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 - Class of 1952

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' 15 5 -J 5 ' . bmw' f P fn X 41 ll,lrQ- Q, N C? X fe as E F ,Ty sy y Tk -5 .. V r . M L rs O ga 5 saw df A L A ff '14 ,, 'H 3 ,F il K, 'S x 2, x ff fi Y a 2 is 1 N - W- '-.-- ., I Q i' A X L 1 f m 'T 1- 1 '- .9 -V . K 6 qi Q51 ., Q 1 qw "A: 2 ax 'N R if '4 , Q was-tv? f? fi? ee fy N ,c' 4 , . f Sir , A . . i E5 :Q 1 ,, .Ng , 1 :ff- 5 531 Q 1 'V . ,ffzfww fwyw. A 937. W QM ,M E gf ff +207 wmffkimafwz ffl X if SA EFHE 'iff fa SX? 5 Wg fi ESQSEEERWS if 4 NRS? 5 Ss E XE' , ' 2 is R5..L5!-QWK1 , MMM W' MW mf M -4. AZ? dv7M1QLfZZAVJ7M mu gg, X. P- r , 1. gig ,f ,X ,N 3 7 , - V: 4,11 .en + , 1 - .a.W. MMA. Q 55,,,,L,,,,,.,1LA..,e D.4.J4z6,MMuAJfv7'25. Judd , mfwwufwydbwmyhwfanm c.,...,z..g Z5 li-M41-J-,,.44,Ou,q.Q,Qz:, . ' l Q - 5 wc,w4JLQ,Q,,4VZZ44,f5a,2i',j,.,Zl?,4,,,o4'Mq61gp.4kJ -V xVyzfW'J.,.,,2f'Jm7f6 -A-lf ,,,,,i,,i7' 5 Z4,QMAQAA72Ld 3 5 Jbffvaff J4PC41.L 4-.4.4,,e wL4i2M.,L,,AHAfWL0iff'5-Z:'HA-byf'-vZ,oLlu2fuu4,:AJ:Z.uLz.+ i f 1 , , ' . " N r V ,,,.,j' ,f g .J -W h ", .Y . . . w w- - ' W. V 4, ' Q na-.-.fx- .. 4 - N" ' .ff ' U . - ' .. ' -Af J. - .L f 4 N- b 4.' , ' . g W N' ' "f" h E Q N ' A , N N X. WMM. Z. WM , ' Simon 9.64-AL' xwfmwfiffdwgzy - M.,Z'u Wfiaj W fCfE?QNwf2iZ wM mw MMM ,ju 'Z A 6, E f 344.44 . df --uff744,?4,34'Z dcczzihq MMM 'H M-o.M,7, 41 o qlnf-Z2 AMWZLV-lb Q ' .M4...f..fAqJ-.22 i CZM.5g4j-MQ, ,,,4.7,,4,r-A644424 'Wim' wif-555555 ffw-WJM 0 Z-ff! o 62040215 Q,,o,olo.M,,ff,.22:Q,,QJ.QLo1 3.-f.fZ,,:,f7Q ,!,,,.,-df7,Qsd,w?, -AAby?G?.22ff54.vZUfif-22.4566-f1.i4.,Lm l44i T116 Senlor Class . . W Zz . .Ah 61'30, f5-id i ycf ave! !6QLJd0 .dm1QL. , . A ary's Academy WV ggi? 'ZZ' T4 R.61J-ack, r Sas : , . Wqifgfvfwomo o QifMAlJL3QgM31fV?3:ilflfWU,f17of2 lNgIiIL1El?d..1.EN WORM , Editor PATRICIA LAND, Associate Editor ..' 0' L? jf'-41 Awww W 1.,Q.L, QZQ 0A?5c f2':2v.Z,Qj' s ,Q 4 f ,4 .1 , 1 OW Afma Wa Very Rev. Msgr. T. L. Keany ..... , Sister Mary Mark, R.S.M ......,rrrr Sister Mary Carol, R.S.M .,4,r.. Sister Mary Frances, R.S.M .,re,. Sister Mary Helen, R.S.M Sister Mary Ita, R.S.M ..,...,..,.,.i.... Sister Mary John Baptist, R.S.M. Sister Mary Pauline, R.S.M ....,..... Sister Mary Philippa, R.S.M .eiee.. Sister Mary Stanislaus, R.S.M .ieee Mrs. John C. Taylor ..............oo.r.o.... Sister Mary Thomasine, R.S.M .... Mrs. George Ussery .i................... Sister Mary Winifred, R.S.M .....oo fel' 111161 Qui' j0llCAel"5 .cc...c.i..Religion, Athletics .,r......Principal, Mathematics ...M......i...........Commercial ...............English, French ...,....Mathematics, Spanish Social Sciences .........Music .........Latin English cc..ncHome Economics Commercial ............Music Science La,gJL6'9-Lf :ll :4 Jn.:-r--7a-w..,. ,iw-'f 0l"elfU0l" The year 1952 is one of anxiety, unrest and confusion. The graduates of '52 are emerging from the inner wall of safety of a Catholic education to face the future, perhaps with fear. But because of our special education we are prepared to withstand the attacks against our faith, our morals, and our reason. The mouthpiece of Catholic education, in our case, is the Sister of Mercy. A century of selfless service in the schools and hospitals of Arkan- sas has not daunted the spirit of these valiant women. On the contrary, it has strengthened them and animated them with zeal and enthusiasm to face the work of the new century. The Sisters of Mercy, after celebrating their centennial year in Arkansas, are looking forward to the future with high hopes of a much extended field of influence. The success of the first 100 years indicates promising prospects for the future, but growth requires expansion, and the future needs of Mt. St. Maryis cry out for more expansive facilities. The dream of a new building with large, modern classrooms and of a new auditorium, with the latest in stage equipment, begins to appear as more than a mere possibility. Thus the MERCIAN of 1952 presents the faculty and the students of today studying, playing, and praying together, with an eye to the future, that the progress and successes of their first century may be repeated one-hundred fold during the new century, which begins this year for the 'sters of Mercy in Arkansas. aww ' ' - AMAA uf IWW 'tw' . M 7M X4 115.2 flffyfi '75'404', 19? 2? ,- UQ, ml: 3 ay Q . 6. N Mgg6,:..,: we em fs my Y ,Mew ,534 6- 93 A, Q V y Q3 M 1. V x. Q M ie Q Iv ma x , 9, br, .Eechcafion fo flue jacuhg Whose love and devotion have instilled in our hearts a lasting memory, and Whose service to Mt. St. Mary's has been excelled only by their love of God and zeal for His glory. In those here for a time, We see a trust born of experience, and in those who have only recently come to St. Mary's, We see the self-confidence proceeding from prayer. Sponsoring the various organizations and activities has brought the faculty nearer to the students and has made us realize how truly they understand the problems and joys of the students. However, we will remember them for teaching us not of Euclid and Shakespeare alone, but also for teaching us God's love for His children. The Sister of Mercy spends her lifetime bringing to us and to succeeding classes all that is good and holy-preparing us for the World, Whether it is to be in the business career, the married state, or the religious life. Their noble Work entitles them to share in God's sweet glory, and to Wear proudly their record of more than a hundred years of service for His honor. As they begin their new century of educational labors in Arkansas, we commend them to the Divine Heart of Our Saviour, praying that "They that instruct others unto justice Shall shine like stars for all eternity." Very Hovorood Monsignor Thomas L. Hoooy, Ph. U Cgalofuin, ZYLACAQV, KLMKA Our Chaldfdillii 0656196 fo fhe gftlfllldted Dear Graduates of the Class of 1952: I have been reminded by the editor of the Mercian that the hour is approaching when I must say my farewell to the members of this class. For a good many years I have been writing valedictions to the graduates of the Mt. St. Mary's Academy. But the annual performance of this act has not diminished the poignancy of it. It is always painful to say good-bye. I hope that your request for this letter is not a mere formality, because the occasion is fraught with opportunities for valuable inspirations. It is a solemn moment and there- fore this message should have your undivided attention. The members of this class, like others who have gone before them, have had unusual advantages. In an age where false notions of freedom are rampant, you have been care- fully trained to know what is right and acceptable. You have been taught to be refined young women, capable of exercising the best kind of influence upon those with whom you associate. You have, therefore, a serious obligation to discharge. Noblesse oblige. You have had before you, all during your school days, living examples in the persons of the gentle and noble Women, who have been your teachers and guides. They are a constant reproach to this selfish age in which they live, because of their lives of sacri- fice devoted, under God and His Blessed Mother, to their fellow human beings. They supply the tender care of a mother to many unfortunate children, victims of the tragedy of modern society, the broken home. Many a time you will look back with wistful eyes and heavy hearts toward your Alma Mater on the Hill. The Sisters will be there in the watch tower observing your success- es with pride and your failures with love and sympathy. You, in turn, must retain a lively interest in your school and its welfare. Come back and visit, lend your help and encouragement to all its activities. You owe this as a debt of gratitude. No school has ever been able to operate on its fees. From the largest university to the humblest mission school, all must depend for help upon benefactors, and who is a more natural bene- factor than those Who have received gifts. You can never repay your debt to the Sisters and to your school, but you should at least try to do it. Most of the members of this class may be classified among "The Future Homemakers of America." This is a popular organization in the public schools, but its members never get the training for their vocation which you have received. The real home and the happy family must have their foundation in religious principles. The principles that you learned at Mt. St. Mary's will make you real homemakers and pillars of society. With God's help, through the Sisters' prayers, you will succeed in making homes better and more secure. Take these lines with you as a souvenir of many happy days we spent together at the Mount. "Be good, sweet maid, and let wou will be clever, Do noble things, not dream them all day long, And so make life, death and that vast forever One grand sweet song." -Kingsley. And so we part. May God bless you and please pray for me. Sincerely yours, Thomes L. Keany. Ze? Lowe in:ifrucfeJ uri in flue arffi arm! fmciencezi Class 0 QXCUWZIO Q ll!6l,:5 Olflfl' CAiQ!Cl,iI'l'l 1 I, V! ' ' X : . x I l -I . VK! S ,U L J , X i fl Mxfi-tk? ROBERTA FOREMAN 1 l Born June IN1934, in Memphis, Tennessee Transferred from St. Joseph's, Conway, Arkansas September, 1950 Sodality 3g Sodality Apostolic Committee 45 1 French Club 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, English Club l 33 Social Science 45 Press Club 4, Commercial l Club 3, 41 National Honor Society 4, Maid to 1 Alumnae Bazaar Queen 4, Senior Ball Commit- Q tee, Class President 4. Grace was in all her steps, hearken in her eyes. SELMA JO GILMORE Born October 26, 1934, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 33 Sodality Parish Committee Co- chairman 43 Latin Club 1, 2, French Club 33 French Club President 43 English Club 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Glee Club Vice-President 43 Social Science Club 3, National Honor Society 43 Press Club 45 Class Secretary 45 Mercian Staff 4. A truer, nobler, zruszier heart, more loving, or more loyal heart never beat. l SHIRLEY JEAN MURPHY Born April 20, 1934, in Casper, Wyoming Entered from Our Lady of Good Counsel September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 1, 25 Social Science 2, 33 Commercial Club 3, 4, Basketball Manager 43 Class Vice-President 4. Aliruyx jrwrlxlly, always xnulirlg, Thafs xrlial rnakrnx her so beguiling. MARY ANN MERGENSCHROER Born October 17, 1934, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Patricks' North Little Rock September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 2, Commercial Club 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 43 English Club 31 National Honor Society 4, Class Treasurer 45 Senior Ball Committee. In coming years we'll recall The pleuxanl smile xhe had for all. fl all l'l'l6L LtQl" l,U0l"tAg 0 JOAN ARMBRUST Born November 3, 1934, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Pulaski Heights Junior High, September, 1948 Sodality 2, 3, Sodality Missions Committee Chairman 4, Latin Club 2, English Club Secretary 3, Social Science Club 3, Glee Club 4, Commercial Club 4, Rocket Varsity Cheerleader 4, Maid to Catholic High Home- coming Queen 4, Maid to Alum- nae Bazaar Queen 4. A dancing shape, and image gay, To haunt, to startle, to waylay. PATRICIA ANN BENTZE Born October 22, 1934, in Erie, Pennsylvania Transferred from Villa Maria Academy, Erie, Pennsylvania September, 1950 Sodality 3, Sodality Treasurer 4, Legion of Mary 3, English Club President 3, Social Science Club President 3, Commercial Club 3, 4, National Honor Society 4. Loveliest of women, heaven is in thy soul. CAROL ANNE AUCOIN Born December 26, 1933, in Highpoint, North Carolina Entered from Pulaski Heights Junior High, September, 1949 Sodality 2, 3, Sodality Parish Committee Co-chairman 4, Class Secretary 2, Latin Club 2, Eng- lish Club 3, Social Science Club 3, National Honor Society 4. And her face so fair, Slirfd with her dream, as rose leaves with the air PATRICIA LEE BOX Born June 15, 1935, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Andrew's School September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, English Club 3, Social Science Club 3, Commercial Club 3, 4. The load becomes lighz which is cheerfully borne. 7 GLF? If l'l6l,I'l'l8 JANET CHRISTINE BENTRUP Born January 28, 1934, in St. Louis, Missouri Transferred from Notre Dame Academy, Belleville, Illinois September, 1949 Sodality 2, 3, Sodality Social Life Committee Co-chairman 4, Latin Club 2, 3, English Club 3, Com- mercial Club 3, 4, Social Science Club 2, 4, Glee Club 3, 4. Variety's the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavour. ANN BRIZZOLARA Born May 4, 1933, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High, September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Social Science Club 3, English Club, 3. Her i'o"e was ever soft, gentle and low, an excellent thing in woman. A mercy fihiefof on ringfm newfy Adamo! LAURA LOU BROCKMAN Born January 18, 1934, in Wetumka, Oklahoma Entered from East Side Junior High, September, 1949 Latin Club 2, 33 Commercial Club 3, 43 English Club 33 Social Sci- ence Club 2, 4. The pursuit of the perfect, then, Is the pursuit of sweetness and light. BARBARA ANN COLE Born November 30, 1933, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Our Lady of Good Counsel School, September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 English Club 33 Social Science Club 3, 43 Commercial Club 3, 4. She looks as clear as morning roses newly washed with dew. MARY LOU BROWN Born July 6, 1934, in Abbeville, Louisiana Transferred from Junior High School, Gurdon, Arkansas September, 1948 English Club 33 Commercial Club 3, 43 Social Science Club 33 Span- ish Club 2, 3. See where she 1-runes, appurrelled like the Spring. DOROTHY LOUISE DAYER Born August 7, 1934, in Conway, Arkansas Transferred from St. Josep'h's, Conway, September, 1950 Sodality 33 Sodality Secretary 43 Glee Club 3, 43 English Club 33 Commercial Club 3, 43 Social Science Club Secretary 33 Maid to Alumnae Bazaar Queen 4. Witty, wise, and full of song, carefree, happy all Jay lang. PATRICIA ANN BROWN Born May 31, 1934, in Omaha, Nebraska Entered from West Side Junior High, September, 1948 Sodality 2, 33 Co-editor of Sodal- ist 43 Social Science Club English Club 33 Latin Club Latin Club Vice-President 39 13 25 French Club Treasurer 33 French Club Vice-President 43 Glee C lub 33 Glee Club Secretary 43 Na- tional Honor Society 4. When she had passed, it seemed like the ceasing of exquisite music. PATRICIA ANN EUBANK Born October 9, 1933, in Little Rock, Arkansas S Entered from St. Patrick's, North Little Rock, September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Social Science Club 33 Glee Club 3, 43 Commercial Club Commercial Club President Rocket Junior Cheerleader English Club 3. To see her is lo love her and love but her forever. 