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 - Class of 1954

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R xx X X X X 9: X , -i if x P 11 .1 ' 1 -74 ga - , 'gf ,WG in H: ' Q THE ERCIAN Presented by THE SENIOR CLASS of MOUNT ST. TVIARY'S ACADEMY Little Rock, Arkansas LUC1 MORTAN, Editor PATRICIA BAUER, Business Manage 1 pfedenfing we porfagi .7LrougL MCL we m55e5 .Jai we Wounf gnfer we Wea! Warian 'N WV f . 'H , "fl 5"-3' LQW-' , 'xijxnk h 4,443-gMe5 ,V XX A h M -N N-Vx dv-x 5 , 111 5555: ...usiif 51+ 55' fig E W -2g2iiiEsias.aE1M:r'E:5,-gafgiii 4 UW A I 1 1 5 ' iiiiszsmn-my-1 -M-nf -, "'I1E5k,sgQ ., 55-: !gE: 55'5Ei.55:im QQ 1 TQ 555,531 M lllllv .,,, ..:. ,.,.,,...m l Y, V i Y E 1 4 k 4 . . I I , , ..W. - C.E... ...t. .1g :gg,Q' , 2 FUHEWUHD The year 1954 sees for Mount St. Mary's a dream come true, a long-range plan ful- filled, a self-sacrificing project finally realized. Rising on the back slope of the campus, a new St. Mary's is nearing completion as another monument to the educational en- deavors of the Sisters of Mercy in Little Rock. Supplementing the present buildings erected in 1908, 1922, and 1928, the new high school building, which will open its doors in September, will be a tribute to the interested patronage of our Most Rev. Bishop Fletcher and the clergy, to the generosity of patrons and friends, to the loyalty of former pupils, and to the efforts and self-sacrifice of the Sisters, in particular to Sister Mary Mark, RSM, superior, former principal and faculty member, whose long-range vision for many years is resulting in a dream come true. We have loved St. Mary's during our years here under her tutelage, and we rejoice in her progress. The fear that perhaps the new building will usher out the St. Mary's We know and love overtakes us, but we realize the foolishness of such a thought, be- cause it is not the building we love. St. Mary's is a school wherein we and numerous others have been, are being, or will be educated, she is the foster mother of all who enter here, she is, more than any other, the guide and the influence behind our future decisions, and she will be in the years to come a source of our fondest and richest memories. Like the old, the new structure will take its worth from the virtues of the people within its walls. Under the patronage of Our Lady of Mercy and dedicated to the service of her Divine Son, our Sisters spend their lives in a labor of love-training young women to love God, to know Him, to serve Him, and to honor and emulate His Virgin Mother and our Mother. What more beautiful tribute can we pay to her than to dedicate to Mary, on the feast of Our Lady of Mercy, in Marian Year, a New Marian Hall, named in her honor. In the MERCIAN of 1954, we have chosen our theme from the Holy Father's Marian Year Prayer as we present the Misses of the Mount at work, at play, and at prayer, under the protection of our Heavenly Mother. "Inspired by the splendor of your heavenly beauty, and impelled by the anxieties of the World, we cast ourselves into your arms, O Immacu- late Mother of Jesus and our Mother, Mary, confident of finding in your most loving heart appeasement of our ardent desires, and a safe harbor from the tempests which beset us on every side .... " -Pius XII, Marian Year Prayer. 3 Wyafy, QU UUII of 0 iUl'l 4 UEUICATIUN A hundred years ago Pope Pius IX declared the Immaculate Conception of Mary to be a dogma of Catholic faith. In celebration of the anniversary of a century of devotion to Mary Immaculate, 1954 has been declared by Pope Pius XII to be the Marian Year. We desire to honor Our Lady in a special manner this year, entertaining the hope that the world will return to the Prince of Peace, from whom it has strayed. Students of Mt. St. Mary's have always fostered in their hearts an ardent love for Mary, and she has been our guiding light throughout our school years. Our social and scholastic life is centered around the Sodality of Mary. We sing her hymns, recite her Office, and pray her Rosary. We purpose to follow her example and imitate her virtues so that we may join with her in giving glory to her Divine Son, who gave her to us as truly our Mother, from whom we derive inspiration and consolation when we have need of it. In manifesting our devotion to the Blessed Virgin, We humbly and lovingly dedicate to her the 1954 Mercian, with its theme of the Marian Year. May it bring from her a smile of approval making us worthy to address her as Our Queen and Our Mother. O mary, Conceiuec! Wfdouf Sn, may jar uf me ,Juana facoume ja jfzee. U 5 Very Hevorood Monsignor Thomas L. Hoooy, Phd Kfwzfafzin, ZacAer, an! CozzcA 6 Dear Graduates of the Class of 1954, At about this same time every year, the editor of the Mercian or her delegate reminds me that the time is approaching when I must prepare to write a valediction to another class that has finished its course and is ready to leave the protecting arms of its Alma Mater to face whatever realities, stern or otherwise, which life has to offer them. It seems incredible that those gangling Freshmen of yester year have developed into the sophisticated Seniors, who are ready to pass in review for the last time and to receive the awards and the approval that comes to all who have finished their scholastic work and are worthy to be graduated. A Chinese savant once said, "The more a man is educated, the more it is necessary for the welfare of the State, to instruct him how to make proper use of his talents. Education is like a double-edged sword. It may be turned to dangerous uses, if it is not properly handled." You have bee11 educated under the auspices of the Catholic Church and under the influence of the good Sisters. For these reasons any community in which you choose to live will be the better for it, if you are always faithful to the lessons you have learned. You have had the advantage of a complete education, which means that you have had mental and physical training and, what is most important of all, moral training so that you may know how to use your talents for your own good and for the best interests of the society to which you belong. It is significant that this is the Marian Year. I have been told that the theme of this year runs through your Year Book. This is, of course, no surprise to me. It is as it should be. The influence of our Mother Mary has played a large part in shaping your lives during your school years. Many a time while at the Mount, you have gathered with your school companions before the shrine of Mary Immaculate. There you have pledged to her your fealty and devotion. You are her dear children and she wants you to be clothed with the protective cloak of chastity, of which Milton says-"So dear to heaven is saintly chastity, that when a soul is found sincerely so, a thousand liveried angels lackey her, driving far off from her each thing of stain and guilt." In an age when false conceptions of freedom for women have been promoted and adopted, you have been taught to realize that freedom in the Christian sense is not license. It is obedience to God's laws. Most of you will marry and rear families and it will be your duty to restore to the home its former stability, the sanctity and permanence of the marriage bond, and the purity of the marital practices. This nation needs mothers of virtue and courage to solve the problem of what is known as juvenile delinquency, but what is really the fail- ures of the adults. Let your light shine, because "Virtue could see to do what Virtue would by her own radiant light, though sun and morn were in the flat sea sunk." I hope that some of the members of this class will emulate the examples of their teachers. The Lord needs laborers in His vineyard. The schools are in dire need of religious teachers. Are you sure that God has not called you? It is a terrible thing to fail to answer the call. And yet we know that God calls a sufficient number to do His work. Where are they? And now, with stirrup cup in hand, let us pledge our mutual prayers and good offices. Though we are separated by space yet We may be close in prayer. And "More things are wrought by prayer than this World dreams of." May God bless you, one and all, and may we meet again when this short life is over to relive the happy days spent together at the Mount. And now Farewelll, a word that must be and hath been-a sound which makes us linger-yet-farewell I Sincerely yours in Christ, THOMAS L. KEANY 7 igrennfing we Vmaaea .fdf we Wounf In Their Classes . . The Mount where Freshmen pore over Uamo, amas, amat" and try to absorb the mysteries of algebra-where Sophomores struggle with geometry and wish they were again pondering equations-where Junior typists guardedly erase errors only to make others or encounter irregular verbs, in French this time instead of Latin .... The Mount where Seniors find that French verbs aren't such a mystery as is chemistry-where in religion class they face the serious study of choice of a state of life-where they struggle through the dagger scene of '6Macheth" and find themselves on graduation night wishing they were still struggling .... The Mount where through the guidance of Mary, we grow in knowledge. UO gyda! jounfain of jaifk . . . gafde our mini wifh fde efernaf fruf .4 8 4. Carole Hester measures Cathy Berg's hem, super- vised by Mrs. Taylor, instructress in home economics 9 MARY ANN BACHMAN Born February 18, 1936, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 25 English Club 25 Social Science Club 35 Commercial Club 3, 45 League of the Sacred Heart Promoter 2, 3. PATRICIA ANN BAUER Born November 9, 1935, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 35 Sodality Vice- Prefect 45 Rocket Junior Cheer- leader 15 Latin Club 25 English Club 25 League of Sacred Heart Promoter 2, 35 Social Science Club 35 Glee Club 3, 45 Com- mercial Club 3, 45 Press Club 45 Rocket Varsity Cheerleader 45 Mount Staff 45 Mercian Business Manager 4. Lszfofemger: egififrafion- Orienfafion- ANGELA MARIE BELOTTI Born November 1, 1936, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club Vice-President 25 English Club 25 Social Science Club 35 Special Chorus 3, 45 Commercial Club 3, 45 Sodality Social Committee Chairman 45 Rocket Varsity Cheerleader 45 CHS Homecoming Queen 4. MARY RUTH BENNETT Born January 9, 1937, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Rocket Junior Cheerleader 15 Latin Club 25 English Club 25 League of Sacred Heart 2, 35 Social Science Club 35 Commercial Club 3, 4. 10 ELIZABETH ANN BELL Born August 3, 1937, in Little Rock, Arkansas Glee Club 25 Latin Club Treas- urer 25 Spanish Club 45 Com- mercial Club 4. G-Jilefl 1 elf? ay KATHERINE BERG Born August 17, 1936, in Stuttgart, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club Secretary 25 English Club 2 League of Sacred Heart Pro moter 2, 35 Social Science Club Secretary 35 Commercial Club 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Mercian Staff 45 Senior Ball Committee PATRICIA ANN BERG Born January 13, 1935, in Stuttgart, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Monitor for Glee Club 43 Special Chorus 2, 33 Commercial Club 3, 43 Latin Club 23 English Club 23 Social Science Club 3. Ocfoger: Mniformd- REGINA BYERS Born October 30, 1936, in Knobel, Arkansas Sodality 43 Glee Club 43 Special Chorus 43 National Honor Socie- ty 43 Latin Club 43 Le Cercle Francais Treasurer 4. JEANNE ELLEN BLATY Born June 10, 1936, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 League of Sacred Heart 2, 33 English Club 23 Latin Club 23 Social Science Club 33 Commercial Club 3, 4. FRANCES ANN BUTLER Born April 30, 1936, in Omaha, Nebraska Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Le Ccrcle Francais 3, 43 Latin Club 23 Social Science Club 33 English Club 23 Lcgaue of Sacred Heart Promoter 2, 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Mercian Staff 4. Homecoming-jac em Wading MILDRED PATRICIA COOPER Born October 18, 1936, in Brinkley, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 33 Sodality Treas- urer 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Glee Club President 43 Special Chorus 2, 3, 43 Belles Cheerleader 3, 43 Commercial Club 3, 43 Le Cercle Francais 3, 43 Latin Club 23 Eng- lish Club 23 Class Secretary 23 Social Science Club 33 Maid to Alumnae Bazaar Queen 43 Sen- ior Ball General Chairman. ll DOLORES DURHAM Born March 30, 1936, in Malden, Massachusetts Sodality 43 Glee Club 43 Com- mercial Club 4. ELIZABETH AN'N EMRICK Born August 20, 1936, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 33 Sodality Mis- sions Committee Chairman 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Special Chorus 4, Mount Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 43 Commercial Club 3, 43 Latin Club 2, English Club 23 Class Vice-President 3, Le Cercle Francais 33 League of Sacred Heart Treasurer 3: Basketball Manager 45 Social Science Club 4. 0Uel'l'l LBP! aZa6lI" ANN I-IARDCASTLE Born March 3, 1937, in Doniphan, Missouri Glee Club 3, 43 Special Chorus 43 Social Science Club 3, 45 Le Cercle Francais 33 Program Chairman 4, Spanish Club 45 Basketball 43 Mount Editor 4, Press Club President 45 Nation- al Honor Society 4g Quill and Scroll 43 Mercian Staff 4. MARILYN ANN FELLHAUER Born August 11, 1936, in Litchfield, Illinois Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Commercial Club 3, 4, Latin Club 23 English Club 2, Rockette Pep Squad President 4. PATRICIA JO FERGUSON Born July 14, 1935, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 2, English Club 23 League of Sacred Heart Promoter 33 Com- mercial Club 3, 43 Rockette Pep Squad 4. ga! Supper-jAanL5giving CAROLE JEAN HESTER Born January 16, 1937, in Bigelow, Arkansas Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Glee Club Librarian 43 Special Chorus 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 41 Basket- ball 2, 33 Co-Captain 4, English Club 2, Latin Club 2, Mercian Staff 4. LOUELLA HOFFMANN Born April 3, 1937, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Social Sci- ence Club 3g English Club 23 Latin Club 2, Commercial Club 3, 4. 