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 - Class of 1964

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Mount St Marys Academy - Mercycrest Yearbook (Fall River, MA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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I Q 'O X n HAHAHA ' mmm, 15 53 UUU LSL.: mmm um EEEKHUUI ll: ,H A ! ':' I '? L.L.L . MULLEN STUDIO a panoramic history of progress within four years recorded in the ... W F" 'f 'Y 1 ' Y '-"TT f.':h sw f' ? -f'7" -"1 , 4 .4o' . ' 1" 'inf :W U . .AQ , 1 a A 'n I , Llc! 1' "i,'tvJ, 'WPS 4 'fy' I ,M ' f I Q 5254 Y N '. N :Nl mx. lj, I . . 1 - n 1'. 11m Q 45 4,21 1 w s .VJXW1 OS 53224 n an .il-.lg ,'v 47 K , '-'gf ..g W . .,! 1 ' L43 1 .. 1 ,. , 4 I uffl H 'I .- g 5 s o ff33i3?3f2-225 1 1.1.1 .I t D A lH:c I., , X J .Q ,f-kx ft: 42: 4,: ,- -- fri 1' " 1 x-au! Q, ' ' gl! . . 1 1' 'T f 23.51. X ,..- x A ....,. ,. ,,. ' i 1,1 3 , .i . A 1. .. ..- ' 1' S 1 " 1' 5 Q14 - R as - , I up ' . - . Fill-11 4' 1 ' f' reenter f ll.UQ.l S lxx - V, -'gi 4- 2 .J-:J V '. ' 1. 1 riff 'ii - 5:?3.r:J-.3 4.9 1 gig -4 fwfQ,.,.,, .4......4...' ' ' ' 'HHQE-1-2 I A I V ... ff . Illxig rw' 'b'm-sv NV '-' f 'UN S x 253795 ,X 'Ns NI I, fy . I AM TIEWAY Dramatlc IDHE -RUTH physical 0 THE LIGHT I changes, a 'fi quickening ummm ' 9 academic pulse, Ia 2 and an PUBLIC LIBRARY JIIN 4 1304 alertness to FALL raven. MASS, opportunities for community service typify today . . . 3 2036 00391 3544 Avi gb Q' 'f w 1 " in-,,, '-' ' Q f W W I ?N"'1 fx-'n'1'!','! 'Q - , . A' "5gg':Zf-iii? 5- -vi-.ui ,71- -v 6 1 g gg Y F--fr fu nw.. -7, - ,. ,- 1-.w K. A 'fl ' 'ea ' Q, .-2? .A ' l.i2,Lf ,.- , ' 1 x 5' U Av ' - '4 57.45 Mount students assemble to attend the Mass which was offered for our late president the day after his burial. ,s DEDICATED TO IOH EIT GERALD KENNEDY John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was and is a modern example of courage, conviction, and faith. He typified the average man - the hrilliant man, the average citizen -- the greatest citizen. To the youth of America he was an inspiration and a guide, He showed us how to lead our country and also how to follow its commands. Vve were freshmen when he toolc into his hands the taslc of leading this nation. His wisdom and guidance protected us and allowed us to study and learn under a banner of freedom and peace. Our years at lxtlount were slowly ending when his life was so suddenly ended. Shocked and hurt, we realized, perhaps for the lirst time, how great a man he was. To John Fitzgerald Kennedy, our fallen leader, this yearhoolc is dedi- cated. To the ideals ol John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the ideals of a hero, our lives are dedicated. To truth, justice, and loyalty: to love of God, family, and country, we must strive to malce the world dedicated. Fatt RIV5? P U B L 1 Q L !BRmi,f 5 YEARS OF SERVICE . R. 4 . . -2 35 I on 1 . 42' n A , .5 ik, Living Ima es of His Excellency The Most Reverend JAMES LOUIS CONNOLLY, D.D.D.SC.H. His Excellencyflqhe hlost Reverend James l... Connolly. in his years of dedication to the Diocese ol Fall River, has shown a constant interest in the spiritual and scholastic progress ol our secondary schools. :Xt present he is planning lor another regional high school in the Diocese. This sec- ondary school will accommodate the laoys in Fall River and will he staffed hy ,lesuit priests. It will he the first Catholic high school for the hoys ol this city. His Excellency The Most Reverend JAMES JOSEPH GERRARD, D.D. As Auxiliary Bishop, Bishop Gerrard does a great worlc assisting in the guidance of a Diocese which is en- deavoring to do its utmost in helping to form a hetter world. Nvhile Bishop Connolly attended the Ecumenical Council, Bishop Gerrard tool: the lull responsihility as spiritual father and leader ol? the Diocese. lxluch of the success in the responses ol the laity to the requests lor the new regional high school is due to his enthusiasm and cooperation. Holiness, Wisdom, and Reverend Patrick J. O'Neill, A.M. Superintendent of Schools Father O'Neill's lceen interest and foresight are always at worlc for the interests of the schools in the diocese. Father realizes the pupils of our schools will soon talce their places, either among the laity or as religious, as Catholics who must help to form a hetter world. ln order to he adequately prepared, our students must now he educationally and spiritually trained for the taslc, Last school year Father O'Neill appointed committees of teachers to revise the entire curriculumfl-'his year Father has aslced that modern mathe- matics he taught to the junior high students, and he has pro- vided an in-service mathematics course for the teachers. Reverend Joseph Delaney, A.M. Reverend Paul F. McCarrick Assistant Superintendent of Schools Spiritual Director of the Sodality Father Delaney shares in the responsibility and worlc of our large educational system. He has lueen a tremendous help to the committees who are revising the courses of study for our secondary schools. ln all the problems and difficulties in adjusting our cur- riculum to the needs and demands of a modern world, Father assists the committee memlaers lay his alnle and understanding assistance. He realizes the need of a well integrated program which will pre- pare our pupils for higher educa- tion, or to talce their places in the world as intelligent Catholic Americans. Father lvlccarriclc, loecause of his deep sense of spiritual values and his lcind manner, is held in high esteem lay all lxllount stu- dents. Occasionally Father gathers the seniors together for spiritual instruction, and he is always ready to he of assistance to any girl who seelcs his advice. Father is also interested in the social activities of the lxflount. l'le realizes that in order to prepare our students lor a hetter world we must provide for their social as well as their spiritual and intellectual lile. Vvhenever there is a school dance or other event, Father is always there. , ,.f .. ,. ,W - l Mother Mary Helena, R.S.M., Ed.M. Mother Provincial Nlother Blary Helena is always interestecl in the worlc ot the faculty ancl the stuclents at the lxlount. ln provicling lor a souncl spiritual and eclucational program for us. Blother loolrs lirst to the preparation of our teachers. She lmows they cannot impart to us what they themselves do not possess. To equip the Sisters for their worli, she olllers opportunities lor spiritual and scholastic cleyelopment, Truth in the Panorama W1 Mother Mary Alban, R.S.M., A.M. Assistant Mother Provincial lxlother lxlary Alban plans and guicles the eclu- cational preparation ol our teachers. She sees that each Sister has a goocl haclcgrouncl in her major lielcl ancl also in any other suhject she may teach. Sisters who have their lxlastens degree are otierecl occasional refresher courses. thx -nl Sister Mary Chrlotte, R.S.M., A.B. Superior Sister lxlary Charlotte is religious superior ol lxlount Saint lvlary Convent. ln her lcincl ancl gentle way she is always alert to the neecls of all at the Aeaclemy. The faculty and stuclents are grateful for all she cloes to malce lite at the lxlount so pleasant. Sister Mary Rose, R.S.M.. A.M,, head of the Latin de- partment, teaches sophomore religion and freshman,sopho- more, junior, and senior Latin. '-ay' Sister Mary Flora, R.S.M., A.M., head of the English department and moderator of the Mercian and the Journal- ism Club, teaches senior re- ligion, junior and senior Eng- lish, Latin II, and German, SisterMaryCarmelita,R.S.M., Ed.M., head of the business department and moderator of the Debate Club, teaches sen- ior religion, junior English, history and typing. 11 Sister Mary Benita, R.S.N.. Cand. M.A.T., head of the math department and year- book adviser, teaches junior religion, junior and senior math and sophomore English. Sister Mary Adele, RSM., A.M., head of the French de- partment and moderator of the French Club, teaches French II and Ill. Sister Mary Albertus, R.S.M., A.M., head of the chemistry department and moderator of the junior Sodality and the Science Club, teaches junior religion and chemistry. always present of the discuss science. 1 .4 'Kr .iw ' Sister Mary Donalda, R.S.M,, lNl.S., RN., head of the lui- ology department and moder- ator of the Science Club. teaches biology ll and ad- vanced biology. Sister Mary Denisita, RSM., Cand. A.M., head of the re- ligion department and Senior Sodality moderator, teaches sophomore religion and Eng- lish, Spanish l and II, and general science. Heads of departments at the Mount try to adapt their programs to day needs. At left the heads science and math departments the correlation of math and Sister Mary Fidelis, R.S.M., A.B., teaches freshman Re- ligion, Latin, English, and geometry. 11 , Sister Mary Phyllis, R.S.M., Cand. A.M., Student Council moderator, teaches French I and II and geometry. As We Unroll the Panorama . .. Sister Marie, R.S.M. is in charge of the book store. Sis- ter is also cafeteria super- visor. if Sister Mary julian, R.S.M., Cand. A.M., moderator of Sports, teaches junior reli- gion, ofiice practice, typing, and shorthand I and II. Sister Mary Mercy, R.S.M., M.S.I..S., school librarian and dramatic moderator, teaches junior religion, junior and senior English, reading, Great Books Program. x l -av Q f-Q Sister Mary Chabanel, R.S.M., Cand. M.S., teaches freshman religion, biology, and physics. Sister Marie Lorraine, R.S.M., B. Music, director of the glee club, teaches freshman reli- gion and English, algebra, and senior and junior music. Mrs. Muriel Mederios is Sec- retary at the Mount. 1 .gf,,a -v 'IS IA fi 5 SA C cf , a 'A ff jx, 1 '- . , ag IN! 4, -V X ,-Q, ax N 1 Mr. Arthur Paquette,B.Mus,, directs the school orchestra. Mr. Robert Labounty, A.B., teaches American history. Mrs. Bessie L. Appel, Ed. M., teaches general science. Miss Mildred Sullivan serves as assistant librarian, Mrs. Claire Carvalho, A.B., teaches freshman religion, world history, and reading. Miss Ursula jaruszewski, A.B., Moderator of the U.N. World Affairs Club, teaches American history and sopho- more English. Mrs. Claire Fairhurst, B.S., teaches art. Mrs, Mary O'Toole, Ed.B., coaches basketball. N x ,Hx I 2 Sister Mary Dionysia, R.S.M., A.M., our principal,is happy with our large enrollment of live hundred eighty students. YEARS OF PROGRESS -...img 5 fic' 'ft-f ,r 1 ,433 'f ' .. f.'1f'Vv 'J . aff . s'4?5ifb-1' H IOR Zu" ,, --11.-,. is 1-I' NIARCIA GAIL ALLEN 26 Ramlvly Rcl, Holy Trinity Episcopal Tiverton Ictiviiies: lf. N. Xvorlcl Affairs .tl - 1 SHARON ANN ALOSI I23 Bearclswortli Rd. Holy Gliost Tiverton Activities: Orcliestra -I: Liturgical I 1 Frencli Club 3. BARBARA ANN ARRUDA H55 XY. Cnnonicus St. Holy Gliost Nl ivvrtun Actii-itivs: Clce Club l,2,'5.'1: Muncvcmisr Typist 3,45 Class Presiclent I. X Ss -' is "- JOANNE FRANCES BAILEY O0 Tallman Ave. St. Anthony Portsmoutli Activities: Latin Clulo 2.3: Frr-ncli Clula 2.3,4: Qrcliestra I,2,3.-I: Concert lxlistrcss l,2,3,4: Stuclent Council 2.3,-I: President 4: Dc-lnate Club I,2,3: Treasurer 3. Acliievenwnisz Full Tuition Scliolarsliip to Nlountg Girls' Slate Representative 3: A.P.S.L. Certificate 2,31 N,E.D.T. Certili- cate IQ: Diocesan Science Fair Cc-rtiticate 2. SANDRA ANN ALVARNAS 29 Clfiace Ave., Tiverton Holy Ghost Activities: Class Secretary 2. 'Q' PRISCILLA ANNE BARREIRA I9 Alfrecl St. St. Xvilliam Activities: Glee Club I,2.3.-1: Science Cluli 3: Soclality 3.4: Treasurer I. Achievements: Sclwol Science Fair Tliirrl Grant. CHERYL ANN B.-KRRETTE 40 Kellogg St. St. Patriclc Activities: Sodality l,2: French Club 2,5941 Coepresident 4: Glee Club l,2,3,4: IIN. VVorId Affairs Club 4: Class Secretary 3. Achievements: N.E.D.T. Certificates 1.2. lv' - ANNE MARIE BERYIER QI Wooley St. St. Anne Activities: Baslcetball l,2.3,4: Volleyball 3.4: French Club 4. Achievements: N.E.D.T. Certificate l: Ath- letic Award. 2""Nn, If-ff XIARIE ELISE B.-XSTILLE MARILYN SUSAN BE.-XUREG.