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,' , fly 5 6 . o f- .Q . , - , lL ' 1' .2 f . X f 1 x 3:Sa,g'X:.,.'.-.1 My, . ' ' '. 1- ' 'F' A . R. - 'swf f 1,4-.62 f 1 ' 1 ' ' . ,- nt gl--1l,A'..H ,, .4', 1' 1? TX rs' , 9'-1 ,-X 5, -gg r c 11 .. a",-L 7 . ,Mtn 61, 1 X .u ' zA'f7ff'r"'. A , 'I I MA V gg '- l firz uf , ,, , ,A"r-wil . 'qv.qp4'!g ll' . 1- YR , , 9P"-1- A ' xv--1. 7 1 , -V521 .1 1 . A., M ,- X , W A, , IFA- 2 5, f . E' J 75" 4 5 4 . f K., f., ' :. X, ,X xl J A " Y ' A v 3 1. 1 ' - s 2" ' " ' . u Archives Ut' .sgv..1,' .. X 1 . ,Y N 1 V M x M. HBH '47 ' i X5 1- h Ph, . .1 5 x. Q2-.-L fair? '55 . 'H a.w'n,. MSMC 'wwg jhivvl .ms ' A 1 .r f '1 V . - -. '-V . , 4 1. . M U S U A M N I A T N R T Y' s Mountaintoos are sacred places. Man sees them as symbols of what is best and noblest in his aspiring. Uur Mount is not so great as those high peaks which history names, Yet it rises to point the way - from Sinai, from Parnassus - to Tabor. fffixw KS Hoi? N x J I 3 an WD, ,, 4 t e tt at fag X at 5 2 Q U a ftgj ,ESX 3.-x --....,. 'E E . .eww- L ff ' ,IAM fn. 119: . 4 To Mother Rosemary and her faculty, we the class of 1958, dedicate this hook ee , ex X X President's Message Dear Graduates, ln France over 300 years ago when our founder gave the crucifix, the badge of our profession, to our very first Sisters when they pronounced their vows, he said, "Wear it openly, bear it bravely, just as Christ did-5 bear it to far-off lands. Be it your oriflamme to victory. When in death you resign it, let other hands and hearts like to yours in consecration take up the burden preserving it ever in their and your Society's keeping during the onrolling centuries." Through the successors of those Sisters, Catholic Education has been brought to you here at the Mount. We hope the spirit of the Mount, that intangible badge of belonging, and that education which would develop you into "The Woman of the Mount" the woman always giving of herself, so aptly portrayed on our recent T-V program, has been acquired by each one of you. May we hope that you, like the Sisters of St. loseph who have borne that cross to so many, will bear that education, that spirit throughout your lives. Make all those ,you contact better intellectually and spiritually for having known you. Then, and only then, will the Mount have fulfilled its purpose. Be loyal to your God, to your family, and to the Mount. God love and bless you. May Our Lady and St. Joseph go with you. Sincerely, Sister Rosemary -, wx,-, . ' .151 :I 'r 'rQgf:':s2'::t-,'s.1i'-- , sms:-g.:1f1e-1,s1::,: x X XX! - X X x N X X x X X X X X X x X X X X XX X X X efsfikxw' A V : Q I T21 , K .W -fsmw "' CHL, , .Q ' Mary Alice Barton, B.A. San Diego, California Major - Spanish Mary Ellen Antoniak, B.S. San Diego, California Major - Nursing Minor - Sociology Minor- Business Administration Virginia Lucretia Baciocco, B A San Francisco, California Group Major- History Education Audrey Anne Berks, B.A. Hawthorne, California Major- History Minor - Drama ttf-nv 'kY""Wvun Marjorie Ann Bergin, B.A. Hilo, Hawaii Major English i5 Viiw Minor - History Frances Lillian Bock, B.A. Los Angeles, California Major - Sociology Minor - Mathematics Josephine Theresa Bondan, B.A. North Hollywood, California Group Major- English Mathematics Education Beverly Anne Brace, B.S. Karen Ann Brow, B.A. Glendale, California Los Angeles, California Major - Nursing Group Major- English Minor - Sociology Education Q Marie Theresa Colarossi, B.A. Glendale, California Major - History Minor - English 4' 'x an fz' WP, . if r , lvf Qgylkwf--f , ':, 21645310 bfkljl' Al ' K 1. W if -l :ljvsji ' ,.,. Patricia Ann Brown, B.A. Los Angeles, California Major - Sociology Minor - Psychology History Mary Margaret Cramer, B.A. Los Angeles, California Group Major- History Education ,i fn 41- ,-1 1 X i X, -1 Patricia Sharkey Carter, B.A Fullerton, California Major - Mathematics Minor - Philosophy Sheila Ann Crampton, B.A. Inglewood, California Major - English Minor - History Mary Kathleen Curnane, B.A. Santa Maria, California Group Major- English Education Mary Margaret Darmody, B.A. Pacific Palisades, California Major - French Minor - English History Carol Elaine Crawford, B.S. loan Kathleen Crowley, B.S EI Segundo, California Los Angeles, California Major- Bacteriology Major - Nursing Minor- Chemistry Minor - Sociology rx v Paula Jane Duncan, B.A. National City, California Major - English Minor - Philosophy Loretta Angela Dozier, B.S. Los Angeles, California Major- Nursing Minor- Sociology Carol Doyle, B.A. South Pasadena, California Major - Bacteriology Minor - Chemistry Francesca Angela Falvo, B.A. Sherman Oaks, California Major - Art Minor - English '4t6yA.....?' 5 wwe as-'ixx 2 ss mf, ,A ' WINS: .nf ' - , stem, 3 A ',i: V X Sheila Mavourneen Farnan, B.A. Hermosa Beach, California fig Group Major- English Education Sharon Elizabeth Fay, B.A. Los Angeles, California Major - French Minor - English - af ' 5 je-. ,In e s ulffw - .M V -' . ii'r'.,f," ,'g , ' Xfzg, I ,' ', mf' rf? .,e.,w" - gr, 1 - F' iff 'iff 'e '11, -' ' -1 Y . Zi- 'F "Ig: 1,15 4 'g-4 ,L- 3 il J Af. , ' f 'AAL . 1328 "ik 5, 1. Z if X W , w air' uf? 'Q'lFl'v4w'-was?" Sharon Lee Felker, B.A. Palos Verdes Estates, California ln'elfr . Group Major- English Education E Patricia Ann Fitzgerald, B.A. Los Angeles, California Major - French Minor - English Helen Theresa Ferguson, B.A Los Angeles, California Major - Sociology Minor - Psychology Dorothy Richardson Ganse Los Angeles, California Major- History Minor - Philosophy I, B.A. Mary Ann Gariffo, B.A. Inglewood, California Major - English Minor - Music im- i"-W 508- Sandra Ann Freiberg, B.A Garden Grove, California Major- History Minor - English Penelope Maria Gaudiano, B.A. Panama City, Panama Major - Spanish Minor - Philosophy Sharon Elizabeth Girard, B.A. Berkeley, California Major - Music Minor- French Philosophy Virginia Meredith Glass, B. A. Barbara Ann Goldsmith, B.A. Los Angeles, California Long Beach, California Major- History Major - Sociology Minor - English Minor - Psychology Yvonne Mae Gomez, B.A. Honolulu, Hawaii Major- History Minor- English "i" Celia Margaret Gonzales, B.A Los Angeles, California Major - Sociology Minor - Psychology Marianne Cecilia Hinsberger, Los Angeles, California Major - Sociology Minor - Psychology Ann Marie