Mount St Marys Academy - Mercycrest Yearbook (Fall River, MA)

 - Class of 1966

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Mount St Marys Academy - Mercycrest Yearbook (Fall River, MA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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If X , v' -. X I if ' - X 4 X , If if , xx ' " 4 X xxbx X X f ,X Q X X , W K xx N -, f , X . . ' , A I' 1 1 2,26 Xi Lfe ,fm 'X 'T ,f "f K xx xx X N E V... I-iii iibi i it - -A 'Q-- un-f'-4--I .1 Q--.- , , -" 11" I A 'T ln : Q . 1 l,. is iv: :nuns tsl Si.--s,..i l , .J r- ,33 5-T5-, S? "'f'f17 . 1 15 .gx WHEN YGU PRAY YOU RISE TO...MEET 4 IN THE AIR I THOSE I WHO ARE PRAYING AT THAT VERY HOUR. T v 1 C ,Y ,. f tk' x . K r , P 0 J U rl- ' 0 .,x Q' 'L' l,a0' .I I-- 5-r 4 ' I I 4 'S x V 'l'Jx.,'M Q ' .vi-"' is 1 1 I fl ,'5 . 4 , , y' N ', F ' , X K r , - ' ,Ss . .J v. -'-.K A .19 v I Q 4 , ,K il' ., pl 1 1 ll 4 N ' Q , n Q, 'fri 9 I goood E: l ' . - HL u' 5 I i i QV Vg 3 L. V Q: 4 XIAXX V 59 ,17 5 i5T'F, 0 gi n L' S - f QP-LL R'VE9 'Qc 'F P u B LIC , Mhz Lrammi ' Lb. M ADMINISTRATION 6 FACULTY - 18 SENIORS UNDERCLASSMEN 48 1, C L A 5 5 E S I PUBLIU mam? 5 8 JUN 16 Ld FALL ng. y ER, MASS' 76 ENRICHMENT I ,-SLP' ,QQNEM 1 nf ,p F4 I fi Ysfffyfifzj ,ff if Q23 A1 W H, 755 SECOND STREET FALL RIVEWAHHQETTS I ue" I .5 v 'I I ,.- ."l :Stir X wry Fic elle R X Sislvr hiary Row, R, B v XX v, the mm-mhc-rs ot liw graft uating class, CIPCIiC'iltf' the 1966 Aiorcycrost with sincorv priciv and rc-spect to you, Sistvr hiary Rosh anct Sistf-r Niary Fich-tis. This is hut a Small moasurcf oi our hearth-it Qratitucio for the parl you haw' piaym-ci in our momorahh- hlount clays. You wore- with us as timid Freshmen, challenging Sophomorr-s, anticipating Juniors, anct now as Svnior leach-rs ot our school. in loyalty to you for your ch-ctifatcct intm-rc-st in us, wo hope lo prow- oursm-iycs worthy as wr- Carry thc- fruits ot your c-tforts anct gooci vxampie into our futuri- Iiyc-s, Xve asia Cod to rcwarci you for all your icimtnvss Io us in His Svryicv. This civciication is hut an mf-rv toiwn ot our gratituciv. YFLL RIV50 P U B LIC LIBRARY 1.7 ,au a ' 1'0" 17 I fy. 2 Y ., I L "EER: W. ,- K f 'Z-301: U5 12-70-I 0--I N C0191 :Lum P -4-I As Auxiliary Bishop of the Fall River Diocese, the Most Reverend james Gerrard does much to promote Catholic education. In the beginning days of the Mount, he was the girls spiritual director. His Excellency, the Most Reverend james Connolly, has faithfully served the Diocese and has shown an interest in its secondary schools for many years. At present he is building a large high school for the boys of Fall River. Reverend Patrick O'Neill, Diocesan Superin- tendent of Schools, shows foresight in preparing today's students for their places among the Catholic laity in a steadily progressing world. Reverend joseph Delaney, Assistant Superin- tendent, helps provide a well integrated program, which will develop the whole individual and will give him a broad, balanced perspective of life. "N..q..aull-1 Reverend Paul McCarrick, Spiritual Director at the Mount, is admired by all students. In his friendly way, he is always ready to help any student seeking his advice. eaclers in Liturgical Prayer 4- I Mother Mary Helena is Mother Provincial of the Sisters of Mercy in the Fall River and Providence Dioceses. Although Mother has many commitments, she always shows an interest in the Mount. Our Guides in The Liturgical Movement Janice Brady, a member of the 1966 MERCYCREST photography staff, has a little conversation with Sister Mary Cecile, the new Superior of Mount Saint Mary Convent. J' J, 7 fibq-N-0-09 Mother Mary Alban, Assistant Mother Provincial, plans the study program for the religious faculty. W'ith keen foresight, she provides a good background in each Sister's major field. Sister Mary Consilii, Principal, and Mrs. Muriel Medeiros, her secretary, discuss the new computer marking system, which is being used for the first time at Mount Saint Mary. E i science. I l l i , ..'r , " fair' . Miss Morin smiles as she overwhelms her junior chemistry class with valences and radicals. Besides chemistry Miss Morin teaches hiology and she is a sophomore homeroom teacher. Mrs. Schongar and Sister Mary Benita discuss English Grammar. Mrs. Schongar teaches English and Sister Mary Benita teaches English and mathematics and is Yearbook adviser. Teaching Sister Marx Charlotte contratul ues Mr Paquette on his selection of music the night of the Either Daughter dance Mr. Tavares shovxs his art class how to perform wonders with newspapers ln addition to art Mr Taxares teaches 1 v F n x 1-91 Q., 9 'ff 'w I 1 J- I A -Ml ' ------1- 1 "awe 6: .vii I 4 .,-L I v J u.l+ fl if Sister Mary Denisita informs religion students of Bishop Cassidy's role in Mount history. Bishop Cassidy gave the school its motto, "Maria Spes nostraf' "Are you with it?" How can Mount students help but be with the subject in a class led by our dynamic history teacher, Mrs. Carvalho. xx 'J'-f l3'v'0 ialgwcg 0 ' filnzrwitw Fw Sister Marie Lorraine is caught trying to make her students practice the ability to think. If you know how to think, her algebra and music classes are enjoyable. Sister also adds that musical touch of harmony to our Glee Club. Hurrying to watch her promising young math- ematicians graduate, Mrs. McConnell is caught by the camera. Mrs. McConnell teaches math- ematics to juniors and seniors. "Come, Nancy, put Sister Mary Carmalittfs English into practice and use the correct word." Besides English, Sister teaches shorthand and history and is Debate Club moderator. English must be translated into perfect Spanish ro please Sister Mari Ludivine. Sister also aims for high srandards in her uork with the Sotlaliti' and her Religion classes. The paperback store is one of her interests and she keeps it well stotked. .1----.JL ' f f . 'iam rx 'V -U' .QE " A Q .,f 1 -I .Jig "' .--""'- Teaching by example is Miss Lavoie's method. Miss l.avoie teaches physical , .J education and she and Sister Mary .5 ,-4' La Salette are Sports moderators. 1-Q v 'sv K 7' '. : -r I .ll ' 'A x I ' i f 4 I l -- 1 I 7- 3. X1 ,Ju -J Everyone "gets the point" when Sister Mary Alhertus, senior religion teacher, presents it this nay. Sister also teaches biology ancl chemistry and she is Sodality moclerf ator. The "logic of geometry" is what Sister Mary Phyllis is explaining to sophomore Susan Arruclar Besides geometry Sister Phyllis teaches French according to the modern linguistic approach to sophomores and juniors. Sister Mary I.aSalette is Mounts new enercetic and helpful business teacher Business students admire Sisters concern for accuracy in her typing bookkeeping and office practice classes X it if B-,c ln our lihrztry we hnd Mounts tyyo librarians, Bliss Sul- liyan and Sister Mary' Mercy, examining a new refercntc hook. Sister Mary' Mercy' teaches history to the juniors .intl freshmen. I l 1 ll 1- , ii!! Tl' .ii l lol EM ' ll We finally snapped a perfect shot of Sister Mary' Chabanel at home in the Biology' Lab. Sister Mary' Chabanel teaches general science. biology, physics and religion, "Quiet" studies are also her specialty. IU' 1 fx 1 At her desk preparing for action, we find Sister Mary' Austina. Besides her time consuming job as Merriam adviser, Sister Mary' Austina teaches classes in religion and English. xg.. W A- nfv- .Ja ...fla- -4 L 1 if -Sh l .1 I Q 5 E H N I l, V GFRALDINF NIARIE ARRUDA 337 xlnnlaup Si. Sl, ljairicls Fall Rivf-r, Hass. ,'lCiii'i!ir'S: Dramalirc Ig Class Yifchprcs- ifli-nt 5: Siuclrni Cxounfil Yirc'-Prcwiclcnl 4. .-lflliowrrlenisz Sclmool Science Fair Gran! 2. X JUDITH ANN AVERICH 510 Nxvooclman St, St. Palriclc Fall Riu-r, Nlass. Activities: Dramaiirs l,'5: lntramurals I. Acizievenlenisz N. E. D. T. 2. HELENE CLAIRE AUGER 3l0 King Philip Si. Blvsscd Sacramvnl Fall River, Flass. Adiviliesz Soclalily l,2.3.-1: Orrlwsirn l.2, 3.-1: String Ensemble 2: Scif-nrv 1.2: MERCYCREST 4. Achievements: A. P, S. L. I1 Nalional Honor Society 5.4. ,uf i xy u l JOAN A. BESHARA 282 Barnes Si. Immaculate Concvplion Fall River, Alass. Activities: Soflaliry 2.5.-1: Frcnclm 3.4 Science 2: U. N, Club 23 lniramurals 2 Class Treasurer 3. Acizievenwnis: A. P. S. L. I: Scluool Sci ence Fair Grants 2.3. CYNTHIA ANNE BISHOP 56 Campion Ave. St. lxlacleleine Sophie Tiverton. R, I. Activities: Bowling 2: Liturgical Choir 3.4: Cheering 3: Head Cheerleader 4: Class Secretary I. Achievements: Junior Rod Cross Certilicalfr I : Cheering Letter 4. 'EE' .1 . X- 1 h I 'Y " t I JANICE MARY BRADY 52 Snell St. SS. Peter and Paul Fall River, Mass. Activities: Glee Cluh I: Science I: Dehate I: Sodality I.2: Treasurer 3: Vice'Prelecl 4: IVIERCYCREST Stall 4. Achievements: A. P. S. L. I,2: School Sci- ence Fair Awards 2.3. Is... V ,Q 'G' .1 D Q .IANIS ANNE BISZKO 610 Slallorcl St. Nvillinni liall River, ixlass. xictiliitiesz Intramurals I: Sciericr' l,'5,,1' ljresirlcnt 2: GIQQ I.2,3: Stutlvnt Council 4: NIERCYCREST Business Flan- ager -1. xlcllieiiernmltsz Partial Scholarsliip: D, T. I: School Science Fair Grants l,2,3. DIANE SIAIQIIQ ISU! 'l-.XY 106 l.,COn3fd Sl. Blgxll lsizill River, ixlass. Activities: Stlnlity 2.5,-lp l'.Tf'l!'ll 3,713 r-nfe Fair 3. rlcllievementsz li. D. 'I-. I,2: lirv National Honor Surivty 33 gtllfifll sqm Fair Cvrant 3. I I I Q n I D There she is, our personality packed Senior Class President. Jane Chicca led us all cheerfully towards our final goal with an open heart and an ever listening ear We'll never forget jane since she has won a privileged place in the heart of every Senior. K' I N K 1' tk.. CHARLOTTE THERES-X CABRAL 66 Nlassasoit St. St. Antlmony ol time Desert Fall River, Mass. Activities: Science 2: Frenclm 3: Treasurer -1: Stuclent Council 2: MERCYCREST 4. rlcliievenwntz A. P. L. I: E. D. T. 1.2: Frencll National Honor Society 3: Sclmol Science Fair Grant 3: Class Vice- Presiclent 3. ' BEVERLY JEANNE CAMARA 81 Rancloll Ave. Holy Glnost Tiverton, R. l. Activities: Bowling 1: Soclality 2: Class Secretary 2.-1: Treasurer 3: Glee Clulb 1.2.31 lntramurals 1. TERESA GLORIA CARREIRO 838 Eastem Ave. Espirito Santo Fall River, Blass. Activities: Bowling 1.3: Frencil 3. Acliievernents: Second Grant Science Fair 3. 10.-XX Nl.-XRY CHARLAND 113 ,lolmson St. St. Tlwomas Fiore Somerset, Flass. Activities: Soclality 3.4: Liturgical Clioir 4: Science -1. THERESA MARY CARIGNAN 83 Lane bt. bt. .lean Baptist Fall River, ixlass. Activities: Science 13.4. Acllievenwnlsz Sciiool Science Fair Grants 2 ELIZABETH MARIE CARREIRA 237 Hooper St. Holy Gliost Tiverton, R. l. Activities: Frencll 3: Liturgical Clmoir -1: Blercian Typist 4. i tb , I JANE MARIE CHICCA 596 King Philip St. St. Patricia Fall River, hlass. Activities: Soclality 2,3.4: Student Council 2: Senior Class Presiclent: Dchating 1,21 French 3.4: Dramatics 2.3.4. Achievements: National Honor Society 3.4: N. E. D. T. 1.2: A. P. S. 1... 