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itil' If A 1 n X, kxx.. xxx, 'Z e 5 L ,.4 - JXL i E s . Q. I, mx 'L .-1 ,, ,, I X I -df Ji .5 . .f 3, fi ar v', ks 8 I ' Q . A lf. if Y . 1 N225 Z ' A . ,.,f-, 7': p fx 4 '.. V! A ,, . l. , ,rf,f'dM- . . ' -Z -' -as-at E I i Ii Q ,QM 9, , - 4, 4 . ks, T I H -'Ri' '2wf'2A'3i 'iii' 2' L Ex 1 fl 441, ' ,fm-, fy ,EW vue, , ' 1 this W Q-mtl., -1, f ' 7.153 4: Ja, "wks X 1 1' A . .I , , J , it n , , 1 .J 2 -f N nrw- -.U Q Vwwmuv,-uufw-. nw f , . W: MT. ST. MARY ACADEMY 3224 KAVANAUGH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 72205 MERCIAN -717 527 2 introduction PDM!! introduction 5 6 introduction TfwspwboQfIwMowtis afmagicaffqunllitg ta wlddvwmgovw ooubzibutes. Fwwpep wU!ies,oUa1ss vned'iugS,m1zLba3awu,fo1Sh1du1bb0d:5 masses mwb wbuwts, dl0StlAlf80lf1S skowwwviwwasmg eutlwusif- asm. Tlwullgiows aspwfsogowvsclwolmadir amwspwalmgsfmabamwspkwwgwallb. Tkwsupefmatw-obplagswpwwiwdwdag wdag kappeuu-gsatQt.Mam5's. 1'A 7 Amgawm1.m,uwM41mwsbm .,fzwv04ama.mgw0gawM0ww.naWuw 5wtbga!IziwoL1wLwft1vQt.Mwfg'sm1dfmmw1dA mbowmwmammm. nn, 2? introduction 1 I I2 introduction :!f5e1'W , Tlwfwfsafmagwuvtlwuzdquevwss whiclvdw Nww1tpossesses.OwvalUbgmLwmwit5wonks fogedwvgowdwwdb-beiugolfoufwwUuesm1dwchf oflwu. v ED -1 .1 M FL fir? I' J is z ,, .-. ,,1x4,-EAL 4141, . ,Y 3, 5 fi L ij? fig -QT' 1 1 my E55 .Y .,'- A, . 47 .ja-.1 1? 1-A Q 4.-L, 2,2-Wff-.igu':1 'flzef f ':' .lwfiii rf? g H fj, 5 New -.fa f ' '- "eq . 1- 5 2. 5,55 . ff e,1 Q.,.A I iq 1' f introduction 15 Wftivowvspectablikes mwbdislikes, attitudes m1dfkobfts,wwmibutatat!wspe0!fw1dc!v wa0eow5o1vowusuooessoastapwzpd'uatw. Alma Mate S . Mary C, Y dh emories School Gpens to Change With the opening of school in August, there had already been changes made. The offices had been moved and the benches on the portico had been painted. And as each class met Sr. Blaise, they met the instigator of these changes and many other new ideas. The school was ripe for change, and Sr. Blaise was the perfect one to harvest the potential of St. Mary's, Seniors acquired a monopoly on the parking lot. Our new principal brought a load of new ideas The PUYSG beC0meS Pfisonef- The new senior class is an important vehicle of change. memories Spirit Reflects Excitement S is W-he L it - ,t ,,,Z':9 V gg, 'f , What is any junior's greatest talent? A-sl it if I T Ei' - s'-yi tx s "C'mon ma'am, let me show ya the Barnyard Strutl" When school started, the heat of the summer continued. So, school was dismissed at noon for three weeks. However, the spirit of the student body became evident at the first assembly which was put on by the spirit groups. There was nothing that could have daunted the enthu- siasm of the classes for the new school year. Homework is exciting, too. memories 19 You mean l can't wear my button-down Gucci blouse?" 20 memories To Be a True Sister. . . The freshmen were officially initiated into the spirit and unity of school by their big sisters. Thhe fun began on the first day of school, with the awkward but memorable meeting of one's senior keeper and continued with the Freshman Day. On this day, the halls were filled with frosh in costumes that reflected some vivid senior imagi- nations! The little sisters accepted their plight in good humor and became official family members at the Mount. M,m,,s- 27 kfvwwajyigqz U ' :if ui sms, ,T y lt's not Halloween, it's just Freshman Day. Dr. Frankenstein and her latest creation. Rings. . . By September, the new seniors were in earnest to receive their class rings. Their excitement spread through the school during the last week as time was taken during reli- gion classes for singing practice. Finally, on September 19th, at Holy Souls, each senior was given the ring to wear as a symbol of her fidel- ity to St. Mary's. Then she set out to have the ring turned 81 times to add a uniqueness to that symbol as belonging to the one and only class of 1981! S V ,lf Rs WW, ,Y ,1,5Wlli?lf-f.Tlflrgffnf ,. 5 , .J ' ,gmf..w'4,,5f,,,5,5, V -f 5 yt. li, it f ' ' .. sieii ffif . V .dike-M,gwwls,...,,.,, , . Varying tastes of the seniors are satisfied by different style rings Anything to get out of religion class! 1? An inside Mass lent more excitement to the air. Shirley Binz wonders who will turn her ring all of us the 81 st time. "Wait, did I miss my name?" Anita Kordsmeier and Lisa Hendon contemplate the future. f . . . Build Senior Bridges Rita Aletter lends her talent for accompani- ment. all of us 23 The annual fall bazaar is the big- gest moneymaking project that the school holds during the year, and the importance of its success was reflected this year in the spirit of the classes, not only in raffle selling, but also in the actual work hours put into the booths on October 12. This spirit was sparked with the bazaar kick-off assembly in which the prizes were revealed and new incentives for selling were announced. In addition, the assem- bly marked the beginning of the class selling competition that would carry the senios to decisive victory! Bazaar ls . . E fi' Serving warrants for the arrest of the entire MSM faculty "Hey, how big is our stash now?" The bustling bazaar crowd. 24 all of us . -- sv' - '5k., si X' .. Chances, Booths, Hard Work, and a Senior Victory! Mrs. MiIIer's version of detention hall. The Boogie Woogie Bugle Broads! 3 ,fx - B, X The show includes singing miogeis. "Heycutgi3gihg.oiiyyoursioverheref' X X B ihio, , qnofus 25 c K , , Mousetrap Keeps Audience Guessing A fall play was added to the schedule at the Mount. Mousetrap by Agatha Christie, gave stu- dents from St. Mary's and Catholic High a chance to reveal their dramatic talents. Ms. Babcock, the cast, and the crew did a marvelous job with the schooI's first fall production. "You mean you don't know your lines yet?" The livelihood of the cast. 26 all of us Cast One Cast Two Cast Three Who Dunit? Crew put in behind-the-scene effort. Ruhr... Winners of logo contest are recognized. "NO,i1'S NOT mY Une!" . X., X s. fl J: . E Q, ew 1 -'HHS elememaryg- "Enunciate and show emotion." all of us 27 i 'i in' Q' Q 'if EW gf Q mfw W was ,mf HoHyHayesgwesa tofans s if 5 f X f jf XX N " 7 2 I f A glimpse of heaven. Week- Ends Were Made 5 L We're not always welcome! 'G for... 30 all of us Devo would be so prouo! ., "'7 ' It f '- pg. ' e 'QMS-'Z14V"4-V Q5"15'Ef1:f" , iff L Mei? , ,W ,. ' K, f-7' , iff' '49 kl 1124:-W V' ayfff f - 5, Q " :v.,4?' QM' fff- ii' f H 4 ,, QQQHZZM ,V ,M . , iw, Y 2' IM :M , Q, fiafig' ' A? " ff 'ff,' f K f w ' , gf ea,a Z., ,,f,,g,'P:,-S, A y' . ' 'f -' ..f' fhfff ' ,ff--A I ,ff '- ,QW ', wi, , ' - JE 'V , 1 A Ag , fb' ,,,:,.v,v-2' I+. : iw u w," zn. f" M: . ' Q J Wa- V I wwf 4 ae ,, 17 W.: 2,324 M. i ,, , ,w1 , 5, -5 .,h,i , 'M - V I k ,f f M74 . , . V522 ,igwn N 2? if 3? LVM , Mimi M? " Wy 1 2 4 f f " 5 " 3 Fun! i Social event of the week: a CHS football game. Fayetteville: a home away from home. l L l l 1 l l Big MACs: Big Men At Catholic Friend or foe? all of us 31 32 all of us Faces of concentration. Freshmen can be threatening! eerte cz: X., V xs,?xi?kf-flip ff' 'N X is i f 3- X wikis m-,, AW'i"""'fL' t,.. , I "Keep trying, Karrie." Minnesota Fats watch out' "Well, I was hungry!" Calm cool and collected Friendly faces , X x elf . Sugar Ray, look out! I ,Q .. ,X-ful -Q-4..,, l,,w,,,,,,,N,, l Medora Vestal reverts to childhood under senior pressures. Students at Their Best We're not ones to go 'round spreading rumors, BUT. . . Barbara Page questions the sanity of some freshmen. ,MR "Any volunteers to take us to Homecoming?" all of us GIRLS' STATE DELEGATES: Ann Woeltje, Jan Edmiston, Vicki Wrape, Mary Winzerling, Carol Lipe, Brigid Elsken, Cheryl Helgeson, and Mary Ann Buddenhurn Honors Honors are often bestowed upon students at St. Mary's, and 1980 was no exception. The Girls' State Dele- gates attended Girls' State over the summer and learned about govern- ment procedures. The Debate Team won numerous honors at Student Congress, and Mariam Miller was elected Speaker of the House. ln addition, four girls displayed aca- demic prowess in their achievement of National Merit Semifinalist stand- mg. Janet Ryan was in the Miss Teen World com- petition. National Merit Semifinalists were Lisa Ferrell, Carol Lipe, Mary Jo Christ, and Susan Hain. 34 all of us Searching ls Fun! Search for Christian Maturity is a weekend retreat in which a person can learn about herself, others, and God. This learning comes about through talks, discussions, presentations, and other devices. It is a weekend that is enjoya- ble for all. Many St. Mary's students have been involved in making SEARCH a ,, success. Something you get little of at Search. f S I i 'X , A The Jammin' O.T. does the dirty work. Mom and Dad at play. ln happy contemplation of life. all of us 35 36 Memaones Calendar of Events 1980 was no ordinary year! The Olympics were boycotted by the US and many other countries. Mt. St. Helens and the Titan II Missile in Damascus exploded into national head- lines. The record-breaking temperatures of the summer heat wave triggered droughts, crop failures, and fatalities. A secret mission to rescue the 52 American hostages in lran ended in disaster and failure with the death of eight of the rescuers. The entire country experienced a sense of unity and hope that school students had never known as, on Jan- uary 20, 1981, Ronald Reagan was inaugurated and the 52 Americans were spared that 445th day in captivity and found themselves returning to a country bound by a yellow ribbon of spirit. Reagan's coattail helped Frank White win the governor's office w 4, America held captive. Have We Got STYLE! QS' Dresses, skirts, and pants were equally stylish for the student. The classic 1980 look. 2 MSM found shoes to fit every style. Hair styles became straighter, adding wispy bangs or sleek braids. Memories 37 Choosy Students Choose . . . The fourteen favorites at CHSL lt depends on what you're looking for. Pat proved she's "a real tough cookie." In 1980-81, the favorites were these: Ordinary PeopIe,450SL, Tracks lnn, Robert Redford, Goldie Hawn, Cosmo, "Dallas," Preppy Handbook, Friday night parties, the Fame soundtrack, water skiing, history class, and chasing those boys! Music of past, present, and futureg MSM loves it all. 38 Memories Allofus Seniors Are Magic . Seniors are magic! After four long and hard years at the Mount, the Class of '81 has grown into a class unified by its spirit. Each girl has a special talent which helps make this class sounique. The Seniors succeeded in winning the Bazaar chance- selling contest for the fourth year after a challenge from Sis- ter Richard their Freshman year. They survived through four years of homework and long- range assignments. They still have to face the challenge of the future. Brigid answers questions from the audience Ill rw SENIOR OFFICERS Qleft to rightj - Lisa Ferrell, Treasurerg Stephanie Marshall, Representative: Carol Lipe, Secretary Brigid Elsken, Presidentg and Mariam Miller, Vice-President. 40 graduates By csfafnzzafing agaofufafy lzofguzg czgaofufafy alzyfcma cfom Ja gafima Gqfazaon B CJ? f jfdfgal 'la its Chia Q Gqmf . . Oqmy dfmadsfine Baifsy ff fffllzagabg Banned gf H inbcoclucing HgDung" to cz Hglzapn acgoof .':h 5 "-- -f f X ff? Sxgizfey Oqnfl- BU?-Z Juana Kaya foul Gqnng Bogfgz , fit?-51'-i55EitYEfi5'f' I Q 1? iii? 'if' Y , K - . , .- viii' -ww A , K 'XX' I S -,, X z KE: e . . K .f A i 1, -zizmzf. if f 152 : ' f L , k ' gzacs Jlflcvzis Bqonz Ugazsia Bozzngauam .q36yH,114 flbawn. Bwwn ,,,-- -4::"?' .1 S., dna,-Ly aqnn Buffdgnggzg Jmamtffa ffclzagatg Buzwn ganzt .fynn Buffy aductes By mimaufouafy gasping up gala Bennett Qmswn Jlffazy goganna dllziif d!ELEIZa Asuldfllli cgull, Wlmgsmfy Kay Cizmfzsnfsm Eff W fynn fgziafis go 64m cfoafsmm wifg .fuge ana! fauza. 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NA, S I l,QU.'I,G. WO9S'L:S. Jmdygall Bsgozaff Gqflll dmiffsz Uma. dlflazis afmaupfzin Bamgaza Diana fbi Jlfldllldfll dlffiffysz aafiuifiaa. cgmiafina E. JMGXWSLT 447 Bzsnda Efizagefg Jmifii fyntflia Jayne Jlffoff-iff graduate 49 1 . gi. , . E, . wmv- ,.x.. Jlflaulz dlflomiamfy i Jlffazgaut 54072. 