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165 22 1 if Sw , R 2? QQ R 35 Ig 5 nf , xy ge x f 7, I5 Zfffw Q, Q 5. W za 6, . Qffff ,V 3 Ffh 3 Q ...,. .. 'U i 95 if H1 .ky . qw ,Q MYR .adsl ,fl M, v 1, Ju N " 'Z ,P L g . """""i,,,.Q.,1-1, I i I -I Wi xiii Q . xv ugh 52 iw is JM lfr 3 . A, 3 an ' ' WV ,x .1 q-J fx 514 , '. 2 9 Q? " nm Q J ,, S 'K f ,, , f F-4- zf' A Qi 4 rw' 1, 'Na wr r, 5 f J' K ,X Q' A 3 f luv' Q 4 A .1 V . - 1 K Y gf. A A, ! 1 ,Qs 3" r u x 1 A , , 'L' " '51, .- xl v, , J. -Q.. 'uk Q: .. 3-Q. 1 "'Ys x . X N ge 'V ? ai' Mx. .1 , Pa Q M G 1 Y' ,, , if ,. I N K in 3 , MUUN TAIN E ER M Senlors MT ST MICHAEL N lk66N Y A fi v Q S 2' 1 ' V K g. v ' 4 S ' 1954 if f K' L I W' Xl '. "1 U' , sa We A 0 O L v9W' 'or , L 'ew ork ,wx 5 - N X. 1 s .f Ee .- ' i , , . if rg' IIEDICATIIDN . K fe N Mr. Frank J. Carroll 3 Brother John Lawrence Brother Linus William. Mr. F. Carroll Practically since the foundation ot Mt. St. Michael, 1926, this neighbor from Mur- dock Avenue has been an integral part of this insitution. The "Chief," as he is more commonly known ,has been devoting his time, energy and technical know-how to further the interests of our Alma Mater. At one time you will see him installing new electrical devices, or again adiusting or re- pairing others that need the delicate touch of a skillful hand. lf casually asked about the iob on hand, iovially does he reply, "Well, when you are in the army, you must fi., do what the army tells you." Ever and anon, in spite of his tour score years, this gentle- man of the former Telephone Company, is the embodiment of devotion, industry and loyalty. In recognition for his unstinted work for the Brothers, he was granted in 1951, the diploma of affiliation to the Marist Brothers. ln gratitude for his self-sacrificing accom- plishments and his unswerving loyalty to a cause-the administration and faculty are proud to join the Class of 1954, in dedi- cating this year's Mountaineer to: MR. FRANK J. CARROLL i , 0ur Alnla Slater i!i15Q,Q 46" liqqzgg Dedication Administration Faculty S,,,,i,,,S CON TEN TS Undergraduates Grammar Grades Activities Athletics 3 Qu af Lourdes, France, where Mary can-' firmed the pro claimed dogma . Apparition of Mary Immaculate to Ber- nadette Soubiraus 1858. 1 f 5 mir if as is f' in gy 'lll'7l g gillllll j g gm A is c iiiii tin., ' V am I rl ' H l 5' 3 ' 655541 gel l'.l2"' ? my ll 'F K " .all A ' r 1 4' ,, 4 I Ili N4 V -' yn li K q JA? f , .s . .1-tn.. ' iw fill' l00th AN N IVE IISABY 0F IDIRIAITIY LATE CUNCEPTIU INIGBIA It was on December 8, 1854, in the midst of the largest assembly of bishops Rome has perhaps ever seen and before a concourse of twenty-five thousand Christians gathered in the basilica of St. Peter at the Vatican that the Church through the voice of its supreme Head, Pope Pius IX, defined a dogma of Faith, the truth of the Immaculate Conception of the most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God. All European countries with the sole exception of Russia were represented by holy and illustrious bishops. Asia, Africa, America and Oceania also had their holy representatives there. The whole world might be said to have gathered there to celebrate the triumph of the Queen of Heaven. In the presence of the whole Catholic Church represented by fifty-four cardinals, one patriarch, forty-two archbishops, one hrundred bishops, several hundred monsignori, several thousand priests and religious of every rite, order, and coun- try, the pope wearing his miter in the office of supreme teacher responsible for pronouncing the dogma of Faith be- gan to read the Decree in a grave, sonorous, pleasant, and majestic voice, "We declare, pronounce and define that the doctrine which holds that the Blessed Virgin Mary, at the first moment of her conception, by a singular privilege and grace of the Omnipotent God, in virtue of the merits of Jesus Christ, the Savior of mankind, was preserved immaculate from all stain of original sin, has been revealed by God, and therefore should firmly and constantly be believed by all the faithful." That evening the entire city of Rome became a vast temple erected in honor of Mary. lt was literally a city of fire. From the lordly palaces to the humblest dwellings every window, every balcony, every dormer was resplendent with light. St. Peter's basilica resmbled an illuminated diadem. The principal streets were rivers of light. An immense crowd filled the city, overflowing into the streets, the squares, and es- pecially St. Peter's square. All in the name of the Roman people, saluted the triumph of the Queen of Rome. Pictures of Mary with the inscription, "Mary, conceived without orig- inal sin," were seen everywhere. Each age, each nation has given its best to honor the Blessed Virgin. This magnificent tem- ple which is being erected on the Grounds of the Catholic University at Washington, D. C., will be a lasting tribute of the love of the American people for Mary Immaculate. :,, Jiqggg, ,M f. .Jufw "YL QM ...Md H, f 1, if 1? T 'L is K bifcw A E 1, uf ,f W' if ,wr 1 Q, . N--19 1, ' LF ADMIN IS l'll STIIJN B h I. Y 2-' 2 A. 51. ,v V Ybx f Brother Vincent Domlnlc Assf Prmclpal Brother A Norbert Prmcfpal fx! Rev AD mm MC CART HY 5 M Chop Nom REV CYRIL MCDONNELL OCD Cha PIQIIT 1 BRO JO HN OF THE CROSS Treasurer a"'n of Q , va. Q gn I I 3 Q ...I U15 BRO. CONSTANTINE Ass'l. Treasurer BRO, JOSEPH EDWARD lnfirmarian P . gf swf' , 3 i 9 1 BRO. ALPHONSE SYLVAIN MRS. LQRETTA PACE Maintenance Secretary MRS. DOROTHY TUZZOLI N0 Secremry 'y-. BRO. LAWRENCE JOSEPH Director of Guidunn Religion 3A, Mech. New ANDREW Bn. DAMIAN Rtliglen 4, fs..-- 4-Q-Ll-Q 4D El. Algebra, M.i..,...M ff 3 i BR. AQUINAS RICHARD Religion 2E, Biology, Health W"'i 3, 0 BR. DENIS RICHARD Rellidn 20, Spanish, ,IL Algebra, Fresh Fooiball Cillll I Y French, 10 1, nn. AUGUSTINE mmonn Religion IF, EI, Alglbftl fl 1 if if BR. EDWARD LAWRENCE Religion 3D, Am. History I 8. Il, Forum Radio Club 1 9. L K. '-Q BR. PATRICK EUGENE Am. History ll, Chemisfry, Football Mcduafar, lnlram. Basketball Council Co-Mod. I I N 4 E A t BR PATRICK MARTIN Relvguon IG El Algebra, Fronchl Jr Sodulny Asn Prcfod 5-fx -Q 'L l BR PAUL ANDREW Rellglon 2C Pl Geometry Englnsh II Fresh Basketball r.----....- ar --4 BR PETER DOMINIC Religion IB Gen Sclenri 'ig' 'T- BR RICHARD ANSELM Inl Algebra Spanish Cufefena Orgumst 3' BR RICHARD VINCENT Rellgnon 'IC Soc Sfudues F.-J.-...f BR ROBERT BAPTIST Rellglon 3C Englssh 4 Typmg Truck Cnflferm BR R HENRY Int Algebra Ass! Lnbranun Concessnons BR STANISLAUS KOSTKA Religion 2F Health, Gin Stwllcn, Alfirioys B R ST EP HEN Lahn, Ass'I ..-C22 xv av A ' - . vl I . a I i I JJ.. ' . 4 I I V M- , - - , I I E I l I I :I - y ,XR H A f 13, f . I , ' , ' , I ' I I As I' - I' 'n Mum- 'A , I ' V - ' I- . , 1 . 0' . ' , . , If 1 - A - A I Y 7 f 3 ft WK Y l , J. U T 3 - I Q 1 , A 4 Q f S , A x -21: T 7 9 .. K A e ls Q K A A 3 31' 'Wi , rs - 1 . T if l .B A 'V ' 1 1 A Qjj' x N ' 'R Q' ,N -,LYS h .N I , A, l -1 l il ' l .lx "!-- x Xl' V, B 1-1-x, AXNQL5 A M N531 sf, ,hQy F f U BR TERENCE ADOLPH Relugnon 4C Mufhemahcs Baseball A THOMAS ALBAN Rellguon 4B English ll luhn I Moderator of Mount Mother s Club 'S-T -6 4i 4 4 4 I i n BR TIMOTHY DANIEL BR TIMOTHY LEO BR WALTER EDWARD Reluglon 28, World History, Track Rghglon ID, Soc Studies Relngnon 4, Mnfhomahcs BR. WILLIAM BERNARD Religion 'IA Gen. Science Jr. Forum BR PAUL FELIX Prefecl Furs! Sechon BR WILLIAM IGNATIUS Religion 'IH English I BR FRANCIS MARY Prefecf Second Sechon BR WILLIAM JAMES Religion 2A English ll Cafeteria J V Baseball BR ADRIAN NORBERT Librarian BR MICHAEL NORBERT Booksfare MR Al KULL Healih Physical Ed Ass s Football Coach 14 DR A REUTHER Music Band Dlrecfor L X N s W UQ LN 5, 'Y A 331 5. .1 1 M xx ff gg I 1 1 IOR Forum 1 WILLIAM J ACQUARIO 4333 Ely Ave New York 66 N Y Class Omcer 2 Secretary 3 Treasurer Sadaluty 23 lntram Basketball 3 JV Basketball Minor Letter FORT SCHUYLER RONALD C BRATONE Bonnie 147 Nyac Ave Pelham Westchester NY 4 Intram Basketball 234 YALE FRANCISJ ALLEN Spurs 63 Vllla Ave Yonkers 4 Band 1234 Malor Letter 3 FORDHAM 1' pus .ani JOSEPH C BUCKLEY 09 2058 McGraw Ave Bronx 62 N Y Track 2 Football 2 lntram Basketball 1 195 RICHARDJ BLATUS Jose Mnrhnez 149 34 24 Ave Wlntestone Long Island New York N Y Class Omcer 34 Treasurer Cheer leader 2 Sodalnty 12 Baseball 1 I tram Basketball 234 Malor Letter for cheerleader 2 Minor Letter far Base b 1 FORT SCHUYLER FRANK J CAPALBO Cap 443 East 184th St Bronx 58 N Y I . , -N - 1, H f f ., , N.Y. ' , , 1 1 ' - X H - H a E 'I I I 1lB"'ll I - - -, 1 - - f -, ' ' - , 1 ,: 1 '1- - I I . ' , - . f , ' 'I ' ' ' 3 I ' ' all . X , H - ff F .f , . - A r I - 1 1 - 1 H ff ., , .. is , F Q HJ H I . -, I -- I I - 2,3. ' JOHN A. COZZI "Jack" 21 Alexander Ave., Yonkers 4, N.Y. Band 1,2,3,4p member of Band Council Maior Lefler 2, and Gold Major letter 3. MANHATTAN FRANCIS J. DeROSA "Frank" 219 Easf 85th St., New York 28, N.Y. Class Officer - 2 Vice-Presidenf, Tower 4g Sodalily 3,45 lnlram. Basketball 2. HOLY CROSS N ANTHONY G. CARELLA "Buddy" 169 Edenwald Ave. Mount Vernon 3, N.Y. Affended ML SP. Michael 8 yrs. Grammar, 4 yrs. H.S. Band 1,2,3,4g Maior Letter, 854K-Q Club 4. GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY ,1 .tn 3 k FRANK J. DeMARTlNO "Demos" 4450 Monticello Ave., Bronx 66, N.Y. Afiended Mr. Sf. Michael 7 yrs. Grammar, 4 yrs. H.S. MANHATTAN 17 JOSEPH F. DERRICO HD., 3359 Campbell Drive New York 61, N.Y. Class Olficer - 2 Vice'Presidenf, 3 Pres iclenly Sfuclenl Council 4, Tower 4 Sodalify 3,47 Foolball 1,2, and Man ager 4, lnfram. Basketball 2,3, Cap lain. WEST POINT J JOHN C DONOVAN Big John 4040 Monticello Ave Bronx 66 N Y rack 3 85W Club 3 Track Malor Letter 3 CORAT FIARD ACADEMY JAMES R GILLIGAN Gigs 1700 Metropolitan Ave Tower 4 Statlstlclan Forum 234 ln tram Basketball 234 BOSTON COLLEGE JOSEPH L. FORTIN "Duke" 55 May St., New Rochelle, N.Y. Scholastic Honors-Legion Honor Medal 'lg Class Officer - 3 Treasurer, Tower 4, Band l,2,3,4g Alternate Delegate, Forum 2, Intram. Basketball 2,37 Sodal. ity 1,21 85'-X: club 1,27 81 90'Vog Band 1 Minor Letter 27 Major Letter 3, Gold Moior Letter. IONA FRANK M. GALOTTA "Frankie Boy" :ae 1 ROBERT C GUNTHER Rodney 3975 Carpenter Ave Bronx 66 N Y Scholastic Honors Medalist 3 Band 234 Malor Letter 23 85'M: Club 'I2 NEW YORK UNIVERSITY 'I8 980 Findlay Ave., Bronx 51, N,Y. Track 1,21 Cherleader 2, Mountaineer 4, Photographer, Track 2, Maior and Minor Letter. MANHATTAN JAMES J HATTON 985 Anderson Ave Bronx 52 BROOKLYN INSTITUTE OF POLYTECHNICS AVG N l. - 1 1, - H 11 T : 1 ' - ' - v Q- , ' . 'Q I , I 55 l f .f 1 5 v ' 5 . x ' -N Bronx 62, N.Y. W ' 1 1 . I 1 , ,: ' ,J , . , J RICHARD F HERTEI I 3940 Carpenter Ave Bronx 66 N Y lass Officer 2 Treasurer 3 Vnce C President Sfudenf Councrl 234 Pres :dent Intrcm Baskefball 24 85M Clu 1 MANHATTAN 'S oe 3053 Perry Ave Bronx 67 N Y Tower 4 News Edlior Inirom Boskei bull 23 Sodclniy 34 854K-I and 9O'Vo JOHN P KEVENY .lack 1142 Longfellow Ave Bronx 59 N Y Clu I 2 3 4 MANHATTAN DONALD A MULLIGAN E 1042 Hoe Ave Bronx 59 N Y Tower 4 NEW YORK UNIVERSITY 19 ROBERT G IANG Bo 1504 Mayflower Ave Bronx 61 N Y STATE UNIVERSITY AT FARMINGDALE JOSEPH J MURRAY oe 1865 Holund Ave Bronx 62 N Y - r, ., , . . ' Y' N ,,R.p:, bi . ' ' I 'Q i I 1 . x ' " "H 1 fs Josem-I H. Maman ' Y" HJ " in " b ,,,. . 