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IL ,aN.j',l+ N , ,ur 51 af .n , . c re. sf ,,',,' .V A . ,. .. , .,. , 4. .17 1 -r ug x cf .,. X W bw 4. --. , 4, ,- x, -.QM-hx 4 '.f 1 KI. tm .4 . ax 7 ,,,f-MZ-13 L . , , 15? .N A 'rf 5, ' ' 5-f., mv' ug5,1,?7' n - .if ' 'I' . "'fa4.'j ' n '- A44 fl, - , 'ag-rj-V X I ,, qv ,, , 17 ,' N ,--.5-A . 1 ., W - .j Mfg 'V , , 1 ff Q ef ' MA 'H ' 41" . TY--" X V .-hw .lv-13,5 4. hi- f. vm , Y l 'vig W . fy-1 v -,ff . 71,7 L iv .,-.,5.,A' ww' - .- pn" "W X vu., A f 1'-f 1 Va, ' if -af 8 f 1lr- f 5- 2.1 . AL. lj . 4 ZQILWQ- Yugi,-. -,.4. l..,5 V if-'LQZ b,,,"w:x ,. 5' cf' ,vt il -us 1 Y s'f . T . vi .ku , Lf JJV., ay ., . .'S 1'L,,'L- ' ,- . 'Q' - L. :W . A L , 63291 " S4574-fff I1 . .,.I, ..'V7' Km' I. ' , ,A jjj" "1 - 14' - ev: 'w . -5 L" , Aww!" p , . ,N 3' . + ' V P A . A ,, -a 'Y ,Q rg.. f s ng.:-v 1 Q, 0, gk P. , -4 ,-Y , .. ..n, .' . I ,,..,.-,., ' A , L. .L Q' 'I . ' ! ' J ,qv 4 1-SG' 3 " z". I -5?-A, 7,1 15 'n . Igw' J ' '!4?.,5f.: ' ' ' ' , 1.5 P. '- , , 'Pl M 4, . 'v,.'u , . EJ 'Y J ' Q . .L 'K , e ,' 4. '..,....?.r- ' Ig. ,. -' L f A-fi, 1 . --.,,-4 gg, fir, A Q, ' v "I 'n 'fl ' T n , 4, 1: U 4 I Mir, " , . . , wx .'JdlwEfw-v. ' ---Aw '- " 'I' I ' , iw , . , 2'4+rf-. , , , nv- ,f,:M"' gm, , Q- P ' f A4 .,-1 . x , ,, 1, ,4 ', N, wx . , . " ' H ' 515' ' UU. , ' -,, w. 1 1 . i,f' vu.: , w .1 ,,. . ,!,,y1' X 'L 'rn U W. I . . " Q- , LL y K , .:,, ,.,,:---f, . ,, H,?,'l',7',L,4,,., s,,4 1.11.- .W!,I , J',. K , I,' 'vi Sb' . . , 'Jr-Q. I ,5 -,Q " ' .",',.'W ."',,'z, f 1 ' 4 ' -I ,' ff! ,ff wf. X xxx . 5 , CMV, ,Rus-,N ,I .f, oA ,A V ,- , L W , 1 , ,., . , , "tak i , 2-1,-gf .',k'g.5gs,1"' , M. 1 I I X x QA., ,,, N gy' mr.-.3:'4 ,Q 'gr' ' 4. , ' .2531 , .f Wh, F 1 :Yiwu il! rQK...M.ny f f x ' 'A 54 '4- . N " 26' 5. 1 , If X Q ' a' 'Q i Q I . R2 1- , 34, X a I' , Q X 4 . . ' ',,,. 1 , . . ,. , 1 V L xp '. .. "1 - - ' 'n-'f NX 'l- N ' 'u .' " , , .-..,..-. ,N , 4' , , 'Sf' .Q ' ',v 'W- 5,, ,ww irxxsqf Q 0 . . f, It vii' f N , 1 , M, , 'X -. .-. -. - .1. M' ' I "fYl'l'Kl 211 ef? 1 Mount College St. Mary'S lx 1982-1983 1 3'0- I ' 06 he AI 51" lb . 8 l T -mx V A 'l .. f s -1 .,..,. - 4.---W f - ' e 5' ........g-v---v- - . D V., "' K I' 1 'lf' --Q---cr" " M ,W - . -- l-" ' ' ' :. H V v ,L Y , g t. -- V . - , - A -- Ng' . lui' -' "-' 132, 'f '- it ,-gf - A . - ' - e if 'ea Q.. x ' -" ' - 5 ' L I A .H - ', .- A h X 1 5 H. -5 - T.L'f' 5 '.: 171' I Los Angeles, Alm0St Heavena, Califgynia page two X , V, MQ A -f-K , a , , nw 5 ff if ,M vw- J 'K My-num-....,. WE MOUNT a peaceful and serence place, especlally e tm the weekends e So what am I domg here'7"' -Normda Navarro V6.6 , f WA. h I C I K OO if x I I Il A V 'F 'uw , :Q fx il"u""" ... four Page Almost Heaven I guess that s because they re not sure 1f We ll make It past gross anatomy to heaven Donna Gonzalez 66 7 7 ' 7 '. l . 77 - - - Q Q "-'-on I H 'W . M... . ,-,ox W 'WON .wk -ei,-.U 5. I. 1' ' xgs aged f 'W Kathy Bush HEAVEN. . .? 1 don't think Pm dead!" E -2.-..-2 kt-far I A-sig page elght IQQAK5 44' or me a Walk to Heaven 1S 11ke a run to the moon 1mposs1bleJ Gwendolyn Leake CCF . . Without directions. . .fit may be improbable, but not ge. X X i page ten 9 , n,, 4, f 4039. 'W ' Q n f f - 1 I fe " ,., 5 we 1 , 2- f ,AW ww., 66Mount St. Mary's has their own angel Gabrielle-Our Guards' Karen Lar1v1ere fi? I E W r l 1 r r f 1 ,R , 9 4 rig gfjf i q ' Q.. lf? A ... ' - ,vii Q I 'Mid Yan' WWW 5 'wi .-"2"" in-.., 1 "' at . 'gli ' '4 .4r3'..- Q- p " 41,- f-1 H 5 .. :M ' iv 5 ,Q 5 4 , an 2 D.. Thank Heaven We made the deadl1ne Yearbook Edltor ' 77 ' ' ' . . .Dan Moreno 1 page fourteen 6 as - FU XS 1, vga? 1 ,qklf as 4 - -1-....,,qNw.M-'hm 5-, I PN L , q.. I J page fifteen v"i H+, M312 - ."'n s L. N... iw.: ." firf-if-2 " '-ff::.-- Jwt1'.-'.'.',-Z-- - - - - , f t,s,.,.4 - . - - 1 A.. .. I Fl f ix Sunny days bring smiles to various staff members as the cameraman is loose on campus. From top left are: Sr. Magdalen Coughlin, President of the College, Sr. Dolo- BEWARE: res Cecile, Sr. Jill Napier, Sr. Anita Joseph, Sr. Magda- len Marie -all in procession. At mid left, Dr. Barbara Becker emerges into the camera's view while college communicator Ke- vin Berntson snaps photos at mid right. Below from left, Sr. Sharon Baker and Sr. Mary Evelyn talk over the days events. Sharon Christensen fPer- sonnel Officel and Joan Buswell fRe- source Develop- ment secretaryl play leapfrog in middle. At right, Kevin Mulvey and Mike Soto keep the campus green. SHUTTERBUG LOOSE! yt"-N WARNING from the Attorney-General: Point no cameras nuns in procession of black-mail negs OF THEE 'HTT1' .Q H3 -A 1: .N 4, , he 16 -nc-v-fn l 1 Sisters And Staff .JL L The People Who Work At The Mount Generating The Almost Heaven" Environment Clockwise from top left: Sr. Mary Evelyn, Fr. George O'Brien and Sr. Joseph Adele Edwards lDohenyJ chat in circle area. Cary Zaborsky, Mary Lane and Lisa Chang check out the goings on. Sr. Teresita gets pointed out. Sr. Mary Williams takes a leisurely stroll and Sr. Eloise Therese enjoys a conversation in French with une amie. Y page seventeen 34 A+ ' -af ,. M ,. 5 1 t , 7 Q . N s,,,s,f"M 'VSNQ Y eighteen 0 3? D. ? 'N E af' Kar-.W SISTER MAGDALEN COUGHLIN, CSJ President of the College Originally from Washington state, Sister Mag- dalen received her Ph.D. from USC in Ameri- can History. Sister was an Assistant Professor of History at MSMC before holding the Dean of Academic Development and Presidency po- sitions. Administrators REV. SYLVESTER RYAN College Chaplain Father Ryan is from Santa Catalina Island. He has been a principal for high schools in the Los Angeles Archdiocese and holds a masters de- gree in religious education from Immaculate Heart College Qliollywoodl. Ak St.MARY's C,Dl il HIE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT When related to years of college study and to those years at Mount St Mary s College the theme Almost Heaven takes on a cer tain direction and focus There IS an echo here of the familiar Scripture passage that begins All the way to heaven IS heaven which inevitably sparks reflection on the extraordi nary beauty and goodness in the world But all this is of course for those who have the capacity the desire and the time to first see and then enjoy it My hope 1S that students of the Mount sig n1f1cantly expand and deepen their capaclty for seeing understanding and enjoying during their years of study And then once they be gin to see and enjoy the truth beauty and goodness they have come to know and relish here the rest of their lives will be Almost Heaven Sister Magdalen Coughlin CSJ President s 1 ' s ac as . ' r cc ' as - 0 C I I - . 0 . . . . . . . 9 . . . . . . . 9 . I , - 1 . . . . H 9 aa r lZOCl Chalon Road Los Angeles, California 90049 SISTER CARLOTTA DILORENZO, CSJ Coordinator of Student Activities Sister is a part-time instructor at MSMC in religious studies. She has been a teacher in the San Diego area as well as doing work for the Diocese of San Diego. SISTER EDWARD MARY ZERWEKH CSJ Director of Personnel and Business Sister who lS from San Pedro re celved a masters degree from the Um versity of San Francisco and has been a principal and teacher in the follow mg cities San Diego Concord Pres cott and Tucson 'Www ,fxxq Q., 1-, I 'PCM' 'LJ KEVIN A. BERNTSON Assistant in Development for Com- munications From St. Paul, Minnesota, Mr. Bernt- son received his masters degree from the University of San Francisco in Educational Administration. Before coming to the Mount, he was a high school teacher and administrator in San Francisco, St. Paul and Burbank, CA. Mr. Berntson also edits the col- lege quarterly magazine MICHAEL KATAKIS Director of Career Planning Mr Katakls received his BA at Anti och College and is presently working on a MA at MSMC SISTER MARGARET ANNE VONDERAHE CSJ Assistant Academic Dean Sister hails from Torrance California and has been a teacher and admmls trator in elementary and secondary schools in the LA and San Francisco areas She holds a masters degree from Loyola Marymount and has been a iw. I :- AW . s 3' Q.. 141 . ,., av vs ff 'RN dean at the Doheny campus m the past X SISTER ANNE MARIE, CSJ Director of Press, Relations 5 A native Angeleno, Sister has taught on the high school level in San Diego, Oxnard and in cities in Arizonat She holds a master degree from UCLA. 7, . 72 JOHN MANNING , ...,, .. .ff ,. .xbbi ',.,V? ARLENE QARVEY v Associate Director of Resource De- velopment f l eeoeh lp N ERIKA CONDON s N I-lead Librarian, Cha1on4 Cam-t PHS N RWM Sw-'am0nt0,v Erika 'reel ceived hers BA and MPA degrees in that city. In the past she has been an administrators in the Hong Beech Unified Sohxfolvdise trict before coming to the Mount. . V , s. f, . ,W N BEVERLY R. PQRTER vv N Director of Finafieaz Airll 1 N S ' f 'Id' d d , , Beverly holds a masters degree from Loyola ' 5 bill V xngs ,an S I , and 3 iv selor there as well as at CAL STATE LA. .She is from Washington D.C. e to AfA , ' iw' , X . so sbs 1 fi. fs Lmf, MARGARET SPRIGG HORST Director of Alumnae Rela- tions A graduate of the Mount, Margaret has been a lifelong resident of Santa Monica. lphoto at left! JOYCE SYNDER College Counselor A resident of Brentwoodg Joyce is a certified family and child counselor creden- tialed from Antioch College. fat right! ELSIE GINNETT Bookstore Manager ROBERT GEISSINGER Director of Resource Development A LA native, Robert received his BA from the University of Arizona and served for 25 years in the Marine Corps. DANIEL LICHT Registrar fphoto at bottom leftl SISTER HELEN OSWALD, CSJ Director of Admissions Sister Helen holds a masters degree in mathematics from the University of Califor- nia at Santa Barbara. She has worked at Po- mona College as well as in various high schools in California and Ari- ' zona. fphoto at rightl if ET f ' vu, JM. n 'jfmf if . ,, , ?s,,,v Ks' f .Wy 1' page twenty two I CSJ SISTER JAMES MARIEN DYER, Director of Student Services Sister IS a history lnstructor at the college as ' .ivwww Q '33, -M53 iw .,,.,., . DR. CHERYL MABEY Dean of Student Development