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L W - , ,I .W ,dy 2, X I -Aa my 1 4 w +q T5.ffjI,gwfQ, If A 10: f - ' -, 6373 , - - VLQMAx3EuE N. Q -fx 5' X- X . 1 - 4, Y +,,v'Txwf-. 1, v Q S 2 'dll A x I QQ 'wi f ' .X M , X is' 'x Q3 xxm , xk X mAE x Xrkwb wit 'Q fx' .xi-2 qw 1 . Q 'C -XA x W . K 2-Q -if yx 1, f x :Q v: ug -Mfg , ' XX RQ K ' A N ' X -X , ,. . X ,W if , , I z g X E g. I AIMS . X Y' M X A X 5'Nxc1i . x- ' . :gf-x ' Xi: 9 NM' X.-3 -L., 4 12:45 Eg K "" W, ,. .S . as y xi , , R ,M In ,b,.3,,.,-r W N amz, X K 'J , fra.-gg" Q ..""" , W.. , ,gffgfff 'lwww ' .f x. .ww -W '- . ., f - 1 YQ. 'K , 1 9: 4 , 'gym " " f'q,1f'!" Aivgg, 43' Y: 5 . fi ,, fgrff -. LW'- ' x 'ZX ww- ,- W .WWIV Mew' ' ,gm 5 A we-will f AQ mmx'U:', A . fk., .- .nf f V ,N .mga -,QQ A aa-A vga., 1 M K , . I X . lg XS - , x K. ' ,er Q2-S' ANG5fQfNi The Mount 1953 Deus Illuminoltio Med God, My Light Qs O' to ' Q A 65,5 390 Qs? W5 Z? QQ QQF' Q 66465 QESWQ The Mount 1953 rlh LX ual Publication of t A td Students of M tS tM y C ll LA l40Qlf u '44 ' , w up -P 1'-V ., -f , ,'yj7.:A I lx- ,nf ' .1 , ,ef .U U-1,1 'K 'iw-X .I W VM . , . Ns- - . n 1 1 I 1 5 n r E w A , , Q 3 ifigwdn ff. E A ,ffl X -a,,.- 'ky' ,H nfl ' ff: QC, 5 ph My 1291. - M,,,gRf'--. M, S -Nz :J XE, 'f . Q 5. - 'SX fghg ,X , 4 " -X A x -54" ,pm ' l V -vp , - ' 55' " .Qlxisf-I ' W 'l' ' '- cur? 3 . -QA. - - xg "' ., .. I Ai- x ' X 4' A Q x ' Q -fs., ,. V -'i -wx . 'N 1. X I ,. . o Dedication '4VVe, the graduating class of nineteen hundred fifty-three, dedicate this annual to the spirit of the Mount." A dedication is intended for the object of one's highest esteem and affection. To choose among understanding parents, patient teachers. and close friends, all of whom have won our esteem and affection, is far too diflicult a task. So we turn instead to an abstract factor, intangible but all-encompassing: the spirit of Mount Saint Mary's, the breath of college life. W7e knew it in the chapel, when row on row of girls gowned just as we were, joined in prayer that the world might become as Christian a community as we have formed here. lVe knew it in the classroom. where minds searching for the same truth as we, met and grappled with ideas seemingly unrelated, yet all integrated in the theology and philosophy of God's true Church. YVe found it in the lounge and the patio, at the pool and on the sun deck, when quiet conversation formed a friendship known only where beliefs and ideals, even in fun, are alike. In saluting this spirit, born of unity, we do not neglect our parents, nor our teachers, nor our friends. For it is they who have helped us to create it. And while we knelt together in prayer, drew wisdom from the world's great books, or hurried to vote in a student election, we were all the while implicitly thanking them. lVe are proud and grateful for the beauty of the spirit that greeted us here, bound us together, and will follow and sustain us when college days are ended. Page Fi , . algv S lx 4 Sf is .mga .E -' f ,wk ""' On .january 12. 1953. His Erninvncc .Iaiilvs Francis Cardinal MC'IIltf'Yl' was clcvatcd to thc Savrvd College of Cardinals by His Holincss. Pope' Pius XII. The studvnts of Los Angvlvs ik-lt vsp:-cial joy at this honor to our be- lovvd Archbishop, who has dont- so much for thc causc of Catholic 1-duration. The studcnts of Blount St. iN1:1ry's Col- lvgm- oil!-r siiircir congratulations to His Eininvnce thc Cardinal, with thi- proniisv of carnvst prayvrs for siivu-ss in his high and sacrvd ofhvc. Q y J, ij. X .Z I'JX ARCHDIOCESE OF LOS ANGELES 1531 WEST NINTH STREET 1 55.313 Los ANGELES 15, CALIFORNIA 1 DUnkirk s-a1o1 February Eleventh 1 9 5 5 MOUNT ST. MARY'S COLLEGE L y "THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE RULES THE WORLD" This is an old and true expression. Thus if the i hand that rocks the cradle is well trained in the I basic principles of right living under God, and T cultured in the abiding conventions of Christian civilization, we may expect the world of the future to retain the blessings that have been so bountiful upon our United States. i As the students of' Mount St. Mary's College will 1 be rocking the cradle of future generations and imparting to them the love of God and His Blessed 1 Mother, we may be assured that their contribution to 1 our Country will be of the greatest value. .fzaaq Zu! After four years of saying Holy Mass, dropping "plum- pcnchvtdarsf' ancl opening tus xnysuwious left uqn desk drawer to delighted students. Rm-vvrvnd .IEIIIIVS CTR:-illy has bCCOlNC a spimtuaL uvadrnlhg and very poptdar Hfathef' to Nlount Saint Mary's. The senior flass, who arrivvd with ourvhapkunzw hednnvn,hvn-pay Hunncto hm hm1KHy Charnk hm mum-and panrntvounm1,nnd hm pnutur,dnv by day. of tht- print-iplcs of Christian nmmlity. MOUNT SAINT MARY'S COLLEGE OFFICE OF THE CHAPLAIN Dear Graduates, The sunlight breaking through the mists of the morning, bringing into view the hillsides and gardens the streets and homesteads of the city below, ravishes the eye and makes the heart stand tiptoe with delight. The pleasure of beholding this sight was often yours at Mount St. Mary's in the years now happily ending. Of a deeper kind and a greater in- tensity is the experience of the scholar who sees the complexities of nature and the confusion of human affairs resolved into order and harmony under the penetrating light of reasoned principles. This too, we feel, was given to you to behold more than once from the vantage point of the arts and sciences. But far transcending both of these in its power to fill the soul, is the vision unfolded as the light of faith rises upon the mystery of human destiny, lays bare the City of God, and illumines pathways that reach from earth to heaven. This above all, we dare hope, was not denied you. Years may pass before you open this book again, and turning through these pages, awaken the memory of days that are already slipping into the shadows. Perhaps your lot may then be cast in surroundings less beautiful. The cares and the confusion of life may long since have obscured the clear vision of the scholar, and lessened your interest in the quest for knowledge. Yet still may the light of your faith shine more brightly, and the fire of your love for God burn ever more fervently. God grant that you may always return to these pages in the happy conscious- ness that you have been true to the promise of this day. This is the earnest prayer of your teachers and fellow-students and of one who begs to remain Yours devotedly in Christ, Father O'Reilly IJKIIQI' Efglll MOUNT SAINT MARY'S COLLEGE 12001 CHALON ROAD Los ANGELES 49, CALIFORNIA Dear Seniors, Four years at the Mount have come to an end for you. During these years God has offered you many special gifts: gifts of grace for your supernatural life, gifts of guidance and enrichment for your intellect, gifts of peace and strength for your will. Through your sincerity in living up to the Mount's Hschool spiritu you have truly taken advantage of many of these gifts. May the holy and happy things which have been given you during these years take deep root and flourish in you during all the years to come. And may you carry the spirit of the Mount, the spirit of Christ's peace and faithfulness, into all the paths that the future may open up for you. We hope, too, that in the years to come you will keep close to your college in order that you may continue to receive good things from her, and also that you may help to pass on to the new generations the true spirit of Mount St. Mary s. Sister Agnes Marie, President Sister Rose de Lima, Dean FHCMZQI Lift Executive Officers Mother Rosemary f Hm1fn'z11,r Pnw1'rle11f Sister Nlary Eleanorff Twmzzrrr Mother INIargaret NIa1'yf-Previdezzt Errzwitzzx Sister M2ll'Y' Genevieve e ,-lmvfzzrzl Tru: in 1 Mother Agnes NIarie f Prerirlenl Sister Catherine Anita - Y' IJI.I7l'f1I'IIfIll Sister Rose de Lima I- Dean Sister Mary Vivian A Ai.s1Rfz111t Ijlzmfuzn Sister Rose Gertrude -Dem: of Re.sin'c11t Stzldenfi Carolyn Addison ee- :I.tx1'ifar1f L.Il1I1'fI.'-Il Sister INfIary Teresa ef Reg1'xf1f11' Nfary Baynes' fylllllflllltf' 191.117 fm Faculty A RT Sr. Marv Ignatia Nina Shepherd BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Sr. Gertrude joseph Sr. Mary Gerald CLASSICAL LANGUAGES Sr. Mary Dolorosa Sr. Mary Germaine EDUCATION Sr. Mary Hortensia Sr. Mercia Louise Sr. Rose de Lima Frances Sweeney ENGLISH AND SPEECH Sr. Marie de Lourdes Sr. Mary Laurentia Sr. Mary Patricia Wakefield Everett Frank Hanley Oren Stein HOME ECONOMICS Sr. Mary Nfarguerite Eleanor B. Kowalewsky MATHEMATICS Sr. Rose Gertrude Rev. James O'ReilIy MODERN LANGUAGES Sr. Eloise 'Iiherese Sr. Aline Marie Alary Valis Rejlek IXIUSIC Sr. Mary Celestine Sr. Mary Timothy Rev. John Creniins Frederick Hagedorn Gloria Chadwick XA'iIl Garroway Eddison von Ottenfeld NURSING Sr. Mary Rebecca, R.N. Sr. john Bernard, R.N., P.H.N. Sr. Mary Arthur, R.N., P.H.N. Dolores Milton, R.N. Elizabeth Hornick. R.N., P.H.N. DE PA RTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION Verv Rev. Nisgr. Anthony yl. Bmtm i U ' Right Rev. Msgr. Patrick D1 nan Rev. joseph Sharpe Rev. james O'Reilly Rev. W'ilson Aldridge. Rev. Patrick Roche Rev. -john Creniins Rev. Joseph YVeyer PHYSICAL EDUCATION Gloria Ragus NM-hster PHYSICAL SCIENCES Sr. Alice INIarie Sr. Rose Gertrude Rev. james O'Reilly Sarkis H. Kalfayan SOCIAL SCIENCES Right Rev. Msgr. Patrick Sr. Agnes Bernard Sr. john Margaret Sr. Regina joseph Sr. St. Francis Sr. Mary Brigid Bernard Bierman Ethel Keithley Dignan Page ,Vi ne .IS f"'N Graduate! Page Tzaflz Senio , ec-rs are Sl seo- A ' r Class olli , . 1 Doroth treasurer. . 'uf-. ,, "0-3iv""' All ,,.,1"'7"d WQm,,,,.,.f-s wMwA,w,,.--.Jw fs--2-vl""" aff' .f-"N ..--""" is-N" ,.,,.'-'N' ,M-f+"""q" .,- A ,.f'f""'A , ..--f f' M,,f""" , WW. ,,..- . ,wr W., A..-f ""' F ,V-., ..,-f-,N-""'4"F ,,w"" 4 u,,..-w-'f' ,M.,..,W,. 0-A-"""" bv, t . ' , f M? 8 73' s The Senior Clam "To lllount Sain! llrlnryft aw will .sing a song. A Yong of loyalfj' .... H fha' , ave sung the-ir loyal song' for four years: not just aloud at assemblies. hut in thi- chapel, in classes, and through every extra-Curricular activity that spread the Mount'S fame "from the hills. to the seas. to the islands ht-yondf' Green VVc'ek was its hilarious best under their authority. Senior privileges were respectedg through them the lower Classrnen learned loyalty to Mount traditions. True to high college standards, Seniors studied long hours to achieve thc acaderniv standing needed for graduation. Class spirit was the deeper joy that lay ht-hind the fun of Senior partir-sg at a barbecue, watching tele-vision, or playing charades. This spirit was responsible, too, for the happy succw-sst-s of Night at flu' lllount and the Senior Fart-well Dance, Mai Poina Hula, Now, as the Class of '53 bestows its privileges to the -luniors. the reminder of duty lies in their watchful eyes, for earh Senior Class is the special guardian of loyalty and tradition. Their devotion at the annual Retreat and Revolleftion Day is just another reminder that the Seniors of 1953 will always pray that God's hlrssinjs may come even more abundantly . . . "From the .tltylv df-rp blue to the pzlrplw AIOunt."' Seniors h leila Sullivan It tary , Betty Cain, vice-president, Cho Rohv. president' 'nd y Smith Bach lor 0 Ar 1 ' -1 f t .. ,ti 31 Q 45 3 , gy 1 f 4? A A gy V i 214 If li f' Y tl f it tw? 5 it ,Q :- H that y sim Fran Pat Frances Benkq B A. Pdfmflkl Bollzg B. A. M0j0IJEfO710UZif5 Majozo : Englixh Minor: Buxiness Administration lllinor: Philosophy La junta, California Elrrnentary Crea'e'ntial , A Las Vegas, Nevada "Fran,' . . . Vzezu Contributor . . . Swes . . . International Language Club . . . "Pat" . . . junior Class seeretary . . . Mount plays . . . short hair and long In-fer N05 Contributor . . . Parnassians nails . . . appalled by abstract math . . . wise wit . . . silver dollars . . . An- . . . business talent . . . loves sports, napolis . . . Bugs Bunny grin . . dancing, and sharing her laughter. "0nly 3,-179 hours until vacation V' .ty-zaqa .Qw- Barbara Barbara Breen, B. A. Alajnr .' E!1Ill'llflfllI,Hl3f1PI"1',Ill1l'1 Alusiz' lilrrrzmzfary f,ll'Pl16"7lfifll Loi .4119-If-l, Czzlifornifl "Barb" . . . Tri-Rho . . . Intl-mational Languagn- Cluh . . . swim shows . . . Thr Crmlt llvtlflfll Tlirafn' . . . rr-Cllivacl with gm umoopc-rativc tau . . . Alfrcd XYallu-uste-in fan . . . datvs from all ova-1' thf- world . . . tvrsv. typical "oh well." "Wai .0 'QV '---. w' "-w....,-I' . Betty Elzkabetb Cain, B. A. Alajor: Sofia! Welfare Illinnr: Psyrhology Loi Angelex, Califomirz "Bcity" . . . senior class vicv-prcsidcnt . . . l'ivzv fcaturc- Cclitor . . . Swcs . . . NSA . . . illounf advcrtising vclitor . . . cmbarrassingly awuratc sense of humor . . . south of thc hoardm' drvams . . . "l'Vliat's your p1'oblc'm?,, ,a""51'!' 5-bf I X F ' l , 5 ,X gg X ' Sin ai V J... '. "B - c 1 s Z, r r N . SX vskwk kk f ,A w I . Asia .N,,.i,, ' - F 3 of F. V i KL A . . ' tv, -I T ., j !77f,:':f,. ' Patty Patrzkia Catabfnq B. A. lWajnr:Hon1e ElUIll7l7liL'.Y Mirz01'.'Plzil0.s'f1phjf Glendale, Califorrzin "Patty" . . . Gamma Sigma Phi hon- orary , . . NFCCS . . . homv vconomics fashion shows . . . hoardcr council . . . lcgacy from thc class of '52 . . . San Fr1mrisc'o trips . . . "l,ct's go to Tony's for pizza F" Ana Ana Mdflkl Com, B. A. Major : French and Sjianiih Minor'.' Buriness A llllllillijffflllllll Envennda, Me,xAia'o Prcsidcnt of thc Intcrnational Lan- guage Club . . . Pi Delta Phi . . . Alpha Mu Gamma . . . a Nhlithe spirit" . . . ventures on a km-yhoard . . . Hashing Cyes, dancing fr-vt . . . sports fan . . . wants to sc-e the world. flats! srmsf-wwf? -Q 'N gl' 9 Mary Lou f Mag Louzke Cnfiiol B. A. 1P1l1j0V.'EflllIllffUll, Enlgliilz, ann' Hixtmy Wanna, Clll1ifOf7lill "Mz11'y Lou" . . . NSA rn-gional su'- rvtary . . , Tri-Rho . . . International Language Cluh . . . tall g1'ac'r-ful hlondc' . . . fast, furious 1'0r1'cspo1iClc'm'eA hetwvvn tht- Blount and Occansidc . . . two trips to Europa: Human Bez f B6V6'l"67 Czmg B. A. Alajor: Frerzrh and Sofia! Sflflllxt' L05 Arzgelei, Cnlifarriia "Bev" . . . Eusvhian historian . . . Pi Dclta Phi . . . Alpha Mu Gamma . . . lntvrnational Languagm- Cluh . . . Thr' Great Ifl'0rIa' Tlzralwa fa-ature . . . pro- fessional hallvt . . . longest hair. fvwvst ya-ars, in tha' vlass. ww .al""f WNW 0,44..,..M-+ Dzkme D MHOMIQ BA. Mampat D01111!bs11g B. A. 11111111 5 Enxqlislz AI11j111': EllAQIf.Xll 117111 S111 1111 S1'z'1f111'1' ,U111111 5 B111't1'111'1l1'1g,1' 111111 I'l11I11x11j1l1,J' Cft'Il6'I'llZ Se'1A11111I111y C.'1r1l1'11t111l N'1111t11 Iglllblilll. C11I1'f11111111 S1111A1HIf7Z0,filllififlllill NSA clvlvgutn' amd Il'Qit1ll.ll t1L'3sL11'c1' Sodgility t'ilIiil'lN21Il . . . P:11'1igissi11li:' . . . . . . Ciginiinu Sigma Phi p1'1widc'nt . . . Eusvbians . . . l'11'11' :stuff . . . 