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' -9.2 .Eerigg 3, . 2 V Y. ug , . I K . w X A 1' Y . 'ff' 1 '- L'...q::?-. 1' -A ,, lv, wg , H, 3 ., A 1 1 f l f vs ' ' ' Q in , - V . ,gb my " ,I-.v,, Rv V 1441- V M , A- Q ' Q X V ' ' 1 + fy.. ' 1 ,, A mi , F sgwgjsff . k. ,V Sv' .A -A M11 -93- 'iff-' A ' p f 735 , -'if' Q., 'QUM . fffz f 3 f ,, X ' ' . .,., P k Q -. 1- w X,f..:A, -, ,SL , ? f ' J ' ' . 1 f , - 1' ,QAVQ wi f' ' 'J xi' W . 1,1155 27' . 'gl+1fygl' 1 , f . 'Sy ' 3' - , 1, 9 11 31,2 1 f f xf ' . T' Av, 1 ' 1 " V W, nfl ' f- . " 4' .-,-.C-T .wif 3'2" -W":!?1?f??? A ' -"' ' ' 5 av. A ' " ' ff., ',' A ' . f , .Q Q, f.f'3f?5 .' ff 5 ' X ' 1: ' .- 'WE' 5a , "' ' . ,K ' . ' T-9, ' -is -'df 'U W k,"QvL ' 'fx' A4 " rf-' Z' - Q H 'r ,F vggv F W ,QQ . 1 M yay? 1 ,K if ,-'f'fK1T.-, ,, 3 ' " wif- ff' 4"1?35fs.f- - -' ,,s- 'cf w , . ' M -' ,??f'4" ff 7 " "fy-iii . ,. ,- - - ' P ? -' TQ ' f 1' if Q' 1 'F ' J ii- V . Ai ,y, ,r . 1,4 A j,+gF..., - I 0.1 , v A f , 2 '. ? V , .4.. 'W , ' , . ' .uggff vglw f xxx 'H Q. 1 ,Q 1- Y , A, , X ,J Q , , A ,., if v ' H x -1 l 42. .QW Q' sw 5 , ,WL -A -. V ee. F' 1 'W if ' , .W ..,, ' ff'-U '92 ,4 gin 5 cam? ' -A ' ' xx, .Y . ' 0, Vx .y 7. r fn My .V .. im x - efg, A -, P , fx K Q Epi," " 4. ra 'F Q - ' 4- . xr , .W:L....w . ,- 4 .5 'ff "'+? A if Q54 W' W + V 1 + 'Q , v Q A bf lr 1 ' ' ' X . ri 5 ll Q Qs, fa M71 N 2 X RE 59 -1 I 1 4 2 l 1 I w III 7757 Annual Publication of the Associated Students of Mount Saint Mary's College under the direction of Kathleen O'Rourke, Editor, and Mary Margaret Schaefer, Business Manager. , contents . . Seal of the College Dedication and Theme S .... Letter from the Archbishop .,.. Presidents Message .l,s S Deans Message S i,.. SS SS SS Seal of the Sisters of Saint Joseph Faculty .c... SS SS Senior Section Senior Nights Out Commencement SS S Undergraduates S Student Government ...A S Student Organizations .,...r Student Publications S S Stall and Acknowledgements SS S Student Activities ,,,rrr Guest Speakers S S lioarders Day Students S SS Snapshots SSSSS SS Social Patrons Business Directory Signatures page live page six page nine SS page ten SS .SSS page thirteen page fourteen page seventeen page eighteen page thirty-eight page thirty-nine page forty page forty-eight S SSSSSS page fifty-live page eighty page eighty-live pageheighty-six page ninety-six page ninety-eight S SSSSSS page one hundred page one hundred two S page one hundred ten K, SS page one hundred eleven SS page one hundred twelve R is A. W -- Q ff , ,M 5 WWW ff f,f,5Q ,ff A , y 0 M5 'I 'Z 975 ga' ww Nw' , k 2 X gi A Y - ,-QQ4' y 7 fgk Q sww ,gg . 2 QQQ, Q f AX . xx XM-S E 6 Q N ' L 53 ' , - V ,R X V EN 5 2 , ,Q x yas Qi A 2 5 Q - .,-X ,QQ . Nj f x X 5 1 5:-'4 xg Zwf Q , 0 ' if , , f ,, fi , -125224 SZ Q ,F ifgf- , X 51 f as ,512 A, V www, S 9:5-N,,x ,M . xg.. , xx, y VQK S, x A 'f X, X-1 XV N as - . M " , X Q-WWNWNY, wwf fx I 9, ex C ff gwww Ng L V ,,.. .w Yr . W, "f.2' W 4 , , , f- W' W ' g 9 f Z Y . f x 7 5 1 YQ W ,K QE 5 Q ,, 'gg 4. xg ,. gif? ,, i ' Q X S 3 0 Yh fw ff ,z lag, f Z Q1 , mil? Q wig!! 'S SW ' NM-W ,, ,.,,, ax X J X 1, ,Q X X' K if X N G 4 4 S X ,AA xx ly QQVI E if I,,. 3 . fi 'Qty f X' Q sw V 1,1 -1. 'Q , 4 X - 4 A 1 , X Ng qi? 4 5, MW,-wx ? 3 i 2? 2 wr ff' Q! ' , N ,Q- 4, , 114, ' f Sf , L' 325' 1 faifw V X 2 G-fQY, f ffm , , pw r? Q9 5, ir " A '11, XJ x K f X I K K WAR y N Qlfifgll f tizleng K 5 fkyim 1 X A x -' , X-A - , 1- 1 xx C ,X O K . A WN. fwt,,gf !,wff, ff X, L V , ' LN ' W "EY f um X X4 f fm. . Q J vw, X R ... Q 35? .AW wwe-Qwf-WMM -Y ww: 1 " WM-My ,,,. '-Sl' .. L ' I i ' , if if E pf ff Y Q. ,e Z Y 1 4 if-ik fi - 'i 1, 'flb ' if ' ff" 7 ' 'QW +1 - 2 i , 4 IE- 'sr K WV A in d1f:l,?U r i 11, .v' - ffff , . , 1 J :NG , iifffff ' '-'Y-L-' .1 , , . 5 Z .Y -ang if Q A6 15 " 'if ff'-K .RQ . lf? lx 5 .. , Q' '- " J 5 5 M3 I, 4 1 4 , ff ls .'-'L - IP if-f' n--""' 4 1 5, 1 9' V'-wap if ,, N , y , ,l,, jz'i41-9iQ.g?., lzl 1 V b:?qQ . Q ,I A M K r. I , . . I R -Y I ,' .. J X b r 1- fs' v '- , K X x -ff. Nl -duncan-1-.Q .. 'ar ' 461 .--nu-Qing sgi - -5 'IIS INT' HIE circular seal of Mount Saint Marys College, designed by Baker ot London, has the name of the college around the shield. The four divisions of the circle form a cross with the date of the foundation, 1925, in the center. Three angel wings at the left signify the city of Los Angeles, while the Heur de lis represents the Sisters of St. joseph of Carondelet who were established in France in 1650. At the top is a lily surrounded by thorns-Mary the Immac- ulate Conception. Below the date is an open book containing the motto of the college-Dem' Illzmfimzfio Alan. "God my light." The seal symbolizes Mount Saint Mary's College, founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Caron- delet in the city of the angels and dedicated to the Immaculate Virgin Mother. 'B In f Page liiz 'w l We papal Diiecfivefs 505. Omen . DEFINE FOR US, THE GRADUATES OF 1951, A COURSE TO FOLLOXV IN THE TROUBLED MODERN XVORLD. XVE MUST LIVE SPIRITUALLY. INTELLECTUALLY. CULTURALLY, SOCIALLY AS MEMBERS OF THE MYSTICAL BODY OF CHRIST AND OF THE SOCIAL, RELIGIOUS, ECONOMIC. POLITICAL BODY OE AMERICA. THESE DUTIES CONVERGE INTO THE LIVING FAITH XVITH XVHICH RWE MEET AND CONQUER THE CHALLENGE OF SECULARISM AND MATERIALISM. l'. llgf ,X fn, Z 4 7 4 3 2 ? Z 5 Z Z 5 Q Q 2 3 Z Z Q 5 S Z S S 4 S Z S 7 S i 3 i s ? S S 1 Q 5 Z Q Q S x 5 S 1 2 Q S ? a 5 S Q xii WWI Sb S NN 1:1 A . at f o N 55 ARCHDIOCESE OF LOS ANGELES 714 WEST OLYMPIC BOULLNARD LosANeufs15- cAuFomwA Rlchmond 7-7471 December Twelfth 1 9 5 1 To send greetings to the stuients of WMOUHT SAINT MARY'S COLXEGEN is a joy and a challenge. It is e challenge because the projection into the future of the potentialities of education at Mount Saint T-iary's draws heavily upon the capacity of imagination. Your training cnltivetes the foundations of womanhood that are in such marked contrast to the de- clining standards resulting from e Godlees education. Therefore, ee leaders and examples of a truly religious womanhood you will be e challenge to the community. ,f ARCHBISHGP of Los Angeles. S eniofzs . .. l Hli most important day on each college seniors calendar is "Commence- ment Day '." This term is a profound one, deep-rooted in four years of preparation "to enter the arena to take part in the battle" as Our Holy Father has said in his D21scw'Ij1'tt,v for flu' llnfllllrlll nf Today. You commence to live life, not passively but actively. Each alumna, in accordance with the will of His Holiness, is to participate in the impregnation of public life with the spirit of Christ to as large an extent as her state in life will permit. The wife and mother is to "courageously accept her new duties" and enter into the activities which protect the integrity of Christian homes, further the welfare of all children, and influence legislation and administration when God-given rights are being undermined. Among the students who receive their bachelors degrees this year are some who may have the leisure to prepare themselves in a particular way to engage in the front-line battle of public life, and to lit themselves to direct their energies to preserve the way of life guaranteed to us by our Christian constitution and government. The Przjmf IDi1'erfi1'u.i' for flw llnfllllzlll of Y'ofL1,3' state: "To live today in our great cities without loss of faith and purity requires no less heroism than was needed in the days of bloody persecution." To reinforce the prayer and sacrifices of those in the midst of the social melee will be those members of the Class of Fifty-one, who by devoting themselves to prayer and training of youth, will obtain graces for all of you, and send forth recruits to fill your ranks. I can give you no better challenge than the words of Pope Pius XII, "Be present everywhere for the Faith, for Christ, in every way and to the utmost possible limit, whenever vital interests are at stake, whenever laws bearing on the worship of God, marriage, the family, the school, and the social order are proposed and discussed." My prayer will accompany you in the pursuit of these noble ideals. MOTH IYR AGN IES MARI IT vm +V N 4 2 A- N ? , W Q fyfxlf S0 www: .M-M , X N-Q, M Xe M -N, S Q L, f f f izswf' S o x 1 .Q N' V? an X ,, f 36 br 5 . Na ,.... W .A .Nas x sw N S N Ik, x ,xxx 7 Qi Xi 5 X 1 V5 N 5 V. f qi duafes 06 IQSI . . . s you leave your college days behind you to commence the work for which your Alma Mater has been preparing you for the past four years, you do well to pause for a moment to reflect on the obligations that are yours as Catholic women, graduates of a Catholic college. The choice of theme for your yearbook - The Pzlfhlf Di1'wfi1'w' for flvcf llwfllllrlll of 'l'nrf41'y- is indeed a happy one. The Divine Plan Maker had ordained that you should go forth to battle for Him at a time when the forces of evil seem to be in the ascendency. Genera- tions of graduates have been told that the world needs them and their influ- ence, but never before in the history of civilization has this been so true as it is today. Our country, our Church, the whole world needs valiant women, generous of spirit and steadfast of purpose, ready and willing to submerge their own petty sellish desires so that Christ and His cause may triumph over the powerful forces of secularism and atheism. Great courage is needed and deep faith. Each one of you is called to be an apostle, willing, if need be, to give all, even life itself, so that each member of the Mystical Body of Christ may enjoy the freedom "wherewith Christ has made him free." The weapons of good example, prayer, and self-sacrifice are yours. Witlm Saint Paul, you, too, "can do all things in Him XVho strengtheneth you." Our prayers follow you as you go. May God bless you always and may Mary, His loving Mother and ours, be ever close to you to guard you and to keep you loyal to Her Son and His Church. SISTER ROSE DE LIMA Page Tlvirfawz 8lSTE Q SQSEPH Op Q9 Y W' KK. r ' i BQ C325 ' 0 u 5 y n if . ' 'Q Q20 1 ii if II U X 7: - N X X X ,- N X Hli coat of arms ot the Sisters of Saint joseph of Carondelet richly sym- bolizes the origin and identification of this congregation. The azure field represents the protection of heaven over these members of Christ's Mystical Body vowed in a special way to that King whose crown azure is seen occupying the place of highest honor. The circle of black centered at the transverse beams of the cross symbolizes death to the world in order to possess the cross of Christ alone. The carpenters square, symbol of the life of active work in imitation of their patron, Saint joseph, bears the words, "Humility and Charity," virtues that are at the Foundation and fruition of all their labors. The lily in full bloom symbolizes their vow of chastity. The fleur-de-lis refers to their origin in France and the crescent to America, where so many work today: the five- pointed star, or mullet, stands for the dignity, the glory, and the grandeur of this land and its Immaculate Protector, Mary. X X xg? Wu 1 f f sf ., X 585' 4 ,Q 7 I Y W .,-.Q .I -w F.: ll v' xi' t, Jdwwjyfx , ' ' l ,F-Afff , f ' i aww, w ,ffzf Q f ' 9 'fm' v V X Q X ii 5 E fi. fw' V Q xi. 4 'S Jim an X'f Sw ,. MSM x , ,W ww ,N " X-yi? -41. :xv-,-Q11 af ' ,, S, fn, M4 4 x Wy ww Z ww I W 3 1, . X N N5 X x X f X f'kA N X 5 Q Q Q Y xx A X S NW X X 51-1: Nam ' Nt XS . -1. H x iw: W x,x,,,,fy ,. . N15 N. N XL .A .5 X af qw S Se-X. ' X X .H 245 ' X I .QQ . tw. X S Q , V ll ,X g . X r gflifzp-. X Q- X-Sign, - X ' , ., . - WN X S . ' f ,QV my . W ai Q 4 S K , ' . 7. 'ff , V V1 v "Q .. ' x 5 ,Wx , N. L, if 23 is M x 7,5 M 5 I X X R .W " W if ww 5 2' yi X 5 - "W, Q X, ,X QTL? x Q 1 V A .ws Q , f w,5g5A I V y ,ix v X Q-.qggp A f A X. wry, fl-Q. 1 A - if .. is . ,. Y , K , X ,N ,239 K. Kg, Qx N'!l5wvm:,wW Q X ,, X' ,-gfggg., , ,I K , 4, X ,..,, 'ez xx A , f fk. NNN. 'www W ,ix-Nb., g f' , ' 7 -W vm.. H f' - ., -K x. - 'fzwww Qi U A . n S dw. M ,sf"- fi , . ,X ,J 'E - 4" 6 1 . .. V , .. ' " w f f Q3 5, 3 i , , -,'V'W?,5 We ,. , - A LW "4 5 A ' , f ix 112W , M .S f . x ' K ff , K y" ' , fi 5 J ' X I 7 N' .S ' , ' few, . , X f , A .. , X , . . . X , ...N y 5 LN, A 'Q , " y , S " '- ff ,,..,ffg',5x 3, - . x Q ' ff 9 ' S wx , , Ss. , Q'-W, - - 1 3 4 'X - in I , , . ,XG ,A , 'x 1, Q fa? is QSM T, 1-xi ,V wg, 'X' wx 7' Q 5 X f 7 f WY W " N , ' W www? A- Nwffw ' "MN Y JN f ? x 2 f Q W W NW . M , ww X FN W my wb N -AS, Q , .. My ,N EN 1 MW., .v , S . X M wg .Qf iw' H rf Q luv amwtlwf U lwtmq, S .TW Q, .:3 QXQWQZ R. .K ' 9 7 'PW n W . 'f f , 1 V . 1 . . M 'vm we , .. Q , A ,Q . .WC-fm xx' My N . 1 f ' fg 'X f . ff . W f .- - . N. Q A . ' , Q W W ww Q X Q-if fgfvwzfx Www. L- kwmy Q, JWL,-sw A ,- ' 4,'A.w ,'x ww ,Q - X- ' H V . 'S M vw, - Qewwwsyn, . - 'K L , ' x' .X 4 , f " E, ww -. ' , . 34. f 44 asv XS' ,SM -. ' , iff' ff, 'fn N. Ng vw., 4 , ., XL ff V .W L 4 1 . , V Q ' Sn ' ,, X 1- N XX X ' x , x M 'I 4 ,M 1 x fr -A 5... ' . ,- . Q - m-Wfmf 1 . .. K 4 ZW we ' K M5 MEA -ww X wmkwfwfmv-f,f,N.4.., A i f , , V 1 .Q ,f ,N wi V ix Q I T was 3 W 1 ,. - , A ...N , , , . jf? f 'W A X - - mj f, X 1 X ' .... 3 1' f:N.,.fg1 .. ks - xg .v WMS 1 . W 1 -. w."i12:'f v 1 f ' sV,:g,w. . 1 454 ' 1 ,. f f , -' 1 -1 N Q 1 af-My N , "X ' ,wx k 44: .- Q Xmfpt . iw? 51 ' .V.., N bi. 4. 5 X - me . ..-Q 6-,fQyj'a f,,,, ijfmf. MQ wi ZA.,,, -' 2 xi X 'V 435 fsgxl? X 7-lie Elaculful LX ECUTIVE OFFICERS Mother Rosemary-HmmJrzrvy Prtarjalezzl Mother Margaret Mary-Prefiffezzf E111w'il11.r Mother Agnes MHFIC-PI'C'.l'jI?,Cf11f Sister Rose de Lima-Dram of SfIlI7,j6.f Sister Rose Gertrude-Demi of Reridwzf Sfzzdezzlr Sister Mary TCFCSZ1'-'R6gf.l'I'l'rll' Sister Mary ElC3IlOI'1Tl'6'd.l'lll'L'I' Sister Catherine Anita-Libmrirzlz RELIGIOUS FACULTY Sister Agnes Bernard- I-Iirfory mm' Pofifimf Sriwzre Sister Alice MHIIC'-Cl767lli.l'l1"1f and PIU in Sister Aline Marie-Moalern Lrrlzgzzrzgei' Sister Mary Brigid-Sofia! ll"elfr11-rf Sister Mary Celestine-Mznrir Sister Mary Dolorosa- Pl1ilo.r0j1lvy fum' Cfizuirfzf Lzlllglldgtili Sister Eloise Therese-Moalerzz Lmlgmzger Sister Mary GCHCIOSH-Hf,ff0l"1l SisterMary Gerald-Biology Sister Mary Germaine-Latin and Hiffory Sister Gertrude Joseplu-Biology Sister Mary HOffCHSlH-El1lllL'zIfjOll Sister Mary Ignatia-Ari Sister Mary Marguerite-Home El'0lZ0llljL'.l' Sister Marie cle Lourdes-Ifzzglirlr Sister Mary Patricia-Ellgfirlw Sister Mary Rebecca-Nzfrrizzg Ea'1m1fim1 Sister Regina josepli-Sormf SL'iCJ1ll'Cf.l' Sister Rose de Linwa-Effzzrrzliml Sister Rose Gertrude-Ilflrzflveznrzfhif Sister St. FI'HI1CIS1SOl'jzI! Sriwzrcmr Sister Mary Tirnotlmy-Mmm' Msgr. Anthony BDUNVC'l'S'RCf!jtQjfh'1 Rev. james N. Corl3ettfMI'lvi!n.rnjvfvy Rev. Michael I-Ianlon-Pryrlvrflrfgy Rev. .Iames O'Reilly-Refigion and llflzlfbtllllzlflt 1 LAY FACULTY Miss Hallie Bundy-Clvwzfiylry Mrs. Chester Comeau-Home Et'U1l0llljt'J' Miss Genevieve Degen-Home El'0llU1lljl'.f Mrs. Ethel M. Keithley-B11ri11e.s',a' Arfzllilljrfmfzmz Miss Katherine Kudeiiov-Plvy.i'in1f l?r1'mufim1 Miss Elsie Ratlxvaii-Ezfglirlv Miss Frances SVN'CCIICY-Efflllllfjflll Mr. Ramon XV. Atistiii-fllznir Mr. Gregory Barlotls-Erozzrmfirr Mr. Harald Dyrenforth-Dmlmz ruff! Sfveerlv Mr. Harold Fitzgerald-Plvifomjvlvy mm' Ezzgfinl Mr. XV ill Garroway-Mnrir Mr. Robert Greenberg-Art Page 5'ez'e11!t 1 11 'Nr F Q? an by Z eniofzs . .. " . . .give them evidence that for a Catholic her faith is Ll solid living reality." cflialflvyn c qslze , WWFM, ,453 'WN mg,- l 32050 eifllatie eqgllfilfllltl ll-lkllkllll' Ui Alith Pmaclielin' of hlusit We-lfa1'c' lNlinorfEtonoinics l5l'et'ltWui id Auburn-haired Kathy has served SXVP5 as social chairman and sec- retary. and the Community Chest in its annual drives. ln Tau Alpha Zeta she held the otlite of secretary and ot' vice president, Her college memories include football teamsee Notre Dame, Santa Clara, or Ohio State vacations as Lake Tahoe or Rochester, boating, water-skiing, and a tertain midnight. xi lllagor-lNlusic Theory lXlinorf-Applied Music Los Angeles Wlieii Rosie was not too busy in the lounge polishing her bridge game, she frequented the music roomsgplaying piano or bass vio- lin tor the string ensemble or con- tributing a soprano to the Choral Group, Extra-curricular activities t-eatured Gamma Sigma Phi, shears ing Doris' hair, being conspicuous beside ski-tows, and fiance, Louis Thomas. , 5 , i 0 .