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A:-H V N -,,. ,L ', - ' - , Y ,g ,. , i MQ, f" "- 4 ,w ' ' 'Q'-wif? , i. ww 'V ' ' 5 . , 'f5l"""'M i 4 :- 1 - N , 1, X N ""' ,nf "3,'- Q. . '. -4-'qi'--vw.. 4 A :QM , ' -im .,,,,,., E n . ..2,. - .d x .mi -- I 5 U-. The school building is the center of Mount tradition. 'AJ --.-mv r- ,' ""N .. if : f,,1.uvpg-fx-sw" 'J 2 OPENING MOUNT TRADITION J itat Mrs. Gayle Teal, "the World's Finest Homeroom Sponsor," explains bazaar to Freshmen. It is the privilege of every Mount St. Mary Academy girl to wear the houndstooth skirt. Being a Mountie is an opportunity enjoyed by a special group of young ladies. To attend this private school is an honor shown by spirit original to Arkansas. In a true Christian com- munity, everyone is upper-class. The Ofjicial Mercian Yearbook takes you through the Mount community. Within this book is an abundance of handiwork, including spirit, tradition, and, above all, loyalty and love. The Mount tradition brings stories of old and new. New construction combines with ideals and goals of 1851 to make the Mount unique and something of which every girl is proud. How can a Mount girl be recognized? She is original, has an ear-to-ear smile, unfathomable spirit, and an undying loyalty to the "school on the hill," Mount St. Mary Academy. - Norma Nesheim Varsity cheerleaders cheer the favorite team to victory. " Senior Suzy Lilly comforts her humiliated Little Sis, Stephanie Boger. OPENING 3 UNITY THROUGH RELIGION Religion at Mount St. Mary is a unifying force and a lasting tradition. The Sisters of Mercy founded the school in 1851 to provide good Catholic-Christian education for young ladies of Arkansas. Mount St. Mary sets itself apart from other schools because each day and each class begin with prayer. Special religious traditions in- clude liturgies, class retreats, and prayer services. Juniors receive their senior rings during a Ring Mass. Baccalaureate for Mount St. Mary seniors centers around celebration of the Eucharist. The arrival of Father Stephen Binz as chaplain began a new religious tradition for the 1983-84 school year. The Mercy sisters by their presence and example provide a Christian atmospher. A new chapel rising from the site of the old convent will begin another religious tradition. In each classroom hangs a crucifix, and several statues of Mary grace the campus. Girls wear their houndstooth skirts and white blouses to pro- vide an element of community and sameness. This philosophy relates to Christ's. Mount St. Mary is catholic in the true sense of the word: open to all. The administrative team consists of Mercy sisters, but not all the faculty and students are of the Catholic faith. Life at Mount St. Mary in- cludes many rich traditions. - Jeanne Marendt f Father Binz serves as the principal celebrant at his first MSM Mass. M '-v"t"' 'T' It 'gl'-5:53 l I I Many religious statues such as this one ofthe Father Mancini, Father Hebert, Monsignor Allen, Father Simpson, and Father Binz form the procession for the Blessed Virgin grace the school's campus. Back-to-School Mass. 4 OPENING i s .V i.. i 1 QL ' Special senior sisters eagerly await the beginning ofthe first school-wide Mass. Sr. Richard Mary, principal, addresses the student body before Mass. XX Senior Patti Handloser receives Holy Communion from Monsignor Allen. OPENING 5 -t tif,-gf 5 'F Milan I i . I A Ja, W .Y W- 1 gi , ' 1 ln n.--ads x Paula Gault, Joan Woeltje, and Sheila Horner arejust "clownin' " around as the Rocketts perform at Zoo Day at the Little Rock Zoo. L-4" If rx I. 'L .'Qff- ' D , Linda Flynn smiles as she mugs her Little Sis, Kim Halton. NJ 9 Father Stephen Binz, alias Al Capone, performs at the Bazaar kick-off assembly. 6 Opening THE SPIRITED LIFE During the heat at the beginning of school, Beth Satterfield eats lunch outdoors. Suzanna Barnett and Alise Hart scan the stands at a Catholic High game for a homecoming date. K From spirit in the Mount comes pride, and in turn that pride fosters still greater spirit. This happy cycle has truly made our school a special place, recognized for its spirit within these walls and in the general Little Rock area. The ad- ministration initiates school spirit through such awards as the spirit stick and banners. But it can only be through the students themselves that spirit is raised to its greatest heights. This year the abstract concept of spirit was even organized by a new group named the Spirit Council. Spirit in the Mount is most easily felt at an ex- citing game, during bazaar time, and in apprecia- tion of individual outstanding achievements. But there is another type of spirit, a subtler form, which brightens the Mount. This spirit is made manifest whenever a group works together toward a common goal or joins in song at Mass. The Mount students will one day be long gone through these doors, but spirit for and pride in her alma mater will remain with her for her entire life. - Christy Rieger Senior officers sing the "Mount Blues" at the Bazaar kick-off assembly. Opening 7 Y L I 'B m f THE BEST TIMES CF YGUR LIFE STUDENT LIFE CHAPTER I Traditional Ring Mass Finally the day arrived that the Class of 1984 had been waiting for. The Seniors received their rings on Thursday, May 19, 1983, during a Mass at St. An- drew's Cathedral. Father Francis Malone, the girls' religion teacher in their sophomore year, was the celebrant of the Ring Mass. A small group of Seniors led the rest of the class in singing while two teachers, Sr. Susan Charles Pluff and Mrs. Ellen Glan- cy, played the guitar. Traditional pastel colors worn by the girls were ap- propriate for the warm spr- ing evening. Each girl car- ried one long-stemmed rose into the cathedral as parents and friends watched. After three years of an- ticipation, the moment of of- ficially becoming a Senior had arrived. Each student anxiously waited for her name to be called. She then walked to the altar and had the ring slipped on her finger. Now she was truly a Senior! - Linda Savary Sister Susan Charles Pluff and Ms. Ellen Glancy provide the music to help make Ring Mass special. 10 STUDENT LIFE "-nv as '11 Nfl.. 1 Father Francis Malone celebrates his last Ring Mass with the class of 1984 ,- . is Alisha Craig mingles with her classmates before Ring Mass. Dionne Mitchell smiles excitedly as she anticipates receiving her senior ring. K - if 'E Lori Flynn and Deborah Dober are glad to be tinally getting their rings. STUDENT LIFE ll Back to School Students' completed their last day of the 1982-83 school year at the Mount on May 25. They left with the feeling of relief, for a three month vacation was awaiting them. Little did they know it would not last too long. Registration began on August 22 and lasted through the 25. These days were marked by l00" plus temperatures. Each class had their own day to attend school to find their classes, meet their teachers, and, of course, to get re-acquainted with old friends. One of the first things they noticed was the destruction of the old convent. Many felt that the convent would be missed a great deal. The building of a new chapel and kitchen, along with a new parking ,SHOELN-C0 Q1 ' I I .J If . .' ' AJ' ' , , , x lot, gave the students a new and better outlook on the upcoming year. The first school liturgy was celebrated on September 8. The students and faculty came together as one body. The theme of the mass was "What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God." This was shown by the unity of the school as a whole. The "Back to school" dance was held on August 26 in the school gym. The Junior Class sponsored the dance and came up with the theme "Beach Bash." The dynamic Dennis Harr- ington, cooperation of classes, and the Mount spirit made the dance a big success! - Kim Johnson lg! "2 .e- ' lg ' Junior Class officers promote spirit. I2 STUDENT LIFE md Carrie Helgeson sings her heart out at Mass. I 'If Mary Peck and Angie Namest provide cold drinks at the Back-to-School dance. -J .. 1 1-fjs, .,--uv I is f' X ELL' Sr. Patrick Mary. assistant principal, helps Freshman Tina Tipton. .X A -+ X ' ,1- gxxf 'ii 'K 111' -x 5 Melissa Chudy receives communion from Father Mancini. Susan Morgan and Sr. Susan Pluff provide music for the Back-to-School Mass. Jackie Wagner exhibits her talent on the piano for the choral group during Mass. STUDENT LIFE 13 Freshman Days As the 1983-84 school year opened, incoming Freshmen participated in activities pertaining to Big Sister-Little Sister Days. This has been a tradition at the Mount for many years. It is way for Seniors to in- itiate Freshmen into St. Mary's. Many different "games" are planned. They involve anything from dress- ing up Freshmen to water fights. During Freshman Week, three days were set aside for these unique and fun games. Wednesday was called "Dress Alike Day." Big Sisters and Little Sisters dressed in identical outfits and attended Back-to- School Mass. Next was Poster Day. This included Big Sisters making posters for their Little Sisters to wear. Most signs stated who her wonderful Big Sister was, and that she would per- form any sort of "stunt" her Big Sister taught her. A wide range of stunts were created, such as the hog call, a wolf howling, roll over and play dead, and jump like a frog. Friday was the last plann- ed Freshman day, but it cer- tainly was not the least im- portant. This was the day for the Big Sisters to dress up their Little Sisters in the sort of fashion of any famous or infamous person. Many laughs accumulated throughout the day as the Freshmen calmly attended their classes. This has always been a fun and enjoyable day for Freshmen and Seniors as well as the faculty to get to know and grow with one another. -Anne Price Leigh Anne Crain and Carol Gangluff go Hog Wild 'HW' mm! . , N gn.. 4 1 ,I ' s : OHV!!! P 006: in Freshman homeroom 210 students anxiously wait to fill the halls with their costumes. Crystal Mills is a gem in her clown costume l4 STUDENT LIFE If Lisa Prince shows Amy Gumble what Big and Little Sisters are all about. mrs, don t let your babies grow up to be cowboys, Lisa Anderson might '1 Z' - fiixx ve' Q 5 view' L E "Orange we smart?" ask a group of Big and Little Sisters. Heatlier Runshang goes "Hawaiian" STUDENT LIFE I5 'S' Tracey Chambers and Diunc Dcmask answcr thc question, "How many licks Tonya Rose and Paulctta Baldwin --- "The Blucs Sistcrs docs it take l0 get to thc ccntcr of 11 Tootsie Roll Pop?" A A, x, 1 1 ' Nvi- .lo Ann Savany screams in hilarity. The excitement ofthe football season takes its toll on Connie Cavanaugh and Deborah Dober, I6 STUDENT LIFE 3 Duran and Sarah Maturi collect cans for the Robin Hood Days tag day. , fr' 1 Robin Hood Days On November 21, 22, and 23, students once again showed their Thanksgiving spirit with Robin Hood days. This year the Freshman and Sophomore classes spon- sored the clothes drive to help the needy. The tradi- tional events took place beginning with the mother-daughter off campus lunch on May 21. The father-daughter dance took place on Nov. 22, and a can tag day was held on Nov. 23. A special prayer service was held with Rev. John K Miles of St. .Iohn's Methodist Church to send everyone home with a feeling of Thanksgiving for the holidays. .' av' John Miles of St. James Methodist Church helped the Mount community to celebrate Thanksgiving in a special prayer Clothes and more clothes! - Freshmen and sophomores had a clothes drive to provide the needy with some necessities during the Thanksgiving season. Student Life 17 The Mount Continues The old convent at Mount St. Mary Academy had a major role in the school's function. As the years rolled by. and time took its toll. the building began to deteriorate. A new building was constructed for school purposes. lt was logical that the old building should be torn down. A new convent had been built for the Sisters ol' Mercy. Demoli- tion on the old building began in July, 1983. At the Bazaar Mass, plans for a new chapel were revealed. lt iii . N is scheduled for completion on the site of the old building. Some community response to the destruction of the old convent building was negative, the process was for the good of the Mount community. As Susan Scott wrote to the Arkansas Gazette, "Bricks and wood, no matter how many fond memories they have played host to, are not 'the Mountf Buildings may come and gog changes will occurg but the spirit of the Mount will endure." llll i , - is Destruction begins on the old Mercy Convent which has stood asa Little Rock landmark since l907. ' . 2 fi '- , '- . I . . JZ lb bludcnt'e This architectural drawing shows the new chapel to stand where the old Mercy Convent once stood. The old convent as it stood in complete form in earlier years. The beginnings ofthe demolition. 2 .,.: . -x The bulldozer waits to make its attack on thc old building. Student l.ifc I9 DREAM BECOMES RE LITY ln early October. thirteen senior girls were nominated lor the Homecoming Court and Queen positions. Eight ol' these girls represented a spirit group. and live were from nonspirit groups. Finally. at an afternoon assembly. the Queen and her court were chosen. Laura Dailey was elected Queen. and her court con- sisted of Jody Simpson. Suzy Lilly, Karen Yada, Cynthia Helgeson, and Gina " rw Scerbo. At the Homecoming game. Queen Laura Dailey and the Court were in- troduced at War Memorial Stadium before fans from St. Mary's, Catholic High, and Hall High School. Laura Dailey and her Court exhibited their fine qualities that made everyone at St. Mary's proud of them. Catholic High iced the cake by walloping Hall High School. 'fMf.wdfQ' Mig G in R - L wr -T4 Cynthia llelgeson does her NET." imitation. ueen l turi D ulex gives her speech it the Ilomeeomtnggtme 70 Student Life Jay Owens crovwnsl iuri D nlex during the pre g tme ceremony V if Q' llrrfrltwrflring 1-Ulll'lf,lUtlf SllI1PNUIl.cllIlll Scerbo. Queen laturgt Dailey. Surah Ruwell. lxztrelt Ygulat. fljlllllld llclgewu. Suzy l.tIly. C! 1-I U Americnk cutest Ilomccuming couple: Robin Vestatl und Surah Russell. "Scalp the Warriors. Rockets!" Slmwn Nlatbry proudly represents the Rocketlea. FU Lx 'A NW Wifi' X' ti' l l ,ytru ig L 1 lil 5: -,,t fl Student l ite Search o. 58 At Search No. 58, the slogan was "Life is great at Search fll58." Juniors and seniors from both St. Mary's and Catholic High attended the event at Ferncliff in Ferndale, Ark. The Sear- chers, despite cold weather, they were helped to realize more about themselves and God. Search "Mom" and "Dad" - Gina Scerbo and Stanley Dean - presented crosses on the last day. Search was held Jan. 20-22, 1984. W-1. Meg Taylor and Garret Mosely share their feelings of being a Christian. 45 .Q . VCT Search "Mom" and "Dad" - Gina Scerbo and Stanley Dean. Brent Geels and Cynthia Helgeson "search" for harmony. 22 Student Life Team members and Searchers remember Search 91458 as a cold but rewarding weekend. ,X Zachary Edwin Maples, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Maples, was baptized before the entire student body in which the Bishop Andrew McDonald was present. 1 Wendy McAllister and Staci lssenhoff demonstrate their "home made" rocket. SPECIAL PEGPLE Lange Robinson, an Art lll student, won the Lieutenant Governor's Best of Show Award for her watercolor painting that was entered in the Arkansas Arts and Crafts Design Fair. Seniors Kim Henderson, Carol Oswald, and Jeanne Marendt received dictionaries for their achievements as National Merit Scmifinalists. Student Life 23 BAZAAR This year Mount Saint Mary Academy's annual bazaar began on Sept. 23, 1983, with the bazaar kick off assembly. The close class level competition brought out a sense of school unity. This year instead of the nor- mal carnival events, a dance was held, on Saturday, Oct. 8, sponsored by the P.T.O. Many students and faculty came to the dance to celebrate the commence- ment of bazaar events. Finally, on Sunday Oct. 9, to end all the festivities there was an all school mass. Students, faculty, parents, and alumni were all invited to attend. Included in the mass was a ceremony to bless the site of the new chapel. This new tradition seemed to be a success. .' Sister Theresa Dolan, RSM and Father Stephen Binz show off the plans for the new chapel. l I. Q LP s l, We A 5 S 3 ' W 7 L. A K it K l ' K Ji I . if ' 1 1 as Father Ste hen Binz performs the Juniors come through with great enthusiasm and spirit to win bazaar. P actual blessing ofthe new addition. 24 - Student Life Sister Marie Bernard boogies down at the bazaar dance. Nancy Papacek, Kim Henderson, and Jeannie Marendt participate in thc com- munity mass to close bazaar by offering the gifts. 1 Father Stephen Binz, Sister Patrick Mary Hillmeyer, and class ofiiccrs take part in the blessing of thc site for thc new chapel. Student Life - 25 4 6 P Q A , ' U Xb 1 n ., ---, -'--'L,- - 1-'aff -- 1 U I. " I , 'i l H ' ljli v a . I , , - L :Ein St John s is the center of religious aetivities in the Diocese Little Rock. Jill Guffin helps distribute information on the Peace Pastoral as Father Joseph Biltz presides at the Town Hall meeting. 7Y 9- -. ...QM Nikki Kirchner, Lydia Ferguson, and Christy Goshen huddle to stay warm on retreat. 127. Q Sister Marie Bernard shares her ideas on the Peace Pastoral. 5. s Square. the Center of religious activities around the world, as A Religious Year Religion opens the hearts of people around the world. Pope John Paul II declared March 25, 1983, to April 22, 1984, as Holy Year. The purpose is to become more open to the Graces of Christ's Redemption as we commemorate the l950th anniversary of Christ's death on the Cross. A Town Meeting Panel to discuss the Peace Pastoral of the U.S. Catholic Bishops was held at the Mount on Jan. 24. Dif- ferent persons of different vocations and viewpoints discussed the Peace Pastoral. After the panel presentation, there was a question-answer session, and the evening concluded with a prayer service. Morris Hall at St. John's Center was the center for several activities from the Mount. It was the site for the sophomore retreat. I 1: by Deborah Doberl Pope John Paul ll is the spiritual leader of the world's Catholics. Student Life 27 EUROPEA ADVENTURE Students of St. Mary's have twice been fortunate to take trips to parts of Europe. Last summer, students went to such countries as England, France, and Ger- many. ln December, another group went to Europe, covering cities of Florence, Rome, Athens, and Pompeii. They took a boat trip from Italy to Greece. The Vatican, The Coliseum, and the Pompeii Ruins were among the land- marks that were seen. Mrs. Mary Logan chaperoned both European trips. 4-1 .S 5 Ann Dixon, Mrs. Bettye Francis, and .lennUer Fins take a breather at the Col- iseum in Rome. vllt . , '-q!.1E.i '- .L is Nancy Wrighr befriends a pigeon in the square at Venice. 28 Student Life .. . ,, . ' ' .. 1 ' , K' 3 ' . Y . ,..,,.. v f ..,.,.., ,A - v X I tw -' -ft gg ... . vw nb 4 . .6 i I 5, -A . . ...A- Tina Quick, Dawn Tirado, and Mrs. Mary Logan are no match to I Vatican's grandeur. 1 I ' ' ' '-!.!...!.l " ,Y"' ZYYl'YY!'.!YYt Lori Rodgers panics after dropping her film into the water in Venice. The "Grease" group at Trivoli Fountains 5 O S Lori Flynn - stranded on a fossil at the Coliseum in Rome. ,.. all will the Dramaminc take effect? Lisa Matthews, Angie Kuehn, and Dober relax on the latest European adventures. The efects diff' 4h 'TQ -if 3' xl 1 4: ua I I ofa late night take their toll on Judy Gillbcrt and Laura Runyan. at ls we 'MU tiff K Q it ff' awp' - , A rv S' . , Z fr X A 1 A 1 a. io r.:1-ffii J., '. wig!-"v"fr+ ,- vi wx, it N-f,-l'fev4a-'I .?l:'Q',., 111+ Y ' 1, av. rn-. -z . '- j tfif ' - -1:43. f-pywwf. - - . K at , ty 6 . p -1 fa, i s , if gf f-3 s ,W i"5L?li"S ' M J A' 6 .,,f., M V.f 29551-7' am E, f' 2 tl .AFV names.. Deborah Dober and Lisa Matthews, have finally found the real "mount" at the Parthenon. Student Life 29 FRIENDS FOREVER Dynamic duos stztrted with Statrsky :ind Hutelt and latter l.ztvcrine and Shirley. lfriends ure speeiztl people lhut you eztn share lun times und problems with. Best friends ure clearly evident att the Mount in the euleteritt, classrooms. :ind hulls. Special "patirs"et1n be found laughing, joking. and having at good time throughout the year. I l I l l i i vi" gf 6-s 'U 1 I .l01ll'l,P11Ulll.1lTld.lilClilCLlULllllt7lllyOl'Il1Cllll'CC Musketeers. l r 1 l l g. . all l lr f ' i "Pina for luneh'."? I've got two tests. at book reporl.t1nd 10 Student l Ile t Q 9 t l ill iessaty duel" stty Kiki llztmilton und Ilope Matthews Q' N7 Did you sec numbcr 94 on the football lcam'?'? 'Q sq Michclc and Dawn are "berry berry" good friends! What do you mean you mct thc guy offthc cover of GQ?? e-.hy Tonya Rose and the "God futher" plot to lake over thc school. Yea! We both got dulcs to thc prom. Student Lifc 31 FAVORITES Lunch time is the favorite time spent at school. ' U Q i 6-Q S-as Angie Colelasure enjoys her favorite season ofthe year summer. Student Life N.-,. N' 6 t . - -1 Q yg A sh . Restaurant .......... .,........... C oy's .Q Place to go on a date .... , . .dinner and a movie Hang-out .......... ....... C ar Wash Season . . . . . .Summer Car ........ . . . BMW School Subject . . . . Lunch Day ofthe Week . . . Friday Food ........... .......... P izza Movie .... Risky Business Pastime .... ......... b oys City .... . . .New York Anelis is a very studious student. Anelis works hard in the, student scholarship work program by washing boards after school. EW DDITIO Anelis Munoz is our foreign exchange student here at Mount St. Mary's. From Madrid, Spain, she is in the graduating class of 1984. Social Justice, choir, American History, 1, typ- ing, and English are the classes she is taking. She also is a part of the student- work-scholarship program, doing work after school in the classrooms. She is get- ting used to the traditions and spirit of the Mount community. Anelis admires a school bulletin board. Student Life 33 Top-Rank Tennis Comes to Little Rock On Sept. l5, 1983, Budweiser Light sponsored tennis matches between first ranked John McEnroe and fifth-ranked Guillermo Vilas at Barton Coliseum. Little Rock was the third stop on a five city tour. Other events included a match of the Coca Coal Future Stars and the Skaggs Alpha Beta Doubles Match. The racquets of McEnroe and Vilas were auctioned off and the proceeds were given to the Arkansas Children's Hospital. The MSM Year- book and Newspaper staffs were privileged to join the professional press at the press conference. We . , az' B LIGHT Villas answers questions from reporters at a press conference its b--.FSM Q Fill: S1 1 ,sf-"A Qs l Mary M. Cobb and Beth Satterfield make McEnroe s heart quiver '54-.4 C O XV' f' ' ' fi mi' M31 Gov. Bill Clinton greets Vilas to Little Rock at the Sheraton. Guillermo Vilas in intense tournament play 34 Student Life 'yr if 2, W,fi,,V we-wQ,,,.v , 7 wa.n,, y,k"'fi.'0ilQl'sAWr0lQ-1? 5 an., When playing, John McEnroe shows great determination and skill. Student Life 35 HAPPY HCLIDAYS . U ,, R , S, Christmas cheer rang through the Mount and greater Little Rock at Christmas time. Red and green streamers decorated the halls and stairs. Empty shoes were left outside, and during the night St. Nicholas filled them with Christmas candy. To create unity, members from each grade level came together to form a family. Each family presented a gift that would be given to less fortunate families. At the Christmas assembly, the choir and the band performed beautifully as they sang their Christmas carols. To end the festivities, the entire school had a Christmas party. This was a time for friends to eat lunch together and exchange gifts. Santa Claus was also invited to the party. Students had a chance to visit with Santa, and have their picture taken with him. Christmas was beautiful in Little Rock at the State Capitol. The lighting ceremony began on Dec. 8. The Nativity Scene was also displayed. This may be the last year for the display because of public controversy. Shoes were filled with Christmas from St. Nicholas. Karen Wood, Nancy Papacek, and Rhonda Findley pose with Santa at the Christmas party. 