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N . , . 4, X., .- .--. A , ' x. -:. A 53.3 L- , f L , " - 'qw ,. ,JS . H ' A A i Ef"1fY. x .. 4 - P-1 Q ww M" 17 Ex.. ,Sv-5 : F N if 44 1 i. Q' : 9 , 12 F-ff 1. .gf SP ' AK 'x W F N :ef ,Q 4-2:55 fy ,s .f:i- .R ff Q-, -,- N' f , T? x , , fkhv f X N b T S ' N ,Wu .4s1,.,.-N 0 W X - ,NN 2 A Z 4 8193, wx: 'MQ N M, X .. I, ah 4' ' 15 1 34 X' Vi! , Q M ? x , 1, 4 -1. , VN f f .Q 7, " vf x ' SSW K W " x ., .f l W -A f x f X f 5 " V -N 12 xv '1 M -4 X X 352 'C f R325 'Ng 212' Y. 3' 9 4, ii- '5 iv A -E7 X 3 x 45 W jim 1952 Wounf KW Z? fa X QWG J. Q6 gi Q! 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The G11111111111 1111111131 15 1yp11'111 of 1111111y 111011711 f11111111eJ. Jllflge G111111z110 c011g1'111111111e5 his c11111gb1w', Bcbctfc, 111111 ber lllOl'b01' 111111 1111111 look 011 j11'011111y. jemzetle 15 61 j111zi01' 611 the M011111. ' o A Q vm , ,N ,N Nzgwwx mx VQ ,wwf f.. b ., .A X H ,E -14 :ggi , .....:N,4f Q.. - 4, x .,-:ff ' ' A :4'.. 'f12f1:,,:EIi2sh-micY X ..,.,1.,,.. ..,, . .V Q ::4. , , L, 2, 6, , x g. ,,. " ,Q Q .Mg X. 9 f f Wm.: X H - - wwf? ? Q, 'ff g 4 f 4 - W I ' U V 14 x gx 1 X N ., . ,X IMO Przgc' Fam' 4' Q M9 Mmm 54 . A W MM 4 cf 5 Q , Q X x , ' -all' His Excellency the Most Reverencl Archbishop J. Francis A. Mclntyre presents a sclmolarsluip for graduate work in social welfare to Beverly Halpin, 1952 social welfare major. Ckalafain if Qifddge Dear Graduates 1 C Pay no attention to those who predict that you will look back years from now and say that these were the happiest years of your lives. If it should ever happen so, it will be only because you have failed in the later years-which may God forbid. Could you conceive of a full-blown rose wishing that it were again a bud on the tree? Life is movement, growth and development towards maturity, or it is not life at all. Its later stages should be more full, more beau- -. tiful and therefore, more desirable than its FATHER JAMES OHREILLY earlier ones. No backward glances, then. Chaplain Press onward to the fore-the best is yet to be. Your maturity lies hidden with Christ in God, and for you the path thereto is that of the Catholic student. Two catastrophes could overtake you-to cease to be a student, and to cease to be a Catholic. The second is the greater, but the first is not small. To fall from the present fervor of your faith would mean never more to dwell in the household of Christ and His mother and the goodly company of the saints. To cease to be a student would be to surrender what has now become your rightful inheritance-the vision of God's justice, mercy, wisdom, love, unfolding itself across the pages of literature and history, in the pursuit of the arts, in the knowledge of the sciences. God preserve you from the one and the other. In His loving kindness may He make each suc- ceeding year a happier and more blessed one. gafker O Riff? Page Five PRES! DENT MOUNT SAINT M ARTS Co LLEGE rzoor CHALON ROAD LOS ANGELES 49 C . ALIFORNIA OFFICE or THE w , . X ' 1 J 5 M Q x . , x ' ' - .A .mmf .,.- -i , 1 ,',.,'l,f.?!x n g ' . ' ' W , i T' 1' HI if f'f2'iff'. in gjwlf 4 Y ,Q ,Q I mg H Y-Q f' , - , 2? N -I nyamy fvx , -'jf-.74 131-,vi 1 ' 1 54'7Qy',, -', 4. f. "K ', ." f7'L'. ,Q 5 .. M x,,.,w.! . gg. - ' A X-44 ' x -li -E x' , 5, v ,4 + ' 'I' 4 - 4,5 Y A pw, Y J 4-wlg, Jw-'4 v,-' wxfx wr ms,-'Y 2f1,,",137"Nv,w ' ., ' .Q ,., ,f if -, .., -xvhf. QQ .1 . ,. A r,,x,k.:.,4,f'3f J 'f if ' D ' "- 'A H' fy grill l-I "W Q., mm? 7"' 5' f?T'f -gf rgnlf gfw f It 7 ' vw ' - , 2'Sf3'!g"p'Ql aifnihrs- , , A fr. f ,. ? mai, m:.,,,L: vm?,.S ef' inim- f, 221 1 T.','TfC'fE ?'i 1' i+:-f ff:i.'?z:f'ifl:' of vfzgr twsii W' ' DW t'f':L1. 'Tru' V"f'?," FGM VYOQ' 903'- ,,,lif4',.,.w P 9+ 0,3 AA'-.V-VJ.,-Dal fi1,Nw3',,y ,Nwifg g-uvsxpvw fi f A 'rf W' ' -f "fm rzmf vfiwrmzs. W 1"f':',"'f ffzw 3:42 7 'wg if:VP:.'q2"" if :'N"WL1:23C?-ff Qfszffgvgffzf .,'frf' ,X r . Q v. .... 1, ,Y ..,, 4. x. .fv . A tru' 1. . .1 A 1, -, fh- r-iv-: y 4- nf.-4 fp- fn-'fn f1h?7..z:-:f :-Vg,-'J Vw r. ' -ii rr YI y,+477 9 J A 4, . in 4,11 L,--LJ fr V, NJA H'-. ,vijhe 4, L.-x PB.. .fin -...,., J 1 f L nl'--ffw ratFver'Lr1i':2, img? 'TIF 'vfvfw r ffr'ffofm.2. visits. 7 'Y . .M 'I . ., X ' , ' 1 :45.'.ff:i 5:2 f'fi".i.'.'fU,??f', . 1 , 'f ,- , , . , , -6 ' , 7 . ..- 1 J., f ,4.,', tb- .and M' wwf f ,,..JLf -fre' feaffs :ft me tim 'wi " www' rvfuirifz, bw? fm? M21 wlff wwf' mfsme lnullv' . ' ,.- " . .. ', ' .- ,' .6 ,V ' TW fwv M- ,rr-vifk fn fmm me-1 ma :v.J,.i-!, Q- mfmcb vour cf:u.,,emsf fa' ff fwfu M F-1214i ??C2fJ?f' and :f 'msfwf'w ana zsmctlfigf. ,Jmerffly Avmms in our 4.-31'-C., . X , N535 , n 'kk' A Qvdf ' ,Ty ,- x., ,321 Mother Rosemary Honorary President Mother Margaret Mary President Enieritus Mother Agnes Marie President ART Sister Mary I gnatia Nina Shepherd BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Sister Gertrude joseph Sister Mary Gerald E. Taylor Peterson Vera Sutter CLASSICAL LANGUAGES Sister Mary Dolorosa Sister Mary Gerrnaine Sister Rose de Liina ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Bernard Bierman Ethel B. Keithley Sister St. Francis EDUCATION Sister Mary Hortensia Sister Mercia Louise Sister Rose de Linia Frances Sweeney ENGLISH Sister Marie de Loitrdes Sister Mary Laurentia Sister Mary Patricia Wakefield Everett gxecu five Ufhcem Sister Rose de Lima Dean of Studies Sister Rose Gertrude Dean of Resident Students Sister Mary Teresa Registrar Sister Mary Eleanor Treasurer gClCuEy HOME ECONOMICS Sister Mary Marguerite I nez Coineau MATHEMATICS Sister Rose Gertrude Sister Cornelia Mary Sister Merfia Louise Reverend jaines j. O'Reilly MODERN LANGUAGES Sister Eloise Therese Sister Aline Marie Mary Valis Rejleh MUSIC Sister Mary Celestine Sister Mary Tiniothy Reverend john Creinins Gloria Chadwick Will Garroway Eddison von Ottenfeld NURSING Sister Mary Relietca, R.N. Sister Genevieve Marie, R.N. Dolores Milton, R.N. DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION Very Rev. Msgr. Anthony j. Brouivers Sister Catherine Anita Lihrarian Carolyn Addison Assistant Lihrarian Gertude Moderow Guidante Counselor Right Rev. Patrirh Dignan Reverend Mithael Hanlon Reverend janies O'Reilly Reverend j. W'alshe Murriy Reverend Patrifh Roche Sister Mary Dolorosa Reverend john Creinins Reverend joseph Wfeyer PHYSICAL EDUCATION Gloria Ragus PHYSICAL SCIENCES Sister Aliee Marie Sister Mary H ortensia Sister Rose Gertrude Reverend jaines j. O'Reilly Sarkis H. Kalfayan George Kingsley SOCIAL SCIENCES Right Rev, Patrith Dignan Sister Agnes Bernard Sister Marietta Sister Regina joseph Sister St. Frantis SOCIAL WELFARE Sister Mary Brigid SPEECH AND DRAMA Oren Stein Sister Mary I gnatia Harald Dyrenforth Page Sei en S' .,, R., X iw S 'ii S 101 ky f Aiwa A4 fgainf WWQ Clfige . . . fke dfuclenf We 'C"""'W"""v' ,Q sa 6 41 arie Jddfier, Major - Nursing Minor - Social Science Los Angeles, California Marie concentrated on her study of nursing, in spite of that diamond on her third linger. Natur- ally interested in the Red Cross, she also joined the Sodality, Pi Delta Phi, and the WRA. Her daydreams and nightmares concern skiing, dan- gerous driving, and editing the Alzlcfell' Hemltf. arianna auer, Major - Economics Minor - Business Administration Burbank, California Marianna was vice-prefect of Our Lady's Sodal- ity, Mariology Commission chairman of the NECCS, and co-chairman of Marys Hour. Her favorite conversational topics were her European trip and Dick. Laughter invariably punctuated her tales of times on the road as a practical me- chanic. Kaffe cron Mafhe, Croup Major - History, English, Education Los Angeles, California