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f. fgfqfq L , f M ' ' 45 N. A ff , -fl ..4ff-fmfwx 53 I Bi A R y fx 1 - 06,0 ff UBRARY L9 1 G., 03 Anaaxf' The MOUNT I956 i l Published by the Senior class of Mount St. Mary's College Los Angeles, California i I l -X MAHYJ. LIBRARY , I hs xx 5 . K 0 , 5 Q l O 2 0.9 25 X ANG9' A door B 'r opened in September.. One doy you decided 'ro come to college. And 'rhe plouce you chose wous the Mount. 'l'holl's who? this book is obouf The things Thoi' happened becoiuse of ihoi' decision. ll seemed lo us thot decisions ore like doors. They open life to you . . and behind it was the 4 W un N a N 4 , 1 ,, , R U' sf and study 'C-4 '?I3'ia It W3S g Spiwm iv? a place of man moods Always busy E VAX M-' 'F J. " Y 11 ' , -M-wb ,v - ' 3 .MQW A' sf , rhfgfk lg xxx Rini? , .. -1 V srl' 1 3' K and fperspectives W P w 1 1 qi 121 H1 :Xi .El El? K 9 In the offices you found or new odminisfrofion To guide The Mount through new problems. -, , ,Q A,-ef ' . ,. You had Dominicons to feoch you for the first time . . . ond found the experience exhilorofing To soy The leosf . . . obove, Father Feoron, O. P. Maybe parm - V+- X 5 X as the tacult that made the Mount so special- lt was hard to tell- but not hard to realize that your own mind had awakened . .. through contact with theirs and that their enthusiasms had aroused yours in philosophy or theology or physical education or natural science. lFather Kelly, O.P.l lMiss D. Blackstonel lSister Mary Geraldl v' ,f 1' Honorary President Pres dent Dean of Studies Dean of Graduate School Mother Rosaleen Sister Rosemary Sister Rose Gertrude Sister Germaine Art Sister Mary lgnatia Nina Shepherd Jeanette Busch Biological Sciences Sister Gertrude Joseph Sister Mary Gerald Sister Genevieve Marie Barbara Hartmann Cooperating Faculty at Veterans Administration Classical Languages Sister Mary Dolorosa Sister Mary Germaine Education Sister Mary Hortensia Frances G. Sweeney Joseph T. Zygmanski Staffs: Center Brentwood Elementary School Hamilton High School Louis Pasteur Junior High School English and Speech Sister Marie de Lourdes Wakefield Everett Sister Mary Laurentia Marie Hackett Sister Patricia Clare Sister Mary Patricia Frank Hanley Home Economics Sister Mary Marguerite Grace K. Trumbo Lyla Cox Mathematics Sister Rose Gertrude Sister Margaret Leo Reverend James O'ReiIly Modern Language Sister Eloise Therese Sister Aline Marie Sister Mary Hildegarde Mary Valis Reilek Music Sister Celestine Florence Caylor Reverend John Cremins Will Garroway Frederick Hagedorn Margaret Stromer Sister Timothy Sister Miriam Joseph Nursing Sister Mary Rebecca Sister Albert Mary Mildred Grafford Constance Carmody Sister John Bernard Sister Mary Arthur Frances Dickason Barbara Sinamark Philosophy and Theology Sister Mary Dolorosa Reverend James O'Reilly Very Reverend Anthony Brouwers Sister Cornelia Mary Reverend Cornelius Lynch, S.J. Right Reverend Patrick J. Dignan Very Reverend Patrick Roche Reverend Joseph Weyer Reverend Patrick Kelly, O.P. Reverend John Fearon, O.P. Reverend Michael Kristovich, S.J. Physical Education Delores Blackstone Physical Sciences Sister Alice Marie Reverend James O'Reilly Alice R. Crilly Paul Haberfield Dermot Taylor Social Sciences Right Reverend Patrick J. Dignan Sister Agnes Bernard Sister Mary Brigid Sister Mary Dolorosa Lois Lobb, M. D. Sister John Margaret Sister St. Francis Bernard Bierman Ethel B. Keithley Sister St. Claire Sister Rose Catherine Dean of Resident Students Registrar Treasurer Guidance Director Sister St. Claire Sister Mary Adrienne Sister Frances Mary Sister Mercia Louise .uf f' ,. I9 '1 Library ab L Leif' Q Ma Q r 'Y is ' fir sal Librarian Sister Catherine Anita Assistant Librarian Sister Vivian Cataloger Danuta Kaczynski .4 For those .. Student government is the word tor what they did for you. But it can't express the running around, the worries. the rewards, ot being a student council member. You chose them because you telt that these ot your friends were best fitted to be your leaders. Peggy Coates Vice-President 4f"'!lUs r Joan Carey Student body president Barbara Vaccaro Secretary WK! 1"""" . - 1 Ginny Glass Treasurer be-I f e f who governed .. 4 1, V ll-EA 0239 9-290 00 3- 1400- :gtg 7 3 U"-0 "' 09.55. ': -4 Q,,,3 'QU qnfo nom:- f1.,.'m no 3 H- N H Z Pins 7 1,9545 Co. Mg: .,. cb 54 -4Um5' 009108 mac: Tr:-3,-' ""'4'2.': s..ID3 25' S 81? Pa? 22 in QQQ-Q fD::"l 2.35-3' 912,14 Qmg-' 039. 395 'Q 'T1 -u Q29 2'S -cg: QRS-' 049. 4 rung ing'-' -:r 1-ru 322 :?? Q Q F aww, fn 5? L... ,, me x ' 'fi' .W If , up 1 ' " . , v 'W 9 TI, ' X -Z . w x S 'Sh ' ,,,, A ' , 'ff , f f , , fyzyg-Nw, if-W V ywi L 45 4, Q1 Q QNJJ' . 5,72 - V ' fe? , . -, , '37 ' ,Qgw fi ' mf F ,. "QM .Q 3 gi jgz , 1 I3 YZ . Q 33' 15? Q FTW ? ' ' 2 V1 ' ' vvev' ' ' f fgiff .,,.,. Q ' ' + .f - ' ' W QX if H -V U r, f 4 Y hm, , Z , Y AX P '14 X . , --4 : yi . , Q 4 U ' , 5, Q .1 'q v gg' ' - .. " K -1 , 9 f ZS E f f 'gl V V., -, A , " 5, H N- b 'B , I I ,R wr K I . Qing-rm ,V x, L R f li ftigmsk gyms-Nl Q23 'W' 7 N .. -1' Sodality Council Left to right: Katherine Daly, Eliza- beth Granville, Marie Rose Healey, Mary Alice Salter, Nancy Cholewa, Helen Ferguson, Cecilia Lucente, No- reen Higgins, .loan Novy, Celia Gonzalez, Sharon Fay, Patricia Fitz- gerald. Boarder Council Left to right: Virginia Vidinha, Kathy Halloran, Mary Brusstar, Carol Wel- dy, Boarder President, Joyce Silve- ria, Miriam Kam, Audrey Berks, Jean McDermott, Annette Orland, Doro- thy Huarte. September m ant plan 0 O C1 and work t carry them out Coordinating Council Left to right: Mary Catherine Brow, Julie Ambersley, Barbara Darling, Patricia Weaver, Beatriz Borquez, Joan Novy, Peggy Coates, Chair- man Rosemary Weber, Lucy Cohen, Valerie Munton, Margaret Sprigg, Helen Osaka, Dorothy Brockmeier, Sheila Thornton. Student-Faculty Board Left to right: Peggy Coates, Sister Mary Brigid, Sister Rose Gertrude, Nancy Cholewa, Carol Ramaker, Carol Weldy, Sister Mercia Louise, Sister Rosemary, Sister St. Claire. A , e U , ff S 'r -- vw ' , N7 v.v.x,.,N-.Mm wg!!