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,.vv- ,NAD K ' .'f-,lbs-a-'lsil1'-Wu,-Q 0. , - 'X Agg1p4'. f fr wa-..- . X "2" 1' 1" --,ws- Xx ','.,. as-S kd --w . .. yo v ' 15,1 . ---lm ,gs33s-.-'w- wx 7-uw:"4:..x N, .- '-lx N 4 u 1 Y ' 'Q ' . . 2'1- yn, 'I Ill U -. C 'V'-' rx . -fa ' . -A 3'?"i.' '-fl P?" , vs. .',SY'vvo:fA-ls-,A K Q -. , K i xt J..-.V Y .ul '. I .. yr- c, - --f.5'.V: 1-Q hh? Q . .- "AL"-'-, 1 ' swf' " 4 .,- 4-1 .. mi r f , ,A .-srfrti, W x, v, ,- n.,. ,- r wx--' at ,..'.,n.,v.yq .,-. ,L ,1.,.', ..4.',-.. .--.41 -..4,' Y ., ,.' 2 .'. Q ' 1 xl ' l hifi .-, W - . A .QI 4:4 1 A l ' 5 Zxfiii Z Q ,- A I 5.. , 1 ,a.'..- ,i X , . . - . gx ,' K . ' -7 ,YL-f-J: lb q.'.'4J 4 H u ,,'E , al .1 '- nv I f. . 4,4- ' 'Q is '. 'Q D v ' Y Y ' -, "I -A iw' ' . 1 . 1 1 - "g. , 4 . . , -. .1 -. ., ,fs,Ti . ,, '. .. ,, "y,. l it Y , v ' u 1 1 4 M -rw s . 1 I N - .',, 'n ,, .- 1 14. .1 I' z"'-' 'rl r s .'i' ,a . -p v 'I I ' -.J .fx 4 J 5 ' , . --: ' 4 I . , .f'.!,-A - 1 - -N kj, , , MA.. . N, , !, , riff . 1 I K . ,- , A-- . . ' "N A ,Q ' . v 1 ' 'A' ,.-I' 5,1 A,,...,!.-,. 1',. 1. -1- Al.,:-I ' gf, Iluh. , "1 115 1 Q vx, Q -"A If 571 f ,n 4 1 M. 'J FP 5 f Ax I. am, lt'- A .bt ' bc . K. .4A.-4 4, ,, 7.1 4 .I., , a..,,...1 r 4 .---,.Y.-,-.7.- .YY ,, . vv-.....v...,.-.,..-... -...--,, I 4 "-",y 5 -v ,:.4, Il 1 Y. . 4, 9 .1 44, Y , W. X -1. v. , '4-iN 1. " L " ,N 1, -, .A .P v., 55l,. x ' s v .,'I .nl Q ' . r '- .N , ,-,, . 5, I. -. f .J- ll 9 . , 1 Yrfqggg-J v- .x.' - ,,,'tN , Ll 514 ..,5.. ,, , A711 Y A QVMQ n A 1' V I W? fig my ,xp ' JQLVIYT -4 , -y . ','n . .- .fyf .5 1 V 1. 1, 'I ,' .X '!,,'x' 4 'V ' -N r,w- .'.,.1 , 'T M 4 . A 1 ww x .. . '-LSJ1. .' , ' If-F4-f .1 7' , , " , X .- x - v 1 , 4 IP' '.1v- 4 '. I 'v I 44..','1' .4 'J J. fu-,r',", . V ' A Lf A , Aff' - ' ,,,q. ,v 'qw H31 ,A -I ll V l Q 'b r ' ' ' J ". .s. I '2',f",f.V L 4. 'I-L-' 4 fn- . ' 1 , I .4 . 'MA' lv I 1 - ' ' 1' ,r ' , .'N.g . ,fl 45 I '1 - , - ,. . . .Lf-2' .f. . , v ri. lx wr , M... ' . T. :. .' -, ,- Jiri 'v 'l FTW. v r-f"' 5 f .'n " 11 4, ' 4'l:r".V'a', . ' I' 4f'JU,aI.- V. A.. v .Q . Y.: "Zu I ", l ,' 5 if 1'-L. Y'.JJ - .3-I -y'.A' .l. vu 1- ,'- " . f..'-ffffgw - ' "Y K' -4 - ,Am .' if-Q-A , I ,,o!pf:,N.' .' AQ., .'s ',.,- 'fl-,Q "1 1 '-w'Ji'1w'." . I .Q A' 5134.21 . -'Q 'i h"'1-ifwxd ' , ' r s os" l X 9 . ' I - -..,.... -.... ,L be 770 ffmevc :vest AL hll If yy, 1 ,ugil l'f.x:,i!,1E.4'cn'. ff D f A ...Z iff7f70 .Q C l ountfgt. max' cabevn FALL RIVER, MASSACHUSETTS 0?1f'Q'V1t'5 ...ADMINISTRATION - FACULTY -4 - ACADEMICS ' 14 'UNDERCLASSMEN - 22 - SENIORS - so 'ACTIVITIES - 46 - CLCSINC - Co - 3 2036 00391 3593 i '11 " r '- 4 Q 3,4- .gj -1- In our twentieth eenturv universe pure and applied science has become the eosnzic mirror wherein we view the tangible world of reality 'II world which can be weighed and measured. Yet science and technology as we know it today is in its infancy. A muclz older, less concrete science guided our ancestors. I t was astrologv. Some view this science ofthe stars as a collection of ridiculous sztperstitions. Yet astrology lzolds an element of tnith and fascination which appeals to the less sophisticated side of man. It permits lzim to touch a world more expansive than this cold, factual earth where he lives and moves and lzas his being. Astrologjv is a personal science, It considers each man as an individual, an important person, not just as one infinitesimal part ofa vast universe. Moreover, it expands man 's mind and spirit, revealing to him the hidden reasons for his actions and analyzing his relationship to the external world. lt is in this spirit of' individu- alism and selfexploration that MERCYCREST '70 presents tlze nzanii'-faceted Zodiac, under whose brilliance each of us must find her place in the sun. .4 .1 bwainisfumfion- Acu Virgo in her greatest strengtlz endows these great people the ability to understand our sometimes clouded nzinds. As teachers they impart a realization of life, learned only from cruel experience. With Taurus' patience they have stood to watch traditions crumble, giving way to the formation of our idealistic castles. Yet their apparently silerzt, gentle force of personal integrity speaks eloquently, piercing and shaping our lives. Libra has granted these ambassadors of good will an inherent, unquenchable thirst for goodness and beautv and trutlz. HIS EXCELLENCY MOST REVEREND JAMES L. CONNOLLY Bishop Governing Planets and sf' J W x ir. if Q ""b I MOST REVEREND JAMES J. GERRARD REVEREND PATRICK O'NEILL Auxiliary Bishop School Superintendent 1 '1 I E-P qv. + . gan , - 1 . l . sv PM ' x 'QQI 4 - V ..-: I WTKKQ 'fx ' 'gif il U f:.1,2f'G,,, .35 'S' if , ,-- . JH. Y .1 IB 5 69555 imw!""' ,,. 1 xxx SISTER MARY KIERAN FLYNN, R.S.M. SISTER MARY SYLVIA RICE, R.S.M. Provincial Principal fs: 'NI SISTER MARY LUDIVINE PERRY, R.S.M. Vice-principal Illuminating Stars Strings and things are the subject of Sister Therese Mary's lecture to a Sophomore music class. Mary Beth McGreavy displays a mandolin while mentally attempting to connect strings and sounds. K' Z' '- ' Q fx' if I It 5 fy, I, it -7-IRI? I " if 5 I , nfl' 5 l fr? SISTER MARY MICHELLA, R.S.M. Lating Religion Latin Society SISTER MARY EVANGELISTA OWENS, R.S.M. Business Office SISTER MARY ALBERTUS CLANCY, R.S.M. Biology Christian Life Community Mass. Region III Science Fair I ,lcvdfx SISTER MARY OWEN KITTREDGE R S M ,x N' Dynamic, Diplomatic IQ.. Q is SE 'WI SISTER MARY BONAVENTURE RYAN R S M Assistant Librarian L'2'.2'.".L'.".1"L?.I'.:'fFf 4. A- SNA SISTER MARGARITA CECILIA VELEZ Spanish 3 V-I '-Xa.-anim' REVEREND JOHN OLIVEIRA Religion Guidance u if ar. v if ,. Mt 6 J? , , lf ' sg Hal? ' , 'ff' 9-ll.-asses? ' MISS NIARJORIE MORIN Chemistryg Physical Scienceg Health Services Science Club Talented seniors Alice Gamelin, Barbara Lacerda, Elizabeth Sullivan, and Charlotte Wal are deeply engrossed in their art sketches as Sister Arlene supervises. FQ C: E,-7" . 4:4137 fl 3 1 19 E H SISTER THRRESE MARY DELISLE, R.S.M Frenchg Musicg Religion Glee Club SISTER JANE FORGIEL, R.S.M. History, Government Cheerleading Given to Deeper Purposes g I v' ,-74 .:...,:A A 5 SISTER MARY PHYLLIS SHERMAN, R.S.M. French1Geometryp Religion Debate Society .iff A fs SISTER MARIE ELIZABETH JOSEPH, R.S.Nl. English, Business, Religion Librarian, ME RCYCREST SISTER MARY GLADYS SULLIVAN, R.S.M. Business, Reading National Honor Society iff' X PQ MRS. WI LLINA HARTLEY English If I , 1. we--P , num' ffl w', .:1 'vm f - r ' 'vm-"W"-:M -ug I .-:sv-raw,...w,,. , -L I' gi' .514-ff ,HMT-'mas' ' t f' ff A ' " .si 5 W, :JAM ag. ,QM , "Philippine folk dancing is fun, if you don't mind risking the loss of a foot," cautions Sister Mary Owen to a Sophomore gym class. 12 Algebra: SISTER LINDA PRECOURT, R.S.M. Chemistryg Historyg Physics Student Council Revealing Dedication SISTER CAROL MARY MORRISON, R.S.M. English: Religion Humanities Clubg MERCIAN SISTER MARY SUSAN GROSS, R.S.M. Business Guidance Nmg Own IMI-I ix Q6 I, rains Through Sacrifice I I I 1 3 ai li 1. ? .- -s SISTER ARLENE WOODS, R.S.M, Art: Englishg History Christian Life Community Humanities Club SISTER MARY DENISITA SULLIVAN, R.S.M. Englishg Religion: Spanish Spanish Club SISTEFI MARY NIAURICE LONERGAN, R.S.M Mathematics if cabemics Student life flashes before us in a panoramic, lapsed-time blur of massive rushes from one class to another. Inadvertently, we create a class of our own, each menzber experiencing at dzferent times tlze sting of failure, the ring of success. In tlze spint of Cancer we cling to tradi- tion, but as Capricorn 's children, we seek a balance between the familiar and the new. Capricorn cries to us that tlze world first needs deep thinkers, and then great doers. We begin to awaken to the chal- lenge of beconzing botlz. When we ache to freeze the movement of time in order to change things now. Cancer urges us to look at an oak tree and to leant that it grew Mr because it grew slowlv. i univ- . 