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 - Class of 1950

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QE M' Ns il a N3 , WE? sa 3 gig 3 Qwxi sw Q Wk X Q 53 M QS., MEAL f.imJQiii5-,sw,aQiu M I 3 E s E 5 5 6 F E 1 r 5 9 5 1 f 1 F Q 5 F E E 5 I e H 3 1 5 U H -1 i H 5 ! f F 4 E E ,,- ,.,- ,v -, , ..,--Lil 3716 Merciau Pretyimted My Ulf: Senior Hlass T ,M0ur1t8L Mary? Academy my? Little Rock, Arkansas ' u pf . ' BETTY FRAZIER, Editor Sf" V!!! ,P ' A L, SAMMY WAIKIN X JV' iate Editors My VIP' i ,, A.. " 'n ' :-' , sh Ex if- ff : E l f ' V ff it 'gi f 'S -A ' at ft - ,. an gf,-'-.H ,5. Y ,-Q, ,1- SJQTIE 1, tr. ,5s!Tw ?a5g?3fgiv 2, "-"uf-' A --"5'N?'H . ' . T .i 1515.43 -3- Q, in 1' ,ga .. yggg, .. 4-' - 1-H, Jw, M N -if .3 ,Y . ' Q-ra . fc'- '43 A N 2 f -ser.. QL, Q -3, ' 7 :- . was ye- i. nf, x W . Luk, +L . x . :ye In gf' iqviv ' man a y w. .,f-'- 4 ts -f r -. . -- .. wa -N -V-fave . , .,, ,, ,rf f- - -HTL., 1 ' t ' ---'se x Y ""' " 2? ra- Y t-r x -t . .,', .V at - V-.. 3 Ak M. ..,-. - ..I,.. , 5 - ..-:il , ,tv fi. , - N "F s sf? e. if Q Q I J F . I Q JJ ,ggi f at S?- M cz W 3 it 9 t as ,S PG 5. -fi . fi il ,. t . 1.6, -. , ,Kip Y- 1, , 3,5 A . yd, .a ' .ijt R N x-, ,, ac, ' ' M' F goreword AS WE, THE CLASS OQF 1950, near the end of our senior year, the persons, the places, and the things with which we have been closely associated during our school years, take on a nostalgic emphasis as we anticipate our severence of those ties which have become so dear to us. As a sort of frame to the picture, or a rampart or palisade protecting the heart of the whole, stand the lofty pines of the campus. Stately and strong in the face of obstacles, withstanding the cold of winter and the heat of summer, bowing but not breaking before the winds and the storms, always upward pointing to the sky, evergreen and wholesome, the pines suggest a sym- bolic significance, which we have selected as the motif and theme of our yearbook. As products of the system of Catholic education, we young graduates have an obligation to ourselves and to the world to reflect in our lives the Christian prin- ciples with which we have been imbued. We must be steadfast and strong in the face of obstacles which may rise to confound our faith, we must overcome the cold of temptation to laxity or indifference, we must withstand the heat of prejudice or hostilityg we may bow-in our weak human nature-but we must not break before the storms which may harass our pathway through life, we must be women of high ideals, of keen faith, of apostolic zeal, of charity for fellowman, and of wholesome, God- fearing, personal lives. As we read and reread the MERCIAN of 1950, the campus pines of our beloved Mount will remind us that our lives, to be materially and spiritually successful, must be dedicated to a Crusade of Prayer. The pines are gazing up into the sky While stretching forth their leafy arms In suppliant prayer to God Most High. Dedication THE MEMBERS MT. ST. MARY'S ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION AND MT. ST. MARY'S MOTHERS CLUB WHOSE MANY PROJECTS and various undertakings, not only during this school term but during the many years of the past, have, through the devoted interest and conscientious efforts of the members, reflected credit on their estimable organizations and reaped benefits for us and for our school. To the Alumnae, we say a sincere "thank you" for their generous sponsorship of financing installation of the elevator, for their whole-hearted cooperation in the work of the annual bazaar, and for their many other con- tributions of effort and of funds in the cause of Alma Mater. To the members of the Mothers' Club, a most sin- cere expression of gratitude for their interest in us which extends outside the home, into our school life, and be- yond into our after-school lives. Their self-sacrificing work in supplying improvements and additions to the physical plant make possible the introduction of facilities which supply benefits to us in our physical, mental, and moral growth. A special "thank you," dear Mothers, for financing this year the new sewing room and biology lab equip- ment, and for the lovely Mother-Daughter tea and Dads- and-Daughters' Dinner. May God bless you, individually as members and collectively as organizations, for the splendid work you are doing for Alma Mater. Q H. i f: rf w if.. R ,F ...K :g ilt , :., 1 4. 4, ga, Sift Sfi .. ,. . f'1' i -i ,J - 55 ,W , MJ '!5i"1. . ni , 1 ' mix es ls. t ww 'rx we '- ' 4151" fe" 17' ' iff ' 5. x rw Q, V. -. ,Q is J? 1, Q25 V tt - 1 1 e .- . 1. h -5 52:-:ii Mp. V N .. NN. A -,K F, , f bgffw L " A 5 Fu Qi: as A ,,.,,, - -is ' -tl ' tv - we, K ,A 3 J - 'Q u p -.,,. V... fi ., .. NX i 4'- c, 1" It L . ' ,AQ 'f .. .--1 -,. -ei . ,n w -A . A fd' KX ' 5 V1 ,ik l Qs at p G 1' 6'6'liI4g5' M . THoMZsSiicin1ciisANY fa the Very Reverend Graduafgg l s ,,.,- illlluuut St. jlfllarga- Brahcniq ri 'dlittlc Qilnrk, Arkansas Dear Graduates of the Class ot 1950: . The years follow one another in rapid succession and once again 'lihave been reminded that it is time for me to extend a valediction to the members of this class. As we stand at the parting of the ways to drink a stirrup cup, sad thoughts fill our minds and unspoken words freeze upon our lips because, in the course of human events, it is probable that never again shall we all gather as we have in the past. Despite all our efforts at future meetings some chairs will be vacant. You have reached the age, now, when you can appreciate the fact that your parents, or those who have acted in their place, have done well by you, when they sent you to a Catholic school for your education. Environment is a power- ful factor in the lives of people. From exactly the same material, one man builds palaces, while another builds hovels. Character is the difference. Your characters have been moulded well by the good and pious teachers, who have generously given themselves to the service of God in schools, established to train Christian ladies. ' Up to this point you have lived protected lives in the sense that you have been under the tutelage and the watchful care o the Sisters. During your school days, whenever any unusual or vexing problem arose, you could go to one of them for comfort, advice, and help. Now this close tie will be severed. You must go out into a world that has little sympathy or time for your vexations, Many a time, you will wish that you were back within the sheltering walls of your Alma Mater. lt may be, that at intervals, you will be able to return to feel once more the wholesome influence of your former teachers, and perhaps that of some of your former companions, who have espoused the religious life. Most of you will remain in the world and become wives and mothers. To you, l recommend the words of Wash- ington lrving, "O woman! when the good man of the house may return, when the heat and the burden of the day is past, do not let him, at such a time, find upon his coming that the foot which should hasten to meet him, is wandering at a distance, that the soft hand which should wipe the sweat from his brow is knocking at the door of other homes." You have been taught the duties of good and faithful wives and mothers. Fulfill them. Others among you will choose to follow the example of the Sisters, who have taught you, and will give your young lives generously to God. May He in- spire a goodly number of this class to aspire to perfection in the Religious life. Each year the MERClAN Staff chooses a motif which permeates the Year Book. This year, reference is made to the pine trees that have stood for many years upon the campus of the Mount. Some of these are remnants of a primeval forest that once covered this area. The pines are fragrant and wholesome as should be the lives of those women whose inspirations are drawn from the background of a good Catholic education. The pine tree is ever green, a reminder that graduates of Mt. St. Mary's should be loyal and true to the end. Nobility obliges and surely the graduates of this old Academy have an obligation to show forth in their lives the lessons that they have learned at the knee of their Alma Mater. And now a fond farewell to the members of the Class of 1950. As we go our separate ways, let it be with a promise that we shall remember each other at the hour of prayer, "For what are men better than sheep or goats that urish a blind life glithin the brain, if knowing God they lift not the hands of prayer, both for themselves and for those . T, r lives to that eternal home, where we may all meet never to part again no all them frien . all and direct you ' urs in Christ, I U who c l ss you one and Sincerely yo aff May God b e j 'yfifpyvkf THOMAS L. KEANY l . l M7 W ony wi We frat ' C ,ggi as 1 ll W . ,gf J tell PATRICIA LOU DITTEMORE MARGARET ROSE HOGAN Born December 4, 1931, in Little Rock, Born january 23, 1932, in Little Rock, Arkansas Arkansas Entered from St. Patrick's School, September, 1946 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Art editor of "Sodalist", Class Vice-President 1, Latin Club 1g Junior Classical League lg Latin National Honor Society 15 Glee Club 1, 25 Chaminade Music Club 2, 35 Chaminade Music Club President 41 French Club President 2, French Club 3, B-Square Math Club President 33 Commercial Club Program Chairman 3: Commercial Club 45 English Club President 3g English Club 45 Bio-Chem Club 4g National Honor Society 3, 45 Class President 43 MERCIAN Adver- tising Committee. "Beauty and frolir go often together." ROSE MARIE BATTISTO Born March 13, 1932, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Andrew's School, September, 1946 Entered from Mt. St. Mary's junior High, September, 1946 Sodality 1, 2, 39 Sodality Prefect 4, Class Treasurer lg Latin Club 1, Latin Club Pro- gram Chairman 2, junior Classical League 1, 25 Class Vice-President 3, 4, Legion of Mary 3, 43 Commercial Club 35 B-Square Math Club 4, Bio-Chem Club 44 English Club Sec- retary 3: English Club President 4, National Honor Society 3, 4. "With gentle voice and .rmiler the leadr the crowd." RITA Jo LUCAS Born September 18, 1931, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Patrick's School, September, 1946 Yr Hess 0Meers Deserve e Kheer Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club Treasurer 1, junior Classical League 1, Class Vice-Presi- dent 2g Frendi Club 2, French Club Secre- tary 35 Class President 35 English Club 3: English-Club President 4, National Honor Society 35 National Honor Society Secretary- Treasurer 49 Commercial Club 3, 4, Press Club 3, 4, Class Secretary 4, Maid to Alum- nae Bazaar Queen 4g Rocket Varsity Cheer- leader 4, MOUNT Staff 4. lett, and youthful jollityf' X 3 Q 3 "Haste thee, Nymph grid bring with thee Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club Vice-Presi- dent lg Glee Club 1, 2, Class President 2, Basketball 2, 3, 43 Commercial Club Program Chairman 35 Commercial Club 45 English Club President 35 English Club 43 Press Club 3, 4, Class Treasurer 4g Quill and Scroll 4g MOUNT Staff 4. "She it ,ro good humored, Jo cheerful and guy, Her heart ir a.r light ar a feather all day." l l M et 1 that Myeyli , 1 l ff' 5 xy. M gf! 2 A - 5 V 1 . .QV CATHERINE VERNELL AUSTEN K ELIZABETH BEVERLY QL BE S AL BDU! FCbfU31'Y -'i5,k1932, in I-flue ROCIC, Born December 7, 1932, in Memphis, Bom Septem I I nziz' I le ' I' 3-0535 Tennessee , 4 Entered fl'0m G00Cl Counsel 5Ch00ls Entered from St. Andi-ew's School, ' 'ed r m V dm 1' September, 1946 September, 1946 4 , Pe C 1 S0-lqlity 1, 2. 5, 4: Latin Club 1121 Cl?