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CLASS 3Q 9 Q '9Z' yuw y w w i, 5., a , a 2 Xma ! e a ' . "a c. p-s ,. 5' 3v 5:. . '1: 6 V ' I A l- Zf " "Lgxb - "'9 only he . beginning . . . We face a modern world . . . A naiion Jrhaf has reached wi+h eager hands +0 conquer +he mgsieries of he earih . . . And now reaches ou'r wiih new vigor +0 undersiand +he vasiness of our universe. We waich cauiiouslg. and ca+ch our breafhs. We musi nof hesi+a+e . . . bu+ move forward. molding girl info woman. preparing for fomorrow. Many generations have come, and gone . And fhe world is' wading for w to begun. . As he sun dawns aver ihe'fZ " Id - 1 Co-Edifors Marg Beih Wrape Barbara Domaracki Business Edifor Barbara Binz Asst Business Ediior Paula Hudgins GRADUATES El 8; m UNDERCl-gMCN,,,,EE : ORGANIZATIONS - -2 g STUDENT LIFE p35 A05 9112 ,, 93 Table of Conienis .'-., ' Dedication It is very difficult to put into words feeling that have no words of their own. Pe rh ap s apprecia- tion, respect, and friendship come closest to saying what we feel. So meho w it reminds us very mu ch of the hundreds of tries to prove geometry theorems, or the hundred attempts at successfully constructing our booths for bazaars. Many of our attempts as a class have failed at the first try, bu t we have always been encouraged to keep trying- to keep becoming - to keep making that need and glorious effort. And so now, even though our attempts at writing a dedication have been less than what we want- ed, we know that it really doesn't matter. This book contains very briefly the biggest part ofour- selves, what we have become, and wh at we wish to become. That is why the Mercian staff, on behalf of the Class of 1971, wishes to dedicate our yearbook1 as a thank-you to one of us - our very special teacher, sponsor, and friend . . . Sister Chris+ine Mosf Reverend Alberi L. Fleicher. D.D. Bishop of LiHIe Rock - -1 Mosi Revend Lawrence P. Graves, D.D. Auxilarg +0 +he Bishop of LiHle Rock Thomas L. Keang, Ph. D. Chaplain-Emeri+us 90hool Adminisirafion W M, W , 2 , W WWW? Qisier M. Elisa Bauman Principal Humani+ies isfer M. Frances CouHee Vice Principal m K k, ' v KW 3.: raw ' .' " " v IQ, . s! . '$ C 33-. .- SISTER M. JOVITA ZARNOSKI Administrator of Mt. St. MaIy Religion 1 SISTER M. RlCARDA MCGUIRE Librarian Library Club Sponsor Audio Visual Club Sponsor Camera Club Sponsor SISTER CAROLYN STOUTZ World History Religion 11 Christian Action Sponsor MRS. W. B. STREET Assistant Librarian MISS BETH JOHNSON American History Problems of Democracy A. Y. A. Sponsor SISTER M. ITA KEARNEY REVEREND JOHN RIDDELL World History Religion I, II, 11, 1V l4 Counseling MRS. ADGIE WILLIAMS Guidance Counselor MISS JOY RUNDELL MR, MARTY ROSEN Physical Education Band Basketball Coach Glee Club Intramurals SISTER M. CELINE MCDONALD Freshm an Chorus Piano SISTER M, JOLITTA KONECNY Bookkeeping Ecnonmics Typing I, II MERCIAN advisor SISTER M. CORLIA BONNARENS Art I, II Art Club Sponsor MERCIAN advisor MRS. ANNE WILLIAMSON Typing I, II Shorthand I FBLA Sponsor SISTER ELLEN MARY RYAN Study Hall SISTER M. DEBORA EBBING Biology 5;. SISTER M. MATTHEW CALLAN Science I SISTER NORMA LIPSMEYER Algebra I, II Geometry Trig. and Analytics Christian Action Sponsor SISTER CHARLOTTE BISHOP Algebra II 8; Trig. Math IV Chemistry Physics Physics Club Sponsor SISTER CHRISTINE WILLS Algebra I, II Geometry Religion 111 Student Council Moderator MRS. BETTY SQUIRES MRS. RO Algebra I SEMARY WATSON MRS. LAURA ST. J Geometry :zxng 1 Latin I 5 Study Hall Home Management Office F. H. A. Sponsor MRS. JEAN SMITH MRS. SUSAN CODY English 11, IV English II, III MOUNT Sponsor Literary Club Sponsor Press Club Sponsor SISTER REBECCA HERRERA Spanish 1, II, 111 Spanish Club Sponsor QImiAARA'L Qkxvvp i 4 1KAMV. 442M EAWXM'W ML. 440 'xx 0., AJVJ'V W. L b ,, . D va ,r' LW awaLLVJWM LS-A'x' tvv CV IL K' MRS. KAREN MACKEY French 1, II, III 1; French Club Sponsor MRS. KATHERINE JEFFERSON English 111, IV SISTER M. PHILIPPA MANNING Latin 11 Latin Club Sponsor MRS. MARILYN MacFARLANE English 1 ; - v ,3, MISS ALBERTA HARRIS Speech 1, II Speech Club Sponsor , .. 1 .. . . h . . riilytzz . I . . . . .. . w m. .. . . . .. .- - p. . u. c .. .. . .- . . ... . r 4 ., . l . ... . . . . . . . . L. . 8 p. . ' Graduaies M argaret M ary Kelly President :fTF'g'l-V' TTZITZZTAinTZ: W": . juditlz Ann Thomey Vice-President S Peggy Frances S turch E Secretary N I O R S Margaret Elizabeth Vogler Jam'st Hg 20 Treasurer Weny Baldwin Linda Marie Bargiel Becky Leigh Baxter Patricia Ann Bergman W W Lucinda Lee B erg 2: If, I Janis Marie Beck n Paula Jane Bz'les Patricia Bz'ttner Jane E 11672 Bower Um Lynne Frances Boquet Sarah Frances Brewer 22 Patsy Raye Brady Karen Marie Call Linda Sue Campbell Anita Joy Carz'ngola , MaryAnn Chua'y 42h FWargaret Marie Cassidy Pamela Ann Chua'y Jan Elizabeth Craz'n h M 'Cackman KathleenRose Cupples janetLoz S aron arze Lisa Belle Dz'massz'mo Barbara Ann Domamckl Laurie Kb. 24 Colleen Catherine Dixon M 6102 Bernadette Dunaway . P ., Hut" wfanet Louise Dumboski Barbara Elaine Engel Elizabeth Ann E5161! Laurie Kline Eubanks Josephine Ann Faryewz'cz 1 MB M arilyn Catherine F arga 25 Mary Ann Freeman , Laurie Terese Findlay Sham Mary Eileen Frost Cynthia Lynn Ganglujf Leslie M arz'e Gilbert 26 - : Rebecca Gail Comm? W Laurelle Anne Godz'n Man M z'ldrea' Arm Haaser Sharon Ann Green Carolyn Jean Hall Mary Ethel Harness L 3 . xxigg'lli l ? Marilyn J0 Haynes I . . Mad Margaret Ha nes End at Anne Hendrzx y g WW ?hixujxuh , Oymmp Susan Dian Hajfman Sharow Sheila Marie Harem Paula Kay Hudgins Susan Marie Jacquemz'ne 28 Sandra Modem'a johmo" Linda 1 Rita Carol Jacuzzi M arilyn A gnes Kelone quHilzaron Catherine Keith Karla Pauline Kirchner Janet Carol Knox ELz'na'a KVZJZOSMMICZ' Cheryl Ann Kuelmer 7mm Sharon Sue Kuelm 29 ' ' Mary Susan Longinom Maria Kumpurzs Martha fame Lienhart 055ml; Elizabeth Marie Loyd Pamela Kay Lukas Cynthia Lee Lukaszewicz so Marsha Anne Lyon J Katherine Luziettz a Swan L, i ,1' Deborah Ann M argmve mi Mary Catfzerz'ne Mehlz'n Judy Patrice McNeil Carol jean Mz'llergl Mvmw Vicki Lynn M z'nor Judith Matilda M z'ller Patricia Ann Ml'velazw Rebecca Ann MW L: Tana E Zizabeth M urphy 32 Carmen Lorraine Nablen g0 Elzza f bet Debra Nichols Mary Elizab Karen Ann Oswald Patridagnrgo Elizabeth Nowak Sharen Louise Oswald Sharon Ann Page Karen Marie Paladz'no 1 Elizabeth Paulette Deborah Kay Pitts 06be Kathleen Ann Pearson 33 Cornelia Clare Rossi 34 Carolyn Isabel Quinney Karen Arm Raley Amy Lou R0552 ' dd Shield5 Mary Melm jud- WZ AI Paulette Ann Schulte Virginia Ann Smith MarthajaneSnow Cynthz'ajean Stall! Rebeccajane Stoner Virginia S usan Tresp 1W1? m Judith Ann Szymanski Vickie Carol Uekman Sherry Lynn Vorster Deborah Kay Vassaur Elizabeth Ann Warren Susan Kathleen Woolford qu M dry Elizabeth Wrape 36 Helen Gloria Zz'lvzns!?l5 Lois Katherine Za. ,. r A :7 C X JaQw7 y,7m f:? 4X Thai Depends a Greaf Deal on Where You Wani +0 Gei +0 LEWIS CARROLL "ALICE IN WONDERLAND" 37 Inier- And - +he ide lead esiintheg open. and close each Doors are They close. dag dec lives we n e p 0 e w S r O 0 d e In Iol V . "5...!!i. ii. '5 A... ll. 4 mg . , . 23351. a I The Class of 1972 Juniors Many doors stand open for the junior class. These open into countless opportunities, such as Student Councilelections, cheerleading, and plans for their senior year. Through these doors the juniors have found the spirit which makes them a class. And now, their senior year lies ahead. However happy or confused they may be, the most important thing they have to do is to keep the doors Open. It can make all the difference. x, V -VJ'Uh'H hill i. Seated at the right at the Junior class officers. They are from left to right: Vicki Troillett, treasurer; Buff Cheek, Secretary; Cecelia Dumeny, vice-president; and Regina Wrape, president. Ann Bailey Mary Baker Mimi Baldwin Mary Balest Diebbie Bartsch Paula Beck Carol Berg Carolyn Bergman Michelle Berky Lynne Berry Frances Binz Debbie Blacklaw Laurie Borghese Margie Bowers Vicki Bradley Mary Busby Bev Byrne Linda Campbell Becky Carroll Beth Casey Buff Cheek Bonnie Chudy Ritchie Clark Barbara Cole Susan Collins Donna Cotton Cecelia Dumeny Laura Ebbing Mary Elsken Annette Evans Carla Fickies Sharon Findley Paula Fischer Charlotte Freeman Vicki Frenette Sherry Gillam Mary Beth Granberry Jackie Grant Cathy Goss Phyllis Grasser Gail Greene Maria Hain Karen Halinski Paula Halter Lynne Handloser Janice Hanle Kay Hardin Rose Ann Harness Susan Hart Missy Hill Theresa Cox Delores Cullivan Brenda Dix Joan Doolittle Rita Drilling Absent when pic- tures were made are Celia Taub and Valinda Morton. Debbie Duffey Marti Mahurin Kay Marak Margaret Marchese Debbie McNutt Lynn Morgan Robin Howe Sandra Hoyt Susie Hudgens Carla Hudspeth Ann Jacquemine Jane Ann Jegley Phyllis Jenders Mary Johnson Teri Jones Theresa Kaplon Kathy Kinser Mary Jo Knitting Debbie Knoedl Doris Koch Elizabeth Kopacz Jeannie Kowalski Theresa Kremers Candy Krohn Patty Larrison Kay LeMay Bobbie Lienhart Sheila Lienhart Jean Madey Theresa Maes Judy Murdaugh Mary Nagel Jane Nahlen Linda Nease Janet Nelson Betty Niemeth Cathy Olberts Barbara Parker Bridget Parker Marilyn Peitz Ginger Penick Pace Penny 10 Ellen Perkins Margaret Pfeifer Debbie Powell Rosie Pruss Jane Raley Marcie Renaud Dena Renshaw Kathy Ringgold Rosie Rosell Diane Schouweiler Tracy Schroepfer Jeanette Sims Jacque Skyles Mitzi Spence Doris Stahl Andrea Stephens Janet Stoner Kathy Strack Bernadette Weber Mary Welch Peggy