055145 Badiam Effm 92,195 graduates nzaging iagoof fiiatozy. f Shana Jmuzigi Q-.av-'Pl' fpabziaia fynns Dfgszki Sgsffsy 49517.55 fpaflufino .44 Oqnnette lynn Jlfagl' X dvfsbznis Jnafula Lower: MWSFL, 2' JVKEZLIZILE Qmarwsi ggazlzia ITL Qflfifg fgaifz fowztg gazaaz win. fvefyn dlflauls .fpaigii Usmem Dean. fpazga mmgemfy Gqnn. fpazty .AWLLLQIZ Kay .GDSTTHHLOTE JMGJLH lkafgilfni ggifili Jlffazy Uggzggg ,fpgygl Neff' fpamebz ol-fouzgy fpgiffrlpi :fVata.f11s fynn fpofg Sfaggy dan CRQHQH 941 51 flflfafll faude Oqnn dgannsy Jlffazy 'jgezsas fogsmfa jfazzn :Renae cfuifiszfozci 52 g duates ffiaiz initiation of fifiizs aiaisu. dlflafina 047112 dijanniy qflfenciy Jlffafiiz afoonsy lim cfgsna 5542.005 dawiiyn :flilamie :flffsfcia fim :gon gfazsn Jnicgsiys Sagfawfg flfmli flig .safagfiafimant Ufatgfun goflanna .fjgomt .MN Suzanm Jlffafula cgvhlefoafsm bsgom Oqnn Ugompmn fRSgScca Gqlm gisgoaf 45912061 cgoie fjwssdsn ? 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Y, , , 1 .1 .,,4,..W,,,.y-'Hwy .A ,Q ff... ,W ,, - 2 ' A 4 I1 A gg, - iiv , gy 4 3 K -A ,J f K R Y , . 1 E ,jg b 1 7 , ,Q , 554+ 0 ' L iff". ,ww graduates . qflfitg tgsifz agility to mags atyfgofzn van ing I didn't do my vocabulary words. r fe 1' " J f f , 1 , Q fffawo flrwf W, Jane Doe's Homecoming Coronation Melissa writes an essay due next period You belief H01 throw that Twinkie! a A 5' 5 f , ,, 7- L.. A i ff : K 1 N-......, - -LEU - , -.-ME Mrs. Lubner serves Tang Women thinking. MSM Show and Tell 58 graduates flflfitfl tgaifz ua a an unit we ,.W,, T. W5 wg! 1 SUM M " 11- Q L 5' Q R Y Typical Senior reaction to boys at a football game! Did you say there's a boy in the hall? To read or not to read . . . Jan Sialks hef PYGY Santa's elves Wow! a Slim Whitman album. graduates 59 flflfitfi tfziaiz amffluaiaam at amsmgfiaa .fl-...,,-.s,'::l.h .xv wb st? A l f K -1 Q ,' gdut , f"i 1 flflfafk M "qi of fgauz fs groduafes flflfafll diem mfacapafam fm ,555 Who is that masked student? Sandy. eyes on copy not your paper! ff E The Pied Piper Ann looks elsewhere for excitment. Carol refuses t0 take notes! 62 graduates -'V BEST ' HPR f f fi J sm. Y uurrhu if .f f Do we need to say more? A sign of senior spirit!! 7,8 Juniors Make Magic at the Mount. g Juniors make magic at the Mount. This year the Class of f llgl '82 began their activities with the Back to School Dance. K f 5 After great success with the dance, the Juniors began sell- ing raffle tickets for a large Christmas stocking. The Juniors' main activity of the year however, was the Prom. This was the first year the Juniors sponsored the Prom, and they han- dled it quite well. Through their work this year, the Class of '82 added spirit to the magic of the Mount. Junior officers look down on their subjects. JUNIOR OFFICERS Cfront to backj - Diana Bernardi, President: Stacy Sanders, Treasurerg Michele Hopkins, lst Vice- Presidentg Diane Enderlin, Secretaryg Tracy Taylor, Representativeg and Sharon Zimmerman 2nd Vice-President. all of us - iuniors 63 Mellisa Aaron Amy Askew Shannon Armbrust Betsy Baker Amy Baldwin Lisa Balsam Amber Batts Diana Bermardi Valli Blair Pam Blevins Michelle Borengasser Ana Bornhofen Laurie Boruszewski Theresa Bremer Phyllis Bruton Karen Buddenberg Laurie Burgess Barbara Byrne Suzanne Call Suzy Cameron Cece Carey Suzy Carroll 64 all of us - iuniors Working on Junior Committees Junior Flockettes show their Ultra Brite Smiles NE' Nw Li Q 1 'bf-Q ,HS r 1 i X st tx we X L if S , Q ,Sis if "g.,.,,-ay' -- "- A N Y f W K- 'Fil ,,. . : r .: r , 'ZX ms 1 3 1 as-if L.. 'Q' a x ia l ? . Q 'CSV Always Leaving Second ,A A ,. F fa A sl as ,gm mmm J ik X Does this look like the Cake Booth? 5 I .4 flX June Cia Kelly Clark Kathy Cox Tracy Crain Tamara Culpepper Katie Davis Valerie Dial Deena Dove Deanna Duce Becky Edelmann Penny Elston Diane Enderlin Joan Engel Laura Eschbacher Lisa Estelle Shannon Evans Dana Ferguson Susan Ferris Adrienne Frey Marie Friend Ellen Gandl Sherry Gangluff Janet Gibson Lisa Gilbert all of us - juniors 65 Katie Golden Kathryn Graves Gayle Greenwood Debra Hagan Barbara Hardin Karen Hargis Rhonda Harrison Ramona Hatch Janet Henderson Anne Hiegel Liz Holeman Julia Holiman Joan Hooks Michelle Hopkins Jenna Jackson Caroline Johnson Patricia Keilch Johnette Koon 66 all of us - iuniors 1 Having to Walk a Mile to School Wg? l ,Q ,,:. , ' R , in e k.,, sbs 'Q N L' 'i K: i X was X M S te Whse swing . Gale Greenwood leads Senior Sharon Waters in a mad scientist experiment. 4 f "le it Getting Dizzy Watching Microfilm 'Walla' F s lt . 5, . 'QQ .qs yn X ig-Q 'QQ . i-, --' ,752 11 r . gwQf'kQR' K -W' ySusan'models latest in pinkislips A to . fx "Q f " ' A D A YKL, . b A , ttttt e ii Vttitt X D t t ' i" ? wsigh ,,1, 2- ' f 2 f , Sz' s. l A X H r L J. g g x EQ. Allison Lanford Christy Lasiter Pam Levey Lisa Ligon Priscilla Love Denise Lucy Gina Marchese Hannah Mason Monica Mason Brenda McDaniel Vicki McManus Laura McMurry Melanie Mernan Alyson Milner Dana Monroe Denise Morgan Theresa Newton Deborah Ourso Emily Parker Shannon Phelps Denise Phillips Karen Phillips Kathy Piechocki Renee Power all of us - iuniors 67 Susan Prince Mary Rector Kim Renaud Tricia Rodriguez Jan Ruffiner Charlotte Sanders Michelle Sanders Stacy Sanders Chris Sanford Lisa Sarna Vicki Saunders Susan Schallhorn Dana Sims Tes Smith Tina Smith Anne Sorenson Katie Sprenger Leigh Springs Caroline Stanley Patty Sullivan JoLaura Tate-Lee Tracy Taylor Connie Thode Paige Thomas 68 all of us - iuniors Playing Sherlock Holmes with Term Paper Research L E l if I 4 it X X I fm, 41,1 1 "WY H. 4 2'- i WM W-dr 'Qt Q is T Q Jyli, X sarfsf 1, ,. Q' sf X ist? Ts if iii? K "', L ' . .. 'V' '-i ..: .. ,, .l.. S W t S 'M'W'N""?sC'-SN-fsspwk A A Did she say in-class essay? Having to Wait Another Year to Graduate -'NN' P"""'u .K-QQ QX ,nw Tracv eves Shannon's Twinkie as she smiles for the picture l We 4. , . 2 If j s' 't 253, div' , The following pictures were not available: Annette Anderson, Tina Holiman, and Carol Shields. . 'AQ Libby Thomason Kim Thomey Ellen Treadway Melody Troutman Coleen Vincent Julie Vollmer Stacey Wallace Kelly Walls Charlotte Williams Laura Williams Stacey Williamson Margie Wofford Marie Yee Rose Ann Zakrewski Moira Zemann Sharon Zimmerman all of us - iuniors 69 Planning the Prom for the First Time ,MX I didn't study for my English quiz! Ultra-Bright rejects. Rt .lfsgsnr , Come on Shannon, just one pickle? all of us - iuniors . 5 ' ig . 'a.....w- W -lll - ......: ,,, '-.a Lbs I knew you'd be typing your research paper at the last minute. I 5 ,B These girls aren't posing, they normally stand like this. As Juniors 'A IZ CharIie'S Angels? l'm not doing anything Friday night Gayle and Amy become farmhands Who is June trying to fool? l 9 i " 'ni' i 1 , on If , Q? Gale Again! Receiving Senior Rings K X" - 2+ :-. . all of us - iuniors 71 Getting to Attend Junior - Senior Gpen if 1. Wfw ' " .. 1 N, 1'- K,-.qw-Q X A Q S-.,' N K MMM' k,,--2 'ff ,,,, 'f.ffi i V - A human totem pole Paige Thomas shows her tonsils to the entire Catholic High football team at once. Please, Valli, I'm tired of hearing about your hurt finger! Jo-Laura Tate-Lee smiles for the camera. I haven't heard juicy gossip like this in months. When are you ever going to learn how to do those math problems? 72 all of us - Iuniors li 'Wu Trying to Crash a Senior Gnly Party V , ,re '.., T23 t 6 r K .,,, K H y ,V f 4 I A I A r 2 Dana Ferguson, Gayle Greenwood, and Paige Thomas all do the twist. Hey, Mello Yellow is a lot better than Dr. Pepper! -1,-'X Q, . mmm? T gl ? 'X ls it live or is it Memorex? wiv W? l studied all night long! June Cia demonstrates the proper position for the crab walk M ,,,,,4 all of us-iunlors 73 :fir " .... f' 4 , ..., V A -Na?-aww" - ltea a it .X gk,, Q , te 1 .442 . A or L ' ,,, ' I ,"i' Knowing They Will Be Seniors Next Year iii . 5:2 W, -, R its N ?' RSM Sharon Zimmerman and Stephanie Marshall rank in the Mount's top ten dressers. .ffm---.N,,,, ,pn-""f My Tricia Rodriguez and Gayle Greenwood practice Popular Mechanics. Suzy Cameron just blew the Pepsi challenge. Why do Mondays even exist? 74 all of us - juniors 1 X ,. 41 f . , 1 lf A K? 5 No, June, your supposed to look candid! Sophomores add magic to the Mount . N..-also - ,, .. ii W S 1. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS ftop to bottomj - Janie Hudgens, 2nd Vice- Presidentg Amy Papacek, Presidentg Shannon McCoy, Ftepresentativeg Edith Jack, 1st Vice-Presidentg Elizabeth Rutt, Treasurerg and Marcie Matthews, Secretary. The Class of '83 is one of the most spirited classes at the Mount. They began showing their spirit by placing second in the Bazaar chance-selling contest and contin- ued it through the year in their activities. They formed the Sophomore Spirit Committee and later in the year spon- sored the Sophomore Breakfast and the Father-Daughter Dance for Robin Hood Week. Sophomores definitely add magic to the Mount with the enthusiasm they have shown during this year. YZF' iv' She'sjust one of the ghouls. all of us - sophomorei 75 Carol Bajorek Cathy Barron Patricia Bass Vickie Batts Janet Back Having to Leave Third H Kate Bell at .Q Martha Bentley 'I Frances Block Vg ' Marina Biunk ' X Shelli Bonner a Si, , k K Melissa Bourne Laura Bowen Allison Boyd Jacquelyn Burgener Margaret Cahill Muffin Campbell Donna Cathell Donna Chachere -Y Lisa Chambers Kim Clark Bridget Coen to sfys S K 'Rigs Laura Connaway Nancy Cope Cynthia Couch 76 all of us -- sophomores Hey, we know we're cute. of is -sv, -,za K ii cg i .,,. f .-,. : S - E xL,L , t..t ig? gi X . A i, as-X X t E X it L sa Paige Coulter Kirstie Davenport Gigi Davis Nancy Debosier Sally Devine Nancy Downing Marina Escobar Macy Evert Sandra Finkbeiner Roberta Fehrenbach Kathleen Fitchette Karen Fletcher Leslie Freasier Kelly Garner Janne Giroir Shannon Glancy Sherry Graham Elizabeth Gray Jan Halter Kelly Hand Lynn Hanson all of us - sophomores 77 Chauna Hart Holly Haynes Bechy Heil Pam Hines Lisa Hornibrook Janie Hudgens Chris Hudson Patty House Edith Jack Jill Jacobs Mary Jacobs Fran Jansen Alesia Johnson Carolyn Johnson Robby Joiner Renee Jones Patti Kelli Vicki Kida Michelle Koehler Pam Kochler Karen Kromers Megan Kremers Margaret Lawrence Virginia Lewis Powdered Eggs and Sizzlean at the Sophomore Breakfast L Kskk s . ex. x ,ss R5 ,FQ L .Y 5' f V X ,A 3 fffggs hi A K 2 H f 2 ' iii I f ' " A . 1-Rf y fi. A .y'i my - gs 9 3? as 1 Ji Y S R E if ' The Bobsey Triplets 5. gn S ils L , -.7 s 1, .l . RL 78 all of us - sophomores New Driver's Licenses l . i. e..e if 'K ti 'S i sys .. Q ff ' . f Q .3 LQ 5 W 1 1' L " 3' - B gf ', ,gg X? VY Martha Matthews shows MacDonald's is the sophomore place to be. it ,J f ,sah 'N i i N 2 R A-if Denise Loetscher Lauren Long Tammy Luker Dana Luyet Denise Marczuk Denise Martindiil Catherine Massanelli Carol Massery Marcie Matthews Martha Matthews Barbara McCauley Shannon McCoy Charis McMullin Shannon Merrit Laberta Miller Susan Miller Robyn Millican Theresa Mills Paula Mitchell Fa-f fi MargaretMonahan 'E' Xb i MauriMontgomery all of us - sophomores 79 Sophomore Spirit Committee nys SS L13 sl? You know Mrs. we couldn't read The Little -RF , . if We t L. Slew, ,, ,Q ' J J S ' : ri ' ggg V... . it -- , ki I fs ,H 5 -1- l Q? ,t t S '31, 80 all of us - sophomores ,Q Vr. Q 'Y K at X' n ,.. 'lj' Kathy Moore Joan Morgan Lisa Nichol Chris Nofziger i Catherine Oswali Mary Page l Lisa Paiadino i Amy Papacek DeeDee Pennebl l 1 l Susan Phillips ' Cindy Pruss i Georgette Purifd Benita Ratliff , Brawn Ray Stella Reynold Angie Ritter Carol Rosenbaul Theresa Fluff Denise Fluthven Elizabeth Hutt Janet Ryan Susan Sanders Laurie Sarna Stephanie Saxtc M Sewing Techniques in Home-Ec l . i , , F L , me A. I L It's a man! It's a man! N Y .- X eeee e of e s X Q -ati' Agnas Schaefer Laurie Schiaratti Beth Schirmer Carole Schnebelen Annette Schulte Karla Schulte Jennifer Schultz Kristen Schwall Kristine Schwan Nadine Scoigletti Susan Scott Linda Siebold Cindy Simmons Toni Skarda Jessica Stinson Laura Tabor Chris Taldo Kenya Taylor Beth Terry Trachele Thomas Amy Thompson Lisa Tresp Bonnie Troillett Nancy Troillett all of us - sophomores 81 Linda Vinsoh Susan Wagner Valerie Wallent Tammy Ward Beverly Wardlan Kathy Weiler Carol Whitfield Lee Williams Sherry Wirtel Monica Wirzfeld Fainting at the Sight of Their Gwn Blood in Biology 1 gm K KJ :Q ,ir Z QJ ., M. . f 5 r rraa t 1 ,Q , , -I a 2 f gg 558' 82 all of us - sophomores 'w Jw' V ,, , . 