1 on ,El Q1 -1 .1 1 u 16 gjfh ft.. Q1 One highlight of a junior religion course was the program and discussion on drug abuse presented by Captain Gregory and Lieutenant Dean of the Fall River Police Department. fx. fa , 4. f .fi Gone are the days when religion classes were based solely on the Baltimore Catechism. Juniors Susan Marum, Patricia Crosson, and Susan Pitera lead their class in a vigorous discussion. the Acquisition of Truth This time it's the sophomores who are the fortunate recipients of one of Father Kazynski's theology lectures. Freshmen are learning that one very effective way of getting to the heart of the matter concerning religious belief is to talk things out in small groups. .ffl ,. While the rest of the math class looks on, two courageous juniors attempt to answer that eternal question. By the way . . .what is that eternal question? 1 , , -I Y xxx Miss Morin's health services class attempts to master the art of artificial respiration. Evelyn Santos and Miss Morin try desperately to 'revive' a fellow classmate as Paula Aubin, Deborah Martins, Paula West and Jeannine Fournier look on approvingly. Microscopes! How do they work? As Gloria Nadeau Q is F 3 In 'fi -sw ,, ae 'S I 3 rss A r,.. , 5 A? I Knowledge of Life Through the Abstract busily tgnkers with Unknown dials, Nancy O,COnneH fear- Mon Dieu! Sister Phyllis, what big hands you have! The better to teach ing to disturb G'Oria,S Concentration' remains SHem"WhiIe geometry with, my dears! Despite sister's apparent formidability, most Jane Zdon flings back her long locks in exasperation, sophomores survive her class-some even thrive! ksi-I N-e- w 1 .. Q 1 sl , , . A r' s 17 FN gem A Balance Between Present and Past '?f"""' . -Ei A -if X nf""" .fi Delving industriously into their file boxes, seniors Nancy Marek, Deborah Medeiros, Jeannine Fournier and Theresa LeBlanc attempt to master the techniques of office practice. 1 l .Z A stranger would never guess that Diana Beben and Maureen Sayward are new in the fascinating world of swirls and loops. The name of the game is shorthand, and these juniors are playing for keeps. .3 Are seniors Marguerite Letendre and Theresa LeBlanc really that deeply engrossed in typing class, or have they been hypnotized by tapping keys? Denise Gagnon makes a valiant attempt to swallow the gum while answering Sister Gladys' question. Consumer economics is one of several new courses which have been added to the business curriculum this year. +I i 1 1 i r l . s 5 2 J Q n:l'l"' Sister Jane's 'ladies' seem somewhat bewildered. lt can't be that only one of a class of forty-tvvo brilliant historians knows the answer! ' if ' 7 Z ' 1 Q ,S , Xxx 'Security is knowing the anwver,' for some of the more ambitious members of this iunior American history class. Hopefully, light will soon dawn on the attentive on-lookers. , Although Sister Linda's new idea of teaching from the rear seems a bit awkward, her history class appears to be responding to her latest innovation. HH! , LV , jfff ' f' Y 'FU' ' tl 1 3' . ' 0 ' .1 t i . V Nr. . N ,, v"'.11 if I li ,.-' ,..f-' .l Q-1' Z Facial expressions on Deborah Roberts, Elizabeth Kulpa and Charlene Larsen seem to say that they enjoy Spanish under Sister Margarita CeciIia's direction. Kathleen Leary, Cynthia Snyder, Marguerite LeBlanc and Celeste Costa step aside to permit Sister Therese Mary to scrutinize their competency in French. Parlez-vous francais? You'd better, if you intend to survive in French III! .9--f1.3M -ff I-""' -REL "It's all Portuguese to us!" .sigh Barbara Lacerda and Rose Mary Ryan, as they attempt to struggle through a difficult lesson in Sister AdeIe's Portuguese class. WN. 45 rt' x ' ' x 4 gn V ,.., , . 9' the Expression of Knowledge Through the Word Junior English classes are immersed in MACBETH once more, wonder- ing how Burnarn Wood could ever advance to Dunsinane. Could it be that these intellectual sophomores are more interested in the camera than in American literature? Every- one seems to be watching the birdie, smiling and saying 'cheese.' lt's hard to determine whether English class members, Diane Lafontaine and Joanne Albernaz, feel amused, bored, or frightened. The latter seems to be on the brink of 'somnia.' pw, wigs. t 1,- nbevc Assmen Adulthood lzasn 't grasped us yet, but we 're so aware of its impending hold. Still we adhere to a clumsy and fickle childhood, frequentbi peering into our strange world called adolescence. So like the twins of Gemini, we project a dual child-adult personality-that of the child, with her impetuosity and innocence, her obsession for play, her insatiable curiosityq that of the adult, with her intuitive grasp on reality, her extrovert action. Pisces encourages us to accept with dignity our modest role as underclassmen until our own brief shining moment arrives. All the while, Piscean compassion, humility and sacrifice are blossoming within us. X Initiation into the Freshman Class is not as distasteful as new lVlounties sometimes ,W 1, M, M, , WW anticipate. Here 'big sister,' Donna Beshara, crowns Susan Rostler as a sign of welcome into Mount's family. Ira The glory of 1776 is recreated by members of the Freshman Class as they sing out "This ls My Country" at the annual Calendar Party. , 1 1 . J ,Tifp fi i i' W 's S 4 ' 3 ll 12 i Q l 3 i 1 i I 1 is 1 , l ? 1 ' ' Q 5 x ' 'i , 2 3 5 F RESHMEN - Bewildered, Vacillating, Impulsive J 4 i X A ,A s A Denise Casavant, Cheryl Paguette, Barbara Couture, JoAnn Rybka and Cynthia Guay enjoyed themselves dancing to the sounds of the "Resurrection" at our first Mount-Connolly Mixer. Senior, Cheryl Rousseau, and her initiation victim, Louise Thibotot, lock arms and join forces as they trip down the gym to victory at the Freshman-Senior Frolic. X be. Although Nlarguerita St. Denis may be immersed in her own food for thought, we hope it's close to lunch time, for Rachel Paradis' sake! Deborah Medeiros and Michael lVladore both valiantly try to hide the fact that this is their very first high school dance. Prediction: by now both parties have become seasoned social successes. i ,iw . Freshmen Teresa Patten and Denise Casavant simulate the July-August moon landing mission through an interpretative modern dance feature, M22 'Q ,X lt's great to have friends, especially when the curtain is about to open and you're only half dressed! Joy Pidhorodscki and Cheryl Paquette come to the rescue, while Debra Belanger makes ready for her Calendar Party debut. 4 fx , Nt Sherrill Vanasse demonstrates the crab walk, baby style, at the Freshman-Senior Frolic, where freshmen and their senior sisters became better acquainted through gymnastics and a hootenanny. JoAnn Dawson typifies a tragic aftermath of gym class. Aren't you glad you're insured, JoAnn? , ' . i , aff ' fm Happiness is playing ball on the 'Peanuts' team! Carolyn Arruda as Lucy, gives Charlie Brown, Cynthia Bronhard, the high sign to begin. as Denise"Snoopy" Byron begs for a chance at bat. Readying yourself for a trip to the Philippines? Take lessons from the sophomores, who adeptly demonstrate a bambo dance originating in that country. 'On the outside looking in,'sophomores. Cynthia Snyder and Paula Charette, "Do you always spend your free time sitting Capture that mischievous sophomore on cars watching autumn leaves faII?" Karen stance. Hochu asks Denise Byron. 11' l Our student center has made school life so much more enjoyable. Sophomore class presidents Carol Larson and Nlaria Alves relax in Mount's new hangout. SOPHOMORES - Mentally Energetic, Modest and Unassuming Ladies lead for a change, as enthusiastic lVlounties introduce their hopeful dads to the latest dance Steps at the annual Father-Daughter Dance. Have a little patience, girls! E i . . -, ' l it KX r 7.1-X t 1 I. 1 fi a-Awww eww, Sophomores Susan Fiak, Karen Venancio, Pauline Fortin, Denise Byron, Janine Gendreau and Cynthia Bronhard represent the 'Peanuts' gang at Being Aware Week festivities. The Family basketball game finds Joyce Gamble rather amused over the antics of Nancy Allen and Mr. Cordeiro. Joyce wonue.s whether lvlr. Cordeiro is trying to make , a passl? H5351 " Soggy, sudsy juniors showed their gratitude to Mr. T ,. I flqi N Mag Shannon by washing his car. Faculty Day was one of the V nw ' ' rg ways in which the entire student body observed Being ' I"' .