0 . HJ ,, I C k :Q 5 ' wr HR'dfl ANGELO J OlIVA Mack JAMES C MCCARTHY Mac 1310 Edison Ave Bronx 61 N Y Class Omcer 2 Treasurer Tower 4 Feature Edltor Band 12 Sodallty 34 Football 1 2 Band 1 2 Manor Letter U S COAST GUARD ACADEMY 255 East 15151 St Bronx 51 N Y Class Omcer 2 Secretary Sodallty 12 lntram Basketball 2 JOHN J OCONNEll Mrck 2600 Brnggs Ave Bronx 58 N Y Scholastic Honors Medalnst 123 Class Of11cer 1 Presndent Tower 4 Assocnate Edutor Band 1234 Sodallty 34 85'M: and 90M Club 1234 MANHATTAN NlCHOlAS .I PEPE Pepe la Moco 554 South 10th Ave Mt Vernon Attended Mt St Michael 6 yrs Grammar 4 yrs HS Sodalnty 1 2 Football 1 2 NOTRE DAME ANGEl0 S NAPOLI Nap 8606 Punto St Hallaswood Queens Baseball 12 Munor Leter JV MANHATTAN ALFIO J RAUSA 1741 Ptlgnm Ave Bronx 61 Forum 4 Sodallty 34 lntram Basket ball 23 85'Ma Club 123 FORDHAM RALPH .I. SAVARESE IlRa'Phll 1504 Metropolitan Ave. Bronx 62, N.Y. Scholastic Honors-Legion Honor Medal 35 Class Officer - 1 Vice-President, Tower 4, Sports Editor, Sodality 1,2,3,4g Varsity Basketball 3,47 8596 Club 1,2, 3,47 Basketball 3, Minor Letter, 4, Maior Letter. MANHATTAN ROBERT E. WATERS 401 East 239th St., Bronx 70, N.Y. Attended Mt. St. Michael 1 yr. Grammar, 4 yrs. H.S. Class Officer - 3 Secretary. JOHN J. SHEEHAN "Johnny" 1618 Crosby Ave., Bronx 61, N.Y. Track 1, Soclality 3. MANHATTAN HERBERT W. WHITEMAN, JR. "Herby" 14 Morning Side Ave. New York 26, N.Y. Class Officer - 3 President, Band 1,2 3,45 Track 1,2,3,4g Forum 2,3,4p Band, Three Minor letters, Track 3, Maior and Minor Letter. COLUMBIA 1 THOMAS J BYRNE Tom 4127 Edson Ave Bronx 66 N Y Altended Mt SI Mlcllael HS 25 years Tower 4 Band 2 Football 4 Intram Basketball 3 ROBERT F COLASURDO D 108 Van Gullder Ave New Rochelle N Y ROBERT G CONWAY Passa 21 Manger Cnrcle Pelham Manor N Y RENSSELAER POLYTECHN IC INSTITUTE ...ff IONA HOLY CROSS vf l av' 22 IOR Y MICHAEL J CAHILL Mike 4000 Seton Ave Bronx 66 N Y Attended Class Officer 2 Presndent Student Cauncll 4 Tower 24 Track I 2 3 4 All Seasons Mlnor and Malor Letters S o dallty 1234 Prefect 123 85M Club Mt St Michael 9 years FORDHAM JAMES V COLLINS 2869 Wellman Ave Bronx 61 N Y STEPHENS COLLEGE MWA li DONALD G DOYLE E 1725 Purdy St Bronx 62 N Y Attended Mt St Michael H S 2 years WILLIAM J DALY 1 1136 West Farms Road Bronx 59 N Y lntram Basketball 2 3 MANHATTAN PETER J FAGAN 85"K: and 9O'M: Club 1 2 Baseball J V 'Y JOHN J FOX Foxy Qulmberlune Rd RFD 33 H nt LI Zone 13 Y Attended Mt St Michael H S 3 years Band 2 Drum Malor Malor letter So dallty 4 HOLY CROSS WILLIAM J DUSS I 4119 Barnes Ave Bronx 66 N Y Cl ss Ollicer 3 Secretary Baseball 2 C Intram Basketball 23 85'Kv Club 12 3 FORDHAM 1 4085 Amundson Ave Bronx 66 N Y Attended Mt Sl Michael 5 years Tower 4 Sodaluty I 2 3 4 Football 'l FORDHAM HB-HH V 'X 1 u lluy l ' " Jail T ul' y HB-HH HR df, J 1204 Evergreen Ave., Bronx 72, N.Y. , 3 , : - - JOHN C. GFELLER ' HF-'yu C . . w I A I u ., . ., , N. . 23 RICHARD M GORE Rfc 40 McCollum Place Yonkers 5 N Y Baseball 2 lnfram Basketball MANHATTAN -wk 'V-O JOHN H. HOFSTETTER "Jose" 2 gf DONALDJ HALMY Don 137 23 Geranlum Ave Flushing 55 NY Affended M1 Sf Michael 6 years Band 1234 Malor Letier DONALD F HENLEY Don 744 Taylor Ave Bronx 72 N Y '15 Band 1234 Manor and Malor Letter FORDHAM 540 union me Road, Bronx 62, N.Y. JAMES P- KELLY ummm. Basketball 2,3,4, asm Club 1. im" 91 Troy Ave., Long Beach, L.I. Sodalify 3 Years. HOLY CROSS THOMAS M HAGGERTY om 34 30 93rd S1 Jackson Hgts 72 NY Tower lniram Basketball 23 ST JOHN S ,gi .-U WILLIAM J KELLY Ke 'l56I Metropolitan Ave Bronx 62 N Y Me alest 2 Band 23 Color Guard Mmor Letters Q-J" WUJ' ROBERT E LI BERATORI I Intram Basketball 2 ALBERT E MERKLE Fred Beach Ave Bronx 72 N Y COOPER UNION JOHN J 0 REILLY Beabop 3I7 E I78II1 St Bronx 57 N Y Attended Mt SI Michael 9 years Band 6 Years Mmor and Malor Letters Sodallty 3 NEW YORK UNIVERSITY 25 JOHN F KING 3909 Seton Ave Bronx 66 N Y Tower 4 Track I 234 Cheerleader 2 3 Sodalnty 'I 2 3 4 Intram Basketball 2 3 4 BSW: or 90W Club I2 3 FORDHAM -n-3 ROBERT A MISTRON Lefty I4 22 I2IsI St College Pt 56 N Y Intram Basketball 2 3 90'M: Club 2 FORT SCHUYLER MARITIME COLLEGE 1, . :l , , : h , y , , : , , - X X ,, HH d ' f ', ,U I , 3 llL'blI 633 East 224th St., Bronx 66, N.Y. Y 1 . 521 ., , . . 15' X ' ' v THOMAS J PAGANI Big Tom 3051 Wnllnamsbrudge Road Bronx 67 N Track 123 Malor Leler Football 34 ba I 3 MANHATTAN 'i KENNETH P RILEY Ken 2067 Havvlland Ave Bronx 72 N Y 90'X: Club 1 N Y STATE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ROBERT A PUCCI Poach 2860 Buhre Ave Bronx 61 N Y Medalist 1 Class Omcer tary lnfram Baskefball 3 FORDHAM 1 Secre JOHN J RYAN Hof Rod 77 Hsllvlew Ave onlxers 4 N Y 71'-T' MICHAEL C RESTA Spook 4119 Monhcello Ave Bronx 66 N Y Leglon Honor Medal 1 Class Omcer 2 Vlce Presldenf 3 Treasurer Track 3 4 Mayor Letter 6 Medals Moun COOPER UNION SEBASTIAN J SCIALDONE Sca 4321 Murdock Ave Bronx 66 N Y Medalist 1 Class Officer 1 e Presudenf Track 3 Minor Letter Moun Yalneer 4 lnlram Baskeiball 4 MANHATTAN X ' . I I - A Q -4' 5 . . 1 ,, H H Minor and Maior Lefterg lntram. Baskei- x i taineer 45 85M and 9006 Club 1,2,3, I . v. 'A I . ll ,ll ll Il o .I I I ,- m I - Vlc - 'Z JOHN A. SCOTT-MONCK "Scotty" 124 East lst St. Mount Vernon, N.Y. Legion Honor Medal 3, Tower Circu- lation Manager, Band 1,2,3,4,Treasurer, One Minor and Two Major Letters, Forum 2,3. IONA 1 LUIGI A. VIOLA "Love" 685 Morris Ave., Bronx 51, N.Y. Legion Honor Medal 2, Class Officer - 1, Secretary, Tower 4, Art Editor! Moun- taineer 4, Sodality 1,2,3,4, 85M and 90W Club 1,2,3. FORDHAM WILLIAM J. WOLF HFOXH 1906 Lacombe Ave., Bronx 72, N.Y. Track 1, Sodality 3, lntram. Track '52 High Jumping Medal. f . LAWRENCE D. THORP if-Hmn 2780 Bainbridge Ave., Bronx 58, N.Y. Medalist 3, Tower 4, Asst. Sports Edi- tor, Band 1,2, Gold Maior, Track 3,4, fl Maior Letters, 4 Medals, Forum 2. IONA LOUIS C. ZUCCARELLO "Zuckey" 4231 Gunther Ave., Bronx 66, N.Y. Scholarship to Mount, Legion Honor Medal 2, Class Officer - 1 Vice Pres- idenf, Tower 1,2,4, Band 1,2, Minor Leter, Forum 2,3,4, C. F. L. Pin, 15 Trophies, 4 Medals, lntram. Basketball 2,3,4, 85M and 905k Club l,2,3,4, Sodality 1,2,3,4. ST. JOHN'S SE IOR LEO l ARTALE 1944 Hobart Ave New York 6'l N Y MANHATTAN DENNIS J BURBRIDGE Denny 2174 Davudson Ave New York 53 N Y Legion Honor Medal 2 Track T234 Mayor Lefer VILLANOVA "e.n-9 THOMAS E BELL 1032 East 2'I2tl1 S1 Bronx 69 N Y Intram Basketball 2 3 4 ROBERT D CONROY e 671 James St Pelham NY Mf Sf Michael 2 years IONA r 2 LOUIS D BONSIGNORE Bunny 1094 Bryant Ave Bronx 59 N Y C C N Y "--15' 91 X 5 ROBERT J CORJUO Cargle 646 Eos: 236th Sl Bronx 66 N Y Mr Sf Mrchael 2 years Cheerleader 3 U S MERCHANT MARINE COLLEGE EDWARD F DELANEY I462 Taylor Ave New York 60 N Y Bond Color Guard 234 Manor Letter Forum 4 Sodallty 23 90W Club I MARIAN COLLEGE EDWARD F DOWLING Eddie 256 East 237th St New York 70 N Y Class Officer 3 Vuce Presndent Stu dent Council 4 Treasurer Football I2 3 4 Malor Letter Track 'I 4 Intram Basketball 3 4 HOLY CROSS FRANK J GASPARINO Gas 2328 Hoffman St New York 58 NY Legion Honor Medal 'I Base Mlnor Letter 14" 45 JOHN H JUDGE Judgebabe 524 Beach 'I3'Ist St Rockaway Beach 94 N Y Track 34 Mayor Letter Football 4 Manager lntram Basketball 34 ST JOHN S LAWRENCE LAWLER Larry 230 East 207th St Bronx 67 N Y Class Ofllcer 2 3 Vnce President 85W 81 9096 Club 124 FORDHAM 'fi-'E' V 1' ba DONALD P MAHER Frenchle 531 East lincoln Ave Mount Vernon N Y KINGS POINT COLLEGE JOHN J. MALICH llJakeIl 1047 East 241st St., Bronx 66, N.Y. Class Olticer - 1 President, 857-4 8- 9096 Club 1,25 Tower 'I,2, Forum 2,3,-1 Sec., Treas.g Sodality 3,4. FORDHAM HUGH J. McGUIRE IIMUCII 143-19 38th Ave. Flushing, L.I., N.Y. Legion Honor Medal 2,37 Student Coun- cil 2,3,4, Vice-President, Track 3, Minor Letery Basketball Manager 1,2,3. NOTRE DAME ROBERT MCQUADE 2976 Milton Plaza, Bronx 61, N.Y. President 2, Basketball 1, Minor Letter, Track 25 Football 3,45 Baseball 3. JOHN P. McCAULEY IlMacll 4400 Wickham Ave. New York 66, N.Y. Sodality 1,2. MANHATTAN 3 EDWARD R. MOONEY "Downbeat" 3235 Hull Ave., Bronx 67, N.Y. Legion Honor Medal 2, Bond 2,3,4, Major Letter, Track 3, Intram. Basket- ball 2,35 Basketball 2, Minor Letter. 30 Rosen E. MONAHAN "sig sobf' 89-31 2l7tl1 St. Queens Village, N.Y. Blind l,2,3,4, Maior Letter, lntram. Basketball 35 Basketball 'l,2, Minor Letter. Xxx gs EDMUND J. O'CONNELl. ,fofconu 3800 Carpenter Ave., East 219th St. Bronx 66, N.Y. Tower lg Track 'lf Sodality l,2. MANHATTAN DANIEL 0'l.EARY llpannyll 29l4 Somer Pl. Class Officer - 2 Treasurer 3, Vice- JOHN p' PRENDERG President, Sodality lg lntram. Basket- ,,J ku AST bon 2,a. , 'C 'CNA 3628 lrwm Ave., Bronx 63, N.Y. lntram. Basketball 2. IONA VINCENT J. PETTI "vim" 90 King Ave., Yonkers 5, N.Y. Track l,2,3,4, Major Letter, Sodality 2, Intram. Basketball 3. FORDHAM 31 1. l DONALD T. WOLPERT uDonu 3063 Bruckner Bl Bronx, N. Y. vd. COSMO J. RANDAZZO "Ronde" 3268 Tierney Pl., Bronx 61, N.Y. Sodality 1, Infram. Basketball 2. WESTCHESTER COMMUNITY COLLEGE JOSEPH RIZZUTO lljoell 3089 Decatur Ava. ' New York 67, N.Y. Track 3, lntram. Basketball 2,3. A FRANKLYN J. SACCO "Frank" 3507 Laconia Ave., Bronx 69, N.Y. Football 3,4, Minor Letter, lnfram. Bas- ketball 2. 32 1' JOHN F. RYAN "Johnny" 357 East 195th St., Bronx Track 'l. IONA GUY R. SINISCALCO "Siney" 33 Bedford Park Blvd. New York 68, N.Y. Legion Honor Medal 1, Class Omcer - 3, Vice Presidenlg Baseball 1,2, Minor Letter, Basketball 1, Minor Leiter: In- Iram. Basketball 3. MANHATTAN CHARLES M. WILLIAMS "Charlie" 16 Revere Pl., Brooklyn 13, N.Y. Class Officer - 1 Treasurer, Band 1,4, Twirler, Minor Letter, Track I,4, Minor Letler. NEW YORK UNIVERSITY f at FREDERICK J. TURRIN lIFredlI ,e-1. 40 JOHN J. TODARO "John" 1193 East 40Ih Sf., Brooklyn, N.Y Sodoliiy 3,4. LONG ISLAND INSTITUTE 2120 Hughes Ave., Bronx, N.Y. MI. Sf. Michael H.S. 2 years Foolball 3,4. ALAN L. WOOD llwoodyll 3925 Murdock Ave., Bronx 66, N.Y. 33 C.C.N.Y. IOR ROBERT S CIPRIANO 'P 1665 85th S1 Brooklyn 14 N Y Track 1 Foolball 23 Baseball 1 HOLY CROSS ANTHONY P CURRAN Sonny 218 Eos! 188111 Si Bronx 58 N Y Class Officer 2 Treasurer Track 23 IONA ERWIN J DEISER 2802 Pond Place Bronx 58 N Y Band 123 Forum 123 Sodallfy MANHATTAN OR FORDHAM 13 JAMES R CAMPBELL am 56 Cave Dnve Manhasset Long Island N Y Arfended Mr Sr Michael 6 yrs Grammar 4 yrs HS Class Offlcer 3 Presldenf Track 1 2 3 4 Malor Leler ouldoor 2 3 indoor 3 Football 1 234 Munor Lefler 3 HOLY C ROSS LEE F CLIFFORD Bufferball 2220 E Tremont Ave Class Officer 2 Treasurer Tower 1 Reporter Track 1 Cheerleader 23 Capfurn Sodaluly 12 lntram Basket hal 2 IONA CHARLES E DALY 1 Chuck 443 Easi 240th St Bronx 70 N Y Track1 Outdoor Band1 Cheerleader HJ. H . I 1 - - I , V . . : - - - I ' ' . - z , , x . f ' '- 1 : ' z , f , : . HC- ,. x l ,I I . , ,1 H 1 I 1 ,231 3 . . lntram. Baskefball 2. Bwnx 62' N,Y. I. "' I 1 : : , , . ' 1 ' , 1 - - I . H H f ., , . . ' - : , - , , . . , , : , , : ' 1. f,- ll Il . 