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 - Class of 1960

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Q -:fiez t J I QQ 9,0 ,ffl 'S Q vc .O ' 1 Wx -.rv -' A.,4vw" L..-A 'T .3 ,, 'f gf A, wi' " . .-'F' 'nfjimwi xii., 1 wwf . 4 1 . .. . A ,f,, . A ww. -, - . J ""'...f. .gW'1:. aw.-4 fs- . 1 M . -D ,- 1,, 'A :I .- , ,.j'. 1 .3 , I. ' . '61-.Sv-ll-1' W... l V ,GQ 1,4 5431.3 .fi V - ,V ..M.:: . ,ft-v. . . I' A , Z.. ' 5 - ,. A. ,-A..A,"1. ' 4 '1 - ' v'-. ,. 'K 1 ,- .145 ', 'lN...?gii , ,, 4 11" f 'JI' ' J - Q4' ga' . 4 UN' , V ,- W I4 l . - ,wh ,J ,4A?'R.,'3'j.AU .G .,r ..,. 1 ,,.4,Ew29f,. E . M ' -'..e , " I ' lj 7-R' 2-' Q. . . 3' ' 'L in 4' ' f. A., ...K , .A .I ,, I.. , . . w'1,,1 g. - A1 ' .- 1-I . W, 'w H Q . --r " 1 V. N 'V . ,Q-' ,?"' , ,-41. A'4v,g-, -- .Q . -'gif' A V1 ,Yv.':2faT.',Q7,'?5cY gfi. , , df, ,f 5, I- ..-4, vr . , -v1.,.- 415+ .44 . Y. A- , . .. ,. ,. f. . .,a-.45--' -4 J. ,, . --,-, - ,, .,- ,,,,, ,, , ...- . H . Q,-. lv ,.'. V. .., -m, .. i, c Ae!- - .....-- . . .- , -. . .- ,- .,.,4. .- 4,n,v,- --, ...- gg-7? . Q 1 r r 4 - I . S 4 ix . 91 1 . V 1 H .-1 jf' ' ' ., ., --1 4,.'!,, f-. M 'vii 3,-..5,-9 'ky " , , gf' . i I.. -Juv' 9 A 'ffqt R1 .Liu i' 34 . Folly., vu' "5 'Q rf' ' -,Q ' if - ' - . . 4 ' ' gg.. z' A. iv .. ,Hr .+.u,gJ1fP, V,',-fir, V- A, , gg --gk., Mi- ., fi,-J. . "lf: 1 X -. 4-2,3-. - ' V .".N- - ' -' 1' JMR' 'KY-fLs'T5ll:'R f '-X.l!P"i"- - HL, - 4. x ,' . f' ' ',..,L.5LP9:d" ' ' W1 1 NAT:-u,',-Q .2505 1.'Q!L'1!' "'M,v.,f,'..- --gr ,' 1- f- ' ' 'A l' Q'3"5"'7'Y--7 ' .' fi 7' . -' in " 3: -'T' f-5 4. 'I L 1 " ' gqfhe 'f ' ' .s V-"J, ' -1 .11 'S-20' 56' -4'-'Y.y',..,.r A-li' Ng". 1' "J-Q 1 .- ," x 'L . ,weaff .tv A - is Lp-15 .-eff.:-'f-.. - 45' 534. 4 3-,. , may -'3.rJ:.:.-.ff. 'f-.ig K .' ..,'.4",g., . r' 4 ', .- . ..,.- . V - ' . g.. L.. -L. ff .V ,-, - ..j -. f X '-. ' ' ' ' - ""5? ' 17 .' fi. i .li FT: L' "2'R A " si I Af "W J, 1 1, ,,.-ww-R J -3-1. vi: +I, .. K V a- .. .. '. ' ,-r-11 ,,1,' - "ff-".r.-:,g,1 - it--:f . ,F-W4 if - . 1 15 H ,s - 7 -.N L, ,,.,1 . , .Q - v in-N .: .5 .fix gil:-I V 2 .f is , . v -' "7,. ' ,1-. . L 1 iz. ,, Q' . '-fi' ' 1.1 FM, .WV . ..-,- 'gy , J . GS -1 'K' " -K 0 ' ,1" li -0-L,-4' !- e X , 1 Fw rn- - -fi-,. - .V E ' 114 -- -vfi' , "Q, 'fn' 1, Q s- Q, , . . -,, U-.':..s . . -. .- .V 1 . , v,-f.. fs "'-F' ' . ,mi xv Nu? 'f - f: f 7233 5 .- 4 ,..'g . v ! !4 1 3 2036 00391 3536 00 f'N fr J J f N! K ff f I ,fv XQ "There is no seas n such delight Qmyix can bring, As Sumner, azzfumn, 2A?E? XNxN ufinfer,and the sp 'in g." f C30 X Will am Brozrnc N 3535 R Q 2,4 'K -- g C-5?- V ,jf, , ,, - ,, V lan .4-'Yr f-Y i rd f- -1 . ? Y ,, - 4,74 ,,,g141 e-v-7-f ?-J: THE 1960 PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS W? . il Ill MouNrsAnu'MARY ACADEMY f m Fall River, Massachuseiis IZJBHAQQ I 4 if nf fry H N32 f"S. 5 K ' v' ., x A . , 'Y I Y 1 1 -1 ' f "- f v 5 ' u P D V 'fflwuwu Q w ....-, .'J:,,-,,,- - M 4 PU Hs, , ,..3 .r. A wwf' J .f IX' K X l -X N, ' 1 . gl. . , -f 4.1 , .f .- v gf , x I f it 9 1 J un " f f v .. ., 1 ' fx . Af. .ll 3 Q .Niall ' QJS3 4' .1 n 5 M aan.-gg 6 s-ws-. .,.1. Q. v--,-- ., if, 'sf TF 1 ff Q i ". ' J i UT 3:21 I ' ' .UZ 51,55 I V 'JV 0: F.- : ,', 4 ' 1" ' . 1 ".'-. F' 'll , 4 1351" f .l rw- , Zh., -XJ 1 8 . Q . uutv- ' . - ' AIDQ "'F-'.!':1'- " sf" "'A , 47, . -'ri L I- - v L lain.- . ' Q ',- - 0 gl --lm fs-fn f.. fl?-"',S. 4, ,cc f-Q, , at c ff' . i V j i 3 SX' 1 ' dj, fx ., A ' - V ,I .W ' V x I "Y rr 'S 5 V 1 A ' -Q if 3 i X ' Ai t ,- Q , ' ' iii! PT in 2: Tv I V - ixgijr 1 i 5 ll' 7 'Ti fi 3' S I e Lt nie 'F t , 'GI :mf tiff ab!! il N Thug,- -....,,,,-U-Hua, Wi.7i 3. -w. 4.40" x ,- 111 "SFA,- -"Saw ,-Jus 5- ,-+-, AQHA.- dn . ,QRIA 1 4: J I. ,L 'W VVlicn Mount Saint Mary Acafleniy opened its floors in 151103. it occupied the right wing of Mount Saint Mary Vonvent. Since its opening: the Mount bas housed about 500 graduates. VVitli the present extensive student bofly, the time has come for Mount Saint Mar y Academy to enlarge its facili- ties. ln May, 1059, conetruction work was begun on the new buildinir. The completion of the project is expected to be in the autumn of 19130. Spacious classrooms, modern science laboratories, a beautiful auditorium, gfynma- sium, and cafeteria will await the students who will resume classes in September of 1960. Mount Saint Mary Academy occupies the right wing of the convent on 755 Second Street shown above. Ground-breaking: First step toward our new school, May, 1960. A view of the construction work on the new building look- ing west from the convent, Sep- tember, 1960. 6-ADMINISTRATION 8: FACULTY 18-CURRICULA rff'-' 36-C0-CURRICULA 54-SENIORS X41 r fir. ' -- ,W ' MQ' .-v ,, x 'J . ,mi ,YX fl ,1 Sc Ani," ' - N:,3',' . f . -, .N'L.,.g me., .. -- qg.A., - AQEQ if MZ". ll , . - 'Env' , .. U '--.,,.V -, 1 1 sap 5. ' -1 VE' VIQJQLL ,ss '. KY , f 1 A we v l -IL 'C' 'V' .I . - Q, ' mp' S 19 no .9 ,..,'4! 3-, xl' -A 4 '-5. ' ll an It U . .I - -A . I 'I . !,':u.. -all v.Qxs Qu , 1 .l"" .L 5 ff ,1- QD M .X lf, xfx ,-x Q" 1' A W" x5 v- L ' , S "Thvrc is no time like Spring, Wlzcn Iifv's alive Cin ez'0ryflzirzg." Christina G. Ilossvfti ADMINISTRATIO and FACULTY Nr... N1 DEDICATIO SISTER MARY VERONA, R.S.M., M.A Provincial Procurator of thef Sisters of Mercy ...'-Y veg- ' o'.. P 1' We, the members of the senior class of Mount Saint Mary Academy, gratefully de- dicate the 1960 MERCYCREST to Sister Mary Verona, R.S.M., M.A., Provincial Procurator of the Sisters of Mercy. Preceding' her appointment to the posi- tion of Provincial Procurator, Sister was a member of our faculty for eleven years. During these busy years, Sister skillfully instructed and directed the academy orch- estra from its infancy, and diligently train- ed the Liturgical Choir, besides teaching American History, Spanish, commercial subjects, and religion. lt is with sincere appreciation and gratitude that we respectfully dedicate this yearbook, the 1960 MERCYCREST, to Sister Mary Verona, R.S.M. Sister Mary Verona is pictured at her final appearance as moderator and director of the academy orchestra. 1 5 l s Ii FAU! RIVER ZOLLKUON Kathryn Magriby has Sister Mary Verona agreeing to one of her novel ideas. Gail Faris, Eliza- beth Baiocchi and Carol McTague form a committee of approval. The sad expressions on the faces of the musicians reflect the feel ings of the student body at Sister Mary Verona's farewell assembly Valerie Polka, Carol Adam, Ann Mis and Frances Moson inform Sister Mary Verona of their plans for the 1960 Mercycrest. His Excellency, The Most Reverend James L. Con- nolly, D.D., D.Sc. H., as Bishop of Full River. has excelled in the field of education of youth in our diocese by his sustained interest in all that concerns the young. The new regional high schools ure tributes to his Christ-like zeal. Cur Spiritual Direc F l""x PD 545' L I ff:-5'-.-5' ml! Mimi 1-vi' il? IOFS liqleliii 4 , g I AusPIcE MARIA Ilis Excellency The Most Reverend James Louis Connolly, D.D., D.Sc. H. Bishop of Fall River The Most Reverend Bishop is pic- tured with the present seniors at the 1959 graduation. v , A rf 'N-if v f f I , . N:- ...J His Excellency The Most Reverend James Joseph Gerrard, D.D. Titular Bishop of Forma Auxiliary Bishop to the Bishop of Fall River Auxiliary Bishop Gerrard, D.D., is a former spiritual advisor to the students at Mount Saint Mary Academy. His elevation to the bishopric was hailed with joyous enthusiasm by a grateful faculty and student body. Nw" I Bishop Gerrard chats informally with Elizabeth Baiocchi while Carol Mc Tague, Patricia Medeiros and Louise Boulay enjoy these pleasant moments with the Bishop at the 1959 graduation. X ff fi , lvl' 9 'gi' 9 n A A ,. " ith 4 ' 'I e IT 'I n h U Q. Q ' LL i ll I Y 7 L. ew ,yu The Reverend Paul F. Mc Carrick, A.I1. Reverend Paul F. Mc Carrick, the spiritual advisor of the student body at Mount Saint Mary Academy and especially of our Senior Class, is also the director of our Sodality. His dili- gence and perserverance in leading us to the true ideals of womanhood have been gratefully received. Cur Educational Directors The Reverend Edward J. Gorman, AISI. Diocesan Superintendent of Schools. Throughout the years, the Rever- end Edward J. Gorman, A.M., has been noted for his zealous promotion and supervision of our educational de- velopment. Mother Mary Catherine, R.S.M., M.A. Mother I rovincial of the Province of Providence Mother Mary Catherine, R.S.M., Mother Provincial, has through her foresight and in- itiative undertaken the responsibility of the erection of our new building. The graduates hope to fulfill the trust that Mother Proving cial has in Mount Saint Mary Academy by being active, loyal aluninae of their Alma 22' Mater. Sister Mary Olga, R.S.M., M.S., is the superior