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glee ercian ex Presented me .Senior cfadd Wounf Sf. maryg .xdcaclemy Little Rock, Arkansas JOAN RAUCH, Editor ANN WRAPE, MARY ANNE UHIREN, Associate Editors Sainf any A We all love St. Mary'1, The beJt Jchool we know of- We'll boofl her and hail her To heaven above. She'.f our Alma Mater,' There'.r none other like her, And all through life We'll pledge to her Our Loyalty. St. Marylr Jo Jtately, In knowledge 1he'.v Jhiningg We'll alwayx be pining, For her when we're gone. We'll alwayf remember In May or Septemberg From day to day, In work or play Our Loyalty. ma Wafer High on a hill top, Stately in grace, Grand ax a picture A From tip-top to hafe, Stands our Alma Mater gay, Oh, how we love our S.M.A. Faithful with love We always will try To keep up thy Jtandardx, Until we die. They're our own and yourf too If we, rememher They'll take ui through. We'll never forget you, Nor lose our claim To proudly Jalute, Our St. Mary? name. 0l"Ql,U0l" The high school days of the Senior Class of 1949 have pleasantly, but much too rapidly, slipped away, and now it is our time to go forth to take our place in the world. The future holds many new and exciting adventures for us, and it is only through the loving guidance and inspir- ing examples given us by our beloved Sisters, here at the Mount, that we are prepared to meet them. Here we have been taught to pattern our life on our Blessed Mother, and since we have chosen stars as the theme of our yearbook, we have placed our trust in Mary, Star of the Sea, to shield and protect us from all harm and danger. In the years to come, as we thumb through the pages of our Mercian, looking at the starry-eyed graduates and reliving in memory the activities of our senior year, we shall have this one prayer in our hearts, as we "Look to the Star and call on Mary", that we may shine like stars in the night, to the east, to the west, though scattered we may be, and that our radiance will reflect the Catholic education which we have re- ceived from our beloved Alma Mater. i rmecbcafion TO mary, Sfar of fhe .Sta Whose Shining Light has inspired our work and play during our years at Mt. St. Mary's. May she always prove herself near to us so that we may fulfill our teachers' precept that we pattern our lives on her. May she watch over us and guide our frail little crafts as we launch out from the haven of our be- loved Mount onto the dark and perilous seas of our after- school life. Confrdently let us Hspice Stellam Yoca ariaml Saint BEPDGPJ f . 2 edrfage Ln 5 ur CAQP al fo f 2 gi,ac!uCtfe5 Mount CSL gills:-g's Acahemg Iiittl l L. Keany Monsignor Thorflas e Keck, ,Arkansas Dear Graduates of the Class of 1949: When the editor of usual a ' the Mercian called upon me recently and requested that I write my p rtmg message to the graduating class, I was reminded of the fact that the years pass quickly. It doesn't seem possible that it is time to say adieu to another class that has been in training here for four years. I have seen a good many classes come and go during the twenty- Hve years that I have been chaplain at Mount St. Mary's. I have written valedictory letters to most of the graduating classes and I have often wondered with what effect. After a few years have passed, it is interesting and sometimes surprising to go through the pages of any yearbook anqllcompare the hopes and predictions of the members of the class with what has happened in rea ife. Usually the Mercian staff chooses a certain theme that runs through the various school activities which are recorded. This year I am informed that the arrangement stresses stars. Of course, the star of the greatest magnitude in the lives of all St. Mary's girls, is the Blessed Virgin, the lodestar of every good Catholic woman. I want to quote a few lines from Carlyle, the Scottish. essayist, which seem very appro- priate for an occasion of this kind. "A star is beautiful, it affords pleasure, not for what it is to do or to give, but simply by being what it is." These lines seem to depict the real St. Maly's girl, as the Sisters want her to be. They Would have her to be beautiful, not necessarily in a physical way, but a beautiful character, who enriches and embellishes her environment by being what she is, a product of the training she has received under the loving and watchful guid- ance of the Sisters of Mercy. The time has come when you, members of the Class of 1949, must leave the school which has sheltered you during the crucial years of your high school life. You have been most fortu- nate in having your training directed during these years by Religious women, who have dedi- cated their own lives to God in order that they may train young women to be real Christian ladies. Go forth with the resolution to always remain faithful to the principles that you have learned from these noble women, who love you as if you were their own children, and who will watch your careers with anxious solicitude for your welfare. Under the watchful eyes of the Sisters, you have grown from childhood to a beautiful maturity, which Ends you Well equipped to live a life which will be considered a success when measured by the standards set by Almighty God. You are the product of lives of sacrifice. Never forget the obligation that this places upon you. And now we come to that bitter word, which closes all earthly friendships and finishes every feast of lovexfarewell, May God bless you and may He guide you to eternal bliss. In the meantime, though we are parted for reasons over which we have no control, let us always be mindful of each other at the hour of prayer. Sincerely yours, L -xx -J glf'6L0!M6Lt85 add O iC2l"6-'676LCA a far MAJEEDAH NAHAS Born October 2, 1931, in Chicago, Illinois Transferred from Bismarck High School, Bismarck, Arkansas, january, 1947 Sodality '48, Sodality Apostolic Commit- tee '49, Commercial Club '48, French Club '48, '49, Our Lady of Mercy Chap- ter of Legion of Mary '49, Class Presi- dent '49, English Club '48, '49, National Honor Society '49, "A bone! A barrel My kingdom for 4 bone." 2 EVELYN ROSE BILTZ Born july 12, 1932, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Andrew's School, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, English Club '48, '49, Latin Club '47, Commercial Club '48, '49, Subiaco Homecoming Queen '49, Maid to Bazaar Queen '47, Alumnae Bazaar Queen '49, Class Vice- President '46, 1 Class Secretary '49, Basketball '48, '49. "Alway,f laughing, never rad, Somelimer naughly, never bad." BILLIE JUANITA BARNS Born August 25, 1931, in Memphis, Tennessee Transferred from Plainview School, Plainview, Arkansas, September, 1948 English Club Secretary '48, English Club '49, Commercial Club '48, '49, Latin Club '48, Latin Club Program Chairman '49, Class Vice-President '49, "She if pretty la walk wills, And witly to talk with, And pleamnl la think of." CHARLOTTE ALMA BUJARSKI Born july 25, 1931, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Enter from St, Patrick"s School, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, Sodality Catholic Truth Committee '49, Class Treasurer '46, '49, Latin Club Secretary '47, junior Classical League '47, Glee Club '47, '48, '49, Commercial Club Sec- retary '48, Commercial Club '49, English Club President '48, English Club '49, Press Club '48, '49, Quill and Scroll '49, National Honor So- ciety '493 MOUNT Staff '49, Basketball '47, '48, '49, Maid to Alumnae Bazaar Queen '49, Maid to Catholic High Homecoming Queen '49, Rocket Varsity Cheerleader '49, "Noi loo reriour, nol loo gay, Bu! an ideal girl in every way." ,Mo JQIM Our .xgcfiuifieo Mo jo ,Oar DOROTHY ANN ALTENHOFEL Born january 30, 1932, in Clarksville, Arkansas Entered from Good Counsel School, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Glee Club '47, Latin Club '47, Commercial Club '48, '49, English Club '48, '49, Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of the Legion of Mary, Treasurer '49. "Thought ir deeper than all Jpeerhf' JENNIE LEE BORNHOFT Born August 25, 1931, in Weiner, Arkansas Entered from St. Anthony's School, Weiner, Arkansas, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Co-Editor of "Sodalist" '49, Latin Club '47, Class President '47, Our Lady of Mercy Chap- ter of Legion of Mary '47, '48, Legion ot' Mary Secretary '49, Commercial Club '48, Commercial Club Secretary '49, English Club Secretary '48, English Club President '49, MERCIAN Business Staff. "Far may we .rearrh before we find, A heart Jo loyal or Jo kind." DOROTHY ELIZABETH BALLMAN Born December 18, 1929, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Patrick's School, September, 1944 Reentered September, 1948 Sodality '45, '46, '47, '49, Glee Club '47, Latin Club '46, English Club '45, '46, '47, '49, Commercial Club '47, '49. "She ir jun the quiet kind, whore nature never 1zarieJ." CARMEN F RANCELLE BROCK Born September 5, 1931, in Forrest City, Arkansas Transferred from Little Rock Senior High, September, 1948 Commercial Club '49, English Club '49. "When :he fmiler there ir mirrhief in her eyer." MARY LOUISE BARTSCH Born October 10, 1929, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Patrick's School, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Latin Club '47, Commercial Club '48, '49, English Club '48, '49. "Speeeh if J'iltl0f,' Jilenee if golden." MARY LOU BROCK Born August 31, 1931, in Atlanta, Georgia Entered from Mt. St. Mary's junior High, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, Sodality Prefed: '49, Latin Club '47, Class President '48, B-Square Math Club '48, English Club '48, '49, Commercial Club '48, '49, National Honor Society '49. "With gentle voire and .rmiler .the leads the crowd." 'UM Cgluchecl .Naval-.gbmefimea FRANCES ELIZABETH BYRD Born November 26, 1930, in Pine Bluff, Arkansas Entered from St. Edward's School, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Latin Club '47, Glee Club '47, Commercial Club '48, '49, French Club '48, '49, English Club '48, '49, Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of Legion of Mary '49. "Her eyef ax Jtarf of twilight fair- Like twilight, too, her dufhy hair." ,FRANCES MARIE CASAVECHIA Born .March 15, 1951, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Patrick's School, A September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Latin Club Treasurer '47, Commercial Club '48, '49, junior Classical League '47, English Club '49, English Club President '48, National Honor Society '49, Glee Club '47, Basketball '47, '49. "A mort refreshing lan with danring eyes." LINDELL JUANITA CAHANIN Born May 24, 1931, in North Little Rock, Arkansas t Entered from St. Mary's School, North Little Rock, Arkansas, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Glee Club '47, Latin Club '47, junior Classical League '47, Commercial Club '48, '49, English Club,'48, '49, National Honor Society '49, Basketball '48, '49. "The dimple that thy thin rantainy has beauty in its round." BILLIE JEAN CHRONISTER Born October 6, 1929, in Sterlington, Louisiana Entered from North Little Rock Senior High School, September, 1946 English Club '48, '49, Commercial Club '49. "The milder! manner, the gentlest heart." WANDA MARIE CARTER Born September 29, 1951, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Patrick's School, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, Sodality Publicity Chairman '49, Glee Club '47, '48, '49, Class Vice-President '48, Co-Editor of "Sodalist" '49, Commercial Club '48, '49, English Club '48, English Club President '49, Latin Club '47, Chaminade Music Club '48, Assistant Basketball Manager '49 "Her manner if ralm and pleasant, her Jweetnen if ever" CONNIE IRENE CLIFTON Born june 29, 1931, in Palm Beach, Florida Entered from Little Rock High School, September, 1948 Sodality '49, English Club '49. "Bom for rucren, Jhe .reem'd With rare to win and heart to hold." K ,an fvlwf J,,4,,i01.,4ff we am, RUTH EUGENIA DONNELLY Born November 2, 1950, in Pelly, Texas Transferred from DeWitt High School, . September, 1946 Sodality '47, '48, '49, Latin Club '47, Legion of Mary '48, President of Legion of Mary '49, English Club '48, English Club Secretary '49, Commercial Club Librarian '48, MERCIAN Staff. "Sweet and neat-in all, 4 girl ramplelef' POLLY ANN EICHELMANN Born November 5, 1951, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Edward's School, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Latin Club '47, Glee Club '47, English Club '48, '49, Commercial Club '48, '49. "The wire Ja sweet, the ulardx .ro fair, AJ .rome .rafl chime had Jlrohed lhe air." DOLORES JEAN DUVAL Bom November 4, 1931, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Southern junior High School, Louisville, Kentucky, September, 1945 Latin Club '47, Commercial Club '48, French Club '48, '49, Spanish Club Sec- retary '49, English Club '48, '49, Senior Ball Committee "Thoughllerr of beuuly, rhe war beauty: felff' C E JOAN CHARLOTTE EROS Bom May 2, 1931, in Columbia, Illinois Entered from St. Edward's School, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, Sodality Chairman of Eucharistic Committee '49, Latin Club '47, Glee Club '47, Commercial Club '48, '49, Senior Ball General Chairman, MERCIAN Staff, English Club '48, Eng- lish Club Secretary '49. "Charm firiher lhe right, hu! meril win: :he mul," .IEANNE EASTIN Born june 22, 1931, in St. Louis, Missouri Transferred from Little Rock High School, September, 1948 French Club '49, English Club Secretary '49, Commercial Club '49, MERCIAN Business Staff. "A runny girl wilh 4 .runny diJpa.rition." MARY ANNE FINLEY Born October 9, 1951, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Glee Club '47, Latin Club '47, English Club '48, '49: B-Square Math Club '48, French Club '48, '49, Rocket junior Cheerleader '46, Rocket Varsity Cheerleader '49, Maid to Trojan Homecoming Queen '49, MER- CIAN Stall.. "Within her lender eye, The heaven of April with il: changing' lighl." GERALDINE