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i ' • ■ :i " LET IT BEGIN HERE " 1776 1976 MOUNT ST. MARY ' S COLLEGE FOUNDED IN 1925 FOR THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES. CALIFORNIA iKLAi Km - rL- i fbitujarv-- o 4 I " What is it that gentlemen wish? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me. Give me Liberty, or Give me Death! " Patrick Henry - Delivered before the Convention of Delegates, Richmond, Virginia, March 28, 1775 .■ ' : ' :c L SK I m K L j l B ' Rv Wm ■■-mjm April 19, 1775, Concord common, Massachusetts. Seventy Minutemen came running and formed into two lines beside the road. Then came the scarlet column of British soldiers. Captain Parker ' s immortal command is now carved into stone: " Stand your ground; don ' t fire unless fired upon; but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here! " The firing began and the firing ceased. Eight Americans lay dead. Thus began our War for Independence, calling into duty General George Washington, " First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen. " Henry Lee — Funeral Oration for Washington r u |-2x- W " I I ) t f c! a 1 IB " The unity of government which constitutes you one people is now dear to you. It is justly so; for it is a main pillar in the edifice of your real independence, the support of your tran- quility at home, your peace abroad, of your safety, of your prosperity, of that very liberty which you so highly prize. " George Washington — Farewell Address •-•V . -«aik mm » CONGRESS. Jxn.Y4,177£ CHALON iiiiiih iiii ' iifi:ii IBC !■■ 1 . Claudia Luka, Faith Crogran, Jeanine Byer, and Ellen Wiesenberg 2. Kim Chase 3. Sister Annette saluting 1976! 50 vears The Founder ' s Day signs said 50 years but the spirit and smiles said " You ' ll never grow old. " Happy Birthday, MSMC! JS M M IfiSSS ijafl H| H ffl v l r 1. H H ' m ? =: - ] thars entertainmenr " We ' re Mount St. Mary ' s girls, we wear our hair in curls... " And that ' s not all we do. On October 25 each class pre- sented entertainment for the 50th anniversary of Founder ' s Day. We showed the creativity and spirit of all past and pre- sent Mount students. The class connpetition was won by the Class of 1977. A Happy Birthday MSMC 1. First row, left to right: Honorinda Beeber, Patty Fabrizio, Karen Frey, Debbie Birinyi, Debbie Scotch, Nancy Hames, Teresa Car, Mary Dorgan. Second row, left to right: Gia.nnina Donatoni, Leta Prewitt, Melissa Brown, Katie Pugel, Trish Mercado, Terry Able, Ann Dechow, Marianne Schmenk, Mary Beth Maggio, Yasna Luzar, Sue Gurney 2. First row: Barbara Platte, Brenda Boland, Jane Frazer, Debbie Cunningham. Second row: Ellen Weisenberg, Carol Hodgson, Nancy O ' Leary, Patti Piepmeyer, Jane Schaner 3. " LaVerne " alias Caria Esling 4. First row: Anne Martini, Sister Mary Frederick, Beth Hill, Cathy Callahan, Vivian Ayers, Michele Robinson, Gail Anthony. Second row: Karen Walker, Arlene Dominguez, Tracy Mankey, Carolyn Bailey. .3 -0 Crf c 1- ■i- ' x: Q) 3 1- c: o _ •- o 05 _ CTO.t; Si-rj — u; l_) 3 O) S n: a ' Q.CO ;. cc.i= 5- Tx - ' ' W 1. Melissa Brown, Ann Gleason, Terry Able 2. Mary Dorgan 3. Honorinda Beeber and Venita Chavez 4. Jene DeVore 5. Ruth Mclntyre and Rowena Armijo 6. Teresa Car Halloween came early to the Mount with the Sophomores ' Social Night in the Campus Center. Furry beasts and screaming inhabitants of coffins created an eerily exciting atmosphere. Ralph whooped it up joining in the pumpkin carols ( " an owl in a dead tree " was his Favorite) and Ethel nearly drowned herself bobbing for apples. 1. Chris Potvin, Melissa Brown, Ann Varley 2. Joyce Jones 3. Vivian Ayers, Pam Merriam, Michele Gilachon, Grace Welch, Carol Mikoll 4. Mary Dorgan and Debbie Birinyi 5. Oreo - resident of Sr. Gerald ' s lab beauties 6 the beast... 1. Arlene Dominguez 2. Picnic on the lawn during the orientation week tour of the Doheny campus 3. Honorinda Beeber 4. Carmen Maldonado, Terry Clarke, Ann Harrington 5. Sydnee Wenrick, Mary Alice Godfrey, Karen Heath 1. Marianne Heimann and ? 2. Katha O ' Hara, Karen Frey, Michael Noval, Laurie Badurek 3. Sister Simon 4. Mary Ann McAlea 5. Debbie Scotch i -4 alone! No Ralph, that wasn ' t Mark Spitz. -No Ralph, that wasn ' t Mark Spitz. -Well Ethel, maybe not, but that one sure does a good impersonation of Peggy Fleming and I ' m going to get her autograph before she double sachows right into the bleachers. -Hurry Ralph, then we can leave. Those skaters are now chanting, " We can not live by books alone, glide, glide, glide. " 1. Charlene Miranda and Gail Anthony 2. Denise Morales, Margaret Roslansky, Clara Hoffman, Jane Duff, Susie Shelling, Michele Galichon, Mary McEntee, Kathy Hunter, Trang Hoang 3. Joyce Jones 1. Dr. David Leese 2. Veronica Asbun 3. Michael Lannergan 4. Trish Mercado Debbie Dudenhoeffer 5. Debbie Huebotter 6. Becky Cherland 1 il. iff y guaranteed to 1. Lisa Vukalcic 2. Cecilia Dias 3. Maureen Cox 4. Patty Pine 5. Teri Safer 6. Tracy Stewart w . 5 . ? 1. KathaO ' Hara 2. Liang-Mei Lee 3. Debbie Pavetti and Carol Havoc 4. Sue Foster 5. Leo Politi - famous artist and author of children ' s literature 1. Sister Regina Clare, Education 2. Sister Elizabeth Anne, Assistant Registrar, Doheny Campus 3. Caria Esling, ASB President and Sister Mary, Dean of Academic Development 4. Robert Geissinger, Director of Development 5. Sister Jeanne Annette and Irma Odabashian 6. Sister Rose Catherine, History Sister Margaret, Periodicals peopled pujpets! 