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-l"L'fG'QN xv- 5 ' was , F A, 1 --1'1? " 4 , 1 1 a Vg., 1 1 ! i h I ' 4 Q . 7:-4 , , 1 .fe 11.31 '.1 5 ,.: . J lv-:A ' 1 11- 1, cg gf 1 ?": z'9'i:3'eE' 'f ' 'f' 'Ham f. , 14. .-11 , - W1 wg, ' ' 4 1w1,,J 11 M1251 . fm '11 , TA, ' ,I Y V -LM Y' Tw-Q... -4 xx, ' Mah . 1 1 'N ' f MW11- 1 'uw , , 'lux ' ' M13 .wtfitwxgam -Ei, M. .1121 i,g11mM?a.x,, .121 1 my n i P I 1 I Y 1 wx " ,,m,,.f - " W ' ' L1 A. 11QKQ1L',,, Q 1 E' 1 1 1 , ' -11111-7:-gf!-p4.:,1.,W1 I 1I1xg1n'11fn-y1.1,1 W- ,, A , 1 . .- I " ""5l.w. 1 W P 1 ' . 1. ,ITV 'I 1. 1 W' lx ,Hz .- ,- qw ' '1 hi- " , -1. J w i . I N I ,Q I, f ,.- W U N mr, wg A W- ' 11? I ' :yew A ..pQx,-..7.1,.,.-qw!,,.,, 1 ,Wa 1, I ' - ' -vp, . A .Mfg , if X - 4 1 W , -A T, A . , . x Mn , .. j 1 .. ' QL 'f' 'F 1 , , . , 'X-g'?"'7'f5"' " - , 1 .,! ix ' i E i ' 11 ' ., 1 1 1 , , A .FF ,.,.., ..... ...T - ' Y 1 'Wu -ld, 7 ,., ..,7.- ' 4-P-WM' fri? '9f"?T"' 1.1-11-,.v-1+-2'1fi?"?7'fM"""' 1 mw:...iY511gLf1 :N 1571 , ' mwpg. : , . . T fm. ,ff M- iafzlzsmi -51:25 , i ' Zigi' . .M M1 .-n-W1 ETH. 1.1, mn, -M 11,1fJ.,f1:'v?'4as-15W mm, wx , ff Mlffirmm Nw -1'-'Im 24, jf' +1f 51, ffm: .f mf 13'-'Q' 4 A 314-1 'e . 1, mg- ,-mm . '41 13? 'Z'ff??i5?J135i6?f3qf ? 'V 'Mm W .li- N ' 'K' ' 1 u 1 , "Tv, +4 adv. ii it 1 K 1 " . .vi '11 , X -wmv, 1,4 I ,, Fw 1 14 ., .1 1 1 19 ,mm 1:1 -..-M5151 ,,M2 11 L 1,,bw Z i,g11g-11"l,,w' ,f.,: 1 q A .Hn 'K - - . ' " ' 4- , 3 s.x.1'-' 41, 1 'i. ' , H 11 -1'- ,L.u.,1, V ' ,.- 'H 1 ,.,,..,lmva-11-1w-wg?-9-+1-HTJW1 2 ' 1 -511'f""q:"i'? " FL 'k:if"7" 1' ' H' 'i 11 ' lLl19',' .p.Lv,15k,p-ry!-,1a1v " an N , ,,,g.,a, hy A -A . f .-, .. . . . -I , H- ' 1, 1.1 , f fg- ' ' ' 1 . I W ,. but 1 ,, , ,A n.- B . Q. VNV . , q 4' M, 1 711 , 1 V V, I., 'A-A s I D is . ,Q ,fx ,Q :lf .rs 54: EQ- - ' .. f'vI"..Auf V ' V7 4: . g 1 . I' ,. . A' , ,f 1., t . FL . 1.7, g-VY' , - 1' , .h 'h A . , vf . V '5 4,- , 31,- V2 "1 ,4 . 'I x IU? fl 1 V - 55 E f L ,HJ , 1 , - g.. W i sf Qiggf, A. , 1 v,! 1 ll 21 Q N 1. 1 - A fp, ,W S . f1 '1 M 5, . , I, , . ,AQ W ' 'I+ " ,. I Ummm! . -5 I -A 4 ' . . al i", ,W I H -, 1 .11 .-5 hm! will ' w' 11 1 ' ' , ,pg Alli ' am , jg: 'k'-la . .J 7 - ' ., Eff ., -"1 A Q ',..' If-4 1:11 ' Q, 1 , , , . " 1,:,1'f'f:, P-.1 1 , 1 wg, 14 W - , .1.,, ,. V W . 1 4 , K I . ' ' d,,wm:5F,v -g 1 :Vx . 1 J' B ' V . Q' 1 , 1 ,Q ' .' wa. ,s , Y J 5' . ' 'Q f rig 1, ,A 'Gif ' r,, A ' I -1 39144 1 'n' 1, :S , J At L '1 V ' , JW . - A 3,-E11 -0: -'ma a. 1 , ' ,.1VJ.R.- P 34' . nu Q. ! . 1 -1+-- ,hu..In-unix, Q .-.. -4 S . ,J A 1- XX.. 5 1 a ' R n S 5 3+ r WML. a .f 1' L, aww F: we L' 'X v idam Q Wx v Ar. 2 .3 .1 S N .-154 4. uw ' gk , ew. ,A xx Q 1, t 5 K 13. 2 A Q5 3 mliivw iv! M 3.1 W , X NA- L w RG' Kfiv 065- ww ee 'vaq vaq W cow! aev '1 efivf-1 09 3 QQ vaq -Vx I-YS aqeelf '1 '9'bQ69'i-f -fax:-qw Dec V ee'QS-X and Mi Lek ed u X 20p a Weaving Student Life. . . .... page I2 Evenis .... . . .page Q6 Qporis . . . . . page4O if , , Q 2 M l x! V' W r A A fr ew a AJ ga A H aa. 1 a Vg ,a Threads I Graduawsooooooooooo underclaqssmenoooooooooo 0000 Faculig and Adminisiraiion Organizaiifms . . . . . . . . . . . I O O O O I Page P389 Page Page Page ai IK 3 fs? g A , 5 f rg. , N igfvi Q 6 x - . 33 'S 9 Q2 iwff-'. ,f A w K, . ., .lu 4, -f ww WEE. " g 'F Wifjf ffflmxuf 23 a'Q'4A 'W 70. s"' ? X 'f4',f5fL4'KJf,'!"75'fgf'1 fm ,QF X ., Q mf' lhfil Mrwg X I M qv a' :W x 'Q WM- '12 ,ra ay 1. A -ff - a 4' 9. ii , AFf:A t fri' "' -3 ' .IH Aff, 5'5- 12 'bmw f 'AQBQ - aug, rf' was wg wiki W- wx' 57 'ima-Q XSJQ ff' if r, taxa 9 L+: 11 ,ZF Ip Y'-' A6 Fava: fp .,' 1553 1 -L E X x- ' in 2- 1 g : .J- - L -.,l1A7"'W"?3 ? s -"f, f'-"S ':', .w ff , J-. - - -a 1-'QQ' .1 'W xg 95422 .1-, 'P Xi' - .b -. i .V . ,L A . If vs- - K rj 'gk 23 L 4? F' 7,3 . . QQ. 5 ,,.. rl' " : ! Z . - ANI 1 . R V7 xg' if X Q K 4 v ju asoegxsnf df gigq , 'mqx 3, il '4 .-1 J T1 lx -r V . xii- T 3 "F WJ' :fr lifes i I f In i ' f b.', y A 'if' 325: .,,. K ',,. I .U , 5,7 Jil, kggrwli ri f ' 'fi i W 'i ff f x'f' Qi K I 5' .. J ..Jf I ,V I A V W me ,,A,, ggfg. f x X, -ff ,A -ww we .,..,- X, ,. 0. A 4, V, is - Y' , , is - " ' v ' ' "" it f A ' wQ..e..vwe . 1 A a g' , '. I cf 'uwwvwwvq 4- ,if-mwmiumw.. fv I 4. , , ,K 5 Ng fm, ly Mmm' ,A ' ' Mvelvwwsd 51 H 1 ' Nm. A "fic , fx, , A U W .2 A fl W :fn Q - , fra,- ,, ff- - 1-: -f . if- !?:e:i:..i, '- mgsyxfg:-swf :,,5.ffL.,, rv 5' ., " givin " . f, ff- ,Eg .- ,:z1 'aw f i V Y if Life here a+ ihe Mcuni is like a richlg deiailed iapesirg. We. ihe siudenis. ieachers. and adminisiraiicn are ihe ihreads which inieriwine ic form ihis iapesirg. Dailg evenis and +he special occasions are ihe aciions which bind us icgeiher. O 5 4 Ever since Mi. Sl. Marg Academg was founded in 1851 . ihe iapesirg has grown: as if has grown. so we ihe ihreads have matured and changed. Expansion in the Cilg ol' Lil-He Rock and ihe new addilion io Marion Hall repre- senl growlh wiihin our communiigg fhe Main Building sgmbolizes ihe pasi. and alfhough il remains slrong and special in our hearis. if has faded info ihe background. Four gears ol' learning. under ihe guidance ol' skilled edu- caiors. has provided us with lhe maierial needed lo con- linue lo grow in mind. ll mg Q -- Q..----. , 1' '--'ar ,Q as ,, f , -use -5-if '- - as Q - -., A-o., f J V f- h gi o Q P ' , - -. 3 , - f Q V I ' J I ,:,, Bul we do noi grow academicallg onlg: we learn lo undersland and appreciaie people. and we grow in lhe relaiionships lhal we develop wilh one anoiher. Our mosi precious rela- iionship thai we expand during our gears ai S+. Marg's is wiih One who will conlinue io be ai the cenler ol' our lives. Thai One is God. .Jpening 7 Over the gears mang ditterent people have contrib- uted their talents. ideas. and experiences into weaving this tapestrg. We todag receive the truits ot' their efforts as a heritage which unites us with those ot' the past. For mang ot' us. generations ot' graduates within our families also make a continuing Iink.ln this Mount Saint Marg tapestrg everg thread is equallg important. and the tapestrg would be incomplete without even a single strand. Let us be proud in the unitg which has and will continue to generate a unique qualitg about the Mount. ing ,, ,,,.- W . W is li , A f, . . Q L" xf , ml an I 5, ,L 1 'V - " ,K . an YM -3, 'Thigh '? A?- MW 4 gc!, ! A -I Opening 9 0 0 'U . 90 49 4.0 JN 306 'S 00 cfs A 0.1 Q ,Q 9'f.'-+'is'i45"'. J' x .13 o Ao 'U X Q 0 99600158 0. 4 .-Ae' 43. '54 Q40 00 is W '4' "' 6' 62' 3940110 ,bio gf 1? 'SQ' 59 4 9 4 0 . 676 1,0033 w 04' ,Q 0 Q? 0, 94, 9 0 AS 2' AX 9.6 , A 37 .3'.. Mfg Maaumga J.. ..wa.,.M - 5, l " i ' ef "" V . '11 Ks.. Q N-X ?l f-42 ..A -- 5, . . Qui' -:AHA -ff .1 ' V x QS QQ ' I ' 'lm' ' I Y! 'H if, ".. 3:55293 it Q ' i 'f a n it 'f'?ifi', -Q., N.-' !"', - 1 fli-:EBL f V 2 fi 1 S, .. . QL . , t .. A gji,fQ2e"ffs .ag 1 g Wg.' j, A r wif'-6'F3FT'5'. ,ifpdfyqrif 'E 5 ,Q ' ' ' " b ' 'Q if - - A1 1 it -- .fx W e 1 'li'.. W'1i'5 iMflQIf5fi,ST7il' .- K - ggf1':'wQZ'1ff1 , ,s'. rf ,i? r:2L2tZQV'2'L1' ' ' A tw- -i,s,::Q1:':"fm:w :, f ' , ' ',., :Tr NN ,rt '4 , ' nm:aa...h.+, AN.A' 1 ' M,.V,A.. awk, , W-iz This plaque was presented b the Ad ' B d dedicate the new building. Dream Of A New Buzldzng Comes True The new annex to Marian Hall has finally been completed. The addition has gained the Sisters of Mercy, the teachers, and the students well- deserved praise and compliments. The engraved dedication plaque, received by Sr. Jolitta. is a symbol of the hard work and patience given by the mem- bers of the Advisory board with Ter- ence Renaud as Chairman. On returning to school in the fall, the students found new facilities, including the parking lot. the remodeled library. and for some. lockers of their own. They expressed their appreciation at the dedication on September 22, when Bishop Andrew J. McDonald blessed the new annex. .1 y visory oar to Helping to dedicate the new building is speaker Bishop Andrew McDonald The front portico of the new building is used for many things. including an outdoor eating place for the students. The new building also provides room for new lockers which the students enjoy. Students enjoy the convenience of the new park ing lot. Student Life 13 M ount Assemblzes Break The Daibf Routine Clockwise: l. UCA Band helps St. Mary's celebrate Fine Arts Week. 2. Puppets are one of the many attrac- tions of Renaissance Fair. 3. A ladder helps Lori Clack to decorate the Christmas tree. 4. Two witches scare people away from the Renaissance Fair. 5. During an assembly on adver- tising. Celeste Allen and Melinda Hopkins join in a radio play. 6. Fran- ces Zakrzewski shows her new hair style. 7. fCenterJ Students enjoy one of the many assemblies. I4 Student Life Almost every Friday the student body, faculty, and admin- istration are given the benefit of an assembly. Besides putting a change in the day-to-day routine, the programs are interest- ing and knowledgeable. Outside group are oftentimes invited to share with M.S.M. their ideas and findings. Besides the assemblies shown on the opposite page, the school has seen others such as the Mind Grind, sponsored by the National Honor Society, in which students from each of the classes competed in a contest of knowledge by answering questions. This group also sponsored an assembly for its annual induction of members. Oftentimes, the Band and Cho- ral group entertain the school with music and songs during this time. The Assembly Committee tries to arrange different types of interesting programs for all members of the school group. The members of this organizaed group include: teachers, Sherrie Beavers. Shirley Herndon, Sharon Johnson, and Frank Poin- dexter: and students, Senior Rita Rolf, Junior Jam Dollins, Sophomore Susie Jegley, and Freshman Lisa Ferrell. 5 Students watch a soap opera as Tricia Bartsch and Darcy Rourke provide the energy by pedall- ing. Student Life 15 I 97 7- 78 Wasl-lg Year. . . . . . Anwar Sadat met with Begin Menacham to discuss peace terms after twenty years of war between Egypt and Israel . . . . . .we mourned the death of Senators McClellan fArk.J and Humphrey OWUIIJ , . . the Arkansas Razorbacks totaled Oklahoma Sooners in the Orange Bowl, 3 l-6 . . . . . . one of the coldest winters and worst snow storms in sixty years hit the East. . . . .Elvis, Bing, Groucho, and Charlie took their last bow. . . . . . Elizabeth II celebrated her silver anniversary on the throne with a visit to the United States . . . . . .the class of '78 fafter 3 years of tryingj won in the Mind Grind . . . 16 Student Life Senator Humphrey Senator McClellan Debbie Reynolds. Jeni Ratliff. and Anne Jansen. sitting around in the latest fashions. we kept off the chill with shawls. scarves, and over-the- knee warmups! dressing up meant calf lengths dresses and skir1s.'. . . hair combs. head bands. stick pins, and gold chains accented our attire the look was natural and full in wools. cottons. and other natural fibers boots, cowl necks, and blazes wrapped up the act . . . 'af Debbie models the look ofdresses in I978. Jeni shows the effect of the layered look. i Anne displays boots.jackets. and vest combination. Student Life 17 Weekends Were Made Far. . . l Search "Dad" and "Mom," Bill Gilmore and 4 Darcy Rourke. give an address at Aldersgate W l Camp. I t is Friday or perhaps Saturday night, and words cannot express your relief at surviving the week. What are you doing? A good guess would be watching a Rocket football or basket- ball game. followed by Mac's or an open house if you're lucky. A Razorback game may be in town, but if not, you may have decided to pack up the crowd and join the festivities at Fayetteville. You might be headed for an evening of bumping and hus- tling with or without escort at a gym dance or at Subiaco, but you are determined to have fun regardless. 'Venturing into the classier- side of life, there are the formal affairs, known as Homecoming, Snowball, Junior-Senior Ball, and Prom, that come with all the trimmings. Or you may decide to devote the entire weekend to a Search at St. John's or elsewhere. The excitement of Rocket basketball reflects in the faces of players and spectators. And then there are the private parties. These sophisticated Juniors say you're never too old for bunking partiers. 18 Student Life Damian Gerke of the famed C.H.S. Ground Control bands with Varsity Cheerleaders to keep that spirit coming. Lee Ann Cissell and Leslye Vines don't seem to mind that the Rockets are leading. f The Snowball Dance sponsored by C.Y.O. has become an annual favorite. Here some familiar faces dance to GIBRALTER. Student Life l9 l ' ' HA G0 UT Where does M.S.M. go in its spare time? There are as many places as rea- sons for going here. To unwind, social- ize, sleep, study, eat, gossip, hide, or just hang around. The classic route of course runs from Mac's to a locked Overlook to Murray. fDrive around the parking spaces and check out the hunks.J If you see none of your friends, you start back over the cycle again. Let's hope you have a full tank of gas before attempting this play several times in sucession. We repeat, this is only one pastime. Q X H . E 2 Q . X x W What more can we say? - The King of Hangouts! Susan Otten and Paris Upshaw party it up at Murray Park. 20 Student Life Belles fans show their superior coordination and balance. Dinner before prom. or another special evening? Cajun's is a favorite choice. Who would think of missing the annual State Fair? Thousands flock to Barton Colliseum for each big concert. Many sophisticates prefer T.G.I. Friday's, or as it is affectionately called, "the classy MacDonald's." Still others spend afternoons at the zoo, earbf mornings at Sambo's, after-school at Black Angus, or fun-filled evenings and Saturdays at the U.A.L.R. Library, slaving over that Hammond or Teal research paper. Student Life 21 Thatis' Entertainment 22 Student Life Part III Eight Is Enough Soap Three's Company Whatever Happened to the Class of '65? Saturday Night Live "I've decided I'm taking up smoking. My doctor told me I wasn't getting enough 'tar'." Steve Martin Robert Redford Johnny Carson David Brenner Richard Pryor YI Nl zwmox 'Saturday Night Fever" 'Star Wa rs" Close Encounters of the Third Kind" Oh God!" The glittering world of entertainment con- stantly changes in the search for that elusive "star quality" and audience appeal. The deaths this year of Elvis Presley, Charlie Chaplin, and other show business greats greatly upset their millions of fans. Meanwhile, new performers come to our attention: the short-lived Sex Pis- tols, Andy Gibb, Elvis Costello, Foreigner, and Player make their own changes in the music world, while rising stars Richard Dreyfuss, Star Wars' Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford, Steve Martin, Marsha Mason, and even Andy Kauf- man contributed new style and personality to the stage, screen, and television. The listings shown here are the results of a poll given to the student body, asking their favorite celebrity, movie, singer, book, and tele- vision show: Comedian Steve Martin, inciden- tally, can claim superstar rank at M.S.M., receiving the vote of over one-third of the stu- dents. MA Student Life 23 Just One Of Those Days Well, the parking lot was probably empty at 7:25, but since I get here at 7:30, I am forced to park on "I" Street and trudge up the hill. I do my first three periods of yesterdayis homework in homeroom. Sleep through half of Mrs. X's lst period lecture because I just couldn't miss Johnny Carson last night - David Brenner hosted. I get caught while changing classes by an overly-observant teacher who hands me a pink slip just for wearing sweat pants, a ski jacket, and green and orange tennis shoes! She lets me off for the gumg I guess she felt sorry for me. In 3rd period I forget to bring my book for the third time this week. I wonder if she'll let me go and get it. My locker is just right down the hall. Whew! Finally made it to lunch - except that I left it on the kitchen counter at home! Oh, but there's a great choice of delicious, nutritious food from the vending machines, if they are working. I bum some money off my loyal friends so I can buy Chef Boy-Ar- Dee ravioli, Nacho Cheese Doritos, a Baby Ruth, and a Diet Dr. Pepper. Yum! I study for a test in activity period, and in 5th I bite my nails to make a decent grade. Sneak into the bathroom without a pass to comb my hair and fix the ban- danna that was maliciously yanked off. fOoh, what a mess!J Ah, Hi Sister, I was just leaving . . . What, ME SMOKE? In the bathroom of all places?!? Back to class -for a pop test- what fun. 3:10 - The countdown for the bell . . . three . . . two . . . one . . . Rush to the lockers where I catch up on the latest gossip about who's asking Joe or Mike or Greg to Satur- day's dance. I cram into the bathroom and get out of that uni- form into some all-American JEANS! I'm human again. What a relief! All-American idol worship occurs even at M.S.M. Marijo Faryewicz refuses to open another book. 24 Student Life Come to Marian Hall Cafeteria and try our Diet er's Delight. Mrs.Watson has refined pink slip writing to an art. Mignon Mansfield is not impressed. Mrs. Arnold -the next best thing to the Spanish Cathie Prewitt congratulates Kathleen Byrne on her l8th Birthday. Inquisition. Student Life 25 fr On the days of registration one had to wait in a long line while up front there were shouts of "I didn,t want to take this class!" and behind, "Is this line ever going to move?', Once a per- son had her schedule straightened out, she found that the bookstore didn't have the books she needed. But finally, weeks later, such problems were ironed outg and school got under way. Mrs Allison Holland helps parents see what it is like being stu- Throughout the first week, teachers heard excuses like "But I haven,t bought my book yet" and "Osco's sold out of notebooks? 'LThe bookstore doesn't have essay paper" was heard by a few. Soon after school had opened, all students attended Field Day in which students and teachers competed against each other in various contests. One such contest involved pie-eating, but only one person, a poor freshman, had to eat the pie placed in front of her. Instead of starting off with a P.T.O. meetingfit was decided to stage a "Par- ent Nightf' This night gave parents the chance to meet their daughter's teach- ers and to learn more about their courses. Because of the new building, Fresh- men were not the only ones lost this year. The upperclassmen had to relearn the numbers of floors and rooms, but it was worth it. The new building pro- vided a welcomed change of scenery. 