36 Student Life MAS X 5 1 v What do you want for Christmas? Suzy Lilly and Laura Langley want a big, fat teddy bear! Y... , SJ 'X Q.,-an ,bv ' l The MSM choir sings like angels at 51 the Christmas assembly. i I 1 . . , N , x, .V elf! 3 A i Q ,M ' 21 -al Rcd and green lights decorate the State Capitol. The Nativity Scene was beautifully displayed at the State Capitol. ' Santa and Mrs. Claus visit thc Mount. Student Life 37 Q LLIE5 I' v 3 F , . 'VUUFS Y " 'wr Wx fr-6' CHAPTER2 SPGRTING LIFE SPORTS SPORTS DIVIDER 39 VOLLEYBALL The 1983-1984 MSM volleyball team showed spirit and determination. They ended regular season play with a 5-7 record. The team reached their goal, which was going to the district tournament. It was held at Parkview. The Belles placed second. They went to the state tournament in Conway where Senior, Amy Brantley, was elected to play on the state volleyball team. This year's team really represented Mt. St. Mary tremendously. Mrs. Bettye Francis, coach, was named coach of the year by the district. Q ,av 4- 'ttf' , :ff : st V , ff.. ,vigrx J' .J ' 3' A V -M ,3s"fT . 4 - ,-vi. 'V Dee Ann Evans prepares for a powerful serve. I tl 40 Sports Kelly Mago blocks an opponent's shot. Valley Ball Team: Back Row, Janey Jones, Jennifer Fitts, Dee Ann Evens, Christy Raney, Kelly Mago, Jackie Wagner, Pam Masscngale, Diane Demask, Karen Hooks, Coach Bettye Francis. Front Row, Melissa Chiaro, Daphne Driggers, Melissa Penney, Amy Brantley, Regina Perna, Renarta Littles, Carol Gangluff, Missy Chudy. Karen Hooks spikes the ball to the unsuspecting team. Amy Brantley shooes the ball away. Sports 41 VICTGRY RINGS FOR THE BELLES The l983-1984 Belles, under the direction of Coach Jerry Hutchinson, had a victorious season. They started the season by going to the semi-finals at the Joe T. Robinson Tourna- ment. ln January they par- ticipated in the UCA Tourna- ment at Conway. There they placed second. To end the great season the Belles attended the State Tournament at Russellville. fic On the bench Christy Yates finds something amusing. 47 Sports Kelly Mago scares the opposing team with her threatening look :M-.M Jackie Wagner shoots for two in the Woodlawn game here. Belles and opponents both put their eyes skyward for thc ball. 32 3U Ulu ll H B11 H115 Bulls- llll .r fllll 5 .X Belles Basketball Team: Front row: Jeannie Thcssing, Stacie Paladino, Dawana Sorrows, Debbie Brown, Karen Hooks, Christy Yates. Mellisa Penney, Michelle Zioncc. Back row: Coach Jerry Hutchinson, Regina Perna, Jackie Wagner, Dee Ann Evans, Christy Rainey, Pam Massengalc, Kelly Mago, Daphine Wilborne, Christina Butler, Cali Smith. Amy Brantley, Donnell Vervack, Mr. Ed Maples. Sports 43 Cross Countr Under the coaching of Melanie Lamkin and Coach Hutchison, the 1983 cross- country team had a suc- cessful year. The time and effort the girls willingly devoted to after school prac- tices were definitely reflected in the performance at the meets. The team end- ed the year with five trophies and placed second in the championship state meet. Jennifer Weilcr leaves the competi- tion behind. 44 SPORTS Record Harding Invitational - lst place MSM Invitational - lst place Arkansas College Invitational - 2nd place University of Arkansas Invitational - lst place Russelville Invitational - 3rd place State Championship - 2nd place 10 XXX 03955 till' 'T- Jennifer Weller and Stacie Paladino accept the team's second place award the State Meet at Arkadelphia. Cross Country: Front row, Lisa Wintroath and Stacie Paladino. Middle row, Alona Hargrave, Lois Turner, Nita Melissa Chiaro, Michelle Young, Elizabeth Carroll, Kelly Shields, Ruth Guise, Rosemary Ricger, Carla Ford, and Bruton. Back row, Melanie Lamkin, Katie Francis, Cheryl Vogelpohl. Kathy Yada, Christy Yates, Rhonda Baker, Hughes, Lauren Collins, Johanna Vandergrift. Carrie Helgeson, Kachic Cohen. Felicia Wheat, Lori Steinhauscr, Coach Hutchison. F A 5 1 , - - ff: A wi" A fr af' I 'WX' I dw Michelle Young gels zu hcnd slurl an thc stulcmcct All Arkaxdclphiu,QOu1xchila1 Baptist phomy SPORTS 45 SPRI G PORT Swimming, tennis, and track are sports which take place in the spring. The swim team has had a vic- torious season with the help of their coach, Mrs. Betty Francis. The swimmers went to the swim meets with the intention to win, and that they did! The track and tennis teams hope to be as successful as the swim team was. Tennis Team: Kneeling: Ann Jackson, Carrie Whiteside, Amy Hardin, Tina Mariana, Eileen Moix. Standing, Sandy Schwan, Beth Satterfield, fcaptainj, Judy Barthol, Jody Simpson, Cathy O'Neal, and Coach Tish Sanders. Track Team: Front row, Katie Francis, Cali Smith, Johanna Vandergrift, Michelle Young, Carrie Helegeson, Lisa Wintroath, Donnell Vervack, Lezlie Wewers, Stacie Paladino, Melissa Chairo, Nita Wood, Lois Turner, Rosemary Reiger, Felecia Wheat, Lori Stcinhauser, Pam Bruton, Carla Ford. Second row: Karen Hooks, Lauren Collins, Kim Potts, Cherly Vogelpohl. Kathy Yada, Jennifer Prause, Diane Shratz, Jennifer Fitts, Kelly Mago, Alex Rogers, Angela Wankum, Anna Wolpert, Angela Selig, Ruth Guise, Alcsia Selig, Denise Baker, Kackie Cohen, and Christy King. 46 Sports .,,,,.. O ,1"J V 'l .i' Team: Seated, Kakie Cohen, Arden Cornwell, Michelle Young, Donna Gattini, Angie Namest, Alise Hart, Jill Elliott. Standing, Carrie Helgeson, Angie Binz, Tipton Qmanagerj, Deanna McElyea, Tiffany Dunaway, Amy Gumble, Johanna Vandergrift, Kerri Meeks, Joan Eichler, Laura Gossage. Back row, Angela Julic Tccd Qmanagerj, and Traci Sevighy. December 8 Conway January 21 Siloam Springs February 2 Hot Springs 1 1 Hendrix 22 Hot Springs March 9-10 State Meet Michelle Young says, "Nothing is going to break my stride." Sports 47 x49 X E Mounries Basketball Team: Front Row, Wendy McAllister, Angie Thompson, Kathy Yada, Lisa Frcasier, Eileen Moix, Holly Easton. Back row, Daphne Driggcrs, Donna Wallace, Kim Rholman, Paula Jaworski, Amy Hardin, Cheryl Voglepohl, Mellissa Chairo. Beth Satterfield "chimes" at the thought of being MSM's mascot. MSM'S OWN BELLE Is there more to Beth Sat- terfield's life than Jimmy Connors? Besides her in- fatuation over tennis star Jimmy Connors, Beth holds MSM spirit close to her heart. She can be heard chanting "You've just gotta be a Belles' fan," at any of the Belles basketball games. This cheer sums up Beth's philosophy that every single person who attends the Mount should be proud of all the basketball players who represent them in every game. Beth is probably the greatest spirit builder the Mount has ever seen. Her uniqueness is due to her spontaneous and hilarious personality plus her genuine support of the Belles' teams. She "files" up the crowd by running around the gym in her newly designed Belle outfit, cheering and ringing her bell. Beth Satterficld has truly made a difference in boosting spirit to all MSM students, and we all thank her. Sports 49 1.1 - mx, xv Nl .A Fix. S' A 1 x 5 I i v . K Q 4 Q- B P X -K w.,,,nNi U I 5 ' s If ' Q if . b A L 'EFS s : Q ,, F, A: ,bps P'-, if CH PTI:R 3 CLUBS ORG Z TIONS AND COMMITTEES Mercian Staff Mercian Staff, Wow! This is the largest yearbook the Mercian staff has ever put out. This year the staff had the opportunity to work with a new advisor, Miss Mary M. Gallagher, who was responsible for bringing many improvements. The staff attended a year- book workshop in Conway at UCA for a week. At the workshop the staff won the grand prize of a Minolta 85mm camera and a 55mm lens. Miss Gallagher, Liz Banks, and Angela Nutt also attended the National Scholastic Press convention seminar in St. Louis in October. The staff as a whole has worked very diligenlty this year to give you the best yearbook ever! isa- T U" f,-QW' Q ,sb "'- if etwwl ,".i'f", 5 lun 'Q W Lori Flynn Carla Baltz and Karen Corn laugh when asked ifthey have finished their layouts 52 Organizations Miss Mary M. Gallagher, staff advisor, explains a four-column layout to Kelly Boeckmann. . .N . 5 R3 f,. Psi- ' ' 3353? Riff-- 53.5. 4 .,slss 5 me LeAnn Ogburn demonstrates the level of concentration needed to be a Mercnan staff member .g e I-. ' Mount Staff "What is going on at Mount St. Mary?" Each month the Mount staff works diligently to provide the latest news. The newspaper includes such special features as editorials, seniors of the month and "Evelina's Etiquette." The editors this year are Christy Rieger and Stephanie Taldo. Many members of the staff attended workshops at UALR and Ole Main High School. Many hours are spent on the production of the Mount, and the effort is shown through the quality of the newspaper. Mount Stam Front row, Paula Gault, Christy Rieger, Stephanie Taldo, Patti Handloser. Middle row, Tracey Christensen, Amy Brantley, Jackie Wagner, Angie Namest, Mary Peck, Pam Matthews, Karen Taldo, Jeannie Marendt, Laura Stanley, Alycia Howard. Back row, Holly Larrison, Elizabeth Carroll, Beth SAtterfield, Michelle Young, .leanni Garrot, Mindy Thessing, Stephanie Toon. 54 Organizations I 8 Qfxli 4: . A X? xQ 5 x ill, SL. Max -,, NC Jackie Wagner and Beth Satterield scrutinize the style book. . N.. i e ..,,, .,,,-fr' .." 5 f.f'5,'f f,.Z'4 sassy v Eg . Mrs. Charlotte Miller proofreads copy written by Jenni Garrett. Paula Gault dutifully works at her newspaper tasks. CDH! F10 m ng! wror M 100008 SHN 111093 lflllllll 61-lllllhl' vlllfil XYMIICYNI Christy Reiger and Holly Larrison look at copy for an article. Organizations 55 Girls' State The Girls State Delega- tion consisted of ll outstan- ding girls ofthe senior class. Girls State began on June 5 and lasted until June 10. It was held at Ouachita Bap- tist University and at the State Capitol. St. Mary's 7. students held many major positions and offices. Rhon- da Findley was elected State Auditorg Lezlie Wewers, Lieutenant Governorg Gina Seerbo, Speaker of the Houseg and Shannon Jacuz- zi, Assistant Supreme Court Justice. X.. -.-H V.gsit t L Mix JJ Girls' State Delegates: Front, Laura Dailey, Pam Matthews, Laura Pruitt, Rhonda Findley. Back, Shannon Jacuzzi, Jeanne Marendt, John Woeltje, Alisha Craig, Lezlie Wewers. Not pictured Pam Massengale. Gina Scerbo and Pam Matthews pretend to be legislative officials like Tim Massanelli, the House Parliamentarian. 56 Organizations taat-5 SlAlE life?- St. Mary's delegates are a friendly sight at Girls' State headquarters. Joan Woeltje catches up on her sleep between Girls' State committee meetings. Q. Mtg, . tt , bJ""1P Governor's School Two Mount students, Jeanne Marendt and Kristie Daniel, were chosen for the 1983 session of Arkansas Governor's School, a sum- mer school for gifted and talented students. They were chosen by the State Education Committee from an application filled out dur- ing their junior year. Jeanne Marendt was chosen to study in the field of in- strumental music, and Kristie was chosen for the field of social science. The girls stayed at Hendrix Col- lege from June ll to July 16. 4:57 Mount St. Mary representatives to Governor's School: Kristie Daniel and Jeanne Marendt. "Rx gr I Jeanne Marendt poses with her roommate, Michele Clark. Kristie Daniel takes a break from her busy schedule at Governor's School. Organizations 57 Class Day Committee: Front row, Gina Scerbo, Mary Ellen Richards, Jill Guftin, Anne Price, Julie Teed, Connie Cavanaugh, Lisa Prince, Stacie Young, Lezlie Wewers. Back row, Dana Nelson, Cathy O'Neal, Lisa Fazio, Sandra Monroe, Carla Baltz, Karen Corn, Cynthia Helgason, and Meg Taylor Graduation fBaecalaureate Com - mittee: Front row, Linda Flynn, Leigh Anne Embrey, Jeannie Marendt, Lisa Oberste. Back row, Stephanie Taldo, Lisa Boeckman, Linette Kuntz, Shawn Mabry, Pam Massengale, Monica Marty, and Cindy Lewis Class Day Booklet Committee: Front row, Suzy Lilly, Karen Hart, Jodi Simpson, Sheila Horner. Se- cond row, Dominique Dinh, Paula Gault, Joan Woeltje, Patti Handloser, Charlotte Miller, Lange Robinson, Cathy Sanford, Michelle Noto, Laura Stanley. Back row, Kim Henderson, Dawn Williams, Shannon Jacuzzi, Kelli Munroe, and Ruby Bayonie 58 Organizations y-,.,-1 ,KCZNQ I ,,, io., , , 1 r 1 1 , r ' X 1 1 ., , ., -r ',.r . " -nrt. sap! I I W .fun L 1 tr ., r 3 Committee: Front row, Jeannie Marendt, Eileen Hogan, Pam Mat- Back row, Michele Perna, Patricia Namest Big SisterfLittle Sister, Spirit Com- mittee: Front row, .Iacquclyn Plauche, Lori Flynn, Laura Dailey, Karen Yada. Second row, Linda Savary, Jldy Barthol, Laura Pruitt, .lcnni Gam, Karen Brown, Alesia Craig, Ti. DeVita, Deborah Dobcr, Dionne Mit- chell, Karen Wood. Back row, Carol Oswald, Jennifer Phillips, Beth Salter- lield, Nancy Papacek, Tonya Rose, Carolyn Renaud, Lange Robinson SENIOR COMMITTEES The Senior Committees consisted of five committees, each with a different task. The Class Day Committee organized and planned the Class Day Program. The GraduationfBaccalaureate Committee chose the invita- tions and nominated can- didates, later chosen as graduation speaker by the Senior Class. The Class Day Booklet Committee took polls and produced the Class Day Booklet. The Retreat Committee planned the retreat held at Immaculate Conception. The final com- mittee was composed of Big SisterfLittle Sister, Spirit, Christmas Program, and Alumni Tea Committees. This combined committee planned the Christmas Par- ty, Alumni Tea, and Big SisterfLittle Sister events. Organizations 59 SPANISH CLUB: Standing: Senora Armstrong, Shanna Smith, Christy Goshen, Ann Pollard, Kim Henderson. Row 2: Michele Perna, Dawn Tirado, Dominique Dinh. ' Kristie Daniel. Row 3: Deanna MeEleya, Marilee Beruge, Alicia Selig, Row 4: Stephani Clay, Chan- da Calloway, Susie Barakat, Shell E Y Perry. Terry Richardson. Row 5: Gayle Quinn, Jennifer Ferguson, f Anna Volpert. Row 6: Lois Turner, Angelica Pearson, Paola Sotomona. Williams, non-member, Jodi Busby, Jennifer Erxlebcn. Row 8: Diane McKinstry, Kim Littles, Carol Dober, Christine Bregy. C., T , 5., - fg- , ..- O- - -'T' , A-T., ,ff 1' W- ,.: ,I ' Aurora Luna. Row 7: Brenda ' . Z. . ' Y 1 W .4. . , Q JW, V. ' N 5 ' ' . L r g .gi is . FRENCH CLUB: Seated: Laura Cossage, Patty Shepherd, Donnelle Vervack, Lisa Wintroath, Theresa Smith. Janet Schaefer, Kiki Hamilton, Sonya Davis, Maily Kanui, Mandy Chessar, Cheryl Griffith, Debbie Keeran, SEATED Second Row: Mrs. Sue Mistrie, Sponsor Joan Eichler, Alycia Howard, Trina Roberson. Standin on ground, Alix Rogers, Robyn Rogers, Beth Berry, Kristine Strieker. Portia Porsche, Nicole Sutter, Leigh Boswell, Nikki Avants, Julie Chudy, Darrylen Dove Susan Foster, Renee Gaylord, Sara Maturi, Demi Chase, FIRST ON STEPS: First row, Joan Morris, Elizabeth Anderson, Angie Dow. Johanna Vandergrif Kathleen Buetner, Lisa Rolf, Judy Gilbert. Second Row, Cynthia Gehrki, JoAnn Savary, Kim Tally, Wendy Jones, Arden Cornwel1, Christina Regula, Debbi Schneider. Third row, Patricia Namest, Lauri Stienhauser, Olivia Champlain, Elizabeth Thomas, Stephanie Toon. Cathy Teer, Jeannine Thessing. Fourth Ro Debbie Kuran, Liz Ruttedge, Kristy Williams, Diane Schratz. Fifth row, Karmen Kidd, Amee Colvin, Hazel Harmon, Daphne Wilburn, Sandra Smith, Kathy Dal Jennifer Prause, Nikki Kirshncr, Top row, Kristen Jones, Jill Elliot, Angie Namest, Dominique Dinh, Kim Henderson, Kristy Gipson, Linda Daughenbaugh, Christ Katie Francis, Kim Rohlman, Amy Harding. 60 ORGANIZATIONS K5 Cz Michelle Young is shocked to learn Caesar is dead. IATIN CLUB: Beth Sigler. .lulie Wright. Mandy liberle. l.i1 O Don- nell, Mary Cobb. Donna Ciattini. Angela Duran. Cheryl Volgelphell. Shannon Xelson. Amanda Mc- cloed. Beka Drew. Diane Hays. Terrie Ashburn. Marion Ciavin. Caryn Tcaeh. Lora Nelson. Lucy Swecden. Mary Thompson. Ilope Matthews. Lesie Smith. Stacie Shuth. Laura Rempter. limily Miller. Ellen Ilail. I.eslic Mahan. Kristie Danials. Susan Young. Kim Johnson. Angela Nutt. Susan Morgan. Mellissa llor. Melissa Penny. Grcthcn Smith. Anita Zorn. Christy Golden. Charlotte lleather Runshang. Leigh Ann Crain. Stacey Shaddox. Dustin Thomason. Language Clubs The French Club had a very successful year. First, the club participated at language festivals held at Searcy. UALR. and Fayet- teville. The members dined at a French restaurant. La Petite Roche, and enjoyed a delicious meal. They also sponsored the French Na- tional Honor Society and helped other students with French tutoring. The Spanish Club raised money by selling German candies. This organizations biggest activity was the trip to Mexico over spring- break. They also par- ticipated in the language festivals. The Latin Club enjoyed success also. They too took part in the Language Festivals and dined in a Latin associated restaurant. ORGANIZATIONS ol Annette Barringhaus Amy Brantley Karen Corn Laura Dailey Kristie Daniel Leigh Anne Embrey Lori Flynn Cynthia Helgeson Kim Henderson Shannon Jacuzzi Jeanne Marcndt Pam Masscngale Laura Pruitt Gina Sccrbo Stephanie Taldo Jackie Wagner Lczlie Wewers Joan Woeltje Jackie Hammond, sponsor Picture not available for Patricia Namest 62 Organizations PM . 1 Yi Qq.r5 X. 3 T- ji Q 14" 'QF rf i RED CROSS, SFAC, SFAB, FBLA Each of these four organizations hold impor- tant positions within themselves. Each con- tributes its own special talents to the school community. First of all, The Student, Faculty, Administration Council QSFACJ and the Student, Faculty, Ad- ministration Board CSFABJ were part of the strong foun- dation for the successful year at Mount St. Mary. This group conducted ac- tivities and worked cooperatively to benefit all at the Mount. One of the ac- tivities held by the group was the Leadership Workshop. All students who attended had a chance to benefit from all types of leadership qualities displayed. Another club this year was Red Cross. This organization worked with the Blood Mobile. This op- portunity gave the students a chance to donate blood. The Future Business Leaders Of America is a club designed to keep up with the business trends of the world. The FBLA spon- sored fund raisers and other activities. t ' an FBLA: Front row, Connie Cavanaugh, Tia DeVito, Carol Oswald, Jennifer Phillips, Laura Stanley. Second row, Bridgett Williams, Lin Canino, Christine Bregy, Mary Ellen Richards, Patricia Namest. Back row, Beka Drew, Kristen Jones, Jennie Garot, Karolyn Baker, Angie Bone, Mrs. Carol Onopa, sponsor. 64 ORGANIZATIONZ SFAB: Front row, Tina Mariani, Kim Henderson, Rhonda Findley, Ann on. Second row, Carrie Helgeson, Amy Hardin, Shannon Jacuzzi, Papacek, Angie Duran. Third row, Mrs. Genie Sigler, Karen Donahue Richard Mary Burke RSM, Sr. Theresa Dolan RSM. Back row, Mrs. Logan, Mrs. Jerrie Ferguson, Mr. Jon Mills. Look!! think she's got it! Karen Donahue, Cathy Boeckmann, and Cheri ner learn that building leadership qualities is easy. Red Cross: Bottom row, Stacey Young, Lisa Prince, Cindy Lewis, Meg Taylor, Monica Marti. Second row, Leslie Horn, Susan Foster, Shannon Wolf, Beth Eaton, Helen Lipke. Third row, Angie Binz, Tina Quick, Paula Walker, Angela Selig, Jill Guflin. Back row, Janet Quarti, Michelle Alpe, Paula Metzger, Lynette Regnier, Angie Kuehn, Nancy Estes, Tracy Schuller, Laurie Kornas, Mrs. Bettye Francis, sponsor. X . Grin and bear it! Suzy Lilly donates blood to Blood Mobile while Beth Eaton and Helen Lipke comfort her. SFAC: Front row, Jeannie Marendt, Nancy Papacek, Laura Dailey, Rhonda Findley, Shannon Jacuzzi, Jill Guffin, Second row, Tina Mariani, Karen Donahue, Lori Rodgers, Ann Jackson, Kim Henderson, Amy Hardin, Leigh Ann Crane, Hope Matthews, Katherine Ozment, Angie Duran, Third row, Staci Moore, Suzette Didier, Carrie Helgeson, Ann Dix- on, Mrs. Pat Papacek. Fourth row, Mrs. Karin Dudley, Kim Johnson, Sr. Theresa Dolan RSM, Sr. Susan 3 Charles Pluff RSM. Back row, i Mrs. Mary Logan, Mrs. Genie Sigler, Mrs. Jerry Ferguson, and Mr. Jon Mills. ORGANIZATIONS 65 4 NA, vw :P '-u Ng..- .,, na - " x.,, '1 N 9 1 .12 N 'Vik u ff' "D+ 1 .wh 'v 41 ,, 5. 2 'Q-L ..,... .dn is 51174, wx- Q- : WRC 1- ' . 5 - 4'-M V. M f 1 M "Eg,-' ,f S ,usd ART SOCIETY, Y-TEENS The National Honor Society of Art is a newly formed organization at Mount Saint Mary. This is a special group ol' talented girls with great artistic abili- ty. The Art Society had many fund raisers this year, one of which was a very suc- cessful bake sale. Another group at Mount St. Mary is the Y-Teens. They have been very active this year. The purpose ofthe organization is to provide community services. The Y-Teens have been very in- volved with their service projects. They also have been participating in Super- teens, Sadie Hawkins dance, and World Mutual. "X,1r' I ll ln. Here, let me help! Suzette Didier offers to help Julie Wright and Mandy almosrfinishedfjust 600 more to color. Ashley Henry helps the club with projects. Eberle. xi' Front row, Carrie Whiteside, Elizabeth Ozborne, Maggie Crocker, Amy Treadway, Mary Thompson, Laura Rasco, Leesa Freiser, Robyn Rogers, Buetner, Stephanie Ragan, Susan Nagel, Ashley Henry, Stephanie Rose. Second row, Mandy Eberle, Anna Martine, Ann Jackson, Dustin Thomason, fackson, Michelle Davis, Ellen Hale, Mary Cotten, Beth Sigler, Anna Baetke, Sarah Maturi. Third row, Mary Cobb, Catherine Thomas, Cinny Colbert, Wood, Dana Curtis, Suzctte Phillips, Courtney Niven, Leigh Ann Craine, Kelly Morris, Lindsey Garot, Kelly Wassel. Chanda Callaway, Julie Wright. Dolan, Mary Williams. Back row, Nikki Avants, Anita Zorn, Page Atkins. Kerri Meeks, Stacey Shaddox, Ha7el Harmon, Karmen Kidd, Elizabeth mas, Traci Kyser, Cindy Porter, Cari Collins, Kristen Skinner, Beth Thomas. Organizations 67 VARSITY CI-IEERLE DERS lhe IUNK-IOS-1 Varsity lheerleaders proxed to be a xxell-organized and highly spirited squad this year. The group ol' ten eheerleaders represented X1t.St. Xlary at trophy I'or the most improv- ed squad. During the sum- mer. they' raised money' by' having numerous ear washes and a garage sale. This cheerleading squad is uni- lhe l nixersity ol' Central que because ol' the closeness .-Xrltansas camp. yxhieh is one ol' the largest eamps in the lnited States. They' received all superior ribbons and iyere presented xxith a ol' its members and their grand ability' ol' extending their spirit and enthusiasm to both Mt. St. Mary' and Cllllltllllllliglllilll1S. -S Urg.iiu1.itni 'Xngie Hone eheers the Rockets to yietory. Xl Vurixty f'hl'l'l'lt'lllIl'l'AJ I ront Ron, Christine Raphael. Karen Yada. Raney, Second Rau. I aura l5.nley, Donna Dailey. .lenni Ciann. Angie Third Roxy. 'Xll5Cll1ll'l.fiylllIll.l IIelgeson.X'ita Barre 'P T27 Cynthia llelueson. Karen Yada. and laura Dailey "the beauty' ytisyif' M 4 A ,III W " ty M .. :QS ip Q. A .z,. A ' A . '52-FY? . Nik .,f' A. N If U .. ,E " v f A5 X U 1 at 2 - 1, . ' ' A Xb I ' .QA ,. 3 ,. , A l p. ...Jn l , A . . I y 2. ' f X! la mf 1 A A x L L , I Y 4Q A . f 5 i R I I 1 1'-xx . ra-I. X I I L f X V garb sf f i ., QE., R-yrk C27 f - .rx g ,1 I ' .'