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. l' I W K f N, fx lk' I 1, X fa, f x JJ F-W , 'N fy V Q 'N X' If v V EM? X ' df xx X . ,INR i V? ,X V., y Ll J T, x f x Q V :J ,I QU QV .4 V I iw 1 J -.1 " ' V, if t f f . X U I X -W V Lgffla 'K v. U M V ' Q Q x N .Ji MJ, R54 J ,I I. 3 -,xx J4 I, J -,mf I 1, X X ff Av" U vi -. v f X -wwf . Q,-V , K ' Q' ', Q' , MW 'K , f V , N- , f f X A i , I X' X I, sy! fl '37 iw Q, X f ,y X gf' 2 ,M xt ' ff I , lx, . ll. , v, , x E 1' X "4 Xi? x ' f W' X ,K L I jk f t HJ .xv i I Aj I ., , 1 , ' jf ' Y C7 X m ' D l 0 ,X ly' f 1 .N ' X X .L X ,V J" Y I-1' FW' ' A K. LV! . V ,, xir' u iff Li", -I ' ', l sei '15, Yu.. ly fx ,i it .ti fy fl K 4 'X ff gfffvf, :mx A , wg 5 4 1 ' .S M X.. ' j V, . X V V 3 In I X I Y 1 1 I ' ,, "2 V Q .,1.,,,.j my A if ,- , 1 i 1 J g , , -L ,,., 1, fin! ' .- 1 , , X . 1 , , , , , , , Q 1 'x A ,, 1 i ' 1 ,. I s '- I gf: f' ' i- f 2 , 'nr 'lf-:g,,.,,,, , . ,Q v I 3, ig ' W if 5 , F 4',""Q . Y .1 ' .G -, ,M '47, If P Vywff ..f' . ' - ' 73 , H ' ul!" 3 , I ' . ,- I ,fix A! 7, i i. f z' 1 L, 5 V 41 '3- W ,, L, , W - w. W, , , f Q 50: f.'f' A.: 5.1 +I , ..." H - WJ' , ,V ' :ami ,":'5Q3',, ' ing: :- Q,- X Mylan: N , V . J 156' mg 4 .v 5. , fy . ,Fw- , i i ix .i 5 2 www VMWV ufyvwmluvw 11'-'vv-wif W 4.L,Q-,.,.A.flzf!f " bontzxgz I N U I 5'a0"-Oh av me 5?-www., . M,Q13mLH W WWW XMMZLM ffl- 5 0f?2 X 17Ezwf J ffggjfljwfgwfyiqqq ,gy Wllw at tiff JM wwf jg Jgd' Qf"VgY'5J'V,fJ fy at-1 W iff we ff mix Xpfkifp Duff ? wvlghyivbgi ,Zf,f6,efk,?,Z,,Z,,,,,,,,,,M,Zf+w fd UM is W,Aj:M71fAzwcf1ff"'!fZ?"'t"V IRR, Q R, 5, Ay,,,,,.,fQ,,fw7i 0 A . .KA ,!w!fV ,141 -9- J Ei?" HE NL! jg 53525 Cogmemofjzng me f , 0 Me idem 0 , ljcg' Lawn Gy T js 33? www! -A afifik' 1 A3 5 5 bgfwvvfbgg L af 4235 'A W if H QQYX 18515 ' , 1951 W W Rf! RAW 5 W4 W pfygmffg The serif Class Cjygljlcf, 1 W E11 A A 1111331 1 52 Ufgjwmggw ffvjwwwifw 1 ? Nfnfyf . 4 W ix BARBARA Bl f RUTH WHITEHEAD, Associate Editor M GA R szness Manager A 1851-1951-ONE HUNDRED ST. MAR Y'S, 1851 One hundred years of devotion and sac- rifice! One hundred years of dedication to God! One hundred years of progress for St. Mary's! So reads the record of the Sisters of Mercy in Arkansas. It was in 1850 that the recently consecrated Andrew J. Byrne, first Bishop of the Little Rock Diocese, recognized the great need for Religious to spread the word of God to the poor, the sick, and the ignorant of his territory. Believing that the recently founded Order of the Sisters of Mercy, begun in 1831 by Mother Catherine McAuley, would best fit the needs of the hard and trying voyage across the Atlantic. They spent the time on board teaching the children, visit- ing the sick, instructing the older people, and saying their prayers in the small chapel erected for them in a stateroom. During the journey, the ship was once lost in a storm and then for some time was becalmed at sea, but through the fer- vent and constant prayers of the Sisters, all on board remained safe. After the crossing, the ship sailed in- to the Gulf of Mexico and up the Mississip- pi, landing at New Orleans, where the Sis- ters rested and visited for several days with the Ursuline nuns. The Bishop and the Sisters then boarded the steamer "Pontiac" and sailed up the Mississippi, into the Arkansas River, and arrived at the Little Rock wharf February 5, 1851. During the absence of the Bishop, the Vicar-General, who had been appointed to build the Sisters' convent, had died, and there was no home ready for them when they arrived. The Bishop turned over to them his home on Second and Center Streets and soon purchased for them a school, a former meetinghouse located at religion starved people of " Arkansas, Bishop Byrne went to the Motherhouse of the Order in Dublin, Ire- land. From there he was directed to the branch house in Naas, where he delivered his fervent and eloquent plea. He found the Sisters willing and ea- ger to answer his call, and at last it was decided that four professed Sisters and eight postulants would make up the little band to sail November 30 on the "John O'Toole." The Sisters, unaccus- tomed to sea travel, had a ST. MARY'S, 1885 YEARS Sixth and Louisiana Streets. The Sisters made many friends among the people of Arkansas, but there were those who strove to make them unwelcome in the ter- ritory. However, this only helped to strengthen the Sisters' efforts and gain for them the support of their friends and admirers. As soon as they arrived, they started a catechism school and went out to visit the poor and the sick in their homes. During the War between the States, the Sisters cared for the wounded and needy, regardless of color of uniform. They vol- unteered the use of one of their buildings as a temporary hospital and gave them- selves over to treating the wounded, car- ing for their spiritual as well as their physical needs. The days after the war were hard ones for the people of Arkansas. The Sisters of Mercy, then overburdened by the care of many of the children left homeless by the war, found it hard to carry on, but were frequently aided by the military authorities who had also given them pro- tection during the war. With the increase in students, the land on which the first St. Mary's was located became too cramped, and in 1908 Bishop John B. Morris, third Bishop of the dio- cese, secured for the Sisters the site in CGNVENT ANNEX, 1923 CF PROGRESS ST. MARY'S 1909 Pulaski Heights on which stands today Mt. St. Mary's, Alma Mater of the Class of '51 and nearly one hundred preceding classes. In 1923 a three-and-a-half-story annex was built to serve as a novitiate and en- larged Sisters' quarters. An auditorium- gymnasium with an indoor swimming pool was built in 1928. The next year the Sisters of Mercy of Arkansas joined the Union of the Sisters of Mercy in the United States, and Mt. St. Mary's became a mem- ber of the St. Louis Provincial House. Mt. St. Mary's, during the past quar- ter century, has grown and progressed in its educational work, directed by its staff of 19 highly-trained teachers and holds membership in the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Col- leges. The day is not far off when St. Mary's will have to under- take another building pro- gram if, in its second cen- tury, it is to maintain the h i g h-quality educational standards it has upheld for the past one hundred years. The Centennial MER- CIAN, throughout its pages of proof of progress and development in one hun- dred years, will try to show, through the eyes of the Miss of 1851, the St. Mary's of 1951. i 1 l -A Q5 A S51 ,ww ER, 1951 AT M ALMA 1 1 i n xx f fl f K Wg his gk itil ali? Q it sig? Q aibecbca fi on I lo MUTHER CATHERINE MQAULEY Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy ' ana! TU ALL THREE LUYAL ANR REVUTED PIUNEER NUN5 Who, following in the footsteps of their saintly Foundress, left home and fatherland to plant the seeds of Mercy in Arkansas. One hundred years agrowing-1851 to 1951- and the tree has matured and branched out to cities and towns throughout the state. But the roots are here in Little Rock and We, the members of the Class of 1951, are the beneficiaries of one hundred years of sacrifice, one hundred years of zeal and devotion to duty, one hundred years of progress for Mt. St. Mary's. To the Sisters of Mercy, past, present, and future, We say Congratulations, as deeply grateful and sincerely appreciative, We, the members of the Centenary Class, dedicate our Centennial Mercian to the SISTERS UP MEREY UP ARKANSAS -1- 9' X , Q -i .- vfofvc. FLGJUZJQ MM aid! 1 - 2 Q-141, , Q - CLLM-f I-105 my Mew fwmsw PAW ' W I VL- '-2.f',,4fA,Vx!s,,gL,,Z-L'.'f,,,,L,,.fL,4..1-e1f ,0 dfnul-Lvl.: xffx4"L. e, fir 'Em A V7 0 ' . cv - , , J ,, r "1 , ,Xxx LAI L , OIAIZL Vff' M VQp,l1,64'J:f'3?k'-HJ," el .-,-- e , , 1 L, N, M, ,f 'ge eww-f " 'ffk-f 4 - "Le f 5 Lfofff eJR' 4fQ" ' . I.. ' X AYP' - L 'fr-M-,k,,4,.- K . E V I MQI,,,1,, X, f X The Must Heverend Albert L. Fletcher, U. U. MAAW9 of 05174 RICA DIOCESE OF LITTLE ROCK ' 305 WEST SECOND STREET LITTLE ROCK. ARKANSAS AWA February 19, 1951 Sisters and Students Mount St. Mary's Academy Little Rock, Arkansas My dear Sisters and Students: I am taking the liberty of addressing you jointly on this historic occasion marking the Centenary of St. Mary's Academy. Sisters and students have, through all the years, comprised what we have always known as St. Mary's Academy, the pioneer institution of learning for young ladies in the State of Arkansas. It is, therefore, I think proper that I should send my congratulations to both of you-to the Sisters as the successors of those valiant religious women who founded and maintained the institution in the past centuryg and to this generation of students who both represent and emulate the high type of Christian womanhood which it has been the purpose of St. Mary's to develop. I join with you on this happy occasion in thanking God for the blessings and providential care which He has conferred on St. Mary's during the past hundred years. During these years, joys have been mixed with sorrows, success with failure-but all these things have made St. Mary's what it is today. We now realize that Ufor those who love God, all things work to good.n I thank Him also for you: the devoted Sisters who now and in the years to come will carry on the work of Catholic education which God has entrusted to themg the students of Mount St. Mary's on whom the Church in Arkansas will depend so much in the future to exemplify the dignity and virtue of Catholic womanhood. Wishing you every blessing on this memorable occasion and renewing my most sincere congratulations and felicitations, I am Yours sincerely in Christ, ffl, WLLJJAJ in X, Bishop of Little Rock ?'i5'i51Q f M wi' 35 Wifi iw JW! 'N ww f Q A353555 N J M STATE OF ARKANSAS 2: K? , ' Z OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR A M LIFTLE: ROCK SID MCMATH GOVERNOR , ' If A February 8, 1951 f LJ,y F .QJ 4, f 1 ' 1 tk , 1 , X .I-f' Miss Barbara Barlow "NQ' I MERCIAN Editor -' Mount St. Mary's Academy Little Rock, Arkansas Dear Miss Barlow: Thank you for your letter of February 2nd, affording me an opportunity to pay tribute to the sisters and students of Mount St. Mary's Academy for their outstanding record of service to the State of Arkansas over the past one hundred years. Yours is an unbroken record of achievement for which you may be justifiably proud. We feel that the state is indebted to the Academy for the fine work that has been accomplished by the unselfish devotion of those who have made this achievement possible. We know that the state can rely upon St. Mary's for continued and higher achievement in the future. Cordially yours, X -, .. SID MCMATH. SMcM:da S -y . 'RV . yy' 3,-P1 - ?gJ-viyep JS ,rj x t QS My bffog, rf of X K if ,fr my rr AS ,fylh jg N Xi -A 'Q S f its 2 K Q, lf! S Q ' o7J'j35' 5 y S 5 X5-392' A-I A if EX. I xx! f 1 I Very Hovoreod Monsignor Thomas L. Hoaoy, Ph. U 6Au!9Al1'n, luzrAer, un,1!C0Lu'A Our Clzalafainh eafiage fo flne gracluafm Dear Graduates of the Class of 1951: The sponsor of your year book has reminded me that its deadline is approaching and that I am expected, as usual, to address a valediction to the class that is so soon to leave the tender care of its Alma Mater 'behind it and to launch out into the troubled affairs that constitute life beyond school. It is one of the tragedies of life that friends must part. You are about to take leave of your teachers and your school companions, and experience makes it evident that never again will all the members of this class and their teachers meet on this side of the grave. It is true that your intentions are the best and that you all have hopes that future meetings will take place. But at such reunions, always there will be absent members. This is a sad but a true fact. The theme that runs through the Mercian this year is the Centenary of the Sisters of Mercy in Arkansas. The sisters need no eulogist. Their work among the poor, the sick and the ignorant, during the past one hundred years, speaks for itself. They instructed, during this period, a countless number of young people unto justice and the names of many of them are already written in the Book of Life. These will be followed by others in their turn. It will always be the proud boast of this year's graduating classes in the schools conducted by the Sisters of Mercy, throughout this Diocese, that they are the crowning work of one hundred years of unselfish devotion to duty. You graduates of this year at Mt. St. Mary's Academy are the latest in a long line of students, who have been trained according to exacting standards. You have had before you, at all times, living examples of unselfish lives, dedicated to God's service and to your betterment. This is in striking contrast to the spirit of this age, in which so many are interested solely in their own security. You have had unusual opportuni- ties, it is for you to improve them and spend your influence for good in a world that is morally decadent. The character of any age reflects the conduct of its women. When Napoleon asked Madame Campan, "What is wanting in order that the youth of France be well edu- cated?" The answer was, "Good mothers." It is the good mother, in every age, who makes the being, who would be a savage but for her tender care, a Christian man. And what is the hidden strength of a good woman? Milton tells us in Comus, " 'Tis chastity, my brother, chastity, So dear to Heaven is saintly chastity, that when a soul is found sincerely so, a thousand liveried angels lackey her driving far off each thing of sin and guilt." You have this talisman, dear graduates of the Class of 1951. Wear it proudly and conspicuously. Never accept the standards that paganism has set up in modern society. Remember with affection and gratitude the teachers who have shaped your high-school years. Always be a credit to their teaching and example, because their lives are bound up in you and others like you. And now with stirrup cup in hand let us recall the words of Mizpah: "Go thou thy way, and I go mine, Apart, yet not afar, Only a thin veils hangs between the pathways where we are. Yet God keeps watch 'tween thee and me, So never fear, He holds thy hand, he clampeth mine, And keeps us near." -Thomas L. Keany. mari f85f ZJOLA in on fAe Cjfaddezi E '6Knowledge is the wing Wherewith we fly to Heaven? Uf Q EIL of 52 Ways, WM 1951 Th dfl I k Gd l L l I L 1 1 l l l s E ur c aaa 0 hmm Ac! Hike way SIDNEY SMITH Born October 22, 1933, in Colon, Panama Transferred from Midland High School, Midland, Texas, September, 1949 Sodality 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 45 English Club President 35 English Club 4, National Honor Society 45 Bio-Chem Club 3, Basketball 43 Class President 4. When' nrzlvr in rurivry uv' .uw .-lml wlierf, Ilmugh all Illmgx rlzflvl. all rzgnw RITA MATILDA SARNA Born April 6, 1934, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Mary's School, North Little Rock, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Junior Classi- cal League 1, 23 Class Vice-President 3, Span- ish Club Vice-President 3, Bio-Chem Club 3, Commercial Club 4, English Club 3, English Club Secretary 4, Basketball 1, National Honor Society 43 Class Secretary 4. .-ls puff' ux a pearl, uml as p1'r,l1'1'l, .4 rmhlv and innocent girl, PATRICIA ANN GARBACZ Born October 12, 1934, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 1, 21 Junior Classical League 1, 23 Glee Club 1, 3, 43 Bio- Chem Club 33 Commercial Club 35 B-Square Math Club 3, Press Club 3, 4, English Club Secretary 33 English Club 43 National Honor Society 3, 4, History Club 4, French Club Vice- President 3, French Club President 4, Quill and Scroll 45 "Mountl' Staff, Class Vice-Presi- dent 43 "Mercian" Staff. To llmxw wlm Annu' thaw nul, no wurrlx vim pulnl: Anil llmxv who Anuw llzw, know all uwmlx are faint. MARY C I ' Born ovember 1 in ?t,1P nnesota E red fr . S y's 1or High, L!41l'?nSepte er,1 47 f , - So ty l, S6!5al' " : - 4, mi Music Clu , 2' , 6 f. 1 usic lv ic - President 3, Club' , , , 4- L ' Club 1, Junfor ss" l ea - 1 Club Sec- taryj : l ,f ub H' i m Club Treas- QNBQ C 4 creta ' uar Club , Nation Honor L iety gli Club , 'lffount Press O u 3, 4, ar ational ' ner in Piano Playing u it ns 3 Class T easurer 43 "Mount" Circulation Manager 45 Senior Ball Committee. The mluv of 41 llmuglit 1-annul ln' 111111. 