-5 M 4 W ff f ' .,..::.Lw ' 4" Q. For most . . . a new wa, Eff? , ,ff .,f .,1.g Q an E , W XY!!-.4 gan? 1, ,. , , R "f5?? , . ., , , qw- ff W ,,. ... ,, W, 3. q Q H 5 WW fy., W 3 M , 3 , f 1 .Swv 'fist W' 'L 1 ll ifxzixtztf :i 2 fffo " . K Nxt ill xt if You could be found in the library .. or cof . . As clay hop i cmd had parking problems. V of life Lunchtime never come e fast enough . . .m ,Mev -V i Affine 251. fsl diversions were many . . or looorcier discussions fruitful lv ik x L A f ,-x 4 L, ,Q S i A X . ' , 'f-W , S, WN A V Ie, Wi 3, W ' ' x I Cx 3 X - ,-, wwwy,m . W x f NYM W .t 3 fi ,Q 4 4 W V W X j iw, ., Q 5 7,1 ' Z? Z MQW? gf if . 4'Awf:?g 3, mix ' X , fx Q, , 9 f L, L wwf, f b . , f x if xg, ay, ?W!f V x , . 4 :a, fS,fMMNgQg4AW.M4MQ A 23 R if X 5 f,,S,gS ,,, A Lf if , gif 4 W, i J 3 fx 1,512 ,.,:',s- Q. Q I. f 'e,'f ' f ' X ' vw ., X .9 I 2' ' W ' X " ,Q 1, W if fx Z' , - M ' A 'X 4' ' ---Q' x , , X VW-y - v .,., , ,,,:.4,,,,f-.,v., ,..- My . 3 14' QM ll' - f X V g, I t 1531 I f 1,75 , - ,y xx V 4, if . ,A I ,sr . A - W , 4 Y ,if . , V,,, , if . k , A A nf fm ff . --Jw .f ,,f.I2,..',-'g C- 'f - ., my 53. Q 1-":,ggg,,,' ' x f Q , , f 4 f x Q9 -x Af ' 2 w KNQQQVMM ' , V p K , 'A WA I 5 . yr , ff 'Z 1 . 1 S W V A ff , ,Q . 00 1 1 T 5 1 x ,,.w!S' I 1 1 nw , We I doors opened everywhere lim You learned t be Education, it seems, is 0 two-wcsy street- ound educating . . . s.., ,fa 'YZF it 'N Q7 ,ds s-.f A MA, teachers . . . only follows being educated. art for elementary teachers Tri Rho Officers: Florence Okihara-First Vice-President Mary Catherine Brow-President Celia Lucente-Publicity Co-Chairman Mary Pat McClurg-Publicity Co-Chairman Kathleen Burke-Secretary lMissingl Gerry Roberts-Treasurer Liz Granville-Vice-President X .xv shxhai ghchll A A i k R1 Y Q-F-H-cm '- , ' .L ' f, ws 5' Emvznxi 1 W .1 ogy, V , ct c if wr L1 Kg: N, . 3 f X f 24 t ,,A........,....4 .2 ' .4 3 I s 3 s A ,- ' If v 7 3,16 . I, V W ,-Af M- . ,ji mn- I , .X x ., .,.. ef g - N, rl 4, ,Q 1, ..'. , iv' .- MQ N Ag . r .: WNW V K. Al V Q 1 4 , .- X of N . , Q W r tr r r a no 7 ' on ve e Journalists And there you were- with a deadline and no copy. You breathed a monthly View editors from left to right were Loret- S'ght of rehfef ta Casey, Mary Alice Salter, Mary Ann when The Vlew Twersky, Ursula Kehoe, Helen Ferguson. Came Off the presses. Writing copy wasn't the only problem. The printer's bill came as often as the paper. So you held The View Birthday party. . .elect- ed a queen-Leslie Devereaux, sophomore. rQuni1afluuu1st.+vwau--xv--rl gmwam , You found a few rules about judging your own efforts as well as those of Mr. Shakespeare . . . Modern poetry was still an enigma- but an increasingly pleasant one. A reactivated Parnassian club held discussions and sales- Its officers were: Barbara Darling-President Annette Orland-Secretary Pat Fitzgerald-Treasurer is bf? ji! 4isE"f',' un- iffizi'-5 'LJ' 9, ,.. A . .,,...,. ,.',,, V , - ,Q . ,' , 5 MTW 1" -3 i 'f','f.' i:"f egzfa.. iff 1 B Z ig. 5 ' Y I Q . in e it f .cv ' ' W " V Q 5 Mmm mv Aw, .. Q 0 V'VVA-' V 3. Wil ,, M ,f , , 4- :W J Rc A,-'fu , y -1523, A f . Wg 2 -ffl is r xl? 4' 9 4' 45 in ,W-nv lg? " H Q' 94 Y 3'f'3"a, ' A ,fx ima Q r ,df poets and critic Officers and members of Parnassians: First row: A. Orland, F. Okihara, B. Dar- ling, D. Huarte, R. Polino, K. Bondan, M. Whitney. Secohd row: M. Cain, P. Fitz- gerald, S. Thornton, M. Bauerlein, S. Crowe, M. C. Brow, M. Gariffo. , 4- A was e g .-gg., ' Tffii 'Q 1 . 'ages if ' jfs if V "Wg F5 ff gf VV' A xr, .' i ' :ff MQ - " f' i I , N3 A I A. M W 1. .,, W.. - iq. I sm, . , wa, ,Libs a fs 25 K.. You sang- self-expression perhaps- lout the madrigals and arias meant mostly work and fun. If you took your music seriously you might have ioined a national fraternity- Sigma Alpha Iota. Actives: Front row: A. Fabian, M. Fazzi Pledges? DOWN Nichols, H0506 Pfiffnef, D. Brockmeier, S. Girard. Back row: M JUCIY HenfY- Gariffo, G. Audio, T. De Bellis, G. Buccieri f , -,Q bw f.,....... X v , 1 X 4 "Importance of Being Earnest." Senorita One of three one-act plays. Mary Pat McClurg advertised You weren't Sarah Bernhardts- yet- but it didn't really matter. lt's hard 'to tell who enjoyed themselves more. . you- or your audience. Mount Masquers: Claire Plemeng Deanna Maraccini Sheila Farnan-Secretary-Treasurer Mary Pat McClurg Margaret Sprigg-President Audrey Berks-Publicity Chairman forthe Mount Masquers. .4 ,f - :3 Ma. .. .. . 1 r.. 4, .54 C? X to ertb- X . Rx week A X to WX u xx r tv T , , Xi ---5-gt .gg ., 3:5 , u X ,- wx r d 5 3 K .. for Q. 'if 15 do Wm m fs , li 3,,,,. wqgpsvn-rv-'Sw ,Mow ,vw-ff A 9 , J X f , ., K - X-g"'n . ,f -f ' ,- ,wx yy 4 . 1 . M aww - ' ...,,,,..-,w,-m-Af-'f- 4 ' ' 3 '13 , f I ' 5 ' :I ' A 4 yr- 'A ' 'Qwgf ' 'fr-,Q , fb-ff Q' J-.. , , 9 ' ..