Howsley, B.A. Van Nuys, California Major - Sociology Minor- Business Administrafion Sona Elizabeth Jacobs, B.A. Tucson, Arizona Major - Art Minor- Spanish W' x is-E. W' s ww-L Arline Louise Krause, B.S. Carol Ann Krommer, B.A Los Angeles, California Los Angeles, California Major- Nursing Major - English Minor - Sociology Minor - History Philosophy Marie Annette Laberge Long Beach, California Major - Nursing Minor - Sociology X X.. . cc ss 51. . Q.. .W-Ng 55 Vit ' 11 Yi' '-5 , ' 2,5 ogg, My Cecilia Ann Lucente, B.A. Opal Patricia Lykke, B.A. Los Angeles, California Los Angeles, California Major - English Grouo Major- History Minor- Social Sciences Linda Marie McCarthy. B.S. San Diego, California Major- Bacteriology Minor- Chemistry -wwf Education .sc fgg5,,-S5532 'X TMJ jj S 1 ,l 3 efgamifssxf sisic-wwf-j rc: 0-.. .,., C Y , Q X l l Mary Louise Lynch, B.S. Torrance, California Major - Nursing Minor - Sociology 1 Nsiaw VMS Mary Patricia McClurg, B.A. Alhambra, California Major- Home Economics Minor - French Art Mary Alice Martinez, B.A. Los Angeles, California Group Major - English Education V .i , ffm? Frances lean McDermott, B.A. Theresa Ann Mangold, B.A. Ontario, California Merrill, Wisconsin Group Major- English Major - Biology Education Minor - Philosophy Patricia Anne Minney, B.A. Newport Beach, California Major - Sociology Minor - Psychology ft' ffih 'YW' 1' ,,, N, V -4 Legg' if Judith Katharine Muller, B.S. Los Angeles, California Major- Nursing Minor- Sociology Mary Catherine 0'Connor, B.A. Pasadena, California Major - English Minor- History Philosophy 'fig fins," gas- A . i ,.,,sg .s Sylvia Louise Norwood, B.S. Los Angeles, California Major - Nursing Minor - Sociology lean Darlene Orth, B.A. Alhambra, California Major - Art Minor - Chemistry ZS Marilynn Lochen 0'Brien, B.A Van Nuys, California Major- Home Economics Minor - English Beverly Hills, California Group Major - English Education lo Ann Powers B A Brentwood California Q Ma or English Minor History Claire Mignonne Plemeng, B.A. Roswitha Reinhold, B.S Altadena, California Major- Nursing Minor - Sociology ,wax W-in 21, Mary Alice Salter, B.A. Phoenix, Arizona Maior - English Minor- History Philosophy as is ' -' Eff-PV S ' 4 ".Q 3 ' ev. QS ' Q. ' P .5 if ly , .- A ' -Sfrfig X t 5 . ' 1' ' ' H 1" Fizz-. w-" " " wo. , VA W ff .,., , ar V if-eff' 'mg' -1 ,y A-' 3,4 . 34 ' .' MM-are 46 .,.. Mary Theresa Schott, B.S. Torrance, California Major - Nursing Minor - Sociology Lillian Ellen Scott, B.A. Glendale, California Major - English Minor - Philosophy Patricia Myers Schaefer, B.S. Escondido, California Major- Nursing Minor - Sociology Dolores Ann Schock, B.A. Lynwood, California Major - Chemistry Minor - Philosophy Susana Delores Simpson, B Inglewood, California Major - Nursing Minor - Sociology 'Amr' Ann Carole Smith, B.A. Los Angeles, California Major- History Minor - Philosophy Suzann Howard Snow, B.S. Los Angeles, California Major- Nursing Minor - Sociology Margaret Mary Sprigg, B.A. Santa Monica, California Major- History Minor - French Lois Anne Steckman, B.A. Sherman Oaks, California Group Major- English Education fx' 'K b . A'-V s i If i IG as -is q .aw f Nancy Marie Stewart, B.A. 1 " Q V Los Angeles, California Josette Laura Temple, BA. La Puente, California Major - Mathematics Minor- Chemistry Major - Sociology Minor - Psychology Ann Fabian Stoffel, B.A. Anaheim, California Major - Music Minor - Philosophy Barbara Studer, B.S. El Centro, California Major - Nursing Minor - Sociology U' .s sw' '75-. Barbara Maryon Toon, B.S. Van Nuys, California Major - Nursing Minor - Sociology Shirley Toy, B.S. Phoenix, Arizona Major - Nursing Minor - Sociology Carron Maye Vincent, B.A. Los Angeles, California Major - English Minor - Philosophy l Evelyn Marie Villa, B.A. Inglewood, California Major - English Minor - Music , l l l 25 , i fl Margaret Rachel Ward, B.S. Betty Ann Weber, B.A. Dover, New Jersey Torrance, California Major - Nursing Major - Mathematics Minor- Sociology Minor - English Philosophy Social Sciences tx Q- tkax. h. Mary Ann Whitney, B.ll. South Pasadena, California Major - English Minor- Italian Loretta Carol Vonderahe, B.A. Torrance, California Major- Home Economics Minor - Art Patricia Eileen Yaeger, B.A. La Crescenta, California Major - Mathematics Minor- Chemistry , f.. 'K Charlene Rule Wilkinson, B.S. Eurana Mary Wood, B.A. Carlsbad, New Mexico Los Angeles, California Major- Nursing Major - Sociology Minor - Sociology Minor - Psychology Marie Louisa Zeuthen, B.S. Yvonne loy Zornes, B.A. Downey, California Phelan, California Major- Bacteriology Major - English Minor - Chemistry Minor - Sociology SENIURS Virginia Glass President Frances Bock Treasurer 'af u 5 712-1 1 i 'fbi- gif Carol Krommer Vice-President 'E Ann Howsley Social Chairman 32" S.. .f ! ? T f M 8 E Margaret Darmody Secretary Suzann Snow Nurses' Representativ 8 'mf'-.r-5 ,T r We have been at the Mount for four years. We have learned how to achieve our own status, our own perspective. Although we re- turn to the valley, we take with us the height the Mount has given us. M , Fife .XY V ,-get 2 Q ,e , 1.1, 'S Q as we ,, Dr. M. John Schumacher stops to confer with Marriage Conference Committee. Standing, Left to Right: Margaret Sprigg, Mary Alice Salter, Mary Pat McCIurg, Ann Howsley, Dr. M. John Schumacher, Frances Bock, Margaret Ward. Seated: Carol Ann Krommer, Chairman. Left to Right: Connie Herman and Seniors Pat Brown and Sonia Jacobs take time out to look over mask decora- tions for Night at the Mount-Voodoo Suite. Ballet program from Senior Night Out is topic of discussion by Seniors Frances Bock, Bunny Villa, Mary Curnane, Pat Fitzgerald, Ann Howsley. mvwuyvfwrglrrfnwwd kg Pill" Q X Reverend James 0'ReiIIy Chaplain Administration: Sister Rose Gertrude, Dean of Studiesg Mother Rosemary, President Sister Mercia Louise, Dean of Womeng Sister Mary Adrienne, Registrar, Mother Rosaleen Honorary President Sister Rosemary President Sister Rose Gertrude Dean of Studies Sister Mary Berenice Dean of Resident Students Sister Mary Adrienne Registrar Sister Francis Mary Treasurer Sister Mercia Louise Dean of Women Ili Department of Biological Sciences, Left to Right: Sister Gertrude Joseph, Mr. James Welsh, Mrs. Barbara Caraccio, Sister Margaret Marie. ' 'JL 5' .lg ' A-guna. uepartment or rnysrcal Sciences, Len to Right: Sister Cecilia Louise, Mrs. Alice Crilly, Rev. James 0'ReilIy. 