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fi 'X In x E75 , I if 2 I life S' HU 5 '- Cf i J ' U 1 1 w , I I . 1 L I' H.. , M 1 'fi ,E 4 1 F11 ll Ax 3 w 1. 31 F 1 m ? 5 li Si 2 Q J Li The Mercian Published Annually by the S Mount St. Mary's Academy LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Hlwm Writer' High on a hill top, Stately in grace, Grand as a picture From tip-top to base, Stands our Alma Mater gay, Oh, how we love our S.M.A. Faithful with love We always will try To keep up thy standards, Until we die. They're our own and yours t If we remember They'll take us through. We'll never forget you, Nor lose our claim To Proudly salute, Our St. Mary's name. OO Foreword Red barr upon a field of gold, White nor: upon a field of red Courage, the red, And .rervire and zeal- Purily, the white, The from for Jarfifire, So.faflJioned Merfy'.r Shield. Four bars for service and love, courage and zeal, white cross for purity and sacrifice-the Mercy shield the graduate wears on her finger is a device, dating back to the days of the Crusades and suggesting today the same qualities and characteristics as it did to the Knights of Old. Mother Catharine McAuley's admiration for the knightly order of Our Lady of Mercy, founded in 1218 by St. Peter Nolasco for the ransom of captives, inspired her to adapt the order to women and to select for her Sisters of Mercy the insignia of the four red bars and the Crusaders' cross of white. The young woman in the world today has urgent need ofthe virtues of courage and zeal, serv- ice and love, purity and sacrifice. With the Mercy shield on her finger, she is constantly reminded of its significance of loyalty-loyalty to herself, embodying in herself the principles of her Catholic heritageg loyalty to her fellowmen, loving her neighbor and serving him, heedful of the Great Com- mandmentg loyalty to her country and to her God, fulfilling her civic and religious duties, mindful of her early training during the years which served as preparation for her investiture with the graduate's Mercy Shield. So that the world-or the little corner of it in which we move-may know our emblem and un- derstand our love for it and our pride in its significance, we have selected our class ring as the motif and theme of our yearbook. Thus the MERCIAN of 1948 shows our readers the graduates studying and working, praying and playing, in activities hallowed by the wearing of the Mercy Shield. Mo1'HER MARY FIDELIS, R. S. M, Provincial of the Sisters of Mercy St. Louis Province f SISTER MARY MARK, R.S.M. Principal Dedication Because they so inspiringly illustrate, by their lives as Sisters of Mercy, the qualities indicated by the Mercy Shield, the motif for our yearbook theme, the Class of '48, with admiration, affection, and appreciation, dedicates the MERCIAN to Mother M. Fidelis, R. S. M., Mother Provincial, in honor of her Golden jubilee of Religious Profession as a Sister of Mercy, and to Sister M. Mark, R. S. M., our principal teacher, and Senior Class sponsor, as a tribute to her on her Silver jubilee as a Professed Sister of Mercy. The Staff offers fond and sincere congratulations also to the Silver jubilarians, Sister M. Damian, R. S. M., Sister M. Stanislaus, R. S. M., and Sister M. Ita, R. S. M., as we dedicate the MERCIAN to THE JUBILARIAN SISTERS OF MERCY My Ly 9 Wl0i1,y Uplaiws fm g N fo the dies Niorssrcrslorr Tnomas L. Keanal Dear Graduates or the Ciass ot 1948: Aithough i iuiiy' reaiize that years roii on happy hours, when you kissed my tears away. in a serried coiumn, stiii it doesnt seem pos- from day to day, i thought that X was right, sibie that X am about to address a vaiediction but i was wrong. Oh, take me back again - to you, the members ot the graduating ciass where i beiong. Sing a cradie song to me ot 1948. it seems such a short time ago since and then, wont you tie me to your apron i saw you as neophytes, ciamoring at the doors strings again?" What a comiort to know that ot Mt. St. Mary's Academy seeking admission there is a Mother aiways awaiting you at Home and orientation tor your iirst year or High Sweet Home. S0-X shaii not say good-bye, but Siihooi work. The years have passed so rapidiy tiii we meet again. that i can scarceiy beiieve that' you are ready R as m ho e and Ka H that some oi on 1 to drink a stirrup cup and to move on to ioin Wm' coma bagk hom? tg Sm ma Wm Clie! that iong iine oi graduates that extends from out mm paves on the apmjoi sactmce The the gates or Mt. St. Marys even to the gates VS. Y we h h A . 'a . Y IM Ma . X isters, o avetaug t you an trarne you oi Yamaxse' out ma ter ds 8 most a so weii must in time be repiaced by others iike hundred years oid and that means that many You Wpxo Wm Cam' on me wow oi me Leia or your predecessors have aiready fought the and Wm pn mek mm ass me wich to Dun ei good iight, have tinished their course, and hands Th. .Sme WE oi We mug., can have ciaimed the crown that awaits aii, who ' X ' ds 1 Q Ju 1 da px hp Q . iive their iives according to the specitications at east Sgnde O You .1 Von et we t C mms . or a Rehgious vocation. that have been drawn tor them by their teachers at the Mount. Others, and no doubt the mayority ot you, . , . . wiii be mothers ot men. it wiii be your iot You Me Svmadfdg at the dmc' doodfmg down to iive iives ot sacrifice as wondertui Mothers the course, awaiting the starter s signai. As have awws done Smve to be ,A Home woman you 'mek down She Hack everything Seems such as the one that was euiogized by Washing- ciear,but there wiii be obstacies in your path. mn Kwan in me -iouowm powm mbute You WM meet mama members Oi You mm which ang woman ma weiigbg ron? to ciairn sex, who wiii attempt to induce you to exchange im het gon oi mga .others as one KD the your birthright ot Christian womanhood tor pa h gi X Pi h . A k what they are pieased to caii the new treedom wo' ' W 0 ee 5' Ox mdw O XS Sa ' C emu - - ' ang that he teeis tor himseit' there is one to They wiii ask you to divest yourseives ot those P h H A . . b 'h th K wh. h Christian ideais that you acquired whiie a stu- W Om ig CCW XOY .ds ewes t an. .a . K' dem My Mt St Magis and they Wm ask You comes directg there is one who reioices in an- . " ' ' . her's honor more than any which is one's to accept instead the new ideais that have ernan- Zinn me . ' . 3 re is one who ioses ati sense or seit QYQMA woman' so .med Say? and bade Wade in the sentiment or kindness, tenderness and er equai to man in aii things. This is not . y . .. Chdsdan Womanhooa bm a a an Cmkamie devotion to another, that one is woman. Yes, of at ' 9 5 ipiiieed, a reai Christian woman, an ideai St. ' ary's giri. Let this ideai or womanhood be There wiii be times when you wiii be soreiy your goai. I pressed by the pagan forces that .surround you, May Goa mess You, ma me BXCSSCA Moana, and on such occasions your minds wrii turn me ation OE out NYM MMM mae Ou gk to the harbor iights that burn in the Y Y g Y ' ount. You wiii see in Eancy your Prima Mater S- X standing there Eoiiowing your progress. You mage? WMS' wiii wish that you couid rush back and throw Y y yourseives into her arms and say, "Tie me to MN ,wsop your apron strings again, X know there s room for me back on your knee. Bring back aii the new Graduates 1 . of We 5 f 'Y' MARYE ELIZA BETH AINSWORTH Born August 9, 1931 in Hazelhurs! Mississippi Entered from St. Edward's School, September, 1945 Sodality '47, '48, Glee Club '47, Latin Club '47, English Club '48, B-Square Math Club, '47, B'Square Math Club Secretary '47, Commercial Club '48, National Honor Society '48. "Bm rrere il la my fmrfy given To mle ber rbarnlr, I'd fall lhem heaven." ALLENE LUCILLE BALLOU Born june 28, 1930 in Little Rock Arkansas Entered from St, Patricks School, September, 1944 Sodality '45, '46, '47, '48, English Club '47, '48, Commercial Club '47, '48. "The fair, the rbarfs, and