- cf 2. S, K 22 , SVA , gs Lg , ' Q w ' 3 V 5 Ja.: 7 E QS 'Q it 4 . je-.ig 5 , S 5 Z ,git Q fy, x W ,S -. .4 wwf an ? swf 2 Capping- you held cu condle, mode cz pledge, sow the day come closer when you would sign your nome . .. RN. White Cops and HUYSES 'Ns Hospital work had its painful aspects. White Cap officers: Jackie Bigelow-Treasurer Gloria Maraccini-Secretary Shirley Corcoran-Historian Janet Horeisi-Vice-President Norma Hopkins-Social Chairman Jean Schnieders-President They say a woman is most womanly when she is serving .. And nursing meant giving- not just miracle drugs but yourself. ll 2 5 i i r Marie St. Pierre, Kathleen Murphy cientists .. Other people couloln't understand the fascination of a formula or a microscope or a test tube. But for you it was part ot the fascination of life itself. WWW' Zffmgrs' ' 5 :W s'f:'2.'3f11'P "" m11i1"651Trf ,jigs f:"5'i W" IMWQWQX 4 Sw -Q-4 K X - f ,, . cc W S2 WNWNW I LL A' X fi . it Qc k 1 s Xi . X xp S f .,f f mir Q22 30 Kappa Theta Mu officers were Joanne Jackson-Secretary Beverly Gueno-Chemistry Representative Patricia Weaver-President Mollie Swope-Social Chairman Q Ii 5 ,ww 'i,Q,Qurfm., ,, A 1 X 3 2 NFCCS: First row: S. Thornton, S. Fay, J. Watters. Second row: S. Crowe, P. Wea- ver, P. Fitzgerald, N. Higgins, J. Novy, C. Gonzales. Third row: J. Carey, C. Krom- mer, C. Vincent, H. Osako. You were experts on the problems and potentialities of the student... sharp on parliamentary procedure. National Federation of Catholic College Students officers were Sheila Thornton-Senior Delegate Carron Vincent-Junior Delegate Susan Crowe-Regional President Pat Weaver-Regional Vice-President Officers of the National Students' Association were Lucy Cohen-Campus Coordinator Sandy Freiberg-Sub-coordinator Carol Weldy-Student Discount Service Chairman Rita Marcoux-Travel Chairman Y u liked student government... NSA: Front: L. Cohen, S. Freiberg, G. Glass, Y. Gomez, P. Brown. Atrip to an NSA regional congress Back: M. Antoniak, M. Zeuthen, L. Scott, A. D'Agostino. lMissing: C. always includes some things Weldy, R. Marcoux, J. Beinarl not on the agenda. gg li at YS' ,i World histor You wanted to know what Alexander the Great was like- and the "why's" ot the French revolution. History was your major, or minor, or favorite hobby. You took part in the Model United Nations ioined a history club named atter Eusebius, another historian. F F A ji ls- 5 if Qu... Eusebian officers: Fayrene Blackburn-Historian Yvonne Gomez-Treasurer Mary Ellen Catagnola-President Jeannie Mason-Vice-President Margaret Darmody-Secretary Jane Marshall-Vice-President You proved yourself domestic . . . dressed dolls and sold them at the View Birthday Party ,,,,...-of 'Ziff Your attempts at accents were often amusing... but along with fluency in your chosen language you developed appreciation of o culture and understanding of o people l in I.L.C. Officers: Treasurer-Lupe Gaudicnno Vice-President-Gloria Travaglini President-Beatriz Borquez Secretory-Jeannette Valentino :X Q, T ' 4 ix ., ,if Qfvfil fiiz- E .. A, if 2 'A Q 1 r ls3d,,,gf' f i Q is V f ' X 'fa we 4 You held a dance festival geisha girls . . . flamenco dancers. . X' sf im people lt you're Italian by nationality or are iust interested, you might belong to the Italian club- Theresa Colarossi-President Alpha Mu Gamma- honorary language society- some of its members with Ernestine Barton-President Lorena Larriva-Vice-President Pi Delta Phi- honorary French society- Sally Heenan--President Margaret Cain-Secretary Ernestine Barton "v lm' 54 Z fi 1 .thaw ,I My f Af'- 'Q ef: V A 'f ' ,,,, 5M,,,,,N.,....v f K ..4' sf QV Pot' Q , I 79' g f sf-. -F in l Uw- 4 ma y ' Mfg "Ty i ' , 3' ""'."-""""""'e Y-M, ,ff, ,. if -3 mx, 19? , A Z I Sf UW- to 'P ei, -Z. I' " 1 Li.. 'Eff 'Y P4 'V fx 'Y ,gg Q lv , Ayiv I LJ,-N? ,Q 'M la' g ' j ., ":',sn,+ ,-fx, P- K- ' i -:, f f ' 1 V jf as gina , . 'Q - 5, 5' ' ra, A r x , - w , Q ,I I surf' X V, - ' Nw 4. .ng .. A 1. 35 x W Officers: Rosemary Weber and Roberta Polino with foreign stu- dents at a luncheon held by the Mount. an other people. . Christianizing first yourself, Then your environment . . . serving the people around you. 36 fs if X , Wy, 1 5 X 1 1153 5 fr 262' fa . At the Mount you had a part in the greater plan of the American Red Cross you gave your blood, your time, and, most of all, your enthusiasm. A young Christian Students meeting with Mary Brusstar, Rosemary Byrnes, Peggy Dwyer, Annette Orland, Jenny Bejnar, Marilyn Ball, Carol Weldy. i ii e ii M , 6 , M I Nivea. . f,- Something obout lines ond colors excited you . . More thon most you seemed to be oble to grosp ond reproduce beouty. Q V yi thing artistic if Mi ,if X, MF" ,QM i ,J if f N! X N . , "9.,,,,' X Q ti W XA it HW 9 If 5 l . , 'X xl ' tg W N Q -X .24 QS J ff -, f,, ,Av -,.,w'1 ,xg -i V fr wvr, MQ Qaisif 'Q A NW V' ' I ,X X , atm o n X My Left to right, first row: D. Michelena, P. Callahan, S. Felker, T. Binckley, E. Wood Second row: M. Sprigg, S. Farnan, N. Cho lewa. Third row: R. Weber, R. Marcoux, C. Plemeng, B. Weber. Two years of physical education are required at the Mount.. though tor some any exercise was a necessary evil, for others it meant lessons in working together- WRA- competition . . . co-operation . . . a yearly swim show. athletic .. Womens Recreational Association officers: Patricia Callahan-President An n D'Agostino-Vice-President Eurana Wood-Treasurer Pastries and patterns were only part of it. Your courses meant more than budgeting and interior decorating . . Creation of a home and creation in the home. d mestic ... 444 :ff 4 2 ,.. S ,l 33130 QQ . gi wmmmkmfwvww I V ' 4't5'W-W 253 ai New 'x ,.