Mount St Marys Academy - Mercycrest Yearbook (Fall River, MA)

 - Class of 1954

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I ,. 2 . f M? ,,g,?3' ' .:.,.f1- 5 . , 'sf f Q A A' I ,f A 4 Q ,V .,, P A A . ax., A .E ,Ut I If 1 , . .1 " -,ltraf "1 ft, f',4f., Aw,.r-r ' f J, 3"'i f d' , gf, .ag il! Q ' Q. 5.1-V :Jeff f f 4 1: X ' 1 JL ga, . ana, V. R. , , .,, ,JP V will 1 1.6. Q , 1 4J,:: 4' V. ., Hia Q, I , , , . - - . , 'L ,gf V v:,,""'. '29 I Eff. 3 S , . 'Q ' ' .1 .N V If' lf' ? I if! - W ' ' " , , ' . ff' --.' " y' . "' V: 2 ' 1 9 - V flljyif 'Fw' 12' ,.?1'4f2 r w '11 f , . .K . , , 8 , ,. N A i A , I .f Hung' xl' Q ff? fgff' " 1 -J' fir? f, ,441 'F' , " A ., ,.. f sw 'yyaf' ',, f' 4 if 'Q' ' 5 ,, it .9 W A04 Y' A X ,b 1 , I, b f Q ' - S 1 A 'fjagrt' f' + ,A 'a , n' 'Y 4 'L A u .aq..:" V t, . if V FW: 4 mi 'N ?f.n it ' ,av-3 ff af. li' 3 f aim? ,, Cd -.on--s'.a. 5 3 .- . ax . 1 .U x in :mu F Rf. VJ u 4 Hd ,po -1 Y I l I ' 1 'lq:'7Ii,1 f, 1. .,, N . tis. ,V 'A'-A Y' ' A ,, , VT-21' -eg , '51 1 .59 .1 4 u t K .l' . Q 1 sv 5 D , v 4 A A fi 4 'J ' r . 1 4 ugfi: 1' P .gif .Ak 4. ny., 1' 'J U- 'V A I , . ,, . 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I 'N 1. n .- NM ,' ,M , ls' A ,. . .., .vm W .I V ',,,:l,,,3 M ' u '..'. X W aug., .mr I. 4 .. , , '. .,- '-'W 4: . .f, ' , I. ' . I 4' ..' .1"' N X . ,, 3. , 'w , Q1 , 4 ' , U it M-.ff 4. I if V. f -' ' -- . M . 1 ' , 4 .Hb x . , 1-" I 'I ' ' yn 1 , ,lf , X" ' I Uhr. I ' 1' 'Q 4, . , -nv ' , wg ' H ., , , . . , .4 , I gl , w , ,N -' Q . Y -., ., ' , , I . wx .1 X 1 m w . x x' 1 'r . r'1 1 M 4,f.xJ. r I 6 pkd?e 0Wb .lane and Olga QW 4 fam? 2444 Dag" X, 5 X-ar, S S ...xg K 'U X K X X A K :rw ' fx N4 X 'Again v"Tx'P s'4j 0 -.. fpff 4 V, ' 4 ,dxyvffl .Aid 2 1:1- ja 7765, SZ, 771424 fitddemq pzeeeaw WGZGQQVLZJK 7466 Zan ,fA:iitQig:l'?6K'!'3'.-'f-W. 79548 ily .,,,: :, 1 'P v J 'Il -7 O if .JF Vi. ' , 1' 'rg' 4? lg' T? 'Q I 5 Jfglo. f an xx Q1 ", n' K A 051,15 , ,gs 91.11 :L - -' ,.1.f4. ' ' 'nf"g . . iq' . ,'-ml .. - ,.., s . a,,,1 , 212-u' I A , - V w x 'Li- ,f.z-ew.- .f. '53,,A 1-,,.:., '1:,. , ,, .4,,, 5, 1 ,nies-f-rj za-gf'-15: 50 f , 'fi' Tin.. 1 ' ,L ' mg ln . gb I, ,Q ' .. 1 H 1 0 mfs. ,-fc. 114: wk 111' Awwg. 1 1 'ag ' f 3 A , 0 ill!-Q.. V - ,' -'jx 'Ia ,I 5 r . T W , -'QQ ,Lx I ', , f , f' f 2 ' V ESX, '71-, 'n , ' -, 1,5 ifgegf- ,,.. .-, , .-., . 5 V .- . .1 2'-.f5:. ' ix 1, " 1 .i iii:-5, 53' Ta " ' 2 ft, 'Z .3-.r-533. 14-JIY1 :E-1 A- X 'If I5 Y 4 ' if - Q L yi Adl - . Q , 4 ,, ll1ll1Sl1 311011 5 ' 5 -xcg' d F 1 W 4 K, V- t x I ri' D d' ' 53 JW K-aw A Yi C 1CHi10l1 f if 40.13. 5 'Hin . ,n -fn' " Le 0 A' siffzs' 6111013 f Q 'fag-1 U d I 3 C -A V I1 GTC HSSIIICII 552' - 3' . . M In Q' FF , . 1 I O t IC HSSTOOIIIS R A a ' ' 0 Q Ctlvltles -- 5+ '--T 71-iv A ,M , , . -5 -V 1Cl1tS " - ' .LE-T-'55-5 -15731 f b ' ' 3- - ,, . N ri"f-1' ' ,, v f., -' .154 ' . . , .- r W, gr " I 1-n -Ai --.L 15 'wal-:z J 2 D1-'55 . .., ii 1 f 4 rn. , , l' u J x 1 4 k,,y,, Aw, 4 ' ' ' '.' "' rn. -17 K- -' -. -:mfr-.- - . 4- . - . a1..,g5urk'iF!5fiF.f5bZ'f iF"a'ia-I'-E'?"" --'55-1" '-.:f-.. . . -2 , 'P - L' - -- ' - f . ' 1-'-Fw' Y. W A- 35 I -,L-k,1rg.5:::?:'..i,. 'L x ' JS-,,,:53.4,'Rg R.. ., 9 2.wI.Q1fg,.Ai , -Q .4 ,-'-5--':"-"1.' F. 9.1.4,-f 'f -.Tat-' .' N 4 ' M ,fp A ' :Ar-, . Q-1 , Zeng- 1-49 1. " e f -fix-,-'I--3, " X 455' 2'-.-H:-5'-" T--riff'J43'fW'?'l1'IQ53!' F1 ' AA lv H !'f'3f.a,,-f. .4 ' -+535-'fs Xu-Q, 3 L ' - -' I--if '?.':iBe'ia-i. '-fri. - '1- D X 7 r . ' 4. -4v1.fff ' 4 ",,..1r:-'2-!.g21f- 'V ' 1-nr f .2 1- ' v4 1 , -- 'm523',..f4. , 3 2036 00391 3502 Uma gdaiap His Excellency THE MOST REVEREND JAMES L. CONNOLLY, D.D.. S.C.. H.D. All the students at Mt. St. Mary's feel greatly indebted to His Excellency. the Most Reverend James L. Connolly. D.D.. Sc. HD.. for his fatherly interest. His Excellency, the Bishop, has ever taken a deep interest in our scholastic activities. and has been most gracious in donating gifts to our library. For all these kind. thoughtful favors we are grateful to him. We Zeddccufe REVEREND EDWARD J. GORMAN, A.M. lt is with sincere pride and respect that we, the Senior Class of 1954, dedicate this yearbook to you, the Reverend Edward J. Gorman, A.M., our Diocesan Superin- tendent of Schools. You have, on many occasions, shown interest in our progressive academy. To hear your encouraging messages always made us very happy. We realize the great debt that we owe to you for your tireless efforts over the many past fruitful years, and we ask God to bless you so that you may continue to carry on His work in the field of Catholic Education. h ,e 36' -.vlg 1' - T , 1 vi v 'V i 1 'Nl' auf: - .x " A 4 1, 1e.? . , 4 , . w . . ' - 5 ' 5 5 ' 1 . ms ' V N5 Qu- 4 1 A fl l NM, K ,Q gm -i .jeff fir Father Gorman graciously signs year- hooks of the alumnae. girls alba, of tl, . C C W Orma lrst g1'0up ir diflner " add alum 6 ressed 113 the 1 , ' T .W f. ,Q , f I V,,. , 1 A f- , Ki Reverend Edward J. Gorman delivered the address at the Mass which marked the formal opening of Mt. St. 'Vlary Academy. W , 'gp' vim. W 7 2 D' a,4t6e S . THE RIGHT REVEREND JAMES J. GERRARD, V.G. Because of Monsignor Cerrardls untiring efforts as director of our sodality, "The Sodality of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Mother Cabrini," we respectfully honor Monsignor as the devoted friend of youth, who strives to inspire us with deep, practical devotedness. Monsignor Gerrard has also displayed constant fidelity in instructing the Seniors in their choice of a vocation and in the phases of life necessary for the high ideals of Catholic women. We are grateful for the opportunity we have had here at Mount Saint Mary Academy to come under his direction, and we pray that God will bountifully reward Monsignor for his sincere interest in the problems that the girls may have. 77ZaL'4e'z pw MOTHER MARY HILDA. R.S.M.. Ph.D. It is the privilege of us Seniors of 1954 to express our most sincere expression of gratitude to Mother Mary Hilda, R.S.M., Ph.D.. Mother Provincial of the Sisters of Mercy of the Province of Providence. By her interesting talks to the girls, and her deep spiritual influence, she has instilled into our minds the thought of being more like our Blessed Mother, the Lady of Fatima. This. indeed. has been most inspirational. Mother Provincial has constantly taken a deep interest in every factor that pertains to our academy. She has encouraged us by her exhortations to the practices of virtue expected of girls trained in a Catholic high school. For all your many favors and advice, Mother Mary Hilda, R.S.M., Ph.D., we ask God to bless you abundantly'so that you may continue the work in His vineyard. l f n""""' 0m 0 4 Whenever we look back upon our years at Mount Saint Mary Academy, uppermost in our minds and hearts will be memories of our beloved Principal, Sister Mary Carmela, R.S.M. Sister has striven valiantly throughout our years at the Academy to help each of us to developuall of our talents and potentialities to the greatest possible degree, so that we may go forth into the world as capable, intelligent Catholic women. A shining example of virtue personified in herself, Sister has never allowed us to lose sight of the fact that humility is the greatest of virtues, par- ticularly in the face of success, and that modesty and ladylike actions are never outdated. Because of Sister's inspiration, we shall all endeavor to follow the path she has set for us, and live our lives '5Under the Mantle of Mary," no matter what our vocation. SISTER STANISLAUS is our efficient secretary here at the Mount. Her unruffled patience, in spite of demands, and her ad- vice have been an asset to many a girl. SISTER M. ALBERTA Y RSM. Chemistry, English I, French III, Gen- eral Science Sodality Moderator. Q SISTER M. DIONYSIA R.S.M. Religion III, Stenography I, II, Typnig I, II. Business Arithmetic, Typing Club. SISTER M. FIDELIS R.S.M. Religion II, Biology, Algebra I. Span- ish I, Latin I, Glee Club Moderator. v at SISTER M. FLORA R.S.M. Religion I, English II, III, IV, Mercian Advisor, Debating Moderator. -1-I-:nanny-. tis SISTER MARY GERTRUDE R.S.M. Cantata, Marian Pageant, Programs for Special Assemblies. SISTER M. IRENE R.S.M. English I, Religion II, Art, World His- tory, Algebra I, Marcycrest Advisor. fn,-..... 1 SISTER M. MAURICE R.S.M. Religion III, Trigonometry, American History. Algebra Il, Geometry, Physics. SISTER M. ROSE R.S.M. Religion IV, French I, II, Latin II, III IV SISTER M. VERONA R.S.M. Religion I, Bookkeeping I, II, Music, Spanish II, Orchestra. MRS. DANIEL J. KELLY Dramatics. MISS EILEEN MCSOLEY Physical Education. ATTORNEY JAMES E. HOLLAND Debating Coach. WF. x ION F 69-iv gm., Mr' si' Qi: fi S 5' . 