of Mount Saint Mary Convent and head of the science department of Mount Saint Mary Academy. Sister Mary Olga has always shown a keen in- terest in our scholastic endeavors. s f ' ,-QUIK A 1-K x me -0. N., I3 Mother Mary Antonine, R.S.M., M.A., who is a native of Fall River, is the Assistant Mother Pro- vincial. Previous to this appointment she was act- ing dean of Salve Regina College. Mother Mary An- tonine was formerly a member of the faculty at Holy Family High School, New Bedford. Her work at present lies mainly in the field of administra- tion in the Province of Providence. L PRINCIP L SISTER MARY CARMELA, R.s.M., MA. Sister Mary Carmela, R.S.M., M.A, is the first principal of Mount Saint Mary Academy. Sister has conducted the administrative affairs of the academy with untiring' zeal for fourteen years. Sister Mary Carmela holds a Master's Degree from Boston College with her major field in English. VVC. the members of the Senior Class, wish to express our heartfelt apprecia- tion for the interest and assistance Sis- ter has extended to us during our four years at the Mount. As we leave the academy, we shall carry with us the ideals instilled in us by Sister Mary Carmela and all the Sisters of Mercy during these fruitful years of our school life. Sister Mary Carmela and Joan Ma- comber are absorbed ln an important discussion concerning J0an's test scores. s.-QS' FACULTY We. the gratluating class of 1960, express our gratitntle to the faculty of Mount Saint Mary Academy, whose zealous efforts have been clirectecil to- ward our religious and scho- lastic well-being. We shall en- deavor to fulfill their trust in us by o11r constant application of the ideals of true Christian women. Sister Mary Phyllis, R.S.M., B.Ed., shown with Ruth Ann Faris and Eileen McCormick, is new to the NIount's faculty this year. Candidate for her Master's Degree in French from Laval University, Sister for- merly taught at St. Louis' School. She teaches French, religion. and mathematics. Another new faculty member is Sister Marie Lorraine, R.S.M., B.Ed., pictured with Cornelia Har- rington. A candidate for a Bachelor's Degree in music from Marywood College, Sister is moderator and instructor of the academy glee club and the orchestra. Sister teaches religion, English I, and business mathematics. Sister Marietta, R.S.M., B.S. in Nursing Edu- cation, is new to our faculty this year. In addition to her duties in the convent infirmary, Sister teach- es nurses' mathematics to the seniors, and general science to the freshmen. Sister Mary Fidelis, R.S.M., B.A., has been a member of the faculty at Mount Saint Mary Acade-' my for thirteen years. The recipient of a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Providence College, Sister teaches religion, biology, and English II. She is also a member of the Alumnae Board. Sister Mary Kateri, R.S.M., B.Ed., joined the Mount faculty in 1958. Sister teaches mathematics, science, and religion. The moderator of the Science Club, Sister is a candidate for a Master's Degree in chemistry from Niagara University. I. f 4E,-1. av 7 Sister Mary Julian, R.S.M., pictured with Carol Mc- Tague, Patricia Medeiros, and Margaret Costa, was appointed a faculty member at Mount Saint Mary Academy in 1958. Sister has a junior homeroom and teaches commercial sub- jects. ln addition to this, Sister is the moderator of the Athletic Association. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from Bryant College. Sister Mary Irene, R.S.M., .X.M., shown above with Ann Mis, has been a faculty member at the Mount since 1947. Sister is art instructor at the acade- my and holds a Master of Arts degree from the Catholic L'ni- versity of America. Pictured with Kathryn Mag- riby and Margaret Griffin are Sister Mary Flora, R.S.M., A.M., and Sister Mary Mercy, R.S.M., B.Ed. A faculty member for ten years, Sister Mary Flora re- ceived her Master of Arts de- gree in English from Notre Dame University. In addition to teaching senior religion, Eng- lish, Latin, Sister is moderator of the Debating Club, and ad- visor of the school newspaper, THE MERCIAN. Sister Mary Mercy, a candidate for a Mas- ter's degree in library science from Marywood College, joined the Mount Faculty in 1957. Sis- ter teaches history and religion. She is the academy librarian, instructor of dramatics, director of the reading institute, and faculty advisor of the MERCY- CREST. Sister Mary Adele, R.S.M., A.M., shown with Jean Galland and Michele Paquette, was ap- pointed as instructor of French at the Mount in 1957. Sister holds a Master of Arts degree in French from Boston College. Shown with Shirley Heywood and Kathleen Moore are Sister Marie, R.S.M., left, and Sister Mary Stanislaus, R.S.M. For the past seven years, Sister Marie has been in charge of the academy cafeteria and book room. Sister Mary Stanislaus, R.S.M., began her duties as secretary in 1946 when Mount Saint Mary Academy first open- ed. Now, although Sister is often seen in the office, most of her time is spent in prayer for the intentions of Mount Saint Mary's. studies. Sister Mary Denisita, R.S.M., B.S., pictured with Joan Macomber, has been a faculty member at the Mount since 1953. Sister is moderator of the Sodality, and has a sopho- more homeroom. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts. Superior of Mount Saint Mary Convent, Sister Mary Olga, R.S.M., M.S., is shown with Louise Boulay and Carol Adam. A member of the Faculty since 1957, Sister is head of the science department at the Mount. She holds a Master of Science degree in chemistry from the Catholic Cniversity of America. Sister Mary Rose, R.S.M., A.M., a mem- ber of the Alumnae Board, has been on the Mount faculty since 1948. Sister holds the degree of Master of Arts from the Catho- lic Cniversity of America. She teaches Latin, French. and English at the Academy. 1' if -j.,.oJ it ' ' f I' Q 4 I 2...- , - ...Q-11am--. X 'T' ,. I """ . 0- ,l- Q..-.1 i i F Ji F- 3 "O summer day beside the joyous sea! O summer day so zcondcrful and wlzife . . ." ' CURRICULA FRE THE SEEDS OF KNOWLEDG In September 1959 Mount Saint Mary Academy welcomed eighty Freshman students. They are the last group to enter the "old" Mount. Because of limited space their number had to be curtailed. During their first year as high school students these girls have studied religion, English, algebra, general science and world history. For their sixth period, the girls study either Latin or follow a sys- tematic course in developmental reading. The freshmen will always re- member Friendship Week and es- pecially their "big sisters." The present seniors were responsible for the class of 1964 commencing their high school days in a genial spirit of friendliness. Seated: V. Byron, A. Machado, M. Harrington, J. Hastie. Standing: G. Gadoury, B. Miller, S. Konarski, L. Ferreira. First Row: B. Miller, S. Rebello. Second Row: E. Dussault, J. Luiz, J. Cloutier, P. Gutter, M. Aguiar, E. Glynn, L. Rocha, C. Managhan C. Ferreira, T. Viveiros, K. Chippendale, V. Bosse, M. A. Ferreira, P. brun- eau, J. Hastie, J. Leandro, D. Driscoll, M. DeCeccio, J. Ferreira, N. Taylor, D. Negus, J. Terceiro, M. Shea- han, G. Picard, L. Kuttner, M. Lynch, M. Lariviere, M. Rodrigues, M. Harrington, J. Bednarz, J. Dupre, M. Desmarias, N. Pacheco, E. Richard. 20 E l ARE IMPLANTED 150 356 3' First Row: E. Kitchen, M. Dion, J. Kwarcinski, R. Skelly, S. Konarski, H. Lacombe Second Row: J. Callahan, P. Faria, M. A. Serra, M. Leary, B. Basinger, M. Dowling K. Kaczynski. Third Row: L. Ferreira, S. Capone, F. Raposa, C. Souza, M. Sullivan D. Chrupcala. First Row: M. Santiago, A. Machado, E. Fisher, K. Demers, G. Gadoury, K. Raposa. Second Row: J. Sullivan, M. Faris, V. Byron, P. Rioux, B. Kazen, K. Cordeiro, B. Carvalho, K. Marum, P. Boissoneau, R. Silva. Third Row: S. Partington, U. Ruest, S. Barlow, J. Murphy, M. Roberts. rn' ' 1 rl sql 'M 43? 8 ,U 5. P.. 'L rf 1, ,ix 1 4 - ' N A I - , x r ' h :i1 -.Q QT! - UK 'I -CL" nw -fs sup .xxx iw- All the students participate in the crowning ceremonies held in honor of our Blessed M other. lil. rown and B. Leach lead the rosary in chapel during October devotions. Q O fi P' T3 F' 53 3 U' cn 1 5 'U fa '1 -'I .le Spiritual reading fills a part of every retreatant's day. Rev. Gerald Conmy, C.S.C., the Retreat Mas- ter, informally discusses an interesting topic with F. Thomas, E. Dempsey, M. Desjardins and N. Cordeiro. 23 1 aii Q- ., .H ' 44' 5- ,.f .hkfpj 1 . ..,Q'9 4 ?.a- Pathway to Beautiful Thoughts Carolyn Nlecleiros, Linda llopart, Margaret Buba, Anne Marie -I ll Jones, Jeanne Auclair, Christine Miranda and Joyce Hurley listen to the recording of "Tale of Two Cities." 