This aspiring teacher spent off-campus hours working at St. Paul's Church Library. Beebe's extra-curricular activities included membership in the Sodality, Tri Rho, Parnassians, and taking charge of the senior cake sales. She plans to re- turn to get her elementary credential. , E ft dis? G ss? x Q ss X QW 3 ,R la arie arianna M02 Mhz Z596cLdmifA, Major - Bacteriology l t . g l a Minor - Chemistry Los Angeles, California Rita worked on Sodality and Gamma functions, and directed Kappa Theta Mu. She spent morn- ings at Veterans' Hospital and free afternoons carefully polishing jacks car and baking cookies. She spent time between letters planning her summer wedding. gfdlfe B7LaI'l0Il, . Major - Home Economics Minor - Social Sciences page Culver City, California As a tennis enthusiast, Grace played in the Ojai Tournament and taught the freshmen to lob last year. She loves home economics, but hates 4:30 classes, yet, her beloved new Buick seldom left the hill early, as Grace supported the Sodal- ity, WRA, Red Cross, and the Home Economics club. allfeell Hzyfan, E S Major - Nursing Minor - Social Science Los Angeles, California Student body president at Children's Hospital, sodality officer at Queen of Angels Hospital and supervisor of all sports everywhere, Maureen also crowded in Red Cross, SWES, and science club activities. But with all of this, her favorite topic of conversation remained-Casa Contenta. iiiafgafef t2..,,ti1,,t,?,4. Major' - Chemistry Minor - Mathematics Glendale, California Peggy was elected to ll"lm',i' Wffm for two consecutive years. Most of her extra-curricular interests cen- tered around NSA as regional presi- dent, secretary, and treasurer. Her ideas on students' rights and aca- demic freedom did not go unheard at any of the congresses she attended in the East. Her one love-Nescafe. 'TN-H M S. W ae iuian may gunyarci Major - Nursing Minor E- Social Science Los Hills, California A colorful Californian from Loy! Hilfit, Ruby Mae silenced teasing classmates through a featured role in the Mount swim show, election to the Student Council at Childrens Hospital, and valuable aid to the Red Cross, WRA and sodality. Her favorite thoughts concern two cov- eted titles-Registered Nurse and Wtnrlcl Traveler. iuian urgeda, Major - Nursing Minor - Social Science Los Angeles, California Besides training at Brentwood Hos- pital, Vivian worked in SWES, Red Cross, sodality and YCS activities with the Mounts warmest smile. Election to class oflice and sewing on the side compensated for the hated "early to rise." gf ,s . i si ,, gg? f is ws . ,Ng- 5 NR . X A7 X R24 s 4: 4- X " X x Ry f, x X X PX xx 7 A X ,, S ska , ' -f ,s..,',5s ' X' w j N SN , ff mf a , ic .. , S' ,sw 1 , - i f ' ia " f i4?XsQS w51 - s 'r -- , ,cc s ss., c Ya Q - ki' I s 5' f ., .. .. " Q 'H as s Wg: rfzsw Mwst, V 1 mi uf sw V- vi. as Q W ' 1 V ,V .,.,. waifxavaias 5 - a . ,fr f. i 2? fx 1" pafricia Cafafgne, Major - Home Economics Minor - Philosophy Glendale, California Patti held both the offices of regional treasurer and senior delegate in the NFCCS. She was elected class secretary in her senior year. With a knack for parties and pizza-no wonder she vol' unteered to be chef at the senior socials. QZBOZM 666,12 . Major Q Education, Home Economics Minor - Social Science Redondo Beach, California Besides student teaching and leading the caravan for out-of-town Loyola games, Dawnie was boarder president, representative at large, and a member of the annual staff. Her mode of trans- portation included everything from jeeps to de- luxe model Fords. She swears her burnished gold hair is natural-and it is! paffi awnie mia uanifa Cudack Major - Nursing Minor - Social Science Muir, Michigan As Red Cross chairman, Nita urged the Mount on to national recognition for blood donations. She has been the resident nurse for the past two years, and is known for her tall, erect posture and warm, "Hello" Qi A Efc1ri4Ae'sQ argaref audgar, Major - Home Economics Minor - Philosophy Redondo Beach, California Not only was Maggie an officer in the WRA, she also played varsity tennis and performed in the swim show. During the past year, she was treasurer of the senior class and president of the Home Economics club. Perhaps she is best re- membered as assisting Mr. Fredericks, the annual photographer. cfffa LZBJ, ZZ . Group Mayor Social Sciences Minor - English San Luis Obispo, California Coming to the Mount as a senior, Ella needed her quiet sense of humor to drive her collection of tin and bolts up the hill with pride. In line with her ambitions in the held of social welfare are her warm response and sympathy toward anyone with a problem. Her greatest enthusiasm is for children and interesting people. ary llgE5L, Major - English Minor - Social Science Los Angeles, California Mary's literary talents were put to use as a View contributor and publicity chairman of Tri Rho. She was also a member of the Eusebians, Par- nassians, and the Sodality. Her wry sense of hu- mor and interest in people make her good company. arie jonfana, a-W' Major - Bacteriology Minor - Cancer Research Fresno, California A science major, Marie even prowled through the labs at night to check the timing on an ex- periment. She has been a silent, steady worker behind many big campus projects. Conversation is her pet pastime, and she is an expert in Italian cuisine. ariorie egg, Group Major - History, English, Education Elementary Credential argge Prescott, Arizona Petite, red-headed Margie served the Mount two- fold as vice president of the Student Body and president of the Kappas. She received the Cor- coran Award and was elected to IWZQQU' WC50. A repertoire of cowboy songs, glowing descriptions of those "exquisite Arizona sunsets," and Ray's engagement ring showed that Margie's heart is Prescott bound. jkereaa iouannef i, Major - Spanish Minor - Business Administration ree San Fernando, California With an ambition to be a bi-lingual secretary, Tree immediately joined the International Lan- guage club upon her arrival here in her junior year. And it was not long before she held the office of vice-president. She will always be re- membered for her giggle, castanets, Spanish lamp, collection of empty Kleenex boxes, and "Where's Bebette?" ,afm ,lyk Aviv 'glam . t H , Q ernaffeffe ouueia, Major - Spanish Minor - French Honolulu, Hawaii Bernies main interest was the Inter- national Language club, first as president, then as treasurer. She also was departmental editor of The Vieux Outstanding events of her senior year were weekend trips to Santa Barbara and becoming an honorary member of Gammas. ern ie Meffe A79- ,t-K A Q, Nl f uf' ,. P sq? ,1- if . a, I 'visit 'i il 'G '7v,'f,. " . ,fy ,Q 4 Zbzlelfe Quafano, HA. Major - Economics Minor - Business Administration Monterey Park, California During her senior year, Bebette was an active member of SWES, the In- ternational Language club, sodality, and The Mom!! staff. She is an ac- complished debater about politics and plans to enter law school after graduation. Her constant exclama- tion, "It isn't legal!" QU .lf fl Ewell? .jJa6oin, Major - Social Welftire Minor - Economics Los Angeles, California After her decision to attend graduate school, Bev's bookcase filled with catalogs of colleges and universities. When not busy studying them, she caught up on the reports and letters she received as president of the Los Angeles region of the NFCCS. Her vivaciousness and energy took her to the East for two successive years as delegate to the Federation. Those emergency phone calls she received during study?-Dr. jerry Miller. V, V s 4 Q I k . sf , Y, 9 'WA mfg' RQ Ear! eenie arg ya t, . . 