'xl N. A .,,, V1AQ r e A 4-.4 , ie f Xl Y. S' " ff ,. fair., f' R N as mg' Department ot Classical Languages, to Right: Sister Mary Germaine and Sister Mary Dolorosa. Department of Modern Lan- guages, Lett to Right: Mrs. Mary Valis Reilek, Sister Aline Marie, Sister Eloise Therese, Sister Hildegarde. Lie? ' R 'fW??E5.5 Department of History, At Left: Sister St. Claire, Sister Rose Catherine, Sister Agnes Bernard, Sister St. Francis. Top Right Picture: Monsignor Patrick 1. Dignan. Bottom Right Picture: Reverend lohn Courtney, M.H.F. Department of Physical Education: Miss- Delores Blackstone, right, looks on as Miss loan Ferguson, center, gives swim- ming pointers to Mount student. s . 1-' :':1t-?a1a3?E4 ,' . .. 1--p. ,fe4,,.W if , if ist l - , 3: Department of Music, Above, Back Row, Left to Right: Mr. Pattee Evenson, Mr. Joseph Rottura, Sister Mary Celestine, Sister Miriam Joseph, Mrs. Florence Caylor. Front Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Helena Gerard, Mrs. Margaret Stromer, Mr. Matt Doran, Dr. Will Garroway. At Right: Rev. John Cremins and Mr. Paul Salamunovich. Department of Art, Left to Right: Miss Nina Shepherd, Mr. David Cressey, Sister Mary lgnatia. Lp x nf X Department of Philosophy, Left to Right: Mr. Patrick Department of Mathematics, Left to Right: Sister Rose Hughes, Reverend Joseph V. Kearney, Sister Cornelia Mary. Gertrude, Sister Margaret Leo, Mrs. Alice Crilly, Reverend James O'Reillv. Department of Theology, Picture at Left: Reverend Kevin Wall, O.P. Pictured at Right: Reverend lohn Fearon, O.P. K IAQ' Q , ,, H 4 ' Department ot English and Speech, Left to Right, Standing: Mr. Dale 0'Keefe and Sister Mary Laurentia. Seated: Sister Marie de Lourdes, Mrs. Marie Hackett, Sister St. George, Sister Patricia Clare, Sister Mary Patricia. Department of Sociology, Left to Right: Miss Barbara Dobrott and Sister John Margaret. V We Department of Economics and Business Administration, Left to Right: Dr. Bernard Bierman and Sister Catherine Therese. g ".--m.'- us,-ik X , .,.. -f.,t.wgg-, st F VP' wig essex, t fi r : - ' . t -erm' Q - M ?si5i:5:1:f:P1,':1ESi'i: .' Ki- . 'i ', . ,iff , .. . Q 2 Q. C4 5 V i a N S f XXX Dean of Women Sister Mercia Louise Sw-'felafflf i Q'.- S., 113321 1, i t 1 2 Department of Home Economics, Lett to Right: Sister Mary Marguerite, Miss Grace Trumbo, Mrs. Sibyl Line, Sister Cecile Therese. Library Staff, Left to Right: Mrs. Ruth Thomas, Mrs. Mary Bubien, Sister Catherine Anita, Sister Vivian, Mrs, Danuta Kaczynski. Department of Nursing, Standing, Left to Right: Mrs. June Konrad and Mrs. Frances Dickason. Seated: Miss Marjorie Cogan, Mrs. Betty Wil- 2 l g ,ii a g lg? f Ewa s , W, h if ,gf lg 2 l it i 1 tl 5 1 as -t ,- l ' ' i fo F 3 ",gf'1.,.,4:. ,,,,L. ,. :.' "W Iiams, Sister Richard Joseph, Sister Mary Arthur, Sister John Bernard. Department of Nursing, Left to Right: Miss Eloise King, Miss Anne Wiebe, Sister Mary Rebecca, Sister Albert Mary, Miss Mildred Grattord. cg 2 ,..,x 1' - Department of Education, Left to Right: Sister Margaret Clare, Sister Rose de Lima, Miss Doris Schittilea, Dr. F. Roman Young. H tt? 1 N il! X . ' 9 fi E ii I i 5 f is i 1 F Q l iEf"'f'-.4 f 1' E 2 1 ' la, 1 .XX Y R x X X 'x N Rx X X X xx X X X 'W-an: Left to Right: Rose Herman Eleanor Gillet Liz Sullivan . Liz Matz ..., Carol Glanville 2' President Vice-President Secretary .,.......Treasurer . Social Chairman 8 a Left to Right: Mary Lou LeMaster Sandra Geesen Frances Gallegos 'f' it ' Left to Right: Dianne Smith Lori Perea Elizabeth Shanahan Miriam Tse i I . ,xy .L x Q i Terry, Ellie, Joe, and Joan loan and Dennis Left to Right, Back Row: Dorothy Schaefer, loane Ziegler. Front Row: Cathy Olenicz, loan Wom- bacher. Juniors enioyed themselves at their annual formal, The Crystal Ball, on October 19. rn. i -Jfgzf-' 4 .A Lyjff, 5 ,,, To 6, . f, 'Q V ., V .4 4 ,., w, ,. 4 ,. V my J.-""'h 4-, ' -,44 "5,Ad,,Qfr , A Left to Right: Gail Esker, Wendy Freed- man, Aurora Morett, Gloria Madrid. Gayne and Joe Left to Right: Rosa Maria Fuentes Deanna Maraccini Dolores Coronado Rosalie Meggiolaro Left to Right: Marilyn Vaughan, Rosemary Byrnes, Angela Figini, Patricia Concepcion. QQ x A -qi awww-4 5. ri :fx .E ,-Q, -. -e Q, ,X 1 if X 1 . v :- mari ,f W e Q Q' :fa S 1' -1 . ,t ex Q s . -V 1. Z 'K K "' 4: Y Ringo . F 1: 9' Rzliz'-i , ' ' 1 Q ' o . ' " Q 11- XS , M ,Tw 2 4.. jf , r j e E., f ,V we , M ,far 155, ' ,14,,,f I "ff Y 2' 4712 ' Q ?.7Z5ifg9ffI?".3-5 Mkt," Left to Right: Donna Puccinelli Mary Rose Pasic Ann Bouchard Margaret Rude Joan Spaeth Top to Bottom: Carol Glasser Rosemary Orsini Deanna Dugas t 1 "-' 2 5 1 - 5 ,.- . .t,. ER ,.,,. Y - .KV A - -1-1--.g,',k:::. X M A.,, 2 ,., .,..,, , Y Q ,W 4-,ly 5 X . 2 :?...s2zff::5Z5z: . ffl Ei? ' ee- ,.: i E L , From Hotel de Hoss . . . to the Halton Enyoylng themselves at the Gamma Hard Times Party In the sprrut ofthe Mardl Gras are Terry Trelnen Colleen Steele Duck Colburn Carol Prlscllla Engle unmasks for Glanvllle Glorla Travagllm Pat Larkin Mary Rose Paslc lack Grunhauler l 33 Left to Right: Patricia Mears Mary Ellen LoScalzo Mary Grimmett Marilyn Ball " -ui Studies . . . Ann Howsley, Elsie Szandy, Eileen McCabe, loan Spaeth attend philosophy class. f""i Q ,C-3, Rd . - 1 1 1,-we-ve ,z J . 556,511 ga: If -..,, " f A A1A1AA , T, V I , K W iw at vffr. I ' it-L , .: ,- Qllr. : ., And Sophistication Junior Judy Vasquez and her date stop to pose for the camera at the Junior Formal. Left to Right, Back Row: Ann Lentz Mary Ann Lewis Sally Fanning Left to Right, Front Row: Cathy Pigeon Peggy Leary Ann Riordan is JN in Left to Right: Connie Serbent, Gayne Pinto, Ann DeVaney. l - I. ! Left to Right, Standing Antoinette Fogliani Colleen Steele Mary Frances Diaz Left to Right, Seated: Gloria Travaglini Denise Sullivan ,D We are becoming involved in all the Mount means -we have begun to appreciate height and rlenth. SUPHU URES x XI t 5.---W- V. -1 e.v ,.,,,.,, . Class Officers, Left to Right, Above: Kathy Feeley, Secretary: Mary Ruth Keehan, Social Chairman. Left to Right, Below: JoAnn Holbery, Treasurer, Judi Bauerlein, President, Carolyn Bergschneider, Vice-President. Left to Right: Arline Szandy, Margaret Lambert, Carol Drum, Left to Right: Claudia Birdsong, Barbara Bernard, Barbara Sadler, Rosemary Whalen. Diana Galloway, Cheryl Bockhold. 