-XRD Tl Beech Ave., Tiverton Holy Ghost 633 Second St. St. hlary Cathedral Activities: Glee Club 1.2. Activities: Orchestra l,2,5,4. In their freshman algebra class, Joanne Bailey and Anne Marie Bernier struggle diligently over a problem. Although the work is difhcult, they find the class very enjoyable under the direction and watchful eye of Sister Mary Kateri. "T MARGARET MARY BLACK IO6 Broadway St. Louis Activities: Sodality l,2,5.4: Glee Club l,2z Debate Club l: Pro-American Club 3: Msncvcmisr 4: Dramatics Club 1. SUSAN MARIE BOXYLER 033 St-cond St. St. blary Cathedral Activities: Bowling 2: MERCYCREST 3.-1, ,Ren 11 Q' Q, . If S., 1 i' A al e 1 Fi1f1.t"' t ' 'Vi Qi On the steps of the United States Senate, at the Capitol Building, some members of the graduating class of 1964 smile with enthusiasm as they meet Massachusetts Senator Edward M. Kennedy. The tour of Washington has become an annual affair for Mount students. MARGARET ANNE BRADY T05 Vvalnut St. Sacred Heart .Activitiesz Junior Rc-d Cross l: Dratnzitit Club l: Bowling l: U.N. XVorld Allairs Club 4: MERCYCRES1' 41 French Club -l, 1' 'SJ .ann-. ARLENE ELIZABETH BRAGA 28 Aquidneclt Ave. St. Anthony Portsmouth Activities: Dramatic Club 25: Glen Club I,2,'5,4: MERCIAN 3,-l: Editor-in-Chiel 4: French Club 4: Basltetball Timer -1, Achievements: A.P.S.l... Certificate 2. 4-1 CAROL ANN BURKETT 45 Jolin St. St. lVIary Catlreclral ELAINE MARIE CANDEIAS I65I Bay St. Our Lady ol Angels Activities: Dramatic Club I,2: Spanislr Club 3: Class President I. Achievements: N.O.M.A. Certificate 5. Qt IUXNN.-X KAIHERINI1 BRVXCLX 170 If-mer N. Clur l..rtly ul III-alll. xlctivitivs, Bowling 2. Clmu-ring 3,-I3 Mrlggy. CRYFT -I. .'IC1lI0t'0V7ll'l'llSZ Clxvffring Ifltr-r -i IJ.'XxIlfI.q'x NOREEN BIQOCKXXZXY I3 Yirginia Terrace 51, limi llortsmuutli .'ICt11'1l1es: Cglee Club I: L.N, XX orlcl :Xl- lairs Cluln 4, 21 SS? fr' 'xv QQ I n L P -W 'wwf JOAN MARIE CANTIN I208 Stalllorcl Rcl. St. Elizalnetli LORRAINE 'IIHERESA CARON 27 Maplewood Ave, St. Miclwael Swansea Activities: Cxlee Club 1,23 MERCYCREST 3,l: U.N, VVorId Allairs Club 4, xIcI1ievements: N.O.2Vl.A. Certificate 5. - -wa-rw,-- V,--5---,Q EILEEN CARREIRO 86 Haslcins Ave. St. Christopher Tiverton Activities: Vanguarcl Science Club lc French Club 2.3.-4: l..alin Club 25,43 Great Boolcs Club 3: Glee Club l. Achievements: A.P.S,l... Certificate 12,33 Honorary Full Tuition Scholarship to lxlount: N.E.D.T. Awarcls l,2: National hlerit Let- ter ol Recommenflation 4. v x ! PHYLLIS ANN CORREIA '25 Branch St. St. Mary Catlieclral Activities: U.N. Xvorld Affairs Club 4. 'R '-PS' ., f 'vs 55' 3 l ANNA LAURIAN CAVANAGH ELIZABETH ANN CERALDI 554 Seconcl St. Sl. lvlaryls Catheclral Sf' Tuttle St. St. Patriclc Activities: Glee Club l,2.3,4: Liturgical Choir 2.3. 1 The student body is assisting very clevoutlv at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass after having assembled in the auditorium. Such assemblies are frequent and provide an opportunity to unite the girls in both the social and religious aspects of a Catholic 1 i education. 'v ll E u, 4 c 'it 0 nl CAROLYN KATHERYN COTE 215 Harlaor Terrace St. Nlary Catlmeclral Activities: Debating Club l: PIO-,American Club 2: Soclality 2.3.41 Secretary 4: French 3.4: Basketball 2.3.4: Student Council 3.4. y 'I 3 JANICE LORRAINE CRAVVFORD 568 Fourtll St. St. lVlary's Cathedral Activities: Debating Club l : Dramatic Clulim l,2,3.4: Glee Clula l.2.3.4: Treasurer 4: Liturgical Clmoir 4: Baslcetlaall 3.4: Volley- lJall 2,5,4: Frencll 3.4: Vice-Presiclent 4: Treasurer 3. JEANNE ELIZABETH CQTE PfxLiL1NE JANET cons 175. wlofgan Sf- Holy Cross 36 XVillow St, Tiverton St. Tlvfre-so Activities: MERCYCREST Typist 4: Bowling Activities: Class Vice-Presiclent 2: Sturlent 2: Stuclent Government l. Coungil 1,21 Mfr FN 4 xx 4 ELAINE CROSS ROSENIARY LORRAINE CULLEN 130 Hood St, St. .losepll 242 Tecumseh St. St. Peter ancl Paul Activities: NIERCYCREST 4: Class Secretary 4. Activities: Frencll 3.4: Dramatic Clula 3: Great Boolcs Club 3. Achievements: N.E.D.T. 3.4: Finalist in National Merit Scholarship Test. will rt-U, ' i 1! . L ,ff-"' ' GRUWT JN ES' Q5 -x The joy of winning recognition in the annual school science Fair is expressed by Kathleen Holik as she proudly displays her prize-winning project. School Science fairs enable the students to compete in the various fields of science. JOAN LOUISE DERMODY '52 Stulatoe Lane, Portsmouth St, Anthony Activities: Orchestra 1.2.3911 Vice-President 4: Liturgical Choir I: MERCYCREST 3.4: Class President 1: Vice'President 2. ,- r 'X' ANNE DESCHENE 125 Randolph Ave., Tiverton Holy Ghost Activities: French Cluh 2.14: Sodality 2.3.4: Mencvcuesr 4: Student Council 4: Treasurer 4: Glee Cluh l. Achievements: N.E.D.T. assi' CHARLOTTE ANN DEAN I684 Stallord Rd. St. Xvilliam Activities: Junior Red Cross l: Vice-Presb dent I: French Cluh 2.3,-1: Vice-President 3: Mcncmw 3.4: Dramatic Club l,2,3,4: Pro-American Cluh 2: Class Secretary 3. Achievements: A.P.S.L. 2,3: N.E.D.T. 1.2: Partial Scholarship to Mount: Junior Red Cross Certificate I. MARIE MANUELA DE-SOUSA 46 Harrison St. Our Lady of Lourdes Taunton , i Q-Q PHYLLIS ANNVGRACE DESRIUSSEAUX 561 So. Almoncl St. St. Louis Activities: Orcliestra I.2.3.4: Treasurer -1: Soclality 1.25.42 Latin 2.3: lrrencli Club 2.14: Vice-President -1: Lbx. Nvurltl Alllairs Club 4: Debate Club 1: Jr. R.-tl Cross 1: Pro-American Club 2: Dramatic Club 3.4: Mnncvcmzsr 4. Achievements: N.E.D.T, Certificate 2: A,P.S.L. Certificate 1.3: .lr. Red Cross Cer tilicate 1. MARY ANN NIARGARET DIAS 144 Walter Si. 51, Ilaimk Activities: Glec Club 1: Bowling 1.2: Treasurer 2: Latin Club 3.4: Class Yiw- Presiclent 3. Achievements: A.P.S.l.., Certilicale 1.2.3. -'S f N C'-Je "-Q. f-lg! v t N 5 as "' 1 1 1 X5 L., N ,J 'Zim t.glJ. 4-':9' -14. ARLENE JEAN DESROSIERS 35 Oliver St. Sf, I-f,l,,, JOAN 51.-XRIE DESROSIERS 148 Hamlet St. St. :Xnmf Activities: Clieering 3.-1: lr. Recl Cross 2 MERCYCREST 4: Class Secretary 3. Aciuievementsx Cbeering Letter 3,4 If- .Ai JOAN THERESA DOOLAN 54 Cottage St. St. Marys Catlwcclral Activities: Baslcetball 1.2.3.-1: Soclality 1.2: Glee Club 1,2.3.4: Frencli Club 3.4: MERCYCREST 4: Jr. Reel Cross 1: Class President 2: Vice-Presiclent 4: Student Council 3. Achievements: Athletic Awarcl. ANN ELIZABETH DURAN 27 lxlidclle Ave., Tiverton St. Cliristopber Activities: Glee Club l,2,5,-1: Basketball 1.2.3.-1: Co-Captain 4: Frencli Club 3.4: Student Council 1.5.-1: Class Secretary 2: Class President 4. Achievements: N.E,D.T. Certilicate 1.2: A.P.S.l... Certificate 1: Atliletic Awarclz Full Tuition Scbolarsbip to Nlount. ANNE MARIE DRURY CHERYL ANN DUCKETT I Slacle St. Our Lady ol Fatima 136 Jolin St. St. lxlary's Catbeclral Somerset Activities: Class Vice-Prcsiclcnt 2: Sodality Activities: Cvlee Club 1: Soclality 2.5.-1: lg Spanisli Club 2: Junior Reel Cross l, Junior Real Cross 3: MERCYCREST -1: U.N. Achievements: Junior Reel Cross Certifi- Vvorlcl Affairs 4. cate l. 'Q IQ SN? Q -'I t Si I AE? -W l ROSEMARY EVA '-t0l0 Blain Road St. Nlaclfflrvine Sopliie lin-rtnn ,lftiritiesz MLRCYCREST -1: vanguard Scienc Qlull l.2.3.4: Pro-:Xmcrican Club 2.3. ri 41" Y , CAROL ANN FARIAS -HO Fourtll St. St. Nlaryfs Catlin-clral Activities: Glee Club l,2,5.4: Soclality I: ljrcncli 3,-1: MERCYCREST -1: Dramatic Club I: Class Yicc-President 4. .IUDITH ANN DUPONT M86 :Xlain Roacl St. Cbristoplaer Activities: Pro-Anierican Club 2: Liturgical Choir 1,2,5, 'Y' I QA w- -ef 1 6 CHERYL ANN FARIS 206 N1cClosl4ey St. St. Antliony of time Desert Aftivitiesz Debate l.2,3: Cvlee Club I: Mincmx 5,41 French Club 3.4: Great Boolcs Club 14: Dramatic Club 3.4: Class Yice-Presiclent I, Achievements: N.E.D.T. l,2: National lxlerit Letter of Recommendation. BEVERLY ANN FERREIRA 661 Lawton St. St. Elizabeth Activities: Cheering' 3,-t: Pro-American Club 3.4: Library Aide 3.4. Achievements: Cheering Letter 4. C9 r Cf' ,l X, I , A I JANET LOUISE FERREIRA Bl.-XRY ANNE FERRY 107 Vvest Hilton St. Holy Ghost Bryant Nt-cli Rcl., Assonet St. Bwrnarrl Activities: Junior Reci Cross 1: Liturgical flctivitiosz Soclality 1.2.3.-t: Stuclent Coun- Choir 1.2.3,4: Class Secretary 2. Carol Ann Farias and Priscilla Barreira are the two gracious hostesses serving cil l. is V' JEANNE-CLAIRE FEVVKES 38 lvlerritt Ave.. Tiverton Holy Ghost Activities: Glee Club 1.2,3,4: French Club 2,5,4: Science Club 3.4: Vice-President 4: U.N. Vvorlci Affairs Club 4: Great Boolcs Club 3.4: Class Treasurer 2. Achievements: Diocesan Science Fair Cer- tificates 1.3: N.E.D.T. Certilicatcs 1.2. lunch to our Mercycrest photographer, Mr. johnson of the XVarren Kay Vantine Studio of Boston. Mr. Johnson is one of the busiest and most pleasant members of our honorary yearbook staff. - ,444 1 1' N -ggi 'i Q YT MARY ILIDITH FORTIES 126-1 Plymouth Ave. St, Xvilliam Activities: Orchestra l,2.3.4: Library Aide l,2,3.4: French Cluln 3. Achievements: Bowling Trophy 2. As freshmen, some of the Seniors proudly presented their first play, "The Trouble with Mothers". Since then, as members of the Dramatic Club, they have been in and enjoyed a few of Mount's productions. KATHLEEN MARIA FOY 8-4 Dover St. SS. Peter and Paul RACHEL LORRAINE FRETT 282 hlontaup St. St. Patricl Activities: Basketball l.2,3.4: Sodalily 1,2- Lihrary Aide I: Junior Red Cross l,'2. Achievements: Baslcethall letter 4. Xu! MARION ELIZABETH FURTADO '58 Lyon St. SS. Peter and Paul Activities: Glee Clula 1.2: Class Secretary 2: Class Vice-President 3. Achievements: N.O.IVI.A. Certificate. . X 6 KATHLEEN MARY GLEESON 2451 East Main Rd. St. Antliony Portsmoutlm Activities: Orchestra l,2,5,4: Frenclm Club 5.4: MERCIAN 5.4: Co-eclitor 4: Science Club 1: Class Treasurer 5.4. Achievements: A.P.S.L. Certificate I. CHERYL ANN GRAIL I5 Bircli St., Portsmoutlm St. Barnabas Activities: Glee I: Bowling I.'2.5,-I: Presiclent 4: Secretary 5: Dramatic Clulm 5.4: Frencll Clula 2: Science Cluln I.21 MERCIAN 5: U.N. Vvorlcl Allairs Clulo 4. Achievements: A.P.S,L. Certificate 2.3: N.E.D.T. 2.5: Bowling Trophy 5.4. 1 3 , I J 0?-I A V - -1-Q2 M IXIICHELE G.'XLL.'xN'I4 505 Balrer St, N Xyillmiii Activities: Junior Rfrl Crocs .Ig Minus CREST 4. MARION FRANCES Q.-XSIOR S6 Somerset St. Holy Crow Achievements: f'X,P.S L. Certificate l.2, .NN N 'fx 'J GAYLE GREELEY I72 Blaclcstone St. SS. Peter anrl Paul Activities: Dramalic Club I,2,3.AI: Prof American Club 3,-I: FIERCYCRIST 4: ILN. Vvorlcl Allairs Club 4: Class Secretary Ig Class Vice-Prcsiclent -I. CYNTHIA ANN NI.-XRIE HAYXVARD IO6 Bracllcy .-Xvc,. Sonic-rsct SI. Palriclc Activities: French CIUIJ 3.4: MERCYCREST 4: Class Vice-President I: Stuclcnt Coun- cil 2. l 'I' KATHERINE ANNE HENNESSEY 775 Bristol Ferry Rd. St. Anthony Portsmouth Activities: Spanish Cluh 4, .9-QI L n xx 'a aw? SYN N Q35 ,gi S-- 237' X , 1 F wa KATHLEEN JANE HOLIK 383 Rochester St. Holy Cross Activities: Soclality l.2.3,4: Latin Cluln 2,3,4: Science Clula l,2,3.-1: Treasurer 3: Pro-American Club 2: U.N. Vvorlcl Affairs Clula 4. Achievements: A.P.S.l.. Certificate l.2.3: Nledal 3: School Science Fair. Second Grant 3. fi W---1 X CAROLYN ANNE HOLLERAN 74 Forest St. St. lVlary Cathedral Activities: Sodality l,2,3,4: Glee Cluln l: .lunior Red Cross l: Dramatic Club I: Latin Clula 3.4: French Club 3.4: Baslcet- hall 2: Volleyloall 3.4: Chcering 3.4: Ath- letic Association 2,3.4: U.N. World Affairs X Cluh 4: MERCYCREST 4, Achievements: A.P.S.l... Certificate 2.3: N.E.D.T. Certificate 2: Junior Red Cross Certificate l: Cheering Letter 4. Carolyn Holleran, Sharon Silva, Phyllis Desruisseaux, Carol Witengier and jane Sullivan display their junior Red Cross Award for hospital aid. The girls earned this award by being industrious aides at St. Anne's Hospital. eral-- 0. iw 1- , ' vx . df '- N .X 1 J A A 5 W n 5 I lX'lARY BETH HUGHES 82 Tallman Ave. St. Anthony Portsmouth ' Activities: Glee Clu.lJ l.2,3,4: Spanish 'lk I 'I Cluh 2: MERCYCREST 4. cw 28 ill fy, 1 x I . I i SHARON LOUISE HURLEY JOYCE JOAN JEAN 43-D Nlaple Gardens St. Williani 72 Farnum St., Tiverton St. Theresa 1 Activities: Bowling 2: Cvlce Club 1.2.3,-t. Activities: Cvlee Club 2.3.41 Dramatic Clulu IO Li 'U 'W 9 DP 3 0 '1 5. W :J Q f: cr' '19 L7 U- B -2 E? Q.. O 2.14: U.N. World All-airs Club 4. 