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 - Class of 1938

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When the swiftly flowing sands of time have obliterated from aging minds all other vestiges of our youth, one imposing monument will remain untouchedffthe memory of our stay at the Mount. Now, at long last, we have reached the port for which we have been striving, the culmination of our high school career is at hand if we are graduatingl Therefore, we are forced by the attainment of our goal reluctantly to ring down the curtain on the happiness which has been ours during the past four years. To bring our joyous so journ here at the Mount to a close without manifesting in a material way the genuine sorrow that wells up within us would be to stigmatize ourselves as ungrateful. Our sentiments on this occasion find words in- adequate to convey the depth of our mesf sage of regret. However, cognizant of this fact, we are nevertheless desirous of pub- licly expressing the grief occasioned by our leaveftalcing of our beloved Alma Mater. Graduation for us spells success, Sucf cessful completion of the high school course and possession of that long sought after diploma are accomplishments of which to be justly proud-e and we are proud. But let us consider for a moment whether this success is truly and wholly ours, Consider the major role played by our devoted teachers and parents. Have not they, in a large measure, been responsible for filling the cup of joy and success from which we now so copiously draught? We can say truthfully, and without any sense of false modesty, that we, of ourselves alone, are undeserving of graduation. What then is our position? We have been the recipients of a great beneficence and hence our posi- tion is one necessitating expression of humble gratitude Page Tuwzlj IQ38 Our graduation represents years ot toil in our behalf by the Marist Brothers who, although they are inspired by altruistic mos tives, are deserving ot our warmest thanks. Each ot our teachers has been ot immeasur- able aid to us, Our tirst, second and third years' teachers, as well as those who labored tor us in the fourth year, are all co-sharers in our victory. Rendering sutti- cient and individual thanks to these, our benetactors, is, ot course, an impossible task. Nonetheless, we here sincerely express our gratitude to each ot these zealous men, be they still at the Mount, or laboring as quietly and diligently elsewhere. Special recognition must be given to Brother Francis Xavier, our Director, whose guidance and cooperation niake this annual possibleg to Brother lohn Lawrence, who in his initial year as Principal has earned the same virile respect that characterized our attitude to- ward Brother Linus William, Principal dure ing our iirst three years. The Reverend August Tapin, our beloved Chaplain, has endeared himself to each of us during the past tour years. His kindly and paternal guidance in religious matters elicits our fullest recognition and deepest gratitude, Our diligent librarian, Brother lames loseph, has many times generously aided us in our guest tor knowledge and thus merits our thanks, which we hereby otter. Concerning our dear parents and guardi- ans we have but one thought: we thank God that He, in His lntinite Wisdom, has seen tit to entrust us, in our impressionable youth, to men and women who are aware oi the inestimable value ot a Catholic high school education. We realize well that we owe them a debt too huge to be paid in mere words, but during lite it will ever be our aim to repay them with actions and deeds typical of men educated within con- secrated Walls. lt, by leading lives dedif cated to Catholic principles, we can reauite the love, devotion and sacritice they have showered upon us, we do here gladly and solemnly make that dedication. Sports and other extra-curricular activif ties have several purposes, outstanding among which is the manifestation of school spirit, How well the Senior Class ot '38 has P.l.Qc' T14 writ-mfg N , :Wh irraspea this purpose is easily ascertained by considering the large fourth year dele- gation on every athletic squad. Football, baseball, basketball, track and tennis teams have won many hardfearned victories through the assistance of Senior members of the sauads, Throughout the entire four years members of the Class of '38 have manifested on countless occasions their loyalty to the Mount. The Seniors who have participated in sports seek no higher tribute than to have it said of them that, whether in victory or defeat, they have always borne high the principles of sports' manship and courage which will ever typify the wearers of the Gold and Blue. Wliile speaking of sports and sportsmanf ship we feel it apropos to mention one whom we have come to hold in high re gard. His energetic leadership accounts at least in part, for the splendid showing the teams of the Mount have made in the last two years. f-fe is himself a true gentlef man and a fine sportsman, one who sets the example for the boys he coaches. The Class of 38 wishes to express thanks to Coach Howie Smith for the very successful teams he nas turned out, and may his suc- cess continue unabated. Brother Paul Vtfilfrids direction of our track team war' rants our congratulations and thanks. We are certain that under his tutelage the team will enjoy as many victories as it has in the past under his predecessor. We have mentioned above that our so- iourn here at the lflount has been a happy one, and we reiterate that remark with emphasis But let not the reader conclude that we have been inhabitants of a Utopia. The Senior Class of '38 knows well the pangs of an hours detention and the men- tal anguish one endures while awaiting the hebdomadal distribution of reports. Paraf doxical though it may seem, the momentary sorrows and depressions of our high school career have served only to endear the Mount to us for, following the prescriptions of our teachers, we have recuperated raps idly and have auickly regained our scholf astic equilibrium. During our four years at time Tflount, we have seen or wonderful transformation tak- ing place, When we arrived in September i934 with a class of eighty-ive we were fyiite ftY','lffl of tqe izct that stirs was the l'.1Lf: Tri swf,-,'1i fi largest Freshman Class ever to enroll at the Mount. But our record was short-lived and each succeeding first year since then has outnumbered the previous class. Coincident with the amazing growth of the student body has been the development of the campus and buildings. Since our first ad- venture here we have beheld the alteration of the Main Building to accommodate the large increment in the enrollment. We have witnessed the addition of two baseball diamonds to supplement the three already in use. lt has been our happy privilege to aid materially in the installing of a modern loudspeaking unit and in the erection of a new and larger grandstand. Our greatest pride, however, is the Shrine of Our Lady in the erection of which We were all co- builders. lt is fitting that the most beautiful portion of our campus should be dedicated to Mary, Our Mother, whose love we have been taught to seek, in emulation of our beloved teachers, who have consecrated their lives to her service. Thus it has been our good fortune to attend Mount St. Michael during years when it has been developing, as it Were, from childhood to sturdy young manhood. lf we aided in this development in even the slightest way we glory in the fact. As loyal Alumni, it will be our pleasure during the coming years to follow with deep interest the continued growth of our school. Finally, ere we depart, we must bow our heads in a silent prayer of thanksgiving to God on Whose grace our very existence depends. Here, we have learned to know Him better. The Chapel has been for many of us our sole refuge from the overburden- ing cares of the world. Now, on the thresh- old of a new life, we realize that knowing God and trusting in His Divine Wisdom will ofttimes be our only encouragement in a cold and cynical world. The religious instruction of our high school career will be of utmost importance in later life in counters acting the subversive influence of modern morality. We will not make the unfortunate mistake of forgetting God. Rather we, as Christians, will keep Christ in our lives, and we will never cease to remember what a Marist education has so deeply inculcated in us-the impossibility of lasting success without the assistance of God Almighty. "Nil sine Numinef' Pxge 'I'1ter1!i-Iftvtft MOUNT Al H994 GEORGE WILLIAM AITCI-IISON Mouniameer Track Sodallty Off1cer RAUI GEORGE AUSTER Sodallty Baseball Secretary Basketball Captaw PHILIP ANDREW BAGNELL Sodallty Mountameer WALTER IAMES BEGGII odahty Track Caplam General Excellermc Honor Rfll ROGIR RAYMOND BERKI LY Sodallty Q23 MARTIN IOSEPH BURKE Sodaluf Plge In H113 four vmm 'bmi-mimi' vmv IOHN IOSL PH BIGGANE 'blalrty School Sfvr" Award ROC ' O RONALD CELENTANO Sodalxly 5 ' ,'-'-'.,'- -','-'.J.,'.,'-'-,'4'-v-v,',',',,v,v4v4v4vf v4ygy4v4v4,v4y'wf-ygvf vgvgvfr 'EVE fyxgl ' 14.4 ' V V ' ef V V V e , , - . rvpvwnoluxwrvwnvntixfnvlvnvnvnvs v viva-,lvl V v Vlvl 1 uv v ' ' ' 'I 7 sw' S 5 ,, . f.. x ' f QI' r'4'z" Nav ' vQ141:':'L'L'4':':'Q'g':'L'Q'L':'g'L'4L 4 L14 4 4'g'-'f ' " vlvlvlxfnvfvnvn vlvlvr r ' rvrvrvwrvlvrvwrvrv V , , -. .v.?R J 1 , r r 1 Y K ' I N I . I C, . . I 1 AJ ' G, J AINEER RICHARD IOSEPI-I COUPE Sodalrly Mountameer Leglon of Honor, Track THOMAS MICHAEL DAILY Sodahty, Basketball, Baseball IOSEPH IOHN DI DONATO Sodalliy Sodallty Mountamee WARREN ERAN IS DONAHUE FRANCIS XAVIER DOYLE Sodahty School Spmt Award WILLIAM THOMAS DOYI E Soclahty Leglon of Homo Honor Roll Track DAVID VINCENT CRONIN Sodahty VICE Pres1de-nt Football, Baseball THOMAS IOSEPH DENNEHY Sodalxty, Track, S Hool Splfll Award P126 Tu 61111 iff 314144234.24'4'4'4-'4'4l4lLLLIQVQVLIQ 'L1L'2fL'l7Llbl2l2!2.'214'4L L A L 4 LlLl4'Q!f VL-IQYIQ 4 L ' xAvIVlVlVlVnVlVnV .Vw lx, IVI V IVIXAVNAVIVIVIVIVIVIVI VAVI VAVIVIVIV ' VKVIVIVIUIVIVI VAV V . I - , . ' 335. , Q 1 5 ' r S 5- :4'-'4'4'4'f X'4'4'4'4'4I4'4'4'4'4 4 4 44 4.'4-' .4 4 4'4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4. fnvwlvlvlvlvnxfnvnvwlvlvwlvwl V. V ,V V 4.4 I Vf V V V - , U v,-N , Mx . . . r , . . . . . . 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T ,V :f:'f1'1v-vvtvv: . , r YN ,, ,, J , 1. . , . r, . , 1 ,,', A , f. Y , A J A ' A, 1 . 1 r, ' ' HL r , fe 2 fr ' A , ,-.. ,. A 1 . . 1 . 1 1 f ., ' 'V , " ' ' - 9 1, ' 4- D . 'K T. gl QINEER l JOHN FRANCIS WAHER Sodullt Prcicc RQBLHWI CJRLGORK HEMI OI F Scw ol S QQ11 VM ALILI1 IDW MJIIIIINLJALL WOOUxOxJ T X VOX N '1 31 I HAR T 'R PHIL? U QI H IWW Q I I RPHY II TRAS CK JUS ' ' iTl51?Ii'IfItITIfl?fHfI1'f?I?ITk'f?lvI?.7.t.vIf.t.7 .f t TT? T ' ? " 1' ".- T f t 1 .7 , ' Q R V ' Y ' . I IAMES BERNZXHU MCCHK XFAHU 'T 1 fl H Q: Ll fy, D.1:1:.'-xzgfwg Scdaixig 3 8 fy Q V. Fifi " ' "'M"1j N'N1i' ' 31 j SC1iN1iL1':' 53511315 ' 1. ' xf 'X fOS1fii ffl L-- - 3' ' fy S3d31it','Off1:cr .'fJ,1.f'vI'ZCCY ,Un Q' Q' Q f ' ' ' X . A' J Q -. FIQAIIQ 5 L' LES f4'LRff' fo fllfii A"'.'iI",1 'Jgc 1. k - 5 .1 MOUNT l6P f?FFlUP VINCENT THOMAS RICHARDS IAMES ARTHUR ROBY Sodahty Cheerleader Sodahty School Splfll Award SAVERIO ANTHONY ROSSI WILLIAM IOS RUDERSHAUSEN Sodahty Ba eball Football Ba ketball Manager Page Tblflj THOMAS FRANCIS RYAN Sodalltf ALBERT MICHAEL SCIALLA ROR RT LOR L SCHOIL C I WILLIAM IJENIS SHERIDAN OOdCIl 1 liou 3 '1 J 1 Foal J' 1 Awir fi X A ,,,A,,,g,A,,x,NA,2,A,.,I,MA.A, A .Stu-, X . me M .L.4.l.L.4,-gg: 7 , ,Vo ,V ,V x,X,N, ,.'.fmf.vm-. . . ff.-f. . . . . . . . . . 5 , Y 'Wm' 1-'k'r':"L4vf'r-lf-l"K'Q QQISISEISSIS?t':'S'64t44L3Q41S339 8644614i224iISIS!i . f 1 3 , S F. . fe. 1 fs. w A44 ki k7 4 1 ' 1 Ixflfjllflll, l3'zg1f,l all, 231.111 4,111 N T 1't', ,. rtiaizcf,-T, Harm: ll C' ptafn, ill' .f 2 r'1'1:1' I r AINEER .519 EDWARD THOMAS SPARKS IOHN ROBERT STRACHAN Mountalneer Treasurer Honor Roll Football Traca IOHN VINCENT WALSH Sodal t Cuoc leave T ack FEQRGE IOSEDH WITT S afrlr Wll l lAll ERAlNJClS STEVE NS lr Footba l WlILlAl lOFN STRACHAN l vlou ameer 'Io 3 R ll Tac LEORUE IOSEPH WIEGMAN Sodalltj PRANClS IOSEPH ZIPPRICH lr Sodallly P120 T171 I5 016 v v v 5'v'v'v'v'v'v' 'N CASS"'CHlSltI4r1?I?fvIvI?I'Iff- H- -I' f " 'r ' f ' T ' f ' ' , A , . 7' Q: S 'Q' ,Y 5 2 7""T't7't'6't'"'t'T'f'f"T'f'f'-'flvlt "+I-'r""f""I'I" 5 Fir? 4 v':'2.5l5l5l5lSl5l'lvl"1I 'S 11196 K N' 'N IN T14 .i V, ,' -r N Q -T, " J A A I U ' '. v " ' 3 E . .y 1 7 A' , f ,- , - L J A f 4 , . . ' , . , l nl ' , l gm r 9 , 1 , 1, . A 'f - 1 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We the members of the Class of 38 anttctpattng our departure from Mount St lfrchael do here and now make our last wtll and testament a bona ftde copy of whtch shall appear m the Mountameer To our 1mmed1ate successors the luntors we entrust the responstbthty of conttnutng wtth undaunted zeal the furtherance and advancement of scholarshtp sportsmanshlp and school sp1r1t to whtch we proudly feel we have g1ven some tmpetus Remember the school motto Ad Astra Per Aspera lt has arded us lt wrll ard you To the sophomores we leave our undytng gratrtude for successfully a1d 1ng us IU our vartous sports throughout the year The future for you sophs IS h1ghly promlstng However do not neglect your studres Sports must never supersede scholarshrp To our freshmen we begueath a most chertshed herttage Our good example Be good boys study hard play hard and clean At t1mes you ll ftnd the gorng tough But remember that some day 3 ou too w1ll be Sentors and leavrng W1ll be tougher ln plred to lmutless generostty by the personal esteem tn whtch we hold these reclplents and rn the hope of benefttttng the group through the lm provement of the 1nd1v1dual we do further stratn the bonds of charlty by mak1ng the followmg bequests May the fortunate ones chertsh these legacres of thetr departlng elders and always use them to the greater advantage of themselves and the school l Wrlllam Stevens bestow on Iames Callagher the pr1v1lege of uslng my technrgue IH wrltlng some good excuses for lateness Dont use too many styles lun I Bxll Lauten do hereoy wlll to lohn lemback my rep as class sharpre Guard our colors w1th your hfe lack l Zeke Ford concede to Popeye SCllTT1lll my love for the Blg Apple Shce that Apple Pop and atve 1t on the down beat l George Wlegman do so ordarn that Peter Pagano shall hereafter and forthwrth carry on the rllegal use of the gas range tn the Chermstry Lab l Edward Hart leave to Peter Fgan my drag w1th Brother Paul W1lfr1d Do not rely on tt too much but 111 t remember Pete that 1f you fall once try agatn They eventually cant keep a good man down l Drck Escher begueath to Dvck lynch my radtcal and ocralrsttc opmtons 1n the htstory class May you votce them ln the true sp1r1t and keep a tratght face l Streaky Strachan forsake to Prancms Doherty mv reputat1on as phllos opher and orato of the Senror Cla s Start outttng pebbles 1n your mouth whtle at the seashore thts summer l Walter Beggln entru t tc Zeke ltttlefleld my sprked shoes PFIZG them w1th your heart and soul Zeke T Matthew Hanratty confer on Francts Sm1th the unttrtng zeal to be absent a few days a month ln w tness wftere f we afftx our seal and 1gnature on thls twenty thtrd day of Iune lQ3S THF SENIORS OF 38 llclffl , . . . I A I - V - 1 1 1 1 '- I 1 I I I . . tt 11 , . . . 