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 - Class of 1959

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X l J X, , If f' f' Xf' X IW 1 ff l' l Tfff ff ---' .. W, . i , if ' 115' ' 7,lNx - 1 r 1 'NXXXX X551 1' ' Xu Q f 'HW1 6.1 fl! lplmixm :EQ flir uf. , s,x 6 K .ff X fn, X I f flax?" ff 4 .woo- ff 1 U 1 4- , , f f ' l X J ff X if! X, i l X 5 ,ff ?, ,ff Z 7 V ff 2 I 2 N why F k We X959 presented by the Senior CI MMMMM SAINT MARY ACADEMY 1 MMA siebna sr. Fall River, Massachusetts A WA ar' ,A Conducted by the -A SISTERS of MERCY X X 7775445 THE YCQ5 MEQC sr STA FF DEDXCA NON ADA4fNfS 7794 NON FA CUL TY ACT! V1 T155 ASS DH? MEN SEN! CL ORS 5 521616 of Confents Juli MARGARET WHALON Editorfin-Chief yn r 1 . fmt' A 1- lei! 5 ' , I R 'F mv A 1 T .hff 2 'Q-Q 1 ' A 9 'xt 1 I ,Y A ' - 'f. ....i,.,,1, .wt 2 -1 Q ,Q ' 'wr " Muff 'M , 15' MAUREEN SHEAHAN Business Moncgcr , . ,Qyf 1 X 'x- I ve f- i f fix 'if X ' i F- , if . 'S v""'+-' ' . . ,V -5 5' ' ,4"f'.i t , -, + aff ' if i, J ' DOROTHY OVERBURY Business Monoger nv Mfr CAROL SH EA Assistont Editor vi. 'Wx f' av 4' f 4- ANNE CARR Art Editor MARGARET VELOZO Assistant Editor GERALDINE RODGERS Assistont Editor 'sf I,-,la ,G-In 10' xf- 1' A' , , Qzfwlie JOAN BISHOP Assisfonf Editor MARY BUTLER Sfoff ...Ju ,f -. ali MARY ALICE BARREI RO Staff MURI EL GUY Typlsf PRISCI LLA PACI-IECO Typist E7 MARGARET SILVAN Staff MARGUERITE WILLIAMSON Co-Ednfor MB' Dedication MOTHER MARY MAURICE, R.S.M. Mother General of the Sisters of Mercy Ili D+, --9.-v-4-l"""' 8 Dear I S TIG RS S I U iv' JI In H 1 GE RAL Morweni-:ou E F Graduat east of S ' es of Mo aint Christina unt Saint Mary Academy: With the closing of school in June of 1959 there will close also for you the time of childhood and youth, and there will open the richer period of young womanhood. Dear Girls, knowing the excellent preparation for the duties of womanhood you have ref ceived at Mount Saint Mary Academy, l can, with confidence, say to you with the Psalmist: "Go forth victoriously for faith and for justice, and may thy right hand show thee wondrous deeds."' The next few years are important ones for you. They will be the time of strengthening your convictions of wh ' ' good and of putting into practice the ' ' you have learned at h drous d eeds sta ' at is right principles ome at s are t and of faith and justice , chool, and at church, Truly, won- o be expected of youxnot deeds that nding in the eyes of the world, but d faith in God and in the truth have formed h ' are out- eeds that s of His abits of bespeak your Church, deeds that show you justice and charity toward your fellow man. The influence of woman, for good or for ill i reaching, no matter what her sphere ' ' sure, with the sayin " World." What , s great and far- in life, You are fam'l g, The hand that ro I lar, l Om cks the cradle rules the a serious responsibility is yours as Catholic women to exert a good influence on all around you, to hold high the t of faith and justice that was lighted for you at ' flame has been fed by God's schoolingl lt is orch baptism a grace the nd whose se many years of my prayer that b chosen by G your , y your tru! ' od to coope ' souls. Ma y Christian lives rate with Him in th , you will be e salvation of numerous y God bless you and may Hi the days of your live ' s dear Mot s. her protect you all Mother M. Maurice, R.S.M. Mother General E N PAC SCAT I REQUIEMarch 4, 1959 495711. xpres-5 our sknceve 5 We, We dose, of X959, WKSYX to e gvokkmde to HRS ExceXXency, The Most Reverend Bome L. ComwoXN, DD., DSQH., BAXSYNOQ oi FQXX Rwev, 'for We 'mterest he hos shown Rn us ond our educoikon. TO H. ns Excellency TH E REN EQFNQLLYD J AMEAQOST Is O 1 L D of Fon RQQQDSC-H' r, " -f',.i-'L-"J ,,,.-f' "fir, THE REVEREND EDWARD J GORMAN, S,'l'.B,, A.M. Diocesan superintendent of schools We wish to thank the Reverend Edward J. Gof- man, A.M., for his fire- less supervision of our educational development throughout the years, THE REVEREND PAUL F, McCARRlCK Reverend Paul F. Mc- Carrick, who is the mod- erator of our sodality and the spiritual advisor for all the students at Mount Saint Mary Academy, has been a very special ad- visor to our senior class. Father McCarrick has constantly stressed the aims and ideals which we must attain as we ap- proach womanhood. l-lzs diligence and u n d e r- standing have been and will always be for us o source of inspiration. ir"""'f"' MOTHER MARY CATHERINE, R,S.M., MA. Mother Provincial of the Province of Providence The graduating class of l959 wishes to extend sincerest gratitude to you Mother Mary Catherine, R.S.M., tor your many kindness and for the consideration which you have always shown us. Any success which we may meet in the future will certainly be the result ot the excellent training which we have received tram the Sisters ot Mercy, your spiritual daughters l 2 4, SISTER MARY OLGA R.S.M., M.A. Sister Mary Olga, R.S.M., MS, is presently superior of Mount Saint Mary Convent, Sister is also the head of the science department of our academy. MOTHER MARY ANTONINE, RSM., M.A. Mother Mary Antanine, R.S.M., M.A,, Mother Assistant Provincial, shares a Common bond with as She, too, is a native at Fall River. Formerly a teacher at Holy Family High School, New Bed- ford, and later acting dean of Salve Regina Cal- lege, Mother Mary Antonine now expends her time in the vast administrative work of the Province of Providence, I SISTER NHRY HIUIEIA, ILSM, MA I'lilNl'll'AI, l 2. .f are Speaker at Mercy Conference of Education i S ! i X Administrative Duties To you, Sister Mary Carmela, the Graduating Class of l959 wish to ex- tend their sincerest gratitude tor the ever gracious manner in which you performed your innumerable duties as principal of our Academy. Your can- stant efforts have made our four years ot high school rich and rewarding, We shall strive to carry the ideals which you have instilled in us into our adult lives. We trust that by so doing we can repay you and all the Sisters of Mercy by mirroring at all times the qualities of "Mercy Girls." N0 'G it R, is-f www' X '..4,xx .,.......,f W, - -. ,., .xf W 7" 1' 'K Q0-.P 1 i X V l' X It C' Guidance Interview Checking the Day's Attendance A 1 if Q Sister Mary Adele R SM, M.A. Sister Mary FIOYO R SM., M.A. X Sister Mary Kateri R S M, B Ed N,-,rr Sister Mary Denisito R.S.M., BS Sister Mary Mercy RSM., Bid. X. Sister Mary Irene RSM, M.A, I6 Sister Mary Fidelis RS M., A.B. Sister Mary Julian RSM., BS Sister Marie RSM. Sister Mary Olga RSM., MS 'V . ,.,,. .X , V 'imkzr .KW 'US . ws M f "'?Nuv-v.. , wg . X 5 7 'ly " ' Es f 'X I Miss Ruth Leary BA, M.Ed. G7 Mrs. Edward Sweeney RN. Sister Mary Rose RSM., MA. fin,- 'N Sister Mary Stanislaus RS M. 04" Mr. Arthur Paquette B Mus. I7 Sister Mary Verona RSM., MA. li. 4,59 Mrs. Windsor T. Sturtiyant AB. Att. Wm. B. Sullivan LL B To the Senior Class of Mount Saint Mary Academy this l959 Mercycrest is more than just a yearbookg it is a summary of four happy and eventful years in our lives. Though four years may seem a relatively short period of time, these high school years have been extremely important to us. These years mark the end of a formative chapter of our lives and the beginning of our adult lives as young Catholic women. Our education at Mount Saint Mary Academy has taught us not only the basic principles of science and education but more important the fundamental truths of our religion and the basic principles of morality. We certainly owe a debt of gratitude to our wonderful faculty who through their tireless efforts have helped us across the thresh- hold from childhood to womanhood, Though we will never be able to fully repay our exemplary teachers for the priceless training which they have given us, we can attempt to repay them in some small way by applying this Catholic training in our daily lives. ln the remaining sections of this yearbook we Seniors will attempt to show how the spiritual, intellectual, physical and social training which we have received at Mount Saint Mary Acaderrgy will help us lead through Christ a richer and fuller life. 1 JV MN If w f E xy X fm "WW I ' 25.53 X12-.-1 7Qyi3ii K 'Ulf X f fyf X .ff I X JL ff Amvifig E Soclality The Sodality is an organization which aims to . Q Harrington lead the daily rosary at 2:l5 pm. foster in its members a deeper love of Christ and ...J His Blessed Mother. The sodalists pledge them- ,aj selves to perform certain daily spiritual duties and are ready at all times to help their neighbor in the spirit of Christian charity. N ixhx Slilif Fll909VCl Frances Thomas, Barbara Botelho and Patricia Sodalist Margaret Wrobleski crowns the statue in the ceremony dedicating the Junior Prom to Our Blessed Mother. i Summer School of Catholic Ac- tion was attended by Sister Mary Denisita, R.S.M. with Judith MC- Knight. Teresa Silva, Carmen Mo- ran, and Maureen Sheahan. The Rev. Joseph Boland, S.J., an in- structor at the SSCA, poses with the Mount group. i, T K ,S . ' 5 5451 l Q -r Q5 t if 1- , 1 8 i ' if "X . - E I- C 2 059- kwru, 'r,.