1.2: French National Honor Society 3: School Science Fair Grant 3: Regional Science Fair Prize 3. LYNNE Tl-IALIA Cl-IRUPCALA 15 Seaview Court St. Stanislaus Tiverton, R. I. Activities: FIERCIAN 3, Eciitor-in-Chief 4: Science 1.2, Secretary 4: Soclality 1.2.3: Newsletter editor 4: French 2.3.41 Class Officer 1,2,3. . Achievements: National Honor Society 3.4: N. E. D. T. 1.2: A. P. S. L. 1. Medal 2: School Science Fair Grant 1,2.3: French National Honor Society 3: Full Tuition Scholarship. W 'lzr-:f ,il 1 'iv 'QIMTY 1 NANCY CONNELL 83 Ash St. St. Louis l:all River, hlass. Activities: Presiclent 1: Glee Cluh 1,2,3.4: Liturgical Choir 3.4: Science Cluh 4: French Cluh 4: Bowling 2. Achievenients: School Science Fair Thircl Prize 3. PATRICIA ANN CONNORS 227 Vvarren St. SS. Peter and Paul Fall River. lvlass. Activities: Science 1.2: Glee Cluh 1,2,3,4: Liturgical Choir 3.4: Spanish 3.4. Achievements: School Science Fair Grants 2.3. We snapped this shot of Dr. Trainor as he spoke to the 65 graduates saying, "You are the salt!" Dr. Trainor, Superintendent of the Tiverton Public Schools was the guest speaker. 1 l iz 1 Q it L.: i 1 ?' -3 1 ft' 5' I 1 'i : A E 3 K Q 15 l It ' j I I I I 1 I i l t I lull! River, Nlass, xlrlivities: Sfienrc- lp Cleo Cluln l,2: Nlvrffnn 3.4: Soflality '21 lntrmnural 2.5. Klcllirwcmentsz A. P. S. L.. 2. Our junior Prom was an unforgettable experience for all, especially Joyce Forneiro as she stole a dance with her own pride and joy. joyce's parents served as chaperones and from the looks of it Joyce and her Dad had a marvelous evening. N l . Xl 'RIZEN ITRANCIZS CULLEN IIOO Nu, xlain St. St. lose-pl: l..Il Riwr, Hass. 5 flftivitivsz Xvorlcl Alluirs 2: Bowling 3: rl lin-mln 3: Liturgical Choir 4. f ' f JANET LEE COL7TL'Rlf l2'5 livnnvr Stn-vt St, ljatriclc I 1 , I I tit DRNI-ll .l.-X NIQXRIIQ CT JRREI.-X 72 Yi:-xx' .Xu-. St. fliristoplu-r ,lint-rlon, R, l. fl4!il'i!i1's: film- flulm l,2,3,1g Liturgical filmir I3 Xyurlcl fxlluirs Ig lntramuml I I.2,'5.A1. N Qu-an .I 4 M , X t .. STEFI ANN CUMNIINGS 248 Haskell St. St. losepll Fall Rixcr, ixlass. Activities: Liturgical Choir I.2.3,4: Soclality 3: lntramural 2. ANNE NIARIE DAICLIQ 23 Townscncl St, Btcssmt Sacranir-nt Fatt Rixcr. Ntziss. rtctivitivs: Bowling I.2,'3.4: Tri-asurr-r la Prcsiclcnt 3: tifvllftl Clutm 3,-tg lnlrn- inurals l. ic, swf J I EILEEN ROSE DANIS 203 Yzilcntinc St. Holy Nann- tjzitt River, Ntass, Activities: Glcc Clutn l.2,3.4g Dranmtics 2.5: Liturgical Clioir 1.4. f IO-ANN BIARIII DIQDA. t5 Flllttll bt, 55, Pc-lv-r unit l'.iul Fall River, Ala-s. ,tctivilivsz CIM Qlulm L23 N i now flirtm 3.4: tntraniurals. t M Z xx 1 , 6 , L, I I ' CIZLINE EUNICE DESNIARAIS IOR6 Stattorfl Rct. Sl, ,tmin Baptiste tntll Ravi-r, Ninn. ftctivitivs: Bowling 2: Hootcnanny Ctutl 4. CLAIRE ANNE DELISLE I IF Hillside Manor Immaculate Conception Fall River. tvtass. Activities: Sodality l,2,3.4: Mercycrcst 4, CLAUDETTE ANNE DENIERS 174 Vvcsttiill Ave. St. Louis de France Somerset, Nlass. Activities: Glee Cluta 1.2.3.-1: Clee Cluta Prcsictcnt 4: Liturgical Ctioir 3.4: Dramalics 2.3.4. Achievenwnts: Sctiool Science Fair Grant I: Regional Science Fair I. 1 ik PATRICIA ANN DIZSNIARAIS -I-t Carter St. Our I..acly ol Ht-ttlilt Fall River. Blass. flctivities: Soclality 2.5.-1: French 3: Unitr-tl Nations Cluh 2: Intramurals 2. .Aclrivventt-nts: School Science Fair Grant jx 5.13: Regional Science Fair Honorahlc 'i l enlion 3. "' It .IANE FRANCES DORAN 2T hliclcllc Ave. St. Christopher Tiverton, R. I. Activities: Iunior Rt-tl Cross I: Glcv Cluh I.2.'5.-1: l:rt-nth Cluh SA: Liturgical Choir 4: Intramurals 2: Senior Class Treasurer -1: Drarnatics 2.3: Secretary ol Glee Clula 4. A 1 , I BARBARA ANN DLIBIEL 502 East lxlain St. St. Stanislaus Fall River, Nlass. Activities: Soclality I,2,'3,4: French Cluh 3.4: Science Club I,2.3.4. Achievements: A. P. S. I.. I: N. E. D. T. Inn as Ccrtilicate l,2: 'I-Iiircl Honor in School Science Fair 2. ' x Q PAULETTE ANNE DUTILLY 389 IVIL Hope Ave. Blessed Sacrament Fall River, hlass. Activities: French Cluh 3.4: Liturgical Choir 4: U. N. Afvorlcl Allairs Cluh 2. Achievements: Science Fair Thircl Grant 5. These Mounties look happy in their Vi'ashington setting, as they fulfilled their eager anticipation by attending the annual W'ashington trip, held during the spring vacation. The highlights of the week were visits to the White House, the Capitol, the Supreme Court, Arlington Cemetery and Annapolis Military Academy. f li" 'injllg l vs' X V9 I MARY ELIZABETH FORREST 48 Summit Ave. St. CI1ristopIier Tiverton, R. I. Activities: GIee CIuIJ l,2.5,4: Vice-Presf ident 4: French CIuIJ 3.4: IntramuraI BasIxetI:1aII 2.3: Dramatics 2.3. Achievements: NEJDT AwarcI 1.2: 'I-I1ircI Grant in Science Fair 2: Second Grant in Science Fair 3. VIVIANNE CLAIRE FORTIER I05 BearfIswortI1 I'IoIy GI1cst Tiverton. R. I. Activities: CIass Secretary I: IntramuraIs I: FrencI1 CIuIJ 3. I BARBARA ANN FONTE5 292 FIint St. Espirito Santo FaII River, 5Iass. Activities: Fra-ncI1 CIuI3 3. JOYCE FORNEIRO I8 NIerritt Ave. I'IoIy GIiost Tiverton, R. I. Activities: I..iIJrary Aid I.2.3,4: SmIaIity 2.14: Science CIuI'J 2. Achievements: 5Ierit AwarcI in Science Fair 2.3. NANCY LLL I'lQI .IX 024 High St. St. lit..-VI I:uII Rixcr, RIEISS. .'Ictil'itivS: Cla- CIuIp I.2.3,I, I'vn-mI. I lui 3.4: brim-me CILIIJ J: I,, X, XXMIM .X!I.ixr CIUIJ 2: DYqtIllqnIlKw l,IuIm 1. Iuitiirgvci I Iiuir 4, ANN ELLEN FLYNN ZTI NOYIII SI. SI. II.iImIt Somerset, Hass. .Iclivilivk SOCIaIity I,2.3.4: Draiimtifs I,2 3.4: GICI: CIuIJ l,2,'5,-4: D.'Imq- f,IuIi -I IntramumI BasIcetIJaII I. 'Ut' iz. 1-, 'CT7 BEVERLY JEAN FURTADO IS3 Russell Drive Holy Gimst Tiverton, I. Activities: Sociaiity 2.3.-1: gcivnfc Club I: Liturgical Ciloir 2.3,-1: Frcncii Club -1: Stall 4: Basiiciiyail 4. Aciiievementsz N. E. D. T. Certificate 2: Easter vigil Service Award 2.34: 'I-Iiirci Grant in School Science Fair l. .IIL-XNNE AGNELA GAGNON MARGARET MARY GALFORD I5-55 Slal-ford Sl- Jean BUPIISI4' 546 Aetna St. SI. NNiIIiam Full River, Ixiass. Fall River. lk-'lass Activitivs: Science Ciuim 2.3: Froncii Club Activities: Baskvilmll l,2.3.43 X'0IIcyl',aII 3: Voiicyiaaii Team 3: Intramurals l,2,3. 2.4. E PATRICIA ANN GALUSKA 2:17 Rliode Isianci Blvd. St. Antimony Portsmoutll, R. I. Activities: Giee Club I,2.3,-1. INIURIEL LORRAINE GAYDOU 1475 No. Niain Si. Si, Mathieu Fall River, Ixiass. Activities: French Club 3,-1. 'Qs f 'x JOAN ELIZABETH GIRZA 73 Hall St. St. Stanislaus Fail River, Mass. Activities: Sociaiity I,2,3.4: Frenciw CIUIJ 3.4: Science Club I,2,4: Liturgical Choir 4. Achievements: Science Fair Third Grant 1.3. THERESA DIANE GOYEl'ldE 1099 Statlorcl Rd. St. .lean Baptist:- Fall River, Mass. Activities: Glee Cluh 1.2: Liturgical Choir 4: lntramurals 1.2: lVlERClAN Typist 4. K X PAULA ANN GUIMOND 50 Morse Place St. Patriclc Fall River, lxlass. Activities: lntramurals 2.3.4: NlERClAN Stati 3.4: Science Cluh 4. DENITA C:XilwlllflilNlf tlRYt1ll.l. 230 Centre St. St. Shmislziu Fall River, 5 lass. i ' .2 , on ' fliliz 1,..,7: . lltx 1.2.3.-1: Fri-ncli Qluli 2.3.43 Dfrllllrtltfi 1,3 lntramurals 2.3.42 Great Boolcs 1. rlrhievenwntsz E. D. T. 1.2: :X lj fe . , . . as V-'-'-'ff -- V Zncl grant: National Honor Sofif-ty 3,4 Secretary 4. JOANNE ELIZ.-XBEl'H GREENE 493 King Philip Sr. Sn. Paimk Fall River, iVlass. Activities: Soclality 1.2.35 Protect 4: Sri- cnce 1: NIERCYCREST 4: VVorld Allairs ,K 2: lntramurals 2.3: Class Scretary 3. ftchievementsz N. E. D. T. 1.2: National Honor Society 3.4: National ixlerit Letter ol Commendation 4: N. C. T. E. Citation 3: School Science Fair Grant 1.2. "Bishop Gerrard, did we surprise you?" Candid shots are our specialty as the Bishop probably well knows by now. Here we caught a quick glance at him mingling with his Mount girls. Notice Beverly's sly grin . . . did she arrange this? KATHERINE MARY HARNETT 503 Palmer St. St. VVilliam 75 9 0 ,T 'UN -rhe- KATHLEEN NIARIE JENNINGS SSS Pleasant St. Holy Cross Fall River, lxlass. Activities: Glee Cluln 1.2: Spanisli Cluls 3: NIERCYCREST 4. BRENDA JOYCE JUSTICE 60B Hillsicle Ixlanor St. Roclw Fall River, Nlass. 108 Fairllaven Ave. Our Lady ol Fatima Swansea, lxlass. Activities: Orclwestra l,2,3,4: Spanislm Club I Fall River, Nlass. Activities: Glee Clulo 1.2,3.4: Soclality 1.2. 3.4: History Clulm 2: Intramurals 1: INIERCYCREST Stall. 4: Dramatics 2. Aclrievementsz Second Awarcl in Ixlatll. NORMA ALICE HEYVVOOD 324 King St. St. Patriclc Fall River, Ixlass. Activities: Glee 1: Bowling 1,2,3.4: Frenclm 2.3,4: Science 4: Intramurals 1.2. 3.4: United Nations 2: IVIERCYCREST 4. Acliievements: 3rcl Grant, Scliool Science Fair 3. MARY KATHLEEN HOSS -1. SUSAN FRANCES JENKINSON 21 River Ave. St. IVIicl1ael f Swansea. Mass. Q Activities: Delaate 2.3.4, President ancl Parliamentarian 4, Vice-Presiclent 3: Frencli 2,3,4: Science 1.2: Latin 3,4: National Honor Society 3.4, Vice-Presiclent 4: Great Boolcs Cluln 1. Achievements: A. P. S. L. 1,2,3: N. E. D. T. 1,2: National Merit Letter ol Com- l menclation 4: Frenclx Honor Society 4: Delmating Awarcl 3: Ixlt. lull tuition sclwlar- slmip. W2 Ns' 4II"'7 1 CHRISTINE MARIE KHOURY 633 County St. St. Anllwony ol llw Dvscrt Fall River, Nlass. Activities: Frencli Clulm 3. PAULA ANNE KLIRAS 433 Anlliony Sl. Sl. Xyilliani Fall River. lxlass. xlclivilies: Cleo Clulu I.2. LINDA ANN RUSS 40 Bowers Sl. Sl. Ijalriili Fall River, Mass. I T we 5 qu-or I 1 I JOYCE ELIZABETH LABECKI I 357 Xwliipple Sl. Sl. Patriclc Fall River, ixlass. ' Activities: Soclality 2.3.-1: Spanisli Clulx , l 3,43 Nlcrcian Typist 4: Sodalily Newspaper Typist -1, IVIERCYCREST -4. 5' 4 A Mount girl always sets aside one day for her Dad outside of Father's Day. Here we steal a glance at Norma Heywood, our gracious Senior, as her Dad is shown a wonderful time at our "Father-Daughter Dance." Here are the four lively class officers from Room 1: Vice-President Nancy Say- ward, Treasurer Vivianne Prevosr, Secretary Mary Ann Souza, and Student Coun- cillor Linda Sheehan, enjoying the pictures of the Dramatic CIub's productions. KrX'I'HLIfI2N NIA-XRIIQ IANCII-'II-QI AID 13 Iiarringhrn I-:inv SI, IJ.iIricIc Form-rwf, NIMN .Idiwilii-S: Ulm- CIUIJ Ig Ur4Inwlr.i 2.3.12 51-fri-Inry OI OrrIxz-Nlm VI: Sri:-mv CIHII 2.3.11 I'rCl1fIl I IuIl 3, .Iciiivvervierilfz D. T. 2. I LINDA I,XI,'RA I.,-XCIC " 4' mu him- FI bi, Ihimfk Ir.II Riu-r, NIM, .IfIlI'lIIt'N5 Ni:-rice CILIIJ LI: IDr.uin.nln4 2: InIr.imur.uIx I.2,3. - J ' w " ' in 5: Im-,I N n-ni I- I'.ur 2.5, .IOY IONIX IMXCUNIISIQ I33 I3r.nInn .Xu-. Sl I.1II IQIXIT, NIIINN Iililulliw 5mI.iI1ly 1,r,I. Fin-ilu' KIuIm I,2,m,I, fIrsIiv-lr.. 11.1. I ri-mIi I IuIm I . - f ' A 5 - xlIII1'I'l'llll'1lIN'N IJ I I I X I I.2g 5.I..mI Ni.-luv I'.ur I-mnt 1,21 RUQIIIIMKI Nivncc I'air .'XwarcI 3. mul xv., CAROL DIANII LRROCIIIQ 3T0 Lziwlon FI. EI. In-.un Ifnph I--.II River, 5In5b. 'Irliivfwsz DIN' Q IuIm I.2.J.I: 5mI.uIiIx 2 1 I4rc'nCIl CIuIx 2,311 SIll4IPHI CnunviI 5 1vcr0Iaury I: c3Il4'l'YIK'mNIl'f 3,I: IIIIYIIIIIIIFIII 2, NII2IQCYCiRlfS'I' Si.