26 Events Back T 0 The Old Grind VWth A Twist! ...k., 1 A , . Q Zi ,ij V ,y 3s L ' I Michelle Ravare and Lisa Carey win on Field Day on their tricycle-built-for-two. Who Says Frosh Arerft ormal? Mary Poppins 1Natalie Polkl prepares for takeoff Sr. M. Melissa Hancock keeps these distinguished underclassmen under control. "Well you see. Officer. we have these Big Sisters and . . Many Disneyland characters were seen walking the halls of St. Mary's during the traditional "Freshmen Dayf, The senior "big sisters,' initiated their "little sisters" by making them obey their every command and follow strict rules. These new students found out what "Senior Privilege" is like. The success of the event is to be credited to the Freshman Committee members: Tricia Bartsch, Diane Brad- shaw, Sharon Fitz, Lisa Hain, Mary Hawkey, Missy Knight, Cathy Knox, Susan Lohstoeter, Laura Mattingly, Karen Vincent, and Colleen Wehr, the coordinator. These girls had the repon- sibility of choosing the theme of Dis- neyland. They have planned other activities for the seniors and their "little sistersi' to get together throughout the year. Events 27 28 Events Front Campus Sets Stage For Ring Mass Lori Clack and Barbara Eichelmann sing "Day B Da " Beautiful fall weather allows an outdoor ring mass. Y y' The students. faculty. and adminis- trators, along with families and friends joined the Senior Class of '78 on the front campus to celebrate the annual Ring Mass held on Wednesday. Sep- tember 7. The ceremony. like the day. turned out to be beautiful. Father Cor- renti and Father Jacobs said the mass while the petitions and readings were delivered by members of the Ring Mass Committee. The music was pro- vided by both Juniors and Seniors. Father Correnti. in his address to the Seniors. spoke on the significance and power which these rings carry. When fellow classmates turned the rings of Seniors. they acknowleged the elevated position they had. On the night of grad- uation. each senior follows the custom of turning the ring outward to show others that she is now going out to start herlife. .5 After four years. Melody Ashley finally accepts her Senior ring. Father Correnti and Father Jacobs preside over the mass. Whois' A raid of the F uture? One of the fastest-growing universities in the South. UALR is a popular choice among MSM graduates. Lab work could lead to a career in anything from medical technology to nuclear physics. Choosing a vocation is not easy. but it is a decision that must be made by all. St. Mary's. being a college prep school. provides courses and activities helpful to the students thinking of attending college. The guidance counselors. Sharon Johnson and Janet Tate. invite various representatives of colleges to come to the Mount and to discuss information about their colleges. On October 28. at Catholic High. both Mt. St. Mary's and Catholic High sponsored College Night, which any junior or senior may attend to find out more about different colleges around the United States. This event was helpful to many students: they were able to narrow their choices of colleges to attend. While many students plan on fur- thering their education. others simply want to find a good job and meet peo- ple. For these girls. the Mount offers several business courses. Furthermore. the COE. HOE. and Metropolitan pro- Most people anticipate getting married sooner or later These wedding rings symbolize the commitment between husband and wife. grams provide training in specific areas for students. Eventually. most of the students will be faced with the question of marriage. The religion department provides a Marriage course to help all girls with this important decision. Events 29 ig? 2 i 533 E LQ i Q E 5 X L z +1 J? 9 gb if Q , . " ek , ., ,,. . 1 -I au 4 in ., f of V. -f W Q., ,f 'fi' .91-fl: bbc. QR ' I , V, ,. .,., , M, .1,,1 A 5 " ff ff H are frimitfz 35941535254 if . , N :.. , . ,1:,: ' . ... ,,,, my , , . . . , f W,.xa:,1-.U . . , - 1 ,,.. ,f +14-L: , ,fgwvfffml A -' N' " " '1fL"W""'W"J"M' , -.,,, ,.., :A,Wmw5fyQsgQ4,,ug4Q1ass.ww1z1M:mwwmWwmm1w..,5wM -M,-M wg?-ew Student Enthusiasm its 1977 Bazaar -'-wg Anarchist Sandra Skretkowitz contemplates tear- ing down her booth. 32 Events ef- .A 1 we uv, Margie Malczycki tries to eat a spatula. Patrice Gillenwater: "I know I dropped that hamburger somewhere down there . . ." This year's bazaar got off to a good start with the September 28th Kickoff Assembly, organized and performed by Seniors and Freshmen. Jerri Fowler, a representative of M.M. Cohn's, gave a fashion presenta- tion explaining the third prize, a S300 gift certificate from M.M. Cohnls. Sen- iors and their little sisters presented the second prize, a S500 gift certificate at Mattingly's Furniture. A game show, w P 2 AI ?Wi2lg.42! i p- 1 .-N -, V ,'i??'T , , f h .gggm r r l, 2271.0 Cyndi Lu Smith is terrified at what the fortune teller says. Liz Hale uses her charm to unload some popcorn on an unsuspecting customer. "The Chance That Is Right,"revealed, at last, the first prize, a trip to London, New York, or Hawaii. The chance-selling was over whelm- ing this yearg all four classes achieved over their 10021 goal. The Freshmen led with 11923 the Seniors came in second place with 10621, but the Sophomores were close behind with 10522. Although the Juniors came in last place, they reached a not so bad goal of 10122. One major reason for this tremendous effort was the free day given to all Maureen Riley shows her "raw strength and courage" as balloon lady. classes who did achieve their goal. The variety of booths helped make the bazaar a success. Seniors were responsible for the popular dunking booth and cake booth. Juniors got the job of feeding the crowd while Sopho- mores had the hard job of running the jail. Freshmen took care of the doll booth and found for the first time how much fun the bazaar really is. Barbara Wirzfeld. Theresa Goshen. Becky Devine. and Darcy Rourke are discovering that Bazaar is a "Chaney" business. Events 33 I977 GIRLS' STATE DELEGATES: Q to rj Front Row: Donna Riede. Patty Binz. 2nd Row: Tracy Barger. Kay Allen. Cathie Prewitt, Sidney Anderson. 34 Events PRESIDENTIAL SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS: ll to rj: Kathleen Brandon Cathie Prewitt. Antigoni Pappas falternatej. Scholars With A Plus is . :: I Q za ,1 X 1 N ' U' 'f"4'fS.fw, . LJ ng 1 ! sam, 1 ff F fx" FROM A FRIEND I--ulvllf' ' 1, 1 . 5 if ' t e' , fill ft" A '2Q" NATIONAL MERIT SEMI-FINALISTS: tl to rj Front Row: Judy Killa. Jennifer Horne. Susan Thomp- . , ' it "fgS5if-T-"JT" son. 2nd Row: COMMENDED STUDENTS: Tracy Barger. Susan Edmiston. , R-sbt ' S A gi ...wg P V . . 5' F . riff-"12' -V ? . - yoj! my CENTURY lll SCHOLARSHIP School Runner up Tracy Burger. School winner Sidney Anderson Throughout the year, students have made the Mount proud by competing and winning in varied competitions. During the spring of 1977, six girls were chosen to attend Girls' State dur- ing the week of June 5 to ll at Arka- delphia. Receiving this honor was not enough: some went further and tried for different governmental positions. Cathie Prewitt was elected as Attorney General, but Sidney Anderson was defeated in the race for Associate Supreme Court Justice. This year's National Merit semi- finalists were announced before the whole school by Sister Elisa at an assembly. The three winners and the commended students each received a certificate for their achievements. Two students of M.S.M. entered the Miss Teenage Little Rock competitiong and one of them, Anne Jansen, won the title. Kathleen Brandon went so far as to become one of the-twelve semi-final- ists in Little Rock. In Dallas, at the Miss Teenage America Pageant, Anne received an award commendingher leadership. During the school year, three stu- dents were chosen as possibilities of attending the Presidential Classroom in Washington D.C. A Century III schol- arship to Williamsburg was also given away in which two girls from M.S.M. became eligible. M.S.M. is especially proud of Anne Jansen. Miss Teenage Little Rock. Kathleen Brandon also rep- resented our school in the pageant. Events 35 400-U Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance Directed by Rand Hopkins Student Directors: Bill Thompson. L Research Specialist: Tracy Barger Technical Manager: David Wardlaw Vocal Director: Carol Hopkins Act. l PIPPIN FIDDLER ON THE ROOF OKLAHOMA MY FAIR LADY SOUTH PACIFIC, WESTSIDE STORY ori Martin. Paris Upshaw Act 2 CA BA RET HA IR THE WIZ GODSPELL CHOR US LINE ANNIE APPLA USE Orchestra: Directed by Mr. David Massey Drew Jansen Budder Wilson Don Deems Harry Calhoun Mike Matthews Doug Blackall Mark Halter Blake Hendrix Jennifer Home Musical Arrangeme Crew Chairpersons: Make-up Construction Ushers Stage Crew Set Design Lights Cast: Kay Allen Heather Anderson Kate Anderson John Askew Tami Bowman Diane Bradshaw Kathleen Brandon Lori Clack Kelli Coulter Huey Cox Kurt Dietrich Jay Dayke Gena Elam Sherrie Gaylor Damian Gerke Bill Gilmore Mary Gilmore Chris Ginnaven 36 Events Maxine Isaacs Paige Jacoby Gina Jacuzzi Anne Jansen Chris Johnson Sam Kelly Kevin Kresse Alex Kreth Skip Lackey Concetta LoPorto Libby Magnini Philip Mahla Margie Malczycki Susan May Mary Menz David Mott Mike Murray Peggy Oberste Joe Arnold Kevin Baker Vicki Dobson Jim Pitts George Schafer Chris Baker Buzz Berg John Pitts Danny Whitesell nt: Craig Baker and Tommy O'Connor Sharon Fitz David Wardlaw Polly Baldwin Carol Olberts Lynne Breen Mary Ruth Parker Mark Pauly Andrew Pearce Cahtie Prewitt Caroline Reasoner Julie Rechtin Kathy Savary Debbie Scroggin David Stuart Mary Stuart Lisa Thompson Paula Thompson Mark Troilett Medora Vestal Karen Vincent Dana Ward Meg Waters David Wells Vickie Wrape Skip Lackey's enthusiastic pantomimes unify the show. C.H.S. boys let their true personalities The orchestra's superb performance greatly enhances the production. creep out in "Hain" Concetta LoPorto and Chris Guinaven sing "Tonight" from West Side Story. - fi , M, . Q Q B Sherrie Gaylor. Susan May. David Stuart, Gina Jacuzzi, and Debbie Scroggin have "Magic To Do." QPip- Pin? Hath the help of Rand Hopkins and Sr. Margaret, Mt. St. Mary's and Catholic High were able to produce Gotta Sing, Gotza Dance. After the try- outs, held on November 28, practice began, and the work started. The production included Broadway shows, both well-known and newer ones. The first act contained older and familiar shows loved by allg the newer and unfamiliar shows were seen in Act 2. To bring all the different types of songs together, Skip Lackey used mime to produce the shows from his magic trunk. All of the stage work was done by the students in the show and on the crews. The posters, one from each show, were also designed and drawn by the students. The background of the set was made of old video tape donated by Channel 7. Formerly renowed for his Mick Jagger impres- sions. Mike Murray aptly impersonates a hula girl. Gena Elam accompanies him with "Honey Bun" from South Pacmc. Events 37 Summer '77 The great getaway - Summer is the time to travel anywhere from Europe to Arkansas' own lakes and camp- grounds. . . Escaping the heat, much time was spent swimming, skiing, or just relaxing with a tall lemondae on the rocks.- The more industrious souls took some very interesting summer jobs, but many Chose the ever-popular "grease- joints." Fa!! ,77 Back to the old grind - buying books gave the feeling you were not only expanding your mind but also throwing away the last of your precious leisure time. The "Bandies', master the feat of marching and playing simultaneously. We heard the music often as they tramped through the parking lot. Spooky creatures roamed the Mount around October 31. The buildings, according to tradition, were nicely dec- orated with streamers of white stuff. Wonder where it came from? 38 Student Life Winter 378 The second paralyzing winter in a row brought school to a halt with a record of I0 inches in January. Stu- dents were ecstatic at first about the break from classes, but the novelty died down as Arkansas learned to live like Northerners - by walking very care- fully. The Christmas assembly to our sur- prise turned into a full day of festivi- ties. 'tlt Happened One Night" starring Clark Gable, was a tremendous hit. -u Free goodies were generously distrib- uted to the student body. Lunch came later, gifts were exchanged, and every- one vowed to never again eat another candy cane or sugar cookie. New Year's Eve brought out the wild side in every dedicated partier. Confetti was scarce, but refreshments were not. Spring ,78 School attendance dropped slightly with spring fever and the Oaklawn rac- ing season in Hot Springs. Ash Wednesday, fasting and giving up our favorite indulgence were fol- lowed of course by Easter, perhaps the most meaningful holiday to Christians. While the egg hunts and chocolate bunnies are supposedly Nfor kids only" some of us then reverted to our child- hood. Our Bandies marched at New Orle- ans Mardi Gras. For days later, stu- dents sported the treasure plastic bau- bles that they got by tooth, fang, and claw. Student Life 39 Thafs The Way The Old Ball Bounces One of the Mounties astounds a member of the opposing team with her' agil- ity. 40 SpOI'IS Mountie Shirley Binz gets into the action. The district in which the Belles and Mounties play was changed this past season to A.A.A.A. in which there are seven teams, many of which M.S.M. had never played before. The schedule called for twenty-four gamesg but because of snow, not all could be met. Throughout the basketball season, both the Belles and Mounties practiced about four days a week. They undertook the task of learning new techniques and practicing on the old. Thegirls also played under game situations. The M.S.M. teams took part in the annual Cabot Tourna- ment held December 3-l2 in which they prepared themselves for the District Toumament taking place in the second week of February. The winner of this tournament went to the State Tournament. 'X 2 ,"X Patrice Gillenwater shows her perfect form while Mary Hemann takes a break. Diana Hain is oblivious to the others while concentrating on her shot. "I enjoy the sport a lot. . . I want to play basket- ball during the coming years at the Mount. . .I like fast-moving aspects." Lisa Hendon Sports They 've A bsolutebf F Iqypecz' .I Kathleen Byrne prepares for a difficult maneuver on the uneven parallel bars. K 42 Sports eeping one's toes pointed demands a great deal of concentration as Sherri Johnson demonstrates. Coach Joy Rundell has worked hard to get the girls of the Gymnastic Team ready for competition against other gymnasts. Some of these group mem- bers have had training in the sport: but for many, this year was the first. All of the girls were proud of what they had achieved in all meets. ' "What next. Miss Rundell?' Sarah French gets ready to show 'em who's boss. Lynn Harris works on technique despite the inclement weather. ame Point For M.S.M. The twenty-One girls making up the Volleyball Team worked hard to win over the competitive teams. In the North- east Tournament held in October, the M.S.M. team defeated Ole Main: but the girls lost to the first and second ranking teams. Sylvan Hills and Northeast. They had put forth a great effort: and one girl, Leslie Gorman, received acknowledge- ment for her fine playing. She was voted as an all-tournament player. Leslie Gorman and Betty Ullrich enjoy Joy Rundell's pep talks. Game. . .Set. . .Match The members of the Tennis Team got to work early. Back in the winter months. when it was really too cold to play tennis. the girls got themselves organized with the help of Coach Sharon Deckelmann. With the head start. they were ready for competition in the spring. l Melanie Parham demonstrates the proper way to grip the racquet. Sports 43 ' 3 Keep On Strokzn "I like to swim to keep in shapeg but mostly because it's fun, and I like the peo- ple andthe coach." Lucy Blunk Mary Beth Heil checks her lead in the breaststroke. 44 Sports Ann Dillingham shows that Peter Pan isn't the only one who can fly. Although the Swim Team did not go undefeated this year, the girls put out a tremendous effort. Their famed slogan "INSTANT SWIMMER, JUST ADD WATER" fits the group perfectlyg at all meets, the girls did their utmost to win. They have worked hardg and thus, they have improved and will be ready and even better for next year. Bowling Gets Rowling At The M ount Betsy Calhoun exhibits prefect form while practicing at Park Plaza lanes. The girls on the Bowling Team worked hard to improve their scores this year. They competed against each other and found new and better tech- niques had by fellow mem- bers. l sion. 3 ig Q - llsll fs as M il 'lt it A Pam Gay and Debbie Gay take their turn at the scoreboard during a practice ses- Mrs. Bradford and the swim team take a rest while the divers compete. Sports 45 Tweet, Tweet, Tweet, Tweet, Tweet Cathie Prewitt. Debbie Scroggin. and Kathleen Byrne really want that touchdown. Susan Thompson shows Liz Halinski how it's done. The Catholic High Rockettes spent many hours perfecting their routines and kicks. The girls started in the sum- mer and kept working through the win- ter months. The girls were well-prepared to march at football and basketball games, along with the C.H.S. Pep Assemblies. .. Each of the marchers seem to have a different opinion of where the action is. . Rockettes Tracy Austin. Lisa Reynolds, Kathy Savary, Kate Dunnavant. and Julia Bauer line up to do a routine. "SA.LUTE" if tl l Cathy Knox leads the Pep Club in a cheer. . The Strength Is In The Voices The girls in the C.H.S. Pep Club have spent time learning chants and cheers. Captain Sharon Fitz and Co-captain Cathy Knox worked on the Rocket "launching Pads" during the summer. Each Senior football player receives one in his yard before the beginning of the season. Dana Ward waits to see if the kick is good. Sports 47 Vczrsigf Cheerleaders Inspire C.H. S. Fans The Varsity Cheerleaders spent much time making signs and runthroughs. In August, when football practice began, the girls prepared KOOL-AID for the football players. They raised spirit among the Pep Club girls by teaching them new cheers and chants that they had learned at camp. Captain Anne Campbell leads the Rocket fans. ,J , l l C , Laura Mattingly: "Cheerleading teaches you how to work as a team and helps you to get along with others." 