12 I PATRICIA HOLLAND Born September 21, 1936, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Sacred Heart League Promoter 23 Spanish Club 2, 33 Social Science Club 3, 43 Commercial Club 3, 4. , 0Cel'Yl el? gee CAROLYN JOHNSTON Born December 31, 1936, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 23 English Club 23 League of Sacred Heart 2, 33 Social Science Club 39 Commercial Club 3, 4. FREEDA LOUISE JACKSON Born March 19, 1935, in Benton, Arkansas English Club 23 Social Science Club 3, Glee Club 33 Commercial Club 3, 43 Mercian Staff 4. MARY BELLE JOHNSON Born February 29, 1936, in Shiprock, New Mexico Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Special Chorus 3, 45 English Club 23 Latin Club 2, Le Cercle Francais 3, 4. C616-Cfaari mngm-Clzrigifmaa .Jglogcfaya NELDA MARIE JONES Born November 18, 1936, in Norman, Arkansas Glee Club 43 Commercial Club 4. 13 BETTY ANN JORDAN Born February 28, 1937, in Texarkana, Texas Social Science Club 3, President 4, Commercial Club 3, 4. BETTY ANN KELTNER MARY ANN KIRCHNER ELEANOR LIPSMEYER Born November 28, 1935, in Little Rock, Arkansas Born April 3, 1936, in Little Rock, Arkansas Born September 15, 1936, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Commercial Glee Club 3, 43 Commercial Club 3, English Club 2, League of Club 4, Latin Club 23 Social 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Social Sacred Heart 2, 33 Social Sci- Science Club 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Sffience Club 32 Roeket VaI'SitY ence Club 3, Commercial Club 4, Special Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Cheerleader 4: C- H. S. Home- 3, 4. Spanish Club 4, National Honor Coming Maid 4- Society 33 National Honor Society President 43 Press Club 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 4, Mount Associate Editor 45 Class Trea- surer 4g Mercian Staff 4. Bal'-' efliefifel' 6,XGJ'l'lff-'EZQJ j0Lll"l'l6ll'l'lel'li5 anllafgi BLU FRANCES ANN LUCY Born August 23, 1937, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 23 English Club 21 Rocket Junior Cheerleader 15 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Social Science Club 3: Com- mercial Club 3, 4g Rockette Pep Squad. MARGARET HELEN LYNCH Born May 10, 1935, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, English Club 23 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Social Science 33 Le Cercle Francais 35 League of Sacred Heart Promoter 1, 2, 33 Com- mercial Club 3, 4g Mercian Staff 4. WANNA LEE MACHEN Born August 27, 1936, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3 45 Latin Club 2' English Club 2,3 Le Cercle Franl cais 3' Commercial Club 3, 4' Glee Club 3, 4, Special Chorus 41 'I4 ROSE MARIE MANCINI Born July 19, 1936, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3, Sodality Parish Committee Chairman 4, Latin Club 2: Social Science Club 3, Commercial Club 31 English Club 25 Commercial Club Presi- dent 4g National Honor Society 4. jegruary: enior MARY KAY MCDERMOTT Born October 29, 1936, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3: Sodality Public- ity Committee Chairman 45 Latin Club 2, Rocket Junior Cheer- leader 11 English Club 2, Class President 33 Mount Staff 43 Press Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 43 Social Science Club 3, 43 Maid to Alumnae Bazaar Queen 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Mount Swimming Team 43 Rocket Varsity Cheerleader 4, Mercian Staff 4, Glee Club 3, 43 Senior Ball Committee. SANDRA LYDIA MARKS Born November 28, 1937, in Little Rock, Arkansas Latin Club-2, Class Treasurer 2: Spanish Club President 4, Com mercial Club 4, ance- Uagenfine pa MARTHA MLADAN Born November 24, 1935, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2 English Club 2, Le Cercle Franl cais 3, Social Science Club 3 ball Assistant Manager 4. Commercial Club 3, 4g Basketl RITA ANN MATHER Born September 22, 1936, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 41 Commercial Club 3, 4, Latin Club 25 National Honor Society 4, Maid to Alumnae Ba- zaar Queen 4: Class President 41 Mercian Staff 43 Senior Ball Committee. rfied-jirdf Snow MARY LUCILLE MGRAN Born May 1, 1936, in St. Louis, Missouri Sodality 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, English Club 2, Class Vicc- President 2, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Special Chorus 4, League of Sacred Heart Promoter 2, 3, Social Science Club 3, Le Cercle Francais 3, President 4, Rocket Varsity Cheerleader 4: CHS Homecoming Maid 43 Mercian Editor 4. 15 CAROLYN NABHOLZ Born December 21, 1936, in Little Rock, Arkansas CARLA JEAN NOFZIGER Born March 2, 1937, in Stuttgart, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 25 Latin Club 25 Glee Club 25 Press Social Science Club 3, 45 Com- Club 45 Commercial Club 45 mercial Club 3, 4. arck: Junior JOAN MARIE OGLE Born August 22, 1936, in Albuquerque, New Mexico Sodality 1, 2, 35 Sodality Our Lady's Committee Chairman 45 Latin Club 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Glee Club Vice-President 45 League of Sacred Heart Promot- er 3, 45 Social Science Club 35 Le Cercle Francais Program Committee Chairman 3, Secre- tary 45 Special Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Press Club 3, 45 El Club Espanol 45 Mount Associate Editor 4. National Honor Society 4. MARY ANN NOSAL Born September 28, 1935, in Marche, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 35 Sodality Secre- tary 45 Latin Club 25 English Club 25 League of Sacred Heart Promoter 35 Commercial Club 3, 45 National Honor Society 45 Mercian Staff 4. l'0gl'6ll'l'l'W6ll'A gfazf-59. QGJLCG ELFREIDA PIAZZA Born July 21, 1935, in Little Rock, Arkansas Social Science Club 35 Com- mercial Club 3, 4. 'I6 GERRE ANN POAT Born December 28, 1936, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 1, 25 English Club 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 League of Sacred Heart 35 Commercial Club 45 Com- mercial Club Treasurer 35 Social Science Club 35 Social Science Club President 45 Class Treas- urer 4. SANDRA REINHART Born February 8, 1936, in Stuttgart, Arkansas Sodality 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 41 Social Science Club President 33 Special Chorus 33 Commercial Club 3, 43 Class Vice-President 4. JACKIE CAROLYN RHODES Born March 1, 1935, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 23 English Club 23 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 League of Sacred Heart Promoter 3, 43 Social Science Club 33 Le Cercle Francais 33 Commercial Club 3, 43 Glee Club Special C h o r u s 43 Mercian Staff 4. MARGARET ANN ROLF Born September 19, 1936, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 English Club 23 Latin Club 23 Commercial Club 2, 33 League of Sacred Heart 2, 33 Social Science Club 4. e5 Bal'lqUet1Qfl'eai"-gzafifel'-".Ql'li0l' MARY ANN ROSE Born August 20, 1936, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 23 League of Sacred Heart Promot- er 23 Social Science Club 3, 4. DOLORES ANN SARNA Born October 28, 1936, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 23 Social Science Club 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 23 League of Sacred Heart 2, 33 Commercial Club 3, 4. 17 PATRICIA SCHUMACHER Born April 14, 1936, in Houston, Texas Sodality 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Le Cercle Francais 3, 43 Com- mercial Club 33 Social Science Club 3. LURENE ANN SIMMONS Born July 24, 1936, in Washington, D, C. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Secre- tary 13 English Club 23 Latin Club 23 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Com- mercial Club 3, 43 Social Science Club 43 Rockette Pep Squad 4j CHS Homecoming Maid 4. LYNDA SUE SPIRES Born March 16, 1937, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 43 Glee Club 13 Latin Club 23 Class Secretary 23 Commercial Club 4. GAYE STORMES Born August 8, 1936, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 33 Sodality Apos- tolic Committee Chairman 43 League of the Sacred Heart Promoter 23 League of the Sa- cred Heart Vice-President 33 Press Club 3, 43 Commercial Club 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Program Chairman 43 Special Chorus 3, 43 Latin Club Treasur- er 23 English Club 23 Mount As- sociate Editor 43 Quill and Scroll 33 Quill and Scroll Presi- dent 43 Social Science Club Vice- President 33 National Honor Society 3, 43 Mercian Staff 43 Senior Ball Committee. dy! GCCG dllfeaie-Cfadd may-'MCl'liC'1.!4Klll'l'll'lae afltilflet NANCY LOU STANCIL Born July 24, 1936, in Little Rock, Arkansas Latin Club 21 English Club 23 Social Science Club 33 Social Science Club Secretary 4. DONNA YVONNE TRUBY Born June 12, 1936, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 2, 33 Maid to Alumnae Bazaar Queen 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Commercial Club 3, 43 Social Science Club President 41 Rock- ette Pep Squad 4. 18 HELEN VAN DUSEN Born December 2, 1936, in Hot Springs, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 23 Le Cercle Francais 33 Social Science Club 3, 43 Commercial Club 3, 4. DONNA JEAN WALLIS Born June 30, 1936, in Russellville, Arkansas Social Science Club 4, Commer- cial Club 4. une: gjraoluafion- MARY ANN WOLLHOWER Born February 9, 1937, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 35 Sodality Euchar- istic Committee Chairman 4g Latin Club 23 English Club 2, Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Class Treas- urer 3, League of Sacred Heart Promoter 33 Commercial Club 3: Commercial Club Vice-President 4, National Honor Society 33 National Honor Society Secre- tary 4, Mercian Staff 4. ELIZABETH ANN WEBER Born January 22, 1937, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Presi- dent 1, Latin Club 25 English Club 23 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Glee Club Secretary 4, Special Chorus 2, 33 League of Sacred Heart Promoter 2, 3, Commercial Club 3, 4, Social Science Club 45 Catholic High Homecoming Maid 43 Queen's Ball Decorating Chairman 4, Rockette Pep Squad Vice-President 4. MARY ANN WILSON Born November 12, 1936, in Little Rock, Arkansas Social Science Club 3, Commer- cial Club 3, 4. 0l'YlebUaI'6l M?0lflI'L6!1gaJ'eU!2!, 3- MARY LOU WOMACK Born November 7, 1936, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 35 Sodality Prefect 4, Latin Club 2, English Club 2: Le Cercle Francais 3, Commer- cial Club 3, 4, Class President 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Basketball Co- Captain 4, Press Club 3, 42 Quill and Scroll 4, Mount Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 4, League of Sacred Heart Secretary 25 League of Sacred Heart Promoter 3, Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4g Mer- cian Staff 4, Bazaar Queen 4. ROSEMARY WRIGHT Born November 14, 1936, in Little Rock, Arkansas Sodality 1, 2, 33 Sodality Catholic Truth Committee Chairman 43 Latin Club 2: Social Science Club President 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Special Chorus 4, Nation- al Honor Society 3g National Honor Society Treasurer 4, Le Cercle Francais Vice-President 3, 4. l9 un ior au Rosalind Meehan, President Ann Marie Ahne Mary Louise Bauman Carol Ann Belmont Linda Besancon I zv 'Wk A D A R fwfgi i ., .. 4.,. ,,ii ,:,,: I Q 'IRI '11, Dorothy Raczkowski, z , ' S . .. Vice-President b ' " y Carolyn Biggs ' af M was Barbara Bishop U W H Ida Marie Boehmer D Sandra Bonner Pat Bowman ,ga ggi? gzz 1 . N Barbara Breyel W, 2' lll z -' . ' -11. ,.-.' mn -'Fw :-f z - --vz 2 ' ,,,:: . ' - - Dana Broderick , f :,. '-- f . '- , as - g 'W . WV. ,K 1: bvll W ' Ruth Burdick ix ...,,..::. Z z ,.,, 3 fbv E zzlu V ..3.E:.,,i, Rose Ann Burgy ffl f M Betty Cagle , :.,,. A, my Z -I Q as VV ,.,. -, . Q 9 3-U19 raw T l ' 'fziii fa - '-:' .,... A A W f r i ii, ,.,r 'fi v 3' W' Ruby Cumnock Y wi 1 -ff --':: :""" ' "" i Cathy Davis X 1 R X Dolores DeLeuil V' Joan Dickmann Veronica Duelrner in ' I 1 Joanne Dungan W, 1,. ' 'ADV ,,, za, - A of W . ,.:' ' -.V1, , D Dion Dupre X WW ..,,A,...v,v .'2 My Deanna Durbin M . Quvuu ' Mary Frances DUV211 Ti- W A . Clarice Estrada :2- M5 V '.,,. Betty Frederick ' Q Qi ::: 3 Ellen Griffin A ra Vi , Virginia Hanggi i AV 20 l 2 is 4 ,- 1 WS . 5- ' 1:2:1.:5 :e555:,55:,. gr- 1 2- ' 1 , I gr 4' ff 3 A , . -,Ht N' 9 'mt 1 .- ,.... - if Q 1 V as Q 4 I : i ' 'Wa' ICJ I4 ,Q-, C QQ ' C Q' 111- 55 A I at 21 f 9 f 31 - 5 4am is gm- 2 tx ,Nl t o 6 mv EX 0 Q , i N541 ofa' un ior C4155 Barbara Linsky, Secretary Jeannine Henderson Marilyn Hoelzeman Pat Hutchison Mary Jones Patsy Buddenberg, Treasurer Marjorie Konecny Rosemary Kordsmeier Paula Lipsmeyer Doris Manville Lucy Marchese Barbara Martin Kathleen McDonald Mary Kay Miller Rita Miller Patsy Mullins Mary Ann Nabholz Mary Alice Pushkarsky Virginia Reinhart Claire Saenger Bridget Sarna Martha Sellmeyer Patsy Stolzer Elizabeth Straessle Carolyn Swaim Dorothy Swindle Celena Thirion Mary Volpert Carolyn Wilkerson Diane Williams Theresa Zakrzewski .SDOIQAOHQOPQ Cfajd Annette Jones, President Ruth Rea Allen Marilyn Bergman Pat Bingaman Marilyn Brady Peggy Buddenberg Betty Lipsmeyer, Vice-President Diane Bynum Dee Ann Byrn Elaine Cahanin Alix Ann Catlett Mary Ann Chudy Martha Clatworthy Mary Coleman Mary Edna Cooper Ellen Cox Mary Crockett Gertrude Cumnock Marilyn Dean Marilyn Dickmann Georgene Doerr Connie Dungan Margaret Farrish Jane Day Fee Sharon Fellhauer Patricia Ford Mary Gathright Regina Gunther Melanie Gurdin Susan Hardcastle Sherry Hart Ann Heuck Martha Hiznay Louise Hoffman Theresa Hoyt Beryl Ann Illg Margaret Isenman Barbara Ann Lane Ann Marie Lee Kay Lipsmeyer Peggy Lord Clyda Lovston Anna Marie Mahan 5' Angra is-,Lg XY: 0,5 'A an in . W, ' 'W A ' N538 fy ll. -W as , VA K . X day' "' R 1 if - ..'