-. is ar 3 H. X til ,,..vvv-a9'4"""-W. null' A Home Ec Club officers: Julie Ambersley-President Mary Ann O'DelI-Vice-President Diana Dugas--Secretary Lorena Larriva-Treasurer Claire Kauth--Upper Division Representative Kathleen Crowe-Lower Division Representative 39 . L--5 LL.,-f' 5 GT-al i Q i 1 Us p-nv Social welfare is what it's called- the happiness of the people around you is what it means... people in groups- people with problems- they were your field. ,,,.....-v 4-Q "?U4""" . 312 l .,.f"W' 351, , ,, r M..-ff .-f t 'gy 3":"f':f4 ' 'li ,Mol f sociological Officers of SWES: Left to right: Secretary-Nancy Stewart Treasurer-Mary Ann O'Connor President-Helen Osako Vice-President-Peggy Dwyer Meetings . . . not pictured and stimulating speakers. and social Actives Top row, left to right: Judy Ellis, Mary El- len Lykke, Alison MacDonald, Sheila Boundy, Carole Breen, Sally Heenan, Don- na Dunne, Nancy Stewart, Rosemary Mal- loy, Dorothy Huarte, second row: Leontine Ricoute, Giannina Baroni, Joan Manning, Carol Swanney, Valerie Munton, Presi- dent, Ellen England, lrene Bovine, Joann Smith, bottom row, Beverly Gueno, Sharon Carney, Roberta Polino, Betty Siegfried, Rosemary Weber. Pledges Top row, left to right: Eileen Winter, Joan Spaeth, Ann Smith, l.uki Styskal, Margaret Rude, Jeanne Leach, Janice Rabuzzi, sec- ond row: Eleanor Gillet, Deanna Dugas, Marlene Mitchell, Mary Maechling, Doro- thy Schaefer, bottom row: Carolyn Ro- drigues, Audrey Berks, Donna Puccinelli. Gamma Sigma Phi ma :G so . iv Q. '53 f 'iiv f, -1 M -m..,.,,W :V M, f Actives Top row, left to right: Margaret Darmody, Margaret Sprigg, Mary Ann Salamida, Mary Ann O'Dell, Nancy Mack, Mary Schott, Diane Towle, Theresa Colarossi, Carlina Griffiths, Linda McCarthy, Joann Baccaglio, Mary Ann Safarik, second row: Mary Clare Bouchard, Mary Virginia Butier, Clare Goss, Betty Atwill, Mary Ann Connolly, Mary Pat McCIurg, Luann Jones, Judy Lambert, bottom row: Kathleen Burke, Sue Edwards, Mary l.ou Smith, President, Mary l.ou Crede, Nancy Hevner, Mary Ellen Castagnola. Kappa Delta Chi Tau lpha Zeta Pledges Left to right, front row: Marlene Man- sour, Joan Campo, Marguerite Zeman. Second row: Patty Sorauf, Barbara Sul- livan, Ann Riordan, Janet Lewis, Bar- bara Keller, Mary Curnane. Third row: Sharon Felker, Gayne Harvey, Peggy Leary, Sally Corcoran, Katie Kuempel, JoAnn Powers, Mary Lou LeMaster. Actives Left to right, front row: Sue Simpson, Lois McGovern, Pat Brown, Pat Shar- key. Second row: Bev. Turmell, Alice Ganz, Ginny Glass, Sandy Freiberg, Barbara Vaccaro, Lil Scott. Third row: Emma Jean Apodaca, Shirley Corcoran, Sheila Thornton, Peggy Ward, Jody Glass, Winnie Stehly, Jacquie Kuras, Myrna Finn, Ann D'Agostino. it f ,,,, , 3 f ' S 2 ,J e ','rr"' 'I I - Q , 3, 5' Ng ,,,, -T Mk, 'W , 1 if .gif ...,, , - ' ...- 'X J ,f - N 1 i 'L ' 'nai. nef J f Q ,Ji , my I , . vi 4 , communication and collegiate ffm ,Ax 'ww f ' A. .ff S QQ, Y-' Muff .wwf WWW' Y!4h'lV4Y Z if X Investigation Education Communication XV. f2ff...n L. .A 2' 'r habits . . f f W an 53 4 f . f MF, ' , ,W "fo -I Q:,fS5y', K . ,, ' K A ,M L an-v W iffy ,My W ,MWA- WN 1 x Z ,rw-'XFIXT 1 Kal v fwm, NVD SAW 1 f N .nA-'U fwwk,w"' Q QM-5 4 1 X x 1 I I X X X FST f Q X Y N ' 5. xg I 1 , V , , 1 1 1 1 1 4 H . I A .J Friendship opened doors X X -uv..-f Q ,- o 2 ' as S X f A 50 -1. Ni X f Xa, ff QM f , X new N1-aww A .Q V. :N fw- Y X 5 K ,X N2 x Th be inning was f w .Q 'KS QQ Q W meat, fx www fx ., XXI ' U x x W tags, Sting - ,,, gt was .W Im x . Q 1 uswlwihpwgfs - 1.15. sv fr ,,,'w?'N'W-N ' Tis. ,iv 5, Qu' Ni, ,Q 4 VV, K fa Nwwm , . Q xg --af. ff, mN'm,.3 ',, ,, .,,.,, fe y, pgwsgr be N Q i ,mi i ,, XV -, X First come orientotion- You looked oround . .. of Ng N 'M fmwwmg You entertained . . . important Went to 0 picnic . . And were entericined. -J2iWQf-PbXK,Ww i 41 ai gif' Finding your way in the stacks some things f ,e gf ' ' ,,,, ' 55,2 ,W . - A a 11 Q ivy i' 'e'v V .I M . , My : M A Zig! QW, : , hz 5 li. ' 4 Ki i " aj? 445' -'WZ.fQ?iW F' - y gf f-1 X wg. Q W M, F f, V . 4, R W V ,eb .X Q, iw W I Www 1 N ,E 3 52 .1 Choosing your own spokesmen. Five girls . .. President--Joyce Silveria Vice-President-Janice Grateful Secretary-Michi ltami Treasurer-Eleanor Gillef Social Secretary-Kitty Kelly 5, Bumping into senior privileges were puzzling Attaching names to faces . . . Reading down: P. Mears, P. Perez, P. Dunne, A. Morales, L. Matz, M. Hogan, J. Rabuzzi, M. Serra, J. Zamboni, C. Steele, R. Orsini, C. Serbent, C. Rodriguez. Standing: M. Lee, T. Meagher, C. Kinsel, C. Hills, D. Pres- ton. Seated: J. Spaeth, S. Fitzgerald, E. Gillet, D. Marac- cini. mMM,,,,,,,....4- Zi 9 f ni, nl' ii ,J WW2 ' I-RN' ' i , , I jr' ' 1 avg: Y W , km , X 'CE fig 'lx We All-Frosh picnic at Loyola .. Leff fo right: Marilyn Ball, Gayne Harvy, Mary Kinerk, Mary Luise Gueffinger, Eu- clida Ouellette, Janet Lewis, Marcia Warfhen Pal Jennings Liz Boyle, Ann r A I ' f. Z5 Rnordan, Rosella McConnell. ,lv . Mm fy 4 ff ' , 'i vw ,sr . f 1 .4 . ,Q 4-,.1. 4 M., QW' 'W 'W WVMR, S ,fi ml' mm w5 52? r , 6 5 , K , ' l ,y.y , P. E. Classes were new too. A. i, . . W - , I M . ,K A slwk If xml' K , N 4 -.Q-lf, ,,,. xlgiwod A . F M A iw !' 11 - R ' ,.Q.. W I. 'H' i -, 'Wffw-f ' is - - I " V L ,,Y S, f ' 'N A , mi? ' ' ,vliwm ,L " 3 F Il ,I I 1 I 1 ii' 1 li Front, left to right: I.. Austin, K. Crowe, A. Devereaux M. Itami, L. Lee, R. Fuentes. Back: R. Forqueran, B. Na varroli, B. Sullivan, E. Shanahan, S. Garcia. 1 i i I Y u i Ni D I E i and you attended. i The Sophomores gave a dance . . . I Dolores Coronado, Gloria Madrid, E Lucy Enriquez, and Joyce Silveria, A with dates. i . 55 . 