- 3, ,P-v in is . ' X ri "- -"" QW l N The Sodality includes these girls who have made their Act of Consecration: C. Pelletier, J. Rzasa, E, McCormick, K. Moore, Joanne Rzesel Denise Rounds end Joon Mn- C. Howarth, C. Harrington, D. Rounds, H. Silvia, K. Donovan, E. CO,-nbef fake pn,-f in the Oposfolofe- These girls Urban, S. Lachance, J. Macomber, T. Murphy, L. Basinger, C. dgily Se,-Vice our Snack Bef, Perry, E. Kitchen, G. Joseph, C. Gleeson and M, Paquet. 2 -' iff: Sodality officers plan their week- ly meeting. Prefect, Judith Mc- , , Knight is assisted by Vice-Pre- ' fect, Maureen Sheahan, Secretary, XZ, Marguerite Williamson and Treas- A urer Teresa Silva. Sister Mary Flora, R.S.M.,M.A., is moderator of the Debate Club. Debating Carman Moran, Marilyn Kennedy and Mary Butler check the reference section for necessary facts. ,, . +4-fs l Attorney William B. Sullivan, L.L.B. is the Debate Club's coach. The Forensic Club of Mt. St, Mary Academy has for its pur- pose to train students in the way of correct thinking, clear articulation and forceful pres- entation of facts. The officers of the debating club include Frances Moson, Margaret Griffin, Marilyn Kennedy and Mary Butler. is. Elaine Turcotte seems to have an appreciative l audience before her. Margaret Griffin, Ann Mis, Frances Moson stage a mock debate in preparation for participation in the Narragansett League. Frances Moson and Judith Pereira check the Readers' Guide for recent articles. Q . - A .. qs- 9 1 R Q Q' , , Bs - f-wf . ,y P fr' O . V V ' ' A 7 cr .1 2' f 1: .. s ew 4 l i' r T ' Q' I C . . I f' 'mfmvfmvf ' . , . ,. C :S fr P- P- 1: .4 1: R Ksi Q. . . ' ,N gk is i ' X . 'X 153- Q. Q 'd 'Y if 1- . ,M -ff Y - f A X r Q X , . x , . s ., ., gi i Row 1: N. Alfonso, J. Aucloir, C. Bobiorz, M. Bobiorz. Row 2: E. Boiocchi, P. Boptisto, M. A. Borreiro, L. Bosinger. Row 3: G. Bond, B. Botelho, E. Block, B. Broney. Row 4: N. Brennon, M. Brown, J. Byron, M. A. Christenson. Bottom, Row 'l: C. Chrupcolo, P. Collins, N. Cordeiro, A. M. Cosfo. Row 2: M. Costo, K. Donovon, M. Doucef, S. Fennessey. Row 3: C. Ferris, C. Franco, J, Gollond, J. Gillet. Row 4: C. Groce, S. Heywood, C. Howorfh, A, Jewell. Mt. St. Mory Acodemy Glee Club under the unsurpassed leodership of Sister Mory Go- ff, briello, R.S.M. F.T.C.L. hos giv- 'l en much musicol joy to the school ond the community C L since its conception. Eoch yeor it hos porticipoted in the South- eostern Mosscichusetts Music Festivol where it hos received on onnuol superior roting. Cwlee Club officers ore Morgoret Velozo, Rochelle Bouchord ond Judith McKnight. 3 45 . .5 0 Txr Ap 'T C: :J ' 'X - '4 ,l 1 f- C , J. 4 ,, .4 . fs I 'i W -1. Q N I N Q N l " l I Q I-C I- , ,A ' 17 3' -f ix "? 51 X . LW . 1 . . K 'Kr' - 1 'K V ' f A fi' I I 'I' -r' f W ' . 'Huw .. 'rf' :- i , . M 1 .. , t I V X bf ' ' Fx 4 . 'l-F 1 ' YY v 1 ll? P Y 1 W I U I l I . I- :- I " " I 'ti ' A H , , is 5' 1 ff N V I ' " P L l' . s - X tk ik' i. Q X ai. 0 ,eh il , ' mr . I Q 'K l W A A Row 'l: M. Kanauss, S. Lachance, E. Lima, E. McCormick, J. McTague, J. McKnight. Row 2: A. Mis, J. Magill, K. Magriby, J. Majkut, J. Manville, C. Martin. Row 3: J. Medeiros, P. Michaud, F. Moson, P. Murphy, B. Nikinas, J. Ouellette. Row 4: P. Pacheco, M. Paquet, E. Pereira, J. Pereira, A. Perry, D. Perry. Bottom, Row 1: L. Perry, V. Polka, M. Pomfret, B. Porta, J. Porta, M. Powell. Row 2: J. Prayzner, P. Reagan, M. Redmond, S. Rzasa, J. Rzasa, N. Smith. Row 3: C, Storch, C. Thibault, E. Turcotte, M. A. Velho, M. Velozo, A. Velozo. Row 4: C. Walsh, M. L. Walsh, M. Whalon, M. Wheatly, J. Winiarski, R. Bouchard. 495 5 EE UB Sister Mary Gabriella, R.S.M., F.T.C.L., is pictured here with the soloists, Rachelle Bou Chard, Nancy Cordeiro and Margaret Kanauss. f l I. V X ,, we -. 7 4 1 N i. . ,C ., F '.. 'K - F' v 1 if . Z! A . .L Q. N 1 3? - uv ff 7 ... -ft If 3, Vx ,Y ' 1 t V B U . .C - J- if sr f ' ai .s - ax . - S 'Q "' ,.. fn ' "'H r- WN. 45 -qs do qs 1: 6. 'X Y -f P' . A 'A A 'Q' N N-. , C , A ' I . I I Q 4 Q-Q l 1 1 X M- Willi0mS0Y1, T- Silva, J- 555509, M. Ken- M. Souza, K. Moore, S. Lauvreanno, S. Hag- nedv- L- SllV0"1, G- R0dQ9fS, G- JOSEPH M- Butler, gerty, K. Gooley, J. Lynn, C. Lord, C. Harring- K. Carvalho, E. Connors. 'iw' Mr. Arthur Paquette, B. Mus., director of Mt. St. Mary Orchestra. The Mercian Melody Makers, o popular seg- ment of our orchestra prepares to charm its audience with its rendition of "Tea for Two." ton, M. Griffin, J. Fernandes. Mount Saint Mary Academy's excellent orchestra is under the direction of Sister Mary Verona, RSM., A.M., and Mr. Arthur Paquette, B.Mus,, there are thirty-eight experienced members and several Freshmen and sophomores who are learn- ing to play the instruments. The orchestra entertains at the annual Christmas Concert in conjunction with the Glee Club. In the spring, the orchestra has its own concert for the en- joyment of the public. During the course of the year, many civic and religious organizations request the Mt. St. Mary orchestra to provide entertainment. During the years in which our orchestra has participated in the Southeastern Massachusetts Music Festival, it has always received superior rating. K i l i l -A-J 'S 'l i ". qu v I 5 l Ll M. L. Pacheco, M. L. Galvin. P. Carey, M. Sheahan, J. LaPointe, N. Pendrake, P. Kowalczyk, M. Silvan, -Q Sister Mary Ve- rona, R.S.M., A.M., director and modera- tor of Mount Saint Mary Academy Or- chestrc. Meet the senior members of the orchestra. Fifteern girls wil'l be missing from the ranks next September. We arc! sorry to see them go. We hope they will continue their liking for good music. 3 In 1:2 V 1 I I 331154 M. Wrobleski, T. Lambert, J. Perry, C. Gleeson, B. Leach, D. Overbury, L, Boulay, P. Hicks, R. Kearns. These officers are responsible for much that goes on behind the scenes. D. Overbury, M. Silvan, M. Butler, J. Bishop, P. Carey and M. Kennedy arrange themselves attractively on the stairway of McAuley Hall. ll' I SKS I N' 30 Magdalene Costa and Judith Mc- Knight invite Helen Silvia and Cecile Perry to ride into space to catch the first issue of the MERCIAN. ,pusy W f Kyxtblo Helen Silvia and Barbara Braney give instructions on business behind the launch- ing of the MERCIAN to Barbara Nikinas, Pauline Rzasa and Joyce Hague. -1,0 Ve' .QKOJKEZK koxgetd . 0 'oe 0651 XSOQ ,HKXQCQQCXX 9 0 ,wi Qgclfooa - Q 'logs fb 500 -65. ww xo ofsl efx 00? Soo o pts X 0 Q10 et: Q W' Q00 1' 9600 W ge QX . S XO WOQ XYWOVS P t V09 09 ,-, 'Kale O Q ll' 'xc x ,jo s 0 you Magdalene Costa supervises Judith Pe- reira, Louise Bouloy and Elaine Dempsey as they prepare copy for their outer space newspaper. 26 l Q Gt' if Joanne Medeiros Editor-in-Chief , mn, ll lei '35 A X Mo ri lyn Kennedy co-editor J mb fs W of Dr 0,106 eporor 'fgehh ,017 SD S f QC Or 6 f ,ASQ 'be e0o'ers Ae 91190, ,Dyck OUI7 6 '77 Chl. Go '79 l i R Joyce Riley poses for Po- tricio Hicks os they discuss their columns on interplonotory foshions ond movies. The first copy of the MERCIAN has arrived Its nosecone intact is filled with voluoble news. xy, XP' QQ 4 93' 0' 27 9 Marguerite Williamson as Mrs. Baynard speaks with her patient husband. .3 ,V Qwli f f FT A , 4 ' , J i T , f ",:igqi' A, . Q ggi , C 5. , QB if K 5 3 i if E 4 x ' C l .J-"'.'Lf'mt. , '53 ' is M 1 I' f , s vi 2" ,. l Y 'r 4 z S i . Q . exif -hezgd,ggg,..-.X ff-,,,c.s-1' if-kg . ' Y X i f Q ,Effie .- Y' "tg-w Q H T A f 'fimfghii 5 -r WWE t?,1,Af,-,,, "' 5' y Barbara Faris admires the work of artist Mary Butler. Judith McKnight as an eccentric elderly spinster airs her views to Mar- guerite Williamson. ,-I Shepherds and the Angel Choirs herald the birth of Christ. Dramaii The Marymounters, Mt. St. Mary Academy Dramatic Club, encourages C its members to participate in dramatic presentations which includes the an- nual Christmas Cantata, one full length play and two or three one act plays. Here the pages of MERCY- CREST are turned over to the hit of the l957-l958 season when the present seniors starred in "Oh, Father." 1-' " J ' .. . . - , 11 ' A XV.-'15 , I I N4 x -,Wg 1 F' ig, ,. if T3 , A ' ii gf 4 .1 lil' 1 The Manger Scene with the Holy Family, choirs of angels and shepherds climax the Cantata. Cluli Poor Mother CMarguerite Williamson? is hav- ing trouble with her daughters, Maureen Sheahan, Judith Rodriques and Mary Butler. Teresa Silva lthe maid! gazes intently at Judith Rodriques' trousseau while Barbara Faris and Mary Butler enjoy their own reactions. The annual Christmas Cantata has be- come a tradition here at Mt. St. Mory's. Each year the orchestra, glee club and dra- matic club join in an inspiring presentation in honor ofthe Birth of Christ. We are anx- iously awaiting our new auditorium with its spacious stage in order to add to the pag- eantry and splender of this yearly event. Georgia Joseph stole more than one scene with characterization of the maiden aunt. tw M-get .' " ,. 