33 43 1. i5l0K6ty86! ouri ea A in i JEAN CAROLYN GARDNER Born February 9, 1934, in Little Rock, Arkansas Transferred from Little Rock Senior High, September, 1951 Commercial Club 45 Social Sci- ence Club 4. Lmzeliness needs not the foreign aM of ornament. MARTHA LOUISE GRE ENE Born November 12, 1934, in Tigrett, Tennessee Transferred from North Little Rock Junior High September, 1948 Latin Club 1, 25 Glee Club 31 English Club 35 Commercial Club 3, 45 Social Science Club 35 Class Secretary 15 French Club 35 French Club Treasurer 4. Girls like her are very rare, Intelligent, .sweet anrl extremely fair. CAROL ANN GIBSON Born October 8, 1934, in Monroe, Louisiana Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High, September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 35 Sodality Pub- licity Committee Chairman 45 English Club 35 Latin Club 1, 25 Commercial Club 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Press Club 3, 45 Mount Staff 4. How beautiful is ynuthg how bright it glearns! ERNESTIN E HARRELL Born July 15, 1933, in Carthage, Mississippi Entered from East Side Junior High, September, 1949 English Club 35 Spanish Club 2, 35 Social Science Club 3, 45 Glee Club 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Class President 35 Maid to Catholic High School Homecoming Queen 45 Rocket Varsity Cheerleader 45 Commercial Club 3, 4. Kinrl words and deeds show in others' hearts where'er she goes. 7 e A cjueaf THERESA E. GLOOR Born November 17, 1934, in Hot Springs, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High, September, 1948 Re-entered from Lakeside School, Hot Springs, September, 1951 Sodality 1, 2, 45 Latin Club 1, 25 Glee Club 45 Commercial Club 4. The rising blushes which her cheek o'erspread Are opening roses in the lilies' bed. PATRICIA LYNNELL HARRE LL Born July 13, 1935, in Big Spring, Texas Transferred from Prescott High School, Prescott, Arkansas September, 1951 Commercial Club 4. Silence that spoke, and eloquence of eyes. 1 X . Lgredhman me ma e ua laower u fieniorfi CV' +03 A 5 ,,,,,pf4,,,g 4 en.. , . 4. jaui- ,..ntl4u.5,'2',- uw, X lx! 5.5, muffin" .v U x .5 L-if ,A-+"' ' 1 BEULAH MARIE HARRIS GEORGIA ANN HILL BARBARA JEAN KIERRE Born June 26, 1933, in Born September 19, 1934, in Born April 4, 1934, in Bald Knob, Arkansas Entered from St. Andrew's School, September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 1, 25 Glee Club 3, 43 English Club 35 Commercial Club 3, 4. On with the dance! Le: joy be unconfirfd. BARBARA JANETTE KRESSE Born February 7, 1934, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. EdWard's School, September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 1, 25 English Club 3, Social Science Club 3, Commercial Club 3, 45 Maid to Catholic High Homecoming Queen 43 Rocket Varsity Cheerleader 4. I: is good zo lengthen to the last a sunny mood. Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High, September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, English Club 35 Press Club 3, 4, Social Science Club 33 National Honor Society 43 Quill and Scroll 4, Mount Staff 4. There is a woman at the beginning of all greul things. PATRICIA ANN LAND Born August 19, 1934, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. EWard's School, September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Basketball 13 Social Science Club 33 Commercial Club 3, 43 QEnglish Club 3, National Honor Society 4, Mercian Associate Editor4g Senior Ball Committee. A youth to whom was given so much of earth, so much of heaven. Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Joseph's, North Little Rock, Arkansas, September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, English Club 3, Social Science Club 2, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, Class Treasurer 1, Mercian Queen 4. SiIf'm'1' more musival :hun any song. BARBARA ANN LEVESQUE Born May 25, 1933, in Waterbury, Connecticut Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High, September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 25 English Club 35 Social Sci- ence Club 3g Commercial Club 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Mercian Circulation Manager 4. Varfrly is the source of joy. jokranffg gui ing flzeir mid BARBA JANE LOVE Born December 18, 1933, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from West Side Junior High, September, 1949 Sodality 2, 3, 43 Social Science Club 33 English Club 33 Spanish Club 23 Glee Club 33 Commercial Club 3, 4. Thy rlcvp eyes, amid the gloom, shim: like jewels. .SARAH GRACE MARTIN Born August 2, 1935, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Our Lady of Good Counsel, September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 33 Sodality Euchar- istic Committee 43 Latin Club 13 Latin Club Program Chairman 23 English Club 33 Commercial Club 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 33 Glee Club President 43 Social Science Club President 33 Social Science Club 43 French Club Vice-Presi- dent 33 French Club Secretary 43 Press Club 43 League of thc Sacred Heart Secretary 43 Na- tional Honor Society 43 Catholic High Homecoming Queen 43 Rocket Varsity Cheerleader 43 Mercian Staff 4. H111 voice was like the voice the .stars had when they sang iogeiher, MARGARET THERESA MACK Born October 18, 1934, in Thief River Falls, Minnesota Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High, September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 33 Sodality Prefect 43 Spanish Club 23 English Club President 33 Commercial Club 33 Social Science Club 33 Social Science Club Secretary 43 Na- tional Honor Society 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Press Club 3, 43 Mount Staff 4. In youih and lwuuly wisduni is but mic BARBARA HELENE MARTIN Born February 12, 1934, in Chicago, Illinois Transferred from Little Rock Senior High, September, 1951 Commercial Club 43 Spanish Club 43 Social Science Club 4. Clzeerfulnexl is a jrivnfi to grace. Qin Q6Ll'l0l"5 MARTHA SUSAN MALLOY Born November 8, 1934, in Chicago, Illinois Transferred from Junior High School, Jackson, Mississippi, September, 1949 Sodality 2, 33 Sodality Vice- Prefect 43 Latin Club 23 Social Science Club Secretary 33 Social Science Club 43 English Club 33 French Club 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Basketball 3, 43 Press Club 3, 43 Mount Staff 43 League of the Sacred Heart Promoter 33 Alumnae Bazaar Queen 4. .So fc-'ll she acted with tha! rirmrious fersalility. DOROTHY MAE MANCINI Born January 23, 1934, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Our Lady of Good Counsel, September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 English Club 33 Social Sci- ence Club 33 Class President 23 Commercial Club 33 Commercial Club Secretary 43 Basketball 4. Possvxseil of a genial and happy nature. wie. as M fifruggicl wid: our A00 MARY LOU MERGENSCHROER Born November 26, 1934, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Andrew's School, September, 1948 CLARICE JOAN MILLER Born January 29, 1934, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Our Lady of Good Counsel, September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, English Club 3, Social Sci- 1, 2, Commercial Club 3, 4, Eng- ence Club 4, Commercial Club lish Club 3, Glee Club 4. 3, 4. EVN? WUWWVI'-5 life 115 0 faify WJ'-' Wlillfn by In her tongue is the law of kindness. God's fingers. OLGA M. MUZQUIZ Born January 7, 1933, in San Antonio, Texas Entered from Bauxite Junior High, Bauxite, Arkansas September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Social Science Club 2, 3, English Club 3, Commercial Club 3, 4. like twilighfs too, her dusky hair. ROSEMARY OBERSTE Born March 19, 1934, in Little Rock, Arkansas Transferred from St. Scholastica Academy, Fort Smith, Arkansas September, 1950 Sodality 3, Sodality Social Life Co-chairman 4, English Club 3, Social Science Club President 3, Commercial Club 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Class Treasurer 3, Mount Staff 3, 4, Press Club 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Senior Ball Chair- man. The magic of the tongue is the mos: potent of ull spells. La ana! lea fa of-.Q MARY SUSAN MORAN Born April 25, 1934, in St. Louis, Missouri Transferred from Eugene Coyle High School, Kirkwood, Missouri September, 1951 Sodality 4, Glee Club 4, Social Science Club 4, Mercian Staff4, Senior Ball Committee. Earneslness and sincerity are synonymous. JOAN OLMSTEAD Born July 16, 1934, in Hot Springs, Arkansas Entered from Senior High School, Hot Springs, Arkansas September, 1950 English Club 3, Social Science Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4. A blue eye is a true rye. i f " C Q E- xi- ' ?'e"K 4 'lik-,a.Q. weahk ofkcowkvlge will: CATHERINE MARIE PAPAN Born August 23, 1934, in Hazen, Arkansas Transferred from Senior High School, Bryant, Arkansas February, 1951 Sodality 3, Sodality Publicity Committee Chairman 4, English Club Secretary 33 Commercial Club 3, 4. .4 picture is a prwrn without wanis. JOANN BARBARA POVVELL Born December 21, 1933, in Galveston, Texas Transferred from Central High School, Millington, Tennessee September, 1949 Sodality 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 2, 3, English Club 35 Commer- cial Club 3, 4. Sweet aml milrl, xliffs l1Pai'vn'5 own rlzilfl. BARBARA ANN PARKE Born July 27, 1934, in Waterbury, Connecticut Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High, September, 1948 Latin Club 1, 25 English Club President 3, Social Science Club 3, Glee Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 43 Mercian Staff. Hrr air, lzrr mannerx, all who saw mlmirerl. PATRICIA ANN REDMOND Born March 1, 1935, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Little Rock Senior High, September, 1951 Sodality 45 Glee Club 4, Social Science Club 4, Commercial Club 43 League of the Sacred Heart Promoter 4. Small in xtatztre, but Iuryf- I 1 ua now reafa J ACQUELINE PENN Born July 25, 1933, in Miami, Florida Entered from Lakeside School, Hot Springs, Arkansas September, 1951 Commercial Club 4, Glee Club 4. ,-ind all 1lmt's ln-st of dark anzl light, Meet in hfr aspect and her 1-yrs. ROSE LYNN RENFROE Born February 8, 1935, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Holy Souls School September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 1, 2, English Club 35 Social Sci- ence Club 3g Commercial Club 3, 4. ,Ynlnle rlfw-flx Illul un' rurzrrfalell arf' llmxc f'.x1f'f'rl1r'1l. ella , ,. ,, 1 J ' ,JJ1 I, jA0lftg CGPQLQQ Gfyil 6U"8 61161261 A8102 LORETTA RICHARDS Born February 12, 1934, in Jackson, Mississippi Transferred from Little Rock Senior High, September, 1951 Commercial Club 45 Social Science Club 4. Impulsive, earnest, prompt ta act: Anrl make her generous thought a fact. IMARY FRANCES RUMBACH Bom February 16, 1934, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Edwards School, September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, English Club 33 Social Science Club 33 Latin Club 1, 2, Commercial Club 3, 43 Class Vice-President 23 Basket- ball 1, Junior Rocket Cheer- leader 1, Maid to Catholic High Homecoming Queen 43 Rocket Varsity Cheerleader 4. The woman who loves and laughs must sure do well. 4 it 1 A YQ Q' fit 4 YELKA YVONNE RIFE Born September 22, 1934, in Jenkins, Kentucky Entered from St. Elizabeth High, Detroit, Michigan, January, 1952 Sodality 4, Commercial Club 4g Social Science Club 4. Beauty and virtue china forever 'round thee. DOROTHY SAENGER Born September 21, 1934, in Newport, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High, September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 33 Sodality Mis- sions Committee Chairman 43 Latin Club Treasurer 13 Latin Club 2g Social Science Club 3g English Club Secretary 33 Com- mercial Club 3g Glee Club 43 Maid to Alumnae Bazaar Queen 4. She is pretty to walk with and witty to talk with. ,I , I'-f'f,3+f ' W , .Jr V, ELIZABETH M. ROST Born February 7, 1934, in Minneapolis, Minnesota Transferred from Sacred Heart School, Memphis, Tennessee September, 1951 Sodality 4, Glee Club 43 Social Science Club 4. The joy oj youth and health her eyes displuykl. NORA VALERIA SCHULLER Born August 13, 1934, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Patrick's, North Little Rock September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 35 English Club 3g Social Sci- ence Club 4g Commercial Club 3, 4. Patience is the key to contentment. MI" l'l'lel'YL0l"i8C5 enfofcl 6L LU0l'lJ8l'!fl!gQ6Ll" PATRICIA SMITH Born August 30, 1934, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from North Little Rock High, September, 1950 Sodality 43 English Club 33 Social Science Club 31 Commer- cial Club 3, 43 League of the Sacred Heart 4. She is as gentle as zepliyrs lilou-ing below the rinlvl. MARY JO WHEELER Born March 4, 1935, in Longview, Texas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High, September, 1948 Latin Club 1, 23 Basketball 13 Glee Club, 2, 3, 43 Commercial Club 3, 43 Spanish Club 43 Eng- lish Club 33 Social Science Club 3. Her heart and .wrxllrriwrzlm ure free. MARY ELLEN STORMES Born May 8, 1934, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Patrick's North Little Rock Septembe1', 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 33 Sodality Cath- olic Truth Committee Chairman 43 Latin Club 1,23 Social Science Club 33 English Club 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Press Club 33 Press Club President 43 League of the Sacred Heart Acting President 43 Commercial Club 33 Commer- cial Club Program Chairman 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 National Honor Society 43 Mount Staff 43 Mercian Editor 4. Her glnsxy hair was r'luxlr'rf'1l :fer her bmw, Brigpz with int:-'Iligf'nr'e' 111111 juir and smooth. MARY LEE WICKARD Born March 17, 1934, in Jonesboro, Arkansas Entered from Little Rock Senior High, September, 1950 Sodality 33 Co-editor of the So- dalist 43 Glee Club 33 Commer- cial Club 43 English Club 33 Spanish Club 33 Social Science Club 3, 4. .4 lvznsumf' laxx 141111 gnlzlzrn hair, .