-ts sndsmy 1, 2 3 4, Latin Club 1 2- Rocket 5 C I4 . - an quam' on ,UQ Presldenal Lclezpgiub A' 2' 1' gi Commercial Junior Cheernleader 15 Commercial Club 3, I sw' 2, 3 s ' nb 5 nth Club H 3, s nsllsh Cu 14- 4, English Club 3, English Club President 4, s e 1. nt 1, Ch, 4, Bi Ch "Genile and neat, dainty and rweei, Bi0-Chem Club 42 Press Club 5, 45 MOUNT 4' 'A ub 45 I uf ion Ho iety 4 A lady indeed ffom ber bead to ber fear." Circulation Manager 45 MERCIAN Staff. and 1- , press b 55 pm Sec- "She looks fu clear ai morning rarer 7" ' reasure' EI? ' 5 an' Newly warlfd with dew." 3 . I ' . .r gif with :po ' f 911 Splendid W0 k During the limi FRANCES ANN BEDNAR Bom july 17, 1952, in Slovac, Arkansas Entered from S. S. Cyril 8: Methodius School, September, 1946 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 latin Club 1, 25 Commer- cial Club 35 Commercial Club Vice-President 45 English Club 3, 45 Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of Legion of Mary 3, 45 Senior Ball Committee 45 Basketball 3, 45 MERCIAN ertlsmg Committee. ile, a girl worth while." . l , VERONICA MARIE BEDNAR Born December 29, 1952, in Slovac, Arkansas Entered from Wylie School, Slovac, Arkansas, September, 1946 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Clu 1, 25 Com- mercial Club 3, 45 E l' h b 3, 45 Our Lady of Lourdes Cha o gion of 55 Legion of re urer 4. ' rfTby xv A fi' PATRICIA MARIE BELL Bom March 19, 1952, in jacksonville, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's junior High, September, 1946 Sodality 1, 2, 5, 45 Latin Club 1, 25 Commer- cial Cluh 45 English Club 5, 45 Bio-Chem Club 45 Social Science Club 45 League of Sacred Heart Corresponding Secretary 4. "Sugar and :pine and all thing: Y op, Ari,9,' ittle , En I from Ed r chool, September, 194 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Commer- Sodality 1, cial Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 45 English Science Club 4 if .ll 4: MARY CES3,EEY.tg9 RX Born April 17, 1932, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Edward's Sch September, 1946 1, 2, Social Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 15 Co ercial English Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 4g English Club 3, 4. Club 5' 4' "S'l1e zum: like marigoldr, "She was gentle, kind, and patient loo." "Sinrere .rbe ir, and very nice to know." Toward: the .runny .fide." We Spoof Our Days llfl Wo k ond Play HELEN RUTH BROOKS Born April 27, 1932, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Good Counsel School, September, 1946 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Lat' 1' lee Cl lg Commercial Club 3 , Spa 's i lub 3, ng is ub 3 I. ydigy :t refr king." ggwfdf' ELSIE BRUMMETT ROSEMARY BURNETT Born December 28, 1932, in Dierks, Arkan Bom lan'-HWY '54, 1953, in Knoxville. - - ennessee Transferred from Dierks 1 ggi, Scho Transferred from Knoxville High School, September M. Q . January, 1949 uh Commercial , , Mat J 4' u I' ,' ', r Comrnercial Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 4, 4, 7 C1 4' 5 1 English Club 3, 4, MERCIAN Advertising . I u Committee. will df' UQ0 f "Far may we .rearrla before we ind, ' A been .ro loyal or .ro kind." O I I l ' I I x 5425 ff5f'f-fill Wag, rf jOANN COLLEEN COLE Born April 5, 1932, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Good Counsel School, September, 1946 Sodality 1, 2, 5, 43 Glee Club 15 Latin Club lg Commercial Club 3, 4, English Club 3, 43 Senior Ball Committee 4. "Love, .rweelr1e.r,f, gaodnen, in ber permn Jbone, Wfilb a graceful mild Jereuily all ber own." We we NE MNOCK Bor ruary 25, 1932, in Little Rock, Arkansas Enter from St. Edwards School, 4' Latin Cl , o mer Club 3, 4, Eng- lis Club E ' - 0 1 cretary 45 Press Club 45 enior B us ittee 45 Rocket Varsity I lea er 4. ,gr eptem 19-16 Solaclity 1, 2 5 ality P t icity Chairman lh n 4 I X "A ligb bear! liver long." HW ,M A MEGARET ANN COLE Born December 4, 1932, in Little Rock, Bom Nmwmber 1, 1 , i imc C ' Arkansas Arka s Entered from Good Counsel School, Emefed ff Y- 211' ' unior hy September, 1946 ep' er! o Lour es Chapter of Legion of Mary 5, ' , 9 ' Legion of Mary Treasurer 4, Commercial Club 3' 45 Engle. 3' i MER AN Club 3, 4g English Club 3, 4. Mvffm' 0 ff- - "Shelf aIu'ayJ ar welcome ar lbe flower! 'The 'mule of be'm'J' H me g U of of Mayo' health. K Pi all heap ' ' 04,11 N Q l ISAB E DAVIS ED T V - D UER Born August 14, lf , in North Little Rock, ril 2 ' I a odtas Ar ansas I In Entered from St. Patrick's School, September, 1946 Sorlality 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club lg Spanish Club 3: Spanish Club President 45 Commer- cial Club 5, 43 English Club 5, -'lg Social Science Club 4. "Simplirily farm: a main ingredient in a noble nature." U 'L . ,QB L 9 1 ' ' I p .ul '- . I I ' , A ' HKCIC 'rlf' 'I Cl' 0,514 1 I-'lib , 0' Se 'dp a , 2 . , , a .1 i ,Co Ms, , V, Club WM! So me Club 3 a etball Manage "If you brwerfl mel Iver, their if: your Jarrow." u "i' E-ai-r' 'i' A lug, - .1te,g.'--Linh. ..,C.,sf?9sef3QiQQf,,, ii," -,w 2ii..L.q5'5fltitEeQi5f,gLiii-'B'QQc'-3fQirfieeZi2,51,.-:A2.,,e.Q.g,,,i,g-2552 M Alf, lNllL ED E R 5 early' VIOLET LORRAINE DICKEY BETI YE JANE DILL MARY .IO DREW Born August 28iqL?3QIirl1kNew York Clfy-, Born January 3, 1955, in Osceola, Arkansas Born February 9, 1932, in Harrah, Oklahoma Entered from Swanson junior High School, Arlington, Virginia, September, 1946 Latin Club Program Chairman 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Chaminade Music Club 1, 2, 32 Chaminade Music Club Secretary 4, French Club 2, 3, B-Square Math Club 3, English Club 3, 4, Bio-Chem Club 3, 4, Social Science Club 4, MERCIAN Advertising Committee. "Vm'iety'r Ibe very rpire of life, Tbnr giver it all its flavor." Entered from Holy Angels Academy, Jonesboro, Arkansas, October, 1949 Commercial Club 4, Bio-Chem Club 4, Amer- ican History Club 4, English Club 4. "Good mzlure ir lbe beauty of the mind." Entered from St. Andrews School, September, 1946 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Classical League 1, Latin Club 1, 2, Commercial Club 3, Com- mercial Club President 4, English Club Sec- retary 3, English Club 4, National Honor Society 4, Press Club 4. "Sweet and neal, In all, 4 girl complete." Perfect ,Memo ics-Alumnae l6'o our FRANCES FORD CATHERINE ELIZABETH FRAZIER DOLORES FREDRICH - - Born October 31, 1932, in Dallas, Texas - - . Born FebruaryTi?11u1i2g, in Memphis, Entered from Mt. St- Marys Junior High, Bom August-12613352 in Little Rock, Entered from St. Mary's School, September, 1946 Sodality 1, 2, 3, Sodality Vice-Prefect 4, Latin Club 1, 2, junior Classical League 1, 2, Commercial Club 3, 4, English Club 3, 4, September, 1946 Sodality 1, 2, 3, Sodality Chairman of Our Lady's Committee 4, Glee Club 1, Latin Club 1, 2, junior Classical League 1, 2, Class Treasurer 2, Press Club 3, Press Club Pres- ident 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, English Club Entered from St. Edward's School, September, 1946 Sodality 1, 2, 3, Co-Editor of "Sodalist" 4, Latin Club 1, 2, junior Classical League 1, 2, Latin National Honor Society 2, Commer- Histo Club 4, Our Lad of Lourdes Cha 'Y , Y P". ter of Legion of Mary 4, Rocket Varsity ' Cheerleader 4, Catholic High Homecoming Queen 4. "Where did you get your eyer Jo blue? Out of the :ky ar you fame llvmugbf' President 3, English Club 4, B-Square Math Club 4, Bio-Chem Club 4, National Honor Society 4, MOUNT Co-Editor 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Maid to Alumnae Bazaar Queen 4, Rocket junior Cheerleader 1, Rocket Varsity Cheerleader 4, MERCIAN Editor. "Her loyalty and umelfirbnerr, Have won ber a place in the heart: of all." cial Club 3, Commercial Club Program Chair- man 4, English Club Secretary 3, Club 4, Press Club 3, 4, National Society 3, 4, MOUNT Advertising 4, Quill and Scroll 4, MERCIAN Manager. "A quiet unarruming girl of I .,,,. , - ,V . My 1 :Nc ,. ,, ,, ,, ,.,.,,.,.,. L .ai .1,,.m, ,Jun in, LORINE MARGARET FREDRICK Born june 26, 1932, in Little Rock, ' Arkansas ,Entered from St. Edward's School, September, 1946 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Latin Club 1, 25 junior Classical League 1, 2, Latin National Honor Society 25 Commercial Club 35 Commercial Club Pro H- Lhairman 4g English Club 4- 2 5g nglish. Club 45 National Honor ' . 'dy 'W 1 wil en o fV'ddfJ'ba!vff" MQ! 9 , 3,-'ff xi o SUSAN MARIE GILMORE Bom November 14, 1952, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's junior High, September, 1946 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 1gRocketjunior Cheerleader lg Latin Club 1, 2g Class Secre- tary 35 Commercial Club 3, 43 English Club 55 English Club Secretary 43 B-Square Math Club 4, MERCIAN Advertising Committee. "Her air, ber marmerx, all who .raw admired." DOLORES ANN GLOOR Born November 25, 1932, in Hot Springs, Arkansas Entered from St. john's School, Hot Springs, Arkansas, September, 1946 Soclality 1, 2, 5, 43 Glee Club 1, 25 Chami- nade Music Club 1, 25 Latin Club 1, 25 Com- mercial Club 55 English Club 3, 43 Social Science Club Secretary-Treasurer 4g Bio-Chem Club 4, MERCIAN Queen. "Blue were ber :yer ar the ,fairy-flax, Her rbeek: like lbe dawn o day! 615155 D y iz ii Picnic-136 I by Star 4 Qwue .94-of-4, , ! BARBARA ANN GORMAN j RA ANN GULLE W4 Km ATHRYN HALL Born Ma 27 1931 in Sioux City Iowa ne 23 1932 Fort Smith Arkansas orn ay 26 1931 in Waldron Arkansas Y Entered from lncamate Word Academy f Entered fgom StbAndre1vgs School l Houston Texas September 1947 e I eptem er 9 Sodality 2 3 4 Spanish Club 3 Spanish Commercial Clu io Ch Cl 4 Latin Clubl Spanish Club 5 4 Commercial Cl b 4 E l h Club 5 4 Basketball 2 Club Secretary 4 Commercial Club 5 4 U 3 0515 English Club 5 4 3 Basketball Captain 4 C beerfulne S- She play: not or gain but or :pan of I ' . 9 A lv end jf, f n b f , , I 1 , ' 0 a ' , .5 , 1 'V I , , ' ' ' , B0 . , ' , , , ' , . er 1 ' - ' - . . , ep e , 1 9 r , ' , . 9 ' 1 ' ' B' - Q ' 2 ' , 2 ' 5 ' , 5 I' . , 9 i , .S , 1 - l I U A i d ' if l - l n 'Light of :Isp and bear: war tba." f , f - :ii ""'A e- --f riii 'll--45 'L K fe- Y -- 3 39 ,ff ,. ,tml-en, - Y ,- ,isa Born july 9, 1932, in Entered from St. September Sodality 1, 2, 39 Sodality Catholic mittee Chairman 45 Glee Club 15 45 Latin Club 1, 25 Junior Classical League 1, 25 French Club 35 French Club President 45 English Club 3, 45 Commercial Club 45 President Mount St. Mary's Singers Club 45 B-Square Math Club 45 Chaminade Music Club 45 Press Club 3, 45 MOUNT Staff 45 Quill and Scroll 45 MERCIAN Associate Editor. ,5. "By her life alone, grarioux and sweet, The belief way war Jhawn." 7 ,' ,lf c, Af 2? ,ll Entered from St. P k's School, September, 946 Sodality 1, 2, 5, 45 Latin Club 1, 25 Glee Club 1, 25 Commercial Club 5, 45 English Club 3, 45 Social Science Club 45 B-Square Math Club Treasurer 4. "Her heart if as light ar her hair ir hrightf' QL 25.525 K mg LE NELi N MARILYN ANN Z5 E F November 9, 1952, Highland, Te as. Born September 14, 1932, in Little ock, I Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High, September, 1946 ' Sodality 1, 2, 3: Sodality Social Chairman 45 Glee Club '15 Latin Club 1, 25 Commercial Club 3, 45 English Club 5, 45 Press Club 4. "lmpul5i11e, earnexl, prompt lo arf, And make her generous though! a fad." V! h'f pl I Lsarduyjgzkii jrz :aa a ,lj '+R lrafjxvrdff I7 'fl FLORENCE HOBB orn A rrl 32 n C A d a Born March 17 1951 m Little R W E m5AjP2fHCkS ro St Edw rd s S o Arkansas I l -t d sf lf, lv il n V ...!f',,,, 1 Sod? Y , , 4 i 'Chdb1'A2' Junior - A uisia f em I ' September' 1946 K f 'NCI Cl eag "I, atin Honor --44 ' , , Q ' lj ' N- -4 '," 43 50d211ity 1, 2, 3, 45 GleeCli1b 15 Latin lu , . , U , ,A , V Hb - f 5, - - i Commercial Club 3, 45a lish cuba 4. 4 9 lo iety 15" erg'al Club' fig' nglish Glee : 1' -1' Ol' of 3 45 flfi Z' 1 a 15 Spanish Club 3, 45 Social Science Club 45 fi Ji' fl Cl if I ' fi I r overnment Cl -44,41 ' O ng ' ,Je l' "Good deerli if 'A leaf through heaven Lourdes .a o Le .ol " a : fx - "Her angelir are a hell. H 1 021 H011 7, -3' - H Ar the great eye of heaven Jhined brigh " , , b 7 - r 1 3 C 1 r o 04 ist I 4 In her cheekx Jer you ree. X 1 .1 E OY , 4 'f l My . 'L-' .0 B r a st ,1 ,' 0' . . ls , , .WJ , 0 , , A - e 0 ' , 4 .f - A. . ' h , of 5 G eptember X! I A , -If mbe -fr, . 1 Entered from St. Patrick's School, r La f ' I J .lg f My X 112755 PL gfulb M M' MARY JANE Bom August 27, 1932, in Entered from S. S. Cyril School, Sodality 1 ,2, 35 Sodality tee Chairman 45 Latin Club 1, 2 1, 25 Chaminacle Music Club 1, 2, 35 Cham- inade Music Club Treasurer 45 Commercial Club 3, 45 Legion of Mary 3, 45 English Club 35 English Club Secretary 45 MERCIAN Advertising Committee. HUM -f ' November 6, 1931,j in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Patrick's School, September, 1946 Club Chem ,Club 45 English Club 3, 4. "Ar merry ar the day it long." 0.415- EARLENE HURLEY Born October 11, 1931, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Good Counsel School, September, 1946 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 1, 25 Glee Sodality l, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 1, 25 Junior Club 1, 25 Spanish Club 25 Commercial Classical League 1, 25 Delegate to Arkansas' Club 5, 45 History Club President.45 Bio- Girls' State 35 Commercial Club 3, 45 English V Club 5, 4. "Deep brown eyes, running over with glee." "Mind cannot fallow, Norwofdr exprerr her infnite .fweetne.r.f." I Y !L E JAB ON I . 3 -9 5, THE lin, 6 fe NER 94, m1u1y4, 5 1 Lo' l V H f ,P I f I l aridps , rn Sep mber 0 2' 2,1 , - rn ju W .' 0 . -Jr,-k,A - sas ember, 946 Q nsas .U nter I' ii-l S " 5'-ld. 1 2 L, h I L tb Cgliilegft li Transferre Little 31- ' h ool, ' af at bl' 1- L 5 ea e 5 am a Iona U, , N ' 4 onor rety 15 Conigrthercial ub 3, ' f JJ ' Sept: I' 19 Sod ' 3, 4 ' - , 25 Commer- lish Cl 3, 49 .B-5'-IUGIC " A5 ' ' , FC - F 'sl ' o -- .1 b 45 glish cial u 5 -3 i 45 Govemment Club 35 Press Club gif ' r ent ' uill l' 4' ' A and Scroll 3, 45 MO 'fm - ,Q ' - ' , I , tional Honor Society '- I4 -1 onor So- "A hear aber acheer untemxm'e" "Th ll - mann I ' the gentlert heart." - .bciety President 45 Al 1 e Baz Queen 45 , MERCIAN Circulation M v ger. . D "Come and trip it as you go I 1 On the light fantartir toe." 5 A. A4 ,, ,,,...,+e,e . . 