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Y . 1 ,O 12-. 4 L. - Ar K Q 1 3 f ,+A-' 'f lg. .' 1 A- f,' r'f'?i' I I A 5 ed' ev-ew' 'x 'x A os' I W fa N MOUNT ST. MAR YS COLLEGE 1 980-81 "DAY BY DAY" R xx Q ,. . ,M .WJ x,. 4 I k xxi mx I f ,,,, X ,. ' , W Wx W f 1 Y x . A L. .9',." A I s wr .' H ' .-f ' -v.' ' " ol.,.'. ,ff-+' 2542! , , ,TZ .,-f X, . 'T' mr - v-. .', , lg-979 Il' '. Lv . 'Y' 4,- ..-' --my , .rl .nf . 'fag-p',g .ff ', ' . an f- 1 'la ' ' s -- pf... ...AL- , ,,, .A Autumn spreads her cloak in brlght waves over the land. Red and gold dappling the tired trees. the air is crisp as a blighted summer creeps away. Autumn's perfume is the essence of burning leaves and chrysanthemums and her signature. an exotic lull moon .1- N ':. ' xm , A P , fy Li-,Cl-' .2 . xx :gf -152-. P541 - fnfiw' . . . ,g .,,s-gee A i.,',' Vx ,Ji -, -M Va N? V mtv. xv ,'1:QEx xyxxg .,.- XA, Fi ll X1 xv --1, . ma -, 4- ' , f . H A A - I. li" I ' fi' '. ,X ,' T A ,TNQ ',-' : ' F fl' 'vi' "3-511.5 "Tiff: ., . :fl " ' ' X ,. , li, . l, KIM, . , . 1. A 59,95 If If I . F f, 'LX , 6 1 , 'U , r Q vx E , 1 bn 4 - ,Rl ' 'N 3 . -. rr.-fag' ' HM. Ji ,A F I, ',:.A,, nh, n- QA - 4 V--lr .fa-: Q"xg:'1'FfrQ"V f. M lv W " , 4 'uf' X ' 'ffl "' . ' I A I in '71 'fl Fw- R qw 1? 11 . I Wm- 'W , ' 1, I x, -1 m y ' if 4 I W 3 hm '4 . ' 1 v ' 1' I H f nf , '55 ull S MI x Fm Z 4 HW .VN jk A '. NU X 5' 1. 111.- H+ "ff5"" " N IJ X ,. ' ' ',V-J A g . ,.'- lb ' - -.. .f :Juv A.1'3k.'f' .J . 1'r:.6Jr'-s . .-W1 xi 'Q gk? - , , V-Aj-M ,, tl: . Axj. . .n , A -,F il A. -E I n:1,Q4'i90" X N . S - . J -v-..-, Q.. Winter darkness blesses the earth with silence and wraps it in a coldness that makes the brittle air snap. Her ageless promise is ol deep mindless peace while her storm-lashed skies lull the world into a dark, sweet sleep, H AM .5-Vg.. F' d' gg: Y ,fn sri? 7 'if-vm. 1 fm, 'Q fK 1.4 x' ' I ' f. ya-if or ff' -' D 3' H sl ' in . H f 5524.4 X 11 'wtf Ugxgwf R' MX . K Q? Q 65 5" .-:fly 11" X gi 15-eq 4 .- 'irwl : 'V it 1. 5..,'kdF3 : .SFF ' , Q-'1--' -nl i 4 fn.. , - .Xu ,.. - 5 Wa-5 X 1,51 UI. ' 1 Ny. x 59' X' '-"x r X 0' I f I Y I 'F 'vs X - I I -1 if . 4 1 ,w-' new x qs A flower opening quietly in a hidden field, awakens Spring like a kiss. Sleepily, she stretches out her branches and shakes free her ice-locked rivers. Tying a rainbow in her cloudless hair, Spring teases the world into song and uplifts a grass- green face to the sun,. 1. .4 p 1' r Q- 1 , .4 7' , . .,- S K V V , 1 .U ,,. 1-iii' -. . :IT " i- '-i -. :--.ll ' " ' ' ",3 -,,:fgif!51' 1 " f:-7:91- . ' ,rf ,..'Z' v-fp: ' ,. ,,,x-..,..-- -- f - -,I-:,.'-.zfff - 2, Haw- ., , - xr -.fd 4 1 --ini., .A . A laughing Summer opens the door to a golden world- frall clouds sail across a flame-blue sky and Her brief mornings stretch like lazy cats only to succumb to the magic of crystal evenings trimmed ln starlight. But Summer's heated passion is quenched by a single Fall breeze, 'AM- f P . ? I I Q 1 ff", NANXX Ill ,. NIH!!! SEPTEMBER SatlSun, Mon 'lines ed Thurs Fri ' 1 2 3 4 5 1 , A71 12.1 ii -T -ff? 21- Labor Day Flosh move In Orlenlatlu 517 s 9 10 ll 12 Presldents Tea School Begins! 13114 15 16 17 18 19 Y Hgylggng Resldence Dance L 7 - ,i -1 7- H 21122 22 23 '24 E253 f qwwf 26 1' ff 21213151 D an D 1 A-' 2 'ff-2 1, B ' 4 ' 4 l 9 .121 ' . 1 r 'IW' 'wifi k 27128 29 30 V 13.4 rrgguvl- Catalina Trlp l'dA W 1 Y "' ' V omfwmnon 4 v W ing V .. yi ,uf f' xl'A - .- f- .L ' ., L J - ,ggi .2-1' . - '.,f w -fs, e 7: 1 fi. ,fel L' , wg-, 53,-ix: -2" V .,', -- , 4 -fr--1' I ' y - 'S ' 0 'M 1 of , . 1 .X H -' ' W :Aa ft MN' Maxx wry'-, . I . '- nr' ' 1 , f if , , "Ai 'Q 541' ., 5.1, x, g s '53 P P c,,,.f..,4 - , f ." I V' by - . w lg.- N,.vi,Eg Y N , P ff Q 4- a x 'a 9, V1 , 'Lin -5, gig, .' .H-4101-,152 ,,fA'f".Ag -fy gg.. , fn- X gg:-'f:'Z""'73'1" ,r f N ' A :a?f-,.e5ut5mLlT!x' ' ' F", S. 0. S. Kellle Barrett, Cathy Dlckerson, Debbie Plsano, Joanne Bopp, Jean Bldwell, Sylvia Falconl, Denlse lngerson, Glorla Muclno, Alllson Nelson. Jennlfer Tellels. Sheryl Thompson, Deyana Ahmadl. Marle Alcher, Ann Albertonl, Carmen Avelar, Nancy Bartel. Ellen Bonln. Ann Bunn, Ester Castella, Imelda Corpuz, Beth Coyne, Pam Daly, Anne Engler, Maureen Fellz, Mable Flalol, Marla Flores, Blanca Garcia, Susan Gayelm, Gabrlella Gonzalez, Llsa Grayot, Sue Haselton, Lllllan Hernandez, Llnda Houchln, Odalys lncera, Llsa Klrchen, Peggy Krappman, Barbara Kuala, Sue Lambert, Tara Lashley. Stefl Little, Susle Magbanva, Marla Martinez, Mary Martorl, Melanle McQueen, Martha Paredes, Pam Parsons, Sue Perez, Lisa Peters, Paula Peters, Celeste Phaneul, Allson Pohlman. Renee Prltchett, Annette Rivera, Elleen Sandoval. Thanh-Hang Ta. Laura Vanetelm, .loan Weber. Mary Wllllams, Sally Wogan, Nancy Zegarra Mt. St. Marys ls famous lor it's hospitality and nev- er was thls more evident than Sept. 448 durlng Orl- entatlon week. Helpful and frlendly, the MSMC stu- dents made moving In a lot easier for some very lost new glrls. The perfect denouement to a lovely week was the dlnner with both students and faculty complete with crystal and fascinating conversa- tl0l1. 6 A N? , Hs I " i :Y -ll ni M' ' F 3 ' 1 . , H e ,U F -' 35 'A f lj 'fC"f,"Hw'ff' I ff" Jmfffx-X ls A 31 -Ye , ,,.,,..- ,G ,,, , ,W F:--sg- , Q J 5-Q0 if U' ,,, if! ,of' " v 4 -we is +A ",b- . ' ' 'Lf - , 1 4 X Lx 3. , pin if I ' Q -1 ,.,' K Q , 1- ,. f 5 A gf 9 1 W- 2 , x K Tw ,v E ,Y -s 4' " H!! . "fam j Sister Magdalen Coughlin PRESIDENT One of Ille's great paradoxes ls that some portlons of It seem long enough for us to get used to. whlle others seem to evaporate In the moments themselves. Some suggest this can be accounted for by a deslre to relish the deep enjoyment of speclal times. resulting In our not wanting the passage of that particular tlme to stop, One need not llve very long, however. to reallze thls ls a lutlle wlsh. A more posslble approach to lncreaslng one's enloyment ol llle and each moment ol our tlme might be to make the long stretches. the ordinary tlmes. more dellghtlul by changlng the way we vlew things. After all, we are the ones who see, or do not see. some things. some persons, or some tlmes as speclal and dellghtlul. Perhaps, then, one of the most valuable things we can galn lrom our education and reflectlon Is a mlnd and splrlt large enough and rellned enough to see the specialness ol all things, and thus, ol every tlme In Ille. lt Is when we come to see ln thls way that each day and each tlme can make the next all the richer. Sister Magdalen Coughlln 5.