ANN FLANIGAN Born June 17, 1932, in I-lot Springs, Arkansas Entered from St. Andrew's School, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Latin Club '47, jun- ior Classical League '47, Commercial Club '48, '49, English Club '49, English Club President '48, Class Treasurer '48, Maid to Alumnae Bazaar Queen '49, Catholic High Homecoming Queen '49, Rocket junior Cheerleader '46, Rocket Varsity Cheerleader '49, French Club '48, '49, National Honor Society '49, Press Club '48, '49, MOUNT Stall '49, Quill And Scroll '49. "She has a lovely fare, God in Hii merry lent her grace." MARGARET LAVERNE HARVEY Born September 19, 1931, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Patrick's School September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, Secretary of So- dality '49, Latin Club '47, junior Clas- sical League '47, Glee Club '46, '47, '48, '49, English Club '48, '49, Com- mercial Club '48, '49, National Honor Society '49, MERCIAN Staff. "And the night .rhall he flied wilh murirf' ELIZABETH MARY GEHEB Born September 25, 1931, in Barling, Arkansas , Transferred from Mabelvale High School, September, 1947 Sodality '48, '49, English Club '48, '49, Commercial Club '48, '49, Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of the Legion of Mary '49. "What sweet delight a quiet life affardrf' ANN FRANCES HEVIITT Born November 3, 1951, in Chicago, Illinois Transferred from Little Rock High School, September, 1948 Sodality '49, Commercial Club '49, Eng- lish Club '49. "High of heart and fancy ffee!" LU" lfl,l'l'llfL6l,e CLZCLCLI' .93 31,8 fl!! JOAN ELAINE GLENDENIN G Born june 15, 1931, in Bound Brook, New Jersey Entered from Mt. St. Mary"s Junior High, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of the Legion of Mary '48, Legion of Mary Secretary '49, Latin Club '47, junior Classical League '47, Glee Club '47, English Club '48, '49, Commercial Club '48, '495 National Honor Society '49. "Ah, hlert with temper whore unclouded my Can make tomarrow hheerful nr today!" DOROTHY JEAN JANIK Born November 10, 1930, in Omaha, Nebraska Transferred from St. Anne's Academy, Fort Smith, Arkansas, September, 1948 Sodality '48, '49, English Club '48, '49, Commercial Club '48, '49, MERCIAN Staff. "Her eyes are home: of silent prayer." JANET LEE JONES Born December 6, 1931, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Andrew's School, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Latin Club '47, Commercial Club '48, '49, English Club '48, '49, B-Square Math Club Vice- President '49. "Gentle and neat, dainty and sweet- A lady,indeed,fram her head to her feet." DOROTHY VERONICA LUKAS Bom February 4, 1930, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Mary's School, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Commercial Club '48, '49, Latin Club '47, Basketball '47, '48, '49, Basketball captain '49, Maid to Alumnae Bazaar'Queen '49, English Club '43, '493 Co-Circulation Manager of MERCIAN. "A true, true friend, and a mighty good rport." SUSAN CAROLYN KEITH Born October 17, 1931, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Good Counsel School, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, Sodality Treasurer '49, Latin Club '47, Glee Club '46, '47, '48, '49, Glee Club Secreta '48, English Club President '48, English Clxih '49, Class President '46, Press Club '48, '49, MOUNT Staff '49, Quill and Scroll President '49, French Club '48, '49, Junior Red Cross Councilor '46, Maid to Alumnae Bazaar Queen '49, League of Sacred Heart Promoter '48, League of Sacred Heart Secretary-Treasurer '49, B-Square Math Club '48, Commercial Club '49, National Honor Society '49, MERCIAN Advertising Manager. "Nothing great war ever achieved without MARY MARGARET LAFFERTY Born August 14, 1931, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's junior High, September, 1945 Soclality '46, '47, '48, Sodality Social Committee Chairman '49, Latin Club '47, Commercial Club '48, '49, English Club '48, '49, French Club '48, French Club Program Chairman '49, Press Club '48, '49, MOUNT Staff '49, Rocket junior Cheerleader '46, Rocket Varsity Cheerleader '47, '48, '49, MERCIAN Business Staff. "Alwayr gayert of the gay." PATRICIA ANN MALACHOWSKI Born August 19, 1931, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Mary's School, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Latin Club '47, English Club '48, '49, Commercial Club '48, '49, National Honor Society '49. "A merry heart goer all the day." DOLORES ROSINE MARCH Born December 18, 1951, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's junior High, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Latin Club '47, English Club '48, '49, Glee Club '47, '48, '49, Commercial Club '48, '49, MERCIAN Business Staff. "There if a garden in her face, where rarer and white lilie: hloom." nfoyecl Our puff .971 She Xmad Way GERALDINE ANN MASSERY Born ALIgLlSf 12, 1931, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Andrew's School, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Latin Club '47, Commercial Club '48, '49, English Club '48, '49, Basketball '49. "A little nonrenre now and then if rel- ished by the wisest men." LAVERNE AVARILLA MORGAN Born january 4, 1952, in Chicago, Illinois Transferred from Brentwood High School, St. Louis, Missouri, October, 1947 English Club '48, '49, Commercial Club '48, '49, Glee Club '48, '49, B-Square Math Club '49. "Tir the .rongr :he Jing: and the :rizilei she wean, Tha! make: the sunshine eizerywheref' MARY LORETTA MENNA Born October 18, 1952, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Andrew's School, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Latin Club '47, Commercial Club '48, '49, B-Square Math Club '49, English Club '48, '49. "Cantentment furnishes canxtant joy." PATRICIA MAE MURPHY Born February 12, 1932, in Memphis, Tennessee Transferred from Holy Angels Academy, Jonesboro, Arkansas, October, 1946 Sodality '47, '48, '49, Latin Club '47, Commercial Club '48, '49, "Commer- Chat" Co-Editor '49, English Club '48, '49, Senior Ball Committee. "Beauty and folly go often together." ROSE MARIE MEYER Born July 9, 1931, in Little Rock, Arkansas Transferred from Little Rock Senior High, September, 1948 French Club '49, English Club '49. "Sa Jweet the b!llJh7 of hafhfulnen, E'en pity .rmrce can wixh it len." MARY KATHERINE NELSON Born October 10, 1931, in Laramie, Wyoming Transferred from Kirkwood High School, Kirkwood, Missouri, November, 1946 Latin Club '47, Chaminade Club '47, '48, French Club '48, '49, B-Square Math Club '49, English Club '48, '49, Com- mercial Club '48. "What 4 wonderour life if this I had!" jlzen can Schuco! jar She Cjvlogclagri RUBY GERALDINE NOVAK Born May 14, 1951, in Hazen, Arkansas Transferred from Hazen High School, September, 1947 Commercial Club '48, '495 Latin Club '49, English Club '48, '49, Basketball '49, MERCIAN Business Staff. "A light heart liver long." DOROTHY ANN PLAFCAN Born February 5, 1951, in Stuttgart, Arkansas Transferred from S. S. Cyril and Methodius School, September, 1946 Sodality '47, '48, '49, Latin Club '47, French Club '493 English Club '48, '49, Legion of Mary '47, '48, Treasurer of Legion'of Mary '49, Commercial Club '48, Commercial Club Librarian '49. "Her frown it in her heart, not on her head." PATRICIA ELLEN O'CONNOR Born September 27, 1951, in Detroit, Michigan Entered from Mt. St. Mary's junior High, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Latin Club '47, Commercial Club '48, '49, Commer- Chat Co-Editor '491 Rocket Varsity Cheerleader '48, '49, English Club '48, English Club Secretary '49, Senior Ball Committee. "Her auburn curls . . . .shade the bright, Dark eye! from which they mich the light." MARY JOSEPHINE PASSALACQUA Born February 22, 1930, in Wyandotte, Michigan Entered from St. Patrick's School, September, 1945. Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Latin Club '47, Commercial Club '48, '49, English Club '48, '49, B-Square Math Club '49. "Quiet, hut her friend: are many." BETTY 'IO PRITCHETT Born December 3, 1931, in Little Rock, Arkansas Transferred from West Side junior High, September, 1946 Latin Club '47, '48, Commercial Club '48, '49, English Club '48, '49, "Golden hair like runlight rtreamirzg on the marble of her shaulderrf' ANNA RUTH RANKIN Born April 29, 1931, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's junior High, September, 1945 Latin Club '47, Junior Classical League '47, Latin National Honor Society '47, Glee Club '47, Spanish Club '47, Spanish Club Secretary-Treasurer '48, English Club Secretary '48, English Club Presi- dent '49, Press Club '48, '49, MOUNT Staff '49, Quill and Scroll '49, Quill and Scroll Medalist '48, National Honor Society '49, Senior Ball Committee. "Be gone, dull care! thou and 1 :ball never agree." 8 Mtbtffled jar Ql'l'l25f2l" g,X6l,l'l'l6 STELLA JOAN RAUCH Born September 6, 1931, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Good Counsel School, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '499 Latin Club '47, junior Classical League '47, French Club '48, French Club President '49, English Club President '48, English Club '49, Commercial Club '48, '49, B-Square Math Club '49, Press Club '48, Press Club Secretary '49, MOUNT Staff '49L Quill and Scroll '49, National Honor Society '49, MERCIAN Editor. "Dancing feel and eye.r that .rimply won't behave." MARY DONALDA RITTER Born December 25 1931 in Canton Oklahoma Entered from St Patricks School September 1945 Sodality 46 47 48 Sodality Chairman Club Secretary 48 English Club 49 Commercial Club 48 49 Latin Club 47 Latin National Honor Society 47 junior Classical League 47 BSquare Math Club 47 Glee Club 47 Class Secretary 48 Basketball 48 Belles Manager 49 National Honor Society 49 Class Secretary 48 The joy o youth and health her eye: displayed And ease of heart her every look ronveyed MARY ELIZABETH REINHARDT Born july 27, 1931, in Lake Charles, Louisiana Entered from Good Counsel School, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Latin Club '47, Glee Club '47, English Club '48, '49, Commercial Club '48, '49, Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of Legion of Mary '49, "A good hear! ir a full leller of fredii." FLORENCE SARNA MARTHA NELL RHINEHART Born April 27, 1932, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's junior High, September, 1945 Reentered from Little Rock High School, September, 1948 English Club '48, '49, Spanish Club '47, Span- ish Club Secretary-Treasurer '48, B-Square Math Club Secretary '49, Glee Club '47, Latin Club '47, Latin National Honor Society '47, junior Classical League '47, Nationaal Honor Society President '49, MERCIAN Queen '49, MERCIAN Business Staff. "The faireJl garden in her looks' And in her' mind lhe grealefl hooks." DOLORES EARLINE SAVAGE Born February 19 1930 in Marche Born December 24 1951 in Little Rock Arkansas Arkansas Entered from Blue Hill School September 1945 Sodality 46 47 48 49 Glee Club 47 47 Latin National Honor Society 47 Press Club 49 English Club President 48 English Club 49 Commercial Club 48 49 Sodalist Co Editor 49 Na tional Honor Society 49 Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter Legion of Mary Presi dent 49 MERCIAN Business Manager Blemngr ever waz! on vzrluozu deedx Transferred from Little Rock High School September 1948 French Club 49 Commercial Club 49 So quzel yet wllh nmer warmth and charm of Our Lady's Committee '49, English Latin Club "47,' Junior Classical League English Club 219. ' H l I2 I - ff - - - In 5 , ll jhen 'Minh On jhe 6' ercian v egan MARY RITA SCHLATTERER Born April 1, 1931, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Andrew's School, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49L Latin Club '47, English Club '48, '49, Commercial Club '48, '49, B-Square Math Club '49. "Beauty ix the marh God felt on virtue." ROSEMARY SIMPSON Born july 3, 1951, in Balch, Arkansas Transferred from ElDorado High School, September, 1948 English Club President '49, Commercial Club '49, Belles Assistant Coach "49. "She haf a heart with room for every joyru ZELLA MARIE SCHULLER Born December 10, 1929, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Patrick's School, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49: Latin Club '47, Commercial Club '48, '49, English Club '48, '49, B-Square Math Club '49. "Re5er11ed, hut pleasant and .rinrere . , ." BESSIE RHEA SMITH Born April 16, 1931, in Wynne, Arkansas Transferred from Little Rock High School, january, 1948 English Club '48, '49, Commercial Club '48, '49, MERCIAN Business Staff. "Her naturefr one that gloom ran never harm." LEONA JEAN SHOOK Born December 22, 1931, in North Little Rock, Arkansas I Entered from St. Patrick's School, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Latin Club '47, Commercial Club '48, '49, English Club '48, '49, Press Club '49. "A fresh new hlonom of humanity, frefh fallen from God'J own home, to flower the earth." PATRICIA ANNE STEDEM Born January 10, 1931, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Mary's Junior High, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Latin Club '47, junior Classical League '47, Presi- dent English Club '48, English Club '49, Press Club '48, '49, MOUNT Staff '49, President of Spanish Club '48, Vice- President of National Honor Society '49, French Club Vice-President '49, Spanish Club '47. "A fool and calm, mllerlea' girl, Her mind if never in a whirl." ML joan! I gow! jhingd Wadi gnc! MARY Jo sroizian Born September 7, 1931, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's junior High, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Latin Club '47, English Club '48, '49, Commercial Club '48. "In earh rheek appears a prelly dimplef' WINIF RED MURRAY THOMPSON Bom October 7, 1931, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Edward's School, ' September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Latin Club '47, Glee-Club '47g English Club '48, '49g Commercial Club '48. "Deep hfown eyex, running over with glee." ROBERTA ELIZABETH STRAESSLE Born February 1, 1933, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from joe T. Robinson School, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, Vice Prefect of Sodality '49, Latin Club '47, Junior Classical League '47, Latin National Honor Society '47, Glee Club '47, Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of Legion of Mary '48, Legion of Mary Vice-President '49, Commercial Club '48, French Club '49, B-Square Math Club Treasurer '49, National Honor Society '49, English Club '48, '49. "Slill achieving, .ftill puryuingf' kfiff JO ANN TOWNSEND Born September 18, 1931, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High, September, 1945 Sodality '48, '49, Latin Club '47, Class Vice-President '47, Commercial Club '48, Commercial Club Vice-President '49, English Club '48, '49g Glee Club '47, Spanish Club Treasurer '49. "And when Jhe dame:-Oh! heaven her dawning." ROSEMARY STRANZ Born December 13, 1930, in Little Rock, Arkansas Transferred from jones Academy, Green- ville, South Carolina, February, 1948. English Club '48, '49, Spanish Club '48 '49, Commercial Club '48, '49, "The fairness of her fare no tongue can tell." MARY KATHERINE TRUEMPER Born july 5, 1931, in Helena, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's junior High, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49g Latin Club '47, Rocket junior Cheerleader '46, Eng- lish Club '48, '49, B-Square Math Club Program Chairman '48, French Club '48, '493 National Honor Society Secretary '49. "Ami grace thai won who .faw her, wish her stay." .gyaicl gave!