-ilzcays zcwlrnrm-rl f'1'r'ry14'here. SANDRA LORRAINE WHITE Born February 18, 1934, in Arkansas City, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High, September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 English Club 33 Class Vice- President 33 Social Science Club Treasurer 33 Commercial Club 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 4. lluod humnr is ,grznrlnvxx :mil wisdom com I1 fn Ml. JENNIE RUTH ZALOUDEK Born July 16, 1934, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Mary's, North Little Rock, September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 33 Sodality Chair- man of Our Lady's Committee 43 Spanish Club 1, 23 English Club 33 Social Science Club 33 Commercial Club 3, 43 League of the Sacred Heart Promoter 43 National Honor Society 4. .-I u'oman.'s str:-nglli is most potent in gr'nlle'll1'55. CC 7 77 Len ou re eniom, X f ayaeya D ff 5 V. ',. 2i 5 A ' Y x RFQ ',-::v , Y V , ,.,,., 5 ig-i ,.,. :,.f1 V at yiiqg-' 11 --:. ' W ' : nigga? A H, y A Q, f sf Www . ,. , Ki :1-: A "" frsg,..j'iif: zzz 1-, , 3521 we an W Aw :I .ar vim 'Qi' 1 . gash ' 'vzz -I: Am ...S 35,1 1 :A K ' Wi' " A vw ,.:,: f M ev -I ww X . Q ' 4 ' X it ' I J fs Z, W :zv -1" V "',.,. .,.,,.,,:: 2 I "2'11 I f F- W as gras. i 5 fy ,.,. , 'Q 'il' Q, - ...Q 5, :" W 'N M , V- Q yy hw mir wu- :Q W g ,zzu 33 we 'iii' f 23 KX as X 'sy . . .,, In s X , As . VA v:,.. A,.A. '31 , - xt ,,,.., .:::: .:: f": It IA J ' - ' ' K .':.:ff:f- .. .,.., f----- A -' ..,, . -f,.,. ' :- nn n n nr Q f .ay if 4 f 'X' K W -1- M 1" 1- F' Jhumf. A-1 zv- . 1 is 1 ,J V X , ,:,1 E x V K ..,. V V.: 'Qi - I A .A wah . x AW, X:.,. KKK, :,,, J ,.,., :2-' ' V Y .. , Q Y ' Ss Y -e . e'1'V?' L .. dwg 0 fen my N ml V291 X- I. All we A 3- 'Wy ..:. Q 4 M., e D 4 1, Q 1 ' af 'Z wwf l W .,. ,V .iw 3. My N . JUNIORS Jane Haubursin, Pres Sandra Austin Mary Kay Barham Sue Bishop Anna Marie Boehmer Betty Jo Foreman, Vice-President Mildred Booth Kathryn Brady Connie Brandon Carol Ann Bray Ida Jane Brown Pat Butler Dorothy Byrnes Betty Dodds Pat Downing Helen Duelmer Mona Emmcrling Mercia Fahrion Bobbie Hamling Ruth Hardcastle Ann Harrell Carole Ann Hart Dotty Hart Maggie Haury Virginia Heinze Dorothy Henderson Betty Hiryak Betty Jo Hoelzeman Marilyn Holt Shirley Hooks Jackie Hurley Patty Johnson Margaret Ann Jones Carolyn Keatts Theresa Koehler Helen Konecny Mildred Lannie Norma Lehman Nancy Lett Pat Lipsmeyer Af fcfy JUNIORS Ann Barre, Secretary Peggy Marks Patsy Massery Pat McCarthy Sara Meehan Liane Rhein, Treasurer Sally Mullins Angeline Muzquiz Theresa Nobholz Melody Nangle Patsy Nord Evelyn Novak Mickey O'Connor Carol Patton Betty. Jean Penix Helen Peters Kathryn Phillips Dorothy Ann Potter Mary Jo Priest Mary Ann Rand Marcia Reeves Ann Renneker Ann Saenger Mary Ann St. Clair Freida Schlatterer Dolores Schneider Marianne Shirley Janis Shoekey Ann Skittone Beverly Smith Mary Gene Smith Ruth Straessle Betty Sutton Helen Whitehead Katherine Williams Mary Ellen Williams Norma Walker Betty Lou Watson Terry Zackert Margaret Zakrzewski X 7 8 'Vt . 500l'L 1508 ag M51 " 51: . ,Mm "L"'r' Www 9 -, ,I :R Q . , W if K "-- Q WW -..,., .. Q rg? ff- no fe ei T ., X it Q it Ez' . It is X il A,'- - Kgs: .i-A vw 7 5 iv i 1 - A A I, D' Mm 1 M A ,Q My . - Q, , M 3 ef We W. ,. Q l ' X P ,--- , ww , A .:A,.,,..,- 2 , . Q lt E H Q "" . , QQQQ QQ --.v, QTQQ 1:QQ..::s:. QQ Q QQ::' "' QQ QQ ::,QQ 1 Q . :Qa:'- Q fm Q Q. . ,W m Q M S Q QQ Q vm Q Q Q: , Q ,Q Q , Q QQ QQ Q a W 1 Q . QQQQQQQ - QQQQQ ,X X I X Q Q QQ Q . .r...,.r:: 2 'Q . Q Q QQ QQ: ,.:. , mf Li . I , W QQQ, Syl ' 'Q Q fx? 1 ..,, ' ' .1 V Q - haf' ,wx A ' I l 'orv.,, 1 riff a ,, T at ,rr Qvvv Biff' to I. , ' W . Irti' , . X ' ' ., .,..v::':'f'Q' Q : -L. . : EiE512:E::"II l S Q' it , Q . I :Q 14. flvifll U J l 1 Qs you now Sopkomore meand wide foo! Mi gf ww. I .32 5 .sry f I as My SOPHOMORES Mary Lou Womack, President Mary Ann Bachman Reba Sue Baker Pat Bauer Angela Belotti Luci Moran, Vice-President Helen Bennett Mary Ruth Bennett Catherine Berg Patricia Berg Jeanne Blaty Frances Butler Joanne Droogas Betty Emrick Marilyn Fellhauer Pat Ferguson Joy Gerard Lyra Sue Harmon Carol Jean Hester Louella Hoffman Patsy Holland Freda Jackson Mary Belle Johnson Carolyn Johnson Irene Jones Betty Ann Keltner Mary Ann Kirchner Paula Land Eleanor Lipsmeyer Frances Ann Lucy Marie Lunsford Q57 M456 QI'l0lfLg fo f5tlfL6!y U1 JC 00 SOPHOMORES Patsy Cooper, Secretary Margaret Lynch VVanalee Machen Maria Madrigal Rose Marie Mancini Sherline Dill, Treasurer Rita Ann Mather Mary Katherine McDermott Martha Mladan Carolyn Nabholz Mary Ann Nosal Joan Marie Ogle Gerre Ann Poat Clay Mae Raney Jo Ann Renz Carolyn Rhodes Margaret Ann Rolf Mary Ann Rose Delores Sarna Pat Schumacker Lurene Simmons Barbara Sokol Nancy Stancil Shirley Stevens Gaye Stormes Yvonne Truby Htlon Van Dusen Betsy VVeber Mary Ann Wilson Mary Ann Wollhower Missy VVright i 4' MFA ai .im M cuff A r . covle affine , ,' fits-' 6 :iv ' 0lfU'lf FRESHMEN Rosemary Kordsmeier President Clarice Anderson Mary Beth Andrews Mary Louise Bauman Carol Ann Belmont Claire Saenger, Vice-President Linda Besancon Barbara Bishop Ida Boehmer Pat Bowman Barbara Breyel Dana Broderick Patsy Buddenberg Roseann Burgy Betty Cagle Theresa Cia Melanie Crawford Marie Danforth Joan Dickmann Carolyn Dotson Veronica Duelmer Joanne Dungan Deanna Durbin Carolyn Durio Mary Frances DuVal Suzanne Elting Doris Ann Fisher Betty Frederick Barbara Gribble Ellen Griffin Virginia Hanggi ,WAO 21 CLP? Jag jl"Q6Al'l'l8l'L 6!0I'l 2 C0bU'lf. FRESHMEN Rosalind Meehan, Secretary Jeannine Henderson Marilyn Hoelzeman Bernadette Hum Mary Jones Ruby Cumnock, Treasurer Marjorie Konecny Diane Leverett Barbara Linsky Paula Lipsmeyer Doris Manville Lucy Marchese Barbara Martin Kathleen McDonald Mary Kay Miller Rita Miller Patsy Mullins Janice Odom Mary Alice Pushkarsky Dorothy Raczkowski Virginia Reinhart Bridget Sarna Linda Sue Spires Patsy Stolzer Elizabeth Straessle Carolyn Swaim Celena Thirion Rita Tuberville Mary Volpert Betty Weber Carolyn Wilkerson Diane Williams '71 , ,,,,,3, .I A ,,x 5 11: 1, ,fi uw- ms V - :::. 'E-4 r A .,,., . .H E ,qvlzll :ESI 'ew 4' fsffwn- , . .. 2 55 E-E: 3, ,A . 'Ei 6 Q 5 . v..-. by , . X as sash i. up W A 3 3 i . I QW W ' '::, .. . A? ,A MEP ,., WV - lj. X - W X17 ,W . f r 0 jkey ACLU? ua L6LJ2l"5Ail0 an C00l0Ql"6l,fi0lfL 4555 Organizations ll"g7 Our M127 0 Uur ,Daft AA Sodality officers seated. left to right: Rosemary Oberste and Janet Bentrup, Social Life Committee Co-chair- 1119112 Carol Aucoin, Parish Committee Co-chairman, Dorothy Dayer, Secretaryg Sue Malloy, Vice-Prefcctg Carol Ann Gibson, Publicity Committee Chairman, Dorothy Saenger and Joan Armbrust, Missions Committee Co- chairmen. Standing, left to right: Jenny Zaloudek, Our Lady's Committee Chairman, Mary Ellen Stormes, Catholic Truth Committee Chairmang Selma Jo Gilmore, Parish Committee Co-chairman, Sarah Grace Martin, Eucharistic Com- mittee Chairmang Margaret Mack, Prefectg Patricia Bentze, Treasurerg Mary Bob Foreman, Apostolic Committee Chairmang Cathy Papan, Publicity Committee Co-chairman: Mary Lee Wickard and Patricia Brown, Co-editors of the "Soda1ist." 0 df? The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary began its new year of activities with the announcement of the new officers and committee chairmen, at the first meeting in September, conducted by Sister Mary Mark, Sodality Moderator. Meetings were held every Friday, consisting of skits, readings, quizzes, book reports and discus- sions. Specially prepared skits were presented in connection with Catholic Press Month, Vocation Month, and Lent, On the first Friday of every month, the Sodalists recited the Little Office of the Blessed Mother in the Chapel. On December 12, after a three-month probation period, new members were received into the Sodality, in the chapel ceremony conducted by the Sodality spritiual director, Very Rev. T. L. Keany. In December, eight Sodalists attended the S.D.S. convention lSupply the Demand for the Supply! in St. Louis, under the direction of Rev. Daniel A. Lord, S.J. Reports of the convention were made at the following meetings to encourage the Sodalist to start the S.D.S. movement for modesty in dress, in Little Rock. Other Sodality activities included the students annual three-day retreat, conducted by Rev. Anthony Maher, C.P., from St. Louis, continued donations to a mission in India "adopted" by the Sodalists several years ago, distribution of Christ- mas baskets for the poorg collecting cancelled postage stamps for foreign missions and con- tributing to the Bishop's Fund for the poor chil- dren in Europe, 0I"QU8l" ffbtdiillg in lA? CLCFQJ LHQGLIJ League of Sacred Heart officers presiding at a meeting are, left to right: Dorothy Henderson, treasurer Patricia Redmond, promoter: Sarah Grace Martin, secretary: Mary Ellen Stormes, acting president, Mary Lou Womack, recording secretary: Clarice Miller, promoterg and Anne Saenger, saeristan. eague of fda Lgyacrecl .Hearf The Promoters of the League of the Sacred Heart are a selected group of members of the Apostleship of Prayer whose duty is to co-operate with Our Lord by doing everything in their power to bring souls nearer to Him by making His Sacred Heart better known and loved. Specifically, the Promoter explains the advantages and bene- fits of the League to the group of members assigned to her band, encourages them to be faith- ful to the practices of the League, leads them to take up the duties of the higher degrees of mem- bership, personally distributes the monthly leaf- lets, collects their intentions and good works to be forwarded to the National Office, and secures new members for the League, The Promoters, under the sponsorship this year of Sister M. Stanislaus, held meetings on the last Thursday of each month. As a special project, a vocation play, "Along God's Way," was presented for the student body. The members of the cast, performers of the numbers between acts, and the aecompanists were all promoters. Aftcr a period of probation, new members of the Promoters' Club were formally received at a ceremony held at the Sacred Heart Grotto, April 28, during which they received their official pins and certificates. The reception was followed by Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament in the Chapel. The Glee Club, under the supervision of Sister Mary Pauline, is composed of 0 P24660 oneii doa!! Ay mudic id wide Glee Club members, exclusive of the special choral group are, first row, left to right: Theresa. Gloor, Patricia Redmond, Helen Peters, Jackie Penn, Dorothy Byrnes, Betty Lou Watson, Dorothy Dayer, Virginia Heinze, Terry Zackert, Liane Rhein, Marianne Shirley, Jane Haubersin, Barbara Levesque, Dana Broderick, Jackie Hurley, Sara Meehan. Second row: Helen Whitehead, Lucy Marchese, Mary Ann Wollhower, Marilyn Fellhauer, Linda Besan- con, Barbara. Breyel, Patty McCarthy, Melanie Crawford, Luci Moran, Deanna Durbin, Ida Boehmer, Doris A. Fisher, Lyra Sue Harmon, Barbara Gribble, Rita Mather, Mary Kay Miller, Claire Saenger, Marilyn Hoelzman, Carolyn Wil- kerson, Anna Marie Boehmer, Rosalind Meehan, Third row: Elizabeth Straessle, Louella Hoffman, Carol Belmont, Dolores Sarna, Joanne Droogas, Sally Mullins, Paula Land, Angela Belotti, Gerre Poat, Janis Shockey, Patsy Stolzer, Missey Wright, Paula Lipsmeyer, Mary Volpert. Fourth row: Mary Belle Johnson, Gaye Stormes, Carolyn Dotson, Linda Sue Spires, Joan Dickmann, Margaret Lynch, Mary Alice Pushkarsky, Celena Thirion, Yvonne Truby, Lurine Simmons, Frances Ann Lucy, Virginia Reinhart, Frances Butler, Carolyn Rhodes, and Bobbie Hamling. 0lfU1t Ae approximately 150 members. Regular practice periods are held daily from 11:20 until noon in the recital hall. Officers elected early in the fall by the Glee Club are: president, Sarah Grace Martin, vice-president, Selma Jo Gilmoreg secretary, Pat Brown. The duties of their offices consisted chiefly in announcing the Glee Club activities and carrying on of various duties at Glee Club assemblies. Outstanding performances and appearances of the Glee Club include the annual Christmas entertainment, selected songs sung on Education-Business day, and a featured spot in connection with the Rosary Crusade Rally at Robinson Auditorium. The Glee Club also was presented in a spring song and dance revue, as its specially featured appearance for the year. A final appearance will be made when the Glee Club will sing for the Commencement exercises. Carol Ann Gibson or Ainging iff iuing in laura irie 0 55903 90995 3 Choral Group, with accompanists, Virginia Hanggi and Patsy Mullins, seated at pianos, are first row, left to right: Patricia Brown, Glee Club secretaryg Joan Armbrust, Carol Ann Gibson, Beulah Marie Harris, Sarah Grace Martin, presidentg Anne Saenger, Patricia Eubanks, Mary Bob Foreman, and Selma Jo Gilmore, vice- president. Second row: Anne Barre, Rosemary Kordsmeier, Betsy Weber, Joan Ogle, Betsi Rost, Dorothy Sacnger, Eleanor Lipsmeyer, Sandra White, Kathryn Brady, Mary Kay Barham, Mary Lou Mergenshroer, Patsy Cooper. Top row: Jo Ann Renz, Janet Bentrup, Rosemary Oberste, Ernestine Harrell, Mary Ellen Stormes, Sue Moran, Jeannine Henderson, Dorothy Henderson, Barbara Parke, Marie Danforth, Mary Jo Priest, and Mary Ann Mergenschroer, loeciaf Chrraf group Pictured above are a selected group of girls who compose the Special Chorus of the Glee Club. This choral group or singers chosen from it supply the music for chapel services and for some off-campus affairs, They sang the High Masses for Forty Hours Devotion at the opening and the closing of the Centenary Year. Several members also were selected to sing the Mass for the dedication of the new chapel at St. Joseph's Hospital, Hot Springs, and for the nurses graduation exercises at Warner-Brown Hospital, El Dorado, The Special Chorus also sang numbers for a program presented by the students on Msgr. Keany's feast day and again for the feastday program of Sister M. Mark, principal. Many of the choral group are also piano pupils who took part in the auditions B of the International Piano Guild to win membership in the National Fraternity of Student Musicians. Senior pianists to give recitals in May are Patricia Brown, Patricia Brown left, and Carol Ann Gibson, opposite page. mo ern wolf of clemancii e iciencg Patricia Eubanks, president: Connie Brandon, vice-presidentg Dorothy Mancini, secretaryg Beverly Smith, treasur er and Mary Ellen Stormes, program chairman. ommerciaf Under the sponsorship of Sister Mary Thomas- ine, the Commercial Club entered into its twenty- first consecutive year with the purpose of advanc- ing business ideas to students interested in the business world after graduation, by means of explanatory skits, talks and reviews from "Today's Secretary," the commercial magazine, One of the main projects of the Commercial Club this year was the presentation of a short three-act play written and directed by Mary Ellen Stormes, entitled "The Family that Prays To- gether." The play was given in connection with the Family Rosary Crusade, carried on in the diocese of Little Rock. The cast was comprised of Senior members of the combined commercial classes. Other activities included the typing of envelopes for the Arkansas Crippled Chi1dren's Association for Benton and Randolph counties, and for the Alumnae and PTA. Eighty word certificates in shorthand for a 95 per cont accuracy were won by Mary Ann Mergenschroer, Mary Lou Mergenschroer, Jennie Zaloudck, Mary Bob Foreman, Barbara Levesque, Mary Ellen Stormes, Dorothy Mancini, Shirley Murphy, Olga Musquiz, Sanda White, Lynn Ren- froe, and Pat Land. The above girls will also be the proud possessors of the 100 word certificate by the end of the semester, The 65 word certificates for a 95 per cent accur- acy in typing were won by Laura Brockman and Sarah Grace Martin. 