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4 ' vvvxwq 1 x 4 1 r D .j Q fi??5I2i12P51g3eflf2IwZ'2EABM W jrvvvirvvw ,"q,v1T2j,12'?'VN M J Yij, 'l -' N a ' 'bg ' 1 U L!! I .g.G."'ll5:6E"'-MIL fymg.- L mnwqmummv , :mn g fix- D f ,k QVQE3 Wxsk "- I W 1 Q .K if 'g - 6' - -- if V 1' ' V f f r a ze I 5 CD rl: 3 LL Lb u. l - - LL Q L-1 I-U I 1 I H- - x f - X 91 --------- W '- A lemma: kiln f 0- dl I rj ' 4' ' Q I' 0 gi-5 --. -.-.-n E 3 anim!!! 3? Q.-1434331454 g f Ln U 5 I f f lo lvl STI. 21.2. ' x .271 3.2. . I ' Oni 0-0 v 2 :fun LV.-.....-..':........"-2-Q , W, Q f iii Q t Qt? ma nn P X ,. my LQQQQQQ l llll 'Ay do I E-QM P gm ffx f gm . il ' I ln 'pn X A C- Q IM l A V - L -'.. ..u I kg ' I fl E W Y ,. ,lf " liv f , . 1 H+, H KW '13 fl I , ' '71 -if , s . T - ll .1 4'-'iz .. f' 1-111 -'f M4 ' 'fi 'I'I'I7 ' I -4' , ,df . .J ,' 4i?4?i.f '. 4' ',. -JW- 5-gi - --- 15 ' v ffl' 5 ..., xgaffo - --Q- Lf ,' 6, 4 1,7 A A B, J.-ii ff---4 YB ff f L Q . i 5 gift Nm MMR v A A2 P Y' 1 7 0 o 1 I ' . , .Xu Sv .- -- 1. f ' i s 1, .YI n .ag M 0llN PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS AND ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF MOUNT ST. MARY'S COLLEGE UNDER THE DIRECTION MARION REAUME ANN FREESE . EILEEN HAINLEY . MARY HOLLAND . JOYCE MAZZARELLI OF . . . Editor . --fssociate Editor Business Manager Copy Editor Photography' Editor IN THE CIRClE BY 0 R l DVS STATUE W LKS BETWEIE Cl SSES -lnigkmi-n 7 g ,.-W - wi-1 War p2'iP"W'5 Z? tt-1 X -"1 .Y . Where you, the students, have met and ex- changed your ideas, your hopes, your dreams -to you and to all the other memories that made the time spent at the Mount "the best years of our livesf, we dedicate this hook. Page Five J. M. J. June, 1954 Dear Graduates, You, the members of the class of l954, are uniquely privileged to be graduated from a college dedicated to the Mother of God in a year proclaimed by our Holy Father, Pius XII, the Marian Year. In his encyclical-Fulgens Corona Gloriae-his Holiness states that the centenary of the Immaculate Conception should stimulate Christians to conform their lives to that of Mary, and to place their trust in nOur Powerful Mother.n And so today, my dear seniors, I can think of no fitter recommendation for graduates of Mount St. Mary's than to say to each one of you: Let your lives reflect Mary, place yourself and your whole future under the patronage of this loving mother. During your college years you have prepared yourselves for a special vocation. If your choice be marriage, the special instruction you have received has convinced you that a Catholic college alumna, taking Mary as her examplar of the true wife and mother, must in turn convince the rest of the world of the unity and indissolubility of marriage. If our Lord has favored you with a religious vocation, you will serve Him through Mary in your work of teaching, nursing, care of the poor and the unfortunate. If a career appeals to you, again I refer you to Fulgens Corona in which our Holy Father begs that prayers be offered for the youth of today that they take an active part in the affairs of the world and spread religious truths to the law-making bodiesg that they help bring back Christ to the world through Mary. Live up, dear graduates, to the high spiritual and intellectual ideals Mount St. Mary's College has tried to instill in your hearts and minds. You are equipped to UChristianize the Christians and to Marianize every one.n Sister Agnes Marie wwf ,vw ' M ma' 2 'Mk , if 4 ls... TO THE GRADUATES OF 1954: As your days as students here at the Mount are drawing to a close, our hearts are filled with high hopes and lofty aspirations for each one of you. For four years you have been preparing yourselves to take your places in a world that needs Christian principles and Christian ideals. The theology that has been so important a part of your edu- cation, and the philosophy that you have learned here at Mount St. Mary's College have enabled you, we trust, to go forth possessing wisdom and values that measure happiness and success not in terms of material standards but in the light of eternal verities. Your graduation coming as it does in the Marian year should serve to emphasize for you the importance of realizing in your lives the ideals of true Christian womanhood embodied in her who is Hour life, our sweetness and our hope. To you the Church has given much and from you she has the right to expect much. To you the Church looks for leadership in the numerous fields that are the special sphere of women. From you must come her religious, her mothers, her teachers, her writers, her social workers, her medical technicians, her nurses .... Bring to these voca- tions the Christian social principles that you have learned here at the Mount. As graduates of a Catholic college, as true daughters of your Alma Mater, nmake all men feel the attraction of Christian goodness,N as Our Holy Father says of Our Lady in the Marian year prayer. Yours is a great apostolate, yours is a great responsibility but yours, too, is a glorious opportunity of bringing souls to know and to love God. As we bid you a prayerful farewell, we trust that you will be true to the work that has been confided to you. We follow you with our prayers. We ask Christ and His Blessed Mother to be with you always in all that you do. In your successes and in your failures turn to them for courage and help. Be true always to your Alma Mater and let her motto be your guide: DEUS ILLUMNATIO MEA. If God be your light, you will find true happiness That Christ keep you always near to Himself and that His Blessed Mother be your never-failing help is the daily prayer of Your devoted, Sister Rose de Lima slgl iie its Ak a i! fftsfls I Z X-J e i l Wes QFBWQ . O 2 as t 0 O ff EXEC TIVE UFFICERS Registrar - Sister Mary Teresa Treasurer - Sister Agnes Louise Librarian - Sister Catherine Anita .-lssistant Librarian - Sister Mary Vivian Honorary President - Mother Rosaleen President Emeritus - Mother Margaret Mary President - Mother Agnes Marie Dean of Studies - Sister Rose de Lima Dean of Resident Students - Sister Rose Gertrude glrt English Sister Mary Timothy Sister Mary lgnatia Nina Shepherd Biological Sciences Sister Gertrude Joseph Sister Mary Gerald Sister Joan of Arc lflassieal l,anguages Sister Nlary Dolorosa Sister Mary Germaine Sister Rose de Lima lfcon nm ics and Business A-ldnzinistration llernard Rierman lfthel ll. Kiethley Sister St. Francis Ed ueatio n Sister Klary l-lortensia Sister Xlercia Louise Sister Rose cle Lima Frances Sweeney Page 'len Sister Marie de Lourdes Sister Mary Laurentia Sister Mary Patricia Vlvakefield Rverett Home Economics Sister Mary Marguerite Eleanor Kowalewsky ltlsie Russell Jlatliematics Sister Rose Gertrude Sister Cornelia Mary Sister Mercia Louise Reverend John Gremins Florence Gaylor Will Garroway Frederick l-lagedorn Nursing Sister Mary Rehecca. R.N. Sister Alhert Mary. R.N. Sister Mary Arthur. R.N. Sister John Bernard. R.N. Elizabeth Hornick. R.N. Frances Dickason. RN. R. Rex Schmidt. MD. Reverend James J. O'ReillY D0lN"f"'t""f Ula Pl"l050I7l1LV .Jlorlern Languages Sister lilloise Therese Sister Aline Marie Sister Hildegarde Mary Valis Rejlik .llusic Sister Mary Celestine and Religion Sister Mary Dolorosa Sister Cornelia Mary Very Rev. Msgr. Anthony J. Rrouwers Right Rev. Patrick Dignan Reverend James 0'Reilly Reverend James Gorhett. S.J. Reverend Patrick Roche Guidance Counselor - Mary Louise Baynes Reverend John Gremins Reverend Joseph Weyer Physical Education Terese Neuwahl Pliysical Sciences Sister Alice Marie Sister Rose Gertrude Reverend James J. O'Reilly Sarkis H. Kalfayan Social Sciences Right Rev. Patrick Digann Sister Agnes Bernard Sister Mary Germaine Sister St. Francis Lois Lohh, M.D. Sociology Sister Mary Brigid Sister John Margaret Speeclz and Drama Sister Mary lgnatia Frank J. Hanley William Rohertson lIHAPlAIN'S MESS June, 1954 Dear Graduates, It is possible to look back over four years of college, to think dimly of stacks of books and piles of notes, to recall vaguely assignments by the score and examinations by the dozen, and then to realize with a sense of dismay that much of all that knowledge, steadily absorbed and periodi- cally disgorged, seems to have GE vanished. Little remains save bits and scraps of information, a word here, an idea there. The courses of your senior year may still be fresh in your mem- ories but already they are on their way to join the ghosts of the past. The dying echoes of nsubstancen and naccidentsn mingle with a distant rumble of sines and cosines, and through a faint murmur of Dante and Shakespeare comes arthropods. Was it a dream? it all? Of what use will it If this is your thought and the weak protest of the bryozoa and the Where has time flown? What did I get out of be to me? these your questions on the eve of grad- uation, then pause awhile. It is too soon yet to be arriving at conclu- sions and passing judgment. can make a fair estimate of You have to wait and look back before you the education you have received. What now seems to have been speculative, dull, unreal, impracticalg what now appears to have been you never learned or light of experience, life, will fall into place. confusing, disordered, haphazardg what you think have forgotten-under the impact of life and in the will gain meaning and significance, will come to Then you will look back with quiet thankful- ness to God for the grace of these years. For you have received, be it ever so imperfectly, the treasures of Christian humanism. The thought of ancient Greece, the institutions of old Rome, the discoveries of modern science, the gems of literature and the treasures of art have been caught up in the net of Christian Faith and delivered into your keeping. So live that you may be less unworthy of this trust. May always. the Son of Mary find His delight in you Devotedly yours in Christ, Father 0'Reilly. REVERENU JAMES O'RE1L1,Y Page Elezwz 51132231 RRG X3 I . .-.:.............-..- IQ gg. ,, , D .140 A Q 1 ma .3131 X ffff 9 3 nvwn f. fl, fi ?. W -1 ff fl' L1-J 0 , X L L LL LL CC. EL X CLASSES Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman ANNE FRANCES RUSSELL Sf'lItUl' Class Pl'l'Sif1f'llf 'S' t Ll" 3 Peggyann Campbell, Vice-President Eileen Hainley, Treasurer :Xnne F. Russell. President Mary Frances Ross, Secretary SIE IURS . . . DRE M With September came a rush of Senior activities- excessive use of Senior Privileges: flurry of work in departmental unitsg hibernation of student teachersg and the first Senior night out, the reading of 'flohn Brown's Body". October found Seniors relaxing at Anne Frances Russell's house for a party. St. Timothy's parish hall hosted the annual spaghetti dinner in November, and December rushed by with working, holidays, and an eveningis stop at the ballet. Jeanette Cualano offered hospitality to HNight at the Mount" seniors who weeks later put on tto quotel uthe best one yetnll 33 B HQ' in as 65 .