-II al . 3 i ' "l'l7N'llIS' I.-: I 'xflllll S, I-, lg CIn'r'rinQ Imtlvr 4: Iirvni Ii Nation il Iimmr Foflvlx' 3: 51Il0UI N ivniv I .iir I-mul 2, Nulinn.iI Honor Sorivlx 3,4. X NATALIA LEBRE I2I Alxcrclcc-n St. Our Lady ol llvaltli Fall River, xlass. Activitirsz Dramatics 2: lntramurals 2.5.41 ljrvnclx Clull 5: Liturgical Clmir 4: Science Cluln 4. if NANCY JANE LORD Fall Rivcr, Flass. flcliritivs: 3,41 Biaklwlbilll I,2, 3.4: Science Clula 2.3.41 lntramural Coafli 2.3,-1: Spanisll Club 4. , X plciiiervnientsz N, E, D, T. :Xwarcl l,2: 1 Scioncv liair Xlcrit 2. 389 Binli St. ft, ljatriclc K.-XRLN .NNN IOXYNIN IU Xxhillistun St. SF l,1ll'fitlHl l'avil l'..Il l3ix1-r, .lctiiiliws Simi-int' fxluli 1,2 51-ilalulx I,I. 111 Dr.iiii.itn- 1,1 lvla-s Ywrfiarx' I, l,l,7,i liliiwirrrirrits Nilu v1'r l S4IvilI"' l.ilr fvriviul 2: IQ.-g.i.n..I N it-mv l air I of Y 1-3-wr X 1 L- iwfs V FIARJORIE ELLEN LOVVNEY JUDITH MARIE LljlZ 679 Cliarlcs St. St. Patrick 44'f' .-Klclen St. Espirito Santo Fall River. Nlass. Fall River, Blass. Activities: lntramurals l,2: Liturgical Clwoir Activities: Bowling 2: lntramurals 1.2.3,-1: 4: Fr:-ncli Clulx 3.4: Cllcering 3.4. Liturgical Clioir 4: Junior Red Cross 1. Acllivvvnxentsz Cliccring Letter 4: flatln Award 3. JEAN MARIE 5l:XRTlNE.XL' 25 Hamlnly St. St. Xvilliam Fall River, Hass. xlctivitiz-sz Stuclcnt Council Rvprz-scntativr' l: Class Nico-Prcsiclcnt 2: Dclzating Clilp I: Soclality l,2: String Enscmblc 2.4: Orclu-stra l,2.3,4: President 4: Liturgical Clioir I,2: Science l.2. .1 iQ"" 163 iM'f ,f"'xx 4 .1 X5 The four onicers from Homeroom 4 step out in style as leaders of the upperclassmen. They are: Treasurer: Beverly Camarag Secretary: Elizabeth Misek: Student Councilor: janis Biszko: Yite-President: Gilda Monge. Gilda, from Cali, Columbia, is a Spanish American stu dent at the Mount. In ' 5 , E l a .IO ANN NIEDFIROS HST' County Sl, lispirilu Santo luill Rm-r, Nliiss. .'lClii'ifim's' Class Pl't'Nilll'Ill 2: Slllfllxfll Council 3,-Ig 3,-1, NlAR,lORlli ANN Nllil-l,O Ill limi Blain SI. Sl. ljnlritlc l:.ill Rixvr, Nlnv. ,ltlirilivsz Spanish Clulw 31 lntmmurzils 25' li-I ' XII QRCLXN Typs , ' I P.'Xl 'LINE ANNI2 Nllil.l,O 63l Or-wvll Sl. Sl, Xyilliulli luill Rm-r, hluss, flt'lil'iii1'S: film' Qlulr I1 lnlraimuruls l.2: 5llfRClqXN Typist 4. IOYCE ANN FRC.-XRR.5xHlfR TT Poltross St. Si. Patricia Full Riu-r, Nlass. Activities: Cleo Cluly l,2: Science Cluh I: lniramurnls l: 4. ,'xC'1l0l'l'lllK'fliSZ Tllird gran!-Sfivnrc Fair l. YJ '-x '15 fd TF' I 1 -1 I NANCY :NNN FIONIZ 606 Polcross St. SI. Patrick Riu-r, Nlass. Activities: Glcc Club I,2: Drzunntic Clulp I: Intramurals I: Freslunan Claes President, AC,liPlVI'lllPlllSI Honorable Nlvntion Science Fair 3. DOROTHY ELLEN FIORTON 625 Globe Sr. St. Patrick Fall River, Mass. Activities: Sodalily 3.4: Baslcctlzyall 2.3.41 Intramurals I,2.3.4: IVIERCIAN 3.4: Sci- cncc Clula 4: Liturgical Clmoir 4: Volly- l'JaII 4: Student Colmcil 2: Drama I,2: MERCYCREST Artist 4. ir- I1I.I7 XBITII I,-XNF FIISVK lax tr.mti.riI fl. bi. ljnltlllx I..Il Riu,-r, xliws. tl'lIl1'i fuiliilllk' I.2,3,4Z B.uNlii"ll1.Ill I,2. Lt, Ynll--ylmll 3: Srivncc 21 llnnor Fun:-ty' xl: Class Tfl"IlSllf!'f I: J lrvnilu 2.3: I ri-Nnlvnt -I: Icl1iv1'i'r11i'r1tv lj, 5. I-. IQ: D I I.2: In-mlm llunor Foiii-ty 3.-I. GILD.-X NI.-XRLENIQ NIONQIQ I32 Bmcllorcl AVC. St. Louii Fall Rixvr, Nlzns. qlctiiiitivsz Frcnflx 4: Spunisli 3: SOCIFIIIIX 4: Intramural 3: vice-Prcsiclc-nt 4, VXRUINN .XI It I NIINIUR wt XX-illwr N I Nl ,,I xl 'rxrl Xliiei . II III P ILIHIIIVBI Di-lmtr' 5mlv'tv 11,14 lf, I Kxlulu 5.1: l..utin flul J , I , Ill: n HQ X. l,. 5, I. L. pre wr f ,- 3 'I'I'IIfRI1S.X NI:-XRI.-X NIIRXNDX III Bullinlun S -MNQQ QQ I . ,, ljotwr nncl lj ul Ictirilivf- D1-lmtv 1.2: Brmllng J: bflitl I,l: foclztlity l,l, Liliirgifzxl Clmir I I mrdrv liilitor FII1RC"YCI2lfSI 4. Ii'lm'l'4'rrl:'l1ti lj. I.. 2: I ,-, .1 -5- I I 9 I,.,f.I frii-nit' lnrr fvmnt- I,-.J.l I I lfm-N Ivrlilxvnlv I I ljri'-4 2. Xi ' Q lin-N 3 ,Ill1lv"t'llf I'1llUfIl'I .tw f-.X if ifiLEtfN 3i.XRY 5tl'Rl'HY 503 Osimrn St. St. Luui lwflii iQtXL'r. BLISS. t air," ELIZABETH ANN QLIYEIRA 2860 Nortil ixiain St. Yinccnt Fail River, Blass. Activities: Orciicstra L22 Stucicnt Council 1. Sociaiity 3.4. N -3 HELEN LOUISE MURPHY 21 Driit Rci. St. .ioim time Baptist XYestport, Fiass. Activities: Bowling I,2.3: intrnmumis l: Sociaiity l.2: Latin Lxiuim 33 Class SOC- rctary 4, rtciiivvonwnls: :X P. S. L. 1,21 N. E. D. T. 2: Sfil00i Science Fair Grants 2.3. im' HILD.-X THERESA OLIYEIRA 316 Hope St. St. Louis Faii River, ixiass. Activities: Giee Ciui: l,2: Dramatirs l: MERCIAN Typists 4. JOYCE ANNE OLlX'lilR.'X 134 Clmifago SI. Sl. Ivan Bnpliflv Fall River, glass. Adiviliesz Soclalily l,2.'3.-1: CIN- Clulm l,2,5.4: Frenflm Clulm 3.-13 lnlmmumlc l,2. 3,-1: Liturgiral Clloir -1: Sfivnfc' Clulu I,l: Dramalics 3,-1. 11-:P Xl 1 lx X l JACQUELINE ANN PAVAO 27 Sixteenill St. Sl. Anlllony ol Paclua Fall River, Mass. Activities: Glee Club 1.2: Intramurals I: Treasurer 2. mf'-1, fp IQLSII f I'I2I.fI'ON DT flierry St. Sain-cl Rixer. Nliiaf .lcliritivaz flu lir-sim I,2,3,-lg Cunur ll I In-M -1: Sciviiu- Cluli I.1.'5,4, llresiclent I Claw Tri-tuiircr I,3g Soclality 7 J 4 xllfliflfxx 3.1: Stutlt-nt Council Tr fi un-r -I. .xlllll'l'I'IYl4'YIlSI ll Qi 100 Siiviiu' ljaiir fimnt I.l.3: Rvggiorinl Scum l.iir I,ig Curl 5 Ntale IQ:-presentzitixe C.NROI,YN PIZRRY fm Ffilliljllfy St, St. lflizilw i l'.ill Riu-r, NIM: xlrliiiiliesz Soclfility 2: Sienre 2: l,.itur im flioir 2: Nllillclrxx 3,13 Spaniel, pl ' x. 2 I ure-l rc-silent 5. K! 'Q CORINNE ANNE PILOTTI2 -155 Stallorcl St. Tliervsn Tiverton, R. l. Activities: Intramurals 2: Frencli Cluli 3: Cliecrleacling 4. Aclzievenientsz Clieering Letter 4. CAROL ANNE PLNNIOXUON 329 Nliclclle St. St. Anne Fall River, Nlass. Activities: Bowling I. CYNTHIA SVSXN I'IfItRY . II.iINi-y Aw. Soiiii-rset, glass. 5finI0 .tcliiiilirsz Vice-lDrr'Qulviit I CII- f lilly I,2. Draiiiatifs I. 1- Acliieiienivritsz Etienne Fair Brcl Grant. NAXCY DORQVIIHY I'IC.iXItD HIO Sr-concl St. SS. Peter ansl Paul lqnll River, Nliiss. ilftiiiitiesz Cleo Cluln I,2,'5.4: Snclulity NILQRCIAN Pliotograplier ll. -4' -N Q 5 2.3.-I: Sfiencf- Club 3.1. rl-reaiqirvr 3: l,ft"4IKll'l1l 41 Drfiniatici 2,31 lntmmuraili I: I I 'Nu-I MONICA NIARY IE-XX POL-KK ITA! 5Iontaup St. St, Stanislaus I:aII River. Blass. ,'Ittii'ttt1's: Sodalitv 1.25.43 5: Page Editor 41 Frm-nch CIUIJ 5.4: Science CIuIi 1.23.41 Student CounciI 2,31 Pres- itlent el: Intramurals I.2,3,-1. .lcliivmfnwrttsz SrIio0I Science Fair Grant I,2.5g A. P, 2: ,Iournalisui Awarcl. KATHLEEN ANN IJOXYFZAK ZIZ Que-quechan St. St. Anthony oI the Desert Fall River, hIass. flclivitiesz French Club 4, "17gw'v-1-w--'efW- r ' 'A t' if ft, X t YIYIANNE ALICE PRISYOST IO6 Xvillingtnn St. St, hIatIiieu tall River, Hass. rlctivitttfsz 5otIaIity 2.5: Frcnfli Cluh 3.4. Ft'It'I'IIf' CIUIQ I.2: Clint-rl:-atling 5.4: Drainatics l,2,5,I: Class 'Ireastirt-r -1. .lcliivvertwntsz If. T, 21 IJ. I.. 2: cheering Lt-ttt-r -Ig School Science Fair Grant 2: I:rc-nch I'Ion0r Sofiety 4. fl! If ...op P.XI,'IA NIARIIZ PROFTOR 39 Savuiv St. St. :Xnthnny nl the Desert tall River, hlass. .'Ictivities: Intramurals l. t I Withtwut the help of these teenagers, the 1965 graduation ceremony would not have been the great success it was. Because of their closeness to the graduating class, relatives of the Seniors, they were chosen to serve as uSh6rS and USIICICIICS- I ' i ily Resting, during the course of their busy day, are some of the vigorous and vibrant leaders of tomorrow. Under the leadership of Joann Medeiros Student Council Representative, Mary jo Trainor Vice-President, Linda Waite Secretary, and Margaret Ruggeiro Treasurer, Room 5 enjoyed their Senior year. ROSLYN JOYCE RAPOZA til Division St. Santo Christo Fall River, Mass. Activities: Class Vice-President 2: Spanish Club 3.4: Dramatics 3: Science Club 4: lntramural Basltetball 3.4. Achievements: 3rd Grant in School Science Ls' Fair 3. """f" N ts KATHLEEN Aixw QUIRK "" A' 82 Mott St. SS. Peter and Paul Fall River, Mass. Activities: Orchestra l.2.3.4: Sodality 1.2, 3.4: lunior Red Cross l: Science Club l,2. Achievements: 2nd Grant in School Science Fair 3. I 1 TERESA ANNE QUINN ITZ Xvarren Sl. SS. Peter and Paul Full Rixer, lxlass. Liturgical Clioir 5.4: Dramatics l.2,'5g Bowling l.2. xlcltievvnxents: Tliird Prize at Science Fair: Higltest Average, Singles in Bowling l yr. ms' hav, 13:-17 . .I K VERONICA ANN RAPOZA 405 Hooper St. Holy Ghost Tiverton, R. l. Activities: Frencll Club 3.4. rlctivities: Glec Club l,2.3.-1: Science I: NANCY LFE RENIY III5 Xvater St. St. FXIIIIIOIIY PortsmoutI1, R. I, ,'IcIivitius: S0cIaIiIy 2: Spanish CIUIJ, Svc- rctary 3. .'xC"lI9l'E'l7lt'flISI Ii. I: SI10rtI1ancI 3. 1?"',""'1r 1'1" 1' I 2 .2 PAULA BIARY REZFNDIQS Briggi Lane, Sl. TI1vrvsa IIQIYPTIOII, R. I. xIcti1'itivs: BIERCI.-KN Rc-porter 3,,I: Dranmtifs 2.3, Il 'DIIII I'R.'XNf'I N I Ilvt-rlun I .J Xu, Pmrnvtun RII, N1 II f .'ICli1'iIivQ: XX'.IrI.I .XII.ur LI :I I IM I ln I. bfltlllIsIl CIUII '3,I, Ilr I I I I ly mumIQ I,2: Hfmh-n.mr1x'I Inl I rI4LllIl'lIt'l7I0f'lI51N I D I II 'lfp ' Wim 4' 76. 5- CAROLYN ANN ROBILL-XRD 504 Penn St. St. StaniSIauQ Fall River, 5Iass, Activities: Student CoumiI 2.3: OrcIn-stm 3,-1, Treasurer 4. Achievements: Piano Accompanist Award. 4,- NI.-XUREEN LOUISE RODCERS IIT' I'IigI1IancI St, CI1rist0pI1cr Tiverton, R, I. Activities: Dr-Imtv I: Scif-nw CIUII I: Intm- muraIs 5.4: Spanish CILLII 3.4: NIERCIAN Staff 3,4 IICIIIQLIQFIIPTIISI 3rcI Grant In Science Fair. 3I.-XIQGAREII RL CCIILRU 529 NIIcIcII9 Slrcvt 0 Rivnr, NIEISS. ,l C I IUI ,Ictivitivsz CIN- FIUIJ I QI I ,I4l'l'HSlII'l'I' I'IUIllCI'OOlll l F SocIaIitv I.2,'5,4: DfillIliIIlLw 4 XII xItIuwvvrm'r1IS: . CR EST Typist -I NEDT I7 xr- 'I T- I1 ILXINIQ NIXRY ST, .-XNLXND 'D . r , , . " . irilitw: Nivnii- Qiuh 3.1: Fpnnixh -lp -c-1, bl LXXNV ST. l'lIfRRlf Qn..,J' I -gang. ti'-, -1 ,. Q iulv 2: l'r1'm in fluh 3,11 NlliRQ'Yi'RlfS'Ii , X i i i 4 i :XNNFITE Ifllflilf SXNTKRRIT 1326 Cnrtinvrs Neck Rci. Our Lntiy oi . warner, . ui. '.t an .'xt'tit'i!ieS: St'it'ntv Chula 4, ixCllii'l'l'llll'YlfSI :X P. L, 2. W . ll.XYDIflQ il'l'lIfl3lf5.'X SANTI.XCiU 1' 1... n., nm.. .r us-1 ' -13' i SLM' I Il :ein-f,x1..t., Q .f 'V' , IilHiNil Ciuh: llllfalllllfill I: ' 1 Cline 5etri-larry 7 , f'N 3 Here again ue find generous youth serving as usherettes and ushers at the 1965 grad- uation teremunies. It seems as rhuugh whenever we need help, we need nut Search too far. This time the privilege of mervite falls to the brothers and sisters of the Senior Class. . A r f , 5 I' A 4 f 24' . lv t- ' Q -. ff. it ' ' Us 'Q K 1 0 ' f ' li! .e Q- ' i Rv '. D CI X' I 1 '- ' J 1 Z, X fig -Q QL' ' 1 V I W I ki LINDA MARIE SHEEHAN 49 Summit Ave. St. Clmristoplncr Tiverton, R. I, Activities: Student Council 3.4: NIEH- CIAN 3.4: Frencli Clula 3: Class Tr:-asurvr I: Intramurals l,2,3Z Lilorary Aiflt- 2.3,-I. Aclliovenlentsz Class president 3. SHEILA JOHANNA SII..YI:X 25l Miclclle St. Santo Clmrislo Fall River, Mass. Activities: Class Vice-President I: DclJaIc Clulu I.2.3: Science Club I.2.3: Soclalily l.2.3.4: Frencll Club 2.3,4: Pr:-sirlr-nt ol Frcncli Club 4: AIERCIAN Stall 3.4. Achievements: N. E. D. T. I.2: A. P. S. I... I,2: Science Fair 3, Tlxird Grant. fs Q Nl.XRLIiNIi MARY SIIIQ-X 192 XXZIIII-r St. Sr, Paimk I-all Riu-r, Blass. .'IcIir'iIIOsr CIN- Clulz I,2,3,1: Smlalitx' 1.2.71 l'!0tIFll Cluln 2.3,-4: Xatmnal llnnur Society 3.