2 l J C, , .gh NM iff fg- , L. . rf nf'-' '.' . :,- ,9,, - Jig, N-1-J WJ'-ty ' iii- -f-yr.-N f f , . . ': R' Luv: - , F75 , Q X Q. - ,fp 5 e' 7 Y ,r fl " 3? ga .s 1 Left to Right: ludy Scherb Judy Weber Lynda Lathrop Jane Lockwood Top Row: Sharon Marie Leahy Middle Row: Carol Hein Pat Gornick Bottom Row: Luz Rosales Jo Marie Kuglin .fm A A U? Kf fi 9 6 43,1 1 5 ff " 1 2 rf , . if Q Haw? , Q7 'ff 5 1, ii f A Left to Right: Mary Lynn Pickett Linda Ruby ----nh'-' -cng"f""'l7'i 1.-,, -2 gy .iz 4'-'4qm,f'wQ?i , ' ' QZE AML F 1 'E 1? ff - , f in Arline and Ed Sophomores sparkle at Mount social ac- tivities on and off campus - Junior Mary and lohn L Y, i ig- we , 11 A i 'v . .Mr .l , 5 ' ' A Q25 - 'C af' VM' 1 fr ' 'J ' . 52' 17, ' -.r ' ag - 3 , .. .J-H: V Q 5, -fa . L il 'I :"""'FW fs: .' 'jzssfizf-rem-1-'-A 1 -.aff ff i-zaliaff -' as- gm- 'st ,M 7 ,, a...., Q ., .waz-1-rf - , , .. ... .ae iii j ' 2:25Q2:::..l5?Efi5:,aarnf -F' 'es ve f:1:ma?e:e.z5:, ,X in Eizmigigsvt' 1 55fIFI:1EI,Iw.Iifff5?"E': - 9 N it 2 Y it ' 1 1 1.22, .Q W2 ff -f 3,-2: Dick and Marilyn Formal and Sophomore Mardi Gras. Left to Right, Standing: Diane Weston Mary Laumann Seated: Julie Wilson Left to Right, Back Row: Carole Bergschneider Mary Lou Kolbert Cindy Power loan Krause Frances Breen Daphne deGombert Rosemary Manning Left to Right, Front Row: I we ia Lett to Right Pat Skrocki JoAnn Hart- Top Row Carolynne Rodriguez. Middle Row Dolores Schiffert Patricia Reap. at l 2- ,. ,, at- , ,M Qlv 1. to Lett to Right, Top Row: Barbara Payton Luanna Castellucci Marilyn Sereno Mary Lou Apalategui Lett to Right, Bottom Row: Mary Lee Verderaime Cecilia Goodell wwf, . ., . ,xl Ai., .gb W qw 1' 'qlv ,, V .- 4: f' "'-. if 'W' if. Left to Right: Carol Dore, Joanna Arlotti, Margaret Lam. Left to Right: Marilyn Jamison, Czarina Huerta, Lynette Hamano, Theresa Griffin. X ry ,X ei 'K si, gg ag -fm. ' G v-QW, Lett to Right: Betty Mayhew Marguerite Roth Paula Sue Wilms Kathleen 0'Loughiin Nancy King Left to Right: Beverly McClure Pat Connor I ?f 1,15 465211:-af ,.1,,:,, Left to Right: Pat Mooney Marty Davidson Kathleen McGowan Kathleen Kelley Left to Right: Marilyn Brassor Priscilla Engle Sue Ekberg We begin the climb. 0 ' ' r !."QQ'- 1 rv-.ii 7' ,N FRESHMEN Class Officers, Left to Right: Joy Shallenberger, President Donna Schneider, Vice-President: Palma Ciarocchi, Secretary Betsy Fleming, Treasurer: Willy Nagelmann, Social Chairman Left to Right: Linda Hope, Nancy Meehl, Sharon Nlooney, I G Q Colleen Donahey, Maria Kricstalussy. Lett to Right: Nlaura Rendon, Olga Kricsfalussy, Rita Roias. K! I-n1v1'f'.i..uiv'-H-..,lI 2121 TIES- ' S1 f': '. , if ! -' ' 1' fn ' ,Q fs 'S N ' 9 x 2 'N 'K 1 fa Senior, Margaret Sprigg, informs Frosh, Alice Nlischo, Jill Caraccilo, and Linda Feinberg about Green Week protocol. 'W ...A Left to Right, Standing: Loretta llllillek Maggie Albers Seated: Linda Cox A Lett to Right: Bonnie Domrose Evelyn Hatt ludy Greenough Virginia Hatt ffwm e : 1 . I Q-"' 'Y' -vw XJ .dug Left to Right: Betty Jordan Sue Chastek loan Hamill Ann Sullivan Vicky Dickerson Carole Hansen Sandy Durham Left to Right: Janet Young Lynda Schauppner Donna 0'Connor Sally Sprigg .17 .- -.0 ,L r'. fe- . -2E X 5 'X ,X aa sgsg-X af 5 :,,: ,V - Fig 7: Nc: 42 "sadism 11 1, A1 -vw -,: ' 5323 if 9' X :SR EWS ,, , ff'.L.,T.'f,., ,, f 'f f g . Q ' .ws ,ei -g . - 1 - .,.w1'a vm. , fs?-"' -..,. -JR- ,--1- " 3' "?2f'i?g5 W- -W,.wo , wfq5Ei3.' ef, Left to Right, Standing: Kay Murphy Gloria Leon Left to Right, Seated: Arline Martin Elaine Mello Nancy Mclntire Susie Kroger Nfwlzg., '- l 5 A ? f of - .- F f, -,wa-155 I : IU, Z ,Z ?H. AW- J ,4 mx. S. N my . sf - A , X X f . N V . 4 AT' -ty, v Ng . I: ,..v "" s . my 1 , , -x .. ' Afbfvgxx ', V ' . -W-rP"" ,Q , S , A :sf si'-'S E S' Q.. 1 I ki g wtf left to Right: Mary Elizabeth Swiertz, Diane Souva, Mary Karig, Charlene McCardIe, Susan Stafford, Mary Gail Kinzer. if 5. . Two Donnas . . . Donna Frauenheim and Tim Healy smile for the photographer at the Junior Formal. Left to Right: Annie Muto Joyce Smith Pat Leyva Betsy Fleming Linda Feinberg Mary Ann Bonino i Q e + aff, 4 :Ev a X :Q X 5+ A , Q if A in 43 05. ..w""",'5 . I ,. ...a. 4- 1:-::- ,1- Q ,fs ..- ' " Two Dances Dennis Huckaby and Donna Schneider collect souvenirs at the Mardi Gras. i ...S+ - v L-jfiui' T' Left to Right: Judy Brow Margaret Cole leri Callahan Carol Trindl Rose Allinder Eugenia Boehme Freshmen became real Mounties on Sep tember 19 when they entertained the Left to Right, Top Row: Darlene Knutson Colleen Wilson Middle Row: Kathy Covelli Ruby Conaway Bottom Row: Judy Kellv Ann Wunderlich Lett to Right: Janet Sebastian Nancy McCook A- Sonia Kelly i .W,.,4 Olga Valdivia Sarah Nelson Left Row, Top to Bottom: Kay Ernster loan McPhillips Phyllis Lieb Mary Collins Martha Stang Right Row, Top to Bottom: Lona Buckland Mary lane Koster lo Lambert Kathryn Gomez NJ' 31 'E rd 1 -If Left to Right: laye Watanabe, Peggy O'Neill, Deli- lah Olson, Rosanna Smith, Rosemary Palermo. Left to Right: Dulce Flores Barbara Thomas Mae Guzman Dorothy Ann Blackford iw it A ,,,,f-Qkxt ,.AWW'Z'JV ' 63 aa a T 64 1 Left to Right, Top Row: Elizabeth Howard Louise Davidson Pam Foley Left to Right, Bottom Row: Ann Duerr Marilyn Anguay Ann Weltz Georgina Foerst """S, H. 'Q " as Left to Right: Mary Alice Esnard Judy Endler I Left to Right, Back Row: Mary Ann Russell Margaret Thompson Kathryn Schott Lett to Right, Front Row: Ive Padin loan Kitchen Mary Donnelly The Party's Over. xQf!.W9" mitmx Mm. QM:-A-1 .W-me I 'QW Left to Right: Barbara Clem Sharon Lisle Carol Wojciechowski Christy Ward JoAnn Crowley Marilyn Mohr 4 1 Y S 1 l I fl ,1 E L 5 I 0 'x s M M- f 4' ' 1 my .ym QR A X I SWE fx, STUDENT GOVERNMENT Student government functions as the core of stu- dent life. From it follow all Mount activities. Student Body Officers: loan Wombacher, Student Body Vice-President, Mary Connolly, Secretary, loan Spaeth, Treasurer. Nancy Stewart Student Body President l l - 5 ,l A... i l .. if-Q it t as ,.,,,t,. Student Council: Gloria Travaglini, NSA Co-ordinatorg Mary Ann Wormsted, Publicity Chairman, Donna May, NFCCS Co-ordinatorg ludi Bauerlein, Sophomore Class President, loan Wombacher, Student Body ViceAPresident, Nancy Stewart, Student Body President, Mary Connolly, Student Body Secretary, loan Spaeth, Student Body Treasurer, Kathleen McGowan, Lower Division Representative, Mary Pat McClurg, Social Chairmang Virginia Glass, Senior Class President, Paula Duncan, Upper Division Representative. g .a9'!74,' . 