2.0 ,Q -wfw 2-wld' Left to right: C. Kenney, M. Grimmett, J. Leach. M. Mc Carthy, T. Walsh, J. Grateful. ml" .1 ,AF an ' 'Q . Seated, left to right: M. Bambrick, P. Haydnet, J. Becker, S. Schmidt, D. Schaefer, P. Washington, M. Sanger, H. Chafe, V. Pick, S. Corcoran. Standing: A. Bouchard, P. Goodwin, C. Steele, J. Wombacher, P. So- rauf, L. Enriquez, S. Nolan. 56 , Left to right: Back row: Gloria Travaglini Marlene Mitchell, Mary Catherine O'Con nor, Donna Puccinelli. Middle row: There sa Allec, Deanna Dugas, Beverly Nally Mary Maechling, Nina Suarez, Front row: Jeannette Valentino, Wendy Freedman Pat Concepcion. 57 Left to right: Sandra Bettini, Donna Nich- ols, Terry Scott, Catherine Olenicz, Joan Campo, Mary Prendergast. Lg. :A-,V kwnr -f-4,5 a, 'E' T' 3,37 fi Fri' V- Nm, Q- Wwfwewww V . ,W 7,3 CZ? 'M-.. wi? 1.9" I f Left fo right: back row: S. Kenny, M. A Lewis, M. Litien. Middle row: J. Corkery A. Moretf, E. Szcandy. Front row: M. Rude l E 58 Left to right: Front row: J. Crompton, A. Peter- son, C. Mayo, M. Heisler. Middle row: D. An- chondo, M. Zemon, M. Showalter, J. M. Moll- mon. Buck row: A. Zehngebot, J. Montineri, D. Sombueso, G. Madrid. . Az- o n 4 f we , .. q-eff xr-' WW . .V Y' 1' i , L n O A J H Row one, left to right: A. Morales, G. Es- ker, Row two: G. Harvey, E. McCabe, C. Rodriguez, D. Coronado, M. Serra. Roxy thus: J. Rabgzzi, J. Norris, P. Mears. Sitting, left to right: S. McManus, M. R. Pasic, B. Keller, A. Sheridan, J. Henry. Standing: K. Halloran, A. Figini, M. F. Diaz. .1 90- Iwi ff we -4 Top picture, left to right: J. Lynch, is 'a R. Byrnes, F. Gallegos, E. Sullivan, M. Le- Master, J. Silveria. Bottom picture, left side, bottom to tap: M. Kavanaugh, C. Major, E. Pinedci, S. Briggs, K. Lamia, J. Ziegler. Right side: J. Robbie, K. Kuempel, V. Stehly, A. Scott, K. Kelly. I 1 1 2 3 59 f 4 523 if f P4 ga 'Q Z 2 A W my R f+Q' My 4 . A Hs" W' W wg Q S55 -x xx 4. Q Z Left 'to rlghi' M Schott M L Lynch A Front row, left to right M Dcurmody P Dozier, Studer, Snow. .A U. exciting Left to right: S. Foy, C. Krommer, P. Fitz- gerald, T. Mangold, M. A. Martinez, J. Orth, M. E. Scott. Left to right, Front row: J. Powers, K. Brow, L. Larriva, M. Bergin, L. Devereux. Back row: J. Bondan, O. Lykke, P. Yaeger, N, Cholewa, A. Berks, A. Howsley, B. Turmell, M. Power. Left to right: C. Doyle, N. Stewart, Y. Zor- nes, C. Scanlon, M. Power, C. Vincent, S. Jacobs, P. Brown, C. Caldwell, C. Gon- zales. ? Q 2 . -E: li' Sophomores- and you return for the first time mount up a notch, knowing your way around. Your ideas, your opinions count 'VF mb' 'if Left to right, front row: H. Ferguson, J. Manning, F. Bock, S. Peterson. Back row: M. A. Wisner, M. O'Connor, S. Girard, B. Weber, V. Baccioco. Left to right, front row: D. Schock, M. Sprigg, M. R. Healy. Back row: L. Jones, R. Lutz, M. Mansour. Left to right: J. Temple, J. McDermott, J. Lambert, M. Curnane, Y. Gomez, M. C. O'Connor, M. A. Gariffo. 'ly NN M X M ww 'vi Left to right: Lupe Gaudiano, Chris Crea- son, Trish Minney, Sharon Felker, Loretta Von der Ahe, Mary Harrington. .JF i if--. Malloy. ..,x., .- I gf 1 N.. A, Left to right, front row: A. Fabian, L. Mc- Carthy, M. Henn, S. Harrison, P. Walsh, N. Hevner. Back row: M. C. Bouchard, R. .CLI 63 If y. if 3525? gitlS55f"'m Gracious living in dorm 200 included sunbathing facilities, outdoor closets. Left to right: Mary Ellen Antoniak, Barbara Mary- on, Judith Muller, Annette La Berge, Beverly Brace, The Sophomore Stag was "something different" Mary Ann Berry, Joan Crowley, Sue Simpson. Nancy Stewart, Mary Clare Bouchard, Audrey Berks 64 5 X . uf l .A 4' eg, 5 ,1 44 A 1 , Q , 0 Left io righi: Paula Duncan, Mary Pat McClurg, Evelyn Villa, Ginny Glass, Elaine Delahousie, Claire Plemeng, Marie Zeuthen, Theresa Colarossi, Ellen Welch, Sandy Freiberg, Ann D'Agoslino, Sheila Farnan. There was always time for a party. vi. ' A, ,,,,,fH Ve Q 4 E 4 ' 42 i lls fm gf? Uv" W 65 ,fzfimi x,.: x X FQ .. , , if xl X 4 1, Sw A. , 4' X-if www , ,fe - ' af' 3- c Wwwfwwfw wfrmwffs-W, V W ' f if 'Wh 1. P 4 K be X i 4, M fam 1 l . . , - ,M fy c9y,W,ZQg LN :Merriam rnwmswiliifdll 66 Junior Class Officers, left to right: Alice Osti-Secretary Doroth y H ua rte-President awww, 9, Mary Ann Odell-Social Chairman .lo Ann Smith-Treasurer Nancy Mack-Vice-President Bottom row, left to right: R. Casillas, S. Corcoran, M. Pestana, H. Hillebrand, L. Stevens. Middle row: T. Taverna, P. Red- mond, P. Curran, S. Morningstar, S. Bruns- man. Top row: J. Bigelow, M. Foley, E. Apodoca, J. Horeisi. Plans must be practical . . . And your viewpoint is changing. First it was the thrill of being an upper classman, of full-time concentration on your maior, Then it was knowing you were almost a senior and there wasn't much time left for doing- and learning- and growing. Junior bfi 7? , O are busy people Z. Ernest, R. Mcsrcoux. Standing: W. Steh- Left to right, bottom row: C. Bianchi, J ley, T. Binckley, N. Marcus, A. Ganz, M. Grant. Top row: M. Fozzi, C. Kcauth, F A. Bouerlein. Gozvodcx, E. Granville. , ,fx 1 ' a 1 X. Lefi to right: G. Buccieri, J. Siotong, H tellonos, S. Kelly. Left to right: G. Boroni, l. Bovine, S. Cor ney, D. Dunne, S. Boundy, M. Johnson. gf I Left to right: J. Beinor, M. C. Brow, J. Jclckson, A. Cuilfy, M. Pork, K. Burke, R. Polino, M. Hinsberger. Moreorfy, K. Daly, M. A. Twersky, C. Cos- Going my way? Regression? HG 3. fx f . 5. N .,,v.mgw .Ql- 'W' ,-f wi A '1ff'114L,w1. A Q' .n ...V . ,,., i.i-,....