'vi N , 22. . f ignite ii 5 ,ark at 'W P' N 449 .' ,' a B .K,' ' .-f' if 5 . , K ip l :P fixes' ,,,2. ,NA , Q-W, . A V tj .. , wa . . . I ,gym NAKQOQQQQ i i"w'f Zcf"'?fffi fr t rsasfsffg.-6?-aa , gargara Cizlarfman, Major - Bacteriology Minor - Chemistry Ontario, California With mornings at Sawtelle Hospital, afternoons in bacteriology lab, and weekends at Big Bear, Barb survived by swimming, bowling, and tak- ing an active part in Kappa Theta Mu. This part- time boarder is fond of cherry pie, mail from Elorida, and her purple monster with the blue fenders. een jggefaon, Group Major - English, Drama, Music, Education Elementary Credential Los Angeles, California " . . . and her hair hung down in ringlets"-long and black. Add copper jewelry and long finger- nails and you have her trademarks. Deenie's theatrical background includes summer stock in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and a leading role in the musical Everybody Goer to College. Riding on the Mount's Loyola Homecoming float and trips to San Francisco are high on her memory list. ary .95Licla, Major - Nursing Minor - Social Science Los Angeles, California Secretary of the student council and mainstay of the Red Cross Club at Barlow Sanatorium, Mary mastered a nursing course and had time, too, for swimming, bowling and knitting for Henry. Besides the R. N. to follow her name, she dreams of three important letters, destined to precede it. , 'F-mane ,if as 'P' iywfwa- -M' 1 5 2 dllfm - :i Q ,, J Arun l Z. .1 I, if accjuegne Jcfclare, Major - Home Economics Minor - Philosophy Los Angeles, California jackie can boast that she was the lirst to sport the new poodle CLIE at the Mount. Though she admits being an extreme procrastinator, she still took part in many campus organizations including the Home Economics club, for which she was a re- porter, and The Aloznzf staff. Her three favorite R's are reading, red, and Ray. ary Cizzagefh J6'acL, Major - Mathematics Minor - Chemistry Los Angeles, California The Language club, NSA, and Tau sorority rounded out Liz's schedule. Her sharp humor is tempered by a mathematical mind, and her scientific endeavors in the laboratory have won her membership in the Honorary Chemical Society. gmifg Jccggn, Group Major Z History, Speech and English, Education Los Angeles, California Painting, poetry, and membership in the Sodal- ity, Tri Rho, and drama club filled Emily's days. Her professional dramatic experience included a year's tour with Pelw' Pilll. and at the Mount she played the part of the mother in Ezwyzzzizll. She taught for a year in Virginia and plans to con- tinue as a teacher after graduation. Jache iz gmify ...M af allfU'k,- -Mis! B.. Cgynfhia cache, Jae! a Jam, ifa oakure, Major - History Major - Zoology Group Major - History, Speech and English Minor - Music Minor - Mathematics Education Honolulu, Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii Tarzana, California She may impress you as the quiet type, but in her offices of vice presi- dent of both the senior class and Eusebians, and circulation manager of The Mount, Cynnie displayed her abilities. Her one weakness is canned foods- found in every available inch of space in her room. Embarrassing moments came when she found her fifth grade pupils at Brentwood tal- ler than she. Because of her energy and versatil- ity, Lala was present among the In- ternational Language club, staffs of both The View and The flloznzf, and Tri Rho as president. Even though this berimmecl, unconventional SILI- dent is known to accomplish the im- possible, she does the little tasks as well, like taking blood from every able-bodied student on the campus. Having a choice of three cars every morning, Rita always kept her rid- ers wonclering, "which one will it bc today?" She is calm and easy-going, and as a student teacher was re- nowned as "Queen of the Lesson Plan." Her favorite musical instru- ment-the stringed French horn. ynnie ofafa fa E wx . S ' ' 3 'E f , , ,NMS S ,1 T' 4. . 1 p A 1 ' Q X 5 r 3 sv., I ? lffr-V' X . , fx A . ,, , ,J xr-V, 94? tv .if2'a-v 1 '?5fP"' 'm 1 , ,- arion eyer, Group Major - History, English, Education Elementary Credential Santa Barbara, California lmpy held the office of president of the junior and senior class. She came to the Mount as a freshman and was active throughout her four years. Her ambition is to teach until "Ginger" comes back from Hong Kong. agen WCLEJA, K J4. Major - Art Minor -- Home Economics San Diego, California Posters, designs, bulletin boards, and decor- ations-Mick has done them all as student body publicity chairman, Sodality publicity chairman, and art editor of The Moznzt. A cherished mem- ory is her whirl as a Loyola Homecoming prin- cess, but Pats homecoming promises to eclipse it. Camf Woofe, ZZ J4. Group Major - History, English, Education Los Angeles, California Carols personality, wit, and varied ideas made her a good leader. As Sodality prefect, she in- spired even the indifferent to action. Carol has been active in Tri Rho, Eusebians, Parnassians, NECCS, and other organizations. Even practice teaching failed to dent her cheerful disposition and patience. mfg? WL.: Cm! . V. g . Q sep : , 4' Q vs l ,mga me X, J , ., if W ' ecf' ' it 2 ami! a munfon, oan urloAg, gfaine ore, Major - Bacteriology Group Major - History, English, Major - Music Minor - Chemistry Education Minor - Home Economics Inglewood, California Elementary Credemial Alhambra, California Sodaliry, Kappa Theta Mu, and Gamma sorority were included among Camilla's extra-curricular ac- tivities. Mornings at Veterans' Hos- pital found her finishing her intern- ship in her senior year. A ready smile and happy disposition charac- terized her inevitable, "Did you get a letter, Rita?" Klamath Falls, Oregon Although a student teacher, ,Ioan still made time to tackle both The Vie-zz' and The Moznzt as editor, and to keep pace with the activities of the Gammas and Tri Rho. Known for her dry, Irish wit and depend- ability, she loves all water sports- skiing, swimming, and boating. On weekends when Elaine wasn't busy car-hopping, she taught singing at St. Bernards. Her musical accom- plishments include her senior piano recital, choral group, and the chorus of Ez'w'y!2oa'y Goes' to Coffege. She modeled her own smartly fashioned outhts in the Home Economics fash- ion tea. Camiffa oan gyaine 4 ,P m. V. .... , Y' V, Q...-.............., X was 'RFQ fi 7 7 ea onnefg iborofdg Oclzlara, gargara earman, .fd Major - Economics Major - Music Major - English Minor - Business Administratlon Minor - French Minor - Philosophy Los Angeles, California Lindsay, California Blythe, California Need an elliciency expert? Lea's rec- ord as president of SWES and the liappas and associate editor of The AIU 11111, prove her qualifications. Foreign foods, good music, and all shades of brown are her loves along with the diamond she exchanged for Mickeys football. ea ,waffle Dottie was busy in her senior year as prexy of both the Music club and the national French honor society. She was the "singingest" personality on the campus, and is ecstatic over Leonard Pennarios playing. She claims that Lindsay olives and or- anges are incomparable-but pre- fers gooey desserts and Italian food. MLM Not only was Bobby famed for her collection of live navy blue skirts, but also for her proficiency as Stu- dent Body president. Her creditable qualities also shone in NFCCS, NSA, and Tri Rho. This desert girl from Blythe is renowned for her gener- osity, hearty laugh, and "This sum- mer l'm going to Grailvillef' oan .Slang Major - Economics Minor - Business Administration Los