini. Front: R. DiSantis, A. Pacheco, D. Dallal, P. DiPiazza, A. Pelosi. Back T Donohue J Scollard W Suling R Back J Mosseo A Ferolito H Back: M. Rokicki, K. Wilson, J. Scara- muzzo, O. Wolf, J. Giallo. Front: M. Cu- sack, P. LaBerge, R. Aschenbrenner, P. Ma tucci ' : . , . , . , . : . , . , . r Stoeppler. Front: J. Granahan, J. Miccoli. 127 A. Georgio. Front: E. Hightower, F. Rivera D. Johnson. , 5' -Mc f Hours of practice bring victory. ,c ,Q c, kcc gg c 1 L 1 ' LETICS - v This year a ider field of athle ' , r ivities has been' opened to all dents of y-5 - o nt. Each season of the busy scholas ' - P ell punctuated with sports that will refre g , ' mind and body after a busy day atthe H, . ' '- were no r u shaking cheers for the intramural asketball teams but ch class fought to win. Fearing a spring s p, volleyball, punchball, and handball have been intr ced and have won surprising enthusiasm from most qu ers. The Mount had a fair s on in football and basket- ball, by some standards, bu o a Mountie it was a rip- roaring success. Spirit flare figh in both quarters of activity and the games that nt most were cheered on to victory by a fighting tea nd a great crowd of fans. r We take our hats oil to our w derful coaches and teams. Every Mountie offers his ulder to carry in a procession of loyalty our great f ball and basket- ball men not to mention our equall 1 eat track and baseball men. Let us hope that the great school -g 't manifested this year will keep burning for many years V- come. L. BREEN Quarterback A. VIGGIANO S. PROMUTO Fullback B, LEONARD Tackle Q F. MOSCHELLA Guard J. CAGGIANO End T. ABRUZESE Y Tackle G. MAYER Guard J. GRIECO I-Ialfback Award w. MERGLER h End 1 GILLIGAN Row 1: Mr. Howie Smith, coach, J. Odierno, mgr.g T. Abruzese, F. Moschella, R. Buckner, G. Mayer, J. Sim, T. Jung, Mr. Al Kull. Row 2: R. Tricario, mgr.g D. Gilligan, A. Donovan. J. Grieco, S. Promuto, A. Viggi- ano, J. Kehoe, B. Leonard, S. Rapisarda, mgr. Row 3 T. JUNG A. DONOVAN J. KEHOE D. O'Leary, S. Kowal, F. Leahy, J. Fellin, V. McGuire E. Gilmore, J. Giallo, R. Ranellone, J. Nardi. Row 4 W. Mergler, D. Carguilo, J. Solanto, A. Fazio, D. Mc- Manus, J. Lugano, T. Nelly, J. Caggiano. Varsity Though plagued by injuries, the Mount Varsity football team showed its unconquerable Mount spirit by taking third place in the C.H.S.F.L. Fighting hard against a tough schedule, the Moun- ties preserved Coach Howie Smith's record of never having a losing season. Starting the League season with a hard fought 13-6 victory over Iona, the team, weakened by injuries suffered during practice, dropped the next two games against St. Francis and Chaminade. Showing that they can take the defeats along with the victories, the team bounced back in fine form to beat Stepinac 13-7. To the average Mountie, no football season would be complete without the Annual Thanks- giving Day classic against Hayes. Cheered on by thousands of loyal students, alumni and friends, the team went ahead to beat the arch rivals 12-0. Though the Mounties finished the season by breaking even with a 4-4 record, this year's varsity must be classified as one of the best teams in the history of the Mount. J. SIM 5 nntp, . SEASON'S RECORD Mount Opponent 19 New Rochelle ......... 14 13 Iona ................................. 6 6 Brooklyn Prep ......... 18 0 St. Francis .................. 12 6 Chaminade ............... 25 0 Fairfield ........ ........ 2 5 13 Stepinac ........ .... 7 12 Hayes .......... .... 