-Zgye jo Wund.AnJ jrien A THERESA ANN UEKMAN Born May 26, 1951, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Transferred from North Little Rock High School, September, 1948 Sodality '49, English Club '49, Com- mercial Club '49 "My tongue within my lip: I rein, For who talk: mort talkr in vain." MARY ANNE UHIREN Born june 1, 1952, in Hazen, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's junior High, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of Legion of Mary '47, '48, Legion of Mary Vice-President '49, League of Sacred Heart Promoter '46,.'47, '48, '49, Commercial Club '48, Commercial Club President '49, Latin Club '47, junior Classical League '46, '47, Glee Club '47, '48, English Club Secretary '48, Eng- lish Club '495 Press Club '48, Press Club Vice- President '49, MOUNT Staff '49, Quill and Scroll '49, National Honor Society '49, MER- CIAN Associate Editor. "IFJ nire to he natural when you're naturally mee." ROSE MARIE WINTERS Born May 28, 1951, in Cincinnati, Ohio Entered from St. Mary's School, Cincinnati, Ohio, September, 1946 Sodality '47, '48, '49, Latin Club '47, '48, English Club '48, '49, Commercial Club '48, '49. "The longer you know her, The belief you like her." MARY ANN WRAPE - Born July 6, 1931 in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Andrew's School, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Latin Club '47, jun- ior Classical League '47, English Club Secre- tary '48, English Club '49, B-Square Math Club Secretary '48, Commercial Club '49, French Club '48 French Club Treasurer '49, Press Club '48, Press Club President '49, MOUNT Editor '49, Quill and Scroll '49, National Honor So- ciety '49, Rocket Varsity Cheerleader '49, Subiaco Homecoming Maid '49, Associate edi- tor of MERCIAN. "Whenee that three-earned :mile of hliu? Three angel! gave her a kin." ANN CLAIRE WILSON Born October 27, 1951, in Nashville, Tennessee Entered from Mt. St. Mary's junior High, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49, Latin Club '47, English Club '48, '49, Commercial Club '48, Commercial Club Treasurer '49, Rocket Varsity Cheerleader '48, '49 Basketball '47, '48, '49, Maid to Rocke' Homecoming Queen '49. "But to ree her war lo love her." IDA JANE YOUNGBLOOD Born july 22, 1931, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Patrick's School, September, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, '48, '49: Latin Club '47, English Club '48, '49, Commercial Club '48, '49, Press Club '49. "A combination of ejfcienry and good will." ,gil Wemoriam SISTER MARY AMBROSE CONWAY, R. S. M. In loving memory of Sister Mary Ambrose, who entered into Eternal Rest, january 24, we dedicate this page in recognition of her twenty-tive years of devoted service to her Divine Spouse in the person of His "little ones." Several of us felt the kind, directing hand of Sister during our early childhood as "little boarders in the baby dorm"g many of us experienced her patient understanding during our early adolescenceg all of us knew her and admired her faithful devotion to duty, in spite of ill health, during the past year. We loved her in lifeg we shall not forget her in death. May she, from her Heavenly Home, continue her watch over us! M5626 WM 'arm .7!Le jorck jo we juniom ul'Li0l' UWM Ross MARIE BA'r'r1sTo Prerident ROSE HOGAN Vice-Prerident W! y 3 5 2 K R ,X ?"' ? 'Fx 'vm in 'EL Q Q if S t na 5 V F, 5 4 ' K x. Firrt Rauf: Vernell Austin, Beverly Balch, Betty Sue Ball, Frances Bednar, Veronica Bednar, Nancy Belford, Patricia Bell, Mary Ann Bopp. Second Row: Ada Marie Boyd, 'Generose Breyel, Mary Frances Breyel, Helen Ruth Brooks, Mary jo Bruck, Rosemary Burnett, joAnn Cole, Margaret Cole. Third Raw: Clarice Cross, Emogene Cumnock, Isabelle Davis, Violet Dickey, Patricia Dittemore, Mary jo Drew, Freda Duerling, Frances Ford. Fnurlb Raw: Betty Frazier, Dolores Fredrich, Lorine Fredrick, Dolores Gloor, Anne Golder, Barbara Gorman, Mary Katharine Hall, Phyllis Hampel. ag jim, Hg I9 O2 6L4fLS2m i' SUSIE GILMORE union Secretary ,IEAN ANN PRATT Treururer All it at X A i Q Y a if P'-J bw . is-rw-ga L mi, Fmt Row: Ann Harrison, Marilyn Hart, Betty Herbert, JoAnn Hicks, Florence Hobbs, Mary jane Hooks, Betty Hoyt, Theresa Hum. Second Row: Ruby Hurley, Mary Lee jablonski, Theresa Kirchner, Carolyn Knight, Christina Konecny, Helen Krallman, Rita Lucas, Mary Catherine Luyet. Third Row: Elizabeth Mack, Evelyn Maggi, Emily Miller, Gertrude Miller, Rose Marie Nabholz, Agnes Pitonyak, Clementine Post, Dorothy Probst. Fourth Row: Bertie Rossi, Carolyn Smith, Clara Thennes, Frances Tucker, Patricia Vacin, Barbara Vick, Sammy Watkins, Patricia Wads, Rose Lee Zaloudek. X f H , 5 e Our .Shlalwmore .Slaferfs ore a 'H 1 Q ' , Ola om 66 LORRAINE ROE f 'Y V' jggfa' J President A' .' ,H JUDY KEITH XLZ' ' it ' " J! Vire-Prerid ent O J, , , J O gr ., M 1 1, H "V ,W .. l i Q I dv ' , ,-ig' H. K 3 Q, , ,.,, '31-31 i t' V H in V K 'A , A . L. I L K. , M 1 q w .U J 1 e ' has . J J , 4. . , 4, ' ' K A- , Q. J 2 t :., ,, Vp F , ., , V r J i s - . me " 1' 5' ,. - 'W To Row, lei to ri bl: Carol Armstron , o ce Baile , Barbara Barlow, Irene Barthol, ena Benish, D P B h ,dg 8 Y Y onna ergesc ner er. Serand Rauf: Barbara Bethune, Pat Carter, Jessie Cox, Julianne Crook, Pat Cyrier, Margaret R. Dungan, Sheila Dungan. . Third Row: Twila Findley, Beverly Freeman, Pat Garbacz, Ruth Gleason, Joyce Goodwin, Rita Hamling, Mary Frances Heinze. Fourth Row: Helen Hemmer, Barbara Hinkson, Jo Ann Hogston, Dorris Karcher, Pat Katilius, Evelyn Kenney, Theresa Knolf. Weir Exif jwo eam .xdlzeacl ' - A ww .cfqmgaf , , t ,wisp t A ,rf , 'K . 3. I ' it so if 1 "' ig . A U ' 7 Q OP 0l'l'l0I'e 0,55 3 sg SIDNEY PREWETT 'V A ,325 Serrelary 'R 'X f DEBORAH EBBING W Treafurer , 525, L it ' 1f3i2?iE2f HV ' , , A , V . , 3, fl- ' ' - 'f LQ iw 5 ' A' W ,jaexz , , . My X I ,,,..k, T- I . ,VV, J A I ,EV W . 4 w ' hi S : l i ' r Q X A L ig S t - ' E, 'A as ,, ii S - W L " ' ti ? ' , X ' -t 3' 'eff L -1' iii "-Jr., Q r , 'f li t ,, ., , s. " -' , ' arf' Q1i,:,Q.f ' 'Q ' S S sf: Top Row, left lo right: Anita Lannie, Mildred Laux, Mary L. Lawrence, Willie Leonard, Margaret Marchese, Gay Martello, jackie Massery. Serond Raw: Pat McGuire, Cecil Meyers, Margaret Miller, Barbara Mladan, Mary Ann Pardo, Mary Ralphe, Adele Rauch. Third Row: Isabelle Rauch, Betty jo Rechtin, Mary F. Sarna, Rita Sarna, Wilma Ruth Sartain, jo Ann Simmons, Jeannie Simpson. Fourlh Raw: jo Simpson, Betty Sokora, Majorie Tate, Patsy Taylor, Eunice Weir, Jessie Wendler, Ruth Whitehead. gl'e5Al'YLal'l CKGJJ ongrafufafiorw, .gredlzmen , n Mar 'GI 4 BARBARA ORGAIN " fl BEULAH MARIE HARRIS Prexidenl Vice-Pfefident . 5 A L: as ' - l 4 v in ,A . VK, Q A N ,..r im, .4575rri.i1, vi 'iiiierilllgi r Lit, 95? U .12 F . 5, , , W, oi zmlirfl i 4 at 4 iii 8 xl ' A K I Q, L.,k mf I ' ' . ,A "' A I 'Q I it Yi Top Raw, left to fight: Ann Brizzolara, Patricia Box, Mary Lou Brown, Patricia Brown, Barbara Cole, Shirley Combs. . Serond Row: Patricia Eubanks, Carol Ann Gibson, Selma Jo Gilmore, Theresa Gloor, Mary Helen Hampton, Georgia Ann Hill. Third Row: Geneva Holloway, Clarice Hoyt, Doris Hudson, Barbara Kresse, Patricia Land, Barbara Levesque. Fourth Row: Billie Luyet, Margaret Mack, Dorothy Maggi, Dorothy Mancini, Marianne Mangan, Sara Grace Martin. Ile wal' One, jkfee MARTHA GREENE Secretary BARBARA KIERRE Trearuref Q -N Q my 4 .,,: t Sky! J my Iliff, ky.. H -g ily, I gl i . A if 3 f I 25, 1-Q., i We Tap Raw, left ta right: joan Matthews, LaVonne Meirose, Mary Ann Mergenschroer, Mary Lou Mer- genschroer, Clarice Miller, Louise Miller. Second Raw: Shirley Murphy, Rosemary Musil, Olga Muzquiz, Barbara Parke, Lynn Renfroe, Mary Frances Rumbach. Third Row: Dorothy Saenger, Nora Schuller, Mary Short, Mildred Short, Mary Ellen Stormes, Roseann Turgeon. Fourth Row: Edna Watkins, Mae Dell Wages, Mary jo Wheeler, Sandra White, Rosemary Wood, Margie Yeager, jenny Zaloudek. 0 0 jre5Aman Cfafid F me jk? Snow M 0ll,f6!00l"ff 1in rganiza fiona efilaice Seffam, oca ariam .ghclagfy of fhe jgkaaecl urgin The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary, under a capable staff of othcers appointed by Sister Mary Mark, Sodality Moderator, began its year of activity with the first meeting in September. Sodality meetings were held every Friday afternoon at the regular Religion period. Several entertaining programs were presented, -consisting of quizzes, short plays, and interesting talks. On the first Friday of every month, the Sodalists recited the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin in the chapel. Thirty-live students were received into the Sodality on December 8, at an impressive ceremony, conducted by Msgr. joseph A. Murray. The outstanding activity of the year was a lecture by Rev. Daniel A. Lord, S. J., on March 11. Father Lord spoke to an audience of Sodalists and their parents and guests on "The Knights and Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament." Other activities receiving the enthusiastic support of the MARY LOU BROCK Sodalists were the students annualnthree-dayretreat, continued Meyer, donations to the Sodality adopted. mission in India, generous response to the plea for contributions to the missions of the Maryknoll Sisters, Christmas baskets for the old ladies of the Confederate Home, donations to the Press Club CARE project, participation in the international Spiritual Bouquet to the Holy Father at Christmas and on the occasion of the fiftieth anni- versary of his Ordination to the Holy Priesthood. Seated left to right: Majeedah Nahas, Apoftolir Cammitle Chairmany Ioan Eros, Eurhariftir Committeeg Sue Keith, trearurerg Mary Lou Brock, prefectg Roberta Straessle, vice-preferty LaVerne Harvey, .recretaryg Donna Ritter, Our Lady'5 Cammitteeg and Charlotte Bujarski, Catholir Truth Committee. Standing: Jenny Bornhoft and Florence Sarna, ro-edztarr of the "Sodali.rt",' Wanda Carter, Puhlifity Chairman. Not pirtztred, Peggy Laiferty, Social Life Committee Chairman. e re area! gov we Euziinerizi mr!! ommercia Under the sponsorship of Sister Mary Thomasine, the Commercial Club was reorganized in the fall and held regular meetings on the second Thursday of each month. Skits and talks having bearing on matters of busi- ness and commercial interest were given, and contests and quizzes were presented at each meeting. Club projects included typing several thousand en- velopes for the Arkansas Crippled Children's Association, and typing letters for the C. Y. O. Commercial Club dues hnanced the purchase of sets of stenographic rhythm records and commercial room supplies. MARY ANNE UHIREN Preridenl Often of Commercial Club are, seated: joan Townsend, vice-prexidentg Jennie Bornhoft, Jerretaryg Mary Anne Uhiren, preridentf Jtanding: Anne Wilson, trea.rurer,' Dorothy Plafcan, librarianf Rita Lucas and Pat Dittemore, program rlaairmeng and Pat Murphy and Patricia O'Connor, "Commer-Chai" ca- ediforx. ML rodaecl jlze Eudicon Caedar Latin Club ojirerr are: Jo Simpson, Trearurerg jo Ann Simmons, Preridenlf Betty Sokora, Vire-Preridenlg Clarice Hoyt, Serretaryg and Nita Barns, Program Chairman. ofafin C ug The S. P. Q. R. chapter of the junior Classical League was reorganized this year under the sponsorship of Sister Mary Philippa. Purpose of the club is to help Latin students understand more fully the manners and customs of the early Romans. The meetings, scheduled for the first Thursday of each month, gave the members an opportunity of learning much about the Latin culture and lan- guage through songs, reports, games, and short skits. A Latin book edited by Lawrence A. Towers was used in addition to the regular Latin book this year. This book helped the Latin students with their grammar, translations, and study of historical background. On Saint Valentines Day, the students enjoyed oral Latin Valentines with verses such as, "Erisne valentina mea?" and "Rosa sunt rubrae, Violae sunt caerulae, Saccahron est dulce, Etian Tu!" A special program was planned in celebration of National Latin Week to close the club activities for the year. . J W0 il"l"Ol"5 Ol" 5 B-Square Math Club othcers are Roberta Straessle, trenfzzrerg Pat Dittemore, preridenlf Martie Rhlnehart, rerrelary. Absent when picture was made, Janet Lee Jones, vire- gagjciuare 7WafA C ug The B-Square Club, including second year algebra and trigonometry students, was reorganized in September under the sponsorship of Sister Mary Mark, math instructor. Purpose of the organization is to bring the student into closer contact with the different branches of mathematics through the study of the history of the science itself and through the study of great mathematicians. The meetings, held on the second Friday of every month, consisted of reports on the lives of famous mathematicians, puzzle problems, and mathe- matical games. CLI" GZ JOAN RAUCH Prerid ent - 'liars rancaw. aw, ou. e Cjerci jrancais Le Cercle Francais reorganized in September under the supervision of Madame Florence Hemans, sponsor of the club and modern language instructor. The purpose of the organization is to make the members more familiar with the French people and their language and customs. The meetings, held on the second Thursday of every month, included the singing of French songs, the playing of games in French, and talks on France. Distribution of gifts for poor children was the Christmas project chosen by the group. The president entertained the members with an informal coke party at her home early in December. Le Cercle Francais ended a successful year with a formal luncheon held at Hotel Sam Peck. Ann Wrape, trearurerg Joan Rauch, preridentg Pat Stedem, wire-prerident and Rose Battisto, Jerretary. Absent when picture was made, Peggy Lafferty pm gram rlmirman. 