-if if A Q f Seniors crowd last balcony for John Brown's Body Quartet? Page F011 rtrvn Seniors gather together for CUETRIE Pat Perram Miehelmore joined Barbara Bashe Robinson as two of the "first to go". Twenty-first birthdays were cele- brated at Helen McEachen's in February and St. Patrick toasted on March 17. ln April Marion Reaume christened her new home with-not Champagne-but seniors. b ' t Seniors said goodbye in oriental May seemed usies' as 'Q ga i decor at "SayonaraHg looked proudly at the 30670 of gradu- ates? engagement rings and at the other 70cZfs smiling faces: ' ' h kl splashed through the last night out at Jane Biandei s. t an ec Juniors gratefully for a wonderful Prom: reeollected thoughts, aims, and desires as Baccalaureate arrived. June and g ' s ' f lfilled da fs and Mount Saint lVlary's College. raduation are synonymous, as are happy, u y Seniors outstanding vocalists , their monthly Xight Ont Vliine. women, spaghetti! Peggy. Father. and Friends Papas latest fad. Y Page Fifteen -J iq?-is A , JOELLA ANN ALLEN, B.S. Pasadena, California Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Science Special Secondary Teaching Credential W'.R.A. President Sodality Our Lady's Committee ,lobie's menzories of student teaching at Hamilton High will only be sur- passed by those of the modern dance class and her Haching back." Her car, the HCreen Beetlen is another unforgettable part of her college career. ,- -K' , ....i..-.45 JOBY PEGGY Page Sixteen "CT MILANIA .,..-m MILANIA ESTELLE AUSTIN, B.A. Ventura, California Major: English Minor: Music and Social Science S.W.E.S. Y.C.S. Music Club Philosophy Forum Vice-Chairman N.F.C.C.S. View Reporter MARGARET HOLTSNIDER BARRON Los Angeles, California Milania, brilliant and changeable, never calm but always reasoned, is likely to be found swimming two miles of shore, discussing T. S. Eliot or cooking "the greatest" Italian spaghetti. She has real talent both as a musician and as a writer. Major: Home Economics Minor: Art Home Ec Club Trio Rho Sodality Peggy likes to do anything that will develop her natural creative ability from sewing to making posters. This ability was not only convenient but necessary when she combined mar- riage with a practice teaching career last fall. JANE JANE FRANCES BRANDER, B.S. Hollywood, California Major: Nursing Minor: Social Science S.W.lC.S. VY.R.A. Student Nurses Association Gamma Sigma Phi President and Treasurer Class Social Chairman fane's MC is a familiar siglzt on tlze Mount Campus eitlzer being' driven or pushed. Her friends praise lzer skill at the wlzeel. People who know ,lane exelaim over lier energy and sincere spirit for nursing, the Mount, and Santa Clara. s. I N., . :r R f 5 1.2127 u ' . H ifi: ALT. -:,:,Iv-..j ' 'S xx?" 'T' : 1 A . -4 Env , 'Y "Q:'i:"::f Tw... . " fig. I ,, f.-I H ,,, 9 -,. 5. 5' In-Q , - 'lf 1 s . ,I I' ,.'2ff,vs.Q' 6 ies 'f Nfn :"f'," -v U 1 'I "4 ww t J l, :'.:"'g -f xy... ,h1,.'S. 4 --.-": ,v':o."' ' fwni--5 v. iff, r 317f?E,'f4IZ,3'd F?" .,gz'LE-'Z-ff fflflff Y -1:e-- 1. gr FX.1A..:h:5,1. -51.1 X, Q ,, 6 4942! GN' -, -. . . 'S .M1f1::ftzs-'f'4ag.-,3,- , 1 fi '3"ys..s'i 945' 5' '1 'JE -- 1 Il . nfl -. 1 N if fu ' Ps- We X-s..f, ,w ' J.-"-' ,an . 'yup en, -Tr . gf f n 4 -I uiiuafi . , 7 Q, , -1. : e .. aft-. c Q, f, 1 sl, 0, Ayr JJ' 8 ELLA JO BUNYARD, B.A. Lost Hills, California Major: Social Welfare Minor: Economics Tau Alpha Zeta International Language Club S.W'.E.S. President Y.C.S. Study Day Chairman Model United Nations Committee Chairman ,lo sleeps all day and studies all night. Trying to lfeep up witlz SWES and Economics alu'ays puts lzer one step lwelzind lzerself. Her ambition is to put Lost Hills on tlze map and to persuade people tlzat sage lnruslz is beautiful SHIRLEY SHIRLEY JOAN BURKE, B.A. Bell, California Major: English Minor: History and French Sodality Prefect Pi Delta Phi President N.F.C.C.S. Mariology Committee Chairman W'ho,s W'h0 Corcoran Award Contributing Editor of The View Sliirleyis versatility Covers a wide area-from dance instructor to phil- osoplzer. In between times slze works on lzalf a dozen committees and spealfs Frenell. German, and CZ6Cll.0Sl0'UCllfI.0H. Her future plans include a week of sleep in the mountains and a year of writing in a Paris garret. ii,,.1-I A JEAN JEAN RUTH CALL, B.A. Los nlngeles, California Group Major: English, History, Education General Elementary Teaching Credential Tri-Sorority Chairman Tau Alpha Zeta Vice-President Scribes Vice-President Tri liho Parnassians ,lean is riglzt at lzome as tl first grade lf'llC'llPI'. e.x'1'ept tlzat one lzas to lool: t11'i1-1' to distinguislz ber from "the little onesf. Her clzerislzed memories l.lIl'llltlP lzer oyice as "Sergeant of irrnsu of l,fll'lItlSSlf1IIS 111111 "l.'eeper'E' of tlze llount flag. PEGGY PEGGYAN N CAMPBELL, B.S. Los Angeles, California Major: Chemistry Minor: Mathematics Chemistry Honor Society N.F.C.C.S. ,Iunior 8 Senior Delegate Upper Division Representative Senior Class Vice-President Tau Alpha Zeta Social Secretary Wl10's W'ho "Prof" Pooh.-Bear has endeared her- self to ber friends because of liter fruitful advice on subjects suclz 11s PATSY PATRICIA JEAN CARROLL, B.S. Los Angeles, California Major: Bacteriology Minor: Chemistry Tau Alpha Zeta President, Treasurer, Pledge Mistress Kappa Theta Mu Sodality N.S.A. N.F.C.C.S. Patsy, the hostess, will be remembered for her entertaining anecdotes from lzer Lab Teclz internship and Sorority "How to solve dioplzantive equations of tlze first degreefi Facial contor- tions and lzer quiclf wit amuse liter friends. parties and meetings at her conveni- ently situated Brentwood home. Her future plans are a ,lune wedding and summer in Hawaii. JO ROSEMARY CZULEGER, B.A. Redondo Beach, California Major: Home Economics Minor: Art W.R.A. Jacket Club Freshman Class Secretary Home Economics Club President Student Body President Who's Who Rosemary is called "Chef, by her family and Home Ec colleagues. Her usual call is "Tennis, anyonew A shelf of trophies proves her cham- pionship. Practice with a golf club prepared her for wielding the gavel. is 'X Ii K X JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH DAVIS, B.A. ROSEMARY ANNE DAVIDSON, B.S Los nlngeles, California Culver Citv. California Major: History Minor: English Eusebian President Business Manager of The View Tri Rho Publicity Chairman Music Club ,lo has been especially busy this year presiding over the Eusebians and their Coffee Bar. The class could never forget the wonderful spaghetti din- ners she and her grandfather coolfed for various benefits. '5 2'f'5"Wf f Major: Nursing Minor: Social Science Gamma Sigma Phi Student Nurses Association Rosemary has a passion for argument and is recognized by her infectious laughter. Both she and her notorious Ford have seen four years of active college life. Her unlicensed attempt at surgery consisted of piercing the ears of her nursing associates. DAVY ROSEMARY Page' .Vinctecii BARBARA ANN DOBROTT, B.A. Santa illonica. California Nlajor: Social Welfare Minor: Psychology Tau Alpha Zeta Treasurer Student Body Parliamentarian S.VQ'.E.S. Social Chairman Intercultural Committee Chairman Literature Committee Chairman Sodality Barbara is nearly alirays "talking things orer" with social welfare ma- jors and other friends. She gets deeply iniolred in e.x'traeurricular activities hut finds time for daily leisure in the coffee har. CLAUDETTE DRENNAN, B.A. West Los Jngeles. California Major: English Minor: History and Philosophy Philosophy Forum Music Club Sodality Choral Group Intercollegiate Panel "Claude'i will be remembered for her enthusiasms-for the beauty of the carnpnsg for music, especially Eng- lish ballads and Bac-hg for literature, ineluding her ozcn efforts in essay, poetry. and ehildrenls literatureg and for philosophy. CLAUDE KATHLEEN PATRICIA FORD, B.S. Pasadena, California Major: Nursing Minor: Social Science S.W'.E.S. Gamma Sigma Phi Student Nurses Association "Pat'i aspires to he a school nurse, BARBARA -, PAT and perhaps she will do some mod- eling on the side. nlmong her many outside activities. haslretball has long held first place in her interest. MAUREEN MAUREEN FRANCES FOX, B.A. Santa Monica, California Major: English Minor: History General Elementary Teaching Credential Student Body Vice-President, Secretary, Publicity Chairman View Editor Tau Alpha Zeta Secretary Who's Who Parnassians Tri Rho To know' Maureen is to know all about her baby brother, Brian. Be- sides Brian, her varied interests have included the sixth grade at Brent- wood, stabilizing kitchen chandeliers and pointing out historic land marks of California to her friends. pg, GLORIA GLORIA MARIA FRANCIS, B.A. Los .4ng'eles, California Group Major: English, History, Education General Elementary Credential Tri Rho Board Representative Eusehians Parnassians Sodality N.S.A. N.F.C.C.S. "Mrs. Francis" rnalfes charts for her fourth, grade students at Brentzcood and worlfs in her parish. She cooks spaghetti for her friends and speaks Spanish. Skiing and water ballet in the Snfim Show have added to her fame. ANN E13 l. ANN ELIZABETH FREESE, B.A. Los mlngeles. California Major: English Minor: Social Science Philosophy Forum Press Club View Feature Editor View Editor Parnassian Vice-President Annual Associate Editor :Inn is notorious for last minute things-term papers. creative writing and sewing. She also has ambitions to increase her "capsule', knowledge of music. art, travel, and French, after her ,-Iugust wedding. Page Tzcczztly-oizc F i 'ti' JO ANN GREEN, B.S. CELESTE GOURDEAU, B.M. Clcizilulc. California Major: Nursing Minor: Social Science Student Nurses Association ",lo's" interests are modern art ancl Sflllltlllff' and larzrkgrozuitl niusic from KI".-fC. Her partir-zzlar peczw is creep- ing' tlrirersg her rnlflicfiorz is coffee. .V Sierra Madre. California Major: Music Minor: Education General Secondary Teaching Credential Music Club Tri Rho Cluh Wlzierever theres sountli thereqs "Cel." .SIIIPQS either malring music with "Cas," her cello, or playing Chopin or Bach beauttifully on the piano. zllcmories of r'olle,Q'e life include the Jrizona music teaclzeris conitention. Cul Tech zlances. P.l'C'lIfSl0lZS in the NlJ,Pl'l'lf'.,, and her Waterford apart- ment. CEL GEORGA ANNE GRUPE, B.S. Orange, California Major: Chemistry Minor: Mathematics Kappa Theta Mu Gamma Sigma Phi W.R.A. Swim Show Chemistry Honor Society President Ceorga regztlrzrljx' taxies stranded girl. to and from school in her silver-grej JO Y t x :MOS Pg 12 115' 4.' ,0,,.:." d'l" lla-, lt GEORGA Chevrolet. She clividecl days betweei the laln hunting for her LU2h'H0'1UIZ ani filing cards in the lilirary. W., W. tc .. 