1 Z-'Fifi' 1 2 2 , "ff ' ff as it rv, 1 ' :A+ -1- ' 'i Z? lm M, i Y' 1' ' F fi". . Yrfu 7 6 V iq? ful . L. J 13? iz f an J , 1 ,A , X 1 ,Q k -,Q l ph - 'xc' . f " L K - I It 4 cz,-32 .ir ilu-Hn The sidelines make an interesting shot. How many different expressions can you find? Physical exercise, team work, fair play and quick thinking characterize our athletic program. Miss Marjorie Nunes instructs the Mount girls in basket- ball. They learn to win by hard work and to lose through good sportsmanship. ol Grace looks on helplessly as Durfee Three against one, but we have no fear when Carol Adam is the one! Ann Carr reaches high. Will it be a basket? Gail Faris is caught in a neat action shot Such grace would We think our cheerleaders are filled with spirit and youthful zest. Please note their outfits design- ed by Senior Anne Carr. Nancy Smith centers the front row with Gloria St. Amour and Patricia Medei- ros on her left. Joyce Hague and Louise Boulay are to her right. ln the back row are Patricia Reagan, Joan Bishop, Muriel Guy, Ann Bagley, Geraldine Rodgers and Ann Mis. Margaret Velozo '59g Andrea Velozo, '61 Patricia Carey '59g Barbara Carey '62 Sisi e rs Sweetness comes in twos and threes at Mt. St. Mary's. Here Mary Lou Babiarz '6lg and Cas- we proudly present our Sister Sondra Bobiorz 162 students. Geraldine Shea '6lg Carol Shea '59 Patricia Voyles '62g Barbara Voyles 'ol with Constance Roy '6Og Alice Roy '61 Carol Durfee 62, Barbara Durfee '6l. Cecile Perry '59g Louise Perry '6l. 4 41. Ba rba ra Arrudo Jeanne ruda 59 Jacqueline Porta, '59g Barbara Porta '60 Madeline Gonsalves '62' Maria Gonsalves '6l Anne Marie Jones '62g Mary Lou Jones '62 with Patricia McKane '6Og Eleanor McKane, '62. Pauline Rzasa '6Og Joanne '60 and Susan Rzasa, '62 33 Linda Silvan 6l Margaret Silvan 59 Barbara Murphy '62g Janice Murphy '6l 2 I W E A 7 1 Ks Margaret Wl'1OlOF1 Geraldine Rodgers Anne Carr Dorothy Overbury Carol Shea Marguerite Williamson .ai 1 , -- ,J A' Margaret Whalon, Dorothy Overbury ond Marguerite William- son study a major problem with the assistance of magazine lay- outs The entire Mercycrest staff is seriously engrossed in yearbook consideration -i everything in life-ond in a yeorboc' .loan Bishop, Mary Alice Barreiro, Anne Carr and Margaret Velozo prefer the .1 111 ' U i QQ l'l'll11k f X A Y X Kg XX X XFX gif gk "i 'Sf' J-X xx I Y , 'Ky I . i I 'J . , ,, " ' 7 4 e- 'Sn 'fi ,nr Q AZT ., 'f -J GW Z? as . , ' -A . N . , Y ' .. ,Q r. ,f j I r K x., Wx -., F in I ll llllll j f . L . Q L V in ' , ff 1,14 , i f ' H a ':' sr' ':- .1 - " 4 vw, U .X y ,Q , ' .2 A , pt , Q.. , - .ess , - f t U lll. lb P . IIA ll rs.. is M in ' x v v ,.':: if if cw .4 - .2 x , P . N l x , L V I A -K '7nu'li5,l , ' , K 'Tri A' 'tr :F lv! .4 I 7 .x 4 . 'T Is 'QQ s '-TP' 0. 1 ' ' . X A -. ul X' ' 1' P N l I X 4' N g I . 523K fig fffy , -Ni it , ,X , ' ,ii " , W sf. it it 6? " 1 1 K fr PM It :X KV ja' 9 ,v ' ,, 'si -as ' - . I ' C W N - ' I' V K " I . l K D fn ,, I Row 1: Kathaleen Marie Aguiar, Rosemarie Alvanas, Pauline Alves, Joan E. Ashworth, Jean Victoria Auclair, Cassandra Babiarz, Patricia Baptista, Carol Barselou, Eileen Black. Row 2: Patricia Botelho, Mary Brum, Margaret Buba, Shirley Cam- bra, Adele Campbell, Barbara Carey, Karen J. Carreira, Kathryn Carvalho, Cecile P. Chenard. Row 3: Patricia Ann Collins, Judith Correia, Carolyn Cote, Arlene Crawford, Ernes- Linda Dopart. Row 4: Mary Duquette, Carol Durfee, Carol Fair- hurst, Elisa Farinha, Sharon Fennessey, Cynthia Ferris, Angela Foley, Cynthia Franco, Kathleen Gifford. Row 5: Madeline Gonsalves, Patricia Gwaltney, Muriel Hague, Judith Hart, Eileen Hashberger, Dorothy Hathaway, Barbara Hebert, Vir- ginia Heffernan, Geraldine Holleron. Row 6: Joyce Hurley, Mary Huszcza, Patricia Johnson, Anne Marie Jones, Mary Lou tine Czewinski, Karen Daley, Roseanne Davis, Joan Desrosiers, Jones, Maureen l-Clbedil, Lindo LOVUG, JOYCQ l-9 Vol' - gt 7 ass 62 iw il l If l ' Rosemarie Alvanas amuses her A Sister officers, Phyllis Marceau, 3 lg: '4 ley. "::'? Claudette Pelletier, Joyce Le Val- K valho pose in front of Our Lady of Mercy with Cheryll Martin and Cynthia Franco, Kathryn Car- QW Mary Brum. ,- M l I QT - ing 0' o- 4 Us ,Q , f ' X S. Q 3, .. 'V T xx N3 1 ' X P' ' " 4' Cx 'V 0 1 J 1 g C' 'ax an li k i . L I .-l 1 f f ' e fu- K N- -P :Twp 'Q f. . ' 'ig ,gp , , , X I . A 7 l . x 2 ' f if " t' 'i' l l K ll I A 15 'N 'gs-N at ,f Q 8 "',"'g 5 Q nk' I ,,. 1. K X ,A-t .I I x , f f 7 ' l WK 5 " 61 ' A.. .. f: 6: , , 'fs , -Q 1 p. ge 5 fx fr' q. as n . nj get 'ii -Q- ' , 4 is iv' X' 'C 4 wht A Q , it - of if fly, 'f -1 Ji - e in 5' 5. K l L lhi T L' L Row 1: Eileen Levesque, Frances Lima, Theresa Lowney, Phyllis Marceau, Cheryl Martin, Paula Martin, Geraldine Mat- thews, Corinne McAndrew, Constance McCarthy. Row 2: Ann McDonald, Janice McGillick, Colleen McGuill, Eleanor Mc- Kane, Joan McMillan, Carolyn Medeiros, Elaine Medeiros, Irene Medeiros, Margaret Medeiros. Row 3: Beverly Mello, Christina Miranda, Gloria Monast, Priscilla Moss, Barbara , ,tri .'3 .1 ,, li 5 Margaret Buba has the atten- 'i tion of Priscilla Moss, Beverly l l i t F Class of '62 T Mello and Geraldine Holleran. Murphy, Mary Murphy, Patricia Murphy, Sharon Murphy, Gail O'Donnell. Row 4: Janet O'Donnell, Anita Ouellette, Mary Ouellette, Claudette Pelletier, Eleanor Pereira, Andrea Perry, Pauline Pineau, Elaine Pontes, Carolyn Prezalar. Row 5: Pa- tricia Proulx, Phyllis Pytel, Elvina Reis, Carol Riley, Margaret Mary Riley. Row 6: Julianne Rondeau, Carla Rudyk, Dorothy Ruggiero, Suzanne Rzasa, Catherine Springer, Kathleen Stan- ko, Lorraine St, Onge, Paula Tavares, Nancy Lea Taylor, Claire Thibault, Mary A. Velho, Arlene Verville, Patricia Voyles. Freshmen are introduced to the convent chapel soon after their arrival. September, l958 welcomed one hundred eleven freshmen who form the class of l962. They soon fitted into the routine of high school life. ln addition to the usual subjects studied by all classical and college preparatory students, these fresh- men studied general science in preparation for more advanced science in later years. Commercial students prepared for their special- ized subjects by being well ground- ed in English, algebra, world his- tory and general science. Many freshmen from both divisions bene- fited by the Reading Development General science experiment interests Muriel Hague, Con- stance McCarthy, Judith Hart and Carolyn Cote. Xlf l r . , x , X X f . I , X f . Y I 5 X- off . i - ", ' J! lf f X f I' j I l 1 ,i i, , ft If N fky - ,ii ,4- Program. Christina Miranda, Linda Dopart and Dorothy Hathaway use the library re- sources for one of their frequent assign- ments. , , 4Nf2Xl f , f liN'! 1 V '.t,x f E xXX'ff . , 1 lt .., X-iX',A1i L xX'l.g in f -fgxtt ll,-f vyl - X ig X if Qx 1' . X x - 1 I ' 1 F l ' x ' ' f v l I X X f ' I . I l Q W I 4 , , . 5 , ' ll 1 ISL ik ISS 11 z lit 11 CH If L I1 'E' -JI X . lr' , N! Kr' ,-V X Z Nhfk ., r 1' N7'x""C', JK' A f ' . 'JK ' . - I X X' 1 X I I , X I p I K x '- ., y . - 1" ,M' X . .L X V x Nl xfx, Jf If x f' , 11 X. X I f - 4' xx fx f , , X tr ,X f , X r, ' Here are severol at J Q ' A' our freshmen who line X , ' 'X X' f . X up for inspection at the .X' 'x main entrance of the acad- emy, L. Lorue, E. Czewinski E. Reise, J. Ashworth, C. McAn- drew, J. MacMillan, J. Rondeau, M. Lobecku. NX,-MY-Aw X bg, t l 'X . v- f , - ' ""' 'J "Y 'A 1- ' x NH " I fx J' ' I 1 X -'-s ! f n Y, x, - , ' Y ' N ' J . ' r wx' X X' - rf ' If ' x 2, ,F r- X X ' .-1 K V, lx f ,t- Patricia Proulx, lx- X' - . r . 7, 1 X Q Elarne Pontes, Joan Q, J X- 7 Desrosiers and Shirley fx J X ' Cambra prepare Gur Lady's 1 I ' - . . Jr " shrune In theur homeroom. P - I N 1 I i .y. H' " H 1 x ' 1 Freshmen orchestra members are the hope of the future. S. M. Verona expects great things from them. S. Murphy, P. Martin, C. Mc- Guill, D. Ruggeiro, C. Rudyk, E. MCKane, P. Johnson, B. Carey, P. Moss, K. Gifford, D. Hoth- away, P. Tavares. 0: ds 'Q 2 :X gl gl 'JT' CT 'T T' -vs 3'- ' A 'T'l 2 by .1 T T , N X w X. fr' no JT' ,' T' - - . 31 Q I ' X I K , W. L K K K G K 1 .ga Ni A v 'N at 'X 'x"P'T .X N Xml I ' ,Ml 1, J ,jf if kr. T 4, 'Q - fvxtf' A: 3' - 7 gg- fs fx 5 10" Q S- vs Y X 4-tvs Wd, Wd' J K' 4 if 5 R. G ' I l JL K ll L K I 5. B 5. an K fx ...J , U ,M A ' r' J 4' I "' , 'Valk' Row 1: Nathalie Afonso, Judith Aguiar, Patricia Antaya, Barbara Arruda, Maureen Arruda, Mary Babiarz, Lynne Basinger, Lydia Beben, Muriel Blais. Row 2: Grace Bond, Janet Bouchard, Maureen Breault, Marlene Brown, Annette Bruneau, Madeline Camara, Frances Carrolton, Mary Christenson, Carol Chrupcala. Row 3: Nancy Considine, Veronica Corboy, Eleanor Correia, Lillian Correia, Marguerite Costa, Mary Doucet, Barbara Durfee, Ruth Faris, Jacqueline Fernandes. Row 4: Dolores Gadoury, Jeanne Galland, Mary Galvin, Clara Gibbons, Joanna Gtllett, Maria Gonsalves, Kathleen Gooley, Judith Gorman, Maureen Griffin. Class of '61 The four sophomore offi- cers from Room 5 arrange themselves comfortably on the convent steps. They are Janice Lapointe, Sheila Hag- gerty, Grace Bond and Carol Chrupcala. Delores Gadoury, Barbara Arruda and Beverly Leach proves to be very popular Nancy Pendrake listen to Eleanor Wise with at the moment. Theresa Lambert, Diane interest. These four girls are class officers Perry and Lynn Basinger reach out ready from Room 6, hands for that green paper. Room lO must 40 have a bank attached to it. LIL! L L J' lsjl. lk l L f!ILi'L 7: ivy I: ii T 1, We 2 ,H ' 1 7 5' 1 ve ,L 7 af 'T 5' V x ,i - L L . I Q, . . A N. Y Q Y 4 I i Q Q r 1 5 3 Pnl.. Luk L LMJL.t V '25 P 1 r' Q if x In r X ' A A 1 'Te ,,. 