1 . S, , . o - .1 . 11 . . 1 tt . 11 . 1, . . 1 1 7 Y . . ,. I , 1 . 1 . tt 11 1 1 - 1 N t. . 11 .1 11 . . . . . , . .t 11 . tt - 11 1 1 A 1 - 1 1 J - 1 1 1. 11 . . . , , . u , . , .1 . . 1- 1 '3 I I . 11 1 C , , , L1 , 1 1 ' ' , ' 1- , F . 1 ,-,, L t , , Y S ,1 , - . . . , , ', A, , t , , . , Y . , . . . . l fl r S ' , ., . 1 I " ' , .IQ J I 71-1140 Recently the wrrter took adt artage of one of Westchester s well stocked lakes to satlate hts lsaac Wa ton propensthes and whtle the prscatory results were absolutely negatrve the afternoon was far from a farlure Propped aaatnst a tree trunk l watted patlently for a welcome pull at the batted hook but apparently my flnned fnends were abstarntng from worms dur1ng Lent for altlnouah hou s pa sed not a sohtary tug was felt Then to pass the trme l reverted to ck ldlsh pleasures and began tossrng pebbles 1nto the blue Waters The c1rcular rroples thus created had a soothxng ffect Althouah l grew tlred l co unued throwrna Suddenly l notrced SOD'1GflWITTq oeculrar about the rtpple formed by the la t stone l had thrown l that an tmage l behold? lt IS Why tts Phll Bagnell leadrng an lrrsh arr ty aaarnst London But the rtpples are growrng farnter and the scene IS fadrng lll toss another Ahl Theres another rmage No there are two lt s Dave Frnn and Ed Spa ks representrng New York and Mount Vernon at the Annual Conference of Polrce Chrefs A calendar behrnd therr seats reads luly 7 H360 Another pebble Another npple Another 1mage Thrs trme a strange scene of Wrll Geary workmg frlhng the gas tank of a combmatron auto mobrle arrplane at a busy rntersectron a mrle 1n the arr Agaln the pano rama fades and aurckly l revrve tt wrth another splasn Thls scene IS 1n a telev1s1on studto where Tom Datly the 1900 counterpart of Professor QUIZ IS openma hws program w1th the phrase he has rmmortah ed l wanna ast yer ometh1n But before he can contrnue the npphng prcture fades 1nto notlnngness ln raptd successton l toss three pebbles and catch gllmpses of Coupe Auster and Dlck Escher Cot pe rs lectur1ng to a group of Afrtcan pygmtes the super colossal productron Lot e Lrfe of an Athlete Only Pschers head ts Vlstble as he IS furtouslw dtaalna a drtch Wrthout beneftt of another pebble the scene changes to a large New York frurt market Here comes the propnetor lts Celentano And look at those crates marked McCauley Lauten Brg Apple Farm Look at thrs scene The crrcus no less There s the S1amese Clowns VValsh and Donahue and theres Frenkels Renowned Acrobatrc Troupe Here goes anoth r oeoble and here comes Dave Cromn Hes postng for eyeglass ads Those cornflower blde eyes chnched tne pos1t1on undoubtedly Theres Erbacher actlng as stand ln for the Sph1nX 1n the htstorlcal prcture land of the Pharaohs Whats th1s'9 Another notron prctnrel Yes Theres Brll Shertdan play mg the part of Rhett Butler rn Cone W th the Vt 1nd So they frnally made that ptcture eh? Thts scene looks famrhar Why rt s l rechmng agatnst a tree and hold1ng a frshrng rod Oh Ont Whos that gruff lookrng fellow cormng along? Hs badge says Game Warden Look at hun pokrng me wlth that strck Heyl Ouchl W where am l'P l must have fallen asleep What a dreamt Whats that m1ster9 F sw? N l or lnt catch any Hal Hal l wont rnentton that dream to the fellows lll watt a few years and 1f rt comes true lll let them rn on rn! po ers a or sorcerer P1 lfnlyln ' 3 8 I N ' 6 0 . . , . . . . r 1 A , A , r . T F . e . ' ri' ' . , . T . . L - . ' - I ' A 1 M 1 . . A NA V , J I A . , 7, 1 '. ' K ' r ' on "How To Be Successful Though Small." Paul is on location completing I 1 A I 11, 1 ll .S , I , , . , .. l .1 , l 1 I l , . , . A M . J. I A , . L . A . . .. 1 i ,. I 4 . . , , . . Q T ty yy . , . ' , ' , ij . . o, "Q ' V . . ' ' . . ' ' W , s ' . ..g,'47"V-flu T E VOICE OF CLASS 38 0, 1 Q 1610111 11 S1 1391 C1 1T111 01 U2 1 fl 1VP 'S 1 1 fl B G y '11d1eQ1 f BGA W11 P621 'f' ' 0111 111 C11 DDQ 1 15 171 vr TI f A 1 11f F'JvO111O XVII 1 1 v 111r PS1 C F I' I 11 1f11 1611111 1XOk7C11 1111101111 11116 LIL D161 W 1 1 'TT 111 vTfT11 1 Q Gmc Fc C1 1 C111 111' a V QF H I 11-f P1 1101111151 51111571 1f:111Q,: 1' :f'1,1111c3j,' 1 , x L111111 111111111 11111111:: f1Cii':x1111',' Be. 'vfii .5711 T1 1 1if1fs 1.f11iqfJ11 1,1021 1 1111111 A7151 fp". ki 1111111'11111C 'W1111'1::, 111' 1 1.f,.i1 CCI'??OT'.' 1 , 1 , 1.fC'f3 , 1 1.'0.1 D 11161111 1XV1111TfIi1 Sff'fC11fTI'1 1.115121 1 1""11 111111 1-.?C1101 H951 1'rc11k 1C1XI. ffr'111Q: T1 ' . 1.11 , 1'1f'1f1T 11131 ..'f1fa1 11111111 V' 'IH11 111Qt111111,1:1 F A' 11 ffC 1117101 . T1 T .3 Ilmcw 119112 14 C' 122111 'A.' VX7111C111li 5411'1Qi11111'1 A111 '11 11311 1 '111ri1:11 151 114' 'X .-1 11311K 1' 1fiff1i1i . Ark? 1 f1 '1 11- u111'1f1111 351 1' 1j"f1'1f111 FfVf7.A1,' 5,11 f'f11fi'11f? f"'f'1.C11i ' . Q if C 51263111 Sf'1iIQ111'3' K gif Fi: 13 ' 1191111 111f1I. 59'-31 '11' f ff' 1'3"1fr1"11111:1 111:11 1EI.1QT1'1ff11 1111111111 L11 'ilf' 11.11421 B: 131 into i1 1110 Ycgizr 1-110 ff FQ 1 Q10 2131? 1"'1'.1O1i1f? f1i1:i1',' f,"'f11!:" f1'1"i' V -1 1f1'Y'1YY' C ASS 39 ln the newspapers of the world are recorded the htstory mak1ng events of the day Wars floods and other forms of devastatlon are wrltten down to be reg1stered rn the chromcles for future generattons Therefore we the lumors wrth lournalrsttc tnclrnattons will strtve to place before you for your mforrnatron an eprtome of the scholasttc year 37 38 Successes and uc tones were scored 1n 1ntellectual sprrttual and extra curr1cular f1elds Our g1ants rn scholarly endeavors brought the class renown and glory at each successtve monthly readtng of the marks Betrne Dornhoefer Doherty Crowe Walsh and Mtller me-r1t specral mentron for thetr excellence rn scholastlc achrevernents A healthy rtvalry ex1sted between these students whtch spelled formtdable oppos1t1on to all other contenders for honor places Relrgron was consrdered of prrmary rmportance Under the gurdance of the Brothers lengthy and mterestrng conversatlons and dtscusstons on per plexrng moral questrons helped to develop 1n us a true sense of Chr1st1an Ethlcs Thus was progress made toward our pr1nc1pal goal a better know ledge and deeper understandtng of our Catholrc fa1th l-lavlng assrmtlated the theory 1t was essentlal to proceed to the practtce of Chrrstran prtncrples And the lumors showed the way Every Frtday morntng w1th true Sodaltstlc sptrlt between 75 and QU percent of Class 39 forsook early beds and pro ceeded on longer or shorter tourneys to the Mount rn order to be present at the 7 30 Sodallty lvlass At ttmes the smcertty of our promtses was sorely tested by the cold of wtnter or the unpleasantness of ratny days But the lunlors were there and st1ll showed the way Tn1s and such practrces helped to mold strength of character and to draw us nearer to lesus through the help of Hrs Blessed Mother lmbued w1th rel1g1ous zeal and rnsplred to more vrrtuous endeavors we go on to our several tasks and asstgnments of the clay lumors whose names are clesttned to some day grace the hall of fame of scrence and engxneerlng travel to the physrcs lab to the drawrng room or to the maths class Our future professors lawyers and yournaltsts lrsten to the enthus1ast1c teacher readtng what CICGTO thought of Cat1l1ne or s1t back and smtle at French Jokes whrch are Greek to them The medtcal l1gl'1lS of the next generatton are 1n1t1ated 1n the mysterres of therr later profess1on 1n a Brology lab redo lent wlth odors of formaldehyde long dead cats and very r1pe eggs And so IH the halls at the change of perrods you meet Thlrd Year Men who walk about w1th GITS drstraught Some are worrytng over an tmposstble sctence asstgnment others are bru1s1ng thetr fnger trps tn franttc sea ch through logarrthmtc tables vhrle serxes and progressrons are runntng rampant through thetr brarns Future dtplomats and rnternatronal men of affalrs pace the hallways wtth that slow long strtde whlch we always assoclate wtth mrnds whrch carry the burdens of the body pol1t1c P136 Thug vzx A 1 - 1 1 1 1 . . . . 11 . - 1- , - . A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' - 1 . . ,, . 1 1 1 - 1 1 , ' . 1 V .. .Q . . , '- , . A 1 1 1 ,I .-'. DOHERTY BEIRNE GALLAGHER KRAECK Presrdent Vrce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer Yet let us turn to less ser1ous toplcs lest the reader be led to beheve that our hves are lackmg rn fun and relaxatron The varrous trelds of sport have drawn generous quotas from Th1rd Year ranks When the call came tor football candrdates our class responded wrth such stalwart as M1ller at centre Conforn tackle Kolman guard and Captam elect for l938 These blocks ot granrte IH the lme were supported by such substrtutes as Lynch Kraeck Walsh Carroll and Ruckert Our human battenng rams and fleet ball carrrers Were Cahrll Kurth and Crowley Some of these have already made prgslcrn hrstory at the Mount all w1ll certarnly do so next season Wrth December came the appeal ot the 1ndoor court Here aga1n Iumors were rn the spotltght Mrller top scorer tor th1s year and Captarn elect for l938 1939 Kurth Donaldson and S Murphy were mamstays ot the team and contrrbuted materrally to the success of the season Belrne and A Murphy also drd therr brt rn securmg tor the Mount a second place 11' the C H S A A Crowley and De Santrs led the layvee to top place 1n tnerr d1V1SlOU and assrsted rn br1ng1ng another trophy to the school B11 Kearney assrstant manager was a good Samantan to every player on the team The commg of sprmg has brought out the he oes of the ctrder path the sand p1t and the dramond Doubtless here aga1n the Clas of 39 W1ll up hold the best tradttrons of the Gold and Blue However that IS future hrstory The approach1ng month of lune naturally brrngs to mmd the advent of trnal exammatrons and the departure ot another Semor Class Both supply a note of regret to an otherwlse glorlous penod of the year But we would rather close wrth a Word ot optrmlsm the happy endmg of a pleasant and successful year at the Mount Congratulatrons to our departmg elders for therr four years of success may the last year we are about to commence be fl worthy emulatron ot thetr rnsprrrng loyalty and act1v1ty for the Mount P 1 Tbzrfy . Y ,, I . , 1 . . rl . 1 9 I I I I I - ' , . . , . , 1 , 1 - , . 5 . . , ' ' - I I ' A ..... , . . . . . 1 . . 1 , - , . T l , t- - , . .v r . I .ge ' 1-Arlen filft' Tfbif-fy-figfbz CLASS x1 9 1 P' D s L fv- J II WIS 111 f' CIF G 'X I' I I 3 9 - A iff ' 1352111114 '," ' 1 'A,' 71' f'1':1t',' f':111i-9 1 if 11111111 11' f,1gj:f'11-T P9 911111 , 111 '1f111i11 Ffiftijis' Eff11'11f1, ?fi11'1:'Q f11'1':5' 1' Q 11 f1:1,1'11 11 'A.' 1.11 5163311511 F ff'111gi11'.' '..A 15111 7 fi'21:i-1 ',,' 1g1?r1i 'T Kfiifii 1 n 151111 f 5 611191 T:1"1g1r,e ' f':1111i1O1Qi 17111161111 ' PX 1 171 1111 '1' fi' 11:1 XV111-'-11 I 1 111i11f1eH1f1f1, Ywlv'Y1111fili. Q1 1' ifcr1,:.,1': EY .f1f,TL' 1? Lf ff 9531 V1 ,"' f::11.1f-1 A '.',' I 1K '.'11Nt,' H1111 PM JI" :1'j. 1-.zwtl 1.1:. 21111 5111.11 C L A S S ' 3 9 - B 211:11 11'w ff1c:1:1'1f1 f '.'fi1l5'11 f3111'1 T f.L,1111'Kf11,' Sy1'.'C:fs11,. ffm-f'f'g-O:'113',' TVRvT"!Lfiff L ff111G11e2 111111 11 Nally, LVc-11,1 H Lf ' '.'11'111tfv1'1i 151 CLIE' 111 L1g111i ff E'1:E:lC',', 511.1 P' If 9 eib C1111 15: 913395 1. 1-'1 fiizrigefi v,'vYi11f:I'Ik I. Klgnef, 1711111013 I 5511111 v 11-511 T C111 '1:111 131 ffz wg 'K,' '31111 ' 1":1111.f1 EOYTYTIKKI "1r1'111, ITIL f111111. ?.:1'i1CI1LCi Lgi,-.1115 Li jillllifili f'1111Q:, " 'i iff- 152343: T 11.'1ifr', 1x1 " ff '1 111: 1111 111, 31211111 15 'fi 111 ffl I-l?1P'j f'lf11P11 1 li i ff: ' lN11111f-':,' ' ff 11: :1',' A191111 1:11 L AQ1'11f11111vy AUM 'ri 1. '19 ' 1111 q: ,.'1 1.4 Lf'.'1111 C L A S S ' 3 9 - C li f 11151, 2'1.1gif11'1' if 1:1:111, 1:1114 ff. ?QCQ'11i ' C 3Lf'1Y'1i'f '11'Q11ei f 151111111 'W L:'1w1,1 'vibe-11 J ' i111i LL ,"111g11'g 1,1-111 P dHgt1.1111e, vi-Llllilfiff fi If-11 L ' :111 1 11,111,111 ' 11-1.1 1:11 1 1119- H ,A'1 f :.i " ' 11 V Ei 11: 111, Fel'-'-: 1 ' :1 1 V 1.1 "1" iw-1'1i :1 '1 fi 11 Effff Q 'I111x1 I1K:1ef-11 '11 11 ' f., 92:11:11-1 1:1111 " C ASS 40 Upon tlte arrival of September l2th a large group of ambtttous Sophomores overflowing with latent energy returned to commence or possibly recommence the work of Second Year l-low different was this ftrst day of tltts new term cot tpared to that ttrst day a year prevtousl Then W ltad stood tent and wtde eyed gazing at the hundreds of unfan tltat faces about us tretnbltng on the threshold of a great and as yet unknown adven ture Now we cante back to famtltar scenes greeted our many friends v hott we ttad not seen since the previous Iune went about with the nonchalance of old timers to whom htgh school ltfe ts already Ancient History Ten weeks away from the books revived our eagerness to make good tn our several subtects Some of these were old acquaintances from the past year others were sttll very unknown quanttttes Religious tnstructton the fundamental and rnost essential study for a Catholic was naturally the first subtect presented to each of us as we entered school The rernatnder of the day for most of us was dtvtded between English Latin or French Ancient History Plane Geometry Mechanical Drawing or General Biology History brought Us a knowledge of the ltves and fortunes of the famous or infamous characters of the past The math period was spent amidst a perfect maze of axioms theorems postulates and corollartes which at ftrst left tnany a Sophomore tn a state of dizzy bewtlderment wondering tf sense and order could ever evolve from such confusion and chaos But application and especially the patient efforts of our teacher Brother Leo Mary lelped to Euclid The study of our native tongue English was not always the pleasant matter tt might at ftrst be presumed to have been Correct grammar and common usage seen to have but few tneettng grounds Many a long cltertshed colloautaltsm solectsm or barbartsm was ostractzed and had to be deleted from our speech and compositions Of course there were reltev tng features to tlte period when we made the acquaintance tn some cases a merely nodding acquaintance tt ts true of such characters as King Arthur Str Lancelot Sherlock l-lolmes Monsieur Beaucatre and Stlas Marner Lunch brought a respite and a chance to catch up on some of the assignments over which we had fallen asleep the evening before Wiser members of the class studied home and entoyed three quarters ot an hours recreation during that time With a none too toyous Salve we found our selves tn tlte Latin class to open the afternoon session Caesars exploits tn Gaul enthused a few anesthetized many Practically all of us are of the optnton that Latin alone would have been sufftctent to terrorize the Gauls and drtve them off tn flight lt certainly has taken tts toll among us But do not envy the French student Those of us who took up the study of tlte poettc tongue of Cornetlle Racine and Moltere have often wondered tf some of those poettc