-. .1 1 Left fo righf: B. Berncrsconi, C. Hoyhurst, P. Tolmon, J. Gogel, D. Towle, K. Kendall. Kiltie 'lu Qu- K R zwyggg 'Mori Q ,,,, 1, .. Leff to right: K. Bondon, M. Kemp, B. Sieg- fried, M. Blecksmith, C. Breen, M. E. Lykke sf R. Weber, l. Silva, L. Ricoule, B. Tucker 69 fvf -,: , , 6 4 -wg X , .4 "9 X Z 8' y A t W ae' 'R' GTD' Left to right, Front row: J. Watters, F. Oki- Left to right: G. Mcrrcuccini, 5. Scott, hcuro, L. Lussier. Bock row: U. Kehoe, S. J. Schneiders, L. McGovern. Crowe. Lefl to right: J. Kuros, A. Cuilty, M. Blecksmith, M. Lykke, H. Morearty, M. E. Scott, M. A. Odell, I. Bovine, E. England. '5Ti..w-.. in-sian. i , in 1 Q Zia ' Y, , e, if y Ae, X Q LN ZS 'e Vz K FWWQ X 4 , , 7 gf ,, Suddenly and you find one day that while you're doing the same things you've done for four years you re doing them for the last time. li And then Jane Marshall-Senior Class President If S June Hurd' and you've achieved what the tour years have all been for . . .nw ai' ilk Miriam Kam-Vice-President Julie Ambersley-Secretary Mary Ellen Castagnola-Treasurer Margaret Munnemann-Social Chairman 72 M.X..,1Mw: H,,,,.,..-we w My .,-f' 5 if, ' Z f f , 3 4, if "., ,S,,d., ,AWN VT , 'aggf 4 ii! S QF . M 5:7 A Q0 , 4 , V yn XI, 13 5 X YR 3 Q 'i ish ' NW X , f v fx W 1 a z 7' "Q v SQ R, ifga Ti I . awww. , , vp. K 52 . 4' H X 74 Mists a ' ,QWf..,.. -- fthsva, im, First time for some things . . . nights out together blessing of class rings Last times for others . . . working out class schedules. MA Celebrities of sorts Elected to Who's Who: Left to right, first row: Carol Weldy, Lucy Cohen, Patricia Weaver, back row: Peggy Coates, Jane Marshall, Joan Carey, Joan Novy, Noreen Higgins. mann11rsas.:-,uuup-maxi, ' wa-swan' wczsm we - 2as.1u, :4w'uz.iw was wsesums Kappa Gamma Pi- national Catholic women's honor society . . its key meant that you had shown scholarship and leadership at the Mount " Members- Joan Carey Eunice Hubbard Joan Novy 1 if AQ 2 ' Z sw Delta Epsilon Sigma- You showed yourself tops as student and Christian. Members- First row: Noreen Higgins, Johanna Glass, Helen Osako. Second row: Lucy Cohen, Carol Weldy, Patricia Weaver, Loretta Casey, Marlene Huhn. an ""'-if Q M! Moving Always well dressed. gy to maturity 7 'fb 6. 51, 4,5 Y li ., Viz X f ff ' l R . growing up! Sometimes studious Q ..,. +G , XQZ51' ,V ' S 'f N V X : K ' jfzg P SV QW Susan Carole Aldridge, B.S, Julie Ann Ambersley, B.A. Gloryann Estelle Audia, B.A Lynwood, California Los Angeles, California Los Angeles, California Maior-Nursing Maior-Home Economics Maior-Music Minor-Social Science Minor-Social Science Minor-English Marie Antoinette Barry, B.A. Ernestine Louise Barton, B.A. New York City, New York San Diego, California MUl0V-5PUnl5ll Major-Economics and French Minor-Biology ww I Beatrice June Benko, B.A. I Bisbee, Arizona ll Group Maior-English I History I Education I I I. I I v X :Il I I I I I I .Il I I I I I I l I I I , I I I I I I I Beatriz Rosario Borquez, B.A. Tiiuana, Baia California I I . Home Economics Maior-French Minor-Business Administration I I I I I I I I I Irene Bovine I I Hollywood, California I I I I I II I I I Fay lrene Blackburn, B.A. Hermosa Beach, California Maior-History Minor-English Philosophy Barbara Jeanne Book, B.S Inglewood, California Maior-Nursing Minor-Social Science 'HN ww' arf? tw.,-wr I 'wolf Pamela Jane Brink, B.S. Whittier, California Maior-Nursing Minor-Biology Mary Brusstar, B.A. Glendale, California Maior-Sociology Minor-Psychology Wanda Darlene Bryan, B.S. Long Beach, California Maior-Nursing Minor-Sociology Margarei' Anastasia Cain, B.A. Anaheim, California Maior-English Minor-French Joan Martha Carey, B.A. Long Beach, California Maior-Mathematics Minor-Physics Philosophy Loretta Frances Casey, B.A. Los Angeles, California Maior-English Minor--History Philosophy Mary Ellen Castagnola, B.A Alhambra, California Maior-History Minor-English Carmen Mayo Castillo, B.A. Malale, Manila, Philippines Maior-Social Welfare Minor-Philosophy Business Administration ,six 05? fm Wes X f 1 sffiv f fkf ff 5? films M -lf ,J rss e:5'.-sg. ' ' ,.s-s f - V ww, fe, R, 4 swf' .Xi , , X .-e..4x3 ms., ssl ' W4 A ? ? mms ,,.,o"Dl' w'KW'f'f' Patricia Adele Callahan, B.S. Los Angeles, California Maior-Physical Educafion Minor--Mathematics ,ICS time ,XV X ' V. rgky A Nfyx Q X X 2 V e M- M X CX? ,V Q X X oczfeggc -'f-ff f f QSN Q' f ' f wi W A C X , gy, f N ax WN X N x X X M, MVQA, f 9-f fybke, X. - Qf.-X . gk L . S X ,qv -wi 1? '4 N 1 x E :gm , x MQW ww, .Q Qsawprwuqy Peggy Coats, B.A. Santa Monica, California Maior-Economics Minor-English Social Science Lucy Margarita Cohen, B.A. San Jose, Costa Rica Maior-Social Welfare Minor-Psychology History Mary Louise Crede, B.A. Glendale, California Maior-English Minor-Philosophy Julietta Cuevas, B.A. Los Angeles, California Maior-Art Minor-Home Economics ' , cy, X. visa me X X X X X x X S Na, KSWX Q! f 51 fx f, W 0 Kaz' Tonia Alice De Bellis, B.M. San Bernardino, California Major--Music Minor--Music Theory Mary Frances Dolan, B.A. Los Angeles, California Maior-Home Economics Minor-Art Social Studies Joanne Katherine Dozier, B.S. Los Angeles, California Maior-Nursing Minor-Sociology Gertrude Cecilia Diggins, B.M. Alhambra, California Maior-Music Minor-English V r:-' W Wfw-f.,,,,w,,v,Q, ,.,--, . ff. ,Al ., bww-Q.,wWrf.C em: X ww-S,mn' 'Zi ftxC, at K fl 43 ,, 1925 I . ,, -I ggmi A ,J ?f" f'4"W'f' ' I ,,L1.i,3, , fi' I1 W .1 5-.ff V' .MVP W' 3 i , ,wr , I' Wg ,if .f'.-' f ws "'. 