1 iv .- V " ., , . f 15, f 1,3 I - , ,. - 1 ' ' 1 5 .4 " I K rr , W 0 . " A' JANICE NOWAK - 1 'GW LORRAINE MARTIN 'sh I A E, MARJORIE MORIN .V , ""' I 'f' 'xc I ' 81 Hg' , Q ' , ,Ik I ' 7 il wand? I 5, . I .4 ' , .." .- 'J ' . ,J . . g . 4, 1. S. ' I Ipfl w xl , if wif T "F II 'Qi I -., . I E -7-Jw, wf- -. -N- -A 'Q 'I '- - ' .,V.' . . E 1, . CLAUDI-:TTB Ross .w 3 ' lf ,Q I E " q 1 1 , 4 ifeifff I - - IVE ' A, . 1' . fi? I 29,2 4 PATRICIA D'ELIA NANCY BRUNEAU V -I' V , ,A 8 ,, .. ,,.. . , - ' -Lg, An, ,1 . -, 4- fQ , N-. 1 JANICE ARBUCKLE f? J 55 '51 JA at X E , L PHYLLIS DENOMME 1 49 1 f BARBARA WITENGIER .sf JANET FURTADO alll- 1: , sv, . , P . , f ,Q gl" CAROL BRAGA ANN FORTIES EVELYN PACHECO 1 .4 A n ,1,.. in X . -. Q 5 iiv: Y : - A ' ,li , X 'P 0? ' X . .'1LA A . I-' ,. 5' ' . -ff , . I' " 94 1 -I I ,1 1 U, I 1. 4 . -.Q l W? JEAN KOWALSKI .qfiqfn 0' I N in Vw .v x GERTRUDE FRANCES ANIARAI. 599 Dwelly Street St. Stanislaus Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 33 French Club 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Debating Cluh"1, Class President 1. We shall never forget mirthful, vivacious Gertrude. Even though she enjoyed a good time, she could be called a perfect lady at all times. Oh, what a dull class we would have had without our pal, Cert! an 464470651 JANICE MAY ARBUCKLE 180 Warren Street SS. Peter and Paul Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, Commercial Club 3, 4, Sodality Treasurer 1, Class Secretary 43 MERCY- CREST 4. If red hair is an indication of a fiery temper, then Janice is certainly a phenomenon. Although she is a regular 'Learrot top," Janice doesn't have a tempermental bone in her body and she is, in fact, one of the calmest, most even-tempered girls in our class. Janice has proved her patience and endurance many times as class secretary -if you doubt this, just ask the seniors-they know! LILLIAN CECILE BOISVERT 330 King Road, Tiverton, R. 1. St. Madeleine Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Publicity Com- mittee 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, French Club 3, Co-editor MERCIAN, Science Club 3, Student Council 4. Dark, sparkling eyes, gay, cheerful laughter, and a happy, fun-loving disposition are Lillian's welcome con- tributions to life in general, and to life within the walls of the Mount in particular. lf there's anything to he said. she can say it-let there be no doubt about that. ...Q b LUCILLE CECILE BOLDUC Sl Bum' Strvv! St. .llary Sodality 1. 2. 3, 45 French Club 31 Cumnwrcial Club 3, 4: Studi-nt Cmewnliif-lit 4: MERCYCREST 4: Cb-if Club 3. 4. Shv wax alwayx so fricndly and shi- had a very pleasing way about livrsvlf. Nlany tinwf wv did not knuw that l.uvilln' was around. but. although quiet, alle prove-d to bf- an all-around sludvnt. We know that ahv will be- capablv uf undcrtaking eu-n the nmst difficult of Iaskf. 0602 gfdidf , We Fwy NANCY JEANNE Boncrss 15 Ridge Slrecl 51, -Har, Sudality 2. Zi. 4: Fr:-nvh Club 2. 33 Cniiiiiivrvial Club 3. 4: Clase Tre-asurer 4: NIERLIYCRESI' 4. As vlaf- Ire-axurvr. Nancy has displayvd much vfficif-ncy and avcuravy. fihe if always rc-ady lu hrlp a frllow claws- malv. and ha-r qui:-I niannvr haslmadv Nancy a partivularly amiable person to haw- around. Everyone- know, that this pr:-tty girl lmffs to dance. iXflAnir:-Ci-A1Ri: COLLETTE BOUCHARD 603 Palmer Slree! 51.111119 Sodality 2, 3, 4: Art Club 3: Spanish Club 3: Coinmf-rcial Club 3. 41 Studvnt Council 4: NIERLII.-KN 4. lnitiatiw, imagination, practical jokf-r, perfection as a pianist and typibt. and a wr-ll-efnjuyvd Clasr personality are only a aniall nunibvr of Collette-'S many attributes. Rim ALICE BOURGUE 152 Last Street lflemvrl Sarrmnenl Smlality 1, 2. 3, 43 blisriftlt Committw' 4g Orvlwstra 1. 2, 3. 4: Assistant Librarian -1: Latin Club 3. 44 Spanish Club 3g Science Club Svcre-tary 3: Stutln-nt Counril 4: Dramatie- Club 3. 4: NIEHCYCREST. A mixturv of gaivty and a quit-t pt-rsonality, wht-n put together, what have we if not Rita whom wt- love so wt-ll? Her faint. echoing laughtvr within the wallw of the rcbool has brought many a joy to thf- H1t'llllJt'f5 of the sf-nior Class. , alien a Wiefwy, CAROL ANN BRAGA 27 Healle-t Street S!.Luu1'.s Sodality 1. 2. 3. 4: Cleat- Club 1, 2. 3, 43 Dramativ Club 2. 3. 43 Debating Club 1. 2: Fr:-ncll Club 33 Scicnct- Club 3: MERCIAN. Co-editor 4. One of tht' most active imunbe-rs of our vlass. Carol is alan prominent in outwitle activities. She- is we-ll known throughout the City not only for her splvnclitl work with the Forestm-rs. but partivularly for her dancing which has tlvlightml UF on num:-roug occaxions. LILLIAN EMMA BRODEUR 600 Charles Street Ble5.wer1Saf-rzzmenr Sodalitv 1. 2. 4: Cle-P Club 1. 2. 31 llramatit' Club 2. 3, 4: Spanish Club 2. 3: Comme-rvial Club 3: Dt-hating Club.1: Sci'-nw Club 1, 3: NIERCI,-XN 4. Here we have a young lady whose cle-mrous, rlawiv fva' tures, amiability. and attractive apps-aranw le-ntl vharm to any gathf-ring. 'Q -K WINIFRED NANCY BRUNEAU 303 Kilburn Street Sl. Patrick Sodality 1. 2, 3, 4g Clee Club 1, 2, 3: Dramatic Club 2. 3, 41 Debating Club 1. 2g Orcheftra 1. 2: Science Club 33 French Club 33 Student Council Secretary 4. liubbling laughter, an abundance of good will and per- sonality. a praise-worthy amount of school spirit, and a lueent example of the happy-go-lucky are the qualities we awociate with Naney. -A We 6 Owwe lace description of a truly fine person. NIAUREEN ANNE CARROLL IT john Street St. .Vary Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 13 Spanish Club 2, 3g Basketball 2. 3, 4g Science Club 3g Student Council 43 NIEHCYCREST. considered quite a jester. By the way. Moe, the slogan "IT PAYS T0 C0 TO FAY'S", owes its fame to you MARGARET ANN CAHILI l-17 lialenline Street Holi Name Sodality 1. 4: lllee Club lg Orch tr This ie the design for the faculty! 1 1 h take a 1 little girl who is in every fiber a lady who 1 consider: an A-1 good friend to all, and who h flan red lair a ready smile. and personality, and we h e a it ne Our star athlete is a fun-loving, thoughtful girl who is HELEIN DOLORES CHAMPAGNE 127 Hoularzd .Street Blessed Saframen! ality 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 1. 2, 3, 43 Dramatic Club Iam h Llub 2 Comrnereial Club 2, 3, 4, MERCY- CARoL NIARIE CASEY 80 Lane Street Sl. William Sodality 1. 2, 3. 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 41 Cmiiim-rt-ial Club 3, 4g Spanixh Club 2, 33 Student Council 43 Debating: Club l. Do we hear Inerryinaking at the Mount? 'lllll'I1 without a second thought we know that our Carol is sUIIlt'Wlli'fl' in the vicinity. Carol has the unique ability uf turning even the quietext gathering into something rf-Ar-IIIblinU a 7? riot- -and very often does. 7 can 7 6666416 gfedfu' a e a gas. rare ree perfonalityg add a petite little ure Ilfllllxlt In a dabh of Iuifchief-and you'll Come up. wit our Helen Htltfllb jubilant spirit is eontagioux, for one n Ier Im Iany can be seriouf for long. ALICE ELIZABETH CORREIRA 39 Quarry Street SI. Aritlmny of I'a1lI1a Sodality 1. 2, 3, 43 French Club 33 ConIIIIereial Club 3. 43 NIERCIAN 4. Frank, outspoken, witlI a determination to carry through to the end anything that she has undertaken. Alice iA one of the steady personalities in our class. Her friendbhip is indeed a valuable gift, for she is a loyal and Ataunvh supporter of all those close to her. 43 PATRICIA RUTH CYR 1191 Pfuwnozzrfi Avenue Sf,Pg1r1'pl.- Notlalitv 1. 2. 3. 4: Cnmmwrcial Cluh 3. 4: Dramatic Clul, 1 XIERCIAN 4. Pt-rite. Qaucy humor. amiahility. interminable loyalty Y llfxff' we have Pat whoee outlook ii definitely that of an 0lbl1lIllNilf'. happy pvr-on. 74 aa We Deddccufe we' think Nhv-1 quitv swcwt. PIIYLLIS ANNE DENOMME 139 llo1lSlrPet SS. Peter and Paul Smlalitx' 1. 2. 3. 43 Dramatic Cluh 2, 3, 43 Orchvstra 1. 2. 3. 43- French Club 2. 3: Commvrvial Club 3. 43 Sotlality 'llrvasurc-r 33 Stull:-nt Council 4: MEHCIAN 4. Phyllis is always ready to arguz- at the- lvaat point of lllsZiQlI'PFlIlt'IlI. He-r jesting. mannvr will always be re- mf-mlwred hy tho-ef with whom she has associated. Many a mlay nf glumn wae Q-nliglite-nf-tl as if hy a Sunbeam lwcause uf Phyllir' joviality. PATRICIA ANN l1.ELIX 37 fol1nsonSfrw'r Holi Rosari Smlalitv 3. 4: Dramatia' Cluh 3, 43 Cla lrea urrr cial Cm, 3. 