Wells Kay Werner Maureen Werner Diane West Barbara Straub Phyllis Stroud Myssie Surguine Rita Szparaga Franchella Taylor Liz Tebbetts Marilyn Thomas Rhonda Thompson Vicki Troillett Debbie Urbani Mary Vogler Kathie Wallace Nancy Wilhite Marcy Wolf Beckie Woodie Vicki Workman Rose Marie Worm Regina Wrape Amanda Wren Margie Wylie Marianne Wynne Pam Yarberry Diane Yetter Nan Zakrzewski 45 The SOphomore class has, by now, discovered all the doors there are in out 3 chool . The biology room, the walk-through closets, and many others are now familiar places. The sophomores have participatedincountlessschool activities, and they have shown that they really belong to St. Mary's. Perhaps the most important thing for the sophomores to realize this year. is that, to keep the doors open to each other and to their class, they must TRYA LITTLE KINDNESS. The SOphomore class officers, from Top to bottom, are: Kathy Bourne, treasurer:Chn$ Kelly. Secretary; Alice Worley, vice- president; and Debbie Troillett, preSIdemo Linda Byrne Marian Byrne Sharon Campbell Susan Campbell Ann Carvill Mary Cass Becky Catlett Brenda Chudy Penny Clark Carol Adams Debbie Anderson Debra Andry Diana Arledge Shirley Armellini Kim Baxter Antoinette Bell Patty Berg Jackie Berky Donna Berry Dreama Bidwell Debbie Binz Kathy Bourne Emily Bowler Christie Bowman Debbie Boyette Helen Bradley Edwina Brewer Lorene Buchanan Jeannie Burnam Cathy Claud Debbie Collier Marilyn Cullivan Stephanie Dailey Jeanenne Dallas Marie Davidson Patty Del Donno Sharon Dumeny Christy Engster Cathy Evans Teresa Failla Ellen Faryewicz Cathy Fetzek Lynn Gandl Sherri Gamer Laura Gowen Denise Graves Charlotte Gray Gayle Greenwell Cynthia Gremillion Robin Griffin Missy Gross Linda Hale Donna Hanson Janey Harris Gwen Hart Melanie Hart 48 Debbie Hartzell Nancy Hastings Melissa Heim Genie Herndon Betty H111 Lee Hinds Debbie Hoffman Joy James Debbie Jegley Becky JOhnson Cathy Johnston Glennis Jones Cindy Keaton Chris Kelly Debbie Kent Karen Kerr Carol Knittig Linda Knoedl Cheryl Kordsmeier Janet Kresse Ann Langston Jane Lee Marilyn Lenggenhager Rugh Ann Lenhardt Ann Limbert Janice Lohstoeter Karen Longinotti Dorothy Loyd Anne Madey Laura Marks Cindy Marsh Becky Mattingly Diana Mattingly Randi McCoy 49 Donna McMillan Kathy Medlock Dona Melikian Cynthia Miller Debbie Mott Dana Nahlen Mary Nottenkamper Tricia Papan Geri Paquette Becky Peach Kathy Pozza Denise Prieur Jane Rader Pam Reade Patty Reagan Bonnie Rice Lynda Richardson Clarice Ritchie J anet Robertson Marian Rodriguez Virginia Ross Mary Rossi Mary Scheving Alice Scott Linda Seiter Renee Selman Regina Seredynski Judy Simpson - '.....-. . . 3.7. :--.'. . . .. -' .. .... .7". L ",.... . ., A . . .............................. Rose Marie Wrape Donna Wright Mary Frances Zajac Ruth Zeiler Rita 2611 Betty Zimmerebner Monica Sitzler Lisa Smith Margaret Smith Theresa Sprenger Deborah Taylor Theresa Thennes Laura Thurston Teresa Tresp Debbie Troillett Lydia Turpin Debbie Uekman Donna Uekman Cathy Uhrynowycz Maria Villalon Diane Watkins Virginia Williams Margaret Woods Alice Worley The Class of 1974 Freshmen Regardless of how they approached it, the freshmen were faced with one big door on their first day of school. Having opened it, they entered St. Mary's and were immediately confronted with locker doors that stubbornly failed to respond to a meaningless series of numbers. The seniors soon became ac- quainted with their little sisters, the freshmen, and initiated them into Mount life. The frosh entered PE, the science lab, and the chorus room with an enthusiasm that soon lapsed into happy relief that their newness had worn off. They began to see that there were many doors to each other, and that there was one all important door - one to a united class. This they will have to Open together. To the left are the freshmen officers. They are, on the top row, Mary Engel, secretary, and Mary Helen Domaracki, president. On the bottom row are Nancy Menz, treasurer. and Edith Rolf, vice- president. Susan Alger Shelia Alison Mary Allen 10 Allison Chris Bailey Karen Ball Heather Barlow Penny Barnes Kris Bathurst Betsy Bauman Cindy Beck Cathy Beckius Candie Bennett Bobbie Bentley MaEy Binz Jane Birdsong Jeanne Birli Linda Blackstone Debbie Blevins Terry Boudreaux Jerrie Bowers Rachel Bauman Ann Bradley Leigh Bratcher Mary Bulmanski Bonnie Burns Angela Byme Peggy Byrne Anita Calva Debbie Campbell Robin Campbell Jo Cantrell Becky Clement Suzy Cottrell Robin Crain Loretta Crosariol Cindy Crotts Peggy Daven Roxanne Dawson Donna Del Dunno Charlene Dillon Mary Helen Domaracki Beth Dougan Patricia Dunaway Mary Engel Terry Evans Carol Faryewicz Gail Finkbeiner Angie Flurry Linda Frenette Sue Gaiser Stephanie Gammel Stephanie Gazo Sherrie Godin Ann Greene Diane Greene Jane Gr'eene Theresa Haaser Patricia Hall Kathy Handloser June Harris Anita Haskins Mary Jo Hastings Debbie Hawkins Patricia Haynes Patty Henry Mary Jane Hepp Debbie Hinde Nannette Hoffman Mary Kay Holland Absent when pictures Kathy Knoedl, Kelly 3 were taken a1 Matthews, ar Donna Hooks Lize Howell Helen Hudgens Paula Jegley Sue Jenders 1' Paula Johnson unwere taken are: Sifi'Marthews, and Linda Oberste Patty Jones Janie Kaplon Pat Kelly Cheryl Kelsey Ellen Kemp Vivian Kershaw Cindy Kresse Laura Kuehner Marie Latham Renee Lemoine Diane Letzig Patsy Lienhart Tonya Lock Cecelia Loyall Agnes Martin Paula Mayo Kathy McFadden 55 Karen McNeil Nancy Menz Trudy Milam Beverly Miller Marianne Millican Robin Milne: Barbara Mivelaz Phyllis Moix Jan Monroe Julia Morgan Mary Sha Moriarty Gina Muller Dee Ann Nichols Neva Oberste Susan O'Malley Louise Papan Kathy Pauly Wanda Pence Donna Perrymore Marcia Peterson Jo Helen Phelps Jane Pickering Shelly Pickering Debbie Piechocki Marilyn Pitts Lisa Ray Emily Reandeau Michele Reynolds Robin Roehrenbeck Georgianna Roeschelsen Edith Rolf Gina Rolf Lee AnnRosin Donna Ross Cindy Seerey Nicki Serhijiw Toni Seymour Berti Sick Bobba Smith Mary Pat Smith Pat Smith Vanessa Sneed Riley Sorsby Betsy Speck Patty Speck Lou Ann Stokes Cissy Strack Dierdre Strand Pam Tate Nola Taylor Linda Thompson Michele Thompson Mandy Tucker Gwynn Vaughan Becca Villareal Nancy Waddel Debbie Wahlgreen Sherry Ward Joyce Wewer Debra Worm Allison Wren Marjorie Zaloudek Sharon Zimmerebner Special smiles . . . +he friend who has so much +0 +ell gou . . . eges +hinking ins'read of seeing . . . +he excifemeni of a game , . . +he silly moods . . . +hese are our underclassmen. ."w . 1;.2'2639 .'V ' i - :5' k v- x trumcs UTE 2 :3 :L m, E ,3 3 ilhlAlY Organizaiions qudenf Council Student Council means. . . doing something. . . meeting people. . .helping someone. Forty four girls represent our school. . . working. . .learning. . . playing. The '70-'11 Student Council projects include: blue striped coke room . .a "Sally Banana." calendar. . .a trip to New Orleans. One Big Success. . .the bazaar profits. . .and one little failure. . .forgetting to raise the flag. These and emories are what make our Student walls. many more m Council.. .what make our memories. Evelyn Engel Vice-Presiden'r Peek-a-boo, A Amy Rossi Presidenf Peek-a-boo, Am Lou! Kag Marak - Parliameniarian Jane Boever - Treasurer Sharon Keifh - Secreiarg ,x ,. -.,w-y..:.m.w ,. v , w gun; 7 . ,. w,- . : i .. .. w... -2 , . 52296:: l I '- x The Student Council Representatives are: Left to Right, FIRST ROW': Jane Boever, Kuehner, Margaret Kelly. SECOND ROW: Kitten Pearson, Kay Marak, Maureen Werner, Regina Wrape, Judy Thomey. THIRD ROW: Melanie Hart, Betty Zimmerebner. Janet Kresse, Laura Gowen, Debbie Troillett. FOURTH ROW: Carol Faryewicz, Ellen Kemp, Nicki Serhijiw, Susan O'Malley, Mary Helen Domaracki. Missing from picture: Mary Baker. Delores Cullivan. Sharon Keith, Pam Halinski, Cheryl whxx-xwmmywkw. Li? 1 . x'r"'1 The Student Council Alternates Are: Left to Right, FIRST ROW: LuciefHodges, Becky Mott, Barbara Binz, Mary Beth Wrape, Barbara Engel. SECOND ROW: Cecelia Dumeny, Marilyn Thomas, Mary Balest, Paula Halter, Franchella Taylor. THIRD ROW: Emily Bowler, Tricia Papan, Lisa Smith, Alice Worley. FOURTH ROW: Edith Rolf, Allison Wren, Laura Kuehner, Becky Clement. Jo Allison. Missing from picture: Rose Marie Wrape. i w; i i ! Liierarg Club The Literary Club officers are, seated at the right: Missy Hill, treasurer; Lynn Gandl, vice-pre- sident; Laura Gowen, secretary; and Leah Michael, president. Secretary Mary Dunaw ay Vi ce -President Kitten Pearson President Ari Club The Art Club gives its members the op- portunity and experience of working creatively with different media. This brings personal satisfaction as well as attractive results. The "Art Cart" for bazaar was filled with such items as: nature plaques, plastic flowers and crys- tallized bottles which art club members spent many enjoyable hours making. For the past two Christmas seasons the large Jackson Street window of the school has been brightly decorated by members Of the club. The officers of the Art Club are: Left to right, Sheila Horan, vice- president; Cindy Berg, president; Carmen Nahlen, secretary; and Delores Cullivan. treasurer. The Library Club The Library Club assists in the nonprofessional duties of the library. They design show cases and displays, and they decorate bulletin boards throughout the school. These members also use the many audio- visual materials and help with setting up this equip- ment for classroom use. Through the dues of the members, books and magazines are purchased for the