.V, , :yl we -'. A "i" M W zrz -lrii f - if 4 ff M ' o n lg :ix in im x ,sw ., 12.3 1. Mr ,mv A 3 , 'ww Q ls fl my My M N yl. ,y :.g4, ,. it iw " i" 11 Y. rw' "-. zzz 'W' Q ' ffl' , , TT' ' M ff" is ' ,, , ilvf W 'W J f 1 f W ,.,.,.:. ' '--- 1 If 4 4 osx: A is Ii "':i 5 it , Q.. .ox '- BS v 5 Wagga t . M" '- WW -51 -ww ' XE? 'Q qw! 1 ,X Q 1 ,.: I --V -" 2 , 4 if Q I W 9 l v- lzl Q, 152 ' 4 .B 1 ,aa ' I-ax gf ' , ' II I' I, Q' 4- WWW Q ,., "'- H c V,., ,,,. t X -:-:1l: ::- I :-l - - kb ,Stiff Z Zi 11': zzl.. . ' V:.-.- . " iii: ,:., zzz it H, .,., A ..., Q , 'i' """ 'A b ,.l. ' ' ' ww A , ,m W' , QW' 'wr A 2' l' , in N' I if 2 WN' 'I JI do ,. 4 . t w, Va., I :IA , Ak iw . 'M - ' 7 wa- "' W 7 6 1 vrwwy' 'J 13? MW aww' A56 l"' X 4K?f,N A '4' WW Q V: ff-72 .,.. 3 f f .N ' -' """ Q ' ' 'If A 2 H- 575 . A X " frm gm .......... : . W . f , X 'Z .1 J ,E A -- ! X A- 441 ---Q fe A gr ,sf if . A ,.,. X if 4 rf I t fi F A win? " tw Q uuu u Www ug ' ::- I inrr a 22 ef t ty : fwiagl' , x :?1::,, , .,,.: A 3 JY 'if ':" 5 ':'1 - A '-,.,, 5 M A . fa 3, , ,, , ,:,::,: 'WM 1 gfqif kg , 1 it 2 Q3 I S0194 0111 0l'Q C1055 Mary Froley, Secretary Mary Helen Marshall Carol Ann Martin Annette Metrailer Mary Margaret Miller Suzanne Murphy Nancy McCumber, Treasurer Mary Alice Muzquiz Carolyn Nabors Marion Nixon Florence Nosal Patsy O'Neal Nancy Kay Parman Mary Graves Peay Joann Poe Patricia Probst Mary Ann Puszewski Mary V. Raczkowski Bonnie Ragsdalc Ann Riggs Toni Rose Emily Sargent Marie Schnebelen Regina Schwartz Linda Kay Sharp Mary Ann Showen Pat Siepiela Regina Simmons Jane Frances Smith Phyllis Smith Mary F, Spinnenweber Esther Stevenson Mary Louise Strassle Patricia Taylor Carolyn Waggoner Mary Ellen Wankum Mary Frances Wcllinghoff Gcrre Williams Patricia VVi1liams Willa Dean Willis Nancy Younts Joan Zaloudek Mary Ellen Zimmerebner fed Dian GJJ Carroll Arendt Carolyn Binz, President Tis V M H f zzzz- V, .ga S Z . Freddy Bailey Kay Barrett Jeannette Bates Mary Lou Kelly, Vice-President Anita Belotti Pauline Berg Betty Jean Bopp Barbara Boyd Martha Breyel Rita C. Breyel Carolyn Caywood Cynthia Chudy Eddie Clark Mary Daughenbaugh Sue Derning Rose Marie Dobrovich Charlene Doerpinghaus Betty Ann DuVall Mary Lynn Elsken Dianne Ferguson Gayola Ferguson Margaret Ann Finan Jo Ann Finley Patricia Gray Linda Grohoski Mickey Jo Hurley Helen Isenrnan .Teanne Jordan Margo Juaire Mary Evelyn Kaczka Rose Mary Kirchner Barbara Lotridge '- ,ww ' ,wma V 'Y fm. -1 V ,ff I ,fs .--: V, N gay? V . ffg A' J' f A W 2- 'V , ' Quia I My .,.1,:.,.1 E i n X .W , i ' I .. , :IIQ i t ,:A.,.,,::.. " + , M A A qlyuzil C M at ez, Zim W e Qeeef f an M W- , we .Wifi Wy ga z l- - '- , Z '4v:--:- llbl I Q ' is wg -V Q gs Q-- - 'l fag, V- llu - yi:-G gg " I Q. if im X1 4, . ,.. ci, I F tangy, VI, Wgpzl, X f xg f x . I M f' I 4 -F W was nln ff ihyrl' fa, QQ, g we r we ay ya tx. X A g SX I wi or 'W Q Q W gg. ' ' ""!'V Q wwf , X, - .. x l . :: vvlzl M A 'C C 2 ..,:, ,.:.: ifl ---. e 2- "' M ' - was '-W 1-' v e 5 '.': We fry W W ":: ' ' A- ,zivz 2 :f:1:f: ' . :,,: ., ,g- f ,.,' I 24 S I.. 2 S8 ,Q X328 -1-9-f N. mgggl.. - M wifi' Ji K wx i 493' or K if W'-www? I 4 as ,NS 16' YW' ska 1 45' il Q' wi 'Wig' www X A.. -.3 'Wav X sw? .,,.,AA J l "" A 2 ' , Ji 'W fu fi '-5,1 ww 3 fa 3 Q ' my x 1 awp X ., , I iw is gW . 'Nl .Mn 43 '79 ve EEE' lm' , lk ' X M :: : 1. .1 ,fa '- i W? '52 .,,,. . Wg' ati: b ,. ..,,..: .... qw? , N . V , R Z: N' in-'ii QQ ml f 'W 7 A . www' Y? X AAA: -W X Rl in Vmv :.: NW l l I P ,W if ., "V"'V: V' " 'Nw CW t 1 2 f X .A 5 25 gfefihln an Cfalfif Mary Bea Couch, Secretary Judith Ann Lovston Patricia Luebkcr Lena Lupo Mary Alice Makoski Dc-anna Tompkins, Treasurer Aida Masiques Chris Ann Matssk Rosalind MoInnis Charlotte Meehan Lillian Nabholz Judy Papan Dorothy Piechocki .Ioan Claire Rea Mildred Renda Carol Ann Robertson Gloria Rodriguez Barbara Jean Rolf Eleanor Roscoe Shirley Ruffer Thelma Schafer Dorothy Sherm Margaret A. Schnucttgen Mary Lynn Schwarz Becky Sfmasek Mary Sue Smith Robby .Io Stevenson Mfiry Jo Strapps Mary Edith Swope Jo Ann Taldo Betty Ann Uhiren Hn-nriotta VVankum Rita Ann Wellinghoff Michaella Wilson preaenfing we 7W5Ae5 .fdf we Wounf In Their Organizations . . The Mount where the Social Science Club debates such inter- national issues as the St. Lawrence Seaway, the Peace Treaty in Korea, and the proposed party for the next meeting-where laughing Belles snap pictures of their classmates-where serious Belles write, tear up, rewrite those lines that will perhaps entitle them to Press Club or even Quill and Scroll honors-where campus leaders put their heads together to plan a surprise prc-gram .... The Mount where one may hear the two chords as Sister Pauline calls the Glee Club to order, or girlish cheers of delight and pride as National Honor Society memberships are announced, cr excited oral plans for the next Sodality skit-the Sodality of Mary that guides us in the practice of personal holiness and imitation of Our Lady. 66 O Concjuer-eu of euif . . . Wage l'Ylel'l feakze are l'0f el'6 26 Campus Activity Lfaclers put their heads togothcr to schcdulci msc-tings and projects for thc campus ORGAi IZATIO Sodality officers and chairmen are seated from left to right: Betty Emrick, Missions Committee: Patsy Cooper, treasurer, Pat Bauer, vice-prefect: Mary Ann Nosal, secretary: and Gaye Stormes, Apostolic Committee. Standing: Rose Mancini, Parish Committee: Joan Ogle, Our Lady's Committee, Angela Belotti, Social Life Committeeg Mary Lou Womack, Prefectg Mary Ann Wollhower, Eucharistic Committee, Missy Wright, Catholic Truth Committee, and Mary Kay McDermott, Publicity Committee. .SZJQEQ of War? The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary re- organized early in September with the appoint- ment of new officers by Sister Mary Mark, Sodality Moderator. Activities for the new year were started at the first meeting, with the elec- tion of Committee Chairmen. Every Friday afternoon meetings were held, consisting of reports, skits, discussions, and quizzes, written or conducted by the Sodalists, to lead the members to a greater devotion toward the Blessed Virgin Mary, and to sanctify them- selves, their neighbors, and to defend the church. The Little Office of the Immaculate Conception and the Rosary were recited in the Chapel on the First Friday of every month. 28 On February second, a group of sixty-eight new members was received into the Sodality at a ceremony conducted in the Chapel by Very Rev- erend T. L, Keany. The Sodalists' annual three- day retreat, conducted by Reverend John Nugent, was held the last week in Lent. Other projects sponsored by the Sodalists in- cluded a pledge from all the members to raise funds to donate a new statue of Mary for the new building, a Mardi-Gras dance, promotion of Cath- olic literature for Catholic Press Month, and a contribution to the Bishop's Relief Fund for the poor children of Europe. 5 9 rg i 2 fi s. cg f Q 5 1 3 1 ,--,WM-.. X , 9" tv i ffl' Ja hu Officers for the Social Science Club are seated left to right: Betty Jordan, Yvonne Truby, Gcrre Ann Poat, Claire Saenger, term presidents. Standing: Betty Jo Straessle, Nancy Stancil, Lurene Simmons, and Joanne Dungan, secretaries. ociafgience The Social Science Club under the sponsorship of Sister M, Ita, and composed of students from the Government and American History classes, began its program for the year by electing officers for the first semester. In February another group of section presidents and secretaries was chosen for second semester. The principal club activities included a weekly discussion, panel or debate, in which all the mem- bers of the class participated on either the nega- tive or affirmative side. Topics for the discus- sions Were selected from the weekly "Current 29 Events," a special newspaper written for social science pupils. This year because of the change of political parties in Congress and in the Presidency, for the first time in twenty years, special stress was placed on the study of the different policies of the two parties. On the feast day of Sister M. Ita in January, the club surprised her by presenting an informal program in her honor, featuring a mock trial. Regular meetings were held semi-monthly during the government and history class periods. 3 .,., .1 WS" i A i ' 'Q 431991-ev' 3 , gf -M H 9 j rf , -wwf, ,v . W , mgmfvmm ,, 5 f X 2 f f' 1 if f , if si, fa, 5, f K S. 'bl VTE fi 5 g 2 .Zig Q M M. 2 E wt as 2 X " as is k 42. Y -1 ig J! , .ff gf ,fm ., J? fi Q i f at Wig Y 9 ,vi NJIT 4' H' . W '59 mf 5 MW, A I . 'V Officers of El Club Espanol are seated, left to right: Ann Bell, Program Committee Chairman, Dorothy Swindle, secretary, Sandra Marks, president: Carol Ann Belmont treasurer. Standing: Eleanor Lipsmeyer, program committee member, Clarice Estrada vice-president, pointing out the flag of her country, Mexico, Ann Hardcastle and Joan Ogle, other members of the program committee. Early in September, El Club Espanol, under the sponsorship of Sister Mary Helen, elected officers to plan and carry out a schedule of activities aimed at promoting student interest in "South of the Border" lands and peoples. On September 16, Mexican Independence Day, the club was enter- tained with songs, dances, and stories by the entire group of Spanish- speaking students, and later a Spanish version of "Little Red Riding Hood" was presented, The club also celebrated Pan American Day with talks, songs, and dances of their countries demonstrated by the boarding students from Mexico, Panama, and Cuba. At Christmas time the Mount rang with Christmas Carols in Spanish, as the students serenaded the school, and Christmas customs of Mexico and Spain were eagerly discussed as a party was planned. A highlight of February was the arrival of two new students unable to speak English. The Spanish students gained practical knowledge of the language as they tried-and succeeded-to understand and be understood. The Spanish Club brought the year to a close with a fiesta which was enjoyed by the combined French and Spanish Clubs. Pictured at the right in costumes are Carol Ann Belmont and Clarice Estrada, two officers of the Spanish Club. 30 5 i 4 3 3 2 5 4 e 2 2 v i ,.A -- ' k A :-.- i l 1::.: .... . , " . "1 '::"1' 1 2 :'- .'.,,:,1 1 :zz '-:1 af E ' ...,, , , vw .,:, Q ' ,E " ,V Yi x ' - :-:I' i, A, W - -A -- . y : Q --: A 23 - "' "Q': 2 'I ,,V,1 ' ii' ',V: ' ' :II mei.. 2-" 152 " gg. .:-.,:: -' ,.-. . .-"-' P V, . .M ' 31 i1 W A Q 41 V 3 ,z K ' ' L' J H .,.. Q' in A 3 e e k...,N.NA Officers of Le Cercle Francais are seated, left to right: Patsy Cooper, program committee chairman, Joan Ogle, secretary, Luci Moran, president, Missy Wright, vice- presidentq Regina Byers, treasurer, Frances Ann Butler, program committee member. Standing are the other committee members: Mary Belle Johnson, Ann Hardcastle, Pat Schumacher and Theresa Zakrzewski. Fw QQ cred jranca id Le Cercle Francais again this year enjoyed many activities under the sponsorship of Sister Mary Frances, French instructor, and its elected officers. Christmas found the French Club keeping an old tradition of serenad- ing the other classes through the halls with French Christmas carols. February brought a party celebrated by the exchanging of Valentines written in orginal French verse, followed by refreshments, songs, and games, all in French. The committee members in charge of preparations for the affair are pictured with their box and handmade Valentines at the left: Luci Moran, Joan Ogle, and Missy Wright. In the spring, joining with El Club Espanol, movies about the two countries were shown which fulfilled the purpose of the clubs by familiar- izing their members with foreign people, their language and customs. A final get-together between the two clubs was held on the campus early in May, when each club entertained the other with a fete or fiesta, held out of doors. The final "Au revoir" was heard as Le Cercle Francais brought its activities to a close for the school year. 31 5 - lf '13 W. he ,Q . E, , Amusing 5 J I I ww H ' e we bm I 3 gg , lei e Q, It - I W A Q2 52 45 :gg - Eff w Ml 95 mi gf K w 5 - . . ,,:,. v A A K. 'ik if- 121 P. . T Y vt. Ai 47 V- i BN N Mg , ,G Y me N551 Q l,,. . . ,. ,. .R ,WV J ,- -I iz : - - A an Officers of the Latin Club are seated, left to right: Patsy O'Neal, secretary, Theresa l'b ' n' Hoyt, president, Patricia Probst, vice-president. Standing: Melanie Gurdin, 1 raria , Louise Hoffman, treasurer: and Mary Coleman, program committee chairman. latin C7116 The official opening of the Latin Club for the year 1953-5-1 was marked by the election of officers under the sponsorship of Sister M. Philip- pa. Meetings were held regularly and on the days of special celebration. The most outstanding events of the year were the Halloween party, the Christmas program, the Valentine party, and the St. Patrick's Day cele- bration. The Valentine party featured the ex- change of original Valentines, written in Latin, followed by refreshments in the cafeteria. St. Patrick's Day was celebrated with a Latin quiz, a skit, and Celtic dances. The purpose of the Latin Club is to interest the students in Latin culture and to familiarize its members with the customs and background of the early Romans. 32 5 5 E Z 2 2 Z if 5 ' in 'mf .. ,. 5 .WMN if 5 1 ,M if i Mg rf! Officers of the newly organized Camera Club are, left to right: Claire Saenger, secretary: Pat Hutchison, vice-president: Diane Williams, president: Betty Lipsmeyer, publicity chairmang Betty Jo Straessle, treasurer. 