48 Sports The I977-l978 C.H.S. Cheerleaders practice - flying! Angie Schaefer and Monica Rodriguez check to make sure they're doing it right. The B -Team Cheerleaders Promote The Rockets The B-Team cheerleaders give shouts of inspiration to the Rocket basketball team. Becca Bailey jumps high for the Rockets while Elizabeth Deal cheers them on. Leslie Baldwin and Mary Menz pull the Rockets through a tight spot. but Gina Jacuzzi has spotted someone special in the crowd. Leslie Baldwin takes time out from cheering to check the score. The Sophomore Cheerleaders had to get up early last summer to practice at Catholic High. From 6:30 to 8:30 in the morning. you could see them practicing new chants and cheers learned at camp. Sports 49 X A-LQ?LNLa.w f The 'Cracker Cheerleaders Are Realbf Poppin, Mary Phauser gives the signal to charge. ,.-'A I ""' v l e ' 'f .W kw,,,.,f -" ' Wd ' fe : , y . W- ' sf- ff! 'lt 1 f iffy, up 7 ' 5iLffi, ., J, ffr - 1' ,, ,1 ' Nmlfiifetzil N .. ,l , , V L , - I .. -- t if ' - Q ,"'-' ' , F si fi . ,A V 4 ' x. Q iv ,M sim A 5? iw mist 2 lf' f.',fg1'iii , , if 6 5 ,, l i i J -- se. :"si'x. .- - 'I fi' , W"' ' -1: iff'-1 " ' 1,2 r: .grit - -gk - ew. - . , , 1 L . -sv 'Fr' , N15-1VT511'i 1 , . ,. 2-M215 .. .J f 1 .,,f-fvy.'w':11:z4j K on -gLlaL'C,ii'?'.fg ,f ,- 4,,, :ui .- - W sf-Q--s-,r'ff-ws' 'at .. ,,,, f -f.r,a-,,, H , ff- we if N We .' ' t we 'K 3 , 1 z ,. -1-J' 3 Y f:'f...-if, - arf -yt .. , 11- J . .- ' A 'if 4 , 1 ,J an .- .. " Y. -. L , ,Kg -. ,. ,, - 0' 3 , X ,fri 1 A 50 Sports ww Afl- 'fx Q wx tea? 'f""i'2.1 me gb iff!! if me 42 QW vdw f I "gat 2 w" Ma its wh X wi. AM' ya:'i41i7"93' r'4' Anim? 'E any J.'9Sa's1 H '-Ready. o.K.!!" After the tryouts in the fall, the Firecracker cheerleaders began practice. With the help of their spon- sor, Debbie Morrow, the girls quickly learned their duties and the rules. Betsy Hughes and Lynn Thomas try to construct a totem pole --we won! We won!" "es- During a school assembly. Belles and Mounties cheerleaders raise student spirit. Belle Ana' M ourztie Cheerleaders Boost The Spirit At The Mount i l Kristi Hinchey. Jan Dollins. Sandra Casson. and Paula Thompson seem to be sure of a victory for the Belles and Moun The M.S.M. Cheerleaders have sold spirit ribbons, buttons, pendants, bumper stickers, and programs to help raise the spirit. To get more students to attend the basketball games, a spirit stick was awarded. temporarily, to the class with most attendance. The race was close between juniors and fresh! men. but the freshmen came out win- ners. Sports 51 We are individuals Weareapari. . . We are ihe ihreads io our iapesfrg. .fooga .figs flflfa Jlflacfa .gif Being a member of the Class of '78 is something to be proud of. Throughout all four years, these girls have stuck together. As freshmen, they came closer by help- ing each other to learn the way of life at the Mount. Being sophomores was hard to get used tog no longer did they have their big sisters to look after them. These girls, like all juniors, were impatientg being seniors was right around the corner. Along with being a senior comes many privileges. Sit- ting in the front part of the gym at assemblies, leaving the gym first, and not having to wait in line at a coke machine arejust a few of the specialties that all students anticipate. The Mount has done much in preparing these Seniors for any goal they set for themselves. When these girls have gone. they will dwell on their past life at the Mount: and the good times will only be remembered. sl A Betsy Pruss discusses activities of assembly with fellow Seniors Sidney Anderson Jem Ratliff Deb Eckhart and Jennifer Horne discuss upcoming Mar senior. riage project 54 Graduates 555221101 yacvz was a fims fox . csfaafs Ogffen. Aaicfnsy qflfaff Oqrzcfsuon cazzia Dawn. Bag Kay .fynn Ggffsn fflflflbdy O-sf,fQfE,, llauzsn. Bafcfwin, .fozgffa gum Oqncfs Suzan oqaton maggie Bags 56 Grad .fitting ins guna out ofq-yzaz ofa! unifozmi . 'US maggie giddy 54123 3611951 Qwnnia fgazgia ggaffy .'Binz onna QIZQLZQ Jlffazy Bag 'llidlid Bening Oqnn Boofg 12:00 cwzfsw at Jlffuzzag . . Biamza Bzaclagaw .Jlffonfs Bwwn ix 1 gwan, Bziffain jfafgfsan Bzancforz wi 1 jfafgfsarz Buzcuz jf Jmsfiiia 54312 Bufgiswi fb'c74nn,a Bufmanagi Cgvamg Oqmza Kafgfssn By 'ans G G 58 Gra .fiaa dlffazia CQULEH Oqrzn Jfffazgazsf Effsn Chen 017169651 Ibzic fljdblfdlid. Oqrzn. Qatfsgazzy .Lbzi Edna 'UZ sa, af dmcbolzafcfla Cilgzyf cfgmffg Clzfgy 9555565 cozfai Sfzawts Qvcgsma in 655 new guiflfirzg . . Ugsum Cbx gina Slbsuszfing gufii E Cbffsffs Bafsy Effm Lbomgffy c!Q5rzss Begin 30.08 54720 fynfflia :Ross Qumgoagi Esgowg ffcgafzf Enjoying ina afatua of cz asniofz 'zing . . Suzan .fcfrniaton Bazgam Eicgsfmanm Lbgaomfg Lynn fffufgg Wmiffia .faflbon Cyntgia dlffafzia gunna Jlffafzifo Qazyawdaz Graduates Qian Efizagsfg fiasfs 1 .fiaa Ennis Jlffazy Qaufg iczofifming af . . Qsgawn Bendix Qifz Qlzgfrzia ganbzy 35818161 041212 goaflan 5'LL.ZCLI2I2S Cflffauzssrz gaffag EEZ finda gangs Joyce 5433 garzgfuff gwcia gomsz cgazfoffs Oqnnz Qfcssnwo Dzfsnia Qmvsa G d 62 Gra Kazan gufzaigy cflffazgazat Jwazy dfafct Jlffazy Elkins 07-fsmamz duates 'Jvc-moz" ana! fait nzinufa fazm fldflili . .fiaa afmazie cffallrz .Lum Oyaitinga jean ffm. Gvafgy - dlflazy cvlfawgsy .fiffd Oqmz clfsu .fou olfoftz ana! cfazozgaaga at figs Lofcanga Bowl, guide 040051 .fflffsfincfa clfopgirza X Z Jmszcsclsa, Clvfgzarz jmfziauaem 540128 COLTEEIZ Cjflfliifl amen guna 5 Cjarznifsz olfo C7g'Li1firza gogrzion 4-Sxgazzi Qqnn, U' Bsnim Qficbozia lyfaffsy dgszyf Kilfl .Wjaf 'Loc l 51' " lg L 9 Jlffazly Iifsffy Judy WM 55, and ffiflddi cfuafn . . .foza Kamp b Jlffsfiua fjfniggt X Chfgazina ffizagsfg iknox .fim .Land 64 Graduates Sazving on kgs Hlzaw aquacfn . .5 Jmazifyn Kay .fuysf umm, Joyce .fogafosfsz AWQIZCJTQ jfatgfzyn, .futz , Effsn Jlffazga .fauna cflffaffingfy .fofzi Jnaztin, Oqnifa Jmaxwsff Bazgafca flfains dlffiffsz Gr Expaziancdng kgs bcaunza of feats . . Efizagatfi :Rox Jmiffsz 041222 Dfgszfa 'jzucfy dvicgsuon, ' .fjwufsan 54035 Dian Oqntigoni Qgafgpaa mmgszfy Xanga' fpaaufino fpanzafa ogrzrza gDazEsz M Cktgazins Ggmz gD.stsv,aprz Jmazy Chffgszins fpafznsgagaz Graduates Clcuiairzg .fee Gqusnua . . Qzfgia Gqmza ggzswiff cqmza Qtgaziu fpmuii Bscgy fpzuaa Ugzzis .QDZLLLL 'jfciczla fafsy Jenifer fynn cfazffiff gjluii 7 , 5 jfaffly fpzuai Cgziifs fag Graduates 67 Jmicgsffs fyuonns cyauafcs .gfimgszfza cR7Lcga'zc! , Jlffawzasn, cfifay Graduates qfyssgsncf flips, fo Qaysffsuiffa . . fha 4R.Q5,n0Z2!1 Qbsgomg go fsynofcfa X X l dafgazins 5. :R 6517 Donna cfiscfs mm cgoginazffs lhuzis fiffnzafz gfafz qflfau and Eazfg KVQCJET . . :Rita fog 04125665 Qfafszis gk 09511 gerznifsz .flynn 4-Swcgsudng .qgaffy we wlzzncf .fauza Axagnsicfaz Gr Qbsgomg fynn gazoggin fpfcuzning fox kgs fufu genie Avg-517-OC! Uszsia Eiarzs Cyndi fu Qmitg iamafa fbdarza Sfepgsni gumn Uflonzpaorz E Q9 fpazdi Oqnna qlpxgaw X Kazan fifsan Qfirzcant Graduates TE. . gozzowa Qui 'jump cindy qflfaffacs Cgaifirzg away . . cynfgzla llaigg Gwaznsz Bazgaza fwiizfsly mfg, fcfwifza .foams qflfsad 'QQ cfmazgazsf :Ross qfyooffozcf X Z cpsgsaca Gqnna fysazy Ciaffaarz GVVEE1 Kazan Ogmz Kwwgfsagi 916112654 C74l2l2 Zdgiliufig Bev.-szfy Zafac ' Gra mama Q4 Unto dig Cilptfttf of 955,191 The spirit had by the Class of '78 has been overwhelming. For the first time. these girls were able to exceed their chance-selling goal for the bazaar. With each doing her part, the class. as a whole, reached l06'Zp of its goal. Many seniors gave of their time and effort to work on different committees to make this year the best of all. Reasons for the great enthusiasm are receiving a locker of one's own in the new wing of Marion Hall and the new parking lot. But, above all. the class officers deserve much recognition for their contributions to the class. Laura Hastings and Diane Bradshaw harmonize while Lisa Reynolds pre pares for a quick getaway. l 72 Graduates X-', t .I V if . Mary Hemann appears exhausted from activities as student co-ordinator. Diane Bradshaw and Susan Thompson attempt to flag down dates for the prom v Q, , 1 awk, 4.. New here at MSM. senior Lisa Ennis attentively listens to the KMSM sports announcer. After wrapping herself in the tablecloth. Ann Hess claims. "l only had this Rita Rolf at her senior best. ,., much. Graduates 73 i yy I aniozia .fast Charlotte Greenwood and Mary Hemann share a few laughs on their way to class. Jeni Ratliff - "No sister. l'm awake! Maureen Riley and Joyce Gangluff appear envtranced with assembly while Mary Kelly attempts to strike up conversation. Sharon Fitz expresses sheer delight in new found senior privileges. Deb Eckart shows her band spirit while playing the 74 GradLlE1I6S drums. Susan Thompson and Kim Robinette show unity in the true sense of the word. The Class of '78 has put forth a greater effort this year to become a more united class. Many girls realized that this year would be their last year. and their last chance. to really get to know their fellow classmates. Even though these girls won't be together at school, they have developed long lasting friendships that they will always remember. Lisa Carey and Ellen Marks display proper behavior at assembly. Seniors feast together on Epicurean delights. Graduates 75 Junior Spirit Keeps Them On Top Of Things Being the number two class is noth- ing to complain about. The members of the Junior Class of '78 have been busy from the start. They did their share in raising money for the Bazaar by selling l0l'Z1 of their chance-selling goal, and working in the Food Booth, a must at every bazaar. The members of the junior commit- tees responsible for the Junior-Senior Ball did a fantastic job. They worked hard to get a good band and placeg BURGUNDY was gotten to play, and the Werthen Band Building was chosen as the location. All seniors and juniors attending the elequent ball were given a good and enjoyable time. Such a hard-working, well-spirited group can surely make its senior year just as great as its j unior year. " JUNIOR OFFICERS: Front Row: fl to rj Leslie Gorman, 2nd Vice-President: Diana Hain, President: Lynne Schlatterer, lst Vice-President. Back Row: Patrice Gillenwater,Treasurer1 Lynne Breen, Secretary Sandra Jkretkowicz, Representative. 76 Juniors An odd assortment of Homeroom 301 Juniors. 3 A l qi L , fa f -'F I 5' 'WL Ag We w 9 g e ! qxeiww X- Q f ,Q , .L G -Q 'fv- ve ai an ,M 2 if aiming W PH Wm f wb K ' ft 3 ,N ' 5 Michelle Ready and Wendy Quick have a difference of opinion as to where the action is. Gloria Alvarado Heather Anderson Jean Bartsch Julia Bauer Catherine Bays Susan Bennett Dee De Bergerson Debbie Bernardi Ann Boles Lynne Breene Mary Brittain Felicia Brown Becky Bruich Cathy Callahan Diane Campbell Juniors 77 Terry Campbell Karen Castleberry Janet Cathell Debbie Christie Judy Chudy Lee Ann Cissell Angela Cochran Carolyn Connaway Kelli Coulter Dayna Crawford June Creasman Robin Crotts 78 Juniors " ut the UALR Library was closed . . . f . fy . -,EFI I k K 5' " is i , - :. 1f.,.f' if , Z rf. ,. -W A .Q-r""' -. f 'V 'fi , Fig. , - , 3 X it r , . 5 1 e 'f ',,,f S 3 - nal .f ' , 'fm' ,I . Q: ,'FM.,:' isle it H i 1 il ii' 5 ha" ,.., J, rl ET., .ff Kate Dunnavant has trouble deciding if Maureen Wehr really has an invisible coke and straw. or if Mau reen only thinks she does. L , 35 A .L . - 1 -f. A Q' -K W - 3:3 Qs at C f ty .-,Q f , . K S An excited Patti Johnston proclaims. "We don't have to sit in homeroomsl' JJ w , t 4 f in -, , . ,,.. i .. b y y if I' ' X Y V w ' ' 'SE E ff- .3 1 .P 5 F 5 f - 13 13. fe ' , my mxff-f 'tzrw J " J: 4 Q, A y u V 'Q .ff l l lil l "You didn't do your English. and you want to borrow mine. right?" M" S3'Z3M " mgglglfw gHNz.,v'f'-'f Q., -Q, 1.X , - A 8 11 x 3' im . t .,.- , w---- .jr ,tg as 3? ie. S ' :iw X ' X is 'K 1 Lori Dildy Ann Dillingham .lan Dollins Theresa Downing Janice Dunaway Kate Dunnavant Kelly Dwan Angie Elrod Mary Fitzgerald Rose Fitzpatrick Jean Fowler Sarah French Sandra Friedl Tracy Gault Pam Gay Sherrie Gaylor Angel Gerke Patrice Gillenwater Mary Gilmore . 1 ,tt,, 2 ,,,. F " G Linda Glenn l he lfSl1eG0rman V,,, ffl!! L,,. f its 1 Juniors 79 " inalb got cz date for the Jr. -Sr. Ba!! . . . 3' Ann Greeley Melanie Griffin Laura Grundl Diana Hain Liz Hale Kelli Harvey Marybeth Heil Sandra Henning Dolores Hess Karen Hicks Tonya Higgins Kristi Hinchey Mary Hooks Robin Humphries 80 Juniors ir, ,,L.X, ,,e,..,, A.r,N.s,. 'G' 5 ' k.VA X ,av ' ' "'- ""?g'1 A W f ., .F , f fi as g ' sm- fiii r ,, - ' - r ,ers-r few:5z,fffzagm mei? 1.1259 :gC"i'rqgiFk"l 13.561591 ' ji, 4 I' i 5 tv i . X1 Q W Q .s resr , , as K , W mt ,, M g5'Ef'z-?,, 'Sf-,-5,5-if H 1 Qffrsi i- ,,., 43 , ,W 2 f.,ss.f.-My --N-1.fs1,S:, ' NW- .1 sr., 4 is A ,- gig me -:W . ' 7 'iiifefi '1?23E2Yvi 'fi' :J '?:EEf.f9,x egg..-R'I,:41, fa., 1'--s,4- .. f- C V 1 gggwk 3 T w in 3 ,.,. 'z-mx., z.. 'ifa-25441 rfwsisrslfr 'ilvisfsirn -,-U5 gi? 11" 5 X 'grrizjfix if 4 . p m 2' eff -wr ' f.-41, ' - - 'forge .I iff 'f : -Pwr-is ffiffww 1 :' , ----- r . ' ' we 'I yz 1 3' . if 'iw' lv - I ,fflk ' ' ' f f 51 , . ' V rf. fs I 1 if 'fs K , I Erin Treanor rehearses for the "Sing Along with Erin Hour." Maxine Isaacs, alias "Olga Korbutf' limbers up before attempting a sole cir- cle onthe high bar. 1 Gigi Peters needs the whitest teeth possible for when the camera zooms in like this' Maxine Isaacs Cheryl Johnson Michelle Johnson Rita Johnson Sherry Johnson Patti Johnston Beatrice Kaplon Debbie Kelley Lisa Kirchner Joan Knotts Connie Knox Kris Kowalski JoAnne Kremers Melinda LaBorde Donna Ladd Karen Lienhart Teresa Loftus Juniors 81 " ut why can 'Z we get our rings this year " at Wil' 1 fella 'ff sez! ..,.'f gi'-' EYEEQ f V f' LLLL , , L, . Mary Helen Long , , U Cindy Longinottn I V i t 2, ,alex 3 ,I"j'li'??' ff' E t " xi. 6 if I Concetta LoPorto el f Lou Anne Lutz Q 5: ,fra ,gf M., ., ggi '15 , gg g H Q55 ,Wi Q" Kiev, is 3- i 11 , -V V K Marilyn Mahon Margie Malczycki .N,,. i Mignon Mansfield Melissa Mernah Q L Yvonne Miller e Kelly Mitchell Q Cathy McCauley . ' l " Norma Norton , K l NH' Janice Nottenkamper 3 -1 , Dede Ouletta Jeannie Oury vx- 1 Jennie Owen uw: -411 if' l"' ' '!'f2.Ul'ff'? i f 5 W w 4 l M e 3 J is x Mary Ruth Parker Gigi Peters Linda Pruss Roxanna Pruss Ann Purvis 82 Juniors M QW I Mary Sul liv an shows what she thinks of pink slips -7 'P fs at f-A is if Z M xr Ng af. , er nf ,is 2 9' Masked men Liz Renaud and Lisa Rawn capture a bozo on the premises. Q Hal? sei? Amman iraqi 'Chi 5:44 my I , V s f ' L ' , Wendy Quick Star Raines Penny Ray Lisa Rawn Michelle Ready Kim Rehbein Lana Renaud Liz Renaud Lisa Ritter Mary Ellen Rosell Melissa Rutt Mimi San Pedro Kathy Savary Angie Schaefer Lynne Schlatterer Juniors 83 "The South didn? win the War of 1812 . . . P! " Tammy Schulte Marilee Seiter Mary Shanshala Debbie Shields Laurie Sims Sandra Skretkowicz Catherine Smith Susan Sponer Lizanne Stinson Sheila Strand Mary Sullivan Alicia Sweeden Anne Taillac Lisa Thomason Ngoc Tran Erin Treanor Karen Troutman Betty Ullrich 84 Juniors i , t Q53 ,t,.,. SZ, sf T ii 9 fs ez, , ,age fi ' H J 1 ,9- Q 4 6 'fix ls. ,-.e.,. . , 1 Y -5. 'iw "' x r 'S 'va " i , nf r L W , rf 'W . af if Star Raines models the sophisticated look for the sophisticated Junior? Leslye Vines Patsy Vinson Laurie Wallace Maureen Wehr Janie Wells Donna Wewer Joan Williamson Sandra Wimfeld Jackie Worthy Becky Zajac Bonnie Carr Evelyn Deuerling Juniors 85 S ophs Are A Driving Force Behind The M ounf 5 I l The Sophomore class is stepping up. While last year they had to deal with the problems caused by being new, this year they have an even greater feeling of belonging. These girls went right to work in sell- ing their chances for the Bazaar, reach- ing l05'Zf of their goal. Handling the Jail was troublesome, but it was worth the time spent to bring in the money. If this class can make its last two years at the Mount as great as the first two, it will really have something to be proud of. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS: Front Row. fl to rj Carla Selig, presidentg Lisa Longinotti, lst vice-pres. Back row: Sandra Casson. representative: Anne Kelly. secretary: Holly Held, treasurer: Becky Devine, 2nd vice- pres. Sophomores take a break in the gym to share a joke and homework. 86 Sophomores if 'F fr -ff 2 Karen Hardin observes the gray sky around her, and remembers she left her car windows down. Kerry Alexander Martha Allen Brenda Anderson Robin Antrim Debbie Auletta Tracy Austin Rebecca Bailey Julie Baker Teresa Baker Leslie Baldwin Polly Baldwin Anne Balest Gina Balsam Bea Barre Jenny Barron Nancy Barte Martha Binz Sandy Binz Clevetta Blackburn Shawn Blazer Lucy Blunk Sophomores 87 " 1152 I4 days until I get my Iicensef' Lisa Boch Mary Bowling Tami Bowman Bridget Brandon Teresa Brown Debbie Buddenberg Paula Burgener Phyllis Burris Dianna Caldarera Betsy Calhoun Marcia Calva Patrice Carey San Casson Cecelia Chambers Cindy Charles Susan Chudy Clair Clancy Patty Coen Linda Collins Kellie Corbitt Carla Com 88 Sophomores f- , ' . -vr ,, ,C ' i Q., ' V. QE ll. , fjari ., 5 ,ff -.' ff gg f- I fi - i- if 'A A egg j ' Q, Disco -mg in the snow seems to amuse Leslie Crawford. , fe ' Y ' A iii' 'Wm swam Aww Ee weggsfk we-awywf, A 32514- ,3 ,K4 ff'-,,-.L, 1 Qi V . -1 152518 Agra, . V .gy Q was 1 . -W, ,,. - -- ,, PS f, ,,..,W,, ,,,,sa,-A ,,, fl.. f v f W Caroline Ward and Liz Halinski are fascinated by Gina Jacuzzi's fashionable cowl. , wi' Dore Crain Leslie Crawford Natalie Davenport Karen Davis Elizabeth Deal Richelle DeBin Becky Devine Angie Dirst Diane Dobbins Vicki Dobson Ann Donnelly Evelyn Dolson Sue Dougan Dondi Doyle Angel Elizardo Malleson Emmerling Robin Evans Margie Finger Doris Fletcher Mitzti Freemyer Karen Gangluff Lilyan Gardner Sophomores 89 C'What's cz schedule 'C,?" 3--aaa Wendy Garner Maurine Gaston Michelle Gavin Donna Gehrki Marguerite Gillam Sandra Gomez Lisa Goodhart Rita Granberry Carol Greeley Mary Greene LeeAnn Greenway Liz Halinski Elaine Hall Lisa Hamilton Lucy Blunk paints a realistic shadow on the Sophomore Jail. if! ' ,e,, ., ' , V-" RoseAnn Hansen ff Q Karen Hardin Amy Harelson , .f Holly Held - Melanie Hemann W V 'E 5 A f 2' 41 f 'lf Linda Henning . V ' Elizabeth Henry ' I Becky Hemdon - All Chris Hulen fe J ,A L Keren Jackson V iii ,ji f' L ,Liga 90 Sophomores Visa ls " a 1' ,I t . f . in s Anna Remsing appears elated over the fact that there are still three quarters left to go. f w3a'P:We'+'W:7g 'fe , Wm! 'fl . A f g g 'L H , 1 e V 'fi A 1 f e' ,,,, K , 4 K N ' ' ' ' 1 1 .fr L fri 'WM f , I 'I ell , Q ' 1 L 'it u Wi 22 1 iw A ,. . ., ,,., ti , .ur.2s6W5f,V-f . im Y A gg? ,, 5 a J if A -4 is ? t f i EV W y, .ta Y I tw v 2 J . 