111111 .iltlllllff1S9Ul'ifltl'1'ditUI '... Il'l111'.i Il'l111 Nm . . . Aquinas Sofia,-ty . . . si-niol' 111 iilllfllrf 1111 C'11ll1'g1w . . . studrnt body l302lI'dL'1' . . . givm-rsimi to assi-inblics . . . llXt'2lSllll'l '... Eilmpe-4111 jgiunts . . ifxpvrt vssziyist . . "Li-t's go su- my trim-s mint to frowii , . . "l'g1isg1ii Y" zmimgilsf' U1 ., , V ---9. L 5, Q-vm'--ff'--Ref-+ - 1 - 1. ,J ., ' -R QL ' ' M . xx - 1, X 1 ' fs 1-1 J . .' "L X f 1 ',,. ' iff! . , I . - x I - wh My 1" ON ' 'M , f fi W' , , - p 161716 ' 1,1 1, 1 1 11,11 A "-. , . .. ,,,, wr' . . ' . 1 K K , I ' 2 , - :A N 1 V 0 X fm, 1 4 I If W , , 45: fffij QL 21 1 l A 1 wif ,, 1 fif if' 25131 . ,1 ,A1,.vgv, M 'S-. 1 Q , V L ,,.1 , 2- , .1 .3 . '4'-,,Qfff'fQ ' ' .1 X Mampat Pzzugr .S'1',x'11 1 VI M155 Mary Vz'1'ginzk1D0ylfg BA. 1U1zj111.' E1'11111v111111i 11111101 S Bzuizzfii :l11111111ixt1'11t1011 L05 .-i11gel1',x, Cvllliflll 11111 "NIa1'y Vu-', . . . Gamma Sigma Phi sQc'1'ctz11'y . . . Sm-5 . . . IIItCliIllitiOIlili Lziiiguzigc Club . . . Ivjtfl' columnixt . . . pizza partivs supn-im' . . . rcliublm- md- In-ad . . . "VVliz1t's your IllLijO1' malad- jizatiiie-1it2"' Mary Vee sd? we Elzkabetlo Dunmlgan, B. A. Ma-ior.'Educ1i,tion, English, and History Elementary Credential Los Angeles, California "Betty" . . . treasurer and vice-president of Tri-Rho . . . Parnassians . . . Euse- bians . . . NSA . . . enthusiastic over sixth grade, skiing, and May Company . . . Christmas rush at the post office . . "Don't get excited ln u "' M inerva Fiorentimg B. A. Major: Sorial Welfare Minor.'Eronon1if.s L05 Angeles, California "Minnie" . . . Chairman of Swes in- terracial and settlement committees . . . Sodality . . . generous with time and sympathy . . . wicked laugh rising from Callie's room . . . "discussions" with Doctor Bierman . . . studies in the stacks. xt ,i St s K "' , Q. ss is ,- M innzlfe Monika Gomell BA. ilflajor: Sofial Welfare Illinois : Psychology Los A ngeles, California "Moni, '... Swes vice-president and chairman . . . model UN delegate . . . lllount advertising editor '... Vivre feature editor . . . Gamma Sigma Phi . . . trying to hit one hundred pounds for graduation . . . "Well, I tell you . . fl "T l I 4 ,i T' 4 I , i w . j..f'.L I t ' M' i . L 5' vi- ! x 3 M0n1'ca BEIUI Page Sez'erzteerz I' gf. Mary Ann Green B. A. lllajor .' Frfnz h llflinor: English Lui .-ingrles, California .lluunt n-ditur . . . Tau Alpha Zuta . . . Pi Delta Phi . . . Ac'liit-vc-Incnt modal Frcnch Consulate- . . . swim show diix-ctois and star . . . Europe for tht- Holy Yvar . . . Sun Valley IllCIHOl'lt'i . . . yi-ai'-round tan . . . "Erdick." 5 il .f ..,,1'Fh, LL ,."4 . Iidtv' IIT v "4,, ,v 5 '. JA" ' 44., ' -- .f 9. ,A-, , N gi. .,, x -4... . Arn v - ' p 1 L" I 1 - if fi w- fn . 1. 1'-1" Mary Ann Bain fl' 'dl .dl ,i Nangz Herlfuveauag B. A. llIaj0r.'F1enfh fllinnr: Spanish PhO67IlX',AI'lQ07Il1 "Didi' '... Kappa Dm-lta Chi vico- prf-sidcnt and pri-sident . . . upper division representative at largv . . hoardvr Council . . . Pi Delta Phi . . . handbook editoi '... the "Kloset Kidn . . . inakvs an Anicrican hot dog with a Spanish bark. 1 A uw K ....f,,u, Nangz l 5. 1 4 X l Qi if 'Pity is I X , in an grail s E 77 N pix 4 gkkx-m lm is 5 Q A li QL rf, 3 ww lists' 'E , 3 1 M4-J? an i 4 ,..,,9-1-rig fackzkf facqueline Hernmnn, B. A. Nlajor: English Mir101'.'Phil0.s0phjf Elementary Credential Los A ngeles, California "jackie" . . . Tau Alpha Zcta . . . Tri-Rho . . . NSA . . . plcdgcs' tcrror . . . Madenioistlllm' Incrtian . . . lovt-S to "sack out" in Bolligls room . . . perpetual diets . . . C1-:port driver? . . of Class: "No ons' will miss invfl ..,.ww4l" N1 il 4 5 Ja, X V' X fn, L ..... ' K, WN Dom' Dorzk H zlggimg B. A. Maj01':S04iial Welfare Alinor: Eiiorlonlics Caliitoga. California "Unclc Fuddl' . . . hoardci' president . . Tau Alpha Zcta plcdgfc mistrcss . . . Swcs . . . Sodality class ivprcscnta- tivc . . . sophomorc vicc-president . . . white bucks . . . San Francisco accent . . . "Did you hcar what Jose did?" 3 1. W ,T xw Q! 5 A Q ! lg , t i f i it Sa!! A A . 4-'K V X , xxx ll 6 1 ,Tig .gg Roremmjf Rofemary fobmon, B. A. Nlaj01.'E11glisl1 1Wir1or.'Hi.xto1y Loi .-lrzgelm, Califmrziri "Row" . . . studcnt body pre-sidcnt . . . junior class pn-sidcnt . . . Tau Alpha Zcta . . . l'l'l10',f lfl'l1o in'An1f'1'1'ia11 Col- lcgvx . . . Parnassians, Euschians, and thc Sodality . . . takcoflis on Sopliic Tuckci . . . HIQIII so discoinhohulatt-d ll' Eileen Kvline B. A. Jllajof: Alatlzenzatifs Illinor: PlZll0SU1Jll'1'!l7IliPhjltffi Loi Aligelehs. Czzlifornia Parnawian presidcnt . . . ilfount copy cditoi' . . . Sodality chairman . . . Alpha Mu Gamma . . . parliaincntarian . . . l'1'1'zu columnist . . . delicate nccdlc- work, frantic cooking . . . Goobcr and hcr tall ownci' . . . "How about that?,' t N 3 Eileen lt.. , ,X 1 Ax 93 R' "Q 1. , N . A Ytrffe' Sf,- Y . we .. W ,Lf fee fr '59 A 335.gif ,L , 'K 1 I .. S1 fi ,,, wg . 'J . , 1 -. , ' 1 fs f ,Q- xa? ,Y s eff av Q . N A 'M 'W' . ., .Qi-521:62 , - ,,:-JI'aQf22"':--5::fi,'.. '2' ,Laf '-4 ,.,, .4 Ifatberino K nauf B. A. Eleanor Leavell B A. Camille Luw B. A. Alajor: Social l1'e'lfar6 Major: Chemistry Majo1': Chenzistry Avll'7ZOT.'l'ff0!l0fI1l.l'S ll11'rror'.'Matherr1atifi Minor: Philosophy Glendale, California .41hambra. California Phoenix, Arizona "Kay" . . . President of Swes . . . "Ellie" . . . Honorary Chemical Society 'Camel' '... president of the Honorary Inter-racial VYeek chairman . . . So- . . . Kappa Theta Mu . . . looks like Chemical Society . . . Kappa Theta dality . . . spirit personified . . . YCS a fashion model among test tubes and Mu . . . Sodality . . . reputation as a chairman . . . class quotes from hooks Bunsen burners . . . pursuit of culture gourmet . . . buzzes L.A. and environs everyone else should have read . . . via Greek civilization courses . . . sud- in her fast gray Chevvie . . . witty in her friendly "Boobl" den spurt of interest in Chicago. a quiet way. ,-. " . .B i if r Kay Ellzie Page Tzunzty Cldnflilk it l f rf' Z E Zane McCaffrey B. A. Susan McDonouglg B. A. Gabriela Marczbzcq, B. A. 1Uajor.'Sofial Welfare Major : Edzrratiorz, English, and History Alajor: Emrzorrziris Minor: Efonornim Elementary Crerlerztial Alinor : Buxinexr A rlrrzinistralinn Esforzdido, California Loy Angelm, California Parzanza Ci1y,Panarna "Lumen . . . bozrrder president . . . "Susiel' . . . Tri-Rho . . . Parnzissiuns "Gaby" . . . lnternutionrrl Language freshman Class president . . . Swes . . Eusebirms . . . Clever with words Club NOC'li1lCl'lHlI'IllllIl . . . Kappa Deltu ofliees . . .Tau Alpha Zeta . . ..Wl1o's . . . quiet wit . . . figure in fntiguvs, Chi . . . dzlneer in Thr' Great World Wllo in Arnvriran Collwgvx . . . "The whizzing down the hill on Ll motorcycle Tlzvatwr . . . swim shows . . . Loyola Cat" cartoons . . . on every entertain- . . . refreshing Candor . . . "lVell. what homeroming princess . . . grzru-ful and ment Committee for four years . . do you know?" dr-mure . . . l'IltI'llIlt'lIlfI Spanish neu-nt. "September Songl' . . . "luflly". Y. . ., . . ,,,. . L if f i? 'l 72 if ll i I f.: ' MT, . y Gaby Swan Ezqng Page Twenty-one 5 f , s j , ,!. l ig ZA' Mary Ewbm Mary Evehin Mezkhelhock, B. A. Jlflrzjm : Ezluultimi. Englilh. 111111 History EIFIIZPIZNII'-1' Credential Lui .47lgf'!t't,Cvl1lif07llll1 Tri-Rho . . . Parnassians . . . Euse- hians . . . animated hill of hooks . . . eatnaps on the bus . . . those chilly swimming classes . . . adventures in Brentwood . . . wonit talk about herself . . . "Did you hear Lucy last night?" M535 '.x Martha Martha Molterza, BA. ilflajor: Chernixtry !llinnr:lllathe1nntif5 Loi Angelet. California "Marty' '... Honorary Chemical So- ciety . . . Kappa Theta Mu . . . swim shows . . . Great World Theater dancer . . . sings songs with Ellie, among the test tubes . . . zeal for Converts . . . fires, brews, and scents: her major spe- eialty. 449' Wink mi my , 72.5 1 t if ..:. :.. Q '-r.- 552 . Bertha Bertha Munoz Na jafg BA. 1l1Hj07.'EC07l07I1ll'S flliTl0l'.'B1l5i7lF.Y5 Adnzinistmtion Lima, Peru International Language Club . . . Swes . . . authority on Peru . . . trav- el plans all over America . . . poise and friendliness . . . dark liquid eyes . . . happy disposition and quick wit. X Zllaribn Maribfn Munton, B. A. Major: Sofia! Welfare Minor: Eronomicx Inglewood, California Rod Cross Chairman and campus rop- resentativm' . . . Swes olhcel '... Gam- ma Sigma Phi . . . NFCCS and that San Francisco trip . . . wookend skiing at Big Bear . . . talent for slc-eping in vars . . . USO lunevcr again servicv- mvnlvj X SWS' -fi ' Q" so .s ,,, ' ,, 'S -:jf A bk. 1 X vxf. :'f' ' I7 :ef 7 Q . X Q wifi: gt Pal Patrzkza M urpbji B. A. 1ll11jor.'.Nursing Minor: Sorial Welfare Lol A rzgeley, California "Pat', . . . R.N .... graduate of St. Vinccntas vollvgc of nursing . . . mort' trouble with other peoplc"s Cars . . . watches a rvrtain bird-watCht'r . square-dancing twin- a week . . . twvnty-onv units, no sleep . . . "lt says hcrc . . . V Naizgi Nangi Neaafell B A. Alajol : Social lfflfare Mi11fr1'.' Psyvhology Loy Arzgelm. California Tau Alpha Zvta . . . Swvs . . . pvrvn- nial vonnnittec head . . . publifity fOI Night at thi' Mount . . . fast talker, good listclni-r . . . easy to locate: aslcvp or talking in Room 218 . . . "Lf-t's go to Engtls for cofl'cc." Myst ' W me 1 . , ., .gif Q. 1 , , f., . 1,-px QU,-,u,vg..-3,1 px. f eg, p 1 V.,4r.,,E 3.513 ,, 5-., qi. ,UST- f mr. :af t +V. rt: 4 -A at f iw - . .tw aiu ' li "A' V f .,,., Nc ' X P 1 fx by f Y 5 at 4 XX M xx . . . ' W3 te W... 4 . . .- f. f :ge mg X .M ' A 'fuk Q bf . W. as 'S th , .-I, Q-, . nib. 4 9 1 Q11 5.QifAv,v if If-Ep i ,, Y, --,Q gi x X .5 ,ef .Q A E . . .. Q Jil ,,ziW""Qf"Ya-H Callzbpe 017l6l1'l0JQ B. A. Dorzk Ouellezj B. A. Peggy .Uajm 5 Sm in! H'f'If111f' Il1Hj0f.'S0l'iII1 lllflflllt' .llirzmg lffmzuniiix 1l1inor.'Efonomi4'i Crzleriao, Califnlrzia Loi ,-lrzgelex, California "Cllllll'1 '.., publivity Clldllilllllll of tht- "Dork" '... Cgimmu Sigma Phi honor- Iiitn-rimtioiigil Luiiguugt- Club . . . NSA .try . . . Swm committctfs . . . Rvd Cross . . . Swvs . . . fzivoritv Coiifidamtt' of f"W'v want hloodlnl . . . thc' USO . . . llt'I' mzuiy frivnds . . . plum ll'2lVt'l in slt'1'plc:ss alumln-r pZ1l'tlt'S . . . c'vcryonc- Cirvu- . . writm-s ll dozt-n lvttvrs il is 'ikidn . . . m'vt'r seen without Marilyn. wr-ck . . always humming "Goody Goody." R f -41. nb.. Callzkf Dom! Margaret Parleimon, B A. MajzJ1.' Engliih 1l'Iinor:PhiI050phy La Clflllllllll, California "Peggy" . . . Drlmiu Club . . . Kappa Dclta Chi plcdgv niistress . . . chair- man of NFCCS 0Vt'I'Sl'LlS progrgim . . . ll toy H-lilSIl1lI1t',l in EZ'4'I"1',10d'j' Com lo Collvgi' . . . Parimssiuris . . . coi1w'i's1i- tion, tht' llIlt'XIJt't'It'Cl . . . "Sht- was jlut liz'fd."' A Q ,if S Helen Helen Pawling B. A. Major: Art Minor: Philosophy L05 Angeles, California Art Club . . . Music Club . . . posters for Loyola's El Playano . . . square dancing fan . . , and she cooks, too . . . a quiet radical . . . reads detective stories in the browsing room . . . "No, my car didn't make it today." , ,X a x s sv We fs 2 A grime .wr f af ,V ., , f , f il Pat Lillzkm Pereym, B. A. MHjOT.'Hi5l07,1' Mirzor.' Spanish San Franrisco, California "Lil,' . . . lyiezu editor . . . Corcoran award winner . . . first prize poem for the Atlantic Zllonthli '... college pub- licity secretary . . . Alpha Mu Ctimma . . . Whos Who in Arrzrrirarz Colleges . . . photographer . . . always active everywhere. Patrick: Pierce B. A. Major: History Mir1or'.' English Elernentary Crerlential Los Angelei, California "Pat,' . . . president of Tri-Rho . . Eusebian treasurer and secretary . . . Sodality . . . annual representative to CTA conventions . . . through third grade in nine weeks . . a quick wit and even quicker smile. 'ww NY Xxx QE! gg-assi A l ,H Q N I , l I Pat Patricia Pinneq B. A. Mr1jo1.' English Min0r.' Speech and Drama, a rd Plzilofophy Elementary Credential Los Angeles, California "Pat' '... president of the Drama Club . . . Parnassian vice-president . . . Cam- ma Sigma Phi . . . Eusehians . . . Tri- Rho . . . Del Rey Players . . . first grade again l"Blm-Ss them l"J . . . "Now when-'s my green notehook?', ""'?""e-vu' pf Iowana Iowana Plaillzpg B. A. Major: Economics Alinor : Business Administration Bloomington, California "Wana" . . . Virzu stall . . . Swes . . . NSA . . . International Language Club . . . the honey blonde of Montemar Porch . . . strong for Arizona and the Democratic Party . . . a certain Chi- cago-ite . . . travel plans. W is MQW' mi F' Grace Grace Prestq B A. Illajor: Education, English, and History Elementary Credential Los A ngeles, California Euscbians . . . Parnassians . . . Tri-Rho . . . games on the 4 :3O bus . . . serenity . . . personifies her first name . . . after three years running, finally missed the bus . . . of schoolwork: "I'll never get it done l" .QQ Ivo Mary fo Renmlron, BA. Major: English Minor: Social Science North Hollywood, California 'floeyl' . . . Alpha Delta Gamma . . . Mount photography editor . . . the View . . . Inter Nos . . . Swes . . . wears Robinson's clothes in Mount fashion shows . . . creative writer: thrives on essay Contests . . . says "I-Iowdyll' to everyone. l W , , ,M-w,ne.,, .v u WW , ,, 6' -,S cg V M ee if Af 3' . ri W X ., . Dottie Dorothy Rolaertlg B. A. Major: EIl'ZlCI1l1.07l,E7ZgliJh. 