5, W S W' rg l, 1 V , ' ,, In Sophomores show their spirit at an assembly r N6 'Nr Carol Woods Pam Workman Joan Wrape Sarah Wright 4 4. lvlemorizing the Books of the Bible s Agnes Schaefer helps show her friend off to her best advantage. an ' rg I , . Sophomore shows great excitement at Bazaar time! Laura Tabor carries the weight of the world and every Freshman book imaginable. S E Q Ablllty to Prove Anything With Angles Sarah Wright and Krlstlne Schron illustrate the sophomore answer to the gas shortage Susan Muller and Judith Wrape look longlngly at the Burger Kung chef Lisa He rm Rockets! i Efforts to Master the Bow and Arrow i :rr , ff i OH KNOW, I forgot my bloomers Marcie Matthews and Carol Woods attempt flight. ,f -M.f5,.. ge, ,U I fig I Come on dearie, this one's'a nice gift. K, 1 I G0 OD, fake the FHOUGY and FUN. The class of '83 gives an enthusiastic reply to the proposition of 4 day weekends. all of us - sophomores 85 Knowledge of Trivial History Dates Sn... Linda Vinson searches for her date. vet an Pm, ! Martha Blunk keeps beat to the Alma Mater. No, dummy, this is the day that we have 6th before lst and lunch at 10:30. A .-f- X k 3 K , , 1 k11': X, Q . ii,,t . N N Q i s K . wr-w..........,, r 4 i Really ma'am, it's a very profitable deal.. . I swear it's not my purse! Sophomore Fran Jansen and Junior Ellen Treadway break the class barrier. 86 all of us - sophomores Freshmen Bring Magic When The Sa to the Mount vmv- FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Cleft to rightj - Gina Scerbo, Class Ftepresentativeg Stephanie Taldo, Treasurerg Meg Malleson, 1st Vice-President: Charlotte Thompson, 2nd Vice-President: Cathy O'Neal, Secretary: and Rhonda Findley, President. 'buf How long has your P.E. suit been in there? The Freshman class has brought its magic to the Mount. These girls, who had to face the challenge of a new school, have worked together to form the Class of '84. With their teamwork, they successfully ran the Doll Booth, the Plant Booth, the Arts and Crafts Booth, and the Nickel Pitch at the bazaar. These freshmen have added so much to their Big Sisters' Senior year. They have helped make memories which will never be forgotten. all of us - freshmen 87 U.Kf55?l'1 ,iii When They Say. . . Linda Alger Baulletta Baldwin Carla Baltz Janice Banaszak Dana Barber Annette Barringhaus E E5 JudyBarthol ' ' fl S X Anna Baumgardner Kelly Berry V Angie Binz I V Christie Bishop A 'l ' ,gr ii. Lisa Boeckmann Shannon Boshears Sylvia Bowlby Amy Brantley Barbara Brewington Carolyn Brown Debbie Brown Karen Brown Kelly Butler Lisa Campbell 88 all of us -freshmen if - fi! 1 - ri, kim ! QQQSA, Chinese water torture ww . .jf i L X - at X P i 71 4.. L X 3:5 f "Where Are the Boys?" .A I . fn ,lb 5' Qt 1 QUSXUW -,I giagii g :EU i S L gig r f NSR I Rf ,aim JW f A Kelly Carman Connie Cavanaugh Theresa Chambers Angela Colclasure Lee Ann Conners Karen Corn Melody Coughlin Cathy Cowan Carolyn Cress Kelly Culpepper Debbie Cumnock Laura Dailey Kristin Davis Tia DeVito Dominique Dink Deborah Dober Beth Eaton Leigh Anne Embrey Halle Evert Nancy Estes I , 2 Lisa Fazio y Q Rhonda Findiey Cathy Renaud trembles at another UFO sighting Hannah Finley Lori Flynn all of us -- freshmen 89 "Why Do We Always Leave Last?" Liz Fordyce Susan Foster Jenny Gann Samantha Gatliff Paula Gault Dana Gilliland Kristie Green Jill Guffin Melissa Hackettt Patti Handloser Dennis Harmon Karen Hart Kelli Haskins Paula Hastings Madeline Hawkins Cynthia Helgeson Kim Henderson Jo Ann Hess Diane Hooks Leslie Horn Sheila Horner Lori Hughes Shannon Jacuzzi Laura Kemmer 90 oll of us -freshmen S iii: 4 A You 're not going to put that on my face! Al if x - ,k.r - , ,- X 1 fa y K X m . f 3 1 WM- iz. 7 Q y rritt its -s 5.5 ' Qgr' ' X "When's Recess?" 1 ,tim S it ' fi: , ... 2' f X P Zm, i in Q in Si lf' 3 it INK. Jodi Simoson scans the date wanted ads. 3 A if bf" 7 Eg X Kristi Kita Nikki Knight Lisa Kocinski Amy Karen blat Sandy Lake Laura Langley Cindy Lewis Suzy Lilly Helen Lipke Janet Lipsmeyer Renarta Littles Glenda Lucy Karen Luyet Shawn Mabry Lisa Mahoney Meg Malleson Jeannie Marenot Kim Martin Noelle Martin Monica Marty Lisa Matthews Meredith Matthews Deanna Maus Sonja McCormick all of us -freshmen 91 Margaret Miller Theresa Miller Dionne Mitchell Sandra Monroe Lisa Morris Paula Morris Kelli Munroe Patricia Namest Dana Nelson Pokie Nesheim Paula Nisbet Michelle Noto Kristin Novak Lisa Oberste Cathy O'Neal Susan O'Flourke Carol Oswald Susan Ourso Ellen Owens Nancy Papacek. Angie Pate Michelle Perna "I Want My Morning Milk!" L R 1' , e ttL W SSN ' they R N sf Vi in M M f - . .,. , A V X .. sss 5 . gg ",, ...rr i , 438, as 5 3 K X K is 2 A i - .A 92 all of us -freshmen The scene of the crime "I Talked All Night at the Bunking Party" Jennifer Phillips E? Cheryl Piechocki Mary Ellen and Sandra talking as usual. :IL X Jacquelyn Plauche Annaka Price Anne Price Lisa Prince Laura Pruitt Mary Pruss Tina Quick Melanie Ray Carolyn Renaud Kathy Renaud A .. , P I, Mary Ellen Richards I '-'. l :.- L ' Christy Rieger W x as 33? X l '. -.,. - .. 'S12 .1 i'2 y 1 Lange Robinson f r- ' 'f 3 2 Opal Robinson Q .i'.: T Erin Rooney his Qzzt. ' .,, E L :qii , .M ' ' tii- " at I I i'i' ' - C - A V t Tonya Rose 3 -at . -"Ng , X Cathy Sanford at Q fg 43 , Q, xtl' f ' '12 , i P Beth Satterfield S 5 gf il ' Lisa Savary fo 'L . f R so i it Gir1HSCefb0 ' r Q " 1 - V all of us -freshmen 93 "I Can't Believe I Have Homework an Tracey Schuller Angela Selig 5 Julie Shollmier rf Jody Simpson Julie Skarda Cathy Smith Dana Smith Dana Snow Laura Stanley gi t Dawn Stanphill Susan Stover ,Mx W' W 24 A' 1 Q4 in Every Class." Lisa Fazio gladly accepts her torture badge from Meg Waters .l Rowena Tackenberg Stephanie Taldo Meg Taylor Julie Teed Charlotte Thompson Dawn Tirado Jackie Wagner Paula Walker 94 all of us - freshmen Wi f 4 , ,vi E A f, ,W ri W4 1 bt! If S riii J 4 I L '- 2 5523 fi QW 1 F f , 4 W "I ll Never Do That When l'm a Senior" Dana Weber Leslie Wewers Dawn Williams Joan Woeltje Shannon Wolf Karen Wood Nancy Wright Karen Yada Michelle Young Stacey Young Carolyn Zakrewskl Deirdre Zemann all of us -freshmen 95 "Will l Ever Nlemorize lVly Schedule?" xr, ff? A,- ,,d,,,.f4 , fs Vicki Wrape shows Tonya Rose the correct way to apply make-up "I can't believe that I found Mother Goose in the card catalogue! Be still or l'lI break the other leg A f - Y yi is gy rw- V A ,Wa ,- 'W , W , YV MM , f E ,..,, as 2 A ,, V 5, 1 . M q . K E jf 2 r l r 122 1 ry P251 - 531 'z l ag irrx l ,, .4"u:.f , f .iv Q. eself f if Q51 Q Wsf,?'l'...':,, 2 w 1 . r ,., f 5- ,f ir-, H -, 3 A f , f iff, 5 . , ,, ,, 1 '- - , ' rsle 3 fggy i eff g , ,,,' at ig . Qi,-51,12 wa.: . ' :W fi A W W' w W if ' : wyi,,ga f if H11 ,, , ' l 2 M5 s ,a V. 'ff 1. . f i? if 3 ' X 7 ,Jf7"fs'7,, ,."'9f'?. -Tm f . . ig. M441-ffglr 'V 3 M as. f' 44 uf ' 9 ', " - fi 2 r ,A K iq-7 ,, 'Vi Y" Q - ' ,, Pm ' f , ., rlss Z X A .. My ..l, Q If N 2, J, Wm. 4 Q H9 A tmbrauin 9 My jk Lia.. ' 3 Q ,f 'g gif' vvl IV, 3 x 'J ' IQ . L 'Q' ' Q ' ,f ' r r y N , jg 1 ,Q . L' ?.. f 31 Kb ' Hu uf 4 , ' vi ' W 5 ,. .af 'T' 7 . ' V ' Qing, M. .' .pry ,sn f, My f xg, , ,, 'Nl , ' Y ", N e, . ,I " 'M' We c" 44 if . ' ' ' '. VA r 1:5 , KM , i L I. L wh ,Cr , If-5 . if 591523 A yy ,Q , ..V, V ff-V if ,Q 4, I V I, sf , N , 4,,Ul:q!, .WML i , it 'J' L 'f , V ' v . H 1' '-1 ' ' 54",- ,, , 1 'Z frf -- ,, M,g'i,2'e5l,9Q ' ' 4' M oya 'yu 55 . r ,,,L gf K ' 14, cv- M Y' iz i Q I wi 'Q - "Oh, the fun of Freshmen Days!" Freshmen model new accessories which compliment their school uniforms. 96 all of us - freshmen "Does the "B" Before My Locker Number Mean I Use the Bottom?" tg CRCG 7 L 1 want met ith you? "What Do You Mean There's No Santa IBIUNH3 ,,,g.4?,...-A - When you're out of "I found all of my word wealth words in the Sunday Funnies" 98 all of us -freshmen out ,,,,,,,, ,,,, ,W ahhh- Angie Pate giggles as Nancy Estes discovers a worm in he Madeline Hawkins signs at the thought of another boring day. ls It Worth Three More Years? -mf Qtxaijvi ' :Fife K ,, KN, 33- ff 5 ,ft 5 ,,:z:, wf-22:5 A mean Freshmen gang! Freshmen tryto pull apart their glued hands ' indiGEStion waWm,,,,N Stacy Young and Beth Eaton share stories of Freshmen good eating habits for Peggy Oberste. their weekend dates all of us -freshmen 99 Do We Get to Leave First Next Year? NN N, i i i i i Freshmen check iatest in Tiger Beat at lunch. Visitor from Mars? i 1 if t,t '42 F if 100 all of us Si 5 Boy, did I have a good time Friday night! S Z ta it ,Zi i Merle Norman make-overs at the Mount? i New Addition to the Mount -W 0""'v"1,. ' ' .KH feffffff' - - IQ y'f"t.'f2 v A-., ,, . , G x .V ,. .. . , 'xtifi 5,5 .'.-t4a':i"'+3lt"' - 'f i Playground Gossip! ll i,,. Wm. Yes, Madge, I still prefer Palmolive. U Ei! mas.. famine. Q ,vm ' ex ...I M Along with the many new changes and additions to the Mount this year is the formation of the MSM kindergarten. The back room of the Day Care Center is used for the kindergarten class, which is composed of about thirteen children. Cathy Froechlich is their enthusiastic, patient teacher. The children are taught reading and math readiness each day, which is accompanied with several recess breaks. The children are also provided with a well-balanced lunch everyday. The kin- dergarten is a nice asset to the school environment, and it should be a great success. Confuscious say. . . fy... K. M,.,,.,i,, I L ' -' SML .., ' .wffl A X V7iNW S all of us 'IOI S .,,,i,., +--L -V ly. "df 3 Asif" , BN Q. The one in the middle thinks he's a tree! 102 all of us .-2159's The Young The joy of learning. 2?-'-Y Q , .,,. . When is lunch? Will the real cookie thief please stand up! and the Restless ug 'Vi 99 ,f ll l -, lll 5 -A 3 ll J' H - +3 N43 Only twenty-five minutes until lunch. ,-........w....,. fg 1 X54 V f E -T X xx . 5 , A. I'm on Candid Camera? Y all of us 103 Future Catholic High Future leaders of America l . ,V- fg Q- J a 5? .f f I 644 tif Zi Coming tothe aid of a fellow classmate! Camera shy? IOA all of us and Mount Students Ishoi J.Fl.! More macaroni and cheese please! The aftermath of recess. 'Yffff 7 1 :gb kt Q Vvyg m Y kk,i lkk Q , V ig 1 tilk ,ef:t,f ,+ rss -its 5 all of us 105 The Magic of Little Ones The Day Care Center, which was new to the Mount last year, under went several minor changes over the sum- mer. The old art room is now strictly for the babies and toddlers, while the larger room is used for the older chil- dren. The childen are involved in recreational as well as educational periods throughout the day. Their work includes reading number skills and art projects. Also, many of the toys available are helpful in developing coor- dination and motor skills during the free playtime. The Center has doubled its enrollment since last year. The fact that several of the teachers have one or more children enrolled contributed to the increase. MSM stu- dents have the opportunity to work with the children either through the Human Relations course or the Work Study Program. The MSM Day Care provides a healthy atmosphere through which a child can develop socially and intellectually under caring supervision. V.-'J s e I took the Gerber challenge. 106 all of us The Great Escape Feeding time! Miky won't even eat it! Guides Sr. Blaise Brings New Li Sr. M. Blaise Powers came to Mt. St. Mary after working on her PhD at the University of Kansas. With her, she brought much enthusiasm and the hope of making numerous changes and additions. After hearing many dif- ferent stories over the summer about Sr. Blaise and her plans, the students did not know exactly what to expect. But, they came to school to find an exuberant, energetic principal ready to begin a new school year. However, due to illness, Sr. Blaise's position as principal was cut short. Though her stay was brief, Sr. Blaise made a lasting impression on the school and the students of the Mount. Bishop Andrew McDonald celebrated mass with the student body in February. As always, the Bishop was a welcomed guest at the school. Bishop Andrew J. McDonald Sister Blaise keeps freshmen from leaving first Bishop of Little Rock 108 Guides - The Dedicated Administration Sr. Richard demonstrates the right way to set up a microphone. Sr. Patrick Mary Hillmeyer Sr. Richard Mary Burke Sr. Richard Mary took over as principal at the beginning of the second semester. The change was easily accepted by the entire student body. Sr. Richard worked well with the students and had a number of her own ideas to put into the curriculum. She put the majority of her time into making the necessary revisions and preparing the faculty and students for a semes- ter under new supervision. Sr. Richard Mary's hard work and dedication proved her to be a capable and efficient administra- tor. Sr. Patrick Mary had a number of duties and responsibilities. She was in charge of the grounds of the campus and the finances. Her services were always requested, and she did a very good job at meeting the needs of the school. Guides 1 09 Shares Their Yi? l er uk M 1 The Facul Mrs. Valarie Ballein try I, Physics, Earth S Chemis cience iw Y M ffl it -S, 7 3 fr? - s r ' ' I . ,.1., ,... 