'W An.. 1 A if ,ff x ai 'H N lt , fi V 1 ..., . W awe 5119?- aa pp, wlasws at L bf ' " Mi? ' -me s ,f.a,,:, . 52? , , W L ,ye 4435 Q il vi fs- K ul 'ii .173 if z'f?'9n fm- 2 ff M at M64 Mfg 'V M' , , , ,,, an aa it-rw mf1sfw:aQ4VfVesV W V. V..'7f'-1 ' Q W X -V ,. -1 - V V- -:N-, N " r X Q? i ,, ,,.. .E ,.., H., 3.25, ff f t Paige Jacobi Gina Jacuzzi Susan .legley Anne Kelly Cathy Knittig Brenda Koehler Ellen Kremers Debbie Land Deborah Lee Joan Lewis Teresa Lewis Mary Lienhart Cindy Loetscher Lisa Longinotti Vicki Luyet Missy Maginn Libby Magnini Karla Marczuk .3 Sophomores 91 "Chic0s, garcons, jun gen, puerin Kay Martin Sharon Martin Dee Massanelli Coleen Maxwell Susan May 1 E Jamie Meeks Mary Menz Anita Milam Shawn Milligan Andrea Mitchell 'R Karen Moix Michelle Moix Jane Moore Margaret Morgan Marie Morgan Carrie Murtha Carolyn McCall Margie McCauley Leah McSpadden Katie O'Connell Ruth Oman Sophomores enjoy their first Language Dinner. 92 Sophomores cult. springjust around the corner. Lilyan Gardner finds concentrating diffi- "You mean He gave Her a ring?!?" Carol Paladino Holly Patterson Lisa Patterson Missi Payer Laura Pennebaker Cheryl Perkins Judy Peterson Thuyet Phan Cathy Phillips Laura Phillips Robin Pitts Dana Pruss Laura Raible Julie Rambo Julie Rechtin Anna Remsing Carol Robinson Sophomores 93 Alicia Rolf Carla Schnebclen Shawn Schouweiler Nancy Schultz Carla Selig Rochelle Stemberg Voche Qnson Mary Stuart Marjorie Tedford Tracy Thomas Kristi Thompson Paula Thompson Nancy Turley Sheri Tyler 94 Sophomores "I f I have to sew in this Katie O'Connell tries to decide what she wants while Laura Pennebaker gets her money out. f--f 1 ,L L-wa . , -W, fi Karen Davis happily waits for the bell while Malleson Emmerling hurriedly finishes her homework. zqyper one more time, . . .U Kathleen Webb practices meditating in Spanish at the Language Dinner. Cheri Varady Karen Wadley Julie Wagner Theresa Wallent Lenore Wallin Sissy Walls Amy Walsh Caroline Ward Dana Ward Kathy Webb Linda Werner Linda Wiedower Melinda Williams Regina Wirzfeld Terry Workman Sue Wright Callie Zaloudek Michele Zeblisky Sophomores 95 Freshmen Climb With Their Spirit Starting off in a new school was rough for the freshmen at first, but they soon got over it. Meeting new friends and having "big sisters" to welcome them helped them to feel like they belonged. When it comes to raising money. the spirtied group of girls have what it takes. Reaching ll9'Zy of their chance-selling goal brought them to win first place in class competition. But they didn't stop there. The girls worked hard to make their art and craft booth and their doll booth a success. Now that these girls have learned the daily routines of St. Mary's, they are prepared to help it in all ways that they can. FRESHMEN OFFICERS: Top to Bottom: Kara Chipman. 2nd vice-pres.: Cheryl Helgeson. lst vice-pres Vickie Wrape. president: Kelly Baldwin, representative: Dawne Attwood. secretary: Suzy Chun. treasurer. 96 Freshmen Freshmen readily adapted to new high school environment. Hamm arg Grace Boone gets into the spirit of her first field day. Rita Aletter Liz Alexander Dawne Attwood Kate Anderson Melissa Bagby Kelly Baldwin Val Bankston Eva Barringhaus Amy Bechtel Michelle Bennett Sandy Bennett Annette Berkemeyer Shirley Binz i Mona Blacklaw Grace Boone Terri Borengasser Christina Bornhofen Dayne Bowie Mary Ann Buddenberg Janet Butler Tara Cameron Freshmen " ut which buildin is M r' 7" Parrish Cantrell Kim Carpenter Theresa Castleberry Kara Chimpan Mary Christ Rhonda Christie Maria Chudy Suzy Chun Elizabeth Cobb Laura Cochran JoAnn Cockmon Tina Columbus Retta Cooper Laura Couch Simmons Coyne Rachael Crosby Carmen Davenport Maureen Donovan Vicki Dotson Carla Dove .lan Demiston 98 Freshmen mug? , Vi gag ' -' Masq 5- '19 H :Eli . , M or f Iwfgslvzm- ww. -A W W gy a lan Hall. The new routine of changing classes makes Lisa Ferguson feel lost in th shuffle. . . 1 My desk or yours? SL ':rpI?!7,.Q -jQQiQ'5'fg'.L g'Jmfff:W? .ffl Wfaigm.,.,u, mem- ,i q - m , 1 b"' .P E ,gsfi 'ie -, LV., 4 V yr Lisa Edwards Gena Elam Brigid Elsken Laurie Erxleben Ellen Eschbacher Pam Estes Cindy Evans Lisa Ferguson Lisa Ferrell Lameice Filat Sue Fincher Karrie Findly Missy Garner Tracy Garstka Diane Gasper Debbie Gay Tracy Green Lisa Grundl Kim Gunderman Susan Hain Melissa Hancock Barbara Harness Freshmen 99 CCD Lynn Harris Cathy Hart Cheryl Helgeson Lisa Hendon Susan Hicks Melissa Holitik Mary Horne Deanna Houston Layne Huckabay Alice Hudgens Betsy Hughes Christy Johnson Cindy Johnson Janis Johnson Patti Jones Carol Kaplon Lori Kearney Liz Kelly Julie Kierre Karen,Kjttler Nita Kordsmeier 100 Freshmen Il ust a'ze sellzn bazaar tzckets. " 'f' J ' Q., tn .ef .yer ww -gba -- wwf. Q., - .fb ...- U V 2T,w,3,gg, ,W 8 W. . , 3 QM A gs f ffm 2 f C 'q Q 6 dx f at -W . ,Z 2 -Q 'sxtyiwila V, ,M V: Q , 5 'Q' HT 5 Q, 'gi 'W 'K ff H W li? , 'a af J' R' an "" :af QTY' WTEVMX ,ef 265 15: ? 1. iii' , 1 Q, - V Q ' K 1 - , I , 'iff - " f: ' ' A s v "Look what I found in my twinkie Hungry freshmen eye their c0mpanion's lunch. Dana Venhaus wins pie-eating contest despite "stiff competition." Angie Kowalski Rosie Kremers Julie Kreth Pam La Borde Judy Land Susan Laster Carol Lipe Charlotte Little Barbara McAfee Leah McNally Jeanie Mancini Stephanie Marshall Jill Martin ' , Crystie Mathis Freshmen "I think egg snacks are delicious. " Marcie Matthews Tina Mauppin Christina Maxwell Laura Mayhan Brenda Miles Debbie Miller Mariam Miller Marie Moriarty Anne Murphy Dana Murski Annette Nagle Peggy Oberste Patty Olberts Barbara Page .:k-V Melanie Parham Shelley Paladino Evelyn Parker Teresa Parks Jean Patterson Susan Perrymore Mary Kay Peters Terry Peyer l02 Freshmen gf, KY wr E"T"""' 7 iii? R f' K' W With her graceful form. Jeanie Mancini maintains her lead in the pogo stick M.,-1 cf gif "r 1-.Q Laura Cochran practices diligently in hopes of becoming a soloist in the New York Symphony. Mary Pfauser Pam Phillips Natalie Polk Tracy Quick Stacey Ragan Laurie Ranney Melissa Ranney Renata Ray Caroline Reasoner Pam Reynolds Carolyn Riggan Mary Roberts Roberta Robinson Wendy Rooney Lisa Rose Michelle Rose Jenny Rumbach Renee Rutherford Freshmen 103 C'The czlwa s blame us!" Mary Santini Lisa Savoy Karen Schlereth Eva Schneider Kathy Short Becky Siebold Tama Sorrows Debra Spann Christy Stage Suzanne Stiefrater Barb Studebaker Gina Sweeden Leah Swinney Tammy Tamowsky Y Jf S I I 7 ,.i1,,,fW0 , ' M K 1' 5 ' 2:3-1vs.f..e. ' Sharon Waters tries to satisfy her ravenous appetite by chewing her fingernails. Yifzew' 'ig - .af 'f fN 5' f M . A . use l l ai gf iii Q5 , i 4 , if ii 6135 ? H f ' 1' mm e Sana ei wyxmw afiwq Wagyu A a -'f'.,'f':' Lynn Thomas Lyde Thompson 60 :ew ef as 252 as 'gi wa4Q'? a We 5242 ., ff , Iv., ft .,, . 5 Freshmen real untold story goes like this . . .." explains Anita Milam. P, ,wi-?F'i.l-'ms me 9 'L 'gait ?'X5i53K1Qf?ii 3 vp' :gs fi,j,,f 5 ., J, X .ly Q M-gfk Q, 151.11 wi ' - ' e f' - ,,5,-an, 1 J WM ff dw' 2. . f f. Q ,t Q A iafirw , 'pf 'f Vs ' f' J, fm 4 , t . ff' ZZ Q M Z g was fs-f an Arm M-1 W W, 3 wiiisffil ' 1 A "-ixg TQ:-3 - W FF5,f,.ij5zTi":?5Q My vffzggn, - new 'Z ' - , ' - ,, " Lkmaagmzf,zi E1a'fc.ft:w 5531532122214 ,, , - f afwseztzxfi f111f'1:.1.s ,1.z1fw,. 'S .. , gllnefra mJ X Q V A, as W K ,m,, - .K V Another long S.F.A.B. meeting wears Cheryl Helgeson out. t Kim Troutman Ann Truemper Dana Venhaus Medora Vestal Lynn Wallis Sherri Ward Meg Waters Sharon Waters Chrissy Watts Karen Webb Sherry Wilson Dana Winters Mary Winzerling Kathy Wirzeld Ann Woeltje Cathy Wofford Ann Worm Vicki Wrape Jan Wrobleski Angela Yanchosek Karen Zajac Freshmen 105 Those We Listen To. BISHOP ANDREW J. MCDONALD Bishop of Little Rock Bishop McDonald has taken time out to take part in many activities at Mt. St. Mary's. His first visit this year was at the dedication of the new annex where he gave a talk in which he quoted from King David, "Unless the Lord build the house. they labor in vain who build it." ini "Through the schools. thousands upon thousands of young people have received an outstanding education enhanced by religious values which give true and lasting meaning to life. To them we remain committed!" "After a year of noise and dirt with recent construction. everyone seemed to rally in September with a renewed interest and won- derful spirit. The new building. the students' enthusiasm and the faculty's ambition have all assisted in making the administration's tasks this year more joyful." SR. MARY ELISA BAUMAN Principal Even before this school year began. Sr. Elisa was busy with arranging the different schedules and getting the school in order. In her office. she is not left unaware of the problems of the students and faculty: being on the S.F.A. Board provides her with ideas to help all attending the Mount. IO6 Faculty and Administration In The Office SR. MARY JOLITTA KONECNY Administrative Assistant Sr. .lolitta has many responsibilities. includ- ing making sure that the buildings are kept in order and taking charge of money problems. Left: Sr. Charity and Sr. Elisa frequently discuss Mt. St. Mary's happenings in the quiet realms of Sr. Elisa's office. Middle: Karen Sweeten. like other staff members. enjoys her breaks during the day. SR. MARY CHARITY GRACE Assistant Principal Throughout the year. Sr. Charity has been busy changing schedules and checking on student's uniform and discipline. They D0 The Special Things SR. MARY RICARDA MCGUIRE SR. MARY MILDRED DONNELLY SR. MARY FRANCES COUTLEE Audio-Visual Health Alumnae Sr. Frances and Sr. Mildred are amused at the actions of a student. SR. MARY EUGENIA PELLIN Librarian 'MTNM X - Sr. Eugenia does some library researchto help a student. SR. MARY EMMANUELLA WHITE Library Assistant 108 Faculty and Administration Essays Ana' Term Papers GAYLE TEAL English IV. World Literature. MOUNT Staff "Wet ducks d night." on't fly at JACKIE HAMMOND English Ill. English Lit.. Advanced English III "I enjoy teaching at Mt. St. Mary's because it has a refined. scholastic atmos- pheref' ALLISON HOLLAND English II. Advanced English II. Drama. Literary Club "My thrill in teaching is sharing something that I love with students who know nothing about the topic and seeing them get excited too." SHARON DECKELMANN English I, II, Advanced English I, Literary Club "With English, I am able to teach many different things, both basic and cre- alive." Faculty 109 Goad Speech ctkes Far Better Interviews PAULETTE Rossi English 1. 11. Speech MELINDA MILLOWAY Speech. Sociology. Debate. Fine Arts "Experience life before you settle down. Do the things you want to do while you can because later they may be frustrated." 9' T 525 l W, gfvpjj 'to' I itlt V1 Niki N ff 'V,, SHARON JOHNSON t . ttttt . , ,,tt S S Counselof t S . -V., ptl- . ptpl' Be patient toward all that 'Q .fp ' ' -' ii is unsolved in your heart Q gy ,.., anew.. m y F' .Try to love. the ques b f, 3 A8 'Mg tj' 3 .ty , In M tions themselves. I V' ' I ' H .- , V- H we Nik - x 'l' f Q5!.wT,:in. l!Lan.....aa2 'f' -z,,M . l 10 Faculty J AN ET TATE Counselor "I feel this has been a good year for the Mount. I hope everyone will continue to have pride in our school while they are here and after they are gone." They Work With umbers 'Q NORMA MARTINE Math I. Algebra I SHIRLEY HERNDON Elementary Algebra A. Algebra I. II. Trig. "I like the atmosphere of the school. the willingness to learn on the part of stu- dents. the congeniality of the faculty. All in all. I think St. Mary's is an extremely nice place to teach." JUDY SAFLY Math I. Algebra I. Consumer Math "I like teaching here at the Mount. and the spirit here. this year. is great." SR. MARGARET DIC KMANN Geometry. Religion II. Director of Activities . . I like being a part of this important year in their tSophomoresj lives because my own 10th grade teachers meant the most to me when I was a student here." l Faculty 1 I I 2 C12 + Heat Q IPX SR, JULIA MARIE BURKE Algebrea II - Trig. Math IV. Physics. Religion II "Teaching is a good chal- lenge for me and sometimes very frustrating as I guide people through a thinking process." -1 1 SR. MARY MATTHEW CALLAN Science I. Religion I "Little things on little wings bear little souls to heaven." CHARLES JOHNSON Science, Biology, Lab Assistant, Ecology Club "After teaching in a pub- lic school, M.S.M. is like paradise, and the students are unreal . . . They're great!" SR. MARY DIANE KOORIE Chemistry, Religion I, III, IV, Campus Minister "Teaching is quite like the mission of the Enter- prise: to go where no man has gone before, to seek out new worlds . . . Students are new worlds . . . Fasci- nating!" l 12 Faculty Exercise Makes For Better Health ,l1 SUE MISTRIC Biology. Advanced Biology. Non-College English "l've always known l wanted to be a teacher. No other profession has ever interested me." GEORGIA WORD Health. P.E.. Basketball Coach "M.S.M. offers a lot in its athletic department and a lot of participation." 1-i. -11 Y, ,, JOY RUNDELL P.E. Gymnastics. Volleyball. Director of Athletics "Do your best and give your-all in whatever you undertake. Otherwise. you are wasting your time." SANDRA BRADFORD P.E.. Advanced P.E.. Swim Team "It's a big. bad world out there. and wait until you fthe studentsj hit the brick wall. lt's hard!" Faculty 1 13 A Little Extra Learning ROSEMARY WATSON Home Economics I. F.H.A. "I love teaching at the Mount. All of the students are very warm and friendly. and they are a lot of fun to be around." DEBORAH MORROW Home Economics I, II, Religion I ". . . It does not matter in this area KI-Iome Ec.J whether you are male or female: single or married: or young or old - fHome Ec.J education is always beneficial!" ANNA ZAWISLAK Art Il. Ill. Fine Arts "The most unique thing about M.S.M. is its potential: it is like a reservoir of cool. clean water. limited only by willingness to use it." 114 Faculty SALLY HENNIS Band "Everyone should go to tMardi Grasl at least once without parents or in a group or anything like that . . .it'saball! D0-Re-Me-Fa-S0-La-Ti-D0 SR. MARY PAULINE GRUMMER Private Piano Lessons SR.JOHN BAPTIST MATTINGLY Private Piano Lessons SR. MARIE CELINE MCDONALD Private Piano Lessons FRAN K POIN DEXTER Choral. Fine Arts Madrigals . . lt is these few brief moments lof teaching! that enrich the lives of my Slu- dents. and hopefully. they will take the time to enrich the life of someone they know." Faculty l I5 "Go ut T0 The Masses ! D SR. RICHARD MARY BURKE Non-College English. Religion I. III. IV "No matter what. always strive to be at PEACE with the Lord and with your- selves." SR. MARY BERNARDE MILLER Religion Government Law "We have the opportu- nity to have a real sister- hood here at the Mount - a closeness - where caring about each other is not something about which we must feel embarrassed." FR. DAVID JACOBS Religion II. III-IV. Tutor "St. Mary's is like music. full of discord but beautiful in the end." . LINDA LEE MarTiage ". . . I enjoy teaching and sharing with the young women of tomorrow in hopes that when the stu- dents leave the Mount. they will leave with self assur- ance in themselves. . ." l I6 Faculty T ype On I SANDRA KUYKENDALL Typing I. II. Shorthand I Y-Teens "I loved my job as a sec- retaryg and it enlightened me on teaching, which I have always wanted to do." MARGARET SCARBERRY Typing I. Accounting. F.B.L.A. "It has been stran teaching boys." ge not CAROLYN WALKER Typing I. Personal. Shorthand II. Office Procedures "The most important goal in education is to develop a good attitude towards people and life." When Mrs. Milloway left to have her baby, Mrs. Riggan took over at semester. She immediately pre- pared speech and debate students for the State Speech Tournament. MARIANNE LIGON Latin I, II, III "It is a joy to teach the girls at St. Mary's. They are excellent students, loving and caring for each other 'Halal Bon Jour .f Vale Bene KATHY NEELY French I. II. Ill. N.H.S. Sponsor "I love French and have found relationships can develop simply through speaking a common lan- guage." HELEN PLUMMER Spanish I, Il, French I ". . . I have always felt that the young ladies here have a chance to grow and mature in a Christian atmosphere. I enjoy teach- ing here!" l 18 Faculty SHERRIE BEAVERS Spanish I. II. Ill "I enjoy most about teaching getting to know the students because I find that each one of them has something very special to offer. The personal relation- ships formed are very rewarding." "That's The Way It Was. . ." 1 1 ? 'Z F , CAROL ARNOLD History MERCIAN Sponsor "Students at the Mount are special to me because they are so involved in the world around them and committed to the ideals they believe in." BETTY HOPPER World History. Psychology . . What I have experi- enced at the Mount has led me to follow the words of Pope John XXIII. 'See everything, overlook a great deal. improve a littlef " KAY MARAK American History. World History "I see students as individ- uals who are worthy of just as much respect as we teachers deserve . . D., Teachers ave Fun Also. . . Allison Holland and Frank Poindexter were two of the contestants in the pogo stick competition during the Welcome Assembly. I 120 Faculty Sandra Bradford and Joy Rundell look on a weekly assembly with Sr. Elisa. Spirit Assembly'?!? With Their Special Skills Fr. Jacobs and Sr. Diane. who helps him with the distribution of communion. serve at Senior Ring Mass. The teachers enjoy a brief lunch in their own cafeteria. During the Christmas Assembly, Sr. Matthew, Sherrie Beavers, Charles Johnson, Sr. Ricarda is the school's own photographer and Sandra Bradford, and Sr. Charity act as five golden rings in the "Twelve Days of rarely is caught without her camera. Christmas." Faculty 121 "Smart People Got 0 Time" Contrary to popular belief, NHS members do not spend all their time with their noses in books. This group of girls has been kept busy. At the bazaar. they raised money by selling balloons and by storing many articles owned by the people in the crowd. To raise spirit at this time, they gave an Epicurean dinner in which those students reach- ing half their goal by a certain time were eligible. 