071IlHl5fOI'jl Elementary Credential Lo.sAr1gelex, California "Dottie', . . . Parnassian president . . . Tri-Rho . . . Mount Fashion shows . . . Eusehians . . . folk dancing, at Little Switzerland and Brc-ntwood's sixth grade . . . knits ski sweaters, when not joining her daydreams at the snow. Cho Charlotte Rolaq B. A. Major: English All710I'f11ltl0f"V an1lPhiloiophy Elementary Credential Van Nuyx, California "Choa, . . . student hozly secretary and treasurer . . . senior eass president . . . VVRA, Parnassians, and the l'ieze'5 erow's nest . . . Wlzofi llillfl III Amer- irarz Colleges . . . phone ealls from Pendleton . . . "Lay off. it's my room- mate'sl" ,. ' A , EAN at M W N ,. Lawlle Roztrlerg B. A. Ann Scotg B. A. Catherine SMIQ B. A. lflljffl : Hume' lfzuriorrziu Ilfajnl : lfngliih Alr1jur.'.S'ofial Hvfllflllt' Uirim 5 51141111 St ivmf' Afinor:Hon1e'Etonon1izx lllinor: Phjlilt-111Ellllflllillll C unzflrillo, lfalifonzin El8lIlt'7lflIT'l' C,vVt'Ilt'lIfl1l1 S07lI:fl17ll'l.Yf0, Czzliforriia Irzglmzwmd, Culifouzia P11-xiClm'i1tof'l'.it1 Alpha Zvtgn . . . Home' Nixlllllts. . . . Studvnt body viuuprmi- "Scully" '... YNRA prvsidcnt . . . Sxvvs fouomics club . . . NFCCS . . . Swt-N di-nt and social C'l'lllll'IHliIl . . . sopho- . . . NSA . . . favorite- fur: tliv station . . .zcworiiplixlin-d liostvws . . . daily nil' mort- class Plkt'NlCll'Ilt . . . NSA Cl:-legnti' wagon . . . favoriti' pastime: flvld mail lvttn-rs . . . you um luoiroxx' In-r . . . Ta1uAlph3 Zctzn . . . l'i"lzo',t Milli? trips . . . authority on hridgc' . . . 1 ll' and rlotlu-Q. lmt llt'Vt'l' .lolml . . . in Jllllfflilllll Collugm ...i 'lflllllfllt' won't lvt anyom' call it "Frisco" . f91'Il1'ViQ'X,'l'!H xllonllzlvy Lm'gu'd . . , "VVli41t wa' all nvvd "Oh. Sfully will drivt' us." is L1 good pzirtyl' ' Lmfelle I Zli A n n Pnlgi 'I 1. 'w1il'1'-rilglll 4 . 2: ax ,. Q QQ iw-.W in Q7 Charlotte .Hegel B. A. Dorothy Smith B. A. Portza Spenclen B. A. Majo1'.' History Majc11'.'Ed11fatior1, English, arl1lHist0rQ1' lllajol: Sofl11lScie1z4'w Minor: English Elementary Credential lll1'rz0r.'Er1gli5h Elementary Credential Los Angeles, California Camarillo, California Los A ngelex, California Euscbian Vicn-nrnsident Q Q Q ycs Q Q Q "Smith' '... senior Class tra-asurer . . President of Tau Alpha Zeta . . . Aquinas Society Q Q Q Coffs.. ban- Chin-- Parnassian seeretaxy-treasurer . . board:-r Council . . . junior class vice- actm. Q Q Q Tri-Rho Q Q Q darts and Night Eusebians . . . Gamma Sigma Phi . . . president . . . Sodality . . . Tri-Rho at tht. Mount Q Q Q Swnn snows Q Q Q an A-l friend at the Mount and at . . . VVRA board . . . Dodger fan -'This priest I know Q Q Q " and ulavtb Brentwood . . .blue Bel-Air convertible . . . doodles on shoe soles . . . father- gnt to gnQ I,ml21tC for 4-lass!" . . . phone Calls and valentines from daughter night songstrcsw . . "Anan- Loyola graduates. Choo!" f ffl--x f CQ? Portzbz Dorothy Charfgftg Page Tzuwlty-rzi1ze wt Xe , A , '5 MN: .Q- 1 A, ulliu-an' lg- iffy- Sydell Stoleeg B. A. Sheila Sullivan, B. A. Marge .llnjw 5 glzt illffjm 3 fiflrglilll 1l!lv7lUIf lizuirzau Qllllfllllltflllflllll !Uznm': Hivlory Iam flrpgrlfw, Clllllflllflill Elt'7716llfIlV'l' C1'f'1If'rztiz1l Luv .411gf'les, Cnlifnrriin Snclality '... Drama and Art Cluhx "Sully" . . mfial K'l1Lll1'lllill1 for thn- . . . an inclixpm-nsahlv in Thi- Gnu! NIOLIINQ . . . sc-mimi clam Sl'l'I'l'fllI'y . . . lfurld Tl1w11fz'1 ',.. pillar Of St. qloliifx sopliorncm' Claws tl'C2l5Lll'l,'l '... Gamma Hmpital . . . art. art. ant. and an 1-ar Sigma Phi . . . tales of IJl'2lC'llC'l' tvach- fm' lmsiiia-ss . . "ls LIIIYUIN' going oil' ing , . . lL'Z1I'IllIlfl to Christim' . . . SC thc' hill."' frat partia-s . . . xopliiwtifatr-d wardmhm- Margaret Tripp, . . . Crazy! zllajor : Alatlzenzatin AllI10I .' Sofia! St'lP71l e' Lax Angeles, Califonziu "NIa1ige', . . . prcsidvnt of Kappa Thcta Mu . . . svnior Sodality l'l'PI'CSOIltLlllVt' . . . Gamma Sigma Phi . . . Harold Lawson and .Ivrry Lvwis fan . . . always with Gloria . . . for four yvars: "I think I'll Cut my hair." 4' 4? 4 Slaezla Sydell K , X A .fast Uztxsg F 2 Si tt 1 4 lg 14 Betty Elizabeth Trang B. A. Major: English Minor: Philoxophy Elementary Credential Preseotl, AI'l107lfI "Be-tty' '... president of Kappa Delta Chi . . . Tri-Rho . . . Parnassians . . . neatest room in residence hall . . . summer school: solitaire and sun-tan oil . . . long letters from jet-training bases . . . plots against pledges. uxfewfw ean Margaret Verge B. A. Mr1j1Jr.' English fllinor: Philoiophy Santa Mivrilita, ClClIl.f07'7llI1 "Ma1'ge" . . . Tau Alpha Zeta honor- ary . . . transfer from Holy Naine Col- lege . . . favorite subjeet: Art . . . hilarious cartoons, scribbled in eltiss . . . 'Whlill my apartment be big enough for Senior Night Gut?" ean Wdlfll B. A. .Mr1jor:Engli5h Iblinor: Philosophy Los Angeles, California Vice-president of the Press Club . . . Purnassian secretary-treasurer . . . Gam- ma Sigma Phi social secretary . . . the lview . . . Inter Noi . . . 1llaf1'f''lle college board . . . Notre Dame parties . . . MOl1Hf plays . . . "Down, girl, down!" Marge We sg V l i 02' ' w NXQQXT es -Q I GIOVZH Wz'lL B. A. AflljlflfAIflfht'77ZI1ffl'j Alinm' .' Smirl1S1'if'11rf Cirrzvlrzl Sm urzdar-1' Czarlvrltial Liu .4IZgt'1f"N, Cffllfflllllill Nuvilly' '... Sfvdnlity p1'vfcm't, Sl'L'l't'f2il'Y and tl't'llSl1l'Cl . . . CQZIIIIIHLI Sigma Phi . . , Kappa T111-tn Mu . . . NFCCS . , Iflwk Il'lm in An1f'r11m1 Cbllrgm . . . thilxtiwt mr on campus . . . t'lu'vz1tvx1s Ninrgv :md Eilexvn with thn- rjvc tm' IWUUOII. Mdfflkl Wl.1l12lH1L B A Alajor: Englixh Mir101'.' History L05 A ngeles. California "Marc7y" . . . Euscbizm prcudcnt fox two years . . . Alount businrss nnnfxqel fr1gf"lll1ll1'-lzuo Glorzkl -3 s Marczkz . . . Tau Alpha Zvta plcdgc mlstrg ss Virzn' stuff . . . transfm-r from St Cfith crim',s, Mixmncsotal . . . skis till elm N out of moncy. Barbara Woodg B. A. Major: Edueation, Englixh, and History Elementary Credential Loi Angeles. California Tri-Rho . . . Eusebians . . . Parnassians . . . Space Patrol fan . . . that Clear Mary Alzke Zalemy B. A. lllajor .' Education, English, anrlHii1ory Elementary Crea'ential Loy Angeles, California "Mix Leslie" . . , Gainnizi Sigma Phi . . . Tri-Rho . . . perennial class rivals- urui' . . . May' Cloinpany . . . hates hi-ing as . . . or 1,-rs "co ee an Jia-. J mm-" l l cl ll cl l . . . plvnfls. Wyou kids, plmism' pay yum Cluvsl" ,-,K M.. ,, J V X i a443w complexion . . . good-humored "barbs" at back-seat drivers . . . cheerful, vvcn on the 4:30 bus . . . for Conversation: "Wha?" and "Ugh!" Barbara Mary Alzke Page Thirty-tlzrre I GIOTZZI Day B. M Alilljlfl .' ,Hum .l11'nm.-E11xglill1 -sflfl ml .Swfrrzflfff-1' Lzfzlwrztzfzl lillllkl-IIN, Cfnlifmzzzrz l1:'.uL11'u'r .md x'1c'm'-prvluvt ol tlu- bu- cl.1lity . . . Nluxic' Clulw cwlliu-1 . . . Sm-N . . . 'l'ri-Rlm . . . Gg1mm.1 Sigma lllli . . . piano :md vuiu- 1ll'l'llLll . . . ga pull-ut suxupllmu -... fXI1Ll4'li'IllN ul ilu- In-ul llvuclm-xx . . . "NYl1y 3'f'wN.u Bach lo Gretl Dzletzel B. M M1lj0r.' Mu wif Alirzor: Frenvlz GE"71t,TdlSt"lx0lllltlI'1'C,lf8IlPl1ffIII L01 A 71 veles, C.lI1lif0I'IIiU "Gretl Bm-0tlv" . . . Nlusic Club treas- urer . . . Pi Dvlta Phi . . . Tri-Rho . . . piano and voiu- rvcital . . . Glvc Club . . . 21 trombom' and turuvd pagvs . . . mmiling book-stgunpf-r . . . old world cl1zu'm. Glorzkz gf' 7 l1i1'IY1'-fnur Gretl Of Mufzb Pblffliflkl Harman, BM Maj0r.' Musif Minor:Theor3f0flVIz1sic Beverly Hillx, California '4Pat" . . . Music Club secretary . . . Philharmonic ticket chairman . . . Clee Club . . . recital . . . St. Bernard's and a pitch-pipe . . . Loyola classes . . . extremely Morgan"-ized . . . Curly hair, naturally . . . UI donat know about that." Velma Salman, B. M Maj01A:M115ic Minor: English General Serondary C,'zea'entif1l L05 A ngeles, California President of the Nlusic' Club . . . So- dality chairman . . . Choral Group . . . Tri-Rho . . . gay high laughter, can hit high notes too . . . bronze Pontiac . . . opera-goer of uourst -... "l'Vl'1at are you talking about?" Q ii Pat Velma Page Tlzirfy-fi Albin gniwqwllb' Rebefca Bobamm, B. S Lilzku Burden, B. S .l1l1j1'l,'PlIvl'Xl411llflflllllflllll .Uujmi Bm tuiuluhg-1' .llinm 5 .5'mif1l.S'1ie'r1ff' Illirmr: Clllfllllill'-1' C'll1lfl'I'ClifV1',flltlllfnllllll Cllllfllllldll Cldllffllllld "Bm-vky" . . . WRA publicity t'llLlll'll1.lI1 Vifzu vilullfationm IIIZIIILIQVI' . , . Kappa . . . 'l'1'i-Rho . . . R:-cl Cross . . . Eusv- '11lll't1l lxlll . . . Ixltcmzltiongll lmxigllzlgm' ldizms . . . sxu-1-za-s in lligll-pitflwcl tllI'l't'S Club . . . zlrgylvs and lvttvrs to Bah . . . llLlZ2ll'Cl on ll lmrse' . . . NYljl'I1IllS. . . . wild fm- c'0wld0yII1L1sic, radio, amd zzr1yn11v?" xmmvim . . . plans Il lg1lv01'zltm'y twh- niciun c1111-1-1 . . . "Clad I didlft my that!" Bvzclaelo Genevzleve Cmtellanwg B. .Sf Aflajm: C'hl'lIliSf7"1' Alina: .' Barteziololgy Ol'l1!lI'fl, C,l!1llf0!'7lllI "GL-mly' '...f I lzlu Alpha Zlffil . . . Honorary Chenxifal Swim-ty '... Kappa Thctzx Mu . . . WRA hoard . . . Santa Clam fan . . . l302lI'ClL'I' hair stylist . . . hlcmdc and gray Stl'l,'llliN . . . Ql1lIIl0l'OllS lah tvchnicizm . . . "lt's in tha- hook!" Becky Q 5 -4' J : I E 5. 4-l Lilzku UUNX Q i Eleanor Marzkz Genny Sczkfme ... Eleanor Rojji BS AIl1jOI' : C'h67IZi,ifIA,'V Minor: Mr'Ifh6Nl0fit',X Santa lllonira, California Honorary Clielnical Society . . . Kappa Theta Mu . . . drives "The jet" . . . daily trips to Hughes, Airernft . . . quiet in class . . . and then that laugh bubbles out . . . living proof: you can work arm' have fun in college. Marzkz Mawirwz, BS Majo1'.' Chemistry Alinor: Mathematics L05 Arzgelnx, Californza Sodality chairman . . . Kappa Theta Mu . . . YCS . . . International Lan- guage Club . . . scientist daughter of a famous painter . . . dark, curious eyes, judging a test tube's Contents or one of Fathefs jokes. , NNNWQMN Page Thirty-seuezz y? Xia, Wm yy' ,K 1 6,3 Patrzcza Beckom, B. S NHWZLDI Deatloemgq B. S .llajnr.'Nz11xi1z4g lllajm 5 N111',ti11.g' .llizznf .' Sm i111 S1 frm r Illznm : SUliil7lSlfPl1lt' St1IIfIlBtlIlTllI'l1, Cfzlijufrzifz Santa Hfnlmm, lfzzlifonzirl "Pat" . . . Gamma Sigma Phi . . . Gamma Sigma Phi plvdgt- inistn-ss . . . Drama Cllub . . . mndifit-d "tn-w cut" Drama Club . . . Red Cross . . . Santa . . . ww-lu'nd jaunts to Santa Barbara Monira SLIIHIULTS . . . to tht- Mardi with Nancy . . . lvttvrs to Okinawa , . . Gras sornvdziy . . . grits Incm' mail than ht-adm-cl fm' Luuixiana in hlunv. anybody . . . dit-t raft-s . . . motor- 2 Pat tfyclvs and hot rods. Back lor Scien e in 1fl1'J'Z7'l Loretta Fanning B. S 1Vajor:Nursir1g IUi1z0r:SocialSfienfe' Los Arzgelex, California Tri-Rho . . . Art Club . . at Queen of Angels' . . varicty shows . ClCSlQT1l'l' of tht' graduate nurses' rap . . . st-vt-11 succ'm-ssivc majors . . . fast talks-r. slow vatvr . . . cards mailt-d two days aftc-1' Christmas . . . "Rcally?', ft X.-4' 1 Nancy v EAS aw 4... .... A Loretta Claire Fitzgemlaf B. S Mdjt7I' : .Nursing Alinor: S0ciaISrie1zi'e China Lake, California Gamma Sigma Phi . . . NSAK hulwark among thc mnxcs . . . thc coupc . . . Santa Monica summcrs . . . hums "Smokc Gets in Your Eycs' . . . statcly height and shortened hun '... fnvoritm- scrvicc: thc dict kitchcn. Claire Marcella Hunleelzg B. S Alajm .' Nzrrxirzg Afirzorf Social Sfifllft' Eminn. Califmziia "Marcy" . . . Kappa Dcltn Chi . . . Drznna Club . . . Miss St:-arns in VUIIII-1' I'tRiUt'd ,Uv . . . Frcnch pantomimcs . . . lX42ll'C1l.lCttl',S gift to thc Blount . . . hc-st collcction of rccords at Quccn of Align,-lf. Marcy Pagf .1-lliffj'-112,11 v-,'?,' Barlnmz Kfllilvcjf BS ilitljfll I JVIIIAUIAS .llznm .' .Sm ml bfzrrzfe' xllllllllllllll, Cillllifllllllfl "Oats" . . . pl'c'siCl1'ltt ull tlic' Nlount iitim-Q' wlllClL'Ill body . . , vziricty sliows .it Qutw-ii of Aiigvls' . , , aylnptrmis of slvt-ping sickm-ss , . . lim' "-lvzt-lM'l" Willys cligiwiiig tlit- poliu- to Qtic-mis' clziiiu-N , . . "Cowl cyv, Rt-ginnld l" flizrlwzc Lzfmng B. S flIajm.'.N11rii11g Zllinm J Sofia! Slilflllr' L05 xllzgelfx, Cnlifornizz "Burt" . , . nurst-S' cmilivil nt Saint VlIli'l'I1I,S . . . tht- lX4c'lnCly Clulfs walk ing ziclvt-1'tisi'iiit'iit . . . Clll:lil'l'l'llt swvat PTS . . . QIVPII Clll' to llllltfll ll1'l' QITCII vycs . . . short, short Clark liziii' . . pizza purtivs . . . no clii'ct'timii1l wim- Iliff 1'ml1' 011 if -8' J Burl 'f I We ' 9 Tbencfe MH1'f1'1l, B. S Nlajorx Naming Mi710lA.' Sofia! Srimzu' L05 Angeles, California "Terry, '... Kappa Theta Mu . . . vice- president of the nurses' student body . . . Tri-Rho . . . the- IILIISCS, annual photographer . . . Sam Shovel's voice on request . . . choir and variety show star . . . "I think we should turn left." Via Bolvbzl' Biirlmm Sflyerrwg B. S Illajar: Nurxing 1U.'n0r: Sofia! Srierife Patmzlerza, California 'lliobbie' '.., Gamma Sigma Phi vice- presideut . . . Sodrxlity . . . student body secretary at Barlow Sanzitorium und Childrenk Hospital . . . riozip in- compatibility '...' 'It's up one side and down the other!" Page Forty-one Q:-.A 51.1. ' x V X3 X , 1 fr-ip:-1 J ' gil? X -H f-M V Q1 ,'-' f t ' N 9 k 2.: im . i if 2211 J 4 . F. Q it r ' fi 2 Stw tfm t 611107 tw WM t I I 0 A 4 V A '- v-" , , , f ' , 'V 2' E Q' X 1400 ,N ' K it M00 .560 - -Q :t axa Pagf Frwrl-y-fzun 3 W2SlW, if L, , Sr-niors vnjoy community singing w St-nior Night Out at Barbara Brccnas. 'fxxx Thi' senior class and yvarbook stall units' to raise funds for thc annual at .Yz'gl1z' at flu' flflounf. ttop pic- turvj Ann Scott. lXlary Ann Grvc-r. and Cho Rohe dccoratc' onc of thc many booths. flower lefty Gucst star, .loan Lcslie, and M.C., Paul Piwrni, entertain in thc Little Thvater. Clowvr rightj Nfary Ann Grccr and Nlarcia VVllll2lIIlS clic-ck procceds at tht- tickct booth.. hilc waiting for rcfrcshments at a monthly Vrflnm Sallnvnj Margaux-t Tripp, .ind Pal Hininon Q-njoy Clldludvs at 21 Sf-nior Night Out. Nlrs. SOIDIIIUI, hOl1S4'lll0thL'1', pond:-is the ne-xt trifk .is shi plays bridgm- with B1-tty Troncy, Pr-ggi Parkinson, 1 Sfully Cfar rightl. fLOWl?1' rightj E'Lana' NICCaFfrm-y, Nlfiry Alia Becky Bohanon hid farcwvll to branding at Fiorentino and Jean Walsh he-form' the "Rini CRCxmg'mbc'r Us Dancvj. H "' -s"" ' i 1 'N' " 9 . 2 i 'ff ,l r , i.. Y' Serving their fr-llow seniors nt Barbara Bremrs are Br-tty Dunniqan Barbara Woods and Grace Prvsto l ind Cxithvrinc 21114-my, illl lm-ftb Minnim ii Poingi Huluu f Q , Svniois 1l1LlIlifn1'hl thi-ii contributions to Rmkw thx- Agvs. ,Avan- ,wx , -5 W -: ., - W, N W., 3 X S X X -' 'Qs A A-N iro X X X X Qi x W. ef' f', X f X' I X X .v X .. KA? rx Xfxy-A KX Q 1 'f X 1 X , ww Undergmdual tex 4 f unior Clam ws, P? 5 gg? ,gm 'Q fx . if , J a 454 'lf JH , ,, - 6 W ,gg 1 w ,Q f Vx his sg Q 'M sv "V x. 