2 ., Sr. M. Matthew Callan Religion Il Mrs. Carolyn Chalmers H wwf American History, United Nations I I0 Guides OwnMagic Through Mrs. Sue Coon Latin I, II, Religion II, III Mrs. Linda Fleming Home Economics I nik, Mrs. Beliye Francis PE 182!282, Earth Science i sud in 0 ,,,, W Children in the Day Care 'Nei Band Mrs. Herndon Alg. I, ll, Il- Trig., Trig. -An. Geo. A Mr. Charles Johnson Earth Science, Biology I Guides 1 13 Weekly achers Meetings - 3 'lxixgrxgxit Q !W5gK 0 I s :ie 49 ' ' ?,?l'Q5?5z . 9 wk Sr. M. Fintan Killian Alg. I, Alg. Il, Calcus ' 'v" 2 ,, we Mrs. Sandra Kuykendall Typ. I, II, Short. I, Bus. Top. Mrs. Melanie Lamkin PE 182!282, Adv. PE, Rel. I 4 I I4 Guides on Tuesday Mornings Mrs. Mary Logan Am. History, Religion IV Rev. Francis Malone Rel. ll, School Chaplain i i Xi. X Miss Ellen Mapelsden Am. His., World His., Rel. IV Guides Staying After School to Help a Student X7 . K xX il Mrs. Norma Martine Algebra I, Geometry hw .. r..., mgx Mk Sr. M. Ricarda McGuire Audio- Visuals 'E 'R an 116 Guides Mrs. Charlotte Miller English ll " ' FmI5?5Z23l?tEl4C::.::E-'3A ltr .1 ' Turning in Lesson Plans 4. Mrs. Melinda Milloway Speech I, Sociology Mrs. Sue Mistric French I, ll 3' in .V Mrs. Barbara Opitz A Typ. I, Off. Proc., Bus. Top., Acct. Guides I I7 Su bst 1 18 Guides Mrs. Pat Papacek Religion I, Ill, IV T Sr. Susan Charles Pluff English Il, IM Rel. I, IV nf ig x 2 M QNX QA i.:1f"' 5 h Rether Be Drinking Coffee Mrs. Kathleen Ramse Y Sanders Mrs. Sue Sanders English I, Ill, Rel. Ill f f , g I f wr Guides 'fc 'x Mai Miss Rachelle Sirois Algebra I, Con. Math Facing the Noise and Flying ass . A .N- "-T L. ,iii , s 553 ?" 5 if NY' . wild 311 I '1-Ml .Ni Mrs. Janet Tate Counselor 120 Guides Mrs. Dianne Taylor Reading .Q Food During Cafeteria Duty Mrs. Anna Zaw Art I, ll, Ill Eng. IM Eng. IV- W L f 5 Special People at the Mount x xx f Mrs. Lucy Babcock Mrs. Carol Cook Mrs. Cheryl Ripper Speech Secretary Secretary 1 l l l 122 Guides Sr. Mary Frances Coutlee Sr. M. Eugenia Pellin Sr. M. Mildred Donnelly y Alumnae Librarian Health Clinic Administrative Assistant - th Teachers Conquer I e mpossihle The ultimate critics of the Flockettes What! Another bomb threat! ATHOL ,,.. A Q ,L t 3 W f Vi W F "i?f'?EM if - ,M 2 ' Sr. Blaise asks for male recruits for her flying school. H x ' K ' li ii YG 'x I fs' nw sew Q mi. , rf' f Sr. Patrick takes the names of misbehaving teachers That's not helping my headache. I Guides 1 23 J Z' 1 6 I A-V TGHCYTGTS at Th9iI' Best! in ,ri 1 M13 i"rsffi ff MZ ,L , :, f "Father Tribou, you don't know what you're missing!" W Beauty and the beast Take it from me. You don't want a freshmen class. It's no downstream coffee . . . Christmas is regressing back to childhood 124 Guides Interests IVl.S.IVI. volleyball 1 Back row - Manager - Katie Springer, Jan Edmiston, Denise Martindill, Dana Murski, Patty Hayes, Amy Brantley, Kelli Pearson, Stacey Roger, coach - Mrs. Lamkin. Front row - JoLaura Tate-Lee, Jeanie Mancini, Kathy Moore, Lisa Hendon, Renarta Littles. The members of this year's volleyball team worked hard rep- Q resenting MSM. They put in many hours of practice under the direction of their coach, Mrs. Lamkin. i X can A 95' : 3 , ...ell l l 1 Mrs. Lamkin says, "Now girls, I thought we had this talk before: you're supposed to hitthe ball overthe net." 1 26 interests Spike lt Over! l0""""M .......... ..Oh ., sa S Stace ..You mean I wasm supposed to catch the haw.. Pam concentrates on catching a leak from the ceiling to protect our ' y y' ' beautiful gym floor. ""e'e5'S '27 Qc lr, I ., T ,- J 1 I E? 'Ml' gi QP' ..- 4...-s-B Dribble Into Action The 1980-81 Belles and Mounties are teams which Ms. McCan be proud of. They practiced several times a week under their coaches Mr. Kremers and Mr. Gillenwater. They performed well due to their hard work and dedication. These team members gave the team much of their time and effort in order to form a good team. These girls should be commended for working so hard to represent the school. Look, up in the sky, Its superman! ton, Debbie Cumnock, Valerie Pitts, Carolyn Renaud, Mary Ellen Rich- s fmanagerj Shannon Wolf Lezlie Wewers Amy Brantley Jackie Wagner Sandra Monroe, Karen Corn, Karen Wood, and Patti Handloser. Their The Swimming and Diving Teams lst row from left to right: Laura McMurry4 Benita Flatliff, Cece Carey, Ellen Treadway, Chris Sanford. 2nd row: Susan Shallhorn, elly Clark, Cheryl Helgeson, Denise Lucy, Mic- helle Koehler. 3rd row: Becky Heil, Tes Smith, Tammi Culpepper, Barbara Hardin, Brenda Miles. 4th row: Chauna Hart, Kirstie Davenport, Martha Matthews. 130 interests Look ma, No hands! - V iff, --,i,, 1 f., V - '-W"i fifty ,,,, . J Oh HO, lt's 3 shark. A swim team member practices diligently forthe upcomin meet. 1 Take The Plunge laiQ I fly through the air with the greatest of ease' I hope l hit the water before I get airsick! The swimming and diving teams performed well again this year. They practiced through the winter season and prepared diligently for the meets. The swimming teams here at the Mount have become an impor- tant part of our athletic program. They have worked hard and deserve recognition for the achievements they have accomplished. Fasterthan a speeding bullet lt s SUPERWOMAN ll' interests 131 The Tennis Team Swings Into Action' The tennis team was organized early in the school year to allow them to prepare for spring competition. The team practiced reg- ularly in order to improve their that they would be prepared for the matches. The team was organized and coached by Miss Sanders and did a good job in repre- senting the Mount both individually, and as a whole. 1 4 1 ru -,"'oTiT7r'w+ Qilfx buf L-L,,.,,N Q JT W ' 1 f t ' 1, - mt vm, Li v: ,,,k 3 4' 3: 4 . A Q ,J , . . , . at 7 ,L i, Q T, .4'3..El,iff,t , . X. , T ,T up N Q 2' . ' , .W -- - W , yyc. o y T ' f. ' V' 1 i"' 71- U -f A N -1 . ggi 2 f , 1 E 5 Q l 5 so it his lt'l' T' vw? i " fit 1 L ff i 1 ff rf 5 3 M Q ' at lf' ' gl 3 it 1 at L32 "" '11 vlrl ijt? ,..., '24 Lisa Ferguson practices her serve Dana and Lisa battle over who will return the serve 132 Interests X if is 1 'K all gazing if ttgqfii xgg iw? J -, i M, -Mun-zu. I 34 interests Varsity ls Alive Q The 1980-1981 Varsity Cheerleaders started Q the year at summer camp at S.M.U. with a stop t at Six Flags on the way home. While at camp, . they earned blue ribbons and the spirit stick 3 every night. ln the last day, they brought the spirit stick home with them. The cheerleaders earned money for camp by selling fireworks i and mugs. The results of the Varsity's hard practice was seen as they cheered the Rockets and the Belles to victory. 1 Z E 5 The cheerleaders gather before a game to discuss their cheering stra? egy. l 'Q-. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Cl to rj front- Amy Baldwin, Mary Kay Peters, Janis Johnson,'Kelly Clark, Natalie Polk, Kelly Baldwin. Middl row - Betsy Baker, Libby Thomason. Top row - Holly Hayes, Gayle Greenwood. 'A A X ,y fl- V I Q. ,..k ,. , E,1 ,.:E.,, Sk A V AA,, Q ' l f . 4 f 1 .. .L 3 wi R . 3 M M4-ff my Q. ',.., Y .... .. .. K Q Ji K ' i - M I Buy a cheerleader? Natalie spys someone in the bleachers. I9 r head? 5 Look! l can touch my shoe to my elbow! Kelly is aided in doing a cartwheel. Could that be a halo above Janis's inleresls 'I 35 Sophomore and Freshman Cheerleaders The Sophomore and Fresh- men Cheerleaders did a super job this year. Both squads started practicing over the summer and by fall were ready to do their stuff. They cheered for both the CHS football and basketball games and for MSM basketball games. I 36 interests he Ti ii K sa s E 5 f S Bottom - Susan Miller, Annette Schulte, Carolyn Johnson, Joan Wrape, Janet Beck, Georgette Purifoy, Dede Pennebaker. Top -Gigi Davis, Lisa Hornibrook, Agnes Schaefer. new-n W ' ia W? 45? 552 Y, 5 A , fi' Did she say we had to keep our arms like this until our team makes a touchdown? Greg shows Lisa what it's like to be tall. So, Gigi, who are you looking at? y Keep the Spirit High I iF.x' S A, '- 1 v..I,i , ww Sarah Roderick: Our youngest Freshmen Double your jump - Double your fun! cheerleader. ttom front- Kristie Green. Bottom row - Karen Hart, Lisa Fazio, Sheila rner, Deborah Dober, Jenny Gann. Middle row - Shannon Jacuzzi, Laura iley, Debbie Comnock, Top - Tonya Rose. I 4 3, Xxx ,, , V A 7 ' S ,, f W, we - k gp ke N, V . sim? ' M' M M-Q j A , New riirr r , M I ,t,y , , .H A r ., fl'-.U V-Q . 1 I Q f. M ,"-Ali., ,L ,W Deborah prepares to take off for never-never land. interests 137 The Rockettes g ., .,., c, , , L, , , , e Donovan, Cindy Evans, Sally Devine, Margaret Lawrence, Lisa Palidino, Kenya Taylor, Patty Olberts, and Vicki McManul 3rd row: Colleen Vincent, Tracy Taylor, Ann Treumper, Cindy Pruss, Diane Enderling, Diana Bernardi, Angie Kowalsl Penny Elsken, and Suzy Chun. 4th row: Carol Lipe, Martha Matthews, Kristen Schwall, Dana Ferguson, Meg Waters, it Zemann, Cheryl Helgeson, Julie Volmer. 5th row: Shannon Phelps, Melissa Ftanney, Janie Hudgens, Janet Flyan, Alice ig gens, Michelle Bennett, and Lee Williams. l The 1980-81 Rockettes attended camp at ASU. They won the Spirit Pom every night, and they won the Sweepstakes award for being the best squad overall. Suzy Chun was named Superstar Drill Team Girl and Susan Hain won the Drill Down com- petition. The Rockettes practiced from 1 9:00 A.M. every morning last sum- mer for 8 weeks, and they practiced after school until 5:00 P.M. The 1980-81 Rockettes did an outstand- ing job representing both schools this past year. The Flockettes are ecstatic over the exciting game. 138 Interests Show Spirit! i Meg and Sharron sit this one out. The Rockettes show their support for the Rockets! ,O is tr Staphanie thinks the Joke is hilariousg Susan thinks that it is in poor taste. Cheryl is ready to dance the night away. interests I 39 The pep club meets regularly at the beginning of school to practice the cheering routines. They provide an enthusiastic atmosphere to all the foot- ball and basketball games as they cheer on the Mounties, the Belles, and the Catholic High Rockets. I 40 interests Wouldn't You Like V, , I 657 f 3, RS? Y' K ,K PEP CLUB: Front row - Maria Chudy. Second row - Carol Bajorek, Rhonda Findley, Anne Price, Gina Scerbo, Debbie Miller, Shannon Evans, Pauletta Baldwin, Sandy Lake, Melisa Massey, Catherine Massanelli. Third row- Lisa Morris, Nancy Papacek, Jacquelyn Plauche, Kelly Berry, Karen Yada, Melody Coughlin, Michele Hopkins, Kim Martin, Michele Perna, Dana Weber, Angie Binz, and Nancy Estes. Fourth row - Angela Selig, Lange Robinson, Meg Taylor, Lori Flynn, Rowena Tacken- berg, Paula Hastings, Tina Quick, Margaret Monaham, Noelle Martin, Cynthia Helgeson, Shannon Glancy, Sarah Wrightl Marcie Matthews, Edith Jack, Trachele Thomas, Jeannie Marendt, and Deidre Ze Mann. Fifth row - Leslie Horn, Lee Cor- ners, Annette Barringhaus, Michelle Noto, Paula Gault, Norma Nesheim, Judy Barthol, Linda Savory, Paula Walker, Julie Schollmer, Laura Pruitt, Alesia Johnson, Amy Papcek, Bonnie Troillett, Carol Woods, Kristi Kita, Elizabeth Rutt. Sixth row -Q Kristen Davis, Lisa Boeckmann, Angie Pate, Joan Woeltje, Meridith Matthews, Carol Oswald, Mary Pruss, Theresa Miller. Susan O'Rourke, Shawn Mabrey, Shelli Bonner, Denise Ruthven, Madeline Hawkins, Nikki Knight, Connie Thode, Lisa Mat- thews. Not pictured - Lisa Freasier. T iii' gt' 1 Q. ' as xf,99yg,a.-in ,K "WW" l Shannon smiles and says "No girls, you're not fixing me up with one of the boy cheerlead- ers.' to Be a Pepper too? Y , ,f, I -' f b my .,,. A M .,, Q .," f . , i n ' ' "' but What an exciting game! The 80-81 Pep Club Members await their favorite team. 