6UfFLQl"6L The Mount Camera Club, newest addition to the campus list of extra-curricular activity groups, was organized in January, under the faculty sponsorship of Sister Mary Stanislaus. During the semester the club, consisting of 22 interested Juniors and Sophomores, met bi-rnonth- ly and endeavored: "To encourage in its members a livelier appreciation of the American way of living. of the American scene, and of the citiZen's relation to his community and his world." and, incidentally, to strive to produce commendable 33 pictures Worthy of submission to the school pub- lications, and to learn the techniques and fine points necessary to produce a good snapshot. Slides, lectures, and exhibitions provided by the School Service of the Eastman Kodak Company. furnished valuable information for study and dis- cussion at the meetings. Guest speakers, General Daniel Byrd, a member of the National Photo- graphic Society. and Mr. "Buddy" Shrader, of Shrader Studio, gave interesting and instructive talks at meetings of the Camera Club. 'K Officers of the Commercial Club are, left to right: Barbara Linsky, secretary, Mary Ann Wollhower, vice-presidentg Rose Mancini, president, and Virginia Hanggi, treasurer. Standing are: Carolyn Rhodes, Mary Ann Nosal, Mary Ann Wilson, and Mary Ann Bachman, program chairman. ommerciaf With an aim toward higher efficiency and a better understanding of the business World, and with over a hundred members, the Commercial Club entered its twenty-third year, Under the sponsorship of Sister Mary Thomasine, the club meetings were held on the second Friday of each month at which talks, quizzes, contests, and skits, all pretaining to preparation for the business world, were presented. Some of the c1ub's projects for the year were the typing of thousands of envelopes for the Arkansas Cripple Children's Association and the typing and mimeographing of P. T, A. notices and letters. Commercial Club dues financed the purchase of twenty-four shorthand speed records 34 and a Line-a-Time for the 11se of commercial stu- dents. Awards earned by the senior students include 80-word shorthand certificates won before Jan- uary by Rose Mancini, Gaye Stormes, Mary Lou Womack, Cathy Berg, Mary Ann Wollhower, and Sandra Reinhart. Typing certificates were award- ed for 60 or more words a minute to Frances Ann Lucy and Betsy Weber. Twenty-one first year shorthand students received their Theory Cer- tificates and twelve entered the O. G. A. Test. The ten highest ranking students in shorthand and typing were entered in the Catholic Business Education Association Southern Unit Preliminary Contest. S Mount Press Club members inducted into Quill and Scroll are, left to rightg Mary Lou Womack, Claire Saenger, only junior inductedg Mary Kay McDermott, Eleanor Lipsmeyer, Ann Hardcastle. On the right is Gaye Stormes, inducted last year as a junior, who conducted the candle lighting ceremony. Qui! an .Siva The Mercian Chapter of Quill and Scroll, inter- national honor society for high school journalists, held its fourteenth annual initiation ceremony during the latter part of March, under the spon- sorship of Sister Mary Stanislaus. The traditional candle-lighting ceremony was conducted by Gaye Stormes, who completed the requirements for membership as a junior and was inducted into the society last year. After a brief history of Quill and Scroll and a summary of the aims of that society was given, Ann Hard- castle, MOUNT Press Club President, lighted the candle of Truth from which each of the other candidates lighted candles symbolic of Initiative, Opportunity, Leadership, and Friendship. 35 The newly-elected members are: Ann Hard- castle, MOUNT Editorg Eleanor Lipsmeyer, Asso- ciate-Editor of the MOUNTg Mary Lou Womack, Sports Editor of the MOUNTQ Mary Kay McDer- mott, MOUNT Business Managerg and Claire Saenger, Junior MOUNT Editor. Requirements for induction into Mt. St. Mary's Chapter of Quill and Scroll Society are: Junior or Senior standing, scholastic rank in the upper third of one's class, evidence of superior journal- istic ability, at least 100 printed inches, recom- mendation by the faculty adviser of student pub- lications, and approval by the international secre- tary of Quill and Scroll Society. 4" 45:5 0 Music holds a prominent place in the Mount course of study as indicated by the large number of girls who seek choral group membership. The regular Glee Club, trained by Sister Mary Pauline, and composed of sophomores, juniors, and seniors, is pictured above, as they appeared in rehearsal for one of their programs. ge, CLA M1 ciofaaffw Another group of singers was formed this year with the name of the Choralettes. 1Lower Picture? Required of all freshmen, the class was taught by Sister Mary John Baptist, to train incoming students in the rudiments of choral work and to prepare interested singers for Glee Club membership. A 36 A special chorus, including Senior Class members of the Glee Club and under- classmen with promising voices, sings on all occasions when presentation of a smaller group than the whole Glee Club is appropriate. The Special Chorus is pictured above. laecia! Cjlzorufi ancllqano ndemgi Piano and voice pupils are presented by the Music Department each spring in a series of recitals, The most elaborate program is the eight piano ensemble fpictured below? in which pupils of Sister Mary Pauline, Sister Mary John Baptist, and Sister Mary Mercy are presented eight, sixteen, or twenty four playing at one time. W , fe: 37 :- , l as ii' b J W s is 4 ' Q 9 qw , ..., M.. , 4 I Wafiona onor Sociefg Under the sponsorship of Sister Mary Frances, twelve new members were elected to the Fidelis Chapter of National Honor Society at a faculty meeting held in February. For admission into National Honor Society the student must rank high in character, scholarship, leadership, and service, and must have attended the school electing her for one year. Ten per cent of the Junior Class and twenty-five per cent of the Senior Class is eligible for membership. Mt. St. Mary's Chapter of the National Honor 38 Society is a purely honorary one with the mem- bers called on to render service only as monitors in the halls, yards, and cafeteria. Members are, first row, left to right: Eleanor Lipsmeyer, president, Joan Ogle, vice-presidentg Mary Ann Wollhower, secretary, Missy Wright, treasurer, Second row: Gaye Stormes, Mary Lou Womack, Mary Ann Nosal, Ann Hardcastle. Third row: Rita Mather, Rose Mancini, Carla Nofziger. Regina Byers, Mary Louise Bauman. Fourth row: Claire Saenger, Marilyn Hoelzeman, Elizabeth Straessle, Diane Williams, and Joan Diekmann. as 5, , A - 2: V, ,:- -55- Wywnf ,Orem The Mount Press Club, sponsored by Sister Mary Stanislaus and composed of Seniors and Juniors, interested in journalism, edits the MOUNT, a monthly school newspaper. Since its origin six- teen years ago, the club has fostered the appre- ciation of journalistic principles and ideals among its members. To be eligible for probationary membership a student must submit 20 lines of material worthy of publication in the MOUNT. Two hundred lines of print entitles the probationer to full member- ship, seven hundred lines, or one hundred printed inches, earns for the student membership in 39 Quill and Scroll, international honor society for high school journalists. Press Club members are pictured above first row, left to right: Ann Hardcastle, president: Gaye Stormes, Mary Lou Womack, Eleanor Lipsmeyer. Mary K, McDermottg second row: Carla Nofziger, Patricia Bauer, Joan Ogle, Joan Dickman n, Jeannine Hendersong third row: Patricia Hutch- ison, Barbara Linsky, Paula Lipsmeyer, Barbara Martin, Rosalind Meehan, bottom row: Patsy Mullins, Dorothy Raczkowski, Claire Saenger, Celena Thirionj and Diane Williams, preaenfing we Widaea .xdf Ze Wounf In Their Activities . . The Mount where the average girl always has something to do- where all wait in breathless anxiety for the announcement of the Belles' team-where Freshmen learn to fear and even admire those Seniors who tease them so constantly and mercilessly-where Bazaar and Queen candidates hold the limelight for a month of fever- ish "Would you like to take a chance on . . .?"-The Mount where mid-term exams are anticipated with fear and dread-where Lent and the Retreat are looked forward to as the spiritual upause that refreshesv-where Senior Ball, Junior-Senior picnic, Class Day, and graduation itself see the Seniors off into their future .... The Mount, our Alma Mater, who sends us out to face the future, imbued with Christian principles of loyalty, integrity, and charity. HO of LOAIIBJJ, .szakguarcl fhe ffower ofiourifg an youf 40 Alumnae Bazaar Queen and her maids dance the Ball Royalty Special, a typical example of campus social CTI ITIE azadl' Several weeks preceding the annual Alumnae Bazaar, the classes elected a candidate for Queen, from among the seniors. From then on active campaigns were waged with fund raising projects to earn the title of Bazaar Queen. MARY LOU WOMACKfSenior Class candidate for Bazaar Queenfa born 1eaderfSodality Prefect-past class president. A vigorous athlete - All - District WLXULZZIL 6al'l6kJaf0:5 PATSY COOPER-candidate for the Junior Classfboarding stu- dent-hails from Brinkleyapres- ident of Glee Club-she has the voice for itfSodality treasurer- Belles Cheerleader-her enthus- iasm is infectious. 4Below, leftl YVONNE TRUBY - G r ad e School choice as candidate-has spent twelve years at St. Mary's -president of Social Science Club-active in Commercial Club -interested in interior decorat- basketballaexpert swimmer 4 a favorite of her classmates-The WINNER! QTopJ MARY KAY McDERMOTT - Sophomore candidate - runner- up to the Queen-member of Mount Press Club-Quill and Scroll-Junior Class president. She's full of fun and the life of any party. fRightl ing-count her in and you can count on her. iBe1ow, centerl RITA ANN MATHER-Fresh- man Bazaar candidate - Senior class president-National Honor Society-Mercian staff. Always in a hurry-a go-getter on the job-has a smile for everyone. Also a twelve-year Belle of St. Mary's. fBelowJ This Page Sponsored by St. Joseplfs Hospital, Hot Springs Pictured in the top row, left to right, are: Mary Lou Womack, Senior candidate and queen: Mary Kay McDermott and her Sophomore sponsor, Sister Mary Stanislaus, Patsy Cooper, Junior candidate, at her cake boothg Rita Ann Mather, Freshman candidate. Second row: Mary Ann Wollhower, Angela Belotti, Eleanor Lipsmeyer, and Marilyn Fellhauer are pictured working at the Senior chance booth. The next booth, sponsored by the Grade School, pictures their candidate, Yvonne Truby, with her father and Mr. Cecil Hill, who helped operate the booth, In the last picture, Mary Lou receives the congratulations of the other candidates following the announce- ment of her victory. - ul'l'lI'l6l8 aZaal" gooflw A flurry of activity followed the Bazaar Queen candidate elections as each class was determined to sponsor the winning candidate. Raffles were held, parties given and chances sold as specula- tion arose as to who would be Queen. Excitement mounted as the bazaar date drew near and the announcement of the winner approached. On the night of Bazaar an overflow crowd filled the gymnasium to patronize the booths of the different classes. The seniors were kept busy serving refreshments from their booth which was decorated in shades of purple and lavender. Autumn colors prevailed at the junior booth where a cake raffle was featured. The sophomore Country Store, dressed in red and white, offered a variety of foods. Novelties were raffled by the freshmen from their traditional green and white booth. The grade school with its can- didate operated a variety booth, trimmed in blue and white, and dotted with silver stars. At the end of the evening the results of the campaign were announced, and the title of Queen was awarded to Mary Lou Womack, with Mary Kay McDermott as runner-up. Patsy Cooper, Yvonne Truby and Rita Ann Mather placed in succeeding order, and the most successful Alum- nae Bazaar ever held at the Mount was over for another year-over except for the excitement of crowning Mary Lou at the formal Queen's Ball the next evening, This Page Sponsored by St. Eflwardis Hospital, Fort Smith 43 'S . . Y in sz u--'ri A Bazaar Queen Mary Lou of the House of Womack and her escort, Freddie Oliver, are surrounded by the Royal Court after her coronation. Left to right, her ladies in waiting and escorts are: Yvonne Truby and Joe Waggoner, Mary Kay McDermott and Elbert Schafer, Patsy Cooper and Bill Daddono, Rita Ann Mather and Phil Hawkins. 