1 In February, the members were responsible for the ever-popular assem- bly, Mind Grind in which four people were chosen to represent each class. Around twenty juniors and seniors were inducted into this group in March. A B Chnstie Ray and Sidney Anderson clown around at the bazaar. lSl.H.S.: Front Row: tl to ry Ann Hess, Alicis Chudy. Darcy Rourke. Margie Hiarignd Rowzmgfathie !Prew- itt. Sidney Anderson, Christie Ray. Theresa Cox. 3rd Row: Tracy Barger, Maureen Riley. Tina Deuerling Ellen Marks. Back Row: Kathy Neely tSponsorJ. Mary Faulk, Maureen Gallagher. i l22 Organizations N' iz, I- President Marueen Riley demonstrates her ing skills at the Epicurean dinner. Y-Teens Give Time and Energy s If a girl is a Y-Teen, she must devote much time and effort to help the com- munity. And that is just what this group of girls has done. Under the leadership of Sandra Kuykendall, these girls have worked with the YWCA to improve the environment. Y-TEEN OFFICERS: fl to rj Lisa Brown, president: Marjorie Tedford. secretaryftreasurerz Lynn Thomas. ICC-representative. Absent: Elizabeth Deal. vice-president. Y-TEENS: Front Rowztl to rj Dana Winter. Marcia Matthews. Patty Olberts. Stephanie Marshall. Karrie Findley. Gina Elam. Amy Bechtel. Suzi Chun, Jini Mancini. 2nd Row: Chrissy Watts. Cindy Evans. Susan Hain, Eva Schneider. Susan Hicks. Melanie Parham, Tracy Green. Susan Laster, Lisa Fergason. 3rd Row: Tara Cameron. Linda Wiedower. Nancy Schultz. Medora Vestal. Lyde Thompson. Laura Mayhan. Marguerite Gillam. Liz i Alexander, Angie Kowaski. 4th Row: Rosalie Kremers, Kate Anderson, Suzanne Stiefvater, Tammy Tarnowsky. Dayna Bowie. Lyde Thompson, Anite Kordsmier. Michelle Bennet. Lisa Ferrell. Melanie Owen. 5th Row: Laurie Simms, Lynne Schlatterer. Polly Baldwin. Michelle Moix, Betsy Cal- houn. Marie McNarty, Sandra Casson. Carol Lipe. Mona Blacklaw. Back Row: OFFICERS. Organizations 123 Student Assistants A id Mount FIRE MARSHALS: Front Row: fl to rj Sharri Johnson. Susan Edmiston. Susan Thompson, Cathy Clark, Leslie Gorman. Jan Dollins. Laurie Vogler. Back Row: Joan Lewis, Malleson Emmerling, Donna Gehrki. Karen Troutman, DeeAnn Malssanelli. Whenever a fire drill took place. you can be sure the Fire Marshals were alert. These girls have the responsibili- ties of closing doors and windows, and seeing that everyone is out of the build- ing. The Officer Workers, Lab Assistants, Library Assistants, and Bookstore Assistants also had responsibilities. These girls helped the secretaries, teachers, librarian, and students. . s,,t 124 Organizations sr V 5' e. . 'Wilt . ft . S, OFFICE WORKERSQ LAB, LIBRARY, AND BOOKSTORE ASSISTANTS: Front Row, fl to rj Cindy Dumboski, Joanna Schnebelen, Karen Gruesky, Bekcy Yeary, Carla Selig. 2nd Row: Alicia Sweden, Teresa Sorrows, Beverley Zajac, Joyce Gangluff. 3rd Row: Marijo Faryewicz, D'Anne Bulmanski. Fran- ces Zakrzewski, Julie Doza, Mary Kelly. 4th Row: Tricia Bartsch, Patti Jones, Renata Ray, Brenda Koeh- ler. Maureen Riley. 5th Row: Anita Maxwell, Lou Anne Lutz, Barbara Miller, Gracie Gomez. Back Row: JoAnne Kremers. Sandra Friedl, Lori Dildy. Answering the phone is one of Sharon Fitz's favorite duties as an office assistant. COE student Suzanne Graves. Metropolitan students Susan Otten and Donna Banaszak. Students Look Ahead HOE STUDENTS: Front Rowcfl to rj Cheryl Kartz. Melissa Butkiewicz. Back Row: Ellen Donnelly. Edwinna Weed, Laurie Rittman. Debbie Elledge. Students are given the opportunity to attend one of three programs which include COE fCooperative Office Edu- cationj, HOE fHealth Occupational Educationj, and Metropolitan. Students belonging to one such pro- gram only attend three classes at the Mount in the morning. In the after- noon, COE and HOE students have either a business or a medical job. Those girls going to Metropolitan attend classes such as art photography. These programs are very educa- tional: they give students the chance to learn outside of the classroom. Organizations 125 Literary Club hares Reflections l 5 Zh' The girls in the Literary Club have been preparing all year for the publica- tion of their magazine Reflections. Dur- ing fourth period. they had written dif- ferent types of poems so that they could learn more about the subject of writing. Any student could contribute any of her own poems and make them eligible for printing. These club members sold candy and caramel apples to raise money. The booklet of poems and stories was bound and printed with a neat appear- ance because of this extra money. N 2 ., ' :ii Advisors Allison Holland and Sharon Deckelman look over poems for Reflections. l LITERARY CLUB: Front Row: fl to ry Alicia Sweeden. Monica Rodriguez. Karen Jasiulevicius, Celeste Allen, Tricia Bartsch. Mary Pennebaker, .loan Sherrod. Kim Robinette. Laura Schneider. 2nd Row: Sandra Henning, Mary Roberts. Leah McNally. Dede Bulmanski. Julie Doza. Geri Tresp. Cindy Wallace. Kathy Pruss. Cathy Peterson. Dana Corn. 3rd Row: Cindi Evans. 126 Organizations - i ' - . . a 1.1-Wea -.,i.. Patti Jones. Cheryl Perkins. Holly Held. Paige Jacobi. Sandra Lutz. Marilyn Luyet, Maureen Gallagher. 4th Row: Patsy Vinson. Connie Bargiel. Renee deBin. Alicia Chudy. Debbie Scroggin. Peggy Woolford. Martha Binz. Mar- gie Malczycki. Back Row: Ms. Deckelman. Lisa Hain, June Creasman. Che- ryl Chandler. Mrs. Holland. Ecology Isrft Just For The Birds! Charles Johnson gives some conservation hints to members. The Ecology Club has taken a special interest in the well-being of the birds. The members have informed us by ways of posters and their bulletin board to feed the birds especially when snow is on the ground. Mr. Charlei Johnson has had to call together a special meet- ing to discuss the possibility of put- ting a bird bath on campus, to help beautify our school grounds. The Club members have planted twelve trees including two red buds, pecans. and oaks. Vice Presidentg Sponser: Charles Johnson. Absent: Lisa CLUB: fl to rj Carol Paladi1'10. SCCfCl21ry: Shawn Hamilton. Rosalie Kremers. Carolyn Riggan, Ruth Oman, Michelle Moixg Jamie Meeks, Presidentg Ann Sheri Tyler, Organizations 127 H omemakingk More Than Boiling Water! Girls belonging to the Future Home- makers of America do not just cook and clean house. They are busy helping people. For instance, in December, these girls helped the FBLA group with the tag day 'Toys for Tots? The num- ber of toys one brought allowed her to wear clothes other than the uniform. These toys were distributed to children who would otherwise have no 'Christ- mas.' This group has also been busy in raising money. The girls have had bake sales at different times in the year dur- ing lunch periods. 128 Organizations F.H.A.: Front Row: fl to rj Diane Dobbins. Elaine Hall, Sandy Binz, Linda Henning. 2nd Row: Julie Kreth, Liz Kelly, Michelle Zeblisky, Ruth Oman. 3rd Row: Kerry Alexander, Carla Selig, DeeAnn Mas- sanelli. 4th Row: Marie Morgan, Lisa Longinotti, Lenore Wallin, Nita Kordsmeier. 5th Row: Thuyet Phan, Anne Kelly, Sharon Waters, Cathy Hart. 6th Row: Debbie Auletta, Anna Remsing, Laura Cochran, Mary Roberts. 7th Row: Dayna Bowie, MaryJo Christ, Annette Nagle, Lameice Filat. 8th Row: Kim Gunderman, Debbie Gay, Simmons Cayne, Lisa Edwards. 9th Row: Annette Berkmeyer, Maria Chudy, Ann Woeltje, Angela Yanchosek. Back Row: Carolyn Riggan. Standing: Melissa Holitik. Cooking is an interest shared by members of F.H.A. FBLA. Shows Business Abiligf F.B.L.A.: Front Row: fl to rj Melissa Butkiewicz, Lauren Baldwin, Laura Kim Paladino, Gracie Gomez, Lynne Breen, Kerry Alexander, Dan Corn, Schneider, Lori Anderson, Leslie Gorman. .Ian Dollins, Debbie Bernardi, Kim Robinette. Karen Troutman. Back Row: Joyce Gangluff, Lisa Hain, Connie Bargiel, Two of St. Mary's speedy typists, Jennifer Scheving and Maureen Riley, at work. MY Members of the Future Business Leaders of America have participated in different contests throughout the year. The competition shows the girls how they rank among other students in areas such as typing and accounting. To be a member of this group one must be taking a business course. Organizations 129 Students Communicate in Dj erent Ways The members of the Chorus group have spent a lot of time practicing this past year. Concerts were given in which the girls performed for the student body and teachers. At various assem- blies, both singers and members of the MSM band joined together to show their talents. The Madrigals, a selected group of singers, have also practiced hard so as to perform in front of the school audi- ence. These girls were also kept busy preparing a feast and entertainment to raise money for the music department. On December 9th and l0th, they pre- pared food of the fifteenth century and sang for the groups of diners. MADRIGALS: fl to rj Tracy Thomas, Donna Wewer, Sandra Casson, Cindy Warner, Barbara Eichel- mann, Janice Nottenkamper, Shawn Milligan. Theresa Downing, Lori Clack, Mary Greene. CHORUS: Front Row: fl to rj Nancy Barte. Betsy Calhoun, Jane Moor, Ann Turley, Cindy Dumboski, Beverley Zajac. Monica Rodriguez, Virgina Gentry. 2nd Row: Sandy Binz. Elaine Hall, Karen Guresky, Sandra Gomez, Bea Barre, Linda Henning, Karen Castleberry. Evelyn Deuerling. 3rd Row: Mary Greene, Carol Robin- The Debate Team has participated in different activities throughout the year. In the fall, some of the student attended the Student Congress. And in the spring, members of the group were prepared to argue both the pro and con side of the question "Should the gov- ernment guarantee medical care to all citizens?" Other activities to be attended included the State Speech Festival at North Little Rock and the Hot Springs High School Tournament. 130 Organizations son. Lisa Patterson. Tracy Thomas, Sandra Cas- son, June Creasman. Peggy Woolford, Mary Ellen Walls. Back Row: Lori Clack, Barbara Eichelmann, Theresa Downing, Cindy Warner. Donna Wewer, Janice Nottenkamper, Shawn Milligan. Barbara Miller. 4 li... DEBATE TEAM: Front Rowztl to rl Melody Ashley, Diane Bradshaw, Cathy Knox. Catherine Smith, Laura Hastings, Kathleen Brandon. Back Row: Chris Johnson, Donna Riede, Dolores Hess, Tracy Bar- ger, Virginia Gentry, Cathie Prewitt, Jean Haley, Paris Upshaw, Sherrie Gaylor. Melinda Hopkins. Seniors Carry PROM COMMITTEE: Front Rowzfl to rj Lisa Hain. Renee deBin, Paris Upshaw, Alicia Chudy. Back Row: Annette Rogers, Monica Rodriguez, Sharon Fitz, Jean Haley, Debbie Scroggin, Laura Mattingly. SENIOR RETREAT COMMITTEE: Front Row: fl to rj Christe Ray, Cathy Knox, Cathy Peterson. 2nd Row: Peggy Woolford, Dana Corn, Benita Kelley, Antigoni Paapas. Back Row: Jennifer Scheving, Cindy Wallace, Lisa Carey, Ellen Marks. Susan Thompson. Cathie Prewitt, Cathy Clark, Kathleen Brandon, Liz Miller, Pam Stephens. Each year senior commitees are formed to organize special activities. In past years, only one member of each senior homeroom was allowed on each committee. But this year was differentg the number of members was unlimited. Many seniors were able to become more involved in class activities because of this change. The Prom Committee members were busy making phone calls to various places. They had the responsibilities of finding a location for the prom and choosing "Main Squeeze" as the band to play. The members of the Senior Retreat Committee organized a full day for the Seniors at St. John's Seminary. They prepared different activities and had people to speak to the group. Organizations 131 . . .Lasting Traditions. . . The members of the Ring Mass Committee performed their duties early in the year. The Front Campus was chosen as the place for the Mass. and Father Correnti and Father Jacobs were invited to say the Mass. The Class Day Committee members sent out surveys throughout the year in order to give the Seniors the kind of class day they wanted. The work they have done is seen in the Class Day assembly. The members of the Class Day Booklet Committee also sent out sur- veys during the year. Students were given time to answer questions about themselves and their classmates. RING MASS COMMITTEE: Front Row: tl to rj Gracie Gomez. Reness deBin, Barbara Wirzfeld. Back Row: Benita Kelley. Tricia Bartsch, Kim Elrod. Virginia Gentry. Lori Anderson, Liz Miller. Theresa Goshen. CLASS DAY COMMITTEE: Front Row: il to ry Theresa Goshen, Ann Booth. Back Row: Pam Ste- phens, Susan Lohnstoeter, Diane Bradshaw. Barbara Wirzfeld, Gracie Gomez. Tracy Barger. Patti Castle berry, Mary Pennebaker, Antigoni Pappas. CLASS DAY BOOKLET COMMITTEE: Front Row: Cl to rj Cheryl Chandler, Mary Faulk, Sidney Anderson, Carol Olberts. Back Row: Anne Campbell, Joyce Gangluff, Christie Ray, Mary Kelly, Charlotte Greenwood, Maureen Riley, Suzanne Graces, Susan Thompson, Collette Daley, Kathleen Byrne, Mercedes Imhau ser, Kim Robinette, Dana Corn. 132 Organizations Which All Wil! Remember GRADUATION-BACCALAUREATE COMMITTEE: Front Row: tl to rj Lori Clack. Rita Rolf. Debbie Elledge, Susan Aston. Debbie Cortese. Lora Kemp. Back Row: Margie Hart. Becky Yeary. Susan Edmiston. Ann Dorough. Debbie Reynolds. Theresa Cox. .leni Ratliff. Barbara Miller. Ann Hess. Carrie Baker, Lisa Reynolds. Sharrie Johnson, Patty Rowland. Karen Guresky. ALUMNAE TEA COMMITTEE: Front Row: tl to rj Lauren Baldwin, Colleen Wehr. Lisa Land. Back Rowz' Laura Mattingly, Kim Paladino. Sharon Fitz. Connie Bargiel, Jeni Ratliff, Renee deBin. Susan Loh- SIOCICT. The Graduation-Baccalaureate Committee is set up to plan the special night of graduation and the Sunday of the Baccalaureate. Organizing the two happenings is not an easyjobg speakers must be found, and decisions must be made. A The Alumnae Tea Committee mem- bers are responsible for planning a Sunday afternoon for the Seniors and Alumnae. During this time. the mem- bers of the graduating class are accepted by past graudates into the Alumnae Association. All seniors remember the special activities that occur in their last year at the Mount. These senior committees try to make these traditional happen- ings the best possible. Organizations 133 Busy Schedule Leaves Little The girls on the Mercian Staff began their work of learning in the spring of 1977. At the first of July, Margie Hart and Annette Rogers attended a Year- book Workshop in Russelville: and throughout all the summer months. ads were sold to businesses. During the winter months, there was much frustra- tion as everyone was trying to meet deadlines. But not all was done. In the spring, members for the 1979 Mercian Staff had to be chosen and taught the basics of making a good yearbook. Carol Arnold. Mercian sponsor. checks layouts Q Deadlines have strange side effects. Editor Margie Hart looks up while going over another layout. Annette Rogers. Assistant Editor. looks forward to the last deadline. Ofg21l'llZaIlOl'tS Sponsored by: The Ear and Nose-Throat Clinic P.A. Spare Time for M ercian Staff MERCIAN STAFF: Front Row: tl to ry Margie Hart. Catherine Buys. Erin Gangluff. Cathy Clark. Lisa Carey. Sth Row: Susan Thompson. Margaret Treanor. 2nd Row: Annette Rogers. Tina Deuerling. Dayna Crawford. Anti- Coen. 6th Row: Debbie Reynolds, Ann Dorough. Joan Knotts. Back Row: gOni Pappas. Donna Banaszak. Judy Kitta. Karen Vincent, 4th Row: Joyce Mercedes lmhauser. Becky Yeary. Jeni Ratliff. Absent: Carrie Baker. l...l V l ' i fig.-We ,I .loan Knotts wonders about Judy Kitta's new layout. Organizations 135 M eunt Gets Better and Better The 1977-78 Mount Staff was organ- ized in the spring of 1977. This group of girls published the final issue of the 1976-77 school year. Only a few report- ers, and a new column, 'Special People. Special Talentsl' were added in the fall. VVhen the weather was so hot at the beginning of the school year, the staff members sold popcicles during lunch to raise money. At the Renaissance Fair, when the weather was cooler, the girls sold hot chocolate and popcorn. The money raised was helpful in pub- lishing the many Mount newspapers. Editors Sidney Anderson and Christie Ray conduct meeting ' Y M l, I, A Anne Campbell wonders about her new assignment. Susan Aston listens to Karen Guresky's idea for a new article 136 Organizations Gayle Teal, Mount sponsor. makes a point. Margie Malczycki passes out the latest issue of the Mounl. MOUNT STAFF: Front Row: fl to rj Gwen Brittain. Circulation Managerg Anne Jansen, Art Editor, Sidney Anderson, Editorg Christe Ray, Assistant Editor, Darcy Rourke, Business Manager: Patty Binz, Sports Editor. 2nd Row: Joanna Schnebelen, Lisa Reynolds, Susan Aston, Anne Campbell, Mary Faulk, Colleen Wehr, Jan Dollins, Pam Stephens. 3rd Row: Michelle Rose, Mary Hawkey, Karen Guresky, Mary Kelly, Kate Dunnavant, Cheryl Helgeson, Kay Allen. Back Row: Jan Edmiston, Robin Evans, Eva Burrin- hous, Rose Ann Hansen, Kathy Savary, Kate Anderson, Lisa Farrel, Susan Edmiston. Absent: Ann Hess, Sharri Johnson, Laurie Vogler, Becky Bruich, Janie Wells, DeDe Bergeron, Margie Malczycki fphotographerj. Organiza tions 137 M. SM. Band Starts n The Right Foot M I FLAG LINE: Front Row: ll to rl Bridgette Elsken. Amy Walsh. Back Row: Shelly Schlereth. Cathy Hart. Melinda LaBorde. Deb Paris Upshaw. Cheryl Helgeson. Terry Peyer. Sally Henms sighs. "Let's try it again!" Band njtembers march to the tune of "Grandioso." BAND OFFICERS: fl to rj Mary Horne. Michelle Gavin, Charlotte Greenwood. Jennifer Horne. Trudy Nickerson. Debbie Kelley. 138 Organizations Deb Eckart prepares to march in the Little Rock Christmas Parade. "Feet don't fail me now!" Band mem- bers proudly displayed this slogan on the T-shirts they wore to this year's Mardi Gras celebration in New Orle- ans. They were invited to march in two parades. and the prospect was particu- larly exciting since this was their first year as a marching band. To raise money for the trip, band members worked hard selling tacos and cleaning War Memorial Stadium. And in a last effort to raise the needed funds. the band raffled off the two remaining seats on the bus. A new addition to the band this year was the flag line. which was chosen early in the school year. The nine mem- bers spent long hours perfecting their routines. Band and flag line practices were held at second period and after school. The parking lot did not provide quite enough room: so on weekends, marching practice was held at Mau- melle New Town. This year band members also entered the All-State Band Competi- tion and entertained both students and faculty at several assemblies through- out the year. Wright. Amy Garrelson. Theresa Wallent. Susie Jegley. Lisa Boch. Margie McCauley. Jennifer Horne. Michelle Gavin. Charlotte Grenwood. Voche Stin- son. Debbie Buddenberg. Back Row: Robin Pitts. Karen Hardin. Paula Thomp- son. Rita Aletter. Pam Phillips. Laurie Erxleben. Susan Thompson. Lucy Blunk. Tracy Wallace. Julie Baker. Melissa Hancock. Debbie Christe. Eva Barringhaus. Margie Malczycki. Organizations 139 S.F.A. Board Realbf W0rks.f 140 Organizations Junior Jan Dollins observes S.F.A.B. in action. Board members consider a proposal at a meeting. 