'T A7 55 'Ne A 1 Maria realizes she forgot herjeans and will have to wear her uniform at the party after the game. Lisa is out of uniform DEMERITS! interests 141 Commitee Activities Bring Spirit toSeniors Big Sister!Little Sister Committee I . planned Freshman Day and the l Freshman!Senior picnic. BIG SISTERXLITTLE SISTER COMMITTEE: Seated fl to rj - Mary Winzerling, Lisa Ferrel, Jan Edminston - chairman. Second row - Ann Truemper, Mona Blacklaw, Marie Moriarty, and, Angela Yanchosek. Alumnae Tea!Retreat Committee was made one committee this year. For the retreat, they had to decide the place, cele- , brant and format. , l i l l l ? l ALUMNAE TEAIRETREAT COMMITTEE: Seated fl to rj - Mariam Miller, Racheal Crosby, Dana Murski - chairwoman, Annette Berkeymeryer. Second row - Karen Webb, Carol Kaplon, Lyde Thompson, Mar' H2 interests Roberts, Brenda Miles, Angie Kowalski, and Stacy Reagan. Class Day takes much preparation SLASS DAY BOOKLET COMMITTEE: Seated Cl to rj - Susan Hain, Alice Hudgens, Meg Waters, Janis lohnson. Second row - Patty Olberts, Vicki Wrape, Natalie Polk, Maria Chudy, Lisa Hendon - chair- vvoman, Stephanie Marshall, and Suzy Chun. TLASS DAY COMMITTEE: Seated fl to rj - Karrie Findley, Barbra Page, Kate Anderson, Dana Winter, Brigid isken, and Anita Kordsmeier - chairwoman. Second row - Holly Hayes, Tara Cameron, Michelle Bennet, am LaBorde, and Shirley Binz. Class Day Booklet Com- mittee was another impor- tant and fun committee. This committee was in charge of the Who's Who survey, sen- ior statistics, and seniors' wills. They also decided on the cover design of the booklet. Dedication and sell- ing of the book was part of the committee's responsibl- ity Class Day committee had many responsibilities to carry out if the day was to be a success. They were in charge of ordering and dis- tributing Class Day T-shirts. Collecting senior sayings, ordering flowers, and pre- paring the slide show were the responsibilities of Class Day Committee. The biggest honor they chose was the class song. interests I43 Seniors stay busy with committees Special Activities Committee planned activities for the school as well as the seniors. Their biggest activity was the Christmas party. They planned for the student body to have lunch together, see a skit performed by the committee, and got out of school early. Graduation and Baccalaureate Committee was con- cerned with two important senior events. They had to engage speakers. Informing on practice dates, deciding on number of roses, and planning the music were responsibili- tites of this committee. row to rj Fer- guson - chainivoman, and Laurie Ranney. Second row - Che- ryl Belgeson, Mary Kay Peters, and Kelly Baldwin. Third row - Lisa Rose. GRADUATION AND BACCALAUREATE COMMITTEE: Seated fl to rj - Cindy Evans, Medora Vestal, Carol Lipe, Wendy Rooney, Mary Ann Buddenburg, and Rita Aletter. Second row - Caroline Farmer, and Tina Columbus - chairwoman. 1 44 interests gg We're the True Peppers! SENIOR SPIRIT COMMITTEE: Front row: fl to rj - Brigid Elsken, Pam LaBorde, Mnnettee Berkemeyer, Cindy Evans, Carol Lipe, Carrie Findley. 2nd row - Anita Kordsmeier, Shirley Binz, Julie Kierre, Rita Letter, Dana Murski, B ' arbara Page, Rachael Crosby, Chris Hummer. i N. JUNIOR SPIRIT COMMITTEE: Front row: U to rj - Janet Gibson, Tes Smith, Vicki Saunders, Valli Blair, Ellen Eschbacher, Gina Marchese. 2nd row - Mary Rector, Dana Ferguson, Shannon Arm- ourst, Lisa Serna, Gayle Greenwood. The Spirit Committees per- form LIVE entertainment at most of our assemblies. It takes dedicated and original people to come up with the excellent skits. We love you, Spirit Committees! interests 145 Juniors also enjoy committees Bazaar Committee was in charge of making certain every- thing ran smoothly. Because of their many hours of hard work, it was a success. Prom Committee chose the place, theme, and band for the occasion. They decorated the chosen place. Students were given the rules and tickets by this committee. There were cha- prones and photographers pres- ent. Publicity and refreshments were responsibilities of this com- mittee. 146 interests BAZAAR COMMITTEE: Seated KI to rj - Diane Bernardi, Ana Borenhoffen, Tracy Taylor, Diane Enderlin, Katie Davis, and Michelle Hopkins. Second row - Stacy Sanders, Sharon Zimmerman, and Stacy Williams. E 2 I PROM COMMITTEE: Seated QI to rj - Diana Bernardi, Penny Elston, Tracy Taylor, Stacy Sanders, Joan Ingall, Michelle Hopkins. Second row - Dana Munroe, Diane Enderlin, Kelly Clark, Sharon Zimmerman, and Ellen Tredway. United Nations UNITED NATIONS: First row Cl tor J - Diane Gasper, Dana Ferguson, Teresa Bremer, Chris Hummer, Micky Zuman, Ceryl Helgeson, Stephanie Marshall, Mariam Miller, Tina Mauffin, Jeanny Mancini. Second row- Kelly Baldwin, Lyde Thompson, Evelyn Parker, Julie Kierre, Kathy Wertsfield, Michelle Flueben, Jo Ann Cockman, Lisa Ferrel, Denise Lucy, Laurie Exrlebin, Mary Roberts, Laura Couch, Laura Williams, and Anne Sorenson. Third row - Lisa Edwards, Madeline Bailey, Valerie, Marie Morareity, Flacheal Crosby, Dana Murski, Barbra Page, Pam LaBorde, Kara Chipman, and Kim Partyka. United Nations was a new class this year. lt was geared to teaching students about government. They ran a politi- cal campaign representing both parties. There was an election held during lunch one Friday. The Republican party won over all. Students in this class, represented each person that ran in the election. They had a day of mock United Nations. M1 i CX X 'XT Q Barbra Page and Racheal Crosby count the number of students who register to vote. Campaigning occurred during lunch. interests 147 The N.H.S. Does More Than Study Each year, eligible Juniors and Seniors are nominated into the N.H.S. This group has really been an active organization in St. Mary's this year. They began the year with a school service pro- ject. The Bazaar came next, where they were in charge of the ice cream booth. The annual Epi- curean dinner was an elegant occasion. The group also spon- sored a blood drive for the Red Cross. Other activities done by the N.H.S. were the Mind Grind, figuring honor roll, and the Spring Induction for new members. . " uf? Brigid spoonfeeds a little junior. 3 5 . E32 .ng t 5 lx N.H.S. Front row: fl to ry - Suzy Chun, Lisa Hendon, Jeanie Mancini, Wendy' Rooney. 2nd row - Jan Edmiston, Anita Kordsmeier, Mary Roberts, Carol Lipe, Brenda Miles, Rosalie Kremers, Eva Barringhaus, Mrs. Mistricg sponsor. 3rd row- Ann Woeltje, Mary Ann Buddenburg, Mariam Miller, Maria Chudy, Kate Anderson, Susan Hain, Brigid Elsken. Not pictured - Pam LaBordeg President. i? Vila M lscream. YOU SCFGHYTI. we all SOFGHFH for iC6 cream! Vicki manages a small "lt doesn't hurt THAT much!!" 148 interests S F A B Government Student, Faculty, Administra- tion Board was the back-bone of St. Mary's government. This board coordinated school activities. The student body president was responsible for representing SFAB at school functions. Stephanie Marshall and Brigid Elsken laugh at a funny idea they have Sr. Flichard Mary gives her opinion. Interests 149 Seniors Are Involved ln Various Programs Human Relations was another new class this year. This class entailed working in the following areas: Office, A-V Lab., Counselor's office, Day Care, and Library. The purpose of this class was for students to relate in areas of needed help. Some seniors attended St. Mary's half a day. The other half of the day they attended Hall High School. These sen- iors were HOE and COE stu- dents. HUMAN RELATIONS: Seated Cl to rj - Carmen Davenport, Kim Partyka, Cindy Evans, Ellen Eschbacher, Michelle Bennet. Second row - Carolyn Riggan, Stacy Raegan, Shelly Paloaino, Kathy Woffard, Lyn Harris. Third row - Janet Butler, Tina Mauffin, Gina Sweden, Laurie Ranney, and Tina Columbus. Fourth row - Pam Estes, Cindy Moffet, Mary Ann Buddenburg, and Debbie Miller. Standing - Kate Anderson, Angie Kowalski, Tracy Green, Lisa Savoy, Christine Maxwell, Laurie Holman, Kara Chipman, Cindy Johnson, Tara Cameron, Mary Kay Peters, Lisa Ferguson, Natalie Polk, Alice Hudgens, and Mau- reen Donnovan. HOE: fl to rj - Tammy Tarnowsky, Patty Jones, Grace Boone, and Sandy Bennet. 150 interests 5 L COE: Cl to rj - Christie. Lameice Filat and Rhonda Language Clubs Are New This Year French and Latin clubs were also a new success at St. Mary this year. They organized the language dinner. if W My l Catiski Dana Weber row Cl to rj Tammy Culpepper, Elizabeth Holeman. Second row - Mrs. Mistric, Nacy ,Downing, Kim Clark, Karen Flecher, Cynthia Couch, and Jan Gerard. Third lrow - Leslie Fraiser, Moria Zeman, Ftobin Millican, Laura Conoway. Fourth ' row - Cindy Lewis, Shelly Bonder, Edith Jack, Michele Noto, Maureen Dono- gvan, Kelly Culpepper, Chauna Hart. Fifth row - Carolyn Brown, Paige Nisbit, l Sheila Horner, Kathy Bell, Fienee Jones, and Melissa Born. Top row - Susan ,O'Ftourke, Melissa Aaron, Ramona Hatch, Dana Sims, Laura Tabor, Terri Bremer and Katie Sprenger. .. lf, 'saw 11 .7 , ,Egg , L , V 9? ff r LATIN CLUB: First row fl to rj - Carol Witfield, Sherry Wortell, Toni Scarca, Mary Jacoby, Marie Yee, Diane Bernardi, Susan Schollhorn, Leslie Freiser, Muffin Cambell, Brigid Coen, and Jany Morgan. Second row - Trichelle Thomas, Carlo Woods, Marcie Mathews, Tracy Taylor, Susan Miller, Braun Ray, Sarah Wright, Alisia Johnson, Christie Taldo, Beverly Wardlaw, Sandy Finkbeinner, Beni Ftatliff. Third row - Mrs. Coen, Shannon Phelps, Lori McMurry, Libby Thompson, Dana Ferguson, Amy Papcek, Joan Wrape, Donna Chachere, Susan Phillips, and Sharon Zimmerman. imerem 151 The FBLA ls Really in Business ie. ,K , ss- ssses ' 5 ff" F.B.L.A.: Front row: tl to rj - Mary Rector, Maureen Donovan, Sherry Gangluff. 2nd row - Lisa Edwards, Stacey Roger, Anita Kordsmeier, Suzy Chun. 3rd row - Suzy Carroll, Janet Henderson, Rachael Crosby, Connie Thode, Laura Couch, Mary Jo Christ, Mona Blacklaw, Michelle Bennet, Ellen Eschbacher, Maria Chudy, Lisa Rose, Shelly Paladino, Cindy Moffet, Annette Berkemeyer, Jo Ann Cockman. 4th row - Barbara Harness, Carol Kaplon, Tina Mauppin, Kathryn Graves, Tracy Taylor, Bar- bara Page, Dana Murski, Caroline Stanely, Melanie Owen, Laura Eschbacher, Kim Partyka, Mickey Zeman, Carmen Davenport, Debbie Miller, Tes Smith, Denise Morgan, Katie Golden, Debbie Dursa, Annette Nagle. The purpose of the FBLA is to keep up with current trends in business. This group ran two booths in the bazaar this year. The annual Toys for Tots Day was a big success. The Confer- ence at UCA was quite a learn- ing experience. The girls com- peted in different areas of busi- ness courses such as typing. Our school was well repre- sented. Keep up the good work, FBLA! 152 interests We're tired of business, let's have some fun!!! More Power to the Students! f-nv ff. in E STUDENT CONGRESS: Front row fl to rj - Cheryl Helgeson, Lisa Ferrell. 2nd row - Stephanie Marshall, Laura Williams, Sharon Zim- merman, Miriam Miller. l Speaker of the house, Miriam Miller proudly holds 'her gavel. The MSM participation in the 1980 Student Congress was a total success. MSM received Best School Delega- tion. Speaker of the House was held by senior Mariam Miller. She also received Superior ratings in party caucus committee work, and parliamentary procedure. Senior Cheryl Helgeson received excellent rating in party cau- cus. Senior Lisa Ferrell received excellent rating in floor debate and committee work. And senior Stephanie Mar- shall received excellent rating in committee work. The faclty sponsor of the group is Mrs. Milloway. interests 153 And the Band row - Cl to rj - Lisa Tresp, Roberta Kercluner, Lori Kearney, Christy Johnson, Boyd, Victoria Baits. 2nd row - Lisa Boekman, Valerie Wallent, Jeannie Marendt, Valerie Pitts, Carol Bajorek, Kren Yada, Lisa Gilbert, Mary Horn, Machel Young, Renee Power, Nancy Wright, Trachell Thomas, Lori Flynn. 3rd row: Annacka Prince, Margie Wooford, Stephanie Taldo, Ann Hiegel, Lisa Ligon, Shelli Bonner, Samantha Gatliffm, Bar- bara Hardin, Lisa Cambell, Christina Taldo, Wendy Rooney, Cheryl Piechoski. 4th row - Rita Aletter, Annette Bar-1 ringhaus, Maria Hanson, Pam Phillips, Kathy Fichette, Parbara McCauley, Martha Blunk, Lisa Chambers, Benita Ratcliff, Laurie Erxleben, Cathy Piechoski, Eva Barringhaus, Viki Kita. The band really did work hard this year. They attended two parades: the Livestock parade and the Christmas parade. They went to different elementary schools and performed for them. The president of this year's band is Rita Aletter. This year's Drum Major is Eva Barringhaus. 