-Lupzta .louise ,qgewnsfeuz Bachelor of Arts Maior4Spanisli Minor'-History Los Angeles Pete divides her executive talents between the student government- hrst secretary, then president-and the International Language Club as vice president and president. She has also been active in Tri Rho. Her extra-curricular interests cen- tered upon sports and her trip to Mexico W "terrific place." After graduation Pete plans to teach -- yes. Spanish. "ls1athy" "Rosie" "Pete" "Gerry" "Dee" "Mac" 7 . Y . . . ' . , C' . 7 .CIQYIIICIIIIG g!DClf7lClfl .ggcggs .gDfI7lS .ggivzslx c rflfwzy caller' fonnors Bachelor of Music Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts Major-Music Theory Group lVI.iyor-English, Speech, History, lNfIaior--Eton-units Minor-Philosophy Edutation lNIinor-Business Ailrninistration Hollywood Gerry s ofhces bespeak her interests gsecretary, vice prefect, and chair- man of the publicity committee of Our Ladys Sodality, social secretary of the International Language Club, treasurer of the music Club, and secretary of Pi Delta Phi Still Gerry hnds time for music, and for adding to her scrapbooks and to her hope chest. Elementary Credentials Los Angeles Brentwood Elementary School with necessary lesson plans took up so much time that Dee is still learning to drive. In her less vigorous IDO- ments she writes long, long letters, draws, and knits. She owes close- cropped honey-colored coihfure to Rosies shears. San Diego Mac, the straight-faced one of "Carpino's Alley" made history as "The Backward Girl of the Stein- way." In spite of long hours of practice to maintain her position in the music world, she found time for several other activities-histon ian and treasurer of SWES, vice president of International Language Club, Press Club, secretary of the junior class, vice president of the senior class, editor of the hand- book, upper-division representative at Iarquc- and tiriulation INJILIKQCI' ol Alfie rllnfmf. QRS C Ry . s. 1 . 5 c 1 . . C " . 1 .J llf7lLlll Clllllllllllgb c.fHu'1y cfqllil lllllfllllfllllllll gzcla .Jcollnsm luslurlo liaclitliii' ot Arts liachelor of Arts A Liriiup Nairii-flfclutatioii, Music. lN'laior-f-Home liciinoinics A B'ulwiUI lit NAMN linglish lXliniir+l'hisiness Adininistratiiin l'l'1'it 'Bmw biijlhw XX't-stwtiiitl Lancaster, California 1 1'7"1tEPt""5' ban iego W.iiit a xiolinist, camp counsellor, teaclicr? Call on Pat. Also she paiiits china, or posters, swims or lilie-saves, and whips up last-minute .issilrgiiiiieiitx lirentwood Elemen- tary School, the cabin in Wriglit- wood, lfriday afternoon concerts at the Philharmonic, chats in the li- brary, added to chairmanship of the Sodality publicity committee, .lunior Dante committee, member- ship in 'liau Alpha Zeta, Tri Rho and the music club are part of Pat's storc ol memories. Mary Ann was a member of the International Language club, SWES, Red Cross, and Home Economics Club as vice president. She is a prolific and proficient knitter of argyles v even winning blue rib- bons. Her frequent presence in bridal parties has given her one of the finest collections of bridesmaid dresses on campus. l. . 'D N V , nf W h wnfy .,,, WWE' p W '2fg,f V A 't g liw' 'I fx SJ P il' will in I 1 I 'v4X,- . f i W Y 4 pl ' ,val Z fe' iff I Lf' 1, ifvyw I' f' ' U r N tl A W pr xl " xiii ii "Pat" Mary Ann "Clarpino's Alleys' athlete e Ojai tennis tournament, p i n Kg - p on swiinminiig, tennis instructor-sRita has been active in Tri Rho, Inter- national Laiiguage Clubfboth as president and vice president if SWES, and WRA f as treasurer and vice president, ln demand for intormal entertainment Rita would oblige with a spritely Charleston. Rita "Maggie" "Emil" Rose Mary 4a.J"W ,gwctm-f CV' C7 . eflfawgatet cjlfavy .qvelavzgne Bachelor of Arts Group Major4Education, History, English, Speech Los Angeles Maggies interests were with Tri- Rho club and Gamma Sigma Phi. She made a memorable appearance half of the Siamese twinsgwith joan Hogan. Maggie knits, and bowls, and water-skis totally sub- merged but for the head. Some peo- ple may not have heard her remark: "I am going to San Francisco this summer." Cilnily Ciaflzevirze Bachelor of Arts lVI:iiifi'--'Social Wcelf.ii'c' Minor-Economics Glendale Emil has been vice president ot the boarder council, settlement chaire man and secretary of SWES, chair- man of the Community Chest on campus, and recording secretary and president both junior and sen- ior year of Tau Alpha Zeta. The Cal-Poly Social Welf.ii'c' Conference. New Years WSU, Ohio State, and a two-week campus she finds un- forgettable. A distributor of nick- names, Emils call is "Has the mail come yet?" .geose fflluvy Cisquibef Bachelor of Arts MajorfSpanish Minor-English Long Beach Witll camera and tripod in tow, Rose Mary cheerfully attended every Mount function worthy of record on celluloid, An ex-Air Corps WAC in photo-intelligence she was active on campus - Sodality, Par- nassians, and International Lan- guage Club. She is an ardent fan ol the l.os Angeles lJllIlll.ll'!lIU!1t and a cleft seamstress, At any time one linds Rose Mary where bees are not. ,I-'H-wma 4115 -. -. C i ' C' . f, . . flzlfzevirze Sl'7lUlCUS Sfzrul -JWIIICUS ednrz ..fO7HlllIlL'ClX Cilleell gl yell lidthelor ot Arts l'Xl.ijtf1'flNlL1sie Minor-C,Ql1t-inistrv San Jose Citherine was .ilwgiys colletting money - tre.1surer for the Press Club .ind for the Senior Class, .ind thiel' p.itron-bringer for the annual pltiy. Her .utivities rtrnlued from edting, sleeping, swimming, and knitting through retiding .ind listen- ing to Vifho-dun-its on the radio to ushering .it the lJl1llll.1I'INO1llC. The tross she bore lor senior year was thu ol topy-editor tor 'Hee Mumzl. in .,... ,. Bathelor of Arts IX Luor-H istory Minor--English Alhambra Frrinees has been editor of The I 'ferry rissotirtte editor of The Muffin. elriss treasurer, sophomore year, and vine president, junior year. She l'l.lS been uetive in Eu- sebi.1ns, Tri Rho, and the Press Club. Her college memories in- clude MCJ.I'PlllO'S Alley" and pine- tiee teathing at Brentwood. A girl of simple tastes, sleeping was her tuvorite pastime. i B.uht-lor of Arts Group lN'l.i1or-Englisli, Speeth, History, ELlL1LLltlllH lfleinentury Credential Ventura Though she tl transfer student from IlNlllJ.CLIl.1fC Heart und Uni- versity of Southern Calitornitx, Ei- leen insists that there is no place like the Mount. She has been rretive in Our Lildys Sodality, Tri Rho, and the Red Cross. Pluying the piano .ind the organ and danc- ing head her list of favorite pus- times ln publit speuking tl.1ss she deb.ited eloquently tor Co-edutyition in C.1tholit' Colleges. ITA' ' 1 S 'C '. iv full' :fi-iz' we 1 fe, 'W Q "5 H ' Q ,.1. ,Mr 'Z Q , ,,y , A , , 'U -- ' i, wif.. i f X, gi "CJ .,' X 1 , , ,, .f,, ,, , 1 - . ,, , V, ,, ,, '. it ' f H I X Hb -i ,fw 4.7 . ,. rr 1 r wif i f V t i at iv - rvt-s1 h , -s . - ,"'21' i Q, in ' A ' H ,asf 1' -' ' 1' , sf, 2 I , f, ii." i - , if " , JCC ' W R, . 5. Y ' V , L .5 . '11 I ,i .. S ,. f' ..,, 'Z 5 , hgh ff' u ,- 'lf , J, 'W' ,, ' gg: Q 'i ,.. it ,. my 't " it X3 'I .. - ' , ,f, ' ' , , y ' ,mff'V',Qm , I ' , QQWMMZ tt v 'w fF,"3' st' fa ' J'-,'j. ,ju "-rig 2 , Q A 'MW ,, l I Q -Li st e' . f ' f -- ,,,, A ' -Q V iff 't , ' i VX.. - x5 ,xy f1'j,,,wf,f , , ' , tx 'fm 5 1-..,,1gfgo: ' I 'r Q ' ,Li , - rf.. , A , f ,gm , 1 ' - "Q 1 i 1, : Catherine Frances Eileen Mary Ann Mary lillen Theresa cglfrwy gjjllll fljoflscliallv cglfavy Cjlfcn fljvay Bclclleloi' of Arts MaicvrfMatliematics and Business Administration Los Angeles Quiet and conscientious Mary Ann has been an active Socialist, and a member of the WRA and Kappa Theta Mu. She found time for both classes and a job--mornings she whiled away as a bookkeeper. She likes to sew and to bowl. Her usual inquiry has been, "Wliere's Stella?" Bachelor of Arts lxffaicir-CQliemistry Mincarf-lviatlicmatics Los Angeles Mary Ellen of the freckles, smile, and rapid speech divided her mem- bership between Kappa Tlieta Mu - president her senior year -- and the Sodality -e chairman of Our Ladys Committee and Our Lady of Fatimas chief agent on campus. Mary Ellen proves again that a scientific education is not of neces- sity a narrow one with her promin- ence in Soclality and sports and her enthusiasm for dancing. fm S-.IyI0'iCSll .glefljffl m,qltlfSlll71l. liaclielcil' of Arts Mayor--lfnglisli lXlinor-Frencli luliyu, -l.lP.lI'1 Theresa, the Mounts representative from the Orient, has suffered from absent mindeclness and teasing for her Oxford accent. Her honors range from fourth place in the class abacus contest in primary school, to first place in The Cabrini Literary Contest for Los Angeles Catholic' college stuclents. Piano and flower arrangement are her hobbiesg her probable future occu- pation will be in the Department of Foreign Affairs of the hlapanese Lioxc-inmc-nt. 'ai"'f" tqfizgucllc .gfJl.l!JU7tl' .qltwy form qfevolcl lf'l.1Ll1L'lUl' of Artw M.1ioi'-fSmi.1l XVt-lt.11'1- Minor Phvx1t.1i l2tlu1.1ti1in S.1nt.1 lxlliflltd C,oinn1unity Chemt, Retl Cross, XWRA. SXWES .15 settlement tlL1ll'- iniin. Pi Delta Phi .12 presitlent, .1n1l illdtl Alpl1.1 Zen .15 pledge mistress .intl vite presitlent were tenters of Htiguettek 111tivit'ies. She rernein- hers tennia, volleylmll, e.1rly morn- ing NllOXYC.'I'N, 'iottee time," .lIlLl Phoenix in August ttntl liehruury, .intl is n1en1or,1hle lor, .llNOll.Lf other things, her 711 Chevvy with the short in the horn. 475 , 'O vu... 1 Ogllll liutlielor of Arta M.1i1ni'fHoi11e lft1u1o111ita lYlit'l1ri'-ljlliluxupliy S.1nt.1 MCJHlL.i A l"ehru.1ry wetltling was tl1e out- Sl.UlLll1lg event of loans senior yC.lI'Q closely .1ssoei11tetl with it .IFC meinories of the Bel-Air B.1y Cluh -!'W!l1ere I first inet Bill." Knitt- ing, trocheting, learning to ski and to drive .IFC some ot'lo11n'spi1sti1nes. On eanipus she w.1s active in the Hon1e Etonoinitns Cluh .uid in Ci.1lNIN.l Signm Phi, sot'i.1l seeretnry. She has sititl, "Poison toines in 5IN1lll lW.ltli.1kLfCS, too." 1 ll7y KCIUIIIQ' gqI0XHleie91 B.1thelor of Arts M11iorflvI11tl1e1n.1tics Minor-Philosophy Los Angeles M.1ry 'lC.1llll6'S engagement ring has not kept her from planning to teach .lfter QfL1LlL1.ll'lOll. During 11er years L K .1t the Mount she was rin active so- dulisteco-t'l111irmitn of the .uwostolit committee her junior year, prefect, her senior s and L1 sports' en- thusiast 3 headed volleyball divi- sion of the W.ll.1'X. her junior year. She .1l5o lintlx time to knit socks tor Larry. f 1 fl , 1 11? , ' ,Ml Huguette "Vloanie" Mary Jeanne A 1557? f f ,, Q. 21 JSE Q , f Qs sv f 1 , f x :L Q5 5 -f1'+'4Zi-WX 4 L i , sage-,.--2 1- U ,555 , s f K Y gsbrie ' ' " f Q we 45' ff if Sf" G Q as jr is ii? 'tv 1 3 ,Q we , --si , 5 f 3? his s " gg. t - I , fsgrpik,-,-,a-.-.,.Qf. .- , .1 Evelyn Mary Lou Mary Civelyn LgllCllik0 egslzirla Batlielor of Arts Mayor-History Minorflinglish Honolulu, Hawaii The eohcee bar has been Evelyn's station - part of the responsibili- ties of an active Eusebiang senior year she served the Eusebians as president, and was active in Tri Rho. Evelyn says she loves ani- mals and reading - the latter is somewhat limited by her habit of falling asleep at 9:30 p.m. wwe UW WV' C' , ' f ofl1a7y .Lou fqruulzo eflllny ffarzney Bgnlmlimr' uf SLlCflLL' l5.iL'l1el0l' uf Arts lXffg1ygi1'-lirtteiiulugy lW.1j0l'7S0Li.ll Seienee lNl1nor-Hfiant er Researt h Hollywood Mary Lou has been prominent in the Eusebians, Parnassians, Choral group, Music, Science, and Lan- guage clubsg she served as secre- tary for the Seiente club. Until she acquires those 5,000 acres in Ore- gon to raise rattle or sheep, she contents herself at her brothers ranch in Carlsbad. Frequent be- tween-meal snatlts do not aflett her slim figure. liriends will miss hearing her say, "Next semester I am going to study." Wai. 5 f"'1Z:.:-:f , X Hqggtt ' 7 s M' Q 1 moi lhilnsophy Culver City Mary served the student body as publitity chairman and Gamma Sigma Phi sorority as setretary and pledge-mistress, She was also ae- tive in Our Ladys Sodality, SWES. and NFCCS, being vice president of the Los Angeles region and a representative to the Chicago na- tional tonvention. Mary is gra- ciously tooperative in any aetivity from tlean-up tommittees to im- promptu entertainments - an in- dispensable to "Ye old-time Quar- lC'llL'.ii fllaivv 4 ffusslm liitlitloi' of Arts l'Xl.noi' Slttbll XVelt.irc Minor - lmorioiiiits 5.lI'll.l lNls1ni1.1 c,l.1ll'L'vS .utixiities on QJINPLIS intlucle SXWES .is presiclent .incl llItCI'I'.lLl.1l coininittee Ll1.llI'IN.lll, .incl cl.1ss treas- urer junior yU.lI'. She w.1s .ilso vice - -,. r-v 1 presitlent ol ltlt' Alpl1.1 Z,et.1 .inn 1 ineniber ot Nl"C,C.5 serving L15 tll.llI'1N.lI1 ol' tlie O1erse.1s Service JI'Uyl'.lIN. Claire consumes count- less tups ot' tottee - - both suif.1r F intl LIAL'.llT1 H f .intl suffers from un- Ptllltltlilllly on tltlfC!w .incl blindness to .lily objctt niowing or Sf.ltlOllAlI'y Weyontl .1 rritlius ol' eighteen inches. C?lc'1uz07 C37l.Zll!JC'f,l tflell1'l1v7 litlkllkfltll' of Arts lNI.1iorfPl1ysit.1l l5clut.1tion lNlinorAPl1ilosivphy Cliioigo, Illinois Eletmor, the most "senior" senior, l1.1s been active in SWES, the So- clnlity, 'l'ri-Rho, l.llCgLl.1fLlS' club, rintl as president of WRA and Ql1.lll'IN.1l1 ot' the WRA of the Col- leges ot' Southern C.1lit'orni11. Elea- nor spent two and L1 lltllf ye.1rs in the U. S. Marine Corps --H WtlSl1- ington Dfw to H.1w11ii se tincl two months in Europe on the Holy Ye.1r pilgrin1.1ge-ftwelve countries. At, not in, the pool is l1er t-.ivorite l1.1unt ol' stutly. ' Ci' . Al' . reqlelell L jslllxllll' 4Jll'7l0:0!llS B.lLl1k'lLllA of Arts lxfklltll'-Pllllfltlll Science Minor-Histor, Yun1.1, Arizon.1 Helen has been Ll member' of Tau Alplm Zeta sorority and .ictive .unong the Eusebirms Q tencling the coffee-bar and speaking .1t their tliscussion meetings. Several ot lier book reviews have appearecl in The Ivflflfl. She enjoys sleeping and re.1clingg one ot' her favorite books is Clsuclels Srifm Sfillzjveiy Helen has spoken ot' taking the law test at Loyola University. .if 'tt I 4,1,:v1Yv5 3, ,f 'uv- fb 1 fflriire "Kelly" Helen rar? . H a, 'Hr 1 . it st :via Neff? Y H, ' , .,.wsgrt5,1'f2 si.i f, 1 ,' ,. ggi' .eeM,f'1'Z2?5'aL - - 5- sy. ' S '- U -H'-lsr ri - ,sm - t' iii? if 5, W ' s o f - ,y ' M , sf x fe ?f-N. ,,: . a 1-. -wafer- N.. T ,Na ' g . s wa fu, x -ef. ,Em-emiskt.