6 'I I o . . - , : : 2. PETER DIAMOND nPe'eu 1106 Southern Blvd., Bronx Intram. Basketball I,2,3,4. , . . JOSEPH GAGLIARDI Gag 453l Mundy lane Bronx 66 . . FORDHAM ci JAMES J GREENE Jimmy 4'I 07 95th St Em urst 73 L I Attended Mt St Michael 8 yrs Grammar I yr HS MANHATTAN OR FORDHAM 1 JOHN J GORHAM Johnny 2549 Decatur Ave Bronx N Y RAYMOND A. FLYNN NRG ll 4355 Matilda Ave. Bronx 70 N.Y. Scholastic Honors-Legion Honor Medal 2' Tower 4- Track I 234- Sodality I 2 3 4- Mountaineer 4. VILLANOVA JOHN E HAVERTY my 420 East 239th St Bronx 70 N Y Attended Mt St Michael 3 yrs Grammar 4 yrs H S Sodallty I2 Football 123 lntr m Basketball 2 FORT SCHUYLER 1 10'-'f JOSEPH F KING oe 271 East 23rd St Bronx 70 N Y Track 2 Sodallty 1 2 DOMINICK V lATTARUlO Don 1539 Warmg Ave Bronx 69 N Y lntram Basketball 2 Won Trophy So dohty 1 2 FORDHAM FREDERICK E JOHNSON ex 1960 East Tremont Ave New York 62 N Y CHARLES M HENRY Chuck 375 Grcmdvuew Blvd Yonkers 8 N Y Attended Mt St Michael 7 yr Grammar 4 yrs HS Sodalnty 'I2 lntram Basketball 23 MANHATTAN Wlll.lAM A KREBS Blg Bull 218 Betts Ave Bronx 72 N Y Scholastic Honors Legion Honor Medal Councal 3 Track 1234 Sodalnty 1 Baseball 'I2 lntram Basketball 23 Football 3 4 FRANK R LAUDADIO Land 1605 Metropolitan Ave Bronx 62 N Y Class Ofllcer 3 Secretary HT If , . . 1 l x I, H H ., , . . f . . . I , f 1 I 1 1 I Il ' 1 ll , v . - . 35 Class Ofllcer - 2 Presidenty Student ' : , , , : ' : , : - 1 : HJ H ., , . . : ' , - H 1, , . . ' 1 I ll ll ' ., , . . . I : - . I ' ARTHUR V MARCHISELLI Archre 681 Magenta St Bronx 67 NY Class Officer 1 Presudent 3 Vnce Presldent Track 1 2 3 Sodalnty 1 use bull JV 85'Ma Club 4 JOHN LONGINOTTI Johnny 2118 Bryant Ave Bronx 60 N Y lntram Basketball 4 FRESNO COLLEGE CCALJ ANTHONY C MASIELLO Big Mass 2851 Valentnne Ave Bronx 58 N Y Class Officer 2 Vnce Presndent Band 12 Track 3 Sodalnty 1 Football 1 ,gif lntram Basketball 2 3 4 CORNELL JOHN P MORAN Buddy 4153 Boyd Ave Bronx 66 N Y MANHATTAN CHARLES J MELICHAR Charlie 4318 Wlckham Ave Bronx NY Track 3 Cheerleader 3 Captam ln tram Basketball 2 Varsity B MANHATTAN EUGENE M McGUIRE Mac 353 Mosholu Parkway Bronx 67 N Y asketball 3 4 FORDHAM DONAlD M PETERSON Don 20 Eas! 4th SY Mount Vernon N Y Legnon Honor Medal 2 Medalusv I Class Ofllcer 'I President 2 Preslden! 3 Vice Presldenf Baseball 2 85M and 90M-n Club 'I 23 FORDHAM Y ,J JOHN J RISI Shane Affended M1 Sf Michael Grammar and H S Treasurer Sodallty 2 MANHATTAN ROBERT P SEC KlER VINCENT L QUINTANO Duke 1521 Union Port Rd Bronx 62 N Y Attended Ml Sf Michael 3 yrs Grammar 4 yrs HS FORDHAM J FRED W ROMER 300 Reservonr Pl Bronx 67 N Y Track Crossccuntry U C L A Bo 1718 Purdy Sl Bronx 62 N Y Band Two Leffers Track 3 Cheerleader HOLY CROSS EDMUND J STACK 1574 Beach Ave Bronx 60 N Y Sodallty 12 Intram Baskeiball 234 H ,, H H v . I Q ' . , . . V l 1 - - ' , ' , 2, . . ' - ' I ' i . 5 . . . - : : , , . l l H H : ' - , , I I ,JJ ,, bf, ., , .. , 1 : 'P 2,3. X f l ., , . . r , . ' , N . ., , . . H , 1 - , , f 38 ROBERT A STARACE Ace 3440 Flsh Ave Bronx N Y Infram Basketball IONA RICHARD C SIDOLI I 2255 Couger Ave Bronx N Y Track 1 2 3 4 Football I 2 WILLIAM 1 P STILLER Wee Wrlhe 59 Mall Side Ave Mount Vernon N Y Student Councll 4 Track 'I 234 Foot ball 'I 2 3 4 Intram Basketball 2 3 4 HOLY CROSS JOHN J TOCCO ROBERT A WORHACZ Johnny Warhorse 450 Pelham Parkway South 1237 Leland Ave Bronx 72 N Y New York Student Council 4 Band 'I Sodahty 'I Medalist General Excellence 3 2 Football 234 lntram Basketball 4 FORDHAM HOLY CROSS "LT," THOMAS A BARNARD Tom 1359 Webster Ave Bronx 56 N Y Forum 4 851: Club 2 FORDHAM JOHN T CHRISTENSEN Jack 1946 East Tremont Ave Bronx 62 N Y Track 34 Mlnar Letters Malor Letter COAST GUARD ACADEMY A11 19 THOMAS W ACHESON Whitey 4366 Van Cortland! P E Bronx 70 N Y Class Officer 3 Vlce Presndent Track 12 Mmor Letters Football 23 Malor Letter lntram Basketball 23 Sodallty 12 Vrce Presudent ROBERT J BERTA Brg Bertha 807 Mace Ave Bronx 67 85W Club 1 FORT SCHUYLER GREGORY A CARNEY Greg 3133 Perry Ave Bronx 67 N Y Student Councul 34 Vice President 4 Baseball 1234 Malor Letter 23 In tram Basketball 234 Medal 2 So dalnty 1 2 ST MICHAEL S COLLEGE F AQ JOHN E. CREMMINS llC,umpll 3106 3rd Ave., Bronx 56, N.Y. Class Officer - 15 Football 3,4, Minor Letter, lntram. Basketball 2,37 Sodallty 1,27 85'M: and 9096 Club 1. MAN HATTAN 40 ,lf ROBERT J. CUNNINGHAM rlaobn 4308 Ruchardson Ave. Bronx 66, N.Y. Baskeiball 'l,2,3, Letters. PHILLIP M Du SANZA P I MANHATTAN Wes! 178th St Manhahan New York 33 N Y Band 1 Sodallly 3 4 COLUMBIA RENATO M DINELLI Renme 1638 Taylore Ave Bronx 60 Trackl Iniram Basketball 2 FORDHAM N KENNETH T FITZPATRICK I z 1729 Whnte Plains Rd New York 62 N Y Sodallty 1 2 85M Club 'I 3 MANHATTAN 4-l JOSEPH J DANGELO oe 2304 Morgan Ave Bronx 69 Iniram Basketball 23 CORNELL JAMES A DURANTE lm 70 Halsiead Ave Yonkers N Y Infram Basketball 2 BSM and 9096 Club 'I 3 MANHATTAN 1 DANIEL M. HAHN Iloanll 3560 Olinville Ave., Bronx 67, N.Y. Track 3,4, Maior Letter: Intram. Basket- ball 2,3g 90'Ma Club Medal 2. MANHATTAN STANLEY T. GUERCIO "Stan 'The Man' " 437l Gunther Ave., Bronx 66, N.Y. Medalist lp Football 3,4, Minor and Maior Letteri Baseball 'l,2,3,4, Minor and Maior Lettersg Basketball 'I,2,3,4, Minor and Maior Letters. JOHN F. HESSENIUS "Hess" 681 Magenta St., Bronx 67, N.Y. Basketball 'I,2,3,4, Minor and Maior Letter. ROBERT T HARRINGTON Harry the Hunter 635 East 228th St Bronx 66 N Y O Ii "wi JOHN D JOHNSON Danny 4415 Grace Ave Bronx 66 N Y Track 3 Football 3 Intram Basketball 3 Intram Track 3 Gold and Snlver Medals Sadallty 'l 2 MICHIGAN 42 ,fd ..,-'MY THOMAS A KRAWI EC 'l95V2 Wickham Ave Middletown NY Legion Honor Medal 3 Student Councll 4 Track 1234 One Freshman Two Mayor Letters Football 234 Gold Malor Letter Intram Basketball 3 So dallty 123 4 8596 Club 1 VILLAN OVA ' 'Q . U H ., , . . , . U m ' - -at .I Il ll H . . H Krywlckfe ., , . . ' I : i - . - - i - , ' , ' ' 1 , , , , , I 1 I 1 7 - 1 ' 1 1 1 F ' ANTHONY LADOGANA Tony 2731 Pearsall Ave Bronx 69 N Y Medalnsf 1 8596 and 9096 Club 123 MANHATTAN 'V' WILLIAM A MANCUSO Wrllfe 4182 Bronxwood Ave Bronx 66 N Y Medallsi 3 Band 1 234 Council Pres :dem Malor Letters Mountaineer 4 8596 and 90M Club 1 23 Posier Club NEW YORK UNIVERSITY EMIL S LENGEFELD Lmg 1436 Beach Ave Bronx 60 N Y Class Officer 2 Treasurer .-nd? FRED J LUCIANO Luch 2823 Roeblmg Ave Bronx 61 Medalist 2 Class Ol11cer 2 Secretary Track 3 Malor Letter MANHATTAN JOHN D. McKENNA FRANK M. CQCLARNON HMGCH 11Mac11 686 Tinfon Ave., Bronx 55, N.Y. 712 Taylor Ave., Bronx 72, N Y TOWOY li Soduliiy 1,21 lnfrdm- Basket- Class Officer - 1 Vice Presidenip Band bull 2- 1,2,3,4, Maior Letter, 8596 and 9096 MANHATTAN Club 1,2,3- 43 MANHATTAN JAMES J, Mfxeown f'1im'f 3060 Hull Ave., Bronx 67, N.Y. lClass Ofllcer - 2 Vice President, Sadal ify l,2, Mountaineer 2, Posfer Club 2 MANHATTAN 3 'H WILLIAM A. MILLER "Bill" 2255 Quimby Ave., Bronx 72, N-Y- Class Officer - 2 Treasurer, Track I Minor Letters, lniram. Baskeiball 2,35 BTX: Club 'l,2. MANHATTAN lnfram. Basketball 2,3, Basketball 1,1 JOHN F. MENNIS Hjacku 72 Vernon Place MOUNT VERNON, N.Y. Legion Honor Medal I, Medalist 2,35 Class Officer - I Vice-President, 3 Presidentp Tower 1,25 Track I,2,3,4, Freshman, Minor and Maior Letter, Sa- dalily I,2,3, 85'M: and 90'-Ma Club I,2, 3,4. FORDHAM JOHN J, GILLIGAN 'Grl' I7-19 Grand Concourse Bronx 53, N. Y, Sadality I. cmuues L. rumen 'fcmckyff war E.21IIh sr., arm 67, N.Y. Attended Ml. Sf. Michael 4 yrs. Grammar, 4 yrs. H.S. Class Officer - 3 Treasurer, Track l,2, I 3,4, Minor and Maior Leiters. FORDHAM ROBERT J. NEYEN naobn 491 East 'l62nd SI., Bronx 56, N.Y. Track If Baseball 'l Mgr., Minor Letter, Infram. Baskelball 2,3. I- HENRY J. ROWAN "Joe" Jossm Prslrsn f I 3 Geranium Place, Bronx 61, N.Y. Sodality 3g Infram. Basketball 2. MANHATTAN Q11 ,f Mi, VICTOR F. VILLACARA NWC., 2531 Belmont Ave., Bronx 58, N.Y. Tower 3,45 Track 15 Soclality 3,4. NEW YORK MARITIME COLLEGE "Golden Boy" 1007 Morris Pprk Ave., Bronx, lntram. Basketball 1,2,3. PACE COLLEGE 'N N.Y. GREGORY J. SPAGNA ncregn 1940 Haight Ave., Bronx 61, N.Y. Class Omcer - 1 Vice4Presiden1y In- fram. Basketball 2,35 85W Club 1. COOPER UNION JOSEPH M. TAVOLACCI "Joe Tav" 475 Kimball Ave., Yonkers 4, N.Y. Band 1,2,3, Maior Leiter, Track 1,3 Minor Letter, Sodality 1, lnlram. Bas kefball 3. BOSTON COLLEGE 45 ,A X f? W""N.,.,, M s FRESHMAN YEAR Bro Benedict Henry becomes assistant prnn cipa Mount marks 25th Anniversary Fathers Gallant and Mann become chaplains of the Mount After 25 years of faithful service Rev Augustine Tapln passed away Mount loses to Hayes 25 l3 500 attend annual football banquet Memorial build ing occupied Jan 3 Rizzo makes all met Sodallty sponsors skating party Cafe teria open for dayhops Father Mann goes to Hawaii for missionary work Fathers Hargrove and Quinn conduct annual 3 day retreat All enloyed annual boat ride to Rye Beach SOPHOMORE YEAR Cardinal Spellman dedlcates New Memorial Building Father Mackey and McDonnell named new chaplains Mr Mulvlhlll new basketball coach New Cafeteria in full swing . . 250 freshman fathers enloy ama- teur boxing . . Intramural basketball started by student council . . Mount loses to Hayes -0 . . Christmas Assembly features first dra- matic production for the year . Band held first annual yuletide concert . . Gym starts under the direction of Mr. Al Kull . . Faculty students mourn OConnor 54 . Jackson receives outstanding football players trophy . . Gala Valentine dance held . Tower prints April Fool Extra . . Frs. Fleming and Doty conduct annual retreat . . Skating party enjoyed by all . . Bros. Denis Herman and Godwin Anselm leave for Philippines . . . Boat ride best ever . . . Bros. Leo Sylvius and John Lawrence leave for Europe . . . Mount takes Brooklyn College track championship. JUNIOR YEAR Eleven faculty changes announced to students . . . Enrollment hits a new high . . . Record crowd attend Skating Partv Mounties are undefeated In city play 15 000 see 6 6 deadlock at Randall s lsland Howie Borck OIR assumes position as track coach . . . Journa- lism class started among seniors . . . Mount Student council sponsors gala skating party . . . Hayes rally a huge success . . . 400 enioy "Night in Paris" dance . . . Mount men's club plays host to war orphans at Christmas party . . . 1953 Golden Gloves quarter finals held at Mount . . . Mount track team journeys to West Point for dual meet with plebes . . . Miss Charyel Johnson chosen school sweetheart . . . Track team has a very successful year . . . Freshman five carves 21-5 mark . . . Leona May Smith guest artist at Mount's spring con- cert . . . 