Mount St Marys Academy - Mercycrest Yearbook (Fall River, MA)

 - Class of 1965

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Mount St Marys Academy - Mercycrest Yearbook (Fall River, MA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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3 n "..4i1IH2fi?E ' QI., , at 1,5 -6,055 I ' 'lun' A dl' 'N - -Q' -224514 ,, alX'Ma"tg1..'gil"? 7 sf-rg --- I 'Q' -ilu. -:Ti-o , A :WW fflmwfei ' v I I: 7' ilk 'i?- -- . , ,HA liiil. vu maui! Q.-Q A-me ,,.,.. TN, , l'v'."'T"'V' W.0h , 3 CON picfure by TORCH IA "MEN WITH CREATIVE IMAGINATION OFTEN ACHIEVE WHAT OTHER MEN MERELY CONSIDER" TEMPORARY ROGRESS x:': , I lfxus x l 2 el 'lx ' t ' U 'F R 4 1 . 1 A Q 1 I ' a 5 1 Tix lx 1 x l 'AV . ,x 5 Z K. ' 1 Q" "J KV N yi ', ' nivl. 'Q 1 n , . 1 'Jail ,ful .L 'I THE GT P MEI' W ww Y, E?'x.-jf Q .:' 'C-r 'Y :J - ,M O Pg 5 5.2.19- .ameri 'M-R ,fiifmx ' P U B L I -i llBRARi"' la 1-L-4-M --""' SEN ! O RS .... ' "i31i,!Ui MOUNT SAINT ARY ACADEMY 3 2036 00391 3551 755 SECOND STREET 0 FALL RIVER, MASSACHUSETTS ACTIVITIES .... .... I 'xlzj E , I 1 'F 4 K r 3 I' N I a . 5 Y ug l ffl-1 , W MW V . fl 4 fgfdif .Riff S .Q -,, t. . . ,, ' . ' ' if . , lr--+,n 1 - ' A2 irnllmsiafl i ' i-Q' f uh' "'sH+". ' h ' - f""+4 ' I 'A E u . -- ....,,,+4. bk. A li f " "' 'ii li f i S KQ. iff. .' " H, 315' ,, f- -1- .,. W -1i.:f,',QAe w -. sf 1-.l1.fp-fy, l.'.?l 'f-N ' L-51,,5,gr.g.1 .rf , u. ,L uthorlfy is e P U B LIC L1saAa'0 ?p.LL RW? DEDICATION Sister Mary Dionysia, R.S.M., former Principal of Mount Saint Mary Academy is nom Registrar at Salye Regina College in Newport, Rhode Island. '-GI" ' T'III.Y" ssenhal . . . to the progress ond perfection of the student." Vve, the memhers of the graduating Class of Blount Saint hilary Academy, proudly dedicate the 1965 lvlercycrest to you, Sister lxlary Dionysia. You hegan your position as principal the same year we hecame part of the lvlount as freshmen. Even though you remained at the Blount for only three years, you have helped us develop spirit- ually, intellectually and socially. Con- stantly aware ol our needs, you gave us the means hy which we could develop into true Christian women. Vve aslc God to reward you for all your lcindness to us and we offer the dedication ol our hoolr as a little tolcen of gratitude. 11 .....,,s N Leading Upward His Excellency, the Most Reverend james Louis Con- nolly, D.D.D. ScH., Bishop of the Diocese of Fall River, has amended each session of the Ecumenical Council. His Excellency, the Most Reverend james Joseph Gerrard, D.D., as Auxiliary Bishop has done much to furrher the Liturgical participation of the Lairy in the Mass. Reverend Patrick O'Neill as Superintendent of schools sees that courses are offered which are adapted to the progress of the Church md the world. Reverend Joseph Delany as Assistant Super- tendent aids Father O'Neil1 in keeping the courses of study up-to-date. Reverend Paul McCarr1ck is Spiritual Direc- tor of the Mount and instructs the girls in Religion. He always shows an interest in all student activities. and Outward i I R Q 'A' Mother Mary Helena, R.S.M.,is Mother Provincial of the Smers uf Mercy. Besides reaching, rhe Sisrers of Mercy gi.. nursing. rare for orphans and work in foreign missions. Progress . . . Mother Mary Alban, R.S.BI.. Assistant Mother Provincial, plans the study program to prepare the Sisters to accomplish their works of mercy according to the present-day wishes of the Church. li I I D l' final!- in the Mercy -:ln Sister Mary Charlotte, R.S.M., is Superior of Mount Saint Mary Convent and shows a keen interest in the progress of the Academy. Sister Mary Consilii, R.S.M., Prm- cipal of Mount Saint Mary Acad- emy, is always ready to pause ir her work to help each student. Aposfolafe --.H I I 1 is F.- .Ax H Sister Mary julian, Moderator of Sports, busies her- Admiring the indutrious religious from South Amer- self in preparing her classes. Sister teaches junior ica is one of Sister Mary Austina's pleasures. Besides Religion, Shorthand II, Typing I and II, Oflice Ptac- English I and II, Sister teachers Religion I and II, tice and Bookkeeping. and is Moderator of the Mercian. Miss Morin, a graduate of the Mount, enjoys a fevs moments of leisure during her busy day. Miss Morin teaches Biology and Chemistry. ,,.., ,ff '17 Daily reading is a must in Sister Mary Car- melita's Shorthand Class. In addition to Short- hand I, Sister teaches American History, English IV and Personal Typing, and she is Moderator of the Debate Club. IU 5 IN L c L rcmh u 1 surrounclul l s 'N in t l t UK K L Cl S FU E1 H11 ntlw ulturt Hxsrtr ttatht Frtntn 1 Qlster Nhrxe Lurmme svatthcs Susan Arrufll tom plete her Al chm problem Qlsrcr tmtlwes Gen er Nhth A gebm I and Musn. and she Nlodemtor of the Glee Club W 0-v4,,,, .XLJ -ggbx Slster Mars Mercy, Moderator of the Dramatlc Club enjoys a remark made y one of her Amerxcan Hxstory students Besndes teachmg Amemcan Hrs tory to junnors and Seniors Sister teaches Englnsh IV Onward To Broader Horizons if Sister Mary Rose explains a point in Latin to Elizabeth Bergeron. Sisters -thetlule includes German 1, as well as Latin I,II,III, IV, and she is Moderator of the Latin Cluh. eacling To Spiritual and Scholastic Goals Sister Mary Fidelis teaches English, Latin and Geometry. Here Sister demonstrates the use of an overhead projector, one of eleven, granted to the Mount, in a contest spon- sored by the 5-M Company. xl' f I I 9? Gm 'limi Sister Mary Denisita reviews the new Religion program. In addition to this course on the Freshman, Sophomore, and junior levels, Sister teaches Spanish II and III and is Moderator of the Spanish Club. 4 Sister Mary Phyllis teaches French I and II, Religion III and Geometry. Sister is Mod- erator of the Honor Society and the Student Government. Mr. john Ursprung from the Wlilliam Cooke Pub- lishing Company discusses the layout of this year's Mercyrrest with Sister Mary Benita, Afercycrext Ad- viser. Sister teaches English II and IV, Math IV and Religion III. V1 7 Sister Mary Mercy, Librarian, and Miss Mildred Sullivan, her assistant, discuss one of the new books. The librarians work hard to make research papers and reading more enjoyable for all. Sister Mary Ludivine, Sister Mary Mercy, Sister Mary Carmelita and Mrs. Raymond Carvalho teach American History to juniors and Seniors. Here they discuss the many advantages of visual aids. q 1 i S 3 ,., .Xe 1 1 'r 1 li i I A k 5: I5 Christine Souza prepares a slide for Biology Lab. Under the direction of Sister Mary Chabanel the Biology stu- dents learn much about the wonders of nature. Sister also teaches Religion II, Physics and General Science. Sister Marie and Mrs. Muriel Medeiros share Sister Mary Consilii's joy as Sister announces the final returns of the McAuley Guild for the Mount Scholarship Fund. 1. it 1 -, AM.-i - ' - , -rr, K Mrs. McConnell enjoys a few moments of relaxation after full periods of teaching Advanced Math and Senior Math. Also on her schedule are three periods of Algebra ll. Mr. Thomas Tavares pauses for a few moments to admire his students' work. In addition to Art on all levels Mr. Tavares teaches General Science. . it l iii i ' , 41, Q 8 i f J I 1 D J 1, fl ' X, " 1 Progressing with Church and World Sister Mary Albertus explains an experi- ment to Nancy McKnight and Diane Al- laire. Sister teaches Chemistry, Biology, Religion IV, and is Senior Sodality Moderator. lr! I I Sister Mary Ludivine's schedule includes 5 Spanish I, American History and Religion l IV. Sister is also Moderator of the junior l Sodality. l l l Mr. Arthur Paquette, Direc- tor of the Mount Orchestra, is here playing for the junior Prom. ,P fx 5 I 1 ' 5, "1 N V qv. 'AM' H A QE" 5-Ns 1 '- I' 'Iwi N ,G T X- . V' F4 3 Erehl I. im' PAHIS le I One of the new teachers at the Mount is Mrs. Schongar. She teaches all of the junior English classes and one Senior English. wg k s E N I o R s A. 5 , 1-vi I k . DI.-XNE ELAINE AIJJXIRE Q U30 LIamIwrirIgz: St. Peter anti I3auI 4 ftctivilivsr SotIziIity l,2,3,4: Chr-cring 3.4: I'Il'f'f'HIl LQIUIJ 3: III:-rcinn '5,4g IntmmuraIs 2: .Iunior Rod Cross I.2. .'IcIiiv1'vnn-wits: Chcering Letter 43 .Iunior Ile-cI Cross Cvrtihcatc L21 2nd Grant- StI1onI Science Fair. L3 .I DOLORES MARIE ARRLIDA X 05 KiIIJum St. St. patrick xirtivities: SotIaIity 1.2.3,-I: S0tIaIiiy Pre- Y, vt Ir-ct 4: CIass Treasurer 2.3: Business IxIan- ager OI BnsIie-tIJaII Team 3.4. fifhiczventents: A.P.S.L. Latin I: Nz1tionaI Ifssay :'XntI1oIogy Association Certificate: Legion oI Dr-rr-ncy Trophy: Baskfthall awarcI Ior C0-operation: Easter vigiI Serv- irr' awnrCI. ' -.Z g Kathleen Rczendes represents the typical Mount student, who strives to get closer to Our Lady by imitating her life of prayer. INIAUREEN ARRLIDA I5-t Cory's Lane St. Anthony Portsmouth Activities: .Iunior RecI Cross 2: French CIuh 3: SocIaIity I,2,3.-1: I.iturgicaI Choir 14: Class Secretary, I.2. ftchimufmenls: Junior Red Cross Ct-rtifirate. LOUISE JEAN ALICLAIR 3373 Rivcrsich- Avenue St. Patrick rtclivities: Glas CIUI3 I: Orchestra 2.3,-1: French CIuIm 3.4: Sricnce CIUIJ 2,51 History CEIIIID 4: CIass Vice President 3: Class Secretary -t: Yin- Pre-sicIcnt ot Orchestra 4. Achievements: Science Fair NIerit 2. OUNT SAINT L :Al Anim fE -HR L17 C'I-M'DITITIf RGSE AUGER 3I0 King llliilip SI. Blesseci Saframent Activities: .Iunior Reel Cross I: Science Clulx I.2g Debate Cluiu 2.3: National Honor Sorir-ty 3.4: Sociality l,2,3,4: Great Boolcs Cluim 2.3: I-atin Clula 3: Debate Cluim Secretary 3: National Honor Soriety Secretary 3,4. Acllievemenis: I,2,3: Silver ivledal I: Golcl ixieclal 3: N.E.D.T I,2: Full Tui- tion Scliolarsliip. NANCY CEDIA BARNABY 23 Lalcesliorr- Avenue Our Lacly oi Grave Activities: Bowling I: Dramatics 2: Glee Cluiu I: Vice Presiclent 2.3. PATRICIA ANN B.-XYLISS I25 Niagara St. SS. Peter Paul Activities: French Club 3.4. 'iii-v 4 VIRGINIA CWIAIRIC BAILEY :S+ s -4' PIIYIIIS NIXRIF BAIOCTIII 00 Tallman Axeriiie St. Antlioy ice KXXPIIIH' St. 'I-Iionms xlnri i'Ic'tiuiIies: Orfliestra I,2,3,4: String Iinsem- .firliviliesr Sorlalily I,2,3,-I: Clow Cluli I.2 Iili- 3.4: Baislqetivall I.2.3,4: Yolleyiwall 2.4: 3.-I: Sturlr-nt Gmvrnment 2: Intramurals 3 Siienfo Clulw I: Vrencli Club 2,3,4: Class Ijresiilent I: Class Sefretary 3.4. E: IANICF ANN BEDNARZ I8-I Grinnell St. Holy CYOSS Activities: Give Clulw l.2.3.4: Frencli Cluiu 2.3,-1: Latin Clulv 3.4: National Honor Soriety 3.4: Volleylimall 3: Class Treasurer 4, Acliievements: A.P.S.I.,. 