10' UQ, fi J'-rw wifes . ' 4-elf' duke! Bl by NWS! . Z,4,,K4, ' CAROLYN rr CHRISTINA K NECNY Q HELEN MARIE KRALLM N V I1 Born january 8, 1933, in Little Rock, Arkansas Born September 28, 1932, -in Slovac, Arkansas Bom Ofmbff 11- 1932, in k Entered from Blue Hill School, September, 1946 Sodality 1, 2, 3, Secretary of Sodality 4, Glee Club 1, Latin Club 1, 2, Junior Classical League 1, 2, Latin National Honor Society 1, 2, Promoter League of the Sacred Heart 4, Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of Legion of Mary 3, Legion ot' Mary President 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, English Club 3, Eng- lish Club President 4, National Honor Pro- bationer 3, National Honor Society 4, Press Club 5, 4, MOUNT Staff 4, Quill and Scroll 4, MERCIAN Business Manager. "The liglvl upon ber fare Shiner from lbe window: of another uforld."' Transferred from S. S. Cyril and Methodius Arkansas School, September, 1947 Entefed from Sl' A September, 1946f' Sodality 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, Legion of , I- " Mary 3, Legion of Mary President 4, Com- mercial Club 3, 4, English Club 3, 4, As- sistant Basketbpll Manager 4, MERCIAN Advertising Committee. "For .rbe um jurl lbe quiet kind Whore mzlure never varierf' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Latin Club 1, 2, Commercial Club 3, Bio-Chem Club 4, B-Square Math Club 4, English Club 3, 4, MERCIAN Advertising Committee. "Her manner ir mlm and pleasant, Her rweelnerr if ever prerenl. " Our L21 I Dance-fl135e14i0 Ka!! Born December 11, 1932, Entered from Mt. St. Mary's junior High, September, 1946 Sodality 1, 2, 3, Sodality Treasurer 4, Latin Club 1, 2, junior Classical League 1, 2, Latin National Honor Society 2, French Club 3, French Club Program Chairman 4, League of the Sacred Heart Secretary 4, Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of Legion of Mary 3, Legion of Mary Vice-President 4, English Club 3, 4, National Honor Probationer 3, National Honor Societ 4, Commercial Club 3 4, ELIZABETH BLANCHE MACK EVELYN 'IANET MAGGI EMILY LOU E IL , in Thief River Falls, Minnesota BOIU Offflbff 14, 1952, . Bom SCE? er A kz' V in Waterbury, Connecticut E term gon ' ff, . OE i ungel Transferred from Sacred Heart School, n 0 'lg Ybe I September, 1947 , ' ' ,. I Sodalit , 3, 4, f. li . ur Lady Sodality 2, 3, 4, English Club 3, 4, Com- Of I-0 Ch fe P J of ary 35 merdal Club 3, 4. Legion glfb ry Cl e . . U 1 i '. ' U v ' . "Thine eye: are fpringr in wbore Jefene ff - I - , , And .rilewi walerr beaver: ir Jean." Igiijlixie I Z? fgeizxg . I I7 Ee T Y i MERCIAN Advertising Committee. "No1bing ever, hardly ever, lroubler ber." wwe SQ 11" rpg. 1-1 an ,v,.!'l1, . lui .Ny-,Q .. , "-. f' C "'f 'Fi , -, ,g 1 , t ,f 1' W . . 1 s . - ' .ff ffw 53.35 GERTRUDE ANN MILLER LOUISE MOSLEY os Born january 7, 1931, in Little Rock, Born February 7, 1933, in Greeley, Colorado Bvm ua 3 H I-ml' Arkansas Transferred from North Little Rock 1 .Y En St. Edw ool, Emclcfl mm Good Counsel School' High School, September, 1949 Septe be 46 it A September' 1946 Commercial Club 4' Government Club 4' S i 1' 43 Latin ' ' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 12 Commer- ' l ' Classi l Le e 1, 2, Latin tio Honor can Club 3, 4, English Club 5, 4, League of B-Square Math Club 4: Spanish Club 4: soft , Commercial Club 3, 4, English the Sacred Heart Promoter 4. English C9 4. Ju Club 4, Press Club 4, National Honor "She ir the Jpirit of all lbafr fair." QV' P26396 ,pp 6o'l:i,0y60 QI W ,. '7 U ,, Her favogndtplztnpraafe free. 01019, 0 Society , National Honor Society Vice-Presi- dent 4. - "Her way: me way: of pleamrzlflerr And all ber patbr are peace." Wa 11511111 Event 6'14j0y111 by ,411 AGNES MARIE PITONYAK Born October 13, 1932, in Slovac, Arkansas Transferred from S. S. Cyril and Methodius School, September, 1946 Sodality 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, Commercial Club 3, 4, English Club 3, 4, Legion of Mary 3,- Legion of Mary Vice-President 4, Assist- ant Basketball Manager 4. "Sbe'll with ber brin rx joy divine All thafr good and all tbnfr ine." 111,111 ,ml CLEMENTINE POST Born March 28, 1933, in Hot Springs, Arkansas Entered from St. john's School, Hot Springs, Arkansas, September, 1946 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Glee Club 2, Commercial Club 3, English- Club 3, 4, Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of Legion of Mary 3, Legion of Mary Secretary 4, Bio- Chem Club 4, Govemment Club 4. "There war a fofl and pmrive grate A nu! of thought upon ber fare." JEAN ANN PRATT Born November 8, 1931, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from North Little Rock junior High, September, 1946 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, Class Treas- urer 3, Spanish Club President 3, Spanish Club 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, English Club 3, 4, Maid to Alumnae Bazaar Queen 4, Maid to Catholic High Homecoming Queen 4, Rocket Varsity Cheerleader 4, MERCIAN Advertising Committee. ' "Fur nature made ber what :be ir, And never made another." 9 Y V1-'ILL .afar W WA? W W ff fr fPd We u MWWWKQ ffl - , ,.,T,,,,.,-v.4.-. L ,..- fDf"fff'fEeeak TW? ,Qi , : l" L ' Q N ec: m fr 5 :- in-A Em 2 2 '- like ' 5 5 Veg ff 'g ' -. U r, , .L ,- , sf- fag' P 0 ' SQ Z Z 0 S B H Sf? B Q 5 2 -A fy ' .a E on - G' ,gi S, ,.. W -Q . U' 3 Z' o 3 P L ge, .ff B 5' :Q gf 2 S gy N S: H '5' rr! N Q 5 nfl- Q.: ' E: 'U -sw, Q I ao., 4 n.-- aa' U I g,.Mg 1 Q Q ,,, BL :rs g 51 ' F ' :L 5' 4 W : rag. 3 U .2 f , Q A 2 so 2 5 N ' tu " ' ' C N ae z Sf G ' ,if . ww- m A N F' dwg: gsify- Q 0 55" N W 5, 15 ,.. S., n 5-4 a 1-. 5 B v- H Z Q L ff 3' ez cr '." ' S' 21 '1 ' Qlwzyfip' Q we Q s, iii? N M' he - E- 2 0 k 9 Q ' E E U-' on 2 9' L' ': . "L v S Sn? 5' '-5' -1 L A Q 'S' E- 5' 9' Eb -5 E ' 5. ... 2 " Q Q 9 9 P- af A 5 I 2, r: nog- S v':rU'S U' L.: -- A be 59: UQ Q S Q ZS.-la" 'Q 'U 5 H "' at Esargf F-H-reg Q er eoifas- lags 5 'ow 3 is "' 'H 54' " 0 w "' SW: . A 7? -- " E N 5 aw Z" v2 - " 1 z Y 3 M995 R 25 H' E52 '2' W r-' 2 -ff n o rn Q I "" 12' A H 'va 5- ea' E E 3: 5- g Q. A 3, rf ,, 7, 1 0' -5" 53 5 J' Q 3 vw- Q g S .. 5 - if' 5 3 :' N x if .Yy ROTHY ANN PROBST JULIA ELIZABETH ROCHE Bom january 29, 1935, in Little Rock, Bom July 9, 1932, in Eureka Springs, AIKKUSHS Arkansas Entered from Mt, St. Mary's junior High, September, 1946 L Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 23 Latin National Honor Society 25 junior Classical League 1, 25 Commercial Club 3, 45 National Honor Society 4g "Commer-Chat" Co-Editor 4g English Club 3, 4. "High erected tbougbtr :cated in a bear! af rourteryf' Entered from Berryville, Arkansas, Grade School, September, 1946 Re-Entered from North Little Rock High School, September, 1949 Latin Club 1, 2, Commercial Club 4, Bio- Chem Club 45 Social Science Club 49 Eng- lish Club 4.. "Silence if tbe uirlue of the wire." ,Vol an ' Mmus no Born ruary 8, 32,-inftllerth Little rkansas E C fm Se , 19 Sodaliry 1, 2, 5, 4, latin lg Glee Club lg Spanish Club panish Cl Program Chairman 43 o ercial bg? -L . Club 3, 45 Social 1 - 4. "A :beefy :mile and 4 3 118 . ' UP ember 9, 1931, in Dallas, Texas ered from Good Counsel School, September, 1946 ality 1, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, tin Club 1, 2, Commercial Club 33 Com- mercial Club Treasurer 45 English Club 3, 4, Maid to Alumnae Bazaar Queen 4, Maid to Catholic High Homecoming Queen 4. "And grace that wan who .raw to wish ber stay." - SAMMY LOUISE WATKINS Born September 19, 1932, in Fayetteville, Arkansas D Entered from Mt. St. Mary's junior High, September, 1946 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Latin Club Secretary lg Latin Club 23 Glee Club Ig Commercial Club 3, 4, Bio-Chem Club Secretary 4, English Club 3, 4, Senior Ball Committee 4, Press Club 3, 43 MOUNT Circulation Manager 43 Rocket junior Cheerleader 13 MERCIAN Associate Editor. "Age rannol wither nor custom :tale Her infinite variety." xlja raffle fwgiffb PATSY LA PRADE WA Born December 26, 1932, in Kansas Missouri Transferred from Little Rock Senior High School, September, 1948 Commercial Club 3, 45 Bio-Chem President 4, English Club 3, 45 MERCIAN Committee. "Her eye: ar stars of twilight gair, Like twiliglrtir tao, ber durky air." Qtzrewell SMA, Wejlflu fgfflflfl Z3 ar ROSE LEE ZALOUDEK Bom September 24, 1932, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Patrick's School, September, 1946 Sodality 1, 2, 3, g Glee Clu 3 Latin Club MARTHA ZEROUERA ARAGON Commerrial Graditate Born December 7, 1928, in Trinidad, Las Villas, Cuba Transferred from Holy Angels Academy, New!Orleans, Louisiana, September, 1949 .A VI-LMA ESTHER CASTILLO ' . Commercial Graduate Bom September 17, 1932, in Panama City, Panama Transferred from Holy Angels Academy, New Orleans, Louisiana, September, 1949 Sodality 4, Commercial Club 4, Spanish Club 4. "She walk! in beauty like the r1igl1t." lg Spanish Clu 35 Co cial 3, 45 - . - . - Social Scienc nb 'T ure: 4: ality 4, Comme Sal Club 4, Spanish glish 4. ' "A le 0 J ,rg n n ny, "Notbin ' i lt to a willing mind." elif w est ." H s ,ya , 4 W .495 Mb 'F 'S ,Sf gr It . 5 P4 an x wi' , .,:,. I U L-Q ,Y.,, 34" nf-"" My - M' SN Ml' is ,.,..,f A 1 51505315 1 I 3' , I - W , s -J 11011 juuiars Will l6'c Seuio s nf 51 Carol Armstrong ROSA FLORO arb Clan' Preridenl ara Barlow RITA SARNA Clan Vite-Pfexidenl we if as .959 . . if ' gg- il? 5 w .. K gi if if 1 5 een 35 Y r ga H' j --" i- , HT g sl E Q + N Q ,Xu -if qw Wztmp- zen-.X-We ,521 ,I ,. N . , H 5- virgin ,1-aw: f - Q, -lrly ' 122' - i t 1 ,y , , if elf n,, ia? ta -e ? L S ra + 1 r , t ' I , f K l'lf3 Tf' f12:-"fi, , It fag? I X sf r it 'nr' my ab X4 in X Q R' 3 K we sf ' S' 4? . f 5 1 n . ea . .:.:t:Qf,e,,.g!x -is LSL . A -. N X QA aw as a v we ' as in ga f x 5 X .af f fi' l E T at S' , , xfvi' 311 ' ggi at--,Qt --gwfesr ,t 31. at , xi i v K , K 4? ia is ear, ,Y .L ,, 5 , 3 We i Irene Barthol Jena Benish Donna Jean Bergschneider Joyce Goodwin Rita Hamling Mary Frances Heinze Barbara Bethune Barbara Bruce Patricia Carter Helen Hemmer Barbara Hinkson jo Ann Hogslon Betty Ann Ivey Doris Karcher Patricia Katilius Margaret Rose Dungan Sheila Dungan Deborah Ebbing Peggy Keelan Judy Keith Evelyn Kenney Beverly Freeman Patsy Garbacz Ruth Gleason Theresa Knoff Gayle Kyle Anita Lannie ' i"5Q': , ff' " 1: W f' f" ' "x'Tj9f?4 if if -rzaxfehi is ea .Q ' .5 Q, fl iq 11 R 31' X 9 J Q 1 aa 1 Q r X Sift L ear 5 X an f 4, -fig. a s H 545' as 52- l Q , X , .r . H9 E af gifs! N 5' X A K fr' . if ,. - K fat ,Q it, 'fi' Ei ' 3 ' Y if 3 A Tw 2 -,tgsgg I if 15 ,Q A 1. l1La:i'?lf2tSf2?,?'LZ i feawfgig , ' Kiln: - are at 4 .1 -f' Kirk ? - if if 1 f new 1 , ei' : ig: it , V55 'e gg . .-fern 0 ,7,,,4 7 ? Q'- W . gr' lil ' 'g 1 v 5 5. w A A 0 . N .. . ,Q . q bk v ri , Q ' if 3 M 3 X all aw w, ii SSS' N' :,QL ..: " Q j ,-, L l ' if T Lf K' fs?? ? : M'I ,NI Y .. . 4 I 5 ga, my 3' beige, , ,."'fl' -V Q. we f-1 ef? Aff. - 33,3 - ll F F fi . we 'f ' e Uzafis' the year Ura! 11011 71 ffm' gun -sfggfgrne pg- as was 1, 1 Y ' Q ' 1 '1- ,-2 3, 4 ,- x P15 R or - no M 5 if 'Milf i Y. ,:.wf5gfa'e:1-' if l L we ug L ,. YEA: M i ii? lax. . WET. W 3 X l 'le jg 'wxii 14755 -2: fa r-V' K MARY RALPHE Clan Secretary MARGIE TATE Clan Trearurer Patricia Latham Mildred Laux Mary lawrence Gayle Lech Willye Leonard jo Ann Malnar Margaret Marchese Gay Martello Tackie Massery Patricia McGuire Sally Mcl-'arlmd Margaret Miller Mary Ann Paudo Claire Powell S eM Lorraine Roe Mary Frances Sarna Wilma Ruth Sartain Virginia Shockey jo Ann Simmons Jeanie Simpson jo Simpson Sidney Smith Betty Sokora Belle Spatz Patricia Taylor Jessie Wendler Ruth Whitehead Frances Woodson Betty Jo Rcchtin Margo Renfrew ,--:afa r ...7-:X-fix . .4 . kiwrziv . iq, . ir . , S 9 , 3 yin, A 4'- HQ Sf? ai r 'T' , as S h x 1 - x 5 ' 5- x --ary-rf LL ,sas ' M Man .wa jrgqgf-5 5 - uf: ' ry Nfl? . ,4 5'vpl1o1wrcyVnwl6'uf Dm I V011 Qrcf jnan Armbrust Janet Benirup Patricia Box Laura Brockman Mary Lou Brown Patricia Brown -me--a r ,nah . J: M ,W J My ZW gygg Barbara Cole L A Patricia Eubanks J Hai? Wim I r 'T 5 fa .f -:rj I . err. ,:,, Carol Gibson Selma jo Gilmore " Theresa Gloor Mary Agnes Handforcl 'ima 4 -V, V lb ki F 6 4 ff' Em I: K J it Martha Greene 19,3 A 5. 'H-5 A ' E yr 57 Hia 1 DOROTHY MANCINI Clan Prniden! MARY FRANCES RUMBACH Clan Vit:-Preridenl Ernesiine Harrell Beulah Marie Harris Georgia Ann Hill Clarice Hoyt Doris Hudson Barbara Kierre Barbara Kressc Patricia Land Barbara Levesque Barba Love Margaret Mack you 'rc 60 hy iv 6 Y L CAROL AUCOIN . 'I 5 Chu: Serrelrujr f MARY HELEN HAMPTON 7 Clan Treamrer iz if uf. ,,.:: if Q a X 3 -r K ,W ' if ,ary , A Susan Malloy Marianne Mangan Sarah Grace Martin joan Matthews Mary Ann Mergenschroer Mary Lou Mergenschroer Clarice Miller Louise Miller Shirley Murphy Olga Muzquiz Barbara Orgain A -.9 --y. J 11- ' iw - Km L' --9: Q rr , 4-1 a nz junio Q I f ' a Z, 4, 5 fr f my , 255335, ' Barbara Parke QXN M .A Ellen Plalz . sf L? J 5 .1 'ha if as r uw X 49, iriif- Ili , if , L 75:5 2 L UAA .,.. ,L ff, 'f Joann Powell Lynn Renfme Dorothy Saenger Nora Schuller Mary Ellen Stormes - . "f 1 551 ,, , i a X 1 4 ga 3 , , tail? W 'W aa 75 Mae Dell Wages 1 ii Mary jo Wheeler Sandra White Rosemary Wood Margie Yeager Jennie Zaloudelc r all ggi? allee . ska X asf wr. 4: :W EW eva Nw .ff . .. v.L.:: wa ,124 KAY- .::,.a: ,, F-, S M l fz' X ' ,-f . M 912 hmm, Wo k flaw! llmr S0014 Pass 1, .. .ps A' -' Z Q-ffkfil. is Q 'if x , R3 H Egg, ,, ,. 'sf 'E' V - tsp? Q? 5 it rm- X ' N ' wk x 5 A 1 r SVZRT .. mmf' . il in t. - SES J t . 2 -Pk J Eat 2 N tr fag' gi 11 1' x - ,., Q., -4' .rt swgxiggfrzi. E, i S W Q gre Y Q 4 1 iQ ' Q. X M ff:-az. 'ef ' A an , -'--- if gfhrrlxk, 32,142 ' 2 55? e Qs L sf e fr, ,sl fx.. 1 -f nf L. . .,-s r... " Wf- ,,... :,-..s... . .--,. .,,.t. Ui ty , we 3, 1 T Ai 1 i or Yi' iff s Q xx if X X is 33 Q if rin X x ll 3 -mmw ""' 'alex Y- at uf, E 32 ills s Q fi R new ' '- t g,. X - Q 5 Claudine Aldridge Camilla Anthony Mary Ellen Apker Mary Ashcraft joan Evelyn Ball Mary Katherine Barham SARA MEEHAN Ann Delores Barre Sue Bishop Anna Marie Boehmer Mildred Booth Kathryn Brady Connie Brandon Carroll Bray Patricia Butler Helen Dorothy Byrnes Clan Pfesidenl JANE HAUBURSIN Mary Frances Gourgues Kay Hadley Bobbie Hamling Carol Hart Dottie Hart Magdalena Haury Ann Hansen Virginia Heinze Betty Jo Hoclzeman C lan Vice-President .r sy ' :.r -ti -f 1 w 1 . 