40 ' if 973 'l l .., .L I -1' Ex V MARY ELIZABETH KENNEY JUDITH ANN LABECKI 94 Alan Ave., Portsmouth St. Antlmony 357 Nvliipple St. St. Patrick Activities: Spanisti Club 4: U.N. World Activities: Glee Club 1.25.45 Soclality L21 Allairs Club 4. Frencll Clulo 3.4: Student Council l,'2: I Class Secretary 3. PANJELA JOYCE KEARNS 178 Camluriclgf: St. SS. Petcr uml Paul Activities: Junior Rccl Cross IQ: Bowling 1.2.33 Volleyball 2: Frcnclfl Club 14. 'Q g--, if QD T 7 ., H. N. 4 's at s s.x , .o-5 ' 1 . PAULINE CLAIRE IJCHAXCE 50 Bcrlcley St. Anno flctivitiesz Soflality l,2,5.4: Frcncli Clulw 1.2.3.-t: Cvlce l,2.5.-1: Baslictlnall l,2,5,4: MERCYCREST 4: Drzimntic l: ,-Xtlilelic Association l,2,5,4z Student Coun- cil 4. -J ,- i Cheryl Duckett, Barbara Arruda. Jeannine Levesque and Mary Kenney enjoy a discussion with Father Robert S. Kaszynski. As juniors, we were delighted to have Father Kaszynski as our retreat master. His conferences were an inspiration to all the girls. NIURIEL ANNE LARRIYEE 0'Neil Point Rd., Portsmouth St. Anthony Activities: Bowling 1: Cvlee Cluh 1.25.41 Liturgical Choir 4: Pro-American Cluln 2. .-lchievenicnts: .-KP.S.L. Certilicate 1. ll' 5 " 1 DONNA KAREN LARUE 610 Birch St. St. Patrick Activities: Bowling 1.2: Orchestra 1.25.41 French Cluh 3.4. L Y- V PATRICIA ANN LACKEY 67 Vvhipple St. St. lxlaryfs Activities: Crlee Cluln 1.2: Liturgical Choir 1. FLORENCE DIANE LEMAIRE 186 Alhert St. St. .lean Baptiste Activities: Student Council 2.4: Vice-Presb dent 4: Baslcethall 1.2.3.-1: Volleyhall 2.3.-1: Debate Cluh 2: Pro-American Club 2: French Cluh 2.3.4: Latin Cluh 5.-1: Dra- matic Clulo 1.2.'5.4: Junior Red Cross 1.2: President 2: Athletic Association Class President 2: Partial Scholarship to Mount: Mencvckssr 4. Achievements: N.E.D.T. Certificate 1.2: A.P.S.L. Certificate 1.2.5: Junior Red Cross Certificate 1.2: Athletic Award: Diocesan Science Fair Certificate 2. 'ik If at -1'-fv 'fl'- "9 ge' f 1 1 Q I JACQUELINE EVA LETENDRE 609 Xvhipple Sr. Sr. Anne Activities: Soclality 1.2.31 5lERClAN 2.3,-4: Liturgical Clmoir 1.2.'5.4g Frencll Club 5.4: Debate Club 4: Crcluestra 1.2: Dramatic Club l,2.'5.4: Pro-American Clula 2.3.-1: President 2.14: Class President 4: Class Vice-Presiclent 2: Class Treasurer 5. JE-XNNINE DELORES LEYESQLTE 17 Bellevue Ave.. Tiverton St. Tlmeresa I + ze .L- R I O R1-D917 K 'a -1 .ml ' J X, PHYLLIS l,r.P.fXG1. IS-A Xyatuppa Heiglmls S5 lleler nml Ilrtlll .:1ctiUitir's: Glee Clulw lsiluruittul Clxoir l,2,3.4: Delnalv Clulv 1.2: Cn-al Books Clulx 5: Snrlalitv 3.1: Frfnflx Clulm 2: Dramatif Clulm 3: l,lllFiil'y .Mile Acliievementsz Cerlrlrxcalw 2,3 1ACQL'1iL1NE BEATRICE IISSARD 109 Roclxlancl St. SI. .Xim- Activilies: Frenclm Clulb 1.2,3: Soclality 1.2.3. 1ACl't18l'PT7'l6fl1Si N,E,D.T. Certiiicatc , uaq :Rav X CONSTANCE UNA Foglancl Rcl.. Tiverton St. Madeline Activities: Stuclent Council 1: U.N, Vxlorlcl Affairs 4: Orclfmestra 1.2.'5.4: Secretary 4: Pro-American Club 1.2: Latin Clula 2.5: French Club 4: MERCYCREST Literary Stall 4: Class Treasurer 4. Achievements: A.P.S.L. 2. DIANE 51.-XRY 1.1201-IAE 560 Smith St, Sl, Xkklliam Activities: Baslcetlnall 1,2.3.'1: Yolleylnall 2.3: Frencll Cluln 2.5,-1: Glee Cluln 1.2.3.-1: Dramatic Cluln 1.2.32 Great Books Clula 3: Class Treasurer 2. Achievements: A,P:S.l.. 2.3: N.ED.T. 1.2: Atlmletic Award: Full Tuition Scllolarsliip to Blount. BARBARA FLORENCE LOPES 451 Oslvorn St, St. rxnnf' 387 Hartwell St. St. MBU' Activities: GIQQ CIuIJ l,'.Z,3: Bowling I,2: Adivifiegg GICC Club l,2,'5g Fran WIERCYCREST 3,41 Typist 55 Asst. Business 31 LIN. Xvorlcl Affairs Club 4. Xlanagc-r 4. -lchievcmenlsz NONI.-X Aritlinictic Award 3: Bowling Trophies 1.2. tfx Ya, I - PATRICIA JANE LORING DOROTHY ANN LUBAS 394 Builinton St. Holy Cross Activities: Dramatic CIuIJ I: Soclality 1.2.5,-1: MERCYCREST 3.4: Business Nan- agcr 4, Q. ww """' -Hr- 'Tf? X BARBARA JOAN INICCANN SUSAN ELIZABETH NCCANN MARY ANNE NCCARTHY I52 Baile-y St. St. Ijntriclc 306 Soutli Beacon St. St. Louis -18 Tuttle St. St. Patrirla :ldiritir-sz Iunior Rrcl Cross lg Bowling Actiiiilics: Glcc CIuID I.2,'5.4: Liturgical rlctivities: Orcliestra l,2,3,4: Liturgical I,2: Ijrwsiilvnt I.2: Glas Clulm l,2.3,-I: Stu- CI1oir l,2,3,4: MERCYCREST-I1 Ijrcncli Clulwg Clmoir I,2,3,4: Sodality 2.3: Dramatic Club rlcnt Counfil 3.4: Latin Clulm 3.-I: Frcncli ,Iunior Real Cross I,2: Class Yicrrprrrsi- 3: Stuclcnt Council 2: Class Secretary I. CIuIo 2,-1: Liturgical Clmir 21 Mrizcvcnizsr clcnt I. AI: Class Pic-siilcnt 3.4: Class Secretary 2. Bnslu-tIJaII 3. .-lcfiiovonmntsz A,P.S,L. Ccrtilicntf- 2 3 ROBERTA JEAN MCDANIEL 470 Parlc Ave.. Portsmouth Holy Trinity Actiuities: Bowling 3.4: Treasurer 5: U.N. Xvorld Allairs Club 4. 'Q J -'J' L , VX it SUSAN DOROTHEA NCGREAVY 27 Narragansett Ave. St. Christopher Activities: Glee Club l,2: MERCIAN 3.4: Co-editor 4: U.N. World Affairs Club 4: Chairman 4: Baslcetball 2.3: Dramatic Club 5,4. Achievements: N,E.D.T. Certificate 1.2: A.P.S.L. Certificate: Athletic Award. during the year. Ji ANNE lVlARGARET iNlCGlLLlCK l.-XNlCE El..:'xlNE HCCRADY 856 Plymouth Ave. SS. Peter and Paul 132 Cottage St. St, blary Activities: Glee Club l,2,3,4: French Club 4, rlctivities: Dramatic Club l: Glee Club l,2. Baslcetball 2: Cheering 3.-lg Head Cheer- leader 4: Class Secretary 4, Achievements: Athletic Award, The ample supply of books in the reference section of the library is utilized by seniors, Susan McGreavy and Carol Farias. The girls find many opportunities to use the library because of the numerous research papers which they are assigned ll tttfll fi 'S .110 --A7 EILEEN FRANCES HCGLIIRE 12 Vvillow Tree Rcl. Activities: Soclalily l,2,3. Holy Ghost DIANE EILEEN MARTINEAL' 23 llantlnly St. Sl, Xxvilliam .lclii'ili0s: Drftmnlic Cluln I: String lin- si-mlulr: 5.1: Grvnl Bowls Clulw 3: Soclttlily l,2,J,-lg Xtio-llrvlt-cl -I3 fjrtlwslrtt l,2,J.-lg Pmsiclcitk -Ig Liltirgifztl Choir l,2,3.'l: Pm- :Xrucricnn Cluln 2: Sluili-nl Council l,2.-I: Rf-pres:-rtlrtlixv 2: Di-lmlv Clult l,l,3: l..tIin fllulw 2,1 Xvilllljllillftl Sth-nec Cluln 2,1-1: llri-siilvnl 'Ip Fri-ntlt Clulm 2: Class ljrcfsi- tlvul I. .'lcl1i0l'er1ti'r1ls: Ccrlilicnh' 1,21 ."x,lJ.S.l... Ccrlil-icath' 1,21 lDlOf't'SZlll Siioncc' Fair Cerlilicule l.3: Partial Scholarship lo Nlounl. Mount's civic interest is expressed as future Seniors, joan Medeiros Florence Lemaire, Jacqueline Letendre, jean Claire Fewkes, Barbara McCann and Marion Furtado pause to speak with former Mayor John M. Arruda here at the school following commencement day exercises for the class of 1965. CAROL JOAN FIEDEIROS JOAN NlARlE. INIEDEIROS ITH6 Flain Rcl., Tiverlon Sl. fhrislopher TS Xvashinglon Sl. .li1ii'ilivs: Glen Club I,2.'5,-1: lrri-mln Cluh rlclivilies: Spanish Club 2 Baslcetlnall J 2.3.41 Pro-:Xincrican Clulx 2: Lakin Cluh MERCYCREST Typist 4: Class Trea urer J 4 2.3. .tlcl1iei'ernenls: Lalin Ccrlilicalc 2,3 ,352 T xl Nl ini N I G .J BIICHELLE ANNE MENARD 640 Cvardnefs Nc-cIc Rel. Our LacIy of Swansea Fatima Activities: Junior Red Cross 3: Soclality 14: Stuclent Council 2: CIN. Vvorlcl AI- lairs Clula 4. BERTHA ANN MILLS 201 FourtI'x St. St. INIary DGLORES ANN NIELLO 361 Peclclmam St. St. Stanislaus Activities: Orcliestra I,2,5.4: Bowling 2. SocIaIity I,2.3: French Club 3,4: Pro-Amerb can Club 2. Achievements: N.E.D.T. Certificate. EUCENIA MELLO 99 Raymond St. Espirito Santo Activities: Spanisli Cluln 2. it XP' W an-.qi Xi N? if ins I is .. S Km x ,ff FRANCES YVONNE IVIILOTTE 81 Durfee Rd., Tiverton I'IoIy Ghost Activities: Liturgical Clmoir 1: Orchestra l,2.5.4: French Club 5.4: Student Coun- cil 2. PATRICIA IVIIZHER 482 Coggeshall St. SS. Peter ancl Paul Activities: Basketball 5: Junior Red Cross 2: Pro-American Club 3: BIERCYCREST 4: Asst. Literary Staltl 4: Class Secretary 3.4. Achievements: Latin Certificate 2, ELIZABETH ANN BIONIZ 300 Almond St. St. Louis Activities: Soclality t.2,5,4L French Cluh 2.3.41 Orcli-fstrii l.2,'5.-1: Prorxxmerican Cluh 2: hlerrian hlelotly hlalu-rs 2: Dra- matic Cluln t,2,'5,Aip Latin Clulm 2,33 Presi- dent 3: BIKRCYCRITST -tg ,lunior Rf-fl Cross I: LLN. Xvorld :Xllairs Cluh -1: Great Books Cluh 3,-1: Class Secretary I,-4. Achievements: Junior Red Cross Certificate I: Certilicate l,2: Full Tuition Scholarship to hlountz National Merit Letter ol Recommendation. 'S '61 five el -R I X HELEN .XGNFS NIURRQXY IIO XY4-1-taiiioe St, St, .losepli .lftivitivsz Latin Cluln 2,'3,'lZ Frvnrli Cluli 25.42 GI.-v tilulm 1.2.3,-ll Sorlality 25,-1: Btislu-lliall -5. .'xflltt'l'Ulllf'Yll9Z Latin Cs-rlilirate 1.2.31,D.'l'. Coflititmt- 1. rf P "-'Jr' 3, CAROLE ANN NOREIRA 28 Nlontgomery St.. Tiverton St. Theresa Activities: Glee Cluh t,2: French Cluh ta Dehate Cluh I: Junior Red Cross 2: B1ERClAN 3,-1: Student Council 2: Class Vice-President 2. MARGARET ANASTASIA MULYK 234 Rodman St. St. Nlary Activities: Glee Cluln t.2,'5,4: Bowling 2.14: Vanguard Science Cluli 3,-1. Achievenwnts: Regional Science Fair Cer- tilicate 45 School Science Fair -I: Diocesan Certificate ol Merit 4. Margaret Mulyk, as a proud recipient of her class ring, displays it eagerly to the delight of a few of our underclassmen. The ring is the symbol of a girl's accep- tance and recognition by the school. jan 5 ROSEMARY ELIZABETH NETYO 43 Langley St. St. Joseplm Activities: Frenclu Club 2.3,-1: Junior Rell Cross 1.3: Basketball 3: Stuclent Council I, Achievements: A.P.S.L. Certificate: Junior Reel Cross Certificate and Pin. JANE ELIZABETH NUCENT . 1, Jo. I BEYtfRl-Y MARIE OLIXJQIRX Activities: Soclality I: Ceo Cluln I,2,3,At. -lct MERCIAN 3,-t: Co-cclutor -1: lqrenrlm Clulv 2.3.45 Baslretluall 3: Latin Cluly 31 Clus Treasurer 2. Achievements: N.E,D.T. Certiticatr- 2: A.P.S.L. Certificate 2. . ivities' Cleo Clulm i,2,3,t: Ynnguarl Science Cluln 3.4: Program Cllaiinmn I Frcnflt Cluli 3,-ip Cgiflfflt Bflillil Cluli 3 xrcncvcmisr tt: Bowling 1.25,-1, Yin--ljrv-s , clent l,2,4: Pro-American Cluln 2. Aciuevenlents: LC'Ittl'lCFtlC t,2,J Boxxling Troplnies l,2.3,4: Partial Scliolnr sllip to tlie lxlount. 10 , -C5 lx 7 ,S- i"""'9' L-aa 'J A 1 """'7 NANCY ANN OLIVEIRA 73 Woolley St. Santo Christo Activities: Glee Club l.2.3.4: French Club 2,3,4. 28 'I' xxx THERESE ANNE OLIVEIRA 837 Bay St. Our Lady Ol Angels Activities: Junior Red Cross 2: Student Council 2,3,4: Representative 4: Bowling 2: Sodality 2: Pro-American 2.3: MERCYCREST 4: Class President 2,3. Achievements: Junior Reel Cross Pin. if is 'E-Q' s x ..--guy x vu it NANCY ANN P.-XSTUCK 334 Butt-inton St. HolY C705 Activities: Glee Club I: Liturgical Choir 2 310 Belmont St. 9 sept: 533 Hain Ft.. Somerset St, Pntrvclt l ' r l 1 1 i I l 4-.4 it i 'RS' fl ,,-""" DORIS JEAN PATTEN 42 Buliinton St. SS. Peter and Paul Activities: Orchestra 1.2: .lunior Red Cross 2: Pro-American Club 3: Basketball 3: MERCYCREST 4. Achievements: Full Tuition Scholarship. Cecilia Polka begins her research work early. Here, as a freshman, she is pictured using the card catalogue of the library. The students find the card catalogue, along with Sister Mercy's indispensable guidance, a great help in using the library facilities. ELAINE PAVAO 135 Bristol Ferry Rd, St. Anthony Portsmouth Activities: Spanish Club 4: Junior Red Cross 3: Baslfcetball 3: U.N. Vvorld Affairs Club 4. Lf.. X JEANNEFITE ANN PELLAND V56 Lowell St, SS. Peter and Paul Activities: Glee l,2: Sodality l: Stu- dent Council I. Achievements: A.P.S.l... Certificate 2. EILEEN CATHERINE PEREIRA 262 Underwood St. St. Michael Activities: Glee Club l,2,5.4: Liturgical Choir l,2,3,4: French Club 3.4: .lunior Red Cross l: Student Council Representative l: Class Treasurer 4. X 'x PAULA .IANICE PERRY 2I8 Hamlet St. St. Anne Activities: Bowling t: Baslcetlnall I: Ath- letic Association 2.3.4, NANCY ANN PIZIO 659 Cherry St. Sacred Heart Activities: Latin Cluln 5,-1: Basketball 3: French Club 4. Achievements: .-X.P.S.l... Certificate 3. 1 '1 "3" AS EX- -l- e V? -Q- XI I Jl,'DtT'tl .NNN l'l .RRI A Xl 'ljl' -I6 Bullmloii FI, F5 P1-If-r mil limi :lit1l'1t:r'i: firiln-Xtra l,l,'i,l: lumoi Rt-.I LYON 2,J, B.nNlwtlx.ill i,Ig l,iturgtf,tl flwtr ' N--- tt' 57. 3 -1. Qlafm pn, irlmll -,J, l low lng.xNurv'r I .-lcliteienientsz Junior Ri-it Limb, llin and Cemlicate. LORRAINE PERRY 216 Hope St, Santo Clmrlsto Activities: Glee Clulw 1.2.3.