library. Susan Hoffman b President Sharon Page Vice -President Cindy Lukaszewicz Secretar ' Karen Raley Treasurer Planned fiel speakers to 1 immmntl actiVitY' duties 0f Off Patty WET" chine: Vice taking notes at the dam Keith takinE The Future Business Leaders of America are learning of the chal- lenges of the business world, and preparing its members for secre- tarial jobs in the near future. They planned field trips and contacted speakers to further the members' interest in the world of business activity. Demonstrating the various duties of office work are: Treasurer Patty Bergman at the adding ma- chine; Vice-President Janis Beck taking notes; President Karla Pitts at the desk; and Secretary Sharon Keith taking a coffee break. FHA The aim of the Future Homemakers of America is to broaden the mem- bers' understanding of the situations they will face in the future as home- makers. Through Various speakers and projects they learn to develop creative skills and leadership in home and community. FHA Officers are: STANDING - Janet Dumboski, treasurer; Kathy Cupples, historian; Peggy Althoff, second vice-president; Mary Harness, first vice- president; Linda Krzyzostanski, reporter; and seated are: Pam Lukas, pres- dent; Cindy Lukaszewicz, secretary; and Vicki Uekman, third vice-president. Le Cercle Francais The French Club has tried this year to broaden its knowledge of France and the customs of its people. The club has studied the different regions of France through slides and reports. The French students made and distributed French Christmas tree ornaments to the student body and entertained them by singing French carols at the annual Christmas party. The officers of the French Club are, left to right: Marilyn Peitz, secretary; Tena Murphy, pres- dent; Delores Cullivan, Vice-president, Jane Ann Jegley and Carmen Nahlen, historian. --:I"...O u! .0 These stu dents show great enthusiasm for the French language 16 n'y comprends rien! The many activities of the Spanish Club this year began with the pinata booth which it sponsored at the Bazaar. At the school Christmas party, the club gave a film presentation of "Song of Joy, " reenacting the posadas, and sang tradi- tional Spanish Christmas carols. The Spanish Club gives its members a greater understanding of the culture and tradi- tions of the Spanish people. ;' The officers of the Spanish Club are: FRONT ROW, Left to right: Shelia Horan, vice-pres- ident; Carolyn Quinney, treasurer. BACK ROW: Becky Mott, president; and Liz Paulette, secretary. This year the scientific-minded m should be more than just a classro demonstrations in the usage of compu enable the members to bring mathem Physics Club, seated in the foregroun Lisa DiMassimo, secretary; Laiin Club The main purpose of the Latin Club is the study of ancient Rome ahd 1ts' custorrclls. This study involves viewmg fllms an h 1 learning about Greek and Roman myt :3 ogy. The officers of the Latin Club are: Le t to Right, Carolyn Bergman, priograr'n chairman; Leslie Gilbert, presuTent, Maria Hain, treasurer; Sheila Llenhart, vice-president; Sandra Hoyt,l secretary; and Missy Hill, program chalrmen. embers of om subject. the Physics Club decided that Physics One of their activities was a field trip erve the seriousness of pollution in our community. UALR, and have been given instructions and ters. The experiments conducted by the club atical principles to life. The officers of the d are: Left to Right, Carmen Nahlen, treasurer; Carol Probst, vice-president; and Lucia Hodges, president. .t - .; ;.'. :...' -L.: 5...: .. "6.0.3011 ' ' "5 ln+er-Club Council The Inter-Club Council is an organization through which the presidents of all the school's clubs exchange ideas and work to coordinate the school's calendar of activ- ities. Officers of ICC pictured at the left are Kitten Pearson, president, and Lucia Hodges. vice-president. AYA - The goal this year of the Active Young Americans was to live up to their name. Their projects have included joint meetings with the Young Democrats of other schools, and active campaign against pollution, writing letters to soldiers in Vietnam, and ' serving as hostesses at the 1971 Inaugura- tion of Governor Dale Bumpers. The AYA strove to understand civic duties and to fulfill their responsibilities as future cit- izens. AYA officers shown at the Inagugural reception are Judy McNeil. secretary: Barb Engel, president; and Melissa McMath, vice-president. MR. MA RTY ROSEN Band Director Stage Band EH 5 n a m V! Z S VI d u I ,e. t t e .1 .U a .VP Z .1 L 01' Z "Z u C a J a m Concert Band Band FLUTES Barbara Cole Emily Reandeau Pam Yarberry Kay LeMay Cecelia loyall Riley Sorsby CLARINETS Rita Jacuzzi Carla Hudspeth H DEb-Bie'DFffvEy Jackie Grant Theresa Tresp Debbie Wahlgreen Pat Haynes Gina Muller Mary Busby BASS Monica Sitzler CORONETS Barbara Straub "Charlotte Dillon Rita Drilling Members SAXES Kathy Pauly Mary Scheving Mary Vogler Tonya Locke FREINCHgHOIRN KisyhancS'rgah TROMBONES Judy Szymanski Rita Zell BARITONES Diane Yetter Suzy Tresp TUBAS Liz Paulette Mary Szymanski DRUMS Debbie Kent Tracy Schroepfer Christie Bowman Beverly Miller 75 Wifh spirifed hearfs +he RockeHes cheered +heir feam +0 vic+org. ROCKETTE OFFICERS ARE: President: Patty Bergman Vice-President: Mary Beth Wrape Secretary: Peggy Althoff Treasurer: Becky Mott Pep Club Captain; Rita Baldwin Pep Club Co-Captain: Cheryl Kuehner ....A W .r mmzm. ' Whmmm . , m , : . 1 . Pph- . . .......$ .. . The 1970-71 Marching Rockeffes These pages sponsored by W. R. WRAPE STAVE CO. The 1 970-7 1 Rockef ' $hn k. .. '49, Q, w v .' 1 . - 73. .' . :1; wg'h.f ROCKET CHEERLEADERS - BOTTOM ROW, Left to Right are: Margo Nowak, Sharon Keith, Kathy Bajfnek. SECOND ROW: Margaret Vogler, Kathy Cupples, Tena Murphy, Shelia Horan. TOP ROW: MargaIeI Kelly, Cmdy Berg, and Lynne Boquet. 319 1 RockeHes 3009+ Rockei Spirii FIRECRACKER CHEERLEADERS, STANDING: Peggy Daven, Sue lenders, Becky Allen, Nancy Menz, Peggy Byrne, Kathy Handloser, Laura Kuehner, Marcia Peterson, Mary Helen Domaracki. KNEELING: Becky Villareal, Robin Campbell, Mary Engel. waww Rosemarie: "So disgusting" These P3868 Sponsored by A. W. JOHNSON CO. Regina: "Such a good quarterback! " ... : .5 THE EDITORS ARE: Barbara Binz, Paula Hudgins, Barbara Domaracki, ru t ' and Mary Beth Wrape. ... .... -k- k. l i, , . . ' ll . i ' gV ,A The 1971 MERCIAN Staff: Mary Chudy, Karla Kirchner, Leslie Gilbert, Kathy Cupples, Peggy Althoff, Virginla Dickmann, Joy Carigola, Cindy Berg, Evelyn Engel, Jane Snow, Karla Pitts, Becky Mott, Sharon Keith. Absent 80 when picture was made: Amy Rossi, Debbie Margrave, Rita Jacuzzi. Our Mercian Is Mailing contracts Filling out orders A trip to Dallas Scheduling and shooting pictures Rescheduling and reshooting those pictures Laying out pages Ice cream and cokes Felt-tip pens Typing. typing. typing One duddy typewriter Deadlines barely made Countless questions with no one to answer them Staff diminishing Excuses Headaches Funny looks from people walking by Energy that comes from who knows where Afternoons, weekends and evenings in the press room Counting layouts instead of sheep . . . Sister . . . Help! Our own pooped and 6verburdened photographer Camera breakdown one week before the deadline Confused underclassmen pictures Does anybody know who this is? Redoing layouts Aspirin, Bufferin, Midol - but nothing works Getting home at 10 o'clock Bad moods Really bad pictures Many trips to the Photo Shop Would you believe? We made it! 1! Published by the Press Club of Mount Saint Mary Academy, Little Rock, Arkansas. Member of the Catholic School Press Association, the Arkansas High School Press Association, and the Quill and Scroll Society. Subscription price $1.25. Zip Code: 72205. Editor-in-Chief Suzy Tresp Assistant Editor lucia Hodges Business Managers ................................. Laurie Findlay, Carmen Nahlen Ant Editor Lisa Dimassimo Feature Editor Joy Caringola News Editor Barbara Engel Reporters ........................ Susie Jacquemine, Judy Thomey, Cyndy Stahl Sponsor Mrs. Smith Printer Times Union Printing Company and THE EDITORS, left to right: Suzy Tresp, Lucia Hodges, Laurie Findlay. Carmen Nahlen Underclass MOUNT Staff TOP 1. Mary Nagel, Cecelia Dumeny, Margie Wylie, Theresa Cox, Kathy Bourne, Barbara Cole, Laurie Borghese. Senior MOUNT Staff SEATED 1. Jane Boever, Joy Caringola, Susie Jacquemine, Judy Thomey, Marilyn Kelone, Lisa DiMassimo, Barb Engel. NATIONAL EEK JANE BEEVER AXTER JANIS B KATHY BAJOREK BECKY B National Merit Finalist SHEILA HERAN LAURIE FINDLAY LESLIE GILBERT LUCIA HODGES KATHY LUZETTI AROL PROBST JUDY McNEIL CARMEN NAHLEN C s4 NATIONAL lonor roieig L11; KATHY CUPPLES VIRGINIA DICKMANN BARBARA DOMARACKI EVELYN ENGEL National Merit Finalist -' :31 PAULA HUDGINS SHARON KEITH CHERYL KUEHNER CINDY LUKASZEWICZ JANE SNOW JUDY THOMEY MARGARET VOGLER MARY BETH WRAPE 85 affix; mm L II n e d . U ll 9 .e- Once we 0+ s+ar+ed we were deiermine d +0 1r Jo Amy Rossi is Mt. St. Mary's Junior Miss. rill ; 7-39: . e R' . ' . ' The 1970 Girl State Delegates were Rita Baldwin, Becky Mott and Mary Beth Wrape. Ogndg Qiahl . k Pulaski Counfg Junior Muss !wh 'lo irg, +0 have fun. +0 work, Members of the Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society for High School Journalists are at left: seated, Laurie Findlay, Suzy TreSp, and Standing, Lisa DiMassimo, Barb Engel, and Carmen Nahlen. Below are: seated, Barbara Domarcki and Paula Hudgins, and standing, Bar- bara Binz, Virginia Dickmann, Joy Caringola, and Mary Beth Wrape. Absent from picture are Lucia Hodges and Marilyn Kelone. L 5x L 2 .. - Judy McNell was chosen Mt. St. Mary's Betty Crocker Homemaker of 1971 Student Council Campaign, May 1970 +0 do somefhing and +0 be recognized. oged +he Jremen+ of We en; QXCI k e m n a m In S e r F mg seniors on ing Dag. R e b fl 0 1' Managers for the Belles and Mounties are Kitten Pearson and Liz Warren Senior Belles, Barbara and Margaret, hard at practice B a s k e f b a l l The much appreciated cheer- leaders; Tricia Pappan, top, Lee Ann Rosin z a 70 .