urrexpreuiue she," Kyfl if X W MARY LOUISE ANDREELLI Born October 19, 1950 in Kansas City, Missouri Entered from St. Patrick's School, September, 1944 Sodmlity '45, '46, '47, '48, English Club '47, '48, Le Cercle Francais '47, Le Cercle Francais Secretary '48, Latin Club '45, '46, Commercial Club '47, '48, B'Square Math Club '47, Glee Club '-15, '46, '47, Glee Club Treasurer '48, Chamlnade Club '45, 40, '47, Chaminade Club Secretary '48, Press Club '47, Press Club President '48, MOUNT Editor '48, Quill and Scroll '48, Rocket junior Cheer-leader '45, Rotket Var- sity Cheer-leader '47, '48, MERCIAN stall '48, "Tb: rirllle nf ber llrely lanky Exwlr ibe l7r'e'r101zv iluuu." KATHLEEN ELIZABETH BALLOU Born june 28, 1930 in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Patrick's School, September, 1944 Sodality '45, '46, '47, '48, English Club '47, '48, Commercial Club '47, '48, "AIw4yJ lnufbmg, always gay, Helpr ur lhrang 1 Ibex: loilrome day." MARGRET ROSE BAKER Born November 20, 1929 in Detroit, Michigan Entered from Horace Mann School, San Antonio, Texas, january, 1946 Sodality '48, Latin Club '47, Commercial Club '-IH, English Club '-48, Our Lady ot Merry Chapter of the Legion ot Mary '48. "Tp Euan' Iyer um Ia lore her." ANGELINE DOLORES BEDNAR Born September 6, 1928 in Slovac Arkansas Entered from SS Cyril and Methodius School, Slovac, Arkansas, September, 1944 Sodality '45, '46, '47, '48, Latin Club '45, '46, Commercial Club '47, '48, English Club '47, '48, Bio-Chem Club '47, Out Lady of Mercy Chapter of the Legion ot Mary '47, Our Lady of Merry Chapter ol the Legion of Mary Treasurer, '48. "P1'rm1ire ir vmsl given when lbe leaf! if raid" ELIZABETH ANN BLACK Born April 5, 1930, in S ringheld, lllinois Entered from St. And'l'ew's School, September, 1944 Soclality '45, '46, '47, '48, Latin Club '45, '46, Commercial Club '47, '48, "Commer- Chat" Co-Editor '48, Rocket junior Cheer- leader '45, Glee Club '47, Press Club '48, English Club '47, '48, English Club Secre- tary '47, Maid to Trojan Homecoming Queen '48, Maid to Alumnae Bazaar Queen '48, MERCIAN Business Manager '48, Basketball Manager '48. "A .rmile Ibn! glow! Celeflial romy red, loz'e'r proper bile." ZELMA BELLE BOWMAN Born April 10, 1927, in Seminole, Oklahoma Entered from Bradford High School, Bradford, Arkansas, September 1946 Commercial Club '47, English Club, '47, '48, Le Cercle Francais '47. "Only lb: arlianf af line jun, Smell JweeL and blormm in their duff." N 'K ovq GRACE MARIE BOOTH Born December 19, 1931, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Andrew's School, September, 1944 Soclality '45, '46 '47, '48, Latin Club '45, '46, Commercial Club '47, '48, Glee Club '47, English Club '47, '48, Our Lady ol Mercy Chapter of the Legion of Mary '47, Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of Legion 'ol Mary Treasurer '48. "The milder! mamzer and lbe gentler! bead." CECELIA THERESA BREYEL Born March 7, 1930, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Edward's School, September, 1944 Latin Club '45, '46, Sodality '45, '46, '47, '48, Commercial Club '47, '48, Bio-Chem Club '47, English Club '47, '-18. "A rbeery .ruzile and 4 glad hear!" MAXINE BOOTH Born july 22, 1931 in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Sylvan Hills School, September, 1944 BioAChem Club '47, French Club '47, B- Square Math Club '47, Chaminade Club '45, '46, '47, '48, English Club '47, '48, Glee Club '47, '48, Press Club '48, Na- tional Honor Society '48, "Myp11rpore ir, indeed, 4 barle of Ibn! mlour." MARY ANN BREYEL Born july 29, 1930, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Good Counsel School, September, 1944 Sodality '45, '46, '47, '48, Latin Club '45, '46, English Club '47, '48, Commercial Club '47, '48 "The rileure ofleu of pure irmorerlre Perrmzder when .speaking fuilff' ,lf fr I LNE IERESA D-ARLRA x e e e ' Port Smith Ark sas 4 I I - X W i Die r 5, 2 ' ' ' ,' Enter ' f Sr, " trick's School Q Se e be 944 a y 46 48 io- em '47, X a in ub G ee Tmn 1111 olber la er od '15, '- ', ' , ' r' '45, ' 1 .lu 47, '48, I Engl' Club '47 ' 8, Com er al '4 '48, N 1 ' "Her :fer rauvrr are ' r fa I , ' of I a ." ft S S A Q C. XI! .X A x MARGUERITE 'IO CUMNOCK Born December 28, 1929 in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Edwards, September, 1944 Sodality '45, '46, '47, '48, Latin Club '45, '46, Class Vice-President '47, Bio-Chem Club '47, English Club '47, '48, Commer- cial Club '47, '48, Basketball '47, Maid to Alumnae Bazaar Queen "A daughter nf Ihr' gndr, divinely Iall, And mon divinely fair." i K 1 :5 is bli 'S is SEQ 3 Q X Q ,' at Q, . NN X WSL? RJ .1 ti Q5 , .j QL- t,'v , . MARTHA ELIZABETH CHAPMAN Born September 23, 1930 in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Pulaski Heights Junior High, September, 1945 Latin Club President '47, BiofChem Club '47, English Club President '47, English Club President '48, Glec Club '47, B- Square Math Club President '48, National Honor Society '47, National Honor Society Treasurer '48, Class Treasurer '48, " about ber From ber Jbnll read lbe perfect tmp of barrow." CHERI LEE DAVIDSON Born August 7, 1950 in Springdale, Arkansas Transferred from Rogers High Sfhool September, 1947 Commercial Club '48, Glee Club '48, English Club '48, "Grate war in alfher' Jlepr, heaven in ber eye In every gerlnre dignity and lore," JO ANN COMSTOCK Born june 14, 1929 in Sterling, Illinois Entered from North Phoenix High, Phoenix, Arizona, Oftober, 19-I6 English Club '47, '48, Glee Club '47, Commercial Club '48, Am! ww-e Ibm: rwrdmn more llmn weallh, A flmw-I lvearl Ibn! lnuglu al rare." MARY ELIZABETH DERRYBERRY Born january Z, 1930 in Little Rotk, Arkansas Transferred from St. Scholasticais, Fort Smith, September, 1947 Soclality '48, ,English Club '48, Commercial '48. "A faflbful friend if lbs medifine of life," 1 Z M' ff' MARY JANET GARBACZ Born October 30, 1950, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's jr. High School, September, 1944 Sodality '45, '46, '47, '48, Latin Club Treas- urer '45, Latin Club '46, English Club President '47, English Club '48, Glee Club '45, '46, '47, Glee Club Vice-President '48, Bio-Chem Club '47, Commercial Club '47, Le Cercle Francais '47, Le Cercle Francais Treasurer '48, Press Club '47, Press Club Vice-President '48, Chaminade Club '45, '46, Chaminade Club Treasurer '47, Chami- nade Club Vice-President '48, B-Square Club President '47, Associate Editor of MOUNT '48, Quill and Scroll '48, MERCIAN Staff '48. "Happy am If from rare l'n1 free! Why arerfl lbey all ranleuled like me?" WILMA LAVONNE GRIFFIN Born liebruary 13, 1951, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Good Counsel School, September, 19-1-1 Re-entered from St, Mury's High School, Alberquerquc, New Mexico, September L9-16 Sodality '45, '47, '48, Latin Club '45, Eng- lish Club Secretary '47, English Club Presi- dent '48, Commercial Club '47, Commercial Club Treasurer '48, Le Cerele Francias '47, '49, Glee Club '48, Chaminade Club '48, National Honor Society '48, "Ta ree ber if a pirlure, To bear ber IJ ri lime." PATRICIA ANN GAYLO Born September 10, 1930 in East St. Louis, Illinois Transferred from St. leresa's Academy, East St. Louis, Illinois, September, 1946 Sodality '47, '48, English Club '47, English Club President '48, Latin Club '47, Latin Club President '41-1, Class Secretary '48, Commercial Club '47, '48, Glee Club '48, Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of the Legion of Mary '47, Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of the Legion of Mary President '48, MERCIAN Business Staff '48. "A11gel.v linen when the .rpeukff Sbe'J my deligbl, all manleinaff wonder." BERNIECE GROOMS Born April 16, 1950, in Thayer, Missouri Entered from Sikeston, Missouri, September, 1947 English Club '48, Commercial Club '48. "A noble type of good, Heroic wmrmnhoaa'." SUSAN FRANCES GOLDEN Born February 