6 LUQ lfUQl'lf A"0l'l'l dy fo CAROL JANE ARMSTRONG Born May 18, 1933, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Entered from St. Joseph's, North Little Rock, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, Bio-Chem Club 3, English Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4. It is gum! ln Iv1z,y1hf'n In the Im! 41 vunny mnml. riff? BARBARA DAWN BARLOW Born January 8, 1934, in Mexico City, Mexico Entered from Hot Springs Junior High School, September, 1948 Sodality 3, 4, Latin Club 2, French Club 3, French Club Program Co-chairman 4, English Club 3, 4, B-Square Math Club 3, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Press Club 3, Press Club President 4, 'tMount" Editor 4, Bio-Chem Club 3, History Club 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, National Honor Scciety 4, Alumnae Bazaar Queen 4, "Mercian" Editor. 0 zlmu an fuirer tlmn zhr- wvwzing ui' Clad in Ihr' lwllulv nf rl tlmumml wars uf" IRENE ELIZABETH H 6 ONNA JEAN BERGSCHNEIDER Born May 7, 1933, in Memphis, Tenness e Entered from St. Patrick's, September, 7 Sodality 1, 2, 3, Sodality Eucharistigd it- tee Co-chairman 4, Press Club 3, ss Clubl' Secretary-Treasurer 4, English Club 3, Eng- lish Club President 4, National Honor Society 4, Quill and Scroll 4, "Mount" Staff 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Bio-Chem Club 3, Commercial Club 3, Commercial Club Treasurer 4, Glee Club 4, League of the Sacred Heart Promoter 3, 4: Basketball 3, "Sodalist" Staff 4, "Mercian" Business Staff. Tn limi. lwr wiunny, and hw frivmlx .Ju-'X lr Bonp September 14, 1933, in Gillett, Arkansas School, September, 1947 tered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, League of the Sacred Heart Promoter 1, 2, League of the Sacred Heart President 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Commercial Club 3, 4, Eng- lish Club 3, 4, Legion of Mary 3, 4. Hrlllluxizzxrrz is thc ,tfwziux nf silwerity. l 574, mail. cfcwa welde ,mmf fo Le BARBARA BETHUNE Born January 10, 1935, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Pulaski Heights Junior High School, September, 1948 Latin Club 23 English Club Sec- retary 33 English Club 43 Bio- Chem Club 33 B-Square Math Club 33 History Club Secretary 43 French Club Treasurer 33 French Club 43 Commercial Club 43 Press Club 33 Press Club Vice- President 43 National Honor So- ciety 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Maid to Catholic High Home- coming Queen 43 'tMount" Asso- ciate Editor 43 'tMercian" Staff. Tha! raressing rmrl exquixirff grace-- nrfver lmlrl, Ever prexen!-ivlzirh just 11 few worn n pnsxess. JULIANNE CROOK Born October 9, 1933, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Pulaski Heights Junior High School, September, 1948 Latin Club 23 English Club 3, 43 Commercial Club 3, 43 History Club 23 French Club 43 Glee Club 43 Press Club 4. Her smile was prodigal of summery shine, Gaily persistent,-,like a morn in june. PATRICIA ANN CARTER Born September 25, 1933, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Vice- President 13 Spanish Club 1, 23 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 B-Square Math Club 33 Commercial Club 3, 43 English Club 3, 43 Press Club 43 The League of Sacred Heart Promoter 1, 23 French Club 4. She u'iI1x all Ihr r-lmrm of zrrrmurz. PATRICIA CYRIER Born December 19, 1932, in Lonoke, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 13 Latin Club 1, 23 Commercial Club 33 History Club 33 English Club 3, 43 French Club 43 Legion of Mary 3. As merry as the iluy is long. JESSIE DARLENE COX Born June 29, 1932, in Gem, Kansas Entered from St. Mary's School, North Little Rock, September, 1947 Sodality 2, 33 Sodality Chairman of Our Lady's Committee 43 Latin Club 2, 33 English Club 3, 43 Promoter of the League of the Sacred Heart 33 Legion of Mary 3, 43 Commercial Club 3, 4. Wizh her Iimirl blur rye, Tn puxx fnr 11 lzloxsom, em-lmnzingly shy. ANMQDOERPING Born August 14, , in Clarksville, Arkansas Transferred from Senior High School, Clarksville, September, 1950 Sodality 43 Commercial Club 43 English Club Secretary 43 Le- gion of Mary 4. Silence is the speech nf lore, The music of the spherrx above. X . . 7... MARGARET ROSE DUNGAN Born September 4, 1934, in Osceola, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Commercial Club 3, 4, English Club President 3, English Club 4, Glee Club 4, Press Club 4, Music Club 1, 2, League of the Sacred Heart 3, Bio-Chem Club 3, French Club 4, History Club Secretary 3, "Mercian" Business Staff. .Slug from 11'lm.w Zips lluwnv pefxuu. flows. ROSA MARIE FLORO Born September 26, 1933, in New Orleans, Louisiana Transferred from Holy Angles Academy, New Orleans, September, 1949 Sodality 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, English Club 3, English Club Secretary 4, Bio-Chem 3, Class President 3, National Honor Society 4, Basketball Manager 4. Sofl lu-:ne xhe bring.: u'11'newr xlnf arri1:r'x, Q-if 1 our rin :5 or SHEILA PATRICIA DUNGAN Born August 1, 1933, in Salinas, Ecuador Entered from Holy Redeemer School, El Dorado, Arkansas, September, 1947 Glee Club 1, Latin Club 1, 2, Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, History Club President 4, Bio-Chem Club 3, English Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 3. Humor 1s the lmllnnny nf hwul. v. . J fo dee DEBORAH ANN EBBING Born January 6, 1934, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Andrew's School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, Class Treasurer 2, English Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, History Club 3, Bio-Chem Club 3, Sodality Social Commit- tee Chairman 4, Catholic High Homecoming Queen 4. Tlzvrfs lzlrzguagv in her fy:-, hw' 1-lieek, hw lips, Nay, hw ffm! xflffulrs. BEVERLY ANN FREEMAN Born December 3, 1933, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Good Counsel School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, Sodality Chair- man of the Apostolic Committee 4, Latin Club Treasurer 1, Latin Club 2, Junior Classical League 1, Glee Club 1, 4, English Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, Bio- Chem Club 3, B-Square Math Club 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Maid to Alumnae Bazaar Queen 4, "Mercian" Business Staff. A light heart lirffs lang. RUTH ELLEN GLEASON Born June 1, 1933, in Kansas City, Missouri Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, Sodality Treas- urer 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Spanish Club 3, English Club Secretary 3, English Club 4, Bio-Chem Club 3, Commercial Club 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Rocket Varsity Cheerleader. Fnrwulzl and frnlix' glfw Irax llwre, Thr will In :ln um! the .mul lo flare. jhe ofighf of mercy :S inefi foalag JOYCE MAURINE GOODWIN Born December 12, 1932, in Alexandria, Louisiana Entered from St. Patrick's School, September, 1947 Sodality 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2g English Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, Bio-Chem Club 33 Glee Club 4g Junior Classical League 1. When you do dam-1', I wish you a uraue ul zlw sea, That you might e'L'f'r flu nnihing hu! lhal. RITA ANN HAMLING Born November 23, 1933, in Morrilton, Arkansas Entered from St, Patrick's School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 2, Commercial Club 3, 4, His- tory Club 3, Bio-Chem Club 3. .-1 ,sunbz-am zrafnze-11 ther into bloom, A zepliyrfv lvixx thy lilushvx gave. MARY FRANCES HEINZE Born February 16, 1933, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Andrew's School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, English Club 3, 45 Bio-Chem Club 33 His- tory Club Vice-President 33 Na- tional Honor Society 3g National Honor Society Vice-President 43 Commercial Club 4, Rocket Cheerleader 43 "Mercian" Busi- ness Staff, Senior Ball Com- mittee 4. Nazhing great rua.: ever aclxivrml wizhnuz entlzusiasrn. f HELEN JEAN HEMMER JO ANN HOGSTON Born August 10, 1932,gin McAllister, Oklahoma Entered from Mt. St. Mary'b Junior High School, , ' September, 1947 I Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee -Club 1, 2, 3, 4, English Club 3, 45 Latin Club 1, 2, Bio-Chem Club 35 Chaminade Music Club 33 His- tory Club 35 French Club 4. Carl sent His singers upon earlh, Tha! they might touch the hearts of rn:-n, Anal bring them hack tn heaven again. . Born Oct Honolulu ,xx Entered from Mt Junior High School September, 1947 Mary's Latin Club 2, Spanish Club 3, 4g Bio-Chem Club 33 Commercial Club 3, 45 English Club 3, 4. Hou: su et and gracious, even in common speech! Born March 8, 1934, in El Paso, Texas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, Sodality Parish Committee Chairman 43 Latin Club 1, 2, Class President 13 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 43 Chaminade Club Pro- gram Chairman 33 Bio-Chem 3. Music! Oh! how faint, haw weak, Language fades bf-fore thy xpell. 30 t8CLCA BETTY ANN IVEY Born July 18, 1933, in Springfield, Missouri Transferred from St. Peterfs, Joplin, Missouri, September, 1949 Spanish Club 33 English Club 3, 43 Glee Club 43 Latin Club 43 Commercial Club Vice-President 43 Commercial Club 33 National Honor Society 4. The light of love, llw purity nf grace, The miml, the music brentlzing fmm lxvr jacv. PEGGY LOUISE KEELAN Born September 19, 1933, in Little Rock, Arkansas Transferred from Little Rock Senior High School, January, 1950 B-Square Math Club 33 History Club 3, 43 English Club 3, 43 Commercial Club 43 Glee Club 4. .4 blossom of returning light, An April flower nj sun and flew. ad OLU fo LUOI' DORRIS KARCHER Born July 31, 1934, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High School, September, 1947 Latin Club 1, 23 Glee Club 1, 23 Bio-Chem Club 33 English Club 33 English Club Secretary 43 History Club 33 Entertainment Committee Chaminade Music Club 33 Commercial Club 3, 43 French Club 43 Senior Ball Committee 4. Hair near lu gnml is lrlmt is fair. JUDITH FRANCES KEITH Born September 5, 1933, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Our Lady of Good Counsel School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 33 Sodality Eu- charistic Committee Chairman 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Class Treasurer 13 Class Vice- President 23 English Club 3, 43 B-Square Math Club Vice-Pres- ident 33 Commercial Club 33 Commercial Club President 43 Press Club 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 43 League of Sacred Heart Pro- moter 3, 43 Circulation Manager of "Mount" 43 Bio-Chem Club 33 Maid to Alumnae Bazaar Queen 43 "Mercian" Circulation Staff. Varivly's the very spice-af life, That gives it all its flavour. Gill l0l"6Ly PATRICIA ANNE KATILIUS Born September 29, 1933, in Pittsburgh, Pa. Transferred from Homestead Junior High, Homestead, Pa., September, 1948 Sodality 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 2, 33 English Club 3, 43 Commercial Club 3, 43 History Club 43 Roc- ket Varsity Cheerleader 4. .4x pun' in thought ax ang:-lx aw, To kr zrni 4' hr-r is I0 lm 1' her. EVELYN JEAN KENNEY Born June 24, 1933, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Good Counsel School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 2, 33 Commercial Club 3, 43 Eng- lish Club 3, 4. -I still, .vzw.ut, plmill lnfmnliglzz lace. .A ALLFLLJPQCJ g86U"5 If OLU I"09l"Qf5f5 CLI' THERESA ANN KNOFF Born October 30, 1933, in Levy, Arkansas Entered from St. EdWard's School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 2, 33 Commercial Club 3, 43 Eng- lish Club 3, 43 History Club 43 Glee Club 4. From f-wry blush that kimllex in thy checks, Ten Llmuxunfl Iiulw lows mul ,Urol-ex spring. LATHAM Born 29, 1933, in Union City, Tennessee Transferred from Sacred Heart High School, Memphis, Tennessee, September, 1949 Sodality 3, 43 English Club 3, 43 Commercial Club 3, 43 Spanish Club 33 Spanish Club Program Chairman 43 History Club 3, 43 Basketball Assistant Coach 4. Boshjul x1'nc+'rilv zmrl rtonwly love. I0 GAYLE De LOACH KYLE Born June 3, 1934, in McGehee, Arkansas Transferred from McGehee High School, September, 1949 Latin Club 33 Latin Club Vice- President 43 Commercial Club 3, 43 English Club 3, 43 Cham- inade Music Club Entertainment Committee 43 History Club 4. Where dial you get your 1-yes so bluff? Uul of Ili" xkv ai vr rome lhrough? .fm MILDRED FRANCES LAUX Born June 24, 1933, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Entered from Holy Redeemer School, El Dorado, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 43 Legion of Mary 33 Latin Club 13 Spanish Club 2, 33 English Club 3, 43 Commercial Club 3, 43 His- tory Club 33 Basketball Man- ager 4. Thv lone of lmrning, lliv .wquestrfrwl nooksg ,ind all lhe' Jivevt .wrwnily of boolrx. ANITA REGINA LANNIE Born November 4, 1932, in Center Ridge, Arkansas Entered from St. EdWard's School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Junior Classical League 13 Commercial Club 3, 43 English Club 3, 43 Glee Club 4. Her mmlpxl lonkx the cottage might adam, Suiwl ox llw prinzroxff pr-eps beneath the llmrn. MARY LOUISE LAWRENCE Born January 20, 1933, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Good Counsel School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Junior Classical League 1, 23 Glee Club 43 Commercial Club 3, 43 English Club 33 English Club President 43 National Hon- or Society 33 National Honor Society Secretary-Treasurer 43 French Club 33 French Club Sec- retary 43 Bio-Chem Club 33 Maid to Catholic High Homecoming Queen 43 Rocket Varsity Cheer- leader 4. Thu llfmfl :hor lmzlz murlv you fair, Halh mails' you good. a eau icnic an azaar . P 9 ff P J 5 e Club LECH or , 193 , in t. inn S ter rom St. nes ad m , ust , Texas, ept 49 Bi Cl Y 4 Hi t r Club Spanish Club 3 y Z MJJ4, Commer 1a Club 3, English Club 3 4 National Honor 4 The quiet mind is fisher than a n MARGARET MARCHESE Born August 8, 1933, in Hammond, Louisiana Entered from St. Patrick's School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, Sodality Secre- tary 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Junior Classical League 1, 2, French Club 3, English Club 3, Eng- lish Club President 4, Commer- cial Club 3, Commercial Club Program Committee 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Press Club 3, 4, "Mount" Staff 4, "Mercian" Business Manager. A face with glaflness ovrrspreafll Soft smiles, by human kinzlness bred! WILLAPHENE LEONARD Born March 30, 1933, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Good Counsel School, September, 1947 Commercial 3, English Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, History Club 3, 4. Oh, rlzf- heart is 11 frrw anll 11 ff'lterl1's.c thing, .-l waiw' nf the or-1-uri, u bin! nn the 14'inf MELBA GAY MARTELLO Born January 14, 1933, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Patrick's School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Latin Club 2, 3, Commercial Club 3, 4, English Club 3, 4. Good humor only lrfuchvs rharms to last Still makes neu' conquests aml maintains the past. JOE ANN MALNAR Born October 22, 1933, in Shreveport, Louisiana Transferred from Senior High School, McGehee, Arkansas, September, 1949 - Sodality 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, Spanish Club Treasurer 4, Com- mercial Club 3, 4, English Club 3, 4, Government Club 3, Glee Club 4, National Honor Society 4. Huw .vwrwt must ln' the lips that guanl that langue! JACQUELYN Bom April 23, 1933, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Our Lady of Holy Souls School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, Sodality Catholic Mission Committee Chairman 4, Latin Club Secretary 1, Latin Club 2, Bio-Chem Club 3, Glee Club 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, English Club 3, 4. With hw eyes in flood with laughter. I J 1 if ,ML our Aefif in I0 ay PATRICIA ANNE Mc GUIRE Born July 30, 1933, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Music Club 1, 2, Commercial Club 3, Bio- Chem Club 3, English Club 3, 4, Press Club 4, French Club 3, Program Co-Chairman of French Club 4. Nlulvfj' 111111 mll xllr' nmvzlx in ll1P 111111. Tl 1' I I Il I f rr' ruff, ff, u mulum 'ur ,grrzrvu MARGARET ANN MILLER Born February 8, 1933, in St. Vincent, Arkansas Transferred from Fuller High School, September, 1948 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Commercial Club 3, 4, Bio- Chem Club 3, Social Science Club 4, English Club 3, 4, Na- tional Honor Society 4. .