Dr. Mabey is a graduate of MSMC and went on to receive her doctorate in Law from Purdue University. She worked at Cypress College level before returning to the Mount. ' well as an administrator. She holds a MA degree from UCLA. SISTER CATHERINE THERESE KNOOP, CSJ Director of Institutional Research SISTER JEANNE ANNE CACIOPPO, CSJ Director of Student Placement Having received BA and MS degrees from MSMC, Sister taught on the elementary level and taught and was a vice principal on the secondary level before returning to the Mount to work. SISTER KATHLEEN KELLY, CSJ Dean of the Doheny Campus Sister is originally from Brooklyn, NY. She is an alumna of the Mount and went on to receive her doctorate at USC in history. She has been the super- visor of apostolic works for the CSJ community and principal of Carondelet HS in Concord, CA. before coming back to the Mount. REV. MATTHEW S. DELANEY Academic Dean, Professor of Math A native of Dublin, Ireland, Fr. Delaney received his doctorate in Math from the Ohio State University. He was an admin- istrator at Immaculate Heart College fHollywoodl before coming to Mount St. Mary's. SISTER MAGDALEN MARIE CRIVELLO, CSJ Acting Controller SISTER MARY BRIGID FITZPATRICK, CSJ Associate Director of the Academic Advisement Cen- ter Having received degrees from MSMC and Catholic Univer- sity, Sister received her doc- torate from Notre Dame Uni- versity. She has been at the Mount off and on since 1950. She is originally from Texas. Sister is in the Accounting and business ..--f' office of the college. from the Mount. She received her BA NORMAN SCHWAB Chairman of the Art Department Mr. Schwab received his masters degree from the California State University at LA. Before coming to MSMC, he taught at the LA City College and in the Pasade- na Unified School District. He is origin- ally from Chicago. ,- .44 vi' I.. 'ar 1 'gif' 1 MARY LU WILSON , Chemistry Lab Assistant n n lat left in top photoj DR HALIQE BUNDY n Professor of Biochemistry J LUITZ Dr. Bnndy reeeived her magma doctofal degrees fiom the Universit of Southern California She has been at the Mount y . n since CAt right in mpepnowy, n of 5 oi Q5 Instruetqr nn Physzeag Therapy SISTE Musxc I page twenty four MARY TEDROW-PGUSI-I ' Assistant Ptofessor of Niirsing n ' Mary received her nursing degrees iBA fand MSD at n the California State University at Los Angeies, iPhoto abovel e of SISTER MARY EVELYN FLYNN, CSJ Assistant Professor of Education Sister Mary Evelyn completed her BA and MA at the Mount and went on to USC for a master of science degree. iPhoto abovel. 0 MARIE ZEUTHEN Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Marie graduated from the Mount and went on to receive her masters degree from UCLA. Cat left in bottom photo? HAZEL DAVIS Biology Lab Assistant Cat right in bottom photo! . . , . s ,s ' 'Q -.'.'. s '.':. Q ' to- -- - v- . -:gi .::'Q. . ' Q n ' .".'nX'. .0 Y DR. IRMA J. D'ANTONIO Chairperson of the Nursing Department Dr. D'Antonio received her masters and doctorate from the University of Pitts- burgh. Before coming to the Mount, Dr. D'Antonio was employed by UCLA. iPhoto above? ix .X . R MARY E. HICKS Assistant Professor of Nursing Mary received her BS in nursing in her hometown at the University of Pittsburgh where she also became an instructor. She received her masters degree in public health at the University of Michi- '-we o 35 o 55 EE Sr:- HZ ge gif OS co' an LNG 'US Fit' 0:2 geo DD '50 SET OS 5' pagetwentyfive VASARELY LILLIAN LEAVITT Lecturer in Nursing Lillian received her masters degree from the California State University in Los Angeles. MARY RAE MELGUN Clinical Instructor, Nursing Department fsitting in photo to rightl NANCY S. TAYLOR Instructor in Nursing A graduate of the Mount, Nancy went on to receive her masters from UCLA. fstanding in photo at rightl SISTER CAROL PURZYCKI, CSJ Instructor of Nursing Sister is an alumna of Mount St. Mary's and received her masters at UCLA. fphoto at leftl KAREN KREJCI Instructor in Nursing Karen received her masters in Nursing from UCLA and came to the Mount from North- ridge Hospital Medical Center where she worked in patient education. J UANITA LEE Lecturer in Nursing Juanita received her masters in nursing from UCLA. MARY SLOPER 9 if SISTER SHARON BAKER, CSJ Director of the Learning Assis- tance Center Originally from Fresno, Sister taught in San Francisco, Oxnard and LA and was a principal in San Diego before coming to the Mount three years ago. SISTER KIERAN lllll"" ',p,",'l? rijylll 'q:::V l..- I nzxk J 3:lf"""f ijfj P , 5 s "4 "' 1' I I , A 1 , ff :sallam-.--. ' r'x4pv,xf f A ir M,. A H. Assistant Professor of Nursing A native of Southern California, Mary graduated from the Mount and received her masters from UCLA. She has taught nursing in New York and held various other nursing positions. ALICE M. del ROSARIO Assistant to the Dean for Student Devel- opment nf l VAUGHN, CSJ Chairperson, Education Depart- ment "' Initially from LA, Sister holds a ...A .. doctorate in education from A 'A K UCLA. Before coming to MSMC, Sister Kieran was a ' teacher and administrator in '-'hx f , Palo Alto, California. fat right 'vi .,,...-- in mid photol. --""" A -uui"' --'iw' SISTER IMELDA D'AGOSTINO, CSJ Assistant Professor of Educa- tion Sister holds a masters degree from the California State Uni- versity at Northridge. She teaches on the Doheny campus. lat left in mid photol. DR. JAMES DELAHANTY Professor of Political Science Dr. Delahanty studied at Rutgers University in New Jer- sey before receiving his doctor- ate in law from Loyola Mary- mount University. WX X .xi . I be and SCVBD page twenty DR. RONALD OARD i Professor of History and Political Science l ci Originally from Colorado, 1303621 received his education froznithe Jel suits in Omaha, Denver and o o then his doctorate from the University of St. Louis. He taught at Webster College in St. Louis before coming wmsmc, o k W, 05' . fy x DR. MARIETTE SAWCHUK v Career Counselor, Women in Science Programs A part-time teacher, a full time mother, Dr. Sawchuk received her doctorate from Stanford University. She also assists in the pro- duction of the ,college ' quarterly magazine, i HELENE NOELLE Administrative Assistant for Physical Therapy and Biology 5? fm, ' ' r ,V DRQ DAVID LEESE A ' i n Associate Professor of English and Busi- ness Having receivedidocizorates from Northf i no western University and Brandeis U1-river? v sity, Dr. Leese 'ai Arizonasteiie t University beforefcoining to MSMC. CYBRIEN Associate Professor of English A native of Long' Beach, Fr. 0'Brien hasbeen a principal ' of liigli schools in LA? a6d7Tor1-ance. He holds af doctorate in education from UCLA.v In , ANTHONY GUARINO S Department of Psy- chology gr- ' . """'i5 ,1 t r 5 DR. GEORGE SNOW 3 Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences E From Denver, Dr. Snow studied at Rockford Coilege in Kansas City. He received his doctorate at the Universi- ty of Colorado at Boulder before coming to MSMC. I X . DR. DANIEL STOGRYN Assistant Professor of Chemistry Dr. Stogryn did his undergraduate work in Pennsylvania before going to the University of Wisconsin where he received his doctorate. DR. RUBY VANTERPOOL Assistant Professor of Phiiosophy fat Right! Dr. Vanterpooi re- ceived his MA and if e doctorate from at Southern Illinois University. I' SISTER ANNE KAVANAGH, SSL A Instructor in Mathematics A A Sister of St. Louis, Sr. Anne was principal of Louisville HS in Woodland Hills before coming to MSMC. Originally from Ireland, Sister holds a masters degree from Loyola University of Chica- go. . page twenty nine MARJORIE DOBRATZ Assistant Professor of Nursing From Ohio, Marjorie has been an instructor in nursing in North Carolina and in Wisconsin. She holds a mas- ters degree from Marquette University. fphoto above right, side of photoj My y 2 do 4 ai ,tg V t SISTER ELOISE THERESE MESCALL, CSJ Chairman, Foreign Language De- partment Sister received her degrees from the University of California at Los Angeles and is a professor of French at the Mount. fphoto abovej Z9 S2 pa ,. V Roig . X "' Qs as 4 'MN . K , X QQ lysis ii n emu msn S THE SIGN OF A 1 SKK MMU DR. MARYANN BoN1No A Professor of Music A graduate of the Mount, Dr. Bonino re- ceived her doctorate from USC. She taught at St. Michael's HS in LA before returning to the Mount as a faculty member. lphoto abovel RUTH AKROYD Nursing Department fphoto above left sidel SISTER TERESITA ESPINOSA, CSJ Chairperson of the Music depart- ment An alumna of MSMC, Sister went on to receive her doctorate at USC in music. She has worked as a mu- sic specialist in Los Angeles and at both the Doheny and Chalon cam- puses. fphoto belowl DR. MATT MORAN Professor of Music Doctor Moran holds a D.M.A. degree from the Uni- versity of Southern Califor- nia. fphoto abovej gn' ggvuhvvg K M MN . SISTER CALLISTA ROY, CSJ Associate Professor of Nursing A second generation native of LA, Sister holds a doctorate from UCLA. Sister Callista is also an alumna of the Mount. l 4 ig tl a.. l 37 ' 1 : X X DR. CLIFFORD HOWELL Professor of Microbiology ?! SHARON A. VAIRO Assistant Professor of Nursing MARSHA K. SATO Instructor of Nursing JANE SERVONSKY Assistant Professor of Nursing From Norfolk, Virginia, Jane studied and received degrees from Old Dominion University and California State Universi- ty in Los Angeles. She worked with the LA public school district and taught at Cal. State. LA before coming to the Mount. Photo at Right page thirty one page thirty two SISTER BERNADETTE KOPP, CSJ Music Department Assistant We Sew DR. EUGENE FRICK Associate Professor of Religious Studies ' Dri Frick received his doctorate from Marquette Uni- versity in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. MARY Journalism Instructor View Newspaper Advisor MARY JANE NELSON-STITT . Director, Programs in Physical Science From Tiffin, Ohio, Mrs. Nelson-Stitt studied at the Universityof Wiseonsin and did graduate work and received Aivr her masters degree fat E1nory University in Georgia. She had taught at both of these schools before coming to the Mount. L vii .. SISTER MICHELE THERESE DUMONT, CSJ Chairperson, Department of Philosophy eff Q' mu.: 'XS- 4... A native of Los Angeles, Sister holds a Ph.D. from Boston University. She began working at JAN LINGUIA MSMC in 1971. Physical Therapy Instructor 1' 4 ,J I 1 Suu. A 'YJ X A f y c ff fx l i r ff . , X K SISTER MARY WILLIAMS, CSJ R Chairperson, English Department "5 1' ' Originally from Washington state, Sister MPSLLUR NAGARAJA, Mary Went to St. Paul, Minnesota to re- Assistant Professor of Business 'hBAthCl1 fS.Cth- .. . fsgeshir wen? 02120 Zeiss? he: mzstgs Qrlgxnally from India, Mr. Nagaraja has stud- and doctorate at Stanford University, led at the University of Mysore in India and at Sister has done post-doctoral studies in UCLA' - England at Oxford and at the Shake- speare Institute in Stratford-on-Avon. page thirty three four thirty Page JULIE OLSON and CARY ZABORSKY Admissions Office Employees SHARON CHRISTENSEN Facilities Coordina- tor Personnel Office I TONI KERKER Office Manager Student Develop- ment Staff A x X x 5. N xnxx DONNA GUARDINO Business Office MARY SEDGWICK fstandingl and HELEN COLLINS Technical Services Librarians Coe Memorial Library, Chalon Campus '55 13 . . 