28, 1930, in Farmersville, North Carolina Entered from Mt. St, Mary's jr. High, September, 1944 Rc-entered from Greenbelt High School, Greenbelt, Maryland, September, 1947 Chaminade Club '45, '46, Glec Club '48, Commercial Club '48, Secretary of English Club '48, Senior Ball Committee '48, "Her wire mu ever Jofl, gentle, low, A11 extellenf lbing in woman." DOROTHY ANN HAVEY Born August 26, 1950, in Springfield, Illinois Transferred from Springfield High School, Springfield, Illinois, September, 1946 Sodality '47, '48, Commercial Club '47, Commercial Club Program Chairman '48, Our Lady of Lourdes Cha ter of the Legion of Mary '47, Our Lady oi, Lourdes Chzlpter of the Legion of Mary President '48, ng' lish Club '48, English Club Secretary '47, MERCIAN Business Staff. "Beary ir not rallied, it ir." v 'rx ROSE MARIE HESS Born january 6, 1930 in Conway, Arkansas Entered trom St, Andrew's School, September, 1944 Sodality '45, '46, '47, Sodality Catholic Truth Committee Chairman '48, Co-Editor of "Socialist" '48, Class Vice-President '48, Basketball '47, Basketball Captain '48, Com- mercial Club '47, Commercial Club Parlia- mcntarian '48, Bio-Chcm Club '47, English Club '47, '48, Latin Club '45, '46, Promoter of the League of Sacred Heart '48, Press Club '47, '48, Mount Staff '48, Glee Club '48, Circulation Co-Manager of MERCIAN '48, Quill and Scroll Society '48, National Honor Society '48. ' "Pla, np, play np, and play Ibn gauze." NELLY KATHRYN JAMES Born April 12, 1930 in Idabel, Oklahoma Transferred from Mt. St. Mary's Academy, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, October, 1945 Sodality '46, '47, Publicity Chairman ot Sodality '48, Glee Club '46, '47, Glee Club Chairman '48, League of Sacred Heart '46, '47, '48, English Club Secretary '47, '48, Latin Club '46, Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of the Legion of Mary '47, Our Lady of Mercy'Chapter of the Legion of Mary SecreA tary '48, Chaminade Club '48, Chaminade Club Secretary '47, Basketball '47, '48, Class Secretary '47, Class Parliamentarian '48, - Bio-Chem Club '47. "An armre nf mini: ir worth a Pound of .rorrou'." DOLORES 'LAVERNE HOOKS Born September 25. 1930 in Chirago, Illinois Transferrecl from SS Cyril and Methodius Sthool, Slovac, Arkansas, September, 19-16 Sodality '47, '48, Our Latly of Merry Chap' ter ol the Legion of Mary '47, '48, Com- mertial Club '47, 'IRL English Club '47, English Club President '-AH, Bio-Chem Club '-i", Glee Club '47, '48, Cliaminade Music Club '-i7. '48, National Honor Society '48, MERCIAN Assoriate Editor '48. "She Jnelb lnfle kirm',r llubirll mail fence 1111410119 01 dirpiref' PATRICIA JOHNSON Born january 25. 1951 in Monroe, Louisiana Transferred from Neville High School, Monroe, Louisiana, February, 1947 Le Cercle Francais '47, Le Ccrcle Francais Program Chairman '48, Glee Club '48, Eng- lish Club '47, English Club President '48, Chaminade Club '48, Maid to Alumnae Ba- zaar Queen '48, .Senior Ball Lo ttee. "A img of beauly fr .1 ja arm-1.7 My 4 I is iv X l Jn! ag, ANNETTE GRACE HOYT Born Ottober 6, 1951 in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Marys junior High, September, 1944 Latin Club '-F. '46, English Club '47, '48, English Club Setretary '47, Commercial Club '47, '48, Comertial Club Setretary '47, Sorlalrty 'ti. '46, 'l7, 'IPL Sotial Life Committee Chairman '-lil, Bio-Chem Club "l7: Claw Treasurer '46, Class President '48, National Honor Sotiety '48, Alumnae Bazaar Queen '48, Mmd mmm! jollnu ll. nw nord: expfsu Her wfmrfe ni-rfe1mfr,i." ROSALYN JONES Born September ll, 1950 in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St, Patritlfis, September, 1944 Sodality '45, '46, '47, '48, Sodality Treasurer '48, Commertial Club '47, '48, Latin Club '45, '46, Class Sctretary '46, Press Club '47, '48, Chaminade Club '46, '47, '48, B- Square Math Club '48, Basketball Manager '48, English Club '47, '48, MOUNT Statt '48' National Honor Society '47, National Honor Society Vice-President '48. "ln lb, fare I ree The map of honour, lmlb, and Ioyallyf' 'W 'tt it I Xt ELMA JANE KEATON Born january 10, 1930 in Clarendon, Arkansas Transferred from Hope High School, Hope Arkansas, September, 1945 Latin Club '46, Bio-Chem Club '47, B- S uare Math Club '47, Le Cercle Francais Cciub Treasurer '47, English Club '47, Eng- lish Club Secretary '48, Chaminade Club '46, '47, Chaminade Club Treasurer '48, Glee Club '46, '47, Glee Club President '48, "When .rbe had parsed, ii Jeemed like Ib: rearing uf exquisite muJir." EDITH HALLENE LANG Born january 25, 1951 in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's junior High, September, 19-14 Sodality '45, '46, '47, '-'18, Latin Club '45, '46, Commercial Club '47, 48, Glee Club '45, '46, '47, '48, English Club Secretary '47, English Club '48, Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of the Legion of Mary '47, Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of the' Legion ot Mary Vice-President '48, National Honor Society '47, National Honor Society Secre- tary '48, Chaminade Club '45, Sacred Heart League Promoter '45, '46, .'47,' Sacred Heart League Secretary '48. "The prire of wirdam if above rabies." Q PATRICIA ANN KING Born july 14, 1931 in Little Rock, Arkansas Transferred from.Little Rock High Sclvol, September, 1947 English Club Secretary '48, Press Club '48, Commercial Club '48, National Honor Society '48. "High erected lbaugblr reeled in the bean' of co1meJy," LENORA MARIE LEONARD Born December 7, 1930 in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Good Counsel School, September, 1944 Sodality '45, '46, '47, '48, Latin Club '45, '46, English '47, '48, Commercial Club '47, 48, Glee Club '47. "A ligbz hurl liver lang." Eton. MARTHA LOUISE KOCHTITZKY Born February 4, 1929 in England, Arkansas Transferred from Ward Belmont, Nashville, Tennessee, September, 1944 Latin Club '45, '46, Bio-Chem Club '47, fComn'1ercial Club '47, '48, English Club '47, '48, Glee Club '46, '47, '48, Chamin- ade Club '45, '46, '47, '48. 1 "lu qnielneff ana' confidence Jball be your .flfengfb." MARIE ELIZABETH LYNCH Born October 13, 1930 in Little Rock, Arkansas ' Entered from Good Counsel School, September, 1944 Sodality '46, '47, '48, Latin Club '45, '46, Commercial Club '47, '48, English Club '47, 348, Glee Club '47. "5be'J'juJl the quiet bind whore main: never vain." a., 1 ' f - Fd, , f : sf T, 'affair .3 ,LQ I MARY FRANCES MALACHOVUSKI- Born April 9, 1950, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St, Edwards School, September, 1944 Sodality '45, '46, '47, Sodality Chairman ol' Our Lady's Committee '48, Commercial Club '47, Commcrual Club President '48, Latin Club '45, '46: National Honor Society '48, Press Club '47: Press Club Treasurer 48, MOUNT Business Manager '48, English Club Secretary '47, English Club '48, Glee Club '48, Quill and Scroll Society '48, Class Treasurer '47, Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter ot' the Legion ol Mary '48, MERCIAN Editor 48. "Noi lan iermur, :ml Inn gui, B111 an Ideal girl 111 erery rug." PATRICIA LOUISE McCLERNON Born May 4, 1930, in St. Louis, Missouri Entered from Rogers High School, Rogers, Arkansas, September, 1946 Sodality '47, Sodallty Chairman of Euchar- istic Committee '48, English Club Secretary '47, Bio-Chem Club '47, English Club Sec- retary '48, Commercial Club '47, '48, Our Lady of Merry Chapter of the Legion of Mary '47. "I"afiery'.v the rery rpire of life, Thai giver 11 all :IJ flavour." DOROTHY LOUISE MASSERY Born August 28, 1929, in Little Rotk, Arkansas Entered from St. Andrews School, September, 1944 Re-entered from Holy Angels Academy, jonesboro, Arkansas, September, 1946 Latin Club '45, Sodality '45, '47, '48, Eng- lish Club '47, '48, Commercial Club '47, '48, Spanish Club '47, "S1rallmg alnng lbe may mf life, I1"ifha11l 11 rare or any rlrifef' BEATRICE MILLICENT MEYER Born March 9, 1950, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Edward's School, September, 1944 sodaiiry '45, '46, '47, '48, Latin Club '45, '46, Bio-Chem Club '47, Commercial Club '47, '48, English Club '47, '48, "A good bear! if 4 full leller nf rfedrlf' MY' MW ,J V7 i ., ,V .1 i A, Q , No ,M fl , ,.' 