8 A OLUQ Olll' ITLCLIU5 OUQI' all :fed ' g 5 Z 3 Z i i 3 5 1 Norma Lehman, Sue Moran, Kathryn Brady, alternating presiding officcrsg Mary Gene Smith and Margaret Mack, secretaries. Betty Jo Foreman, secretary, was absent when picture was made. ocia! Science The Social Science Club, under the direction of Sister Mary Ita, is composed of students in the United States Government and American History classes. Club acitivities began in October with thc elec- tion of officers, a president and a secretary for each class section. During the year a series of debates was presented on current political or economic topics. After the affirmative and nega- tive sides gave their views on the subject, the other girls in class asked questions of the mem- bers on the debating teams, A moderator pre- sided at each debate. On special days, papers and reports were given on the event of the day or the important person being commemorated. The classes also tried to keep up with the news of the World by studying current events in newspapers and magazines. Be- cause of interest in election year, there was study and systematic discussion in class concerning the qualifications of a President, the nominating con- ventions, and the method of electing the President. Meetings were held semi-monthly during the regular government or history class. C addefi LUQP8 ACLFJ Auf l'l8U8I" CIQCLJ Latin Club officers making shamrocks for their St. Patrick's Day party, left to right: Gaye Stormes, treasurer Joanne Droogas, president, Cathy Berg, secretary, and Angela Belotti, vice-president. ofafin The Latin Club opened its 1951-1952 activities by the election of club officers under the sponsor- ship of Sister Mary Philippa. It was decided that there would be a rotation of program chair- men and an effort made to have a monthly party. Most important events of the year were the post-Christmas party, the Valentine party and the St. Patrick's Day party. For Valentine's Day names were drawn so that each girl would receive a valentine, The valentine, made by hand, con- tained a verse written in Latin. Bingo was played and prizes were given to the winners. Refresh- ments were served and interesting talks were given on Roman Dress, the Roman Public Baths, Roman Homes, and a humorous poem, half Latin and half English, was read. For St, Patrick's Day the traditional green and shamrocks were emphasized. Talks were given on St. Patrick, the origin of the shamrock, and the influence of Latin in Ireland. Refreshments were served and prizes were awarded to winners of the games and contests. A special "Fo'rewel1-to-Latin" party is being planned for May, to close the Latin Club activities for the year. A a, fcworife fanguage wiflz :Some laanidk Lo! l - ..,, Q ' . -- '- ..,,, , . 3' se' , ., '1 12'-2:-5. fm? Melody Nangle fcenterl practices her Mexican hat dance for Spanish Club officers: Maggie Haury, secretary Mary Ann St. Clair, presidentg Sandra Austin, vice-president: and Connie Brandon, treasurer. U g75l9agl'l0 At the beginning of thc year, election of officers for E1 Club Espagnol took place under the supervision of Sister Mary Helen. Mary Ann St. Clair was voted president and Sandra Austin, vice-presidentg Magdalena Haury, secretaryg Con- nie Brandon, treasurer. Meetings were held the first and third Friday of each month, with a rotating committee in charge. Some meetings were attended by the Spanish speaking students from Mexico and Cuba, who sang and danced the native songs and dances and conversed in Spanish with the club members. A party was held. at Christmas for which El Club Espagnol presented a little skit entitled "La Pinata," to which the French Class was in- vited. Another party was held for Valentine's Day and refreshments were served. The twofold purpose of the club is to stimulate a more extensive speaking knowledge- of Spanish and to give the members a thorough acquaintance with the customs and history of the Spanish speaking peoples, C 7 we fanguage 0 romance, maid oui Q J c Q French Club officers, seated, left to right: Sarah Grace Martin, secretary: Selma Jo Gilmore, presidentg Patricia Brown, vice president: Marilyn Holt, program committeeman. Standing left, Mary Bob Foreman, program chair mang and Martha Greene, treasurer. e and jrancaio Le Cercle Francais, under the supervision of Sister Mary Frances, French instructor, resumed activities with the election of the officers pictured above. The purpose of the organization is to familiarize the members with the French people, their language and their customs. At Christmas time the members of Le Cercle Francais enjoyed learning French Christmas carols and parading through the halls of the school serenading the other classes and teachers before dismissal for the holidays. On January 29, the feast of St. Francis de Sales, the French students entertained Sister M. Frances, surprising her by presenting a short play with French dialogue, in honor of her feast day. The Club project for February was the making of valentines with original French verses. After enjoying a St. Valentine's Day coke party, the girls exchanged valentines and then presented others to the high school teachers. Le Cercle Francais plans to close its activities for the year with a joint fete or luncheon given with the members of E1 Club Espagnol. fAe arezizi egind emocracg Mount Press Club members inducted into Quill and Scroll: Rosemary Oberste, Georgia Ann Hill, Ann Saenger and Margaret Mack. Mary Ellen Stormes, right, inducted last year as! a junior, conducted the candle lighting initiation CEI'el'I10I'1y. Qui! ana! Sem!! Sociefy The Mercian chapter of Quill and Scroll, inter- national honor society for high school journalists, which was organized in 1940, under the sponsor- ship of Sister Mary Frances, held its initiation ceremony in the Academy Auditorium during the latter part of April. Mary Ellen Stormes, Press Club president, and Mercian editor, who was inducted into the society last year, after completing the require- ments for membership as a junior, conducted the impressive candle lighting ceremony. Georgia Ann Hill, Press Club vice-president, gave a brief his- tory of Quill and Scroll Society, afterwards light- ing the candle of Truth, From Truth, each of the other candidates lighted candles symbolic of In- itiative, Opportunity, Leadership, and Enlighten- ment. The newly-inducter members are: seniors Georgia Ann Hill, Margaret Mack, and Rosemary Oberste. Ann Saenger, junior, also completed all requirements for membership and was admitted into the honorary writers' guild at the same time. Requirements for induction into Mt. St. Mary's Chapter of Quill and Scroll Society are: Junior or Senior standing, scholastic rank in the upper third of one's class, evidence of superior jour- nalistic ability, at least 100 printed inches, recom- mendation by the faculty adviser of student pub- lications, and approval by the international sec- retary of Quill and Scroll Society. jo file 6 ounf ,we lwwl Ufeacl ine halegfy ounf pr-eaa Officially begun in 1938, the Mount Press Club is completing its fourteenth year of publishing the MOUNT, the school newspaper, issued six times a year. To qualify for membership, a journalism stu- dent must have 20 lines published to become a probationary member. After the completion of 200 lines in print, she becomes a member of the Mount Press Club, but must submit at least one article for each issue of the paper to retain her Press Club membership. When she has accumu- lated 100 inches of her writing in print, she is eligible for election to Quill and Scroll, inter- national honor society for high school journalists, if she also satisfies the scholastic rank required. One of the activities of the Press Club is attending an out-of-town journalism Workshop sponsored twice a year by the Arkansas High School Press Association, with Prof. W. J. Lemke of the University of Arkansas, presiding. Members of the Mount Press Club this year are, top row, left to right: Mary Ellen Stormes, Georgia Ann Hill, Rosemary Oberste, Sue Malloy, Margaret Mack. Second row: Sissy Gibson, Selma J o Gilmore, Sarah Grace Martin, Mary Bob Fore- man, Sara Meehan. Third row: Helen Whitehead, Ann Saenger, Patty Johnson, Virginia Heinze, and Kathryn Brady. .fdrwf Aonore :Some or :Service ana! gyda? Q b f 3 , H 3 .,,xx lit AA,.AA,, Q . ..,,.. ,.,.,.,.. , .. z J . yy lg n lul , ,.A,,,.. 1.A Q :VA .. ,:.AA A,,A.A,.....A ,, .,-- , "A" . -. Q P, , . A... . .A,, , , Q 31 th 6 .,.. ,lln , e -42-eye ' f PM 2 , if-aa -if , - , cg- Q 9 v -E v V E Wafiona onor Sociefy The Fidelis Chapter of National Honor Society elected 18 new members at a meeting of the faculty nominating committee, held early in Feb- ruary. Sister Mary Mark, principal, sponsors the chapter. A student's eligibility is judged on scholarship, leadership, service, and character. She is re- quired to have attended the school electing her for membership, for one full year. Only 25 per cent of a senior class, and 10 per cent of a junior class are eligible for membership. St. Mary's chapter of the National Honor So- ciety is a purely honorary organization, and, while the members are expected to set an ex- ample in the four qualities required for member- ship, they are not called upon to sponsor any school projects or activities. Members are first row, left to right: Selma Jo Gilmore, Patricia Bentze, Carol Aucoin, Mary Ann Mergenschroer, Sarah Grace Martin, and Patricia Brown. Second row: Dorothy Mancini, Patricia Land, Mary Ellen Stormes, Jennie Zaloudek, Margaret Mack, and Georgia Ann Hill. Third row: Mary Bob Foreman, Helen Whitehead, Vir- ginia Heinze, Helen Duelmer, Sara Meehan, and Ruth Straessle. fb 5 QS 4 g lwwe infnlairecl uri wifi: icleagi of Clzridfian corwlucf III? ivities 7 Z A fair in azaar, Ove, an war Bazaar Queen candidates in their pre-campaign picture. Left to right: Dorothy Saenger, Senior Class candidateg Mary Bob Foreman, juniorsg Joan Armbrust, grade schoolg Sue Malloy, freshmeng and Dorothy Dayer, sophomores, .xdfumnae azaar ueen Canohclafw To launch preparations for the annual Alumnae Bazaar, the classes elected five seniors to represent them as candidates for the title of Alumnae Bazaar Queen, The Senior Class went on record, giving a unanimous vote to Dorothy Saenger for senior candidate. The juniors elected Mary Bob Fore- mang sophomores, Dorothy Dayerg freshmen, Sue Malloy: and the grade school chose Joan Arm- brust. Elections over, the campaigns for funds began at once, and a. wide variety of ways and means were put into effect to earn votes. A friendly rivalry existed throughout the contest, with each queen and her class patronizing the raffles, par- ties, and projects of the opponents. Votes were counted and handed in at 10 o'clock the evening of the bazaar with results announced over the mike and the girls presented to the assembly. Sue Malloy, freshman class candidate, polled the most votes to win the queen title. Runner-up was Dorothy Saenger, sponsored by the seniors. Mary Bob Foreman, Dorothy Dayer, and Joan Armbrust followed in that order. lm oue fke Jcltoof we were war ing for ..!4!fl,l'l'll'l6le azaal' goofA5 The Alumnae Bazaar is the most important highlight of the annual fund raising campaign and ends the classes' contest for Bazaar Queen. Bazaar night is always a flurry of excitement as the deadline for the contest draws near and each student tries her best to bring in money for her class candidate. The Bazaar this year featured booths for each of the classes plus the alumnae booth and several small concessions. The booths were decorated in the chosen colors of each class. Shown working in their booths Bazaar night are, top row, left to right: Dorothy Saenger and the group of seniors who worked in the purple and lavender refreshment boothg Queen Sue Mal- loy with manager Claire Saenger in the green and white freshman novelty boothg Joan Arm- brust with her grade school managers, Sherry Hart and Annette Jones, in the red, white, and blue Post Office booth. Bottom row, left to right, are: Mary Bob Foreman and her junior campaign leaders, Shirley Hooks, Sally Mullins, Connie Brandon, and Ruth Strale-ssle, admiring the lamp they raffled in their autumn colored cake boothg Dorothy Dayer in her red and white decorated sophomore country storey and Janis Shockey and Jackie Hurley tending the junior Wishing Tree. .grezilzmen :Saw f!zeir ue crownevf Queen T Bazaar Royalty at the coronation preceding the Queen's Ball. Left to right: John Armbrust and Donald Dare, Mary Bob Foreman and Bill Hutchison, Queen Sue Malloy and Ike Rowland, Dorothy Saenger and Sonny Gerard, Dorothy Dayer and Dalda Womack. 