-I: prvsiclr-nt ol National Honor Socir-ty AI: Drarnatirs Clulm l,2,3: BIIZRCQY- CREST -I, llCIlIOI't'H7l'fllS' IJ L. I,2g D. I,2: National Nlcrit Imth-r ol Cmn- rnrrnclativmg Partial Scliolarsluip In lxlnunlg Brown lhnixvrcity Sllltltllff Scif-rue' ljrngrarn 3: Frvnrli llonor Soricty 3. CNROL ANN SHIiIfHxXN ,I. iwrton, . . .lcliviticsz Fuclality I,2.3,4: Sa-crvtary ol Snclality -I. Sci:-mv Cluly 1.2: Frvmli Clulw x 'I 2.3,-1: Intramurals 2: , IERQIKN 3.1 Jkst. Bus, nlgr, NIIZRCIAN' 4, .lclxievonwrllsz Latin Awarcl 2: IJ, l,l: National Ilonor Sniivty 3,1 Irrcnrli Honor Society 3. .IXXI 10 Imam :Xu-. bt. fllristoplivr It I I NYY I.I I, XXI NX X II taxing- Fl N NI I II I,I I..II Im-.-r NI .ics I 11 I f.I.'..i IMI. 1,311 I I I 2,J,l, ljrfrtlmlirs I,'1,I, II rl l I Class lrzslmlvnl l,2,J, IDI-lv I I llxl I .lLlIl4'll'Hll'HlS N11-rin' lair l I I I' "tif-Inv lair llnrrl fir. I ll ' 1 l Il r I flaw Xiu--l rf-sul. I I CF NIXRIIQ SII XXlIx 102 I.asI xlilltl NI Nt I I I.. I.III Ruff, Flaw fpani-ll I lllll XII I I X Q RI-NI Ivpist -I ff is 7i if' QM' fx N in 1.. I " "I v lxx all N I.-XRY ANN SOUZA iff 'lxliircl Sl. Si. :xlary Cfillimlrul Iwill Riu-r, Mass. lrliriiimg Somlulily 25: Cl:-c Cluli l,2, 3.1: l'ri-mln Clulw Fvcrctary 4: Drmiminx - - - 7 - lla: Q luv N1 rvhiry -.1.4: B.wlu'llmll l. xLlliI'l'l'Hlt'lllSI ll: ll. N. l., l,2: Fink Cmnt blllxlllt' leur 2: Nillltlllill llunur Fomivly 3,-lg l'H'IHll llunur iorivly 5. Nh x 'fl ANNE lfLlX.Xl5lfl'll Sl:'I.l-IX'.'XN 023 Clolncr Sl. Sl. Particle I-all Run-r, Flaw. .ldirilir-S: Soclulily l,2.3, Treasurer 4: Bzxslcctlmll 1.2.3.-1: Scif-nco 4: Liturgical Clioir 4: Xbllvylmll 4: FlERCl:XN 3, Page Eclitor 4. flcliiovenzeriisz A. P, L. 1,51 Nlvclnl 2: 1.2: Scllool Science Fair Grim! 2,55 Class Officer 1.3. xrDTwA1' ,f , 1 if JANET IRENE SZYNAL f3 Dover St. SS. Peter and Paul Fall River, lxlass. Activities: French Club 5.4: Science Club 3.4. M! l MAUREEN ELIZABETH TURGEON 497 Ridge St. St. Patriclc Fall River, Nlass. Activities: Class Vice-President l: President 2: Science Club 3: Volleyball 3: lntra- murals 1.2.3. IXRY IO TR XINOR In H,b,on A H Nt, LI ,toll r l xorton, R. l. . 1' ,: .... . , 1 ' ..., ylg lqrentli Cluln 1: hll,Rl l.3xN '5,'1: fei- 2.3.4. me Xxx JANE ELIZABETH TAYLOR 44 Conant St. SS. Peter and Paul Fall River, hlass. Activities: Glec Club l.2,5.4: Liturgical Choir 3,4: French Club 4: Science Club 1.2.-4: Dramatics Club l: Vvorlrl Allairs 2. fxCIllE'l7PV1lElllSI School Science Fair Grants 1.3. Beverly Furtado, a member of the Mercycrest staff, discusses the theme of the 1966 yearbook with Sister Mary Cecile and Mother Mary Helena. All seniors are proud of their theme, which is the Liturgical Year as lived by the Mount student, 4 ' ---i x 'vii '05 YQ? 'cr -4 I i I I SHERRY VINCENT FMT I-JIYIIIOIIIII :Xin Buplisl -ICIIIIDIC I-.III Riu-r, NIQIQQ. .iilivilivir SIRHIIQII CIuIm 2,31 Svicmvz Clw- CIUIJ 2: IntmmumIe. I 1 I I I ' LINDA ANN XVAITI2 -II Fir fXYL'I"IlIC I'IoIy GIHNI Tivcrlon, R. I, fxFIIIIIIIl'Si Bowling I: Sficnu- I,2: Sod.. ' if FI.-XRC.XIlIfI' .XNNII YETOYICII SI SIAIIONI Road SS. Peter and I3.iuI ITJIII Rivvr, NIRISS. fhtiiiilii-sz Spanish 3. I.-XCQUELINE I-XNNIQTIE YICIIZXNII' 603 SIoCum Rfl, SI. Gvorgc No, DarImnuII1, bIaSi. ,'IfIii'iIic-S: Class Yicr--PrcSicIi-nl 2: S0nIaiIiIy SPC. '51 Scivncc 3: FYCHCII -1: Dmnmtirs 2: InlrumurnIs I,2,5. SONIX HELEN UCHNIAN 527 NIurgnn Sl, I'IoIy ITQIII Iqixvr, ass. CTO I i xiclivilivsi UIcc CIIIIJ I,l.3,4: 5cic'nrc I 7 5,41 I7rcnrIi 5.4: Latin 3, " Twill .'ICIlivl'v111v11lS: N, D. . ,..: . S. L, I,'5: IJzirliaI scIioInrsIiip: 5QIi00 Qnfc Fair Grain! I.3: Rr-gionzil Sain-nc 5: IJrr'nicIvmc Counlry Day ScI1onI S Ill IIICI' SCIPH40 IJIOQIZIIII 2.1 NIINNIIII CUIIP Sunnnc-r SUI-nic Qcnlcr 3. .IULIE YERONICA L'RI3,XN I5 .'XIIc'n St. SI. Pa c Full Rivvr, NIQISS. .icfiuilivsz So4IuIity 1,252 Siicncr- CIuIJ 3.-I: Dmrnatife I,'5,4l: NIERCIAN 7 , Ijngji--IifIiIur -I: Irrc-ni I1 CIUI1 3,-I. lxlIlIL'I'PHll'lIISI N. E. D, T. l.2: :X IJ N I.. 2: ScI1ooI Srivnfr' Fair 1,255 I 5IassacI1usc'Ils Region III Science If I 'uv air IIIX . - - -b K I,2,3.4: XuIIcyI3aII 2,J,-I: I'rz'niIi J. NIERCIAN 3,-4: 3IIiRCIAN Smrctiiry -I: NIERCREST Ama 3. .-Iiluievorvwnli: Scicnrf' Fair IXIMII. 46 3 i IN' 0Iur CAROLYN .-XNXII XYXIAS 63 xlvrrit Drive Iloly Cross kliivvrtmm, If I. At'til'Itii'5t GICC Clulm l.2.3.flL Siulitlily 5,-II Frenclx Llulb -I: Latin Cluli 3.1: Igowlirig Clulm 3: Science CILLID l.2,3, Xntiona Honor Society 5.4: Treasurer At Acltiervrrwrrlsz A. P. L, 2: Nlvtlllli IS: D, l.2: Sf hool Science Ijnir Grnnts i 2: hlt. Sl, Blary Acaderny Full Tuition Scliolursliip. LILY ANN XV.-'xLIiIfIi FSS Crandall Road St. lxlaclvlvinz- Tiverton, R. I. Activities: NIERCIAN Typist. QF YD' . wr' K Fl.-XRTHA El-lZ.'XBE'l4H XXIIIQATLLY SIT' Fourth St. St. Nlary Cathedral Fall River, hlnss. xlctiritivsr Cleo Clulu IQ: Intramurals I.l: Liturgical Choir 4: NIlfRCYCRlfS'I' Typist 41 FIIQRCSYCREST :Xrtist 4. lIC,Iit"l'PlllUflfSZ School Science It-.mir Cmnt 3. The class of 1966 wishes to express to Sister Mary julian their deepest ap- preciation for the excellent coaching she gave our basketball and volleyball teams. Sister also provided excellent training for business students here at the Mount. lr . 4 XVe welcome the guests and admirers of the 1965 graduating class. Among, these are Mother Mary Alban, Sister Mary Kieran, Sisters from other communities and Sister Mary Verona, a former member of the Mount faculty. """h'nmv-Q .Q- X-1-1 u " . o t 1 I 1 H? If ,gf '73 -, X 'Ex' D'-vi , I, Wa. xx f-1' 2 M JUNIORS 47 F Room 8-President: Geraldine Mar- tins: Secretary: Diane Vieira: Treas- urer: Mary Learyg Vice-President: Catherine Flanagan: Student Council Representative: Carol Morton. Room G-President: jeannine Beaudryg Vice-President: Carol Bednarz: Secretary: joan Perryg Treasurer: Elizabeth Czerwonkag Student Council Representative: Joyce Oliveira. R00m 7-Secretary: Patricia Merolag President: Patricia Selleckg Student Council Representative: Donna Ferreira: Treasurer: Jean Vallee: Vice-President: Marsha Dean Cnot in picturej Our Juniors have an eventful year. Among its highlights are the Ring Ceremony and the Junior prom. The Junior curriculum, with Religion and English for all. offers a large variety of suhjects from which to choose: Algebra 2, French 2, Span- ish 2, American history, chemistry, Latin 5, and husiness sulnjects. if .iaalp K Room 7- Row One: Elizabeth Lavoie, Jacqueline Moura, Lorraine Lopes, Janice Pacheco, Anne Marie McMahon, Dorothy Frechette, Lirida Rodriques, Donna Raposa. Rou' Two: . 4614, Arruda, Judith Askeland, Janice Dufresne. Rott' Three: Cyn- thia Urban, Kathryn Golden, Theresa Mello, Janice Couture, Paula Crane, Dina Aguiar, Donna Talbot, Joyce Moniz, Mary Pacheco, Marcia Nasser, Nancy Medeiros, Janine Camelia Botelho, Madeline Fernandes. Santerre, Margaret XY'alsh, Donna Ross, Marsha Dean, Kathleen 4 l YFLL RIVgQ P U B L I C LIBRAR4 Room 8-Rau' One: Madeline Oliveira, Theresa Bell, Andrea Rou- Three: Veronica Plaziak, Gail Silvia, Ellen McCarty, V Schnell, Adrianne Medeiros, Paula Rocha, Maureen Ryan, Paulette Archambault, Catherine McCarty, Claire Goyette, I Alberta Costa, Denise St. Laurent. Rau' Two: Sandra Thibou- tot, Anna Maria Rego, Mary Jane Skurka, Deborah Prystac, Mary Lou Brady, Paula Levesque, Janice Taylor, Nancy Duffy. we f" I .ya M 1 r Virginia Abdovv, Mary Lowney, Charlotte Caron, Donna Raposa, Cynthia Neves. 1 ii F-5- 1 si I ,I . U i COIJIIUPIJFC' fll10lll1'l' llilppy yl"FlI'. TlJP5' ZIYC' pI'OllCl to it f i," E . S 'TY pai : . v, gig' . S r. A argl, t Q -' , 1 l- ' A '-.1 ' s " l 54 Room 6-Ron' One: Jeanne Pavao, Muriel Paquette, Karen Jacqueline Ewald, Karen Doucette. Row Three: Jean Benoit, Marek, Jeanne Miska, Katherine Raposa, Diana Arruda, Donna Potvin, Donna Hinchcliffe, Linda Heywood, Kathleen Maureen Silvia. Rou' Two: Carlota Costa, Karen Costa, Vivian Talbot, Jo Ann Chrupcala, Katherine Dziedzic, Janice Stas- Markle, Rose Marie Morin, Linda Medeiros, Barbara Arruda, iowski, Alexandra Catala. SCPHOMORES ln Si-ptclnln-r Sophomort-S are eager to rf-turn to dx . I show thi-ir School to ilu- new Freshmen and he-lp I h . . . . . Q ff 'X thi-m to atlatpt, Anticipating their Junior year, l Sophomore-Q hc-Qin to plan tht- subjects which will : hr-st equip tht-in lor their lttture Careers. ,X-1 Sindy Hall-President: Patricia Smith: Secretary: Jac- queline Cummings: Vice-President: Coleen Lambert: Treasurer: Paula Jarabek: Student Council Representative: I Janet Jean. I Room 9A-Row One: joAnn Pouliot, Susan Camara, Nancy Brady, Paula Cabeceiras, jeannine Dubois. Rou' Two: Elaine Bleau, Diane Rochefort, Louise Charland, Susan Kennedy, Sindy Hall-Rau' One: Yvonne Cote, Anna Pimental, Sharon janick, Vivian Dussault, Lucia Gagnon, Nancy Synder, jane Teves, Diane Berger, Therese Dube, Arlene Rapoza, Patricia Bond. Row Two: Deborah Andrew, Annette Beaudoin, jane Soroka, Martha Nugent, Andrea Cichon, Bernice McAlvez, Donna Pires, Ruth Faris, Margery Gazzero, Mary Levesque, tam Patricia Foy, Karen Aguiar. Row Three: Mary jane Sullivan, Francine Ouimet, Christine Coffey, judy Doolan, Dianne Blanchette, Margaret Morgan, Mary Lou Shea. Diane Caron, Dorothy Polka, Mary Lou Treeful. Ron' Tbrve: joyce Stec, Pamela Plunkett, jacqueline Mtliough, Diane Noiseux, Anne Helger, Frances Tyrell, joAnn Mattos, lflyse Bougie, Barbara Frank, Virginia Plant, Noella Morin, jane De Souta. N x x ax ' x ' : ' x w. . s A X l ' '14 ' I N at I1 . V, --,W ... 7 r V, - -1 Q H A -ef ', " 1 t IJ' "'-'-ii' f .ia 1 li"""'i I P" an arf gl Room 9-Student Council Representative: Leona XVilsong President: Rebecca Tarabolski: Secretary: Donna McDermott: Vice-President: Sheila Camarag Treasurer: Cynthia Callaghan. Room 9-Row One: Carol Viera, Marie Sullivan, Natalie Patricio, Elaine Chaves, Paula Sweet, Susan Arruda, Frances Manning, Beverly Senra. Ron' Two: Barbara Ganczarski, jacqueline Soares, jeannc Boulay, Denise Lauzier, Nancy White, Sheila Correa, Susan Bernier, Catherine jones, Karen Room QA- Secretary: Rou' Une Virginia Law- lorg Vice-President: Mary Beth Soares: Treasur. er: jo Ann Souzag Row Two President: Donna Bvurinl Student Council Representative: Betty Ann Picard. l' ni -7' r N , 'l ..- . 