-tg French Clulv 3.-1. .'xC,'ltPl'0ft'lQ7tlS' fqnrtilirntv 2 3. 4 ft NI.-XDELINE DOREEN PLOURDE Stafford Rcl, Tixcrton St, rl-lwrvm Actin-ities: Clap Cluln l,2,'5.f1: Mrrzcux 25. Dramatic Club tj,-tn Pro-stlnerimii Clulv 2: Lilarary Asst. 25.4. .ACl'1t9l'Ct7'19VltSI N.E.D,T, Certificate CECILIA THERESA POLKA 359 Blanrliedcr St. Italy Crow Activities: Glen Qluls l,2,3,'t: fern-tary At: Sodality t,2,3,4g Prcti-it -I: Biinctfxisi -t. Frcncli Club 2,41 Latin Club 2,31 firm! Books Club '51 Dramatic Clulu 2.3.4. rtciiierenwntsz A,P.S.L. Certtlicate l,2,5. N.E.D.T. Certificate t,2. I IT CAROL ANN POXVERS MARY ANN R AIN IOS Ol Cvormley Ave. St. Antliony 190 Raymoncl St, Espirito Santo Portsmouth Activities: Soclality 1.2.3,-tg Frenclr Club Activities: Orcliestm l.2,3.4 2.14: Latin Cluln 5. 1? ""T7- 1 Aclzievenwnts: A.P.S.L. Certificate 5. 161. If t it i , Y "M-'Y BETTY .IEANNE REGO -193 Coggeshall St. SS. Peter and Paul Activities: .lunior Reel Cross 1.2: Bowling 1.2.31 Frcnclx Club 3: NERCYCREST 4: Pro- American 3. i ? fr 5. JOYCE ANNE RILEY ITS North Brayton Rd. St. Theresa Tiverton Activities: Frencli Club 3.4: Vanguarcl Science Clulu 3: Latin Club 3.4: U.N. Vvorlcl Allnirs Club 4. Achievements: A.P.S.l... Certificate l,2.3. BARB.-XRA JE.-XN REBELLO l50 Nvliipple St. St. lxlaryfs Czitlicrlral Activities: Frencli Club 3.4: Buslfcetlnall 2.3,-1: Co-Captain -I: Glee Clulm I: Latin Club 3.4: BIIIRCIAN 3.4: Yollt-ylmll 3.4: Dramatic Club ISA. Acllievementsz A.P.S.l... Certilicate l,3: Athletic Awarcl. IB' in-'T7 DONNA RIZZO 53 Harbor Terrace St. Nlaryfs Catlieclral Activities: Liturgical Clioir 1.2.3.-1: Soclality l.2,3,-1: Frcncli Club 3: Pro-American Club 2. CHERYL ANN RGBINSON 308 Sunset Hill St. Patricia -eve 1 Rf F' li' f""'TD HELENE .IEANNE ROLTSSEAU 3 Hamloly St., Tiverton St, Christopher Activities: Cvlee Cluln 1.13.41 Sodality 2,3,4: Liturgical Choir 1,2,3.4: Dramatic Club 3.4. One of the annual events of the school year is the Mas crowning which is held tl ROSEMARY JAMES RUDYK 610 Bradford Ave. St. Stanislaus Activities: Baslcethall 12.3.41 Volleyhall 2.3,4: French Club 2.3.-4: Glee Clulm 1,2,3,4: Latin Cluh 3.4: Vice-President 3 Dramatic Cluh 1.2,3.4: U.N. VVorld A1- lairs Club 4: Vice-President 4: MERCY cmzsr 4: Sodalily 1. Achievements: A.P.S.L. Certificate 1.2.3 N.E.D.T, Certificate: Athletic Award: Na tional lvlerit Letter of Recommendation. on the front lawn of the Academy. After the Catholic University exams the girls look forward to a few hours of dedication to Our Holy Mother X- ...Q 'ig pdllil 1 i'i'I"ii'n'b Phyllis Desruisseaux, Sharon Silva, Diane Martineau and Joanne Bailey gather material and prepare for their forthcoming debate. M0unt's Debate Club has always ranked highly in competition with the high schools of the area. MARY KATHRYN SAYVVARD 44 Cottage St. St. lVlary's Catheclra Activities: Soclality2,5.4: Cllee Club l,2.3,4 Dramatic Club I,3,4: Junior Reel Cross 1,2 Debate Club I: French Club 3,4: Baslcet bail Timer 2.3: Stuclent Council 4: Secre tary 4. Achievements: N.E.D.T. Certificate: .lunio Real Cross Certificate. C wmv I SARAH ELIZABETH SEARS 238 Weetamoe St. St. Joseph Activities: Dramatic Club lg French Club l: Soclality l,2.3,4: Science Club 4: Bowl- ing I. 1 1 'S ,I . 1' ,A '9- l 1 SANDRA ANN SILVIA 490 Eastem Ave. Espirito Santo Activities: Spanisli Club 2: Secretary 2. HELEN MARY SULLIVAN I427 Plymoutll Ave. St. Patriclc Activities: Sodality I,2: Glee Club 1.2: Clieering 3.4: Science Club 4: MERCYCREST 4: Junior Recl Cross I.2.3.4: Co-Cliairman 3.4. Achievements: Junior Red Cross Certificate I,2,3: Clteering Letter 4. 'i it 'tjfin aw' fern. 3- V PQ . 'V 1 - .X X C.-XRGLYN NIARIIQ Sli.-XXNIEJX 24 Gritltmll SI, lY1CIi'r .tml ljriii ACIil'iIiPS: Bowling I.2,31 iwlfilily IQ Glee Clulu I: Liturgical Iflniir I: Mini Y- CREST -1: PfO'.'XIIIPIIfrlIl filuli 21 lunior lf,-il Cross I,2. Acliievementsz Junior Rcrl Cross ffifrtilirntr I,2: Bowling Tropliy 2. SHARON ANN SILY.-X ISI Diman St. St Louis flctiuitiesz Sociality I.2,3,-I. fYJff,I..'5tm I,2.3.4: Frcncli Clula 2.3.-I1Lntii. Cfliilw 2.3. Secretary 3: Dramatic Cluln 3.4. .liinior RQII Cross I: Delbate Cluln I: LLN, NYorlrl .-Xl' tairs Club 4: FIERCYCRFST 4. Acflievementsz .NPS L. Certilicatc 3: Junior Red Cross Certificate I: Diorenr Science Fair Certificate I. 3 S? 'aff if JANE ELIZABETH SULLIVAN 373 Staltitorcl Rel. St. Xvilliam Activities: .lunior Recl Cross I,2: Frencli Clula 2.3,-I: President 3.4: MERCLAN 3.41 Dramatic Cluln I,2,3,4: Latin Club 2.3: Pro-American Cluln 2: LLN. XVorlrl Allairs Clulo 4: Class Treasurer 3: Class Yicc- Presiclent 4. Achievements: Iunior Recl Cross Certilicalr- l,2: Scliool Science Fair, Tliircl Grant 3. SANDRA Nl.-'KRY SL'I..LlY.NN 82 Snell St. SS. Peter anrl Paul Activities: Glee Club I,2.3,4. SHEILA SULLIVAN 133 Buiiington St. SS. Peter and Paul Activities: Orclwestra 1,2,3,4: Stuclent Coun- cil Representative 2.3: Class President 4. tw' PATRICIA HELEN TAVARES Xvinclmill l'IiII St. Catherine Little Compton Activities: Glee 1.2,3.4: Vanguard Science Clulo 3.4: Latin CIUIJ 3: Great Boolcs Club 5: Pro-American Clula 2. Achievements: N.E.D.T. Certificate 1: A.P.S.L. Certificate 2.5. 'Y A-YI SANDRA LEE SWEET 1017 Befllorcl St. St. Anthony of tI'1e Desert Activities: Glee Club 1,2,3,4: Frencli Cluln 2.3: Latin Club 3.4. Acliievementsz A.P.S.L. Certificate 2.3. N-is MARY ANN TARABOLSKI 47 Sprague St. St. Louis Activities: Glee Club 1: Liturgical Choir 1: Mencrcnesr 4: Bowling 2: UN. World Affairs Club 4. Most Reverend James J. Gerrard, Auxiliary Bishop of Fall River, poses with present seniors after commencement exercises last june. His Excellency has always shown great interest in the development of the school and its students. 'r MAUREEN RUTH TAYLOR 44 Conant St. SS. Peter ancl Paul Activities: Glee Club 1.25.41 Soclality 1.2.3. Dramatic Club 1,2.'5.4: Pro-American Clulb 2.3: Liturgical Clwoir 5.4: Junior Refi Cross 1: Liinrary Aide 3.4: U.N. Vvorlcl Atlairs Club 4: Class Treasurer 1. X 1 7' PHYLLIS JEAN TAYLOR 0 Carpenter Tiverton Holy Gliost :1ctiviti0s: Glec Club 1.2.3,-1: lirencli Clul 2.3.-1: Junior Refi Cross 2: Latin Clulm 3 MERCYCREST 4, ftcirievenlentsz A.P.S.L. Certilicate 2.5. J Q di 31.XD!,1.l.1N1.t1.XlR1.T1l111X11 1 1233 Ri-ml Ft Iuyliic flf- l', ,,,,. . Fomv-rset Actiiiiies film- Cluli 1,2,3,i1: xiii lui'-Q1 rlent 4: Snrlnlilv 2.3.15 Tr-ensiirer '11 ltr--nfli Clulw 3.-1: St'f1l"1EiI'X 3: rirncwriizisv 1 Eclitor-in-Cliiel 4: Class Vice-Presirlifiit 3 Latin Clulb 2.3,-11 Great Boolis Clulw 7. Dramatic Club 5,415 Yzmguarcl Scienfe Cluli 1.3: Pro-rxrnericari Clulo 2. Acilievementsz N.ED.T, Certificate 1.2, A.P.S.L. Certilirate 1.2.33 State Stuilent Govemment Representative 4g National French Contest. Boston Chapter, Seconfl Prize. 1 415 ANNE LOUISE THOMPSON 183 Davol St. Holy Name Activities: Stuclent Council 1: Spanisli Club 4. ELEANOR FRANCES THURSTON 170 Brayton Ave, St. Xvilliam Activities: Glee Clulu 1,2.'5,4: President 4: Soclality 1,2,5.4: Latin Club 2.5: Frenclw Club 2.5.45 MERCYCREST -1: Dramatic Cluli 2.3.4. Achievements: A.P.S.L, Certificate 1.2.32 N.E.D.T. Certificate 1.2: Diocesan Scienffr Fair Certificate 1. PATRICIA BIARIOY TRINID.-KDE 421 Tecumseli St. SS. Peter ancl Paul Activities: Cleo Club 1.2: amicus 3: M1ERcx'cREsT 4. Actiievements: 91.17. SL. Certificate. Kathryn Chippendale. a former student of the Mount, displays her science exhibit to Sandra Vfhelly. The science fair allows the girls a practical application of the theory they have learned in their many science courses. XIADELINE ROSE Y,-XSCONCELLOS KATHLEEN ANNE YASQUEZ I20 Stevens St. Our l.:ttly nl llcnltli I-19 Smith St. SS. Peter and Paul qlctivities: Clit- Clula 1,21 Secretary l. .-lctivitios: GIQQ Cluln lc Bowling I, 2: xiencvcnrsr 45 Pro-American 2. -c MARY ANN MARGARET URBAN I5 Allen St. St. Patriclt Activities: Sodality l.2,3.4: Science Clulim 3.4: Secretary -4: Great Boolc Club 3: U.N. Nvorld Affairs Club 4. SANDRA NlARlE XYHELLY 60 Cottage St. St. ivlary Cathedral Activities: Delmate I: Baslietlaall l.2,3.-1: Volleyball 3.4: BIERCIAN 3,-1: Pro-American 2.3: Dramatic Club 5: Latin Club 5. Acluevements: A.P.S.L. Certificate 2: N.E,D.T. Cerlilicate 2: School Science Fair Certilicate l.2,3.-1: Diocesan Science Fair Certificate 1.2.5. -Q Q! X 5 'J r '-N PAL'l.lfl'l li XYI II I Nl! litlg 4030 COLIIIU' fl, fwfr 'V-il fl l,.xlfif: Activities' ltr'-rvli llzil, 3, l ACiliQl'El'mflll5: l-, Cerlilliiitf-A IOYCE IE.-XX XX'll-Bl'R 2 MARY BETH VVILCOX 20 Lawton Ave.. Tiverton St. Cliristoplmer Activities: Delnate Cluln 1: Pro-American 2.5: Science Club 3: U,N. YVorlcl Alla' 5 Clulu 4. HELEN IRENE VVILBIARTH 406 Pearce St. St. Josepli Activities: Glce Club l: Mzncvcmzsr -11 U.N. Vvorlcl Affairs Clula 4. 4 375 Emloert Sl. Si XX',ll,,,,, . ciivitzesz Glide Clula 1,25-.ig 5i,',m,ll Club 2, x 'il- A .-t1 . . Q . , .- . . xi M f- i . ek v 1 JS , wa l X, . ,J CAROL ANN XYITENGIER 99 Pelulale St. St. Sianiilaus .-lctiviiies: Orclieslra l.2.3.-1: Junior Recl Cross l,2,3,4: Coaclwairman 5.4: MERCY' CREST 4. rlcliievements: .'X.P.S.l.. Cerlilicate lc Junior Reel Cross Certilicate l,2.3. Nl.-XRIE ELIZABETH XYITENGIER 522 Soutli Oxlorcl St. Holy Cross Activities: Glee Clula I: Sodality 1,251 French Cluln 2.3.41 Science Club 2.5: Latin Club 3. YEARS OF GROWTH 'Q 1 ,XJ V DER LASS S Q -f. ur . nv, X39 x.. 'X 1'-, x.! I X iyxf T S Q 1 , -C ,x:4. f s 1 x. HY s 1 4 ' K.. 11' ,4 Qff' ,helix 6,3 , ' . 4 q . xv vu, if K ,..f vi. R.. Ap.-m 3 fs sh ,I r 5 , I I 7 , N I ,V 5 1 s . f J 1. I 1 : - x U .A . I, A if 1 V. ,L . Q w I 4 1 I A I X ' W D D . I I I l I , I 0' 1 1 v K .f . - . 'W Q 5 m t1 - -Y o , . T 4' lg - -, ,VII ' 'x N 1 561' k -P M. - X. 'gf i a . f1I 4., f1 A ,gg W Hu". I" V' P1 K , I I' I 5X gl pxfv YJ --,i dv, .3 : I, I- 4 3 ' lf. ': ! ' i ' 53, fi-'Tm' .V4 H. 1? " ' ' .. O I . I . V . : , IFN Ks x lf Q V. . , - U 1 . . x V qw , !'! j.!.',"! Lui! 3' ' : 'lg-'n! i 11- uni: W 'I , Q If li.1,' 3 I 'M lj Lx.-M V sil' . - ' ft m H ,- , .il - f H ,. . x, ' in ,h , ,U rv- 'W -. ., .I A Q , ,Q f uv .. 4- ::',fQ4Qa4j4'-',,.,.1' will 1 5 Q w,4.,,,' 3 "img f , 2 f f 4' Q 1 8 -as A 4 I Q .wet-A Q' ' "Q , to 4' "3 if 'E f 's' 'Q' ' Ulf' .' : :N 1 if O E' I v I . . I A 1 " .9 as ' 12' I., " "Y ' xp A- N. . ' K l 5 ' 'gmfx Q ,b f V L 4 N 1. '.'p 4 ' ' . ' gf A N' it 2' ' 'Q . . ' Xl 4 , V U4 J fr- N . x..1.'.W'3 I "Ah : 'TI 'g . PIII' is-IQ?-'71,-J -14 .Qtr A .ty -t I :Q az. Q m ' 1 . ., wfs M, ' 'Tl ff 6 '32 "J" 1 1-.v V . S p'11f1 1 Ili ' .,,f."- 416,951 in 'f 'T' Chemistry Lab-Firs! Row: Carol Silvia, Lucinda Camam Gayle Carreiro, Elaine Medeiros, Lindamae Medeiros Joyce Greenwood, Nancy Ferris, Ann Witengier. Second Row? Linda Teves, Paulette Thibault, Judith Gagnon, Cynthia Erdman, Bednairz, Mary Lima, Paula Gauthier, Thi,-,I Razr: Joan Vstlkinson, bandra Cahral, Claudette Auger, Marie Morgan, J0'AUn Mufphys Anne Brownell, Joyce Jordan. Q ,x m Ju. Room 6-First Row: Kathleen Pacheco, Sandra Gaudreau, Elizabeth Nasser, Carol Mikolazyk, Kathleen Prayzner, Chris- Sandra Gifford, Linda Gomes, Anne Purdy, Karen Jones, tine Sowa, Janice Novo, Carolyn Boff, Carolyn Finnell. Fourth Maureen Arruda, Linda Cormier, Marilyn Ferreira. Second Row: Gail Lagasse, Geraldine Rapoza, Joan Fallon, Patricia Row: Carol Forneiro, Anne Richard, Elizabeth Lane, Janice Moriarty, Patricia Bayliss, Madeline Medeiros, Helen Hefko, Karcz, Linda Mello, Kathleen Travassos, Nancy Curron, Phyllis Canedy, Noreen Pingley. Maureen Krauzyk. Tbird Row: Janie LaPorte, Jeanne Brodeur, M?