2 SHEILA QUARLES Coordinator of Mail Services MERYL LONGNECKER Purchasing Coordinator I N h K P1 SISTER ANITA JOSEPH ARAGON CSJ Business Office Staff Meryl graduated in English from Califor- nia State University at Northridge before coming to the Mount. She is from Long Island, NY. Rugs MYRA KALAW 'Q I I ' Business Office Staff SISTER ALICE MARIE CHEAP, C Alumnae Relations Staff Member :arty six P389 :25E2"': ' f 5 - '- 'S' 95, -A , 0 I c X fi N Y ., .'.-if X ,f,,,-1-"Mn wig' .W-f""" ffm- - LISA WEI CHAN G Director of Health Services Originally from Taiwan, Lisa studied at San Diego State then received a masters from UCLA. She worked in var- ious womens health centers and for the San Diego Coun- ty Medical Society before coming to MSMC. DONNA DALEY Word Processing Officer Admissions Office SHEILA ROBIN Registrafs Office Assistant LORI SCHULER RITA KURTZ Secretary, Resource Develop- A ment Office CYNTHIA PEN NIG Executive Secretary Office of the Presidente 5 Secretary to Academic Dean MARY ANN GUNDERSON Admissions Counselor SISTER JILL NAPIER, CSJ Accounts Payable, Business Office Sister Jill, who is completing her masters degree at Loyola Marymount, is from LA. She has taught elementary school in LA and Oxnard. SISTER JANE BERNARD CSJ BERNADETTE Spiritual Life Program SMITH, CSJ Director Residence Staff Member HARRIET CRUSE Secretary, Nursing Department ,g-f' ,Ys Q3 ' 0 .y H. .4 if . 3. 5 a'.f? . N v. ' 1 ' 8 it Ill e thirty eight P38 GINA POLI-HSIUNG .. Cataloging Assistant Kappa Delta Chi Advisor 1 BA, Mount St. Mary's College 'ID SELMA GOLDFARB Secretary, Art Department 'ln F X AARON STUART College Press Assistant If S X vw 1 JAMES KILPACK A l A x"s CLEANT BROWN Food Services Staff Assistant Coordinator Coordinator of the College Press V 44 fi C 4 4 if , Q A f W SISTER ROSE GERTRUDE CALLOWAY, CSJ Business Office Staff ELENA SILVERMAN Grants Officer BA, California State Univer- sity Northridge, CA A Rui? SISTER LORETTA ANNE BELLUE, CSJ Staff Assistance, Sister's of St. Joseph Community HAMILTON ALLEN Food Services Chef SISTER MARY CONRAD I 'll x I 6 L 'fc MAN 1 G SCHNERK, CSJ ATA SHAFIYOON Food Services Di- rector ff X LIBRARIAN, Circulation Desk SR. MARY LOUISE COLLETTE, CSJ Physical Science and Math Instructor 0 .E Q ba E -5 u S' D- SISTER THERESA HARPIN, CSJ Campus Minister Sister Theresa is an alumna of the Mount and holds a bachelors degree in Christian Ministry., SISTER ANNETTE BOWERQ CSJ Chairperson, Biological Sciences Department Sister received her BS from the Mount and went on to higher studies at Creighton University in Omaha. She received her doctorate from the University of Arizona in Tucson. 'im Y page fort l sRyA1fq vv v vaasv , Chairmen, fi? e rv 0 fvPSYfh010SY or Ryan sa chologisii wlw ssss ,3 ggeiyed doctorate at the ofsWiindsor in Ca1rada, 7 I 'kk, -,,' , ,K I an f SBARBARA 7 4-C0TT0N,?CSJ Director S 4 f avv Residence- ofieiinali from ' I . -.w, F1f8e!IClSCO,'f' Sister o was assigned toaCar-1 0ndelstssHSs,,msQ0nv i Cord, CA-before coming e to MSMU she holds mess S degree from rthe so MQW? o S so S .SISTER PATRICIA r MARY DUGAN, W Director of Academic Advise1ne11t Q S a A graduate of MSMC, Sister taught andxwas a dean ,of in ovva Con- cord, Mission Hills amd LA before coming back the Mount as Regisgg mr., ' , - 7 ELAINE JOY WOLFE Switchboard Operator I' 4 J . 1' ,' - '4 fl,- '. T F' , 2 "5w......mass..J' A, ,M ..... DR. BARBARA BECKER 1- X? 1 agfillfw' EX ecutive Director for Administra- , O . tion i 4"'1-pf Dr. Becker received her doctorate .... 'Q - in , Michigan. Before coming to the English at the University of ll Mount, she was employed by Colo- rado College in Colorado Springs ,, and Mercy College of Detroit. N, , we 4 1 4, I X T MS. BERNADETTE ROBERT L A W , 4-au... " . I YK Z Assistant Director of Admissions SISTER DOLORES CECILE SCHEMBRI, CSJ Assistant Professor of Music An alumna of the Mount, Sister Dolores Cecile received her masters degree in music from the Universi- ty of Southern California. 3 5' 'E' O MRS. KATHERINE WHITMAN Assistant Professor of Business A graduate of the Mount, Mrs. Whitman received her masters de- gree from UCLA and pursued post- graduate studies at Temple Uni- versity in Philadelphia. DR. KATHERINE BRUECK Assistant Professor of English Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. Brueck taught at Iowa State and UC, Santa Barbara before coming to MSMC. She received her doctorate from the University of Il- linois. MR. JAKE GILSON Fine Arts Gallery Director Mr. Gilson holds a masters degree in fine arts from Arizona State University in Tempe and has taught at the University of Wiscon- sin in Milwaukee. W W!! 'VR if JULIE BROWN Payroll Officer -I MIMI A SIMSON 'L Assistant Professor of Soci- " ' ology r Mimi is Director of the Gerontol- ' H - ogy program at the Mount. She ' I' received her BA at Wilson Col- lege, MA from the University of Louisville and a Master's certifi- cate in Gerontology from USC. ileftl JIM MURRAY Associate Professor of Art A former Peace Corps volunteer, Jim graduated from Occidental College and the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. fabovel CYNTHIA HUGHES Secretary for Director of Business fabovel 1 CAROLYN NORRIS Reference Librarian iabovel JOAN BUSWELL Secretary, Resource Development labovel DAVID CARD ii i Cashier, Business Office I 4 ,gl -M' 'Nj- -rSvi"'t?::s s MARY LANE Admissions Counselor DR. BONNIE FORS-BURNS Assistant Professor of History Initially from Chicago, Dr. Fors-Burns received her Ph.D. at Loyola University and taught at Loyola and Western Illinois University before moving to San Francisco. Her next move was to MSMC. fphoto abovel GEORGE PRIEST Q Security Officer Q5 fabovej 31 .E Si four forty page -'N 'iff f.:- xx. 4 1 : v , gf , ,Q What's The Hap's On Campus At top left Sr. Teresita is trying out new fashions. At center left, MSMC students are relaxing on the weekend and making funny faces. At center right, Bookstore Tillie is amused at the weekend relaxers next to her. At left bottom of page Maria Enderle checks out scholarly advice from Carol Anderson. At right at bottom, Joan Buswell recreates the role of Mortissa. Photo above proves that two cones are better than one! At top mid Ellen Ambers practices mo- deling. gb. Q if Z! page forty-five 'E page forty six .sad v 1. - , V l' f 1. ' M i , A 'QQ If fl t - . Q T N - do 5 Q Y K 3 g . - K h XY , . iQVN sXxw I A ' ' .. h . V . .Mo--fi r X' I V , K X A X x .. 1 QQ. I . 5 Q gg V, Nl I N wx I 1 -, " r . Q unit. . ,WT f 'X X ' Z: k,,ix,-x,,-- A ...xl b vt X Isis , .X 3' ,. V--uf .. as' it -5 T' S ' '-4CDCr'O4'-'t"C Interterm '83 brought us Sr. Car- lotta di Lorenzo's course in OLI- VOLOGY. The course, held on the front lawn of the administration building, featured the black olive variety of the drupaceous fruit of the olea europaea family. Sister had her students ponder the ques- tion whether the olive really was a fruit, or perhaps a vegetable. Sr. Carlot- ta prepared herself to teach this course at the University of Sicily during a summer travel study. At top right, Maria D'Addario greases her fingers in olive oil as Sr. Carlotta and Diane Krummer gleefully look on. At mid right, Sister Jill Napier looks on in TOTAL disbelief. At bottom left, Alison and Linda Johnson enjoy study- ing the olives, but act rather strangely after eating them. At mid bottom, Boots Bower helps Sr. Car- lotta gather olives for class consumption. SHE SAID THEY WERE OLIVES! Z fwxfii Q . gk .-v A 4 iii The 're 3 C A u t Y Everywhere! r I "uw Top left: Cindy Pennig speaks words of wisdom with Dan Licht iregistrarl. At right, Sr. Teresita moves into com- edy. Mid right, Dr. Mabey is in serious discussion as Meryl in the middle hunts down an unautographed pur- chase order. At mid left, Joan Buswell plays hide and seek with Julie Brown fa favorite gamel. At lower left, we find that Mimi Simson has lost her class. At lower right, Dr. Brueck lec- tures a student in Victorian affairs. SBVCFI forty Page page forty eight And you think you have homework'??? 1 E Let's see, what were those visiting hours again? It's so much fun going over Dr. Delahantyhs contract! TGIF! Exam time already, We just got through the last one! SE: . n n Q - . .,' - u . ' ' I- . L I rbi? s d-55 rl' -TS flex L H: cyl. 1: o ' 4 Ha x , al -1 o -1 o '1 0 '1 O '1 I 6 -1 0 '1 I "1 I '1 I I 'i I 'i I 4 llnl f .4 .