9' i 1 : I l - l E ', 1, li in I, s 1 Tommer, Barbara Lavoie, Nancy XVilding, Dorothy Pacheco, Row Three: Deborah Silvia, Lena Arruda, judith DePaola, Ann Suneson, joan Drewniak, Kathleen Forrest, Diane Rioux, Mary Harrington, jean Mehlmann, Donna Deazvedo, Theresa Martin, Diane Witkowski. Ev! FRESHMEN Room 12- Student Council Representative: Mary Jeanne Leandro: Treasurer: Mary Crossong President: Mary Mendoncag Secretary: Elizabeth Perryg Vice-President: Denise Berube. Room 16-President: Carol Aballog Vice-Pres- ident: Christine Talbot: Secretary: Cheryl Furtadog Treasurer: Nancy Martel: Student Council Representative: Karen Fennessey. Room 10-Row One: Vice-President: Carolyn Magribyg President: Denise Vezina: Row Two: Treasurer: Joyce Andrews: Student Council Representative: Diane Lavoieg Secretary: Deb- orah Quental Cnot in picturej. The enthusiastic young laces ol our Freshmen are always a relreshing sight to the lwlount laculty and upperclassmen. Alter a lew amusing mistalces and an eager acceptance ol lN'lount's warm welcome, our lreshmen soon hecome lull-lledgetl uhllountiesf' and they find the academy has many wonders in store lor them. it Q if-, -Aww" a - - :wh ..- 5 , - .N-Y , . .U .V , ,r-,-1 ,V . .s V- ,V , W ,ii .9 ,.- .. ,. .V Jii. 7 "Banff 5' 'sf-11 f-.:A!.1 il! ,?v'tI3i ' 1 3 Hoyt n gigilfn I EY. ' " ' R 4 C use ,QA li in lst Room 13-Row One: Secretary: Charlene George: Vice-President: Cynthia Rego. Rou' Two: President: Patricia Talbot: Student Coun- cil Representative: Virginia Lowney, Treasurer: Diane Levesque. l . Room lil-Rott' One: Diane Bernier, jeanne Aniaral, Louise Monica Grace, Flizabeth Brooks, -Ioan Medeiros, Sharon Beautloin, Dehorah Quental, Donna lmhriglio, Elaine Bou- Barhoza, Patritia Farrell, Rau' Tlvrce: Carol Stec, Patricia thard, Patritia Monroe, .Ieanne Ciagne. Cathy Mithcl. Ron' Golden, Patricia Sahat, Madeline Desmarais, Margaret Fer- Tzro: Doris Lexesque, Sharon XX'oyciethowski, Coleen Mc- reira, janet Taylor, Madeline Rego, Diane Parent, Anne Donald. Kathleen Crepcau, Sandra Pires, Christine Xafilding, Hefko, Laurian Cavanagh. Room 12-Rott' Om: Mithelle Lagasse, Sharon Guimontl, riano, Patritia Taylor, Rasemary Franroeur, Patricia Janes. Muriel Lewsque. Donna Fitzgerald, Ciayle Raposzi, Nanty Rou' Tltrccz Donna Cabral, Susan Morin, Maureen Kenyon, Sullixan, jutlith Mis, Vivian Maltais, Rosemary Boudreau, Maureen Cassidy, Denise Oullette, Donna Patheco, Mary St. Ron' Tu o: Cliutlctte Ciagnon. Susan Fauther, Ciail Beaulieu, Sing, -lean lloxxard, Kathleen McCann. lane McDonald, Maureen janitk, Joyce Rotha, Frames Cip- Room 13-Row One: Helen Hussey, Janice McDermott, Loretta Michauncl Anne Bibeau, Suzanne Paquette, Brenda O'Connell, Mary Tyrrell, Constance Beaudoin, Barbara Souza, Patricia Amore. Row Two: Claire Desbiens, Carolyn Cavaco, Joan Crepeau, Marilyn Bentley, Gail Moniz, Elizabeth Hafey, Room 16-Row One: Joan Flanagan, Gayle Dunse, Carol Costa, Sheila Jennings, Sandra Rebello, Patricia Ploude, Donna Castanho, Mary Jane Newberry, Annette Amiot, Judith Howard, Sandra Mercer. Row Two: Susan Berube, Simone Gagnon, Carol Misek, Julia Weber, Kathleen Hadala, Claire Rezendes, Wig Carolyn Sayward, Irene Medeiros, Nancy Pimental, lrene VC'ojciechowski, Patricia Martin, Rott' Three: Patricia XX'hitf more, Nancy Flynn. Donna Gagne. Janice Allen, Janice Rybka, Anne Potvin, Teresa Krupa, Shirley Fernandes, Cynthia Camara. Ann McDermott, Susan Langfield, Denise Rousseau, Janet Cummings, Judith Pimental. Rott' Three: Jacqueline Silvia, Alice McManus, Joyce Callahan, Lisa Kozak, Denise Leyas- seur, Denise Banville, Suzette Santerre, Patricia XVill-cinson, Cynthia O'Connell. i 4 l ,- '91 -Q53 5 129 fi, Q?f?"l5 il ' si. in bait ? 3 f i s Jw -1 v , Y", f ffrwwf mg, S M 13m:ia'vzzE5' Q' f e f 1 1 N x X l X X " I I I X 1 X I X 1 NX I 5" ! . . , rx i I 9 1 U 5 -'gzrf-A -' , ' ..,.. ' Q A , 1, 11 Ljmili-' H "' I ,bm +4 fn 1 C N S l 2-i dfQi',.fI, 'j ,iw ill , l t c fa!! .l it .. in"- ' We W' rjffjxzj MQ' M, R E L l G l O N ffftft f l Wffziyx l 14,21 4, -'f TIN- liturgical Year and ilu- study ol illi- ljturgicnl changes brought about by the lfcumt-nical Council are stressed in religion classes. ln lu-t-ping with this adaptation to changes within tht- Churchs ct-re' monies. ilw Class ol l966 has chosen lor their ye-ztrboolc tlit-me: tht- Liturgical Year ns it is lived by the Blount student. During vocation month girls showed a special interest in the life of a Sister of Mercy. Janis admires the founclress, Mother Mary Catherine Mc.'Xuley. 1 ,i 'I' , in . rlihiwff- 01 ,4tf,W,,.,, c. ! if 'tl 'J s MEi2cY V l These juniors enrich their regular religion class by conducting a Bible Vigil. During the Vigil excerpts are read from the Bible which are afterwards discussed and applied to the life of the student as she imitates Christ in her daily life. 'X I LQ QR- -J :ET- Lent at the Mount is a time of devotion. During their free time students visit the chapel and pray before this beautiful crucifix. This crucifix is also a source of inspiration to the religious faculty as they make their daily meditations. Reverend Paul McCarrick is Spiritual Director at the Mount and instructs the girls in religion. Here he blesses the rings which were distributed during the ring ceremony to the present seniors. The ring is a symbol of responsi- bility and loyalty. l 5 F o tl 1 lil ....z c: ,I ,ti - t D . I l l A i n During senior religion class, Nancy Sayward is earnestly explaining a Hi- Time outline to her classmate, Stefi Cummings. ENGLISH f I 5, .D uf: A . r Q 1 Q Q' 4, g 1 , S 1 "Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears . . ." is the plea of Gail Freshman Karen Fennessey illustrates a basic principle of modern English. Through the use of "nonsense" sentences, the girls are able to show whether they understand the basic grammatical patterns. These sentences are shown on the wall with an overhead projector. W . . Silvia. Surely, all the Shakespeare en- f thusiasts will respond. F'l' English discussions can prove very fruitful if various opinions are voiced. Sophomores had many a chance to prove this. 62 rf-'45""'t ' 41- .14 gl 1 "' - 4' 1 ff., When Father O'Neill and Father Curran, S. J., came to hear john H. Grifhn, author of Blark i Like Me, racial problems of the South were discussed. 1 1 I Research is basic to an English paper. Snapped in the middle of their endeavors are Paula Kuras and Jacqueline Vigeant. ixlountis English curriculum consists ot liter- ary types lor lreshmen, American literature lor sophomores, English literature for juniors, and world' literature and literature in depth lor seniors. lxlodern grammar and a study of the history and changes of the English language are integrated in the program. I I, 1 , -v---s. A f A Q" I: H r I "X, An English study would never be com- plete without the works of Shakes- N peare. Hamlet and Marbella are studied X5 thoroughly at the Mount. 63 LANGUAGES . dvi Nancy Lord acts as leader "pro-tempore" of the Senior Spanish class as we see the students in an informal discussion. Sister Mary Ludivine is the proud teacher of this group. Now and then the Frenuh III class enjoys a little peek at France itself, Sister Mary Adele gladly shares with her class the beautiful slides and brief episodes of her trip. t "Valentincs anyone?" Aclrniring thc- fruits of :tn energetic French class, Sister Mart Phyllis, Louise Charland and Maureen Austin show approval of a project well clone. Spanish can prove quite interesting when you are corrected hy a fellow classmate. jane Teves shows Jacqueline Cummings proof as Sheila Cor- rea looks on. - u .nn QN.,,k 'S-Q-, A fg The study of languages at Blount Saint Blary includes hoth modern and ancient. For those who wish a rich classical haclcgrouncl Blount offers four years of Latin. Students who are interested in modern languages may choose German. French or Spanish. ixlodern languages are taught hy ilu- modern linguistic approach. The scansion of Virgil's Ameid is a fascinating occupation for three eager seniors-Anne Sullivan, Susan jenkinson, and Carolyn XValas-who labored through four years of that ancient language. -M SCIENCE Tlu- tw:-nlit-lit century has expr-ritrncecl some oi tht- mosl rernarltabie scit-nliiic aclvunces in history. Qur satellites and nuclear reactor, tht- discovi-ry oi new t-it-ments and drugs- tht-sts are alle-cling all our lives, The ixlounl. in ltr-t-ping abr:-:tsl ol all modern dew-iopmenls, has provided tt lull science- batcltgrottnd. Here is an industrious group of future physicists! Mount Seniors Mary Hoss, Beverly Furtado and Judith Riley pause for a moment while Elizabeth Misek explains the use of the slide rule. Exploring the marvels of the biological world is a worthwhile pastime for our Senior biologists! The girls are Joanne Deda, Claudette Demers, Jane Doran, Nancy Connell, Elsie Pelton and Karen Lowney, yhJ..l'l"' Sister Luz Amparo de la Merced, O, P. and Sister Angela Consuelo, O. P. are "twin sisters" who are South American nuns studying at the Mount. Here they are dissecting a starhsh. Mount has a very brave biologist as we can see! Theresa Miranda is examining a spider during a laboratory period of advanced biology. Evolution is the underlying theme of study. ll Linda Medeiros tests the temperature of a substance with a Centigrade thermometer. Her laboratory partner, Camilla Botelho, stands by ready to lend a helping hand. Chemistry is their junior joy. Glass tubes. lweakcrs, .md tgratluatt-ti scales are part of thc- wonders nf science! Sister Mary Chabztnel intro- duces two Freshmen, Mary jane New- bury and Diane Bernier, to their gen- eral science course. .5 -4-':"5"- fg- Rf Thi- Ninth department at the hlounl carries out its heavy curriculum quilt' well. A girl may go lor extra lit-lp at any lime, ancl will bi- assurecl ol receiving il. Logical thinlcing and tht- ability lo reason out a problem are only two oi the many characteristics one acquires. The freshmen seem to be enjoying their Algebra I class with Sister Marie Lorraine. They are being taught the modern method and End it quite a challenge, but very interesting. Q I Q t , N A Sophomore, Susan Arruda, concentrates on finding the solution to this Geometry problem. Plane Geom- etry, taught by Sister Mary Phyllis, shows the stu- dents how to reason out complex situations. A very enthusiastic freshman, Kathleen Aubert, dis- cusses a puzzling math problem with Sister Inez and Sister jose. Kathleen and the two sisters are in the same General Math class. A "' iii 14' ,J 1 ,Liste ,fin - The seniors in Mrs. McConnell's math class joyfully take a few minutes out from the heavy schedule. At times they find Math quite trying, but still enjoyable. - 1"' K Extraneous roots can deeply puzzle some girls, but Veronica Raposa really gets carried away with them, as other members of her senior math class can verify. ' -v if-f' BUSINESS Sister Mary La Salette's junior typing class works diligently as Sister makes sure everyone is in correct typing position. Each girl is deeply engrossed in her work and tries continuously to achieve speed and accuracy in her typing, Sherry Onorate and Pauline Mello smile knowingly as Dorothy Morton coaches them in the art. It isn't easy and our three future business women spend much time pouring over their books together. For lluost' girls who nrt- inclintrcl lo at lmusint-ss alrnosplwre Nlount has many lacililit-s, Besides an exlvnsivt- availalnilily ol lmusinvss rt-sources hlounl has grand lvntlt-rslmip in llit- lmsint-ss lit-ld and has product-d many cleclit'nlt'd lbusinvss- wornt-n. XX'itI1 llit-ir thorough prvpamlion hlount slutlt-nls lit-t'ornt- un nsst-t to tht-ir community. A A Nancy Remy, lost in thought, pours mer at nling cabinet as she imagines herself a ms guished secretary in the office of a famous industrialist! pta Q l Here we find our industrious seniors hard at work as they learn the techniques of ofhce practice. As secretaries and career women of tomorrow, the girls must become familiar with the mechanics of the business world. ,f! .s .Te .lt The senior ofhce-practice class flips through correspondence file boxes. These are used for business letters and information. The girls take part in mock business situations which prepare them for future business careers. 