'Ill Us 'L ,'1"ilJ.f-Hn .-wi""" "wha .if Q -- 5 -4' . ' 'S I K EEO Y .... 622333: A . .. V. '1 g:,,v:"1f5y.w.... -- ,gg-V ,,.. ,, 1 1 Qi .' -"' tjgf 2- ,A s, ,ga A lg' t 'Mmm STUDENT-FACULTY W., BOARD Student-Faculty Board Members, Stand- ing: loan Wombacher, Chairman. Seated, Left to Right: Paula Duncan, Sister Rose Gertrude, Mother Rosemary, Sister Catherine Therese, Sister Mercia Louise, Kathleen McGowan. Not Pictured: Sister Mary -Berenice and Theresa Colarossi. COORDINATINC COUNCIL Co-ordinating Council Members, Standing: Loretta Vonderahe. Seated, Left to Right: Marilyn Ball, Ann Smith, Joanna Arlotti, loan Wombacher, Chairman: Donna May, Elizabeth Matz, Margaret Sprigg. si XX. , BOAROER , COUNCIL Boarder Council Members, Back Row, Left to Right: Deanna Maraccini, Theresa Colarossi, Boarder President, lean McDermott, ludi Bauerlein, Liz Sullivan, Mrs. Harrington. Front Row: ludy Mo- berley, Pat Stack, Mary Lou Le Master, Palma Ciarocchi. SUDALITY sodaiiiy Council, Left to Right: iviafy Alice saiiei, X Pretectg Mary Lee Verderaime, Secretaryg Kath leen, O'l.aughlin, Treasurerg Marilyn Ball, Vice4Prefect Sn 1 'far 5 all 393 54 r , l 1 W i Q' f L 1, i it S JI l 3 i 42111. Q! 'k ,..,- Q? Wmgfg Mary Alice Salter Sodality Prelect Sodality Members, Back Row, Left to Right: Ruby Conaway, Phyllis Lieb, Vir- ginia Hatt, Ann Duerr. Front Row: Betsy Fleming and Sharon Mooney. Seated: Evelyn Hatt and Arline Martin. Sodality activities reach a climax as Prefect Mary Alice Salter crowns the Blessed Virgin on Mary's Day with the assistance of her Council. RED CROSS Red Cross Members, Back Row, Left to Right: lve Padin, Carol Glanville, Pat Minney, Nancy Stewart, Ann Lentz, Mary Ruth Keehan, Pat Crawford, Pat Brown, Celia Gonzales, Ann Howsley, Frances Bock, Barbara Goldsmith. Front Row, Left to Right: Virginia Pick, Marilyn Anguay, Marilyn Sereno Cchairmanb, Alice Mischo. A ff S e if 4 mafi a 2 sz:-: 'C' :M M ,N ,X-: ,- fe-. N V- -. . ,X f -""15-MLM. 9 ,,, ,-Y 'Wm iii". we 5 c M .za .. A A, ,X - A 1, X32 . 22.1 5" .t s f 0 xv .X .Y ' Qffi Q 'S S NSA National Students Association Members, Back Row, Lett to Right: Colleen Steele, Nancy Stewart, Sharon Marie Leahy, Pat Skrocki, Donna May, Rosanna Smith, Patricia McGinity. Front Row, Lett to Right: Donna Schneider, Barbara Sulli- van, JoAnne Holbery, Gloria Travaglini tCampus Coordinatorl. 'ms 5k,g'PfJ 1' ar QP, ff - - 1n,""f3'.. X is 3 ?i i My 'G s ' 17- 'Q Y ,fi . f 6 wil? National Federation of Catholic College Student Members, Back Row, Left to -if Right: Dulce Flores, Anne Muto, Rose Allinder, Judi Bauerlein, Mary Connolly, Paula Wilms, Nancy Stewart, Ann Hows- ley, loan Wombacher, Darlene Knutson, Maggie Albers, Elsita Pineda, Barbara Payton. Front Row, Lett to Right: Mari- lyn Anguay, Loretta Millek, Evelyn Hatt, JoAnn Holbery, Mary Ruth Keehan, Donna May, Pat Crawford, Judy Scherb, Pam Foley, laye Watanabe. Wiggi- L-.fam .J if . 4... .. are nr- A-f I- 15ZLTff'Ef2e.Q-. K 4 , YES LEGIUN UF MARY Legion of Mary Members: Margaret Sprigg fPresidentJ, Judi Bauerleln, Pat Stack, Nancy McCook, Janet Sebastian, Mari- lyn Anguay. Young Christian Students Members, Standing, Left to Right: Mary Connolly, Mary Ruth Keehan, Judi Bauerlein. Seated, Clockwise, Donna May, Nancy Stewart, Margaret Lam, Joan Wombacher, Ann Howsley, Mary Pat McClurg, Czarina Huerta fChairmanJ, Annie Muto, Joan Spaeth, Margaret Cole, Diane Weston, Judy Scherb, Luanna Castellucci, Donna Schneider. ' H Y". l ' 1.'Q l!Il'l'i MARIAN ART CLUB To you, art is more than the beautiful-it is the beauty-making. l bla' 'ul -,.,,s Q N A , "W 'fliers ',4"' 5., 3 1 ,,.. . ww' 0 ,1 7 C 'G ff Art Club Oflicers, Clockwise: Fae Falvo, Parliamentariang ludy Endler, Historian, Con- nie Herman, Publicity Chair- man, lean Orth, President, Maureen Henn, Secretary- Treasurer. Mr. Cressey shows students how to throw a pot in ceram- ics class. Art Club members enjoy exhibit in Marian Hall Gallery. Connie Herman, Kathleen O'Lough- lin, Dianne Smith, Lona Buckland, Nan- cy Bergin, Cathy Olenicz, Maureen Henn, lean Orth, Judy Endler, Shimo- tsuma Mutuko. fi I Ee fi' A ,ii s .1 ,gr- dmf ' MC . was ,. ' 122, .?t ,i1g'f I A 'J U H I 1 ' " gist - 21, ,-Y N sf'eef'1a,:. 2' f -t 2 , :ze ,S J-4 SIX f J 34,55 ' g , ' I " I I Q, 421 i s SIGMA ALPHA IUTA You showed that you were a serious musician when you ioined Sigma Alpha Iota, National Music Fraternity. Sigma Alpha Iota members gathered formally fleftl at Rush Tea and informally Crightl at be ., 'f'- ' f JM ' if we '-i.4..4... .... H' A A ,flea ' ' Pledge Dinner. 'H ij-'k . Lodi' mx. Sigma Alpha Iota Members, Standing, Left to Right: Graciela Alvarado, Joanne Baroni, Sonja Kelly, Mary Ann Bonino, Rosemary Whelan, Maryvon Laumann, Palma Ciarocchi, Charlene McArdle, Betsy Fleming, Mary Ann Gariffo. Seat- ed: Ann Stoffel CPresidentJ. Sigma Alpha Iota Officers, Left to Right, Standing: Ann Stollel, President, Mary' von Laumann, Vice-President. Seated: Mary Ann Garitfo, Treasurer. PARNASSIANS lls English maiors, you studied the work of others and soon felt the ioy of self-expression. 1 a ll I 3 71 3 , . , 2 l, C ::.fa,.1f--J-1'--'--ffqzaffazf-f ----- ' --ff-f1 f :af f- - . 2111:-:::f ite - H5 A A if X 7 f E , , ,i we - ' 'SM far Parnassian Members, Standing, Left to Right: Sheila Crampton, Rosemary Byrnes. Seated: Left to Right: Marie Rose Healy, Paula Duncan, Lillian Scott, lo Bondan, Marilyn Ball, Liz Shanahan, Karen Brow. Parnassian Members, Left to Right: Evelyn Villa, Claire Plemeng, Mary Ann Whitney, Mary Alice Salter, Carol Krommer, Lois Steckman, Ann DeVaney, Liz Matz, loan Spaeth, Connie Serbent, Mary Ann Garifio, Rosemary Orsini, Eleanor Gillet. 1 Q ,Q ' .Q Q ' ' 'j3S'J',, , S as is ' sf - -'-, 'f-frififia :" . 'av - K new S, ' X . fi. 5 A , .-x. ru. I , q fu !4 ::.,52 1:1 xtx's s ,.., Y t 'WN S., 3 i .,,.: :' ',':'f2'a.g if - ,:. N . " V ' f t- iz: Ifff' we-Q' 1, -,Q .. X a'k,' if i-- 'H ,"" xo :P .,.l Q s. ..,.,., . . . ,. 1 ' - 7 3 'fi' 'deity' ze ' qlk . b , , s 5 Q .I . f in L ,v TRI RHU-USTA As future teachers, you cherished your membership in a professional organiza- tion and were active on and off campus. g 1 i air- -...M W m.m,,.'