'V' Eli A--7 Sister Mary Denisita Sister Nlary lfidelis instructs her sophomore English R'S'M" B'S' class in the highpoints of the play "Julius Caesar." Bar- hara Carey. Catherine Springer and Carolyn Prezalar listen intently. it L., if Sister Mary Flora R.S.M., M..-K. Freshmen students are engrossed in the reading lab. ' . H- an i I E lo - l Nancy Souza acts as chairman and listens to some of the suggestions made by Nancy Turner. Mary 1-rv -7, , Powers and Patricia Antaya concerning the junior Mount Saint Mary Acad- emy has much to offer its students in the field of Eng- lish. In the four year English course the fundamentals of grammar, vocabulary growth, creative writing and training in journalism are studied. Re- medial and developmental reading, public speaking and a literary study from simple poetry to involved dramatic plays are on the agenda. prom. Louise Perry takes the minutes of the meet- ing. I n n Q, -. I ,bi - wi . Tw -'- . t L M A - J.. wat ' av . .Q l H I , . at ' Mat T w-vis L -7 H? Nancy Cordeiro, Patricia Reagan, Paula Dennis and Pauline Rzasa pay close attention to the medieval English spelling of the opening lines of a lyric poem honoring our Blessed Lady. Barbara Durfee, Judith Prendergast, Marguerite Costa and Nancy Considine take special notice of the basic steps in creative writing. 3 'IP-1 Front: A. Yerville, S. Murphy. L. Dopart, C. Cote, E. Hashberger, K. Correia, G. Monast. A. M. Jones. Second Row: F. Lima, C Thihault, C. Springer, J. Hurley. M. L. Jones. S. Rzasa. D. Hath- away, P. Dugnette, J. Roneau, L. Larne, E. Reis, M. Gonsalves E. Medeiros. In I-Q-C -I2 I-I-I IIHC I-QQI IQ- I-I D113 l1Q ISQQ' liQ1 Dil! IZQU ,e y 'P ? ' . o ' , 9 nu?- ICW l1H .-incl Q -..qi 106 T' Y x C' f 5 1 4 Front: lst: J. Correia, E. Pontes, L. Mello, J. LaValley G. 0'Donnell, B. Mello. 2nd J. Hart, R. Alvanas. J. Au clair. A. Crawford, K. Stan- ko, C. Durfee. 3rd: J. Ca mara, K. Gifford, V. Heffer- nan, S. Fennessy, M. La becki. J. McMillan. -ith: R. Davis, T. Lowney, J. De- rosiers, C. Mcfluill, C. Fran- co. 5th: M. A. Huszcza, D. Ruggeiro, P Moss, C. Miran- do. Class Officers: Front, lst: Mary Brum, Gail 0'Donncll. Kathryn Carvalho, Sharon lfcnnessey. Right: Carolyn Murphy, Patricia Botclho. Joyce LeVallcy, Judith Cor- reia. -.Q lst: C. Prezelar, A. Ouellette, A. Perry, P. Pineau. M. A. Velho, P. Pytel. 2nd: E. Black, G. Matthews, E. Mcliane, C. Barseleau, M. Buba, B. Herbert, C. Martin, M. Brum. 3rd: L. St. Onge, P. Alves. V. Murphy. A. Mcllonald, P. Murphy, E. Perreia, J. Mc- Guillick, C. Medeiros. OPHOMORE The Waters of Wisdom Nourish Growth Our ninety-two Sophomores have begun to specialize as college preparatory or commercial students. Both groups begin their two or three years study of a modern language, and continue their English and religion courses. The college preparatory students take geo- metry, biology and Latin II. While the com- mercial students have general business. busi- ness arithmetic and music. Many of the sophomores participate in the Glee Club, Orchestra, Debating Club and Athle- tic Association. ,., - f .. 3 K. -I g n ' In ll Bl - -" if Y- Q f' ' 33 on g-j mis. rg on no Y", ' E- ...I 6 , fan, , '. OC .6 Qf :9 0 lst: B. Carey, C. liabiarz, A. Campbell, P. Botelho, S. Martin, E. Mcliane, Mr. Mur- phy, C. Rudyk, A. Foley. 2nd: l. Medeiros. C. Fairhurst, E. Levesque., G. Holleran, C. Pelletier. 3rd: P. Tavares, P. Collins, C. Riley. J. 0'Ilonnell, lx. Aguiar. ith: P. Bap- Iista, P, Johnson, P. Martin, M. McCallem, C. Murphy. T Sister Mary Phyllis R.S.M., B.S. 5 Sister Marie Lorraine R.S.M., B.S. S u s a n Konar- ski asks Maria Rodrigues a n d S u s a n Capone the big questiong X equals? ef!" Sister Mary Phyllis, R.S.M. instructs Angela Foley. ' M THEMATICS The Language of Science Many and varied are the fields of mathematics open to the students at Mount Saint Mary Academy. All groups begin with elementary algebra in the freshman year. The college group continues with geome- try, algebra II and in their senior year trigonometry and survey of math. For the future nurses, Sister Marietta, R.S.M., R.N. gives an in- tensive course in nurses' arithmetic. The commercial students take busi- ness arithmetic during their sopho- more year and continue with book- keeping to round out their program. Margot Desjardins begins work on a trig onometric problem as Sister Mary Olga R.S.M. stands by to give any necessary as sistance. N:-u-GN? l -L 9 1 A fi 5151.9 :" LA GUAGES... Parlez-'Vous Francais In preparation for college work the students begin the study of Latin, French. and Spanish. VVith the aid of language records and by daily training in reading comprehension, students re- ceive a fundamental kiiowletlgfe of the vocabulary and graniniar of each of these languages. Becoming: at-quaintetl with the history, geography, and cus- toms pertaining: to these languages en- riches the cultural background of the students. Adele anticipate listening French records. l Probing into the involved ora- tions of Cicero, these Latin III students focus their attention 011 comments made by their instructor Sister Mary Rose. The Spanish II class with Sister Mary Denisita as instructor s e e m to find this per- iod very interest- ing. ' l Judith Pereira, Elaine Urban and Gail Faris with Sister Marx JU IORS... Seated: E. Correira, M. McHugh, N. Turner, S. Pi- mental, M. Pontes, M. Doucet, D. Gadoury. Stand- ing: J. Aguiar, K. Duchemin, M. Gonsalves, N. Souza, L. Correira, J. Winiarski, A. Roy, J. Bouch- ard, C. Gibbons, N. Patenaude, and M. Arruda. A . , we . In September of 1957, the doors of Mount Saint Mary Academy opened to admit the Class of 1961. This class had the distinction of being the largest freshman class to enter Mount Saint Mary Academy. This class will also enjoy the prerogative of being the first senior class to occupy the new building. As juniors these students are preparing for college by intensive courses in chemistry, in- 1535515 .. ...La r-1 ly 3 ' , termediate algebra, Latin, French and Eng- lish and religion. The commercial students spend a good por- tion of the day acquiring the skills of typ- ing, bookkeeping and stenography. These subjects are taken in addition to the second. year of a foreign language, English and re- ligion. 'Nu F l s 4 'Chas Q., , x . 1 , 'N i 5 3 1 ,Q -- A 5 - 1 .- 4- Seated: J. Lapointe, S. Laureanno, J. Murphy, G. M. Powers, C. Walsh, N. Alfonso, M. Powell. Stand- Shea, F. Lambert, M. Christenson, D. Perry, M. L. Galvin, I. Pietraszek, J. Prendergast, M. Wheatley, J so ing: C. Ratcliffe, P. Michaud, C. Howarth, L. Beben, M. Pomfret and S. Heywood. The Rays of Understanding Shine ctw Swv Q' ll ii I j , .Ab as 59 Wm git Seated J Konarskl B Leach F Whitty M L Barbiarz, C. Machado, L. Basmger, S. Lachance, M Pacquet, C. Chrupcala, G. Bond. Standing: M. Brown, N. Considine, M. Breault, S. Haggerty, C. Harring- ton, M. Griffin, J. Gorman, R. Farias, P. Carrolton, J. Galland, J. Fernandes. will Class officers of the Junior Class are seated: D. Perry, and I N. Roderick, presidents and standing: J. Lapointe, L. Ba- singer, T. Lambert, C. Lanzisera, N. Pendrake, J. VViniarski. C' xl ' ii .-,.4iEV3f-.r 1 C. Berube, J. Hart, M. Carroll, C. McCormick, J. Niedbala, P. Antaya, S. Pimental, K. Moore. Back Row: M. Redmond, C. Lanzisera, K. Quinn, M. Walsh, M. Murphy, M. Camara, P. Lavoie, C. Mor- rissette, M. Souza. i Sl SCIENC The Wonders of Nature Examined The Mount has diligently kept in stride with the growing demand for knowledge in the fields of science. It has endeavored to provide the girls with the modern facilities and teach- ing necessary to build in its students a firm foundation in an interest so important in this Atomic Age. The newly organized Science Club offers an opportunity to all pursuing science or math courses, to become better ac- quainted with and to appreciate more fully the vast world of science. Sis- ter Mary Olga, R.S.M. as head of the Science Department has earnestly given her essential support and en- thusiasm to scientific minds of to- morrow. Officers and Moderator of the very active Van- guard Science Club are Frances Thomas. Frances Moson. Sister Mary Kateri. R.S.M., Joan Macomber. and Margaret Griffin. Sister Mary Olga R.S.M., M.A. The preparation of oxygen is one of the first important ex- periments performed in the chemistry laboratory. Irene Pie- traszek. Mary .Xnn Christenson. Judith Gorman. Carol Chrup- cala, and Lydia lieben feel the satisfaction of an experiment successfully completed. jiri? X. Receiving sound advice from Sister Mary Olga, R.S. M. are Patricia Vasconcelles, Maureen Arruda, Jean- nette Costa. and Denise Rounds. "Crystals as Radio Frequency Detectors" is the title of the experiment which merited Louise Boulay Hon- orable Mention in the Diocesan Science Fair. WU,- fnf 'r i AS Ttwtry Nl, sumo-rmzouf .4 -A i' ' nnzcrons Ynlbjfw-.nw 5 ' NLLJCA KW fi K , Elpfwluit 1 , ' . A IW? 1 tus... Af, 'Ig ,, , . ,' I . Q Q? f w Jr fi!!! fux an J ffmizaa. H in ge- X, K J his. 1 irgfl O f 1 , . - XXf'?i'? V, . , 5 Todav's Students are Tomorrow's U S ecre taries Tomorrow's secretaries, accountants, and steno- graphers are well-trained and supervised at Mount Saint Mary's under the guidance of Sister Mary Julian, R.S.M. The Com- mercial Course offers full instruction in stenography, typing, bookkeeping, and office practice. The Mount girls are trained to be- come such skills and ef- ficient workers that they can feel confident as they meet with the challenges of the business world. Barbara Plummer, Doreen Busse. and Carol McCormick seem to agree that ap- pearance is a necessary asset in the commercial field. In the Business Course at the Blount. the girls learn shorthand and acquire a working knowledge of transcription. Under the direction of Sister Mary .Iu- lian. a Typing I class diligently attempts speed drill. ' D Q .Q ' 1 l ,J I Y 5 X xgh c .W Modern History class read with interest the current happenings of the world as recorded in "News- week." Maria Rodriques, Margaret Shea- han, Michele Lynch, Diane Driscoll, Maureen Harrington, and Mary De Ciccio are members of the fresh- man WVorld History class. They study the facts of the past world in the light of Christian views and principles. 1-1-H" Sister Mary Mercy R.S.M., B.S. A stimulating study of World Events keeps Blau- reen Murphy, Carol Storch. Barbara Plummer, and Gail Faris very interested. This phase of learning is an es- sential feature of all history classes. HISTCRY... The Past Lives in the Present In an attempt to understand present day problems and to find workable solutions for them in the light of Christian principles is a fundamental reason for students to undertake the study of history. One of the educational highlights of the Freshman year is Wo1'ld History. Every student includes this subject in her program. American History is also a re- quired course and is usually taken in the senior year. The student may elect Modern History which emphasis current events by analyz- ing the news as it is presented in the weekly news magazines. ' I' ,ff -- 5 ,if ,, -, x . I x. ' y r . --, .X . . . '. . xi, I . w ' Q Q3 0 Q 1 , 5' tx 2 ' J -.5 I .' ', A, x'x,' . ,' '. W M' r f' , " 44,,, Ay" I fv"S . , . . , -X Q,-jf gf? ' X -'L 'H I xg ' 4 L 'N x xx lj, , 7 'S-t 'l"Yt.-X' I -X P 1 I I I Q U ., .w-Q, ." SI, ,JL 4 1-Q4 ,i 'f."1B"j-. 1 I I W .Av - A-wt! ,IANA-V-'A ,- X' s - , ., I- I fn- Y if 'ws s. -..Af 7 . UL '-1 Q - " ' --1 . , E A f. . I . ily' ' n ' -I f 191, I if "And the Autumn shone Like warmth within our hearts as in the Sky, Ripenirig rich harvests that our love had sown." Zinsser 0-CURRICULA I I I u 1 'n - L f airs--1 'wsigw :s g 'xv lr. - I 5 in f I . J . Attorney William ' B. Sullivan, LL.B. Junior Varsity Debaters, left to right, Dale Chrupcala, Pat Baptista, Vivian Byron, Sharon Fennessey, Pat Collins, and Maria Rodrigues are busy gathering evidence for their first debates. '12 x Mary Brum's comments have a hu- morous effect on Sister Mary Flora R.S.M., faculty advisor, Cynthia Franco and Kathryn Magriby as the debaters discuss labor problems. DEB TI G As a member of the Narragensett Forensic League the Mount debators begin their seasonal debates in Jan- uary. Each school in the league meets with ten other schools. This year the topic is concerned with the labor prob- lem's which confront us. The girls particularly enjoy the annual tournaments held out all day sessions at Stonehill College, North Easton and at Providence College, Providence, Rhode Island. In the prep- aration for the formal debating sea- son the students participate in week- ly panel discussions and intramural debates on current labor problems. Margaret Griffin holds the attention of her audience as she argues for increased labor legislation. I 'x It CDRCHE TRA - v The officers are responsible for the many necessary details that are es- sential for the success of each per- formance. Sister Marie Lorraine. R.S.M., director and moderator. is pictured with her assistants. A' DI 4 .-1 1 . 1 hu Music fills the air as the Mount Saint Mary Acad- emy Orchestra plays. Un- der the direction of Sister Marie Lorraine, R.S.M. and Mr. Arthur Paquette. these students are taught to play the instrument of their choice. At the time of the spring concert, the new members make their debut. During the course of the school year, the orchestra is called on to entertain at the request of civic and re- ligiousorganizations. Whenever the Mount has the pleasure of welcoming honored guests, it is always the orchestra that opens and closes these assemblies in their traditional spirited manner. j' These freshmen practice daily and have their weekly lesson on Saturday Mr. Arthur Paquette, B.Mus. m0rningS- ,iw ' F X fy ' I .Q Q , .4576 I. 1 A Q Q , SP -sf ,JI I N 014 ,Q 3, B 1 xi! S - -sg Q . .. q f - fs .,,, . - ww Q 4 Q ' .1 .f . A ' ,A f fl, 5.x ..,, "3 'S'- ' X MERCIA Deadlines, layouts, ecli- torialsfthese are some of the plagues that are the concern of the MER- CIAN staff. This publi- cation, umlei' the 1,li1'ection of Sister Mary Flora, H.S.M., won newspzipel' honors. The Mount is the prouigl possessor of the Ellis trophy for the best school newspaper in the Q'1'L'21tCI' Full River urea. E u c h issue features school life, civic :xml nu- tional problems, Church l i t u 1' g y and spiritual guimlauce. This year the BIERCI.-XX staff publish- ed ten copies, setting' 21 new recoiwl for the Jour- nalism Club. N-.Z 62' MERCIAN co-editors, Barbara Nikinas. Pat Me- deiros. and Kate Magriby seem interested in the snap-shot which Margaret Griffin, editor-in-chief, is planning for page one. Off to collect from ad- vertisers are these business managers of the MERCIAN: Carol McTague. Maureen Garrity, and Janice Prayz- ner. -4... 'X K 1 S The first MERFIAN arrives. Staff members, J. 'rho sum, of iiusin.-as :anguish and litem- Pei"i"" J' RZESBQ K1 Fmin' V' Thomas' J' Davis' J. McRae, M. harrity. and P. Rzasa carefully lure is :in essential pzirl uf the future su rm-tarp 's lraininu. scrutinize the fruits of their labor. N if 'C -l -7 !'ll '59 lg, 1 Q1 I Lg-I i. Z5 X nu -iv- ' L Y W f :iq .f X 'fs r " Ie . 7'T"" , I' i 4' I' 4 ' X 4. .1 ...- I 'AEP K SK .. l ' if - , F. 1 - Q T ii E, Q' J' v W! g xii., L- 4. Lx ' - A s l H ir. v V J 'lf -F L ,. 5 V 4' "4 'I K E if: G 7' 4. K A .. Ai 'rl A '9 l ws- ' T u rf f t fllf 4 .. 7 X .1 'Qi Q i Standing in garden of roses, juniors Denise Rounds. Louise Houlay, Farolyn Berube, and Frances Thomas graciously pin boutonniers on their escorts Robert Theroux, Carl Morrow, Fred Rys. and George Perry. November 10, 1958, was a truly glittering' night when "Moonlight and Roses" went surging through carefully- coiffured heads of bewitched juniors. It was the night of the Junior Prom. To the delightfully flowing strains of the Charles Perry Orchestra, our seventy dreamers tripped the light fan- tastic with their tuxedo-garbed escorts at the Hotel Yi- king in Newport, Rhode Island. The enchantingly-gowned young' ladies first went to the Academy au- ditorium to introduce their young men to the faculty. The girls chose Marilyn Wrobleski to present a tri- bute of flowers in a simple busfxex- pressive ceremony to pay their protectress, the Blessed Mary. IQ Gerry Elias and Gail Faris, on entering the auditorium, sign the "Book of Memories." I 4 , lk A F X T., , Xxx 1-VY' NX N X , J X Y ,LI Il Athletics f ifg , 0 I NWTKXS , e , 6 ' '09 Q A' Neff nw 'glldmaglfs' 51509 an Bgfbata wuhxe NNlliy,1eilc B ' : , Q91 vxgi Q 1 , Q' an? Q00 Cya th X 'xi Ge' esv' sue- --en ' N 1012, avflffae W Sgxglfuax awb 50 wel' Cheerleaders: kneeling left to right, Patricia Medeiros, Joyce Hague, Patricia Reagan, head cheerleader, Shirley Heywood, Grace Bond: standing left to right: Catherine Walsh, Louise Boulay, Janice Lapointe, and Ann Bagley. cv 'Q' I x Mrs. Majorie Souza B.S., coach Our cheerleaders gaily swing into Anchors Aweigh. Dec. 7 Dec. 10 Dec. 15 Jan. 7 Jan. 11 Jan. 14 Jan. 24 Jan. 25 Jan. 28 Feb. 11 Feb. 18 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Mount at Dominican Academy-Victory Somerset at Mount .......... Victory Mount at Westport .. Victory Voke at Mount ............. Victory Mount at Dartmouth ...... Postponed Taunton at Mount ..... .... X 'ictory Case at Mount .............. Defeat Mount at Jesus Mary Academy-Victory Mount at Dighton ............ Mount at New Bedford .. . Durfee at Mount .... ff? l X4 L' v 'V r W .,-.P 1 Around the Seasons, School Life Flourishes. ll Autumn, winter, spring . . . each season brings with it some cherished event of the school year. Here we have captured a few of the highlights. Septembe-r's return to school brought with it the introduction of a new course, Homemaking. Kathleen Ilemers, Vivian Byron, and Anna Machado look the dignified role of future homemakers. In the tradition of the Mount, autumn brings the annual ring ceremony. The juniors are presented their rings by the seniors. Madeline Camara, Grace Bond, Carol Machado and their escourts enjoy the gar- den surroundings of their junior prom on a memorable November evening. I, Silver formal 'QQ s-md rl l bells, December holidays, and the semi- at Stevenson's make for mid-season en- D joyment. Pauline Pineau and Iatricia Botelho enjoy the event with their escorts. The Catholic Press Drive in January promotes wholesome reading and a keen interest in stuffed animals. A few of the daily awards are held by Mary Ann Ferreira, Dale Chrupcala, and Kathryn Kaczynski. NVe begin and end our school year religious ser- vices. Here Bishop Ger- rard officiates at Bene- diction. llarch 17th and the St. Patricks Day parade hails the Mount as the winner for the best school float. A handsome trophy has an honored place in our dis- play case. 9 vu . A 1 a v ' ' Q . 1 N . X ' x fe 51' X, . .- K - -' .-' ,-.-ff' X Jrbfriw k 4' K A Y' -"".f5- RTI-I 1 f 4.-,ggi -..-I' 5 ' Veg "Under flze snnzedriffs the blossoms are sleeping, Dreaming their dreams of sunshine and June, Down in the hush of their quiet flzey're keeping, Trills from the fhrosfIe's wild sunznzer-sung tune." Spofford SENIOR 'S x ,- i . . KATHRYN TANYA MAGRIBY President of Senior Class, President of Student Council, President of Glee Club K: " MARGARET MARY GRIFFIN Editor-in-Chief of M E R C I A N, President of Debate Club 0' lv 1-C11 FRANCES ANN MOSON Editor-in-Chief of MERCYCREST. President of VANGUARD Science Club SS' 6561 SENIOR P TLIGHT Leadership. character. scholarship and loy- alty are recognized traits that merit commen- dation and usually result in lives dedicated to the service of God and community. Leadership has been distinctive in our stu- dent heads for the academic year 1959-1960. Through their formative work in the newly organized student council. school spirit has reached newer and greater heights. Character has been exemplified by the self sacrifice and dedicated spirit of these leaders of all our school organizations. They have been unsparing with their time and talents and have brought to a successful conclusion all under- taken tasks. Scholarship is a personal characteristic which each of these leaders shares with her co- leaders. It is also one of the aims of all our curricula and co-curricula activities. Loyalty is measured by service. These girls have been truly Mount girls in every sense and have served their organizations well. The faculty and students commend the stu- dent leaders of the class of 1960. Sincere thanks is due them for work well done. Z S rr-v 'J PATRICIA SUSAN KOWALCZYK President of Orchestra 4 FRANCES MARY THOMAS Prefect of Sodality Qu f rv .Senior Class officers and Sodality Representatives to the Student Council. Left to right: M. Rooney. J. Macomber, P. Bledeiros, L. Boulay, J. Rzasa, C. McTague, F, Thomas, P. Harrington, J. Davis. Seated-K. Magrihy Class officers with Sister Mary Carmela, principal, discuss plans for successful senior year. CLeft to rightzl First Row-B. Nikinas, Secretaryg Sister Mary Carmela, and C. lIcTague, treasurer. Second row-J. Davis, homeroom directory M. Rooney, treasurer: L. Boulay, homeroom directorg P. Medeiros, secretary, K. Magrihy, president. l 4-si r 4 sim. Student council delegates plan the organizations con- situation. Left to right P a t r i c i a Vasconcelles, Elaine Dempsey. C a r ol Adam, and Maureen Gar- rity. TARS of the SEASONS MT. ST. MARY ACADEMY asf 'ST N ff 'AW elf fe ,,. - During Four years at Mount Saint Mary Academy nine students maintained honor status. These honor students are all enrolled in the classical course. In addition to their four year course in Latin, they have taken the full science program of biology, chemis- try, and physics. Their mathematics program has consisted of two years of algebra, one year of geometry, trigonometry, and survey of mathematics. Two years of social science, four years of English and two or three years of French in addition to electives have com- pleted their academic program. These nine students all aspire to higher education and have been accepted at the liberal arts college of their choice. The faculty and their fellow classmates take justifiable pride in lauding the honor students of the class of 1960. CAROL LOUISE ADAM 390 Sprague Street St. Louis Parish Activities: MERCYCREST, Business editor, 4. Class president. 1,2,3g Athletic Association, 1,2,3,4g Co- captain, 43 Bowling, 1,25 Liturgical Choir, 1,2,3,-lg Student Council 4. Achievements: Honorable Mention, Future Scient- ists of America Foundation: Third Prize, Diocesan Science Fair, Bowling trophy. LOUISE JEANNE BOULAY 224 Grinnell Street S.S. Peter and Paul Parish Activities: MERCYCREST. co-editor. 4: MERCIAN, 33 Class Secretary, 1,2,3: Homeroom director, 43 Athletic Association, 13 Cheerleader, 3.45 Dramatic Club, 4: French Club. 43 Treasurer, Liturgical Choir. 1.2.3,-1: Orchestra. 1.2.3,4: vice-president, 43 Student Council, 41 VANGUARD Science Club 4. Achievements: Essay published in YOUNG AMER- ICA SPEAKS: French Award-"Prix d'Honneur"g Full Scholarship to Mount Saint Mary Academy, Honorable Mention-"Auxilium Latinuni" examina- tiong Honorable mention-Diocesan Science Fairg Honorable Mention-Future Scientists of America Foundationg Letter of Conimendation-National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. 'T' at 1' V ' MARGARET MARY GRIFFIN 56 VVarren Street SS. Peter and Paul Parish Activities: MERCIAN, 3,43 Editor-in-Chief, 43 Athletic Association, 1,23 Catholic Student Council, 33 Debate Club, 1,2,3,-13 Treasurer, 23 Secretary 3g President, 43 Dramatic Club, 43 French Club, 43 Liturgical Choir, 1,23 Orchestra, 1,2,3,43 Sodality, Ig VANGUARD Science Club, 3,43 Secre- tary-treasurer, 33 Secretary, 4. Achievements: Alternate-Student Government Day3 Delegate-Masszn chusetts Girls' Sfatel Delegate-Governor Furcolo Council on youth3 Essay published in YOUNG AMERICA SPEAKS, Letter of Commencla- tion, National Merit Scholarship Qualifying test3 Magna cum laude cer- tificate, oratorical ability, Providence College tournanientg Partial schol- arship to Mount Saint Mary AC3dQIl1j'Q Poetry published in YOUNG AMERICA SINGS3 Voice of Democracy oratorical certificates. ! I I KATHRYN TANYA MAGRIBY 551 Plymouth Avenue St. Mary's Cathedral Parish Activities: MERCIAN, 3,43 Co-editor, 43 Class President, 43 Athletic As- sociation, 1,2,3Q Advertising Director, 23 Debate Club, 2,3,43 Vice-presi- dent, 43 Dramatic Club, 43 Glee Club, 1,2,3,4Q Accompanist, 3,43 President, 4g Liturgical Choir, 1,2,3,-1, Sodality, 13 VANGUARD Science Club, 33 Student Council, 43 President, 4. Achievements: Essay published in YOUNG AMERICA SPEAKS3 Trophy -highest scorer, Junior Varsity Basketball Team, Magna cum laude cer- tificate, Oratorical ability, Providence College Tournament: Poem pub- lished in YOUNG AMERICA SINGS3 School delegate-Student Govern- ment Day. JOAN ELIZABETH MACOM BER 126 Buffington Street SS. Peter and Paul Parish Activities: MERCYCREST, co-editor, 43 Class Treasurer, 13 Communism Discussion Club, 43 Dramatic Club, 2,4g Liturgical Choir, 3,43 Student Council, 43 VANGUARD Science Clubg Orchestra, 13 Sodality, 1,2,3,43 Vice prefect, 43 Student Council, 43 VANGUARD Science Club, 3,43 Secretary-treasurer, 4. Achievements: Essay published in YOUNG AMERICA SPEAKS3 Poem published in YOUNG AMERICA SINGS. A., X , ANN MARIE MIS 17 Palmer Street St. Stanislaus Parish Activities: MERCYCREST, Art editor, 43 Class Vice-president, 13 Class secretary, 33 Bowling, 1,23 Cheerleader, 3g Debating, 2,3,43 Dramatics, 2,43 Glee Club, 1,2,3,43 Liturgical Choir, l,2,3,4. Achievements: Certificate of Merit-Diocesan Science Fairg Honorable Mention-Future Scientists of America, Bowling Trophies-high triple, winning team in league, winning team in tournament. FRANCES ANN MOSON 126 Sixteenth Street Holy Cross Parish Activities: MERCYCREST, Editor-in-Chief, 43 MER- CIAN, 35 Class President, lg Class Vice-President, 35 Bowling, 1, Secretary, 1, Catholic Student Coun- cil, 39 Debate Club, 2,3,4g Treasurer, 3, Secretary, 4, Dramatic Club, 4, Glee Club, 1,2,3,4g Librarian, 2,3g Liturgical Choir, 1,2,3,-4, Sodality, 1: VAN- GUARD Science Club 3,4g President, 4. Achievements: Alternate-Governor Furcolo Council on Youth: Certificate of Merit-Diocesan Science Fairg Essay published in YOUNG AMERICA SPEAKSg Full Scholarship to Mount Saint Mary Academy, Letter of Commendation-National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, Magna cum laude cer- tificate, oratorical ability, Providence College Tour- nament. VALERIE REGINA POLKA 23-C Watuppa Heights Holy Cross Parish Activities: MERCYCREST, Co-Editor -15 Class Treasurer, 23 Communism Discussion Club, 4: Dramatic Club, 23 Glee Club, 1,2,3,-13 Liturgical Choir, l,2,3,-15 Sodality, 3,-1, VANGUARD Science Club 3, Achievements: Poem published in YOUNG AMER- ICA SINGS. . 