'Et ,Q ,V "ff1f'71?i3Ff if is "is15'ifg' . it was '19 gm -if f X if 2 be Dbl .tr ww 4 3 r X N Q R si 5, A si fc s , 3, s as w ay.: Ami t M e sa, 5' us- 3 4 Q ...J K eff X x " 'Q E, Wx 1 4 X 6 F 1 K ,, 'sm X A ' ' ' r,,, Cfsflla Caron , ' V 55 Patricia Downing . . " N if 5' V : , IQ? 54 -. f zz.-,,,:, , ,:-U P' 'Z H - i 'mmf' . I .f ix ' wx Rosemary Hulett is I Jacqueline Hurley ... Q ji ,L 4, . .. .1 it . . .mth it V. rises :gt " gf 1 K Patricia Johnson 2- 1 in 'M :a v r 'f -in-QL, -..... ,., - " a w " 3 yifeiwff kifil ' Zi '--- f 7 " i' sf vac . X 'A mr ' Mon? mg ii ' " ve :li ' " Y ef ercm a non . F f zsr- Fi W . . t ,rj - . . Rose Mane johnson .3 , ' V f- if 1- X - Pmlfla Case' M A ms f --sz . - f, X -L ,rt argaret nn Jones x. H JJ- :W ,. +i:iliw',,, . . 1 ..-'fl T13 "' ,,., "YE : " Rfk. . A t Carolyn Kfatrs ' s ' Theresa Koehler xx fi " . K ' T- 3' 5? 'Y "2 Z- V .,.,.fs..: f f 1 V -- - L ' 'H Ya .Q li 3,-ig exif 5' W 1 33 if s . X Ury to ,Make lfrfur ,4 leading Klasse 5: . 5 iz- - .- . W - li iii A t x ff 1 N E ,K is -E-sew . is ,J V ' JEAN INE WERN f 'fin -'Tif E - Q-,Q fi? 114,-fill: - N, Q-4 at 1,-w ii '-wee-ite Y 1 l X ,..,k . ,fi 2 -"' i A' 2 'WFZV r DOROTHY HENDERSON Clair Serrelary ITZNIG Clair Tffdl fl rer Helen Konecny Mildred Lannie Norma Lehman Nancy Lett Billie jo Lewis Patricia Lipsmeyer Patricia Massery Patricia McCarthy Sally Mullins Angeline Muzquiz Theresa Nabholz Melody Nangle Sadie Nichols Patricia Ann Nord Mary Lou O'Connor Kathryn Phillips 'xi f ' -in ,g 'gferg e w, tg . M E :ff my Q- is 55:15 ' - ":'75"f2 fi" U l f, , -I "se 16 - . : ,J 1 - r fi ? .- 2 , ,:-, 55- . 1 sr - ii, Q Sie: wt f ,J L 'fe X Ye t tw' " ga 1: , S ei Q 2 -1 K r S E 1 Mary Evelyn Priest Mary Ann Rand Ann Renneker Liane Rhein Anne Saenger Freida Schlatterer Dolores Schneider Janis Shockey Beverly Smith Ruth Ann Straessle Betty Sutton Shirley Tenney Sue Wagner Norma jean Walker Bettye Lou Watson Betty Weber Helen Wlxitehead Katherine Williams Mary Ellen Williams . Shirley Wreyford Theresa Zackert Margaret Zakrzewski Z gi f 5' , "'t iw - Lt .W-v W ia, Q fi A' M " ii E at A 'fa' 5 5 5 V - Q 1 ffewm ' i zamffyw X ' 513112, ' M." THQ- - ef ,LQ . -- - ttt... "fi QQ ?i -.., J: QT! - ,.:: 11 .Z l Y 'ix 'x it 3 i .. at - -M .. ' t. , "Tv fl-S - if ' it - :gpm regex se k t 5 gr ' s 1' ,.... k 5 .11 "lf- Qtkr- f Ex, I z ' ., fa :.,. N .. ., , 9' X wa? gil Q W 1? FK, ' F 11 M 5, 1 2 mi, jg f at - .Q X Q Q 1 nf fr ig ,yr -- Z ,- , ,,,aIaf.: ,fi t W L, . .t w f K 4,151 '--:au f g,,:'fj: g . -Kg, gg '2 4 ixgwry -,,tt .V ,li ,a in If E, ge ef- .5 N 5 X H gi: af 3 li? ii - I eg ,Jr 1. J aww. Q E l Q A t ? 2 fi MX ll W.- -41 , - I1 ,Q x NA x "' X 5 if Y ,. a T in . +. 55,2 M A 1 i M Y X 2 . 4 we Q S . t as f ' W A 5 N61 me 5 X W i , Q' , Y A 2 ,- R " A e . me 4, . ., K -11: sm-4,1 ,-,,ttll. it 'M,.aaf--w L. . l. 4 A ,.i, , ,,.. 4? 'T 1 l .Q . ,, .w,,5,3ff- W . tim, Our Apasfalafc af Kufhzwc Action Members of Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter, are from left, clockwise: Carolyn Knight, preridentg Elizabeth Mack, uire-preridenlg Emily Miller, rerrelaryf Margaret Cole, lrea.rurer,' Frances Ford, jo Ann Hicks, Rose Hogan, Mary Jane Hooks, Frances Bednar, Veronica Bednar, treasurer of Our Lady of Mercy Chapterg Clementine Post, .rerretaryf Agnes Pitonyak, rlire-preridenfg Christine Konecny, preridenl. ,Cegian of Mary A PRAESIDIUM OF THE Legion of Mary was established at Mt. St. Mary's in 1942 by Miss Mary Dulfy, envoy to the United States, from the Concilium Legionis, or central council of the Legion, Dublin, Ireland. i Membership in the Legion is restricted to juniors and seniors. Meetings are held weekly and the prayers, setting and order of the meetings as prescribed in the official handbook of the Legion are carefully followed. The object of the organization is the sanctification of its members and the active co-operation, under ecclesiastical guidance, in every form of Catholic Action useful for the welfare of the church. Some specific activities have been the organized demand by the local mem- bers for Catholic books from the public libraryg the maintenance of Catholic literature racks in public places, such as drug stores, bus stations, etc., responsibility for seeing that Catholic inmates of the State School for the Blind are taken to Mass on Sundays and Holy Days. This year, in union with the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, the members are conducting correspondence courses in Christian Doctrine for children of grade school level who have no op- portunity to attend a parochial school. In connection with this activity, the material for the Con- fraternity of Christian Doctrine Work Sheet System, which was prepared by the Rev. C. M. Meyer, for the diocese of Peoria, is used. Enrollment in the course at the present time totals forty-eight students from the mission fields of the diocese of Little Rock. ' Znfcnavo W ezflz the Queen is' Wh lfe ez ei Blue Reading from left to right are: Dolores Fredrich and jo Ann Hicks, editor: of the "Sodali.ft",' Marilyn Hart, Social Life Committee Cbair- Illdllf Carolyn Knight, fseatedj .rerretaryf Phyllis Hampel, Caibolir Tflltb Commilteeg Rose Hogan, prefertf Frances Ford, uire-preferty Betty Sue Ball, Eurlmrirtic Committeeg Elizabeth Mack Qseatedj, treas- urerf Mary jane Hooks, Aporlolir Cammilleeg Emogene Cumnock, Publicity Committeef Betty Frazier, Our Lady'.r Committee. ROSE HOGAN Prefer! Sodality of the Kleesed Virgin THE SODALITFY of the Blessed Virgin Mary, under a capable staff of officers appointed by Sister Mary Mark, Sodality Moderator, began its year of activity with the first meeting in September. Sodality meetings were held every Friday afternoon at the regular religion period. On the first Friday of every month, the Sodalists recited the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception in the chapel. On December 8, fifty-one students were received into the Sodality by Msgr. Keany. Other activities receiving the enthusiastic support of the Sodalists were the students' annual retreat, continued donations to the Sodality "adopted" mission in India, participation in the inter- national Spiritual Bouquet to the Holy Father at Christmas, and different Holy Year projects. Several Soladists took turns taking a small girl from the Arkansas School for the Blind to Sunday Mass during the year. I ,714 1671 Ines We re Cried and Gus THE COMMERCIAL CLUB was reorganized in September under the sponsorship of Sister Mary Thomasine for the eighteenth consecutive year. Officers elected at the first meeting were: Mary jo Drew, presidentg Frances Bednar, vice-presiclentg Betty Sokora, secretary, and Barbara Vick, treasurer. Dolores Fredrich and Lorine Fredrick were appointed as program chairmen. Meetings, including a program of skits, speeches and quizzes which are of interest to business students, were held on the third Wednesday of each month at activ- ity period. Club projects included addressing several thousand envelopes for the Arkansas Crippled Chil- dren's Association, typing letters for the C.Y.O., and doing secretarial work for the different parishes. Fifty word certificates in typing were won by Mary Lee jablonski, Rose Marie Nabholz, Carolyn Knight, Dolores Fredrich, Agnes Pitonyak, and Christine Konecny. Vilma Castillo and Martha Zerquera made the sixty word certiicate, and Marilyn Hart attained the seventy word certificate with no errors. Eighty word certificates in shorthand were won by Vilma Castillo, Dolores Fredrich, Lorine Fredrick, Betty Herbert, Carolyn Knight, Rose Marie Battisto, Rose Marie Nabholz, Dorothy Probst, Mary jo Drew, Mary Lee jablonski, Christine Konecny, Agnes Pitonyak, Carol Smith, Marilyn Hart, and Clarice Cross. Hzwzmercial 61110 MARY jo DREW Probst co-editor: of the "C ommer-Chain' Barbara Vick, trearurer President Seated ffrom left to rightj AIC! Mary jo Drew, preridentf Betty Sokora .rerretaryf Frances Bednar, vice-preridenl. Standing: Dolores Fredrich and Lorine Fredrick, program rlJairmen,' Marilyn Hart and Dorothy ,- fum! and 6115 ar We C17 k In fridc 16'-Square ,Math 61116 Math Club oflicers pictured before a club meeting problem on the blackboard are Anne Harrison, treat- urer,' Betty Sue Ball, prerideniy Judy Keith, vire- preridentg and Mary Ann Pardo, Jecrelnry. ,Catirz 61116 Oflicers checking program material for a club meet- ing are Barbara Orgain, .rerrelaryf Sarah Grace Mar- tin, program cl1airman,' jo Simpson, pre.via'e11t,' Patri cia Brown, vice-preride11t,' and Dorothy Saenger, fI'64.fllfEf. 3're14cl1 and ,wwf I1 Are Our Frida' Ze Hcrclc Qraucais Pictured at work on their February project, French Valen- tines, Le cercle francais ofhcers are, left In right, Patsy Garbacz, vire-preridefrlg and Mary Ralphe, Jerretfzry, with the Valentine they made for Sister Mary Frances, instructor of French II classy Phyllis Hampel, preridenlj Barbara Bethune, irearllrer, with the French Hagg and Elizabeth Mack, program chairman. 81 61116 Espagnnl Grouped around a card table are oHicers of the Spanish Club, preparing for a Canasta party. Left to right: Barbara Gorman, Jecrelaryf Isabelle Davis Qstandingj, preridenig Mary Kathryn Hall, lreaxurery Rita Sarna, 1-'ire-preridenlg Bertie Rossi, program rbaifmanf and standing, Martha Zerquera, club Jpofuor. J lwxigfefift 5 Senior English Club olhcers are, seated, prexideutr, Carolyn Knight, Rose Hogan, Beverly Balch, and Rose Battisto. Standing, Jerfelnfier, Susie Gilmore, Frances Tucker, Mary S ' 5 ' h 6 Jane Hooks, and Emogene Cumnock. gh junior Club officers are: Belle Spatz, joAnn Simmons, g Margaret Rose Dungan, Sidney Smith, presidents of the various sections. Secretaries, standing, Ruth Gleason, Patsy ' Roe, and Barbara Bethune. Garbacz, Raine Music Club Oli . , Karcher, entertainment rommitleeg Violet Dickey, .rerfeIary,' Patricia Dittemore, preridemg Rosa Floro, :Indy rlmirmanf jo Ann Hogston, program Fhdffllldll' Mary Jane Hooks I cers are Iefl to right' Gayle Kyle and Dorris , , rea.rurer,' Mary Ralphe, vice-prefidenlg and Belle Spatz, entertdnrnenr chairman. guage' 0 the Sou! ers are seated Rosemary Hulett Sall Mc , Scl10larsl1121,1Tcadcrsl1121, Service . . S 5 l 1: , 5 - - rr is 1 , ,. g. .13 2 ya , L ei Nzzfiamzl flmar Saciefy Members of the Fidelis Chapter of the National Honor Society are, TOP ROXV, left to right: Mary Lee jablonski, president: Rose Marie Nabholz, vice-president, Rose Battisto, secretary, Patricia Dittemore, Rose Hogan, SECOND ROW: Betty Sue Ball, Lorine Fredrick, Betty Frazier, Carolyn Knight, Elizabeth Mack. THIRD ROW: Ruth Whitehead, Dorothy Probst, Mary jo Drew, jo Ann Hicks, Dolores Fred- rich, joan Simmons. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Ralphe, Barbara Bethune, Margaret Marchese, Mary Lawrence, Patsy Garbacz, Mary Frances Heinze. l N0 ffldvuuf' Dmdhze Did W5 MBS pdl' in Mount Press 61116 Members of the Mount Press Club who earned membership by their writing for the school newspaper are: top, left to right, Sammy Watkins, Mary Lee jablonski, 1-'ice-prexidenlg Betty Frazier, preridenlg Betty Sue Ball, serfefny-lreu1l1rer,' Rose Marie Nabholz. Second row: Rose Battisto, Carolyn Knight, Rita Lucas, Phyllis Hampel, Freda Deuerling. Third row: Emogene Cum- nock, Marilyn Hart, Dolores Fredrich, Mary jo Drew, Beverly Balch. Bottom row: Irene Barthol, Judy Keith, Barbara Barlow, Jeannie Shepherd, Barbara Bethune. lx PSCRA ii If I , AM ,,,54,gwu---- ., 1- 43: ' Ak ,ii Q' ' K WV: - Q 64' 1 2 5 3 A 5 E 4 f 4 We l6'e1 ezezr Queens Entered the Knee 1 Cl .M BARBARA MARY LEE BETTY -k WAN ANN ROSEMARIE Hazear .Queen Hamiidafes CANDIDATES ELECTED by the various classes as candidates for the title of Alumnae Bazaar Queen used these beautiful poster pictures to advertise their campaign. Left: Senior Class candidate jean Ann Prattg Barbara Vick, junior Class nomineeg Mary Lee Jablonski, the winner, sponsored by the grade schoolg Betty Frazier, Freshman Class choiceg and Rosemarie Battisto, Sophomore selection. Pictured before their booths, the candidates pose with their managers. Left Senior Class cake booth, Fran- ces Ford, Pat Dittemore, jean Ann "takes the cake," Rose Hogan, and Mary jo Drew. The winner's booth, the "Mary Lee Ville Post Office," with Barbara Banks, Rita Ann Mather, Mary Lee, Jeanine Henderson, and Bonnie Breaux. Bottom row, left, Margaret Ann jones, Anne Saenger, Betty, Liane Rhein, jane Haubersin at the Freshman variety boothg Rita Sarna, Mary Frances Heinze, Barbara, Barbara Bethune, and Margie Tate at the junior Class booth. Dorothy Saenger, Pat Land, Rosie, Mary Frances Rurnback, and Rosemary Wood, Sophomore booth. A .