0 L' lr ig :Sri McManus carries the ball for the first six points against Hayes. . f l s 'rieco touchdown-bound at Stepinac. Leonard closes in at Stepinac. A Fairfield man is stopped by Buck- ! Mun. if .. . is -. o fri'-'-."'1 Qi ' " fx if Q- WF. Q ., ' sig. mc.. - ygjjy Q.. E .5 I. . 2 f f' - 'f- ' , A 2 5' 5 Y , ' 1: . N Q , - 3 f 1 we- . ' f. Fe J i 1 X W f we - .-.' - X J' V Q a Q 6 ...aa eg v-L ' , fx V ' E' JS ' . . f 3 or X e 1 fx , , . . M A -. .1 , K, Ni 'F .rf 5 K "sr ,gs x r.., if L S lk Q . . ,M A - xv 'defy 1 ,ff Vi x xl, 1 sffiim' ni.. 'Y A- i..'- 'K-Xt? el' :Q . Promuto eludes a New Rochelle player. ner St. Francis men close in on Grieco. fKKWKWM S3985 N3'.1S. Row 1: M. Manning, D. Rolleri, T. Wall, W. Mayer J. Conroy, A. Louzao, D. Imperiolli, C. Barr. Row 2? A. Corini, F. Persico, W. Swanson, P. Veteri, L. Paul ...J-aluqg sg, x F' 53 i e as Corini picks up his blockers at Chaminade. : 1 ' -V ri L75 ? ass't. coach, I. Collins, S. Herman, D. Maiberger A Velto, J. Farrell, P. Connors, J. Meyer, I. Bunch I , Ahern, P. Quaranta, Bro. Denis, coach, Bro. Raymond F. Comastro, D. Consetta, A. Sim, J. Galvin, W. Gen- tile, M. Muro, G. Canonico. Row 3: Mr. V. DeToia, JUNIOR VARSITY Mount Opponel Holy Cross St. Francis Stepinac ...... Iona ........... Clinton ........ St. Peter's Chaminade Hayes ........... St. John's .. Half-time pep talk. ,qfs Row 1: A. Viggiano. A. Bausch, J. Cirocco, M. Nolan. J. Gino, F. Giardina, A. DeVito. Row 2: J. McGillion, G. Legorburn. R. Lembo, D. Halborn. D. DeMatteo, F. Trotta, R. Buckner, V. Wallace, D. Corelli. Row 3: W. Samora, A. Ottimo, R. Maiberger, R. Nugent, T. si' I . , , N QW Fists ' .fa ' of f ' K s I , M . an an . 4:1235 Practice session. A kt-ti ,ani -fri? hfsi- swf t si...- Cataldo. S. Twomey, L. Autorino, J. Posoli, J. Mullins. Row 4: J. Serravezza, J. Parker, L. Odierna, E. Fortu- nato. J. Lynn. V. Argentino, J. Florkowski, L. Waters. G. Eichler, D. Sullivan. FRESHMEN The freshmen football team under Bro. Robert Eugene had a 3-5 record this year. In mid-season their hard work paid OH. Af- ter losing the first four games they came back to defeat Chaminade, 7-0, St. Francis Prep, 14-6, and St. Peter's Prep, 14-6. Chaminade was the first to fall. The only touchdown was scored by George Eichler. Eichler intercepted a pass and scored in the St. Francis game. DiVito scored another touchdown after a 35-yard pass from Lynn to Limbo. Two long runs by Eichler plus Helborn and Samara's extra points gave Mount the victory over St. Peter's Prep. The Mount yearlings lost their last game to Blessed Sacrament of New Rochelle. Q gf., f is . Q r Q2iA l 14 is nf 34 l t , , 9 :.E: 1 j 5 9 . s . A it 5 ,ff 1. . 3 ,f , f ii a if ff' fi ii ii I J Ia , 4 - t . 9 J K 55 9 In' 9. f -. f if 41 rar p Row 1: J. Fellin, R. Fischer, J. Herlihy, L. Barberio, T. King, J. Olmstead. Row 2: G. Filardi, mgr.g P. Quar- Quaranta lays up two points from the corner. anta, L. Ekert, E. Beatty, E. Pettigrew, capt.g W. Merg- ler, B. Leonard, M. Rohan, mgr. VARSITY BASKETBALL Starting the season under the direction of newly appointed coach, Mr. Jim Klingel, the 1956 Mt. St. Michael Varsity Basketball team had to get used to a sharp change in their basketball style. Mr. Klingel switched the team's strategy from slow defensive, to hard driving offensive play. Fighting a lack of experience in addition to the strong opposition, the Mounties got off to a bad start. After dropping the first three games, the team began to click during the Stepinac game which resulted in a 55-39 defeat for the Crusaders. After a mediocre season in which