4. c.,....iimf Mizmgrcai-:sr 4 With laughtvr lwaming all nvvr her ce ln- Ne-vn that Pat nvwr haa a tlull momrn merit of thf NIERCXCRICST. -hv hax proven n u alvility in thia fivlml. And oh. In-r ne-atne W mu t at m CAROL ANN DoNovAN 370 Stafford Road SI. William Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 French Club Zig Science Club 31 Science Club President 33 Marymountere 2, 3, 4g Cla'-S Vice President 3, 4: Class Treasurer 3g Co-editor MERCY- CREST 4. Fun loving. carefree, miechievoux, determined, Carol ie a perfect mixture of lrish gaiety, lrish friendliness, lrish temperament. and last but certainly not least, lrish luck. Life has alwaya smiled fondly upon Carol. perhaps becauae of her genuine loyalty to friends and her innate sincerity and sense of fairnf-as to all. LILLIAN FRANCES DUCHEMIN 586 Second Street Sl..1l!1U Sodality 1. 2, 3, 45 Clee Club 3, -lg French Club 33 Com- mercial Club 3. 43 Dramatic Club 2, 3g Student Council 4: MERCYCREST 4. An able commercial atudent whore good-natured manner and readiness to lend a helping hand will make her a remembered friend and a valuable member of the benior class. 0:41 qfamea Own ?4na6lc'e4 ADELE ANNA FANNING 910 Globe Street St. Patricl. Sodality 1. 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Commercial Club 3, 4g Spanish Club 2, 3g Student Council 4, MERCH- CREST. We will always think of Adele as a refined, comely, fair- complexioned claesmate who is reserved, yet most com- panionable at all times. H- . .f'v"Q!m .1 t J, 41 1 JOAN RITA F1ELD1No 297 Osborn Street St. Louis Sodality 1, 2. 3, 43 French Club Vice President 2g Science Club 35 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 3, 45 Class Sec- retary 4: Assistant Librarian 3g Dramatic Club 23 Debating Club 11 Student Council 45 MERCYCREST 4. Once you have become acquainted with Joan, she will unceasingly entertain you with her amusing laughter. Her conversation. always filled with witty comments, is quite an addition to her versatile personality. She was always a constant reminder that life is worth living, for no one could be serious in Joan's presence. ANNE MARGARET FORTIES 1264 Ply mouth .41'enue St. William Sodality 1. 2. 3, 43 French Club 2, 3: Commercial Club Secretary 3g Commercial Club 3. 4: Secretary Student Government 43 MERCIAN 4. 1 Always willing to lend a helping hand when needed, Annie is one of the most cooperative girls in our class. Her unassuming, quiet personality, coupled with her win- ning smile has made her one of the best liked girls in our class. We 5 to .ldae JANET ELAINE FURTADO 145 Boivin Avenue, Somerset St. John of Cod Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club 3. 4: Spanish Club 2, 3: Dramatic Club 2, 31 Orchestra 1. 2, 3. 4: Orchestra President 4g Student Council 43 Debating Club 1, MERCY- CREST 4. When Janet comes bouncing into class in the morning, the entire room immediately brightens up. This vivacious girl seems to carry the sunshine with her wherever she goes. and always manages to leave a little of it in the hearts of all those with whom she comes in contact. CREST 4 , ,. l ' K I f-1' - ' ,f . 1' f - ' A ' 1 sf All .www JEANETTE ANNE-MARIE GOYETTE y . ... NW 244 Fifth Street St. Anne Sodality 3, 43 French Club 43 Student Council 4, MERCY- J WWW' An ironic sense of humor and a knack of perpetual laughter are Jeanette's contributions to life at Mount. Ask the art class-they know! 441 goaddarloldca 307 Wade Street S r- .Vary LORETTA MAE HANNIGAN Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, C-lee Club 3, 4, French Club 3: Com- Q mercial Club 3, 4, MERCYCREST 4. Loretta is a sociable, mildmannered. serene class per- sonality who appears cool. calm 'n collected in every 5 situation. JUDITH ANNE KELLY 1033 Plymouth Avenue SS. Peter and Paul Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Clee Club 1, 2, 3. 4, French Club 3: Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, Debating Club 1: Editor-in-Chief MERCIAN 4. Calm and serene, but not really quietg dignified, yet always ready for fun and laughter at the right timef there you have a word picture of our Judy. ,ludy has proved to be one of the outstanding girls in our class, not only by her splendid work as Editor of the MERCIAN. but by her truly marvelous contralto voice as well, which has brought acclaim to herself and to her school. JEAN SABINA KOWALSKI 270 Palmer Street St. Patrick Sodality 1. 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 1. 2. 3: Debating Club 1, 23 French Club 3g Science Club 33 Student Council President 4g MERCYCREST 4. A very attractive member of our class, Jean has ex- tremely good taste in selecting clothes which naturally enhance her attractiveness. She is cooperative. and be- cause of her knowledge of math, she should make a great mathematician. Extremely fond of dancing, Jean is an all- around enthusiast. ee tam SONJA ANNA KRAUZYK 67 Wfilliur Street Sl. Stanislaus Sodality 2. 3, 43 Glee Club 3. 4: Dramatic Club 2: Com- mercial Club 3, 4: French Club 3. If at any time we need help or a favor. we know we can always depend upon Sonja. This thoughtful, kind- hearted girl is really a friend in need- she-'ll do anything for anyone-anytime. Because of this trait we know that Sonja will always have a friend. BARBARA ANN LANZISERA 270 London Street Holy Rosary Sodality 1. 2. 3. 4: Clee Club 1, 23 Dramatic Club 2: Secretary 3: President 4g Debating Club 13 Orchestra 1. 2. 3: President 4: Spanish Club 3: President 4: Com- mercial Club 3. 43 NIERCIAN 4. Whenev'f-r we find laughter and gaiety. We 8150 flflfl this fun-loving classmate. whose cheerfulness and genuine warmheartedness has boosted many a depressed spirit, and whose comical antics have enlivened a heavy schoolday. l3arbara's playing of the cello in our school orchestra has been a welcome addition to that group. RLTH ELIZ.-xBE'rH NIQKANE 288 HIIHIIIIUH Street SS. I,l"ff'ft1lIlllIlllll talitx l 2 3 4 l"re-nvh flluh 3: Comme-rcial Cluh 3, rthf ra I 2 S 4: Stutlvnt Counvil -1: llrauiatir' Clulm 1 ,A Pfxri-1NE hosrz IARRIVEIQ X.. 233 Filtli Street Sl. llnri 'gk wi' Sorlality l. 2. 3. Al: l"rQ-iivli Clulr 2, 33 Coninir-rt-ial Kluli 3 4: Cl:-v lflulr 3, lg 5tucle'nt Council 4: Xllfliflli-KN 4. .Xn 3lllll'lll2:IfI1't' of at-hool -piril. touplml with a kr-e-n in tore-at in all avtivities nialu-5 Pauline- an important invmlmtr of our vlaw. Pauline- i- at-tiw in hoth tht- grim- 1-lull and -,, , lltt' alltl takv- llvl' work tory Nvriniuxly, Own Wink gem? ru In 5' rome tt mintl whvn we- think of Ruthie. He-r quivt. Nw a an with ewryoilrfftliatl the firxt tht gg una umm wax and thoughtful. swvt-t pc-rxonality haw won for her nianw frirml-, and made' hor an imli-lwnsihlv LORRAINE ALICE MARTIN 28 L011i.sSlree!,Orem1 Grow SI. ,llirlzavl Sodality l, 2. 3, 43 Prvff-ct 43 Orclwetra 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 3, 41 Spanifh Cluh 2, 33 Dramatit' Cluh 1, 2, 3, -1: Science Clulv 33 Prvsidvnt Spanish Liluh 3: NIERCIAN 4. "A fri:-ntl in nw-tl if a fri:-nd imleetlf' lt give-5 us pride- to absociatv these- words with Lorraine, a staunch sup- porter of tho Mount. As lihrarian in he-r be-nior year, she- did he-r work wvll and could ht- valle-al upon hy anyone-. She won for her-e-lf an unforgettable- place- in tht- minds and hearts of he-r fe-llow vlawinatw. DOROTHY ANN MEDEIROS 120 Choate Street Espirito Santo Sodality 1. 2, 3. 4: Commercial Club 3. 43 French Club 3. Dot. a raven-haired, dark-eyed commercial student. is noted for her reliability. good nature, and neat. attractive appearance. We ' , god, NIARY THERESA MITCHELL 53 Burl.'le,v Slreel Immaculate Conception Sotlality 2, 3. 41 Orchestra 2. 3. 43 Dramatic Club 21 Debating Club 23 Science Club 3g Spanish Club 2, 3: NIERCIAN 4. A The slender girl with the cameo features and expres- sive blue eyes. blushes profusely. This imaginative member of the class of '54. known to us at Mitch, is well thought of by all whose path she crosses. MARGARET ELEANOR MOLLO 18 Robert Gray Avenue, Tiverton. R. 1. St. Christopher Sodality 1. 2. 3. 43 Glee Club 1. 2. 33 Debating Club 1: Latin Club 33 Science Club 33 French Club 2. 3g Orchestra 1. 2g Dramatic Club 2, 3, 43 Cheerleader 3. 4g Student Council 4: MERCYCHEST 4. A girl with a winning personality who could always take her troubles with a grin. She won the friendship of many by the warmth of her smile. With her leaving the Mount, there will be the loss of a twinkling eye along with the ever-radiant smile. whose gaiety and readiness to help others have been tried MARJORIE ANNE MORIN 154 .llultStreet SS. Peter and Paul Sodality 1, 2, 3. 41 Orchestra 1, 2. 3, 4, French Club Fec- retary 3, Busim-ss Manager Orchestra 3: Latin Club 3, 4: Science Club 3: Class Officer 43 Dramatic Club l, 2: Cheerleader 3. 