'P 62 .:. ,A 7 f 2- if 'P rr 'C F 1: so . 1WV f w, ,M , Q L, . c: Q1 w Q "A 4 rf W li? Qi 'P 1,- t vgux' ,rl 4- J' .1 ll J J J I L X J L L L L. 'W y , -fe ' 'jf -at , at .i Q-Q -S' ,mf . .3 ,e Y 1- 4 X , S X A . X wk .f r B 'J K L L I Jw, K1 H N .elk hi Row 'l: Sheila Haggerty, Cornelia Harrington, Joyce Ha rt, Shirley Heywood, Carolyn Howarth, Anne Jewell, Joan Konarski, Suzanne La Chance, Theresa Lambert. Row 2: Cynthia Lanzisera, Janice Lapointe, Sylvia Laureanno, Beverly Leach, Pauline Le Page, Jane Lynn, Joan Majkut. Row 3. Eileen McCormack, Margaret Mc- Hugh, Paulette Michaud, Roberta Mithers, Kathleen Moore, Claudette Marrissette, Janice Murphy, Maureen Murphy, Jean Niedbola, Helen Oliviera, Patricia Oliviera. Row 4: Janet Ouellette, Michele Paquet, Annette Patenaude, Patricia Patten, Nancy Pendrake, Diane Perry, Louise Perry, Irene Pietraszek, Sheila Pirnental. Row 5: Shirley Pimenrhal, Michele Pomfret, Marilyn Ponfes, Martha Powell, Mary Powers, Maureen Powers, Judith Prendergost, Carole Ratcliffe, Marilyn Redmond, Raw 6: Mary Roberts, Alice Roy, Elizabeth Sears, Geraldine Shea, Linda Silvan, Margaret Souza, Nancy Souza, Nancy Turner, Andrea Velozo. Row 7: Barbara Voyles, Catherine Walsh, Mary Walsh, Mary Wheatley, FranceS Wbitty, .loan Winiarskl. 4l The sophomore class can boast the second highest enrollment. They are also entertaining fond hopes of being the first class to graduate from the NEW Mt. St. Mary's. Bi- ology and geometry as well as Busi- ness Arithmetic and languages are the new subjects these ambitious students are pursuing this year. Y 1 ., M vga ..'i-..:'ji W nf- fx IZ-5' Carol Ratcliffe, Roberta Mithers and Clara Gibbons Stay abreast of current events through news maga- zine and maps. sy l9 Whethclr it's "si, si": or oui, oui", these sophs take .s ,. wi il it a last minute look before test time at their French and Spanish books. Sheila Pimental, Maureen Powers, Joan Konarski, Shirley Pi- mental and Mary Beth Rob- erts are the anxious ones. Homeroom 6 members so engrossed in their religion Class that they did not even know the camera mon come to call. ol Judith Gorman prefers to work alone, but Pauline Le Page and Madeline Camara feel there is more chance at a correct solution if two heads are involved. Frances Whitty waits patiently for the answer. S. M. Fidelis with Mar- guerite Costa, Lydia Beben, Maureen Murphy and Nancy Considine try their' skill at the experiment that won on award at last year's Diocesan Science Fair. Here we have the Sophomore mu- sicians, Maureen Breault, Linda Sil- van, Annette Patenaude, Barbara Durfee and Patricia Patten readv ff render good music. X obdx 5 'LO 'xt 5 , Te we O0 foxffeo l C, . 'Y 609 ' fx Q . as fx fa ve ev 2 2' I mai' T wt, Q - """" , J J -1 ' 6 'IKI' X. .1 K 'N AP- :X T if Q, C, Q we - X A H 1 - l J ' Rx. AP 1 " tfflji GL' F' f. 'N C Q' Q X ' S. x M' Y M r I s xr. l . r ' , " f Y 1 f 1 L L Jx f X C 1 1 Q C J K ls. ' lf, Q' L 4 ' ': , bl. Y Adam, Carol Arruda, Maureen Bagley, Ann Barocchr, Ellzabeth Berube, Carolyn Botelho, Barbara Baulay, Louise Brennan, Natalle Byron, Jeanne Carnara, Brenda Carcleiro, Nancy Costa, Jeannette Costa, Margaret Davls, Joan Dempsey, Elaune Dennas, Paula Doyle, Colleen Drewniak, Carolyn Fans, Gaul Fraln, Kathleen Frederick, Anna Gagnuer, Claudette Garruty, Maureen Grace, Carole Grandmont, Louise Grutfln, Margaret Hagne, Joyce Harrmgton, Patricia Kanauss, Margaret Kearns, Rosemary Kitchen, Etleen Kowalczyk, Patrucna Lapolnte, Rose Llzotte, Carol Ann Luongo, Ellzabeth Macornber, Joan Magull, Janet Magnby, Kathryn and A. Mis plan sales campaign for 89,16 60 X- M 'F ,J lv, Annual Chocolate Drive. O nf, Sf Marols, Lllluan McCorm1ck, Carol McHugh, Consuelo McKane, Patricia McRae, Joyce McTague, Carol Medeuros, Anita Medeiros, Patrlcna Mus, Ann Moson, Frances Murphy, Maureen Nlknnas, Barbara Pacheco, Mary Lou Pereira, Judufh Perry, Charlotte Perry, Jacauelune Plummer, Barbara Polka, Valerae Porta, Barbara Prayzner, Janice Reagan, Pafrlcua Rens, Barbara Roony, Margaret Rounds, Denise Ray, Constance Rzasa, Joanne Rzasa, Paulnnc Seoanlk, Barbara Starch, Carol Thomas, Frances Thomas, Vnynen Turcofte, Elaine Urban, Elaine Vasconselles, Patrucla Vogel, Ann Marne Worthungfon, Nancy Wrobleskl, Marxlyn Zlelunske, Ann 1 'L O1- 1,0715 foo? A 'E wqls . 3' X T' HJ AN . 1-2 Q, 1' K W II 1 1 Q xl x K k -JL J H it 'ra' A i T? fr: fav- cr , ' Q ' N 1 ' til QS rs. lk I 'R f L I up ' D 9 ' ' 2 ' ' l IL lk ' 1. K 'Q if 3? C: ' , 4. ,. ',' ll rp, ix 2 ff -.5 l C 2, 'li i' as 1 C 4 L . n ln . ' . :Q S,x19 V s 1 Q xl 1 ' ' """ 'fi 1 1' Q ' 2 'A ' v hh. L T :. N ? 1- A v- C. ,B Z1 Our Junior class is seventy-seven members strong. This is the year the students begin to specialize. Typing and stenography intrigue the Com- mercial students while chemistry and advanced Latin hold the interest of the college preparatory. The social highlights of the year are the Junior Prom and the impressive ring cere- mony held in our beautiful chapel. ,, 5 mg Fe' 1, D. Busse, J. Davis and C. Perry are the future secretaries of tomorrow. Here they practice correct office pro- cedure. Latin jokes are certainly amusing to thesew Latin lll students. 4? :KL pl" QTTTQQ--i Five little Juniors sit on o wall enjoying the noon I Scientific history is made bv chem' ists J Macrae, E. Dempsey and C. lunch hou r. ' Drewniak. 1' f' 545' fix-X V X4 l Sli a" 515 pe 's P9 in if ii!! QZE3 568412 'H B "J 2 liiil ,BC Mah ,.....,Y.-.-..4g.. the camera on the steps of the Mount. Q J' - A 5. ig ? , Y . lfwfwil' sf- , Stenography commands the attention of the commercial students. Barbara Botelho explains a com- plicated problem to her classmates. s x . Q, .. fr'-QS? .-f 'X ,C 7' sv. ,f-. n is K' 1 WX it 3 f 4 X mg 11 tv lfvfztt. Several of the third year students pose fort Junior students are engrossed in their typing class. Sister Marie and Sis- ter Mary Irene enjoy a game of Scrabble to- gether at recreation per- iod. Meet Qui' We have enjoyed snapping the faculty in these informal poses. Through t h e various scenes depicted here, we 1' flip SE' ' f,,-f L J F, 5' ir Sister Mary Verona and Sister Mary Fidelis plan a lesson for their classes. Sister Mary Stanislaus prays daily for the spiritual and material good of our school. , 5, af! Sister Mary Denisita, Sister Mary Flora, and Sister Mary i. gaculiy see our theme. "Through Christ to a Richer and Fuller Life" exemplified in their lives. Julian stroll to class on an autumn day. rl ll 1 i la l ww: Sister Mary Rose, Sister Mary Olga, and Sister Mary Carmelo study the plans for our new school. 'seat 526355 . ,,..E"' Mrs. Vtlindsor Sturte- vant leaves school after a busy, profitable day. l , Elena 48 3425256 ii fi? Mimi w'iZZ'f .jg K '3 Sister Mary Mercy and Sis- ter Mary Kateri say good-bye to Mt. St. Mary's as they leave for summer study. 1 oils '17 Margaret Ellen Whalon Mary Joanne Medeiros Q7 Jr Of 1 Dorothy Ruth Overbu ry wk. Margaret Rose Silvan Theresa Marguerite Murphy My A6 vu?- J' S fzfqfebfs -Hi., 'wr Marguerite Elaine Williamson Marilyn Ann Kennedy Q W 1 I JI! - A 1 Q- 4 1 p 1 5 , - , WWII J ,nf sr , ..+ X ' 3 'V W1 -XJ ,. ,, , .. 3,7-f,X,1,4, rf Wm Q h ' , J l1,w..,ly:? vi zifsipbinxmw f ' 21-'ww w'w:.m 4 Z f N Q W OUR SENIOR X lA OFF CEI? A I i. f 7' i Mogdeline ond Dorothy with Joonne ond Morguerite look over the winning bollet which mode them the Ieoders of the closs of I959. PRESIDENT .. . JOANNE MEDEIROS VICE PRESIDENT DOROTHY OVERBURY SECRETARY MARGUERITE WILLIAMSON TREASURER . . MAGDALENE COSTA TLV . f I Q TX f ' -0 To E Z I f 5 0 ,' 5 f' v 6 2 6 fp" - I S ' ' 0 ij I ' X C , .Q .X 5 'a'6 1 go 1.0 oo 21. 'Z JEANNE ANN ARRUDA Sodality l Commercial Club 3 MERCIAN Typist 4 "Jeanie" Curly hair . , . liked by all . . , always willing to help f'Great thoughts come from the heart." 'ii 139 ELIZABETH ANN ARIEL Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club 3 Bowling 3, 4 Athletic Association 3 "Liz" Teeth of pearl . . . reading enthusiast "Better to have the poet's heart than braing feeling than song." BEVERLY RINA AVERICH Dramatic Club l Secretary l Commercial Club l llaevll Exotic looking A . . funloving , . . true to her friends "And good luck go with thee." The autumnal setting makes a picturesque scene for outdoor bowling as Jeanne, Betty, and Beverly try their skill. Carol is hoping she will receive as many letters as she is mailing. Mary Alice and Joan smile encouragingly as they share one letter between them. , , A They cannot hope for much return from their contribution. f MARY ALICE BARREIRO , Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4 'C A Sodality l, 2 A Glee Club 3, 4 V, Ilcuzll ix "Driver of that Pontiac", always laughing, listens to "Deep ' Purple" continuously "Good-humor only teaches charms to last Still makes new conquests and maintains the past." CAROLE ANN BENETTI Glee Club 3 Cheerleader 3 "Benet" s At - 1, ,. R , 165' gif" I 1 I' "TM ., E Titian tresses . . . humble . . . loves a good time 4 A friendly "Straight in her heart did mercy come." vi-tl I JOAN FRANCES BISHOP Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer lOrchestral 4 , X W Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4 MERCYCREST Associate Editor 4 Cheerleader 4 Catholic Student Council 4 Sodality l, 4 Athletic Association 4 "Jeanie" Energetic , . . bubbling personality 4 . . mischievous grin . . . ingenuity plus "From the looks not the lips, is the soul reflected." ,ex M. -.C X! X -.