'L I ,Q 1' f.. 1 'I .l .gr jf li .4 C 1 Gathered in a history huddle we find seven quizzical American history students attempting to find the answers with their fellow seniors. jean Gagnon points out valuable proof as a solution to one problem. World history is a required subject on the agenda ,of every freshman here at the Mount. This study covers time from earliest man to present day. The attributes and mistaltes of the past can be those ol the future. This emphasizes the importance ol history and its place in our curriculum. From freshman to senior all find a specific phase -- from Ancient history to government - into which they can delve here at the lxlount. Ann Sullivan stands with jubilant surprise as all votes are tallied and she is chosen to represent Mount and her classmates at Boston on Government Day. She may have an influence in the history of tomorrow! IRQ in r N g .4 Two history enthusiasts, Sister Consillii and her brother, Brother Michael, have enriched our history course immeasurably this year. Sister's brother shared his Ethiopian experiences with us. 5, v 's Ji , 1. f Ann Flynn heading a Ciovt-rrmit-nr panel tlis' cusses a serious federal problem of today, Kios- ernmcnt classes aim at preparing seniors to lac- Comc the citizens of tomorrow, F31 ' Compromises of all sorts are studied in earnest detail by our two Ameritan History students, Teresa Carreira and Margaret Vetovich. A visible pointer is helpful! 4 w - , , ff: - 1 S I, , . 1" T? ' ' 4fwi,Q 4,1 . A -as usa' page 1- .-if is I .in I XY"hen it comes to history, maps can prove to be of priceless assistance. Sandra Thiboutot explains state boundaries to julia Morgan and joyce Moniz. xx rr, V, A, -1-A 4 .. t . xx A A .. qw . ' , i ' if .,vf:'i'Hf :, j ff ,g-5s:'s- , l 94- r flags' We t i F .Wi " ART AND MUSIC ,IZ . i "H ' -:nun it l Z' Here are the smiling faces of some of our seniors who aviclly listen to various pieces from Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, in Sister Marie Lorraines music class. l wonder whom the girls prefer? Perhaps the Beatles! Art nnci hiusic, lwo ol lin- lim' arls. nri- offers-ci lo lhv slurli-nls nl Nlounl, Each girl is thus given lhe' opporlunily lo supple-me-nt hi-r ri-quired courses while also broadening he-r cultural hnclxground. Sister ixlarit- Lorraine and lxlr. vw TIIOITIEIS IQIVOITS CXTCITCI lo US lil0St' ZlClVilIlCClll6I'ltS, ' o 'Q ,fu vc' fi i "f" 1 aa .T Braun dmssont , Our aspiring artist, Suzanne St. Pierre, offers her criticism on a painting done by Toulouse Latrec and pencil drawings etched by a class- mate. Karen Aguiar explains the various shades of color and the technique which she and her fellow classmate, Betty Ann Picard, used to paint this lovely autumn scene dis- played in Room 9A. .s 1 X "'1"'i I 2- , - ,,-3 -ul- ' -1 ' 4. Q57- The Senior music class listens to joanne Greene and Helene Auger explain the various wind instruments to them. Have you all mastered thc Hute, girls? QI f' r Virginia Lawlor and Mary Beth Braz browse through the fiction section of the library. Which books did you finally choose, girls? Romance stories or adventure tales? From the wise seniors to the inexperienced freshmen, we all realize the importance of knowing where and how to use reference books in a library. LIBRARY The library at the hlount is a slorrlwoust- ol lfnoxvlt-tlgv, a center ol learning, ancl a plact- lor probings xvhifh yi:-ltls discoveries. Through the assistance- ol Sister bl.: y hh-rry, bliss Sullivan, and numerous library aides, t-vt-ry stutlt-nt is given lrienclly service. Every individual can bt: proud ol our library which is so extensive. Three of our Freshmen gain a few bits of advice from our famous friend, Peanuts, after reading his latest words of wisdom. Girls, do you think, by any chance, that Sister Mary Mercy has a favorite? nr Q , 1-J If -D . gm A JJ" P V I 1 rf ,L 1' K 'f lb ' 4 - - - ' 1 AJ "Ein, . P 'Sv "Vw 'J If QL. gf!" " g X, ' E ' ff! . X -' R' 25- A 4' ""-L-,Q f- ' fit . rf .1 EE " v - Y? 'v : Y it 'A Q -A 'ii Q.. .- fy., Q " ff A-q.,f.f,eff :ff9f33ifz fL21:f iff 1 .53 . - - 'v Cv V K' . qi- - 0 CJ ,, X fb ' y , .N M -0 1' U f-'Z 1' C2053 -WZ I0 XT Q T ff Q 0 f M 5 xx O.. .... rn RING CEREMONY The red stone, signifying courage, is encircled by the academy name. On one side is a Mercy shield, and on the other the school shield. I f ' l i 3 3 1 i 1 I0 ' X The class ol 1966 had a very memoralnle ring ceremony. They were first to have the ring dance and the entire student hody ceremony participation. The class rings are blessed by the school chaplain, Father McCarricl-t, and presented to the girls by Sister Mary Consilii. Here Kathy Powszak receives her ring in the first ceremony attended by the entire student body. mn t Tfi it 5 2 3 I l 1 lx i 1 . ' , l u . , l f l ' i 2 1 The Senior Sothtlity prctmzu l,hri-t- mas gifty to he diwtrihutetl nt Ciunernl Hospital. Many Stidxlisrs do xnluntctr work at this hospital, CGD The Probationers study diligently for a year before they are received into the Sodality. Sodalists seek to know Christ through devotion to His Mother, Mary. Commitment . . . Service . . . Consecut- tioni These are the ideals of every sodalist, dedicated to her apostalate of the present moment in order to reach fesus through Dlary. SODALITY .IUNIGR PROM 'rf' xl -4 I DC V . fx I x p X I 'V liven yearbook editors get to pose for pictures now and then. Theresa Miranda proves this with her escort, jay Hoyle. X. Janis Biszko and her escort. Michael Crane, enjoy a slow set under the atmosphere of My Fair Lady, I w D ,-wr is 'L N 1 A Our gym took on a majestic atmosphere the night of our prom. A Captured by a sorrowful farewell to a beautiful evening we ,Q lx 3, find jean Martineau and her escort quietly gazing. W -'V , I M., F " , I is rf ' 2' , t J, N b . l We caught a glance of the merry group and their escorts. .ff 2:9 I Seated we find Gilda Monge and joseph Biszl-co, Norma Hey- ' """ wood and Alan Deston while Mary Ann Souza and Thomas f- De Mello stand. rig . .t' N Prom smiles are flashed by a dashing couple in the middle of a mysterious two step by Elaine Moura and her escort Stephen Camara. 1' i"'K fi xX -'1 P Proms may come and go hut treasured NY 'f,f"' in the heart ol every Senior is our Junior l , Prom, We matched our theme hlY l:AlR 'X LADY in every way. Courageous leaders of the grand march, thc highlight of the evening, were Anne Daigle and Elsie Pelton escorted by Richard St. Pierre and Paul Proulx. 1 .Z .4 vi 1 STUDENT GOVERNMENT S lg ,Q "-I-U-n r . Yvffsr AB gg -Yuki' 2 J fe ' P . h'- xa 'Prine ' v X 'fx-23: fi 1 Lg?-" ' .QP 1 ' 1 r-J T ft. ll is TA 5 l ,...,. - ,...,., .' ' i THC GANG I K VCTE , . i.h Q s. 1 nz' v X?f just what are Janice Dufresne and Diane Arruda trying to sell? Nothing really . . . the posters are a remembrance of last year's Student Council elections held in May when each candidate worked diligently in long preparation. Looking over the meeting's program for the Student Council are Sister Mary Phyllis, moderator, and Monica Polak and Geraldine Arruda, president and vice president respectively. The Student Council consists of two representatives from each homeroom. The Mount Student Council acts as a voice hetween our faculty and student body. This group forms the judicial hack- hone of our rules system. Mass confusion? No, of course not. Here we tind Elsie Pelton and Carole Laroche, Student Council Treasurer and Secretary, respectively, supervising sophomores at class changings. vf . L 'W 'E - Y I. The senior members of the National Honor Society are ffrom left to rightj Carolyn Walas, Susan Jenkinson, Joanne Greene, Helene Auger, Elizabeth Misek, Marlene Shea, Lynne Chrupcala, Mary Ann Souza, Carole Laroche, Denita Grygiel, Anne Sullivan, jane Chicca and Carol Sheehan. A senior, Cornelia Correia, explores the opportunities of Peter Bent Brigham Hospital which were displayed in the Honor Society College Corner. Every two weeks different colleges, universities, business schools, or nursing schools are posted with a description of their courses and requirements. ' illieaherslyip , I+ i 1 1 I f J f K Newly inducted senior members oi the Niother Nlcikuley Chapter ol the National Honor Society are: Theresa Nliranda, Sonia Uchman, Janice Brady, Sheila Silvia, hlargaret Ruggiero. jane Chicca and Helene Auger, members Of the Honor Society, and Sister Mary Phyllis, their moderator, are preparing the stage for the induction of new members. NATIONAL HDNCR SOCIETY 83 Qi Q, Our senior Mercian reporters all get together and admire their very first edition. These are the hard working energetic seniors behind the head lines. This year's enthusiastic- page editors are Mon- ica Polak, page oneg julie Urban, page four, Jeanne Bernier, page three, and Arme Sullivan, page two. Mercian's business editor Nancy Picard, chief editor Lynne Chrupcala and business editors Dorothy Morton and Carol Sheehan discuss journalism techniques-their Adviser, Sister Mary Austina. Who's who and what's what? Under the careful supervision of Sister Mary Austina these questions are fully an- swered in every page of our Mercian. MERCIAN In a practice debate Susan jenkinson prepares to leave the podium while Carolyn Minior approaches. Seated, Katherine Golden and Ann Flynn compile their evidence as Sister Mary Carmelita supervises, The debate society officers are: foreground, left to right: Maureen Austin, treasurer, Gail Martin, sec- retaryg and Susan jenkinson, president. Above are Carol Bednarz, vice-president and Coleen Lambert, librarian. The debate sociely lmins it-. tuimnln-rf to lhinlt logically and to mb-tziriliaxfv their opinions with lncls. ghlllmuggh hard worlc is required, grt-al' l'lfXYillflS nn' rcupckl. it Miimiil 1 -Z N 1' mi Research is an important aspect of debating. The members of the society spend hours in the library attempting to obtain the most current evidence in order to win their debates. DEBATE CLUB 1 - 5,-,ff f' X .