1. Tony Urbano 2. Denise Coulson and Marlene Santiago 3. Sister Fidel is, Sister Simon, and Sister Eugene 4. Patty Fabrizio and Grace Welch 5. Reindeers! anniversary " We are moving beyond our youth, " was one of Monsignor O ' Reilly ' s reflections during the Golden Anniversary Mass of Thanksgiving and reception on December 12, 1975. He was joined in the celebration of the Mass by Cardinal Timothy Manning, Bishop Ward,, Father Patrick Kelly and Father Cassassa. mass III!il H hs r " fll rW P ■si H Wt o 5 U " To us a Child has been born today. . . " In the Mount ' s traditional heralding of Christmas, on December 5, 1975, the House of Studies Chapel glittered with candle- light and song in a spirited Choral Concert. The Mount community and friends then gathered with the Consort Singers for a reception in celebration of the shining Christmas performance. ♦• - ' Soprano I Lori-Ann Badurek Heather Bagnell Susan Carr Monica Casteel Suzanne Cote Mary Goebel Sue Gottenbos Connie Havick Beth Hill Naomi Hudson Anna-Marie Lavoie Mary Maggio Hong Ung Nguyen Thi Katha O ' Hara Joan Patano Monica Sullivan Marsha Tracy Soprano II Cynthia Barnes Honorinda Bieber Janet Carnes Sister Cecilia Hoang Cung Thi Linda Hesch Mary Agnes Jones Janet Lander Yasna Luzar Stephanie Miller Deanna Purtell Janice Robinson Julie Ruesenberg Mary Schmenk Wendy Susank Alto I Linda Boyd Susan Burdo Cindy Burns Alice Del Rosario Charlotte Garrison Carol Havick Carmen Maldonado Virginia Martinez Deborah Pavetti Alto II Maureen Cleary Carle Esling Michele Galichon Vickie Gardner Ann Higson Clara Hoffman Rachel Jenkins Katherine Lemke Lynne Lisby Tracy Mankey Sister Marie Juliette Nguyen CONSORT SINGERS Sopranos •Angela Blasie Sue Gottenbos Mary Agnes Jones ' ' Kathy McCamy Stephanie Miller Katha O ' Hara Suzanne Rodas " Kathy Sullivan Susie Tam Sue Weems Altos Cheri Buonaguidi Charlee Doyle Judy Fitzpatrick Marie Hodgson Katherine Kieffer Tracy Mankey Sheila O ' Callaghan Mary Peterson Lynn Skelley Wendy Susank Toni Trousil Tenors Edmond Allmond Kevin Cade Lewis Clapp Paul Gibson Mauro Giordani Joseph Gray Larry Minton Kevin Susank James Tebow Dave Umeda Basses Alfred Chu Randy Davis Ken Dial Gordon Goodman Charles Jurgensmeier Wayne Love Kevin Lysaght Brant Reed John Relieve Paul Williams Loyola-Marymount University Members 1. Cindy Linkel and Santa Claus, alias Sister James Marien 2. Maureen Cleary-Do photo- graphers ALWAYS mal e faces at their subjects? 3. Caroling, caroling, through the dorms, Christmas soon is coming. 4. Mary Goebel and Cindy Burns 5. Angels we have heard on high. . . in the persons of Sister Teresita, Sister Maura Jean, Sister Miriam Therese, Sister Martha Mary and Ruby Manglinong. 1. Yasna Luzar and Ann Harrington 2. Santa just made some big promises to Sister iVlary! 3. It ' s jolly old Saint Nick himself, or is it? 4. Becky Christenson, Michelle Mukri, Ann Farber, Jane Duff, and Jill Daw 5. Lisa Bondietti and Carmen Maldonado 6. Sister Mary Evelyn 1. Patty Scott practicing play therapy 2. Amy Katz 3. Patty Scott practicing study therapy 4. Sheila Jones 5. Carol Duffy 1 ' V F . v " " ' ' ' , 1 1 1. Diane and Claudia Lukas 2. Top row: Beth Hill, Katy Pugel, and Denica Powert. Second row: Kathy Lemke. Third row: Sister James Marien, Monica Sullivan, and Janice Robinson. Fourth row: Giannina Donatoni and Leia Prewitt. Fifth row: Pam Merriam and Vivien Ayers. 3. Sue Foster, Berle Cotman, and Mary Smith 4. Front row: Wiihelmina Beerden and Janis Chang. Back row: Cindy Burns, Melanie Doty, Ruby Manglinong, Barbara Darling, Georgina Reynoso, and Maria Baez. - , ' ; , . ! I ' jj ' . r r - . - v wme, women, 6 cars... 1. Lou Algaze and Nancy Izzo 2. First row, left to right: Jana Rouston, Alice Andujo, Monica Casteel. Second row: Eileen Gauthier, Vickie Gardner, Barbara Darling, Nancy Izzo. Third row: Janis Chang, Stephanie Wong, Carol Dorgan, Marie Baumgartner. Fourth row: Cindy Burns, Wilhelmina Beerden, Cathy Pease, Dorita Roe, Missy Ottenville, Debbie Donato, Trudy Forbes. 3. Dave Anderson and Sister Annette 4. Marie Zeuthen Pamela Pine, Laurie Anderson Greg Anderson, Lori Ann Badurik, Jeanine Byer, Marianne Schmenk, and Therese Myers ,. CHAFEl ■MUNrv oinuMOi 1. Sister Cecilia Louise, President of Mount St. Mary ' s College, addressed the assembly at the Flag Raising Ceremony held in honor of America ' s Bicentennial year on January 20, 1976. To her left, Marianne Sterling waited to present her gift of song, " America the Beautiful. " 2. An officer of the Armed Services Color Guard, assisted by AFROTC Cadet Terry Clarke, raising the American flag. 3. Katina Zaninovich, co-chairman of Academic Cultural committee, Caria Esling, president of ASB, her parents, Mrs. and Mr. Esling, Sister Cecilia Louise, and Anne Zachary, co-chairman of Academic Cultural committee 4. 1976 Bennington flag, raised for the first time at the Mount during the ceremony 5. Armed Services Color Guard and AFROTC Cadet Cathy Gardner at attention during the flag raising 4 11 m if i , » ■ h :U to thee LA. At 9: 1 5 a.m. on January 5th, TWA flight 904 transferred thirty-four students and two sisters over the Atlantic into a grand three weel tour of European countries. The following pictures shows actual proof of their departure and arrival! And those who managed to commend their lives into the hands of Sisters Teresita and Mary Evelyn were: Susan Allen, Bobbin Bahr, Cynthia Barns, Eileen Crevier, Lynn Crevier, Debborah Cunningham, Ruthe Cunningham, Kim Doran, Kristine Dunn, Judith Fitzpatrik, Michelle Gergen, Susan Gottenboss, Elizabetfi Hill, Karen Jaquias, Sandra MacDonald Sister Donna Madej, Lucianne Magner, Janet Mahoney, Pamela Merriam, Stephanie Miller, Carol Neel, Katha O ' Hara, Laurie Ostrow, Liza Parkin, Barbara Platte, Jean Prifogle, Deanna Purtell, Catherine Reilly, Uluwehi Ridely, Alice del Rosario, Brenda Schultz, Janet Thompson, and Grace Welch. STOP IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A BOARDING PASS: did they eva return?! December 26th saw Sister James Marien with Denica Powert, Mary Barich, Maureen Cleary, Kathy Hunter, Kim Chase, Kathy Davenport, Susan Henderson, Anne Donner, Elaine Hess, and Mary Anne Ziqier tal e off for a cross country Bicentennial tour by way of Greyhound Bus. And their adven- tures are still unknown to many ! 