they won the next five games, Mount went into the W.P.P.S.A. tourney as underdogs. Their fighting spirit aroused by the cheers of a large student turnout, the Mounties fought their way into the finals by defeating New York Military Academy and Iona Prep. The Blue and Gold took the tourney champion- ship by downing Stepinac 49-48 in the last five seconds of a hard fought game. Though the 1956-57 season was not the best in Mount history, the hard fighting Mounties of this year's Varsity basketball team deserve the title "great.', Westchester Champmns After a poor season the Mount basketball team re- tained their Westchester Private Schools Championship in the last seconds of the final game. By previously downing Iona Prep 5l-45 and New York Military Academy 79-54, the Mounties entered into the last game with Stepinac with great spirit. In the last seconds of the game Phil Quaranta landed a one-hander to bring the Blue and gold to a 49-48 victory. ,J nv' Trailing by thirteen points at halftime, the Moun- ties give the team a rousing welcome as they take the tloor for the second half of the championship game. 318 ll-S 5 5 I Q0 3 JUNIOR VARSITY: Row l: J. Coleman, M. Hughes, Row 2: R. Cozzi, mgr., J. Ahern, A Goscllo R Jen W Dowling, J. O'Connell, M. Birilli, A. Prestipino. nings, J. Meyers, D. Maiberger, J. Conlon J Noel mgr Barelli takes a rebound against Fordham Prep. JUNIOR VARSITY Tolentine Faculty ......... All Hallows Fordham Stepinac ...... St. Ann ......... Manhattan Holy Cross Hayes ............ St. Ann ...... St. Helena All Hallows Stepinac ...... Holy Cross Iona .......,....... Fordham ...... Hayes ............ Manhattan Tolentine St. Helena Iona ............... Season's Record: 13 W1ns 8 Losses r . ,E I3 10 gi A1 5 5 If ' . if 1 . FX , at ,. K tx , X tx .K W. 4 ,fi " al 3 11' .4 3 fi, 3 ' fs. - 5 fx -t 5 as ' N. .X K 3 . 'N , xr t Y . 9 54141 " Q . S . A 5. 14 3 .Q Row 1: R. Lembo, A. Dentato, R. Valdes, P. Guarino, mgr.g J. Bourne, J. Lynn, J. Finney, J. McCann, E. Scott, D. Holborn, R. Buckner, R. Lyons. Row 2: R. Banker, G. Eichler, R. Stoeppler, W. Samora. Holborn tries some fancy footwork. Mount 43 43 54 54 37 44 59 54 51 49 43 41 Salesian Stepmac ......... ....... Hayes ......... St. Helena Salesian ..................... Manhattan Iona ................... ....... Hayes ........... Fordham ....... ....... St. Ann Holy Cros Manhattan S 37 53 42 59 26 46 37 43 46 31 41 47 F RESHMEN Opponent Mount 51 64 42 50 69 47 39 37 55 56 58 Opponent All Hallows ............ 45 St. Helena ............... 26 Tolentine .................. 57 All Hallows ............ 58 Holy Family ,........ 21 St. Ann ................,.... 35 St. Helena ............... 32 Tolentine .................. 35 Iona ................ .......... 3 6 Stepinac ..................... 44 Fordham ..............,... 51 Season Record: 17 won, 6 lost Q BHK-.l Left: McCann makes the tap. Right: Lynn is up for two. 139 . 2, . .. Cross Country . Q 7-is Row 1: R. Barry, A. Castellano, V. Clarke, Captain Mike Barry crosses finish D. Sullivan. Row 2: J. Cloidt, F. Gunther, line at Tibbetts Brook. F. Schmidt, M. Barry. QSSU N 7' Tvfwflyi ,,.- 31182-JAEL sr,mcH.4gL Q jimi? zgrmm ,sung i 555 Wig, i . 5T.mCHlE, -. ff X ,QNT i wg.. Row 1: S. Schady, R. Scowo. J. Stoeiel, R. Fox, A. Marchiselli, J. Broderick. Row 2: E. Rankin, J. Nista, J. Sullivan, J. Reilly, A. DiNunzio, K. Doyle. 