1 .xdnel aggaanidlz, jon, af cm fz3,,a,,,., The Spanish Club, sponsored by Senora Florence Hemans, was reorganized in September for the purpose of acquainting the members with the customs and his- tory of Spanish-speaking countries. As their motto the members chose "Me encanta el Espagnoln-"Spanish Enchants Me." The meetings, held monthly, consisted of Spanish songs, skits, and talks by Senora Hemans on her ex- periences in Mexico. Concluding the year's activities, the Spanish Club held a formal luncheon at Hank's. Spanish Club officers are, right to left: jean Ann Pratt, prefident oan Townsend lrerzrurerg Dolores DuVal, Jerretary, practicing a Mexican Hat Dance for a pro gramg Nancy Belford, rfice-preridentg and Clara Thennes, program chairman . we-5 m mf- . - ,. . . ,-:gow ,sm cmd Officers of the two junior English Clubs are, seated, presidents: Pat Dittemore, Frances Tucker, Rita Lucas and Betty Frazierg standing, secretaries: Mary jo Drew, Rose Hogan, Lorine Fredrick and Dolores Fredrick. my CL5e 0l'l'l0 Q l' Officers of the two sections of the Senior English Club elected quarterly, prepared programs for semi-monthly English Club meetings, held during the regular class periods. Pictured are senior presidents, seated: Anna Ruth Rankins, Jennie Born- hoft, Rosemary Simpson, and Wanda Carter, standing, secretaries: Jeanne Eastin, Ruth jean Donnelly, Joan Eros Pat O'Connor. udic .Ham Glzarmfn 0 .gzzofhe . . . Members of Mt. St. Mary's Choral Club who demonstrated the Gregorian Chant at a meeting of the Greater Little Rock Musical Coterie and sang at various school activities, are fmt row: Dorothy Mancini, Billie Luyet, Wanda Carter, Sue Keith, LaVerne Harvey, Dolores March, Charlotte Bujarski, LaVerne Morgan, and Vernell Austin, Jerond row: Carol Gibson, Helen Hemmer, Louise Miller, Margie Tate, Patricia Vacin, Barbara Vick, Mary Frances Heinze, Pat Katiliusg third row: Shirley Murphy, Mary jane Hooks, Mary Ralphe, Patricia McGuire, Pat Dittemore, Nancy Belford, Geneva Holloway, Sarah Grace Mar- tin, Phyllis Hampel, and Georgia Ann Hill. Mrs. Paul Fischer voice instructor, is seated at the piano. One group of music pupils who participated in the spring piano ensemble are from left to right: Ruby Novak, Mary Jane Hooks, Pat Dittemore, Patricia McGuire, Patsy Garbacz, Juanita Barns, Dolores Gloor and Mary Katherine Nelson. mei .7lze Cpfaria .gnfeffigenfziia 1 if if? -W ,sp p K, ' - 'i'iif1-wi ix, wrt' It iw-i,,Q 4-iitfii -' ' fwgifs-U nilzsii ,wyrfy h H Q 1' ,fif wgifkf ' i ,, s . NNVIUNN.. 7 7 3 V ,I 5 YH? l A Q, N, K -ff w-'L-. 1.-.yr I. i , ' ,i - i i N V H i ' 'iii "W ' ig ' :: V F tri' S ,F gvzif t ' : , ' f - ggi iaiijgmy i tis, W 4 f, --.ali , A kg, a I l ,V ,i , t -X A X -. t f I 4 , ,. i 'fl - my - W i W . " ' ' if igffnxwz v iffy -V 'YEQSE' ?,1ii?gf,?'iiew, 2 ' H- U 5 A 1 1 1 'tml 7 r , 'Qi ' iss: . S 1 , 'Za' ' ,,,. etff, , fa 1 fi - . ' J I P A 1 H 'ia ' . Il? 2 : iii-f Z, 'vffbii ' ,,r.ii?f,f f 7 ,tv , A - ,, , ,.,,, ,, t, , . , X ,. .. .... ., eg . , .it 111223 , fiwi ,, ' f 1' .st Z-rf-551 -s ' Vw-W a K 1 - , 1 - W- ry:,'ff'- iiiifwi V 1' ZI'1-Wing " F F i,i?z:V" ' SYLQJ' xiii?" A' i' 5. " --1-:-.,lEi?i'l5' E K ' '. .ffpfiv MM- ., ,.,.' i-5 V i-,W ei. Y , 1' --L- 1 " ff- i Q' 1 . .igmk aj'-' vig . f K- 5-,Mil , 4 gpg. I 'lvigglw igq, ,K ,,,3 13,3 Q ' 1 ' "" - -' rv A in ' '4 f ' 'J "rf . ' K' A 7313 V S I ,' - tim 4 53: ' ' Y is " " " 'iiiwfiiiwi " 3.57 Wafionaf ,Honor Sociefy if ef t, .E Ki 153 .,i, :Zigi - :fljffi ,X was FW F t ww, ,cgi af, ii if r ww K Qfiiffi i 'i Y 1 ,QM 5 a , i 'Yi 1 if 'I - 'fs i 1' -z f I " ,.,. A r -',. gi 1,1-A i v' ?'i53i57"K sw. " :Wi ' jill, iii 4, ' ii S ' ',1H1i w ,1,i"i:' r uxffif Wifi L-K' Wire flffi' iw, .G 6 'S it J 1 3 G , Li gi ,,,, gt, ' -PM 'im ,gsgrm ga 5 i al -1 f .. .ali - iii? ff' YRS' ,Q : Q , s, NM if i Q iw if f K Mig! t 'Y s ,4 sa at 57 Twenty seniors and seven juniors were elected to membership in the Fidclis Chapter of National Honor Society at a meeting of the faculty nominating committee in February. To be eligible for membership, a student must excell in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Olhcers appointed by Sister M. Mark, Society sponsor, are fcenterl Martha Nell Rhinehart, presidentg Pa- tricia Stedem, vice-president, and Mary Kay Truemper, secretary. Seniors elected to membership are: top, Roberta Straessle, Anna Ruth Ranking second row, Donna Ritter, Patsy Mala- chowskig third row, jerry Flanigan, Sue Keith, Majeedah Nahas, Ann Wrape, Charlotte Bujarski, joan Rauchg fourlb row, Mary Lou Brock, LaVerne Harvey, Mary Anne Uhiren, Frances Casavechia, Linda Cahanin, Florence Sarna, and joan Glendening. jun- iors who qualified for membership are: Rose Marie Nabholz, Patricia Dittemore, Lorine Fredrich. Dolores Fredrick, Mary Lee jab- lonski, Rose Hogan, and Rose Marie Battisto. resid gli it Baa 'S H S il k All V 4: il i z., A, 1? W in 5 af H W Y. Y' lla l ' , QM Q. 'X Xt ilflf ' Lg? ,Q ,ff it 4? ,QP KW, ,... 'MA ofadorevl 0112? 6 Ollflt 7 EQGJEIQQ Ollllt lil X Members of the Press Club are journalism students who have had two hundred or more lines of their writing printed in the school paper, the MOUNT. Meetings are held on the first and third Monday of each month. Press Club sponsor is Sister M. Frances, faculty advisor for student publications. . Officers are, tap row: Ann Wmpe, preridentf Mary Anne Uhiren, vice-president: Joan Rauch, rerretary. Serand row: Leona Shook, Peggy Lalierty, Pat Stedem, Anna Ruth Rankin, and Charlotte Bujarski. Third row: Ida Jane Youngblood, Jerry Flanigan, Mary Lee Jablonski, Sue Keith, and Florence Sarna. Fourth row: Betty Sue Ball, Betty Frazier, Carolyn Knight, Sammy Wadcins, and Rita Lucas. ' fyournagdfd Mount Stal? members at work on the school newspaper realed are Anna Ruth Rankin, Mary Ann Uhiren, Ann Wrape, edzlor IH :ble Charlotte Bujarski and oan Rauch Sfandlng Sue Keith, Pat Stedem, and jerry Flanigan. Olftflf SQCW Main extra-curricular activity of the Press Club was sponsored through the class presidents and co-chairmen to nnance the sending of several CARE food packages to European students at Christmas. Seated lefl to right: JoAnn Simmons, Ann Wrape, chairmarzg Pat Stedern, ro-rlmirmang and Majeedah Nahas. Standing: Rose Marie Battisto, Mary jo Drew, Raine Roe, Ruby Novak, Barbara Orgain, and Pat Eubanks. ournalists who attained the goal of 100 printed inches required for initiation into the Mercian Chapter of Quill and Scrioll are left to right erry Flanigan Ioan Rauch Anna Ruth Rankin Sue Keith, Mary Ann Uhiren, Charlotte Bujarski, A .xdcfiuifiefi e I ere eaufcefi uen .146 Eagles! gag? aaufjuf confedf Winner of the "Baby Beautiful" Contest, conducted as a class fund raising project, was Charlotte Bujarski, pictured above with a baby bonnet as her crown at the Kiddie Party. Runners-up posed with their baby pictures are Mary Anne Finley, "Buji", and Mary Lou Brock Campaign managers for girls who entered baby pictures in the contest are Dolores March and Mary Lou, Dorothy Lukas and Frances Ca h' M ' savec ia, ary Anne and Jerry Flanigan. ML lidpfay naudiaecfecl jaknfd , yi infer lijariefy .Slow 'H , Q M in As one of the fund raising campaigns to put our Bazaar Queen candi- date Ebby over the top, the seniors presented a variety musical, and raffled a little black cocker spaniel puppy, donated to the class by Msgr. Allen. Pictured above are most of the members of the cast, after presenting the program. "Queen Ebby", with the puppy "Ebony"g Dolores, who sang "Ragtime Cowboy Joe", poses with Ebony for Msgr. Murray's camera on the steps of the gym. "Darkies" who took part in the may are Jody, Peggy, Pat, Vfanda, Gerry, and Anne. With other mem rs of the cast, "Paw" Mary Lou and "Sheriff" Rufus presented a hill- billy number. l we g6l,Z6L6Ll" lfleell COI'lfe5t EBBY DOT BUD JERRY umnae azaar oya fy SUE Crowning of Queen Ebby of the House of Biltz by Mrs. A. Wrape, president of the Alumnae Association, was the highlight of the Annual Bazaar Ball, held in the gym November 23. As a bazaar project, each class chose a senior as candidate and backed her with votes gained through pre-bazaar activi- ties. Nominees from the other classes formed the Royal Court and, with Queen Ebby and her escort, led the Grand March. Music was by Tommy Scott and his orchestra. The queen and her court as pictured the night of the ball are jerry Flani- gan, grade school candidateg Sue Keith, sophomores' choiceg senior Queen Ebbyg freshmen candidate, Dorothy Lukasg and Charlotte Bujarski, candidate for the A I I euiew A campaign shot of Catholic High Homecoming Royalty fea- tured in the Arkansas Demo- crat: jerry Flanigan fffont leflj, Catholic High Queen and her maids, Anne Claire Wilson and Charlotte Bujarskig Ebby Biltz, Subiaco Queen fright fronlj and her maids, Mary Anne Finley and Ann Wrape. Rocket and Trojan Queens and maids snapped informally at the Catholic High-Subiaco homecoming football game, and the Queen's Hoat for the pep rally parade: Mary Anne, Ann, Queen Ebbyg Queen Jerry, Anne Claire, Charlotte. gigwing Mme' parfner .xdncl .Away ,IM v 'We Celebrate with the Rockets at their U-lomecoming Dance W CAQQFQJ Q QCLIWLJ Oil jo HCf0Py QOCLQQ Cheerleaders for Catholic High School "Rockets": Anne Wilson, Peggy Laf- ferty, jerry Flanigan, Charlotte Bujarski, captaing Ann Wrape, Mary Anne Fin- ley, and Pat O'Connor. Pegg Lafferty J Q rry Flanigan Ann Wr a pe Charlo te Bujarski Ann Q Wilson P cl tO'C0nnor ffl ary A. Finley Freshmen cheerleaders for the Cru- saders are: Mary Frances Rumbach, Beulah Marie Harris, Selma Jo Gilmore, captaing Pat Eubanks, Sarah Grace Martin, Clarice Hoyt, and Dorothy Mancini. Pat O'Connor Ileftj and Peggy Lafferty Irigblj sponsored the group. E748 ref Q. of sz mu., gwafzsia.. The Belles of St. Mary's basketball team photographed in their new purple satin warm-up suits are front, from left to right: Cflldfdl, Charlotte Bujarski, Dorothy Lukas, Captaing Frances Casavechiag Farufardr, Anne Wilson, Ebby Biltz, and Ruby Novak. Bark row: Rosemary Simpson, Assistant Coachg For- wardr, Jennie Bomhoft, Beverly Freeman, Judy Keith, Msgr. T. L. Keany, Coarbg Guardx, Mary K. Hall, Betty Sokora, Frances Bednar, and Manager Donna Ritter. we Haw o mayb The Belles completed a successful season, losing only three of their sixteen games scheduled. The team entered the Invitational Tournament held at England but, M after drawing a bye, they were defeated by Hazen, the V r winners of the tournament. Captain and guard Dorothy A All ' A me I Lukas and forward Judy Keith, won honor for the Belles V 3., V " I X L by being named on the All-Tournament team. , i v'-I f " "ti ,V ' Msgr. T. L. Keany, coaching the Belles squad for I 1 fix i j ? i- if J ,. Q ' 3' ' I his twenty-fourth consecutive year, was assisted by Rose- .5 3 'J' -, f , f Y . Qglgqc ' pm t 1' -" mary Simpson, student coach. Donna Ritter and Wanda i ,' 1 Y T " 1 4 i f- 4 A fi' S' V' J I it : M, -er up i X- 15, 6 . ,' . I tif si I .HJ Carter served as co-managers for the Belles team. is 5 ,H , . fy I' Q p Seniors playing their last year of high school basket. - J .--. ball are: forwards, Ann Wilson, Ebby Biltz, Ruby Novak, " . 'rip s I Jennie Bornhoftg and guards, Dorothy Lukas, Charlotte pf. ' ky In ,J Y :KT GQ ' Bujarski, and Frances Casavechia. L . M L if I Q ' A Line-uIp:k"Buji", Ann, Judy, Mary Kay, Jennie, lyzefl, N . 'T ' U Ll Cn. Q . . ' J N."-f"" - 'V JI? fi "Bu'i", the Monsi nor and Dot: Ca tain "Luke", F Q :': L Casd dribblers. g P sw ,Q Q J ' Sanfa .ginalfi me CAl"i6fl'l'lCLf5 lairif Top Row: "The Annunciationf' Angel Gabriel, Mary Rita Schlattererg Mary, Jennie Bornhoft. "The Angel Choirs." Serond Row: Stage hands help Santa fRosemary Simpsonj gn dressed for dancers "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town." Third Row: Solo dancer Mary Lee Jablonski, and the "Snow Fairies." .911 Carogi, ZLIYLCQ, CLFLJ jagdaux l Top Row: "The Shepherds Watch"g "The Nativity." K Second Row: "jingle Bells" dancers. Santa finds the Christmas Spirit QFrances Tuckerj. Tffifd Row: Tbird Raw: Skaters and Jerry Flanigan, solo dancer. ' CKCJAOAC Jdcfion, ur Cy . . . 