1 54 interests BAND OFFICERS: Front row - Cl to rj - Kathy Fichette Karen Yada, Mary Horn, Ann Hiegel. 2nd row - Rita Aletter Wendy Rooney. Marches on l Rita displays the proper way to carry an instrument. What do you mean sectionals are l today? Lisa blushes in front of a Crowd! Some trumpeteers really blow their top. That concert and the mob for our autographs were just too much! interests 155 Presenting One Wild and Crazy Mercian 156 interests Staff MERCIAN STAFF: Front row - il to ry - June Cia, Marcie Matthews, Carol Woods, Ann Hiegel. 2nd row - Peggy Oberste, Patt Olberls, Dana Winter, Susan Hain, Theresa Parks. 3rd row - Ann Woeltje, Anita Lordsmeier, Beth Burson, Holly Hayes, Brend Miles, Rosalie Kremers, Mary Jo Christ, Caroline Stanely, Laurie Ranney. A yearbook is not just a book full of memo- ries which magically appears each spring. It takes the hard work of a dedicated staff all year to produce a yearbook. lt all began at the year- book workshop this past summer at the Arling- ton Hotel in Hot Springs. Our staff worked hard the entire week, but we had plenty of fun too. Because of our work, we won an award for lay- out and design. l Editor Ann Woeltje participated in the Miss MERCIAN 1981 pa eant. L MW, . - ' Q E N wi My 'Qin " Ely., ,aww BUSUIGSS Managef Beth Bufson 'OVGS I0 Mary Jo, Kana, and Anitatry to organize the unorganized :ount the moola! .1 g, ,. . .E ' w ,gff A t .t yearbook workshop, Marcie and Carol laugh at the thought of this icture being put in the yearbook. Two tired staff members exclaim after working all night, "Deadlines, they KILL me!!!" .,..,,, I 4 K 'WM ,xxlxl A R L if ,K X X 4-f-Sf' a L. i Jane Girl fDana Winterj can only type her copy in a crowd. June is caught in the act of goofing off, interests 157 Extra, Extra, Read All About It! Each month, the MOUNT staff works diligently to present the students with the latest current events, fads, seniors of the month, and comments in a newspaper. Our school would not be the same with- out our newspaper staff. Editors Mary Ann Buddenburg and Kate Anderson keep the staff rolling. Topics are assigned each month to reporters. Photographers are always on the lurk. Mary Ann and Kate attended a work- shop at ASU over the summer and obtained a lot of great ideas. Our newspa- per staff is something to respect and to be proud of. 1 JIU 'Y Editors Mary Ann Buddenburg and Kate Anderson pose for a quick candid 'll "Can't you see that we're too busy right now to go to 5th period?" Brigid peacefully types her untold story I 58 interest Q 2 Mary Ann tries to persuade Carol and Kate to stay after school for a "Short?" meeting. I. 1 riff.. 4 . 1 Q The MOUNT philosopher lOUNT STAFF: Front row fl to rj - Suzy Chun, Medora Vestal, Kate Anderson, Mary Ann Buddenberg, Alice Hudgens, Carol Lipe. 2nd row - Lyde thompson, Bridget Coen, JoLaura Tate-Lee, Liz Holman, Stacy Wallace, Dana Ferguson, Laura Williams, Jan Edminston. 3rd row - Susan Shallhorn, 'ina Columbus, Diane Enderlin, Janet Gibson, Susan Ferris, Michelle Hopkins. 4th row - Angie Kowalski, Eva Barringhaus, Meg Waters, Brigid lsken, Becky Edelman. interests I 59 Debating the Pros and Cons Under the guidance of Mrs. Milloway, the debate team met every Thursday after school to prepare for competition. They competed against various other high schools in Little Rock. They also participated in the state competition. l t ,l. ftiallllastiltllll l ll MEMBERS: Margaret Cahill, Donna Chacere, Cheryl Helgeson, Cynthia Helgeson, Mariam Miller, Maur Montegomery, Mary Roberts, and Susan Scott. Mary Roberts listens to Donna Chahere. 5 5 T 4 Mariam Mmef is DUSY at work- Cheryl Helguson waves to her competitors. 1 60 Interests f" Classified CONGRATULATIONS BETH! You have made us very proud of you. Mom, Dad, and All Your Family X Therefore, my bre+hen, be sfeadfasf, immovable, always abounding in +he work of 'rhe Lord, 'rhal is, always being superior, excelling, doing more +han enough in The service of The Lord, know- ing and being conlinually aware lhal' your labor in lhe Lord is never wasled or +0 no purpose. AP I Cor. l5:58 Classified Happiness is . . . As We Know Well, Having Michelle Mom, Dad, Mike, Lisa, John and Kalhryn CONGRATULATIONS CAROL is V 4 . . Wishing you much happiness, Laura. We love you - Mom, Dad, and David. We love you and are so proud of you!! Mom, Dad, James and Slephen Shirley Never Loose +ha+ vivid enihusiasm. Congralulahons +o our daughler and baby sis. All our Love +0 a Dad and Molher '45, Are!! Sp?cg'?If.G!r' f Dianne '69, Barbara '7I, a lgecllif 'me O Mary '74, Ani+a '76, and e' ' e' WE AEETZDZE YOU. We're so very proud of you!!! cl f d 163 We love you Da n-Dan Mom, Dad, Dawne 8: Lollipop Congraiulaiions PaHy! Love, Mo+l1er, Daddy, Sharon, Ca+hy, Leo, 8: Carol 4'-ri Keep on smiling, Alice We love you Your Mom and Dad Your brofhers and sisfers Your in-laws nieces and nephews YOU ARE OUR DREAM COME TRUE. congrafulafions and love lo Medora - Mo+l1er 8: Daddy l ALL OUR BEST WISHES AND LOVE, i BIGGEST ANGEL MOM, DAD, GRANDPA, KEVIN, RANDY, LAURA, l 8: CAROLYN Mary Kay, Congra+ula+ions and bes+ wishes for a happy fufure. Love, y Mom, Dad, Ray, Ann, Eddy, Greg 8: Ryan says T "Me Too" Congralulalions Broolcsie Molher, Dad, Sherry l Look ou+ world - Here she comes Congralulalions and much love, Mom and Dad T Congralulalions , LISA l L May you find as much happiness, ioy, love, and pleasure as you've given us all +hese years. Remember if you need us, we're always wifh you. l Hope all your dreams come +rue. , God's blessings 8: all our love +0 a very special girl, a+ a very special fime, y Mom, Dad, Dana, 8: Tony ll classifi d I 65 1135 S. ., :,V Y ,gs To Our Julie Wiih your loving hear+ and happy smile and will of iron, you have accomplished yy y ii i 'y aaii so much. May God bless you as you conquer your Mi iiili D Aki ii dreams! We love you, Tracy. our love - The Krelihs Always keep +ha+ happy smile Dad, Mom, Tim, Mike,.Paul, Rich, Terri, Mama' Daddy' and Bubba 8: Joanne Here is a limerick from Dad. We hope ii doesn'+ make you foo mad. Bui our wish is +o fell you, How proud we are of you, And +o wish all +he besi 'ro our "Grad." Love, Mom and Dad 166 classifieds Go For I+, Megri+! We love you Mom, Dad, Ka+hie, and Tim Maureen, our lives have been blessed by 'rhe "specialness" of you. Love 81 Congra+ula+ions, Mom Michael Pefer and Pafriclc We are so proud of you and love you! Corlgrafulafions Congrafulafions Sandi, +0 our daughlber Mom, Dad, Mon+e, Dana, Toofie, Kara Susan, and Shebo. Love - Mom and Dad classified 16 1 Cindy We all love you Mom, Dad, and Dee Ann 168 I fi ds 3 l Q i 5 g D i Congra+ula+ions, Carmen Our hear+s go wi+h you! Dad, Mom, Nafalie, Denny, Kirs+ie, Keena Congra+ula+ions Suzanne, We're proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, John, Brian, and Alan we Q fm Two mule if! Y. , .Y 5? v, A . v X Q Y 'H ' W xii m 5 get Ways- A, L L " 2. or .Qi As. 3 If you shoo+ for 'rhe sun, Maybe you'llhi1' a s+ar. Love Mom and SuzyA mzO--IJH-C-IJWUGUZCO M E L A N I E Love, Jerry, Jamie, Janis 81 Greg classifieds 169 A Merry HearI Make'rI1 A Cheerful Coru nIenance Prov. I5.I3 I Love, Dad, Mom, SI'even, Gregory, Grefchen 8: Eric 170 I hd CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR YOUNG-EST MEMBER. WE LOVE YOU STEPHANIE YOUR FAMILY , ' fl. r--: ga' 1 ' .12 R I i Sr MAY YOU FIND IN LIFE AS MUCH JOY AND HAPPINESS AS YOU HAVE GIVEN TO US. WE LOVE YOU, HOLLY. Mom, Dad, Hea+I1er 8: Jc 6 sf We fell' so forlunale when you were born. Bul l'here was no happier momenl' for us lhan your I7'rh bir+hclay. se- ,H ,A The day you came oul' of lhe hospilal God +ruly blessed you and your family We love you Caroline. 25 . , ' i:.4f"'! iihh ii? . "This day belongs +o you!" We love you, Mary. Congral'ula+ions Pam! Diclc, Dodie, Jennifer, Be+sy, You did H "Your way". T0mmY. 81 Dawn Llfeile and we love you 'For i+! Your Family Mary Ann, You are such a ioy +o us! Keep on "LOVING" an "LAUGHlNG" as you always have. You can clap for ioy now, Pam. High school is over. We lovg You' We are proud of you. Dad an Mom Love Mom, Dad, Melinda, 8: Jeff. l 172 I figs , W. an You are ius'r 'rhe kind of girl we always dreamed we would have. Loving congra+ula'I'ionsl LYNN-WE'RE GONNA MISS YOU! "Mouse and boo+s" Congraiulaiions Shelly! Mom - Dad - Jack H. l You ve filled our lives wi+h ioy and such precious memories and +here's so much more ahead. WE LOVE YOU, Mom, Dad, 8: Vince classified 173 We love you and we are proud of you. Mom, Dad, Rob, 81 S+eve Jus'r a liHle around +he eyes! X y 1 L g 3 ssss 1 1 M-'Nl' 'll ssss ..z:, ' i K :.. f ii ssss ,.x. . s .slss f I yy ssss sss ky i :N r ky .g9Ltbr1v-- ' Congra+ula+ions and bes+wisl1es, C0f'9"a'fUlal'l0nS +0 OUT Tina! Barbara: we Igve you! We Were blessed Wl'l'l'l l'l1e bes+ Mgml Dad' Mary' when God gave us you. Melanie, Sharon. l-0Ve Ya! Dad. M0m15nd TONY J. Milne, Karen and LH'+le ones. J .il ll S 2 Congralulalions Tammy! We love you. Love, Mom, Dad, 8: Mark , f?5,g,f L li You've come a long way, Baby! Sure do love you! Mom, Dad, 8: Brian classifieds 175 4! F as I ' 1- CONGRATULATIONS CINDY!! S We're very proud of you, Mary, We Love You Love - Mo+her and Dad Q, -.,, CONGRATULATICNS CAROL! Cong ra+uIa+ions Mary Jo We love you. May God bless you and L guide you all your life. oven Mom, Daniel, Joe, Frank, Susan, Mom and Dad Florence, Don, Ray, and Ladonna l76 classifieds X "OH, MY SON'S MY SON TILL HE GETS HIM A WIFE BUT MY DAUGHTER'S MY DAUGHTER ALL HER LIFE." ln Memory of your Pepa "Dick" Dill your Sido lsaac, and M. F-ila+ We love you and we're so proud of you Love, Mom and Dacl Lameice Fila'r Rosary Sislers School Jerusalem, Israel I97I-I974 78lfid l'm gonna miss ya Sis, Lore Jamall ' JW- fl so proud Oul' of small beginnings i fhings have been produced? D You are fhe greafesf.-. - -mv K. .2 in X if :,, , N f1 w i e a e dk .. .. ,k-. f :, at KP K I K , ZZK4 kk if klyy li XJR . Q i yi You have filled our lives wH'l1 lofs Much love, Molher and Daddy of love and memories. We are so proud of you. Congra+ula'I'ions and love. Mom, Dad, and David classifieds 179 ww? iam 1 . Qiii . '-h'k 7 Congralulalions Carolyn C0ngra+ula+ions. Anne++e! We love you! We Love You Mom, Dad, Alan, Glenn, Mama 81 Gary,and Kennefh ,w i y y nge do S.. ,V . , x . ' 5- 2 F' .aff Todays are so much swee+er, e Happier and more beaufiful 1 Because of all +I1e yes+erdays You have filled wi+l1 love. X CONGRATULATIONS, SUZY!! We love you. Mom, Dad,and Bill I fids I8O N M J .Q Congralulaiions, Laurie Wi+h love and Pride Dad, Mom, and Jennifer li. E' as eee elif 11, f ff? -: 3,316 , 4 if V v Af .f ,L , . 13,5 Q 3 F, JE, iw i ig: va .s A s1 me 'S .2555 , .Wig F1 4 'Q ii 'S s b Congralulalions Grace Love, Moiher, Daddy Thos and Claiborne . V,,.M A kgr Q k Q.s,, K V ,, tzu N , , . 4 y oo y . aar- W y I aaa' We i 'fii , V l .,,. ..... 3 L w a s I ,F ilnsuuunwunenvanr-'arg ,. ,. f RHONDA CHRISTIE . . . iurn around and sl1e's grown. Jus? remember you can do anylhing you wanf +o do if you wanl' +o do if bad enough. We lov Mo'rl1er, Debbie, 81 Kim e you, i A i 1-'l 3 9 .f,, Haan I K V,-' :'i A5 L 4' 1' , N4 5? ' W il, ,,r f 7,,7V , D M . Maria, God loves you and we love you Have a greaf life. Mom, Dad, Alicia, Mark, ScoH' 8: Kelley classifieds 181 Congra+uIa+ions we are proud of you and Iove you very CONGRATULATIONS SUSAN ON THIS much VERY IMPORTANT EVENT IN YOUR LIFE Wiih much Iove, Mom, Dad, Tonya, and Your Family 81 Sfephanie Grandparenis 1 I Kim, May +I1e Lighi' of Love shine on you always. We are very proud of you and COUQTGIUIGIIONS Chris Iove you so much! Love, Mom, Dad, and S+efie Karen, Melody, Chrisfi, Frank, Mamma 8: Daddy 182 I ssifieds LISA... Mm Love, g Mom Dad S'rephanie ArH1ur Bruce 9 Q L X24 d NX Ml MELANIE You've been a ioy since you've begun Our favoriie girl in Ihe class of '8 I . Love, Mom, Dad, and Tommy , I ,xiii iyf s e,ee E, e,eee xe,,e,X. ee.e , . fi 'H-Ni . 