'ay A kj l fm- , fy? w'y,,x 'vl - r, 21 sv 'B-mggzwwl fi ' gt'Fu1l-1'-tit Q .-, , ,A if if if C W it G, wt 3, 5 in .rn K t 'tm , l.5Y,'.. junior Class oflic:-rs Anne Frunccs Russell, vice-prvsidcnt: Elise- Kerckhofl, presidvntg Barbara Bashc, secretary: and Joycv Mazzarelli, trcusurer, watch a publicity stunt for their Blue Crystal Ball. juniors, Consrious of nvw dignity as uppvr division studvnts, opcnt-Cl tht' lull scinvstcr by solmnnly oflficiinting :is judgt-s at C,i1't'l'Il l'N'cCl4's hcfauty c'ontCst. ln Octoht-r, thvy Clcsiginfl bids and Clcfmu- tions for tht- Blum' Crystal Ball. L11 Vcrnc Boyt-fs 0rc'l1t'st1'a prv- sidt-cl ovm-r tht- Molriit Bgillromn, fcstivvly colorcd in silvvr :incl lt'l'Cl-l5llll'. A spirit of t'o0pcr41timi hlcndvcl with ingt-nuity rniscd junior funds for tht' prorn. A curoling party highlightvd Christinus vacu- tion. and 11 spuglivtti Clinnvr cnlivvnvcl tht' hvginning of the sprlng' sviiit-stt-i'. Fvhrtuiry brought vluss ringsg May. thc -junior-St-nioi Prom, thcn graiduzition, ivy chain, clvc'tions, and cxfitvd plans for tht- yvzrr :tht-tid. .wfffiv 'vii , , XV.. .lasers Maureen Fox explains an ethics assignment to Jean Call, Pat Carroll, Shirley Burke Qstandingj, and Rosemary Czuleger. Maria Munoz, Bernie Victorino, Helen McEaChen, Ma1'ilyn Morris, Inez Leuteritz, and Carmen Munoz stop for a minute's rest in the grotto. ,f--. JW' Page Forfy -SFFETZ IJ.1x hops -Im-ll.1 nXll:'11, Karl bo 1 Ll xx we-1'k1'11d pI.111x . 4 L 111-1-11 Higgim, .md .'X1111.1 Macchiog and .iI'df'lkA 1211.1 jo B1111y.11d, Gvorga Grupv, and Pcggy Holtsnidcr u.1th1-1' 111 P1-ggx'.11111 Lf.1111ph1'l1's f1'xt11-1111- fOl'L'glgOUIldj 1'0OIll to dis- flllldltlf Ijllllllill md 'V11l.lIllL1 xxllhtlll vxplnin tlu- Nl'XVII1LllI Club p.1 Il1'l to j11.111111- Scholt. juetinr- Wvihm Csta11di11QU. Joannn- Vmika, llld X111 . . 2.111-1 Wfick .N i As' ,an ln. 'E 3 fxwx J f v ily 2 ,1 'a 'K' .jikngg-f3,,fQ ' 'Q 1, - af. si 9 .A x x -46419 X",111'q:WTft-'xl 1 'L 15.4. Mfr ,X ., 'vgmfmn Lv ' Q, K, , t ,Qu .4 Q1f:mQQ':f:, me Ijlluiff' F0111-4'1.-gilt . 5 . ' H9 E' 1-'N.,37f'1 '17-, -Il-CUTS-1 -X ' iz? glra 1 5 if 1 A' ' ffffk A 1 ,l 'J' i 'f' 'if V " 'QQ -M.. 1 l "Ky wr 4- " I 1' ' A w R H ks Im ikgk 'fi' 1 '1gg11,4.9I.xr, -'W t X f W , X W 5 'WX " x f X N X Q X . W, A g van f e . vm eek Mail's Here! Elisa Luna, Eileen Hainley, and Pat Paxton ch the mail boxes between classses while Jeannette Gualano, Bella Jacobs, Dorothy McNeil, Joyce Markel, Bobby Walsh, and Anne Park read their letters. Barbara Pat Quinn, Ann Freese, Mary Holland, Pat Perram, owj g Gloria Francis, Mary Frances Ross, Dolores wait a noon meeting in Dobrott ftop r ' b ttom rowj a Stites, and J the Lounge. o Davis C o L 'N R f , 1-22. ps t we Page Forty-nine ka ? 135, , MQ ,, Q .3 EN- 'gf , f""-1 1 W- 1- . P9 ' ffl' N' , , 'if z 3 1 5 H X1 .,-- Y V ERQEQE--,,ifk-1 ,f .... if " 1 4 Q gg 5 . 4. t ' 'fr sn - Y ,,,, Q 5 Q , H ' . A132 ,Ze ' W I R ' :N4' QT N ax .1 'MX' 5 v -"Q ': , R I 9 J H. QQ: 1 f iim. q . E431 iv 1- " M 5 if lg 1 , gb Q , ' -Q , I 1, ff - Sk, 5 N- W f 1 if -1 if , 1 , h 1 :Es " ,,, 4 I ' .Q C 'W ,QQ f,-' xg QL x 1 1 Y sg: R E' 5 ' fi- . i "':: 1 ' VG '," ' ,A Y k R Wx in 5 wk i X 5 .5 X R 3? V' v J N , li f fki"'i t -V T' 1 ' V F Pugf' lffjlfj' ffm .11 Two-xtripvis in thi- D1-pz11t1111'111 of Nursing '1r1 Qu rt dj ,I d . I . ' 3-1 1- ll y Wagn1'r, Joaiiiu-ttv Slattr-1'v, Rull K'i 'f -- ' ' A , 1 lco, Ix.1tl1l1111 Purd Jllllk' Qwithn I1 fstrndin D R I , . - , sz g lltl Lackvy, Gloria .xI'i.lS, janv HI'IlIld'l' R " ' " ' " 1 1 , om111.11y D.1x1dxo11, jo A1111 GI't'4'I1, Pz1tL1-v, and M11 ggimf NICC111 w. fil'Ul'Qf2l Urupc, Gloria Frarncis, lloyn- iYIAll'kt'i, PM S111111- uf Ihr 7111111015 111.1k1' thvir stgrgv dr-l111ts Quinn, Pnt Pl'1'I'LlIll, flxick rowj lilisr- Kvrrk 111 Ihr' Ijllllllrlllll, .I1111i111' Night Out. i hull, .111d H1'l1'11 Ml'l'iRli'hl'Il ir win the- singing 1 tl f qi My 2: 'ifei W ? Q2 ef X Enjoying a weekend at Palm Springs are Qstandingj Celeste Gourdeau and Julieta Cuevas: Cseatedj Eileen Hainley, Jeannette Gualano, and Alicia Wick, M " Juniors enjoy Night Out at the Drunkard, while fabove OIL rightj Marion Reaume and Bobby Walsh welcome their Class to the affair. I - M , El la z i f 9 1, ,a M jf ' . J . J E .M J L, f iv 4 X V , I Sv my - , f ik 1 , K f s . 2 f 1 Q S f ,, , 1 , 4 I Jil - A ,, Kibitzing a card game at St. Vincenfs College of Nursing are Cstandingj Maggie McGraw, Jo Ann Green, Juanita n, Pat Ford, Gloria Arias, and Jane Brander: while fseatedj Ruth Lackey, Pat Lee, Jeannette uth Kido, and Rosemary Davidson continue to play., Wagner, June Swithe Slattery, R 'K Page Fifty-one O bfob aff' lb omore Clam On thc' way to tl class nu-ctil ' v pivsidcnt ' C I il IHO- Thc Sophomorcs arc oftt-n callccl thc forgottvn class, hut any sophomorv can tmfll you that hcr class is much too busy to hc forgotten. From rvgistration Clay in tluf fall until SIIININCI' vacation, NOIJl1OIUUI'l'S arm' a part of vvm'1'y projcrt, t'Vt'l'y club. and 1-vt-ry plan that fills tlu- rollcgt' ycar. Tlu'y lu-lp to hazt- tlu- f1cslmu'n during Grcvn TNR-vlt, and tlu-n, lu-forv anyoxu' tlsc- wc-n has hor program straightciu-Cl out, sophomorc-s give- tlu- hrst gvt-gu'quaintt'cl claruv. That is tlu- way tlu-y sf-t the pact' for tlu- wholc yr-ar, and ont- activity follows anothvr. ln tht' spring whun tlu- othvr classes fan rvlax a littlv, tcnsion lllCl'CLlSt'S for tlu' sophomort-s lu-vatrsv tlu' National Sophomore Acliic-vt'nu-nt Tests arm- just alu'acl, and vfliort is l1L'lQlltt'IH'Cl to km-vp Collvqn- standing high. Tlu-ir most important projt-ct of tlu- yvar is tlu- sophomorc-sponsorm-d formal claruv. This yt-ar. tlui Valt-ntixu' Ball was a sLu't't-ssful and dt-lightful clcparturt' from llu' traditional Nlarcli Gras tlu-mc. Sophomorcs art' not c'onst'1'vativvs, vspccially with tlu-ir ability to maka- "innovation" n'u'an "in1provm'mcnt." And so tlu-rc is no forgottvn Class. Thcy arv a nec Tlu-y art- tlu' sophomort-s. s-ssary class. an important class. ig, Nancy Galt, vicv , larla Cailucci, st-Crm-taiyg Gt-orgia Ma- lonvy, prrsidt-ntg Rost-mary Hcllron, social chair- man: and Joan Cockv, trcasurvr, stop fo nu'nt in tlu- arcadc. W9 fm W NQY W , Q9 Q 4 5? 4 flxiil 1-4 - ,, ,Ms . sqm , , f- , ,.,,. 'way . X, 5 1 V v rv, -nv- will Wrwwwmg oan Heuer, Jan Calderon, Sandra Dilley, Mary Ann Ramberg, J thaler, Stella Del Duca, and Peggy als for the Great World Theater. Barbara Cabot, Joan Mucken Cosgrave watch rehears On their way to class, Dolores Jones, Jo-Anne Kealohanui, Betty Willinger, Betty Mae Cabral, Thelma Garcia, and julieta ' ' I ' board. Cuevas stop in St. Josep hs Hall to check the bul etm Page Fifty-three fx ,,,.... K ,1 ig M . mi mf 6 - ,Ling vi T' -J ., Nfl Ax A Q-N, 1 X f X -vm if f. my .... 41 if A ' . ww' V' mr . is 1 0 , ., h. ,N v f N. A .V 7 Kay Kvmp dc-sfribvs thi' dc-corations for thx' bophomorv stag dana' t0 H1-lcna RlJ1'Illlf'lH, Rosulir- Quintzmzi, Pat Sandi-rs, and Tvrc-sv Owens. Mary joan Storm, Alifizi Wick, Phyllis Kim-y, Dixie Fairchild, Maiirevn Nally, Bill'lJLll'l1 Sc-lna, Claim' Jonvs, and Jill Curtis vxpcct vnrlliladns for dinnm-r. Palgr Fifty-fozlr Nancy Wiggins, Mariv DiAnna, Sun- Colburn, Joan Mcrgcns, Margaret Vczzctti, and Dr-irdiv Combs posv for a sophomorc- class picture. Mary Ann O'Connc-ll, Kathlvr-n McGlinCy, juli- annc Murphy, Clara: Goss, Bc-tty Atwill, .Ie-annv Lauticr, and Lvnorc Gaffney and Bvvr-rly Cal- houn fin tha' hackgroundj ohsvrvc thx- trich- niqucs of an arnatc,-ur lifeguard. Boardcrs: Ann Bondan, Carol Atchison, Peggy Kricr, Jude Longshore' and Rosemary Condon Cin carl, Lu Mattson, Mary Rcimann, Carla Wright, and Pat Olson get ready to lcavc- the hill to Engels for cofTce. if NN. 'lilhls Q J f , 'W X vi, N6 L, ' K Ay 3 QE, :Q if f Q , ",, 'jfs fs., il --W' Q Q ,. K I Q, i s gi ' I fi, sf - W .-JM' . if V fksgnariy, ii 'f U Lv Q6 it H g mmg was F aw 1 . 5' 0 Q-8 a Z MA 1 , a dur NQEF if 2 .., 'Q- NA 'fs nn.. .av 1 1 Qu-A X Aww Page Flfly-Aix X PM Marianne Munch, Suzanne Seiler fin backj, Mary Ellen Breen, Roberta Boken, Sally Snow Eileen O'Loughlin, Helene Hopp, and Vivian Laubach check the textbook in the patio before going to Fr. Aldridgefs class. The nurses, with eyes "on the birdie" are: fStandingj Barbara Jean Williams, Barbara Schapixr, Mary Ann Penty, Alice Erlinger, Dede Perez. QSeatedj Eleanor Murray, Mary Jan Mary Vance, Lorraine Gibbons, Shirley Herman. e Hoffman, Decorating the social hall for the sophomore stag dance, the "Razz-a-ma-tazz,l' are: Kathleen Murphy, Kathleen lVICGlinCy, Beverly Calhoun, Ros:-niary Heffron, and Julianne lyfurphy. Enjoying a late snack are: Hirst rowj Jeanette Calderon, Roberta Boken, Lucy Cohen, Qsc-cond rowj Mary Ann Ramberg, Peggy Cosgravc, Marylin Torre, Betty Wil- linger, Margaret Moser, Phyllis Svttc-Case, Tonia Dr-Bellia and Stella Del Duca. Kathleen McGlinCy, Julianne Murphy, B,-verly Calhoun, and Nlary Ann Oflonnell tr-nd to lazt-nrinute touehw before the 'sValr-ntine Fantayyf' CLowr-r rightj joining in an oFf-Campus get-togr-tlrer at Nancy Galtk home are Marie D'sXnna, Joan Goeke, Rosemary Hefzfron, and Jeanne Lautier. Television in the lounge at Saint Vincent's Hospital claims the close attention of: fhrst rowj Lorraine Gib- bons, Qsecond rowj Dede Perez, Alice Erlinger, Mary Ann Penty, fthird rowj Eleanor Murray, Mary Jane Hoffman, Nancy Vance, Barbara Schaper, Barbara Jean Williams, and Shirley Herman. yr rv X l l S ,Z , rf Hg' Q24 3 , Q 7 , M X NM' ga af' Y ya 'P 'iv H f fs 33 .va f Q if 1, 8 I 'Q ' ,, -1 5 'mv' Q : " a r 'Q Wfwnn-umm.-u-'Pr 7 mfwmfffff Wim 1- 8,2 :fi 'Q 5 49- +-wa. la F efbman Clam - Freshman class oflieers Connie Markel, treasurerg yy E S, Carol Ramaker, presidentg Robin Boldenweck 7 5 sodality representative: ,loan Carey, social chair- man 1 Isabel Cowen, secretaryg and Eunice Smuske, viee-president gather around Marys statue for a meeting. The trials of Green WH-ek first introduced the freshmen elass to College life at the Mciurit. Quiekly adjusting themselves to the new systems and Classes, they enthu- siastically participated in all sehool activities. Under the capable leadership of their ofheers. Class members sueeeeded in aeeomplishing many things. The first glimpses of talent appeared in October when they presented the "Freshman Froliesf' They then enthusiastieally supported The Great World Theater, and at the Loyola Home- coming, had three freshman princesses to attend the queen. At Christmas. the boarders prepared favors and decorations, and served a delicious banquet for upper- elassmen. Throughout the remaining year they worked at all activities from Carry- ing chairs to eondueting assemblies. They are newcomers no longer, and have beeome a real part of Mourit Saint Mary's College. ist. ,+....v,m......-4-eww jackie Picard, Fay Blackburn, Teresa Moreno, Phyllis Makuh, Joan Schneider, Danuta Krotoska, Allison MacDonald Q ffar baekj, Noreen Higgins, Midge Orr, and Mary Cotter wait for the library to open, Page Fifty-eiglzl Angela Rotsler, Mary Brusstar, Margaret Munnernann, Jean Mason, Dorothea Ross, Toni Suarez Con floorj, and Nelly Hubert listen to Sandy Stevenson fcenterj as she spins one of her tales. On their way to Westwood, Edythe Har- gett fstandingj, and fl. to 1:5 Maria Wilfert, Julia Peman, Joanne Rodier, Arlene Wick, Joan Wade, Ann D'Alesio, Hffner, and Rosalie Klein get Elaine P in the bus. settled vin Marlene Suzanne Ensminger, Mary Lou Credo, "lVI.J." Car , Huhn, and Carol Weldy fback rowj 3 Val Munton, Pat Smith, Clare Heumphrc-us, Jane Coles, and ,Ioan Trehearne watch a fast ping-pong game on the deck. "Nc f' ., As E . 0 W' U, V f A 'i ? WW . , fe as X w size., W J www GWB Am- sd-mmav Z, if mm X W e X ' ,xxx sf xiii Wm as X5 Vfe 4 fs Page Fifty-nine' Watching a Loyola Homf-coming rally in thc circle arc' Cstandingj Frances Erpclding, Mary Ann Normanly, Carol Clark, Audria Grcgg, Aggie Oster- kamp, and Mary Ann Wightrnang fkncclingj Nancy Van Dyke, Mau- rcen Mclicrnan, Mary Lou Smith, and Faith Larkin. Showing off class hats in the patio are Qfront fowl Joan Weston, Mary Mil- ligan, Roscmary Medina, Nancy Bu- Millcr, .Io-Ann Schullcr, and Marie St. Picrreg fback rowj Pat Callahan, Jane Marshall, Kathleen Murphy, Barbara Book, and Jody Glass. Marie Barry, Mary Carol Scherb, Louise Wood, Marie Biggs, Beverly Gueno, Rose- mary Lucente, Georgina Leon, and Ying Kwan and Helen Osako Con floorj get first hand information on Japan from Catherine Kigami fin native Costumej. Will this meeting come to order! Mary Frances Dolan, Pat Weaver, Gloria Gess- ford, Joan Novy, Ginger Knapp, Mary Anne Lane, Joanne Dozier, Ann Shea, Margaret Mary Swope, Jean Johnston, and Marleen Dailey hold a noon meeting in the Lounge. QQN' ' XZ A -is ,ew QMS ef of W XQW mxax SQN M x0 we fr-...I X SPX 1 J Q7 3' 1 S MW lg l N J If Q1 I r 1 Inn f 4""5' hiv' Bcfatriz Borquvz, Hrm-stinc Bar- ton, Bt'Vl'llY Fostvr, lWg1rlr-nc Dzlilcy, Dolorvs Micltvlt-na, Gwmfn Sharp, ,Ivan Ncal, and Bt-try Oswald stop for il minutv on thvir wax' to the' noon rosary. Bm- Kvnko, Gladys Block, and "B.J." Lulu' Qin frontjg Mar- iarn Kam, Irvne Bovine, joan Green, Gloryann Audia, Sharon Fitzgcrald, Margarz-t Cain, Jo- hanna Lum, and Edi Marquez listr-n to Christmas Carols bving pipvd ovcr thc- loudspc-akcr. I -,t. tm N . 1 If .t ' " Pl.lIlIllIlM tht' Prmlmrxman p.x1l1.u11vnturx' 4 ggf-W . Pl'fJf'l'Clllll' .lssr-lnhly, outsidf- of thv Little- lhurlfx tm fwtzindingj lVIillgillA1'l Nu-ste-1', f,r'f'tr-Imvlx You dvr 'Xhv Nlngrx . ,lt vt ,'Xnd1'l- son, .'Xnm- Doyl:-, amd Many lullvn I,11fvr- tx" frwzxtvclj P4-ggy fl0lltf'S, .Nun lxlvflf-1 hm' gfllllllll, Put O'l51i1-n md l'lnn'1 ll4llilllILff'I' IIQI' Si.x'fy- l . 1 firm H Q U f 23 wg' Q l 1' x Q W ,, ,Qt A V Brought to trial during green week are Niary Ellen Laferty, Sandy Stevenson, Angele Rotsler, Dorothea Ross, Gretchen Von dex .'Xhe, and Val Munton. Anne Doyle, Margaret Munnc'mann, Isabel Cowen, and Frances Erpelding entertain the upperclassmen at the Frosh Frolies. Decorating for the St. PatriCk's Day breakfast are Cbackgroundj Molly Swope, Jean Johnston, Qstandingj Clare Heumphreus, Sandy Stevenson and Marygrace Brusstar. flower rightj Carol Ramaker presides at the demonstrational assembly of parliamentary procedure as Connie Markel, Isabel Gowen, Joan Carey, and Eunice Smuske look on. Editors of the freshman edition of View are fstandingj Mary Ellen Laferty, Connie Ma1'kel, Carol Weldy, Phyllis Settecase, fseatedj Pat Smith, Joan Carey, Gretchen Von der Ahe, Carol Ramaker, Miriam Kam, and Ernestine Barton. 