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Mount St Marys High School - Mater Misericordiae Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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ater iserlcor icze Fifty years! Fifty years of education in Oklahoma City-that is the record of Mt. St. Mary's Academy. Five years prior to the settle- ment of Oklahoma, a small band of coura- geous Sisters came from Lacon, Illinois in order to teach and to work among the Indians at Sacred Heart, Indian Territory. lt was from this motherhouse that in i903 came Mother Mary Catherine Troy and her sisters to open a new and larger institution in Oklahoma City. The vast, empty, windswept hill that con- fronted this pioneer group was not an inviting sight. The Sisters did not realize then--nor did they dare hope, that from this humble beginning would develop a Community-keep- ing pace with the rapidly growing settlement- whose work in the field of education would play no small part in the history of the state, On the opening day, September 5, 1905, thirty-five pupils enrolled. The curriculum "embraced every branch of a thorough and re- fined education" and the purpose and aim of the institution was to "train the heart as well as the mind, and form women who will grace society by their accomplishments and honor and edify it by their virtues." Primarily a boarding school, it was not long until day students were also admitted. Fully accredited by the State Board of Educa- tion, it met and continues to meet the re- quirements of advancing educational policies. As the work of the Sisters became better known the enrollment increased so that in i923 a new wing consisting of assembly hall, classrooms, science laboratories, music rooms and chapel was built. Mt. St. Mary's continued to be an aca- demy for girls until i950 when it became a co-educational institution. Today it has a capacity enrollment with a curriculum embrac- ing all high school subjects augmented by the Sisters' priceless teaching of Catholic pre- cepts. ln this very brief survey there is much left unsaid. There are names which deserve to be honored-names of the' staunch religious superiors who gave their all that Christ and His teachings could be brought to youth- names of the self-sacrificing Sisters whose lives exemplified mercy and charity to all. Looking back, we wish to express our gratitude to our loyal friends and benefactors who placed the material and spiritual aids in our hands by which we have builded our temples of mercy in the hearts of our students. With you and for you the Sisters of Mercy face new horizons for the glory of God and the good of souls. or Qoc! an ountry C7-ll0Il IQO3 ,ZS flow 19553 A half century ago, under the guidance of Our Lady of Mercy, was begun at Mount Saint Mary Academy the implanting of Christian culture in the hearts of young girls and molding them into ideal women, shapers of destiny. Today, still pursuing the 08,7 same objectives, both boys and girls are afforded the opportunity to grow into the fullness of Christ and de- velop into well- rounded citizens, conscious of their obligations to God and Man, and filled with a deep ' sense of personal responsibility enabling them to . guide their own lives to a blissful eternity. l . - B 1903 Graduates-BACK ROW: Lucy Bourbonia, Estella Bourland, FRONT ROW Margaret Burke, Mary Troy, Agatha Dierker 1953 Graduates-BACK ROW left to ri ht, Bob Sims, George Fried, Bob Bode, Robert Engel, Robert Schmidt, Vernon , Q Bode James Chessmore Eugene Blythe Joe Marcotte. SECOND ROW: Kamal Shambour, Robert Determan, Patricia Moews, N l THIRD Carolyn Menz, Patricia Moroney, Kaye Gower, Carolyn Clabby, Joe Salazar, James Curtis, Rev. Gerald O' oan. ROW: Martha Muzny, Lois Bohanon, Julia Scholtes, Mary Dailey, Nancy Nesbitt. FRONT ROW: Rev Kenneth S. Ful- ton, Robert Turk, Dorothy Cermak, Virginia Fried, Esther Diaz, Mildred Payne, Catherine Cardenas, Carl Brandt, Very Re- vemnrl Svlvpcter l uecke if ff! 'iffy' -f 11' 4: 'fr Q aff ,C A614 xii' ? 4" wh ...N x wgxk 'P - . X Qi , L, ,fi-50' I AXWKAEW- - M -3 ,, L if ..Q.Q'FQ'34p. .4-1!0'f'5'x 'Um I 151' l l W 7 . , 1905-and the business world is in need ot typists and bookkeepers. These young ladies preparing to fill positions as secretaries and accountants are: Left, at the typewriter,Lucy Bourboni.VVinne Mae Fightmaster. Standing, Myrtle Miller, Amber Livingston, in centertoreground, Agnes Finley, Sister Mary Evangelist, Margaret Bl-'fkef Margaret Troy, Catherine Summers, Juliette Weiss. 1920-and a world just emerged from a World War turns to rehabilitation through science and industry. Mount Saint Mary's curriculum includes both chemistry and physics. At the table in the foreground, left to right: Winnie Hill, Josephine Ninas, Aileen Mize, Madge Garvin. Rear desk, left to right: Anna Zoeller, Margaret Bodine, Ruth Irvin, Mary Ellen Brown, Doris Bennett, Sister Mary Gabriel, Jane Klinglesmith. Cbecfica tion ln appreciation for, Fifty years of Protection, Fifty years of Guidance, Fifty years of Divine lntercession, -we, the Seniors of l953, dedicate this, our Golden Jubilee edition of our Mater Misericordiae, to Mary, the Mother of God, under the title of Our Lady of Mercy. Through her Maternal care and Divine intercession, the task of guiding aright the lives of thousands of young girls and boys, who have passed through the portals of Our Alma Mater, has been made possible. We entreat Our Heavenly Mother to continue her solicitude in our behalf, even as shedid for her Divine Son, praying Him to give us courage and grace to remain loyal to the ideals we have imbibed here which will enable us to fulfill our duties for God and Country. one Anew lilrn out to love film YY E My C 'du Right Reverend Theophile Meerschaert AQM' CUTLQS RIGHT REVEREND THEOPHILE MEER- SCHAERT, Bishop of Indian Territory and Oklahoma from 1891 to 1924. His paternal care and friendly interest in Mount Saint Mary's was one of deep concern. His visits were welcomed by the Sisters and students alike. His remarkable personality, possessing those rare traits of mind, of heart, and of hand, made him a friend to all. By his con- ciliatory spirit, his indomitable will, and his power to influence, he proved himself to be a leader of men. To him we owe a debt of gratitude which can be repaid only by the full possession and faithful practice of those qualities and virtues which he would have instilled in the hearts of all his youth. In the fifty years since the opening date, six chaplains have served the Academy. REV. PAUL GILLAN from 1905-1908. Oklahoma was still a missionary country, vocations were few and priests were scarce. Therefore along with administering to the spiritual needs of the Academy, Father also acted as the Bishop's Secretary. From September 1908 to February 1914 our chaplain was REV. VICTOR VAN DURME. Picture on page 20. ln 1914 REV. JAMES F. MCGUIRE was appointed and served into 1925. He, like both his predecessors, was also secretary to the Bishop. REV. COLUMBAN MclNERNEY took up the work from 1925 to 1927. Rev. James F. McGuire A ,f i Rev. Columban Mclnerney .Q Q1.,,..n'.2.,1 RIGHT REVEREND FRANCIS C. KELLEY, second Bishop of Oklahoma l924-I947, an outstanding ecclesiastical figure, as well as soldier, statesman, writer, and orator. His work with the Extension Society, as its founder and first president, ranked him among the foremost leaders in the church during the twentieth century. But years before his name was marked for American history while serving as Chaplain in the Spanish and American war. Providence had destined his labors should extend beyond the homeland when he took an active part in the consolidation of American and foreign mission societies in Rome. Of still greater importance was his work in settling the Roman question inthe Lateran Treaty. As a writer no commendation was need- ed. His works speak admirably for themselves. Though his episcopal duties in a territory covering 70,000 square miles were manifold, he found time to spread the word of God through pen, lectures, and retreats. REVEREND JOSEPH VAN EYCK, chap- lain i927-I933. A zealous priest whose kind- ness and generosity made him at once, a spirit- ual father and a faithful friend. His life was an open book, inscribed with kindly deeds and far-reaching charities of a noble heart. REVEREND P. I. WILWERDING, chaplain l933-I947-the friend of children. He was never happier than when instructing the little ones in the word of God. Under his gruff ex- terior beat a heart of gold. The sudden termi- nation of his apostolic labors came as a shock to all who knew him. Right Reverend Francis C. Kelley Reverend P. I. Wilwerding Reverend Joseph Van Eyck Sister Mary Catherine Troy Sister Mary Aloysius Lonergan SISTER MARY CATH ER I NE TROY,Cofoundress of the Sisters of Mercy in Oklahoma, and second Reverend Mother 1888-1906. She possessed a deep spiritual nature, which en- dowed her alike as a kind and understanding superior, a capable