51 Pojgr 74.'.nl'1--tzuo 5 X CHUN IJEANNETTE IRENE GUALANO, B.A. Arcadia, California Major: Home Economics Minor: Business Administration International Language Club President Annual Advertising Editor Publicity Agent, A.H.E.A. Gamma Sigma Phi Alpha Mu Gamma 'iChun7' urillingly ran a shuttle-service from "The Hillm to Westwood and LEEN MARY EILEEN HAINLEY, B.A. Alhambra. California Major: Home Economics Minor: Business Administration Home Economics Club International Language Club Gamma Sigma Phi Ski Club Senior Class Treasurer Red Cross Treasurer Leen lilies skiing, horseback riding, tennis. parties, and daily room- eleaning. She can usually he found points east. Her interest in things Italian colors expression. Four years at College have added thirty- six pairs of argyles to her grades. behind the library deslf. 14 real dip- lomat, Leen has lfept her friends in spite of her position as Class treas- arer. ix X WZ . ws f' GLORIA TERESA ARIAS HAMPTON Los nlngeles. California Major: Nursing Minor: Social Science Spanish Club Student Nurses Association Gloria's college Career had more variety than the average student. ln her second year she changed to a nursing' major and last year Combined it with marriage. Arnong other ae- Complishments. she is a very talented seamstress. Page Tzueizty-tlz1'ee ,mm KATHLEEN PATRICIA HIGGINS, B.A. Los A4 ngeles. California Major: Social Welfare Minor: Economics Freshman Class Vice-President SVVES Vice-President Student Body Treasurer NFCCS Regional Vice-President SVVES Settlement Committee Co-Chairman .Jllong Illlll sturlies anrl NFCCS zvorlr. Katliy ITNIIIIIQPII to fintl plenty of time for lrisli tlanringg anfl Il'0f'1II' at Iles- fI10Illl.S. Slze is alicays generous Il'lll1 lzer lielp aml is a1'ti1'e in settlement irorlf iritli tlie ellilflen at SIlll'ff"llr". KATHLEEN MARY MARY MARGARET HOLLAND, B.A. Los -4 ngeles. California Major: English Minor: History General Elementary Teaching Credential Tri Rho Tau Alpha Zeta Sodality Treasurer View Departmental Editor Annual Copy Editor CSTA Ethics Committee Co-Chairman Mary is for any plzilosoplzical argu- ment, progressive education, anrl the greater glory of the CSTJ. Slze also lzas a rnilfl interest in ping-pong, laozul- ing, rlancing. singing ana' tlze fine art of surziiziing as tlie only girl among four lzrotli ers. BELLA BELLA MARIE JACOBS, B.A. Tucson, flrizona Group Major: English, Speech, History International Language Club Tau Alpha Zeta Eusehian Secretary-Treasurer Senior Boarder Representative Bella says slzeis from the east. "Well, all the way from Arizona." she argues. Slze loves stag' dances. parties, TAZ meetings and anything that distracts her from lioolrs. Eaelz year she lfnits argyles "for lzer lzrotlzerfi 2 1 ,,,,,,,,,,.,..,..1f.K , 'M A ' ' le as - 4--v-xii RUTH MARY ELISE KERCKHOFF, B.A. Covina. California Group Major: English and History General Elementary Teaching Credential Ski Club WHA Publicity Chairman Swim Show Stage Director Sophomore Class Vice-President Junior Class President Elise now qualifies as a connoisseur of good food. Friends afho shared in her midnight snaelfs and rnirlrlay repasts in room 222 will vouch for this. When not eoolfing. Elise spent her senior year creating lesson plans. or polish- ing her shoes. RUTH ITSUE KIDO, B.S. Honolulu., T. H. Major: Nursing Minor: Social Science Gamma Sigma Phi Student Nurses Association Daring her hospital experierzee Ratlfs smile was as llllllllllilf' to her patients as the rloetorys prescription. She lores to garden antl to eoolf her specialty clish of "shrimp curry" as well as to tally on the telephone to anyone who will listen. MARIANNE LOUISE KRAUS, B.A. Los lngeles. California Major: Drama and Speech Minor: English International Language Club Drama Club President Mtulllllilutu lozfes flaneing. tennis. otlcl lnoolfs anil new people. Her roles in The l,i0I'Ilt'Kll3Il. Butter and lfgg Klan. New Moon. The Heiress. lfveryman and "Stuffit: .-I" on the raclio, point to a stage in her future. G? MA R I A N N E 5 i ix ' ZLi?'?'72f:L-NJ-'E' X 21f-' ' ELISE Page Tzu, ll ffl'-j'?Z'F ':.,-QQ ,Q '1 -..Q IT' RUTH MARIE LACKEY, B.S. Santa 41111, California Major: Nursing Minor: Social Science Gamma Sigma Phi Student Nurses Association Rutlz ftllIl.'f'tl lziglz as a critic' of poetry. Her f'tII'U7'l.lI' sayirzg is. Hilfltlll-I' facets of tl1e lzurnan personality are yet to he e.xeploretl.N flt't'lISl0IIt1ll.I' slze fle- serts lzer plzilosoplzical pursuits to llllllf for lzer ftII'Ufllf' s11111'l.'s. PATRICIA ANN LEE, B.S. Los Jngeles. California Major: Nursing Minor: Social Science Gamma Sigma Phi Student Nurses Association Pat has talren a serious interest in lzer nursing profession. but lzer im- rnetliate goal is to talfe a trip to Paris. Her semester of Frenclz at Los .411- geles City College qualifies lzer to argue with the most zielienzent of Fren1'l1r11e11. RUTH LISA Pa-gr 7'zu1'11t'1'-six PAT ELISA LU NA, B.A. San Diego, California Major: Political Science Minor: History and Spanish International Language Club Eusebians Tau Alpha Zeta Boarder President Freshman Class Treasurer W'l10's W'ho Lisa's "pentl1oufse in tlze clouds" is 1111014111 for its sountls of blaring mam- l1o records and a typwritez' pecking at full speed. Lisa is a little girl with a flaslzing' smile 1l'lI0 fincls time for a lot of big fll'll'l'lllPS. 195 www' gg, if : 41, 133 ref - K5 p 4 ,,,f Wi! J M zxqilw iff? ' E B ANNA ANNA MARY MACCHIO, B.A. San Fernando, California Major: Social Welfare Minor: Spanish International Language Club W.R.A. Jacket Club S.W.E.S. Publicity Chairman Community Chest Drive Chairman Anna is a sulzstantial proof of Ilie theory of peretpual motion. Her repu- tation for being "just a little late 7 to meetings anal classes afas usually tlze JOYCE JOYCE THERESA MARKEL, B.A. Santa Ana, California Major: Home Economics Minor: History Home Economics Club President Tau Alpha Zeta Eusebians Tri Rho Soflality .loyee-tlze jolfer-is altzvaivs tlzinlring up unusual situations to lfeep lzer roommates lzappy. Wlzat will tlze Mount clo icitlzout tlze tallest. lflonclesl fault of lzer generosity in doing' last- minute actizvities or making' pul1li1'it'xa posters. m 4.4 angel in every tableau? In fifty years slze'll say. "1 lfneuf tlzat song zroulcl malfe tlze lzit parade." JOYCE JOYCE ROSEMARIE MAZZARELLI, B S Cranaila Hills, California Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Science and Philosophy VV.ll.A. President Annual Photography liflitor junior Class Treasurer Jacket Club International Language Club ,loyce lzas spent a good part of lzer four years liustling from swim slzozvs to playclays anzl tlze otlzer activities of tlze PE Department. .-ls a professional lzaircutter slze made a feta' lasting I71fIflfS for lzerself at tlze Mount. Page Tzu :ity-.s1'z'cr1 my in ,,,. - . ,N K Y - ' . , by ' 4 5 5 . I Ny' A.. - J ,.! V N ki. JV' I xi 4 ,..,5. , Q I 4 .-.3 M 5 ' " .3 , s 'C wayilk Arm M 'V L 'I 'Q 'if-'rx' .. .,',i 15 T 15' fi. 1 .sv I -1:13 xfrd 1. 11525. -1'-791' .5 A' . PAT ma MARY PATRICIA CPERRAM1 MICHELMORE, B.A. L05 .4 flQf'1l'S. Cllllifllfllill Major: Social Welfare Minor: l'll'0Il0I'llll'S Tau Alpha Zeta Freshman Class Secretary S.W'.l'I.S. Family Committee Chairman 1,111 15 fl Hl'UlIS1'1f"lIf10118-I 5001111 ll'0fA'f'l' 11110 l1f'I'l.1lPl1 10 get IIII early 5111r1 011 11er frlreer 115' Illflfl'-I'1lIQ 1N'1ll'f'f"lI 50111- esfers. Her future 1171111111011 15 10 f'!ll'I' f0r llllll 111111511 111 1er151 nine "per- fIIlIIIf'lIfu 1-11er115. Page T:1'1'111'1I-01.3111 f p. 1 HELEN HELEN LOUISE MCEACHEN, B.A. 1,05 14 ngeles, Cf111f0r111f1 Major: Home Economics Minor: Art l'llll'll3I'iSllC Committee Home El'0ll0I'Illf'S Cluh Home Economics Scrapbook Chairman Annual Staff Soflality Y.C.S. Helen 1111111115 friends easily, designs p051er5 111 0 fI11I1llfF,S notice, and plays 110511255 111 any lfincl of a party. She refuses 10 C111 11er di51ine1i11e hair and 11121111111 10 ll'1l1 f1r51 place in ClI11f0fIIl'Il for 111e Home Ee 51'r0p11001r. j, I 3 G .V .W xx I MARY ANITA MARY ANITA MCGOWAN, B.A. San Diego, California Major: Chemistry Minor: English VV.R.A. Soflality flflfzry A-1111111 11115 returned to the Mount 11118 5eme51er after a Iwo years' absence. Her pet peeve is Sal- llfllflvl' classes. One of 11er H1081 in- leresling 12019118 is 10 510p in 111e middle of SOf71Cf111flg 10 remark 10 herself, 'cl u10n11er 11011' fllflf Chemistry experi- ment 15 C'lJf7117Ig.9M CARMEN MARY VIRGINIA MORRIS, B.A. Eagle Rock, California Major: English Minor: Philosophy Philosophy Forum Parnassians Sodality I Mary, after spending twenty-five, twenty-four liour colleetecl days a year travelling from Highland Park to tlze Mount, is willing to return to the leisurely lzforse and buggy days. Her lreenest interests lie in pliilosophy anal literature. CARMEN MUNOZ NAJAR COSINI, B.A. MARIA MUNOZ NAJAR COSINI, B.A Peru, Soutli flnzeriea ' Peru, South i4rneriea Major: Home Economics Minor: Business International Language Club Home Ecnomics Club Carmen as one of our students from anotlzer lancl lzas aflclecl Color to the Mount's atrnosplzere. ln lzer quiet way she has been an 6'f7llCl67Il and inclus- trious worker in many extra-Curriz'u- lar aetittities. Major: Home Economics Minor: Business Home Economics Club International Language Club S.W'.E.S. Maria lzelped to spread tlze Mount's fame off campus as "Miss Peru" at the Pan-:Imerif-an Ball. Her clecorat- ing talent has lzeen an asset at IIIIIII-I' College functions. Slze lzas been a rlzarming H07TllIflSSIlll0f,q from Peru. MARIA MARY Page Twenty-rzine 4 'S T' f Sgr! WII'f""'9" , , A ANNE LAVERNE PARK, B.A. San Calzriel, California Nlajor: Home Economics Nlinor: Biology Sodality Eucharistic Committee Chairman Home Economics Club Vice-President Treasurer, S. California Section, College Clubs, A.H.E.A. Tau Alpha Zeta Tri Rho flnne has ejjieierztly represented the fllount as a member of Robinsonis College Fashion Board and as an active promoter of the League of the Sacred Heart. lfizh plans for a fune zredding her major has proved to be a uise clzoiee. ANNE wwf PATRICIA MARIE QUINN, B.S. Los Angeles. California Major: Bacteriology Minor: Chemistry Tau Alpha Zeta Home Economics Club Chemistry Honor Society Kappa Theta Mu Secretary and President Mount Copy Staff Pat is an expert at feeding guinea pigs. washing test tubes and Changing tires. Une of her outstanding mem- ory marlfs on her comrades is her smiling. free taxi service from the Mount to Los Angeles and points east as far as Palm. Springs. MARION PAT MARION LOUISE REAUME, B.A. Santa Monica. California Major: Art