-I x14'e+11 uI!r1'li1'1' kim! of grarff. 'I lull asm 111' gnvn by Iunlfv. CLAIRE HILDA POWELL Born December 9, 1932, in Galveston, Texas Transferred from Central High School, Millington, Tennessee, Sodality 3, 4, Promoter of the League of the Sacred Heart 3, English Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Legion of Mary 3, 4, History Club 4. Aml join with ilu-1' calm pmm- and quirfz. f ,udbober Rock, Transferred from Academy, -Fort J' 4.5-? Sodality 2, 3, 4, Claglsf Secretary 2, Latin Club 2, Bio1Chem Club 3, English Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4. Golden hair, like sunlight slrvzmxing On :he nnuble nj her shuulzlwr. Cin lfUOI" MARY ANN PARDO Born October 10, 1933, in Monroe, Arkansas Transferred from Sacred Heart School, Helena, Arkansas, September, 1947 Latin Club 1, 2, Sodality 1, 2, 3, Co-editor of Sodalist 4, Glee Club 1, Basketball 2, 3, Com- mercial Club 3, Bio-Chem Club 3, English Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, Spanish Club President 4, History Club 3, 4, B-Square Math Club Secretary 3. Those :lark eyesfsn flurlf and su flw-pf BETTY JO RECHTIN I Born August 15, 1934, in L Cabot, Arkansas Entered from West Side Junior High School, September, 1949 Spanish Club 2, 3, English Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, Glee Club 4, History Club 4. Ccrztlenzfxw mon' powerful lhull Hvrrulwsf 'W' LILA ANNE ROBINSON if i W ,Wi Ulufiezi n ever 6!zirLec! VJ MA G NF N BARBARA LEE RITCHIE t or gust 33, i Born September 12, 1932, in 2r 1? k- Litlfcienigs Marianna, Arkansas Se i igh S 1, Transferred from Senior High mber 49 , School, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Sodal' . 3, 'Mag ,' September, 1950 ?r cretg English Club 4, Spanish Club 4, Club pa i lu ' ani Commercial Club 4, Sodality 4. u ic Siden ' lee C ' 111.1 milflrst fy1,.f1 nm unrl my g .111 nm hem. Ball Gener man 4 , S ' - . mvlly ear! ,fwvs u I 4- uy lp 4 h l ll yi ' , I LORRAINE ELIZABETH ROE Born June 23, 1933, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, Sodality Catholic Truth Committee Chairman 4, Legion of Mary 4, League of the Sacred Heart Promoter and Sec- retary 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 4, Class President 2, Latin Club Vice- President 1, Latin Club 2, Com- mercial Club 3, Commercial Club Program Chairman 4, Bio- Chem Club 3, English Club Secretary 3, English Club 4, Maid to Alumnae Bazaar Queen 4. Hou' .mnn a smile of Cod run flmnge lflf' 14-111111, - ' ,fy MARY SANDERS Born February 19, 1933, in Corsicana, Texas Transferred from St. Vincent's Academy, Shreveport, Louisiana, October, 1950 Commercial Club 4, History Club 4, English Club 4, Glee Club 4. .-lx frank uw min on rlwny blossoms Born August 31, 1933, in Batesville, Arkansas Entered from St. Andrew's School, September, 1947 Re-entered from Mother of Mercy Academy, Cincinnati, Ohio, September, 1950 Sodality 1, 4, Latin Club 1, Eng- lish Club 4, French Club 4, Commercial Club 4. Age- cunnm zrillwr her, nw luslffnz .mile Her infinite 1 1 MARY FRANCES SARNA Born December 9, 1933, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Edward's School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Bio-Chem Club 3, Latin Club 1, 2, English Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, History Club 4, Glee Club 4. L'pnn ilu' 11'Paly'-lrirlvn zrorlil, llnu' soft :hu soul nj .Silence jallxf OLU fAQ6Q WILMA RUTH SARTAIN Born September 17, 1933, in Lonoke, Arkansas Entered from Our Lady of Good Counsel School, September, 1947 Latin Club 2, 3, English Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, Glee Club 4. ln smull proportion we jus! beauliws sec, .-irirl in xhnrt llir-'rzsurvx lip' muy perfwrl lun JEWEL EMOGENE SIMPSON Born August 21, 1933, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Holy Souls School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Sodality Cath- olic Truth Committee Chairman 4, Legion of Mary 4, Promoter League of the Sacred Heart 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Bio-Chem Club 3, English Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, Commercial Club Program Com- mitteeman 4. A liitlr' nonsense naw and then, ls relisliwl by the wisest men, Ctgif 6U"8 iAl"0lfl.g VIRGINIA SHOCKEY Born April 29, 1933, in Jenkins, Kentucky Transferred from St. Scholastica's Academy, Fort Smith, Arkansas, January, 1950 Sodality 3, 4, History Club 3, Press Club 4, English Club 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 4, Glee Club 4. Thr' lllrill of a lmppy voice, .-inf! the light of a plwusrznt W OLGA JO SIMPSON Born December 23, 1933, in Memphis, Tennessee Entered from Holy Souls School, September, 1947 Sodalitly 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club Secretary 2, Latin Club Presi- dent 3, Basketball 3, 4, English Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, Bio-Chem Club 3, Glee Club 4, "Sodalist" CoEditor 4. How beautiful is youth! Haw bright it gleams! With its illusions, aspirations, dreams' JOAN ETHEL SIMMONS Born November 21, 1933, in Barling, Arkansas Entered from Our Lady of Good Counsel School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, Latin Club President 2, Junior Classical League 2, Class Secre- tary 1, English Club President 3, English Club 4, Bio-Chem Club 3, Commercial Club 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, Na- tional Honor Society President 4, Glee Club 4. Wlirztrfver slir' flizl, was rlnlw with sn much YUSP, In hw ulnzr- 'zxvas nuluml tn pleasw. BETTY FRANCE-S SOKORA Born June 26, 1933, in Slovac, Arkansas Transferred from SS. Cyril and Methodius School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, Latin Club Vice President 2, Junior Classical League 1, Com- mercial Club Secretary 3, Com- mercial Club 4, English Club 3, English Club President 4, Bio- Chem Club 3, History Club 3, Glee Club 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, "Mercian" Business Staff 4. A merry heart doeth gmnl like u medicine. Am! fo VERONA BELLE SPATZ Born January 17, 1934, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High School, September, 1947 Re-entered from Little Rock Senior High, September, 1949 Glee Club 1, 43 Latin Club 13 Junior Classical League 13 Spanish Club Program Chair- man 33 Spanish Club Secretary 43 English Club President 33 English Club 41 Commercial Club 3, 43 B-Square Math Club 33 National Honor Society 43 History Club 3, 43 Chaminade Music Club Entertainment Chairman 33 Senior Ball Com- mittee 4. Fvstiue mirth, and uri! that knfmzv no gall. RUTH ANN WHITEHEAD Born March 10, 1933, in Tulsa, Oklahoma Entered from St. Agnes High School, West Chester, Pensylvania, September, 1948 Sodality 2, 33 Sodality Vice Pre- fect 43 Latin Club 23 Commercial Club 2, 33 Commercial Club As- sistant Program Chairman 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 English Club 3, 43 Glee Club 43 Bio-Chem Club 33 Press Club 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 43 "Mount" Staff 43 "Mercian" Associate Editor 4. Something than: is more needful than expense, And something previous er n to taste- 'lis sense. JG? fAQ Olflfll we MARJORIE LEE TATE Born June 11, 1933, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High School, September, 1947 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Spanish Club 3, 42 Class Treasurer 33 Commercial Club 3, 43 'English Club 3, 43 Cham- inade Music Club 33 Maid to Alumnae Bazaar Queen 4. :Intl her fan- so jair xtirfzl wilh her dream. .-ix rose 14-a1'f'x with thc air. LORETTA LEE WILKIEWICZ Born June 3, 1933, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Andrew's School, September, 1947 Re-entered from Ursuline Academy, Dallas, Texas, September, 1950 Sodality 1, 43 Latin Club 13 Spanish Club 43 Commercial Club 43 English Club 43 Glee Club 1, 4. Those curious locks so aptly lwin'rl, Whose every hair a soul doth bind, 1.19 we Leif, :Sag a ieu JESSIE MAE WENDLER Born March 25, 1933, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Good Counsel School, September, 1947 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 2, 33 English Club 3, 43 Commer- cial Club 3, 43 Glee Club 4. Humility, that Inw, sweat root, From which all lxmrwrily rirzuvs shoot. His- FRANCES WOODSON Born January 16, 1934, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Little Rock Senior High School, October, 1949 English Club 3, 43 Commercial Club 3, 43 History Club 3. An harmla'.v.s flaming meteor shone for hair, .-inf! fell urlaan her shoulders with Ionsv care, -.:19,,,,, ,UH ou uniom cz! dlzoufcl give fkree c eerfi unior farm W I - :--:-: Q if :,.A. su. ERNESTINE HARRELL 5, llzl E , ,:,,.A I Prffsiilvlil ,QQ K" -' ' SANDRA WHITE K , ' Vim'-I'11'xirlw:l . ' Q04 0 , E " ' "'1' A 1:,. in 1 .. in In A , " I., ' Q3 .,,. .... . :I ::: '.j-:V ,,'l .. -IQV , -E ::: gb I 3 ' we M 45? 'C . ' 'I 1 , iifiiz ":: E 'V W ."' F, Q - 'A I ,fy P In ,GT ' ' A 'G , ef ai M ft"v.l3t at Q ef R . 1 V Q. . 'Nr XX .f v G ,,-I 1 Q i- ., - 1' , ' ,,., W V "'-- ' " . W t V 0 ,.:. K, ATS I Mm W M it ::. .. gg- . 5 'J' ' 43' w ' A'-df 2 x l . ...: 1 2 . .- I I I E Top row: Joan Armbrust, Carol Aucoin, Janet Bentrup, Patricia Bentze, Patricia ,' Box, Ann Brizzolara. 3 Second row: Laura Brockman, Pat Brown, Mary Lou Brown, Barbara Cole, Dor- othy Dayer, Pat Eubanks. Third row: Mary Bob Foreman, Carol Ann Gibson, Selma Jo Gilmore, Martha Greene, Mary Helen Hampton, Beulah Marie Harris, Georgia Ann Hill. Fourth row: Barbara Kierre, Barbara Kresse, Barbara Levesque, Pat Land, Barba Love, Margaret Mack, Sue Malloy. X ':- :" 1 'li f ff ml , ...if 3 .ai WJ X r ! OM, y 5t6LI"f ill? l'lQXf One AMNJPQJ QCLFJ l , f lflI'll0l" Iaif CLARICE HOYT .Sf-r'n'Iuly ROSEMARY OBERSTE T1 wnzuw Q . .,.,.,. , , , - ' J tc: :R I ::- . "" , f r l if A i A- -'-- 2 if-it - 3 Top row: Dorothy Mancini, Marianne Mangan, Sarah Grace Martin, Joan Mat- thews, Mary Ann Mergenschroer, Mary Lou Mergenschroer. Second row: Clarice Miller, Louise Miller, Shirley Murphy, Olga Musquiz, Joan Olmstead, Cathy Marie Papan. Third row: Barbara Parke, Joan Powell, Lynn Renfroe, Mary Frances Rumbach, Dorothy Saenger, Nora Schuller. Fourth row: Patricia Smith, Mary Ellen Stormes, Mae Dell Wages, Mary Jo Wheel- er, Mary Lee Wickard, Margie Yeager, Jennie Zaloudek. 1 , Q! 2 j!L0uglL .S70ln!Lom0ref5 bfi! fzcwe fwo fo W . ' i .SJ Cf eeee , J A i ' 1:1:,., . ' i 0106001 We 1144 -'.. Q ,zzzzz :1.,. or A V xg, 1-:: l RUTH ANN STRAESSLE . 'li' ' .,, F . w i i if :f 1 l NORMA WALKER A :'A , we N' ' ' .. ,: Vice-Presirlenl ' K . x V I1 1 l ." ,.. "'::f : 1 V' h"-1 :'24A::' ' ""A' 1 1 ' ' "AQ 4 A X , V .,,, W -3:55 ::f" esgzfz ' ',': ,,-.-: a 'if ,.: . ,-5 ,.: .. ' x 34' . - . --:-::-:' 2 15 wg., ' ,-:AP:-:: -:.--::::-V' "' ii 2 " 1"'12 2 " - " "" '1', ---: f f i ""' CW A . f I 'A ,Q ,. . , A A 3 A ,f , if Q ' 9 f A as A 2. r 3 i 1 i ...,m....A ..,....A. ., L..t,,.,4i A A 5 Top row: Claudine Aldridge, Mary Ashcraft, Joan Ball, Mary K. Barham, Ann Barre, Sue Bishop, Anna Boehmer. Second row! Mildred Booth, Kathryn Brady, Connie Brandon, Caroll Ann Bray, Ida Jane Brown, Patricia Butler, Dorothy Byrnes, Cecilia Caron. Third row: Monica Dent, Patricia Downing, Mona Emmerling, Mercia Fahrion, Betty Jo Foreman, Kay Hadley, Bobbie Hamling, Ruth Hardcastle. Fourth row: Annie L. Harrell, Carol Hart, Dorothy Hart, Jane Haubursin, Maggie Haury, Virginia Heinze, Dorothy Henderson, Betty Hiryak. Fifth row: Betty Jo Hoelzeman, Marilyn Holt, Shirley Hooks, Jackie Hurley, Mary Hutson, Jimmie Jackson, Patty Johnson, Rose Mary Johnson. 5163 X L. 753 s lk f Ulf' : .J 'K' , , ,. , -.-,.:,: 'i' ,..- AVE -:lr A ,lp Q- 'IAAQVZ Vuqq Y gf Jr, a n i 'V' , ,,., ,...: : .J will 7143- 3 I :..,.,5 ,Z LQ tAQ Leffi you, QUQI' FLOLU HELEN DUELMER bwrrfflalry TERRY ZACKERT Truusurer W r i f img Z , , A ,:,, . A: :::l P' Jn' 'tl 9 " E' MC Q' .xv - ' , 1 nfl. va 'Q W r ,ij .SDOIQAOWI 0l"e C3154 Miro v 9 V' 5 EE 'V ' M' Q " 2 9' Top row: Margaret Jones, Carolyn Keatts, Theresia Koehler, Helen Konecny, Mil- dred Lannie, Norma Lehman, Nancy Lett, Billie Jo Lewis. ,Second row: Pat Lipsmeyer, Patsy Massery, Pat McCarthy, Sara Meehan, Sally Mullins, Angeline Musquiz, Theresa Nabholz, Melody Nangle. Third row: Caroline Neely, Patsy Nord, Evelyn Novak, Mary Lou O'Connor, Kath- ryne Phillips, Mary E. Priest, Mary Ann Rand, Ann Renneker. Fourth row: Liane Rhein, Ann Saenger, Freda Schlatterer, Dolores Schneider, Janis Shockey, Beverly Smith, Mary Jean Smith, Betty Sutton. Fifth row: Shirley Tenney, Wanda Walston, Bettye Lou Watson, Helen Whitehead, Katherine Williams, Mary Ellen Williams, Shirley Wreyford, Margaret Zakre zewski. was 1 XA' 4: -N' ty 'nn jyl"Q6Al'l'L8I'l glneefl, MOFJGLLQ 61 A0725 jrwgman Cfaad . :"' BETSY WEBER ' l'rr'wi1lrfnI ,"v" at GLORIA CARDIA -" " 1'f.-1--lwmlffm o . " 3 . ....,..,.,. --:- --:-l an :Wy r .,,. 5 .: f. lj- -jfs, I : : 1 ,A,1,,, ,. F T .--AAV' 3 J' '-, ,f "" V,.AW. ' ' 3 I ' .,:. 2 I, " ' ' 1 , 01 if 1 ' f if 3 Q 5 ' e r gp -, . 4 S 1 A -.,, gy -:WI -::.v::: ., MTW A 1 .. - 'A.:.':: i n 3 K eff' 5, ff, J H g ' l I F is Q ' X 'W ':::"' 1" ' Q AA':: E 5 i f Q 5 Q 4' A A 33' 5 X . Top row: Mary Ann Bachman, Reba Sue Baker, Patricia Bauer, Angela Belotti Mary Ruth Bennett, Catherine Berg, Patricia Berg. 1 Second row: Jeanne Blaty, Fay Brockman, Frances Ann Butler, Patsy Cooper, Frances Dent, Sherline Dill, Jo Ann Droogas. Third row: Betty Emrick, Marilyn Fellhauer, Patricia Ferguson, Ann Hardcastle Lyra Sue Harmon, Carol Jean Hester, Louella Hoffman, Patsy Holland. Q Fourth row: Jeanne Hutson, Mary Belle Johnson, Carolyn Johnston, Betty Jordan Betty Ann Keltner, Mary Ann Kirchner, Paula Land, Lois Laviana. 