1. The public stocks, Williamsburg, Virginia 2. Harvard, Boston 3. The front of Mt. Vernon, home of G. Washington 4. The Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C. 5. Overlooking the Potomac River .SHE ' HHShS ♦ " -▼- " " 1. A demonstration on " self-defense " . . . note girl being strangled! 2. Students fronn St. Catherine ' s telling stories of visits to " Other Faces of L.A. " 3. Anne White wrinkling up a piece of paper 4. Lynn Fraley trying to get her " head " together! 5. A far cry from the Lawrence Welk waltz is the American Folkdancing class First row, left to right: Wilhelmina Beerden, Sue Gurney, Diane Kutz, Barbara Darling, Colleen O ' Leary, and Eileen Gauthier. Second row: Jan Bailes, Janis Chang, Alice Andujo, Anna La Voie, Trudy Forbes, Kathy Andrew, and Jackie Hamilton. Third row: Larry Forness, Mary Maggio, Karen Moehring, Terry Lewis, Cindy Burns, Carol Dorgan, Mary Dorgan, Anne Higson, Margaret Roslansky, and Anne Varley. o r V - " -• ( 1 r. ;; . ' , i i- T«iwSU. ♦ 1 r i Af I 1. Debbie Birinyi, Mary Jo Higson, Ann Higson, and Pam Spencer all bundled up to watch whales 2. A real whale? At last? 3. Patience is a virtue, but where are they? 4. In meditation on a Rumpus Room 5. Sheryl Staab, Mary Warren, and Annette Paalumbo: official whale- watching representatives from St. Catherine ' s 6. Stefan Ehrlich in contemplation on the next pitch r?--: ' (• ? li 1 1 them! 1. Susan Zerbes 2. Laura Anne Day and Louise Taylor 3. XochitI Miranda, Marlene Santigo, Cindy Burns, Michelle Corpus, Sue Burdo, and Janet Games 4. Stephanie Wong, Ann Higson, and Judy Wills 5. Sue Cantor, Susan Ostrowski, Missy Ottenville, Ellen Aliberti, and Margie Pytko 4 1. Debbie Coulapides Liza Pighin, chairpersons of Spring Sing, 1976 2. Junior Social Night 3. Kim Chase Mary Alice 4. Colleen O ' Leary 5. Katina Zaninovich 1. Suzanne Cote and Beverly Sandobal 2. Carmen Maldonado and Chris Potvin 3. Diane Rios 4. Genevieve Rodriguez 5. Stepiianie Wong 6. Anne Zachary, Lori Johnson, and Ellen Aliberti wllO ' S intne oorms... 1. Fourth Floor Carondelet; First row, left to right; Terry Car, Mary Dorgan, Debbie Birinyi, JoAnn Barret, Kathi Sheridan, Beverly Sandobal, Gail Anthony. Second row: Uluwehi Ridley, Carol Dorgan, Ellen Weisenberg, Mary Ann McAlea, Susan Troy, Janice Robinson, Ann Gleason, Maggie Gomez, Julie Ruesenberg, Donna Thompson. Third row: Vickie Amiing, Debbie Scotch, Tracy Stewart, Pam Bock, Gail Meini, Monica Sullivan, Elsie Liu. Fourth row: Maureen Kelly, Karen Thatcher, Charlene Miranda, Trish Mercado, Margaret Frankel, Pat Fabrizio, Sister Mary Frederick, Carrie Philpot, Aura Zelada, Susanne Cote, Laura Hanf, Mary Ann Etcheverry, Amy Dario. (Not pictured are Doris Bergman, Sue Cantor, Michele Galichon, Stephanie Miller, Adelyn Peck, Susan Troy, Carroll Wills.) • 2. First Floor Brady: First row, left to right; Kathy Lemke, Cathy Pease, Natalie Harris, Joan Cashion, Susana Aragon, Ann Farber. Second row: Sister Rose Adrian, Shirley Aquino, Alice Jordan, Cynthia Barnes, Susan Burdo, Karen Frey, Carolyn Bailey, Michele Robinson. Third row: Denise Coulson, Cynthia Linkel, Debbie Huebotter, Vickie Sween, Janis Chang, Donna Richardson, Anne Martini, Trudy Forbes, Beth Hill. (Not pictured are Terry Clarke, Maureen Cleary, Michelle Corpus, Charlene Crevier, Laura Doherty, Cynthia Martin, Karen McCaslin, XochitI Miranda, Sue Ostrowski, Margaret Roslansky, Barbara Tucci.) 3. Third Floor Carondelet; First row, left to right: Mary Barich, Karen Walker, Pam Kennedy, Becky Christenson, Lisa Vukalcic, Emma Christopher. Second row: Becky Cherland, Marianne Heimann, Joyce Lekawa, Lisa Richards, Barbara Darling. Third row: Kathy Doty, Charlotte Garrison, Susan Moons, Brenda Boland, Janet Lander. Fourth row: Alice Zuniqa, Gwen McCollough, Pam Franzen, Debbie Dudenhoeffer, Honorinda Bieber. Fifth row: Sue Henderson, Kathy Davenport, Anne Donner, Aimee Droege, Marsha Tracy, (not pictured are Kathleen Aiken, Kathleen Andrew, Wilhelmina Beerden, Linda Boyd, Venita Chavez, Debbie Coulapides, Laura Cuddy, Jene DeVore, Arlene Dominguez, Jackie Hamilton, Maria Hunt, Suzanne Johnson, Carmelita Lara, Rita Lara, Ruth Mclntyre, Liza Pighin, Dianne Pinter, Marlene Santiago, Jeanette Wheeler) 1. Third Floor Brady: First row, left to right: Carol Mikoll, Maureen Cox, Grace Welch, Ruby Manglinong, Vickie Gardner. Second row: Clara Hoffman, Sue Gurney, Carmen Maldonado, Maria Linnebach, Alice Del Rosario, Clara Gonzalez. Third row: Pin Fu, Yasna Luzar, Victoria Cuddy, June Perry, Kathy Wefel, Lisa Bondietti, Paula Garcia, Eileen Gauthier, Ann Harrington, Karen Pahls, Veronica Asbun. (not pictured are Kathy Murkijanean, Manushaf Sahaghian, Mary Ellen Sellars, and Sister Mary Evelyn) 2. First Floor Carondelet: First row: Patty Muller, Terri McAtee, Tracy Mankey, Anne Varley, Patricia Thompson. Second row: Sydnee Wenrick, Susan Allen, Celine Cutler, Lucy Patterson, Deanna Purtell, Edwina Hull, Melissa Brown, Kim Swafford, and Chris Potvin. (not pictured are Melissa Devine, Linda Hall, Kit Chi Lee, Dianne Raschke, and Sister Annette) 3. Second Floor Brady: First row: Cathy Bundon, Lorene Johnson, Jane Duff, Jill Daw, Mary Jo Higson. Second row: Colleen O ' Leary, Debby Cunningham, Mary McEntee, Katina Zaninovich, Anne Zachary. Third row: Eliza Miller, Ann Marie McMasters, Debbie Anderson, Carol Hodgson, Caria Esling, Jane Schaner. Fourth row: Carmen Urtecho, Maria Baeza, Patti Piepmeyer, Barbara Platte, Denise Morales, (not pictured are Ellen Aliberti, Susan Carr, Monica Casteel, Sister Therese Thomas, Giannina Donatoni, Jane Frazer, Linda Hesch, Kathy Hunter, Jan Bailes, Nancy O ' Leary, Melissa Ottenville, Patty Pine, Denica Powert, Leia Prewitt, Margie Pytko, Georgina Reynoso, and Sister Mary) 1. Fifth Floor Carondelet: Vivian Ayers, Heather Bagnell, Carol Boiling, Kim Chase, Linda Davis, Ann Dechow, Linda Detscher, Lisa Duncan, Cathy Gardner, Christine Gilwee, April Hazard, Elaine Hess, Cindy Hickman, Valerie Holcomb, Mary Agnes Jones, Theresa Lewis, Mary Maggio, Nancy Marraro, Virginia Martinez, Karen Moehring, Helen Montoya, Marilu Orozco, Ann Pickar, Mary Shallert, Pamela Spencer, Barbie Stout, Patricia Wright, Mary Anne Zigler, and Sister Teresita. (not pictured are Yolanda Anderson, Marilyn Armstrong, Mary Connelly, Margaret Lau, Elaine Lillywhite, Dorothy Manning, Bernie Mendiondo, Pam Merriam, Eileen Pickar, Vanessa Polacek, Debbie Sampson, Christine Shook, Cecilia Smith, and Joan Wirth) 3. Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Presents: First row: Cathy Callahan and Tracy Mankey. Second row: Dorene Rodgers, Grace Welch, Becky Christiansen, Katha O ' Hara, Lillian Sterling, Debbie Sterling, Debbie Coulapides, Arlene Dominguez, Pam Kennedy, Mary Barich, Denica Powert, and Liza Pighin. Third row: Carmen Maldonado, Ann Harrington, Paula Garcia, Jan Bailes, Patty Fabrizio, Nancy Hames, Bonnie McCloskey, Trish Mercado, Ann McMasters, Valerie Sullivan, and Joyce Lekawa. Fourth row: Suzanne Johnson, Pam Johnson, Debbie Monett, Julie Meis, Sydnee Wenrick, Michelle Mukri, Mary Conelly, Charlene Miranda, Suzy Aragon, Carrie Marraro, Chris Gilwee, Cindy Hickman, Karen Heath, and Linda HalL i 0 N O) O _, SO 15 I o ro — — ■ CD x 3 o O fD Q. O- cu S ' »-+ o o CL fC IT o (B o 05 5: O) O — ■ o " 3 (D o 3 snac... To welcome all class levels of Nursing majors, in September the Mount Chapter of the Student Nurses Association of Calif, gathered for lunch in Campus Center. Nursing faculty and SNAC officers were intro- duced as well as plans for the coming year. ..The theme was " we ' re student nurses now, but soon to be R.N. ' s— let ' s look to the future by keeping up with nursing as it moves ahead. " Terry Chamorro President Jodi Giesler— Kidd Vice President Beth Hill Secretary Margaret Leandra Treasurer Barbara Platte Communications Leslie Farenbaugh PAG Sister Claire Olivier, CSJ Legislative Esther Geller Moderator 2. Nancy Malaznik, Mary Poush, Joan Hanson 3. Sister Eleanore Francis 4. Sister Rebecca, Sister Eleanore Francis, Edythe Ellison 5. Senior nursing students— " never stand when you can sit " ii 1. ASB Officers: First row, left to right: Carmen Urtecho, Communications; Anne Zachary, Academic Cultural; Caria Esling, President; Teresa Car, Service; Judy Kruzic, Service. Second row: Carolyn Bailey, Resident President; Ann Dechow, Secretary Treasurer; Susie Lennon, Secretary Treasurer; Barbie Stout, Communications; Mary Beth Maggie, Campus Ministry. Third row: Mary Ann O ' Brien, Assistant to Dean of Student Development; Patty Aston, Day Student Representative; Patty Muller, Vice-President; Mary Jo Higson, Social Recreational. Fourth row: Sister Rose Bernard, Dean of Student Development; Sister Margaret Ellen, Campus Ministry; Michele Galichon, Social Recreational; Katina Zaninovich, Academic Cultural. p theta mu V Dorgan, Vice-President, Anne Varley, Team Leader, 3. Pi Theta Mu Members: First row, left to right: Mary Dorgan, Vice-President, Anne Varley, Team Leader, Carol Mikoll, Team Leader, Denise Morales, Team Leader, Sister Rose Adrian, Advisor, Second row: Mary Anne Shmenk, Secretary, Debbie Birinyi, Mary Beth Maggio, Katina Zaninovich, Debbie Dudenhoeffer, Colleen O ' Leary, President. Third row: Marsha Tracy, Alice del Rosario, Susan Allen, Giannina Donatoni, Lucy Patterson. Fourth row: Honorinda Bieber, Ann McMasters, Anne Zachary, Susie Lennon, Deanna Purtell, Trish Mercado, Chris Potvin. Fifth row: Pam Merriam, Cecilia Dias, Vivian Ayers Yasna Luzar, Linda Boyd, Melissa Brown, Jan Bailes. Sixth row: Kathy Hunter, Pat Fabrizio, Uluwehi Ridley, Mary Jo Higson, Melanie Doty, Carmen Maldonado, Karen Pahls, Leia Prewitt. Seventh row: Karen Frey, Wilhelmina Beerden, Katie Pugel, Mary McGee, Isabel Reza, Patty Aston, June Perry, Lisa Bondietti, Vicki Cuddy. (Not pictured are Ellen Aliberti, Vickie Amiing, Terry Car, Emma Christopher, Melissa Devine, Carol Duffy, Judy Kruzic, Liza Miller, Debbie Scotch, Cindy Shado, Lillian Sterling.) ide resiaence offio ers 2. Residence Officers: First row: Carolyn Bailey, President; Pam Kennedy, Social Recreational. Second row: June Perry, Secretary; Micfiele Robinson, Vice-President; Joyce Lekawa, Social Recreational; Sister Rose Adrian, Director of Residence. » - ' a 1. I nterterm Visiting Students: First row, left to right: Maureen Costello, Sharon LaFrance, Mary Pat Bodner, Mary Korol, Corinne Wooden. Second row: Claire Johnson, Paula Welter, Rita O ' Malley, Ann Miller, Mary Warren, Annette Palumbo. Third row: Mary Rafferty, Colleen Stangler, Kathleen Ryan, Mary Regan, Beth Towney, Mary Alaine Eno, Joan Hanson, (not pictured are: Robbin Bahr, Laurie Bieganek, Laura Anne Day, Gregory C. Finney, Cecilia Giles, Kirsti Gormanson, Mary Grace, Pamela Holz, Karen Johnson, Diane Lukas, Susan Lyons, Sandra MacDonald, Ann Marie McEvoy, Kathryn Melansen, DeAnne Norgren, Bonnie O ' Day, Helen O ' Donnell, Charlene Schmidt, Brenda Schultz, Tamiko Shimatsu, Sheryl Staab, Louise Taylor, Janet Thompson, Cheryl Thums.) 2. Freshman Leadership: First row, left to right: Carol Dorgan, Charleen Crevier, Natalie Harris, and Janet Lander. Second row: Ann Pickar, Chris Gilwee, Missy Ottenville, and Amee Droege. Third row: Joan Cashion, Ann Higson, and Mary Ann McAlea 3. Sister St. Joseph and Zac raoket club... Mount St. Mary ' s College Tennis Team: Janis Chang, Helene de Lorinnier, Theresa Lewis, Mary Jo Higson, and Joyce Jones, coach in CONGRESS. Jxrcfjo. a CONOR DOHENY •1 ffi lllllllk llll ' llfl " ft-i nil ims: L 1. Isabel Romillo 2. Isabel tJroede 3. Smudge the cat! heritage dav at dcieny September 28th was alive with over 5600 people roaming the grounds where the Doheny Mansions now serve as the downtown campus of the College. Music floated from the historic buildings throughout the grounds during the day as guests made their way into the mansions, relaxed on the spacious lawns, or enjoyed the cultural deminstrations that were taking place especially for them. CHESTER PLAEE flKTisT- ulrmanic • • 1. Cyril Shepro, Barbara Transue, Britta Harrison, Arlyne Shepro 2. Paula Vukmanic 3. Ellen Aliberti 4. June Perry, Vicki Cuddy, Vivian Ayers 5. Sisters Mary Anne, Mary Patricia, Mary Ann, Lana Chang 1. Lisa Wilson, Pat McElwee, Michelle Carrigan, Althea Williams, Karen Ansell, and Una Feeney 2. Maria Baumgartner 3. Karen Ansell and Una Feeney 4. Ramona Ponce 5. Lisa Wilson 6. Judi Scanlin 7. Arlene Paragoso and Ruthe Morgan 1 1. Alice Bledsoe 2. Marianne Sterling and high school students visiting 3. Ruthe Morgan 4. Melana Lovue 5. Diana Perez, Peggy Bracken, and Paula Watson ••w •,.v. «L..v . . 