-Qs f i ,KAV 7 If .. xi 1 vi NJ, doa, .,,,..munpv lgzvy Dorothy "Angie" Civelyn Ljllffliv 'Jil-'1fl0l1l0'1 fpotoffzy cgfzevlin .Liuly eqllgefu fzlfflifilillt' cglfcgjonalz Bachelor of Arts lXlaioi-Sociology Bachelor of Arts Malor--Education, Home lfcumwilllts Minor-Physical Education Minor- Philosophy Placentia, California Though she was a transfer student from St. Mary-ot'-tlie-Woocls, Indi- ana, Evy found no dithculty in htting into the Mount. She has been active in the International Language Club, Sodality, SWES, as vice president, recording secretary of the WRA, and secretary of the Co-ordinating Council of the WRA of Southern California Colleges. She likes Newport Beach, volley- ball and "Carpino's Alley." Evy's was the heartiest laugh there. E. 0 y QM Q Mi,-fig L., ' Los Angeles Dorothy was not too active as the vice president of the Home Eco- nomics club, or regional historian of the Home Economics Associa- tion, member of Tri Rho, or re- cording secretary ot' Gamma Sigma Phi to become Mrs. Lady at Thcinlcsgiving. Her otl-campus ac- tivities are colletting pennies and souvenirs and, since November. home-making with emphasis on the joys of dish washing. In spite of Margarets constant attention to that detail, Dorothy will go lip' stickless. . , , ,, liaclielor of Arts lNI.uor--Mathematics Minor--lfnglish lais Angeles Being president, lirst of the junior and now of the senior class, Angie found no spare time for campus organizations. Her hobbies are sewing e she makes her clothes ees and dancing, especially the Lambda Nu. She feels, and we hope, that shell never run out of talk about her "wonderful" summer in Eur- ope. Hers is the disquieting re- mark: "Wcrll, bully for youlu .gfovlu llUC!.!l'll t cf,1lll1Ilfl.Cll'l'CL' Cjloise ecflfavfinvz Batlielor of Arts Batlielor of Arts Mawr --Mathematits lxllmlll'flJllllUNl7Pl'IY laws Angeles On tampus Gloria was prominent in Our l.ady's Sodality and the Tri Rho Qlubg she prattired teathing at both Brentwood Elementary and Franklin Sehools. Gloria makes her own tlothes and produees dozens ot' enviable argyles and other knitted things. A-35 'Fw Magiir--Cliemistry Minorfphilosopliy Los Angeles Eloise merits special mention as the ehemistry student most often given lirst aidg she has acid-magnetism. A charter member of the honorary chemistry society, a member of Kappa Theta Mu, and ot Gamma Sigma Phi Y she was president of Gammas her senior year a- she also plays bridge. She is among the tirst possessors of a tan each springg some of her happiest sum- mers have been spent at Newport. to Gloria ' c fqarze .guonnefly 1 fllelanson Bathelor ot Sriente MJlor-l'l.itteriology Minor-Canter Research Los Angeles -lanie has been a member ol' the International Language Club, Kap- pa Theta Mu, and Tau Alpha Zeta's vice president. She was married in August and two weeks later was back at the Mount, Besides her summer wedding she'll remember football games and parties and her charming charges, the rats and mice in the lah. Floise "Janie" Rosemary "Um" Rita g20St'l71ll7ff cffllilizzliclz fl lzuunzulia g3l'llf7l.L'l' tlfllonelxr gzlifa .QJl07z'f1 ctflfuway l1,M-11Clik,,- uf A1-tg Batlngliiy ul' Arts Bachelor of Arts lN'Ia1iirfliiological Science Minor-Social Science l-as Vegas, Nevada Rosemary was busy in Our l-acly's Soclality, Kappa Theta Mu, ancl Tri Rho clubs. Dancing, hiking, and swimming head her list of things to clog she is "crazy" about her two nephews and niece. Next to graduation, the most memorable event ot the year, she insists, was the cutting ot' her hair. M.i1ni'---lziaglisli lxllI1lYI"SllLlUlUAUl' Nnewi, Nigeria, Wfcsl Alina Uzos affiliations on campus werc with the Soclality. International Language Club, SWES, lfusebians, ancl Parnassians, which she seiwc-tl as secretary-treasurer. She is mem- orable for her appearance in na- tional costume during interixuial week. her eagerness to aicl in our unclerstancling of her country, anil her ability to reacl Chaucer aloutl beautifully. She loves to sleep ancl to reacl-despecially fiction. She will be Mrs. Benjamin Mbalcwem in june. Cirivup lNl.i1ui'---Englisli, l-listury, liclucation Altaclena Rita Gloria, a member of the Press Club, Red Cross, Parnassians, and Tri-Rho, was treasurer and vice- presiclent ol' the stuclent-body ancl news and associate eclitor ot' 'lfie l'feu', Her hometown, Chicago, clancing, dramatics, music. usher- ing at the Philharmonic, ancl knit- ting argyles she remembers among favorite things. .Ai .16 qpwww l Ill 1 679211117 1 CHM , llll.f7l'll 1fl11flz11'1'11 621111111117 19l11171'f1111 671111111117 ll1.ltl1L'lHlA of Arts li.i1l1elor of Arts lxl.llUl'fSlKl.ll Stientes M.1ir1i'-flfnglisli Mirioi'-liiiglislw Kl.1in.ith liills, Oregon Katy, the older Oflonnor, h.1s heen .ietive in Our I-.11ly's Soelality, P.1r- n.issi.1ns, SXWE5, Tri-Rho, .tml Press Cluh. Hers was the tlouhtlul hon' or of driving Goliath on his ill- lltvoretl l.tst journey-sGoli.1th per- ishetl but his 0LLLlP.ll1lS es1.1pe1l serious iniuriesfwith Katy sport- ing .1 lovely hl.11k eye tllltl inultif 1olore1l hrtiises. She likes writing letters tlllkl keeping .1 1l.1ily Lll.lI'y. l lNlinr1rf-Si11i.ll Stienees, Philosopl1y lNll.1IN.Ill1 llills, Oregon lVlLll'llOLl is the husy person with time .ilwnys for one more .lttivity ---So1l.1lity, ELlSClWlLlIlS, Press Club, Tri-Rho, P.1rn.1ssi.1ns .ls president' senior year, el.1ss secretary senior year, 'I he Mnmzf staff as ingike-up editor. student-body puhlieity 1h.1ir- nun, .md the enfuweinent rnv hs- ls- senior ye.1r. Next year she plans to work for .1 seeontlilry eretlentitil. M.irilou's "hobby" is Oregon: "just -finore weeks 'til v.11.1tion, then home!" lil1ll1lC'Cl1 "Katy" Mzlrilou -fe1fiiQ,z'?5' Ref ff 1 Shirley Rita Susan W' . f V . V . cjlfllt' .gl?all'lCy gqltll 512105 cgusan gflffl' .g2lI!Jl'7fSlIlI Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science Baclaelof of Arts Mayor-Art lx'I.ilUI'fNLlI'SlDg Education lNI.1!f'I'i"li'W,:lisl1 Minor--English, Philosophy Minor-Social Science MlITUl'fPllll4N'PlW Los Angeles Los Angeles Westwwucl Shirley, doubtless from consider- ation for the make-up of The Mnzmf, prefers to reserve her new- ly acquired title of Mrs. Sardis Beauxbeaux for off-campus use. Affiliations did not affect her cam- pus lifeg she has been vice-president and president of the Art Club, and active in the Sodality, WRA, Com- munity Chest, and Red Cross. Her hobbies are sleeping and art. Rita is a registered nurse of Queen of Angels College of Nursing. where she was senior class president and Sodality union prefect. Here at the Mount, she has been an ac' tive member of the Red Cross, Sodality, and Parnassians. Rita likes to knit and in a more vigorous vein, play tennis and ski, Susan has been present among the Eusebians, the Parnassians, the Press club as vice president, and Gamma Sigma Phi as publicity chairman and vice president. She has also contributed to 'lilve lrfdll' and to 7f7e Nluffaff as a copy editor. A relaxed position is her favoriteg from it she argues, plays bridge and reads. She becomes almost en- thusiastic over El Greco, Botticelli, Mozart, the harpsichord, Elizabeth- an poetry. and "XVinnie the Pooh." c flvlcrlc 1cfl1ll'Zl.lUl .glussic liiclitlor ol Arts blriliii'--Nlllslr, llflgllsll lxllliitl' -Pl1llus4mpl1y lSe.1c h, C,.llll'Ul'l1l.l On cginipus Arlene l1.1s been Active in the lI1lL'I'U.lllO1l.1l l-Jl'lgll.llQC Club. lJL1I'I'l.lSSl.lIlS e vice president and presidentff 11nd Music Club-vice president 1lllLl president. She h11s .ilso been IACPI'tSCUf.1llVC to the Los Angeles Philh11rn1onic All-College lforum. secretary this ye.1r under the nirme "Irene," rourtesy proof- re.1der ol' the Philh.1rn1onic n1.1g.1- zine. Her hobbies .IFC Lllliflllg, swin1n1ing, singing, .incl attending INlISlL.ll events .ind pl.1ys. Arlene h.1s kin cnx'i.1ble collection of eye- Ilhllit up rind the longest hair on LJINPLIS. f'-H--f'R 555' if--M' 'Titi- if A X 1 Q nglelfu ccflluviu cgmzfu Pm: c9llu'1y c9lfa7gu7ef Lgcf1rmfc'7 liitlieloi' ot Arts lXl.L!ll1'7SP.lIlIHl1 Minor-litisiness Aclniinistmtiun, ljulitiuil Science Los Angeles Stell.1 hiis been busy with the Inter- I1.lllOI1.ll L.1H'Qtl.llQC club, SWES, the l3LlSCl7lJllS, the P.1rn.1ssi.1ns, .ind Our I,.1dy's Sodiility. She is enthusiiistic .ibout b.1seb.1ll and long rides p.1r- llLLll.1I'ly with Edw.1rd and his crew soon .rtiter sunrise. Stella is re- n1t1rlx.1ble for both her LllL1SSLllTllI1tSl elliciency .md her eiiphonious n11n1e. l5.1rl1clor ol Arts M.11or-Englisl1 Minor-PhiIosophy Westwnricl Mary Mt1I'KQ.11'C'f h.1s been erhcient .is business n1.1nr1ger of Tfve Mmm! .ind as publicity ClLllI'lTl.1l1 and treas- urer of Gt1mm.1 Sigma Phi and .1ctive in the Press club, the Euseb- i11ns, and the P.1rn11ssii1ns. Sl1e is noted for being bridesiimid, love for bridge, Notre Dame, and San Fr.1ncisco, especially its 1'CSfL1LIl'L1l1fS. Sl1e reads Angela Thirkell, Wiiicigli, .1nd Ivy COlNPfOl1-BLIl'l1Cflf. She h.1s .1 gre.1t desire to see .rims hooded emu, .l.lILl to hex whoever .iddresses her .as "Ml1I'g1ll'Cf Miiryfl Arlene Stella Mary Margaret , . Rosemary "Gen" .qlosenza 'ly Ciffzabelfz cgclz ule7 liachelur of Arts Maiei'-Sotial Wctll.11'e lVlinui'-Home Economics Santa Monica Although illness made her unable to graduate with her class, Rose- mary had been active in the Red Cross. Community Chest, and SWESQ twice she was treasurer of Tau Alpha Zeta. The Ohio State- Cal game, 1930, several appearanc- es on television, the Arrowhead Yacht Club, and a portion of the Colombian Navy are high in her list of good things to remember. Her favorite occupations are model- ing, dancing, sun bathing, shows, and bridge e "Need a fourth?" "jackie" .QjCl'lCl'l.Cl'C' CIVICCQCY kgllllflflll Bitcheliai' of Arts lvlaior-English lvIinorfPhilosophy Los Angeles Somewhere between hom:-making for john and baby-tending for Stephen, Gen has found time for the Press Club, Eusebians, Parnas- sians, and to be social chairman for the Mount. Her hobbies are ten- nis, swimming, photography, and reading - especially the poems of Lawrence Hope and Elizabeth Bar- rett Browning. Her characteristic remark is "Would you like to baby-sit?" flrlcqueffrle egleffw Bachelor' of BILISIL lvlayoi'--lvlusic l'vIinor+Latin lJ.l5LlclL'f1Ll The Mmm! staff apologizes btt h i I deadlines would not wait until ,Iackies experiment with the shear- ed look was complete. Membership in the Sodality Council as publicity chairman, the International Lan- guage Club, ,lunior-Senior Prom committee, Choral group, Tri-Rho, Inter-American Union, and the Mu- sic Club as secretary and vice presi- dent, shows the diversity of jackies interests, she also plays the organ and sings for Father Ryder's Rus- sian Choir. She'll never forget that night at the ballet a day too early. F WWWWA- R. w ' f ' 1 . fr ' . c ' ,. C77 - C .qlcfen . flluvgrwel c5:mzcfy fzyllzs c fllarie Julxzclz fnoloves cfllmw lljelgoss lldtlleltll' ol Arts Hatlieliir all Arts l5.lL'l1L'lUI' 'lf ANN Maint -llluslc iXl.fior- -Home lftonoinics lXl.1yorfl-listory Minor linglisli, ljlnlostipliy lNliniirfArt ll'lll'lUI'-I-Slllll licnc-i'.il tilt mcntary Ci ctlential laws Angeles Helen bundayw has the adxantalue ot coming from a home conducted entirely in th C l'lLlllg.1l'l.lll ITILIUIICI' -- she reads and speaks the lan- gtiaiue fluently, She loves her major J plays only classical music on the piano is practiting teaching te niques on two younver sisters, F ch- ite skating, and dancing. On campus Helen has been active in the choral i Rho, Musit, and group and in lii Press Club N. ln lms Angeles Phyl, who originated in Chicago, includes counselling at summer camps, golf, and swimming among her favorite extra4curricular activi- ties. At the Mount it was 'Span- ish l'orever," with time for the Home Economics club, which she served as treasurer and as president, the Parnassians, as treasurer, and Tau Alpha Zeta sorority as social secI'et.1I'y. Los Angeles Clhoral group, sodality, Eusebians as secretnryrtreasurer, Tri-Rho club as vice president and president, The zllnfml staff as art editor, typing and being generally useful in the Registrars oilice absorbed some ot' Dolores' energies. Her favorite pastimes include ping-pong, art, eating popcorn, occupying rocking chairs, and singing - she is an enthusiastic member of Father Ry- der's Russian Choir. 