-...M And the junzv Prvgram Set the Pace A VARIETY SHOW was presented by the junior Class to help raise funds for their Bazaar Queen candidate, Barbara Vick fleftj. Pictured, first row, LEFT TO RIGHT are: Raine Roe and Joan Hogston in "Brooklyn Love Song"g Queen-candidate Barbara, solo dancerg "A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody," ballet with Pat Carter, Patsy Garbacz, The- resa Knotf, and Patsy Taylor, grouped around Barbara. SECOND ROW: Belle Spatz spurns Barbara Bethune's pro- posal in "One Black, Two Blackf' the skit "My Friend Irma" starring Margaret Marchese, jo Ann Simmons, Margaret Rose Dungan, Ruth Whitehead, and STANDING: Jessie Wendler, Pat McGuire, and Mary Frances Heinzeg THIRD ROW, scenes from the pantomime "And the Lamp Went Out" with Betty Ann Ivey, as the lovely lassieg Barbara Barlow, as her suitorg Sidney Smith, as the villain, and Pat Latham as the maid. Weyvladc Our Gzlenfcd Z? but on CV JEAN ANN PRATT Queen Cmldidnle Senior Clfzrr Scuiar Glass THE SENIOR CLASS presented a novelty program of nonsense numbers based on a television take-off to raise funds for the class campaign to elect jean Ann Pratt, alumnae bazaar queen. Pictured left are: Mary Kay Hall, Frances Ford, fMinnie Pearly, Ruby Hurley, and Gertrude Miller, members of the hill-billy band. Second row: Bing Crosby and his boys, Emily Miller, Dorothy Probst, jo Anne Hicks fliingj, Mary jo Drew, and Evelyn Maggi. Circle: Emcee, Pat Dittemore, and Frances Tucker fBetty I-luttonj. Bottom row, the personnel of the fashion showg Standing, left: Clarice Cross QMme. Schiaparellij, Do- lores Fredrich, Martha Zerquera, Rosemarie Nabholz fin maskj, jo Ann Cole, Margaret Cole, Helen Ruth Brooks in a "box" coat, Betty Sue Brill, with "that careless look"g Seated: Lorine Fredrick, Vernell Austin, Bobbie Gorman, Elizabeth Mack, and Isabelle Davis. Stage crew: Jeanie Shepherd, Elsie Brummet, Susie Gilmore, and accompanist, Vickey Dickey. 7 0' W th Many ,4 ffolqwovd Hel ,Nausc11scNovelfics AS A FEATURE of their Nonsense Novelties program, the Senior Class raffled a "real live bunny" after class candidate for bazaar queen jean Ann Pratt panto- mimed Spike Jones' record "You Wanna Buy a Bunny?" Also featured on the program were the Mills Brothers, Betty Herbert, Freda Deuerling, Empie Cum- nock, and Rita Lucas. Fred Astaire fCarol Smithj and Ginger Rogers fDolores Gloory also appeared on the program with Evelyn and her magic violin fTheresa Humj, and Bertie Rossi as the miner weeping over his "Darling Clementine," fRose Lee Zaloudekj, stand- ing right, next to Baby Snooks fAnne Harrisonj. Sing- ing and dancing "Look for the Silver Lining" were the Ballet Theatre members fseatedj Pat Bell, Sammy Wat- kins, Helen Krallman, Generose Breyel, Patsy Wattsg back row: Louise Mosley, Mary Frances Breyel, Theresa Kirchner, Beverly Balch, and Dolores Gloor. "Goldi Locks the Door" featured Blue Beard, Christina Konec- nyg Goldilocks, Betty jane Dill, Red Riding Hood, Agnes Pitonyakg and her ma and pa , Frances Bednar and Mary Jane Hooks. VOM aww mwI? W 3EY?? I fm ,Z , ,V ,Q -if-YQ. 5 iii? 6' QW W ii'-1. fav ., . sf -, F' Lf Made ,Mary lcv? Cfrvwlfziug ll acces Her Royal Highness, Queen Mary Lee of the House of .Iablonski and the members of the Royal Court, before the Coronation. Left to right: Lady jean Ann and escort Bobby Sullivan, Lady Barbara and Jimmy Stover, the Queen and Raymond Rossi, Lady Rosemarie and Eugene Mgrfv Lflillfll' The Queen is crowned with an orchid by Mrs. R. C. Ray, Alumnae president Ccenterj. Left to right: jimmy and Barbara, Gene and Rosie, Bobby and jean Ann, Ray and Queen Mary Lee, and Curt and Betty lead the Grand Blenden, and Lady Betty with Curt Johnston. March. Center, jimmy and Barbara caught by the pho- tographer while dancing the Royalty Special. , Fifa f ,iw at W 1 15 E' .55 1? if V !..A f A--355: 5 , 155 WZW' .X if if taxi' F252 , Q Q 5 a 4, Q1- wig Kockct- Trojan flomcmmirzg Queen Frances Ford and maids Barbara Vick and jean Ann Pratt line up in pre-game cere- monies at the annual Catholic Hi-Subiaco Home- coming game. Pictured also are Captain Bobby Blaylock and Co-Captain Bobby Sullivan of the Rockets, with Dick Rittman, captain of the Subiaco Trojans. Queen Frances and maids jean Ann, left, and Barbara, right, watch the Rocket-Trojan clash from their throne on the held. fCircle, leftj: Wfith Barbara looking on, Queen Frances re- ceives her bouquet from Captain Blaylock. We Were ,411 LEW! in GHS Rocket Cheerleaders fbottom, leftj jean Ann Pratt, Frances Ford, Empie Cumnock, Rose Battisto, and Betty Frazier go into action. Center, Queen Frances as she appeared on the Royalty float during the homecoming parade. Queen Frances and maids Barbara and jean Ann were snapped informally on the royalty Hoat before it left Catholic High School before the parade. At left, cheerleaders Betty, Empie, and Rose atop the convertible they rode in the Rockets' homecoming parade. . Fi' i 1 r' it 3 wi? iff 5 ? I 3' J' , , c . 5 in X bf I voUT H QRGAN IZATION . , 19' ' D , ' ' 3' , nf ' ? ,Z if-gl ' ,J-nf, A Y' g ' .f Q- y ' ' 15-0 ,Q X ad? - f , ,-v: Q X L 1 5.2 A Q ,. j 5 5 ', H ,f , 4.-.' f, 2 ui? " jy I , kik .., ' A HOLQC i Q , 2 if ,,,f it .L Q. ' it. s in I-L. V ' 5 ""'H If:,? t if ix oi!! 'x . A q is A . Q i . , -5, ,J-wit-' . iam 3 ,rJ'9W'5 P",a. W I 1493 Q n w,ff x if "5 sn- qxs 1 K Q wg , S fvff if 5? RV gi Qwifs 5 Elzri ima Flay We aHOHday,4,5fair The Christmas pageant was planned around a "Festival of Happy Days" presenting a special holiday of each month of the year, illustrated with songs and dances. Chorus ac- companiment to all the numbers was by the Glee Club. Top, left, featured dancers Barbara Vick, Mary Lee Jablonski, and Betty Frazier. Left: Rose Marie Nabholz as Our Lady of the Assumption, surrounded by angels, represents August fifteenth. Below, left: "Yankee Doodle Dandy" tap dancers for July Fourth: Mary Frances Rumbach, Julianne Crook, Deborah Ebbing, Barbara Bethune, Joyce Goodwin, Carol Smith, and Beulah Marie Harris. "Vacation Days": Helen Ruth Brooks, Dorothy Henderson, Norma Jean Walker, Joan Hogston, and Raine Roe. Center, Patricia Dittemore, narrator. Bottom, left "Christmas Candles" dancers, front: Georgianne Hill, Sarah Grace Martin, Theresa Knoff, Mary Ralpheg back row: Belle Spatz, Martha Greene, Frances Tucker, and Pat Eubanks. Right: "White Christmas" Bar- bara Vick, Connie Brandon, Selma Jo Gilmore, Betty Fra- zierg back: Joan Armburst, soloist Mary Lee Jablonski, and Jeanine Wernitznig. "Yo With Danna and Sang Mlm' the ,4ir The Nativity scene from the Christmas pageant. Angels, left to right: Agnes Pitonyak, Margaret Cole, Mary F. Breyel, Carolyn Knight, Dorothy Probst, Dolores Freclrich, Elizabeth Roche, Gertrude Miller, jo Ann Cole, Emily Miller. Center: Isabelle Davis, Elizabeth Mack, Clementine Post, Louise Mosley, Patricia Bell. Baby angels: Peggy Gouldman, Brenda Smith, Frances Kay Ussery. Shepherds: Rose Lee Zaloudek, Mary K. Hall, Frances Bednar, Bertie Rossi. Rose Hogan, St. joseph, and Lorine Fredrick, Mary. Right: Rose Hogan as St. joseph, Lorine Fredrick, the Blessed Mother, and Clementine Post as the angel. Below, left: "Skaters" Anne Saenger, Patty johnson, joan Simmons, Billie jo Lewis, Mickey OlCOHHOI, Margaret Mack, Margo Renfrew, Ruth Gleason, Gayle Kyle, Betty Ann Ivey, Sally McFarland, and Anne Harrison. "Jingle Bells" Margie Tate, Carol Aucoin, Pat Katilius, Sandra White, Theresa Hum, Marianne Man- gan, Betty Sutton, Barbara Kresse, and Pat Carter. Center, Solo dancer, Mary Lee jablonski. Bottom left, the ballet en- semble, right: "April Showers" Marilyn Hart, jean Ann Pratt, Emogene Cumnock, Sammy Watkins, Rose Marie Battisto, Vernell Austen, and Frances Ford fcenterj. fl AQ 'Q I "' 1 7, xisyi ,ai-1-f fb? W'51-.54 ,Hia-if, Qgff-J 5 6 ss, 5 iii E 5 fs 'W WF .a?11? "f A., 1 'Pi ' - 1 " if 'W 5 5,2 I 1 A K 5 , x wg ' Q I if -as W F V A ' ' Y , v " .1,j,- . i " ' 3 ' " sf f , W", .jg ' H! 57551 -G+ s , I F! .. T L ...,,: K f I I ,4- xx 1 I , 1 I 'I' r J 1 1, I' I ' 1 ,I I1 I' "' 1 , if , J f 1' 1 I 1 f f I 4" I'f 1 mv .rw u vw, Dx M341 Ag fs M . ,wk il 5 55. Y s S Q: Q, X 3 5 1- :I-W-fm, me-N, .f , V7 4 :1 Xe f 4 311 m f 538' fi 1, Ziff, Q 5: , A Q ,h .. ug 'mwvggzia-sg. .fn W gag. ISE is ' . K A ,,,. q ,rw giggling? ' xkii A . 1 5 And Made a 611155 Z7c'rsor1aEfy Kim I ROSE HOGAN ABLONSK1 Ideal Sl. Marylv Girl MJEAN ANN PRATT MARY 1-EE S dang Most Likely to Surceed B 0-ff Llfely pg 5, M. Ben wud Aix! Per-Janaliiy Bef, Aimed on F ' ' dl Most nendly, yweeien xzgd BETTY FRAZIER BARBARA VXCK Ma,rt'SclJaal Spiril MARY KATHRYN Prettzexiej Bef! A161919 HALL gweetexl PAT DITTEMORE Bert Leader EMOGENE CUMNOCK Cutext DOLORES FREDRICH MoJ! Dependable FRANCES TUCKIER Mon Atlmrtiue w mlm A m g U QW Q- "T L' 51 , ,,.. f W1 bl 'Q K, gh 1 - wx. '7 . , 43 Q.,--FSH whim! Q 'N I Q f 'B 'Q gzw fx 'Xl 5 I . 543131 ? ag , 1' 1 -415+ f '. ,J QQ S-IZ." F15 ' A 1 -1' ' ' f A 3 ' JQ' I A, fQ9w'Q -. Q-1. 11 A ' fur. , ' ,X .ff Jwvy XL W 'P 5 L . . ,, , I J! , ,VQI . t Q . Q " "" " -- GS qi -ax :- ' V V a -:Q J ' '. M 'Q '-pi, ' , if xwyy A, nm V f . x i 3 2 i HF 'i 9 kit? G Us f' . , W 'Sf if' A. 5. -f I -xx 1 .5 gf ,Ex 2 x FW mf' f"M afQ ,nf li 5 ri 5 ,A 'ff si if S 5 v .MM 1 ' H f Q u .lyf wx S? iflflouozf' Wo ke We 2lOuz'Z9o I "im ,Mount Stag Af Work MOUNT jOURNALlSTS Who, as juniors, fulfilled the requirements for membership in the Press Club constitute the staff of the MOUNT, student newspaper, during their senior year. Pictured above: Betty Frazier and Mary Lee jablonski, co-editors of the MOUNT, discuss page make-up, while Sammy Watkins, Carolyn Knight, and Beverly Balch, circulation managers, fold copies for mailing. Betty Sue Ball and Dolores Fredrich, business managers, check advertising and sales returns. Lower row pictures the MOUNT staff at work with editors and business managers deep in plansg right, Rita Lucas and Phyllis Hampel report to Betty, and Mary Lee gives a re- porter's assignment to Rose Battisto. .Quill Am! Scroll Society MOUNT Press Club members who earned membership in Quill and Scroll, journalism honor society, are pictured at the candle-lighting initiation ceremony. Left to right: Dolores Fredrich, Betty Frazier, Carolyn Knight, Phyllis Hampel, Betty Sue Ball, Mary Lee jablonski, inducted last year as a junior, who conducted the initiation, Rita Lucas and Jeanie Shepherd. Nor piriuredz Barbara Barlow, Junior, who also earned Quill 61 Scroll membership. Weylfladv lla rmerciun 'zz W0 k Iffjlff ,Merciau Stay? YE EDITORS Betty Frazier fcenterj editor, with auori- ale edilorf, Phyllis Hnmpel and Sammy Watkins. MERCIAN make-up staff at work, planning to surpass the '49 MER- CIAN: Rose Hogan, Phyllis, Betty, Patsy XVatts, Sammy, and Frances Bednar. CIRCULATION MANAGERS THE BELLES BEHIND THE BOOK The ad go-getters who raised the money to finance the MER- CIAN. Standing: Carol Smith, Clarice Cross, Pat Dittemore, Vickey Dickey, Elizabeth Mack, Mary jane Hooks, jean Ann Pratt, seated: Helen Krallman, Jeannie Shepherd, advertising marzagerg and Susie Gilmore. Mary Lee jablonski, Betty Sue Ball, and Beverly Balch. ADVERTISING COMMITTEE MEMBERS Frances Tucker and Rosemary Burnett fstandingj check in with BUSINESS MANAGERS typists, Rose Marie Nabholz and Lorine Frederick. Carolyn Knight and Dolores Fredrich keep up with the debits and Credits. 1, 4 'Q E V tx 'wa xg, v-f ar f Our Plan Made the Pram tl kealiy 5 pei ti 2.5 I l I l tl psi l l I . Q l si we -Pboto by Larry Obrimie, WxAf?dII d.f Gazette Senior Hal! Kammittcc Senior ball committee chairmen in charge of arrangements for the formal dance, held traditionally on the Friday after Easter, were Frances Tucker Qcenter backj general chairmang standing left, Joann Cole, assessments committee chairmang Sammy Watkins, decorationsg seated, left, Frances Bednar, ticketsg and Emogene Cumnock, publicity. in 1,5- f- ...-' .. f F' .1 5 N 0 4 ....v, 1 vrv SN wg .. 1 as 4-A rt" lm W W ' A f . I "4 sf Q :Viv K r 1 wr A I L-14 I lj ,M 'sf Jitq-N iw---Q., r 7 ixvifi f .if 'X "isp .111 A A wwf f' af 4 'my sh 1 mf A ns ,N Jw .Jw MHA w -4 gi? I 9.41: 40 -S4 I M 4 V W 1:53 Y z 1 rj. N G 54 9 i 3- 1 5512 1 1 1 Cfampus .Queen Jlflcrciau Queen 601111 .Queen MARY KATHRYN HALL - M- 4 , 5.5 l6'azaarQucc11 MARY LEE JABLONSKI ,. 'P . . .H '- W. r L 1 K . ' 1 ! . + V 1 t . 31415 ' 1 A-. I uv? gia 2 9 fe-uf Tal xx Vg '- like ii 4, -v 5, 00 'Q og qt QQ.: I I fm, Y. K rf Y . O A .., -.lg Vx N .12 ,- qx y .ay , 4. ii"-Q ' 'mf 'K 32 VK ,I f..U,., 5 HW bmi.-g 5532 f I Q A iyv 313 3 Lat? , iw S. P K ,fig .. P'r""!'ag ---neg W A. , , YL A f Z 4 ' . L L M , A , , ,..w..W im., rv---,v...M...uu Chunk to Our .patron ll d Qricnds Very Rev. Thom!! Keany Rev. Raymond O'Dwyer, Rev. Edward J. McCormick St. Louis School Camdenl Sr. John's School, Hot Springs St. Mary's Senior Class Mount Press Club B-Square Math Club Clubulxpagnol Mr. 8: . James E. Barron Mr. 8: Mrs. J. A. Binz Mr. Elbert Brnz Robbie Powell . Q Mr. 8: Mrs, Frank J. Grnocchro Betsy 8: Bev B. A Miss Marquerlte Feild Miss Margaret Marchese Mr. 8: Mrs. M. D. Karcher Mr. 8: Mrs. Bernard T. Herinze Miss Gloria Jean Harmon 44 Miss Ruth Whitehead Mr. 8: Mrs. C. E. Henderson Mr. 8: Mrs. R. W. Hunter, Jr. Miss Betty Sue Ball Lt. 8: Mrs. E. M. 