1. Beverly and Monika Tillman 2. Carol Richardson 3. Karen Heil 4. Mr. Blondell 5. Sister Jean Anne and Sister Michael Patrick i ' • -Ml » •••• K ! l - ' m i« - w w i- ' S ' SStfiM. a K B ' - ' • ■1 m w ' k 1. Juanita Williams 2. Maria Baumgartner 3. Carmen Wong 4. Olivia Tomayo 5. Judi Scanlin and Paula Watson 6. Juanita Williams 1. Jocelyn Levid, Leonida Ramil Marianne Clark 2. Theresa Hoyt Marianne Clark 3. Stephanie Zachary Paula Athan 4. Margaret Pablico, Susanne Siegel, Mindi White Karen Stevens tempor aj man .-ible,et imoid 3one... me?! hangm ir pu carondelet cenuer 1. Regina Cabrera, Evelyn Mawudeku, Carmencia Katigbak Delphine Schuan 2. Anonymous visitor in Carondelet Center 3. Regina Cabrera 4. Jennifer Morris, Bernadette Gonzaque, Chrysti Wilson Valerie Usher 1. First row, front to back: Sylvia Delgadillo, Regina Mays, Marcia Villaquiran. Second row: Pat McElwee, Patricia Medina 2. Aiita Covel, Mirta Gomez, Joan McKeown 3. Farhad Mirinady 4. Mimi Simson 5. Mr. Ehrlich ' s economics class smile! were places... B K l Ka H H HI IIHm H i. t i 1. Sky Berg 2. Chris Caballero Carmen Wong 3. Nancy McKnight Kuni Ishiwada 4. Evan Casserly 5. Kathy Carole Cuarda 6. Rosemary Vincent Una Feeney 1. Mirta Gomez Rita Alvarez 2. Alice Andujo 3. Jocelyn Levid Leonida Ramil 4. Chris Caballero, Carmen Wong Kuni Ishiwada 5. Diana Perez } i 1. Now where have all your smiles gone? 2. Rita Alvarez Sister Teresita 3. Rosemary Flaherty, Mindi White, Jennifer Abraham Therese Lawler 4. Marilda Francisco Althea Adams 1. Two small pair of brown eyes brighten up to be photographed over Diana Perez ' s shoulder. 2. Eva Solis Alice Andujo 3. Somehow, typing and I never seem to hit off very well . . . 4. Olivia Tamaya, Nita Estrada Carmen Pinal 5. Linda Zamora 6. Beverly Brown Mary Turner H ' ♦ 1 tav- «Si i 1. Sister Cecilia Louise, President of Mount St. Mary ' s, offers a presentation to those attending " Black Women in Service to Society " 2. Christina Triplett, Deborah Norton, Harriett Dennison, Alicia Hinton, and Mary Scarborough 3. Aril e Logan, M.D. , panelist for " Black Women in Service to Society " 4. Marta Alvarez, Mirta Gomez Carmen Pinal 1. Marie Koenig Judith Bunten, Norsing instructor 2. Frances Dee, Director of Self-Pace Learning Lab Sister Margaret Anne 3. Ruth Gruen Lucy Ann Hesky 4. Red Cross Representative 5. Nancy McKnight, Nora Figueroa, Chiyoi o Inouchi Dr. Stefan Eriich, MSMC Softball coach n » « ' ♦ " ' , t i f t 1 4 1 4 i t in 4 1 4 ' ■ fi4t44n nt t,,,, . . ' »4 4 4 4 4 44 t 4»4 ' ■■■t44444444444444444 ' 44 ' ■t4t44t4f444t4lit4. ' Vi ' i . . ' ' J-T . ' -».,_. • _ _ . -«i,i. ' ' ' m -l ' ' t 4 4t4444 ■ ' I ' • ' 44 ' t44tt 4 44 44 , I 4 i , . ' » ' » - A ' i »yi il — V3r 4 4 ' 4 4 4 444 444 4 4 4t 44, ' ' ••--•• - - -._» __v-»» .- »- . I 4 t 4 4 f 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 t J 4 4 ■ , . • ■ ■•■■ ' ' ' ' ■ ' ■■■•444t,,.,..i.44 ' 44444444444 ' H H44 4t444 444t ' »»t444444l44tt»ttt,t,,, , . 4 444444t44{44, ' t4444444444»4tt4t ' .ti ' ■ ' » ' ♦ ' • • ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . • ■ ' •«•»»»» tt 444444 4 . ■, Y JJ ' ( J 4,,,, . ' r r» »r»c ' v- - ' -- ' - •.» ,. 4 I t ' •■• .■44t444444t ' ' »l4i4444lltit., ' ' I I t I t • I t I I t 4 . . .11 it ' 41 144444444441 ' 4 ' l4i444t44- ' I 4 4 4 4 4 » 4 4 t4 4 t I t 4 ) 4 4 4 4 t 4 t 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 44 4 4 4 I ' 4 4 4 4 4 t 4 t , 41 t 4 , • ' t I I I 44 t t ' I I t t . , 4 4 t 4 4 t 4 4 4 t 44 44 4 4 i 4 4 4 4 4 t 4 4 4 4 4 4 I J 4 I • . , I.iii lt4ii44444l4444t444tt4t t44444l44t,. •U leadership 6 deltas 1. Getting it " together " in the Doheny library. 2. One of the many decorative windows in No. 8 3. Leadership: Rosalba Cobos, Sylvia Delgadillo, Sylvia Diaz Una Feeney, Irene Fierro, Pat Garcia, Bernadette Gonzaque, Marta Hernandez, Kathy Hol- quin, Olga Madero, Ruthe Morgan, Irene Parro, Diana Perez, Maria Pulido, Anabel Robles, Judi Seanlou, Olivia Tamayo, Monika Tillman, Lupie Tovar, Juanita Williams 4. Front row, I. tor.: Denise McArdle, Carmencita Katigbak, Alice Andujo, Rosemarie Viloria, Ana Montes de Oca, Ruthe Morgan, Cathy Tinker, Chiyoko Inouchi; second row: Kassy Robertson, Arlene Bruner, Diana Vargas, Regina Cabrera, Irma Miranda, La Terye Bean, Bernadette Gonzaque, Sister Dorothy Mary Edwards. Not pictured: Stella Arauz, Paula Athan, Marie Baum- gartner, Chris Caballero, Deborah Campbell, Nita Estrada, Marilda Francisco, Pamela Giron, Nancy Hames, Wanda Harris, Sarife Hernandez, Regina Mays, Diana Perez, Joyce Pleasant, Elva Ramos, Anabel Robles, Judi Scanlon, Eva Soils, Cil Sustayta, Lupie Tovar, Eva Velasco, Marcia Villaquiran 1. Bernie Mendiondo and Jane Schaner bundle up with warm smiles for " the slopes " 2. Exodus! 3. William Dozier, previewing his " play to be " 4. The ever cheery Director of the Student Placement Office, Carolyn Bailey 5. An alumna of the class of 1929 6. Our last living founder of MSMC, Sister Ignatia 1. Laura Hanf, Maureen Kelly, Janice Robinson 2. MSiVlC Softball team vs. Santa Monica City College. Carol Dorgan is ready for the Kill! 3. Anne Zachary Mary Alice Godfrey 4. Freshmen Communications Council: Aimee Droege, Charlotte Garrison, Janice Robinson, Tracy Stewart, Kim Chase, Therese Carrett, Cindy Burns, Cindy Barnes, and Char Crevier : : ' «-, V- Karen Walker, Chairman Gail Anthony Beryl Cotman Laura Cuddy Patty Fabrizio Roxanne Hafer Valerie Holcomb Donna Holsher Lori Johnson Sue Johnson Sheilah Jones Pam Kennedy Carrie Philpot Grace Welch i 1. Stephanie Miller 2. Anne Martini 3. Clara Gonzalez 4. Vivien Ayers Melissa Brown -« ' .