2.3: National Essay Antliology Association Certificate I. MARY ACADEMY Class Presiclent 2: Glee Cluln Sl'f'fI'IZtI'y' 4 ,NZ gg '93, K 'XTHLEEN N IARCARET BENEVIDES -127 Hopf' St. St. ixlary Activities: Gif-e 12. ELIZABETH ANNE BERCERON A166 King St. St. patriclc Activities: Erencln Cluiv 3,-1: Science Cluiu 45 Bowling 4: Secretary 43 History 4, K:XTHi-EEN ANNE BOLCER QIA ixlnple Czirrlens St. Xvillinm xlctivitiess Delmte f-iluiv I: .lunior Rt-A Cross 1,25 Drnmatics 2: intrnmurnls 2.14: filer' Clulx l.'l.'5,-1: Gif-e Cluiw Secretary -1. xlcliievenwnts: partial Scimlarsilip to iviount Saint Ninry Ac aciemy. IEANNE LOUISE BRODEUR 207 Ocean Grove Ave. St. Michael Swansea. Nlass. is . 'TTBY J: MARGARET ANN BESHARA 282 Barnes St. lmmafulatc Conception Activities: itiercycrest Typist CAROLYN JEAN BOEF 345 Ames St. St. William Activities: Glee Clulz 1.2.5,-4: Soclality l.2.'5.4: Frencli Club 3.-1: History Ciuln 5: History Club President 5: Class Treas- urer 4. Acilievements: N.E.D.T. Certificate 2. X Activities: Sociality 1.25,-1: Junior Refi 5 Frnss 2: Dramatics Club 2: Mercymest 4: Literary Editor oi itlercycrest 4: Latin Clulw '55 History Clulm 4. Aciiievements: A.P,S.l... Award 2. I , M - T. Cf'ftiliCF1tC l.2: Full Tuition Sflmolar- X A ANNE CARPENTER BRKJXYNELI- XYL-st xlain Road St, Ciatllerinrr l-ittlr' Compton, R.I. .-lctivities: Delxate Cluln l,2,3,4. Soclality l,2.4g Orcliestra l,2,3.-t: ,Iunior Rod Cross Ig Frenrll Cluin 3: Science Cluim I,2.4: Class Secretary 2.4: Delmate Clulm President 3.4. Aciiievenwnts: Award 2: ,J-L slmip to Nlount Saint Nlary :Xracleniyg Tliomas Blom Reading Association Award. w -A SANDRA NIARIE C.-XBR.-XL 337 East Hilton St. Holy Glwost No. Tiverton, R.l. Activities: junior Red Cross l: Latin Cluln 3: Frvncii Clula 2.3.41 National Honor Society 3.4: Liturgical Clwir l,2,3,43 Class President 2: Class Treasurer 4. ,'xClliPlI?f7lPfIiSI l,'2.3, LUCINDA CAIVIARA 804 Lee River Ave. St. Iolm ol God Somerset, Nlass. Activities: Dramatics Clulb 2: Frenclx Clula 2.14: History Club 4: History Clulo presi- dent 4: National Honor Society 3.4: Iliercy- crest 3.4: Junior Prom Committee. rlciiievementsr Scholastic Letter l: N.E.D. T. Cc-rtillicate I: Tilird Grant in Sciiool Science Fair 3. QW? . . kv. f PHYLLIS MARILYN CANEDY ELAINE CECILE CARLETON 59 Glendale St. ' Nortlx Ciiristian CllUfCl1 ISO Tluomas St. Immaculate Conception Activities: Frencln Clulu 3.4: Science Club Activities: Sodality l.2: Junior Red Cross 4: History Cluln 4. L21 Bowling I: Intramural lnaslcetlnall 2: Pro-American Clulo l,2: ilfiercian Stall 4: Vice President 4. Aciiievementsr Junior Red Cross Certificate: Ixledal lor Slwortlmand. Each year the entire student body participates in the May crowning by forming a living rosary around Mary, Queen of the Mount. Last May Cecilia Polka crowned Our I.ady's statue while other seniors formed the guard of honor. af C,-XYIIT ITRANFIS CTXRRITIRO I 33 RufInmn SI. XYIIIIQHN 1 ' - - 3 I IlI'lIH'9' cYIf'l' CIIIIW I w I Illllllil' IXKTI neg ,lg 'i' 4 fl Ia 2,311 I..lIm I Iul I r I Ir n I1 u 1 1 IntmmurnI- 2.3: FIMQ X iw I,rt-sirIf-nl I.eI. W I II m ll X I I X ur I I 1 . 1 ' Q U 'tem' ur s. . 1.5. ., . xx. 1 .2. ual Z I V LOVIFE IEXNNE CQXSAYXNT I0 TurIv'r Sl SI, ,Ir-an Bnplial Irlirilivs: Dt'-Imalle 'Llp AIl'f4lClf1 -I3 cIn Yin- Presirivnl 3: CIass Presirlrnt -1, 4 .-., 4 ww-I IOYCF NIARY CHRUPC-XI.,-X LINDA ANN CORNIIITR ISR SanIorfI RcI. St. SlnnisIaus 32 Chesler Sl. SI. TI1eresa Nm Xvestporl Tiverlon .-Irlirilivs: S0tInIiIy '.2.'I: InIramuraIs 2.5: .-Iclivities: Cleo CIuh I.2,3.e1: Spanish CIM FIHIT Ig Iunior RCLI Cross IQ: I-iIurf CIuIu 3,43 Sc-rrc-tary OI Spanish 3 giraI Choir -1. Treasurer oI Spanish -I. Graduation is n happy event for the families of the Seniors, especially for the brothers and sisters who serve as ushers. Pictured here are the brothers of Paula Perry and Jacqueline Lessard with julie Urban, Ruth Drury and Margaret Vascohcellos. li-1 1 - rs Q . -A r . in , . I I If I f" -- r 1 " 1 D If 'L I u I I - 1 'f iff- I I LIDIA CHRISTINA COST.-X I63 XViIIiam SI, SI. Louis .'Idir'iIi0s' Orc'I11x:trn I.2,3.4: SorInIiIy IQ. 3,43 Hklory CIUIJ 3: Alcrcicm VI: Claw SPCICIEIFY 3.4. li" js- 'N' XNTY .IOYF VI 'RR XX' JI RifIm1rmfI -I-InirwI Iiipiiil CIIIUY4 .'Irli1'iIi1-Q OrxIiIfNIr:1 I,l,3,I I'YI'V'II4II CIIUI 3.4: SfIl'IIll' CIuIu YI: IYI1'Im.iling Sofirix '42 Vfillow Lane St- Amimnx. Ifi,-I. IjuIfIis' gI'Jv'ilI'xIIIQ I: P.xrIn.imr'riIC.r1.1r Pm.tQmOutIl I DriIwaIinE 3: fqoriwrtrinisvrl-M fIrIIm.-.Ira ,-Irlirilivsr Spanish CIIIIW 3,-I: 5I0n'ian -1, "ICI':""'I""""Q NED-F II"f'IfU:'I'I 2-I A 3,-I. g"'l'UI'iCI II4'II1f7I"'g1II 111v I SVIVIIK Fair -I. 1' -nl A 1 'kofx 5 I N J vi XI M NIONIQUE NIARGUERITE DENIERS 33-1 Anthony St. St. Jean Bapliric- Aclivifies: Junior Red Cross I.2: Srivnrr- CIuIm I: Fr:-ncI1 CIUI1 2.3.-I: Iwercian 3.4: NaIionaI Honor Society 3.4: IntramumIe 3,-1: Frr-nrI1 CIUIJ Sccrviary 3: CIaSs Trras- urvr 3: NaIionaI Honor Society Trcniurvr 3.4. Arflivvvnwnfsr ScconrI Award SCI1onI Sricnce Fair. RUTH DRIIRY DONNA FIARY DUPGNT I SIacIe SI. Our Lady of Fatima STO -III1ircI SI. St. 5Iary's Calhmira Somf-rgpf ,Iclivilicx Give CIuI9 2.14: InIramuraIs 2 Activities: SocIaIity I,2,'5.-1: OrrI1cstra 2: I,uIJIic Speaking 4: Alercycresl Typist -1. History CIuI'J 3.4: Iniramurais 2,5.4: Iqercy- crest 3. .IOA N ANN F.-XFHO 233 Xvarren St, Peter and Paul .4cti1'ifies. Spanish Cluh 3: Student Coun- cil ll: Treasurer 3. These girls worked hard to achieve speed and accuracy in typing. The result was a certificate presented by Sister Mary julian. The girls are Janice Rodriques, Carol Machado, Margaret Vasconcellos, Carol Forneiro, Vivian Pelletier, jo Ann Mosley and Kathleen Fitzgerald. lfYY'l3Hl:X lxxli liRDhl.-XXX .52 filnlv St St, Stanislaus .lrlvutir-5. Stutlc-nt Council lp Soclality l,2, 3.4. Bowling l.4. .xlvrtian 3.41 Fremli Cluli 2.3.41 lntramurals 2.3.41 Scienfe Qluli 3.4: Latin Cluh 2.3.1, National H Honor Sotiety 3,4. ,lunior Retl Cross l.2.3: Ioixgx FQLXRIS Bowling Spcmtan, ll Ednorgm-Chipr BIN- 354 Third bt. St. hlaryls Cathedral 003 Rodman bt. bb. Peter and Paul dan 47' i 1 .-tctirities. Soflality l,2,3: Frenfh Cluh 3.4: .-lrtivitiess Bowling l: Glee I. .'lfliivl'pnwntS A l-atin Award 2 3' Baikptllall l-2-3-di Debate ll Yollovljall 33 Bowling Tmplw 1: 'Umor Cami Cgrl lunior Rwl Cross 2. Dramatic 23 Basltethall iliralq l.2: New Yorlt Times journalism l'2'5'41 Corcaplain 2' -XWMA 3. .-lchivvements: A.P.S.l... Award 2. -""Q -13' x v s b l ,Q 4'5- 3. JW! NANCY ANN FERRIS I33 Bearclsworth Road Holy Ghost Tiverton Activities: Stuclcnt Council I: French Clula 2.3.-I: ixlercian staff 3.4: Yollf-yhall 3: In- tramurals 2.14: Grrfat Boolxs Cluh 2,31 History Cluh -1: Xational Honor Society 4: Stuclent Council Representative I, .lcliievenwntsr .A.P,S.I.., I: hloclal 2: Ilon- orary Scholarship I-I yearsl NEDT 1.2: National ylerit Letter of Comme-nclation. CAROLYN VIRGINIA FINELL I-1D Nlaple Garclc-ns St. Elizahcth Activities: French Club 2,'5.4: .Iournalism 3.-1: Bowling 3: Vice President, Treasur r French Cluh 4. Achievements: .A.P,S.L. tif-'f 2, W. . .11 .., -4'f"J Sl v--'V NI XIHLYXRFT XYY IWIERIQI-IR 'X Ilfif Rmlm.iItStf1"t Illtlr l .nlv ol llwiilfln 'Iiw-rtori xlctivitics Cleo Iilula l,5,I, Intiirgiial . .X V - Ilmir .., llistory Ciliiti I, Fmlzilitx -I, I XIARILYN CIADYS FERREIRA 239 Cnnonicus St. Holy Ghost Activitivs: lr. RMI Cross I: Liturggical Choi 2.3.43 Frvnrli Cluh 2.7,-1, l .'xCl1t9l'l'fY'lPf1IS:' I. gil -r-'K KATHLEEN SUSAN FITZGERALD 855 Bay Street St. Patriclc Activities: Bowling I: Volleyball 3: iwercian typist 4. .-Achievements: Typing .Au-arcl, ELAINE NIARIE FITZSININIONS T75 Bristol Ferry Road St, .Anthony Portsmouth Activities: Soclality I: Spanish Cluh 3.4: History Clula 3.4: Baslcetlnall Intramurals 2.3,-1: Pro-.American Cluh 2. t ".' XROI- CNHRIFTINIT FORNITIRO IANIFF A. GACYF JVDITH NI.-XRIF CAGNONI IQ Nlcrritt Avoruxc HoIv Glwit 61 BPIIN-im Avenue Holy Clmost ISYS Stallorcl Roacl St, .Ivan Bnptistr' rlclirilivs: Hktory Clulw 3: Suflnlity 3.1: nlrtivitirw: Pmaslcvtlwall 13,41 CIM- Clulm I, 'lrtivitivsr Frrnrlx Clulm 2.3.41 Iunior Red SPEIUIQII Clulw 3,43 Flvrrian 3,-I: Claw 25,43 ITl'l"f1l'I1 Clulm 4: Saionrf' Clulp 4: Frm: 2lSIlI1If'I1I CmlnriIRr'prf'Sc'ntaIivf' 4. Trvaiurvr 4, Ilistory Clulw 4: Intramural Captain 2.3: .-ICI1im'vr1wnts: 2. .'ICI1i0l'Pnu'nts' Typing .-Xwarcl 3: Slmrtlwancl Sr-rrctary 2. xxwarrl 3. 'iii- I Q I 3155, -A vo- rd "7 CHARIENII GALIJXNT SANDRA L. GAUDREAU PAULA JEAN C-AIIIIHIER 709 I3nI4r'r Strr-ot St. Xvilliam OI Tlmmas Strvvt Immaculate Concoption 03 Bcarclswortll Road Holy Ghost ,Ictir'iti0s: Iuninr RMI Cross I: History xlctiviticsr Frr-nrlm CIUIJ 3: Deloatc Clula 3: Activities: Fri-ncI1 Club 2.3,-I: Ixlerrion 3.4: lqlulw 2: Inlramurale 3.4: Comnmittecs 3.4: Intramural Idaslirtball 3. Intramurals 2.3: National Honor Society Spaniilu Clulu 4: Claw Prr-eiclvnt 3. 3.4: Co-Iitlitor .Version 4: Stuclcnt Council Rcprvscntative 4. xlcltivvenwnts: I: 2. PATRICIA GERTRUDE C-IBBONS 00 Slade Street St. John ol Cod rlctittitivs: Sodality 3.4: Student Govern- ment 3.4: Iiistory Cluh 3: Spanish CIuI'J 3: Student Government Yice President 4. . 2 N W V' K I 'J 4 .1 . :A I ' A x 5 v .9 v . F5 ., '.. ,sg N f SANDRA L. GIFFORD 29 Canonicus Street Holy Ghost Activities: Flercian Typist 4. 9' .' fy IV' LINDA JANE GONIES NANCY NIARII2 GORDON IOT Brayton RCI. St. Ixiadeline Sophie I-I5 Xvilliston Sl, SS. Peter and Pau Activities: Science Cluh 2.4: French Cluh .-Ictivilies: Intramurals 2.3: Xvorld Ailairs 3.4: Dt-hate CIUIJ 3: Great Boolcs CIUIJ 2.3. Cluh 3, Acliievenwnts: A.I3.S.I.. Latin Award: Essay Award I: N.E.D.T. Tests 1.2. These dainty little French maids are Cynthia Moniz, Carol Boff and Maureen Krauzyk. Our hostesses did everything possible to make our junior Prom a success. Mount girls are always generous in offering their assistance whenever needed. Tix Prism fy ll JYFF lfl.l7.-Xlllflll CRIIKNXYOOD 93 Brarltvtt fxw-rtlto tflttly Trinity .lt'lii'itir's- luniur R.-.I firuea l,23 Cn-nl Boolcs Clulm 2,35 Frencli Clulw 25,45 volley- tmll '31 lntmmuml 2,33 lllcrtycrvst -I: Class Treasurer I : National Honor Smivtv gtlis- tory Cluls . flL'lltt'l't'l7l4'UlSI l,2g A-X.P.b.l,. 2 4 yi-:urs Svliolursliip to Nlount. NNYFY Nlkltllf CRFCORIO -176 lxlt, llope XXVI", Our l-acly ol Angels flctiltilios: pro-.xmrrirun ClulJ 2: GlCC Cluld 2.7: ljrvmln Clulm 25,13 l..ntin ClulJ '53 ln- tmmurnl 2,1-11 lunior R.-tt Frou 2: History Clulw 4. ,"tl'Ilt1'l'UfTlf'lllSI .'X.pS.l.. :Xwnrclp American National Rr-cl ffross Cr'rtilic.ttv. During the month of October, the student body joined with the Sodality to commemorate United Nations Day. Students forming the cross of the living rosary led in prayer for the intention of world peace. l3pXTRlf'l.