1 K4 7 if lfLl0l0Ql" C 61,515 yOU UUE g0lll" g8Cll'5 ,628 .zbu Vw . JPQJAHIGH LURENE SIMMONS SHELBY REYNOLDS vi 5 SK 1. ' "" I " "' EWG :.. E crm K x 3 - K 5 CAM F 49 3:36 E3 W J,-f-wg, .x if I 1, - iv. fy fy 1 , My Top row: Eleanor Lipsmeyer, Frances Ann Lucy, Marie Lunsford, Margaret Lynch, Wanalee Machen, Mary Madrigal, Rose Mancini. Second row: Betty Massengill, Rita Ann Mather, Martha Mladan, Mary Kay Mc- Dermott, Caroline Nabholz, Mary Ann Nosal, Jo Ann Ogle. Third row: Drue Payne, Gerre Ann Poat, Jo Ann Renz, Carolyn Rhodes, Margaret Ann Rolf, Mary Ann Rose, Dolores Sarna, Patsy Smreker. Fourth row: Nancy Stancil, Shirley Stevens, Gaye Stormes, Yvonne Truby, Helen Van Dusen, Mary Ann Wollhower, Mary Lou Womack, Missy Wright. Q :" ,: R WM 1851 reuiewa the Wounf CMJ 'gMore things are wrought by prayer Than this world dreams of." 5 l0l"6LgQl" l0I"0I'YLl0t6 CL! for 5 f f uSeek ye therefore first the Kingdom of God And His justice. . " 7 lfl 6l,I"g5 l'l6Ll'l'lQ we 6tf5LQ6l gI"6LCQ 1-I 2 Q 2 3 5 Z 5 Front row: left to right seated, Jackie Massery, Catholic Missions Chairmang Jessie Cox, Our Lady's Committeeg Margaret Marchese, secretary, Ruth Gleason, treasurerg Beverly Freeman, Apostolic Committee: Jo Ann Hogston, Parish Committee. Back row, standing: Irene Barthol and Judy Keith, Eucharistic Committee, Mary Ann Pardo and Jo Simpson, co-editors of the "Sodalist," Sodality news pu blicationg Mary Ralphe, Prefectg Ruth Whitehead, Vice-pre- fectg Pat McGuire, Publicity, Raine Roe and Jeannie Simpson, Catholic Truth Committeeg and Debbie Ebbing, Social Life Committee. .gjoclagfgz of lie Z?A:55ec! Urgin The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary, oldest and largest organization on the campus, opened a successful year of activity in September under a capable staff of officers and the Sodality mod- erator, Sister Mary Declan. Meetings, held every Friday afternoon, consist- ing of readings, skits, discussions, and quizzes, aimed to help lead the members, all high school Catholics, to personal holiness and apostolic zeal in the work of the Church. The Little Office of the Immaculate Conception and the Rosary were recited in chapel on the First Friday of every month. Forty-six new members, after a three month probation period of instruction, were received into the Sodality on December 7, at an impressive chapel ceremony, by the Sodality spiritual direc- tor, Very Rev. Msgr. T. L. Keany. The students' annual three-day retreat, conducted by Reverend Anthony Maher, C. P., from St. Louis, was held during the first week of Lent. Projects sponsored by the Sodality, with the enthusiastic support of the members, included continued donations to the Sodality "adopted" mission in India, introduction and promotion of the Future Sisters Club, participation in the in- ternational Papal Triduum at Christmas, distri- bution of Christmas baskets among the poor, pro- motion of the sale and distribution of Catholic literature for Catholic Press Month, contribution to the Bishops' Fund for the poor children of Europe, and formation of the Living Rosary dur- ing the Solemn Holy Hour held at Travelers Field during the Regional Convention of the Con- fraternity of Christian Doctrine. A in uriinefiff hefald we Jef flze pace i, 1 Stated, leit to right: Irene Barthol, treasurer, Mary Helen Hampton, secretaryg Judy Keith, president. Standing left to right, Margaret Marchese, Jeannie Simpson, Ruth Whitehead, program committee, Betty Ann Ivey, vice-presl dent and Raine Roe, program chairman. ommerciaf! With the motto, "A place of preparation for the business world," the Commercial Club, with a membership of over one hundred students, was reorganized in the fall. Under the sponsorship of Sister Mary Thomasine, the meetings were held at the regular activity period in the gym. Skits, talks, contests, and quizzes, all bearing on matters of business interest, were presented. Club projects included typing of thousands of envelopes for the Arkansas Crippled Children's Association, and typing letters for the P, T, A. and Alumnae Association. Commercial Club dues fi- nanced the purchase of sets of stenographic rhy- thm records and commercial room supplies. Awards earned by the senior commercial stu- dents during the year include 80-word certificates won by Sheila Dungan, Deborah Ebbing, Ruth Gleason, Joyce Goodwin, Rita Hamling, Betty Ann Ivey, Anita Lannic, Mary Louise Lawrence, Margaret Marchese, Gay Martello, Claire Powell. VVilma Ruth Sartain, Jo Ann Simmons,-fJeannie Simpson, Ruth NVhitehead, Jessie Cox. Betty Jo Rechtin, Betty Sokora, and Jo Simpson, Typing speed certificates for 60 or more words a minute were won by Rosa Floro, Sidney Smith, Irene Barthol, Theresa Knoff, Barbara Barlow, and Joyce Goodwin. 64 Z 77 K now eclge ia power our moffo wi Ae Belle Spatz. secretary of El Club Espagnol, left. and Mary Ann Pardo, president: with Joe Ann Malnar, treasurcrg Margo Renfrow. vice president: and Pat Latham, program chairman, call a meeting to order. "Saber es Pender"-"Knowledge is Power" is the motto of the Spanish Club, whose object this year is the acquiring of proficiency in the Spanish lan- guage, thus providing a better understanding of the parent country, Spain, and of our Latin Amer- ican neighbors to the south. Under the able lead- ership of the club sponsor, Sister M. Ita, and of the officers, much has been accomplished towards attaining the goal. Meetings were held during the regular class period on the third Wednesday of each month. Programs placing special emphasis on the geog- raphy and history of the Spanish speaking coun- tries and on their manners, customs, and religion made up the usual meeting program, which also included the playing of Spanish games. A special pre-Christmas meeting featured the telling of Spanish Christmas stories and the breaking of the "pinata," followed by refreshments. The keen interest evinced by the members of El Club Espagnol when the United States resumed diplomatic relations with Spain provided sub- jects for very interesting reports at the March meeting and illustrates the real purpose of the club in arousing interest in affairs with a bear- ing on the Spanish language. Jdncl fo uzi renc wad no mgfifer ,swf ...df Left to right: Mary Lawrence, French Club secretary, Barbara Barlow and Pat McGuire fstandingb program chair men Sarah Grace Martin, vice presidentg Patsy Garbacz, presidentg and Patricia Brown, treasurer. 1 ' , l e WCA ranccufi Le Cercle Francais, under the direction of Sister Mary Frances, French instructor, resumed ac- tivities in September with the election of the of- ficers pictured above. Patsy Garbacz, president, and Mary Lawrence, secretary, undertook the task of conducting the meetings in French according to parliamentary procedure. One of the fall meetings included a series of talks given by members describing the scenes and buildings pictured in a number of beautiful French Railway posters which the club had been collecting. At Christmas a fete de Noel was enjoyed by members of Le Cercle with the singing of carols in French. On St. Valentine-fs Day the second year pupils gave Valentines of their own design, with original French verses, to the first year pupils. For the March meeting the club enjoyed the showing of several short movies about France and her people, thus fulfilling a little the purpose of the club to arouse student interest in the French people, their manners and customs. Le Cercle Francais closed its activities of the school year with an especially enjoyable May fete. Caedar, in Jafin we frayed wi e WCW - Latin Club officers decorate the Valentine box. Seated front, Sara Meehan and Virginia Heinze, program chairmen back row, Theresa Nabholz, secretary, Mereia Fahrion, presidentg Gayle Kyle, vice presidentg Jane Haubersin, treas Ul'Cl'. olzafin The Latin Club under the sponsorship of Sister Mary Philippa, organized to promote better knowl- edge of and interest in the Latin language, was conducted throughout the year under an active group of officers and chairmen. Club activities began with a Halloween party, for which the members dressed in costumes and played appropriate games. A Christmas party ended the activities for the first semester. Val- entines with Latin verses were exchanged and refreshments were served during the February meeting, held on St. Valentine's Day. On St. Pat- rick's Day the members wore green skirts and sweaters and talks were given on St. Patrick, the shamrock, and the influence of Latin on Ireland. The singing of favorite Irish tunes closed the meeting. To end a year of study and knowledge of the Latin language and Latin manners and customs, the club is planning a special end-of- year meeting to be held early in May. 3, sjvflefo! forflz in clegafe wifA, gre an ri e A ,,.r..,..Wn WMM 1 5: . in s ' 5 Z 3, 3 E Q Q 3? 5 4 2 rg ? if Q 5 , 4 i Q l History Club officers are, left to right: First semester secretaries, Barbara Bethune, Section B: Susan Malloy, Sec tion Ag Presidents, Sheila Dungan, Section B3 Sarah Grace Martin, Section Ag Second semester Presidents, Rosemary Oberste, Section B, Pat Bentze, Section Ag Secretaries, Dorothy Dayer, Section Ag Sandra VVhite, Section B. merican .Md for? The two sections of the American History Club, under the direction of Sister Mary Ita, began work in September by electing officers and plan- ning the first of a series of panel discussions. Four girls on the affirmative side and four girls on the negative presented their views on the cur- rent issue, with the discussion presided over by a moderator. The class then asked questions di- rected at either side and a conclusion was reached. Subjects for the panel discussions were on cur- rent national and international questions. An in- tensive study of the U. N. was made and news re- ports of the activities of that body were closely followed by club members thus providing many interesting topics for discussions. Daily news- papers, weekly news magazines, and monthly magazines provided background for these discus- sions. The "Guardian," "American," "Sign," and "Sunday Visitor" helped to give the Catholic view- point on current issues. Membership in the History Club is confined to pupils of the American History classes. T 1 i jAl"0ll,gA OZJ we Pea, OMF' way Seated, left to right, Presidents: Margaret Mack, Barbara Parke, Margie Yaeger, Patricia Bentzeg standing, left to right, Secretaries: Mary Frances Rumbach, Joan Armbrust, Cathy Papan, Dorothy Saenger. unior nghalz The Junior English Club, which was organized in September, under the direction of Sister M. Stanislaus, drew up a new constitution and by- laws for the clubs. Each meeting throughout the year was accom- panied by an interesting and informative program. The first semester Was highlighted by the readings of Mary Bob Foreman, and the best meeting of the second semester featured a radio skit pre- sented by Carol Ann Gibson, Selma .Io Gilmore, Sue Malloy and Mary Frances Rumbach. On the intellectual side, talks on many outstanding au- thors and their works were given, and poems in key with the season were recited by the different members. The meetings were held on the third Wednesday of each month. A president and a secretary were chosen from both sections of English III class to serve for one semester. Purpose of the Junior English Club is to pro- mote interest in American literature and to give pupils an opportunity to express themselves orally with poise and self confidence before an audience. oifie ana! ahcfion imloroue eaclz clay Presidents, seated, left to right: Margaret Marchese, Irene Barthol, Betty Sokora, Mary Lawrence. Standing left to right: Secretaries, Rosa Floro, Dorris Karcher, Annette Doerpinghaus, Rita Sarna. enior 119654 66165 The Senior English Clubs were reorganized early in October under the sponsorship of Sister M. Frances, English IV instructor. The meetings were held every other Friday at the respective English class periods. The purpose of the club is to help pupils gain poise and con- fidence when speaking before a group. During the meetings open discussions and oral reports on literary subjects or current events were given with every member of the class appearing on the pro- gram at least twice during the year. The Friday preceding the Christmas holidays a special Christmas program was given with the famous Christmas stories and poems recited by various members of the class. The program was concluded with the singing of Christmas carols and hymns. During Catholic Press Month, a program was presented honoring Catholic Authors Day. Vari- ous newly published Catholic books, Catholic au- thors, and St. Francis, patron saint of the Cath- olic Press, were featured. Early in February an outstanding meeting was held on the Centennial of the Sisters of Mercy in Arkansas. The story of young Catherine McAuley, her later life, and the foundation of the Order of the Sisters of Mercy, and its spread to Arkansas were high- lights of the meeting. During Vocation Week talks were given on the different states in life. The advantages and disadvantages of the three states were also dis- cussed. Reports were given on the different Re- ligious Orders in Little Rock and Arkansas. The Senior English club is conducted by a pres- ident and a secretary, elected from each English IV class group, to serve for one semester. ear acrec! .!Jearf, we frufif in ou -ra' 559 , im 'F' Q Donna Jean Bergschneider, ikneelingl League of the Sacred Heart president, standing, left to right: Claire Powell, Margaret Dungan, Raine Roe, Jessie Cox, Judy Keith, Jeannie Simpson, Irene Barthol, League of the Sacred Heart pro- moters. eague of fke Lgyacrecl .illearf Members of Mt. St. Mary's Chapter of the League of the Sacred Heart Promoters, under the direction of Sister Mary John Baptist, worked faithfully during their student days making and distributing Sacred Heart badges to the sick, the students, and to inmates of hospitals, circulating Catholic literature, and distributing the League leaflets each month. Donna Jean Bergschneider, president of the League, is the senior promotor, having been a zealous member since 1947, and has to her credit the making of over one-thousand Sacred Heart badges. The League of the Sacred Heart is officially known as the Apostleship of Prayer. It is a pious Association of thirty million Catholics in all parts of the world who daily offer their prayers, works and sufferings for the intentions of the Sacred Heart, in reparation for sins, for the particular intention of the Holy Father and for all the in- tentions of their fellow Associates. Over 200 St. Mary's students are members of the League of the Sacred Heart, several of whom are promoters in training to replace the gradu- ating senior promoters. 'IM frieol fo imlaroue our wrifing foo Barbara Barlow fleftb conducts the ceremony for induction into Quill and Scroll Society for new members, left to right, Irene Barthol, Judy Keith, Patsy Garbacz, Mary Ellen Stormes, and Ruth Whitehead. Barbara Bethune was absent when picture was made. Qui! :anal Sera!! Sociefg The Mercian chapter of Quill and Scroll, inter- national honor society for high school journalists, which was organized in 1940, under the sponsor- ship of Sister Mary Frances, held its initiation ceremony in the Academy Auditorium during the latter part of April. Barbara Barlow, MERCIAN and MOUNT Edi- tor, who was inducted into the society last year, after completing the requirements for member- ship as a junior, conducted the impressive candle lighting ceremony. Barbara Bethune, Mount Press Club Vice-President, gave a brief history of Quill and Scroll Society, afterwards lighting the candle of Truth. From Truth, each of the other candidates lighted candles symbolic of Initiative, Opportunity, Leadership, Loyalty, and Enlight- ment. The newly-elected members are: Barbara Bethune, Associate-Editor of the MOUNT, Irene Barthol, MOUNT News Editor and Co-Circulation Manager of the MERCIANQ Patsy Garbacz, MOUNT Feature Editor and MERCIAN staff memberg Judy Keith, Co-Circulation Manager of the MOUNT and the MERCIANg Ruth Whitehead, Associate Editor of the MERCIAN and MOUNT Advertising Manager, and Mary Ellen Stormes, Junior Press Club member. Requirements for induction into Mt. St. Mary's Chapter of Quill and Scroll Society are: Junior or Senior standing, scholastic rank in the upper third of one's class, evidence of superior journalistic ability, at least 100 printed inches, recommenda- tion by the faculty adviser of student publications, and approval by the international secretary of Quill and Scroll Society. ,UMM muaic, fine fanguage of file 50a , One group of the eight piano ensemble musicians are, left to right: Belle Spatz, Dorris Karcher, Joan Hogston, Bar- bara Parke, Shirley Tenney, Mary Ralphe, Patricia Brown, and Carol Ann Gibson. ,aiding ufnic noemgk Music, both instrumental and vocal, plays a big part in the daily life cf a St. Mary's girl. Under the tutelage of Sister M. Pauline, Sister M. John Baptist and Mrs. George Ussery, members of the large music class are presented each spring in a series of recitals. Most outstanding of the musicals was the eight piano en- semble program presented for the public and the visiting Sisters as a feature of the centennial triduum celebration. Private recitals in May will be given by seniors Mary Ralphe and Joan Hogston. Dorris Karcher and Belle Spatz will be presented in joint recital. Other smaller group recitals will also be presented in the late spring. Mary Ralphe, senior winner of the Gold Star National Award in the auditions sponsored by the National Guild of Teachers of Piano, is pictured at right before her private recital in the spring. ur ee dang grim new ana! of 9 5 , V 5 Q ,arellnfl e . . Part of the Glee Club of 120 voices which sang for the Centennial pageant are, front, left to right: Mildred Laux, Claire Powell, Mary Frances Heinze, Betty Ann Ivey, Donna Jean Bergschneider, Raine Roe, Jo Simpson, Helen Hemmer. Second row: Wilma Ruth Sartain, Marianne Mangan, Beulah Harris, Betty Sutton, Anna Marie Boehmer, Patricia Lipsmeyer, Mary Jo Priest, Catherine Phillips, VVanda Walston, Anita Lannie, Barbara Love, Mary Louise Lawrence, Anne Saenger. Third row: Nancy Lett, Shirley Tenney, Carol Gibson, Theresa Knoff, Rosemary Oberste, Judy Keith, Jessie VVendler, Patsy Smreker, Sue Malloy, Sally Mullins, Billie Jo Lewis, Virginia Heinze, Sarah Grace Martin, Selma Jo Gilmore. ounf gde Mt. St. Mary's Glee Club, under the direction of Sister M. Pauline, is composed of over 100 members. Practice is held daily from 11:15 till noon in the recital hall. A selected group from the Glee Club sang the High Mass for the Diocesan Teachers Convention, for the Forty Hours Devotion which opened the centenary observance of the Sisters of Mercy in February, and for the High Mass in the convent chapel for Sisters Day on the first day of the centennial celebration, April 8. The whole Glee Club sang for the Pontifical High Mass at the Cathedral on the following day. Another important public appearance for the Glee Club was their singing all the choruses for the "Masque of Mercy" centennial pageant for which the new uniform of a black taffeta formal skirt and dainty white organdy blouse was used for the first time. Helen He-mmer fleftl, popular soprano, was a featured soloist with the Glee Club and on several local programs. She has appeared with the Arkansas State Sym- phony orchestra and with the Horace Heidt show. She was also a featured soloist with Rubinoff when he appeared in concert with his famous violin, at the Municipal Auditorium. The Glee Club will make its final appearance of the year when it sings the choruses at Commencement. P r 5 l O! mi niglzf oi! we urne eaclz clro Wafiona onor ociefy Members of the Fidelis Chapter of the National Honor Society, whose eligibility is judged by scholar- ship, leadership, Frances Heinze, garet Marchese, character, and service, are top row, left to right: Jo Ann Simmons, President, Mary Vice-President, and Mary Louise Lawrence, Secretary-Treasurer. Second row: Mar- Barbara Bethune, Patsy Garbacz, Mary Ralpe, and Ruth Whitehead, Third row: Barbara Barlow, Irene Barthol, Rosa Floro, Betty Ann Ivey, and Gayle Lech. Bottoh row: Joe Ann Malnar, Margaret Miller, Rita Sarna, Sidney Smith, and Belle Spatz. 