sounds would not regtster more accurately if pronounced through a gas mask Twtst our Jaws tongue and ltps as we will we feel we tave never done 111 ttce to certatn of the French labtal or na al ounds lt s probablx an art ll lovlt L I f f 1 1 t , ' . A Y I. I D sl ' f , A t' ' r . . , ' ,. J X 1 . A , A I , dispel the mist which had befogged our first approach to the mysteries of , 4 , , y . I . . I . I t Jbjft, I .V F 1 M ll3Ol.ARO ZARELLI DONNELLY FINN Presxdent VICE Presldent Sec etary Treasurer And w1th the three o clock bell came the welcome trek homeward or the hours of emoyment on the campus provldmg we had not rncurred the sentence of an hour 1n Jug Ohl for the shades of a Chaucer to frttlngly express the tales of woe and sorrow whtch the p1lgr1mage to lOl evoked A word of our sp1r1tual act1v1t1es Throughout the year helpful talks were grven to us by well chosen speakers Then too a large number of the class were enrolled ln the Sodahty of the Blessed V1rg1n on the feast of the lmmaculate Conceptlon Lrke true Sodallsts forsak1ng our warm comfortable beds we arose early each Thursday mornlng to attend the lrstened to an rnstructlve talk by our Moderator Brother lohn Lawrence Early ln the school year we had the very s1gnal advantage of followmg the exerclses of a three day retreat conducted by Bev Father McFarland Sl Durrng the thlrd week of March a whole week was devoted to the study of our future vocatlon The helpful talks and d1rect1ons grven by Bev Father Berd Sl w1ll certamly be most advantageous to all of us ID selectrng our later l1fe career Mental and sprrltual actrvrtles must be assoclated wrth vrgorous physlcal act1v1t1es 1n order to round out the l1fe of a true Cathohc boy The tallor and the shoemaker could probably say more for our physlcal act1v1ty than any one else Sophomores suppl1ed the future thews and slnews of every athletrc team of the Mount Perdomo Kerrlgan Clpolaro and Celentano were our stellar representatrves on the Varslty Football squad Basketball benefttted by the speed and s1ze of Kelly and Benson and by the experrence of Perdomo Kenny w1ll aga1n hold down the hot corner on the Vars1t'y Baseball nrne Spores of trackmen must have blown through the classrooms whrle we were ln Freshman There are so many Second Year men out for that sport that rt would be too long to even mentlon the pr1nc1pal candldates lust watch some of those boys 1n our track meets Heres a toast of sympathy for our rlvals The racket wrelders Page Mr Deweyllll w1ll have much to be thankful for the coachlng and encouragement of therr moderator Brother Sylvester lohn At the present we are buslly engaged putt1ng 1n the fme touches to our part ln the gymnastlcs exh1b1t1on to be held on Sunday May l5th We expect to have some of our fathers and mothers standmg aghast at the dar mg and sk1llful explolts We Wlll demonstrate as our part of the show lust watch that wand drlll for one th1ng Mr Smtth should feel proud of hlmself when we walk off the freld And wrth Regents exams headed full steam towards us we hurry away to our books and asslgnments P age F0119 ne ' G 1 A 'W Q , a 5 gr 3 -AA V V ? . A I ' f K 'QQH fw seven-thirty Mass in the school chapel. Each Wednesday morning, we L ' '-U Page Fong-,fzro C ASS 40A Back Row Arthur I Scnoll Arthur P Kearney Ttomas P Longo Robert I Haley Iohn Nl Stokes Mrchael L Zarelh Ioseph A Rrchen IohnI Rattery Walter P Rozett Tl'11rd Row Iar es I Cunnmgl am Edwtn T Elan gan Walter E Stokes Davrd I McGregor Eugene E Meenagh Erancts E Eoran EarlI Holtrer Dan1elL lflurphy Walter E Burns Erancrs V Perdomo Second Row Ioseph M lmpertal Iames R Mcltanus Iohn lvhtchell Ioseph E Burns Robert I Wallace Eerdmand Ercohno GeorgeI Erohhch Patr1ckI Ahern IonnI Duane Eront Row Wllham B McKeown Iames A Sheppard Angelo Calabrra Wuham I Murpny Edward L Moran Vmcent Staract Gerald S Rogers ASS Back Row Ioseph E Marcantomo Herbert G Bechdol Edward P Eustace IamesI Eay Wtlhan E Parsons AltredI Klag VV1ll1CIl'1" S Cuff Ioseph A Earrell Raymond V Duffy Tl 1rd Row WalterI Sress Robert L Bryan Iarnes A Egan Walter D Byrne MatthewI ORe1lly Peter E Qumn Patnck A Klrwrn Ioseph A Earrell Lou1sI Celentano VV1ll1CII'1 E Hughes necond Row Iohn G Ross Iohn V lfcliernan Wrlltam E Dafrdson Walter A Hynes RobertI llcGee Ioseph E Caz7uhno WllfT1dI Gagen Robert L Gunntson Plac1do C Etore Eront Row Robert D Hunt Tl omas B Donnelly Erancrs A Iules Robert XIV Hennes e EdwardI Eay Aloys1usI Wttt Thomas E lturphy ASS 40 Back Row Iohn P Clancy Emmet K Carr Erancls W Archloald Bened1ct R Ltuzzo Robert A McGown Iames W Mclntosh Walter W Ruth V1ncentI l cEnaneg Iohn C Baue Thrrd Row Edwtn H Walzer Lawrence I Hartnett Thomas A Gernon Tno as W Lvnch Raym nd E C rcoran Wrlham R Carroll Ioseph W lflentz T1omasI lAcGurl Enr1coI Cloolaro Second Row Paul G Eetrck Ge rg A Nrcholson Eawm R Iackson Peter R Rooney Tnontas A Ertzpatnclc W1llamI Ierreld Wrlharr W Erlclcson Stephen A lfluldoon Harold E Kenny ont Row Rtcr rd I erme alt L Trdxalend Rob Trghe P1 I 1 I - V I 'W 4 . . I . I i - I - - L - ri , 1 , . a , . . T. . , , , , , E. . . . , 3 . , . , E. I . I I I T. I - . , Y . . I " - I - A I I I - I .,,, - I ' , , . , A . ' . ,S . , . ts ' 'W - I - W I - I I - . ., . 1. , , . , . . ,.,. . N . cf .v x ' ' - - -7 1 I - I - I , X , C L ' C L I , ,t., . , ' I ' I J ' l I ' I I r . , . 1. , , . . . I y A . . , .. . 1 . , . A, ,A I J, A . Q . A D . , -1 , . . , c c I L , , , , I W - A I I A - I - - I I H , . , rr ta I Sch yer, If rr I X I Q ext A, t . .yu 'url -Iffru' Page Forlj'-fain' ASS ASS CL '40-E ASS 4 Last September fresh from the summer vacation there came to the Mount a group of boys that was to go down in history as the largest fresh man class to enter the school since its opening Their perspective outlook and background was as close an approximation of a cross section of Metro politan New York Catholic youth of their age as might be found in a gather 1ng of similar number To some the out of town boarders New York was a novelty a revelation a dream realized On the opening day they were divided into two French and two Latin groups lA with 40 pupils and IB with 35 pupils were Latin classes IC and lD with enrollments of 32 and 36 formed the French groups 36 new pupils who Joined the class at the mid year brought the Freshman total to l79 Yes quite a class if we compare it to the 87 youngsters who made up the present graduating class in September 34 Our opinion as to the hardest subject? Thats a rather sensitive matter to broachl Some sadly floundered through the very clear mazes of Algebra others bewailed the necessity of failing in a foreign language when one could do the same thing lust as beautifully in English still others met their VVaterloo in the General Science room General conclusion reached by many after two or three unpleasant sessions around the family hearth Even the trickiest subtect will yield to persistent study and application Under the kind and patient attentions of Brother Victor our English classes assumed an interest and life which we had never suspected could be connected with the study of our mother tongue Grammar was thoroughly as real sources of pleasurable reading public speaking was proved possible even with the deletion of O K T1 big boy great swell gee composition writing was proved possible without going through the tortures of the Cham ber of Horrors During the General Science period we delved into the every day mys teries of the world about us and also found out that exams and quizzes can happen at the most unexpected days and hours And all excuses to explain our lack of knowledge of the previous days work were so much wasted efforts with Brother Alfred Maybe they were not very originall Our duties as future citizens were carefully explained to us during the Social Science period Here again you knevt your matter or you wept over your mark But the per1od which afforded us most comfort was the three quarter hour session from 9 to 9115 Of course we were rather familiar with most of the subiect matter and therefore the recitations were easier as we had had religion throughout the years of ou grammar school But apart from this we really enyoyed listening to the well prepared lessons which were presented to us each day by our respective teachers And we realized that this is the one period we would have missed entirely had we been deprived of a Catholic High Scnool education f I' 1 C L ' I . . . L . A . a ' I - F I .. 1 ,, I reviewed fshall we say exposed?lg literary gems and classics were revealed ' ' I . ., 1 i, ' , , , 1 ' ' . . . y I . 7 . . F . . , . P431 'rnf -tix' v In S t EWABT KEHOE DAVEY GILMOBE P e d t xlrce P esfde ' Trea urer Secretary Brother Alfred whether ne rs conscrous of 1t or not rs the moderator of a club Ever notrce a group Wallctng up and down on the walk between the mam butldrng and the gym aurmg the lunch hour? Well some have named 1t Brother Alfreds Walkmg Club agaln Brother Alfreds Flock Eager youngsters Wrth a sctentrfc turn of mmd profrt by thrs perlod of relaxatron to assatl the Brother wlth a thousand and one tdeas and theorres whtch they have read about somewftere or other And so tae hour passes rn an mterest mg manner for all except for the Brother who rs somettmes at a loss to explarn or refute certam wrld schemes and a ertrons whrch had the1r OTIQIH tn a more or less d1seased bratn The four young men at the top of thrs page were the class chotce for offrcers tn an electron wh1ch Was conducted more serrously than some Whrch have much greater conseauences attached to ther Our Presrdent Robert qtewart and Vrce Prestdent Thomas Kehoe are old t1mers at the Mount Bobert by the Way was the young man who brought some rather unusual dtstlnctron to the Mount bf wtnn ng the Cardmal Hayes cup for Chrtsttan Doctrme last lune Peter Davey Secretary IS a welcomed add1t1on from Brrdgeport Conn lohn Gmnore our Treasurer also came to us th1s year from St Angela Merrct For no very good reason all the offrcers were taken from the l A class Whtle very busy Wtth studtes we nave found relaxatron m mtramural competttton Last fall a football tournament brought out four freshman teams to compete agatnst srmtlar teams from the upper classes The lD eleven proved the strongest freshman agaregatton The forlorn hope of the sopho mores ll E went down to dtsgraceful and complete defeat at the hands of the Freshman Champtons Of course tn all fatrness we should state that we eventually conceded 'trst place to lV B After all you have to respect th Senlorsl ln a spr1ng basketball contest Wtth the sophs we dtd not fare so Well The IA gumtet wrth a lOO 1 average tn the freshman d1v1s1on succumbed to ll B the sophomore leaders ln splte of our defeat we belreve 1t Was a good game Have you looked at the 1-lonor Boll men? Thats some representatron from Class 41 nest ce pa 9 And wrth the hope of meettng you agatn on the Sophomore page tn next years Wountamee we oow orrselles out of tie ptcture Pztf I1 nz S. ' fs' . L Nw W Q , N I .51 GK - I' . H. S 1 , . . . 1 1 . . . 1 . 1 - - 1 . .1 1 . 11 . 1. 1 11 r . . L , . . w 1 A ' 1. ... 4 - - 1 SS A . 1 . Tl. , . . 1 , 'N-f 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 . . . X , I . . . ' X I I . .1 . 1 - A- 1 1 1 . . . , . . . 1 - ' Y N 1 1 . . , , , tl - 1 9 , . . - , . 1 , ' , . A . - 1 . 1 1 Q , - o. , , 7 A L A 1 , r 1 V Y 1 , , .-. . ., 1. . . 22' 'OF - ' E11 ,f -wmmm......, ,U-nu si 4 ASS 4 Back Row W1lla R Hanley Peterl Davef Wlltan E Byrne Erancs I Redrcond lx cnolas Ryan Dan1el I Greg ry E an s I Connelly Tnomas l gan Io'1n W K11d t Tr mas D Kehoe Lawrence K Murray Eugene P Hanle Tlllfd Row George E Gar oald1 Edwardl Carroll 'osepl l Galler Ionn S Hennessey Ia es S D va Ic1r1 H G1 ore Ceorgo I Kerr1aan W1ll1arn A l!lcLoughl1r1 Eranc1s D Ryan Iohn L Stngleton Iarnes P Rogan Second Row Robert C V'I1gger Peter E Dugand21c Lou1s I De Rose Iarnes E Scully Iohn T Arch1bald IarnesI Clark Iohn P Cannw Iohn E McCattrey Iohn I Beclcerle Robert S Stewart Eront Row Edward I Devoney Hugh D lfurphy Iarr1es I Mornssey Eranc1s X McDermott Dan1elI Holland Robert E lTlCKO Gerald I BOVIHG ASS 4 Back Row W1llard T Lottus Iohn I lfIcAvoy Wallace I Moran Thomas D Shallex W1ll1OIU D R3 an IoseLh lvl Yerg Vmcent E P1lsbury Edward I Dav1s Albert I Eab1a'11 Gerard B Harn nel Second Row Donald E Roper Bernard V Hanratty Rooert I Moran Io TH I Neeson R bert C S 1tl1a Roder1c P H1gg ns Thornas I Kenney W1ll1a1n B Dopt Iol1n R Qu1nn Iosept T ODare leonard A Er1edel Thomas I Moran Ian es I l!TacElroy Ralph W We1r DonaldI lcGrane Iol1nI Sagur on Robert E Mtchell Edward E Herold W1lllOII P AlCf"1 Duane T Rosen berger ASS 4 Back Row Iohnl Rrehony Geo e VV R111 eo Robor 1' Qumn George L Hoss Ia111esI McColgan Tl o111osI Wlntoy Bernard C Madden Lawrence W Powers Th rd Row Dorald M Block Pete anagan Io r1 P l rr H111 B Gregg Gerard I Kelley Aloert G A1tc1son I seph DAndrea IonnI Cayanaugn lol 1es P lfahattef Second Row Albert A Arnanna CGHllllJS A OConnell Charles Bergen EdwadI l"cGovern I n n G1ll A L1porran Dan1elA Rya ront Row Iarres E C tte Euge e Bo a ld c-ce, I n Mulaolland l 1cl1ael ra1 dw d I n c or M1chels C L ' I A W- ' i m . . , ..f. 1, ' 1 . ' s, 1 . 11 , I1 T I. 1, ' ,. o , r ci, , , 1 . E , 1 . " ut, Qo. . ' , . 1' ', I. , I 1 lf. 1, ' , ', 111 . ll ,, l. . lllii ., 1 I 7 . vAi , , ' A , I I . ' 1 , - ,If - I 1 1- - 1 A - If . I , , , I . . f . , f . 1 , 1 . . A - , C L ' I B " , , . , . V . , Y YN . if 3 ' if l . , o' . Rl' , ' . ' i. , 11 , . A , . . 1 , I ' . 1 I . Front Rowe--Ioseph A. Mullen, Raymond P. Rizzo, Ioltn I. Reinert ' K A . , . .1 , , 1 ., , . , 1 . 1 . , . - C L ' I C - -T . , tra . If 1 ' 1 f. ' 1 , . v , . . 1 - . .. , r I. El , li. . fo 1 Cl . , . 1' ' . ' l 1, , o I. ' , 11 . " . I , Inn , ,1 12 ef 1 . , ' 1 , ' , C. , T . -. , ,oh I. Franz, Ioh I, ' en, Louis . 4 A 11 , I . Tl. E We 1 . . o r, n E. 'gl Leo I. Ii 1 oh S. I , ff' . I Do I , E ar . Tiglie, R1 'lf rd W. Page Fifly ASS '4 Back Row NorbertI Shrelcer ames Ifl Post RoloertI Murphy IamesI Pryor Eugene P Gorman Erar' rs E Secch1a W1ll1amI CShaugrnesse, Rooert A uoet e aul Trearor R oert I Plante Thrrd Row llaurrce T Harnett A thur E Davls Harold A Lawlor Iames P Mans eld Thomas lf Tobm Allen I Pre Davld L Donahue Bradford E Segutne Iames L Lane LeoI Dererlern Ioseph G Clancy Second Row Erancrs X Bragane Rooert W Krrchner Tnomas E Coughlrn W1ll1amI Scroemer Cnarles I Hastedt Edward P Morrrssey Charles E Redford Patnclc D Monarty Raymond G Hlldebrand Ionn C McHugn Eront Row Harry W Brundage Alonso A Sacco Dan1elT Crlloon Ic eph E lxeanc ASS Back Row V1ctor C Carloarmr W1ll1am L Coloy IohnI C rt1n arnes E Deane Rtchard I Shary Iohn R Meehan Eranc1sI Nestor Iohn A Palumbo Edward U Meyer bocond Row Thomas Hughes Rrchad T Mo ney Alphonso A Amatruda Iames T Doyle Iof1nI Owens Iohn V llurxony Lours P Cappellr Charles A Ward Trorras M Feore osepn E Spencer Erancrs V Erdmann Thorras E Ryan Eront Row Eugene R Eouant harryI C mpbell Iohn I B r s Harold C Smrth Iosepn T Henry Geo ge I l!lcCra1n Cal rn L Kearney Eugene E Ryan Bruno N Marr nr Iohn P Klel mes H Bradley C L I - D 'I I - .. . , . A, . A . . , - A 1 -V V 1 1 1 'N 7 'J A . , . L , r . , o . . Y h , 1. . . . . lg , fr. , , , 1 . 