-vw 'N-.,. BARBARA PATRICIA BRANEY W ,gym s:!4.f .tt wg RACHELLE CLAIRE BOUCHARD Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club 3 Basketball 2 HRaell Silver resonant voice , . . good comrade . . . cheerful "Bright gem instinct with music, vocal spark." KAI Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4 Athletic Assoc. MERCIAN Staff 4 "Basin" Long brown tresses . . . carefree manner . . I keen sense at humor "On their own merits modest men are dumb." , I MARY means: BUTLER Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 ff ig Debating l, 2, 3, 4 .Q Sodality l, 2, 3 Dramatics l, 2, 3 MERCYCREST Staff 4 Class President l, 3 Secretary 2 Debating Vice-President 3 Orchestra Secretary 4 Orchestra Librarian 3 "Mary" Personality plus charm . . . interesting canversationalist , . .clever wit "To lose a friend is the greatest of all losses." Mary renders symphonic music with the capable assistance of Rachelle and Barbara. The audience has already departed. 96 Patricia grins with delight as Ann return momentary lull on her side ofthe court. PATRICIA ANN CAREY Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2 Commercial Club 3 Liturgical Choir 3, 4 llpatll Our own Benny Goodman quiet "Thy modesty's a candle to tl-my merit ELAINE HELEN CONNORS Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Liturgical Choir 3, 4 "Elaine" Quiet refined manner . , . stately and neat as the pro verbial pin . . . sunny disposition a friend to all "Not much talk-a great sweet silence ANNE MARIE COSTA Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer l MERCIAN Staff 4 Sodality l lIAnnell 7 Personality plus . . . friendly to all . . , attractive appear- . , ff once always "Full many a flower is born to blush unseen, and waste "Mig its sweetness on the desert air." y. MAG DA LEN E COSTA Sadality l Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club 3 Class Officer 3, 4 Class Treasurer 3, 4 MERCIAN Staff 4 HMGIH """7 V 1"'1 Pleasing personality . . , funloving , . . loyal friend to all "The two noblest of things-sweetness and light." r- ' ' ff L . -. A-1 . if g I fig, uf" 'N KATHLEEN cEclLlA DoNovAN I , " Sodality l, 2, 3, 4 1 Giee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 X, , A Liturgical Choir 3, 4 ni ' nlcathyu is A- 7 Sunshine in her smile . . . beautiful red hair . . . never- ' -r ,A ending sincerity "-"fi ' Q "When in God thou believest, near God thou wilt cer- V, tainly bef' A fashionable car with attractive occupants make visible contact with some unseen obiect. Kathy is very eager with Anne Marie and Magdalene evincing interest also. Three grads of 1959 discuss plans for the all-important future. Dot expounds on the art of floriculture to Claire and Barbara. When it comes to corsages, they agree with Dot. DOROTHY ANNE DUBE Commercial Club 3 "Dottie" A future florist . . . winning smile . . . enthusiastic about kittens "The tulip's petals shine in dew, all beautiful, but none alike." 'M BARBARA ANN FARIS Sodality 3, 4 Dramatic Club 3, 4 Athletic Assoc. 3, 4 "Bobbie" A-Q15 ,' it -45" W. Ne-' Cooperative . . . friendly . . . height of fashion "I have a heart with room for every joy." CLAIRE ELIZABETH GLEESON Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Sodality l, 3, 4 Liturgical Choir 3, 4 Basketball l Dramatic Club 3, 4 "Claire" Gay and funloving . . . possesses that natural look . never wears a frown "The only way to have a friend is to be one." .sf 3 ny 1' i 'WK F? CATHERINE HEYWOOD ncathyu A friend to all . , , a serious dancing student 1 "To brisk mates in cadence beating, glance their many-twinkling feet." MURIEL THERESA GUY Sodality l Commercial Club 3 MERCYCREST Typist 4 Cheerleader 3, 4 Athletic Assoc, 3, 4 "Snooks" Tall and slim with a model's grace . . . a snappy cheer- leader . . . loves dancing "Gracious as sunshine, sweet as dew, shut in a liIy's golden care." Q lt PATRICIA FRANCES HICKS Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l Sodality l Vice President l, 2 MERCIAN 4 llpqtll l-las a grin all her own . . . warm personality . . . loves to type and do math . . . hopes to be a nurse i "The greatest truths are the simplest and so are the greatest men." o scene from o college dorm, Pat, Muriel, and This could easily be Cathy enjoy life together, each occupied with her own task. 5 . Music, cakes, and comfortable positions account for the happy smiles of Marilyn, Carol and Georgia. GEORGIA ANN JOSEPH Sodality l, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Liturgical Choir 3, 4 Y Q ' ' Dramatic Club 3, 4 Commercial Club 3 "Georgia" f Always cheerful . . . helpful to all . . . dry humor . . . very X well liked "My favored temple is an humble heart." X 5, CAROL ANN LORD Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Sodality l, 2, 3, 4 "CaroI" Shiny brown hair , . . always friendly . . . quiet . . . enioys driving "The fruit derived from lilac is the sweetest of pleas- 11 Ufes. MARILYN ANN KENNEDY Sodality l Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4 Debating l, 2, 3, 4 Sec. of Debating 3 Vice-President ot Debating 4 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Librarian 3, 4 MERCIAN Co-Editor 4 IIMGIII Excellent student . . . always composed . , . thoughtful "Virtue is the only and true nobility." Q.. JUDITH MANVILLE JUDITH PATRICIA MCKNIGHT Glee Club 3, 4 Sodality 2, 3, 4, Prefect 4 Bowling 3 Dramatic Club 3, 4 MERCIAN 4 Athletic Association 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3 Science Club, Vice-President 4 ll-,udyu Friendly . . , ready smile . . . ambitious worker . . . well- rounded personality "Glory follows virtue as if it were its shadow." is -Q Sodality l 'W Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Bowling 2 Cheerleader 3 Vice President 2 Athletic Association 2, 3 lljudyll Original hairdos . . , always ready for fun "Only the heart without a stain knows perfect ease." Q7 W alll, .Q mlll' 4 MARY JOANNE MEDEIROS ee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4 Class President 3, 4 Commercial Club 3 MERCIAN Editor-in-Chief 4 HJOII GI who Friend to all . . . always ready to help . . . cheerful . . magnetic personality "No really great man thought himself so," Judy offers a really treated. coke to another Judy, but we think Joanne is the one It's a bird, it's a man, it's-you guessl Whatever it is, Carmen, Dat and Theresa are each eager to catch it as it falls to earth. CARMEN MORAN WELASQUEZJ Sodality 4 Debating 4 Orchestra 4 "Nickie" Calm . . . sincere . . . genuinely friendly . . . SDOfl4llf1Q Def' sonality "Welcome, my dear friend, welcome to a foreign firesidef' f-...Wm THERESA MARGUERITE MURPHY Sodality l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2 Commercial Club 4 MERCIAN typist 4 llTer'yll Calm . . . lover of books . , . capable secretary of the future "Great is the glory, for the strife is hard." DOROTHY RUTH OVERBURY Basketball l Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 2 ' Vice-President 4 President of Orchestra 4 MERCYCREST Business Manager 4 llootll Quiet . . . reserved , . . dependable . . . always gracious ...well-liked by all "ln friendship l early was taught to believe." m l MARY ISABEL PEARSON Glee Club l, 2, 3 Commercial Club 3 Sodality l MERCIAN Typist 4 IIMGYII Petite and pretty . . . placid smile . . . quiet "Moderation is the silken string running through the pearl chain of all virtue." PRISCILLA ANN PACHECO Sodolityl Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club 3 Sodality I MERCYCREST typist 4 "Pee Wee" Generous and thoughtful . . . funloving . . . easy to get along with "There is nothing so powerful as truth." CECILE ROSE PERRY Sodailty l MERCIAN 4 Commercial Club 3 "Cecile" Quiet . . . calm . . . competent in the commercial world "Honor lies in honest toil." Cecile amuses Mary and Priscilla while Frankfurter lll feels neglected, l x l 1 Joyce leads Jackie and Cathy in on Arthur Murray specialty JACQUELINE JEAN PORTA Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club 3 Sodality I "Jackie" Enthusiastic commercial student . . . never at a loss for words "Fortune can take away riches, but not courage." it CATHERINE MARIE RILEY Commercial Club 3 Bowling 2 llcathyll Petite ond efficient . . . no bobby pi plus "The very pink of perfection." JOYCE PATRICIA RILEY Sodality l Basketball I, 2 Bowling 2, 3 Athletic Association 2, llknell Shiny blond locks . . . very agreeable . . . pleasing per- sonality -Q Qs f x -7 3 '27 n blues . . . sincerity ,. V f-,', ., 'V , y Af - 7" 53 fr . , S b . 'A Q yr, "For the beauty of a lovely woman is like music," JUDITH RODRIGUES Sodality 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 2, 3 Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4 Class Officer, Secretary 3 Basketball 2 uJudyn Mischievous brown eyes . . . marvelous dancer . . . friendly "To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved." fr' .7 GERALDINE EDITH RODGERS Sodality l, 4 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Bowling 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 4 Class President l, 2 MERCYCREST Assoc. Editor 4 Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4 Catholic Student Council, Vice-President 4 Athletic Assoc. 