.. it' K AW V 70 Sophomore, Freshman Cheerleaders The 1983-84 Sophomore and Freshman cheerleaders are hard working and en- thusiastic squads. After many tiring summer prac- tices, both squads attended summer camps. The Sophomore cheerleaders at- tended the U of A camp in July. They received the first place trophy for their camp cheer, live superior ribbons, two excellent ribbons, and the spirit stick for the week. T h e F r e s h m a n cheerleaders attended camp in Fayetteville. They achiev- ed a gold ribbon for im- provement, three superior ribbons, one excellent rib- bon, -and one honorable mention ribbon. Both cheerleading squads have promoted a great deal of spirit. Do you think they liked our assembly? Leslie Mahan, Terrie Ashburn, and Angie Duran discuss their performance at one of the Mount assemblies. John Travolta look-alikes - Ozzie Jones, Leslie Mahan, and Susan Young strike the John Travolta pose in one of their dance routines. SPORTS Sophomore Cheerleaders: Front row, Angie Duran, Terrie Ashburn, Blake Barnwell, Julie Barnhouse. Back row, Young, Ozzie Jones, Sheely Parry, Leslie Mahan. Please let us win! Sheely Parry cheers for a Catholic High victory Up, up, and away- Carrie Whiteside tops the Freshman pyramid. Motivating the spirit! Freshman cheerleaders, Kristen Skinner, Leigh Ann Crain, and Alissa Munson perform their dance routine. Freshman Cheerleaders: Front row, Anna Marie Martine, Stephanie Rose. Center down, Leigh Ann Crain. Second row, Kristen Skinner, Julie Wright, Carrie Whiteside, Alissa Munson, and Dustin Thomason. SPORTS 7l Brent Geels and Martin Phillips. .Kip . Please don 't let us fall! Sophomore cheerleaders build a pyramid at a Mount assembly. "HaIt! Who goes there?" Varsity cheerleaders form a wall of support for the CHS football team. 72 Sports Paula's protector. Paula Gault is escorted at the homecoming football game by Cotillion pays off! Freshman cheerleader Leigh Ann Crain per- forms a dance routine. A pyramid ofsuccess! Varsity cheerleaders arouse spirit among students at a Mount assembly. Siamese twins joined at the face. Alisha Craig and Karen Brown pose at a CHS football game. :4i:1ll And U'you're not a good fan, this could happen to you too! Rockettes and cheerleaders prepare for the CHS Rockets to enter the field. are very thankful to the Mount spirit who have worked to imspire MSM and fans at assemblies and Each group was in of a different at the Mount to spirit through your heart out girls, I've got two. Jenni Gann is escorted by Jason Walker John Rogers at CHS homecoming. PIRIT ABOUN cheers, pyramids, and dance routines. At the football and basketball games the cheerleaders cheered during the game, and the Rockettes marched at halftime. It is easy to say that MSM has truly devoted spirit groups. Catch me Billy. I'm falling! Varsity cheerleaders Stephanie Ranney, Donna Dailey, and Laura Dailey support the Rockets at a football game. "He's asking about me!" Rockette Pam Corum brings spirit to a CHS football game. Sports 73 ROCKETTES Everyone cheers at the sight of the marching Rockettes. This yearbook page proudly presents the 1983-84 marching Rockcttcs. It takes much effort and many hours of strenuous work to become a rockette. In- cluding six a.m. practices, pull- ed muslcs, and cheering fans. The marchers attended camp at the Southern Missouri State University where they won many awards. The Rockcttes also participated at many CHS pep rallies and MSM pep rallies. "Mount St. Mary Academy proudly presents the award- winning, l983-84 marching Rockettes!" -R -. - 'an- Rorkvrtes: lfront row, Pam Matthews, Kelly Wortsmith Nan Hcnnlcy Leslie .lewcll Jill Marchese Second row fseatedl Leigh Anne Embrey tFirst Karen Brown leo-captainl, Gina Sccrbo fCaptainJ Carolyn Renaud 12nd Lieutenantl Third row Linda Savary Patti Handloser Cathy Sanford Lisa Shannon Benaficld, Carol Oswald, Ann Dixon Pam Corum Alisha Craig Lynnette Juntz Catherine Ozment Sheila Horner Sharon Strack Jill Elliott Back r .Ioan Wocltjc, Paula Ciault. Suzanna Barnett Allcc Hardin Shawn Mabry Sandra Monroe Lezlie Wewers Lea Ann Wadley 74 ORGANIZATIONS Alisha Craig, Lynctlc Kunlz, and Lea Ann Wadlcy rock out as rockettes. Nan Hennelly, Alice Hardin, and Sandra Monroe walk like the monkics at the zoo. Goodjob rockenes! " l -2-3-kick" f"iY'i Linda Savory wants you lo bc a The rockettes pretend to escape from the zoo. roekcllcloo. ORGANIZATIONS 75 .,. f " iv' ,. f A I .Vi BANID: l'ront row. .lill Coekran. Ruby Bayani. Jennifer Iirxleben. Ann Pollard, Karen Taldo. Angie Dow. Paula Partello. l.isa Anderson. Rowena Taekenburg, Julie I.ett, .lane Britton. Second row, Trina Ilandley. Kelly Boeekmann, Mandy Davis. Christie Boeekmann. Kristi Stansbury. Felicia Wheat, Michelle Pegram, Nancy Wright, Sandra Pierpaoli. Catherine Boeekmann. Lori Steinhauser. Christy King. Bridgette Williams. Mr. .Ion Mills. limilie Cunningham. Carla Buflington. Dee Baker. Karen Wenger. l.eann Jones. llelen Barry. Angie lless. Cathy Daly. Annette Barringhaus. Jeannine Marendt. Kim Ilallon. Melissa Parodi, Kim Johnson. HAND UI-'I-'lC'l:'RS: lfronl row. Kelly Boeekmann. Karen Taldo. Karen Wenger. Seeontl row. Annette Barringhatts. Mr. .lon Mills. .leannie Marendt. Not pictured: Diane Moore, 70 ORGAN IYATIONS x Dee. Melissa. and Kathy show the Band what saxophoncs can really do. i . mv. Who hit that sour note? T Combined Musical Talents Are Successful Mt. Saint Mary's band and the newly formed choir have been combining their talents this year by perform- ing together at various ae- tivities. The band and choir practiced very hard to pro- vide music for Mt. Saint Mary's concerts. They shared other things also. They ushered at Barton Col- iseum and every Friday sponsored a salad bar for the student body. The two organizations used the money for their trip to St. Louis. This has been a very successful year for the two groups. The band and choir worked hard, and once again Mt. St. Mary is proud ofthe music department. Rhonda, Mary. and lilivabeth prepare for their Christmas Concert. 1 2"'l'f"""2 A vtjiy. CHOIR: Mary McCarthy, Linette Regnier, .limic Wood, Beverly Martin. Mary Pruss. Jennifer Phillips, Sharon Druekenmiller. Theda Green. Angie Kuean. Rhonda Findley. Laura Davis, Traci Sevigny. JoAnn lless. Patricia Namest. Barbara Philbert. llll7ilbCll1VlCflS, Tina Gunderman, and Nannette Tribby. ORGANIZATIONS 77 STUDENT CONGRESS The Mount St. Mary Stu- dent Congress delegation consisted of senior spokesmen, junior pages, and sophomore observers. The Congress was held at the Excelsior Hotel and the Old State House from Nov. I3 to Nov. 15. Mrs. Jerry Ferguson was the sponsor of the activity. v..:,ei,uwv-D:,J " Au-KM i N 1 . tif rl-'tt,,,L Junior Karen Donahue expresses the thought of another year at Stu- dent Congress. 'I . ' 4 i Student Congress: Front, Angie Duran. Julie Barnhouse, Kelli Wortsmith, Gwen Horrace. Back: Jennifer Erxlaben. Cynthia Helgesen, Lezlie Vewers, Karen Donahue, Mrs. Jerry Ferguson tsponsorj, Cheri Bonner, Patricia Namest. Not pictured, Kim Johnson 78 Organizations Cheri Bonner listens to a bill introduction on the floor. Beside her is a brass spitoon from a legislative era gone by. Photo courtesy of Arkansas Gazette. ...dat Nh XY Ymfwti United Nations The Arkansas Mock United Nations met on Dec. 2 and 3 at the University of Central Arkansas. The Mount delegations represented the countries of Argentina, Mexico, Australia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Nicaragua. The delegations of Syria and Nicaragua received awards in the areas of debate and general assembly. The Mount received seven out of I2 possible awards at the meeting. -hh risrie Daniel, Cathy O'Neil, and Pam Matthews read articles on world events to better understand the countries they present. iled Nations Delegates: Front row, Kim Henderson, Pam Matthews, Meg ylor, Carolyn Renaud, Carol Oswald, Jeanne Marendt, Eileen Hogan. Se- d row, Ann Dixon, Karen Donahue, .ludy Gilbert, Cathy O'Neil, Glenda cy, Kristie Daniel. Third row, Nan Henley, Amy Finkbeiner, Elizabeth rroll. Fourth row: Linda Flynn, Cheri Bonner, Gwen Horras, Michele Vin- t. Back row: Stephanie Toon, Kim Johnson, Angie Namest, and Mrs. Mary gan, sponsor. nf""- Carol Oswald assists Linda Flynn and Eileen Hogan in preparing for United Nations debates. Organizations 79 Human Relations X COE f Literary Magazine Many Seniors this year participated in a different type of class called Human Relations. ln this class, the girls work in many areas of the school. They work in the admissions and ad- ministrative offices, the audio visual lab, and also as teacher's aides in classrooms. This class is be- ing offered to enable students to provide services where it is needed. COE fCooperative Office Educationj is another activi- ty offered to the students at Mount St. Mary. COE is a program where a student at- tends St. Mary for half a day. The rest of the day the student takes one class at Hall High School and then works at a job. This job should pertain to future career goals. The literary magazine is another first for Mt. St. Mary. This magazine, called Off the Record is sponsored by the journalism class. The magazine gave students a chance to publish their literary talents such as poems, short stories, photo- graphs, or other things. Cooperative Office Education: Kelli Haskins, Susan Ourso. ...,....-11 'QQ Shc's got it all figured out! Laura Langley helps out in the AV Lab. Organizations .-I Human Relutions: Seated, Sandra Monroe. Lisa Matthews, Paulette Kelli Munroe, Jill Guffin. First row, Carol Oswald, CArolyn Renaud Ellen Richards, Jenni Gann, Jennifer PHillips, Deanna Maus, Tracy Karen Luyet. Second row, Dana Nelson, Paula Hastings, Laura Pruitt, non Wolfe, Doinne Mitchel, Monica Marti. Third row, Sharen l Heleln Lipke, Kristi Kita, Nancy Papacek, Susan Foster, .lacquclyn Tina Quick. Fourth row, Leslie Horn, Laura Stanley, Cheryl Piechocki. T Paula Walker, Tia DcVito. Where's your admission slip! Paula Walker tries to imitate Sister admissions. .L Off the Record: Front row, Anne Pricc, Kim Johnson, Gwen Horras, Dawn Tirado, Dawn Williams. Back row, Linda Savary, Lisa Boeckmann, Jeannie Marcndt, Beth Sattcrfield, Christy Rieger, Laura Stanley. Now here is an idea! Kristen Jones adds new thoughts to the magazine. Two is company but three is a crowd! Norma Nesheim, Lisa Boeckmann, and Christy Rieger combine their literary talents. Do you need some help, also? Whether it is the literary magazine or the newspaper, Jeannie Marendt is always ready to give some help. Organizations 8l 3 4 X f X2 CLASSIESDIVIIJIQR 5 5 fi! my .. NQ--0 ' , 2 aww: -f Q 4' CHAPTER4 TGUCH CLASSES A OF HCLASS, XSSI S DIVIIJI R l i - I ,N 1 YS I . X 4'--'Cu I A ,ji , Karen Corn meditates before class. Seniors have mixed feelings about International Relations class. .J 3 A 'TiQ5"' ,Z ' "What doyou mean seniors didn't win Bazaar?" exclaims Norma Nesheim. "Oh, yes, I am homeroom rep!" says Jill Gufiin to a shocked Mrs. Gayle Teal. Pauletta Baldwin is caught of f-guard at a Catholic High Football game 84 SENIORS qf ,Y f' Senior Omcers: Jeanne Marendt, secretary: Jill Guffin, treasurer: Nancy Papacek, representative, Kim Henderson, president, and Laura Dailey, vice president. ENIOR OFFICERS The Class of 1984 receiv- ed their rings on May 19, 1983, officially making them the Senior Class of Mount St. Mary Academy. They elected as their of- ficers Kim Henderson, presidentg Laura Dailey, vice president, Jeanne Marendt, secretary, Jill Guffin, treasurerg and Nan- cy Papacek, representative. This year, the class par- ticipated in the traditionally senior activities. Besides taking advantage of "senior privilege" in lunch line and parking their ,cars on a lot designated "seniors only," the class counted down the days until graduation on Mrs. Gayle Teal's chalkboard. They also settl- ed down for more serious events. On Oct. 25 and 26, the Senior Class held an over- night retreat at Immac- culate Conception Church in North Little Rock. They began a new Mount tradi- tion by celebrating St. Nicholas Day on Dec. 7g the Christmas Committee decorated the entire school and filled students' shoes with candy. The class also hosted the school-wide Christmas party on Dec. 16. As the number of days on Mrs. Teal's chalkboard grow steadily smaller, the Seniors will grow busier. May 4 will be the last day of regular classes for them, ex- ams are May 7, 8, and 9. The annual Alumnae Tea is to be on Sunday, May 6. The Seniors will bid farewell Class Day assembly on May 11. They will attend their last Mass together, Bac- calaureate, on May 12 at Immaculate Conception Church. On May 16, to strains of "Pomp and Cir- cumstance," the Class of 1984 will process onto the stage of Robinson Auditorium to receive their long-awaited diplomas. . '55 N Q, ' f,4'r3'e Inf. .fwil 1 n "We're lixin' chicken." Senior officers serve lunch to the faculty on the first teacher in-service day. if I qfgia LL ' r 4 . f , .. Seniors I Linda Anne Alger Pauletla A. Baldwin Carla Jo Baltz 1'-Q 5 Annette Carol Barringhaus Judith Marie Barlhol Ruby Jacqueline Bayani H-!F"5 svn' Ywr Angelia Dianne Binz Lisa Lorene Boeckmann Amy Lou Brantley 86 SENIORS Barbara l.ynn BI't'lt'lIlxQlIlll Jayne Marie Brilmn K aren Lynne Brown Carla Rvnaa Buflngton Lisa Ann Campbell Kelly Eli:abe1h Carman :- Cmz.vram'e Marie Caralmugh Therexa Carol Chambcrx Angela Meek C'0l4'la.vurc W .. SENIORS lu' . lfmu l'umn'rv Karan Ann Cnrn QA Q--1 fllixhzl lilly Craig l.uuru Ira Duilvy Krixliv Leigh IJ!lllfl'l 'Q Diane Mary IJL'Nlll.S'k Tia K 'Imrlcvn Dv Vim Dominique A1fIlllbf1'llhll'l'l'N Dinh Deborah lili:abe!h Duhcr XX SICNIORS Shurnn l.rl1u Ilrurkvrlnlillvr f- rf My Elimbclh Ann fffllflil 445 - , r-nv' if J, SIIHIHIR' Jv'mr'm' lfzlwrzrrlx Lvigh .-Inna Emhrcy Nancy li. Exlvs Lim Marin Fazio Rlmmlu Kay l"imilvy Linda Louise Flynn Lori A nn Flynn SENIORS 89 .lil Suxarz F oxler .l6'l1IIl:fk'I' Mariv Umm CAN if ' I Paula l.nui.w Gllllll -fi Jill Preslmz Gufrhn Palri ci a M ari e H amlloxvr T' K nrvn Ann ffllfl 'vu fi-.ep N.. K X f K vlli Run' Ilaskins Pauline Marie Has1ir1gx Cyrllhirl .ln Hvlgcamri 90 SENIORS Y fxvlllllfwlfl' lh'un-Rlqffin Ilrmlurwll .lu ,Alun Ilum Iiiluun Mary Ilnguu I.v.vl1'qjum' Horn Slwila I:'li:alu'lh Ilnrnvr Sllllllllllll I.. .lu1'u::l' Kri.v1i,4lll14' Kim Lim .Alnmvlv Ix'm'in.vki 1.'l'lIL'llt' l1'lfL'lllR'llI KUIIIZ SIQNIORS 9l 1 0' 15 SP7 Sandra Lynette Lake Laura Ann Langley Cynthia Carole Lewis Stephanie Suzanne Lilly Helen Louise Lipke Renarta LaFrae Littles C X -sax Glenda Thornbrough Lucy Karen Sue Luyet Shawn Renee Mabry 92 SENIORS LA 11' and C Kelly Theresa Mago Jeanne Marie Marendl Monica Ann Marti 's..,w Kimberly Ann Marlin Pamela Lavon Massengale Melissa Anette Massey fx Elizabeth P. Matihews Pamela Matthews DeAnna Kay Maus ,ful SENIORS 93 Margaret Francis Miller Theresa Marie Miller Dionne E lizabelh Mitchell 5 'in Sandra Marie Monroe Diane Louise Moore Ana Elisa Munoz Kelli Robin Munroe Dana Kay Nelson Norma Jean Nesheim 94 SENIORS if Miehellc' Maria N010 an-... XJ Lisa K Ob aren erste Mary Catherine 0'Neal Carol Elizabeth Oswald Susan Ann Ourso Nancy Ann Papacek M iehele DeLorec'e Perna B arbara Kay Philiberl Jennifer Anntionetle Phillips SENIORS 95 Cheryl Ann Piechocki Jaequelyn Claire Plauche Anne Rudd Price Lisa Ann Prince Laura Elizabeth Pruitt Mary A ,Eb xx 3 nnette Pruss we-sf' Christina Louise Quick Melanie Jane Ray Caro an lyn Renaud 96 SENIORS Mary Ellen Richards Christina Marion Rieger Lange Lueile Robinson Tonya Lea Rose Cathleen Elise Sanford Elisabeth Byrnes Salterfield . ,,,,,,,H,, Linda Ann S avary Gina Marie Seerbo Tracey MargretSchu1Ier SENIORS X Karla Leigh Schulte Angela Michelle Selig Melanie Dawn Shaffer Juliann Maria Shollmier Jody House Simpson Julie Ann Skarda r 1 K qz.. Laura Virginia Loyd Stanley Rowena Kim Tackenberg Stephanie Kathleen Taldo 98 SENIORS I If ,,. 3 Tv' Margaret Anne Taylor julia Marie Tged Dawn Frances Tirado 'Z' Jacqueline Maria Wagner Pdllld Jenn Walker DCM Elilllbflh Weber 0 ur 1 WW 1 Lezlie Marguerere Wewers Dawn Renee Williams .loan Marie Woeltje SENIORS 99 X X l00 SENIORS if X Shannon Condi!! WOU' Karen Leigh Wood Nancy Kay Wright Karen Marie Yada Stacey Lynn Young CLASS GF 384 A 5 I The super se ,....a-rf , mmm' Julie Skarda is surprised at the prospect of her picture taken at a Catholic High game. nior ci ass of l984! iff, 1 Y. - 50, Deanna Maus types her Renaissance project bibliography - fifteen minutes before it's due. SENIORS 101 SE ICR TATISTICS Linda Alger: Twin City Bank Student Board, 4. Paulella Baldwin: Latin Club 2, 3: Red Cross, 4: Human Relations, 4: Track. 2: Pep Club, I. Carla Ballz: French Club, I, 2: Yearbook Staff, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball, 3: Pep Club, 2: Class Day Committee, 4: Decorations Committee, 3: Who's Who in Science, 2: Who's Who in French, 2. Annelle Barringhaus: NHS, 3. 4: French Club, I. 3: Pep Club, I: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Band Drum Major, 4: Student Band Director, 4: Band Secretary. 4: Refreshments Committee, 3. Judy Barlhol: French Club, Z, 3: Tennis Team, 3, 4: Cheerleader, 2: Pep Club, I: Bib SisfLis Sis Com- mittee, 4: Place Committee, 3: Back-to-school Dance Committee, 3. Ruby Hayani: FHA, I. 2: Volleyball, I: Swimming, I: Track I: Band, 3, 4: Class Booklet Committee, 4: Refreshment Committee, 3. Lisa Boeckmann: Latin Club, 2: Debate Team, 3: Speech Club, 3: Literary Magazine. 4: Pep Club, I: Band I, 2, 3: BaccalaureatelGraduation Committee, 4: Retreat Committee, 2: Band Treasurer, 3. Amy Brantley: NHS, 3, 4: Newspaper Staff, 3, 4: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball I, Z, 3, 4: Track, 2. 3: Spirit Council, 4: All-Conference Basketball, Z, 3, 4: All-State Volleyball, 4: All-Tournament, 4, Barbara Brewinglon: Latin Club, I, 2: Speech Club, 3: FBLA, 3: Volleyball, 2: Refreshments Commit- tee, 3. ,Iayne Brillon: Band, 4. Karen Brown: FHA, 3: Roekettes, 2, 3, 4: Big SisfLiI SisfChristmas Committee, 4: Refreshment Com- mittee, 3. Carla Buyinglon: Band, Z, 3, 4: Invitations and Favors Committee, 3, Lisa Campbell: Debate Team, 3: Speech Club, 3: Roekettes 4: Band, I, 2, 3: Assistant Drum Major, 2. 3: Student Band Director, 3: Retreat Committee, 3. Kelly Carman: Latin Club, 2, 3: Human Relations, 4: Spirit Group, 2: Intramural Basketball 4. Connie Cavanaugh: French Club, I, 2: FBLA, 3, 4: Yearbook Staff, 3, 4: Basketball, I: Spirit Group, 2: Class Day Committee, 4: March of Dimes Youth Council Representative, 4: Intramural Basketball, 2, 3. Tracey Chambers: Latin Club, 2, 3: Basketball, 3. Angela Colrlasure: Latin Club, 3: Swimming, I, 2, 3, 4: Refreshments Committee, 3: Spirit Council, 4, Lee Anne Canners: Latin Club Z. 3: Pep Club I. Karen Corn: NHS, 3, 4: French Club, I, 2: Yearbook Staff, 3, 4: Basketball, I: Spirit Group. 21 Class Day Committee, 4: Intramural Basketball. 2.3. 4. Alisha Craig: Latin Club, 3: Spanish Club, 2: FHA, 3: Bib SisfLil Sis Committee, 4: Refreshments Committee, 3: Rockettes, 3, 4: Mind Grind, 4: Diocescan Spelling Bee, 2: State Math Contest, 3. Laura Dailey: Class President 3: Class Vice President, 4: Class Treasurer, 2: SFAC, 2, 3, 4: SFAB, 3: NHS, 3. 4: Cheerleader, I, 2, 3, 4: Big SisjLiI Sis Committee, 4: Homecoming Queen, 4: Girl's State Delegate, 3. Kristie Daniel: NHS, 3, 4: Latin Club, 3, 4: Spanish Club, 3, 4: Speech Club, 3: Basketball Manager, 3: Theme and Decorations Committee, 3: Governor's School, 3. Diane Demask: Basketball, 3: Volleyball, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club, I, Tia DeVi1o.' FBLA, 4: Red Cross. 3: Human Relations. 4: Pep Club, 2, 3, 4: Big SislLiI Sis Committee, 4: Theme and Decorations Committee. 3. Dominique Dinh: French Club 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club, 4: Spirit Group, 3: Pep Club, 2: Class Booklet Com- mittee, 4: Theme and Decorations Committee, 3: First Place - National French Exam tArk.J, I, 2: Na- tional French Honor Society, I, 2, 3, 4: Who's Who Among American High School Students, 4: Awards for Highest GPA in Geometry, Algebra IlfTRig. Deborah Dober: Latin Club, 2, 3: Yearbook Staff, 4: Cheerleader, I: Flagline, 2, 3: Big SisfLil Sis Com- mittee, 4: Theme and Deocrations Committee, 3. Sharon Druckenmiller: Human Relations, 4: Gymnastics, I. Beth Ealon: Red Cross, 4: Basketball I, Z, 3. I 4' 'Q i I A , X- S 102 Seniors Leigh Anne Embrey: NHS, 3, 4: Yearbook Staff, 3, 4: Yearbook Co-Editor, 4: Rockettes. 3, 4: Flagline, I, 2: GraduationfBaccalaureate Committee, 4: Theme and Decorations Committee, 3: Mind Grind Alternate, l:Scarch Team Member 3, 4. Nancy Estes: Latin Club, 2, 3: Speech Club, 3: Rod Cross, 4: Human Relations, 4: Pep Club, I: Theme and Decorations Committee, 3: Student Congress, 2, 3. Lisa Fazio: Latin Club, 2, 3: Cheerleader. I: Rockettes, 2: Class Day Committee, 4: Band Committee, 3. Rhonda Findley: Student Body Presidetn, 4: Class President, I, 2: SFAC, l, 2, 4: SFAB, I, 2, 4: Rocket- tes' Drummer, 3, 4: Class Day Committee, 4: Theme and Decorations Committee, 3: "Maria" in "West Side Story." 31"Anl0nia" in "The Man from La Mancha." Linda Flynn: FHA, 3: Graduation Committee. 4: Place Committee, 3: Model U.N., 3, 4. Lori Flynn: NHS, 3, 4: NHS Treasurer, 4: French Club, 3: Latin Club, 3: Yearbook Staff, 4: Band, I, Z: Pep Club, I: Flagline, 3: Big SisjLiI Sis Committee, 4: Theme and Decoration Committee, 4: Model U.N.,3. Susan Foster: French Club, 2, 3, 4: Red Cross, 4: Human Relations, 4: Swimming, I. Jenni Gann: Spanish Club, 2, 3: Speech Club, I: Human Relations, 4: Gymnastics Team, I, 2: Cheerleader, I, 2, 3, 4: Big SisfLiI SisfChristmas Committee, 4: Theme and Decorations Committee, 3: Search Team Member, 3, 4: "West Side Story," 3. Paula Gaull: Newspaper Staff, 4: Cross-Country, 3: Rockettes. 4: Pep Club, I: Class Booklet Commit- tee, 4: Theme and Decorations Committee, 3: Retreat Committee, 2, 3: Mind Grind, 2, 4: Search Team Member, 3, 4. Jill Griffin' Class Treasurer, 4: SFAC, 4: Speech Club, 2: Red Cross, 4: Human Relations, 4: Cross Country, 3: Spirit Group, 2: Class Day Committee, 4: Band Committee, 3. Palli Handloser: Newspaper Staff, 3, 4: Basketball, I: Swimming, 2: Rockettes, 4: Class Booklet Com- mittee, 4: Place Committee, 3. Karen Hari: French Club, I, 2, 3: Cheerleader, I: Class Booklet Committee, 4: French National Honor Society, 3: Who's Who Among American High School Students, 3. Kelli Haskiru: FBLA, 4: Human Relations, 4: COE, 4. Paula Hastings: FBLA, 3, 4: Human Relations, 4: Pep Club, I: Announcements Committee, 3. Cynrhia Helgesoir Class Secretary, 3: NHS, 3, 4: Debate Team, I, 2: Student Congress, I, 2, 3, 4: Swim- ming, 3: Cheerleader, 2, 4: Rockcttes, 3: United States Student Council Award, 3: Who's Who Among American High School Students, 4. Kim Henderson: Class President, 4: SFAC, 4: SFAB, 4: NHS, 3, 4: French Club, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club, 3, 4: Debate Team, 3: Speech Club, 3: FBLA, 4: Class Booklet Committee, 4. .Io Ann Hess: French Club, 2, 3: Band Committee, 3. Eileen Hogan' Cross-Country Team, 3: Track Team, 3: Retreat Committee, 4. Leslie Harm Latin Club 3: Red Cross, 4: Human Relations. 4: Track Team. 3: Pep Club, I, 2: Refreshments Committee, 3. Sheila Horner: French Club, I, 2: Yearbook Staff, 3, 4: Photography Editor - Yearbook, 4: Cheerleader, I: Rockettes, 3, 4: Flagline, 2: Class Booklet Committee, 4: Place Committee 3: Search Team Member, 3, 4: "West Side Story." 3. Shannon Jacuzzi: Class Representative, 3: SFAB, 3, 4: SFAB Secretary, 4: NHS, 3, 4: Latin Club, I, 2: Cheerleader, I, 3: Class Booklet Committee. 4: Place Committee, 3: Girl's State Delegate, 4: P.S., 4. Krisi Kita: Latin Club, 2: Human Relations, 4: Spirit Group, I, 2: Pep Club, I: Band, I, 2, 3. 1:1 Lisa Kocirislti: Spanish Club. 1, 3: Red Cross. 3: Track. 3. Lylnrllz' Kuril:.' lfreneh Club. 3: Rockettes, 4: Spirit Group, 3: Baccalaureate Committee. 4: Theme and Decorations Committee. 3. Laura l.angIry.' FBLA. 4: Iluman Relations. 4: Spirit Group. 2: COE. 4. Cimlt' l.t'wis: French Club. I. 2. 3: Red Cross. 