Minor: English General Elementary Teaching Credential Art Editor of 1953 Mount Editor of 1954 Mount Tau Alpha Zeta Historian Tri Rho Sodality Ski Club Marion. the Mounfs red-haired editor can liven up any party with her ver- sion of the hula. Upon request she can also provide an entertaining trav- elogue of Hawaii and Arizona. She is often better known as the "what will she say nexti' girl. its ' 4-1 MARY FRANCES ANNIE ANNE FRANCES RUSSELL, B.S. Los A ngeles. California Major: Physical Education Minor: English Secondary Teaching Credential MARY FRANCIS ROSS, B.A. Santa Monica, California Major: Art Minor: English Tau Alpha Zeta Senior Class Secretary Senior Religion Panel Between her activities as class secre- tary and her art work, Mary Frances tries to wedge in plans for a ,lune wedding. Her talents are not lim ized- extending' to piano. dancing and law. Freshman Class Vice-President Sophomore Class President Junior Class Vice-President Senior Class President Student Body Social Chairman Who,s Who Annie, tlte "coaclt,,' spends summer and spare winter time as a playground director. Her powers. lztowever. are not limited to athletics for slide is equally adept at lzostessing senior class parties and handling class meet- ings. JOANNE JOANNE MARIE SCHOTT, B.A. lnglewood. California Major: Chemistry Minor: English and Mathematics Chemistry Honor Society Kappa Theta Mu Sodality Literature Committee Mount Photography foanne oil paints on old window slzades and reads fairy tales in spare time. Uccasionally slze practices writ- ing with lzer left liand and lfeeps talale-mates at larealrfast entertained with her latest dreams of maylzem. Page Thirty-one ,mi ,Ll ' , WNW MARIAN MARTHA SEELEY, B.S. 51111111 A-11111, C1111f11r11111 Nlajor: Nursing Minor: Social Science liuseliians XYRA Swinl Show Student Nurses Association 1ll11r1'1111's f111111r1'l1' extra-1'11rr11'111111r 11C- t11'1't1'1's 11111111111 skiing. SPll'1II,Q, 1'11111r111g 111111 1'11I111g1. rl pr111'l11'111 j111.'er. 51112 1112- 11g11ts 111 t11r1111211l111g fe111111' st1111e11ts. .4 Illfgf' p11rf of 111'r Sfllllyillff is sp1'11L 1111 5111 11o111.'s. 11111g11:1'110s 111111 171111117111- 1015. Page '1'1111'1'-1'-two MARIAN MRS. SHUTT WINIFRED IRENE SHUTT, B.M. Sflfllid 1ll11111'1'11. CU11fflVlI11I Major: Music Minor: English General Elementary Credential Music Club Tri Rho Mrs. Slzull 11115 1'11p11111y 1'11111111111'11 1116 1'11re1frs of 11111l111'r 111111 s1'11111111l. .4 re111 11111'1111s111s1 for "11ig11er e1111c11I11111.', 51111 11111111 111111 1111r 1111111 l1fIllfQ1I1f'V 1ll"1'0IIl' IINIII-Y 1lf?l' 111 p111'111s11p11y 1-11155. SLATS MARY JEAN N ETTE SLATTERY, B.S. ,4r11ng11111. C111if0rn111 Major: Nursing Minor: Social Science Gamma Sigma Phi Ski Club Student Nurses Association "Sluts" 11111 1111 wry Scimztific 111111. 50- rious. 115 1111r llllVS1IlQ' experierzce 1108 s111111f11. 1171 11111i1111yS. 11l0ll1Q'1I. 111011 for 11f'r s1111i11g 11111111 1111 119' slope. S110 7'f'Q'll11ll7'1j' 111111 SNl11177Q1'l' 1'111111f1e11re11 Sisters in 11111 grewz 1l1PfC'llf.V. MW' 2' X - JUNE MARY JOAN STORM, B.A. Corona. California Major: English Minor: Mathematics and Philosophy Kappa Theta Mu Secretary View Editorg Associate Erlitorg News Editor Mount photographer Parnassians YCS Intercollegiate Philosophy Forum M.,l. has. been ahle to tlo in three years what most Mounties struggle to do in four-graduate. With her char- acteristic camera around her neck. MJ. was founrl at most Mount func- tions. She plans to continue her edu- cation at Catholic University. .,.,, l lr l' JUNE CATHERINE SWITHEN, B.S. BERNA ETTE VICTORINO, B M Fort Diclr. California lxapaa, Kauai. Haztaii Major: Nursing Major: Music Minor: Social Science Minor: English SWES International Language Clulm Student Nurses Association Music Club Secretary .lane is famous for zcild tales of Cres- "Bern7' spentls her spare time lllllltlllh cent City. regular attendance at Irish. the ulfe or the piano or practicinff on flances. antl as an lII'iIl Dixielantl fan. the hula llllll other Halcaiian girls on She tallfs expertly altout psychiatrhv. campus. The musical higlzliglzt o tht antl has hecome a great promoter of semester was her recital. public health nursing. A hiv65 iiismfl BERN Page Tlzirty-three ,f!'l7'e A-of -49' MARY JOANN VOSIKA, B.A. Los .4 ngeles, California Major: History Nlinor: English General Elementary Teaching Credential Euselrian Vice-President Tri Rho Treasurer Sodality Literature Committee Chairman ,lody likes wild animals and longs to go lion-hunting in darkest .-lfrica. De- roted to lost gold mines. waterfalls. and nzountain climbing. she reads all the books she can find on these sub- jects to prepare for future safaris. 7i'2"a'i.v-w,q -- ' R . ohms JUSTINE DOLORES WEIHER, B.A. Van Nuys. California Major: Chemistry Minor: Mathematics and English Chemistry Honor Society President Kappa Theta Mu Vice-President Mount photography fustine enjoys browsing in art shops and used book stores on rainy days. She likes exotic food. Russian com- posers. and recites Chaucer in Middle English dialect. No one else knows how to manage her antique typewriter. JUSTINE BARBARA ANNE WALSH, B.A. Ph oen ix. :I rizona Major: English Minor: Sociology Parnassian President Scribes President News Editor of The View Sophomore Class Vice-President Tau Alpha Zeta Social Secretary Annual Staff The quickest way to erase Bobby's smile is to call her Barbara or say something unkind about Arizona-. In JOANN BOBBY her senior year she finally realized her ambition to become a day-hop, and was also chosen Honorary House- mother for the Alpha Delta Camma'S of Loyola. W "T fs. ff 532' fi' 3 . 5-A..-..f,r,,,N L3 is Seniors . . . Living it up!! MARGARET ALICIA WICK, B.A. Los Angeles, California Major: Economics Minor: Business Administration Sodality Literature Committee String Ensemble and Orchestra Margaret has the distinction of being the sole economies major in the senior class. An accomplished violinist. she donates her time to entertain at Swiss parties and school teas. MARGARET Page Th irty-five Slltxlltlltllfll . . S0l'liIIlSP1'I'Pfl1fVY ltr-ny twill . . Trwzszzrer Larla l.ill'llll'l'l . . l'1'ce-Presiclelzz' Clare Goss . Carol :Xtchison . . . tnot picluredvl P res i rl en I Secretary Juniors tstandinglz M. Heimann. R. Boken. B. Cabot. M. Torre. M. llamherg. 4Seatedt: P. Olson. R. Con- don. and P. Cosgrave. Page 'Tll1i7'fJ'-.SIX J. 3. A l.' S 'r ,rf in UNIURS The Junior Class stepped enthusiastically into upper division status in September. Class spirit was demonstrated in the originality of plans for Fresh- man initiation, re-christened Red Week. In November the annual Junior Dance, "Fall Fantasy." proved successful and enjoyable. Juniors tseatedl : P. Kiney. D. Fairchild. D. Jones. J Kealohanui. B. Cahral. F. Johnson. B. Selna and C. Jones ,.,,..g Juniors lseatedlz G. Maloney. H. Heflron. lf. U'l,aughlin. ll. Smith. J. Lautier, J. Cocke. Nl. lf. Breen. January brought exams, and long range plan- ning for the Junior-Senior Prom in May. Class parties increased funds so that the prom was a huge success. The year disappeared too soon, bringing time for elections, ivy chains, and plans for the coming year. Juniors lseatedl: P. Sanders. V. Fields. M. Moser. D. Stites. T. Garcia. J. Muckenthaler. M. Munch. 'Q Sally Snow Rosalie Quintana Joan Huer Y Page Tlz1'rt'1'-5f'z'mz 1 131 U. xg vi' ,ff A-P lx. lxemp. N. Galt. M. Vazzetli. Wiggins. H. Hopp. M. Condie. and J. Ml' - ago Tl111't'y-113111 ugens lounge on the south hall terrace. Nurses L. Gibbons. S. Herman. B. Vlilliams. M. Penty. and B. Sehaper keep ll 1 w'th M ' " ' 1 1 ount actlutles. EXIT L. Mattson. M. 0'Connell. K. McGlincy. and J. Longshore Give Louqs Car a last minute Checku . P' Checking the bulletin board are nurses J. Murray. S. Dilly. M. Hoffman, A. Erlinger, and D. Perez. EXIT .,Mnun :: 1 usn w .qu-.-w.N..4aun 1 'S , 9 , ' ii N-is! QQ' Page Thirty-nine ' uf ix 73, ' 1 ww u Www Carol Weldy . . lrief'-Presiclerzt Isabel flmwri . . President Robin lloldenweeli . . 5f't'rf'If1r.x' Lucy Cohen .... Treasurer Sharon Muck . I'11l1l1'e1'ty Clzfzirnznn ,loan Schneider . Social Clzairnzrzn Q9 'XJ l K. Kigami. H. Lackey. Nl. Walters. T. Suarez. J. Trehearne. J. Glass. P1131 Forlj' Si SOPHOMORES After completing their green stage. Sophs were ready for the activities that fill the college year. ln September they helped to haze freshmen during Red Week. ln October they worked hard to make the Halloween Party a success. Sophs next Sponsored "The Harvest Balli' for the benefit of the Fine Arts Building. First row: A. lVlac-Donald. B. Lee. J. Picard. Second row: J. Lemon. E. Marquez. H. Klein. Third row: B. Book. H. Russell. The highlight of the year came in February with the sophomore pre-lenten formal. Dances were not the only accomplishments. Sophomores worked on the St. Patrickis Day Breakfast and Father-Dauglr ter Night too. One of the last activities was for Sophomores only-a class party which brought friends together for an evening of fun, food and entertainment. With this year successfully closed. Sophs are looking toward the next. to attain the rank of upper classmen. Back row: A. Wick. S. Aldridge. J. Rodier. Middle row: M. Kuhn. F. Erpelding. J. Dozier. First row: P. James. M. St. Pierre. S. Seiler. xwmssxwmnuunmnumnmmnnl W First rom: L. Markel. A. She-a. V. Munton. Second row: A. Rotsler. M. Vfightman. M. Mcliernan Third row: J. Lum. C. Ramaker. M. Munnemann. K Schmidt. J. Mason. Mack. Page F0111 one A place in tlic sun! To the victors liclongz tlic spoils! First row: M. Anderson. P. Coates. Y. Kwan. Second row: P. Callahan. B. Cueno. F. Blackburn. Page Forty-two NURSES: E. Marquex. M. A. Lane. C. Heumphrcus. R. Medina. P. Brink. R. Knapp K. Murphy. D. Bryan. 1 I I W. -I ..,..f . Goodnight ladies! "Holiday Hill" Timber! Sophomore lwoarders Carry liglitecl Cancllvs as they sing Christmas Carols in the halls. Sophomores Caught liy cam- era between Classes. Front row: S. Stevenson. J. Carey. V. Dekens. l M. Kam. Back row: C. Hubert. M. Rossiter. M. Orr. A J. Novy, N. Higgins. M. Crede. A 'MW 1 HM? of wit' ,hs We 35- wi 1:1-.Q f f 4 at ,5?"'?3' E 1 1 ' s In WW' M ' Q lr- . .Q 'T 2 Q . ,N Rf. 4 244, 9:-X: :wr fm wx M- if fc' J W M' 1 f . Aefdf 7 4 f .QM , ' M'-K M KISS 5 f 3 M ' 1 3,1 f '53 Page Forty-three QIIASS UI-'IVILIICRS Sally Scott . . Treasurer Nlyrna Finn . . . SPl"I'6'flIf-V Laurie Reed . . Social Secretary Jennie Bejnar . . Vice-President Mary .Xnn Bauerlein . President Freshman hoarders keeping vigil hy the telephones are: H. Cervantes. li. Smith. li. McCloskey. D. Huarte. S. Shinnefield. Nl. Miller. Y. Martin. fi. Paolozzi. Page Frnfvt'-frtlll' Wu- fs, , 411 xg.