1 - l 1 - - . J , . , . . . . ,w A 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 ' I I , A . A . I - ' ' 7 . , l . , . 0 f Do . . fs . . . . ,. 'X . ' I ' 1 4' LA I T ' I ' N . - - , ,N , r , r . o , . . V I I ' , . , . . , A. . .M A . , . , T , . , . , 1 . L. , 4 .. . ' 1 ,. N , ,I . . , , . u , A., u n , . , . . , . ,, -fY I V YY , . ., . . u , . . 1, Y F. ,h ,u , . . R1CHar'1 Coupe Hfurd left and Ph1l1p Bagnell 1rs1 left reCe1ved frst and thlfd DTIZG respect from HIS Emmence Caramal Hayee 111 an essay Confest Conducted by the Cathohc QC Q7 Board 1I'1 May 1937 I e Plljhll Cmzea 31rd1Pa1 Hayes Tragedy fo ,f1r1s'a Doctfwe was awarded to Romer v ta Q1 Me' OUHT St IAIC el e1Jr11 ,J ade 1"1 IJHG 1937 5 11 mf' -1 I ,f ,, I.. fl I, , ' 1 a a ' J ' A ' J ' ' ' ' ively, ' j , ' ., ' , ,1 1' . . 11- ' M U, 7 , , , gy 1""'. V 1 wi W 'S 5 ! . Uh -if-1 " 'C Q' 1' rplfizi 'i Sie: art flir leftj ef I -If ' Hg 'f' 4 ff ' 1 , I',:,Qc 151113-1110 ui. ., 14 Pl 6 Y 'fb XG "1 H FL 'h"1 FH wah i 5 LBJ ii ,sr f ' i v 55421, ir ik er wifi 13 , , 1 Y ,1.-. iii!! BROTHER ARTHUR XAVIER Profect BROTHER FRANCIS ANTHONY Eighth Grade BROTHER HENRY FIRMIN Sexenth Grade BROTHER IGNATIUS Slxth Grade f I,,I!Ql' I-'zflj-fffldr' EIGHTH GRADE Early last September twenty e1ght brtght and sh1ny faces l1ned up before thetr new teacher The1r 1oremost thought at th1s t1me was to make ll11S thetr ftnal year 1n the Ele1 entarx School the most 1mpress1ve 1n the h1story of tl1e1r Mount St M1chael career As the year araws to a close we feel that we have fulf1lled our des1re 1n an honorable manner There was keen COFlp9l1llOI'1 when we elected class off1cers The f1nal dGClS1OU was long IH cor 1ng when we cons1der that such names as the followmg appeared on the llSl Kanow1tz Hernandez Lockwood Kehoe Crotty Bot, lfe Devltn De C1ut11s Cwalhgan and D1 Blas1 The four popular and lucky boys were loseph Kanow1tz unammously chosen Class Pres1dent Theodore B1 Blas1 who took the VICS Pres1dency from VlClOI Hernandez on the keenest compet1t1on Walter Galltgan Secretary Gerard Lockwood to handle the class fmances We extend heartf congratulanors to the four of them Durlng the whole year our enrollment rematned at the or1g1nal mark of twenty etght ln September we gladly welcomed the follow1ng newcomers Angelo S1erra George Benskm loseph Vent1m1gl1a lohn Toomey and Iohn 'lrzec1esk1 Botn veterans and new recru1ts showed an 1nterest 1n stud1es and athlettcs that IS well worth ment1on1ng In October we demonstrated our school Splfll by topp1ng all classes 1n a school rattle the proceeds of wntch went to the athlet1c fund We almost reached S150 OU We owe spectal thanks to Brother Dlrector for h1s 1ntlu n t1al pep talk Tie work of lames Comerford DGDIS Leahy and Law ence S1lka deserves spec1al ment on These three boys paved the way to v1ctory by br1ng1ng 1n ove1 S50 UU ln Splle of the fact that we mode out excellently ln our Ianuary Regents we were well aware of the adage All work and no play makes lack a dull boy Our F1ght1ng lr1sh eleven engaged 1n many a Splflled contest The qumtet that Brother Arthur turned out 1n November made young and old stand up and take not1ce ltttle d1d we dream what athlet1c Gb1l1lY lay con top seventeen t1mes Though baseball has not yet started we feel sure that th1s years team Wlll be one of the best to wear the long des1red unlforms Allow us to tntroduce to you some or ou outstand1ng 1ndoor court gr1d1ron and dtamond stars lames Car y Lawrence De Belhs George Hagman Iames Comerford Theodore D1 Blas1 lohn Ranlfm W1ll1am Owens F-hchard Austln W1ll1am Aylward Lawrence Fata Prank McCarthy and Bruce Petrett1 The champ1ons ot our 1ndoor w1nter sports 1nclude Comerford who led 1n pool D1 Blas1 who outd1d all comers at Pmg Pong Vent1m1gl1a who walked away as k1ng of Checkers lohn Ranlfm vho o1,tw1tted h1s sexeral rlvals 1n Chess De Belhs who knows all the tr cks wnen 1t comes to pun sntng the Bag Long Wlll we remember our roller saatma at moht llany a n1ght we h1t the hay blesslng the fellow who wad used our sftms for a puck We showed ou dramat c aen1us TH December oy stag1ng a one act play ent1tled Chr1s'rr'as W1lLlO1ll Patsx lt was enofed by all Many mothers could hardly bel eve that me pretty g1rls were t1e1r own boys As we b1d you farewell to close th1s br1e1 fustory of our successes and shortcomtngs '1 the etghth grade we feel sure our ' rst year 1n hlgh school w1ll f1nd us more atert rna eager to nake of ou elve truer and better Mountatneer Pzge fzflj fu , . ' 1 l L I V A A . I . . . W. . A , , v . T I 1 . , .1 H v c . 1 1 1 , 1 , , 1 i . X ' cealed in our little selves. Out of or twentyegame schedule, we came out on . I T . 4 . . . , , . Q ' b I if j . . I . . I . . i 5 1 . A ' Q , , ' . 1 . . . . . . . AJ A IJ k. I A l 1 l . r 5 . . , . A . A Ll J . . ' N ' .Y ' I ' 1 I . . 1 1. , Y A . . , l. ' ' 7 ' 1 ' X 1 . . rs S . 'V - l 5 AUSTIN AYLWARD BENSKIN BOURKE r lflflm-fix RICHARD ERNEST AUSTIN A youth to whom Was g1ven So rnuch ot earth so rnuch of heaven WILLIAM MURRAY AYLWARD I hear yet say not much but thlnk the more GEORGE HENRY BENSKIN The only way to have a frrend 1S to be one GERARD EDMUND BOURKE Everythrng comes to a rnan who wlll only wart IAMES VINCENT CAREY A Frrend and an Athlete IAMES GREGORY COMEREORD Ay every 1nch a boy From the crown of the head to the sole ol the oot IAMES IOSEPH CROTTY A llght heart hvee long CAREY COMEREORD CROT TY DE BELLIS de CIUTIIS DEVLIN LAWRENCE CHARLES DE BELLIS Though I om young I scorn to fl1t On wrngs of borrowed Wll VINCENT LOUIS de CIUTIIS Knowledge IS power IAMES GEORGE DEVLIN Pers1stent effort IS wondrous excellence THEODORE CHARLES DI BLASI Metlrunks I would not grow so fost becoluse sweet flowers ore slow ond LAWRENCE RICHARD FATA He IS cr greot observer ond he looks f1Ql'1l through the deeds of men DI BLASI One WALTER TURBUSH GALLIGAN thot excels the qulrks of blozonmg pens GEORGE WILLIAM HAGMAN Men of few words gre the oest men PATA GALLIGAN HAGMAN Pzge Fifty Jer u U - I , , weeds rnoke hostef' .. , ,, 1 it 'J it Q . l ' 'C' L U- 1 HERNANDEZ KANOWITZ KEHOE LEAHY VICTOR IObEPI-I I-IERNANDEZ Some are born great others achreve greatness IOSEPI-I VALENTINE KAINOWITY I never knew so young a body wlth so oId a head WILLIAM IAMES KEHOE The clear sweet srnger wtth the crown of whrte Not whtter than the thoughts that are housed below DENIS IOI-IN LEAI-IY A cornbrnatron and a form rndeed where every god drd seem to set hrs seal GERALD RUSSELL LOCKWOOD How tar that httle candle throws tts bearr So shrnes a good deed rn a naughty vxorld ERANCIS WILLIAM MCCARTHY Ir There rs not gu1Ie behrnd hrs srntle WILLIAM IOHN OWENS Happy arn I fronn care I free vhy arent they aII contented hke me? LOCKWOOD MICCARTI-IY OWENS W P :ge Fzffg elgbt ,1 g q Q, Q A TQ s.. . V' " -. I. . If , . T 1 ,, . H U - - - , H , . . . . . , . ,, . , I ll . . If 7 . , . ., . . , . . ,I .I 1 1 I - f j I m j x - , s PETRETTI RANKIN SIERRA BRUCE ARTHUR PETRETTI One vast substcznttcll srntle IOHN IOSEPH RANKIN manners gentle ot czttectlons mtld ANGELO LOUIS SIERRA Oh sleepl 1t IS C1 gentle thtng Beloved from pole to pole I AWRENCE ARTHUR SILKA tle man and he had Q l1ttle soul and he sand There was ct l1t SILKA W1sely IOHN BOYNE TOOMEY HIS tongue never spoke evtl And h1s hectrt had not gtule IOHN ANTHONY TRZECIESKI and slow they stumble that run IOSEPH IOI-IN VENTIMIGLIA Anvthtng tor C1 qutet hte TOOMEY TRZE IESKI cast VENTIMIGLIA Page Fzflj 711116 ff as s ' ' "Ot , ' ' llaittle soul, let us try, try, try'." I' ' g f fx' KJ f . alif""x G! CI' , h-...... T K 1 A - 5 :if , 'i ' ,fax 3' -7.. .1 A 5 NM, 9- ' NA F' f. Pzg: Xixtlx SEVENTH GRADE 311 0 fx E I' F w I 1 SIXT GRADE F L p Q ' C vm Hober Q3 c T1 Al reo VR xl C " 1F51 G I ll' 'W 7V o A' Q Eurvtcx Offl OKQQWO ETH GRADE FX C SKI CJC FF O 1 P S , fzck V'1Q1,ftt3 ' Kill Q1TCi'i1Ad f, L1 QVCITLC fgfegiu ff3::'1:1'g 'iii A. Vffii fjfiiffld E "':ft1ti .I-,i'1Q1.,1i'f DCKO? '.'.' fi viii G fxrilxir f "f':i1fi "QL T Y ififi EIL.. T F,-QQLGV, hijggzixrgi ' fulficr ff"itA.::i' frfziig V' inf Cxxlliii 'iii fffw' EJ: ',.' :zwiifx E."--'Ii.I'f'X .EHTILIQI 'T -Q,4fi..l1:":r1, riff. l. 'I::11':'f '12, :..::, ' ,-c"'Q:f3': I2f'nr'g,: x,'. f.fi11L1L'.1r-Q1':, Atwxr E L Il li kxlt K .5cE1Q:'1:1ff "'1::wi', f. Gi: Mix H F1 :uri Hr-H,-5 E41uj11'1c1-V' C R'1:iOrL:,shG1.fffr1, 131171 I. HC. iregi, t S, Yxsdm ff Arzrzfvl, T. OrQ:Li.f,v, Qjkilifl ,s' F. Grid, kim I. Pica ', E ' ffimiiwzi, Aluiflt V Vi-iqggzcx TNQ Hv'.'.' Crust If Kgwgvl fkf"T1 is P' 15111110 H Vf11QV:x1zP1','i11i, ffwir-Gln: ' Hpfxif -fffxrir' QT QVTHP, Eid'.'Ji' f K flfifgnifti, E' .f1Q..Q lx El'1c..1,:t4Q: X'V1Ql1:::1A W. Hfillfllfi Lcoticxrd H. Sweeney, Francis I Scif, I'.I'5'I1LCfYCi E. Herts ip 11' Ii. ilfrwzi F Wlgii- Niki-ri fi Lfiwc, Gcriird P N sity F' Eotiiictt Friiixs F G1,ns,,,HGnryf T3 Q .nr f T, ' Q, xjfflfxff f, .Xx11fr':.,Q. F I E :pig Viv YD .'., it ii.. Xf zltfi ' kiigzi f x.3,2. fx l11:11'.',1E: fifefvr Q1 S Ei.l.C'I1 Qing: Q Q71':1':'i fiafxfi-Zi f ffigiig ffl1,1tQf: P' Eiztiiie, ffiiijyi P":1": fir. ff Viirjgiziifi ocqrid Row' Trzik -fix-1 E..'.' aft, Zd'f,'Qi Fa. f.f:lQC1' Heir: I Cliizrltci Stine ',.' E' Zipggffzzi U',f'1Q11r:Af C521 Fr51nf1f,'iLf Qs: f Mfffif. E327 'U1ll1'1i:, f. '.f3Qiwi Grit Qixxel A DA Exif: I.Qgr1':fi P7 532.61 fficliiifl ' If V' C, Elizrfy' f '.'.'Q.AtC fi 1579: '."3l.52. Diiixlii T. G'11il'I,.I.. Vlrtixit f. Ar wtf: V' 13, P' f.frgQ'.":dff .Air P.1g U SiN!-1-Ill FGUR GRADE I W Nw O' EG .vu 1 P THIRD ADE SECOND GRADE J v -i F In-'I 31? f 1 ' -' ' Q'Ifl 2,1 1' E5 iilff 5 1 11' f'f1,3 if if -D PI- - z-'r' '.'111rE9rf 113.115-" ix 1 igq iiii f4l,,':,:f1 if ?.,f1.' 1 fi zof' Qzgtif-T ','.'1iQ. 1, Q H521 itigizii F"1'j::1i":iQi E'EV'IIff?,. Gf:f1'1f'1 H:r1,:,,'1g'1:ii:, 7f1::,0w H251 TLQ ,.ii1 B :fri Irrim W. 1f1z1',,t,1 Efflfl Y Exvfldiw A.IM'j0l. ' f'f1tf'1 T F51-.' EIfE1I11'IEEAI'.55YfT 15X:id:'0'.-J Av,t11k,1f0, V 'TC I E'.fT'ff1'1,.Ifl" Trice F Fwdilph L. C111' s 1,511 lfjxv EQIQI. :ini fffi- Qiclimii Ui .fgirhryf CD21-.III X 111 fiiffrt T.f:iff1f,i, pfwrifi 2'frm',-,' " mr 1f':'i1r 'fu' 1' 1'f'fxr1 lift' I ri 111 fi 112 f 1f.'lv T' 1' E' ft Xl 11' 15 XV1,:'1 '1 W In '. :i, iq ri: f Ei1::, ', V,' 1, '1:..1.- lv,f' f vv1 f wd RCW Val. ff',.YT1,'7 I'I" T' 1""" lffjAy'A,' I' j, 1':f11'jgrj 5 f,1f'11Q'f Ffizftf-f' i,'1'fEQ'.' 32:32, '1i'i1:I1 '.f'if'f-"f ' " Back Row S Hart V DAr1sta G Walsh I Vent1fn1gl1a F Glgnas M McGee H Charlton W OKeetle H McGee Second Row R Gallnettt I Garlbaldt S MCGIHDIS A Iantzen L Drake E Reynaerts W Moms B Powers F Fata Front Row A Fata W Baer W Molloy G Reb1schung I Reb1chung E Molloy F DAr1sta W Iackman CONFIRMATION On Thursday Aprtl 7th 26 ot our boys mostly from the lower grades ot the Grammar school recetved the sacrament of Conhrmatton m the Church ot St Frances ot Rome at the hands ot Hts Fxcellency BlSllOp Stephen I Donahue Under the zealous and devoted care of Brother Bernard Gregory these boys had been gtven thorough and practrcal mstructton as a drrect preparatton for thts most tmportant event 1n thetr sp1r1tual hte Father Chaplatn had also cooperated tn the 1mmed1ate preparat1on ot the boys rn order that they mlght be tn the best posstble alspostttons to beneltt fully ot the graces and gttts ot the Holy Ghost tmparted by thts sacred unctton l an approprtate allocutton 1mmed1ately prevtous to the admtntstermg ot the sacrament Hrs Grace added further emphasts on the great tmportance ol the sacrament the boys were about to recetve stresstng part1cularly the srgmft cance and necessrty ot the strength and courage 1t rs mtended to tmpart to the Chr1st1an tn the practtce and protesston ol h1s fatth After the ceremony the boys were granted a holtday for the balance of the day Wh1ch they were tree to spend at home or at the school Page Szxlg four t 1 r Y I -. , . . , , . , , . , , ., . , . , -. ,, , . ,, . , . , . , . , . , , . . .P 1 . , , , , , . , . .1 , . , . , . . r 1 1 1 . Y . , , A . - 1 , A 1 , . I , Ji - 27-xg? I f' J I V A A 'Jyvb' QA, ft 4 uf Q r ff X x 59 W", 'f l .1134 . , 1, "fa mga 11- ff ,9 - 1. " Eyes? 'y' 11.1120 Sixfj 'fix Mountaineer Senior Ednors GEORGE W. AITCHISON PHILIP A. BAGNELL RICHARD I. COUPE WARREN F. DONAHUE IOHN P. FORD WALTER I. KYTE THOMAS I. LANGAN WILLIAM I. LAUTEN IOSEPH P. MCCANN WOODROW I. MALLOY IAMES B. MOORE WILLIAM D. SHERIDAN IOHN R. STRACHAN WILLIAM I. STRACHAN aff Undergraduede Colleborafors FRANCIS X. DOHERTY, '39 RICHARD A. DE SANTIS, '39 IAMES M. CROWE, '39 WALTER I. MALONE, '39 ROBERT I. BARNETT, '39 IOHN I. DUANE, '49 WALTER E. STOKES, '49 THOMAS B. DONNELLY, '49 FRANCIS A. IULES, '49 ENRICO I. CIPOLARO, '49 STEPHEN A. MULDOON, '49 IOHN W. GEORGES, '49 PETER M. DAVEY, '41 ROBERT S. STEWART, '4I THOMAS I. MORAN, '4I THOMAS D. SI-IALLEY, '4I IOHN M. BREHENY, '4I CAMILLUS A. OCONNELL, '4I ROBERT A. GOETZE, '4I IAMES I. PRYOR, '4I I PJge Si Back Row e- Arthur Davis, George Garibaldi, Edward Carroll Robert Moran, Peter Duva, Robert Smitha, Michael Zarelh Walter Burns, Roderic Higgins, Duane Rosenberger, lohn Strachan Second RoweRobert Wigger, Robert Stewart, Peter Dugandzic lohn Duane, Toseph Tracy, William Strachan, Daniel Ryan lames Crowe, loseph McCann, Robert Rerner, William Kearney Front Row Edward Devoney, Tames Tiernan, Peter Davey Robert Quinn, Thomas Kehoe, William Hanley, lames Sheppard Toseph Yerg, Francis Connelly, lohn Georges. Decidedly the most esteemed honor which a student is capable ol merit- ing is that ot being listed on the Honor Roll, To stimulate the interest ot the pupil in his scholastic achievements, those who deserve this recognition by rating 85'i? or over in each subject ot the monthly examinations, are entitled to wear the Honor Roll Pin for the following month. Moreover, this Pin be- comes a permanent award upon being earned four times during the school year, This year the number of boys so honored surpasses the record ot former years and signities the high esteem in which this honor is held, Thomas Kehoe larries Crowe Iohn Lewis 6 Mentions Pygncig Bfsimo loseph McCann Louis De Rose Vll'1C9T1llDllSbl1I'Y Gerald Bovine Iohn Breheny Walter Burns Edward Carroll Cornelius Cleary Francis Connelly Peter Davey Francis Doherty Iohn Duane Iohn Duva Francis Foran George Garibaldi Iohn Georges Robert Goetze lohn Hennessey Izge Szxfj-fight Thomas Moran Iohn Mulholland Camillus Q'ConneIl Robert Quinn Francis Redmond Francis Ryan Thomas Shalley Robert Stewart Iohn Stokes Walter Stokes Thomas Whitby Robert Wigger Michael Zarelli 5 Mentions Donald Block William Dopt Robert Hickey Francis McDermott Duane Rosenberger William Ruclcert Vincent Staraci 4 Mentions Robert Berner lamefz Began Arthur Davis Peter Dugandzic Daniel Gregory William Hanley Roderic Higgins William Kearney lamers Pryor lohn Quinn Daniel Ryan lames Sheppard Robert Smitha Iohn Strachan Iames Tiernan loseph Tracy larnes VValsh Ioseph Yerg 3 Mentions lohn Cavanaugh Richard Coupe Edward Davis Thomas Donnelly William Doyle William Strachan l Back Row 4 lohn Lewis, Richard De Santis, lohn Quinn, Francis Ryan, lohn Stokes, lohn Hennessey, Camillus