1. -' "Qu-' ' I ,4.' Q 4' sw X If 4 N 2 a X Q' ,f, i P xx , X 5. . 'et fnm' Q A 4 "3E?'El E7 1:1-1:1 mv? Student Government J,-:J-. f'Y . ,uannr sis 1.14 x L ll pl if gi tl F mg RI2fL'IllrIIDf j0l7l1I0ll Studvnt Body Pri-sidvnt A1111 Smit Studvnt Body Vli'L'-PI'i'5lCll'Ilt fix 1 Student Bod 6 I Tho Student Council is thi' rxuiitivf- hranfh of stud:-nt govcrnincnt at thi- MOl1Ilf. This group of cightven nu-cts we-vkly to plan studvnt rwtivitics. Through an anivndmont votvd this yvar tha' council now includvs a rcp1'c- se-ntativc from thx- rt-Sidi-nt tearlu'rs' organization. the Wloina-n's Rcvrvational Association, and the T,l'IJZ1I'U1lt'Ilt of Nursing. Thi' first studvnt activity of thi' year was thc- annual Big-Littlc Sistcr hvavh party at Playa del Rvy. Cvtober found all studm-nts unitcd for thc- outdoor presontation ol' Calde'ron's Crm! lfforld Tlzratrv with a cast of over thrve hundred. In Dvfm-1nbt'1' students built and vntervd a float in Loyola University's hoint-morning paradt-. Lvnt brought the high point of thi- students' spiritual yvar with thc annual rn-tn-at dire-i'ted by Fathc-r Wlilliani Barry. After Eastvr vainc a rush of activitivs and thvn spiritvd campaigning and election of studcnt body offiu-1's. Thc installation of nt-w officvrs on MHl'y',S Day niarkvd thi- end ol' a yt-ar of t-Hicivnt organization, stimulating parliaincntary skirniishvs, and nu-etings full of tht' humor and vnthusiasin vliaractcristic of student lift- at MOLIIII Saint Nlaryls. MIlflI'L't'lI Fox Kf1ifJl4'4f11 H1lgkg1'11f Studi-nt Body SCK'I'l't2ll'y Studi-nt Body TI'l'8SLlI'1'1' "AUG: is .1 mi-'X A I '. A1Kf,. lx , . . 1,11 1 .Szxly-.s1.r Tho Studi-nt Council takcs a brcalq during one of its night scssions. lX4crnbers are ton Hoorj Kathleen Higgins. SB trcas.g 'Ioyce Mirz- zarclli, WRA prcs.: Carol Ramakcr, frosh prcsg Nancy Hcrbu- voaux, upper division rep.-at-largcg Elisc Kcrckhofli, junior pres.: Doris Higgins. boarder pics.: Peggyann Campbcll, NFCCS deli-- gfatcg Qsccond rowj Diane D'Alfonso, NSA coordinatorg Roscmary Iohnson, SB pres.: Maggit' Mc'Graw. nursing rc,-p.g Nlaurccn Fox. SB st'c,yg Cho Rohe, senior presg Anne Frances Russell, so Gl ' Will, sodality prefcctg Sue Colburn. lower man: Cthird rowj oria division rep.-at-largc: and Ann Scott. SB vicc-pres. C not pictured: George Maloncy. soph. pres.. and Kay Kemp, publicity chairman.l cial chair- t S X The Nursing Council is composed of the officers of the department of nursing students: June Swithen, seC'y-trt-as.: Rosemary David d Ma Qit l'VIcGiaw, son, apostolic chairmang Jane Bran er, pres.: 'gb H ' vice-pre-s.g Kathleen Ford, social chairman: and Lorraine Gib bons, soph. 1'epz'esentative. 4 ,Y-A The Coordinating Council. compost-d ol club prcsidcnts. met-ts with Ann Scott to clcar dates on thc calcndar. lVI-eiiibers of thc council are tscatcdj lVIarilyn Miiiiton. lWargarct Tripp, Ann Scott. Clart-Goss. DianeD,Alfonso, Cstand- ingl Pat Pierce, Rosemary Czulcgcr, and Kay Knauf. Knot picturcd: Peggyann Campbell. Marcia Wlilliams. Jeanette Gualano. Velma Salmcn, Eileen Kline, Bobby Walsh, and Joyce Mazzarelli. , D Page Sz.vfy-sczierz Sodalit Yffkx, -7' 6 si t X, Qi , ikx, c ,., ff, ,, , , Cloiia Will Prefect , cf ' it - fwfr ss ss " Q , , ' V A f M ii' ly Qty? i - if ' U X ' t 5 s KF il. Prefect Gloria Will addresses a meeting of the Sodality Council, whose mem- bers are: Qfirst rowj Joella Allen, Mary Holland, Carla Carlucci, Gloria Day, Shirley Burke, Qsecond rowj Eileen O'Laughlin, Eunice Smusl-ze, Joanne Vosika, Margaret Tripp, and Robin Boldenweck. Our Lacly's Sodality began the year with the consecration of all Socialists to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Projects included the Christmas toy drive with SWES and the Christmas book sale. Innovations in thc Campus bookroom were litur- gical and religious greeting cards and bookmarks. Bishop McGucken paid his annual visit to the Mount in December to celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception and presided over Vespers, assisted by Father Cremins. Peace was constantly in mind with Korean Peace Day, perpetual rosary, and Holy Hour once a month. Mary Krug Erlandson and Patricia Cromie led a discussion on the lay apostolate. moderated by Mount chaplain, Father O,Reilly. Reverend William Barry opened Lent with retreat beginning on Ash VVednesday, and during Lent Socialists said stations. About forty engaged students and their liances took part in the Mount's third annual Marriage Conference in April. Other important events were Christopher Career VVeek, reception of new sodalists, and Mary's Day with Mass and breakfast for Socialists and their mothers, May procession, rosary, and the crowning of Our Lady. The energy and devotion of the prefect and the moderator combined with the active support of capable committees, chairmen, and class representatives made the Sodality year important to spiritual growth, Page .S'1'.ic!y-eilghi Members of the apostolic coinmittee sew on altar cloths. They are ffll'St rowj Ann D'Alesio, Barbara Dobrott, Mary Frances Ross, Gloria Gessford, Csecond rowj Rosc- inary Lucente, Carla Garlucci, chairman, Georgia Nia- loney, ,Ioan Novy, Qthird rowl Rosalie Klein, and Molly Swope. The Mariology committee holds its study group meeting on the deck. Members are tfirst rowj Gretchen Von der Ahe, Joan Gocke, Eunice Smuske, Fay Blackburn, fsec- ond rowj Pat Perram, Glare Goss, Nancy Galt, Barbara Bashe, chairman, Mary Frances Ross, Danuta Krotoska, Pat Quinn, and Ann Freese. lvfembers of the literature committee examine books for the Sodality book sale. Members are ffirst rowj Sally Snow, Mary Morris, Justine Weiher, Barbara Selna, tsecond rowj Joanne Schott, Joanne Vosika, and Jo Davis. The publicity committee admires the Sodality bulletin board in St. -Ioseph's Hall. Standing are Noreen Higgins, Jean Johnston, Mary Frances Dolan, Louise Wood, Elaine Pfiffner, and Joan Novyg kneeling are Betty Oswald, Eunice Smuske, Rosalie Klein, and Ann D'Alesio. BfhllCll'l' Counfil ini-mbr'is Cho Rohv, Pat Bollig, Hilo:-n Hain- lf-v, Carol RiIlll1ilil'1', lsuhvl flowvn, Jun Cal IIIHHIIIS, lilisgi Luna, and Con thl flo 'S Boardrr otha-is Elisa Luna, vicv-picsidm-nt: Pat Bollig, svnior rw-pr'csi'1it.itix'v: Doris Higgins, presi- dvnti Eilvvn Hiiinley, junior in-prcsvntativvl Isabrl Cowen, freshman 1'm'pr:-st-iitativri and Blary Ann R.u11hcrg, sophoniorv i'm-pivsviitativv do thi- dishvs on Closvd ww-kvnd. 'Q rv 'R b B061 wie A510615 tion IS i ' 'l'h' val thi ll idvnu- hall was "home" to approximately one hundrcfd and fifty hoardi-rs. who flltllll the- hm-st opportunity to really know and lovf' thi- Blount. Freshmvn or seniors, thcy we-rc all vqually proud of thcir sclf-dn-coratf'd room. the hcuutiful parlor, and thi- bright dining room. Thx- nm-w public' addri-ss systm-m addvd a spark of Q-xcitcmcnt and also savcd many stcps for thosv on phono duty. Boardcrs enjoyed thcir traditional activitim-sz thi' last-minute parties in CllllCl'l'I1t rooms, aftvr- noon jaunts to YNL-stwood, thc' Christmas Banquet and Caroling party. and thc hoardcr dancin This yi,-ar thi-y uniti-d to give' a mclodious welcome to Cardinal Mclntyrc on his first visit to thi' Campus aft:-r his elm-vation to thi' College' of cardinals. Mori' of the serious side' of board ' rs at thc daily Missa Recitata and Complinc. rr-spf-ft for one unothcr. and in tht- joy that Com:-s from pi-frying, living, and working vr life was si-cn in tht' good numhcr of hoardc' in the mutual togcthvr as onv. 5, E a . R avi M 1 .V is . IQ r 98, fg iw na.- ch-ron, Doris - oil Mary Ann Ranihvig X and lalisff lxvivklioil plan .1 fund rinsing canipngn for 1 tflivl t Jr. .... 5 X 4 H 612: ,, J 'f' X sf- ' Q' N it f ' N l NV.R.A. officers, Anne Frances Russell, chairman of sports: Joe-lla Allen, treasurerg Elise Kerckhoff, publicity eo-chairman: Rosemary Czuleger, chair- man of tennis: Joyce Mazzarelli, president: and Anna Macchio, publicity co-chairman, watch the 'progress on the new P.E. office. 241.15 X , ssffyt Xf f, e., Qxgmwr 1 e 'A -, ' Sm, fssff. ff? . 1 5 X ,,. 2? X , . : . 1 f Z 4 e x wb ' - , X' X, ' 'E ft A ' as 5- is f ,i 'ft 5 4 Qs , .V .swf was-,. , - V my Q , y -X, xg, t f my QWQX ,ifxs 1 M- 1 X X Q s , so 7 4 s X H 1 fs 19 Msg f sa V . ses X f t, w , x 1, N ye f, s X f ,S la Q 7 .sv ' ,A ,ms vmakw . .9 -.., WK W., ., "fx, M-1. Z 11' -ggbtyif i -,s'+'2'v's 1 . 5 ,sr f sl gy, gf. - f. s W ...W V . y. ,, I sw .- ,, qw, , fam-"" it rv ek Wx ' rat SW is y i . ,E 32 X J O O 0 Women J Recreatzonal Afro muon At a swimming party to welcome new members, the WVRA explained its two-fold aim: to provide active sports enjoyment for all students, and to represent Mount Saint Ma1'y's in inter- school games and playdays. In November about thirty couples took a hay ride, and the following month students journeyed to Big Pines for the annual snow trip. The basketball team played UCLA and LACC and the volleyball team went undefeated. Club members enlivened a student body meet- ing in early Spring with a folk dance exhibition. WRA members saw Palm Springs in February and in March took another trip to the mountains. A field day and a beach party were May projects, and the theme "Water Colors" made the annual swim show a particularly beautiful one. Qther activities were a Mass and breakfast for the club as a whole. meetings of the WRA board, and the awarding of jackets for girls active in sports and other WWRA activities. gb 3 8 sifv 5 R , X as e f ,nys Q if 5 is ' As 15235 as -X if K Y ! 'sri ip sg,-!e'i5,2sM masses? 1 Some of the active W.R.A. members watch swim show prog- ress. They are Cstandingl Anna Macchio, Kay Scully, Mary El- len Laferty, Rosemary Czule- ger, Georgia Maloney, Marian Bryant, Joan Weston, Joyce Mazzarellig fseatedj Elise Kerekhoif, Fay Blackburn, Jo- ella Allen, Pat Callahan, and Anne Frances Russell. Page Seziezzty-0116 ,af , 'ia ,+R " A ,mi ,w-""' 'sg 52,1133 gg VMXX JSA. 'J ugh, J gt W I ',. vi if 'sq - gl:f5 45 i Q 'je'f.n',- F W' 1 .. .Q Q 524' ft if fgl.,t1-fb: s ,,-1' lxvxf' 5 4. N? H I f , F S f . -,- af Pflgr N mx., . ""'4v fl fl! 1I'.'IIlX'-ll. Il s x +44 .5 ,S K+..-119' Rmriiiiiiy johnson fl'CIllt'l st-atvdl, studcnt bodx' presi- dvnt, hc-lps fll'SllIIlt'I1 Dorothea Ross, Carol Cluik, lwlarw' Lou Smith, Carol Ratnakc-r, Marx' Ann Wightmun, Faith l,.i1kin, and Pat O'Brif,-n with thvii lK'glilfLlll0ll Cards during CJllt'l'll.dIlOll VVr-rk. Rosvniary johnson, Ann Scott, Kutlilcm-n Higgins, Gloria Will, Cho Rohe, and Elise- Kerckholf grc-f-t new students at tha- Studi-nt Council Rt-Cvption. Qbottoin rowj Jackis: Picard, Cho Rohv, Anno Frances Russvll, Sheila Sullivan, Kathlven Nfurphy, Joni-llc Gagvl, ftop rowj Ann Scott, Gloria Will, Carol Wvldy, Irfaric D'Anna, and Mary Ann Normanly cnjoy the Big-Little Sisti-y Bczwh Party at Playa Dt-l Rvy. M- Jo-.fknn Schull:-r, Barbara Bashe, and Nancy Bulklillcr examine thc Home Bc Cluh booth at the club bazaar. Nlrs. Kowalewsky surprises student Joan Wm-ston and fellow faculty members, Mrs. Chadwick, Mrs. Rejlek, and Father O'Reilly with 21 quick return at the annual student-faculty volleyball fzainv. Candidates for Loyola homecoming queen were tfront rowj Anne Park, Kathleen McGlincy, Kay Schmitt, Teresa Moreno, Mary Lou Smith, Anne Doyle, Noreen Higgins, ttop rowj Shirley Burke, Pat O'Brien, Julianne Murphy, Peggy Krier, Faith Larkin, Betty Atwill, Ernestine Barton, Elana Haidinger, and Kathleen Murphy. Elise Kc-rckhoff, Peggy Holtsnider, and Anna Macchio masquerade as their favorite song to celf-brate Hallowcfen at the Nlount, 1 'Boiling tv vt Hug .g. V if 'i , R f of , ,w r 1 , 'N ii ' gy! """J.,4, ,gig 7 l T X i f X x tfzwfigstl Gn- nw. Qt Wy ,fy QC? Q SON 11 - , . ' A MM ! ,ff . - ,,v e I I3 I ENS Xt n., N7-Nr . lAf,S7 ii Yviiimx. lf4l..ui1v XIaCI.ill1vy, Duiis lliggim, Dl.ll'1l' IJi.5xlfOIl5O, Iuwimzi Pliillipx UIJUIIN lici' mail .is utlu-1 lNl.llClt'1'S ciowcl .nouml Ciliii Ruling Km' Kn.iiif, Km' Scullv, Lind Lllll.l5Bl11'Cl1'Il, lead tln- thi- laoxm. f1lll1NlIIl.l4 c milling pi Jcrwsifvii in tlim- R1-sicl:-iicv Hall. ligiricm Pipwlclmu md ,Midim Gu-gg avrvi' -If-an Walsh, Pat Hziimzm, and Eilc-vii cyllfjllgllllfl at thc- St. Patriflfs Day liiuikfzist. V xs ,M I ,f- ff Fi. O'Re'illy explains thi- Catholic concept of mariiagc to sonic of the cngaged girls: Qstandingj Claudettc Drcnnzm, Iowarm Phillips, Eilvvn Kline, Mary Crvttoll Qsvatvdj Margarvt Tripp, Gloria Will, and Charlotte Rohm-. ,. A gf gf fix' h V N -" ' ' 5 , If v ix , , 1 , :, X L, ,- .aw W ., l Ng ,gi 1 . 4 ,fir MVA' ,. five V, E . ' ? L wx: , K 2 ' ,. ggi? Sl., i W .ff .1 5 A, . 3' Ml" 1 ' ' ' '3 " ' x V pf 4.91 4 f' W 79" 7 wwf' Interracial Week plans are laid by Claire- Jones, Eu- nice Smuske Cstandingj, Minerva Fiorentino, Chair- man, and Kay Knauf. Bill Tucker, Regional president of the Cgilif.-Nevadm Hawaii Region of USNSA, presents a resolution of thanks to Rosemary Johnson, Student Body President, at the Regional Assembly held lien-. Diane D'Alfonso Qfzn' leftl, regional treasurer, and Anne Fiances Rus- sell ffar rightj, assembly coordinator, look on. Y.C.S. group leaders, Jude Longshore and Milania Austin Qseatedj, and Claire Jones and Diane D'Al- fonso fstandingj, go over plans for an area study day with Fr. O'Rf-illy. fCloekwise from far leftj Robin Boldenweek, Marlene Huhn, Connie Markel, Mary Ackerman, Pat Callahan, and Sandy Stevenson practice for the fourth annual aquaeade, '4Water Colorsf' lii'm'stim' B nrton is Bn' lutx 1"6lWl6l In thc full of 1952, tht- Mount pn-st-ntvd Cnldvron dv l.i Barcxfs Thr Guia! World Tlzwfztw, il drama of tho life of man Jlii '-Cl h -i " - ' nowinff f'od T I it tion th: .ill-k , if . he- play, pci- forinvd vw-ry your hy tht- vntirm' town of Einsivdvln Switzmlund, was sw-n tlirrv in l95ll hy Harald Dyrrnforth, Nlount drguna diructor. With Sistvrs .luliv and Grctrlicn of Rosa " ' ' " nforth nridc' tht fi F a ry Colligo Mr. Dyrt- , . - rst Jnglish trzrnslntion of tht' play. Thi' Mount prvscnted its Amor- icnn lJI'l'IIlll'lil' in Novvinhvr, with thi- vntirt' studt-nt body pu Jlicizinq, united in l rostuming, and staging thi- produc- l h 1150 zindln-cl fc-inininv loads and tion. Mount studvnts cornprisvd the- singing and dancing choruses, as wvll as thi' orrl1m'strz1. for siqnificuint background music. Among prominc-nt spa-uttltors wt-rc His Eminvnri- kltunos Francis Cardinal Mrlntyrv, and many critics and journal- ists of thi' Los Angvlvs pross. Thi' play cnjoyvd gre-at silcicefss, culturally 'ind Hnwn ' ll , .. 