4' ,ff Helen "Phyl" Dolores fy IQ'-L., i W., ,ISDH Vera Anne M a ri l yn ' f ' ' ' C - CT Ciygyu Hiring cgdllllf' Cfljong c!lfa71lyn .J7ances Qjee B-lfllelof of Arts Bachelor of Science Bllflwlflr Ut- ANN Md,i,fH.Hi5t0fy NIML,r-lgymcrmluuv Group M.iio1'f-History, Education, MlW"1'ABi0lU.23" Minor-Cancer Research English- Sljfull Honolulu, Hawaii SXVES, the International Language Club, Tri-Rho, and the Eusebians were Vera's on-campus affiliations. As is usual among practice teach- ers, she will never forget blithe mornings at Brentwood Elementary School. For her quieter moments Vera chooses musical comedy g attended preferably, or listened to from radio or records. Honolulu, Hawaii Anne has successfully mixed science and English, having been editor of The l,lL'Il', president of the Press Club, and ofhcial chauffeur for the Cancer Research class, spending much of her time at St. Vincents. She has even won an Interracial Week Essay award. Writiiig letters during class time, snapping Mount pictures, interviewing VIPS, dream- ing of traveling occupy much of her time. Thoughtful, friendly, and cooperative, Anne with her quiet "l-ley!" and Hawaiian accent is the Mount personified. WW Honolulu, Hawaii Marilyn has been the honorary "Mrs" of Carpinos Alley Q the children at Brentwood Elementary School feel all teachers ought to be married. Among Mount students she is known as "Off-key Marilyn Yee" of the loud voice and louder radio. For exercise of muscles she plays ping-pong and dances the hula -- what would impromptu entertainment do without her? She has held the offices of publicity chairman for Alfie Munn! and circu- lation manager of The Vieux enicfz nights Out i P I ,, .. ....., -.. Mammoth gnats and high tide highlighted the first senior night out at the party on Malibu l5C.lL'll...l:l'OlN sea level to the stratosphere marked the night at the opera, Brzrbw' nf Seiikffe. with Lily Pons . . . The movie Cyimm Je l3w'tqeiuzt, and Melody Lane were destina- tions tor a large group in Decembei '... The spaghetti dinner .it Pat Cummings in -lanuary included good food and many jokes...The Holy Year Pilgrimage in liebruary to Marys Chapel, the Cathedral, .ind the Mission ended with .1 Chinese dinner...Opening night lor The ElltiX7tI1lft"zf at Pasadena Playliouse enter- tained seniors on March 29. Page 'l'l2irl'y-lfiglil Seniors arrive at the Shrine and check ro- P grams before entering to see The Barber nf Seville. "Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us" . . . Holy Year Pilgrimage was February "Night Out" for Seniors. A visit to Olvera Street iillecl with questions about curios discovered at the stalls which line the street. A blazing fire, the center of interest at October Night Out, was further enhanced by group-singing. ommencemenf Seniors welcomed Freshman-Treasure cream, cookies, and an introduction to the campus.. . wiener roast at Malibu, with thanks to Gen Smurda, songs, and jokes, sand and bugs, and fun . . .nite at "Barber of Seville' '... gallery seats and opera glasses. . . De- cember, the Fine Arts Theater and "Cyrano de Bergerac' '... wonderful jose Ferrar . . . Fathers' Night . . . our usual skit . . . Night at the Mount, january 14 . . . guest stars and real stars . . . bingo, cake and games . . .retreat and meditation in February. . . our last one on this campus . . . St. Patricks Day and the shamrock-studded entertainment. . . and all too soon, the Senior Farewell Dance, April 21 . . . we'll miss all of you. . .and the campus we know so well . . .junior-Senior Prom on May 5 . . . delightful bon voyage from the juniors . . . Bac- culuareate Mass on May 27 . . . awarding of hoods . . . a new petition in ouriprayers-for our school . . . then on june 2, the Senior Banquet . . . our last project as the senior class . . . and hnally june 5 and commencement.. . diplomas, the Archbishop, parents and friends . . . tea in the Social Hall. . .Nostalgic farewells to "The Mount' '... we'll miss you. Page 7wZ7jl'fv1"iN7fIlL' xx ,Q ig? X ,. Las- m ay f Q Z P A - - sm: ,S ' . A 4, 1 H 1 ' - ' ,V , 1 ,,:l , if ,,1 - W- . 1 A" V "' . ' "'- 'Q "1' ii? 1 'ffzi Iw: .,... ' 2" :" ' ,, " ,-'- ',,,,, 2 . f 'b" ., v 5 ' , ai 'if' ""' ' 'ZZIV' ' ' W .5767 'kfgifyq ff riff' WV R ' ,f - ' . ' Q M M Af." 4 55, ,7 Q M gg, ,,.., 0 A w I 'N Q A1065 1 "'. 3 ,MQ 1 '1 Q ' 'f 'Gs S' QQ '- ' is f ' ' 4 r'- Y A ' 5' ' f"z1'Z.:' f:f"'?' M 5 gp - f iw H ' '- ' J" M f .. 4 JJ Vg, I, if KQAY 1,5 I 1 Q ff ' ef M339 ,,., f, S ,iii N ' ' QQY- ' 2 XWQ Nm, 58 Q , 5 ,X N Wi .. ..::. 3 -1-sh':',-fs-f:,,:gw X X. x . -' 5 , QR,-5fK ,4 4 N K XS X Yixfgigl -M, 1, '44 X X 'Q x H f if ' X-,-wg' X 1' x. 1 ff sw: 5 x.. x K xx w X 2 fiflrxks ,N xy, i L in x Y ' - ' X sbj kg?'fQ T, X l4967ZC GSSVWZI4... " . . . we know well with what spirit of faith and charity you listen and will make it known." Row I - lfmily Kuglun, C'ynthi.l J 1 7 e uniofzs X ' H ..,, , - 'SX t ' Q I-.ELVISQQ I i.s::g::.,5i:. - K f-sfwwvs W . -f ,- CLASS OFFICERS: Left to Right: Monior Kilkellyeel'fi'v lhtfiiiftfifl Inipy lVll.'yCl'--ellielfcfvllf loan Sligm'-Trai:iffrw' Peggy St0ttfSui'mf!i1r'r Quality not quantity . . . re-elections . . . little sisters . . . juniors meet frosh . . . green week . . . royal hlue and grey hats . . . Silver Anniversary Ball with LaVerne Boyer . . . school rings r . . Patti the Lion . . . Rosemarie on Loyola homecoming float . . . lead drive for patrons of fmzzvr Iijrimf Alu . . . home- coolced dinner on junior night out . . . retreat . . . junior-senior prom . . . finals . . . prophecy , . . hoarder open house . . . graduation day-ivy chain . . . Seniors? eff' W 51224, ,V Sz . S egg. A nl Q. 3 Gt '-ef' Lulxtp C,.imill.1 Munton, l2l.lll1L lxlocwc. lmpy lylcyt-r T tow ' 7 lostphint lNlondello, lilten lXIitkIish. C,.u'ol Moore. ,Izmir Nurpliv, l,ut-ll.i l,um YQ at Y w mm 9 1 4 ,ff i S , Row I-Adrrarla B.1Il415h, Margie Gegg, Margaret Ann Czuleger, Grace Bohanon, Marie Fon- t.1n.1, P.1tti Crrtulync Ruw 2-Rim Blcksmith. Tree Giovunelli, Mari- .xmm Bauer, Duwnre Cobb, Peggy Bradish Not pictured: 'Iuunita Cusack, Bernadette Gou- vcin, Deenie Ilwbitson, Barbrrra Pearman, Dmli Peltzcr, Phyllis Taylor XSL. 1 X . 4 K1 S sw 2, ea ,yy I e goplwmotes W x.,, 1 ,N AW -, vw ,W .. -. i 1 , , i f" , ' 23, 3... ' ' l " ' , v' st 1 N ,,, . -a 1 V ., . . , , -,'- , tt , :cc ,fi- , 'Hx ' 2 au. ll!! X r sk 2 Q, ab f a 5 3 X Q, Q R 5 0 X X AW ,ff OlfIilCflIRS: Left to Right: Delia AlV21I'C'ZfSL'l'I'L2ft1l'.1' Ann SLOtt'Pl't'lfr1itllf Doris Hlf-l.l-:ll1S"ml',fl'L" l9i'amfw1f Sheila SlllllVLll17,flI'e'rIllll'c'l' Sophomore year began with a splash welcoming freshmen in September at swim party . . . masked the Social Hall in pitch and flame-colored decorations to terrify fellow Mounters at Halloween party '... entertained at personality plus stag dance sponsored by Student Council . . . added red and green Charm to campus Christmas , . . donated knowledge - offered blood to Red Cross and felt weaker yet strongerl . . . on February 3 transformed Mount Ballroom into lavish carnival tent for traditional Mardi Gras . . . made Holy Year Pilgrim- age in "bands" from four up . . . took, or were taken by Sophomore Record lixam - reveal- ing to know what xxe dont know! . . . flew on fathers carpet to Lavelle Rotsler's Oxnard ranch for weekend get-together in April . . . come May, studied furiously and prayed heartily . . . greeting sunrise with term papers in hand . . . now, with "two down and two to go," the Sophs sincerely thank those who helped keep the goal visible. ' zz. .fs . 'ff' V -:,. , .i-. y a 1 , ,Q f Q ,Q-2 1 3 1 , Row l -Vc-lm.r Naliucn, ,lucy Rc-unison, ff, s. il, 4 Betty lronry, Dolores Russonion QQ S K il l5.vrbar.i Wfooils, Ann Stott. Marv -L't- K ., Row I --Dirriwllix' Rob' , . . 'Q Ji Catlicrinc- Srullv, Sliirlcx' Mary Wc-iiliiilac-i'. Mary Alitc' Zalf csny, Dorotlu' Smith, Hc-lcn Roirilcx, Vir41gini.i hlclntxrc Row 3 lJlll'll.l Spt-nt lcr, l..ixr-llc Rotsf lcr Ciloria W'ill, flurrlottc' Rivlic Tripp. Nanty Dc.1tliei'.igc. Sstlcll Stokis Slicila Sullivan Row I-Marilyn Munton, Doris Quellet, Suoan McDonough, Grate Prexto, 'luanita Quigley, Gabby Marciaeq. Chela Pare- des. Callie Orfanos Row 2 - Nfary Evelyn Meiehel- botlc, Helen Pawling, Pat Pieree, Dorothy Lea, Grate Quinn, M a r t h a Moltena. E'L.1ne MeCaHrey Row 3gLillian Pereyra, Iowana Phillips, Virginia Mettee, Pat Pinneo, Eleanor Leavell,Nanty Newell, xloanne McCarthy Row l--Becky Bohanon, Frantex Charland, Phyllis Benedetto, Renee Andreo, Frames Benke. Ana Maria Cota, Patrieia Beeltoni Row 2 - Nellie Beridon, Delia Alvarez, Pat Bollig, Genny Castellanos, B e v e r l y Czar, Gloria Arias, Gloria Day, Bar- bara Breen, Barbara Baker Row 5 Q Betty Cain, Mary Ger- trude Cruetz, Nancy Deather- age, Dodi Corona, Dorothy Baldwin, Mary Crettol 'TV' Ri ww I -- Monica Gosnell, Eileen lx ine Mary Lou Garyon, -lane Laty, Betty Dunniggan, Mary Ann Greer Row 2 - Maripat Donohue, Eliflbeth Kenny, Mary Virginia Doyle, lx ii Johnson, jackie Hermann, Mineix 1 Fiorentino, Dorothea Deutseh, loietti Fanning Row 5 - Pat Harman, Barbara Gnxey Nanny Herbuveaux. Clare FitzGei xld Elizabeth Jennings, Doris Hi einx Rosemary vlohnson, Gretl Dietzel ot pictured: Helen Foldesi, Bu iri Kalthott, Mary Ann Kraus. Lilias Bur den. Camille Lufty. Charlene Lutix Therese Martin, ,loan Newton, P ex Parkinson, Barbara Stherrer. 7-142 fzes Wlelfl OFFICERS: Left to Right: Anne Frances Russell-Fm! lfire Pmiiifezff Rosemary Czuleger'eSerreliiry Marilyn Rticly-Pmfirfefzf Elisa LLiiia Tremff1'e1' Kathleen Higginsh-Semin! lille Pnfiirfezzl Big-Little Sister party . . freshmen meet the faculty . . . Green Week . . . Freshman Follies - "North Bundy' '... freshman boarders' party with Loyola U .... Lolita Martinez represents Mount as princess at Loyola U. Homecoming . . . Christmas roster . . . Anne Park, queen of MSMC float . . . Little Sisters' "grown up" party . . . second freshman issue of The View "all by ourselves' '... hike up the hill and class picnic at Griffith Park . . . freshman squaredance. Row lglylarian Seeley, ,luanita Whiga ner, ,lune Swithen, Gloria Trujillo. lNIarg.u'et Wirk, Marion Reaume, Mary Frances Ross, Row Zfleannette Slattery, Diane Wfest, Betty Ryan, llernadette Victorino, Marilyn Rudy. Sandie Speed, Peggy Sliaroorl, -loanne Schott, ,leanette Sardo, 'loann Vosilca Row 5 1 ll a 1' lu a r a Wiilsli, ,lustim Wfeilier, ,loan XXfetfel, Ann Frances Russell. Rosadel Rolaison, Sadie Mae Williiliiis. Evelyn Srhwalenberg Row 1 - -loan Norton, joyce Mazzarelli, Camille Moffett, Lolita Martinez, Carmen QMar- rinez, ,Ioan O'Dea, Anna Mac- chio, Elisa Luna Row 2-Bertha Munoz, Barbara Norton, H e l e n McEachen. Margaret McGraw, janet Mur- phy, Anne Park, Maria Munoz, Sharon Pearce. Row 5 1 Pat Perram, Carmen Munoz, ,leanette McDonald, ,Ioyce Markel, Sylvia Parsons. Pat Quinn, Nita Riley, Bar- bara Molthen, Frances Nakaya Row 1-Betty Hearne, Carolyn Frisbie, Anne Hennelly, Geri Goy, Beverly Garvei', Bella qlacobs, Beatrice Leong, Doro- thy Hochderffer Row 2-Pat xlacobs, Elise Kerclt- hoff, Kathleen Higgins, Peggy Holtsnider. E i l e e n Hainley, B a r b a r a Lincoln, Jeannette Gualano, T e r r y Lauritson, Ruth Kido Row 3 - Georgia Grupe, Pat Gray, Pat Lee, Ruth Logan, Charlene I-loltzfaster, Mary Holland. Celeste Gourdeau 1.4,-4-.a-iw.,.1o f f ri . fu: 5 6 "4h'af" ' , .,4,a.f1:4, '.,, ' , Row 1 - Maureen Fox, -lean Call, Pat Carroll. Peggyann Campbell, Beverly Brunelli. Shirly Burke, Ella ,Io Bun- yard, Ann Freese. Row 2-Mary Cornwall, Claudette Dren- nan, Deirdre Foxen. Mary Beth Crosby. R o s e in a r y Czuleger. ,lane Brancler, Eileen Derby, Carolyn Burke, Josephine Davis Row 5-Ioella Allen, Rosemary Davidson, Barbara Dobrott, Miliza Foelsch, lvfary Barbara Anderson, Gloria Francis, Lflary Bernhardt, Lois Ford Not pictured: Milania Austin . J , ' , ' 3.1 f X, X 2 R '3- 1 xxC3 X X Q N ,Q ,. 1 llltqc l3ff1'!'1'-lfilqfv! .A W, MM m Z' ' xfj? 1 s X Q . ' f -!,:,g,n A A f ' pr .. L,,..v:- ,f ,- 2 . . A -- gfuknf Qovefmmenf . . . faith which does not falter before the ultimate Consequences of truth." Ssociafeb gfubenfs 06 mounf gf. Wlaixfs college QQIRTED STUOQ to fx A QUE Q43 M E3 Q Jn EE 5 ggi? 5 QQC:ElLS'CHl.lF0,Q0 Lupita .Bernstein . E Prw llfwlf 'WF' w 94 , M , 7333 Rita Gloria Murray Vjfe Pl'CJ.ljIffl1f Dorothea Dcutsulm I?l'l'UI't!jllg 5C'l'l'L'fdl"'j' 1-Q01 '!'.L'?' ' "r -' , , " L Chxrlottc Rohc 0 N ,U LUIHC sl Q W' UE' H Q , v N L o, V .5 I. V , V A Q is 45 . . . ' ' ,X f' N . ' 'T' , , ' Nl' . 'X' . N .Pr ' . S -Q9 vavlloq ykx 1 ' 'L A f " -11-.+" f '. .I " A 'W 1523 - ' -:qu . 5 ,o . sq, ? ' fs"f o s 0, a eo, J M A ,- ex-.' e '- ' 'f ' -' 1 1'- ,, 1:22 15"-',J"' ' , ' I O Q ff: 'B 324' 'i X :l".w XY X- 'QW gfu ent unci .iw ' f- s N, x 4 N ' . x if s . fn Wa, , 3 ---.-an-. ' , - . , , . 4 . A , l 2 ilu HM V A Lv iq? of . Q? ,Qi n - M 3515? ,fi ' ,, 1:-F l',.1,',: nh.. , . illmlll Silffnlq, lofi lu riglvl: Eileen Micklish, social chairmang Beverly Halpin, NFCCS representative: Peggy Bradish, NSA representativeg Rita Gloria Murr.1y, vice presidentg Lupita Bernstein, presidentg Dorothea Deutsch, secretaryg Angela McDonald, senior class presidentg Charlotte Rohe, treasurer: and Impy Meyer, junior class president Sfrlzldizlg, lefl fu riglvf: Marilou 0'Connor, publicity chairmang Marilyn Rudy, freshman class presidentg Ann Scott, sophomore class presidentg Mary Alice Connors, upper-division rep- resentativeg E'Lane McCaffrey, lower-division representativeg and Mary Jeanne Hoxmeier, sodality prefect, Students' official representative organ . . . planned general assemblies, arranged entertain- ments and activities . . . expended student funds wisely . . . coordinated campus clubs and organizations . . . promoted cooperation and loyalty among students . . . met each Monday, directed by Lupita Bernstein's competent and wise hand . . members - student body officers, class presidents, representatives-atlarge, social secretary, publicity chairman, and NFCCS and NSA representatives . . . sponsored a successful dance . . . biggest project was enlargement of orientation program . . . student-faculty board . . . grateful for support of their moderator, Sister Rose de Lima. I X ff, EE l Row l -1 low.1n.i Phillips, Betty Kane, Margie Gegg. Monica Gosnc-ll, Nellie Beritlan, Callie Orlanos Row 2 - Anne Frames Russell, Peggy Bixltlisli, Betty Dunnigan, Ann Stott, Doris Higgins Diane D'Allonso National Student Association . . . student discount service . . . student-faculty hoard . . . study-travel programs . . . leadership training programs . . . vocational guidance . . . honor system . . . foreign students' speakers . . .Wfest Coast tour for foreign students . . . intercollegiate book exchange . . . ff. G. 5. SJ. Row I ,loan Nlmw, lNl.i1'gic Citggi lfilt-cn Miiltlisli, xlQ'.lI1I'lL Hivxiiiticr, llcvcfly Halpin Row I - f.ii'ol lXlOUl'Q'. Patti C.i',.ilvnt, l,LllWll.l I5ci'nsttin, lXl.u'V Alitt Connors Row w - l,.wc-lIt'Rotslt1', inna lj.lUL'l'. Dawnit' Co lxli.ll'I- REGIONAL OFFICER: Peggy Bradish-treasurer National Federation of Catholic College Students . . . Marian Congress at l.H.C .... overseas program relief drive . . . regional chairman for National Interracial Commission . . . Marys Hour . . . inter-college picnic and party at Paradise Cove . . . South American and Canadian tours . . . student govern- ment clinic . . . inter-collegiate press forum , . . ninth national congress, St. Paul, Minnesota RFPRIISITNTATIVIY ON CAMPUS: Beverly Halpin 3 3 u E 1 i 1 2 1 3 E 5 5 u : 4 S 5 5 5 3 s 2 i I X K E S E 1 S 2 Q 5 E 1 S 2 3 X 5 S 5 E s E s , 5 E 3 s 3 3 z 5 2 s S Q "K ..., X N X gb 1 Nix " IN-iss' 1 x K Q.. :W QXXQ ' mi xx, . N16 N543 ,Sys fx.. gfuaenf Ofzganizafions. . . ' '... XXfoman's work goes hand in hand with her contribu- tion to society." Page Fjffy-Five godalifnl of Oufz nuff' j"39S,1i lbw.. SODALITY Ol9l"ICQER5eLeft to right Ellnlllfi Mafiahfrey-sfmimfw' relbrt lc'lIfrIHI't' Geraldine Biggs-iv 1Y4f- fmfferf Mary Jeanne Hoxinc-iei'-flztcfetl Gloria Willf!1'tf.1i111't'1' M.1riann.1 Bauer-.ici'11f'!,11'y AD JITSUM PIYR MARIAM . . .The college woman's guarantee of happiness through a full Christian lite in working for: her own sanctification, the help and salvation of her neighhor, the defense and spread of her Catholic faith. May her union with her fellow sodalists in the Mystical Body of Christ he a pledge of eternal union at the feet of our Mother in Heaven. 