O'Connell, lames Bogan, Thomas Moran, Donald Block, Robert Goetze, lames Pryor. Second Row 4 Warren Dornhoeter, William Ruckert, lames Walsh, Francis Beirne, Francis Doherty, Philip Bagnell, Cornelius Cleary, Walter Stokes, Francis Foran, Louis De Rose, William Dopt. Front Rowvlohn Breheny, Vincent Pilsbury, Daniel Gregory, Thomas Whitby, Thomas Shalley, Vincent Staraci, Francis Redmond, Francis McDermott, lohn Mulholland, Gerald Bovine, Robert Hickey. ..0.. The accompanying photograph presents those who have already earned the Pin tour times or more as the Annual goes to press, There yet remains two sets of examinations and the results of these will further augment the number of recipients. Below are listed the names ot the students who have appeared on the Honor Roll during the past year classified according to the number of times they have earned that award. The maximum number is six. Edward Eustace Eugene Hanley Peter Hickey Leo Hickey Arthur Kearney lohn Massey Lawrence Murray lohn Raltery lames Scully Paul Treanor 2 Mentions Charles Bergen Angelo Calabria Enrico Cipolaro laines Deane Edward Devoney Cornelius Doran Thomas Egan Peter Flanagan lohn Ford Eugene Franchi Ioseph Franz Robert Haley Robert Hennessey Daniel Holland Francis lules Thomas Lenihan William McLaughlin Walter Malone lohn Miller larnes Moore Edward Moran Ioseph Mullen Hugh Murphy Raymond Rizzo William Ryan Alfonso Sacco Richard Shary Edward Tighe 1 Mention Albert Aitchison George Aitchison Gerald Butler William Byrnes Harry Campbell lohn Canny Daniel Donahue Iatnes Egan lohn Flynn Thomas Greene Calvin Kearney Thomas Kenny Iohn Kilduft Stephen Leonard Louis Lippinan Bernard Madden Richard Michels Richard Mooney lohn Morris larnes Morrissey Francis Nestor Lawrence Powers George Ramee Nicholas Ryan Norbert Schreiber William Sheridan Edward Tighe Charles VVard Peter Wenztertield Page Sixlyrzirz WlLLlAM I LAUTEN I5 day students EDWARD T SPARKS 4 day students WARREN F DONAHUE I4 day studentsl IOSEPH I FEORE 3 day students NVARREN I DORNHOEFER I3 day students in IOHN I BIGGANE I3 day students Tw Ass I, V IOSEPH T OTT I4 day studentsl PAUL E QUANDT Q 3 day students GERALD I LeMON 3 day students Stnce the t1me ot tts creatton tn 1933 the Booster Award has steadtly gamed rn popularrty untrl today tt rs consldered one of the most coveted non scholastrc awards presented by the school Hence an ever growrna number of students strrvrng after the Booster dtstmctton The award was or1g1nated tn order to express the school apprecratton ot that parttcular manttestahon of loyalty and school sptrrt whtch mduces students to constltute themselves recruttmg agents for the school A boy 1nstrumental rn brtnglng three day students or one resrdent student to the Mount IS entltled to the award The boys tn the above photograph rece1ved thts award stnce September l037 The followtnq boys who had already rece1ved a plaaue were thts year entrtled to extra stars Iohn V Lembach I2 Thomas I Dermehy 5 Cornelrus F Doran I4 V ncent T Rtchards l Dermot P Perdrsatt I These boys have already brought tn two day students George Artchrson, Francrs Archrbald, Rtchard Bourke, llarttn Burke, Thomas Donnelly, Page Sm 61111 I . t I W , gk 1 L , ' 1 tl , W :iv , ' ,of U ni? 7 X S f I ' I M ' F T y A I Hi- T Blige -'lf . . - I ' . ,' 1. V Im ' J I ' I 'gy - . ,-.V 7 . It ' I I Q I I A Dt 0 0 0 Q ' - - lf I ' I I lf ' ' Isl' FERDINAND I WEISENBERGER I3 day studentsl IOHN I RAFTERY 3 day studentsl WALTER G BURNS 3 day students WILLIAM F HUGHES 4 day students WILLIAM I MURPHY I boarder WILLIAM F BYRNES 2 boarders I day student WILLIAM R HANLEY 2 boarders RICHARD L AUSTIN Q2 boardersl EUGENE P HANLEY 2 boarders Iames Egan Wrlltam Farrell Iohn Flynn Robert Gunnrson Francrs Iules W1ll1am Kolman Iames McCauley Robert Mooney Andrew Murphy W'1ll1am Roemer W1ll1am Ryan Thomas Ryan Iohn Sorgl Iohn Teevan Mrchael Walsh Edw1n VI alzer Wrlham Parsons And the followrng are credrted wrtn one day student Clement Bayen Herbert Bechdol Erancls Betrne Robert Berner Wrllram Bulger Rocco Celentano Enrrco C1polaro Edward Cousln Iohn Clancy lames Cregtn Vlncent Crean Mrchael Crowley Francls Doyle Edward Fay Raymond Frnn Ioseph Gansert Wrlllam Geary Edward Hart Danrel Henry Peter Hrckey Edward Hoos Robert Hunt W1ll1Gm Kearns Thomas Kehoe Robert Kerrrgan Wrllram Kllnke Thomas Kraeck Walter Kyte Iohn Lawler Iohn Lewrs Arthur Lynch Ioseph McCann Thomas McCann Iames McManus Iohn Maher Edward Moran Robert Moran IohnR Murphy Edwcrd Muldoon Charles OConnor Robert Qumn Charles Redford Saverro Rossl W1ll1am Ruclcert Norbert Schrerber Ierome Schuler Arthur Scholl Nrllram Strachan Iohn Tralnor W1ll1GVU Ward George Wrtt Chester Pretras Pvge S61 eng 1 . . Y 1-1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . . 7 .. , 1 , . . . .1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 I I 4 I I V 1 1 1 1 1 -V 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 4 h -016 GYMNASTICS EXHIBITION The Tenth Annual Gynnastrcs Exhrpttron was presented by the puprls ol both the Gra 1r1ar and lnhgh School Departments ot Mount St Mrchael on Sunday May lot' IO37 on the school ca npus Under cloudless sunny r rrng slf1es and caressed by a war111 gentle breeze the entrre student body gave a well nrgh hawless de11onstrat1on Ol t1e1r abrlrty IH varrous drrlls cxercrses and game Over two thousand parents and Irrends ol the boys and patrons ot the school wrtnessed the presentatron of thrs the crownrng feature ot a years trarnrng IH physrcal culture Promptly at two tlnrty to the accompanrnent ot 1nart1al 1nus1c supplred by the school amplrlyrng un1ts tl1e boys n1arched on the held rn a seernrnglv endless column A 1nass drrll and a tableau followed tl11s entrance The audrence regrstered 1ts approbatron ot the precrsron of these and the subse auent 1nd1v1dual class dr1ll by treauent spontaneous applause The program wa ter nrnated by an lnterclass Relay Race around the tl11rd ol a rnrlo track whrch surrounds the Atl1let1c Freld Thrs event was won bv the Senror four 111an team The entrre tunctron was a glowrng testnnonral to the abrlrty and ettrcrency ol Mr Howard blfllll our physrcal rnstructor whose untrrrng rnterest and lrrnrtless patrence made tl1e su cess of the eXh1b1t1on posslble PROGRAM Mass Drrll Gra nr1ar Grades and l-hgh School Three Deep Valley Ball Race Dodge Ball Tumolrng Tug o 'War TUAIIOIIHAA Frrt and Second Grades Wrestlrng Bomng Tableau All Classes Apparatus Fundarr ental rxercrses On laral el Bar Srde llor Buclc and Turnbllnr Free Hand Exercr e Grammar Grade lndran Club Drl Senrors Wand Drrll Iunrors and Sophomores Dumb Bell lfrrll sophomore and Freshmen lntercla s Rel lnlrgh School . ., . . . A I I t IT 1 A . ' 1 , 'A 11, u , . . ' 1.34 .. ' . , 4' A . , V I . I E, . . . . . . A I ,, 1 s. ' . , s . 1 ' my . d . . . . . l. A ..,... 1 1 A ,. ' 2. Class Games ........... Grammar Grades CII bl f cj f dn Q . . 3. al - '- bl 1 A Q . v . ,....... s . cl ' , f dl ,A 4. ............. . 5. , f 1 S ' Q , T " l s, , ' f ' A Q V ' s ........ ' s 7. ' 1 I ............. ' 8. ' T ......... ' . O - AN ' S s t , IU. sr av ........... A l'.f,L't 51111111-Izzff 1, 4 s X Q . ' '- 1 I ' 'l v 1 1 R I L. Q 5 N 5 1 L Q -0:5 1 w ' " A 'i t .A E A ,ig x-L fqF5f5f 3 sz-Lf f 'J-4 4 we 3, - .-.T.x ll. Q qi if 'fn-lg, 3 5 .341 'Q iff in , ge ' ,ef ..'.. A: 1 76. me 'ie '31 if ,..4---' 5'P,5'lT""'f4'i" - 5 Wi E, .. Q is-X K ' 75 ,L ' , I ,'i'f. 0, Q J.: '4' " 'ffw 1 1 Ji 5' P' as ' - I bs 'CL j iwii A 4? 3 if s 5 'E XXX: Xfw 5 Fl: SODALITY OFFICERS Back Row R Plante H P1azza G Attchxson E Clpolaro R l-ltggm V Kadrr A Calabrta T Donnelly Front Row R Stewart C OConnell I Cahtll W Malloy R McGrath W Shendan F Doherty F QUIUH SODALITY OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN The past semester has w1tnessed such an mcrease tn the leglons ot Our Lady that we now are obhged to conduct two weekly meetlngs under the guldance ot Brother Prlnctpal whose 1nsp1r1ng and ttmely dlscusslons on Wednesday and Thursday morn1ngs ha I9 been ol lnestlmable value to all Sodallsts freshman and senlor altke The large attendance at the two weekly Sodahty Masses and the cons1stently numerous commun1cants have been lrretutable evtdence of the boundless enthustasm and s1ncer1ty ot the Sodallsts tn strtvmg to atta1n the laudable tdeal ot Chr1st1an pertectron I-hghly xnstructtve and benet1c1al talks were presented to us throughout the year at vartous 1ntervals on the top1c ot vocatlon These dtscourses came at a part1cularly opportune ttme for IH these days of neo pagan1sm and 1nd1tterent1srn numerous p1ttalls beset the pathway of the Cathohc young man chart1ng h1s course tor hte We leave the Mount w1th the hope that our endeavors as members ol the Sodallty have been tn some small measure a source ot encouragement to our teachers who have sacr1t1ced all to foster tn growtng boys a love ol Chrtst and Hts lrnmaculate Mother All to jesus throuugh Mary shall ever be our gu1d1ng star strengthenmg us tn tunes ot stress and conthct We feel that tn later years we wtll look back on these days as Sodahsts ol Mary a the happ1est and rnost trutttul of our ltves Pyzge Ser enfj ff nr i rs . , . , . , . , . J, . , , , . . - I - I 14 1 - I - I . , , , . . I 1 X , . I r - 1 I , I 1 I I . . .I y H , . . tv . .y '- 1 IOI-IN L. LEWIS Third Year A Gold Medal IOI-IN W LAWLER Thlrd Year C Gold Medal ROBT W HENNESSEY Second Year B Gold Medal ROBERT G BERNER Second Year D Gold Medal ' 1' IOSEPH A, GANSERT 1, Third Year B Gold Medal FRANCIS V PERDOMO Second Year A Gold Medal STEPHEN A MULDOON Second Year C Gold Medal IOSEPH E I-IEAFY Second Year E Gold Medal F CONNELLY F1rsI Year A Gold Medal T WHITBY Fxr I Year C Gold Medal T Sl-IALLEY E1rst Year B Gold Medal I PRYOR Elr t Year D Gold Medal G LOCKWOOD G DI CARLO E1ghth Grade Gold Medal R EISCHER Slxth Grade S1lver Medal Seventh Grade S1lver Medal L DE ROMA Elfth Grade Srlver Medal Page S61 61113 iz e . . A gr up , L E G I O N 0 F H O N O R 1 K ' I Q l S o all ' I... 5' as 'S a R SCHOLL F BEIRNE I CROWE ANNUAL The Reverend Iohn T Iordon Gold Medotl lor Excellence ln Scholorshrp ln the Grorduotrng Closs of the Hlgh School Deportment IS owolrded to PHILIP ANDREW BAGNELL Next 1n Merrt Ioseph Poltnck McCcfnn The Reverend August Topln Gold Medol for Excellence ln Chrrstrom Doctnne IS oworded to WILLIAM lOl-IN STRACHAN Next IH Mer1t Phrllp Andrew Bognell The Rrght Reverend Msgr Ioseph A McGroth IS oworded to WILLIAM IOI-IN LAUTEN Next IH Mer1t Rlchord Ioseph Coupe The Mr ond Mrs lohn McCorrnock Memonol Gold Medol for Excellence 1n Scrence IS oworded to IOSEPI-I PATRICK MCCANN Next 1n Mertt Phrhp Andrew Bognell The Mr ond Mrs Froncls P Crotty Gold Medol for Excellence ln Mothemoncs IS oworded to IOSEPI-I PATRICK MCCANN Next rn Ment Phrhp Andrew Bognell The Mr ond Mrs Rrchord Qurnn Gold Medol for Excellence 1n Longuoges IS oworded to PHILIP ANDREW BAGNELL Next rn Ment loseph Potnck McCo1nn P BAGNELL W SHERIDAN W DOYLE R COUPE P zge S61 F7115 HY if v . ' . . . ' tr' Memorioll Gold Medol for Excellence in English AWARDS The Mr and Mrs Patrrck McCann Gold Medal for Excellence rn Hrstory IS awarded to IOHN ROBERT STRACHAN Next 1n Mer1t Ioseph Patnck McCann The lvnss Isabel McGrath Memorral Gold Medal for the Legron of Honor 1n Class Fourth Year A IS awarded to RICHARD IOSEPH COUPE The Mr and Mrs Edward I Devoney Gold Medal for the Legron of Honor rn Class Fourth Year B IS awarded to WILLIAM THOMAS DOYLE The Mount Sarnt Mrchael AIurnn1Assoc1at1on Bronze Plaque for School Splflf Offered to the Student of the Graduatrng Class who durmg hrs stay 1n Hrgh School has manlfestecl the most Attachment and Loyalty to the School IS awarded to WILLIAM DENIS SHERIDAN The George Schaefer Trophy Offered to the Mo t Valuable Athlete IH the Graduatrng Class IS awarded to ROBERT GEORGE SCHOLL Ilrc Georae I DGVIUS IVIGHIOTICII Gold Medal for Excellence ln Scholarshrp rn Class 39 A IS awarded to FRAINCIS IOSEPH BEIRNE I LAVVLER W STOKES Next ID Mer1t Francrs X Doherty F IUI-ES W STRACHANI I STRACHAN I McCAA IN W LAUTEX 1 Pzge Sc: 15 J 1 The Mr and Mrs Mart1n P1etras Gold Medal tor Lxcellence IH Scholarslnp IH Class 39 B IS awarded to IAMES MICHAEL CROWE Next 1n Mer1t Peter loseph H1ckey The Mrs Russell G Rankln Gold Medal for Excellence ID Scholarshtp 1n Class 39 C IS awarded to IOHIN WlLLlAM LAWLER Next 1n Ment Peter Patrlck Pagano Tho Mr and Mrs Ioseph Bovtne Gold Medal for Lxcellence tn Scholarshtp tn Class 40 A IS awarded to WALTER ELLIOT STOKES Next tn Mer1t Walter Francls Burns Second Year Classes ts awarded to FRANClS ALOYSIUS IULES 40 B Next rn Mer1t loseph Pranc1s Cazzultno THOMAS ALFRED GERNON 40 C Next ln Mer1t Enr1co Ioseph C1polaro IOHN WILLIAM GEORGES 40 D Next 1n Mer1t Robert George Berner HAROLD EUGENE PIAZZA 40 E Next 1n Mer1t Stephen Francrs Leonard A Gold Medal tor Excellence IH Scholarshlp 1n te Etrst Year Classes IS awarded to IQ RoBERT SAMUEL sTEwART 41 A A QRAZIQ Next 1n Mer1t Peter Martln Davey T GERNON I GEORGES H PIAZZA R STEWART Puqc Scz 4 NIJ ugh! A Gold Medal tor Excellence in Scholarship in the , ,Y I l I ' ' ' tl Q U THOMAS IOSEPH MORAN 41 B ext rn Went Robert Iames Moran IOHN MARTIN BREHENY 41 C Next m Mer1t Camlllus Aqumas OConnell ROBERT ANDREW GOETZE 41 D Next m Mer1t Iames Ioseph Pryor RILHARD IOSEPH SHARY 41 E Next m Mer1t Iames Edward Deane The Academy Gold Medal for Excellence m Scholarslmp m the Graduatmg Class ot the Grammar School rs awarded to IOSEPH VALENTINE KANOWITZ Next m Merlt VICIOT Ioseph Hernandez The Academy S11ver Medal for Excellence Scholarsh1p m the Grades of the Grammar School 1S awarded to ROBERT K SCHENKEL Seventh Grade ANGELO E ORAZIO Srxth Grade ROBERT I SMITH F1tth Grade A Gold Medal tor Department and School Sp1r1' Among the Res1dent Students IS awarded to HOWARD DAVID BENSON PATRICK TURNER HANSON IOHN IOSEPH RANKIN P HANSON H BENSON I RANKIN T MORAN I BREHENY R GOETZE R SHARY Page S51 41113 nm I - N It . I - , A I - I , N , I - , . . I I 7 . ' 2' 5. In 'a - 1 4 1 - I X I ' A K " ,, SCHOLARSHIP HONORS The results herewrth gtven are as they stood at the end ol March lt 15 evrdent that Itnal results nay D6 shghtly dltferent at the end of the school year lt mrght even happen that a boy who IS lrsted nrst of h1s class and ent1tled to the class prtze would have lost hrst place at the end of the school year HIGH SCHOOL FOURTH YEAR A C LASS PRI7E Phrlrp A Baanell 98 FIRST HONORS I eph P McCann 95 Rrchard I Coupe 2 VVoodrow P Malloy 99 Iohn P Ford 89 Iarnes B Moore 89 SECOND HONORS Saverro A ROSS1 84 Robert T McGrath 84 Walter I Beggm 84 Iohn V Walsh 84 GeorgeI W1egn'1an 82 ThomasI Darly 81 Vrncent T R1chards 8l Ioseph I D1 Donato 8l Edward I Hart 79 Iames E Iohnston 78 Dav1d V Cronrn 78 Matthew A Hanratty 77 Wllham I Farrell 77 Roger R Berkley 78 Francls T McLaughl1n 78 Wrlham I Geary 78 Rocco R Celentano 75 Walter I Kyte 75 FOURTH YEAR B CLASS PRIZL Wllllarn I Strachan 94 TIRST HONORS Iohn P Strachan 94 W1 ram T Doyle 93 George VV Artchlson 99 Wrlham D Sherlclan 89 Francts I Goodwrn 89 W1ll1a1n I Lauten 88 Warren F Donahue 88 Thomas I Langan 85 SECOND HONORS eo B Drlscoll 84 Albert M Scla la Iames P McCau ey 82 Charles M Clancy 82 Robert G Scholl Walter E Ntghttngale 8l Marttn I Kane 8l Robert G Mennona Pau I Erbacher 78 Iohn P Fscher 77 W1ll1a n I Flynn Fanc1s I Z1ppr1ch 77 Thomas F Ryan 78 Chester M Pretras Francrs C Mertz 78 CLASS PRIZF Francts I Be1rne 97 FlRST HONORS Francls X Doherty 97 Warren I Dornhoefer Cornellus F Cleary 98 'W1ll1am C Ruckert 95 Wtlharn T Kearney Iohn L LSWIS 94 Rrchard A De Santts 93 Ioseph T Tracy Cornel1us F Doran 89 Iohn P Flynn 89 Wrlllam I Roerner W1nI1eld S Sharpe 88 Mrchael I Crowley 85 Ioseph I Feore 85 SECOND HONORS W1ll1a1n I Bulaer 84 Iames I Cream Edward I Hennessey 83 Raymond K Vorst 82 Francrs G Le Mon Paul E Ouandt 81 Iohn V Lernbach 89 Iarnes E Schrnltt Ierome W Schuler 89 Eugene P SITIIIII 89 Dermot P Perd1satt W1ll1am I Koltnan 79 Thomas H Walsh 79 Robert I D1llon Rayr ond T Kearn 77 Iames I CllI1Cl'l 75 Thomas I Caultteld 75 THIRD YEAR B Cl ASS PRl'7F Iarnes M Crowe 93 FIRST HONORS Peter I Hlclcey 99 Wllllam I McNamara 99 Thomas I lenrhan 99 Id tes I4 Walsh 99 Iohn A Massey 87 Walter I Malone 8J Ioseph A Cansert 85 SECOND HONORS Warren H Murphy 83 Bernard I McEnteaart 83 Ioseph R Mwlne 82 Iohn F Ifularlcey 82 EdwardI Couswn 8l Iohn M Bucklex 8l Edward H Muldoon 89 Ioseph T Ott 89 Andrew I Murphy 79 l11'1J . . IA Y I . . , . . ,. . T ., V U . L. , - os . S 7, ' I 9 , , x I T , . , . . C -K I . I , - , I l - W. , 'Il' , , . . 