4 j, walks with Ladislrms SZl'l'il'l 1 V' ' 1 and he n Xlton' NI . . C111 yg hut most im Jo 't it YU, . I .. . , if artin Con- iox, Ihr' Xdv' ' linux, looks on. I I ant, sis tin inspiring l't'llQl0L1S drgungx, thoroughly human and thoroughly Catholic. ,f Z , fe 5 'W ygewwr -W ggfiilf 'I 1' .--'I ,v T-,-i 'j t 1.--,W 'P ., Y - " rf, E ,.,.uz - Y ' A - , J y-,-nw . M . ,V-,f .- - .. . 1 ' 4- ' A V . Q. ,,1 . .f"' S , - b -qi- .ilfu 1 4. 'N -5 Nff'1".-'i'v,1' I. T "ji',"'. iii, . - has 'fum 'ff'-1!'f -th ' if if g,.,g:4.fgmgi,,y.... . if L b I . bf ,,. no f ,-'.' -" .M tt-f Q "I . ,. , ., 'v1'. . 'Av '53?'. 'mi lf:-in-stiriw lint-ton rnztsirs In-foiv Ludislnus Manii- Barry Cl:-ftj, as Corisrivncf-, joins Williuin Haggvnmn Cringcs as hi' is I1-d away Sl1'Illi, in il swrnf front 'flu' fifrn! lfnrlrz' NTJIIIVVII Nzilly as Tha' World on thi- sm-Cond hy D:-nth, portrund l ' -' 'I Ilfllfll, l--vi-l of thc- outdoor A . ' 1, . ,Wy yi my Huhut Pope: s igi. i Pad .Sf i fNlY'X1Y xxx l Durinv tht- spring st-rnestvr, the drama group pre- U i ' " '- ' li . Rid 'Tx to the pared Terence Rattigan s one act p ly 4 Sm. for thc lniniaullatt- Heart College drama fes- tival. ln April, the O'Conncll captivate ai ti ., L sented Peg O' Aly Heart under the direction of Frank Hanley. At the close of thc year, Nlount hrogue and Irish humor of Peg d ll h 'arts 'is the Milllllt pre- NWXM llI"IIIll'l'lt to E thvspians cooperated with the music clvp lx l 1 on campus. present the first annual opera wor '-s icp Stars of Rmlww to the Sen .ue Call Gznlalcr, El.xn.1 Haidingvi, ElIlfJStlI'lt' Buxton, and Maureen Nally. Nlarir- Bally, I A Greeting 'lPeg,', played by Eunice Smuske, on Principals of Peg O' My Heart are Bill Scott, In a tense conversation, Peg fEunicc Srnuske her arrival from America, are Ernestine Barton, Linda Marxe1', Frank Carmody, Eunice Smuske, pleads with Ernestinc Barton, to prevent hcl Bill Beifuss, Tom Ater, and Ernestine Barton. from leaving her family home. Becky Bohanon, and Frank Carmody. Page Seventy-561111 Smdmt L We -L .l , ,xr"f2v-P'-'.'1' " A ff' Lfisn 5355" 1 A' 1 -,ft 4 " A' Q: fix: 1' 'F sf 'iw I WW 7470! - X k N :h,4H,r3- 'A X ' -ff -.VIA-.7 vig' Y l'-fQ"1' ,N 1 ifsgfmf ,M 5-- lf, K ul 1 f W W2'7"1,f 1, Scrib 1 ,, I , . . . ,. lhc' lrvss Lluh. 111' Scrihi-s, was cwrggiiiizvcl hy ITll'IIll3t'l'S of thc- l Irzt' will to luitlif-r Cgilliolu Ylc1111'11z1l1sr11 and to 111c'i'f'z1sc' slucli-11t iiitvri-st 111 iliiit fivld, This ylill' thi- Illillll l'1ii1c'tirv11 ul' thi- Srrihvs was spmisoriiig Ihr- "Vi:-xx' liirtliclgiy l7.ll'lY.H itll llllllllill liuiicl-rziiking stag clziiiu' git whicli 11i1I.1l1li-N t'Ill1'l'llllIll'Cl. giluiigj with lmul 11111-11t from thi- Mc11111t :md Loyolgi. l'1uu'1-clx firnii thi- "Vim'w Birtlicliiy Party" wi-11t tfuwgircls fi11z1111'i11g thi' cullvgi- 1141111-1, 'llir I'1irzt'. This yi-girl iw-lr-liruiiiaii hvlcl 1111 April 213 iimilurcl thi- llllllll lllflllillly lor flu' l 1rzi'. ,'Xllfllll1'1' giniiugil vw-iit for thi-M Sc rihi-s was thi- Spring llltllllfll, QlVt'II . f Y - . , lur iirlviwis Llllll 11111cl1'1.itr11s of flu- liwiig :incl thi' fulluwiiig yi-urs fYlllll'lN wvii' 1'lm'cti'cl git that t1I11r'. Yiiriuiix gictivitivs ul thi- Svrilmi-s ligivi- llll'll1lll'Cl llllllllllff QI hootli :it "Night git thi- fXlu11i1t." uriitriluiitiiig tn thi- Rvcl Crops lhiw: llllil livlpiiijg Illlllllflll' thx- Full pr11cl11m'tic111 of Thi' UIIYII lfforld T,1l'Ilft'I'. Page liiglzfy bciibn-5: Bobby W.1lsl1, Marion RQ'llllIIll', Sally Snow, jill Curtis, jean Call, lxfltlfy Joan Storm, and Lillian Pt'I'1'ylll criticize The View for for- 11111t .md Coiitmit. jill Lfuitis, Bobby Walsh, Cil't'tChCIl V011 dvi Alia-, Sally Snow, MdI'y' Joan Stoi-111, Cliiirc Jones, and Joan Carry Cliuuss- cl:-Cmritioiis for thx' Vie-w Birth- d.1x' P.11iy 011 April 25. Mi-iiihvrs of Scribes art- Miritiiii Kam, Claim- 101108, SCC.-Trcas.: Sally Snow, Jo Davis, Business Manager: Bobby Wzalhh, Prcsg Mary 10.111 Storm, Jill Cuitis, joan Clarify, and .lc-Q111 Call, Xfllfl'-PIV5. 'f v F 1307116155121 m Parnassian ini-inbers Shirley Burke, ,, Jean Walsh, Dorothy Roberts, Charlotte Siegel, Eileen Kline 112 5 .-1 Dorothy Smith, Gloria Francis, Anne Frances Russell, Mary Evelyn Q lN1eiehelboek, and Joey Rennison gather for an informal diseussion. N., Reading the latest in the Newman seminar are Graee Presto, Diane D'Alfonso, Barbara Woods, Rose- mary johnson, and Susan Me- Donough. Members greeting Sir Arnold Lunn, on his annual visit, are: Gloria Francis, jean Walsh, Susan Me- Donough, Barbara Woods, Grace Presto, president Eileen Kline, Dorothy Roberts, Pat Pierce, Mary Ann Greer, tseeond rowj Diane D'Alfonso, Pat Pinneo, Barbara Selna, and Maripat Donohue. .a I 4.5 .- tl S, Q . is ax -.......1"' The Parnassians, the English elub at Mount Saint Mary's, was organized in 1934 to interest students in good literature and Creative writing. The year started with a reorganization meeting to plan a new elub constitution. During October the members saw Christopher Fryfs Ring Round the Jlffoon at the Pasadena Play- house. In December they enjoyed a soeial hour, featuring eolor movies on English and French literature, diseussion, and refresh- ments. Later in the year, Parnassians operated a sueeessful fish pond at Night at the Mount. They attended a dramatic monologue of Rirhard III and participated in the eommunieation arts panel at the NFGGS Regional Congress at Loyola. En nzassej they at- tended Neze 1110011 produced by Loyola's Del Rey players. Guided by Sister Marie de Lourdes, Parnassians have Come far toward the fulfillment of their aims. Page Eiglziy-0111: PII f l',l1lQ!lfY-ful? Mufic lub xIL'IIll3l'lN of tht- Nlusic Club gatlivi .Hound thx' piano for .1 monivnt of .J . tlnlinstun, ROSl'lIllil'y' Lum-ntt' v .3 . ,Y nit- Viftoiinn, Holt-n Pawli lilgiim- Phffncr, Toni Dm-Bt-llis, dvi .Xhtg .ind Vt-lnm Suluie-n. L'ndt-r tht- putrmiugv of Saint Ccciliu, tht' aim of the- Musit' Club t0wui'd an intt-rt-st and low fm' inuxic. was fully promntvd this yn-ur. An lI1fI'OClLll'fOl'y tm ufcltiuiiitvd ull Iilllsltlllly- minds-d studvnts with tht- purpcmfs of thv organization, and throughout tha' yt-nr dvlightful tt-as wt-rv vnjoyvd at thi- lionu-s of tht- iiiciiilnws. Thu t'hm'4il 9'roup and tht- string vnscinhlv 5 pltiyvd 41 lurgv pant in tht- Sl1C'l'ltSS of that GNU! lffurld Tllwatrz' :ind Peg U' Aly Hvrzrt. Tlicy pl'm'svntm'd PITJQIQIIIIA and 1't't'itz1ls hoth on and off vzunpus. 'l'ht- hlusic Cluh zlttvndvd tht- Friday night t'01ic'vi'ts at tht' Lm Angt-lm Philhzumunit' Auditorium. the nvw opt-rus of tht' xeusoii, and thx' it-vittlls givt-n hy svniur nit-inhm-rs. Othvl' worthwhilv projt-t'ts included ll fund-raising tuunpglign fm' zi nm-dy !Il0tl1t'l' and he-1' child, and gi booth ut Night git tht' Mount, . . , . . . ., N-, ln all that tht-y did tht' hliixla' Cluh strovt- to fulfill tht- words of Duvlds psalm, Lim- tutt- Dnniino fllllflflllll ncwuni." SENIOR Rl'iCl'l'."XI,S .uv :always gin outstuucling 1-vviil 'llhix yr-.11 thvy XVVIKK' givvn hy xfvt'lIllil Sulint-n, flu-tl Dit-tml und Cloriti Huy, Put lIl1l'II1.lll, und Kiln' rightj Bvxw-ily Cz.u. Lt - ' ll.lI'IHOIlY, Tlle-3' .uv Qstundingl 1 lcstn- fi:Okll'Clt'illl, Lucy Cohen, Bvi- ng, and Winnifivd Shuttg QQrf:it:'dl Gloria Dux, Civtl Dim-tze-l, Gin-tflicn Yon Practicing for the High School Senior Tea is the String Ensemble: Qstandingj Bernie Victorino, Gretl Dietzel, Toni Dc-Bellis, Gloryann Audia, Celeste Gourdeau, and Jean Neal: Cseatedl Velma Salmen and Pat Sanders. Mary Milligan, Jean Johnston, Nancy BuMille1', Jo-Ann Schuller fstandingl, Pat Sanders, and Molly Swope prac- tice in Room Seven. "Schola practice, F l8," is a nightly occurrence. Barbara Selna fat the pianoj leads Vivian Laubach, Kay Knauf, Marie Barry, Mary Ackerman, Joanne Schott, Justine Weiher, Ann Bondan, Lucy Cohen, Milania Austin, Ei- leen O'Loughlin, Mary Joan Storm, and Gloryann Audia. s 3 i S 2 N x -.Xt Q 'v 4 " M, Sim fi A Q jsut: --Q - 0 fesffrsgwfms 4 H,f ai 1 , me N Q X Page Eighty-three T19 International Lan na e Club Il t International Language Cluh was organized to stimu- late interest in foreign lanquages and culture. A "Night Around the World" dance held in the Mount hall- roorn highliejhted the year Foreign dinners were enjoyed each st-ini-str-r. Other activities included the trip to Padua Hills for the Christmas miracle play. Las Pomdat, and travelogues which pr:-st-ritt-cl the culture of France, Spain. and Italy. Several guest speak:-rs gave interesting and instructive accounts of Europe. Nlariy members of the International Language Cluh were honored hy Alpha Riu Gamma, national honor society for stu- dents of modern foreign languages. At a candlelight cere- mony held in March, the society received several faculty rnem- hers as honorary members. Twelve students bt-came charter rnernhvrs for their work in Spanish, French. German, and Italian. The International Language Club and Alpha Mu Gamma plan close cooperation in the future toward their mutual goal of furthering understanding and appreciation arn of the world. w . - 1 one all peoples 'ax r,, ,, tw A at gg x N S?-ft . vw. ...H Enjoyin k f round the World" are ILC members and their dates: Callie Orfanos, Alicia Wick, Jeannette Gualano, E'Lane McCaffrey, and Mary Virginia Doyle. g "Night X Watching a travelogue are Ctop rowj Bertha Munoz, Alicia Wick, Jeannette Gualano, Maureen Nally, Marie Barry, Maria Munoz, teen- ter rowl Eileen Hainley, Carmen Munoz, Julieta Cuevas, Mary Crettol, Ana Maria Cota, Frances Benke, Mary Virginia Doyle, thot- tom rowj Rosemary Lucente, Bella Jacobs, Gaby Marciacq, Beatrice Borquez, Callie Orfanos, and Iowana Phillips. Members gathering for an ILC meeting are ttop rowj Elaine Phffner, Molly Swope, Jean Johnston, Anita Marciel, Carol Crawford, Bernie Vietorino, Gladys Block, fcenter rowj Margaret Cain, Mary Beth Burns, Beverly Foster, Betty Mae Cabral, Luke, Jo- Anne Kealohanui, Dolores jones, Bee Benko, fbottom rowj Toni DeBellis, Thelma Garcia, Phyllis Settecase, Lucy Cohen, and Peggy Cosgrave. in-1 52- : i ii 1. f i .1 Eu ebiam L7nder the patroiiuqi- of Saint Eusehius, the Mounts his toil' club iiilt-rm-sts itsvlf in liistoricnl, politieal, and intl xxitli 1 ti Q llllllfllllil prohlenis. The Eusm-higuis he-gan the year for its new inn-inhi'-is and 1-iiti-i't4ii1iiiiviit in the Q lmin ol 1 nu uid scxii il Etliopvgnii lollx Srotcli hallud. ll Spanish da 4 ' "'A' L 4 , J songs. In ID4'l'l'Illl3t'l'. Illi'I!llUt'lH gave Ll Cliristinas party lol t nr'm'Cly Chilclivn of Saint Pvterls parisli Later in thi' year. Ruse-hignis sim' in nioving pirtim- on Cali ,I fornizi history. 'l'he-y giclclvcl ti Clgirt hootli t im-stivities v Night at thi- lWount. During Easter Vllfllllllll, they gave in M31ACl3 Willi2H11S, P1'l'SidvI1t: Bvv- other party lor in-i-dy rliildrvn, and in Apiil the rluh pu ull' C2315 lilsfomffil PM P1Q'iC'i ticipznted in in panel on current alllrirs at the NFCICS im-gio and Charlotte Siegel, P1l'Cl'i't21l'Y- A . . A . . . 1 foiigivss. Ihr- final nu-ating, with elertion and installatioi tri-zisurer, open thi- COll1'l'-lDE11'. , , , ol new other-i's. looked forward to an equally native ll i Preparing for a field trip are invin- bers Diane D'Alfonso, Anne Frances Russell, Jo Davis, Mary Evelyn Meichelbock, Shirley Burke, Joey Rennison, fin Carj Mary Alice- Zalesny, Dorothy Smith, Qfar rightj Beverly Czar, and Mary Ann Greer. Meeting for a coffee break are Cseatedl Joanne Vosika, Elisa Luna, Gloria Francis, Grace Presto, Barbara Woods: Cstandingj Lillian Pereyra, Inez I.46'LlIf'I'ltZ, Joyce Mar- kel, Bella Jacobs, and Susan Mc- Donough. fruitful PIUQINLIIU for thi- Corning year. it H as fm 'Hg N E g f X v Home l s onomicr Club ix? Members are Hirst rowy Peggy Holtsnider, Jeannette Gualano, Margaret Vezzetti, Marianne Munch, Eileen Hainley, Pat Ol- son, fcenter rowj Rosemary Czuleger, Anne Park, Joyce Markel, Dorothy McNeil, flast rowl Maria Munoz, Suzanne Ensminger, Peggy Ki-iex, Mary Reimann, Margaret Nestei, Ann Kieffer, 'IW-res.i lVloreno, and Kay Schmitt. Pagr I:'1'4g1i1y-nt' Dorothy McNeil, social chairmang Peggy Coates, 511 X K -M, , , treasurerg Anne Park, vice-presidentg Rosemary fi Czuleger, presidentg Lavelle Rotsler, secretary 3 Pat Olson, program chairmang Kay Schmitt, lower- division representativeg and Joyce Markel, scrap book chairman, relax in the parlor. QNot pictured: Peggy Holtsnider, publicity chair- ' man, and ,Ioan Gocke, upper-division representa- tive.j The aims of the Home Economies Club are to create an understanding of Christian living in community and family life, and to stimulate action toward this goal among students at Mount Saint Mary's. Une of the most active and prestige- winning eluhs on campus. their year started with an initiation tea for new members. Two members were eleeted to ofliees in the college elub section of the American Home Economies Assoeiation. At Christmas members dressed dolls for under- privileged children and served as hostesses for the sixteenth province of AHEA. They attended meetings of home economies groups at Los Angeles and in Santa Barbara. During Family Wet-k they gave a mother-baby party, with alumnae mothers and their ehildren as guests. In May they highlighted a busy year with the seventh annual fashion show and tea, in which students modeled the fashions they had made themselves. Thus the members created specific and fruitful programs to put into very real practice their club aims. VZ. G in Waiting for HE 199 to start are fscatcdj Jeanne Lauticr, Lavelle Rotsler, Peggy Coates, joan Schneider, joan Tre- hearne, Carmen Munoz, Hclen McEachen, Allison Mac- Donald, Qstandingj Maureen McKernan, Gwen Sharp, Carol Clark, Grace Byrnes, Dolores Jones, Johanna Lum, and julieta Cuevas. Working in the sewing lab are Helen Mcfiachen, Joyce lklarkel, Eileen Hainley, Rosemary Czulcger, and Anne Park. Rosemary Czuleger Qsecond from rightj shows the milli- nery display to guests at the winter workshop of Province XVI of the College Club Department of the AHEA. Awaiting a chance to sample their work are Ann Kieffer, Gwen Sharp, and fstandingj Suzanne Ensminger, Nancy BuMiller, Jo-Ann Schuller, Marilyn Condie, Margaret Nester, and Margaret Anderson. NWN- 1X ' A , W -. YW, Rx, H 1 ft, ...I i :unr- SXVIZS Lirtivitii-s xwrm' as vairivd us tlii' IIll'IIll3l'l'S of thc' club. A pri--si liool spinglu-tti clinnvr sit tliv pn-sidi'nt's lioinf- in fllt'I1ClLllt' stgirtvcl tlli' yvair. Shortly :iltvr studivs lm-gain. gi wvlvonic tvu drvw lliv 1 lnlu tugi-tli:-r in gi inorr- lorinzil si-tting. UN WH-4-li gave studvnts an cliginiv to liczir Sistvi Horti'nsi4i's Iirst-liilnd lIllIJI'l'SSl0llS ol lliri flviiviuil Assn-inhlyg lim-r in ilu- yvzir ll group piirtiriputc-d in tlii: Nloclvl UN gil l3vi'l4i'li-y. lX44-inlwrs viipioymfl pgirtivs Lit Iliillowcvn, Cllnistnigis. :incl lizistvr lor llii- sc'ttli-ini-nt all Pzivoiiiiii. 