educator, and a shrewd business woman, lnvisioning the need for expanding in the educational field at the turn of the century she built Mount Saint Mary Academy which has remained one of the foremost institutions of learning in Oklahoma. SISTER MARY ALOYSIUS LONERGAN, one of the five pioneer Sisters of Mercy in Oklahoma and second Reverend Mother 1906- 1929, except for a brief three year period 1921-1924 . Heeding the call of the Master in 1884, the valiant woman forgot herself, her home- land, and her dear ones to come to Oklahoma while still a postulant, to spread the cause of Christ. Her ever gracious, gentle, sympathetic manner endeared her to her sisters and pupils alike, Entering the Red Man's land in what is now Oklahoma before the birth of the state, she ministered for fifty-five years to God's poor and needy, The far reaching results of her labors can best be told by those whom she served. SISTER MARY BERNARD CONDON, fourth Reverend Mother 1921-1924, A nun whose patience in suffering and trials was an inspiration to all. ln spite of her physical handicap, she remained until her last years an outstanding artist and a portrait painter of renown. Sister Mary Bernard Condon ln l929 the Sisters of Mercy became arnal- garnated into a union with a general Mother H o u s e in Bethesda, Maryland and a Provin- cial House in St. Louis, Missouri. Sister Mary Gertrude, R.S.M. Superior l93O-l932 Sister Mary Frances Superior l932-l934 lTerm completed by Sister Mary Aloysius Sister Mary DeSales Superior l935-l938 Sister Mary Angela Superior l938-l944 Sister Mary Bernadette Superior l944-l950 Sister Mary Clemenf Superior l95O- Academy 1906 Library Qeginnings. Mount Saint Mary Academy-1906. The residence at the right, now chaplain's residence, served as the first convent where Mother Catherine and her companions, Sister Mary Agnes and Sister Mary Camillus, stayed while the Academy was being built. Standing in front are Reverend William Huffer and Reverend Victor Van Durme. For many years the Academy was the sale land- mark on one of the highest points in the area now known as Capitol Hill, Only the front and center wings were erected at that time. The rear wing was added in l922. Library Scene-Some of the seniors enioying the library facilities in l906. ln the pre-movie and pre-radio days, books were a favorite pastime for the more intellectual minds, as well as a source of learning and research work. Surrounding the table at left: Margaret Burke lseated in foregroundl, Lucy Bourbonia lstanding leftJ, Eula Beach, Florence Holmes, Stella Bourland fright of tablel, Juliette Weiss lin windowb. Table to right: Agatha Dierker llefti Irene Reynolds, Katie White, Jennie Colt, Rose Woorick. A group of boarders-1906. Only the names of the students in picture are giveni Names of others are not available. FIRST ROW, left to righti Bernice Jackson lfirst girl to enroll in Mount Saint Mary's Academyi, Jennie Brady, Katie White, Nellie Barry, Edna Vance, Connie Magill, Esther Larkins, Nellie Simpson. SECOND ROW: Agnes McCarty, Cleo Newport, lvy Compton, Nellie Brown, Eva Brown, Louise Scheider, Myrtle Stanley, Edith Palmer, Laura McGregor, Wallace Gaines. THIRD ROW: Josephine Mathews, Juliette Weiss, Sadie Healy, Florence Holmes, Eula Beach, Anne Klinnert, Vernie Dobrey, Daisey Smith, lrene Reynolds, Mae Belle Doughty. FOURTH ROW: Pansy Morrison, Mable Palmer, Leota Robinson, Ada Wild, Bessie Seton, Bertha Need- ham, Blanche Gill, Margaret Gill, Dorothy Wilcox. -Boarders 1906 otaofe mesufts. Our First Graduates-1906. FRONT ROW, left to right: Margaret Burke-Mrs. Joe Henry, Denver, Colorado, Mary Troy-niece of Mother Catherine Troy-Mrs. Russel, Agatha Dierker--Sister Mary Bernadette, R.S.M., Superior of Mount Saint Mary, l945-l95O. BACK ROW: Lucy Bourbonia, Estella Bourland, Our Second Graduation Class-1908. Florence Holmes, Juliette Weiss, Nellie Barry. First Communion Class-1910. Evelyn Sherrod, Reverend Victor Van Durme, Hazel Spencer, Mamie Kimball, Agnes Dixon, Vivian Johnston, Bernice Jackson Cin front of Sisteri, Sister Mary Louis, Anna Standard, Anna Stibbons, Catherine O'Keefe. Graduates-1910. Elizabeth Summers-Mrs. Dale, Okla- homa City and Rowena Kelley. Orchestra-1913. Faye Ernmerick, Terrace Pritzlaff, Virgil Merrill, Esther Wagner, Sinie Minton, Mary Cross, Erma Jonas, Alma Miller, Bernice Jackson, 1910-First Communion Class E+ ii ii Q' 1906-First Graduates NG, 1913-Orchestra 1908-Second Graduation Class 1910-Graduates 1912 1913 1916 Graduates 1912 Graduates C9804 long 1912 Alma Miller Ruth Morris 1913 Katie Fritter Elizabeth.Rody Genevieve Cullen 1914 Nellie Barry Eugenia Menten Willie Scharber 1915 lNot Shownl Gertrude Kenney 1916 Gladys Goucher Q0 Erma Jonas Esther Wagner iLower lnsertl Edna Wagner fNot Shownl Mamie Keevan lrene Hartman 1917 Mary Cross Eulaie Huston Marie Mulvey 1918 Clara Walcott Genevieve Boyd 1919 Sue Hayes lrene Christian fNot Shownl 1913 1913 Graduates 917 Graduates fu' ,J 1914 Graduates 1915 Graduates 1918 Graduates l in cglzings. Art Room-1920. Left, Sister Mary Bernard, RSM., right, Mother Aloysius. Art department, under the direc- tion of Sister Mary Bernard, acclaimed an outstanding portrait painter of the southwest. She was honored by having one of her paintings erected in the Hall of Fame in the State Capital Museum. Commercial Room-1920. At table-Marie Cunyan, Mary Mollman, Margaret Reding, Unidentified, Loraine Procter, Mary Curran, Hilda Wolf, Dora Mollman. At machines-Marie Luce, Rose Mary Wagner, Florence Wilson, Bertha Bruster, Sister Mary Gabriel lstandingi, Marie Bruster, Catherine Wilson. 1921 Graduates--Winnie Hill, Josephine Ninas, Aileen Mize, Rena Dale, Madge Garvin. 1920 Graduates-FIRST ROW: Gladys Little, Louise Bradford, Genevieve Graham, Ruth Gallway, Barbara O. Walls. SECOND ROW: Catherine White, Stella Bales, Alice Jordan, Mammie Lindsay. Glee Club-1920-Pauline Clay, Lillian Snider, Sister Mary Theresa, Josephine Ninas, Catherine Wilson, Doris Bennett, Stella McGuire, Florence Wilson, Lue Garvin, Madge Garvin, Marie Cunyan, Agnes Kant, Ruth Flynn, Glee Club-1920 Ar! Room-1920 Commercial Room-1920 K . V-, , , S vw., l 4 E R-. 3- it if I Y Q ii., Q K. , 1, . K . y if 1921 Graduates 1920 Gradua' 1922 Graduates 1 A Y if my It L .XQA i vt X' 1924 Graduates hi X 1926 Graduates 1927 Graduates 1922 Graduates--left to right: Horses-Catherine Wil- son, Loraine Procter, Mary Curran, Nellie Brown, Marie Cunyon. On Seat--Ruth lrvine lleftl, Anna Zoeller, Marie Luce, Madge Garvin, Esther Irvin, Doris Bennett, Mar- garet Bodine lnot shownl. 1923 Graduates- Left to right: Marie Luce, Elvira Bux- ton Nellie Harrison, Margaret Curran, Bernie Bodine, Mildred Graham, Grace Rouch, Viola Alexander, Marie Scholte, Dorise Hixon, Clara Gorney. 1924 Graduates-FRONT ROW: Bernadette Cunyan, Kathryn Rogers, Lillian Snider, Kennetta Fritz, Mae Moore. BACK ROW: Gertrude McGonigal, Ruth Flynn, Marie Moore, Mary Murray. Commercial 1924--Gertrude McGonigal, Charlotte But- tinger, Agnes Kant, Helen Hagan. 1926 Graduates-Anna Katherine Lowe, Mae Belle Steffen, Cecelia O'Gorman, Stella McGuire, Lue Garvin. 1927 Graduates-Mary Elizabeth Shaefer, Leona Weis- brod, Dorothy Hamand, Eva Von Elm, Mayne McGrana- han. 1925 Graduation Class-Nellie Wilson, Violet Guckian, Cecelia Zoeller, Bernadette Cunyan 119245. CNot Shownl, Mae Bowen, Bernadine Kurtz, Adeline Baizan. H 1925 Graduates x , . Q ti.,, ' 5 K, f H .1 ,fx ii? Dramatics Class, under the direction of Sister Mary Louis presents, "As You Like lt". The production of a I k d for- Shakespearean play was an annual event oo e ward to by every senior. Audiences were always ap- preciative since cinema and radio had not yet usurped the entire theatrical field. CAST: Touchstone, Kathryn Carroll, Audry, Mary Turner, Frederick, Julia Dario, Jackus, Dorothy Gene Anderson, Duke, Lenora Hines, Phebe, Stella McGuire, Adam, Bernadette Cunyang Le Beau, Geneva Bearpaugh, Orlando, Roselou Flanagan, Silvius, Mary Hamandj William, Eleanor Bangeg Corin, Eva Von Elm, lSeatedl Celia, Mary Inez Herald, Roselind, Mayme McGranahan. 1928 Graduates-Left to right: Margarite Ross, Mae Morris, Marcella O'Donnell, Thelma Phodes, Agnes Cun- yan, Theresa Gessman. 1929 Graduates-Agnes Schaefer, Adelaide Tuller, Marie Green, Barbara l-law, Ruth Blair, Charlotte Maxwel. 1930 Graduates-Anne Eckroat, Anna Coffrey, Ruth O.'Shea, Josephine' Webb, Spenser Merle Whatley, Dorothy Lindsay, Jane Fassino. 1931 Graduates--Charlene Muns, Helen Zurline, Mary Sarmiento iNot Shownl, Frances Hemmer, Josephine Heron, Mary Hammon, Dorothy Weyel. sits' 5' ,1 , .r Qi L K f "As You Like It" . A . 'Qs 'Qt i x Y . S L L 7.2. YV .,, 4 5 n tx ,- gy 1928 Graduates 1931 Graduates 1929 Graduates gi'-If' 1-11- i s 1930 Graduates 1 +6 , 1 Zi l 3 i Q ,A 1 vu- ' . yglnw. wen. .M vuglnls Hai-hh, 14 nv. Anil W -.4 pulls Whlkf- Uh' 'uw' My mm hm, wt vu Wsdneadxy INN' pf gnu vm be nsdulttd ,, gay vm "aim uu."'1Qd,,:h:v,cafsw y 1 geudwli 71597 ' mencemmt- Cliff-W' M11 gg. lr! . adam! ' a m ...W ' "' D' M' i"n-aeewiniiiifirmfxgrsi. """"",,.. .. .:.'