- 0 . , , v 4??76? - aVid fan MOUNTIES: STANDING from left to right: Donna Ross, Susan O'Malley, Mary Binz, Ellen Kemp, Kathy Pauly, Janey Birdsong, SITTING: Penny Barnes, Gwynn Vaughan, Cindy Kresse, Mary Jane Hepp, Nannette Hoffman. BELLES: STANDING from left to right: Debbie Troillett, Barbara Binz, Margaret Kelly, Glennis Jones, Becky Johnson, Maria Hain, Ruth Zeiler, Kathy Bourne. SITTING: Sheila Lienhart, Alice Xx'orley. Chris Kelly, Lisa Smith. We remember Homecoming. The usual tension and excite- ment . . . 5 girls too sur- prised and happy for words wondering "weather" or not it would come off all right. . . Rockettes being blown away . . . the crown- ing event postphoned 'till the dance . . . those famous last words - " and we will now have the crowning. " This is the homecoming we remember. let Homecoming Courf I 970 I nMarg Beih Wrapel Homecoming Queen Tena Muphg . Margo Nowak d e C We experlen xww W 1 "That was irrelevant, impulsive and immature. " m She stoops to be conquered. Glee Club perform at Christmas time. A trip to New Orleans! ! ! and learned. a+ +he assemblies. "Aw, come on now, Lucy. " "Now girls, don't get excited. " Our school became isfmas world. a Chr We assisied in he office. STANDING from left to right in top row: Jeanenne Dallas, Margaret Smith, Peggy Wells, Debbie Knoedl, Laurie Borghese, Mary Beth Granberry, Pam LukaS. Middle row: Gwen Hart, Debbie Blacklaw, Jane Harris, Kathy Ringgold, Alice Scott. Bottom row: Sharon Page, Paggy Berg, Shirley Armellini, Ann Carvill, Penny Clark, Laura Gowen. Missing from Picture: Gayle Greenwell, Robin Griffin, Geri Paquette, Alice Worley, Beverly Byrne, Liz Kopacz, Myssie Surguine. STANDING from left to right in top row: Janet Dumboskj, Karen Paladino, Virginia Dickman, Carolyn Quinney, Marilyn Haynes, Middle row: Becky Baxter, Lucia Hodges, Rita Jacuzzi, Sarah Brewer, Barbara Engel, Sharon Kuehn, Bottom row: Cindy Berg, Jane Boever, Sharon Keith. Missing from Picture: Joy Caringola, Lisa DiMassimo, Maria Kumpuris, Judy Szymanski. IOI y P." p ,1 Prom CommiHee of 197 1 The Promc 0mmittee Hali . member . nsk1, Judy Theme C' Sare, SEATED: Cind y, Indy Berg, y Lukaszewicz Chairman d . :an Janet Dumbeski. STA ader- BMWr 9 Photo by Shr NDING: Pam l02 Thls page s POnsored by SHRA DER- BUTCHER STUDIO We An+icipa+ed Class Dag. Barbara Domaracki, Virginai Dickmann and Joy Caringola, Script Com- mittee Charimen Cindy Stahl, Patty Bergman, Music Cindy Berg, Rita Baldwin, . . - - ' ' ' l , -' n - '. ;-.;. ,5.,. .1" uLUJ, 1-2-3- "1'. gang: '..' 3.11 ..!"u .' l v ' v . . L. .,. . . Because we thou ght you 'd like to remem- ber the good times, we can ght, for a moment, images - and recorded them in print. There have been some bad times, but there have been some wonderful ones too, Some of us are enthusiastic, some simply bored - some athle t i c , some poetic, but underneath it all - for a while, we were students at the Mount, which after all, is the connection be- tween you and me. Th I3 is he wag 3+ Was Ihhlhg . . . g e b ..:,,. m w. .m.....mmw. g... u---.; We were busy. going nowhere someiimes f m.tlw aggr ,n I. $ i building ma+h problems . . . l07 laughing a+ ourselves . . . for being saHs ed. We've only begun. bui sironger now. we are ready for iomorrow. and when we smile so much we'll Find where +he and gas. $..1...8..:$ W' , m , - 1 A, x and when me eveningmmjes we smile so much of life ahead we'll find a place I . WhQWQ ?xher'eEs room f0 grow" and, yes we've jus+ begun .. "Aegigg-z-ge'4gff ' ' - 2- - . . ' .2 DA; 4.14A .-,. ' " ....-..-on. "...o"..-- - VJuw .z: ' ' A. . ' ;5;. . - I M Graduaies - r- and Mrs. A. J. Althoff P 'aDic Er. and Mrs. M, T, Bajorek i344? 2mg Mrs. C. E. FrOst Mrs W arehis gelgngAuhoff r. and Mrs. Warren Baldwin Jr L ' an Mrs. R' I' GanEIUff Mr ' ayne Mehlin he $113Mn Mr. and Mrs. Ted Bargiel ' NE. C01. and Mrs: T. M. Gilbert Jr, Mrs. p. I' Mlllef arbafa Bl.nzsi: Mr. and Mrs. E. Russell Baxter Mr. and Mrs. Omn E. GOdin Mrs.RXileromca Miller gongrat $8.71 $45 and Mrs. Francis L. Beck Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Gorman Mr. Chard E. Minor JanetKgnd Mi: Mrmr. and Mrs. George E. Berg M: mg Mrs. R' A' Haaser Mr. mg Mrs, Larry E. Mivel RomgARCHE Mr. 311g Mrs. John C. Bergman Mr. :nd gm R- T. Halinski Mr. :nd Mrs- Richard A. M0512 Ir, IHrEnflakesCC M . an Mrs, Walter Binz Mr. Dd Is. John W. Hall Mrs. n. Mr; Chas. B. Mottlx "gldozerJBCki Mi. ang Mrs. Frank Bittner Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Harness Jr. Mrs. Elrglma Mueller EH. audWs' Mr. 2nd Mrs. Robert C . Blaylock Mr. 22d $3. Max R' Ha nes Mr .a grace Murphy iimwimerrsshan Mr. and Mrs. George I. Boever Mr. and Mrs. E. 6' Hen .rix Ir' Mr. and Mrs' W- M. Nahlen Tracy W971 Mr. 11d Mrs. R, F. BOCluet Mr. d rS. James L, H111 Mr. 11d Mrs, L. w- NOWak C1395 of coll Mr. and Mrs. Orange Brady Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hod es Mr. and Mrs. Julian L. OSWal d YeastatzwicZ Mr. sub Mrs. George S. Brewer Mr. :nd Mrs. Lee Von Ho fman Mr. and Mrs. John E. Page limiirggation Dr - 33d i? L. Brown Sr. Dr ' a nd lifts. Raymond Horan Mr. :nd Mrs. Peter John Palad- Cogmmand Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. CalhOun Mr. arrl1d Mrs. Paul T. Hudgins Mr; 151 Mrs. Rey C, Paulettemo EOE, likes K. M - rs. C. K. Call M ' rs- Leo L- Jacquemine M ' ary D- Pearson Ede. Now Mr. and Mrs, James L. Campbell I. and Mrs- Aldo Jacuzzi L and Mrs, D. W. Pitts S Dena Renshaw MI- and Mrs. Edward Cassidy $13- and Mrs. Elmos Johnson if. and Mrs- Frank F. Pitt r. DeWilson Barbt M:- 2mg Mrs. Floyd Chudy Mi- 6mg Mrs. John I. Keith Mr- and Mrs. W. T. Probsts wrankbfm Mr. agd Em. August J, Chudy Mr. and 11:443. W. T. Kelly M? 3113 MrS. Glen QUinney MI. 53:11AM Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Cockmon Mr. :nd Mrs. Joseph W. Kelone Mr. and MB. Thomas R. Rale HI. ombigs Mr. and MIS. James L. Crain Jr. M ' nd rs. N1 H.K1rchner M - an Mrs. H. W. Rossi y fronliyandLYm - rs. Ira Cupples I- an MIS. W1lham E, Knox 1'- and Mrs. Robert R - RWY b Mr. and Mrs JO 1'! . Mr and Ml'S F MI' and M 0351 mley SOISY Mr. Charles b.1159? A. chkmann Mrs. Rub K' rank 1- Kordsmeier Mr. 3 d rs. C. P. Schulte PatHaynes Mrs Mar L 1 Ion MI .3 d KAI Izyzostanskl Mr. H Mrs. John J, Shields Bvsyme Mr . d y . D;llon M . n s. Alton C, Kuehner . and Mrs. Billy L. Smith FatherLawrenc Mr. and Mrs, N1cholas DiMassimo Mr. and Mrs. Gustav B. Kuehn Mrs, Margaret Ann Smith Vickin 6 Mr. 23d Ix1x313. James D. Dixon MI. 311:; Mrs. George Kumpuris $4151 and Mrs. Orel E. Snow won an 111th ' IS- Stanle B. Domarackj I. an Mrs, Ralph LaFor e Sgt, and Mtg, T Kathy Pozza K. anal Mrs, F, F. umboski 3r. and Mrs. Victor G Llenhart Mr, and Mrs Kennertlgogtore E. Sam 8. D. an . an Mrs. John Dunawa r. and Mrs James L ' . . Mr. and Mrs. L Oner 1a R0351 MT. and Mrs. Ar y Mr. and . OHglnotu Mr ' eon Sturch Ni 'Kimhw Mrs. Bernard J EgurelG' Engel Mrs. Susxrihlghas' W. Loyd Mr. :33 Mrs. Frank SzymaDSki Myrle Mr. and Mrs Lee E0 E Mr. and Mrs R 5 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A' Thomey Dr'and MIN Mr. and Mrs. J K gubztrig Mr and Mrs. A. i'uZLiulgs-szemcz Mr. and M: Eseph Leo TresP angelghfhhrrg'd - ' - - ' - . e 1 ' . erma a a xflognzngdfflrs. W. E. Evans 111?. and Mrs. Gene LyOn Mr. and Mrs. A, w nvgfsfna" TheryTumbows -. S. John L. Far ewic r. and Mrs. W. A M Mr. and Mrs J h ' 1" TheE.C.Lucl Mr. and Mrs . Y 2 Mr d . argrave . 0 HA, VOgIer . Mr and M . Iflmes Flke - an Mrs. H. H, Mayes Mr, and Mrs. Frank Vorste M15. G'.E' Ba? . rs. Rlchard K. Findla Mr, and Mrs. D. A, MCDo Mr, and Mrs. Sam I Tomm sLeaw Mr. and Mrs F1 Y Mr . nald 1131 13. Warre Donal Althoff - oyd Freeman - and Mrs. 81d McMath Mr. and Mrs Chal n ' Mrs. Joe McNeil Mr and M ' I 68 A. woolford RxchardAlthoff Mr. d rs, A. I. Wrape Jr. Debbie Bartsch - 3D Mrs. Carl Zajac DechNutt M d PairOnS gavlngillalw l - an Mrs. Jose - ic . , 52,13er Lou Fabian Ph J. Pab1an 2:1: Hf-oper . . 110 Peggy LovesDa M25. End Mrs. Charles La F orge B me la R0551 71 M ve Iam'es Yea us - SENIO : track ernadette and Pat r. Frank 5 Opt, Service T9ny Hum Chub-chub 10w Apnl 6, 1969 GOQD LUfSK LIZZY B1.ackburn 's Antiques Nhke O'Brien Joan and limbo Judy T. and Mahlon C. game Pnepr '73 Cmdy-Bear '74 Love to Mark - Tricia Cindy and Sue Eggny and Joy Tgbble Tl'0111ett $911 ratulations '71 RIVER. Joe Mott M. and Mrs. V Robey Fgowefs T0138; Sprenger Iom y Beck '74 Wyfii Chas B: Mott Sr. Mike and Tim Barbar: Bob Cayingola TO MY EESTEST BUDDY LIZ R an. Campbeu D1 1am Prmtt T.I.c1assof Pat wa and Eddne Boz - STEST BUDDY LAURA DUSS-lan! Doy e Fulmer Mrs. Rena W119 Pum liner To ?llsvthe greatest ugng LOVE. time is not Raenver ROller Pam Moix and! Just fn trim a Dog Kafh K?lls Eng: Kaplon C llih-Hermap; Lynda-Calnip THE HUGE ON! Mrs L I12m - Lam; E13113S er M? mm from Mount Staff Mar and Mehssa Nancyandsem Elaine:- Shi Harnson, Ir, Marcia R mg Pail and Mrs' John LiPSmeYel: Y I' find M'S- Renshaw Long LiVe Mt. : Mrs Jam me-k cymhia egau-d P aJOhmon C? 72 Mr'aners'L Mr .and 1515 thpen Ga V'. Ynl- Jeff: Jatty ?PeCk '74 G qg'a'lugettes MI. and MILF Giria MorrighD' H' Bovette large; aigkiisfiif? 