- :fi H 6 -. rig? S aim- ' Q nkgl' g 5 -QQ'-D D N a Q .9 . ' .I s ,, . .4 ' DEYANA AHMAD1 ' Business Manama, Bahrain MARIE AICHER Nursing Reseda, California ADRIENNE ALLISON Nursing Canyon County, California ANNA ALBERTONI Nursing Vallejo, California il? NN ENN A AKAN DU Health Service Administration Los Angeles, California ANDREA ANTHONY V Nursing Los Angeles, California RAYNETTE BACA San Pedro, California CARRIE LANG-BARON Business Culver City, California r' 1 BEL 4 s 1 IQ f N ff, ' .,. . - Q. , , 4, X I V A '41 GABRIELLE BAILEY Business - Los Angeles, California BARRIE BASS Nursing Calabasas, California SETA BALIKIAN Nursing Los Angeles, California ROSE BAUTISTA Political Science Kapaau, Hawaii omo,-Aqgg fw ' A X A5 , W W ,,. f XX -E LORETTA BOHN Nursing Canoga Park, California in ELLEN BONIN Nursing Huntington Beach, California SF X5 ' XXX? ' 555' . - .IZ X , t f giX:,,,X'X .Z X 'I 2 X Xa X N X XX X X QX X X Q X X X X X XNX N A XX' X grew 5 X Y X ls N 'fs X Xxxji N X X +42 XX XQX i X XXX X. N XX XX XX? X X5 X QXNX 1 WX X XX XXX X gg X' PX f X K if S XX AVXQW A NX X355 Sq NX XX X X XX Xw X gigg XXJQSQ P' .ey XSXQQ N 'ff N XNXX Q x V w XXQX XX X Q if X XXX XX QSXYKX N S XX X X K X Ne A if TERESA BUOYLE Los Angeles, California CATHY BONNER Business Los Angeles, California DONNA BOOKER KELLIE BUCKLEY Psychology Nursing San Jose, California Van Nuys, California CHRISTINA BURT Diversified Multiple Studies Sunland, California MARISA CARLINI Nursing Lawndale, California ROSE CALICCHIA Diversified Multiple Studies Redondo Beach, California CAROLA BUSSMANN EnglishfAmerican Studies Santa Monica, California A55 SANDRA CARLOS Business Alhambra California : tix A ' 2' ' 1 JUNE CHARTIER Nursing Los Angeles, California IMELDA CORPUZ Social Science Waipahu, Hawaii BARBARA CROUTCH Nursing Encino, California ELIZABETH COYNE Los Angeles, California COLLEEN CROWLEY English Northridge, California LESLIE CROSSON Nursing Fallbrook, California LINDA CRUZ Business Guam MARY CRUZ Business Guam EDITH CUBILLOS Business Los Angeles, California CATHERINE DICKERSON Nursing Upland, California GENEVIEVE DA ROZA Gerontology Yokohama, Japan PATRICIA ANN CZERNEK Nursing Thousand Oaks, California PAULA DNISTRAN Nursing Chatsworth, California J OLEEN DOMENICO Nursing Pacific Palisades, California HOLLY FARHANGI Los Angeles, California MICHELLE DREXELIUS Nursing Laguna Beach, California CLARA FELIZZOLA Nursing Los Angeles, California J EANINE DUCIN Nursing Reseda, California MARIA FERNANDEZ Nursing Cucamonga, California JUDY GAVEL Nursing Los Angeles, California LISA GRAYOT Nursing Tujunga, California LILLIAN GUTIERREZ BusinessfEnglish Alhambra, California ROYA HEYDARI Music Los Angeles, California LILLIAN HERNANDEZ RAMELLA ISSABEY HistorylPolitical Science Glendale, California Azusa, California CHERYL JOHNSON Nursing San Diego, California BRIDGET KENNEDY Religious Studies Los Angeles, California BETSY KIMBALL Nursing C Los Gatos, California LISA KIRCHEN Nursing Canoga Park, California NEDILJKA KOSOR Physical Therapy Van Nuys, California ANITA KOVACIC Biology! Biochemistry Manhattan Beach, California JEANNE KOZAK LISA LACSON Nursing Nursing V Santa Ana, California North Hollywood, California LISA ANNE KURTZ Nursing Los Angeles, California NATHALIE LAILLE Psychology W Van Nuys, California VELLA LAGAO SUSAN LAMBERT Inglewood, California Nursing Highland, California FRANCINE LARZALERE Physical Therapy Escondido, California TARA LASHLEY Biology Oxnard, California LUISA LOPEZ Nursing Los Angeles, California 3 S ' X wvqsi' REBECCA LINEL Nursing Santa Barbara, California STEPHANIE LITTLE VICTORIA LOPEZ Business NUl'SiHg i Los Angeles, California 0XI18fd, C2111f0fH1a COLLEEN LYONS Nursing Coronado, California SARAH MAGANA Business Torrance, California JANET MALONE' Nursing Coronado, California SILVIA MALDONADO Business Santa Barbara, California A J ORY MALIS LINDA MANN Nursing Music Redlands, California Whittier, California omg-Kqxgs Su be ,E 'N N: sr X Sv X X Cx N Xxx Xi N X535 N NX x x X S V5 5 NW' 'xx X X is Ng QQ X X my , Sus M X N9 'Xx X Rs X Y MARY MARTORI Nursing California City, California ANA MAZZI History! Business San Diego, California MARY MCBRIDE Nursing Tarazana, California PATTY MCGUIRE Nursing Orange, California LORRAINE MCCAFFERY MARYBETH MCKEON Playa Del Rey, California Nursing Arcadia, California MELANIE MCQUEEN Diversified Multiple Ojai, California ROSEANN MOROCCO " , V ,I A , '1 :fig QM 1. 4. ei, 3 all Q mfg ', fe Tk , ef ERLIN DA MEDINA Nursing San Diego, California VALERY NAKASHIMA Physical Therapy Los Angeles, California inf J EANNE MEYERS Nursing Fillmore, California EVA NICASIO Nursing Political Science Placentia, Calif0fI1i3 South Gate, California sixty-four VICKI OBRADORS Nursing Canoga Park, California GUADALUPE ONTIVEROS Nursing La Puente, California BRIGID O'FLAHERTY Diversified Multiple Studies Chatsworth, California MARTHA PAREDES Business Los Angeles, California X54 sh gg a live- X 5 Ss vi Mai? fgax N ww a s E A, ,1.T.. , In 'ff , A - - ' or ' 1 , ' X "i " ,J , N P A ' is W5 s i f 2. 5 tbn, as . , ,af f Q V Y X ' Q H J Y M- i Q , , X K' i E- fi N .. "V K ' X X' . if , fffx- fx' NL K , I 2 1' 1 .-Wm? O 'f X -4 , , no is -'fs w., X, gp cf , ' P N X Hs- X s 5 . , X. XS -1+ LAURA O'FLAHERTY Nursing Panorama City, California LISA PETERS Music La Mirada, California ,ly A-LISON POHLMAN San Dimas, California JANET RAMIREZ Nursing El Monte, California REN EE PRICHETT Nursing Cypress, California . , 9 Q Q N A Q 'fI.'T"x- 4 .W C. AMY RATHIKOUN San Diego, California -f i Q 'Kg-S . ,L i- . wa, Y xi 'Z A551 bi H- f 1 , . i I' MARGUERITE PRIOR Physical TherapyfGerontology Palo Alto, California KAREN REAVIS Nursing San Diego, California sixty-five MICHELE REMILY Nursing Hemet, California SOPHIA RISORTO Physical Therapy Culver City, California CATHY SANDOVAL Nursing Moorpark, California EILEEN SCHANTZ Nursing Burbank, California TERRY RODRIGUEZ Nursing Lynwood, California KAREN SCHWARTZBURG Physical Therapy Rancho Palos Verdes, California CARRIE SCOTT JULIA SHERMAN Biochemistry Nursin Barstow, California S Van Nuys, California MARY LORENZ SHAPIRO Northridge, California al' 0 CY' EILEEN STEWART Business Ridgecrest, California ,P ,v 4,4 vi. ,- -f V Jr ' . lx: V HELENE SILVERMAN ROBIN SU Individualized Studies Biology Newhall, California Claremont, California 1q3ia-Kqxgs X 4 ii lf' s 2-N x ww , fx :E 1 X 2 aw Q 8 X X x XS 3 S X S x N N Q X X as ggixx X 'A X X Q, Mi S 'M 1 ie X , X 3 4 - . x ' T' X X 9 Q xi QM X K X Y GABRIELLE TABELLARIO Nursing Rolling Hills Estates, California 51 ' N ' , L. r F . Q in 4. wg, of X xx hx s Q W, ff A ,N X s X as X X Xxos my ks' X X 'X X s M5 N s VN ,XX RQ x , Nas , U fx :Ns XX X wx S 9 3 va xxx' f XX X 553 if ,SEK X of ESQ X xx wkgw f X V X WX X S X 5, 5 S X Wx P Yi an , X X is lxv f rr' N N , A fs Q' X f Nursing Lancaster, California NGOZI UGWU Business Los Angeles, California r W i ' A ' ,: s Q N NN was N X ww X X X wrgn' ,gs kxfkf is ww' my xx Ee x EYQXK Q Q sg RM Fisfs ns x Wx X we Q wk AQ? NF BSC? fb, X I f Nix X xv, R' sv N ' A Niiflfg'2Iw1 HP 'X X YQ N as N Egifts is Q X fx ' X i X s , X wlx X X t fr N YQ, X N X Q ,X f s X WN X Ax 33 Sgxs X ,X x A X 'K LOURDES TOMELDEN Los x XX NX f' v Psychology Angeles, California WW X X xx x r x C K Nike as N xigix X 2 x 5, H T ' I - ' A . ' . ' ,. ,Tm-M , iss? is X 6. " ,, ,sg wr, ., L, RENE TURNER DEBORAH ULREY Physical Therapy Physical Therapy L t C lifomia Downey, California HIICHS Cf, 8 . Q Gm 33,3 kk Gt Q, fir N, ,Saw rw fa Sf? f 3 Q if ' or X 1 if V ,V a 2' R- ifw, tif, asf 1-is-' i tx S , -. ." THERESA VANDERPAS , MICHELE WEST Nursing f Physical Therapy I San Pedro, California ' Tarzana, California I LAURA VANETEK Nursing Los Angeles, California ' , I2 A srfis aa iar . , I J CHRISTINE YEE English ' ' Los Angeles, California MARY WILLIAMS EILEEN YERICK English Nursing Seattle, Washington Santa Ana, California Prague Hall page seventy PRAGUE HALL, one of the residence halls at the Doheny campus of Mount St. Mary's was given to the Sisters of St. Joseph as a convent in the early 1950's by Countess Estelle Doheny. Today, while serving as a dining and residence facility for Doheny Campus students, the house remains to be enjoyed by students and friends. On Halloween, the basement, with its catacomb-like structure, is used for a spooky atmosphere. ww.-aan-w ?,,,,w V- - ai.-. 4... 'Q F l 'i vu "1 1 n-I-74 273 More Scene rom mg The Mount I 1 I ,5- 53,3 K an-.., y one page even A , 4 'wig' :."-z.':::3g- H . .Q "rr .a,, Q. Q I' o ' Q 1 QW -.ID I ofa' . Q. 'Q 3' , -o-u. f 5 . I I i ll '-+25 - ., 1' 'Pl' --9' f .ff '- ' 3-is ' Q, ' Q I wo. Q n , . ' 1 - ..- mykgp gd A C x -'vw .nu N Only . . U-1 :1-"- S .fn its 'S O -' ' 4 "bn .Q o . al 'Y". -- 3- . - . ' -..-'---- --. :NL Jw '. - 508' o D is-1' ,, an bbc! . .W V- .. I-. 3.2 lq - - -.. ---. ""'SP H -l 1-.1 . . - -41' r A ' I9 3 . U '. l . - ' "f,. . Q .A an gi . ' ' A 63... if i '-'sq' Q "L 'Hb if . - hy- o , 6 . Jo.. . ns. -. ,,-, sn D' - . . I. 4-i..lulQ 4. Q, - . fm -Q wtf, ,g : ral: lt! Q , 30, 5' ' - 4 o Li: 4 . .Q . , g I 1 1 . R t' . Y, ...f l . . -. .. - . -I. Q .. i h - - ---- ' ' 0. . Q - . -n as... . , F'-1 4 ' ."" Q no-Q Q . - -: eq. U - .iz . . . 1' 'A' lb' , B' P' . ., 9- ... Q ro gn z I f 2: 1 ' Q .- 1 - 00:00, -, 5 nQ E54 soul W 4, 'Q Q "Ns:-: " ' 4 'Q-Q . . l K X10 1 four page seventy ,ll ' LQ -.A. If I5 lr N .-X 1 If-hui, , l ' F in ' im,fi H .Q can if z Y r f' F, 1 l all lei' ff 'Aljf .wh ii' A :H tyf, . '-.gli- 31 --" , L . .i V .FY - '- ', Y .- 1 1 "PV, All H754 .. .aa nf ' FIRST FLOOR: Cl-rl Back Row: Grace Moceri, Elaine Woodard, Kathy Bush, Jackie Kratky, Lisa Gigliotti, Colleen Neglia, Charlotte Kim, Alice Johnson. Third Row: Kathy Carnahan, Denise O'Neal, Norinda Navarro, Ann Stehly, Mary Kershisnik, Diana G. Castro, Yolanda Buenafe, Shelley Redlew. Second Row: Teresa Schreeder, Pippa. Jensen, Leah Barton, Linda Johnson, Lorena Aguilar,'Lorraine Tynan. Front Row: Peggy Ryan, Maureen White, Sabrina Motlev. Marla Fidler. Margot Grant, Janet Hunt. ' , SECOND FLOOR: Cl-rl Back Row: Jennifer Touye, Lynette Dahlman, Mary Bortle, Karen Lariviere, Debbie Kershis- nik, Janet Crawford, Sonia Arteaga. Third Row: Linda L. Mann, Beth Chapman, Katie Beener, Kathy Stanley, Mary Williams, Noemi Lopez, Ruth Woolworth. Second Row: Stacie Bretano, Donna Gonzalez, Ana Patricia Sandino, Martha A. Sandino, Ronnie O'Connell. Front Row: Deborah Freiman, Anita Kovacic. THIRD FLOOR: Cl-rl Back Row: Mary Pat Kennedy, Eileen Baca, Manuela Alvarez, Nathalie Laille, Roseann Morocco, Desiree Garcia. Front Row: Rochelle Gentiie, Jeanette McDonald, Eileen Schantz, Ann Holverson, Joanie Jacobson. page seventy five A ': 'Zz' .