144 graduate at 22nd commence- ment . . . Mackey proud recipient of the Most Valuable Player Trophy . . . Annual boat ride enioyed by all . . . SENIOR YEAR Record Frosh enrollment in history of school brings changes in classrooms . . . Br. Vincent Dominic, former teacher, is new Ass't. prin- cipal . . . Mount introduces guidance depart- ment . . . Veteran councilors voted to key positions in Student Council . . . Senior rings finally arrive . . . First Student Council Dance a success . . . Mount's annual skating party a complete sellout . . . Evander "Tigers" finally beat Mount 13-6 . . . Seniors having a rough time with English Four . . . Library is scene of senior talks by college representatives . . . Food drive a huge success . . . Capacity crowd sees Hayes beat Mount 20-14 in annual tur- key classic . . . Stiller and O'Connor make All Star Team . . . Intramural Basketball be- gins . . . Special Marian services held in audi- torium-gym to commemorate centenary of Immaculate Conception dogma . . . Large crowds fill gym for first annual Marist lnvita- tional Basketball Tournament QMITJ during Christmas holidays . . . Mount conducts three day retreat . . . Bro. Robert Baptist leaves for the Philippines . . . Senior Prom enioyed by all . . . Well, that's it, good luck future sen- iors . . . S Z' Junior BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Frank Gagliano, Richard Nicol, Thomas Moran, Peter Clark, Peter Sweeney, John Clarke, Richard Caldripoli, Michael Tierney, Thomas Gendreau, louis Shahlaazian, John Antenucci, Joseph Cestone. SECOND ROW: John Porco, Robert Brooks, Paul Ulrich, Vincent Kelly, Stephen 4: Carroll, Anthony Thomopolos, Michael Abruzese, Vincent Dan- seglio, Joseph DiSanza, John Franklin, Russell, Herlihy, John Gilliang. THIRD ROW: lawrence Riccio, Donald Kent, Joseph Siragusa, Edward Maisie, Richard Wagner, William Regan, James Kelly, Donald Sorka, Robert Florio, John Corrigan. b -gr 'il-su e. CLASS or 55 :N ,X I I tl I R I 'Q Q J u Q . Q vw Q f' tf' 6 mv ' 74 0 s U B M' 0 Q 0 In as ly, K. 'lsff - L -f 1 r l L W, 'X L . Junior B BACK ROW lef! Io rlght Robert Tubrldy John Cassldy Harry Nnchols John Meyer Donald Blau Ronald Montana Wllllom Wolff Jerry Carbone Mlzhael Murphy Wllllam Dulfy John Slchler llllam MacSweeney Albert Fern MIDDLE ROW Anthony Glordann Vlnceni DeMoulh Wllllam Beck Howard lahman John Mooney lawrence James Roberf Delucna Thomas DeFlllppo Paul Alfierl John Hays Angelo Flllpauo Richard Morrlson John Palumberl FRONT ROW Joseph Pluurro Brian Hickey Frank Calaldo leonard Vlgglano Rlchard Falcl Kevin Cooney Thomas Sparachmo louis Safnale Vllo DrTomasso louls Ro mano John Manglerl Tlmofhy Sullivan ,ar 35 J .-in " 50 1-A l I .. -. - I I .I .I I 4 1 . 1 ' ' 1 , -V .I ,a ' no... 1 A I ' " . L -' 51 l X v tl ' Y "1 5 A I M' 2 - A, N Q , t b T . '. as Q' .Y , Junior C 1 BOTTOM ROW left to rlght Fred Carpenter Salvatore Mugllore Malden Sparoznc Ronald Wentzler Martin Sprmgstead John Dunne Gerard Drlscoll Frank Mlsclagna Robert Justm Paul OBrien louis Capplello Wulllam Thompson SECOND ROW Joseph Russo lawrence levln John Esser Adolf Dreher Ed mund Connelly Vmcent Salcowslu Richard SCIVCTTI Michael Klernan Joseph Ganto Dennen Rellley James Duggan Wllllam Rafael Benedlct Calenda Vincent Appuuo Angelo Truoccolo THIRD ROW Edward Breen Edward Hynes Joseph Partmann Raymond Momgan James Fenwlclr Edward Ryan James Coyne Joseph Peloso Carl Dnebold Frank Duffy James Karr Joseph Gleason Joseph Honusocky .., I .Z I ..I . I .I .I I.. -I I . . I I . I. I ' . ' . " . ', 1 . . , , .... . I . . , , . - , , , I .I I I - I I F I I I I. .l. ..'. I ' , Q A L I - , , rv- ,4 D .f- . P , A ff- . IA f' . ' s , S I r. ' ' . 7' v' f N. , - -. qs - v . 1 . In ., I ' N . I , 51 3 .4 Junior D 4 ...Q , 'Hn BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Saverio Rotella, William Wittmer, George Mirabella, Donald Amoruso, Malcolm Denning, Joseph Tammaro, Joseph Geraci, Edward Shields, Charles Tellalian, Michael Quinn, Ronald Parris, Alfred Tortorelli, SECOND ROW: John MacNeil, John Doonan, 'ichard Cassetta, Lawrence Grey, Jerry Manning, Robert Becker, Sig Trotta, Peter McKenna, 52 Alfred Gensch, Raymond Barry, Richard McCarthy, Ronald Fanelli, Emil Venturini. THIRD ROW: Riordan Roett, Thomas Barrett, Henry Slaight, James Bellesheim, Edward Magi, William Grolli, Robert Eberle, Edward Morgan, Michael James, Stephen Munsell, George Schrade, Richard Kelly, Michael DiDio. 41-Xx L-,X X1 BOTTOM ROW left to right Rodney Puleo Francis McConnell Robert Cllnfifd Patrlck DeGaspens Thomas Russell Donald DeCarlo Robert Mlgllacclo John Mrazlk Wllllam Naumann Robert Cerrato George Coughlln Frank Vlllano Frank Tuccl SECOND ROW Wnlllam McGinley Lawrence Groehl John Gel selmonn Nell Dapolnto Vmcent Pntuccuo Armand Odnerna Vmcent Ferollto John Kleln Frank McKenna Patrlck Cunnlng ham Charles Burrows Robert Tevlln THIRD ROW Robert John son Robert Gokey Henry Sessa Thomas Flsh Robert Kammslu Patrick Burke Kieran Both Richard Lewis John lynch James McGull John Gortych Robert Stewart NOT lN PICTURE Cord Rugen Stephen Madak 50phom0re A .ov 54 Q., W QQ ff., CLASS or '56 1 ' Q.. F' 'ff gf?" . F' f r 5 N- ', 5' 5 9 a ' 3 I ,. XX: XR L, V l -2-9' ' r V l g W , , - 5 Sophomore lx li r 7' BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Ralph DeMicci, William Duffy, Joseph Ricciordi, Frank Principe, Michael Cali, John Dolan. Richard Salvatore, Frank DeSimone, Gerald Lubrino, Albert Tt'llRD ROW1 Norman Cyprus, Joseph Morrissey, William Celli, Quinn, Patrick O'Donnell, Gerard Scanlon, Gerald Mucciolo, John Nikolai, Daniel O'Connell, Peter Poggi, Robert Fortunato, John Tarelli, John Wexler, Charles Gallo, Thomas Barry. SEC- Kenneth Basil, William Crawley, Robert Crotty. ABSENT: Gerald OND ROW: Robert Ragnone, Martin Doherty, Lawrence Olutsen, DiPia1.1.a. Edward Moneo, Harry Folk, Joseph Thomas, Gerald McNally, in f "'-...N ' l ia- l S0pl10m0re C X L -4 P THlRD ROW: An- BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Eugene Ammivatta, James Cum- Fon-Lo, Joseph Phelan, Edilbert Rodrigrue-r.. mings, Robert Weed, William Schultz, Paul Tammaro, Robert thony D9lPlI10, Ralph Altieri, John Burgess, Richard Sowinslu, Kelly, Michael Galante, Charles Cavalieri, Michael DePetrillo, Robert Regaui, Anthony Grossi, Joseph Masullo, Henry Bowler, James Paclces, Dominic DeCristoforo, Richard Bennett, James Peter Pax, Frederick Koch, Peter Cameron. FOURTH ROW: Albert Davis. SECOND ROW: Martin Callinan, Ronald Peuino, Ray- Claps, Robert Schelp, John Halligan, Alan Kraus, Lawrence mond Honey, Donald Conway, Edward Winrow, Philip Engle- Gurney. s Davison, James Regnante, Paul Virciglio, Anthony drum, Jame osx 57 Q VK i- T... Sophomore -LX Lek N 7 ff 3' BOTTOM ROW left to rught George Schofield Andrew Joehl Robert Joyce Gerald Cahlll Ronald Tuccnllo John Scomllllo Angelo Mozllo John Coleman Claude Pulmcchlo Peter Smane Joseph Hahn John Nee Peter OKeefe SECOND ROW Dems Regan Gerard Reldy Raymond Pozzabonl Arthur Seckler James Bottarl Ruchard Blele Wllllam Walter Robert Mlrone Rocco DeAngells John lamblase Joseph Glannetto Michael Macchla THIRD ROW Patnck McNulty louis Caraglne Ned Losculto lawrence Puergrossl Harold Frisch John Melchner Frank Blnghl Albert Bartels John Conroy Frank Franco Wil ham Whelan James Ryan 58 Sophomore E -X 91 is BOTYOM ROW, left to right: Gerard Bove, Robert Stewart, Gerald Geist, Patrick Conway, George Petrick, Howard Moody, James Antenucci, Enrico Garafalo, Joseph Pace, Gerald Hag- gerty, Joseph Abrulese, Frank Grappone, James Amen. SEC- OND ROW: Joseph Zipparo, Robert Burke, Peter Vitere, Edward Clarke, Allan Schwinn, Joel Rizzo, Vincent Conforti, Jose Es- if 1 4- 1 i 2-X pinosa, Joel Hofstetter, Robert Elmo, Louis Filardi, Frank la Russo. THIRD ROW: John Coua, Donald Sweeney, Matthew Connors, Arthur Shea, Robert Hahn, Thomas Cunningham, Robert Warnken, Josef Zimmerman, Joseph Wucher, Joseph Mariani, Peter Cunningham. :L g L ii, ,Q 59 Xfkid '54 Sophomore F BOTTOM ROW left to right Joseph OMeara Patnck McNally Joseph Ryan Carl Sferraxza Edward Fahey Robert Murphy Carlo Spagnola Robert DlVegllo Robert Fury Frederick Wea ver Anthony Scuderl Nucola lasorsa Gerald Longo SECOND ROW Wllllam Mercuno Wllham James Danlel Allen Robert Power Richard Mnllscl Russell La Scala Wllllam Matson Charles McMahon James Shlelds Gerard ODonnell Bernard Prendergast Ralph Cautlllo THIRD ROW Vmcent Promuto Edward Haller Robert Johnson James OBnen Thomas Allen Vmcent Nagle Rmhard Blagar James Slater Francis Hagan Patrlck Cumffe John Walsh FOURTH ROW John Burgas Peter Muta Richard Abele James Harnngton George Goetschalclx Francis Esser Howard Kennedy - ,,,.,.x 'Q Q? 'ik C 'N 1 'O K f . J x, ', ' 'N Q J ' . 5' J I ,ff ,' S RY ss I 'l V .. ,y-, N ' . V . , .. - 4 , I 1 As ' 4 - u at Q .4 r . - 3 l - -.' 5 P . . . -, 4 - "'4ET, '-rl . 1" ' I ' P . v I ' 1 I A- ,lg , 2. , ' Ngfy ' 5.0 . . ' -r Ll I s ' , X ..G- , - J ',1s.,-. f,e I5 . , 1 Q, K ' Freshman A xf - :- BOTTOM ROW left to right Harold Taylor Thomas Walsh Nicholas Vnohno Wulllam Kelly James McKnernan Patruck Halloran Lawrence DePasquale Louns Pasquale John Duke Fredenck Gunther Harold Lynch Thomas Gegeny Frederick Schulmench SECOND ROW Vlncent Mercurlo John Kehoe Joseph Duerr Salvatore DelPouo Muchael Cagluostro John 62 Krug Robert Cortese Peter Scaramuuo Augustine DlStaduo John Cagney Thomas Byrne Robert Cusack THIRD ROW An thony Santelh Otto Wolf George Floratos Thomas Tobuasen George Lomb Pasquale Ruffalo Ruchard Thome John Kelly Henry Lmdbloom TOP ROW Anthony Davenport Harry Crew Bernard Leonard Robert Connelly John Nnsta 1 , XR ' -N ffl"- l' K 74' ' U , glut ' x . N . I H A L Q ' ' ' ' A 1. G ' . 1'-f 0 I' Y , . K , 'Jn Q f Q - I 'I . f J' 1 - ' , ge X l a ' A 1 . x A or - f g ,- :L , X x 2, - J V Y - ,R I D I I I I I I l . l I I I I I I .I I I l I l I I I I I I . I I ' . 1 ' ' , , ' . : , , I I . . I I I I ' Freshman B A X X Xl Cn! BOTTOM ROW left to rrght James Grrero Jay Stoelfel Patrrclx Fuery Rrchard Faranto Rnchard Allen Robert Regan John ODonnell John Farranto Raymond Collnns Romolo Mmgone Thomas Forlun Robert Blarr Francrs Jrlmelc SECOND ROW Anthony Scafuta Francns Schrade Kenneth McGahen Richard Maynard John Meduls Francus Schmrdt Kenneth Regan Char les McBride Anthony Allen John Fatlgate Thomas Rezza Hugh McGrath THIRD ROW John Hughes George Hommel Robert ONerl Davrd Scanlan Joseph Spadafino Michael D nne Robert Reilly Joseph Marino Vincent DrPentrma John Groh Edward Pettl TOP ROW Edward Woods Alfred Rlnzo John McElllgott Thomas leddy James Carter 63 Freshman C 5 Y . . 4 4 BOTTOM ROW, leff fo right: Domenick DeGaerano, George Mayer, Peier Paolucci, John Murdock, William Tarino, Charles Gumina, Joseph Maraglino, Michael Daly, John Sheridan, Mat- ihew Sowul, Vincent Andrisani, Gregory Carroll, Vincent Clarke. SECOND ROW: John McNamara, Michael McNelis, Pairick Frauari, Rudolph Morawek, Richard Kurtti, Rober! Politi, Teddy Q-X 45X "'.. F 1 5 1, , xl X-c 4 I ,, Jung, Edward DiSapio, Charles Perillo, Theodore Marcella, Ronald Lizzi, William Harlmann. THIRD ROW: Richard Flafley, Joseph Nachstein, David CunifTe, Thomas Abruzese, James Reutzel, Philip Ahrens, Andrew Poschman, Alexander Alizo 1 Joseph Anelli, Robert Penigrew, Patrick While, Charles Goeke- meyer. l 5 1 , . ,,,.,..- aff x I Y J' T' K Qc' , 'S J W - Fifi X r -1ez....., - J, . W 64 N Freshman D 5 BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Hugh Dunne, Anthony lemma Michael Daly, John Hiller, Michael Bevilacqua, Kevin O'leary Fredric Peloso, Edward Corbett, Frederick Grady, Richard Mc- Guire, Robert Monaco, Joseph Giefedder, Dion DiMucci. SEC- OND ROW: Richard Katona, Michael Smith, Robert Bettini 'xrthur Donovan, Salvatore Promuto, Charles Baris, Carl Maier, fzf ff Y K x Xf X-,4 '-fi ., 65 Thomas DeAngelis, William Deitz, Richard Delardi, Joseph Nista, Robert Meyers, Clayton Hollinger. THIRD ROW: Donald Ritter, James Malsz, Richard Buckner, Anthony Giacoio, Alfred Ciffone, Frank Cancellieri, Robert Donohue, Frank Moschella, Dennis Smith, Arthur Viggiano, Donald Rainone, Mauro Romita, Frederick Monteleone. 