-X CrXTl'lERlNE UUNNING '22 Slim-rumn Avcnlle. Sl, Barnallas Portsmoutli flctiititivs: Sorlality l,2,'5,-1: Frrncli Cluli 23,43 Orclizrstra l,2,3,4g lntrnniural 2.3: String liH5t'lIll7lP 2.'5,e1: National Honor Society 3.4: Stufl.-nt fiouneil I: Class ljrvsicient 3: Presiclont ol National Society -4. xlrliievcntents: we - KATHLEEN HACKETI' -IOS Antliony Street St. Xvilliam Activities: lntramural '25 Dmmatics 2: His- tory Clulm 5: Liturgical Clioir 4. Nr' cv' 3 vm I 4. X I . 'V if f I 1 DIANE C. ISHERVVOOD 39 Palmer Rd. Holy Trinity Episcopal Tiverton, R.I. Activities: Science Clulb 1: Glee Club 12. NANCY CHARLOTFE JACKSCN 541 King Plwilip Street St. Patriclc Activities: Glce Club 1.2.3.-1: Frenclm Cluln 3.4: Mercycrest Assistant Business Ecl. 4: History Club 4. Achievements: A.P.S.L. Award. V' lu rf " ' H1i1,EN PA'1'R1C1.X 11F.L1-K0 530 fill-lflfi if lolmvs lllxrania .lr'tii'i1zvi' gmlnlitx 1.31, Q. 1. my 1' 1-11, 2.5,-1, 5I!.I11IXl' flul, 1.1, Xaitmyml llfttiw Smit'-tx' 3,-1: l..u11n fNllll'J 3.1: 'l-rfnstirfr m Q . A - v. 7. .'lci1rei'e:v1ents' latin C 1-rtilitalf-Q 2.3: Grant in Science Fair 2.3. 31ON1QL'lf Fl-l7:Xl3ffTl1 HOLT 330 parli Avenue St. rxntlwony ljortsmoutlm, Rl Activities: History 3: French Clulu -1. F1 4 v":' NANCY LOIS JACKSON 66 Sprague St. St. Anthony Portsmoutim. R.l. Activities: Soclality 1.2.3,4: Bowling 2.-4: Science Club 2.3: Orchestra 1.2.31 Frencii Clulo 4. Achievements: Two tmplxies in Bowling 2: Tlmircl awarcl-Science Fair 3. HARILEE THERESA JANICK 37 Benton St. SS. Pr-ter ancl paul Activities: Soclality 2.3.41 Spanisli Clula 3: Glee Cluls 1,2.3.-1: Latin Cluir 3: Drama- tirs 2.3.4. l . pzumslm f lulw 1: X uf- Pr-elf-ft ul 51'lfl.1l1lV -1 5,1792 j 1 W-Pvwgfissffwggf ' "' iz" I: - O, if ,,, ,:'i.3 " ' ,s '5""k'7 -ef' if , ,-if 43" 2, ' 'ffm' Q. f-P , CT?" il X JANICE KARCZ 2 Flats' ,Xvcruiv St. Stanislaus l'lil'ilivS: Qilvv Clulm l,2,3,-lg lirvnili Clulm J41 lr. Red Cross lg Liturgical Choir 4. K.-XRFN Fl F,-XN.-X JONFS R6 Svnfimnc-t Buulvvnril St. Anthony lyltflilllftlllll rlftivilivsf Bowling l,2.'5,-1: Bowling Cluly Trvzifllrvr, fxl'I1l!'t'Pl7lP!l-lSI A.P.S.l,.: IQ. JOYCE .'XNDRtipX JORDAN 40, hlt, llopv Avciuiv N. ljntriflc ,litii'itics: bl.-it Kilulx l,2,'5,-l: Scicncv Club I,1: lntmmurnls 'lg lfrvmli Clulm -1: Soilality -I: DfilllliillLS 2.3.4. ,li'l1ivwr'ivrits: :X,l,.S,l.. 2,31 Yllliircl Grant- FL IPIH 1' l'illI' 2. PATRICIA ANN KENNEY 94 Alan Avenue St. Anthony Portsmouth Activilivss Soclality 12.35 Fiench 2,1 4: Baslcethall l: History Clulo 2.3: lntra- murals 2,11 fldlievenlenls: 2. PAULINE ANNE KING 'SIS Birch Street St. ljatriclc Activities: History Cluh 25,41 Lilarary Aide -1. At the junior Prom Louise Auclair, Vifayne Levesque, Mary Lima, William Turner, jo Ann Murphy and Eric Danneman take time out from dancing to have a lirrle punch and to char a while with Sister Mary Benita. iii. Slim 1J,J 'Q-"LQ, KJ i .L A 1 G:XlL 'VHERESA KERRICLXY 333 Scroncl Street St, Nlary fatlierlral .lctivitiesr Glee Clulu l,2,'5,4: So-,lality I, 25,11 Dclmip 2: lntramurals 2.3.43 His- tory Clulq 3.4: Frencli Cluli 5: Clie-ering -1: Dramatics 2.3: Stuclent Government i,'5g Vice Presiclent ol Cleo Clulu 4. flcl1ivi'vi1wntS: lxlerit Award Scliool Science Fair 33 Clic-ering Letter 4. ELIZABETH JO.-KN KN.-XPINSKI S22 Cliarles Street St. Stanislaus rlctivities: lntraniurals 2: Frencli Club 3,41 llistory Clulw 2.5.41 Latin Clulu 3: Lilarary Nirlv 4: Class Sc-rretarv 2.3. .'lCIlt0l'Cf7'l97ttSI A.P.S.L. 1.25. 'E ELIZABETH ANN LANE lT2 Wvest Hooper Street Holy Glmst Tiverton Activities: Liturgical Clioir 2,'5.4: lvlercian Typist 4: Dramatics 2: Latin Clula 3. Achievernents: 1.2.3. PIERRETTE ELORA LAPOIYNTE I0-47 Spencer Street St. Jean Baptiste Activities: Science Club 1.2,-is Glee Clulo 2: Frenclw Club 1.2. Achievements: Science Awarcl I. rd 5l:Xt,'REEN FRANCES KRQXLTZYK 633 Stafford Roacl St. Vvilliam .lctii'itiv5: Bowling 2.3: Soclality l,2,'5,4: lunior Real Cross 2: Science Clulp 1.2.45 Dramatics 2. G.-X3 LE LAGASDE Fen' Lane St. Tlieresa Tlxerton rlctivittvs: Soclality 2.3.42 History Cluln 3: Science Clulu A1. 'PYT' - .lclm i i ments. ,a. ff? Ji fi 47 Upon arrival at the junior Prom last year, Mount juniors were greeted by the cheerful smile of Sister Mary Dionysia. Anne Martel introduces her escort, Ronald Jasmin, to our former principal before going in to dance. l.-'XNIF l,AXP0RTlT IOYCE KATHRINE LEP.-XGE H Cflll-'IQP gtf'f'1'l St, xlziryls Cntlirclrnl 2221 Pleasant St. lmmaculate Conception .lrtii'itivs- Cleo Clulm l,2,3,-lg Frenclx Cluln xlctivitics: Glvc l.2.3,-1: Sodnlity l,2, '3.l: illvnvirvsl -1, 5,43 United Nations 5.4. .tcliivwrvxrfntsr fsvrtilirnte 2 ,V ' N, Y 3 v e- ' 4 lgx A . .Q . 1 ,J - 4. X . i S IO ANN Nl.-KRIF LIZOI IE 623 Crandall Rd. St, lxladclinc Sopliie Tiverton xlctiviliesr Student Council Secretary l: Ann-rican History Clulu, l IVMRY KRISTEN UNA Fogland Road St. Nladc-lc-ine Tiverton rlctivitivs: Sodality l,2.'5.4: Great Boolcs 2.3: Frenrli Clulv 4: llfercycrest 4: Student Council President l. Acliievcrnenlsr Partial Scliolarslmip to lvlountz NEDT Certificate 2.3. 173 1 ,if Hx ,Jw N1 PI I COLLEEN TVIAGILL 4 Vvasliington Court St. lvlary Taunton Activities: History Club 3: Intramurals 2: Junior Rc-cl Cross 2: Frenclm Club 4. ANNE LOIS MARTEL 2l Durtee Road Holy Ghost rl iverton Activities: Sociality 3.4: Bowling 2: Science Clulo 2.3: lntramurals 2. Acliievcments: Science Fair Tliirci grant 2: Science Fair ixlerit 3. Q- v- S. FHRIFTINF .PXYNF U 7 llflt Sldflf' fqtrcot St, pair-:llc ,'xCftI'tltPSI History fwluli 2: lmlfiltllllfdlc 3, CXROI. FTKRY VYXFHKDO 330 lr-liicrsnn Ftrcct 0l1rl-:iclx' nl Hr-:illli slctiriliwsr Glen Clulw 2.31: liturgical Flnoii 2, Intramurals 2: Alvrcycruct Typist, .'lcl1ivi'0nwnts: Typing Cr-rtilicntc 3, .-'Q 1 X89 ,ss U 37 JACQUELINE MARTIN 43 Columbia Road St. lxiicliael SXYHDSPR Activities: Sodality I: intramural 2.3: Wier- cian 3: Science Club 4: History Club -4: Class Treasurer 3. Achievements: N.E.D,T. 2. IUDITH ANN MARTIN 122 Nvintlmrop Sr. XVilliam Activities: Junior Red Cross l,2,3.-1: Junior Rcci Cross Hospital Aicle 2: Chairman ol' Junior Recl Cross Student Council 2.3. Sl 'SXN C-XROI. Nl.X'llll.-XS 'W llrimil Fl. Bl!-Nell 5mr.xlnf'i1l ' . 3 - ' , ltlimluw Fo-lnlilv I,-,1,-lp Orclwslrn 1.2, Ahli llllfiilllllfilli 2.3, ll lllfllfil' R4'll L fUi5 2.-5 llqslii-llu.nll l. l'rf-mix l lulw 3,-lg l.nlin Qlllll 3, llislorv Clulm 5,-1. 1.37 .,, .6 IFFFICX MARY FIATTOF IOAN PATRICIA FRELROY ll? Raynmml Sl. lmnmculali' Conception 052 l.nwlon Street Sl. Xvilliam plt'lil'ilics Smlalily l,2,3,A1g C3l"fllCSll'El l,2, .'xt'llll'l'6'V1l0lllSI Third prize School Science 3,13 History Clulv 3. ljair 3 Brothers and sisters of the graduates served as ushers at commencement exercises last year. Elaine Fitzimmons and Mary Mello pose with three brothers of last NXNFY L01 'ISE NlcKNlGHT 50 Xyiuyne Sl. Sl. Xvilliam flclivilies' Cir-r Clulw '2,'5,4: Sodalily 2.3.-1: xll'fCYl'Y'F5f 4: Class Se-crelary I. year's graduates outside the main foyer of the auditorium. I l BEVERLY MARIE NIEDEIROS ELAINE S. BIEDFIROS 1.INI5.'XX1,XI5' VI.17X11Ii'I'1l XIIIDIIIIQHN 134 Fountain Sire-ot Santo Christo 727' Dwvlly Stn-vt St. PatrirI4 13 Fpruw Nrfwl SI 'I'Imn..,g KIM Afiilvttiffs: Qrfhcstra 1,2.3.4: S0c'1a1ity 1.3: Activilivsr Sm1nIity 1.15.43 Sfivnfr- CIu1m S-'nil'-rg.-I Dramatics 4, 25 FFPDCII CIuIv 2.14: Latin CIuIm 3,45 Na- ,1lIIl'II1r'x Vrftml, C'Il,I, 2,1-1, ,Nl,,,i,,,, 3.1 ti0nnI Honor Smivty 3.-1. Ynliun,iI IItvrmr Suit-tv 3.1, .'1C'lI0l'Pf7lPV'lISI AwarcI 1,21 :XP .1i'I1ivrw-rm-nie rX,I3SI. .Xtmrfi 1,2 SI-. Latin :XwarcI 1.25: PartinI SCIIOIHT- sIlip to Ix1ount. .mf -.Gi Q:-7 Muff., X., x. x 5' MADELINE NIFDEIROS V5-1 Davis Road our Lac1y 01 Gram NIO. VV:-slport Acliivilivs: Spanish CIu1'm '5,-ig History CIu1v 4. LINDA MARIE HELLO 2944 E. IVIain Rfl. St. Anthony p0Y1im0lI111, Activities: Debate C1u1v 1,2,3.4. Dramatirs 23.41 Great BonIcs CIUIJ 2.5: Iqercycresl 42 History CIuI'm 1: Vice Prrsidvnl 01 De- Imtv CIUIJ 3: Trvasurer 01 Debate CIu13 4. LQ. I' :- NIARY ELIZABETH HELLO 00 RnvmonfI SIYPPI Iiepirito Santo fictivitips: Spanish CIUI1 Vi. Achievements: N.E.D,T. 1.2. 1? CAROL ANNE 3 IIKOLAZYK 233 hvilliur Slrcct St. Pntriclc xlctivitivsf Frcnrll Clulw 2,35 lllorrinn 14: lntrnmurnls 2: l-atin Clulv '5: History fwlulw 4. .-lchiet-cnwnls: A.P.S,l,. 2. After dancing to the music of Mr. Paquette's Orchestra, Paul Duggan, Carol Mikolazyk, Elizabeth Nasser, and Robert Klimka enjoy the Paris atmosphere of our sidewalk cafe. The little Parisian cafe was a special feature of the prom. Al,YlN.-X hllRANDA l,lNDA MARIE lVllRANDA 211 Bullington gtrvr-t SS, Pc-tvr ancl Paul 53 Alhion Strf-ct Espirito Santo Aflipilfngj Soflnlily Sfivnrf' Clllly 33 flf'lll'ifl0Sf HlSl0Fy' Clllll 21 Lllllrglfal Cl'l0lf lxlorcian -13 Bowling 4, 'S,-I: Spanish Cluh 5: lllvrcycrost 4. rlcltiorvnintsr Honorahlr hlcntinn in En- trance Exam. wwfw' H l ', A CYNTHIA LOUISE lVlONlZ 606 Locust Str:-vt Sacrecl Heart xlctivities: Soclality 1: Stuclent Council 3: Drnmatics 2: Junior Rrcl Cross 2: Baslcet- Imll l,2.'5: lllercian 3.-1: Spanish Cluh 3: Yicc--Prcsirlc-nt l,2: Presiclent 3: Co-Cap- tain .l,V. 2.5. Achievvmvnls: Awarcl 2.5. I 1 I I. I I u I I 1 1 I I I I I I I I I I .iii PATRICIA ANN HQRIARTY I5 Sf-ttIi-r Street St. AntI1ony's Activities: SocIaIity I,2,3,-1: History CIuIm 3. JOANNE MARIE IVIOSLEY 26 Francis SIYPPI St. PatrirIc .Activitiesz SocIaIity I,2,3.4: Orchestra I,2. 3.4: Spanish CIuI'J 3: III0rcian 3,4: Intra- muraIs 2.3: String EnscmI3Ie 2.3: Orchestra Troasurcr 4. rIcI1ieven1ents: Typing CertiIicaIe 3: Or- cI10stra Pin 3. 1, 3+ A IZ.. NIARY I,Ul 'ISIC NIC If INIIY JH ISYIIAIUII IXXPIIIIP St XXIIIIIAIII ,Al'IIl'IIh'F' 5L'lItlIIIy 2.j:,I, FILIIIIQII llul, 1,I: IIIFIHTY f,IuI5 J: I3rMIlrxgj I. IHIFII' mur.iI 2, ,IcI1:ti'vr1u'r1If: ISIIXNIIYIQ IropI1y I. NIXRIIC 'IIIIfRIfbIf NIUIQCEAN 30 AYaIlor Stroot IJatrirIt .:Ictii'i!itfS: Latin CIUIJ 35 I?ronfI1 I2IuIw 3,4 f'IuIw 2: Dramatics 2.3.4. p cI1ivi'Pmvn!5: Latin .Awards 2.3: Sfwnr Fair Awards 2.3. I , 'J Nr'-1 .IOYANN NILIRPHY IJPFICIIHTTI Road St. Catherine I,itlIr- Compton .Actiritivsz SocIaIity I,2,3.-I: OrrI1Qstra 1.2, 3,4: Fr:-ncI1 CIUIJ 3.4: StufIont CounciI 2.4: Dr-Ioato CIUIU I.2: SocIaIity Sccrrtary -I: Studrnt CounciI Rr-prcsonlativc 2.4. .-Icfniewnwntsr PartiaI ScI1oIarsI1ip. PATRICIA ANN MURPHY T9 DougIas Avenue St. AAFIIIIOHY Portsmouth xIcIivitir's: SncIaIity I,2.3.4: FrencI1 2.3,4: PIcrcian 3.4: Latin CIUIJ 3.4: Na- tionaI Honor Society 3.4: History CIUIJ I: Student CounciI 4. 