.."l2."i.. .qmgigfwvx .,2f?"""5'ir,v-5,g,,,5f,L-i.f,,.:"x':,.,"',3::i ig. mu: vm mi 00" 1,212 mmurrlzbflwn' m',f,i1?td'x7ulZll:r 61:3 in 5169! gf X 'Human ,,, W 1.uc1gymv313l'v4mmm,, :aural 'N' A "' umm nM"0"" ilu" mon im- cmerwhtvi 'Vai iri- ggklwlmlm' ,hm wap, and .nd gwnrdllillyf CERN lhU.LuLA'mnamm'z nlecbllttzl 32. by mv, Van MTQQEH by '11 --- 'nr..m,m-"nw-l-ers: rim. 'ummm .1 me Btlunufl M - 1932 Graduates Q V- as .,, ., . 1, L4 ' ,KW " Wi gx. ,- ' Yr' -A , rw- , .V,A, M F Q as E 'h 1 ,i ,. 1933 Graduates 1934 Graduates e Y EWU i ' A 1 L -, A R Rx ,K ft '-'fa ,V 'sl ,X . 'vi 4, f 1 y , Jr 1, , W i F 1 '.. A .335 , 1 ' Q 'i 1 l 1932 Graduates-Angela Maca, Barbara Webb, Virginia Horton, Helen Tucker, Daisy Fisher, Lucille Whaley. 1933 Graduates-Theodosia Ryan, Venyla Allen, Cath- erine Morrison, Jerry O'Reilly, Blanch Henson, Virginia Jackson, Theresa Rempe , Vivan Wilkerson, Ida Phillips, Catherine Weyel, Rose Cecelia Coleman. 1934 Graduates--Back .Row: Elsie Romer, Geraldine Glenn, Glendine Davidson, First Row: Rita O'Hara, Frances Masterson, Leola Reding. 1935 Graduates-Maxine Hunze, Olga Worthington, Theda Weyel, Martha Maca, Leota Watson, Esther McAuliffe, Lillie Huff, Mabel Hill, Margaret Morava, Bernice Worthington, Florine Joyce, May Morrison. Our Chapel-Where daily the Divine Teacher is sought by students and teachers alike, to learn those lessons of courage, patience, and perserverance.Those virtues which fill the heart and guide the mind in the accom- plishment of our duty for God and Country. 7 if ,Q -ag g, Chapel 1935 Graduates 'int ,Q 5 i xwv, 1936 Graduates-Nellie Morrison, Fran- ces Okuraski, Agnes Hemmer, Katherine Diesigno, Kathleen McGurk. 1938 Graduates-Marcella Reynolds, Mary Jane Hamilton, Evelyn Mclntire, Betty Evans, Maxine Fletcher, Florence Martin, Mildred Maullouf, Delight Mont- gomery, Virginia DeWees, Virginia Zoel- ler, Frances Manning. 1939 Graduates-Mary Catherine Wren, Jean Barbe, Thecla Weyel, Louise Schmidt, Gertrude Gasper, Evelyn Sellars, Mary Hemmer, Marjorie Sterrett, Rosan- na Douglas, Marian Welch, Eleanor Clare, Caroline Timmerman, Estella Brown, Mary Elizabeth Presley, Helen Hayes. L 1940 Graduates-J o h n a Steadman, Norine Tomlinson, Luwano Weldon, E Margie Wooden, Berneta Lemon, Anita Moore, Vera Wiesbrod, Rita Keraly, 5 Margie Simon, Bernice Roscrans, Rita i Weyel, Billie Young, Jodine Anderson. Our Glee Club-Front Row: Margaret Douglas, Darlene Schones, Jessie Bak- er, Pat Clinton, Rose Ann Douglas, Frances Naeher, Patti Moore. Second Row: Marie Lynch, Derma Marie Skota, Kathryn Goelz, Mary Jo Hull, Agnes Goelz, Bernice Roscrans, Catherine Howell, Mr. Joe Goelz. Third Row: Un- identified, Barbara Bragg, Mary Gardener, Veronica Manning, Carolyn Banta, Martha Esridge, Frances Presley, Pat Donovan. 853151 . V ' W ' v W .. l X 1 g . , , x Q ' M NWS i l F Hg . 'Q' A , 3 gi 'si .r s g K 1936 Grddlldfes 1938 Grqdugfeg 1940 Graduates 1939 Graduates K J,., like :k.J ..- - F : I Q i KJ, 1, rt- ,L . E ,wg ' - , as 1' viis., 'y K J! ' is- ight, Q' f ..., an I A ,M -I at 'nik 'kr 'p i g . Q 7 W8 lb A ,T N L Q L 9' A i X M? PN A ix? Av f. 2 -1 si 1 ..- .,,. X i ' . 1 5 i A .ni 4 is i "hn..... F"' .fa ?l P Mount Saint Mary Academy as the building and ground appeared in 1940. 1941 Graduates-Frances Naeher, Patti Moore, Barbara Bragg, Cecelia Ann Thomas, Mary Virginia Gardener, Mildred Davidson, Laura Jo Rempe. 1942 Graduates-Mildred Wolf, Agnes Clara Goelz, Pat Maher, Betty Wolf, Helen Nedbalek. 1944 Graduates-Dena Skoda, Helen Tomason, Mar- garet Benson, Mary Rose Zvonek, Donna Conner, Rome oma Tener, Betty Johnson. 1943 Graduates-Back Row: Jerry Terry, Lillian Reding, Mary Evelyn Cooper, Dorothy Carson. Third Row: Veron- ica Manning, Frances Presley, Lillian Maca, Jimmie Hall, Dorothy Heinrich. Second Row: Dorothy Zurline, Modesto Haugherty, Pauline Lewis, Mary Jo Hull, Patricia Quinn. First Row: Margaret Koelsch, Katherine Goelz, Rita Martinez, Vedie Hill, Betty Zoeller. 1945 Graduates--Betty Civarilli, Anne Mary Scholtes, Anita Jenkins, Jessie Baker, Hope Ann Schaeffers LQ Y " T., 1941 Graduates in A f, 1- L' ' r' -it it . 7' 9 X V 5 'A i , 1 1 ff . I 'll 1 .wf l. ,ff i"""'F 51' Q1 'PL' 3 ,.i, f f i , 5 l 't -i -all A i i 1942 Graduates 1944 Graduafe Dolores Shopel, Mary Catherine Rowland, Vanda Varl Valkenburg. . mp 1943 Graduates 1945 Graduates 1946 Graduates-Twila Benson, Dorothy Reap, Virginia Lanum, Elsie May Heiligar, Marie Nicklas, Beverly Dun- bar, Bonnie Jo Carroll. 1947 Graduates-Dorothy Nedbalek, Mary Jo Markus, Betty Zvonek, Zeita Shipple, Barbara Terry, Virginia Hellman, Margaret Busocco, Margie Goelz, Shirley Ann Klumppe, Pat Nesbit, Micky Clinton. 1948 Graduates-Lucille Budges, Luvie Laughlin, Pearl Edwards, June Schaapveld, Jean Swartz, lverine Lauran- zone, Jo Anne Cermak, Mary Jean Spiker, Betty Cherry, Theresa Stewart. 1949 Graduates--Clara Nesbitt, Joyce Fish, Laverne Fitzgerald, Catherine Zurline, Lola M. Tippet, Margaret A. Campbell. 1950 Graduates-Back Row: Josephine Foreman, Gloria Sidwell, Amanda Goodman, Billie Jean Sturgis, Billie Cooper, Mary Smith. Front Row: Hester Cook, Donna Farber, Ruth Ann Catky, Margie Scholtes, Julio Men- doza. 11 Q Q QU.. 8 .U 35- gf sg 4 -. 1 , 3 1 v f '- ...UN N' r' sunk as' f y! . 'W W' r Y isaya I, 33l"'fT.,,, ,gi 'iw'?'W'i..'Ls- 'Z ':" gs, 1. ll? K . , 1. J .Q ' xfripaf 1947 Graduates 1949 Graduates lies K S' 1 F ifwifl. J A .W .- U - T 'i ti' .la V ' is V is si .. - X' isis? - - X i at is M. ., , F Q K K .N K kwa., gig! X Z , .Q l N X , ii- r lg -S ' -. . - ws.. . . i P! 5' is Grip? i A Y - gp 9- 5:1351 . , , .:.. s ....,ii.,.L gr: - . E. J s..g,s:.3,.w. . , . ir. . 51 ,E gi,'z.g.g-2.-'.5 I ,,.Jw,,g,,, S br? sg-rw :Qs !g..s-. V. , . -- . . w 5 3 in Q 3, .f e Li i L., -, .s . Sw . , , g 'I .g A s h., mm, i ts ..,, 0 ir- . t ' K 1' -. Q S if . if iii .W 1946 Graduates 5 r E .i'. 4 X.: , .IIgNl'9l' 'lil in 1948 Graduates 1950 Graduates Sr The Very Reverend Victor Van Durme 1.4718 CZTC QS fl 1 ounl Cglaflnt Yylarylv Qecofncfs CDO-UCIIICCIHSOHCI1 Our Chaplain 1908-1914, 1948- For more than a decade Father has ministered to the spiritual needs at the Academy ln IQO8, when the Sacred Oils ot ordi- nation were scarcely dried upon his hands he came and re- mained until l9l4, Again he came in l947, after thirty years of missionary labors among the Indians and whites alike. His fidelity to duty, his promptness, generosity and thought- tulness for others, truly characterize him as an "Alter Christus" INSET ON PlCTURE. Sister Margaret Mary, R S M, first Principal ot Mount Saint Mary Co-Educational High School. Her enthusiasm and zeal was an inspiration to all who came in Contact with her. Mount Saint Mary's now o co- educational school has many added problems unknown in the exclusive girls days Sister Mary Geraldine, Kstandingl our Principal discusses some with Sister Mary Clement Both are alumnae ot the Academy. um: R HF Q ' Q., ,il- Our Grotto erected in 1949 and made possible through the students' active participation in scrap paper drives and the generosity of patrons and friends. lt was erected by Mr. Joe Rischards under the direction and supervision of our chaplain, Very Rev. Victor Van Durme. It is a spot of beauty as well as a center of de- votion. Mass is said at the Grotto on certain oc- Graduotes of 'l95'l-Fr t R : R casions and both students and sisters make the Way ofthe Cross at the outdoor stations which surround it. 1950-1951 marked the first year of co-educa- tion at the Mount. White caps and gowns had been worn by the girls at graduation since 1926. It was decided now to continue the use of these forthe girls and use royal blue for the boys. on ow ose Mary Fried, Rose Lee Gibson, Sue Schott, Carol Waggoner, Helen Morava, Mary Kel- ley, Georgia Nesbitt, Mary Helen Diaz, Barbara Keener. Second Row: Very Reverend Sylvester Luecke, Oscar Edrniston, Gerald Atteberry, Jon O'Neal, Frank George, James Turk, Doyle Newton, Jimmy McGinley, Tommy Mendoza, Reverend Ken- neth Fulton. Third Row: Mary Anna Wolf, Rita Schott, Patricia Henthorn,Anna Rea Adair, Lucy Lanum, Frances Koelsch, Mildred Mollman, Mary Ann Cunningham, Stella Van Buren, Mary Jo Zurline, "iii Mount Saint Mary Academy was built in l903 from Oklahoma City had also been admitted as day 05 0 DVWUTS b00fdl"'Q School for Qlfls Onda novifiate students. Mount Saint Mary's continued to function for the Sisters of Mercy of Oklahoma. lt functioned as the novitiate until the time of the amalgamation of the Sisters of Mercy into the Union in l929. For a decade or more prior to this time high school girls doors to co-education. in this capacity until l95O, when at the request of Most Reverend Eugene J. McGuinness, it opened its 1952 Graduates-Third Row: Margie Guy, Pat Mollman, Jerry Chism, David Barnes, Joe Barrick, -Carveth Cheek, Cash Neal Harmon, Richard Brandt, Eugene Stockinger, Helen Nix, Patricia Zoeller. Second Row: Reverend Kenneth