1--15. "Sl1.ii5 fig 3-,X S s. 00 N ,alb- h H len Robert Graue Robert BOTTOM ROW left to nght Dormmck Auello Hugh ORourke Coplcotto John Audevsey Josep an Robert Mooney Michael Constantmo Anthony DeRosa er Wulluams Eugene Hahn THIRD ROW Wullnam Pans: Phuhp rence Sughrue Mlchael Reddy Wrlllam Menchner James Whute Vannella Robert Dunn Albert lndru Lawrence Bradford Robert Michael Devhn James Bruno John McGrenaghan Ralph Cuta Shanahan Gerald DeTola Louis DelSavno Lawrence Victory rella SECOND ROW Joseph Burgess Harry Larlun Wllnam Jeremiah Hyde Karas Paul Gonya Charles Merendmo Kevm Gullrgan eonard 4.wM,,k I 9.4! --bv 66 Freshman E Aff" .11 Freshman F 1x 1' Xfm W BOTTOM R Andrew laSala Dennls Tlmmous Edwm Skorslu Frank Bradley Thomas Cavallere Thomas Salera Ronald Musolnno Patrick Breslin John Howard Francls Glynn Werner Aguilar SECOND ROW Bernard Boyle Richard Frlcarlo R OW lefi ia right Donald Murray louis Perez uchard Sweeney Sal vatore Raplsarda John Dwyer Mnchael Merrm Wllllam Hughes Karl Zurn Louis Gonzalez Thomas Capone Thomas Przzo Rocco Sums: Jullo Gomez John Mylan TOP ROW Joseph O Bnen Gregory Kung Lawrence Breen Wulham llanes Mrchael Thackaberry Edward Nehersmnh Wrlham Blankenshnp Ella Serravlllo Charles Groo James D R b p onovan o er! Nair Marhn Beahm Freshman G K X! BOTTOM ROW left to right Frederrc Wrzemann Francus Jones Peter Greene George Dlmey John Ferry Ralph DlFrore John Gaffney Kenneth Prlmm Eugene Haddock Michael OConnor Owen Gormley James loPlccolo SECOND ROW Thomas Dev any Werner Kohler Louis DeMayo Kenneth Pourla Robert Acocellr Albert Kellam Rrchard Jones Kenneth Darrenzo Mrchael Myers Thomas Barry Francls Grosso Peter Larlun THIRD ROW Maurrce OConnell Nrcholas Salerno John Sum John Cagglano James Rubertone Thomas Sullivan Rrchard Butchok Kenneth Moffa James McNamara Anthony ONerll Thomas Phelan Allan Hagelthorn Arthur Fonzo N., 68 Freshman H XX' QQ BOTTOM ROW left to rlght Edward Dunn louis Monoylos Gerald Harrington Rlchard Rarry George DAurla Edward Smith Roger DeFllllppls Patrick Kenna John Pfelfer Michael Lombardo John Scollard SECOND ROW Thomas Diamond Michael Hollywood Michael Santa Marta Dems Scanlon Fred errck Jones Anthony Salvate Alfred Cortez Matthew Ross: Joseph Falrclough James Ross Vincent DePaola Robert Leven son THIRD ROW Thomas McMahon Joseph DINOIC Wllllclm Henery Wullram Mergler Peter Lennon Phnllp Germam L. 69 Grammar Department ,oe ANDREW BERNARD . RARD as feet of Nh Sedion re BR FRANCIS GE BR. vlcro R EU Fourth Grade Pfef GEN 1? 1, 'IM 'inn BR KEVIN NWN Exlus Elghih Gmde 1 BR JOHN AL BR BERNA Seventh Grade I E er! of 3,d Senior' 'K' RD xAv: E Efghrh G R rude 2 ROBERT BERNARD BR FRANCIS BERNARD BR BR th Grade 2 Flffh Grade Seven R LUCIA Second N Grade CULTY ,--Q.. 1 Z BR LOUIS ELMO Principal BR AMBROSE B BR ARTHUR Farsi Grade R LEO JOSEPH Sndh Grade Hurd Gfflde .l Aol' av- hodm mm ll EIGHTH GR DE 1 33' N, in ftfi?-fu 5 C Urfe H A .i ll Ml hqex Bushko -06' Sr Boulard Paul Aluo Armando Chy mn Robe" gihy Fox Brian 2 3 Cacchlone Paul F Hamm homes Slulo ponald ond william Mag 1 m "ffl, J 1-logon K 0 loPerche, Frank "Ph GRADUATES f 1 Vmfe' 9 Mcggxr Murn Alfred Montelfq New ro 'Oi ll m Nloscuvell' wl lo Murphy Leonard Mullero Alexander Nocleno salvafore l 'W NWC ff' NSN ll RRP M Wx o Nell Rods Peru Gilbert "" aff Reubend'-ke' had Sludebacker Forrest Reubu, C U 'R' ff w. ner .af Raymond ' Q ' . . I I L if 1 .gf 25? .V ' . I . I Y rg Y ' Q Y, ' xx ' 1. 'lf A .mklx HA- Qin xx ' O I BI I h rl., I . ' 4 T, L, , ' Y V' ' 'Y I I , ff' EIGHTH GR DE - . 4 , LG --,.:-,-v- X, .'.-agzzaij ,ai .gzzigqfg l,v'!f3'3EE LS- 5'.,:,?'g, f 1' : ' 2 . Z QW , . ri Psmodio' Ame Boliino, Pasquale Came n James r-fn' Cameron John De Flllppo Frank Emlld F' awk Feroday Robert Fuganl Peier tmbms P el' lndrlerl Gabriel 74 Kowal Sfephen 1 ' se ,Ds 'il ,H ,gen L ,Fig ,gg Q 5-9 ,Xu v - .:, 1 .- ,aff f xl 'idk "" x IX x 0 1 X 1" ,S 1,3 'li Buck. -. Sham, Ronald 'Ov ar 0 Joseph G away Jofeph lu Marte I 'hard GRAD ATES Q 3 Q 'I odd i McMahon PM l' y n en on 8 ffl, rl Y :Ml-'NWS , A S9 Pghli one n Af'd"cs ref' Guam Moiakes Rober! Nmu Howard Rohan Mrchoel Mufrangu 75 Joseph A Nelly T m as Monastero Frank I A S .low A O Leary Dennus i D6 r" or to Raphael Shuber! Arihur rqjlqj rw r A 3 r',.,A sf ' ' V ' Y f i . A Aa ZA YQ ' M ' 0 3 X A ' ho - as v 10 ' . 4 ' - r ' U W ,t - xv orr r . ' '. ro Q ' "x 3, ? 44 1.,aZ ,ff - , bi " . f A Q b N- L C, r M V ,ir :FQ - ' I IU lead' Niel . X xg jlif- I Q14 2 ph ' ji. ff l , x 'Fe x r. Q" in X, I f X , ff 5 , .I T i h If Seventh Grade I 1'-HIGHS!! - Hill!!! Ulhibdlll iiiitiiiiiiilil K I .bk BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Kenneth Toohey, Gerald Stoeflel, James Farrel, Anthony Vacca, Roberi Keane, Ralph Mozilo, John Crumley, Michael Masirangelo, Norman Manning, John lane, James Galligan, Anfhony Ruggiera, Donald Wolff. SEC- ON ROW: Russel, Shay, oseph Hauser, John Reynolds, George Varian, Wrlham Cook Davld Guerra Stephen Kuyamllam Donald Roller: Wllham Apuzo Norman Lewrs Alan Sum THIRD ROW Marhn Rolucku John Ahern Stephen Herman Guy Risfoff John Sweeney Daniel Ryan .IX Q ' ' Qs- 5.-:-0 L 5' .,,, Seventh Grade II 5 f I BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Thomas Donohue, John Cunning- Anthony Panellu, Vincent Carilli, William Healy, William Mayer ham, Richard MocRoy, George Woitusiak, George Oddo, Joseph William Murray, Joseph Martin, Santo Oddo, John Murphy Clarke, John Antonaccio, Michael DeAngeIis, Owen McMahon, Ralph Fiorito. THIRD ROW: Louis Obssuth, Albert lampasso Joseph Garafola, James Augustihe, Clifford Muliero, Joseph Gerald Fassati, Kenneth Doyle, Gary Ryan, George King. Glaser. SECOND ROW: Dominic Migro, Joseph Aurigemma, Fifth Grade 1 Sf. BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Richard Caro, William Bebert, McCarthy, William Flahive, Richard Hamilton, Charles d Cusati Michael Perri, Stan- John Mortellaro, Edwar , l Ribert Sheil. Mallery, James ' ' John Van Otter oo, ' b ' ki Dennis King, Cohan, Andrew Kir y, lay Sawrc , SECOND ROW: Peter Derrico, Douglas 1 gl ,J X vi r Nlarelli John Fran- Joseph Naporkowski, Thomas Felmly, Hen y , cavillo, Carmine Ferrara, Thomas Orr, Anthony lauetti, John McCormick, Thomas Kiernan. THIRD ROW: Robert Helmond, Paul Grossi, Anthony Conti, Anthony Garcia James McGovern, UN N g?4a K . fx? Fourth Grade BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Paul Fino, John Bishko, Gerard Gerace, Edward Follini, Vito Arena, John Boese, louis DeBianco, Kuyanjiam, William Pepe, Hugh Drum Johnson, Peter Mongillo, Victor Delucia, Brian Brodshaw, John Keen Michael Dolan, James Tolleni, Peter Bederd, James McCarthy, Guy Yaguen ff James Gerard, Ronald DelGuidice. SECOND ROW' an, Gordon Kocher, o , Robert lang, Jr. . George ' I 81 Left to right: Thomas Lombardo, Peter McCarthy, Darryl Kowal, . .I Joseph Marrns, Xavier Goml a. Third Grade Y 1 1-1--I 1. "-1 1 .yi f N! l ft to right' Raymond Sarno, Henry Dupree, BOTTOM ROW, e . Thomas Callahan, .lohn Palmirie, .lohn Noporlcowski, Anthony Fierrara, John Matystik, Bruce McKenzie, Victor Costa, Vincent ' R' hard Cronin, Bene- Maffucci. SECOND ROW1 David Sparks, rc 82 dict Emonuele u rons, Raymond Corcoran Gregory Kopytlco Robert Green .lohn Honning sw' unit Y-v-.X lamp "N Hand uf-vi r.-as Alain" gm me-nat gil' yump -wn' pw milk tend i I HQ, H In f ' i-:rf 19725: Second Grade v luv xi FIRST ROW, left to right: Ronald loughne R y, aymond Bradley, Peter Milo, Nicholas Preite, Robert McMahon. SECOND ROW: John Dietz, Alexander Rosato, George O'Brien, Gregory Brad- ley, William Don t ' ao, Edward Boltano, Gregory Sovino. TOP Sk- ROW: Brian Martin, Richard Capone, Albert Brown, Thomas Naclerio, Thomas Henderson, Robert Imbres, Michael Moneagle, Edward Graziono, louis Ferrotta. 83 is S- Flrst Grade is is Iv- iuru Cl"N1 FIRST ROW left to rlght Bert Armoclda leonurd Morettu Strutton lance Shields SECOND ROW Donald Glantelll Ron Joseph Sherman Christopher Shea Rodger Helleman Dennis ald Senatore Robert DlSaIvo Richard DlBenedetto John Rublco Duffy Edward S th J ml oseph Marcatte .lack Malglen Paul Arthur Bordes ww-P" EE: 84 :- 0 ' - i 5 I W I , , I P 1 C - . -, . . . 2 T ' Q S ' i i 1 ? , N , ys. f .- - . Q sy' JG" - I . X 1 , l A N ,- ' . M.. . sf ' , - .Rf --" ' "' ' 1 " 1 J, X , g X , , ' 4 - K ' , I' X VN! 1 - U . 5, -Q. so R R A 'rs-. 7 free A 'R 1 - ' e , . z . I .I , . . Z . .I l I . I . I . I I I . . I ' Y , , , . - qi J I R ' Y ef sf 'if ' 7Q2T.5'Zf 3 5 5 0 W I R I J , . . K e. + I , K J + . ,, , I X Q Q 1 A own , 5 x' f I . . S - . First Section x 1.--SZA-x,-A -A V' BOTTOM ROW left to right John Judge Rodney Puleo Charles Wlllrams Robert Clifford Poul O Brien Francis Vrllano Robert Kelly Enrico Gorofalo Frank DeRosa James Greene Gerard Bove Hugh McGuire Peter OKeefe SECOND ROW John Mooney John Hays Mortm Sprlngstead Vrncent Flllberto Robert Clprlano Richard Sowmskl Gerard Driscoll John Camp bell Cord Rugen Angelo Napolr THIRD ROW Robert Johnson Peter McKenna Dennen Reilly Charles Ward Thomas Krawlec John Gelselmann Anthony DelPlzzo Edelbert Rodriguez Mladen Sparozlc Lawrence Groehl Joseph Wucher John Fox FOURTH ROW Thomas Mlddlemlss James Kelly Henrl Sessa Wllllom Whelan Francis Duffy Howard Lohman Richard Wagner Wll ham McGlnley oseph Marlon: Carl Diebold Donald Connor MV! is-. 'QU 1' ,N 86 U7 1:-...1 Y' !! .J M Second Section 5 gf BOTTOM ROW left to right Ruchard Ferry Tlmothy Hogan Rodger ONelll Charles Reuben Nestor Montllla Mlchael Blshko John O Donnell Ferdlnand Reubenocker Robert Chylak Michael Daly Leonard Murphy Paul Boulad Patrick Kenna SECOND ROW Alfred Cortez Albert Kellam Bnan Ahearn Alfred Mlra Raymond Wehner Gilbert Perez Matthew Sowul James LoPlccolo Harold lynch Pfenfer Wnlluom Duffy Wllllam DeltzC THIRD ROW John Sum Armando Aluo John Groh Davld Scanlan Jullo Gomez Carlos Espinoza Karl Zurn Edward Moneo Robert Donahue Phlllp Ahrens George lambfi Alelandro Allzo TOP ROW Wllllam Henery Thomas leddy Alfred Renzo Clayton Hollinger James Donovan Ferdl nand Monteleone ins- an 11- 'gff -' LSP! 'QQ2,qfv'v" 87 H' vu ii ! J-N1".. -1 nfl Third Section ,WK -wx Sa BOTTOM ROW, left to right: John Carey, Kenneth Taranto, Michael Mastrangelo, William William DiModica, John Jussen, Arthur Bausch, Ronald Belsey, Fred Buckley, John Crumley, de William Perez. SEC- Filomino, James Riley, Peter Casagran , ' ' .l mes Lane, Brian Fox, Norman ROW Stanley Sowrclu, a ton Legorberu, CND : ' C rmick, John Reda, Gas d Manning, John Mc o ' b t Helmond, Forest Stu e- Robert Ferrento, Albert Cerussn, Ra er 88 baker, Robert Keane, Edward Geaimo, James Farrell. THlRD ROW: John Van Otterloo, Joseph Hauser, David Gerra, Edward O'Brien, Ronald Reuben, Dennis King, George King, Kenneth Toohey, Lawrence Autorino, Joseph Martin, Lawrence Obsuth, Robert Maunsell, John Cunningham. FOURTH ROW: Paul Grossi, S'm, William Hammond, Gary Ryan, ' ' ff. Stephen Herman, Alan r John Charles, Wi man Lewis, Guy Risto lliam O'Connor, Nor A A ff cxflf Fourth Section 54' I -- BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Robert Disalvo, Paul Strutton, Thomas Callahan, Michael Tlolan, James McCarthy, Robert Joseph Sherman, Anthony Reda, Edward Smith, Rodger Heile- Green. THIRD ROW: Thomas Flemly, William Flahive, John man, Ronald longhney, Christopher Shea, lawrence Shields, McCarthy, Gordon Kocher, John Keenan, Richard Cronin, David Ronald Senatore, Richard DiBenedetta, Umberto Armocida, Sparks, John Hanning, William Bebert, Richard Caro, Charles George 0'Brien. SECOND ROW: John Bishko, Hugh Drum Mallery, Gregory Kopytko, Thomas Orr. FOURTH ROW: John Johnson, George Cutrone, John Matystik, Barry Dielmann, Brian Iazetti, Anthony Garcia, Thomas Kiernan, John Francavillo, Martin, Richard Capone, larry Becsey, Raymond Corcoran, Anthony Conti, Vito Arena. J ' 4 O is X CTI VIT ES AF W XAVIQ gui"-' , if Q r 4,,. 