'wo U3 I,2,3,-Ig 5ocIaIiIy 4: Fcif-:Nc N I ,-XRY ELI ZYXBITTH NASSER 2 Kung I'ItiIip Sin-cl Fl, Ihxlriclc Iilirtln-N 6.1.10 C IuIr I,2.1,I, LI1-H-ring 1. IMIIIIQII IIUII 1, I..tlm IIIIIW J: Flutivnl I tumtl I. Ilislnrx' 'Ip Class -Iircnsurr-r I.2: X iw Ilri sitlc-nl of Fpnnish I IuIv w Xt'lllt'l'!'Y7lt'7lI5 I..iIin I-, 33 IiIn'i'rinQ I auf-r 1 :Nd KATIIIEFN ANN P.'XC'IIIiC0 I'I SnwII Slrnvl Iyvlcr anrI I,dIII clirilins: SmI:nIilv I.'l.3.I: Ch-0 CIuIw I 1,-I: I-QTPHIII CIHII J,-I: 5Iu4If-nl CIYIITIYII 1 DFDIIIZIIIYQ Clulw 2: Iialin CIuIw 35 Iunior Rr-:I Fruea I.2.3: Inlramurnls 2.3. xt'Ill1"l'0f7ll'flI9f I-, firrlilifalt' 2.3 I.-XNICF I.Ol'I5E NOYO ANNE LOUISE OCONNELI- 230 Ifountnin Slrvvl Snnlo Clmrislo II Ash TXXPDKII' Holy Ghost ,Icli1'ilivs: flrchcslra I: Smlalily I,2.3: No, Tin-rlon, RI filwering 3.1: Inlramurals 2,33 .Iunior RMI .'Ic!ir'ilivs: Inlramumls 2.3.41 Junior RHI firnss IQ: Iunior Prom Cmnmillec 5: Cross I,2: Dramalics 2.3: Class Treasurer Spanish CIuIw 3.4: Hislory CILIIJ IA, 2. .'IL'lllPl'Pl1l1'YlI9I Lalin Mother Mary Helena discusses the many changes which have taken place at the Mount with Lily XVall-ter, joan XVhite and Elaine Carleton. The change which means most to the girls is their Liturgical participation in the Mount First' Friday Mass. . u 5 . . I 1 W' 4 I ' f' U fra It - 5 Ili e gg: J i t'i1.1.'iff.. 14 n'I 'coli 1 lk I ,v3i'. I I f I II If I' ' I u 'l .h 'lx ' . lv 'I f NIE-4 It-' .71 li, I Q . -ilu, gr if-'qi i N I, ' ' ' :qt i -J? '39 il, 'Y' I y - - . . X . xt I, I I I .I fi .I If '2 : I I - pq' rv ' t 1 tr Ytvtix Ptit.t,tTtttttR i MARJORIE LEN.-X PACHECO IANICE Nt.-XRY M1314 wi Palmer Sim si ,Ann ' H64 Ptymouttm FXYP, Our Lncty ott'tPnttt1 73 Buttqington St, SS, pm-tvr :mit Pant ftfffltffpsf B"WttnQ ll gpfinixts fgtutm 3 t ,'tCtfI'tttPS! GtP0 Ctuti 2.1,-1: Lttllrgtfnt ftrttritivqi Gtcf' Ctutu l,2j,44 1xtn'r:'yc'r4'i'l Vttypixl. t Ctmir 2.5: tntramurats 2: Zttvrcycrvst Typkt, ftrtiit'-rwrm-r1lf' f'ffylif,f,,g.w of Crmli t tTvDinat, I ,t t. t 1 1 ll -f? t r i MARILYN PAULA PENDRAKE BE.-XTRICE ROSE PEREIRA GERALDINE LOUISE PEREIRA ITS Jactcson St. SS, Peter anct Paut it NtcGowan Street Espirito Santo Stl Spring Strcr-t Ft, ytnrfs Cattw-ctrat I Activities: Orctlestra l.2.5,-1: Soctatity t: Activities: Spanisti Ctutn 5,-1. Activities. Spanish Ctutu 3: United Na .tunior Rr-ct 'gross I. tions Ctutn 3: Ctass Prvsictcnt 2. r .iii . -. -' 1 .A l n n.!1 1 L N X, l W W' X K X -- .1 Y 5 V 'wr ' 4 Us xg, Before the junior Prom Margaret Potvin and her escort, Pete Boardman, admire the beautiful Parisian setting of the gym with Father McCarrick. Father always shows an interest in the activities of our school year. Nl JRIQFN ANN VIN! 3l.liY T10 lfnlvrprisr' Dr, flur lsarly nl ljalima Sulnt"rv'l glplil-iliveg S0llflllly l,2,7,lp liuslivllmll 2: flu lnwlm 2: Spaniel: flulm 3: Srirrnr' Cluh I,2,3,1, rxlvrrycrvsl Flnll 4: bmltllily -l. Q or- rwsponrlinq Sctrr'lnryL glC'IlCP Clulm 3, 1030 Duplloy Su-Cd Sl. Patrick 'Q ll4l'l'.lwllI'f'f'Q Spanish ixllll? 3, ljresiclvnl,,g, Baglwllfmll Q-,'3..1l Bowling I3 ,lrlximtt-rrzvrnfs: .XPSL lnlin :Xwartl 2: Dplmh. flul, 13 Hjqory Club .13 flags Sflmfll S'lf"'f"' liiillf- Viral clffml 2-'Si RQ' llrvsielent 3: Sluclenl Counril 3: lxlPffYCI'P5l Qimml Ssivnrv l'-.iir, llonrwrnlwlr Nlvnlion 2: l'Ql,iim.gQ Nlnnngpr' D"'ff'Qi"1 Nlfmff' l'i'lf 2' .'Xf'lllPYf'Illf'lll' Bowling Trophy I. 425' ' .33-Q --an EN '....f" IO--XNY LOUISE POXYERS H09 Clnlw Short St. Xvilliam .-lclivilies: Bowling I: tlunior Red Crossl, 2.5: l.lllIYQlfill Choir 2.3.-1: lnlramurals 2, 3,43 Sfivnrt' 4: Class Vice-Presiclr-nl I,2. xlcl1iel'0nwnfsS .lunior Refi Cross Cvrlilicale L21 Srivnce Fair Awarcl 3. 5l.5iRG:XRET ANNE POTVIN I02 lmonnrrl Slrvvl SI. lxlnlhieu ,-lrfipilivsg Cleo Clulm lg Dolwfalv Clulw l: luninr Refi Cross 2: lnlramurals 2: Dralila- lit' cilllll 2.3.1, -.reg , -- 91 Y- GERALDINE MARGARET RAPOZA 415 Fourth Street St. lxlarys Cathedral Activities: Baslxctloall 1: Glee Club 1.2.3,-1: French Cluh 3.4: Class Vice-President -1: Glee Cluh Presiclent 4. Achievenzents: Girls' State Representative. LAUREEN' MARIE RAPOZA 403 Hooper Street Holy Ghost North Tiverton, Rl Activities: Junior Rc-cl Cross 1: Liturgical Choir 2.5,-1: Latin Clula 3. vl DS X KA1-1'1l-1QtQX F1AR1ti RRAYXXFR tr r Ct Patricl-4 .1ttwrtu's Cvlt-ti Q lnli 1.29,-11 trvntlw Qluli- ANNF NI,-XRIIY Pt RDY fy T32 Stattmml Roarl St Theresa -C ."' Tiverton, R1 'A ,Q-,,f .'1ctivitivs. Cleo Club 1,2,5,4: Soclality 1, 13.11 lT1'l'tlIll Clulw 2.5. Slurlent Council 1.1.32 Class President 1.2: Soclality Treas- urf-r 4. Achievements: NEDT 1: APSL l. G fi. 15 ,.,-I RACHEL BERTHA RAYMOND 168 Forest Street St. Anne Activities: Glee Cluln 1,2,5,4: French Cluh 2.5.41 French Clulo Treasurer 4: Stuclent Council 4: Intramurals 2.3.43 History 4: French Cluh Junior Representatives '51 Stuclent Council Treasurer 4: French Clulv Vice President 4, KATHLEEN GERTRIQDE REZENDES 241 Field Street St. Elizabeth ul Activities: lsatin 3: Spanish 5: xx 13! 54 Qrchestra 1,141 Soclality 1,2.'5.-14 Dramat- ics Cluh 2.3: Student Council Representa- tive 2: Class Vice-President 5: Grchestra Secretary 4, ANNE IDVIFE RICIIARD Ill I.z1wt0n Stn-vt St. Ivan-Baptiste' Airtivitivs' SorI:nIity I,2.'5.,1: Srivnrf- CIuI'x I,2,'5.-I: Dmnmtiri FIUI1 2: I-iI1rury .AICIC 14: Cn-.nt I3rmIu CIuIv 23,43 History CIuI'm I,2.3,-1. ITFCHKII CIuIm 5,-ig ixIvrm'rr0SI 4. :IrInic'i'mrwn!c: SIIPHKP Fair TIxircI PIarr- 2: Q' lif' Iwlir Iiirl PI1r '5 mv! ' 'J ' Q 1 0 ., -ui- 1' I NIARCARFT NIONIZ SIIN.-X 62 Diviiion Str:-r-t Santo Christo Irtiiiitios: ITr0nfIi CIuIx 33 Iqvrrian 1,-1, i I I CHERYI. ANN RODRIGUES .IANICE RODRICIIFS ' T5 5Iasscy Road St. CIIYISIODIIPF 76 XVinlI1rop strc:-t Our I-arIy of Angr'Is I Tivvrtnn, xIf!ii'i!iPS: I.iturgiraI CI1nir 3,-iz SpaniQI1 N xivlivitics: CIN' CIuIv I,2.3,-I: IntramuraI FIUI1 '51 Iworfian Typist 4. IIaSIn"tIwaII 1.25.31 CIMS Trcasllrcr I, .'ICI1ivi'enwnts: Typing AwnrcI 3. I 4 -Kp xx ' X 'fm-'N , ' .':'w2-in-' ' 3 T .3 CAROL .IEAN SILVIA NANCY DORIQEN SILYIA 20 BIniscIvII Avenue I'IoIy GI1ost I5 CI1acc Avenue Holy Ghost No, Tivr-rlon, RI. Activities: .Iunior Rcci Cross I: Spanish .-Ictiiiitivs: CIOC CIuI'J IQ: Grrat Books CIUIJ 3: I..iIurgiCaI CI1oir 4: Class Presi- fNIuIJ 2.5: I-atin CIuI'J '5: History CIUIQ 4. cIcnt I: Iwvrcycresl .Typist 4. HICIIIPIYGYTIPIIISI AwarCI 1.2.3. I I I ..l. BARBARA JANE SOLIZA 64 Hall Street St, Patrick .-Iclivities: History Cluh 3: French Club 3. J N7 KATHLEENE ANN SULLIVAN 400 Bradford Avenue St. Louis Activities: French Cluh 4. "I , 4 :tilt I ' S , W, .9 45 755 gi 'wr-I' lg., IRL CHRISTINE FRANCES SOXVA FHRISTINE FRANCE? STI-XITIT.-X 162 Peclcham Street Si. Stanislaus 543 Camhridge Street Holy Cross Activities: Sodality l,2: Junior Red Cross ficliuiliusr I'Iistory' Cluh 3, 21 Intramural Baslcelhall 2,51 French Cluh 3.4. For our annual spring retreat, we were fortunate to have Father Richard Delisle as our retreat master. Here Father is asking two of our seniors, Geraldine Pereira and Joanne Mosley, whether they have enjoyed his conferences. f' 'T vvgfiffeg, PAl'I,If'I'TF IF,-XNNF THIBAl,'I.T IITS RPMI Ft, St, I.ouis rIf' Franrr' Soizwrsot, BIass. xIn'tii'itivs: CIM' CIuI1 12,141 SofIaIity IQ. 3.1: Grout Books CIuIx 23, I.atin CIuIa 2.14: Frvnrii CIUI1 25,41 5Iercy'crvsf 4: N.itionaI I'Ionor Smiritx' 3.-I: StufIvnt Counf .il 3.I: Srivnri- CIHI1 Il: Iunior RNI C ross 21 IntrainuraI I1asIwtIwaII 2,'5.4: Na- lionaI Honor gnrit-ty' Yiro ProsicIr'nt 4: Stur,Ir'nt FniinriI Pr:-sific-nt-1. ,'IL'IIIPl'f'Hl0flISI .ANVUITIS I,2,3: .AX PSI-. :XwarrIs '.2,'3: Iunior RMI Cross Cortiiirats 2. KATHLEEN NIARIE TRAYASSOS 462 5Ionlaup Street St. PatricIc .-Irtivitiosr SorIaIity 2.3.-1: FroncI1 CIuI5 3.-1: History CIuI1 -15 Iwcrcycrvst -1: Student PatroI I. :IcI1ievPn1ents: Latin Award. BONNIE RITH FNY.-XRTZITNDRVBFR U66 IjIvasant Strrf-I Notrv Dame .'ICti1'itivs' Orrin-stra I.2,3,-I: SoiIaIity I.2,3: IIistor'v fNIuIw 25,-I3 Intr.iniur.iI BasIwtI1aII 2.3: Orc'I1Cstrn prosifIf'nt4: History Sc-1 rotary. CATIIERINE ANNE TllRC'ERA 610 S, .-XImontI Strvf-t St. I.ouis ,-Iftiiiitirsf ,Iunior Rr-rI Cross I: Intr.unuraIs 2,31 History CIuIm 3: Spanisix CIuIJ 5, u I f"i 15 'U 'Cr-1 Q9 -.4-0 LINDA ANN TITYFF 35 IXIount Hope Aw-nue St. Patrick .'Irtiz'iti0s: Gtr-0 CIuIm I,2,'3,4: Frcnrii CIUIQ 2.3,-1: I.atin CIuIw '53 Great Books CIuI9 2.3: NationaI Honor Socir-ty 3.4: IntrarnuraIs 2.5: Ciass Yicc' prvsicivnt 2. .'IcI1iei'aments: A,P.S.L. Latin Award 2.3: N.E.D.T. Award l.2,'5. .IFANNE MARIE THIB.-XULT T41 Dwe-tty Street St. Patrick Artiiiitivs: Spanisii CIUI1 '51 Ixfercian Typist. 'X, 2. , xii JO.-KN FRANCES XVHITE 919 Fiiddle St. St. Patriclt Activities: Soclality I.2,3: Science Club I: History Clulb 2: Liturgical Cltoir I.2: Junior Red Cross I.2.3: Frenclm Club 3.4: Clteer- ing 5.4: Dramatics 2: Intramurals 2.3.-1: Head Clleerleacler 4. Achievements: Sclmool Science Fair Award I: Clleering Letter 4: .Iunior Recl Cross Certilzicate I,2,'5. K.-XTHFRINF 3I.XRY Tl 'I2t'9I'OX -10? Rirlgi' Street St pntricli .rtrtimrm S..rI..Im- 2.3.11 Ct.-.N Flrrt, 1.35, 'Ip Frenrll fwlulw 2.3.'1:1llarxr--t Hr'-p Iwvrtttf mittee -1: Hislorv Clulw 4: lntmmural: I,'l. 3.4: gtuclent Counril Reprvserwtatixt- Ig Stuflent Counfil Setretary -I. .'xC!liOl'0VYtt'7lfS' fxwarrl I. FIARG.-XRET NI.-XRY YASf'0NCEI.I,0S I20 Stew-ns Street Ctur lsatly ol Hmtrtt xICtir'itiv5. Bierdan Typist -I, .flcllietfcnmentsr Typing :Xwarrl 3, '-t 13 , 3 Us 'N'?1r, Q1 a. M I .K tum I . QR" 2-Av 5.40-Cl' Q K -4' , N N wal? vii 1Z5.i'. . AIN: FUN td 5 Nl sf' JOAN E XYILKINSON ANN MARION XYITEXCIFR 226 Clmse .-Xxenur: Holy Glmst 31 C"'Il'I'C'55 Sf Hflt Tivprtonl .-Ictivitivs: Great Books Clulw wJ Latin Afzfmipsf Ct.-P Club 1.25.41 Latin Club Club 32 Vvffifm 31 History C 4 23 Great Books 25: Higmry Club 4. Acliirwentontsr Latin :X.P.S.l- I7 J Aclzievententss N.E,D.T. I.2: A.P.S.I.. 2. D-T- IQ-- Kathleen Travassos of the Merryrrest photography staff is happy to get Sister Mars Charlotte her former teacher. Mother Mary Helena, Mother Mary Alban, and Sister Mary Verona in the first picture she planned for graduation day last June. .,.. -'I Z'..'I" 1 in SJ 5"'i X Y- . T ,'f X I' . -' I 7? - -'e""s' - . ,- Q I ' W -.,.-1.5, I "' ' '33 E 'lf' 1 n 4 , A XX.. "ffm x - ' A, . . . ,g " ,L ' ,A , I 'f f . 9.4 f.- . ' 'Q f- Des. . 4 77 c. - 1 ,.' ' ' -' 1 u A' . F I 1 1 ' I 'Q Q 5 L N" X1 Al - 1 P -3, IP Aly, 5:9 ' ' ff-Q 'N Aff'1 fi-1 , 4. , AQ . -. ' I -'.- ' 1 if. .X , J , 4 I my 1 . 14 , . . n f ,-A-ffnqqbfv : A,AH.4f. 1' , ' "-A. 1' "," ,A ,A Lf V A, :Ar,f:JA .. .A A V Q Af fl- ag Amir'-'ufj??' Q ' , 2, ,gr V 'flax .f -N ' ' ' -- ' 'Al -' v .-.A A 1 l 1 ' ,- .I "VV A A ' ' Y vw' .13--Alf! ' K9 -A w nh-. ' . f -1 ' Q 4111 -w . - J, "' f-. A '. .Mx 'z ' ' . ' " ,A -N. -7.1 I 'd A. ' ' 'r , 1 ' 1, X .