Angeles, California With assignments done weeks in advance, Joan had time for NFCCS, SWES, and Kappas. She filled the offices of treasurer of the junior class and copy editor of The Mount. Short, pithy statements, class songs scrib- bled during lectures, and deep bronze tans were typical of Joan. Her pet literary project-writing volumes to her fiance in Korea. oan egg? .klein argaref Szoff, Major - History Minor - English Elementary Credential Los Angeles, California As skilled with a gavel as she is on skiis, Peggy headed both the Euseb- ians and the Taus in her senior year. All her poster-making practice on campus will be used when she be- comes an elementary teacher. Mean- time, she owned the Mounts cutest grin and most indispensable Ford. V .jslezzn peck Major - Bacteriology Minor - Philosophy Panama, Republic of Panama Adventure, c h a r m, sophistication, glamour-that's Helen. She has traveled from Paris to Panama, and is interested in India. Helen has been active in the International Lan- guage club, and was vice president of the lnteramerican Union. She is remembered for finishing college in three and a half years, and for the expression, "He is so fascinating." X X , W . 'AMO' , sw, !9A,,f., oanna .ge anoa, .xdnfoineffe jorforici, !9Ayf65 jayzmr, Major - Economics Major - Social Welfare Major - Home Economics Minor - Business Administration Minor - Spanish Minor - Art Pasadena, California Los Angeles, California Kilkenny, Ireland Although a transfer student from the East in her junior year, Jenny soon became an active member of SWES, The fllnzzlzt staff, and presi- dent of the International Language club. A girl of many talents-voice, piano, comedy-what would parties be without her! Stulfy's characteris- tic saying, "I like it." Chairman of the Community Chest drive for the Mount, plus ofhces in Sodality and SWES kept Toni busy. Still, she had time to listen to her friend, Gordon MacRae, on the Rail- road Hour. She loves dancing, social work, and driving her yellow con- vertible with the top down. With a brogue straight from Ire- land, red hair, and an adventurous spirit, Phyllis brightened Tri Rho and Home Economics club meet- ings. Her other distinctions? Skill in cooking, sewing, and skating. In spite of all her phone calls, she claims she hates men. 'QU-L :V ssfNQs If K saw apnvwwei- L Le junior - 0 - 'l he juniors changed the routine of school this year by introducing Army red tape and military regulations during Green Wfeeltg the upper classmen, as officers, had a wonderful time. Vffhen the date for the junior dance arrived, the Mount ballroom bloomed with pink flowers and ivy chains, and La Verne Boyer's Orchestra with E'lane McCaffrey made the dance a perfect Sy111pl1o11y 'N Siflwwffe. The juniors depicted trials of a teen-ager in their original skit for Father-Daughter Nightg they also put their talents to use on the refreshment com- mittee malqing and serving the homey tidbits. The climax of the year, the junior-Senior Prom, held in the Rendezvous Room at the Biltmore Hotel, was where the Seniors were given a royal farewell. After receiving the last Inter Noi' of the year, the juniors rested and planned for graduation and the ivy chain. Final farewells reflected the happiness with which they awaited the new, hard-earned title-seniors. 1701-1111 Spczzcler, rice f7l'C',lflfL'1If,' P111 Boffig, iec1'c11z1'y,' 111111 Mizry A1150 Zizleizzey, f1'L"cl.lll7'L'l' fex11'e111c rigbljl l1i1c11 in Kmt'111i11'y 1111111 mn, ll71'ei111'c11f,11,i ilw fully them flzcjr 1'eipec1iz'e 'VL'lf7!!lI.f'fZJflf1iC',f 111' rfizrr njicerr. Affw' Ljlzlll' Carol Prone, M111'1ly11 lllllllfflll, M111'gi11'et 7lI'jf7f7, Ipflffl' Offcllef, A1111 Smit, liifewz Kline, c17ZlIl Glnriiz ll"ilf uzfrlv 1111 1111 their L11li111i' for Ibe L'O7l1I'llg Il'L'L'kC'lIlI. The Hziclentj' lonnge if a popular ,rpoi for .seeing frierzclf. Minerva Fiorenfino, Callie Orfanof, Iowana Pbillipf, Francef Benhe, Mary Vir- ginia Doyle, Ana Maria Cora, Mary Cretfol, ancl Monica Gofnell Jpenaf a free periocl planning the Big-Litfle Siyter party. Thoye who hearcl Mrf. Daniel Lncey enjoyed her falk on Catholic honze life. Front: Syclell Slohef, Eleanor Roi, Pai Harmon, Nancy Newell, E'laine McCaffrey,' hack: Kay Knanf, jane Lacy, Mary Wfeidinger, Pegi Parkinson, Dorif Higginy, jackie Hermann, and Lazfelle Rotfler recall Jorne of her ftorief of lhe goafs ancl chichenf. Will the meeting pleafe come to order? Lillian Pereyra, Beverly Czar, Mary Ann Greer, Sheila Sullivan, Mary Ann Krazix, Velnza Salnzen, ancl Helen Paufling .rellle clown to a cornnzittee meeting in the N ewnzan Serninar. KN... ' N Page Twenly-Jezfen 5 x , f I .wfwsgffg A X--x ,L YH'- BL'lll'E7L'Il fLz,fw5 jimfy I fron!! Dorofby Robcfrtf, B.zrbm'.1 Brawl: ffmfk! Mary Par Dozmlyzze, Berry Tmnfy, Clmrlnlte Robe, Afiizry Evelyn 1N'Ieicf2elb0fk, and Pat Pin- zzun doing Lu!-nzirzzzfe fmnznzirzg for 41 pfyclvology Iwi. Lllflkllllkg al the fm! pmlw' In JlfI'L'Vfl:1L' Mwfr fffllflll' KILIIIKU, SYMPHONY 'N SILHOUlfT'l'lf.' lfrmzfl EZCJIIUI' Lcuzzvff. Ahzrffnz Alwltcmz, Circ!! lDicf:u!, A'Im'y Alia' Zz!!L',17Zj",' fbdfkf IDm'f1fby Swifb, Glorm Day, P411 Piercc, Bvifjf Dznzlzigmz. licflry Cizifz, Jmf Mury UHL'fL!1:IlIQL'I' Jlwzm flue mmf a1ll7f7f'lltf7l'jLlfL' plum' to fffspfizjf il. 4, S Lilim Bzzrflen, Diane D'Aff011.r0, lean IVLIIXZJ, Baby Bolmzmn Cmzzzfle Lfzt 1 Cruz CLIKILHLIIIOK mm' Gdbrznla zvldnnuq be gm Ibn fhltllflflllzlf ny fbaifz for gnzrfmztinfz, while fbdfkl Charlotte Siegel, Fl'd71L'Ci Cbmlmzff, 4I1lcfNL1lIt'V Herbffzuzffx qu 4 Kham some puuzfcn on lmu In make it look mzl ll ml . St4z1zf2'i11g.' Lorefhz Fzllllljllg, Marfellfz Hznzlfele, Bobby Srbewer, Yury Mmm? Sealed Numfy Dcnztbwzzgcf, Claire FiZ:Gera1d. and Pm BCLUEOIII. 1 Jfybn X Af? f nf x 5 , ,, , f W X , Q x ,., .X ,w X6 , S Aw' w av 3 , R , ,, q -k P , KL S fi' I 2 3 YQ Q 455 A 5 xg gk 'z X. m 12:4 6 .ig x ' W3 91 .34 x-,N VW is i? Q21 :QQ 4715 ,L Kxgs KN X N? 4 RY? 5: .X ,V X Q N ':., x 'if i A Q fi-C, ' Y' W .vw f Ze 0I'l'LOI"Q5 ' ' ' The sophomores reviewed their first impressions of college life for the freshmen in 11 disillusioning skit entitled "The First Seven Di1ys"g however, freshmen hopes were restored at it sophomore-sponsored stag dtince-the lirst of the year! lmtiginiition and ingenuity were evident in the sophomore victory ut the Halloween party costume competition. The fllimfj Gnu fllrzrlnzf Bri!! highlighted the campus pre-Lenten activities. Through their "Penny Thursdays," Ll hrst communi- cant was outfitted hy the sophomores. April brought out their "culling all hooks" slogan for the hook col- lecting drive. The Mount revolved for days as at result of the Sopho- more Spree. Finis was written to their year in the last splurges of the intellectual effort-The National Sophomore Achievement Test. llwlrife jrfytt' fll.1ri-ef pltz-yi Iflt' jvfrlzm, Ctll'llfj'll Iirfilzie, fllllle' Przrk, Pill 1ll1n'pl1.1', Peg zlflt'Dn11r1frf, Efftwz Hrzilz- ley. fnelliz flffezz, mmf Cfrlmfelle Dfemztzll l'L'X7t,'ill'lL' ffyeir iflzgilzlq t'r1111111w't'it1f In t1l'll'L'l'If.lL' the MA RDI GRAS. N Ni? 