-, Sister Paulette Gladis ,Q tl D ANS Father Matthew Delaney r. Cheryl Mabey gf .4, xv mamfilha f ly' H1 ' 4 A ' w H A 1. '35 I Q Ly., '91 11 -ujlum U 9 , fy 1 W I , , , F 1 , W 'Q U W ' an '1"' '7" ll HIOHW4 Mr. James Smith 91 ? Denlse Gayley Dr, Irene Kelly - 'K Mrs, Hazel Rasmussen Sr. Magdalen Marie 4 0, ins! Clndy Barnes Ceclly Mac lnnes Dieter P hilllpl 1 X .. fr, Sr. Marle Weber Sr. Patricia Mary Dugan Q I' 'Nfl if-s 5 Sr. Mary Brigid Fitzpatrick MAINTENANCE AND FOOD SERVICE ..T. S x '- . ' K. w x lv H fi J . ...Q PRESIDENTS TEA The Presidents Tea on Sept. 7 was an event complete with gracious- ness. The elegant Doheney campus was the setting and tours ol the lamous mansion hlghllghted the evenlng along with a speech by Sr. Magdalen Coughlln, J N Jw- CLASSES BEGIN G-gf MSMC "LUAU" fx! A Horlzons on Sept. I7 featured Art Selden- baum as the guest speaker, and hls theme concerned Los Angeles Blcentennlal 1780-1980. A Colorful sllde show served to compliment beautifully the witty and perceptive remarks made by the lamous and rightfully so Mr. Seidenhaum. Thaagm-pmvamng speeches were also made by Sr. Magdalen and Dr. Seclrouler. SMILE! i ,nil 4 OCTOBER Q satfsunl Mon 'lines ed Thurs Fr: I -4. I ' - :JV ,-95. , wig- 1 2 3 ' L." 34" X 1 .. 'eN' u 'f i' Z' 2 xgvf X ' 2 ' TE: ia . -P4 ik, W --' Sk ,,,!P-49' ' N- S,-."l,E'P! 4 f 5 6 7 B 9 10 Luau Dance I 1 112 13 14 15 16 17 Founders Auunvmafu Ball spun week ls! 19 20 21 22 23 24 Ass mu- Campus RGUEBK 25126 27 28 29 ao 31 H,,,..,.m,. Halloween P-my Halloween Pany Fleur 3 ii ff 4' FTDLA "4 -. ' 1. '. qgp. , 7- ' , "- ."!-fy x1Qrf'i.g7"!iff-14: 4 M- Spirit Week! Lunacy Reigned in the school lor an entire un- fettered week with a crazy hat day, stuffed an!- mal d cl shln cloth d nd h bl ay. a g es ay, a t 2 nest blue Monday ever mm. The fl-mfs wmpenea for nhhmls and money, everynne's favmne prize! N fi Q-5 if-'liz' ' WN 'L 'CJ' -L.. N 3 .. 7 x 0 5 -JL 1 Hsumplus lump Auu sms U apmu sqeanq Apmoa n uma nuluxonlun uu pus sxapsnx ayaldmoa puamulu Ollnfl 'Ulm uo u pool snopll pu -:agua Eupnox-dp nq lean e sem swamp -xaiiuppm .aq E cn f E 5 m. C - cr u : O e E v o z lepog amuxoqdog aql pipmog Ang A -. -4 Q' 1 Q . xg' 0:5a U -.J . of A Eh 4-1 . 0 f I" G- If it 5- W ! V. l 1 x ae, -1 Hi Y'AlI! ' I YA:-ri m Founder's Day commemorates the august beginnings of Mount St. Mary's and this year the proud tradition was continued with an Alumnae luncheon and a special mass. Adding the perfect touch were the various exhibits on display, documenting the continued progress of the school. 'sf Halloween! J s 1.225 J ix.. if :f39'a 4-3' ,. , vw. - fd . Alumnae Founder's Day ..., ii Fleur De Lis xfuyex Vt' , i, I f' 54 ef' E ,x, ' x I' "9 UIIINWUIH I 2 'Eggs -B ' Qin., i .ef AH 6' g 65 ,1 . A-' kr!! , Af" 96 fx..,4' Yr' , E- 'H 3" .I i , I if in ,, : , . i, 1 K, W The Fleur-de-Lls Ball, an annual event at the Mount, was held this year nn Ortnber 31st, In the elegant atmosphere ofthe Wllslllre- Hyatt. Resplendent In beautllul dresses and accompanied by charmlng escorts the ladles cl Mt. St. Mary's sipped coclrtalls, dlned sumptuously, and danced to a multl-talented hand. NOVEMBER Sat!Sun, Mon 'lines Wed Thurs Fra U2 4 5 6 7 EI 11 P ty sw ll 12 E, K x13 1. MM 44 35 X .-4Qx - " wi U' ,111 AXE K ' l W . -? ' ' 1 , 3-SW! I " ' 1 15116 18 19 20 21 s ph s 1 1 Oven H Night Bl d D 22123 25 26 27 28 59132 1 Th 11 gn 1 5 M 'rh k gl 1 g A.S.B. Jean Bidwell .I E Lina Galeal Vice President Lisa Kimble and Lisa Ferigo Publlc Relations Terry Vanderpas Campus Ministry Barbara Kucla Resident President Mary Schmitz and Julia Ferrario Student Llle Policy Karin Widiner and Ann Albertoni Recreation -Q S0 X Cathy Dickerson and Jenny Tellers Commuter Representatives f Bev Wright Treasurer Robin Su and Lori Bohn Social Tara Lashley and Debbie Pisano Service Maria D'Addario yi YT Academic Culture Gabriele Olivka Secretary Beth Coyne 4 '13 I Q lei: I 5' 11 ' I ,ff -1-as 1 ' 'gain 'Y l - l l Deyana Ahmadl, Elleen Baca, Raynette Baca, Barrie Bass, Kathy Berman, Suzanne Beversdorf, Lorl Bohn, Mary Bortle, Stacie Brentano, Tonl Brown, Janet Crawford, Ana Cresclonl, Klm Deal, Trlsh Dominguez, Michelle Drexellus, Anne Engler, Michelle Feany, Terrl Feess, Anne-Marie Fox, Deborah Frelmann, Ellen Gabel, Kathy Hardin, Sue Haselton. Denlse lngerson, Valarle Jennings, Debble Kershlsnlll, Llsa Kimble. Lisa Klrchen, Laure Kropf, Jtll Johnson, Anita Kovaclk, Karen Larlvlere, Margie Loya, Dlneke Mackey, Jury Malls, Ana Maul, Jeannette McDonald, Mary Beth McKean, Renee Muhlen- kamp, Pam Parsons, Mary Person, Llsa Peters, Paula Peters, Celeste Phaneul, Renee Pritchett, Brlgld O'Flaherty, Franca Poll, Madalyn Seyer, Rnbln Su, Gabby Tabillarto, Debl Temprendola, Terrl Rndrlquez, Joan Weber, Suzanne Weber, Wendy Wolverton. .QQ vw. Y-M 'QF ' -5.- QQ? .B 4 ,Q f N .. y I 1 r I X U -1 l , Q9 1 ,Hunul J K KA! W V W Thl l ent:ulLT:S'::l? Kaplila Delta Chl sororlty celebrated thelr 51st year as an organlzatlon wlth an W I l ,Y We S 0 pledging capped by thelr Infamous "Hell Night". The "place de lasls- . IW l 1 - , tance was the Presents Ball held at the Proud Bird restaurant In L.A. Not only a social sornrlt 1 M j I the Kappas are also noted lor thelr communlty services. V' 5 + l ,.-C M, I ... , -Q 5 -nb - - -4.-v-fr ,W 1 1 I Uffihf. ' l ik' Wfvmv On Wednesday, Feb, IS, the Freshman class hosted a "sports theme" snclnl nlght lor the resldent's benellt. They served classlc plcnlc style lrled chlclren while some very odd looking athletes gave a stirring rendltlon ol "Take me out to the hall game" which had the residents hopeless with laughter. The residents supported the freshman ellort by comlng as thelr favorite spans "Superstam!" .xi A 3 xy X 'lirli-Lf H ' L '-- A 2 FRESHMEN V I' .. Li ge XT .. ,.-L-. in-v-fl--sf'--s--P.,e A - ' aww-A 1,-w Blood Drive I The Mt. St. Mary's blood drlve this year was a heart- warming success wlth a phenomenal turnout by both stu- dents and laculty. Held ln the Rumpus roum, the nurses processed volunteers at a steady pace whlle those await- lng thelr turns joked and studied to pass the tlme, a 4 gd pn al 'Sf I lv: 5 , I' ' ' il 51 I ' !l1ht' fll This year's Thanltsglvlng Mass held on Nov. 25th In the Campus Center was peaceful and rlch ln emotion: lt brought llght and joy to the splrlt. Aptly entitled "All Good GIlts" it recalled the many blessings that we who are the Illeblood ol the school enjoy and share with others . Qlx 75 41 2 A 2 H I X 11' NX -... 