--1 1 4-3- 85 LANGUAGE CLUBS . Se r IS The senior French Club group is quite a number for one sitting, but Sister Mary Adele, moderator, handles all cheerfully. Dual French Club officers: Elizabeth Misek, Mary Ann Souza, Muriel Paquette, Nancy Medeiros, Sheila Sil- via, and Charlotte Cabral trim their I tree. 4 4 M11 ,?:1U-..- Q,,,,,., ,,,.,, ef :T ' 53 X "Mme, . Q J ,sy ,, s e ,Na tu, l-QV. .-viva' E23 .I A1333 "Y .Qi ,a ,.. v ,y , , V, if 2 - : is QV 59, ' It--1-Il V ' ,W . l'g.:. v ' Q-aigu? K . '41 A s.-1" N. -1 'a x Sherry Vincent, Judith Riley, Madeline Fernandes, Nancy Lord and jacque- line McGough aren't playing, but helping in a Spanish Club activity. Christmas time was a busy season for the Spanish Club this year. We snapped a quick shot of mem- bers Janet jean, jean Mehlman, and Linda Rezendes doing their part. Famous on our enrichment curriculum are language clubs. Sister iblary Adele's double sessioned French Club and Sister Nlary Ludi- vine's Spanish Club are popular with all. 1 Mr. Smith, a friend to all of us, advises one of our hostesses, Alberta Costa, on proper welcoming tech- niques. A slow set comes as a welcome relief to most couplesg Beverly Camara and George Croak are no exceptions. 'N H5- -I its The spirit running through all our Mount dances is fun and the scenery is beautiful. W'e see Monica Polak and Vivianne Prevost, with their escorts caught up in the spirit. Ankle deep in hay, Marjorie Lowney, Lennard Thomson, Christine Sweeney, and james Charrette group around "Tom" our Harvest Hop Turkey. By the way, Margie and Lennie won the Harvest Surprise. .e .wJ Rt. W was A5 Navi 5 Q HARVEST DANCE SCIENCE CLUB l l junior members of the Science Club discuss projects, as senior officers Lynne Chrupcala and Nancy Picard, look on approvingly and junior Vice President Diane Vieira listens. M 1 I Here at the ixlount we have a very active Vanguard Science Club. Each member par- ticipates in our annual science lair with en- thusiasm and zeal. 88 Here Mary Beth Soares, Science Club treasurer, discusses the method of caring for guppies to Freshman and Sopho- more members of the Science Club. Would anyone else be as interested? The officers of the Science Club, Nancy Picard, Lynne Chrupcala, Diane Vieira, Mary Beth Soares, admire a plaque which accredits Mount as a chapter of the Future Scientists of America. Senior Science Club members-Linda Lage, Janis Bizsko, julie Urban, Sonia Uchman, Nancy Sayward, Joy La- combe, Barbara Dubiel and Elsie Pelton discuss the ph ranges of acidic solutions. l -IDE' For an all-girls scbool we do very well in our sports department, Our baslcetball team is excellent and we all match it in spirit. Get it in, Donna! Here we find Donna Boutin, a forward on the Junior Varsity as she pushes Mount's score up, up, up! Basketball Team: Jacqueline Cummings, Donna McDer- mott, Nancy Lord, and Anne Sullivan, co-captains and Carol Morton. Back row: Patricia Smith, Dorothy Morton, Marilyn Strojny, Donna Ferreira, Elizabeth Misek, Mary Ann Souza and Margaret Galford. Shoot it up! Get it in! Let's win! Such is the cry of our cheerleaders and pep squad. The pep squad consists of about 150 girls from various classes. SPCRTS ORCHESTRA Violins, violas, cellos and one big bass all make up our string section-that section which makes up an important part of the melody. The Mount orchestra provides excellent entertainment at all school functions. Their spring concert was truly lovely. It was a fruit of their hard and faithful practice. 'lffl GLEE CLUB These members are the leaders of our two music clubs, glee club and orchestra. Their coopera- tion and sacrifices have resulted in success. VVhat is more pleasing than the sweet sounds ot the heauty and harmony ot singing? The Glee Club provides this delight throughout the school year. Our Senior glee club in its entirety is composed of seniors, juniors and sophomores while the freshmen have their own choral group. These girls devote much of their time and energy to their glee club under Sister Marie Lorraine's instruction. 6 Seniors Teresa Quinn, Steli Cummings, Claudette Demers, soloist,Eileen Danis, Cynthia Bishop and Jane Taylor sing a beautiful practice of "God is Love." They are accompanied by faithful Veronica Plaziak at the piano. Our two altos, Anne Sullivan and Dorothy Morton, chant a little hymn with a few strong dedicated leading sopranos. This is but a mere portion of the grand group. They have their special section in our audi- torium during Mass when all unite to sing God's praises. The largest group in lVlount history is the present liturgical choir. Under Sister lvlarie l..orraine's guidance, they lead the school in liturgical music. LITURGICAL CHOIR DRAMATICS l ' 1 I 'B C T 1 yn I i f'i"""', I 'Tmxfbrelsnil l l we Jievf . T With a cast of over 150 students from the Mount, all area high schools, and three neighboring elementary schools, all sang and danced their way through Victor Herbert's all-time favorite. Here the French Dolls suddenly come to life in Act II. I ' Ill g- : ' 2 45 . it i Q' , I , T ill! ll li Q3 If I 6 X , A, ...,.,.,. ...- rg ' A , Q! 4 . I 'I gb' X X The Toymaker from Prevost tells his audience all about the land of make-believe. Freshmen students form the pixie row in the background Babes in Toyland, a musical, was the outstanding Glee Club-Dramatic produc tion of the directed by Sister Nlary 1964-65 school year. It was Sister Marie Lorraine and hlercy. Q Timothy Perry played Uncle Barnaby, the vrl lain. This was Tim's second Mount appearance for he played Rolf, the messenger boy in The Sound of Music MERCYCREST ,Q-r 1' dt - gi' --Q-4 - Our star "picture cropper," Claire Delisle, ad page editor Joanne Greene, and cake sale chair- man Norma Heywood discuss the plans for the Mercycrest cake sale. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Theresa Miranda BUSINESS NIANAGER: Janis Biszlto ARTISTS: Dorothy Morton, Martha Wheatley. TYPISTS: Teresa Correiro, Vivianne Prevost, Linda Waite, Margery Lowney, Jacqueline Vigeant, Eileen Danis, Jane Doran. Sister Mary Benita, our adviser, meets with Mr. Ursprung, our helpful year- book instructor. The meeting was open to literary and photography staff members: Beverly Furtado, Kathy Harnett, Janice Brady, Charlotte Cabral, Suzanne St. Pierre, jane Chicca, Helene Auger, Carole Laroche, and Marlene Shea. -4-1: D. nl . hi. l .l.', I b . NE 1 N . . 11 1 CATH0lll' Sl'Hlllll PRESS ASSUCIATIIIN THE RATING ,Ciimf Sfwm- IS Awannfn T0 11115 clmcmuiwk HE ' I TH cnnu ' scnunl PRESS ASSUPIATIIIV 41 THE Manounrz UNIVERSITY caucus or Juunuusu rms rlnst nn or SEPTEMBER IN THE IEIII 'NINETEEN HUNDRED EIETY-UNE il 'Q ' EM, DIRECTOR Slsfer Mary Irene, RS M Mercycres+ AdVISOT I95I-I958 Dled Augusi' I7 I965 1 2 if .- I E E, S "' "4-"' M5911 I1 3511 iliilemuriam COLUMBIA SCHOLASTIC PRESS ASSOCIATION uf, 14645 HAS BEEN AW ED THIS SECOND PLACE CERTIFICATE IN THE SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL YEARBOOK cRmQL'E AND CONTEST OONDUCTED BY THE ASSOCIATION AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY IN THE crrv OF NEW Yomc. OCTOBER 12, 1951. 1 5 ' 24 If "6 ..1. . Lf' j I .1 M1 .Ig A"- + -1. l' .f 0 '15 4,-,,. qw. A V -- 4 4 "jQ5f'f"'f' ' ' 4-w..,Z:,'., 'Q I -...-. N.. 33 .V f ", I g. . ,."gg.T it' 41'-. 'ff -, , , Al:-in 4'7" v ,......-7 'z Y-vi -I 'v ,- ' y,. -so . ,lb ,, mb 5: ir 5. . '56 ,Q 'X 3 A.,-'.'.Q. ' 1 'YL . s I . . I ' Q " '- ' ' " 13 utgfvi, . - gif' .. '- ' ' . ' :.'lI"' ,, U . - . ,, - .. - " -"1-f' . a ' " - I . 4 Sv, , 0-, , . A W . . '... '- .'G" .:4 .- ' 'A':' ' "ff.1, " .-A.-H-,, .,f. ., . , ,z, M- - . . f -,111 ,. fx ' -J' . Q 'a. g '-- - 'YI ' t , I . "5 - Ye 0 K' 4.x 'S A 4 5 A , . qi' ,' " 4 ' ,, 1- X' K' - ' '.' . ' ' -'Q' -- ,. HV, -Y - ' - cv' ' ' .. '- , ' A , '. 1' "' '15, . L' '- vf4:f"XF"f "'5"f.arr-" ' -' ' M: H - .'f+4.:5 , ' 3 f' ""'-ia.. nf " I K' V' 51 ' YQUF 1,-"V 'Hr ' 3 g , , ' ,LJ ' -Q. X ' .. ,.53L.iQP'."5 1 ' J' up .,' u f .. .1 .' - --fb -.- ' - -1 ' '- - 0 0 . 1, ,r I , A A H ,L V .,, Riff- .- f , Q ' . -- V. xl.. ln . 8 5 JA ' 1 4 fly r V '-9'-,, ,i ,U . " . -4 . f' - iw: --, . wg "J .a . 1 J , . K .n --, .i W. ,QQ ,x ,N fl-,-55 5 A ,,..1r. .1 fhgk, '1 Eg. Q , ' Q, ' , ".- - ', Q" ' 4, ,D 'L .-,, -,f ' ' ',' 1' i li 9 ' rf-' - .- - - 'iw 'f-1 -vm-s:. . H.-'L ,Wg nf'-',,v,, J--' , 13, N. n",. N '."Y. ff ' -' -" ' .'f if -.' .'4. Y . .Nl I n L 1 l '83, until- .lx iv A . A x it fl , A' 'A 1 I ,I ,fait . s It .I ' A ' ff wif, 'hm " K" '03 " f- J4e+ 'ff' 'ff . .. ' . , - ,' 'F' ' ., L' 4- gk K 4 T v Q39-, ' . ' .A 3 , yif Q 1 'F r .. 'FA A -, y xii, , 'F' ' .' qf' ' .'4f, 'J' K 'L '35 " I '- :'.',f ' xl,-W" V 'Q' ,.. ' ' ,Q -, .1-Q 4 'i,'t4'r . , . nv.. "P, 'U Q ,li 3 ' K' , A :qs 1 Qilapl f 1 . 2-bf," 4 ull.-' , 1 pf Fd: -A 1- C-I-I' ONONNO-1 I , Jw 'U 1: "I -I rn Z Z -I 0 : 4 rn 1:-113 -bn-mm Z7 Nlr Nlr Nlr Nlr. Nlr Nlr Nlr Nlr Nlr Nlr. Nlr Nlr. .v. r7,symMWi in E me E-vfK'f--r--or-or A . A iz. gli." r-. r "Q- i 414. ' . 37 As we make our daily visits in the Mount chapel, we remember our parents in our prayers. ilflfl illld ilnC. RHIC! UDL' and illlfl illld illld ilfld illld ilnd Nlrs. Nts. Blrs. Nlrs. Nlrs. Blrs. Nlrs, Nlrs. Nlrs. Nlrs. Nlrs. Nlrs. GDC! J ul' Clfefltff Edward Arruda Joseph T. Ai-ruda Emile Auger lfclwarcl Boldwin Rudolph Berniu David Beshara Vvilliam H. Bishop Nliclmel Biszleo Paul A. Boulay Cornelius Brady Ernest Cabral Arthur L. Cariguau Nlr Nlr Nlr. Nlr Mr Mr Mr Flr Rlr Rlr. Dlr. Nl r and Nlrs. Blicllael Carreira lxflanuel Carreiro and Nlrs. and lxlrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and lvlrs. and Mrs. and Rlrs. and lxlrs. and Nlrs. Robert Charlaud Gilbert Chieea Thaddeus Chrupeala Roland R. Cormell Leo Cormore Allred J. Correitt Lawreoee Corrigan Oliva Couture Edward M. Culleu Albert Cummings I 1 i l xii. 1 xii F Nlr Q Mr. I ' Fir l y Zxlr. : Mr. Mr. 5lr. Mr. hir Blr I Nlr. Mr. E Mr. , Mr. I Mr. It Mr. , Mr. lxlr l lxlr 1 Mr F, Mr Mr. i lxilr I lxlr I lxlr and Nlrs and Nlrs and lwlrs and lxtlrs and lxlrs and Dlrs and Nlrs and Bits and lxlrs and Nlrs and Nlrs and blrs and lxlrs and lvlrs and Nlrs and Nlrs and lxlrs and lxlrs and lvlrs and Nlrs and blrs and lxtllrs and lxflrs and lxtlrs and lxlrs. and NTIS and Blrs. and Mrs George W. Jenlcinson Henry J. Daigle Raymond Danis John Deda Gerald Delisle Charles Demers Armand J. Desmarai AATHIEIHCI DSSIHEITZII Edward A. Doran Anthony J. Dnhiel Ernest Drrtilly M anne l Felix Angelo E. Flynn James Forneiro Raymond E. Forrest M anne l C. Fontes Harvey J. Fortier George A. Gagnon Bert Gallord Joseph Galuslca Jr. Norman Gaydoo Edward Girza Aime Goyette Nvilliam H. Greene John Grygiel Omer Griimond Thomas