44 FRANCES MARY THOMAS T16 Brayton Avenue, St. John of God Parish Somerset, Mass. Activities: Communism Discussion Club 45 Sodality, 1,2,3,-lg Prefect, 43 Student Council, 45 VANGUARD Science Club, 3, 4, Vice-president, 45 Achievements: Certificate of Merit-Diocesan Science Fair, Poem published in YOUNG AMERICA SINGS. 55 f til if N 4. Q-Fe? , ,LV ,,.. ,- 3 I fl , , -A f- , if 1 "' iv- 4 cz J , 1 I Letters of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Foundation are received by Louise Boulay, Frances Moson. and Margaret Griffin for their outstanding achievement in this nation- wide testing program. . 4 0 Tw KL zf 3, it MAUREEN ANN ARRUDA ANN ELLEN BAGLEY Colebrook Road St. Catherine's Parish 222 Walter Street St. Patricks Parish Little Compton, Rhode Island Activities: MERCYCREST staff, 4g Bowling, 1,25 Activities: MERCYCREST staff, 45 Sodality, 3,4. Cheerleader, 3,-1. Achievements: Bowling trophy, 1,2. 59 ' fl :Nt The Reverend William O'Connell, Reverend Arthur Tansey, rector of St. Mary's Cathedral, Reverend William Galvin, and Reverend Leo Curry are pictured with all h ' l h s rved as ushers at the graduation of 1909. Graduation is held amid t e girs w o e the splendor of the Cathedral and its solemnity signifies the importance of this occasion. .rv N ELIZABETH ALDUINA BAIOCCHI 668 Third Street St. Maryls Cathedral Parish Activities: MERCYCREST staff, -13 Glee Club, 1,2, 3,43 Liturgical Choir, 1,2,3,4. fvvn BARBARA ANN BOTELHO 19 Marton Street St. Michae-1's Parish Activities: MERCIAN, Associate Editor, 45 Athletic Association, 1,2,3g Communism Discussion Club, 43 Glee Club, 1,2,3,-lg Sodality, 1,2,3,-lg VANGUARD Science Club, 3,-1. 4 SO V, , ill I ' 7 6991 Wi , I 2,3,4g sodaiity, 1,2. DOREEN BUSSE 41 Seaconnet Avenue St. Christopher's Parish Tiverton, Rhode Island Activities: MERCIAN staff, 3,4g Bowling, 3. NATALIE JOYCE BRENNAN 1024 Stafford Road St. VVilliam's Parish Activities: MERCIAN, 43 Athletic Association, 3 -lg Debate Club, 13 Glee Club, 2,3,-13 Liturgical Choir, ? if.. 'x JEANNE MARIE BYRON 163 Hamlet Street St. Patrickls Parish Activities: MERCIAN, 3,43 Glee Club, 1,2,3,4g Athletic Association, lg Liturgical Choir, 1,2,3,-1. BRENDA ELIZABETH CAMARA 202 Brayton Avenue Our Lady of Health Parish Activities: MERCIAN, 45 Glee Club, 1,2,3,-lg Athletic Association, lg Liturgical Choir, 1,2. 51 NANCY ANN CORDEIRO 190 Newhall Street St. Elizabeth's Parish Activities: MERCYCREST, 4g MERCIAN, 35 Class Vice-President, 23 Dramatic Club, 25 Glee Club, 2,3,-1, Secretary, -lg Liturgical Choir, 2,3,4. 4: ' . JEANNETTE MARIE COSTA 62-1 Orswell Street St. VVi1liam's Parish Activities: MERCYCREST staff, 4g Communism Discussion Club, 45 Liturgical Choir, 2,3,4. Mother Mary Regina, R.S.M., the newly elected Mother General of the Religious Sisters of Mercy of the Union accepts a floral presentation from Kathryn Magriby. Mother Regina visited the academy in December and presided over an assembly held in her honor. MARGARET JUDITH COSTA 405 America Street St. Wil1iam's Parish Activities: MERCIAN, 3,45 Athletic Association, 2,3,-1. I I I I JOAN VIVIAN DAVIS 196 Hooper Street Holy Ghost Parish North Tiverton, Rhode Island Activities: MERCIAN, 3,-ig Honieroom Director, 43 Student Council, 4. I i I I I I 'I 'wut PAULA VIRGINIA DENNIS 709 Second Street St. Mary's Cathedral Parish , Activities: Bowling, 2. I I 1 ELAINE MARIE DEMPSEY I 51 Oliver Street St. Louis Parish Student Council, 4. Achievements: Essay published in YOUNG Activities: MERCYCREST, 45 Dramatic Club, 45 AMERICA SP1-:AKs,3. 6, MARGUERITE JEANNE DESJARDINS 355 Cornell Road St. John the Baptist Parish Westport, Massachusetts Activities: Debate Club, 45 VANGUARD Science Club, 3,-15 Dramatics, 4. COLLEEN MARIE DOYLE 1922 Dwelly Street St. Patrick Parish Activities: MERCIAN, 3,45 Liturgical Choir, 1,2,3,-1. Class Day is memory day. Following the cere- monies in the school auditorium, the seniors gather on the front lawn for a few last moments together as a class. 400 Lepes Road Holy Cross Parish Somerset, Massachusetts Activities: MERCYCREST, 4, Athletic Association, lg Liturgical Choir, 1,2,3,4g Orchestra, 1. lb CAROLYN LEE DREIVNIAK 4 'P' t-1-4 GAIL ANN FARIS 200 McCloskey St. Anthony of the Desert Parish Street Activities: MERCYCREST, 43 Athletic Association, l,2,3,4g Dramatic Club, 45 Liturgical Choir, l,2,3,4. Achievements: Trophy for basketballg Trophy for bowling, High Singleg Poem published in YOUNG AMERICA SINGS. 4 1 I 474 Second Street St. Mary's Cathedral Parish Activities:MERCIAN, 3,45 Debating Club, 1,22 Dramatic Club, 2,45 Liturgical Choir, 1,2,3,-lg Sodal- ity, 1,2. KATHLEEN ROBIN FRAIN ANNA BERNICE FREDERICK 92 Norman Street St. VVilliam's Parish j 2,3,4. Achievements: Bowling Trophy, 3. 65 Activities: Athletic Association, 3, Liturgical Choir, MACREEN ANN GARRITY 46 Hamlet Street St. Pat1'ick's Parish NIERCIAN 24' Athletic Association, Activities: - . -, 0, , - ' ' ' 2 '- 2 izl't 2 lg Student Coun 1.23 Debating Club, ,,3, bot 115 cil, 4. CAROL ANN GRACE 542 Fourth Street St. Marys Cathedral Parish Activities: Athletic Association, 1,2,3,4g Glee Club, 2,3,4g Sodality, 1,2. Achievements: Basketball Trophyg Massa- chusetts Girls State Delegate. Ya' I lu I N X .. -. ff' .fri JE? ix 'ie it-.. i I X, ,N 'tr' .1 LOUISE JULIANA GRANDMONT 326 Brayton Avenue St. Jean Baptist Parish hl t' Association 233 Bowling, 2, Activities: At e 1C . as , .., 35 Communism Discussion Club, 4. Achievements: Bowling Trophy, 2. JOYCE DOROTHY HAGUE 1 Point Street St. Pau1's Parish Portsmouth, Rhode Island Activities: MERCIAN, 3,43 Bowling, 1,23 Cheer- leader, 3,-1. Achievements: Bowling Trophy-high single. ICA SINGS. 34, MARGARET ANN KANAUSS 195 Middle Street St. Louis Parish Activities: MERCYCREST staff, -lg Debate Club, 2g Communism Discussion Club, -lg Dramatic Club, 4, French Club, -lg Glee Club, 1,2,3,-1, treasurer, -lg Liturgical Choir, 1,2,3,4. Achievements: Poem published in YOUNG AMER- ICA SPEAKS. The Summer School of Catholic Action held in Boston last August awakened in this group a keen awareness of the menace on communism. Returning to school in September, they requested S. M. Flora to be the moderator of a discussion club. Joan Macomber, Frances Thomas, Barbara Botelho, Val- erie Polka, Eileen Kitchen and Louise Grandmont are the charter members. PATRICIA JANE HARRINGTON 12A Hillside Manor Immaculate Conception Parish Activities: Athletic Association, 2: Commum m Discussion Club, -lg VANGUARD Science Club Sodality, 1,2,3,4, treasurer, -15 Student Council -1 Achievements: Poem published in YOUXG -XWIEP ,Z i l i , V .fill T J 1 ' QQ, -Y . 4 A J , l W 1 lL i I ck' ' 6. "Moonlight and Roses" and the garden scene will always bring memories of the Junior Prom. Here Ann Mis and Barbara Nikinas with their escorts enjoy these beautiful surroundings. if ROSEMARY ELIZABETH KEARNS 129 Shawomet Avenue Saint Thomas More Parish Somerset, Massachusetts Activities: MERCIAN staff, -lg Liturgical Choir, 13 Orchestra, 1,2,3,-lg Secretary, 4. EILEEN MARGARET KITCHEN -'fp 968 Rodman Street S.S. Peter and Paul Parish 1 V Activities: Athletic Association, 1,2,3,4g Commun- ism Discussion Club, -lg VANGUARD Science Club, 43 Sodality. 1,2,3,-1. 68 A is PATRICIA SUSAN KOWALCZYK 81 Stafford Road S.S. Peter and Paul Parish Activities: MERCYCREST, Co-editor, -11 Athletic Association, 23,-lg Captain of the Junior Varsity basketball team, 43 'VANGUARD Science Club, 3. Achievements: Essay published in YOUNG AMER- ICA SPEAKSQ Poem published in YOUNG AMERICA SINGSg Partial Scholarship to Mt. St. Mary Academy. rw 'J ROSE YVETTE LAPOINTE 19 King Road St. Madeline's Sophie Parish Tiverton, Rhode Island Activities: MERCYCREST staff, -13 Liturgical Choir, 2. CAROL ANN LIZOTTE 623 Crandall Road St. Madeline's Parish Tiverton, Rhode Island Activities: Class Vice-President, 1. il ,Elg- : ', :V ELIZABETH MARGARET LUONIGO 499 Stafford Road St. VVi1liam's Parish Activities: Bowling, 3g Dramatic Club, 4. l , i 69 ff !' 0 B Q T fx 'T f , JANET AMY MAGILL 83 Ash Street St. Louis Parish Activities: MERCIAN staff, 3,43 Glee Club, 1,2,3,-lg Liturgical Choir, 255. CAROL ANN MCCORMICK 108 Eddy Street Immaculate Conception Parish Activities: MERCIAN staff, 3,43 Bowling 33 Liturgical Choir, Z2,3. '5 CONSCELO MARY McHL'GH 481 VVoodnian Street St. Patricl-Us Parish Activities: MERCIAN staff. 