- .. ,,-f'.erg-'- ', 2 , f "1 " if j Z . gi iii I -.- 2 .1 .SQ J mil-Ili QQ ig . FIRST FLOGR: il-rl Back Row: Rose Bautista, Ana Figueroa, Jeanine Ducin, Eileen Yerick. Middle Row: Jill Jacob, Meg Stadler, Sue Lambert, Tami Cates. Front Row: Suzanne Hecht, Juanita E. Trejo, Ruby Rato. ' SECOND FLOOR: fl-rl Back Row: Leslie Taylor, Tami Simpson, Amy Ryan, Kathy Rollins, Cheryl Johnson. Fifth Row: Miranda C. Russell, Janice Ledgerwood, Leslie Vielenga, Cynthia Jones, Jeanine Juge, Lisa Grayot, Kim Lomasney, Mary Theis. Fourth Row: Christine Uli, Jennifer Harris, Lillian Gutierrez. Third Row: Rita Lazalde, Terry Vandepas, Rosa Jimenez, In-Myung Cho, Anthea Ip. Second Row: Karen Chapman, Kathy Russo, Barrie Bass, Irish Africano, Donna R. Booker. Front Row: Ainsley Elliot. THIRD FLOOR: fl-rl Back Row: Colleen McDonald, Sr. Marilyn Louise, Marla Richman, Michelle Drexelius, Suzanne Currier, Valerie Jennings, Fourth Row: Kim Barbee, Maryanne Sawoski, Horalia Villanueva, Dana Dabov. Third Row: Bertha Diaz, Sandra Cervantes, Lydia Lourito, Millie DeLa Rosa, Virginia Bauer. Second Row: Tanja Studenroth, Sergia Martinez, Elizabeth White, Terry Rodriguez, Justina Liu, Rosalie Abad. Front Row: Laura DiFusco, Ceotembre Anthonv. page seventy seven elght page seventy FOURTH FLOOR: Cl-rl Back Row: Susan Cochran, Maria McMahon, Mary Riddle, Dilcie Paschall, Mary Cruz, Tiva Kruse. Fourth Row: Pam Robin, Linda Hood, Sharon Humphreys, Kay Erdwinn, Lenor Ramirez. Third Row: Paula Marie Stacek, Rebecca Lind, Genevieve da Roza, Madelyn Jai McQueen, Edeanne Link. Second Row: Meg Meehan, Sandy Chmelka, Melissa Ayala, Cindy Moga, Barbara Callens. Front Row: Edwiges Gediman, Nancy'La Mear, Linda Cruz, Fatima Akilu. FIFTH FLOOR: fl-rl Back Row: Denise Baumgartner, Arlene Low, Carla Ruiz, Lupe Ontiveros, Judy d'Entrement, Imelda Hunkin. Fourth Row: Lisa Ann Joe, Marcine Sankey, Christina Jurado, Maria Enderle, Katie Odou, Lillian Calderon. Third Row: Lolly Ruiz, Sandra Carlos, Sandra Dominquez, Kaye Grismore, Kellie Buckley. Second Row: Maria Puga, Lisa Welton, Gabby Tabellerio, Joanne Kelly, Emelyn Arguells. Front Row: Debra L. Cobos, Sr. Teresita, Gilma Chang. Mobile Homes f Ard- -1 Representing the Mobile Home units for 1982-83 are the following students from left to rightg Ruby Rato, Juanita Trejo, Patricia Pexiot and Suzanne Hecht. Members of the apartment complex, another area of temporary housing like the Mobile Homes are: Mary Flynn, Tara Lashley, Melanie McQueen and Mari Anne Schiller. E519 I e Apartments Ile page seventy ni page eighty fabovel Ana Coyne relaxes after a grueling class. fbelowb an example of what overcrowding in dorms creates. Uli and Elliott pose above What Is Living At The Anita Kovich smiles Cleft! and even Teddy has to get the Sociology read. Mount Like? '92 9 VA,M W' nf '35 X IS . U ', Y, J: S ' S4 -qt .1 I "f .:,9g",w , 1 J ' '.x.', Wifi? 'NH 1. rg., '14 7, . 'fx'-I ' "' ...I ,wx Q Ax, gt ,.Fi,Qt" A 'Y .s I gk 1 ,I ,Z .3 3.0 54, gifs- JF V Y .gf . 1 . 4 C' w,--rv X . f I9 L xl 'Q- 1 1 x 5 . Q , In f"'l ,fa 1 bl ,. , we-5, flu .qw- In l' 'M 1 ffflp' . aw 8 -- A L as.-1 lj: If" ". f'-1 7 A' . L 1 K' L-,, "Hs- K .. Lf.: 5, . I-.. ti-gt s""? X-.wlx gf , ' , -,,,. . X A , 'Z ' Q, W K, , r Y Q ., 2 s QQ 3 Q Q ,-,, 3' , . s ff, N Associated tudent Bod ' '83 , 'ln , , ,. ,, I ff! Mx. f ff f Mary Williams President 0 M It'sreallyhardtoputawholeyearintoalittletinyspacelikethis whenwedidsomuchandthere'ssomuchtotellbutlguessl havetotrybecauseIsaidlwould. ASBisarea1lyfunthingand wegottodoalotofstuffweneverthoughtwecouldbeforeand sometimeswegottiredofitallandwentoutforpizza. But wehadsomegoodtimesandlguessthemainthingisthatweall 1ivedthroughitandnobodydiedoranythingandSr. Carlottawasnicetoworkwithtoo. Thankyoutoeverybody whohelpedusandwehopeyouhadagoodyearandenjoyedy ourselves. Isthatenoughnow? A.S.B. Officers l Kathy Hardin Vice President 'QW Marie Alegria Secretary vudlfxi, , Mary Peterson Treasurer eighty-three :nog-AJ,q3ga Standing Committee Chairpersons Lenor Ramirez and Maria Enderle AcademicfCultural RUBIN RONNIE YUNNIE -, Q , Q , 9',,.tg?37? i ROBIN Ronnie O'Connell and Robin Brown Campus Ministry Jacqueline Henry and Darolyn Davis Commuter Student Representatives If :N we . Deborah Freimann and Anita Kovacic Public Relations Gilma Chang and Imelda Hunkin Recreation Donna Gonzalez Resident President eighty-five xgs-Kqqiga Leah Barton and Carla Ruiz Service Mary Bottle and Debbie Kershisnik Social Q i Melanie McQueen and Suzanne Weber Student Life Policy Board Leader hip Conference - ,f- ...,ffff:. fff-az - A., I Q '. I. .0-141.-.. ...assi I ,. . - I ' " . . iqygf. 4. -. ,vu nf' f' - f' Q wsbf-H40 1-N P tw ""'BI-in-,, K The annual LEADERSHIP conference for the Woman's Leadership Program was held again at the UCLA conference Center at Lake Arrowhead on Feb. 19 and 20, 1983. The program, which began in 1974, is directed by Dr. Mabey. In the top photo Lenor Ramriez and Maria Enderle pose for the camera. At bottom, in the top row from Left to Right are: Stephanie Little, Jeannie Kozac, Mary Williams, Terry Vandepas and Dr. Cheryl Mabey. In front row, Cl to rj: Rose Calicchia, Lillian Hernandez, Beth Coyne, Eva Nicasio and Tara Lashley. P - page eighty seven +-1 .-C EP QP eighty Page it We Q .YNY Q Q Top: Maria Enderle. Top left: Mr. Kevin Berntson. Mid: Janet 19 3 earbook Hunt. y v , . 1 . 5 ,f af , ,.- , ,MI Q t,,, I AW W? ,ff , A Q W, Z. ,. ,- ,. , gy . . , ..,,, , , Wy, . ,if ,. ,, . A , Q, -2 4. - - . J - Ji ' .1 ff , " 1 J:-V., .W , !Z,,,.fw gi. af ' , ' A xi X W 1 g g ,luv ,. LV 3 3 K- .af fir- . , ' 5 . -. 9' 1 'af "' , 4. ' ff ,.,.f' I ,Q I 4 M '. . 4.14 .A ' 4 rgllilafg, 4.4 "" r i . tiff' 5 . 'Liza X '51, H v - Q X 1 Y- W v- .1 V 1 ' " - 1 ' - -W. M! A Q. fgigi- 1 WW' F .J 1983 YEARBOOK STAFF: Instructor, Advi- sor and Writer, Mr. Kevin Berntsong Coordinat- ing Editor, Dan Moreno, Features, Lenor Ra- mirezg Activities, Maria Enderle and Mary Cruzg Candids and Opening, Janet Hunt and Photogra- phy, Cindy Barreda. Business Management was handled by Mary Cruz. taff The 1982-83 Yearbook staff began work soon after school began in September of '82. Initial preparations were made during the sum- mer months as Michael Katakis turned over the advisory role to Kevin Berntson. Dan Moreno, the coordinating editor of the book met with Mr. Berntson to begin recruiting staff members for the book. The staff quickly materialized and met regularly to plan out the ideas for the book and to decide what the book should cover. A first for the Yearbook staff this year is that they receive one unit of credit from the College for work on the book in a course entitled Workshop in Publications. During the year, the staff was suc- cessful in meeting all of its deadlines. This is a task that is seldom accomplished in most institutions. lnterterm provided more time to devote to work on the book, but then most of the staff was off campus, so production was difficult. Even more difficult than usual because there were two deadlines in January. We did, however, survive. Meeting the deadlines is always a challenge and are pres- sureful periods. However, with the help of good pizza and music on hand the staff forged ahead. The book was organized this year into various responsibilities. Dan Moreno acted as coordinating editor and was responsible for maintenance of spirit among the group as well as for working on the advertising section and getting the finished copy to the publishing plant. Romi Suzuki was in charge of the people section. Janet Hunt coordinated the opening section and several of the candids pages. Mary Cruz and Maria Enderle rescued the staff during rush periods by preparing a number of pages dealing with activitiesland features. Lenor Ramirez worked on organizations. Cynthia Barreda helped us with photography. Mr. Berntson filled in the gaps when the staff needed assistance. Lenor Ramirez .W Mary Cruz N 4 '15 Daniel Moreno with Ellen Chambers and their pet Christ- mas tree. Romi Suzuki Ga fi ff! Qpw-A Aa HFS an Cf X, fs a t l as 46:5 silly? 1 5 4" s ,. ,5- 'Y nv-A A - , , J s I la in Q of Q s emones Cf Tune ,Q 7 ff - 4 Q Q 41 ww ' RWE' ' mfg fy' 4, nn.-7 my 16 IA ,, ff .f is nga ' W 41' 15 1980-' 1 Q -l Vs -xi 1 'K' P--u id, page mnety one R X W. L .X wa EQ Q in 1981-8 page ninety two .4giuwzww,,,,,,,,, 'gh-.. A ,J ur I 3 - fad' 1982-83 F ,-.r xx wi x. Q 18.7-r ' 1 r t :f-'x 4 . 4 -Al fee th ninety page ay The faces of the Mount, it high on the hill, bring Faces Of YW' I -ul ..,, A signs of happiness in every walk of student life. At top right Mary Cruz is busy at work in the bookstore. Be- low mid Frank Kouri marches to his final class. At bottom right Donna Daley takes a break from her word processor and Sr. Mary William's writing assignments to blow out funny candles on her carob birthday cake. At bottom left Maria Enderle finds time to cheerfully fold weeks and weeks of clean laundry. At mid left, Lillian Gutierrez finally sits down to do a paper, well, sort of-, at center Madeleine McQueen relaxes after her commute. The ount a Ms? ts.. VN: -il sig, 3 six page ninety -QS?-g' Lorl Schuler takes a moment to llsten to Fr Delaney s Irlsh humor lu 5 L MUSQQDEPAKTMENT 5 Oh SH' or Scenes From The Ins1de me Kevln Berntson rejolces after com pletmg work on the yearbook fbelow hrm ff, 50 W -Q-I Jane Wyman graces the Mount wlth her presence as fllmlflg' of Falcon s Crest takes place Laura Jlnes ln the Busmess Of flC6 IS helplng a student 0 b "ref L1 W s .iv we , - . ' - ' -fe we or . l ' c ' J. . . ' gr ,,, . , . . 