'Johnson Mr. 8: Mrs. Bert I.. Roberts, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mike Calderara Mr. 8: Mrs. Eoe Adair b Mr. 8: Mrs. . N. Sterdrvant Miss Peggy Doig '48 Mrs. Florida Martin Miss Helene Lang '48 Mrs. Norma Powell Mr. 8: Mrs. C. S. Coburn Mr. 8: Mrs. F. E. Stephenson :Mira 8: Mrs. Frank Borden iss Frances Byrd '49 John N etti - 'BulTalo" Pierpaoli Miss Miss Bob Angela Battisto '56 Candy Walker Peters. Jr. Roy Hardcastle Miss lnny Spinelli '48 Bailey Bland Mr. Charles P. Ouletta Mr. 8: Mrs. Chas. A. Edwards Mrs. G. H.. Mathis Mr. Thomas Miller Mr. Carroll Clark Miss Patricia Bell. Mr. G. H. Ayrazian Miss Sophia Janesko Miss Frances Plafcan '46 Miss Mary Frances Bill '47 Mr. 8:AMrs. Henry Mann Miss Sidney Prewett Miss Sheila Dungan Miss Mary .Belle Johnson Miss Patricia Lrpsmeyer Miss Sue Wagner Mr. 8: Mrs. mln A. Bedner Miss J:oAnn nar ' Miss rances Walter 42 Miss Gertrude Walter 58 E. . Fournier Mrs. E. B. Bong Mrs. Verna Bec man g Mr. S. Jae McNeil iss tty ean op Mr. William Fredrick- Mr. 8: Mrs. T. J. Guanella Miss Pat Taglor Mrs. Marie . Lord Mr. J. W. Bartley Mrs. J- J. Freeman, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. J.. Patrick Welch Miss Genevieve Szczepanrak '41 Miss Mary Brrnback 45 Mr. William Frederick, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Herman H. Brenton Miriam Jo Benkovitz Mr. 8: Mrs. George Ussery Miss Rita Sarna Miss Rita Lgnch '48 Mr. Henry . Fredrick Mr. Louis Fredrick- l Mrs. Catherine -Maiewski '42 Miss Cathy Malewskr Miss Sylvia Maiewskr Bill Kordsmerer Very Rev. Joseph A. Murray Rev. Martin Busby V St. Mary's Church, Hot Springs St. Patrick's School North Little R St. Joseph's School Tontitown St. Mary's Junior Class American Historg Club A . Sodaliry of the lessed .hrgin Belles of Sr. MlU'S , Mr. 8: Mrs. D. C. Hastings Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Garhacz t-rank Ott Mr.. r-uid. Bila- Mr. 8: Mrs. Louis Hart Miss Betty June Green Mr. Burkett Sims Mr. 8: Mrs. James Dawds Miss Mary Lou Brown Dr. 8: Mrs. Gaston Hebert Mr. 8: Mrs. ljoe Dahlem Mr. Frank A ameda Mr. 8: Mrs. K. W. Douglass Mr. 8: Mrs. Leo Schoppmeyer Phil 8: Frances Mr. 8: Mrs. P. R. Renfrow Mr. 8: Mrs. James A. Brandon Lucette 8: Phoebe Darby Mr. 8: Mrs. W. E. Darby Mr. 8: Mrs. C. V. Hoke Mr. 8: Mrs. Bohn Truemper Mr. 8: Mrs. . elson Mr. 8: Mrs. W. . Stannus Miss Cynthia Rushing Mr. 8: Mrs. R. A. Bethune Dr. 8: Mrs. B. A. Rhrnehart Mr. 8: Mrs. B. D. Brandon Miss Irene Barthol n Miss Wanda Grnocchro Miss Pat Carter E. F. Woodson Mr. 8: Mrs. Dr, 8: Mrs. T. M. Hill Mr. 8: Mrs. G, A. Aucoin Miss Belle kick Holt, Jlr. rs. B. E. ate E. I.. Villareal Lester S. Marks Young John H. Greene Miss Deborah Ebbrng Miss Polly Gilmore 46 Mr. Bob G2 h Miss Sarah race Martin Miss Marti Rhinehart '49 Dr. 8: Mrs. D. A. Rhrnehart Mr. 8: Mrs. I... W. Booker Bev R. 8: Joan Mr. 8: Mrs. Jack C. East Mr. 8: Mrs. A. P. Stedem Miss Jerry Flanigan '49 Mrs. H. A. Bowers Maybian 8: Edgar Mr. 8: Mrs. Warren E. Clark Mr. 8: Mrs. Bill M. Queen Miss Joan Rauch.'49 Miss .Jeanne Easrin '49 A Friend A Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Brrzzolara rlziir. 8: Mrs. Fred yenner Spatz Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Miss Leona Mr. 8: Mrs. iss Miss Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. A W .49 Mlm AnpcF'l '4 ary une in ey 9 Arthur Zaloudek, Jr. J. T. Leonard '43 Arthur Zaloudek, Sr. L. E. Zaloudek, Sr. James Gibbs Mr. John Murraga Mr. 8: Mrs. J. . Callahan Miss Mary Wersrzka Mrs. Nan N. Cole Anna Schmelzer William M. Lachowsky Mrs. Thomas F. Smith Willard E. Crawford Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold .Diedrich Miss Dorothy Maggi Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Rovelli Miss Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. A. L. Parke Mr Miss Par Malachowslri '49 Miss Mildred Fredrick '47 Miss Rose Mary Schriver '45 Mrs. S. M. Carter, 4Jr. '4l' Miss Irene Gerke ' 5 Miss Miss Margaret Blankenship '46 Rita Gerlre '43 Miss Bettsy Pritchett '49 Miss Jo anders '47 ' Mrs. oretta Malachowski Mr. 8: Mrs. T. A. Schriver Mr. R. F. Gilmore Mr. 8:'Mrs.IJ. V. Gilmore Mr. D,. B. aley Mr. 8: Mrs. W. T. Gilmore. Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. A. S. Grooms Mr. 8: Mrs. W. G. Sieber Mr. 8: Mrs. Don Jones Mr. 8: Mrs. R. Howard Mr. 8: Mrs. lmer Woodson Mr. 8: Mrs. E. R. Kemp Mr. 8: Mrs. T. W. Carter Mr.- 8: Mrs. R. T. Scott Mrs. Sophia Vollett Miss Olivia Vollett Miss Mildred Vollett Mr. Rr Mrs. J. W. Harrington Mr. R. JZorn Mr. Joseph Mangrum Mr. A. . Twrning Mr. Bert Fegan Mr. Les Laviana Miss Louise Miller Mr. 8: Mrs. Carl Meurer Miss Mary Ann Mergenschroer Mr. 8: Mrs. Jack Grobmyer Mr. Paul Ashour u Miss Mary Caromn Miller '47 Mr. 8: Mrs. . Harrington Mr. 8: Mrs. . L. gohnston Miss Carolyn Nab olz Miss Lorene Dussex Mr. Joseph Enderlin I Mr. 8: Mrs. Henrs Enderlin Mr. 8: Mrs. Dan ayer . 8: Mrs. Henry Nabholz . 8: Mrs. Irvin Stormes Tommy Pitonyak A Miss Beulah Marie Harris Mr. 8: Mrs. I.. C. Saenger Bob Sullivan Mr. 8: Mrs. John Froley Miss Ann Froley A. C. May, Jr. Mr Mr ocli Rt. Rev. James P. Gadney Rev. W. K. Wellman St. Mary's School, North Little Rock St. Anne's Academy, Fort Smith Sts. Cyril 8: Methodius School, Slovac St. Mary's Sophomore Class Government lub Junior High Club Commercial Club Mr. 8: Mrs. Jlames Longinotti. Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. ames Sullivan Mr. John Werner Mr. 8: Mrs. Rex Clark Maurice Durham Mrs. Helen Hooker Mrs. Marie Y. Hinkson Miss Barbara Hinkson Rev. Lamesglt .McDonnell Rev. o Rredmueller Good Counsel School, Little Rock St. Joseph's Academy, Mena Holy Redeemer School El Dorado St. Mary's Freshman Class llgiatrgaal I-lane: Society io- em u Le. Cercle Francais Miss Lorraine Hooks '45 Joe Isbell 5dissPAranie Makovec oe ns ovsky , Mr. 8: Mrs. Stanley Saranie I Mr. 8: Mrs. Ed Chudy 8: Family Mr. Edvard D. Hooks Miss Dolores Hooks '48 Miss Miss Pamalia Noblin Lenora Vetoich Mr. 8: Mrs, George Basore Mr. 8: Mrs. Fred Roche Mrs. Lulu May Mrs. Dorotw James Miss Rita .clay '43 Mrs, Johnnie pungblood Mr. 8: Mrs. Philip DeSalvo Mr. 8: Mrs. Umberto Brugnone Mr. Tom Tatum Miss Crgtal Sanderson Mr. 8: rs. Elmer E. Holcom Mr. 8: Mrs. Roy Harper Mr. 8: Mrs. E. L. Stone Mr. 8: Mrs. E. Swope Mr.. 'r. F. ltimed Miss Anna Belle Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymon DeClue Mr. 8: Mrs. William P. Bond Miss Pat Stedem '49 Mr. 8: Mrs. Leon Siepiela Mrs. Dorothb Donelson Mrs. James . Banks Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Koehler, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Brirnmer Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Gallin Mrs. Sheldon Vrnsonhaler Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Koehler Virginia Weeks Bennett '46 Mrs. I... R. Weathersby Mr. 8: Mrs. B. J. Breaux Raymond Rossi Miss Loretta Lukas '40 Mrs. Martha Siepiela Ira Strack U Miss Mziray Rita Schlatterer '49 Mr. 8: rs. 'IT Schlatterer Mr. 8: Mrs. V. J. Burgy Mr. Joe Kirchner, ir. Nicholas Krrc ner Plc. Mr. Joe Knittee Miss goan Glendening '49 Mr. harlex Gaffney Mr. Mr. Edwar Pruss 8: Mrs. Max Malachowsky Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry Altenhofel, Sr Miss Dorothy Altenhofel '49 Miss Mr. Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Miss Florence Sarna '49 Max Jenders 1 Margaret Zakrzewskr are H. Paris . V. McCoy Reba Blacklock Cyril Malachowski 8: Mrs. E. Makoski F. L. Eng ish E. B. KmghtMJr. 8: Mrs. Carl . Rose Theresia Koehler 8: Mrs. D P Callahan Mr. . . Mr. 8: Mrs. J. M. Bulmanski Mr. Mr. Miss Mr. Mr. Miss Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. Miss 8: Mrs. ,John E. Miller Philip enders Mary Sereriynski '45 8: Mrs. . . Bulmanski 8: Mrs. oe Dobrovich Annie onecny Mary Ann 'iucas '46 Anna Massey Rita Hamling Thomas Barron '48 Leona Shook '49 Miss Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Miss Miss Miss Miss Haro Miss Mr. Miss Mr. Miss Miss Miss 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mary Ann Uhiren '49 8: Mrs. L. P. Dumboski dt Mrs..Steve Pruniski 8: McDermott Josephine. cDermott 8: Mrs. Julio Prerpoali 8: Mrs. J. Tatom 8: Mrs. Ed Fargo Geprge Porlet . A. Elerhn Leverett Theresa Eukeman 8: Mrs. . T. Baker Frank ujarski 8: Mrs. . J. Kennedy 8: Mrs. e Marchese 8: Mrs. Allbert Hamling Paul T. Mooser '47 8: Mrs. William Coleman M. P. Wrelkrewecz W. P. Brock 8: Mrs. Linsky. 8: Mrs. omas Morrissey 8: Mrs. C. P. Blake imreker R. A. 6: Mrs. ames E. Green 8: Mrs. obert Grapevine Allene Ballon '48 Kathleen Ballou '48 JoAnn Hogston ainc Roe ld Simmons Hem. Benish ames Douglass Louise Srefiela Louis If-:lil aH E t Mary een amp on Mary Lou Brock '49 Dorothy Bishop Sherry Hart George Hart Michael Hart Miss Loretta Menna '49 Eddie .McEwen Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Mrs. Miss Pat Smashey Nanci Ann Hall Sue' rown Rosemary Stranz '49 Billie Don Montgomery Mary Hart Frances Hart Mr. 8: Mrs. Andrew Bauer Mr. 8: Mrs. Martin Borchert Mr. 8: Mrs. R. S. Peters Mr. Gerald Sgrrenger Q Mr. 8: Mrs. amuel G. Smith Miss Margaret Hampel Mr. 8: Mrs. Roy Deller Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Finkbeiner Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank A. Porbeck Mr. 8: Mrs. Qtto Finkbeiner Miss Polly Erchelmann '49 Mr. 8: Mrs. Ed Wilkins Miss Carol Ann I-lart Mr. 8: Mrs. Collin Cox Miss Patsy Nord . Mr. 8: Mrs. E. J. Hernze Mr. 8: Mrs. Armour McFarland Mr. 8: Mrs. H. P. Love Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Fischer Mr. 8: Mrs. W. H. Harrison Miss Ida Jane Youngblood '49 Miss 'Betty Jo Rechtin Plc- Andrew J. Luras Bill Heiliglas z Logan Slaughter ' Mrs. Bill Fortson '47 Miss Mary Ralghe Miss Pat Murp y '49 Miss Barbara Parke Jane Haubersin Mildred Laux Mr. Elmer Grant Mr. Sam Hill Mr. 8: Mrs. Joe Hooks Mr. Robert Neuckam Floyd Lorince Lloyd Lorince George Lorince Edward Ciganek Mr. Andrew T. Plafcan Victor Hiryak Cyril Plafcan Jghnny Plafcan I r. 8: Mrs. John Lrsko Mr. 8: Mrs. Pete Nahay Mr. 8: Mrs. Emil Nahay Dick McCollum Miss Miss Mr. 8:.Mrs. W. Probst Miss Linda Cahanm '49 Mrs. Lack Rhodes Miss at McCarthy Miss Betty Lou Watson Freddie Lon inottx 8: Mrs. P. Schmutzler Mr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Vinc Sokora Mrs. Leland Greer Mrs. Charles R. Robers, jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Earl J. Martin Mrs. Joe DeClerk Mr. 8: Mrs. guintin H. DeClerk Mr. 8: Mrs. . C. YanCuren Mr. 8: Mrs. Ro Lagscomb Mr. 8: Mrs. T. R ed Mr. 8: Mrs. A. C. Fisher Mr. 8: Mrs. Andrew Bauer Mr. 8: Mrs. W. M. Robertson Mr. 8: Mrs. Hagan Shive Mr. 8: Mrs. me W. Hampel Mr. 8: Mrs. ichael Heim Mr. 8: Mrs. R. C. Robertson Mrs. D. E. Richard Mr. Fred Pack Mrs. Albena Caywood Who rf H647 Wm vcd the ifvlcrc lm ' Dr. Br Mrs. George Biggs Mr. Bt Mrs. Ed Rogers . Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles Moemster Mr. C. W. Kelly Mrs. julia McJohnson Mr. A. W. Thompson Mrs. J. B. McKinney Mr. 8: Mrs. Lowell Wilson Dr. At Mrs, Joe Musil Mr. dr Mrs. S. H. Forbiss Mr. Br Mrs. John Chaney Mrs. Herschel Logan Mr. Stephen Spearman Mr. William Llever Mr. Ralph Hunter Miss Dorothty V. Whitecotton Mrs. F. A. outlee Miss Betty Jordan Mrs. Jimmie Renda '48 Miss Gayle Kyle Miss Evelyn Smith. R. N. Col. 8: Mrs. M. J. Courlee Lohn Br Paul Coutlee aymond Bwie Miss Rosie inters '49 Miss Susan Malloy Miss finely Keith Miss ay Hadley Miss Shirley Wreyford Miss Kathryn Brady Miss Anne Hansen Miss Sim Miss Mrs. Miss Miss Miss Miss if on elen hitehead C. M. Meehan Katherine Williams Anne Saengerl Barbara Orgain Kathryn Phillips Miss Helen Duelrner Miss Billie Joe Lewis Miss Dot Lukas '49 Miss Miss Sh'l Tenn Mdi'yeyEllen Williams Miss Beverly Smith Miss Freda Schlatterer Miss Margaret Ann Jones Miss Claire Saenger Miss Nancy Crale '47 Miss Dorothy Saenger Miss Martha Greene Miss Joan Ball Miss Gay Martello Miss Claudine Aldridge Miss Bev Freeman Mr. Ei Mrs. Fred Hart Mr. 8: Mrs. Ed Hart Mrs. Kathryn Williams Mr. W. C. Fiddyment Mrs. William Ke ly Mrs. Annette Hoyt Miss Janet Lee Jones '49 Bernard McCrea Mr. Bc Mrs. Henry Lanz Mr, 5: Mrs. H. Bopp Mr. Bl Mrs. rnest Thorpe Mr. C. J. Rutliner Mrs. Ann Fincher Louis Greenwell Dr. 6: Mrs. C. R. Chesnutt, Sr. Mrs. Annette Clark Mrs. Thelma Wasem Miss Bennie Pritchett '48 Mr. Jess Ward Mr. 8: Mrs. Fred Clark Mr. 6: Mrs. Mr. Br Mrs. Mr. at Mrs. Miss Sandra Mr. ar Mrs. Mr. ac Mrs. Mr. at Mrs. Mr . 8: Mrs. Mr. Joe M. Mr. at Mrs. . Bt Mrs. Mr Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs Carl H. Hermann Louis Strack L. D. Walls George Watt White oe Bruck . A. Mattingly . E. Mattingly Lee Hoifman Bruck John Drone Albert Grabher A. M. Emmerling J J Straessle Miss Carol 'Arin Bracy Miss Norma Lehman Mrs. Lucy Mancini Miss Gayle Lech Miss Sal y Ann McFarland Mr. sr Mrs. M. A. Long Miss Elizabeth Ann Louie Gloria Aragon Vda. de rquera Mr. at Mrs. J. A. Lech Miss Marie Urbani '47 Miss Ethel Griffin Miss Mary Zelda Woods Mr. William P. Woods Mr. Br Mrs. George M. Woods The Grasinger's Mrs. Virginia Brothers '45 Mr. 8: Mrs. . O. Ward Mr. Br Mrs. . W. Woodiel, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Claude H. Powell Mrs. Emma Trafton Miss Margaret Breyel '47 Mr. Gr Mrs. Fred Walloch Mr. it Mrs. F. G. Walker Mr. dc Mrs. Roy Pearrow Mr. 81 Mrs. R. V. Williams Mr. 8: Mrs. C. H. Arnold Mrs. W. C. Sharp Mr. W. H. Russell Miss Mary Evelyn Priest Mr. Joseph W. Connelley Mrs, Patricia Strozyk Miss Catherine Murphy Herman Tesch-Waita Mr. 81 Mrs. D. L. Shaer Mr. 8: Mrs. Bert Brinson Mr. James '0. Bright Miss Mildred Booth Miss Grace Booth '48 Miss Helen Booth '47 Mr. Richard Byrne . Kenny Oberste . 