5 if soDAl.I'l'Y CiUMMI'I"l'I2li C.llAlRMliN'-lt-tt lu right sire: Sitting f ,ny 1 ' 11 1 ,.iV Ciloi'i.i Dru'-Om lazily i llit C ummiiwgs-l'fzf1fn'll,y Rokitlvii lliikwt- .'ijfffi!wfft Ciloim lNl.irilxiewiw --fljfnilfflff C,.ii'ol lxllN1I'k.""l,!ftl.lfl'HL' Standing-3 Velma S.ilmt-n- --lf1n'f1.1r-iilfr Marie l:llUf.lI'1JlfIflltAl7il?.llfjf Iiilttn Klim---l.fli'mlmc rm 1 ' -t j Lnkit- Stctlci' l'uf1fji'1ly Aww .+ NW M we W cfivifies kdm Zjgs 5 . - , . fs , F 4 Q fxwf S ' A - 0 ' sw c ws- wma'- -'ray MWF? ' X V Q ,K 'L 'S K ii ,Q rv' ly ,ft Y. ' V71 Q 5 K a 1 f gh if i f f ig yt' Crowning of Mary by Prefett Mary jeanne , if f V if ' , , I , Y . A y , QrH,, , 'f5jf,W. , Hoxmeier is height of Mary s Day activities. ,-N 5, ,ii W 2,2 if is 4 f W K bk SW I ' A Siyj, L. , ., K L iv M., Monthly student body Mass . . . Rev. john Cremins directed 5 congregational sung Mass . . . daily rosary for peace ...' 'Christmas Fashions for 1950 '... Confraternity work through toy drive and catechism classes . . . pageant of the Miraculous Medal for Bishop McGucken . . . money collected for the Mounts two adopted missions during Lent . . . continuous rosary on May Day . . . Mary's Day . . . reception of Sodalists . . . annual retreat . . . joint com- mittee "spring housecleaning drive" - religious articles for those who need them . . . guidance of new moderator, Sister Mary Brigid . . . tireless work of prefect, committees . . . Mary-ever present, ever watchful. S Mt "FW: V X. ff aiu , Bishop McGuc-ken, during his annual visit to the Mount, stands on one of the balconies overlooking the campus. BOOK WEEK Lupita Bernstein, Gen Smurda, Kathleen O'Rourke, Mary Margaret Schaefer, and Marilou O'Connor taking orders at the Book Week display in the library. i-Rho qi'oifca'i'ioN ciniay Tri-Rho . . , the three Rs . . . aim: furthering mc Catholic ideals in education, developing informed minds and professional attitudes . . . bunet supper tor training teachers, hoth secondary and elementary . . . memhers ot California Student Teachers' Association: Asilomar Conference, workshop at Wfhittier and U.S.C.. con- ventions at Biltmore, Los Angeles, and San Francisco . . . American Fducation Wfeek: Duties of Christian Citizenship . . . Russian Choir, heneht for Tri-Rho . . . cake booth at Night at the Mount and Viezz' hirthday party . . . C.S.T.A. dance . . . Mr. Carl liowman, "Teacher Employment" . . . Miss Eaton, "Art ot Story Telling" . . . faculty moderators, Sister Mary Hortensia and Miss Frances Sweeney. ma, 40" xy .af Simm- EDUCQATION CLUB OFFICERS. Lett to right r Dolores Welgoss-f2f't1iif!t211f Peggy Scottffrirtf jviemlwf! Barbara Pearmaneiern-lizry Betty Dunnigan-!i'v.1iffrer in T F ' fs if F' 1 ff' 6 - i sa' X 1 f fi U 5 ts. yi ' Lf .- Q f . f Q sv?-M5 - f ,fi "fy V72 " hwf 5 .' 2 ,ggjv K, ' v , 1 , . Q ' FQ ' f X' Ts , - it " I H t 1-: fm JN' s. ' 44- ' rs Pin? 11 ' ' ' , -. xl-'V' 6 F, Q .5Z'1, V4V ,. 1 , I V s , 6 Q V V A V My ,f ,Zi M. it . V , 5Vjf,VV VUE ' . VV VV ,' 'V - 1+ 'Xi , i , QV : we VVVMVV VV V' -1, f W V ,WMM , , ..,,,,,., , V me VV ings' , W, , , . .W ,.,.,W, ,. L, , c, , ..,, W... I ,se-, , . N ,- , V. ,M , , ,..,,,, ,L ,W -,., . ,, , V . W..- AV iff igmxgk-A W fglwa '45, V. y, ,,,.., V..-V VN V J Q W V jfimv ,-Vg, VM, V, VV V is . V V V V iw . ,.,, W ,Y W , Vi, Q diff img . N Af , 'W ' H- W V" . nf W 41- X -'H ,.. 'Q "1 X A, ' f-A , ,L . ,zivf .- -" s M if i A f' XX f 'U f s .K . sv,w'M"mfi,f Q VM . 1 gi, s V !,,V, V VSVV JV Vee ' VP yi S. Q f .Av , ,X V is ,,Eg:iiVVV V VV - . ',f ' ,. f 4, V V VV M rf V , s L I ...Q 'ik 5, .,.. : sf- rs, YV! V f , Q 4 Q f -w f lm - -sg 1 , , me A , , 5 .Tii as - W W ' -ear I yy fa VV V if 1 .,?,,,, .,,,,,, , 1 ' ' , 3 4 'M N. , . -9? " ,, C -, ' Q, 'K - , was ,- .da , . , my W l -. ' X f tl I in ' +2-fi . - 'ei f TT 3 E 4:1 gg f T ii V -, 31,49 ., ", ' ff V 9' vw . I V I' ,A I i r 1 2 i l t A Q X i 'f , i, I pl if 1 , -' 0 If "-X-N ssc, X -f T - - E 'hue- , 'Q , . NN , . .QAQ5 ee - J .. . V . A V Q, 'vw K , N-. f f 1563 5' 'if f' J t""'i,. s Q 'F is -' , V 5 44 , . 0 4 V . - - -- . 1' f l1""Q f ' ,. . , , l I ' ," i .wl,1?" V " If M x gl i 5 5 ' 6- ' T Q ' , 1 f f, :H uv' ' ,, ., if - ,S K I if 1 Sf ' . , . , ell' i 359' -9 l T ,L 12' A, ..' 1 4 'WL x, 'Q , ' is ,gil ' E -f'35,iiil -F Q ' . .-.., " . x , ' ,,,.c.Z" ' ' '. ' ' , T.: 5 'W W 'E rw " ' A f 'V M -r ' - i V V1-LVW V . in Viilzti. Vf V-.-f av , Rf-. iiyfv- if 'rg ' 'J - e we ' 7: . , .i r '-- 'f ii-6 V ' , '. as L aj A 6 E ,4,:Q., ',f'T.,., by e,.:':,a ' i -g.:,i'L , ' N,-e , X .ey , -adv 4 L ' 1 e, N- -' ai. Q I ' ' ht, " Y , ' 5 'T' -Mp. " 'iff Y ai' jgfq' 4 ' I,-, ' 'W'-f' .W u ndkl. il My -55 4 t fi. . """"'Q V 1 I I 4 A., x , s psf 'V Row l 1 Frances lformanetli, Doris Bursk, Pa t Cummings, Dorothy Lady. Rosemary Mikulich, Beatrite Leong, Mary Vleanne I-loxmeier. Evelyn Ishida Row I 3 Rita Custado, Vera Vlfong, Rita Gloria Murray, Eleanor Kelli- her, Gloria Putman, Helen Margaret -Sl.lI'lkly Row 5-liarhara Breen, Gloria Manltie- XVILI, Phyllis Taylor, Ayilda Char- honneau Row l-Carol fvloore, liernie Gouyeia, Cynthia Luke. Marilou O'Connor. Luc-lla Lum, Angie McDonald, .lean Call, Emily Kuglen Row Zflfletty Dunnigan, Dorothy Roh- erts, Mary Evelyn Meirhelhock, Pat Fierce, Lupita Bernstein, joan Mur- phy, Peggy Scott, lmpy Meyer Row 5-Margie Gregg. Dawnie Cohh, Charlotte Rohe, Pat Pinneo, Ono- rinda Larrahee, Mary Gertrude Creutz 'wit is s X In if 'S 'z Ivti ' 3 . e T.iff?5"5Y5? 'V -A vs .224-ta :fa .- P X ev 1 X x Q S , ef ex .93 t, ig2 , e A cf X .v. . L, M X-vm , ax? I 6? Q X X 3 fs, , fx V' A Q " , .. , X Xfigavlfiilix X M Y, Y. QV" iz. X: fxx 1 V S , wa wr 2 Q Q f My QQ X' f sf 1 f O Ny, 4 I cg 0,4 we f A ,, Z W ,ye Ngo.-S java aff xx is we 4 Q l 'jfs :':'2" f - E.E.w,i. 5 Left Row Row ...We eu. sl X1 my Q a Q, Q , by t 2 My its 143 S Q to right are: 1 - Callie Orfanos, Bernadette Victorino, Luella Lum, Cynthia Luke, Geraldine Biggs Bernadette Gouveia I - Evelyn Kraemer, Tree Giovanelli, Bebette Gualano, Genny Stefanos, Catherine Ford 5 - Mary Lou vlantlro, Lupita Bernstein, Dorothy O'H.lfLl Club pins . . . patron-Holy Ghost . . . foreign movies . . . teas . . . intra- cultural exchange . . . Italian Christmas party . . . Spanish songs and dances at student assembly honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe . . . lectures . . . foreign dinners . . . Pan-American Day . . . distinguished visitors . . . donation of language books to the library . . faculty advisor, Sister Eloise Therese. LANGUAGE CLUB OFFICERS. Sitting Luella Luin--mritzf ,i'errelm'.y Bernadette Gouveia-lt2f'ei'if1'e11f Rita Custado-rife preridezzt Standing Mary Lou JZ1l1ClI'O-.f6H'c'fnZ7'-Q' Bebette Gualano-fremurer Left to right are: 5207555 in ' V 1' V ,',., f 1 L -"' V was Q QQ! Q if agua W fl ' 11" X F, WQ A f C m W! if: 1' c..-., x vim if f J .-.4 ww.,,,,.,. . HQ NW, . 6 ., fc A 7? M Row l - Dorothea Deutsth, Marianna Bauer, Mary jo Ren- nison, Rita Custado, Kathleen O'Connor. Kathy Ashe Row 2 - Marilyn Rudy. Emily Doll, Doris Higgins, Beverly Halpin. Mary Alice Connors Social welfare, economics, sociology, business administration . . . welcome , tea-l2'lane McCalfrey's songs . . . United Nations Week . . . student volunteers 7' 1 i M in Community Chest drive . . . International Problems conference at Pepperdine J . . . weekly trips to Sawtelle settlement . . . toy drive for Christmas party at Pacoima settlement-memories of happy faces and givers' joyful spirits . . . Dt Po1'1'ti' Pm! monthly bulletin stressing racial equality . . . Interracial Week 1 4 n , , . theme-"NWho is my Neighbor?" developed by Floyd Covington . . . field trips to Convent of the Good Shepherd, L.A. Orphanage, Brownson House . . . reunion meeting with Dr. Stanton . . . SXWITS students' trip to model U.N. Assembly at Stanford . . . annual installation dinner . . . Moderators: Sister Mary Brigid, Sister Regina joseph, Sister St. Francis. ' , 3 - , 1 fij j'?'J5'i T" " f 'SA if L I Organizing drives for settlement ,I Maj' Q K, f Christmas gifts and presenting ' ' lnterratial Wc-t'k are only two ol SVUES' many activities. ,,f' ' i S W E S CLUB 0l:l:lClERS 5.1 Sitting: E ' Lan e Mt Caffreyffiei'1'e!i1.i'-1' sc., . Marilyn Moutone- :X iwrjrzf t'X7rIfl'll!t1l! Kneeling: Monica Gosnell-frmwmv' Evelyn Kiuieiiiei'-e-1'!f'e firewi- , rfcflll l-,ix Claire Kassler-ajm'mfwff iff' at 1 Lap-wwe' l l Sth.. ome conomics K ,M . " ,, X QWX AN Y 'wx -4 The Home Ec lab is full of activity from sewing to cookery. Row 1-Pat Quinn, Dodi Pelt' zer, Elaine Moore, lvfargaret Ann Czuleger Row 2 - Ioyce Markel, Mary Barbara Anderson, Dorothy Lady, Phyllis Tul-rich, Helen McEachen. Mary Ann Cun- ningham, Grace Bohanon Row 3-Phyllis Taylor, jackie Kildare, Milly Model, Anne Park, Monica Kilkelly, Pat Gray, Patti Catalyne, Lavelle Rotsler Q, 1 H--u-.....,,,W HOME ECONOMlCS CLUB OFFICERS Center: Phyllis Tllliltll--f7I'c'lfcl6IIf Lett to right: Anne PL1I'li'ffl'c'rlllf1'C'I' Dorothy Laclyffvrrwizlce f7flffll'AI1l Dawnie Colab-jimgluzzf l'f7t1fI'1llrI1l Mary Ann Cunningharn-efrfce fvreijdwzl Dodi PClfZCF+l6ti1'L'lt1l"l' 5 X Pat Gray-ff1r'11ff1e1'.iDill? t'f7zlfI'lllilN Phyllis Flnylorfjvfzbfrcjfug' L'f7dfI'llliI11 -vi-43' g Honorable mention by AHPA for club activities . . . club initiation and tea for new members . . . package wrapping demonstration and Christmas party . . . guest speaker . . . clothing a child for Easter . . . May fashion show and tea . . . pages at convention of American Home Economics Association, California section . . . attendance at meetings of College Home Economics Club at Los Angeles City College and Chaffee College . . . two offices in Province XVI of the College Club section of the AHPA . . . Moderator, Sister Mary Marquerite. f Q ' ng Dress Glulv 2 PRESS CLUB UITIIICERS. Lett lo right: -.M l,illi.1n Pei'eyr.1,-Iwo AlmfiiJt1fl Anne XVoi1gej2n'ihfw1l Kathleen O'CfOimor-wi1t'fii1'A1'-11111inrw' . .- 'Nw l,fL'll' contributors . . . days of preparation . . . finally, The Viva' birthday 10 ' party . . . annual brunch-strawberry shortcake . . . installation of ofhcers . . . ff' distribution ol Vjeu' awards for best leautre, editorial, and news writing. Sitting, left In riglmti Rose Mary Esquilwel, Bernie Gouveia. Katlwleen O'Connoi', Anne Wrvng. Shirley lfiurlie, Bolwlwy W.1lsl1, Beverly lirunelli, lWaureen Fox Standing, It-ft to riglmtz Marilon O'Connor, Frames Forinanetk, Ltiella Lum, Pat blatolws, Anne Frantes Russell, Gen Smurda, .Ioan Murphy, Helen Margaret Szandy 7 .3, 'r if 6 V A jx? A s ,gf , A, M - L4 ,L ' ll 4' Q few gifzflldaxl path, Queen Miliza is shown with her at- tendants Qleft to rightj Kathleen O'Rourke, Monica Killqelly and Sheila Sullivan. joan Murphy waits to check the "penny-a-vote" for Queen Contest. Wliite Elephant booth finds an avid customer in Gerry Biggs Guests take time out from dancing and games to enjoy entertainment. View Birthday Party . . . Saturday night, March 51 . . . mixer dance that was really fun . . . orchestra music provided by Bill Willianls . . . variety show during inter- mission . . . booths selling coke and cake . . . white ele- phants of amazing variety . . . darts and ring toss for excitement . . . huge white cake with "Happy Birthday, View' '... given away to end the evening . . . Queen Miliza Foelsch crowned over candidates from each class . . . votes by pennies . . . proceeds to The Vieux . ,rf use fans aio Sitting-l.c-lt to right: INI.u'Iu.11'ct Dclavigne, om -I . Mui- phy, Evelyn lshitla, Dolores Wc'l gms, hlary IX'I.ll'g.Il'L'I Stlmett-l'. Kaflwlccn O'Conno1', Gen Smui'cl.1 St.1ntlli1g-l.c-lit to rituhti Peggy Scott. IxfI.ll'lP.lf Donaluuc. Frames Formaneclx. IVI.iry Lou lantlro, Marv wlanney, Carol Ivloorc, I'lH.lIN.lli.I Monel-Qc, Mari- lou U'Connor, Vera Wfong, wloey Rcnnison, Cynthia Luke, Kath- leen U'Roui'ke -I 4 I 1 Organized in 1954 in honor ot St. liusebius, father of Church history . . I f philosophical discussions . . . panels on Encyclicals of Pope Pius XI: fIfl7c'fIffc' I Ig Cfifffzzfzfffimf ruff! C'f11'2rfjir11 Fffffmliozz . . . Pope Leo XIII: C'lv1'i.rfh111 Cmfrfilff- if - ,.s- limi of 51,1144 Y... open forum on Bill of R' 1,5 ' -loan lX"Ii1i'pl1y---wtf fiiwfifwff Dolores Wc'lluoss -- f wrl'u!i11'3'- har fproceecls to charity and books for the lihrar Q . . . f . . aim: to elicit interest in histor ights . . . Coffee and doughnuts y ormal spring banquet ical, political and international roblen p is . invaluahl l I ' A I ' L C acvisoi in Sister Agnes Bernard. ln thc- illllillllllh More Scmingn' .irc liusehian olliccrs. Lt-ll to riuht' FW ' Ex clyn Islwiilafffn'mfwfl frail 1 flllfl' afznassians Sitting, left to right: Marilou O'Connor, Peggy Scott. Mary Margaret Schaefer, ,Ioan Murphy, Kathleen O'Connor, Gen Smurda, Evelyn Ishida, Kathleen O'Rourl-CC Standing, left to right: Rose Mary Esquibel, Aflc-ite R-1: sie, Uzoamaka Monelce , Y-rfj. . -."!", . '221 ' ' X Jflxfn I .ff Dwellers on Parnasst KX! B mwsinv Room meetings is, haunt ot the muses . . . rt A so l ' s litcrar criticism l l . . . book reviews and c iscussionc, A y . . . night meetings montm y d Catholic writers . . . "Our Miss of outstanding mo ern f . . . cultural movie library . . . sponso s . . . Huntington Library visit . . . caret Crooks" radio show alters of the lending d ' . . . annual banquet . . . rs of lllfvl' Nm' subscription rive Y t ful a reciation to Sister t in 'ood literature . . . bra e pp aim: to further interes 5 Marie cle Lourdes, faculty moderator. I ,sat Hostesses for a Parnassian tea are the clubs officers: U20 Moneke-.iecreltzl'-3'-frutziMel' Arlcne Russie-rice ,!7r'em1'e11! Marilcu O'Co1ii1or-ID1''e11t NNE appa Tliefa u SQIENCQE CLUB OITFICERS. Lett to right: Camilla lvltiiitoii-zvre jvrtiftfezzf Mary lillen GrayYe'fu't' i Alexz! if Margaret Ti'ipp-limioffer Rita Bleclismith-iei'1'u!iz1"y ""5g,,, w. f M Row I-Anne Wivng, Rita Bletk- smith, Camilla Munton, Eileen Kline. Margaret Tripp, Gloria Will, Mary Ellen Gray. Row 2-Diana D'Alfonso, Eloise Martinez, Gt-nny Castellanos, Barbara Hartman, E l a i n e Moore, Georgia Ann Grupo, Barbara Norton. Row 5a-lanie Melanson, Mary Lou blantlro, Shirley Vislay, Justine Weilic-r, .Ioanne Schott. lntrocluction tea . . . bulletin boarcl on atomic energy . . . with an explanation of the atomic and hydrogen bombs . . . films on internal combustion, automo- bile engine, and Diesel power-Loyola's and I.I-I.C.'s Chemical societies invited . . . fun with math . . . field trip to Long Beach for an isotope demonstration . . . trip to Gritiith Park Observatory . . . banquet. QP' CZlflC2f'L RZSZGQC .949- x 'Aix sf f CfN! A xg f' if asf! Q i f W6 s 4xf ' XQW I I AAGX s x fs! Y sfXWsWfX' 6Q?N,f,N!X 6150? QXWEA X Classes m microteclm1que prepamtxon of slldes photography work it St Vmgents undu Mrs Cyrllll Vaughm . . . rccondmv of tumors by mmexcl teghmque weekly ITl6'6'f1ll!1S w1th Dr ames Ixahlel to studv Ct1oloQ,1L.1l and histologlnal background of gamer Demonstrating emergency first-aid procedure .rrez leannette Guulano and Mary Bernhardt, with Chur- lene Holtzfaster as the "victim," while Nellie Beri- don .ind Margaret Tripp keep in practice bandaiging other "wounds" X sfx W . it .. s f If 4 W 2,4 fs :L x Q' 2 x 3 c SK W ' 'f Yfifff Q 5, V xc N X XX x X sg' Q? ?' M f Bloodmobile afternoon parties at Sawtelle . . . donations fover quotaj squares for quilts nrst aid and water-safety classes . . . disaster unit ospcctixc not tonois tic xieini crroon s L mc or ic ome refreshment to nourish the patriotic donors who vc n icccivc cclx up from vunt s w ooc ciivc iucc themselves" so generously. , 4. f , i t , . 