-fry, l t , M It -.8 v I- XA 1 9,14 . -- ,5- N 1 , , v -- I' 1 A M A ' 7' 1 . A , A I XA P - - - A W .-Eff. .,. l',n" XA, N ., if wg. -J ' 1 .,- V , At 'f Q f, T. y -A 4-1 --,. A-S-A pu W . 4 A X, ,rdf . xJE2',.g , A C N s'-' ,, X NJ!! ' F' 74 - fl . 's .bk ' w. : W 0' Jw., or' P W . 5- 4 ,A -xv X 1 -' l ,f I ' X A s , 7 A x . J' ,Kb M 1 a . "Q-gg... .A 4 E Q 4 4 X ' 1 - JA . Q f O -, V '- L "' ' A . -A K.. ' i 3 , . ll -f' -vt lx A - " . . V 5 B!! is ng A E 3 gigs 6 ffff, A . n - I 553' . g I U hi fin - qu- A 5 ... J A y .. K as P A Y. A " fr 5 A 4 .fy 1 5 - .l : - R151 ' ., H af If . . Q A I!- . A V. A 1 be v 5 ' 3' N l 'W xi I K A l-,! 1 . A l 'I 1 ,' '!.' ,' 3 ' ' J 1" 'I' I ", 'il-L A' -nr -l Il . "" ' I I 1 'flu' ' A ' 3' D ,thu X ""' w. JA ' L1 ,- ' A, ' I V Wy , Xx , , r , - , I v A -- L I A , X 'A 1 - , ' x i V1 5 ' 1 , A '. . ' uh U . NVE' i U V5 xl 45 b X l I Q V - - ... Room 6 -- President: Carole Laroche: Treasurer: Elsie Pelton: Secretary: jean Bernier: Vice Presi- dent: Geraldine Arruda. Room 7 - President: Linda Sheehan: Treasurer: Anne Sullivan: Secretary: Vivianne Prevostg Vice President: Theresa Miranda. Room 8 - Vice President: Beverly Camarag Presi- dent: Lynn Crupcala: Secretary: Joanne Greene: Treasurer: Elaine Moura. Room 9a V- Secretary: Mary Ann Souzag Vice Pres- ident: Charlotte Cabralg Treasurer: joan Besharag President: Nancy Sayward. The hig event ol the Junior year is the receiving ol the ring. This year the ring ceremony was followed hy a ring dance. .IUNIORS , - . ,.- .1 ' 1 1 K .lr 0 . OJ, . 5 .ve Q, . . 4 9 O I . x ' ft 4 I + 'ill Q I Y v .- V 1 E' 3 vw2 Yi 1 1 f5'f1 I :V F lff,x' 'sgi I I ug , 'il . 'irq Q V 9 il fm Ya 1 n rf' Q-.X . ey v at 5, V 1 .li 4 Study Hall - Treasurer: Xlnurecn Silxia: Secre- tary: Jeannine Beaudry: Vite President: Muriel Paquetteg President: Denise St. Laurent. SOPHOMORES Room 9 - Secretary: Linda Rodriquesg Vice President: Diane Vieira: President: Jacqueline Mourag Treasurer: Joan Perry. The sophomores will he the last class to wear the traditional navy lolue blazers. ln two years these lvlazers will distinguish them from the rest of the student body. Room 12 - Treasurer: jean Vallee: Secretary: Catherine Ilan- Sister Mary Chabanel of the Biology department shows agang President: Andrea Schnellg Vice President: Geraldine Mar- some of her sophomore Biology students the various tins, methods of preparing their own glass slides for use in the microscope. Study Hall-Row One: Sandra Fasse, Carol Bednatz, Eliza- heth Souza, Geraldine Bliss, Donna Talbot. Row Two: Donna Raposa, Katherine Raposa, Lorraine Lopes, Muriel Paquette, Maureen Silvia, Denise St. Laurent, Carol Morton, Jeannine Beaudry, Jeanne Miska, Nancy Duffy. Row Three: Maureen Ryan, Patricia Merola, Janice Dufresne, Nancy Souza, Jeanne Q 1 Pavao, Nancy Medeiros, Camilia Ann Botelho, Paulette Arch ambault, Madeline Fernandes. Rou' Four: Joyce Oliveira Linda Rezendes, Margaret Vifalsh, Linda Medeiros, Julia Mor gan, Ann Tessier, Elizabeth Czerwonka, Kathryn Golden Joyce Ann Moniz. Room 9 - Row One: Karen Doucette, Katherine Dziedzic, Paula Crane, Mary Lowney, JoAnn Chrupcala, Mary Leary. Rau' Two: Mary Pacheco, Christine Souza, Kathleen Lynch, Dorothy Frechette, Marcia Nasser, Paula Levesque, Theresa Bell, Carlota Costa, Mary Lou Clarke, Mary Lou Brady. Row Three: Diane Arruda, Suzanne Smith, Judy Askland, Anna Maria Rego, Elizabeth Lavoie, Mary Jane Skurka, Ann Marie McMahon, Carol Swass, Deborah Megna. Row Four. Madeline Oliveira, Gail Sylvia, Vivian Markle, Barbara Picard Ellen Quirk, Veronica Plaziak, Deborah Prystac, Marsha Dean Claire Goyette, Ann Marie Carvalho. Room 12 -Row One: Donna Hinchcliffe, Donna Potvin, Jan- ice Couture, Patricia Selleck, Kathleen Talbot. Row Two: Alberta Costa, Gail Martin, Adrianne Medeiros, Jean Vallee, Geraldine Martins, Catherine Flanagan, Andrea Schnell, Karen Marek, Janice Waskiel, Sandra Thiboutot. Row Three: Rose Marie Morin, Janice Pacheco, Karen Costa, Barbara Arruda, Janice Taylor and Ann Marie' McMahon are shown here after the first anniversary Mass for President Kennedy. At the Memorial Mass Mount students offered their prayers for the former President. Marjorie Ploude, Judith Raposa, Janice Taylor, Donna Ross, Ellen McGarty, Jeanine Santerre. Row Four: Cynthia Neves, Kathleen Arruda, Cynthia Urban, Teresa Mello, Janice Stasi- owski, Donna Louise Reposa, Jean Benoit, Jane Aguiar, Char- lotte Caron, Donna Ferreira. The annual science fair is an exciting event for science minded girls. The winners of the first grant Junior division are Ger- aldine Bliss, Patricia Selleck, Diane Vieira, Patricia Merola, and Sandra Thiboutot. oom 10 - Vice President: jackie McGoughg President Nancs Bradyg Treasurer: Mary Lou Sheag Secretary: Paula Sweet. Room 13 - President: Elaine Chavesg Vice President: Margery Gazzerog Secretary: Diane Bergerg Treasurer: Susan Bernier. Room 16 - Treasurer: Jeanne Boulayg President: Betty Ann Picardg Secretary: Ruth Farisg Vice President: janet Lucky are the Freshmen who enter the first of four happy years at the Mount. These young students are easily recog- nized By their green biazers and bright smiles. ' I L13-,fx . 1 -1 ff 2 2 1 i if r Q1 .Eff-VF 3? W .S-1.42, if 2' 3- ii, 5 - ' 0 0 O O -,F - - 0 s 'f ., A, P o Y. v Q Lg, mi., ox.. on ' X- ' I - ' ' gl Q 'ff , rt O 1 , 1 oi Q s f O , -, fl . fs I , . I " , ', U xv 4. sz Y' ,L e "" Spiritual growth plays a very important role in the develop- ment of true Christian students. Here, Sophomores Claire Goyette, Jo-Ann Chrupcala, and Janice Dufresne place their offering before Mass. Room I6 - Rou' One: Susan Delisle, Barbara LaBerge, Jo- Ann Pouliot, Susan Camara, Natalie Patricio, Janet Jean, Marie Sullivan. Rou' Two: Sandra Barlow, Annette Beaudoin, Deborah Andrews, Arlene Rapoza, Susan Arruda, Lucia Gag- non, Denise Lauzier, Betty Ann Picard, Kathleen Grimes. Rau' Three: Diane Caron, Jeannine Dubois, Theresa Dube, Jeanne Boulay, Cynthia Callaghan, Nancy White, Kathryn Jones, Louise Charland, Mary Levesque, Kathryn Denault. Row Four: Sheila Correa, Dorothy Pacheco, Virginia Plant, Sheila Camara, Ruth Faris, Elyse Bougie, Noella Morin, Pa- tricia Smith, JoAnn Souza, Diane Rioux. Row Five: Christine Pruchnik, Ann Suneson, Ann Helger, Dianne Blanchette, Mar- garet Morgan. 9 E N J vi 4 - ' Jnoigwallz su ' 1 l.., n ' -1' e I f' ' x V 5 .Q ,".5av' ri .- 2' . , lQ,F1 e'-f , ,IV a GQ ... N 'fin X ' -.L F ' 5 N Q x I'1 I I 1 ' . 0 .'4 A.. L. K. .7, l ,.. S-. 9. 0 . i'- Q-P1 Ay "- R '-'LZ .,. ,"".fv' ..vf- - 1- '- . -.Q,'.g,.,f"a'u1'2. 'H "EMI ' 'ua ,Lf1.igL 'Q gifvvz - .- ,wx-.H-: 53,3 .Nt-ull ' ' .2 ,Q 1 -. - 2 J ' fi, fg?f'2ii:.g K"'g1 T "'l'v HV,-,-.. .s,.-Nfflw-x -.,x ge x , h-A n ay- L,- . .. X .-, fu- I. 'Tiff . I , S5-1: ,, .., s Q , .4n X5 rf- '44, ..,l . ,A-f' K i , . v. J Mfg 4100104 R V50 4 L H40 f .JJ-f' 4311? na... in -5 , 3 X ,dn J' I w in iteeping with the modern approach in teaching Religion, Freshmen and Sophomore Religion teachers have begun this method. There has been a great emphasis piaced on the liturgy. A day was given to it when four priests conducted the ciasses and discussions so that aii students might have a better under- standing ol the changes in the iiturgy. RELIGIGN The Gothic structure, beautiful hues of the stained- giass windows and carving of the wood . . . all con- tribute in making the Mount chapel a true haven of peace and beauty. An explanation on the importance and role of the Holy Spirit in the Church today, captivates the attention of Sister Mary Denisita's Re- ligion III class. By means of daily lectures, the students become aware of the importance of God in their lives as teenagers as well as future Christian adults. ' x '. Receiving Our Lord's Body on the First Friday of each month is a spiritual cus- tom at the Mount. This Heavenly Ban- quet brings many blessings to the Mount. During the months of October and May, Our Lady is honored at the Mount. Through illustrations on the bulletin boards, a Mount girl is reminded of the importance of the rosary. xt 3- ,. , 5 - I - 5 1 u 'il I 'Q if M. 'I 1 - ' ii ' ' 7 , it 'YB W3 A . ' 4-. ,. .t G , 11. , -, , was 222: y S ' j, " - 5 fr' if , W, ::.mA.1, 4- ,gs V t Y 2 5 .55 1.1 4 C' H' r ' ",: X i f if, '. ' - ' . 5 'f" ' N 'J - - 3 5.3 A . ' ' w 3 1 i ff,j-,..ft l- f ' r life' , 4 3. v - 'ig fi ' V sf I - I ' I - ,si K., - v, .M xy .' i ' lv' E l l i 4' - V4 y if i 13 - " . :gf ' - '- 'x 1 ik No school year at the Mount would be complete without the annual retreat, In union with the stu- dents, Father Deslisle, retreat master, offers daily the sacrifice of the Mass. .',1"'f. .P-' r',1-, ' 4 3 :- , e . '- iii- ' ,- .K 'N - ,Q qv, .fe , 'flip' Language would be of no value unless one knew how to properly use it. Therefore, no English course would be com- plete unless one learned the proper use of grammar for com- position work. Contemporary progress may he seen in the program ol the English Department just as in other depart- ments of the school. ln keeping with the Wishes ol the National Council ol Teachers ol English, modem English grammar and the linguistic study ol literature have been introduced. The Understanding the Novel program is an important part of the Mount Literature. Geraldine Raposa, one of Sister Mary Benita's Senior English students, returns Pride and Prejudice by jane Austen and decides which of the novels she would like to read next. Mrs. Schongar's comments produce lively reactions in her Senior English class. The emphasis placed on composition work in the Senior year gives the girls an opportunity to express their thoughts logically and practice advanced writing techniques. K-'ix These Sophomores, our present juniors, were in the class which pioneered in the use of Modern Grammar, This class, instructed by Sister Mary Benita, was one of the first in the area to adopt the modern approach. ENGLI H Susan jenkinson and Kathleen Fitzgerald demonstrate the practical applications of Modern Grammar. Linguists have found that Latin Grammar does not fit our language, so they have pattemed a grammar to fit the needs of American English. Iqgsxyiamxu- - .-.v.. -z.- , -Y :E l If 5-71 , -.s.,iu.1z:. , ' Q' 1 V . ,fqy . Vll-lM'S!i!'