-fm D 35 um3.. 2 - . J E F , W e TTT 'K- I V 'T' - Q X Q if, . V 3 StglK 2j:E .g i ' if S W I its -We--1 its 2 f 3 QRS il it llfw is get :Qs l Q J Upper Division Members Left to Right Tri Rho Officers, Clockwise: Barbara Bernard, Secretary, Mary Pat McClurg, Second Vice-Presidentg Margaret Sprigg, President, Dorothy Schaefer, First Vice- Presidentg Joanne Arlotti, Publicity Chair- man, Sharon O'Connor, Treasurer. Marie Rose Healy Mary Pat McCIurg Dorothy Schaefer Ann Riordan Barbara Sullivan Mary Ann Gariffo Margaret . " 1, Y-ji S ri , Mary Alice Martinez, Sharon e--Q, , M15 Ui " D 88 O'Connor, Eleanor Gillet, lean McDer- mott. Lower Division Members, Left to Right: Barbara Bernard, Lynette Hamano, lo- anna Arlotti, lanet Sebastian, Pat Mooney, Pat Skrocki, Marilyn Jamison. N-JJ. STUDENT TEACHERS "the other side of the desk" challenging and varied. Claire Plemeng supervises '-'W""""' es? fourth grade art class. AILI uipl , VI , r,,., W, 5 ' gil Qr l .f g ff. pf' 6, rf 'g I I V ' ff Of. . I K.. ,, Mig.-.q. . s S- .gn--s --Q su-. z-.-. gg get :.-, 5,1 Ei f, 1- M. -Y . a , The story of the Easter Bunny keeps Margaret Cramer's first graders atten- -ese five, Ann Stoffel finds that her teaching duties include umpiring a championship game. 3 ,is 1 T ,qi Vw ' VVAK, -V S M xx ld , NA SKA, X. ck. N Student Teachers, Standing, Left to Right: Ann Stoffel, Claire Plemeng, Margaret Cramer, Opal Lykke, Karen Brow. Seated, Left to Right: Virginia Baciocco, Sheila Crampton, Sandra Freiberg, Sheila Farnan, Theresa Colarossi. sfi , , ff.: ,iw , WZ W wrt ew, 5 ' . ,M - : .' ef: -K 2 J Wy: N 0 A t ' A M- 4' 9 -' I 11 w- .af q i S' 2 if FQ i' B , i F . '- 3 it x Y ., vw uw f fl or A, , M s , t. F igiv , B f ff 3' A it - 'fu-:merit , , f F QW 5 f 1359 i , hr 3' iv 'A C -vi-iff' v 1. T. ,W F i , , . F se Y V A ., ll E' ly' .. .,.. . I, A ,, ' 3 M if 33' W WM Senior nurse, ludy Muller, and Mrs. Frank Hart, hospital auxiliary member, entertain Billy Green in pediatrics sec- K tion of the Daniel Freeman Hospital. Upper Division Members, Back Row, Left to Right: Donna Puccinelli, Charlene Wil- kinson, Kitty Kelly, Annette Laberge, Ar- line Krause, Mary Lou Le Master, Bar- bara Toon, Barbara Studer, Judy Muller. Middle Row, Left to Right: Ann Bou- chard, Margaret Ward, Rose Herman, Margaret Rude, Sandra Geesen, Sylvia Norwood. Front Row, Left to Right: Frances Gallegos, Mary Hogan, Beverly Brace, Mary Schott, Wendy Freedman. WHITE CAPS You combined the practice of your profession with your activities as a student. 1, ,l X2 lf, ,ff- tm -mi-H i Student Nurse Shirley Toy en- 4V,, 51 if joys her work as she feeds premature baby in incubator. -xi li ry 3'e9..3,' 4""'A"'1 . Q1 il: . '-.1 M, X . Q, f 9 9 I, -em '4 seas QE, . .gg , Q' " se? if ,.,. '- ff . , 2,2 , .fm 14 ge: . s, fm-,bi .wiif xp A lr x' XXX- Q? Q 5 mmf 3 a , Ages A , ' H N Q ir. ' '- . hw., . as- -'-wvf -,M was-1 - ,..,W....,. . +. tt..- ,,, Q, VW. ,i --.,. xx, .N l' r ,Nwfs e .s ' ,s 1,-, " ' 4 --. ,,- X ' rv l - ,4s4..l.,.-wa 1- , ,,v:., . : ,, v-,W-f - M , s K' RW J, . , 'YF Lower Division Members, Standing, Lett to Right: Priscilla Engle, Gail Glennon, Marilyn Marcus, Sue Chastek, Dorene Farrar, Kathy Covelli. Seated, Lett to Right: Mary Kolbert, Pat Connor, lo Marie Kuglin, Frances Breen, Gloria Leon, Sharon Leahy, Kay Murphy, Elaine Mello, Carol Bergschneider, Pat Gor- nick, Sue Ekberg. -.-.vw Ee., 55' e R, se we ' ai s ,, .,, 'W I I X it 79 'WW-'sg .--of ai! . 2-Q. lg, A lr. i .tl 8. 1 V' Wu' A C -4 .Q . ..- .".. i A r f X 1 L- .SN 'F fn Nt ' . gl ' -- V' .lf . I 'ggi SWES Officers: Pat Crawford, Treasurer, Barbara Goldsmith, Vice-President, Celia Gonzales, Presidentg Alice Mischo, Sec- retary. ? 't ww rl,,, gy Qrv' .W xri' .,.. : , 'Za g '- J ,.e5,., g. .: . . I 1 , . K ,, Q , "'4e-WHY ' . ,fn-'ffq A --:':"1' N "" ' x,"": g Q i f . , ' gf 'is' . jA.4 SWES Members, Back Row, Left to Right: Marilyn Sereno Pat Brown, loann Holbery, Nancy Stewart, Marilyn Anguay, Mary Ruth Keehan, Carol Drum. Middle Row: Frances Bock Betty Mayhew, Ann Howsley, Trish Minney, Ann Lentz, Mar garet Lam. Front Row: Elsita Pineda, Helen Ferguson, Vir ginia Pick, Ive Padin. SWES SWES-Social Welfare, Economics and Sociology- you combined these fields and developed knowl- edge and skill in the welfare of others. 80 X X . r 'MM in , j g .. 1 . A' -sa Highlighting the ILC Festival were spirited Spanish dancers ILC Members, Standing, Left to Right: Gloria Travaglini, ludy Vasquez, Colleen Steele, Rita Rojas, Seated: Sonia Kelly, Maura Rendon, Marilyn Ball, Liz Sulli- van, Lori Perea, Daphne de Gombert, Mary Barton. Eusebian Officers, Left to Right: Margaret Sprigg. Sec- ond Vice-President: Mary Grim- mett, Secretaryg Ann Smith, President, Sandra Freiberg, First Vice-President, Virginia Glass, Treasurer, Q. vl,' 'Nev EUSEBIANS Your interest in past history has made you aware of your place in the his- tory of the present and the future Representing the Mount at the Model United Na- tions Assembly are, Left to Right, Ann Smith tchairmant, Margaret Sprigg, Audrey Berks, The- resa Colarossi. Eusebian Members, Standing, Left to Right: Dorothy Schaefer and Virginia Baciocco. Seated, Clockwisez Theresa Colarossi, Pat Mears, Donna May, Yvonne Gomez, Virginia Glass, Margaret Sprigg, Ann Smith, Sandra Freiberg, Gayne Pinto, Liz Austin, Audrey Berks. KAPPA rnrrl Mu Q is ln a world so conscious of science and its effects, you feel your responsibility grow. Science Club Officers, Left to Right: Mary Anne Wormsted Vice-Presidentg Dolores Schock, Presidentg Joan Krause, Sec retary. President Dolores Schock demonstrates "Sputnik-scope" to members: Back Row, Left to Right: Denise Sullivan, Betty Navarroli, loan Krause. Middle Row: Josette Temple, Dolores Schitfert, lean Robbie. Front Row: Mary Anne Wormsted, Carolynne Rodriguez, Pat Yaeger, loan Wombacher. 9. 