50131111138131 son '74 AreurllegaecIC-liuene :44; abTMB' H a + Z 0 an . e gallglaHHarelson 315w aand .Mfsz William T. Goss geceya Lo all AKRZEWSKI Mrs. Zelmag Tooks I Mr. R, leaMng Mugh gemn . Susannciuzin '69 T1?;bble Du fe Mr. and Mtg. H. G. Copper Brenda and Cha For Typi: Mto ?lckle paul 7-2;;0 6'7 MiehBeSt Fros Ever '70-'71 Encle COOPIe and Aunt Mary ; RT McDaniel is For the Engu T1t1e Page Kathy Goss ' Joan Jane gle Reynolds Czirry D. 'hkes Schlitz 21ste Child Report Lovge D3003 1'11 alwa 72 Co' 74 - F ass 0f 74 ToMa'k' Love Here's to m. ebb1e TIMOTHXIs remember HR C1 ngrat Ifltten '71 " Mark "75 UNEX ?SVFXFUNEM73VFMIFMM M?My TUCker Jane Ann Jeylpatrons Diana Sch . MIass of '73 WLH and BAS-BILL, I LUV u , eand Trac From a Friergxdey Ste hanie 3313162135ng Ye; E133? Ohn AllisOn $421113? giniem ?Agwd Peggg Merci Bien Gin er Kat y Strack '7 Debbie ac er Marie '74 Mr d 11 Y . SHA Essisb Melinda . 8 Taco To . Jegley . an Mrs..Albm Zakrzewski RONKEIT Iililen Lestlfaim Ann Bailgfs'ggts Tortlllas 1kg. :33 i2:' iOhgnYDWnerd' glisinmogifgfa" 112:: 'I'll H l HISSQaLrwgum 334$; 11ng . ' JFIJDY .Z'IONCE - . Naomi McDaniel gem of Luck to Margaret way K E M 517$ 73 P:?Hilrilzgerald grog??? Msrs. 1felix Chualinski ' r'fiUers I ' .' - - es tri esAa' i Han " Downy gel? 9;?" '72 Etephen ' Wolf Cindy Kresse g m Stephanigvlgsaxt ' - 0V6. Buddy Sherry Soul Sister 4H ML and Mmlk Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Uekman Leo and Aquarius Mr, and Mrs' 1: Marc and Myssie '72 glen Engel .6'8L r m1YloVesNa1 19M ; ller 1110! WE. . haIdA ve'aZh as ' . w. R - Robert 118$; C- P. Schulte '9'1111- Shields 3111M Smith I Ann Smith Orel E. Snow S. Theodora, 3-. . Kenneth Stone; . Leon Sunch . Frank Szymamyj . Eugene A. Thom; 1. Joseph Leo Tm; ' ;. HermanUekmail s. A.W.Vaxau1 5. John A. Vogla 3. Frank Vorsler 3. Samuel B. Wan: 5. Charles A. Wolf: rs. A. I. Wrapell. 13. Carl Zajac Hum Ohieu to Mark - Tricia Ioe Mon Chas B. MOI! 3!- am Pruitt e Eulmer her Roller . n-Hermam WM and Melissa and Mrs. Remhal '72 g. 3411ng5 '1 pacquette y me Hogan 1. Zelma TOOkS C e ,andW'H'G' 0'11. Virginia Dickmann Pegg Althoff The Eish Pond Barbara Binz Congrat Big Sis Paula - Mary Janet K1103: 1Z1 Ronnie an ssy THE MARCHE FLASH Corn Flakes Connelley Bulldozer I acket . Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Bnnkley Jim Winters Tracy Worsham Class of '71 . Yea State College: 3111 . . Iim Faryewicz's dog - He1d1 Congratulations - Jo Ann from Mom and Dad C. F. likes K. S. but K. 5. doesn't like C, F, Dena Renshaw DeWilson Barber Shop Hi, Frank! Mr. and Mrs. Frank Strozyk HI, LOU ANN from your big sister PAM Rocky and Lynn Quinney Riley Sorsby Pat Haynes Bev Byrne Father Lawrence Vicki Wrzzlpe Burton an Judy Kathy Pozza B. D. and D. 0. Ma Rossi '73 Nik ' Kirchner Myrle Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Hudgins Angela Flurry Mary Sha Moriarty The Tumbows The E. C. Luckenbill's Mrs. G. E. Baxter Tomm '5 Leaving in January Donal Althoff Richard Althoff Debbie Bartsch Deb McNutt David Will always be mine Nicki Peggy Loves David Yea us - SENIORS! l! Chub-chub loves urrm-urrm Joan and Iimbo and Phillip Cindy and Sue Mr. and Mrs. V. A. DeSalvo Mike and Timmy DeSalvo T. I. Class of '69 Mrs. Rena Wilson Pam Moix and Gary Wyllia '71 THE HUGE ONE Nancy and Benny Long Live Mt. St. Mary's Mr. and Mrs. Lewis J. Hoyt Mr. and Mrs. Frank Niedzniedz Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dailey Mrs. Melba McDaniel Mr. R. T. McDonald Brenda and Charles RT McDaniel is known as Love Child To Mark, Love Mary Mandy Tucker Mike and Tracy Mike and Peg HAPPINESS is bein SHARON KEITH'S 'ttle sister P. H. '71 K. H. '72 Best of Luck to Pam H. Dr. and Mrs. J. G. Althoff Man'an loves Kenny Stephanie Dailey MI. and Mrs. D. I. Dailey Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Zell tha Engel '68 Benny loves Nancy Kathy Bourne '73 Rachel Bouman '74 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Duerling Mrs. John Renfroe EDAYLITTLEFIELDER Cathy Olberts Grandma and Papa Binz Ralph CHS '73 Ronnie Dumboski - 1968 Mary Jo Dumboski - 1969 ABC Reynold Titina G. P. and Helen Stevie Smack Smack Lind Mrs. MacMillan and Donna L rm and Keith L1ttle Sister Bobba Deb '5 little sister "Jody" Deb's Buppida "Fella" Judy and Kenny Yeah! Arlington Mr. and Mrs. Orel Snow say Congratulations Seniors Bi Sisters are great In y Simpson Stephanie Gammel Mimi and Candy Janice Hanley Julia Mor an Buff Chee Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jefferson Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Uekman Chester Domaracki Mary Helen Domaracki '74 Cheryl Kordsmeier '74 Lisa Smith h$4 Han UNITED WE STAND! The Best Frosh Ever '70-71 Deidra and Gary - August '70 Cindy and Karlin Mary and Mike Patti DelDonno Mitzi Spence Michelle Thom son Charlie Schuem urge: Ronnie, Bobbie, and Mark GHW and RAD Mrs. Becquet Mrs. Mary Leana Mrs. Richard Cussinelli Jerri Bowers Pat Smith Ricky Kyle Mrs. T. F. Kittredge Miss Harris Judy Thomey - My Big Sister C . K. R. F red Frank Pruss Alice Worley Mary Cass Bellewood Babes - I. R. Hi Harold! Marion loves Brenda Kellie Freyaldenhover Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Carl ZakrzeWSki Jean Birli Mr. Frank's Opt. Service Ginger Penick Ronald Chudy '77 Michelle Berky Anita Calva Jane Green Kathy Pauly Sandra Kirchner Class of '72 Tracy Schroepfer Mr. and Mrs. James Hubbs Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Lee Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Kirchner Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Kirchner Mr. and Mrs. Roy Attwood Mr. and Mrs. Leo Duerling Jimm and Matt Davi Harper Mrs. Ber Wilcox KRC and KL Steve Madigan Sharon '71 Tom Marks Cougars - NLR City Champs Beth Dou an Mrs. Pa Snow MI. and Mrs. John Rossi Marcie Renard Jeanette Sims KK and KW Pauletta and Benji Sandy Hoyt Robin Milner . Seiter Body Shop 4315 W 29 CAC Jody Z An ie Z He en Z Mr. Colford Mr. and Mrs. B. Chambers Jr. Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Land Sr. Jody '76 Judy Simpson Melanie Hart Stephanie Daile Lee Sitzler and l'amily Betty Brinkle Rita loves Bil'ly Kay Lemay Louise Papan KaKALemay In emory of Freshmen Week Gwen Allison dittle Freshmam Dinn Margy Tucker Ben and John D. Tracy Schroepfer Kay Lemay Candie Bennett mary nagel Kay Lemay Sheila - LO 2-0359 $8 from CB Gin loves John Paul Mignone Mrs. Monty Mignone Mr. Monty Mignone P. H. AND G. R. F ather Riddell Leavenworth Bill Brinkley Jackie Grant '72 Agnes Martin Delores Cullivan Bridget 's Bunch Charlie Hill D. B. Hill Shirley Hill Joe Mott Debbie Mon Annie Hill Becky Carroll Kathy and Gary Alice Worley Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Gentry Cal Biggers Robert C. Erwin C LU Mr. Chas B. Mott Sr. J. P. 'S B Dennis Noble Robert Buschmiaer Phillip Schneider Rocky Elliott Subiaco '68 Tric1a Schutter Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Schutter Randy Day Margie B. you owe me Be PB I love Duke B. B. and C. P. Stardust '72 - Moonshine '73 Ellen '73 Hi Phil from JoAnn Bobbie Bentley and Gene Allen Helen and Lynn Ma loves Nathan Bec y Mattingly '73 Happiness is being James Teri Jones loves Ken Babbs Good Luck Seniors. Paula Pam and Ier Thanks Carolyn Q. from CB Bob Raley T I G E R Happiness is friends Thanks 'all - Evelyn MI. an Mrs. S. M. Carter, Sr. Jim - Mary Alice Crutchfield Mrs. Avis Waggone: Mr. and Mrs. James Crain Sr. Clyde the New guy Lynne Boquet Agnes Hamling Mary Ann Rose Elizabeth Rose Mrs. Thelma Wasem Ernest Duerling Mrs. Henry E. Frederick Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bossey Larry Kirchner Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sick Chris Kirchner Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sick Great Seniors '71 Tracy Schroepfer Carolyn and Kenneth ELGIN CL ii LW ? A ? BTK HOO The Fre aldenhoven's Mr. an Mrs. Andrew C Carol and Jeanne Michael and Christopher Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zajac Mr. and Mrs. Philip Pruss Mr. Art Fydrych March Hurrah Evelyn Engel Debbie and Charlie Lois Zajac '71 Beverly Zajac Gene Zajac Teresa Tresp '73 Steve and Rosemary - Dec. 26 Paula Halter '72 IF and L8 '72 To a great big Sis from Deb Rebecca and David will be united as one! Wait and see Joanne and Ron Nancy Campbell Mark Wagner Ann Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Fred Menz Missy Worley '69 Steve Reagan Mrs. H. B. Worley Kathy Have Fun, Little Sis Sharon Cockman '71 Frank Pitts CHS '68 Dianne Binz '69 Franchella Taylor Make Peace Not War The Big Bruiser From One Hill To Another Cauliflower Use Scope and we 're friends In Memorium Get 'em boys. Get 'em Squires in Control Hey Sweetie! Ah, but can ya dig it? live to love - love to live The Nose Knose Best enemies - not trash T heresa Springer Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Jegley Becca Villareal Paula Jegley Becky Mattingly Linda Bauman Collin D. and Billy I. Busha Mr. Frank Faryewicz, Sr. Mrs. Frank Faryewicz, Sr. Bingo Faryewicz Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Milam Sam HHHHHb.k-;.Am.. . 