7 azacu' ueen 5 oronafion In the ceremonies preceding the coronation of Queen Mary Lou, each candidate, carrying a bouquet of white chrysanthemums, entered on stage to the strains of "A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody." Mary Kay McDermott, sophomore can- didate and First Lady in Waiting to the Queen, was attired in pale pink net. Patsy Cooper, junior candidate, wore a gown of soft blue chiffon. A waltz length lavender formal was chosen by Yvonne Truby, grade school candidate. Rita Ann Mather, freshman representative, attired in golden yellow, was the last of the maids to enter. The appearance of Queen Mary Lou, dressed in white and carrying yellow and white crysanthe- mums, drew enthusiastic cheers from the specta- tors. The orchid crown was placed on the Queen by Mrs. Charles Emrick, president of the Alumnae Association, whose daughter, Betty, is a member of the senior class. After her coronation, Queen Mary Lou and her court led the Grand March which opened the Ball. Music was supplied by Louie Henderson and his orchestra. This Page Sponsored by W"arner-Brown Hospital, El Dorado 44 1 The Queen, her maids and their escorts lead the seniors in the Grand March, always an honor en- joyed by the winning class. Recognizable in the background, left, are Mary Ann Wollhower and her date Louis Caldarera, Below left: Mrs. Charles Emrick places the orchid crown on the head of Queen Mary Lou. Right: To the strains of "Dancing in the Dark," the royalty special, the Queen and her court formally began the dancing at the ball. This Page Sponsored by Peerless Engravers, Little Rock 45 Royalty for the 1953 Catholic High homecoming game are pictured left to right Betty Ann Keltner Luci Moran, Queen Angela Belotti, Betsy Weber, and Lurene Simmons 6eNxS7.N0l'l'l8C0I'l'lllflg The ceremonies preceding the CHS Homecoming game at War Memorial Stadium, were the most lavish ever seen by CHS fans. Paving the way for the homecoming queen and her maids, the parochial school and Catholic High Cheerleaders marched uniformly down the field and formed two semicircles before the stands. Then the royalty and their escorts walked under the north goal post, across the field, and up to the stands where each was introduced. The Queen followed and was crowned by Rocket Co- Captain Louis Caldarera, and to the Captain, Mac Smith, she presented the football to be used in the game. The following night the Homecoming Dance was held in the Catholic High gymnasium. Pictured right: Queen Angela is being escorted to the throne by Captain Mac Smith, on her right, and Co-Captain Louis Caldarera, left. This Page Sponsored by Swaim and Allen, Little Roch Pictured at the above left are the CHS royalty and their escorts, who are, left to right: Louis Hern, Co-captain Joe Waggoner, Louis Caldarera, Mac Smith, Gene Swanson, and Santo Vizzinia. At the right Louis Caldarera crowns Angela as Mr. Phil Balast helps with the microphone. The center pic- ture is part of the record crowd that attended the game. In the circle, Angela is giving her acceptance speech as hundreds listen. Below, left, are the football bearer and crown bearer, who almost stole the show from the Queen. Right, leading the cheers for C. H. S. were, kneeling: Ruby Comnoek, Virginia Hanggi, and Pat Bauer, standing are Bob Hicks, Peggy Buddenberg, Larry Kresse, Carolyn VVaggoner, Tommy Donahue, Mary Kay McDermott, Buster Kennedy and Kathy Davis. This Page Sponsored by Big Rael: Stone nml Material Co. 47 ea, Z3 Li! ea, pocgefzi. The highly successful season enjoyed by the Belles basketball team and the C. H. S. Rockets football and basketball teams was partly due, we feel, to the enthusias- tic support given by our cheerleaders. Peppy and spirited. the squads attended all the local games and most of the out-of-town games and tournaments. Belles cheerleaders who sparked the team and the on- lookers by their enthusiastic support are, kneeling left to right: Mary Cooper, Cissy Ford and Patsy Cooper. Stand- ing behind them is Pat Hutchison, the only new replace- ment on last year's squad. Rocket cheerleaders were elected from the three upper classes at St. Mary's this year instead of from only the Senior Class as of former years, Chosen by the members of C. H. S. 1953 football team Were, bottom row left to right: Pat Bauer, Mary Kay McDermott, Luci Moran and Betty Ann Keltner. Top row: Virginia Hanggi, Kathy Davis, Angela Belotti, Ruby Cumnock. Carolyn WVaggoner and Peggy Buddenberg. Thus Page Sponsored IW Reynolds Metals Company, Arkaflelphia The annual Junior Class project of raising funds for the Junior-Senior picnic consisted of a Baby Beautiful contest and a dance held on St. Patrick's Day, at which time the winner of the contest was crowned. In the afternoon the Juniors presented a variety program for the entertainment of the whole school. Pictured above are scenes from the program. Top row, left to right: At a party given by "Miss Ballulah Tankheadf' seated at the piano, her guests join her in a song. A fashion show featuring an outfit for each month was modeled by "Dolls on Parade." Second row: Two gentle maidens, a detective and a cat-napper were the main characters in "The Disappearance of Tabby." Oval Center: The Mexican Hat Dance was the South American contribution to the program as danced by Clarice Estrada and Maria Ester Castilla. Below: Joan Dickmann, runner- up, crowns Dorothy Raczkowski "Miss Baby Beauti- ful," The last picture is that of all the characters in "I Won't Take the Mortgage Money," a one- act drama. Third row: The stage crew and St. Pat, himself, are snapped before the afternoon perform- ance. Ferdinand and Isabella with Columbus, an Indian, and his mutinous sailors present an unhistorical account of the discovery of America. This Page Sponsored by Dilniars-Dickmann-Pickens Construction Co. 49 Members of the Belles basketball team pictured above are left to right, first row: Betty Ann Kelt- ner Carol Jean Hester Celena Thlrion Barbara Linsky Betty Jo Straessle, Diane Williams, Pat Schu- macher Dorothy Raezkovuskl second row Gerry VV1ll1ams Marion Nixon, Betty Lipsmeyer, Ann Hard- eastle Mary Lou Womack Mary Louise Bauman Claire Saenger Rosalind Meehan, and Msgr. Keany. e ed unc! ounfiea The Belles had a vcry successful season under the excellent coach- ing of Msgr. T. L. Keany, winning 13 out of 16 scheduled games. The Mounties, Freshman team, under thc coaching of Pat Schu- macher, Mary VVomack, Carol Hester, and Betty Keltner, also en- joyed a full schedule this season. Pictured lcft in the M, they are Ann Finan, Freddy Bailey, Carolyn Binz, Helen Isenman, Patty Gray, Charlotte Meehan, Gay Ferguson, Rita Brcyel, Margo Juaire, Lillian Nabholz. Carolyn Caywood, and Anita Belotti. Thls Page Sponsored lw Arkansas Foumlrv, Little Rael: Members ofthe 1953-54 basketball team who were awarded sweaters are left to right, first row: Betty Emriek, manager: Betty Ann Keltner, Rosalind Meehan, Pat Schumacher, Carol Jean Hester. co- captaing Claire Saenger, Mary Froley, assistant managerg Dorothy Raezkowski, Martha Mladan, co- assistant manager. Second row: Marion Nixon, Betty Lipsmeyer, Ann Hardcastle, Mary Lou Womack, eaptaing Barbara Linsky, Diane Williams, Betty Jo Straessle, Mary Louise Bauman, and Monsignor T. L. Keany, Coach. we of 52. mwi, Mt. St. Mary's Belles opened their '53-'54 season with the annual tip- off supper given by Mr. and Mrs. Leo Krebs, sponsors for the Belles, The annual basketball banquet given also by Mr. and Mrs. Krebs, in April, closed the season for the Belles. At this banquet miniature silver basketballs on chains were presented to the players and the trophies for "Most Valuable Bel1e" were awarded to Mary Lou XVomaek and Carol Jean Hester pictured opposite with Mr. and Mrs. Krebs and Msgr. Keany. This Page Sponsored by Krebs Bros. Supply Co., Lilllp Rovlf 51 gkrid fmad rogram The annual Christmas program presented by the Glee Club was a Christmas Triptych, composed in the first part of Christmas songs and dances, and the most popular secular carols. A series of religi- ous tableaux composed the second half of the program. The Annunciation, Visitation and the Nativity were presented in the Triptych, with the accompaniment of the Glee Club. Solo parts were sung by Joan Ogle, Carol Jean Hester, Sharon Fell- hauer, and Regina Byers. Various scenes from the Christmas program, as pictured above, are left to right, first row: Carol Hester, as the Angel Gabriel, surrounded by other angels, Pat Bauer, Rea Allen, Pat Ferguson, Frances Butler, Elaine Cahanin and Sharon Fell- hauer. Pictured in the Nativity scene are Lynn Brady, as St. Joseph, and Joan Ogle as the Blessed Mother. At the left of the crib are Paula Lips- meyer, Doris Manville and Barbara Martin, the Wise Men. On the right are Mary Coleman, Regina Simmons and Marion Nixon, the shep- herds. The angels are grouped around the back of the crib. The third picture shows Betty Emrick, narratorq and Joan Ogle and Carol Hester in the Annunciation scene. Second row: Dressed for their dance, 'iSanta Claus is Coming to Town," are Carol Ann Bel- mont, Rosemary Kordsmeier, Claire Saenger. Patsy Mullins, Mary Kay McDermott, Linda Sharp and Betsy Weber, Santa Claus was played by Jeannine Henderson. In the center picture of the Visitation, Joan Ogle as Mary greets Regina Byers, St. Elizabeth. "TWas the Night before Christmas" was sung and acted by Angela Belotti, Patsy Cooper, Luci Moran, Eleanor Lipsmeyer, Rita Ann Mather and Cathy Berg, with Santa Claus filling "the stockings with care." Third row: Pat Hutchison, Missy Wright, Wanna Lee Machen, Elizabeth Straessle, and Clarice Estrada danced to "White Christmas." Wanna Lee Machen did a novelty tap number to "Jingle Bells." Accompanists for the program were Vir- ginia Hanggi, top circle, and Dorothy Swindle. The last pictures a trio composed of Marilyn Dean, Mary Frances Spinnenweber and Joan Rea who did a toe dance to 'Winter Wonderland." This Page Sponsored by Kelly-Nelson Construction Co. 52 ga cm program Pictured above in their roles in the Glee Club February production are, left to right, top row: Betty Jo Straessle as the Butler in "The Ghost Who Walksg" Linda "Liberace" Sharp is pictured next at her grand pianog Betty Emrick played the role of waiter in a Viennese Cafe, serving the couple, Jeannine Henderson and Mary Kay Miller, who sang and danced to "Vienna, My City of Dreams." Second row! The family of the deceased uncle in "And the Ghost Walked" are, standing, left to right, Paula Lipsmeyer, Celena Thirion, Mary Alice Pushkarsy, Barbara Linsky, Rosemary Kordsmeier, and Rose Ann Burgyq kneeling, Barbara Martin and Betty Jo Straessle are ter- rified by the ghost, Center: Carolyn Nabors recites "The Football GameQ" and Virginia Hanggi, Rosie Meehan and Patsy Mullins cycle through their "Tricycle Trio." Bottom row! Seniors acting in "Folly on the Trolly' are Rita Ann Mather, the brat: Joan Ogle, her doting motherg Mary Ann Wollhower, a prim schoolmistressg Angela Belotti, a sweet, young thingy Frances Ann Lucy, her hero: Betty Ann Keltner, the villain: Mary Kay McDermott, the "Lady in Red3" and the distracted conductor, Carole Hester. In "Out-talking the Talkies" Betty Lipsmeyer and Mary Froley portray Ma and Pa at the movies. Finally a gimpse backstage shows the cast dressing, following their sueesssful performance. This Page Sponsored by Hill Amusement Co., Little Rael: 53 Seated at the speakers' table at the Father-Daughter Dinner are His Excellency, thc Most Rev. Bishop Fletcher, with Mr. Larry Meinert, Msgr. Keany, Msgr. Allen, Father Reidmueller, and Father Galvin, In the next picture is Mr. R. A. Moran, toastmaster, speaking at the microphone. Seated be- side him is his daughter, Luci, with Pat Bauer, her father, Mr. Andrew Bauer, and Regina Byers. In the background is Mrs. Bauer, chairman for the dinner. Rita Ann Mather, senior class president, and her father, Mr, George Mather, are encircled. Below are pictures of several of the tables with dads and daughters enjoying the dinner served by the Mothers' Club. gafner- augkfer .ibinner For the sixth consecutive year the Father- Daughter Dinner was one of the school season's outstanding social events. Held in the gymnasium on the evening of Sunday, January 31, a record crowd of Belles was on hand to enjoy the dinner and the entertainment with their fathers. The Most Rev. Bishop Albert L. Fletcher was the honored guest for the occasion. Other members of the clergy present were Msgr. Keany, Msgr. Murray, Msgr. Allen, Father Galvin, Father Reid- mueller, and Father McGinnis, An excellent dinner was served by members of the P. T. A., under the direction of Mrs. Andrew Bauer, chairman for the event. The Glee Club provided entertainment with a program of songs and a tap dance by VVanna Lee Machen. Following the program, Mr. Raymond Moran, toastmaster, asked the girls to introduce their fathers with the assistance of Mr. Andrew Bauer, carrying a portable microphone. Prizes were giv- en to those fathers having two or more daughters present, also to the youngest and oldest dads at- tending, and to the one traveling the farthest to date his daughter for the dinner. Good food, good entertainment and good cheer made 1954's Father-Daughter Banquet an unfor- gettable night. This Page Sponsored by john. R. Sexton Company, Chicago 54 Belles present with their fathers, or escorts for the evening are, left to right, first row: Regina and Lurene Simmons, Yvonne Truby, Pauline, Cathy and Pat Berg, with Mr. Berg, who has the distinction of being the only father to have three daughters attending high school here, In the next picture are Mr. WY R. Cooper with daughters Patsy and Mary Edna, and Claire Saengcr and her dad, who has been attending these banquets for six years with alumn ae daughters Dorothy '52 and Ann '53, Second row: Nelda Jones, Marilyn and Sharon Fellhauerq Rose Mancini, Mary Belle Johnson, Carolyn Nabholz, and another sister team, Toni and Mary Ann Rose. Third row: Frances Ann Butler and Dorothy Swindleg Betsy Weber, Gerre Ann Poatg Delores Sarna and Patsy Holland. Fourth row: Nancy Stancil, Carolyn Rhodes, Mary Ann Wollhower, Rita Ann Mather, Carol Hester, and Sandra Reinhart. Fifth row: Mary Lou Womack, Betty Emrick, Mary Kay McDermott3 Celena Thirion, Mary Louise Bauman, Elizabeth Straessleg Luci Moran, Pat Bauer and Regina Byers. This Page Sponsored by Coleman Dairy, Inv., Little Rock 55 Pictured above are the members of the Senior Ball committee who had the responsibility of making preparations for the dance. Left to right they are: Gaye Stormes, Publicityg Mary Kay McDermott, Decoratingg Patsy Cooper, General Chairman: Rita Ann Mather, Assessmentsg and Cathy Berg, Tickets. V enior rom Under the chairmanship of Patsy Cooper, the Senior Ball committee made elaborate plans for the Annual Prom, held traditionally the Friday after Easter. Carrying out the theme of "April Showers," the gym was decorated with spring flowers and pastel colors, with the Senior Class colors of lavender and purple predominating, Flower boxes bordered the stage which featured a large garden umbrella under which the seniors passed on being intro- duced to the audience. For her introduction by Mr. George Mather, father of the Senior Class president, each girl stepped through a large fullblown pink rose before joining their dates for the grand march. Silhouette figures of a boy and a girl under an umbrella were featured also