'NM CaC3 if Ny, : CaCN, 4- C. Pat Carroll, Helen Mf- Eafberz, joyce Mazzarelli, Rofemary C:11leger,, Peggy- arzrz Campbell, Barbara Dobrott, Georga Anne Grape, Deirdre Foxerz, Mary C orrzzcfall, jearz Doyle, and Mary Bertzbarcit mix tbe irlgretiierztf for falvrzfrlz fyartartzirfe. Daring lartcb boar, jean Call, Celeste Gotfrdeaff, Bar- bara Bafbe, Pat Jacoby, Milania Attvlirt, foyepbitle Daz'tJ, Mary Holland, arm? Mazfreerz Fox wait in tbe patio for tbe fafe to open. Bridge arzyorte? Mary Frarzfef Ron, Betty Hearrze. Pat Qttirzrz, ami Marion Reazmze get itz tbat fart baud before tbe bell rirzgf. my Y. Page Tbirty-one 1 0 ' -" ' , . . . ' A W - Y W Ng fiii X XV s 4 X! Yr fb WQ , - ? Q ,X 4' Q 3 l . H f ' he a , r f X' ' M AAA- f ' ' l N 2, 7 . . t X ,... is - j , K ,N fm f fy, A . . ,Y ,mv I A , is 4 .iQ I - Q ii A' YL xx. lf , ' f I , ,H 14 ' .5 'A - "' J 4 J it fin H aig' -Q 45 .l x r, 0 V ' K 1 , 'wi , e' 4:2 X X X WL - 1 ' 1 li ' - ..1gfQj - f vvv- 1 5 ' ' s M57 ff I 1' f K 1 x , . S ' g , ' Y fl U th per: Beatrice Leong, Pal Ching, Ella I0 Bzmyfzrrl, Milizfz Foelfeb, Gloria F7'tl7lL'i.f, aml Cbezrnzaifze fvhzelmlfl reeieu' Ilneir ,uzrrzfey axfigfznzerzl f7l Ilfe fmrlll eml of Ibe library. Cezzferx f l'fzIl1lll7ZlQl Iellfb K icln, Glnrilz Arifu, Margaret M eGrfzu', Indy Wfagrzer, june Szei1ben,Kalb- leezz Fnrfl, raefzzefl, left fn rilgbfi Rmezmzry Dcll'fCl.f07Z, Pai Lee, and jane Brmzeler. Lnzeer: Belzeeen L'lcIj,fLf,I, 1lJe lower floor buzzer z:'iIln1cfiz'lty. Mary Morrir, Bella Jacoby, Carmen Munoz, Roewulel Rolnimn, Maria Morefli, Peggy Hf1lI.f7lld67', and Maria Mmzoz get out 600121 and look nzfer clUj1Q7Z7llC'7Zff for ZlJe Hex! claim. C lan ojjziceror Pat Perranz, ,1C'L'l'C'fll'l'jl.' joan Ufletzel, treaso- tfrerq Anite Fi"cIl2L'6.f Rztucfll, preyiclerztg Elise Kerchhoff, rice pre.ritle1zt,' arm' Bohhy U7'al1l2, ,rocial L'h7cll!'N2LI72.' co- ortlilzate the actizritleer j'L'b6'tl1ll?fl, on their L'cll67ZlltI1'.S'. Noorztime if farz time! Front: joarzrze Vorilea, Sarzclra Speed: hack: Shirley Bzfrhe, Kathleen Higgim, and Schezfaarz Rohirzxorz get reaafy to .firzg a few hart of FIVE FEET TIVO, while fextreme right! Marilyn Rzzciy tzfrzey her fthe. A mite if a good place to gather a crowcl. jaxtirze Weiher, loamze Schott, jearrrzette Slattery, Margaret Wick, Anna Macchio, Sylvia Parforzf, Elifa Lzzrza, arm? Iearzrzette Grralarzo get together irz Elifak and Arzrzak room for a chat before clirzrzer. te, , ff 5573 f fl. 'x K 4 Q aw xvf W7 W 'S a M eg X f QFVZKV S f N ff Ps. Clan ojfficerf Georgie Maloney, rice prefizlenfq Put Olfon, f7l'6.fIIl6lIf,' R0,fQ7llc1l'jl Heffron, .foeinl cbalrnzmz,' and jnfle Longerbore, 5efretm'y,' rli.rc11.f.r final plana' for llfe royfer. Thief year, they IIIl,l'L'cl!'I1I6d the old-flzflviofzefl nzizneogmpb mul IlZf7'06lllL'65l iz fonfenient printer! booklet. U"'l2ile Ibe clyornx line Utaznlilzgl Mary Ellen Breen, Kay Kemp, Roberta Boben, Bmbzznz ulzllllalllli, Ln Mf1fI.ron, anal Marilyn Conalie pmL'Iice,r finzing, Romlie Qnlnlnmz, joan H ener, Tllelnm jenn Gfzzflfz, Marie D'AnnL1, clllfl Lnuie Bcll"7'07I rerf fbeir zeenry laonef after long lrofm' of Lf7l'zIt'fIL'I7Zg for ERESHMAN EOLLIES. In orfler to meet flve clelzzlline on finze, ffealefll Beverly Clzlbonn, Alifin W'ifk, Sanflm Miller, Bezferly Maccbio, jnlinnne Mnrplwy, Diane Grefzney, Calrnzen Hz1ajfmlo,' Ufnllilllllgl Anne u7CJ'f61'NlclI?, Loraine Gibbonf, and Sfzmlm Dilley u'orl2ecl long bomif in THE VIEW ojice. Their edition of THE VIEW nm one of the yeah bert. A beach party at Playa Del Rey started the Big- Little Sister program off with the proverbial bang. A few days later, Freshmen Buck Privates could be seen obediently saluting their superior officers and submitting to the most humble tasks. They were immediately reinstated, however, after entertaining the student body and faculty with the Frosh Frolics-Bedltzm. During a social night, Freshmen gathered in the lounge to enjoy a Tacky Party which fostered unity between day-hops and boarders. High- light of the evening was the introduction of the class song written by Betsey Warwick. Publication of the roster and their issue of The View were two of the activities which proved how well the freshman became a part of Mount life. From? Mtzriloff Hetzzfrin, Peggy Krier, Rm-enzrzry ComI'J11, Dixietzzzlztz Ftziwfyilrf, jmfy Blff,6C'ff, Claire M'Cl01- key, femme Lcmtier, Gail Nolan. 1VIirfclle.' Sylvia 02611, Peggy C0i'gnzz'e, Betfy Amie Boyd, li!! Czfrfji, Mary Anne 0'C0111zel1, Suzie jolvzzifozz, Mtzrirzmze Mmzrb, form Nlzzckefztfmler. Bark: Lelmre Gtzjflzey, ju Amie K6cll0b:lll1lf, Barbara Selmz, Kay DI'6ll'fliL'Z7, Berry Atzeill, Belly Holbrozz, Clair Gnu, Carol Afrbimzz. 2 1 1111'11111111Ag K11'w111111'11 N111113' G1111, Iiufwuq' ll"111'11'111. Buffy H111- 111'1111, 11011111 HUI1111, f111L'1.' C111b111'11. Br11111y jc1111 D111'1,s 111111 111 11111' 111 11111 1117 11f1l11111'11111111 111111151 17L'fl1l'L' 111'11gIq1111g 111117 111111 1'1111111'1'1a. lC1'111.x'111Kg 11c111'c1f11 1'111uew 111 1110 11011041 11111, 1m111111,g1 C1111111 101111, 1XI111'4q111'1f1 1lI11w1', S1111y S111111', M11111'ce11 N111131, fvltfry Y11111111111 SL1?!l11L', C111111 C111'1111'1'1.' 111111111- 11112 1S1111111'11 1HI11L'1', 8111111 1301 Dfftll, 1X'I1111c111' Hoyt, 111111 1311111111 1111101 1111111 1111501 111111 1'f111c'c 111111 1111111 11117 111111 1111111111111'11 11u1,q111111'111m. if WS S x . nf -.X 1' N 'Q' fa N 1 111' 1x1 ' 1 3 1 wyw In Sw gl Jr 3 Q Af1111' 11.YfL'II11Ig 111 N11111' D11111c'u F1111111' O'B1'1c11, N11111'y U"'1g- g11I.Y, B111'11111'11 111111 U"111111111.r, K111111c'c11 1VI111'p11y, 1VI111'g111'u1 Vez- :c111, 111111 G11111ya 1VI11111111l111111 111 1116 1.111111 T11c'111e1' fnyw' 111111- 1110111 1111 1111 1111'1n 111111111 11r1c11111'1111r111. Lc'111'11111g t11c A111111 M11fc1' 11111'111g G1l'C'6'lI l1"'c'ek' are BCl'0l'1jf f7vIL1CCZ1i0v K111'1c B1'op11y, L11p1111 Go111c:, D1x1e11111111 F11111111111, M1111 j1111c H11f7T1111111, 111111 S111111111 Dilley. -,,,,...--vv"' in x Vw 4101 W'11'Xv only fan 11111111121 before flue' be!! l'flI4Q5, fffflliff Eileen O'Lo11gfJIi1z, 1VI111'y A1212 Dc'Nl!1IZffJ, 1W111'g1111'ct B1zr:iol11', XVILIVQ1' Reizmzzzvzq Kodak! Kaffrlcwz Afffcfllilfjl, Nhzgtqia Ronzfey, Alia' E7"IflZg8'1", and Marylizz Torre fifzijlv their bonfer ffwigzzy' before pffttizzg Lzzmy 11z1zfer111Ior, D1.w1m'j1zg ,ronze rhm' problwm 111 0111 L1z11'y'.s' fee! .zre f,fe1zfefI'l LfH'LZj7l1ZC'lvIO!fl'O1Z,BE'ffjl W'iUi1zge'1r, Mary I 04172 Storm, Rr1.rc1111z1'y Br111'1ef, and Ge12e'1'1ez'c' Ortega, zvbile f1rm111z'111gl P111 Rlfbllldll .zmf 5113111111 Brozzzy look for 4211.1 Zl'C'I'1. 'lfllwl 'Mlm af BARBARA PEARMAN, ljmqmfwzl MARCZIIZ GECLCE CHARLOTTE ROI-IE DIANE D'AI,FONSO Vim' Pl'L'!f4fL'11f Rcmrzffillq Suv1'ch11'y T1'e41,11n'cr fke W0lfU'lf One student group on campus which always seemed to be "in the know" was the Student Council. This was natural because they were responsible for directing the student government, carrying out elections, putting into effect the suggestions of in- dividual students and various campus organizations. This year the Coordinating Council, a committee of the Student Council, was set functioning. It was designed to coordinate activities and arrange dates for various campus clubs. During the summer, some members of the Student Council decorated the Student Body office in yellow paint and chintz. For the first time the Mount entered a float in Loyola's Homecoming Parade, an effec- tive school building symbolizing the youth of tomorrow. An- other innovation was a weekly date bulletin. Besides these things, the council carried out many Mount traditions-a student coun- cil dinner, coordinated calendars, the Orientation program, the Big-Little Sister program, and many others. PEGGY BRADISH BEVERLY HALPIN Natzomzl Stfzclentr Afrocialiovz Nfztiomzl Ferlemiion of Catholic College Sfzrclwzzr Regional Presirlent Regional Preyirlwzt 21550, 5: Q CAROL MOORE Sorldlifjf Pre c I ,W-fl," ii C ,mr at I SC U Df- Qi-'LE5 CUUF0 XQS QU 'QD ffl a v If . fr fg, ww- ,fm M 49" -4 4' f , r BPA? Mary 111110 Hojf1111111, Claire jmzw, 111111 Plnylfix Kiucy Z7lfI'1'jf fo gcff 111111 1'l111pel before 7 11'1'lm1k M1111 