'f'-N'-we W , - 5 'ef f' Q W , . 0 -' 4 ' H .ff ,. 5 ,. r A ,.f,1f?Qf9 V .s-QQ. A as ss 0 W as 4 r m, ' ft I We , ily ' '11 .. ' ,' Qi Q s rs 712' ' "':: if N W V - - - ri li at , lf? ge.. " . X , C e xv fm i.. .rs 1' . . " 'if , E it , v X f 'P K A K I - Q 3 s. . iq f f 445 I " A f nz' 3 W r ti Q W 13 gf 1 5 Second year nurses are first row fleft to rightj: Claire I, Fitzgerald, Nancy Deatherage, Gloria Tabarg setond row: Theresa Martin, Barbara Scherrer, Marlene Lucas, Barbara Kalthoff, Pat Beclcom, Marcella Hunltele, Loretta Fanning. Maureen Boylan and Ruby Mae Bunyard serve dinner to a patient at Queen of Angels Hospital, 7-Le fniglmtinga es Mount St. Mary's School of Nursing one year old . . . sixteen pre-Nightingales . . capping ceremony in Mary Chapel at the Mount . . . medicine, surgery, maternity nursing . . . lectures, conferences, demonstrations . . . live Senior charter members leave Queen of Angels Hospital for afiiliations . . . L. A. County General, Brentwood, Childrens, Barlow's, Long Beach Public Health Department . . . State Board examinations . . . R.N. Charter nurses: Ruby Mae Bunyard, Maureen Boylan, Marie Astier, On duty at the desk are lleft to rightl: Ruby Mae Bunyard, Vivian Burgess, and Mary Ishida. Marie Astier, Maureen Boylan, and Vivian Burgess. l l --N iii W 'A N' , A V F 2 s ygvyug y rm. . I. .,.. My ,ww Q' fa sf f ,M ,. ,. Q f aw X! WSW. Ss x"X .av t 5? f' in Z rs g iFil'ifl'c Q 4 brtting, Lett to right: Geralcline Big-gs, vlacliic' Stetlcr, lilihllvctll Kenny .rnding Left to right: Pat Harman, Elainc' Moore. Pat Cummings, Nfary Lou Dlrrndro. Gloria Day, Arlene Russic. Dorothy O'Hilfl1, Velma Sal- mcn. Grctl Dcfitrcl, Rose lllaric' liaclmncl, Bernadette Victorino L lf rsrc as r cueer music as 1 hobby . . members devoted to furthering rn appreciation ot good music xx eelxly Philharmonic concerts . . . receptions, ' recrtrls and ters guest rrtrsts it the Mount . . . Leonard Pennario, Spencer "n- Browne lrrd successtul plans tor student body sung Mass . . . Saint Cecilia, prtron and guide Ozrfcsfar no Mount production a success without music from the pit remember lzcx rfmdy Gow to Coffege. jezmy Kirreff 1 c anc lzczifmmf unselhsh giving time and talent to teas and rcceptrons ffmmf Group untorgettrble performances . . . Pergolesrs Ylrzfmf rllflcf biclxground chorus for E1'c'I'-lflllrlll . . . fllrlltl' 211 Il"lllJ'fl' at Immrculate Heart College Muran Congress for NFCCS . . . radio rpperrances on Isl AC s C zffwfzr lnfm r Mothers' Guild teas . . . recording scssrons tor popul rr Qhrrstmts album all part of groups busy routine. frsfas s, .gs r 4 Gnlulgllm' Higgs ffhlllfl .fmf I'll!L'L' l'LL'llJ! Ruse Nlxlric ll1.lLl1Llll 112.11111 1u'1lLzf Mrvthur Ivlglric Mugklalccn fffnlllu l'L'L'jfLlf hlguqnmliru' Sta.-tlcr HVKQJII rudmf emi .. Recffals ...f"" we ",,..s-. :Wim WX. Cutlwurim' Ford l'1,lll't' lrjflfdf Arlene Rusmic 1 vim' ru'i!.1l Drama Gluls X 'N VE ul i fs-W... i 2 in-A-as-M--..- i --....,.1 Mammon fKen Altonl taunts his misplaced trust. Drama Cluh officers Mary Ann Krause, secretaryg Pat Pin n eo, presidentg Betty I-learne, vice-presidentg and Gloria Day, treasurer, dis- cuss Clubs future activities. The Upstagers . . . theater parties to Tzvelfffv Niglvf and Cymfm rife Be1'gv1z1r . . . discussions on theatrical happenings . . . play readings . . . cake sale . . . production of 1c"'I!I.J Kiiyverf Ale . , . Mary Johnsons coffee-bar tending at 9:00 p.m. hreal: . . . assistance in play productions . . . Ezwyffziiff, in spite of everything. . . backstage at the radio show, The I7.B.I. 211 Paifre and Until' . . . Harald Dyrenforth, faculty moderator . . . vital interest in the possibilities of the theater. IZITRYAIAN Everyman for llveryman fl-larald Dyrentorthj and his Para' mour CCarolyn Frisheel swear eternal love. 5 4 'Curtain Call" f The entire mst nt env: fissea e Lett to right: Mrrrtelln Hunl-:ele tulvlisx Ste.1rns"J prexentx Left to righti P.rtrnk Hemplling t"Owen"l lmxkx in the Len lNfIeI-eun l"Fa1the1'lWuynll1.1n"j with wine pineapple .1',lmir.rtiun wt liewerly CLIFVCI' t".lrf'l, Cf.mrlyn Fri rite while Celeste GlYlLlL'.ll! KMVS, Dklllyl lmrkx un l"lNI.rry 'I .intl .Line Hrxmtler t"H.rrry"l. an 'lennv Ixrsseel Me, wrth therr ehrettur, rnes up to reeeive lint-rnilsglut plautlits. Diel-Q Sl.1ttery, .rx "Mith.1el," .rppedrs intenxely interested in "Jenny," played hy Junnit.1 Quigley, x,,-. -qlaawv-nh qquuvnrr 1-nvninlvr can-nav equi 9 J 1 WIZG ctw at ' 1 1 3, , , g5rffif'ZZli.' ""31. C ' ,w 5 1 i '-tr "1 . " .5 K ' X v 'ft -A .,,. 1 ii s C S A 9 6 es " ' 1 -Q Q was- 1 1 A ,. R st, pf ta T' Row , :Q MC ' ,,,.,,f , 'af -1-M wt W Q- mf M fi' A i M ' 1 Row 1 1 'mf 1 ., ,mx , v vm?" , ' 1 W R A BOARD. Lett to right are: It Evelyn Kraemer-.ie1'1'alt111,3' Eleanor Kelliher-lD1'e.i1de11l Miss Kudeimovvrzdziirea' Barbara Hartman-treasurer QM Genny Castellanos-brmtelbizff 111r111i1ge1 Portia Spencler-i'11lleybr1fl Illrilldgtfl' Charlotte Rohe-ci 1171111111113 lllrllldgcfl' Mary jane Si1Lll---f7jJf0l'frIll Becky Bohanon-ilf101'!i 111r111i1gw' .41 Reorganization of XXf.A.A. to XV.R.A.-athletics to recreation . . . Aim-to provide recrea' tional activities for all students . . . Sports Night dance . . . Hayride-square dancing . . . intramural games-volleyball, basketball . . . new badminton court . . . Playday here, recrea- tional sports-ping pong, swimming . . . W.R.A. store-red, white, gray Sweatshirts, Sta- tionery, 'Mountain goat mascots, etc .... tournamants - paddle tennis, tennis singles and doubles . . . tournament of the year-tennis at Ojai . . . mixer dance . . a All-College Playday at Pomona . . . contributors to the Southern California bulletin llfljltffhli 11141 Smre . . . annual Field Day perpetual trophy to class winner . . . aquacade . . . grande finale-banquet . . . identification W.R.A. bracelets . . . called-to-arms-Lt. "you-all" Ingram . . . replacement- Miss Kudenov, UCLA. , L' u Y 5 -Y C N 'Q , NX., W' f X NN 31, 13'-ifiifkk 5 A -ks if l gli 1 Q- at Q fc-. 153 sg ,,,y,T:-. 513 , at 1' 53' gratify liffigf' Y 1 t4"1' it 5 ,av-A. 4 . WN-A,-Q iwmlsmhif- an v.,..., ,qw K, ., .QA ,ay W M wg,,,gf,,"j'1 ' Q . au Zeta gvzcfzitxl 4 ' N c , i . . f ,s+'i"a , T A Z ' s Presentation ol Pledges: 1 A W ,.--. 4 c,, , Sitting, left to righti er , Ag igibl , N 1 ' X I fn I Marion Reaume. Geri Goy, Lavelle 4 "" ' ,, ' 'A E 5- is 'lf , ' Rotsler, Portia Spencler, Patricia "" W -A a . 'f A Q u i n n . Genevieve Castellanos, P' 2 ' ' jackie Hermann, Mary Lou Gar- X , ' I ' A, VJ X I Q fi 2 I' 5 f i , zon, Joanne McCarthy. S3 Ph , 'Y ft? ti ag, ' if 'ti f , 3 , A , , - . A his-P 'Y i ,I N Standing, left to right: P 'W am, ' , - Y A X , 4 Mary Frances Ross, Carolyn Burke, F Q X , -' he Patricia Perram, Bobby Wgilsla, 5 i l WQ W .Ioan DeMuth. Mary Barbara An- , 243'-'W ' P derson, Ieanne Call, Maureen Fox, 7 Pat Carroll, planet Murphy, Mary K Ann Gorman, Nancy Newell, Bar- bara Dobrott, M i l i za Foelsch, Mary Holland, Bella Vlacobs. QW , - ,..f Ie- , Row I-Mary Frances Ross, Ann Scott, joan Newton, Maureen Fox, Mary Anne Gorman, Mary Holland, Claire Kassler. A Row 2-Mary Barbara Anderson, Mar- ion Reaume, Kathy Ashe, Hugu- ette Hery, Peggy Scott, Pat Car- roll, Emily Doll, Geri Goy, Doris Higgins, Carolyn Burke, -lean Call, Pat Quinn. Row 5-K at h l e e n O'Rourke, Mary Weidinger, D o ro t h e a Deutsch, Barbara Dobrott, Genny Castel- lanos, P h y l l i s Tukich, Portia Spencler, Miliza Foelsch, Lavelle Rotsier, ,Ioan DeMuth, B o b b y Wfalsh, jackie Hermann, Elane McCaffrey, Nancy Newell. Rush teas . . . Circus party, ulculeles, balloons, clowns, hot dogs . . . Preference Dinner, Miramar Hotel . . . reception of onyx pledge pins . . . hayride . . . presentation of '- TA1 " pledges, Beverly Hills Hotel, nosegays . . . "12:5O at the flagpole, pledges!" Doris Qqd UQ , , V . . . . . 7 Q 6 Higgins, pledge mistress . . . shining shoes, washing cars . . . Christmas baskets . . . Malibu escapade . . . candlelight ceremony . . . new TAZ pearl-studded crests . . . Alumnae Tea . . . Balboa, Easter vacation . . Mothers' Day Mass and breakfast . . . Senior farewell. r Not TAZ OFFICERS. Left to Right are: Peggy Scott? i ncriif rer1'eli1r'y Kathy Ashe-zvce f71'6lfzf61lf Mary Weidiiager, remnfiafg we K 1 Emily Doll-ll21'em!e11! Pictured 2 Rosemary Scl1ule1'+freii,inrer C'l'L'fiI1'Yl f appa Deffa gcrwiifxl C 5' lioxs I -l5.1rb.11'.i lialxt-r, lJi.ll'l'U.ll'.l I,.islwr, lxldfjllk' Geggg. T' Row 1-Betty Tromy, G.ll5I'lL'l.l I L.'157m M.1rti.1tq, -lane Laty, Lt-.1 I , my O'Donnell, .-f1 Row 5-lNfI1ll1tt-nt Russell, Caroa X gig :yn Fi-mms, ryitmita Klum. lv, M.1rtell.1 Ryan, M .1 r y 3 Sheridan. Q P R' Founded 1950 . . . to promote: high standards of truth, loyalty friendship 1. KAX5 . . . rushing . . . informal Wfestern party . . . pledge dinner at Tropics . . . 5121? formal presentation in Palm Room of the Miramar . . . Christmas party . . . Pacoima settlement boxes . . . Chinese dinner at Barbaras . . . hell weekend at Balboa . . . twentieth anniversary dinner at Ambassador . . . the get- together at the Del Mar . . . hayrides . . . fashion show plans . . . senior farewell dinner dance. 'i' Kappa Pledges are, It-tt to right: Marcella Hunkclc, Diane Wfcst. Gabriela Maixiacq, Carolyn Frisbie. -'- ' 3 x KAPPA OFFICERS. Left to Right are: Lea O'Donncllfjm1iiffwfl Monita Kilkellyw-1'jru-jfmfwilful! ,lane I...lL5,'+-lLft'I'L'fi1I'A'j' Marccll.1 Ryan-lrruziffrw' B.ll'l5AlI'.1 I..lSl1CI'1!7flffll'jJll Us N E is -... .an I awzma gigma geiofzifxl P? , Row Row Row 1-Mary Margaret Schae- fer, 'Ioan Murphy, Aailda Charbonneau, G e n e v i e v e Smurda. 2-Marie Lambert, Susan Robertson, Diane D'Alfon- so, Beverly Garver, Peggy Bradish, .loan Hogan. 5-Mary Connolly, Doro' thy Lady, Rose Marie Bac- hand. 1, 2 Rush tea, Garden Room of the Bel Air Hotel . . . "County fair" . . . Fox and QJFZQP? Hounds preference dinner . . . mother and daughter tea . . . dinner party for Notre Dame football team . . . East-West football team New Year's party . . . Dinner-dance at Sarnez . . . Christmas exchange . . . bridge sessions . . . weekend at Malibu . . . candlelight acceptance . . . dancing at the Deauville . . . swimming party at Dorothys . . . Holy Year pilgrimage . . . Senior farewell tokens. GAMMA OFFICERS. Sitting are: Susan Robertsonfrire fviwiifwzf Eloise Martinez-preiirfwff loan Miirpliy-lbffblirily Standing: Mary Margaret SCl13.CfG1'if1'UiIll!l'c21 Dorothy Lady-1'ea'0nfi11g rver1'efr11"3' W W I C W3 Gammas Diane D'Alfonso, Mar- garet Delavigne, .lean Wiilslw, Mary hlanney, and Eloise Blar- tinez relax during free period OD CLIIUPLIS. ,of Mmm---v -,Q J, , i fg5-ii' t 'f:'A Q Wibaw-. DELTA I N H I eniofz Hanoi gociefies wig . YPSILON SIGMA Membership in 1901111 Lff7.l'ffU1l Sigmir-basecl on outstanding achievement in grades and an indications of making learning effective through Catholic philosophy to modern soci- ety '... Members chosen: Marilou O'COI1llO1', Angela McDonald, Mary Alice Connors, and Dolores Wfelgoss. Doloris Wllgrvss, Angcla NtDonaltl. Mary Alita- Connors, l'Xlai'ilou O'Connoi' KAPPA GAMMA Pl Members in the Southern California Chapter of Kaffm Grllllflltf Pr graduate with distinc- tion and are outstanding in extra-curricular activities . . . members are: Mary Ellen Gray, Claire Kassler, Mary Jeanne Hoxmeier, Ger- aldine Biggs, Rita Gloria Murray and Lupita Bernstein, Row 1-Mary Ellen Gray, Geraldine liiggs,Marx Ieanne Hoxmeier Row Zslaipita licrnstein, Claire Kassler, Rita Gloria Murray 45 is onofz ociefies CHEMISTRY HONOR SOCIETY Charter members - chemistry majors and minors maintaining a B average . . . to arouse members' interest in chemical research . . . semester initiation of freshman candidates . . . lectures by Patricia Spain, alumna, and Dr. Kingsley from Sawtelle . . . held trips to Long Beach Veterans' Hospital . . . Ofiicers: President, Genevieve Castellanos, Sec- retary-Treasurer, Eleanor Leavell. Row 1-Eloise Martinez, Genny Castc-llanos, Dodi Corona, Eleanor Leavell Row 2-Diane D'Alfonso, Carmelita Hanley, Mz1i'tli.i Moltc-n.i, Peggy Bradish l an fl' W n- wg, -- xi . as, V ' if 'M' 'WWE is ESQ l ' init! T' Eli igig i my PI DELTA PHI National French honor society . . . M.S.M.C. Alpha Epsilon chapter founded in 1949 . . . aim: "To promote the study of and interest Q! l in French culture" . . . monthly lectures and discussions . . . membership invitational . . . juniors and seniors only . . . President: Huguette Hery, Secretary-Treasurer: Geral- dine Biggs . . . Adviser: Sister Eloise Therese. SittingiGer.1ldine Biggs, Huguette Hery Standing-Dorothy O'l-lata. Shirley Vislay Not pictured-Theresa Hatsumi Q xg wgmf, N 23 X-A N ? li Kgw Q4 N WS Q ' .Q S wt g oe 11.- Vmgggg .fv Wwggw Wggayfw X gx ' an X ,wwX?55gWM' 6 .fyi W f vez. X X F' f v-. . ., 'ms N , Nw, , HKNXQQM 'W we 'YQQEHW " 4 A . 5 X 3 1 1 x ,M Ax X W' X K Mx X X 3 X x 1 1., ,Q ig ww X N' 4, X N I If x Q' XX ' NN ff? 2 0 Q- X ' X xgffx A f N V' ,Q f f I X 5, A X liztgu lfigbly ' H iv' ff' KT 3' 11 X x , fm Xi r W X w 'W 4 5 N x, if . xx? ' af We i Migg, lt ak ulvlicafions... " toward making woman always more conscious of her power to help mold public opinion." l,lMwl's set V kkll The IITQ i1xel'.i rttent iss iew intl 'eI1'lcNt11' editor .ind loin M ut ot lfu lun' ire l.illi.1n ltreyia, urphy. first semester tor l ,,,,, if X s s sec if 2 X Q f 4 5 QQ' s, in X xx, X s X X s fix as X K .s:w3s14g1:.,,. v sfvs, We ,S , Q xr: ee A ' ' Q s l i s 4125-5" f. nyA"9' Li. VIEW STAFF tleft to rightjz Betty Cain, Contributing editorg Nlonita Gosnell, Contributing editorg Anne Frames Russell, Sports editorg Luella Lum, Business Managerg Lillian Pereyra, Setond Semester editorg ,Ioan Murphy, First Semester editorg M.1ry Gertrude Creutf, Departmental editor. Not pietured: Lilias Burden, Iowana Philipps. Published bifweelcly . . . news of campus, Church, state . . . member of Associated Collegiate Press and Catholic Press Association . . . All-Catholic and First Class awards . . . page editors with harried faces . . . editor-in-chief, complete with pencil, pad and assignments . . . Thursday appeal for proofreaders and typists . . . delivery to printers . . . hectic rush oft hill to proofread hnal copy . . . Viezr' office, dictionary, typewriters, tiles . , . Mission piggyhanlq for deadlines missed . . . "The lfiezrlr out todayl' '... critical evaluation in staff meetings . . . Sister Mary Patricia, our guiding hand. CONTRIBUTORS to The l'ieu'. first rowj left to right: Maripat FRFSHMAN STAFF tlelit to rightj l5.lI'lW.ll'.l W.ilsli. Contrilvuting A Donahue. ,loanne Sthott, Eileen Klime, .ind Kathleen O'Connorg editorg h'l.lLlI'L'L'I'I Fox, editorg Anne Frantes Russell, News editor lsetond rowj E'Lane McCaffrey, Marilou O'Connor, Shirley Pat tliltolws, Dep.rrtment.ll eilitorl lleverly lirunelli, Associate Burke Chulrlottc Rohit ftypm J. Hmm nm, pit huibx mi g - 1 I W v Q , , t 42 , 7 L It . 