140 2 l956 CROSS-COUNTRY SEASON Although Coach Howie Borck expect- ed great things of this years Varsity, it turned out that the J.V. and Freshmen teams were the big surprise of the season. The Freshmen, led by John McCann, who won eight straight Freshmen Champion- ship races, won seven championships finished third in oneg while the J .V. won three major meets and placed second in one more. The Varsity finished second in three major meets. All told, the team picked up 140 individual medals and eight trophies. Here we present a brief outline of the 1956 season. VARSITY Second in Marist Meet Iona College Invitations Westchester Privates JUNIOR VARSITY Won Bronx Manhattan Westchester Marist Meet Westchester Privates FRESHMEN Won Manhattan Prep. Frosh Championships Fordham Prep. Relays Iona College Frosh Bronx Manhattan Westchester Championships Westchester Privates Tied for first in Marist Meet Catholic High School City Championships FROSH CITY CHAMPS: Row 1: J. Ackerly, J. Coogan, A. Cloidt. Row 2: J. Carey, J. McCann, J. Finney, J. Gari. .buiwr sv nmwlm' 'ADUPO' Ygnuyf' WGBH? faux? X P' A-QUNT xwllffr- s1'.nIc Q , 'Muna I Row 1: J. Gilligan, D. Hogan, N. Branca, H. Rapisarda, J. Mandeville, W. Ford. Row 2: C. Driscoll, S. Schady, R. Fox, M. Ubekas, W. McCarthy, J. Tarnowski. 141 f.., ,sk - . his as Bill Henery leads the pack at Tibbetts Brook. Joe Sullivan and John Hall running neck and neck. Frank Schmidt out in front. Brother William adjusts Schmidt's wings. Castellano finishes strong 142 Indoor Track SEASON HIGHLIGHTS Second in Providence College Invitational 4 Mile Relay Third in Polar Bear Meet Third in Fordham Prep Relay Carnival Second in All Hallows Meet First in J unior-Midget City Championships Sixth in Mayor's Meet , , W, V whiz The 2 Mile Relay and l Mile Rele S 'f 'W' Y picked up medals in the N.Y.A.C. meet and the Senior Metropolitans. All to- gether the team won 10 trophies, 150 medals and set 8 new School Records. Coach Howie Borck gives a few pointers. lee S .t e leer . T' ll NOYICE-FRESHMAN GROUP: Row 1: J. Maloney, C. Driscoll. W. Ford, H. Rapisllrdzl J. Gllllgan. Row 2: J. Caracini, E. Rankin. W. Holler, N. Giardina, W. Leonard. T. Shurkcyj 'I43 NOVICE-FRESHMAN DIVI- SION: Row I: N. Bianco, P Connors, R. Mailberger, R Grimaldi. Row 2: J. Gallorello D. lmperiali, A. Cioidr, Ef Abatc. Row 3: R. McKinney, A. Bausch, J. Gilligan, W. Mc Carthy, J. Akerley. JUNIOR-MIDGET C.H.S.A.A. CHAMPS: Row l: J. Scozzari, A. Cloidt, J. Maloney. T. Fox. S. Schody, R. Scavo, R. Mai- berger. Row 2: W. Ford. J, Gilligan. J. Stoelfel, J. Hall, I. Broderick, A. DiNunzio, A. Fazio, J. Marinaccio. W, Mc- Carthy. Row 3: R. McKinney, J. Scomillio, P. DeRosa, J. Tarnowski, H. Rapisarda. OPEN TEAM: Row 1: A. Cas- tellano, F, Gunther, J. Cloidt. V. Clarke fCo-Capt.J, D. Sulli- van. Row 2: W. Henery CMgr.l. J. Stoeffel. R. Pieran- toni, M. Barry fCo4Capt.J. J. Nista. P. Cioffari. Row l: G. Visioni, J. Court- ney, J. Coogan. Row 2: B Acheson, J. Coyle, M. Lom bardo, K. Doyle, A. DeRosa, A. Wieland. FURDHAM PREP R OPEN TEAM: Row 1: D. Casselta, K. Olifiers, R. Barry. A. Marchiselli, J. Odierno, A. Fazio, J. Marinaccio. Row 2: R. Cuneo, J. Broderick, J. Hall, S. Rowley, J. Pugliese, C. Barr, J. Sullivan. r 5 T. DeRosa, .l. Scozzari. J. Maranaccio, M. Hennessy, win- ner of the Junior Relay at Fordham Prep. 55 Ci mm Coach Howie Smith shows the boys how to do it. First baseman Leonard at batting practice. i V... Pitcher Gene Hahn goes into the windup. VARSITY: Row 1: M. Bevilacqua, F. DeFillipo, A. Cunnion, I Tripodi, T. Attridge. Row 2: J. Noel, Mgr., L. Bradford, R. Cusick J. Filaridi, R. Nicolai, A. Muliero, F. O'Connor, M. Rohan, Mgr Row 3: E. Hahn, P. Wiemann, A. Goscilo, T. Pizzo, B. Leonard, T Nelly, L. Barberio, R. Tricario, Mgr. N ., pg 146 Baseball While the March winds were still blowing Coach Howie Smith could be found on the Mount diamond looking over the candidates for his 1957 squad. At this time the pros- pects for a successful season appear good. With the return of a number of lettermen from last yearis squad and the addition of a few players from the 1956 championship J.V. team, Coach Smith has been able to form a well balanced team. Last yearls varsity baseball team ended the season with a 12 and 8 record, copping third place in the Manhattan- Bronx division of the C.H.S.A.A. This year the Mounties hope to better last seasonls record. The team got off to a fast start as they defeated Salesian in the season's opener 9-2. Then followed a 1-0 victory over last year's city champions, St. Helena. The Junior Varsity, under the direction of Bro. William James, looks forward to another successful season. Last year's Jayvee Nine took the city championship for the second year in a row, defeating Power Memorial 3-2 for the title. The Junior Mounties ended the 1956 season with a creditable season record of 17 wins and 3 losses. e fart' -, 1-ass: q s. '25 t o .' -, ' JU' 4 5- 9 1 .2 - Q " ' my ' . gig 55. ,i...3,,k. 5 9 .1 . V , , gi ami I. , e 3, I fiwflfggrffx 3 3' 1 Pile-K , fil l ' "iff-3133.1 ss - --Y '- N 4- ' ' ' ft .iii ' ,V ' . r s' , ' ' xx .. S an 5 Q.. I .qty L 7 S, , H ,. N . , , . , . .K ns --.,-- t .A A V .M ' . RU. WW . f 5 " 1 sm sis A, Q 5 eff l 'K . 'Wie 55.4. Q if I . ,f - A JE 'X' Q 'if' ' ff' 1 - r .3 K . p . pf 2121 rf-v-+MI'5,'. H '... f 1 . swaf- . X.f'il,'si 'm,5ib'f'xv-ww ---- .--L--72,-7, Miwp' .. -.f xr . .'Wit"c"ewu- Q ge , ,mess ' ' 2-.ffl f-:W-i' '. ,S -v, - f t , fr?"-til W -si in-. asf-" 2aXq .- ef ,gg -L-L it WW. Sz?a3g,,s 143.5 'R . 25fsS'fi-YS 9 N 51 if.33w.14 " '9 3 Y fi '-TVJ 'ft ' 3 -' -.'ffif"' .. ,s.,s We sg ft-- Jxfwry. i Qing, .ggfisgv Y K L xy L- ,V g . , stiff rs. ' 'A' . f - . ' e i-wf1ff?-fe-,.,1.- -f -f , - . . . is .S 1 Wi., plfflrf 'iff J 9 Q , 53.5 9 5 -e-' 9 ., M. W -. - mkwss " G. Eichler at bat. wnnqgpc is-FK Wim 1' s Bottom: R. Ricciardi, P. Aliotta. Second Row: K. Olifiers, A. Wieland, M. Fitzgerald, D. Hol- born, A. Corini. Third Row: M. Hudak, R. Holler, J. Glaser, R. Copobianco. Top: S. Rieger, R. Marinaro, P. Connors, G. Eichler. Absent: J. Ahern, E. Abate. Mount Mothers' Club ,,........nnuuandnsldl - i ,S up ,gm ,R ESQ-L K . -Q 1 5' im S jf Q f W Qi Af Q ff ' iw QW L, Q, X 5 Nr! X Y if 12 5 ,ss ' 'Y ' K , Q Vs J 2 X a . lx! - . f is 3' it -mix. . .- 'funn Zig, 15113 '-'Img 'QMS' VL : MF 5 Gonzaga Retreat One of the most memorable occasions of Senior Year is the Closed Retreat which is held at Gon- zaga Retreat House, Monroe, New York. Under the direction of the Jesuit Fathers, the four days are spent in silence with a special emphasis on prayer and meditation. The Senior Classes began their retreats early in January and the last group left for Monroe after the Easter Vacation. This being the first closed retreat for many, these few days at Gon- zaga will be long remembered by the Class of 1957. 'I50 6 an if 9. 'S Q Mi: 4 s s f 751 45 Y , ,11- ' - it Q ,. M4 I D 4. 'S 41 5, , ' 'Fi . is N-1 .uf 2 mv, gi?" 3 Q1 52 f? if fa? 'Q 5 . .Q ' Z 'Sl ,fn ff' J -U I '41 af l f I 3 . 4. 1 2 '- Q l . X X Q ' Y if N kv A f 'Q Q 131 F AG A 'i J .. 1 Iv x if 14 GWEUQHEE-7Ti"Gw45KEi'-EFTINXL TK-f., L' ..' 5 'YH-I ' .111-l'nZ!f2TIit 'CL '

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