4, NIERCIAN 4. W'ith her "crowning glory". black as night, we enjoyed her company. for with her smile, she always managed to turn dark to light. lt was a pleasure to know someone and found complete. mwi0afa ,lagwe JANICE ELIZABETH NOWAK 351 Kenyon Street Holy Cross Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Debating Club 1: Latin Club 3, 43 Vice President 3, Science Club Treasurer 33 French Club 3, Editor-in-Chief MERCYCREST. Serene, sensible, sedate-superior in all she undertakes. Every action of our competent editor indicates that she is a shining example of all that is the essence of a lady. .lanice's untiring efforts to make the MERCYCREST the best ever will always be remembered and appreciated by the rest of the staff. EVELYN CHRISTINE PACHECO 387 Tower Street Sl.Eli:abe1h Sodality 2, 3, 45 Sodality Treasurer 4, French Club 3: MERCYCREST 4. Pert and tiny, but quick-witted, Evelyn amuses the class by her keen sense of humor, for she certainly banishes monotony. Her work as treasurer of the sodality has helped greatly in advancing the sale of Catholic literature. 2931 Nurrh lllllll Slrwl Sl 1111 IGF! Nvdality Nvanixlx XIEHIQX Nnlwe -'llif-f. a In'Il1'flI1' XUff't'I1. form e-r. lllvllllxfy 1232 Cfnlu slff I S! WIHIIIIII Smlalily 1 llrama Llup .31 Lullllxlrr Uffiu-r 1 2 5 1 'NIPH4 HN lu 4. Word tlllllli x w : xr fr an u our sw ll lou 4 rr: ll -Ant Lu X21Il1'Fd 1 x xx re Lilttllllif Hvr attrac tiw fha tnut lmlr 1 llI't xnu a h vul mw 1 in Ll vrmsi lncloe lsr mar nr-on IN lla Illd :J firxt lwwr 1 In vmur C NN CARULE ELizABr:'1'u HILEX 20 .-ltluntit llozzlerarfl St. l'atrir!. 5? Sodality 1. 2, 3, 43 Cl:-e Club 1, 2, 39 Dramatic Club 2: Debating Club lg French Club 3. 41 Science Club 3: 2 Student Council 4g XIEHCYCHES1' 4. Carole is a tall. well-proportioned and definitely very 5, fashion-wise member of the senior class who plans her future aruund a "White Cap." CLAUDETTE THERESA Ross W' 233 Sterling Street St. Jean Baptiste Commereial Club 3. 4: Soclality 3. 4: NIERCYCREST 4. Altltuugh her fave seems In radiate peace and tranquility. it is known to us that Claudette enjoys fun at the right QQ?" time. Claudettel neat appearanf-e adds eharm In her quiet but interesting personality. 'lawn ' LEONA GRACE Sum 289.lIl1l1l'l1PSIf'FSlf6f"f SS. l'eler lllltl Pau! Sodality 1. 2, 3. 4: Sodality Secretary 43 lil:-e Club 1. 2. 3, 43 Ort-ht-qra 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Yiee President 1: Sf-eretary Orchestra 31 Vice President Orchestra 43 Spanish Club Treasurer 2. 3: NIERCYCREST 4. Dainty. well-mannered, even tempered, always neat, with an ever-ready. kindly smile or a helping hand. Leona is i Certainly a delightful addition to any group, and wry definitely a weleome member of ours. MARILYN THERESA STORCH 450 Snell Street Holy Cross Sodality 1. 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Student Council 43 Vice President Science Club 3g Vice President Spanish Club 33 Debating Club 13 MERCIAN. We were very fortunate to have among our associates a girl with a great heart. Wherever help was needed, there was Marilyn to do her part. We know that her willingness to serve others will always remain with her. 7 emtaf77Zmq BARBARA JANICE STOWIK 170 Foster Street Holy CVO-95 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 13 Latin Club 3, 43 Spanish Club 33 Art Club 33 Art Editor MERCYCREST. During the past four years, we have had ample time to become acquainted with Barbara, and we have learned that she is not really quiet. She is ready for laughter at the right time. Barbara is noted for her art work and if this is her chosen career, we know that she will realize her ambition because her talents are outstanding. JACQUELINE ANN ToKARz 1546 Riverside Avena e, Somerset St. Thomas More Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 2, 33 Commercial Club 3, 43 MERCIAN 4. Who is that soft-spoken girl with the reticent manner and quiet charm? This girl who is held in highest regard by both the faculty and student body could be none other than that commuter from Somerset. Jackie. MARGARET ELIZABETH WALSH 166 ,llolt Street SS. Peter and Paul Sodality 1, 2, 3. 4: Class Treasurer 1, Commercial Club 3, lg Freneh Club 'Treasurer 33 Dramatic Club 25 Cheer- leader 3. 43 MERCYCREST 4. Xlaggie never did eoncem herself too much with the old proverb, "Silence is golden." However, should Maggie be absent, her cheerful, incessent chatter is missed by all. Maggie did a splendid job taking charge of ads for the yearbook, and we on the staff really appreciate it. BARBARA ANN WITENGUQR 1396 Plymouth Avenue Holy Cross Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Vice-prefect 4, Clee Club 3, 4, Com- mercial Club 2, 3, 43 French Club 34 MERCYCREST 4. What would the classroom be without Barbara? We will never know, for we could depend on her for everything. She was a quiet girl, but when she joined some of her old cronies, she would step right up with merry laughter. We Could always call on Barbara. for she has a heart of gold, and her faults are few. in 10 The long awaited day! Graduation-Mt. St. Mary Academx so Qfflrr lk q 'Alt ,' Q. S4-L - A -gffw A -" X 4 I ' ' Al, Y J..-ix-1 I w 9' - 1L.9u,i4v,:,,. 4'b.4',-vigf .Qi i . 1 959-11'-1' 35,3 ' K '.C..f'i11?f'?9"' xxglqfe 25'-.. 5' .-4 4' rf X.. A ,. 1 W!" Y A L hx gfkifgl X A r' . 'l D l l " , A A ' tj' 1 It 'V "'- Q 1 lb' ' 5,4 F: 1, xg, t., V. ,V , 'fat , 5' ,f 'lf r' 'I . 2 , V ' -' 1 fbi- ,, PV fl .1 y 'fa l y 5,1-4 , ' l , r'::',,,l,',9- n V' ' l1!f'f 6 V! 1 f Q I 553' f 1 'Q . - . i' ' gl" . . . 1 , W D., fwfr I 4' ,f , -Q. if . 3 J-A' t 5 4' We, the cless of '54, have e werm feel- ing of friendliness for ihe undergred- uefes, fho Juniors. Sophomores end Fresh- men' of M.S.M.A. We remember meny pleesenf ediviiies we have hed fogefher . . . irips, gemes, dences. pleys. rofroefs. We ere soon fo leevo high school be- hind end we hend on fo you fho icleels we heve fried io effeln . . . complefo loyalty to God, country, school. I J If A KNAW' ff' The proud .Juniors admire their new class rings. Left to right: G. Martin, B. Mills, L. Camache, J. Hunt. ccadafw .We bf, Left to right: J. Edwards. E. Pytel. M. Heffernan, C. Heffernan, P. Ryan, L. Camache, D. Gibeau. J. Quinlivan. E. Vanasse. K. Dean. E. Hinchcliffe. J. Seneca. B. Mills, D. Rochefort, H. Riley. J. Chodkowski. J. Powers. C. Martin. A. Breault, C. Dumas, M. Souza, J. Ferreira. T. Holleran, C. McCarty. E. Belanger. J. Chouinard, R. Fin- neran. M. Beattie. E. Peterson, M. Lake. C. Leach. D. Ward, J. Hunt, J. Simmons. Kin Left to right: E. Williamson. C. Auclet. K. Hinchcliffe. S. Murray. C. Reagan. C Dutton, P. Prystac, P. Casey, lVI. Donnelly. J. Araujo. D. Wolowiec. C. Wilson, E Parent, T. Gagne, E. Jagielski. M. Silvia. V. Crawford. P. McMahon. P. Nelligan K. Boardman. A. Freitas. S. Tuttle, M. Postiglione. I. Silva. A. Armstrong, C. Quinn C. Glynn, E. Fahey, P. Murphy, R. Rocha. E. Levesque. H. Wolowiec. D. Rondeau A. Glynn. mgwded T-we The Juniors begin the day's work by pausing a while in our beautiful chapel. Left to right: T. Cagne, C. Dutton. C. Bouch- ard, M. Donnelly. ' QW Left to right: E. Audet. M. Manning, l. Connell. N. Falvey. E. Hartley. M. Murray. N. Mills, R. Drislan. R. McCann, L. Booth, B. Correira. S. Daly. S. Thibault, P. Cowell, P. Virdinlia: S. McMahon. C. Moore. M. Camara. P. Haggerty, A. Soares, M. Moore. F. Marlin. S. Milhers. C. Lalnlvert: J. Smith. C. Cliorlton. M. Fazio, R. Silvia. N. De Costa, M. Ryan. The CLASS OFFICERS of room five stop to look over the first issue of the MERCIAN. C. Chorlmn, C. Lambert, S. Xlithcrs. F. Finnvran. 7a gay 0606 Report card day is here again. M. Moore, D. Lavoie, and F. Martin compare the results of theirs with those of their class president, A. Soares. Left to right: E. Michaud, F. Smith, J. Morrissette, D. Lavoie, C. Martin, D. Lavoie J. Committo, M. Foley, B. Roias, N. Costa, M. Costa, B. Costa, H. Aguiar, S. Wyka A. Coderre, S. Hanley, D. White, A. Farias, M. Canfield, M. Breault, J. Roy, J Mercure, T. Biltcliffe, J. Ross, l. Arruda, J. Bigos, V. Ouellette, J. Sylvia, N. Berger D. Comtois, F. Henderson. Left to right 9 M : elolugh. S. Sheehan. L. Manehester. C. Srlvia, M. Holleran. M. Stapleton, B. Moore. 1. Synnott. H. Smith. P. Hoss. O. Lavoie. M. Vogel. T. Sullixan. A. Houle. C. Hough. M. Silva. M. Soares. M. Coyle. H. Wyka, A. liaposa. S. Levesque J. Petres. A. Pacheco. J. Mello. K. Riley. M. Wlllso f' " n. .. Wolomev. M. Keshural wdmm . 'n the ne-we todaY? Bev hl 1 . R I laCP W H U v Q 1 d P . erlY 'Nloore lwlnth 0 fflC6T A Y' her 0 3 the Ol importarafff Synnott. an A Hull 1?