4U2'EETM??mrmwmmrbmmyymp'hr'n-umzuHHH-nwnuu RITCHIE ood luck, Seniors onna Ross Margaret Pfeifer Kathleen Jewell Marilyn Peitz Marilyn Cullivan Hi Mutt from KE Hi to my bi sis Evie Rebecca of ummybrook Farm Peggy Doven "Piglet" Missmn road "twang" Don and Monica forever Hi Keith - Dana Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Peitz Steven and Leonard Bargiel TCSAMNFMG - ILY Mary Dee Virginia Dickmann Sister Mary Fintana Virginia Dickmann Sister Mary Edward Beverly Bone Sec. of Chug-a-lugettes Jimmy Doohttle Sharon Olberts '70 Tim Kresse Elmer Ritchie Steele Westphale Torn Wallace Randy Beuter John Huncke Gwen Hart The Evans Family To Les, Love Moma Evans Chick Little loves Rooster Alice Scott Yea Class of '72 P. Y. - G. D. Toni Seymore Joy and Johnny Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kresse Gregg says "Love on all" COLUMBIAN SQU RES '71 Lydia Turpin Sally Bananas '71 LINDA CISSY CAROL JUDY GINGER SUSIE Pafrons Paul Oberste Hi from Cathy Johnston Rosey Pruss '72 Linda and Joey Pat Mivelaz '71 Mary Loves Mike . . Lucy to M Niece Chnstl Larry Chu y '75 Mrs. J. P. Keith Sharon and Rita Keith Grandma Davis I miss you Robert Fred Zakxzewski Fred and Mary Linda Byrne '73 Rebecca Catlett Charlene Dillon Ma 10 Nic and Margaret Lorent Dumboski Sam and Marie Marchese Mike Uekman Chuckie P. '72 Piedmont Tidewater III Loves Martha P. Fudpucker Bell Spatz A Very Good Friend of Martha and Cornelia Danny and Martha Heather says "Hi" to Robin Mary Kay Hollard Mary Jane Hepp Deb ie Blevins Lou Ann Stokes Patricia Hall Steph '76 Jeanenne Dallas '73 Karen Halinski Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Gilmore Memau, Pehoski, and Buster Stephanie '74 forevermore Munch ML. and Mrs. James Barron Jane Birdsong Ken and Ralph Pete GO HOGS GO FROM KIM Tubas ARE beautiful All my love to Dee, 1972 Broom '74 Chuck Paulette BALLET is beautiful Kenneth and Miriam Andy, Mike, and Kathy O'Donoghue - Mr. and Mrs. Dick Hooper Mike Gowen LRH and Mab Demian A1 Worley '73 Congrats Rita and Bill Spence and Rossi Bike Shop Georgianna Roescheisen Unforgettable Freshmen P. M. Jane Raley '72 Mrs. Russell King Ann Bradley U of A - Here I come Marcia and Mystery Man Yea Sophomores! Margaret Cassidy Pam Halinski '71 Rick Halinski Simmons - UX Mike Stormes J. R. Hooper Bill and Teddy Barnes Sister Angeline Muzquiz Louise Kelloms Norman and Elsie Kelloms Fletcher and Rose Kelloms Carolyn and Horace Rogers Lora and Monroe Rogers Gail and Stan Hill Rose McNeil George McNeil June McGee Bill and Gertrude Springer Mary and John Valle Carolyn and Ron Ronsonet Father Joseph Pena Bev and Johnny Where do we be going? Class of '71 Gertrude Walte . rs Yeah Tlgers! Class ' W11ma Snow 0f 71 Orel E. Snow Susie David Lipsme e Robert Schrapial: Glen Campbell ; EEED A DATE 0 n loves wooden to SAY, YOU LIKE PARgiE Sugar Barrel S gprk it, Church me me th ' Candy e p1pe Patty He's my TOP CAT toye ya Bunches alssez-entre 1e ' :Ay sEoes fit! $01611 gat a will soqn be a k I" LOVE MOKEY BEAR - ?RNE The Good Hands Man" That Old Gooney Woman Be happy. forget yourself Dunng love, time is not Get that Picture? i351 bit's Buddy BCATS HAVE BIG "Something Special" PAWS Tell Me No! ! ! I'm workin at it t" Tugmfish Mgen 00 It urts to fall in In - You 're looking goo; PY Vruum-Vruum Goin' places and d ' ' Daging Is FUN!! 0mg thmgs an everythin count "$uowbird" g s B1g 8th Grader Cotillion Star Rat and Cheese Buffalo Gal Snow bunnies have red hair PAULETTE MELISSA DEBBIE RRV PATRICIA ZA ZA Congratulations to the Graduates gm Warner-Brown Sisters of Mercy 31353150511 Hospital Eldorado, Ark. world - Tumm'fegmm Itlmrtsmfan-mlM You'reloomgw Vm-me 6011' places and dub- DggnglsFUNu '1 a eve ' "811011111:ngch Big8thGradu CotillionSra; RatandCheese BuffaloGal Snowbumieshzverri; The Fabric Center C ongr atulations and Best Wishes to the 211-213 West Capitol Class of '71 Little Rock, Arkansas We Specialize in: Phone 372-2248 Barbecues Hamb ur ge r s PAULETTE and MELISSA Pepe Pizzas DEBBIE 9W Jim1s Drive-ln ZAZA "Congratulations liz Estell" ll7 '9 3970177 fhe ggx : J C 2355 Of 6 t' Serving Little Rock Since 1881 Drummond Funeral Home 901Marsha11 Executive Office of Drummond Citizens Ins. Co. "Whale of a Store" Congratulations to I 9724 W. Markham Street LIZ ESTELL r Little Rock, Arkans as g FRS - 7183 CUSTOM PRINTING CO. H 1722 Pike Avenue North Little Rock, Ark. Union National Bank of Little ROCK t 0 y? NEWS 0 from EYEWITN ESS ...... .ow-OI aII-I W St. Marys Class of 1971 GRADUATING CLASS "REASON AND JUDGEMENT ARE QUALITIES OF A LEADER" Tacitus While you have been progressing , Arkansas has been climbing up the ladder of national .H recognition and leadership by developing new industry, highway systems, better educational 1 systems , and the Arkansas River project ...... ,lll Channel Four was there to cover each major ;I event, just as we will be there as you take V your place as a leader in the state . CHANNEL QQ KAFIK TV MULLINS BROADCASTING COMPANY Robert L.Brown. Vice President and General Manager I Our lady of Fatima Congratulations to Our Graduates LIZ ESTELL MARILYN HAYNES MARGARET HAYNES BRIDGET HENDRIX Benton, Arkans as Oasis Package Store x Highway 107 "Let Us Keep Your Spirits Up" JEFF and ALICE REAGAN - JIM and JOE CRAIN s-ocr Q 41' Congratulations to Us! l Tow J 5 St. Andrew 5 Cathedral w ' R EV. MSGR. B. FRANCIS 1 g M DEVITT REV. CHARLES F. g c KORDSMEIER REVKETHOMAS J. REV JOHNO NNED . . . Y OSWALD x 617 Louisiana Little Rock l22 A HHmAHHHH-thhhA-nA-As Veterinary Sapplies Acme Agricultural Supply 717 W. Broadway Ph. 374-0625 NO. Little Rock, Ark. 717mm 6? .. Purl: Hm 7 375-1677 666-5227 A Continental . 1.; 53'3" : ' ma. 5 k I n n e I' M. D. GRAHAM momma A Digger Service Inc. A 1 $ 1 "Congratulations LIZ" 31 I Huckabyk Inc. x; Town and Country Super Market Route 2, Box 290-B 1225 Military Rd. No. Little Rock, Ark. 72118 ' Benton, Ark. 72015 ULl-lOll mm m I3 C9 6444 cHome Carbonated REV. 0515:; cBeW317???GDIoSPeHcSef LAKE HILL SHOPPING CENTER Rn KO P'O' BOX 5303 No. Little Rock, Ark. Ph. 753-4567 REV 11? Little Rock, Ark. 72205 0511. Arkansas Elevator Co. For Elevator Service 118 West 4th L"? Little Rock, Ark. '123 Razorbacks No. l in Arkansas l House in Costumes: Little Rock child and 5316 Pine Bluff , . . Itls Costurw 00d Warehouse Fo d V 0 S TelepT kh Tony 9815 West Mar am . PHILLIP BONINE - Mgr. N0. 1 1n Quality yolks1 Village Shopping Center NO. 1 in LOWer Prices CHESTER JONES - Mgr. No. 1 in Friendliness 2114.1 North L11 Congratulations to Our Daughter Jan from Mr.aners.James l.Crain Jr. x Diantha Planting Clyde McC Congratulations GENE LYON Owner GeneralContr Amy lou .Reg. Buil from Altheimer, Arkansas Unhm. Comrr. ,Mother and Dad Phone: 766-8795 Phone753-43C, NorthL Mandy and John LX Marhnous Oriental ' Rug Company How Little Rock, Arkansas W The De 806 W. C-q IVs FWis in Quality . 'm Selection l in Lower PM 1 in Friendl'mesg 7. Planting ON, Owner r, Arkansas 7 766-8795 Phone 753- 4398 Maxine's House of Costumes Costumes for Every OccasiOn Children and Adults Sales and Rentals Costumes Made to Order 623 Beechwood 664-2542 I Telephone: 753- 1671 Tony Ferguson, Inc. Volkswagen Spe cialis t Renault Dealer 2114 West 38th Street , North Little Rock, Arkansas Clyde McConnell Building, Inc. General Contracting and Home Building Reg. Builder License No. 04059 Unlim. Commercial License No. 71-757 10 Shorepoint North Little Rock, Arkansas 7. Compliments of Horace Terry Pontiac The Dealership That's Different 80 . 6W- Capltol FR5-9861 The TCB Student Staff The Bank ICE TWIN CITY BANK nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn m. ch. l25 .449 y 30.... .. Wawiu MEI: m.gJ. V i. , - 0 :o' f: V K V A W AAQI'm-i; ?:?f3335umn . 4 .t..' a- ,1,..$- ' IX 3:: I W?'9y ' 5mg '0 mg ml" ,,,, 431:1: ,. REV. MSGR. FRANCIS A. ALLEN, V.F. - Pastor REV. JOHN MCDANIEL - Assistant Pastor REV. BERNARD DeBOSIER - Assistant Pastor Rita Baldwin Paula Hudgins Margo Nowak Jane Boever Susie Jacquemine Carolyn Quinney Valle Calhoun Sharon Keith Cornelia Rossi Linda Campbell Karla Kirchner Paulette Schulte Lisa Di Massimo Martha Lienhart Ginger Smith Mary Ann Freeman Sus an Longinotti Liz Warren Leslie Gilbert Judy McNeil Mary Beth Wm?e Mildred Haaser Mary Mehlin Helen Zilvinskis Carol Miller Congratulations to Our 1971 Graduates x Cl Margo Nowak CarolynQuir: Cornelia Ross: Paulette Sch: 6 Ginger Smit': Liz Warren Mary 36M: lA-iI A rkansaf Largest MONTGOMERY WARD STORE for: Home Furnishings ' Clothing Home and Shop Needs Appliances Lawn and Garden Needs Automotive Sporting Goods Tires Customer Service Btlffeteria Open Daily 9:30 A.M. - 9:30 P.M, Monday Thru Saturday 300 S. University on the Mall MO 45070 Routh's Esso 6215 Fourche Darn Pike Little Rock, Arkansas 372-9205 Henneberger's Cleaners 8. laundry 1522 Main St. North Little Rock, Ark. D: 04' 5 SW41 .Smice 5522 W. 12H: . MO 6-1686 You 'Can Depend On Us For Profekional TV Sewica Congratulations levy Florist 4003 New Conway Hwy. N. L. R. Congratulations Senior s and liz Estell Seniors'7l Compliments Of H. A. Bowman Co. 823 W. Markham Little Rock, Ark. Office Furniture and Supply l27 Congratulations Class of 1971 DELGMAN SUPPLY CO., INC. PLATING EQUIPMENT- AND SUPPLIES II3 Soui'h Magnolia Posi' OHice Box 579 ' Norfh LiHle Rock. Arkansas 72ll5 FRanklin 8-5l27 Area Code 50' ffaylor the Ta: Congratulations $z Best Wishes 1970 Graduates Saint Vincent Infirmary Unive r s ity and Markham Little R0 ck, Arkansas Congratulations To My Beautiful Grandaughter Friendly Stop 10 Ann Package Store 71k 231:? Modesty Is Our Family Trait from he I grandmothe r Congratulations to the 1971 Seniors lNc ITaylor the Tailor 3804 J. F. K. 753-6415 NLR . Compliments of Fm? Fuller 8. Son Feed 8. Hardware CARL WILLIAMS V : Phillips 66 Service Station 7311 Baseline Road ? 