4 1 MS- 1 ff 6 E V 3'9W""VW l HUME ECUNUMICS CLUB Every day brings you closer to the realization that Home Econom- ics is both an art and a science. Members, Standing: Deanna Dugas fPres- identh. Back Row, Left to Right: Janet Young, Mary Alice Esnard, Lynda Lath- rop. Second Row: Mary Pat McClurg, Nancy Meehl, Cherie Major, Gloria Ma- drid. Third Row: Linda Ruby, Kathy Kelly, lill Carracillo, Cheryl Bockhold. Fourth Row: Betty lordan, Beverly Mc- Clure, Kathy Halloran, Mary Lee Verde- raime, Mary Lynn Pickett. Front Row: Geri Haven, Kathy Schott, JoAnn Hart- mann, Ann Sullivan, Pat Stack. I nf? ff E EVERY WOMAN'S WURLD . . . was a series of lectures and demonstrations offered by the Department ot Home Economics with the cooperation of Community Services and well known authorities in their respec- tive fields. A credit class, it was given this Spring and included among its lecturers fTop, Rightj Miss Margaret,Sullivan, landscape architect, who spoke about the surroundings which complement the home from the philosophical and practical living approachg Mr. David Cressey, artist, lCenter, Righty who lectured on ce- ramics, highlighting their functional importance in practical liv- ing and their contribution to aesthetic valuesg Judge A. A Scott fBottom, Rightj, authority on juvenile delinquency in our modern society, who presented an analysis ot the impact ot this growing problem in the American home and probable causes and pre- vention, i' in-it Winn 3 its ti it l S l -1 ff - J w ' ,X s f WAN ,Q 9, i K 2 sf gg? E4 y 1 . ,',: J A ' ' 5' Q .ix 55 wi' Members, Standing, Left to Right: Dora Szabo, Cathy Olenicz, Maggie Roth, Audrey Berks, Marilyn Jamison. Seated: Sarah Nelson, Dolores Schilfert, Mary Hunt, Barbara Clem, Donna MUUNT MASUUERS Schneider, Judy Kelly, Wanda Kociencki. Mount the drama and enter- tained us with your art. lack O'Neill, Barbara Clem, and Sandra Nagelmann act out a scene from "Ladies in Retirement," 86 Mfg I' Mount Masquers Officers, Back Row, left to Right: Audrey Berks, Vice-President, and Marilyn Jamison, President. Front Row: Wanda Kociencki, Treasurer, and Dolores Schilfert, Secretary. Among the principal players in "The Desk Set" were Hop Picturel Jack O'NeilI and Judy Kelly, and Bottom Pic- turel Judy Endler and Tom Ater. , at A tense moment from "Ladies in Retirement" is en- acted between Audrey Berks and Sandra Nagelmann. ilu l 87 J' l 'E - W "Z" Q fi XL ' .e W . ,Q I J' HANDBUUK EDITORS You spent the summer tracking down activity dates - working with a deadline and now we reap the benefits. tLeft to Rightj Rosemary Orsini and Liz Matz. VIEW STAFF You published all the news of the Mount-on and off campus, in- formed us of each event-past and future. Staff Members, Standing, Left to Right: Julie Wilson, Betty Weber, Elsita Pineda, Lynda Lathrop. Seated, Left to Right: Judy Weber, Rosemary Orsini tEditorJ, Liz Matz, Diane Weston. Not Pictured: Mary Catherine O'Connor tllssistant Editorb. THE UUNT We have had the honor of preparing your Annual, and found it to be hard work. Your satisfaction is ours. Co-editors, Lett to Right: Helen Ferguson and Marie Rose Healy. Helen Ferguson and Marie Rose Healy Co-editors Patricia Yaeger Art and Layout Editor Margaret Sprigg Photography Editor Eurana Wood Business Manager Mary Alice Salter Copy Editor Sharon 0'Connor Circulation Manager Stall: Margie Bergin Margaret Cramer Carol Glanville Carol Ann Krommer Opal Lykke Rosemary Orsini Mary Elizabeth Swiertz Cover: Patricia Yaeger Staff Members, Lett to Right: Carol Glanville, Mary Elizabeth Swiertz, Rosemary Orsini. Staff Members, Left to Right: Margaret Sprigg, Margie Bergin, Eurana Wood, Sharon 0'Connor. Our thanks to: Mrs. Marie Hackett, Mr. Harry Condax, Portrait and Activity Photographyg Mr. Michael Whitaker, Class Photographyg Mr. Rob- ert Hopkins and Mr. James Powell, Mirro- Graphic Yearbooks, Mr. Lee 1. Spencer and Mr. Hank Hartmann, S. K. Smith Company, Mr. James Mushaney. 89 ' iw-zz ,., -.-Q -,- .. 5 ge- . . - , H, . N vga 762- Zft,y'-Q, .SQ7""1fsS.s2? ,, ,- f Q 1 5 ,rail 3: Q-sf , , I . , :Iggy-X ,: .s 3. A--1 :Aww ie.. W Le . .. . . , f li, , 'Q t5lg3?5.::.: ,hm , :Z sic? 1. 5.81. .V .K ' . :' ,2f,l,,,Q 5z3W:1RL-gi Y sf' s. rs,5e.1:--1 ' . .gasp S3411 A Qs" N P' t . '-"ISe4siggF-ef'-"ggf1if5,. 1- A E . " 'FS' -ff ' ' ,y eg 'gs ,ns ' 1 . A . W t- ' '-algal. fisvszfa 1. A h ,.- ., I--sw". .. , .. ,. Ms -S r. -kj, -s,g.:..l.,,., ' Y, 7,52 3 .. , , , ,Wag 14 'I . ,. V ' ..:,.vs. '- 'f fa' ' ff -. 1 Q S , - ,. 5 V:-sv. ...M ,V,. ,, . . sq., .,,1 .G .N :N-MHL.,,xs, , ., u.15,.-.I A 'Affects N. s V: '- 'T I 3 1 FH: ' ' A '7 -Maw ' E? ' -12339 T7 FZ- '51 if' fa 59165: . ve, ' 1 "H 1,2524 1 I ' ,ak 'J' J 3 A I :'if,:5+'Yi"Q ' -, 152825 f : Q' ...M ,-.-fe. , If' fi f' 5 123134 ,V SS- 133' ' f f 5 f 'TN fe -' ' A -' ,cv sf -1' - A E I V. . 1 - QQ!-1 NX A A ,, 2 ? ' :A fi 5 5539" ff . . ' ff' ggs f Q ., , V it V E545 E' f'3'e4ifsa1E-i'iA1. A ,Ji ' , ,,., ,.'I Zfglfr Ti.. ffyggffs T 1 -251 ,umm ., ,. . ,cf 2 f X - ' sw' f y ,Eve A . - I . - ' 3 H'-A ' f , QQ?-Q.. ' 'iw X . J g?g1'Z?""T, -i-FT f f- Wi l, I S " 4. ie , ,, 'J f 7,134 -as v j .f w p I , gigief-gggeg?'g?f4'g,,f .V . - 'Q .5 " 1' .L-H ,- - 1.1-f . , ,.,, A :g n ,.-m e rig-i?ggit.s -- ,A f M 1 ., ,, . .N....,.,....m . S , .-fs. ..., A ' J' ,Val ., 'V f ' SQ' ""' , -' ' 'awwmw 1 .:.,,.. 1:3132-s -sci . 'H -P ' it wi , 0--:AISI . I '- :A f - . . 3 ,- " X-' .,.. 3 Ewa HUNUR SIIIIIETIES DELTA EPSIIUN SIGMA Left to Right: Ann Smith, lean Orth, Mary Pat McClurg, Theresa Colarossi, Ann Stoffel, Mary Alice Salter. Not Pictured: Carol Doyle and Barbara Studer. 3. l X Marie Zeuthen. Not Pictured: Sharon Girard. , 3 I I I i L Mv,,,,,. .4-ffm' ""',wNW 1 A ,V , K I ff' " ' ' I' "" 'N' an ' I KMA . St. . , .S - ' ,. X sf, A ,S , M- ' .SX 21", ' V If .jf if . N ,S ix .' wiiirs wiiu f P Ns. -i ' l' ef ' T x Us . F s -:H.,- -122 t sv, W- v A -5 - S9 1 . -'S Left to Right: Audrey Berks, Patricia Brown, Celia Gonzales, Mary Alice Salter, Virginia Glass, Nancy Stewart, Sheila Farnan, Theresa Colarossi. Not Pictured: U . I .M ,ig S . .: . .. 9 . . ,M if ,. X ff. I fx, lf' I- I 1 A IN' . . N ygfc 4, ,H-33 Q .li 1x'i .ggi . . ag. t U " -Lf 'I Carron Vincent. ....s....Z .yn .8 , , EA.-aww., 'lvmwpq x .. lag, , I 1, Q, . 'Z 1 - 1 41 ' ' 'I L! I A AW , V, Wg K, . 