- llltt' my .mr ,K aff- ia :Inu il' ir 'iE"gL..Q3 jf? Juniors are learning that guidance isn't all LO. tests and endless forms, it also involves reading, research and discussion. Theresa Morin, Nancy Lawlor, Celeste Vezna, Madeleine Lemaire and Julia Rousseau exchange future plans as they pore through college catalogues. Aware Week. 'ffl Eulifk' We wish that Jeannine Prevost, Margaret Gibbons, Gail Souza, Ann Marie Letendre and Michelle Bernier would share the joke with us! It looks like a mighty lively class discussion. Ambitious juniors, Carol Silva and Nancy Lawlor, lleft foregroundl, together with JoAnn Prezwoznik, Kerry Mello, and Susan Hinchcliffe, pool their resources to create a memorable 'mini-epic.' fam-f-wh Leave it to the juniors to defy that law of nature which says that one cannot eat and talk at the same time. As a matter of fact, it's accepted knowledge that most juniors can assimilate food, fun and facts simultaneously and with facilityl -vi-H HA , . ng. X' 4 School spirit abounds at the Mount. This merry little band of juniors volubly expresses its support of the basketball team before that big game with a certain arch rival. Dr. Roland Chabot takes full advantage of his night Out with the girls as he dances the evening away with Suzanne Cadieux at Mount's annual Father-Daughter Dance held each February. JUNIORS - A Personality Bubble Bursting With Generosity 4 V..-4 How are we ever going to get Michelle Derners, Susan Pitera, Madeleine Lemaire and Janet Forcier back to the farm if their successful Greek tragedy performance goes to their heads? Sliding backwards down the bannister, Suzanne Cadieux, Celeste Vezina, Denise St. Onge and Margaret Gibbons seem to be perpetuating the junior tradition of doing things the hard way. niov It is said that a stars beauty resides in its power of selfreflection. As seniors we approach an unknown future marked by individualism. Hope for success demands that we imitate the star, following the magna- nimity of Leo, delving into an intense search and discovery of self As freshmen we were marked by the fresh Arien qualities of spontaneity and ambition. Now, still clinging to Aries, we assume a certain maturity through the boldness and intensity of Scorpio. We are becoming stars, able to reflect our entire self as we cross the threshold of the Aquarian age which impatiently awaits us. 3 5 A IVV DENISE FRANCINE CARON KATHLEEN MARIE FOLEY DAWN LOUISE HANNAFIN Each spring the juniors bid 'adios' to their senior friends at the Junior-Senior Frolic. Senior facial expressions seem to indicate mixed emotions about leaving Mount. SUZANNE ANNETTE MARTINEAU Iliff it-' ,g""""':: -Q-47' ROSE MARIE MURPHY JO ANNE T. ORZECHOWSKI 'Ii in-atv SUSAN ELIZABETH PACHECO 061 GAYLE MARGARET PAOUETTE Thi ELIZABETH ANN SULLIVAN 'fix -r--D ,WII57 CHERYL ANN ROUSSEAU d""'Ss ?Qg 'NJ '!1T"'7 DIANE MARIA TAVARES PAULA MARIE WEST This is the Dawning 1 'Y'.1'3v xv' ll'-"lv quo- DONNA MARIE BESHARA DIANE LAURA CHABOT CYNTHIA MAUREEN GALVIN sp ALICE MARIE GAMELIN CHRISTINE ANN GIRZA 1' " 413 Sf' .diy- I EVELYN M. SANTOS JANICE SILVIA Sympathy and Trust Abounding l 5 . i fur 3' 7-19 PAULINE MARIE GASIOR SUZANNE YVONNE GOULET s lj new ,nn-fx, Yf"'TP ELIZABETH ANN MALLOY 4-r DENISE Y. MESSIER "Let the sun shine in!" The seniors original interpretation of 'Aquarius' dramatically climaxed NIount's memora- ble Awareness Week program. QR q:.,.v:? COLLEEN ANN HARRAH if-' ur-'nv LAURIE ANN SAMPSON Spontaneous Creators 'Y' 'qi' JUDITH ANNE CARON 53- 64,0 141' sad' an CATHERINE HELEN LAPOINTE KN 'Q'-' -ff PATRICIA ANN WHALLEY ,lf ff -gy Qt ,f--f' ff N., I? e W a : LYNNE ANNE COTE NIILENE DIAS LAGE "It doesn't fit!" laughs Sister Thfirifse Mary, as she struggles with Patricia WhaIley's treasured class ring during the annual Ring Ceremony. Peace Guides These Luminaries Poldi Tschirch seems to be confused as to which is the microphone as she attempts to add a German touch to our Sodality Talent Show. The uniform didn't quite fit: but if we recall, neither did Poldi s accent! -A 7' - 6, .3 'Q-E' CHRISTINE GABRIELLE JOANNE JULIETTE KEELEY HARNETT , A"'uJ Q I ' s If , if N 'mm '-5' -1- , f V . ' ,: -. , i .fs lui . -, T. ' ' , "' xt'-l I L9 iz., Q .Y Q v ,lu gy, ' W , I . , ""'- ., I ' "-.,,., 1 D I SHARON FRANCES BORGES 7517 JANE LOUISE CHAR ETTE .ftp -1 PATRICIA LYNELLE MC DURIVIAN Love Steers These Stars -gil H, , 'Qfx 'AY BETTYANN FRANCES BEAM CONSTANCE JOAN BEBEN - 'il' 'T-' A I ' Nw -rv if A JI! vb? t I "' ! 5 If DIANE RITA DESM Q:-H-s PATRICIA ROSE CUMMINGS ARAIS JEANNINE CLAIRE FOURNIER BARBARA ELIZABETH LYNCH '45 Nj "K?""'i , S 'Y I 1 X NANCY A. MAREK Repelling Falsehood and Derision MARY ANN MELLO A I '""n- ' CATHY ANN POLAK W'---7 , . 2' ROSE MARY RYA f. fvf.'5', N fb in I' ii , . rg Q' ' H' f Hi 1' it if A S Q'-Cm 1 f f px I t' gg K 7 , , ,I 9 F ' Q Q M .. V , f. , A X, ,6 . - Y V :17 A VV'. ws 1 , wr A ,VA A h ,. "", -1' s , CHARLOTTE JEAN WAI- Mount's two custodians, Mr. Arthur Smith and Mr, Frederick Rodgers , and school secretaw Mrs. Margaret Palmer, form an integral part of our wholeness. J gn 'wmv-9 PAULA MARIE AUBIN JEANNE MARIE BERUBE v--gr '---'P GAY MARTHA CHRUPCALA MARGUERITE MARIE LETENDRE Seekers of the Sunlight Xi -my JOYCE ANN BLANCHETTE fi? 5 Q--np ANN-MARIE DOROTHY MAJKUT 4' 2' 'T'-'-'Q DEBORAH MARIE MEDEIROS ,xx Wx fi' g, Cin' m-"" is DENISE GEORGETTE GAGNON NICOLE LOUISE LETENDRE SUSAN T. LEVESQUE 0 in ""9' LOUISE CLAIRE LUSSIER Cheryl Rousseau's formula for her walking relay victory at the Junior-Senior Frolic-poised JANICE THERESA PIERI posture and graceful coordination. Receiving Revelations Mystic and Crystal Oh, how we danced on the night we received our class rings! BettyAnn Beam radiates the joy of being a junior and shares it with Mark Warren. ik.-if 4'!""f"'Y in F 5 .4 DO LOR ES E LIZABETH CHASSE 'D 'bmw-N- ELIZABETH ANN COSTA -Chr DIANN JEAN COUTURE CYNTHIA FERNANDES BARBARA ANN LACERDA Promoting Harmony and Understanding Y ff DONNA ANN GAUTHIER J PAULA MARIE MOTTA 'NIJ 7-L JULIE MARIE WHITE xo' PATRICIA A. HOWARD s I s T 1' ' Hail, Aquarius! Sue Martineau lright foregroundl greets the present age, as Betty Sullivan Anne Marie Valcourt, and Janice Pieri render their modern, interpretative dance. Bold Enthusiasts, Fearless and Enterprising eww ANN MARIE BEVILACQUA 'Q IVY CATHERINE ANDREA MADONNA , JANICE ROSE LYN TRAVERS -,.,, PAULA THERESE CORDEIRO Y' YTNHFD' DEBRA JANE MARTINS A ,.. uf- I 'ff' A POLDI TSCHIRCH Golden Living Dreamers SHEILA MARIE KIMBALL Q DQQS y 5 ff'-'fy' CATHERINE GENEVIEVE MCMULLEN Q-:J ANN MARIE VALCOURT 'Tix -A GLADYS ANN BAR LOW Y lT"'l N! L The reception of the body of Christ at Mass was a moving and fitting climax to our junior Ring Ceremony. f-1 N Ex , MARYANNE DARCY VIVIAN DOLORES DUTILLY 753 4253 "N" ' ' U Q2 - Yiitqfv Y I T' THERESA ANNE LeBLANC I ELEANOR MARIE PAOUETTE ESTHER ANN SALLAR Discovering Minds Liberation in Truth F44 na, . x 4 'viii wks ff, ...f t-ivft-ies Twentieth century man is a protean nzan-he craves a variety of experiences. Sagittarius and Aquarius accommodate this many-faceted man. Sagittarian curiosity is satisfied by the presence of intellectual outlets, while tlzose whose natures require rigid physical activity become immersed in atlzletics. Others are impelled by tlze keen social conscience of Aquarius. Tlzese humanitarians dedicate themselves to causes, assume great nzissions, and advance the affairs of humanity. The enticing variety of extra-curricular demands that one blend one's enthusiastic, Aquarian thirst to accomplish many varied and great things with the Sagittarian faculty of concentrating upon tlze project of immediate importance. wmv- Disguised in shimmering gold robes, Dawn Hannafin, Jane Charette, Diane Desmarais, and Susan Pacheco await their installation into "Arsonists