- '1- 0 . W SL ef FRESHME Capped with the traditional black and white dink, the freshman class of ,57 started a full and exciting year. As "loyal comrades" to big sisters frosh faithfully lugged gunny sacks to classes during Green Week. A display of talent was shown in the Frosh Frolics and again in the get-acquainted party. Other activities were: compiling the roster, the use of parliamentary procedure in class meetings, introduction of new second semester students, reading and discussion of the college constitution, a pre-Lenten party, and a joint picnic with Loyola Freshmen. Guided by their patron, Saint Maria Coretti, Freshmen of '57 have completed their first activity- filled year. a. .. fr' C. -'Z-V PH ' x A Y if We X 'Q' Freshmen: I. Silva. G. Weber. D. Broekmeier. E. J. Apodaea. N. Baca. B. Carvalho. M. Johnson. D. Andrews. E. England. S. Carney. Freshmen fstandingl: C. Caslellanos. C. Giordan. A. Sprietsma. E. Holla. W. Stehly. C. Froehler. lseatedl: G. Arant. M. F. Burnham. P. Talmon. N . S. Thornton. l.. Reed. K. Silana. H. Polino. Freshmen lhaek rowr: P. Murphy. C. Malloy. C. Me- clowell. H. More-arty. P. 0'l3rien. lfront rowj : K. Morris. ,M Freshmen: P. Dwyer. A. Dell'Oli0. J. Friedman. A. Usli. C. Kauth, M. F. Lykke. M. F. Long. M. Fazzi. T. Houli- han. J. Grant. P. Dorsey. U. Kehoe. M. Kemp. A. Hehert. S. Florence. L. lximpton. J. Jackson. if Page FOI'f'1 -4.3314 Nineteen now! Hattling the ca Page Forty-six -- Teddy bears picnic! ge 'K Freshmen fseatedj: B. Hudson, C. Swanney. M. A. Berry fstandingjz H. Hillebrand. M. Frocci, S. Corcoran. Freshmen: M. J. Smith. T. Matz. S. Cartmell. M. Santa Ana A. Callinan. P. Redmond. I. Van Hoven. K. Burke. T. Taverna, V. Vidinha. .1 L wifi as u A931 mu' 4 Hiking again. Top picture-Freshmen: A. Ganz. L. Ri coute. K. Bergin. L. Bishop. L. Stevens. S Morningstar. C. Orth. R. Simons. M Pestana. Lower picture-Freshmen: E. Boutle, I Horejsi, M. S. 0'Laughlin, E. Manuel. N. J. Marcus, M. Johnson. M. Twersky C. Hayhurst, K. Kendall, J. Siantong. l, QSM A' ' 593' v sf' as 2 kv! . '..- ,,...qv- , Freshmen: D. De Bernardi, K. Topel, J. Thomas. L. Tucker. N. Ferraro D Towle J. Wilhelm. R. Weber, C. Breen, A. Orland, J. Murphy. A. Moreno M C Brow B. Darling. M..-K.. iufn -v r Nw. ,I 0 V51 Freshmen. left to right: J. Bigelow. 5? . 1.5.7 . in ww M. T m A l "ie , 5 Q2 2 'V Mia, wx Q lf. if "' .1 3, .11 i ,- A' ' Q rr . L. McGovern. P. Foley. Nl. lfazzi. P. Talinon. J. Pavao. J. Brannan. Pagr Forty-vigil! "www-,Q nf .55 After Class and study hours. freshmen hoarders enjoy a late snack and fete a fellow Student at a surprise hirthday party. lfreshmen. seated left lo right: J. Smith. B. Siegfried. S. Crowe. M. Blecksmith. NI. V. Hayes. S. Smith. C. Roberts. A. Ciulty: standing left to right: E. Trowbridge. J. Kuras. M. A. Barton. K. Anderson. C. Ruhio. D. Allaire. .l. Schnieders. QiQ 'I lli--..... Freshmen show there are other things in life besides books and classes as they are snapped in some of their more leisurely and party-time moments. Prize-winning snapshot shows freshmen: Jennie Bejnar. Sheralyn Florence. Judy Pavao. Mary Ann Baurlein. Nora Martin and Judy Brannan posing for the Halloween party. The halls decked with holly and the freshmen with for- mals for the Christmas boarder banquet. from left to right are Marlene Fazzi. Patricia Talmon. Delores De Bernardi. Elizabeth Granville. Phyllis Dorsey. Claire Kauth and Janet Grant. Esca ade on the 'V P Barbershop duet! fire escape! Future nurses tour hospital 5-'fx if' if ' .MF Q 'LSI' The water is fine! U 1. 'Ziff tr 03 STUDENT GOVERNMENT Student Body Sodality VVITIT Boarders X X M? f Rosemary Czuleger Student Body President Maureen Fox-Student Body Vice-President Georgia Maloney-Student Body Secretary Joan Carey-Student Body' Treasurer Members of the Coordinating Council look over plans for campus activities. Jeanne Lautier. Bar- bara Vlvalsli. Rosemary Heffron. Maureen Fox tcliairmanl. Valerie Munton. Page Fifty-two in The Student Council outlines a program for election campaigning. Back row tstandingl : Joan Carey. Anile Frances Russell. Mary Ann liauerlein. Georgia Maloney. Joan Cocke. Winifred Stehly. Nancy Galt. Pat Ulseng Middle row: Lou Mattson. Isabel Cowen. Elisa Luna. Rosemary Czuleger. Peggyann Campbell. June Swithen. Claire Goss. Shirley Burke: Front row: Carol Atchison. Maureen Fox. G0 ER MENT The Student Council, under the elfective leadership of Rosemary Czuleger. carried out many plans and directed numerous activities this year. Coordinated calendars, Orientation program, and planned general assemblies, were just a few of the Council's projects. The Coordinating Council functioned smoothly and many conflicts were avoided. An assembly period given over to club meetings was a wel- come innovation. The Council also saw that the nurses became more a part of Mount life, and that elec- tions were more orderly. The student Council was just that this year-the active organ of the Student Body. Members of the Nursing Council check plans with Lorraine Gibbons. President. Front row: Mary Jane Hoffman. Lorraine Gibbons. Jane Brander. Sandra Dilley. Back row: Shirley Herman. Barbara Williams. Alice Ehrlinger. Nancy Galt. Ella Jo Bunyard. Joella Allen. Jude Longshore. Joyce Markel e 'fs Joella Allen President WRA's purpose is to initiate and provide opportunities for recreational activities and to provide for the par- ticipation of all members in these, in accordance with highest standards of the college. All students of the college are mem- bers of the Women's Recreation As- sociation upon payment of their mem- bership dues. Some of the activities this year were a splash party, the WRA hayride, Co- ed Sports Day, field day on campus, college playday, the annual swim show, and the banquet. Pa e Fifty-four lv J WUME 'S RECRE TIUN ASSUCIATIUN Y .,..Q. Joyce Mazzarelli. Barbara McCloskey, Robin Boldenweck, Kay Kemp, Lucy Cohen. Georgia Maloney. Pat O'Brien. Margaret Munnemann. Pat Callahan. First row: Joyce Mazzarelli. ,lean Neil. Dolores Michelena. Lucy Cohen. Pat O'Brien, Pat Callahan. Second row: Sheila Thornton. Barbara McCloskey. Margaret Munnemann. Georgia Maloney. Rosemary Czuleger. Ann Frances Russell, Kay Kemp, Rosemary Weber, Michaela Kemp, Robin Boldenweck. 2. px' fn? tk .fix Elisa Luna President Composed of the president, elected representatives and the highest rank- ing hoarder oflicer from each class. the Boarder Council promoted better cooperation among resident students. Telephone duty, hall duty, and social nights were under the direction of the Council. Better understanding and family unity between faculty and stu- dents was achieved through this group. Page Fifty fl .1- Qnqn UUR l DVS SUD UTY ER Ee V M b "ug, Sodality Council lseatedlz Noreen Higgins, Eileen O,Laughlin. Jude Longshore. fstandinglz Pat Red- mond. Marianne Munch, Eunice Smuske. Rose- mary Lucente. Page Fifty-six W! awxxx Nfxz- Shirley Burke Sodaliiy Prefect Four active interest groups formed the core of Sodality activity this year. The Marian group sponsored both theological discussions and Marian Year projects. Promoting the League of the Sacred Heart, Holy Hour and devotion to the Blessed Sacrament was the work of the Eucharistic group. The Christian literature group sold Christopher books and pamphlets and presided over the Christ- mas book sale. Corporal works of mercy were performed by the Social Action group who visited hospitals, taught Confraternity classes and con- ducted drives for charity. Innovations included an inter-collegiate study day, a closed retreat at Sacred Heart Retreat House, and an informal dance. Bishop lVlcCucken paid his anual visit in November and presided Literature Committee rfseatedjz Mary Frances Ross. fstandinglz Liz Granville, Teresa Matz, Mary Holland. Joanne Schott, Justine Weiher, Barbara Dobrott fchair- manj, Josephine Davis. Kay Pettit. Marian Committee: lstandingj: Carla Carlucci. Elaine Pfiffner, Molly Swope. Dolores Stites, Stephanie Smith. Betty Trowbridge. Joella Allen. Annette Hebert. Fay Blackburn, tkneelingj: Marilyn Walters. Kathryn Ken- dall, Roberta Polino, Lois McGovern. Mary Ann Schmidt. Marianne Munch. over vespers in honor of the Immaculate Con- ception. Rev. James O,Reilly received new Sodalists on the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. A panel dis- cussion on Catholic Press Month, Holy Hour for the Pope, retreat, and a Marian year pilgrimage were important events of the spring semester. Seniors and engaged couples took part in the Mar- riage Conference in April. The semester closed with Maryis Day activities--Mass and breakfast for Sodalists and their mothers, rosary, May pro- cession, and crowning of Our Lady. The co-opera- tion and generosity of the Sodality council and committee members has made the year spiritually fruitful. Eucharistic Committee. top row: Anne Frances Russell. Bella Jacobs. Katherine Kigami, Mary Evelyn Berko. Winifred Stehly. Joyce Markel. Middle row: Dorothy Huarte. Helen Roemlein. Pat Red- mond, Francine Cazvoda. Jean Thomas. Martha Miller. Judy Brannan. Front row: Helen McEachen, Barbara Selna. Anne Park fchairmanj, Jennie Bejnar, Nora Martin. Nancy Ferraro. -sw - - Page Fifty-seven ClUBS AND URGANIZATIUNS Honor Sororitios Departmental Publications Social Page Sixty PI DELTA PHI A LPHA MU GAMMA PI DELTA PHI-FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY Pi Delta Phi aims to promote study of, love of, and interest in French culture. Mem- bership in the society is open to upper division French majors or minors who fulfill the scholastic requirements. During the fall semester the Mount Chapter held initiation ceremonies for regular and honorary members at a tea. Professor Gabriel Bonno, of the French department at UCLA spoke at the initiation. New members included: Maureen Nally, Eileen O,Lough- lin, Mary Beimann, Helen Romlein, Barbara Selna, Dr. Bierman, Sister Hildegard, Rev. James O,Reilly. At another initiation ceremony Mr. Everett and Mrs. Matilda Werner were received into the chapter later in the fall semester. Pictured above from left to right are Eileen O'Loughlin, Shirley Burke, and Maureen Nally. ALPHA MU GAMMA Alpha Mu Gamma, the national honor society for students who have done outstand- ing work in the field of modern languages, increased its membership this year. With Ei- leen O'Loughlin as president the society enjoyed a variety of scholastic and social activities. R- KAPPA GAMMA PI xx Members in the Southern Gailfornia Chapter of KAPPA GAMMA Pl graduate with scholastic distinction and are outstanding in extra-curricular activities. Georgia Grupe, Shirley Burke, and Mary Jane Storm were chosen for membership this year. Membership in DELTA EPSILON SIGMA is based on high scholastic achievemen t and on indications of making learning effective through Catholic