2, 3, 4 llGerryll Carefree, easy-going manner . . . always in fashion "Mirth, admit me of thy crew." GERTRUDE ROGERS Orchestra l Dramatics 2, 3, 4 "Peochie" Complexion to match her name . . . possesses a determined air and a pleasing personality. "Justice, sir, is the great interest of man on earth." Judith's temperature was normal before Gerry began to ploy. Nurse Gertrude tries to ease the tension. 3 5' s. fffifietri- 'K 9 Carol assures Gloria and Maureen that this is art. Her painting is called "Tossed Salad." GLORIA JANE ST. AMOUR Cheerleader 3, 4 Co-Head Cheerleader 4 Commercial Club 3 "Saint" Handy with the ice-cream scoop . . . graceful cheerleader "A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men." CAROL ANN SH EA Sodality l Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 3, 4 MERCYCREST Assoc. Editor 4 "Carol" "'?' MAUREEN CATHERINE SHEAHAN Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Dramatic Club 3, 4 Sodality l, 2, 3, 4 Vice-Prefect 4 Class Officer 2 Latin Club 3, 4 Basketball l, 2 Basketball Manager 3 Athletic Assoc. l, 2, 3, 4 Tall and reserved . . . always a lady . . . plans to teach "Bashful sincerity and comely love." 'S 095 Fnifil' +19 Q-W Business Manager of MERCYCREST 4 llMoell True sodalist . . . carefree . . . friendly "Go then merrily to Heaven." ,X 1 NW H ,hx 1,3 MARGARET ROSE SILVAN Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4 T' Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4 Bowling 3, 4 MERCYCREST Assoc. Editor 4 Science Club 4, President Athletic Assoc, 3, 4 "Margie" Lover of the sunny clime . . . cooperative . . . student par excellence "One thing is forever good, that one thing is success," ,.-s.vrl" Q X, TERESA MONIZ SILVA Sodality l, 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club 3 Debating Club 2, 3 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer of Sodality 4 Secretary of Sodality Union 4 "Terry" Serious and determined . . . ardent sodality worker "He who lives well is the best preacher." if Q HELEN GLORIA SILVIA Sodality 2, 3, 4 MERCIAN Staff 4 Commercial Club 3 "Helen" Proficient MERCIAN typist . . . dry wit . . . reserved . . . loyal to friends and school "The language of truth is unadorned and always - ll simple. Margaret acts as the gracious saleslady in our snack bar. Helen an Teresa are the satisfied Customers. i?'2NJ i l i l l l I 1 'R 5 QSM 'f--f-X C Q. xvxw V -- ... gf A s-.fa ----.-.N Carol is not at all sure the two mechanics Nancy and Margaret know what they are doing. NANCY ELLEN SMITH Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4 Cheerleading 3, 4 Head Cheerleader 4 Sodality I Basketball 2 Bowling 2, 3 Athletic Assoc. 2, 3, 4 IINMII Vim in poise and vitality . . "Nothing great was . heads our cheerleading squad well achieved without enthusiasm." CAROL ANN THORNTON Liturgical Choir 3, 4 Glee Club l Commercial Club 3 "Co roI" Tall and graceful . . . changes h . . . pleasant . . . gracious "The sweet remembrance o MARGARET JOYCE VELOZO Glee Club 3, 4 Sodality l, 2 Debating l Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4 MERCYCREST Assoc. Editor 4 Catholic Student Council 3, 4 llMaggiell Sunny disposition . , . dependable . . . well-balanced in every way "But faithfulness can feed on suffering, and knows no disappointment." '51 er hairstyles like the wind f the just." 'wp Q .V jf 4'-so cc MARGARET ELLEN WHALON Sodality l Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Dramatic Club I, 2, 3, 4 MERCYCREST Editor-in-Chief 4 Class Officers, Vice-Pres. 3 Latin Club 3, 4 HMidgeH Efficient and businesslike . . . does not procrastinate . . dependable and loyal "Oh truth is easy, and the light shines clear In hearts kept open, honest and sincere." 'WI-su., 'X 'Vis 'T5' 6 BARBARA ANN VIERA Commercial Club 3 "Barb" Tiny and neat . . . quiet at times . . . pleasant "Let gentleness my strong enforcement be." 'ii 11" W MARGUERITE ELAINE WILLIAMSON Sodality l, 2, 3, 4 Secretary 4 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Debating l, 2 MERCYCREST Co-Editor 4 Class Secretary 4 "Magee" Magnetic charm . . . true friend . . . flair for originality "To those who know thee not, no wards can paint, And to those who know thee, all words are faint!" Magee needs nourishment, Barbara needs music and Midge needs con facts. Some people are easily satisfied. W xxx ' V! MIX ' fffM A -1-Q 1 N X K X 7 1 I I 'fi -f? m- 6 A' B4 I ! M, f fl 1 f x If W ' ' fl ll n ,fgr F If X f N ,X " SKY X Q!! ff X If yl ,. lg X, ff X, 4 - 1 v vi ,d'i4-'16 P- N V " , -' , gf!! IV - 9 ff ' ,ff 'X ff ' ' . ui . f ' 1' 1, f k f 1 ,iuggr f Z! Q 1 . ' 1 MW Q22 .Q f ie X, I SWF -f liaz I" s ff' ' i x r X ik 1. N , l M" cf 32 1' ,mf 271' v I uw' ,M Ag JJ I 'X ii p g All I ' . rg, X' Yr px , ' !L,f I f 1 , fly ' , 0 8411, X fa , .Av,, V !,ff " ' N! X E ' Q Y" Hx if z ,. X A f .J-11 Y , mv f X 'Q ' Q " x A ,.I I ' - vine -Y ., , - 79" fy?-RX NM CL 5 XY , ' my XX 1 ,,.1 x .1 , , ,., I fi J 1 . A is-T 'gs' . I W .-3' . 'T "" ' . ifff' f hw: , . W " i f A n A . rilr...-Wk -dVg."f' J v z - ' it It ' 'Q Q at - ' " 'Q-ge . N . b , Jw I 6 f . V . 'R Judith McKnight as a junior reads the Litney for the Crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary while Maureen Sheahan waits to read the Act of Consecration. g , O O i Tl Mary Butler and Miss Lang- ford seemed to be carrying on a humorous conversation in Latin Ill class while Mau- reen Sheahan, Margaret Wha- lon, Judith McKnight, and Carol Shea listen attentively. The number of students study- ing latin for four years is noticably on the increase. Mary Alice Barreiro is dubious about disecting the frog but Carol Lord, Cath- erine Heywood and Kath- leen Donovan are anxious to see what make it tick. These are memories of ev- ery college preparatory sophomore. N Q V 'Q-.t . j i ff Fi t u K . iaitf- ,Q ,Wx- Mn s ic 'ti .., :fi V if The recitation of the Rosary during retreat brings the stu- dent body together in prayer around the statue of Our Lady of Mercy. This is a yearly event that we recall with beau- tiful memories. Kathleen Donovan, Mary Alice Barreiro, and Anne . 1-1, gl. ' SEE , I I,-'41 -D., ,.. X ..f ,. -1 " ' -5.9!- Q- 1' 'J h f V 'f II 'LT' - If ' ir ,V N . 4 , Magdeline Costa and Margaret Velozo are hastily writing the French sentences as Marilyn Kennedy dic- tates and Elaine Con- nors directs the les- son. French is begun in the sophomore year with many girls Con- tinuing it through the senior year. Marie Costa test their chem- istry skills by performing a titration experiment while Sister Mary Callista patient- ly watches and waits. Chem- istry is one of the major subjects of the junior year. During a brief intermission Margaret Whalon, Margaret Velozo, and Dorothy Overbury chat with our retreat master, Reverend Edward V. Winsper, S. J. The yearly retreat pro- vides a spiritual check up for each member of the student body. El ll I . i It - i i UT' l " X 22? I . Janice Blake, Eleanor Black, Mary Lomax, Eleanor Bedard, and Diana Silvia pose for the photog- rapher. Mary had been chosen Queen and her court selected for the Junior-Senior Frolic. '4 GN' it Nw Muriel Guy portrays the happy housewife while Nancy Smith as "Norman Normal" fumbles for her headpiece. "Is it on straight?" i Maureen Sheahan, Claire Gleeson, Anne Carr, Patricia l-licks, Margaret Whalon, and Catherine Heywood portray a typical sea side day in the roaring twenties accompanied with "By the Sea, By the Sea." ujq Judith Rodrigues tries to convince Georgia Joseph and Judith Mc- Glofio Sf- Amour, "The mOSf beau Dorothy Dube that eating cereal is Knight face the camera bravely dress- fiful Qifl in the Wofldf' DOSGS OV good for little cowgirls. ed in the height of fashion. OUP Di'1OfOQfODi'19f while Sf"Ok"'1Q hef 73 long blond tresses with her brush Junior Prom DEEP Magdaline Costa, Joanne Medeiros and their escorts are shown leaving for an enjoyable evening at the Po- casset Country Club. Grand March First dance of the evening. 'li I The social highlight of our junior year was the Prom. The evening began with the Prom dedication to Our Blessed Mother at the acad- emy. The juniors then travelled to the Pocasset Country Club to enjoy a memorable evening. 1 A ,.--'1 Aix The camera catches these happy couples. 'Ya V .fx Cecile Perry places a floral tribute at our Blessed Mother's Shrine. Cctober l957 Seated with the chaperones, Mr. and Mrs. Antone Medeiros, are E. J. Williamson and Joanne Medeiros. X M. Williamson enjoys her escort but he is dis- tracted by the camera. 2 7 SEPTEMBER-P. Corey, E. Ariel, C. Thorn- ton ond J. Porto return to schoolg this time os exolted Seniors. 3 OCTOBER-This is typi- Q' tg C., Col of Senior porties. Q ' K I N l 11 f ,'.-'.- - f f .,-. A J ' :'Ql'.1,'.gLf Ji V n gb gk VOX K'1l',,s--lb. ' 'l' nf Liar x X-YJ . -- ln DECEMBER-G. Rogers, C. Moron ond escorts seem to be enjoying the serni-formal Snowflake Boll ot Christmostime. JANUARY-C. Benetti, M. Sheqhqnl CA Gleeson ore deep in study for mid-year exorns. if 1 r? Q , NOVEMBER-The Doll Contest inspired interest ond ingenuity os T. Murphy, B. Faris ond C. Riley know. .e. 5-2 .if vi N V '4 .wi 1 , M ,Q . 