Anonymous". In reality, they are our newly elected Student Council officers. In a Democracy Majority Rules This year the governing body of Mount, our Student Council, has become involved in many outside projects. The biggest endeavor of the Student Council was the Student Center, where students may take time out from their studies to enjoy this lounge's unique atmosphere. ln an endeavor to expand its interests here at Mount and abroad, the Council also participated with area high schools in financing a school in South America. ,D ff! Seniors, Lynne Cote, Patricia Cummings, Debra Martins, Paula West, and junior, Nancy Allen, take time from their hectic pace to relax in the Student Council's latest project, the Student Center. Susan Pacheco, new Student Council president, accepts the candle of her office from Elizabeth Perry, former Student Council president, at the annual officer's induction ceremony. "Don't keep the faithg spread it," is the seemingly unorthodox theme of the 'jomrnunity of Christian Living. This club impels its members to strive for fulfillment through tangible expression of faith. This year's means to that goal were Being Aware Week, a Christmas party, an Appalachian clothes drive, and the annual food basket and toy drive for the under- privileged. God is Alive As their project for the Christian Life Community, two lively probationers,Nancy Romanowicz and Janine Gendreau, are busily preparing favors for the old folks in area hospitals. Kathleen Donnelly, a junior member of the Christian Life Community, shares her holiday merriment with Sister Mary Concepta, Fi.S,M., at the annual Christmas party given for the senior sisters. ha,- 'fl'-4 The May crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary, an annual event sponsored by the Community of Christian Living, culminated with the celebration of the Eucharist by Father William Cullen, S.J. The officers ofthe Christian Life Community, Cynthia Galvin, president, Laurie Sampson, vice-president, Constance Beben, secretary, and Pauline Gasior, treasurer, pause while wrapping Christmas gifts for the under- privileged children in our community. :A , ,,q..L,,,, Y ,V ... . v-..-. A-,-.,. nY LA '53, French Club officers Patricia Whalley, vice-president-treasurer, Julie White, president, Susan Pitera, secretary, Michelle Demers, president, Nancy Lawlor, vice-president-treasurer, and Renee Viveiros, secretary, are enthusiastically discussing plans for the annual French Club trip to Boston. If the French hat contest is supposed to be a happy occasion, then why are the smiles of freshmen Linda Furtado, JoAnn Mello, and Diane Morrissette becoming weaker and weak- er??? L Q Are Caesar's Gallic Wars the only topics of conversation in Latin? Ask the Latin Club officers Theresa Patten, secretary, Donna St. Hilaire, vice-president, Gail Albernaz, president, and Linda Thompson, treasurer, Leafing through a Spanish dictionary are Spanish Club officers Barbara Lacerda, secretary, and Christine Harnett, vice-president. President, Paula Cordeiro, and treasurer, Cynthia Bronhard, are not pictured. Amitie, Amistod, Amistad "On parle francais au Cercle Francais. Nous nous amusons bien." French customs such as the observ- ance of Saint Catherine's Day, the Feast of the Virgins, add a piquant touch to the routine. Spanish Club members are justly proud to claim that "Aqui se habla espanol," while "Resurgam," the Latin Club has been revived and is now quite active. lltlllli lif l L- ii 'CM N x '-" G 5.-f ff : Q" 1 4 ,',,,f V. .if - X , Debate Club officers, Carol Vasconcellos, treasurer, Cheryl Rousseau, president, Cathy Polak, secretary, and Dawn Hannafin, vice-president, gather in the library to prepare their strategy for the next debate tournament. In H l l i ful Even the members of that august body,l the National Honor Society, envy the oratorical skill of our Debate Club members. Both groups devote themselves to scholarship and service to our school. The Debate Society sponsored an exhibition debate staged by University of Massachusetts debaters, while the National Honor Society sponsored National Education Week this year. 13" u Choosing the right college can be quite the task, the National Honor Society testifies. Members are Betty Ann Beam, Laurie Sampson, Dawn Hannafin, Poldi Tschirch, president, Julie White and Cheryl Rousseau, vice-president. Honorable Judges Throughout the year, Humanities Club members develop their twofold purpose of enjoyment and enrichment through art, literature, and drama. The 1620 Riot, a freshman orientation program, incor- porated all three phases, presenting a panoramic view of the Plymouth Colony. The club's other major project was a foray into the field of the dramatic arts. with a Christmas play entitled, "The One Who Wouldn't Play Jesus." Art For Our Sake Time Out for the 'animals' in the annual Christmas play, "The One Who Wouldn't Play Jesus". The players are: Catherine McMullen, the dog, Elizabeth Sullivan, the giraffe, Janine Gendreau, the elephant, and Dale Taper, the cow. ft' bpsl, Sf 4 up, F. V , 'Q A A mana, ' V .....,. ' Y- N., .,,., t , '4l"w-.., .rv "1 .. V W- V- - 9 - ta. , af q -t - WA, .. ' .. tw N time mam- ' 4 "1 Climbing on the library staging, Humanities Club officers, Anne Marie Valcourt, secretary, Paula Cordeiro, vice-president, Janine Gendreau, treasurer, and Nicole Letendre, president, demonstrate their customary warm-up techniques for planning exciting meetings. Humanities Club members Donna Lauzon, Kathleen Higgins, and Elaine Letendre embark on a journey into the past. Their trip took them to Old Sturbridge Village where they had a glimpse of early American life. M? ' tif' K? Expression is necessary to any organization if it is to remain dynamic. The MERCIAN, our bi-monthly newspaper publication, is the students' milieu of presenting their ideas and opinions. Our yearbook, MERCYCREST, aims to synthesize and crystallize four years of living, learning, and loving. UNQQ' Y' gui' Qin I ln Retrospect Q ff . f .or 4 MERCIAN editors Sharon Borges, Kathleen Foley, Betty Ann Beam leditor-in-chiefl, and Pauline Gasior seem very pleased with the results of their first publication. if-' 4? Bl W.4,,1 ' ulsabgf The ME RCIAN staff stops to read its latest publication. Top to bottom are: Barbara Lynch, Sharon Borges, Kathleen Foley, Paula Motta, Constance Beben, Betty Ann Beam leditor-inchiefl, and Pauline Gasior. f- L.. if' -4,- .a 44' 'ft' l Co-editors of MERCYCREST '70 ardently work toward their next deadline, while Gay Chrupcala, editor-invchief, chalks up the remaining financial balance to be achieved. Co-editors are Poldi Tschirch, Cynthia Galvin, lphotography editorl, Catherine Lapointe, and Susan Pacheco. Q Huddled in the clutter of that mysterious Room 11, MERCYCREST staff members sift through piles of pictures to decide which best reflect the spirit of '70. 1 4 l l l Ili J v 3 'ii As the Christmas season approaches once again, the Glee Club prepares for its annual Christmas concert, and the festive holiday atmosphere is enhanced by the sweet sound of caroling. 