'ffl 5 r ' I l L I I -v X 1 , y g X l x -I 6' l V ! G 1 A r elr f or . . . W 'lll ' 5 2 ' 1 H c E ' v ' v 2 A . ' Q Q H' H' E . Black Stud nt's Union The BSU intentions are to develop suc- cessful relationships with other organiza- tions with many of the same goals. Along with social events, their presentation of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a needed and fascinating activity. The BSU is extremely proud of Dr. King's works and they're hap- py to share the heritage with others. During the academic year 1982-83, The BLACK STUDENT UNION was respon- sible for putting together the following ac- tivities: BSU Gospel Choir, an Introduction to Black History on campus and Black His- tory Week. Black Student Union members from left to right: Shelli Weeks, Miranda Russell, Donna Book- er, Cynthia Jones, Dilsie Pas- chall, DeNeane Russell, Made- lyn McQueen, and Amelia Tucker. ? :N-.:K-vzt.. page ninety seven page ninety eight Lambda Lota Tau International Honor Society . Y A xgeffikv' ff A f 5 5 w ta G z x fz kf- a' ,A i '2'f N Members of the Chapter of Lambda Lota Tau at Mount Saint Mary's College this year were: Mary Williams, Carola Bussman, Sister Mary Williams, CSJ fModeratorJ, Debbie Alvarez and Christine Yee. Health Advocates u 'S The HEALTH ADVOCATES are an organization on campus who are concerned with the physical and mental well being with all the members of our community. They sponsor a number of projects throughout the school year that remind us and teach us how to care for ourselves. Members in photo are: Peggy Ryan, Kim Nguyen, Tara Lashley, Lisa Kirchen, Lisa Gigliotti, Marissa Fuller and Ann Albertoni. Advisor is Lisa Chang. Si-I P Theta vi N .al PI THETA MU, whlch IS a servlce sororlty IS composed of students at Mount St Mary s who malntaln a generous spxrlt of helpmg out ln areas where servlce IS needed P1 Theta Mu IS seen often as the hostess body of many an occaslon of festlvlty Members are Paula Stacek President Norlnda Navarro VP Kathy Carnahan Secretary Hlstorlan Jackle Meulenkamp Team Leader Colleen McDonald Team Leader Robln Brown Patrlcla Cruz Heldy Folker Asela Llzama ROHDIG OConnell Patrlcla Pexlot Ruby Rato Sablna Sabedra Gayle Sakaguchl Fermma Velasco Leslle Wlelenga Marla Enderle Katy Gllmartln Jean Hong Kelly Lang Justma L1u Kathleen Maloney Jane Palommo Lenor Ramlrez Ann Robl Carla Rulz Mlranda Russell and Elalne Woodard Slster Patrlcla Mary Dugan CSJ IS the moderatorfadvlsor Slster IS seen above at rlght 4 5 1. 4 F If , 1 , . l f l Q 1 K i , 1 'wr , , " " 5 BH ' I 1 P - L, I . V -. Y, --rr . -i ,. ' It 51 11' 'C ,- A ' - g Q .A -1, . '-5 1-er: 3 ,. , .. . . -.1 ' . . J -,K .I . . A ,V - 5, , s-. A.. l A - Q It fi 4- VX., 5 . " fl' .K - .. ' " ' ' Z'--Tv. 'N '1 . 'f Ji ' . 1 'f 7' i. 5:1 aah N,.:. . Aa .I Q , 153 an H ft 'lf qv 'Hi "' " ' . ,A - 'g Yr, 'x' v, v' f - ','. vw- lv V-1 wr- - Aft -' - x . 'ff ' I fx ' Q- 'I' -"' f - 1-7 '71 . J ' 'i J' .rj Q "' ' Fir " 'L f, 0 Q 'I f , . na 'p ., x . , 1 . . R, 1 H im X v . ' H 4 , 5, ' lv C 7 N' 'V 'lm r is QQ 4, A A bv Q . 1 , Q . X. 5, 3 A - X lx ' . K b Q 4 . E - 1 ' Z 1 1 1 9 s ' Y 3 7 7 Y 7 9 Y 7 f 9 7 ! Y ! 7 7 7 Y Y 9 7 7 Y ! 7 Y ' , . . 'O 0 I-1 'U CI page one hu KAPPA DELTA CHI lS a soclal sororlty that offers a woman opportunltles for frlendshlp soclal and recreatlonal act1v1t1es and partlclpatlon ln communlty servlce projects A Kappa experlence also helps develop leadershlp skllls ln 1tS members The Kappa s are a slsterhood that blossoms from the close assoclatlon of 1tS members Kappa Delta Chl IS the oldest sororlty on campus Th1S academlc year IS the flfty second annlversary of Kappas at the Mount , . . . . Lgxx H.. ,,...---- fg. Q: .bb 755, f 'jf f ffxk' R ,. 1: A Alf-.,'l, fxf 17, 11.1,- ff iff ,xxx ,JCI f ,gf . 1' I Left to rlght LISH Klrchen, Rohm S0 Mary KlfShlSH1k, Sandy Che melka Debble KlIShlHlk Karen Larlvlere, Colleen Neglla, Mlchelle Thoemmes, Allson Lynch page one hundred one A' 51-J X 11, If v 5 . l Q 'Nw A go 'wg 'f I ., 2. ,,. , -ff- 1-,af Q5 Z. + L I , . ' ,.:-Q fai- x il Q lyg. X I 'S xx, 5 of M A, N- A, ' " ll, ,f 'X ,af X x. . , 1g.,jM"" - w Q xg W wgaunf CN T O5 IF4 -4 114 CU nts S6 Pre Ru CU CES LE rm Magana, Pledge Mistress, Nidia Silva, Sandra Carlos, Secretary, Lillian Herrate, Mary Peterson, Lolly Ruiz, Letty Rodriguez, Judy D'Entrernont, Editor, Gabby Gonzales, Treasurer. Front: Naomi Lopez, Mary Rosenthal, Anna Hernandez and Shelly Ross. M E9 ,, . tn.. A it x ' 49 ' 1 A -In . I 4 V f b-.el Q hd' 1- Q ,w:' ik , Q' ' if JN www' page one hundred ife I L.A Life in LA brings so many varieties of living styles and activities that it would be impossible to start to list them all. Music and art abound as does a fairly casual life pace. The weather, of course, is splendid! The rains come occasionally in mid winter, but even then blue skies and temperatures in the 80's are not uncommon. Even though the summer and fall bring smog and very warm days, evening all year remain cool and comfort- able. It certainly is an outdoor lifestyle. or a.. x, ff- ,VVWW ,V ' M99 9 V? . 9 9 .1 9 v Q, ?"!'3::!3!3'3d5 .Al-ug.. -4.1 ww ., g- ' i E Of course, LA is famous for Hollywood, Disneyland, the recording industry and it's weather. Other facets of it's character bring us the freeways, traffic, beaches, flowers all the time and hilly terrain in many parts of the second largest city in the USA. Photos on these pages depict this character from art galleries to beaches, to homes on hills to flowers in bloom at various times of the year. 41.- 0 P page one nun-.9- lpha " Sigma hi E ALPHA SIGMA CHI, X founded Feb. 10, 1982 is a Christian, Social and Ser- vice Sorority at Mount St. Mary's College. Its mem- bers are: Juanita Trejo, Terry Vandepas, Martha Burgos, Janet Lindbaugh, Gini Bauer, Lillian Gutierrez, Emelyn Arguelles, Maryanne Saworski, Ruby Rado, Carla Ruiz, Paula Le Noir, Marianne Schiller, Elaine Woo- dard, Mary Martori, Janice Ledgerwood, Amy Ryan, kathleen Stanley, Maria Enderle, Lenor Ramirez and Ronnie O'Connell. Not pictured are: Ellen Ambers, Ceptembre Anthony, Kim Barbee, Laura Cunningham, Dana Dabov, Millie De La Rosa, Lisa Lacson, Colleen McDonald, Roselyn McFarland, maria McMahon, Miranda Russell, Gayle Sakaguchi, Jennifer Stead, Linda Vega, Leslie Wielenga, Mary Williams and Rita Wool- worth. In the middle photo we see Sr. Teresita, CSJ, moderator and Laura Cunningham. At bottom photo left are members: Martha Sandino, Emelyn Arguelles and Lisa Lacson. At right we see Dana Dabov, Janet Linebaugh and Millie De La Rosa with Alpha Sigma Chi mascot George Bernard. N X . rx! , I K, 'x X 1 Xxx ,.. I , I .xl A . , 1 btw' lr ,Ra-5+-x ' W ini 33, In top left photo Kim Barbee, Mary Martoni and Linda Vega recruit for Alpha Sigma Chi. In mid left Sandra Cervantes, Leslie Wielenga, Miranda Russell and Paula Le Noir show off. At lower left we see Amy Ryan, Kathleen Stan- ley, Paula Le Noir and Mary Williams. At top right, Lillian Gutierrez, President of Alpha Sigma Chi reveals a hidden smile and at bot- tom right, Amy Ryan and Laura Cunningham play house? . 'silt 17 :.'w'w v 4 ,Q ... , gfifwyfofg u Qi ' jzQ1Q.:'ji I Q,-1 C to if ode atlons Under the direction of Mr. Jack Ruebensaal the MODEL UNITED NATIONS prepares an nually for their trek to New York to participate in the M.U.N made up of college students from all over the country. In the spring of 1983, the team from Mount St. Mary's CML Ruebensaal, Beth Coyne, Suzanne Weber, Tammy Simpson, Lenor Ramirez, Eva Nicasio, Rita Lazalde, Mary Pat Kennedy, Nidia Sylva, Martha Paredes, Jackie Henryj will represent the country of Jamaica in their efforts. 1 United 1 7 Ecole Francaus L'ECOLE FRANCAIS was held this year to give French students from the College a chance to bring their French speaking experiences to life. Young students from local grammar schools were allowed the chance to start early in learning a foreign language. Sr. Eloise Therese and Dr. Walker were the sponsors of the pro- gram. .gi -rr Qt, 0 BD as D- ten page one hundred The International Students Or ganization was guided by Lenor Ramirez as president during the 1982-83 academic year. The organi- zation which sponsors activities to promote cultural understanding is advised by Dr. Bonnie Fors-Burns. International Students rganization -.HM rea gg... SQA 7, WML V' y " M T-, A. Various scenes on this page show members of the I S O at play tossing wa terballoons having a tug of war and boppmg for ap p es Sister baron Baker A-1? 1' u me-'H' I ,ww i Q , Sister Sharon Baker originally from Fresno Ca received her B S in Biology with a minor in history here at the Mount on June 14 1961 Since then she has taught at practically every level of education from grade school to Jr high school and then to the Mount Satisfied by her work in education Sr Sharon spends much time in helping students through their rough times in academia. Sister started the Learning Assistance Center three years ago and has been it s director since that time. One of Sis- ter s past times has been making the Mount and the Center a homey environment. We applaude Sister Sharon s work in giving assistance to stu- dents who occasionally find academic work to be a strain. In our thanks we dedicate the 1983 year- book to Sister Sharon. In Dedication To page one hundred eleven Wlnter storms brought to Mount St Marys usually bad situations In De cember phones heating and hght were not ava1lable for several days in the dorms and in most of the classrooms Remember try ing to write term papers at the end of the flrst semester wlthout electrlclty for the electric typewrltersl Brent wood was hit hard most of LA was even Doheny was experlenclng the same Several series of big storms hit durmg the year Trees came down ion cars and bulldlngsb Garbage was all over and as scenes on the page 1nd1cate the tennis courts felt their share of the wind M1ke Soto IS seen here trymg to flx everything up again WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS TRY FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS A Wlnter s Tale Of Mount St Mary s 82-83 difficulties . . . no power. 