!U' ' 'f::.f 'r "4 5 ' 154-v QN " :mn L I lp .,V' , lg :Ng - F' 1 L ff X K Vlffxll- , nl f t ' v ' Q ' lg., 5 . A yi 'gi' 'i R Wt' LJ ' T51 ' , , 1- L X- 1 S 1 lf, -Q41 f. ' li . g r ff" IF! X i Q l" - 5 .4 1" X, it X , .iT Sister Mary Benita and Sister Mary Austina discuss one of Shakespeare's plays before the appropriate setting of the Folger Shakespeare Library dis- play. LANGUAGES A few moments to glance through the magazine Paris Mulch are enjoyed by Sister Mary Adele and Sister Mary Phyllis. Both teachers work deligently teaching students French, its culture and grammar. The French III course includes not only a basic study of the language and its structure but also an understanding of the country, the people and their culture. s The hlount curriculum olifers German, Spanish. French and lsatin, ln lxeeping with the modern re- quirements lor the study oi languages, the lxflount uses the linguistic approach in teaching modern languages, Sister lxlary Adele, who teaches French, spent the summer in France malcing a detailed study oi teaching French according to Applied Linguistics, ' I it ini lg ut -35 N Gluck! A . Sister Mary Adele points out places of interest that have been mentioned in French literature to Virginia Bailey, and Nancy jackson, members of the French III class. Sister Mary Rose and her Latin III class ad- mire a statue of Saint joan of Arc whose picture is in the Latin text. joan spoke French, but the students are aware that French comes from Latin. Projects are an important part of the French II course in order for students to acquire a better understanding of French. This group of juniors enjoy the comments passed by two artistic stu- dents about their posters. L Mai,-,,o ' 1 -A r .""'a-Q. - fL:.s ,, 1- A f , 5 . ' . ...z'?'fz - 'f 3 5 'f L: I, 'p.+ 1-51 4 1"f?::g,3v wf-'ip-I 1"-Whieei, Q' ,f , t -5, LA -I tt. , ' .J-:P-4-ea' '. ', '- " 'El lEDI1'BR.A.'lll' Iffe x ' ff X gi - , ' 0 4 ' LYNN t M 4 Q F, ..-TW-vi - Sister Mar Albertus and Sister 1Pm eicofms fcu R Zn Gc1iGe As A Cdy IVNSIHFSD s-I 55..- Y Mary Chabanel discuss the pro- cedure for a chemistry experiment. SCIENCE During their weekly lab period, Chemistry students are aided in setting up the equip- ment for various experiments by Senior assistants. K...-4' 1' Blount hlath teachers use the modern approach. ln ortlt-r to meet tlue interests, needs and ability, ol all students the hlath Department has set up a program patterned on the new course of study what-lt has been compiled by the Nlath Committee ol tht- Diocese. Nlrs. iXlcConnell represents the ixlount at present on this committee. After leaving the Mount, Ruth Drury plans to further her education in the field of Mathematics. Here Ruth is hard at work solving problems in her Senior Math book. vi Sister Mary Phyllis demonstrates the solution of a Geometry problem to her Sophomore class. Using the over- head projector saves time by elimin- ating unnecessary re-copying of mate- rial. R Students in Sister Mary Benita's Senior Math class are reviewing their lessons in Trigonometry. At the board Bonnie Swartzendruber and Joan Fallon check their homework assignment. MATH Mrs. McConnell is always ready to help students who have difficulty with problems. She tries to convince Ter- esa Carriero and Eileen Murphy that Algebra II is not as difficult as they think. 3 G-Lf: 'T' 4 4f, Sister Mary Ferrer, R.S.M., who has her Ph.D. in Math from Notre Dame, gave an excellent talk on the modern approach to Mathematics at an assem- bly of parents and students at the Mount. i ls- Business students jeanne Thibault, Rose Marie Cowan, Elaine Carleton, Margaret Bashara, and Sandra Gif- ford, put their theory into practice in Mrs. Medeiros' omce. Office Practice is an important feature of the business curriculum. Accuracy and sense of responsi- bility are very necessary goals for those seeking a business career. BUSINESS Our :wo Spanish Speaking students, Sister Clara Maria and Sister Maria Beatriz joined with the Bookkeeping class in trying to make A I L ' P. Let us see how successful they will be. xfllhnl-0. 40 ' sl is .. 8 I X -l Typing is an elective course for the non-business student. Many Juniors and Seniors take advantage of the lxlount is well lcnown for its excellent Business Department. Courses. modern equipment and beneficial pro- tauglit lay Sister Carmelifa ancl Sister lxlary Julian, are ollered to Juniors gram' ancl Seniors wlio wisli to prepare lor luusiness Careers. Tlde Curriculum in- Clucles: Stenograpliy l ancl Il, Typing l ancl II, Personal Typing, Boolc- lxeeping and Ollice Practice. V . 'WYllT""!"l'wtl"T . - .QF , ..,s-, :':' 3 l , . - r ' '..,.-E e A ' 3 l LJ-'i - 4 i -. .1 -L -g I -3 5-,gi-' Z junior American History students, taught by Sister Mary Ludivine, give a quick response to one of Sisters questions. American History is a required subject for graduation. It may be taken in either the Senior or junior year at the Mount. History plays a vital part in our educational development. Through this study we ln-come aware ol this great leaders and aclventttrers oi ilu- past. This History curriculum offers a variety oi courses - American History, Xvorlcl History ancl Govern- ment. For extra cultural development stuclents are encouraged lo join the History Cluly or the Delvate Clulb. HISTORY A group of Seniors from Sister Mary Mercy's History Class enjoy a humorous event in the history of their country. WS- at A vp-iz-1 ' 4 A . - Q4 Mrs. Carvalho helps Jacqueline Martin to settle a problem which has arisen in her American History class. This year Mrs. Carvalho also teaches a class in government affairs. f 1 Some of the more fortunate juniors are able to tit American History into their busy class schedules. These interested students Ify to find an answer to Mrs. Cars-alho's question. .D XVhile studying American History, students often refer to maps to get a clearer understanding of their work. Anne Purdy and Carolyn Boff observe the rapid prog- ress with which the colonies grew. 'D In the Freshman year at the Mount, World History is given as a required subject for all students. In the over- all study they cover History from the time of earliest man to present day. Sister Mary Ludivine explains the procedure, which is used in the election of a United States president, with Seniors Janice Paul and Jeanne Brodeur. is Q .Y,A. lit I'l'i'NHlt'll4'X ,rl +5- lb .. I Yl5ElO'!ALCOlLlEl Rl? E551 f I v , F ,, nm-5-5' aids.. fu I I . .. I . Z fit ,. .,,v.,v,, Vx ART and MUSIC Art and Flusic lbecome fascinating subjects ont-t' one lias inet-n sliown liow to appreciate tllem. Tin- Blount worlts lor progress not only in lcnow- lvdgt-, laut also in culture, Sister ixlarie Lorraine pians concerts and Mr. Tavares plans art displays lor special occasions. In the course of gaining a deeper apprecia- ,"'g U43 N tion of music the girls listen to various . it ' ' 5. , ' types. I4 , f' " . Mr. Tavares points out some of the differ- ences in the portraits done by his Art class. , K A- I9 ' 1 L . .. , ., 1, I 59 .4' I Q 4 ,ti 'lf' V . f ,,,, ' i One of the Art classes appears to be en- joying its project of modeling figures from - furnace cement. The Music class, under the supervision of Sister Marie Lorraine, is comprised of students from each of the grades. Cb .ui-vii .I.2 .A - - . 1 4 1 . . IA Wig u . f - 4'5T7"?f1" "w1 1- --1. '. ,'.I f.'p I. Y 4 gl-1 . . l 3 A 1 J F41 !i , 4 .4i4: .Lb Sr ' -f 'S-S v.kUg3,n,.'Qa, rxsg -5- : l , A Y' 5353555 EEE I r -X az ...5 -' -ff . gh.. IJ i1rf ' P 1 E P, E L? F . J 1 L X , T 1 i - I if 'f , me .fvu 1f4'sef X- 4ff5??vm ,Q Each year juniors receive their class rings at a ceremony before the student body. Father Mcffarrick, our school chap- Mi RING-our symbol of progressing in responsibilily lain, blesses the rings and explains the significance of the ring. Sodality is not merely another extra-curricular activity for students. It is an organization in which girls loolt to the Blessed Virgin hlary as their ideal. Before making their act of consecration the girls learn ahout the works of Qur Lady and the duties to he performed hy a sodalist. Before their final acceptance into so- dality girls go through a probationary period. Sister Mary Chabanel is moder- ator of this group. The large number of sodalists necessitated for a junior sodality to be formed. The two groups work together on main apostolates. Sister Mary Ludivine is the moderator of this Junior sodality. The Senior sodalists under the direction of Sister Mary Albcrtus number approximately forty-live girls. 2 t SODALITY lxlemories mount . . . happy memories as we recall the evening of our Junior Prom. Our theme, "Under Paris Skies," set the tone for that joyful occasion. The walls of the gym were covered with Parisian murals painted by members of our class and the foyer was converted into a little French cafe. For just a few moments all have abandoned their elegant manners to join in a breathless whirl of color and laughter. The prom is the highlight of the social events of the junior year. 82 rl? Y Members of the junior class, our present Seniors, Nancy Gregorio, Barbara Souza, Christine Luz, Kathleen Travassos and their escorts pause for a moment in the shade of the gay awning just before going in to enjoy the atmosphere of the French Cafe at the Junior Prom. The magic of the soft music and the enjoyment of junior Prom night are reflected in the eyes of Nancy McKnight and her escort, Marc Thiboutot. 'n'1lq, xhg-'l I Linda Miranda of the Mercycrest photography staff and Sharyn Poirier, Mer'cycre5t Business Manager and their escorts chat with Mr. Ernest Torchia, our photographer for the Junior Prom. Memories Mount Marilee janick and her escort Timothy Perry stop dancing only long enough to re-arrange a center- piece of roses, for tonight everything must be just right. Mount's own folk singing group provides the entertain- ment at a student government pep rally. Louise Auclair and Anne Brownell play guitar, while Pat Gunning accompanies them on the bass Hddle. The Student Council is an organization set up to institute and preserve the laws of the school. The Student Government representatives are elected by their classmates and they present any ideas brought to them by the students at their weekly meetings. The student council also sponsors many social activities. Leading Forward Pictured here are Mount's four Student Council officers. Stand- ing are Vice President Patricia Gibbons and President Paulette Thibault. Seated are Treasurer Rachael Raymond and Secre- tary Katherine Turgeon. I The annual mother-daughter Com- munion breakfast is sponsored by the Student Government. The girls and their mothers attend Mass in the School auditorium. After Mass a break- fast is served in the cafeteria. r N mga 1 M15 L I l 4 ' f lr- 'V , . Q I ix SQ 9 Q 9 4 ai .IIHIIHHIIHI I W7 1: V MODERN LANGUAGE CLUBS cl' ,iv ocsA'- Ofticers of the Friday French Club meetings are Secre- tary, Vivian Prevostg President, Monique Demersg and Treasurer, Rachael Raymond. Sister Mary Adele, Club Moderator, shows the girls many interesting French slides and movies. lVlount's language clubs stress an appreciation ol the culture ol the people whose languages are being studied. Sister lxlary Adele and Sister lVlary Denisita are the lxloderators ol the lVlodern Lan- guage Clubs and Sister lxlary Rose is the hloder- ator ol the Latin Club. Sister Mary Denisita is Moderator of the Spanish Club. All students studying the language are eligible to join in the Club's various activities-from playing Spanish games to visiting nearby museums. i l. l To accommodate all the girls joining the French Club, two ' separate meetings are held. Officers of the Thursday afternoon club are: Marie Morgan, President, Paulette Dutilly, Secretary, and Carolyn Finnel, Treasurer. 