3 2. ,l , li 1 7 f s 'pq -3 . -'f A fr Sister Therese Mary transforms the Glee Club into an overwhelming source of melody at the annual Christmas concert. Top righ t: These singing Glee Club officers are Daria Trini- dade, treasurer, Debra Hodkinson, vice-president, Mary Rego, librarian, Janine Gendreau, librarian, Colleen Harney, Secretary, Cheryl Souza, president, Charlotte Wal, senior treasurer, Suzanne Martineau, senior president, and Suzanne Goulet, senior vice-president. Left: The spring season hails in a pretty picture of pastels, flovver-studded bouffants, and gay lVlay melodies at our annual Spring Concert. the Song ls You A group most involved with entertaining the public, the Glee Club combines the songs ofthe seasons into two separate concerts, presented in December and in May. The success of the performance is detemtined by the vocal ability of its members and the spirit they put forth. Three vivacious members of this year's basketball team are Nancy Allen, manager, and Patricia Cummings and Mar- guerite Letendre, co-captains. With such giants as these on the team, how can we possibly lose! Ann Marie Tyrrell valiantly tries to outleap her opponent in one of Mount's exciting basketball games, while Nancy Allen stands ready to come to Ann's msistance at a moment's notice. On Your Mark, Get Set... The greatest expression of Mount's school spirit is avidly demonstrated in each of its athletic events. Varsity basketball and cheerleading highlight our school sports, while intramurals provide all girls with the opportunity to participate in basketball, volley- ball, and swimming. Mount cheerleaders for the 1969-1970 season are: Paula Aubin, captain, Mary Cavanaugh, Karen Venancio, Kathleen Machado, Paula Charette, Lorraine Paquette, Louise Coppinger, Sandra Asselin, Miriam Santiago, Maureen Sayward, and Janet Trembley. "QW '- jail! Through activities sponsored by the Science Club, students are able to extend and explore their interests in the various fields of science. Unusual experiments, movies, and visits to such scientific institutions as the Oceanographic Institute in Boston all made Science Club membership a profitable one. E2mc2 I Iii.:1ast'x'ivi T0 KIHSYIXE Yl' UI ll!f,71f'fZ lv? i UH sl' XB T Carol Vasconcellos demonstrates the award-winning techniques which won her a S100 scholarship and a first grant in the annual Regional Science Fair. ,S 'fl VI: l'i ll IIIZRDING5 1 'rx Piunrizizt' 1' on . i. Y THE USE , V li l'l71'l'l?llY STIM' lun ll U1 Una ., ' 4 'LTI I.. I " il fhfllllll' xl'l7llsll':lEF I e f""""X l , iU9ENm1A1'1c1i l-..X , , i'1m'1' img ITTED 'l'Hll0llllll0U'1 t..f p lin. Could the results of our Science Fair have been pre- f www SVN l l i l 9 l i l determined?? Sisters Paula and Jane Charette, who both walked away with first grants, are not about to tell. Alone in the school brewery, Science Club officers Laurie Sampson, president, and Dawn Hannafin, vice- president assemble their latest project, a still for use at their bi-weekly meetings. Not pictured here is Alice Gamelin, secretary-treasurer. L l "It could only happen to us," sighs Carol "Grumpy" Vasconcellos, as seven concerned dwarfs, Kerry "Happy" Mello, Denise "Sleepy" Messier, Carolyn "BashfuI" Arruda, Margaret "Sneezy" Como, Michelle "Dopey" Demers, and Maureen "Doc" Costa, gather around a sleeping Snow White. "Miss Witch of the Year," Paula Cordeiro reveals her beauty secrets to the Queen, Nancy O'Connell. We're skeptical about whether our royal queen will take Miss Hex's advice seriously, M 'fp ij -1 1 , ge .Vs .1 . wif Q. +255 TE? 1 r.. if 2 'iris' 299' A f E iffy? SE '?f "ffQ?a ,fi 'Y' M1145 as is l, viii Q l J l f' ff I it -4 V i, Q , ... ,, . T 1 1. V . , i s E . 7 .f Mei 3224 -xp , ' '- J--'p 1' I . ,, 5, 1 at iv?-s 3 inf 5 1 ig, L. 3 1 V 3 QT 'll 'ef Q M. if 1 i 2 ,5 l 1 -it ' i , , .,., .4 l ai f'lir.f4i 5 V 3 25 l, if flfw fi., ,,, i i, I Rf . ' 1 " 'TVI7 fl 'Hx From a scene in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," Bashful, alias Carolyn Arruda, reveals her shyness by avoiding eye contact with the audience as she fidgets with a piece of yarn. Nancy O'ConnelI cynically derides Witch Hex, Paula Cordeiro, who has just popped in to show off her new "spring" hair-do. Don't be offended, Witch Hex! Beauty is only skin deepl Willing Suspension of Disbelief Snow White chasing a little brown bird. A talking giraffe. Tiny Tim. All the preceding phenomena high- lighted Mount's ventures into the heady field of drama, where artful scenery, skillful direction and impressive performances created several unforgettable dramatic experiences. The extensive talents of the girls were challenged by the plays, 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and "The One Who Wouldn't Play Jesus." Last year's Junior Prom was a memorable evening, especially for Elizabeth Sullivan and her escort Robert Marchand. What mutual secret do they seem to be sharing? The scene of our Junior Prom was the Fisherman's Wharf from "Carousel," Here Alice Gamelin and Rene Desmarais dance to the strains of the "Jardineers." You Are Cordially Invited The chill of a summer night, formal gowns and nervous escorts, characterized one of the joyous events of our junior year. The musical score from "Carousel" and a fisherman's scene lent 21 salty New England atmosphere to our Junior Prom. .gr-ff. l 2'-if. 3- ,', Q. 4x1,",'5,fy n ' j,r.xv:"f.' f,',,'. V, 3 ,:-,u:ge,,f,',--,- V gf, 1 , .jf -A . f 4..-1.-H, r ft 111134 ' 1, Ur vv' , iff- f. ,l'1"I.11.Q'i'nf ,, gif- 'Q'-1129 fag-.A.2f?3" , .f?' 1? ,, 5'-5:15-C515 1iQ2f,l1y.,, ffiiffizif 55,??f'f 'EQ 'f vi-S2ff:11f3 -' ' if'-'ffm 1-ff uf 1 1 2 - ff . , ' f 'iiii-2'--ff' 4 ' :e3'PE5k2f?3f12:42t'f,:f55?' andtzfffixiz-E.:-1-iw:',:7,2Z J - gf ff-' iw-ug::H:'.ff,t4.f v":":"',1+i'h'Q':':':":' .- ff: 45, ying-,r,c,.,5,,.g,a., fgfffv, :542c'r5:ASl1f2'2 fiwzfwr-1 .mflz Ji.v:':f'7'F1 11 1- f :5 -,xr ,l, '.-' f are 3.7 , X CEh2,j.:1l. : , 2" . . f ,.-an 3' 'iff If ZF- J , . aries A Q 1 gy? -, ,i efssjfsirr f it V. r h v. 4 k .if l Ei ' i 'ff' '1 ,a x 1 gif? K-' Q ,I , . F 1 Q Q - awe? en rgf ,' 251. . , : L 'JL 1 --3.51. 1 ,vp vfeegzfcb' , M-as 4-'sh' 3"" Www-W ' A 'w ' .ve , . . 4 '5..x--' in 5 : ily V. f Xi' . , ,g 4- ,ah ILM md LM f ' l P ' b 3 I , . ff' ,.,1i:"',f.1"f"a-fi 'Y' Kenneth Vandal, Jeannine Fournier, Alan Powers, Lynne Cote Louise Lussier, and Jan Koscinski are having such an enjoyable time at the Junior Prom, that they don't seem too disturbed by the ferocious lobster which threatens to attack their boat. Dawn Hannafin, Gregory Curt, Laurie Sampson, Charles Nelson Sharon Borges and Andrew Senesac are pictured here in what Dawn terms a not too posed picture!" Mixers play an important part in the social calendar here at Mount, providing a relaxing change of pace after a long week of study. School dances, too, strengthen our relationship with other schools. while giving us the leisure time to become more familiar with those with whom we daily come in contact. May I Have This Dance John Poisson and Catherine Lapointe step carefully through the Class Ring at our traditional Ring Dance. 'On dit' that this lucky couple will always be ringed together. Maria Alves and her Autumn Dance date typify our wvinging, singing generation of mod music and costume. Autumn Dance enthusiasts Elaine Haire, Nancy Rebello, Peter Silva and Alan Strickland pause a few moments to relax between the sounds of "The Resurrection." 5 sr I l osin ' With Zodiacal strengtlz we close the page to a four-year history centering around this, our Aquarian Age. But in attempting to do so, we have been beset with an almost nagging compulsion to spotlight someone in particular wlzo, coincidentally, was bom under the sign of the 'Waterbearer'. Sister Mary Ludivine, who has reflected the warmth and understanding typical of her Zodzacal sign, has guided us with discerning Aquarian judgment. As we timidbf, but eagerly enter a new decade, Sisters profile, distinct and prolific, looms impressively against this backdrop of brilliance called future. We feel reassured in having known her. -T - ""' w, ,-r, , JJ. X g,' .X 'Q' I ' A '-., -V , up . 1 " fQf.'.'?X' V.. V. - 4 1. , ' ' 4 I A' , ' n ,' . I .rf - '. .' . " ---1 1' . ' I ' -.. 1 .4 - I f .'f.'.. , ,, 'T-,w ' ""' f' :,'1.--Hwf' 1- V -.L ,-li., n .1' A,','3?':: L, ' ' -. 1" - e - X-',, f,f ' -ll .fit ",f" 55:1 V - ,' -,ja4.fA..-.1At,1 Q , ffl' A ' 1--.',f'.g-J,,: ' , H, , .c,15... rl:- ' .. . I", , h., , . 1 , 1-., A , 1.--I. n.. ., ... ,. 