4: Ecology Club. 2: GraduationfBaceaIaureate Commit- tec.4. u:y Lillr: Latin Club. 2. 3: FHA. 3: Yearbook Staff. 3, 4: Yearbook Co-Editor, 4: Gymnastics Team, I: ilass Booklet Committee. 4: Invitations Committee. 3: Ilomecoming Court. 4. II4-Irn l.ipki-1 FHA. 4: Iluman Relations, 4. Ra-narla l.illlt'5.' Spanish Club. 3: Art Club. 4: Volleyball. I. 2, 3. 4: Track Team. Z: Band Committee. 3. -Glen1lal.utjt'.' l.atin Club l. 2: Spriit Group. 3: Model U.N.. 4. .Karen l.u-t't'l.' Human Relations. 4. 'hawn Mabry: l.atin Club. 3: Rocltettes. 2, 3. 4: Pep Club, I: BaccaIaureatejGraduation Committee. 4: heme and Decorations Committee. 3: Back-to-School Dance Committee, 3. eannie Marendt: Class Vice-President, 3: Class Secretary, 4: SFAC. 3. 4: NHS. 3. 4: Latin Club, I, 2: ewspaper Staff, J. 4: Literary Magazine Staff. 4: Literary Magazine Editor, 4: Spirit Counci. 3, 4: and. I. 2. 3. 4: Retreat Committee, 4: Baccalaureate Graduation Committee. 4: Theme and Decora- ions Committee. 3: Governor's School. 4: Girl's State Delegate, 4: Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation .cadership Seminar. 2. Monica Marli: Spanish Club I. 2: Red Cross, 4: Iluman Relations. 4: GraduationfBaccaIaureate Com- Ttittce. 4: Invitations Committee, 3. -Kim Marlin: Spanish Club. 3: Red Cross. 3: Track. 3: Pep Club. I, 2. am Massengale: NHS. 3. 4: Girl's State Delegate. 4: Basketball, 2. 3. 4: Volleyball 2. 4: Spirit Council, , 4: Graduationfllaccalaureate Committee. 4: Central Arkansas Youth Chairperson for March of imcs. 4. Melissa Massey: Pep Club I: Big SisfLil Sis Committee. 4: Candy Striper. I, 2. isa Mallhews: Spanish Club. 2. 3: Human Relations. 4: Swimming 2: Pep Club, I: Y-Teens, I. am Matthews: Latin Club. 3: NcwspapcriStaff, 3, 4: Literary Magazine Staff. 4: Student Congress, 3. : Modcn U.N.. J. 4: Rockettes, 4: Band, I. 2. 3: Retreat Committee. 4: Invitations Committee, 3: etreat Committee. 2. 3. argarel Miller: Latin Club. 2. 3: FHA, 3: Newspaper Staff, 3: Track, 2: Spirit Group. 3: Class Booklet ornmittec. 4: Theme and Decorations Committee. 3: National Art Honor Society, 4: National Leader- hip and Service Award. 4. hrresa Millrr: Latin Club. I. Z: Ecology Club. 2: Pep Club. I: Place Committee. 3. ionne Milchrlls Spanish Club. 2. 3: Speech Club. I: Human Relations, 4: Volleyball Manager, 3: Spirit routt. Z: Big SisfLil Sis Committee. 4: Place Committee, 3. andra Monroe: Latin Club. I: Human Relations. 4: Basketball. I: Rockettes. 3. 4: Class Day Commit- ee. 4: Band Committee. 3: Search Team Member. 3. 4. isa Morris: Latin Club, Z. 3: Roekettes. 2. 3: Pep Club. I:CIass Day Committee. 4: Band Committee. 3: 'West Side Story." 3: Search Team Member. 3. 4. elli Munroe: Spanish Club. 2. 3: Human Relations. 4: Newspaper Staff, 4: National Art Honor Society. :BaskctbaIl. I: Pep Club, I: Class Booklet Committee. 4: Theme and Decorations Committee. 4. alricia Namesl: Student Congress. 3. 4: NHS. 3. 4: French Club. I. 2. 3. 4: Speech Club, 3. FBLA. 4: ep Club. Z: Retreat Committee, 4: Invitation and Favors Committee. 3: Junior Miss Pageant. 4: "West 'ide Story." 3. ana Nelson: Latin Club. 3: Human Relations, 4: Swimming. 2, 3: Spirit Group. 2: Pep Club, I: Class ay Committee. 4. orma Nexhrim: Literary Magazine Staff. 4: Pep Club. I. ' ichellf Nara: French Club I. 3: Class Day Committee. 4: Spirit Group. 2: Pep Club. I. isa Olzersle: Ecology Club. 2: Cross-Country. 2: GraduationfBaccalaureate Committee, 4: National erit Commended Student. 4. 'alhy 0'Neal: Class Secretary. I: Latin Club. 2: Speech Club. I: FBLA. I: Red Cross. I: United Na- ions, 4: Swimming. 3: Cross-Country. 2: Tennis Team. Z: Class Day Committee. 4. arol Oswald: French Club. 3: Debate Team. 3: FBLA, 4: Human Relations. 4: Cross-Country, Z: rack. 3: Rockettes. 4: Pep Club, I: Big SisfLiI Sis Committee, 4: Place Committee. 3: Spirit Commit- ee, 2: Retreat Committee. 3: National Merit Semi-Finalist, 4. anry Papacek: Class Representative. 4: SFAC. 4: SFAB. 4: Latin Club. 3: Human Relations. 4: Cross- ountry, 2: Track, I, 2: Big SisfLiI Sis Committee. 4: Refreshments Committee. 3. ichele Perna: Spanish Club. 2. 3. 4: Debate Team. 3: FHA. 2: Literary Magazine Staff. 4: Art Club. 4: 'pirit Group, 2: Pep Club. I: Retreat Committee. 4: Theme and Decorations Committee. 3: Sophomore ance Committee. Z. enrilfrr Phillips: Spanish Club. Z, 3: Speech Club. I. 2: FBLA. 3. 4: Human Relations. 4: Track, 2: 'pirit Group, 3: Big SisfLil Sis Committee. 4: Theme and Decorations Committee. 32 Choir Treasurer. :FBLA Treasurer. 4: Y-Teens. I. .larquelyn Plaunt-hr: Spanish Club. 2: Speech Club, 3: Human Relations, 4: Tennis Team. 3: Pep Club. I: Big SisfLil Sis Committee. 4: Theme and Decorations Committee. 3. Annu Price: Latin Club. 3: Literary Magazine Staff. 4: Cross-Country. 2: Pep Club. I: Class Day Com- mittee. 4:Summer Math at Mt. Ilolyokc. 3. Lisa Prince: Red Cross, 4: Class Day Committee. 4: Refreshments Committee. 3. l.aura Pruirt: Class Treasurer. 3: SFAC. 3: NHS. 3. 4: Spanish Club. 2. 3: Human Relations. 4: Year- book Staff 3. 4: Pep Club. I: Big SisjLiI Sis Committee. 4: Invitations Committee. 3: Behind the Scenes Award, 3: GirI's State Delegate. 4: Perfect ATtendanee Award. 2. 1 . f Mar-t' Pruss: Spanish Club. Z: Pep Club, l:Chorus. 4. Tina Quirlc: Spanish Club. 2: Red Cross. 4: Iluman Relations. 4: Pep Club. I: Invitation Cotnmittce. 3. Mulnnir- Ray: l.atin Club. Z. 3: Spirit Group. Z. Camlyn Rtfnaml. Latin Club. 2, 3: Human Relations. 4: Basketball, I: Swimming, 2: Gymnastics Team. 2: Rockettes, 3. 4: Spirit Group. 2: Pep Club. I: Big Sis Committee. 4: Place Committee, 3: Model U.N.. 4: Search Team Member. 3, 4: Y-Teens. I. Mar,t'l:'llt'r1 Richards: FBLA. 4: Iluman Relations. 4: B Basketball Manager, I: Class Day Committee, 4: Place Committee. 3: TCB Student Board of Directors. 4. C'hri.r1y Rivgvr: Newspaper Staff. 3. 4: Newspaper liditor. 4: I.iterary Magazine Staff, 4: Swimming. I: Diving. I: Cross-Country 2. 3: Track, 2: Class Booklet Committee. 4: Theme and Decorations Commit- tee. 3. Lange Ruhinsun: National Art Ilonor Society President, 4: l.atin Club. 3: Track. 2: Pep Club. I: Class Booklet Committee. 4: Big SisjI.iI Sis Committee. 4: Theme and Decorations Committee. 3: Art Award. 3. 4. Tonya Rose: French Club. 3: Track. 3: Cheerleader. I. Z: Big SisfLil Sis Committee. 4: Place Commit- tee. 3. C'ulhySan-hml: l.atin Club. I, 2: Cross-Country. 3: Track. 3: Rockettes. 4:Class Booklet Committee, 4. Beth Sallerfield: Latin Club. 3: Newspaper Staff, 3. 4: Literary Magazine Staff, 4: Track Team Manager. I: Tennis Team. 2. 3. 4: Belles' Mascot. 4: Big Sis Committee. 4: Refreshments Com- mittee. J. Limla Savory: French Club. 2: Literary Magazine Staff, 4: Cross-Country, 2: Rockcttes. 3. 4: Pep Club. I : Big Sis Committee. 4: Place Committee. J: Back-to-School Dance Committee. 3. Gina Srerbo: Class Representative. ILSFAC. l:SFAB. l:Spirit Council. 4: NHS. 3. 4: Honoraire Fran- cais, 2: Rockettes, 2, 3, 4: Spirit Group, 2: Pep Club. I: Class Day Committee. 4: Band Committee. 3: Robin Hood Days Committee. 2: Homecoming Court, 4: Search Mom. 4: "West Side Story." 3. Tracy Schuller: French Club. 3: Spanish Club, 2: Red Cross, 4: Human Relations, 4: Spirit Group. 3: Pep Club. 2. Angela Selig: Latin Club. 3: Speech Club. 3: Red Cross. 4: Cross-Country. 2: Track, I. 2.3: Pep Club. I. Juliann Shollmivr.-Spanish Club. 2: Speech Club. 2: Human Relations, 4: Spirit Group. 2: Pep Club, I. Jodi' Simpson' Latin Club. 3: Tennis Team, 3, 4: Pep Club, I: Class Booklet Committee. 4: Retreat Committee, 2: Y-Teens, 2: Homecoming Court, 4. Julie Skarda: Latin Club, 2, 3: Spirit Group. 2. Laura Slanley: Latin Club. I. Z: Speech Club. 3: FBLA. 3. 4: Iluman Relations. 4: Newspaper Staff, 3. 4: I.iterary Magazine Staff. 4: Class Booklet Committee, 4: Retreat Committee. 3. Slephanie Taldu: Class Treasurer. I: SFAC. I: NHS, 3. 4: FHA, 3: Newspaper, 4: Band. I: Gradua- tionfBaccalaurcate Committee 4: Prom Place Committee. Meg Taylor: Red Cross. 4: Pep Club. I:Class Day Committee: Prom Band Committee. Julia Tn-d: I.atin Club, 2. 2: Basketball. I: Swimming. 2. 4: Spirit Group. Z, Pep Club. I: Class Day Committee. 4, Prom Theme and Decorations Committee: United Nations. 3. Dawn Tirado: Spanish Club. 2. 3, 4: FHA. 3: Literary Magazine Staff, 4: Spirit Group, 3: Prom Theme and Decorations Committee, National Art Honor Society, 4:Spanish Poetry Award, 3: Art Award, 3. Jackie Wagner: NHS. 3. 4: French Club. I: Newspaper, 3. 4: Basketball. I. 2.3. 4: Volleyball. 3, 4: NHS President: Bucharist Minister. Paula Walker: Spanish Club. 2: FHA. 4: Iluman Relations. 4: Pep Club. l. 2. Dana We-bar: French Club. I, 2: Yearbook Staff. 3. 4: Pep Club. I. Le:lie Wewers: Class Representative. 2: NHS. 3, 4: Student Congress. 3. 4: Basketball, I: Cross- Country. 3:Spirit Council. 4: rockettes. 2. 3. 4: Senior Class Day Committee: Band Prom Committee. Dawn R. Williams: Latin Club. I. Z: Speech Club. 3: I.iterary Magazine Staff. 4. Joan Wnelljrs NHS 3. 4: Latin Club I. 2: Yearbook Staff. J. 4: Rockettes. 3. 4: Pep Club, I. 2: Senior Class Day Booklet: Prom Place Committee. Shannon Wolf'Spanish Club 2. 3: Red Cross, 4: Human Relations. 4: Basketball. I. 2: Cross- Country. I: Track. I. 2. 3. Karen Yada: Latin Club, 2. 3: Cheerleader 2, 3. 4: Pep Club. I: Band. I. 2: Senior Big Sistcrfl.ittle Sister Spirit Committee: Prom Band Committee: I984 Homecoming Court. Slacey Young: Red Cross. 4: Spirit Group. Z: Senior Class Day Committee: Prom Refreshment Committee. Seniors I03 Y X JUNIORS Awesome Juniors The junior cluss is u vital foree in the Mount eom- munity. Along with the junior yenr come the impor- tnnt upperelussmnn status :ind new responsibilities. The buck-to-school dtinee and the .lunior-Senior Prom :ire two mztjor duties of the junior elnss. One distinguishing murk of the juniors of 1983-N4 is their defeat of the rest of the stu- dent body in the bnfunr ruf- fle competition. The cluss topped their goul of 35,145 by uttziining 16505. This year was the first time in five yezirs at junior elziss hus won ruffle competition, .. 1-,e,,,s.3zo4 , , 5 K x i "lu "lla hai! We get to go to Prom." Kim .lohnson lectures on the ndvzintttgcs of be- Junior officers: left to right Ist. row: Kim Johnson. treaisurer I ori ingu junior. seeretnry: 2nd, row: Stnei Moore. viee president. Karen Don ihue Ann Dixon. representative. 'Wi i' v M 1 NX , 5 P' aiu v A V t. li ' f ,i X sl W .X-e Thejunior elatss shows their winning spirit ut the bnfzinr assembly. I0-1 .luniors . - 1 . t f Alpe.Miel1elle Alvarado. Anderson. Paige llziertseli. .luniee linker. K1lI'0ljl1 Buldridge. l.is11 Bl1l1lQS.l.ll Burnett. Andrea BllI'I'lCll.SLl7i1l1Il1l Bzlrre.Vilz1 Bell. Nululie Bennlield. Shannon Herrington. leigh Binz, Ginger Bridsong. Bridget Boeckmunn. Kelly Bone. Angie Bonner. Cheri Brunlon.C:1llierine Bl'2lf..lill11l Bregy.Cl1risline Brown. Debbie Burns. Amy Busby. .lodi Camino, Cuppuccelli. Krista Carroll. lilllllbkflll Christensen. Truey Cochran, Donieal Collins. l.z1uren JUNIORS Conners, Linda Corum, Pam Cox, Angie Croy, Tcri Cunningham, Emilie Dailey, Donna Daley, Dianne Daly, Kathy Davis, Laura Deuerling, Anne Dixon, Ann Dobcr, Carol Dobson, Kaye Donahue, Karen Drew, Beka Eldridge, Cynthia Elliott, Jill Evans, Dee Ann Ferris, Kathy Finkbcincr, Amy Fitts, Jennifer Fletcher, Kristin Fletcher, Staci Garot, Jennie Garr, Mitzi Gates, Kim Gaylord, Renee Gilbert, Judi Graves, Claire Guisc, Ruth l06 Juniors iw' vw' L Q7 S--'Y W' 'wx fr l!f"T7 45 I o fr,,.,, 11511, Hardin, Alice Hargis, Diane Hart, Alise Hays, Diana Hennelly, Nan Holt, Julia Horras, Gwen Howard, Alycia Hudson, Connie Jameson, Karen Jewell Leslie Johnson, Kim Jones, Janey Jones, Kristin ' Keys, Paula JUNIORS Kornas, Lauri Kuehn, Angie Larrison, Holly Lawerence, Sandy Lawson, Becky Littles, Kim Lowenhaupt, Carol Marchcse, Jill Mccarthy, Mary McDaniel, Kim McKinstry, Diane McLeod, Amanda Metzger, Paula Miller, Emily Miller, Terri Moore, Staci Morgan, Susan Moriconi, Julie Morrow, Missy Namest, Angie N utt, Angela Ogburn, Leann IO8 Juniors f af fv 5' " f 'Q -sf .44 ' 01' 6' Q0- 1 Q Q N :UV The "homecoming hotline" pin-up girl. Will she get a date? Only time and Ma Bell will tell Parham, Janis Parodi, Melissa Peek, Mary Petlak, Beth Quarti, Janet Plezia, Joanne Raney, Christy Ranney, Stephanie Raphael, Christine Raque, Ranee Rector, Susan Reeves, Penny Regier, Linette Robbins, Kelly Roberson, Trina Roberts, Julie Rodgers, Lori Rogers, Alix Rolf, Lisa Runyan, Laura Schulte, Bridget Schwan, Sandy Seay, Anne Selakovieh, Anne Shields, Kelly Skarda, Suzanne Smith, Cali Smith, Theresa Stansbury, Kristi Stephens, Debbie Juniors Strack, Sharon Sutton, Karen Tanner, Kelley Teer, Cathy Thompson, Lee Thessing, Mindy Toon, Stephanie Tribby, Nanette Troutman, Christi Vincent, Michele Wadley, Lea Ann Weiler, Jennifer Wilcher, Heather Williams, Brenda Williams, Bridgette Wilson, Julie Young, Michelle . ,x 4 '. f KY 4 l 3 K A51 Not pictured: Julie Schmitz and Dawana Sorrows. Q Ba, QAOUNT To be or not to be isn't the questiong we are!" At a school assembly Sandy Schwan and .lull Elliott proudly displayjuniors' No. I status. l I mmm' new :naw Pt: IBM! l :mf li' 0h no! The wall s falling' Junior Karen Donahue helps decorate th gym for a spirit building assembly "f"'f, Us lk E g Yes, Mom, we sometimes do work at school. Juniors work diligently in one of many classes. C3 I 'Q 'P " 1 A if 'Q 4171 f? their "Ultra Brite Whites" are Alice Hardin, Suzanne Barnett, Nan Henley, Pam Corum, and Shannon Academics Academically, the junior year is one of the most difficult years at the Mount. Along with religion and history projects, juniors are introduced to research papers. Certain courses such as religion, American History II, and English are required. However, during the junior year students have the opportunity to take elective courses such as chemistry, accounting, com- puter, speech, journalism, and art. Hard work during the year will pay off in college scholarships. Juniors l ll Juniors if Juniors Karolyn Baker and Janice Baertsch share opinions in Algebra II class. Two Anne's are better than one. Anne Seay and Anne Selakovich sit with the rest of thejunior class at an assembly. l l 2 Juniors "Please don't make me be on top again," Christine Raphael pleads with fello varsity cheerleaders Angie Bone and Vita Barre. Class of ,85 The future class of 1985 is anxiously awaiting the senior year. But many exciting things filled their junior year. The Junior-Senior Prom is an event many will always remember. Being held at Woody Sherwood Forest the dance's theme was Camelot. However, the biggest event for all juniors is ring mass. The tradition at Mount St. Mary is for the juniors to receive their rings two days after the seniors' graduation. This enables them to assume senior status. Juniors II3 SOPIIOMGRI-QS - YEAR OF y ' " SUCCESS Q- llux yuan' N wplunnmc clnw llllkl n busy your, llmuy xlnrlul yyilll Clllllllxllhlll und alcnllcnliun ny lllcy nurmxyly LlUl.ClllCll llmc I rcxlnncn in lllc I'1llll'lC sznlcx. untill- lng lllc cluxslullnul Pl1lCC.'lll1C claim ul' 'Nb ulxu llcaulcd Rubinlmod Duys lllc xycck nl' 'I'l1unkagiy'ing. livcnls included Xlulllcr, Dzuzglucl' 0lll'4ClllllPllS lunch und u l',LllllCI', lluuglncr duncc. Ifur lllc lirxl lilnc. lllc wpllunlruca npunwrcd ll I rcxlunun 'Soplunnurc Bull.'I'l1ix41c1ix'i- ly cnnblcd lllc cluw lu cxpurlcncu plnnn ing ll lurlnnl dnncc und prcpurcal lllcln Ihr the ruxpunxibililicsuI'm'guniflr1g thc ' .lllIllUl",f!SClllUl' llfkllll. The wplunnorc clum .. luqulcrylnp llnwwuglmuul thc scluuul ycur. 3 P 35 Suplunnnrcy IIlQI'l'lly nmlyc lhrir ymy lu lhclr ncxl claus. Clan Oyiwryz Xngcln l,llI'.lI1. I'CPl'CNCIllllllHJQ Curruu llclgcwn. prcxislcnlg Kiki Ilzunillun. wcrclnryg Knlhurinc Ofnmcnl. vice-prcsidcrng und lla ll'L'1lxuI'cl' -l Snplnnnorcx Allen. Sherri Anderson. lilllillltflll Anderson. Renee Arnone. Nliehele Arnone. Patty Ashburn. Terrie Avants. Nikki Baeteke. Anna Barakat. Susie Barnhouse. .lulie Barnwell. Blake Barry. Ilelen Berry, Beth Boeekmann. Christie Boone. Claiborne Boswell. Leigh Branton. Amy Braxton. lfeliee Bruton. Pam Buettner. Kathleen Callaway, Chanda Campalans, Olivia Carmieal. Misty Chambers. Kim Chase. Deeni Chesser. Mandy Chudy. Julie Clay. Stephani Cobb. Nlary Melissa Cohen. Kackie I I lv Suplioiii-ires SOPHOMORES Colbert. Cinny Cornwell, Arden Crawford, Heather Croft. Michele Cromley. Susan 'fn' .r""" Davis, Sonya Dover. Darrcllyn Dow. Angie Duran. Angie Duvall, Donna 9 wwf liichler, Joan liichler, Mary Jo Erxlebcn, Jennifer . Evans, Angie Ferguson, Jennifer 'Qu rf' sig. Y Ferguson. Lydia Ford, Carla Fowler, Gwen Fuller. Kristi Gallini. Donna Gehrki, Cynthia Goshen, Christy Gossagc, Laura Griffith. Sheryl if Gulutzo, Sarah ,err llamilton, Kiki Harlin, Carla Harmon, Hazel 1257 llause, Theresa llayes, Heather -v K -4' 4' X 1 'Y I , f-fi 1 I x 'N 1, X' ,J Sophomores engage in a lively discussion. N Q-,-.4 E v -1 -..v 4, fe! 'Ji .,f4? lx. . ...y 4- Q77 wc:--av' 11 '69 1777 S i 5 COURSES Sophomores stayed busy this year with the required courses such as biology, geometry, English, religion, and a language. They have had a great academic load but have managed to com- plete the first half of their years at the Mount successfully. Helgeson, Carrie Holtman, Suzanne Hooks. Karen Izor, Melissa Jack, Kim Jernigan, Kerry Johnson, Beth Jones, Ozzie Jones, Lisa Jones, Wendy Keeran, Debbie Kidd, Karman King, Christy Kirchner, Nikki Land, Diana Lawrence, Robin Long, Kathy Mahan, Leslie Marlow, Brandi Matthews, Hope Not Pictured: Mailyn Kanui Sophomores l 17 Maturi, Sara McDonald, Dana Moore, Maggie Morris, .loan O'Donnell, Liz Ozment, Katherine Paladino, Stacie Parry, Shelly Partello, Paula Patterson, Stephanie Pearson, Angel Pegram, Michele Penney, Melissa Perna, Regina Pollard, Ann Porchia, Portia Prause, Jennifer Pritchard, Kristin Pynes, Susan Quinn, Gayle RELIGION Along with the rest of the school, the sophomore religion classes practiced songs to be sung at the school Masses and par- ticipated in the offertory and readings at Mass. Their efforts were certainly seen and heard by all throughout the school year. I I8 Sophomores SOPHOMORES an A ,, , so - x. A was 'Ref J f ., fag? ', - VD f' -g if s..,.:f 3 D le' . "Y. Q! fn SVlKll Class group prepares to practice songs for Mass, Ragan, Stephanie Reddiclc, Donnie Rcgula, Christine Rcmpter, Laura Richardson. Terri Rieger. Rosemary Robinson, Christie Roehrcnbeck, Kathy Rogers, Robyn San Pedro. Naomi Schaefer, Janet Schmitz, Angie Schneider, Debbie Schratz, Diane Selig, Alicia Shepherd, Pati Smith, Gretchen Smith. Leslie Smith, Paige Smith, Sandra Smith, Stacie Sotomora, Paola Slricker. Kristine Sutter, Nicole Taldo, Karen Tally, Kim Thcssing, Jeanine Trammell, Merritt Tran, Lisa Turner, Lois Not pictured: Carrie Rengcrs Lancttc Richardson, Ann Schnebelen Sophomores Vandergrift, Johanna Vandiver, Leah Vervack, Donnell Volpert, Anna Wallace, Christy Wankum, Angela Wassell, Kelly Weatherly, Lee Wilborn, Daphne l20 SOPHOMORES hs?"e VL. Julie Chudy and classmates are happy about longer lunch periods. ij., Q V - mmm ' For the sophomore class, this year has been unusually hectic. When we began the year, we also began raising money for the Bazaar raffle. Then our "secret sophomore" project began. We entitled it "Boo Buddies" due to the up- coming Halloween holiday. With the Boo Buddy activities over, the officers along with Father Binz and a special committee helped plan our class retreat on Nov. 10. Then came Robin Hood Days, three days before the Thanksgiv- ing holidays. The whole school helped and made these days some of the most successful yet. With December upon us, we began fund raising for the FreshmanfSophomore dance held on April 7. To raise money, we held a raf- fle, sponsored two tag days, held car washes, and sold hot chocolate and donuts. As you can see, not only has our school work kept us busy, but our class activities have also made this year hectic. - Karen Taldo fi J 1' 1 Angie Duran poses as she hands out programs at Bazaar Mass. -mwgf rv ff' '15 884- ' 'K17 4-vs ms. -r Q...f7' 1 Williams, Kristy Wintroath, Lisa Wortsmith, Kelly Yates, Christy Young, Susan Zajac, Suzanne Zionce, Michelle Zorn, Anita Butler, Christina SOPHOMORES l2l SOPHOMORES Sophomores celebrate at Bazaar assembly as they come in third place in raffle ticket competition. -A .li :Q .1 '-te t is .guy ifibe Daphne Wilborn grins slyly at the Katherine Ozrnent asks, "What did Ido now?" camera. The sophomore officers perform as the "Blues Sisters" Susan Young prepares to take off at a Rocket football game. l22 SOPHOMORES A YEAR OF ACTIVITY The Sophomores were a assemblies all consisted of very active class as they Sophomore participants. were involved in various ac- Thus the class has given its tivities. Sports, volleyball, talents and efforts to many Bazaar Mass, and school events. The sophomore mono is "Learn your lessons well." On their way to classes, sophomores stall on stairs and cause traffic jams. 1 Lisa Winrroarh and Donnell Vervack are obviously pleased to be on their way to lunch. YW' Us Melissa Penney expresses awe at Mrs. Bettye Francis' first aid ability. Sophomore officers participate in family Bazaar Mass. SOPHOMORES l23 FRESHMEN FF NEWCOM ERS Being the newcomers to the school, the freshmen ex- perience the firsts in their life at the Mount. Freshmen feel the excitement of their first Back-to-School Dance, Bazaar, Robin Hood Days, and retreat. Above all, these activities call for class unity. This year's freshmen displayed the kind of oneness needed. With their energy and enthusiasm, they proved that they can be a class able to act as one to provide spirit and leadership for the school. Freshman Holli Eastin dreams ofwinning Bazaar A FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Tina Mariani, Amy Hardin, Leigh Ann Crain, Ann Jackson and S zette Didier 124 Freshmen if of 'O -f Q Af? Xl 3 Adam, Beth Amabile, Charlotte Anderson, Lisa Atkins, Page Backus, Wendy Baker, Rhonda Beavers, Tania Bell, Robyn Bernardi, Donna Berube, Marilee Blazer, Dawn Boeckmann, Cathy Boger, Stephanie Buflington, Dee Dee Butler, Paula Carr, Bernice Carrico, Rene Chan, Deborah Chiaro, Melissa Chudy, Melissa Cia. Angela Cia, Kim Clark, Angie Collins, Carri Colvin, Aimee Cotton, Mary Claire Cox, Holley Crain, Leigh Ann Crocker. Maggie Curtis, Dayna FRESHMEN FRESHMAN DAYS During the first few weeks of school, freshmen get their school spirit rolling through Freshman Days. The initia- tion process includes one day on which seniors dress up their freshman "little sisters" in ridiculous outfits to be worn the entire school day. Freshman Days provide freshmen the opportunity to become acquainted with other students, and give them a sense of unity as a class. Daley, Robyn Daughen baugh, Linda Davis, Mandy Davis, Michele Didier, Suzette Dolan, Michaela Driggers, Daphne Dunaway, Tiffany ' Eastin, Holli Eberle, Mandy Embrey, Shannon Finkbeiner, Linda Francis, Caty Freasier, Leesa Gangluff, Carol 126 Freshmen F' w-W-.....- , UUQ5 1,-:"f' Garot, Lindsey Gavin, Marion Giger, Torrie Gipson, Christy Goff, Christie Golden, Christie Graham, Kristy Green, Theda Gumble, Amy Gunderman, Tina Hale, Ellen Halton, Kim Handley, Trina Hardin, Amy Hargrave, Alona Henry, Ashley Hess, Angela Holland, Angela Hughes, Mary Issinghoff, Stacey Jablonski, Marie Jackson, Ann Jackson, Stormy Jaworski, Paula Jones, Leann Jourdan, Tonyia Kiltell, Maria Kvaternik, Kelly Kyser, Tracy Lett, Julie FRESHMEN ZR lfreslnnen l.una. Aurora Mariani. Tina Marshall. Michelle Marlin, Beverly Martine. Anna Marie McAllister. Lisa McAllister, Wendy Melilyea. Deanna Meeks, Kerri Miles, Crystal Miller, Roberta Moak, Leah Muhalley, Terri Moix. Eileen Mooney. Missy Morris. Kelly Munson. Alissa Musgrave, Tenny Nagel. Susan Nelson. Lora Neulneier. Rhonda Niven, Courtney Odegard, Gretchen Orloski, .lulie Osberg, .Ienniler Osborne, lililabeth Pace. Stephanie Parker. Susie Pesncll. Susan Phillips. Sufctte M i if i- tk.. , in ' 12 L AQ ,, 4' .fa .1 - xt ,. 