- Goulet. look On' .W WWW 1 M . ,df i C. Burgess. P. Marr O Our Lad' F lox' ,, :nvVLl'r1L HHN. H2915 sm-vadx widp " rnghrg pu X llrfllxllun Flux lhf'I' arm. D A Iffvv- Ufflv- ' Aqua 4' M' nyfull Q Ifft - A' 'lanlrog Az'Qff A Left to rivhl: N. Theruux. B. McMahon. S. Vmawrrd. X. NMNXBH. Vw Fake? - V-QWHHM Ski. A. Savane. Csvrxrrel X. VVQBM. Syhra. 1. Lcwesqrw. M. Ferreira. Nl. QAYYHHW- M. VVrubXeski. Wlokmwrec. C. Czrbral vm. Snrezck, C.. Gurdek. V.. 5HN'rLX. Uliffff- L- Andrade. NK. Uuhxn. R. Barry. NX. Cuggm-shuXX R. GaskuXX X. Vruu-s C.. Quay. D. bouza. 1 -ia. C.. lluimum . . Pm. Hospnd. Left to rrghl: M. Carrol A. Umdan. M. Byron. L. lim-Xcdr, S. Chamre E. Cravance. M. Brais. M. Newkurr. P. Mclzvc. F.. Rik-5. X. Pmrubr. X. Luxow. X. MCKeorr. R. Malhm. P. Boardman. U. Farkas. V. Hodgson. M. Nh-rscy. R. Caron, I Chrccia. V. Curry. D. L'UCurr-ux. V. Nrruda. C. Cmnlors. B. GmxNr1wkh'. Y.. Muran ' ' -1 P. Uxnn. B. Peckham, E. X run. -v' , V Q , ag 4 iY"'i" 'xx Z f 1 -fri' ' 1153, r J' . ff ,Q if , or-5+4f'f , . 1 gb, if - af gifs, 25 0 I ' .lf-lv J lf I ,D X351 . di ' 1 :gf-L'3.' l, ' a ' T':.':,'-Q' 2 Xl, iaigza-V kfhft hd -. JS, K4 X . --.-. m..- n .A 1 'tg' Ytuiv DLR? 'wh ' la, i -so 'fix 5' I. f 'f 4 it 344' an ini! uf . Q, 'L- if 1 r .Lg High school would be non-exislenf wi+h- oul classes. Sfudying is our work. So we plan our fufure around ihe special group of sfudies-we choose. Religion and English are a MUST for all levels wifh choices of ma+h, languages, science, and hisiory. Come info our classrooms and see how busily engaged we are in our various sfudies. wld gfaedfaaama 45 6 "5- 'pf ,fl-rw 4 ,qi .'hl'llt'I1I fret-lunt-n cotnplvtv Fngrlixh Workbook r-xc-rciwf. ddaweo THF TXLE Ol' TWO 'NITIEQ Munn: dr .1 t tonci t attr an cxpanation ln Sl. er Mary Flora, lvl "Hepzibah's Personality" forms a tentative theme topic for Snowdrifts and cold we-athvr will never make the Senior the Junior English Group. Englirh Class lvss atte-ntiw. f ' - 9' I 'ft' fm . Punctuation of wntenct- containing clauses Calle for thoughtful concvntration, as the Sophs are finding out. . 4- --'nf' if I i 77:14 'llirabile diem i , . ' Sn! ' Eggelbtand the Latinltfqnan' to n 901 Q0 wel ISUFCQ f v I? t 0 U AWN' 75: 1 4 . . 4,- l7n-slinian studs-nts aim n-vii e Latin. "the mls-ntl langtiagzvf' unflvr ' ' llul Sr. Carme-la s wats. 1 lllt't'Cll1m. wsu- 'P 0 terque quaterque lwatil Ciccro is really wortli studying, isn't it? Sr. M. Ruse listens to the recitation ol C. Glynn, H. Wolowiec, P. Casey, C. Autlet, C. Buucliard. S. Murray. M. Donnelly. 43 enhance- cz The Physics Class determines the frequency of a tuning fork by means of the vibrograph. Left to right. M. Storeh, II. Mollo, L. Boisvert. Sister M. Maurice seems pleased with the work. L 7 aetofa J. Durfee and J. Sylvia help E. Leves- que to find the dew point. Sister Mary Alberta, science teacher. looks on. Wi. --all Members of the Junior Class intently observe the mercury barometer which they have just completed. S. M. Al- berta. teacher. cbz0m WMM Carol Chorlton explains to the interested sopho- f mores the important facts about the earthworm. 44 S. M. Fidelis supervises lab activities. I qtidflozq I., um , , I' N .Nw "What are the causes of the French Revolution?" queried Sister Mary Carmela of her Modern History Class. World History with Sister Mary Irene. Our inter-cummunicatinn eyst em m-nablei Janet Furtado to gin- a lime--age to all. piife- U, his! You r shorthand akin! Q 'Q xx A P - leaee make these columns balance before the bell rings! ii.: An income tax form to ty 46 wan- pe-what happened, Alice? The di business X1 ctaphone-a modern and efficient machine. O live fx J - r Whats earnfgh' at wt unio .. mrk- Ane lectric adding machine adds s eed d p an accuracy to Dot M d ' ' e eirns work. -...S .4 ug I I ir. Two future business leaders of .Kms-rica. Ann Forties and Barbara Witengier. aid Sis- ter in filing the school records., Qince when has General Office DMC tice become such a happy pastime. Qisler M. Dionysia i I ww... 1 dn nd skill. m marie her shorthand know 6 ,G 3 47 ,sul Under the watchful di- rection of Sister Mary Fidelis, Barbara Smith solves a factoring problem. Z 2 Cuentos en Espanol. ini Tan-y Y Q n-y T Senior Trig students solve for x Jaded? .AA fab" uur Faith ix Firf'I'lli3I to all who BTP X Soon In fam' the- wnrlfi. A more- than advquutm- knowlc-dggv of S in . . ' llllllll Rpliviml i- Ihr- Ira-1' nf '3 happy ht lifv. 605 ' 5:4 Our Smlalily pn-fm'I and office-rs seek counsel from Hun-ignnr Gerrard. our xpiritual advisor. Vfax l D.. I 'L 4 ,E 'l'f2"6" is , Qs, A ,yi Qs dad' .- 4.fhv': -Q' 9'-El. 'uhh ff' 52542 R' 5 xv' 7' 5 'fx Y?? ln addifion' fo our regular school iraining, we are priyileged fo have exfra-curricular organizafions in which a sense of respon- sibilify and leadership are developed by parficipafing in 'lhose aclivilies for which we have a special flair. Enrichmeni of our ebilifiesg 'Iraining in leadershipg, developmenf of skills: are a few of fhe 'lreasured refurns 'lo be as- similaied by 'following your hobby. Join a club! 5 Qfffqun ' 5 n XA .-15" f V R gf, .Adv-ffff 1 Lv'- I K., I. Xt the first mvrllllgg Ha-N of the- Pall Rn:-r lilm-1--v. Xlnunl Saint Nlary ,Marla-lmly' furnishw musical 0161111-nt unflm-r the' almlf- dirvclion of Shtvr Mary Yvruna. Sislcr Mary Gabriella. RSQN1., F.'l'.CI.I,.. at he-r piano in the- Nlusic rmun. 52 ,J The history and geography of the coun- try is also an important element in the study of Spanish. Senior and Junior members of the Lat- in Club are exercising their vocal chords with Latin songs from the "Aux- ilium Latinum." Qil painting the art club. 'i . - . emberS 0 intrigues the In Here we have our future commercial leaders who show us the various devices used in the business field. - 5. ' SFf ' " . ,divas ,M , WE . lar . QQ - - My N . t y 3, S v ,f f M , ' " y um-" 'ff' Qu., ,,,..-. 5 td 4' Seniors practice for a special performance. I i s. :- ah, ,, any i as ., . if: x hx bv' ,L i EW, if 75: - i AST' t I l f 1 1 ' ml FOUR YEARSfFAITHFUL SONGSTERS-SENIORS ALL! Senior soloists rehearse with their accompanist, Marianne Postiglione. "I have never before heard so many fine voices combined in one group." This was a comment made by Alice Jackson, a T.V. personality, after a special choir from our Glee Club appeared on her program. Noteworthy praise, indeed, but fully deserved by these industrious, talented girls who comprise the Clee Club of Mount Saint Mary Academy. Trained under the excellent direction of Sister Mary Gabriella, R.S.M., F.T.C.L., this seventy voice group presents two concerts each year-one at Christmas. and the other a Spring concert in April. They also sing at various religious exercises, hospitals, and charitable organizations throughout the city, lending a note of cheer to all. Left to right: S. McMahon, S. Krauzyk, E. Peterson, M. Silvia, L. Camache, C. Dutton, P Prystac, D. Cibeau, C. Reagan, B. Witengier, C. Audet, E. Vanasse, P. Haggerty, P. Larrivee, L Duchemin, L. Hanningan, K. Boardman, S. Tuttle, E. Parent, B. Mills, J. Araujo, J. Committo M. Beattie, J. Chouinard, C. Glynn, C. Quinn, J. Synnott. S., Mithers, C. Leach, L. Bolduc, R. Drislan, D. Wolowiec, M. Storch, M. Donnelly, A Breault, P. Nelligan, T. Sullivan, C. Houle, J. Souza, A. Freitas, R. Finneran, A. Glynn, L. Boisvert, P. McGee, S. Daley, E. Jagielski, C. Braga, J. Kelly, E. Hartley, S. Murray, P. D'Elia, F. Finneran, P. Hodgson. J. Nowak, L. Shea. If ' , . Q re excgp 10 ' ' first membel'S1 me Swim!-5 a AQ they were nt' ' Q of its existence- iour years Orchestra during the VK -:Q ,, ade bY the t' nallY Proud of thi' Pfovress m 74 4 ll SENIOR ORCHESTRA OFFICERS-J. Field' ing, J. Furtado, L. Shea, and R. Borque. During the four years that our academy Orchestra has been in existence, it has made steady. suc- cessful progress until it has become an indispens able part of our school. Comprised of zealous, s group works diligently at all times to achieve the greatest possible degree of perfection. enthusiastic members. thi in I1 Thf' orch fulfil I , I . nelnlifrslllp has had a ste-aflv h ' ffmwf . and the orinj ,nal Ur, h mp hai bmi" Husurmlnred' by I memierg from uacli umj,.r,,raduar P ,- 7a ' ,l l ss and members of the school The graduating c au, orchestra wish to externalize our deep debt of grati- tude to the memory of Mr. Wilfred Roberts. who died rather suddenly a year ago. Mr. Roberts pa- tiently organized and instructed our first members and they, as well as all those who later were as- ' 1. mourned his sociated with this great IHl1blCl3I death. Requiescal in pace. , we 0' sw. F-N s . 