2, ,,. ' 1 l'v- X. 1 . .I,n,. Senior Directory PAULA MARIE AUBIN-61 Fenner, Fall River, St. Patrick, Class Treasurer 35 Cheerleading 3,4, Head Cheerleader5 Intramural Basketball 1,25 Varsity Basketball 2. GLADYS ANN BARLOW-707 Highview Ave., Somerset, St. Patrick, Spanish Club 2,3,45 Intramural Basketball 1,2. BETTYANN FRANCES BEAM-4 Judson, Fall River, Holy Cross, Class Secretary 35 Sodality 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Spanish Club 2,3,45 MERCIAN 3,4, Editor-in1:hief5 Science Club 2, Treasurer 3,4. CONSTANCE JOAN BEBEN-518 Snell, Fall River, Holy Cross, Sodality 3,4, Secretary5 Spanish Club 2,3,45 Glee Club 1,25 MERCIAN 3,4, Photography Editor5 Science Club 2,3,4. JEANNE MARIE BERUBE-252 Walter, Fall River, Blessed Sacra- ment, Sodality 2,3,45 Fench Club 2,3, Secretary5 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 MERCYCREST 3,4. DONNA MARIE BESHARAf282 Barnes, Fall River, Immaculate Conception. ANN MARIE BEVILACOUA- 172 Ash, Fall River,St. Louis, De- bate Society 15 Intramural Basketball 1,25 Humanities Club 2. JOYCE ANN BLANCHETTE-42 Buffinton, Fall River,SS. Peter and Paul, Spanish Club 35 Glee Club 1,2. SHARON FRANCES BORGES-110 June, Fall River, Sacred Heart, Sodality 2,35 MERCIAN 3,4, Page 2 Editor5 Science Club 1,2,35 Intramural Basketball 15 Humanities Club 4. DENISE FRANCINE CARON-513 Third, Fall River, St. Anne, Sodality 2,3,4. JUDITH ANNE CARONf10 Bourne Road, Swansea, Our Lady of Fatima, Sodality 45 French Club 4. DIANE LAURA CHABOT-212 Gifford Ave., Somerset, St. Patrick, Student Council 3,45 Glee Club 1,2,35 Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,4. MARYANNE DARCY-44 Pleasant, Somerset, St. Patrick, Spanish Club 2,3,45 Humanities Club 2,3,4. DIANE RITA DESMARAIS-1379 North Main, Fall River, St. lVlathieu, Class Vice-President 1: Class President 2,35 Sodality 2,3,45 Student Council 2,3,45 Debate Society 15 French Club 2,45 Orchestra 1,2,3 Treasurer5 Science Club 2,45 Intramural Basketball 1,2. JANE LOUISE CHARETTE 173 Middlesex, Fall River, Immacu- late Conception, Student Council 1,4, Secretary5 Debate Society 35 Spanish Club 2,3, Vice-President5 Glee Club 1,2,35 NIERCYCREST 3,4, Business lVlanager5 Science Club 1,2,3,45 Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,45 Humanities Club 3. DOLORES ELIZABETH CHASSE-133 Fenner, Fall River, St. Patrick. GAY MARTHA CHRUPCALA-158 Sanford Road, North West- port, St. Stanislaus, Class Treasurer 1, Class Vice-President 2, Class President 3, Student Council 3,45 Glee Club 1,35 IVIERCYCREST 3,4, Editor-in-chief5 Science Club 2,3,45 Intra- mural Basketball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Humanities Club 3. PAULA THERESE CORDEIRO-268 Locust, Fall River, Unitarian, Spanish Club 2,3,4, President5 Orchestra 2,35 Glee Club 15 Science Club 25 Humanities Club 2,3, Treasurer 4, Vice-President, ELIZABETH ANN COSTA-163 William, Fall River, St. Louis, Sodality 2,35 Intramural Basketball 1. LYNNE ANNE COTE-93 Osborne, Fall River, St. Anne, Sodality 25 French Club 2,35 Science Club 2. DIANN JEAN COUTURE-149 Pocasset, Somerset, St. Louis de France, Science Club 2,45 Intramural Basketball 1. PATRICIA ROSE CUMMINGS-248 Haskell, Fall River, St. Joseph, Class Treasurer 15 Class Vice-President 45 Student Council 2,45 Spanish Club 2,3, Treasurer 45 Volleyball 15Glee Club 1,25 Intramural Basketball 1,2,35 Varsity Basketball 2,3,4 Co'Captain. VIVIAN DOLORES DUTILLY-389 Mount Hope Ave., Fall River, Blessed Sacrament, Sodality 25 French Club 45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Humanities Club 2. CYNTHIA FERNANDES-89 Stevens Road, Swansea, Our Lady of Angels, Sodality 25 Spanish Club 2,3,45 Glee Club 1. KATHLEEN MARIE FOLEY-63 Cottage, Fall River, St. Mary, Class Treasurer 45 Sodality 3,45 Glee Club 15 MERCIAN 3, Page Editor 45 Science Club 45 Humanities Club 2. JEANNINE CLAIRE FOURNIER-64 Bowers, Fall River, St. Anne, Sodality 25 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Science Club 25 Intra- mural Basketball 1,2,3,4. DENISE GEORGETTE GAGNON-1535 Stafford Road, Fall River, St. Jean Baptiste, Class Treasurer 1,35 Sodality 25 French Club 35 Glee Club 1,2,3,4. CYNTHIA MAUREEN GALVIN-57 Mott, Fall River, SS. Peter and Paul, Class Vice-President 2,35 Class Treasurer 45 Sodality 2,3 Junior Delegate, 4 Presidentp Spanish Club 3,45 Glee Club 1,2,35 MERCYCREST 3,4 Photography Editor5 Intramural Basketball 1. ALICE MARIE GAMELIN-542 Ridge, Fall River, St. Anne, Debate Society 35 MERCYCREST 3,45 Science Club 2,3,4 Secretary-Treasurer, Intramural Basketball 1,2,35 Humanities Club 25 Volleyball 1. PAULINE MARIE GASIOR-50 Westminister, Fall River, Holy Cross, Sodality 3,4 Treasurer5 Spanish Club 2,3,45 Orchestra 1,25 ME RCIAN 3, Page Editor 45 Science Club 2,3,4. DONNA ANN GAUTHIER-649 Mount Hope Ave., Fall River, St. Patrick, French Club 35 Glee Club 1,2,35 Science Club 2. CHRISTINE ANN GIRZA-73 Hall, Fall River, St. Stanislaus, Class Secretary 45 Glee Club 1,25 Science Club 25 Intramural Basketball 1. SUZANNE YVONNE GOULET-18 Doris Ave., Tiverton, Holy Ghost, Class Secretary 45 Class Treasurer 15 Glee Club 1,2,3 Librarian, 4 President-Secretary5 Volleyball 1. DAWN LOUISE HANNAFIN-192 Lincoln Ave., Fall River, St. Joseph, Claw Treasurer 25 Student Government 3, Treasurer 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Debate Society 1, Vice-President 2,3,45 Science Club Vice-President 2,4, Secretary-Treasurer 35 Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,45 Humanities Club 2. CHRISTINE GABRIELLE HARNETT-593 Palmer, Fall River, St. William, Sodality 2,3,45 Spanish Club 2,3, Vice-President 45 ME RCYCREST 3,45 Science Club 25 Intramural Basketball 1,25 Volleyball Intramural 3,4. COLLEEN ANN HARRAH-120 Durfee Road, Tiverton, Holy Ghost. PATRICIA ANNE HOWARD-1503 Slade, Fall River, St. William, Class Secretary 25 Intramural Basketball 1,25 Varsity Basket- ball 2. JOANNE JULIETTE KEELEY-9 Martha Ave., Swansea, St. Michael, Class Secretary 15 French Club 2,35 Glee Club 1. SHIELA MARIE KIMBALL-17-D Pleasant View, Fall River, St. Joseph, French Club 35 Glee Club 15 Intramural Basketball 1,25 Humanities Club 3. BARBARA ANN LACERDA-336 Stafford Road, Fall River, St. William, Student Government 25Spanish Club 2, Secretary 3,4: Glee Club 15 MERCYCREST 3,45 Cheerleading 35 Intramural Basketball 1,2. MILENE DIAS LAGE-254 Hamlet, Fall River, Santo Christo, Sodality 2. CATHERINE HELEN LAPOINTE-46 Murray St., Fall River,St. Mathieu, French Club 3,45 MERCYCREST 3, Associate Editor 45 Intramural Basketball. THERESA ANNE LEBLANC-36 Taylor, Fall River, St. Joseph, French Club 35 Glee Club 1,2,35 Science Club 25 Intramural Basketball5 Humanities Club Secretary 2,3. MARGUERITE MARIE LETENDRE-150 Hood, Fall River, St. Mathieu, French Club 3, Secretary5 Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,45 Varsity Basketball 1, Manager 2,3, Co-Captain 4. NICOLE LOUISE LETENDRE-1935 Pleasant, Fall River, Notre Dame, Class President 25 Class Treasurer 35 Sodality 3,45 Debate Society 1,2, Treasurer5 French Club 45 Glee Club 1,3,45 Science Club 25 Intramural Basketball 15 Humanities Club 3,4, President. SUSAN THERESA LEVESOUE-289 Manchester, Fall River, Holy Cross, Sodality 2,3,45 French Club 35 Glee Club 1,2. LOUISE CLAIRE LUSSIER-515 Birch, Fall River, Blessed Sacra- ment, French Club 45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Intramural Basketball 1. BARBARA ELIZABETH LYNCH-397 Hartwell, Fall River, St. Mary, MERCIAN 3,4 Business Editor5 Intramural Basketball 1. PATRICIA LYNELLE McDURMAN-247 Seaview Ave., Swansea, St. Michael. CATHERINE GENEVIEVE McMULLEN-502 Harvard, Fall River, Holy Name, Student Council 25 French Club 35 Glee Club 1,2,35 MERCYCREST 3,45 Science Club 25 Humanities Club 2,3,4. CATHERINE ANDREA MADONNA-64 Conant, Fall River, St. Anne, French Club 2,3. ANN-MARIE DOROTHY MAJKUT-258 Warren, Fall River, St. Stanislaus, French Club 3,45 Glee Club 1,25 Science Club 2. ELIZABETH ANN MALLOY-36 Cook, Fall River, SS. Peter and Paul, Class President 15 Class Vice-President 35 Student Council 15Sodality 25 Glee Club 15 Intramural Basketball 1,2. NANCY ANN MAREK-201 East Main, Fall River, St. Anne, Sodality 25 Spanish Club 35 Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,45 Humanities Club 2,3,4. SUZANNE ANNETTE MARTINEAU-136 Tickle Road, West- port, Our Lady of Grace, Class Secretary 3,45Sodality 25 Glee Club 1,2,3,4, President. DEBRA JANE MARTINS-587 Penn, Fall River, St. Patrick, Student Council 15 Spanish Club 3,45 Science