1Q'zI1Tii2, N ' 9. f X- A 'M ,vi , wwqk X f A is ag aw 'Rf A f f sf ,x , is W ' 'Q X Y N if Q.: 44 'Xi g i? Y , , ' i ll' X Frances Erpelding La Casse, B.S. South Pasadena, California Maior-Nursing Minor-Sociology 79" QJUVV' WM Johanna Dolores Glass, B.A. Los Angeles, California Major-Economics Minor--Spanish History Joan Mane Green, B.S. Long Beach, California B9Ve"lY Ann Guenof BA Maior-Nursing Los Angeles, California Minor-Sociology Maior-Chemlsfry Minor-Philosophy V , Clare Heumphreus Handcock, B.S. Sally Jane Heenan, B.A. Santa Barbara, California Detroit, Michigan Maior-Nursing Maior-French Minor-Sociology Minor-English Cornelia Miriana Hubert, B.S. Los Angeles, California Maior-Bacteriology Minor-Chemistry ,. ,,,,. 7 ,,, K f,, ', f fl U ay--,zgli V. Q f ' , Nora Eileen Higgins, B.A Los Angeles, California Maior-Mathematics Minor-Social Studies Philosophy HA I f few 'Maw Eunice Smuske Hubbard, B.A. Marlene Susan Huhn, B.S. Patricia Ruth Johnson, B.S Los Angeles, California Los Angeles, California Los Angeles, California Maior-Social Welfare Maior-Nursing Maior-Nursing Minor-English Minor-Sociology Minor-Sociology " 'Pc I.: . . ,. W " ATU A2442 , Q 'Q-,N' y,:r1,. M. , ! We N-f4vl'5',, wmviv WWW Miriam Patricia Kam, B.A. Catherine Haruko Kigami, B.A. Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii Kyoto-Fu, Japan Maior-Social Welfare Major-English Minor-Psychology Minor-Philosophy 86 Herla Maria Klopp, B.S. Los Angeles, California Maior-Bacteriology Minor-Chemisfry Helen Agnes Lackey, B.A. Los Angeles, California Maior-Chemistry Minor-Mathematics Philosophy Mary Anne Lane, B.S. Los Angeles, California Maior-Nursing Minor-Social Science Danula Tekla Kroloska, B.A. Los Angeles, California Maior-English Minor-History Ying Eugenia Kwan, B.A Los Angeles, California Major-Chemistry Minor-Philosophy Barbara E. Lee, B.S. Lynwood, California Maior-Nursing Minor-Social Science Georgina Leon Vargas, B.S. Los Angeles, California Maior-Bacteriology Minor-Chemistry Rosemary Dolores Lucente, B.A. Los Angeles, California Maior-English Minor-History ffm ww' Johanna Lehua Lum, B.A. Honolulu, Hawaii Maior-Social Welfare Minor-Psychology fi 'Wm . ,f igwhw Alison MacDonald, B.S. Los Angeles, California Maior-Nursing Minor-Sociology if ,,,C fm Mm ll ' 2 l fl is QR A f 1 l J l il i l l Q J is w 4 lg 1 M ' Q 4 l .X 1 i , I I I k l I! l i L '4 l '4 ll ll H F I i i l ',., I I 7 Q.-ZW, ff, ff 'I MW' Kas Edith Marquez, B.S. Jane Patricia Marshall, B.A. Regina Theresa Mason, B.A. Brooklyn, New York Los Angeles, California Oxnard, California Maior-Nursing Maior-Social Welfare Group Maior-History Minor-Sociology Minor-Psychology Education Arl Rosemary Medina, B.S. Los Angeles, California Maior-Nursing Minor-Sociology Dolores Michelena, B.S. Los Angeles, California Maior-Bacteriology Minor-Chemistry l sy . X Q Kathleen Murphy, B.S. Los Angeles, California Maior--Nursing Minor-Sociology Margaret Mary Munnemann, B.A Santa Barbara, California Maior-English Minor-Philosophy Mathematics Valerie Clare Munton, B.S. Inglewood, California Major-Bacteriology Minor-Chemistry ' l ,n y, X sfo ,,,, fgyf, - . M5391 Xvf. , lwmwff' aww? L. Sv if fv jeg X as VA f m a? Joan Ruth Novy, B.A. Helen M. Osako, B.A. Los Angeles, California Los Angeles, California Maior-Social Studies Maior-Social Welfare Minor-Physical Science Minor-Psychology , V ,ZR X ' 'Vv!?fN4,,.!!,M,2 .45 , .0 Z 3 . , 9 , 02 1? fi .... ,2.,,7.., Q W , ff 23 X X I s jj ff- f 'S W X 1 if S ,f 1- ' 1 07425 f ,c f Q My V , X f X Z f 7 5' : . 4- A yin 5 if 0 f V ms ip M was Chemistry English Betty Jean Oswald, B.A. Losl Hills, California Maior-Mathematics Minor-History Julia Maria Peman, B.S. Inglewood, California Maior-Nursing Minor-Social Science '36 Licia Pefriello, B.S. Los Angeles, California Major-Chemistry Minor-Bacteriology Vi ,J 33 fn. 1- Elaine Joan Pfiffner, B.A. Los Angeles, California Maior-Music Minor--Spanish Jacqueline Picard, B.S. Los Angeles, California Maior-Nursing Minor-Social Science Nancy Van Dyke Poss, B.A. Los Angeles, California Maior-Chemistry Minor-Philosophy Joanne Rose Rodier, B.S. Los Angeles, California Major-Nursing Minor-Social Science l I V l l fi 1 l l i Helen Therese Russell, B.S. North Hollywood, California Major-Nursing Minor--Sociology fW""'1al, Wait Caroline Mae Ramaker, B.A. Compton, California Maior-Spanish Minor-English Marie St. Pierre, B.S. Los Angeles, California Malor-Nursing Minor-Sociology Mary Carol Scherb, B.A. Los Angeles, California Major--Economics Minor-Classical Languages 'L ,if we-1, f' Anne Marie Stevenson, B.A. Los Angeles, Calilornia Maior-Chemistry Minor-Philosophy Rosalie Klein Streicher, B.A. Los Angeles, California Group Maior-History Art Education 4 Mary Ann Barbara Schmidt, B.S. Katherine Cecilia Schmitt, B.A. Yakima, Washington Maior--Bacteriology Minor-Chemistry V X Los Angeles, California Maior-Home Economics Minor-Art -7"f"i?fJ' ' " '1""'f ff - 4-2141 , g.:ga5:'I'1'f F ' .l'ff-:ii N- J :W ' 'ZJEEESFL fy New S X f gags: A151 V M A rs S Mary Louise Catherine Smith, B.A. San Gabriel, California Maior-Music Minor-English Margaret Mary Swope, B.A. Los Angeles, California Major--Mathematics Minor-Art fl Mies? !,. 