'H Kiwi?" Qfffellqlflwl '44 id 4 ll -ble.: we Mary-mounters presi- dent, Barbara Lanzis- era, outlines the work of her officers and committees to: N. Bruneau. P. D'Elia, C Donovan, J. Araujo, S Hanley, M. Mannin C. Audet, and F. Fir' neran. Martha glgri:zfi5'ggIiLMaggiel Mor. in? -r , fhitffbf huinorto a l ' f l ' AT aint We ft ,rt . 1, . W ,. mgdawws 1' 'Q Vai A The scene bemg set I5 to glVC the atmosphere of a dark, cold hut, the play to Strength. X 1. , an 1 4 ? ff , j. iii 3 vcmgll l 'aillvvfw-W 1-,E 1 In l + V 4 ' 4:22, X, 4 .':'5,jr1-,-.1,W,!, W X U , t X " , M wM.Qg3gw,,E I ll ' 't ff ' " ' What would happen to the SCUIOF Play If N e,?,ll",45 'N ' - . 4 H4 'fe EM , nl l na 1, V71 ll ly,Qtfll5ll" W .., wrthout the capable behmd-the-scenes N ll 1 4 91:35-l'.' 2- X l 425 S t ln,N.x ,. twice M5221-1 f The cast of our Senior Play f "Thunder on the Hill" takes time out from rehearsals to ose 31.1. the photograph. jfiv ,Q ,157 .513 ijtij eeE2,s,LT'T5 ,ffm . J l i 0 pf W w Ad' 'wi "Now savour every mouthful in the good Lord's name," ad- monishes Sister Josephin KN. B runeaul. as Nurse Brent fl. Fieldingl ravenously completes her supper. Sarat Carn 1Pat D'El- ial strikes out at Phil- lips 1Carol Donovan? as Sister Mary flean Kowalskil, Mrs. Mel- ling fB. Lanziseral, and Miss Pierce fP. DeNommel look on in alarm. ff' X t . If nf K ff Xu rf "MagniIicat anima mea Domin- um," cries Sister Mary, as Sarat falls to her knees sobbing. Sf 5 ??'."' 'lr , " T-Y"r'?l'f Q5 vaibnizgxpjllx N. -11.1 9"""'Y 1 I , eg if 'We inow ihaf Chrisfian Educaiion siresses ihe developmenf of 'lhe whole man, so' ihaf inielledual aciivifies, alone, .are nof enough fo .prepare a siudeni' fo fake his righflul place in socieiy as a social being and an ideal ciiixen of bofh earfh and heaven. By pariicipafing in aciivifies, we have an opporiunify of developing our religious aspiraiions, of exercising a sense of re- sponsibiliiy and leadership, of display- ing inifiafive, and of fosiering a spiril olfriendshipg cooperation and loyalfy. Mouni Sf. Mary's aims io do ids? ihaf. ,Q ,K xl 'aug iljyf' rv if-if '-.fp ,- z A . ff A 'Km -. - .f-ff3,...,... -f .-,,.Aug,y,. , 'fi E' 1 -Nlnx if .5 nn I L 5.54 ,.lL Fl A 1 u WV . .feed 1 Wm AM' 1'- CIE My x. 1 s.- gf we 1 I 'B lr IS 'id ,, . U 0 ' l' g I9 I O lv, ll ia? 71' it gl ,J ,qgfxui fi! figs . 4' E 1 P 'sf I' 2 'W N' " 1 . Ti AM Tim. 'wx A S sg' 'sv in x 452, ,Q ' ' x'Q'3 if Us 5 B .llixz ,VN 5 ,f .2 .l ., f Ji I X , if .75 f Q f auf ff' f ba' The Performance 1, C199 C O ' Iul . Christ Cantata agdconsntuted the'-??!itInUS1C by the U , gf'ant. 'Greatly enriched tl 'Rift nf the lf' Hffan Pa. 646 l NU. The Verse Choir introduced each P Marian Pagvanl Ch and pantominw. section of th by sper- A child is born in Bethlehem. 64 Angels an d shepherds adore! Janet Hunt and John Postiglione kneel to listen to the Lady of La Salette's message. Carole Riley portrayed the Lady. l Guadalupe is brought back to us by Noreen Paiva and Sylvit Chantre. . .Adnan de? . f our M---V The hnaxe hcl the entire Cantata t brollg eazt on the Scene' ca WD .I In the hills of Fatima a Lady from heaven spoke to three children. Jean Kowalski as the Lady, Mary Silva, Kathleen Glynn, and John Murray as the children of Fatima. 70e'ze Opened Romance Lives CBZIOSM g0I'2U2I""' OUP gI'226l0l'l'l In Theil, Pages New York, a icitly off fdesolationg San 'for life and tfood. They do no-t knolw hoii Francisco, Boston, all the ide-nselliy sporp- 'to react 'in ltimes of havofc. What shal P 1' - -' at ,at it ' - 1 ulated cities, now desolate. Peoiple are tfhey do? On fthe otrher hand, the poor e,1eITigg,?pfOE3q'dnEg"'y3fi:12E3'uI?1OtSWQf,ff?1-Z Scarce- You man Walk along Fifffh Ave' people .are nm' 50 pamcky' They arenrt Father of the American Short Sgmryn is the rich. The hing :for loe- -ts. Bo-th ipoor awe one igoal consistency. Washington Irving's stories always manifest a siniglenes sion derived from a lolenfd and plaice, and a skillful of material to shatpe a -sa-tisfiyin and conclusion. Since I ha.v s of iimrpres- 8 irmeid people .DW S O arf' x X ts? 1 X my 4011... . A. Forties and P. Larrivee. business managers. ex- press pleased approval as Mercian subscriptions are paid. vuucuw nu uunzuu, an 2 I . . .S Editor-in-Chief J. Kel- ly, examines lay-out with her co-editors, J. Perron and C. Braga. il sf' slhrulos. On one of fthe rose s 'a large, shiny drop of rain. J 'we know of this tiny, liquid m? Under the 'glossy surfatce, rretg are revealed? Its 'there an- orld of crystal-like tcreatures e in a different type of life? nture into tithe tpolssilbiilitty of set- imaig-ina-tion -to Work. 1 icy surface .we lfind an icilclle dancing -with a large group of Jressive lfigures. Then suddenly ngemenlt is at a stand-still! In st of the dancing 'com-pany 1 jet black sc-are wcrow. In 'his d -way he 'makes ifor 'tlhe crystal only 'to 'come to a solid trans vall. Beyond this partition is 'tlhe adiy trying 'to avoid the villain. rs a lfew ,gralc-elful spins, turns, -denly-ethe ice wall disaplpears. se :begins again! elbony figure is about to snatch ser, the drdp of 'water Hbegins fto Erosm its resting place. Then it the 'gr-ound. Our iwholle new s gone, and :we have lost our "'JT12H2Ug6 rt mind. Queen of this ifidti-tious land. But in ,our y 1' Happy members of the NIERCIAN staff :book lby minlds 'we are a 'little more enriched Ibe- ll e: ll 1 L - V i' fr 69 Wevre fl: A i pp M ",Smokey clausemwelhave another 'scope 'for our li if li .ft ll l Y l 1 I I l 1 i i .l ,t 4 ll il l 'I 1 4 E f 1 Librar Is Mecca For All tudents During Busy Days "Everyone has access to a lib not everyone uses lit," is a s quoted widely today. Buft, Mout Mary Academy is 'proud to di TI-IE MERCIAN Jan. 1954 Mount Sl. Mary Academy Vol. VIH, N013 Proof for our refutation is fou.1 I watches the girls of the Moi dally through the portals of the Seniors, for ih-smance, have ir research 'work to do, and ther- few feet away are tfhe answer their pressing problems. Juni freshmen have enmoarked on la meniary reading search, the dealing for the most part rw-L-th i and varied phases of literature y freshmen dwell mainly on topicsl the sophomores are delx a world of reference books. Books Appeal To All Books are the entertainmen. highest orderg for, through lbo can see the world. The novelis speak that one can go whirling the years to visit an Egyptian tion, Roman ruins, or a Greek One might visit London with Paris with Balzac, or even a Russia with Tolstoy. Yet, if one romance or adventure, he has seleo: imaterial, relax, and Ib 13 flight to a new adventure. Yes, Ure can find Uhe 'hisit' mance, a iventure, mystery, or rx else he iesires in a world of .,,.....-,. . . . .. . , . N Q ' M iorine, glrrrerevse Deaureloardy .mister nJl..ll1lJ1 jgbbd l l'U CC iiigeb. bg'BZ.gleid beixvilleen UWO 'Covers' Marv Ainneen I'f'laire Ciilflfirwl' Sister J L' easln Isp ayg ure 7' Each mgngh there appear on it Members of the HERCIAN Staff: L. Brodeur, il. Mnaral. J. Kelly. Editorg B. Lanzisera, C. r 7 'ers 'orary bulletin board, various invit Cagel' and L' I"'1"Hrt' to the realm of bookland. This m display fwalg parjticularly interesitirgg Ee- riivanl- ifhe 955333 yvide yeading of 955358 by Xin. iaeusepfleignegglalque YYIBHHGF ID W LC If ioiash ClL1'.f1IlOI'5, analysis, and report. 5 5 L , Q - ,Q hh is N-,mm ,1q, LV V , Yield The R1 ht Of Wa 9, use Q' L 0 HDL 15915-I L0 C19 Studens were drawn Jto fthe looard 'by , , gi L, vy , ture the voices of the speaker: q- they ,H ,cbt b k b ka, .h ,h . To the fefw Meeks old New Year 13, ,Y N A N LP L e. ,. e brig . oo ac s wit ., eir fancy V, .l, .b . 1 1 , Q 19-4 mace their relportg was an added incen- H . 1 . . as it egins its precarious o ,. . le..ering and colorful designs. Eaoeciallv ,., . .,.,. . ,.., ,.,,a,,..r,.i N, tive for our senior gpegkel-Q gs ,Ummm interesting was 'that wil ioug and bright .book in of candles gracing twc trees. A library is the pa: and vital l-ife. Let it le unknown. gf MERCIAN typists hard at work to im-vt the- deadline-. iiismlsaiuzi fri ivx.u,',i.1 if 1-J., AU, J, T.nUW'A,:flF 1xn ,w 'ri-my ' , .,a4gvLg sr, 1 .MZ 'xi , ' -1... , 1' .- N. 4. , 4,5239-fs W f jf effig- "e. .V - , 'W Sim it H it -sw fv. B mana.-'fe N l' All V- - a, Jian s. it-ff I Ir V ?f4 if 'Il HQ, lffffc-if 1 'REST ,, s + aff ' 1 Sf-ans "riff-Q RS, checlk of. ' afld wr ads- L, Duck f.nU.n . 