5 , . . , , . , -4 L , ' , , . ' l 82 . . ft l , . , , , 81 . ' ' - , ' . , . 89, l . , -, J , ' ' I . 77, r '. , ' ' , . . , . , A 78, THIRD YEAR A 7 ' , , , . 98, . ' , ' . ' , . 92, ' , . , , f , A ' . 88, e ' ' . 5 , . f' 83, . ' , . , ' . 82, . , . , V . I 89, . , . ' , . ' 79, ' ' , , c, . . , , I 79, 7 'W . ,I cf, I I . , . . , W X E r , .ff . 5,20 :zzflj THIFD YEAR C SECOND VEAR A SECOND YEAR SECOND HEAR C . A . ' !I',1 1, ' , 1 x 1, I SECOND YEAR D CLASS PRIZE Iohn W Georges 97 FIRST HONORS Robert G Berner 94 Iohn I Allen 98 Gerald P Butler 89 Francrs I Savage 88 Iohn I Kelly 87 Ioseph W Scott 88 Robert I Lawson 88 Robert M Mooney 85 Vrctor Kadrr 85 SECOND HONORS Iohn C Kehoe 84 Howard D Benson 83 Iohn D Hurley 83 FerdmandI Wersenberger 81 Wrllram I Lonergan 81 Iames A Zregler 81 Iames I Teevan 79 Robert I Kerrlgan 79 Thomas M Carraher 79 Charles E Ersenmann 79 Iohn T Monahan 78 Edward W Lavm 78 Wlllram R Hoos 78 Srlvro I Sorar 78 Gerard M OConnor 78 Hallock H Neshe 75 SECOND YEAR E CLASS PRIZE Harold E P1a7za 88 FIRST HONORS Stephen F Leonard 87 Ioseph E Healy 8b Lawrence I Landolte 88 Raymond I Ftnn 85 SECOND HONORS Robert A Klernmann 83 Wrllram A Hallrgan 82 Lawrence I Herzmg 82 Edward R Camrlluccr 82 Andrew C Norton 81 Andrew L OBr1en 81 Arthur I Bradv 88 Francrs X Smrth 88 Ioseph A Dumolo 79 Iohn I Ifrckelsen 79 Iames B Iovce 79 Donald P Monaghan 78 Patrrck F O Dare 78 Edward I Drllon 77 Robert T Doyle Francrs P McGo ern 75 Clement A Bayen 75 FIRST YEAR A CLASS PRIZE Robert S Stewa t 98 FIRST HONORS Peter M Davey 98 Edward I Carroll 97 Iohn S Hennessey 97 GeraldI BOVIDS 98 Francrsj Connolly 98 Iarne S Duva 98 Thoma D Kehoe 98 Wrllram R Hanley 98 Robert C Wrgger 98 George F Garrbaldr 95 Francrs I Redmond 95 Francrs D Ryan 95 Francrs X Hanley 92 Danrel I Gregory 91 Louls I De Rose 98 Iames I Morrrssey 98 Lawrence K Murray 98 Iames E Scully 89 Edward I Devoney 88 Hugh D Murphy 88 Thomas I Egan 87 Iohn W Krldutt 87 WIIIIIGHI Byrnes 88 Iohn I Beckerle 85 Iames P Bogan 85 Iames I Clark 85 Ioseph M Gallen 85 Danrel I Holland 85 Nrcholas I Ryan 85 SECOND HONORS Iohn H Grlmore 84 Iohn E Smaleton 84 W1ll1am A McLaughl1n 83 Iohn P Canny 88 George F Kerrrgan 88 Iohn F McCaffrey 88 Iohn T Archrbald 79 FIRST YEAR B CLASS PRIZE Thomas I Moran 94 FIRST HONORS Robert I Moran 94 Wrllram B Dopf 94 Iohn R Oulnn 94 Thomas D Shalley 93 Edward I Davts 92 Duane T Rosenberaer 92 Raymond P Rrzzo 91 Iames M Trernan 91 Roderrc P Hrggms 98 Robert C Smltha 98 Ioseph M Yerg 98 V1ncentE Plsbury 89 Wrlllam D Ryan 89 Ioseph A Mullen 87 ThomasI Kenny 88 Leonard A Fr1edel85 Iohn I Neeson 85 SECOND HONORS Albert I Fab1an1 84 Eugene P Frtzpatrrck 84 Wlllard T Loftus 83 Wallace I Moran 83 Iohn I Rernert 82 Iohn I McAvoy 81 Donald F Roper 81 Iohn I Sagurton 81 Be nard V Hanratty 88 Iamc I MacElroy 88 Wrlham P Ward 79 Gera d B Hammel 78 Robert I Mrtchell 78 FIRST YEAR C CLASS PRIZE Iohn M Brehenv 98 FIRST HONORS Carnrllus A OConnell 97 Dantel A Ryan 94 Robert QUIDU 93 Thomas I Wh1tby 93 Iohn I Cafanaugh 91 Charles C I z rf flgblj filf W ' I ' I ' V g , , , , . . , . ll I , I . , . I - ' 1 I ' I I ' 75, . , . . , A . r 3 . , . V . A I I . - h 7 I . McDermott 93, Peter F, Dugandzic 93, Robert F. Hickey 93, Eugene P. A ' X , .,., . 1 . , I 1 . . 1 , . I ' , ' 1 ll 1 - - 1 1 1 . , . , It . , LS . , ' ' . , r . , 1. L ' 4 ' I 4 V 3.15 gl' - 'f Bergen 91 Iohn S Mulholland 90 Leo I H1ckey 89 Donald M Block 89 LOUIS A L1ppman 89 Iohn I Franz 88 Eugene F Boylan 88 Lawrence W Powers 87 Rlchard W Mrchels 86 Peter I Flanagan 86 Iohn P Morr1s 86 Edward I Tlghe 85 George W Ramee 85 Albert G A1tch1son 85 SECOND HONORS Bernard C Madden 84 Iames P Mahafley 83 Ioseph I DAndrea 83 Iames E Cotter 82 IohnI Glllen 81 Franc1sI Meehan 81 Ioseph G Kelley 80 Albert A Amanna 80 Hugh B Gregg 79 Mrchael I Doran 79 EdwardI McGovern 77 IamesI McColgan 76 FIRST YEAR D CLASS PRIZE Robert A Goetze 96 FIRST HONORS Iames I Pryor 95 Arthur F Dav1s 91 Paul I Traenor 90 Alfonso A Sacco 90 NorbertI Schrelber 89 Ioseph F Keane 88 Charles I Hastedt 87 Iames L Lane 86 Robert G Plante 86 Raymond G Hlldebrand 85 SECOND HONORS Maurtce T Harnett 84 Robert I Murphy 84 Davrd L Donahue 83 Harold I Smlth 83 Thomas F Coughlln 83 Leo I De1erle1n 83 Iohn C McHugh 82 Ioseph G Clancy 82 Bradford F Segu1me 81 Charles F Redford 79, Iames P Mansheld 77 W1ll1am I Schoemer 77 Iames M Post 76 Edward P Morrxssey 75 FIRST YEAR E CLASS PRIZE Rlchard I Shary 92 FIRST HONORS Iames E Deane 91 Harry I Campbell 91 Rrchard T Mooney 90 Ioseph F Spencer 90 Vrctor C Garbar1n1 90 Calv1n L Kearney 89 Francrs I Nestor 89 Charles A Ward 89 W1ll1am L Colby 88 Iohn P K1ely 88 Francls V E1dmann 87 Eugene R Rouant 87 Iames H Bradley 87 Iohn I Curt1n 87 Iames T Doyle 86 Iohn R Meehan 86 Thomas M Feore 86 Lou1s P Cappe1l1 86 I Owens 81 W1ll1am P Curran 81 Edw1nI Connolly 80 Ioseph T Henry 79 GeorgeI McCra1n 79 Iohn M Burns 79 Eugene F Ryan 78 Alphonso A Amatruda 78 Bruno N Mar1an177 Iohn A Palumbo 75 GRAMMAR SCHOOL EIGHTH GRADE CLASS PRIZE Ioseph V Kanowrtz 95 FIRST HONORS Vrctor I Hernandez 94 Vlncent L De Crutrrs 92 Lawrence De Bellls 91 Theodore C D1 Blasr 91 Gerard R Lockwood 90 Walter T Galhgan 89 Francrs W McCarthy 89 W1ll1am I Kehoe 88 Iohn I Rankm 88 Lawrence F Fata 87 George W Hagman 87 Iames G Devhn 87 Dems I Leahy 86 SECOND HONORS George R Benskln 84 Iames V Carey 83 Ioseph I Vent1m1gl1a 83 Iames I Crotty 83 Iames Comerlord 82 Rrchard E Austrn 82 Iohn B Toomey 80 Iohn A Trzecleskr 80 Lawrence A Sllka 80 W1ll1am I Aylward 80 Gerard E Bourke 79 W1ll1amI Owens 78 Bruce A Petrettl 78 SEVENTH GRADE CLASS PRIZE Robert K Schenkel 94 FIRST HONORS Iames I Gar1bald1 92 Gerald I D1 Carlo 91 Arthur T Gall1gan 81 Norman I Kenn 91 Edward P Ryan 91 Raymond V La ombe 89 W11l1amI Kohl 88 Donald P Martln 88 R1chardI Alde 86 Iohn A Moran 86 Robert E Cullen 85 Paul F Frscher 85 Ioseph L MGIIHO 85 SECOND HONORS Arthdr I Donovan 83 W1ll1am I Murty 79 Iames C Wargo 78 Rrchard Byers 76 Pzgr Elgblj tl ee 'F D , , ,.,., . NJF-1 T I . , . , I . 1' . , . , I . ' I ' ' I ' I ' I SECOND HONORS-Iohn V. Murphy 81, Ioseph F. Doran 81, Iohn I ' I J ' 1 ' I ,N ' . . ' , ' ' . 5 Q O , . , . , . . CN I T l ' ' .jf 'I - Jr' SIXTH GRADE QIASS PRIZE Angelo F OTG7IO 811 FIRST HONORS Ge ard P Bell 93 Gustav V Koppel 88 Francrs I Ser? 89 Mylee I Arnbroee 88 Francte P Rurxe 87 Wrllta 1 W Rankm 85 ul COND HONORS Rober S Frsclter 84 Raymond F Henle 83 Edward K Pearson 88 Iolm I Prcurt 83 Francrs A Granas 82 Henry I Laurrtano 82 Iohnl Ramrrez 8? R Wrllram Flynn 8I Harold R Whrte 81 Iames D Cox 79 Robert H Lou e 79 Francts C Rudershausen 79 Leonard Sweeney 78 Walter Bennett 77 Alfred B Iantzen 76 Charles G Ottone 76 Wllharn W Weaver 75 FIFTH GRADE V I ASS PRIZE Robert I Snn th C4 FIRST HONORS Vtnvent H DAr1sta 81 Stanley T Galhqan 98 Frank R Marnizetla 88 Fdward L LIQIIOII QU W1ll1am I Fon ld1I'10 88 F Gregory Walelt 88 Ntcltoel I l!IcGee 87 Leonard P De Roma 87 loute D Ora71o 86 Donald T Calltaon 86 Iohn Paul Frank 88 Francrs Fata 85 Wlllrarn I Nollox 85 SFCOND HONORS Ioseph S Hrllen 84 Iohn P l!IcOuade 83 Robert M Baer 8? Cltarlee F Bovlne 81 Henry L Charlton 78 Carl M Vlaarano 78 Walter I Rnnn 78 Robert IV Gray 77 Franklyn C' Frawley 77 FOURTH GRADE CI ASS PRIZI John Garlbaldr 86 FIRST HOIXORS Wrllrarn P Iackrnan 85 Rudolph L Gralro QI Robert Gal nettr QC Andrew Avrtablle CIP Ioltn C Coolrdae 88 Fdward E Reynae te 89 Stanley I Hart 88 Robert V Vrllandre 87 Wrlllarn F Morns 87 Iarnes Rebtschung 87 Bruce R Powers 86 SI POND HONORS W1ll1a 1 I-I Olfeete 82 Georae Rebrsclruna 82 Roy G Meclo 81 Rrcltard Pompa 88 Harold E McGee 86 Allred P Toomey 88 THIRD GRADE K IASS PRIZF Danrel I I oore 84 I IIxSI HONORS Vrctor Fortrn 84 P1Orro Teneau 88 Erneet S ntlr CII Robert Il f rcr r ort G rai v 1 Tunanc 85 O D HONORS P Ir qlrfslr 81 Valentrne llalro SECOND GRADE S N 1 'I IIOI OR I Ilte C SEFOI D I OIIORS VV ll a 1 I Long 78 Sebaettan Montetta ff I I ul 1 , 5 "7 . .A a.. ff I I . , ll. I , - I . I , , . . . , - , ' , ' ' n . ' , F I I . , t . I , r I . L , , , , . 'J , I , , I I I ' Y ' , . , f , . -f ' , ri U . , 1 U , . , . X CS. ,V , . L , f'I I . I , . , , D. . .I 1 ' 7 I A 1 bf I I I - Y rr I .f u 7' J 1, - , . , I. . 7 , , . ,I J I JT A I . r f ' , ' A f, I I, . ' , I . .I I f -W ' ' n I, ' , ' , . Raymond F. I.e Tonrneau 76, Anaelo I. Fata 76, Ioltn I. lazzetti 75, 'T , . ' ' I' - -. . ' . , , , . I II . , , -, A. ITA 'Stl 88, R' I ard F, F Oo 86, Rob . G 86 Fillf rloza A. VIII? Ii X H' 1l1f1Y'Cll ltr 1, , A . I 8l. fAI.A.'55 PI'IfCll 'I'imfvtI1y Srrai It 95, FIRS ' , I fl WC ,r I. Harrison 84, Iarnes P, If Qrfxan ft! J I 'I S 1 I it ,, , . ' , " . Un flgf - f,,',p HONORS IN DEPORTMENT E I G H T H G R A D E Lawrence Cf. lie Rellis SEVENTH GRADE Richard I. Adler, Gerald I. Di Carlo, Arthur I. Donovan, Paul 'l. Fischer, Arthur T. Galliaari, Iarries I. Garibaldi, llorrzian f. Kenn, William I. Kohl Raymond V. Laijorrrbe, Donald P. Martin, Iolin A. lforan, Robert K. Schenkel. SIXTH GRADE Robert S Fischer R William Flynn Angelo F Oazo Charres G Ottone Francis I eiz FIFTH GRADE Charle F Bovine Leonard P De Ro ra Stanleyrl Galligan Ioseph A lngrassra Frank R Maruzzella F Gregory Walsh FOURTH GRADE Andrew Avitabile Io in Cool dge Robert Galinett Iorin Garibaldi Rudolpi Giglio Stanley Hart William Iackrnan Edward Reynaerts Robert Villandre THIRD GRADE Robert A DArista Pierre F leneau Victor lortn SECOND GRADE aterI Hair e lo an r a S PERFECT ATTENDANCE HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR Cl ASS Paul G Auster Walter I Regain Roger R Berkley Richard I Coupe Iosep I D1 Donato Wrllra Lo le Leo B Drr coll Wrllia I Farrell Willrarri I Geary Ldward I Hart Iarries F Iohn tori Saverio ho r Alb Sc all 1 Willia r e 1 1 o ii W ' arr I Stracria ICR CLASS F in Re r VV rnfl i e Ricl ard A Je Sariti F or s f eare I reerie e r llrc nr an I i I GI Q1 J O 6. K CI ly H1 I l I I . ' , . I ' r , , r i , I . G. , Q . S ' . s . ' , I . ri , S '. ' ' , ' 2 i , ' i, ' " ', E A ' , ' . , K ' ' 1 . Wrl . . 'iso:i, Iarri sis P, l. rg , 'Iirrrf thy 'rr1rth. I 'f .. . , , F A , F , , I . ' i , J lr I , ' ' rri T. I y , . 'ss' , ' ' :rr . , ' . , Y' . , , . fs ', A. 'fer-1, .I ert ff. t L :r lj. Sli r'dC.n, I l: R. Strrrclisrri, illi i . ' ' ' IUN rp .cis I. ' rllrdrri I Rulaer, Ce i:l1lf'3 F. Cl ary, Vincent A. Crean, fairies I. Cream, Ll Crowe, Iolin llerreribeichez rx ' . F F . s, ifricr: T. llorrerty, Ieseplz I. F-f , ,oiin P. Flynri Thorrraza F. G 4 , P te' I. izey, 'lwliorzras I. Le 'Ez' , 'ol ri .. Lewis Vlfalt I. lf lf ne, R b -rt fi If 1 rice, Igwhn R. Liurrfl , Icl f Il. ltIally Iwserllr P 0 ltiirtce, Pete: P Prxrrxrrf., Vfrllrrtr.. fi' Rrrbkert Irrrges If S:::.rrrltt, Ifuffyir. 'l' 'l:..1c',, I,rr..e. If 'i.','.il-gli. Mgt .'.f.'z 2: SOPHOMORE CLASS Robert G Berner WalterD Byrne AngeloE Calabrla Edward R Camrlluccr Enrrco I Crpolaro Iohn P Clancy Thomas B Donnelly Ioseph B Farrell EdwardI Fay Iohn W Georges RobertI Haley Iohn E Heafy LawrenceI Herzlng EarlI Hoftner IohnI Kelly Patrlck A K1rw1n AltredI Klag Robert A Kletnmann Stephen F Leonard Bened1ctR Lruzzo Thomas P Longo ThomasI McGurl Iames M Mclntosh Eugene F Meenagh Patrrck F ODare Francxs V Perdomo Harold E Prazza Peter R Rooney Walter P Rozett Walter E Stokes Iames F Teevan Robert A Trghe Iohn E Travalena Edwln H Walzer Aloys1usI W1tt M1chaelL Zarelll Iames A Zregler FRESHMAN CLASS Albert G Artchrson Charles C Bergen Francts X Btggane GeraldI Bovme Iohn M Breheny EdwardI Carroll IohnI Cavanaugh Edward I Davrs W1ll1am B Dopf Peter F Dugandz1c Thomasl Egan PeterI Flanagan Dame1T Grlloon Iohn H Grlmore Robert A Goetze Charles I Hastedt Iohn S Hennessey Roderrc P Hrggms Raymond G Hlldebrand Wrllard P Loftus Wrllram A McLaughl1n Iames P Manslreld RobertI Moran Edward P Morrrssey Neeson Vmcent E Prlsbury Robert X Qurnn Francrs D Ryan Alfonso A Sacco Iames E Scully Thomas D Shalley Robert C Smltha Robert S Stewart Iames M Trernan Thomas M Tobm ThomasI Whrtby GRAMMAR SCHOOL EIGHTH GRADE Rtchard E Austrn George H Benskm Iames B Carey Lawrence C De Bellrs Iohn I Rankm SEVENTH GRADE GeraldI D1 Carlo ArthurI Donovan Paul T Frscher Hector C Maruzzella Robert K Schenkel SIXTH GRADE MylesI Ambrose Gerard P Bell Frank A Grgnas Charles F Graf Angelo F Orazro Wrllram W Rankrn Harold W Whrte FIFTH GRADE Wrllram I Consrdme V1ncentH DAr1sta LeonardP De Roma Ioseph S Hrllen Lours D Orazro RobertI Smtth FOURTH GRADE Andrew Avrtabrle Angelo Fata Robert Galmettr Iohn I Iazzettl Wtllram Morr1s Harold McGee Stanley MCGIHDIS Raymond Le Tourneau Robert V Vrllandre lHlRD GRADE Robert A DAr1sta Russell Englrsh Dan1elI Moore Pterre F Teneau SECOND GRADE Ioseph Catlrey Henry P Dagasso Stanley Foster Wrlllam I Long Robert Marotta P gf llqflj T . , . , . I , - 1 ' 1 A - I 1 I - 1 ' I I ' I ' I ' I . , . I , . , I . , Y! H . . I H I . l l 1 - I 1 - 1 - 1 - I I ' I I ' I ' I I Iohn S. Mulholland, Lawrence K. Murray, Hugh D. Murphy, Iohn I, .ly 4' J '-tix W SIFVENQ P SCIIOLL W. Siii.fRiDAN i. l!fcCAULEY l STRACHAN D. CRONIN I FORD Mgr FOOTBALL ffad the success of the i937 football season, as represented by the nurriber of games won and lost, depended oniy on the spirit and enthusiasm of the squad, the Mount would have headed the Prep school list with a no-loss noftie record. Unhappiiy, other factors enter into the compiling of final averages. fnexperience was our chief difficulty. Graduation had depleted our ranks of the iarge iiiaiority' of seasoned veterans. And yet, in spite of this handicap, the Gold and Blue took to the field with a hardf Lghting, unyielding aggregation which won the loyal support of its friends and became the dread of its foes. The opening test carne early in the season against a veteran Pelhani team. The visitors' power and skill were too niuch for