4 i , , 'IULIA ANN McCALL Born September 6, 1930, in Hot Springs, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's jr. High, September, 1944 Sotiality '45, '46, '47, '48, Glee Club '45, '46, '47, '48, Latin Club '45, Program Chair- man ot' Latin Club '46, Class Treasurer '45, Bio-Chem Club Treasurer '47, Commercial Club Treasurer '47, Commercial Club '48, League of Sacred Heart '48, Chaminade Club '46, Chaminade Club Vice-President '47, Chaminade Club President '48, Our Lady ol' Mercy Chapter of the Legion ol Mary Treasurer '47, Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of the Legion of Mary Vice-Presi- dent '48, English Club '48, English Club President '47, National Honor Society '48, Maid to Alumnae Bazaar Queen '48, Maid to Trojan Homecoming Queen '48, B- Square Math Club Vice-President '48, Basketball '48, "And murir loo-dear murit Iban lan loud: Beyond aff fire Ihr' mul Ibn! lover il murlJ." X, i' ALICE 'IOSEPHINE MULLER Born September 10, 1930, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Good Counsel School, September, 1944 Sodality '45, '46, '47, '48, Latin Club '45, Commercial Club '47, '48, English Club '47, English Club Secretary '48, MERCIAN Queen. "Quin, bn! ber frlerldf are many." af 1 v r l 1 V 1 ,X i of ff ,lj E if MARY MYERS Born l7cbruz1ry,2, 1951, in Little Rock, ' Arlmnsas Entered from 51. A ntlrew's School, Septunber, l9Il l Sotlnliry '45, '46, '+l7, '-ix, Latin Club Fai, 'img English Club '-i7, '48, lim-Clieni Club '47, Le Cernle lfr.lnt:ns Cluh '-IH, B-Square Math Club Treasurer '-48. ,"Fnll nf ifmile. dolly, gurl Aga, Dljfelwn fmm lbe r eil, Jan kfluluf' IDA MAE PETERS Born january 7, 1951, in Stanton, Texas Transferred from Stanton High School, Stanton, Texas, September, 1947 Sodality '48, English Club '48, Commercial Club '48. "A peff To 111111, lo mmforl, and :ammand" ed warlmfz lznbly plarrrled, S59 JL, ' ' , MARJORIE ELLEN PAGE PA RICIA ANN PAGE If Born October 7, 1930, in Brinkley, Arkansas Born cp - ber 17, 195 ' gk, Entered from john Brown Alatleniy, Siloam ! Arkang , Springs, Arkansas, january, 1946 f Enler d' frm St. Ma Latin Club vm, Linn Club i l L"' RO ",A'k 'l5 1 ' I' " 44 '47, Cornmercml Club '47, 'flX, Glee C b Sod lity ' , 46, J", So . ' Y - t ry '48, '46, '47, '48, li'Squnrc Math Club ' 75 " Q , xb '45, '46 E - 15 lub ' , ' 81 President of English Club '48, Mau tc! En -1 Club Presiden '47, Bio-C m Clu Rocket Homecoming Queen '18, MER ' 'N erretary '47, Rocket hecrleader ' '48- 2, Business Stall. j Commercial Club '47, -' 3 Basketball ' gf 6, - M- R 1 ' . ' "Wbe111bc miller, lbeiei vliizlnefxlf W9 f Md to Ockd Homeco ' Quee 48' I Aj ejeff' A 4 "A merry bear! makell: a cheerful ' ra14nler1ar1ze." f 77 1, xl X , ,X PH LIS 4 ARTHA ELIZABETH PORTER Born Graber 10, Born December 28, 1929,-ln Bastrop, Transferred from junior l Louisiana If-N High Sehool, February, X Transfc cl f Club rre rom El Dorado High School, El Dorado, Arkansas, September, 1946 mercial Club '47, '48, Spanish Club g English Club '47, '48, Glee Club '48. ' Je was Ibn! erfef fair and never proud, ad langue al will and ye! war never loud." X C lub chairman. "Sli: :would .flop Sl. Peteflr fall 0 ar 0 a quexlmrzf' HA MARTHA JEANE POWELL Born December 25, 1930 in Oppelo, Arkansas Transferred from Morrilton High School, September, 1946 English Club '47, '48, Chaminade Club '47, '48, Le Cercle Francais '47, '48, Com- mercial Club '48, Glee Club '47, "A gaod bear! 15 rrorlb il: weight in gold." DOLORES MARIE REYNOLDS Born February 4, 1931 in Tulsa, Oklahoma Entered from Mabclvale High School, September, 1946 Sodality 117, '48, La Ccrcle Francais '47, Commercial Club '47, '48, Co-Editor of "Commer-Chat" '48, English Club '47, '48. "ln .rnmll Iifroporlimlr we jiri beautier IIB, Arid in Jborl rr1ea,rure,r life may pefferl be." BOBBIEZELL PRATHER Born january 6, 1931 in Bauxite, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's junior High School, September, 1944 Sodality '45, '46, '47, '48, Commercial Club '47, '48, Latin Club '45, '46, Bio-Chem Club '47, Glec Club '47, Our Lady ol Lourdes Cha lcr of the Legion of Mary '47, Our Lacly ot' Lourdes Chapter of the Legion of Mary Secretary '48, "A Jweel, ullrm'1ii'e kind of grace." EDITH LORE RHEIN Born August 24, 1950 in Mannheim, Germany Entered from Saint Edwards School, September, 1944 Sodality Uri, '-16, '47, Sodality Parliamen- tarian '48, Bio,Chv:rn Cluh '47, Commercial Club '47, Commercial Club ViceAPresident '48, Press Club '48, Circulation Co-Manager of MERClAN '48, Co-Editor of "Socialist" mis, Latin Club '45, '46, English Club '47, '48, Glee Club '48, National Honor So- ciety '48, Promoter of the League of the Sacred Heart '48, "Faru'am' and frolic glee wa.: there, The mill' fo dn, :lie mul lo dare." BENNIE JANE PRITCHETT Born November 20, 1929 in Littlc Rock, Arkansas Transferred from West Side junior High, September, 1945 Latin Club '-16, '47, Commercial Club '47, '49, English Club '47, English Club Secretary '48, Rocket Cheer Leader '48, Press Club '-18. "Hemi an ber lifu, and .mul irilhirr ber eyer Sufi ar ber cllme and .runny as ber refer." ANNETTE FELICIA RUCKSTUHL Born December 12, 1931 in New Orleans, Louisiana Transferred from Ursuline Academy, New Orleans, Louisiana, February, 1947 Sodality '47, Sodaliry Chairman ol Apostolic Committee '48, B-Square Math Club '47, Bio-Chem Club '47, English Club '47, English Club President '48, Commercial Club '48, National Honor Society '48, MERCIAN Business Staff, "The joy of youtb and beallb ber ejer dzrplafd. And eau of bean' frer ever, look mr11'ej'd,' o JEANNE ELIZABETH SHORES Born October 26, 1950. in Ionesboro, Arkansas Entered from Biggers High School, Biggers, Arkansas, September, 1945 Latin Club '46, '47, Bio-Chem Club '47, Commercial Club '47, '48, Glee Club '47, '48, Chaminade Club '47, '48, English Club '47, '48, "NoIl9ing ever, hardly ever, trouble: ber." MARY TERESA VAN DUSEN Born May 29, 1929, in Hot Springs, Arkansas Entered from St. john s School, Hot Springs, Arkansas, September, 1944 Sodality '45, '46, '47, '48, Latin Club '45, Bio-Chem Club '47, English Club '47, '48, Commercial Club '47, '48, "Tb: human bean Inu hidden trearurer, In .ferret kept, in Jilenre reeled." 1 o INNOCENCE MARIE SPINELLI' t Born'December ll, 1930, in North 'Little ' Rock, Arkansas . Entered from St. Andrew's School, T SepteYnber,1944 . r Sodality- '45,' '46, '47, "48, Latin Club '45, Bio-Chem Club '47, ,English Club '47, '48, Commercial Club '47, '48, "0 lhou 'art fairer llmn lhe evening air Clad in lbe beauly of o Ihoyrafid Jian." JUDITH GWYNE VILLAREAI. Born October 30, 1930, in Little Rock, Arkansas Transferred from Little Rock High School, September, 1947 Commercial Club '48, Spanish Club '48, English Club '48, B-Square Math Club '48, French Club Vice-President '48, Senior Ball Committee. "Ah youth! forever dear, forever fair." L, JOSEPHIA STUART Bom March 19, 1930, in Brinkley, Arkansas Entered lrom St. Andrew's School, September, 1944 Sodality '45, '46, '47, '48, Class Secretary '45, Latin Club '45, '46, English Club President '47, English Club '48, Commercial Club '47, '48, Bio-Chem Club '47, Rocket Cheerleader '48, Rocket Homecoming Queen '48, Basketball '48, "And more tblm wixdom, more Ibm: wealth-- A merry heart that laughf ol rare." MARY JO WAGGONER Born November 4, 1930, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Andrew's School, September, 1944 Sodality '45, '46, '47, '48, Latin Club '45, '46, Commercial Club '47, '48, Glee Club '47, English Club '47, '48, Senior Ball Committee. "The world? no befler we worry, Ufe'.f no longer if we