1' .M P gif? .fi he Q . .-x 4" J From I-even R9w: Pe Qld Sion. Backfer siriu . fkg J Row my Je f 0 :J h rry seph me: n FrunkI.Cu,bone son, Jan-lel:,DFrgnl: laifben Mo avisqn, E31 Ronordupxn, Richa d Grd co On'a I' B. 'ben na: John 'elef R - C01li obeff ' D0n. Bgnd C Sziiiienf: Vjzjlijnnomcers Sec resident Ro Muncuso Tre retczry: John Snold Momc czsurer: Josephclstt-M0nck no lzzuro ,Q Q, YU-OG?-AM Th P A Y- 'Y 1 Ov' NJ-wk Awww f 'Yxkumplxd Blurb. H0111 "Squid Xonzkxf' . . . liddml Gmg me Ykznm NVMLL ......, luhuvm Strung, Jr. lamb Lind: uv I. A. Rmlkn X ' f 'Ydo Hmm N ff hkmaie , . . A. Lunum lamu ll'ulnwu Nl:.Chmon l!v: x f Bam Egvdw , . . 1' -I Sihnwz Chuan Quinn ..,,... wmiam Muwuw Yhniis L ldv' 0xCmmzXK Yurick Badixcrk lr ff Somh ol the Rm .,,.. , . , ..... an. 1. Olimdnn 'I f hu x Yunnan Nlukn , J. lf. hllflhn xx M Ami:-nn YmoX ., .. F. W. Xlmhm.. lfiuhziaxi-MV, ... .. ,lfflummlr Salnnlz Rxshzxth Lfuhmd hrampannl Nuhmu Llatdxi m f 'Ymmkvne 'Yoboggan-, 'X womb--nc SnseXx5 .. . lim:-I H' 1 xx f Town Nm Ywikewz hx mr Caxhcdrd ..,... Gnlfm Yhe Sync--pufd CX-,ck . . l.u1.x nl'-A -Inurmiunun Pew' Si,-ian. I Wim Band Cha . mPlonghip hr ophy w On U' Town Hull . Ensem ble G wards f orm backs' ound. Band 7 X Cup: fluanl .lla 2 N ld: and Unule P Ulla: T ffm' lemon. . MCC. lag . Francls gi N'cho'n F rollfcf k TPC ' Foffl 1 ld Dicotm1 Gus D Puffid' . pon'-' Schw' ' iuno. ,enurfh :Allun h C099 Row: James Iegdlesflzzv Row: Jo n Frog? MgnCUS0.word. ell. WTIET, Chlilrleilohn 0 Conn Su e uc e 1 h W Jogep PROGRAM Til 471 Aw "un,,,r0v.,:.. .llll rf... fm C.f.,:.l. w .rum Na.. ' 3 NA WMP- 'If 'fb nnlvlh- 4-.. .. J If-...uf 4 N '7""I'4i lvfmlrpru: Pima Sol, ..... . . ham. mu.. -SVNZI: Anrb-my Cir-ll. 5 M Ekmmr Uumurf .,,. .... . ... . . L. vu dn.-4-,.,. 6 N Wir liluw Wann: Sq Quureq .. . .. , l'.,.1L,.,4, lu Alru: Rlvhud Galvnfl Thur: Flu-4,nrL l.,,,.,, ZMI AIM: Julm Kblzi Barium.-: Ruhpn .ll1m.h.n Ammnnm: Anrh.-ny Clrrlla 1 X 'I We I-'lrghz .n :hr Ilumhle HQ: Clump: M40 , Minh Aw..,4.,,, 501064: Willinm lllnfuwa a X We an.. wang. ,......., . Ln., ,f.4,,,.,. 9 X Yhe Sun and Slnlh Hunan I I' x., Ill s The .llvunl .Unch . . lim l'.,,,, 1. , 1 lb fn, 1 Q 1 CONDUCVOPS amvlm Gab-fe Uxwh A M5 .1 l ll, Carib . Gregory . BqCk' 551. hef- Amhof1Y G'oAd0'f me 1 Gunihepzl WY Carenc' . Reber Ang o noni. Duggan, James .X John ScoN-Monck, Herber? Whiieman, ' Robert Mooney, John Palumberi, Ono Wolf. Front Row: John Ferrauto, Thomas Spar- acino, Claude Puliccichio, Richard Jones, Joseph Geraci. Middle Row: Paul O'Brien, Charles Damiano, Richard Taranto, Joseph Nisfa, John Scollard, Thomas Phelan, lawrence Bradford. Back Row: Malcolm Denning, Francis McConnell, Eddie Rodri- guez, Jahn O'Reilly, Donald Henley, John Porco. 1: -L it ' W L ' I 111.4 Lf isnt-111-slung. -2 cow 1 sq Li 5 '- 5 Joseph Pizzurro, Charles Goekemeyer, Al- fred Tortorelli. Michael Smith, Edward Mooney, Ronald Peuino, James Duggan, Paul Gonycl, Reber! Bettini. 71-I The Tower' ASSOCIATE EDITOR , John O'Connell 4. .. Volume XVII, No. 3 December, 1953 CO-EDITORS , Michael Cahill, Louis Zuccarello SPORTS EDITOR ,.., Ralph Savarese ASSISTANT SPORT SEDITOR Lawrence Thorp NEWS EDITOR . Joseph Medler FEATURE EDITOR . James McCarfhy ART EDITOR , , . . Luigi Viola PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR ,.,. Raymond Flynn CIRCULATION MANAGER John Scott-Monck REPORTERS: T. Byrne, AF. DeRosa, J. Derrico, J. "This will look better," agree co-editors louis Zuccarello and Michael Cahill as they plan the format of the coming issue. Associate Editor John 0'Connell and Staff Photographer Raymond Flynn are interested spectators to the work on the lay-out. Fortin, J. Gfeller, J. Gilligan, T. Haggerty, J. King, D. Mulligan, V. Villacara, H, White- man, W. Wolf. FACULTY ADISER: Brother Kieran Martin Published nine times yearly by the Senior Journalism Class at Mount Saint. Michael, 4300 Murdock Avenue, Bronx 66, New York, Brother Athanasius Norbert, Principal. Printed by Gramatul Printers and Publishers. X . i 1. NL VV A-mu "T-72. gi X nh. S'fMl!'i1i,5 T Tamil! -. ..' D., ,- .N x l . - . 4 ' 1 James McCarthy, John King, John Gfeller, and Frank DeRosa gather for a lighthearted discussion of world events and the effects on four budding iournalists. The deadline has been met! Roll the presses! After submitting their news stories, the Tower reporters take a brief respite from the grind of accurate and equitable reporting. News Editor Joseph Medler ioins Thomas Haggerty, Donald Mulligan and Victor Villicara in a lively parley. Sports play an important role in the Mountie's life and the "Tower" Staff under Sports Editor Sav- crese certainly does iustice to that role. Thomas Byrne, Joseph Derrico, James Gilligan, lawrence Thorp, and Herbert Whiteman gather about Editor Savarese to discuss the coming issue of the paper. John Scott-Monck stands by as the magic pen of Luigi Viola goes through its paces. Guided by its master, this same charmed pen creates the fine art work found in each issue of the "Tawer." Each month during the school year, the upcoming issue of the "Tower" is eagerly anticipated and then, upon its arrival, scru- tinized with an intense interest. It would be well to probe behind the scenes to view the work behind a "Tower" issue. . A. -3, 'X-'1a?.:Z'fwHs News coverage is complete, the feature articles have been submitted, all that remains in the actual publishing. Off to the Bronx-ville Printery goes leo Fortin, issue in hand. The product of hours of labor is re- turned shortly to an anticipating student body. 97 f KJ am l x T 1 :ff FROSH CELL MEETING: This typical Freshman Sodality group, lcnown as probotionists, convenes weekly to discuss its spiritual, scholastic, and social problems. Their purpose is to better themselves and their fellow f ller Christian life. The discussion is directed by the Prefect. teenagers to lead a u T l - i D 4 I 9 I K SOPHOMORE S OD 1 f R b E' lllITY OFFICERS: flef . t to rlghn Sene- U Yr O en Matthew C mo' prefect J h onno'5 ' 0 n Conor Vice ' 'Pfefect, FRESHMAN so DALITY omcensz Cleft Q., ,gsm sem' ary lawrence Br ' een: P f Arthur Vlggiano' re ect, Werner Kohler: vice pref ' ect Sodalit "Restore all things in Christ" might well be the seal writ- ten on the heart and placed on the arm of every Sodalist. The true Mount Saint Michael Sodalist undertakes to carry out this apostolic command in a Marian way. ln our So- dality each member strives to form himself in the spirit of Catholic Action, a spirit so much a part of the papal mes- sages since St. Pope Pius X. But he does this in a special way, with a special spirit characteristic of a true Sodality, the spirit of Mary. A sodalist is nothing if he is not filled with the zeal of the Apostles, for he is not privileged to belong to the company of Mary solely for his own sake, but in great part that he might, under the banner of Our Lady, strive to win all hearts to Christ. Realizing that he cannot give what he does not possess, each Sodalist must try, day by day, to bring himself closer to Jesus and Mary. This he does by faithfully trying to live his Sodality Way of Life. Then he may, and indeed he should, seek to find Christ in the circumstances of his daily life, at home, in school, with his friends, in a word, wherever he may find himself in the fulfilling of his ordinary duties. This has been the ideal of every Mount Sodalist, to render himself most fit in every way to carry out the mission of his Queen and Mother: to labor until Jesus be formed in the minds and hearts of all men. ' s f x I . X Sodality officers: Raymond Barry, Ralph Savarese, James McCarthy, John O'Connell I Student Council 1953-1954 The Student Council chartered its course for the scholastic year T953-54 in the early weeks of October. The Councilors were presented with a three point program and their eFforts were directed toward the fulfillment of this three- point-plan. The aims of the Student Council were: 1. improvement of all social activities. 2. the support of all extracurricular activities 3. proper supervision of student council. These endeavors were to enhance the scholastic year with an all-embracing school spirit on the part of each individual student. The following Seniors were chosen for the parts of officers in the October elections: Pres- ident, Richard Hertel 4A, Vice President, Hugh McGuire 4C, Secretary, Gregory Carney 4E, Treasurer, Edward Dowling 4C. The following boys were elected to the var- ious class representative posts: SENIORS: Thomas Krawiec, 4E, Michael Ca- hill, 4B, Fred Turrin, AC, Robert Worhacz, 4D, William Stiller, 4D, Joseph Derrico, 4A. JUNIORS: Raymond Barry, 3D, William Duffy, 3B, John Mooney, 38, Michael Abruzese, 3A, Louis Gundlach, 3E, Frank Gagliano, 3A. SOPHOMORES: James Ryan, 2Dp Matthew Connors, 2E, Robert Elmo, 2E, Thomas Barry, 2B. The Student Council sponsored the Tower staff's trip to Villanova to launch its campaign of scholastic, athletic and social activities. Then followewd the first skating party at the Mount Vernon Arena in October. The first dance of the year was held during the Thanksgiving holidays. 5 I? 2 X H., F s if i 1 N 5 3 imc, The social calendar was abetted by the skating parties of February 4 and March 165 the bas- ketball dance evenings, which were culminated by the well attended Valentine Dance of Febru- ary. Miss Connie DePasquale, escorted by Jack Cozza, won the sweetheart contest. She was crowned by President Hertel to the delight and with the approval of the 200 couples in attend- ance. The final months of the scholastic year witnessed the annual Bunny Hop, the first Junior Hop on May 1 and the Senior Dinner Dance held at the Concourse Plaza on May 26. The S.C. fulfilled its pledge to support the athletic activities of the school by sponsoring the intramural program of basketball and punchball. The foul shooting contest was held during the second week of March. The Counci- lors played an active role in all the school ral- lies and supported the outstanding games of the season by poster campaigns. Their all-out efforts swelled Mountie attendance at the finals of the Westchester basketball tournament. Though not a disciplinary force the Student Council continued its surveillance of the school corridors and the bus stops. Student court was held Thursday mornings and all charges were disposed of with a keen sense of justice. The Councilors served as ushers for the various school functions which demanded such a service. The panoramic view of the year presents a picture of a corporate group working only for the interests of the student body. Each member of the Council deserves the highest accolades for a job well done. Special recognition must be given to President Hertel and his fellow officers and the Senior Representatives for their sincere interest in a program outlined during the early weeks of October. A deserving word of thanks is extended to Brother Vincent Dominic, As- sistant Principal and Bro. Patrick Eugene for their guidance and leadership as co-moderators of the Student Council. SMS- 'xf S52 ly L71 fi f These three debating teams sport a 30-I5 recordg l-rc Zuccarello and McKenna, Riordan Roett and John lynch, Ronald Bratone and George Mirubella. -s t 1-2 In the CFL Freshman-Sophomore tournament the above debaters scored the best team total, winning nine debates against three losses. lefo to Right: Eugene Haddock, John Farrauto, George Hommel, and John Coleman. JY? wig :. 