1 K editorg Shirley Burke, l'e.1ture editor, ,Ioanne bthott. Contrihuting lqtmrten FUX, Nut pidul-CLI: Mdfy Virginia Duylu Bevel-ly Bm. editor. nelli, Nellie ljeridan, Mary Gertrude Creutz, B.ll'lWill'Ll Pt-.irman, .WV Margaret Wick. ,J Jvqinr -Q We -, ' 'ii is -inf N niet os a..v-41nd l H " ali' zxuuli ' -,e-.2 INTF-"ms A V img-A3 c-L: ix ' l l Consulting the Student Handbook for important college information are fsittingj Anne Wiing, Margaret Delavigne, and lstandingj Mary Jeanne I-loxmeier, Gloria Mankiewicz and Lupita Bern- stein. gfu ent Hanaboolz X mm to ww' Y 9,404 b. . College history . . . Mount seal . . . general '56 X. ll., The Mounts "little book of knowledge" . . 'x iz, X, regulations . . . clubs, organizations, execu- tive board . . . Constitution and by-laws . . Alma Mater . . . everything you want to lznow about the Mount. ,.:f1"":"' F' . 3 sw: X Mimeographed beginning in September, 1926 . . . june, 1950, printed to honor bimillenium of Virgil . . . aim-literary rather than newsy . . student and faculty contributors . became literary quarterly f... stable hnancing system hnds INTER NOS in thirrl year of life . . and asking for interesting contributions. Iulw' Nui tontributors Angie McDonald, Theresa Hntsumi, Dolores Welgiass, and Mary Margaret Sclmefer take time out from reading the latest issue of the magazine to show approval. 5" Q NX tg, i ff E NW ' 1 2, 4 s I The Wlounf -. aww f cgi . 2 . 7,1 JS ,E X, M l ffl., ' Photography staff inenihers Mary 'lean Hoxmeier, Anne XWong, and Gloria Mankiewiez and Art Editor Dolores Wellgoss inspect proofs. V ' ,o,,' - w. f' vis-i x 'A ' Marilou O'C,onnor explain thc- make-up of the 'Nw Mainz! to Copy Editors Susan Robertson and C a t h e r i n e l:OfLl. THE MOUNT S'l'AIfl" Row 1-Mary Alice Connors, Rita Custado, Catherine Ford, Dolores Wfelgoss Row Zf-Marilou O'Connor, Anne Wfong, Kathleen O'Rourke, Frances Forinaneck Row 3-Susan Rohertson, Mary Ellen Gray, Gloria Mankiewicz, Mary Margaret Schaefer Editor Kathleen O'Rourke confers with Associate Editor Frances Forma- neck and Business Manager Mary lNlargaret Schaefer. Mary Alice Connors assembles her circulation lists while Rita Custado and Mary Ellen Gray check patron subscriptions. line!!" if Wlaat next? . . . make-up . . . lxith leen's home . . . soliciting . . suu scriptions . . . "Night at the Mount . . . Mr. Fredricks ,..' 'rogues 1 lery" . . . art work . . . proof-reldin last minute assignments deadlines . . . grateful to Pete Wciii traub . . . "This is the final Lltlcl nxi e oiznf gdczts Kathleen O'Rourke ,,.,4..4.. ....,.,.. e ditor Frances Formaneck , . ,..... a ssociate editor Mary Margaret Schaefer .....a... ,, business manager Susan Robertson and Catherine Ford ......... copy editors Marilou O'Connor ,cc.,.,c., ..... m alce-up editor Gloria Mankiewicz, Mary Jeanne I-Ioxmeier, and Anne Wfong ,....i..r photography Rita Custaclo and Mary Ellen Gray ......,. T patrons Mary Alice Connors ..,...,.. .......,. c irculation Sister Mary Patricia ,.....,. c rc.... faculty advisor cfnow e ments The entire staff wishes to express its appreciation for the services and cooper- ation of: The Faculty of Mount Saint Mary's College Mr. Lezeta Buchty and Mr. Wfalter Fredricks of the Curtis Studios Mr. Peter Wfeintraub of the Mission Engraving Company Geddes Press, Pasadena, Printers and Publishers Miss Rose Mary Fsquibel Miss Eileen Micklish Dr. Donald E. Burke Dr. Eric T. Yuhl llzgc Ei5'l2ly-Fizxf d',,..4--w--- X J zffkgflfjv-,s'z.v gQXfNY ex X xfX Whig X , , , , . W we . ,MSWQQ 'ff 'ff ,,,f1"f Q rf W f Q WWM5 r 'JJ 'Wx Vw YQ: i if t mr. AM X 4 X cfivifie ..he present everywhere for the faith, for Christ, in every way, and to the utmost possible limit." 1 d Grfilelfladfl S FALL SITMFSTFR '750"5" Registration OO , ,.,.. A , ,,. ...., O O .... O ..,.. September 12 06,5 'ig Big-Little Sister Party ,t,......, O ..,iti September 15 77 XVRA Introduction Party OO r.ti September 18 ' Resident Students' Dance e.e,,,.,ee,e.,., September 20 Green Wfeelc O V,,V....... e,iiee,.e ,i,, ,,ee,,, S e ptember 20-27 Student Council Reception e,.,r, .... .....,,.... S e ptember 27 X ra-Y Frosh Frolics O OO ee.e,,e OO e.,,...,e,eVe,e.........., ..i.,r. O September 27 ig C , V Yogi' Resident Students' Open House OO O ssisss,...e., October 9 F A if junior Formal Dance .,iii,...s OO ..issssss O October 1-i Founders' Day s...s. OO .s.. OOOOOOOctober li .Q , Halloween Party ,.,ss, .,,,s,.,. O OO .s.. October 25 A fb -fs XVRA Hayride,..,s... ,s,. ,.....,,.,,i,.,.,.i.... i.r,. O O O OOOctober 27 ,".' College Play -Q "Jenny Kissed Me" ,,,is O r,s,i ONovember 21 'Cf "1 Immaculate Conception ..i.,. .rss.. .,,s.,s... .........s D e cember 8 A Tri-Sorority Dance .isiss.sssss.s s,,s .,,. ,,,,,,s,,,s O O OO OO December 8 X f I NFCCS Maryology Congress OOOO.OOOOOO O OOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO D ecember 10 3- ,S--'lp-L Resident Students' Christmas Banquet OOOOOO... OO O OO rOOO OOOOO D ecember 14 ,Ax Christmas Vacation O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.O.O.O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO D ecember 16 - january 5 xg, 'A Night at the Mount O.OrOOOOOOO O.OOOO.OO.O...O.OO O OOOOO. O OO OOOOO january 14 Final Examinations OOOOOO OOOOOOOOO J anuary 18-24 5 E O, ,Q Inter-semester Holidays OOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOO J anuary 25-50 ff 2 'SSX 2' T: SPRING siiMr2sTr2R :I Luk W M 0 .rj Classes Resumed OOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOO OO OO OOOOO january 50 1 G! N I s O NJ-J A Mardi-Gras Ball OOOOOOOOO O February 5 O 4 Family Night OOOOOOO.O OOOO O February 4 GF . Z' Si avi Ash Wfednesday OOOOOOOO OOOOOOOFebruary 7 ' s Annual Retreat O OOOOO O OO OOOOOO February 7-9 f mt Og. 'fir 7 H"'.""""'-. QF, 1 rms Wy!! 1 Neff , 1 1, 1' D X ff N , X f ff K X Stabat Mater OO OOOO St. Josephs Day OOOOOOOOOO Faster Recess OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO .OOOO O View Birthday Party OOOOOOOOOO OO Closed weekend for Resident XWRA "Hazard Dance" OOOOO Students College Play - "Fveryman" Tea for High School Seniors For-Get-Me-Not Ball OOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOO Father-Daughter Night OOOOO Junior-Senior Prom OO Mary's Hour OOOOOOO Aquatic Show OO OOOOO OO Marys Day .OOOOOOOOO .OOOOOOO O Final Fxaminations Baccalaureate Mass OOOO OOOOOOOOO Resident Students' Banquet OOOOOOO. Senior Banquet O O Commencement O O OOOFebruary 25 O OO March 19 OO OOOO OMarch 21-28 O OMarch 51 March 50 - April 1 O April 13 OOOOOOOOApril 14 8 15 OOOOOO April 11 OOOOOOOOOApril 20 OOOOOOOOOApril 29 OO May 5 OOO OMay 6 OOOOMay 17, 19, 10 May 25 OMay 25 - june 2 O OOOOOOOOOO OO O May 27 51 june 2 june 5 Qnnivefzsaful , . Q Guests Arriving at the Anniversary Ball 0 Men in uniform participate in the Grand March The refreshment table is t rowded hetween dant 135 JUNIOR DANCE, October 16, from 8:50 till 12 . . . La Verne Boyers Orchestra . . . "Anniversary" theme for the silver jubilee of the Mount . . . silver decorations reflected lights . . . picket fences and ivied columns . . .wonderful "Hawaiian punchn with everything in it . . . homefmade cookies . . . three-and-a-half short hours of fun. "Is this it?" chorus check-room attendants Pausing to compare impressions are these to waiting customers. three smiling couples. Q. ar. KX t s ff .Q B-a Qi l has E5 N A ... c Q Q f"s,Qzi ' DTS WP? MARDl-GRAS QUEEN AND COURT. Dorothea Deutsch, Qffcwf. Sitting: Anne Park, Carol Moore. Standing: Chela Paredes, Beverly Halpin. The Mount ballroom is filled with Marcli-Gras rcvellers. t MARDI-GRAS DANCE COMMITTEE' Sitting: Doris Higgins, Minerva Fiorentino. Sheila Sullivan, Charlotte Rohe, Callie Orfanos. Standing: Catherine Scully, -Ioey Rennison, Dor- othy Smith, Portia Spencler, Lavelle Rotsler, Delia Alvarez. Not pictured: Frances Clmrland. Sophomore dance . . "Carousel" theme . . February 3 . . . handpainted bids by Sydel Stokes . . gay circus horses . . trapeze artists . . . dancing girls . . . clowns . . . Mitch Kaitz Orchestra . . Queen Dorothea Deutsch reigned over the circus night . . . costumed and masked couples . . refreshments in the circus manner. rhQW9fs-wMv -a c,s -Q s ,s 4. ,, .." ' V Q t I awk V 1 ' I may rg! F f xy i A63 ' W Q i, www ga, ,C tR A xctwc f" 4' ' , ' 4- W. I X YN 'KR . I . A c 'fs M1 ?al'llef2- auglmfeft fniglzf Father-Daughter Night com- mittee Qleft to rightj: Anne Frances Russell, Barbara Wfalsh, Eileen Micklish, gen- eral Chairman of the event, and Elaine Moore. Anne Frances Russell and Barbara Willsli give us a "double-take" on one of the posters for the affair. Both girls were in charge of pub- licity. Dorothy Smith, Sheila Sullivan, Marion Seeley, Mirilyn Rudy, and Joyce Markel, at the piano, April 29 . . . second annual . . . "Daddy's Little Girl' '... baby pictures decorating Social Hall . waltzes and Charlestons . . . pie 'n collee . . musical skits presented by each class . . . froshh "Songs Dad Sang to Mother' '... sophs-"Songs XXfe Sing to Dad' '... juniors'-"The Father- Daughter Story with Music" . . seniors-"A rehearse class skits for Father-Daughter Night. Parody on Carmen" . . . Eileen Micklish, chairman. Tai-gomit Dance 'Nimmo vAe ':,5c:m.--1ze:-1'-:,f'f..:- : "" 'mf-H ik TRI-SORORITY DANCE COMMITTEE The Browsing Room is the scene of il meet- ing ot' the Tri-Sorority Dance Committee. Under the Chiiirmanship of Margie Gegg thrst row lefty, Marion Reaume, Emily Doll, Eloise Martinez, thrst row, left to rightj, and Betty I-Iearne and Beverly Gur- ver, tstanding in backj, discuss plans for the benefit dance. December 8, from nine till one . . . Mayfair Room of the Beverly Wilslmire Hotel . . , Hal Sandak and his orches- !""" -, rw il is tra . . . fourth annual informal dance sponsored by the three sororities . . . proceeds for the college . . . chairmen -Margi Gegg and Eloise Martinez . . . good music, good dance, and good time. vw A between dame interlude - time tor happy chatting around ringside t.1b1e. The festive setting is the Mayfair' Room ol' the Beverly Wilsliire Hotel. 72i9Lt af flle unf anuary 14 . . . presented by the senior class for The Mozzzzf . . . Angie and , . . Ixathleen did the worrying . . . bzuaar .4 - .Q wi iw, vizzgwftr' Q W, ,f.,t:,, m,W.-W,-V .i... . f , ff Qt M ' A - - ' ..... " -.wg-A4 b , f , -5,121 style . . . booths run by campus tlubs, x i - N T Sofflfltles . . I' 111 Vg toss, Penny Pltch, V M T ey? i q " Q ' ' ""-" - . t K. . f p . - - "1 my .... . ,M ""2 M W4NW.i ' N' s in ' Cake sale . . . show . . Paul Piterni, , - ,V - ' V 1 1 is ' - Z i sf Q - ff -' :.- 4 sw' v i . ez :mar is I fi . 4 1, 4 i capa le emtee . . Charlie Biggs and , V we f 4 ,,:s:,::.f" ' f-' .V My - wir Avi' , ,if --it 5-' ,, 1 , ,, . . . x V ff? V it ' A 'exe V ' TSX t :f.,.f1' X3 if t his bpilxe Jones renditions . . in usi- it ,p ' .,.. l " ' ' ,- cal fin .Qers of Dean Douglas . . . the 1 ., 3 .I -at-s 11- Cfiwff ---' ' V N- ,,,,- , 'X f X ee sisters hula two tin ta - ' - - fi ff is - - - Y lg 2 -..Q--. ,,.. 462' . ,,,,. , if 122 1 A ""'- I f-me ' leafy t ., .,..A , eV 4 V 3 W -rfb f , V V V Q , , dancers . . . our own Plane . . Darryl . if , ' H' .k , 1 . . C1 ' . H . T Q . ., " , " A if f , . , ., ,Vgigijs X :fi 1 :7 .Q if X ' Y A.-f. " . ' -f X Guests .it ring-toss booth aim steiuly .intl throw f y V, . tlireet in hopes of i'ringing" trumplerl bill in eenter. I Contentixition is intense in the Bingo tion of photoj. Pifjerni, wl far rightj. I , , SCL' the bocidl Hull. Parents tonstien' tiously lose to swell Annual funtl. Charlie Biggs taught during one of his strenuous iinit.1tions ot tl Spike ,Iones ret- ortl. tphoto tar lettj. Kathleen O'Rourke, Elaine MtC.ilfrey, .intl Angie MtDon.1ltl ressful Night .rt shown below after sut- the Blount. linieltlle Charming, .ible iniister-1if-tereinonies, Piiul io 5P.l1'liL'Ll entert.1ininent. fphoto eniofz Dance lD.incin.u rouples enjoy music ot Rhythm- iiies .it Wfestport Beach Club. Seniors tlett to rightj Kathryn Ashe, Hu- yuette Hery, .incl Emily Doll with their es- corts pictured at Cl1ff.1llL'C to Club. April 20 . . . from 9 till 12:50 . . . "off the hill" at the Wfestport Beach Club in Playa clel Rey . . . Forget-Mo Not Ball . . . Rhythmaires and their Smiling couples were in 4llJl.ll1klill1CC-PI'OOl4 "music with L1 heat' '... spring colors predominant . . . Angie McDonald. class prexy, in charge . . . Phyllis Tay- lor, publicity. ol .1 suctesstul party. M .irtin receives lwirls lirom .guests iis they arrive. uniofz- eniofz 'mm PROM DANCE COMMITTEE Discussing plans for the annual Junior- Senior Prom are fleft to righty .loan Shaw, chairman of the bid committee, Impy Meyer, who contracted for the orthestra, and Carol Moore and Peggy Bradish, who arranged for the gifts and the room. Pictured in the Sycamore Patio are fleft to rightj: Dr. Eric Yuhl, Kathleen O'Roukre, Gay Kay, Angie McDonald, Gil Wllite, Eloise Martinez, Herb McGrath. Gerry Biggs, Dr. Donald Burke and Mary Margaret Schaefer. Seniors and their escorts arriving at the Bel-Air Hotel to attend the Prom . . . A chat between dances in the beautiful mir- rored lobby. May 5 . . . Ciarclen Room of the Bel' Air Hotel . . . silver decorations for the silver anniversary '... from nine to one . . . silver tones of La Verne Boyer's orchestra . . . pastel formals, black tuxes and white dinner jackets . . . silver moonlight on Sterling silver spoons with college crest presented to the seniors . . . a prom remembered in a delightful silver mood. mf s 1' if ue tgp efzs :itineraries 1450! Waring. i, 'N ,,. Fffryrf Cn1'i11gl011. F. H. A. representative - "In reality everyone we meet is our neighbor." Rez: Cfmfefnzi O'Miim. .Sf retreat master, member of Jesuit Mission band-"If you remember your last end, you'll mrer commit sin . . . fear of God is the beginning of wisdom." Dr. l,t1Il'l't'lltC' Ntffifuz. Professor of English at Redlands University- "Wlaile most people in America can read, half of them do not." fnlw Aflefctzff. letturer on world affairse"Unless we all stand united in the sight of God and in the interests of freedom, unless we do this, all we have and all we hope for will crumble into dust." limzmff Ltzzwi. Catholic playwright-Theres too much separatism, too much vocationalism. A well-rounded man is well-rounded in many fields." Rein Hwfrdy fifller. pastor, Resurrection parish-"I hope to leave with you the proper, Christ-like grateful attitude toward the under- privileged." limut Smlfy, Catholic writerW!'America offers more opportunity for education than can he found anywhere else, but she also destroys any possibility for advancement among minority groups by her smug, prejudiced attitudes." Ptlgt' tN'i11t'ly-.S'ix ,Muni K ' ,V 7 s s W W N Wf i .. ,fi rg . 