1Iltl'l'K'LlltllI'lll XXX-vls liroiiglit l1'l'lllI'L'S. inovivs, Lind thi- Ili- PU1'l'4'S Pmf. Cutlmlii' niiiiiivcl vniiplvs wlm spolu' during Fzniiily NNW-vls inspirvd l'VC'IyOIN' to xxurlx lor thi' lxl'Sl4lI'llllUII ol' Cliristiun lgnnily lilk-. SXYIZS giliiniinii- Qiiisw-if-cl cliivstions git tlii' April rc-union. An instzillgilion lxiiiqiivi clrwsi-cl Ll lmusx' Linfl liruitliil SXYIQS vviir. Pl1"1' lilnllfl'-l'f 'III N 'S A N L ,41 Jie" 1. SWES SWHS rin-inbvrs nivi-ting in tln- Browsing Rooni .in-: inn Hooij Nancy Ni-wvll, Mr'inic.i Gosnc-ll, Ciiilliv Orfginos, Gaby fvILnCi.iCq, Many Rcilnnnn, Csmitcdb Nlinnic Fiorvntino, Doiis Onwllvt, Doro- thui Ross, Kay Knauf, pivsidi-nt, Marilyn Nlunton, Cstandingj Doiis Higgins, Bvtty Cain, Judi- Long- shoir-, B.iilJ.n'n Dobrott, lxflLi1lQ.lll't Tripp, Glorin Will, .ind lN'Iilnni4i Austin. flst rowj Marv Lou Crude, Maiy Ackc-riiigm, Iowana Phillips, Sui- Colburn, Joan ML-rgcns, Fay Blackburn, find rowj Eclytliu Hargott, Nlary Vir- ginia Doyle, Kathy Higgins, Eunici- Sinuskc, Lucy Cohvn, fiird rowj janv M:11'sl111ll, Julia Pclnan, Miriam Kam, Jo Bunyurd, Mary Brusstar, Pat Pwr- ram, and Carol Rainakffr. -Ioiin Novy, Jani' Mriisl1.'ill, und Lufy Cohvn wizip prvsvnts for thi- SWES Christmas party at Pacoiinri. HUFQF' " 7 N ., A , llama:-5 hvila Sullivan, Pat Betty Dunnigan pours for S Bollig, Betty Troncy, Phyllis Kincy, and Cho Rohr' at the annual ahnnnae tea. M , -1144-H M s 'VF' 'ef ri Rho 'l'ri Rho, which dr-notes the tlirve Rls ul c-cluczuion, has .is lt iinv of C' itholic ideals in 1-chu'ation and Clvvvlolm- its aims thi- fuitl -' 5 lg . . ing lllliOl'Ill4'Cl minds and professional attitudes. Avtive in thi- Culi- fornia Student Tm-m'ln'i1s Association, ineinbt-is att:-iicli-cl woiksliops ' S " -c " liliornin and Los Angeles State held git the lfiiivi-i's1ty ol Southm in L11 College ancl gi leucli-isliip training corill-n-rice at Asiloniar. Holding' ll sent on the Executive Council, 'l'1i Rho took part in ini-etings in Los Aiigeles and Sun Fl'LlIlt'liCO. The ym'11r's activities inclucln-ci ll tux to introcluu- new invinhers to Tri Rho. a dinner given by student teaclii-rs for tlieir training teaclieis. the Dutch auction for Night at thi- Mount. a tm for gracliiatvs of the eclucgition dc-pgxrtinvnt. and pQn'ticipg1tion in the cclucation panel of the NFCCS regional congress. A Pl'OITllIlL'llf guest spi-ulicr this year was Mi's. Healy. music supervisor in " " ' Sft' Klary Hortensigi is inod- the Los Angeles seconclaiy schools. is ci viator of the club. M 'V ' ?y"!'w:v,,t 'Z , . 9 ' if-M 1,7 xv gf -t rin A, ,V ' T ,, YW Z Yyxx V x bbq' Q l 45 - ' 0, if X A Z ,. ' ' ,-za Future teachers fseatedj Winnifrm-cl S an Mc- Ph llis Shutt, Barbara Woods, us Donough, Grace Presto, y , Joan Heu- Kiney, Barbara Cabot er? Cstandingl Da e, Joan Wade, nuta Krotoska, Rosemary Lucent Barbara Jane Luke, Fay Blackburn, Sally Snow, look over study plans. and Audria Gregg WNW. .-5 1 J' 43 M, is 'ESV' H ,N 2 M, -f . L- W, 1' as ,' 4? 3, S Q V, , me vs 5 2 is 3 i I Q I s S 294 '- 'i 1 A Q i .r Ny ,W .,.. H Su ' X 4 v .s ' .lyke ,f " , iv V gh 'NW' NX ,K Examining the library in the curriculum Davis, Charlotte Siegel, d'nj Betty Willinger lab are Qseatedj Jo Pat Pierceg Cstan 1 g , ' ' h l- Eileen O'Loughl1n, Mary Evelyn MCIC e bock, Betty thy Roberts, and Barbara Breen. Dunnigan, Gloria Francis, Doro Page Eiglzty-lzirzt fi' 52 Kathleen Ilzlggim Regional Vice-piesident Peggyann Campbell tcenterl, senior delegate, ineets with her campus com- IlllIlC'C, .Ioan Novy, Kathleen Higgins, Ella Jo Bunyard, Barbara Dobrott, Ann Kieffer, Dorothea Ross, Niargaret Nester, and Mary Frances Ross. ,,,..-- 'l'he National Federation of Catholic College Students, uniting two hundred thousand American students. aiins to foster student leadership and interest in co-curricular activities. 'lihe first such activity was the Mariziii Congress, held in October to present artistic and factual information ahout the Blessed lvlother. During the year, Mziriaii study tluhs mct weekly for similar discussion. In the Spring, the first annual inter-college communion mass and breakfast was field for the Los Angeles region. which is compoeed of the four local Catholic colleges. 4Q1'.XifIlr'fVY 3 1 Wa On the international side, the Federation sponsored a student exchange, at which foreign students from several colleges exchanged views and enjoyed a distinguished guest speaker. NF also cooperated with SWES in the Mountls annual UN week. ln April a regional congress was held at Loyola Uni- versity, where students participated in discussion of topics pertinent to various fields of study. The plenary sessions dealt with the intellectual apostolateg a dinner and dance rounded out a valuable and enjoyable day. Th-:f United States National Student Assonintion is an orgunizzition ol tolli-ge studm-nt bodies. rt'prn-sm-nted through their student govffrnnivnt and designed to pro- niott- tht- inte-rests and NN1'll-lll'K' ol the Aniericnn student vonnnunity. Artivitivs of the CHIIIIJUS voinniittev. 41 standing l'UlIlIIllttt'1f ol tht- stud:-nt govern- rnm-nt, began with the direction of the club orientation ol' fl't'Sl'll1i1'I1, whith was in the forin of a t'a1npus-bazziznx NSA vo-sponsored United Nations Wt-ek, ll highlight of which was an NSA pant-l on the general structure, purposes, and guliir-y1'im'nts of the UN. lVIe1nbers of this fonnnittee compiled and st-nt to other schools in svwri- page bibliography on ticadviiiic fret-doin. NSA publicized on rarnpus the studr-nt discount service and has proniotvd student use ol it. European Student louis have been brought to the attention of the student body. A regional assembly was ht-ld in llzxrcli on this cainpus. With dt-lt-gates from all over California attending, regional 1-lvvtions were held. The regional oH:1c'er from tht- Mfitiiit was rt'-eletstecl tl'C'2lSL1l'l'I'. 'llhis roininittee studied tht- IJI't'l-l'l'CI1tlEll voting system and presented it to the student body to use in subsqurnt elm-ftions and also gzrmnged the fanipus luidership c'o1ifn'rn'Iiu'. tm is - lx '43 MN DT Discussing plans for the leadership conference are Diane D'Alfonso, co-ordinator, and committee members Nancy Van Dyke, Pat Smith, Connie Mzirkel, Eunice Smuske, Joan Schneider, Carla Wright, Clare Heun1'phi't'us, Helen Russell, and Lu Mattson. Dzkme Diflyomo Regional Trezlsilrvi' Page Nifzeljr-0116 :Rag ff? ed Croix M,,,,f- 0 , M' + , -K.. , 3 Y. 0 A if I Clhcckinq plvdgr' cards for tht: Rr-d Cross Fund Diivc arc connnittw- incin- lncrh: Runict- Smuskc, Dorothca Ross J Q1',XilII4'fY ffm: fstandingj, Barbara Svlna, Nlary Ack- crman lstandingj, lX14u'ilyn Munton, chairman, Dorirs Our-ll:-t, Val Munton Qstandingl, and Eilr-1-n Hainlt-xx Thr campus unit of thc Rt-d Cross strivvs to furthcr national aims of thc Amcr- iran Red Cross through close' roopcration. This ycar a wclcoming tea was ht-ld for nt-w lIlt.'IHl'JttI'S in October. Thr- cluh hostcd thirty forcign students during lntcrna- tional Student! VVcck. At lunchcon in thc Bluc Room, xtudcnts told of customs and c:'lc-hrations peculiar to thvir nativc lands. Thr' "Bloodmohilc" visitcd thc Blount rzunpus and Students and faculty donatcd sixty-five pints of blood. Thr- March fund drivc also reccivcd activc- xupport. At Christmas. IHt"lTll'Dt'I'S drcsscd dolls as pn-scnts for underprivilcgcd childrcn and knittcd swr-ate1's for hospitalizcd vctcram. Childrcn of a local orphanage r-njoycd an Eustcr party arrangcd hy thc campus Rcd Cross. Omcers wcrc clcctrd and installrd in Nlay and lookcd forward to ainothci your of sclvicc. fPicturr' at leftj Val Munton and Doris Oucllct rcgistvr at the campus Blood Bank as fpicturm- at rightl Barbara Dobrott, Vclma Salmon, Jo Bunyard, and Margaret Munncmann rclax aftvr donating blood. wh lu. . if X .Ma-fa' V4 W' f , , ' . . df? ' f ' ,,, ' t A Q , W 1 QWQQZ .dam A x 'WW HQ, H at ,J h . ' T em Mu g "1- V 5' Observing one of the specimens in the Zoology lab are Kappa Theta Mu ,Af , Mft" 1' t' 3, W" members: Cseatedj Gloria Will, ,Io- anne Schott, Justine Weiher, Pat Quinn, and Margaret Tripp, presi- dent: Cstandingj Eleanor Leavell, Martha Moltena, Thelma Garcia, ldarianne Munch, and Georga Grupe. Kappa Theta Mu, signifying "God rules the world," is the name of the Science Club, organized to arouse interest in scientihe work and to unify various scientific departments. thus increasing the knowledge of each. Those wearing the traditional pins, include majors or minors in the fields of chemistry, bacteriology, biology, physics, mathematics, Zoology, nursing, or dietetics. New members became acquainted with the club and with its congenial moderator. Father James O,Reilly, at a tea held in October. During the year business meetings were balanced by social gatherings at which scientific Elms were shown. A field trip to Los Angeles County General Hospital, where the members also attended a session of the psychiatric court, climaxed the year's activities. With other clubs Kappa Theta Mu participated in the NFGGS regional congress and in Night at the Mount. The year closed with the election of officers and their installation at the annual banquet. Margaret Mary Swope Cwith pencilj demonstrates a biological model to her fellow club members: Cstandingl Margaret Cain, Pat Carroll, Carla Wright, Carol Atchison, Carol Weldy, and Lilias Burdeng fseatedj Pat Smith, Joan Carey, Mary Ellen Laferty, and Clare Heumphreus. .Q gay 1 Page Ninety-three , 'vii KW Gamma Pi Eilom-n Klint-, Patricia Murphy, Doris Higgins, ElP1lIlOI'LC2iVt'll,fSCCOI1dl'0XVl P.1tricia Harmon, Maria Martinez, and Lillian Pcix-yin will graduate with distinction and have bm-n outstanding li-,ldi-rs in vxtra-Curricular nctix' '1tics. ix ,, at it .. A N 'K by 5 fx 5 Pi Delta Phi P' Delta Phi the National French Members of the 1 , Honor Society, are Gretl Dietzel, Ana Maria Cota, Beverly Czar, Mary Ann Greer, Nancy Herbu- veaux, and Shirley Burke. Chem irtrjf H onor Societ At the installation tea, members of the ' S 'et crowd around the Chemistry Honor oc1 y are Maria Martinez, Peggyann table. They Campbell, Camille Lutfy, Miss Hallie Bundy, guest speaker, Georga Grupe, president Carla. Wright, Carol Atchison, Martha Mol ' h tt and tena, jus Eleanor Leavell. tine Wexhcr, Joanne Sc o Q 1 N 525, . ia, 1? wa' E 'Q x E Al 0 mi' ta. ' - s s m f i s ' E aaa -S A6319 Mu Gamma N tional Modern Language Honor Society, Al ha Mu Gamma, the ax St. Mary's College chapter. P installs the charter members of the Mount is AA. Page Ninety -MM-.-- , f ,XXX ad Y Es ,..- A 1 ' x A 'z 'E'-far? . A . ' x'I4'IIliJt1iS of thu- 'liii-soioiity t'111111Cil Cfiont P1-ggi P.lliiiNSOI1, ji-tin Walsh, Bvtty Wi llingcr, iowj thank rowj Doiis Higgins, Nancy Ht'1'i1llN't'ill1X, and B411l1.11:1 Dobiott 1111-1-t witl1 Chuiiinaii Clan: Goss, tfttnidingb. Actin- I1lt'llliJ4'lS .nv Cfiist iowj .Xggimf Ostcr- k.1n1p, Jt'411111t' Lziutivr, Kathlvvii NICCiiiIlCY. Jlllidlllil' Mtnphy, fc1:11t1-1' rowj jam- Lacy, Pt-ggi P2il'kiI1SOIl, Mary Lou Smith, Faith Linkin, flast rowj Betty .-Xtwill, Nancy Her- btivc-unx, Mary Ann C3iciOIlIlCii, Bt-vt-ily Cal- houn, Bt-tty Tronfy, Mary Ann Wightman, Midria Cilt'gg, Rose-inary Ht-ffion, and Carol Cllzirk. Kapp D It K.'lIIIJ.l Uvltgt Chi has hvcii gwtivt- git Blount Saint Niill'Y'S sinu- 191313. its n111i11 iCiL'Lli is thi' cfst11hlisl11111f11t ui' .1 tint- sixtvrlicitid t1111c111g thi- nvtiw IHCIIli3C1'S. as xvtfll Lis thc llillllllllltl Thi- 41t'tix'itit's of tht' s01'01'ity thiy yt-111' XX't'liL' 11131151 Follcm'i11g tht' "w4'lt'c1111t' bark" di1111t'1'. IIlEll1l'JC1'S 1111111111-cl tht- illllllltli rush tra. tht' i11fo1'111al party with its t1'z1ditio11g1l X'Yt'Sf0I'Il tht'111n', and tht- forinnl acrvp- t1111tc di1111t-1'. Lutvr ill thc YCZII' 11111111 thc f01'111al pn-- st-11t11tiu11 of plvdgw, tht- Christnias party, Ll Closvd we-t'k-1-11d. and tht' fc11'111z1l initi11ti011 of 11ew IllCIHbC'l'S. I k'ud 5 I ,I Prlbgf'.X'1'l11'lw1'-.xi.1' Plzinning ss,-cond sc1111-stm-1' activitics Al1'C l1t'W offict-rs B1-tty Atwill, co1'1'cspo11ding Sl'ClXL'I2ilY1 Mary Ann fyciOIlI1L'ii, rccording SL'Cl'f't2il'y1 Nancy Hcrbuvcaux, prvsidt-11t1 Pt-ggi Parkinson, vicv-pn-side-11t1 ROSKAIYILIIAY H1-ffion, social sc-C11-tuiyg and Kathy MCGlinry, tl'1'Al5lll't'l, bi S0 orit Other soeial affairs were hayrides, fraternity ex- ehanges, beaeh parties, and week-ends out of town. As an organization of young Catholic' women. Kappa Delta Chi attended Holy Mass and reeeived Communion in a body on several occasions. They did volunteer work for the Red Cross and prepared Christmas boxes for underprivileged Children in Pa- eoima. Thus working, praying, and having fun to- gether gave Kappa Delta. Chi a fruitful and enjoyable year, f ,Q 1 t xi 2 V , K A O 4 . 1 me .. 