'fs . '4lg i D CE BER Sat!Sun, Mon 'lines ed Thurs Fri 1 2 3 4 5 617 1111111151111 Mass Christmas Choral Concert 8 Holyday Mass 9 10 Commuter Christmas Party 11 12 N F 1 '-' 1 K 1 121' ,1 19 V 13114 15 16 17 I I ' 1 - 18 19 1 f 1 1 1 1 5 1 f X 1 1 1' 1 4 V y 'ff I Q e v , !..,.' , V ' El, :Y l V X, 1 .... 1- J L ' H I 1?-l ,Y 1 'X 5 7 9, 4 .3L..1- 11 ' MQ 1 , vi Q. -1 , I- 2 1 1:1 .. M -4-,, 5 w1:1mf 2 1 Y Fnnalgw 11 -'V ,Zi-' f X 2' 1 hu' D1 J 20121 22 23 24 25 26 Christmas Vatallhn 27f28 29 30 31 New Years Eve Christmas I u K -41 -18.-A ,- A r 9' V-" j I " A ,E . :L Q W .Z uv I . Vvgcf I 1 l ' , : K., ' X -in 55, Ig' -if 4 ,x -s....,..,' 1 ., ix mm:-S , -, I. X . , .. 'sy " ' . v .5 gg ' ',,'f'Q3': I' W 'T Q , , fs' imv wx I mi - ,R -.qlf mixw ml Q 3 ' W"Nx'1' 'ik 'AZ' 5 ? fy V .. ff A J ff . A u J, - ..g . it mia., , I - I v ly xr .-,Q 'v-.y- x gl 1 j 'QM x , E' ' T "Ni , Q XD! 1 -1 'fa' K H. 1 1 , ,fax A ' 1 f . ,..,-X 1 ,inn Lkx ld if 'Sit' 1137.11 f ' x :sig X-" W X-J V I i ' r Q I A DEP?-E'-" 57 71, lf .7 5 - , r P ' ' : , ,nw . -, e f W' -1 93 55 dj? '12 Q! 3F , XX ill FACULTY An appmprme synonym for "turner" might be "gl-mf". These gallant indlvlduals. year alter year, work to lmpart thelr copious knowledge to their students and along wlth that, an understanding wlllch Is not always appreclated, ln this brlel moment let us thank them for lhell wlsdom, Interest, and Involvement ln nut lives and assure them ol our boundless love and respect, ' 7 - V is ' ll. X wi' I,1,l can ' 1:5 DRRONALDOARDMNF FORUWZXAEI ST EYR ABCGJPQAUSBV TZA TDGI LYTUXAFNEGN HYRAGDHADLANDQK EEZXINNBWHTMOBB RSLOVUGCAFHEZAR OKAPWBOLSMESUWO BCNA S REFTJRIARW R IYT ODOORURNOPN IHAKSERKOCYGPLS EYDE QZXLMBAYBET NRMAUMTNGNOUUEE BARBARAC OTTON LA JMHXIMZDHNFOQUD you llnd the names of the people halo iq A . lL.. V w? PT i A WL. POLITICAL ll, SCIENCE 'KF :wee HISTORY A, 464mg Q7 PRES -l---i--11f I PHILOSOPHY Of in. Dr. Rudy Vanderpnol, and Sl. Mlche FOREIGN LANGUAGE xr-Q ff www? 0 fwg CI 5 '-R .S.El Th M ll, . d .Sl RELIGIOUS STUDIES Rah mn i . S Th L km, Dr. Eugene Fll E cfepf. ck, Dr. Marla Egan, and Dr. Alexis N 1 ,- ll v I ' '1 r Wars' V - Ther PHYSICAL THERAPY Donna Redman-Bentley, Mary Jane Nel- son-Slltt, Kerry Fleming, Barb Loitz, and 1 k Helene Pagan. '-' ' ' F:- Q , 4: ,Q , eg . , -1- 1111' "H , . A'4 4, ' 1 . ' r'- ,3, 1'.- ' s A , A , V A . , Q, Yi. :gr ,X F -,. - , N I ' 5 :warg E-32123 -" in 4.1. Eh Dr. Katherine Kwan, Jacquellne Schmidt, Sr, Annette Bower, Dr. George Snow. and Dr, Crlstlna Al arez BIOLOGY 4 ' l Carol Salem, Sharon Valro, Lllllan Leavitt, Marsha Roberson, Denlca Bowen, Llnda Pat- rlclr, Gall Langer, Mary Hicks, Linda Jacks, Belly Taylor, Sally Rankln, Sandra Hendrlclr- son, Nancy Taylor, Joan Hanson, Mary How- ard, .luanlta Lee, Jane McAteer, Mary Poush. Marsha Sato, Jane Servonsky, and Mary Slop- er, 4 5 r Dr. Davld Leese, Sr. Laurentlna Dlggen, Sr. Mary Willlams, Dr. Katherlne Brueck, Sr. Margaret Anne Vonderahe. Sr, Joseph Adele Edwards, and Fr. George 0'Brlen. URSIN G ,- 'Q ' 4 1' i mg. ENGLISH 'vgsfcs 222927 HJZWZ' as y V W A nsnc - y, fgnJAu.faGLQ,Qf39f' W ff .lake Gilsnn, Jim Murray, Leonard Esben- sen. Selma Goldfarb. Kathy Kaufman, Sr. Nancy Munro. and Norman Schwab. v , ART I Ti af. g'.:N"5lP iii 2. f- ,fx K , : ' I.. v fkfievf an Qf: W fi-' X ' . -:4f'n'r:,QwY g . ,-T55 f '43, N 1 ,--.,. X , Af IIA MUSIC 'EI'i" "l' 1, Mus lC QT. Dr. Mary Ann Bonlno, Sr. Maura Jean Parsons, Sr. Delores Cecile Schembrl, Frank Brownstead. Sr. Tereslla Esplnosz. and Dr. Matt Duran, l pxfimg f i' E due. wh on depi' E,,.m0N E I K lnslcy, and Sr. Mary Louise Collette .En ,ii- MATH rm. if ZX: Q non sn sn Fl say A Pggyc v1Lbba s ld DA sx v 11 D 9 Marla F I d D L Ry PS YCHULOG Y . 4 .gg . X ' ' G. f-1 Y . 1. ' 'x sf " 1 DLyRy Dnnlshl Dau Htly D J K I ,Q , 1' g'-- f.. A, v 1, ' K 4 Wuxi" ,. V' I ' - 'wx .iz- . 1 mag - . , 1EsyQho!ojy-1. I . w X l 4 1. lr, 1' af BUSINESS. 1 2E e' Physical 1 0 o I U '1 Scenae, Si? id? my File? K W A 'K Q W I PHYSICAL SCIENCE WB LIBRARIANS Erlka Condon, Mary Sedgwick, and Terry Jacobsen. SOCIOLOGY Mrs. Mlmi Simson and Dr. Ruth Hallman. FINALS WEEK!! 1 1 mu m -Y...-.. ,ff-' " ' N .3 -2 1 -ml O llu-1: III ll' ...mer x , ' H I K . I gp, : , Q- 9 Q af is ' x .XV I Nr' xi x M ...ig xx' ' lb:- I Y, Mfr 5615 v 77 Q ' . 'I VF' Y Q Li A " :ik , r, L kllmb iv - Ji X M '.' 2. V 1: 5 ' of V 5' - r. ,A - U ,f , I .h V' , I 'fi , - V", ...aqui-ul JANUARY Mon 'lines Satfsun, Wed Thurs Fri Hifi! 1 2 New Years D mr 5 3X4 6 1 ' s 9 INTERTERM NSI f . W I ' Qu Genera? 0 0, "1 ' ' f 1' Hofffld ' Frm ,Q pa' ,2 , ,. 2 mu - ' ' 2 .W ... ' 9 ' nn 3 j ul. ,, , fm! .M ' CI B gl 15,1 In " J? 771' ' I I 1 10111 12 13 14 15 I6 L Nl 'rrp T11 17118 19 20 21 22 23 V IA! S I C rn 24125 26 27 28 29 ao I I rt Fl I L KD y ICI SNAC Christine Kearney. Susan Gayelr, Anna Loera, Debble Green, Linda Carlson, Therese Keegan, Debble Homan, and Ruby Mayo. VIEW STAFF Mary Daily, advisor, Llsa Kimble, editor: Kalrlna Woodard, fash- lon wrllerg Sue Haselton. photographer, Ann Cologne. edliorlal carloonlstg Sylvia Falconl, Blanca Phlllppl, Linda Larrahee. Mary Cruz. Dlan a Rubin, Leslle Nassau, Chrls Collins, Lori Balm. Denise Trapani, Lesa Hall, Mary Person, ... ...-LLA-..,.L...-..,..,-A..-.. ... D AF we-' A XXI KVMWWJWWQZ x 4 - Z-xl, Q QXSB5, Kg?-A -a 2 L I px A e... -'r Y. Aa , c-. , an Y .- Q 7? , .m..,.. T' f f, 1' Q. pl I I ' -S-..., 1 'YW' " 3 A ' 1 f a ' 1 rx? . n : 'W l A ,e 7 ITMZVF , .-- V -I' -sr f' A l l l -rf. l EY, ' Lx- V I 1 NIZKA gals ' 'ff' , - .,h -37 I, ,LIZ ,L .J 5 'Q 'I INTER TERM Whether your Intention ls to explore the artlstlc advantages Los Angeles has to af- fer or perfect a sklll that wlll make a dil- ference ln loday's career-conscious world, lnlerterm is the answer. For one all-too-hrlef month students at M.S.M.C. have the opportunlty to explore a variety of fasclnatlng subjects, Increasing both knowledge and experlence whlle at the same time enloylng a slower paced school llle that allows plenty of free time lor "extracurrIcular" actlvltles. . l The high- llghi of lnlerterm had to he the "Jump for Llle" jump rope marathon lor the Heart Assoclallon. lpmxl ,FW JW" F ' Ml' I , 4 V W K H f f' xi 1, -new X X ' L55 4 X if J - ""'f o W Y - n aa W J 3 ' , I X s , ' Mgy. , , .. p , X 3" Huw? FN -f ' X ,.f.-1- A 2 I 1 , s - ui f . P' 'ef U ' 'I'-X I no X Q Q fa .ye - '- W- V 1' .. f -aim W . - i , J 3 1 'Y ',... A945 'f-Q L, " '+' ' , ' ' K 1-V 1: o- X 'T' M Ll . ' K1 , ,, v , , si H .: , 7 a 1' 1 TW a 25435: f . . A U U .ef -- -ga-1 X 5 Y e wp-wk w QL ' La I ' n :ii " f s sf' ',..2-"J N, - L .N ,' ' ,DX 5 I Q 7 3' - Y, a rx,- 6 '- W 4 , , ,X 1 5 , ,-NR I N f 1 ff, '7 MIN' I . za EH '. 