Club 25 Intra- mural Basketball 1,2,3,45 Junior Varsity 35 Varsity 4. DEBORAH MARIE MEDEIROS-28 Jackson, Fall River, Our Lady of Health, Sodality 2 Treasurer5 Spanish Club 25 Glee Club 1,25 Science Club 25 Cheerleading 35 Intramural Basket- ball 1,2,35Junior Varsity 1,2. MARY ANN MELLO-245 W. Canonicus, North Tiverton, Holy Ghost, Intramural Basketball 1. DENISE YVETTE MESSIER--11 Conant, Fall River, St. Anne, French Club 45 Glee Club 3. PAULA MARIE MOTTA-64 Chandler Drive, Somerset, St. Patrick, French Club 35 MERCIAN 3,4, Fashion Editor5 Science Club 25 Humanities Club 3. ROSE MARIE MURPHY-1502 Locust, Fall River, Immaculate Conception, Class Vice-President 45 Class Treasurer 25 Student Council 45 Sodality 3,45 Spanish Club 3,45 Glee Club 15 Humanities Club 2. JOANNE T. ORZECHOWSKI-84 Hall Street, Fall River, St. Patrick, Spanish Club 45 Glee Club 15 Humanities Club 2,3,4. SUSAN ELIZABETH PACHECO-171 Snell, Fall River, SS. Peter and Paul, Class President 1,2,35 Student Council 1,2,3,4 Presi- dent5 Sodality 2,3,45 Debate Society 15 Glee Club 1,25 MERCYCREST 3,4 Co-Editor5 Intramural Basketball 1,25 Humanities Club 2 President, 3 Vice-President. ELEANOR MARIE PAQUETTE-297 Swansom Road, Swansea, St. Louis de France, Intramural Basketball 1. GAYLE MARGARET PAQUETTE-54 Hancock, Fall River, St. William, Cheerleading 35 Intramural Basketball 1,2. JANICE THERESA PIERI-412 Dwelly, Fall River, St. Patrick, Class President 1,45 Class Vice-President 2,35 Glee Club 1,2,3,4 President5 Science Club 25 Intramural Basketball 1,2,35 Humanities Club 2,3,4. CATHY ANN POLAK-187 Seaconnet Blvd., Portsmouth, St. Stanislaus, Debate Society 1 Secretary 2,3,45 Orchestra 1,25 MERCYCREST 3,45 Science Club 2,45 Intramural Basketball 1,25 Humanities Club 2. CHERYL ANN ROUSSEAU-863 Plymouth Ave., Fall River, SS. Peter and Paul, Class Vice-President 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Debate Society 1,2,3,4 President5 Science Club 2,3, Presi- dent, 4. ROSE MARY RYAN-855 Weetamoe, Fall River, Holy Name, Spanish Club 45 Humanities Club 2,3,4. ESTHER ANN SALLAR-391 Lindsey, Fall River, St. Mathieu, Sodality 25 Debate Society 15 French Club 1,45 Volleyball 15 Glee Club 1,25 Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,4. LAURIE ANN SAMPSON-222 Old New Bedford Road, West- port, Our Lady of Grace, Sodality 2,3,4 Vice-President5 Student Government 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Debate Society 25 Orchestra 1,2, Secretary, 3 Vice-President5 Science Club 2 Secretary, 3 Vice-President, 4 President. EVELYN M. SANTOS-376 Warren, Fall River, SS. Peter and Paul, Sodality 25 Glee Club 15 Intramural Basketball 1. JANICE SILVIA-433 Warren, Fall River, Our Lady of Health, Class Secretary 1,35 Sodality Secretary 25 Glee Club 15 Intra- mural Basketball 1. ELIZABETH ANN SULLIVAN-133 Mohawk Road, Somerset, St. Patrick, Class Vice-President 15 Class Secretary 25 Class Treasurer 35 Student Government 45 Debate Society 15Spanish Club 2,35 Orchestra 35 MERCYCREST 3,45 Humanities Club 2,3,4. DIANE MARIA TAVARES-22 Hunter, Fall River, St. Mary, Glee Club 15 Science Club 4. JANICE ROSELYN TRAVERS-229 Dover, Fall River, SS. Peter and Paul, French Club 35 Glee Club 15 Intramural Basketball 2. POLDI TSCHIRCH-123 Maple Ave., Swansea, St. Dominic, National Honor Society 3,45 MERCYCREST 3,45 Humanities Club 3. ANN MARIE VALCOURT-180 Mount Hope Road, Somerset, St. Patrick, Debate Society 15 French Club 3,45 Orchestra 35 MERCYCREST 3,45 Science Club 25 Humanities Club 2,3,4 Secretary. CHARLOTTE JEAN WAL-72 Vale, Fall River, St. Patrick, French Club 35 Glee Club 1,2,3,4 Treasurer5 Intramural Basket- ball 15 Humanities Club 2,3, President 4. PAULA MARIE WEST-502 East Main, Fall River, St. Patrick, Glee Club 1,2,3. PATRICIA ANN WHALLEY-146 Suffolk, Fall River, St. Mathieu, Sodality 3,45 French Club 2,4 Vice-President5 MERCYCREST 3,4. JULIE MARIE WHITE-979 Stafford Road, Tiverton, St. Theresa, Class Treasurer 45 National Honor Society 3,45 French Club 4 President5 Glee Club 35 Humanities Club 4. Mr. 81 Mrs. Dr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles L. Bevilacqua Roland E. Chabot Matthew F. Chrupcala Fernand A. Cote Lt. Col. 81 Mrs. A.J. Gamelin Mr. 81 Mrs. William C. Beam Mr. 81 Mrs. Normand E. Berube Mr. 81 Mrs. Normand E. Caron Prof. 81 Mrs. Wilfred J. Charette Mr. 81 Mrs. Louis P. Chasse Mr. 81 Mrs. David Cordeiro Mr. 81 Mrs. Albert A. Cummings Mr. 81 Mrs. Bertrand Desmarais Mrs. Antone Fernandes Mr. 81 Mrs Jerome D. Foley, Jr. Mr. 81 Mrs Horace Fournier Mr. 81 Mrs Edward Girza Mr. 81 Mrs. Thomas E. Harnett Mr. 81 Mrs Dennis B. Harrah Mr. 81 Mrs Mr. 81 Mrs Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs Mr. Herve Mr. 81 Mrs Mr. 81 Mrs Mr. 81 Mrs Mr. 81 Mrs George T. Howard Anibal G. Lage, Jr. Theodore W. Beben Edmond G. Blanchette Caron Arthur G. Costa . Joseph R. Couture Ernest Dutilly George A. Gagnon Mrs. Frank L. Galvin Mr. 81 IVIrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs Mr. 81 Mrs. Teddy Gasior Edward J. Gauthier Gilbert A. Goulet Arthur C. Hannafin Parent Patrons Gold Star Mr. gl Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Silver Star Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. gl Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Dr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Dr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mercycrest Friends Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Earle A. Kimball Vincent Letendre Raymond J. McMullen Joseph Motta Norman J. Rousseau Paul E. Lapointe Andre R. Levesque Peter P. Majkut Andre E. Messier George Medeiros Matthias J. Murphy Joseph Orzechowski Anthony L. Pacheco Goiello L. Pieri Bernard P. Ryan Eugene F. Sullivan, Jr. Antonio B. Tavares Alfred J. Valcourt Walter Wal Edward West William LeBlanc Napoleon Lussier Dennis Lynch Andrew C. Madonna Omer J. Martineau Mrs. Joseph Martins Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles Menard Emelia Z. Polak Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. William Silvia Robert E. Tschirch James H. Whalley John C. White Honorary Patrons HIS EXCELLENCY THE MOST REVEREND JAMES L. CONNOLLY, D.S.C.H HIS EXCELLENCY THE MOST REVEREND JAMES J. GERRARD, D.D. CHOR BISHOP JOSEPH EID, D.D. Rt. Reverend John E. Boyd Rt. Reverend Raymond T. Considine Rt. Reverend Arthur G. Dupuis Rt. Reverend Anthony M. Gomes Rt. Reverend Daniel F. Shalloo Rt. Reverend Robert L. Stanton Rt. Reverend George E. Sullivan Rt. Reverend Arthur M. Tansey Reverend John P. Condon Reverend Leo Curry Reverend Jesse Roy Dom Reverend Raymond M. Drouin, O.P. Reverend Francis Fitzgerald, C.S.S.P. Reverend Daniel Gamache Reverend Herve Jalbert Reverend William R. Jordan Reverend Lucien Jusseaume A Reverend Robert S. Kaszynski Reverend Maurice Lamontagne Reverend Joseph Martineau Reverend Francis McDermott Reverend David A. O'Brien Reverend Joseph Oliveira Reverend Felician Plichta, O.F.M. Reverend Roger Poirier Reverend Antone Dos Reis Reverend Manuel M. Resendes Aluminum Processing Corporation 179 Martine Street, Fall River Bella 81 Tony's Snack Bar 1652 South Main Street, Fall River Dr. gl Mrs. Roland E. Chabot 212 Gifford Avenue, Somerset Cherry 81 Webb Company 139 South Main Street, Fall River Dumont 81 Son Jewelers 1395 Pleasant Street, Fall River Fall River Gas Company 155 North Main Street, Fall River Geroux Insurance Agency 150 Purchase Street, Fall River Globe Manufacturing Company 456 Bedford Street, Fall River Harvey Probber Incorporated 44 Probber Lane, Fall River Richard J. O'NeiI Company 282 Franklin Street, Cambridge Acme Heating Supply, Inc. 663-665 Charles Street, Providence Aluminum Anodizers, Inc. 558 Fish Road, Tiverton Mr. Joseph Alves 43 Smith Street, Fall River Brad's Motors 847 South Main Street, Fall River The Bride's Shoppe 518 South Main Street, Fall River Gold Star Patrons James J. Sabra, M.D. 570 Robeson Street, Fall River Joseph J. Shea, M.D. 570 Robeson Street, Fall River Travis Furniture Co., Inc. Ferry Street, Fall River Zayle's Jewelers 135 Mariano