3,45 Glee Club, 15 Liturgical Choir, 1,2,3,-1. PATRICIA ANN McKANE 288 Buffinton Street St. Peter and Paul Parish - Activities: MERCIAN staff, -lg Bowling, lg Litur- ff gical Choir, l,2,3,-1. -0 676 Second Street St. Mary's Cathedral Parish Activities MERCIAN staff, 3,4g Class Treasurer, 4 Basketball, 2,3,4g Liturgical Choir, 1,2,3,4g Stu- dent Council, 4. , ' ' r Ht 5 3 Most Reverend James J. Gerrard, D.D., Auxiliary bishop of Fall River with Louise Boulay, Patricia Medeiros, Carol McTague and Elizabeth Baiocchi are pictured at last year's graduation. Following a Mount tradition, these girls, then juniors, participated in the graduation cere- mony as usherettes. JOYCE McRAE 87 Oakland Avenue St. Michael's Parish Swansea, Massachusetts Activities: Basketball, 1,2,3,-lg Liturgical Choir, 1. CAROL ANN McTAGUE -'N .afvf '17 S l ANITA LOUISE BIEDEIROS 2678 East Blain Road St. Anthony Parish Portsmouth, Rhode Island Activities: BIERCYCREST staff, 4. 1' PATRICIA BIEDERIOS 509 Hicks Street Our Lady of the Angels Parish Activities: BIERCIAN staff, 3.43 Co-Editor, -1: Class vice-president, 23 Class president, 35 Class secretary, 43 Student Council, 4, Basketball, 23 Cheerleader, 3,43 Liturgical Choir, 1,2,3,4. Achievements: Poem published in YOUNG AMERICA SINGSQ Essay published in YOUNG AMERICA SPEAKS. IPI Anne Vogel, Maureen Murphy with their escorts 'I MAUREEN NOEMA MURPHY 905 Bay Street Our Lady of Angels Parish Activities: MERCYCREST staff, -13 Athletic Association, 1,2. ,.g-... 4 f f. 1 'N Q'T?f',, ,TE BARBARA ANN NIKINAS 511 Spring Street St. Marys Cathedral Parish Activities: MERCIAN, 3,13 Class Secretary, 3,-1, enjoy the music of Charlie Perry and his band. Athletic Association Treasurer, 3, Bowling Treasurer, 3, Glee Club, 1,2,3,4g Librarian, 2,33 Liturgical Choir, l,2,3,4g Student Council, 4. 'x 5' -vi 1'v"'7 v. I MARY LOU PACHECO 471 Snell Street S.S. Peter and Paul Parish Activities: Basketball, 15 Communism Discus- sion Club, 4, Orchestra, 1,2,3,4g Treasurer, 4, Sodallty, 1,2,3,4g VANGUARD Science Club, 3,-1. Achievements: Essay published in YOUNG AMERICA SPEAKS. X X JUDITH MARIE PEREIRA 195 Middle Street Santo Christo Parish Activities: MERCIAN staff, 43 Debate Club, 1,2g French Club, 4, Glee Club, 1,2,3,4g Liturgical Choir, 1,2,3,4. Achievements: Essay published in YOUNG AMERICA SPEAKSQ Poem published in YOUNG AMERICA SINGSg Partial scholarship to Mount Saint Mary Academy. z. 1 x KT 'clwwfi 4 'J' v- Q Qezfg. Q 8.52 WN - tx . .IACQUELINE PATRICIA PERRY East Main Street St. Anne's Parish Activities: Bowling, 1,23 Orchestra, 1,Z2,3,4. Achievements: Bowling' Trophy. BARBARA ANN PLUMMER 127 Brown Street St. Patrickls Parish Activities: MERCIAN staff, 43 Bowling, 1,2,3g Liturgical Choir, 1,2,3,-1. BARBARA ANN PORTA 237 Linden Street Sacred Heart's Parish Activities: Athletic Association, 83 Bowling, 33 Glee Club, 1,2,3,4g Liturgical Choir, 1,2,3,-1. Achievements: Bowling Trophy. JANICE LOUISE PRAYZNER 172 Kilburn Street St. Patrick's Parish Activities: MERCIAN, Business Manager, -13 Glee Club, 1,2,3,-13 Liturgical Choir, 1,2,3,-1. V rv' PATRICIA MARIE REAGAN 104 VVilbur Street 'St. Patricks Parish Activities: MERCYCREST staff, 45 Class President, 25 Class Vice-President, 35 Cheerleader, 3,-lg Head Cheerleader, 45 Glee Club, 1,2,3,-lg Liturgical Choir 1,I2,3,-1. Achievements: Poem published in YOUNG AMER- ICA SINGS. if Q 7 BARBARA REIS -I-. -196 Tucker Street St. Elizabeth Parish Activities: MERCYCREST, -lg Bowling, 2. g,c2-. 'ri Bishop Gerrard visited the academy soon after his elevation in March, 1959. The Bishop visited each classroom, spoke to the girls in chapel and con- cluded his welcome visit with Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament. Patricia Medeiros, Bar- bara Nikinas, Margaret Griffin and Kathryn Mag- riby act as the Bishop's escorts. 5- X :N UENISE THELNIA RUCNIIS 47 Grinnell Street St. Wn.iani's Parish Activities: MERCYCREST staff, 4: Class Treas- urer. 1,33 Athletic Association, 1.2,3,4g Co-Captain Junior Varsity, 23 l,iturgical Choir, 123,45 Soflality, 1.2.33 'VANGUARD Science Club, Saint Patricks Day brought with it visitors from thc "old sod" itself. Mayor and Mrs. James Gannon of Sligo. Ireland were presented with mementoes from the academy by Barbara Nikinas and Frances Nloson following an assembly held in the Mayor's honor. Mayor and Mrs. Gannon's Gallic tunes were received with much enthusiasm from the student body. 51.-1 i R-5. , f, MARGARET TERESA ROONEY 54 Brow Street St. lNIary's Cathedral Parish Activities: MERCIAN staff, 41 Class Treasurer, -lg Student Council, 45 Athletic Association, 3,-1: Dra- matics Club, -13 Communism Discussion Club, 53 Liturgical Choir, 3,4. pr' r"- A V ' - -Q ? , N PAULINE MARIE RZASA 1454 Rodman Street Holy Cross Parish Activities: MERCIAN, 3,4g Associate Editor, 43 French Club, 4g Sodality, 1,2,4g VANGUARD Science Club, 4. CONSTANCE ROY 32 Sunny Slope Avenue St. Michaels Parish Swansea, Massachusetts Activities: MERCIAN staff, 3,4g Liturgical Choir. 2,3. 'Q' 15' JOANNE MARIE RZASA 1454 Rodman Street Holy Cross Parish Activities: MERCIAN, 3, 45 Associate Editor, 43 Class Vice-President, 33 Glee Club, 2,3,4g Litur- gical Choir, 1,2,3,4g Sodality, 1,2,3,4g Secretary, 43 Student Council, 45 VANGUARD Science Club, 4. an 9 14 .J BARBARA ANN SEPANIK 502 East Main Street St. Patrick Parish Activities: MERCIAN, 3,4g Athletic Association, if 1,2,3g Liturgical Choir, 3. CAROL ANN STORCH 450 Snell Street Holy Cross Parish Activities: MERCYCREST, 43 Class President, 3, Bowling, 23 Glee Club, 1.23.45 Liturgical Choir, 2,3,4g Sodality, 1,2. f l ll f S . V . l ,tu .' lr. " -, is l x l 1' ' A ELAINE MARIE TLRCOTTE 5 Ridge Street St. Mary's Parish Activities: MERCYCREST staff, -13 Athletic As- sociation, 1.43 Debating, 23 Glee Club, 1,2,3,-1, Lit- - urgical Choir, 1,12,3,4g Sodality, 1. G' . ' VIVIAN THOMAS 58 Walter Street Our Lady of the Angels Parish Activities: MERCIAN, 3,4g Athletic Association, lg Liturgical Choir, 1,2,3,4. ELAINE JANE URBAN 170 Rockland Street St. Stanislaus Parish Activities: MERCYCREST staff, 45 French Club, 4g Liturgical Choir, 1,2,3,4g Sodality, 1,2,3,-1. g H Junior Prom night saw Louise Boulay, Barbara Plummer, Gail Faris, Pauline Rzasa, and their escorts posing for the photographer before their departure to the Hotel Viking. PATRICIA ANN VASCONCELLES 27 Harriman Street Espirito Santo Parish Activities: MERCYCRILST, staff, -lg Athletic As- sociation, 1,2,3g Student Council, -1. Ui' ANNE MARIE VOGEL 78 Fifth Street St. Mary's Cathedral Activities: Liturgical Choir, 1,2,3,4. f...w 1 . ,, -. 5. MARILYN FRANCES WROBL 1704 West Main Street St. li Willimantic, Conneticut Activities: Bowling, 1,2,35 President, 35 Orchestra, 1,2,3.-15 Soclality, 1,2,3. Achievements: Bowling League Trophy, 1,35 Poem published in YOUNG AMERICA SINGS. x I 170 93 NANCY ANN WORTHIYCTON -1o0 Jackson Street St. Williams PZIIISII Activities: MERCIAN staff, 45 Athletic Association, 3,45 Liturgical Choir, 2,351 ESKI Iary's Parish ANNE MARIE ZIELINSKI 1077 Pleasant Street Immaculate Conception Parish Activities: Glee Club, 1,25 Liturgical Choir, 1,2,3,-1. SO Y I 1' I at . x . ' ,Y Eh -ggi! i L . . . 44 w F - " 5 . .4 an . Ji 4- 1 ', P Q Sl E- 'lv 'Tn I? V fi CU .! 'G ! 'Q ! I. , , ff tg-f r l q .. I ' .1- '5- -gr , 1 A--ng -SQL tj I 'r Mfg 5 -fx 1 -,f- -, I ' r . , U D . , r'1' .R , . s 5, QI r . r 1 J f '43 kr I If 1 ,Tffx 1 C f I x 3. xx f . lr. 5 X f ' 1 s . 1 ,,. ,x .- A' 3-1 latlng Nlaureen Harrington soted Miss of the freshman class is Louise Boulay, 54 Enloying the Freshman Senior Tea are Maria Rod- rlques, Elizabeth B3l0CChl Frances Moson, and Dale Joan Nlacomber was the official model for the new school uniform. A plaid skirt with a long sleeve blouse replaces the blue jumper worn in previous years. AS THE S ASO BEGINS lYith the Class of 1960 have come new traditions for Nlount Saint Mary Academy. This year's seniors initiated a new orientation pro- gram for freshmen entering' the Blount, In September. freshmen were greeted by their Senior big sisters, and for one full week were pampered as the babies of the school. Through this acquaintance week, the freshmen were made to feel at home in the school in which they embarked on their high school careers. ' r I .5 ,. 4 . Ll During Orientation lVeek. the sophomores were introduced to the new freshman arrivals at a Coke Party sponsored bs the Senior Class. N vs C7 ri I M. ann A '..