77 REV. DANIEL A, LORD, S. j., K. B. S. W. NX Cafdogc .xdcfion Religious activities for the Belles of St. Mary's are both curricular and extra-curricular. Sodality of the Blessed Virgin, Legion of Mary, League of the Sacred Heart, Catholic Youth Organization, Parish Young People's Clubs, Rosary Crusade, all have our earnest and enthusiastic support. The Eucharistic Crusade, newest Catholic Action group on the campus, was formed as a result of a "red letter" day on the school calendar-Father Lord's lecture on the "Knights and Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament". "EIU MONTH Charlotte Bujarski, Catholic Truth Committee Chairman, arranges a magazine rack in the library for a February display of Catholic periodicals. Assisting are Mary' Lou Brock, Roberta Straessle and Joan Eros. SUMMER SCHOOL OF CATHOLIC ACTION Sodality ofhcers who attended "Six Days You'll Never Forget" at SSCA in St. Louis are La- Verne Harvey, Secretary, joan Eros, Eucharir- tif Committee Chairmrzm' Sue Keith, Tfeaxurerg Mary Lou Brock, Prefect, Roberta Straessle, Vice-Pfeferij and Donna Ritter, Our Lady: Committee Chairman, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT Principals in the Christmas pageant which stressed the religious theme with tableaux and sacred carols are, left to right, Jennie -Bornhoft, who took the part of Mary, Helen.Hemmer, who sang the Prophecies, Mary Rita Schlatterer, as the Angel of the Annunciationg Mary Lee Jablonski, who danced as the Christmas Fairy. Standing: Ruth Donnelly, who played joseph, and Rosemary Simpson who acted as Santa Claus. Absent when picture was made, Frances Tucker, the "Christmas Spirit". K . . ,K , sw, 30 j 3 I publicily 'wif W A-X t sw N49 L, x ell LOI' joan Eros, fcenterj general chazrmnn 0 lbe Jenzor derofafionf, Pat Murphy Pat O'Cormor, fleft backj Cnght frontj aneumentx tzrkelf and Dodye DuVal -: . Mini? 1 iff? Y' sa xg 2 xx ig ? L W A ball, was assisted by nm: Ruth Rankm Qleft frontj M1 erneafA we asians Under a canopy of silver stars the belles and their dates danced to the soft music of Tommy Scott and his orchestra at the Senior Ball. Shown at the right is Charlotte Bujarski, clan treamrer, and her date, Allen Cardona. ance ed Our .gznior Couples snapped at intermission include fright, clan vice-prefidemf, Nita Barns, and date, Louis McDonald. ML .gjaikvl .70 jar-Off pfaced 1' J s- 1' Y A if 5295 3 au gain! ,Qfogram As an all-school assembly we presented -a talent program, which featured members of our class as crew of the ship " U. S. S. St. Mary's." During the program, several countries were visited with song and dance typical of each. Msgr. Murray accompanied us on our voyage and caught "in the act" a few of the numbers. When in Holland we saw Nita and Jody as a little Dutch couple by the "Little Dutch Mill." While visiting on Broadway we found Joan, Rita, Pat, Mary Jo, and Dorothy "On the Sidewalks of New York." Down Mexico way, the pretty senoritas, Winifred, Mary Anne, Jennie, Ruth, "Mike", Joyce, and Rosie sang and danced "Manana". We docked while the MOUNT stopped the show and "Shorty", "Caso", "Luke", Donna, and Linda took a peek at the latest school news. 'vifflzouf giver ecwing .7 On fha ,Sf ,Sf ,SZ WW' ' We set sail again for England where we saw jerry on a "Bicycle Built For Two" pedaled by Kay and Peggy. We heard far-"off" joan singing "Hurray, Hurray, I'm Going Away". Traveling to China, we met Pat, "The Rickety- Rickshaw Man" and her passenger Mary Anne. Back home again, we joined the barbershop quartet, composed of Shorty, Caso, Luke, and Donna. We attended a square-dance "Country Style" and watched couples Gerry, Buji, Pete, Luke, Linda, Caso, Wanda, and Donna. But still ringing in our ears we heard the shouts of "Bongo, Bongo, Bongo" from "uneducated savages" Ebby, Pat, and Ann Claire. All through the journey, "Captain" Sister Mary Declan guided our good ship "U, S. S. St. Mary's." ggi! OUP el'50l'l6L6fg fifew QW T509 V699 412 18155 v -L 9 V 3. RITA SCHLATTERER Preltiert 171 , , N1 vi - ' ' ' V , M ,. ge, . E- I ,,,- Vi, ,.k wx .J - fz, gf V ,ii Q5 5 'wif Q45 If "'1 E ivflif if ?Qf"'4 ,Ziff i , 'Wi W, , b' x W K ,J M25 W, w i 3',f'i'fi?ff'iiQ535 53592 if?f'Wilfi,1ifiligzi S3555 if , w,'2,wefs w iiiff1fee,2wff.z'w.,W51q :fl .. '7",1'f5,igif'5,.sWi ie ggfsgiflufigwy2921igh5 3, I +2 q wgqgw wzwi .1 X ,X A . 'f,'kE'vfwifSw3-'GP' :WE ?ni:?i?Wf7f3 Um' Iii ' Q- 1:12 5 5if'.:"2. -,SML .wlaiiaaiaz 521.5 Efssikfvlfkfffffwfw V911 Q 157 : 'Q . .r: film' gi l Q3 - Xfvwfffi ii- A" 'flZiE1i Q f 'Q-1 . 7 f . 'gg:i1!s,Qiiee'E::: .Lg , , W' A ' :Ji DODYE DUVA Moft A tlraftive 5125? L MARY LOU BROCK Ideal St. Mdf1,J Girl Bert Leader fTiej oe eC'q'i1eS' r- SW XO CHARLOTTE BUJARSKI Beit All-Round Mort School Spirit ytfgxfa , Q,-L Q 19 E xg' vos 8 OUP 661,66 MAJEEDAH NAHAS Moxt Likely to Surreed Best Leader fTiej 66 A03 Ao " J4 -'V5-7, Z , Cbfgjolvg .9 QD? DOROTHY LUKAS Bert Athlete Moxt Helpful to Undefrlafxmer' 0 0866? 0, 4 f'xf,'l73f,,6 SP1 S62 6' O 46 0 .rf Aixffjpy Bbq, JODY TOWNSEND Beft Perfomzlily MARY ANNE UHIREN Mort Dependable Ifeffelflf Ulftlf' Olfllflf 0 if if 455 Featured in our school newspaper during the year were these charmi Belles of St. Mary's who modeled an attractive ensemble each monl First is Mary Anne Finley, always neat and sweet in the school u form. Our sports-minded belles are represented by Mary Io Stolz cheering the Rockets to victory at the Homecoming game. For Alumnae Bazaar, Dolores DuVal chose an attractive gray tweed tailor suit, Any Dad would be proud of a daughter as stunning as A Claire Wilson at the Father-Daughter Banquet. Jeanne Eastin spo a chic spring model for the Mother-Daughter Tea, and Dolores Ma was a charming belle of the Senior Ball. enf lflffl. 7W0fl,m f7 tA2l" - 6Lll,gAtel" 3 UBI' ed The annual PTA Mother-Daughter Silver Tea was held late in January at the home of Mrs. Bernard Heinze. An imported hand em- broidered linen cloth adorned the table' The center piece, an ar- rangement of spring flowers, was flanked on either side with crystal Candelabra holding white tapers. All high school students and their mothers were invited to attend. Seated al the rilvef Jervire are left: Mrs. M. D. Karcher and right, Mrs. joe P. Gilmore. Standing: Mrs. Bernard Heinze, Mrs. Wendell Ralphe, Mrs. August Probst, Mrs. Ben J. Booth, Mrs. Norwood Hen- derson, Mrs. R. K. Dittemore, Mrs. Edward Garbacz, Mrs. D. Nel- son and Mrs. Otto Frazier. L - M - erccan mahe- M ' glee .Siena We Brought in the Money! Martie and Dolores. ,ali Lp...-Q. --- The Brain and Bmzwz Behind ihe Book. Ye Ed joan fcenterj and Associate-Editors Mary Anne and Ann. ii ipxm' We Lent 4 Helping Hand at Make-up. We Kept the Boohr za Keep the Book Out of the Red. Dorothy, Rita, Mary Anne, Ruth, joan, and Editor LaVerne, Martie, Rhea, Florence, Jennie. joan. We Planned the Sale: Campaign. Mary Anne pays up as Dolores collects, and Dot and Ruby check sales slips. We Cherhed the Adverlifing Ponihilitier. Peggy, Jeanne, Sue. fd? , liti 'ww :nw W 15. 1. fzzemi. WYE. :iii EF:- 5521, ,ak,A..,. Y -.2 .V 13:1 f ,Wg fm 4 .wiv ,ig .,,. Me. . 'X 'f zfiiffiiiif xggzwgwwwgilm ,wg1,, :zg4-g' ,gg fgg gg f ,,,,g,,g gvgigggfywwfk- fk, 'Q gmgggw -' w W zkeymw q z:xfvzxwr za' gum-w www-1..vp wgw:-wffxmfi -f - H f-df-,f, Q in :www I g 5 li wvtyff .!Jcw! jme 3 3 gfaf'f.,.:' f- f , Qwmggg X 5 Q 5 ur jAanL5 jo Our lgafron Rt. Rev. John Healyg V. G. Rev. Anthony achows y, C. S. Sp. Rev.IWilliam Burke Rev. Lawrence P. Graves Rev. Raymond L. O'Dwyer St. Joseph's School, Tontitown SS. Cyril and Methodius School, Slovac St. Patrick's School, North Little Rock Mount Senior Class French Club B-Square Math Club Governor Sidney McMath Mr. and Mrs. F. Eros, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. . A. Schriver Miss Flossie Blassingame Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Fiddler Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Dittemore Miss Pat Dittemore Miss Marie Danforth The Dillaha Famil Mr. and Mrs. H. Hardin Mr. Joe Shinn Miss Beverly Freeman Miss Patricia Box Miss Ruth Gleason Mis. Steve Pruniski Miss Carolyn Whitheld '48 Mrs.gulius Bender Mr. ordon C. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Mattingly Paul David Halter Mrs. Mar Mitchell Mis. A. Lingson Miss Aloise Bai ey Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Stevens Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Stevens .Miss Margaret Ann Cahanin '44 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Binz Mr. and M'rs. James Barron Miss Cele Bre el '48 Miss Pat Land' Mr. J. D. Wood Miss Dorotliy Saen er Miss Mary . Rumiach ' Miss Marg Cumnock '48 Mr. and rs. Granville Sutton Gary Dillaha Miss Beulah Marie Harris Miss Pat Hain '47 Miss CIlara Freeman Miss Sidniel Prewett Mr. and I rs. Ralph Bergschneider Mrs. Tillie Garnes Mrs. Barneyi Vantrees Mr. A. A. itchie ' Lt. Col. and Mrs. R. Andreelli Lee Van Hoffman Mr. Harold Lee Mrs. Frances Sgmanski Mr. and Mrs. . E. Barnett Miss Helen Lachowsk Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Stuart Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Moix Mr. and Mrs. H. McGowen Miss Angelyn oieski Miss Kat ryn Pro st '46 Miss Mar aret Breyel '47 Mi. Al Hgmea Miss Barbara Ogain Miss Selma Jo ilmore Miss Margret Mancini '42 Mi-. and I rs. G. P. Yeager Miss Louise Siepiela Miss Alina Bulmanski '47 Miss Mildred Frederick '47 Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Miller Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Pevia Mr. Emmett Philbin BriddiJChi'estman Miss ottie Massery '48 Mr. and Mrs.IJ. S. Schwartz Mrs. Clark Gibbons Mr. Warren L. Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Jack Erwin Mr. Billy Shnoekel Miss Dolores Gloor Very Rev. T. L. Kean Rev. Henry Goebels, S. Sp. Rev. O. P. Butterbach Rev. Thomas Kennedy Rev. John Ras ach St. Louis School, Camden Good Counsel School, Little Rock St. Jose h's School, Hot Springs Mount Junior Class Spanish Club English Club Mayor and Mrs. Sam Wassell Mrs. Robert Watson Mr. and Mrs. James A. Greeson Mrs. Marie Miller Mr. JoeISchimmelpennick Mr. Alvin L. Buckels Mr. and Mrs. Earl Saddler Miss Claire Saenger Miss Patricia Vacin Sheriff Tom Gulley Mi. Leon 'Dunham Miss Bennie Pritchett '48 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Queen Mi. and Mrs. A. C. Low, Jr. Miss Rita Lynch '46 Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Jones Biil Simpson Miss Annette Ruckstuhl '48 Miss Mary Ann Loiton Hicker Himsteadt Miss rances Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Henry Holfman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Gilmore Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Prentice Mr. and Mrs. John Sarna Miss Adele Rauch Miss Raine Roe Miss Pat Roe '47 Miss Jena Benish Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Massery Mrs. HenryI Steinkamp Miss Gretc en Vo ler '46 Mi-. and Mrs. Frei Davenport Miss Pat Brown Miss Theresa Gloor Miss Rosemary Musil Miss Jo Ann Comstock '48 Mr. Jay Lee Cockrum Mr. and Mrs. John H. Brown Mr. Bill Shar ighn Rauch, Jar. iss Pat Lynch '47 Miss Susie Gilmore Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Clark Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Ruckstuhl, Jr. Miss Isabelle Rauch Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Rauch Mr. and Mrs: James Guy Tucker Mis. Lolin Kierre Miss dith Rhein '48 Miss Mary Lee Jablonski Buddy Keeby Mr. and Mrs. Jxtihn M. Clifton Mr. and Mrs. m. M. Lachowsky Mr. and Mrs. Frank Frederick Mi. and Mrs. Leon E. Major Miss Margaret Blankenship '46 Sgt. Wm. Pheifer Dr. H. G. Mahonel, D. D. S. Mr. and Mrs. Fran L. Johnston Miss Marie Dussex Mr. R. C. Williams Mr. Bert Yeaman Herman E. Wa ner, A. A.- Mr. Walter Gifberth Mrs. Anna Mallett Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F. Horner Mr. Albert W. Eros Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Dreher Mr. Charles Hanson Kenny Oberste Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Sudduth Mr. E. Medlin Mr. and Mrs. Paul Finley Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Darb Mr. and Mrs. Don Richards Ve Rev. ose h A. Murray Rev? Damialn Wewers, O. S. B. Rev. esse C. Cheney Rev. ames P. McDonnell Rev. eo Riedmueller St. Anne's Academy, Fort Smith St. ioseph Academy, Mena St. lizabeth's School, Adona Mount Sophomore'Class Mount Press Club I National Honor Society Mayor and Mrs. Eldor Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Philip Balest Mr. William Schlatterer Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Burgyi Mr. and Mrs. E. G. De oche Mr. and Mrs. 'F. P. Luyet Miss Martha Louise Greene Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Doyle Mr. Au ust Probst. Jr. Mr. and! Mrs. N. 0. Henderson Donald Eros Miss Anna Schmelaer Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hart Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Sargent Miss Ann Simon Dr. W. J. Schwarz Dr. and Mrs. R. Zucker Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Oswald Mr. Phil Johnston Mrs. Rose Eckert Mrs. Mildred Howell Mr. Charles E. Mallett Mrs. Amanda Schumaker isbn F. Eros r. Lester Eckert Mr. George E. IEros Mr. Fred Lonlginattr Miss Debora bbiiig Mr. and Mrs. P. . Massery Mrs. Lloyd Reid I Mr. and Mrs. Harriy W. Elliott Mr. and Mrs. W. . Waters Mr. and Mrs. Dan M. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Morris Miss Doris Hudson Miss Mary Louise Lawrence Miss Barbara Hmkson Mrs. Geoige Guanella Mr. and rs. W. B. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. D. O.IKirkland Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sillrn Mr. Ted Bruick David T. Hyatt George Louis Balmat Edward Joseph Mahoney, Jr. Mr. S. R. Si lm Miss Ruth Ann Miller Mrs. Ethel Schmand Mrs. F. H. Dunn Mrs. Joseph Gavet Mrs. Gertrude Holcomb Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert W. Cover Miss Celestine DeBons I Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Berberick Mr. and Mrs. Pete Krause Mr. James M.IBecton Miss Marie Kirspel I Dr. and Mrs. Rease Mitcham Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Lamberson Ester Allen Frick Mr. F. W. Clock Mr. L. H. King Miss Mary Jo ruck iiidy Rumor . iss uby Hurley Mr. N. P. Elliott Miss Caroiyn B. Edwards Mr. and rs. Lawrence Gasper Mr. and Mrs. Pete Hiegel Mr. TroBWilliams Mrs. J. I. Huebner Allene Sirlnfason Mrs. W. . Lamberson Mr. Dick Miller Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Ledet Mr. W. C. Tobar rien A Very Rev. Thomas J. Prendergast Rev. ohn M. Bann Rev. ack Doge Rev. ohn O' wlyer Rev. ernard J. oberson Mercy Villa, Fort Smith Holy Redeemer School, Ei Doradc Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mount Freshman Class Commercial Club Belles of St. Mary's Chief and Mrs. Jack Pyle Mr. and Mrs. John P. Powers Mr. and Mrs. ohn Pfauser, Sr. Col. and Mrs. E. RI. Wernitznig Miss Jeanine Wernitznig Mr. and Mrs. Hlfdlv mart Mr. and Mrs. J. R. rnson Mrs. Beatrice Smith I Mr. and Mrs.IH. L. Villyard Mr. E. O. Keightley Mrs. Dorothy Chadick Mrs. Dick MillerI Mr. Marion G. Rickman Dr. and Mrs. A. K. Wayrrian Mr. and Mrs. W. O.