'fl I F 3 1 . 'we xx V .577-2' H U EE E 4 r ri-N N , ,, , X ' " '-T' N - 'V Q "' V f - - 4,-W5 - JA. ch - if " L ' " li X - , . , 3- of 1 . ' - - 1 512 g - V X E we S 1 V A -f vi A - V . 1 Q I X an K Aj' TTT' A K .l- WELCOME HOME HOSTA GES! 4 , E A tense situation that lasted for a nerve-racking 444 days ended at last on January 20, 1981 as our long-awalted hostages left Iran lor the ref- uge of West Germany and soon alter returned to us weary hut courageous. In their usual splrlt ol partlclpatlon our students tled yellow ribbons around everythlng that wasn't moving. sat glued to televlsions and radios throughout the dorms and gave thanks In unlson at a speclal mass held In rejolclng lor the hostages safety. A SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL Clflarias THOSE WHO OLLEC TED ITALIAN KITCHEN EASTERN STYLE PIZZA CALZONE PIZZA DOUGH STUFFED WITH FRESH SPINACH AND CHEESES: ALSO MADE WITH ADS DURING IN TER TERM! HALLIES XEROX COPIES ALL TYPES OF PASTA5 MADE T0 ORDER FEATURING MANICOTTI SPECIAL ORDER CANNELLONI LINGUINE WITH CLAM SAUCE LASAGNA FETTUCCINE ALFREDO SPAGHETTI MOSTACCIOLLI BOLOGNESE DELICIOUS HERO SANDWICHES MARIA'S DAILY DESSERT SPECIALS 12077 WILSHIRE BLVD. W.L.A. CANNOLI 418-1221 ITALIAN CHEESE CAKE XEROX COPIES , . ASK ABOUT "ZEPPOLI" NANCY 3 L EACH PAGE OPEN DAILY s. DELIVERY AVAILABLE No extra charge Ior collallng 3 holes punch H0URsL:g:::k lo- Pm Card stock I0 .5 Label 35 5 color sank 5 I Rag hund 6 Q PLAZA de ono, 17159 VENTURA BLVD. lm' me 5 ' """'C""" 20 C ENCINO FOX HIL'-5 MALL- CU'-VER CITY MII.. mal may so Q Nu personal check: Imam ss ll Years same locallnn OPEN 8:30-6:00 Mon-FII Sa! I0:00-4:00 Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 19 1 Mr. and Mrs. Artenio R. Rami! Q U J SPECIAL THANKS O OUR PATRONS Mrs. Purificacion T. Baduria Mr. and Mrs. Virgilio T. Baduria, Jr. KAPPA DELTA CHI SORORITY Joseph L. Hegener and Marjorie M. Hegener Dr. Leese and the Business Dept. wish the best of luck to its graduates of 1981 Trl lLT niP"Tf ' E Hail 1.4 .,C ' 515 S ll: FI T I In 213 486-B146 To Karen Congratulations on getting through the Physical Therapy Program- 1x Steve DIC K THONI PSON cozvcm rum nows sususf rm READY ron vous me Am . Fmsr 0455. GRAPHIC d ARCHITEUQQ GARY srsgszv Fnvvuzv, MATERIALS Q- READY MADE FRAMES osos L co 2700 E. lmpeflal Hwy, OS SEQ sane J 11706SanVscente or LA caoooao O26-0900 mea' CA 92621 Qluwiruwimzwzmr 1nm11gur4EmrEnumuQurrfgrwgmwm umrgmvm umgmmi Quuu m 5 .1 mm amllnmgwzgmrrmfm m gwgugggw nllng 1,,,..., s.,.v.m gmrr rlnlr lm irlugxwn cf lia g w lgglflnlg 0 BaIharaW.BIalnz gzmn umn f an1m:mgwQuQnQm 1gm:1lmrg Quan nun mlumglmwglmlmu rum MunimElmlmziramlmlilrmrszj ,Nfl ,E !5V,5 ,H X, W I 2 12131451-1452 rm 7 nn i w mug .419 f 5 ' , 5 . fi 5' ii 1 E POSTAL INSTANT PRESS 14 Isl-.fe va. grmngnlu -L. H. a:+r1i1s .m:m wlr in .r, .1 m:ug nm-Aw....a.U.wa..H Sa...aJf..Yfl.C'A-S103 5- 5555555552 Pnmmn 5 5 rulse Allan! C nnchnem company A-.dum nu nwer Street comm: and :wan Los Angeles, caluomaa soon e ep one . e AH My LUV ' 42131826-4115 Q Q P V 5. A E Slum nsrgmlrlglnrzgnrnr mrs 1mn 1muEn.m 1nsEm1Enn:r nlmiumai f"'7 xg . Xu -. 1 if r x N . 'W f Q' X. ' 5j,.Lg, ,w w All r H ..-"h- - li Jogrsws AIVl:RIGN yaluaoo cowlamv Your school days are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You make them memorable. We make them unforgettable. Represen ta tive Paul Collins ' A i.2'L..4YfHI 154' State Llc. No. 147950 1116 West 24th St. DAVIDSON PLUMBING C0. Los Angeles. California 90007 GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1981 931-1628 749-1046 753-7595 734-3105 GALLERY 714 f95S-0334 BILL CHRISTY 125 N. Sun Collage Blvd. Anlhol . Cllll. 92808 ,in ? I l, 1 SKI TRIP PM E5 , i . i r V .K P 7,5122 .- lSat!Sun, Mon 'lines Wed Thurs F 1 .1i .11-lg-i1 7fs 9 I3 C1 5 gl Ski T Ip 14x15 16 17 fmt! UO 1 19 zo 1 X 5 N : A 01 1 1 , 1 V . Washlnglorfs J N f J Vale u Bmhaay Holld y 21122 23 27 All College olympus ill-ll.. RESIDENCE COUNCIL BOARD I fl? 5 Genn 1' - yD R Ll P! B h K I P Ia Peters Deyana Ahmadl ter Barbara Cotton. Sister er RESIDENCE STAFF , EE f f 6 , 'T 'Ti 3 V 1 1. L v I James Marian Q ", V , , 'i u . JuyMnLlGyrGllMi M FllSIM9b Mi FIRST FLOOR CARO DELE T L- .117 I v, ' 5 ..g. - 4-L. , Kathleen Kelly, Laure Kropf, Klm Williams, Terri Navarro. Keiko Hoshlno, Lorle Smlth. Mary Jo Walling, Nena Del Junco, Brande Tucker, Barbara Brown, Cris Cusick, Tara Lashley, Eileen Bro' dle, Jennlfer Gibson, Alllson Nelson, Meg Stadler, Ann Cologne, Kathy McComb, Lllllan Rodarte, Beth Marsh SEC D FLOOR C RO DELE T Carla Anthony, Patty Jones, Stephanie Llttle, Katherlne Erdwlnn, Lldy Krestyn, Amanda Cuddy, Pam Lutz, Annette Rlvera, .loan Peter. Debbie Trlnlra, .lulle Seller, Mary Lorenz, Darlene Rldlll, Mary Beth Pottoroll, Mary Schmitz, Elleen Schantz, Madelyn McQueen, llosalle Ahad, Eileen Sandoval, Sylvia Duarte. Vicki Obradors, Susan Lambert, Lisa Grayot, Anne Alejandre, Amelia Tucker, Taml Lashley, Ramona Potts, Marla Beerden, Klm Nguyen, .loan Weber, Jenny Mnutard, Leslie Cornelius. Jane Lundberg. Julle Sherman, Maria D'Addarlo. Kathy Nelson, Lynette Mlya, Peggy Krappman, Cheryl Johnson, Julie Cruz, Debbie Homan, Jeanne Kozak. Thanh-Hang Ja. Sr. Mlchael Patrick .1 THIRD FLOOR CARO DELE T Betsy La Braclt. Norma Perez, Canle Scott, Katherlne Kruse. Mary Martnrl, Elleen Stewart, Patty McGuire, Karen Wanamalt- el, Theresa Bermeln, Andrea Anthony, Marissa Patron. Theresa Vandepas. Gladys Wong, Gladys Felarca, Jill Jacob. Paige Par- taln, Denlse Comunale. Llz Sundshoe, Marla Castellanns, Car- men Avelar, Sussle Maghanua, Pandalla Robln, Ann Bunn, Agnes . Stehly, Donna Booker, Cynthia Jones, Marcla Phlllbln, Debble Neurenschwander, Kathleen Buckley. Anne Hagstrom, Staeey Edmunds, Michelle Drexlllus. Teresa Rodriguez, Susan Gayek. Ruby Mayo, Marcla Phllllps, Leah Hunlu, Debhle Green. Glnny r Dalloza, Llsa Peters, Sophia Beerden, Kellle Barrett, Sister Marl- lyn Loulse f f. N x E FOURTH FLOOR CARO DELE T Mary Ellen Gormlcon, Stacle Stuhenrauch, Llsa Ferlgo, Karen Dzlerskl, Nancy Bartel. Llsa Lacsnn, Rebecca Llnd, Flona McGlnty. Suzanne Shleh, Mahdnkht Shahllarl, Sllvla Maldonado, Olga Martel, Anna Hernandez, Terese Born, Eva Nlcagla, Lilllan Hernandez, Jullz Curo, La Tonya Burnell, Anna Nothdurh, Lupe Mendlola, Anita Kovaclc. Imelda Corpuz, Llsa Klrchen, Jory Malls, Ann Albertonl. Earleen Wllllams, Lina Galeal. Cathy Algamaua, Isabel Sousa, Nancy Zegarra, Anne Davls, Jeannine Desjarlais, Jeanne Meyers, Karln Wldlner, Ellen Bonln, Michele Remlly. Rosallnd Mendnza, Brynette Ramil, Kathleen Freltas. Jane Sembach. Susanna Reza, Theresa D'Andrla, Yon Kynng Yi, Maria Medina uh -01 5. 