philosophy to modern society. Members chosen this year are Maureen Fox, Anne Park, Barbara Dobrott, Kath- leen Higgins, Rosemary Gzuleger, and ,lane Brander. ,4 Q 55? A " t is N I if Page Sixty-one Y N A ACTIVE NSA MEMBERS-Back row: S. Stevenson. J. Carey. L. Matt- son tCampus Coordinatorl. E. Smus- ke. C. Weldy. Front row: J. Mason. J. Marshall. P. Sanders. A. Rotsler. The National Students Association well fulfilled its purpose this year by serving the student community and promoting student interest and welfare. As an intercollegiate organization it helped the colleges to become aware of, and to cooperate better with each other. Student-discipline service. study travel programs, and vocational guidance are a part of its program. F005 f Slfriy-lzt'o The National Federation of Catholic College Students. comprising over 2,000 stu- dents. aims to promote closer collaboration between students of all Catholic colleges. On campus it functions as a service unit to all clubs by fostering student leadership and interesting students in co-curricular activities. Most NF activities on campus have been accomplished through the student Council, The View. and NFCCS active members. Such activities have distributed commission litera- ture, and served the Sodality. SWES. YCS. and other clubs: promoted the European Marian tours, regional activities. and Mary,s Hour. NFCCS workers hold meeting in lounge: J. Schneider. V. Munton. N. Galt tCampus delegatel. L. Tucker. L. Woods. K. Higgins. M. Nestor. .na-an Q f w .,, me H .1 : SKI Cl B -at Mount ski enthusiasts have joined with the Loy- ola Ski Club to form the Mount'n Lion Ski Club. Their purpose is to have skiing parties on every available weekend or holiday at Mt. Baldy, Water- man, Mammoth or Holiday Hill. First row: B. Atwill. J. Lautier. R. He-ffron. A. Russell. S. Thornton. C. Smith. Second row: M. Reaume. M. Mattson. S. Burke. R. Polino. D. Brockmeier. E. Hainley. M. Castenolla. ' . .y-ff-21 Elise Kerekhofl . Vice-President Betty Atwill . . Treasurer Jeanne Lautier . . President Eileen Hainley . . Secretary -iam or C.......lM-'J ' s .W 5 i Page Sixty-three IT-XRNASSI AN OFFICERS .., Q Jean Call . . Social Secretary lt Ann Freese . . Vice-President Bobby Walsh . . President Mary Holland . . . Treasurer Betty Cabral . . Secretary PARNASSIANS Parnassians, the campus English club, stimulates among English majors a more active interest in the field of literature-past and contemporary. To achieve this objective the club promoted field trips and attendance at lectures by noted writers. During second semester, members visited the Huntington Library and Exhibits in San Marino. Also on the busy schedule during the year were several movies based on great contributions to English literature, one of which was Julius Caesar. Members also con- tributed to The View and Inter Nos, and won top honors in the Cabrini literary contest as well as first place in the Atlantic creative writing contest. Participating in Co-ordinating Council activities Parnassians joined efforts with Eu- sebians and produced the effective "House of Horror", for Night at the Mount. X4 Parnassian members look on as Bruce Marshall. novelist. autographs Sister Nlarie de Lourdes' scrapbook. Page Sixty-four 'X-N Lucy Cohen . . Treasurer Betty Mae Cabral . Vice-President Dolores Jones . . President f Antonia DeBellis . Secretary E Rosemary Lucente . . Pulilicity I 5 Clmzrman 'att I TER TIONAl ll-XNGUAGE Cl B The International Language Club has united friends and has led toward appreciation of cultures and customs of other countries. At the monthly meetings girls representing Spanish. Hawaiian, Filipino. Italian. German. Chinese. French and Japanese ancestry joined their hearts with the hearts of all. The many activities of this year included occasional "foreign dinners". an orientation tea. guest speakers, films. a clothes drive, the "Cosmo Cotillionw in February and "The Round-the-World" festival in April. The club has representatives in the Western Area Council of Foreign Students where students of local universities and colleges meet to combine fellowship and interests. Barbara .lane Luke teaches the hula to-First row: N. Hubert. A. Orland. Second row: M. Cain. P. Dwyer. A. D'Alesio. Third row: B. Benko. G. Audia. M. Kraus. Page Sixty-five t, Members of the Science Club get ready to leave on a field trip. Justine Weiher . . Vice-President Ceorga Crupe . . President Molly Swope . . Treasurer Mary .loan Storm . . Secretary KAPPA THHA U Kappa Theta Mu, the science club, was organized to try to integrate various fields of scientific endeavor. A more sci- entific explanation of its purpose follows: Kappa Theta Mu-Cod Rules the World Electrons: Students of biological sciences, chemistry, mathematics, nursing. Nucleus: Four officers directing electrons. Charge: Programs of scientific interest. Physical Change: Field trips to places of scientific interest. Members hold a scientific discussion. Seated: T. Garcia. D. Michelena. B. Oswald. T. Suarez. N. Hubert, M. Cain. Standing: M. Moser. M. Bryant. N. Grogan. M. Wight- man. 44... , Q sh SWES SWES is a social and service club which provides opportunities for girls who anticipate careers in the Held of nursing, business, and social welfare. Its purpose is to prepare a Christian girl for a place in the home, the parish, and the community. SWES activities, in progress before the opening of fall semester, began with a spaghetti dinner at Barbara Dobrottgs home. Early in October old members welcomed new students to the Mount and to SWES at a formal tea. The Settlement Committee joined WRA to entertain the children at Pacoima with a Halloween Party, followed by a jointly sponsored SWES, and Sodality Christmas Party. At the close of the fall semester, alumnae members were invited to an informal party at which they answered questions of under- graduates about their present positions. The second semester found SWES presenting stimulating and informative programs for Intercultural Week, Family Week, and U.N. Week. An installation banquet closed a successful year. PW iv Hack row: E. Luna. M. F. Dolan. H. Osako. M. Kemp. K. Anderson. Front row: E. Smuske. J. Mrshall. J. Wade. l. Schneider. C. Weldy. P. Oililrien. it fre - ff? 2513 '95 W OFFICERS Carol Ramaker . . Secretary Kathleen Higgins . Vice-President Ella Jo Bunyard . . . President Fay Blackburn . . Treasurer Back row: S. Crowe. B. Cabot. .l. A. Kealohanui. M. Kam. E. Holla. B. Bruss- tar. Front row: J. Novy. N. Higgins. l. Brander. S. Mack. T. Garcia. D. Jones. C. Ramaker. Page Sixty-seven Bella Jacobs . Secretary-Treasurer Joanne Vosika . . Vice-President Josephine Davis . . President liuselrians discuss currcnt affairs at one of their meetings. Members include J. Marshell. E. Luna. F. Blackburn. C, Maloney. P. Kiney. G. Francis. G. Von der Ahc. J. Glass. and J. lVlarkel Page Sixty-eight E SEBIANS 1953-54 was filled with old and new events for the history club of the Mount. Yearly activities for the club began with a welcome tea for all new mem- bers in October. In November the club sponsored an evening at the movies where more than 100 girls saw Julius Caesar. Since Eusebians is mainly a study club, discussions are held at least once a month. Books such as Daniel Sargenfs Our Land and Uur Lady. Frank Sheed's Communism and Man, and the collected work entitled Communism and Christians. were used this year. In December a panel discussed the Bill of Rights for the student body and the annual Christmas Party entertained a group of children. The club ran a booth for Night at the Mount. February saw members wearing Eusebian pins for the first time in the history of the club. April and the alumnae tea celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the organization. May ended the year with the annual banquet and installation of ofhcers. The club is one of the three initial members of the newly organized lnter- collegiate Historical Association for promoting the Catholic view of world and domestic affairs. 5 x P wiht ,af I lf? -M 'F HUME E00 UMICS Cl B The Home Economics Club aims to create an understand- ing of Christian living in community and family life. and to stimulate action toward this goal among students at Mount Saint Mary's. One of the most active and prestige-winning clubs on campus, the year started with an initiation tea for new members. Anne Park was elected publicity chairman of the college clubs, Southern section of the American Home Economics Association. At Christmas the club invited lm- maculate Heart College Home Economics Club to a party to stimulate interest in their newly organized club. They aided 'an Indian Mission Home Economics department by sending a subscription to a popular home economics maga- zine. During Family Week the club gave a mother-baby party, with alumnae mothers and their children as guests. ln May they highlighted a busy year with the eighth annual fashion show and tea, in which students modeled fashions they had made themselves. Thus members created specific and fruitful programs to put into very real practice their club aims. 511:01 Uflicers and chairmen of the Home lic club are tback rowj: Marianne Munch. Margaret Vezzetti. Vice-President: Kathleen Flynn. Helen McEachen. lFront rowt: Anne Park. Joan Gocke. Treasurer: Joyce Market. Presi- dentg Mary Virginia Hayes. Secretary. and Kay Schmitt. lfirst row: C. Smith. H. Hopp. C. Munoz. lf. Hainley. J. Gualano. R. Czuleger. C. Ruiz. J. Lautier. Second row: J. Markel. J. Cuevas. C. Atchison. J. Gocl-ce. Third row: M. Munoz. M. Munch. D. Jones. R. Condon. ig, P 41 Ag Pictured below are members of the Home Economics Club. one of the larg- est and most active clubs on campus. 1' SIi.X'f'l'-711.116 3 M . s52.-- W i ' l Utlicers of Tri liho chat with Leo Politi, illustrator of childrens hooks. after a lec- ture by him. Eileen O'Laughlin. secondary vice-president: Leo Politi. Phyllis Kiney. elementary vice-presidenlg Clare Goss. sec- retary: Rosemary Heffron. president. TRI RHO Tri Rho, whose name denotes the three Ris of education, has as its aim the furthering of Catholic ideals of education and the developing of informed minds and professional attitudes. The club is an active chapter of the California Student Teachers' Association with a co-chairmanship in the state-wide Ethics Committee. Members attended a Leader- ship Conference at Asilomar and a workshop at San Diego State College. Holding a seat on the Executive Council, Tri-Rho took part in meetings in Los Angeles and Monterey. This yearis activities included a tea for new members, an educational film, panel dis- cussions, an annual Alumnae tea, the dart booth at Night at the Mount, and guest speakers including Mrs. Virginia Neal, a school supervisor, and a representative of a publishing company. Guided by Sister Hortensia, Tri Rho has had a fruitful and busy year. Enjoying Leo Politi's talk are.