urry." ANNEITE FRANCES WAHLGREEN MARY Jo WALL DONNA RUTH WARE Born September 25, 1930 in Little Rock, Born November 15, 1930 in Tulsa, Bom February 25, 1950 in B511 City' Arkansas Oklahoma , Migmuri Entered from Good Counsel School, Transferred from East Side Junior High, Transferred from Fountain Lake High Sfpfembcfr 1944 SCPKCUIY-VCI, 1945 School, Hot Springs, Arkansas Sodality '45, '46, '47, Sodality Prefect '48, English Club '47, '48, Le Cercle Francais Sepmmber' 1946 Latin Club '45, '46, Class President '46G '47, '47, Commercial Club '47, 48, Glee English Club '47, '48, Bio-Chem Club '47, Spanish Club '47, '48, Spanish Club Treas- Club '46, '47, Latin Club '47, '48, Glee Club '47, Com- urcr '47, English Club President '47- English H , I ' 1 C1 b '43 Club '48, Press Club '47, '48, Ilio-Chem X655 happy hem' me-l IMPP7 'bel' A n'e"C'S u Club -47: MOUNT Staff -48: Commercial She .rpreadr Iyer gladnerx ezferywberef' "Her uozre rr blrllae, her bear! ir light, Club '4 7 "Allm'ed , National Honor Society '47, '48. la brighler uwldx and led Ib: wdyln POLLY ANN WENY Born February 27, 1950 in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mt, St. Mary's junior High, September, 1944 Sodality '45, '46, '47, '48, Class Vice-Pres- ident '45, Rocket junior Cheerleader '45, Latin Club '45, Latin Club Vice-President '46, Glee Club '47, Bio-Chem Club '47, Le Cercle Francais Vice-President '47, Le Cercle Francais President '48, English Club Secretary '47, '48, B-Square Math Club '48, Subiaco Homecoming Queen '48. "Sb moz-e.r 4 g den, and .rbe look! 4 rem." ,MW 14" if rf is Nfl' 'nl Her eye: are like the .rtarr of nigblf' CAROLYN RUTH WHITFIELD Born September 9, 1930 in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Patrick's School, September, 1944 Sodality '45, '46, '47, Sodality Vice Prefect '48, Latin Club '45, Class Vice-President '46, Class President '47, Bio-Chem Club '47, English Club '47, English Club Presi- dent '48, Commercial Club '47, '48, Press Club '47, Press Club Secretary, '48, National Honor Society '47, National Honor Society President '48, MOUNT Staff '48, Basketball '48 "The damlierl left, lo make the end mall Jweelf' if 44557177 - I MAJ Classes x i f ' - 1412. , ,J , Ip. 69" I' ' ' L, A 1 ,yr l ly ,flxiy UMM Glas Mary Lou Brock Wanda Carter fvb' B.. Q " Q, -. C, Z i rx orot y nhofel Ml'L5Qs-5 Q , I r uanit arnes ., LX 1Iaq Louise Bai-tsch EvelYn Biltz 5. L 7 ' x 1. Q' I K fi J is ,Er l , K xi, 6 fm 'Q 2. 'lin ,Nh nd' s, 1 L LL V . ,7x2 z Q 1 Prexidenl Vice-Prefideni Jennie Bornhoft Charlotte Bujarski Frances Byrd ' ' Linda Cahanin I Xl A Billie jean Chronisterw SI K. jane Claunch Q L 0 ' Clara Dent r ' N Ruth jean Donnelly My Dolores DuVal IU I i lj I' l F' 2,!1?ig Q Wg!! ii ,lf , 1, o y I Eich an lvkkxfyy' 0 f QA 1 ll I I Anne FEE' 5 n J Betty Geheb N527 Joan Glendening I.aVerne Harvey Joyce Herman Dorothy janik janet Lee jones Sue Keith Peggy Lafferty Elizabeth Ann Long Dorothy Lukas Patsy Malachowski Dolores March Gerry Massery Frances Casavech X dj X Q l P W 4 . 50 we il.-f Q3 e a rjwiviioif Glass Q.l'V Donna Ritter jerry Flanigan fsenemry N M W! ' Loretta Menna W La Verne Morgan I lj!! Patricia Murphy 3 0 W JM aj A 4' Majeedah Nahas we ,ffqjfj I Katherine Nelson Ruby Novak Patricia O'Connor Josephine ' ff 1 .iffy ary Rita Zella Marie Leona jean Rhea Smith Patricia Stedem Mary jo Stolzer Robert A. Straessle Rosemary Stranz Winifred Thompson Jo nn Town ' 2 ary Ann girenw V A kyAnn a'rrWil n Ro Margwntgg 5, Ann Xbkapeg X X Ida jane. oungblood M 5 x gl o X 3 I BW M i 4 f rwwaaaaaww wNWvli' lfanl " T l B . B QV,-5' 'Kp i 9 L. "' B B ' , 'ff' If V 7 in 1., "" 'T Q' f. K ' 3 laii A El " hy yy E 4-. K ' ' r . ,f . XL? , . jj . 2 i' fl dy ? fy ,xv S S - . N N 5 A a 1,1 fl X -Nw M-,Q - l , M B+- B 0 1lh .X ZQVV, A i Eh S l Rita Lucas Rose Marie Battisto w A 1 ' y fl . if ri Preli 77 Vice-P fident if " Q 1 Allen Q, - ' l, LAM 1 V rnell Austin ' 4 ' hp fA,,,f545j A Beverly Balch ' J " 'ww gk,if Q ,g Betty Sue Ball QI' ' 1 4 , V,LV A ,N L, , . A ,, K: y X .iff ' amab i 1l-, L '1fQ,f,1-, if - -+I' """""ZL ly ,,f1, ,L,,L A , , . . l 0 Xykwcv - . . f gi ,f N A A 5 V m A, ,... . 'init -B , ' ' ' A I , . g - ' ' Frances Bednar F , cf Fw i x J ,y -, i H i1, N Veronica Bedn -,jay Y ,nga I 43 Q' L " W df Q 33 A Nancy Belford If 37? ,V KA 13 ,lm is K I. 3 X Patricia Bell Q. 7 ,.,,'1, ' X M A i'N' Q - M 1. . i M317 Ann BOPP P Q I Q 1 - V Ada Marie Boy . S i My If? .RPR 'ln It KQJWM 'D X ' - ' reda I A o e , , I I r. K , 4 00 1 glfg C l M af 4, ,, - Barbara Dickey -..'Vi rf, f-I 1.312 X 1? , - .llwmfff aJfw URQQJN 1, lb Susie Gilmore Dolores Gloor Barbara Gorman Mary Katherine Hall IP Y Phyllis Hampel W' HW' I isffflmlirilf 4Ma F A rewer I g X ry erose I ye W Tw Wi. em 9JWWHYlaaaamf A - - 0 il I ll 7 io?-f'wiD'i et I1 k V, M' 1,15 J M zapgxl 4 1' m3LQx3C..J 4, -ff a lf aaa an Lf- AA..,:, b IM ,W I a aa l .1 L " fi l l? MU ll . - I Ayyh K I ly QV V A ' ' '51 Q Q Md X ' ' Kp l : 7 a Q1 ' a l lvl Helen Matthew Betty Frazier Q ' Y wi l sef Tr eaif , fa, WJ , EQ' llPg7ifff'a i',,i'Zi,L'ig ,gre ! ,.'i. kt. WWW 'Q S af ' l a NA? e ablcius' x BMVQZ l ' M ' f 'L""L'f l WMM fy Q' Elm , ja'w.ZYErEzlieg1 Mack Y fl X G10 any ff-122 , M215 -Affyfw W" ff if V Evely a 'fall 3f'7"'Phl 5flQT11f?L J 'a' 'P rrudf: il f, - 4 KW 1C 4 lf W lf lgfllllfflyffjfdygf will ,J 7 af 9 y. ' all , , ,L ammy Wat K 1 , . Peggy Will C' 'zjlrzg Rose Lee E1 d k ,Mi 97,47 Maw! ff wwf li? F947 Wafwyuwa ,3,gS3gf,6,f fir 0 , Q wi ew f algal 1 X I Q . A VY , 1 T55 X af? F? "-'19' Maw w 0vtlif?fdlQ M F1fESlLWlEl'l lass Carol Armstrong Joyce Bailey Irene Barthol Donna jean Bergeschneider 'WF' fs. jo Ann Hogston Patricia Carter Preyidenf Vire-Prefiden! 5 f '75 2 I ' 1 , 1 " ACf 5 Juan E Q2 jessie Cox ' Patricia Cyrier ' 2 W Margaret R , , l gapmegf Sheila Dungan Deborah Ebbing Twila Finclley Beverly Freeman We Patricia Garbacz Ruth Gleason Joyce Goodwin Rita Hamling Mary Frances Heinze Helen Hemmer Barbara Hinkson Phoebe johnson Dorris Karcher Evelyn Kenney Theresa Knoff Anita Lannie ,Q CLJCQL -I Jawa. 'Q Jo Ann Simmons Judith Keith Serrelary il06g,,fL,Q..a-fQ- D607 Melba Jo Maxtello Jackie Massery Patsy McGuire Tredmrer as fl if fi Myrna Pancliscio Mary Ann Pardo Martha Ann Rainey . Mary alphe Gertrude d Ann son A ine Roe W Mary France arna i X if Rita Sarna Wilma Ruth Sartain Jeannie Simpson Betty Olga Jo Simpson Sokora Belle Spatz Marjorie Tate Jessie Wendler Mb Qufifif .rv-'f' f JQVESLLWEIQ Glass Mildred Laux ary Louise Lawrence , My Willaphine Leonard FW Margaret Marchese We 5 5 Q ' rr 'N J ,Vii ri. M t " s i 52 it s g J 2 L L,-4-Z 4, K4 f A - 3 34' af 1 Za E 4 ,s "Pit P 2 f' 2 4 E' 3- 3 - h iv, -- If -3:2 Ii' A 1 T Q -Q Q , , , K N ,iii il f ,,- ,if Q7 ,. W --.' - qi ga W Bl 3355 l "X rl wi 3 42 I ai? an W 4 i gf, if a. lies! is 1-. V Q55 X m. ia Z'?"7'7 Campus activity leaders are the presidents of the various clubs responsible for all extra curricular activ- ities. Left to right: Pat Gavlo, Latin Clubg Annette Wahlgreen, Sodalityg Pat Stedem, Spanish Club: Polly Weny, French Clubg Mary Frances Malachowski, Co ercial Clubg Rose Marie Hess, Basketballg , Judy Liall, Music Clubg Mary Lou Andreell' Press rQlyn Whitheld, National Honor Societyg J Kea , Glee b. . ' sw is My 'fog PM Wy! X if ff - ,ff gg - 1 A OJ? ff yy' 1 p ' ,P . . . a pus cwzzes ea s fl lrqpit I der Belles who served as cheer leaders for the Catholic High School Rockets are: Peggy Lafferty, Mary Lou Andreelli, Ann Wilson, Pat O'Connor, Jo Stuart, Patsy Page and Bennie Pritchett. gs A r'., . V M M 7 " ' Organizations Sodality Of The Blessed Virgin Vw 9.1 Officers of the Sodality are, top: Annette Wahlgreen, prefectg Carolyn Whitheld, vice prefect. Standing left to right: Carolyn Whitheld, vice prefectg Annette Ruckstuhl, Apostolic Committee chairman, Annette Wahlgreen, pretectg Mary Frances Malachowski, Our Lady's Committeeg Patricia