1 ' 9 I I fm- M- 9 Y , 3 i li 3 fi At top left: Student,s in Anatomy are giving out some funny smiles! At right, Grandma Gwen seriously coun- sels Maria. At mid left, the ISO students have a little wet fun. At right, Grandma Gwen Leake and Marcine Sankey entertain the mobs. At bottom left, Kim Nygen and Gilma Chang pass out some tasty punch and at the right, Nidia tries to hide behind the books in the book- store. ,A F A fax, ist I his ,sz , THE YEAR Will one remember what was going on during the 82-83 academic year? With all the time and work put into being a student, working part-time to raise tuition money, and simply living the collegiate lifestyle, it may not be difficult to miss the events of our world as they quickly happen. Perhaps we have to stop ourselves and concentrate on being aware of the world as it passes by us. There are times, however, when caught up in academe, that we would rather philosophize and solve the deeper questions of our existance. For many, it seems, 82-83 brought the direction of enjoying searching the questions of living, without the burdens of troubling over the major events of the world. What did happen since the last official annual journal of Mount St. Mary's College was published. One might say that the year had been an even-tempered year. Let's look at the year and try to weigh it. Gas prices dropped to '78 prices, E.T. went home. Britian bore a new king, and retained an island in the Atlantic. We experienced the highest rate of unemployment, a Reagan was out looking for a job. TIME magazine's man of the year was the Personal Home Computer, the artificial heart continued to flutter. Our hearts went out to Tootsie and Ghandi. The Democrats came out in numbers, a few Republicans came out too. Pearl Harbor was 41 years ago, the Catholic Bishops began to favor nuclear disarmament. Rock-a-billy was revived as the Stray Cats hit number one, THE WHO said it was their last. The San Fernando Valley made the map QTotally!J Monday night was freed of football and if you got a headache, you had to be careful what you took for it. The most eventful year it was not. We should be fortunate though, the year did not bring earth shattering news. It did bring us the golden opportunity to continue to search and grow in our X lives without major interruption. Now we look for- The Editorial Staff ward to 1983-84 with hope, dreams and ambitions. 1982-1983 MSMC Yearbook Our values of PEACE and understanding among ourselves will continue to guide our lives. May the great news of the new year be that these values deepen and expand in the hearts and minds of our society. Jump Rope For Heart On January 19, 1983, ASB sponsored one of it's healthiest activities of the year. JUMP ROPE FOR HEART was orga- nized by the incredible team of Gilma Chang and Imelda Hunkin. Held on the storm torn tennis courts in the encourag- ing atmosphere of aerobic dance music, two teams of ten jumped to their hearts content! In photos, at top Emelyn Arquellos watches as Lillian Hernandez jumps rope from a typical facile position. av ' 6 Mid left, Diana Castro gets into the spirit while at right Ana Sandino decides that she'd rather roll. At lower left, Horalia Villaneuva is caught reading up on how to jump rope before it's her turn. At lower right, Ana Sadino decides to stop rolling and start jumping while her team mates and clockwatcher Gilma Chang egg her on. K I ! fp .. l Q . " 1 , ,-., i--' fifteen page one hundred N ' x A View Of Mount St. Mary's Chalon Campus Mt St Marys College if Familiar sights for the commuters who daily make the trek to the Mount. If some aren't careful, Chips will be on their tail las they and LAPD sometimes hide out on Bundy andfor Barringtonj as above. Then there is the long walk from where parking can usually be found. But usually relief is found in the Campus Center where friends meet and smiles are shared. Il C. as cu 4-7 -Ca' .EP cu page one hundred Af..-:vi ,Q , j --eau. 0 -' e x 1., wqwym . ,M wks WARNING ALL P RKING AND TRAFFIC LAWS STRICTLY NFORC D INCLUDING TOWING ALL VEHICLES M T HAVE.-PARKING DECALS OR VISITUR PERMIT LW 1, Mq,,,4A' ' At Daybreak. . . They Appear! The brave ones, THE COMMUTERS, are the students that must quarrel day after day with the freeways of LA. They are the ones that must keep their cars out of sight of George Priest iwriting a ticket in mid right photol. These are the people who keep the campus center spirited and lively during the daylight hours. Good luck on your ride home tonight and may the roads be clear! , sz, 1. gtk Mount December 1982 - Volume I Number l Los Angeles, Califomia St.Ma1y's College Magazine 'Q After a of years of conslder he this academic the College. Kevin Bernt- SPRING SING, a tradition at the Mount, was held in mid April in '83. Featured among the acts this year were at left Patti Cribbs and at mid right, Rosa Jiminez and Marlo Richman. At top left, Dan Mor- eno plays jester to entertain the participants of Spring Sing while they rehearsed. pring At the top, Emelyn Arguelles and Kathy Hardin in a skit and in the photos above and below we see Stephanie Uli, Brook Sheridan, Karen Chapman, Jeannine Juge and Laura Armstrong. page one hundred twenty two Interterm 83 if v f 'CX' V-3 zf . srf1,SXv-ying:-Xsf. Mm , SWZMQ fw f ,Sean NvNxN-Mm., xxffvkxs-,F7ifQ , , we . fe.-xy. we 4, Mfr, Z, .vw Q,wscfywff..fW4,-WQSN -,gwy..1gz2q,.,f, Q x X w w 'QQ f .A Q gel fx. ,m ,fwm 9 1- , -. f,-x Y, f 'Q Wm x , VY' W m, , "Lf "1 .gy .X - M f3XqA "' 4 ' C ,' , '-, 5, -3 x T ii. .inf 'Y N' f Ne 'f A The Interterm session at Mount St. Mary's is designed to provide a unique educational experience for both students and faculty as well as making use of more off campus facilities and opportunities for enrichment. During the month of January, students ordinarily concentrate on a single course of two to four units. Opportunities are available for students to participate in exchanges at other colleges offering Interterm sessions fthe 4-1-4 calendarl. Courses that were offered during January '83 included: A travel course to the British Isles with Sr. Mary Williamsg a Literature and Science study conducted by Fr. George O'Brieng a study of the Comic Spirit offered by Dr. Brueckg Plays and Politics by Dr. Delahanty and the Arts in L.A. by Sr. Teresita. Ay J 1' z9"1'1 """t"'w'H-muuir' ' 'I W K 'fs "' ll 43. , X c C -f F .2 " 1 Q I i . A Ski- 4 V ' i 'ls In the photo above, Jim Mur- ray conducts his Interterm class, Survey of Modern Art. Students traveled to a vari- ety of LA museums to view the art. Class lectures were held at the Doheny Campus. 'l'.. page one hundred twenty three four and twenty page one hundred fi is ...x... i 491' Interterm at the Mount enables students and faculty to study in a more relaxed, less pressureful atmosphere. During this time, it is fairly quiet at the Mount as students are off campus with many courses and others only have one class to attend. This gives everyone a chance to spend time engaging in discussions, relaxing at the beach in the afternoon fJanuary '83 brought generally 85 degree weatherb and time to engage in creative pursuits. January is a time in LA when the air is very clear and the weather some years can be quite warm. As is seen on page 122, the view of the mountains with it's snow capped tops is typical of a day in the mid winter in LA. Interterm session affords the time for the Mount community to take in and really appreciate the beauty of Southern California. y U as MOUNT ST. MARY'S COLLEGE, LOS ANGELES 1 Interterm is directed by Sister James Marien Dyer, CSJ. The drawing on this page was done by Jean Bidwell, a 1982 graduate of the Mount. Mount St. Mary's College encourages its students to actualize their gifts and talents, and to develop the intellectual and professional competence necessary for intelligent and concerned citizenship. The purpose of a Mount education therefore encompasses the development of a disciplined and continuing curiosity, a receptivity to new ideas, and the acquisition of the knowledge, skills and values, both personal and communal, necessary to evaluate these ideas and to live them in society. mu X S was iff Q - fs V, Page if 1 . ,Af 'quhsqm , PWA. V we s. ' X page one hund ed wen y 'WTWW The Doheny Campus Downtown Los Angeles -pil' . Airy ' r The College expanded to a second campus location in 1962. The Doheny campus has been named for the for- mer owners Edward L. Doheny and his wife, the Count- ess Estelle Doheny. The campus is located near the intersection of the Santa Monica and Harbor freeways. The campus is comprised of two blocks of Victorian homes that have been converted into an educational atmosphere. The location, which is close to an industri- al section of Los Angeles, as well as close to downtown, is an ideal location for career oriented associate degree programs, graduate programs and certification pro- The photos on this page are of different views on the Do- heny campus of Mount St. Mary's College. On the previous page C1261 one can see the Doheny mansion at the top and bottom at the left. In the middle is one of the newer classroom buildings. At bottom right is Sister Margaret Clare Borchard, CSJ who is a member of the academic resource personnel. Above her are Michael Katakis and Dr. Delahanty, both fac- ulty members. grams. The former home of the Doheny's which is located at 8 Chester Place, is a California Historical Monument. The late Victorian structure is used for student and faculty events, both educational and social. In 1965, an additional building was erected to house classrooms, laboratories and lecture rooms. j -.--f "'.,,.,.- - ' ,,,.'4"" . . -:ici ... 