the Mountaineers. The score ended 25-6. A fourth period pass from lffurphy to Perdomc saved us from the whitewash coluznn. ffastcfzester, anxious to avenge a last seasons defeat, was the next team to face our gridmen on our horne grounds. Our line did grand and unexepcted tiiings, but in vain. We lacked the punch to score, Eastchester took a hard- fought contest, 6fU, by virtue of a pass on the closing minutes of the game. The Mount journeyed to New Rochelle, on the next week end, to :rieet fona Prep on their home field. A third defeat was the result of this encounter. The Mounts offense got off to a guick start and we scored early in the first guarter on a pass, Murphy to Cronin. in the second quarter, lona returned a punt sixtyvfive yards to the Mounts thirty yard line. A surprise fourth down pass scored for the home team from that position. lona converted the extra point on a fine plunge and this gave them the final rnargin of victory, 76. The fourth game on the schedule against Edison Tech of Mount Vernon brought us our first victory. The visitors resorted frorn the first to their wide open passing attack. As the day was exceptionally windy, the team with the wind at its back was at a great advantage. The Mount scored in the first period on a run by Frank Perdorrio After the exchange of goals at the end of the first quarter, Edison scored on a pass. Toward the end of the third period the hardechaiging attack of iirii Gallagher brought us across on a plunge from the three yard line. The garne ended in the Mounts favor, l3e7. W FABBELL B. MCGBATH F. McLAUGHLlN W, KOLMMI . MILLER E. CARR'Wl.l. l.G1'XLl.AGliER I p The next game saw the Mount take a victory from its perennial rivals, Fordham Prep. The Maroon team proved a great surprise to our boys, and the game developed into the hardest tussle of the season. Victory came on a thirty yard pass from Steve Murphy to Bill Sheridan, in the third quarter. The final score was F3-O. Bill Kolman starred on the defense for the Gold and Blue. Much speculation and some uneasy anticipation had been devoted to the forthcoming game with Xavier H. S. Unless Chimento could be stopped, we would probably pay with the penalty of defeat. So the slogan became l'Stop Chimenton. f-low this was done, and what a stunning victory resulted is one of the brightest spots in the l937 fall record. lt was one of those days when everything seemed to click brilliantly. Bob Bryan scored in the first quarter on a reverse behind masterful interference, from the visitors' forty-- yard stripe. Perdomo scored on an end run in the second period. Bryan repeated in the fourth period on an off-tackle drive. Saunders Trades School from Yonkers were the next opponents met on our home grounds. The Gold and Blue was entirely too much for the visitors and we won our fourth consecutive victory, 19-U. Bob Bryan again led the offensive for the Mount and scored twice. lim McCauley played an outstanding defensive game. And then came the Annual Turkey Day Classic with All Hallows to close the l937 season. ln a bitterly-contested, grueling contest staged on an exceedingly muddy field, the home boys tasted the bitterness of defeat. The game was a seesaw affair during the whole first half, with the Mount slightly in the position of favorite. Our boys lost an early chance to score on a fumble over the goal line, thus losing the ball to the visitors. Twice more during that first half we stood within scoring range of the big G stripe but both times failed to capitalize on our advantage. All I-lallows came from the dressing room to start the second half with renewed inspiration. Their tactics, offensive and defensive, showed wonderful improvement. This fighting spirit finally brought them the only score of the game in the last quarter. A short completed pass was carried the thirty yards needed to put it over the goal line. The visitors converted the extra point and the game ended shortly afterwards with the score, 7-U. R KURTH W. KLINKE I. WALSH D. FINN E. MULDOON W. RUCKERT I CLlNCH The captain of the l937 team symbolized the unguenchable fighting spirit which characterized the whole group throughout the season. lim McCauley, right guard, 150 pounds, honored with a position on the New York City All-Scholastic Team, was this inspiring leader who guided the aestinies of our past season. lflac was in there on every play and threatened disaster to any opponents who failed to take him into account because of his small stature, blond hair, and mild blue eyes. Some coaches found this out before the game and they put two men on Mac, others found it out only after they got over the effects of the beating their team had suffered. When the matter of choosing Mac's successor was put up to the boys, they selected as fine a captain for l938 as could have been found on the squad. Bill Kolman has filled a big hole at left guard for the past two seasons. A splendid blocker, offensively, he becomes an immovable block when it comes to resisting the onslaughts of the opposition. lack Miller, at Center, has all the qualifications of a good pivotman. lack is tall, rangy, and possessed of the power to diagnose the plays of the opposing team. His ability to reach up and knock down passes intended for rival receivers makes him an indispensable element in backing up the line. lack returns next year to round out his training in handling the pig- skin. He should be a great asset to the l938 squad. Left tackle Dave Finn was the bulwark of the lVlount's defense. Big Dave could be seen crashing through the enemy line and spilling the opposing backs before they had even got under way. Our only regret is that Dave is leaving us this year through graduation. lim Conforti held down the right tackle position. Rugged and solid as Gibralter, lim's dependability carried us over many a tough spot where one less reliable might have let us down. lim will be back to fill his berth on the l938 line-up. Bill Sheridan, left end, held the unique position of being the Mounts best punter as well as the nemesis of enemy backs. After Buck crashed through the opposing interference the way was clear for a Mountaineer to come through and spill the enemy runner. On fourth down, Buck would drop back and boot the ball deep down into the opponents' territory. The team will lose a good man when Sheridans place has to be filled, next season. CIPOLABO T CROWLEY A. HELBOCK R. KERRIGAN F. PEBDOMO S. MURPHY l RAFTEBY . i Rangy Dave Cronin played right end for the Mount. Dave's specialty was pulling passes out of the blue and racing away for substantial gains. A dependable defensive player, Cronin's loss will be sorely felt. The quarterback post went to Bill Budershausen. Bill was a heady field general and a wonderful blocker. His slight build made him the victim of many injuries, but Bill was in there trying hard in every game. He was ably replaced when necessary by Bob Scholl and jim Crowley. The left halfback position was divided between Steve Murphy and Frank Perdomo. "Slir1gin"' though only l45 pounds was an excellent player offensively. His uncanny passing ability proved to be of great advantage to the Mount. Frank Perdomo was a shifty broken field runner, and, once beyond the line of scrimmage, he proved very elusive to enemy tacklers. The fullback post gave the Mount hard defensive players, as well as powerful line plungers. jim Gallagher earned the starting position at full- back. Converted from a center, lim adapted himself very well to his new location and only an early season injury which endured throughout the rest of the schedule prevented him from being truly a great fullback. Beynold Kurth alternated with Gallagher and his jarring tackles from the back-up station were of great value to the team. Bight halfback, ordinarily a blocking position, gave the Mount its greatest ground gainers. Bob Bryan, a husky, well-built lad, led the team in scoring. john Strachan, alternate for Bryan, was the speed merchant of the team. Cipolaro, a third candidate for this position, was one of the hardest blockers. Many able substitutes were anxiously awaiting from the sidelines the signal to jump in the fray: Frank McLaughlin and Bill Farrell at guard, Gene Carroll, Bob McGrath and lim Walsh filling in at tackle, and Bill Stevens at end, and Kerrigan and Celentano in the back field. lt is a long time since so many squadmen could be counted among those return- ing to the Mount for one or two more years. This should afford bright prospects to Coach Howie Smith for next year. - . - H.. f . KW 0 in in W W sg' 5 3 'fo l -'Ak ' . .,-- C I B. SCI-lOLl, I, MILLER Cf. DONALDSON P1-XUSTEB F. PEBIUOTAO BASKETBALL Scarcely had the tootball equipment been put away when the call for Basketball candidates was issued. Facing the loss ot tour ot the starting line-up from last years squad, Coach Smith built around Captain Paul Auster, the only regular trom last season, a last, light team, but one which was inexperienced, and, as luck would have it, one which was dogged by injuries throughout the season. The Alumni, as in past years, was our first adversary. The former Gold and Blue stars sported a strong team, but the brilliant work ol the Varsity enabled them to lead by 20 points as the third period ended. ln the tinal session, the ex-Mountaineers rallied, But the margin was too great and they bowed 3427. St. loseph was our next opponent. Without the aid ot Kurth and Steve Murphy we lacked drive and tight. We dropped that one by a 30-25 aecision. Westchester County was the scene ot our next encounter as we traveled to Eastchester High School only to absorb a 24-l5 deteat in a slow and uninteresting ball game. ln a tirst Cl-l.S.A.A. engagement we outdid ourselves endeavoring to break an apparent Fordham Prep monopoly over us but only succeeded in holding up the short end of a 3327 reckoning. And yet, two minutes before the tinal whistle, the score had been tied at 26. VVhite and l!lcGovern paced the Hamlets to a well-earned victory while lack Miller led the Cold and Blue as we dropped our seventh straight to the Prepsters. Determined to again break into the winning column, we moved in on All Hallows and wound up a beautiful contest by emerging victors in a 2l-l8 count, and chalking up our tirst league victory. Drake Prep was our next scheduled opposition but was unable to keep the date. The C L b 0 4 V '4 F ' 14. 5 V . .fl ii T X ' K S RUSH fi, f.fUR?l5Y R. KURTH F. BURTIF W. KFARNFY Sdcred Hedrt Holy ..dr:.e Sligo filled in grid Wds outdone 3224 cis ldclc Tfiiller dgdin set the pcxce witii lil irzdrkers. ln our third ledoue fidzne we encountered lfldnhdttdn Prep in tlie most xensdticndl gdiiie of the sedson, lt took two overtiizie periods to determine tlie winner. Bdrney lqCISSGfi brought the dftrdy to d sudden dedth conclusion by sinking d onefhgnded pivot shot lor the Fcrspers trorn dn oppdrently impossible dngle. Dondidscri ond Miller stdrred for the ffount, but l-ldssett cldiitied individual scoring honors. Lost yedrs division winner, lond Prep, CUILC to the Hilltop dnd dropped the me lil-l7. ln tlge idsi few :minutes of pldy the visitcrs put on high pressure ond cut down d hoxre lecid ot ten points to on uricoriitortdloly close iiidrgin oi two. Ciiciiiipicns were on our cord dll sedsori Sounders Trgdes School, Westchester County pdce setters of the post sedson, were next entertdined it tiie Gold dnd Blue court, ln fIITC'll1CY hdttle, much too close to be enf ioydlole, the ffount triktriplied dfter frdjirig the entire gdnie, 2423. Much ol the credit for this victory' goes to Pdul Auster Whose fighting spirit directed the dttdck dll the i.VQ"A.'. Tiidt pudding ri':oirj.' spoke if list seoson his biossoired forth ond -Tt'K1lI'l Fdison Tech of Tfoigzit Vernon visited our logiliwiclc only to tind tlidt Auster ond COIf'.fICfl 'A.' were decidedlr' on' in the ldst few znoziients, 'dllyind eight points to l'lf'3'Jk d 2222 tie, drid forging dheod to win 3123. Steve lflurphy, returning io the frog' ofter weeks of dbsence, did himself 'iistice with twelve points to doztiindte the scoring colurnn. Our dncient Rivdis of 73111 Street were visited by d deterzriined soudd dl white cldd pldyers dnd the hedt ot the bottle is still telt. St. Anns, cm ffii-if-l2YGC1lilITQ, 9CglG-9':'QCl tedry. needed dll their fdculties to eke out d QSQQ win iri the idst few seconds. Perdorio ond Auster tdilied treely. The fl' I ol A iii.. T. LAVIN I. KELLY R. DE SANTIS W. HEROLD T. CARRAHER pace was terrific and both squads were justified in either victory or defeat. Our early league victims, All l-lallows, avenged the defeat handed them on their court by taking measure of the Mount in another very close game in which Sl personal fouls were called. McGregor's last second basket earned the visitors the victory. With the Saints playing a l9-l7 game on their own court against Iona, the fans anxiously awaited the outcome of their meeting in New Rochelle. The Gold and Blue led 28-13 at the half and rolled up a record score for the past four seasons by trouncing the home squad 48-Sl. Miller and Donaldson rang up l3 and l-4 points respectively as we again swept over the league winners of last year. The Eagles from Eastchester received a surprise when a revived Mount sauad handed them a 35-27 defeat. We led all the way tallying eight points before the astonished visitors could even score. Tension ran high the day of the final Fordham Prep encounter. Defeated repeatedly in previous seasons, with a loss chalked up against them in the current series, the Mountaineers made the trip to the Rams haunts under rather silent apprehensions. But silence changed to loud cheers as a 2U-l5 victory broke the Hamlet "Iinx". lack Miller led the attack with 8 points. lubilant at their victory over the Maroon, the squad traveled to Yonkers where they downed the Saunders Trades School for the second time, coming from behind to again win by a 26-22 score. Perhaps it was Worry, perhaps overconfidencegwho will tell? But the awakening was most sudden and certainly not pleasant. We journeyed tc the lasper gym and saw ourselves swept off our feet by a Whirlwind attack which had us l3-2 in the opening quarter. The following stanzas were no more encouraging and we were finally let down with a sound if' 4. 