McClernon, Eucharistic Committeeg seated: Kathryn james, Publicity Committee, Edith Rhein, parliamentariang Rosalyn jones, treasurerg Patsy Page, secre- taryg Rose Marie Hess, Catholic Truth Committee, and Grace Hoyt, Social Life Committee. Meetings of the'Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary are held each Friday, under the direction of Sister M. Mark, moderator. Consisting of skits, discussions, and talks, the meetings are designed to lead the members to personal holiness and zeal or apostolic work. Thirty-eight new members were received into the Sodality by Msgr. T. L. Keany, director of the organization, on December 5. A regional Sodality convention, conducted by Rev. Daniel A. Lord, S. I., and Rev. Thomas S. Bowdern, S. J., on February 7, was the main activity of the year. The convention was attended by approximately 700 delegates from thirty-two Arkansas schools. Projects sponsored by the Sodality included the "adoption" of a missionary priest in India, contributions to the fund for relief to the children of Europe, Christmas baskets for the poor at the Confederate Home for the aged, promotion of sale and distribution of Catholic literature, and study of Braille for the purpose of transcribing short novenas and prayers for distribution to the Catholic blind. Each class sponsored a special Sodality activity for the purpose of raising funds to send dele- gates to the Summer School of Catholic Action in St. Louis. Q Q Senatus lgopulusque ifdomafwus l .L Q .al Q E l t l ip "'!n-1 jacquelyn Massery, Censor, Raine Roe, Consulg Pat Gaylo, Pontifex Maximusg Beverly Freeman, Quaestorg Rose Hogan, Aedile. The S.P.Q.R. Latin Club, Mt. St. Mary's chapter of the junior Classical League, was reorganized by Sister Mary Concepta early in September on the plan of the Roman State, the club officers bearing the titles of Roman officials. Monthly meetings afforded members an opportunity of learning much about the Latin lan- guage and Roman culture through games, reports, songs, and Latin and English plays. The special club project for the year was the purchase of twelve novels having Roman background. At Christ- mas, a basket of food was presented to a needy family. Under a point system, 20 members who earned the required 100 points were awarded the coveted S.P.Q.R. ribbon. Twelve freshmen, having maintained an average of "B" or higher, re- ceived the silver junior Classical League pin. Representing the school for the first time, 25 members entered the nationwide AUXILIUM LATINUM competitive examination, the results of which are currently not available. In April, the club observed "Latin Week" by presenting an assembly program comprised of songs, skits, and a pageant, "The Spirit of Ancient Rome." i s Y iesxafsxmcgowv s O35 -is si YM MP3 Commercial Club officers are, seated: Charlotte Bujarski, secretaryg Mary Frances Malachowski, president, Lavonne Griffin, treasurerg standing, left to right: "Comme:-Chat" co-editors, Dolores Reynolds and Betty Blackg vice-presi- dent, Edith Rheing parliamentarian, Rose Marie Hessg librarian, Ruth jean Donnellyg program chairman, Dorothy Havey. ommercial Qlulv The Commercial Club, reorganized early in the fall under the sponsorship of Sister Mary Thomasine, met regularly on the second Thursday of each month. Talks on subjects of commercial interest, and serveral skits and quizzes were pre- sented at meetings throughout the year. Commercial Club dues financed' the purchase of a combination radio-phonograph and a new set of secretarial records. Members of the club who were awarded 100 word short- hand certificates are Rose Marie Hess, Dolores Hooks, Pat King, Mary Frances Malachowski and Edith Rhein. Certifi- cates for 80 words a minute were won by Alice Muller, jean Shores, Mary Jo Wall and Carolyn Whitfield. lg-Square math Qluh The B-Square Club, including upperclass mathematics students, was reorganized in September under the sponsor- ship of Sister Mary Mark. The purpose of the club is to stimulate interest in the different branches of mathematics through the study of the history of the science itself, as well as a study of the lives of V, such famous mathematicians as Euclid, Pythagoras, Isaac Newton, and Kepler. fU45Zfkg?E1VT Regular monthly meetings included a program of MN- M56 l"'i Y, biographical reports on great mathematicians, puzzle prob- . -' if , , ' f 'N' , I lems, and mathematical games. Cv .,,.4,.-ff' 'V ' -1 K 'Q J ,. ...4-r 'Hx ff.. X 4 e- ' . r If fps, ' ' -' rfeewwfrfff fefea-W , l Q , 'f , , A wj-.- s . lili "eff A-.,,w.g, Asif -, fx.-...,J . 0,1 ,, 1-. 1' "'i,TA.11 A T rg,-,. ' W wh ' f-i- - 1 ,f t,A4..44,,.,,,,,gJi," ' ..f:J,, tag B-Square Math Club okface rs are, seated: Judy McCall, Visef f k Wg., NV LH-H, LHS' Presidentg Ann Wrape, Secretaryg Mary Myers and Mary Kay H f -' ' A "' """Qj ' Truemper, Program Chairmang standing: Martha Chapman, q o ' . .aff .. 1- ' , P d t. f s Af . I resi en I-1' s .sn , - .Q , ,:.,.,fm,gff -Q - basl, We . net bar , 0950" lf ta - CC tlemans, dxf ipAndreelh, Sade ry YXOICD Mary O Q Qercle 13 murals Le Cercle francais, Mt. St. Mary's Chapter of L'A1liance Francaise was reorganized in Septem- ber, by Madame Florence Hemans, modern language instructor. The purpose of the club is to further the understanding of the French people, their language, and customs. Monthly meetings were devoted to the singing of French songs, the playing of games in French, and talks on France. Le Cercle francais celebrated Noel with a party and exchange of gifts. The day before school closed for the holidays, club members paraded the halls and the classrooms sing- ing French carols. Concluding the year's activities Le Cercle francais held a formal luncheon at Hotel Sam Peck. . holdS resident, 'dent' POllY weny 9 1 1 , MHXC- mini . fccpgesi v iognm chair asuieu, d Vrlllfcalnl Pt lohuifm' P ' li YFrencl1 H553 A we winner'-Q-, Ns. PM Sfed ' Mme. 1-,Gigi rresidmi An 4 A gram dziiilrians, Clubigtisowahlgfeen trea ng A rg 1' Su . nna Ruth Rank'g:dJleV1llareal, Pig? ' Cfffaly' Spanish Qluly was reorganized in sep- The Spanish Club. LII1C.lCl' the sponsorship ot Madame Florence I-Iemans. tember for the purpose of acquainting the members with the customs and history ot Spanish-spealo ing countries. The members chose as the club motto"Me encanta el espanol"-"Spanish Enchants Me." Meetings. held each month, consisted of Spanish songs, games, and talks by the sponsor on her experiences in Mexico. An impressive scrap-book was begun by the secretary, in which are recorded the activities of the club, with pictures ot the members. The book will be handed down to future ' lete and growing history of the organization. clubs. thus providing a comp mount 10 ess Qlufb i MARY LOU ANDREELLI ,P , ' gy r ' . ' 'Q l Janet Garbacz Press Club President , J A1 ,s ' , 5 Club vice-President Editor of the MQUNT ' J' , ' , A' i the ' ,," -Q 3 MOUNT Associate Editor ft! " ' f , I J V Qt i 3 t Ji it .Q ,Q N Qi wr p A058 iii .9 j yn' I .ff ' , L ,n , Members of the Press Club are those students oivjournalism who have had printed in the MOUNT, school newspaper, at least two hundred lines of their writing. Top row, left to right: Carolyn Whitfield, Press Club secretary, Mary Frances Malachowski, club treasurerg Annette Wahlgreen, Rose Marie Hess, Betty Blackg second row: Rosalyn jones, Pat King, Maxine Booth, Edith Rhein, Bennie Pritchett, third row: Mary Ann Uhiren, Ann Wrape, joan Rauch, Sue Keith, and Peggy Lafferty. 