S. Fulton, Philomena Sherlock, Fredauh Lee Adair, Helen Phillips, Miriam Bath, Dolores Hinson, Norma Lee Hudiburg, Mary Jo Hen- ke, Dorothy Seck, Very Reverend Sylvester E, Luecke. First Row: Anita Salazar, Katherine Forster, Margie Yeager, Kay Hirth, Rose Lusero, Jeanine Peterson, Jo Ann Switzer, Helen Smith, Eleanor Rischard, Betty Marcotte, 66 mothen too, C alms aunt vaint args as er Lgfma ateri Mother and Daughter, Mount Mrs. Irene Christian Carson-Mrs. Dorothy Carson Kehr. Alumnae, Mrs. Will Sturgis CEva Von Elml l927, and Mrs. Lawrence W Postanowicz lBil- lie Jean Sturgisl l950. Mrs. J. W. Dotting fAnn Eckroatl and daughter Edwina, freshman Another daughter, Melania, a sophomore not shown These students point with pride to the tact that their Mothers were former students here. CLeft to rightl Mr. and Mrs. Albert Menz tl-lelen Royl and daughter Carolyn Kstandingl senior, Mr. and Mrs H A. Moroney tChristine Spencer? and daugh- ter Patricia, senior, Mr and Mrs. Jerry Walt fRose Zurlinel and daughter Marguerite, a freshman, Mr. and Mrs Lambert P. Gipson llrene Hoeggerl and san Carl, junior, Edwina Dotfing fstandingl daughter of Mr. and Mrs J. W Doffing lAnn Eckroatl of Mission, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kenney lDora Mollmanl and son Donnie, junior. Not Shown: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bruck- ner lBetty Cermakl and daughter Mary, junior, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Engel lEulalia Neall and daughter Ann, freshman. wr" nu 'fha . K f ',,.c gg g g . if L5 -in . fzese cwe nswerecf the asters Gall i 5 ! 5 Above-Left to right: Sister Margaret Mary,C ST., Sister Ramona, Mary- noll Missionary, Medical Missionary, 348 Forrest Avenue, Atlanta,Georgia, Sister Mary Rita,.C SJ., Sister Mary Agnes, C.S.J., Sister Mary Gabriel, R.S.M. Lgfulrfg-two Cyornier Cytucfenis now labor in the Tnasterk fljllnegarcf Front Row, Left to right: Sister Mary Sharon, R.S.M., Sister M. Philomena, OSF., Sister M. Helena, O.S.F., Sister Mary Cletus, R.S.M., Sister Mary Eloise, R.S.M., Sister Mary Ursala, RSM., Sister Mary Mercedes, R.S.M., Sister Mary Francela, R.S.M. Second Row: Sister Mary Ni nette, R.S.M., Sister Mary Hortense, R.S.M., Sister Mary Charlotte, R.S.M., Sister Mary Modesto, RSM., Sister Mary de Porres, R.S.M., Sister Mary Clement, RSM. Third Row: Sister Mary Antonine, R.S.M., Sister Mary Florence, R SM., Sister Mary Bernadette, R.S.M. Fourth Row: Sister Mary Ada, R.S.M., Sister Mary Rosanna, R.S.M., Sis- ter Mary Nativity, R.S.M., Sister Mary Regina, RSM., Sister Mary Martina, R.S.M., Sister Mary Geraldine, R.S.M., Sister Mary Clotilda, R.S.M., Sister Mary Raphael, R.S.M., Sister Mary lrnmaculata, R.S.M. Not Shown: Sister Mary Karen, RSM., Sis- ters of Mercy Novitiate, Webster Groves, Missouri. Sister Lucy, Mount Alverno Convent tFranciscan Novitiatel Maryville, Missouri. gf .v .MP " 1 Y if X 1' . " -11: ' Lx h QMQ SSHIQ it R mi Q . I f - x X 4 W Qt? it , sg' is 2 Tim S S af 'km Q 5 im' 4"""" 11: rf" ,diff f 'ff Q 4 g ,li 1 ggi fi? I 'ifl 1 ,f 7 . CN C'IllOI'S . . . Very Rev Sylvester F Luecke, instructor of Religion in Senior Class, Realizing that the molding of real men and women in the art of true Christian life is a practical down-to- earth job, Father applies the most efficient methods to the task Through special conferences with groups of boys and girls separately, Father's kindness and understanding radiates into practically every phase of student life and his priestly guidance proves a dominant factor in form- ing Christ in the soul of each one, These four seniors, chosen by their classmates to lead the Senior Class, seem to find some roam for disagreement among themselves, when Virginia suggests, "Let's not have a prom this year " Joe Marcotte, president, Cath- erine Cardenas, vice-president, Virginia Fried, treasurer, and Mary Dailey, secretary QYAQ 51 Op? of O7OI7lOffOll7. Eugene Blythe Carl Brandt Carolyn Clabby sis? N 5:61 : ' - ' ij? ifff5"3i' Aft?-92: xv, wtwffi '-5.5 .r-. R: .15,xs,.y -wix x filfflw-if-r.i - ' 'ff 2 -X W 1. ,NM .Q,. . . ,...... ,XA mx ,Q I 'fi Q vs .- M- .k 1 ,wQ,lg5,x:,i wqgw, fn: Q1 Q 55521 fx T Xgff-fy Xiafseizirgv A if Q5 x. .Q - LY X. W'-vw fx ' x , E S . 0 YN K X :Fix X ? 2.1225-5, ,QR ff Xk-k kg ,Q15gx,5,... Under the principle ot American freedoms coupled with a wealth at opportunities tor practical experiences, Catholic education can,success- fully develop well rounded citizens who realize their responsibility tar leadership in whatever environment their professional activities may place these youthful Chemists Mary Esther Diaz Virginia Fried Joe Marcotte English Literature com- pletes the tour year English requirements at Mount Saint Mary's Book reports can become a little baring at times, but a voluminous book with small print may dis- ' courage even the most avid reader ll' . n-.. Sister Mary Martina Sen ior Class Sponsor teaches Chemistry Latin Speech and Journalism Miss Bernadette Cunyan teaches typewrutung, shorthand, and bookkeeping, Study periods and office work also cloum a fair share of her day. These future busvness men and women take advantage of learning actlvltucs in school as a means of followlng God's plan for thelr perfectlon and attain- mg economrc competency Speed and accuracy In shorthand are a 'must' tor the busuness secretary These ore attamed through the Development of proper nttltudes and habits Pat Moroney Joe Salazar Bob Schmidt ..,,,.- ,W r. 1 , ,i ,,, . . ,Q . an :mf Q , .i'e1.f 4"' K .' ,ul . 4 f,.y- -- X3 ,, 15.2 Martha Muzny Nancy Nesbitt Mildred Payne Bob Sims Kamal Shanbour Julia Scholtes Bob Turk l fm l Rev. Kenneth S. Fulton, teaches Religion to the Junior Class. Besides developing the spirit- ual and intellectual man Father is intimately connected with activities, which develop also the physical man. As Director of Athletics he spends much time with the youth, thus build' ing leaders in curricular and co-curricular ac- tivities Here a unit of the Phillips - 66 tangle with a 'knotty' quese tion in Living Our Faith. These young rnen are being trained as a source of leadership material which will be able later to go forth in an apostolic spirit to influence other souls. Jerry Arledge Paul Churchman Patrick Fitzmorris Marvin Huff Bill Atteberry Joan Comer Shirley Ann Genzer Don Kenney i Betty Baies James Davis Carl Gipson Robert Kopycinski Isabelle Bicek Gregory Drabek Bettye Gober Bob Lamb Mary Bruckner Wanda Falk Gene Grady Carol Lane 'fa K ri: if Patricia Burkey Patricia Fitzmorris Jack Henthorn Joan Magerus 6522? .Q E Y G Our Principal, Sister Mary Geraldine. Besides supervising Mount Saint Mary High School, Sister is also Sponsor of the Junior Class and teaches Senior and Freshman English and World History. , 1 ,"s, "The times that try men's souls." James Davis, left, futilely attempts to keep the lines of American poetry out of his mind, while Pat Fitzmorris, end, tries to keep them in his. Jerry Arledge, neutral, listens patiently, The Junor-Senior Prom brings problems which these class officers must solve. Here Pat Manning, president, discusses o financial difficulty with Shirley Genzer, treasurer, Other officers missing are: Lynn Pierce, Vice-President, and Wanda Falk, Secretary. Patrick Manning John Nixon Joe Rischard Royalla Speer Dixie Marcotte Maxine Pena Georgia Rodesney John Swihart Kiln" kk mv P it, - t is i X , g "' -"W ,Q w g STA' field ,sw af' vw! Vincent Martinez Rose Mae Penoff Helen Scholtes Josephine Thele Lorenzo Mendoza Shirley Lynn Pierce Charlotte Schumacher Ernest Turk K Q N., ..,Q..-,.-...... ,.... -.... V ... Marion Mollmon David Playford Joan Simon Mary Walker Betty Morris Sylvia Reed Lilira Smith Josephine Wegner 'iw- Justice and honesty coupled with efficiency characterizes the business men and women which these student bookkeepers have set as their goal, Miss Bernadette Cunyan is explaining some balance sheet difficulties to Charlotte Schumacher and Wanda Falk. These American History students proudly display their pro- jects, Bill Atteberry, right, asks himself a question before continuing. Janet Wyatt, center, makes a decision. John Swi- hart, left, pushes that 99th thumb tack in. We've heard Music Theory is not such a snap course, but these students don't seem to find anything to daunt their courage. Joe Wolf Rita Wolf Janet Wyatt David Cockin Florence Zoeller I' Elizabeth Forster and Margaret McGinley. Theresa Zvonek, Martha Kae- lsch, Margaret McGinley, and Sue Whitmarsh. Christian influence is spread by thoughtfulness for others. By sharing their temporal goods with the needy, the Juniors bring happiness to their own hearts and ioy to others. "Mount Saint Mary High," proudly responds our office girl, Isabelle Bicek. Father Fulton bless- es the Christmas tree for the Junior home room Santa has just left a big juicy sucker for each of the typewrit- ing students. Here Betty Morris, ex- treme left, Mary Walker, left, Joan Magerus and Jose- phine Thele kneel- ing, and Mary Jo Wegner, right