- r Debby Cunningharn!H: " enWeisenberg, Barbara ' Pfatte, Jane Frafpr " and Brenda B. nd Catherine Ackers Art Kathleen Anne Aiken Nursing Ana iVIaria Arosemena Spanish Sister Mary Bakke, SDSH Business Brenda P. Boland Nursing Annette Borromeo Art -f. r tj ' . liiJi Louise Helen Bottonnley Nursing Gloria Jean Bradford Nursing Mary Anne Breeding Nursing Jeanine Byer Nursing Frances M. Calilao Psychology Dorothy Caruso Nursing Faith Valerie Croghan Nursing Deborah Ann Cunninghann Nursing Madeleine Marie Distaso Nursing Kathleen Patricia Doherty Nursing Vicki Drosman Nursing Caria Esling Music Susan Mary Espey Nursing Olivia Esquibel Nursing Leslie Farenbaugh Nursing Janice Genevieve Ferreira English 4- Christine Ann Foshay Nursing Jane M. Frazer Nursing Jodie Giesler Nursing Linda Susan Giovangelo Nursing Ann Marie Gleason Math Melinda Marie Graziano Nursing Sister Theresa Harpin, CSJ Christian Ministry Connie Jean Havick Diversified Charlotte Margot Hell Biology Linda Dell Hesch English Mary Ellen Higgins English 1 fvl 1 |j|l A H r 1 Carol Hodgson Nursing Nancy Ann Izzo Nursing Karen Elvena Jaquias Nursing Mary Agnes Jones Music Independence Hall as It Appeared In 1776. ' . . ' •D l Susan J. Kaiser Nursing A Diane M. Klempner Math Joni IVI. Kusnierz Nursing Sharron L. Kuykendall Nursing Claudia Marian LaFrance English Rita T. Lara Nursing Margaret A. Leandra Nursing Elaine Marie Lillywhite Diversified Judith C. Lubin Nursing , Pc « ' 1 w ■1 r Claudia Marie Lukas Nursing Mary Beth McCallum Business Organizational Management Kathy McCoy Nursing Virginia Marie Maes Nursing Janet Marie Mahoney Nursing Patrice Valida Mathon Psychology Michelle Melanson Business Organizational Mgmt. Beth E. Momburg English Brenda Morrison Consumer Studies Home Econ. Sister Elizabeth Normanly, SDSH English Sister Dawn Marie O ' Hara, CSJ Sociology Nancy O ' Leary Nursing Susan Odegaard Nursing Sister Claire Olivier, CSJ Nursing Marie De Lourdes Orozco Child Development Deborah Ann Phillips Diversified Patricia A. Piepmeyer Nursing Barbara Rose Platte Nursing Demise Raach Business Organizational Mgmt. Elissa Anne Resler Nursing Deborah Lynn Sampson Nursing iVIaureen Sanders Nursing Jane Schaner Elementary Ed Darleen Scholl Nursing Christine Marie Shook Nursing Laura E. Singerman Nursing Kathleen E. Snider Nursing Dolores Anne Stadie Nursing Patricia Ann Taguchi Nursing Angela Denise Taylor Nursing Carmen Urtecho Diversified Eileen Vrklan Diversified Paula Jo Vukmanic Art Debbie Wardein Nursing Carolyn Sanna Wasilewski Biology Ellen Mary Weisenberg Nursing Madonna Marie Wiidhaber Nursing Nancy Eileen Williannson Psychology Lisa Sue Wong Nursing Patricia R. Wright Biology Mary Wylde Nursing Roberta Zimmerman Nursing Carolyn Baines Liberal Arts LaTerye C. Bean Preschool Kathy Belanger Nursing Linda Anne Bracken Liberal Arts Arlene C. Bruner Pre-school lichele Anne Carrigan Pre-school Silvia L. Delgadillo Business Harriett Dennison Nursing Deborah Ann Donate Nursing iViary E. Fontanini Nursing Carol Grant Nursing Theresa Ann Grossklaus Nursing Starr Marie Hainsworth Nursing Carmen Messing Nursing Alicia Hinton Nursing Sally Ann Holguin Nursing Chiyoko Inouchi Business Audrey Kelley Nursing Kathy Leily Nursing Greta Liil Kennedy Nursing Denise M. McArdle Nursing i Patricia M. McElwee Business Bertha Manzo Nursing Cecilia Martha Marquez Exploratory Joyce Eileen Matejka Nursing Regina Mays Business Administration Deborah Norton Nursing laudi Beatrice Miller Pre- school Irm a Miranda Liberal Arts Heddamae Morenfeid Nursing Kassy Robertson Nursing Ruth LaVonne Morgan Business Arlene Paragoso Liberal Arts Joyce Marie Pleasant Preschool Jennifer M. Raff Nursing Elva Ramos Business Patricia Medina Business Anabel Robles Business Mary Joyce Scarbrough Nursing Ginger Sheller Nursing Lisa Robin Spero Nursing Constance Susan Stevens Nursing Cecilia Ann Sustayta Liberal Arts Catherine Irene Tinker Business Lupe Tovar Business Christina Tripletl Nursing Marcia Villaquiran Business Margaret Ann Wild Nursing 1 Linda S. Zamora Liberal Arts Tentative listing of graduates as o( March. 1976 CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS Ana Maria Arosemena Sister Mary Bakke. SOSH Patricia Ann Bravo Sister Mary Barbara CabaHero. CVD Frances Grace Marcos Calilao Stster Marie Elizabeth Chahfour Clara Isabel Cid Sister Christina Corella. CSJ Lucia Daley Chrtstelle Estrada Ann Mane Gleason Sister Theresa Harpin Connie Jean Havick Linda Dell Hesch Mary Ellen Higgins Mary Agnes Jones Sister Mary Judeen Julier, SND Diane Marie Klempner Claudia Marian La France Maribeth Larkin Michelle Melanson Sister Patricia Marie Miller. SNO Mary Elisabeth Momburg II Sister Elizabeth Normanly. SDSH Sister Dawn Mane D ' Hara, CSJ Maria de Lourdes Orozco Deborah Ann Phillips Genaone J Rich Gladys Susana Rodriguez Dianne Lynn Rosenf.eld Jane Frances Schaner Mayra H Sona Carmen Urtecho Eileen Vrktan Nancy Eileen Williamson CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS Catherine Magdalyne Ackers Anrwtte Borromeo lrer e So Chu Paula Vukmanic. CSJ CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF MUSIC Kaihryn Rose Dragon Caria Joan Eslir g Wilham Hayden Hamilton CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Kathleen Anne Aiken Beverly Jeanne Bickerton Brenda Philomena Boland Gloria Jean Julian Bradford Mary Anne Breeding Martha Jeannine Byer Dorothy Jean Caruso Phyllis Terry Chamorfo Faith Valerie Croghan Deborah Ann Cunningham Dorothy Sharpe De Long Madeleine Mane Dislaso Kathleen Patricia Doherty Vicki Drosman Leesbet Dubm Susan Mary Espey Olivia Esquibcl Leslie Ann Farenbaugh Christine Ann Foshay Ann Colleen Foss Elissa Resler Frank Jane Mane Frazer Tern Doreen Friedman Josephine Arlme Giesler Linda Susan Giovangelo Melinda