1 1954 Forum The "spoils" of victoryg louis Zuccarello with his twenty-one trophies. The officers of the Forum talk things over, I-r: John Malich, Secretary-Treasurerg louis uccorello, Presidentg Jim Gilligan, Vice-President left to Right: Werner Kohler, Bill Whelan, John lynch, larry Groehl. fx Because of the time element in year book publishing an accurate account of forensic activities IS doomed to mcom pleteness However If this years record begins where last year s left off then the chronicle IS complete, If not current Hugh spots m last seasons sprung session were Ben Car ruthers and John Mallks two successive CFL firsts In dra matics and Louis Zuccarellos first In CFL ex temp Car ruthers and Zuccarello earned a trip to the Eastern finals In Pittsburgh where Ben finished third in humerous oratory and Lou placed second in has specialty The finals of the second annual Marist Tournament mcluded seven speakers five of them Mountles Carruthers won while Zuccarello and Gllllgan tied for second Outsandlng thus far this year have been the dramatic team of John Malik and Bull Whelan, who won the CFL dramatic tournament and of course Lou Zuccarello who has won two CFL firsts in extemp as well as the Bronx CYO Speech Contest The debaters narrowly missed the huge cup presented by Fordham University In the Father Gannon tournament They won sux of their eight debates tying for second place Blll Whelan and John Mallch show some of the hlstronlcs that won first place In the CFL contest Edward Delaney and Peter McKenna emote In a scene from Death of a Sales man Front Row, l-r: Gerry Cahill, Eugene Haddock, Werner Kohler, Hugh 0'Rourke, James loPiccolo, George Dimey. Second Row: Peter McKenna, George Mirabella, Richard Capozola, louis Zuccarello lwith CFI. trophyl, Edward Delaney, John Malich, lawrencce Groehl. Back Row: James Gilligan, Riordan Roett, Don Peterson, Ronald Bratone, John lynch, Bill Whelan, Thomas lewis. JUNIORS: J. Mungiere, H. Lohman. J. Pizurro HONOR STUDENTS IW -4 : Q 41' if Ja '1"'fi , 5' J 74 , -1 4 , ' 1196? 557325 1 . M' A 0 " Y 6 l v U Boys who have obtained 85 and 90cM: in all their subjects. Q! lxff l SENIORS: Back Row: J. Medler, J. 0'Connell, J. Scott-Monck, M. Cahill, F. McCIarnon, l. Thorp, L. Lawler, l. ZuccurelIo.Fron1 Row: J. Mennis, D. Peterson, R. Sovorese ., . lf FRESHMAN CLASS: Left to right, 4th Row: J. Dinoia, G. Floratos, 0. Wolf, C. Gropp, R. Buckner, l. Breen, R. Pettigrew, E. Hahn. 3rd Row: T. Barry, T. Devony, P. lar- lxin, R. Williams, R. lini, l. De- Mayo, J. Mylan. 2nd Row: E. Skor- slxi, F. Gunther, P. Breslin, T. Ca- pone, W. Kohler, A. Altier. Ist Row: F. Bradley, R. Allen, G. Dif- fley, J. I.oPiccolo, R. Poolucci. on S 1.3-v Honor Stud nt g eg ix.: gig ii I 5 gg 55 y K. T f, R g 5 4 ' , f fi E ? 4,4-J. V ll l Z 4 Q j fi -x,,s.,, J 5 E -,,. 4, Cf SOPHOMORES: Bottom Row: C Gallo, J. Coleman, J. Antenucci, J Scomillio, G. lubrino, W. Duffy Second Row: C. Ward, R. Elmo, J Thomas, F. Tucci, G. Schofield, l Caragine. Third Row: J. lambiase R. Sowinski, J. lpparo, R. DeAn- gelis, J. Nikolai. Fourth Row: N loscuito, W. Whelan, A. Bartles, l Graehl, J. Conroy, J. lynch. .xv 5 Sixth, Fifth and Fourth Graders Grammar Honor Students Eighth and Seventh Graders s 145. 'ii First, Second and Third Graders M n's Club gf QW f. Sa 6 ' 9 Q'- I 5 R, q 'Si - Comm - a son Com . 'Won b kf u al annual Fume' on iran" Ano"'eY r:li:C:sl1 Q Fr' McDonnell McDonnell addreSSl"9 9m P P- McCarfhY H Y' Mr- J. Cassidy: Rev' C' in Memvflul gym' munion M955 l T Annual Grammar Schoo Smiles of Bazaar success .- f. oufndmenl M if Mr. Clark Tuffaro adding finishing touches N. Peiersonl chairman to Ml. Sl. Michael garlh. Falher and Son nighl "" Af! ' 1. 5 1 fl -vi X xxx. others' Club Q. 4 Bridge party committee ' u f A 1 , . , L. .4 A . E. -V f Q- A 'W' ' "" ffMWi??5g M , . - V , . anagers J. Jud V ,L I ,Wm , K , 3, 99, W. Thompson, J. Denim K lk' 1 I A 4,- Qf 1 , i 1. , ff, l Traditional transfer of mallet by outgoing President Mrs. La Russo lo Mrs' Rol"'l"' new P'e5'denl' Luncheon and cord party at Mayev's Pres. la Russo and her gracious helpers ot the bridge party in Mount's Memorial Gym. 9 fu Ronnie Rescigno is hauled down by a host of Mount tacklers. MOUNT 6, EVANDER 'I3 The loss to Evander in the initial game of the 1953 foot- ball campaign stunned loyal Mount football enthusiasts. Defeated 'I3-6 the highly favored Mounties suFfered the first opening game loss in Mount football history. Out- rushed and out-passed by a hustling Orange and Black eleven the Mounties managed to break into the scoring column on a 45 yard touchdown pass from Frank Gagliano to Tom Pagani. Another "first" in Mount football, ushered in the same afternoon was the taking of motion pictures of the game. High hopes were held for its help to the coach- ing staff. 'Q it .- -gi , f ,nf mf . V, --' ,f Frank Sacco-tackle 4 s Thomas Krawiec-guard it ,i ...pus-cfs we-1' ' .QP 'Ill John Cremmins--tackle Robert Worhau-tackle Stan Guercio-back Thomas Acheson-back James 0'Connor, Co-Captain- MOUNT 6, ALL HALLOWS 0 Hampered by a rain soaked field, the Mountie gridsters offensive was held to a lone touchdown win over All Hal- lows. The steady rain which made ball handling and run- ning difficult, also kept all but a few die-hard spectators at home. Bill Krebs on a 4 yard plunge, scored what proved to be the winning touchdown in the opening minutes of the second half, after some brilliant running by Tom Acheson. MOUNT O, CHAMINADE 7 When Chaminades' fumble on the 2 yard marker was recovered by Bill Stiller in the fourth period of the game against the Flyers, it seemed like this would be the turning point of the game. It was the turning point alright, but un- fortunately not for the hard pressed Mounties. Chaminades' line held for three downs and when Jim O'Connor's try for a field goal went wide, they took their turn with the pigskin and marched the length of the field for the only score of the game. 55 4 3, . ,uf 5 .' gm rv, my -... V6 A I, A I P' 4 3: end Bill Krebs picks up fine blocking on o muddy McGovern Fuel , 't' 113 Dowling finds the Chominade defenses :losing the gap Robert Cipriano-guard James Campbell-back Eddie Dowling-back William Krebs-back Richard Sidoli-back .lack Ringel finds room as he swings the Mount's right end. MOUNT 14, FAIRFIELD 38 Armistice Day saw the Mounties fall victims to a hard hitting Fairfield Prep eleven on the winner's home grounds. The Blue and Gold's two touchdowns came in the final per- iod. The first was on a touchdown pass from Frank Gag- liano to Bill Krebs and the second TD also was set up by a Gagliano pass to Krebs good for 71 yards. Stan Guercio going the remaining one yard on a plunge. Jim O'Connor fThe Toei kicked both placements. On the return trip back to Murdock Avenue, the stellar playing of Fairfield's ver- satile back, .lack Ringel, was the topic of everyone's con- versation. 114 -J' X4' 'vf'ro.l-'lk' -- MOUNT 13, STEPINAC 7 With five minutes remaining in the game against Step- inac the 7 point deficit faced by the gallant Mounties seemed unsurmountable. But when COld Reliablej Bill Stiller recovered a Crusader fumble on the 15 yard line the Mounties tied the score on the next three plays. Tom Kraw- iec running the ball over for the extra point. Not content to settle for a tie Howies men went ahead in the dying min- utes of the game when a Gagliano to McQuade pass set up a score at the 15 yard line. Bill Krebs taking it over from the three yard line two plays later. MOUNT 14, HAYES 20 More than half of the 12,000 spectators at the Mount- Hayes game went home with poor appetites to their Thanks- giving Day dinners on this sad Thursday afternoon in No- vember. This Turkey Day Classic which for eleven years has thrilled many thousands of interested spectators was evened up with a Hayes win 20-14. The record now stand- ing at four wins apiece and three ties. Scoring the first three touchdowns of the game on a pass interception, a blocked kick and a 20 yard scoring pass, the Cardinals had little difficulty in holding down the Mount offensive which didn't get going until the final minute of the ball game. Scoring twice in the final minute the Mounties managed to stave off a shut out, but this was small consolation to the sad- dened thousands in the stands at McGovern Field. 115 51.1 Coach Howie Smith 5 ,,.,,,.-gi wwf-rl M. - Q A x, I' v " f f-.QM -ur V .1 A-Q 'ff' "X ' 3 5 ,. ', W ,I 5 IA 231511. Q 'Q I, " ' ' - ' 1 f -N U P' 'ai ' A ' , 1 'I . ' , 1 Q ,f A n , 4 .8 K ff .X , ft' .W 4. W Q F WV.. -+1 ' s - We I if A 'D' 0 lm N ' . 'Q V ' 0 . 3 ' 'kw2g5f"'ff1f " ,Miki . - ' ' .W ?f ' 'Q V . K ' K v ' Q, ng' 5 'Abk' fl z .1 . 41 'A nf ni,,,?Tz , '1 Sf Footba V1 0-if , rHk -mr- ,.., 9, :- ig 'H1 -1 ELT- O ,B ASN qv q 'E " -JT loan 'VA was Furst Row J Galto P 0Keefe D Sweeney R Crotty A Claps A Seckler P Cameron J Sluelds .I Vlllano Second Row J Cozza R Warnken K Bath J Morrlssey G ODonnell P McNulty R Blagar I. levln Third Row R Cassette G Goetschalckx P Paggl A DeIPlzzo P Mlta H Sessa Mount St Michael Junior Varsity 5 Wlns I loss 1 Tle ,s N' -. 34 117 4235 lin . 'fbi-. 