23 U wr lg FIFTH FLOOR CARO DELE T Glorla Ayala, Stacle Blentano, Kellle Buclrley, Theresa Buoye. Lllllan Calderon, Sandra Carlos, Beth Coyne, Leslle Crosson, Pat Czernek, Mlchelle Feany, Clara Fellnola, Deborah Frelman, Karen Funk, Clalre Gagne, Helen Gagne, Blanca Garcla, Emlly Gonzales, Gahrlelle Gonzalez, Llsa Grltzer, Odalys lncera, Llsa Kimble, Klm Knapp, Vlcky Lopez. Malgle Loya, Malia Molina, Joan Olowlany, llosarlo Pacheco, Rosa Marla Palomares, Celeste Phaneul, Debhle Plsano, Karen lleavls. Llsa Rodriguez, Alina Rojas. Mabel Slalol. Gabllelle Tabellarln, Deborah Tabor, Denise Tabor, Robbln Thatcher, Holly Thomas, Sheryl Thompson, Monica Week, Wendy Wolverton, Kathy Bercaw. Sister Tereslta, Marla Puga SECO D FLOOR BR DY v s - Denlse Andersu , 5 L C P Fees ' C di Fn uzanne a asse, am Parsons. Denlse lngerson, Sue Haselton. Paula Peters, Leslie Taylor, Elleen Kelly Terrl s an a rancechl. Lllllan Herrarte Leah Llmho Erllnda Medlna Marllou Moneal ' ' ' - d. L C r , M Pemlil. Terry Keegan, Maureen Fellx. Brazaleen Plttman, Bernadette Blondo, Barbara Killa Sign? J::1:: Mat:mrllaLlz:::'yg.aE:l:nlI I-'Ella YIDEI. Marla Fernandez Erosion Price MI h ll W Ik ' ' 2 ' -faeigg FIRST FLOOR BR DY 'Ri Denise Romero, Cheryl Anderson. Rose Callcchla, Deyana Ahmadl, Ana Marla Manrlquez, Becky Kennedy, Madelyn Sayer, Jane Quebherman, Denlse Baumgartner, Bertha Dlaz, Debra Kwolek, Marla Gonazlez, Irma Solarlo, Karen Ahrlchter. Suzanne Weber. Sandra Domlnguez. Debble Kershlsnlk, Dlneke Mackey, Emelyn Arguelles, Elleen Baca, Glorla Muclno, Klm Lomas- ney, Colleen Coughlin. Karen Larlviere. Renee Muhlenkamp. Ana Maul, Brlgld 0'Flaherty. Kathleen Stanley, Raynette Baca, Bonnle Belrher, Robln Su. Mary Puson, Barrie Bass. Linda Larrabee, Chrls Colllns. Tearah Taylor, Lorl Bohn, Lori Wave. Mary Wllllams, Donna Gonzalez, Horallo Vlllanclevo. Diane Krummer. Patty Crlbbs, Jennller Goodman THIRD FLOOR BR DY 5 eff' JoAnn Mette. Mlchele Murphy, Cathy Llngeman, Chrls Berrlngton, Clnlre Lllmgeman. Marisa Carllni. Jean Bidwell, Vllla Doyle, llochele Gentlle, Mary Behrens. Jeanette McDonald, Bertha Rojas, Trlsh Domlnquez. Ana Marla Lopez, Ann Smlth, Jeanne Loclrard, Nldla Sllva, Anna Loera, Marla Cllne. Chrls Yee, Jeanne Gerrard, Llnda Vega, .llll Johnston, Renee Pritchett, Joanne BDPP. Nathalle Lallle, Roseann Morocco. Dawna Percel. Llsa Thomas. Lyndl Wlllet, L. I ,.,-f , xr .Q - 1,6391-,. f APAR TMENT5 Sue Balley, Laura Berltlch, Ellen Eccleston, Terre Sa- sal. Julie Pytko, Carol McGahan. Vlckl Layland, Sandy Steele, Debble Campbell, Bev Wrlghl, Margie Dragun .. CASA Kim Deal, Anne Marie Fox. Susan Beversdorl, Tamara Cates, Monika Hoi- mann. Marilyn Le Donne f MOBILE HOMES Tonl Brown, Yolanda Berumen. Gllma Chang, Lellcla Contreras. Janet Crawford. Pamela Finney. Lorraine Hagler, Klrslen Hansen. Imelda Hunkln, Jana Kratzer, Angellna Lee. Carmen Lopez. Susan Mlller. Jane! Malone. Colleen Malone, Deborah Lucas. Annette Nelson, Susan Perez, Dlana Papmeder, Sally Wogan MARCH Sat!Sun, Mon 'lines Wwd Thurs Fri 1 2 3 4 A4032 . ' , rx- , Y If VK" ' , ' . 7 ,A , 4.-, ., I A ,k 1 I 4 'A I 718 9 10 ll 12 13 QLKN 14115 16 60,8 18 19 20 BW' Sl P 1 1 D y 21122 23 24 25 26 27 25129 ao 31 01.10 2,11 0penH Mrk 5Pls5i9 SENIORS: Kelly Cassldy, Mary Costa. Trlsh Dominguez, Anne Davis, Lisa Ferlgo, Jackie Gilbert. Emlly Gonzales. Barbara Kucla, Tamla Lashley, Rusallnd Mendoza, Marla Molina, Glorla Muclno, Debbie Plsano, Ramona Potts. Brynette Ramll, Allna Rojas, Julle Tagucl, Joanna vnsasky, Beverly wngm JUNIORS: Denise Anderson, Carmen Avelar, Kellle Barrett, Chris Berrlngton, .lean Bidwell, Joanne Bopp. Ann Bunn, Teresa Buoye, Esther Castellanos, Jane Dong, Stacey Edmonds, Mlchale Feany, Sylvla Falcnnl, Julla Ferrarlo, Karen Funk, Ellen Gabel, Blanca Garcla. Debble Green, Sue Haselton, Llnda Houchlns, Odalys lncera, Denlse Ingerson, Llsa Kimble, Jane Lundberg, Sussle Magbanua, Marlsa Martlnez, Ruby Mayo, Nora McGrath, Cecllla Mendez. Anna Moreno, Gaby Ollvlra. Joan Olowlany, Terry Navarro, Alllson Nelson, Roeaarlo Pacheco, Pam Parsons, Rosa Palomares, Norma Perez. Marcia Phllllps, Marie Rushing. Elleen Sandoval, Mary Schmitz, .lennller Tellers, Karln Wldner SOPHOMORES: Marle Alcher, Ann Albertonl, llaynette Baca. Nancy Bartel, Annette Bobell, Lnrl Bohn, Imelda Corpuz. Beth Coyne. Barbara Croulch. Marla D'Addarlo, Pamela Daly, Cathy Dlckerson, Mlchelle Drexellus, Jeanlne Ducln, Kathy Freltas, Rochelle Gentlle, Jeanne Gerrard, Lillian Hernandez, Jeanne Kozak, Llsa Larson, Tara Lashley, Stell Llttle, Mary Lorenz. Beth Marsh, Anna Maul, Mary Beth McKeon. Eva Nlcasslo, Brlgld 0'Flaherty, Susan Perez, Allson Pohlman. Denlse Rlvera. Jane Sembach. Holly Thomas, Terry Vandepas, Laura Vanetek. Mary Williams, Mary Martorl FRESHMEN: Anne Alejandre, Grace Ambegula, Emelyn Arguelles, Elleen Baca, Denlse Baumgartner, Gllma Chang, Colleen Coughlln, Donna Marle Gonzalez, Kathleen Hardln, Rosa Jlmenez, Debble Kershlnlk, Rebecca Klrksey, Klmberly Lomasney, Margaret Mahan, Maricela Mozqueda, Renee Muhlenkamp. Annette Nelson, Blanca Phlllppl, Marla Puga, Catherine Rushlng, Stephanie Small, Danelle Tschlrhart, Suzanne Weber, Shelll Weekes, Teresa Glpson, Tonl Kerlter CAMPUS MINISTRY Father Dan Fredlan, Sister Marilyn Loulse Blnder, Terl Vandepas. Father Sylvester Ryan, and Sister Theresa Harpln. 1' 'J L. .,- T4 J 'K If N I 1- X ' ' X L . ,.. 3. 'i x. , I 4- .v , -J vf I - Q 6 -2. tw! , , +P Junlov year ls so rough! They seem to have more homework and less time than anyone else In the school. whlle the prlviledge of Senior "presrlge" ls lust beyond lhelr leach. Somehow. this seems like the longest year ol rhelr lives! Q-v x "la, w-s- I r Nil ' , In 'Y .faq 'I -. " 'x- " 2,1 X4 Q 1 I C3 v' f.. 5- gg P'l'Il'Ki.lT!l , , .nur l i 3. ,lc N r F w ', ,4 5 1 1 I l , 'if' .-ff APRIL Q Sat!SunI Mon 'lines Wed Thurs Fr: 1 2 3 ZWTIW k .1iL:.- "' ,',:f'- r, "'-.Anya wax :l I -if ,kgrmrx M -6 , 4 I - J, www M 2232: 11112 13 14 15 16 snasn East V ll 18X 19 20 21 22 23 24 Easter 25126 27 28 29 so PHI GAMMA N Brynette Ramll, Presldent: Emlly Gonzales, Vice Presldentg Sllvla Maldonado, Pledge Mlstressz Julle Curo. Secretary, Cathy Algamaua. Treasurer, Carrl Lang Baron, Edltorg Laura Agullar, Andrea Badurla. Lynne Broderick, Ellzabeth Coyne, Patrlcla Dominguez. Cynthla Hernandez, Stephanie Little, Olga Martel. Guadalupe Mendlola. Marla Molina. Martha Paredes, Sylvia Valenzuela. Karen Wanamaker. Joan Weber. Beverly Wrlght. Carmen Avelar. Sandra Carlos, Esther Castellanos, Gllma Chang, Mary Cruz, Llsa Ferlgo, Blanca Garcia, Jeanne Gerrard, Odayls lncera, Jane Lundberg, Terrl Navarro. Rosa Marla Palomares, Deborah Tabor, Denise Tabor. ,4 ,Q -f , I ' ., -2'1 4,-1 I. 