3 .,,. A I tqgyvw 4 g .wfibwi ja I .N 4-, . I F al, ,. ,4 , jf ,F .Xl xy 'nfl -5 ' 2'1" I if S 1 H: .5 " . 1. L 9' .. if r 1 nw if t " 'fs ,eff ,A sf r Q Cdl' 2 5He To 1 ,wp I 1 -. .E J Yrs fa: it ffggi ' Y I Q sf -,1 ,V r i , , , i. ,Al , N, 'T 4 FEBRUARY-Mary Alice Barreiro frolics in the mid-winter snow with her nameless friend. UNH Seniors APRIL-Brother James of La Salle Acad- emy, Providence, hands the first prize to Judy Rodrigues at the Mount-La Salle Social fallowina the ioint concert. W' W' lla f MARCH-In the Saint Patrick's Day Parade, the Mt, St. Mary Acad- emy Float took first prize. MAY-Deep solemnity exemplifies our Onr'1uOl retreat spirit, JUNE-Graduation in all its gracious splendor brings our four happy years to a memorable closing. The class of i959 looks to the future. Careers, marriages and religious vocations are just ahead of us. We have great hopes that each of us will succeed and find happiness in her chosen field. We thank God that as Americans we have that choiceg and as Catholics we have the background and the philosophy to bring Christ with us into whatever field we pursue. D. Dube, Florist, admires a pole displaying her floral work l J. Arruda, B. Averich, tvpists, and G. Joseph, private secretary, are busily engagea in a typical day's work. ll 5 1 ,. ...-.-... C Riley and B, Vicra, secretaries, apply the rules of correct filing. C. Shea and M. Costa solve a few algebra problems while J. Bishop and D. Overbury plan their trigonometry lesson tor the next day. wr ,ggi 1 silt. lv M. Butler and M. Vclozo, laboratory technicians are engaged in cancer research. :Lk -nf -,R-Q ' f -- G. Rodgers and N. Smith, student nurses, are studying the human brain. l 2 l l l l r 1 l l l .af R. Bouchard, housewife, serves M. Pearson coffee while J. Riley stands by with the cream and sugar. 7 W w-ex B. Braney, head nurse, separates the chemicals as G. Rodgers and E. Connors assist her. Here we have chosen a few scenes that will be realities within a short time. Above all else, we wish each other well as we re- member "To climb steep hills Requires slow pace at first." Religious Alumnae The graduating class of 1959 pays tribute to the Religious Alumnae of Mount Saint Mary Academy. From the first graduating closs of 1950 to the ninth class of 1958, Our Lord has chosen forty-eight graduates to spend their lives in His Vineyard. The Religious Sisters of Mercy claim the largest number, but Mount Saint Mary's also has representatives in the Missionary Servants of the Blessed Trinity and the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and lnfirm. We sincerely hope the fine tradition of numerous vocations that these graduates have established will be continued by the Mount Saint Mary graduates of the future. THROUGH CHRIST TO A HAPPIER AND FULLER LIFE for themselves and those under their charge is the theme of their lives as it is the theme of our yearbook. We present to you the professed religious alumnae. ln addition there are eleven novices and four postulants in Mother of Mercy Novi- tiate. 'ft FISHER' Ill 'll me fe li!L!fn - '--r--'-'H'-iv, ,U . . 2:-nn: ..Lk mu 'ms The most recently professed alumnae are wb ' from the class of 1955. Pictured in front of Mother of Mercy Novi- """"" - "" 'N' ' 1' " A1 tiate are the following Religious Sisters of -1 S M Caroleen, S. M. Davida, S. M. Laurita and S. M. Julian gre all from the class of 1951. 6,91 Mercy: S. M. Genevieve, S. M. Rochelle, S. M. Angelo, S. M. Laetare, S. M. Aaron and S. M. Trinita. if fp: af S M, Brion of Sf, Joseph, O, Sister M. Ellen Bernadette, O. Corm, close. of 1952. Corin, Gloss Of 1952 S. M. Jeremiah, S. M. Michaelyn and S. M. Faith belong to our first group of religious alumnae, class of 1950 499 Sister Cecilia Marion, O. Carm., class of 1953. FW-'ll' lr. "4f'f' ,A S. M, Gracelle, '54, S. M. Roselle, '53, S. M. Jacoba, '53 and S. M. Bernadetta, '53 stand behind S. M. Thomasella, '54, S. M. Owen lformer physical education instructor at the academyl and ' S. M. Jamesine, '5O. S. M. .lamesine left for La Ceiba, Honduras, Central America in January l959. Sister is the director of nurses in a newly established nursing school there. it .....f.,.. V M- -Q. . .. 2 www- -GAN Q V vi psig' 'n-ww-.v xl-Q's? f. Haig, Tiff! 1 RHQX. . 5 Y 'ivlfl' ff: f 25' -if fl 4,- "nu S. M. Danella, class of l95l is sister to S. M. Anneen. S. Marietta, '53 and S. M. Estelle, '5l. Sister Ann Mary, M.S.B.T. is a member of the class of 1956. ".. Qf."'..B'. aiu 'l K ow-vu-few.-an x x "'w"""""' " 1, 15 ' . Q i l ,qi l ii i il ll il 6' Af- K . fi- - . 1 in., ku'-. .N . . S. M. Anneen, S, M. Dolorine, S. M. Bernarde, and S. M. Fredella are all members of the i first graduating class of l95O. ,. Senior Directory NAME ADDRESS PARISH Elizabeth Ann Ariel Jeanne Ann Arruda Beverly Rina Averich Mary Alice Barreiro Carole Anne Benetti Joan Frances Bishop Rachelle Claire Bouchard Barbara Patricia Braney Mary Therese Butler Patricia Anne Carey Anne Marie Carr Elaine Helen Connors Anne Marie Costa Magdalene Lee Costa Kathleen Cecilia Donovan Dorothy Anne Dube Barbara Ann Faris Claire Gleeson Muriel Theresa Guy Catherine Heywood Patricia Frances Hicks Georgia Ann Joseph Marilyn Ann Kennedy Carol Ann Lord Judith Marie Manville Judith Patricia McKnight Mary Joanne Medeiros Carmen Monica Moran Velasquezl 709 Second Street St. Mary Cathedral l5 Bourne Avenue Holy Ghost Tiverton, R. l, 225 Fourth Street St. Mary Cathedral l64 Colfax Street Sacred Heart 474 Kathleen Avenue Our Lady of Fatima Somerset 528 Whipple Street St. Patrick 37 Hamlet Street St. Anne 34 Conant Street St. Stanislaus 58 Valley Road St. Catherine Norwood, Mass. 61 Judson Street SS. Peter and Paul 307 Birch Street St. Patrick 227 Warren Street SS. Peter and Paul 267 Brayton Avenue St. William 328 Stockton Street St. Elizabeth 7 Vestal Street St, Joseph 44 Norwood Street Notre Dame 903 Rodman Street SS. Peter and Paul 45l East Main Road St, Anthony Portsmouth, R. I. 390 Brayton Road St. Madeleine Tiverton, R. I. 303 East Main Road St. Anthony Portsmouth, R. l, l5 Sakonnet Drive St. Anthony Portsmouth, R. l. 224 Brayton Avenue St. William 5ll Third Street St. Mary Cathedral 589 Birch Street St. Patrick l04 Fifth Street St. Mary Cathedral 24 Garfield Street St. William 2l9 Carl Street St, Elizabeth Lira 64, Santiago, Theresa Marguerite Murphy 2l7 Dorothy Ruth Overbury Priscilla Ann Pacheco Mary Isabel Pearson Cecile Rose Perry Jacqueline Jean Porta Catherine Marie Riley Joyce Patricia Riley Geraldine Edith Rodgers Judith Rodrigues Gertrude Rogers Gloria St. Amour Carol Ann Shea Maureen Catherine Sheahon Teresa Moniz Silva Margaret Rose Silvan Helen Gloria Silvia Nancy Ellen Smith Carol Ann Thornton Margaret Joyce Velozo Barbara Ann Viero Margaret Ellen Whalon 30 387 35l 249 237 590 35 22 205 247 l l06 352 54 262 l864 507 57 l63 l02 89 Marguerite Elaine Williamson 2527 Chile, South America Brayton Avenue Seaconnet Drive Portsmouth, R. I. Tower Street Coggeshall Street Baird Street Lincoln Street Dwelly Street l-lall Street Heath Street Hamlet Street Pelham Street Stafford Road Tiverton, R. l. Pearce Street Foster Street Division Street Elm Street Berkley, Mass. Rodman Street Second Street Ridge Street Jackson Avenue Somerset, Mass. Earle Street Ash Street North Main Street St. Juan Evangelista St. William St. Paul Methodist St. Elizabeth SS. Peter and Paul St. Jean Baptist Sacred Heart Sf. Patrick St. Patrick St. William St, Anne St. William Holy Ghost Mission St. Joseph SS, Peter and Paul Santo Christo Sacred Heart Our Lady of Health St, Mary Cathedral St. Mary Cathedral St. John of God Espirito Santo St. Louis Blessed Sacrament Bless, O Lord, our parents and guardians whose love and sacrifices have led us THROUGH CHRIST TO A HAPPIER AND FULLER LIFE. Miss Margaret D. Ariel Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Arruda, Jr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr, Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mary Baldwin and Mrs. Antone S. Barreiro and Mrs. George A. Bishop, Jr. Albert C. Bouchard and Mrs Frank Braney Rita D. Carey and Mrs. Walter Carr and Mrs Arthur F. Cassidy and Mrs Leo M. Connors and Mrs Herman I. Costa and Mrs William J. Costa and Mrs Oscar J. Dube and Mrs. James J. Faris Marie Fitta and Mrs. Thomas Gleeson and Mrs. Wilfred A. Guy and Mrs. Milton J. Heywood and Mrs. Frederick F. Hicks and Mrs. George F. Joseph Margaret L. Kennedy and Mrs. Albert J. Lord and Mrs. Philip R. Manville and Mrs. James P. McKnight, Jr. and Mrs. Antone Medeiros Mr, Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr, Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and and and and and and and Cha and and and and and and and and and and and and Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Sergio Moran William A. Moss Joseph C. Murphy Henry E. Overbury Manuel Pacheco Walter J. Pearson John S. Perry rles V. Porta Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs John A. Riley Sidney