4' A 42? . ...4 184 I fid LISA I+ seems like i+ was only yesferday AII our Iove Moiher, Daddy, 8: Jim Q , 5, We're all proud of you. "You've come a long way baby Mofher and Daddy, Mary Maude and Rob Teddy, Jo and Kevin, John, Clelia and Becka. ff J if i "Friends will never par1"' I+'s I2 years. I2 more? 186 Classified You only live once. Bu+, if you work il' rigl11', Once is enough. Kim Parryka Carmen Davenporf Cindy Evans Suzanne Sfiefvafen Sniivfxf-.SN CONGRATULATIONS BARBARA MKP i and much love - CONGRATULATIONS and l:es+ wishes for a happy fufure your 'family Love, Mom 8: Dad, Ray, Ann, Eddy, Greg, Ryan, and Bob F. from L. B. You've come a long way babe and-we're so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, John, Theresa, 8: Cindy Congrarulaiions 'ro KATE and +he Class of '8I TAMA - a very special girl . . . We love you more 'roday +han yes+erday, Bui noi' as much as fomorrow. All our love always, We are so proud of you. Congrafulalions. May all your dreams come +rue. Love, Mom 8: Dad, Tommy, Terry, Teresa, Tim, 8: Travis Classified Nalalie, , f . wk .. X - ' ' D in Q- 5 a f ,, A Tim ' . k ' ,f ' , - K ,, I. :Y W .e,,.,.oQ'i fn...-0-A PEGGY The finesf inherilance you can give +o a child is lo allow il +o Your abmfy is surpassed maine ils own way, complefely on ifs own 'Feet only by me radiance of Your smile. Love and congralulalions, Love' Mom, Dad, Pal, Neva, Marleen, Chuck, D Mom and Dad Denis, Ben, Andy, and Fluffy 6 188 Classified l in " QM' K . To Barbara - The world's sweefesf, We wish you love and ioy in lhe years +o come! We are all proud of you, Mom, Dad, James, and Paul ERN 53 f , + , l . 5 5. .,-- Wha+ a smile. Whal a personali+y. Whal' a lady! Love and congralulalions 'lo our fulure nurse. Mom, Dad, Keilh, and Joan ii "OUR LEGEND" We're So Proud of You! Dad, Mom, Cyn+hia, Carrie 'E' A dill? - f,,,, .J A' 2 f ww , I .L,,,,-if-WY 2 V 7 .Wg ,fwu Y g' ' A V , , ,gay X, . W I I D I E R ' 'f Q W..,..,,..,, w.,.,.-- HWQMQQSQ .saw f-an -gm... qv 441 may vw W mm www Jun. .M ,L www vw mnuun ami ww -mmfnnunu ng umm-Q , ' gm-mei?" ,, ,A . me x' 5 1 I .Au ' uv-Mi s U Q 5 . if- - "am 'Qu-am"Z"' 9'-'i""' "A 'Friend is someone who can see fhrough you and sfill enioy +he show! "Darers go firsi. Angie and Carol s,.,.,,,,,m X 4 X95- +'x i Q af' 411- ,vs "The Mariians are coming!" Shirley and Carol l counf myself in nofhing You have more 'rhan your share else so happy, as a soul a remembering my good friends w"i" .x f X , - - I1 -' . - 'vii--..i1' . 'Shy pf. 54: X ge. tllj - , .f-.Q , - A ak I 5 Vlrb. :iz I+ doesn"I' maHer where you go Whaf you do or how much you have l'r's who you have beside you AnneHe and Maria l92 Classified For yeslerday is bu+ a dream And 'romorrow is only a vision, bu+1'oday, well lived, malces every yesferday a dream of happiness, And every +omorrow a vision of hope. The Besi' of Friends Never Parl' DANA, RACHAEL, and BARBARA MEMORIES! Summer of 80 - Boy Scouls - Head 'For The Mounlains - Fourfh of July - Ladies' Nighl - Conway - 450 SL!!! - Groovers - 2nd Base- men - Lu+heran - Freaky Dealzy - Can we have 6 glasses of ice please? JEEP - Truly Won- derful - Some Firs+s - A CZAR! - "Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin"'! Curran Conway - Base- ball's BEs'r - Kanis - "We're 'lrying +o gel' home!" - Rumors - Guie - My Daddy don'+ like me cuz l wear my sis+er's clo+hes! - THE VIEW, forever - Summer Romances - Tuna Fish - Haun+ed Houses - Tex and 'rhe Kid - Pleh! Pleh! - Remain Calm - HH' and Run - Conver+ibles - Bleacher Bums - Travelers Field - REO - Van Halen - Journey Reporl' - New Year's Eve - Snealcing oul +o Taco Bell - Midnighl' Movies - Busch - Coors - H"s no Downsfream Beer - Dallas Boys - Coleman Dairy - Kierre Really - T-P-ing - Fool Head - Wanl' s'more popcorn? - Love Hurfs - Love Will Find a Way - Hurry +o Murry - Cruisin' - WhoooSon!!!!! - And Las! bul Noi Leasl'!!!!! SB KB BL lW TJ ill I JW MF JM HC GL And +o all +he memories we have no+ yel' ENCOUN- TERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Classified 193 Holly 8: Nafalie: experl sailboa+ers experienced iellyfish killers 8: well known nighl' 'lime cruisers We love +l1ose higher elevalionsl MO 8' Herbie' Jo 8' Tom Dallas - Here We Com 194 CI fied ehhfsallen broken iiii Hwe n n a +I + I I I ge+ um! 44 mamma CURPSJn.R.UIE. gi as iW Qc i f A iii 1 i ,K-rgifi fl - Le+'s Go On A Picnic! Hof Springs Arlingion Augus+ '80 Cl fed PLAYIN aq,,,QW,,,,,,p4h" Clas THE ESCDTERICS Ann, Mary, Mary Ann, Karen, Mariam, Jan and Befh. Some+imes fhere are fhings shared by all- Somelimes only a few lcnow lhe 'lrue meaning of 'lhe sharing if mn X . ask v. gg ff . M gk- ' - i v . k , A f V -- ii +L. , V i Q. W We J V 1155, pkgzf if , Q X A 1., 1 - .,,1 , 1-. 47, y .ev aa V, M.. 7 7 A wf'41'?f:1fawx.ggW3Qf M ,Q A ,f,H1,:,vEhw 55,4 A ff CM .nv Miyagi! f V?-Y ., ' m m, , ,K 1, ,, Q .,m. . V 1 , fn k,'- 541341 f wi? N, 5, ,, Q ,,.. f -1 pa, .5 Q. . V ',,, , - g, Q, I 'W' ww 44, L' I s.. . gm 'Zu Q , A 'E 'Q ,af , 1. - ,fr My 3 12 Vfggl b' ff gf ' lq,fIwff, , , ,QI f Q gin" -S50 , ,Aw f,,M,',,mQ f in W f Nfx aww A ik ' M if 95533 P K , , pl' 'fx K Y LQQQTV y giipxisjigf 4 1' -3 v4',.5QQg35 WW W ,QM ffv"M ' rgu ww- , f Qi 4v ,A gs if ,M Q H, .. 1 Q 1 ,no Sw N , I L- if ,Qifzf ' , .A is For us, good Hmes never end! Dana and Sharon Tweedle Cardinal DESV5 Puffs DISCO On The QUEENS Rocks P7444-fr' v K f, ,fi l xffii'i?qf'l W'- ' ' S . . 'V 1 .f ' W , I 2, 11' r, " X 5, K -4" if , 7 il ,V 43- r' "V P? Y .Q fi., ig!! , '4 . . V I gf V ,, f I PUMPKIN HEADS We did il all 'For . . . 'Facing silver +ee+l1, Peggy's raccoon, Ann's alley, and a "Snow-covered" Mounlll The Un-Twinks ,fi 'kr-F' f"""H: MV' W ,af - iw Go For H' X Here's +o good +imes ' This year was kinda special. Clf :' 332 d CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF I98I ST. PATRICK'S SCHOOL B R 3 E Good luck Wendy, Laurie, Pam, Mary, Lori, Chrisiy, Eva, Maria, and Riia. We'll miss you. L e Junior Bandies V . , --wx' ,MM af M, ,, wg 'ww -'r .K A A4 t A O ov 4 rw. , Y C, ..sf" N 9 , 'S' wAiI"""wh '?LPz WBAR. Kin Wh: mnaK.'1Gw1 vw-Qwwwmfvmdsf may my wemmm we mm-M, mmap: W fmw.. uw-.....+.. www-.www-.W w-wwwwwifw mg W' ww? yu. we nu ww ,Nw 4?-W, an ,N mf- au- we ww ,Qu ww mn ,ww vw- v-wx: wr .nm www Q...-ewwwaue www M fm www M- -vw: .Q W W wwmwwmmm N,-nw ww W ww www, W -am ms an -we sm qw... mm vm.. 'ww am.-Nw -.v ini M.-.Q ROCKETT W , Clclssifi Q '91 if-ii We've only iusl begun . . Afler 3rd period, you will fincl us . . Afler school . . . l'r's play 'rime Cl fd The l98O-8I Varsi+y Cheerleaders Q , The I98O-8l Award Winning Senior Spiri+ CommiH'ee neyed fo 'Phe rainbows end and noi' 'found gold buf you my friendj "The Lunch Table" ssified Y WE ALL NEED SOMEONE WE CAN LEAN ON 206 Classified I+ is chance 'H1a+ makes brofhers, buf heads +ha+ make friends. A ,A . 4 4 , Q mfigifii 'V' L 11 43.33 W 251 ' 7 ,gb 5 , 'fe it ' ltll 1 0 ff 5 f 315' We are not afraid of tomorrow, for we have seen yesterday, and we love today! Madeline and Laura 208 classifieds i l E i i LET'S GO - best friends always Anita 8. Barbara Memories: from tap dancing 8. St. Pat's, to the Mount, plays, Dad's truck, Mitch's Conway boys, committees 8- carpools on to college and the future! They'll rip loose at the Bahamas. We do not come to believe in ourselves, until someone reveals inside us - something is valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch. l The bond lhaf linlcs your +rue 'family is nor one of blood, bul' of respecl' and ioy in each o+her's lives. Alfhough our pa+hs may someday s+ray, our friendship is here +0 s+ay TEEMEEEHHEEHHESEE 2 9 - 1 4 9 4 ' of Classified 209 God is ihe Cenier oi Friendship. lnrrxi ll? iff? rf'-ffw ?f+SfoY"?W 'F r YWDTN Don'l' be dismayed ai good-bye's. A 'Farewell is neces- sary before you can meei again, and meeiing again a'H'er momenis or lifeiimes is ceriain for 'lhose who are friends. 2 I 0 classifieds ' i . ' L , H - f fwffsw fs sm f-six! 1 up 2.4 , K , , , , To fhe besl senior Roclielles ever, We love you and appreciale your help and will miss you always. Wiih much love, Sophomore RockeH'es 80-8l I SMlTH'S DRUG STORE N' Q V I 5I I4 Kavanaugh Blvd. la C LiHIe Rock, Arkansas I9 POLLY'S T.V. SERVICE l0300N R d yP h 33l6 Mablevale Pike LHI R Ii AR 72207 LiH'Ie Rock, Arkansas LARRY EVANS FOREIGN CARS 7OI Wesi 4'rI1 Nor'rI1 LiH'Ie Rock, AR 72I I4 R , N VIP' -A xys . X: 5. A-, fb, v-VH 1' f- - ff W "Za .11 , ALLEN TRAMMELL 847 8749 . 6904Gy Sp gS+if7 Com I menI's K LiI'I'Ie Rock, Ark. 72209 of a mi Friend C. X -W I I - -Y. ' 7 classifieds DEPARTMENT OF YCJUTH MINISTRIES 2500 N Tyler I'oI'I1e Seniors of 8I Congra+uIa+ions Cong ra'ruoIa+io Holy Souls Sem orso C53 I How clo you 'rell 'rhe men from 'rhe looys? A.Iv1en give diamonds! Jewelers lltONl Gemolgisls We Sell Fine Diamonds . . . Always Have! af if R 'Y x .,1 A . ,, ,F df x 6 Y A ,M 5 .X wx . ,Q -. . V I 1 WJ www I gf i15 Q 1 , :3 ' ,' ,A V ffm . his ,,L 1 V 3 .ghd 4? in 3 -v ,Q ' fl? T 1 if Qs, Q' 17, i 31 , I -5 5 2 ii 'FEI' ,., . ,. 0 I llll . 325 "-N., ,4f?:'Il'd':fl"'1'f iff J w gi, fi Lf M uf ,il'1fflU i e l , . Q M A X " WW..M"" F ' , Eff L . t Q J , r e JS ,- Q ' Q .5 X ,dk ...- :.., V 4 , . .- ,QJ is ' 'W .A 1 - i,, , fn Q. ,,,, 1 ff -47, agggg Q REM 4. -'ii fa I G R off A A 19 ., 01 992. H .91 gg A Q. Gm I A WEST AND NO LAN CC. QQ' M HEIGHT 5 iw .fy ff 1 THRIFTWAY Q: 7 Women's Clofhing 7 f 5 Mar Ches d CI ir Burke's X 'L' Toilgry S an a Godiva Chocolafes 58I7 Kavanaugh CO. 'nl g Liffle Rock, Ark. 72207 34' I Pike Ave. "PP Li++le Rock, AR 72l I6 I 7 H ' STATE FARM IC I Q 54l2 Baseline ' V LiHle Rock, Ark. - 72209 CUSTOM TAILOR 8: CLOTHING Q "A sfore for fhe man who wanf ome+hin di'fferen+" A l N s u R A N c E ss 9 QD I0720 Rodney Parham Road Liffle Rock, Ark. 72207 I Wad K i as 218 classifieds C THE SOUTHPAW O SOUTHPAWS UNITE R L5f1g53oYuQ:535 55+ BAILEY co RPO RATION lg AW Gaines Place A LiH'le Rock, Arkansas R of 72204 PJQAT, T Rig? i 5 LAKEHILL N HERMAN BINZ DR U G A ND S0 NS Lakehill Cen+er NLR I 753-0787 IO23 Rushing Circle 0 COMPLI MENTS OF SOUTHWEST PACKAGES STORE We prcgect the stu ent body 5709 Kavanaugh MID-SOUTH APPLIANCE PARTS CO I020 W. I4+I1S+ree+ .dh Li IeRocIc, rk :ue nasls 'H' A 72204 B C - A B ue Sh'e d P 1 of Arkansas STRCUD SERVICE COMPANY, INC. GQZSW f I Chemicals-Deodorizing--Cleaning PO B 633 In N +hL++I R kAR 72II5 I IQ Q I L X - Q In S fig ,Ek "ff V ' Lf. ,f f V spaggssnp lZZ CHRIST THE KING VINCE MARCH ESE 84 ASSOCIATES Auc+ioneers 8: Appraisers P O B 462 Off 753 8484 LHI R In AR 72203 H 758 I466 Award Winning RockeH'es I980'-8l -ef! ,wg A 17' 1. QV' - ig. 3 F 5 mf IKIWJ ' ,. ,YV Mi? f spaggssop CZZ , ,' 99 ST. TH ERESA'S GRADUATES ECCNOMY VILLAGE DRUG 390 I S. Universify ARKANSAS LIQUOR ebsaman oad ' IRocIr, AR 72202 PI' m e of a FREDDIE'S GIFT SHOP F . d 57I9 Kavanaugh Q I Li++le Rock, AR 72207 -, 1 , COLONY WEST LIQUOR I II I I ,I W F-gf I' om ois a ucce I 21' If Dl03CfI3k2odf1iypF?arhanI:I 7, ., I R ST. EDWARD'S CHURCH radua+es: Tracy Green Karrie Findley Rosalie Kremers Anne'He Nagle Carolyn Rigga 224 I Ed fl Pasfor - Rev. Alcvin Kubis, O.S.B. Associa+e Pasfor - Rev. Bernard Schumacher, O.S.B. 1 TWIN CITY BANK Nor+h Li++Ie Rock Q . 2 72II4 fu ed W L .5 L rf L bp-Z5 -pkice 580ORS+ + 98I6Rd yP FRED S. JAMES CO. OF LITTLE ROCK l220 W. 3rd S+. Rock jwm Liggezol C500 755'65l5 lilo WEST 56TH STREET NORTH LLTTLE ROCK AR 7Zll E5 ROBERT L. SEM Cv owmaq d ,1 : 'X Q S .R ,' Q' ig' Off. f50l1753-8705 Q H Fm Res. f5OIl 753-8924 4924 Kavanaugh jx 5 ? A Li+'He Rock, Ark. ' - .- ' 0 RICHARD DAVIDSON , is 1 Mi? mn dundzzrhaks inf. if gt 5 Ili E A 'W " BAVARIAN PANTRY McCain Mall Norrh Li'Hle Rock, Ark. 72I I6 3929 McCain Blvd. ,dgkfiflf - ckfdfd ' Cm475f'74 "" , zooa Louisiana Liffle Rock, Ark. lgyssll ' 374-6427 BEN'S EJKON EXXON SERVICENTER 270I Kavanaugh Blvd. LH'+le Rock, Arkansas 72205 fi' - 66 3 -993 5 lm i H 1 l f N the shop for ' Q N N S f A app 1- s 0 O' R A4 2 7 6 KREMERS SALES AND SERVICE Ladies Apparel 8: Accessories P-O- BOX 534 . K J LiH'le Rock, Ark. 72203 568-2745 classified 5500 Kavanaugh 664-83I9 U :Cy --- DAWD5 FLOWERS 5 ANUOUES 552.1 6EYeR sPRmNc,5 ROAD LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS 71209 - M' -6- owm F161-XRNER ,we 6 1' ace- 6176. ,,l 'Iwi -Q, 4724 KZ!-ie Avenue ,df EZEUIEKEJZGJ AM Af 5377 Jfauanau .5 315- 75:1 x 5 72207 Lzifilfe Ho ci ffffrkdfldmf e N ilttlll 01152 1 5 - 5 Q 9' 22559264 GV . pac ! HOWGY5 '4 QIH5 W, . l f'fi2wf3aizQifQO5 fx 5 2094 and Rnplar Stree -North MHC WQQH Avlmvlsas 72114-csonp 759-41.23 5 + JPLIW f"'?f "'W'f '5lfr4f'1fW1:g Rsxssfssfn 5 if N 'l "U "mrHUReEScIksONLV Deli" 4 PLEHS6 COME BV FOR H DEUCIOUS SUPPEH J OPEN 9 FLM.