'nYL1fl,f7.j?7?i jf.. ,f 1, Marle Alcher, Loretta Bohn, La Tonya Burnell, Rose Callc- cha. Clara Felluola. Jeanne Gerrard. Rochelle Gentile. Francine Larzalere, Colleen Malone, Janet Malone, Anna Nothdurlt, Lupe Ontlveros. Celeste Phaneul, Renee Prlt- chett, Mlchelle Remily, Laura Vanetek, Chrlstlne Yee, Nancy Bartel, Stacle Brentano. Marlsa Carllnl, Beth Coyne, Genny da Raza, Llsa Grayot, .llll Jacob, Nedllllta Kosar, Jeanne Kozalt. Susan Meyers, Llsa Peters, Karen lleavls, Carrie Scott. Elleen Stewart. Gabrlelle Tabellarlo. Laura Agullar, Ann Albertonl, Andrea Anthony. Sandra Carlos, Marla D'Addarlo, Pamela Daly, Mlchelle Drexe- llus, Kathleen Freltas. Lllllan Hernandez, Kimberly Jack- son, Llsa Klrchen, Anlta Kovaclc, Tara Lashley, Vlcky Lopez, Mary Martori. Erllnda Medlna, Martha Paredes. All- son Pohlman, Teresa Rodriguez, and Earlean Wllllams. 44,b- -i Mary Wllllams Sharon Wenger Patty McGuire Ellen Bonln Me 3 lanle McQueen mme Buckley and Imelda carpal 6 R .31 Just at that moment when the world is thelrs, the Senior class wavers between full emergence into "the outside worId" and the cozy. warm haven the Mount has provided lor 4 years: years that have passed all too quickly when one is Inoklng back on them but they'll grow up and go on as Seniors dn everywhere, and at a tlme when they're gaining a hard-won independence, something equally preclous ls belng lost to them forever 'Q i S Q f -5-if--1 I f31'iiZH'i A 2 i2 s-ff-4 - - 54 4 id I 4 ,-A Ylw-' 2 3 2 4 X 1 g -X MAY Sat!Sun, 2f 3 WLP Fashl sn Mon 'lines Wed Clh Thurs 7 1 H ll Spl g Ch 9110 ll 12 13 14 15 -"W w1f-- 2 -X N51 Q' Wu A tg, -Vi? A KM, mf. rx im , N 'AX Aff. L' 3149 ' X fr f It , ,EV.,Qi:fi:R5 I 16x11 18 19 ,Y 21 4 5. 22 fi, 2- Wf- .sf l 4 l W X- 'Y4 :""j,u "X'WEtEi-iAi 'jf' -, NMMA fkf! x X. 'Pi , 1 g-: , Y F, xv xg x X I, lbw 2,7 W V . VX X 'ml' 2 A '2 MgQj5sfJgif5T,2f 1 12 , - , ' - if ,er -+"'Q..+fA':4"?f H 'WX Q fx 7 ' " ef Iwi 'ff M' X 2 W X ' , ,M W1 w '. 1 ,ga , X 23124 25 26 27 - , 2 2 . 2 5,13 l . 'A , x 5112 ' 1 2 " M 30f3l Graduation F' 'E Fra Marsha Anderson Nursing Fullerton. California Teresa Barmejo I Q! Katie Anspach Physical Therapy Bakersfield, California Andrea Taningco Baduria Catherine Dora Aigarnaua Business Business Adml"lsf'at"? AdministrationlMathematics Pago Pago, American amoa Quezon City, Philippines Susan Bailey Monica Ballina Physical Therapy spanish Fullerton, California Northridge' California J Sophia Marla Beerden f . Nursing Beaumont, California 4 4ln,,-N v- . ' v Gloria Ayala Nursing Anaheim, California QS E Maureen Brenda Battln Business Administration Claremont. California 471 it Beverley Bernadette Blondo Nursing San Diego. California Tansy Calvetti Carol Fish Bennett Maw Behrens Biology Hawthorne, California Nursing Patricia Brocklehurst Nursing San Diego, California aj' Y 21 1 fs Cb 3 Dolores E.M. Brandt Psychology Anaheim. California Deborah A. Campbell Diversified Education Chula Vista. California I Y UN Lynne Broderick Francine Caporall Chris Cap,-3 Th PhV5lCal Thefalll' Physical erapy San Gabriel, California San Francisco, California SW Lib. Kelly Cassidy Linda Ann Carlson Nursing Lancaster, California Deborah Cayce Nursing San Pedro. California Leona Castro Nursing San Diego. California Sylvia Cayetano Nursing Denise Dlane Comunale Joane Chamberlain Nursing Escondido, California Q. Mary Costa Nursing Chino. California Karen Dzlerskl Cruise Physical Therapy Santa Barbara, California AN r Connie Cox Monica Marla Daranyi Mathematics Tucson, Arizona Cindy Dickmann Nursing Julie Curo Business Cristina Cusick Tarzana California .L 5, Maria Elena Del Junco Nursing I Pasadena, California 4hl. - X Q- ' I ff ! 'r 2 Anne Davis Psychology Van Nuys. California Sharon DiMatleo Physical Therapy Walnut Creek, California I f V 1 ' . X X ' Charlene Denova Physical Therapy Redondo Beach, California X., law 'N ' ii. ' ' Patricia Karen Dominguez Corinne Ising Dodge Busin ess English Administration I Marketing Agoura, California Bell. California Cynthia Eagle Nursing Granada Hills. California Denise Fano Rx Marguerite Michele Dragun Nursing Rialto. California Therese Louise Feess Sylvia Fischer Nursing , Spring Valley. California Physical Therapy Nursing Anaheim, California Palos Verdes Estates, California Gladys Felarca Lisa Ann Ferigo . ' Nursing Business Administration Lina Florida Galeal EnglishlEduca!ion 'XX Pago Pago, American Samoa 'ff Northridge. California Ellen V. Eccleston Nursing Los Angeles, California W.. 7'-. l 1 ,'l,..-Q. .rx , xr" Amanda M. Fish Fine Art Los Angeles, California ,fm vy- r Emily R. Gonzales Business Accounting Los Angeles, California Carla Moana Gibb 1 ' Nursing Jacque Gilbert Sepulveda, California Deirdre Greaney Nursing Van Nuys, California X Melissa Anne Hayes Nursing Glendale, California To C Mary Geralyn Gottenbos Diversified Education Sepulveda, California Lorl Frances Hedgecock Nursing Canoga Park, California 1""' Patricia Hamilton Physlcal Therapy Whittier, California Stephanie Hogan Deborah Anne Homan Nursin Nursing 9 Sepulveda. California Canoga Park, California ,if Keiko Hoshino Art Niigata, Japan if 2 ln Sun Hong Diversified Education Malibu, California 4 l gl Barbara Joseph English Los Angeles, California Vicki Houchin Nursing Christine Kearney Nursing Clovis, California Fflx Therese Keegan Shelley Keene Nursing Physical Therapy Woodland Hills California Palm Desert California 5 lv Kathleen Kelly Nursing Sepulveda. Cal ifornla Hldeko Komura Psychology Japan 'P Kimberley Knapp Peggy Krappman Nursing Alhambra, California Barbara Ann Therese Kucia Diversified Oxnard, California Tamia Lashley Nursing Denise La Casse Nursing Tustin, California fx life L: x Oxnard, California JJ Karyn Kroll Diversified Santa Monica. California N .NX Elizabeth Labrack Victoria Layland Physical Therapy Diamond Bar, California Bonnie Landry 4 n f 5 Mary-Jean Lockard Nursing Margarita Inez Loya BlologyfBiochemistry Los Angeles, California O- Carol Mamykon Nurslng Thousand Oaks. California I , Olga Marla Martel , Psychology Santa Barbara, Ca - JI-5 'v fv- Mary Rose Macklin Bonnie Marblestone Nursing Los Angeles. California Nursing Mar Vista, California llfornla I Q P1 - 4 IQ, Cathleen Carol McGahan Q Nursing E V - S Newport Beach. California 4. 