'W milf 7 1 - ,gt ' P95 'F' tl!" iiatzomai omoif Society CAROLYN WHITFIELD, ROSALYN JONES, pi end ent 1'iL'Ee pfefideul NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Ei 'Z gf! xg' 5 L Annette Wahlgreen. Mary Ftances Malachowski Rose Marie Hess Bettye Ainsworth Judy McCall Edith Rhein Annette Ruckstuhl Dolores Hooks Grace Hoyt Maxine Booth Lavonne Griffin Patricia King .Wag-1 ti? HA LLENE LANG, .ierrefary tar ' , A S- , O we 1 O' iff' fi '-'if' NI, R, if ""'? if ,R 'Xa ,N O 5 , A 3 We and 55-1 , 'WP' The Chaminade Club, affiliated with the National Federation of Music Clubs, under the sponsorship ot Sister M. Pauline and Sister M. john Baptist, was reorganized in the fall with jane Keaton, treasurer, janet Garbacz, vice presidentg Judy McCall, president, and Mary Lou Andreelli, secretary. Judy McCall, Chaminade Club president, and janKeaton, Glee Club president, are pictured below as each was presented in her senior piano recital. C?ifl0l1fl1l'Vl6l0lE Qluia is Glee Club members are, left to right, seated: Mary Lou Andreelli, treasurerg Janet Garbacz, vice-president, Jane Keaton, president, Sue Keith, secretary, first row, standing, left to right: Lavonne Griffin, Mary Frances Malac- howski, Dolores Gloor, Helen I-lemmer, Phoebe Johnson, Dolores March, Doris Karcher, Barbara Vick, Twila Findley, Ann Harrison, Martha Porter, Juanice Camellg second row: Margie Tate, Laverne Harvey, Pat Mc- Guire, Hallene Lang, Raine Roe, Belle Spatz, Dolores Hooks, Mary Ralphe, Pat Garbacz, Wanda Carter, Charlotte Bujarski, Mary Ann Pardo, Jo Ann ,Hogstong back tow: Barbara Dickey, Pat Gaylo, Louise Kocktitzky, Beverly Freeman, Judy Keith, Mary Ann Uhiren, Clara Dent, Rita Lucas, Kathryn James, Maxine Booth, Pat Dittemore, Margie Page, Earlene Caldzirera, Frances Golden. Seated at piano, Judy McCall. glee Qlulv Voice pupils of Mrs. Paul Fischer Cat pianoj are, left to right, standing: Kathryn James, Jeanne Shores, Patricia McGuire, Nancy Belford, Helen Hemmer, Phyllis Hampel, Dolores March, seated: Lavonne Griffin, Ruth Ware, Patricia Johnson, Marjorie Tate. Q Senior gnqlish Qlub 1' unioaf English GMD ,M--S... M33 A - w uma Cha? Gfxiima OXHW V ne y CIM Y andmgz Fam vxonues Hooks Sick to 'xg Dow Sffmdfn gt Jeff to Hghfan Rauch, F Qx '? W, A . Seve ' aucmswhx' ww me 5102 A993 Ya I vigil, hnsofh :Exe - A so - . man, Ma YAWU 'them P - . raflCes Keith Sfnua S CHS-ave hr . A tedc- C la, bsenr when 71, jane Cla Charlotte Bu- Q 1 Un lar P cture was madch, Florence 51:11 seated e, Je a ' HJ' Fianlgatjn-2, Sue Activities St. Louis S. S. Q H. F ' 2 .1 i if .. x 4 3 i' R . .L l vt nf ir -Cv 1 7 tm V Qi S' fs .- fs S i '.-h C Wi "H" 1 W K - ss 1. I . f FATHER SODALHY OFFICERS LORD Carolyn, Edith, Rose Marie, and Patsy, with Rev. H OH Walker, S. J., at St. Louis University. S.S.C.A Director St. Mary's delegates to the Summer School of Catholic Action, held at St. Louis University, are photo- graphed on the steps of St. Louis Cathedral: Rose Marie Hess, Annette Wahlgreen, Rosalyn Jones, Patsy Page, Edith Rhein, Carolyn Whitield, Mary Lou Andreelli, janet Garbacz. ii.i 5 it y A g S-. if l 1 Mt. St. Marys and Catholic High School Sodality of- ficers, with Father Lord, left to right: Edward Pruss, joe Hoffman, Pat Flanigan, and Gip Robertson, Rosa- lyn jones, Edith Rhein, Annette Wahlgreen, Patsy Page, and Carolyn Whitfield. Catholic High School Sodality Prefect Gip Robert- son plays "Doctor I. for contestants trom sev- eral schools. While Bettye Ainsworth ponders the question, Mary Lee jablonski and the Helena con- testant volunteer an answer. Soolczlity QO1flUEl1llOH Rev. Daniel A. Lord, S. J., and Rev. Thomas S Bowdern, S. j., at the microphone, during the re- gional Sodality convention held, February seventh with Mt. St, Mary's and Catholic High as co-hosts Uniformed "Belles of St. Mary's" stand out in crowd of approximately seven hundred delegates from thirty two schools assembled in the gym for a general session. .mmmfwmnummauu-awe fam--mart. mme- . Ji fl Sw a- 'xmi Y, vi "Nav ff' gg? anna ,Qt -"EN ,Q 7-as -qgy-GY ,4"? xv, Rocket Queen jo Stuart and Trojan Queen Polly Weny Qstandingj reigned, with their maids, at the annual homecoming football game between Catholic High School and Subiaco Academy. Seated, left to right, are maids to the Catholic Hi Rockets' Queen, Margie Page and Patsy Pageg Subiaco Trojans' maids, Betty Black and judy McCall. omecoming Royalty W., if , av 4 a I Snapped informally on the lawn, this picture by a staff photographer appeared in the Arkansas Democrat before the homecoming game. Front: Margie, jo, Polly, Betty. Back: Patsy and judy. Ki? . A, . r Rasa Queen Grace of the House of Hoyt is pictured with her ladies in waiting. Standing: Lady Patricia johnson, Lady Elizabeth Ann Blackg seated: Lady julia Ann McCall, Cumnock. Hlamnae Bazaar Royalty 4. Q. L Xxx K. 3-"Q L r if s ' T 'V ' L , Q . x in ' ,N ff .A I I e, iq yfa A S Q , 'J ii S ff ' - 2 4 ' M W V ,ei W 'P ' , 1 V sf' L tb I si 5 955, ' 5 Q 'S' iiai ft g e 'L x . ,A V Y ' ., d T ii. ,i V. ' . 'Q :wx L ,gi ggv . ,. 'fr 1 M 'L' Y Lady Marguerite "3 The class candidates as they begin their pre-bazaar campaign. Standing: Gracie, Senior Class nomineeg Marge, juniorsg Judy, Grade Schoolg Betty, Sophomoresg Pat, Freshmen. ':" Bazaar aeen's Ball Grace Hoyt, Senior Class Candidate for the title of Alumnae Bazaar Queen was crowned with an orchid by Mrs. A. Wrape, Vice-President of Mt. St. Mary's Alumnae Association. After the coronation, the Queen opened the ball by leading the grand march with her escort, followed by other candidates as her ladies in waiting. 8911101 Specmls CAROLYN Best All Around Most Helpful to Underclass ANNETTE Ideal St Mary s Glrl Most School Splrxt Most Lnkely to Succeed Best Leader GRACIE Sweetest CELE Best Natured "WNY" "FUN1" Premest Most Dependable PATSY Most Likely To Be Missed Most Friendly Qtiej 6, i MARTHA Best Student JUDY I Most Talented PAT PAT Most Pleasing Personality ROSE MARIE POLLY Most Attractive uw.. ..,w DOLORES BETTY Most Athletic Cutest Qtiej Most Friendly ftiej The Christmas pageant was developed around a chiId's "Dream of Christmas." While Santa Claus fMartha'Powelll eavesdrops, the Mother fAnnette Wahlgreenj tells her children fDiane Davis and Linda Adamsj the story of Christmas. tx Dancing Dolls: Betty Ruth Brooks, Peggy Laiferty, Mary Ann Findley, Kay Truemper, Ann Wilson, Betty Black, joan Rauch, and Ann Wrape. My J Toy Soldiers. Carol Smith, Dolores Gloor, Pat King, Ruth Gleason, Leona Shook, Betty Pritchett, and Ann Robinson. id X TW A rr ' 77 Creams Of Glmstmas , l is That night, the children dream of the Christmas Fairy fMary Lee jablonskij, and watch the dances of the Fairy-of Peace fjudy Villarealj Fairy of Joy fBetty Frazierj, Fairy of Play fPat Stedemj, Fairy of Good Will fBettye Ainsworth, Fairy of Love fjerry Flaniganj, and the Snow Fairy Uanet Lee Jonesj. Glufistmas Tahleaux "THE ANNUNCIATIONU Rosalyn jones, Angel--Grace Booth, the Virgin Mary mL.. "THE ANGEL CHOIRS" Annette Ruckstuhl, Spirit of Time, and Martha Chapman, Spirit of Light. Angels left to right, top: Innocence Spinelli, Lenora Leonard, Kathleen Ballon, Allene Ballou, Dorothy Havey, Alice Muller: Center: Bernice Grooms, Polly Weny, Ruth Ware, Rosalyn jones, Carolyn Whitheld, Grace Hoyt, Ida Peters: Front: Dorothy Massery, Mary Myers. "THE NATIVITY" The Blessed Mother, Grace Booth: St. joseph, Edith Rheing Angels: Innocence Spinelli, Kathleen Ballou, Lenora Leonard, Roselyn Jones, Alice Muller, Allene Ballou, Polly Weny. Shepherds: Pat McClernon, Beatrice Meyer, Marguerite Cumnock, Patsy Page. Stage Crew: Martha Powell, Ruth Donnelly, Jennie Lee Bornhoft. f . r i r lg' I I f ill! Belles lettermen photographed in their award sweaters are, front: Carolyn Whitfield, 'forwardg CharlotteKB'iij!ai'-ynxyaj ski, guardg jo Stuart, forwardg Judy McCall, guard, Mary Katherine Hall, guardg Judy Keith, forward, Clara! Thennes, forwardg Ann Wilson, forwardg Mary jo Bruck, forward. Back row: Betty Black, manager, Dorothy Lukas, guard, Kathryn James, guardg Msgr. T. L. Keany, coachg Rose Marie Hess, forward and captaing and The "Belles of St. Mary's" basketball team is composed of, front row: Carolyn Whit- field, Charlotte Bujarski, Dorothy Lukas, Rose Marie Hess, Judy McCall, Evelyn Biltz, Linda Cahanin, and Ann Wilson. Back row: Mary Katherine Hall, Jo Stuart, Helen Matthews, Donna Reiter, Clara Then- nes, Msgr. T. L. Keany coach and sponsorg Rita Lucas, Judy Keith, Jennie Bornhott and Kathryn james. Rosalyn jones, manager. Belles of St. WfZ6lll'y7S 'Q 7, .7 . cs. 1 , avi? C8 mt --uf MJ' YD J to t U sf N ,, Pd fi PN 3 fi' x S . 