'QI A sail , V, ,.y,.A A sim, Li Making plans for rushing activities are hrst semes- i ilhcers Betty Atwill, social secretary: Betty tex c T roney, presidentg Nancy Herbuveaux, viee-presi- dentg and Rosemary Heffron, treasureip CNot pic- tured: Clare Goss, seCretary.l Y Kathy McGlincy, Clare Goss, Betty Atwill, Betty Troncy and Cstandingj Rosemary HeHron, Mary Ann O'Connell, Peggi Parkinson, Jeanne Lautier and Nancy Herbuvcaux relax during "Hell-week-end" at Laguna Beach. g --eww 'Nr' i i' ' Formal presentation of Kappa pledges tfirst rowl Carol Clark, Lorraine Gibbons, Beverly Calhoun, Julianne Nfurphy, Audria Gregg, it V, D tsr-Cond rowj Mary Lou Smith, Mary Ann ,"2 Wightman, Faith Iparkin and Aggie Oster- 'Uf kamp, took place in the Garden Room of the Bel Air Hotel. Page Nizzely-sezien uw JA- a fiwri 5' w 7 , , wa if YFW' fan is. X131 1 . -5, T Fa . ,ru ,i,,,,, ff-f X ga 4 5 -J it Tau AQQIQ ,W 1 L x, UN A.. it V , I V. L: , Ar TAZ pledges at their formal presentation at Club Del Mar are: ffirst rowj Joyce Markel, Anne Park, Dorothy McNeil, Jody Class, Carol Ramaker, Jane Coles, Qsecond rowj Dorothea Ross, Margaret Nest:-r, Margaret Munnemann, Peggyann Campbell, Isabel Cowen, Robin Boldenweck, Pat Smith, Cthird rowj Joan Trehearne, Marie St, Pierre, Ella Jo Bunyard, Pat Paxton, Mary Jane Garvin, and Joan Carey. TAZ officers for the first semester were ffirst rowj Pat Carroll, tI'C3Sl1l'f'lAQ Ann Scott, vice-presidentg Qcenterj Mary Reimann, social secretary: Law-lle Rotsler, president: Bella Jacobs, recording secretary: and fstandingj Marcia Williams, pledge mistress. Second semester TAZ ofhcers: Bella Jacobs, vice-prcsidentg Pat Carroll, president, Garvin, treasurer, Pat Smith, pledge mistress: and Peggyann Campbell, social secretary, plan the sr-rm-str-i's activities. lNot pictured: Pat Paxton, recording sf-crf-tary. J Pagr .Yilzvfy-figlif Genny Castellanos strums her uke while Peggyann Campbell, Robin Boldenwcck, Lavelle Rotslcr, Doris Higgins and Isabel Cowen harmonize. Margaret Munnemann, Dorothea Ross, Barbara Cabot, Joyce Markel, and Jan Calderon gather toys for the orphanage parties. Zeta S0 orit rllilll .Axlllllll Z1-141 l141x lTt'1'Il 4111 111'tix'1- s111'111'ity si111'1- IUQO, ii11xt1-1i11g l1-.1d1-1xl1ip g111cl l1'i1-11cl5l1il1 :11111111g its 1111-111l11-rs 4111Cl Zllllllllllltl Rusliing 51-41x1111 was 11111- ul' tl11- l111xi1-xt ti1111-N d111'i11g tl11- 1-1-111, rlllrlf' liiwt 411'tiviiy was tl11- f1'11'111g1l 1'11sl1 tl'2l, wl1i1-l1 was ll11ll11w1-Cl by 1111 i11li111111141l p411ty3 l111tl'1 XYlY'l't' l1t'lCl 41t tl11- l1111111-5 of 411'tiv1- lIll'IIll3l'l'S. At tl11- 1-11d of 1'11xl1i11g, tl11-1'1- was il ll0l'lIl1ll lJl'l'lil'I'l,'I1L't' di11111-1' :1t tlill' Fox g111d II111111cls Rt,'Sl1ll1I'QlIlf XN'lIt'Il 1- 0i110t :ic 1141 v 51,-04111. 111'i111f 1-1-1-1 ,1-1' 11- l'l'Nl' 4 iflil 11' 11,-c 01-N 11411 11-1 n 11- 1- 4 411' 1-z11'1 Ilulw. ld, , t ll, l N D ,D 11h tl J 11t1t I ll, l ll ttl DIVI B l C Otl11-1' a1'tiviti1-s cl111ii11gtl11' yl'Lll' i111'l11cl1-cl Ll t1-ip to Bg1ll111g1 Cllllilllg l'l.lNtl'l' V411 41ti1111 Alllfl ll t1-41 fm' tl11- llllllllllllll CD11 Nl11tl11-ras Day. 111'tiv1- 1111-111l11-is 4111d illllIIlIlLll' ioi111-cl lll4'lli Illfltllf'l'N i11 11-1'1-ix'i11g lltwly Cillllllllllllltill. :111Cl t1'1-4111-cl tl11-111 to ll d1-li1'i1111s l11'1-11kl'41st. This y4'Lll' tl11- 1'l'1i1-I' 1-l1411-ity IJlUj1'l'l 111' T4111 fxlpllil Z1-tz1 xx-41s suppmi of tl11- Little Fl11w1-1' U1-Jl1411141f-41-, llllfl J411'ti1-s 411111 1111ti1'10s l'111' tlll' 111' Jlllllli. 3 5 Activa- mc-mbf-rs at an i11fo1'11141l 1111-1-ting 4111- fsittingl Doris Higgins, P111 cl1ll'l'Oll, J1-4111 Call, IvI4'11'y A1111 Rambvrg, Jan Calderon, B2ll'l3IlI'Zi Cabot, Shirlc-y B111'k1-, Poitizi Spt-nfl--1, Bobbie- Wlalsh, 3414111011 RC1lLll1lC', Mary Ann G11-1-r, ROSl'Illilliy" johnson, fstzmdingj L41v1-ll1- R0tSlf"IW, N2'iI1C'5' Nl'XN'1xll, 4111d G1-11115' Czutellrenox. -I -1 19" elf 1 ev 2:75, gg: N' fr" N e at rf f' , + Wt M ff . Z. .-54.15. ' "k s".':'ux Aw X 441,37 rj f f i .MW ,. 7 Q '75 , . E . .f X- f ' 1 f . gm t s h we 1' , Q: , i I, ' 6 ' ' "-'I W ,f -tg tif - 'IV' 1 ' ' .s I , . , U '- . I as il - f- J ' Q S 4' , K . rap it 5 i ts I Qi .I if 4 f 5 Q 'T .1 fm? First semester pledges: tstandingl Regina Knapp, Kathleen Ford, Clare Heunrpl Ilit'lli Kathleen Murphy: and tseatedj jackie Pics .iid and Val Munton .ue formally presen at the .-Xinbassador Hotel. Page One H11 nflrrrl tie J .ff i 3 A ,, 1.. Y, M., f Gamma Si ma PM Gamma officers for the year are Mary Vir- ginia Doyle, secretary: Jane Brander, treasurerg Diane D'Alfonso, president: and Bobbie Scher- rer, vice-president. Rushing activities opened the Fall semester for Gamnia Sigma Phi. These included a formal tea, an informal dinner. "Un Notte in Italia" under the stars and complete with Italian authenticity. and a preference dinner at the Red Coach Inn. In December. activities consisted of a joint Christmas party with the Eusebians for the children of St. Peter's parish. The end of the semester found everyone en- joying the formal presentation of pledges at the Gold Room of the Ambassador Hotel. Spring brought "open bid" rushing and a preference dinner at Sarnez's Restaurant. A buffet dinner in April for the parents opened a scholarship fund. In May. seniors were treated at a dinner. Vleek- ends in Santa Barbara and Balboa. pot luck dinners. group attendance at Ma1y's Hour fol- lowed by a picnic. and exchanges with fraternities at Loyola and U.S.C. made this year a full and active one for Gamma members. Second semester pledges: Irene Bovine, Nancy Van Dyke, Kay Kemp, .loan Schneider, and Ernestine Barton anticipate their Acceptance Dinner. tnot pictured: Ruth Lackyl So orit V1 5 Active IIIFIIIDPIAS of Gamma Sigma Phi Sorority arc: flst rowl Monica Gobnvll, ,Iuliuta Lluvvas, jvan Walsh, and Doris Out-llc-tg 12nd rowj Nancy Dr-atlieragv, Mary Virginia Doylv, Diane D'Alfonso, Haihara Schc-rivr, jane- Brander, and Betty Willingvr: Cllrd rowj Clairv Fitlgvrald, Shcila Sullivan, Pat Bvckom, Pat Pinnvo, Mary Alici- ' ' ' ' Catalynv, Dorothy Smith, Gloria Will, and Nlargarvt Tlipp. Zalc-sny, Gloria Day, jill cilllflh, Patti At the informal rush party, "Un Notts in Italia," activcs Dorothy Jill Curtis pours at thc- Family Night dinner for Val Munton Cleftl Smith ' ' ' serve l'LlSlll't'S Kathleen Murphy and and jackic Picard frightb and their part-nts, Val Munton. Pagf' f9IZt7HllI1dI'Kd One and Mary Alicr- Zalesny ' ww Jill Curtis, fcaturc editor, Sally Snow, Contributing cditor, and Mr. Evcictt, mode-rator of The View, chcck copy while Clairc Jones, cditor, and Mary Joan Storm, associate cditor, cxaminc a potcntial layout. Thc IfY1i!'Zt', bi-monthly studcnt newspapcr, cnjoycd a ycar of improvcmcnt and cxcitemcnt. The first issuc introducccl a ncw format which climaxcd in thc Christmas issuc printcd in grccn ink. In subjcct mattcr, the l71'l'lL',.Y ycar can bcst bc dcscrihcd as controvcrsial. In Fchruarv. "Tho Crow's Ncst". a news column trcatcd with thc lightcr touch, crncrgcd o modern and classical full of satirc, ambiguous initials. and copious rclcrcnccs t litcraturc. Stuclcnt rcaction to its satirc was hcatcd, and thc column was applauclcd as vigorously as it was dcnounccd, wccks aftcr puhlication. In lVIarch, an lfCllfOl'lLll against roll call in studcnt body mcctings cxcitcd similar intcrcst, and a mccting was dcvotcd to discussion ol thc suhjcct. In April thc Nlount celchratcd thc Viczoi ninth hirthday with thc annual Vzczc Birthday Party. Thi lrcshman iclition in pll promiscd continuing journalistic progrcss and intcrcst. IJ View ar , ' ' 9 I 2 , E f Z s 53 0 Sm . , , .f i r 'I Prohlcms of rcaching a last minutc dcadlim- arc mct by -3+ 'f' Cscatcdj Shirlcy Burke-, Jill Cur- tis, Malay Joan Storm, Miriam . Kam, fstandingj .Ioan Cari-y, Sally Snow, Claim- -Ioncs, .Io Davis. XXX XXWX .Q-fm . , xx X X vxw - I-1 H" x Page Um' HllIlflI't'I1TZL'i1 a.: lo Mount Handbook Shirlcy Burkc cditcd The fl'10lllIl' Handboolr for 1952-1953 with -Ioannc Schott frightj. The handbook. so vital to thc incoming frcshnicn. is of grcat scrvicc to uppcr classcs as wcll, with its calcndar ol' activitics, dcscriptions ol' campus clubs and organiza- tions. and regulations for student discipline and hoarder lilc. 'l'hv- handhook is a niain-stay of school spirit, for it contains tht- school song, traditional praycrs, and thc constitution ol' thc Associatcd Studcnts of Mount Saint Mary's Collt-gc. QQ 51 A 1 ' me v l ' 13 N :K 1' 1' .V f A f, ,fav '3 x ,Q xr f 44 1. 9' . - - t . my I Q ' G e sv. , , . ,..,- D ' 1 t i t .V Cs" ,F X s , 1, , I .. , ... .. ",.., . . 151 1 fiqvxi, , .fwgq N Ai.nk.4,.-..ifi,! , .AWB .. ,7 x- 'gfi f X s X " ' Q ' mf i fkfl, .t,Z,,Ls..Q I .. 1 ff-f 'M'-r f' ' In or Infcr .Yoon thc litcrary publication of Mount Saint Mary's. this ycar containcd thc work of Clirst rowj Uianc lYAll'onso, Lillian Ptlrcyra. Milania Austin, Shirley Burke. Qtop rowj Mary .Io Rf-nnison, -Ican VValsh, Mary .Ioan Storrn, Barbara Sclna, and tlustinc Wlcihcr. Sistcr Mary Dolorosa, cditor of the quartvrly, contributcs a dclightliul and inforrnativc prcface to each issue. Uutstanding selections rcprintcd during 1952- 1953 school ycar wcrc thc "top" and uIlll'I'lt,, papcrs in thc national Atlantic Monthly Cssay and short story contcst, Page Om' Hundrra' Three Mary Ann Green Editor Chi-cking thc lay-out are editors jot-y Rc-nnison. Murcia Williams, Diane D'Alf0nso, Marion Rt-nuniv, and Eileen Klint-. G 1 i i 2 Editor . f 13 viii, gig Staff Associatc Editor . Businrss Mzinagvr ..... Cliifiilutioiiz Marilyn Munton Advvrtising: Betty Cain, Monica Gosni-ll Art Editor Stiifl Copy Editor Pliotogrzipliy . Sydvll Stokcs, Iszibcl Gowcn Editor ........ .4-.,.n,H, . Mary Ann Grim-r . Diane D'Alfonso . Marcia Williams . Marion Rvauinc- . Eilccn Klint? Mary jo Rt-nnison Stall: Lillian PCrcy1'a, lvlary Joan Storm, llustinc Wm-ilic1', Joanne' Schott Acknowledgmentf Tha- t-ntirc' stall' wislivs to cxprifss its zipprcciiition for thi- scrviu' and Coop:-ration of: 'flu' fgiriilty and studvnts of Mount Saint M1iry's College-g Rohm-rt F. Mchl and Vinu- Nt'W't'ilIllL'l', Mctropolitnn Engravvrs, Ltd.g john Bugc-l, Murray and Get-. lncxg Lvwis and Rliodc-S, Photographyg Gordon Azcvvdo, U.S.A.g Bob Bell, U.S.M.C.g .lurk Hurt, U.S.N., F.M.F.g Bill Plinck, U.S.N., F.M.F.g and Ed Wisr-man. ugr Unit 1'lll1lIlH'll Four bed Mount Marion Reaume, art editor, describes a division page to Sydell Stokes, and Isabel Gowen. Checking advertising contracts are Marcia Williams fseat- edj, business manager, Betty Cain, advertising, Marilyn Munton, circulation, and Monica Gosnell, advertising. Proof reading copy are Ana Maria Cota, Doris Higgins, Eileen Kline, copy editor, and Sally Snow. The photography staff looks for the right negative. They are Justine Weiher, Joanne Schott, Lillian Percy ra Qforegroundj, Mary Joan Storm, and Joey Rennison fseatedl, photography editor. 3 l - ' - I , . . Y , .I IQ, -V X?!- yi J- IQ - I .+ 1" ' - 5 P ff f 5 . ,S ,3 .-A . , Q 0 -. M we 1., 1 - W. . , YK I Q g 4 . vw I if XIIQM' I - 4x I ' 4' ' . ' , .V A , 4' - Q2 1 ' ' 4' 4' J. .A g ' ' Q 4 V- 3' T. fi, 1 - Lf if ' Y' ae- Q Q af' , if , Q - - H . -3+ , nf + Q .ii 4 N V , .qi .,' "' Ain. if '- . L 4 UI' I a i ,,Iw 5 ' ,. . M5 ', V ' V " M - X " , u .1 f S V as A fi . 'Zz X f ' I AU .I f gm ,I IQ' I I 1 . , . ,, , gg Q4 5, . ' ' J . , .f xg -' Z v .' o -A' X ' 4-Q x , ,I '-1f'fj5sQff nj- " . t - , , I ' I 4.,, w ,, ,,A S 93-'f"qf I R . ' " ' ' U -. - r '- 4' - 'K-L' ' ,5-.I , II I9 .- W I 5 Q I "' I, II I ,.f . I .III .I I X and -. . - , . " vs 1 Q, . ' ,. 0 an . . ' l ' ' Q " . " A ffm " "A L 1 Kal' "fw- L , f?-' f ' Q 'V 6. ' A J s, 1 .y ' V Ihr: Qsww- If' ' 2. F K "f 3' I .iI:,,Q.'.f - I a' I K fb .' 0.2. uf I L i Iywfwf AAI 'A ,, ,Iaxi Oi-T we 'ff' 34 . f - - ,- .- ,5 , - 1, - H ' .M ' 1 1 WI. W ,' I if xx px 0 : . .W . al gi. wx FH I 7, I Z' ' iff? T Q V' Y X . " X 1 J A' ' j ' ' If "xii, -AQx.,,gf ,- S 'I ' ' . -UQ. 'E Q. I v - 1 N . 1, pf' : ' ', . W " ' 4 XSL -'59 5 fI.'Q' I v . Q'-.K - I-I, nf, N' I , A I , I I II III I If I I' III I I I, I . O , X' ' -, .I P ' ' 92. .?:i?:?'-A r- r 5 1 f-gm x , f . ' " . -- v M ' ' . 3 Q V - gh , '-H if II I ' N" f' . ,- M - ' -.54 - . 'f W N ,K ' - f ' + 'Sig-'fav q rg" -ff . 5 5- f 2 X I I III I, I I, III . II ,MI,,.II-:I:yI :IIII.,III fc I I IIII. UQ If R ' 3 ' D 1 L .-f f A ' Q Q ,-g '.-ja 'K ' . . ,H ' ' '. X fd? ' f - . 4 Y ,, Af ' ' M- s 1 - '--9. 5,-': , -- 4 '.- - -- -'Z , - , II- 2 III 1 I , XIII, :Wg Cf' II Q . , A ff I , II X ,I I 4 I 'B : a I, ' X ,V ,- A ' jr- . - v -usa AI 'ef ' :' . ' -' ' Dwi- V 'uw TW". ' ' Q 1 ' 31" A 5 5 ' 5 x 1- . . . wiv' 1' 'it-a-Q X ' ' X V' f,vG'-' A f f . I, f .24 g , Q .C '-mx 2 f , ' .S 1- fs . . - V ,gs 3-m..f fx- . .. ' - - " "4 'f A . -. 'Qi' ' 5 . if . ' .' . . . v X- , X . ' 'wif' 1 iff f1ff??f'. .g T52 ff' JN " 'f + '- - 1452 "NJ-ff 7 . -. x ' ka-4 A 1 ', 5 A ..' . .-"' ' AF: -' . ' A' 9 ' ' 'f 'f.?,Q?.'- - ' "f "' - 9 64.58 If b . 5 :I , , k ,g :LII ' f W , , 4 I, -- ,I " 'tw In - 'I:I: '16 f' ' III! Q? I' ." nf-gpg57,,,I ', I 3 "- - h vi . ' 1' w H 'SW' I 'nf?'f Qs' , U , . I, I ' H- -- 5555.4 - , , , , If -.. , f . I Q , ' ,n X K 1 z' W, ,K " aa K l . ' Ut 'Q vw- Q W rf II 2' fl'- J' ' ' r SIN II, I , I I. II I, . . : 2 Q A ,,, pl" - .f 95 'A ' ' Q , A ' . II II 5 -' ' ' QY'1IM' ..., r ' ,..,,..ssIv"f" .vw x WWA ' 'N mf . .,,,.f... 'fm I 1 M ,-aggsre I .,..X, , ,,..4-.,,,,5 II r ,W ""f ' Qian- -sq Wu... . - -4.ww.- Q , f xr "L, ,.. 'T 'Q ' I X f9.E'Q5N".-55. .Q ' -. ' M x Q Kr' fx, A -4 14 ,aw In "' Aff, 'ht ,QV ' hifi! I , KI I Jxjk 1,556 'xii' 4' I 'W 5-QI I. 'II A 4 , I ,III It i . by 'W K , J' 4 5 . , - A IM, I .M 'N' . , y , - 'VP 4 K 0 , mv-I K-Ago' ir. -6 bw- ? . W - if if "T' I . .-. ., .f Q I 4 Q I I 6' .Y -f 9' .. f. 'Wm " If QI . 1 r ' ,M ,uf x. ocia! pa frond Miss Marie A. Barry Miss Barbara Breen Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Burden Mr. and Mrs. Victor Crettol Mr. and Mrs. Alex C. D'Alfonso Miss Diane D'Alfonso Miss Betty Dunnigan The Freshman Class Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Gosnell Mr. and Mrs. YV. C. Greer Judge and Mrs. F. F. Ciualano The Junior Class Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Marshall Miss Mary Evelyn Meiehelboek Miss Helen Pawling Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Rohe The Senior Class The Sophomore Class Mrs. Thomas C. YValsh Miss Mary Wfeidinger Bliss Barbara Woods Page One Hu rzdrfd Swzwz vm: ,, f 23-.515 . f,-3-, 5 . qf 4, f fg, 1 . X V ,, V. ,fav .1 V ,V ff 154, f 43, ,V ,, usrv' M fwgeg, i, 'Sf' M ,W 1 , IVV , V. def' f ,,... V rg If .R . V 496 - ' k Ai' f .AV ,WN ff. ,"x1,L,...,,, jd . 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