lzegizn. U"0011'1c' H111111111, D11111111 Zicb111'tl1, D11z1'111v Cobb, L11z'clle R11f1l1f1', Mary A1111 Penly, C11rl11 lV'1"igl1f, 111117 B111'b111'11 S1'l111pe1' cxcb1111.Qe irfcazv zlbflllf t'0l'f!llll6,f for 11011111 night fIf1Il1C'I'. N11111'j1 I-Ie1'!1111'e1111x 1511111 zvbilc Beify TVOIICQI 111'eep1 the rug I0 get flzeir 100111 ill order be- fore fe111'111g for 1111 8:30 11l1111,1. Cynthia Luke ami Emily KZlgl67Z, .ftzzzlefzt teachers, Jhow off Jome of their pupils' at Brefzfzzfoofl Elefzzerztfzry School . St. Iofephk Hall if the hey! place to go u'he1zez'er you wan! to know what if happening on campzzf. Gretl Dielzel, Pat Pierce, Pal Pimzeo, Mary Evelyn Meichel- hook, and jean WalJh admire the "mile long" pofter for NIGHT AT THE MOUNT and check times for dnb meetingf. ,I TM, ,. . - a X 7 ,I x Ns 6 1 ,S "9 f 2 . Q I 4 f , , 2 ' 5 Xe, x W FW -C , , X I Q Wx W K f , X X 1, M Q9 N f , . .. es.9-'4,:fo..1 ' x ' gf x80 S QQ: ' fx' M.' :Q ff "S ET 'Z W X. 4 : 4 gg-M. X, To f -X 'V wh. M -: , W, Q ' A X-P ff T J .. , 2' 1 w X SA . MW Q 5 ESI? 4 S , X v Aka' iii Eilflfeefl 6!6l,56e5 ' ' ' Alffyozfgb rffzy-bopf are ifzviteci to ea! in the boarderf' "Blue Room," zmuzy prefer to enjoy the mn with Illllfb M . f'k 1,1 .V,-,. In in fbe pafio, mm' to be near that uefeuity-the robe zmzrbifze. 'WHY'-H Fi' Ifomllel Rob!-non lzml Elim Lffmz .1'L'1'I'L' Amie Freere 1112 lfe wcuziz fone, zvlzile Yolmirllz Salmlfe, Becky Bolnmon, Gmfc' Bolmfzou, foyfc Mfzziozzvlll, Peggymzzz Canzplfell, Doris' Offellez, Belly Helzzvie, joan Mzzrpby, Slzmlm Speed, will Mary Englirlv gef llveir lffzzfla in the mf. Beverly Hfzlpiaz, 101112 Shaw, Margie Gegg, Margaret A7171 Czlfleger mzrl Peggy Bmclifb Wzake use of Zhelr .venior privi- lege and take the elezvztor clown. Mull call 7'lZL'cllZ.l' leffefir, pL1fleLzge,r, anal picflfref for ,some-zrlvile Illc' oflverv jim! look lyopefnlly in their br1.x'w'. Tr W, 071 their zzuzy Io clan, Dolorex 107265, Mary lMI0l'l'l,l', cllld ,lo Amie Kelzloblzmzi flmlv info foe book More to pill? np a text book U!'ll6I'. .AAQPHOOHJ vi ml HHN Eh-14. .5 xh l v G X ws. , A. -MAN J , N V Ns. + :N , We ' 'g . QW- misgiii 'UQ VMQ35 1 l Q wi U 55 , .. ...Rn:, ,. ik H, , - ' ' x, . 2. QF' ye SYXXQ. fx' . 2, - gf wav- Q, Q 5 Mfr. Azfzfimfz, L1.f.1'i.rh111l fibnzrimz, Ronde! Robimu, and Mary Corfzuull zeorlf on the bebizzcf-flue-1reflex lmkr flmt keep the libmry fflilfffllllfilg .rnzootbfy and ejffifiezzfly. Upper left: It i.r1z't all work .11 the bofpifczl. Mkzry Ixlvidaz, Virimz Bfll'gEeI',t', IVILZIIVCGII Boylan, Ruby Mae Bffzzyard, mm' Marie Arfier relax zeifb cl mug dzzrizzg off-ffzffy lmzzzir. Before L'u'lL'fJfllkQ five 3:50 bm for uUL'.lgfIl'!lflt!, Callie Orfmzof, Mary Reinmvz, nm! 1VILzry Creflol ffl 0111 their yigzz out Luierrh. Sefzfeaf: Dzlme D'A!f!llI1'fJ, Bwbfzm Pegzrzmrzz, Cgzfolyfz Frif- laie. Peggy Bn1r1'i1l1, Li: Kmvk. Stizzzzfizzg' Kiztberirze Sfzflly, Mary fame H 0 jfnmlz, Mgzrilyzz Rudy, Amie Fmm'e.f Rzmeell, um! Bella 1dL'0b,1' 11714111 flue Swim BL11'f1L1m tom' at one of Ibe bizeeekly NSA mznzpzn uozzmzffiee Jzzeelizzgx. The Soalality hook Jale if alzcfayy a xizceeyx. Shirley Bnrhe, Dorothy Roherff, and Carol Moore fell hoolef Io Ioan Mzirphy and jackie Kildare who do Iheir Chrirtrnay ihopping the fonuenienf and practical way. Jeannette Calderon ana' Lirpifo Gomez take clean clofhef oat of the anfornatic washer. Marianne Mnnch and Maifreen Nally wait Zheir Izirn while Sandra Dilley anal Mary Ann Ranzherg we the nfringer. Lower right: Liz Krach, Mozinz' nzathenzafician, clizfirley jizfe into 31.70 while Bernie Goiizfeia eollefty from Carnielila Hanley, Dorothy O'Hara and Kay Knanf to pay the taxi fare from Wfeftwoofl. Sizifleni Ieachery have to have an eye for halance. Bernadette Victorino, Claire loner, Peggy Parkinfon, Dazifnie Cohh, Deen Ihhetfon, Barbara Cahot, and Margaret M oyer arrange a hiillelin hoard of illiiifralionf for chililreify literature. Q Page F oriy-Jezfen 5111111011 Dilfy mils Z10111c, 1111115 P111 S11111'fw'n, lwplljf A1171 De Nlfllifll, 11110' M111'yl111 7'0I'I'f,' 10011 ZIP 111111105111 111 the 1f11'c1'101'y. M0116 D'A11111z, JCRZIZIZCJUC' CcI!Lf6"I'O1I, M0131 A1112 R111110e1'g, 111111111110 fVI!ll'f7Z7j!, 11111f Bcfzfwfy C1zll10111z pdfiwztly 111111 ill 11119. ueningd in - ' ' BCi'I.7clffL'ff6 VfL'fOl'IIIO, Cllzzflys' M1111111411111, Bcftfy H01b7'OlZ, D0- Sc'11te1l7.'P017111Spe11fle1',l111pyMe'ye1'.M1zrily1zR11r1'y,N1111ryHe1'- l01'c'v 01101, 111111 0 11111110 Kcf11l0Z11z11f,1111l1e11'f0l01' Ill 111111111111111, b11z'e1111x, D0l'j.f H1 1111, Llllff .ft111112'111 , Bebette G1111l11110, Pat Q L L'lZfGl'fLl7lZ Uflllfyfff' 111111 Bcbcflte G1111l11110, Be1'111e G011z'e111, 01111 1 011011, L11 M1zt!.r011 mm' Elzxe K97'L'kZ70 ZUOIUG 072 111111 01' .fbe , 1 . Sfef11110s', alll!! ,l!Z7L'l'C'Hl Gf0z'1111ell1 111111 11 l1'111f1Ii01111l I1vl11111f l111l11. B011rrfe1' Dmzfe 111' 11 601111111 meefing. RAW eyggqfiygff Mernherf of the French Honor Society, Pi Delta Phi, Jtancling, Bernie Gotzzfeia, Gretle Dietzel, Bezferly Czar, Nancy Herhnveanx, featecl, Ana Maria C ota. and Mary Ann Greer liften to prefitlent Dorothy O'Hara read the French poenz "La jenne Tarantinew hy Anrlre Chenier. .,:.m?u1nf Ceftwfir in A l P fx J i K, "Q W' ixNjW.' The NFCCS canzpnf conznzittee, fftanfling, left to right? Carla Carlncci, Kathleen Higginx, Peggy Parkinfon, ,lan Calcleron, Francef Charlancl, Nancy Galt, Heated, left to right! Georga Grape, Joyce Mazzarelli, Betty I-Iolhron, Patti Catalyne, Peggyann Canzphell, Lorraine Gihhont, Dazunie Cobb, and Barbara Selna plan for the Firyt Annnal California Catholic College Conference. to get ynch Jerztice ana' attention. Roxenzary Dazficlron, jane Sztfithen, Loretta Fanning, Barbara Scherrer, Incly Wizgizer, anal Gloria Ariat ail- ininifter to Margaret McGraw, the only patient ezfer fx'-if NNW ak? W Jef f g e E Z 5 5 Fr X 1 i ueningd Qui - - - M Y The M01111! fbonzl grozzp J'iAlIg.f Sffler C916',fff7l9'.l' HZ!lJ'fL'4l1 ,fettilzg of Ifye HOUND OF HEAVEN. Seniors ,smife after cl f!6!fL'f0!ll' .rptzgbefti f1'i1211e'r cz! Peggy Sfotfx Nancy Gu!! and effort ciezzzoflylmfe bow I0 do cz fmt Cbazfrleylorz home for the fini xezzim' zzigbf ruff. af Ike Mfzrdi Gm! MASKED BALL. NM Taft Alpha Zeta .forority preferzted their pletlget. Seated: Mareia Wfilliarm, Mary Amie Ramherg, and Carol Lee Berg. Standirzg: jail Calderon, Barhara Cahot, Mary Ellen Reimarz, Sandra Dilley, Diane Wfil- liarm, Marilyn Rudy, Shirley Burke, and Elifa Laila. Merrzhery of Gamma Sigma Phi yorority, Jtarzditzgx Margaret Arzrz Czaleger, ,loan Marphy, Barbara Scher- rer, Rita Bleckymith, Berrzie Goztzfeia, Beverly Garzfer, Eileen Micklifh, Kathleen Long, and Patti Catalyrie, Seated: Camilla Manton, Diane D'Alforz1o, Peggy Bradifh, and jean Walfh pofe for the camera daring their preferztation of pledgey. Seated: Grace Prexto, Safari MfDo12oagh, Barbara Woody, jean Call, and Mary Evelyn Meichelhork, and ftandiiig, joey Rerziiifori, Diane D'Alforz5o, and Mazz- reeii Fox look zfore the program for T. S. Eliotff THE COCKTAIL PARTY. a A a at , , f - 4 Q if .Q , 4 QA ff ,, M H H S, X Q 4' ,fgvfyis ' af , ,fm-gvaag Q ,S 'X amwmaw N. Q AQ N77 K X gf fi XT 5? K Ts, f Afhzrgie Ciudqg, fveernlezzf of Knfvfm Delta Clvj, Peggy Sfofi, Lf7I'L'Iltf6'l.7f of Tun Alplnz Zellz, Dlclllc' D'Alf0nm, pfevirlelzf of Glznznm Signzn Plvi, nnfl jean Call, Tri Sororiiy flnzirnlluz, lqnflwr rleurmzfimfs' liefnre lelzzing for llie TRI SORORITY BALL. Snozz' Illdkff nn nlznmul lmckgronml for Hazzfaiinfz IIld1ZII'67'f Bealrife Leong, PnI1'icin Ching, Dolores' jones, Gluflys Munnn- ,4,w! Wow . .. Afler 11 prerionx elimination, llae conf! and fbe Loyola Home- fonzing