1, usi 11088 fe1,, Van, I 11319 . ,1-,al Untiring effort anu time have been sacrificed by the editors. staff and the faculty advisor of our school record hook, with the hope that the Class of '54 will have an in- teresting precious repertoire of high school memories to leaf through in years to come. "Memory is elusive-capture it," goes the saying, and that ,A f' V 1f t 4 4 ,F- x We M3501 0 s 3 Q x iacuxvf K W Y - xy. . gh "X 8 YP" Vi XN:L 8 Nxad Eine, mf- ' -- aw' f HBV is what we, the staff, have tried to do. we have gathered and collected the most mem- ory-worthy events of these four wonderful years together QW an g.. . . and we now present them to kk. and ld Nwon You in our . . . V, 90,8 -mg UN OW Bk' u XNsx0Act MERCYCRI-:ST , 3. N ,mtv 19'4 Q VYN' wack .3 ' . ' A , 0? . K3:0XxXcW"' . D00 -,xy rise, 7b W l ' A day's work is done-l This ii thff thought that in in "Shaw anil -harv alike-" if the motto of Claudette anu Ines and Mary 9ilva's minds as the-y leave for honn- at .lavkiv Rim as th:-y vnjuy a re-fre-Nhing lmttlf- of smla. 2:25. an ,4fae Who made that one-. Carol or Mary Lou? Barbara and Shirley Wyka inspect the- Stars and Stripes. Jean and Della Souza geleet reference books to be used gift of the- Class f-f '51. in various classes. W I H 51131, -'X' HQ! ' "' I Vt . ff n ,, x""5z 9 f I a l liewilclerecl. are- they? Canal and H.-lf-n cm-rtainly haw l'hf- Fulx.-5 Niftf-rx. lluiliuru ami Nnrin'-. liuu-V ti, r-far! Ihf'8IYllt'LlfLlI'll't'Uflhlig,1I'l'LlIlllillkvfsb Ihf- inte-rv'-ling iiilwriiiulif-ii nn Ihr liull--tin In-fur-l. 066 A16 tie Kalhlr-Hn and Patricia llnarclmun have- an arslo-nt wlf-uvtiwii In th., Suviwl ll:-art. ?wff aa z4ze lie faq. . . 'QQ-1 Warm sunshine, mellow autumn sounds and the Hinch- Elaine Rilvy. Carol? Yuiiiige-r siflvr. uilinirvs thi- NISJIUX. cliffs- twins. Eileen and Kathlf-en, relaxing. pennant. 7 I Q.-,, W.. , ..Mx. Q. C K' .N wr' N , v., , ' -will "Q M s W' l' l. L lb These three sets of sisters enjoy doing the bunny hop Are there any good books to read in the library? Ann during recreation period. They are: Diane and Doris and Marylou Breault check the reading list in the library. Lavoie. Carol and Estelle Audet. Annette and Claire Houle. aa f-he tie Wann.. Kathleen and Helen Riley's faces express enthusiasm and pensiveness respectively as they prepare to start another school day. N There is always a moment during a busy school day Mary Lou Murray helps her sister, Sheila. by playing a when Lorraine and Claire Martin pause before the Blessed piece for her as she sings. 72 Sacrament. fi? A bit of sisterly cooperation is in order as Margaret and Frances and Rosemary Finneran enjoy a pleasant walk to Cornelia Moore engage in their studies. school. f swf 40607 mea Evelyn Pacheco is always willing to help her sister, Anne, in explaining some difficult p1'oblems. 7 in 5253 .f inf, -X Y Nazi? ,YM .4 A 5'-'Z' Monica and Geraldine Silvia take advantage of the op- Locating faraway places and looking up their origin is P0fll1flili6S for good reading offered by our school library. the interesting project in which the Comtois sisters, Doris and Gloria. are engaged. sl "r-1 FI:-fx Z' , 41 s , ' m ff . . . y PAQQX - v Y X ft' Al 1 xx! ,Q .Mk , 4 X 'fs'-'L Q. il ll.. L.: -i '?E'W9'E n f 5 4, . IH Q 9 wi 4 z'J 3 4 Q 1 ""S' " -- X f'J'.....l""' im 1, 1, 4 X' Y 4 Q 4 ,Q ,.,q. 3 F253 N ,ff I I On September 12. 1953. Fall River ohserved the 150th anniversary of its founding and development. During these years, much industrial and social progress was made. Several of the Academy girls participated in various programs carried on throughout the week. Witlirenut doubt this festival was a main highlight in our school year. Sylvia Chantre was the only Fall Riverite to win a certificate of merit in the Scholastic Art Exhibition held in Boston. in February. Congratulations to Sylvia. I. 4, X , 5 , 1 J ha' fr iwffifj - I .21 K Y ff h I if fl 1- 4 All 5 X Catholic-Press Month was climaxed after a series of weekly activities, by an assembly at which a number of girls received awards for the suc- cessful completion of weekly library activities. w C! OUR Yr-XRSITX TEANI-An cxcrn plary vxarnple- of fine' xpwrtf- manrhip: Nl. Hvffsr- nun. l'. Black. IJ. Unn- toib. Nl. Carroll. H Rnll-y. L. lla-ffl-rnan. ll. lfaln-y. E 3 1 l vi- ff KT-2' ' f!r'f"U 1 ' Axxv V A190-ls J 4 rf .9 1-Q4 5' , :Ji , A, A W' 'I 5 4 ' 'li 9 "ww 34464265466 lauren:-at .X CHEER FOR MOUNT!-BI. Mollo. NI. Nlorin. NI. Walsh. Head Cheerleaderg L. Pellvtivr. NI. Donnelly. E. Belangflr. J. Kow- Xlargarfft Walsh. our lu-all clwe-rleadvr. dvmonstrates a IWW Cllvvr I0 hw junior axpirantx to Ihr- squad. Nl. Don- nelly anfl K, Hinchcliffe-. n...l I nhl- Wlrut wnulml our In-urn elm willwu fprrll of units' unrl Support renfle-rl-ml ln' Hur '-Ill?-XLilNllll'X. uml Ilrn- llllllflllgl vffurtx Of Ilrerr lldlll 78 'f' " . Nliw llcgolvy 6, f 'u .wp ll ilk iff: -f f' ,lx '. 1 E. f - fe., I .4 ,fu ,193 7' .D I F, If :-- ' 1 ' Tax 5 1' 4? J y ,w .bdvsbi Nou, ufhy can t ue follow that wisdom? ,411-ll' u hy should life hang by a threatlf And why' can t we all lzve lzlfe brolhers. As the Larly' oi Fatzma saul? l do believe mzraeles happen To help Ilze lost on thezr 1L'ay', lt's the Lorafs lrinllly' ll'l1vY of sayirzg: Let llS pray let us pray. By Samuel Leu IS Q . , ,rev-J 'I ew 'N-..1Nq,,g: ,Q e in 58. Y Q "FLW vglv :rf .M 'J v 1 We lp l ll lib., 4Z " Uma .lady aj ?aZ6ma Zfeoe aa 14 wage MR and MRS. JOSEPH S. AMARAL MR and MRS. DANIEL J. KELLY MR. and MRS. JAMES ARBIICKLE MR and MRS STANLEY J. KOWALSKI MR. and MRS. LEO BOISVERT MR and MRS. FRANCIS KRAUZYK MR and MRS. DONAT BOLDUC MR and MRS. ADAM LANZISERA MR. and MRS. ALFRED BORGES MR and MRS. LUCIEN G. LARRIVEE MR and MRS. HERVE BOUCHARD MR and MRS EDWARD J. MARTIN MR. and MRS. LEO BOURQUE MR and MRS. JAMES McKANE MR and MRS. PETER BRAGA MR JOHN MEDEIROS MR. and MRS. ERNEST N. BRODEUR MR and MRS WILLIAM E. MITCHELL MR. and MRS. WILLIAM BRUNEAU MR and MRS. J. ROCCO MOLLO MR and MRS. THOMAS E. CARROLL MR and MRS GEORGE MORIN MR. and MRS. ALOYSIUS J. CASEY MR and MRS. STANLEY W. NOWAK MR and MRS. ROMEO E. CHAMPAGNE MR and MRS MANUEL PACHECO MR. and MRS. JOSEPH CORREIRA MR and MRS JOHN L. PAIVA MR. and MRS. LOUIS A. CYR MRS. ALICE PELLETIER MRS. YOLANDA D'ELIA MR. and MRS. LIONEL PERRON MR and MRS. PHILIPPE A. DENOMME MR and MRS. WILLIAM RILEY MR. and MRS. JOSEPH A. DONOVAN MR. and MRS. GEORGE ROSEN MR and MRS RODOLPHE J. DUCHEMIN MR and MRS. ALBERT ROSS MR and MRS .JOHN F. FIELDING MR and MRS WILLIAM F. SHEA MR. and MRS. SEBASTIAN FILAR MR, and MRS CHARLES STOWIK MR. and MRS. JAMES E. FORTIES MR FREDERICK C. STORCH MR and MRS JOHN M. FURTADO MR, and MRS, JOHN S, TOKARZ MRS. EUGENIE GOYETTE MRS. JOHN A. HANNIGAN MR MR and MRS. WILLIAM J. WALSH, SR. and MRS. JULIAN J. WITENGIER W,-4 In concluding the pages of the IVIERCYGREST, the Seniors of 1954 ac- knowledge the zealous efforts of all who have in any way helped make this yearbook possible. First of all, we take this opportunity to thank our teachers, especially, Sister Mary Irene, R.S.lVI., under whose direction we have met with success in every attempt, and without whose help we would certainly have met with failure. We are duly grateful to the Taylor Publishing Co. for making it pos- sible to publish the 1954 MERCYCREST. The Seniors are also apprecia- tive of the help and cooperation given by our photographers, namely, The Warren Kay Vantine Studio and Mullen Studio. We are also grateful to Margaret Mollo who so generously gave her time to go on errands for us many times. Finally, we sincerely thank the business establishments, parents, relatives and friends who have so graciously supported the publication of this year- book. May God repay you and keep you in His grace! The staff of the 1954 IVIERCYCREST The T. ie The Tgie Tie The Tae The The The The The The The The The The Tne Tae The The The The The The The We ahead Most Reverend James L. Connolly, D.D. LL SH Right Reverend James J. Gerrard, VC. Right Reverend Edmund J. Ward Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Edward J. Gorman, A.lVI. Joseph C. Bourque Felix S. Childs Raymond T. Considine Francis J. Cooney, C.S.S.P. Arthur C. dos Reis Hugo Dylla Augusto L. Furtado William H. Harrington John J. Kelly Anselm Kwilos, O.F.lVI. Conv. M. Leonidas Lariviere Joseph Lyons John T. O'Brien .Joseph R. PGIIIIOHI Joao V. Resendes Joseph M. Silvia Charles R. Smith J. Joseph Sullivan, P.R. Joseph C. Valerio Humberto S. Medeiros, S.T.D. Cornelius J. Keliher Felician M. Plichta, O.F.lVI. Conv Commander and Mrs. John F. Sowa, Polish Amerlcan War Vets Dr. Jeremiah V. Sullivan WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO Portroit Photographers we Y .., C f e' K fax, fi tfjlfi M l32 Boylston Street BOSTON I6, MASS. Compliments of SHERRY CORPORATION Congratulations and Best Wishes to the "Class of 1954" THE