- ef? Y J 0 X- Y r 5l "ff 'fi' I 'ITYRF3 Room 7 - First Row: Bonnie Swartzendruber, Laureen Rapoza, Anne O'Connell, Marilee Janick, Gail Kerrigan, Margaret Ferreira, Anne Martel, Janice Rodrigues, Kathleen Sullivan. Second Row: Nancy C. Jackson, Rose Marie Cowan, Kathleen Turgeon, Phyllis Baiocchi, Marilyn Pendrake, Kathleen Fitz- gerald, Elaine Carleton, Beatrice Perreira. Tlvird row: Joyce Room 8 - First row: Margaret Silva, Jo Ann Lizotte, Monique Holt, Cheryl Rodrigues, Pauline Pavao, Carol Ann Machado, Joan McElroy, Pierrette Lapointe, Jeanne Thibault. Serond row: Marjorie Pacheco, Donna Dupont, Margaret Vascon- cellos, Nancy Gordon, Joan White, Vivian Pelletier, Beverly Medeiros, Nancy Gregorio, Mary Lou Mooney. Third row: Chrupcala, Janice Gagne, Nancy McKnight, Diane Allaire, Rachael Raymond, Nancy A.D. Silvia, Kathleen Bolger, Ruth Drury, Susan Mathias. Fourth row: Margaret Potvin, Elizabeth Bergeron, Elaine Fitzsimmons. Patricia Kenney, Linda Miranda, Christine Luz, Christine Staffa, Nancy L. Jackson. Margaret Beshara, Jo Ann Faris, Kathleen Hackett, Catherine Tercera, Janice Paul, Joanne Mosley, Geraldine Pereira, Judith Martin, Barbara Souza. Fourth row: Kathleen Benevides, Jessica Mattos, Joyce LePage, Patricia Gibbons, Diane Isher- wooil, Pauline King, Colleen Magill, Jo-Ann Powers, Mary Mel o. ai., Room 9 - Vice-President: jackie Vegeantg Pres- ident: jo-Ann Medeirosg Treasurer: Shirley Paquing Secretary: Beverly Camara. Quality and quantity distinguish our Sophomore class. Amidst them we find outstanding leadership and superior aca- demic accomplishment. Courses in geom- etry, French l or Spanish l, Latin ll and biology, religion and English comprise their program. Despite thisx rigorous sched- ule our Sophs are always active in extra- curricula affairs. Room 9A-Treasurer: Carol I.aRocheg Vice- President: Lynn Chrupcalag Secretary: Mary Anne Souzag President: Theresa Miranda. OPHO IORE Study Hall- Secretary: Haytlec Santiago: Vice- Presidentz Roslyn Rapoza: President: Maureen Turgeong Treasurer: Jacqueline Pavao. ,112 5 L Room 12-Vice-President: jean Martineaug President: Nancy Saywardg Secretary: Mary-jo Trainerg Treasurer: Christine Gallant. Study Hall-First row: Linda Steele, Teresa Kerrigan, Joyce Arruda, Christine Khoury, Linda Ouellette, Teresa Carreiro, Pauline Mello, Joyce McCarraher, Second row: Carolyn Rob- illard, Corinne Pilotte, Celine Desmarais, Linda Kuss, Lily XX'alker, Cynthia Bishop, Hilda Oliveira, Eileen Murphy, Beverly Furtado. Third row: Elizabeth Carreira, Cynthia Perry, on Sherry Onorate, Barbara Fontes, Joanne Deda, Elaine St. Amancl, Catherine McCarty, Vivian Fortier, Teresa Niedbala. Fourth row: Paula Proctor, Alice Gardou, Muriel Gaydou, Judith Luiz, Sherry Vincent, Teresa Goyette, Paula Kuras, Jeanne Gagnon. . . . the Panorama continues . . . Room 9-First row: Christine Sweeney, Veronica Raposa, Evelyn Harrison, Nancy Moniz, Paulette Dutilly, Anne Daigle, Kathleen Jennings, Joan Charlancl. Second row: Martha Wfheatley, Claudette Demers, Maureen Cullen, Ann Flynn, Mary Hoss, Judith O'Brien, Marjorie Lowney, Karen Lowney, Paula Rezendes. Third row: Nancy Connell, Dorothy Morton, k . Cornelia Correia, Margaret Galford, Katherine Hamett, Nancy Felix, Suzanne St. Pierre, Jane Taylor, Teresa Quinn. Fourth row: Brenda Justice, Sandra Martin, Norma Heywood, Claire Delisle, Patricia Galuska, Joan Girza, Nancy Picard, Joyce Labecki, Elizabeth Oliveira, Sheila Souza. I5 Room 9A - First row: Helen Murphy, Charlotte Cabral, Jeanne Bemier, Jane Chicca, Marlene Shea, Carol Sheehan, Sheila Silvia, Mary Forrest, Second row: Susan Jenkinson, Diane Boulay, Viviannc Prevost, Joanne Greene, Carolyn Walas, Kathleen Fitzgerald, Anne Sullivan, Third row: Denim Grygiel Julie Urban, Helene Auger, Nancy Lord, Elizabeth Misek Sonia Uchman, Barbara Dubiel. l i x . L 2 5 'G 1 11 J Z, Room 12 - First row: Carol Plamondon, Joyce Forneiro, Janet Souza, Nancy Remy, Carolyn Perry, Elaine Moura, Judith Averich, Carolyn Minior, Second row: Geraldine Arruda, Elsie Pelton, Stefi Cummings, Janet Szynal, Natalia Lebre, Barbara Wright, Paula Guimond, Joy Lacombe, Linda Sheehan, Third row: Janis Biszko, Joan Beshara, Patricia Desmarais, Linda fi Waite, Patricia Connors, Linda Lage, Kathleen Quirk, Mar- jorie Mello, Janet Couture, Janice Brady. Fourth row: Maureen Rodgers, Kathleen Langlield, Jane Doran, Marilyn Strojny, Monica Polak, Eileen Danis, Margaret Ruggiero, Annette San- terre, Joyce Oliveira. r-" l I is Room I3-Treasurer: Gail Silvia: Vice-Presi- dent: Carol Morton: President: Andrea Shnellg Secretary: Jeannine Beaudry. To tlme Freslmmen, high sclwool is an en- tirely different world. Tliey are, liowever, as lausy as tlue upperclassmen. Tlae Froslm build tlleir loundation tlirougll tlle study ol Latin l, algebra, world liistory, and plwysical science. They also talce courses in religion and Englisli. Room I6-Secretary: Jeanie Pavo: Treasurer: Jane Aquairg President: Elaine Fuller: Vice- President: Jacqueline Moura. Looking forward to four years of joy, study, and companionship . . . a freshman stands in awe as she beholds the beauty of the Mount. r'r'f"""'E.r:--:"""' VW' ' ,N N m.:-.t Pi -5. ,..., 1,-ik. FRESH N Room I0 - Secretary: Donna Ferreira: Vice President: Julia Morgan: Treasurer: Joan Perry President: Nancy Medeiros. - .La ! I D, - ' " Room I0-First row: Alberta Costa, Gail Martins, Dorothy Frechette, Muriel Paquette, Janice Pacheco, Kathleen Ryan, Pauline Pelletier, Maureen Silvia, Nancy Duffy. Second row: Jeanne Miska, Marjorie Plourde, Diane Viera, Diane Caron, Barbara Arruda, Mary Louise Clarke, Geraldine Martins, Mary Lavois, Sandra Thiboutot. Third row: Katherine Flan- Room I3 -First row: Donna Raposa, Diane Arruda, Jacque- line Nazareth, Christine Souza, Adrianne Medeiros, Karen Marek, Maureen Ryan, Madeline Oliveira, Barbara Picard. Second row: Denise St. Laurent, Paula Levesque, Karen Costa, Janice Dufresne, Joyce Oliveira, Marcia Nasser, Linda Rod- rigues, Carlota Costa, Ellen Quirk. Third row: Janice Waskiel, aghan, Veronica Plaziak, Margaret Walsh, Marcia Dean, Debra Prystac, Cynthia Neves, Kathryn Golden, Janice Stasiowski, Ann McMahon, Jean Vallee. Fourth row: Carol Bednarz, Janice Couture, Donna Potvin, Mary Leary, Patricia Selleck, Mary Lowney, Elizabeth Czerwonl-ca, Donna Hinchcliffe, Ann essrer. Cynthia Urban, Janice Taylor, Donna Ross, Charlotte Caron, Mary Jane Skurka, Paulette Archambault, Jeanine Santerre, Teresa Mello, Joyce Moniz. Fourth row: Karen Ducette, Geraldine Bliss, Claire Goyette, JoAnn Chrupcala, Virginia Abdow, Barbara Castonquay, Anne Marie Carvalho, Camilia Botelho, Jean Benoit. -1 5 J fl Room 16-First Row: Carolyn Talbot, Mary Pacheco, Mary Lou Treeful, Geraldine Amaral, Katherine Raposa, Colleen Barreto, janet Habib, Rose Marie Morin, Brenda Hendrix. Second Row: Nancy Souza, judith Raposa, Carol Swass, Bernice McAlevey, Donna Talbot, Theresa Bell, Judith Myers, Kathleen Lynch, Charlotte Cormier. Third Row: Marie Menard, Anna Rego, Linda Rezendes, Michelle Kennedy, Vivian Markle, Deborah Megna, Donna Raposa, Madeline Fernandes, Fourth Row: Madeline Furtado, Katherine Dziedzic, Linda Vital, Sandra Fasse, Kathleen Talbot, Paula Crane, Elizabeth Souza, Linda Medeiros, Donna Beshara. F1 L Q' .1 nn-A Ei- r "'-sl' X Is it the book itself that is the cause of so much concern, or is it some treasure hidden between its pages? Perhaps one of these freshmen would give us the answer. 3 mv! r . . yn .er '..1 J - .:f?m?' - 4 Freshman senior sisters, Marsha and Charlotte Dean, Madeline and Theresa Oliveira, Kathleen and Patricia Ryan, and Mary Lou and Margaret Brady shake hands in welcome on the front lawn. Preceding the actual ring ceremony the juniors received Holy Communion at the Mass offered in the auditorium. In this way the significance of the ring becomes spiritual and more meaningful to the girls. juniors, Nancy Gordon and Nancy Gregorio receive their class rings from Carolyn Cote and Sheila Sullivan as Father McCarrick looks on. The ceremony was followed by a talk by Father on the importance of the ring. I i 2 1 1 l E F C 1 YEARS OF KNOWLEDGE CURRICULU RELIGIO Emphasis al the Blount has always been placed on tlre spiritual lift-. The Academy trains its girls to lnecome strong Catholic leaders in todayis materialistic world. Prayer and religious exercises are an essential part ol every school day. Besides these, the girls take an active part in the various phases ol tlte liturgical year. Daily Religion classes and tht- annual retreat complete a well-rounded spiritual educa- tion. It is the hope ol all the faculty that the deep religious training given the girls will result in the spiritual strength needed to sustain them throughout their lives. Mount students are asked to say a rosary daily as pointed out by Nancy I.. jackson and Gail Kerrigan. Early arrivers in the morning go to chapel for rosary. 'I Q J XTX 1""',' i 'K is' l Y 4 If It is evident from the smiling faces that the first Mother Daughter Communion Break All Mount girls look forvsard to their fast, sponsored by the Mount Student Council, was a complete success and will be annual retreat in May Father Robert continued in future years. Last year's guest speaker was Father john P Driscoll of Kaszynski last years retreat master SS. Peter and Paul's Parish. gave us many inspiring conferences ,r"'lA1.s4 Likeness of Christ Father distributes Holy Com- munion to the faithful at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. For every Mount girl the lloly Sacri- fice ofthe Mass is the highlight of her retreat day. Father Robert Kaszynski, last year's retreat master, offers a Mass facing the girls. lei Q? Y 1 .143 A - " hal . 4. W lu, We join our hearts to God by receiving the Spiritual Banquet on the First Friday of each month. Meditating on the mysteries of the rosary are Priscilla Barreira, Joyce Forneiro, Sha- ron Hurley and Dolores Ar- ruda. Making a daily visit to the chapel is a part of the day at Mount. gf The beauty of the stained glass win- dows and the Gothic design of Mount's chapel promote prayerful meditation. V , EGLIH C -1- S l Intellectual stimulation and student involvement have been characteristic of the English Team Teaching experiment. Here Sister Mary Flora and Sister Mary Mercy enjoy some humanizing laughter with the student panelists. By no means is it all lecture in Team Teaching approach. Here English IV combined classes enjoy the histrionics of Helen Murray, Eleanor Thurston, and Madeline Plourde doing the morality play Everyman. Senior and junior English classes have been exposed lo a new-type approach in teaching pro- cedures. This experimental method, called Team Teaching- is challenging and stimulating. Each teacher on the team instructs the combined classes in chosen areas and with other team teachers co- ordinates the various units. Panel and dramatiza- tions are lively leatures. Sister lxllary Flora and Sister lhlary lhlercy comprise the team during the yearis experiment. Each year Mount students are invited to Saint Mary's, Bayview, to see the plays presented by the National Players. Here we see three members from the chorus of Sophocles' Oedipus Rex. S "? t 5 -ti -1-4...- """'hu..m I' f .1 r il 4 X ' N" Wilder's play, Our Town. holds a fascination for these enthusiastic sophomores. Their miniature 'v theatre, however, has added little particulars to scenery, because their stage manager is silent. 4 . W As these sophomores discuss the "Declaration si !l ' BX of Independence , they realize how much the ---'1--'-sx- DJ words of Thomas jefferson mean to present-day X, Americans. They are proud of john Kennedy -gg-1 ' I who was a supreme example of dedication to , th these rinci les. A V A V A W? .. P - In this "group dynamics" session, a regular part of team teaching approach, five heads help chair- man resolve a problem in Francis Bacon's essay "On Truth". .t VX :,, J I 7 ' - ---.M-W .,.sx..,.f .. . i' Qu ' , b . . ,WV v v- , X x ,,' ' fu - ff 65 , 'W ---livin. S- .V as , in---.r Kathleen Fitzgerald and Helene Auger decide on the appropriate tense of the Latin subjunctive. The Latin classes are taught by Sister Mary Rose and Sister Mary Flora. , I 3 ' .1 f-J pf X If 1 .4 l ACE S , XX . L -. .N Claudette Demers explains her project to the members of the French class. Projects are often assigned in order that the girls might acquire a better understanding of the language and culture through pictures. The French classes are taught by Sister Mary Adele and Sister Mary Phyllis. One of the purposes of the American educational system is to give students a greater lcnowledge and understanding of the peo- ple in foreign nations, This is done, in one way, through the study of foreign languages, four ol which are olltered to Mount students '- French, Spanish, German, and classical Latin. The girls are not only taught grammar and conversation but also the customs and culture of the particular country. All these aspects serve to increase the student's knowledge of her chosen language. Sister Mary Denisita checks on the progress of her students in the Spanish class. Cheryl Faris, Ann Drury, and Paulette Whit- more, senior French students, illustrate to the class their understanding of the homework assignment. Comme on travaille pour s'exprimer avec facilite en francais! A group of French III students under the direction of Sister Mary Adele develop their linguistic ability. Griindlichkeit ist die Hauptsache im Erlernen einer fremden Sprache! And so the German class listens carefully to recordings-especially the sound of "r" before a vowel. Aber Cheryl sagt immer "Wann konnen wir mal wieder Musik h6ren?" S. gg-H05--' '- 2.155 1 7 I 'gsm H,,,,,.,,n.