5, s.,o22Y-3' WS' Vt il ' ' X 2 ex sc- Q A it f Q t ff' ' A Q , Kg? is ,,,, -, 'fs , ' N A V , . .7115-'Wi' 3'lf'i?" ' ' f, - 7 i , N ' ' ' Y V , tea ,.',,.E X it .U f, .. ' ' "'- .F-sei. "Y - K is X -Q tiff Q as L , ,,,, ,c. .WX 'ss .smsas ,z f c gssysmsc .ff ' tt,-v:i,5i xr is H ' ---watt'-1m' ,,.:z ,J 'fr K A, "' xlrzmftf Lmm. British au- thor, lecturer- "Punishment for slack Catholicism is Com- lT1LlI'l ISIN. Harfffff lijlggwniftf. English instructor and Christopher-es "The Christopher movement is the Catholic Churchs par- ticular answer to todays anti- Christian 'isms' 2 , ii t -It i Bfifwp jniepfa B. Cirzfen, Rnf1e1'!Ryt111, movie actor- O.P.. Missionary Bishop of "Any emotion that you show Pakistan-"Every one of you must he a missionary." eyes." Brzrfe Rzmell. Timers editorial cartoon- ist-"Ideas in drawing are like the pieces of a puzzle which have to be put together so they are in harmony with one another." be heard." in motion pictures has to he gc-nuineg it shows in your 7 4? ,J v a 'N DA! H!!! tfar lclitj, Red Cross representative E "In case eyes and going to c, 1 Mrzry Ldlljgtlll Hmly. apostolic Catholic laywoman, writer-"If you shout from the house-tops the noise of the street will drown you out, but inside the four walls ot a home you can whisper and of an atomic attack, lie down, cover your count to teng if you are still alive, you are be all right." fmellzlv Dewar. Catholic writer and critic - "The only way we can save this cock- eyed world is by practicing, not just thinking and talking about Christian charity in our own lives . . . Christian attitude of mind is generosity of mind." fs? 'fs X 5fk.Yf a sv Oak e'zS , S X 5 v 1 1 R H Meinhers of the Boarder Countil meet in the parlor. From lttt to right. Row one: E'L.ine McCaffrey. Sodality representativeg lmy Meyer, iunior tlass prcsidentg Mary Alitt- Connors, -.enior vite-presidentg Patti Citalynt-, junior represcntativeg .ind Rita Custado. senior represent.itive. Row two: Portia Spcncler, sophomore representative, Doris Higgins, sopliomore vite- presidentg Dawnie Cobb, boarder presidentg Emily Doll, boardei' vice-Presidentg Marilyn Rudy, fresh- man tlass presiflentg and Elise Kertlclioff, freshmen i'epi'esent.itive, That 6:43 a.m. bell . . , Mass recited together . . . impromptu boarder meetings . . . getting that phone call . . . signing for late lights . . . trying to meet the 1:00 a.m. deadline. . . senior nights out . . . gathering men for stag dances . . . movies on social nights . . . that ever lovin' phone duty I... Christmas banquet in blue and silver . . . rides off the hill . . . costume parties . . . study hours . . . Hcampused cuties' '... Christmas caroling . . . the all out alert for water on Tuesday mornings when the pipes start "knocking '... piano concerts . . . is that coke machine empty again? . . . excitement before dances . . . boarders' dance-Snowfall Shuffle . . swimming on warm nights . . . "Did you sign me out? '... sneaking rides on the elevator . . . rolling out of bed at 8:25 to make that 8:50 . . . the parade to the cat . . . "Did I get any mail?" . . . senior Aloha dinner. x Happy Halloween' These tour little lndiiin inaids lust he-fore lights out A , , roommates take time Ire not on the w.u'path . . . they .ire .ill painted tonferente on the tl.iy's events .intl the plans for the up lor the .innual l5o.irder Halloween party. XVeelv.'nd, Qt gig , .ti ll' It yi ,VV. ,:.: rx fe 3. ' fi 7 y 1 . . " f Q L .. A X tk sg, b . , i .Nifzlefvi -lfigfvf i Supper is ready to serve . . the kitchen becomes the cen ter of Activity . . . "Be crire lul, it's bot l" . :A ,M A VPIAQAE c Qi I P 9 3 -t r., sf Y 39 Aj Roommates Dolores Welgoss and Rosemary Milculich take advantage of the study hour . . . silence reigns as concen- tration and completed studies assume prime importance. Gerry Goy, Dawnie Cobb. Helen Peck, Theresa Hatsu- mi, and Beverly Garver share 21 table in the dining room . . . pictured just prior to in- dulging in the Mount kitchen staffs culinary artistry. .af a Situ ents Q NJ v A visit to Mary Chapel . . . the act that begins and ends the school-day for bus riding dayhops . . . loaded down with books .... 1 visit just before the first bell . . . and b e li 0 r e going home alter classes. llating with the crowd in the patio . . . trying to study in the library . . . plowing through the lunch line in the 'caf' - "senior privilege" . . . rushing to noon meetings . . . shouting "wait for me" as the bus snorts for departure . . . borrowing punches in frantic haste , . . trying to get a ride after missing the bus . . . silence during Retreat . . . singing "Happy Birthday" in the patio during lunch . . . gab sessions in the smoker . . . bridge in the lounge . . . visits to boarders' rooms . . . dashing to the locker before the first bell . . . asking, "Has the first bell rung yet?" as you get off the bus . . . blessed silence on the bus during exam week . . . phoning to get assign' ments at night . . . rosary at the grotto . . . stati uns in the chapel during Lent. l.unth in Dumbaya Clourt an always full Coke machinc . . . sunshine and shade . between t l a s s conversations . . . a chance to relax a meet classmates. Um' fllllfiffr if ' il! vwwgwysmsvn :WM NWAW ,494 ,wh-6 v' 1 2: as fa vf s 1 Time out for some relaxation on the deck . . . the scene of pre-summer bridge games . . . green metal tables and chairs . . . ping-pong table for the more active loaters. UNM 5 W g Concentration on lunch in- terspersed with conversation about morning classes . . . coming activities ..,. 1 nd idle charter '... always grouped around the many picnic tables in the Patio. fs. mam EX New Www h-'lsf The Lihrary steps and sun- shine make study an extra pleasure . . . Seniors, Kath- leen O'Rourke, Mary Mar- garet Schaefer, and Rose Marie Bachand are caught with hook and pen by alert photog. 2+ al vw w A- Q W ww, A QQ .if A A Q wx 41,3 5 5 X , 1 Y 43' ff - N - V A ,,x.Q..,.--MX c U Q x . 1 x ' ' Qgwxx , Q L my A Bev .iq f , im Q' M , , V ,...,,y fsgyx . W-M . Y w QR? X W , 1 .f, -J ' 1 'Q ff A-f. ,, ,ok : 3!fK........J , ,V ,, WW .,. P- 'f'-W .V -3 7 11- 'f ' I aa A nv-nl swf' 1. N ,vw Y ,T xi' "s . N " '44 SV? Qmmww. K 5 x WW ' X , x X ,V Q " N iw :-...N - , 2 44 MFE wa, 5145? , y...- ph... ,, ff' f 1' ,A Ja M, ' 4, xi I ,QV K if AW Q ,N , v , , X 1, f AH kg X 'v 8 Q' 4 1 1, W , 42 I 1+ f ggi? A " M, gil! ! 'Q V A 1 , A- : X M , ,,. . , H Q 'Ml ,217 .,....,.,T.?, ,. ,W M -,v....,..- -' ' ,.-.-M.-. Q Ula: L A fn ' , , ii 1 K I J .J,,l, Q gg . . K... 'fag 'W 2 2 .' in 4. x 1 W . H . 5 M M" x , 1 ' ' Fi , 3 Q 4 7 , vi W. E ' 4 , - . .,..- 5,1 . A V g A . j g u Q' 4 --.,. . g T ' " ' ,nMA,.4..-My-f A ' " fig 3 ' 4' 5 'z ' , X f I r- Phu. 5 'gg .Z 1124 3 1, i 1 Di 2 Q' -Vnr, .v ' 'W Qing- mane-wud - .AFM 1 A ,Q R' We Q S A "' 2 . q,xf?S?.f 5 ' W - nw 4 , 5, S"" S k fff '. X 1 f Q Q , I wt! P a . ' .5 Aw-W5 5 ' wh., if A x ,ff ' YE X ' N f ,, , , 'XV' " ' S "" Vw , L? 5 Qe. ' N9 .. P--my , , ,H ,,, , - , -9 uw Sfs'f'f!'e V1 ., twat'-x Q, A S , "Q ,' - ,.MT.M,,-1"f 4-1. M '11 F + 9 ff 2 Z A ff X X ,fa rx '21 ei if --,U wmv ,E Z 9 ff? V, f 4 6 'WY 4 f 1 s. Q 13455 A ,Ax , ' 4' ,ff X . ya . f . . five x x 1 f ' 'Q . f ffwm . , ,ff l fwv, . ' gy W A ff , 'H ' 'f ' ng, , ,, -.. -.-mf-VA -13 -'M' "f""b""'QT",,..f'JK7Z-7f54f'f'f"-wf' M ,, .X ,, xxxx , ,,,,W,.f MMWQHWW 4 W ,, Q Q- , J' , A, 7, 3 739 y , 1 AAP' AA., , a if 1 " 3 N ' 2' W KW ,Ax 4.15.4 5: X ,-v,,-N "QQ x 5 G w H 'W - 1 Q, K Km- , YQ' , f W 5 Rv 'cf 6 an J f bwi 4-' 25.-., sim v f 'WNW f Q ' f ' g po' a. .V fa J Q 1 , -. , G N I x .zmx As. ci xv. -9 -- SIL- .'5'-:Sail X AD, 24 f gi NW X f X -an rs, W fwg 1 V' f xr , . N . ,fs gy 'SQ . is H 3 S mx W X MWW A 34 m X 3 QF x 52,31- x .,, M? . W Y CsjNS'fg.g",,,egs:--f . "' Q pr ' .. V ' s M3 , l dx X .J K I awk ggi ' K 5 , 1,,, 1 y Wy ., 5 Y il Nl , , Eg., 4 5 iw X , K . , Q M X ,-,. . l S fix Q X 1 S wi' wi X Z ,, 44 ,, Q 3 x .Aa if QS I ,wif A ' ,gg 5, 4 5 W . f ' 1 Y ' in g .. Afsagsw gr? . -A .5 Q fi? ff rg' - Ig '14 'QQMJQ4-Q fx. , Qv M75 3 . wx -Q ,ff H 1 1 All A. 4, WW? ,, ,331 , ', A X, il , ,JZ f nf . fb ff' : 3 Ok' x 4, .ing " ? ' f -,, L?" li V in '-3 -:. : M Q s 2? "K In 'le - '01, Q4 NSA M-ug , gf! ' SZ N vm r' 'Swag M Ns as A ,ff ,L 'N .1 N X 5 -mm ww, M 321 A 'T 'Q ,, . Q 45 .-N. . , 'W Q 'Y ,, , J!! v f' 1 T, if z ,M -hx .,. ,,,. , V , -- . 5 .,,. , J b E ity. ,Q qf K N N Z W 43' N , Mwwmw WW " fx .Q 'K N14 U if s I M, w. s , ' 'ww V' .S mg' Xwgw, 1 k is Q JI SS. W , ,K AQTE' X .'.VV V M f E X .-5 V , , ,K ., X . -Wm! f S ,Q 2 - Q2 1,-ff 'pf N -,Qu ,X Q wr 5 5' fx 3 fa ,fihff .. V 413 V ' ' :gy N ' x, :- Us ..:-',:.,, 'x:.7gf'f W ,, ,.... - ,Q I Y W Q N263 ' Kg, W' 'af ,A 'Q . A 5, 5 ? ., , N -W4 Sw H 3 5 Z 4 3 1 ffx- V x , , 2'-:S-I ffefi' ff 5525, . f , A N. ,, ig W f 1 w Q f X f S , f , ti 5 V XM' A5 X X 0 X X N ,X E 0' ' N5 X9 i 4 . V X ,.,, 2, . S .5 X X rx f Y, 'Q N N f X 1 9 4 9 f O5 si if X X f Q X X 0 X , Q 46 1 K aw QI 5 f , X 5 ff X f x Kx X 9 at , Nm A I 9 X Vx . 6 1 v Q X0 S x in s X ,I NV N . ,,,., y ,Q .X ,, 3, x QQ Qu: 2:1 Q ' 0 X N W N. , f x QM Q I My 5' U ,Q ff ? w x- , ,MW , ,f 1 7 .www -Midi, .. , M fi , . f .r , -' MNH : 1 4 fix 5 "-. Q 0 1 fx Al x X 5 i Sis Ha, Us X N 3 ef 5 5 V . 4 a Q A 5 . M wa 'xanga-, W Q QQ L ' QQXVQL2 W fi X 'W Y .gg ,As . Lost Rabbit Kee s Police - Hopping yf. . Q., ifarcu , 1 os ran it 'ew wo ice us' or severa iours MSMC X1 l9 IOSIAI t lb lxltll byt ll yesterday. The rahhit. IO feet tall and weighing 500 pounds, disappeared in the early morning from its haunt in front of a Wfilshire Boulevard store. liy eight o'cloclx the heast had strayed to Brentwooclg he was finally apprehended heside the flagpole in the center of the Mount Saint Marys College campus. I-Ie had done no damage. Later in the day the keepers of the plaster animal hauled him hack to his place in an Iiaster display. Police said they thought the rahhits journeying was a fraternity stunt. My xl X 'QS-.:?' Y 5 Aimg.. LW ,K V is VAS sz .XV y N 1 , wa". ,. . W X My 'hr , M Z 5 , ,ff s ' '42 ' as-M, 4: ,I ' A ff' I . ,,,Q: , 5 X. , -X B fi Swv f K 422232 if K -M.. S - 41 .Q , K , as 4+- 1 X f I V N x A X 4 gx 52 f AN , ey, W N 'N f Q Q , 1? R My A xx " vm' WNW Nwmv .a ,Q , :A X , My i Fu g ' aka: S 'Zhi if QV' 15, A , ' sg ' , my .yy , , ' Z gm? M . N zz, 1 w. X wb' . , , W Mgkkfi , ' "VL 5 Hixy, .Q 2: f:7,,', , ,. :xq::..y,. gigs E31 , 1 ,wn, .,o,1E v'o"L amy, 4' saw. ,J 3 z, if g 1 a MQW sv M' 'CQ' '1 v as Z . Q ...w w l A s Aww fi ' mx. , 5 Q . X X X , Wff-gm, X 2,7 if wiv. S , 'W S , ..... V. an :- - iw fx fc f , gk 46 A . qw , X Xxx 31 X A , af-Q, X f . ff ?w Y' FIA -Q Q . gf N271 :emu aw any 4K ,, M Q amm- new ...naman S W - NN ,- a kt- K' 3 a , - am w fix X jf X . . 'f .K v x .. NM' X I X h .,.,. ' 2 -if gi XEM Q' K y z 3' x ,, .V X X ' X , . X L '-ny" ve X- My W 1 f S'X ' . ,I H. J.. -M 'MQW ,MQW X S X 'X Q X, Q, S X Q Q'- Xf 1 ,J M K ,Q wwf 5 y 1 f f ff 9 Q 65' is . F .,Z,,W wM mt, ...QNX nywyhaj K1 ,A ,f f' y . Q ff 3 , If my . go ff A 1 if WQ 2 ,pw , X 156 ,A ,sv ,M la Q., ar? , Q 15' hz .... . QSQM ,' 1 Q 'ff X' 4 , fa 5 X I X , X wgfw nga, XX , 1 J ,'. A4 7 X7 y nw, W 1 . Q ,, 15, wa 4 K 2 46,5 Karl .S ' .242 Way? , Q We br . X Q , , . 0 Si -' wggizay ,ig S gy :Af 9,-S ri K N, x 5 '. F vw. Q . ,Q A we-5 "1 Q S, K' f ,. . , wwf 1:54-f' Xb 4 - . A ' X ' A ' f ..ffN' Xx5 '35-N.: "?'Sf Ya k 3 I ,,,,. .QE zz, ,,,, E 23 1 ' 'zz ' 2 ' - XX -s ,:.gN -V 3 S . X :f ..,, X. A ' ,'9"?r'W7' 6: km Xw . g KXQQQYJN x Y Lx N: ' i U I 152 N 45 N -,-X... x i ff., 4,-X -Q ff, V Ay, Y , f, 2 i ocial pafions Mr. and Mrs. lidinunel Cyril Ashe Mr. and Mrs. S. L. lieauxheaux Mr. and Mrs. Sixto Custado liusebians Mr. and Mrs. li. Gottschalk Mr. Vernon XV. janney Kappa Theta Mu Language Cluh Mrs. Torn Lewis Los Angeles Metropolitan District 19. Knights of Columbus Mr. and Mrs. Sam Miclculich Mr. and Mrs. Hugh O'Connor Mr. and Mrs. Anthony G. O'Rourl4e Parnassians St. Paul the Apostle Church, Paulist Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas li. Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Shevlin Mrs. Louise V. Stover Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Wfeeger Fathers u S I n e S S AIR-FILTER SERVICE Burke and Co. Air-Filter Service 2902 Hyde Park Blvd. Los Angeles PL. 31606 TH. 4666 BEAUTY SHOPS Lindbroolc Beauty Salon Mr. Bowman, hair stylist 10856 Lindhrook Drive Westwood Village AR. 5-6574 CANDY SHOPS Juliette Candy Company Pasadena and Los Angeles CLOTHING MANUFACTURERS Maurice Holman, Inc., mfgrs. of knitwear 925 So. Maple Ave. Los Angeles 15 CONTRACTORS McNeil Construction Company 5860 Avalon Blvd. Los Angeles 5, California DEPARTMENT STORES Ivers Department Store 5801-09 N. Figueroa St. Los Angeles 42 ENGRAVERS Engravers Corporation 214 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles JEWELERS Donavan and Seamans Company 455 XV. Seventh St., Los Angeles 14 5656 Wfilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 56 GUARDS AND INVESTIGATIONS U.S. Guards Co., G. B. Murray, principal 427 W. Fifth St. Los Angeles 13 MU. 1900 MARKETS Vicente Foods 12027 San Vicente Blvd. Brentwood i fz e c t o fz li INIORTUARI ES Wfenz Mortuary 2750 N. Broadway Los Angeles 51 CA. 0458 NURSERIES Mordigan Nurseries 150 S. San Vicente Blvd. Los Angeles 48 BR. 2-1.159 ORCH ESTRAS La Verne Boyer and his Orchestra SY. 8-2274 PHARMACY Engel Brothers Pharmacy. complete drug service Sunset Blvd. at Barrington AR. 5-0909 PHOTO FINISHING Jerry Holscher, Inc. 8609 Sunset Strip Hollywood 46 CR. 5-5654 Stewart Photo Company 1040 Broxton Ave. Los Angeles 24 PHOTOGRAPHERS The Curtis Studios 6552 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles YO. 8174 Rose Mary Esquihel 321 Eliot Lane Long Beach 9-7689 SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENT The Harshaw Scientific Company 5257 S. Garfield Avenue Los Angeles 22 UNderhill 0-5161 TILE NVORK: KITCHEN, BATHROOM. AND REMODELING K. W. Gray Tile Company AXminister 2-8950 Page Om-' H!lllr!I'cft! Eff, rn G, I-Q1 an x xi? Q ff., 5 v . Qs M' ' ' as M Wi? 575:15 A ff x , A 0 gr ik xx WNg,,,,QS , 41 . 4 S ,Kr ,, , -.,,,,. .1 ni , qi M r 13, ! 4 df 1. M fiat gsm r - A I . IPX I .W X 13 QS XS W . N ,N bf: A X xx N M .. ,.:: I . A , " . M A ZW X, SX , 3319 .X X W g N 5 x Z ,gg W8 xx .,., :QW . - V , X .1 8 6. , E R, Z 9 fy ,,,, ' 1 - ' fr A QQ 'us a

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