'Q 1 X I --x. 1' vx B a ,N r as Maria Evangelina Medina Lupe Mendiqla N'-Using Business Administration Long Beach, California Califgmia -f' ,Af Rosalind Corazon Mendoza Nursing Wilmington, California 1 Marla El Carmen Molina Business Administration Los Angeles, California Ti, Ph- ' ' Jean Mera Nursing Culver City, California Marilou Monsalud Nursing Cerritos, California Bridget O'Brien Nursing La Jolla, California ' ,I 9 Gloria Elizabeth Mucino Psychology Los Angeles. California G ' "fix, Leslie Nassau Susan Margaret O'Nelll - . GerontologyfHealth Service Administration Kathleen Marie Nelson Nursing Cupertino, California f X ,gg Angela Marie Patin Lemon Grove, California as Business Administration A Inglewood. California x Kelly 0'Keefe Biology California Marissa Patron Nursing Spring Valley, California f 1 Cheryl Pereira l Biology Upland, California Deborah Ann Pisano Biological Sciences La Habra, California 'Q Brazaleen Kaye Pittman Nursing Port Hueneme. California 'CT "' x Nl if Joan Carol Peter Nursing Santa Monica California Ramona Potts Nursing l Marybeth Pottorff Nursing Chatsworth. California Brynette Hallli Ramil Susanna Reza Julie Pytko Business Administration Nursing Huntington Beach, California Huntington Beach, California Leonor Sanchez Nursing Downey California Diana Grace Rlvas Nursing Newhall, California Eileen J Sandoval g 15 Education Los Angeles Callfornla Wendy Shafer is Donna Lynn Schaefer Business Administration Sherman Oaks. California 6. Helene Solomon I 0 "' 'sf' L Jeri Ann Simpson X Margie Smith A Sandra Steele ' Nursing Nursing Teresa Sasal .fix Cecllyn Joy Serdenla Nursing Wahiawa, Hawaii Ann Frances Smith Nursing Westchester, California .2- if l 1 as U, pple Valley, California 1- Q' A Gloria Stoner 1 1 Joanne Stltes Elizabeth Sundsboe Nursing Arcadia, California Nursing Santa Monica, California Julle Taguchi Deborah Trinka Biology Nursing Sherman Oaks. California Deer Park, New York Susan Urschel Jo Anna Visosky Psychology Nursing Santa Monica, California Lucerne Valley, California ln. Elna Sarah Vogelsang Nursing Bethesda, Maryland Julie Ann Walsh Business Administration Los Angeles. California Mary Jo Anne Walling Nursing Los Angeles, California "' s Karen Lee Wanamaker Business Marketing Burbank, California Vickie Zamberlin al' 5 Kimberly Alycee Williams Art Los Angeles, California ly to Xe Beverly Jean Wright Business Adminlstration Lancaster. California of Jane White Nursing Torrance, California Kathy Ziglinski Nursing Kansas City, Missouri r. 9 'D .1 s,,, , LJ: I ...Q 1 rx: It WV Y . at J., In .V 6M A. A ,, .,5' Q3 J ii,-"Iii .I 5 lg? A in s iklflbvf' M bmw- he I I All 1 . , Q: f f x 1 y 3 ." Ji! -L',!!xx'.'.A I Marguerite Dragun: Con ratulations Marguerite g . On your graduation may faith, hope and love be yours. God bless you. Your proud and loving parents 81 family R SENIORS, Sharon DiMatteo lon the rightj Cindy Eagle: We're extremely proud of your A accomplishments. Love, Mother .4- 81 Dad 4. ' fD lx A x' n - v Joan Peter f v v Mary Behrens: Mary, your Mom and Dad are very 4 J proud of you. I Cathy Aigamauna: Every good gift and every perfect present is from above. James 1:17. God blessed us with a loving and obedient daughter. We wish only the best for you. Affectlonately, Mother and Dad in F11 'D 1 Deborah Campbell: Debbie, this moment in my life ls lull of happiness and pride You have grown to be a beautlful and loving young woman Love you always. Mom Tansy Calvetti: You have brought such joy into our lives You make us proud to be your parents We love you. Dad 81 Mom ,yx Emily Gonzales: We love you. Mom and Dad 3 Q T P . .Z 4 X Melissa Hayes: All the best Missy! You're always in our thoughts and prayers. Love. Mom 81 Dad H. -H Christine Kearney: A parent's dream chlld, an angel given to our family. She will help make her corner of the world a better place. Love you. Mom 8: Dad Marianne Irwin: lt was such a short time ago that Bobby Shaftoe went to sea ISllver buckles on his kneel. Now lt's B.S. in Science tlme. We are proud and happy. God bless you, Marianne. Mom 8: Dad Q-4' Z 4.4.4 , FDS er, qi , . ' ,A xx., l,!' Stephanie Hogan: Our Cadillac. . . We love you. We are very proud you parked in our garage. Dad and Mom Af ' N Lori Hedgecock: You've come a long way Baby!! We are so very proud of you. We wish for you all the good things llfe has to offer. We love you. Mom. Dad. Mike. Tami, 8: Tami 3 D ah 14 Peggy Krappman: A breath of sunshine with pale blue eyes, a trusting nature, yet ever wise. Quick to forgive and not easy to rlle- she's Peggy, our first- born, our reason to smllel Mom Hz Dad Ramona Potts: Congratulations on your graduation- "With every rising of the sun. think of your life as just begun." Love from Mom 81 Dad 81 family ,I I 1 Q Elna Vogelsang 1 ,Y Q .AN 'x.-N ' W 5. 1 .fs ' A . I 1. Q s luv' , ' N": , Karen Wanamaker: You've come a long way baby. With all our love and prlde, Mom 8: Dad MaryBeth Pottorff: What a Doll you were then and are now. We love you very much! Mom 8: Dad JoAnna Visosky: Our ballerina, Graduating? Love ya! Mom 8: Dad .1 4 X r ' u Debbie Pisano: We are very proud of you and all your accomplishments and achievements. Mom, Dad, 8a Lori 5 up 1 I L V .nv ..- ,,...- K U.-' Cecilyn Serdenia: Happiness and pride ls our cherish for fulfilling our dreams and inspirations. So on this your "Graduation Day", we sincerely wish success ln your profession. We love you and sweet Aloha! Daddy and Maml -. L- E- Q .yu -. 5 if 1 ,v 4 I. , , if CJ ' u A , , ..x,, . N , so H.. V .3523 'Q'r"2 395. - . 'X- , . n . - 5: ,. g tt.-....-:-.-1:11141 4.-gi--Q J-Sag., H T. 5 Q I v H -, 5 , ' , , '-f, n ltw...5 g. .:-ff ,',, W' , ' un nfs ...U ..v-- .U-ns , ' .ru qw. 5. 5.5-nn.. U U . , . , ,,, on Q -,,,.... .Q ,. f t H , N, an u ,,'- A ,.Af"' 'Q '- at ob.,-I' -tnv ..-autumn Mary Saenz: l am proud ol you, Mary, and am very happy that you have achieved your goal through hard work and sacrifice. Love, Dad 81 Grandmother ,, . 97. Brynette Ramil t . Qs 1 I Q! D l 9 Q. Debbie Trinka: You were a lovely child and grew up to be a beautiful human being. We love you. Mom, Dad, Richie. Jan 8: boys Armand A-Q Bernadette Biondo: To Bernadette, our joy and treasure, raising you has been our pleasure. We wish you well as you proceed to soothe the sick and meet their needs. Your qualities so good and true, have made us very proud of you. Your Family limit ix 4 Sandy Steele: We love you and are very proud. Dad, Mom, Sher 81 Stef, Mark, Susan, E Dayna Kay Monica Stratton: A joy and gift from God to her family, friends and patients, thanks for being youl Love Mom and Dad R s 1' , ' 'silly V: N f 'A 1 .,.