2822 Arch Street LOZ-Z345 FR5-2345 P 4901J' F- K. B1Vd- Little Rock, Arkansas R 8. l Com laundry Sherwood Grocery Do-It-Yourself Dry Cleaning 119 Country Club Road Coin Operated Press Attendant on Duty Sherwood, Arkansas MORGAN M I29 St. Anne1s Parish Congratulates the Faculty and the Class of 1971 St. Anne's Graduates EMILY MAYES SHARON PAGE DEBBIE PITTS : JUDY SZYMANSKI VICKI UEKMAN COLLEEN DIXON JANET DUMBOSKI MARILYN F ARGO CYNTHIA GANGLUFF PAM LUKAS CINDY LUKAS ZE WIC Z REVEREND JAMES P. MCDONNELL - Pastor Minute Man 41' 1 "Newest Concept in Mens' Wear" 1- 1 The : 4th and Broadway wear-HOUSG 7604 Iowa ' ' check w th f $77 x x Little Rock, Ark. Flares ;ndrg:a:sr WM 22 - 13 5 5 5 3702 John F. Kennedy School of Dancing: North Little Rock, cheerleading, jumps, Arkansas acrobatics 753-7172 K' d d STEVE TEDDER - BOB FAIR 1n ergarten an Nursery School Mgrs. , 41 Whitfield .lewlers 1 4 Diamonds, Gifts, and Repairs 11 Heights Shopping Cente r 1807 N. Grant Phone 666-6651, EMILY M1, SHARON; DEBBIE E JUDY 3sz VICKI UK N mcept in mm N ear" Jacob Hartz Seed Co. Inc. Stuttgart, Arkansas Visit Your Friendly lion Oil Dealer Economy Pike Plaza Drug Pike Plaza Shopping Center No. Little Rock 374-3785 Dan's Shoe Shop 2 90 3 Kavanaugh 6Hillcresm 666- 9731 The eut-House 2k mth me Io: res and M6 Dobbs House - Toddle House Open 24 Hours J ohn F- Kenneei lth Little Wkl Arkansas Congratulations To: Our Daughter and Sister g Jane MR. and MRS. OREL E. SNOW and JUDY Compliments of: Proctor Tire Service Inc. Hazen, Arkansas 73064 Phone: 225-4591 phi l3l w; ow W J65; g-W0 6:26.23 3w gm; 063211425. Large Variety 0f Quality Name Brand Ldmpj' ' Large Selection of 7 7 Silk and Pdr'dmzent Lamp Shade: Bring Yoar Lamp . in for dwlfitting Stanley Hardware Co. 1012 W. 34th St. No. Little Rock, Ark 753-2470 X Freiderica Pharmacies 12th ,and Fair Park 4206 W. Markham 664-3821 mm Block South of Heights'ThoutrQ 5th and Gaine 5 "374-2207 Best Wishes Class of '71 Daniel 6. May For Your Stanley Home Products Call JANE DOLLARHIDE 373-0434 Congratulations , Jo - Jo s to 3411 Parker 753-1476 "We're All Goin To Jo-Jo's 11" V Rita From a Friend : Q0. St. Ark. LITTLE ROCK w F FRIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATION CO. Made: 0 HIqu and Bob Nord rPark .rkham ?.1 4208 West Markham aines Little Rock, Arkansas 20'? Across From Medical Center x Congratulations To My Niece ' ' Barbara Binz MRS. DON WATERS 313-053: ratulations to Rim from a Friend L Dillon Mizell 5W. M 2919 WEST MARKHAM ' LITTLE ROCK. ARK 72205 Signs Complim ents of 1200 College Little Rock, Ark. Dr. Joseph J. Pablan, Jr. I33 At AP8LL, were building today for your tomorrows world. PRIN1 311 Eas Congratulations to the Class of 1971 ester" WESTERN AUTO 1110 105 E. Pershing North Little Rock leo6s Malt Shop Compliments 2925 Kavanaugh Of 666-9751 Victor 6. lienhart g Congratulations to Class of '71 1; General Contractor A Friend 0 j x 18111 11 North Little? RAYMOND T. BYRNE PRINTING 8: STATIONERY CO. 311 East Capitol Little Rock 375-1281 . Social Announcements . Social Stationery . Office Furniture . Commercial Printing Hair Shaping Sculpture Curls 666 - 5437 Clayton1s School Of Hair Design Hair Coloring Astro-Jet Permanent Wave Personality 200 S. University S 8. S Auto Parts Co. 309 Main Street North Little Rock 375-9794 J 1 f I f I l Stag Beer Stag Distributing Co. Of Little Rock, Inc. 408 East Markham Little Rock, Ark. ,iments Allen W. Armbrust General Contractor, Inc. P. O. Box 517 Little Rock, Ark. 72115 3. lienhon a1 Contractor 4 land1s Cafeteria fig 317 West 2nd Best Wishes to St. Mary's Graduates Sheila Horan Rita Jacuzzi Liz Paulette Cindy Berg Lynne Boquet Pam Halinski Cheryl Kuehner Christ the King Parish REVEREND PAUL BUJARSKI I I Healey 8: Roth ! l Borr ox Funeral Home , D65 48601-13 5800 West 12th 2 Little Rock Arkansas 4 X 664-4433 v Elgie Scruggs - BILLY F. COLLIER W $ The Flower Box 664-2293 "For Those Who Care" 3700 Kavanaugh PORBECK PRINTING COMPANY 1 FR 5-8460 511 East Markham Little Rock, Arkansas P4 Manufacturers Jean,s SHOCk Bar of Roadmaster Bicycle 8 F0 r Good Mileage AMF Cycle Division and Good Food West 65th and Patterson See US Little Rock, Arkansas Interstate 40 A Division of at Y AMF Incorporated Morgan Interchange 8601 -B West Markham A Borrow Anything Our Hearts Desire From: '2 225-2250 CENTERQ'D Congratulations To My Grandaughter Rita Jacuzzi From: NONNA RENA Warden Volkswagen, Inc. 8450 New Benton HWY Phone 562-1161 West Markham Hardware Co. 11m 8601 West Markham Little Rock, Arkansas 72205 Phone 225-1940 Ben,s Esso Station BENSEGALA - Owner 2701 Kavanaugh Little Rock .nsas Luper Shell ' and ', Snack BO! : Good Mileage d Good Food See US marstate 40 at ge g Igan InterChan Congratulations to our Daughter Rita Jacuzzi Mothe r and Dad The First liquor Store 8020 Chicot Road Little Rock Arkansas Congratulations to our Daughter Theresa McDonald I37 Sullivants No. 3 Package Store Complete Line of Party Supplies 5321 W. 65th Little Rock, Ark. Marie5s Red Carpet Beauty Salon Oak Forest Recreation Center 5409 W. 12th St. 663-9975 5601 "R" St. 666-6101 Operators 6 RUSSELL MARIBEL JOAN ANNETTE LUCILLE NINA GE RAL DINE JAU AN MARIE Owners: MR. and MRS. BOYCE MOSELY Cash lumber Co. Little Rock - North Little Rock Conway motorcycles SEE THEM AT - Arkansas Tradinge st Motorcycle Deale r Arkansas Sport Center 4800 Conway Hwy. N. L. R. Ark. Congratulations to CINDY CAROLYN Seniors of 1971 PAM. From: Pam5s Momma iBECKY BM ,BARBARAI Corders iONNIE BL ARGAREI Model Market LUCIA H0: 591 1 Kavanaugh Congratulations on to the Class of 1970-1971 From Em ; Our Lady Of Good Counsel Church 1 Little Rock, Arkansas ICEM I REV. MSGR. JOHN B. SCHEPER, s. T. D. 03m REV. ROBERT DIENERT ' REV. ROBERT TORRES X ,ationsto I CINDY j 1. 011971 5 Momma Our Graduates 11 BECKY BAXTER MARGARET KELLY KITTEN PEARSON BARBARA BINZ MARILYN KE LONE KAREN RALEETH .ordels MARGARET CASSIDY VICKI MINOR JANE SNcngSTER KAREN PALIDINO 1 Kavanaugh 1 I39 Phone: FR5 ' t f 4447 Comphrnen S 0 Hunt MW Drug FR5-4448 18th and Pike North Little Rock co: Compliments of Compliments of r! , , West 8. Company Ruben 5 E550 H 6 Pike Plaza 3320 J. F. K. Blvd. North Little Rock North Little Rock i E x 1. GE What? You haven't been in YET? , HlVGIY'S Muffler Shop .- Joe's Hobby Shop 1300 Main WU Park Plaza Center N. L. R. Little Rock Men A . N 9 J? J h x .. d .3 Through our experienced guidance. 5906 "R we have helped +housands. - INSTRUMENT RfPAW When your valuable insfrumenf is in need of repair. bring if fo us cenfidenHy. - llVS'TIPUCTlOlV Taking musical insfrucfion also feaches +he child good work habifs. H's +he simplesf way we know. MAY WE SEWE YOU? ARKANSAS' LEADING MUSIC STORE SINCE 1897 MUSIC COMPANY SIXTH AND lOUISIANA - FR 2-2259 Harryk Market EN E WORTHEN Bank 8. Trust Company Mo Bank that does Moro for You. Member FDIC and Federal Reserve System CA5-3074 Butler's Shoe Store Town - Flair - Imperial "Shoes With Soul" TOMMY STONE - Mgr. TIM ISAAC - Ast Mgr. Footwear with the "Fresh Now Look" FRZ-9098 509 Main St. Bryant Bros. American 3623 J. F. K, North Little Rock 6 guidancel ds. Complim ent s of: Witch6s Hut Beauty Salon The Heights 5906 "R" Street Little Rock, Arkansas 663-4928 PAIR gimmeni is 9 if Congratulations Venable lumber Co. Congratulations ToA F6end Congratulations Senior 5 Hillcrest Gift 8. Variety 2805 Kavanaugh Immaculate Conception Northw Catholic Church ! O SmIt Dr"! REV. RALPH L. BAUER REV. THOMAS SEBAUCH Congratulations to Our Seniors Stop PEGGY ALTHOFF JOY CARINGOLA JAN CRAIN PATTY BERGMAN CHARLOTTE DILLON l BARBARA ENGEL KATHY CUPPLES MARY FROST SUSAN HOFFMAN JO ANN F ARYE WICZ PAT MIVELAZ 700 John F. Kennedy Blvd. North Little Rock, Arkansas 1 7 kg Jimk IGA Market P; $ 3623 Camp Robinson Road 1 Free Delivery Service l EMILY M. BREWER E l ' l Congratulations to the Class of '71 'Your Fr1end1y Agent' : Especially General American life Insurance Company Debbie Sander Beauty Shop Our Daughter, Sister and Grandaughter MR. and MRS. BUD MARGRAVE $47 Smalling Road JODY and BILL North Little Rock, ArkatnsaS . MR. and MRS, W, T. GILMORE, SR. Operator Phone ; THELDA SANDERS ' 851-1381 I42 North Little Rock Merritt Motor Inc. 207 W. Broadway. 374-0206 . , Congratulations smlth S TO MY Big Sister JMASSEBAUC: Drug Emlly Store From ROBIN '74 'ARINGOLA LOTTE DILLC'I 'FROST 1 M IVELAZ Congratulations to R the Class Ock! Arkan Of 71 5114 Kavanaugh 3700 Cantrell . MO3-4118 Carmellte Fathers X 1 $REWER Congratulations to lyAgentII the Class of '71 ricanlife ompanY Wm. T. Stover Co. Inc. luinhOP :ROad 7511 Scott Hamilton Drive L. R. L, Arkansa I43 ome Congratulations to the Class of '71 H St. Maryk Church N Pb 1516 Parker NO. Little Rock REV. CHARLES DIAMOND - Pastor REV. WILLIAM J. BURKE - Assistant Graduates of St. Mary's EVELYN ENGEL BETTY LOYD CAROL PROBSi BECKY GORMAN KARLA PITTS BECKY STONEH JANE KORBSMEIER PEGGY STURCH Congratulations . I Highway 10 to the Seniors of 1971 mlzmttka From THE GENTLEMAN'S SHOP 5924 '3?" STREET 0 LI'ITLE ROCK.ARKANSAS 72207 B 8. H Quick Meats Inc. a W. E. Clark 8: Sons Inc. Home of Rainbow Brand FRESH FROZEN STEAKS 2720 Pike Ave. N0. Little Rock Masonry Contractors N o rth Little Rock JIM BRYANT 1 x A - Mechanic Park Hi" MObil 4029 J. F. K. Blvd. ph, 753-8454 No. Little Rock Complete MOtor Tune Up - Brake and Air Condition Service I44 ..