4 mn... Mary Hemann. student coordinator, says. "The meetings are informal and one has equal respect for others." A.B: Front Row: fl to ry Antigoni Pappas. Lynne Schlatterer, Diana Hain. Sharon Johnson, Sr. Elisa, Mary Hemann, Lori Clack, Paris Upshaw, Cheryl Tate. counselor, stated that, "as a new member, the S.F.A. Board has kept very well informed in school activities." Longinotti. Carla Selig. Back Row: Sr. Margaret. Janet Tate. Sr. Bernarde. Helgeson, Vickie Wrape The Student, Faculty, Administra- tion Board, organized in 1974 to replace the Student Council, includes the president and first vice-president from each class, four faculty members, the principal, and a student coordina- tor who is elected by all of the student body. The job of the student coordina- tor is to act as an intermediary between students, faculty, and the principal and to represent the school in outside activ- ities. This group meets as often as possi- ble, both before and after school. Its members deserve the credit for the spe- cial Christmas Assembly we had and for bettering the school community. Organizations 141 M.S.M. Teams Boost School Spirit. . . BELLES: Cl to rj Manager Melinda LaBorde. Mary Hemann. Sharri Johnson. Word. Sarah French. Patrice Gillenwater. Dianna Caldarera. Leslie Gorman Evelyn Dotson. Patti Johnson. Diana Hain. Maxine Isaacs. Coach Georgia Patty Binz. Lisa Loninotti. Manager Theresa Sorrows. During last summer, some of the Belles attended a camp at the Univer- sity of Arkansas at Fayetteville to improve their playing and to learn new techniques. Both Belles and Mounties were able to attend a basketball clinic held at Parkview in Octoberg the admission price was paid for by Catho- lic High. Melinda LaBorde and Theresa Sor- rows, the managers of the two teams, have been kept busy in helping Coach Word. They have taken care of the scoreboard, records, and all types of errands. 142 Teams MOUNTIES: ll to rj Lisa Hendon. Shirley Binz. Lisa Ferguson. Cathy Wofford. Charlotte Little. Pam LaBorde. Janet Wrobleski. Coach Georgia Word, Vicki Dotson. Jill Martin. Dana Murski. Cheryl Deanna Houston. Jan Edmiston. Managers - Melinda LaBorde. Theresa Sorrows. VOLLEYBAII: Front Row: fl to rj Jeanie Mancini, Theresa Goshen. Anna Gehiki. Leslie Gorman. Besty Hughes. Back Row: Diana Hain, Patrice Gil- Remsing. Betty Ullrich. .Ian Edmiston, Susan Hecks, Vicki Wrape. 2nd Row: lenwater. Sarah French, Dana Venhouse, Marie Moriarty. Chris Bornhofen. Linda Collins, Mary Gillmore, Melinda LaBorde, Donna TEAM: Front Row: fl to rj Maureen Donovan. Dana Winter. Melanie Parham. Lisa Ferguson. Binz. Lynn Harris. Back Row: Holly Held, Caroline Ward, Julie Rechtin. Julie Kreth, Ms. Deckel- The girls comprising the Volleyball team are of all classes with mostly jun- iors and freshmen. Coach Joy Rundell has organized the group and arranged many practices for the girls. This yearis team has competed against Conway, Hall. Parkview, Central, Northeast, and Ole Main. The Tennis Team, was organized during the winter months and well pre- pared to play in the spring. The girls have contributed much time to practice and learning. Teams 143 With Their A ccomplishments SWIM TEAM QAD: Front Row: il to rj Libby Magnini, Robin Pitts, Elizabeth Bowling. 3rd Row: Jeni Ratliff fstatisticianj Patti Johnston Kate Dunna Cobb. Kristi Thomason. Heather Anderson. Cindy Evans. Stephanie Mar- vant. Mary Kay Fitzgerald. Lucy Blunk Kara Chipman Jackie Worthy shall. 2nd Row: Robin Antrim, Crissy Watts, Pam Reynolds. Karen Hardin. Brenda Miles. Sandra Bradford. Caroline Reasoner. Sue Fincher. Marie Moriarty. Mary Gilmore. Mary 144 Teams The Swim Team, organized and coached by Sandra Brad- ford, is divided into two sepa- rate teams, an "A" team and a "BH team, because there are so many girls interested in the sport. When competing with other teams, Mrs.Bradford allows many to enter the races to give them experience in competition. SWIM TEAM CBJ: First Row: fl to rj Melissa Ranney. Karen Kitter Liz Hale Libby Magnim Theresa Downing, Laurie Ranney, Karen Webb. Back Row: Eva Schneider Jean Eisele Rosalie Parrish Cantrell. Lori Anderson. Mary Ann Buddenberg, Coach Sandra Bradford TEAM: Front Row: fl to rj Brenda Miles. Eva Schneider. 2nd Row: Dana Bowie, Pam Gay. Tanya Higgins, Debbie Gay. Row: Michelle Moix. Linda Werner. Betsy Calhoun. TEAM: Front Row: fl to rj Sherri Johnson, Laura Mattingly. 2nd Row: Karen Jasuilivius, Byrne. Debbie Christy. Carrie Mertha, Kerry Alexander. Back Row: June Creasman, Missy Jennie Owen. Mignon Mansfield, Kristi Hinchey, Norma Norton. Because of the lack of competition with other schools, the members of the Bowling Team were forced to compete against each other. The practice helped their playing and taught them new techniques. The girls met after school at Park Plaza Lanes as much as they could. The members of the Gymnastics Team started early in order to be ready for the meets. The girls have a gymnas- tics class during the day with Joy Run- dell as teacher and coach. Teams 145 ur Cheerleaders Can Get 'Em Roaring! FIRECRACKERS: Front Row: fl to rj Mary Kay Peters. Betsy Hughs, Janis ina BornHofen. Gena Elam. Lynn Thomas. Meg Waters. Johnson. Ann Tumer. Mary Phauser. Back Row: fl to rj Natalie Polk. Christ- The Firecracker Cheerleaders cho- sen in the fall did not have the chance to start practicing early,but they went right to work. The girls practiced after school on many days. The Belles and Mounties Cheerlead- ers were able to attend the camp in Jonesboro, Arkansas. While there. they received five blue ribbons and the spirit stick. All of the girls were hard-working and devoted to the M.S.M. basketball team. 146 Teams BELLES AND MOUNTIES: Front Row: tl to rj Sandra Casson. Kay Martin. 2nd Row: Leslie Kathleen Smith. 3rd Row: .lan Dollins. Elizabeth Henry. Back Row: Kristi Hinchey. Paula Thompson This year. a new group of cheerlead- ers. the Sophomore cheerleaders. became a part of the spirit raising groups. No longer do we have the B- Team cheerleaders. These girls att- tended camp at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. There they learned many new chants and cheers for the season. CHEERLEADERS: Front Row: tl to rj Becky Bailey. Mary Menz. 2nd Row: Gina Jacuzzi. Baldwin. Leslie Baldwin. 3rd Row: Lori Pennebaker. Back Row: Elizabeth Deal. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Front Row: fl to rl Anne Campbell. Karen Mattingly. Jenni Owen. Lisa Land. Monica Rodriguez. Back Row: Patti Lienhart. 2nd Row: Angie Schaefer. Liz Renaud. Karen Jasiulevicius. Laura Johnston. Diana Hain. Ann Dillingham. Teams 147 Pep Club Ana' Marchers dd PEP CLUB: Front Row: fl to rj Sharon Fitz, Cathy Knox. 2nd Row: Elaine Roseanna Hansen. Sue Dougan. Laura Raible. 4th Row: Anna Remsing, Jen- Hall. Carol Robinson. Melanie Hemann. Susan Chudy, Libby Magnini, Robin nifer Bane. Gena Balsam, Julie Wagner. Andrea Mitchell, Karen Davis, Lucy Antrim. Susan May. Dana Ward. Robin Evans, Lisa Longinotti, Laura Blonl. Jackie Worthy, Mary Ruth Parker, Liz Hale. Back Row: Carolyn Grundl. 3rd Row: Debbie Auletta, Sandy Binz. Paige Jacobi, Holly Held, Mic- McCall. Nancy Schultz, Linda Weidower, Wendy Gardner, Anne Kelly, Malli- helle Moix. Marjorie Tedford. Julian Rechitin. Amy Harrelson, Margie Finger, son Emmerling. Clair Clancy. Captain Sharon Fitz bundles up during a cold Co-captain Cathy Knox enjoys her senior Home- football game. coming game. 148 Teams Excitement To C.H. . ames MARCHER OFFICERS: fl to rj Kathleen Byrne, 2nd Lieutenantg Cathie Prewitt, Captain: Debbie Scrog- gm Co-Captain: Lisa Hain, lst Lieutenant. The Catholic High Rockettes started practicing in June so that they would be ready for camp at Southern State College of Arkansas in Magnolia. The girls were divided into different groups to learn different kinds of kicks and routines. i The Rockettes won a first place tro- phy for their home routine. The squad was allowed to keep the "spirit-pomn because the girls had received it every night. MARCHING ROCKETTES: Front Row: fl to rj Lisa Hain, Katie O'Con- nell. Laurie Vogler. Cathie Prewitt, Dana Corn, Lynne Schlatterer, Debbie Scroggin. Bridget Brandon, Angel Gerke, Kathleen Byrne. 2nd Row: Mic- helle Johnson, Tracy Austin, Christe Ray, Tricia Bartsch, Caroline Ward, Karen Wadley, Anne Balest. 3rd Row: Mary Hawkey, Renee deBin, Dianne Bradshaw. Missy Knight, Lisa Reynolds, Laura Hastings, Darcy Rourke, Chris Johnson. Kathleen Brandon, Susan Thompson. Back Row: Sandra Gomez. Karla Corn, Sherrie Gaylor. Terry Campbell, Liz Halinski, Connie Knox. Lisa Rawn, Missy Payer. Teams 149 5 1-00 We hearhlg thank our adverhsers who have ihe 1978 Mercuan so generouslg paironized P U LASK' BAN '5a,fb!l',E?h TRUST P.O. Box 7299 MEMBER of FD otmplimenfx al il 'Fffiend Congra+ula+ions +0 'rhe Cla of '78 LOOK TO COOK 52P aII'Ol1S Jeep Sales 917 Main Street Little Rock ' A 1 K ' .-' N , u ,,i,, , . X A ,.,. R 1 K , 6 5 it It . , Q, , ,VV -s ew W B as , ' . ? .5 ."- 12 'QW J" 'Mx . K KL Xb ,,, ls u o rs ry 5 f4g5 ,f1 .V , jig i, ., fa ,vi i L' V , I , ','.. ir K,L,- L' ' K 1315 Easgzem- Q 375-gi291fwf 4 fa fg 5' -W , Q 1 i .gf ,gy ,TNh3"'V Q. ,, J: -.r , in 'V' L .5 .. H 'MY T J h , N, idk. ,L gQ,l1.w ' ,J ,, , ww L fj A ' ff g " , - -fm ff --wwf , i 1 , mf. - ' W 4 wx.: f - ggi, .,,, 3 - w rg ,M 'ZX , ,,,. ,. , mf G V x - I, .Q--f 1 it ECIIIW A A R ig ,Q-Y-ML f- 7 1 WWA Kat A, ., , f ymw. V2.1-gk 'Q' . f L K -i " 5 Q . 5 f . 'if 'P' , :J V, 1' gf ff 3 . t -,, ' i ' 5 V1 1 V . N 3 , . A ' 'X . " , , . tr I A ' ,, 5 ' ' 'kg 354 1 4. ' ' - :,1-fl if ' A K V : A Q A , mls' 'Q " eL 1 ,jk 1 - 4 X 0 y K A S J ,. " ul i2f'x,,'5-Q, . ' 4, is fx ,, x,' 1.,,,f vw .,-f 3- 9 . :,xf , Ji, ' ' ,M ,, .. Fw ' is .xy ,L-4-4--v X. -it Q! sq, JUNGKIND PHOTOGRAPHICS 6 awww! P 6th and Ringo Streets 376-3481 DON'S WEST MARKHAM PHARMACY 8609 West Markham Phone 225-2222 Little Rock. Ark. "THE STORE OF SERVICE" Compliments of DON ROGERS. Pharamacist - e -- I ' PORBECK PRINTING COMPANY Hmmaemoens P 0 Xvgmypcl LT D. A.: -IL sig Mx 51 l East Markham - 375-8460 S 1. 'IVV TK 9100 Chicm Rd. "WE CAN HANDLE PROBLEM HAIR" LOUIS D. MARTIN 562-2889 COLONY WEST LIOUOR N OVA'S BEAUTY 81 WI G DAN and CELIA GRUNDL 10300 Rodney Parham Road S Little Rock, Arkansas 72207 225-3779 Levy Shopping Center HEATING 8: AIR CONDITIONING CO.. INC SK33436 10508 Conway Highway n D ba North Little Rock, Arkansas 72118 North Little Rock, Arkansas - S 154 Patrons I BOB HENNESSEY ED TROUTMAN B gunna ,ifmly "Where every man is H+ like a king" gharkaf flare 11121 Rodney Parham Road Little Rock, Arkansas 72205 Ph 92 -f-- - I. 2' :" .L,I A ,L-, LIV- 1-1. A N A 'VI' ,1.,' W'L'1 L W L..L ,,L:,.. ,',, 5 .. fff. , ,::.:,,: W' --:' WZ 1 fL f ? . ,. ,.,, ..,, 'f z-, -'.i "" :W" 5 ',., A . 'h Z hh'i J ' "K'- , . ,A 13 ' ,f "'ff f"' i" ' , 'i" , ,, 1 f Q M V:h - .. - ..L., W L , 1' ' k ff W L '1.' , 'A" -W' H W i': 11' ' , , . , ' .. , b , "h ' X' ,,,,. W' - ' . ' '. " -- - 1 b ,4 .,., rf. . fz' ,'k, W' 1 , 5 fr igx' I , . 5 ,Q L ,L , W,.L, , L m - A'Y- . ' - ,,i- 1 . ' f 1 ' ' ' 'a f N. i . 4 , , . f SENIOR, 'S' ' ,W b 4 , '-M ' ' 5 'm,, ' "1' "., 3 :"g-' - I A Q 'h'Jhg N -..,,,f--' f ' W ,li , "'- n, I H IQ:-Q 'W.. -jpg .L,f 5 Hg, i ' f 4 . ' I ff- ,ff " " I1, f , . , ,,,.- ,,,. K' -K" b ,. V mV m',,. . b f L 'L , 1 , ,b L -"' ' A i 'LLf and Poplar Rock, ' 75 8-I Z 1 ,,.,k In , N T. , I , ZV, m .. l L 1 i 1'i ' A A , V , Q 0 - -. 1 'i" m L . . .. 1 -V m1,,.. A 1""LLt L L..1, . , ' f i f 9 a imi 'Y - T E 1745 Frvmff ' - . 1 ' 'F , ,Vs W,"'. 5 I" ' 'T' " K ,. f fofn , K. mCECE and HARRISON A ff. p ' f 2 b' h, V, FURNITURE i . .. .,fk,: - ' r : N . ' ' A K' ' , , N iff I g 'i ZL" ' 1 fy Q . ' .L LLK"- , mL,"" 7 - " 'W 1,, 1519 SQ- 663-9971 155 VV Patrons J f l it it LARRY EVANS FCDREIGN CARS INC. Volkswagen Specialist Body Shop 24 Hr. Wrecker Service 701 West 4th No. Little Rock. Ark. Phone 371-0086 A i mx 'Noe 45'-" Q- fl ,, , -M .,,, LARRY wma foimou cafesnraf. A Spark Plugs 5 VI - f cg ?- 1 IMMACU LATE HEART OF MARY Donna Banaszak Judy Kitta Cherie Pruss Anne Pruss Not Present Beverly Zojac GCI LDGY1 HOST c a P ef e R I 3 2 Locations A Park Plaza Markham and University First National Bldg. 4th and Broadway LAKE HILL PHARMACY Prescriptions Free Delivery "THE OLD FASHIONED DRUG WITH ALL THE NEW THINGS INSIDEY' HOBBY'S JEWELERS 5811 Kavanaugh Little Rock, Arkansas 72207 MO3-9344 Hallmarks Cards Candies Party Supplies Pipes and Smokers Articles Gift Shop NP Cosmetics Complete Fountain Service JOE'S HOBBY SHOP Park Plaza Center JOE and EVELYN BERNHARD 663-3807 A Drug Mutual Store V V i-ivy ---- "- Call 753-0787 PHONE 225-6956 mlb Igrinl Qlenier, Jun.- J. DAVID MCCLAIN CUSTOM FRAMING - PRINTS 158 Patrons PEOPLES SAVINGS MART - LITTLE ROCK. ARK 7 100 NORTH RODNEY PARHAM ROAD 205 , f 'inti- 'YI' v Y f W-.f i aiu! , Open 7 Days a Week Lake Hill Center -NLR . .,,.:: 0 Congralulahons ,.f:g:g5:,:3:5g f:,:::::::,:::g : 1::-:--'- - - g:g:5:3:5:5:5:y --mv 1-1-1-1-:-1-sp '-211212 .is:s:zfi:s:1 "3-.:.:.:.. D :5 ,:Q:f:f:2:2:g, 9 g,g:::-1-159 LaVERNE'S BEAUTY SALON 1807 N. University 666-7933 KAZUKO ORIENTAL New and Antique ARTS When You're Looking for Quality Luggage and Leather Goods, Exciting Gifts, and Beautiful Accessories, Look to Direct Importers Decorative Accessories STANDARD LUGGAGE COTQHI S. GIFTS 2917 Kavanaugh Little Rock, Arkansas 72205 501 663-6210 303 Main 300 So. University Little Rock, Arkansas 72205 -ef REYNOLDS 6 """' fl-if AL MINU Patrons ALL-AMERICAN RECREATION 8r SPORTS CO. ff 5506 w. Markham sr. M R I 664-8855 - MIKE CLIFFORD ' A Athletic, Physical Fitness, and Playground Equipment I Koot . A Telephone: 663-9447 ff!! . ALMYRA'S . FLOWERS 81 GIFTS Fashions for Today's Man It's the Personal Touch That Counts All Famous Bfand Name Jeans 2011 North van Buren - Little Rock, Ark. 72207 Liberty - Male - Disco Faded Glorey ' , ' ' LITTLE ROCK Hi - Fashions ' SCHOOL OF DANCE Three Piece Suits - Slacks Shirts - Shoes. 513 Main Street Little Rock, Ark. it 9501 Rodney Parham Road Little Rock. Arkansas phone: 225-6232 or 568-2582 BLUE HILL IGA GROCERY AND GARAGE 10501 Conway Highway No. Little Rock, Arkansas ECONOMY DRUG CO. Village Shopping Center 3901 New Benton Highway Little Rock, Ark. 565-5523 .41- - - .g. ,.,. ,.,- First National Bank in Little Rock CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! From B 81 C BINDERY and AUTUMN BUDDENBURG - Class of '75 BUTTERFLY BOUTIQUE 2909 Kavanaugh Blvd. Little Rock, Ark. 72205 663-0018 166 Patrons TAMARA SERHIJIW Ar kansas' largest volum Ford dealer "Where more people buy Moore Fords for less? ou MOORE 410 WEST BROADWAY - NORTH LITILE Rock 372-1200 Little Rock, Arkansas MR. DU NDERBAK'S BAVARIAN PANTRY 2 Mccaan Man A . l 4 ' fffiix 1 ' - ' KRW - 2 1 fe V A-, . . 3929 Mccam Blvd. IH AZFNZECQ 1Nc. f f. ' i' 'if 57 'f M N. Lime Rock, Ark. ' 72l I6 mlg ? mr. dundtrhaks ' I 7 sm-1 +5 A hels Phone 664-3907 5901 w. 12111 I Gfam tfoshgfgfirsickles Phone 562-3740 6221 Asher K-Mart Plaza Hickory Twggs Also Phone 847-3596 Bryant, Arkansas The Six Wursi, Sandwiches and the Dungerine! Congratulations Margaret Hari' CAROUSEL ICE CREAM PARLOR 5618 R Street Little Rock, Ark. V i 1 W' West Office Colony West Shopping Center 227-5555 BZ LTDR S 225-6724 p g. . QMEQ W THE MARKET PLACE . 11121 RODNEY PARHAM RD Betty Sz Bob Dlx LITTLE ROCK. ARKANSAS For easier check cashing anywhere. Free when you're a Commercial l6l National Easy Check customer. DANlEL'S HOUSE OF COSTUMES Sales and Rentals Costumes Made to Order Hillcrest Shopping Area 664-2542 623 Beechwood L.R. HERMAN BINZ B M es IS es LYON DRUG CO. A N D SO N S I N R 4214 Macfxrther Dr- Phone 753-6161 NLR. BILL'S PET SHOP 5623 "R" Street 1023 Rushing Circle Little Rock, Ark. 72207 664-4081 All Types of Pets Phone 45011 666-6355 ARK. CUSTOM TOURS AND TRAVEL 6105 Lee Avenue Little Rock, Ark. 72205 Member FDIC 162 Patrons OOO PA CKAGE qw 51'oRE C Q5 O 9 4 9 - , my fbxc -L09 Os MORGAN EXIT Ky? N.L.R., Ark. QQG Phone 851-9900 523' re- 65 619 Main Little Rock University Mall McMain Mall 10-9 Mon!Sat 10-9 Mon!Sat 664-1667 753-8285 Breckenridge Village 10-9 Weekdays: 10-9 Sat. 227-8353 ll Ru WT RHEA DRUG STORE ROY RHEA 2801 Kavanaugh Little Rock, Ark. "THE LOCKER ROOM" INC. North Park Mall North Little Rock, Arkansas 72116 Phone C5015 758-7760 Bring Your Annual in to be Stamped for a 2076 Discount on Any T Shirt HEIGHTS THRIFTWAYS 5915 R. Street L.R., Ark. r STAG QB. A J' DISTRIBUTING f - K COMPANY OF 5 TU LITTLE Rock ,QV 163 1 PUTNAM REALTY INC. 5 0 Business 4' Commercial 'I Industrial and 6 W W. B. PUTNAM Real Estate BILL MCCLARD Union National Bank Bldg. L.R. :fan V - 1, 6 sg, I i 1,4 Agfa. I Q If In 1-'A I 9803 W. Markham 225-9264 PARK HILL RENTAL "One Call Rents It All', 3600 J.F.K. Blvd. . . .North Little Rock 753-4294 Specialized Outdoor Work Wedding Portraiture ARKANSAS ATHLETICS Team Athletic Equipment: Q Baseball. Softball. Basketball. Track. Football 0 Gym Wear. Tennis. Soccer 0 0 l I l2l Rodney Parham 227 4432 0 JODY GU ENTER 0 0 Creative Photography I 0 cALco DISTRIBUTORS, INC. U I - 4I8 East Nlurkam Village SIWOPPIUS Center Little Rock. Arkansas 72201 Little Rock, Arkansas 15013 565-4718 1st'American National Bank O Where Personal Banking gives you a banker, not just a bank. l64 Patrons MEMBER FDIC FREDDIE'S Party and Gift Shop 5719 Kavanaugh Blvd. 664-9444 Printing and Office Supplies 5817 Kavanaugh Blvd. 664-3989 LARRY and SHIRLEY PARKER VITO CHIECHI Cuslom Tailor and Clothing Phone 227-0933 l9720 Rodney Parham Road Little Rock, Ark. 72207 SMITH'S COUNTRY CLUB DRUG STORE 5114 Kavanaugh 663-4118 S+. Theresa's Graduales Lori Anderson Ann Booth I Kim Elrod Sharon Fitz Joyce Gangluff Maureen Gallagher Gracie Gomez of "78" Not Present Laura Mattingly Maureen Riley Barbara Wirzfield Benita Kelley Peggy Woolford Sarah Mulligan Jeni Ratliff Patrons 165 I .ZX mfr: 'eff X, -ff W 'F '12, 'im' ' I' . IW1 Ziff Q, sfxf' 'pfci "-X , viii 'ff K 2,3 fx X 13,5 ,if X K?f6gXXB Nff ,if ff C N f fi? iN 32' f 3 KG- 4? W w ff-1-fl y -Lie f 'Q cf 7522 fx fn '-v QQ " f' fkfxk EXT .219 Q -' 5 "5 WMS ff V X mgwffx L Xfj ' :P ff 3 -JS 0, X A A .W A P 9 1, 'Q 6 X ,J Q '59 KC I N -ADM, Us in- ygawxxx 'Y X- M JM if Nxq 5 5X Q02 N' I7 :CQ ' lb an X4 5 If 2 N ' It 0115 .4 old J 8. K 1-3,-2-.M an LIQUOR --1P"'f'gf'1fr'f Two Location's Fashioned Hamburgers ng? ,.,...41dF1 -333-,:f..:'..-:f'S SCOTT HAMILTON 6318 Asher Ave. 562-8261 565-8788 I I 60 I Rodney Parham FRANKIS 5903 R S OPTICAL mf 227-6396 SERVICE 666-9293 ALLIS - CHALMERS Small Motor Division Little Rock PARK HILL PHARMACY Colony West RHYNECLIFFE 10300 N. Rodney Parham 225-5959 Patrons 167 ...Q 168 Patrons 2,01 5. 