pre- pare to eat theirs. Rev. Gerald O'Nolan, Religion instructor ot the Sophomore Class. Fired with that zeal which is indispensable to cope with teen-agers' problems and to bring home to their minds the words of Divine Truth, Father incessantly strives to inspire and cultivate in them Chris- tian ideals which will fit them for time and eternity These serious-minded Saphornores listen attentively while Father O'Nolan explains principles of moral behavior which guide rnan's lite toward its true home. A'x'LNgs "What are we going to do about it, LeRoy", asks Helen Determan, extreme right after a class meeting which ap- parently ended with a weighty question unsolved. Left to right: Pete Wolf, Treasurerg LeRoy Brandt, Presidentg Billie Jean Tucker, Reporterg Dotsy Duncan, Secretary, Helen Determan, Vice-President. Joan Arledge Bobby Cannon Melania Doffing Norma Grubb Olea Ball Donna Cermak Dotsy Duncan Pat Hembree Frances Beasley Helen Churchrnan Barbara Forrester Shirley Henke Katharine Berord Jan Cross Eiizabeth Forster Cecelia Howard Patty Berard Pauline Deibel Zeita George George Hoyle LeRoy Brandt Helen Determan Samuel Gomez Pat Hurley,.,.e.M.......M Keeping the sophomores in line is a big task, but Sister Mary Tarcisius steers her class towards its goal. Sister teaches EngIish.Il, Algebra I, ltwo classesl, and General Math. In preparation for Open House, the last Sunday in October, the sophomores proudly arrange projects in English ll which have passed the critical eye ot Sister Mary Tarcisius. Translating Caesor's Gallic Wars is not the easiest thing to do, but the sophomores don't mind making miniatures ot Caesar's roads and bridges, "Let's see how the Roman ladies looked when they walked over these roads," says Elizabeth Forester, left, next Billie Jean Tucker, Patsy Marcotte, Carveth Osterhaus and Christine Skrapka. Virgil lngraham Barbara Martine Mary Ann Nixon Christine Skrapka Carolyn Jenuine John Martinez Carveth Osterhaus Betty Joan Thomas an-wt yy E M, Harry Koelsch Freda Mathews Sheila' Pound Billie Jean Tucker T. X N -,ay i K. , "Ny A Q55 : . was . A 1- ' - 'V' X . Y , - , K ' . 'f Q ,"3eJ555j5'r5"""1. '11 X Q - aft -wife-?"' ' NF., i . X-- +t"Z?Y,t. x 'LN Martha Koelsch Terry McAdams Catherine Rischard Rose Mary Turk Lynn Eldon Lockwood Margaret McGinley John Rowden Mary Van Buren . ,,,. A....,,,. 6 Patricia Ann Marcotte Lavonne Muzny Karen Kay Schmoker Sue Whitmarsh K6 X--'Q' SQ if T Mr. Frank Burns, instructor in ma- thematics and sciences. Here he is explaining to Helen Churchman, why triangles with equal angles are not always equal. Mr. Burns also coaches basketball, baseball and track. Simultaneous equations do not battle these sophomores. X:4 and Y:3, says Catherine Rischard left. Others are: Mary Van Buren with chalk, Bill Williams with ruler, Bobby Kroos, John Engel and Mary Nixon seated. Keys To English Mastery seems to be the favorite lesson to be prepared by these sophomores during study period. Bill Williams Pete Walt Juanita Zamora Theresa Zvonek Bill VVl1ll'r't1ClI'Sl'1 Quidg Slngw .wa sl "Look at my A in World History," says John Martinez as Theresa Zvonek Cseated center! and Martha Koelsch take note of their bright classmate. Bobby Cannon, standing right, pauses in his search for his own grade to verify John's statement. Friends forever, pledge the happy, care-free, sophomore boarders. Left to right: Carolyn Jenuine, Melania Doffing and Jan Cross. A Sophomore dorm scene. These Gals-and Pais take time out for a 'gab fest' before turn ing in for the night. Sister Mary Nativity, Freshman Class sponsor, is also our Librarian. Robert Kopycinski proudly shows her that the card for the book he returned is in the file. Mary Bruckner under- stands just what it means. Sister also teaches Freshman P t- - A , ',, ll',1, fNI,I-l,-,.,- l.I1-a.-.... ..2..Z-- ,-...,1 l "So like and yet so different", exclaim these Freshmen as they compare the beautiful new Bible with a copy of the Qld Gutenberg edition. "But,Mr. Burns said we could get a Christmas basket for the needy", says Joe Arledge, second from right.,Freshmari Class officers for both the boys and the girls home rooms, left to right: Marguerite Wolf, president, Joe Filippo, secretary- treasureri Janice Billen, Treasurer, James Ellis, president, Joe Arledge, Vice-president and David Brown, president. Joe Arledge Patricia Ann Braun Billie Ann Cordonnier Anne Marie Engel Mary Ellen Atteberry David Anthony Brown Kay Frances Cross John Engel Margaret Berard Jerry Byke Mary Frances Depel Joe Filippo 5 . 3 i rr.. . X X X xx to x V X X X X X Janice Billen Nancy Byke Johnny Dickerson Auaustine Goodson Johnnie William Boemisch Henry Boevei-5 Margaret Cermak Billy Chessmore Edwina Doffing James Ellis Barbara Holliman Edward Hurst if it cc,c Carefully trained scientists of today become the leaders in industry of tomorrow. A study of the natural sciences brings home to the open mind the greatness of the universe and the still greater power of its Creator. Left to right: Mr. Frank Burns, instructor, Karen Kay Schmoker, Jerry Byke, Theresa Marcotte and David Brown Henry Boevers, seated, is amused at Regina Taylor's ques- tion, "How can you find the height of a cylinder from the formula, V:Bh?" Jerry Byke, extreme right, seems to know the answer too. Nedra Ann Parr doubts their knowledge. rigg Minds with an algebraic turn are happiest when solving equations, and Mount Saint Mary's mathematicians are amply supplied with these, in both home and class assign- ments. This, any one of them will verify. Standing, left, Mary Van Buren and Joe Arledge. Seated, left, John Engel, Harry Russel and Catherine Rischard. Barbara Koelsch Theresa Marcotte Gene Muzny Harry Russel . L N 'Ki lx W x -6 5 in sl . :ii-g3g1,i,l,x3,M li, ?,,.f wi ,rg fl' K frefff , if 7 .yew i- ff .1 if iktk . 5 wr. ,550 'xy 'I' . ' Kite in . ' x XJ i files, I f , fr Bobby Kroos Juanita Mathews La Veta Ne.Nore Margaret Santos Loy Lockwood Luiz Mendoza Nelson Oglesby Rosalie Scholtes j i ' . vb Q r 'Que X is ak NX Sndney Long Andy Moews Nedra Ann Parr Patricia Schumacher Rnchard Manigold Johnny Mollman George Rodeney Barbara Ann Shoff "Tv"-3 nel' Louella Marcafre Conme Jean Morin Patrlcia Ann Rotrock Reulene Snider R S Who wins, l see, I saw, or l shall see? These Freshman Eng- lish students find there is a real thrill in running a race in conjugating a verb, Left to right: Rosalie Taylar, Edwina Doffing, Augustine Goodson, Benny Zoeller and Neta Ulmer. "This is Oklahoma, bravest of the breed", formed by the union of Miss lndian Territory to Mr. Oklahoma Territory. The study of Oklahoma history presents excellent evidence of interracial dependence and cooperation which has resulted in the fairest state in the Union. Mr. Oklahoma Territory, Sid Lang, Miss Indian Territory, Geraldine White. Mr, President, Edward Hurst, and his cabinet members wnake a detailed study ofthe duties of our nation's head and his advisors in their civics class. They realize that the task is a tremendous one but with Divine guidance Our Ship of State can be guided right by these men. Goldie Steadman Harold Stewart Neta Ulmer Dorothy Valdez David Whitfield Margie Irene Wolf 'Qin D These Latin l students learn through their project making that the style of dress and kind of arms used by the Romans differed somewhat from the modern. Yes, even their coins were unlike ours. Joyce Stone Zaida Villareal Marguerite Wolf "Qi Regina Taylor Mary Lou Wegner Carol Young . . R. S P i X 4 Rosalie Taylor Harold Westerman Benny Zoeller X Anthony Thele Geraldine White Louis Show Determined to put "Christ back into Christmas" the Freshmen boys petitioned Fath- er Fulton to bless their Christ- mas tree under which they have arranged a miniature stable of Bethlehem. 2 P i34,i,x',.i lfs.. Aff + 9 f 91" 5 599-Q 'ss -ff i,,e.'.qy'1g,,', , ,X ,av A 'szgv f fl!" 1 ' 4 ' ,fx av Lag af k' ..., 'UU Qifm' N1 X egg, vu- , in 5, mlb' 1 ypmwsqw- K .- Y if fi 'S 5 A, 1, ,, iv .-,kgagkf 'Fl ! 143: lg - f ,xr X . 