90 3 I- 1 xx PI DELTA PHI National French Honor Society, Left to Right: Margaret Spfigg, Mary Pat Mc- Clurg, Margaret Darmody, Pat Fitzgerald, Sharon Fay. ALPHA MU GAMMA National Modern Language Honor So- ciety, Standing: Sharon Fay. Back Row, Left to Right: Miriam Tse, Lynda La- throp, Mrs. Virginia Gortain, Mary Ann Whitney. Middle Row, Left to Right: Yvonne Gomez, Mary Alice Salter, Audrey Berks, Mary Ann Gariffo, Shirley Briggs. Front Row: Mrs. Mary Valis Rejlek, Mr. Marchetti, Maryvon Laumann, Amparo Rojas, Elaine Derminghem, Pat Fitz- gerald, Sister Eloise Therese. WAA Through your hard work, the student body enjoyed one of its favorite activities, the Swim Show. ITALIAN CLUB ll special interest at the Mount you joined with Loyola to spon- sor the annual Tarantella Dinner. -Nxwhhbifpfy H - ' w'?ESQ?w5.g5Ff"?5-vb1w.s..:, :' , "Nun N , H V , ., ,,wv hx :INV If d.!.:,b V :,.j . , , . ,., ,W N H 1 W vw. Wm fu -1 ' . .9f'-. r. 3... Wing ' ' " '.':.1-'f- '- V .-, ' ' I 'M '-.5--el-. Q.: ,dv ', UH' -'R '. .. , ,E-2, 4 ""' " . -' ..,.f::f:-1.. ,,. , , , "s41'f'."-r-.- ' '.,. WW. ,,., , ' 'VN-vo:-... 'I' "if-"f2' ----strife.. -1. . Diver Eurana Wood pertects jackknite in preparation for WAA Swim Show. l Ifkhwf. xsf-L Italian Club Members, Standing, Left to Right: Donna Frauenheim and Joanna Arlotti. Seated: Mary Ann Bonino, Palma Ciarocchi, JoAnn Barone, Barbara Bernard. Front: Mary Karig. l l ,II Guild Officers, Left to Right: Mrs. V. Pickett, Recording Sec- retary, Mrs. R. K. Rude, First Vice-Presidentg Mrs. Raymond A. Brow, President, Mrs. S. D. Herman, Second Vice-Presi dent, Mrs. Philip Breen, Treasurer. i l haf' Xa Y me v ' Q . . . .- Yafwmmi, M f You gave your time, energy, and interest to the Mount. Through your unselfish work we have benefited in every way. Guild members discuss plans at their April monthly for their annual Spring Scholarship Luncheon. meeting Q --N-We -..,. . . .. R i 'hgy,,,'..-'qw ,,. s- I its-. N V. 0 1 ,.-. , - 4' s- 'f-'QQ 9 fl x M 'P :SY g-5 .. 'ill 1. , A . !...Tm W t+t t S 5 Q As part ot the student health services introduced on campus this year, Dr Britt Dalby weighs lean Robbie during physical examination. HEALTH OFFICE N'-IL... 'nv xf 'MDW 'S-. ., Assisted by Sister Genevieve Marie, Dr, Dalby checks Nancy Bergin's blood pressure. '3""'5,p. ff' ' an 7' ' we .-137,54-.V r v ,A il yy, a , I .,, is? You received the benefits of medi- cal services from doctors and nurses here on campus. -F Ns " I ,f I X' I bv xx ,Ky 1 2 SPECIAL ACTIVITIES Senior Audrey Berks was chosen as a cheerleader spirit highlighted the Lion basketball games. I at Loyola University this year. Audrey's Mount ,M . gm .. . . . The Mount received the distinction of having Freshman Linda Hope reign as one of the prin- cesses in the Loyola Homecoming festivities. QNX' f it KES . ' 1-:Q1 'Ui If- X f' I -ff-A s-w-- X . ., ' S-'fQ',QeQ,:qe.ssIi :f . I .- ,. . . i-:.5:Q5f:.1s - L . - Q - ' '-::1,:s:-,1- 1 , ,. ,--:, ,R .,,, ,,:,., N -H - -. ,.: 1 .... ggssass-55:1-earszs-15reg.:'Q--se V ,. K . -,ig N . sciriicr ' riiiii Future scientists from lo- cal high schools compete for honors in annual Sci- ence Fair, held on cam- pus in March. Mike Cahill, Senior from Mission High School, looks on as classmate Ronny Sanchez, who built pipe organ, gives it finishing touches. Biological Sciences are also featured. Shown is lunior Mary Anne Wormsted examining details of exhibits. 1' ' , ,,-, ,..,., , ,, fag,-'21aLi"' I! gf lt li A li i 1 Sophomores Marguerite Roth and Theresa " '- vie? K? f X T: ,S as so Sm ew ' , . ...' A-ai ",,i f 'SQ 'T-Sf if 55 F we if 'rn Mi 'tl' .ia . iw sa. - fi id 1 , o D II . Yiii' Q ge . 382.1231 v-4 Q - my " 3 Q ' ff' Q ,ies -. st 3. ' . 1 V. 1.3jQ,f:1., .- .1 51111--TIH 1 .. ,g ' . 4'i"':1'w-?Zf23Z:- il?"-S is Q 1- f waifff ,, . S 1' S' 1 we .. t if .'.:v:3-3-gi:Z..! ,I Q D we " 3' far 'v , X X L .. rf V- ee- f. .V V, V lx' ' :',,kgg.pM:Qg,:i.y:- N" N A 1 tx1'Q,1o' ' V gd N0 KS .Stew .ummm divisi- ,lo mqcutate .xxgnx cohduqingtiou Wg ares - einem in Wm - x Wt ' hen WED- N129 in tudems WMM ts U MG astus Guru S UQ,L.lX- amen - Koa not rat, h and NX on mm .mug Q10 t do eu . e ' re o emuigxsos Dxagifmsxgi used in V re As students with more than the ordinary interest in science, you worked here at the Mount doing research in homographing. srrcnu Left to Right: Joann Barone, Sharon Mooney, loan Kitchen and Sister Gertrude loseph demonstrate steps used in homographing experimentation. RESEARCH v..w'1"' Ns.-f XXX, 1 'YK In the Fall, Sister Rosemary dedicated a new statue of Christ the King tleftj, Io- cated at the triangle-entrance to the campus. Imported from Italy, the statue was a gift to the school. LN 4 -' f R, Qin: , ' ' ,sth AEE Dr. Thomas R. Dooley, Left, lectured to the student body this Spring about his work as a medical doctor in Asia. The doctor has dedicated his lite to giving medical help to poverty striken Asians. After a lecture tour of the United States, Dr. Dooley will return to Asia to establish another hospital. SPECIAL EVENTS , tt, 55.9 1 Q, 3 Photographed by Victor Barnaba, this view ot Mary Chapel won first prize for Architectural Photog raphy at the State Convention of the Professional Photographers' Association of California. PATRUNS Dr. and Mrs. William N. Bergin Miss Audrey Berks Miss Margaret Cramer Mr. and Mrs. William H. Glaqville Col. and Mrs. Charles I. Healy Mr. and Mrs. AI J. Henn Mr. and Mrs. John W. Howsley Mr. and Mrs. James F. Sprigg haf I, ,f , pdf' l N 3 512 WK, ..,,,,,, cnkez- adm: p4ataqm,edew 225 West Broadway Telephone Cltrus 3-2218 Glendale 4, California Weddanga pawlzadla AUTDG RAPHS AUTOGRAPHS FJ D I c ,pm 9 .MQ '1 ,F 2. ,.,- -' V-" o 9 ' w ep, 'ii 'jf?.'f'5" 3' ' Q 1" 4 9,145.,fn'j,fs-,ix-Q . Q :- 1 in Q Q f Q ou c 'o 'fx ' 11 , yur: P ff 1 'G A m ,, Q 5 c f 1 FA-R ,rv . Q P1 x ',., h45,,.,5.X 4' ' . 9 n , ' A J 9. ,,.'V ... v A 0. if . A I . . ' "', 4. . . , , L .5 ., Q "' :I P. - '.v--g', N , 4 R! 'Hi .' ' W V. 0 n ol, v if. Af" J ' , I 3-ftl, M' 'S .. 1, 4 1 'A . j.- ' Jug 5 xr-. lf . -3:1 .... I -. - -'. ' ,S 4 411 ,,' 4, K. J -: e' '- :si . - " 'v VI ,' V, ig. . ' A .' , , rl! , ,1 "ll 115 3 1 . .., v N ,avid , 51, K K 5, fffi . W -1 .522 . Fi" ,A ' -11 3: '. 1 4 . . is , Mx ,ML f U, x 1 ivy. . v D, ,- A ,QQ - ll' A , . W1 ,M '.eX ,QE at 'NL F. 4. fi 3. . A' 1-, ' 1 if .QFEH N 4 3,5 :, It .AP . .,-,, K f -vw. px. ', N MWA, wa -' - . ' LL . fd-"Lf 3 A ' '-Q 'W -P' .f- 1 -- , ,,.-. . A, I 1" lv , ,W , T. , JX1 5 1 I ,nk , rf' " 4 , a ,, - 4 F' - B. X 0 ,, O cf V 1 , -D 0 D , In z, ,J Jf . . V 1 0 f N XI .Lb L ,,a v , V A 4 - ,. Xa? . . .41 . 1 .nr-V ' 3 'Snug' '. ' Y " Q ' . 1 , 1. . ,mx -' -x 'L Xu,-n s , U .. ,, , , TW- , 'Y'-644-5 V " .M . g ' Q I N x f x-4f, u U -,f '-wr

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