Mane Graziano Charlotte Margot Hell Carol Lynn Hodgson Nancy Ann Izzo Karen E Ivena Jaquias Birgiih Sigrunn Johannessen Susan Joyce Kaiser Christine Griego Kennedy Catherine Mane Kotula Joni Mane Kusnierz Sharron Lynn Kuykendall Rita Therese Lara Margaret Angela Leandra Etaine Marie Lillywhtte Judith Claire Lubin Claudia Marie Lukas Virginia Mane Maes Janet Mane Mahoney Kathleen McCoy Joanne Louise Monteith Michelle Moran Brenda M. Morrison Janet Ellen Nag ' e Laurie T. Nakayama Patricia Ann Neumann Phyllis J. O ' Oell Susan Jean Odegaard Nancy Joann O ' Leary Sister Claire Oliver. CSJ Patricia Ann Piepmeyer Barbara Rose Platte Judith Ann Pool Carolyn Diane Ramirez Phyllis Sciacca Rmgdahl Lynne E. Rubin Joanie Ruggles Roxann Ellis Rupp Deborah Lynn Sampson Maureen Marie Sar ders Darteen Margaret Scholl Christine Marie Shook Laura E lame Singerman Jane Ann Smith Kathleen Elizabeth Snider Dolores Anne Stadie Anita Mane Standard Patricia Ann Taguchi Angela Denise Taylor Mary Deborah Wardem Carolyn Sanna Wasilewski Ellen Mary Weisenberg Madonna Marie Wildhaber Lisa Sue Wor g Patricia Ruth Wright Mary Josephine Wylde Roberta Ruud Zimmerman CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF ASSOCIATE IN ARTS Carolyn Jean Barnes LaTerye Ceola Bean Kathleen M. Belanger Alice Yvonne Bledsoe Linda Anne Bracken Jeanine Anne Brummeti Arlene Carol Bruner Therese Kaihryn Buhs Alice Burgess Maria Chnstma Cabaltero Beverly Carr Yi hChin Rebecca J. Crane Constartce S Crossley Silvia Delgadillo Harriett Dennison Deborah Ann Oonato Una Fecney Irene Fields Irene Fierro Mary Elizabeth Fonianim Janetta Gallagher Susan Grant Myeva Tarrte Henry Carmen Rosalind Hessmg Alicia K Hinton Sally Ann Holguin Chiyoko Inouchi Audrey KeHey Kathleen Deborah Kelly Greta Kenneydy Mane Koemg Oneida Legra Denise M McArdle Patricia M McElwee Joyce Eileen Matejka Regina Mays Patricia L Medina MaudieB Miller Pamela A. Miller Irma Mirarvda Heddamae Morenfeld Ruthe LaVonne Morgan Deborah M. Norton Rosalinda R. Otero Arlene Paragoso Dora Perry Soma Planas Joyce M Poindextee Pleasant Jennifer Mane Raff Elva Ramos Amezcua Kassy Robertson Anabel Robles Mary Joyce Scarbrough Virginia Kersten Shelter Lisa Robin Spero Cecilia Ann Sustayta Monika Tillmann Catherine Irene Tinker Paula Kay Toma Mana Guadalupe Tovar Christina Simpson Tnpleti Marcia Vilma Villaquiran Margaret Ann Wild Carmen Wong R LirKJa Zamorj I The I.ibcrtvBoU. 1. Sister Cecilia Louise, President Mount St. Mary ' s College 2. Sister Mary Frederick, Assistant to the Dean for Academic Development 3. Sister Mary, Dean for Academic Development 4. Robert Geissinger, Director of Development 5. Linda Fleishman, Administrative Assistant to the President 6. Dr. Barbara Becker, Assistant for Academic Development 1. Paul Salamunovich 2. Music Department: Sister Maura Jean, Dr. Matt Doran, Manuel Compinsky, Dr. MaryAnn Bonino, Delores Stevens, Sister Teresita, chairman (not pictured are Sister Nancy, Sister Miriam Joseph and Frank Messina) 3. Senior Nursing Team: .i Wkr - First row: Mary Hicks, mk B M-v. Nancy Malaznik, Ann . H Bjj - Schofield, Lynn Fraley. j H Bk Second row: Marilyn H Hf Schmitter, Wendy Mollis, M Sharon Vairo, Joan l Wk K Hanson, Sister Joyce. r " i Hb PP 4. Junior Nursing Team: Kathy Knudsen, Ann B Olson, Estermae Geller, ■ Jl ' Joan Reighley, Mary - C ,- r » Poush, coordinator. . •». ki ' " " Barbara Gruendemann, ' ' " Hi ' ' W Liz Jagia, Sister Rebecca, Kj Itf department chairman. iv ' iP " ' r ' . 5. Sociology Department: 1 1 f s Dr. Ruth Hoffman, 1 T ' chairman, Mimi Simson ' i r jm • • . 1. Art Department: Sister Jeanne Marie, James Murray, Rita Yokoi, Norman Schwab, chairman, Leonard Esbensen 2. Business Consumer Studies: Sister Catherine Therese, Larry Forness, Mary Daily, Sister Paulanne 3. Foreign Languages: Mary Kristian, Sister Aline Marie, Dr. Maruxa Cargill, Sister Eloise Therese 4. Biology Department: Sister Annette, chairman, Marie Zeuthen, David Masterman, Geoffrey Anderson, Irma Odabashian, Sister Jeanne Annette 5. Physical Sciences Math: Dr. Sandra Lamb, Mary Lu Wilson, Stefan Ehrlich, Dr. Eleanor Siebert, Dr. Hallie Bundy, Sister Mary Louise Collette 1. Sister Margaret Clare, Education 2. Education Department: Verle Lubberden, Doris Harris, Sister Mary Evelyn, Sister Regina Clare, Dr. F. Roman Young 3. History Department: Sister Rose Catherine, Cheryl Mabey, Sister James Marien, Dr. Michael Liggett, and Dr. Ronald Oard, chairman 4. Theology Department: Reverend Patrick Kelly, Sister Rose Cecilia, Sister Joan Henehan, chairman. Reverend Don Benjamin 5. Philosophy Department: Sister Miriam Therese, chairman. Dr. Richard Hertz, Robert Gordh 1. Alice Chait, Nursing Department, Doheny campus 2. IVIary Jane Welles, Director of Child Development Center, Doheny campus 3. Sister Pancratius, AA Program, Doheny campus 4. Sister Marie Loyola, AA Program, Doheny campus 5. Sister Marianne, History Political Science, Doheny campus 6. Sister Dorothy Mary, English and Speech, Doheny campus V 1. Sister Joseph Adele, English and Speech, Doheny campus 2. Sister Rose Gertrude, Director of Financial Aid 3. Marie Simon, Academic Dean ' s Office 4. Sister Margaret Anne, Dean for Academic Development, AA Program 5. Mary Ann O ' Brien, Student Develop- ment Office and Sister Rose Bernard, Dean for Student Development 6. Arlene Garvey, Assistant in Development 7. Lucille Botelho, AA Dean ' s Office 1. Sister Marie Bernadette, Director of Accounting and Sister Marie, Account Office 2. Sister Martin Aloysius, Payroll Bookstore 3. Hazel Rasmussen, Business Office Accountant 4. Sister St. Bernard, Registrar 5. Timothy Kearns, Business Manager 6. Sister Lillian Joseph, Registrar 7. Diane Ward Government Reporting Officer; Sister Jeanne Anne, Assistant Director of Financial Aid 1. John Manning, Director of Maintenance and Grounds 2. Sister Mary George, Purchasing Coordinator 3. Colleen Hanson and Sandra Muir, Health Center 4. Doctor William S. Weil, M.D., Health Sen ices Director 5. Sister Sheila, Director of Personnel 6. Sister Rose de Linna, Director of Alumni Relations 7. Mary Morris, English Alumni Office rSw !