Qneen were L'L70JL'JZ from there C07Zf6,fftII2f.f. The Mann! girls are Bf11'bf1m Bafbe fll, Eileen Mifklifla KIO7, Ioan Goree !5!, and Nancy Galt 131. Barlmm, Eileen, and ,loan were tbree nf llve fonr .I7I'l7lL'6.f.l'E.f in the conrt. pan, ,Io Anne Kenlolnznni, Berry Holbrun, mul Bernnelette Vir- Iorinn. vi 5 e Lower rigbf: Sfnflenf teaclaem' Rita Lefezfre, Cynthia Luke, Emily Knglen, Margie Clegg, Carol Moore, Deen Ibbetjon, Impy Meyer, Dazzfnie Cobb, Ioan Mzfrpby, anal Peggy Sao!! Jefzfe tbeznfelzfey at fbe clinnefr for fbe iraifzizzg teacbem' from F'7'a17Zlell7Z anfl Brentwood ele- mentary Jfboolf. Tlyey not only preparefl fbe dinner bn! enfertainea' flae teacbery ay well. Qneen Barbara Baybe reigned tbrozfgbozft the evening of the Mardi Gray MASKED BALL. AJ in Zbe pair yeary, zfofing zzfaf carrierl on by vlan cofzteytx. Gamma Signza Pb! pleflgej, ,veafezlx jane BI'LHlLI,6'l', Nancy Dealberage, Claire FiI:Geraln'. Stazzclingx jalieffa Czzezm, Berry Wfillilzger, Claire jonef, Marylin Torre, ana' jill Cfl1'flJ, nzafle a pretly piffzfre in zrlaife af Ibeir Pl'6"X6lZf,f at zbe 1VIiranza'r H oiel. S -I f M1221 Q .:4.,.:, . -f F M , . I. . ai.. as :xv :F VZ' V5 Nw , X a , X. ' X wr N5 , xx, ,. Sm, x ,A a - f- - QF " aff, X-, . 5 4,-X'q,xx,' W 'V V ,, ' ' x " ' ' xx x N S x x S fzwv X ...,. X , I s -f X ff 'EF fn , ' W. . S ,,, N ., . 1 .3 . y N x " -.9--em, if ' K " L NM - a . -Q, X , X 'f ,,:'Il ' " f "H '? W . .1 - vi, . , M Q 4 V , K . V---M . if an my A , 1 , ' " 2 fb, -A n ,::6'5:"' K - 2 4.-. ' , Jw' ' - N325 - "Viv 1 A - f, N We 5 L, ,, dy X.,,a,, 69 bg. wa ' " , "' ' W ia ,H 3 I ' my . Y a , x S . 2 x - N Q X , ax 0 'fix , wg q. , it x wsu 'k K 2 --.M f 5- m v X- -- Nw A' , ff' , vim . Q f, x a sg ,, X N we ,AX NA . x 5 A, E xx X M., XX Q 2 Q. nc x 'R 1 S A , S, SQ Y Y ,WV VVVV V W Q2 Z 1? , fwewwg gf V 7255-.Yu fi J-5: QQ V' 1 , gf :en A x-:sl .M wg-R ' :auf 3' 5 1 , ' W Q Q xl P? 141 1: 't ix Z fi W aw W! ,. f 2 W4 X Q X , xk Qi f w Q X W X X NX x X x X SX NX X X J. 0 Q Z7 x M Q. X er fimed 1 or f. 1 ' Q 11 5 J ..-Uk: Q 1 1 -z ' E Q' f ? ' E i ilvifif E 3 E 1 2 I 2 5 Y 4 X ,ln Stantlrng: Sally Snow. Seatetl: jo Anne Kealobanzti, Dolorey jorzex, Lani Fleming, Maureen Nally, Carla Upright, Pat Olson, sgzldfenlgel' ' ' ' Betty Holbron, Maryln Mattson, anal Rorernary Brnnet watflr Mary Ellen Breen ana' Nanry Galt relvearxe their Clmrlexton nnnzber for tlve FROSH FROLICS. Proyerntor Dazvnie Cobb aceztrex Mary Ellen Breen, before jntlgey Dorrr Higginx ana' Margie Gegg, of canring injnry to Patti Catalyne, zvbile Deirfle Combi rzerzfonxly ufaitx ber trial at the Frerlnnen Cotrri. Carrying the lay! piece of luggage up to their roomy, Margaret Batzolrl and Rofalie Qnin- tana are ready to begin their college dayf. Parnafyianf Pai Pierce, jean 1-Valyh, Pat Pinneo, Char- lotfe Rohe, Shirley Bnrhe, Ann Scoft, Dorothy Snzith, Royenzary johnfon, ancl Dorothy Rohertf hrozwe for icleay Ihrongh hacla ixxaef of MADEMOISELLE. ,lean U7al,rh ancl Shirley Bnrhe are Cciillpllj' repreyentatizfef of Ihe magazine. Manreen Fox and Mary Hollancl aclnzire Mary Ann Gornzank clianzoncl af Jhe pafyef the Iraclilional choco- late! to Helen McEachen, Barbara Dohrotf, ancl Pal Perrarn, annonncing her engagement. Preyiclent Margaret Ann Czaleger accepif new nzenzherf Peggy Krier, Diane Greaney, Mary Ann Ranzherg, Betty Anne Boycl, joan Gocke, Ann Park, Inlianne Murphy, Marylin Torre, Beverly Calhonn, anal Marianne Mnnch info the home economic! clnh. y , i V. V 1 4 's . 3:13315 lC111111g 1111 11111 1H1111111'1 1111111 1111 L111'11111'1 HOl12L1fIl1111I' 11111 D11 IIL 11111111111 P6513 P111 11111111 B111111111 D111,1111 11111 11111 1111 11111 111111111111 111111 R1111'111111',1' C1,1111'g1'1', 'I11111' j1111'11'11y11 71 1 1 1 11 1111111 11 111 111111111 111111 OBIILIIK 111 1111 111 11111111111111 11611 11111 1'1'11 11 'KY ' 1. 1 ,. EN 113 ,agp-f li yd ef wwwk Y 1 . 1 "'-",4'5 V, 1 'W' . A 12' i 1111111101:1fIl'L'1I111lf1, L1'11111'1' C1'1111111'g1, C111'111y11 171111714 131111111111 O H11111 131112 1111111 C 1111111 M11111111111 111111 11111111 A1111111 1111111 j111111N1'11'11111 1H1111'1',1111111111'11'1'11111'11 g111111'1' 11111111111 111 1111111 IVIIL 11 111111 111111 1111 1111111111 1 I1 111 11111111 IIII HI I1x1 S9 11117 11'1'1'1'1 111111111 1111111113 1111' 111111111' 11111111, 95 NPIIONY N S11 lIOI1'li'1"l4Ii. 0110111 . . . Page Fifly-cigbf C111111ll11 M1111fo11, D1111'111e Cobb, Eileen O'Lo11gl1l111, C111'ol Moore, 11111l N1t11 C11.1'111'le 1111111 11f11l1 1'e111g11e1l 6,X'p7'6'J'J'l0lZ.l' 11'l11le D11111e D'Alf11111o bm bw bloozl p1'e,111111'e fl1k6'lI. Be1'11111e tbe IVIOIHIZ lJ11n' fbe bigbeyl pe1'1'e11111ge of blood ffollllfjollj' 1z111o11g follegey 11111l !!1lll'6'1'.lElf1:6j 111 1'l1e 111111011 l1111 yea-1', fl1e Blooflnzobile Ibiy year 1'11111e ZIP for 111o1'e. ff . 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Page Sixty 4 ff !. vk D 'V If QV wa, ,N 4 197 fb f ew as 2 C Q Z4 ' W Q' are f M rw Q " I ,x ' X I " , ss 0 ,Z f 5 af w i f i lg ll f f if 'ffgxf Nm Y f fiwlxya X 5' ,Q f N, Q Sa X .:.. no 7 ya-MWA Kappa Delta Chi prefeizteil their pleilgef Kathleen !ML'Gli7IL'y, Maggie Romley, Clare Goff, Roxemary Hef- froiz, Betty Atwill, ,learziie Laiitier, Lani Fleming, Mary Ami 0'Co1ziiell, Claire McCloirkey, jocli Burkett, Betty Ami Boyd, and Nancy Herhiweaiix at the Palm Room iii the Miramar Hotel. Upper right: The girly elainz heff their heft date of the year. Anil Dillivj' ,ffill a good rlaricer . . . at leaxt Eileen O'Loiighli1i, Peggyamz Campbell, Maiireeiz Fox, Lor- raiize Gihlnoizf, aiztl jeaiiette Giialaizo thiizh Jo. H., T 'X 1. z .,,N x M Q 'K S T Y 1 ME Z like-A PI'T1,7L'C.H jmzn Gocbv, Qnewz BLzf'bL1m Btzybc, fzmf Prinf Bfzlfrwllr, JI1'e11111ef',s', and mmif of Pele Lzzbiyivb ,ret 41 gay mood for the fwwy Luzrflu Ruffin' dm! Iimily IQIKSICII zmzkc .111 uf- a'4111cer,r Ll! the Mmzfi G'm4r NIL1.ske'a' Bull. IIIILKITIF Ulllff at flu' Lllllilmlf Munfi Gnzx MASKED HALL. jegfuafg ' ' ' Ifd!C11fTl1CJK f7I'L'!ffl7lZ1:lZa!fCc1 ul NIGHT AT THE MOUNT. One of flue IIZOJI popfffgzr bootfm' H112 by ffu' Home limzzfmziu C1110 Onerz'ed mker. mjffee amz' pie al L1 m0r1'e. One of the lzflmufio 11.1 411 NIGHT AT THE MOUNT zum Difk Ilyeypmzz, ll"Lzr11e1' Brnffwzw' ,s'tL1r. Mr. uUL'.fl'071 brongfaf fha nzffem' f1'nzz'1z If':'K7 fwfr 1111pw'.rom1fm11 of Hzmzpbrey Bogart. QU, if, my ' X. T Q af 35 Xa ffl '4mnsmf -- Q w -pw MQ 'sm -fa Margie Gegg, preficleilt of Kappa Delti Chi forority, rearlj a letter to joan Shaw, Dazwzie Cohh, Betty Hearne, Betty Troncy, and Lea O'Doi11zell from Sigma Rho fraternity thaizhiiz g Kappam for the utoizclerfal time they had at their exchange. Upper right: Mr. Everett ufatfhef as Shirley Bifrhe, joxephiiie Davis, Lillian Pereyra, Ann Freese, Maureen Fox, Martia Unil- liamf, Mary Amie Gorman, and Amze Fl'cIllL'U.f Rll,U'l5ll learn the iizefifle flope on platex, ftftf, and ropy at a Prem Clah meeting. Rita Blechfmith, Gloria Wfill, Margaret Tripp, Barhara Hart- man, Georga Grape, aml Camilla Manton learn what nzahes them "tink" df part of a Kappa Theta Mfr meeting. This year, the tea for high .fEbO0l reizioiiv aml their pareiztu was helil in Fehraary. Following the faefhioii ,vhozzy tea llklt' .rerretl in the hoartlerer' "Blf1e Room". Lower right: Miif. Chatlzeifh helped SL'b6l'r.IllIl Rohimoiz, Celefte Goiirtleaa, Pat Saiztlerf, Margaret Unich, aml pianist Mary A1111 De Nziizzio, memherr of the Mozfizt String Emeitzhle, practire for the .rezzior tea. MAJ' MKZWTQQ MV ?f??,i15g W WE X , 1 we-W X . as OOO zVIm'imz1za Bclllgf, Mr. Bauer, Elaine Moore, fame! Car- roll, Emily Kzzglen, jackie Kilflare, and Marie Eonmmz