9' . Q , , 9 ,f Q l. s K, X' I' 8 , '. RAETERY I. CROWLEY KERHKSATC KENNY T. GlLl.fCHE trouncing 3322 Again Hassett dia prcdig1es w1th the leathered sphere and ran up lil points to his credit. Some one had to suffer the rebcund from the lfanhattari setback and who should be around Just then but St. Ann s. They were sent back home on the losing side ot a 3l-25 affair. But woe was still trailing in cur wake. With the confidence inspired by an earlier victory, we Qnvaded the Edison Tech hunting grounds and met with a 2C-l7 reversal to end a season which, on the whole, might be considered auite successful. Two post season encounters had been arranged. ln the first we made the acquaintance of the Wliite Plains High School Baslceteers, Vlfestchester County League Champions, on the opening game of the County lnvitation Games. Let us state the score and refrain from superfluous comments. A very big teain made us look most diminutive at the end of a 3543 score On the following Saturday we definitely' closed the season by a trek to Cornwallfonfrludson where we met the New York fflilitary Acadeniy players and outclassed thezn 35fl7. Tiller and Donaldson again did therrif selves nobly by their high scores. As a result of his steady play and sasan scoring honors Tfliller has earned for himself the berth of Captain-elect for next season, succeeding Paul Auster who graduates in lune. Meanwhile our lunicr Varsity was going places by winning li games in an l8 game schedule and coming out of the Cl-l.S.A.A. series with a perfect record of 8 wins in 8 starts. Apparently there is plenty cf material coming up to replace the very few regulars who are leaving us this func Even more successful acfneyerrients are presurnably in the cards for the Gold and Blue auintet of the lQ3S-l939 season Well heres luckl N I W , . . W. SI-IERIDAN R. SCHOLL P. AUSTER T. DAILLY D. CRONIN BASEBALL It is with special gratification and pride that we extol the valorous deeds of the baseball team of l937. Hardly so much could have been expected from a squad decimated by graduation and rich only in the few veterans that remained, the coaching of Howie Smith, and the enthusiastic confidence of hopeful aspirants. How Mr. Smith whole-heartedly gave of his time, talent, and baseball lore in order to put on the field an aggregation worthy of Mount St. Michael traditions and the generous patronage of the student body is now history. How that team, despite inexperience and a forbidding schedule, justified Howie's efforts by blasting the opposition, wiping out bitter memories of past defeats, earning the respect and fear of all adver- saries, and wresting the Cl-l.S.A.A. for our division we all know. Certainly the memories of those who assiduously followed the destinies of the team of l937 need not the stimulation of our reminiscent pen. However, we cannot in justice let their record go unsung and never be recalled by those whose memories fade with time, as well as by those who could not, or cared not, to follow the progress of one of the best Gold and Blue baseball nines. 'len victories, one tie, in fifteen games! A banner season indeed! How can the unemotional pen render it justice? N X V. COSTABILE H. KENNY I. MILLER W. MCENTIRE I. SCHMITT As the nine took to the field for the first game in mid-April, the infield from left to right was Kenny, Ahern, Scholl, and Miller. The outfield, in the same order, read Sheridan, Murphy, and Sullivan. "Tony" Grella caught for a pitching staff that included foe Harvey, Al Sabella, Paul Auster, and l'Red" McEntire. Cronin and Schmitt were the substitutes that rounded out a well-balanced outfit. A harbinger of what success was to follow was that first game. Very auspiciously the Mount defeated Edison Tech in a good ball game, 4-U. Mclfntire pitched splendidly all the way while Miller dominated the attack. foe Harvey hurled superbly to down A, B. Davis High School in the next contest, l-U. The score is clear indication of the pitchers' duel that it was, The Mountaineers converted their four hits into the winning tally. Manhattan Prep, although outhit 4-8, administered the first setback to the Gold and Blue, 7-3. Six errors behind him nullified Al Sabella's fine pitching efforts as the Prepsters capitalized on every opportunity. Kenny garnered two hits to no avail. Recovering swiftly, the Mount wreaked vengeance on All Hallows, 2-l. Harvey bore down in the pinches and a last minute rally spelled defeat for the Institute and victory for the Academy. A powerful Pelham nine avenged a stunning football defeat by out- classing us, 7-4, 'lTony" Grella smote a mighty home run on a wind-swept field while the winners, somehow, translated their two hits into seven runs and victory. With five home games played, the Mountaineers traveled to New Rochelle to encounter Iona Prep in a league game. When the shouting was over the Mount had again prevailed, 5-l. Harvey allowed but one hit as Sheridan and Scholl garnered two hits each to help win. Our team then returned to more familiar haunts to tangle with our classic rival, Fordham Prep. The home forces finally Won out, 8-7. "Buck" Sheridan's last inning single drove in the deciding margin. lubilant at its success, the team steam-rollered over St. Ann's, lU-3. Sabella and McEntire pitched masterfully, and Millers four singles paced a fifteen-hit attack. Still playing at home, we met and vanquished the Bronxville team, ll-3. Paul Auster, making his debut after a severe illness, fanned eleven and yielded five hits. A Mount eight-run rally in the sixth clinched an otherwise close game. Next came the most glorious victory of the season. We visited Fordham and played the High School. A better verb would be "OverWhelmed". The score was 23-3 in our favor. What sad memories of past humiliating defeats from the Ramkins does not that score eraselll Sixteen hits in all: three each for lack Miller and Charlie Ahern, two doubles for Kennyl Two hits from Fordham Prep from the offerings of Harvey and McEntire. Gathering momentum, experience, finesse and ability with each game, we next blasted Manhattan Prep on their field, l3-O, a startling reverse of a former defeat. ln every department our boys excelled, Fifteen hits were amassed, including homers by Ahern and Grella. Harvey loosened up one lone single in a splendid exhibition of pitching. Alas, the roseate situation was again shattered by our nemesis, Pelham, for, playing at home, they eked out a 5-5 decision in an extra-inning game. I :gc Nizltllt-t'igl'! Pelham pounded out ten hits but was extended to the limit to pull out the victor in the ninth inning. This loss broke our winning streak at six. Nothing daunted, our lads proceeded to inflict an Sell defeat on lona Prep. lt was the team's fourth shutout and Harvey's third. Gre-lla and Kenny led the offense while loe allowed but two singles to the bewildered opposition. This win gave the Mount first place in the Bronx-Westchester division of the C.H.S.A.A., since the final league game with All Hallows ended, peculiarly enough, in a 7-7 tie. ln this game the slugging of Miller, Sheridan, Scholl, Grella, and Sullivan featured while McEntire, Auster and Sabella shared in the mound duty. All waited with bated breath until lune the fourth when we were to meet Power Memorial High School, winner of the Manhattan division of the league. The game was played on Dyckman Oval and both schools turned out en masse for the struggle. loe Harvey was our mound nominee while Power sent in big Tommy Gorman, who since has had a tryout with the New York Giants. He well merited such an honor for he checked the Gold and Blue forces with one hit-Sullivan's double-and won his own game with or prodigious homer in the second inning. The score was 4-2. A double, three walks, and an error gave us our only tallies in the third inning. We could close with a eulogy of the team and the coach. But that would be bringing coals to Newcastle. Their deeds have spoken already, spoken more convincingly and emphatically than any mere words we could write. All through the season the team played with courage, ability and inspiration. At this belated writing, the 1938 nine is ready to take the field. Pros- pects are very bright but the glorious precedent set in l937 can hardly be outdone. Graduation has eliminated Harvey, Ahern, Sabella, Sullivan, Grella, and Murphy. With the survivors: Miller, Scholl, Auster, Kenny, Sheridan, Cronin, McEntire and Schmidt, as a nucleus, I-lowie is building up a new aggregation which, we feel sure, will live up to Mount St. Michael traditions. The student body and the faculty certainly reposes the fullest con- fidence in Mr. Smiths ability and in the loyalty of the players. 9 vu, C . ,M . , ,M .M . up QI ff ' ' W C- x r 9 - 1 I I STR!-XCHAN W. DOYLE W. MALLOY W. BEGGIN W, FARRELL W. STRACNHAN TRACK With the return of spring, the devotees of the cinder path and of the sawdust pits reawaken to new and higher ambitions to outdo the achieve- ments of last season. Only time can tell whether these high aspirations will be realized, whether this year's squad can better or even equal the splendid record set by the track team of l937. A brief review of last year's accomplishments will help us appreciate what efforts will be needed to even equal this brilliant performance. ln the opening meet with a strong De La Salle sguad, the Gold and Blue speedsters carried the honors of the day by the narrow margin of one point. The outstanding performer for that meet was Walter Beggin who scored l8 points, winning the lunior 220, the lunior broad jump, the Senior broad jump, and placing second in the Senior l00. William and lohn Strachan finished first and second respectively in the lunior l00. Daniel Henry showed up very well in the high jump, and Harold Piazza did some valuable scoring in the midget events. ln the Bronx-Westchester C.H.S.A,lX, contest at Manhattan, the Hill- toppers captured the luniorfliftidget trophy and placed second in the Senior division. The two Strachan: and lohn Mularliey took first, second, and fourth in the lunior l00g Beggin walked away with the lunior 220 and the lunior broad jump, Walter Kyte showed the way around the 880 and Dan Henry repeated in the high jump. Beggin led the scoring for the Mount with l3 points. Every relay team placed for medals. The luniors lRichen, Finn, Littleiiield, and O'Rourl-:el placed first, the Midgets fPiazzo, Clancy, Derrenbacher and Parsonsj took second place, the Seniors lRiley, Lynch, Kraeck, and Kowall came in third place. ln the next meet the Mount scored a decisive victory over Power Memor- ial High School, winning by a margin of 60 points, The outstanding perform- ers for the meet were Beggin, William Strachan, Kyte, Henry, O'Rourke, Piazza, Littlefield, McDonnell, Derren- bacher and Parsons. ln ensuing meets the Mount defeated a number of longfstanding rivals by very one-sided scores. Forham Prep was taken over l2943O. lona was en- tirely outclassed ll6A29. St, Ann's fared no better as they took the short end of a ll8lf2 to 4Ulf2. A lone defeat of the l936 season was amply aveng- ed when the All Hallows tracksters were held to defeat by a score of 83lf2 to 66lf2. This last meet proved to be one of the few interesting con- tests of the l938 season. At the city wide encounter of the C,H.S.A.A. which was held in Brook- lyn, the lunior-Midget squad again captured first place and added an- other trophy to their ever growing collection. The old reliables, Beggin, the Strachans and Henry, helped materially in this victory as shown by their scores in the final reckoning. Others who contributed their share to the victory were Derrenbacher, Piazza, and lohn Raftery, fnvited to participate in the West- chester Relays, we gave a mighty good account of ourselves and came back with 5 medals as our part of the spoils for the day's fun. Hence do we feel justified in stating that any Mount track team out to beat this record will have to go in for some real competition. Of course with the everegrowing registration at tlie Mount and the consequent increase in the number of students out for track, we i.1ay look forward to a very brilliant future for the Gold and Blue trackmen. A word concerning a few individf ,Q- ,ge Q Q 'K is P f' Q N five ll 'Joi records before we pas: on Wotter Beggtrt, who BLUE earned the hohor ot being elected Cotptorrt ot this yeorfs teorrzt, saeored weh over' cr thmdred points dhrthfg ldfst Sedsort. tt-,uotd Pioxro, cr tIOi1t1It1CII't, wma :aeewhd ht the horior Cfjttltlllt wtth 75 Dlltlltfi With three more yeorrg of er':x1ttet1tLort he should breolc dit prewtohf: reeordfg. This yedr S season ids gtrrat begun os this report goes to FXGJSS, Att ore omxtoustg' dvsdttlng the opertthgg hteet. The irst toste of COY!.t'I6tttlCY1 wht eoriie with the Penn Hetoyss, Coptotn Wotter Beqoirt looks torwdrd to G Victory tttfa retdy portnerfs, the two Strotihftrtfa rmd tittteietd, wth eertertrity' dive their beset to reeztize thtrs hope. Lei 'tra ire out to the pttr, ond See the r,fo',':1 IT piijxeitef Yel thot: Coetdtri Bezqgti getting oft to rt ttytng utort. trait yeor he dtd the 22? iii 23.2 seeehdfg, He expects to better thot Illilfk this yeor. Tllllt fettow over there is Bttt Stroreho, the WU yord kind, ortd the youngster with the btw tertitte :if-'1:Efy, ts his brother Iohrt. Thot hrird drztfzrtar Sgjrphter ef'::.i'1t CU: Worx' Vpzg rid LLff19f1Ctil. Vtwtfllt? two hufgkte: l.eQ1'.'1r1"1 il 1 ,gd :Lit die f rr,t. 'v'v'f'1Q:f' izxd T.7tlF2CtCf3 Cohfertt. Cver ht the pole ', gh' we hdve Dori Henry did tee Htehert, ond turtiier, t.f1,b'SftI'1Qf tr. the 1. V ,llhipirtfg pri ore Kelly otrtd Benson. Let: ' fe the f'3t5Q1ttlIL'l yptt, 'theyre ttitdtrzfz t1::.e trlxxl Nl. ee 'utters -ew f lI.1 12. '1 'ff " tint we yi 27' 1 :Qi 5 f- "t ' t' - 7 ' f or t ' Aid tg 'hid :Q . ., l 'there ' ..f TMYLZIK 1 vtvlvfflliil ' "Ute Tlfzt win Ftflfl who wort Afeljfaf t f 'F D '17,'t v sw- Y 1 , . .. , o we.. ffeti t.',i,fi tt You might tliink theres a pot of gold at the finish, judging from the way he's going. Thats Meenagh who is leading in the 440 and Kraeck is a close second. Have you noticed that group of diminutive youngsters at the end of the straightaway. Small, aren't they? No wonder. They're the midget division. My, can they run, Clancy took that one, but Coupe was a close second. There's Brother Paul Wilfrid. Let's ask him a few questions. No. No dope today, not even for the Annual reporter. lt's too bad, we would have appreciated his private opinion of the team's ability. Well, now, We'll have to wait for the first meet and find out for ourselves. Of course, you'll be there to see the boys perform. So will l, you may be sure. For the four years we have been at the Mount, the track team has been our greatest pride. Where other teams failed, our track team came through with honors. To whom does the school owe this credit? To you, oh fellows of stout heart and long wind who have trained and trained on the cinder path and in the pitsg to you, the student body, who have so loyally followed the team and cheered every effort made to bring victory to our school, to you, Brothers Michael and Wilfrid, who have given so generously and patiently of your time to the tedious task of coaching the boys' efforts, to you, the members of the faculty, for your constant support and interest in all the activities of the school. And with this kind of spirit, with this type of encouragement we may certainly look forward to a not distant day when the Blue and Gold of Mount St. Michael will dominate all others in the realm of scholastic track in the city. .--,. .,,. . . gf Cgp ef xt A A Q 5 . A 1 Autographs I 1 7 1 I Dpnl 1-1 17 xv xv -. w J .L . .. -1-M , .wx 1 vqn, 'Agfa'-1'-1,P'2f?TJ'T 1 -if -an-r.. . :ar ,,: u.. Ya V ,,'.L'-'f .'-,Q.- -4 1:-V+' who 1,4--1-:vp-'-n-LL xr: 1.4 --.r Q 11.-.i .. L1.f'f'f'. rg VJ: 'Fi 1 ""fv'f: ' ' ,-1 Q x F A .' L -L , '3-,Q .' ,, .' , . - -- -', ,,, ' , , .,,.

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