-First row: Anne Park. First row: Connie Marlcel. Maureen Fox. Jude Longshore. Joyce Nlarkel. Second row: Mary Ann Hamberg. Peggy Second row: Celeste Courdeau. .lean Call. Joan Heuer, Cosgrave. Roberta lioken. Carlina Smith. Mary li. Breen. Pat Sanders. Nancy Wiggins. Mary Holland. 4 Listening to classical records are- ' Front: Pat Sanders. Dorothy Brock- meier. Mrs. Shutt. Gretchen Von der i Ahe. Back: Pat Ching. Bernardette Vic- L torino. Pat 0'Brien. Kay Anderson. Q Elaine Pfiffner. Gloria Audia. 5"'-P4 M SIC Cl B The Music Club opened the year with an informal swimming party in July. A tea with favorite records as the theme brought members together in September. Activity in various musical ensembles of the school was stressed, as was the Philharmonic Series. A chapter of the Music Educatoris National Conference and a Philharmonic Forum Chapter were reorganized for the year. The dance band provided a musical background for the Drama department's presen- tation of Craigis Wife.. An Advent Pageant combining the Choral Group and the Drama department pioneered college television on KTLA, Channel 5. The combined Symphonette and Choral Group presented Sr. Celestine,s musical setting of The Hound of Heaven for the Aquinian Guild. The orchestra plays as Mrs. Florence Caylor directs. Back row: Lois Bishop. Margaret Swope. Jean Schneiders. Third row: Tony de Bellis. Marlene Fazzi. Elaine Pfitfner. Dorothy Brochmeier. Second row: Roberta Polino. Val Munton. Front row: Pat ' Sanders, Margaret Wick. Leontine Ricoute. Pat Oilirien, Celeste Gourdeau. Page St'Z'6'IZfV1'-OIZC lfuniee Smuske and Yal llluutou discuss lied Cross llrojeets with guest speaker. Still smiling. Yal Muntou gives blood for the cause. 3 1 1 1 ,Maj it si 1 A ,....,.......,g-4:igis.' LEM RED CRUSS UNIT Our Red Cross Unit boasts of being one of the most active campus units in the Los Angeles area. The enthusiastic participation in varied activities marked the program of the Red Cross unit this year. Projects included hostessing of International Students, dressing dolls and knitting sweaters for underprivileged children. A vigorous Blood Drive was also undertaken by the active members. Display set-ups and assemblies on water safety, civil defense, and blood cultivated the interest of the campus. THE MUUNT HANDBOUK The Mount Handbook again became the ready reference of every Mount student. School calen- dar: student body: Sodality, and club oflicersg all organizationsg and the Alma Mater are just a few of the topics covered in the handbook. it .S't'z'f'1zty-tzt'0 Joan Heuer and Sally Snow. co-editors of the liandboo t l THE VIEW The View, the college newspaper, this year smaller in size but not in quality, kept Mount students up to date on all the activities of the college. The View. published tri-weekly except during exams, is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press and the Catholic School Press Association. Last minute rush, click of typewriters, deadlines, and proofreading were all a part of the programg however, The View went to pres on time and then to the eager hands of Mount students. Freshmen members of the staff proofread copy for the Fresh- man Edition before it goes to press. Standing: Anita Morena. Joanne Wilhelm. Norma Marcus, Ann Callinan. Seated: Mary Burnham, Sheila Thornton, Joan Friedman. Mary Twersky. Claire Kauth, Isabel Silva. NV'-7 FIRST SEMESTER Miriam Kam . . Feature Editor Sally Snow . Contributing Editor Mary Jane Storm . . Editor Claire Jones . . Associate Editor Mr. Everrett . . Moderator SECOND SEMESTER Joan Friedman . . News Editor Joan Cary . . Editor Claire Jones . . . Co-Editor Alice Ganz . Contributing Editor Mary Anne Twersky Feature Editor Page Seventy-three ,la11eRramler . . . Pff'SillUIIf Valerie Nlunlon . Iliff'-l,ff'SiIll'IIf Nancy Yan llyke . . Secretary Irene Bovine . . Pledge Mistress ,loan Schneider . . . Treasurer Kay Kemp . Pll1J1iC'if'VClllliflllllll 'v X G MMA SIGM Rushing, the excitement of the informal Ha- waiian party and the acceptance dinner at Sarnez's were olimaxed by the presentation of pledges in the Terrace Room of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Pledges kept busy dressing dolls for the Red Cross and making posters for various Mount events. First row: R. Polino. J. Ellis. R. Weber. C. Swanney. I. Silva. S. Carney, A. MacDonald. Second row: J. Bigelow. R. Medina. C. Froehler. M. Blecksmith, M. Kemp. M. A. Lane, B. McCloskey. E. England. M. E. Lykke. H. Morearty, L. Kimpton. .la ff t S ifgbsl W Rift ,fi . ,, 't Page Seventy-four "N lisa... Mary Ellen Lykke. Peggy Blacksmith. Kay Kemp, Elise Kerchoff. Joyce Mazza- Roberto Polino. Carol Swanney. and relli, Val Munton. Jeanette Slattery, Jean- Rosemary Weber try their hands at nette Cualano, and Julietta Cuevas snap- Hcookingf' ped at a Gamma dinner. PHI SURURITY Helping to H11 up the active calendar were ex- changes, a Notre Dame football team party, and the Tri-Sorority Ball. Raising of the scholarship fund by a family din- ner, group participation at Mary's Hour, and fare- well dinners brought the season to a close with plans for the coming year. ACTIVES First row: J. Swithen. P. Ford. J. Cuevas. K. Murphy. K. Kemp. Second row: G. Grupe, E. Hainley, N. Van Dyke. J. Schneider. J. Brander. V. Munton, V. Knapp. J. Picard. J. Slattery. n i"""w. I X wt X Gammas get together for some fun. How's the water? Page Seventy-five XX'IN'I'IiR OFFICERS Robin Boldenwet-I4 lfevortlizzg Sei-refriry Mary Reimann Soviul Seereffirhr Je-an hall PI'l'f'-l,ff'Sl'lll,IIl Isabel Cowan Trerzsurer Jody Glass Pledge lllistress Pat Carroll P resirl ent SPRING OFFICERS Mary Reimann President Barbara Dohrott Parliamentarian Sheila Thornton Pledge Mistress Lois McGovern Treasurer Carol Ramaker Vice-President Margaret Nestor Historian Nora Martin Reeorrlirzg Set'retr1ry Jody Class .T Hn-an gm: Cotton Candy? AU ALPHA The Taus began the year with their rush tea at the home of Pat Carroll, presidentof the sorority. The Circus Party at Jody Class' house provided fun for all, particularly since a professional clown scooped cotton candy cones throughout the party. Formal Presentation of Pledges at the Santa Ynez Inn included: back row: Judy Rrannan, Lois McGovern, Angela Rotsler. Jeannie Mason. Fay Falvo. Peggy Johnson. Middle row: Nora Martin, Jackie Curas, Barbara Williams, Emma Jean Apodaca, Pat Olson. Sally Scott. Front row: Roberta Boken. Virginia Fields, Jeanne Wilhelm, Mary Ann Bauerlein, Sheila Thornton. X , Social Sf"C'ff"lf1f'.I' I ' fu 4 Page .S'rz'e1zt'1'-six I I I I ,,,. s-A yd Annual Circus Partyl Sailing. Sailing! ZH SURURITY Other activities of the year included the preference din- ner, numerous parties, Easter vacation at Balboa. alumnae tea, Mother-daughter luncheon, and the senior farewell din- ner at Farmer John's. Besides Christmas presents sent to Korean orphans, Taus also helped the Little Flower Orphanage. Active members of Taz are. back row: B. Cabot. E. Bunyard. l. Cowen. A. Park. M. Bamberg. J. Class. B. Walsh. C. Ramaker. M. Ross. J. Call. Middle row: M. Beimann. J. Carey. J. Markel. S. Burke. P. Carroll. P. Campbell. B. Dolirott. M. Fox. First row: R. Boldenweck. M. Munnemann. B. Jacobs. M. Beaume. E. Luna. WW 1 4 Ipit I fi r' 5 f i 'Q Q' .,, ww. I ug. Bend zee knees! Everybody here? Pelicans too? Page Sezierzty-5611611 FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS Mary :Xnn O'Connell lice-Presirlerzt Mary Lou Smith S6'C'I'Pf!II'hl' Jeanne Lautier Treasurer Kathleen McClincy President 4, ,fide-6:54 SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS Betty Atwill Vice-President Kathleen McGlincy President Mary Ann Wightman Treasurer KAPPA DHT Kappa Delta Chi has been an active sorority at Mount Saint Mary's since 1930. lts main ideal is the establishment of true friendship and sisterhood among members, as well as alumnae. The activities of the sorority this year were many. Early in October, Kappas presented a Fashion Tea at Bullock's Westwood, with proceeds going to the Fine Arts building. Members planned the annual rush tea, the informal party with its traditional Western theme, and the formal acceptance dinner. Later in the year came the formal presentation of Active members, front row: Lorraine Gibbons, Jeanne Lautier, Betty Atwill, Mary Mary' Ann 0'C0mH-211 Lou Smith. Rosemary Heffron. Back row: Clare Goss, Kathleen McGlincy.' Mary S6Cf0fClTy O'C0nnell, Mary Ann Wightman. Page .Seventy-eiglzt Kappa Fashion Show. Party Time. CHI SORORIlY pledges at the Santa Ynez Inn, the Christmas party, a closed weekend at Balboa, formal initiation of new members, and an alumnae luncheon held at the Fox Hills Country Club. As an organization of young Catholic women, Kappa 1 n in DeltaiChi attended Holy Mass and received Commun o a body on several occasions. Christmas boxes for underprivileged children were pre- pared at the annual Christmas Party. Thus working, praying, ' ' fruitful and having fun together gave Kappa Delta Chi a and enjoyable year. Kappais present pledges: Sherilyn Florence. Mary Virginia Hayes, F Burnham. Grace Weber. Carlina Smith, Mary rances Kappa Space Party. Members entertain pledges. Page Severity-fzine 1 V -L I' F V A L ' 1 . O KA V L ll ll Ill' A L F In ,, , .ll ACTIVITIES Spiritual Intellectu I I Social I rf' In ilIIll'Il --u un ll'l'1l In-lmv f1t'IlLllt inn ll 's ml Ll t'un1n1ittm- for siilm-i'siw tu-lixilim-s during tlrt-1-n llicdt Wieck t fy 'x 'v ,JW-. 'MY All Classcs gatiivr-in Bm-vi for Big-Little Sister box lnnr-I1 party. Freshme-n vnact skit. "Kisses for Fatlieifl for Froslu Frolirs. ' 4- Charrt-d hot dogs. sand. and songs around tlw fore A 4555 . - ,. . -. xy"'i', were orders ot the dav for the twig-Little' Slslf-I J av t - gm? Beach Party. 'iii NA' .Il 'J' 1 i . . . kc: 1 vig, 1'I't'SilIlll'll are capped for the first time lmy Host-- 1537 'Sf marv tfzlllc-2611 student twodv prvsidenl. wr- ta!--gt, ' K ' 'VI 'F' - i inw- ,, ,, . ,, , ,,,, ,gxhl J mf L, K P ns. rXnolln-r acl-ne funn "'llwPll'tl1 Niglx J . 4 Q fl ,E , 21 x ,, l X V, Fall Fantasy" sponsored by the ,lunior Class is the om- annual "on campus" formal. .1l,. : Tom Acler and l'll'lll'SllllQ liarlon sl ll in Nlasrlllm-ins flramalir- proclur-lion 7 S "- ,-f vm X f I 1 ,Av if' m 4 . , -'. 1, ' LJ ey., Y., f Q nf WDW' 1 7? Jlflligl .sm!J'lIli1mif..g lsulu-I Gum-n presmnls a prize In u fll'llt'SUllll' winner al Ilw supllnnlcwe l'lElllUXN'Cll parly. Mount Students Congratulale the newly capped nurses Couples enjoy themselves at the Tri Sorority Ball sponsored by the three sororities. is ll 1 1 'I " 5'3?,,H A i Hog..