4H'f2???"fyf ' "1'4Pf5"f'- '-.":Zi1f'?f' ,Q , ' QQQ955 555' 5-fp S' f ,fr f F ' 'Y Q' nam, ' g A M . W. - QI! 4 Wu" . ,, ,. N i :fir f , f wzW?"zZ fcgag Mary Alice Harrington Thompson, B.A. Los Angeles, California Malor-English Minor History Maria Elena A. Suarez, B.S. El Paso, Texas Major-Bacteriology Minor-Chemistry 95 Barbara Ann Vaccaro, B.A. Forrest City, Arkansas Group Maior--English History Education ' Jifsgg' Wi Q. ,, an W " 'ZA vii 1 ,ff QQ Zi i' Shirley Ann Vislay, B.S. Margaret Nestor Walters, B.A. Patricia Anne Weaver, B.A F C l'f ' Manhattan Beach, California Santa Monica, California ontona, a 1 orma Minor--Chemfstry Minor-Socia cience X s s 1 sz, - iss Xgvin f YQ wi ,, .2 BSYESW N' N , . ,,,,,. Mciior-Bacteriology Maior-Home Economics Major-Mathematics I S ' Minor-Philosophy Social Studies ,r. it as y C 'Xxx N X if im ' O-C is--x My, ,rm Inga as was X My any in e X ,miss ow- . XSJNQ sl Y. N X X g :,,Qf,Qj ,gf si, L , X 'Nei' K 2, . ,YS X NUM' gm- NQS N., Wk inf! Carol Rae Weldy, B.A. Santa Barbara, California Major-Sociology Minor-English Arlene Marie Wick, B.S. Los Angeles, California Maior-Nursing Minor-Sociology Louise Frances Wood, B.S. Los Angeles, California Major-Bacteriology Minor-Philosophy K ' "1 , .. .kgs ig, f M5 ,, e, f 1 1, Y af y , f 1 4 M52 ,W X11 is 1,1 I f ,,,,m 'W"N, ai- A in Qgiwxpx. Q5 ,ii by Ny W-,,, xwfi fy N'-so 3 4, 'X it ijhffw ' WKRWMQQ 'I 1 H 3 X 1 F 4 Q vi 1 rv 5 1 i is 1 ' 4 - Q fi " . f Z 4. " . I-'-.""q-"4WWd.M.'-Qlf So finally And if seemed suddenly if was over- that The end for a summer at least . . was more important than the beginning or maybe for good. A door had opened . . . a door closed behind you . . . and there were more doors 'ro come. Social Patrons Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Ambersley Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Anchondo Mr. and Mrs. John N. Bigelow Mrs. lrene Blackburn Boarder Association Dr. and Mrs. E. F. Cain Mr. and Mrs. F. Castagnola Mr. and Mrs. J. Edwin Coates Mrs. John F. Dolan Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Figini Freshman Class Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Sol Freedman Mrs. Conchita Milian Germann Mr. S. Gobuyan Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Junior Class Mr. and Mrs. Keller Sweet Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John Heisler George J. Hogan Edward T. Kam Shop Harry J. Kuempel Chung I. Kwan Helen Lackey Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Lee Dr. and Mrs. M. A. Mack Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Marshall Mrs. Josephine Mears ' Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Montineri Mount St. Mary's College Student Body Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Odell Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Peman Mr. and Mrs. John Baptiste Picard Mr. and Mrs. Logan Poche Sophomore Class SWES Dr. and Mrs. W. P. Tucker Charles M. Wayne, M.D. and Bernard M Smolens M D Mr. and Mrs. Gazzola Vaccaro Weber Drilling Company BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF '56 NIIIIINI SI NIARYQS li0llEGl llllllll MARY HALL THE SPEARMAN COMPANY 9Ol Westwood Boulevard Church Supplies- Religious Art and Gifts Westwood Village 9647 Santa Monica Blvd. ARrizona 3-4287 Beverly Hills Bgqdshow 2-3006 Religious Articles - Gifts FISHER LUMBER CO. -Compliments Your Family Dealer Since 1923 of Fourteenth St. and Colorado Avenue Santa Monica ADVANCE PAPER BOX CO. Thomas J. Fox, President EXbrook 5-0956 Compliments BOB SMITH of DODGE - PLYMOUTH Authorized Sales and Service 4S BAKING COMPANY 'go' Blake Ave- 224 w. coLoRADo citrus 2-4161 9LYmPiC' 113' GLENDALE 4 CHapman 5-2333 CAMPUS CLEANERS Hand Pressing For Your Evening Gowns .l5o!o DISCOUNT FOR STUDENTS Finer Dry Cleaning - Alterations 10936 Weyburn Avenue Westwood Village GRanite 8-8724 CAMPBELL'S INC. CAMPBELL'S WOMEN'S SHOP We are proud to say that many of Mount St. Mary's best dressed coeds are "Campbell Clad" 4th 81 Santa Monica Blvd Santa Monica GLANVlLLE'S MARKET Complete Line of Fine Foods 1025 California, Santa Monica EXbrook 4-9304 CAMPBELL'S BOOK STORE Book Sellers and Stationers 10918 Le Conte Avenue Westwood Village GRanite 7-1291 TOM LYDICK'S UNION SERVICE Complete Automotive Service Tires ' Batteries ' Accessories 11906 San Vicente Blvd. L. A. 49 LEA'S FLORIST SHOP 1329 So. Broadway Student Rates Specializing in Orchids Audrey Berks Sheila Farnan Claire Plemeng Theresa Colarossi Carolyn Caldwell BRENT-AIR PHARMACY Brentwood's Prescription Center 131 Barrington Avenue L. A. 49 GRanite 2-9529 B EST WISH ES SCREW CORPORATION 5565 VALLEY BLVD. CApitol 5-1305 LOS ANGELES FRITZ HUHN, President 102 CLARA IIVIPSO Reallaa 2300 Manchester Inglewood, California PL' 3-I27I Lewis ancl RIIOCIGS P h o I o g r a p h y Portraits ' Weddings Olympic 2-4532 87I5 Wilshire Blvol., Beverly Hills LOTS OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '56 SPECIALTY FOUNDRY and MANUFACTURING COMPANY F R A N K A , B O O K LOS ANGELES 3, CALIFORNIA 8805 S. AVALON BLVD. Left to right: Miriam Kam, Margaret Cain, Mickey Castagnola. Our thanks to: Mr. Wakefield Everett, Sister Mary Patricia, Mr. Louis Bartolo, Los Angeles Engraving Company, Lewis 82 Rhodes Photography, Mr. Nel- son Carnes, S. K. Smith Company, Mr. Bill Plunkett. Left to right: Pam Brink, Carol Weldy, Mary Carol Scherb, Fayrene Blackburn, Barbara Vaccaro. 'Mu --ft in E 'le 'r ,The Mount Margaret Cain-Editor-in-Chief Miriam Kam-Associate Editor Mickey Castagnola-Associate Editor Barbara Book-Business Manager Pamela Brink-Advertising Editor Bee Benko-Circulation Manager Fayrene Blackburn-Patrons Staff: Barbara Vaccaro Alison MacDonald Helen Russel! Mary Carol Scherb Carol Weldy Angela Figini Sandy Stevenson Jane Marshall Johanna Lum Margaret Munnemann Regina Mason Cover: Motoko Shimotsuma Motoko Shimotsuma rl rw is fx- , NW es 4 - M is Q B i 3 3 l l 1 1 N.. l I 1 4 mHHmRmU!1imHHm!HlHHRWHRHimR mHHIIl1 WWHHHHHHFEE!!!BBDCTUl!m!!J HHmmmi!Bl!BilM3UmhmHHHBWYYF

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