5 X 913-.. 4 . 5 I T 'hx 34 f ' N Ng f ' I N Q. 1 'f' 4' 'F x l RANC E s.g..l The '64-'65 Sports year, with Sister lVlary Julian as Moderator, has been in- deed a successful one, The basketball team won almost every game of the sea- son, and the girls who took part in cheer- leading, volley ball and bowling did excel- lent work, too. 55951: ll. I ,--.-+L-, ...t.... S l i Here are our girls in red and white, Mount's famous Cheerleaders. Always ready to lead our team to victory are Vivian Prevost, Joan White, Diane Allaire, Nancy Sayward, Cynthia Bishop, Carole Laroche, Marjorie Lowney and Gail Kerrigan. Mount girls will always remember the sparkling vitality of the cheerleaders as they aroused Mount spirit with their cheers at each basketball game. ag- 93'-T570 Waiting for the rebound, Nancy Lord, Janice Gagne, Sharon Poirier, Margaret Galford, Anne Sullivan, and Betty Misek watch with apprehension ask Ginny Bailey tries for a foul shot during a scrimmage. After long hours of practice, Mount's basketball team, coached by Sister Mary julian, has managed to win a high place among neighboring High Schools competing in the Narragansett League. ...progressing through teamwork The Volley Ball team each year works diligently, practicing for their big games. Nancy Ferris and Linda Waite watch Kathleen Fitzgerald as she demonstrates the proper position for serving the volley ball. The team is coached by Sister Mary julian. Sister Mary Consilii speaks with Mr. Quaker, a representative of the Quaker Oats Company and a symbol of American Tradition. He addressed the student body on the intrinsic evils of Communism and America's practical defenses against it. The tenets for good citizenship, an understanding of the people of other nations, current events and an appreciation of our past heritage . . . are all subjects of interest to the History Club. Sister hiary Consilii, our History Club lxloderator, plans a very interest- ing schedule. Growth in Citizenship Sister Mary Consilii acts as Moderator of the History Club. As one of their principal activities, the girls attended a mock United Nations session at Salve Regina College. The meeting proved to be very interesting and informative. Members of the History Club use the library facilities in compiling data for the discussions which form a part of their meetings. .ll Mary Leary proudly displays the charter which certifies our new branch of the Future Scientists of America. The Mount received the certificate from the National Science Teachers Association. L The Science Club is made up of a small but dedicated group of girls who devote themselves to the principles of scientific investigation and the growing influence of science in the world today. Early in the year they began work on their projects for the annual science fair and always have something worth while to contribute. Progress through Science lVlount's Science Club, under the direction of Sister lxlary Chahanel, is made of active ancl enthusiastic members. Each year members enter the Science Fair with projects that are a credit to their teachers, who are Sister Mary Alhertus, Sister lxflary Chahanel, Miss Morin and lVlr. Tavares. Junior Science Club officers: Elsie Pelton, Patricia Selleck, Catherine Flanagan, and Nancy Picard check reference material while planning the week's meeting. Waltzing Onward... A buffet served to all by Stevenson's is a welcome break during an intermission at the Semi-formal dance. Everyone had a good appetite on this cold December evening! . 3' . ' Sandra Gifford and her escort admire the Christmas decorations at the annual semi-formal at Stevens.on's Restaurant. Freshmen through Seniors have an opportunity to attend this dance each year. Enjoying the melodies of Buddy Reis and his orchestra are Nancy Souza and her escort Tommy Souza. The semi-formal this year was a combined event for all the girls of the School who wished to help support the 1965 Mercycreyt. A ' , X DRAMATICS james Gibney as the steward and Rosemary Cullen as Emily Kimbrough are well dressed for land or sea. Rosemary of the class of '64 is now studying Dramatics at Catholic University. The 1964-65 Dramatic Season included The Sound of Blusic and Babes in Toyland - both musicals, The final selec- tion ol 1964 was Our Hearts Were Young and Gay. The Christmas entertainment was entitled Our Lady in the lvlarleet Place. Sister lxlary lhllercy is Director ol the Dramatic Club. Cornelia played by Jacqueline Letendre is in no condition to accept the present of a safety pocket. Mother, Madeline Plourde, insists and Father, Ronald St. Orge sympathizes. Emily as usual tries to help. The only thing missing is the frolicking audience whose hearts by this time were also young and gay. fi . 9 The appreciation of hne music is an important part of our progress in culture. Here at the Blount, progress in the ltnowleclge ol line music is developed through our Qrchestra. To play music is a gift as well as a talent from God and at the Mount, this gift was given to the Orchestra groups of 1964-65. Under the direction of Mr. Paquette, the girls give many wonderful performances at such functions as the Christmas Cantata, the exchange concert with St. Xavier's of Provi- dence and, of course, Graduation. . -1 wt visit r ORCHESTRA Watching Patricia Gunning tune up her bass viol, Cleo, for one of her appearances in Mount's hootenanny group always is a happy sight at the Mount. ' and GLEE CLUB f ufvvx i 1 J 7 1 fiwm 1 x"'11-lf41'pf '4': f3U- g , 3' 2- 1 1 1,41 :rl 54 Yi " .' . gf , 6- I U4! an of UN 'Q 4 X 1. K 3 'A ' 1 'fe , . L Q gg' Mt .- V' Q . P5 , ' -l 93.3 ' Tiyb E' L V nn 'E ' " 4' h I if A' we' .I U H: t 1 .' H ' ' ,A gi If if 6 Q: Q 'XP'- 9 FQJQSQJT 4 FJ WNW ., ,P - - l I -7 I "yy MJT 1 x 'L v --lun-n-L-..-' l , 1 7,1 -,1 +,,LN., - --Q. , . . u , . .' ,. 1 . 9 4 , A I , , I 5, Q 4,,L'Wx M' .Fi it swf my ,. ERCYCREST Literary Editor: Jeanne Brodeur. Literary Staff: Jeanne Brodeur, Paulette Thibault, Linda lVlello, Joyce Green- wood. lxlary Kristen Lima. Business Staff: Sliaryn Poirier-Business lxlanagc-rg Nancy C. .laclcson-As 1.1', NH ,ive .0 W 29" - Mr. John Ursprung, who has planned the dummy for the 1965 Merrycrest, drove in from Pennsylvania to have a meet- ing with Sister Mary Benita and the staff. In October Sister Mary Benita attended some of Mr. Ursprung's classes for yearbook advisers at Columbia University. ,7- sistantg Lucinda Camara, Noreen Pingley, Nancy lxlclfniglmt. Photography Staff: Janie Laporte fin clmargel, Linda lxliranda, Anne Richard, Kathleen Travassos, Typists: lxlarjorie Pacheco, Carol Machado, Nancy Silvia, Donna Dupont, Vivian Pellitier, lwlar- garet Besliara, Janice Rodriques. EGM The Merrycresl scrap book contains the history of the Mercy- rrest and its awards. Above is the latest certificate of merit up . H7 . 1 , 5 ? '7 A ' N 'r Q' 31 ,X I-I .v .. , ,F I .- x - I Q Q.. . .. I s.. S . -iv V NN 1 K 91 ' gxf ,J - 'Wx '11 ,vi I 5 I 4 Lf 'f lr- f Y P 'fi r , a I X' Q, 2 I LITURGY DAY ,. ,---' 1' , li fb Q A W ' .. -- ,'lY'.'xf,u , FX' g .-, g'f:f'P 4.1r?',,g .1 .i-vJ'1- . ',' . I 5 ' ' A- 2215,-', L -' .- Q. .ilfga-,fi 1 f ills'-fr-t my Ji, ". f- .S . ,x l ' x 'u I 13"-' 'gl 'LF '-ne? 27,"' 2 1 :Vt 41. A-1' A 34.12 ,.3, Linda Miranda admires the Liturgical bulletin board Sister Mary Benita's Religion class decorated. The Ark and Dove symbols were done by joyce McCarraher and Carolyn Perry. Father james Murphy gave an excellent back- ground on the History of the Liturgy. His talk was followed by one by Father Richard Demers. The Mount Liturgical Choir was the special feature of the day. This choir sings at all the holy week services at the Cathedral, Sister Marie Lorraine is the Director. N N Our Liturgy Day was a memorial to President Kennedy. After participating in the Mass for the respose of his soul, Mary Hoss and Martha Wheatley pause to admire his picture. Carol Laroche and Susan jenkinson discuss the characteristics necessary for members of the National Honor Society with Sister Mary Phyl- lis, the Moderator. Congrofulofions +o our L NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY .' fl ! , Senior members: Linda Teves, Lindamae Medeiros, Sandra Cabral, Cynthia Erdmann, Monique Demers, Paulette Thibault, Patricia Gunning, Joyce Greenwood, Claudette Auger, Elaine Medeiros, Helen Hefko, Paula Gauthier, Judith Gagnon, Patricia Murphy, Lucinda Camara. and cl 'lhcmk you' +0 'rwo of our former leochers Sister Mary Donalda taught Religion, Bi- ology and Nurse's Math, and was Moder- ator of the Science Club. Sister now teaches at Our Lady of Cincinnati College in Cin- cinnati. 'vi' gl' Sister Mary Flora taught Religion, English, German and Latin, and was Moderator for the Mercian and joumalism Club. Sister now teaches at Saint Xavier Academy in Providence. n R-4 N 5 t ,Q mmm: xiii.. 