4"iff' 3 ll I fix: f i 1 15 qv 6' oufnt cgvaint ary Saint Mary's Rockets under the training of their new Coach, Lt Charles Jones, entered upon their second year of the gridiron sport Beginning their fundamental workout under the torrid August sun, Coach Jones brought the boys out for their daily bumps and long stretches of crackling give and take While putting them through this polishing process he built up a team with a strong offensive using the tight T-formation, whose blocking and receiving paid aff in such plays as, Kopycinski's 92 yard plunge and score on an intercepted pass which brought the Rockets out on the long end ofa l3-7 victory against St. Gregory's Knights, Manning and Taylor gathering in five touchdowns for that 50-7 triumph over Harrah, and LeRoy Brandt's excellent passing which thrilled the Rocket fans on repeated occasions during the season No less delightful was the precision of the defensive team work, which made use of only standard offenses At the season's wind-up several things had been revealed. The defensive team was better than had been expected, but the team as a whole had suffered forthe lack of sufficient experienced substi- tutes lt seems fairly clear now that Saint Mary's will benefit next year from this year's accomplishments, far a separate platoon for the offensive and defensive work is hoped for But the force which propelled the boys to the peak of their potentialities and held their spirits at the highest level throughout the entire season was the assurance that they had in Jones, at once, a Coach, Leader, and a Friend is Rev Kenneth S Fulton, director of athletics, Ca-captain, Carl Gipson, Coach, Lt Charles Jones, Co-Captain, Carl Brandt Miles of SmilesfLetter Awards epresentatian o QI'l.Jl.I'OI'L Rockets Opponent 7 Riverside lndlans Anadarkn 32 9 Capitol Hill B Team I2 l2 Holy Family7Tulsa 26 O Choctaw 27 50 Horrah 7 I8 Marquette - -Tulsa 45 7 Bethany 38 l3 St Gregory'srAShawnce 7 12 Casady l-laIIfBrittan l2 BACK ROW' Rev Kenneth S Fulton, director of athletics, Sid Lang, Jerry Arledge, Billy ChCssnwiirC, Robert Engel, Joe Taylor, George Fried, Robert Kopycinski, Kamal Shanbour, Joe Marcotte, Pat Manning, Jae Salazar Pat Hi:-mlurec-, Donney Kenney-manager SECOND ROW, Standing Johnnie Mollrnan, Nelson Ogelsby, Co-captain Coil Biandt Pat Hurley, Marvind Huff, Vincent Martinez-manager, FRONT ROW Co-captain, Carl Gipson Coach Lt Charles Jones, Paul Churchman, Anthony Thele, LeRoy Brandt, John Nixon, Bob Lomb The Rockets off to Tulsa to fight with the Meteors of Marquetts H School, Rockettes too, board Mid-Continent, Tulsa bound to cheer for Rockets, Gridiron sons honored by Parents' Club with annual Football Banquet, ROCKIWS llPSl'l'l KNllLll'l'S 135-7 1 ,ALP X. X X ,X,, ,x.1.,.l 1 'ly 1 l N l ll A 1 .XX X1 1l1X1 L 1 'XX l Sbilglli 1XkX ,XX1X1X 1 X XX X 1 Breeze'-5 1 . 1 1 1 1 '- l 1 x ' l BerhanY '51 ,1 . 1 1 r 1 1 Around Sr. Mary 1 'L ly ' ' I ' l l . X 3 8,7 1 S l e oc et oot a eam Qn A9713 1 nl , mem nuum 31:2 md? Q ,,, 4 ummm- :fi""' ,f':1.r:.fx nw- :"":',,.,ue wk fn' BACK Row- len to ngm, Assustont football Couch, Frank Burns, Robert Engel, Ross Wlllarns, Pot .r.,Fnfg5ifg,1,3'S1'?"3-3'5'R3""1'"1 tw . cur' Mannung, Pat Hembree, George Fned, Robert Kopycnnsku, Bob Slrns, Joe Taylor SECOND ROW: Man- Q'Q",XJ.r HILLMl'5i Q oger, Don Kenney, Rev Kenneth S, Fulton, athleticdirector, Sid Long, John Nnxon, Paul Churchrnan, ROQKET5 VZ" WX Kamal Shanbour, Joe Morcotte, George Hoyle, Bully Chessmore, Anthony Thele, Coach-Lt. Charles XXX, .11 .11-k1f,l,I1 flfIl'l.,,X X Jones standlng In front of Coach-Jones Asslstant Manager-Vlncent Martlnez FRONT ROW, dll. j11X111X'XQ'l"',.., 1-'11-Y-'X r Marvln Huff, Jerry Arledge, Joe Salazar, Pot Hurley,CoACoptc1infCorIG1pSon,Co-Cclptaln-Carl Brandt, """"" 1 l Xml 1 tv 1 l l 1 1 l Bob Lomb, LeRoy Brandt, Johnrne Mollman, Nelson Oglesby X llll lu - ru ey x utws Ro Fogksrs TAKE H 11 .r., SMASHING vgSr'g1g-:I 'bk' V F"'1 luhila:r 'qo"'M1ke, K r M W1 1111. ,,,, X 1'11,.,,..1 1 fy 1 1 11 1-1. , 1 rm 1, 1 '11 11.111 l 1 'V fum X , ' xr k"""- f1.,f y 111. .ml , xr ,X 1 r X ' l 1 rl I Xl l 1 R 1 ' -ll J A X 1' 1 X 1.1.11..,,,,,, ' 1 r ' 1-1,1 1 y 11111 1,X"' X 1 1.1.-.rr KXHXXX' ' 'W P1111 cm... " 1 1 ' Sum fasakh XXX X, xt 1, XX' X 11 , 11 V", l I ,A-f" M. .1.- '1ff,,,1,. 1 ' 1 1, wx.-1' 1, l ...1 . X l 11-X 11 X 1 , X ..1- r1 1 . 1 1 1 1 -' x. Y 1 1 1 1-. -,-l F11 XN1 11 H I "ffl - rl 1 05' Fu ' . 11 1 1 Opener Takes 1 rr.. 'Jin ,1 wr, 1, """ 171-1 mf 1- -r, l X' I"'-11' 11 PAT HURLEY .r,,, , 1 , KAMAL SHAN BOUR GEORGE FRIED BOB SIMS JOE SALAZAR 1 BRAx1bSS'r.,2-1 lm 1 ' ' Rudi" W1-A-11-".::I,' 1,11 1 Lkll 1 ' X,, mm f'1".11. '11 X-X- v,,,1..1 1 11 1 1X 1X N""',.,1fr,,1.-lv. 11 "W -1 , 11 11 A Xr,,X:.11 9.1 LXA 1Ar..rrAXXX r-1111 X , 41X X X .. X 11X V Xr.-'X..1X1.y-1. X 1 1XXX11tXXXX-1XXX XX , X 1 ,1 1X 11. 1'X.1XX:1,..1X:1l1Lr X X A 1.. X ,X 1 1 1 A 2' 1 D km , g. x 5 " 'R 'Y W. . fif as ia... .wr 315 av f fe , 5 gpg.-X, .V 'H ,,Q ,age-5 A ,g gfgilij ww QQ law-3 xx xx an X x Aix. f A Q .s - ssw i f rv, ws.-4, .-N. -F 4 3 Q. 5,s .. agp? MN if X0 S-W C9 X Q, Av Kid E., X- if 1 F Qin .. K Kg :gc , : Q 3 5 S V 4 Q v M gx 5 ,Q .. if 4 359' X- N as W J' if s 3 ' ' Q wx E531 'XX .2 Q K Q x Q ' Y Aywi Xf- ivik. L .ma 11 ax A W X Q V Mount Saint Mory's Rockets tilt with Holy Fomily, Tulsa, ot local Texas League Pork. Kamal Shonbour, skirting left, slips post Holy Fomily's tockle. smears Holy Fomily's half back xx X4 A X ww lf: GH- gf ft, ff' -' gofgipifyh all M , Y gb '22- 4 A xv-M,1:1.1:,g ,, B, iv ., .- , . A f"'4,r, 1 ,R ,, Jfi if W - Ns' 1 ,.-f. ,...-41 of lik J ,-"""HwlYN l x ' x XV" -QS,-nn X A A Nf',ww Q . sf- W Moun L LeRoy Brandt flips pass 'to Fat Manning. ,ll A Kopycinski kicks wide for extra point no urs the pep into the Rockets with their ur Boys Will Shine Tonite." K' .M-.-.. , ..,,.. fs?-"""'-uv, 8 1 .---ll -.,---f if 47,1 M., -w',4un- L' . s x X X R X 3 TQ' Q - WM 3 AM 'W 'W mf? I P ' .... A., ,W V -mai Y ' 'Q mf -"' mea: 1-1 MA mall ,Wm wmv-we SWR si-5 " . i355:'r5f'f U . aww" ' 'K ' 95 Y .Q W wp sg- f - -.L ' 45afgi3i5wW Q. L1 gf, gg. f. f L ' m ' Q l ' 7 " K .QE . 2 Yfn . , L , p 1 H QA Q ff " 7 .Y K L13 , L Q A ,155 Q x b ' Aw. 6 if , A k ES- A 3 2 ggi f ' Y W IW X -5 ,Q-'Stas T L, , 3 - gs- A 5 :F -av . .j. 3 www f A Q4 uf ,x Q5 . J . ,B S, f,- m x Y ,W ,, Q, ig -u bs rf .Q gfig " X, , A 4 YQ f H' 3 S N QQ? if, wifi WW' -wx 5 f 4 ak w 1 K5 f 9? X , X R N.. gb M sig. A 'Q 5 W -'gi . X . ' 'Q 'S is Q A 5, fx - Kg, , X A 'X .E'f'f4.,1xf ,rx A N 7 - 2, Q Q ' Lfwfik . Q ' - x' , Q' Q' . X4 995' , . . ,Jr . ' ' ' X I Q N Y ' X Z S Ev . X Wx A . Y SW A ,,.. W 3 5 Q A-f 3 X S E... Q A ,ww ,, . as .w yww A x If R .,,, X, C A R Q Q Q , mx x, X ,..g 5 M WM X ..fN+. A k- ! A Eggs is ,saw i N :Ei I ,:k. wwf-5:8 A A+! Qlgfsf X 35 ' A A Q ggi? . .. .ffi x , .2 A ,kk S N ii'f'ix- A' " , ,si N S+ -2"-sw .gr , . , t ' ' Q57 32 " " . 92223, ' 12- rg, ' ,,gni3'3' xi C'Kf".5' 2-Q KE Qc' QQCKE? ,QC KE72 in K ' S ,F s..i,iia as is ,- R Q Saint Mory's Slugger 1953--Top Row: Kamal Shanbour, Jerry Arledge, Pat Manning, Robert Engel, Carl Gibson, rxouert Kopycinski, Sidney Long, Richard Manigold, George l-loyle, First Row: David Whitfield, Robert Determan, Vincent Marv tinez, John Martinez, Patrick Fitzrnorris, Joe Rischard, LeRoy Brandt, Johnnie Mollman, Nelson Oglesby, Joe Arledge. ocket Eiamand cwoflsfiers. Junior boys wish departing Seniors 'best of luck' after leaving Saint Mary's, "We'll be back to root for you", says Robert Engel, Left to Right: Joe Rischards, Robert Kooycinski, Vincent Martinez, Kamal Shambour, Robert Engel, Sid Long. 1 it Robert Kopycinski, catcher, icenterl listen to Kamal Shanbour fleftl and Vincent Martinez trightl as they plan to hurl a few fast ones over the plate for the Saint Gre- gory's Knights. 3-1--f Seizing up the bats are Robert Engel llettl, Joe Arledge, Pat Manning, Jerry Arledge llettl "lt's easy to hold 'em", but LeRoy Brandt lrightl is a little doubtful. 1 i..1 Ai, i 3+ Y Q', lk 3 3,2 HOV M bi YH. mf A-Awxwxhmff,-iw.: A 55. ,miiggypf Q if 2 4 'iso iff 'Wi 141 J , '44, 5141 M I' 3 12' E 3 ,ff if F . 4 i , A .f,Nfgg.f5.xY x .sf g 'QCFWBRQ lh'o . 'I' M, ff I9 4 . Age' .1 tp. 3 Q 09,-f 'I-fig r-4 was T WIIJYIX rv.. . Mar Our Hoof depicHng the Lost Supper,in the Youth RoHy Porode. IXIW .'.. Y os they set the tempo in Youth Rally o Noble Army of Youth, whose STAN- IS the Cross of Christ, whose SHIELD ii m Christ, ond whose GOAL is the Glory aim "Ui A K .L, .: r l Ab -V J T. M ig les 'J Y W ef 13 K R Y 'K fix! 6 rw A. rre zfgijj 53 Quill, fP,Q,:", gn gifs Wane Saint Mory's Bond joirigd with ' 53 A 5 Q W . ? J . no f -gr 1 I A 3 sf- x Q wfivshvl A Il M' 2 3 'es lze Cgauture. Ta V sift-'f A--. HF!! srtjf k r . ..--HH'-f?fw , ,. mm-:. , - R .,, 1'-ff:-f. 133 - -fx-5,3-xeik "S, '1 Q! v K . -gag., --5 , .,.,W, . X .. ig., - 5' if fig 1 52 , K k 5 ff? ' -5.35 gl f Q fs. 1, X Mai? . ' : A .:., .,: ,-:. ,- f-f -sw -ws ! K? new ' E31 Af- Q , 5335 ,ki R 1 si . A . 0 , .la Q... N, 2 5+ e ' A 12 5 Q :S ,F 1 N' 'F' P Q X K' 7? ii D ws, ng. .01 3 ,- x -1-5.-xy, Hrs.. -15. I -WEE,-f gcilkffy-1.33, M --fu 've x H W K ., . QW.. my 5 T K I -1 . A dw-xr-.4'-' I ..f ,f x W 5 - QQ:-1. 1, 3, A ww ' ifini I--:iff ,5 .551- , Q. iw.: X ' K . .. ,M L 21 .. 'xi-1 .M A Ai I N 4 K Q .sh x gi ,, 1' S iff a 1 x 355 .Q ws 5 Q XG, Qi v f XE ,X 4 E , Lv- ? 4' K 'vii ' Af 5 X' 5 Y R Q3 'fs E . 'K wr 5' - 5 A3 1 - 5 . . . 2 f.. . QQ, - t f 5 W if - .. L Lk,L M , A X 5' ,ff Q 53955 'Tx ' f. - - -. -'Q .gi- fi' , , ' ' f ' 'K f' -- J. , . AES' 1 - ' -, 'f fs .Qi QM A . ' ig- V -- X ii J , ' 1 f W 2 'L '- 'fz , X . 'ffif' . .l f . ,:- .. ., . As.. ..,..,,.,, , Tw ' 23,.:,:2-H5513 ilk ' ,. f , f . --yy iff: -. A ' .. -zglsmm-5,-if' fw Mex-'AW-Af sv f War' - . 1 Saw5i3wisf2'.+. . A' 'f -f .. 'fr-:M r f, , - eff?fg:,7'f ' 0' f uv: . - :ww X - wg ff T,-JV -, 22 g X J Myra 155' vs : :gk W- f - w ww A Q ew - ,. K k if '- N -New 1 V ff? if ' . - -iff ful Qs WI., . iz, - f ' q is gffq 'H , . 