118 FROSH TEAM: Seated: J. Grieco, T. Forkin, A. Donovan, R. Cor- tese, T. Jung, G. Mayer, R. Maynard, R. Williams, W. Hartmann Second Row: J. Kehoe, R. Delardi, R. Cusick, A. Viggianno, T Abruzese, J. De Noya, J. Caggiano, R. Tricario, J. Romita, R Frosh The 1953 version of our freshman football club added their bit to the prestige of our school in the gridiron sport. The squad was composed of 38 boys who worked hard and long to learn the fundamentals of the sport. That they did so, is admirably refiected in their fine record of 6-1, but their interest and spirit are things that could not be put down in facts and figures. As usual,.the vas majority of them had never played organized football before, but this did not hinder them from quickly assimilating the basic tenets of the game. The members of the squad ranged from a 6' 3" 220 pound tackle to a 5' 114 pound half back, and again, as usual, size was not always a de- termining factor as many of the relatively smaller boys made up for their size by a little extra drive and ambition. The season opened for the boys with a 19-13 win over Chaminade. After spotting the visitors a T.D. our boys had to fight back to draw even and then a 40 yard T.D. in the last quarter was the winner for us. St. Helena's Hayes annex was the next team to suc- cumb to the freshmen, the score being 25-6. Good, hard blocking and tackling featured most of this game and the final outcome was never in doubt. Pelham Memorial was the next conquest of the freshmen. Fine passing and running were featured in this 21-7 victory by our squad. St. Peter's Prep of Jersey City eeked out a 13-12 victory over our frosh but not be- fore they received a good scare. The final minutes of the game saw our side throw a pass 65 yards F DeGranby, R. Ross. Standing: Bro. Denis Richard, H. lindbloom L. Victory, W. Mergler, B. Leonard, J. McEIligott, A. Davenport J. Connolly, B. Boyle, P. Germaine, G. DeToia, W. Blankenship R. Buckner, Bro. Acquinas Richard, D. Cunnilfe fMgr.1. ootbaH through the air and the receiver ran it over for a T.D. However, fate had its way and the extra point try was no good, thereby giving our freshmen their first loss. A T.D. pass on the first play of the game against Stepinac frosh gave our boys a 7-O lead against the Westchesters, and that's how the score remained till the game was over. This victory was sweet but the boys were still smarting under the loss to St. Peter's. A return game with St. Helena's saw our frosh mark up win 35 to the tune of 26-13. This game gave many of our subs a chance to get into the action and they gave a good account of themselves. The frosh closed their season with a 6-O revenge win over St. Peter's, the game being played in the Jersey City H.S. sta- dium. The contest was rough but clean. The freshmen used a 5-4 defense that stymied St. Peter's offense to the extent that they did not penetrate our 30-yard line. The T.D. for our side came in the last quarter with but 3 minutes remaining. The victory was very good but also hard-earned. St. Peter's was a worthy foe and fought the Mount all the way. The Jayvee team of next year should profit by the line play of such boys as De Noya, Mergler, Breen, Davenport, Mashella, Lenoard, Victory, Cortes, McEl- ligott, Hartmann, Mayer and Buckner, while the back- field composed of Germaine, Viggianno, Kehoe, Grie- co, Donovan and De Toia among others give a good account of itself. These are the boys who showed promise of greatness in football if they continue to work hard. 1 1 Varsity Basketball On the surface, the cold statistics of a 19 games won and 11 games lost season cannot do justice to a team which faced the best teams in Catholic high school competition. The tabulated record, though true and official, cannot truly bespeak of the inspired play of this year's team. ln order to "close out the books" on this 1953-54 basketball season, we must strike a true "balance," evaluate our progress on the rectangular court and give due credit to our ever capable coach, Mr. Bob Mulvihill. Pessimistically designated for a cellar berth in league competition by most high school reporters and coaches alike, this year's squad finished 5th in the league, well in front of Stepinac, Rice, Xavier, and Power. ln winning eight of their league games, they beat La Salle who went on to win the Catholic High School Crown, and All Hallows who were "runners- up" in the Knights of Columbus tournament. ln non- league play, the' Mount met and defeated Manhattan Prep which boasted an 18-O record as Division 3 champs. Perhaps the most disappointing losses on the debit side of our ledger were the defeat at the hands of Stepinac in the Westchester Tournament, the five point loss to St. Ann's in our second league meeting, and the sudden death overtime loss to Hayes early in the season. No report on this season would be complete with- out some mention of the ball handling and playmak- ing ability of Gene McGuire and the finesse of our high scorer Ralph Savarese. McGuire led the club in assists with 118 while Savarese captured the scoring crown with 485 points, and grabbed the most re- bounds for a total of 201. Peterson and Breen kept us strong in many a game by their respective scoring and all-around hustle. Looking over our findings at the close of the bas- ketball season, we see that considerable progress was made over previous seasons and that the entire team deserves commendation for its play. We also find a favorable balance left in reserve for next season with a sound staff o fdirectors to lead the way in the years to come. . all X 17 3 VARSITY Back Row U to Q J Ca oll D Peterson R Fa E Breen J Cass dy R Sa arese E McGu re .I Hessemus W Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount arslty Fordham Prep :ce Haverstraw Manhattan Stepinac .. Xavier . ...... Power ....... LaSalle ..... St. Ann's St. Ann's .. Hoverstraw Hayes ........ Guercio hits two against Iona Duffy, M. Springstead. Front Row-KI to rl: S. Guercio, U. D'Anseglis, R. Parris, P. Sweeney, R. Barry. Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Scores All Hallows Tolentine ..... Fordham .,... Rice ..........,..... Stepinoc ..... Xavier ...... .... Power ............. LaSalle ....... St. Ann's ......... ........... Manhattan Hayes .............. ............ All Hallows Hqver :tra . W tries fo nop Sava rege 't 4 i X -K--1. ff' f".i Q ff SQ + b Peielifln ll ' r. ia Duffy fries for two against Siepinac A1dY'UP Y D'AnsegIio hoops for fwo VARSITY INDIVIDAUAL RECORDS Games Field Free Toial Name Played Goals Throws Poinfs Average Rebounds Assists Savarese .................. 30 169 141 485 16.2 201 42 Peterson .................. 26 107 71 285 11.1 131 29 McGuire .................. 29 89 86 264 9.1 124 118 Breen ........... ........... 3 0 57 56 170 5.7 172 56 Guercio ..................... 24 41 62 144 6.0 104 51 Cassidy ..................... 15 47 36 130 8.7 73 11 Duffy ........................... 6 21 8 50 8.3 17 6 Springstead ............ 5 15 4 34 6.8 15 8 Hessenius ............... 6 17 16 50 8.3 ...... ...... D'AnsegIio ............ 4 7 11 25 6.3 ...... ...... Fazio ....,...... ..... 4 1 9 ...... Carroll ..,.. 3 3 9 Barry ........... 2 2 6 Sweeny .......... 1 2 4 Parris ........ 1 0 2 Intramural Basketball 9 Back Row: left to right: Michael Frahm, James Shea, B.M,D., Vincent Fil- iberto, louis Gundlach. Front Row: left to right: Donald Connor, Stuart Merle, Ronald Freytag, Anthony Briganti, Daniel Healy, William Mariutto Top Row: left to right: Richard lewis, Kieran Both, Henry Sessa, B. Wm. James, William McGinley, Thomas Fish. Middle Row: left to right: it Robert Gokey, Cord Rugen, Neil Dapolito, Robert Johnson, Robert Ka- Q! minski, John Geiselmann. Bottom Row: left to right: Charles Burrows, Robert Cerroto, Robert Clifford, Robert Joyce J Af Front Row: left to right: Arthur Donovan, Salvatore Promuto, Hugh 126 Foulshooting Tournament Finalist: Ralph DiFiore IG Dunne, Robert Donohue, Edward DeGranby. Second Row: left to right: Joseph Medler 4A Fredric Monteleone, Dennis Smith, Bro. Timothy Leo, Donald Ritter, Robert Meyers Tr I - ack 1 - Wig' MOUNT OPEN TEAM First Row left to nght Anthony Cur ran James Campbell John Burgos Wallnam Stlller John Chrlstrunsen Vincent DeMouth Peter Cameron Thomas Krawlec Second Row John Antenuccn John Brady Angelo Fllupano Malcohm Denning Charles Wnlllams Charles Na dell Dennls Burbndge Raymond Honey !MgrJ Thrrd Row Martm Doherty Robert Kammsky Matthew Connors Rlchard Cassetta Arthur Seckler Rlchard Sldoll Robert Elmo Kevm Cooney lMgrJ Fourth Row Norman Cyprus Armand Odl erna Harold Frisch Vlncent Pettl Wllllam Krebs Donald Conway John Menms John MacNenl Peter Clarke Anthony DelPuzzo fMgrJ f-1 r 128 MOUNT NOVICE TEAM First Row left to nght Louls Caraglne John Melchner George Schofield Hugh McGulre Vincent Flllberto Second Row left to rught Ber nord Prendegast Charles Vrgola Frank M:Kenna lawrence Groehl Charles Gallo Joseph Rlccnorda Thud Row left to rlght Gerard Scanlon Norman Cyprus Edward Morgan Gerald Cahlll Potrlck McNally 5 1 5 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - r 1 - - 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I ' 1 1 1 1 , , . . 3 . O - .- 51 ,. -' . ' Q fo , , 1 3 1 1 S YL I 1 . , : - , , . , : J f' J . ... I fillg . -.4 'll ,,. -"1,w-'I Q ,F 4 A .4 566230 I' -sv .37 - ,Q Nr. 18013, ' "' " ' - , '- '- Back Row: R. Pettigrew linsetl, S. Rapisarda, T. Tobiasen, C. Hollinger, W. Henery, J. Sculone, A. Cortez, M. Thackaberry. Front Row: O. Gormley, J.GufTney, E. Smith, F, Schmidt, V. Clarke, J. Howard, P. Keena. Cross-Country Team Sl i 'Y -ll-S+' rl Xl' wg. Y'- as - . nv X 4 . 'A 6 l Q ,Yi I Q3 .f-5" -ef W-of-'g,, ei N l 3. I M x I f Y I f f f ,. xw"ff"i" I AJ , A 'Jw ' I ' Q- T1 Q1 ' H1 , W: A- A' .RQ ,W vu. f - 4 , , . , - , H- ,- - 'f 7533. 1953 Varsity - J. V. Cross-Country Team Back Row: R. Kelly, J. Mennis, R. Flynn, G. Schrade, J. Kelly, J. MacNeil, l. Thorp Middle Row: C. Nadell, V. Filiberio, L. Groehl, D. Healy, M. Cahill. Fronf Row: M Doherty, E. Connelly, H. Frisch, D. Conway, H. McGuire, V. Peni. ff' f 2 ,ff 1 5 tx. -.p, , Tri B H W r. Rober! BGPNSQ Und Mr' O - ,,- Dennis Bu rbridge 5 V i 1 .:, K. s-NM - , AT - 'f jf-1+ 'L '71 W QQ. ffm ,... ,, 4 . , I ...-l R555- !. MuHhew Connors T32 ASEB i Jgb wa- 'ha Front Row left to rught R Cllfford N Dapollto A Vugglano R Du Flare J Du Mora F Franco R Joyce .l Coua l Bradford D Sweeney Second Row Brother Wnllxam James Coach moderator W Mergler P Germain R Crotty C Gallo A Santelll E Pettl R Buelmner E Hahn R Conelly Mgr B.- fx K Bradford just makes it in St. Helena s opener. 'I33 Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount l l 9 7 'Il BASEBALL 1953 Manhattan Prep St Helena s St Ann s Iona Prep Fordham Prep ................. O. L. Good Counsel ..... Iona Prep .......................... All Hallows ....................... Fordham Prep .............. St. Helena s .......,............... Cardinal Hayes .............. Manhattan Prep ........... O. L. Good Counsel ..... All Hallows ....................... Tolentine .................,........... Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount VARSITY 1953 Manhattan Power ........... Columbus .. La Salle ........ Iona ................. Xavier ........... All Hallows St. Ann's ..... Hayes ........... Stepinac ..... All Hallows Hayes ........... Power ........... La Salle ........ Fordham ..... All Hallows Manhattan St Anns Stepmac Fordham ona ,j1,t5E,f -2 Front Row Francis Tomanelll louls Grundlach Mlchael Abruzese Frank Wlest Robert Catherman Gerald Robert Clprlono Robert Ruffnlo Wlllncm Thomma Robert McQuade Coach Howie Smith 9 l 3 4 . ' ..... 4 ' ........ 9 ..... l ................. UI is V 'U x 0 , ' , " X ,F 'gf A A, ' Morkey, Hlenry Schroeber Stanley Guerclo Top Row Steven Vallender Robert Rugnone Robert Regan: Baseball Coach Howie Smith gives sian- ing nine las! minule details before the Columbus game. left Oo right: Howie Smith, Richard Capouola, Bob Cipriano, Stan Guercio, Bill Mariuho, Greg Carney, Ralph Caufillo, Bob McQuade, Bob Elmo, Bob Ragnone, and Louis Gundluch. x I Sian Guercuo does ll again r,W ,,y Q. ,, . 5 if 5 rw: ' U l I 5 I D Holy Moss in honor of the Immaculate Concepiion Egan I U f"'Vl"""Urx'i '-'-3 , ,' N5 R J' Y 6 af. xi I 1 B Mm 99 1. I! -iw 0-JT Hifi! 5 if 3 Q ,W ! , , if , ? "-I ,:. Z, Jr i ,x Qeyyff 33,35 5 . G'. .U-" A . 1 w bw .fag N .Fw BLMNM A QS, 3, I +-4 ,E in si :sk ig, HQ ,Qs ar if 5 if W M ' NW , ' Q fe Z' 'wg '17 A-MW v.

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