S. Bishop Boulevard, Fall River Congratulations to the Class of 1970 The Mother Mary Catherine McAuIey Guild Congratulations to the Class of 1970 Mt. St. Mary Alumnae Congratulations to the Class of 1970 Class of 1971, Mt. St. Mary Academy Congratulations to the Class of 1970 Class of 1972, Mt. St. Mary Academy Congratulations to the Class of 1970 Class of 1973, Mt. St. Mary Academy Silver Star Patrons Mr. Roger Brisson 90 Suffolk Street, Fall River Broadway Heating Co. 518 South Beach Street, Fall River Joseph M. Cayer 81 Sons, Inc. 1245 North High Street, Fall River The Coachmen 1215 Main Road, Tiverton Corrigan Apothecary Corporation 1412 South Main Street, Fall River Duro Finishing Corporation 1 10 Chase Street, Fall River Fall River Electric Light Company 85 North Main Street, Fall River John A. Gagliardi, D.M.D. 1231 Robeson Street, Fall River Grenier Insurance Agency 900 South Main Street, Fall River Guaranty Construction Co., Inc. 1 Shove Street, Tiverton Ideal Liquor 1776 Pleasant Street, Fall River Lauton's Dairy Sharps Lot Road, Swansea Mancini Electric Company 521 Cherry Street, Fall River Compliments of McCrory's Marian S. Bishop Boulevard, Fall River Gerald E. McNally Construction Co., Inc. 454 Main Street, Somerset R.A. McWhirr Company 169 South Main Street, Fall River Mitchell's Pharmacy 637 South Main Street, Fall River Modern Printing 84 Card Shop 811 Plymouth Avenue, Fall River l.F. Morin Furniture 46 Main Road, Tiverton Mr. Michaels Coiffures 563 South Main Street, Fall River Ernest E. Nascimento 65 Lewis Street,-Tiverton North End Beauty Salon 205 Brightman Street, Fall River O'Rourke Funeral Home 571 Second Street, Fall River Parisian 228 South Main Street, Fall River Parisienne Salon of Beauty 160 South Main Street, Fall River Plante Jewelers Inc. 201 South Main Street, Fall River Pools by Hitchfield 114 Riverside Drive, Tiverton Roger Dufour Lowrey Organ Studio 538 South Main Street, Fall River Miss Elaine P. Ryan 855 Weetamoe Street, Fall River Saint Patrick's Junior Basketball Team Slade Street, Fall River Sanitary Laundry 81 Cleaners 102 County Street, Fall River H. Schwartz 84 Sons, Inc. 664 Broadway, Fall River Sears Roebuck Company 255 South Main Street, Fall River Sullivan's Gifts 377 Second Street, Fall River A Friend at Stafford Furniture 40 County Street, Fall River Torchia Studio 368 South Main Street, Fall River Tri-City Office Equipment 427 Second Street, Fall River Valcourt Industrial Supply Company 253 East Main Street, Fall River Wesport Factory Furniture 40 4th Street, Fall River White Eagle Bottling Company 376 Peckham Street, Fall River Mr. Alden Wordell 35 Grant Avenue, Somerset ln Memory of Mr. 81 Mrs. Manuel Rodrigues ME RCYCREST Friends Adams Book Store Dr. 81 Mrs. A. B. Almeida AI's Variety Store Alves Baking Company Andy's Radio 81 TV Service Andy's Rapid Transportation Apex Shade Company Art's Laundromat Auclair Funeral Home B. Z. Bee Remnant Store Barboza Auto Sales Mrs. Dora Berard Louis G. Bernard 84 Son Bob's Furniture Repair 84 Finishing of Lebanon Connecticut Bogle Hill Hardware Bolduc's Lumber Boulevard Coin-O-Matic Launderrette 84 Dry Cleaning Center Mrs. Marguerite Boyer Braz Brothers Super Markets Carnival Kabbe Carvalho Center Garment Co., Inc. Century Fence Company Charlies Variety Cheryl Dress Corporation Dr. 81 Mrs. Roland A. Chouinard City Pet Shop Mr. 84 Mrs. John N. Croteau Mrs. Jeanne Cumba Roo Davern Dowty's Flower Shop East Main Hardware Eastern Television Appliance Ed's Atlantic Station Empress Beauty Salon Ernie Shell Service Center Fall River Tool 81 Die Co., Inc. Fall River Travel Bureau Inc. Mercycrest Friends Family Meat Market Fashion Center Dress Company Ferreira's Music Center Flint Floor Covering R. A. Florio Meat Company Dr. Raymond Fournier Furtado's Radio 81 Television Fuzzy Discount Mart Norman L. Gaboury Jon P. Gallant Bill Gendreau Grace Wong Restaurant Granite Dress Gray Business Equipment Halls Music Shop Hart Motors, Inc. Hebert Funeral Home Hector's Service Station Henry's Tire Service Manuel C. Hilario F Realtor HiIton's Bakery Hixon Tree Co., Inc. Ideal Laundry lrene Phenix Beauty Salon Kenneth Dress Co., Inc. Lace-Tex Mr. 84 Mrs. Henry LaRoche Lauzier Funeral Home LeCompte's Dairy G. R. Levesque Levesque's Auto Service, Inc. Lion's, lnc. Louise's Dress Shop MaiIloux's Red 84 White Market Mannie's 8: Sons Service Station Manuel Rogers 81 Sons Margie's House of Beauty Mark You Restaurant Dr. 84 Mrs. Antonio C. Marks Francis W. McGreavey Mr. 84 Mrs. Medeiros The Men from D.R.U.G.S. Mr. 84 Mrs. Charles Menard Merri Card Shop Metropolitan Life Insurance Michaud 84 Poirier Insurance Agency, lnc. Michel's Cabinet 81 Supply Dr. Robert Milot Modern Furniture Company Monarch Appliance Mopp Shop Beauty Salon Morse Shoe Store MuIveny's Pharmacy Munro Electric Supplies Mr. 81 Mrs. George Newbury Niagara Funeral Home Nira Warehouse Mart, Inc. Nite Owl Diners, lnc. North End Variety J. O'Neill Supply Company Russell C. Ouellette Dr. Normand O. Paquin L. O. Paradis 81 Sons Funeral Home Paramount Sportswear Paris Curtain Shop Park Drug Store Peter's Liquor Store Phenix Aluminum Products, lnc. Poirier Buick Poirier's Auto School Pop's Service Station Quality Wine 81 Liquor Quincy Memorial Craftsman Company Ray's Upholstering 81 New Furniture Robeson Super Market Manuel Rogers Funeral Home Roland's Variety Ronnie's Jewelers Dr. Joseph O. St. Denis St. John's Athletic Club Sandy's Catering Service Dr. Edward Schwartz Shakers Restaurant Silhouette Beauty Salon Slade Laundry, Inc. Sova Outerwear Corp. Sparkle Cleaners The Spectator Sprague St. Market Stacia's Beauty Salon Stag Men's Hairstyling Steinberg's Furniture Sterling Package Store, Inc Dr. James Sullivan Sullivan the Florist Stafford Fuel Co., Inc. SunderIand's Restaurant Sunrise Fruit Store Swidey's Variety Store Tasty Hot Dogs Tavares Texaco Station TeVes Radio 84 Television Tex Barry's Thiboutot Brothers Tray Construction Corp. Mr. 84 Mrs. Normand J. Vadeboncoeur Via Roma Pizza WALE Radio Frank N. Wheelock 84 Sons Inc Whitehead's Florist Women in White F. W. Woolworth MERCYCREST Friends 11.13 3 2 , 4 Congratulations to the Class of 1970 from 310 S. Main Street Fall River, Massachusetts MILADY-ROSE DRESS SHOP, INC. Q- ll. "L 'Ln 'r in ,,m 72 lyl, Ll C AJHRAQ4 Jw I .1 l jill 2 v, 4 tv 'r I 'E fee S 'w . 0, I., 1.Q,1l1 .- . 1 , .-! . liiq' - Y 5 , u v' 'Y'--ry ,' 2, 1' .. "'n1f":3' 5 fy fu. S 1 f.1,uwffg' 1. ,. . 1 1. -v ' ' .- wif. 3 +1 , ' Z1 -. 1 '. ' Q' 4 ' . 1,-'. 3 ' fx ' 4 6,3 xp vvgnzxwi. 'L H "L L' f-' "ff ' . G, x I 'f ' ' ' '- L JO ' ' H '5'Q'33-+1 ef' ' xo? 1":i9.',2'P'm5'i1l1-'W 13: 1' :J ' 1 ' g.f..-4. 4. 1 10 ,, D-,4 tv, U ' -if-" ,1 -. - N I iv -, ' ' ,,, ,Q 'th' . 4 4 11. 62-1. .1,,1-,-,'- ' '1 9 L . . :J '. Y.-5 1 -,S ,- Qgvy. -v,-,1-- 12 ' .ssfaglv-.1 , ' 1' '. . 5 Jury 1,.1g.. a w' n -.".l- Nl A N., , ' 1 FA .l ,,1xW , . - ' , J i-fx' IL, XSVA ,'1fv.,, 'I4 5.1, i Q' ,- V ,1 A .1 'H ,gg- 1 f 4 ' I' . .J - 1' . - 1 1 1' -A ' ' v., I . . 4 .. rg , .' ,' I1 1 1 3. . 1 1 .1'.iv,, ' .- . A -1 ' ,111 ,S I ,D 11u:"-' 4 ' o ', . 5 ftp 1' . '11 I ' .'1Iv l . - - U I 1.1 V S V '4 . 3, - v I I 14 ry' Q Q -A, 'qt . . 1 - I .fl ., . , ,. 9 - . Q , v 1 . . J --1 - nil.,-:xl . 1 '7.'Q,'x , QA F, ' I lf4ff0' xl, . J ' fl, "Q '. f'.f- f5V' 1' ' nl 'V ' " , .H 1 1 SVA ' 1 'f , ff: 1 5 ' ' yr-I ' -cg ' 1 0 'ls v-' ln' 1, ln 1 . . 3.5 -. . 1 ,A, 1 1 f Il lf, ul.t'1.. .il A 9 f v ' I. A . . V .3 . 1 1" 1" " 11 . .FM . 1 l'o ' wiv, ' L V 1J 111' 4' ." ol '.a ' I I If.- . , I ' n 1 X 4 1 I I f O I l ,,- - 1 K ' l v 4 1 I . f 1 ' 1 ' A 'V-ll" ' ' 1 fs. .. , , h1'lP, Al. -S 4 o 1 I 1 1 ' ' 1, s 1 1 s JW, P . A 1 uQn'-1 11" 7 P 1: "'.LC'1, P-, 1.1 '1- Q . 4 ' , , ,, 5 ,. . , I Q '- ' r f fl u I 4 1 'o I .1 5, if 4 bp' M 1 N i M1 3' O 1 I M r 1 fl W. ,!! N A all , JM I X! .11 1 I , W V , i W , V l i Q 1 +1 J 'A I 4, "2".2'-L0 Q , . ns, ' 1 if o' 1 .4 . K 3 n P -4 . A ik 1-Ira.,-iw-fp-YY -riff'---Y-w-V -V Y- I ,A I, ,,

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