■• ' ?«i- ' 5)= y-ffi I • 1. Sister Naomi, Business Office 2. Rita Kurtz, Education Department Secretary 3. Theresa de La Pena and Ruth Garrick, Nursing Department Secretaries 4. Violet Tsoneff, Music Librarian 5. Hazel Davis, Biology Laboratory 6. Rosalind Joel, Switchboard 1. Joyce Jones, Assistant Director of Residence 2. Sister Margaret Ellen, Campus Ministry 3. Sheila Quarles, Mailroom 4. Susan Brace, Residence 5. Sister Rose Adrian, Director of Residence 6. Kate Kornnan, Typing Service I t ) 1. Deirdre Ford, Librarian 2. Sister Michael Patrick, Media Librarian 3. Helen Hawekotte Director of College Relations 4. Monica Luechtefeld, Director of Admissions 5. Nancy Simmons and Mary Anne Sterling, Admissions 6. Adrienne Toth, College Relations 1. Ata Shafiyoon, Director Food Service 2. Cleant Brown 3. Hamilton Allen 4. Martin and Pepe 5. Ramon Albino 6. Ethel McNeill 1. Sister Agnes Francis, Graduate Office, Doheny campus 2. Grace Jorgenson, Switchboard, Doheny campus 3. Sister Therese Cecile, Director of Residence, Doheny campus 4. Suzanne O ' Donnell, Nursing Department Secretary, Doheny campus 5. Julia Schaller, Graduate Office, Doheny campus 6. Sister Elizabeth Anne, Assistant Registrar, Doheny campus 7. Mal ing cookies in the Child Development Center p . 1. Guadalupe Alvarez, Housekeeping 2. Ada Cole, Housek eeping 3. Library Staff: Deirdre Ford, Librarian, Deborah Fritz, Peggy Curry, Marilyn Thorpe, Alice Hamilton, and Sister Conrad 4. Banks Brown, Maintenance, Doheny campus 5. Sister Mary Gerald and Karia Booth, Biological Research 6. Psychology Department; Sister Noreen Cannon, Dr. Michael Heffernan, chairman. Dr. Mary Conlee, and Ann Phelps r 1 Nursing Julius Abiedu College Press Reginald Adams Sister Teresa Julie HIadky Housekeeping Sister Marianne Food Service Juan Alvarez Raul Cisneros Isidore de Alba Maximo de Alba Martin Escareno Jose Gutierrez Anastacia Lopez Arnold Parrish Michael J. Supple English and Speech - D Patricia Alzobaie Sister Mary Helen Maintenance Bernardo Arvayo Martin Bullinger Richard Bullinger Abrham Castillo Rubin Reyes Jose Reyes Humberto Soto Housekeeping - D Elisa Benezra Manuela Guangorena Susie Rodriguez Josephina Vasquez Celia Zambrano Assistant Business Manager - D Sister Rosanne Interdepartmental Ronalee Brosterman Nursing - D Judith Ann Bunten Joan Cho Felicitas De La Cruz Francis Dee Sue Griffin Kristina Havins Linda Levenson Beverly Rambo Alice Rink Hannah Wong Child Development Center - D Sandra Burud Teryl Carr Sister Carol Therese Mary Norman Ruby Tassin Christine Taylor Rebecca Thomas Teresa Trujillo Matilde Villatoro Martha Wade Mary Jane Welles, Director Jane Zuckerman Library Mary Sedgwick Business Consumer Studies Mallur Nagaraj English Drama William Dozier Press Relations Sister Anne Marie Bookstore - D Carlotta Estrada Music Sister Miriam Joseph Bookstore Pamela Francis Geraldine Pierce Library - D Michael Garcia Edward Gioia Sister Joanna Frostig Center - D Glenda Gay Foreign Languages - D Sister Hildegarde Pilarica College Sister Mary Lynn, SND Biological Sciences - D Charles Lacy Sharon Sanders Education - D Patricia Marshall Patty Parnell Hilario Pena Sister Anne Louise James Royer Institutional Research Sister Rose Louise Physical Sciences Math - D Sister Leo Francis Food Service - D Ramona Ponce Martha Woods Typing Service ■ D Elizabeth Potts Art-D Peter Schellin Institutional Research Office Kimberly VanOlinda Maintenance - D Jessie Williams Philosophy - D Martin Woods Sisters in Residence Sister Mary Irene - D Sister Mary Germaine Sister Jeanette - D Sister Eugenia - D Sister Rosella - D Sister Charlotte - D Sister Barbara Sister Clarine Sister Mercia Louise - D Mount St. Mary ' s College Vivien Ayers Cindy Barnes Debbie Birinyi Dorothy Breen Chris Cabailero Kathy Centola Charlene Crevier Ann Dechow Gianinna Donatoni Mary Dorgan Aimee Droege Lisa Duncan Una Feeney Beth Hill Joyce Jones Carmonsita Katigbak Denise McArdle Bernie Mendiondo Erma Miranda Yearbook Staff, 1975-1976 Beth Momberg Michelle Mukri Katie Pugel Janice Robinson Michele Robinson Debbie Scotch Tracy Stewart Barbara Stout Cil Sustayta Linda Zamora Carolyn Bailey, Advertising Chairman Leia Prewitt, Sales Chairman Maureen Cleary, Co-editor Anne Martini, Co-editor Sister Teresa Dunbar, Advisor Mr. Michael Arnone, yearbook representative SPECIAL THANKS The Robert H. Breen Family Mr. and Mrs. Ray Heimann Lorene Schado Dr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Currier H. Thatcher Mr. and Mrs. John Aliberti Mr. and Mrs. George W. Barich BaskinRobins Ice Cream— Barrington Court Brentwood Stationers Mr. and Mrs. James Coulson Jack and Jill Crevier Ed and Joan Dudenhoeffer The James Dyer Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert Esling William J. Gilwee Family The Richard Goebel Family Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hann Mary E. Johnson and Family Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Kelly, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Lillywhite Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Muller Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Piepmeyer Colonel and Mrs. Walter W. Pine Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Roslansky Mr. and Mrs. Pansobilla M. Sandobal Dr. and Mrs. John R. Sellars Mr. and Mrs. Anton Stech Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Sullivan Mrs. J. Troy The Vukalcic Family Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Welch The students express their appreciation to Sister Cecilia Louise Moore for her leader- ship and dedication as president of Mount St. Mary ' s College for the past nine years, and wish her continual success in her fu- ture work. lt?3 ' 3 li ?TOm a M i T [Jr m ' edtm JwdiH

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