'I' - .K 'aklk X A f- 4 , its W gs ., 1 , W ,s s t A ft. ' 'Q ff' . Q 1 1 .-- 4 ' ' 8 ,A-J, , . J ,, N ,- f L xv' 1 t t l ? , fa -um, . Q pl A", vrvk Xi L.t rl X l . 1... Q . 5 . t ,Q fuk '1-wa I f . X AMY 1 fi' -gzr rifwtl, i l 'Fi , ' - ,v F ll S 1 , as 11, 9 , n. . - ' 'X . '7 Q--rv 1" kk ' K " Q ., I I i J, xt fa" ,x I x 4 1 una lit Uv Il! on in Pierpaoli. Sandra Porter. Cindy Potts, Kim Prewitt. Shannon Rasco, Laura Riley, Daphne Robbins. Holly Robinson. Terry Rohlman. Kim Rose, Stephanie Runshang, lleather Ruth. Lisa Rutledge. Lil Sandusky. Wendy Savary. Joann ACADEMICS One very important admust- ment for the freshmen is learning how to deal with in- creased homework. Using study time effectively becomes increasingly impor- tant each year as does learn- ing to handle the pressures from homework. This year's freshmen displayed the ability to study in the fact that many freshmen receiv- ed first and second honors in academics each nine weeks. The large number of freshmen who participated in extracurricular activities while maintaining good grades showed their ability to be active and yet studious. Freshmen l29 FRESHMEN Sevigny, Traci Shaddox, Stacey Shea, Kathy Siglcr, Beth Skarda, Dottie Lou Skinner, Kristcn Smith, Shanna Steinhauscr, Lori Strozyk, Terri Swccdcn, Lucy Tatom, Holly Teach, Caryn Thomas, Catherine Thomas, Elizabeth Thomason, Dustin Thompson, Angie Thompson, Beth Thompson, Mary Tipton, Tina Kay Treadway, Amy Tuck, Carey Uekman, Angela Underwood, Jill Vaught, Sherry Viens, Elizabeth Vogelpohl, Cheryl Wahl, Karen Wallace, Donna Walters, Tina Watson, Stephanie l30 FRESHMEN ,1- af: FN wal It if X l fi? 4. ,4- .. 1 ' f.-.Z t 1 I 51 ,f- ' Q 1 , ,,.,...1 Q11 S I vw Q42 ll- ! ' f ref, ,ex A ' E Q , t .- at : ,Q- l AA 4x .M 49 QL Q tg , 1 V 4 Kvq Q lx I X x,,l ' , ' 1 i A-4-fi""' 3 11 N-kk kv K K ks vilg i S it if , it ' t , kg ' 3 ' E .4 Unlike Ellen Hale, Mary Cotton thinks Lindsey Garrot is pretty funny. Weaver, Miesha Wenger, Karen Wheat, Felicia Whiteside, Carrie Williams, Mary Wilson, Shannon Wood, Jimie Wood, Nita Wright, Julia Wyatt, Melanie Yada, Kathy Young, Holly Not pictured: Dee Dee Baker Beth Provosh SUPPORT Each year, freshmen learn to participate in the numerous school activities. Events such as mass Bazaar assemblies, tag days, off- campus lunches, pep assemblies, and sporting events require support from each class. This year's freshmen showed their en- thusiasm through their con- tinued involvement in all school activities. Their school support was helpful and appreciated by the other classes, faculty and administration. FRESHMEN l3l FRESHMEN 1,5 1 KX is xt '-', X, 'x if QV X, Beth Provost is a tough calligraphy artist. C 132 FRESHMEN Elizabeth Viens, Cheryl Vogelpohl, and Tina Tipton look forward to 3 o'clock. ali! fhfiif 5 W1 5 lvl: isa! !!l! pang Carrie Collins strikes a pose. Lisa Anderson ns a lone cowboy. .,,, ,Q . ,. r' ."Q9il55.,..Q..,-W """' Q. The Spirited Class of '87 to Wifi Q, V, fy? Carrie Whiteside enjoys a good protest during Freshman Days. '-'H-Q-5.,M b 4'-J-Ku..-9, , j J X J, "'7bThR4on-yi.-.-, K LEADERS Within the next three years, this freshman class will be called on to be the leaders, the examples. This year, with their spirit and en- thusiasm, they have proved their ability to fit these roles. Next year, they will be sophomores, no longer the followers. Responsibilities mount each year, but this class is sure to handle all that may arise. FRESHMEN 133 Classes Ifyou don't respect our senior privilege, we'll send our hit men after you. Pauletta Baldwin and Tonya Rose pose with their "gangster" little sisters. 'K--v AA.: Don'l you think you're playing a dangerous game? At the back-to-school- dance, Gwen Horras finds a new friend. Qs? Amanda and Jill scream for help to be saved from the "white blob" creature. Amanda McClcod and .lill Elliott enjoy themselves at a Mount dance. I34 Classes , W 1 Nl "Oh darling, I just love being a freshman." Freshman Stephanie Rose poses dressed in her Freshman GQ an V Vgmmt faint tilargl Arubnmlgg 99990339900 nneoeeeoeee neeoeennneo 9 nonsense ang oeeoeee BJQQGQQQQ99 n99,099 ggggeonoevl 15909069990 Senior Leslie Horn imagines what her senior picture will look like on the graduates' picture board. Q 'Q- ll' -A Hold it!Senior Jill Guflin takes notes as fast as she can. Sssllhhll Junior Lori Rodgers struggles to keep her vow of silence on Monk Haw much more ofthis? Sophomore Christy Williams is casily distracted at an Day. assembly. ,, ,, ,l.,ul . ,L ir,l,,l t'Q..1l'-' ' x Q-ilu i iffy Flllllil FRESHMEN Tahdah! Frcshmcn Carric Collins and Maggie Crocker proudly unvcil the new freshman bulletin board. Classes l35 Lf g. N dw Q37 , A 1 J.. sk? I n W : ,mf f fla- .MXH A ,ff si f ff ,. L.: ,' A ., , A 'Q its lf.-XClII.'l'YDlVll ,f' nv .aff gl 'Qi CHAPTERS OUR GUIDES FACULTY as 3' .X l Q 1 :fr QQ: Q3 . is E A 1 Q33 5 if 'ff ff ' 'F It We: f -. 5' 1. J' ' i gf L.. lACUlTY DIVIDI R FACULTY THE LE DERS It was a year of change. yet it was the same school that greeted the 589 students and 43 faculty members. The l9X3-X4 year was a busy one for everyone. Bishop Andrew .l. McDonald was no excep- tion. Along with meeting his responsibilities as Bishop of l.ittle Rock. the Bishop and X9 other United States Bishops went to Rome for the Theological Consulta- tion during September. The group remained in Rome for a month and visited such sites as Assisi. ltuly. bir- thplace of St. lfrancis. The Bishops met with Pope .lohn Patil ll before their return home. Sr. llenrietta llockle. O.S.B.. Superintendent of the Diocese of l.ittle Rock Catholic Schools. kept a hectic schedule this I983-84 school term. too. She made her annual visit to each school in the l.ittle Rock Diocese and attended some classes. The l9X3-84 Diocesan Teachers' Meeting was held at Catholic lligh School. and Sr. llenrietta had charge of the meeting featuring Brother Michael Grady. S.M.. of Ohio as the main speaker. Principal Sr. Richard Mary Burke. R.S,M.. and Assistant Principal Sr. Patrick Mary llillmcyer. R.S.M.. the school's leaders, guided us through the l983-84 school year. The two worked very hard from lfreshman registration tothe Juniors' Ring Mass. The year was one of many achievements and challenges for the Ad- ministration. The tearing down ofthe old convent pro- ved to be very trying. but they managed to keep a han- dle on all the noise. confu- sion, and opposition and pull the Mount through another. yet unique year. Bishop Andrew .I. McDonald, Bishop of l,ittle Rock The Bishop displays a plaque ofthe first Catholic school in Arkans is i bm..- XX tt Sr. llenrietta Ilockle, O.S.B.. Superintendent ofC'atholic Schools of Arkansas. Sr, llenrietta speaks at the l9X3-84 Diocesan Teache IN l .tculty rs' meeting FACULTY Mrs. Isabel Adams Biology, Anatomy and Physiology Mrs. Silvia Armstrong Spanish I, ll Spanish Club Fr. Stephen Binz Religion Il Campus Ministry Sr. Matthew Callan R.S.M. Special Services Mrs. C arol Cook Administrative Secretary, Secretary at Faculty Meetings Sr. Frances Coutlee R.S.M. Special Services Sr. Mildred Donnely R.S.M. Special Services NEWCOMERS New teachers that have joined the staff this year are Fr. Stephen Binz, chaplain, Sr. Theresa Dolan R.S.M., special services, Miss Mary Gallagher, English I, Journalism, Year- book, Mr. Ed Maples, American History, and Miss Bamby Pham, Algebra IIfTrig and Algebra II. Mr. Tom Miller, Curriculum Director, Scarlett Shorter, Religion, and Renee Graw, English and I joined the staff later in the year. 140 FACULTY if lf- VOS Ye-Haw! Mrs. Bettye Francis has just learned she is volleyball coach the year. Q77 The stained glass wmdows of the convent provide the scene for Sr Frances Coutlee s meditation I Sr. Theresa Dolan RSM Special Services, Human Relations, Sophomore Class Sponsor, Work Scholarship Mrs. Karin Dudley Home Economics, Advanced Home Economics, Spirit Group, Freshman Class Sponsor Mrs. Jerry Ferguson Accounting, Speech 1, FBLA, Deten- tion Coordinator Mrs. Benye Francis Earth Science, Health, Swimming, Diving, Volleyball, Head of Science Department Miss Mary Gallagher English l, Yearbook, Journalism Ms. Ellen Glancy American History, Sociology, Religion Ill, Spirit Groups Sr. Madonna Hall RSM Special Services FACULTY l4l FACULTY Sr. Rose Marie Hambuehen RSM Finance Office Mrs. Jackie Hammond English lll, National Honor Society Sponsor Mr. Jerri Hutchison Athletic Director, E, Advanced Basket- ball, Basketball Coach, Volleyball, Track, Cross-Country Mr. Charles Johnson Earth Science, Biology, Ecology Club Sponsor Mrs. Melanie Lamkin PE, Advanced PE, Track f Cross-Country Mrs. Mary Logan American History, International Relations A-V, World History, Dircctor of Activities - SFAB Mr. Ed Maples American History l42 FACULTY Mr. and Mrs. Maples celebrate the baptism of their son, Zachary win, during the school mass held on Dec. 8. l -02 'nn SPIRIT Sr. LeeAnn McNally English I, Religion I, II Mrs. C harlarre Miller English Il, Sponsor of "The Mount" Mr. Jon Mills General Chorus, Band, Flag Line Mrs. Sue Mistric French I, II, Ill, IV, Sponsor of French Club, Head of Foreign Language Department l Mrs. Gayle Noor Enrichment courses, Head of Home Economics Department Mrs. Carol Onopa Typing, Economics, Advanced Business, FBLA Representative Mrs. Patricia Papacek Typing, Religion IV, Computer Literacy, Head of Business Depart- ment, Senior Class Sponsor CHORAL GROUP Mr. Jon Mills, Band Director, formed a General Chorus class offered to all students this year. The group entertained several times by participating in school liturgies and assemblies. The class worked in conjunction with the band by ushering at various concerts throughout the year. FACULTY 143 FACULTY Sr. Eugenia Pellin R.S.M. Library Miss Balnby Pham Algebra ll, Algebra llfTrigonometry Sr. Susan Charles PIuffR.S.M. Religion lll, IV, Junior Class Sponsor, Head of Religion Department Miss Patricia Sanders World History, Psychology, Freshman Class Sponsor, Tennis Coach, Head of Social Studies Department Mrs. Genie Sigler Algebra l, Algebra Trigonometry, TrigonometryfCalculus, Introduction to Computers, Computer Club Sponsor Miss Rachelle Sirois Geometry, Consumer Math, Faculty Hospitality, Head of Math Department Mrs. Janet Tate Counselor, Girls' State, Guidance f Registration l44 FACU LTY '-5. N i""'r 'f fs Q ,lj gl , E Smile! Mrs. Papacek has her picture taken V , Nivg . .As Mr. Torn Miller joined the ad- ministrative staff in January I984 as an Assistant Principal. New members of the Mount faculty: Ms. Riesie Howard, Mrs. Scarlett Shorter, and Mrs. Renee Graw. Mrs. Dianne Taylor Reading Mrs. Nancy Taylor Administrative Assistant, Bookstore, Junior Co-Sponsor Mrs. Gayle Teal English IV, Head of English Depart- ment, Bazaar Coordinator, Profes- sional Reader for Faculty Miss Florence Viens, Latin I, II, Debate Sponsor, Latin Club Sponsor Sr. Emmanuella White R.S.M. Special Services Mrs. Anna Zawislak Art I, II, III, Head ofArt Department NEW TEACHERS JOIN STAFF Two new faculty members join- ed the Mount in the second semester to temporarily replace Mrs. Jerry Ferguson. Mrs. Nannette Wayne is teaching the Accounting classes. Ms. Riesie Howard also taught the Speech classes and the General Math Course for the first part of the last semester. Faculty l45 FACULTY Books are Sr. Eugenia. Ms. Pham's class takes a breather Q Q 5 5. - I46 Faculty llflffl Mrs. Diane Taylor prepares transparencies for her reading classes. , 7i ix W 2 in 31 Mrs. Hammond shows us her beautiful house. J--Q R ' ffl . Mrs. Noor's class takes a killer test. TEACHER' HISTORICAL LANDMARK Mrs. Jackie Hammond. Junior English teacher, livcs in a historical landmark! The house, called the Bruner-Hammond house, was purchased by the Ham- monds in 1973. The building, constructed in 1892, is listed in the Na- tional Rcgister of Historic Places. Mrs. Hammond has taken the task of furnishing it with various antiques. Sr. Matthew and Sr. Celine take time for a personal chat. Faculty 147 FACULTY Play it again Sam. Sr. Mildred instructs an enrichment class, COMPUTER CRAZE The world is beginning to be shaped by computers, and the Mount is certainly no exception. The year 1983 marked the start of com- puter classes being offered. Both Computer Literacyf Programming and Com- puter LiteracyfEconomics arc taught by Mrs. Sigler and Mrs. Papacek. l48 Faculty . :T Mrs. Zawislak: world ofart. Ms. Viens manages to keep herself busy. xx Kp 1 xx Huw' M L Mr. Mills and Mrs. Papacek discover that computers are becoming the world of tomorrow V. fd Y 1 1 I . ' 'E ,gi ,W A J' f Q - 'Q 9443 1 Y . x N 5 , f 'L sf' "ffl lx Q 4 I h ln .L Qt Q U li PHOTO COURTESY OFTHE ARKANSAS DEPARTMENT OF PARKS AND TOURISM gs- .5-vw AQ Qmllr .1- I 4 ' ...ov sQ "f14"f'f 150 ADS DIVIDER I 1111 R , an an an-Us this N D au jilidnpw 58113, 5 OUR SPONSORS ADVERITSERS CHAPTER6 ADS DIVIDER l5l CONGRATULATIONS KAREN' Keep the sparkle rn your eyes and that happy smrle on your face We love you and have always been proud of you Mom, Dad Kathy and Kay Karen Yada l52 Ad esonsls s cLEANEns K fy 857 MERKEL :Nc cg 2 B0 gm RDEN 2510 Percy Machm I QNX 1982 N Llttle Rock Ark u,,SM,denm0u0begI,Q Phone 758 1681 Q How do you tell the men from the boys? congratulatlans A Men glve dnamonds' Susan' We Love You' Mom, Dad, and Debble Susan Ourso Our fnendshlp IS as eternal as the four years of love and loy we have shared. DOMI AND DAWN We sell tune dlamonds always have 3422 John F. Kennedy - North Llttle Rock 9 wg f . 2 2 n f 1 I .h N gg . ta! - Qg..',: 2:l1 f' .N ' 1 - if-T. . FQ ,aJLi5 n I l n - , F 'E I .K girly gf' 2 , 4 ,J 'xl 1 .z f North Little Rock, The Better Place to Lrve 1st'Amerlcan Q I FIRST AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK 120 North Main Street North Little Rock, Arkansas 72114 Member FDIC DEPARTMENT YOUTH MINISTRIES 2500 N Ty: t h 84 OF C gtlt' t S' f WI BIS, llxwvvq 'Ft X JL. wi We knew you would go places We love youl MOM DAD REGINA ANDO J. is. Michele Pam. You are the best thlng that ever happened to us We love youl MOM AND DAD Rowena Tackenberg Love From MOM BILL REBECCA ANDY GARY, AND SARAH Congratulatlonsl The one we called 'llower has blossomed Our memories wlll always Include those days Keep trymg to make everyday better We love youl DAD MOM LAURA AND DAISY Mary Ellen Richards Julia Toed 156 Ads Ek' D ge 1 1 D ' D -f ff -N , ,, 3 Q ,ji A y 1 . X -1 . 4' ap? WE ARE PROUD OF YOU! MOTHER AND IS if DAD vi' Kolll Huklna Ads 157 .......-..----,A . CONGRATULATIONS CAROL KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! ON A JOB WELL DONE! l58 Ad I 9 L -1 f x 1 . 5 a f z 5 6 KP r x gncuuvn-sun-also-03 V Congratulations to the Class of BOWEN'S UFFE1' UNITED ARTISTS THEATRES FOI' the FIIIGSI Famlly Entertamment X Lmuvm vnu X UNIVERSITY X LINEMAQ UNIVERSITY SHOPPING 8523 Geyer Springs CENTER -I X ruun 11324 Arcade Square Llttle Rock AR 72212 w YOU NAME IT 10014 Rodney Parham LR AR 72207 Servmg Arkansas or Over A Century COLEMAN DAIRY Complete Repair Service New Bikes PAUL S BIKE SHOP 2611 Kavanaugh 664-4595 Llttle Rock AR SARAH S 5800 R Street Llttle Rock AR THE PAPERBACK WRITER BOOKSTORE 5823 Kavanaugh Llttle Rock AR Ad 159 in '84 ' ' UILX mm TS . I ' e -I" UUA: I I ' ZIIY . l ,L O ' 4' .. J v A I .M ' I F O 0 l l l ' ' I ! il H . I ! I A . Congratulations! You are a glft from God Psalms 127 3 We love youl MOTHER AND DAD Shannon Wolf PE5q0EffPRINr X 9816 Rodney Pe Mm Llttle Rock Ark 72207 1 Tel 227 5000 HEIGHTS TI'Il2IfTWAY MARKET 5915 R Street LITTLE ROCK ARK 72207 METROPOLITAN NATIONAL 5601 S Umverslty Llttle Rock AR 562 8110 HEIGHT S TOY CENTER 5918 R St Llttle Rock AR 72207 663 8383 AEROBICS OF ARKANSAS 7509 Cantrell Sulte 110 LR AR 72207 TRI Phone 153 6434 You Ly' W' Always """- 1111 To Mom and Dad We Love Youl JERRY S TRIUMPH 8: ACCESSORIES AMY 5f!Ml0.Y Sales and Service 5806 MacArthur Dr. No. Lrttle Rock, AR. 72118 160 Ads f . L ' ' ' 0' I ,. I 1 r Q Q n ' , A I ll ll , . . . I , hs.. 1 0 Q '. :I ', .,xS'.' 'I gl, - .vihiff BANK ii ' U I . ' T s . . , S In 5 ,f , I A ..+'m,.f-.M , X I L S4 T 'F Be I H 7 K You've always been special' We love you very much MOM DAD MARK AND DARBY You ve come a long wav Lrsa' Congratulatrons Grad CHS MASCOT 72 CHS ROCKETTE 83 We love you very much and we are proud of your accomphshments We re wrth you what ever you choose next Love MOM AND DAD 'viii 1 f-1 I vs V rs T- . I ' LZ,xN,f,fQ2 f - l 2 Q 1.9 J . 1 I : I I ,fi I I A :li A I I I V X ' I I II I I aid, elm I ,a'?I MUNG DOMINIQUE Congratulatlons Pam' Buch Huven Yau Quy With Love an Best Wrshes From All the Dlhn Famrly rn Vietnam France and the Unlted States Dominique Dmh KREMER BYRNE 81 SMITH LTD Certrlned Publrc Accountants Congratulatuons Class ol 84 We afe Vefy 1565 Flrst National Bldg 375-4485 proud of ou YOUR FAMILY Pam Maasengale Little Rock AR 72201 WL! 01666 5821 .Kauanaug 663 7984 l. fs d... 4 Y' 4 ' it If X n Q X 5 Q s 1 XX ,K K -Qi 1 .- ' 2 I - . ' 1 f -.1 ff Q 1 , 4 A N 4 . -Q K 4 X- ' l'5 on , Q., . A . X l s 3 I ' 9 I I y . C L fe 0 Ads 163 Union atlonal Bank OF LITTLE RCCK I 4924 Kavanaugh Llttle Rock Arkansas 72207 BUTTERFLY BOUTIQUE OFFICE FURNITURE 2909 Kavanaugh 1? LR AR 72205 304 308 Rock St P O BOX 388 HILLCREST INTERIDRS 2907 Kavanaugh Blvd Llttle Rock Arkansas 72203 1500 376 2361 The Most Unusual Place In the USA To Purchase Unusual Gltts lor the Famlly The Great 3 Story Bunldmg at East 3rd and Rock Street Free Parkmg Always Llttle Rock AR 72205 664 3445 164 Ad I Ni Q, sw B , , I I 663-0018 sind fr' 8 W 4? fi You are a Joy In our Ilves We are proud of you Love, MOTHER, DAD, RICHARD, BRIAN S1 Julio Shollmlor Ads 165 ' ' 1" 5 3- s l. ' QT' , V . ,K ,l Q . ' ,: - f 41-x . ' Q H , ' fl. . A ' ' ' wily ,- J -X - '5- ' ' - ' - . . I j.."'f., ,b Q K X9 rx- .- 'T H A E ,W N - , I . : -'U Q' v A -rfjlarfp .V lf. :ffl 3' . . . A' ox X X if-x.",'FV'1-4 :,'w::v,' . 3 - i A- f Y 5 W . 1' -Q 1 -'Af.'U . - 'HE 5 T lliffg. , HPS:-Qvig A i i I af"xf,gg 'JK' ay A1 "Li ,Lg . f 95 .. Wi , 1 .ag , af' 14,5 ' QA tt E F- '-HAZ' X z f'-at fi-I ' ': ' ' M4 ' A f ' ' . 3 : P., - f . . 1. 1 .1 f F '5 Q Y 4. X . . - 1 .T Congratulations Helen We Love You' DAD MDM LARRY GREG AND JENNIFER A n :1 x 2 I - X4 V X f ' 1 . n M W5 , sg 1-f W ' l .sign ' A I I I 5 I 5 l I HolonLipko l C52 Ee. QN ji? 3 93 f Because It was the hrst and stlll IS f XXZW Q 6420 Asher Ave LR AR 72204 565 0955 Sandra Congratulations and Best Wishes lor the future We love youl MOM DAD DANA AND JAN Sandra Monroe HEIGHT S FLORIST 2821 Kavanaugh 5 , LR AR 72207 K I 663 2537 Best Wlshesl X 4, Qsyxf., TANGLEWOOD TEXACO Blankenship s 7601 Cantrell Llttle Rock AR 225 9915 SHIRLEY'S UPHOLSTERY 5409 West 12th Little Rock Ark 666 5807 Upholsterlng Custom Furmture Bedspreads and Shams Ruflles Drapes Walls Dana We Are Two Proud! MOM AND DAD 1727 Rebsamen LR AR as CUT 8. CURL 6416 Asher Atta ppt. Noodod OF ARKANSAS JIM PRUITT INC. 10720 Rodney Parham 227-4479 Ads 167 51,135 "E:E3E31 izg., .::::5g555r:3 ' G . I I I ' aisisg. ' ' 1253221155 sig 535:58 f 5225233511 - ' l I I I N I 17' ' fu X. Q . ' A 'L - - , - U A ' is ll 1-.Ju , A - ' --ll" . ' 9 , - l You are a very speclal gurl and words cannot express our pnde In you We pray God will continue to gulde you and you know we II always back you All our love MOM AND DAD Lon Flynn GC 'Q Congratulations! We love you! MOM AND DAD Jenni Gann PIZZA PLANET TO SUIT YOUR TASTE L f 'K 3324 Pike Ave NLR AR 72216 771-0447 168 Ads GINA DDNGIQATULATIDNS DN YDUD GIQADUATIDN WITH ALL DUI? LDVE GIQANDMA AND GIQANDDA GIQEAT GDANDMA UNCLE EDED AND AUNT DAT UNCLE EDANIY AND AUNT SUSAN I-IEIDI JENNY, JAMIE I'IDI.l.Y AND JDSEDH DENISE, GEIQILYN, AND LDDI CONGRATULATIONS LANGE WE LOVE YOU LANGE ROB Keep clrmbmg for the sky' You can do anythrng rf you try! God Bless and Keep You Always BILL AND MOM Carla Hobbs WORTHEN WORKS HARDER WDRTHEN BANK Gina Congratulations and thank you for all the Joys you have grven me Love, NANA DAN S SHOE SHOP 2903 Kavanaugh LR AR 666 9731 ilttlp 01152 5608 R Street Llttle Rock AR 72207 666 2628 CAPITOL RENTAL Home and Yard Partles Do It Yourself Contractors Congratulations Class of '84 7011 Cantrell 664-0665 ANCHOR PAINT CO U3 ?' jg 2213 Cantrell Rd. LR, AR 72202 May all your dreams come true. We love you: MOM, DAD, AMY, CHRIS, AND FLETCHER It s been a loy to watch you grow unto a conlldent young ady Nancy Papacek v VT, ' .y 1. N . yt 1 tgnl A P A . M . - . X Q I "-if wanna a-nu A 1wucampnny.N.A.fMnmx-m rmc 'e ' SLE - I I . . . . . I I l , I C 7 . I 1 - I . I- l . -X ,I Congratulations OAK FOREST CLEANERS 8: LAUNDRY Llsa Boeckmann mm A .lol-IN DSIILIZTIVAY co 93" gpg Nw JOHN W DUNAWAY CO 72015 1217 Fa Park Blvd X I Rock AR 72204 663 6049 Congratulatnons to My Beautlful Daughter' All My Love MOTHER - Lguniry. . ,, - t0 Casa, , ll 'A 5 Al" ,, f XX' . . X, x DA it 4 - Y 'l X4 E 4 I A ir . X Litt e . Benton, Arkansas I 9 To Julle Jlll Llsa Meg Jody Lange Ann Gma Sandra and Kelly the Best Bug Snsters Ever Love ASHLEY CARRI TRACEY MARY CATHERINE ELIZABETH PAGE STACEY JULIE DUSTIN, MANDY, AND CINDY. We Love You! Your Little Sisters! I ,. R -. Q. 9 . 'Y . :Q an K ' .i l ff' ,' b X . I , , 3' 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 Congratulations You Dud lt' Congratulahons We Love You So Much Thel'eS8 Go for the Best Remember Thus and Take It Wlth You on Lrfe s Journey Wlth All Our Love MOM AND DAD DAD MOM DEBBIE JOHN CINDY M Congratulatrons Annette You ve grown up so qulckly lt seems Take your trme remember we love you and call us anytrme Love MOM DAD EVA HERMAN KURT AND JULIE Annette Barrmgha I74 xy Q . 4 A . A s . I , , 9 s 9 s 9 Theresa illsr P I ' 's Nam t 5 l l . 1 3' , I , 1 . ' ! l I ' 9 1 COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF Wrndsor Door CECOAD t CECOC p t Manufacturers of Resrdentral and Commercral Sectronal Doors Rollrng Doors Electrrc Operators Drstrrbuted Locally By ROYAL OVERHEAD DOOR INC 10625 Otter Creek East Blvd Mabelvale Arkansas I i ' - l rvrsron of he or ora ron ' Q v Our love and best wishes to you now and always' MOM DAD KELLY CHRISTY CATHY AND JENNIFER I7l Ad Congratulations, "Big Sis" Congratulatlons' We love you and are proud of you Enjoy this speclal tlme In your Ilfe May all your dreams come true Love MOM CAROL MARK Debo h D b ,jf fnfgwfz CUSTOM TAILOR AND CLOTHING A Store for the Man Who Wants Something Dltterent 10720 Rodney Parham 227 0 Lrttle Rock AR 72207 933 EQFW ANDSONS IRON WORK 1023 Rushing Crrcle Llttle Rock Ark 72205 ch A ll ASSOCIATED MILK PRODUCERS INC 10401 Colonel Glenn Road 224 9200 Your assurance EI-I of a real danry food. Y .0 0 3: 1 - HERMANBINZ 5 A ff . I. . I Q . THE OFFICE PRODUCTS STORE soo w cap-nal 378 2644 THE POUR HOUSE CERAMICS 3823 Camp Robrnson NLR Jeanette Estes 753 1372 A Touch of Love ,ffl Cantrell Heights Llttle Rock AR 72207 Bettre and George Klrby 15011 224 0333 Owners Congratulatrons Tonya' We re proud of you' Love MOM DAD LISA AND STEPHANIE Tonya Rose Way to go, Pokey' Congratulatrons From DAD LINDA JANET AND ROSALYN Norma Jean Neshelm - l L l ,N . ill Kia 'rr' Synnrfjf - , - , . ' 5 1 , l I 1 I . 