'Qs ,Z l ni it 'fl fggd r lf ' ,- :s. K '73 ' -v 4 bl -- K if ENRICHES ROGRESS THE WORLD we LIVE IN By worlcing for a hetter understanding of people of other cul- tures and religious heliefs the Ecumenical Council has hrought about a strong desire among the members of the Church and the people of the world for Upeace through understanding." lxflount students, as memhers of the Church, strive for progress in spirituality, lcnowledge, culture and charity in order to go forth into the world and show that 4X P U B L 1 C lf5RAFN uthe greatest of these is charity." FALL l ri l ml f il i. Q. i l. l l D I i . u 5 Nlr. Mr. . lxlr. Mr. Nr. Mr. lxlr. Fir lxlr lxlr lxlr Nr. Nlr r Blr. lxlr lxlr lxlr l I02 Mr. and ZINC and and and Eil'lCl aNd and and BDC and and and and and and and I-lfld lvlrs. Flrs Ftrs hlrs lxlrs ixlrs lxlrs. lxlrs. lxlrs. lxlrs Ftrs Blrs Nlrs. Nlrs Xlrs. Ftrs. Mrs. lxlrs. PARENTS lxlaurice A. Allaire Joseph Arruda, Jr. Edward F. Arruda Fernand C. E. Auclair Emile A. Auger Edward F. Bailey Bruno P. Baiocchi Aime A. Barnaby Vvalter F. Bayliss Edward J. Bednarz Flanuel D. Benevides Harvey J. Bergeron David F. Beshara Herbert VV. Bott .lereniah Bolger Lionel O. Brodeur Herbert C. Brownell George P. Cahral hir. and lxlrs. hlr and lxlrs. lwlr and lVlrs lxlr. and lxllrs. lxlr. and Nlrs lxlr and lxlrs lxlr and hlrs Nlr and lxlrs. Nlrs. Rose B. lxlr. and Blrs lwr and lxflrs lxflr and lxlrs. hir. and lxlrs. Mr. and Nlrs. lxlr. and lxflrs. lxlr. and Nlrs. Mr. and lxlrs. Herculano R. Camara Albert VV. Canedy Hector Thihault Joseph Carreiro George T. Casavant lxlatthew F. Chrupcala George J. Cormier Arthur G. Costa Cowan Lew H. Curran Jean H. Demers Joseph T. Drury Leo J. Dupont Carl D. Erdmann Francis T. Fallon James J. Faris Nlichael G. Fasho and lvlrs. Antone Ferreira and Nlrs. lxflareano Ferreira Vincent J. Ferris James F. Fitzgerald Mr. Mr, Mr. and lVlrs. Mrs. Bella Finell Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Nlrs. John E. Fitzsimmons and Mrs. James lwl. Fomeiro and Nlrs. Armand 0. Gagne and lwtlrs. George A. Gagnon Mrs. Evelyn Gallant Mr. and Mrs. Maurice A. Cvaudreau Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gauthier Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gibbons Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Gifford Mr. and lxflrs. Cyril J. Gomes Mr. and lVlrs. James N. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Greenwood Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Gregorio Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Gunning Mr. and Mrs. Gordon B. Haclcett Mr. and Mrs. Walter Heflco Mr. and Mrs. James E. Holt Mr. and Mrs. John F. lsherwood, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Jaclcson Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Janiclc lVlr. ancl Mrs. George H. Jones Mr. and Mrs. John l'l. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus H. Karcz Mr. and Mrs. Dominic J. Kenney lxlr. and Mrs Richard F. Kerrigan lVlrs. Alton VV. King lVl1'. and Mrs. Stanley K. Knapinslci Mr. and Mrs. Franlc J. Krauzylc Mr. and Mrs. Philemon Lagasse Mr. and Mrs. Everett Lane Mr. and Mrs. Lionel A. Lapointe lwlr. and Mrs. Edward Laporte Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lepage Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lima Mr. and Mrs. Omer A. Lizotte Mr. and Mrs. Manuel C. Luz Mr. and Mrs John Machado lVlrs. Mary T. Magill Mr. and Mrs. Gerard E. lwartel Mr. and Mrs. Maniiel 0. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mathias, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Antone Mattos Mr. and Mrs. Patriclc E. McElroy Mr. and Mrs. James P. lVlcKnight Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Medeiros Mr. and Mrs. Manuel S. lwedeiros Mr. and Mrs. Dominic lxledeiros John Blecleiros Flannel F. lxlvllo Flannel 514-llo Joseph XV. Nlilcolazylx Antonio C. Nliranda John P. lxliranda bloniz lxlilclred l'l. hlooney nlr, and nlrs. lxlr. and hlrs. Blr. and Nlrs. lxlr. and Nlrs. lxlr. and lxlrs. Flr. and nlrs. Blrs. Dorothy hlrs. lxlr. Flr. hlr. lxlr. lxlr. hlr. lxlr. lxlr. lxlr. hlr. Nlr. lxlr. Nr. lxlr. hlr. lxlr. lxflr. Nlr. lxlr. lxllr. hlr. lxlr. lvlr. Nlr. Mr. lvlr. lxlr. lxlr. lxlr. blr. Nlr. lxlr. lN'lr. lxlr. hir. lvlrs. lVlr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Nlrs. John J. Nlorgan and lxlrs. Stephen Bloriarty and Mrs. and lxlrs. and Nlrs. and nlrs. anc hlrs. and hlrs. anc Nlrs. anc lxlrs. anc lwlrs. anc lxlrs anc Nlrs. ancl Blrs. anc hlrs. and lxlrs. anc lwlrs. anc lvlrs. anc lxlrs. ancl hlrs anc hlrs and Nlrs. and Nlrs and lxtlrs. and lVlrs and hlrs. and Nlrs. and hlrs and hlrs. and Nlrs. and hlrs. and hlrs. and Nlrs. and lxlrs. and lxtlrs. Joseph E. lxlosley C. George Nlurpliy Christopher P. hlurphy Rolbert R. Nasser Lawrence O. Novo John F. Qlconnell Anthony L. Pacheco Antone Pacheco Roloert E. Paul Adelard R. Pelletier lxflatthew P. Pendralce Antonio lxl. Pereira Vvilliam T. Pereira Edward R. potvin Raymond G. Poirier Thomas J. Pingley John J. Powers, Jr. Vvalter F. Prayzner Raymond Purdy Franlc D. Rapoza Alfred J. Rapoza Alexandre Raymond James Rezendes, Jr. Allaan E. Richard John A. Rodriques Lionel Rodriques Joseph S. Silva Flannel F. Silva Antone T. Silvia John B. Souza John F. Sowa Joseph S. Statla Elmer R. Sullivan Doris lvl. Swartzendrulaer and lxlrs. hlichael G. Tercera and lxlrs. George Teves and lxlrs. Raymond A. Thilnault and Nlrs. Leopold H. Thilnault and lxlrs. Horace Travassos and Nlrs. Rudolph E. Turgeon lxlrs, Beatrice O. Vasconcellos Mrs. Hilary F. Vvhite lwlr. and lxlrs. John N. Vvillcinson lvlr. and lVlrs. Vvalter XV. Nvitengier HONORARY PATRONS HIS EXCELLENCY, THE MOST REVEREND JAMES L. CONNOLLY. DSCH. HIS EXCELLEIYCY, THE MOST REVEREND JAMES J. OERRARD, DD. CHOR BISHOP JOSEPH EID, D.D. Rt. Reverend Alfred Bonneau Rt. Reverend Ifelix Cllilcls Rt. Reverend Raymond Considine Rt. Reverend Josepli Cournoyer Rt. Reverend James Dolan RI. Reverend Augusto Leal Furtado Rt. Reverend Alfred Gendreau Rt. Reverend Antliony Gomes Rt Reverend Henri Hamel Rt. Reverend Daniel Sllalloo Rt. Reverend Artlmur Tansey Reverend Jolm Boyd Reverend Bartliolomew Buckley Reverend Henri Cliarest Reverend Jolin Cronin Reverend David Crosby Reverend Artlmur dos Reis Reverend Edward Dowling Reverend Raymond Drouin, GP. Reverend Artluir Dupuis Reverend Hugo Dylla Reverend Francis Fitzgerald, C.S.Sp Reverend Patriclc Hunt Reverend Jolmn Kelly Reverend lxliclmel Kurylo Reverend James Wianning Reverend Francis IVIcCartl'1y Reverend James IVIcDermott Reverend Joao Iwledeiros Reverend E. Rodney Keim Reverend Maurice LaIVIontange Reverend Francis lxflullen, Reverend David 0'Brien Reverend Kerry 0'Keane, C.S.Sp. Reverend Felician Pliclmte, O.F.NI. Reverend Joao Resendes Reverend Manuel Resendes Reverend Howard Waldron He who did so much for The progress of the Mounf s'I'ill lives in our memories In prayerful memory of the Reverend Edward J. Gorman, MA., the first Superintendent of Schools in the Diocese - Father died December 1, 1964. Here Father is pictured with two former graduates. A. F. Almeida Funeral Home Mr. G Mrs. Raymond Beaulieu Beben G Sons, Carpenters and Painters I, Bednarz 5. Sons Market, Stafford Rd. Bonner Flowers Boulevard Launderette at Shopping Center Iohn W. Cain 61 Son, Insurance Albert W. Ccmedy, Optician Carnival Drive-In Chase Electric Co. Cindy Lee Sportswear Dr. Maurice Clement, Optometrist Mr. Mason Cleveland Connors Travel Agency Corky Row Club Auxiliary Mr. 51 Mrs, Iohn Costa Miss Angela Elizabeth Cyr D 61 D Sales G Service Dorwood Manufacturing CO. Eugenia's School of Dancing IOSEPH ARRUDA, IR., CONSTRUCTION Tiverton, R. I. BENOIT-BURNS-CYR, INC. Plastering Contractors 673-0104 - 678-0970 EARNSHAW'S SANDWICH SHOP 21 Broadway Extension MARTINS' ALUMINUM PRODUCTS CO. uoinedfi igafrond ana! jrien Elaine's Flower Shop Gendreau Fumiture, Pleasant St. Mr. Normand Gingras Grays Ice Crecan, Inc.'s Drive-ln, Wesport Harvey's House of Seafood Ideal Laundry Leonard's Pharmacy Margie's House ot Beauty Mathiew Oil Company Mr. 6 Mrs. Robert Marcoux Mary B's Beauty Salon Merit Dress Delivery, Inc. Miranda's Linguica :Sr Chourice Prod. Modern Furniture Co. Morse Shoe Store Mullen Bros., Iewelers Munro Electric Supply :S Hardware Co. Harold C, Nagle Ins. Agency New England Poultry CO., Inc. North Tiverton News Mr. 51 Mrs. Fred Oliveira Hugo D. Perron Ins. Agency, Inc. Arthur A. Plante 8 Sons Phenix Professional Cleaners Ray's Flower Shop Antonio Sardinha G Sons, Contractor H. Schwartz G Sons, Inc. Miss Mary Serba Dr. George M. Silva Mr. :Sr Mrs. Lawrence Souza Mrs. Ioan Souza 6: Iefiery Dr. Edward I. Steinhof Sunlite Milk Co. Sunrise Fruit Store Swan Cleaners Swidey's Variety Store Ukrainian Home Walsh Moving Company Frank N. Wheelock G Sons, Inc. Yankee Cleaning Co. ROBERT'S FUR :Sr FORMAL SHOP 383 Spring Street STAFFORD FUEL, INC. 800 Pleasant Street STEVENSON'S RESTAURANT 2067 South Main St., Cor. Walter St. NIRA WAREHOUSE MART, INC. 1732 South Main Street R. A. MCWHIRR COMPANY 169 South Main Street RITE OIL CO., 196 W. Hilton St. Tiverton, R. I. - 624-9455 - 678-9911 North Darmouth Compliments of ST. PATRICK'S SCHOOL F.R. TORCHIA STUDIO 368 South Main Street CAL WARREN MEN'S WEAR, INC. 84 South Main Street WALTER A. I. WOICIK INS. AGENCY, INC 113 Palmer Street 106 WARREN HAY VANTINE STUDIU porfraif f9A0f0gm,QAm 132 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON. MASSACHUSETTS ONE OF OUR YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHERS If 107 A Compliments ot BRISTOL KNITTING MILLS, Inc 951 Broadway Fall River, Mass Tel.: MO 4-5700 MICHAEL MCDONOUGH. Inc. LIBERTY BELL CHOCOLATE D1v. Chocolate Bars - Novelties - Candy Guaranteed Successful Fund Raising 134 Bala Avenue Bala Cynwyd, Pa. CLASS RINGS RINGS PINS I RICHARD O NEIL COMPANY 282 Franklln Street Cambndge 39, Mass. FINER SCHOOL UNIFORMS TAILORED BY IOHN B. LORD CORP. 712 Commerce Road Linden, New Iersey Area Code 201 WAbash 5-5444 LANE'S RESTAURANT and SCON CE COCKTAIL LOUNGE 221 Main Rd. Tiverton, R. I. MA 4-8430 Turkey - Chicken - Lobster Steak - Seafood Orders Put Up to Take Out Color TV-Electric Player Piano for Your Enjoyment Kitchen Closes at 10 P.M. Closed Mondays CONGRATULATIONS 'ro THE CLASS OF 1965 FROM ENGINE SERVICE 6 SUPPLY. Inc. 84 Fourteenth Street Fall River, Mass. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1965 I-'ROM The Mother Mary Catherine McAu1ey Guild sale for the benefit of are a mirin some 0 CIIIS. WE PURCHASE OUR UNIFORMS FROM COLLEGIATE OUTFITTIN G COMPANY 40 West 225th Street Bronx, New York 10463 The McAuley Guild ran p y th Scholarship Fund. The g 1 h d g f h p I that were donated for Lh p y sale are full scholarsh p t d 110 CENTURY F'ENCE CO. Chain Link and Cedar Fences Residential and Industrial MASON FURNITURE CO.. Inc. Furniture Wonderland of the East Daily: 9 A.M. to 10 P.M. Fall River Massachusetts 1 ofzouams: FUNERAL HOME Tele MICHAEL S. McMAHoN 571 Second Street F4111 River, Mass. OS 9-6072 678-0236 MY LADY'S HAIR STYI..IST "The Artistic Touch That Means So Much" Y 1622 GAR Highway, Somerset COMPLIMENTS OF THE FRIENDS OF THE 1965 MERCYCREST BELLA and TONY'S SNACK BAR 1632 South Main Street Fall River, Mass. CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 1965 FROM FACULTY and STUDENTS Mount Saint Mary Academy 111 Groducfrion Gowns mode by gi UNIFORM Co, 65 Parochial Uniforms 943 Soufh Wafer Sfreei' New Bedford, Moss. 02744 YFLL RIVQ? P U B LIC Lmafxfif 1' S N P V -Y V1 1 1' ,as Q rn 11 .lu Q YA' "im- ,-:-uni il' .-i!R,'q'- V h 2'l"l , 'flyw- 1 'T' ' '-sq. "3-!13nfQ,4 :wa A , -"'Q '. Q."'::-, 4 I E 3 3 5 ! S I'- I X' U, h 9: 'A' .' 5 - Walflihfguw 4 'ine 1 ftvvp ,. In I ? i TORCHIA MEN WITH CREATIVE IMAGINATION OFTEN ACHIEVE WHAT OTHER MEN MERELY CONSIDER" ONTEMPORARY ROGRESS

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