-. 'I 4 U v I, T ---e A :Sit . . ' zinny.. -naw . . -1- -an- -Nil . a . 4 ' --H --Q-. -. .?.L.":.?g".:e,,, -ti , .Wy r - JS:-. -dal. fwve - t- ..--1.-....iS'.5n .' .7, '.' fi ' 1' e.,-'Cir .1':::::':3-'W ?'-,ve:.:..- - -,.,7,f.-41,211 ' -' -.... - -.-.. -. ....- - .- .4 ,M . --.ran v -p.nfo - ,443 Jugflb nb -7-'35--'-""' - -!..... - Q '.- '--'., :'1".:f"?'x '. ,Mf- -I -c ensn :E A -f n..-4-4 .pff ,"', ffxzpdk ""'v-.... .., 's Sister Mary Albertus, head of the science department, explains the different properties of the elements under examination. The results are carefully recorded by the other girls. ount Scientists In Action. . Jane Sullivan experiments in measurement along with Flor- ence Lemaire, Sister Mary Chabanel, and Jeanne Fewks. Mrs. Appel, our general sci- ence teacher, questions Linda Roderiques as Karen Marek eagerly looks on. The students of the general science class are intrigued as Mrs. Appel presents a new scientific concept. Sister Mary' Donalda, the head of the biology department instructs Sandra Wflmelly' and Margaret Mulyk in the use of one of the many' radiation machines involved in ad- vanced biology. , In-g n y , , rf .1 .. W b 1. i I I -u li .s, iff ,Yv- YE. .s i rs i -hu O -is 1 .KL ees'- 33" ,M Ii ,asv j.. The twentieth century has experienced some ot the most remarkable scientific advances in history. Our satellites and nuclear reactors, the discovery' ol new elements and drugs-these are affecting all our lives. The lhllount, in lteeping abreast ol all modern developments, has provided a lull science hacltground. Excellent teachers, the tinest supplies. and well-equipped laboratories all contribute in educating young women to play a decisive role in our modern world. An explanation of the mathematics imolyed in physics is given to Elizabeth Moniz Phyllis Desruisseaux Rosemary Rudyk and Kathleen Holtk by Sister Mary Chabanel head of our physics department 6 ,.1.. I 9 'Ut lf . ., V:f'a2" 3l!. sith. 13" Ordered pairs, axes and vertices . . . these girls are coordinating all the elements of geometry under the watchful eye of Sister Mary Phyllis. Full concentration and extensive study are necessary skills in comprehending this type of math. The mathematics curriculum at the lvlount integrates the modern math with the traditional. This school year the mathematics committee has set up a new course of study loased on the suggestions ol the Commission of lVlathe- matics. lxlath classes at the lhlount are following this new schedule. The program offers Algebra l to the freshmen. Geometry to the sophomores, Algebra Il to the juniors, and either Nurses lxlath or Advanced lxlath to the seniors. hlount seniors enter the National lxlathematics Contest each year. Geometry can be a little perplexing at times as can be seen in the faces of these two sophomores. But with the help and patience of Sister Mary Fidelis they will soon master its techniques. 1...-.... ATH 'A ' 'nihp-Qif junior Algebra II students taught by Sister Mary Benita over review problems at the beginning of the year. At the board Elizabeth Nasser, Nancy jackson and Sharon Poirier demonstrate some probims for the class. ponder Tm: IIINARY svsnfr 'r ., I is I mm' AI-I'IIAIIIIIlIC mm: A difficult problem in Advanced Math proves to be too much for senior Carolyn Cote. She asks the assistance of her teacher, Sister Mary Benita, who willingly explains the problems to Carolyn. il - 2 2 2 - IIS Il 4 2 I I I fp I 0 2 I I 3 I II 0 'I A I II I S B I I 0 Q gg I I I I I I 0 0 0 II '- I o 0 I J F f R l 0 I 0 II x I I S I 0 I I If 4 I I I U II II I ' I I: I I 5 1 I Carefully copying their geometry notes, Sister Mary Fidelis' students present a diligent picture. The girls find the course interesting and challenging. Senior Margaret Mulyk displays her inter- esting science project explaining the Binary System at the school science fair. A prize winner, Margaret, proceeded to the Re- gional Fair to compete with various students from throughout the area. 5 7l ll? f'l?lllTlff all Z ! -,.4s- 'T -f.E"" Copying is made easier by modern methods such as this operated fluid duplicator. The seniors instructed by Sister Mary julian will be familiar with the operation of this machine and other such machines by june. Cheryl Duckett is seen adjusting the fluid for the machine. Juniors prepare zealously for their future - serious typing is evident-perhaps a result of the timing by Charlene Gallant. Their goal? A skillful 45 words per minute. 72 Office Practice also means knowing "how" to find things as Barbara Arruda, Sandra Silvia and Jeanine Levesque are finding out-this consultation seems to be geared to road maps. The various husim-ss suhjt-cts offered lo the girls are a proximate preparation lor tht-ir entrance into tht- chal- lenging business world. As this pictures have indicated. typing, shorthand and olfict- practict- are a tcw ol the neces- sary sltills. VVith this thorough preparation Blount students become an asset to their community. V V No-it's not Camelot-it's shorthand. Here a group of Seniors are taking dictation from records. Records give individual help on different levels of speed. Many of these girls develop their speed by using these records at home. 'Y br 1. USIN SS X - te" f' 6 ev" .QQ Joyce Wilbur experiments with the new Olympia as Mary Beth Hughes and Catherine Hennessey look on with apparent interest in results. Intently watching the speed and skill of their fellow classmates, Sister Mary Carmelita's personal typing students, who are seniors, gather around the electric IBM typewriters. L fi ..4 'ul' 1-Q 5 Vu ' X 3 ? at X4 X - v. ,gr 1.sq.,l 1 I Q., X, .Past Pictures Relived Helen Wilmarth and Mr. Labounty discuss a period in American History while Greta, Mr. Labounty's faithful mascot, keeps a watchful eye on the senior class. ,f 3' . . '-x,,', .gif 1- way' we 4. 'J' -J '13 i K 1 1 il.. X Q xi: fgr lf. np' . 53- 1 it .' 4, fi-rv ' A . Q.: ,,'I!'W . 'i'l,l". T X .. .tt - ,L wtf' I t It Arlene Braga, Donna Larue, Mary Ann Urban, and Judy Perreault are viewing pictures of Fall River in connection with a study of its history. .. ,I Congress and its divisions are illustrated by Sharon Alosi as Sharon Silva looks on. These seniors are students in Sister Mary Carmelita's American History class. History is a record ol human heings. It relates the effect ot their successes and failures, discoveries and advancements. Vvorld History treats the development ol all nations -- from their conception to their growth in the twentieth Century. The study of American History encompasses all phases of economic, social, and cultural progress in the United States. ln talcing these two history courses, a lxlount girl is trained as a potential civic leader. T nn.. -,2"f ' ,naw , 4 bfi-'- ' ,112 552, ,ML E, -XS Hear it! Find it! Name it! An interval or a chord? Is it major or minor? Who's doing it Cand enjoying it, tool? The juniors and seniors in the music class! Aside from the lnasic curric- ulum, the Nlount offers courses in music and art which are taught not merely to enlighten lnul also to enrich the mind and provide the student with a cultural loaclc- ground. Our yearbook artist, Madeline Plourde, is one of our more talented art stu- dents. The design on the 1964 MERCY- CREST cover is an example of her fine work. RT and I u. li. L-uid 2 M U S I C The art room is a busy place as Virginia Bailey Judith Lewis, Barbara Fontes, Katherine McCarty and Jacqueline Pavao mix paints in preparation for ...4 Years of Cultural lass LIBRARY 0 Q ttf Students utilize the hundreds of books found in the refer- ence alcove. Encyclopedias, dictionaries and other more specialized reference books are in use during each school day. Whether it is for quiet study, a quick assignment or a long term research paper, the students find the hospitable atmosphere of the library able to satisfy their needs. 'Al' .SQ L 'N Enrichment . . . Sister Mary Mercy, R.S.M. and Miss Mildred Sullivan assist Elaine Cross and Mary Ann Ferry. The students enjoy the services of a librarian daily throughout the seven periods. X . - mmm tt., . if tlllllllllulnsili -liiilllllllwlllss!ii!!!!!i!!1!l!! Elllliilllliiiitiillllll HL' 47 TLT-sv 11 Every library has boolcs, and the lxlount library prides itself on possessing more than live thousand. But more than its excellent boolc collection, the librarians with capa- ble and willing student assistants, endeavor to maintain an atmosphere of friendliness and service to all students. This image is exemplified by the stuffed animal collection and the intriguing lcniclt-lmaclcs as well as the waiting boolcs--all ol which unite to say, "VVelcome". 77 YEARS OF PARTICIPATION CU-CURRIC LAR I I I aww-J' "-I 1 x ig- Uur Harvest Hop 4---...... Pumpkins cornstalks and autumn leaves pro vide the background for our annual Harvest Hop. A recent innovation in Mount's social activities, it has been enthusiastically received by all. Here the camera catches Margie Pacheco, Elaine Fitzsimmons, Margaret Mulyk, Diane Allaire, and Pat Kenney and their escorts enjoying the music of Tommy Masso. Dancing near the shrine of the Blessed Mother, Diane Allaire enjoys her first Harvest Hop with Q-1.1 .A-....., J s I john Raposa. The shrine symbolizes the Blessed Mother as special patroness and protectress of all phases of activity at Mount. I J Each year the girls set aside an exening ext-lusixely for their fathers. Here Marilee janick and her dad enjoy an evening at the Father-Daughter Dance. The girls and their dads line up for the grand hnale of the evening, the grand march. The fathers particularly look forward to this part when they can display their military style. ' I .A ik". I l fl J t l l l o n l I l In their sophomore year, present seniors, Phyllis LePage and Cecilia Polka take time out to pose for a picture with their dads at the Hrst Father-Daughter Dance held at the Mount, Q... Even in With Dad 'Q Present senior, joan Medeiros, practices a new step with her escort at the junior Prom. The orchestra, led by Tommy Masso, provides a perfect background for the entire evening. "Some Enchanted Evening" was the theme lor the Junior Prom. The decorating committee created an Oriental atmos- phere in the Blount gymnasium transforming it into an exotic paradise. All the girls and their escorts had an enjoy- ahle evening. janice McGrady and her escort, Robert St. Laurent, admire this at- tractive ornament which lends itself to the oriental theme of the junior Prom. The Chinese gong was designed and painted by Madeline Plourde. UNIOR PRO I The grand march, always a highlight of the Junior Prom, was led by the junior class presi- dents, Judith Perreault, Joanne Bailey, Theresa Oliveira, Barbara McCann and their escorts. Im- mediately following they placed their bouquets at the shrine of the Blessed Mother and dedicated the dance to her. Barbara McCann and Frances Milotte pose with their escorts as Father John Cronin looks on. The Junior Prom provided an enjoyable evening for all. Tx Y- li 11 ,X I 'Nb Mary Sayward points out the Prom's Geisha girl, represent- ing the Japanese customs of design and color which trans- formed the gym into a para- dise. Joyce Jean and her escort dance to the relaxing tones of Tommy Masso's orchestra. The music invited endless tap- ping of feet and even singing for those who were still sus- pended on cloud nine. . I , ,N 6 'in ,J ' ' A ,gg if-' N 5 L W t I , nl. . 