5 I 5 Congratulations' We love you' MOM DAD NONNA GRAN NONNO ALDO AND AUNT RITA' XR XX K FQ. ' ' ii I I l l80 gn'rwm"""vssa Willis! WU'-1 Congratulatuons Llsa W .qmuw"'-""' Your alm on llle has always been straight Your smlle has always been a beacon You ve always been and always wlll be Our Princess We love you Mom Ron Dad Cathy Mnke Susan Lisa Prince Our Baby Congratulatrons, Cheryl Sonrre y Dr Donas Chronlcally Under Tall Cats Nos Gustamos Espanol Prom 83 with Joe and Joe Retreat U S P S Br and Prz we love ou ver much horse rumps and wlldtlowers LA Incredibly Ant: Intelllgent Peklngsse One Ton Tessle Two Ton Tessle Hot Legs 4B 82 84 Dlsgustlng y y romplng weekends wedding Mom, Dad, b , Kathy Nllke Debbie and Larry Guam summer 8477 Sexy Cheryl Plachockl torelgners at UALR I love Maxx We are so d I I I Congratulations Welove you prou o you May God 8 on Congratulations to Daddy s Llttle Glrll Mom Dad and B J and blessings always gulde you Best wlshes Iorever Love' Dad Mom Dennrs and Crystre Angela Colclasure ' ' Beth Eaton Ads l8l J, is I 5 I. D I 1 ' 'I , . : . . . ., . .- I I I - l ' i i . , - . ul' N, I l , I l I Stacey Young Sherry Vaught Kathy Yada Vita Barre Michelle Vincent Lori Flynn Karen Yada LITTLE ROCK SCHOOL OF DANCE Shelra Vaught Drrector 9501 N Rodney Parham 225 6232 STANLEY Congratulations HARDWARE SHANNON 1012W 34th NLR AR Good Luck and ef Have A Great Futurel I LOVE YOU TODD ,Kia 4616 JFK NLR 753 0701 .Q JOLL Y we do service TV INC all RENEE ANN AND LESLIE est FnendsF We ve had many great tlmes and more to comel SK FL LC and Curbal , 9 9 f? in - I y PARK HILL PHARMACY 31 av A - .,.Q ' 182 Ad Just a little but higher Daddyl We re always behmd you Love You Penny Walter and "Blue Ilttle gurl us a 'o lorever Congratulatnons Lezlrel Mom Dad Enc MUIUHIG H87 Lezlle Wewers We II always be together' Lmda, Karen, and Judy Fnends Forever' Flrst grade to sensor year HA ll ,I , y ,, 4 . X N N 1 1 X' 5 Mom, Dad' Nanna' JM" H Darin, ahd Gretchen. 5 x Q d 4 Ad 183 FREDDIE S PARTY 8: GIFTS 5719 Kavanaugh LR AR 6649444 BLUE S MUSIC REVUE 2-1 I 1 6 I :III SUZY' Bunnies Fonevenl 2611 K 666 5683 I QRIIEOQIQUI L It R k R G y BI Jayne I am sure of thus much That He who has begun the good work In you wlll carry It through to completlon rlght up to the day of Jesus Phll 1 6 Grace and Peace be yours Congratulations' Love Mom Buddy Dad and Grandmother JyB W 5 r -- Ikf If 3 1 I I i I CONGRATULATIONS, 'N -6 . X ' 0.0 u sh - . I I A ar ovzczer 'ff CUSTOM PRINTING CO. D18th 84 PIKE AVENUE - NORTH LITTLE ROCK The Last of the Baldwms We All Love You"' P IH B d GINA CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES Love Demse Andy and Adam Umque ,,, gm, Servrce Company '9 "' 22-:M NLR AR 753 6351 II M I H BEEN SOMETHING IN THE WATER! Laura, Johnnle, Suzy Dawn, LeAnn, Michelle Robert PLETE C S 0 S 9 9 M.C. ' ou o o isatime when we'IIp t mp- Y ' ' 'uk p er' ission Rd aus a al w' E,M, -' 1' rrr' T' lf?:.-:-- us av -f-F-'1.'T. 4 TL - ff". " ,au-"' '- ' v " I l , K J Congratulations, Paula! Love Always, Mom, Dad, Kim, Johnny and Greg Paula Walker We are so proud of you' You are a super daugh ter and snsterll Congratulations Laura' Love Mom Dad Donna DJ and Jeff Laura Da lay For Complete Real Estate Service Bueter DUCK? PERRY chool of cofmetologg 758 8108 2 BLKS South of New Pershing 2010 Plke Ave NLR 72114 A Career un 10 Months I 1 1 - I s l l K I : N s s s 'f' . l I, g i . L 1 is ' 9 - e Underpass I . INC. 122 Tanglewood Center - Linle Flock, Arkansas 72207 . 15011 664-7505 Love Mom Dad Karen Sue John Dominic and Sarah Congratulations, Lisa! We Love You, We're Proud of youg We wish you Success and Happiness! Lisa Fazro daughter Congratulations, Monica! Thank you tor being a thoughtful and loving MOHICB MUNI Tia, Congratulations! YOU Bfe U19 light ol our lives May you find your own special star Love, Dad Mom, and Nana Tla De Vito Ads 187 5 CONGRATULATIONS' WE RE SO PROUD OF YOU' MUCH LOVE Dad, Cynthia Amy and Allen Dana Weber ,Q All Lrsa Congratulations on your Graduation! May Success Happr ness and Love follow you through out your lrle May God Bless you always! Mom Dad and J0hI'l Lisa K ocmskl If you have one true trlend you have more than your share We Love You, Joan Nrkkr and Jan! From Shannon Congrat ulationa Deannal May you always have a amlle on your face We re proud of you and love you very much Mom and Dad and Carla Deanna Maua Ads 189 , . I i' ' 9 A 5 X . - fin-1 ' A .- I M I 9 f ' .Q 4 TY-N A Q I , ' ' ' , 4 '- il - 'nr I- ' DA . U -ll kr I , I - -I 'QPF' Thank Heaven for llttle gurls Mommy Daddy and Shawn We love you, M0m and Dad Knstla Daniel Angle Bmz Hooters Forever Oxox Robble, Gary Europe, DTC SC AS L SD PAHH COAOI 13 beII,Rockettes Krttys Chaser's 21, Blg0 Flu Lunky Robbie the Rabbrt Farr Practuse, POW Arbys UM NYE B days, Boots, Marsha L., K LOVE YA' ALWAYS! CTl39 church leg nots, FID Dance K B Srmrlres sags, RH Young Love, More aren 'own Fun to come, Together forever and Allsha Cfalg l90 Ads V 0 ' ' LL! 5 rw' 4 VS!-1 ,,JzsP"' , J, 4' , -naug- H M.. f-an , jr! ,,,l- , ,W . ,VT-, Q, . . Az I X! , U, V t ' I W' fl 5 X , , , . KN' 4. ' ' ,L lt . M, 1 X ' , I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . , - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A . V ' Y" r .mf ,' Q I ,J X . H . , ' 1 i x A w 4 i .. x. ' J X' if Fil' Q"- . A M, A 'fy . g P , g A l 1 I 1 1 1 9 7 . . so very special Thank you for bemg born Congratulations Mom and Dad Jill, YOU3l'e i ,, ,444 Congratulations on your second graduatlonl We love you Hove ou Booz' Mom Pam and Mlchael y ' NancyEates You've come a long way Babyl Congratulatlons Lrnda from graduation from kindergarten to M S-1 graduatlon from Hugh School We all love congmgulahon, YOU MON Dad Dad Mom and Marcy Kathy Pat .lame and Rachel Linda Savary Cindy LUWIS l92 Ads ,-mn, M it l ' I 1 1 1 1 4 . tl K k 'iii-i'. ,Q f 4 ,f K A N X Q . 1 I 1 . . I . , ' - ' 1 9 1 1 1 Wanna party?! Are you 21 yet? Pug pox forever!! Possessed oreos! Vlctor Ilves Quuck! Hide the weapons! Mlssyllaneousl Shall we? We shall CHS Rockets are 31! Llzard Ilves! Juniors won Bazaar! Guys! Guys! Guys! Prom! Band and IS alwe and well! K Pooh! Long live Snoopy! Anybody wanna go to prom?! God I8 a mathematician L B loves J L Thanks for the good tlmes! Class of 85! FOUR OF A KIND The best fnends Llsa, Kelly Chnstle, We ve been through a lot Ranee and LeAnn Ads To Vrta Margaret Barre Thank you for everythmg that we ve shared postes luntlmes nrghts out lnot just Frrday and Saturdays eltherl and true lrrendshrp Always remember two eggs make a twm all ol our guys esp KAS and TBC and also our prlvate jokes You wrll always be my best lnend and srsler Good luck and lots ol love TIA C DeVITO Congratulatrons and Best Wrshes Love, DENISE ANDY and ADAM GINA SCERBO 0 Get Radical ' 1 I , . . l . M 1! ' ' ' , . , . . 9 . ffili - f. ,.i.' 4 , , .. . 1 ' f 'H H , 1 1 X. A r ' T " J K ' ' In lx! VINCE MARCHESE 8: ASSCCIATES Auctioneers and Appraisers P 0 Box 462 Offlce 753 8484 Llttle Rock AR 72203 Home 758 1466 1983 84 Award Wmnmg Rockettes Ad l95 .8 , Y. A . 3 - 1 5' H1 7-1-S fa nt . ull' X-1 Jod Lange Anme Weed Gappy Sand Morris Faz Jrlby Megley Grna and Pammy We ve made rt together tor four great years Now on to bugger and better thrngs I II mrss you and always be here tor you Love KEL KEL 196 Ads Q -5 . . Q7 , of . 4 ' e A 1 ' Q Q a '. 5. ,I V5 ' x, ' 4 L xx 3 K K, Q V A 5' -Li 1 . ' 7 ' .XX K R X , , ! l - l l 7 ! - l 5 I I ! - ! ' , . . . , . , - A, 'U' ' 45 K 1 . .75 Y Congratulations, Senrors of St Edwards JuuEscHoLuvuEn C0ngratUIatl0nS srAcEv vouuo J:::::iztr::r:': Semars 1lg:Icl:E?Ig::gl6iIR of Si Mary'sl oAwN TmAoo Paige Atkms Beth Slgler Carne Whrteslde Holly Robbins Gqodbye, MSM! Catherine Thomas Ann Jackson Lgye, Ellzabeth Thomas Laura Flasco Mary Cotton Alissa Munson Suzette Drdler Leesa Freasler Amy Treadway E A 3 I , L :hx i I.. if af 'is If B197 he S' l ,. ' K ' - Al I I I I I t - Q, 3 X I Good Luck' aulx Congratulations, Laura' - I gfiffi f ' a ' X , H m fy! 7 X " '- N 1' C w 72, ' 4. 'I if A , a -5 va U ,ll I A-ab-'law I I Here's to the Best Friends ln the World' Angel Baby Who s the lucky guy this week?" 5 30 lt's still Iunny! lntrlgu mg Amy Joe is a little Get awaaay' Baabay' Bambi Let s go to GG's"' 'I want a Grammy" "TOGA"' "How many guys are you engaged to now'-" Meet Joe"' Banana Panda ' Loverboy! Rockettes" Peopllle! Bashy I want a boyfriend' CHRIS' Its rammg ment' Ma am you re standing stull in a no parking zone' "I lust wanted you to know that"' Chip py You should be shot Paul, oh Paul' My kitty cat craves chicken! Chris Let s all get sick at the fair! PARTY"7 On a school nlght'?I!9 Debbi Let's dance' The one with the big nose9!" Maggie "Are you a p nker or what? "You only love me for my history book!" Mew I love R W I "Monster Mash!" "Mashed Potatoes!" I danced!?" Portia: "II you ever h p- pen to have an extra gorgeous male type . . ." Renee: "Taekwondo - - citing!" "Baby" "FILA" "best friends" Thumper: "Built" "Niki the Red!" Lisa: "Snakes in the water f+n?!" "P.E.!" Kerry: "Spaced-out" V-ball Champ "Not the BAD Stuff!" Janet: "Here's to short, sweet, and petite" Shannon: "Move the tuba" Beth: "Here's to catching Shaun!" There's really been too much to tell or even do: so we can sum it up as "I Love U!" Merry X-mas! Ad 199 J ' b no . , , . dxf, ,fs A ,wg , ,ii Tl an In . 'T S I I . g - , ks g l V I ' I , . J .ll 5 ' if I 55 ' if ' I I I - ' 55 g if ' ' 55 If 55 fi 55 'g If 5 I I I I I I I I 5 I I I 55 If I f 55 If if 55 I I I I I If ' 55 I6 55 if 5 ' ' 5 if 5 5 I I I , I I I - I ,, I I - I I I ff 55 Gi 55 If ' ' 55 I , I ' I il 5 ' ' 55 if ' 55 I II i I I 'g If 55 If ' ' ' I I I I I 55 ' ll 55 U . : I I Gi a .1.1f1.1. , y cl I I w .1.1f1.e1, ,,f wf v JU., .lfl.e,,u Nuff: f F ll 1 J4 :lm I., I, J! plwd .91 a!!nam5 .40 un nown i?fl'.9J1 J v 'v W7 4' X h.Xx Jeannie Marondt 200 Ads Dawn, Good Luck' Congratulations and Much Love LISA MGM DAD "Girls just wanna have fun!" SUZY AND ANELIS Friends Forever' A Nlght to Remember' DEBORAH AND LORI Friends Forever A L AL REFRAIN FRESHMEN REFRAIN SOPHOMORE REFRAIN JUNIORS REFRAIN SENIORS REFRAIN FACULTY REFRAIN REFRAIN The Mount Blues Heat Wave demolutuon clouds ofdust Cold drunks and shorts are really a must Haury legs greasy haur wrunkled skurts So much homework we ve got no tume to flurt We ve got the Mount Blues goun to an all gurls school Furst day of school we were scared to death Everythung s so bug ut could take away your breath We lost our recess mornung mulk too No more boys Oh' Boo hoo hoo' We ve got the Freshmen Blues goun to an all gurls school We re no longer babues but we re stull not on top We re tured ol' gettun pushed around and beung called slops Can Druve Robun Hood FatherfDaughter Dance We ll do the best we can Won t you guve us a chance We ve got the Sophomore Blues goun to an all gurls school INTERLUDE Tryun to please the senuors nothung ever goes rught We work fuve months for just one nught But though ut druves us cra7y and we feel luke we could scream We luve for the nught when we get our rungs We ve got the .lunuor Blues goun to ann all gurls school 7 55 we druve unto the lot All spaces gone gotta walk fuve blocks Essays book reports term papers too All un the same week what are we gonna do" We ve got the Senuor Blues goun to an all gurls school Lustenun to excuses when they come un late Can tguve em homework cause they got a bug date Meetungs sponsorshups papers to grade No tume to teach the lesson plans that we made We ve got the Faculty Blues teachun un an all gurls school Punk slups yellow slups blue slups too After school detentuon nothung to do Raffle tuckets home games and spurut stuck Boy that competutuon really gets thuck We ve got the Mount Blues goun to an all gurls school We ve got the Mount Blues goun to an all gurls school Ads 203 WE CARE S0 WELL .... fx? H A fy S QB BECAUSE WE CARE S0 MUCH 1114 A" ff: n ' ' - f I E f ? I 5 Karen Luyet Krlstl Kuta Mary Pruss Theresa Muller Congratulations Semors ol Immaculate Heart of Mary Congratulatlons, Knstl! IT' You ve come a long way baby May happiness and success be yours always We are all proud ol' you Love MOM DAD JEFFREY GARY VICKI JAMES G LISA Knstl Klla James P Barte 5515 J F K Boulevard NLR AR 72116 METROPOLITAN STANDS BY YOU' Kelly Carman Congratulatlons Sensors' ST. THERESA'S SENIORS Amy Brantley Jacquelyn Plauche Tracey Chambers Deanna Mous Lea Ann Conners Helen Llpke I' . Sq 'f l 1. Ads 205 ' 4. I' fn!! CONGRATULATIONS ALISHA' 1. t You have always mamtamed the highest standards and set the highest goals We are very proud of your accompllshments and we love you very much MOM, DAD 81 CHRISTINA Alisha Craig 206 Ad l You are a thoughttuI,giving person 5 S MOSLEY JEWELRY REPAIR BIG D LIQUOR 758-8950 Prolessional Jewelry Repair ::oEinflIa?c1f::l2. Jim Mosley KRAFT CO.BUILDING SUPPLY INC. Suite E - 03, 300 S University, Liiile ROCK. AR 72205 Honest and Courteous 663-4365 Hardware - Building Materials I Firescreens 6711 Cantrell Road ECONOMY DRUG HICKEY S SPORTS 3901 South University Little Rock Arkansas M I BOUTIQUE Women Children Maternity 565 0055 8202 Cantrell Rd Ph 565 5523 Little Rock AR 72205 New and Previously Owned Clothing Featuring Formal Wear 908 So University role Slebert Owner Though our paths may part Our friendship and love will stall be in our hearts Best Frlends,Eorever You II always be ln my heart l.ltninsa. P1 K -nr ?: 11-1- We l :fn I'--'lm' ?l.'l..'l"R ,uw-'Y' mf? M Amy and Stacie T I .J ! . , - . H ' Ca I . , . lv- -R 5 1 W: X Q: , 'Qt 6' N 5 0 4 I "1 , . I-l.: -.-- 5'--gg?-A 5 M.: , V 'I :rp V ' - LQ!-I:'-" ' . -4 :V 1 ' i -' ' -,-IE ' P I r 'I ' ' ' . 1 if 41 -6 . . 5, , 4 .5 ' ,, 'f 1 . , I fl- a K F Q I , A F' sr . t r - - ,,, ,f- .. A- 'Il E A N - L. f :- TC . ,. t , " '. v, ' .A f R I 'f V' T " . , :- 'W .-.,,,,' . - I 3 ' l , U . . ,Y '-1-. Ads 207 Dear Rhonda You have that spec1al talent for chaszng clouds away or pazntzng raznbows and launchlng dreams lzke kztes zn an endless sky or zllzng our days wlth laughter and our hearts wzth love Congratulatzons Wzth love MOM DAD SHARON BRIAN DEBBIE AND KARRIE it Rhonda Fmdley PEOPLE TO DEPEND ON Griffin Leggett Healey'ZQRoth Lxttle Rock RESTQHILLS 208 Ads A Reglonal Health Care Center St Vincent Inflrmory A 615 Eetl prwate general Flosprtal now grown to regtonal stature, servmg patients from throughout the state Owneclantloperatetl5ytFteS1stersofCF1arLtyof Nazaretllslnce 1888, the FIOSP1-Ulf IS well Rnownfor cl1 V6TSlji6Cf pauent servtces, cltagnostne fac1l1t1es, edu cauonal programs antlexcellent nursmg care A S34 5 m1ll1on QPCUISIOT1 program 15 currently m progress MARKHAM and UNIVERSITY LITTLE ROCK 661 3000 MIL "7"' Congratulations and Best Wlshes Love MOM DAD ROSEMARY MATT We love you' GREG AND ALEX DAD MOM CHRIS AND KAREN Ch styRege Steph e Taldo O O O , O - . I. 'it' Xl, , , JFVQ. . A 4 . '32 ' 4, , x , X , n 'P - Ag t g 3 . tl :F A 5 1 A i A I aa Congratulations, Christy You are such a joy to us . , . l 1 1 1 ' ' 1 Y I ri i r ani Congratulations to the Seniors From the ANTHONY SCHOCL we are of you! We are behlnd you In all you do Love DADDY BARBARA AND PAUL JR Paula, you were cute then, beautiful now! We want you to know how proud Paula Hastings We are glad to see that you are pushlng rught along' LITTLE ROCK HARBOR BENNETT S MILITARY SUPPLIES 302 Maln 72201 372 2944 SERVICE INC S P 0 BOX 1523 72203 374 3160 5903 R Street Llttle Rock AR 72207 . 9 1 1 1 - .. tx 5 1.5 .-Q. , n as ' as ' 5 1 ' . . . . 1 'K ST PA T RICK S Congratula tes the Class of '84 Q' Congratulatio Kelly! You really are the most beautnful gurl In the world Love MOM AND DAD K lIyC IlladCHtS BOOK STORE A comm sslfcnou or luumsacx a msnsncx aonxs srscm onnzns muon: ' 0114031 0 IIALLIAIK CAIDS G PAITY ITEISO PEISOIALIZED PIIITIIG belong VZ! ggtvznm 225 5009 to congratulate Congratulations Congratulations! lt's really special - and our wish for many more Special Times' Love, MOM AND WALTER Glenda Lucy Nothing but the best will Organize your lute alner hlngs 8212 Cantrell Little Rock AR 72207 15011 225 4948 Congratulations and love to our little Joanne Love, MOM DAD KEITH ANN Joan Woeltje WILLIAM CAVANAUGH INC Furnlture Data Processing Supplies 203 Carondelet New Orleans La 70112 504 523 5307 TOWN AND COUNTRY DRUGS Free Delivery Asher and University 565 1511 X.,-0.1 X. ss ' - li .',, do." I on I 1 K ' f I ' , fi. ' A 9 A A ' slffldi' l l l I I I- - "' f 1'!1 "1- We love you' MOM DAD BRIAN KIM AND BRAD Congratulatrons Tracey' You Irght up our Ilves with your beautiful smile and your wlnnmg personallty T cey Cha f f 'ff l 3 5 I We love you' Congratulations' We made lt' MOM AND DAD SUE AND MARK Nancy Wright Cathy Go Forth With God's Grace All Our Love MOM, DAD, CHRIS Cathy Sanford Congratulations' KEL-KEL We Love You the Most MOM LINDSEY ERRIN Kelli Munroe We are very proud of You' We love you MOM, DAD AND WILLY Congratulations, Miss Linda helle No! Q5 Congratulations, Michelle The Nicest Person We Know What a Doll! Love, DAD, MOM, TONY DONNA, PAULA AND TERRY YDIPIQE DDD STAD! WE LDVE YDIJ! MDM AND DAD FDED AND DADNEY GIQANDMA LILLY BUICK 4601 South Unlversnty Llttle Rock Arkansas 72204 Q501y 562 3330 Congratulations to the Class of '84 Arkansas' Largest Team Dealer for over forty years. S lding Athletic Goods Company Inc. 5113 Center St. - Little Rock, AR - 5917 W. 12th St. NORTH LITTLE H.Q,ME ROCK f.v runmruns APPL AN?-li E , f A if .' f - P u 5- i t PM 5 if 19?1MainS"ee' UNIVERSITY PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER N0fth Llule ROCK, Af. ASHER AT UNTXVERS ITY LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 72206 45015 562-0510 MARY'S Comziigents MUSIC Friend 5621 Kavanaugh LR, AR 72205 ' gh l i K N To yse nd year " ' "0 QF 4' ,, BAILEY s. SKIPPER "B use, Ladies, 1 ," it tzxhes you F ' ,ft how to thinkln . 600 B8l'fOW R08d lull miss you am Llttle Rock, Arkansas 72 Love' MRS' SKELER Portraits-Weddings H Commercial-Darkr .mpg Sports Tea V. 205 oom ms-SCHOOLS Phone 225-5517 ldeo Tape Services Barbara and Joe Bailey Ads 22l Congratulations to our llttle model Jo Ann Hess' Love MOM AND DAD AND THE FAMILY Congratulations Melussa' wi You have proven to us but more lmportantly to yourself that through hard work and determlnatlon you can accomplish your goals May your future be happy and blessed av"- ,H We are proud of you and love you dearly MOM DAD A D GRANDMOM AND GRANDAD MASSEY Melnssa Massey 1 Melissa Massey L J 224 Xdx Congratulations Dlonne' We wnsh you all the best for your future years to come We are proud of you We hope you wlll contmue to be the same sweet, loving, caring, understandmg, and klnd- hearted person that you are. May God bless you. We love you, MOM, DAD, AND FAMILY 3 F: g . ' ? 5 .E ,Q . - 1 ' 1 V .X Xxx' a Q . M I 5 Congratulatuonsl We love you Karen We are very proud that you are such a flne person We pray that God wlll bless you wuth fanth love hope and peace Much love always, MOM, DAD, AND CATHY I r Qt 'N X WRX Student Board -fb embers for 1983 84 Mt St Mary's Llnda Alger Mary Ellen Richards f Xxxx Xxbtxxkxxx xxx X XyX,i.X Mm Nl -Q--ff X mot- g wxrtt Y fu ,V me-ww xx X x NX, 4.-QA 'x .ll The Twln Cnty Bank Student Board of Directors was formed ln 1970 because we wanted to find out what we could do to make our bank more respon save to the needs of young people The surest way to find the answers was to listen to young people Thanks to our Student Board, we've been able to strengthen our servlces, adjust to their changing attitudes and llfe styles We ve always learned by lrstemng to these young people lf you have any suggestions about how we mlght be able to Improve our servlces, talk to one of thus years board members Their job IS to Inform us Our job IS to llsten and learn ' Working with our Avg youth P 'Q lIilyBank ONE RIVERFFIONT PLACE NORTH LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS Member rorc XX x X X ,xx XQQXXX ,Xxx ' X x Mx -t x -tax X Qxxvx NX xxx X Ads 227 ,M .4 -' -,finds ' V E5 321. Q fs MA,-1.1 - ' , 9-:V 5: - . ima: V1 rv- .V V. . Vasa-. ff 5 ' ' 1- f.:,,,:i1 , "BC E2-22555151 L :J ' fveaf:F44?' .V..:.f-:Q 1. i ' .42Eef:f:44 '--tame, Wifi'-'-ff V195 wif. : 'wat-. . .:f1-cfs. :V-:rw ' 4-:ef . --1'1:2.:312:2::22:rf2E:g W' ' WV. :-franc-5' ' 1555111 .ws " "W ' if " 1 ' ' 5:41, :U-394'-5:15 . '-4:-5:2 -if - f., . , ffl,--125'-fl if Mm, ' ' N V:-:4':221:F1 'Za . "-41:'.H:V 2Er::tE:f'f"f '2:.ff:5:e:aa:1 . . 11" :ff-' . .E 2-1 1V::ee21.- 'w-5s:ar:r:,r 2-:::2'f:':1:f:r' :rams-.g, :ur:rge.:.:qz L-.-fr-:V'-1: ' 21125532 . rsrsawv gy, - 553g5.qV:f::555-'551:.,'1:.j:::'.g1:-'.,'f.gj,,:::-15.-,.g.,.---:.-.-,-g.',.:,.i,- ' ' z -EM 'ez-9 Q V . OX., L 11:24:55.2254ss:f-wr: 1:'-5-ses:-:5.f-'-5. -::2.1:s:.:::-:ei 21:22:22-212: s:2:.lz-:wr2.5122-fr:-::: iz"--Q-if Af ' ' ' zz!" ' bl' :-1-1,.Vs.VgV. .--- .Q ,.,..,.,V.- 1 vt 335755 7,-gf-,'5',::3f,g.1-1V.I,.:.g.,.,.,,,4-.:+..:g. - I . 5V ' 1: 5, V+' '31 .- -:-ss?"-5":5:?3":"4'-I-'I-'5'f":'f , " .' 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' N - 1 , ' 'sz 1-V..,s 15:1-:J-M, 4 ' - . , 1 sq- , , , 4 A ,x,.x.s..:-.. , z 1 . , . , ,. . ..... :.. .:- .V:-.,.-:-.5V:5g+.,- -"- .- .4-:Vx-.--1 ' ,sz 4..weazft-1-:-.-.:V.-.:,.'.,4.,..,:.:.:. ,V. ., . , ., ...,.. I .4 .. . , 1-,:.,,,,.-,.:. , .M-1: :,1.f::::4.,-. .,:.f.-.,,.,:,:- :.V1g.:, 9v,zr:5:,: ,,r.,::'.,:g::. f::g:-fqg:,-1- 51:g1:s-:-:2.- :5:1:5:j:r-:gas ,:::.:-Wa 1-2fs:rfar::: 1:23'i':r1fr3' ::n:f.r.e:1'ff .1:5:V-lf-21:41 r-V15-51-515-2212 -'1-f'5J1-'TrI:1:-I-2':sf.2V'1f?. tg..1,g, -5:-g.,q.g.1r,g. 5.35.5-.-'g.,4 -.,.g.,.5.-.3-., tA:,f::.-,5::, -:.5.gJ52:E2I 5:Vg.,g.5.:.V.3.5 :g-3-53.3.7 33.3.5-.-I-2 ,shy-2.: 32533:-I:-A.g.4. :,,::jg.-Z-:-.-.- '1EvZ4.5'V't- 4-.-.viz-3-.-I' '-:+3'Iv'T.-.-'5:f -11.1-:f-2-:-f -:'3k5I,2gIg3-:- -1-.!45:5:1Ik':3 'CNT-S:-24,-: 'A-'25-'ft-Lb -:-I-':fh'V.5g1: 9.2-I-'.-Az: -12,-g':3'2I'.-'V' :'!-155,-Ill-.-I I+?-.-.-:fl-2.1 .-::-, 4- ,,,A,m,:,M,,,,. .,,., H, 4.,., Z, ,my 4,,, ,.,4, ,AA,,, , h ,,,:,,., 4,.l, 4,,, , 4 4,.,,, ,v,,, z ,A,,:,,,, ,,,,,,,- , . ,,,,, ,..,, . ,,,.,., ., ,..,.q ,.l.,,,..,.,.,,,4 4.,., , ., ,,4...4., ,, ,,.. ..,.. , .. ., .... ..,4 , . , , , , , , Tracey - May your future be as beautiful as you ve made our lives We love you YOUR FAMILY AND LITTLE GRANDMOTHER Jody Congratulations We re not surprrsed you made rt because you worked so hard We are proud of you and love you MOM YOYO DAD PAX CLARKE SPYDER J dyS P XAd l s ,, f Tracey Sch ll l - s ei 5 i I. V 5 o im Congratulatlons Shella We are proud of you! -1rv""" Our congratulatrons and love to our Love and Best Wishes very specml duaghter DAD MOM AND CHUCK an slr-I y Congratulatlons and best wushes from your family Karen thanks for the love and joy that you have grven us We are very proud of you and know that you wrll tackle the future wrth vrgor and a posrtlve Chrrstran attrtude We love you MOM DAD MARSHA AND MISS KITTY K B Ad 229 , . v - .....s .--f -" " gi'-A. ,..- N ,, .gr any Q -pgs :na 'QV - 'T' ' .A R , 'Cv , s. n ' J J 1 U L' h9l8 0fl'l9f ' 9 . I I I I I Hi' Ni g,'-Sis' Congratulations Karen' We love you' RALPH MOM CURTIS AND PLUFF ' 1 af, - QT 5 o ,pl f' ' fi? 'XY Af. A- - ,mg . f f ' - . H 4 P V ' . ' ,ez gf- ,dv - i f' '-g " ,425 X' A . me -ki-X u K", 7 R' K-"v w-, ' lr 4 I lf' , 2 1' . , I I 5 , , Love, MOMMIE CHRIS JAUAN ALLYSON REGGIE J PROC JIMMY JUSTIN MARILYN AND JODI You are our sunshme' H Pike Plaza Indian Hills Shopping Center Shopping Center 758-7772 835-8659 WIRT'S JEWELERS, INC. EDWARD S HAIR FASHIONS Little child that God has made and sent here just lor me I wouldn I have it different for it was meant to be Love MOM DAD AND TODD Helen Webb Owner and Stylist Evenings By Appl ntment 565 3726 3304 Mabelvale Pike Foot of Fair Park and Asher Julie Ska da CORGI MACHINERY, INC 34ooBRowN smear LITTLE noon AR 72204 MD!!! MACHINE TOOLS FABRICATING MACHINERY 5 A, sa ' ' , . . - ' as 1 1 1 ' r O ,.,,,,.,........-,,.., ,-, L-, ,.,- , ...-....1.-.',i.