7 aZaal" lfleell if Sue Malloy, freshman-sponsored winner of the Alum- nae Bazaar Queen contest, was formally crowned at ceremonies preceding the Queen's Ball, held annually the evening after the bazaar, Dressed in a white formal, the queen was crowned with an orchid by Mrs. Charles Robert, Jr., president of the Alumnae Association frightb, Her royal court was composed of the other candidates, Dorothy Saenger in purple, Mary Bob Foreman in gold striped azure, Dorothy Dayer in royal and light blue, and Joan Armbrust in aqua. All carried arm bouquets of white and gold mums. A grand march, led by the queen and her court, was followed by dancing until midnight. Music was by Louie Henderson and his orchestra. .xdnal flzen a goof! fime Ag af wad :Seen The Bazaar Queen and her Court lead the Grand March at the Queen's Ball before dancing the Royalty Special. Top, left to right: Dorothy Dayer, Dorothy Saenger, Sue Malloy, Mary Bob Foreman, and Joan Armbrustg center: dancers, Joan, Mary Bob, the two Dot's, and Sue. Inset: Queen Sue and her escort, King Ike, pfaying every minufe wiflz A irif in il C31 lc The Belles in their award sweaters are top row, left to right: Betty Ann Keltner, forward, Shirley Murphy, managerg Sue Malloy, forwardg Rinkey Harrell, captain and guardg Mary Lou 'Womack, forward, Ann Renneker, guardg Theresa Nabholz, forward, Helen Duelrner, forward, Sara Meehan, guard. Front row: Dorothy Mancini, forward, Anne Saenger, forwardg Freida Schlatterer, guard, Ruth Hardeastle, guardg Beverly Smith, guard, and Msgr. T, L. Keany, coach. E e5 ofg. Wargif Mt. St. Mary's Belles, under the excellent coach- ing of Msgr. T. L. Keany, were winners of the England Invitational Tournament for the past three years, and entrants also in the District Five Tournament at Bauxite. They have to their credit a total of 16 wins and five losses for the season. The annual tip-off supper, sponsored each year by Mr. and Mrs. Leo Krebs, opened the season in early December for the Belles. The annual basketball banquet, in March, also given by Mr. and Mrs. Krebs, marked the closing of the sea- son. At the banquet a miniature silver basketball and chain was presented to each player and the Boarder Belles gloat over the trophy brought home trophy for the "Most Valuable Belle" was awarded after the tournament in England: Sue Malloy, Anne to Rinkey Harrell. Sacnger, and Ann Renneker. This Page Sponsored by Krebs Bros. Supply Co., Little Rock .911 clevofion our earffi Jef flue gmif 2 The Belles team in their "warm-ups," standing, left to right: Beverly Smith, Freida Schlatterer, Ann Harrell, Sue Malloy, Ann Renneker, Mary Lou Womack, Rinkey Harrell, Theresa Nobholz, Helen Duelmer, Sara Meehan, Shirley Murphy, and Msgr. Keany. Front: Dorothy Mancini, Betty Ann Keltner, Anne Saenger, Ruth Hardcastle. Mounties, the freshman team, are seated, left to right: Elizabeth Straessle, Dorothy Raczkowski, Diane Leverett, Barbara Linsky, Betty Weber, and Bernadette Hum. Standing: Claire Saenger, Diane Williams, Mary L. Bowman, and Rosalind Meehan. This Page Sponsored by Peerless Engravers, Little Rock arief cwlcb A ice fo a :Succeed uf fa 7 I0 lo ? 1 .Mtv X- Y , S5 - ff--wqunw K ik 5. ,ls Q Bathing Beauties, Ruth Hardcastle and Anne Saengerg the Barber Shop Quartet, Patty Johnson, Norma Walker, Dorothy Henderson, and Ida Jayne Brown. "Shornin' Bread," Theresa Nabholz and Ruth Straessle. Center: Jack Tars, Carole Hart and Angeline Muzguizg "Hello, My Baby" sings Sara Meehan to Jane Haubursin. unior ariefg program As a fund raising project, the juniors presented a variety program, February 12, to help finance the annual picnic tendered the seniors by the juniors. Staged in vaudeville fashion, with Carolyn Keatts as announcer, numbers, other than those pictured, included the Williams twins in a soft shoe number: tap dances by Peggy Marks, Carol Patton, Nancy Lett, and Carole Hart, impersona- tions by Dorothy Henderson, baton twirling by Betty Jean Penixg waltz on roller skates, Freida Schlatterer and Dolores Schneider, Black Face number by Terry Zackert and Ann Barre, The program opened with 'Life on the Wicked Stage" sung by Sara Meehan and Ann Harrell and chorus of juniors. "Hit" on the show was Candy Walker as the hen in the Chicken Song with "hay seeds" Connie Brandon, Mary Gene Smith, Mona Emmerling, Sue Bishop, Sandra Austin, and Melody Nangle, This Page Sponsored by Freeman Nursing Home, Little Rock get g Maufifuf 1- Queen nn Ar a ag W unior gud? Lonfeof Anne Saenger, winner of the Junior "Baby Beautiful" Contest, was crowned at an informal dance given in the gym. Proceeds from the contest and the dance financed the annual Junior-Senior picnic held in late May. Top row, left: Queen Anne and the runners-up, the Williams twinsg Anne and her court, formed by the other candidates for Baby Queen. In the second row are contestants Katherine Williams, Patsy Nord, and Mary Ellen Williams, the "Baby Beautiful" today and sixteen years agog Anne and her dateg Beverly Smith, Dottie Hart, Mickey O'Connor, and Dorothy Henderson. Bottom row. around the nickelodeon is the committee in charge of the dance. Left to right: Jane Haubursin, Mildred Booth, Nancy Lett, Terry Zackert, Liane Rhein, Sara Meehan, Ann Harrell and Ann Barre. To the right are dancing couples Ruth Hardcastle and Queen Anne with their dates. This Page Sponsored by Ditmars-Dickmann-Pickens Construction Co. ,5 aibcwlji fire modf wonclerfuflinol ofclafe jafbf- ll1lfLgAf2l" inner The Dad and Daughter dinner, sponsored annually by the PTA, was held on Sunday, March 2, after two postponements. The Most Rev. Bishop Fletcher, Msgr. Keany, Msgr. Murray, and our pastors were guests. About 165 girls attended with their dads as Ubest beau" for the evening. A talent program Was presented featuring singing by Sarah Grace Martin, dancing by Joan Armbrust, and readings by Mona Em- merling. Prizes were given to Mr. Lynch, oldest, and Mr, Buddenburg, youngest father present. A fried chicken dinner, catered by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Spatz, was enjoyed by every- one. All in all it was a memorable evening for the daughters and dads present and one of the nicest social affairs of the year. Seated at the flower-decked head table at the Father-Daughter dinner are, top picture from left to right: Rev. John M. Bann, Rt, Rev. Msgr. F. A. Allen, Very Rev. Msgr. T. L. Keany, Most Rev. Bishop Albert L. Fletcher, Rt. Rev. Msgr. James P. Gaffney and Rita Ann Mather, daughter of the toastmaster. On the second row left is Dorothy Dayer and her dad, with Dr. Mack and Margaret across the table. At the table in the picture at the bottom of the page are Mr. Saenger with his three daughters, Ann, Dorothy, and Claire on the left, To the right are Carolyn Rhodes, Patsy Cooper, Janet Bentrup, and Rosemary Oberste with their dads. Right: Rita Ann with her father, Mr. George H. Mather, master of ceremonies for the banquet. This Page Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. William H. Thompson ecaufie wifk claugkfer Ile? cc wagd rafe K i i i 1 Smilingly posed for the photographer with their fathers or dads Hby proxy" at the fourth annual Dad- Daughter Dinner sponsored by the PTA are, top row, left to right: Ann, Dorothy, and Claire Saengcrg Barbara Levesqueg Sarah Grace Martin, and Patricia Bentze. Second row: Pat Brown and Shirley Murphyg Betsi Rostg Mary Lou and Mary Ann Mergenschroer. Third row: Janet Bentrup, Rosemary Oberste, Jane Haubursing Paula and Pat Landg Dorothy Dayer, Margaret Mack, and Jean Gardner, Fourth row: Ruth and Elizabeth Straessleg Luci and Sue Moran, Missy Wrightg Jeannine and Dorothy Henderson. Fifth row: Mickey O'Connor, Jackie Hurley, Dorothy Poltterg Sandra Whiteg Kathryn Brady, Helen Whitehead, and Virginia Heinze. This Page Sponsored by C. H. Briley Produce Co. pfanning file prom wow worL flzaf ji un Seated, left to right: Sue Moran, publicityg and Rosemary Oberste, general chairman. Standing, left to right: Mary Bob Foreman, decorationsg Mary Ann Mergenschroer, assessmentsg and Patricia Land, tickets chairman. enior Commiffee "Some Enchanted Evening" was the theme chosen for the senior ball, held on the evening of the Friday after Easter. Rosemary Oberste and her committee planned a gala affair, with the gym decorated to carry out a garden setting. Seniors were introduced from the stage and stepped through an archway adorned with spring flowers, with a full moon shining in the background, to meet their dates at the foot of the steps for the Grand March. "The Bells of St. Mary's" was used for the march, which was led by the Senior Class officers and the ball committee chairmen and their dates. Only the seniors took part in the Grand March. The program consisted of six "no breaks" and four specials. The tunes were those voted most popular by the Senior Class. Tommy Scott and his orchestra provided the music. This Page Sponsored by A Friend j7Ae gona! fime we liao! wad QWLCLAJ Lg none Q e5 ana! fkeir Manx af file ga! Meet the belies and their beaux dancing to the Strains of Tommy Scott's orchestra for "Some En- chanted Eveningf' Top, left to right: Rinkey Harrell, Dorothy Dayer, Sarah Grace Martin, Joan Armbrust, and Rosemary Oberste. Bottom row: Ruth Hardcastle, Anne and Dorothy Saenger, Joy Gerard. This Page Sponsored by Oak Forest Cleaners ur loageanf Arouglzf glwififmcw 9000! cAeer :OW ,Q N ,N f 3' A , as Q.. Principals in the Nativity scene: Janet Bcntrup as St. Joseph, Pat- ricia Brown, as the Angel Gabriel, and Sarah Grace Martin as the Blessed Virgin Mary nnuaf CAriAfma5 rogram The annual Christmas Program was presented on December 19, by the Glee Club. The first part of the program consisted of Glee Club singing of Christmas carols and popular songs, accom- panying the dance groups. These specialty num- bers were followed by a ballet dance of three girls and a solo by Joan Armbrust. A finale group dance closed the first part. The second half consisted of a series of tableaux which were sung and acted out with movement instead of as the usual still scenes, with the Glee Club providing religious background music. All tableaux and dances took place on an elevated backstage with special lighting effects. Featured spots were given to the senior members of the Glee Club. Scenes from the Christmas pageant are pictured on opposite page, top row, left to right: The Annunciation, the Angel Gabriel fPat Brown? appears to Mary fSarah Grace Martini, the Herald Angels, back row, left to right, Theresa Nabholz, Pat Brown, and Mary Ann Mcrgenschroer, middle row, Pat Lipsmeyer, Dorothy Saenger, Jackie Hurley and Dorothy Byrnes, third row, Mary Lou Mergenschroer and Ann Skittone, Visitation of Elizabeth CSelma Jo Gilmoreb to Mary. Second row, left to right, the Nativity Scene with shepherds Frances Butler, Dottie Hart, Helen Peters and Helen Whitehead, the Angels, St. Joseph fJanet Bentrupb, Mary, and the Wise Men, Helen Konecny, Sue Malloy, and Betty Jo Foreman, The dance, "Christmas Candles", back row, Mickey O'Connor, Janis Shockey, center, Rosemary Oberste, front row, Dorothy Dayer and Pat Eubanks. Third row, left to right: "Christmas in Killarny" with Rita Ann Mather, Virginia Hanggi, Missey Wright, and Betsy Weber, finale group, back row, Jane Haubursin, Terry Zackert, Virginia, Heinze and Bobbie Hamling, second row, Mary Kay Miller, Claire Saenger, Rosalind Meehan, Melanie Crawford, Patsy Mullins and Carol Ann Belmont, front, Joan Armbrust. Bottom row, left to right: "Jingle Bells" with Barbara Levesque, Sara Meehan, Dorothy Henderson, and Liane Rhein, Joan Armbrust, solo dancer, "White Christmas" with Terry Zackert, Virginia Heinze, Jane Haubursin, Bobbie Hamling, and Joan Armbrust. This Page Sponsored by a Group of Business F riemls CLC JCQIQQ 6L I0 QGLJLLPQ fo 582 6U'l6J fo Leaf' ,M , www .:,::. , :::,,,.:1 .....,.. .,.:. 3 55:5-1 3s W This Page Sponsored by Swaim Q Allen LCA c 0lfl,l'lt ,IOLCLJQ QUQIQ tAe l'l'l0:5f Gai? Rosemary Oberste and Mary Ellen Stormes in Russelville for the AHSPA journalism workshop, held at Ark. Tech., are photographed with Edsel Ford and Prof. W. J. Lernke, of the University of Arkansas Department of Journalism. Mr, Lemke is founder and director of the AHSPA of which the MOUNT is a long-time member. we Ollflf .SQG The MOUNT, the school newspaper, distributed six times a year, started its fourteenth year of publication with a system of alternating editors. Because there were only six senior Press Club members, each issue presented a different editor, with the other five members acting as an editorial board. Juniors and Seniors who had no-t ful- filled their requirements for Press Club member- ship served as reporters. The fifth issue is traditionally taken over by the Juniors and dedicated to the Seniors, who a.t that time are busy editing the MERCIAN. The MOUNT sends representatives to the AHSPA conventions in the fall and in the spring. Seven delegates attended the journalism work- shop held in Russelville, and two juniors repre- sented the MOUNT at the state convention in Conway. Pictured, left, top are the Senior MOUNT editors, who made Press Club last year as juniors: Rosemary Oberste, Georgia Ann Hill, Mary Ellen Stormes, Margaret Mack, Sue Malloy, and Sissy Gibson. Center picture is of the junior Press Club members at work on the Junior issue of the MOUNT: Helen Whitehead, Sara Meehan, Anne Saenger, editor, Patty Johnson, Kathryn Brady, and Virginia Heinze. Bottom, left: Senior re- porters: Mary Bob Foreman, Sarah Grace Martin, and Selma Jo Gilmore: Anne Saenger with her "baby flash," photographed by a substitute photo- grapher with Msgr. Murray's Speed Graphic, which Anne used taking most of the informal shots in this book. This Page Sponsored by Draughon School of Business, Little Rock: 7 6 7 Lil' Ql"Cl6l I1 WL! AQ A6U"6! fo Leaf .adwf Mary Ellen Stormes, editor, and Pat Land, associate editor, check the dummy: Barbara Levesque tabulates circulation receipts, Mary Ann Mergenschroer and Barbara Parke keep the typewriters busy, rolling off copy, Make-up crew Selma Jo Gilmore, Mary Bob Foreman fwho composed tl1e running headlinesl, Sarah Grace Martin, and Sue Moran, the advertising crew who brought in the money. top: Georgia Ann Hill and Dorothy Dayerg center: Betsi Rost, Olga Muzquiz, Mary Lou Brown, front: Pat Brown, Janet Bentrup, Rosemary Oberstc. we Wercian ga!! The MERCIAN staff, headed by Mary Ellen Stormes, senior member of Press Club and Quill and Scroll Society, as editor, was chosen by Sister M. Frances, faculty sponsor of student publications, from among those seniors who volunteered for advertising work and who brought in 3100.00 or more in ads or patrons' names. ':"' , EIH: six ff ,,,....... . my M ,.,, .... 1 1,4153 N, , ., VA V .., ig.