'vs -5' fl . Q... Ann Purdy, Mary Ann Ramos, Patricia Gibbons, Helen Murray, Mary Ann Urban, Mary Sayward and Elizabeth Moniz are members of one of the Sodality groups discussing the influence of Catholic literature on teenagers today: Sodality officers, Cecilia Polka, Madeleine Thibault, Carolyn Cote, and Diane Martineau, meet every Tuesday to plan the program for the next week. Under the direction of Sister Mary Denisita the girls strive to understand their roles as Catholic women. OD LITY The Sodality, directed by Sister lhiary Denisita and Sister hlary Albertus, is a fine example of the spiritual life of the students at the ixlount. One of the functions of the Sodality is to teach Christian Doctrine to the students of public grammar schools. All the activities of the Sodality this year are led by the prefect, Cecilia Pollca. During October and May the Sodalists sponsor a morning rosary in the chapel in honor of the Blessed Mother. This practice is popu- lar with the girls and is continued by many throughout the year. gn A , X if I, -. V1 DE TCO ER ME T Sister Marv Phyllis, moderator of the student government, discusses the new handbook with representatives, Carolyn Cote, Sheila Sullivan, and Therea Oliveira. The book is a general guide for the rules and customs of the school. The Student Government serves as the voice ol the students. Each homeroom elects its representa- tives in late Septemlner. These leaders are chosen lay their classmates. Besides lteeping order within the school. which is its main lunction, the Student Government also sponsors social activities such as the annual Harvest Hop and the Father-Daughter Dance. Cecilia Polka, Sodality prefect, invests Florence Lemaire in the oliice of vice-president of the student government as Joanne Bailey, president, Mary Sayward, secretary, and Ann Deschene, treasurer, look on. Joanne Bailey presides over the Thursday meeting of Student Council. They organize the activities of the school, maintain discipline and encourage school spirit among the girls. CLEE CL B Preceding the Christmas Cantata, "In the Manger", mem- bers of the Glee Club are rehearsing their final song. The chorus is composed of sophomore, junior, and senior mem- bers of the club. During the Christmas season, the Glee Club annually presents a musical program which is com- bined with a dramatic production. Many members of the club also entertain organizations within the community. The Glee Club, under the direction ot Sister lvlarie Lorraine, R.S.lXl., is an organization which provides an opportunity tor the girls to enjoy them- selves as they display their musical talents, Following a performance of the musical, "Springtime", the accompanists, Barbara McCann, Carol Farias, and Joyce Wilbur pause for one moment to pose for the pho- tographer. B 1 f-., -41 1 e- 1 ' 1 ,U-v-A I I i iii I li t xp . T' "A Country Girl" is the musical number presented by Eleanor Thruston and chorus. This scene from the operetta "'Springtime" is characteristic of the gay theme of the en- tire presentation. SQ X , igdeazgi, A-'1-if r W.: b kwa.-,,, ' . , Senior members of the Glee Club hold an informal practice in the auditorium with their accompanist, Janice Karcz. The girls are preparing some new numbers for their next public appearance. Glee Club officers help in the distribution of the robes which are to bc used for a performance. They are: treasurer, janice Crawfordg vice-president, Madeleine Thibault: and president, Eleanor Thurston. Cecilia Polka is secretary of the organization. 5C'I1f0fS. Arlene liraga, Eleanor Thurston, Cecilia Polka, and llelen Murray, practice a new mclodv 1 35 IUUIUF. lfmifv Kafcl, accompanies them. i l hm- wp, 87 l OR HE. TR Keeping instruments cleaned and oiled is a vital part in the preparation for a concert. Here seniors Donna Larue. Mary McCarthy, and joan Dermody display the various techniques. K ,- ' ir . ,G-ff""'Zf' . . ,4,xv-Znw X 5.4" 1 l ri N si The reed section, consisting of seniors Frances Millotte, Sharon Alosi, Con- stance Lima, Carol Powers and Kath- leen Gleeson, assemble their instru- ments for a practice session. .il L" -SD-2 .? Elizabeth Moniz and Mary Q, A YJ Forties, senior members of the orchestra, look over the music prior to distributing it to the other members. The group's repertoire includes many selections ranging from classical to contemporary. The Mount orchestra annual- ly holds a joint concert with St. Xavier's Academy in Prov- idence. Last year, our violin soloists were Diane Mar- tineau, now president of the orchestra, and Joanne Bailey, our concert mistress. , , t . l 1 X56 6569 'Tl iv The Mount orchestra is assembled for its weekly Saturday morning rehearsal. Most of the girls have never taken music lessons previous to entering the Academy. For many long hours they are preparing for their annual Spring Concert. Sheila Sullivan, Judy Perrault, Sharon Silva and Phyllis Desruis- seaux, all seniors, join together in a rhythm practice. The orchestra is under the experienced direction ol Sister hlarie Lorraine and hlr. Arthur Paquette who also directs the La Salle Academy Band of Providence, R. l. Last year the orchestra recorded its lirst album, uhlemoralule hlelo- dies". Joanne Bailey, concert mistressg Diane Martineau, Carol Witengier, Dolores Mello and Marilyn Beauregard tune their violins. Clhrkdnmas - -. wig . 'IN A ff! . Q 1' 'c lfilgz I E1 ig.: "A V S I I I Hn l I- 4 eff t 4' 94 -V 1. I' sfi ggjlm llllill ' -111 111 mllllll Q5 A Two of our juniors Margaret Ferreira and Nancy c""' " McKnight pose with their escorts and parents who served as chaperones for the junior-Senior Semi- Formal. This is a well known sight indeed to the Mount girls, but slightly snow- bound. It looks as if Mount will have a great deal of shoveling to do, to clear its walks once more. 90 1' It was a night to remember for these juniors and Seniors at the annual Christmas dance held at Stevenson's. Dancing gracefully to the music of Buddy Reis' Orchestra are Rose- mary Rudyk and her escort, Arnold Ferguson. Rosemary is wearing a lovely black faille dressg black gloves and a vibrant corsage com- plete the smart ensemble. 'Qs 'H -v. ., lx .QF t'qs 4 i 54, -sit l l 7? 'f' xml"- i 'Es ., N . , A . 3 ga Q p t he xg 1 1 5 ' 5 L I 1 5 f Q "7"..,,,: u.. 2. l ' ,K w 7 rf N' i D.: X . f E l l We-'i "Hail, Mary" is the salutation of the Annunciation here de- picted by Mary Ann Sousa and Marlene Shea. Our Christmas play, "Christmas On The Village Square", focused the traditional story against the background of gypsy peasant life. Here, Mary and joseph experience difficulty in locating a place of shelter. 1 ,Ou 1. -..Ag -1- -ug X lt's Christmas time at the Mount. Here the convent entrance with its decoration of blue lights presents a picturesque scene. Our Yule season is a delightful one combining both spiritual and social activities. Al The Wount 1 1 s . fit . i,X, 7 A 1 I , I ' f 1 -. LXR' 2 7 4 I U 4. 'lid 5 I' 2 an ,- j.-"1 V i Elsie Pelton, a sophomore, explains her Science Fair exhibit to Janice Biszko. The hours of work and re- search put in by Elsie resulted in an award for her project. e Co NiiCugZn Gu GeiAs Se F? The annual school Science Fair held in the spring provides the girls with an opportunity to put scientific theories into practice. Here, Sister Mary Albertus congratulates last year's winners: Noreen Pingley, Margaret Mulyk, Elsie Felton, and Janice Biszko. The senior officers of the Vanguard Science Club, Mary Ann Urban, Diane Martineau, Noreen Pingley, Beverley Oliveira, and jean Claire Fewkes, carefully plan a meeting. CIE CE CL B Science and its achievements play a major role in the twentieth century. Qur Science Club under the direction of Sister hlary Donalda and Sister hlary Chabanel attempts to develop the scientific interests ot the girls outside of the classroom. 3 Sister Mary Chabanel discusses different projects ' for the coming Science Fair with the junior officers of the Science Club, joy Lacombe. - Patricia Selleck, janice Biszko, and Joyce g l 1 Forneiro. --I 'H . -. f nnoi Presiding over the Friday French Club meeting are Monique Demers, junior Representative, Janice Crawford, Treasurer, and jane Sullivan, President. Under Sister Mary Adele's supervision they plan the activities of the bi- monthly meetings. Surrounded by a multitude of pictures are Rachel Raymond, junior Representative, Cheryl Barrette, President, and Phyllis Desruisseaux, the Thursday French Club officers. They are responsible for the orderly proceedings of the meetings. AN UAGE CLUBS The main purpose of the language clubs is fo give a broader lmowletlgc of the cullure behind the language. This is done through lilmsfrips, slides, and singing of Spanish and French songs. The motli-rafors hc-lp lo give the members a fluency in the language by spcalting very lifllc English. Scrabble anyone? Only one prerequisite-a sufficient knowledge of Spanish. These girls seem to be having no problem but are looking over the situation very carefully. This is just one of the many activities the Spanish Club undertakes under the direction of Sister Mary Denisita. .ski ,hm Q .,..-.-J- Q 1' -l '4-ugAsffn 1 .. , Mc , ORT Full of pep, our cheerleaders always seem to bolster the team, even when it's behind. Ever striving for the best the girls spend many after-school hours practicing new and different cheers to increase school spirit at the games. Here the officers of the bowling team take time out for a picture- Karen jones, Cheryl Grail, and Ann Daigle. Basl-cvllmll, vollvybatlll l1c1xx'lir1Q--ltnlw your piclt. Ht-rv ul Ihr' hlounl sporls nrt- un inlvgml part ol school lift-. flur lmslwllmll lt-fun rt-tr-nl ly Complt-ivcl ils most 5llC'f'l'NNllll st-nson. ltr record-l'5 wins emtl l loss. Cwfhlfll hlrs. hlnry 0'T00lt' and sporls ruoclcrtxlor, Sislvr blnry Julian. lrain the girls lo play ti lam-11 grunt- file ways emphasizing good sporlsmfmslmip. Head, janice McGrady, and our vivacious squad of cheerleaders line up for a victory cheer. ln their snappy red and white uniforms they cheer our team on to success. During a practice game members of the basketball team oppose each other in order to prepare for a league game the following day. Here they scramble for a rebound. 71 X'N'Xyk.1lN7 ,, 1 it 'x i fs X '. ' 4 i XT l N Q ' I IN rx, ' C 4' -.Q PY: A ' 5 . S I lei. p S il i ,YZ i w 'N' " I i 95 t t t 1 3 ' ,f li 1. ' M 1 .1 r fra W y .X M , I a 'Y , f U Q +L.. Here the dramatics group is shown presenting the annual Christmas pageant, along with the Glee Club, singing the traditional Christmas carols. The sophomores and juniors presented Christmas In The Village Square, a mystery play by Henri Gheon. In this scene, Margaret Potvin, as the gypsy grandfather, narrates the story of the first Christmas, As background for the ancient story, Kathy Rezendes played the accordion. This play, like all our others, was directed by Sister Mary Mercy. DRAJIATIC X JI One of the groups of Meet Me in Saint Louis assembles here for a family portrait. The play was presented four times, with a double cast for the girls. The male parts were taken by Ronald St. Onge, joseph Magriby, Michael Wimsett, and Raymond St. Michael. Shining examples of a play well done . . . beams on the faces of our actresses, Florence Lemairc, Jacqueline Letendre, Cheryl Faris, Joyce jean, and Rosemary Cullen. .sf4'0 if 5 ix .Q -.' 