- s 1 nucnmtlv OEALEIS annum M004 .:: Look out Fayettevnlle He IS your best frlend here come who brmgs out of you Jake and Elwood the best that as nn you Turn around and you re tmy turn around and you re grown We love you MOM SHANNON BABA AND GRANDDADDY Leigh Anne E b y A ht I as ' - l . ' ' H Henry Ford N 40 , - ' ! A fy 9 I I ! , H 1 ' m r Go for lt' We love you, MOM AND BOB You are the sunshme on a cloudy day We re very proud of you Dee Dee Cakes Dana Weber K-4' Wlth the Mount' help you wlll have success In the world We love you MOM DAD Congratulahons, Lnsa' al Lk .A We love you MARK TRACY CHRIS AND TRICIA DAD MOM AND ANNE Paula Gaul! Lisa Matthews 234 Ad ' W' - . .- . 1 . . A . W. ' , ' , 'M' ' f " 'va ' fn-.' -' f A N - -A 5:---.. -3. - . ' 131:11 -:- SE 45 -Q.-fa, 3 ' . I- 4 ' 4 ' ,Q v-.:.r V I .V ' J N .. Q. ' '. " , 735-:, . ,ug A -f .-Ju, A Q O W- . sm: .-If-5 ' D 'X 4- A xr.. sz 1"'1 'Y K ,-lf, - ML, ,-' ' 1 K 4.4 A .M I, D L f ' A 571: f ' if-1' 1 12.2 ' 0 . , .sf 1.1: K WL 9-1. A . l 4- 1 KA S x ' ! S- u ' 'Lf -.1 if-'?4w j..- 2 fl . ' Juv " ' W' . - ' , ' l.' M,-A .Q ' Q- , .j A ' I 7,5 S ,V ., V . V. - A I ,, V, 1 ln, In ' ,fi ' f v ' . rf" A f I ,J ' A 1.1 , ' M ' ,l D 1 .- I Y 1 Y ! S ! I Q 3 s Last of the Handlosers! - , N .tial X. We love you MOM DAD LYNNE KATHY JANET JIM TOM MICK AND RICK Patti Handloser I Where has the tlme gone? Our love and best wishes ln the years to come Yo are a joy MOM DAD MIMI AND JAMES Meg Taylor Llttle sus to Chns Joy to Us All Go for ut, Connnel Bug sus to Craig and Kyle Daughter to Mom and Dad ...--Q 'Q' H-N 'SRIQK Connie Cavansugh I A 1 l X y ll. I I j ,xy A ' Y il l 9, g V. .- b-.1 . gas X 'Q .VX X Lesllelane you hnally made lt! Congratulations! Love L D Mom Bet Michael and Duane Leslieiane Horn f ' 2 r '10 , a W4 236 Ads W-N3-' ff From the begmnmg we knew you would bnng us many happy moments Thank you for every one of them! We love you Mom and Dad Gina Scerbo Ad 237 NICKOLODEON BURBUR GUIDO TIGGER FRIENDS THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE I A' f Evf ' 238 Ad. CCNGRATULATIONS ANNE' WE LOVE YOU! SQ . Ex--. ai' , , I M13 W-. ,s ,V DAWN For all the tears l ve caused to weep For all the trmes I've seen you peek For all the answers I ve helped you seek For all the mghts l watched you sleep For all the times I ve heard you glggle For all the toes l've had to tickle To the supple breathlessness ol your grace To the lragnle lovelrness ol your face To all the tlckle hghts we have had For all the tlmes you ve called me dad Thank You! LOVE, DAD Dawn Tlrado 240 Ad Dan Richards Jr General Manager Rlchard's Honda 6600 South Unlverslty Little Rock AR 72209 qson sez 0910 Melanle Congratulations 3 Seddon and thank you tor Markham Plaza 9821 B W Markham Little Flock AR 72205 BGSUTY 58100 all that you are We wish you every happiness Love Ruth Thr9lk9ld Mom and Dgd 0wnerl0perator 225 1376 Melanie Shaffer With your lovmg heart determination and great sense ot humor you have accom pllshed much. May you continue on this path as you tultill your dreams. With great pride and all our love, Dad Mom, and Steve Beth Satterlleld Ads 241 IV '- I . , X i .I . I ci s" ' . ' auf' ' 9 horses headaches en gagement nngs bunkmg parties Mr Fargo Tammg of the Shrew Be Am IS Are Kung Tut co ed tent retreat My precious children graduation practice gravity check geebas guys are twrts prom mght DMSR libraries term papers essays Oh My' never endmg home work disgusting lunches that smile pictures In lockers unexpected school visitors wicked witch ofthe west and abominable badman ring mass 1 more yr I TG SV? closmg cookie Herbie and Harvey Giggles and Todd Magic Springs 1 2 3 Sorry I have to work This IS It Gone With the Wmd co operative graduation tragic tlaw can I borrow Semor Trip? Rodent-Tran- sient Park, GRADUATION!! Xkeqf .G A 1. vw :cr my FllMfF000 Times change, and we with time but not in the ways of friendship. ANNETTE AND CINDY 242 Ad X To a Very Speclal Glrl at a very special time In her Ilfe Love Mom, Dad, and Steve IS Cantrell Road t M ss ss pp L ttle Rock 664 4444 1600 Cantrell and M ss L ttle Rock 72207 225 2693 Stzzluigm 8312 Geyer Spr ngs LR 568 4196 9210 Rodney Parham LR 224 2216 5302 JFK Blvd NLR 771 1444 MGM plam Peanut or plam nuts? 'V Q' X f 5 of N 4 I. . 0 1 I Kara C e1 .9 - H a i i i i i . . ' i i i - as ' , . - 9 ' X ' -as I S8tS AUTO PARTS COMPANY "Complete Outfitters For Your Car" 521 Main Street North Little Rock Ark 72114 SHELTER SHAELD SHUTW msutumc: - COMPANIES MIKE BAJOREK AGENT 1005 WEST 34th STREET P O BOX 23 NORTH LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS 72115 Phone 375 9754 NELL S HAIRSTYLING AND BOUTIQUE lFormerIy Nova' I Compliments ol Hot Springs Llttle Rock random Furmture Company Inc LUZIER COSMETICS BILL S OFFICE FURNITURE SERVICE CO Open 6 Days a Week Open Evemngs by Appomtment 753-4127 3700 Camp Robinson Rd NLR 723 Mlsslon Road N Lrttle Rock AR 72118 Ph 753 5425 TO JUDY Oh star so brrght Reach greater heughts And Irght the nrght Help thtngs go nght Speak gentle words Gwe helpmg hands Lrght up the trall For those who tall Congratulations Honey! We are all so proud ot you Daddy Mama Johnny Eddle Joe Susre and Betsy You Irght up our Irves ' Flrst Grade Senior Judy Mane Barlhol 244 Ads Congratulatrons Graduatmg Semors from Holy Souls Pauletta Baldwin Judy Barthol Conme Cavanaugh Angela Colclasure Tla DeVrto Domrnrque Dmh Paula Hastings Shannon Jacuzzr Lrsa Oberste Anne Prrce Lmda Savary Meg Taylor Barbara Brewington Cathy 0'NeaI Ad 245 MEDIC PHARMACY 5901 W. 12th Street Phone: 664-3907 11524 Rodney Parham Rd. Phone: 224-0303 Asher and University K-Mart Plaza Phone: 562-3740 We've made it through Freshman days, finding dates for the dances, those same boring people day in and day out, and all of our parent problems as best lriends . . . Let's try for loreverlll Laura and Kathleen Best Friends Forever!!! Shop FASHION CORNER for your PROM or GRADUATION DRESS Reasonable Prices 5011 J F K NLR CLOVERDALE FLORIST 7411 Baseline Rd. Little Rock, AR PARK HILL PHARMACY N Little Rock AR 753 0701 INSURANCE BONDS RISKMANAGEMENT fw HARDIN at wlLsoN INC 911:-urafwe T I l501l 864 0204 XAGIIII O 1501 N mance 1 mu.suoe suns urns nocx AnxANsAs 72207 ' l u I I I - e .1 - ' YUUI nlfpe :lui illlfflfl 246 Ads Always remember we love you love I8 patuent love I8 klnd I Cormthlans 13 Thank God tor these moments In Congratulations Jen you ve lmally reached that turnmg polnt In Ille You ve come a long way Angela O1 Love Mom Dad and John Stephen Jenmfer Phillips Angela Selig 4 . Y Congratulations, Shawn! We love you and are so proud ol youl Love, Mother, Dad, and Michele Shawn Mabry Ads 247 LAWN 3 7305 Cantrell Little Rock AR 72207 C5011 663 7716 HERMAN amz Q e, . AND sous ' mon wonk 1023 Rushing Circle Little Rock Ark 72205 Lawn Boy Green Machine Snapper Echo Yardman Husgvarna McCullouch PATRONS Dr Michael L Quick Dr HoraceE Podl Mrs George Dickinson Mr 81 Mrs W C 0 Neal Dr CarIJ Raque Heights Harrstylrnglnc Rev JohnA Janesko Dr Lent Lorenz Martlnous Rug Co SUPERIOR FEDERAL QC 5 Trellis Square 2 10720 Rodney Parham JE Little Rock Ark 72212 225 5068 Zigwf W SHINN , CLEANERS Ihgllest Uuahty llmler the .fun FOX CFIOFT AT CANTRELL PARK HILL FLORIST 3724 John F Kennedy Phone 753 1128 North Little Rock AR FURNITURE GALLERIES Same Location Since 1953 Quality Costs Less Nationally Advertised Brands 5017 Base Line Rd 565 3428 C2 if vw r r rltf MATTINGLY ' f ' . H - ll H 248 Ads Congratulations to the Graduates of Immaculate Conception Llnda Alger Carolyn Renaud Leslle Horn Patncla Namest Pattl Handloser Mary Ellen Richards Sandra Monroe Chnsty Rleger Nancy Papacek lnot plcturedl Annette Barringhus Cindy Lewis I. Q M A You Must Admrt, We Do Have Fun Hey Davrd! Is that PLAID you re wearmg'-" I Darqurrrr Fever' I 3 a m swrm bathrng sunt? I Hee hee, hee hee I And you made me sleep on the FLOOR'! I KELP WARS Ino sur vrvorsj I Bend your knees' I Suzy your strap s twrsted I Battle of Lake DeGray How many casuaIfres'P" I BUBBLES! Frsh!! SWIM!!! I Greer s Ferry Lake Monster I I have a stronger stroke than you I Wanna smoke a WHAT9' I Wanta cookre'? I After Peanut Growlres I ARE Smckers waterproof"! I I m STILL CAMPING! I I m a HO! I rah I Hands off my potentral new boyfrrend I So areyou gettmg BELLIGERANT9! I Brurther LaRue I m a Lumberjack I I m only havrng a stroke I BUCKET' I Quasr rrng the bell! I I m blrndl I Frsh heads Fush heads Rolly Polly Frsheads I My most embarrassmg moment was realrzrng my whole summer was my most embarrassmg moment' I Goat norses I've been hut! Ive been HIT!! I CONSUMEI I I got my Strck! I Brlar bllar lar lan UGHI I Walkrn barefoot rn the snow I Mmm, mmm, Men! I The PARK I I m feelnng pengurnesque today I Wanna go to prom? I WOMAN! I Homecoming who drd you go wlth'P'7 I Oh, look Maude! I Oh Marge' I Edrth and Egbert LEARN HOW TO DRIVE" I The Hoovemobrle When'W! I Yeah corndawg"? I Get outta town' I Glrls just WANNA have fun!!! Sometimes you gust gotta say I Put salt rn that open wound! I Is that Tammy Robrnsonfl Oh I I What about equrlrbrlum'-"P I Cavortmg Beastles I Wanta candy bar Irftle boy? I Gnarly! I Tell m rf he keeps rt up I MYRON THE BAPTIST I The 10 Commandments exprred at 44 m due to Myron s Law I Snrff Snrff I 8 gaprng males I F O A D I I I thmk I love you! W M I RALPH EARL!!! I I want to bear your chrldren and name them NORMAL names!! TRUNK KILLERSI I changmg99 I 6 gnarlers I l'm a gnu! I I'd Irke a strawberry Sanka please I But I ve got more harr on my legs I wln' I Booberella strrkes twlce! I The Hooker and The Schmoo I Laua Fred andHoover I Thlaylr Lrves' I Larry prune that tree! I Do you NEVER wear shoes'P' I The Sore Toe Club I MNM forever' The Hammerhead I I luke Make Inc I Dont be a dummy I In stereo I I got hands rn pocket I The Eyebrow I Not ANOTHER accrdent Laura"' I and Dad gust bought me a new car I Creatlve Hrckey I How long drd It stay'79 I Short stocky Irttle thrng I BONDAGE I How long HAVE they been rn there"! I Kerosrne fumes I If you hear bells nt s the oven trmer gorng off I Wanna taka a bath?" THE WALL I Houdstooth Hugh I Go Solo' I H20 Forever! Iand ever and ever and ever! I Chrll out Hut realrty I For Frrendshrp of Laura Stanly, Dawn Wrllrams Mrchelle Noto lo' . . I , ll , - I 8. .- ' ' , ' . ' .... ' - 250 Ads Congratulations Good Counsel Gma Scerbo Carol Oswald Lezlle Wewers Tonya Rose Mlchelle lHooverl Noto Jeannie Marendt Carla Baltz Melanle Ray Beth Eaton Karen Yada Karen Corn Angle Sellg Julle Skarda Llsa Campbell Lon Flynn Sandra Lake to the Seniors of Ad 25l OUR LADY OF FATIMA Congratulates Karen Corn and the Class of 84 All Seniors of i W1 M45 r:z-pi "' -- Rhode Island or Bust' Best Fnends Forever' Llsa 81 Krista 1"-Sl-'IRT Search 53 until FOFGVGI' 3408 S Unlverslty LR, AR There IS only one Specializing ln custom group orders happuness nn lute, to love and to be loved. :M M ' M ' s -'1::-- . le u I L :R W Vx.. . . f ,Xt e ge le-' get A '13 ,, sl, - wr' , l . K 4 kk l I x-,xg SUZY 81 JOHNNIE Ads 253 CHRIST THE KING PARISH Congratulates The Seniors of 1984 and Best Wlshes for the Future Good Luck May God bless you with as much rn the future as you ve grven us all these years We love and are proud of you Margaret M D d Daddy Mother Michael Sara: Robert Cynthia Pete Adnene Km Peter Ellzabeth Stephen Rrckey Margaret Miller Kimberly Martin The glft ofa chlld Our moments have been precious. rs ours for a few fleeting moments, Jacquelyn Plauche Ads 255 Welnce May the happlness and joy you have gwen us be returned to you m your future years Congratulations we love you! Harry and Mom Diane Demask ll Jacqueline You have tllled the years wuth so much We Made It Congratulatlons Tma! We love you and are Love and Happiness proud of you We are so proud ot y"""""' Dad Mom Debbne Wayne Shawn Chnstne Chuck M D Ktzheasng Jeanne Matt James Ray Phllllp and Fllp Jackie Wagner Tma Quick 256 Ad S A f' .Yx p l . l . ! vu 4 la.,L,, 33' 1 -J :gif . ' -nl ! D Ie . Q-. il H . ,. , . l S S ! I I I 5 1 l ' ' ' ! I 5 I I - q u S May you fund In Ilfe as Much Joy and Happiness 11:1 .A May God Bless You Always We are so proud ol you! Love always Mom Dad and Davld As you have glven us these years Laura Prurtl Ad 257 I DEX A Adam, Beth 125 Adams,lsabel1 Mrs. 140 Aerobics ofArkansas 160 Alger. Linda 86. 102. 181, 217. 227. 249 Allen, Monsignor 4 Allen. Sherri 115 Alpe. Michelle 105. 65 Alvarada, Lil 105 Amabile. Charlot 125 Anchor Paint Co. 171 Anderson, Elizabeth 60, 1 15 Anderson, Lisa 15, 76, 132 Anderson, Paige 105 Anderson, Renee 1 15 Anthony School 210 Arkansas Children's Hospital 204 Arnone. Michelle 115 Arnone. Patty 115 Armstrong. Silvia Mrs. 60, 140 Ashburn, Terri 61, 70, 115 Associated Milk Producers 177 Atkins, Paige 67. 125, 197 Avants. Nikki 60. 67, 115 B B.P.'s Place 213 Backus, Wendy 125 Baertsch, Janice 105, 112 Baetcke, Anna 67, 115 Bailey 8a Skipper Photos 221 Bajorek, Mike Insurance 244 Baker. Dee Dee 76. 125. 31 Baker, Karolyn 64, 105, 112 Baker, Rhonda 44, 125 Baldridge, Lisa 105 Baldwin, Pauletta 16, 80, 84, 86, 102, 134, 185, 233, 245 758 lndex Balloonacy 167 Baltz, Carla 1, 52, 58, 86, 102, 251 Banks, Liz 1, 52,105,193 Barakat, Susie 60, 115 Barnett, Andrea 105 Barnett, Suzanna 7, 74, 105, 1 1 1 Barnhouse, Julie 70. 78, 115 Barnwell, Blake 70, 115 Barre, Vita 68, 105, 112, 182, 194 Barringhaus, Annette 76, 86, 102, 174, 242, 249 Barry, Helen 76, 115 Barthol, Judy 59, 86, 102, 183, 244, 245 Bayahi, Ruby 58, 76,86 Beavers, Tania 125 Bell, Natalie 105 Bell. Robyn 125 Bertfliield, Shannon 74, 105. Bennett's Military Supplies 21 1 Bernard, Marie Sister 27 Bernardi, Donna 125 BErrington, Leigh 105 Berry, Beth 60, 1 15 Berube, Marilee 60, 125 Big D Liquor 207 Bi1l's Office Furniture 244 Binz, Angie 47, 65. 86, 102. 190 Binz, Ginger 105 Binz, Herman and Sons Iron Works 177 Binz, Stephen Father 4.6, 140, 264, 268 Birdsong, Bridget 1, 105,52 Blazer, Dawn 125 Blue's Music 184 Boeckmann, Cathy 64, 76, 125, 193 Boeckmann, Christie 76, 115, 193 Boeckmann, Kelly 1, 52, 53, 76, 105, 193 Boeckmann, Llsa 58, 81, 86, 102,172,176,193 Boger, Stephanie 3, 125, 269 Bone, Angie 64, 68, 105, 112 Bonner, Cheri 1, 67, 78, 79, 105 Boone, Claiborne 115 Borden 167 Boswell, Leigh 60, 115 Bowen's Family Buffet 248 Brandon House 244 Brantley, Amy 40, 54, 62, 86, 160, 205. 207 Branton, Catherine 105 Braxton, Felice 1 15 Bray, Janna 115 Bregy, Christine 60, 64, 105 Brewington, Barbara 87, 102, 245 Britton, Jayne 76, 87, 102, 184 Brown, Debbie 43, 105 Brown, Karen 59, 72, 74, 87, 102, 183,190,229 Bruton, Pam 44, 115 Buettner, Kathleen 60, 67. 1 15 Buffington, Carla 76, 87, 102, 171, 189 Buffington, Dee Dee 125 Burke, Richard Mary Sister 5, 64, 139, 268, 271 Burns, Amy 105 Busby, Jodi 60, 105 Butler, Christina 43, 121 Butler, Paula 125 Butler Realty 186 Butterfly Boutique 164 C Callan, Matthew Sister 140, 147 Calloway, Chanda 60, 67, 115 Campalans, Olivia 60, 115 Campbell, Lisa 74, 87, 102, 162. 251 Canino, Lin 64, 105 Cantrell Lawn and Marine Inc. 248 Cappucetti, Krista 105,253 Carman, Kelly 87, 102, 205, 213 Carr, Bernice 125 Carrico, Rene 125 Carooll, Elizabeth 44, 54, 79, 105 Cavanaugh, Connie 1, 16, 52, 58. 64, 87, 102, 235, 245 Celine. Marie Sister 147 Chambers, Kim 115 Chambers, Tracey 16, 87, 102, 205, 215 Chan, Deb 125 Chase, Deeni 60, 115 Chesser, Mandy 60, 1 15 Chiaro, Melissa 40, 44, 49, 125 Christensen, Tracy 54, 105, 193 Chudy, Julie 60, 15, 121 Chudy, Missy 13.40, 125 Cia, Angela 125 Cia, Kim 125 Clark, Angie 125 Clay, Stephanie 60, 115 Cobb, Mary Melissa 34, 61, 67, 115 Cochran, Donica 105 , Cohen, Kackie 44, 47, 115 Colbert, Cinny 67, 116 Colclasure, Angela 32, 47, 87, 102, 181. 245 Collins, Carri 67, 125, 132, 135 Collins, Lauren 44, 105 Colvin, Aimee 60, 125 Conners, Lee Anne 88, 102, 205 Conners, Linda Kay 106 Cook, Carol 140 Corn, Karen 1, 52, 58, 62, 84, 88, 102,251,252 ornwell, Arden 47, 60, 116 orum, Pam 1, 52, 73, 74, 106, 111 otton, Mary Claire 67, 125, 131, 197 outlee, Frances Sister 141 ox, Angie 106 ox, Holly 125 raig, Alisha 11, 56, 72, 74, 75, 88, 102, 190 rain, Leigh Ann 14, 33, 61, 65, 67, 71, 72, 124, 125 rawford, Heather 26, 116 rocker, Maggie 67, 125, 135 roft, Michele 116 romley, Susan 116 roy, Teri 106 unningham, Emilie 76, 106 urtis, Dayna 67, 125 D ailey, Donna 68, 73, 106 ailey, Laura 20, 56, 59, 62, 65, 68, 73, 85, 88, 102, 186, 268 aley, Dianne 106 aley, Robyn 126 aly, Kathy 60, 76, 106, 193 aniel, Kristie 57, 60, 61, 62, 79,88,102,181,190 aughenbaugh, Linda 60, 126 avis, Laura 77, 106 avis, Mandy 76, 126 avis, Michele 67, 126 avis, Sonya 60, 116 emask, Diane 16, 40, 88, 102, 256 euerling, Anne 106 eVito, Tia 59, 64, 80, 88, 102 187, 194, 245 idier, Suzette 33, 65, 67, 124, 126, 197 inh, Dominique 58, 60, 88, 102, 153. 163. 238. 245 ixon, Ann 28, 64, 65, 74, 79, v 104, 106 Dober, Carol 60, 106 Dober, Deborah 1, 11, 16, 29, 52, 59, 88, 102, 177,178, 202 Dobson, Kaye 106 Dolan, Michaela 67, 126 Dolan, Sister Theresa 64, 65, 140, 141, 149, 271 Donahue, Karen 64, 65, 78, 104. 106, 110,203 Donnely, Sister Mildred 140, 148 Dover, Darrellyn 60, 116 Dow, Angie 60, 116 Drew, Beka 61, 64, 106 Driggers, Daphne 40, 49, 126 Druckenmiller, Sharon 80, 89, 102 Dudley, Karin Mrs. 65, 141, 203 Dunaway, Tiffany 47, 126 Duran, Angie 17, 61, 64, 65, 70,78,114,116, 121,203 Duvall, Donna 116 E Eastin, Ho11i49, 126 Eaton, Beth 65, 89, 102, 181, 102 Eberle, Mandy 61, 67, 126 Economy Drug 207 Edward's House of Fashion 232 Edwards, Sammie 89, 102 Eichler, Joan 47, 60, 116 Eichler, Mary Jo 116 Eldridge, Cynthia 106 Elliott, Jill 47, 60, 74, 106, 110, 113, 134 Emtrey, Leigh Anne 1, 52, 58, 62, 74, 89, 102, 210, 233, 272 Embrey, Shannon 126 Erxleben, Jennifer 60, 76, 78, 1 16 Estes, Nancy 65, 89, 102, 192 Et Cetera 164 Evans, Angie 116 Evans, Dee Ann 40, 43, 106 F Fashion Corner 246 Fasio, Lisa 58, 89, 102, 187, 253 Ferguson, Jennifer I 16,60 Ferguson, Jerry Mrs. 65, 78, 64, 141 Ferguson, Lydia 1 16, 26 Ferris, Kathy 106 Findley, Rhonda 36, 56, 64, 65, 77, 89, 102, 208 Fifth Season Beauty Salon 241 Finkbeiner, Amy 1, 106, 79, 52 Finkbeiner, Linda 126 Fire Place and Patio Shop 224 First National Bank 154 Fitts, Jennifer 28, 40, 106 Fletcher, Kristen 106 Fletcher, Staci 106 Flynn, Linda 6, 58, 79, 89, 102, 229 Flynn, Lori 1, 11, 29, 53, 52, 59, 62, 89, 102, 168, 182, 189, 202, 251 Ford, Carla 176, 44 Foster, Susan 65, 80, 90, 60, 102, 191 Fowler, Gwen 161 Francis, Bettye 28, 40, 65, 140, 141, 269 Francis, Caty 44, 60, 126 Mr. Frank's Optical Co. 211 Freasier, Leesa 67, 126, 197 Freddie's Party and Gifts 184 Fuller, Kristie 116 G Gallagher, Mary M. Miss 1, 52, 53,140, 141 Gangluff, Carol 14, 40, 126 Gann, Jenni 59, 68, 73, 90, 102, 168 Garot, Jennie 54, 64, 80, 106 F Garot, Lindsey 67, 127, 131 Garr, Mitzi 106 Garrett Florist 178 Gaston, Herbert Father 4 Gates, Kim 106 Gattini, Donna 61, 116, 47 Gault, Paula 6, 54, 55, 58, 72, 74, 90, 102, 197, 234 Gavin, Marion 61, 127 Gaylord, Renee 60, 166 Gehrke, Cynthia 60, 166 George's Cleaners 153 Giger, Terri3 127 Gilbert, Judi 29, 60, 79, 106 Gipson, Christy 60, 127 Glancy, Ellen Ms. 10, 141 Goff, Christine 127 Golden, Christie 61, 127 Goshen, Christy 26, 60, 116 Gossage, Laura 47, 1 16 Graham, Kristy 127 Graves, Claire 106 Graw, Rance 145 Green, Theda 77, 127 Griffin Leggett Healey and Roth 208 Griffith, Sheryl 60, 116 Shannon Bennafield and her father, Buddy Bennalield, mayor of Little Rock, enjoyed the Festive activities at the Father Daughter Dance. Index 259 Guflin, Jill 26, 58, 80, 84, 85, 64,90, 102, 161, 210 Guise, Ruth 44, 106 Gulutzo, Sarah 66. 1 16 Gumble, Amy 15, 47, 127 Gunderman, Tina 72, 127 11 Hale, Ellen 161, 127, 131, 67 Hall, Sister Madonna 141 Halton, Kim 76, 127 Hambuchen, Sister Rose Marie 142 Hamilton, Kiki 30, 60, 114, 116 Hammond, Jackie Mrs. 62. 142, 147 Handley, Trina 76, 127 Handloser, Patti 5, 54, 58, 74, 102, 235, 249, 197 Hardin, Alice 1, 74, 75, 107, 111 Hardin, Amy 49, 33, 60, 64, 65, 124, 127 Hardin and Wilson, 1nc. 246 Hargis, Diane 107 Hargrave, Alona 44, 127 Harlin, Carla 116 Harmon, Hazel 60, 67, 116 Hart, Alise 7, 47, 68, 107 Hart, Karen 58, 90, 102, 183, 226 - Haskins, Kelli 80, 102, 90, 157, 210 Hastings, Paula 90, 80, 102, 21 1, 245 Hause, Theresa 1 16 Hayes, Heather 1 16 Hays, Diana 61, 107 1-lelgeson, Carrie 12, 114, 68, 65, 44, 117, 47 Helgeson, Cynthia 22, 58, 62, 68, 90, 78,102 Henderson, Kim 23, 85, 58, 62, 197,102, 91, 231, 238, 64, 65, 60 Hennelly, Nan 74, 111, 75, 107. 