M. Riley Thomas A. Rodgers Joseph Rodrigues Edmund A. St. Amour John L. Shea Daniel J. Sheahan Joseph S. Silva Eino H. Silvan Alfred Silvia Everett F. Smith John M. Thornton John Travis and Mrs. Jesse V. Velozo, Jr and Mrs. John P. Viera and Mrs, John E. Whalon and Mrs. Thomas J, Williamson His Excellency, The .James L. Connolly His Excellency. The James J. Gerrard, Most Reverend , D. Sc. H. Most Reverend D. D. Rt. Rev. Edmund J. Ward Rev Raymond T. Considine Rev .John J. Kelly Rev. Henri Laporte, 0. P. Rev .John 0'Brien Rev Paul McCarrick Rev. Hugo Dylla Anne Gravance Miss Anne Lizck Dr. Bernard Mangione HGNORARY PATRONS Rev. Bart Buckley Rt. Rev. Alfred .l. E. Bonneau Rev. Eugene Dion Rt. Rev. .Joseph Sullivan Rev. Thomas F. Walsh Rev. .Joao Medeiros Rev. .Joao V. Resendes Rev. Arthur W. Tansey Rev. Maurice Souza Rev Joseph P. Lyons Rev. Francis Mclieon BUSINESS PATRONS Maquire's Hat Shop Morin's Cleansers and Dryers, Marques' Market Inc Mr. and Mrs. William Meany Dr. .Joseph Rockett Dr. .Joseph Y. Medeiros liernie's Dry Goods liolfs Sweet Shop llrayton Point Five and Ten Chet's Barn Clement Pacheco. Painter and Contractor Colonial Cleaners The Common Lunch The Donut Shack Fazio Chair Shop Gene's Market Globe Pet Shop Goulart Package Store Harriet's Beauty Salon Hamlet St. Market Jock's Spaghetti-An Jen Mae Frocks Jerry's Gas Station J. liednarz and Sons .Joseph Farais Insurance James W. Halt. Jr.. D.M.D. Iiatersky's Cleaners Landry's Market Mello's Market Mell's .Jewelers National Cash Register Co. The Old Meeting House lnn l'urdy's Cleansers Reed's Gulf Station Robeson Food Mart Rosejon's Sylvia A. Sheahan SyIvia's Csed Cars See Saw Luncheonette Somerset Dressmaking Swidey's Variety Toisle Teddy lirupa's Hardware Yictory Sportswear The Cove Market Gary's Ice Cream Parlor .l. H. Sewing Company R. A. Wilcox Co. School Supplies and Equipment R. lVilson. .Jewelers Seul Freed Silkson's Leonard's Package Store Carnaval Drive-lnn Barnaby Wall and Floor Kaufman Hardware Adam's Bookstoreifi Albert G. Auclair. Funeral Homeif August Hebert Sz Son's Funeral Service. Inc? A. D. R. Beauty Salonifi Aldema's Beauty Salons Barboza's Auto Salesf: Beacon Garment Company'-'W' Goldberg'si1 Blackstone Potato Chip Company. Inc? Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Fall Riverifi Country Club Diner? County Commissioner and Mrs. A. R. Machadoi: C. D. Harrington Funeral Homeii Crawford Electric Companyifiii Columbia Pharmacy? John and Andy Farrisseyifi Mr. and Mrs. John Camaraif Dr. Norman Paquinif .Iames F. Duffy? Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. John Vogel? James Gleesonil Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chasetiz Maynard Freedmanicifi Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Wildi: Compliments of Rico De Nadal? Henry J. Feitelbergzfz Compliments of Elmer Slaterii Eugene Sullivan, D.D.S.i1 Margaret M. Constantinei: Dr. Edward T. Shannon M.D5ff Mr. and Mrs. James E. Sullivanifi Dr. M. B. Goldenifi Dr. and Mrs. G. Foxhall Lakei: Dr. James M. Sullivan Ill: Attorney Harold E. Clarkini: Miss Louise Gamacheifi Dr. and Mrs. T. C. Sousa? Dr. John M. Carvalhoiff Mrs. Lee Troutmantff Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Clement' Mr. and Mrs. .Iohn Rileyi: Mr. and Mrs. Herminio Costa? Compliments of City Venetian Blinds Mfg. C0511 Cal Warren Men's Wear. Incfi Carral Drive-Innii Davol Street Cafeifl Donnelly Funeral Home? D 8: D Sales and Service. Incfii Ester Beauty Shopfi Fred Williams' Dance Stuclioii F. A. Forest Companyif Fall River Steam and Gas Pipe Co Fall River Hearse C0571 Frank N. Wheelock and Son. lnc Faris Furniture Coil: Farais Insurance Agency? Compliments of Fall River Knitting Millsffifl Faris' Variety? Gray Typewriter Companyz' Giroux Insurance Agency. lncjfi Globe T. V. and Record Shopf' Guimond Farm. Incik Hutchinson Art Shopfl Herald Newsi' :fi Highland Five and Tent H yco Beverage? :iEach star denotes a more generous contribution. Phil R. Manville Locksmit hifi Modern Printifi NewlJerry's:fi Compliments of Newport Hotel Vikingifiii Newport Broadway Hardware Company? Nickerson's Garage? The Nira Furniture Company'-' Nap Dufault, Contractor and Builderifi O'Rourke Funeral Homefiiil Open Air Marketfif Oliveira Funeral Homefiiiff Pleasant Dinerii Park Spaii Personal Printii Pocasset Country Clulrfi Parisienne Salon of Beautyif Quality Furnitureifi Remy Moving and Storageii Sherman's Milkif: Stafford Pond Fuel Coil: Smith Office Equipmentiiii Syulewski Funeral Homer? Sunderland's Restaurants Stone Bridge Somerset Milk Can-Home Made Ice Creamifi Sheet Metal W0i'ksi'3f Star Marketii Souza's Photo Supplyiiii Smith Electric Conipanyi'f1 Shaker's Garage' St. Yves Motor Sales Berkley, Mass? Tri-City Office Equipment Corpikii Torchio Studioii T. W. Kidd Jr., Cont1'actori'1i Tavare's Service Stationif Vet's Safe-'I'-Calf? Valcourt Hardwareiff Wolfe Jewelersi: Wm. Costa-Plumliingiiii Wilbur'sif: WSAR Dial 148025: White Spaifi Zip's Cleanersii J. P. Deschene's Auto Bodyii .Jorge Poultryif: Custom Floors by Rene H. liernieriiiivkifi Ideal Laundryfi Irene'sii .lohnny's Marketii John R. Flanagan, Incfkilf Mr. James E. Fitzgeraldif' John's Shoe Storei: Jefferson Salvagei'fi .l. O. Neill Supply Co.if'if Johnny Sowa and his Polka Dot Rosyland Ballroom Orchestra Joseph's Variety Storeiiii Kaplan's Furniture Coifiii LaChance Marketiff The List Companyii Letendre and Boulei: Lowell St. Marketiii Lady's Unity Socialii Leo P. Chabotbi Munro Electric Supply an Hardware Coil: Mason's Furniture Coil: Medeiros Varietyiii Mike's Restaurantii Moy's Restaurantiiii' Made Rite Potato Chip Co SHERRY CGRPORATION Maureen Griffin, class of 1961, leads her sophomore colleagues in an animated discussion during English period. V l E7 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the HCLASS or 1959" THE BRlDE'S SHOPPE "Look fm' thc' Briflc in Lights" 368 South Main Street Fall River, Mass. Commencement Exercises at Saint Ma1'y's Cathedral, Fall River "W- D ,,,n4, K 4?ap. he . 1-'Q' f?" 88 WARREN HAY VANTINE STUDIO P01 tl a1t Photographers 139 Boxlston Street Boston Massachusetts Mrs. Camille Johnson, the friendly and gracious representative of the Vantine Studio, discusses the year- book photographs with lllargaret Whalon and Dorothy Overbury JAMES W. BRINE CO., INC Manufacturers 8z Distributors of Athletic and Sporting Goods 92 Summer Street Boston 10, Massachusetts ,J ' ,E t ,,.1.-...lm ..- ,......- Miss Jean O'Hearn of the J. W. Brine Company chats pleasantly with Mar- graret Silvan and Joan Bishop as they examine the attractive Mount blazer 90 1 1 9 f ' QQ' ' ' 'FX Z 1 e 'Y' 'Wit A Q , 4' t x , ggi Q 1 . , , L gg Y ta ,V !g 'ii' Q? 53 "' ""' 'Fact' F A group of freshmen enjoy their stay at Mount Saint Marv C BRADY ELECTRIC CO., INC. l. G. BALFOUR COMPANY These members of the class of 1962 relax on the spacious beautiful grounds of Mount Saint Mary Academy 91 GlENDMA'S DAIRY DIP DANNY'S SERVICE STATION Friends of the MERCYREST Ruth Ann Farins, Patricia Oliveira, Judith Aguiar, and Patricia Antziya are enjoying za 1'ef1'eshinQ' interlude. Q---J---w.-nnncnmv 1' v x e . " .. . A' ' 'L P' NJ-"" '. ' 'P -iff'if'IfiJiv?"'I,?4 v if, .va 1 ,I M ' ' .1 1, , 7 1 f- 1 " - .r . - 1 W V: 5, 4..-' , La 1" I. Ja"-NL, , .V ,ff-fl. 4 H. 'f 'VCV 'gif 7- . - -- 4 . '. . . ff Q. Y, '-". M. A J, - -my . , : :A fb W I , . , t . M A 1, 4 ' I ,, "I A '. .gg - i 'Pm ,NY my. ,ja W , I Q' FQ. . ' - Z " 1 5' , A I . . i , lv , ,, -, .1 . s 3 - tu! Y, ,,-A 5 xv J . , ' 1. ' 1' V . rj ,.,, . , 2 :f2',Y4Q:'i3v ' ' x :I+ I t " .4xvQ'tx' 2 We ,Z A' 2,5 -ff k 92 , o 6- ,vV.. ., .V - I - X than rw pf 7.32 " YQ A 1. 'Q :C . O ly . 'fu . Q , O u ' s--. 'Q X. 1 e4 1 O 3 , Q I . I ' o aj ' sd f I. O , -N 0 . 5' 3' 1 .9 ' . " . 5 3' '- in P-1 , on JU' 'vb' ' .l SU w':,. Ll 6 i 1- dy 1 4 . 4 .I .1' f. 'c L. '1 Q'- 'r 1 If f P . C' rs n I 4' Q .'-Qin T 1 , 1 W! 5- . 1 , vs - "W v ll w H, I , W M W . A M, 5 -N ' NH- V U ' ' '-u n ' X ' -'rl ,M ' W: I ml If A ' in N' IH . .H ' ' r ' ,Q ,.: xl-O -mf ' o 4 - - X' N.- ,lb v 'U----at uh ,V sw .-H53 Q n ' . 'Iv-O 'f. ' Q 'P' 'JS-Ee 1 -ur Q 4 . z, r I v , 5 1 Y U.. f . . ! ,QU I 0 1' 'XL 0 , ,mr I J o C 0 55 Q I' Q " I x- . I P J"'x' ..i y B V H, .4 '51 n 'Y 3' Jn IHA - r ' 1 .L -0 vl- Q- . 'lr QQ-'x ,-w J "jf ' Q Q ,C 1 "1 . 4 ' 9:4- -. I, .u X, A 'Q rl' 'rf l 6 v 0 -- , n Q I I . o vga wick- -fag Sgfoi A v O'vl . 1 Qc' A Qi 4 ,Q 4 '-X -.L 9' . . '5 " a Q C , f Lf-g-rv B ,o . nk. - 0 4 , Q '-1 ff , I , li- W' ...J 1 J 'r - "aa ff .49 .-u uf Tl 5 .v O 45 1 V L' I in .-. 4 .r-' O 1 , u Q Q. ' , o -3 .251 N, . f Q .'l A o Q - Q rr I 57 f-7 Q. W :- L1 U 4 a Y - 1 Ai J- 0 N w IX o ,O Q , 'Q 1 4. ow Qin-M I 9, MV .. v 1+ .-. ew .W YA, 1' ' O vi' u-W' O 1 J I. Q , if O I P n Q . V U I I 1 , 0 II' r 1 Y v 'Q f ..v -X o 'M ' ' .' ,. H l X. vi A , 1 X, X, Z ,ff X If f fy IW ? fy f Y 1'-,ff- ' f, -ff ,1 ' ' ., ff, ' I ' I. 1 tv, gxmhxl Xxx wi :jf KH . x ' ffmfi.. .i A' I , I s ,X ' 1 D I 65,4 X X12 Z ,f .sl -1.-lvgi al. , ,-,,.,, , ., ,S W ,-,.s.A- ,W X, ,tr . 377 Fall River' Mt. St. f ary Academy , f F 'l91Vi Mercycrest 'X 1959 X X I 'ILL wd'1"im

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