-r aNEQi?,Mm Wk x my . ""' 1 i9 Qggqyftmil Continuing the recognition of the centenary of the Sisters of Mercy in Arkansas, the staff voted to dedicate the 1952 MERCIAN to the faculty and to try to suggest "Looking to the Future" in the theme of the yearbook, introducing the Sister's new century. t'We had a finger in the pie, too," say senior boarders, Sissy Gibson, Theresa Gloor, and Dorothy Saenger, who fre- quently lent a helping hand at nights and Weekends, when MERCIAN make-up , was rushing to meet the deadline. "Mc, too," says Mercian Queen, Barbara Kierre, who brought in the most money from patrons' names to help finance the yearbook. M ' This Page Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. J. B. McKinney we OMCQJ we COM nof 62 JQCLPQI' 5 Presidents of the various campus clubs are, top, left to right: Mary Ellen Stormes, Mount Press Club, Margaret Mack, Sodalityg Selma Jo Gilmore, French Club, center: Sarah Grace Martin, Glee Club, front: Mary Ann St. Clair, Spanish Club: Joanne Droogas, Latin Clubg and Patricia Eubanks, Commercial Club. amlaua .xdcfiuify aaa em Campus activity leaders are the presidents of the various clubs in charge of extra curricular activities during the school year. Each club meets monthly or semi-monthly for a program, party or special project. Parliamentary law is observed for the conduct of the meetings, presided over by the club president and secretary, who keeps the minutes of the meetings, As- semblies of the modern language clubs are usually conducted in the language being studied by the club members. Holidays generally observed with parties or special meetings by some of the clubs are Colum- bus Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Washingt0n's Birthday, St. Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, and St. Patrick's Day. Each club closes its activities for the year with some sort of special meeting or spring fete held early in May. This Page Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Linder E 05 0 0tAel" KCLFLDJJ 6!l"6LLU U5 l'le6ll"2l" St. Mary's "Good Neighbors" from "South of the Border," front, left to right: Anna Clarissa Estrada, Rosa. Maria Fernandez, Constancia Diaz, Sister M. Helen, Spanish instructorg Martha Fernandez, and Maria Madrigalg standing: Olga and Angeline Muzquiz. Hema A0171 Saud of fne BOFJQI' A distinct touch of Latin-America was evident at the Mount this year in the personalities of its Spanish-speaking students. Maria de los Angeles Madrigal, from Cuba, is a sophomore spending her seco-nd year at St. Mary's. She is specializing in commercial sub- jects but, with two summer school sessions, hopes to graduate next year. Constancia Diaz, eleven year old sixth grader from Mexico City, arrived in September. Her cousin, Anna Clarissa Estrada, joined her here in December. During the same- week Rosa Maria and Martha Fernandez, also of Mexico City, enrolled at St. Mary's. They are classed as junior high school students so that they can concentrate on learning English. The girls have a daily period of special coach- ing with Sister M. Helen, Spanish instructor, on the high school faculty. The rest of their time is spent in their regular classrooms with the English speaking children, so that they can learn more quickly to understand and to speak English. Olga and Angeline Muzquiz, American girls of Spanish descent, who also speak Spanish, enjoy practicing the "Good Neighbor" policy by helping the young Latin-Americans to become acquainted with boarding school routine , This Page Sponsored by Sharon Ann Linder E eff are af clederuing-uofingji Acura! :."'3 M 52, X Q . A . ,L 3, M. - V Mr 'f liao i E 'Mme Nw ff, R 2l"Zf0l'lllAfg pl! The class personalities were chosen by a secret vote of the seniors. The winners were, top row, left to right: Rinkey Harrell, who carried off two titles, Best Athlete and Most Likely to be Missedg another two-title winner is Mary Bob Foreman, who was Voted Best Leader and Prettiestg Joann Powell displays the smile that helped her win her title as Most Friendlyg and Mary Ellen Stormes holds one of the books that made her voted Best Student together with her other title, Most Likely to Succeed, Second row, left to right: Pat Bentze handles the telephone, one of her many jobs as the Most Dependable Studentg Ann Brizzolara polishes an apple as sweet as her title, Sweetestg Shirley Murphy with her good humored smile won the title, Best Naturedg and Pat Land, because of her many duties, was voted the girl with the Most School Spirit. Bottom row, left to right: Dorothy Dayer dis- plays the pert disposition which won her the titles of Cutest and Best Personalityg Martha Greene was voted the Most Attractive: and .Ioan Armbrust danced her way to be voted Most Talented. The votes were very close and practically everyone in the senior class received a few votes. In some cases, the runners-up were only a few votes behind the winners. This proves that the Class of '52 is packed with personality. This Page Sponsored by The Linder Corporation, Kensett, Arkansas ,wg ,M .-v-4. ...,. , .il Q ,... xp . :a:2-'-25255-g., Q 3 .:., .1 W- ae "1- .. - . -ga ' ' L ""' .1 f:: 1- ' . - cr. sf. 'Q 5 , f . N41 " 1. ,ge r.:-:r.:.:zs.:.' N V I1 C6Ll'l'll0U5 L 8 LUQ 15Ql'lLOI":5 f5i6U"l"Q . ., .qu '- ',:5:..asw,-1 limi! it Highlights enior .ihgdhgdffi in the year are, top, left to right: Seniors' favorite pastime, indoors or out, EATING: Lynn, Sissy, and Nora in the cafe, Dorothy "Cheez-it", boarders' after-school snack, Theresa and Jackie at Hillcrest, or argument Third row: Delegates to Sarah Grace with Bazaar Bottom row: Lynn and Barbara with a couple of Pats at the senior picnic, Jennie with Brigit, her Bob and Margaret, Sissy and i'She found her man", Macbeth love my dogs!" this?" says Shirley to Joann. the SDS convention in St. Louis. Fourth row: Catholic High homecoming royalty, Queen freshman "Little Sis." Second row: Betsi and her Pandas with Mary Margaret "looking for an honest man"Wfor the prom? Sarah Grace, over a date, Sandy and Barbara? Martha says, "Love me, "...Nor iron bars a cage" for seniors? t'Can you top , center, with maids Mary Frances, Rinkey, Barbara and Joan, the Senior Class sponsor Queen candidate Dorothy, and Lynnell, Sarah Grace and Margaret, several Sunday moods. Le cercle francais officers make valentines: part of the "motly crew", some more of those dignified seniors. This Page Sponsored by Margaret, Raymond, and Michael Linder j0gQiAQl" LUQ JAGLPQJ in LUOPL This Page Sponsored by Pfeifer Plumbing' :Q Heating Co., Irg. I1 C6U'l'Ll0lfL5 ana! of l'le6Ll" g Qlfelag dy This Page Sponsored by The Senior Class 1 Queen AQCCLUJQ 548 l,UOI'l p6ltl"0l'l5 elfefg mercian Queen BARBARA KIERRE Ze? Lego uri flue Wercian :S fo ,nag St. Anne's Academy, Fort Smith St. Joseph's School, Tontitown St, Louis School, Camden Holy Redeemer School, Sts. Cyril 8: Methodius School, El Dorado Slovactown Good Counsel School, Little Rock St. Patrick's School, N. L. R. St. John's School, Hot Springs St. Mary's School, N. L. R. Freshman Class Sodality of Mary Le Cercle Francais Glee Club Mount Press Club Sophomore Class Commercial Club National Honor Society Latin Club The Belles of St. Mary's Junior Class League of the Sacred Heart Social Science Club El Club Espagnol St. Mary's Mounties Piazza Shoe Service Harry's Market White's Shoe Repair Shop Central Distributors, Inc. Anderson and Newell Sonotone H. P. Love Landscaping Co. Tony Paladino Cafe C, B. Fendley, Drugs Cammack Village Store Heights Variety and Hardware Van Lee, Decorators Progressive Litho. 8: Printing Co. Arkansas Oil Co. Strawn Furniture Co. United Furniture Co. J. A. Mattingly, Upholstering Daniel Variety Store Tabor Grocery Store Griffin Electric Co. Hillcrest Garage Mutt Briant Service Station Hillcrest Vacuum Cleaners Phil's Snack Bar Howard gl Levitt Service Station Hillcrest Plumbing Lee's Grocery and Market Pulaski Heights Pharmacy Marie's Beauty Parlor L. N. Kerr Grocery Donahue Drug Store Fields, Florist ufiineziri pa fronfi Boren Bicycle Co. Benson Grocery Berry Grocery County Club Gift 8x Variety Store Clipper Manufacturing Co. Evans Esso Service Station Johnnie's Shoe Shop Read, Stevenson and Dick Rowlett's Grocery, North Little Rock Puckett Grocery, North Little R Huggins Drug Store, North Little Rock S. Kz Q. Variety Store, North Little Rock Burks Drug Store, North Little Rock ock Jones Bro. Grocery and Market, Geyer Springs Sam Jones Market, Geyer Spri Gus Grocery and Market, Mablevale Central Meat Market, Conway Wirges Blossom Shop, North Little Rock Arkansas Butane Gas Co., North Little Rock Jacobs Meat Market, North Little Rock Twin City Meat Market, North Little Rock ngs Buice Drug Store Hughes Sausage Co., North Little Rock Buster Phifer Conoco Station, North Little Rock Bleidt-Bank Cleaners, North Little Rock McPherson Furniture Co., North Little Rock Wirges Dairy, North Little Rock H. J. Cohran Co., North Little Rock Lowry Brothers Meat Co., North Little Rock Burton's Wholesale Meats, North Little Rock Moreland Cafe, North Little Rock B. W. O'Malley Furniture Co., North Little Rock Central Meat Co., North Little Rock Stanley Hardware, North Little Rock Fisher Meat Co., North Little Rock Fargo Laundry, North Little Rock Jones Bakery, Stuttgart Cummings Electric Co., Stuttgart Buerkle Drug Co., Stuttgart Sam's Dept. Store, Stuttgart Ben Franklin Store, Stuttgart Knoll Laundry and Cleaners, Stuttgart Tomastic Sandwich Shop, Stuttgart gl"Cl.6!lfL6LfQ6 , Clfefllfi Mr. and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs, Mrs. Lucy Love Dr. and Mrs. J. J. Mack and Mrs, Louis J. Oberste F. H. Olmstead and Mrs. Frank Papan and Mrs. A. L. Parke Grace Powell and Mrs. R. J. Redmond and Mrs. J, H. Renfroe and Mrs. N. C. Rife and Mrs. A. J. Rost Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Armbrust Mr. and Mrs. G, A. Aucoin Mr. and Mrs. Don J. Bentrup Mr. and Mrs. F. W, Bentze Mrs. Mary Lee Box Mr. and Mrs. A. Brizzolara Mrs. M. D. Brockman Mrs. Norene Brown Mr, and Mrs. Larry Cole Mr. and Mrs. Louis Dayer Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Eubanks Mrs. C. E. Foreman Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Gibson Joe P, Gilmore Oscar Gloor J. R. Greene E. L. Harrell L. J. Harrell Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. and Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Very Rev, Msgr. T. L. Keany Very Rev, Msgr, J. A. Murray Rev. Msgr. Wm. J. Carroll Rt. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Schmuck, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Remsing Mr. and Mrs, Ralph Stanley Mr. and Mrs, W. P. Schmuck Mr. and Mrs, R. Fischer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Callaway Mr, and Mrs. W. M. Kenny Mr. and Mrs. Bill Howell Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Blass Mr. L. M, Harter Mr. W. L. Walton Miss Maud Tobey Miss Nora Poole Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Benetz Mr. and Mrs, Sam Kirby Mrs. John Pruniski Mr, Alfred Boyd Dr. O. B. Chronister Mr. and Mrs. Bob Denson Mit and Mrs. J. J. Wellman Mr. and Mrs. B. Caldarera, Sr. Miss Earlean Calderera '48 Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Longstreth Mr, and Mrs. L. L. Gibson Mr, Toney Deller Mrs. H. A. Howell Mrs. Marella Garstka Cy Malachawski Winona Epps Bishop '30 Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Dumboski Dr. Fred Thompson Mr. and Mrs. J, Witkowski Miss Rosalie Wellman Miss Theresa Wellman Mrs. Ray Dixon Mr. and Mrs. C. Dumboski Mr, and Mrs, Homer Furnell Deb Rodman Mrs. J. J. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Deb Howard Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Perin Mr. Harry Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Pitts Mr. Richard M. Noll William Kierre Eugene Uekman Mr. and llri.WiHiS'Ross. Mr, and Mrs, Luther Hullett Mr. and Mrs. John C. Malloy Mrs. Lucy Mancini Major and Mrs. Carl C. Martin Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Martin and Mrs, J. E. Mergenschroer Mr, and Mrs. P. C. Mergenschroer Mr. Mrs. Marie Miller Mr. and Mrs. Jose Montalvo Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Moran Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Murphy A. C. Harris Mr. Frank Hart Mr. J. R. Hill Mr. John Kierre Mr. Herman Kresse, Sr. Mrs. John W. Land, Jr. Mr. Fred Levesque Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs pa tl'0I'l5 Rev, William M. Beck Rev. William Wellman Rev. John Kettler Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Hogan S!Sgt. Carl E. Loescher Miss Barbara Kierre Mr. and Mrs. Paul Weare Frank and Nell Zimmerebner Mr. and Mrs. Nick Heintz Miss Catherine Zimmerebner Mr, and Mrs. H. B. Slaughter Mrs, R. J. Elrod Mr. and Mrs. W. Mattingly Mr. and Mrs. G. Weare Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Parker Miss Luci Moran Michael Moran Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Thamen Mr. Morris Benkovitz Miss Ruby Cumnock Mrs. Frank Rouss Mr. L, H. King Eddie Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Flack Mr. Nielson Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Phillips Mr. Ezine Mr. Reagan Mrs An ' nay Miss nnie Konecnyuf Mr. and Mrs. J. Dobrovichfgr. M'ss Barbara Gribble Pat Lipsmeyer iss Charlene LeVeque Miss Mildred Cobb The "Three Musketeers'V! Mr, Ernest E. McCollum Dr. H. N. Miller Miss Margaret Ann Rolf Miss Emily Miller '50 Miss Gertrude Miller '50 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nutt Tidey Harcrow Miss Ruth Straessle Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Johnson Miss Rosemary Oberste Rev. Thomas Lillis Rev. G. Malone Rev. James P. McDonnell Miss Mary Ellen Williams Mrs Mr. Mrs Mr Mr Mr Mr Dr. Mr. John Rumbach Ruth Sanders and Mrs. Leo Saenger Zella Schuller and Mrs. B, D. Smith and Mrs. Irvin Stormes and Mrs. J. E. Wheeler and Mrs. R. P. White and Mrs, C. P. Wickard and Mrs. A. Zaloudek Rev. Edward L. Mooney Rev Rev Rev. . Raymond O'Dwyer . Leo Riedmueller George W. Tribou Major and Mrs. N. G. Romich Betty and Bud Wise Miss Betty Hiryak Miss Elizabeth Straessle Miss Mercia Fahrion Miss Betty Jo Hoelzman Miss Dana Broderick Miss Betty Jo Rechtin '51 Dr. Annie Bremyer Miss Ruth Hardcastle Mr, and Mrs. L. T. Briley Mrs. L. Q. Marritt Miss Mary Ann Nosal Mr. and Mrs. John F. White Mr, and Mrs. J. H. Stanley Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Hays Miss Melody Nangle Robert Browning Miss Norma Belinge Mr. and Mrs. Ted Todd Mr. G. D. Kelly Austin Capps Mr. and Mrs. Grady Sanford Sonny Sanford Buddy McJohnson Mrs. Miles McJohnson Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Strapps Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Sherry Miss Mary Jo Strapps Miss Amelia Metrailer Kelly and Mrs. C. K. Call, Sr. Bill Mr. Mr. and Mrs. James B. Brady Mr, and Mrs. Leon Payer Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Murt Donahue and Mrs, Glenn Quinney Miss Marie Benton Mrs. C. M. Meehan Mrs, Mary Reeder Pfc. Bobby L. Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Richard Worm Mr. and Mrs, Teddy Powell Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Balmaz Ed Halter Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Keller and Mrs. C. M. Grimes and Mrs. W. C. Bray, Jr. and Mrs, L. D. Whitehead 8z Mrs. F. A. Porbeck, Jr. and Mrs. J, H. Larrison and Mrs. Robert Binz Mrs. William Farrell Miss Jacqueline Hurley and Mrs. John J. Phelan Mr. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Aday John A, Franz Cynthia Bentze Miss Ann Brack Mr. R. R. Stephens Dr, Paul Mahoney Mr. J. E. Witt Miss Betty Dodds Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr, George Peters Bill Mafield F. Lyle Davia Blanche Choate 8: Garth Miss Katherine J. Williams Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Noblen and Mrs. Felix Balmaz Mr. Miss Mary Lou Womack Miss Dolores March '49 Miss Betty Emrick Mr. and Mrs. E. D. March Miss Dorothy Janik '49 Jerry Russell Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Gates Mrs. L. L. Harding Mrs. J. D. Mitchener Mrs. Mary Flynn Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Carmack Jerry Baldwin Mrs. C. D. Hutchens Mrs. Nell E. Beaubien Mr. G. L. Beaubien Mr. Robert Branch Linda Besancon Mr. and Mrs. J, A. Carmack Mr. W. B. Todd Mrs. Mae Mogridge Miss Norma Walker Mr. Turner J. Eubanks Mr. Charles A. Eubanks Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Reeves Mrs. Texie Marie Harris Miss Ruth Gleason '51 Charles Beaubien Phil Beaubien George R. Beaubien Miss Dorothy Potter Howard Hardin Bob McFarlin Miss Ida Jane Brown Jim Bearden Mr. Jack Laughlin Miss Marilyn Holt pa il"0l'l:5 Miss Jane Haubursin Mrs. Jennie West Mr. Al West Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Roberts Mr. Thomas Roberts Mr. and Mrs. John West Mr. and Mrs. M. Anderson Miss Jean Anderson Mr. and Mrs. M. Anderson, Jr. Mr. Miss and Mrs. H. M. 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Hoelzeman Mr. and Mrs. Ray W. Shirley Bert Roberts E. F. Illg, Jr. Mrs, Martha Shockey Mrs. R. T. Buddenberg Mr. and Mrs. L. E. White Mr. and Mrs. N. R. Rusk Mr. H. D. Scott Mr. A. G. Diedrich Mr. Ed Q. Keightley Mr. and Mrs. George Tank Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Ross Grant Miss Agnes Pitonyak '50',! Mr. and Mrs. Ed HooksFzz Mr. and Mrs. S. Dobrovich LJ Gilbert Fread LJ Pat Selig 4.2 Mike Makovec f-J giss Dolores Hooks 38:-J r ur Zaloudek Mr. and Mrs. V. E. Womack Miss Catherine Winburne '46 Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Zaloudek Mr, and Mrs. W. J. Hooten Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Zaloudek Miss Veronica McNeirney Mrs, Lena Bruner Mrs. M. P. Page Mrs. E. Hobbs Miss Rose Lee Zaloudek '50 Donald Zaloudek Mr. and Mrs. J. Bauman, Sr. Mrs. Ziarnoski Miss Sara Meehan Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ambort Mr. and Mrs. Don Jack Mr, and Mrs. Owen Blackwell Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Claxton Mr .and Mrs. Leo Jacquemine Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. M. N. Hanson and Mrs. D, S. Swords and Mrs. Nat C. Bettis Arnie Harper Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Ritchie Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mayes Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Kresse Mrs. Theresa Brooker Mr. and Mrs. Conal McShane Mrs. A. L. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Land III Mr. Paul Azano Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Chambers, Jr. Miss Paula Land Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Kirchner Mr. and Mrs. Ben J. Booth Miss Mildred Booth Miss Helen Booth '47 Miss Grace Booth '48 Mr. C. C, Rubenstein Miss Evelyn Smith, R.N. Alan J. Rost, Jr. Miss Patsy O'Mara Miss Betsi Rost Mrs. L. H. Lipsmeyer Miss Dorothy Lynn Grant Mr. and Mrs. Dick Bushkuhl Mr. and Mrs. G. Malczycki Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Johnson Miss Mary Ann Ford Miss Theresa Nabholz Miss Mary Lou Kelly Miss Lois Andrews Miss Carolyn Wilkerson Miss Mary Beth Andrews Miss Carolyn Swaim Miss Diane Williams Miss Lyra Sue Harmon Mrs. Lena Zimmerebner Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Norman Billy Norman Mrs. Umberto Brugnone Mr. and Mrs. Louis Burton Mr. and Mrs. B. Zimmerebner Mrs. W. F. Springstead Mr. and Mrs. John Feagins Mr. T. H. Reamey Mr. Roy Harper Mr. Louis Snyderman Mr. Joe Bartley and Mrs. J. E. DuPriest Mr. Miss Mary Louise Bauman Miss Ida Marie Boehmer Tommy Heintz Miss Clara Russell Miss Dorris Karcher '51 Chester Rough Mrs. Miss Miss Andrew Babbs Elizabeth Mack '50 Ann Gutheridge Ralph A. Walsh, Jr. Miss Miss Miss Mr. Mr. Miss Miss Lucy Marchese Evelyn Novak Carolyn Hebert J. M. Berry H. E. Schaeffer Yvonne Truby Kathryn Brady Dr. Paul Montgomery Mr. Mr. Miss Miss Wm. C. Yarbrough and Mrs. R. A. Walsh Linda Sue Spires Sue Bishop Mr. Earl Oliver Miss Roseann Burgy Miss Paula Lipsmeyer Miss Ruth Whitehead '51 Miss Freda Deuerling '50 Miss Ellen Griffin Miss Rose Marie Mancini Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Smith Miss' Marie Urbani Miss Adelia Hampel Mrs. Henry Altenhofel William Brady Mr. "Dutch" Master James R. Savary Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Ebbing Mr. and Mrs. W. Simmons Joseph Andrews Nick Canellos Mr. W. S, Kilgore Mr. Bill Smith Mr. Chris Egner G. Kindervater, Jr. Louis Dallas Ray J. Baker' Miss Nan Cole Miss Veronica Bednar '50 J. H. Lytle Edward J. Doyle Miss Stella Strassenger Mr. Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. Ray Morris Mrs. Marie Lord Miss Melanie Crawford Bill Beck Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Mather Miss Patsy Buddenburg Miss Barbara Martin Mrs. James Smith Mrs. Rozella Leonard Mr. Henry Zimmerebner Mr. and Mrs. Mike Caldarera Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Cook Mrs. James Smith Miss Joan Dickmann Miss Virginia Shockey '51 Miss Doris Manville Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hannon Dr. and Mrs. J. F. Musil Eldridge Webb Mr. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Crawford, Jr. Miss Pat Malachowski '49 Miss Suzanne Elting Miss Barbara Breyel Dr. W. A. Snodgrass, Jr. C. Y. O., Hot Springs Mr. Donald Duff Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Briley Miss Ruth Hardcastle Mr. Frank Hoffer A Friend COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE TO THE SISTERS OE MERCY -and- THE CLASS UE 752 ouR LADY oF soon c:ouNsEL T CHURCH Rt. Rev. John B. Scheper, P t r os. M. Walslle Rev. John F. Doyl CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to the GRADUATES OF '52 and the SISTERS OF MERCY GUR LADY OF THE HGLY SOULS PARISH Rt. Rev. Msgr. F. A. Allen, Pasto Rev. Edward L. Mooney ST. ANDREW'S CATHEDRAL i' Rev. B. F. McDevitt - - - Rector Rev. William J. Burke Rev. John J. Kettler Complimenting Mt. St. Mary,s on Its Next 100 Years of Progress SISTERS OF MERCY ST. EDWARDS MERCY HOSPITAL Fort Smith Arkansas Congratulations and Best Wishes SISTERS OF MERCY SAINT JOSEPH,S HOSPITAL Hot Springs, Arkansas BEST WISHES forthe FUTURE ST. MARY'S CHURCH 'lr REV. C. STANOWSKI, Pastor REV. A. PIETROWIAK 'A' 1200 West Sixteenth North Little Rock Keep up the good spirit, girls, and proft by an education that shows and leads you to be in the world but not of the world. Let Christ be your hero and model 't ST. EDWARD'S CHURCH Rev. Bede Mitchel, 0. S. B. ---- Pastor Rev. Herman Laux, 0. S. B. - - Assistant CONGRATULATIONS AND ALL GOOD WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '52 A GRADUATE CC1ass of'26J BEST WIsHEsz A ST. PATRICICS CHURH 'W Rt.. Rev. Msgr. James P. Gaffney, Pastor Rev. Bernard G. Malone Rev. Leo Riedmueller LITTLE ROCK BOYS' CLUB cclzllilllillg Better Boyhoofll' HEADQUARTERS Boys' Club of Arkansas -- Arkansas A. A. U. Little Rock Association Amateurs -- Arkansas Baseball Congress Arkansas Softball Association Traveler Buddies -- 'tYouth of Arkansas" Compliments Compllments ..,,f.. ARTIE E. E. Brueggeman GREGGRY -of- OWEN HENDERSON GROCERY Sz: MARKET Phone 2-8254- Geyer Springs - - - Baseline Road Phone 2-9415 LEA TEDFORD TOM ll ANDREWS 0 B A R B E C U E Phone 4-4926 Sam and Steve . . . Ozvners 915 E. Ninth St. Little Rock, Ark. 210 West Capitol Little Rock, Ark Compliments -of, W. R. STEVENS INVESTMENT CO., Inc. FRATERNITY OF CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE - and - CATHOLIC YOUTH ORGANIZATION Rev. James P. McDonnell, Director "The Guardian in Every ik Catholic Home . . ." The Guardian Press K Ih C C ff IT ' ' O e Religious Articles - Rosaries Prayerbooks - - - Crucifixes jk 'k 311 West Second L I R k DRENNAN'S FINE FOODS Phone 3-8321 3601- Kavanaugh Blvd. Little Rock Compliments PRESCRIPTION '-' 0 f "- DRUGGISTS The REXALL Store . ' SAM J WATKINS L ll I -k Mortgage Loans 23 d d A h 5 Ph 4 5 71 The Best Buy on Earth for Your Future Home in New Subdivision . . . E. M. BREWER gl COMPANY-Realtors Phone 3-2242 or 3-I63U Wooflrow and Asher Avenue Little Rock Arkan ACME LINOLEUM Sl TILE COMPANY BERT TREADWAY, ou-ner 923 West Seventh St. Phone 5-1911 Compliments ...of- ARKANSAS SURPLUS SALES CO. Arkansas Maid Is the Brand Name of Pure Meats Incorporalefl Arkansas' Largest Dealers of Qf X Army and Navy Surplus Property X ffirwg ' sipfiwiruf uno 'Q UC CI' OHS ff 5 Qs o 0 0CK PAC FLOOR FINISHIXG FLOORS SANDED Proressell Only by and REFINISHED R k P ko C Phone 27-7420 1303 V7. Capitol I e O Complimenting Mt. St. Maryas and The Graduates Adds the ariful touch of the experienced Chef to salads, soups or any bland foods. SEXTON as ' Q , ' Q COMPANY B C g Sexton -Quad!! Dum ARKANSAS TOOL Sz DIE, Inc. aliuilders of Precision Tools, Jigs, Fixtures and Special Machineryv 1317 Orange Street North Little Rock, Ark. 0 ELECTRIC MOTORS H I L L -All Types Serviced- Prompt Service 2-4019 MOTORS REPAIRED, REBUILT Amusement Co. Ph ne ELECTRIC MOTOR i 0 in 5-0882 or 2-9361 i SERVICE CO' 314 East Eleventh Little Rock Air Conditioning A. W. JOHNSON COMPANY Phone 4-8223 1517 Gaines Street Little Rock, Ark. Complete Home Furnishings -. at 1 Popular Prices i' BRANDON FURNITURE COMPANY c'Stoves and Bedding Our Specialtyi' 323 West Seventh St. Phone 4-2960 Compliments of KRAF TCO BUILDING SUPPLY COMPANY 6711 Cantrell Road Phone 6-1 088 Schneider's,Inc. Tailoring and Mengs Furnishings O 115 Main St. Phone 4-1823 North Little Rock, Arkansas H. A. BOWMAN 81 CO. Equipment and Supplies Bought - Sold - Rented - Exchunged Phone 4-8460 823 W. Markham Little Rock Richard M.NoII Bibles - Prayer Books Rosarzfes - Piclures Medals - Chains - Slafues 'lr Phone 2-5084 2012 Pike Avenue - North Little Rock Congratulations, Graduates! "Be Perspicacious . . . Buy the Besti' OSCAR'S BAKERY Phone 2754 140 Central Ave. Hot Springs, Ark. PRECISION OPTICAL SERVICE Guild Opticians Main Floor Donaghey Bldg. Little Rock, Arkansas KELLY'S Greetings and Good Wishes l t0 l Mt. St. Maryis Academy ak if Kavanaugh and Ash Little Rock - - Arkansas Hiegel Lumber Co. Compliments of CHARLES ACKER CLOTHING COMPANY 203 Main Street North Little Rock REMEMBRANCE FLOWER SHOP Phone 5-8167 - 412 Louisiana Street Complime t -Of- Dick X-Ray Company KEMPNER'S ' FINE SHOES ' READY-T0-WEAR Donaghey Building lk Bob Mackin - - Manager Little Rock . . . . . . Hot Springs C 0 m p l i m e n t Congratulations! - 0 f - C I I CI DP Y - , Phone 2-6153 Phone 24448 321 West Capitol Avenue 907 West 18th North Little Rock THE LONG-BELL LUMBER COMPANY Little Rock, Arkansas Make Mine Falstaff . . . C 0 "L 1' I i "' 6 " ' " Choicest Product of the A 0 I - Brewer's Art P LU N KETT O F ALSTAF F DISTRIBUTING CO. -' 81 - MIKE and JOE CALDARERA 418 E. Markham Little Rock W h 0 I C S a 1 6 G 14 0 Q C It S SOUTHWEST DIE CASTING CORPORATION ALUMINUM . ZINC Jacksonville - - - Arkansas Compliments of ARKANSAS FIXTURES CO. Ozark Cast-O-Stone The Baldwin Company Most Beautiful mfg,-far Wana if In ,4lll0Tl'Cll General Contractors ik Engineers Phone 3-6674 lk 7 215 Wfallace Building 3001 lxavanaugh Little Rock Little Rock , . Arkansas Congratulations to the Graduates! LITTLE ROCK ABSTRACT COMPANY Abstracts - Title Insurance - Escrows 214 Louisiana Streets Telephone 5-4477 Phone 4-5048 . . . ARKANSAS' LARGEST . . . GRANOFF'S RESTAURANT Specializing in . Planos - Organs SEA FOODS ' FINE FOODS Band Instruments - Sheet Music LUNCHEONS . DINNERS Rewffls - - - Radios Major Appliances ' Reed Music Compan 1001 Main Little Rock y 112 East Seventh Phone 2-5151 BILL'S ICE CREAM PARLOR BILL CLARK, Owner 1123 Main Street - - - Phone 2-9794- Congratulations to the Class of '52! JAMES HAMPTON 'S PUBLIC AUTO CO. 321-400 WEST THIRD ST. NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARK. Meet Yew Friends For me Best Results . . . Secure U Skilled Painter .md Specify ""' PHELAN,S PAINTS GILMIIIRPI PgAIllTfi Iulven eo. 615 Main Little Rock, Arkansas JOE P. GILMORE, Manager Phone 2-6814 409 Center Phone 2-5512 Res. Phone 5-5296 DIXIE MARBLE Sz: TILE COMPANY Exterior and Interior Marble Tile Fred C. Rexer 111 Center Street A. I I ELECTRIC Co , CAPITAL CIIY .IULIAN P. NABHOLZ Electrical Contractor ir 1023 West Third Street Phone 5-2431 Business College Little Rock's Outstanding Business College You can learn Speedwriting and Shorthand before time to go to College ZELSMAN'S FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS Telephone -I-9762 Markham and Ringo Little Rock, Ark. BLOCK REALTY CO. cl i' BEST WISHFS Real Estate - Rents - Loans f I llSllTllIll'f? 10 , Ph Scott Grocery Co. 212 Sp g St Lul R ck 1 Compliments Compliments -0f- -of- PITCHER CAFE 916 W". Fourteenth St. Little Rock - - Arkansas ARNOLDS, Inc. 718 Main Street Little Rock - - Arkansas WALTHOUR-F LAKE COMPANY, Inc. Real Estate - Insurance - Rentals Try STEWART'S POTATO CHIPS RAY WOODS Esso Service Phone 2-9147 Ninth and McGowan Streets DEPARTMENT STORE L'ttl R k Ak Compliments, All-State Supply Corp 'A' SCHOOL -- CHURCH OFFICE 'A' 1401 W. Capitol Littl Rock 575 Horace llling Bus Line Charter Bus Service F. H. A. LOANS if and 4-6586 - Phone - 4-4523 INSURANCE LITTLE RoCK J. J. HOCOTT 81 SON J A a General Contractors ' ' - and - . Landscape Company CRUCERII-IS 'A' FRESH NIICATS - FRLITS ,Vursery - Flagstone X HURT.-XBLES Ornamental and Bedding Plants 9 'A' Phone 2-1878 823 Rector Ave' 3700 Kavanaugh Little Rock Congratulations! PARKER MAYF LOWER DAIRY COMPANY Cantrell and River Road Phone 3-3534- The Bee Restaurant Oak Forest Drug Store MRS- JOE BECK The REXALL Store Manager iv o Phone 3-9870 Twelfth at Fair Park Blvd. 5707 Kavanaugh Little Rook Phone 3-6368 Little Rock Phone 3-8564 , v Compliments JOYNER at som - ,, , - ELECTRIC CO. Bonded and Licensed e r a r d N 0 RESIDENTIAL - INDUSTRIAL APPLIANCES REPAIRED M e r C a n t I l e 'A' . . 