'fs M .fi 'fi 4 SCVCD page one hundred twenty +9 .CI 2.9 cv 91 46 C Gb 3 -4-1 'U CD 1-4 'U CI page one hu 1' W ff , . ,,,,, 3 , cenes From The Mount Staff and students find themselves in various amusements on campus. At top left, Kathleen Maloney helps out the Student Development staff by announcing the weeks events on the marquee. At right, Dr. Sawchuk discusses careers opening up for Women in Science. At center left, Liddy Lourito leads her admirers into the circle. In middle, Dr. Becker enjoys an afternoon snack as Rita Kurtz serves coffee. At right, Dr. Mabey wishes she had an afternoon break! At bottom we see a majestic view of the Chalon campus of Mount St. Mary's. Featured Acti itie C evron Field Trip 9 W ' x ra, as" "' l Chevron Trip On September 20, 1982, a group from the Mount visited one of Chevron's off- shore platforms in the Santa Barbara Channel. After a welcoming orientation by Mr. J.L. Weaver, Area Superinten- dent Chevron U.S.A. Inc., the small group took a short boatride to tour Platform Heidi. Heidi and other off- shore platforms are designed and built according to specific offshore condi- tions. The Santa Barbara coastline pro- vides protection for the platforms in the channel from storms occurring in the north northwest. In addition, Chev- ron designs their platforms to with- stand the largest anticipated quake. In case of fire or malfunction, the wells, equipped with safety equipment, will automatically shut down. The plat- forms are built for the purpose of drill- ing wells which bring to the surface crude oil and natural gas lying beneath the ocean floor. Heidi is designed for 60 wells producing 4,600 barrels per day. And together with the other platforms, meets the need for energy in the Santa Barbara County. The platforms have also been called artificial reefs for they encourage fish and fowl to congregate beneath or on the platform legs. x ,- Fall Intensive Journal Workshop Retreat N N i This years fall retreat was held at Sacred Heart Retreat House in Big Bear, CA. The retreat took place on October 29 to the 31st, 1982. Sr. Mary Patricia Sexton, CSJ was the retreat master. The retreat was organized by Campus Ministry. 5 0 if in - -all one hundred thirty-three ovies n The Mount On November 5, 1982, the Mount's Chalon cam- pus was the scene for the filming on a TV pilot starring Willie Ames for the Tom SwiftfLinda Craig Mystery Hour. Ames plays an investigator for the pilot film. Ames, a fifth generation California native, lives in Newport Beach. The 22 year old actor has been married for three years and has a 16 month old baby boy named Chris. His life in show business started 13 years ago in a part in a commercial. The role as Tommy Bradford in "Eight is Enough" came about when he was still in high school. In response to his success in the acting profession, Ames believes it is all in a "matter of attitude". He says that he loves his job and really has been lucky. His desire as an actor is to promote the good side of the Hollywood industry traditionally known as egotistical. He believes that entertain- ment should be a fun activity and because of noto- riety, it should not be carried too far. ,,, PM YM "'c.o 'xi' .' 0' Q Horizon HORIZONS this year was held on Sep- tember 22, 1982. Actress Barbara Hershey spoke on women in the work-a-day world and the film WORKING which was also shown to the students and staff attending her speech. Working, which was also the theme title for this years Horizons, is a film adaptation of the book by the same name by Studs Terkel. In the photos above, we see at top left, Barbara Hershey, Sr. Magda- len and Phylis Geller fthe producer of the filml, at right: Ms. Hershey speak- ing with students, below, Sister Aline Marie Gerber, CSJ, speaking with stu- dents, and bottom, students receiving refreshments in the campus circle don- ated by the College. J page one hundred thirty five page one hu International Gourmand Senes f-""""lQ, 5W The flrst event ln the INTERNATIONAL GOUR MAND SERIES was a taste of real Japanese cooklng Held ln the Casa on November 8 1982 Marla Enderle and Roml Suzukl took charge of the krtchen A dozen students and faculty members partrclpated Everybody learned to make Norlmakl frlce rolled rn seaweedl and other Japanese speclaltles The use of chopstrcks and Japanese seasomngs was also emphaslzed f A rw X V 40 W' df 7 1 5 rn 75 +-1 5 -CI +-v 'U GJ 1- 'U Q Le Fleur De L's 'r r U 'fs .5- " V h.-a-,Qs .,. g I, ' 1 v 2' Q ..,n... x " , N. A , . I., gm Q I X X 1 Z A 11- ix' 15,1 1' ,' .C- x.- N I ,,-,ff -I 6 f A A ir .atlra B. 45.33 ,fn The Fleur de Lis Ball for 82-83 was held at the Marina In- ternational Hotel on Saturday October 23, 1982 in Marina Del Rey. The theme this year was "A grand Masquarade Ball". Masks were provided for the formal ball. Cocktails were a seven, dinner at eight followed by dancing until 1 AM. In the top photo, Lisa Peters and Gennie Da Rosa with their escorts. In the mid photo, Kathy Hardin and escort, and at the bottom, Linda Fields with her escort. C CD 9 Q3 cn Pm 4-1 .'2 -C Q-v 'U U I-1 page one hund 4-P .-C EF as P1 as I-1 - -C +A 'U QD L. page one hund - as 5 tl is sk 1: I 5 K X QF ' Q' xi! W x H! g osnt s ml... iff. QT 155- .si Founders Week October 17, 1982 brought many alums back to campus as we celebrated FOUNDERS DAY. At the dinner, which was served by Phi Theta Mu, Dr. Roland Young spoke to the group gathered. Dr. Young was for many years a professor of education at Mount St. Mary's. In these photos we see Ctop leftjg Alums being served dinner, Ctop rightl Sister Rose de Lima, CSJQ Dr. Roland Young and Sister Magdalen Coughlin, CSJ, presidentg at the high table. In middle, members of the service sorority, Phi Theta Mu gather to prepare serving the alums. On page 139 we see Dr. Young speaking at the top and below various students with administrators at a reception in the Rumpus Room. 1 VW" 4, 1'5" , , X, 7.1- -4' Q3 E s: A a .5 .CI 4-v Z B 'U I-4 Q page one hun page one At top Sr Theresa Harpm Campus Mmlster chats wlth Terry Vandepas Mld Sister wlth Gllma Chang Shelley Weeks and Ann Albertony and below Marla D Darrlo leads students at the mass m smgmg carols Campus 1n1str The campus mlnlstry program at Mount St Mary s under the dlrectlon of Slsters Theresa Harpm, CSJ and Marllyn Loulse Blnder, CSJ sponsors several 3Ct1Vlt1eS throughout the year Among these are llturglcal events, retreats and other sp1r1tua1 and counselmg orlented act1v1t1es . , A , . 1 O O ' 1 Y I I D . 7 Y ' 7 , . . . Advent Midnight . bs 43 I-1 12 -cs U I-l 'U : :1 ..:: gflrlsggalrul co ceff The 1982 Christmas Choral Concert was again held at the chapel in the Carondelet Center. Conducted by Frank Brownstead, works by J.C. Bach, Dufay, Gabrieli, Kodaly, Mollicone, Rorem, Rutter, Poulenc and others were featured. The program was presented by the Music department of Mount St. Mary's and featured the following music groups: The Mount Chorus, the St. Philip's Choir and the Mount Singers and Orchestra. The Concert was held on December 3, 1982. I K Apffpr r'Xx4 6 7: 'bfi 'a fn Q nf SS: ,gi grit Ni Wrfl QI 1 L ,A 6 P495 A X 5 :egg HQ lb W gg? ,. E gNQ. , , six 5 X r Sf jr Getz. ' " if 5' T -91,464 -Q l.'. S Q. , -5 .1 , s , --X -5 5 Y- N-1 ' , x' QW: X 8 ,1 x N gg 1 V, R? 17? 's 5? .g.a' R 5 .- V 6, 1 . MS: hir' , Q b J, .N ' A , f ? ' 'By - Nail T Axle? - 'if , lvlv gg... Agegifalf L ' A' :ff 5.5-'X 'iff .A-'XXL ' f fi Y' ' 1' I wg we QW YB fl . x xy h 2 - 24? . lg? .,Nu,. .5 ssfflif gf 'I J 1 1' sa! X il JE K :ua ' ' 4 ' . T Q ,MV tai. I K ,..-.--'-- TJ' ' fy ' I :iff A .iN 5553, "Vasa ,d M -af.. T -z 1' 'pk ,MS 5' 4' - page one hundred forty one , , , .My If " -., MQW W' R Q 7 Wx v 1, ' Q uv Q' ,N ' Q 1- ,' x Q N25 S 'Q , Y ' 5 ix 4 X .auf N" Q iw ' i 'U' 5 Ax is A fue - 70 .mt X f '1"'p! 4 ,1 'F ggi.. ,g-,LA . P9-'P 1-51103 OM W' - . K sp - ' X. Q19 ! ik' x qw, ' ITV .f?T7?f,R4x V ,M N W' N. SKS' I 5 ,v the Uhristiunllrothers Z' -? VINTNERS SINCE 1882 Guided tours are avail- able to you and your guests from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at both our Napa and St. Helena facilities. linthnnnluisnhqlnlvlwlnu- I-luidu 'Kar WCYKN Nheffef' Wines - Champagnes - Vermouth - Brandy A FRIEND KEVIN A. BERNTSON ASSISTANT IN DEVELOPMENTT COMMUNICATIONS MOUNT ST. MARYS COLLEGE Los ANGELES, 90049 12133 476-2237 JOSEPH AND JOAN DEVITA page one hundred forty three one hundred forty four O OD 05 D. BUTLER'S -BOOK CENTER 4722 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90291 12135 823-1605 A GENERAL BOOKSTORE OFFERING AN EXCELLENT SELECTION IN CURRENT AND CLASSIC TITLES HARDCOVER OR PAPERBACK SPECIAL ORDERS - GIFT WRAPPING Best Wishes Butler Books Marina Del Rey RONALD J. WAGENBACH Real Estate Investments Encino f213J 501-6431 CONGRATULATIONS ON A GREAT YEAR AND GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 83 y ASBB d1982-83M yKthyM ' M y .. MyD. RANDY PARKES STHTIONERS CORPORATION PRINTING DIVISION PODIATRIC DISEASES at Su G RY 7301 M 4213? B83 430 OUR BEST WISHES and GRATITUDE THE PORTRAIT GALLERY 25 N STATE COLLEGE BL ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! the 1983 YEARBOOK STAFF C I 6 Q ACCOUNT REPRESE i E oLvM I I 9 F ur oar ar , a , M Lenor, Robm, Ronnle, Darolyn, Jacquel D b h A t G1 I ld L C 1 bb LARRY BJORKLUND D.P.M. M l d S R E C D to O O 4. is - I Y.-1 ' -J ,Q ,wx F. QQ ATI? A v A DON'T GET 8 ' BEHIND I ,N IN YOUR I ' Q . STUDIES! A f I 'M MICHAEL :iff i' KATAKIS i ll w i lfli gs - Xa ! I f l I-li ' -11 I., CONGRATULATIONS fi 1 '1 alazfwawrs-as 1 ' 'O 'll I AND ,iw mii BEST WISHES ' TO CLASS OF '83 THE BOO KWORM 11140 BARRINOTON COURT BOB GEISSINGER Los ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90049 12131 416-1420 DOCK THOMPSON C21 31 826-li 1 5 CMQPMS 4 Hulim 'Kttche Catering to home parties - Enjoy dining with family and friends on our heated patio! WE .11725 Bl'CIltW00d Barrington Court NO CREDIT CARDS Wesfcifde VILLAGE SPECIALTY LABORATORIES INC and ts subsldlarles CIIDICHI Immunology Laboratorles Inc Infectlon Lab Inc Nutrltlon Endocrlne Metabollc Labs Inc TDM Tox Lab K D 478 1295 TOLL FREE OUTSIDE CA C8001 421 7110 TOLL FREE INSIDE CA C8005 882 1345 BEST WISHES STUDENTS OF MOUNT ST MARY'S COLLEGE , O u o O 1 Q , . a , . 5 I I O I , N 2122 Granville Ave., Los Angeles, CA 290025 U 9 ' 213 - - " -If a ' 9 's ' . J I 1q8ga-A1105 paxpunq auo a3ed than to know what IS true BCK "Knowledge should have no other purpose WARMEST REGARDS TG MGUNT SAINT MARY'S COLLEGE EVE AND GEORGE SLAFF WITH ? 'T x V L H- Ox H PAUL COLLINS San Dimas, Ca. Helping you capture the year! 3' Q.. ECI A, 5 r U i A 3.13 In Autographs Autographs I-J l 9 . I 4 ,a. Y l"' Ar-,.i 'J '1".4 I V iv.. :ar .1 me -9 -11 I n X vv'f K win. 4, " --' -, f .L ,, ,.. I 1'-. .-e., , ,, vm. fx- mum-as C ',l,.w"l ,. V L H V' FQ? 11" ., " ,. wi.: H' N N Y -r ,

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