5 we 0M,I" gina Q5 Gif tke UHF? t0l0 Olflflf 19,4855 CM Members of the Mount Press Club who earned membership by their Writing for the school newspaper are: top row, left to right, Barbara Barlow, President, Barbara Bethune, Vice-President, Irene Barthol, Secretary-Treasurer. Second row: Margaret Marchese, Patsy Garbacz, Ruth Whitehead, Judy Keith, Mary Ralphe. Third row: Virginia Shockey, Pat Carter, Margaret Dungan, Pat McGuire, Julianne Crook, Rosemary Oberste. Bottom row: Sue Malloy, Georgia Ann Hill, Mary Helen Hampton, Carol Ann Gib- son, Margaret Mack, and Mary Ellen Stormes. iam 7851 ggmloded ounf .fdcfiuifiefi NWN X 'clleligion does not censure nor exclude Unnumbered pleasures harmlessly pursuedf' fAe war!! ana! Ffa? 0- Widd 1957 HThings of today? Deeds are harvest for Eternilyf' 5 2 SAB C6U'l'll0ll,5 ACL 91057 QCLC One Gt f5f6l,l"! Senior class officers, With presidents of the other classes, are left to right, front: Patsy Garbacz, vice-presidentg Sidney Smith, president: Mary Ralphe, treasurer. Back row: Rita Sarna, secretary, Betsy Weber, Freshman Class president, Ruth Ann Straessle, Sophomore Class president: Ernestine Harrell, Junior Class president. C4155 .xgcfiuify ofeaclerfn Leaders of the various campus activities are the class officers who, With the presi- dents and committees of the several cam- pus clubs, sponsor and organize the stu- dent extra-curricular affairs. One of the main projects during the year is the class sponsorship of a senior, elected by the class, to serve as its candi- date for Alumnae Bazaar Queen. Other activities include furnishing of food bas- kets for the poor at Christmas, Catholic a , Press subscription drives during Febru- ary, the Bishop's Fund for the Children of Europe, class programs and spring pic- nics or parties. The Mount class officers congratulate and Welcome into high school activities the eighth grade graduates: Barbara Banks, Peggy Coates, Joan Dickmann, Suzanne Elting, Jeannine Henderson, Doris Manville, Mary Kay Miller, Patsy Mullins, Claire Saenger and Linda Sue Spires. Q 7 2 Felgfle 087' tke .jgfuninde 6LZ6lCLI" Alumnae Bazaar Queen Barbara Barlow fcenterl with escort Julio Pierpaoli, is pic- tured enthroned on the stage, surrounded by her court: Margie Tate, with Jimmy Smith fleftlg Raine Roc with Harold Simmonsg Judy Keith with Dick Reilly fbacklg Beverly Freeman tfrontl and George Edwards. .Xdfulnnde KGZGKII' Proud winners of the Centennial Year Alumnae Bazaar Queen Contest, the Fresh- man Class, sponsored by Sister Mary Philippa, applauded their queen at her cor- onation. ' The crowning ceremony began as Maid Margie Tate, Senior Class runner-up for the queen title, appeared to the strains of "You Wonderful You." Sophomore Can- didate Beverly Freeman followed her to the lyric "Harbor Lights." Raine Roe, Junior nominee, entered next to the song, "Count Every Star." Following her to the music of "Our Very Own" was grade school candidate, Judy Keith. Queen Barbara of the House of Barlow approach- ed her throne to the strains of "Again." After the coronation, the queen, followed by the members of the royal court and their dates, led the grand march. Dancing formally began with the royalty special, "Again" Decorations for the evening, with Pat Katilius as chairman, were in the winning Freshman Class colors, nile green and white. Streamers across the gym were gathered together with clusters of bal- loons, and a large silver crown was fea- tured. The stage displayed the royalty posters and was decorated with palms and trimmed in green and white. Music was by Mr. N. O. Henderson and his orchestra. MQQI125 f0l0l0Q QUQI' One LQMOIAQ Queen Barbara of the House of Barlow is crowned with an orchid by Mrs. R. C. Ray, presi- dent of Mt. St. Mary's Alumnae Association, be- fore the grand march which Alumnae Bazaar Queen Barbara led with her escort, Julio Pierpaoli. Maids. Margie with Jimmyg Raine and Judy with Harold and Dickg and Beverly and George smile for the photographer. At intermission and on the dance floor ibelowl at the Queen's Ball are Barbara Bethune, Queen Barbara, Mary Ann Pardo, Margie Tate, Dorothy Saenger, Joann Matthews, and Mary Helen Hamp- ton with their dates. 'ML A lfLl'l'll'la6 a-Zaal' MAR GIE TATE BEVERLY FREEMAN ancec! fi! we coufcl clance no more ueen Canakalafea BARBARA BARLOW Seniors elected by the various classes as candidates for Alum- nae Bazaar Queen titles used these poster pictures in their campaign publicity. The Freshman Class, turning in the largest amount made by a single class since the Queen Contest was first held in 1945, boosted Barbara Barlow to vic- tory with their raffles and Doll Booth. Margie Tate, sponsored by the Senior Class, whose votes turned into cash at the "Hot Dog" Booth, was the runner-up. Raine Roe, choice of the Junior Class, which sponsored the Cake Booth, placed third. Sophomore Class nominee, Beverly Freeman polled votes at the Country Store, and Judy Keith, grade school sponsored candidate made her cash total in the "Post Office." RAINE ROE JUDY KEITH ur Quail clafecl uri or a ni9!zf of fun fQ fibacla anc! .ibaugAfer5 .ibinner Smiling for the photographer after the Dad-Daughter Dinner, sponsored by the St. Mary's Parent-Teacher Association are, head table, top row, center, His Excellency, the Most Rev. Bishop Albert L. Fletcher, with Msgr. T. L. Keany, guest speaker, at his right. Others, left to right, are Virginia Heinzeg her father, Bernard T. Heinzeg her sister, Mary Frances g Rose Floro, Mrs. Bernard Heinze, Sidney Smith, Mr. George Mather, master of ceremonies, with his daughter Cback to cameral, Rita Ann. Others with their dads are, top left table, left to right: Julianne Crook, Margo Renfrow, Dorris Karcher, Frances Woodson, Missy Wright, Barbara Murphy, Connie Brandon, and Belle Spatz. Top, right table: Gayle Lech, Wilma Sartain, Barbara Levesque, Patsy Smreker, Joan Powell, Mildred Laux. Bottom, first table: Jane Haubersin, Ruth Straessle, Mary Ann Wollhower, Mary Lee Wickard, Carol Ann Gibson, Selma Jo Gilmore, and Mona Emmerling. Second table: Margaret Marchese, Ruth and Helen Whitehead, Dorothy and Ann Saenger, Pat Cyrier, Barbara Barlow, Barbara Bethune, and Mary Louise Lawrence. Third table: Carol Hart, Dottie Hart, Mary Ralphe, Dorothy Hender- son and Sue Bishop. .7!zanL5 fo fke gl' an be 0l'lQ Proudly posing with their dads or fathers Hby proxyn after the Dad-Daughter Dinner are, top row, left to right: Barbara Bethune and Belle Spatz, Dorothy and Ann Saenger, Gayle Lech and Mildred Laux. Second row: Frances Woodson, Mary Catherine Mc- Dermott, Patsy Bauer and Betty Sutton, Rosa Flora and Sidney Smith. Third row: Deborah Ebbing, Ruth Gleason, and Mary Ralphe, Sue Bishop, Dorothy Henderson, Mona Emmerling, and Jane Haubersin, Joe Ann Malner, Pat Cyrier, and Barbara Barlow. Bot- tom row: Barbara Kierre and Barbara Levesque, Selma Jo Gilmore and Carol Ann Gibson, Joan Powell, and Donna J. Bergschneider. In circles: top, Mary Louise Law- rence, and bottom, Rosemary Oberste. .971 f0lfl,I"l'lQgf5 0lfU" E Q5 LUQPQ Olfl i010 Letter-winning Belles, pictured in their award sweaters, are front, left to right: Beverly Smith, guard, Jo Ann Matthews, Helen Duelmer, and Irene Barthol, forwards, Pat Latham, assistant coach, Rosa Floro, assistant man- ager. Back row, left to right: Betty Sokora, Ann Renneker, Rinky Harrell, and Sidney Smith, guards, Msgr. T. L. Keany, coach, Judy Keith, co-captain and forward, Jo Simpson, forward, Beverly Freeman, co-captain and for- ward, Shirley Wreyford, guard. Absent from picture, Mildred Laux, manager. jlze Ez e5 of Wargg Mt. St. Mary's Belles opened the basketball sea- son with the annual tip-off supper given by Mr. and Mrs. Leo Krebs, Belles sponsors. The Belles closed one of the most successful seasons of recent years when they returned from the England Invitational Tournament the proud winners for the second consecutive year, of a beautiful gold trophy. The season was formally closed with the an- nual basketball banquet given by Mr. and Mrs. Krebs. At this affair, Mrs. Krebs presented silver basketballs on silver chains to all the players, and Judy Keith was awarded the beautiful trophy presented annually by Mr. Krebs to the "Most Valuable Belle." Below: Co-captains Bev and Judy, a tense moment at the tip off during play, and Judy with the trophy. This Page Sponsored by Freeman Nursing Home, Little Rock .!4I'l6! MOI' iAQ 0lfU'lf CL fI"0l0Ay COIUIOQ 5 4. S 5 Belles in their purple and white "warm ups," the gift of Leo Krebs, are left to right: Jo Simpson, Mildred Laux Irene Barthol, Shirley Wreyford, Judy Keith, Ann Renneker, Sue Malloy, Jo Ann Matthews, Msgr. Keany, Beverly Smith, Rinky Harrell, Beverly Freeman, Sidney Smith, Pat Latham, and Betty Sokora. Absent from picture, Helen Duelmer. M ed anc! WOUl'lfiQ5 Cfofie eadon Last game of the basketball season for the Belles of St. Mary's was an exhibition game, played against an alumnae team composed of graduate Belles of recent years. The game was played in the gym, March 7 in honor of the patronal feast day of Msgr. Keany, who has been the basketball coach and athletics sponsor at the Mount for the past 27 years. A preliminary game was played by the "Bench Warmers," a team of substitute players, against the Mounties, the freshmen players who have also enjoyed a full schedule this year. Pictured below, left to right, the Mounties are Betty Emrick, Gloria Cardia, Betty Ann Keltner, Margaret Lynch This Page Sponsored by Krebs Bros. Supply Co., Little Rock J45 Queend we enjogecl fine Amegglif The annual tussle between the Catholic High Rockets and the Subiaco Trojans was cheered by Rocket Homecoming Queen Deborah Ebbing lcenterl and maids Barbara Bethune lleftl and Mary Louise Lawrence frightl, chosen by the Catholic High Senior Class. WocLef5- rojarm omecoming The Rockets Cheerleaders lbelow, left to right! Don Creason, Pat Katilius, Mary Frances Hcinze, Jimmy Davis, Ruth Gleason, Mary Lawrence, and Don Manley cheered the team during all the games of the season. H This Page Sponsored by Ditmars-Dickmann-Pickens Construction Co. pgqnne .sznior ga! wifk reaf c!e69Af ZF? Left to right: Dorris Karcher, tickets ehairmang Mary Frances Heinze, assessments, Belle Spatz, fcen- terb decorations, Margo Renfrow, general chairman: Mary Ralphe, publicity. A nnua! .gznior ga! The annual senior ball, held traditionally the Friday after Easter, was postponed until April 20 be- cause of the centennial triduum celebration following so closely on Easter, The centennial theme was carried out in the decorations, emphasizing gold. The Seniors, introduced from the stage, stepped through the center of a large gold 100 at the head of the steps, before joining their escorts for the grand march. Pictured below are ileft to rightl: Patsy Garbacz, Barbara Barlow, Barbara Bethune, and Sarah Grace Martin enjoying the dance music of Tommy Scott's orchestra. This Page Sponsored' by A Group of Little Rock Business Men .And af tAQ gal, LUQPQ we CLK Snapped during intermission at the Senior Ball by the MERCIAN protographer, are top, left to right: Jimmy Smith and Barbara Bethune, Barbara Barlow and Mary Ann Pardo with Tommy Jones and Mike Luckg Mary Ralphe and Bob Milholland. Middle row: Gayle Kyle and Leon Hillg Neal Romani and Janice Shockeyg Virginia Shockey and Sal La Carag Tonky Wheat and Joe Ann Malnar. Bottom row: Jack Shockey and Virginia Heinzeg Charles Martin and Irene Bartholg Judy Keith and Dick Reillyg Mary Helen Hampton and Bill Broadhurst. This Page Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. William H. Thompson Q 2 si fi Q 3 5 Q7 l'lQUQl" Ol" Qt tAQ fill we Beaux and belles at the Senior Ball are, left to right: Tommy and Barbarag Donna Bergschneider and Mary Frances Heinze with Jerry and Ed Hoffmanq Mike and Mary Anng Dorothy Saenger and Carl Stiresq Jerome Lipsmeyer and Pat Lipsmeyerg Ed De Priest and Betty Suttong Angeline Musquiz and Bill Ketchemg Ann Saenger and Dinny Babsg Joyce Goodwin and Ned VVrightg Paul Osborn and Clarice Millerg Emily Miller and William Bergerong Danny Bosche and Sheila Dungang Pat Cyrier and Bob Peters. This Page Sponsored by The Hob Nob, Pino Bluff, Arkansas enior erzionagfied we IQICLQUI wifi: gke Ql'll0l" Ql"f50l'L0lAi Senior Class votes for the annual personality poll gave Judy Keith itop left? and Rita Sarna ftop, second? a tie with three first place titles and one second place each. Judy is the senior voted "Best Athlete," "Best Natured," and "Most Likely to be Missed," and second as "Best Personality." Rita is the senior with the "Best Personality," "Sweetest,l' and "Most Friendly." She placed sec- ond as "Most Likely to be Missed." Mary Ralphe ltop, center? is the "Best Student," Julianne Crook ftop, second from right? is "Cutest," and Mary Ann Pardo Ctop, right? is the "Prettiest," and "Most Attractive" senior. 