-ini' I All attention is focused on Peg's dog, Michael, as Jarvis prepares him for the trip back to America. THE SENIOR PLAY-PEG O'MY HEART Cast Members of Peg O'My Heart: Mrs. Chichester ..,.,. ..,., , .. , . Marguerite Desjardins, Kathleen Frain Jarvis ..,.. ..........,..,..,.... .,.,,.,..,.. G a il Faris. Frances Moson Ethel, Mrs. Chichestefs daughter , . .. . Elain Dempsey, Joan Macomlner. Margaret Kanauss Alaric, Mrs. Chichester's son .....,...,...., Allan J, Curran Christian Brent ,..,.. .4,.. ,..................., J a mes Coyne Peg ....,,,, ...,.... . . . Louise Boulay, Margaret Griffin Michael ...........,. v,.,....... . .. "Tammy" Sullivan Miss Hawkes, lawyer . ..,..... Kathryn Magriby, Ann Mis Maid .....,...., ,,.. . . Elizabeth Loungo, Margaret Rooney Jerry . . ,. .,....,.,.,. Thomas Sullivan ' Fascinated by.the charming new arrival, Jerry enjovs his firstimeettmg with Peg. Margaret Griffin portrays Iieg on opening night. Tension mounts as Alaric, the pam- Defed SOD. proposes to Peg. Louise Boulay leads the group as Peg in the "second nighters" cast. Bless, O Lord, these parents and guardians whose love and protec tion have guided us through the many seasons of our youth. Charles Adam Alfred Arruda Thomas Bagley Bruno Baiocchi Louis Botelhn Ernest Boulay Arthur Berube John Brennan Roy Busse Raymond Byron John Callahan Manuel Camara Daniel Cordeiro Joseph Costa Manuel Costa Edward Dempsey Leonard Dennis Armand Desjardins James Doyle Leon Drewniak Albert Faris John Frain Allen Frederick Arthur Garrity Edward Grace Thomas Griffin Frederick Hague John Harrington Richard Kanauss John Kearns Richard Kitchen Walter Kowalczyk Archibald Lapointe Omer Lizotte Antonio Luongo Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Aldea Grandmont Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Macomber M1'. M r. Mrs Mrs M r. Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Eleanor Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. a'nd Mrs. Stephen Magill and Mrs. Joseph Magriby . Ruth McConnon . Mary McCormick John McHugh Sr. James McKane John McTague Manuel Medeiros Raymond Medeiros Stanley Mis Moson Edward Murphy Anthony Pacheco Carlos Pereira Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Polka Mr. Charles Porta Mr. and Mrs. Robert Plummer Mr. and Mrs. Walter Prayzner Mrs. James Reagan Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rebello Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Reis Mrs. Bernadette Rocha Mr. and Mrs. George Rooney Mr. and Mrs. Ellwood Rounds Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Roy Miss Mary Rys Mrs. Sophie Rzasae Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sepanik Frank Thomas Marianno Thomas Lillian Turcotte Francis Urban Manuel Vasconcelles John Vogel Howard Worthington Milton Wrobleski Y FM .lat "' ll at 4' ,Gai si t Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Medeiros and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adams greet Ann Zielinski and her escort at the Junior Prom. g , ivuatroa 85 lt: IB R A Q 'if all Rivrr lids HCNORARY PATRONS His Excellency, The Most Reverend Chor-Bishop Joseph Eid, D. D. JP-H195 L- Cvmwlly, D- SC- H- Reverend Augusto Furtado His Excellency. The Most Reverend Reverend William R, Jordan James J. Gerrard, D. D. Reverend Kerry Orcfonnol. Keane C' S. Sp Rt' Rel" Franclsco BettenC,Ou1't Reverend Anselm Kwilos O. F. M. C. Rt. Rev. Raymond T. Consldine Reverend Henri Lanorte' O' P' Rt' Rev- John J- Kelli' t Reverend Paul McCarrick Rt. Rev. J. Joseph Sullivan Reverend dons Medenos Rt. Rev. Edmund J. Ward, P. R. Reverend James V. Mendes Reverend Balit Bucklfey Reverend John T. O'Brien Reverend Felix S. Childs Reverend Joao V. Resendes Reverend Francis J. Cooney, C. S. Sp. ReVe1.endMeln.iee Souza Reverend Joseph A. Cournoyer Reverend Arthur W. Tansey Revf-21'eHd Hugo Dylla Reverend Thomas F. Walsh Reverend Arthur C. dos Reis His Excellency, The Most Reverend James J. Gerrard, S. M. Verona, S. M. Olga, S. M. Rose and S. M. Carmela are pictured together on the occasion of Bishop Gerrard's first visit to Mt. St. Mary after his elevation to the bishopric. BUSINESS PATRONS A8zVV Rootbeer Drive-In Ace Dairy' Adams Bookstore American Furniture Co. Frank L. Allen Lumber Co.' Agllied Floor Covering' Bel's Beauty Salon Bedford St. Package Store' Bertha's Beauty Shop' Bluff's Recreation Center Bolduc's Lumber' Bonner Flowers" Borges Furniture' Botelho's Bakery Products. Somerset Botelho's Super Service' Boyko Funeral Home' Brow's Drug Store" Cadrin's Office Machine Co. Carnival Drive-ln Central Finance Co. Charlie's Oil-Shell Products' Corrigan the Apothecary Corp.' Crawford Electric Co." Danny's Main Esso Service Station' John Dator Insurance Delia's Auto School' Desmarais Hardware Co. Inc.' Donnely Funeral Home' Dorsey Landscaping Co. Inc.' Louis A. Drape Co.' Elcar Engineering Fall River Auto Supply, Inc." Fall River Herald News Publishing Co.' Fall River Knitting Mills, Inc." Faris Furniture Co." Faris Ins. Co." Fazio Chair Shop Morse Shoe Store Moy's Restaurant' Munro Electric Supply 8: Hardware Co.' O'Rourke Funeral Home" Flores Market F. A. Forest Co.' Frates Frosty Beverage Co.' Furtado's Radio 8: Television Service Gene's Market The Globe Printing 8: Stationary Co.' Goulet's Pastry Shop Gray Typewriter Co.' Guimond Farms Incorporated' Hamlet Street Market' Highland 5 8z 10 Howard Johnson's Westport, Mass. Hutchinson's Art Shop' Hyco Beverage Company " Anthony Imbriglio Accordion Studio Jerry's Auction House' Jimmie's Spa Jock's Spaghetti KQW Music Co. Kozel 8: Son Body 8: Fender Shop' S. S. Kresge Co. W. Kret Furniture Co." Leonard's Pharmacy' Lion's' Luke's Variety" John D. Lynch Funeral Home' R. A. McWhirr CO." An additional asterisk denotes a more generous contribution. Made Rite Potato Chip Co." Mason Furniture Co. lnc.' Medeiros Mkt? John Menrlonca Atomic Fence Corp." Mil-ce's Restaurant' Modern Dairy' George M. Montle, Plumbing and Parisienne Salon of Beauty Pocasset Country Club" Ray's Dinette' Regie Fashions Remy Moving 8: Storage Co." Robeson Food Mart Santos Trucking" H. Schwartz Sz Sons, Inc." Sears Wrecking Company' Silkson's Smith Office Equipment""' South End Oil Heat Co." The "Spectator"' Speedwell Farms Ice Cream" Star Market' Starlighter' Steye's Doughnut Shop Style Beauty Academy' D. D. Sullivan Funeral Home' Suspiro Brothers' Swan Cleaners' Swidey's Variety Store' Szulewski Funeral Home' Tooley's Doughnut Shop' Valcourt Hardware Co." Vogel's Pharmacy" Vokes Auto Parts VVhite Spa Caterers" Robert A. VVilcox Co.' Fred XYilliam's Dance Studio" Wood's Bakery Yellow Cab Co.' Young's Restaurant PATRONS Antonne Aguiar' Mrs. Maria Arpia' John Barao E. Bertoncini Raymond Biszko"" Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C0i'ay"' Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cordeiro' Rep. Manuel Faria" John F. Farrell' John and Andy Farrissey"' Dr. James Fell Dr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Fournier' Mr. and Mrs. Allen P. Frederick' M. B. Goldin, D.D.S. Jan Kaminski Ed Letendre' Attorney XVilliam F. Long, Jr.' Mr. and Mrs. Antonio R. Luongo' Mr. and Mrs. Julius Manso' Dr. Normanrl O. Paquin' Heating Contractor' Parents of Sister Ann Mary, M.S.B.T.' Raymond V. Pettine Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Steinhof, D.D.S. First Assistant District Attorney Frank N. VVheelock' Mr. Martin VVhite Daniel A. Sullivan' - i- .1- N-6 ff' Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1960 from HONORABLE JOHN M. ARRUDA Mayor of Fall River 1 K' Q Congratulations and Best Wishes to the "Class Of 1960" f-N Q 'Ch V7 THE BRIDE'S SHOPPE "Look for the Bride in Lights" 368 South Main Street WI, Fall River, Mass. NL- at 5' Q '4 fy" WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO Portrait Photographers 132 Boylston Street Boston. Massachusetts Mrs. Camille Johnson, the friendly and gracious representative of the 'Vantine Studio, makes a final check with Patricia Kowalczyk and Frances Moson on the yearbook photographs. Y 5,5 J , ,. -1 I 1 E l ...-4 bl Compliments of ATTY. AND MRS. L. G. BALFOUR CO. GEORGE T. BOLGER 100 Purchase Street Fall River, Massachusetts' GILBANE BUILDING COMPANY General Construction In the future the scene of our school proms will be our new gymnasium. Constructed by Gilbane Company. Here we see pictured one of the last events held in the old gym. -sf Compliments of BRADY ELECTRIC co., INC. THE WEND5 OF THE 1960 MERCYCREST SHERRY CORPORATION "The outdoor asphalt basketball court laid by the Sherry Corp. is a favorite spot on the campus". I A rn "K U J i 0 D . ' - x.. so '. I Us - vv U ' '--, . 'Ol vw'-r QW' . Y iff i p -U . . ,... ' -C' I F- . I ' I I S F - . s I aw' Q 'D T nf'- r' - n a . O4 U o Q w.. 'I 'P Q - 5 0 3 Qui ' uf W 1' ff xii. 3 v V? v vy ' TH u.Sa J C o . I ' I :nl ' '4 o V 4 1 5 ,Q, 5 Q K I ' av. fn , 4 'E3sy,,,, 'VI v I 4 5. .1 -.-PH' Q Q ff x , I , 32, ,V I ' Q, ' lt, xl -H 4 4. f ff 0' J 13'--'J-N125 H.- ,wg f f. ULN? x Hr-,u.J A414 ff- if 11" .. .-..n..-.-..

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Mount St Marys Academy - Mercycrest Yearbook (Fall River, MA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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