- 'GN' . ,"'frw I Betsy LaBrack: From a lovlng chlld to a com- passionate, intelligent young woman Take prlde ln your ac Rosalind Mendoza: "From curiosity and perseverence ff to charm and graclousnessf' With love and best wishes, Mom 8: Dad Marissa G. Patron compllshments, Betsy. We do. F - -: ' ,:. Bonnie 2' F F g E E ,gy if N. 11. ,1.K 3 ", ,Q ,',- Mary Rose Macklin: We love you very much and are proud of your achieving your goal. Our best wishes and prayers for a happy rewarding future. Love and Blessings, Mom 8: Dad Lupe Mendlola: Now you are a college graduate. Con- gratulations you have changed a lot but deep ln our hearts you are still our loved baby. Mom 81 Dad Carol McGahan: lve always been proud of you and especially nowl Congratulations and much love, Dad W Z N3 V X D f x l X . u ' . - Z. i , 1 With love, Dad, Mom, Bruce 8: -' J' K' 'Q' A 1 , . s il fl J 7 rl "-. ' " ' hr' K , 1 :l wh Q " l Q V , f B71 , , 6:1525 . -'N , I Y-Q, ,M Q f 'Y ll: w 1 ag Len s! 5 fl M u i Ellen Ecceleston You ve come a long way Tiger Babel We are very proud of you and love you very much! Mom and Dad Jacque Gilbert From the beginning you have been a child of great determl nation Filling our lives with unlmaglned changes and bless ings we are so very proud of you Love Mommy Q Daddy Donna Schaefer Your famlly and friends love you and are very proud on this special day With God s help and your Dad s we made ltl l love you Mom Lisa Ferlgo Congratulations Llsal We knew you could do ltl Love Mom and Dad 4 Gladys Felarca You make our lives special just by being you We love you Dad KL Mom ,Z 4 rf 4, -. 'X I i ' - 49 ,r'. , , -,. ',gLfLI'v.,"'. I f in Ay ,Q ,Ive , I r I ' . '-'Rf' ' ' , 9. " . f , ' ik' 4 ' 1 .- ' "S."1'N5i 3 i Q of x fv . 17 X 1 I-1--fl .': ' . , 1 , I 4 ' , . ' V It -J . 'x Q .gr 'tl , 'H Y ,l x " xx, bk. Amelia Agulrre: You've come a long way Amelia, keep lt up. because we're proud of you!" Your family J --.1 Keiko Hoshino: Sue Bailey: Our congratulations to the flrst P.T. class of We are proud of you Suel Jim and Helen Bailey Mount St. Mary s, 1980. Terre Sasal: Our velveteen Bunny"but yet my life is incomplete without tomorrow." We love you very much darling. Dad and Mom Elizabeth Sundshoe: ' She walks in beauty llke the night of cloudless cllmes and starry skies With all our love, Mom 81 Dad For the past three years we have been blessed with someone that words cannot adequately describe. For this we thank the Hoshlnos for sending her, Mt. St. Mary s for accepting her, but mostly Keiko for just Father, Ron, Donna, Q Mitch To say congratulations, ls to express our pride But this ls not enough unless we say we love you Nurse Kenna.' Dad, Mom, Karen 8: Fred I being what she ls. We love you Keiko and are so proud. Love, Mother, Kenhi! Vogt: Lynne Londre Dear Lynne we are very proud of you Kimberly Knapp May God Bless You My love and prlde know no bounds Kim Blessings Mom Love Mom 81 Dad Kathy Nelson You are a real joy to your family We have watched and helping people since you first started working convalescent homes at 12 You Will Be An Excellent Nurse We love you very much and are very proud of you God bless you always Mom Dad 81 Sunshine Barbara Kucla Barb We re so proud of you our second Mount graduate To watch our youngest grow into such a lovely woman has been a joy Love Mom H Dad Tamla Lashley Congratulations Tami on your graduatlonl You ve brought us the greatest investment Vicki Houchin We want you to know the pride we feel in you a real labor of love and your dreams come true The future ahead all bright and clear our hearts are lull of love for you my dear Love Mom and Dad dividend ever We re very proud of you and we love you! Mom 81 Dad Olga Martel Therese Keegan Iligzflroazlwhjsmrzg wglldhsrplness uzvhare a The best daughter and sister ln the world Your family truly loves V V ess you e Ove you and our hearts are filled with joy and pride ln you on your you very much Love you' parents graduation Love Mom Carol 8: Mary marveled at you, dedication to Lina Galeai: Dear daughter Lina, Although the passing years bring many changes, our love and divine ties remain forever strong. Just a note congratulating you on your graduation. Love and Prayers, Mom R.: Dad Patricia Hamilton: Patty congratulations on your graduation- may this be just the beginning of your future happiness. Love, DAD AND Dear Patty, congratulations. May the future hold a bounty of love, faith, happiness, and success. l love you MOM Deidre Greaney: Congratulations Toot you are the greatest. Dad Mom M.E., Deb Kathy, Mike. Patti Greg, Meg, Beth, Tere. Terri Feess: Your Fan Club is proud of you and loves you always. DRQM JC. WR, TJ. 8: N From a grain of sand. , . a pearll Mr. Hz Mrs. Richard Gibb Anne Davis: From your first Sunday. day number one lor you to this day you have made each one a joy for us. So many days to be proud of you- we couldn t begin to start counting. All our love, Mom, Dad, Mary Maggie Dolores Brandt: Time, deep dedication. and Mt. St. Mary s, have served to create a work of art. Now you are ready for the most difficult as well as the greatest fulfillment of all- to fly straight up and know the meaning of kindness and love. Priscilla Brandt Gibb: N .. -.L-Q: , H niv- YEARB00 STAFF YEARBOOK STAFF EDITORS: Sue Bailey and Sandy Steele ADVISOR: Cathy Schelbe COPY: Kim Deal LAYOUT: Laura Berltlch, Karen Dzlerski, Brazaleen Pittman, Debbie Kwolek, Barrie Bass, Liz Caballos PHOTOGRAPHY: Bridget O'Brlen, Doug Youngdale, Sue Haselton, Fiona McGinty, Mary Williams PRINTING: Bridget 0'Brlen, Doug Youngdale, Janice Murray, Ellen Peters BUSINESS: Ann Albertoni ARTWORK: Debi Temprendola SPECIAL THANKS TO: Mr. Paul Collins for all his help and advisement, Jean Bidwell for her division page artwork, Sylvia Falconi, the Art Dept. for the use of classrooms and darkroom, and a special thanks to Dr. Cheryl Mabey for her support and encouragement. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Mr. Bill Christy for Senior Portraits, Mr. Dick Thompson at Vicente Camera .J ns rl xua 4 , , l,ff 3 'if I -F.: .,, I , B f .' H 1 ' .I 7 'Tiana ,' -1 1 .1 1 if "9f9?9' 5 4. 952 ???'!???' I f' . Q 5 , Vi I I P ,J-.1 1 , , I , ..,, f ., a .5

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