in the decorations. Bill Fortson and his orchestra played for danc- ing from nine until midnight. This Page Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. William H. Thompson 56 was vows 'T Spanish senoritas, seated, left to right: Susanna, Blanca Luz, and Rosario Gonzales de Castilla y Ruiz, sisters from Mexico City, Margarita Suarez, sisters Maria Eugenia and Maria Esther Gonzales de Castilla y Estrada, standing, back row, left to right: Aida Masiques, of Cuba, Constancia Diaz and cousin, Anna Clarice Estrada of Mexico City, Gloria Rodriguez of Panama City, Adela Rodriguez Amaya of Mexico, and Maria Antonietta Rojas, also of Mexico. ounf joreign .giuclen fd Banners from South of the Border proudly hold their own with the American flag as Mexico, Cuba, and Panama are hailed by their representatives among our Spanish-speaking Belles. Longest in residence here now is eighth grader Constancia Diaz, who has been here since Septem- ber of 1951, and her cousin, Anna Clarice Estrada, who followed in December of that year, and is now enrolled as a Junior. September of 1952 was the date on which freshman Aida Masques, who hails from Ha- vana, came to the Mount, while the following February saw a trio composed of Rosario Gon- zalez de Castilla, in the sixth grade, with her eighth grade sister, Blanca Luz, and her cousin, Eugenia Gonzalez de Castilla arrived from Mexico City. September '53 brought Gloria Rodriguez, fresh- man from Panama City, and, from Mexico City, Maria Antonietta Rojas, "Mimis" to her class- mates here in the eighth grade. After an extended Christmas vacation, Blanca and Rosario returned in February with another sister, Susanna, in the eighth grade, and another little cousin, Margarita Suarez, sixth grader. Although there are no seniors among our Span- ish senoritas, Maria Ester Gonzales de Castilla and Adela Rodriguez who arrived from Mexico in February of '54, are post-graduates taking special English and commercial subjects here. Ester is the sister of Eugenia. and cousin of the other Castillas. Newest new-comer is Lorna Hogg tnot pie- turedb, postgraduate from Mexico, who arrived in April to take a summer school commercial course. St. Mary's extends a welcome to these Spanish girls, which is shared by both schoolmates and faculty alike, and we hope to make their years here at the MOUNT as enjoyable and as profit- able as possible, This Page Sponsored by Wforthen Bank aml Trust Company, Little Rael: 57 ,Y 1- Omf SZ!! The MOUNT, in its sixteenth year of publication, was sponsored by Sister M. Stanislaus and edited by a staff consisting of editor, four associate editors, a business manager, and a circulation manager. Junior aspirants to Press Club served as reporters. Pictured at the top, left, is Ann Hardcastle, MOUNT Editor, Whose many hours of effort on the paper helped make it a worthy publication. Immediately below, Ann is directing her Associate Editors, left to right, Eleanor Lipsmeyer, fAnnb, Gaye Stormes, and Joan Ogle. In the third picture down at the left, some of the Senior Press Club members, left to right: Pat Bauer, Carla Nofziger, Ann Hardcastle, Mary Lou Womack, and Mary Kay McDermott are discussing page ideas. The Juniors, as in past years, took over the March and April issues in order to gain experience for the next year, and leave the Seniors free for Work on the MERCIAN. The Junior MOUNT staff is pictured in the bottom picture, left to right, Rosie Meehan, Claire Saenger, editor, Barbara Martin and Joan Dickmann. Pictured below is the group of MOUNT journalists who attended the AI-ISPA meet at State Teachers College. Conway. This Page Sponsored by Draughon School of Business, Little Rock 58 ercian The 1954 Mercian, edited by Luci Moran and under the sponsorship of Sister M. Frances, is the twentieth annual publication of the Senior Class. Pictured at top is Ye Ed busy at work-or as least busy smiling at the photographer. In the second picture, Luci confers with Mary Ann Nosal, assistant business manager, and Pat Bauer, business manager, to discuss problems of format and make-up. One phase in the plans which was not a problem was the unanimous decision as to the theme of Marian Year and the dedication to Our Lady. Pictured also at left, the Business Manager checks with the circulation committee, Freeda Jackson and Fran- ces Butler. Bottom, left to right, staff members Cathy Berg, Gaye Stormes, Carole Hester, Ann Hardcastle, and Eleanor Lipsmeyer put their heads together over last minute details. Pictured just below is the advertising committee who brought in the money to make the Mereian possible. Front row, left to right: Mary Kay McDermott, Carolyn Rhodes, Rita Ann Matherg back row: Lynda Sue Spires, Mary Ann Wollhower, and Mary Lou Womack set out on one of their ad-getting jaunts. Absent from picture is Margaret Lynch, who also served on the advertising committee. This Page Sponsored by N. I. Butler, Falstaff Brewing Corp., St. Louis RO ,Q . I I Pejelllilig eJ af tA8 W0Ullf1.9ll!0l'l'YlLl 1 Left: Margie, Joann, Mary Alice and Pat model outfits made in sewing class. Top row, left to right: "Come spin the wheel of fortune at the sophomore booth," cry Annette, Melanie, Jerry and Mary: Top o' Pinnacle with Susan, Kay and Martha: Enjoying refreshments at Mary Ann's party. Second row: Same party, same belles plus beaux. Another "pinnacle" formed by Martha, Betty, Pat, Rosie, Cathy, and Mary Loug A man-snow that is, with Betty and Chichi, dreaming f'?l, Bottom: .Iubilant seniors at the bazaar, Shutter-shy Sister, S'more Seniors: Pat, Angela, Eleanor and Missy: In circle: Betty with her hands full of Martha and Pat. This Page Sponsored by the Linfler Corporation, Kensvlt, Ark. 60 Top row, left to right: Snowy scenery, two Mary Alice's, Margie n' Bettyg Quadrupeds f?J Joan, Patricia, Sharon, Linda, and Annette. Sophomore party fun: Sister M. Frances holds the bazaar money bag with both hands while Sister M. Thomasine and Marilyn keep on Counting senior Shekels. Second row: Mary Ellen and Pat strictly informalg Indoor informality with the juke box in the gymg Claire helps support the new buildingg Sleepy time gals Sandy and Patsyg and in circle Clariee and Aida. Third row: Basketball fans Sister M. Reginald and Sister M. Werner with Sharon Ann and Della: Annette up on a feneeg Belles framed 1!J-,Betty, Rosie and Claireg Barbara gets the gate: Gerre-'s scrutiny isfor is not -on Carolyn and Patsy? Bottom row: Bunking party-ers Alix, Sharon and Patricia: Inset: Sister M. Philippa and Mary Loug Big game hunting with Martha and Susang Bazaar Queen Mary Loug "See what we won," shriek Suzanne and Carol Ann. Right, Msgr. Keany, coach, poses with Belles co-captains XVornack and Hester. This Page Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Linder and Family Al These Two Pages Sponsored by 62 Cafllldlflii 520 CZIWIIJU5 MH A Group of Little Rork Business Friends 63 Mr. and Mrs. L. J, Bachman Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Bauer Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Bell Mr. and Mrs. L. Belotti Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Berg Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Blaty Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Butler Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Byers Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Durham Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Emrick Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Fellhauer Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Hester Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Hoffmann Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Holland Mrs, N. E. Hume Mrs. Alva Jackson Very Rev. Msgr. T. L. Keany Rev. William E. Galvin Rev. Edward L. Mooney Junior Class Social Science Club Glee Club El Club Espanol Belles of St. Mary's Lady of Good Counsel School, Little Rock Joseph's Academy, Mena John's School, Hot Springs St. St. St. Anne's Academy, Fort Smith St. Louis School, Camden Gloria's Beauty Salon Hillcrest Variety Store Nabor Theatre Star Grocery and Market Johnnie's Shoe Shop Howard Laundry and Cleaners Red Crown Laundry and Cleaners Ewell Grocery-Market Witt and Crow Cleaners Martin Furniture Co. Enterprise Lumber Co. Pepper Pot Cafe Family Service Agency Stacy's Fine Foods gravluafea parenfa Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Johnson Mrs. Grace Johnston Mr. T. H. Jordan Mr. Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Lipsmeyer Mr. and Mrs. Dennis D. Lucy Mr. and Mrs. A1 J. Lynch Mr. James Machen Mrs. Lucy Mancini Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Marks Mr. and Mrs. George H. Mather W. J. McDermott W. R. McGuire R. A. Moran A. M. Nabholz Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Nofziger Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Ogle and Mrs. Sam W. Piazza and Mrs. T. A. Poat laeciaf pafrond Rev. John F. Doyle Rev. George W. Tribou Rev. Leo Reidmueller Freshman Class Commercial Club Camera Club Latin Club Mount Press Club St. Patrick's School, North Little Rock St. Joseph's School, Tontitown St. Mary's School, North Little Rock Sts. Cyril and Methodius School urfinedd pafrond Headlee Drug Co. Hillcrest Plumbing Co. Tate Loan Shop Piazza Shoe Service Lyons Machinery Co. Quality Cleaners Martin Builder Supply Company Ritz Grill Grissom Grocery-Market Rube 8: Scott Wirges Blossom Shop Little Rock Refrigeration Co. Caddo Studio Joe's Hobby Shop Williams Store 64 and Mrs. J. H. Kirchner, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Reinhart Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Rhodes Mr. and Mrs. Voy Roberts Mr. and Mrs Joe F. Rolf Mr. and Mrs Eddie Rose, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Sarna Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Schumacher Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Freed Spires Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Stancil Mr. and Mrs. T. I. Stormes Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Truby Mrs. Irene Van Dusen Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wallis Mr. Lee Weber Mr. and Mrs, Joe Wollhower Mr. and Mrs. V. E. Womack Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Joe Zionce Rev. Charles McGinnis Rev. Charles Kordsmeier Sodality of Mary Sophomore Class Choralettes Le Cercle Francais St. Mary's Mounties National Honor Society Immaculate Conception School, Fort S mith Holy Redeemer School, El Dorado Mercy Hospital, Brinkley Catholic Women's Union of Greater Little Rock F. W. Woolworth Co., North Little Rock Park Hill Pharmacy, North Little Rock Ben Franklin Store, Stuttgart West Bros. Dept. Store, Stuttgart Kline's Store, Stuttgart Jones Bakery, Stuttgart Jett Cato's Western Auto Supply, Stuttgart Sam's Dept. Store, Stuttgart Slovac Grocery, Slovactown Hiznay Mercantile, Slovactown Knoll Ratcliff Hardware, Stuttgart Eddie Buerkle Drugs, Stuttgart Mr. and Mrs, Ben Engel Mr. and Mrs. Leo Deuerling Mr. and Mrs. Nick Kirchner James Kirchner Rosemary Kirchner Mr. Harry Cook Barbara Boyd Mary Bea Couch Joan Dickmann Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Lipsmeyer Paula Lipsmeyer Louis Caldarera Mary Lynn Elsken Marilyn Hoelzeman Barbara Martin Becky Semasek Betty Lipsmeyer Mrs. Sidney J. Gibson Miss Carol Ann Gibson '52 Win Anglin Mary Catherine Volpert Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Seaton Ruth Rea Allen Shirley Ruffer Janis Shockey '53 Yvonne Rife '52 Mr. and Mrs. Fred P. Doyle Mr. Wm. J. Molter Mr. Joe W. Thompson Mrs. Joe Page Nancy Younts Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Medlock Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Nelson Mary Katherine Nelson '49 Miss Dorothy Altenhofel '49 Mr. and Mrs. Altenhofel Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Geo. P. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Dodson Mr. Roy Ray Rose Mr. and Mrs. Edward Austen Barbara Lotridge Ruth Burdick Mr. S. J. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Chas. V. Hum Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Martin Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Newton Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Jones Mrs. T. J. Reynolds Mrs. H. R. Blankenship William Mosley Miss Angela Kaczka Mrs. Louise George Mrs. Helen Pollock Mrs. Raymond Fisher Mrs. John Pruniski, Sr. Evelyn R. Canada Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Lucas Leona Shook '49 Mary Froley Mrs. Sallie Harris Barbara Linsky Miss Beulah Marie Harris '52 Mrs. Mary Hart Miss Frances Hart Miss Frances Walter Mr. and Mrs. Lee J. Massery Louis Segalla Anna Eickhoff Betty Jo Rechtin '51 Rosetta M. Isenman p6lfl'0l'l5 Chris Ann Matsek Mary Lynn Schwarz Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Smith Margaret A. Schnuettgen Pat Bauer Joan Rea Mary Ann Puszewski Mary Ann Cumnock Mary Ann Nabholz Ruby Cumnock Gene Swanson Eileen Nangle Nancy McCumber Frank Bauer Carol Ann Robertson C. F. Grant Mary Ellen Wankum Sherry Hart Esther Stevenson Theresa Nabholz '52 Mr, Shirley Durham D. C. Shermer Miss Helen Booth Theresa Hoyt Anna Marie Mahan Louis George Caldarera Santo Vizzina Berniece Cosariol Martha A. Hiznay Carolyn Wilkerson Patsy Buddenberg Joann Taldo John William Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Frank Barron Miss Elizabeth Barron Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Phillips Mr. and Mrs, Vinc Sokora, Sr. Mr. George Havlik June Kerner Betty Hiryak '53 Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Blaty Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Binz Mrs. Patricia Strozyk '45 Mrs. F, A. Coutlee Bubby Butler Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Swindle Martha Sellmeyer Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Spatz Kathryn Brady '53 Mrs. Rob H, Martin Michael Reinhart Mary Margaret Miller Florence Nosal Mr. and Mrs. Felix Chwalinski Margaret Zakrzewski '53 Mr. and Mrs. August Pruss Miss Hattie Jo Wilk Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Lukas Mary Louise Bauman Elaine Cahanin Dorothy Piechocki Cynthia Chudy Theresa Zakrzewski Mr. Alois Chudy Mr. and Mrs. Alex Chudy Mr. and Mrs. John Chudy Mr. and Mrs. Watson Smith Diane Bynum Miss Agnes Niedzwiedz Marie Schnebelen 65 Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Kerr Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Noll Miss Lena Mazzanti Mr. and Mrs. Philip Jenders Miss Marie Jaworski Mr. S. V. Abraham Miss Frances Zarnoski Mary Daughenbaugh Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Chudy Mrs. Lawrence Strozyk Robert Eugene Dunn Veronica McNeirney Mary Virginia Raczkowski Miss Connie Zajac Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Bruick Ruth Whitehead '51 Mrs. W. D. Tompkins Fred T. Brannan Virginia I-Ieinze '53 Mary Frances Heinze '51 Helen Whitehead '53 Patricia Probst Annette Jones Deanna Tompkins Mr. Densil McCorkle Mrs. S. W. Ogle Jo Ann Malnar '51 Mr. and Mrs. E. P, Gaines Julian Eskridge Gerre Ann Poat . Mrs. Lewis Reinhart, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Reinhart, Jr. Mrs. Margaret Stringer Mr. and Mrs. Aloys Reinhart Mr. and Mrs. Tony Reinhart James Reinhart Lawrence Selig Ralph Vickers Floyd Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hoolihan Mr. and Mrs. Albert Leubker Mr. and Mrs. John C, Taylor Susan Hardcastle Bobbie Evans Mrs. Gertrude Holcomb Mrs. Bertha Vogler Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Catlett Marilyn Brady Dorothy Probst '50 Pamela Duncan Mrs. A. M. Gunderman Mr. and Mrs. Joe Marchese Mrs L. A. Frederick Mrs Rene Bressinck Mrs. E. L. Koehler Mrs. E. I-I. Woods Mrs Clyde Hicks Miss Tena Wekman Anna Clarice Estrada Diane Ferguson Judith Ferguson Mrs. Anna Norbutowitch Miss Theresa Uekman '50 Edward J. Liske Ralph Ferguson Tony Ferguson Mrs. Carl Ceratto Kay Parman Pat Hutchison Mary Alice Makoski Kathleen McDonald Annette Metrailer Rosalie Zaloudek '51 Sally Mullins '53 Melanie Gurdin Martha Breyel Margaret Isenman Ellen Griffin Peyton Crawford Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Crawford Beryl Illg Miss Lorraine Poase Bonnie Ragsdale Mrs. Virginia Connelley Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Long Wanda Arks Louella Hoffmann Phil Hawkins Miss Sue Cannon Mrs. Ellen Ellard Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ellard Mrs. Margaret Pratt Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Harris Mrs. Helen Shock Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt Ewell Mr. and Mrs. Lee Douglass Mary Ellen Williams '53 Mr. S. P. McCook Mr. W. G. Marks Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Kilgore Mr. James L. Stean lgafrorw Mary Coleman Jennie Zaloudek '52 Miss Evelyn Smith RN Mr. Thorp Thomas Mr. Bob Wise Tom Gentry Marcia Gentry Mr. and Mrs, J. M. Kempner Mr. and Mrs. John Shepherd Mr. M. J. Kempner, Sr. Mr. A. G. Cherry Mr, Sam Sanderlin Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Burke Jane Frances Smith Roy Lee Runnells Jimmy Rudolph Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Rudolph J. W. Land Mr, and Mrs. Jack Gilmore Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Cotter Mr. and Mrs. Rudell Quattlebaum Mr. and Mrs. Joe Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Deuerling Henrietta Wankum Mary Edith Swope Mr. and Mrs. Joe Forest Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Land Bobbie Hamling '53 Freida Schlatterer '53 Rose Ann Burgy Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kirchner, Jr. Ann Brizzolara '52 Mr. and Mrs. H. C, Womack Mildred Lannie '53 Mr. and Mrs. Gip Robertson Mrs. Clarke Hefley Mrs. M. Durst Mrs. W. A, McDermott Mr. and Mrs. Nick Serhijiw Miss Regina Malczycki Miss Dorothy Mancini Miss Jo Blazier Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Malczycki Mrs. Richard Bushkuhl Mr. and Mrs. John J, Breyel Rinkey Harrell '52 Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Harrell Ann Marie Lee Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Brown Barbara Bishop Linda Grohoski Suzanne Murphy Carole Ann Martin James Schmelzer Regina Schwartz Sue Moran '52 Mr. and Mrs, W. M. Bogy Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Gouldman Michael Moran Lt. Neil Mesler Col. and Mrs. M. J. Coutlee Mr, and Mrs. Ira Strack Mr. and Mrs. James Froley Anita Lannie '51 As a tribute to the committee in charge of one of the most elaborate and successsful senior proms ever held at the Mount, the Mercian staff takes pleasure in reprinting here the picture used in the Arkansas Gazette, publicizing the event. Left to right: Mary Kay McDermott, Gaye Stormes, Patsy Cooper, Cathy Berg, and Rita Ann Mather, Senior Ball Committee Chairmen. 66 Theresia Koehler '53 Mr. and Mrs. Hearn Ross Stanley Mary Ann Ford Naomi Clubb L. D. McCraw Mrs. Norman Smith Mr. Edward Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lannie Mrs, Thelma Wasem, P. N. Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Hamling Marion Nixon Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Reinhart Dow A. Worsham Jeannine Henderson Mr. Will McCappin Frank Showen Sharon Butler Patricia Butler '53 Suzan McClendon Patty Gray Mary Ellen Wankum I9 a fronzi Mary Ann Puszewski Marilyn Dickmann Mary Ann Chudy Carolyn Nabors Pat Siepiela Gaye Ferguson Betty Cagle Bridget Sarna Clyde W. Frost Linda Besancon Sue Derning Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Garrett Charlene Doerpinghaus Margaret Farrish Mary Evelyn Kaczka Mary Theresa Van Dusen '48 Buddy Van Dusen C. A. Coppersmith Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Sleeker Mr. J. E, Sleeker Miss Minnie Sleeker Mrs. Bill Peitz Mrs. Felix Taylor Betty Jo Straessle Mr, Frank Oberle Mrs. Emma Bush Judge Guy E. Williams Mrs. L. F. Larkin Crip Hall Mr. J. Oscar Humphrey Mr. Frank Clancy Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Peters Mrs. Bill Barnes Ellen Cox Mary Alice Musquiz Mr. Ernest Kelley Mildred Jo Renda Lena Lupo Lucy Marchese Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Bauman Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Traffinstedt Thelma Schafer Mary Crockett Dana Broderick Mount swimming champions posed with their trophies and award ribbons are left to right: Mary Froley, Betty Emrick, Mary Lou Womack, Ann Finan and Mary Coleman. 67 "O Immaculate Mother of Jesus and our Mother' . . . convert the wicked . . . comfort the poor and oppressed . . . safeguard the flower of purity in youth . . . protect the holy church . . . make the nations members of one family, upon which may there shine forth the sun of a universal and sincere peace .... " -Pius XII, Marian Year Prayer Complimenting the Graduates and the Sisters of Mercy SAINT MARY'S CHURCH Rev. Charles Stanowski, Pastor Rev. Reuben Groff 1200 West Sixteenth Street North Little Rock 68 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to the GRADUATES OF '54 and the SISTERS OF MERCY OUR LADY OF THE HOLY SOULS PARISH Rt. Rev. Msgr. F. A. Allen, Pa t Rev. Edward L. Mooney 69 COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE TO THE SISTERS OF MERCY and THE CLASS OE 754 OUR LADY OF GOOD COUNSEL CHURCH Rt. Rev. Msgr. John B. S h p r, Pastor John A. Janesko Rev. John F. y 70 BEgflIlS5I,ZiTRICK'S CHURCH Sf? NORTH LITTLE ROCK 7527 Rt. Rev. Msgr. James P. Gaffney, Pastor Rev. Albert C. Ernst Rev. Leo Riedmueller Compliments of IMMACULATE CONCEPTION CHURCH REV. WILLIAM KORDSMEIER, Pastor Keep up the good spirit, girls, and profit by an education that shows and leads you to be in the world but not ofthe world. Let Christ be your hero and model if ST. EDWARD'S CHURCH Rt. Rev. Edward Burgert, 0. S. B. ---- Pastor Rev. Herman Laux, 0. S. B. ---- Assistant 'Trequent and devout reception of the Sacraments is a life insurance policy for Catholicityf' 71 ST. ANDREW'S CATHEDRAL i Rev. B. F. McDevitt - - - Rector R Paul McL ghl C g in ll' ' Compliments of HARPER HARB Judge William J. Kirby Municipal .fudge "The Guardian in Every Catholic Home . . ." THE GUARDIAN PRESS Religious Articles - Rosaries - Prayerbooks - Crucifixes 311 WEST SECOND, LITTLE ROCK BMCH MOTOR COMPANY, Inc. 0 L D S M' 0 B I L E Sales and Service 600 BROADWAY LITTLE ROCK CONGRATULATIONS I HOT SPRINGS C. Y. 0. 72 American United Life Insurance Co. American United Contracts "Pay if You LIVE, DIE, or QUIT" Business - Individual - Family Protection - Estate Planning PHIL BALEST, Agency Manager A MUTUAL COMPANY 1 FOUNDED IN 1877 1 129-30-31 Donaghey Building Little Rock Compliments 7 - of - OF NORTH LITTLE ROCK VOGEL'S, Inc. North Little Rock, Arkansas Phone FR 4-9259 Little Rock PRECISION OPTICAL SERVICE Guild Opticians Main Floor, Donaghey Building Little Rock, Arkansas Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduates! BRANTON 81 HAYES COMPANY General Building Contractors PHONE FR 5-9398 1902 Lincoln Ave. Little Rock OAK FOREST CLEANERS We Launfler Shirts anll Wearing Apparel Pick-Up and Delivery A. J. ENDERLIN, Owner Phone MO 3-6049 1217 Fair Park Boulevard 73 BALDWIN a CANBY of H Insurance Agency C Y O SALVAGE CENTER i' "Which Helps Christis Needy Pyramid Building Phone FR 4-5088 , and Which Needs You, Warm' Baldwin' Jr' Jack Canby REV. JAMES P. McDONNELL, Director COL. R. AN DREELLI, Manager Heights Variety and Hardware Store PHONE MO 6-2747 - 5915 Kavanaugh "' KUARCHEITS GREEN OIL CQ. CHOPT KERNELS Distributors of H xx x . 4, , xx' ' ' fffwj f ' X .. ,- ,5. PHILLIPS 66 Gasoline 1 Motor Oil 188 Woodrow Phone MO 6-5464 A' KARCHER CANDY CG' 821 E. Markham Little Rock 74 Phone FR 4-5043 . . . GR ANOFFS Kern-Limerick, Inc. RESTAURANT ' Roall-Building and Maintenance Q Machinery Specializing in Contractors' Equipment SEA Foons - FINE Foons fwfl Supplies LUNCHEONS - DINNERS I Q 115 North Spring Street 1001 Main Little Rock Little Rock ---- Arkansas "The Best for Less in Auto Parts aml Accessoriesv WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY Congratulations, Graduates from i " m iggfm SEARS, ROEBUCK Since i893 mms from ARK, and CQ, Seventh and Main 1707 West 11th Phone FR 5-5324 Fourth and Scott 75 Arkansas Accounting and Insurance Company "Mail It Monllayv IBTWI BOOKKEEPING - INSURANCE SPECIALISTS 207 South Ringo Little Rock, Arkansas I 2 I C 0 m p l i m e n t s 62 F 5 - 0 f - , 4 , 1. K. ELECTRIC COMPANY E M T 3 if 'r" and RECORD sHoP A In . Q nron uri- 311 Main Street ...M ooo Y bi MV Eu, uuu LIRCID- Ak A BITE T0 EAT 6 BEAUTY B BARBER SUPPLY COMPANY Eleventh and Main, Little Rock A kansas SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY 409 Main Street Little Rock, Arkansas C o m p l i m e n t ... 0 f - W. R. STEPHENS INVESTMENT COMPANY Compliments of LIDO CAFETERIA 615 MAIN STREET 76 REED MUSIC CO. I 112 E st Seventh Phone FR 2-5151 M A R I E'S C 0 m p l 1 m e n t s of v B 1 Sh enus eau y op MARIE S. LORD, Owner and Operator F R I -I. 0 M A N Complete Beauty Service PHONE FR ' ' Donagl1eyBuilding, 0 h M HEALEY 81 ROTH. Inc. -FUNERAL DIRECTORS- I Al Co dltlo ed Chapel 815 Main Stre t Ph e FR 43738 Compliments of PERKINS AUTOMATIC SPRINKLER CO. Compliments of National Old line Insurance Company Home Office 1 Little Rock, Arkansas ARKANSAS CANTEEN ISERVICE, Ina. -Automatic Merchandising- - CANDY, NUTS, GUM, CIGARETTES, COFFEE - 207 Spring Street Phone FR 5-7319 77 For the Finest in DIAMONDS, WATCHES and BEAUTIFUL JEWELRY remember Serving You Jewelers Since 1880 511 Main St. YOUNG TIRE 81 SERVICE C0 Complete Tire and Battery Service 300 Broadway Phone FR 2-1344 Congratulations to . . . ST. MARY'S SENIORS In Their Chosen Careers Capital City Business College Your SPEEDWRITING Shorthand School Phone FR 5-1149 8th and Main WHITTEN-HOLSTED DRUG STORE 66 Delivery Servicev 4610 East Broadway, Rose City, North Little Rock - Phone WI 5-2520 Congratulating the Graduates -of- Best Wishes MOUNT MAJESTIC Efflffkffik LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Everything I check You Our Need Values for th p Before Home! You Buy Phone FR 5-6424 78 When Itis a Gift for Him, Remember to G His Favorite Men's Shop I BAUMAN'S MEN'S SH et It at nts Complime Churchman Drug Co. -of- ARNOLDS, Inc TROY D. CHURCHMA , 718 Main Street Kavanaugh and Beach Streets Phone M0 3-4131 Little Rock - - Arkansas Congratulations to the Graduates STERLING DEPARTMENT STORE Capitol and Center Little Rock, Arkansas For the Best Results . . . Secure a iz? Skilled Painter and Specify PHELAN'S PAINTS E for the good of the surface 'MW'-U C I L M 0 R E TRU-ADE BOTTLING co. P31111 8 Paper CO. "Drink a Better Beveragev JOE P. GILMORE, Manager 1325 East Ninth St' Phone FR 2-6814 409 Center Little Rock "" Arkansas There is A Leader in Every City - In Little Rock it is BESSER HARDWARE COMPANY, INC. Since 1901 Phone FR 5-4429 510-12 Center Street 79 BLOCK REALTY COMPANY Phone FR 5-9151 212 Spring Street Little Rock, Ark. DYKE BROS. Distributors of AUTO-LOK AWNING WINDOWS Fourth and Poplar Streets Phone FR 2-5288 - North Little Rock Compliments of . . . SIIS. Supply Company 313 West Third, Little Rock 309 Main, North Little Rock D8rD laundry and Cleaners Phone MO 3-4153 2323 Kavanaugh MECHANICS LLUMBER COMPANY ufluman Service" 600 Main Street, North Little Rock ...........,..........,,,,..,.,. Phone FR 2-3456 Tenth and Spring Streets, Little Rock .......,..r ,...,.....,.. P hone FR 4-2872 AIR CONDITIONED SHIP AHOY MAX H. EZELL, Proprietor S anclwiches-B eer-S teaks SHUFFLEBOARD 1108 Battery St. Phone FR 2-9186 Little Rock, Arkansas Congratulations to the Graduates GOSS SERVICE CO. Broadway at Maple North Little Rock, Arkansas Gilman and Kosten Co. Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables Phone FR 5-1113 422 East Markham Street BUDDY IONES TELEVISION - Sales and Service - Open 10 a. m. 