'rv 1, rixfx fs., 1 'I or Y '5 1 fu 3" mf 1 l , Walking hand in hand in splendor with the man of their dreams, Michael Wim- sett, is Maria Rodriques and Maureen Taylor. Ronald St. Onge and Rose- mary Cullen portray the proud parents in the play, Meet Me in Saint Louis. Through Sister Mary Mercy's diligent efforts the play be- came a great success at Mount. I ,4 5 gi sv-5' la 10 V--'31 Four Years toward the makin 1964 MERCYCRE T ' 1-lllil Mr. John Ursprung and Sister Mary Benita check the prog- ress of the 1964 MERCY- CREST. The staff is grateful to Sister Mary Jean, Adviser of the Salve Regina year- book, who recommended Mr. Ursprung to us. Madeleine Thibault, literary editor, holds the completed yearbook pages. They are now ready to be sent to the William T. Cooke Publishing Co., Inc. The compiling ol our yearbook, the 1964 ihlERCYCREST, is a major task utilizing the many artistic and literary talents of tht- en- tire stall. Actually, the lXlERCYCRES-ld is written by the lxlount itself--its students, faculty and numerous activities. The material gatheredibetween these covers records the memorable experiences of all ihilount girls. The stall is gratelul to Sister lhlary Benita, yearbook moderator, whose guidance and perseverance have enabled this book to be presented. ' I-......... ,Lai L 1 - 'Q N X. :-esftrue xitgncisvff' A A. A i gg? ' IE We Mount If , - :lg L .5 V Q ve v Q I' 3 7,57 vi i "rBdi"!5:g,, Q Ei G'efv,,,W , -, 4 17 CDA k , .5 "f-94, Mawr A , E4.i.f S j. - ' I' V 7 3 ,i ' ,silk Q' ir V V -W . - ' f'1..,", iffv A X 1 ?T"','a: 'U N :gg ,V-g - ek,-f - f:,V1"- : as . V s , ., 1,,: h 11, - I. 1 -X ,Liv ei vfyhr Hltead all about it in the E R C IA N M Throughout the year the iXlERClAN staff has tried to give the student laody the news in and around our school. Their policy, as always, was to achieve the hest journalistic standards lactuallv. truthfully, and fully, lxlontlily features, such as style, personalities. and sports were received enthusiastically by the girls. ln the "Letters to the Editor" column, students voiced their opinions and suggestions about school activities. ln short, the iNlERClAN reports all news that is news here at lxlount. , . 1 -ky A general meeting of the MERCIAN staff is under way as the girls plan layouts for the next issue. Moderator, Sister Marv Flora, looks on and offers helpful advice where needed. The first MERCIAN issues of 1960-61-62 repre- sent history in the making-Record Frosh Class, New Principal at Mount, Vatican Council II. Shocked by the sudden death of john Fitzgerald Kennedy, Mount girls express their feelings through poems which appeared in this issue of the MERCIAN. Id? 'llt"iK'- Wu Hn Soul U-I Ml IM Nail- K1-I In Yruv , Tribute To Our Beloved President D Thfvvsiul la llli D U. v 1 sin. nw .. i - . ,A ' Y,n vu r r ' Xu' 'Ar-P sv. - -- ' "' ' t - ,K in' A ' Q-. . -1 r - . -- N- '. .-.4 .N a, vi 'H' 1' ' - A Ig .H .- . M- - ui- -. ev -l I . 7-. rf . f-, .. an-omtuq H rr 1. 1- r-. ,, " sl 1: laid s. "M" "' - fi71,Zf"i' New Latin Trop h""""" -,:y::i ,.- More TBUHPM U lliilfid. 'L 1313,-l-4 In yum-ar:.ar4v ,-.,.,,.4.,.,,, .Hn ,A .,,,,, -t.,..i vnu.-n-:mace lata -'Alvl U1 1 uri 'Ann'uc:e pu Inaba" WH- -4' - --- -er' -- I , 5 1 3 I I , U lf 1 -1, , -'J ky 4 Q ' "1 J , ,A . 4. 11 N? 1 Lua . ,Na 4 r 1 If i 1 w 1 v 5 Q, 55 . 'X Qi X 1 .KY '4 X Nl ' 1,1 X, ,gi 1 : , igg' 1 '. 1 11 - 'F ., , I K , rv 1 F , VI' x 8' 212 F 9 K .1 IA! -ig ."'-Q gn Four years of progressing intellectually, spiritually and socially We graduate, honored to be the first to have spent four years in our new building . . . - As the curtain closes on the panorama we loolx haclc over our four vears with many hlessings God has given us . , . sor- . ' in a wor c 18 neec 5 those who can lormg Christ to others. :ww 'D U B LIC ZIBRARY mingled sentiments . . . gratitude lor the row at leaving the lxlount-its girls, xts teachers, its sprrrt . . . hut lov that we have recerved so excellent a trarnmg to prepare Dlr. lxlr ixlr Nlr Nlr Nlr Nlr Nlr Nlr Nr. Blr Nlr Nlr nlr Nlr Nlr xlr Nlr Nlr Nlr Nlr Dlr Dlrs. Dlrs. MITS. xlrs. Nirs. Nh-- Nlrs. Blrs. Dlrs. Nlrs. Nlrs. Nlrs. Dlrs. Dlrs. Nlrs. flr' Dlrs. BITS. AITS. Dlrs. Nlrs. Nlrs. 5. 3. ICQ? fd-f cr ' lxlervyn Allen James :Xlosi Anione Alvarnas .lolm Arrucla Jr. Fclwarcl Bailey Raymoncl Barretie Allaerl Bastille Clement Bvauregar Rolancl Br-rnier Francis Blaclc Xvilliam Bowler .la iiic , 's Pmracly .lolrn Braga Pc-ler Braga Frank Broclcway Allrecl Burlcetl .lolrn Callalian Francis Cancleias Roclolplme Cantin Edward Caron Joscpll Carreiro Clmarles Cavanaglm PARENTS ixlrs. Eclna Ceralcli Mr. ff Nlrs. Americo Correia lxlr. fr Dlrs. George Cote Flrs. lxlary Cote lxlr. fr Dlrs. Xvillarod Cote lx ITS. Norman CfHXX'fOfd Dlr. ff lxlrs. Jolm Cullen blf. fr lxll'S. JGHICS DQHH lxlf. ET' lxlI'S. JOSCPII DCIHIOCIB' Dlrs. Xvinifrecl Desclmene lxlr. nlr. Dlr. ixlr lxlr. lxlr Dlr lxlr. Dlr ixlr ixlr lxlr Er lxlrs. 6 lxlrs. 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CONNOLLY, D,Sc.H. HIS EXCELLENCY, THE MOST REN'EREND JAMES J. CJERRARD, D.D. CHOR BISHOP JOSEPH Em Rt. Reverend Raymond T. Considine Rt. Reverend Henri Hamel Rt. Reverend Emmanuel Sousa deMello Reverend John E. Boyd Reverend Bart Bucldey Reverend Felix Childs Reverend Francis Cooney, C.S.Sp. Reverend Joseph Cournoyer Reverend John Cronin Reverend Raymond Druin, QP. Reverend Arthur Dupuis Reverend Hugo Dylla Reverend Francis Fitzgerald, C.S.Sp. Reverend Anthony Gomes Reverend Patrick Hunt Reverend David P. Jenkins Reverenc. JOSGIJII Jordan Reverenc, John Kelly, C.S.Sp. Reverenc, Paul F. htlccarrich Reverenc, Francis hilccarthy RCVGYCHG Reverenc Reverenc, Reverenc Reverend. Reverend Reverend RCVCYCDC RCX'6fGHCi RCVCYCHC, RCVCIGHC Honorah James h'IcDermott Joas Nledeiros Luiz ivlendonca Xfvilliam hflulten, C.S.Sp David O'Brien Kerry O'Keane John Resendes Daniel Shalloo George Sullivan Arthur Tansey Vincent J. Vvolski e Roland Desmarais CLASS RINGS RINGS PINS I. RICHARD O'NEIL COMPANY 282 Franklin Street Cambridge 39, Moss. "THEY WALK WITH PRIDE" in School Uniforms by COLLEGIATE OUTFITTING COMPANY , INC. 387 Park Avenue South New York 16, New York D. D. SULLIVAN :Sf SONS FUNERAL HOME 469 Locust Street Fall River, Moss. OSborne 2-3381 GO MODERN - GO GAS FALL RIVER GAS O'ROURKE FUNERAL HOME M1cHA1:L S. MCMAHON 571 Second Street F011 River, Mass OS 9-6072 SCOTTIE'S DRIVING SCHOOL DRIVER EDUCATION Fczll River, Mass. I. O. NEILL SUPPLY CO., Inc. 68 Troy Street Full River, Moss. TACKY'S GULF SERVICE 228 Rhode Islcmd Avenue Fall River, Moss. DESCHENEYS AUTO BODY CO. 24 HOUR TOWING SERVICE 1693 Pleoscmt Street Fall River, Mass. OS 8-5273 COMPLIMENTS OF FRITO - LAY, Inc. GRAY BUSINESS EQUIPMENT CO., Inc. 182 Second Street Fall River, Moss. Tel.: 673-1741 - 673-7471 HY CO BEVERAGE COMPANY NU-GRAPE SUN CREST ORANGE 195 Ridge Street Fall River, Mdss. OS 2-1541 Tel. OS-4-1907 A. DIAS, Prop. A'I'I..AN'I'IC BAKERY BAKERS OF FINE PASTRIES WEDDING AND BIRTHDAY CAKES OUR SPECIALTY 1505 So. Main Street Fall River, Mass. EVERE'I'I' MOTORS, Inc. 880 South Mdin Street Fdll River, Moss. OS 8-5236 OS 8-5295 OS 8-0513 QUALITY LGB STORE 325 Bedford Street Tel.: OS 8-5567 OPEN 6 Days Weekly: 8 A.M. to 11 P.M. Quality Meats, Groceries, Produce, Liquor and Beer FEATURING V2 Gal. Homogenized Milk 69 Bottom Prices LETENDRE G BOULE, INC., Props. "Fall River's Foremost Institutional Supplier." COMPLIMENTS OF BRISTOL KNI'l'I'lNG MILLS, Inc. MR. 951 Broadway Fall River, Mass. Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1964 and MRS. IOHN BRAGA COMPLIMENTS OF STONE BRIDGE INN COMPLIMENTS OF MASON'S FURNITURE STORE OSborne 2-8275 BRADY ELECTRICAL CO., Inc. BANNER REALTY CORP. APPRAISALS -INSURANCE - TAX WORK - DEVELOPERS PHIL STRUM Real Estate Consultant ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Fall River, Mass. 1553 Brayton Pt. Rd. Somerset Boston, Mass. Providence, R. I COMPLIMENTS OF THE FRIENDS OF THE 1964 MERCYCREST 108 A 61 P COMPANY MULLEN STUDIO New England Division 130 South Main Street ALBERT G. AUCLAIR FUNERAL HOME PEERLESS LAUNDRY 690 South Main Street 1668 Pleasant Street CHARLIHS QIL NEWPORT FINISHING CORP. Kilburn Street Fall River, Mass. CQRRIGAN APOTHECARY POIRIER'S AUTO SCHOOL 1412 South Main Street 400 Seuth MOM1 Street FALL RIVER EXTERMINATOR co. PYRAMID OIL OOMPANY 795 Wilson Road 334 Anthony Street FABIA at soN FUNERAL HOME R- A- MCWHIPR COMPANY 589 South Main Street 169 South Main Street ROBERT'S FUR 61 FORMAL SHOP 383 Spring Street FARR.ISSEY'S RODMAN BEEF 97 Rodman Street VALCOURT INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY GALE FORD, Inc. CQ., Inc' 428 Pleeeent Street 253 East Main street MASON'S FURNITURE CC- W. T. DONNELLY FUNERAL SERVICE 410 Plymouth Avenue 1173 South Main Street MI'I'CHELL'S PHARMACY YELLQW CAB CQ. 637 South Main Street 376 Central Street TORCHIA S'I'UDIO STEVENSON'S RESTAURANT 368 South Main Street North Dartmouth ELAINE'S FLOWER SHOP CLIFF HEIGHTS NURSING HOME 136 Hood Street 635 Rock Street SISSON TRAVEL BUREAU, Inc. COMPLIMENTS OF LAWRENCE I. SISSON, General Manager 39 Main Road, Tiverton, R. I. GILBERT C- OLIVEIRA AGENCY MA Fair 4-8472 109 --I ,:.ll1-1n.l-m USINESS FRIENDS A 61 R Wholesale Inc Abel s R1Cl'1I1Eld Servlce Stat1on Amerrcan Bottlmg Arlan s Department Store Mr 61 Mrs Ioseph Arruda Auclarr s Market Mr Raymond Beaudry Charles W Bento B1ll s Market B111 s Var1ety Bob s Maplehurst Esso Stat1on Dr 61 Mrs Omer E Borvm Bolduc s Lumber Company Mr 51 Mrs George Bolusky Borges Var1ety Store Boyko Funeral Home Brayton Ave Motors Brodeur s Serv1ce SIGIIOH A R1chy Candexas Barber Shop Carmval Drrve In Chace Mllls Curta1n Co Choumard Funeral Home C1ndy Lee Sportswear Dee s Ha1r Stylrng De5ros1er s Lumber Company Dufour P13110 61 Organs Fall R1ver Travel Bureau nc Mrs Farrmgton s School of SSWIHQ Ferry s O11 Dr 61 Mrs R B Fourmer The Ganley Co Gene s Barber Shop Gene s Market Gray s Ice Cream Inc Great Scott Food Markets Gus Barber Shop Hamlet St Market Hathaway Funeral Home August Hebert 61 Sons Funeral Home Manuel C Hrlarlo Idadale Flower Shop Ienn1ng s Flor1st Iock s Spaghettx An Iohn s Shoe Store Kelleher Pa1nt and Supply Co Herbert Kmg Flor1st Wholesale 61 Reta1l Ted Krupa s Hardware otore Stephen Kulpa Plumbrng 61 Heatrng Mr 61 Mrs Adelard LaRue Leonard s Pharmacy Levesque Flower Stud1o L11 s SCI'1'1dW1Ch Shop Long 61 Parent Insurance Agency Mackenz1e 61 Wxnslow Inc Magr1by s Laundry Manny s Radlo 61 T V Repcurs Maplewood 61 House Clean1n Modern Musrc Shop Modern Prrntmg 51 Card Shop Morse Shoe Store Mullen Bros Iewelers Muno Electrxc Supply 61 Hardware Co Mr 61 Mrs Wrllram Murphy Nelson s Dcnry New England Poultry Co Inc Nlagara Funeral Home Nu Brrte Cleaners Dan1el I O Connor Attorney at Law Madeleme O11ve1ra Paradrse Funeral Home Park Rambler Hugo D Perron Insurance Agency Inc Peter s Package Store Pop s Servlce Stat1on Qualrty Furmture Company Ray Constructlon Co Inc Ray s Flower Shop Re1se s Dmry lnc R1te O11 Company Robxnson s Supply Co Manuel Rogers 61 Son Vrctor Rose Ir Rudy s Varrety Store St Anne s Cred1t Union Gus Santos 61 Employees Mr 61 Mrs Norman SllVlG S1mon s Supply Co Inc Sno-Whlte Cleaners 61 Shlrt Servlce Sull1van Florlst Susplro Bros Atlantlc Stat1on Swan Cleaners Swansea Constructron Co Inc Thrboutot Brothers Trl Veto Texaco Stat1on V1c s Tow1ng Servxce V1ctory s Sportswear Shop Frank N Wheelock 61 Sons Inc Adams Bookstore Belmont Flowers Connors Travel Bureau D 51 D Sales 61 Servxce Inc Fall Rlver Herald News Antone S Feno Ir Optrcran Globe Manufacturmg Company Hallal s Cleaners MISS Drane I Lawton Lron s Furmture Store Mr 61 Mrs Hugh I Maguxre Dr Edward T Shannon Mullen Brothers Russell C Ouellette Pmeau s Varlety Buddy Rels Orchestra Iohn H Rose Slade Laundry SUHTISS Fru1t Store Sousa s Photography Shop Sull1van Motor Sales nc Van Dyk s Store R A W1lcox 61 Company 110 WARREN Ii!-1Y VANTINE STUHIU p0l'll'CLif pAOf0gI'CllJAeI'5 132 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS ONE OF OUR YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHERS 3.53 -fl ZH rv Helene Roussecru, '64 111 Congratulations cmd Best Wishes to the "CLASS OF 1964" THE BRIDE'S SHOPPE 368 SOUTH MAIN STREET FALL RIVER, MASS. 112 V 'VFQX JL4 ZxgiBRAPN E i 4 1 i l A 3 I u N K A a Q mmm XENIML L 6 u '--9 ULELE LLL umuuu EU EL EL CLLI z 2? .. '2 32 mf -- A fw- .un--Q 377 Fall River' CNa.D. l W CMt.St.--Mary AQQCIGQW IL 1912 -ml.VN1Qr,QyQr.e!41,l lll-.. 196m 377 Fall River fMa.D. Mt, St, . Cm A 1 F 19M Mercycretsary ca e-my anclralnlc 196k , 1StOI'y I'0gI'6SS ithin DUI' ears ,Q recorded 7-tv'-,UN - - - - v- --V.... . .- . - in the . . . MULLEN STUDIO

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