E. Harnett Norman Heywood Peter Hoss r Gb PUBUC Nlr. Nlrs Nlr. Blrs Blr. Blr. Flr. Blr. Blr. Prlrs. Dr. Blr. Blr. lxlrs Nlr. Nlr. Blr. Blr. Flr. Nlr. Nlr. lxlr. Flr. Blr. blr. lxlr. Flr. Nlr. Mr. and Blrs. Josvpli .Il'Dlllllf Loretta Justice ZIDCI BITS. .IIUHCS PI1. KIIOLIYS' Irene Kot ilfld BITS. Jolin Kllffli and Blrs. Blalllivw J. Kms and Flrs. Frank lszrlmc-chi and Blrs. :Xllxtrt Lalvcrgc illld BITS. HQHIQ' ILEICOHIIJI' John Lage and Nlrs. Xvilliam Langfield and Flrs. Lucien Laroclic and Blrs. Antonio Lclure Blargaret Vetovicll Lcszezynslx and Blrs and Flrs. and Flrs and Nlrs and Flrs and Flrs and Blrs. and lxlrs and Flrs and Dlrs and Blrs and Dlrs and Flrs. and Nlrs. Alloert J. Lord Thomas F. Loyyney John Loo-ney Joseph Lniz Joseph hlartinean John A. BIeCarraher Joseph L. Nledeiros Allred Bla-llo Blanuel Flello Joseph lxlinior Antonio C. Nlirancla Louis Bliselc Luis H. Nlongc Leo Biloniz George Bloura Nlr. Nlr. Nlr. fxlr Nlr Nlr Nlr Nlr Nlr Nlr Flr Nlr 5lr Nlr Nlr Rlr Nlr Flr Nlr Nlr Nlr. Nlr Nlr Nlr Nlr Nlr Mr Mr. Nlr. and and Zlfid EHICI EIHCI EIIJCI Eifld Mrs Flrs Mrs Flrs Mrs Mrs Flrs John Blurpliy Nvilliam Murphy John Neilan Norman O'Brien Nlichael Oliveira Flanuel Oliveira Jr. Raymond Onorate Henry Paquin and Flrs. Anlone Pavao and Nlrs lxlilnllel and Flrs and Flrs and lxlrs and Nlrs. ami. Nlrs and Flrs and lxlrs and lxlrs and Nlrs and Nlrs and Flrs and Flrs and Filrs and Nlrs and Nlrs and lwlrs and lxlrs and Nlrs . Vvilliam J. Pelron L. Perry Edward Perry Normand A. Picard Normand Pilofle Andre Plamondon Adam J. Polak George Powszalc Joseph L. Preyosr Joseph Faris John F. Quinn Jr. Edward Quirk BIEHILICI Rapoza JF. Alfred Rapoza George Remy Nlanuel R. Reaendes Roloerr F. Riley Rene Robillard Thomas Rogers Anthony R. Ruggiero lX'lr lxlr Plr Plr Wir Mr. Nlr Mr. Blr lvlr. lxlr lxlr. Mr lxlr. Nlr. Nlr. lxlr Nlr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr. Nlr Mr Mr Mr. and Nlrs George St. Amand and Nlrs Normand Sr. Pierre and lwlrs Roland Sanrerre and lxlrs Pedro Santiago and Nlrs Harold Sayward and Nlrs. Joseph Sepanilr and lxlrs. Thomas E. Shea and Mrs Frederick J. Sheehan and lxlrs. Charles Sheehan and lxflrs. John Silyia and Mrs lxlanuel Souza and lwrs. lxlanuel Souza Joseph Souza and Mrs Edward Slrojny and lxlrs. John A. Sullivan and lxlrs. Raymond Sweenex and lxlrs Joseph Szelag and Mrs Francis Taylor and Mrs Henry T. Trainor and lwlrs Rudolph Turgeon and Mrs Henry P. Urban and Mrs Emil J. Uchman and Mrs. Raymond Vigeanr Sr and Mrs Earlphonse Vincent and Mrs Clinton Waite and Mrs Joseph Walas and Bits. Frederielr Walker Mrs. Helen V. Wheatley .H lil lggl , ' , I 1 . - , - ?-. - 1 J , 3 I zfgfqggwggl 2 ,Q 11 gang l I I onorary fgafrom HIS EXCELLENCY, THE MOST REVEREND JAMES L. CONNOLLY, D.S.C.H. HIS EXCELLENCY, THE MOST REVEREND JAMES J. GERRARD, D. D. CHOR BISHOP JOSEPH EID, D. D. Rt. Reverend Felix Childs Rt. Reverend Raymond Considine Rt. Reverend Joseph Cournoyer Rt. Reverend Allred Cvendreau Rt. Reverend Henri Hamel Rt. Reverend Vvilliam Harrington Rt. Reverend Daniel Shalloo Rt. Reverend Arthur Tansey Reverend John Boyd Reverend Bartholomew Buckley Reverend John Carrol Reverend Henri Charest Reverend John Cronin Reverend George Daigle Reverend Raymond Drouin, O. P. Reverend Arthur Dupuis Reverend Francis Fitzgerald C. S. Sp. Reverend Robert Kaszynslfi Reverend James Kelley Reverend Francis blccarthy Reverend James 5lcDermott Reverend Joao hledeiros Reverend Lorenzo Florais Reverend Francis Flullen Reverend David 0'Brien Reverend Kerry 0'Keene Reverend Felician Plichte Reverend Valie E. Pyles Reverend Arthur dos Reis Reverend Laurenodos Reis Reverend lxlanuel Resendes Reverend Robert Stanton Reverend George Sullivan Reverend Howard Xvaldron R.I.P .?ufiine:5J rien 5 ancl lgafronin Apex Shade Co. Mrs. Herbert A, Bennett Biello Electric Co. Borge Sand G Gravel Boyko Memorial Funeral Home Brightman St. Pkg. Store Iohn W. Cain, Insurance Camara Brother's Market Dr, Roland A. Chouinard Helen Cummings Beauty Salon D QS D Sales 5: Service Co. Danny's Main Esso Service Station Dave's Cleansers, Swansea Dee-Iay Gulf Service Station Dennis Souza Desmarais Hardware Co., Inc. East Main Hardware Elaine's Flower Shop T. Elias Fuel Co., Inc. Feitelberg Agency, Inc. Mr. G Mrs. Iames Fitzgerald Frank's Barber Shop Gendreau Furniture AUCLAIR'S MARKET 64 Brightman Street BRADLEE'S Pleasant and Quarry Wilfred I. Gingras, Insurance Grundy's Lumber Supply R. Hamel, Sheet Metal Contractor Ioseph William Hopkins Nellie V. Kruczek La Chance's Market Lane's Bar-B-Z Restaurant The Leonard Pharmacy, Inc. Mr. 6- Mrs. Charles E. Levesque Mr. G Mrs. Roland C. Levesque Liberty Loan and Realty Co., Inc. Lion's Department Store Mr. :S Mrs. Henry Lord Lorraine's Beauty Nook Dr. Antonio C, Marks McDonald's Hamburgers Mr. 6: Mrs. Francis Mercier Modern Furniture Co. Frank Morris Service Station Morse Shoe Store Mullen Bros., Iewelers Thos. F, Murphy G Mary Agnes Pelton My Lady's Hair Stylist Nelson's Dairy Madeline Oliveira O'Neil's Fisk Tire Service, Inc. Niagara Funeral Home P 6- M Market Parent's Variety Store Poirier Rambler Pop's Service Station Ray's Flower Shop Buddy Reis Orchestras Reise Dairy, Inc. Mr. G Mrs. Francis X. Roach Mr. 6- Mrs. Matthew I. Roberts S. 5: K. Auto Sales Dr, 51 Mrs. Edward I. Steinhof, D.D.S. Sterling Package Co. Stone Bridge Inn Ietfrey E. Sullivan Funeral Home Sunlite Dairy Sunrise Fruit Swan Cleansers Swidey's Variety Mr. G Mrs. Charles Szulewski Van Dyk Store Walsh Moving Co. Robert A. Wilcox Co. Zales Iewelry EDWARD'S MOTOR LINES, INC. 245 St. Rd., Grand Army Highway N. Westport GREATER E, R. RETAIL DRUGGIST Streets ASSOCIATION Fall River BRONHARD BROTHERS Corner Laurel 5: Orswell Streets CHARLIE'S OIL 261 Kilburn Street W. T. DONNELLY, FUNERAL SERVICE 1173 South Main Street GILBERT C. OLIVEIRA, INSURANCE 1320 North Main Street R. A. MCWHIRR CO. 169 South Main Street ZAYRE DEPARTMENT STORE 181 Mariano S. Bishop Blvd. I. RICHARD O'NEIL COMPANY PINS RINGS D V f SV CLASS RINGS , ff! if - I af 282 Franklin Street Cambridge 39, Mass. el.: OS 9-6962 CONGRATULATIONS CORRIGAN TOTHE THE APOTHECARY CLASS OF 1966 FROM 1412 SOUTH MAIN STREET FALL RIVER, MASS. IOSEPH D. COADY, Reg. Pharm., Prop. MT. ST. MARY ALUMNAE -I BELLA and TONY'S SNACK BAR 1632 SOUTH MAIN STREET FALL RIVER. MASS. COMPLIMENTS OF FALL RIVER GAS COMPANY CHARLMOR FURNITURE CO. 1438 PLEASANT STREET FALL RIVER. MASS. OS 3-0072 HALLAL'S CLEANSERS ALTERATIONS CLEANING -:- PRESSING Tel.: OS 8-8842 CENTRAL ALUMINUM PRODUCTS 18 BOW STREET TAUNTON. MASS. Awnings, Ialousies, Aluminum Siding Windows and Doors-Swimminq Pools COMPLIMENTS OF H A R T M A N TRANSPORTATION CO. COMPLIMENTS OF B B A D Y ELECTRICAL co.. Inc. 674-2047 673-9381 NIRA Warehouse Mart Inc. Dealers in GENERAL MERCHANDISE 1732 SOUTH MAIN STREET FALL RIVER. MASSACHUSETTS EDWARD Nzxsssn, Proprietor FALL RIVER BUILDING 6. SUPPLY CENTER Tel.: OS 8-7634 MR. EDWARD PAPPAS 40 QUARRY STREET, FALL RIVER, MASS. INTERIOR DECORATORS COMMERCIAL and INDUSTRIAL PAINTINGS ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Fall River- Somerset- Government Bases- H ' h Eld l ' ' Locust St. Housing for the Elderly Ngsvsuggefognii epolicjrgation SHOAHSSSNQVU1 Au station avisvi e Cerebral Palsy Building Chine Village Mental Health Clinic Our Lady of Health Church Bristol - Colt High School Andrew Elementary School Earle Hussey Hospital Oliver Elementary School Saint Michael's Credit Union Side HOSPUUIS- Belshertown Monson Shirley School for Boys Durtee Trust Company S.M.T.I. Heating Plant Hanscom Air Station Otis Air Station Newport Naval Station Natick U.S. Army Testing Waltham Municipal Center Franklin Elementary School Quinsigarnond College, Worcester Worcester State Hospital Hammond Hall-New Bedford Vocational High Swansea Public Library East Bridgewater Public Library Barrington Town Hall Eastham State Beach Warren Fire Station St. Robert Belarmine Church, Johnston, R. I. East Providence Fire Station Holy Ghost Church, Tiverton THE BRIDE'S SHOPPE asa SOUTH MAIN STREET Tel.: 674-4198 24 Hours S RICHARD RODERICK COMPLIMENTS OF PLUMBING and HEATING Residential and Industrial Piping I SYLVIA and LEO GOLDBERG DOROTHY and EDWARD RICCI 1174 NORTH MAIN srmzsr FALL RIVER. MASS. I V A L c o U R T SOUSA'S PHOTO SERVICE Industrial Supply Co., InC 34 BORDEN srmazr DiS,,ibu,O,s O Builder's Hardware O Industrial Suppli O Institutional Supplies O Contractor Equip t FAST SERVICE ON PHOTO-FINISHING 253-287 EAST MAIN STREET FALL RIVER. MASS. OS 5-7116 Dial: OS 3-4512 MONTAUP SAND GRAVEL AND CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION SWANSEA, MASSACHUSETTS TORCI-IIA STUDIO 368 SOUTH MAIN STREET FALL RIVER, MASS. SWANSEA CONSTRUCTION CO., Inc. 397 LOCUST STREET SWANSEA, MASS. THE COACHMEN TIVERTON, RHODE ISLAND BANQUET FACILITIES FROM 50 tO 650 Food and Service Fit for Kings For Reservations: Call 624-8423 CAM., 53 MALL Womens, Misses', Iuniors', Girls' and Infants' Wear, Fashions Newest Accessories for Quality for Value for Fashion Shop at CI-IERRY's . . . Fall River's Largest Store Devoted Exclusively To Fashions KENNETH A. POTTER IONATHAN H. POTTER DONALD L. POTTER P O T T E R FUNERAL SERVICE ESTABLISHED 1892 81 REED ROAD 6: WESTPORT, MASS. 02790 139 S. MAIN STREET FALL RIVER, MASS. OS 9-6411 Te1,: 636-2100 O'ROURKE FUNERAL HOME MICHAEL I. McMAHoN 571 SECOND STREET BISZKO BROTHERS CONTRACTORS cmd BUILDERS '85 CHURCH STREET I I I FAU- RIVER' MASS- FALL RIVER, MAss. A , os 9-6072 Office: Tel 679-6049 CQMPLIMENTS OF GOOD LUCK, GRADUATES BRISTOL KNITTING MILLS. Inc. WHITE EAGLE BEVERAGES. Inc- 951 BROADWAY 376 PECKHAM s1'REE'r FAU- RIVER' MASS- FALL RIVER, MAss. L A V O IE ' S SPRAGUE S'I'REET MARKET IEWELEAS -1- OPTICIANS ANTONIO C mm zaa so. MAIN sr., coR. SPRING ' FALL RIVER, MAss. 02121 Dicxl: Area Code 617 672-2852 A s A U L N 1 E R ' s 1-Hour Sparkle Drive-In Cleansers TRAVIS F E CO" Inc' 155 Oak Gffggbc-xi-'7F?ig3Aive" Mass- FURNITURE FOR EVERY HOME I - -Bffmch Sfofe- Tel.: os 7-9859 958 County Street, Somerset OSborne 3-6212 I 4 COMPLIMENTS OF A i I i N I THE FRIENDS I li ' OF THE 5 1966 MERCYCREST 4 1 1 I 110 Cpongrafugcfiond TO THE CLASS OF 1966 from THE MOTHER MARY CATHERINE MCAULEY GUILD Our Uniforms are made by Parochial Uniforms G Sporting Equipment Q Bl ' 943 sou BEDFO .x X 1 T I 1 X . I 4 I KLL RIVF Y P U B L I C LIBRARY 5 X X XX fi, 1 f 1' xx x x X N ff XX X X f x x NX xx A -- - f x I r X 4 X R xxx - ' U -'4 ' ff ,A,A' R I 322:55 ., b ,N X LX 'x x '.. I . s f .'. 1 w K-. r' u i .. 2. I I ', 'A E if V... 'T . --1 , .... -, 1 fi ,,..f -x. am ' 'AS ' 5 1 S..-- 1.4 h.,1-- I. 41 3 ,Q u -,LII I H I1 kt- 1. 11 .. .. 42 S,-I". J ', . '4 .lj J f X WHEN YOU PRAY 377 ,aa Fall River C1'faa.D. - OU RISE U'jt.St. Mary Academy F 19M E Nercycrest D . , , 1966 377 Fall River' CMa.D. Mt. St. Ovary acaiemy F 191-. Ner'cycr1st 'I' H Q S E 1966 NRE PRAYIN6 T THAT VERY Rf'-TTUR.

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