- - MM. "nwmnw H...Nw. the RM Sylvan Hills Home 8: Auto Supply 7110 Sylvan Hills Hwy. North Little Rock, Arkansas Phone 835-3013 Holman-Carter Pharmacy 9809 West Markham Little Rock, Arkansas 225-4442 Pike Plaza Fabrics Pike Plaza Shopping Center North Little Rock 375-6504 CAROLsz BEcmszc; PEGGYSM Congratulations Class of 1971 Bill: -5- little Rock library Bindery Highway 10 Little Rock Just Remember '74. Rita ENTLEMAN'S 5W . . u' a LI'HLE RWJHWE 71207 2 L 11111150151 1 350m $0,111 Little tueRUCS St. Edward1s Catholic Church 601111513110 2 815 Sherman Little Rock, Arkansas Our Graduates Carolyn Hall Mary Harness Linda Krzyzostanski Theresa McDonald Margaret Vogler REV. ALCUIN KUBIS, O. S. B. , Pastor I45 Bauxite and Northern Railway Co. B auxite , Ark. Congratulations Be Smart - Shep Arts Whirlpool - Kitchen Aid - Frigidare - Appliances Motorola - RCA Color T. V. and Stereo Larson Boats - Evinrude Motors "We Service What We Sell" Arts Continental Warehouse 4308 Conway Hwy, ."Greetings From the Red Baron" To: leslie Gilbert Elizabeth Bone Real Estate Broker I46 Extends Congratulations and Best Wishes to Mt. St. Mary's Academy Graduates and Faculty of 1971 Style leads for 71 Cutlass' 98's 442's 88's Toronado Station Wagon - 3 Sizes to Choose from 1000 La Harpe l Kathy Ba. Paula Bil Pam Bro Sharon 0 MSGR. J REV, E1: REV, JO Best Wishes 1 Academy ulty of 1911 1er leads for '11 1a65' 9813 :216 8815 Toronado :ion Wagon' , hoose 11' to6 00 La H3116 Kathy Bajorek Paula Biles Pam Brown Sharon Cockmon MSGR. JOHN MURPHY REV. EDWARD MOONEY 'REV. JOHN RIDDELL St. Patrick1s Church 19th and Maple Sts. North Little Rock, Ark. Congratulations to Our Seniors 1118'- Virginia Dickmann Barbara Domaracki Mary Dunaway Judy Miller Karen Oswald Sharen Oswald Amy Rossi Judy Thomey Susan Tresp Pastor As sistant Pastor In Residence I47 ' Gk APPLCFCHIAN d Hers for R C A Color R V, "a r11,001 Appliances Lear Jet, Noralco, Stereo Tapes Hea qua o a o ' BAKERIES 4 w i 6 F0 v There's One Near Yon Congratulations to the Class of '71 X Ca Especially Debbie Margrave and Sharon Keith From the Class of '76 . ' Registered Builder License No. 05580 Congratulatmns. Ark. State Contractor License 71-1698 Send Your Boy Friends . and Fathers George A. Purlfoy to See Us 2 7 Licensed - Bonded - Insured ' POPPY S M8" S Shoes New Homes - Remodeling - Light Commercial 4620 J. F. K. Blvd. No. thtle Rock Phone 225-3776 13 Markwood Drive Vali-Hi Phone 753-6793 Little Rock, Ark. Fagan Company P. O. Box 9550 750m 565-7561 Little Rock, Arkansas 72209 Sylvan Hills Pharmacy 3401 West 65th Street A Weddings - Parties - Flowers - Gifts Dependable Prescription Service Park Hill Florists 7124 Sylvan Hills Hwy. No. Little Rock, Arkansas 3724 John F. Kennedy Blvd. Phone 835-2828 No. Little Rock, Arkansals 72115 Free Delivery Service MARCUS BUTLER Phone: 753-1128 A I48 lDes x Kentucky Fried congratulations Class of '71 Chicken From: The Squires For: Family - Parties - Picnics - - Pies - Salads - Congratulations to: LIZ ESTELL Catering - Sp. 8-4343 Smithefs Supply Co. xv w N0. 0553: enSe 71-1693 foy Insured i odeling :ia1 rkwood Drive rk. . Walter Brucker "Roofing" ULl-2804 COLEMAN VIIAMIN D dunk HAIIHIIE'I - MILK 0 ICE CREAM 0 Congratulations to ! Jan Crain and Mary Dunquy J "ILL From: 6 ROBIN 1 R E A LT Y C 0- 450' Mom 8. Tot J. F. Kennedy Blvd. SK. 3-III8 Lakehill Shopping Center North Little Rock, Arkansas 72116 Phone SK3-4632 Spaulding Athletic Goods Co., Inc. Phone FRZ- 2218 513 Center Little Rock, Ark. 72201 Dyke Bros. Manufacture s - Whole s ale Building Materials and Millwork established in 1870 6200 Sears Ave. Little Rock, Ark. 562-6870 MRS. BILL GREENWOOD I50 Carol Marie Shoppe 5403 West 12th Little Rock, Arkansas 666-0665 Name Brand Jr. and Ladies Ready to Wear 3.331: Wis at Discount Prices Alamo Plaza 3200 W. Roosevelt Motel Courts 8. Restaurant 664-0227 Caselin Glues Glue Machinery Resin Glues National Casein Tyler, Texas P. O. Box 904 Phone 877-3443 0. J. WILHITE Benton, Ark. Sales Dept. Center Rockets Are Always 2:128:18 72116 Invited to the The Attic Dairy Queen Antiques and Bric-a-Brac x. Wholesale - Retail - 1007 W. 22nd N. L. R. , Ark. ,$A Even Though Home Phone 375-2872 j, You Treat Panthers Badly x9 eShoppe ;t12th ,4 , , 5, Arkansas The Key of Knowledge Unlocks Many Door 665 Including the Interesting One Marked , "Health Careers" r andLadles 0W B'GStWiSheSFrom The Sisters and Personnel ntPrices of St. Joseph4s Hospital l5l Hot Springs , Ark. sTEVE 1; DELTA SECURITIES, INC. M Investment Bankers 1500 WORTHEN BANK BUILDING LITTLE ROCK. ARKANSAS 72203 A7C 501 375-7207 TAX FREE MUNICIPAL BONDS John L. Faryewicz Jim T. Hunter T. Hunter Dance to the music of: ?QVNHWV STEVE HARRINGTON -Guitar- MARC FLURY - Bas s - LARRY LINDSEY -Singer- STEVE DEDRICK - Drums - BILL BRINKLEY -Organ- FHIL GRIGGS 85inger- Joseph Masty Jr. Public Accountant 851- 1355 CONWAY PIKE North Little Rock, Ark. Keeling Supply Co., Inc. Power Pipe Pumps P.O. Box 778 WIS-4Sll East 43rd. Off Hwy. 67 North Little Rock Jack's Florist and Gift Shop 1808 Main Street - NLR 758-1838 Eat With "Cuz" Fishefs Steak House 1919 East Broadway No. Little Rock FR4-5661 Congratulations Seniors Polar Bear Drive In 6 4915 West 12th 63-9941 f Fashion Blind and 1 Drapery Co., Inc. 1 r, Compliments 1817 East Washington 1 From North Little Rock, Ark. J A ' WILLIAM T. WHITTEN i Junior Petite - Juniors. Friend VIVIan Pearce Park Plaza Center 664- 1579 HoME' BUILDERS $ anh rnmpan y g x , Phones: 225-5745 1 225-5980 1 38th a l Box 7314, Forest Park Sta. 1 Wal-IV ROY C. PAULETTE LITTLE ROCK, ARK. 72207 1 i? DISCC ' Cit "Drink M1110. Congratulations to LIZ ESTELL Herman Binz 8. Sons 1718 Cantrell 372- 1224 Congratulations to W Mechanics lumber My Great-Granddaughter, PAM, company and My Adopted Great-Granddaughters, CINDY, CAROLYN, and KAREN. 600 N' Mam North Little Rock 372-3456 Levy Shopping Center 38th and Pike Avenue North Little Rock Wal-Mart Miss Nova's C 8: C Levy Don's 1 Discount V Wig and Carpets Center Model Beauty CitY Shoppe Salon 758-0003 Drugs Market Nancy 1' HO" Congratulations to the State Treasurer Class of '71 155 Standard Ice Company Home of Crystal - Clear Ice-Man's Ice For All Occasions 1800 East 9th Little Rock 372-0213 0 A;- Compliments of Rhea Drug Co. Edwin Rhein Mfg. Co. ROY RHEA E 2801 Kavanaugh 6100 Patterson Phone MO3-4l3l 4 IE Turner McCoy Inc. Compliments of Mechanic 3.1 Contractors and Engineers 4407 W. 61st St. lewis 8: Norwood Congratulations to the Class of '71 General Agents Insurance at 3. Saving Venetian Blind Laundry . . THOMAS T. RAMSEY and Repair SerVIces Inc. LEO E. OLBERTS, JR. 511k F. TAD KRUG MR. and MRS. ROBERT ROSSI l56 0 Sid Haydon Inc. Tutoring All Grades and Subjects Learning Skills Program College Preparatory 800 Spring Little Rock learning Founda ons Park Plaza Center Garden Level Nf Congratulations Congratulations Seniors Jo Ann Sweden Creme From: 1500 Main lgh . CAROL, JOHN, 131 JIM, DAVID Little Rock, Ark. -.--1 Congratulations - Best Wishes :s 4 '9 O ' Q 00d : V I $ a w 9 f. z 2 I - m Ill t s f; nts g; f? Saving mSEY 11 IS JR. 511 Main St. and the Ma UG l57 COmpliments of ARKANSAS THEATRE SUPPLY INC. THE WORTSMITHS Davidsonk Supermarket Bryant, Arkansas Phone 847-9959 "For the Finest in Fine Meats" Authorized Dealer . . . E g; Kawisaki North Little Rock 3127 Pike Avenue Sales and Service 75392160 Yancey's Wines - Spirits - Liquors COuntry Club Station 5118 Kavanaugh 663-3500 . CCimes CLCnion printing Qompanx J m IHE WEST m yimmm 19 lilllHlHll ! Iplllmtm ! i W1wHuuwmulmew l'!"' W PRIH'i'IHc I 212M PROFESSIONAL BLDG.. NORTH LITTLE ROCK I Al PARK PLAZA. 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CARL ZAJAC, Owners Godsey laundry Pick Up and Delivery Alternations Mqth Proof Storage 7309 West 12th Street MO6-6856 . ,ML 4 Cantrell Drug Co. 7524 Cantrell Road Little Rock, Arkansas M03-6368 "A Pleasure to Please" Dank Model Markets North Hills Shopping Center Fran Levy Shopping Center x... We Had the Best Dern Meat in Town But NOW We Have a Better One Shurfresh Tenderaged Beef WNW ' CHARLES WEST PHARMACY acist PHONE MO 4-3844 Pharm 5008 - E KAVANAUGH LITTLE ROCK ARK. Congratulations Growing Wifh t0 Graduates: Arkansas linda Bargiel Since 1909, Mary Chudy . Pam Chudy . g 1 lois Zaiac tx ARMS : The Parishioners STEEL - ALUMINUM - BUILDING MATERIALS Immaculate Heart of Mary Marche, ArkansaS I66 nuvry-zr'j ,. . 1.1.".LL. "Ll ??.armacisi From; Dr. John Stewart w..-w' $ - l E - V L " I --- "' '. . r... . o :. l. i. .. .. . ' .27 i". T' ' .. 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For many years; Monsignor used his hobby of photography to the benefit of the MERCIAN. He will be remembered also as an ardent Belles fan and attendance at games and by the use of his car to chaffeur team members to but-of-town games. An outstanding priest and efficient administrator, areal gentleman, and a true friend and supporter of the Sister of Mercy and the Mount students, Msgr. Murray will long live on in the grateful hearts and prayerful memory of his many friends at Mount St. Mary. May he rest in peace. See 1 gaxg a i $1 7? see: 5; av 2 2?2g 22 2?? ZW il W i Wmmww; z. 2:22 2,2222 2; Mia: m -xa. - g wwmmmzwm man a 22 22 2$$22$2 wmyuysMWJXaawwWJf 22? $VW 2E? 2 wujg mmfmd 2232 r $23: 2222 wvg 2 Thumb L 39 MxxSL JWUJWL C ltkf wk: K CC QJLLLK 09W W CL? M W LC WWLQK dk Lg LWCLLW 8 W4 5WD LW JK'LQ 915 n ACQQ mtg MK HWLO Armm -Lawava Ovva, 'KCLQ L W vab Wax JdkLOVWWwaNJB juxytewt. .1 L W253 wmll WW W2 COW "w BL 81 Ll 8 El El 31 ll 3 .n ,Lfrj'a - . ,,".';'7't;','s 4 w. w .. 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