'til 8 p. m. 116 W. 6th Street-Phone FR 4--5726 North Little Rock, Arkansas 80 "Send Flowers . . . But Send Oursi' Colonial Flower Shop Phone M0 3-4-191 2017 Kavanaugh Boulevard MR. and Mrs. C. L. Tipton, Owners Walthour-Flake Company, lnc. Real Estate - Insurance - Rentals Phones: FR 4-2274, 4-2275, 4-2276, 4-2277 402 Louisiana Street Little Rock - - - Arkansas Compliments of WINDY BEACH SWIMMING, DANCING and PICNICKING Compliments from . . . BOTTLINC COMPANY Little Rock Compliments of Arkansas Surplus Sales Company Incorporated Arkansas' Largest Dealers of Army and Navy Surplus Property f'5lll'l5a'1HIPf'UfmQ BEN Church Furniture Phone M0 3-4175 2816 West 16th St. - Little Rock B. F. Red, Jr. 116 Main Street Phone FR 4-1746 s'rEAKs - CHICKEN - cHoPs Phone M0 3-1482 -Open All Night- ,IOBE'S CAFE -Air Conditioned by Chrysler- 106 East 2nd St. North Little Rock Pll0Ile FR 2-8849 Rainbow Cleaners QUALITY aml SERVICE 3903 West Thirteenth Street 81 Compliments of . . nion e The Arkansas Maud SALUTES The MAIDS of ST. MARY S .gnaur-ance gomlaang c'Our 34th Year of Service" A '35 S lr ,ef W, i- Y 11 k 1920 ' 1954 Home Office LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS ELMO WALKER, President - FA APY ii We A ww Processed by 'J LITTLE ROCK PACKING Compliments of MABELVALE BUS LINES T. C. DIXON, Owner Phone MO 6-8621 Base Line Road CAPITOL Cleaners X1 Dyers LANE JEWELERS Inc C. J. ELLIOTT -- MRS. C. J. ELLIOTT Phone FR 4-8719 9th and Rector Phone FR 4-7379 Little Rock, Arkansas 202 West Capitol Little Rock Ark me ww I 7 s ECONOMY A 720 Main - Phone FR 5-7371 - 5919 Kavanaugh - Phone MO 6-9279 82 ans CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES K A R K to the Students and Faculty of Mr. Sz. Mary,s Arkansas' Preferred Station 920 on Your Dial GODSEY ONE-DAY CLEANERS "Good Cleaning Doesn't Cost,-It Pays" Q. S. GODSEY 1412 Main Street North Little Rock Phone FR 2-9469 Fruits and Canned WA Woman,s Worlll in the Heights' Vegetables Foods CMD MK PRODUCE CO. Phone FR 2-7181 Phone M0 36312 310 Sherman St. Little Rock, Ark. 5707 Kavanaugh Little Rock, Ark Air Conditioning and Heating A. W. JOHNSON COMPANY Phone FR 4-8223 1517 Gaines Street Little Rock, Arkansas 83 Reynolds Metals Company's Newest Plant in Arkansas ROBERT A. PATTERSCDN ALUMINUM PLANT Arkadelphia, Arkansas The Graduates' Pictures Were Made by Little Rock's Leading Photographer ik Phone FR 4-1193 117 West Sixth Street ----- Little Rock, Arkansas ik We Make Special Rates on Photographs to All Students 84 Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Rhodes RHCDDES MOTEL COURT 35 Units TV, Radios, Tile Baths, Telephones in Each Room ARKANSAS' NEWEST AND FINEST 4813 Broadway-Rose City Phone WI 5-1490 S The Bank Where Your 4 A if 4' 47 Best Interests ff Are Our FIRST Concern f Q f D' 5 ,-X We Earnestly Solicit Your Business- cx X K E' Large or Small! I II?'l2eeP?a1rlgh120a1?aI?ci1rth and Center ,I"mlHl mluQ 0 Elelsiglir to Safe Deposit Department ' 0 ?ntorrgatic'TellcB"1YIzge3ir11e3s371 ill 0 lm ervxce- 1a - "X 0 Civig Hall-In our Lower Level umummuun Fourth and Louisiana Streets Little Rock, Arkansas Capital and Surplus S3,000,000.00 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 85 LITTLE ROCK LIBRARY BINDERY Phone MO 6-8902 Highway 10, Route 5, Box 426-A E. L. Vlllareal Xt Co. '1""j,T,ff"'s if 1 STATE AND MUNICIPAL BONDS if DRUGS 117 West Second Street P A R K H I L L Little Rock - - Arkansas HOWARD HALLEY SERVICE STATION "Run in before you run outi' ' Specialize in Lubrication ' Road Service 25th and ARCH STREETS PHONE FR 2-9414 Compliments of CHARLES ACKER CLOTHING COMPANY 203 Main Street North Little Rock READ-STEVENSON Sz DICK REAL ESTATE - RENTALS - INSURANCE - BONDS 115 West Second Street "Since 1918" Little Rock, Arkansas 1. 0 f A K Compliments M5553 f553m"g ELLIS JEWELRY Phone FR 4-0716 - Phone FR 4-7830 - 110 E. Fourth St. Little Rock 1601 Main St. North Little Rock Pittsburgh Paints - Appliances - Sporting Goods - Appliance Repairs HILLCREST HARDWARE COMPANY 86 Congratulations and Best Wishes from BEACH ABSTRACT 81 GUARANTY CO. 213 West Second Street Little Rock, Arkansas C l ' z ""jo'jj" 5 ARKANSAS CELESIE CLEANERS BOOK HOUSE ' Books ' Prints ' Stamps 'A' 919 West 18th sn., North Lttl R k 809 Main LH R ck, A k LITTLE ROCK MOTOR COMPANY - Your Buick Dealer - Third and Broadway Little Rock Compliments of BILL FORTSON AND ORCHESTRA TIMES PRINTING 81 PUBLISHING CO., Inc. - Phone FR 4-3208 - 515 Mein Street North Little Rock Phone FR 2-9415 6 X QDIRRIISGDN WM 31 ANDREWS Mi ,..flflf li., B A R B E C U E SAM and STEVE-0 ners lk 210 West Capit l L tl R k A k Ph FR 2 0976 123 W' Si HILLCREST GARAGE Motor Tune-U p and General Repairing ll Palm Phone MO 3-0502 Little R k 87 X Collins Sz Company M A S S E R Y :S Specializing in Handling Estates - Insurance Real Estate Loans and Sales Property Management Investments uk Phone Us: FR 6-1341 John Collins Bernard Heinze Phone FR 2'0181 Harry G. Galloway Herbert Collins Seventh 81 Cross Little Rock Ark Herb R. Coffman ' Compliments of . W. R. BURNETT 3604 Kavanaugh Model Market 34 FR Frank A- ,,l,l,l .,l.ll,, Company COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS AT POPULAR PRICES BRANDON FURNIGTURE COMPANY 823 West Seventh Street Phone FR 4-2960 We Distribute . . . FRUITS and ' Esso Service Phone FR 6-2593 Dillaha Fruif Company 88 OakForestDrugStore GARRETT BROS. The REXALL store F L 0 R I S T 0 2611-23 West 13th sweet Twelfth at Fair Park Blvd. Lime Rock, Arkansas Phone M0 3-6319 Little Rock Established 1913 Compliments of GUS BLASS COMPANY Since 1871 Arkansas' Largest and Best Store Where Every Customer Must Be Satisfied Compliments of ARKANSAS OPTICAL COMPANY 424 Louisiana Street Phone FR 5-8884 Little Rock, Arkansas Compliments of W. R. WRAPE STAVE COMPANY, Inc and INDUSTRIAL LUMBER COMPANY g6We Do Not Make the Most Oak Flooring, But We Do Make The Besf' OA k 'LUUDIND CH AS. W. TUEI- Johnson Apothecary Accurate -Pl b' - , um mg Compounding ' if 3603 K h Ph M . avanaug one 0 3 8323 Donaghey Bldg. Phone FR 2-6179 89 Compliments of . . . Tom McDonnell Co. Painting - Decorating - Building Remodeling - Repairing Phone M0 3-7358 4-915 Hillcrest Compliments of . . . A. gl J. ELECTRIC CO. JULIAN P. NABHOLZ - Electrical Contractor - 1023 West Third Street Phone FR 5-2431 Congratulations, 1954- Graduates 1 fro m- J. C. PENNEY CO. 304-310 Main Street North Little Rock, Arkansas MOVIE AND STILL CAMERAS One-Day Service on Photo Finishing mm. Projectors Sound or Rent ' 8 and 16 0 Silent or 0 For Sale The Camera Center 108 Main Street Phone FR 4-3403 Compliments of A DAILEY'S UNITED SUPPLY CO. l Office and School Furniture Best Quality Lowest Prices 213 EAST MARKHAM PHONE FR 4-1283 C o m p l i m e n t s - 0 f - Compliments of . . . , J. E. Hornibrook Co. Bone Dry Barrett Approved Roofers A Phone FR 4-3753 924- E. Third St. Owens Funeral Home Phone FR 4--03 12 500 Main Street North Little Rock KOEHLER'S BAKERY 711 Main Street 1716 Pike Avenue 1 North Little Rock 1 'gThe Honey With the Southern Accent" . . . Your Grocer Has Eischer's Honey Packed in North Little Rock -- Phone FR 4-0949 - 90 Smith's Drug Store KEMPNER'S COUNTRY CLUB STATION ir ir ' FINE SHOES ' READY-TO-WEAR Phone MO 3-4118 wk Little Rock - - - Arkansas Little Rock . - - - Hot Springs Compliments of . . . Paragon Printing Co. Robert L. Raymond T. Richard J. Byrne Office Supplies and Equipment PHONE FR 5-1281 311 E. Capitol Ave. Little Rock, Ark. STANDARD LUGGAGE Complete Assortment of Fine Quality 0 LUGGAGE 0 BRIEF CASES 0 TRUNKS 0 LEATHER GOODS -Complete Line of Fine Gifts- 303 Main Street Phone FR 2-6027 Compliments of The Edwin Rhein Manufacturing Co. Makers of Rhynecliffe and St. Mary's Ties Congratulations from MOORES' CATETERIA ESQUIRE Men's Wear BRAND-NAME MERCHANDISE ' Wilson Bros. 0 Jackman of Calif. 0 Raewin Sport Coats 0 Riviera 0 H. Siegfried 0 Scully Suedes Markham and Louisiana Phone FR 5-1015 -9:00 a. m. to 9:30 p. m. daily- B. E. GLOVER ESSO STATION Phone SK 3-0033 320 Ark.-Mo. Highway Park Hill, North Little Rock Make Mine FALSTAFF . . . Choicest Product of the Bre-wer's Art Falstaff Distributing Co. MIKE and JOE CALDARERA 4-18 E. Markham Little Rock 91 COMPLIMENTS LAYNE -Of- Wells and Pumps Peoples National Bank tk MA Service Institutionv I rigation - Industries Member FDIC Cities - Mines Stuttgart A k il? C 0 m p l i m e n t s Layne-Arkansas -Of- Company Wonder Race Mills, Inc. Stuttgart - - Arkansas Stuttgart, Arkansas COKER-HAMPTON DRUG COMPANY STUTTGART, ARKANSAS aaitiiiiita 'NCELAND LESTER GRAVES -II A V E R N -At 'iloeis Places, 2195 hM Stttg tAk S g Ak COMPLIMENTS OF . . . ARKANSAS FARM MACHINERY CO. STUTTGART ---- ARKANSAS 92 The E6I'mCI'S6I1d WIEMAN Implement Company Incorporated The Bank That Friendly Service . . 9 Is Building COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Minneapolis - Moline Stuttgart, Arkansas Farm Machinery O Compliments anfl Best Wishes . , TRACTORS ' POWER UNITS WELLWORTH DEPARTMENT STORE I IIHJEAEEOLS ' Oldest ' Largest ' Best O L. D. RUTSTEIN, Owner Stuttgart - ARKANSAS - DeWitt Stuttgart ----- Arkansas The Stuttgart Co-Operative Buyers Association FARM SUPPLIES STUTTGART .... ARKANSAS Compliments of . . . T h P A M P A M FARMERS 6 Equipment CQ. S,.f.,g.,,.f L.,,.,li,.g Drwe-In Restaurant I. I. Case Farrn Machinery ik - Parts and Service - Stuttgart I - - I - Arkansas Stuttgart ---- Arkansas Compliments of JACOB HARTZ SEED COMPANY 93 C""'P'i"'e"'s DIAL:8231gL.D.6 ... 0 f .. Fosters Food Market A PIONEER Stuttgart ----- Arkansas S E E D I: A R M S' I n C 0 ng' L fini " ' S SEEDS 3:5311 IIYSOATS Big 4 Barber Shop ' D. P. Oaksmith, Manager Sl ll i ---- A k 35 Stuttgart - Arkansas u gal' r ans THE J. I. PORTER COMPANY ' Lumber - Hardware - Paint ' Complete Building Service Phone 2-1592 - Stuttgart, Arkansas Congratulations for Your Continued Success . . . ARKANSAS PRINTING Sz LITHOGRAPH CO. 1 and - ARKANSAS STATIONERY Si FURNITURE CO. 1000 Center Street Little Rock, Arkansas R O Y C E 'S YOU 9 Esso Servicenter like ROYCE STALNAKER IT Kavanaugh and Ash Streets likes you Phone MO 3-9935 94 Compliments of Silbernagel Co., Inc. ik 300 FERRY STREET LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Compliments of . . . Sherwood Grocery 182 Country Club Phone SK 3-0030 North Little Rock Little Rock Blue Print Company Established in 1920 "First in Little Rock . . . . . . First in Arkansas" 310 Center Street Phone FR 4-2242 Compliments of... LEVY MODEL MARKET No. 12 33044 Pike Avenue North Little Rock, Ark. HAll'S FAMILY DRUG STORE PHONES MO 3-2310 - MO 3-1008 Kavanaugh and Hayes Little Rock, Arkansas Premium Qualitq FALSTQEF H. Clyde Covington, Manager Hot Springs - - - Arkansas H. K. COCHRAN CO. -Established 1883- F E E D - S E E D Third and Sherman Streets Little Rock ---- Ark 95 Furniture of Finest Quality Since 1885 6'The Prirle of Arkansas, ARKANSAS CARPET 81 FURNITURE CO. 709-711 Main Street Rose City Drug Store 24-Hour Prescription Service C 104 Broadway Phone WI 5-2311 0 . . 900 HIGH STREET North Llttle Rock Compliments of KRAFTCO BUILDING SUPPLY COMPANY 6711 Cantrell Road Phone M0 65471 Compliments of . . . Compliments of , LITTLE ROCK TENT BAUMAN S sl AWNING Co. G d M k t -Manufacturers- e Wholesale QQ Retail P' B d A ' . - V f Bl' df IOHEPI' l'iLIl Wiydfxxxgghadesene lan ln S West 11111 North Little Rock West 'Tenth Phone Carson Bray Warren Bray Slate, Tile and Tin Roofing Phone FR 4-0335 or FR 4-7000 1508 Scott Street 96 WILLIAMSON R. A. Karcher M. D. Karcher D R U G S T 0 R E The REXALL Store 128 Main street Phone FR 5-8259 North Little Rock, Arkansas Paper Box Company FOR ALL YOUR PET NEEDS - The Box Factory 1 Come to 0'ru EIN and FEATHER 203 Rock Street Little Rock, Ark. 303 Center Street THOMAS COX INSURANCE 81 REALTY CO. Phone FR 5-1229 715 MAIN STREET NORTH LITTLE ROCK D E E S E DAN'S SHOE SHOP PHONE MO 3-5319 RAY LTROILETTSI CLARENCE 2903 Kavanaugh BRADY DEESE fOwnerj For Best Shoe Repairing Rose City Phone WI 5-2256 NEW SHOES FOR MEN AND ROYS LITTLE ROCK BOYS' CLUB 'clfuillling Better Boyhoollv HEADQUARTERS Boys' Club of Arkansas - Arkansas A. A. U. Little Rock Association Amateurs - Arkansas Baseball Congress Arkansas Softball Association Traveler Buddies - "Youth of Arkansas" 97 BOBBIE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Phone FR 4-2076 510 East Sixth Street Little Rock, Arkansas C l, t f Compliments of . . . omp lfflen S 0 TEDFORD DRUG STORE . . C. B. WRIGHT, Pharmacist T. E. 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JACK EINE Exclusive Ladies Ready-to-Wear Exchange Building Phone FR 4--3690 LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Congratulations to the Sisters of Mercy aml the Graduates Economy Drug Co. Phones: FR 4-0307, FR 4-0308 Fifth and Louisia - - Little Rock 99 Compliments 'of' :Psi-0014 Model Super Market BOTTLING COMPANY 5911 Kavanaush Phone FR 2-5295 716 state su-ee: Little Rock - - - Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas BUTLER'S ESSO SERVICE uFriendly Service" Congratulations to the Graduates! 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Compliments of JAMES BROS- Jacobs Mem Market ' SCHOOL SUPPLIES ' OFFICE SUPPLIES 3424 Camp Robinson Road N hL'ttl R k 217M N hLlRk SOUTHERN MACHINE AND IRON WORKS Miscellaneous and Ornamental Iron Work 809 EAST FOURTH PHONE FR 42597 IO2 Congratulations to the Graduates TARRELL-COOPER LUMBER COMPANY Toizyfflkiilas' Largest Realtors Tausett 81 Company High Prices Paid for Used Cars and Trucks Phone FR 4-8261 215 L s Liule Rock I ul ISP g Ph FR4 06 Compliments of NORTH LITTLE ROCK WATER COMPANY A TAXPAYERS' INSTITUTION BTNSKY TURNER PLUNKETT-JARRETT Congratulations to the Graduates! LITTLE ROCK ABSTRACT COMPANY Abstracts - Title Insurance - Escrows 214 Louisiana Street Telephone F R 5-4477 T03 Jordan Printing 8Statiu11ery Eumpany we lIMIUIE5lIRfIElIIA.N LITTLE HUEH AHHANSAS -.-..f- ,-,'.A.:X ,. V 1 - Q'4F"' -ff U-ff' -2- ' '14 -2" :A "A -xl, 735 xg, . .,,,:,.,- -f.. fa re, .-1: ' ---g -y-nn., 435 uv-

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