ferzfe tlfezmelref at the .f67Zl07' lmffet zlimzer for Father Corbeit. Lower left: jemzy Slefmzof, Lea O'D07Z7I0ll. Ioan Morphy, Farber Corbell, and Elaine Moore are caught by zz jlmb bulb ar Zlley enjoy lbe bfrfet flimzevf at M 11171111 mf' f. Page Sixfy-four Dr. Peyton, noted pbyfifian, nzztognzplaf L1 copy of bif book, QUEST FOR DIGNITY, for Sylvia Ozefz and Kay Kmmf after bfi lec- tlzre climaxing Ifzfermcial Wfeek actizfitief. INTER NOS cozztribaforf Lea O'Dorzrzell, jean UVal,vlv, Mari pat Dorzobae, Lillian Pereyra, ami Peggy Brafliefb polifb tbeir final rlrafly before Iarrzizzg lrz fopy for pablifatiorz. Bella Iafoby aalflf aatberztic Sparzifb color for Callie Orfanoy, Arm Marie Cola, Mary Ellen Reirlzarzrz. Alicia Wfirb, Gretl Diefzel, Dorofby O'I-Iara, Sarzflra Dilley, Mary Arm Rarnberg, Dieralre Foxerz, Barbara Cabot, Betty A7272 Boyd, Mary jane Hojfrrzaa, jalietta Caezfar, and Thelma Garcia at zlre I rzterrzaliorzal Larzgaage C lab foreign dinner, Eafebiarzy Bezferly Czar, Irrzpy Meyer, joarz Marpby, joey Rerrrziyorz, Gloria UVill, Carol Moore, Betty Dan- rzigarz, Dorotby Smitb, arzfl joxepbirze Daz'i5, jar! before Ibey left for Capiytrarzo to zarfrreu tbe farzzoaf arrizfal of tbe Jrzaallozzar on St. jofepbk Day. joarz Sbaw, Lea O'Domrell, Barbara Dobrofi, Miliza Foelycb, Frarrcey Cbarlarzal, ami Torzi Tortorici arrarzge a rlifplay of Negro ar! irz tbe library for Interracial Week, Jporzyoreci by SWES. ' f . mv- . - -y-1 ' - e I X Q42 :v- mj.: , fm K ii. w - M xi ' eil 5 ,. , 'fr' 1 5 N X4 . bi at C j 4 . 1 'x ' . .. .re T' M M f,', XYYXQ of gf 7 Q, MQW.. Aiwa Nanry Newell, Aliae Cnlbzrrn, Nancy W'iggin.v, Dnriy Uaellef, jenny Sfefanof, Doris Higginx, Monica Goernell, Betty Cain, Callie Orfanm, Marilyn Mnntrnz, Kathy Hig- ginr, Bebelle Gnalano, anal Iliff!! Longulmre plan ilze U.N, nzork aw renzbly vprnzmrezl by SW'IfS. pri! - - - Sealerlx Slella Del Dnra, Margarel Tripp, Joanne VO.fl1l74l, jmeplwine Dazir, anfl Marie Fontana L'0!llIf .r.fan1p,f zlonafezl to flue Smlalify Avfanzp flrire. Stanrling: Elaine Moore, Grefl Diefzel, Frances Clnzrlaml, anal Sally Snon' fake zlozrn tlJe pmter. The xfanzpy are .vent to the rzziesivioazx. R0.f67lI.ll'j" Cznleger, Margaret Ann Cznleger, Anne Frances R Ilfjipll, anal Barbara Dobroft park their luggage ana' rael2ef,f in the ear for tlJe trip I0 Ojai for flue Iennix frznrrzanzern. x K, v. -. Seated: Lnella Linn, Portia Speneler, Bernie Gonzfeia, and Carla Carlnffi eralnate a magazine illmlraiion while, stamling, Peggy Holtxnider. 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California Yearbook Guild Mr. Williant Adams . . . . California Yearbook Guild Mr. Max Deena, designer . . Kingscraft Cover Company Comlagmenfd 0 Juliette Cancl Compan 561 East Green Street 452 East Colorado Street Pasadena 221 West 7th Street-Los Anqeles SYcarnore 6-1446 H 5 1 I A 1 fl 1- I l i i i I ocia! Mr. and Mrs. Harry N. Bauer and Marianna Mr. and Mrs. james Bradish Boarder Council Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Brophy Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Cabot, Jr. and Family Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Connors and Family Mr. and Mrs. Charles Czuleger Margaret Ann Czuleger Mr. and Mrs. Earle E. Davis and Family Mr. and Mrs. F. LI. Drewisch Eusebians Mr. and Mrs. Fontana and Family Freshmen Class Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Gegg Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Gouveia judge and Mrs. F. F. Gualano Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Halpin Mr. and Mrs. William F. Hartman Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hearne Norton W. Holder, M.D. ,Dah-and Home Economies Club International Language Club jackie Kildare Elizabeth Krack Rita Lefevre Mrs. Ruth C. Luke Mr. and Mrs. Hoong Hee Lum Josephine Mondello Mrs. J. C. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Neil A. O'Donnell Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Parkinson and Family Red Cross Chapter Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rotsler Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Scott and Family Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stefanos Tau Alpha Zeta Sorority Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tortoriei Mrs. Thomas C. Walsh Olin Wellborn III Compliments of a Friend M4411 fp ' X K. , 4 X ,X W. gg X 'AN A . f ff x Xu .'2j'iz,. V 'A fikiiw.. ff, -K M ww, kwin , V Z" ,. WW MQW rf - 14+-4 - mx , 3 f ,W .... 4 ,N , ,Q ii 1 WS' Y. , 1 4 .1 A if Q 1, . 'NNN Q -'7 5 x .1 :ff "0 5 V4 if , ' X mm. f V, . . ,NVf"'-ng, M Q-1,4 " ' Z 2 Q ,J 5 mx Q ' ,Q 2 x W A f . 1 x . X xiii N, V Vigkvl. -X K x X ,Z N SL X B ax. A 'Q sy- 5 X x Y 5i,,MX law.-I ii K ,I 4 A XL ww, ff W fx ,,., "ix X ' AX Www x ww QNX , Q 4, . ZXXQQXX5 Q .V A is M N A X , V, , A . 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SOTERAS Licensed Beal Estate Broker Insurance and Investments 8559 West Pico Boulevard Los Angeles 35, California BBadshaw 2-5085 7, is th Compliments of COMPLIMENTS CF 4 S BAKING COMPANY A l8Ol Blake Avenue Telephone: Olrympia ll3l 'ik ,Ji if PIERRE'S "The House of Crepes Suzette" 2295 l-luntinqton Drive San Marino, California ,JL 7, LIBERTY LAUNDERETTE 1567 Westwood Boulevard l5V2 Blocks South oi Wilshirel ABizona 9-9380 wir Compliments ot Decorated Cakes For All Occasions Home Made Cakes and Bread I XG' i MELLOS PEANUT COMPANY 1 PAULINE'S PASTRY SHOP , E537 Towne Avenue I L03 AI-1139193 Q11 Cahfgmia l4U South Barrinqton Place Los Anqeles 49 l l Across from Post Ottice GUMPS Compliments of F. I. De Nunzio WESTWOOD VILLAGE ni' FINE LEATHER GOODS HAWTHORNE CITY DYE WORKS Q23 Westwood Boulevard ll4 South Hawthorne Boulevard Los Angeles 24, Cal1torn1a Hawthorne! Cahfgmia ARIZOHG 9-2304 Osborn 68171 l I l ,ic l Compliments of 1 ADVANCE PAPER BOX COMPANY I 1 PACIFIC soAP COMPANY 1900 West 62nd Sweet 5830 McKinley Avenue LOS Angeles 1 LOS Angeles PLeasant l-4l4l ' SQ' E .iii AMAAMC1, C C CBB C C l 1 LA BARBERA's 1 Greetinqs from fl l 11813 Wilshire Boulevard ,T . C3 Blocks East ot Bundy? - la, Western Surqlcal Supply Company XX Complete Hanan Dinner 653-B67 South Burlington Avenue X A f- P- Los Angeles 5, California X 1225 l ' 4 Food Prepared To Take Out 1 - ' Phone ARizona 9-9675 LL DORAN CE BUILDERS. INC. l2l South Fir Avenue Inglewood l, California G General Contractors and Builders Phone: OReqon 8-3388 'A' MIDTOWN PLUMBERS l8ll South Maple M. SIMMS ir Best Wishes G. SCHIRMER MUSIC STORES 700 West 7th A Los Anqeles 6531 Van Nuys Blvd. -Van Nuys 927 Westwood Blvd. - Westwood 8634 Hollywood Blvd. - Hollywood l3O Pine Avenue - Long Beach Compliments of W. W. SCOTT "TILE" 9314 South Normandie Avenue PLeasant l-2288 Tl-lornwall 9285 0 Real Clay Tile ir Compliments of SCUDDER FOOD PRODUCTS MONTEREY PARK, CALIFORNIA ir CONGRATULATIONS from the FACULTY of MOUNT SAINT MARY'S Preferred by Professionals the World Over 9 RICO REEDS RICO PLASTICOVER REEDS GREGORY "DIAMOND BRAND" GEORGE S' THCMPSON and "MASTER" MOUTI-IPIECES For CLARINETS ana sAXAPHoNEs CQRPCRATICN RICO PRODUCTS Q l5l7 Flower Street Glendale I, Calif. L my X 1. if . Y X L.X.L f ,Y " J X 1 ' ' if 1 - ' - ix X fn I -f :if S ,gf .gi 31,5 iM. Qgigifff- ax fm.. Sf' gm Wgi. -Q, 'Z-X X. . . . .f ...ez X . . ,. XXX. NN . W. psf? X ww- U' 43 rw 2 . 4,153 X' PM , .'-:.f'f-NN X Y . N . .QW - pp , - gl, Q- K -fxxyx , 'fg -,EMMAQY XQ-.Qi 5.31 'sy X. My .ff M3 . ,K . W.. xy., N X. firm f haf XXX Q +fW fw?-2'ff'Q . Q . . , . - .X 5 ff X g U . f"k . . .K A . ,X .QQ ki: .L SQA I skkixk .. ill.. 1- .ww Q f - f is 'f' .X Q sr . .k,,4S.g.tXgbg5 , KhQ . ... 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