- Fleming Mrs. R. M. McGowan Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Haaser Mr. C. O. Woodward Dr. and Mrs. W. M. Burns Miss Nordeen Ledet Mr. and Mrs. Joy R. Johnson Miss Roseanne Tur eonI Mrs. Ethel Foster Jgronitzky Mrs. Tom Krah Mr. Charles P. Ouletta Mrs. Vivienne Sadler Buehrle Miss Bett Lou Pozza '47 Mr. and Mrs. Callin M. Cox Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Zackert Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gerard Mme. Florence Hemans Mrs. Jvicqueline Balmat Miss axine Booth '48 Miss Hallene Lang '48 Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Karcher Miss Irene Barthol Miss Dot Gaines '44 Miss Rose Lafferty Mrs. Paul J. Ward . Mrs. W. I.. Woodie Mrs. Louis Hoyt Mr. Bert ILukas Miss Regina Wellman Miss M3fgiSh0If Mr. and rs. F. V. Lukas Mr. Louis Kaczka Mrs. W. Land V Miss ollIy4Gilmore f46 Mr. and rs. A. Brrzzolara Mr. O. Joe Probst Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Baer Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Cook Miss Dodie Krah '47 Mr. Henry Lensing Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hornecket Miss Teddy Harell '47 Mr. William Thomas Probst Miss Cecilia Keith '42 Miss Mary Ralphe Miss Helen Booth '47 Miss Grace Booth '48 Mr. J. F. Rogers Rose W. Games, S.A., U.S.N. Mr. Loid Dill Mrs. isbn L. Kenney Miss ary Ann Lucas '46 Mrs. Marcella Garstka Miss Dorothy: Mancini Miss Dot Lu as Miss Stella Chuga '40 Miss Rosemary ood Mr. and Mrs. Joe Barron Mrs. Jizhn Rumbach Mrs. erman Kresse Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Manavsky and Mrs. Mrs. A. E. Biles ..!4no! .fdcluerfifiera or Weir Dr. and Mrs. Charles P. Wickard Mrs. Fletcher Lord Mrs. Buddg Shrader Dr. E. J. asley Miss Mary Louise Drilling Mrs. C. A. Roth Dr. and Mrs. J. Warden Dr. George R.. Steinkamp Miss Rut Steinkamp Miss Teddye Dodson '43 Mr. and Mrs. lJ.ack Towler Mr. and Mrs. d Ball Mr. C. B. .Fendley Miss Mamie Spieler Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Hadfield Mr. Dan T. Sprick Mr. and Mrs. John Powers Miss Merthyne Ada Rogers Mr. H. Randolph Smit Miss Jo Ann Hicks Mrs. Charles Carter '45 Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Schaer Mr. J. A. Sherril Mr. and Mrs. J. Willett Hill Mr. Joe Blancett Mr. Fred A. Snodgrass Dr. John G. Watkins, Sr. Mr. Bob Buice Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Renfrow Elbert Binz Mr. and Mrs. J. George Porbeck John Uekman Mr. Vick Gray Mr. and Mrs. E. Ford Miss Bobbie Gorman Mr. F. Rheiser Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Duggar Miss Paula Strauss Miss Dottie Brown Miss Catherine Gattsponer Mr. Bill Brady Bobby Sullivan Col. and Mrs. M. J. Coutlee Mrs. F. A. Coutlee Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Hanstein Mr. Billy Mitchell Nonie M. O'Keife . Miss Rose Mary Schriver '45 Mr. Jimmy Joyner - Mr. and Mrs. Lee J. Snyder, Jr. Miss Frances Ford Mr. C. Garrett Dr. James V. Gunn Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Hudgens 84 Son Mr. Andy Such Miss Pat Wrape '46 Mr. Bill Wrape Miss Betty Black '48 Miss Polly Weny '48 Mr. Edward Uekman R. S. Peters ' and Mrs. W. L. Martin Mr. Mr. Leo Ward, Jr. Charles O'Connor s Jo Ann Gleason Mrs. Anne Engelberger Miss Mary Ann Par 0 Miss Joyce Bailey Mrs. Mary Gisler Mrs. Leona Ritter Mr Mr. Mis Mr. and Mrs. P. O. Peterson . and Mrs. N. L. Lukas Mr. and Mrs. ine Linsky Mr. Billy Joe auer Mr. and Mrs. . E. Charles Mr. and Mrs. . G. Wood Mr. and Mrs. . L. Jones Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Stewart Mr. W. C. Pahlmann Mr. M. J. Harrison Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Shinkle Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Smith Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Smith Mr. T. M. Reardon Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Stack Mr. and Mrs. B. Heibach Mr. and Mrs. S. . Watkins Miss Lena Uekman Mrs. James McCarthk. . Mr. and Mrs. A. L. irkpatrick William B. Beck Harold Simmons Mr. and Mrs. John L. Heffernan Miss Jo Ann DeBon '45 Miss Jo Simpson . Mr. and Mrs. D. O. Wright Miss Mildred Laux Miss Barbara Barlow games Cordell Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. rank J. Lukas Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Elizabeth Mr. Loyle R. Haynie Tommy Turley . Mr. and Mrs. Morris E. Morgan Miss Effie Eckles Leon Siepiela Mr. L. A. Braummer Miss Kathryn Wecker Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Lang Dr. and Mrs. R. J. Calcote Miss Barbara Anne Banks Miss Patricia Mahoney Mr. Mrs. James A. Wolff Norma Webber Miss Virginia Uekman Miss Jo tuart '48 Mrs. ohn Matsek Bobby Blaylock Mr. Phil Van Arsdale Miss Louise Eheman Mr. and Mrs. Sam Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. . J. Healey Mr. and Mrs. John A. Healey Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Rothwell Mr. Mis Dr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. J. J. Payne s Daisy Thomson R. T. Smith and Mrs. Herbert Morris Mr. and Mrs. Norman Faust Dr. and Mrs. E. F. Gray Dr. and Mrs. T. D. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Z. O. Jennings Mrs. Will T. Dorough Mrs. Frank Fuller Dr. and Mrs. D. A. Rhinehart Dr. Ewell l. Thompson Dr. and Mrs. S. C. Fulmer Mrs. K. W. Cosgrove Mrs. Waldo Tiller Dr. and Mrs. D. H. Autry Dr. and Mrs. P. T. Cullen Mrs. Howard P. Taylor Mrs. Ed Lund ' Mr. Frank Stricklin Mrs. Clift Bulloch Dr. and Mrs. W. J. Schwarz Dr. and Mrs. Charles Wallis N Dr. and Mrs. H. W. Sterling Dr. and Mrs. oe Bounds Dr. and Mrs. . Harry Hayes Dr. and Mrs. rner Jones Dr. and Mrs. Ben Means Dr. and Mrs. RayDFulmer Dr. and Mrs. onald Hayes Dr. and Mrs. ason Lawson Dr. and Mrs. Smhn G. Parsons Dr. and Mrs. on Dykstra Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Cook Mr. George Whitmore Mrs. Karipy Neal Mrs. B. . Brandon Mrs. Ed Wright Mr. and Mrs. Roy H. Noel Mrs. Mellie Cross Dr. Mr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. N. W. Rie ler, Jr. and Mrs. gristo Brizzolara 1?l..T. Hoglis b rving . pitz erg S. B. 'llhompson J. H. Keeling Hoyt Choate lilamlgar lsil..cMillin . . ones .H.oy.t.aRB Acll'en Glenri Fil Gfawford - Dr. M. J. Kilbury Dr. and Mrs. Clyde D. Rodgers Mrs. Frank Dodge Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Lawson Dr. and Mrs. John N. Roberts Dr. and Mrs. W. Robert Richardson Mr. Harold Lawson . Dr. 51 Mrs. John McCollough Smith Mis Mr. Mis s Marge Bartlett . and rs. J. B. McKinney s Mary Lou Brown Mrs. J. C. Hedrick Dr. Dr. and Mrs. V. T. Webb and Mrs. Lloyd Wilbur Mrs. W. F. Smith Dr and Mrs. W. A. Lamb Dr. and Mrs. C. F. Shukers Dr. and Mrs. H. A. Stern Dr. and Mrs. J. K. Donaldson Mrs. R. B.- Myers Mr. Jimmie eagan Mrs. Arthur Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Bentley Cox Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Longstreth Dr. and Mrs. Louis K. Hundley Mrs. C. W. Garrison Dr. and Mrs. A. C. Kolb Mrs. Charles R. Henry - Dr. and Mrs. R. L. Sadler Mrs. J. P. Shvard Dr. and Mrs. . B. Coopcer Dr. and Mrs. M. D. Pric ett Dr. Mrs. and Mrs. R. E. McI,ochlin E.' M. Lovell . V Mrs. C. F. Emrick Mrs. R. C. O'Bryan Mrs. Boyce Drummond Mrs. Geolrfe Lescher Mr. and rs. H. T. Galt Mr. James Keith Dr. and Mrs. Pat Murphey Mr. Barney House Mr. and Mrs...J. F. Thomson Mr. Douglas homson Miss Claudia Thomson. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Rhmehart Mr. William .Thomson Mr. R. J. Rhinehart, Jr. Mr. Leo Krebs and Mrs William 'Steinkamp M . . Mis. William Steinkamp, Jr. Miss Hildegard Kirspel Miss Anna Schueller I' and Mrs. George R. Drilling 41.4. Mrs. W. C. Adamson Mrs. Loc Bond Mrs. oy Stueber Mr. Charles E. Maliien Mrs. H. C. Rule and Mrs. Franklin Loy Mr. Dr. A. W. Strauss Mrs. R. D. Asel Mrs. S. J. Gibson Mrs. O. A. Frazier Dr. and Mrs. Fred Harris Mrs. Nora Miller Helen Hall Mrs.EJulia Martin Mr. . L. Zelsman Mr. L. L. Zelsman Mr. A. M. Holland Mr. E. F. Jennings Mr. Walter Jennings Mr. Charles McNutt . Mr. and Mrs. Hickey Himstedt Mr. Sterling Russell Mr. J. R. tone Mr. W. E. Carter Mrs. Dessa Browne Mr. Wallace Fiddler Dr. and Mrs. Doyle W. Fulmer Gordon Oates Dr. Mr. and Mrs. William J.. Drilling Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Drilling Dr. Charlotte Maguire Mr. Ra mer Maguire Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Vinsonhaler Dr. and Mrs. G. V. Lewis Mr. Ed Steele Dr. and Mrs. Allen G. Cazort Mr. Kenny Malamphy Mr. Mr. and rs. Gerald Binkley Georg? Brock, Jr. Miss Marcella Donnelly. Mr. and Mrs. Richard . Donnelly Margaret Ruth and Geo. Edw. Donnelly Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Donnelly Mr. Wilford L. Simpson Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Simpson Miss Ann Saen er Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. and Mrs H Sh' p Cgfildlzr KlPHayes W V. Newman Dr. . . Mrs. O. F. Duebler Dr. F. G. Kumpuris Mrs. Carl Oates Dr. and Mrs. N. F. Weny Mr. and Mrs. G. Porbeck gr. and Mrs. . G. Mahoney r. Robert Watson Mrs. Frank Letzag Mrs. Theodore readway Mrs. C. E. Oates Mr. L. S. Tull Mrs. T. W. Sharp Mrs. Will H. Wilson Leo Ada Dr. and fMrs. Mr. Henry J. Altenhofzl, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hulg Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wah greei Mr. Joe Wahlgreen, Jr. Miss Emil Miller Mr. Mr. and Mrs. C arles Hum Miss Marie Urbani Mrs. Henry Wecker Miss Mary Ann Vorster Mr. and Mrs. Frank DeClerk Miss Theresa .Sprick Miss Maggie ewland Mr. and . rs. 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Allyngones Mrs. Troy B. raswell '45 Mr. and Mrs. F. K. Wunderlich Miss Miss Vera Lou Bays Katie Flowers Miss Sue Sgringer. Miss gnc oss Mrs. ick Bushkuhl '44 Mrs. M. Glendening Mrs. Nellie C. Newman Miss Mary Glendening Mr. Gene McCurdy Miss Helen Noonan Mr. Jose h F. O'Connor Mr. A. Bishop 4 Mrs. Charles L. Schafer Mrs. Hal Smith Mr. Gene Eberle Mrs. L. M. Hawkins Mr. Tom Pinckney Mrs. Charles H. Miller Mrs. L. E. Moore Mrs. H. T. Homard Mrs. A. F. Gray Mrs. . F. Weinmann Mrs. . D. Simpson Mrs. arry Pfeifer Mrs. A. W. Howard Mrs. M. F. Dickinson Mrs. J. P. Sibeck Miss Inny Spinelli '48 Mr. Joseph . Bartsch Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Greer Mrs. G. E. Taylor Mrs. Willie Robken Mrs. Sarah E. Roe Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bornhoft Mrs. G. Wilson Mr. George H. Williams Mr. gohn E. Phauser, Jr. Mr. . J. Bornhoft Mr. Kenneth Stoner Ral h Sitzer 1 Mr. E Art ur Bornhoft Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Arch Wilson Mr. Ernest Ho ue Mr. and Mrs. E. Winters Mr. Marcus Hogue Mr. John Hogue Mr. Carl Lavert Downing Mr. and Mrs.. Paul Wol e A Mr. Carl Covington Mr. and Mrs. Charles Givens Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Cart Miss S. B. Schisler Mr. G. W. Primo - Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Sitzer Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Smith, Jr. Mrs. Lizzie Sitzer Miss Mary Ruesewald Mr. Ervin Sitzer Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Bornhoft Mr. James Bornhoft Mr. Michael Bornhoft " Mr. Freddie Ruesewald Mr. and Mrs. Ben McKnight 'Mr. and Mrs. Leo Saenger micA jinancec! Mr. and Mrs.TJ. H. Traynor Miss Bernice raynor Miss Florence Traynor , Miss Dorothy Traynor Mr. John Traynor, Jr. Miss Patricia Bell Mr. . . Mr. . . Mr. s and Mrs A J. Turgeon Miss Mag Ann Bopp W Moore Ralph Estes, Jr. Jimmy Anderson Doyle Nloore Joan Janik and Mrs. A. Ma gi Mr. Mr. Mis we I9 9 ercian MV- Gefffge W- Hlgims Mi s Frances Plafcan '46 MY- HHFVCY G- C0111 S Mr. Johnnie Plalcan Mr. and Mrs. Paul Talley My C ril Plgffan Mr. and Mrs. C. Dillon Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Joseph Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Slavens Miss Trecia Antonacci Mr. and Mrs. J. Meidert Mr. and Mrs. Bi l Frederick Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Bass, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Massa Miss Sylvia E. Meyer Mr. John Franklin Gould, Jr. Mr. Miss Miss Mrs. Mr. Mr. Miss Miss Patricia Ann Euianks Monica Strack Rosine Balmat Edwin C. Reed Jack Re nolds Mildred' Doyer Martha Seiter M!Sgt. James P. March Miss Miss Miss Miss Florence Hobbs Doroth Probst Sarah Glrace Martin Ann Brizzolara - Y Mr. and Mrs. ble Bednar Mr. and Mrs. inc Sokora Mr. George Flafcan . Paul Price ss Mary Frances Bill '47 Miss Agnes Pitonyak Mrs. Helen Mae Golden Mr. and Mrs. Sam Dramer Mr. and Mrs. John Bednar Miss Christina Konecny Mr Mi Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Stephens Mr, arid Mrs, Al Borlgk MF- and Mrs. lim Bond Mr. and Mrs.1-John Hooks Mr. and Mrs. F. Holtzendorff Mr, Andrew , Plafcan Mr. and Mrs. rnest Allison Mr, and Mrs, joe Hoyt MF- and MPS- C- A- Black Miss Helen Wellman Mf- and MVS- W- .l- Wfhlff Miss Anabel Dau herty MY- and MVS- Chas- .l- Orlicek Major and Mrs. E. Schneider MY- .lfllm Novak Mrs. William A. McDermott Mr. Charles P. Sveska Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Barker Mr. and Mrs. George Orlicek Miss Par Cyrier M155 Marv I-UU BNWT! Miss Frances Golden '48 Mr. and Mrs Miss Carolyn . J. B. McKinney Rhodes Miss Dolores Hooks '48 Mr. E. P. Buerkle Mr. Thomas A. Faucett Mr. Max Ilendrejas Miss Caro yn Knight Miss M Br d Mr ary a y . and Mrs. Morris Benkovitz Mrs. Marie S. Lord Mr. Sylvester Sarna Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Volpe Mr. and Mrs. Glenn F. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Tompkins Mr. and Mrs. Bill Peters Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rossi Mr. and Mrs Mis Rex Dougherty s Annie Riegler Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Jones Miss Jxiimmre Dell Holder Miss ary Seredynski '45 Mr. Joe Pruss Mr. and Mrs. Leo Seredynski Miss Jeanine Wernitznig Mr. Edward J. Pruss Mrs. Lucille March r . and Mrs. L. J. Fellhouer Mr. and Mrs. Wm. E. Green Mr. William Stolzer Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Stolzer Miss Betty Peaslee Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Barringer T. B. Word Mr. Miss Florence Mulligan Miss Frances Mulligan Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Kirchner Mrs. A. Stedem Miss use Battisto Mrss Margaret Marchese Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Marchese Miss Evelyn Cox Mrs. Neil Robins Miss Minnie Heibach Mr. David Byrd Mr. J. H. Kirchner, Jr. Miss Carol Smith Miss Phyllis Hamtpel Mr. and Mrs. . Wamkum Mr. and Mrs. alter Lasite: Communit Bakery, North Little Rock S. J. Lynch Real Estate, North Little Rock Lamar Insurance Agency, North Little Rock Jlohnny Jacobs Meat Market, Levy . he Jose h Nahas Company, Hot Springs Oscar's Bjakery, Hot Scprings I . Malcolm Hogue, Stan ard Oil Dist., Werner Bank of Weiner, Weiner, Ark. Miss Jean Ann Pratt Mrs. G. F. Rader Mr, Frank Orlicek Miss Rita Sarna Mr. and Mrs. Vito Deuire Mr, and Mrs, john Uhiren Miss Mae Dell Wages Mr. A. T. Hess "jake" I-looks Mrs. Eugenia Rose Mr. and Mrs. Stuart W. Bishop Mr, and Mrs, Ed Chudy Mr. and Mrs. George Ussery MF- and MTS- .l059Ph M2l'Ch6SC Miss Nancy Smedley Hasfnrd '42 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Luther Hulett Miss Mary Frances Serio '47 Miss Carol Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Hyatt Mr, and Mrs, A, T, Long Miss Lynn Renfroe Mr. and Mrs. Adolf Perrin Mr, and Mrs, A, M, Wfieggnd Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Walter Mr. Frank S. Deaton Miss Judy McCall '48 Miss Mary Ann Riedmatten Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Lawrence, Sr. Mr, Earl E, Giles Miss Mildred Thessing Mrs. Edward Hess Mr, Charles Reed, r, Miss Agnes Lachowsky Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Butterworth Mr, 3nd Mrs, Al, fglsorl and Jolie Mr. Louis Balmat Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Harrison Mrs, Peyton E, Rice Mr. Johnny Silaz Mr. and Mrs. Bill Howell Mr, Paul F, Minihar-r Miss Mary Vir inia Silaz Mr. and Mrs. Casper Uekman Miss Ozerra Ann Com-nes Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Gullett Mr. and Mrs. Valentine Wilks Mr. and Mrs. George R. Yolter Mr. E. E. Sullivan Mr, and Mrs. John Lima Mrs, B, G, Kellqhgr Mr. and Mrs. Sam Brewer Mr. Sam P3S2ll2lq1-I2 Miss A nes Sarna Mr. Tom Gulley Mrs. T. E. Baylrss Mr, ms Mrs, Floyd Bargiel Convenient Beauty Shop Gill's Beauty Shop Asher Avenue Drug Store XVebb's Pharmacy Peck's Drive Inn Parker Dairy Products Mary A. Fern, Letter Service Williamson Drugs A. J. Heyden, Realty 8: Insurance Co. Johnnie's Shoe Shop R Van Pelt's Store Gregg Petersen, Painting Contractor Acme Food Store Allsopp 8: Chipple Hilperts Liquor Store Dutch 8: lval e-uton Bo p Beauty 8: Barber Supply Co. Haverty Furniture Company Hillcrest Garage A Briant Service tation Dan's Shoe Shop Churchman 81 Gill Drug Co. Hillcrest Gift 8: Glassware Co. Beach Abstract Co. Rogoskr Davenport Co. Marion Hotel Grady Manning Hotel Albert Pike Hotel Lafayette Hotel- Hillcrest Plumbing Co. Casper J. Dum, Real Estate A. 8: Electric Shop Hutto s Cafe C. Metrr1iler's Shoe Shop Howard Halley Service Station Butler's Sundries Ketcher 8: Company Basil E. Butler's Esso Service .Farrars Pride Mildred's Bakery Bumpass Cleaners Br Dyers Little Rock Shade 8: Blind Co. Schwarz Grocery E. Burdell Gro. 8: Mkt. Cook's Paint 84 Varnish Co. Rodger's Grocery Jigger's Liquors Lloyd Tate Sport Shop Bohbie's Beauty Shop Dick's X-ray Company Waldenberger Luggage Shop Hillcrest Beauty Shop Spatz Bakery Russell Florist C. B. Fendley Morrison, The Hatter B. F. Goodrich Compan Prospect Radio 8: Record' Shop Joan's Cleaners 8: Dyers Eugenie Frank Shui Battery Street Mar et American Shoe Shop Hackett Feed Store Perkins Automatic Sprinkler Co. Riverclitf Apartments Heights Variety 8: Hardware Store Heights Grocer Heights Drug Sltore Best Jewelers Browri's Garage The Laundromat Vee's Salon of Beaut Automotive Supyaly Company Allweather Roo ers 8: Builders Spauidin 's Mooser Electric Company Smith's Dru Store - Country Clug Variety 8: Gift Shop W'hite's Shoe Repair Shop Rogoski-Davenport Plumbing Company Frazier's Grocery 8: Variety Store Hudgens Grocery h Dr. Charles H. Brown, Optometrist Sulsers' Adams' Grocery Nickols' Grocery Foodette Shop Cameron Feed Mills, North Little Rock Huggins Drug Company, North Little Rock North Main Cleaners, North Little Rock Mechanics Lumber Co., North Little Rock Watson Grocery, North Little Rock Paladino Cafe, North Little Rock Ellis' Jewelry, North Little Rock Wlhite Eagle Cafe, North Little Rock Twin City Meat Co., North Little Rock A-l'Super Market, NorthiLittle Rock Char-les Hum's Royal Mkt., North Little Sterling Store Inc., North Little Rock Henry Rephan Co., North Little Rock Rock F. R. Huber Appliance Company, Weiner Watford 8: Noseworthy Corp., Weiner Deedley Furniture Company, Werner Fowler Grocery, Weiner . P. W. Gonzales--Soybeans-Werner U Bornhoft's Gro. 8: Fro. Food Lockers, Weiner Molls Cafe, Conway Southern Cafe, Conway American Grill, Conway Hiegel Lumber Co., Conway Thessing Grocery, Conway Dayer Hardware, Conway Quality Grocery, Conway Lachowsky Plumbing, Conway B. and G. Inc., Conway Simon Grocery. Conway City Lumber Co., Conway Court Cafe, Conway Ben Franklin, Conway Fair Store, Conway L. T. Lasley 8: Sons, Conway J. C. Penney Co., Conway Geoqges Show Shop, Conway W. . Cox Drug Store, Conway Conway Flower Shop, Conway Hendon's Variety Store, Conway Conway Book 8: Olhce Supply Conway News Printer, Conway Hamt-uchen Supply Co., Conway Fletcher Smith Jewelry, Conway City Meat Market, Hazen Economy Food Store, Hazen Georgegensen Appliance Company, Hazen Hazen rug Company, Hazen Grace O. Stallings Insurance, Hazen Stier's Grocery, Hazen Texaco Service. Hazen Kocourek tk Son, Hazen Victory Cafe, Hazen A T. M. Bogard Feed 81 Grocery, Carlrsle Sumner Service Station, Carlrsle Frozen Food Market, Carlisle .xdcfuerfifving Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. 7 The graduates ipmfents COMPLIMENT THEIR DAUGHTERS, THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF '49 and Mrs. H. J. Altenhofel and Mrs. W. R. Barns and Mrs. L. M. Bartsch M. A. Biltz and Mrs. Joseph Bornhoft and Mrs. G. W. Brock and Mrs. W. P. Brock Frank Bu'arski and Mrs. 1 Elizabeth Byrd and Mrs. J. L. Cahanin and Mrs. S. M. Carter and Mrs. Fred Casavechia and Mrs. J. E. Chronister and Mrs. W. M. Clifton and Mrs. R. J. Donnelly and Mrs. A. L. Eastin and Mrs. Oliver Eichelmann Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs and Mrs. A. M. Eros and Mrs. James B. Finley Edith Flanigan and Mrs. B. L. Geheb and Mrs. E. L. Glendening Edith Harvey and Mrs. A. G. Hewitt and Mrs. E. J. Janik and Mrs. L. B. Jones and Mrs. J. P. Keith Russell Lafferty and Mrs. Matt Lang and Mrs. V. S. Lukas Loretta Malachowski and Mrs. M. J. Manzo and Mrs. E. D. March Mary Massery Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nahas Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Louis Novak Mr. and Mrs. R. E.iO'Connor Mamie Passalacqua Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Piper Mr. and Mrs. John J. Plafcan Mr. Ben R. Pritchett Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Rankin Mr. and Mrs. John A. Rauch Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Reinhardt Dr. and Mrs. B. A. Rhinchart Mrs. Anne E. Ritter Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sarna and Mrs . T. E. Savage and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs . and Mrs and Mrs. . and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs . and Mrs. . and Mrs Theodor Schlattere Paul J. Schuller . D. L. Shook . 0. H. Simpson W. M. Smith A. P. Stedem F. L. Stolzer J. J. Straessle O. A. Stranz' R. P. Thompson' J. J. Truemper John Uekman J. S. Uhiren H. V. Wilson E. C. Winters A. J. Wrape C. A. Youngblood Congralulating Our 'Daughter Cangratulaling Our Daughter MARY ANNE JQANIE and the Other Graduates- And the Class of '49 Mr- and Mrs- Joe Uhifen A Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Eros I Congratulations to the Graduates . . Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduates SISTERS UF MERCY SISTERS OF MERCY Warner-Brown Hospital EL DORADO ARKANSAS ST. EDWARD'S HOSPITAL FORT SMITH ARKANSAS Complimenting the Graduates Sisters of Merc ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL HOT sPRINcs- -ARKANSAS Complimenting the Graduates ST MARY? CHURCH scuool cnllonws ' . PRAYERBOOK AND MISSAI. North Lxttle Rock , , Rev. Lawrence Hoyt, O. S. B. Rev. Peter Bartodzrej, Pastor Congratulating the Graduates COMPLIMENTS OF SAINT pATR1CK'S CHURCH ST. ANDREW'S CATI-IEDRAL REV. JOSEPH M. BURNS, Rector ' REV. WILLIAM P. BURKE Rt. Rev. Msgr. James P. Gaffney, Pastor REV. RAYMOND O'DWYER Rev. Ralph Bauer REV. LEO RIEDMUELLER Complimenting the Graduates Our Lady of Good Counsel Church Rt. Rev. John B. Scheper, Pastor RSV- J0hf1 F- Doyle Rev. Bernard J. Roberson Congratulations from ook zany of file ffoof s'oozs'P.4R1sw Rt. Rev. Msgr. F. A. Allen, Pastor Rev. john C. O'Dwyer LITTLE ROCK PHOTO-ENGRAVING COMPANY Advertising Att Printing P1-Ries 214V2 Louisiana St. Meet - - - cunts and Linoleum RUBE sf SCOTT . , 'Tom America s Leading Manufacturers , At the Men's Shop llmg RQCK , I ik CARPET 8: LINOLEUM CO. - - Phone 5-nm Phono 5-om 417-4-19 Main Little Rock, Ark. 116 W' 49' st' ' I ' ' Our Cmzgrnlrflalinmv lo the Gnzzlzmlcs N Wm. T. Stover Company, Inc. HOSPITAL and PHYSICIANS' EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES 721-723 Main Street LITTLE Rocx, ARKANSAS Ph011C 5-1211 We Pay Cash for Late Model Ca d Truclu--Burned wrecked-None Too Big or T Bad or Too Pu Compliments of OWENS FUNERAL HOME L. P. DUMBOSKI WRECKING CO. PAn'rs ron ALL MAKES AND MODELS or CABS 500 Main Street orth Little Rock, Ark. Phones 4-0312 Bus. Phone zu-1123 sszs Pike Ave. Res. Phono 2-0329 North Little Rock. Arkans ' u TIMES PRINTING 81 PUBLISHING CO., Inc. Phone 4-3208 North Little Rock 217 Main Stneet GREATER LITTLE ROCK STOCK YARDS 200 East Eleventh Street z: Post Office Box I92 :z Phone 2-4708 NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS "Send Flowers, But Send Ours" BLANC'-lE'S STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHERS COLONIAL FLOWER SHOP 51 2017 Kavanaugh Phone 3-4191 A Ph. 2-9845 712 Main St. W Little Rock, Arkansas '- Q T- ' . if ,. Quality Merchandise at 5 " :- Lowest Possible Prices! X2 ' ff 'IH 5 '- 7 S- II trap? ll " , , 1 , II' JIIUL ,. ZE4T6979fNN-' C' Department Stone ,J 41 MMMW w cAPsTol. AVENUE AT CENTERQ -A' at if -A' ir -A' Compliments of Bar-B-Q spaghetti IIISSEIIYS s'rnvr:'s met: 1111-1123 W. 7th St. Phone 9181 422 Louisiana St. Ph. 4.2690 Compliments of DRENNAN'S FINE FOODS 3604 Kavanaugh Compliments of A ' HOUCK MUSIC COMPANY A . o+o "Everything in Music" H3 East Fourth Street Little Rock, Arkansas "The Guardian in Every Catholic Home" T H E B E E THE GUARDIAN PRESS BECK'S CAHKE BOX Religious Articles Mrs. joe Beck, Mgr. Rosaries-Prayerbooks-Crucifixes 5707 Kavanaugh Phone 5-7806 511 West Second Little Rock HARVILL-BYRD ELECTRIC CO. 116-118 West Eighth Phone 4-4815 Wiring 8: Lighting Fixtures, Hot Point Refrigerators 8: Dishwashers MODERN HATTERS Buy yozqr Diamonds and Watcher and g CLEANERS at V 'L . SAM RILEY JEWELRY CO. 104 Main Phone 7336 1 i 309 Main Sr. Phone 4-7817 r:YOZl'1!6 tried the rest, Now My the benj, b North Little Rock, Ark. 1 Compliments of TAYLOR G' RICHTER, Inc. , BEST WISHES 5. N , l I 1 1 1' flmll' 'Gl:n5ln nlimlnll E QE?-E ETSU! ii-mi-ii from the " I' TIT' " F 55' 5 5 555 5 "Fashion Center of Arkansas' ' 1 E EEF f fi "ii " I 'i ll 'Ill IF M 1.13: q 5 , Qui l u 1 f ul "' 'FH' ry T5 WI 5' 11 ww U o -- !. L! Q!--li wet ' 1. ii. ii in imii gg L ' ' P 7 , W :I ,,.. Latin.: noon T""1"'LG"1"f""'-Y G m ITI 4 O I1 com an TIPTON at HURST, Inc. JEAN L, Jon-IN HuM's Flowers for All Occasions M A R K E T N ' 218 E. Washington Phone 4-5438 Phone gloeapitol Ave. R Izaagght 34170 Noam L1T'rLE.Rocx, ARKANSAS Fancy Groceries 81 K. C. Quality Meats ESTABLISHED 1875 1. E, ,, -E , - 'if-N - 5 Compliments of Compliments of I A. 85 ELECTRIC C0 Jlaunztt 8: Qlnmpang, lun. JULIAN P. NABHOLZ V REALTORS Electrical Contractor INSURANCE ' MORTGAGE LOANS 215 Loussmna Street earner 2512: 1023 West Third misss, sam We 'M' """"'m COMPLIMENTS OF NATIONAL BUILDERS SUPPLY 317 West Markham Street Little Rock, Ark. .U 5 Wi? tr Q0 Brueggeman, Swaim 86 Allen ARCHITECTS GAZETTE BUILDING LITTLE nocx, ARKANSAS COMPLIMENTS OF THE BOTTLING COMPANY Little Rock Compliments of 55 V CHRONISTER 8: WRIGHT GROCERY .624 W. Sixteenth Street Phone 2-5243 Ntzrth Little Rock, Arkansas -I-OM at ANDREWS VILLYARD PLUMBING ' BAR 3,9 8: HEATING CO. Ph. 2-9415 210 West Capltol 617 Center Ph. 4-4058 The Graduates' Pictures Were Made by agua poclfii Laing pLofograpAer 117 Wes: sixmh sneer Phone 4-1193 Little Rock, Ark- We make special rates of Photographs to all Students 15.00 COMPLIMENTS OF PARAGON PRINTING CC. LEO J. BYRNE Printing Stalionery Office Sllppliex Little Rock, Ark. Distributed 'By Phone 9676 311 East capitol Ave. ARGENTA BOTTLING C0 Compliments of GEYER 8: ADAMS CO. num BHHERU ' 1t3eA1,QS.1Q 7Ue5pecAdz4einczWa44efqof8aeact' '- 1200 WEST SEVENTH STREET Little Rock, Arkansas' Prospect Terrace Service Station and Hardware Store Gasoline Motor Oil 5625 Kavanaugh Phone 6-1752 or 3-9821 LAWSON DRUG CO. Harold Lawson, Owner 1123 W. Markham ZELSMAN 'S FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS Markham and Ringo COMPLIMENTS OF Anthony Mills Manufacturers of PINE LUMBER COMPLIMENTS OF THE FINDLEY COMPANY Sw Zi 'I Compliment: of E. ZINI EAT SHOP 401 West 7t'h St. Little Rock Compliments of SINGLEY DAIRY, INC. Compliments of Lumbermen's Reciprocal Insurance Exchange H A COMPLIMENTS OF Gus sl.Ass co. A 'fri-rr's.Ili...Ur.. 1 1 . NF' .tv . I 'Q A C I'l8":,rL fif' f 'L Q '-f1'f."' " w 'ir li. f:f'3'?"' 