'iaff ., fa. ' 6.35 ' 4 7 G "1 L- .M if - A W .Z-sf 1 - ,-1 Q- .. 7- as - if .- 'pax- ,.N:,'f , ' 'f U1 .-X ' ': -' - 11. riff'-:tv:c...' .fm ' T' .iff-iv ffiik, .N ' 1' 5 2' . , Ex? X.: . 8.1.x Wi- - X . a , . - If WS " - S .-f- Y - . .xr .ref x H X 5 ,A 'NM Q. Ny mi Q X 'Q . X N 1 55. S .5 as WY 1 . 5. Xxx gg . X iimwgf"iF 5 xi . w . " . AE? J, A A K 1 MS W . i . ., as IQN f MIM ,S-, 5 in .P . -fggf.. ' M1 5- ' 'J 1 H w x Q Y fl f . - - -. -.-,,..,- .-,mix .fggy . Qgfigfsi.-f -Sizzix., :.- ' .wg .1 uggffgfgffz-XX Ngagwx .- W . ffsgixgf N .5 fi? 51 . .x5.'ff.xg.3x- .5358 .K .' ,'t"'S.r 'l 1. if Xe...-X ,ug.,,, ,.', , .g .. .,u .. .N e 125553 5 .133 - his ,E ,::3Q:," 3 "zz: -li' - -.Q'i'x. :g ..-tix. K QR. SLN. ., :Q -E, x. Y .. e an 3. .L jyQ'N. mg- ' K - ,,.Q 'Tits-f,-' ' Q' bag' '- . . R-4-kv x ff: ' W S fv-,N ..,- 4 . - . -r-:-. -ws - A-fx mf un K vw Q 4, ., 4 s ,H+ .Q J N nw N, ,Q-QXH -4. 3 ' 'wig-,kfwQA 53" - -v-ami' A if . . - gk!-:S+ .,,-52 ii. .: Aygxzgv -wif .Q -Q .fl f- . y,,,,..-'avg'-.Q Jf f Z QA +"giEiif3??3i'5fSi3? ' -.MQ ' '41 ,+A 5' Pf iiiigf axsvmi' .X ww.. fui,,..i xx QQ? 3 J. 'R fi? . ,fuk Y Q SRX 1-A , OA Q3 K Q f . vf S X 2. W1 +L . , ' X U -f X ssfasflf. Em X ' il ss? . gf N K. E f Q n 5 I ... 12 ' R. - h--- Q A-if A Q. al . , .Q-.. if 'Q it Q N Qi if H b X f. .. X, 3 3 1? 3 ,, Q ff., f, ,,-ii-iy--L.,:f5: g5J me fig? 352 Mx .. 5 , y . . Q . 'ks , w it ks, 1 'M ' is ,X 1 , a if K K 4 f if x Q Eng-Q? s 1 , W ,X 1 , I -. He f Q K, W Y , V , Y, fx, ., il 'X :- 6 1 4- . ,Ah twiiizxf fflifkz 'XJ' avalgng 1f5.51'i kg g QQ Vi ' i - we f b f ki-.52 1' 1 if .al-V4. E 4359! ,sn-Q 42 3 m 'E 'S .Xi 4 s'f'iQQx uk-Q1 X6 +6 W. ,,,. YF' 'S Q, ' df... M M. A 5734! 2 w 5 Roulette f' PEP CLUB OFFICERS Catherine Cardenos, president Pat Mendenhall, vice-president Carolyn Menz, treaswer Pat Mowes, secretary Nancy Nesbitt, reporter 1 fi' X X 3 a"'1Qlx, 'fx Xb XX X A To e,.X V Th" f The team got in the huddle I X xx KX The captain lowered his head J X Q 'Xxx Now listen all you people if Xxx V XXX P, And we'll tell you what he said, Q X He said, "Boys, boys, get on X X X N N, the beam, give fifteen rahs for s X ' the Rocket team. v I A,.,,- ' 1 Rah Rah raherah-rah V Rah Rah rah-rah-rch Rah Rah rah-rah-rah. First Row: Cheerleaders, kneeling-Marion Mollman, Helen Scholtes. Officers, standing-Carolyn Menz, Catherine Car- denas. Second Row: Mary Ester Diaz, Martha Muzny, Goldie Steadman, Mary Walker, Nancy Byke, Karen Schmoker, Joan Comer, Mary Nixon, Mary Depel, Rosalie Scholtes. Third Row: Dixie Marcotte, Theresa Marcotte, Isabel Bicek, Lois Bohanon, Sheila Pound, Charlotte Schumacker, Ellen Croake, Juanita Zamora, Florence Zoeller, Reuelene Snider, Barbara Shoffner, Fourth Row: Theresa Zvonek, Margie Wolf, Helen Churchman, Zetia George, Shirley Henke, Helen Determan, Sue Whitmarsh, Edwina Doffing, Joan Simon, Rosalie Taylor, Mary Lou Wegner. -1 5 i if-K -3- 9Af i 3 ii 42 fda 4' Wie' 'inf 4 .J-Q 2- MUN oLC'ClC!C'I'Slll7J grows Ilzrougfz nzusic' tuf- ents clevelopecf as rcfffectocf in GAOIUJ unc! cQI1SfI'llHIOI1fIl! groups. Sister Mary Ada, R S M., director of the music department. lncluded in the department are The Marian Choristers, Boys Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, the Mount and Sacred Heart's Children's Choir, Band, and private voice and instrumental students, ,-p X M -Wi ...F ,r ' . A.-M I Ly - - .pa ' f l --. SUPERIOR PLUS-Was the rating given to our Mixed Chorus at Catholic Music Festival April l7, l953. lnspiration and cultural entertainment marks the goal of our Mixed Chorus, who in the Christmas Concert presented a specs tacle not less pleasing to the eye than the ear. Also in their i952-53 schedule is the Choral Fest presented at Corpus Christi Auditorium, Catholic State Music Festival, and Spring Concert. V M i- v S, . 1' I1 . -lx' ll aw M ,Q x--,, XL, xx' v A 5 'X an ,,-A5 E .,-r' 'll' Yes, "Shoulder to shoulder, and bolder and bolder." These Stout Hearted Men fill the air with that martial refrain. Left to Right: Ross Williams, James Ellis, Pat Manning, Virgil lngraharn, Harry Kaelsch, and Carl Gipson Sister Mary Ada, R.S.M , at the piano. Boys' Glee Club-Top Row: Gene Grady, Ross Williams, Harry Russel, Robert Engel, Joe Wolf, David Brown, Carl Gipson, James Chessmore, Harry Koelsch, Third Row: Bob Lamb, Jerry Arledge, John Nixon, Pat Hurley, Bob Sims, Pat Manning, James Ellis, John Swihart, Bill Atteberry, David Playford. Second Row: John Engel, James David, Johnnie Mollman, Jerry Byke, Sidney Long, John Dickerson, LeRoy Brandt, Joe Marcotte, Robert Determan. First Row: Luis MeI'1dOZG, JOE? Arledge, Nelson Oglesby, David Whitfield, Marvin Huff, Carl Brandt, Samuel Gomez, Joe Salazar, Virgil lngraham. .Q --i ' -Q---""' ' 1ma.9....J----,.-'-.:..- r X- - we mr .x W5, -F'ywE'HA'w'Li'1"""" 'lu' mn "n .,.,,.v - Qsk f Ni x in S 5 , HQ' . Jig ..,., , 95' f Q X A' f K Q? if f, Sw If Q 2" ' Q S xt Rex- gf llllilll' Llailkklf sf ,ifgxff Q 5-A yn .Q ,. S, .of 5 Q Qi 'Q a , ,. .5 ik V4 'QE .ix , ggi" 2 an . ii f N Q -fl -fx ' - .ATL wel '. ki ,Q V FTE. 5.1: Q3 , X., Y M L S xi 4 xx, Qi ,N if Q, J M f.kMy,efvf: . -S SB' iw, A 9. ,QE f, if K sf, A Aww-r.U 4 f XS b2,3?fx3Y'5!' i ws ' A 1 . i g QW 'Q i S ? f A :ff ' M ,A g : an f 2 1 ff A f f 2 f:m955'1 Qaff 1 at 'fv.'f'g 5 Q' 3 1523? P-Q: . 7M 5 ,fff'3'ff?' 'J 'K k Q 5 Vi, W sf? '61 5? Q1 ?Q5?': ? 3 iii' , L fiififfd x ' A Fw. g M M 2- , V f , Y ' + 5' Q1 ' 4- ,F , ' 4 , F ff" Luiz? F'-r "' Q 2 Mi' 45' 1 -f1,Qe Wif' f x W .f 4 Q- K .. . f . fqglysx :K Qi , A X ' iw ' ,ri 2? 'XJ fini., asxcfimv- 5 u 1 -hr 3A . A . ':fAl5,v,'f",.:3'ai'1ZL"l '.g,.""-'Q?'- jr. .Z V ' M 1 U Q , L 5 fi 5 x 'E x AQ f 1-6 n Kf M Q i Q s fi Q 5 5 ij " -- Q x 3 yu- n XX X-Mx!!! .-D. . Ag a b "I believe l am out of tune," says H e l e ri Churchman lrightl, as this musical trio pre- pare ta do a little extra pro-concert practicing, Shirley Hcnkc lleftl, Barbara Kaelsch lcen- tori. A last minute check up before the parade. .VTR , Billy Chessmore thinks "Git on Board" would sound better if the clarinet sec- ld t in tune first Left to tion wou ge . right: Reuelene Snider, Mary Lou Wagner, Billy Chessrnare, Edwina Dot- ting. am' casting oyafty to Qocf an ountrg Flag raising ceremony high-lights Columhus Day program. They pause and reflect. Allegiance to one, means allegiance to both. lag while James Chess ore Cleft? and Eugene lyth fright? assist. Robert Determan raises f ' . m B Qygosterin oo Gitlzens ap Q!! NX glnllluuusnul l Participating in National Bible Week observance, the Freshmen Class present pageantry of Old Testament scenes. " yt '11 The beginning ofthe American melting p o t, Massasoit and his f r i e n d I y W a m p a n o- a g s e n j o y giving d i n n e r with the hos- pitable Pilgrims. Joe Wolf, confident that Ike will win, drops I his ballot into the box. Jean Hollie lat deskl N 1 Y 'wi 'I I fl 1- .p' ,126 W, . ' 94 hands Isabel Bicek a ballot, Bobby Bode Center- ing boothl Ernie Turk brings another one for HELPS 3 , , X A z f Y.. ' Q Q 1 if -H . " ' I v 'P lx g . P " X X 1 k.xZ , I-A 'ik -Xksfif? k Wm 5 X fffxaia.. We Q Q X - is 1 2- .. -s -X.-ff .. -22, X f:,,: R -, 'rl -. -,ji - 12' , X- in ,- X. H.. Ag ,i , X! K . 'X Q, A X A Qi X W Q Xi gg EINYXX QXJ' XX KK X1 j A 1 -1 XXs'5f.11f XXXX ff. .NX X. Al- -ws, '- Sraxiiwrifixe 1 X X NK-ffgfk' gat iw 1 1485 3 X g ". X 3 if Xe, S ww Q . - fsgvgf Y" .-Uk X X N X X 'l fffig' , if EX' ' . xx X f, f i X 'ffm Q V ' 5 ,, is f ,f .- ,XX 1 hS--- f.: N: jj' ' ifvl , .3 if MA EX ,Q- 41 if Q, 9-X XX 4 Q 'fc' 4 '54 X N if 9 X XX R X E A xx! 1 " Q 5 X X X 3 N Ei za RX E535 be EM X. X . Q 2 is Sb 5, 1 3 ,J li' . - ?3?Y:':' ' X X if if I Q, GEORGE WASHINGTON'S WEDDING CAST-William Dandrige, Carl Brandt, John Augustin Washington, Ross Williams, Cully, James Curtis, Mrs. Fielding Lewis, Carolyn Menz, Mrs. Dandridge, Bettye Goberg Mrs. Burwell Bassett, Lynn Pierce, Martha Custis, Lois Bohanonj Col. George Washington, Robert Engel, Major Chomberlayne, Jerry Bykeg Governor Fauquier, Joe Marcotte, Lord Fairfax, Pat Manning, Elizabeth Dandridge, Gayle Swirczynski, Dr. Mossum, Ellen Ann Croake, Charles Washington, Carveth Osterhous, Bartholomew Dandridge, David Brown. gfolcfing the irror up to ature to meffect gacfden, ccbotentialitles AN IRISH STEW CAST-Dennis Hogan, Joe Marcotteg Donald Hogan, James Curtisj Patrick Lahey, James Chessmoreg Gaston Marcel, Pat Manning, Tim Toolin, Carl Brandt, Jasper Lee, Pat Manning, Mary Hogan, Bettye Goberg Mar- ian Hogan,Dorothy Cermak, Leonore Schmidt,Lois Bo- hanong Mrs. O'Flaherty, Carolyn Menz. Tim Toolin "lt's only right that I return the money that l borrowed from you, Dennis Hogan." The Widow O'Flaherty cannot be- lieve that they've got Dennis Hogan where "He cannot spake to me." fx df 1 Q Q Q .ww Nam-Av, o--. ., , N' -----u-menu ,,., Q' Q 'X A 0 ulwsuewfflwf 1' , .H . .X,b-vi' K 8295" Q A .. Sgvgmiigz 'fmriri rg ' -'IEFN 2? Q X: x S X if-.Y qs s., E: 5+ -.X 'VFW x , K x Wx -.3 S . uf Q A+ " X W5 L 1' .5 Ny, Aw I , Q, t . manning As Citizens of Tomorrow, Pat Manning and Virginia Fried were selected by Student vote itizens QQIIGQQI' , YXbK5Xcex" Kiwi ie - gr, . xg X 5,4 f, OIYLOITOMP lSS A QQHCZQQI' l . i l l 2 w'rg1'nc'a Caller! as outstanding in scholarship, citizenship, loyalty, dependa- bility ancl integrity. HIIUCZZ tgoe marcotte Eugene Blythe points out An- nual King, Joe Marcotte, while he congratulates him. Patricia Moroney congratulates Annual Queen, Lois Bohanon. IZIZUCIZ QUQQH efois Qofzanon Joe Marcotte lholding annuall looks at picture of last year's Annual King and Queen, with Lois Bohanon, queen, holding cover of l953 yearbook, and Patricia Moroney Cleftl and Eugene Blythe. My-N S+ JJ! "f if-AMO'-' 5,11 J f 1nllW""""' ' iss K ocket UIQ Q C?l'OSS Kay was the successful winner of the rifle over one hundred four Pep Club members. Corn- petirion was based on atten- dance at games, participation and cooperation in all activi- ties, State R onor Back Row: James Chessmore, David Brown, Eugene Blythe, Pai Manning, Margie Wolf, Carolyn Menz, Shirley Genzer, Marion Mollrnan. Second Row: Shirley Henke, Zeita George, Helen Churchman, Jan Cross, Patsy Marcaf- fe, Marguerite Wolf, Joan Magerus, Dorothy Cermak, Mary Dailey. First Row: Helen Schaltes Barbara Shoffner. ,..