8: Mrs. John Branch . Br Mrs. Harry Bermer Mr. 8: Mrs. Karl Deuerling Mr. Bt Mrs. Jlohn Deuerling Miss Donna itter '49 Miss Bett Lou Pozza '47 Mr. Br lvlts. Tom Gaisbauer Miss An eline Willmann Mrs. Nia: Eichelmann Miss Rosie Stuart '47 Miss Terry Zackert Miss Shirley Skeeter, Mil . , Miss Deeda Nahas '49 Mrs. Doris Emerson Bumett . Mrs. Waldo Tiller Mrs. Guy Freelmi . Warren Cobb limes Hornibrook Mr. Mrs. en Hgfan Mr. Br Mrs. G. L. eadows Mr. S. J. Lynch Carl Blacklock Wright Vermilya Ill Mrs. Edith Harvey Mr. John J. Engelberger Mrs. Esther Morgan Mrs. R. K. Brown Miss Marie Benton Mr. 8: Mrs. Gordon Hunt Miss Man Heyburn Mrs. argaret Dittemote Mr. Br Mrs. Igoe Barbo Mrs. James- unn Mr. Br Mrs. W. W. Singleton Mr Mr Mr Mr M r. ie 'fy ya. Billy D 5555 23292 Mrs. . Mrs. . Br Mrs. Nathan Fletcher, Jr. ickey Miss Dnores Maach '49 . 5: . ant t rs Bliijlinaiiiki '47 Miss Alma Mr. at Mrs. Charles Marak Miss Linda Grohoski Mr. ar Mrs. Ralph Bergschneider Mr. dr Mrs. N. 0. Henderson . Lt. Col. 6: Mrs. E. R.-Wernitznig Miss Jeanine Wemitznig Mr. 8: Mrs. Gilbert Howell Mr. 6: Mrs. Roy H. Noel Mr. 6: Mrs. Bo d Johnston Mr. at Mrs. Sidney Gibson Miss Barbara Barlow Mrs. Mark Francis Wade Mr. 8: Mrs. H. P. Hardin Richard Hardin Mr. Jack Morgan Marg Ann Ford Bub a Ford n V Mrs. Echo Pruniski Miss bb Biltz '49 Mr. 8: blrs. Frank Funx Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Meeks Mr. Br Mrs. S. Drazenzak Mr. Sam Wher Miss Gerry assery '49 Miss Wanda Carter '49 Mr. Br Mrs. H. L. Spearman Mr. 8: Mrs. Ed Barry Mr. Vanderslice Mrs. Evie Postelwaite Mrs. Elizabeth Werstzka Miss Velma Cook Mr. Johnson Mr. 8: Mrs. R. G. Squires Miss Theresa Gloor Oscar, Jr. 6: PattvQ7 Mr. Harry Qoel ellrnan Charlg Martin . D Miss orothy Janik 49 Charles Blaty Q Mr. at Mrs. Herman Deuerling Mr. 81 Mrs. Joe Uhiren Mr. John J. Sipos Mr. 8: Mrs. E. L. Harrell Miss Charlotte Buiarski '49 Miss Dottie Massery '48 Mr. Elm r H Bednar C . Mr. Bt Mrs. John Taylor Mrs. Imelda Morgan Logan Mr. W. F. Gazette Mrs. Vincent Collins '43 Mr. Louis Muller. Sr. Classic Beauty Salon Eva Ward's Grocery Meyers Florist Corder's Model Marker Butler's Sundries I.ane's Jewelers Miildri-d's Blklgfg e o gery op Merle lsorcnan Studio Fredrick Dance Studio Smith's Drug Store Blanche's Studio MacArthur Park Pharmacy Economy Drug Store Beurkle Drug Co., Stuttgart Business Patrons Ideal Cleaners. Stuttgart Ben Franklin Store, tuttgart W. E. Barnhoft Grocer Bc Frozen Food Lockers Bailey's Drug Store. Gurdon Scroggs Chevrolet Co., Hazen Molls Cafe, Conway Hiegel Lumber Company, Conway Thessing Grocery, Conway Fletcher Smith Jewelry, Conway Dayer Hardware. Conway Ben Franklin, Conway JWC. Penny, Co., Conway . iegner's elicatessen, Hot Springs Roscoe's Liquor Store, Hot Springs Lingo Food Market, Hot Springs Good Shepherd Laundry, Hot Springs , Wiener Mr. and Max. J. W. Harrington Big Automotive, Hot Springs - Maglsern Hardware 8: Supply Co.. Hot Springs l. E. Harper 8: Son Furniture, Hot Springs Bason 8: Delaney Service Station, Hot Springs Jake Poe Furniture Co.. Hot Springs I Country Club Tourist Court. Hot Springs Kallsnick's Dairy, Hot Springs The Uniform Shop, Hot Iaprings h Boyd's Grocery Bt Fruit arket, .Hot Springs Higgins Filling Station, Hot Springs Brandenburg Cleaners, Hot Springs Bill Seiz, Jr. Neon Signs, Hot Springs Kimbrell Pharmacy, Hot Springs Oscar's Bakery, Hot Stprings Joe Mauhfauz Ricelan Tavern, Stuttgart 8: Mrs. W. E. Austen Q' ,mm QQ RS N Q5 Q G O B "EL 3 fb D 1-1- E "-I 5' Q. F1 U Q UU D' n ni F1 .fn '-I 'D' 0 5 3 U' Q 71 rn O FN r-1 IT' fb O P11 P5 UD VD 2' o Ph D-1 XO XJ! o P5 , . 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D cn 3- 0 as H1 2 0 Z U7 Op 5 z zzzzzz 95 93 I 1 A 5-O 7 Q zowszffzsesvsrx 9,-2-, Qtek -I H 9-2 UU Q aizgzgzzzgggfqgggg ' "3. ?:'-?"f3?:"1'- w- 1'1" O E cn I-4:-"-'5'7P:'un'u 1 '11 5 Qvppigfiwiifiiigs , ' N . G A I .8 '-2 51S?F?g5"s"i'5f5,,5"igg3 5?-cgig,-4,5-a:9w5, 3 QS 3'S'S572-'EWS' 3 U' i "" n.Fu'GE S-1 1: F ar- Q-? E2 X .,, 2. f A f n . -O 1 , v L4 A i 0 3 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduates Congratulations to the Graduates . SISTERS 012' MERCY SISTERS OF MERCY ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL Warner-Brown Hospital FORT SMITH w L A EL DORADO s-z :-x ARKANSAS ,I-H, pnnnq I . Congratulating the Graduates Congratulggidns ffgm SAM M. WASSELL ROSS L. LAWHON MAYOR Mayor of Little Rock NORTH LITTLE Rocx, ARKANSAS Compliments of ST. MARY'S PARISH Fr. Chas. F. Stanowski. Pastor Fr. James P. McDonnell, Asst. Pastor Sixteenth and Moss North Little Rock Complimenting the Graduates Our Lady of Good Counsel Church Rt. Rev. John B. Scheper, Pastor Rev. Jos. M. Walshe, Assistant COMKPLIMENTS OF , C ' SAINT PATRICK s CHURCH """""""""' ""' '3""""""' ST. ANDREW'S CATHEDRAL fir!-fs Rt. Rev. Msgr. James P. Gaffney, Pastor Rev. B. F- McDevitt, Rector Rev- William Wellman Rev. William J. Burke Rev. Leo Riedmueller Rev' John J' Kettler Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduates 00K MPV of file 000' .S'0lll.S" PARISH Rt. Rev. Msgr. F. A. Allen, Pastor Rev. John C. O'Dwyer To Buy or Sell See Arkansas' Largest Realtors FAUSETT AND COMPANY 215 Louisiana Street Compliments of Congratulations! HUNT-RITCHIE DRUGS CHIEF JACK PYLE Park Hill North Little Rock Police Dept Best Wishes, Graduates CATHOLIC YOUTH ORGANIZATION Most Rev. Albert L. Fletcher, D.D. Rev. James P. McDonnell Congratulations to the Graduates from Chief G. L. Nalley Asst. Chief Arthur Williams LITTLE ROCK FIRE DEPARTMENT "HeIp Us to Prevent Fires" Compliments! VA WHITE PONTIAC Cll., I . Capitol Ave. at State Little Rock SPRADLEY SERVICE STATION Compliments of Washing and Lubrication SUNSHINE CLEANERS Pick up and Delivery Service 4024 west Markham Phone 3-9894 ml East 'Silt Sffeef STERIING DEPARTMENT STORE Capitol Avenue at Center LITTLE ROCK PHOTO-ENGRAVING COMPANY Advertising Art Printing Plates 214W Louisiana St. Hotel Accommodations s'r. JoHN's PLACE Compliments of Adjacent to St. John's Church 9 Hot Springs, Ark. S Congratulations THE CONERATERNITY OE CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE Most Rev. Albert L. Fletcher Rev. James P. McDonnell Bishop of Little Rock Moderator ALLIED TELEPHONE 81 ELECTRIC CO. Hardware 0 Sporting Goods 2819 Kavanaugh "In Hillcrest" lITTlE ROCK SAS PACKING C0 9 Q? g 4,46 'f I 1 ' jg' QI :FIX '.1Ii'IlLIII JP' ',- Packers of -Jdf 'UU Arkansas Maid Beef and Pork I X Brand Products 590 K YAIIIXX Congratulations, Graduates Compliments of DOROTHY DONELSON W. H. SATTERFIELD SCHOOL OF DANCE Investment Securities 23I V2 Main Street Phone 4-I I67 Lime Rock WRIGHT SERVICE CO., INC. Service the "Wright" Way Broadway at Second Phone 2-6143 Little Rock, Arkansas SILBERNAGEL CO., INC. Compliments of Wholesalers of Fine Wines 81 Liquor Distributors of Golden West Wine And Griesedieck Bros. Premium CAN DY COMPANY LW' Lage' Bee' l 'rnvti-"' BALCH MOTOR CO., Inc. ,600 Broadway LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Oldsmobile - Sales and Service I 1 MILK PRODUCTS COMPANY S l l42l West 8th Street 0 Phone 4-9540 GROCERY 84 MARKET Little Rock, Arkansas FANCY GROCERES ' Phono 30189 3824 W. 12th FOR THE FlNEST IN DIAMONDS, WATCHES AND BEAUTIFUL JEWELRY, REMEMBER SERVING You I JEWELERS siNCE iaao 511 MAIN ST. Miss Dolores Gloor M9"Ci0f" Queen Congratulations and Best Wishes MODELS A to the Graduates COLLlER'S ONEIg'1"?6'SND M. 0. Brunton Construction Co GENERAL BUILDING CONTRACTORS Gazette Bldg., Little Rock, Ark. Congratulations! MALCO THEATRE5, INC. Rialto - Princess - Park - Drive-ln CO"'P'i"'e"'S of "2fiIEiff.'i'iT',1l?.'if,'I?E 2'2ii.TZ,'l?" EAGLE MODEL MARKET 306-8-10 West Capitol Ave. NOl'll"lE'l'l'6 Sf., N0l"l'l'l l..I'l'1'le ROCk Telephone Little Rock Compliments of BOPP BEAUTY 81 BARBER SUPPLY CO. I I 9 0 9 A ' STORE QBMEN I YOUR ADAM HAT DEALER 'I25 MAIN STREET F 1 , l4v , I J , Our CllIIgNIlllIlIli0llJ to the Gmzluates Wm. T. Stover Company, Inc. HOSPITAL and PHYSICIANS' EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES i 721-725 Main Street l.m'us Roux, ARKANSAS Phone 5-1211 ' ' fr, V 7 V 7 i 1 , "Tl: G d' ' I Complzments of- e mr. mn m Every Catbolxc Home" MCCLURE JEWELERS THE GUARDIAN PRESS I I 6 W Ca 1 Ph 64 4 Religious Articles I 11 I ' 2- 1 es Plto one Rosaries-Prayerbooks-Cruci6xes F Little Rock, Arkansas 311 West Second Little Rock Congratulations to Miss Pot Dittemore ond the other Groduotes. enfral Surgical Comp on ,Im Little Rock 918 MAIN STREET ARKANSAS PHONE 4-9748 I I TIMES PRINTING 8: PUBLISHING CO., Inc. Phone 4-3208 North Little Rock 515 Main Stieff C om plimentx of I Arkansas Amusement Co. Theatres D. F. Callahan, Manager Arkansas Center Capitol Heights New Lee Prospect Roxy Asher Drive-In I CARPETS and l.lNOl.EUM " from America's Leading Manufacturers 1 I llTTl.E ROCK - E. L. V I CARPET a. Linoleum co. ' ""e"' 8' Company Phono 5-0219 Pham 5-om 117 West Second Street 116 W. 4th Si. The Graduates' Pictures NVere Made by I caffg Qoclrh ogzacbng pAofograpAer 117 West Sixth Street Phone 4-1195 Little Rock, Ark. We make special rates of Photographs to all Students N --I IC COMPANY Arkansas' Largest and Most Complete Music Store O PIANOS O ORGANS O INSTRUMENTS O SHEET MUSIC O RECORDS O RADIOS O APPLIANCES O FLOOR FURNACES O EASY TERMS I 12-1 14 East 7th Street Phone 2-5151 Compliments of J. R. GROBMYER LUMBER COMPANY H Compliments of HEIM BROTHERS Wholesale Meats 2800 w. isfh Little Rock, Ark. 1707 W- 'ith Phone 5-5324 Little Rock Compliments of SOUTHWESTERN "Delicious Food" rolussts ASSOCIATION 1714 Main North Little Rock 518 N, Cedar Phone 3-3048 HAMPTON Compliments of FURNITURE COMPANY Quality Furniture and Appliances Free Delivery Anywhere in the State llTTlE ROCK BOYS' ClUB "Building Better Boyhood" HEADQUARTERS Boys' Clubs of Arkansas Arkansas A. A. U. Little Rock Association Amateurs Arkansas Baseball Congress Arkansas Softball Association Traveler Buddies "Youth of Arkansas" l .Vi I 4, V, . I 3-1-:5B, 'U I A: ' A " . : ., In 'Ai sg XL l'l 1, . I ,lL 'HTUSL ' f ' ,FA .Ill-. . li if L- f i ' 1- .. . S45-142224521 I 5-uf-2 QSSISJQQ-Q J-en"-I1-Llf 'if f. .7 'X ' COMPLIMENTS OF GUS BLASS CO. IVbere Every Customer Must Be Satisfcd Compliments of J. E. HORNIBROOK CO. Bone Dry Barrett Approved Roofers 209 E. Markham Phone 4-2494 YOUR ONE STOP SHOE STORE BOTTOIII UOIIAR PAUL J. DELEUIL Building Contractor Route 7, Box 615 Phone 6-0l75 Little Rock, Arkansas JACK'S COLOR CLINIC Binder Decorating 705 Center Phone 2-4443 von un-gr rruus YOU Compliments of ARKANSAS TYPEWRITER CO. 208 W. Second St. Phone 9743 VARSITY DRAG ABC BREAKFAST CLUB METROPOLITAN OPERA GREATEST STURY EVER TOLD Dept Store-7th and Main-Ph. 4-43'l'I 515 west 12th SL Farm and Auto Store-4th and Scott COMPLIMENTS OF W R. WRAPE STAVE COMPANY, INC Do Not Mako The Mast Oak Flooring, Bur PV: Do :Wake Tb .r v oA k ILUUUINL V I 1 Comphmentmg the Graduates H A huluvluhlvuvulh A my S lll .1.::-: little Rock ,' 1 ,, I N Furniture You'II like at Prices You'lI love! When it comes to home furnishings, you simply can't beat the style, quality and economy of Manufacturer's furniture! Come in and look around . . . buy whatever you wish on our very convenient terms of payment! CTURERS FURNl'l'UllE CIDMPANY Hu Halt1Block al 7th a Arch su. 9 COM PLIMENTS OF FIDELITY COMPANY PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK BUILDING I L1'rrLE Rocx, ARK. N. Henry Simpson Tom Tatum I I SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. MN lll 412 GD lll jf , n -Px..o1ax9'rJlww Wg ew ' 1 'ffiicl I Complete Floral Service I 3700 Kavanauzh Phone 3-8376 E . Little A E ORT Ll LE OCK A K llrehs Brothers Supplu Co. A Complete Equipment for HOTELS . . RESTAURANTS . . CLUBS HOSPITALS AND INSTITUTIONS . . . I 413-415 West Capitol Avenue ' Little Rock, Arkansas Compliments of KORTE TIRE 8. SERVICE CO. l30O Main Street North Little Rock, Ark. Compliments of KINNEY'S SHOE STORE 224 Moin Little Rock Compliments of We Are Proud to Serve Mount St. Mory's THE EDWIN RHEIN COLEMAN DAIRY. mc. MFG. CO. Mokers of Rhynecliffe Neckties 6001 Asher Avenue LAFAYETTE BEAUTY SALON Compliments of Viola 8. Mory Bentrup, Props. HEIGHTS VARIETY STORE Lofoyette Hotel Phone 4-2105 5815 Kovonough Phone 3-9975 J . FAUSETT'S CAMERA CENTER, INC. Comeros, Projectors, Photo Finishing J. Guy Belew, Monoger lO8 Main Little Rock Phone 4-3403 1 C t I t, Compliments of U IO S Ongm L' n wlNKi.ER's omvls IN SADLER CLEANING CO. 1804 Pike Ave. North Little Rock SC"'dW'C"eS'5OUp-Chili Seventh 81 Johnson a Compliments of NWS STQRE I-isis:-its onus stone "The Store thot Mokes You Feel ot Home" 417 Moen Phone 5-4388 5600 K0v0nGUQ'1 Phone 3-8088 BOGARD PRODUCE CO. 5811 Kovom-,ugh ' We Buy Poultry, Feed, ond Eggs Stuttgart, Arkonsos THE BETTY SHOP Infants' 81 Children's Wear Mezzanine-Lafayette Hotel Phone 5-0539 Congratulations to the Senior Class SPATZ BAKERY Compliments DICK X-RAY CO. Donaghey Building Bob Mackin, Manager METRAILER 81 HART Fine Shoe Repairing Since l899 IIO E. 4th Street Phone 4-07l6 Little Rock Compliments of DOC'S DUDE RANCH Hot Springs Highway Compliments of YOUNG TIRE AND SERVICE CO. Accessories Batteries Tires Vulcanizing Greasing Phone 2-l344 Third and Broadway Congratulations to The l95O Senior Class "You Finally Made lt" R. C. GELULA Main Street READY-To-WEAR Little Rock "lt pays to be well read" OUR NEWS-STAND 6th and Main Little Rock, Ark. KRYSTAL KIDDIE SHOP "Your Favorite Children's Store" l I9 W. Capitol Phone 4-6106 Little Rock Meet Your Friends at LIDO CAFETERIA 615 Main Little Rock, Ark. Compliments of CENTRAL DISTRIBUTING, INC. 314 East Markham Little Rock, Ark. STRACK'S