1 Q f ' F ,I'n rm- ,., f r 4' Sl. ,NI ' '14 ,:r1', 1- ,V F , Since 1871 Arkansas' Largest and Best Store f,,L+yf-.lelak 4:1 , I 5334 s - M- 1' -sf A L56 ..,. -ivy 1 EW! A U ,', T ' I VVbere Every Customer Must Be Srztisfied "Arkansas' Most Famous Service Restaurant A A B R E I E R ' S C A F E BAUMANS Fl.OwER SHOP fEstablished 19013 phone 2-6575 Night 2-5650 Wholesome, Well-Prepared Foods 118 Main St. North Little Rggk Courteous, E ,Uicient Service 124- W. Markham Little Rock, Ark. You are most welcome at HALL'S YOUR NEW REXALL DRUG STORE A - Flowers For All Occasions THE DRUG STORE THAT IS A DRUG STORE 3-2310 Phone 5-1008 M HAYES AND KAVANAUGH sz: fist nnxlrm sr. urns nocx Complimemf of SCHWARZ GROCERY TANNER'S CAFE "THE HOME OF GOOD THINGS TO EAT" 2220 Arch Little Rock Phone 4-2546 - 2218 Cross St. Complimenting the Graduates A. P. Stedem, Manager AMERICAN OPTICAL COMPANY 0'MALLEY FU RNITU RE COM PANY 507-509 East Washington Ave. North Little Rock, Arkansas I Congratulations from E Lots of Parking Space CHEF'S HOUSE fof Prospect Terrace Center-J Broiled Steaks, Chops, Chicken, Barbeque, Rihs. Only The Finest Food-Phone Us-We Deliver 5621 Kavanaugh Entrance to Prospect Terrace ARKANSAS ACCOUNTING CORPORATION "MAIL-ME-MONDAY" Bookkeeping and Tax Service for Independent Business Little Rock Pine Bluff Compliments and Best Wishes I Yellow Cab Co. and Checker Cab 8: Baggage Co. 301 West Markham 4-0553-34 Phones 4-226-27 RADIO DISPATCHED CABS DEMAND YOUR METER RECEIPT YOU ONLY PAY FOR ACTUAL MILEAGE DRIVEN Complimeiztx of A. J. WILSON INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Little Rock, Arkansas 4 I CASH DYE WORKS SERVICE CENTER Day and Night Cleaning Service 4106 W. Markham Ph 5 4101 PRECISION OPTICAL SERVICE, INC. Main Floor-Donaghcjy Bldg. Phone 4 6782 ' '.'e4'.5'x Compliments of ERHART, EIIIHENBAUM, AINII RAUIIH Architect: Cf Building Little Rock N5-Q' f ":Irkanx11.v Largest and Most Complete lwmic Store" REED MUSIC COMPANY 0 PIANOS 0 ORGANS I INSTRUMENTS 0 SHEET MUSIC 0 RECORDS 0 RADIOS O APPLIANCES 0 FLOOR FURNACES O EASY TERMS I 12-1 14 East 7th Street plum, 2.5151 . S ervice Plant-Contractor! -HAVERTY FURNITURE C0. Wffffngffwff Appffefffff 411 Main sr., Little Rock FAGAN ELECTRIC CQ, 517 Main, North Little Rock 901 Spring Phone 4-2366 C om plimentx of LYON'S MACHINERY CQMPANY l I 1 2""'i I I 4 sms AND Mumclm nouns Call a DIXIE CAB E. I.. Villareal 8: Company M q PHONE 7207 ' 117 Weit Second Street We Wish to Extend Our Congratulations ' I QU 5 I QW UZ , MU' DEPT. STORES, INC. Aim' Wifb You the Beit of Ezferylbing 6 Xb H 'ALEMRDTH gc. ' FUNERAL DIRECTORS ns MAIN srnsm' a mon: H131 - Visit Your FABRIC CENTRE Congratulations, Graduates Prairie County Bank Hazen, Arkansas The Finest In Fabrics Troy Churchrnan Hubert Gill Churchman-Gill Drug Co. i Formerly PROSPECT DRUG CO. 2801 Kavanaugh Congratulations, Hocott, Florist Graduates of 1949 Cut Flowery - Corrager i Plantf -- Funeral Offering! S H a 3700 Kavanaugh Phones: 3-4106 54107 i 612-616 Main sr Complimenir of Arkansas Amusement Co. Theatres H D. Callahan, Manager Arkansas - Center Capitol Heights New Lee Prospect Roxy I Asher Drive-In Compliments of ALYC E'FRAN CIS CLEANERS AL SUTTOR'S GARAGE -WE KNCIW HDQW- I507 Chester S1-I Phone 4-3636 sais-z1wm H'rAv:. rl-mul: 2-:sal Congratulations to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1948 KEIIIIIIIEIVS O fine shoes O ready-to-wear PAINTS Little Rock Hot Springs 720 Main St. Phone 6276 Phone 4-3405 Photo Finishing FAUSETT'S CAMERA CENTER, INC. J. Guy Belew 108 Main Street Manager Little Rock, Ark. 0 I Balch Motor Co., inc. Jack s Drive In 600 Broadway ' V Phone 7273 Frank D. Biniores, Prop. Little Rock, Arkansas 1859 Wolf St. phone 2.9592 Oldfmobile Salem' and Service Little Rock, Arkansas WYATT MONUMENT COMPANY EDDIE TABoR's FINER FOODS Formerly the Raymond Rauch Company We Deliver Wright,Ave' and Pafk 2219 Arch Phone 2-4802 Little Rock 4 Complimentr of DR. M. E. CALHOUN A. L. GOSS 8: SON ELECTRIC CO. Chiropractor . , - 1522 Maple St. Phone 4-1703 1904 West Third Phone 4 8535 North Little Rock Little Rock, Ark- 1 Congratulations and Best Wishes Hanson Motor Co. To the Students and Faculty of Jimmie Hanson, Manager Mt. St. Mary's 106 W. 6th C Z, W ' Stuttgart, Ark. Q 5416441444 GRIFFlN'LEGGETT We We of A'mwH REBSAMEN MOTORS FINKBEINER'S Authorized CAPITAL PRIDE PRODUCTS Sales service C. Finkbeinef, Inc. 321 W- Thifd Street 9oo High st. Little Rock Little Rock Q Visit our Stores on 1313 Woodrow and 1417 Barber ZORN,S GROCERY MA T PAGES VARIETY 5821 W. 13th Little Rock For Best Results '. . . ' d S .f Secure a Skllled Painter an peel y uhimdly service yawn Uh., - if O -a IJEEIYJL IE lnts ' 2 55764 f 'Wi Surya ,ll ffl' nous funuisnen 1,-5, 5 GILMORE PAINT 81 PAPER CO. '-'TT'-E ROCK- ARKANSAS Joe P. Gilmore, Mgr. 320 Louisiana Street ' Phone 6814 ECONOMY DRUG STORE Complimenff of 200 Main Street OLE KING COLE North Little Rock Arkanrar' Oldert Drive-in Rerlazzrant Phone 4-1671 5th and Broadway Little Rock Compliments of MUSWICK BEVERAGE 8: CIGAR CO., Inc. - DISTRIBUTORS - 223 Ferry Street Little Rock, Arkansas C0mPlim6'f1f-f of f Our very bert wirlaer . . . MOORE'S FOOD MARKET JOE'S HOBBY SHOP 600 West 22nd St. Phone 4-4887 2719 Kavanaugh Phone 3-3807 North Little Rock Joe Bernhard, Owner YOU LII!! I1' rr IRIS You Little Rock, Ark. Congratulating the Graduates Accept our best wishes, and our sincere hopes that your future be the brightest ever! BOTTLING COMPANY OF LITTLE ROCK 716 State Street. Little Rock. Arkansas 303 Main St. O Little Rock . Telephone: 6060 C 0 n gmizzlationr from KOEHLER'S BAKERY 711 Main St. North Little Rock H. I.. BLAKE Use B. C. BLADES 112 E. Markham Phone 4-3586 D L COMPLIMENTS OF W. R. WRAPE STAVE COMPANY, INC. "We Do Not Males The Most Oak Flooring, Bm IVe Do .Wake The Best." oAk 'nu LU ING J. A. BURDELI. 8: SON GROCERY 823 Rector St. Phone 2-1878 ESTELLES GRILL Dinners, Sandwiches, Short Orders 5418 Asher Ave. Flowers of Exquisite Beauty for Every Occasion Creators 8s Designers We Carry All Nationally Advertised Lines SPAULDINGS ATHLETIC GOODS co., INC. Call 4-2244 WHOLESALE RETAIL GARRET1' BROTHERS. INC. FLORISTS 206 Louisiana Phone 2-2218 MANUFACTURERS FUR ITURE COMPANY C+! "The Half Block at Seventh and Arch Streets" Complete Furnishing s--- For the Home For the Business For the Class of 49 As' 600 West Seventh Phone 9211 LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS T. H. QPETEJ SHARP GARAGE DUCO PAINTING -- GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING BODY AND FENDER WORK 805 BROADWAY PHONE 4.5844 Complimentx n -- ROTHE AND MOORE ' MASTER CLEANERS METRAILER 8' HART MEN'S LAUNDRY Better Shoe Repairing 11TH AND MAIN STS. PHONE 6155 Ho Eos' Fourth Street ACE PLATING WORKS SOUTHERN MAID DoNuT co. "QUALITY PLATlNG" . ANTIQUE AND SILVER REPAIRS - OXIDIZE FINLSI-IES ' JQE A, MORGAN PHONE 2-9748 1221 MAIN PHONE 4,0022 Owner 1010 MAIN STKE TUNY MASSA Complimenling the Graduate: We Seree Breakfaft, Plate Lunelaex, Bur-B-Q 1 1141140 Spdglwfi, Home-Made Chili, HIMSTEDT SUPPLY CO. Sandwicbe: . 521 Capxtol Avenue 119 East Markham Street Phone 4-4137 A Krebs Brothers Supplu Cu. HOTELS . . RESTAURANTS . . CLUBS HOSPITALS AND INSTITUTIONS . . . 4113-4-15 West Capitol Avenue Little Rock, Arkansas 7222 East Markham St. ' Phone 5,8460 KJ F H FI. PORBECK L 4- '-' it COITIPHHU " Compliments of I. K. ELECTRIC COMPANY 311 Main Little Rock C pllments of . . . - KORTE TIRE 8. SERVICE CO. 1300 Mala NORTH LITTLE ROCK CHAS. W. TUEL PLUMBING, HEATING 6: GAS FITTING :sos KAVANAUGH PHONE s-sm NITE PHONE s-zzsz Compliments of CHAS. ACKER CLOTHING CO. 205 Main St. North Little Rock, Ark. Accurate Compounding JOHNSON APOTHECARY Donaghey Building Phone 6179 A Y Little Rock, Ark JENNINGS MOTORS W. O. FLEMING Distributors CHRYSLER 8: PLYMOUTH AUTOMOBILES Capitol and Spring Groceries, Vegetables and Meats 1500 Commerce St. Phone 9116 PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS co. THE TUNEGLENE TWINS Smoothie and Quickly say P ' Use Tune-O-Lene and Retail Store Get Smoother Operation ' And Quicker Starting 419 West Capitol Ave. Diftfibuted by Little Rock' Arkansas AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY COMPANY Compliment: of- LITTLE ROCK FISH 8: OYSTER CO. ' 1114 West Third Phone 2-9741 Wholesale HAMBURGER HEAVEN Compliments of FUNERAL SUPPLY 8: EQUIPMENT CO. Little Rock, Arkansas WEAVER 81 CO., INC. HEIGHTS PASTRY SHOP Real Estate - Mortgage Loans Fine Cakes-Specialty Breads and Rolls Insurance Wedding and Party Cakes-A Specialty 212 Center St. Little Rock 5600 Kavanaugh Blvd. Phone 5-6334 Complimentr 0161 R. KINDERVATER 8: SONS MCCLURE JEWELERS BUTCHERS 116 West Capitol Phone 2-6414 407 East Ninth Phone 2-5645 Little Rock, Arkansas Phone 24267 5th and Main ACME LINOLEUM 8: TILE COMPANY CO. Bert Tfeadway, Owner North Little Rock, Arkansas 822 W. 7th St. Phone 5-1911 JOY JOHNSON TIRES 81 SERVICE JENNINGS FIXTURE COMPANY, Inc 7th Center St. Phone 4-8528 I Little Rock, Arkansas Parking Lot Leading Store Equipment House 1108-1110 Main St. Phone 4-2957 53561 I -'Elf - amy If -. l sununnncznousrmnr FRANKLIN Paint 8: Wallpaper Co. Sixth at La. Phone 5-4431 Congratulaiiom lo Mary Ann "Sis" Uhiren And Other Graduates of '49 CARLISLE .DRUG STORE joe Hutson Carlisle, Arkansas TAYLOR'S FINE FOODS Taylor 8: Bujarski Groceries and Meats We Deliver HENRY MASSERY CLEANERS 1323 West 5rd St. All Wfork Guarazzleed - One Day Service If Derired 922 Main G., Phone 9121 phone 2-2126 Little Rock Compliments of - BULLARD'S RESTAURANT Complimenff of C 0l1g1'cZfll!41I'i0HJ, Sefzio rx- LITTLE ROCK TENT sf AWNING co. GRAHAM BROTHERS HARDWARE 219 West mth St Hardware and Appliances Phone 2-2209 Phone 4-8692 1700 Main North Little Rock UNITED SUPPLY CO. Office Furniture, Upholstering, Refinishing. 1233 East 2nd Phone 4-1283 Little Rock, Arkansas "' -f-1--"-5:: :,.f-. ,-A: "sg" :Pima-:, ' ' - ig '. ' ,yn-:-s-355:31-v--Q... 55 :52:41 Sig- E' ' r 5 . .. .,.,.,..A ,-.a ,-...if - . , V. .4-:-.-1-:,.' , - , .5 . ' P - '-' 1".,,::,:a,:5g:5z5z,.gs-, -a::::.- 'EENSSQ as EES' 11 1 X 3. ,. I-'-1'-F -V-Asfih f wf15E5EE:5f' E'- ,, -- w i - 2253 " ,.f-5-5 if 7 -'Sli . 2 , fu A 37-2:1:.-2:::-:a1::S::aa-x-,-- ' U D ' I ,l 1-1-., Hg: -,f ' 1 X,,,Q..-1-.2-4 ,I Q 2zssg2gs5s52sasssie22:fi' ' "" ' 'X ' 3401 P A Congmtulafiom from C. E. WEST GROCERY ikf North Little Rock MRS. MORELAND'S CAFE Greater Little Rock Stock Yards North Little Rock HILDA'S BAKERY 2323 Wright Ave. Phone 5-1228 Specialty in Donuts Compliment: of S. 8 S. Supply Company 303 Main St. Phone 2-3936 North Little Rock, Ark. H. C. MCCORMACK GROCERY Congratulations and All Good Wishes To the Graduates I-IERFF-JCDNES Co ir Makes St. Mary's Rings and Invitations Fine Meats and Vegetables MEERS We Deliver A 700 N. Van Buren Phone 3-1659 RGDFGSGWTOUVG HOUSLEY'S TIRE 8: SERVICE STATION Pick Up and Delivery Service Kavanaugh and Highway 10 Phone 3-9961 Compliment! of TRU! , MMI THE Moons, CAFETERIA 1 Tru-Ade Bottling Company "Drink A Better Beverage" 1325 East Ninth Street Little Rock, Arkansas Formerly Mrs. Adkin's Cafeteria 415 Main Street "In the Heart of the Shopping Dirtrictv With Congratulations and Bert Wirhef FLOYD A. DENMAN Registered jeweler AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY ' In Stuttgart Sinre 1892 Compliment: ana' Bert Wirbes W E L L W O R T H Department Store OLDEST - LARGEST - BEST L. D. Rutstein, Owner Stuttgart Arkansas LITTLE ROCK BOYS'CLUB BUILDING BETTER BOYHO0D HEADQUARTERS Boys'Clubs of Arkansas Arkansas A.A.U. Little Rock Assc. Amateurs Arkansas Softball Assc. Arkansas Baseball Congress " Youth 0 f Arkam.aJ" Webb Pharmacy Prescription Druggists ii 1' Q1 23rd- and Arc ' I mne 4-5571 , li:-. ,ff ' 44152-5-v. Q 5 I J K' Q'-wail-dl E. 'E .TT 131 wifzfaf L -v .ga .A gt aft-It . F' . 'L 5,11 5- CLEAHERSQ ' R "rue FAMILY Laundry" . .. W one 2-51 12 T000 Spring Sh uns o Ph Compliments of Stuttgart Co-Op Buye rs Ass'n COKER-HAMPTON D RUG COMPANY Stuttgart, Arkansas Compliments of Arkansas Farm IVIacI1inery Co. OLIVER TRACTORS and IMPL DeLAVAL SEPARATO EMENTS RS and MILKERS SHELF HARDWARE and FERTILIZER I.: aol Power: UNITS Stuttgart Dewitt Phone 567 Phone 5854 M155 COM PLIMENTS OF FIDELITY 'COMPAN Y N. Henry Sinipson LITTLE ROCK, ARK. 1 Raymond Lindsey ,sf we CARl.ISI.E MERCANTILE Grocery, Dry Goods, Feed and Seed Carlisle, Arkansas Phone 3121 McCOLLUM EQUIPMENT COMPANY Modern M. M. Farm Machinery Heavy-Duty Twin City Power Units A "KEEP 'EM FARMINGH Stuttgart -:- -:- -:- Arkansas y OW e-04 OUR NEWSOSTAND X . Compliments of "It Pays to be Well Read" 6th and Main Streets Little Rock, Arkansas 1 uk rg 0: JACOB HARTZ SEED CO. ir Stuttgart, Arkansas 'C CITIZENS BANK - if .. I Carlisle, Ark. PALACE CAFE johnny and Douglas Gross, Owners 804 Front St. Conway, Arkansas Congratulations from --41.- WALTON RICE MILL, Inc. .i 4 T STUTTGART, ARKANSAS ' DAWSON-ISENMAN EQUIPMENT CO CARLISLE AND LONOKE, ARKANSAS McCORMlCK-DEERING TRAcToRs AND MACH-:Nas . INTERNATIONAL muclcs Compliments of A. R. THORELL SUPPLY COMPANY STUTTGART, ARKANSAS THE ARKANSAS RICE GROWERS ' A COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION R' 1 cl ' Stuttgart me an Arkansas Compllments of Rice Compliments of I FARMERS EQUIPMENT co. L A N E J. I. CASE FARM MACHINERY Parts and Service ARKANSAS CO- - STUTTGART, ARKANSAS L W. H. MANN, Druggist Stuttgart, Arkansas The Rexall Store Carlisle -:- Arkansas We are happy to provide daily transportation for Mount St. Mary's students t o ' o , Capnral Transportahon Co. f RVIN G GREATER LITTLE ROCK WITH DEPENQABLE SPORTATION o yum YEARBOOK i Lithographed by . . . M SEMCO COLOR PRESS FINE CULLEGE AND HIGHSBHUUL ANNIIMS B.L,SEMTNER 129 N. w. ard sr. P"'i"'-f oKl.AHoMA CITY A Q." L Y

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