-f ,M . gi E . A 3.3 E i 'S - g ,ig M. ,., Q kfifgis F , K 7'2Sw13fvf'ff 59111.12 - 'f fimx vi: as g- Hifi- Q- . 1 - 2, 5. 5-f-' 4 0 OflOI'lfLg iul' f Q if . vi' fi 1? tar' ,fi Q' W if 'N , ai, , 'li 42 Dorothy w th her Mo ODD to o ooches Mory's alto Virginia Fried frightl ffer her gift basket o L I ,A-sf O "NXT" 4 1 v f Q . 1 2 Scene In Act I of Marcheta Sensor Pl L f R h Carlos Cortez George Frred Father Raman Carl Brandt Mrs Robert Southmore Carolyn Menz Mr Sherudan McLean James Chessmore Senora Jose Florez, Esther Dlaz Isabella Catherlne Cardenas Pedro James Curtls Carlos Cortez George Frred, Pedro James Curtns Isabella Catherine Cardenas Ross Hamulton Bob Sums Dolores, Dorothy Cermak, Mrs Robert Southmore, Carolyn Menz Mr Sheridan McLean James Chessmore Senora Jose Florez Esther Draz Father Roman Carl Brandt l Q. ,J Nl fm . QY 7 X uieksx f vs k K :F ,SWF "1 5. QQ A ii? wks, 513 if X -Q g . :F fi? ff' gm, .Y HMA 1 V, I wi 'Q-. 12 f ..f-'WW Q A :Q 5 4 A , - ,uf ' , "' f 'Y ff X' . Q 2 1 1 2 K mf . f E12 5 ,..-. vw- S JF 5 B , QE ..-ff A., Q -K Q f QQKLQE ,Ni Q Mi. f12iK'1E,y+ s 'mwfwfm-"2M'w'M ' liHi 1-IVQQQQ 33, brag, f. 1 "? 'Q 2 f H if Y r i J f if' 'Fi Es? .5 imp - k ix, P Sv lp Q 'Qffgl wg. ' .Q ,, M-f s i , ff A is Am gs, .w ,X 'A an ' a 4 5 5 w .Q .F .gg 1 fifagk 5 3 g W. ,SVU , s A f kk if ink L LL." .2 - .' 1f' ir, , 4' , -f 4' if NE Q Q ggi? , ws,----opurwnw-N .. and ,,uP"!, XE - I. They're putting on their best smile to coox Mrs. Rufus Den- nis fright front? ond Mrs. Wilmo Wheeler tot her right! for on extra lorge helping. Q3 -gun,-Q The smile worked. Wh nv-f PHILLIPS ROOFING CO. BONDED ROOFS Composition-Built-Up 81 Sheet Metal ami .,z',,..i Sporting Goods 8- Co. Phone 2-8285 or 2-4304 221 S. W. 24th 2764 NW I8 Wlndsor 2-443l "In Capitol Hill" OKLAHOMA CITY 9, OKLA. L... , , fur , 0 WARD'S GARAGE 'SUN' Scientific Tune-Up Service Phone ME 2-'I963 8 S.W. 29 Oklahoma City, Okla. - unsm Hon: OKLAHOMA CITY. OKLAHOMA ME 8-3309 South Harvey At 24th BLACKWOOD COLLEGE lOl5 N. Walker REgent 6-3586 For Friendly and Courteous Banking Go To The Oklahoma National Bank in Capitol Hill- Member of F.D.I.C. 228 W. Commerce FLOYD BARTLETT Patrons . Reinhart 8. Donovan Co. Tinker Drive-In lLewis Bartonl Capitol Hill Florist Patrick's Cafeteria Beedon Part Co. T. J. Hankes Oklahoma Distributing Co. Auto Parts 8. Machine Co. R. A. Pincham Rice-Hendren Clinic Meder Drug Co. Ralph R. Backle J. B- Palesk Machine Tool Co. Capitol Hill Help-Yourself Steam Laundry R. R. Ryan Construction Co. Dennehy Construction Co. M. A. Swatek 8. Co. Borden Milk Retail Merchants Collective Service Mr. and Mrs. Gashorn Consolidated Wholesale Co. R. A. Pincham Alamo Plaza HiII's Business College Mr. and Mrs. John F. Eberle Mr. Robert Taylor Mrs. Minnie Claypool Doerfler Construction Co. American Electric Ignition Co. Mrs. GIady's Wakefield Sister Mary Hortense Mrs. Charles Dierker Mrs. Carroll Jimmie Greek Royal Baking Co. I Lee's Radio Smith 8. Kernke Funeral Directors Capitol Typewriters Colonial Costume Horn Seed Co. Paul Rice Tire Company Swanda Brothers Sheet 81 Metal GULF SERVICE STATION 3221 S.W. 29 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma BOULEVARD CAFETERIA OkIahama's Largest and Finest Serving Delicious Food 1111 Classen Drive The Floor Store Walker at Reno Phone RE 6-6203 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma CAFE PALACIO 3325 So. Robinson CAPITOL HILL For Your BEST MEXICAN FOODS ! I my li leauraeg A alcnrzi-:nan The Best Milk lalilfalilouilllnlzlllil lalillisilllsl DAIRY PRUDUCTS N. E. ZSRD AND N. KELLEY OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA Harlow Gers Barbecue Cafeteria c""""I"'e"" 44th a. so. Shields, CAPITOL HILL TAXI All kinds of Bar B Q-Fried Chicken-Steaks 133 5,W, 24 RE 6 3651 Open 7 days a week. MOSES SCHILLING FRED SCHILLING INDEPENDENT SCREEN CO. Mideke - Wholesale and Retail - Supply MANUFACTURERS of SCREEN DOORS and Company WINDOW SCREENS Telephone IOO East Main Street PHONES CE 2-2935 - CE 2-0593 - LD 394 Oklahoma City Okla Office 1501 S. Agnew Oklahoma City, Okla. --we--M THE CLARENCE L. BOYD CO., INC. STATE DISTRIBUTORS ADAMS GRADERS MOTOR GRADERS COMPLETE LINE or ROAD BUILDING EQUIPMENT comrnzssons-PUMPS-nouens OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA Lkxiiii Oklahoma Natural Gas Company J. A. MCMULLIN Box 1620 District Sales Manager Oklahoma City, Okla SAM ULIVER rwffwwfmwfmf Modern Processing Plant I2l5 Wesi Washington, Oklahoma City Phone CEnIraI 2-4243 CAESAR FLORISTS OKLAHOMA CITY. OKLA. The Beautq of our Business is "Flowers" isoo N. e. zsfa se. Televlwle JA 9-2422 Blue Ribbon Auto Supply Co. 1457 N. E. ZERD STREET OKLAHOMA CITY 11, OKLAHOMA Compliments of DIXIE MATERIAL CO. TALIHINA, OKLAHOMA PHONE 726 N BRAUER Fo OKLAHOMA CITY INGRAHAM ELECTRIC CO. 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SMITH STOVE REPAIR 8 UPTOLSTERING FO 5-0090 I , 0"'O"""""' PHONE CE 2-6529 u 509 West Reno St. 4010 M nw S' hum.. 324 ww commerce ME a-1 777 Jn., enum ,IN NN O K L A H 0 M A C I 123' W C"""f"C' CAPITOL HILL FUNERAL HOME 2801 SOUTH ROBINSON Ea rl Simmons Used Cars MlCKEY'S BAKERY Empire lnlunmco Company 253I V: South Robinson Phone RE 6-656I 4 s.E. 29th okiqhoma city PASTRY Llll - NIALTN - ACCIDIIIT - HOSPITAL - SURGICAL - MIDICAL PNUHYUU bv opawsl Phone ME 2,3357 BIRTHDAY CAKES mnivinun u alsur E. R. HURSM F 4 D. D. DOUGHERTY QPITOL HILL Home B,,,,,,,, lduadmmdf SOUTH SIDE DAIRY Df- W- H- SLONS num ' uw sun lunnuu.. HALF-Hour LAUNDRY 5717 Shields MEIrose 8-5493 I M I nu 213 SW, 24th CE 2.555 ' sw s.w. 29th sf, Phone ME M242 ro 5.1750 G I L L I A M PRBCIIPTION SHOP l. w. nm tr. BNEED FURNITURE CD. Apple 8- Beard Company Choffin Brothers Lumber Co. mu M- nu.. ns wi inn... 'SW at :ZEN NNE- M mu 915 s.E. 29th ME 4-I446 2823 South Robinson Cl 1-an c 1 'c on a ' . 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Wholnlll lletfrkll Slllllhl V ua: N. :many ce 2-2050 418-410 North Hudson '94 W- Muff' ' 0k'0h0"'0 C"Y Dklnhoua City, Oklnhonn STEFFEN'S DAIRY PRODUCTS PLANT HERMAN's SEAFOOD Im Em Main RESTAURANT and MARKET ONLY ONE LOCATION-AT 16th and CLASSEN Owned and Operated by MR. .ma MRs. HERMAN BAGGETI' Telephone F0 5-2365 INSTITUTIONAL SUPPLY COMPANY Complete Suppliers To Schools, Churches and Public Institutions DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY I21 Southwest Third Street Office and Show Rooms P"6"e RE 6-6666 1024 N.E. 23rd sneer OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. SEMCO COLOR PRESS, INC. WE ARE PROUD TO HAVE PRODUCED YOUR 50th ANNIVERSARY EDITION OF MATER MISERICORDIAE PAUL BENNETT, Manager JOHN CLARK AGATHA CAMPBELL E ! E Yearbook Department Layout Director Secretary Ni UTUHHHPH H ,ff numsnnpu If 5 HUTUGHHPHS K 1 I I S i u Z 2 1 ! 1 1 5 5 I 5 1 5 s 3 5 E s H 2 1 5 5 5 5 4 f n 5 i I I 5 I E . I E 2 ? ! . .."w:m.:.'1fs-Q31-2. -GMP' ff "" f

Suggestions in the Mount St Marys High School - Mater Misericordiae Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) collection:

Mount St Marys High School - Mater Misericordiae Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 46

1953, pg 46

Mount St Marys High School - Mater Misericordiae Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 66

1953, pg 66

Mount St Marys High School - Mater Misericordiae Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 38

1953, pg 38

Mount St Marys High School - Mater Misericordiae Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 44

1953, pg 44

Mount St Marys High School - Mater Misericordiae Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 109

1953, pg 109

Mount St Marys High School - Mater Misericordiae Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 60

1953, pg 60

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