108613 if Helen Hemmer ileft, center?, popular singer, is the "Most Talented," and Barbara Barlow, flower left? is the senior with "Most School Spirit." Sid- ney Smith, Senior Class president, fright, center? was voted two first place titles: "Best Leader" and "Most Likely to Succeed." Ruth Whitehead flower right? is "Most Dependable" senior. Many other seniors received votes for titles, and in some cases the third or fourth place vote was very close. We regret that space does not permit naming all these grand girls in a grand senior class. This Page Sponsored by Mr. anal Mrs. R. J. Linder anll Sharon Ann lqcfurec! Were? Qnfennia! wiflz loageanfrg Clffqllfe 0 8l"C A "Masque of Mercy," centenary pageant, fea- tured Ctop, left? Jo Ann Simmons as the Spirit of Mercyg Ccenterl England, Ruth Whiteheadg New- foundland, Barbara Barlowg Ireland, Margaret Marcheseg Spirit of Mercyg America, Belle Spatz, Margaret Dungan, Crimea, Irene Barthol, Aus- tralia. lBarbara Bethune who played Scotland was absent when the picture was taken.l Top, right: Rita Hamling as Catherine McAuley. Left: Sidney Smith as Mother Church, Patsy Garbacz as the Chronicler, Ruth Gleason, Angel of the Order, and Jo Ann Hogston, Spirit of Arkansas. The first episode of the pageant depicted the founding of the Order of the Sisters of Mercy by Mother Catherine McAuley, its spread from Dub- lin through Ireland, England, Scotland, Australia, Newfoundland, Crimea, and America, before the Sisters came to Arkansas in 1851. Arrival of the Sisters of Mercy in Arkansas and their work in the schools and hospitals of Clgeani the state was represented in the second episode. Group and solo dances, with the choral singing by the Glee Club, and tableaux on an elevated back stage helped to develop the historical theme. Girls playing important parts, besides those pic- tured above, were Margo Renfrow and Mary Ann Pardo, heralds: Gayle Kyle, Heresy, Pat Carter, Error, Joan Armbrust, Warg Connie Brandon, Inspirationg and Barbara Banks, Joy. Important tableaux characters were portrayed by Jessie Cox as Christ, Mary Frances Sarna, Mary: Margaret Miller, Angel Garbiel, Annette Doerpinghaus, Bishop Byrneg and Mary Lou Wo- mack, Father Sheehan. Barbara Ritchie, Patricia Cyrier, Barbara Hinkson, Rita Sarna, Cecilia Caron, and Carolyn Nabholz impersonated nuns. All Mount students took part in the pageant which was presented as a matinee and for two ni'ght performances. This Page Sponsored by The Linder Corporation, Kensett, Arkansas L , giaclz echfion wow ouf on fime SYAQ OMR! 520 The MOUNT, monthly school paper. now in its thirteenth year of publication, has completed a most successful year of writing and projects. One of the six newspapers in the state awarded First Place honors by the Arkansas High School Press Association, it is continually adding to its titles with awards from the Catholic School Press Association and Quill Sz Scroll Society. Directing the efficient staff was Barbara Barlow ftopl, Editor. Top, left, Barbara Bethune, Judy Keith, Barbara Barlow, and Irene Barthol, who edited the Junior MOUNT before taking over the staff positions for the 1950-1951 school year, Mary Ralphe, circulation manager: Patsy Garbacz, fea- tures, and Ye Editor tlefth discuss page make-up. Reporters lbottom, left? Pat Carter, Virginia Shockey, Margaret Rose Dungan. Pat McGuire. and Julianne Crook look over their assignments for the month, Advertising and Business agers Ruth XVhitehead and Margaret Marchese check subscriptions with the editor. Juniors who had attained twenty lines or more in print were considered probationary Press Club members and served as staff reporters. This Page Sponsored by Peerless Engravers, Little Rock is .:,. ,..V gzlq V - .,,. .,,. Izl IHA, I I .A Right, center, Margaret Marchese, business man- The MERCIAN wishes to acknowledge publicly ML flzinL our id muff? Arie Sie ew! The staff is pictured at work on the Centennial MERCIAN, the school year book edited by the senior class since 1934. Top, left, Barbara Barlow, editor, discusses plans with Ruth Whitehead, Patsy Garbacz, Barbara Bethune and Margaret Marchese. Top. right, Irene Barthol and Judy Keith manage year book sales as circulation man- agers. agerg Barbara Barlow, editor: and Ruth VVhite- head, associate editor, plan and make up the grad- uates' pages. Bottom, Margaret Rose Dungan, Betty Sokora, Beverly Freeman, and Mary Frances Heinze who, as the advertising staff, boosted the year book to a reality through their ad sales. Bottom, left, typists Gay Martello, Betty Jo Rech- tin, Dorris Karcher, and Belle Spatz, hard at work typing copy. the girls whose ad salesmanship and patron solic- iting raised the most money toward financing the year book. These girls are honored as the Misses of 1851 and 1951 on the division pages. "Classes," Barbara Barlow and Betty Sokorag t'Organiza- tions," Margaret Rose Dungan and Mary Frances Heinzeg "Activities," Donna Jean Bergschneider and Gayle Kyle. This Page Sponsored by Draughon School of Business, Little Rock Q ,MCAQJ Me AML, aff fkmgll zlw Ja Top: A'Come on in, the Watcr's fine", says Life Guard Judy, or try a game of tennis, Bottom: Scenes from "My Friend Irma"g hosts' table at the Belles' banquet. Scattered hore and there: dignified ill seniorsg studious Sheilag "Mount" larkg the "M. O. P."g Ye Edg Pretty Pardog the "Admiral" crew: Sleepy Time Galsg "Miss Arkansasvg 180 degreesg picnickers. auglcf fizem in fizeir wor ana! Ffa? Top: A "love match" between friendsq Raine as Shamrock Queen with her maids: Catholic Press Month display. Bottom: Belles' banquet: and formal bellcs. Here 'n' there: What's cookin"? VVhat a fish! Flowers on a Hcrannied wall". Downfall of Sissyg silly seniors: serious seniorsg the face in the mirrorg Belles and trophyg the Barbaras at work t'?l. . pa from Very Rev. Msgr. T. L. Keany Very Rev. Msgr. J. A. Murray Rev. Charles McGinnis Rev. William Wellman Rev. L. R. Graves St. Patrick's School, N. L. R. St. Louis School, Camden Holy Redeemer School, El Dorado National Honor Society Faculty St. Edward's School Sodality El Club Espagnol Mrs. Paul Collins Tommy Jones Miss Vickey Dickey '50 Mrs. Nancy Harris Julio Pierpoali Miss Rose Mancini Jimmy Fernandez Miss Claire Saenger Miss Betty Frazier '50 Miss Deeda Nahas '49 Miss Rosalyn Jones '48 Miss Inny Spinelli '48 Miss Miss Impie Cumnock '50 Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Nahay Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Olds Mrs. K. C. Spatz Mr. and Mrs. Herman Ward Miss Marilee Wickard Miss Lynda Williams Miss Margie Tate Mr. James E. Knauff Mrs. Margaret Emery Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Gallagher Mrs. Sue Bennett Mr. B. E. Tate Mrs. Marie Lord Rev. Jesse C. Cheney Rev. J. E. Murphy Rev. John Kettler Our Lady of Good Counsel School St. Mary's School, N. L. R. St. John's School, Hot Springs Mount Press Club Senior English Club A Commercial Club St. Mary's Junior Class Miss Mary Lee Jablonski '50 Miss Carolyn Knight '50 Miss Rita Pruniski Miss Melba Jane Pruniski Delwyn Walker Miss Vernell Austin '50 Miss Georgia Ann Hill Mr. and Mrs. Ed Manees Jimmy Smith Mr. Fred Warner Mr. and Mrs. J. Clark White Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Bliss Frances Casavechia '49Diane Hornecker Mrs. Delywn Walker Alvin Bujarski Miss Jane Haubersirk, Miss Barbara Levesque Miss Marianne Mangan Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Hale Miss Susan E. Gleason Michael B. Gleason Miss Molly O'Hare Gleason Mr. Frank O'Hare Jimmy Lyons Miss Mcllvain Miss Charlotte Bujarski '49 Mrs. Paul J. Mooser '47 Miss Mercia Rose Fahrionf Mr. and Mrs. James Brady Miss Mary Margaret Brown Sgt. Andrew J. Lucas Miss Anne Saenger ' Miss Peggy Doig Miss Faye Brockman Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Gehrki Miss Katherine Brady-Z !Mrs. N. F. Weny Miss Mary Ellen Williams Mr. and Mrs. Ben J. Booth Miss Katherine Williams , IR. A. Allison Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Zackert Mr. Herb G. Stewart Mrs. D. C. Brockman Mr. and Mrs. August Miss Jo Ann Matthews Miss Mildred Booth. ' A Miss Helen Duelmer ' Miss Dorothy Lucas '49 Mr. and Mrs. V. S. Lucas Miss Mary Kathryn Hall '50 Mrs. Regina Barron Miss Lil Wardlow Mr. Morris Waters , Miss Ruth Hardcastle' Miss Dot McCulloch Miss Mary Helen Hampton Miss Carolyn Rhodes Miss Mary Lou Brown Mrs. William Connely Mrs. J. B. Oliver Miss Beverly Freeman Miss Nancy Cralle Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Gilmore Mr. and Mrs. Guy Tucker Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Hewitt Mrs. G. W. Massery Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Gleason, Jr. Miss Joann Gleason Harry Ned Wellman Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Butler Miss Irene Van Dusen Mr. George McGuire Probst, Jr. Mr. James Coates Mr. Sam P. Raines Miss Rose Marie Nabholz '50 Miss Pauline Adams Miss Linda Spires Miss Barbara Banks Miss Peggy Coates Miss Jeanine Henderson Miss Suzanne Elting Miss Frances Ann Butler Miss Barbara Gould Mrs. John Dees M. E. Williams Mrs. Mrs. Charlie Lanz Mr. George Kraternick Mr. B. B. Chance Mrs. Will Drummond Mr. Ross Corder Mr. Bryan Simpson Mrs. Jay D. Lawrence Mr. R. L. Beck Mrs. Mary Gates Mr. R. F. Embree Mrs. Joe Gould, Jr. Mr. G. W. Harman Miss Judy Dees Mrs. Patricia Strozyk '45 Pfc. Larry Gentile Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Scruggs Mavor and Mrs. L. L. Jones Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Compton MCG9hee Dr. and Mrs. Charles Lucerett Mr. and Mrs. Raymond TroileMr. Very Rev. Msgr. T. J. Prendergast Rev. Leo Riedmuller Rev. John M. Bann Rev. Raymond L. O'Dwyer St. Joseph's Academy, Mena Sts. Cyril 8z Methodius, Slovac Latin Club Senior English Club B History Club . St. Mary's Sophomore Clas Mrs. Clarence Hornecker Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Tompkins Mrs. F. A. Coutlee Col. and Mrs. M. J. Coutlee Harold Hedges Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Creason Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Gates Miss Dolores March '49 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. A. Emrick Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Dickson Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Herring Mr. and Mrs. Armand Des Lauriers Miss Patricia Berg Mr. Elden Revis Miss Elizabeth Mack '50 Mrs. A. L. Erickson Mr. F. S. Ralphe Bill Beck Miss Pat Arendt Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Ralphe A Friend Miss Susan East Miss Joanne Breitzke Mrs. Pat Roe Plummer '47 Cynthia Plummer Harold Simmons Mr. William Roe Miss Mary F. Rumbach Miss Annie Harrellf' Miss Doris Hudson Joe Roe Tidy Harcrow Miss Sue Malloy Tommy McGuver Miss Margaret Burnett '47 James McGuver Miss Mary Jac Snider '47 Mrs. Harry Moore Dr. C. Fletcher Watson Miss Velma Smith, R. N. Miss Pat Taylor Pfc. Ernest J. Miller Mrs. Tillie Evans Mrs. Carolyn B. Evans Mr. C. Metrailer Miss Mildred Denham Mr. and Mrs. Chas. J. Nibbi Mrs. Betty Snyder Norbert Joseph Butler, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hooksx Mr. and Mrs. Roy Pamplin Miss Sophie Jonesko Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hunt "Buster" Sokora Miss Mary Jane Hooks '50 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Pushkarsky Mr. and Mrs. Charles Papan Miss Frances Plafcan Miss Betty Black '48 Mr. Obie Hathcork Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hurley Mr. Tibino Pardo Mr. Charlie Simon Mr. and Mrs. Buer Shorpe Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Donald Lester Carter Rev. Paul McLaughli Rev. William Kordsmeier Rev. Joseph Walshe Rev. George W. Tribou St. Anne's Acad., Fort Smith St. Joseph's School, Tontitown Le Cercle Francais Junior English Club atholic High Rockets St. Mary's Freshman Class Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brocoto Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brocoto Mr. and Mrs. Sam Brocoto Sam Brocoto Lawrence Nalto Mr. Bob and Mrs. C. B. Malham Peters Herbert Hood Rose Mae Holloway Mrs. Sarah Williams Mr. Dot and Mrs. E. L. Williams Gannon Mrs. Tom Morris Miss Jackie Hurley., Jimmy Hurley Mrs. Clare Douglas Mrs. Rory Johnsan Patsy and Debbie Johnson Miss Paula Mae Cottey Mr. and Mrs. James V. Kerr James and Maxine McGaughey Mrs. Myrna Foster Janie, Patsy and Francis Johnson The Whitmores Miss Nancy Yancy Mrs. Aline Foster Sgt. and Mrs. E. H. Kelly, Jr. James Ralphe Miss Rita Lucas '50 Don Manley Miss Lynn Raley Miss Betty Sue Ball '50 Miss Dolores Gloor '50 Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Birnbach Mr. B. J. Birnbach Miss Mary Birnbach Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Lynch Col. and Mrs. G. W. Oberlin Miss Dorothy Henderson ., Miss Mickey O'Connor Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Brmley Mr. Ronnie Burl Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Owen N. Keelan Mrs. Edith Rhrin Johnson, '48 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Kirchner Mr. Johnnie Miller Sherry Hart Betty Emrick Shirley Murphy Sara Meehan-1 Sarah Grace Martin Rinkey Harrell Annette Jones Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Rauch Miss Joan Rauch '49 Miss Jimmie Faye Hudgens Mr. and Mrs. Dean C. Linder Bennie Usery Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Stobaugh Sheriff and Mrs. R. D. Moore Mr. Robert S. Moore Mr. Herman Hoff Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hall Mr. and Mrs. Louis Burgess Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Clark Mr. Andrew Beck Mr. John Jacks Miss Wanda Walston,A Mr. J. D. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Reid Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Smith Mr. Phil Shach Mr. E. H. Crook, Sr. Mrs. James R. Robertson Mr. C. C. Duff Mr. and Mrs. Jack Nix Mr. and Mrs. David Cellars Mr. Forest Booth, A. S. P. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin S. De Long, A. S. P. Miss Rosemary Oberste Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. Henry Altenhofel Mrs. Charlotte Fritz Miss Dottie Hart? Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Hamling Mr. Rockie Paladino Miss Mr. Adolf Paladino Mr. and Mrs. Paul Luyet Mr. and Mrs. Pete J. Paladino Mr. Eddie Rose, Jr. Miss Ann Harrison '50 Miss Jean Ann Pratt '50 Mr. A. C. May Mr. Raymond Niehause Mr. and Mrs. William Whitmore Mr. and Mrs. Harold Shock Nelia Lassiter Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Adams Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Stacks Mrs. Helen Crow Mr. and Mrs. Jack Curtis Miss Mary Lou VVomack Miss Nancy Stancil Miss Leona Shook '49 Miss Dorothy Probst '50 Miss Fennie Nicolosi Miss Mary Lena Marchese Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Monestare Mrs. Lucy Milioto Mr. and Mrs. Nick Monestare Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Marchese Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Nicolosi Mr. and Mrs. Claude Govar Mr. and Mrs. Philip Balest Miss Joey Miss Marchese Bessie Iverstine Miss Mary Ruth Bennett Miss Mary Ann Nosal Miss Marie Urbani Miss Jackie Wright Miss Rose Mary Schriver Pat Malachowski '49 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marchese, Sr. Vincent Marchese Miss Catherine Berg Miss Patricia Ferguson Mr. Eugene Uekman Miss Freda Deuerling '50 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Weber Miss Mary Rita Schlatterer Miss Patricia Bauer Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schuller Miss Pat McCarthy' Miss Mary Ann Wollhower Mr. Jay Parker Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Lewis Pfc. Richard E. Lewis Miss June Rose Smith pd il"0l'l6 Mr. Bob Long Mr. and Mrs. N. O. Henderson Mrs. Corynne Hudgens Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Berg- schneider Howard Hardin Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Branton Miss Donna Jean Bergschneider Frank A. Gerard Dr. and Mrs. H. Ray Fulmer Pfc. Jerry A. Hoffman Mr. M. D. Gilliam Mr. and Mrs. Russ Thomas Miss Alice Branstetter Mrs. H. E. Crill Friend of St. Mary's Mr. and Mrs. Sam Whiting Mr. W. J. DeVore Kz Sons Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Calhoun Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Harrington Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Austin and Mrs. Louis Zanone and Mrs. W. T. Probst and Mrs. W. S. Probst and Mrs. C. F. Conway Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Harris and Mrs. Edwin Bruich Mr. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Nabholz Miss Linda Cahanin '49 Miss Veronica McNierney '35 Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Owens Miss Elizabeth Roche '50 Mr. and Mrs. Al Singer Mrs. Edith Harvey Mrs. Ida Uekman Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Youngblood Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Woodard Miss Margaret Rolf Miss Margaret Cole '50 Miss Connie Clifton '49 Miss Mary Ann Bopp '50 Pat Vinson, U. S. N. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Rose, Sr. Miss Mary Louise Bartsch '49 Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Roberts Mrs. A. Karcher Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Pattison Mr. and Mrs. K. Harrison Miss Ruth Ann Straesslef William Katilius Mrs. Annette Hoyt Mr. and Mrs. John Gudukas Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gudukas Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gudukas Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gudukas Mr. and Mrs. H. Gladwin Mr. and Mrs. D. Petraitis and Mrs. F. Periello Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Katilius Jim Barre Mrs. L. D. Lawson Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kordsmeier Miss Joann Powell Miss Joanne Johnson Miss Clarice Miller Mr. and Mrs. Herman Branton Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Corley Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Parker Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Attwood Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hucklebee Mr. Charlie Fuller Miss Genevieve Szczepaniak '41 Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor Mrs. Ethel Graham Miss Terry Zackert ff' Miss Mary Ann Lucas Miss Patsy Smreker Miss Marion Schoemaker Jimmy Benz Dr. and Mrs. M. A. Gephart Miss Mona Emmerling Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hicks Mrs. Frank Gerard Miss Claudine Aldridgegf' Miss Carol Hart ,Q Mary Jo Wheeler Rita Sarna Betty Jo Hoelzeman if Theresia Koehler ' Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Mr. Nad Anras Miss Mary Ann Mergenschroer Miss Margaret Mack Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Dacus Miss Shirley Murphy Clem and Frances Sarna Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Zaloudek Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Mergenschroer Pat Brown Ann Brizzolara Shirley Hooks " Helen Konecny.: Bobby Sullivan Beverly Balch '50 Dorothy Mancini Mary Ann Ford Pat Smith Miss Miss Miss Miss Pfc. Miss Miss Miss Miss Frankie Joe Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Stormes Miss Rose Lee Zaloudek '50 Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Zaloudek Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Mrs. Pat Dittemore '50 Patsy Watts '50 Rose Battisto '50 Dolores Schneider Patricia Eubanks Betty Hiryak -0 Sidney J. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Brandon Mr. M. M. Curtis A. Britt Turner Carl Finkbeiner John McMahan Matthew Funk L. V. Jolly C. J. Harrington Lloyd Covell Loran G. Sartain, Jr. Mrs. Lena Brown Mr. and Mrs. James Simpson Miss Lorine Fredrick '50 George Brandy Mr. and Mrs. Lee Brown Miss Bronnie Ritchie Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Wylie Harold Corn Mr. Louis Hassler Miss Jeanne Blaty Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Newman Mr. Leo Hassler Mr. George D. Criss Mr. and Mrs. W. Graver Murphy Bo and Loyce Jan Graham Don Creason Miss Helen Booth '47 Miss Grace Booth '48 Mr. Pat Booth Leon Booth Miss Lurine Simmons Mrs. Thomas Smith Mis Mis s Ellena Gallwitz s Liane Rhein L Mrs. Walter Binz Mr. and Mrs. James Barron Miss Kathryn Sue Philipps Mrs. Dolores Frederick Walker '50 Mr. Mis Mis Mis Mis Mr. and Mrs. Freed Spires s Yvonne Truby s Gerre Ann Poat s Angela Belotti s Betsy Weber and Mrs. Ike Bowman Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Nesbett Mr. Margaret Zakrewskily Mr. Mr Mr. Mr. Mis Mis Mis Mrs. W. C. Britt Mrs. J. A. McAtee Bill McAtee T. B. Trahan and and and and and Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. C. M. Banks s Evelyn Novak-0 s Betty Lou Watson ,Q s Eleanor Lipsmeyer Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Bray, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Woolsey and Mrs. Pete Smith Miss Mary Louise Whitehead Miss Helen Jane Whiteheadx. Miss Mary C. Whitehead Miss Betty Massengill Mrs. W. A. Rand Mr. Charles Dillon Mr. J. Henry Lensing Miss Marie Benton '22 Miss Helen Dorothy Brynes Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Allbright Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Wilkiewicz Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mis Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mic and Mrs. E. T. Early Bill Carter W. C. Woods and Mrs. John Fleig s Joan Olmstead and Mrs. T. W. Moore Earl Hunt Henry Reed and Mrs. Fred Myer and Mrs. M. C. Brunson key Brunson Jack Ebbing Mis Mis Dr. Mis s Mrs. Mis Mis s Marilyn Back s Barbara Parke W. E. Hutchison Lyra Sue Harmon W. T. Kelly Joanne Droogas S S Dorothy Saenger Helen Lynch Beverly Smiths., Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Linaker Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Fellhauer Buddy Mrs. F. S. Bujarski Mrs. O. P. Goodwin Miss Miss Miss Norma Lehman Mr, William L. Gatz Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Howell Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Franke Mrs. H. V. McCoy Mr. Mr. J. E. Kerwin and Mrs. W. Glen Francis Lynne Adele Paris Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Ferrill Mr. and Mrs. Louis Thaman Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Crawford Mr and Mrs. Rex Dougherty Mr: and Mrs. Paul Agnani Mrs. Tom R, Burns Mrs. Sheldon Vinsonholer Miss Mercia Rose Fahrion,L Miss Mary Margaret Brown Miss Mary Frances Breyel '50 Heights Food Market Fields Florist 8: Gift Shop Buch's Shoe Shop E. L. Lawrence Dairy Permenter's Liberty Store, No. Johnny's Drive Inn Bauman's Men's Store Olga's Beauty Salon Capitol View Pharmacy Hillcrest Cleaners John Tucker Furniture Olympia Cafe Donahue Drug Store Buice Drugs Zann's Beauty Salon Levinson Cleaners Parker 8z Company Insurance Myers Florist Irel J. Reaves, Insurance Anderson 81 Newell, Insurance 48 Shepherd Ez Company, Insurance Bird, Lange 8: Morse John R. Hampton Company Wild's Bakery Webb Pharmacy W. M. Apple Sz Company Kingrey Produce Company Carte-r's Shoe Shop Brown's Bakery Martin Construction Company iwinerifi pci fronzi West End Lumber 8: Material Company Meyer 8: Company Johnson's Grocery Harcrow's Variety Store Sonotone of Little Rock Liberty Sandwich Shop Hickory House Cavin Furniture Company, North Little Rock Dobbins Grocery, North Little Rock Joseph Arnold Service Station Park Hill Pharmacy, North Little Rock Economy Drug, North Little Rock Malnik Shoe Shop, North Little Rock Nick's Restaurant, North Little Rock Vogue Beauty Salon, North Little Rock Economy Laundry Sz Cleaners, North Little Rock Main Food Market, North Little Rock Kinney's Shoe Store, North Little Rock Paladino Cafe, North Little Rock Jim's Roller Rink, North Little Rock City Laundry, McGehee The C. A. Linaker Company, McGehee W. V. Farrell Distributing Company, McGehee Skyway Drive Inn, McGehee Norton Motor Company, McGehee Rial Motor Company, McGehee Sam Farrell Esso Station, McGehee Gill Tractor Company, McGehee W. B. Loyd Sz Son, McGehee Tom's Toasted Peanuts, McGehee Buerkle Drug Company, Stuttgart Sam's Department Store, Stuttgart Knoll Laundry 8z Cleaners, Stuttgart West Brothers' Department Store, Stuttgart Ben Franklin Store, Stuttgart Neils Barbecue, Hot Springs Roscoe's Liquor Store, Hot Springs Midtown Roller Drome, San Antonio, Texas Congratulating Mt. St. M aryns and the Sisters of Mercy On Their IOO Years' Service to Arkansas A GROUP OF LITTLE ROCK BUSINESS MEN Congratulations and Best Wishes to Mt. St. Mary,s Un Its Centenary SISTERS OF MERCY SAINT .IOSEPH'S HOSPITAL Hot Springs, Arkansas The Seniors' Parents Congratulate Their Daughters of the Centennial Mr. W. F. Armstrong Mr. C. F. D. Barlow Mrs. M. Barthol Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Bethune Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bergschneider Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Carter Mr and Mrs. Callin M. Cox Mr and Mrs. M. I. Crook Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Cyrier Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Doerpinghaus Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dones Mrs. D. J. Dungan Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Dungan Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Ebbing Mrs. Enrique Fernandez Mr. M. B. Floro Miss Clare Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Ed Garbacz Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Ghent Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Gleason Mrs. O. P. Goodwin Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hamling Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Heinze Graduating Class Mrs. Marjorie Hemmer Mrs. Marie Y. Hinkson Mr. and Mrs. James F. Hogston J. W. Hummell Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Jackson Mr. and M. D. Karcher Stanley Katilius Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. and Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Keith Mr. and Mrs. William Kenney Mrs. Art Kerschen Mr. and Mr. Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Knoff E. D. Kyle Joseph Lannie Mrs. Emily R. Latham Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Laux Mrs. W. L. Lawrence Mrs. J. A. Lech Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and and Mrs. W. D. Leonard Mrs. Leo G. Malnar Mr. Mr. and Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marchese Mr. and Mrs. Ed Martello Mr. and Mrs. Pete Massery Mrs. Mary T. McGuire and Mrs. S. J. Miller Mr. Dr. and Mrs. V. Pardo Emmett Fhilbin Mr. Mrs. C. H. Powell Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Ralphe Mr. and Mrs. Lowery Rechtin and Mrs. P. R. Renfrow Mr. Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Robinson and Mrs. A. A. Sarna John Sarna Mr. Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Sartain Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Sanders Mrs. M. C. Shockey Mr. and Mrs. George J. Simmons Mrs. Vivian Simpson Mrs. Ruth C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Vinc Sokora Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Spatz Mrs. E. M. Tate Mrs. Maude Wendler Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Whitehead Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Wilkiewicz Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Woodson Congratulations to the Graduates O ofthe Centennial Year Class SISTERS OF MERCY WARNER-BROWN HOSPITAL El Dorado Arkansas Cornplirnenting Mt. St. Maryls on Its 100 Years of Progress ST. EDWARD'S MERCY HOSPITAL SISTERS OF MERCY Fort Smith Arkansas Best Wishes! . . . ik SAINT PATRICK'S CHURCH NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARK. Sf? Rt. Rev. lVlsgr. James P. Gaffney - - - Pastor Rev. William Wellman Rev. Leo Rieclinueller Compliments of a Friend of St. Maryls Complimenting the Graduates . . . . ST. M'ARY'S PARISH Rev. Charles F. Stanowski, Pastor Rev. Arthur Pietrowiak Rev. John Doyle Sixteenth and Moss North Little Rock REV. JAMES P. MCDONNELL Director CONFRATERNITY OF CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE Catholic Youth Organization CONGRATULATING THE GRADUATES and the SISTERS OF MERCY ik ST. ANDREWS CATHEDRAL if Rev. B. F. McDevitt ---- Rector Rev. William J. Burke Rev. John J. Kettler gratulating the Sisters of Mercy on Their 100 Years' Service to Arkan CLARKSVILLE MUNICIPAL HOSPITAL Benedictine Sisters Clarksville - - - Arkansas CONGRATULATIONS, MT. ST. MARY,S On Reaching Your Centennial Year. Many Happy Returns! ST. EDWARD'S PARISH 815 Sherman Street Rev. Louis Deuster, Pastor Rev. Bede Mitchel ----- Assistant q S S . -A Tff1ZkifA?v'Rw, ' 5.,1y5,,fvfJQQV'ZfR fpygggl RMA JQWT Q! lj N ,-lk66'75:15p1,f Wm ONG ATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES x " yo fy! MK T0 THE GRADUATES X A A 1 Ay If .,-Ik SISTERS OF MERCY ,Xi ON THEIR CENTENNIAL YEAR OUR LADY OF THE HOLY SOULS' PARISH RR MgFAA11en - - - P R Joseph S. Quinn COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE T0 THE SISTERS OF MERCY and THE CLASS OF '51 OUR LADY OF GOOD COUNSEL CHURCH Rt. Rev. John B. Scheper, Pastor Rev. Jos. M. Walshe Rev. John J. Mulligan Congratulations for Your Splendid Service in Arkansas WALTHOUR-FLAKE COMPANY, Inc. Real Estate - Insurance - Rentals - Phones - 4-2274 - 4-2275 - 4-2276 - 4-2277 402 Louisiana St. Little Rock, Ark. SCHWARZ GROCERY c6The Home of Good Things to Eat" Congratulations HERE F-J ONES CO. Makes St. Maryis Rings and Invitations O Phone 4-2546 . Paul Meers - - Representative 2218 Cross St. Little Rock Compliments of ARKANSAS OPTICAL COMPANY 302 Louisiana Street Congratulations, Graduates! anll best wishes for your 'future HOGUE PHOTOS School, Commercial and Large Group Photography Phone - - 2-1645 Carson Bray VVarren Bray BRAY SHEET METAL CO. Slate - Tile - Tin Roofing Metal Gutters 'A' Phone 4-0335 or 4-7000 1508 Scott Street - - In Rear JACK HENNIS GARAGE Phone 4-2477 1300 Main Street North Little Rock, Arkansas "The Guardian in Every Catholic Home" . . . CONGRATULATIONS THE GUARDIAN PRESS and Religious Articles - Rosaries BEST WISHES Prayerbooks - Crucifixes to the Students and Faculty of 311 West Second Little Rock Ml. Sl. Mary,s We Carry All Nationally Advertised Lines . . . O if QM SPAULDING'S f Athletic Goods Co., Inc. 6 ZAMMM Wholesale . Retail 206 Louisiana Phone 2-2218 TIMES PRINTING 8: PUBLISHING CO., Inc. Phone 4-3208 North Little Rock 515 Main Street Certified Cold Storage . . . Phone 4.5048 HOWARD"S LAUNDRY 81 CLEANERS - Cash anfl Carry - O Phone 4-3901 RESTAURANT Fifth and Main North Little Rock Specializing in Sea Foods Best Wishes! MORGAN INSURANCE Fm FOODS AGENCY, Inc. 411 Center Street Little Rock, Arkansas 1001 MAIN LITTLE ROCK LU NCI-IEONS DINNERS ffr-Kfxllf-5X -. ' fs f-.f-'xx All 'illllflllllllw"mlmlwilV'llimi 1- B E S T W I S H E S " 5' ' i"i L" ii -+L Y-it WT E-mg from the il E Wi if im L ig F25 is A ,C . ,, g H I Fashion Center of Arkansas in l W I L iii i Q 2- :iii The ll1.l1lf9lJil company A T . - M .. IT1 on X4 "" L ""QQ' A UMW e m' m. O n P Y LITTLE ROCK Complimentsof... Compliments .. 0 f - HEIM BROTHERS The MOORES' CAFETERIA Wholesale Meats "W'here Hluulrerls Dine Dailyv Mr. and Mrs. Merlin M. Moore Phone 5-5324 Jim M00re 1707 West Eleventh Little Rock 415 Main Little Rock Troy Churchman Hubert Gill CHURCHMAN-GILL DRUG COMPANY Formerly PROSPECT DRUG COMPANY 2801 Kavanaugh C 0 m p li m e n t s Furniture of Finest Quality 0 f Since 1885 S. 81 S. SUPPLY COMPANY ARKANSAS CARPET 303 Main si. Phone 2.3936 Sz FURNITURE C0- North Little Rock, Ark. 709 Main Street BALCH MOTOR COMPANY, Inc. Oldsmobile-Sales and Service 600 Broadway Little Rock, Arkansas For the Finest in . DIAMONDS, WATCHES and BEAUTIFUL JEWELRY remember bervzng You 16106 GFS Since 1880 511 Main St. Compliments of A Y , X llyfu nut: X MECHANICS LUMBER CO. . ,ftEihLF,f.:f 600 Main-North Little Rock Phqgne West rrwelflh St. 923 Spring-Little Rock I Little Rock Phone 5-3353 ARKANSAS ACCOUNTING CURPORATION "MAIL-ME-MONDAY" Bookkeeping and Tax Service for Independent Business LITTLE ROCK? -PIN E BLUFF Compliments Phone 2-6027 Of STANDARD LUGGAGE Complete Assortments of HUNT-RITCHIE DRUGS Fine Quality w Trunks - Wallets - Brief Cases Park Hill l , 303 Mann Street Llttle Rock, A Compliments Qof- BOPP BEAUTY St BARBER SUPPLY CU. Eleventh and Main Little Rock, Ark. Wgef 7615 57 23 1113. FUNERAL DIRECTORS 815 MAIN STREET Q PHON E 4-3738 Air-Conditioned Chapel Everything Check you Need MANUFACTURERS our for the FURNITURE COMPANY Values The Half-Block at 7th Xe Arch sts. Befofe H Omef Y au, Buy Congratulating St. Mary's On Its 100 Years of Service to Arkansas SCOTT CROCERY COMPANY Complimenting the Class of 351 and the Sisters of Mercy on their Arkansas Centenary 7 Saafza BAKERY 2809 Kavanaugh Little Rock CARPETS and LINOLEUM from America's Leading Manufacturers LITTLE ROCK Carpet Sz Linoleum Co 5-0219 - Phone - 5-0210 116 West Fourth Street COMPLIMENTS ,Of- W. R. STEPHENS INVESTMENT C0.,InC. LITTLE ROCK ,gms 44, PACKING Co. It ix fl Jmx' fu' Q Q 1 Packers of A YiPf.lJu:f.rg 'F T' Arkansas Maid Beef and Pork 1 QL Brand Product FPOCKPAQWS 0'MALLEY FURNITURE COMPANY 507-509 East Wvashington Ave. North Little Rock, Arkansas Compliments of . . . Enjoy . . . KARCHERS' CHOPT KERNELS SILBERNAGEL COMPANY, Inc. I XI v'di 1' Q I EE, hifi- ,rr' Wholesalers of 'I PKMMM FINE WINES and LIQUOR WHS Distributors of Colden West Wine N A. KARCHER CANDY COMPANY and f:l'l9SPlli6Ck Bros. Premium Light Lager Beer 821 E. mrkllam Little Rock Congratulating Mt. St. Maryis and the Class of '51 NEVIL WITHROW COMPANY -Waterproofing- Pyramid Building Little Rock, Ark. 14 r the Bzsst Results . . . Secure a Skilled Painter and Specify Call a 1 - Phelan s Paints D I X I E C A B Ar ft, W! O! Me Phone 7207 GiHm05.ii3?i!TI,0'f5, CO' PHONE 2-6814 409 CENTER Compliments ARKANSAS FUEL OIL COMPANY R. A. Smreker, District Manager Compliments -Of- MQEUEN Sz: SPRICK RAYMOND MCEUEN DAN T. SPRICK DONNA SPRICK CHAMPION Phone 5-3266 Suite 515, Exchange Bldg. Little Rock, Ark. EES' " ' ""' " i'31:3553if2:ii151iiiiiffiiiliiilfiiliii'-:If -1:15222 r ::5:Qw5r-1:5-:-aims'- . ' -551-.f-1-2-:-:-:-.-. .- . - .4-.4-:-:7'3:1:3:3:'.i:f 2 EEN:3:gal:3255212:5:5:5:5:5:1i-"-:-5'f'7:7'i:2:2gQit5?f:T"- Q:5g4'ig52Q2E6-252c:r9?53rE:r:r:r1r1::r:-,-1+ 1 Q:-:-:T:3:5:Z1:-.