-9 P.M. MON-FRI. 1 SRTURDFW CRTERING 16 JFH North uma 758-5556 G6 OH SMHLK ,fn Ju, up - The mae aoomev VARMM RO LITTLE ROCK . AR , 71207 Ps-Home 224-64,47 GQ BEAT N DUDLEY CHRLSUAN BOOKSTOQE L NDA SMMONS anfreu Dfw C05 7524 CANTQELL RD , LR. ARK, cow -0,368 Y N62 JS f H W , ,ff .144 .l 3 .V up 'YP '. i ma, 1 is Q 2 'Ja ,,,, M M nw R 715193 Mo? X ...-W... N ww ,JN MQW, my Q? W . .mm Mmm? classified 229 S455 BAILEY CQRPORATIONS 521 MAXN STREET Norm-i LITTLE nec K ARK Li++Ie Rock "xx TUNE IN 1141 A X mm. ln.. ARKANSAS 1010 AM DANIEL'S HOUSE OF COSTUMES 623 Beechwood Li++Ie Rock, AR C M U N BAKERY ABDEN JEWELERS Wa+ches 8: Diamonds I3 I 8 Main Sheel' Wedding and Gradua+ion Giffs Easy Paymen+ Plan I4I5 Baseline Road 565-0I68 LiHIe Roclc, Arlx. 72209 LiHIe Roclc, AR 72202 BLAIRS PHARMACY THE VIDEO CASSETTE STORE Colony Wes+ Shopping C+r. Lower Level 3425 Pilre Avenue I50lI 224-0693 "Valli's paren+s run The ioin+!" 3807 McCain Park Drive ' ISOII 753-0468 I I DR. HORACE PooL, RA. I RHEA DRUGSTORE 4 I O Wes+ 26 Sfreef Nor'I'h Li++le Rock, AR 72I I4 250I Kavanaugh M R. FRANICS OPTICAL CO 5903 R. S+ree+ MATTINGLY FURNITURE CO. "QuaIi+y Cos+s Less" Nafionally Adver+ised Brands 5OI7 Baseline Road LiHle Rock, AR 565-3428 Li++Ie Rock, AR 72207 f77Z Qzciff 10720 Rodney Parham BAPTIST BIBLE 8: BOOK HOUSE 7I2 Main S+ree+ Li++Ie Rock,AR I fd 231 E- olilv o 8202 Canfrell Road Li++le Rock, Ark. I SPUR' 5 DAN'SSHOE SHOP 2z?a5.::z:f::: ATI-1 LETIC eoons M10 e J M sw-xe DISTRIBUTING5 Q COMPANY OF CM LITTLE ROCK, INC. 9 J M S:iH:1:Lab:LBee' WQRTHEN Pd++HH 7 . HRW TI-IE BETTER 23 I d CHGICE. WUQTHEN Bank S Tmsu Company, NA. aibcocdrpary Member FDNC ARNOLD FIREWCDRKS S91 M15 I K ff "Wx fi, 8 Q 5 If -f P O Box 873 Ll++le Rock AR 72I I8 758 2624 d 233 Pierce ai "R" Slreels 7lF PULASKI BANK M Shac b Member C AND TRUST COMPANY D U A V!fi770!V Cesiifai- 5 FR S-989i KENNETH J. HIEGEL P.O. Box I I49 Presideni LiH'le Rock, AR 72203 "Three clown, The Big One coming Up, Anne!" Ph I 758-7760 HUNT-RICHIE PHARMACY THE LOCKER ROOM INC. mm F K M Park Hill PAUL BROWN N. Parlc Mall . Owner North Lime Rock' AR Norih LiHle Roclr, Arkansas ANN'5 SMART SHCP FULMER INSURANCE AGENCY, INC Lei us sell your clofhes New 8' Resale Cl0l'l"in9 Insurance 8: Bonding Fofmals- Wedding Dresses 30l Louisiana Li++le Roclc, AR 7220i 374-6418 5420 Baseline LiHle Roclc 72209 Phone: 568-0745 " a fm 'S 0,3 N Complimen1's of " PORBECK PRINTING X 4 CO. 532oJFK Blvd. 5I I E Markham-375 8460 758-5144 and P b k R lr + P + 630, A h A 2475 Bld 355 olob 568 6244 9200R d yP h 224 5232 T y O D Th Union National Bank GF LITTLE ROCK Hassle free interest earning hill paying money machine fs- c-D112 fgggihisggie fs.. fini- I 'W -f if 'tical ' X an is if h W J! ff Q'f' 4'rfff !f f iyfi .f ,Lf F at i ,fl l ft 2111 . Ye jf Z iff?-az .: I X ,K l' I I' f 7Lf,?vi'Zxf1x ' it X . 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VNV, All the money in your TelePAY account earns 5.506 until the moment you spend it. This great service is free if your average daily balance is 31,000 or more. Otherwise, you payjust 15Qt, the price ofthe stamp you used to use. Pay bills by phone any time, day or night, onthe weekend, 24 hours a day. Turn your telephone into a hassle free bill paying interest earning money machine with First Feder- al's TelePAY. Flrst Federal Savihgs 236 classified .N ag MOON THE DISTRIBUTING Co SNOOTY ' FOX O 1 A, ,. ..f"fIf- OXO 15. O: "" Afff 4 COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK POB sm Zum mmf, X f Em-.avr O f a f f -A-1 'ii'i' ' f- M g H ' SS di A MEDIC PHARMACY HEIGHTS VARIETY8 HARDWARE 5901 w. I2+h s+fee+ 59I5 KGVHHGUQI1 BI d Phone: 664-3907 I I524 Rodney Parham Rd. Phone: 224-0303 Asher a nd U niversi'Iy PEOPLES SAVINGS 81 LOAN K-Mari Plaza Q23 Wesi 3rd Phone: 562-3740 I-'HIS Rock- AR PAUL BOECKMANN CO., INC. FULLER 81 SON Television Sales and Service True Value Hardware I 3'i15I5iQ'e' 9805 w-95+ Markh 227-4440 73I I Base Line Ro 562-2345 PEOPLE'S SAVINGS 8: LCAN J 'Em YIneiMkaI ac sonvu e, r an 982-4423 u w I can Fonesr CLEANERS sf Launonv I -X EMGJ mam 42 M ' N V' ni Q N E I 1217FalrParkBIvd 6636049 ' ,. J XX I gf I Ei s I M xl 'Q I - -41 . n . S , ' X Little Rock,AR72204 238 I fud BAKER REXALL DRUGS 77l6 Baseline Road 'JEEP' Vehicles Look +o Cook Arkansas Exclusive Jeep Dealer. 923 Main S+. LiHle Rock, Ark. Phone: 374-4848 Congrafulalions Class of I98 I f..: -I'W .L,g. ,,.g Q ,,-r,,i '-,.- - 2 , Y , 1'ie1: sls s X Q2 'yy ' , A iiik K ' .AN L Vkkf, A fill fl13"wV,,w" I A A..1 x iii HE wx wwf, iii-if A A k 5? , dunpgo In betterll ,fr if Happy reminder. Life ahead offers many uncertainties. But throughout the years one constant remains, Your Baifour class ring. it will never faii as a happy reminder ofthe golden years you shared with your eiassmates. Wear it with pleasure. f cmlimeis Pwrsrisou f evenm Kem. Centra!! IJ LM! Roziic, AR 72207 representing qiilllvur JEWELRYQS FINEST CRAFTSMEN ' classified 239 CORD ERS MODEL MARKET 59l I Kavanaugh Blvd. ' fl Riff ' ,H 5, my Llffle Rock, AR e W 1 I 'EP VAX A f f ' ' V A c"" ' i- , if ,- ,,,.,f- 5' , of .fa-ff-gmminaro PAINTMIG S - , X -X M5 4 TM ,X ' fi Q?" 3724 John F. Kennedy , f- E I '4803 Asher Avenue f , N0r+l-1 Li++le Rock' AR 'pm go, fiY ,V LiH'le Rock, AR , lf , all X Q11 1' 5 eeee Phone: 565-0958 ' Phgne: 753.1 123 Arkansas' Leading Office Furnifure: OFFICE FURNWURE Also, fhe Greafesf Selecfion of Fine Lamps, Decorafive lfems, and Unusual Giffs. You Owe if fo Yourself fo Visif Daileyslll Easf Third and Roclc Sfreefs Liffle Rock, AR U1 x H gf, QM '13 C' . 'g y W KZOUEPALQ JEJPIJ TAKE TEN if k,.ggqge::,azg,? SANDWICH si-loP W3 4 , I Soufhwesf Cify Mall Phone: 565-0090 74l I Baseline Rd LiH'le Rock, AR Phone: 562-2333 240 classified CATLETT AN D COM PANY Realesfafe - lnvesfmenfs Phone: 372-4396 l560 Union Nafional Plaza , M seee ...nh 'Xu Lv ' fe.. i X Wm 1 NMUQ? W 5. 5-5 fx' 4 W 0 T 'ft F' Q S - -owns Q- x, 1s-,4f , -'-- W 3 ' Q, S You are so Wonderful ooo-ooo SORRYAH - Adoption Agency - kissing Chad - O.D.'ing on M8iM6s -- squinting - boys-Wabbits-CS-Tums-mm-mm-mm- LIFE U70 I Love You, Tracy 81 Chris lk A vw WM... A e irrsr Ei li Our Dedicated Flagline classifieds 241 Congrafulafions To Our 8I Gradua+es Z Immacula+e s Concep+ion 'R n ST. MARY'S Congra+ula+ions +o our Seniors! Clos Congrafulafions To Our I98 I Graclua'res Bes'r Wishes in 'rhe Fu+ure. S.V., D.V., D.Z., J.H., J.P., M'H" G' M h D D R.L., and T.V.: Who will SumPffme-'Pa+'iCfaB"SS ' be 'rhe fool +onigh'r?!? N-mmuwsumen F 4 CAUGHT IN THE ACT!!! Kd+gegrgig3,1fdv G fd Selec+ed S+a+e Runner-Up In Love's Baby So'F'r Model of 'I'he Year Con'l'es+ Congramlanons S+. Anne's Gradua+es GOCD COUNSEL CCNGRATULATES The Seniors of I98I f d ST. ANDREWS CATH EDRAL Congra+ula+es +he I98I Gradua'ring Class Besi' Wishes Magical ,. Qu L41 15 Z' 4 S S' rw. S Q, ff.: 'QS Q-...uf 95,32-"M 1 245 classifieds MOITISFITS .7 'Y' ,pi-it QM 1. S., 4' .4 ,W ks W? sf--'H ,tg ii., L, , Ya eg 1 s.m-sf W Mx. is ,mf 4, classifieds 247 PATRON ADS Trammell and Co. Soufhwesf Package PoIIy's T.V. Service Melissa Ranney Tina Columbus Renee Rufherford Kerry Finley Guess you had fo be fhere! Funy Wuzzies Forever! A.K. Do you have fhe fime? Maria will have grey hairs. Pam-Brush your hair! Now we're falkin' . . . No, buf l've gof a dime somewhere! A.K. Maria, See Sr. Bob I RC, Here's fo midnife movies, DM BP, fha le'H'er helped, a Iof, DM MM, Thanks for all fhe years, DM B.P. Do you wanf a glass of wafer? Crazy Green Bean-Jerry's kids! Bye fo Iil sis Nancy, ILY, Dana RC 8: BP, Thanks, ILY, DM If iusf goes fo show ya . . . Bug off, Pam! PPD Share a smile wifh a friend. "The Pesfs" will never die! 112 8 Wheels Wesf is besf! - RP Trumpefs are a bIas+! - RP Hey Lizard Lips! Carolyn C. has buzzard breafh! Good-bye Julie and Valerie, A.K. Chris S. is my besf pal! - RP Be brassy and double Tongue! If's fhaf simple! A Parenf and a dying child Tricia says: J'aime les gargons Meef me af Judy's Bye Jim, l'll love you always! Thanks for everyfhing, Mom and Dad Love, "J." Mouse Thanks for everyfhing Holly-Debbie Bye Pam, Mary and Janice, Debbie Thanks mom, I love You! Carol Ann Polkas are ii I! SBD 81 HR lives forever Hero and Grace I hafe you, I hafe you bad! Can I ask you a quesfion? Nofes from Folks Road Trips Rocklobsfer loves Quiche, V.W. I love Tresse. Bahia Mar lives af Padre! ED 8: CR forever! Padre - somefimes a Fanfasy! Seniors love S.I. - P.O. - P.O. O. T. is KSSN in fheir cabins Cliff fop falkers - Search 45 The Sleepover Three Pai, Peg, Su CHS Hall Roamers - Peggy 8: Dana Yeah Garfieldsl and Search 345 We Love You Poo. Mousey, Big KiH'y, Chuck. Renee P. You're special fo me. C.S "We know, ShirIey!" I "Hold if. "'?!!" Pefif Jean, Cheese, and Wine! M.H. Shelly Lou's happy fonife! M.H. I luv ya Vic, Ali 8: Michelle I love you smegy! C.F. Mary, I wasn'f born here! M.H. Cafhy Carol Shelly and Melinda I'm gonna miss you love Margie Greg - Where's Maff? Boflies are greaf-Ruff Rockeis are "Oh so very bad" LAC and ACB - I'II miss you!! AC Cheers fo fhe filfing fable! AK-VBFA-ILY-SS-BTHOOD!! Now and Lafer. AB 8: KG Love ya Paula H.! Sfacey R. SS, fhese are fhe besf of fimesl Sweef cheeks!Puppy eyes?? old fimes KVD loves BWMH forever Kafe, Carol, Brigid-infernafional defecfives Danny and Pafricia - Forever TG, You are so wonderful, OOH-OOH! Bye Pep Club, Love Debbie classifieds en Officer S 4, NHS 3, 4, Y- School Play 1, 2, Mount Staff 33 Staff 1, 2, 3, 43 2' CCD Teacher 4' Y-Teens 1 2' t!Alumnl T Congress 43 Y-T FHA1. Team k Officer Ban from Sweden. .2. . 1 a . . 3 4 FBLA,3,4 Y 3 ' 3 Spirit Committee 3 Art Editor Teens 1. ' Jo Ann Cockman - CYO 11na Columbus - Candy laureate Committee 43 Play Rachael Crosby - Choir Alumni Tea Committee Carmen Davenport - Maureen Donovon Search 43 Spirit Jan Edmiston - Sister tor 43 Lisa FBLA 43 43 YARC 3, 43 Pep Club 23 43 FBLA 43 Pep Club 23 CYO 1, 2, 3, 43 Club 2. 2 3 4 Y T 4 QLettered 2 2, Y Teens 3, Pep club 2 Mount 1, 2, 3 Volleyball 1, 2, 3 CY Pep Club 33 O 2, 3. -..l. E I s 5 E a iz ,, Q W1 qw 7 W '1' 4' J? w K 'Y' f 1. - gg ' ,- f , hw, 4,4- ., ,,,, Q .A K Kiwi ykyy , , 1,43 ,-in ' 'wv'wtl --.Q Q.. A ,U A1 W, Q! Ml ,4 M, . , Vi, ar . mf. , . N 5 L J' -' Y' AMMW.,.,WmN AMKA www. v,,. mi 19 i .1 .k , 8 M Q 3 3 ,g A fb Q 5,94 ,L , Q . ' V Ai, q X A Y I .A W , I , V, :IIA fwwhgl if 1 . ...Q 145' f JK X., .Q ' w QQ ,V X. . w . me haf ! i 1 F 3 3 V'i2"f r 15, 154 Q, y 1 I f2Q 1? wo- Q1 X I 1 Vg V , i .ggi 3 .ea s F A 'y ! .W I Q A ,. ww, . , xg... ff 5? V 1 .Q fs ts W ., fp Y. 4 .V ,R x Vi v - W3 5 wi 3 M '-I A I ,M Lf W ,rw I. A:v .W - 41 X'n'J 11 .. .. ,W . . xv " 'ff v l A , '72 V . gi, K, . qfm I J I- ! W wsf, K K ,v A ww Tgww Wyga 3:33405 if . ' 'H Wwfisgf Exim vi W: 'f , Q ,,, ,V . Vit JK? Wim gram. Editor's Note I hope that this yearbook is magic in that each time you look through it you will be filled with fond memories of the Mount. I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone who helped make this yearbook a success. I extend a special thanks to Beth, Business Manager and friend, who was always there when I needed her and to my parents who gave me their time and support. Sincerely, Ann Woeltje, Editor Autographs Jwr A.. 'Snww ,Q RM , I . X4 i Wm A . F' 112' i K5 gm Jif ,,,1, fg- ' 1- M Q . 14 qw 1 1 '1 6 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 ' x 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 ,gy ig., 4 R N2 3 I 4. Q1 J fi .. . e 5 , A :E ., L, 5 .I 1:-gf Q., ITP QQ:1f:.,,. ., V. , V V 51- V1-3: M A. -, K f - -1'-'14 1 -A - J , . T1 ,,..f,, T' iff 'H f'u"',f'1 -ilv ' A T. ll-"J "' ' - -21, rw.. ' -,Y ' w .. I r N 4 -'7 ,V Q . 'f' . .. N ,1,--rf 5 5-, - Q., ' ffl -Q Q21 347, I ,, ur 4, ., 1'1" '- ".' 1. HL' .1 .A , T fr' 'JY ' J 5 , ,. . If i fr A! 1! 2 -. . :M ' ' 4. '. ' A ':- - 5 .11 '- ' , J ' " " " 1" ' . 5 ,f f.. is " V 'Q ff, L11 f lin" ff..-"YQ 1. , . . , . 5' 1' 1 , I ,, , . fl jf , if "f f- .Huy . , , ,HA A .- .I l I ff '-'..J.-i'C'- Q 2 5 Yfdggf . .At ,nw 'Q . ,5L.,,v4'5., 'I V in Xl ,-z.-li' 5, 1 . f 'iwffl . 1.--1, 'H 5314, 'A 1. Q 4 f 'HK pf, L'-3, 'Uh '- " ' 'U oi' fu. ,Q ,y 71 wx- .,-13 52.1, ' . f - .A ' :vim Y A ' A 74, Ez, 44, . 1 .5 f ff' N., v f I - , , . :,,. F wr' ' A I' , f' fr V ,. v"' . ,...,..,7 .., 7 .. .W ' + . Ln. ,, AWN H 'Lv I mn 1 4' ' .iff r "4-i-'uilf' " me - ,vi .I 1, ,. .r,xw,,A,.-. "' -'13-'l'1S'zL....f' . -51 j .W

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