GROCERY "We Appreciate Your Patronage" lO25 E. 9th St. Phone 2-9830 Compliments of I RICE BELT FEED STORE Stuttgart, Arkansas V 7454! FUNERAL onREcToRs Air-Conditioned Chapel lil! MAIN STREET Q PHONE 4-3738 Coilifatulations SMALLING 'T L CITIES SERVICE STATION MARGARET PIM SQAMI . ' -jd 9 E . MOITI of ff men SERVICE North Little Rock, 112 7 EAST SEVENTH STREET Congratulations and Best Wishes To the Students H and Faculty of Mt. St. Mary's I ffcluuaa C "The Pride of Arkansas" . FINKBEINER'S, Inc 1 Congratulations to the Graduates WILLIAMS STORE Across from St. Mary's To Be in Style- Be Styled by- BACON'S BEAUTY SALON l 2911 West Markham Compliments of ARKANSAS SURPLUS SALES CO. INCORPORATED ARKANSAS' LARGEST DEALER OF ARMY AND NAVY SURPLUS PROPERTY omiirieiisoCK MUSIC COMPA Y 0+o "Everything in M uric" H3 East Fourth Street Little Rock, Arkansas NATIONAL CLEANERS R. IT' umrs' womc A srscmurv L w G v M L sf-mc: sm-ow E ":..::::: 5f':.::.'f,:.':i'1"'f" I pggng 3 355' ISIS WOODROW ST REBSAMEN MOTORS Authorized Sales Service 321 W. Third Street Little Rock 720 Main St. Phone 6276 ' ,L K TATE LOAN SHOP C0f'lPlif'I2'1f! 0f- """"'6 CENTER ST"'EE' LITTLE RocK FISHHOYSTER co. P H o N E 4-1 3 2 4 Wholesale LITTLE ROCK. ARK. NATIONAL BUILDERS SUPPLY 317 West Markham Street V Little Rock, Ark. TIPT ON Sr HURST, Inc. Llffle R04-ik J' Refrigeration Co. Flowers for All Occasions umnpnmn 'gk Phone 9101 Night 3-4170 ' T "1 Capitol Ave. 8 Izard 417 W. Capitol Phone 2-3126 Tonite! Tomorrow Nite! Every Nite! Lf ' The Last Stop l,j5"'- , For That Bite Wm Q ' 'hqf Q "fm To Eat Before 'Im 5 Going Home To 1 I 1 R 3412 EAST BROADWAY NORTH LITTLE ROCK H. M. Tucxsn noon SERVICE 1 CAR:'AER'5 RAD'AT9R SHO' A k North Lime Rock 5 9 West arIeham Luttle Rock, r . Phone 4-0672 Cnty of Roses Phone 4-6089 Auto 81 Tractor Radiators WE TAKE PRIDE IN THE FACT THAT WHEN MOST FOLKS THINK OF FURNITURE, THEY THINK OF US FIRST. ARKANSAS CARPET 81 FURNITURE CO. 709-715 MAIN - SERVING ARKANSAS SINCE 1885 'x X 'R X, Fuuc s. comrmv I 1 'iv "' 1 I' '-. I1 ii' mv"-2.1" ,: 5 - x A-Sd' ' A 35' 1' qgqli 'N MENS? z - f 1- '- , , f A 'K .V ..., . .t..:2s:f::.5 "W , ReG'f0fS ' f I5 Zf .if"fgQz:1QQ53l5f'325i,' Featuring Braleu Homes ' , JI .. ff - :e:f'f:a-5 Q ' " 9 Qfiiff-' I 54" A5 if"5rL.Q '! 1 , " '. vf-xg. wi Km 3, vita. NK y' A- QA' 2 .4 0 207 W. Second St. Phone 5-0257 .,.... .,. . . . . t Fiio I'ot 2i 2 i eofn o.'o. 1 THE O A: r " I .::EEI A f p :men - " ' -.35 A Com I' ts of 0 'Q Macs-in-ucs Lumen co. WONDER soo Main - North Little Rock GRILL Phone 2-3456 923 Spring--Little Rock--Phone 4-2872 I3th 8. Main North Little Rock DUTCH O'NEAl MOTORS, INC. 206 West Broadway Phone 4-8225 North Little Rock, Arkansas Compliments Of wHlTFlELD's GROCERY COOK PAINT 8. VARNISH COMPANY AND 617 Main 5.1 FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS Little Rock, Ark. Lonoke, Ark- ' Compliments of W. R. STEPHENS INVESTMENT CO., INC. I Complete Line Compliments of School Supplies and Equipment I. K. ELECTRIC COMPANY AND nsconn sl-lor Pl NEER 3lI Mom sf. Little Rock, Ark. ,MKZCA DEMOCRAT PRINTING 8- LITHO CO. I v Congratulations to St. Mary's- For all it stands for- CAPITAL CREDIT CLOTHIERS 214 Main - Phone 2-1101 Little Rock D 8' D LAUNDRY Compliments of Home of Cravenette Showerproofing llxxrheiemrgvvifinom? Aliggggl Kavanaugh 81 Palm Phone 3-4159 Jim MOOFS Lime Rock 415 Main Little Rock LITTLE ROCK WILLYS CO. Willys Cars Trucks and Jeeps 914 Broadway Phone 2-6109 Little Rock, Arkansas Compliments and Best Wishes YELLOW CAB CO. CHECKER CAB 8. BAGGAGE CO. 301 West Markham 4-0333-34 Phones 4-1226-27 RADIO DISPATCHED CABS DEMAND YOUR METER RECEIPT ' YOU ONLY PAY FOR ACTUAL MILEAGE DRIVEN l v ' T NATIONAL EQUITY LIFE INSURANCE CO. C. E. Lowry, President Little Rock, Arkansas TAYLOR'S FINE FOODS KOEHLEWS BAKERY Delicious 922 Moll' Phone 9l2l Cakes, Pies, Pastries, Rolls For all occasions Myra A. Taylor 71 I Main St. I7I6 Pike Ave Hugh A. Taylor North Little Rock THE LONG-BELL LUMBER COMPANY LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS TAYLOR 81 RICHTER, INC. INSURANCE - MORTGAGE LOANS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CHARLES M. TAYLOR C. H. RICHTER C. C. COLLIE, JR. COKER-HAMPTON DRUG COMPANY Stuttgart, Arkansas Complimentr and Best Wisbey W E L L W O R T H Department Store OLDEST - LARGEST - BEST L. D. Rutstein, Owner Stuttgart Arkansas Compliments of Stuttgart Co-Op Buyers Ass'n Compliments of ir JACOB HARTZ SEED CO. i' Stuttgart, Arkansas Compliments of DUCKETT PONTIAC C0 6's'8i STUTTGA RT, A R KA NSAS A FLOYD A. DENMAN Registered jeweler 0 In Slutlgarl Sinre 1892 Compliments of 'A' YE ARKANSAS CO. Stuttgart., Arkansas Geo. Schind J. A. Tomastic SELlG'S SANDWICH SHOP "Sandwiches of all Kinds" Stuttgart, Arkansas Compliments of KNOLL LAUNDRY 8- CLEANERS Stuttgart, Ark. THE PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK my 19421-lube Lyndafldlwfl U STUTTGART, ARK. Take Advantage of Every Opportunity for Quiet Rest and Clean Recreation on Arkansas Lakes and Streams "Go Fishing" ARKANSAS GAME 8. FISH COMMISSION Cornplimenting the Pastor and Porishioners of the New St. Rose's Church CARLISLE DRUG CO. J. D. Hutson, Owner Joe Hogan, Supervisor of Fisheries Carlisle, Arkansas SMITH-LINDSAY CO. Furnitu re--Hardwa re-Sporting Goods We Want Your Business Stuttgart, Arkansas THE PAM PAM Stuttgart's Leading Drive-ln Restaurant Stuttgart, Ark. i Compliments of Arkansas Farm Machinery Co. OLIVER TRACTORS and IMPLEMENTS DeLAVAL SEPARATORS and MILKERS SHELF HARDWARE and FERTILIZER Dewitt Phone 3854 I.E ROI POWER UNITS Stuttgart Phone 567 Congratulations from MAI N MOTOR CO. sAM's DEPARTMENT STORE DOd9e'P'YmOU"I Stuttgart, Ark. and Dodge Job-Rated Trucks Stuttgart, Ark. E. E. RAINES COMPANY Insurance General Agents Representing the best there is in Fire 81 Casualty Insurance 410 Spring Street Telephone 5-8189 Little Rock, Ark. CURTIS FINCH, Inc. If the FRIGIDAIRE and ESSO Sijn Third and Bmadwly 'I Phone 2-2265 TRY 7 POTATO CHIPS You are most welcome at HALL'S YOUR NEW REXALL DRUG STORE YN! Ye, DRUG SYORE THE DRUG STORE THAT IS A DRUG STORE 3-2310 Phone 3-1008 HAYES AND KAVANAUGH CHRONISTER 8. WRIGHT GROCERY 624 W. Sixteenth Street Phone 2-3243 North Little Rock, Arkansas CMD Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Canned Foods tor Institutions Marie's Venus Beauty Salon Complete Beauty Service Donaghey Bldg. Balcony Phone 7223 Operators: Mary Lou Leet Lorene Kober Marie S. Lord Compliments of PARAGON PRINTING CO. Robert L., Raymond T., Richard J. Byme Office Supplies and Equipment Phone 9676 3l l East Capitol Ave. Little Rock, Ark. IIYIIIE 505200 11411101-QI' CENTRAL FLYING SERVICE PHONE ADAMS FIELD. LITTLE Rock, ARKANSAS T Congratuiations Compliments of CHARLES' BEAUTY SALON HERFF-JQNES Co. t Compliments of YOUR RMokes liaifs mgs on nv: a ions PAUL MEERS DISTRIBUTOR Representative ' Compliments of READ, STEVENSON 8: DICK ROYAL MEAT MARKET 318 E. Washington Ave. Phone 9694 North Little Rock, Ark. Compliments of -Q olllfl M? GRANOFF'S RESTAURANT 1001 Main TWO STATES FRUIT PACKAGE CO. Fruit and Vegetable Packages P. O. BOX 189 Little Rock, Ark. I PRECISION OPTICAL SERVICE, INC. Main Floor-Donaghey Bldg. 1 Phone 4-6782 We Carry All Nationally Advertised Lines SPAULDINGS ATHLETIC Gooos co., INC. WHOLESALE RETAIL Little Rock, Ark. 206 IDIIEIEIDI A Phone 2-2218, - SPANN'S Esso SERVICE Sth and Cross Streets "GOOD SERVICE" PHONE 2-9049 LITTLE ROCK,ARK. HILDA'S BAKERY 2323 Wright Ave. Phone 5-1228 Specialty in Donuts Troy Churchman Hubert Gill Churchman-Gill Drug Co. Formerly PROSPECT DRUG CO. 2801 Kavanaugh ROSE SLIPPER SHOP 404 Main St. Little Rock, Ark. Complimenting the Graduate: HIMSTEDT SUPPLY CO. 321 Capitol Avenue Compliments of 55 N Compliments of OWENS FUNERAL HOME 500 Main Street orth Little Bock, Ark. Phones 4-0312 ACME LINOLEUM 8: TILE COMPANY Bert Treadway, Owner' 822 W. 7th St. Phone 5-1911 EDDIE TABOR'S FINER FOODS We Deliver 2219 Arch Phone 2-4802 Compliment: of LYON'So MACHINERY COMPANY I l , F Beat R ulu . . . - or Secureaa Skilled Painter and Specify Compllments of F Q, if A. sz J. ELECTRIC co. 35: JULIAN P. NABHOLZ ,515 ., Iv :vga I Electrical Contractor GILMORE PAINT sl PAPER co. ,,,,, 1023 Wm mn, 53:5 ,.,,,,, Joe P. sumo.-e, Mgr. 0 I 320 hmininm Su-een Phone 6314 1 Accurate Compounding P JOHNSON APOTHECARY -S3-'iw if slut Sw D0n'8heY Building los wasr cAPrroL AVENUE Phone 6179 Linh Rack? Ark. LITTLE Rocx. ARKANSAS I Compliments of w I DRENNAN S FINE FOODS We Deliver 3604 Kavanaugh ZELSMAN'S DEMOCRATIC STATE JOURNAL FROZEN F OOD LOCKERS Room 301 Reed Music Building LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Markham and Ringo Compliments of "Send Flowers, But Send Ours" COLONIAL FLOWER SHOP ' S 2017 Kavanaugh Phone 3-4191 UUNURY"'CU75W5R5 1111-1123 W. 7th St. Phone 918 Compliments of CLARENCE WILLIAMS GARAGE ZANN,s AND WELDING SHOP 4401 West 32nd Street Road Ph- 30950 LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS l 5022 Club Tru-Ade Bottling Company O fine shoes "Drink A Better Beverage" ' ly-to-wear 1325 East Ninth Street Lxttle Rock, Arkansas Lime Rock Hot sp . Phone 2-2267 5th and Main SIKES-HOUGH DRUG CO. North Little Rock, Arkansas Real Estate . . . Rents . . . Loans . . . Insurance Em mm., 212 SPRING STREET LITTLE ROCK. -ARK RUSSELL'S FLOWERS W. S. 2901 KAVANAUGH BLVD. KHILLCREBTI CIGARS- Barren QuAu1'v Barren ssnvlcs Phone 4-3664 310-T2'Spring Shoal E. R. RUSSELL LITTLE ROCK 'rEl.sPHoNs s-nu ARKAN 5455 222 East Markham St. ' Phone 5,3460 KJ FRHnK H. PORBECK 5 1 if PR INTING. CUWPHNU SCHWARZ GROCERY "THE HOME OF GOOD THINGS TO EAT" Phone 4-2546 - 2218 Cross St. COMPLIMENTS OF BENSKY FURRIER 8ll Main Little Rock Phone 2-2288 F, HQ Kulpgp DAN's SHOE SHOP JEWELER DAN lTROILLEI'T'SJ RAY ron BETTER SHOE REPAIRING 206 West Capifql Avgnug zsos KAVANAUGH BLVD. PHONE 3 sale LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS LITTLE Rocx. Amt. "Friendly Service You'II Like" ' 2 lou: funuisnent L.IT'I'Ll Rock. ARKANSAS I 120 W. Seventh Phone 4-2204 L.1'YTL.E ROCK. ARKANSAS 1, 1 JEAN PTHE JOHN HUM'S I C0765 218 E. Washington Phone 4-5438 NORTH Ln-rua Rocx, Anxmsns Fancy Groceries 81 K. C. Quality Meats BOTTLING COMPANY Little Rock OWEN GLOVER ESSO STATION We Are Proud to Serve You 2701 W. Markham Phone 2-9883 - Compliments of BUICE DRUG STORE 3013 W. Markham Phone 3-4133 Compliments of ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY 2615 W. 12th St. Phone 2-2263 CELESTE CLEANERS 907 West 18th Phone 2-4448 North Little Rock, Ark. PIlT'S SUPER MARKETS Eighteenth and Pike - 3902 East Broadway North Little Rock HUDSON 8. HICKMAN Liberty Home Store No. 18 2201 Maryland Phone 5-8263 We Deliver Lookin' for a Hobby? See JOE'S HOBBY SHOP 2719 Kavanaugh Phone 3-3807 OLGA'S BEAUTY SHOP Specialize in Permanent Waving 2108 Lloyd Court Phone 5-8848 Compliments of I . Y K I wi-- MAYFLOWER DAIRY CO. f 'Strut 1' PHIL SCHWARTZ New and Used Cor Center Cars with 6 months Warranty Third 81 Spring Phone 5-4619 Compliments of THE CAMMACK VILLAGE STORE "We Deliver" 2716 N. McKinley Phone 3-5889 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUTATES AND THE TEEN-AGERS THAT SKATE FOR FUN'S SAKE AT .IINI'S ROLLER RINK WE ARRANGE PRIVATE PARTIES L CLASS - CLUB AND SPECIAL OCCASIONS 6660 FEET OF FLOOR SPACE TO ENJOY YOURSELF ON SKATES Ev gs 7 30 ntil 10:30 SUNDAY MATINEE-2 tl 5 c on s UIAILWI 7-'---- nf l l DRAIIGHON SCHOOl OF BUSINESS A N o SCHOOL OF RADIO LITTLE ROCK The Home of Draughon's School of Business Especially Built for the Teaching of Specialized Commercial Courses Occupies 15,000 Square Feet of Floor Space Usecl Exclusively for the Training of Executives and Office'Assistants TRAIN FOR BUSINESS Where Business ls Taught As Business ls Done" I are happy to provide daily transportation for Mount St. Mary's students Capital Transportation Co. SERVING GREATER LITTLE ROCK WITH DEPENDABLE TRANSPORTATION r- at f 1 O yew. YEARBOOK Lithographed by . . . SEMCO CULUR PRESS FINE C0llEGE MID HlGlISCH00l ANNIIMS B,L,SEMTNER 129 N. W. 3rd ST. u P"'i""" OKLAHOMA CITY , feng wk 'mr :vs x 3 ., 1,k..,. '-V ,,f.' -i . -,. wg '-., 2 :N .A A v S ,' 1 ..:.z. 1-' , , ,v,. -. ,y, , --. tw' ,zf,"' 'L , 1 .fm A .4 ' R , f --X -QL. 235 1 'W' x fl ,' .-eu .9 13? -. . .K 14 if V - -Y ..f , fp, . v 51.- 4 x., ., ,QV 4:-. -. V . - 54 1 '. - 7 K Q'- 'fw' 1 "L f'-'-' V . 'L 'Yfr If .HL , b . Tk' 'gf S.. xfl' :fr-5 . H. 31 -: 1'-' ,Abe Yr - .-X -L 1351- FII' S ,gr ,.l, ... 5.4 -A-I -2 ', In .v.s':, --. I W -f -.1 - L-. ' 7.4.5 , '54 -' , ,I . :J 1 . .,.-,M Q x rx t..+,. '--Qt " -V .. if .,- , .,..1.,.,, ..-. "'1VZ..-Q' , ' "- -'-V +2-' V ..,-,......,., . u. 'J' 'NR . r V '1 .Q . - ---'-Q-:-f - -- . .-, . 1 . iw. ..f . 1... - I EP- .. 9 .',.,. QV. .. .. f Q F --3:5122 , 1 EV . 1'Qf.i2' ' ' I if ff!-S2 ' '- .'4?.V'. "git, .1-,rf ,Lg . ,. . .... . "' -':..,:--2 V' -iff--V-. . .h . ,JZ V . -.,f cf- .- . -V -. A .f-- -.,- V -- -.VfV. V 1- --. - ,. V- , . .f I, . ,.-.,.1."-..!,f.'V.'5-F-,' 1 .1 .,3.,,g-.. 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Mount St Mary Academy - Mercian Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Mount St Mary Academy - Mercian Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Mount St Mary Academy - Mercian Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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