3102 W. Markham Little Rock wfmghtsnlle' Arkansas Compliments -0f, GURDON MOTCDR C0. Complifments Compliments -0 ... -of.. Charles E.Crowe ROYTHOMESSUNS PLUMBING DRUG STGRE A P P L I A N C E S Gurdon, Arkansas C I ---- Arkansas Compliments of BILLY ROBBS' GULF STATION GURDON, ARKANSAS Com li nts Compliments inf' B A I-ILE Y ' s Weeks Esso Station Rexan Drug Store Compliments -of- Superb Oak Flooring Company, Inc. REBSAMEN 81 EAST, INC. Hlnsurancew Phone 27-7143 Rector- Building Little Rock "T he H oney With the '5S0u,ll1err1, Accentv . . . Your Grocer Has Fischer's Honey Packed in North Little Rock Phone 4-094-9 Compliments of . . . Paragon Printing Co. Robert L. - - - Raymond T. Richard J. Byrne Office Supplies and Equipment PHONE 5-1281 311 E. Capital Ave. Little Rock, Ark UNITED CREDIT ,IEWELERS Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry Silverware 106 West Capitol Phone 27-9656 SCHWARZ GROCERY KThe Home of Good Things to Eat" Compliments -of- HUNT-RITCHIE 'A' Phone 4-2546 D G S 'Ir 2218 Cross St. Little Rock P A R K H I L L Compliments of W. R. WRAPE STAVE COMPANY, Inc. "We Do Not Make the Most Oak Flooring, But We Do Make the Besti' OAK IXIE BRAND F Lvunn ijl' Wg f , COMPLIMENT S GUS BLASS COMPANY Since 1871 EIWLMEML1 I WN l f . I H1ll1llli Arkansas' Largest and Best Store ' i" Where Every Customer Must Be Satisfied if 1 f M, f '-1 ggiur. we 'rt' f l Vx .5 1.1-gil q, wif A LQ 71ifC1f3fs'fffTCf ,W 'TEL-SESS? 'fifi 3 gm imp Compliments of . . . AMERICAN UNITED LIFE INSURANCE CO. American United Contracts "Pay if You LIVE, DIE OR QUIT" Business - Individual - Family Protection EARL F. RANKIN ----- Agency Manager PHIL BALEST ------ District Manager A Mutual Company-Founded in 1377 -I-4230 -- Phone - 4-4230 1129-30 Donaghey Bldg. Little Rock, Arkansas Compliments of ARKANSAS ABSTRACT Sl GUARANTY CO. 116 W'est Second Street-Little Rock, Arkansas TAYLOR X1 RlCHTER.Inc. ik INSURANCE -- MORTGAGE LOANS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CHARLES ll. TAYLOR C. H. RICHTER HEALEY X1 ROTH, Inc. FUNERAL DIRECTORS O Air-Conditioned Chapel 815 Main Street Phone 4-3733 DUTCH 0'NEAL MOTORS,Inc Phone 4-8225 206 West Broadway North Little Rock, Arkansas RIGHT SELL-BARRY-DONHAM, Inc. Insurance - Real Estate Loans 218 Louisiana Street Little Rock, Arkansas The Graduates' Pictures Were Made Thy- Little Roclfs Leading Photographer ' iw V Phone 4-1193 117 West Sixth Street Little Rock, Ark. V ik We'Make Special Rates on Photographs to All Students ERWIN JONES AUTO COMPANY "The Used-Car King? C New and Used Cars Bought and Sold CONGRATULATIONS ST. MARY9S SENIORS! UNION LIFE INSURANCE CGMPANY ELINIO WALKER, President Q Arkansas, Oldest Old Line ' Legal Reserve Company Phone 5-5326 Q and .4 Rock U1'1i0I1 Life Building Little Rock, Ark. Compliments of ARKANSAS OPTICAL COMPANY 302 Louisiana Street Compliments of . . . if ,If A l n -, -A I II Koehlers Bakery ' , ICI nu C 17 1 .MV - if 315 West Twelfth St. 711 Main Street 1716 Pike Avenue -- North Little Rock -- Little Rock Phone 3-8376 Congratulating the THAD NICOL GRADUATES OF Your Pulaski Heights Florist MT. ST. MARY'S COMPLETE FLORAL SERVICE The Wonder Grill 3700 Kavanaugh Little Rock Thirteenth and Main No. Little Rock CONGRATULATIONS Enjoy . . . fo' your KARCHER'S WONDERFUL SERVICE CHOPT KERNELS ffloirl- l ,. EWEYQH , ' ' ll , 'I J' mv -. ff Q Vjf ll igdhdaxl o f f ' s - K P M HWS A f 'Ifl 4:1 5 -3 OL! Q ' SONERSIO PI 'S roast fsmuamr .A fwreq.-4 A. KARCHER Fine Fvvfls CG. S P 0 ' ' i " 5' G 0 0 'l S 821 E. Markham Little Rock Congratulations to the Graduates STERLING DEPARTMENT STORE Capitol and Center Little Rock, Arkansas Compliments 0'f,,, "SemlFlowers...But Send Oursv HEIM BROTHERS Colonial Flower Shop WHOLESALE MEATS Phone 3-4191 2017 Kavanaugh Boulevard Phone 5-5324 1707 West Eleventh Little Rock Compliments WeAreProudto - 0 f- Serve I. K. ELECTRIC COMPANY Mount St- Mary? 'md RECORD SHOP COLEMAN DAlRY,lnc. 311 Main Street Little Rock, Arkansas 6001 Asher Avenue CARPETS aml LINOLEUMS from Ameriraas Leading Manufacturers Little Rock Carpet Xi Linoleum Co. Phone 5-02 19 Congratulations to the Sisters of Mercy and the Graduates Economy Drug Co. Phones 4-0307 - 4-0308 Fifth and Louisiana - - Little Rock COLLINS Sz COMPANY 311 WEST SECOND STREET Specializing in Handling Estates - Insurance Real Estate Loans and Sales Property Management Investments Phone Us: 82-1341 116 W. Fourth Sl. Little Rock John Collins Bernard Heinze Harry G. Galloway Herbert Collins Herb R. Coffman Complimenting qllt. ST. Mary's 1952 Graduates THE DUMAS DRESS SHOP IN PARK HILL Sllilfll Shore Regulation Uniform Blouses MHS. NED DUMAS THE BOTTLIN G COMPANY Phone 4-4815 . . . HARVILL-BYRD Electric Company Little Rock ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS O Complimenls Lighting Fixtures '-' 0 f 1 a n fl . . ' S 815 Supplylfompany 309 Main St' Plume 59754 719 Main Street Little Rock, Ark. North Little Rock, Ark. Complimenting the Graduates . . . SEARS ROEBUCK 81 CO. ir Dept. Store 7th and Main - Ph. 4-4311 Farm and Auto Store - - 4th and Scott STANDARD LUGGAGE Compliments of . . . SILBERNAGLE COMPANY, Inc. Wholesalers of FINE WINES and LIQUOR 'k Complete Assortment of Fine-Quality Distributors of Golden West Wine Trunks - Wallets - Brief Cases I am ' Grieseflieck Bros. Premium Phone 2-6027 . L h L , B 303 Main street Little Rock, Ark. 'g ' agp' 'ie' Complimenting Mt. St. Marygs 1052 Graduates WINKLER'S DRIVE-IN Phone 3-9921 700 Johnson R. A. KARCHER M. D. KARCHER SCUTHERN Paper Box Co. Smith's Drug Store Country Cluh Station 'Ir Phone 3-1118 Little Rock - - Arkansas The B 0 X F A C T 0 R Y B 0 Y D ik . Mllk Products Co. Set up - Folding - Corrugated Phone 5-7387 1421 West Eighth St. 203 Rock Street Little Rock Little Rock - - Arkansas Compliments Of Compliments - 0 f .- Mechanics lumberCo. 0 F I H 600 Main-North Little Rock Phone 2-3456 -A' 923 Spring-Little Rock Phone 4--0312 Phone 5-3353 500 Main Street North Little Rock J. E. Hornibrook Co. Compliments -olf- KORTE TIRE Sz SERVICE CO. Bone Dry Barrett Approved Roofers 1300 Main Street Phone 4-3753 209 E. Markham North Little Rock, Arkansas TIMES PRINTING 81 PUBLISHING C0.,Ine. Phone 4-3208 North Little Rock 515 Main Street Arkansas Foundry Co. D 0 N N A Machinery Repair Work Ornamental Iron Work 'A' Steel Building Specialties J. M. Rock Wool for F I L L Insulation wk Mechanical Rubber Goods DAY T SPRICK if DONNA SPRICK CHAMPION Office, Plant and Stock in ,k LITTLE ROCK - - - ARKANSAS . Suite 515 Exchange Bldg. 1501 East Sixth Street Little Rock - - - - Arkansas To Buy or Sell See Arkansas' Largest Realtors Fausett 81 Company Furniture of Finest Quality Since 1885 'A' ARKANSAS CARPET Sz FURNITURE CO. Phone 4-8261 215 Louisiana St. Little Rock 709-711 Main Street METRAIIER 81 HART You Fine Shoe Repairing it . . . Since 1899 I f 0 T ' REGUSPAIOFF Phone 4-0716 likes F011 . 2' 110 E. Fourth St. Little Rock ARKANSAS ACCOUNTING CORPORATION "MAIL IT MONDAY" Bookkeeping and Tax Service for Independent Business LITTLE Rf0CKl -PINE BLLFF CONGRATULATIONS! HERFF-JONES COMPANY Makes St. Maryis Rings and Invitations O Paul Meers - - - Representative CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WSHES to the GRADUATES M. 0. BRANTON Construction Co. General Building Contractors 'A' 1900 Lincoln Ave. Little Rock, Ark J COKER-HAMPTON DRUG COMPANY QWMIQV, FAN, fftz GRAVES A M7 HOME SUPPLY Ml, My MN A ' ',.. LESTERYAVGRAVES ff 219 s tl M smngarr Ark. ' aww-X: 0.1.5,-J,-SL-N, Iii-,...:,0L+4-17 'C""4fv...i2'ffJ, A-'Tia-4-H.. .Q fc I l Complimenting th'e Graduates a 1 2? I. HART MANUFACTURING COMPANY Hot Springs, Arkansas WIEMAN IMPLEMENT COMPANY Pl L l70gL.D.6 'af PIONEER Incorporated ' S d I I M Pom , Mowe CC BI'ITIS, IIC. F Machinery . SEED RICE - OATS TRACTORS - POWER UNITS SOYBEANS 9 'A' TILLAGE and HAY TOOLS D P O k th M g St ug t ARKANSAS - DeWin St ug t A k Compliments of A. R. THURELL SUPPLY COMPANY' S gart, Arkansas Iull Compliments -of- RICELAND Duckett Ponhac Co. T A V E R N Pontiac 665' amz use "-'WS PMB f tuttgart - - r ansas tuttgart, r ansas COMPLIMENTS WONDER RICE MlLLS,Inc. J i Compliments of . .. L A Y N E ARKANSAS FARM Wells ang Pumps H A N E CO. Irrigation - Industries wk Cities -,Mines Y D 1 Layne-Arkansas C f C o m p a n y 5 ' A k Stuttgart - - Arkansas For the Finest in DIAMONDS, WATCHES and BEAUTIFUL JEWELRY remember Serving You Jewelers I Since 1880 S T ' F F T S 511 Main St. Roberto Electronrcs Paint F5 Q Paint 'A' '01-XE' Television - Radio Economy nam Economy Sales and Service i A ln A Phone 3.7370 Phone 5-7371 2009 North Van Buren Street Co. Compliments -Of.. NATIONAL OLD LINE INSURANCE CO. CARSON BRAY VVARREINI BRAY Congratulations Bray Sheet Metal Co. I o - . - . Moores Cateterra Phone 4-0335 or 4-7000 415 MAIN 1508 Scott Street - - In Rear BALCH MOTOR COMPANY, Inc. OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service 600 Broadway Little Bock, Ark. W AQ B E S T W I s H E s H from the W' lg !!!-3 Fiifiil ii-mrli if Q' SETI E iii Q cgFashion Center of Arkansas" I f tg mi Q u sm in Q!! ii ' u' Ulf' Ei 'T' Fill HM lj Wi GI us in lm ir it mi ai' erm S I1 ll The m,m.Cuhn :am y ',', S T e rn, m, O n P G LIT 1' 1. s R o c K "Your Friendly Dealer" . . . 1l3IlO'I'V0ixRRgfi Tom McDonnell Co. Compliments of . . . New and Used Cars and Trucks Bought and Sold Painting - Decorating O Building 719 East Broadway Remodeling - Repairing N o r t h L i t t l e R o c k Phone 3-7358 2911 Kavanaugh Congratulations and Best Wishes from BEACH ABSTRACT S1 GUARANTY CO. Telephone 82-1333 213 West Second Street Little Rock, Arkansas I The Finest of BUILDING MATERIALS ROOFING and PAINTS Bakers of FINE PASTRY Ik 2713 Kavanaugh Boulevard J' R- 1200 West Seventh Street CO. - 2800 West Fifteenth Lune Rock Little Rock ---- Arkansas Congratulations for Your Continued Success . . . ARKANSAS PRINTING 81 LITHOGRAPH CO. .... arid - ARKANSAS STATIONERY Sz FURNITURE CO. 1000 Center Street Little Rock, Ark. Congratulations to the SISTERS UF MERCY and the GRADUATES OF '52 PHYSICILUIS lv IIOSPI S EQUIPMENT 5 SUPPLIES KELEKIW' x'RAV 'Q IPMENT G S UPPL IES 721-723 Main St. Phone 5-1211 C o m pl i m P n t s 'Vp Disnibute - 0 f ' F R U I T s 0 I 0 a n il Jlm s Roller Rink 3400 Conway Pike ' ' North Little Rock, Arkansas D 81 D Laundry-Cleaners and Wfasllerette Phone 3-4159 Kavanaugh and Palm 1 Little Rock Rags - Newspaper.: - Coal Hangers cfThe Pride of Arkansas" Anliques - Scrap Iron - Furs J. A. ALLEN 81 CO. 5055 6'1" Street Little Rock Compliments of . . . STAN DARD'S TWO FRIENDLY FURNITURE STURES 609 Main sires: . Phone 5-0131 Little Rock 209 Main Street - - Phone 4-0376 . -. North Little Rock 900 HIGH STREET Compliments of... MABELVALE BUS LINES Base Line Road Phone 6-0375 Compliments of . . . A A I ECO N O M Y rkansas musement Company Arkansas - Center - Capitol Phone 4-1675 Nag- Heights - 'foxy 323 Main su-ee: NO. Lime Rock Asher Drmfii rosgfies Drive-In Compliments of THE EDWIN RHEIN MANUFACTURING CO. , Makers of RHYNl31CLIl"I"E and ST. MAHYS TIES LOUIS SCHNEIDEIVS CANDIES C H R Y 5 L E R Little Rock P L Y M 0 U T H O Compliments .. 0 f .. Phone 5-8101 I Third at Gaines Little Rock V E I- I I n C . Phone 4-9259 Little Rock Johnson Drug Store Congratulating the Grarluates! PAUL J. DeLEUIL BUILDING CONTRACTOR New Construction and Remodeling C i' 2-5268 - Phone - 2-5269 Phone 6-0175 1200 Main Street Little Rock, Ark. Route 79 BOX 615 Little Rock, Ark. BATTERY STREET MARKET WITT 81 CROW Cleaners ir FRESH MEATS 'A' Neighborhood Delivery Service Phone 34580 'k 1201 Battery Phone 4-5457 3924 West Twelfth Street CENTRAL SURGICAL COMPANY,Ine. Phone 4-9748 Little Rock - - - Arkansas I-E-EF , ..,,, . PV T eten t Brown Plumbing Co. We Specialize in REPAIR WORK O Phone - - - 4-0129 1615 Augusta St. North Little Rock When Ifs a Gift for Him, Remember to Get It at His Favorite Men's Shop! BAUMAN'S MEN'S SHOP 302 MAIN STREET Phone 82-1777 LOETSGHER BROTHERS PAINT 81 BODY SHOP Movie and Still Cameras 'k One-Day Service cn Photo Finishing 8 and 16 mm Projectors For Sale or Rent ,k 'k Little Roclljoutf 7,-BOX 299 Arkansas 108 Main St. Phone -I-3403 ii' ESQUIRE mg, MEN'S CLOTHES e 'UMGJ-.H Branrl-Name Merclznrzrlise Wilson - Scully - Hickok - Riviera Promenade Casuals - Dunlap Phone 5-1015 Markham and Louisiana TRU-ADE BOTTLING CO. ':Drink a Better Beverage" 1325 East Ninth St. Little Rock - - Arkansas HALL'S FAMILY DRUG STORE - Your Rexall Drug Store - Phone - - Kavanaugh and Hayes 3-2310 - 3-1008 Little Rock, Ark. MARlE'S VENUS BEAUTY SHOP MARIE s. LORD Owner and Operator Complete Beauty Service Phone 27-7223 Donaghey Bldg. - On the Mezzanine Compliments -of- C81 Mfpifee Co. Marion Hotel Office Little Rock - - Arkansas MORGAN INSURANCE AGENCY W Ev Compliments of . . . K! FARMERS Conzplznzents of . . . BATTERY STREET Equipment Co. DRUG STURE J. I. Case Farm Machinery PITUIIC Al--5534 Parts and Service , lllh and Battery Sts. Little Rock, Ark Stuttgart ---- AI'k3l1SH:- ffyfhfng M ACTURERS Check You n Our Nm, FURNITURE 00M PANY mm for the The Half-Block at 7th QQ: Arch Sts. Bfffvfe Home! You Buy Phone 5-6424 SOUTHWESTERN FOREST ASSOCIATES Consulting Foresters LITTLE ROCK - - ARKANSAS Congratulations! X LEIRD LUMBER 8: CONGRATULATIONS MANUFACTURING CO. I am Church Furniture if BEST VVISHES Phone 3-4175 to the 2816 West 16th St. Little Rock Students and Faculty of F fP5lff'l'4 fl BEVERAGE COMPANY .UL St. 1Mary,s ':Y0ur Clothes Deserve the Besf' E. L. VILLAREAL 8z CO. Ouallly Cleaners f STATE and MUNICIPAL 'lf BONDS WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS if if 117 West Second St. 2302 Arch Street Little Rock Little Rock - - Arkansas Compliments of E. W. Daniel Plumbing ll Healing Coe, lnc. 14-18 West Ninth St, Phone -1-6331 North Little Rock, Ark. Telephone 5-8460 222 East Marlfllam Street X ,f LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 1 All P INTING Company ,QEBBHPLHL P RHECK - Compliments of . . . DRUMMOND -g,- COMPANY ir AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone - - - 4-0251 Compliments -of- GOSS ELECTRIC COMPANY Electrical Repairs 1004 West Third Phone 4-8535 B. E. G LOVER ESSO STATION i' R. H. Green - - - President Phone 2-0033 Joseph E. Dunn - Secy--Mgh 320 Ark-Mo Highway, Park Hill North Little Rock MW Gifflgwiwh GW!! kQ3w1 ?Fu,fQ7Zffufi'ibfmnwAZf6t MW1 ff 1316? nm Zritwfftwfiftffrf Wifi M . .1 than just men E11 machines to :II-dad-1 3 0, ty product . It req th d 1 t 'c monly call d uk h I t t V on these thr k b I d t f 1 t t fs' e every p p g yf X gg: standard 1 11 11 11 d 1 d . 10 our cust th extra charge for the added tou h f p f ctlon due to our superior 'gknow-ho 1 ,Q 1 w MZKQJL ,Mag j , C930 M47 hw iefrttz WW Wihdgat 1 1 H n ph E EIDE Wes even ree 1 ehnck, r ausas ' P liuxinq S Stationery Eumpany X. Tele une - X31 15 11151 1 14111 Ak tx tim V M ISV V ' V qkxl VAV ' .. Av ,... , V f Ir e ,, - 14v,,,4 , A, In . . , , ,f , ff A 1 .., . ,. jj W "4 " A, J ' I jfetzl, Zi 2,4 ' , M ,010 1' ,"Mf2 imp Af'ZZ'2 I ,of - ' 5 H get l Jw Mfazfyf fri Qfkwf' W Wffjw ?fZz7'i?WfW. 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