199' L. E, 7 S 5 I Congra'rula+ions AnneHe! Love Mom, Dad, and Reggie s PM ' 31-1 'T-'F' A IFIIR MSIANLEY when Yau want To be kissed Qi ' -I 2,5 Nw' 2525511 I . 3. I AM in 6 3422 JFK I524 Rodney Parham rv-s1Qvi11'4"iN ' 769 kbL'v4Q LE CAP -'shop . by where your friends shop" Kelley Kyte KELLEY KYTE Fashion Fantasy for Children Lady Awaiting for the Woman Trellis SQLIHTC Who Expects the Best Rodney Parham Road 7400141 Little Rock. AR 72212 The Galleria Shopping Center 15013 227-4303 SQ 6165 CONGRATULATIONS g g SENIORSI lf 1 5l5 Main Street I I I I Park Plaza Shopping Center Little Rock. AR. 72201 From BENNETT-'S Art 8: Craft Supplies MILITARY SUPPLIES 302 Main Street Q 0 Little Rock, Arkansas 372-2944 BARBARA'S UI TOLE 3 SHOPPE I Z0 0599501 Rodney Parham Road , i L. Ri, AR 0 225-0989 821 Broadway COMMUNITY Mororzs QSM Little Rock H28 years in Auto Repairs" specializing in: Motor Tune Ups. Wheel Alignment. and Balancing and Brake Linings ' te Gm Phone 565-8481 RED BARN FIOWERS 81 GIFT SHOP if LOETSHER'S GARAGE 7612 Asher Ave Little Rock 72204 ' Pa ml' 8: Body Shop 3618 Raseline Road TRIBUTE TO RONNIE VAN ZANT Little Rock. Arkansas 565-1 169 A brief candle. both ends burning an endless mile. a bus wheel turning A friend to share a lonesome time A.handshake and a sip of wine Say it loud and let it ring That we've all parts of everything The present. future. and the past Fly on proud bird. you're free at last. 170 Patrons Charlie Daniels We're not the best because We,re tbe biggest We're the biggest because We're the best. In-il WQRTHEN Bank 8 Trust Company, N. A. afibcocompan-g ZLI suoned A Wa w,QWv1v"f 5 71225: 1 K fi at X 'fy 5. 'E CHRIST THE KING CHURCH REV. FRANCIS D. COLAVECHIO - Pastor REV. ERN EST L. HARDESTY - Associate Pastor REV. ROBERT A. TORRES - Associate Pastor SR. JOAN HESS. O.S.B. - Director of Parish Religious Education Little Rock CONGRATULATICNS TO OUR I978 GRADUATES Laurell Baldwifl Renee deBin Jean Haley SUSHU I-Ohsloelef Susan Otten Karen Vincent Lisa Carey Susan EdmiSIOH Karen Jasiulevicius Ellen Marks Lisa Reynolds Colleen Wehr Margaret Coen Debbie Elledge Sharri Johnson Lori Martin Darcy Rourke Theresa Cox Charlotte Greenwood Mary Kelly Anita Maxwell Jennifer Scheving OAK FOREST CLEANERS ,.. 2 Z- " 1-Q 37 Q7 'N ' IU Q KA TJ u ECI -IIIU ix gf' m 'v 'a - 'W M ll Q , L ' ,494 'If Q K Q 1217 Fair Park 663-6047 . Y ,V QI ' -T' x W: g .fi 3:11 A N U bil, I 5 f -gd., ' Lf' iizefil ' ,I i ilit i e I ', WEL ., A V 'AN - f -F? - INTERIOR DESIGN Gifts Witha Personal Touch Residential - Commercial Featuring America's Leading Manufacturers of Home Furnishings and Design Products Office Phone 501-666-0727 619 Beechwood Home Phone 666-5616 Little Rock, Herredon 'Strodheim 8: Roman Ark, 72205 Heritage 'Scalamandre Hickory Chain 'Greef Drexel 'Schumacher A Q QW Thomasville 'Brunschwig 8: Fils . BRIDAL VILLA "Home Furnishings By America's Most Honored Makers" Q U 6904 Geyer Springs Road, Suite 413 and 4 L.R., AR 565-8812 X Complete Wedding Arrangements, Party Cakes, BRANDON HOUSE Bifthdaycakes DECORATOR GALLERY KL 133B Division of Brandon Furniture Co., Inc. Eight Twenty Three West Seventh Street 374-0391 J. D. JONES - Instructor, Owner 3407 Pike Ave. - 758-3950 North Little Rock. Arkansas F '51 IMMACULATE CONCEPTION CATHOLIC CHURCH 7000 .l.F.K. Boulevard Rev. Ralph Bauer Melissa Butkiewicz Cathy Clark Theresa Goshen Laura Hastings Mary Hemann 174 Patrons CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR GRADUATES: Theresa Sorrows North Little Rock Rev. Michael Aureli Mary Penne-baker Beckv Pruss Betsy Pruss Laura Schneider Debbie Scroggms rr' ATTENTION: Architects. Draftsman, engineers, and Artrstg' We have the best equipment for your job and welcome 1 the opportunity to serve you. i,5s1755Z2jgg4.2'tag-ZA gf ' Q1 ,f . 334, .61155ijlgfggjliflfiggihrjrtirf.-,.',-gvgv, -fi .-:c..f:-1-.-I-iota: mg. .,,, .. ,.,, . ,,,X . ,.,,,. 2. ,N,f ......,. . , 5xg13f151f32!12393156955 E'i. f'3'fWf 4"' -' ' '- " " f ' 2 1'1 1,.g"""' 9 ,,n.e ,zi!."2.! lfikiiiidiiiitr 13:1 '1f11JEA11Li2i 1:14 ' 'eee A iiE??fii13ili:ti-zftlfGifs'7.-fi'--iT "Z-.RV cl' ji, 'igiwfigfleisffl5.5511f':3i1f'?'f15t?fQ?:ir 'lf"i7i1'f1ff"l '7i5'5Il.r:'""'l:1i.T:fLi1':3 'F93Ei4f!Iti:Q,r51 ,,',A n-" I 535Y:55'F"T."i, ' f ' I ,fi "'N '5."Ng:"f1iV 71i'75?i:f?"?'f11 i?'1:':"'1:3'793':4'-.'.117 71:,l"f:f:"'1TtT,f'vw - i5Z4i'lvfl35i?.5ir'1i'i 'Z w .7 " ifiw 773 2-Z-'i7iZ:I'13. 'G 'FIV' vf:"'w-3Li":' fffzzzftimfwt..z .fa I at 1 I-1+ 5e.g:fga1 '-f:5:1' . .3:s:a.:1:..... . arsgzl. H '- av-., .f,.2'f:2.f:p. A . A 3 1 r - ' 4s:2ff-1:s:.:ffa1ea:.. of 4 ru A . + f:1:sf3g3:3:2:2.efz:1 -213315:5:5:sex:a1sgs:2:e:z:sg3:a:s1.:s .5'Tfrjg5.,' ' Q . , yhyw i ,E:?gE,33,E13gEgSgi5,.,i3E52,f., -515222E11113EjEgE5E55515E5EgE51'-'f"' ' Ugg " 12. . 5- 5 P3Ifffifiiiiif3Eii?25iiiiiiEi2i:E2s 1 -E i .i1:-f-2Q.l A 7 1 A ' - 2 A.':?f?:iif'Ji'.'f'i ff i Y . --1-515--1 1- - r w f l f fz , ,,'i223E53i33i5E?E?:. - .E f f s. ...-.-,f22Eil1i1E23f:i?i2E2EIEr:2E2E2i1?tE2Z23- "E1EfZ2E1i23E1?Ef51511125155.32122if:1EfEl3E1i2E23ZE1E11151513251223- ."1'i1E'7252E2S?5':'f'135- " 'E2E1ItE1i2E .1 .L ,, , .nf T 1'.ti:.e12?e22i'-iefz 'ee' 1 ff " r A fwf'.f.:21-it 'tf" rt'1'77i-i',' 57253 1 21 .,n. . n,,, f 7:1Z:Q3it- .-,L 7951 5111 1' iffffifliii-1113Wifi?-I5257721135--27:?i5'i'QY:f'ig5:33-i?5313t5Jd:f':317':gf tiff' "Vit fr"'t:gfj -'-,'g..1:7'A1':ftflf,lrlgqifC95-gishkfiix A zsxf ir: 2 as I . sa .f-fi :f fr- Jig ,- .J ff,-. :V 4134:-L -"-if ,,,- . E -.1.-::jz-2gf.4:,:-3,::g.:si- .. ., . ex,V e,. . ., I - ,.1,f 5 A REPRBBUBTIUNR WURK of hrghestfqaaflfty U .C is ufferer1t..tayeu'at tremendous A 2 VN C savings asa result of our modern A equipment and trained personnel. - DEALER p .s.CAPIT0L PLY 1 1 I eele Lifrle 72201 n'en n'fn e,i1 ,,ev.fn'- Y , Toll Free. 140800-482-5890 A YOUNG CLOTHES FOR ANY AGE Infants - Children - Ladies Maternity Wear Park Plaza Breckenridge Village 664-1579 244-1313 u!rtaaFLr.e se DRESS SHOP 6929-S6 Joan Knox Indian Hills Shopping Center Bus. 835-0497 North Little Rock. Ark. 72116 Res. 758-3436 ECONOMY DRUG CO. Village Shopping Center 3901 So. University - - Little Rock. Arkansas Phone 565-5523 - , 'Q' Ya? ,,- -- ttf rl, 11 ' BARG STEEL CO. 1902 East 22nd Street Little Rock. AR 72206 372-2971 CLOTEALE'S BEAUTY SALON 2000 Bragg Street ' Little Rock. Ark. 72206 ' Phone: 374-9122 26 Years of Experience in the Beauty World Specializing in all phases of beauty service: Permanent Waving. Coloring. Hair Shaping. Afros. Hair. and Scalp Conditioning. Wig Cleaning and Styling. She also sells Cosmetics. Jewelry. Scarves. Conditioning and Dressing for the Hair and Scalp and Wigs by Naomi Sims and Altovise. Owned and Operated by CLOTEALE P. HANEY STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Home Office ' Bloomington. Illinois STATE FARM .Aura INSURANCE DON FITZ CZ.-R? I Agent Gif! , fx, Energy Conservation Is Everybody's Business i ELECTRIC If " c:ooPERArlvEs OF ARKANSAS 4' xx. . 1 f Office Ph.: 568-3222 Res. Ph.: 562-0278 5412 Baseline Road Little Rock. Ark. 72209 its :Wi S' P.O. Box 9469 M LiHle Rock, Ark. 72219 Patrons 175 Peoples SBVIIISS O . 0 0 f N 'N AN D LOAN ASSOCIATION 123 West 3rd Markham at Rodney P 6320 Baseline Road arham I ISIS D - ll R Q ll I culuc RT A mulled aupou Ono' Men's Clorhier 2243000 9816 N. Rodney Parham Rd. - L.R.. Ark. 72205 Phone 225-9559 . I COL WWW IN THE PINE BLUFF AREA PHONE 534-0021 xnxx Delivered To Your Home . . . or AN i Kao cr""""s L C a lf' 4 Q, C fest .. . . NN Xt-TN 176 Patrons COLEMAN DAIRY INC. ' 5801 Asher Avenue ' nm smnu ctasll Little Rock, Arkansas 72204 1 1 1 forpy FASH xoxdnn 1 8703 Geyer Srings Road I 4600 Camp Robinson Road N.L.R. 11319 Rodney Parham Road NX STON EH ENGE M USIC CO. I 8521 Geyer Springs Road W Little Rock. Ark. 72209 , , 5 5687380 DANNY FLETCHER lt ufort pl1alz.Maf5 All Macreme' Supplies and Finished Pieces 9501 Rodney Parham Indian Hills Shopping Center Little Rock, Ark. 72207 JFK Blvd. Phone: 225-6921 N.L.R. Ark. ROGER LUKER HEIGHTS VARIETY 81 HARDWARE 666-2747 E. L. "Bud" Hewitt 5915 Kav- L. R. Ark. 72207 WIRTS JEWELERS Indian Hills Shopping Center N.L.R, Ark. Park Plaza L.R. Ark. Patrons' 177 178 THE BRIDE'S CHOICE. . . We pro ect th S . 2201 Hidden Valley Little Rock. Ark. 72212 at Rodney Parham 227-8494 I BEST WISHES THE CATHEDRAL SCHOOL Good Luck Seniors! from "Phriend" an Blue Cross - - offkrkansas We care zilwtit people, Arkansas people. 8, l20l East 8th St. Little Rock. Ark. 72202 JOE BERG JOHN BERG JR. 'f . Little Rock 72207 , H N f . ' K . jg!-fu fffgfn. , A, -1 . Y , ,. ' ff' 1 A cm Riding Apparel and Accesories Xl fc t Cav' 501 f225-6668 ' 190 cQ3.. Fuglis I, around you! ' ' N JOHN DAtgll5.iOwner A M S ' 565- 1 when you want to be kissed. FRED 8: JACK TRAILER SALES lO3l8 New Benton Highway ' Little Rock. 72209 Patrons HARNESS AUTO PARTS 6916 Hwy. 365 Little Roekmk. 72206 375-5251 Qinhdr DRUG co. Little Rock Cantrell Rd. Phone: 663-6368 CORDER'S MODEL MARKET 59lI Kavanaugh ARKANSAS GRAPHICS, INC. 301 Center Street P.O. Box 2251 Little Rock. Ark 72203 C5013 376-8436 Congratulations Seniors. . . From LITTLE ROCK DRAPERY SUPPLY CO. 7501 Kanis Road Little Rock. Ark. A F fzff X BORDEN vw . . If it's Borden, lt,S got to be good. BORDEN INC. SUPEQII L.P. SUPPLIES INC. 2000 East l7th Street Little Rock. Ark. C OM PU M EN TS OF I isgwffmf' IIZHZIIVIAE t':11f1: 5 gfgflfqfufm IQ-',g351,X,3l RAMSEY, OLBERTS, KRUG 84 . 05 WU' 'Miws EN I ., FARREU- ' i V s ..,.,.,:,,: ,..::. 5 Z:.:.i.::Z.:.:.:.::t,.,,:,. . ., 5 ,xx LK M vl Suite 330 Prospects Bldg. Little Rock mmI"LI Rok at F Phone 664-7705 Independent Insurance Since 1932 Agents Patrons l79 Lamp Supplies Lampshades Repairs 5608 "R" Street Little Rock. Ark. I X I FRAN YANIGER Phone 666-2628 , JV s I i C 4' S 'fPETE"zAKRzEwsi 910 ' ' Q34 -- STEPHENS INC. Investment Bankers 1 I4 EHS! Capiwl Post Office Box 3507 Little Rock. Ark 6 180 Patrons Sales 990I Mann Rd RM. QR T9 2 -IF 4' ways qgkixf Q 335 :xx 5113, 55553 NWI P Ycfigqi fr OII1 182 Patro When these Peep Sveaketltwe lise St. Mary's: Alicia Chudy, Connie Bargiel When our student board speaks out The Twin City Bank listens. .Because these outstanding High School Seniors are our Goodwill Am- bassadors and liaison with today's youth. They tell us what the young people in the community want and expect from their bank. We look at it this way. Helping and working with today's youth is a good way to start a friendship with tomorrow's leaders. Twin Ciiy Bdnk l l l CONGRATU LATIONS. ST. EDWARD'S GRADUATES! Mercedes Imhauser Michelle Revere Not Present: Cathy Riel Sandra Lutz Mary Berg Kathy Buzan Karen .Iasiulevicious Debbie Ball Gwen Brittain Linda George Tina Deuerling Annette Rogers Ann Dorough Mary Hemann Congratulations Class of '78 Porrer-Crawford Co. Inc. General Conlracior A l l00 North University y Little Rock, Ark. 72207 Congralulafions Anne'H'e! fI'O1'I1 LAWRENCE, RICKY, DENNIS, and MELVIN Patrons 183 184 Patrons I I Compliments of First Federal Q Savings G Loan Association OF LITTLE ROCK Arkansas' Largest... and still gro ing. IN LITTLE ROCK Home Office 312 Louisiana Park Plaza Office W. Markham 5 University Colony South Office Baseline at Geyer Springs Rodney Parham Office 10901 Rodney Parham Med c I Towers Office Bapt st Medical Center Ashe Mini-Branch 6420 Asher tin Kroger! 372-3200 664-3831 568-1000 227-5300 227-5700 568-5090 IN NORTH LITTLE ROCK: N nh Lttl n it off .li MBIID 8 OC 376-2365 Park Hull Off 3200 JFK Biff 753-7361 M Ca n Office M5CaIn Mall Shopp g Center Indian Hills Mini-Brancg I d H Ils Shopping enter JI. ffogflfl 835-9633 IN JACKSONVILLE: 310 Crestvr Plaza IN CABOT: 106 S, Second St, Congra+uIa+ions +o Our Laurie 5351 1 Dr. and Mrs. Deane Baldwin, Gretchen. Leslie, and Amy I Congra+ula+ions Card Love from: Mother. Daddy. Sharon. Cathy. Lee. and Patty Con ra'rula+ions DeDe' w Wi+h All our love, Mother, Daddy, Mike, Mary and Steve Congra+uIa+ions Kim! WE LOVE YOU AND ARE PROUD OF YOU! Dad. Mom. Angie. Jr.. Robie. and Mark. Patrons l85 Ph MISS Pam In +l1e years To corne may lrfe re'rurn 'ro yeu all 'rhe love you have so freely given l , ft: ., .. . ' Teaem, 4 f f 1 , g,l.g,.J.z , 1 I 4 L -Q ,,,, , ..,. Mama, Daddy, Belh, Penny, Brel, and il Congra+ula+ions Paris -we Are Proud o'FYou Congra+ula+ions Ann, nigh ' .,Lx . E T iw VW All ou I ve Mom and G d We Love YOU Karen! Mom, Dad, Ricky P t 187 M Lfff' 4' j Congrarularions 'ro our daughrer, Connie We're so proud of you Love Always, Mom and Dad Congrarularions, Marilyn MFWQJW Nia ,S in n rg fx xii,-ll kv G ? J Q X I. 5, . fs k 2 ,Q u . ,. ie, , ,- k r , 2 1' -My 'ww - R 9 in S ,Q-'WQM lf-.,, A- 2 1 2 S a Q L- no .. J k Q Nz' KS 1 " ' A NM r, ,, QQ 3.3 ,H ,rt , .K 1 Congratulations Mom, Dad, Granny and Papa 188 Patrons We are very proud of you and we love you, Mom and Dad Alicia, we love you and God loves you' 'H' is Have a greal life! Mom, Dad, Mark, l Maria, ScoH, Kelley CHRISTIE, WCW! WHAT A GAL!!! God is so good +o us. To Him be all +l1e glory!!! Mom, Dad, Jamie and Braun io H Congra+ula+ions 7 Cindy We're proud of you. Mom, Dad, Lynn, Ken, Rick, Donna and Chris Patrons 189 2 I 2 i 3 5 Y ou've Come a Long wa y yBab Mom and Dad Congra+ula'rions Carrie. 190 Patrons Love, Dad Congra'rula+ions Kay. Mom, Dad, and Lori Congralularions +o Our Zany Zanne - We Love You! Mom, Herb, and Marli P. T. L. Congratulations We love you and are proud of you your family: Mom - Dad - Melissa - Michele - Mark - Michael We're Proud of you and We Love You!!!!!! Molher, Dad, Mark Be sure to stop and smell the roses along the way Charles and Family Congrafulalions Theresa! from Mom, Dad, Par, Carl, Chris'rie, Joey, James and Ki++y Congra+ula+ions +0 Kurl, Drew, and Fran o,,,da,,gh+e, "Per'Fec+ in Every Way" Love and Congralulalions Dad, Mom, Tim, John and Donna Margarel Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hari' Compliments of LiHle Rock Pedialric Clinic Patrons 191 Congra1'ula+ions, "Doobie", Q I V We re So Very Proud of You. Mom and D 'fn ., To the best big Sister. In the Whole Wide World. I love you. Eliza berh GENERAL MERCANTI LE The Galleria Shopping Center 9700 Rodney Parham Little Rock. Ark 72207 15013 225-7518 congralulalions Carrie We Love You! Parker and Shaun Congratulations and God8Ls Blessings, Love and Good Luck From a Mom, Cecilia, Theresa, Marian, James Edward and Parricia i Yipeee Colleen! You macle if! Love, Maureen. "You've come a long way Ba by!" We love you, Linda-Sue, Mom, Dad and Roy We Believe ln You Much Love Mom and Dad Mo+l1er Debbie Sissy and Mickey Congralulaiions Beni+a Congrafularions, Becky! We -ove You Mom, Dad, Sandra. Jimmy. and Dinky 3 S 5 Congrarularionsl We're proud of you Mom. Dad, and Granny W YY el gy I 14 be Q a D .kilff ' ...wa Q + ff? l4 Hang In There, Celesre Mofher, Daddy, and Edward WH-I-1 Love +0 Joanna 196 Patrons Our 'Favori+e da ughrer and sisrer, Mom, Dad, Chris, Mark, Eric. Penny, and Brian WE LovE You 1 ! Q ' Mom l D l E ROESH l Congralulalions Carrie For diligent work well done Deserving Success is yours to come. WE LOVE YOU MOM, ELIZABETH Emu Whal do you say? We love you Mom, Dad, Janice, Allan Patrons 197 7 Cumplimml? ol? El T ienrl Congra+ula+ions Seniors, ' , Especially PaH'y Rowland "You're a JOY and We Love YOU!" Mother, Mike, Kelley and Charlie will Congra+ula+ions Edwina Love, Mom, Dad, Rick, Vickie and Eddie We Love You 193 Patrons Mo'rl1er and Daddy Congralulalions Laura . p w: was-Q ji ' ft, Alf' . aj : SJW, h . , ,Q t v -, I I LQKQF, ,X . I .3381 45 :SQL You Will Always T0 LISA. Be Our Ba by Love. Mom and Dad It seems like only yesterday. With much love. your Family and Grandparents CONGRATULATIONS 'ro our girls, Sue and Missy You Finally Made I+! Love .b I! l "BESTOlF FRIENDS NEVER DIE!" The Lohsloelers and l'l1e Knighls Terry. Dianne. Sue and Missy PHIFOHS 199 I 5.fiiign1,.f' ' i ' K- AnHgonL You are fhe Iighf of our lives' Congrafulaiions +o a Third Generafion We Love You Mouni' Graduafel Mom and Dad Love' Mom, Dad, and Cece ,R ..,... . I . N A H Ml 0 vgasq . xx ij, Wx . L Laurie, 1 1 We are so proud of you! To a Very Sepcial Girl. Love, Mom and Dad We Love YOU- 200 Patrons Mom, Dad, James, Kim, and Joshua .- H H , . .,,W,.,.,f,.. .,7..tL,.- If.A,5, MJ. 'vr11,-'f- 3 ,aff-u::g21w,w,:v33',-, . ef i n -. a--f, in X You smile ancl make o+l1ers smile 'l'oo, You are 'rl'1ougl1+'Ful ancl +hougl1'r so much of, You care and are cared aboui always, You are special and especiallyloved. Dacl, Mom, Greg, Gayle, ScoH, and Doug HOLY SOULS CATHOLIC CH URCH Pastor-MSGR. ALLEN Ana Marie Borja Virginia Gentry FATHER CORRINTI Kathleen Brandon Margie Hart FATHER JACOBS Deb Eckart Mercedes Imhauser Barbara Eichelmann Anne Jansen 202 Patrons Chris Johnson Lora Kemp Missy Knight Liz Miller Carol Olberts Kim Richard Cathy Riel Cindy Warner Good-Bye +o Our Li'Hle Sis+ers Love, Melissa and Edwina Thanks Mad, Accubuzz, Brainnu+, and Jame Jame I Love You and God B1ess.You. ' fi - n XJ 1 f X Complimegfs of,, Dr. Murphy From a Friend aldilcmo 1 1 16421 Z QW V0 suoned Thanks Mama Holland! -1'-.?'... if IAP J z Left to Right: Heather Anderson, Mrs. Holland, Charlotte Greenwood, Ellen Marks, Beverly Zajac, Debbie Cortese, Susan Aston, Laura Mattingly, Pam Stephens, Melody Ashley, Antigoni Pappas, Cheryl Chandler. Not Present: Patrice Gillenwater. frvw HAPPY MEMORIES OF THE MOUNT. . First Graduation as Eighth Graders - 1974 Second Graduation as Seniors - 1978 Left to Right: Sharri Johnson, Anita Maxwell, Ellen Marks, Kay Allen, Missy Knight, Susan Lohstoeter, Cindy Wallace, Lisa Carey. Jennifer Scheving, Trudy Nickerson, Anne Campbell, Charlotte Greenwood, Antigoni, Cheryl Chandler, Benita Kelley, Mary Faulk, Pam Stephens, Christe Ray, Tracy Barger. Not Present: Cyndi Lou Smith We're Going +0 Gel' in fhe Groove! CHS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Top Row: Anne Campbell, Liz Renaud, Monica Rodriguez, Karen Jasiulevicious, Laura Mattingly, Lisa Land. Bottom Row: Anne Dillingham, Angie- Schaefer, Patti Johnson Diana Hain, Karen Lienhart Patrons 205 We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best that we find in our travels is an honest friend. , - Robert Louis B.F. - PaH'l and Ann stevenson ,454 Qi V i f if ig 'Q W X slt 2 6 wwf mu, I Besl' of Friends Never Par+ Lisa Chris Laura Lisa Tha nks WI+i1 Love our From: Pa ren+s " J . Onl . Debbie Cindy .Susan PaHy 206 Patrons 11212 FRIENDS ff 2? P5 V. ., V V , V V . QV V- V 5 A V ,, VV Vi. in s.. . , L ,VW W V V ,Nw . , 2' .' A+-as V, V I 'P , any vw .VQYQW VV V -nm fi- V 4 313 VV-4 . VV 'V V 1 X- P Avi, ,- 'Q 1 J vb Q by 1 . V .V ' V . ' 1 'gf V V: VV - V V V -V V .QVQVV Isl V V V .. " V ' :QQ K. " ' SQ 'V , ' 'nf' A' ' 4 Rf V, U - - 5 ' Q vg W M +1 l" 'V J QV : Q Y "VH "HV ,Rf fn V 3 f 45. .V,V f V , t 4 ,144 it I WLAVVV 'R J , ' , .I V '21 5 "3:'z2VgxA ski? ' f VVVV ' 1 ff V V V h . -al, V- V V157-7 in 1 '- VNS?