-:E-13:7:Tfi5T:if75'5?:3fifififififfzffifififif-23.15 Congratulations Un Your 100 Years, Service In Little Rock CAPITOL PLUMBING Sl HEATING CO. Phone 5-3376 110 Magnolia Street North Little Rock, Ark. ARKANSAS AMUSEMEN T COMPANY Arkansas - Center - Capitol New - Heights - Roxy Lee - Prospect C mpliments of . J. E. HORNIBROOK CO. Bone Dry Barrett Approved Roofers Asher Drive-In Pines Drive-In Phone 4,2494 209 E. Markham REMEMBRANCE FLOWER SHOP Phone 5-8167 1 -1-12 Louisiana Street ., . .-,,g.g.5.5.g.5.-.3.3.3.-. . - 25235111222255555E555555555E55?i5559SE5i5E?Zif1Z53:.f..:1??i: il ' 6? .1'1:1:-:f-f:f"- ""' 'Aff:fa.1:5:s:2:2:22s:5:s:zE5EsEsSsE omorrowa mine-15 Wm 3421 lf-if .?:3:5:1: -:-:-:-A MO? CENTRAL FLYING SERVICE Ed Garbanz ' Claude Hulbert ADAMS FIELD Phone 4-6431 I n Phone 4-6158 METRAILER 31 HART 1 GRIMM-WILLIAMS Co Fine Shoe Repairing Arkansas' Most E-'Jomplete 0Ul'Ce 0 Smile 1399 1 Cameras, Souml Equipment and ' Amlio-Visual Aids Phone 4-0716 KQDAKS 110 E. Fourth St. Little Rock 115 West Sixth Little Rock Phone 2-9415 . Compliments TOM 81 ANDREWS 0 f BARBECUE YOUR FRITO Sam and Steve . . . Owners DISTRIBUTOR 210 West Capitol Little Rock Congratulations PARKER MAYFLOWER DAIRY COMPANY Cantrell and River Road Phone 3-3534 Compliments of . . . Call for . . . CHURNGOLD STANDARD'S MARGARINE Two Friendly It Costs No More Furniture Stores Q 609 Main Street - - - Little Rock Phone 5-0131 Distributed C by 209 Main Street - North Little Rock Phone 4.0376 DILLAHA FRUIT Co. 3? Ste wa rt 'S POTATO CHIPS bf' I I Q ' N ff. T I T , 4' "-.. Q P :vl l IEI R rf i I ' Phone 4-9228 Compliments Of CONTINENTAL OIL CO. A. E. HIMSTEDT Compliments of . . . .l. R. GROBMYER Commissfn Agent LUMBER COMPANY Phone 7111 622 Main Street No. Little Rock 2800 WI. Fifteenth Little Rock, Ark UNITED CREDIT JEWELERS Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry Silverware 106 West Capitol Phone 9656 u x huunrn wi n RXIUHLR SOUTHERN PAPER BOX CO. The BOX FACTORY Set Up - Folding - Corrugated 203 Rock Street Little Rock CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to the GRADUATES M. O. BRANTON CONSTRUCTION CO. General Building Contractors 1100 Fair Park Blvd. Little Rock Congratulations to the Graduates! THE DUMAS DRESS SHOP IN PARK HILL "The Little Shop With the Big Welcome" Mrs. Ned Dumas Make Mine Falstaff . . . Phone 3-4101 Choicest Product of the B,,,,,,e,,s An CASH DYE WORKS SERVICE CENTER FALSTAFF DISTRIBUTING Night and Da Cleaning Servigee Mike and Joe Caldarera, 4-18 East Markham St. Little Rock lk 44106 W. Markham Little Rock, Ark. Compliments of NORTH LITTLE ROCK WATER COMPANY A Taxpayers' Institution NATIONAL EQUITY LIFE INSURANCE CO. C. E. Lowry, President LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS P a i n t E c o n o m y CENTRAL SUPPLY CO., Inc. I WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Durable ,Q Dependable I Plumbingj Heating and ,,Q,g4'J ' Industrial Supplies ' ' 3' X Memphis 3 - - Tennessee mfSHfRWlN'mlllAMSCO. 720 Main St. Phone 5-7371 LYONS MACHINERY COMPANY Congratulations! LEIRD LUMBER 81 MANUFACTURING COMPANY - Church Furniture 1 2816 West Sixteenth St. Phone 3-4-175 MTHE BEE RESTAURANT" Complimenting the Graduates MRS. JOE BECK I Manager HIMSTEDT SUPPLY Co. 321 West Capitol Avenue 5707 Kavanaugh Phone 3-9870 Little Rock - - Arkansas THE BALDWIN COMPANY General Contractors - Engineers 215 Wallace Building Little Rock, Arkansas COMPUMENTS HQ :ml - of - A GUS BLASS COMPANY -- 5 'Ei Y'7' - W " 'i-l,"?e"l'H'i qlim 3135 .U f I if .S1l ,4i::-31:1-tw?-Tv - ami 5'f1Ykn'lflllfifli HHN IW!"ITl.t!.'11l'I't!iffI'P ' - Slnce 1871 Arkansas' Largest and Best Store f ii4'?blPM1? E' 1 g:" ??'li1E:i1gFQZQlg1 V Where Every Customer Must Be Satisfied fl? Phone 2-3478 Res. Phone 20-1236 TRU E Wofwmf-1 JOE DeWITT COMPANY CO. Coleman Floor Furnaces uDrink a Better Beveragei' Phelps Attic Fans 1325 East Ninth St. Little Rock - - Arkansas - Sales and Service - 721 Main Street North Little Rock Compliments of CHAS. ACKER CLOTHING COMPANY 203 Main Street North Little Rock Compliments -of.. FIDELITY COMPANY Peoples National Bank Building Little Rock, Arkansas N. Henry Simpson Raymond Lindsey C l'm nt'n th. G'1f.'fff.l..f.f.g 'Z THE I WALDENBURGER 4 , LUGGAGE Phone 7649 BOTTLING COMPANY 704. Main sneer Little R01-k Lime Rock FAUSETT'S CAMERA CENTER, INC. Cameras - Projevtors - Photo Finishing J. Guy Belew, Manager I08 MAIN Phone 4-3403 LITTLE ROCK Congratuiations to the J. Class of'o1! . . . SHEET METAL CO. NABOR THEATRE Phone 9045 Sam and Marie Kirby 1900 Lint-oln Avenue 1717 Wright Ave. Little Rock, Ark. Lmle Rock ' ' Arkansas Compliments of W. R. WRAPE STAVE COMPANY, Inc. g'We Do Not Make the Most Oak Flooring, But We Do Make the Best" oA K 'LUUIIINC Compliments of. .. HOUCK MUSIC COMPANY o I 0 -- 'slfverything in Musici' -- 113 East Fourth Street Little Rock, Arkansas Compliments Vs DICK X-RAY COMPANY ' F, Sh me oes Donaghey Building ' Re"dy'l0'W'9a" Bob Mackin ---- Manager Little Rock Hot Springs HALUS FAMILY DRUG STORE -- Your Rexall Drug Store 1 Phone: 3-2310 - 3-1008 Kavanaugh and Hayes Little Rock, Ark. Congratulations on Your 100 Years' Compliments of . . . Service in Arkansas KOEHLER'S BAKERY GRISSOM GROCERY Model Market No. 1 2303 W. Markham Little Rock, Ark. 711 Main Street 1716 Pike Avenue -- North Little Rock - LITTLE ROCK BOYS, CLUB 6'Buillling Better Boyhoorlw I HEADQUARTERS Boys' Clubs of Arkansas Arkansas A. A. U. Little Rock Association Amateurs Arkansas Baseball Congress Arkansas Softball Association Traveler Buddies "Youth of Arkansas" CONGRATULATIONS for your WllNDERP'UL SERVICE '4Th0 Pride of Arlcansasw 5:7 . . .HQ1-S, t N 'i'lT'2'SH HUSHT Q S 'wif 'V ' x .Q I ffl De lo- 5 19 ' ONE go Pl 51011: iRfsrAunANr :is f FINKBEINERQS, Inc. ffm, 900 High sneer SP""i"g G"""s Compliments -of- NATIONAL OLD LINE INSURANCE COMPANY if? Adds the artful touch of ihe experienced John R. Sexton Chef to salads, soups or any bland foods. 8 Cornpallv Complimenting Mt. St. Maryls ,r X A It xt 9-e . . . EEE Clucago ' iarfiifffi Illinois Cenlenary IiLg If you cannoi purchase ihis in your home town-write us-P.O. Box J. S., Chicago l90J D-I9 Arkansas Foundry Co. Complimenting the Machinery Repair Work . 0 t l I W lc The Slsters of Mercy 'Mmm a mn or 0 and Steel Building Specialties GraduateS of 951 J. M. Rock Wool for On Their Centennial Year Insulation Mechanical Rubber Goods 0 Office, Plant and Stock in LITTLE RO-CK - - - ARKANSAS IN E E381 Sixth SL THE LONG-BELL LUMBER COMPANY Little Rock, Arkansas E. E. RAINES COMPANY Insurance General Agents Representing the best there is in FIRE and CASUALTY INSURANCE Telephone 5-8189 410 Spring Street! Little Rock, Ark. PRECISION OPTICAL SERVICE 1 Guild Opticians - Main Floor Donaghey Bldg. Little Rock, Arkansas Congratulating the SINGER SEWING MACHINE Cmduat f Mt. St. Mary's Centennial Class PWC - - 24151 THE WONDER GRILL 409 Main Little Rock Thirteenth and Main No. Little Rock ZELSMAN,S FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS Telephone 4-9762 Markham and Ringo Little Rock, Ark. Compliments of ARKANSAS SURPLUS SALES COMPANY Incorporated ARKANSAS' LARGEST DEALERS OF ARMY AND NAVY SURPLUS PROPERTY We Are Proud to WA Sweet Reminllerv Serve Mount St. Mary's Your Grocer Has FISCI'IER,S HONEY IHC. Packed in North Little Rock 6001 Asher Avenue Phone 4-0949 Congratulations On Your 100 Years, Service in Arkansas STERLING DEPARTMENT STORE Capitol and Center Little Rock, Arkansas CENTRAL SURGICAL COMPANY, INC. Phone 4-9748 918 MAIN STREET Congratulations to the M Y F . I Sisters of Mercy on Their 100 eet our nent S Years in Little Rock - at 1 ECONOMY DRUG CO. LIDO CAFETERIA Phones 4-0307 - 4-0308 615 Main Fifth and Louisiana Little Rock Little Rock' Arkansas Congratulations On Your 100 Years of Service to Little Rock LITTLE ROCK ABSTRACT COMPANY Abstracts - Title Insurance - Escrows 214 Louisiana Street Telephone 5-4477 DUTCH O'NEAL MOTORS, INC. Phone 4-8225 206 West Broadway North Little Rock, Arkansa Phone 2-3126 To Buy or Sell LITTLE RQCK See Arkansas' Largest Realtors REFRICERATION CO. FAUSETT 81 COMPANY jrigiclaire 417 West Capitol Little Rock, Ark. 215 Louisiana St. Little Ro EDDIE TABOR'S FINER FOODS 1 We Deliver - Phone 4-5457 1201 Battery Street ,YW "Send Flowers . . . But Send Ours" COLONIAL, FLOWER SHOP CHRONISTER 81 WRIGHT QROCERY Phone - - 2-3243 Phgne 3.4191 624- West Sixteenth Street 2 0 1 7 K 3 V 3 n 3 u g I1 North Little Rock, Arkansas Complimenting the , Graduates . . . Comphments ROEBUCK 81 CO. - of - ARNOLD'S, Inc. O , 718 Ma'n St t Dept. Store 7th and Main - Ph. 4-4311 L. I R li A ice Farm and Auto Store - - 4-th and Scott lu e oc ' r ansas Congratulations On Your 100 Years' Service in Arkansas . . . HALE BROS. -- TIRE AND WHEEL SERVICE Gates Tires, bes and Batteries r my A J, if MIWAWW A . 'T R INC. Aff" ,E f WMM? Uygj, gf I X41 , INSURANCE MORTGAGE LOANS 1 M W 'VI ,J WM ' PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Sf? CHARLES M. TAYLOR C. H. RICHTER CELESTE CLEANERS Phone 2-4448 907 West Eighteenth North Little Rock, Ark. BOYD MILK PRODUCTS 1 COMPANY Phone 4-9540 1421 West Eighth St. Little Rock - - Arkansas C""""if"'e"'s SMITH'S DRUG STORE nl- 0 81 Country Cluh Station COMPANY 1300 Main Street North Little Rock, Ark. Phone 3-4118 Little Rock, Arkansas ' ALLIED TELEPHONE 81' ELECTRIC CO. Hardware -- Sporting Goods 2819 Kavanaugh ---- 'tln Hillcrest" The Graduates, Pictures Were Made - by - .SZFQJQP Little Roolfs Leading Photographer fl? Phone 4-1193 117 West Sixth Street Little Rock, Ark. isp, WerMahe Special Rates of Photographs to All Students COMPLIMENTS - 0 f .- ARKANSAS ABSTRACT Sz GUARANTY CO. Phone 4-3649 116 West Second Compliments of . . . A. sr J. ELECTRIC Co. Q AM OUS JULIAN P. NABHOLZ SHN If Cfwvrn Electrical Contractor DEPARTMENT STORE 1023 West Third Street Little Rock, Arkansas Day Phone 5-2431 Night Phone 2-3370 Complimenting Mt. St. Mary's On Its 100 Years of Progress WINKLER'S DRIVE-IN Phone 3-9921 700 Johnson ln 2 ' Compliments of . . . 4 M A S S E R Y f S 1 H V V V---1A- ' 1 -,'V I' , :T LAUNDRY and CLEANERS in . ..., .... .,,. .. Qfli, 9 Q Phone 9181 YVV: I ron uni- H H , uf - of iAf-A 15. 1111-1123 W. 711. sm. Lime Rock --A BITE T0 EAT Phone 2-6786 KERN - LIMERICK, INC. Road-Building and Maintenance Machinery Contractors, Equipment and Supplies 115 North Spring Street Little Rock, Arkansas REBSAMEN S1 EAST, INC. -"INSURANCEH- Rector Building Phone 7145 Compliments Phone3-8376 ' of ' THAD NICOL - Florist I. K. ELECTRIC COMPANY QM jgwm and RECORD SHOP Complete 311 Main street Flon" 5f"'f"" Lime Rock' Arkansas 3700 Iiavanaugll Little ROCIK R. E. HAWKINS ESSO SERVICE STATION 1 Road Service 1 Markham and Boone Sis. Phone 2-9717 Phone 6179- Compliments of . . . Robert L., Raymond T., Accurate Richard J. Byrne Compounrling Office Supplies aml Equipment PHONE 9676 Donaghey Building Little Rock, Ark. 311 E. Capitol Ave. Little Rock, Ark. Y Congratulations to the Class of 1951 and to tlze Sisters of Mercy On Their Centenary Year in Arkansas M W . 'Il . PllYSIClAll5'HOSPlTLl.S K LEKET X'llAY' EQUIPMEN G SUPPLIES 721-723 Main St., Little Rock, Ark. Phone 5-1211 Compliments of . . . Phone-Local 703 L. D. 6 LEAVELL SMITH PIONEER Seed Farms, Inc. 81 COMPANY SEED RICE OATS Farm Loans - Insura SOYBEANS Real Estate Q D. P. Urksmith, Proprietor Stuttgart - Arkansas Stuttgart ---- Arkansa THE STUTTGART C0-OPERATIVE BUYERS ASSOCIATION Stuttgart - - - Arkansas Compliments RICELAND TAVERN of 670998 Placev ECONOMY FOOD STORE Stuttgart, Arkansas Hazen, Arkansas ARKANSAS STATE RICE MILLING CO. WA TERMAID RICE and B Y-PRODU CT S Stuttgart . . . . . . Carlisle I Compliments Wells and Pumps - 0 f - 'I' Irrigation - Industries C. D M. JACOB HARTZ Seed Company LAYNE-ARKANSAS COMPANY + Stuttgart - - - Arkansas STUTTGART, ARKANSAS COKER-HAMPTON DRUG COMPANY Stuttgart, Arkansas Compliments and of WELLWORTH DUCKETT PONTIAC DEPARTMENT "6" 8k "8" Oldest - Largest - Best Stuttgart, Arkansas Slultgari-J. D. RUTSTEINY Ownegrkan 5 Congratulations on Your 100 Years, Service to Arkansas WALTON RICE MILL, INC. STUTTGART - - - -ARKANSAS Compliments of RICE BELT BUTANE GAS COMPANY HAZEN STUTTGART DeWITT HANSON MOTOR CO. S A 'N JIMMBEHZ e1jSON Wk I: GLA 106 West Sixth I X Stuttgart - - Arkansas Compliments of A. R. THORELL SUPPLY COMPANY Stuttgart, Arkansas ARKANSAS FARM MACHINERY COMPANY OLIVER TRACTORS and IMPLEMENTS DeLAVAL SEPARATORS and MILKERS SHELF HARDWARE and FERTILIZER Phone 567 Stuttgart THE PAM PAM Cwlflfffffnfs O Stuttgarfs Leading C0- Drive-I n Restaurant C H R Y S L E R 9 and Stuttgart - - Arkansas P L Y M 0 U T H Compliments of YOUNG"S DEPARTMENT STORE Stuttgart, Arkansas Compliments of RIALTO and PARK THEATERS North Little Rock, Arkansas BREIER'5 BURRDUGHS Fine Old RESTAURANT U Since 1901 Downtown: 1015 Center 124- West Markham Street Cantrell Road at Riverside Compliments of THE EDWIN RHEIN MANUFACTURING CO. Makers of Rhynecliffe and St. Mary's Ties Compliments of HAMPTON FURNITURE COMPANY El Dorado, Arkansas Quality Furniture and Appliances FREE DELIVERY ANYWHERS IN THE STATE COLLINS Sz COMPANY 317 WEST SECOND STREET C o m p l i m e n t s .. 0 f .- Specializing in Handling Estates - Insurance Real Estate Loans and Sales Property Management Investments OWENS FUNERAL HOME Phone Us: 82-1341 John Collins Bernard Heinze Harry G. Galloway Herbert Collins Herb R. Coffman Phone 4-0312 500 Main Street North Little Rock B. E. GLOVER ESSO STATION Phone 2-0033 320 Ark-Mo Highway, Park Hill REED MUSIC CO. ne 2-5151 Congratulations to the 100th Graduating Class AMERICAN UNITED LIFE IUSURANCE CU. Retirement Income - Annuities - Life Insurance EARL F, RANKIN ---- Agency Manager PHIL BALEST --.. District Manager Fifth Oldest Life Insurance Company in United States 1129-30-31 Donaghey Bldg. Phone 4-4230 Compliments Compliments .. 0 f .. - 0 f .- HARRIS GRUCERY VESTAL FLOWERS, Inc. 1420 Chester Street 512 Broadway Little Rock Phone - - - 2-4111 For the Best in Home-Cooked Meals . . . Breakfast - Plate Lunches - Sandwiches T R 0 .1 A N C A F E MRS. MOORHEAD, P1'0p. 712 West Fourteenth St. Little Rock, Arkansas Arkansas, Largest Complete 'Ve Care Music Store . . . . Services at . . . V X' Q? - B W DRUMMQND 31 CU, M FUNERAL HOME 2 JHl ' " ! 1014 M Pianos - Organs - Instruments Sheet Music - Records - Radios 112-114 East 7th ain Street O Ambulance Service Anywhere -- Any Time O Call - - 4-0251 lj ff' f" ffrfflf f-'J . l 1 . .Q 1 ,rf ,, ,I ,AAL ,rf ' , T-A f3"'7'sj U fffr' if f f .5 f,!,M..,f,77, ,f,ffj 1jy'?444J ,4.2Q,:f.f'2j" fkkrtzzg X L ff7vj.f,re? ,bfi-14-fi-'.f' '-' . . . . 0 fifffnv Wk 'ff 'Lew fi Best Wzshes to the Semors Ln Thezr K' fi , ' I If , X 4,9-'XJ fgffw-if fgff-fzf"5fila'f J f -f Chosen Careers. f fl ,f ,. 1 KW? efff f MJ gf A CAP TAL CITY BUSINESS-C WQ ff I QL Fully Accredited A ' Eighth and Main Phone 2-6322 , I, , I ft ,Q - WHERE STUDENTS AND POSITIONS MEET! -- fifOiff6fLff fi 4 E. L. VILLAREAL 81 CO. Y O U ' 0 State antl AA? . . . . Municipal Bonds f H o I T REGUSPAITI , 117 West Second St. U L- ' Little Rock - - Arkansas I Q5 you A Compliments - 0 f - THE BROWNIE OIL COMPANY 'cllome of Fine Foods" . . HUDMAN SUPER , led m am t MARKET Phone ' f 815- fll. 'pg E CT AL H Store No. 1 - - 3924 Asher ig h 5 i l x 5 aff . , C J , 0R j - x rl 1 f ,, - Store No. 2 - - - 1000 W. Seventh 1 i e S L l Store No. 3 - - - 14th and Barber f M iff, 1-:1 ... ,1'-: . ,,,, ., e 5 6 'act f SML?" MW C M F , Mfmwi? -fiw 'ya fi ' W-W fi" 9 - , 1 1 'q '. N ' Sir ' Vx! S! I . I , 2 M: X7 2" 1 J . - M? xv Jia - V ' 2 L-zfzfw 'A H NX W J Ms? I ,I x F5 3 xi A 553251226532gggiffsixgi, od, , -xl XS: sTAT1o1liEi,ciJ3fqi41x1liSN fi ww SW il - ffyfdff Q Wyw QM Mf75jQf1'f+ + JJ Q, 1 i . I ' fwfwiwyvgf ZW 05fwL,,Wf,, ,VL fag, M Edna E' 'fbwf M2141 M wmv QQ?-3-ffgwdlff +12ffQiff1., , aff' W ' . J: lz ' Q ., xi ' ' .- ,,,fvL,, P W X-Q ,K-L vgwzywwlc ,W A, Q51-L, MW M 5 1 1 t N XRS R- ' me iii X12 if igzfikl. 'gig ?'a,15'? 2 in w Xgkiwigxiiiwqggx lf?-Q, H MW v My EiR?iEXE1g W3

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Mount St Mary Academy - Mercian Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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