- 1,14 f , , in Joby, WHA president, explains the functions of the or- ganization to a freshman during club orientation day. Sandy Stevenson reports to a disc-usfion group at YCS Study Day. lVlounl Students host high School seniors during tht formal tea. Freshmen perform for their families and friends during Family Night. I f ' x is Page Ezglzfy-six lflt-Clecl to Whois Vllllu in AIIll'l'll'Elll Colleges are lloseinary Czuleger. Shirley Burke. Elisa Luna llaglgyazini Cainphell. Anne l"r:1nc'es Russell. ana Nlanrven Fox lnol in pic-tnret. The SWES-Sutlalily toy tlrixm- l1lt1lit'F a happy tlliriftiiias pofsiltle fm' many lllNlt'l'IJl'lYllt'Qf'll Chil- ilu-n. The Home Bc Cluh entcrtaim-cl the Immaculate Heart Home Fc Clnh at a Christmas party. Mary juan Storm. Kathleen Higgins. and Joanne Schott light the Advent Wreath for the Senior panel. i I v X - J .Nfl 9 L KR. is if .V ,ap N. Boarders banquet at their Christmas party. Cra1'gi.s Uvlij-I'-El'XI8blill6 HiiI'UJIl, pc-1'for1ning in u flramatir' sr-f-ne from the Niounll- fall pmflilr-limi. Craig. Tom Acier. and his aunt. Carol liamaker. exchange gossip as the maid and housekeeper c-atr-li snatehes from their Conversation. Couples enjoy themselves al the lloarflm-1' Slay Dance. Boarciers Carol hy Candlelight. mf? fs' 4,1 Mx , -l-.M ., , Igldwfffff rg Xtdibff s lb' 4' 0 A Q4 404 , pl' A . 4, 'I 4 ,ft ge ,O it ' 9' , z 4' '- 4 9 Z' f .00 ff ug gal- 'i It it I Jeanne Wilhelm. ,lane llramler and Sharon Mack Inoclel for the fashion show at the Mount Tea. Joella Allen. Anne Fratiet-s Russell. anfl Joyce Mazzarelli uork on pultlicity for the WHA Hayrifle. Couples pause from dancing for entertainment at tlie Soclzllity Ball. Mount students walcli Cluli presidents being wlieelerl arouncl the Circle in a rar-e for flonations to tlu- llc-cl Cross. The Cuban delegation. represented hy Mount St. Maryis girls at the Model U.N. held at UCLA. Caucus to decide OH 3. VOIC. Peggy Coates and Robin Boldenweck advertise the Cherry Blossom Ball. A good time was had hy all at the Cherry Blossom Ball sponsored by the Sophomores. ? WVU Page Eighty-nine A f l 1 ' l l 4 e Q4 ' f age fV'1'1zc'I,1' Ill ,as- 5. '31-1-Eg l si' w N, X?- "Madam Butterfly". a scene from the Opera Work- shop. preSented by the Music Club. SENIOR ENGAGED GIRLS First row: Peggyann Campbell. Pat Carroll. Rose- mary Czuleger. Anne Freese. Joella Allen. Second row: Kathleen Higgins. Mary Frances Ross. Mary Holland. Third row: Anne Park. Helen Mclfachen. Robby Wvalsli. Sodalists enroute to the Marian Year Pilgrimage. Ann Freese. Richard Holland. Bob French and Celeste Gordeau prepare materials and a panel dis- cussion on family life. Prospective teachers. Robin Boldenweck. Mary Lou Crede. Mary Heimann. and Jude Longshore. pre- pare an art bulletin board. Mounties mingle socially with students from neigh- boring colleges at one of the lVlount's many slag dances. Merchantis daughter visits imprisoned Roman soldier in scene from Mount Spring play. Love purchased at the price of treachery in "Barter.i' .A-A I an l 3 2 K I Marion Reaume. Editor THE 1954 MOUNT Joyce Mazzarelli. Photography Editor Marion Reaume, Editor Eileen Hainley, Business Manager Ann Freese, Associate Editor Mary Holland, Copy Editor Checking copy for rewrite are Marilyn Lochen, Pat Quinn, Mary Holland. Shirley Corcoran. fseatedj Kay Daly, Ann Freese. and Pat Michelmore. Page Ninety-two .1 - X, Mickey Castagnola and Bohby Walsh compare sales re- ceipts while Jeannette Cualano. Eileen Hainley and Helen Looking over sketches for the cover design and division pages are Isaliiel Cowan. Marion Reaume and Ixay lxemp. McEachen lay out the advertising pages. and list the social patrons. EDITOR ..... ..... . MARION REAUME .ASSOCIATE EDITOR . . ANN FREESE BUSINESS MANAGER .......... EILEEN HAINLEY CIRCULATIOIY: Bolihy Vlialsh ADVERTISING: Jeannette Gualano. Mickey Castagnola PATRONS: Helen McEachen. Gloria Francis COPY EDITOR ......... . . . MARY HOLLAND STAFF: Ann Freese. Pat Michelmore. Pat Quinn TYPISTS: Connie Markel. Shirley Corcoran. Kay Daly. Marilyn Lochen PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR ........ JOYCE MAZZARELLI STAI-'I': Elise Kercklioff. Justine VVeiher. Joanne Schott PHOTOGRAPHERS: Mary Joan Storm. Joan Muckenthaler ART STAFF: MARION REAUME, ISABEL CowAN. KAY KEMP, :ANGELA ROSTLER ACKNUWLEDGIEME IS We of the staff would like to thank those who have helped us in any way: Robert Mehl and Vince Newcomer, Metropolitan Engravers, Ltd.: John Bugel, Murray and Gee, Inc.: and particularly: John Thomas of The S. K. Smith Co.: and Randolph Fisher, Photography. Examining proofs are tstandingl: Joanne Schott. Joyce Mazzarelli. Elise Kerckhoff. Seated: Mary Joan Storm. Joan Muckenthaler. and Justine Weiher. Page Ninety-three 'J-. ,A 4 un., n xl' U,- G-. v . 5 Q 5' , 0 . .' I . ,psi .' ij .-F" In 5' A . V, x . W 'Q .L ' , 5 ,.'.X'A 1 V , f v .D dv 1, V fi' A Q' 1.1. Q ,4 5 , I. ,-so .+ 1, . . r 1 Y wx X fl, - nfs 5-s ' C' 4' , X X I . r X 'I -J ' 4 F' '.' 'I 'A' a x if ,Y .xx 11' ' Af 5, Lx -A ., Dv' 1 ug ' Y' J' an A 'K ' If . 1 v, if , 3.4 1 f Y vs 'U i 215, Q ' , , r x 2 , ,, ,731 ' ' f " 4 ' Q' V , - ' f ' .. I -- 3 ,uf J -A qt 1 P f f f , W5 i , O' , 'x ,- 4, V il - un , I' . I 1 v , sf V , 4 II, yy ,, I ' ' . W. 4, ,jpg ' :- 'Z gn 'WD lt., V, . .X 1 Yilu- A A L '34 ' s': ' ' , f s 4 ' . V fl" . ' f . ., X ' ' I - , tulgjlfl ,I 1 4' A " . ' . XFYLJT' , , . A . A. ,Q A 2. X if' yt - I ' F K xxx,k3.,.f . K if T X., A ' , " 1' x I we .-1 ' w ' . If 7 ,. ' 1 fmt' , I ' 1 MD. A , 2 f Q ,W , -W x,'- f i - I ,Q YW X ' Q I 'I Z - . V A 4'5:4g-:,l4- . 'IA Vx. are if - X .. M Q V ' 1'-Hi A g A C, 'SA . e A ,V fp 3 . ,,, 1 7' A 'hug 'f f if ' Q . 1, . .fb , S , ! ' , 1 L f I 15"-1 K 2' 1- 5 , . A 1 gag I wr ,P I 2 tg.. A 45, ff w , ' Mi' .JH 1 f mf vw ex PATRUNS and ADVERTISERS M' ,IF 9 N sift P5 F 4 I -.-...,,,...., ,, W , ----..-.,, .......,?,, M ww-Q M. . 'h'v'-u----Q... ---.....,,.,. -----.. A-4.......A,,,,,M W sf 14. '-Qi, 'A-Q 1' 'Hs 9 SUCI l P TRU S Mr. and Mrs. John N. Bigelow Mr. and Mrs. Ira S. Brandei- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carmody Mr. and Mrs. John L. Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Charles Czuleger and Family Mr. Joe P. Fontes, Jr. Freshmen Class Gamma Sigma Phi Sorority Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Courdeau Judge and Mrs. F. F. Cualano Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Hainley Mr. George A. Hardwick Mr. John Healey Junior Class Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Jones Mr. Angus D. McEachen Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. David J. Ormond Mr. and Mrs. Edward Reaume ' Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Russell and Family Mrs. W. T. Sanders Senior Class Ski Club Miss Dorothy Dudley Smale Sophomore Class Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Weber Mr. and Mrs. Emil C. Wick Page .Ninety-seven PREFERRED BY PROFESSIONALS THE WORLD OVER . RICO REEDS . . Rico Plasticover Reeds Gregory Master Brand Mouthpiece Gregory Diamond Brand Mouthpiece Sof Pegs-for Clarinet and Oboe or Flute I5'I7 Flower Street FISHER LUMBER COMPANY Established Since 7923 'l60'l - 'I4TH STREET SANTA MONICA EXbrook 5-0956 14rH' STREET 8. coLoRADo RICO PRODUCTS Glendale I, Calif. Residence Business ORchard 8-5863 ORchard 7-9222 WEBER DRILLING COMPANY Specializing In Small Part Drilling 655 E. Hyde Park Blvd. GEORGE A. WEBER Inglewood, California BYRON WOODLEY'S FIRESTON E TIRES 0 BATTERIES 0 ACCESSORIES DEALER SHELL PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Service Is My Business C. H. "MONTE" MONTAGUE Store Manager I348 PICO BOULEVARD SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA EX. 9-5292 EX. 6-3244 Page N1'r1ff'1'-fight Congrafufafionri fo Me 64445 of 7954 Edward Reaunae + Charles Davis Commercial Casting Company En ineerin Dimkion 3 3 8855 San1'a Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, California We are proud to say that many of Mount Saint Mary's best dressed co-eds are "Campbell Clad" 4TH and SANTA MONICA BLVD. W0MEN'5 SHOP SANTA MONICA AR-JAY STORES 100 East Broadway Tucson, Arizona Something New Has Been Added! Breakfast .... Lunch or a really EXCELLENT DINNER GI' ENGEL BROTHERS RESTAURANT Sunset and Barrington, Brentwood Village Phone: ARizona 8-2102 Los Angeles 49, Calif Greetings from WESTERN SURGICAL SUPPLY L COMPANY 653-667 South Burlington Avenue Los Angeles 57, California DUnkirk 8-1291 VILLAGE BOOK STORE IN WESTWOOD VILLAGE BOOKS-TYPEWRITERS SPECIAL STUDENT RATES ON RENTAL TYPEWRITERS 940 Broxton Ave. Los Angeles 24, Calif. ARizona 9-2749 GLANVlLLE'S MARKET 1025 California Avenue Santa Monica, California J. A. McNEIL COMPANY. INC. General Contractors CAMPUS CLEANERS One Day Service For fast economical service leave your dry cleaning in the laundry room. 0 Pick-ups will be on Tuesday and delivery on Friday 0 FINER DRY CLEANING 0 ALTERATIONS 3115 West Mission Road --You can safely trust us on your finer clothes for hand pressing- Alhambra, California 10936 Weyburn Ave. Westwood Village 24, Calif. ARizona 8-8724 Page One Hundrvd BORROMEO GUILD 674 West 23rd Street los Angeles, California PRospect 5139 CAM PBELL'S BOOK STORE BOOKSELLERS and STATIONERS 10918 Le Conte Avenue in Westwood Village los Angeles 24, California ARizona 7-1291 EMERALD RELIGIOUS SUPPLY 817 Wilshire Boulevard Santa Monica, California EXbrook 4-1740 MADONNA HOUSE Reuolous ARTICLES-Booxs-GREETING cARDs 10115 W. Washington Blvd. Culver City, Calif. . VErmont 9-6318 BRENTWOOD SHOPS TOYS 0 GAMES 0 VARIETIES D NOTIONS GREETING CARDS o lldlcv Est. 1929 Sales and Service of Scientific Instruments Distributors Zeiss Leitz Spencer Voland Etc. los Angeles Scientific Instrument Co. 2451 Riverside Drive Cat Fletcheri Los Angeles 39, California Phone: NOrmandy 2-2128 133 Barrington Place Los Angeles 49, Calif. Next to Barrington Post Office ARizona 9-5712 -ARizona 9-6867 0lfl'l,9 U'l'lel'l 5 0 CL l"lel'l Page One Hundred One if x ' 3 'isbn Q 'ima . A fqfda. gif wt AUTDGRAPHS AUTUGRAPHS rr" 5 1 I I it if f I .,. ' X . . f , Q45 .V V t PQ? i f , L V 5 I u a .ga L 1 ul 4 .Y Q4 4 4 +14 ff A QV fuisi sv-QQ fsv '4+ xv"fvI l- P P 5 - ' Q 5. P ml ,g K2!b'k'ALi:4Ei3qfBAe'Aa:eQ"'A A,-J5A":'4. ' ! iiSQ1QQ.iY'l1 ' Y ',VYYii"7-V1 'vv1 E5f'i7'7N 3 I 3 - ur ll aunts W W IIIIIIII ' manual. uamxav gum fogx IA C l"'l"'r1 ' T W X '11 U 1 I 1 Y is .-D XS R N Q ,I ,1f'....1 .... ll' ' I l n 1 N. Qfgxg I - l"' l"l"l""p ... f- r-Pr' 1-P XS X fi i 11 W-nlig QCA. i 2 ' XX ill. 12 1 galil Bing 4-rf.. j u I 7 .1 f. .0 l ! f ' I 11-1-nl-D """"""""""""' I' P S.--,-,, !D 'Hl llli f 0 F? A .Lg-pllllllllgl ll ll ll ll ll ll ll u u , W U 2 Er , M E1 lf I lg I lyA.....'L':...".'!...1t u --- 4- r it Q-2, I? 55 52, n mm

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