79, 264 260 Index Henry, Ashely 67, 127 Hess, Angela 76, 127 Hess, Jo Ann 91, 77, 102, 222 Hickey's Sports 207 Heights Florist 167 Heights Thriftway 160 Heights Toy Center 160 Hillcrest Interiors 164 Hillmeyer, Sister Patrick Mary 13, 37,139,271 Hockye, Sister Henrietta 138 Hogan, Eileen 59, 79, 91, 102 Holland, Angela 127 Holt, Julia 107 Holtman, Suzanne 117 Hooke, Karen 40, 43, 117 Horn, Leslie 80, 91, 65, 102, 134, 171, 182, 236, 249 Horner, Sheila 1, 6, 52, 58, 74, 91, 102, 229 Horras, Gwen 78, 79, 81, 107, 134 Howard, Alycia 54, 60, 107 Howard, Riesie Miss 145 Hudson, Connie 107 Hughes, Mary 44, 127 Hutchison, Jerry Mr. 43, 44, 142 I Immaculate Conception Church 249 Immaculate Heart of Mary Church 205 lssinghoff, Stacey 127, 23 lzor, Melissa 61, 117 J Jablonski, Marie 127 Jack, Kim 117 Jackson, Ann 127, 65, 133, 124, 197, 67 Jackson, Stormy 147, 67 Jacuzzi, Shannon 91, 179, 245, 64, 165, 58, 62, 63, 56,102 Jameson, Karen 107 Janesko, John A. Rev. 248 Jaworski, Paula 127, 49, 48 Jernigan, Kerry 1 17 Jerry's Triumph 160 Jewell, Leslie 74, 107 Johnson, Beth 117 Johnson, Charles Mr. 142 Johnson, Kim 12, 61, 76, 65, 104, 107, 203, 78, 79, 81 Jolly T.V. Inc. 182 Jones, Janey 107, 40 Jones, Kristin 64, 60, 107 Jones, LeAnn 76, 127 Jones, Lisa 117 Jones, Ozzie 70, 117 Jones, Wendy 60, 117 Jourdan, Tonyia 127 Pi Kanui, Mailyn 60, 117 Keeran, Debbie 60, 1 17 Keys, Paula 107 Kidd, Karman 60, 117, 67 King, Christy 76, 117 Kirchener, Nikki 60, 117, 26 Kita, Kristi 91, 205, 164, 80, 102 Kittie, Maria 127 Kocinski, Lisa 91, 189, 102 Kornas, Lauri 65, 108 Kremer, Byrne, and Smith Ltd. 163 Kraftco Building Supply Inc. 207 Kingwood Exxon Kuenn, Angie 77, 65, 108 Kuntz, Lynette 91, 172, 75, 58, 102 Kvaternik, Kelly 127 Kyser, Tracy 127, 67 I. Lake, Sandy 92, 251, 92, 102 Lamkin, Melanie 142, 44 The Lamp Mouse 171 Land, Diana 117 Langley, Laura 210, 92, 198, 36, 80, 102 Larrison, Holly 108, 55, 54 Lawrence, Robin 117, 26 Lawrence, Sandy 108 Lawson, Becky 108 Layton, Dick Buick 220 La-Z-Boy 167 Leegs6School of Cosmetology Lett, Julie 76, 127 Lewis, Cindy 192, 242, 92, 65, 249, 58, 012 1Jny,suzy1,3,s2,36,ss,6s 102,184,l85,202,210,2l9, 253,272 Lipke, Helen 65, 92, 102, 166, 205 Littles, Kim 60, 66, 108 Little Rock Harbor Service 211 Little Rock School of Dance 182 Littles, Renarta 40, 92, 102, 197 Logan, Mary 28, 29, 64, 79, 142, 203 Long, Kathy 1 17 Lowenhaupt, Carol 108 Lucy, Glenda 210, 214, 92, 79, 102 Lorenz, Leif Dr. 248 Luyet, Karen 80, 92, 102, 202, 205 'hd Mabry, Shawn 58, 74, 92, 102, 247 Madcats Book Store 213 Mago, Kelly 40, 42, 43, 93, 102 Mahan, Leslie 61 , 70, 117 Malone, Father Francis 10 Mancini, Father James 4 Maples, Ed 23, 43, 140, 142 Marchese, Jill 74, 108, 233 Marendt, Jeannie 4, 23, 54, 56, 57, 58, 59, 62, 65, 76, 79, 81, 85, 93, 102, 200, 251 Mariani, Tina 33, 64, 65, 124, 128 Marlow, Brandi 1 17 Marshall, Michelle 128 Marti, Monica 58, 65, 80, 93, 102, 187 Martin, Beverly 77, 128 Martin, Kim 93, 255 Martine, Anna Marie 67, 71, 128 Martinous Oriental Rug Co. Inc. 248 Mary's Music 221 Massey, Melissa 93, 102, 202, 223 Massengale, Pam 40, 43, 58, 62,93, 102, 163 Matthews, Hope 30, 61 , 65, 114, 117 Matthews, Lisa 29, 80, 93, 102, 234, 245 Matthews, Pam 54, 56, 59, 74, 79, 93, 102 Mattingly Furniture 248 Maturi, Sara 17, 60, 67, 118 Maus, Deanna 80, 93, 101, 102, 189, 205 McAllister, Lisa 49, 128 McAllister, Wendy 23, 128 McCArthy, Mary 77, 108 McDaniel Kim 108 McDonald, Bishop Andrew J. 23, 138 McDonald, Dana 1 18 McE1yea, Deanna 47, 60, 128 McGraw, Lisa 102 McKinstry, Diane 60, 108 McLeod, Amanda 61, 108, 134 McNally, Sister Lee Ann 143 Medic Pharmacy 246 Meeks, Kerri 47, 67, 128 Metropolitan Insurance Co. 205 Metropolitan National Bank 160 Metzger, Paula 65, 108 Mildred Cobb 163 Miles Crystal 128 Brother John Miles 17 Miller, Charlotte 55, 58, 143 Miller, Emily 61, 108 Miller, Margaret 66, 94, 102, 238, 245, 255 Miller, Roberta 128 Miller, Terri 108 Miller, Theresa 94, 102, 174, 205 Miller, Tom 140, 145 Mills, Jon 65, 76, 143, 148 Mistric, Sue 60, 143 Mitchell, Dionne 1 1, 59, 80, 94 102, 225 Moak, Leah 128 Mohalley, Terri 128 Moix, Eileen 49, 128 Monroe, Sandra 58, 74, 75, 80, 94, 102, 167, 249 Mooney, Missy 128 Moore, Diane 76, 94, 103, 238 Moore, Maggie 1 18 Moore, Staci 1, 52, 65, 104, 108, 203 Morgan, Susan 13, 61, 108, 193 Moriconi, Julie 108 Morris, Joan 60, 118 Morris, Kelly 67, 128 Morrow, Missy 108, 93 Mosley Jewelry Repair 207 Munoz, Anelis 33, 94, 103, 202 Munroe, Kelli 58, 66, 80, 94, 103, 210, 216, 269 Munson, Alissa 71, 128, 197 Musgrave, Jenny 128 N Q Freshmen in costumes are demonstrating their biography oral book reports. Nagel, Susan 67, 128 Namest, Angie 12, 47, 54, 60, 79, 108 Namest, Patricia 59, 60, 62, 64, 77, 78, 103, 174, 249 Nell's Hairstyling 244 Nelson, Dana 58, 80, 94, 103 Nelson, Lora 61, 128 Nesheim, Norma 3, 81, 84, 94, 103, 178, 264 Neumier, Rhonda 128 Niven, Courtney 128 Noor, Gayle 143, 147 North Heights Haristyling 248 North Little Rock Funeral Home 221 Noto, Michelle 58, 95, 103, 185, 218, 251,164 Nutt, Angela 1, 52, 61, 108, 193 O Oberste, Lisa 58, 95, 197, 245 Odegard, Gretchen 128 O'Donnel, Liz 61, 118 Ogburn, LeAnn 1, 52, 53, 108, 185, 193 O'Neal, Cathy 58, 79, 95, 103, 245 Onopa, Carol Mrs. 64, 143 Orloski, Julie 128 Osberg, Jennifer 128 Osborne, Elizabeth 128 Oswald, Carol 23, 59, 64, 74, 79, 80, 95, 103, 158, 251, 269 Ourso, Susan 80, 95, 103, 153 Ozment, Katherine 65, 74, 1 14, 118, 122 P Page, Stephanie 128 Paladino, Stacie 43, 44, 118, 207 Papacek, Nancy 36, 59, 64, 65, 80, 85, 95, 103, 171, 249 Papacek, Patricia 65, 143, 144, 148, 203 Parham, Janis 109 Parker, Susie 128 Parodi, Melissa 76, 109, 193 Parry, Shelly 60, 70, 1 18 Partello, Paula 1 18 Patterson, Stephinee l 18 Pearson, Angela 60, 1 18 Peck, Mary 12, 54, 109 Pegnam, Michele 76, 118 Sister eugenia Pellin 144, 146 Pengy, Melissa 40, 43, 61, 118, Perna, Michele 59, 60, 95, 103, 156, 197 Perna, Regina 40, 43, 118 Pesnell, Susan 128 Petlak, Beth 109 Pham, Bamby Mrs. 140, 144, 146 Philbert, Barbara 77, 95, 103 Phillips, Jennifer 59, 64, 77, 80, Index 261 95, 103, 197, 247 Phillips, Suzette 67, 128 Piechocki, Cheryl 80, 96, 103, 181, 197 Purapoli, Sandra 76, 129 Plavche, Jacquelyn 59, 80, 96, 103, 205, 255 Plezia, Joanne 109 Pluff, Sister Susan Charles 10, 13, 65,144, 203, 271 Pollard, Ann 60, 76, 118 Porchia, Porta 60, 1 18 Porter, Cindy 67, 129 Potts, Kim 129 Prause, Jennifer 60, 1 18 Prewitt, Shannon 129 Price, Anne 14, 58, 81, 96, 103, 239, 245 Prince, Lisa 15, 58, 65, 96, 103, 180 Pritchard, Kristin 1 18 Provost, Beth 129, 131, 132 Pruitt, Laura 1, 52, 56, 59, 62, 80, 96, 103, 185, 257 Pruso, Mary 77, 96, 103, 205 Pynes, Susan 1 18 Q Quarti, Janet 65, 109 Quinn, Gayle 60, 118 Quick, Michael L. 248 Quick, Tina 28, 65, 80, 96, 103, 253 R Ragan, Stephanie 67, 1 19 Raney, Christy 40, 43, 109, 193 Ranney, Stephanie 68, 73, 109 Ralgqhzael, Christine 68, 109, Raque, Carl J. Dr. 248 Raque, Ranee 109, 193 Rasco, Laura 67, 129, 197, 269 Ray, Melanie 96, 103, 183, 251 262 Index Rector, Susan 109, 193 Reeves, Penny 109 Regnier, Linette 65, 77, 109 Regula, Christine 60, 119 Rempter, Laura 61, 119 Renaud, Carolyn 59, 74, 79, 80, 96, 103,249 Richard's 1-londa 241 Richards, Mary Ellen 58, 64, 80, 97, 103, 156,227,249 Richardson, Lanette 1 19 Richardson, Terri 60, I 19 Rieger, Christy 7, 54, 55, 81, 97, 103, 197, 209,249 Rieger, Rosemary 44, 119 Riley, Daphne 129 Robbins, Holly 129, 197 Robbins, Kelly 109 Roberson, Trina 60, 109 Roberts, Julie 109, 192 Robinson, Christie 119 Robinson, Lange 58, 59, 66, 97, 103, 170, 269 Robinson, Terry 129 Rodgers, Lori 28, 65, 104, 109, 203 Roehrenbeck, Kathy 1 19 Rogers, Alix 60, 109 Rogers, Robyn 60, 67, 1 19 Rohlman, Kim 49, 60, 129, 269 Rolf, Lisa 60, 109 Rose, Stephanie 67, 71, 129, 134 Rose, Tonya 16, 31, 59, 97, 103,134,178, 233, 251 Runshang, Heather 15, 61, 129 Runyan, Laura 29, 109 Ruth, Lisa 129 Rutledge, Liz 60, 129 S San Pedro, Naomi 119 Sanders, Patricia 1 14 Sanford, Cathy 58, 74, 97, 103, 216 Sarah's 159 Satterfield, Beth 7, 34, 49, 54, 59, 81, 97, 103, 241, 264 Savery, Joann 16, 60, 129 Savary, Linda 10, 59, 74, 75, 81, 97, 103, 183,192, 245 Savers Federal Savings and Loan 167 Scerbo, Gina 22, 58, 62, 63, 74, 97,103,169,l71,185,194. 237,251 Schaefer, Janet 60, 119 Schmitz, Angie 119 Schmitz, Julie 110 Schnebelen, Ann 182 Schneider, Debbie 60, 1 19 Schratz, Diane 60, 1 19 Schuller, Tracey 65, 80, 97, 103, 197, 202, 228 Schulte, Bridget 109 Schulte, Karla 98, 103, 243 Schuster's 221 Schwan, Sandy 109, 110 Scribbles 259 The Homecoming Court Nominees are overjoyed at the announcement of the court. Seay, Anne 109, 112, 192 Selig, Angela 65, 98, 103, 247, 251 Shaddox, Stacey 61, 67, 130 Shaffer, Melanie 98, 103, 241 Shea, Kathy 130 Shelter Insurance 244 Shepherd, Pati 60, 1 19 Shields, Kelly 44, 109 Shinn Sun-Kist Cleaners 248 Shirley's Upholstery 167 Shollmier, Juliann 98, 103, 165, 197 Shorter, Scarlett 140, 145 Sigler, Beth 61, 67, 130, 197 Sigler, Genie 64, 65, 144, 203, 221 Simpson, Edward Father 4 Simpson, Jody 58, 98, 103,228 Sirois, Rachelle 144 Skarda, Dottie Lou 130 Skggda, Julie 98, 101, 103, 232 Skarda, Suzanne 109 Skinner, Kristen 67, 71, 130 Smith, Cali 43, 109 Smith, Gretchen 61, 119 Smith, Leslie 61, 119 Smith, Paige 119 Smith, Sandra 60, 1 19 Smith, Shanna 60, 130 Smith, Stacie 61, 119 Smith, Theresa 60, 109, 193 Sorrow, Dawana 43, 110 Sotomora, Paola 60, 119 Spaulding 221 Speedee Print lnc. 160 S8LS Auto Parts 244 Stanley Hardware 182 Stanley, Laura 54, 58, 64, 80, 81, 98,103, 210 Stanley's Jewelers 153 St. Ann's 194 Stansbury, Kristy 76, 109 St. Edward's 197 Steinhauser, Lori 44, 60, 76, 130 Stephens, Debbie 109 St. Mary's 197 St. Patrick's Church 212 Strack, Sharon 74, 110, 233 Strozyk, Terri 130 Stricker, Kristine 60, 119 St. Theresa's Catholic Church 205 St. Vincent lnlirmary 209 Superior Federal 248 Sutter, Nicole 60, 1 19 Sutton, Karen 1 10 Sweeden, Lucy 61, 130 T T-Shirt Works 253 Tackenberg, Rowena 76, 98, 103, 156 Taldo, Karen 54, 76, 119 Taldo, Stephanie 54, 58, 62, 98, 103, 197. 209 Tally, Kim 60, 119 Tanglewood Drug Store 243 Tanglewood Texaco 167 Tanner, Kelley 1 10 Tate, Janet Mrs. 144 Tatom, Holly 130 Taylor, Diane Mrs. 145, 146 Taylor, Meg 22, 58, 63, 65, 79, 99, 103, 235, 245 Taylor, Nancy Mrs. 145 Teach, Caryn 61, 130 :N 1 . 1 4 Joan Eichlen and Joe Francis take a break from the excitement of the back to school dance. Teal, Gayle Mrs. 3, 84, 145 Teed, Julie 47, 58, 99, 103, 156 Teer, Cathy 60, 110 Thessing, Jeanine 43, 60, 1 19 Thessing, Mindy 54, 110 Thomas, Catherine 67, 130, 197 Thomas, Elizabeth 60, 67, 130, 197 Thomason, Dustin 61, 67, 71, 130 Thompson, Angie 49, 130 Thompson, Beth 130 Thompson, Lee 1 10 Thompson, Mary 61, 67, 130 Tipton, Tina 13, 47, 130, 132 Tirado, Dawn 28, 60, 66, 81, 99, 103, 153, 197, 238, 140 Toon, Stephanie 54, 60, 79, 1 10 Town 8: Country Drugs 214 Trammell, Merritt 119 Tran, Lisa 119 Treadway, Amy 67, 130, 197 Tribby, Nanette 77, 110 Troutman, Christi 1 10 Tuck, Carey 130 Turner, Lois 44, 60, 66, 1 19 Twin City Bank 227 U Uekman, Angela 130 Underwood, Jill 44, 133 Union National Bank 164 United Artist Theaters 159 Unique Service Co. 185 V Vandegrift, Johanna 60, 120 Vandiver, Leah 120 Vaught, Sherry 130, 182 Vegzgck, Donnell 43, 60, 120, Viens, Elizabeth 77, 130, 132 Viens, Florence Miss 145, 148 Vincent, Michele 79, 1 10, 182, 243 Vince Marchese Associates 195 Vito Chiechi 177 Vogelpohe, Cheryl 44, 49, 61, 130, 132 Volpert, Anna 60, 120 W Wadley, Lea Ann 74, 75, 110 Wagner, Jackie 13, 40, 43, 54, 62, 99, 103, 256 Wahl, Karen 130 Walker, Paula 65, 80, 99, 103, 186 Wallace, Christy 120 Wallace, Donna 49, 130 Walters, Tina 130 Wanku, Angela 66, 120 Wassell, Kelly 67, 120 Watson, Stephanie 130 Weatherly, Lee 120 Weaver, Meisha 131 Weber, Dana 1, 52, 99, 103, 188, 234 Weiler, Jennifer 1 10 Wenger, Karen 76, 131 Wewers, Lezlie 56, 58, 62, 74, 78, 99, 103, 183, 251 Wheat, Felicia 44, 76, 131 White, Emmanuella Sister R.S.M. 145 Whiteside, Carrie 67, 71, 131, 133, 197 Wilborn, Daphne 43, 60, 120, 122 Wilcher, Heather 1 10 Williams, Brenda 60, 1 10 Williams, Bridgette 64, 76, 110 Williams, Dawn 58, 81, 99, 103, 185, 201 Williams, Kristy 60, 212, 135 Williams, Mary 67, 131 Wilson, Julie 110 Wilson, Shannon 131 Windsor Door Co. 175 Wintroath, Lisa 44, 60, 121, 123 Wirt's Jewelers, lnc. 232 Woeltje, Joan 1, 6, 52, 56, 58, 62, 74, 99, 103, 197, 214 Wolf, Shannon 65, 80, 100, 103, 160, 182, 189 Wood, Jimic 67, 77, 131 Wood, Karen 36, 59, 100, 103, 230 Wood, Nita 44, 131 Worthen Bank 171 Wortsmith, Kelly 74, 78, 121 Wright, Julie 61, 67, 71, 131 Wright, Nancy 28, 76, 100, 103. 210, 216 Wyatt, Melanie 131 Y Yada, Karen 68, 100, 103, 152 182, 251 Yada, Kathy 44, 48, 131, 182 Yates, Christy 42, 43, 44, 120, 121 Young, Holly 131 Young, Michelle 41, 47, 54,61 110, 112, 243 Young, Stacey 58, 65, 100, 103, 182, 197 You Name lt 8: lnc. 159 Young, Susan 61, 70, 121, 122 Youth Minestries Department 155 Z Zajac, Suzanne 121 Zaeislak, Anna 66, 145, 148 Zionce, Michelle 43, 121 Zorn, Anita 61, 67, 121 lndex 263 IPS AND Q OTE M I oouldn t make tt without you" ILY KAC DED LEF SEH LAE I love yo LAF Llsa Deb and Lon Sure mlss those Romans Albergo Smeraldo" Do you speak Eng Ish" Mrchael Jackson Paul McCartney" The ltahan Motor Cycle Gang LF LM DD Bald headed ducks 4th oI'July Surprtse Parttes Dret Dr Pepper and 507 Holtday Inn Flortda He looked at me Charlxes Angels LT Gt NJ l luv you 88' H lLoveNou MAP NW To Mtchele, wfone L Thanks for maktng my mornings brrght Luv NW Ro Good Luck In the future" Luv NW THE TRUANTS PH LO CR JW PG SH no matter what I wtll be ther LO LO CR PII Conway Forever SH I love you' L0 JH More today than yesterday and less than tomorrow's SL Fehcta or Caty or whatever your name ts come home Love Mother' P S Yea you strll haven t cleaned your room' Its starting to smell luke dlrty socks and I Luv you anyway' Feltcla lGeorgej Hay Pancho Best Friends Forever Love Cusco AM Grrls Just Wanna Have Fun" Your a great frtend' I m gonna mtss you" Luv Suzy TS and BS are best pals FOREVER" Beth all my love PM Stster Bug' Thanx' Good luck next year' Love Slster Ltttlc' Frack I Love You BFF Frlck You got my support Kecum' ILY Congrats DH Stacr I luke my pants over the ankle short' SG SL DK Best Friends Forever DK KH The two most wonderful friends" SG DK l love You John Taylor AD JE JV 8: KW BFF"' BE ED BE Massive Dudes' Crutsm In the Le Baron Summer84 Love those Speedo s Manlyn Monroe LlVES"' AS AB BP SD dt all my lnends these have been a great four years" LH Ann never forget KS TA crubs przza planet and all our memones" LH KERMIT LIVES"' MM Let s go follow guys around town" SL You all qult bothering me about New Years" Have you cruised tn the PARTIE truck had some local sprrtts vtsrt and seem Blue Lrtes ,i nv" all In one mtc"' We have" LA it JB Jan 2 l983 tlll forever JM Bt LA Cathy S Let s goto Canada' ILY Mtchele P Carolyn R Thanks for SEARCHING Wf ME ILY Mtchele P Regma P Que Pasa Dude" Bork' ILY your sts Sheila 8: Leigh Anne are Iumpheads' Nono Maggie 0 K W SH LOVES TP WW rn our Brttlsh apartment A hem a hem' LAE PhD 8: JM Chnldshnnk Cathertne O1ment you re my best sophomore buddy ILY LAE Christmas party snow storm Ice storm lasagna THE BIG SLEEPOVER 12121183 SH LAE LF LF DD Shannon Maggte and Beth you are Groovy hl sxsters" ILY LAE Suzy Where s that prece of paper"" papcrl'Yl Ltnda I almost htt those horses on DN sstree LAE Karen Corn kllls cameras' and movre screens' SH LAE LF DD CC CS yammtn to Destrn 511918-1' Packet House lor the qutct Homecoming date' LAE after those Pretty Punk Pearls' Mardt Gras 82 Chrts G Dld you ever tell her "" lkemember Horse' K L has sexy legs' Donna Robert rs at my house come on over" Dt Mary P I love you" Mtchele P Cheryl P Thanks for bemg there ILY Mtchele P Cheryl P and Knstl Kuta Let s go to Conway" ILY Mtchele P Hooverrtrs srmplex and complex and super complex" Beware and don tcalch tt" Deena Mouse beware your honeymoon rs drawrng near' MM ts rt normal"" MP MP Yes Il s normal" MM Kenneth and Mehssa Prom 84 A Nnght to Remember' I LOVE YOU" Greg Kurt and Mike We love you" AS JP DS Thanks Sharon I love you' Angle Cootcr Scooter and Wrnkytmk Hey Vlta' How s the weather" Good Luck Meg" Luv Kathleen" EKJ ILY CG Lrfe ls a crrcus D CG JH Don t ever forget porson oak the Irvmg room stuck tn ditches and those H movtes"' SL Henderson JM SL SP To my St Louts party buddies ILY POKEY Lome J I love you" Love Susan O 'lf'- no 264 One-liners To Barbara Lisa Stacey Paula and Susan Goodbye Susan Ourso Scratch HL Snlfl' Thanx for all the wonderful memories tgood and badl I Il never forget my Puff Kel Kel Ltttle Red Corvette NEEAAAL"' SM LO AF House and Lung' Memories galore esp boxing matches Thanx for love advice and lights too' Love always tDodo too'j Kel Kel Kim L loves Mats F Diane Me loves Darron L The Three Musketeers Will Ltve Forever" AR LR SS Where have all the good umes gone" Lees RR Tlff SS AD When are we going todtnner ' Gh Labad personl Thanks for .t great year I ll mtss you all' VS MS JII MM MK JD AL IA RL RP BS love AH Ginger and Matthew forever Kaye Andrea Laura Ginger Anne Ffl Christ: and Bridget BFI Mike S Thanks for rntroductng us to Djarum' Love Jtll Janus Dee Ann Altse Leigh and Beka I Love Men" DD and SS It s Just a Party" Duekte I love You Bee Bee MV DS MY where s your cami mln: and your black leather glovesq We gonna do something different tonight' I Love You Kyle D CJ Hey miss Dover Beach" KAC Paula Thanx for all your advice' Luv Karen Strawberry dacquertes and trivial pursuit" M I own the best tape m the world' KAC Margaret thanks for betngthere lm gonna mtss you Iots" BFF ILY ILY Michele P JAH we ve been through so much so far I dont think there s a problem out there that you and I can t handle as long as we are together ILY your ltl su1y Grant and Mary Forever August 24 l9B3 M P T M K K C P Iwish allmy happtnesslo you" Anybody wanna go to Prom' Taco Bell The man who loved women Greece Car Wash Bythe way AN tell us about that Ole Black Magic" and dont forget the Hat' Karen These are the best ofnmes' Thanks for being a wonderful friend' Good luck next year I II miss you' ILY Mary Melissa Hope Have you ever played FRISBEE in the ram in SPORTSTOP s parking lot and gotten a speeding ticket' I have so let s goto FLORIDA" ILY Mary Melissa OZ On the way to CENTRAL do you want to ride in my TANK' It s free but remember your seat belt' Don t steal my sign' ILY Mary Lori R Thanks for EVERYTHING you ve done for me' I Il never forget you' I love you Mary Melissa Anna B and Ozzie J FSU!!! Mary Melissa Andrea O I love you" Mom O I Love You Drew Bug 8I 84 Theresa Ktmberly loves Brian Forever Kathleen Beth and Sara best wishes always Love Kim Beaver Cheeks I Il always care about you' Beaver Cheeks II I II see ya ll at Connie C Paula G and Carla B Thanks for everything Good Luck ln coIIege" I love you M KAC Alwavs remember that Phil s Hello I must be going' ts the BEST' MMC Jennifer le Kurt Diane and Mike Alicia Sc Greg Jeantne and C Wcjust want to have fun in l984" Lionel Richie l984 Greg and Altcla Diane and Mike Jennifer SO BAD" All Jenme JT Cyndi Kat and Came Haven BLAST" Luv Dr Paula G Thanks for your friendship ILY Michele P Missy and Stephanie ILY Both' Michele P Beth E You re the greatest' Love Cheryl Lisa You re a good friend I m going to miss you lots' Wrtte'Tenny Here s to you C athy Julia Jlll Kelli Lange Jody and Meg ILY all' Anne P Go NAD' Crursingthe Thriller Falcon convertible and Lisa 0 Love Theresa L8LT New Orleans 84 Linda and Joe July IZ I980 Aurora Thanks for being my Lil Sts' Love Linda Kristie Gatas gordos viven Kristie Thank you for everything esp Sal Love LAA CT Just Watch Out Which Way You Go"' M P M P K K T M friends forever I love you guys' C P Michele Thanks for being there Cheryl P Kim M Thanks for listening to ME' Cheryl Daphne W loves Alvin R ll2l Ann you re the greatest' Love Ya AHK Cathy and David we re glad we linally met our match A and K Suzy loves Johnnie" I2f30f82 U84 pause together again forever L B IovesJ L Ktssy Krssy' Maggie Beth and Shannon' We IoveN Y ' Luv ya' Ethel Thayer thounds like I m hsprng" Do lt for Johnnie" Mustangs That s one tough car" Do you want to play gamew How a about Global Thermal Nuclear WART' JH I love cookies yogurt and YOU"' SL Deena Mouse You are an old married broad" Hoover Marcheesre I luv ya'Thanx for clavos tntro Love Dt DD and LJ Th mx for being such great friends' Love DI Has any one seen a freshman with a purple mowhawk" To the Troll Trapper ILY the WOP I am STILL CAMPING" John one ofthese days POW" The WOP Never let it be said that we didn l try to wake the dead" and Kurt na , :Q . '-N' S 5: ' , - ? ,. - if y ,X ., 3,12 I X ix d 1 I - 1 . . ' l , ,- ' ' lt . .. 5 ' i . . 1 A ' . , ' . .I . . hudl ' . ' ' ' V Good Luek in the future Mary, Kristi, Cindy, Lisa K,. , i l i . ' 4 . .. . .. . .. . .. A I .. ,Y Y . - I - . . , ' , .' . . .. .SE One-Liners 265 266 AUTQJRAPHS -.ssx lwwwvww EL A U TOGRAPH S aff ii- xx Does Slster Rlchard Mary secretly long to be Laura Darley" wks- Father Steve Bmz celebrates 'Ur 'Wien Sw M homecomrng Queen lrke Fwf pmt: 4-"7"'b, 'wsu-'53 - the Mass after Bazaar 9 ,L-F53 The Senlor Honors Engllsh class performs their own version of The Oresna by Aeschylus The Belles volleyball team proudly display their trophy 268 Closing I 'T' l I L l x 45 ,,,., K ,QE :ul-Q 53: I k 1 Mig l1h,, .kr m e ' ' pf' 4 ' ,., t -v'.Mf'gm V' t 'QW' , YW 'V 15 " ' 5 . 'V W. 4.51 ' , I 2-e elif f f. , . A A l '9:f.fgi?3 35. fe. .-gif", Simms 1 YJ,,1A K -' 4 al? .Y 'if gf, - Q I X' mi, um , ' 'f'-my 13 ,.,,- .VWSIL 1 W .f' ZAU 1 X ' 'Y 39' 25 in Q 9 Vg 3 5 Q 9 1 ' ' ' 1 I Q A 0' A! In l- ' .Q I f x' tr 'N to 'i . a a - . Ydf' he . ... 14 K . I x i ' , ' V 4 ' my b . W: , . ,Tha ., . 2 THE SPECIALNESS OF A TRADITIO The 1983 84 school year has once agam been a total suc cess for the Mount communlty From the Btg Sls L11 Sts acttvttles all the way to final exams we have experlenced the tradrttons togetherness and good ttmes whtch have extsted for years Memories developed at the Mount become specral because the grrls of the Mount are a spectal type of people Unhkc prepples valleys, punks Gtrls cxplams Coach Bettye Francrs thc object ofthe game ns to get the ball over the net I tfxfjf Y 5, In The latest tn resort wcar IS modeled by Freshmen Laura Rasco and Krm Rohman for a day at Bazaar assembly socles or any other group of people the prtvrlege to wear houndstooth sktrts belongs to those rn a class by themselves The Offlczal 1984 Merczan Yearbook IS the handbook of The Tradttton Mannertsms Dress Codes Famlly Act1v1t1es and Memortes of the 1984 school year remember tt always' ,..-- My name Sus cr Stephanie says Stephantc Bogcr rn her book report to her Freshman Engltsh Class Seniors Kellt Munroc Lange Robmson and Carol Oswald become queens - . s . . . , .- H ' . ' . . . I . I . . ' . . I ' -. . .. I . ' ., . . . . , . , , f . - , n , . ' . . , , C it 2 259 i 1 K V Wil 1 4 Q f J , - vt. - X :N et , Q. , n ,"k , fi' ' . I 1 4 lrlflx 5 . , fri., . ,. .. ls 1 N , ' .53 - .LX V ' L A ' J K. 1 T- If ' fi ' A iq 1 Q4 Cha. K' - D 1 ' li g f- , ttf, Iles T ' A : - ' Clostng 269 THE OFFICIAL M ERCIAN STAFF MERCIAN PERSONA 1983-84 Co Editors Leigh Anne Embrey, Suzy Lilly Busmess Manager Laura Pru1tt Photo Edltor Shella Horner Subscr1pt1on Ed1tor Connle Cavanaugh Copy Edltor Joan Woeltje Organlzatlon Edltor Carla Baltz Sports Edltor Karen Corn Faculty Ed1tor Dana Weber Staff Lor1 Flynn, Deborah Dober, Brldgette Blrdsong, Kelly Boeckmann Cher1 Bonner, Pam Corum, Amy F1nkbe1ner, Allce Hardln, St3C1 Moore, Angela Nutt LeAnn Ogburn AdV1SOf MISS Mary Maude Gallagher COLOPHON The 1984 Merczan was produced by and for the students and faculty of Mount Samt Mary Academy Llttle Rock Arkansas The Merclan was prmted by Taylor Publlshmg Company Dallas Texas Our com pany representatrve was Mr Mlke Ferguson Profes sional photography was done by Whlddon Photographers and Natlonal School Pictures Inc Tlmes Roman type for headlmes body copy and cap tnons Headlmes were 14 18 24 and 36 pomts Body copy was produced ln 10 pomt type captrons m 8 pomt and mdex ln 6 pomt Color used m the book was 4 color 1n the openmg section and partially m Student Llfe The durolnth cover was deslgned by Lxz Banks Sixty percent of the Merczan actlvlty photographs was furmshed by the Mount s own darkroom The 1984 Merczan clalms three record settmg thmgs It IS the largest 1n hnstory ll has the most Semor advertlsements and lt will have for the frrst tume a sprung supplement to cover sprung HCIIVIUCS m cludmg graduatlon The Merczan Staff attended the Taylor Publlshmg Company workshop at the Umversxty of Central Arkansas and took the Grand Prlze Representatlves also attended the National Scholastlc Press Assocla t1on ln Samt Lours Arkansas Hlgh School Press Umversnty of Arkansas at Llttle Rock The Merclan IS a member of the Arkansas High School Press Assoclatlon Columbia Scholastic Press Assocmtlon and National Scholastlc Press Assoclatlon The Merczan staff WlShCS to thank the followmg for the1r help w1th the yearbook The MSM Journallsm class Leslle Horn Slster Susan Pluff RSM Sister Theresa Dolan RSM Mrs Carol Cook The Arkan sas Gazette Ouachlta Baptlst Umverslty Slster Patrlck and Slster Rlchard Closing 271 a , . The Merczan was prmted on 8W' by ll", usmg Assoclatlon fall workshop, and Journalism Day at the 4 , - 1 - l , at 1 , , - - . . . . , . , . , . . , - , . ' . ' 2 ' . . ' . . 1 . . . . 1 , u - , 1 : . 1 1 , Q , I EDITURS' NOTE It's finally over! This book that we have worked on, laughed about, cried about, fought about, and dream- ed about is now a reality. We have had our share of problems, but we have come through them, basically, all in one pieceg and we think that we have produced one of, if not the best Mercians the Mount has ever seen! So many people have contributed to the making of this yearbook. Our sincerest thanks go out to: Laura Pruitt, our devoted Business Manager, who kept up with every cent and also kept us in line, Sheila Horner, Photo Editor, and her "staff" for putting in long hours in and out of the darkroomg the best staff in the world for working so hard and putting up with our moods and whims, Mike Ferguson, our Taylor representative, for answering our questions and just being there dur- 272 Ed1tor's note l Leigh Anne Embrey Suzy Lilly ing some anxious moments, and, last but not least, Miss Mary Maude Gallagher. Her never-ending sup- port, prodding, "aching backs" and love got us through this year. It was not easy working with one editor who screamed and another who cried, but we Tade it, and we appreciate her more than she will ever now. It is our sincerest hope that the 1984 Mercian will contain as many happy memories for you as it does for us. Love and Lots of Luck! I 7 'N 7. , -A, 1,47lt,OMe1fo2 fivtfulz 1984 Mercian Co-Editors W LE535EEESSIZTTTXBZZQZEZQZQQQR A, fiiliiiiiiiw f 1 -i -i Y i 1 1 i 1 iiiiiiiii ii ?ii?ii1i+ i i 1 I Q1 I 41 i iiii iiiiiiii ii if 1 1'+++11 11111 1 i +4 1 1 .41 A rn i i1 1 1 1' i ffiifilifffiiiii'iii'iiiiiiiikiiiiiiwiYf'r' " "'fTTffQ'f7T'VT?'Q3 4 1 I 1+ W + ii

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