-,,'f'f. A A , ' '-V' - " VV-Viff' QV V' ' -' " ' V-". A -' " V V VV wi, -1 - gf, ,L f ,gpgl .V -. .4 VV :.,,'S' V V, , .V 'VV V .Vg V, KV V VV V VV V gi if - " , A3 V-. 'V V V V V .V . KV .. I., V, Va ,V V 'K V VV V . Vw , V ,ww . V V. . -. .gf V V 7 'L ' R "4 H57 V '7E'?5w"'v1 5 I Lf 'yff V' -if 5-VV 7 'VV VV., 4, F ,g,V1VVzj'a.V 'V 'LVV V Q ,-,g. V .V -V , 2.11, V VV V V if V f' - EW-L - ,gg QV x 'Q Af ' w. 4. - n.. 4 .Qc , .H .J - - - X 1 ,Hx V 3' ,Q f , wx V1 151 Vs v Vf V. .V V 1,439 ,M ' .Vw .gg ,. Vw ,QV-3,5 V V. ' ' VA, A V- V. ff V- V , ' lk , V ,iii ,V S V , WV W ,J km . F x 3 V 'A m 1 -5 V . I V, ,,. . f, mrs, ,AVKVQVL 5' 5 5 . - ' '31 A -3 S V V V V V , ' 11.1.59 QW Vx f M, X 'X A EV in I ', "T Nj ' 3 . X - ,g,VV. -1 1 V 1 ' ft"-1 1 ,Q ' ' . ,, H . ' A Q -'J f L V. AV WP . V .V ,TVY31 V V V ff ' V V V W1:'?H.f'V V V" L f VM-.V V V ii if I W J 5 V. VV ff ' VV ' O..-V V"',.,A i Us ,VV FVVVJ A 71 K 5 MVK , V V A V . f Va, P , 4 1 :Vw if ,X ,V V V. .B t 'is 55. .QQ -if ru. 'MQ Q R . A as .Vi ,p -.. 2 1 fsgu 5 P . 1 .Aa -mv- file mx it 1 O Vw V 5 Looks Like We Made li-gf! Debbie, Lisa, Kaihleen, and Caihie Suoned, mz ' 21, 4- , wg w V , U? ie' , 'gLk'F"' 4 - a . - 4 , M :Q - -.. r W f- " ' D V - ' ', ' t ' , ' .P Q ' . 7 ' A T 0. 4 -1 Y ' mf, ' M , A , H ,, -f ff' ' "iw f jg K , 1 Q 5 , s A I , Q E' K Q A , an , 4' 1' V P K - . L f ' , af' 5 VL ,X ' A L " .1 " . 5 , If . - ' f ' in g 'f fs' 'f' ' A 1 4 ' .,- . 'Q 1' ak "G 1 ' ' " 49 I ag f it " Z ' ', 4 ' " J, ., ' f-lg, H ' y Q 1 L W f - , '- ,, ,,L, Vg, Q A I I K Hr., 1 , x - if W ' A 8 0 r, M - ry A 4- ,, , WI 'xi Z3 , ., 5'1f"LaF W gf' .- f Q :gg -nm 2 .,,f-H' 125 , 2 ggi V M ' , ,, . A - f W' Q ' ' W W"- 1 in 'Wi - 7 V ,, M ig. 'fm' K : -V Z' f ' Q,1,W., "QA 'NV 'F ,5 , A L Y- ? - wQl'1.f'f-V:-1,, 4' 5 X Q Q f . ,. W Q.. . ,,,. Q .1 r rf I: Q 1'v'f'. I, W , V Afs4wgH,.,,,.. Q Y A+ 'L W ' n H , ' gif 'ix ..,, ,H 7 ,Q ,,, " 25? ' 2 Q- a ? , 3 P. gm 'Q 59-'mffflf 'Q ", ,V 1 ,,--,,3iQM,..,. ' 'S -sg ,, ,i Af ,v51f.E?,:gWfLg1L,: A ,Q ff? Q 5, 4. 43 if 1, Q14 ' -g..: w V, 2 ff' ' x':g 'W "ia 1 , ' VDTZQQQ "ii" . 1-- ' 4 w A A' I ' a L we ' M ' H ,Q ,L I ,Q Q 1 - ' ' ,,,,, Tw f 7 ' 'L AL , L 2 QE ,it ',- f '24 -1 f f wx K f' . p Q le .11 f ,ggn'H5'?z e " 'ew Jfllr fxgiya I ' A . 1 2 f Y gb 4. ir Jw Q V , H V, nic YE.. ' 'A A 5, 'Hai ' U - 'Q A I' '-.TV ,gf ff' ' xx? ff paw? A S b,.' V A' g L X If . , - ' . ' f 49 ' ' 'w ' , V. 8' ,q w , . yy ya. gww, If . if Q if WML N- 4.,..4W Q22 94, I--f If you have one +rue friend, you have more +han your share. KATHLEEN and SUZANNE Who has +he Real B.C. Headache? BOB KAREN, KAY, TOMMY True happiness consisis noi in +he muH'i+ude of friends, bui' in +he wor'l'h and choice. - Jonson AIN'T NOTHIN' LIKE BESTEST FRIENDS 212 Patrons Our customers are as precious as the jewels we sell. Fu.AT's WW JEWELERS 1 Specializing in Imporfs From Israel Diamonds, Wafches, I4 ld. Gold Norhing Chains and Bracelefs 10020 Rodney Parham Road Q i Little Rock, Arkansas 72207 Phone' 2274170 HOBART sALEs XSSERVICE 9414 Mabelvale Pike South rL.R. 72209, 565-0186 Agent - THOMAS B. DEVINE COMPLIMENTS of THE DAN COEN FAMILY Barney. It's been fun and lim gonna miss ya. I Love Ya, Fred ...Littlesis...Eva...the best . . . I love you Mom, Dad, Jim, Sandra, and Pinky . . . D.S.F. . . .M.S.M.. V. .Va. . . . Ark. . . .Love, Becky Goodbye Lori It's been fun. Love, Your Big Sis - Lisa , Chrissy - G'bye Good Luck and I Love You. Your Big Sis, Cathy Hey Cathy, I just want to say so long fnot goodbyej. You're my very best friend and I'll miss you. Take care and good luck v- you deserve it. God Bless You! Love ya always, Antigoni DJ - RAT - Yearbook I I - - N.O.L.A. - yes but no - Smack - Exploring - 'ESM and M's - RAZOR- BACKS - Beefmaster's eyno S a ' '.R. - Strawberries and Raspberries - Seaulls and Dolphins - Hearts and Stars - Leo and Virgo - squirt guns - "Brothers" BRYAN - CLINT - Utah? Iowa? Ohio? Idaho!! - Fantamalook - "Texarkana is twice as nice!" - Martin - Am-track - Rice - Canoeing - Mountain Dew - Kayaking - SLEEP - What's that? Olympics - ACT in Conway - Mary Mac - Guests! - 507 - Dan - New Orleans - Cafe Pontablo - Pat O,Brian,s - Hurricane - Hon- or's English - Commander Palace - E.I.U. Baseball Team - Cafe du Mond - Rosedown - Petit Jean - Sewanee! - Search - Pinnacle - sassafras tea!! - South - Andre's - Friday's - Don - Springhill Farms - Rick - peppermint shoes - Jorge - Hayrides! - neckcollar - Greers Ferry - FROG - Rain - Pat - 20-man life raft - "I think welre lost!" - Switcheroo! - Colo- rado? - Canada! - Niagra Falls - skiing - Frozen - 810 - Mark: "I left my suitcase in front of my houseli' - skiing in the parking lot ditch - Hi "Daddy"'George!! - ". . . Ran over a New Yorker at the edge of a cliff . . ." "E-x-c-u-s-e-M-e-e-e-!" - Gary - Grasshopper - "A WHAT?!" - Stanstead fstand steady! lj - snowdrifts and sign posts! - GregoryJoe - "Walk like a northerner . . ." - Combat Zone - ARKAALAASKAZONA!! - Dennis - "Are we in Connecticut?!,, - King Kong Magog - McDonald's - Silver Van! - rapelling - Roses - ,77N.I.E.W.R.C.R. Chm. - cool beverage - lasagne - Papa Tullio - "I think I'm going crazy!" - J umbalaya! - Maryland. Craig. Brian. Mike. - D.C. - Yummersll - hot tea - Yukkers - David. David. Mark. Mark. Mike. Mike. . . . - Florida - C.Y.O. - Daquiri -jig - Mark and Wilbur? - Library - Aviance! - Bogalusa. Dave. Wendell. Polar Bear. Chopsie! - Star Wars scr-e-e-ch! - "dead dog" - King Tut - BatonRouge - Disney - Chartreuse Mazda - T-i-g- e-r-r-r!! - no, no, no, - oh yes! - Swimming - Ft. Lauderdale - Peppe's Pizza Parlor Tulsa E.Y.C. A.J I Friends - Tracy and Ann - M.S.M. Little Sisters - US ' 213 CONGRATULATIONS MAUREEN Congra+uIa'rions Lisa, P' Us Meow! meow, meow, meow" Love Mom and Dad J J - Tweetsie ZITI CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR DAUGHTER 114 GOOD COUNSEL CATHOLIC CHURCH Little Rock, Arkansas Congraiulaiions 'ro Our Seniors: TRICIA BARTSCH MARY BERG PATTY BINZ MONTE BROWN KATHLEEN BYRNE PATTI CASTLEBERRY DANA CORN DEBBIE CORTESE COLLETTE DALEY ELLEN DONNELLY CINDI EVANS MARY FAULK SUZANNE GRAVES MARY HAWKEY MELINDA HOPKINS LISA LAND BARBARA MILLER CATHIE PREWITT TRICIA RALEY KIM ROBINETTE MONICA RODRIGUEZ SUSAN THOMPSON Rev. Louis Jenesko - Pas'ror Rev. Royce Thomas - Assis+a ni' Pas+or Rev. Richard Oswald - Assis+an'r Pas+or Patrons 215 216 P CCNGRATU LATIONS REN EE Mom, Dad, Robert Richelle, and Chris Hello World, Here She Comes! N Congratulations to our Daughter, Ann, andAlltheOtherGraduates CONGRATULATIONS SUSAN For years well done and our love during years yet to come. WE LOVE 'YA Dad' N10m'Anne' Paula' Dad, lVlOm, ElIZ6be'l'l'l, and Patrons 217 DEO GRATIASII CEST LA VIE!! I 966 I 978 xl? H - Your Loving Family MQW' '5 Tom I 5606950 Susan and Don gf Mary Jo and Jennifer Ma David ancl Tommy Carmie and Curley Maggie and Kelly ST. ANNE'S Congra+ula+ions 'ro Our Gradua+es . . . Susie Hooks Kim Paladino Cindy Dumboski Dede Bulmanski Juli Doza Connie Bargiel - x Melanie, Lisa, Carla, Rhonda Love Tina and Anne++e "Good-Bye LiHle Sisses: "ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, WE MADE IT!" KAREN, MONICA, KATHLEEN, SUZANNE, TRICIA, DIANNE, MISSY, ANDESUE I Patrons 219 It can only be our own Chemistry which activates our curiosity. And, being thus, though we don,t admit it, we must be three very mad scientiest, fmad - yesg scientists - don't think soJ creating mischief wherever we go to satisfy our great need to know if all the things on this wide planet are found, there are three things which are ever constant: LIVE, LOVE AND LEARN LATIN. RIGHT SIDE UP UPSIDE DOWN THROUGH THICK AND THIN WE,LL ALWAYS BE FRIENDS. BECKY, MARGARET AND KAREN I5I6 Parker ' N. LiHle Rock REV. MSGR. CHARLES F. KORDSMEIER REV. JOHN O, OSWALD GRADUATES: MARILYN LUYET, FRANCES ZAKRZEW- SKI, ALICIA CHUDY, CATHY KNOX. NOT PRESENT: MEL- ODY ASHLEY, LAURIE RITTMAN, JOANNA SCHNEBE LEN, JONIE SHERROD, EDWINA WEED 40" V, . L '75 ' , fi nr I Z . It V I ' 4 'fe' g M, A 6 - ff-' was TAKE COURAGE! a 3 .x S YA sE'Pt'5k+1Vv m:as-fmlm awww am 'AQS 'v-GNN L, .Mk my ,, , MW R335 Qmmmmfwbkmfim Z if iw x, XJR?-lwxfx Q UN H iw vm-mwwnww Www LJQ' f.efv :-,F " 7 A fezrgxflf f z ' , , I Q , "QL " : if f A '34 ' x lr. ,H 15351, , fix' jg f- 425. x-5' ' 1 grim ,.,, ' . ,. , , , 5 . v , at Q , 1, a 1 - - :K-7jFi!:'i?5'.w 'w ., H ' K ' :ii ' Q ' t A -ff, , hifi' ' ' X V 1 ' . ff. 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Mrs. Ellis is Super Mom!! Thanks for all your love and care Mom and Dad I love you. Karen Good Luck Mary F. - M. R. Good Luck Lisa R., love Dana Ha Ha you gotta Frosh P.E. class! Strangers in the night - TB. AD. and SA. Kim Richards stole the alarm clock! Congratulations Sandy L. G. is an honarary yearbookie!! Antigoni P. This is for you: "Short People got nobody . . J. WAG'S at Memphis 1977-78 Homecoming Court! I love ya. Kelly and Polly - Karen 77-78 Varsity Cheerleaders!! J. D. and L. B. are in evil trouble again I. M. and T. McK Rosetta Stoned Sandra Non Sciemusfce que a dire K.K.J.B. Congratulations Sherri - Jan To Tommy. MAYIL, from Betsy I want 8 in. of snow! love Minnie Bye Bye Laura! Love Pam. Good Luck Anne, luv Kate 8a Lyde Dawne-n-Bowden. Susan-n-Steele Wanna play Tennis, Rock? S.O. Peggy Oberste - President of K.D.F.C.!! G'bye Suebelle, love Peggy Mississippi '77 A.B. P.C. 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Bye Shirley from big sis Ellen Bye Sharon Waters - Senior Ellen You GDM FDSBBBSB you!!! Juniors love SI Palm Trees and T.B.S. Yippy - I-O-I-A Help. I've been burned Reindeer Games '77 Veto Veedi Voodi Vodi? Been with a Gavin lately? Search 34. Table 7. Kimloves Idiot! Thanks Antigoni, love always C. C. Stay cool S. P. sisters. Mel Afternoon Delight Forever . . . C. C. and O. R. Maureen and Vince 4-ever G'bye Chrissy - I love you, Cathy There is nothing like a "Damian" But Chris. you don't take your shirt off at War Memorial! Hi Mrs. B. L.. . .I mean Lisa! Mike's mine . . . Michelle Jeff. your head is too big I love black and white porsches I love you Chris fOne a-comma twoj . . . Sr. J. Stubbie Nubbies! Dillards and M.H. - naturally Cathy C. - Hush yo' mouth! Bye C. R. I'll miss yal. - Antigoni - Thanks for the memories - iLove. JS Thanks Ma, Pa, CC, Jenny, M.S.M. - Luv. Lisa "We went to S.M.U. on Mon." The 3 Lees say keep Searching Widdy wuvs Woody. Collins J. 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C. Be Charitable. give pink slips! Good work B. D. and L. Bano ninguna Halinsky here we come! Pam, we'll miss your bun! Ann H. is one of those! What is the deal! Sr. Bernard loves C.H.S. Come on you little beauties. Sr. J. The Social Outcasts say, Watch Out Guys. Here We Come! CGR-R-R-RJ Patrons 223 5 BILL WHIDDON PHOTOGRAPH ERS, INC. PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHY RAD TOLIVER - General Manager T I1 L IBB!-L 138' 471' - 3 C2 M5 Eff 'JCLASS UF'7Hw FROM THE' MERCIMI C-'Zil uf. :NYS STAFF y n' , 1 fqfx? ' ,X gm.. 1 ,5 y 0 n K' We QB, 11 33,4 HJ , ' V , I "g' . -4- 'Q -xt , 91" ' f "T Aim'-ff' iff Qc fav ' 1 :iff-' 7 .W A . "Rh, A Ai. ' tw as + .ix 4, W , i 'f ' 'k I -N V2 k' ' 'Ik' A f fx-fl, 2,1 1 'qc MW 3 K5 f . :gl K Ak AV " 5 "' 1 if ,xi , ' . Y 45, V fm 'Ewa Y ' fa ,Qi 'V fir ffl hw ' 'iw if ,, qvlx .Q L L 141 ,WW " L X X A if A 3' .vf 1. ,um 'sf M, 1 . 5 .xg - N033 :P JH 8 3 F -nf .,,,. J Y '- '- 4.::'::s. 1 ,W 3 , . 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Y , .Q .x si, , , 55 A - faffif . "' ! -- f " - ' in. a if sg ,' M my - " 'M ' F' - . A 1 Q E, . Y . , 5 k HK V WL , , 6 4 rg 7 ' .6 X 53- Y 'F ' ' P' 5 r Q Q J, A az , D y 1: I A, E - 1 Q, . cp a A ' X -A Q 6 6' E' v. Y Q. 6 ' K v -Atl .. f 0 1 U f I ! L QE, 4 I H V V 1 ' . - , Wiigx ' ' 5' iff f '52, . Q v . X . - .4 ' V . "'- f S . - 2 f - .. 1 - . r E ti wg I U ztffw L, A ef gy .VI x v x A 'Q Q Q N 5 . F 1 W Q Ir., Q Q5 Q . ' u. ' .- - t Q ' 'W ' ' "S ,L ' I9 f 5 M M-f ' ff -- Y v ' ii' 4' Q ' . 'N 1 Q if QQ' Q M ' it f Q 44 g, .z , . Ab IU SQ ' "' ,ii ii K vt 'QV Ph - 6 .ff .W xx 15 s' ' 1 A, ..W, ng 1 !: U A i k ,Y E , Q Q ., , , ww V sv' vb M 'N Z.. 1 ,K -, 1 . , mm A as Q , gk 5' V+ X fl 4. mp' -'ii W :,3,, ,M Y ,Wh 7 if -5" J1 4 1 - - Q A , y x ESQ ' , V , E Wb b' x Q O X 'Q ls.,,.- , .. . 1 3 3, 1 M , .Q .X i 53 xx M ' . Q5 ' A1 M Z . R f , X V 1 T W Q NN W 5 v . ,Q , L sk v 1 L Y 1 5 I t 5539: rl ,,,mf . R 1-:gn ' lk K g 'Q V -.L' f L :L V f ' " v, m ff' .L I m 'T ,., y ' t in t 4 sf X V. 5 nf Q' X ki' at ff K Q AV 1 4 K x . 1 . Q 1 J - -Q U 2 N. 'fx . 1.5 5, , K , f W 'i i as ' if r 1 sw ,gs 9 0 Q A J 4 J, F ,ff , M xv.--fm fr ' HF' ,,...,' 6 5 , ,Li1.: 'V' " Q , J 4 , Mr "M M-cafr " " 1 A tv k ,MQ 'x ' Kr 13 ' :ev ' af ' rv! ,F ..3i. J h fi. ,. if? " 5 U 2 ' X, , 1 4 S QR 1 K X M ,,,, , ' , my 1' qw V- ? x, an 4:7 W it i . I Q Q, M 1 M- ' A, 3' , 3251 M Q Q A J5' 'gltx w M., X I ,3 A ' I , Q ,Q ',,' 5 'Q V , L i F M,,..+.a'5"'ff ,,. L l,' 'N We end. we coniinue. and we begin. We end ihe school gear. lose a period in our lives. and complefeiasks sei forlh in the pasl. Wiih knowledge gained from pasi experiences. we confinue improvemenis on our laulis and our relaiionships wiih ihe familiar. We begin io undersland more clearlg. io veniure info lhe unknown. and lo grow . . . The pasi. +he preseni. and ihe fuiure are ihe iime periods of our lives. These also consiiiuie ihe iapesirg of which we are a parl: lhe preseni is a conlinualionol' whal ihe pasi has accomplished and is ever growing iowards what ihe fuiure will begin. Closn A staff With Qtgle Mrs. Carol Arnold -- Advisor Carrie Baker - Photographer Assistant Donna Banaszak - Ads 4 Catherine Bays - Photography Lisa Carey - Ads Cathy Clark- Business Manager Margaret Coen -A Student Life Dayna Crawford - Photography Tina Deuerling - Organizations Ann Dorough - Events. Student Life A I ' 3 Joyce Gangluff - Copy Editor - 5 Mercedes lmhauser - Sports. Student,Life , Judy Kitta - Organizations .QW 2, Q 9? G 6 .loan Knotts - Events. Student Life 'K 5 A N' Antigoni Pappas - Faculty. Administration 9 ' Jeni Ratliff - Sports. Student Life 4 ' A Debbie Reynolds - Faculty. Administration X it Susan Thompson - Graduat'es. Underclassmen Erin Treanor - Graduates. Underclassmen Karen Vincent - Art Editor f Becky Yeary - Ads Sr. M. Ricarda - Photography Aid. r ., ff A ir -1 ,.,' - . f ,,,,: - A f 'W , XX X nw' its , I N Special Thanks To Mr. Brad Tolive-r - Phofographg 230 Closing l There's a room down the hall from the elevator in the Main Building which has a new look. lt has acquired this new appearance because in the past year it has received the function of housing that group of wild and crazy people known as "the yearbook staff." These people were a new bunch in I977. with a new kind of book. They were beginners at this yearbook staff and had their share of trials. tears. and terrors. Frustrations like three weeks of snow around deadline. photographers who couldn't be in two places at once. and the inability to make time stop nearly crippled the l978 Yearbook fand the staff's minds as welll: but the efforts and journalistic skill of these people saw them through the weather- ing storms. ln these turbulent times Mrs. Carol Arnold. the staff advisor. served as a compass. reassuring the staff that they wer- en't lost and could find a way out. Catherine Bays and Dayna Crawford set their controls at "bionic" levels to accomplish the work of four people. g A new outlook characterized this new staff. They didn't merely want to copy old Merc-fans from years gone by. but they sought to shape something completely unique to M.S.M. and l978. The spirit of this year and the people and events that made it what it was formed the yearbook. Thus. the l978 Mart-ian emerged as a new book. lt truly reflected the new outlook of the new staff in its theme of tapestry. a theme which has certainly prevailed this year in the attempt to improve communication and the general spirit in our school. Although new is certainly not always better. it has proved to be so in the l978 staff. its ideas. and its endeavors: because of this. l am proud to be - ' Margie Hart. l978 lvlercian Editor THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. Mercian Staff of I977-78. These words alone cannot show the appreciation I feel towards the Mercian Staff. I believe each member should get an academy award for being able to function under an assistant editor who is still pondering over the definition of a pica. We have missed deadlines by a mere two weeks and remained friends: I have told you to do a layout over because it looked like 'stuff.' and we remained friends. And we even gave some of you new names, but that didn't split our friendships. And for those of you who stood this torture. thanks! Love you all. Annette Rogers, '78 Assistant Editor Closing 231 y may I 1 '.. 1, JP' mfg, ' wi" :jf t ,5114 Y 11951111 -'W f 11,1 1 1 1-M ,:,2111.f,1 -1- 11 1333151 1 1 f Qfiliijlfflff' - ., A - ' 1 taizgeii, ,EA iff, ' V HJ el . v .' 1-.Wx ,155 , 1 -- ,, Asn". 511. " 9 , Q Hmm, vwwfg-gm,,x 1 51162 li'5325lf5:h51f?Lf4T1W 1 ,232531Ai1g:::4n,15'nf..11J-. ww ' I Q- 1 " g '- .,1..,1W,w ,W ,, f-uf, 1,11 7V"gQi' g,j- 11 T 1.yff2"- 631-Tff Q ' AS. if 11 F 11 If rf? 1 4. , 1 .111 1- F 1 ' Inf. ' . 1 , 11 1-E . .11 l 1 , , ,, 41 -Q M1 551 . . I 1111 K ' J , ' gww wg vp -,vw 1 , px , ' ' gi- .5 1 '11, V U G 5 1 . 1 f N 1 M qv- 1 11 . Ng, 114 ,L , ,g V . 1 . 1 , . 9 - 1 .V- ,,,?yx,11.m- W ',.' M V w 1, ri ,I , ' 1- ' k 1 k , , - V 4, ' , I ' 4.1, 1. u 1 ' 4 1 1 11, 1 Ffi AQ," 'T . 'SA -11,1 - A 'li l' 'e 'Heli . 1 .IH 1 Aw 5 ? i I 2 4 P A 2 M . 1 ii if "MS M' 14 4 5 3 9 - , i ' 1 2 z , 2- ' ' 111 4 ii - 2 1' X 13 fr 1M W. 1 - JH ,N V' me . I , ?iiW9'W5z1 ,N W. .. ,JM ix ' 1 ' 1 x .1 A -1-- . .,. . . ...uf 4..1.. .f.-u..,1.f-.....4....- ..f... A l . - - Q T' 15515, Y... , . .,. 5 N .- , .1-T, , V -'-' "A' -. -" . V , . 5 ' ,Y . M A- K k , i 1 J, 1.5. , .- l .k x V11- Q .' , - V- V - I ' ' - x - 5' , R . , fuk? .....,g+.,f...,...,d41,:-.....,-4A..x- M-1-U-lf -1--,:.-f --3, , - Y AHg--N1-f1-f- ,-L --1-M1f...1:--w ,-----helwl 11Lsvqa-gg:-4-.::1::''wzg,--iff-x1f, A..-11g-14-:-A-W-X1,.,..,,...,yW.,.-.A.X.g:,....z:.

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