BRIDE'S SHOPPE Look For The Bride In Lights 368 South Main Street FALL RIVER, MASS. L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Distinctive Jewelry Creafed by +l1e Skilled Hands of Balfour Craflsmen R cl b TO GALVIN L G B If C A lb Complimenls of THE PHARAILDE MANUFACTURING COMPANY Compliments of DENISON LABCRATORIES Manufacturers and Distributors of Pharmaceutical Products FIVE RANDALL STREET PROVIDENCE, R. l. Temple l-4904 Compliments ot PAUL N. CHAPUT INCORPORATED NORMAN R. AUGER, Pres. ancl Tres. lnsurance rob LAFAYETTE STREET SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS 58. Complimenfs WALTER A. J. WOJCIK of INSURANCE REAL ESTATE . Depu+y Sheriff II3 Palmer S+ree'f FALL RIVER, MASSACHUSETTS L C Telephone 2-24I2 Complimenfs Complimenis Of of o o Fall River Herald News Mayor John F. Kane I. Comp lmems Complimenfs 0 f fh m Yce fzeafg T.. " 6 f A Patota Bros. Q! ,2 zLgmw"' New Bedford, Mass. MASON CONTRACTORS Complimenfs Complimen+s gf of A. 81 P. IRENE'S BEAUTY PARLOR Food Stores Complimems Complimems Complimenfs of of of AMERICAN - MONTE -'EWELER WALLPAPER COMPANY WOLFS JEWELERS C""'P'ImenIS wOOD's DAIRY CompIimen+s o+ of O'NEILL'S FISK TIRE SERVICE Swansea Telephone 3-OI33 Ar+I1ur E. Beaulieu CompIFmen+s Complimenfs Cornplirnenihs of of of LEE FURNITURE JOHN's SH E sr MARKETS HAPPY CQMPANY O ORE POLISH POLKA HOUR Compliment Complimems CompIimen+s of of of EVERETT MOTORS HALL MUSIC CO. FAZIO CHAIR SHOP Be-S+ Wishes Bed Wishes gesf, Wishes +0 +he I0 The +0 +he Class of I954 Class of I954 Class of IQS4 GLEE CLUB ORCHESTRA MARYMOUNTERS C9mPIIme"'I5 Compliments CompIimen+s of of +I'Ie of +he CLASS of I955 SOPHOMORE CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS 7 Mea+ and Grocery MarIie+s I77 Co++age S+. TeI. 2-b94I 399 Ferry S+. TeI. 3-204l I744 Nor+I1 Main S+. Tel. 6-8 I 3I a+ You Supere++e 325 Bedford S+. TeI. 5-7457 284 Broadway Tel. 2-2462 927 S+a++ord Road TeI. 7-9I I9 I I5 Nashua S+. TeI. 7-994I Letendre 81 Boule, Inc., Props. 333 Bedford S+. Tel. 5-7823 FaII River, Mass. CompIimen+s of KRUPA FURNITURE CO. 3I5 Eas+ Main S+. CompIimen+s of NIRA FURNITURE CO. l732 Sou+I1 Main S+. CompIimen+s of SOUTH END FILM CompIimen+s of PREMIER MILLS l3I0 Sou+I1 Main S+. MAIN SUPPLY CO. I777 Sou+I1 Main Fall River, Mass. CompIimen+s of WHEELOCK 8: SONS CompIimen+s of SLADE LAUNDRY IO68 Slade S+. CompIimen+s of MADE RITE POTATO CHIP CO. CompIimen+s of McMANUS' ENGINEERING CO. GOYETTE'S MARKET I095 S+a+ford Rd. Fall River, Mass. BORGES FURNITURE CO. 428 Sou+h Main S+. Fall River, Mass. CompIimen+s of BOLDUC LUMBER YARD DESMARAIS HARDWARE C0mP'imef'+S Cornplirnenfs of AND SUPPLY CO. 0 A FRIEND los-1 smfofa Rd. A FRIEND SCHWARTZ LUMBER 644 Broadway Fall River, Mass. KAY'S COOKIE AND PREMIUM SHOP Fall River, Mass. CompIimen+s of JAMIEL FURNITURE CO. CompIimen+s of Com I- . pumen+s of CompIlmen+s of FRSJNLLSBQ QQFN DR. ALBERT E. ROY M,,e,UlRE'5 285 Oliver S+ree+ D'D'S' HAT SHOP CompIimen+s of ATLANTIC DAIRY I058 Slade S+. CompIimen+s of FERNANDES DAIRY Tiver+on, R. I. Ralph Cross of CROSS 8: SON, FLORIST Somerse+, Mass. Com Iimen+s of P RAY'S FLOWER SHOP I826 Sou+I1 Main S+. ROLAND PREVOST Con+rac+or and Builder 52 Wor+I1en S+ree+ Swansea, Mass. M. 8: S. PACKAGE STORE I648 Nor+I'1 Main S+. Tel. 6-8049 Fall River, Mass. ln Bes+ Wishes Complimenfs Complimenfs from of of DR. ASHTON'S NORTH END NORMAN D. PAOUIN SPORTING GOODS MANUFACTURERS Complimenfs CompIimen+s Complimenfs of The of of RODMAN BEEF CO. SWEENEY MOVERS REISE'S DAIRY C0mPIImenI5 Complimenis Complimenis of of of C- J- LEARY 81 SONS DR. ARTHUR LEARY SOUTH END INC. ELECTRIC COMPANY Complimenfs CoTfpI.IE:nIs C0mPIIm9"'I5 , of TRoY of . PAY 5 GRILLE SHEET METAL co. LENOR S Complimenis of IRENE'S CORSET SALON 224 Academy Building CompIimen+s of GRAY TYPEWRITER CO. Complimenfs of MAZZONI PLUMBING AND HEATING Complimenis of FALL RIVER WHEEL ALIGNING CompIimen+s of BLESSED MARTIN BOOK STORE Complimenis of MR. AND MRS. NORMAN ZALKIND C0mPIImenI5 of CoglpIImgIs of Complimenfs of SALE? 8- Dv Fjfmvg' LEON c. MELLO SER ICE W. A. L. E. JOB PRINTING Complimenfs of BOYKO Complimenfs C '. FUNERAL HOME 0mP'mef'+S Fall River, Mass. OI 'II19 of me GREATER FALL RIVER SZULEWSKI RETAIL DRUGGISTS Complimems FUNERAL HOME of me ASSOCIATION DEBATING CLUB Complimenfs of R. A. WILCOX CO. RAPOSO MUSIC l3l Soufh Main Sf. Telephone 3-I436 Complimenfs of HUB CLOTHING Complimenis Compllmenh Complimems of of +l'Ie HERBERT C. EALES SIMONS SUPPLY CO. MONUMENTS CASUAL SHOPPE C0mPlimen'rs Complimenis C0mPIicme"+5 of f 0 PEERLESS LAUNDRY WALSHOMOVERS VETS SAFETY CAB Complimenfs Complimenis Complimenfs of of of The ROBERTS BROUGHTQNIS DONNELLY RENTAL SERVICE CLEANERS FUNERAL HOME Complimenfs Complimenis Compnmenis of Of of NQVELTY CAROL BRAGA'S MARK YOU PRINTING PRESS DANCE STUDIO RESTAURANT Complmenfs Colgfplirjms CEORf'RPIli3g,r:'ElEIDf DUMONT JEWELRY EAST MAIN HARDWARE PEEANQEAU COfnplTfT1enTS Compiimenfs Complimems of of HuTgI-HISTSON MERT BROWN BONNER FLOWERS ART SHOP Complgmenis Compllmenfs Complimenis 0 O ,F MARTIN AND LUCAS BRQTI-IERS COT , SULLIVAN SHOES AUTO REPAIRING MISS A HER NE DUFFY Comigmenh Complimen+s Complimenis of The of GUSJQZLERIRQQTJIOS UNDERWOOD CORP. cRoPPER ELORIST Complimenfs Compllmenis of I SULLlVAN'S VARIETY STORE SAINT ANNIBS HOSPITAL and II87 PI III A Ymou Venue SCHOOL or NURSING C0mPllmeni5 Complimenis of of FURTADO BROS. 544 Nor'rh Underwood Sfreei MR. AND MRS. MICHAEL O'ROURKE Tel. 9-678i Besl Wishes +0 Besl' Wishes 'ro MARGARET CGLETTE From a Friend From a Friend iced Luck Besl Wishes rom I'he FUTURE 'fo BUSINESS LEADERS LILLIAN AMEILCA From a Friend BUSINESS DIRECTORY J. Bednarz and Sons Marlzel' Phenix Window Company Ted Krupa Hardware Mannie's Shell Sialion Toni's Shoe Repairs Kay F. Walsh Florisf Andrew's Frui+ Sfore Taunion Shoe Repair Globe Oil Company Radio Cenler Joe Boy Laundry Soulh End Film Yamin's Wholesale Company Adam's Book SI'ore Parl: Bowling Alleys Connie's Lunch Zeni+h Mills Mr. and Mrs. Gaddu Smarl' Form Corsefs Freed's Dress Shop Dr. ParroH, Opiomelrisf CONGRATULATIONS Io Ihe CLASS of l954 Complimenfs of Ihe MOTHER MARY CATI-IARINE McAULEY GUILD Q "6 'J M.. I 1 1 .I W I u I A 5 A uw Q4 "inns , X s .IU . 31 Q , 41:4 ,ymf-f Q ,JA 1 :Q - ,. 1: QLG.- ss. . ..j' 'T g 'f'5'n"?ii,f'f'zfQ' 0 U4 5 '5 . v AA' 1' 15 . 4 9.1: f rx, ,ya- v R J. N 4 'Y . la?:?"'5L M' .- ,gm AW.,--IG. Q' 'i -- O Ux"'J,,iT",r v-he ', I . ..- I , 'A ,. ' 7 A W! . If'-Tm ' Af-'JH .4ls.a47"'A"f"w2" M. "'x , ff JJ f 55.1 W2 1 if, , W -'grimy' ,.-,35'a"'9' 1 ' x el f- . 5 ' ' K ff 4 4 4 ' T' 1 ,, -in f 1, "' J .Q '! . - L -ff, 1.3,-7 fa 'w . J , - ,' ' 5 4 , ' 7 . AQ., 49 A I -fynlk af? y " 4' 1 4 , .av , 51 F' 5 I P213 K-P' . f , if ff ' : 'II ,QQ , . if A' tl . . . U leg.,-',' i h gn' iv Q t A , -I , . 1 , J. t unix. .. fx-Q, , .4 , ,M J A ,,x,..- Y' D an 31 L " 'W , 4:7 will 1-,J :fa ff is '- 3 .' .A I A' IQ.. , , V .I 5 ' ' fn" rf ,A , I , V , 1 pf ,, .. ' " v, A, I ' '- , I an ' . ' . -' f 4' 'fi. '57 ' ' 3 , A, . - . ix . jg, "jg-o" 1- . Ari 1 if ' A V- 515.11 -x,. ' . do -amanda.. elif' 'V' :Y in -31 CD Pl 3,5 gf F- if ff fo . yifa 'K 5 . 1' .' 3. a IO' 6 lr I 'lp I 1 'M v 5 x. ,J 'f- x.."' .'. 'ix' f 1. f" 'd, 'f 4 , 4 I JJ, . ,- . . I' . lf- ' ' . 1 , - I ', , 4-' 4 .A . '. f' ' .' ' ' . :L , 'IL A - -27 ! xv I J, VE' x ,- 1 0 "4- ' .r'0'? n n . . I A a ' , f ' UU ",' ' 'll . ubvl z - . Q. ' - Y 5 ' A . yy.. off? I " ,"' 1 1 . i K ' ".f 1 , ,I .' ., , , Q A: ' '- ,. r , - -4'1" ' 'K .',,'l 'WY' nl ' ,V-' , Y .1 , .f . S ' ' D ' ,.'l' f ' .L tv ,.2.X'jj!, A4 .rpm T., 1 2 ',' ,rbi . . r ,C-ffaa -,,.'1.-,'5A'A,.f,, ' :fg -495, Qi' WLM, , " f 3 jr'jrf- . M. ff-"lv , Eli 4 ir . ,bi iXVf'.s'fi51 ' l""'- 1' . -- :L ww'- 1 ' ' 'f"'7.Rj 4- .rf L' V ' ' , 4, -, ' ' .fl , ,. if "fl X t f .Q fx sf - I ' l 11' s 4 A, 1 A 9 ' 1 .Q , ' l 4 l 5 , 1 , 1 : ' . f. " d-'15 V iv, . .I 5 .ev W H, f' 5' 4 I . ' ' -91 , ' . .+4', "xy . 1 Q M 4 , - A ' r .' u A 'I'.g .' L' 212122 if ' 'Q 1 'Zia' flfg 1 4- 14 r G vs ' 5' . I I 1' , A J 'FQ -n,, . ' v W . 1 arp? ' .7.A',g, Q, ,nk ,, 'l 15:3 -fl lr' 2 1 xx , J. - ,AMY 1 'V I A . iffy? 'H ' fi lain! .--H: F ',-sf. ' J ,, .fl ri .. J - f 'all fr, , 'Q' , ti' A' -x . ,J '.'J I - 'ig Q f 1. ",A' ., X I!" . A ' ' ' ' . .aff 'Q J V .,,. n- .V r ft . " 'fl' I , g'f','6 . v .'.'f r Y . -iq .. K. N " 1 P" . I s , . f" ' 'nf . n"'11 . 4' ' .g . 'I .sf-. ,.,...p- .Q I . , v .1F.r""'iv Q a 4 . NW, ,I .,... , . gx- .7 W ,f .V n . I' ' 4. L1 4 .4 . T 5,- 5 QV. Q M fx U 4' gz- ,. 13' ' 'L " .. ' 2 Af H 'M-7 " . :- -Il "if i- . ,l ' 0 .

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