'utk U l ir?- I xi Rx px ,f n -L 1 ,Tj gx '21 Tr- X, ,N-J FQ if K .. H f . - V V ,Vi 3, ,fs Kiki ww .: U51 I VT K' . I F in lg.. W " t a ti 2 'l tlty ,Q ' s at '-Lil 5 I Lge? gf -M. 2 'L Phyllis Ann Phillips fcenterj, general chairman of the senior ball, was assisted by Frances Golden fleftj ticket chairmang Patricia johnson Cleft, frontj, publicityg Mary jo Waggener frightj, assessmentsg Judy Villafeal Qright, frontj, decorations. iw ,it. . xv: iifglggfi.-gy , -1 .Eg-ii ' " - Vrrwvew:iff-ti-wmafjvizsfi fl M I -. C, Semoif Ball Betty, Curt, Gip and Susie Garland, Sally, joan, Gene, Patsy and Buddy Buddy, Ann, Anne, joe Belles at New ,lga l l Betty and Clarence. Frances, George and Maxine Ebby and Chuc Ralph, je,-fy, Peggy and Charley jimmy, Margie, Judy, Eddie Danny, Helen, Clara and Gene Bill, Mary Lee, Betty, Bill, joan and Raymond Eddie, Judy, Margie and jimmy Charley, Hallene, Mary jo and Carl Bobby, Carolyn, "Funi", junior Tommy, Patsy, Rosalyn, "Poncho" Bells mul lgL'flHZ Polly n Kit Pat and Tony Phyllis and jack Charley, Gracie, Genora and Marge Allen, jo jo, Betty, Bill George, jane, Maxine and jack Louis, Nita, Pat and Nick 5 ,X 4 MOUNT Staff members who reached the goal of 100 printed inches for membership in Quill and Scroll Society are: Mary Lou Andreelli, Rose Marie Hess, janet Garbacz and Mary Frances Malachowski. Quill and Scroll MOUNT Staff members at work on the student newspaper are: Carolyn Whitheld, circulation managerg Rose Marie Hess, reporterg Mary Lou Andreelli, editorg Janet Garbacz, associate editorg Annette Wahl- green, reporterg Mary Frances Malachowski, business managerg Rosalyn jones, reporter. wa-7' The lfneifcian Sm ! "ll" "Sneak Preview" Polly, Carolyn, and judy "barge in" on janet, Mary Lou, and Dot at work on lay-outs. Business Staff Pat, Annette and Margie figure finances, while Dolores checks with Betty, and Dot tabulates accounts. Circulation Manager Edith makes out the yearbook purchase contract, while Rosie collects from judy. Editor Mary Frances Malachowski and Busi- ness Manager Betty Black plan the dummy. ,X Staff Photographer "fp, Monsignor jos. A. Murray Serious business for Ye Ed, Mary Frances, and asso- ciate editor, Dolores, while Betty the business manager, keeps check. 3' 1U'k't GfilG1!Qf3iQiI5 5375? Winte Wanda land In The Sunny Sontn Lf'-dvr '33 2 .2 ' 'kk Q ,ff ,G 4 2 Q ,Q 5? J .Q Wi EX A Q 4 fe f , . 6,- i ff ff . + wif' an ,' K N? 4 'Wi l -GS M II Ill IEE We III Ill III ..'E15"+: .f X 'Q::"'5 ' pa, rf S 'lv Royalty Bazaar - QHGBM grace Hoyt f Nm Qampus 'Wahlgreen 5 ,gixgy ' ,wp Q J :V,, 'ri' V' ff 1,129 1 'T A f fs Jam .5 k e o X meman l uggnei HMB p f -s I 1 I , 4:53 hz lwfiw " ffm ,,, A A .,k1f.w1fi5' f w .Vg .'f,QZ - 5,-.Q ., K wwesaf ' vw' L' -.Qfim.',H1 i K f- wf,.1,M7:g,.1,w- f 4 Qomrt Queen Rose 'marie Hess ,Au ......-- V va- vp. fa" . " .MQ Q. -f 'Q 1 JI W .fzffk Rx 'N ' 5 ,, 1 IW 'L li f 'M ll 1 ,g f 3 , , 7 ww " 5 , J ' r FA, 'ws ,- ,lv w Q ff? A Xa x X Q-r , g ,Q :gif nfs' Q O10 254 13 'Q' HL X e R Q tif! X ff S " ' If , ' ' F y 32211 R X Q. v ,. Q, ,G- Qs 4' u V K if may emma. M . ,,'-:rim-:gs.mmmf.wwQrfvwww-,V -if Wi b rf W ,M V, 4 R' :f -, L r ID ,N 2 755-a ri.. 'N N s 1 ,il Asflllbfffil sa Qfsjgi A L f I " I? 1 ,, ig, fi uphx Z may Q f WN . - . T x W Mu i J Aww -L 0 N' K1 M F 5. 435 " .. 'sv A' if 2 t W x ,R Q 1, i Y fait:-1-I" K N, 1 R is 1, M XL if H g. , W wh xffw-'-2-' ,E H gym kd" 6? X ,, -- ., . Qi J ' ' 2 ii' gk 3, Wai- Eg, tt ash ,V 'Qi . N 'ejfe J ,Q I i Q fgfxawk 5 A 5 Q 'ff 'fn 73' 1 " 1 y M x 3,39 . ' 'H V -Y .Z ' - A :x "2 V," Q if-:..', Ma IK 'fb M-.. xl? Mrs. Marie E. Ainsworth Lt. Col. and Mrs. R. Andreelli Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Ballou Mrs. Norvell S. Beck Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bednar, Sr. Mrs. H. J. Black Mrs. Agnes C. Booth Mr. and Mrs. Ben J. Booth Mr. and Mrs. Henry Breyel Mr. and Mrs. John Breyel Mr. and Mrs. B. Caldarera, Sr. Mr. E. L. Chapman Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Comstock Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Cumnock Rt. Rev. Msgr. F. A. Allen Very Rev. Msgr. Jos. A. Murray Rev. Lawrence Hoyt, O. S. B. Rev. Francis J. Janesko Rev. Amos H. Enderlin Rlv. Edward N. Hinckley St. Anne's Academy, Ft. Smith St. Joseph's Academy, Mena ,St. Elizabeth's School, Adona Sister M. Mildred, O. S. B. Sister M. Henrietta, O. S. B. Mount Senior Class Latin Club Gov. and Mrs. Ben Laney Justice Ed McFaddin Mr. C. G. fCrlpl Hall Mrs. F. A. Coutlee Col. and Mrs. M. J. Coutlee John and Paul Coutlee J. C. Hiryak Floyd Lorince Cyril Plafcan Lloyd Lorince Joseph R. Bednar Mr. John Sydney James Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Lang Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lang Mr. Guy Corley Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Flake Mr. and Mrs. Earl Foster Mrs. Mabel Fields Miss Lillian Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Mike Caldarera Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allen Miss Marguerite Flnkbeiner '44 Miss Carolyn Keller Mrs. Frank Fuller Miss Mickey Metrailer '46 Mrs. Jack Fine Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bryson Mr. and Mrs. Wm. C. Sherman Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Schwartz Mr. Fred Patrick Doyle Mlss Pat Knoedl '47 Congnrtulatrng Our Daughters, the fl'Ic-mbfrx of the Clam' of '48 lVitl1 the Compliments of The graduates? lOf?l.lfElflfS Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Curry Mr. and-Mrs. W. W. Davidson Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Derryberry Mrs. Ruth Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Edward Garbacz Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Gaylo Mrs. Helen Golden Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Griffln Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Havey Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Hess Mr. and Mrs. Joe F. Hooks Mrs. Annette Hoyt Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Johnson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Jones Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Keaton, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Kochtitzky Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Lang Mrs. Loretta Malachowski Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Lynch Mrs. Mary E. Massery Mrs. Nye McCall Dr. and Mrs. P. W. McClernon Mr. and Mrs. W. C. McCrary Mr. and Mrs. Ben Meyer Mr. L. C. Muller, Sr. Mrs. R. B. Myers Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Page Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Page Mr. and Mrs. John Peters Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Phillips Friends and patrons Rt. Rev. Msgr. James P. Gaffney Rt. Rev. Msgr. J. B. Scheper Very Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. Prendergcrst Rev. Peter Bartodziej Rev. Jos. Wenger Rev. Francis McCarthy Rev. Edward J. McCormick Mercy Villa, Ft. Smith Holy Redeemer School, El Dorado St. John's School, Hot Springs Sister M. Pauline, O. S. B. Sodality Mount Junior Class Commercial Club Mayor and Mrs. Sam Wassell Judge Minor W. Mlllwee Mr. and Mrs. Roy H. Noel Lt. Col. and4Mrs. I. V. Tedder Lt. Col. E. R. Wernitznig Joseph "Buster" Sokora Johnnie S. Plafcan Thomas Bednar George Plafcan -John A. Janesco Mr. George Havlik Mrs. Walter W. Powell Mrs. Emma Eichelmann Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Hamling Miss Clara Hum '47 Miss Kathleen Nord '47 Miss Virginia Rose Long '45 Mr. L. E. Prentice Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hoffman Henry Hoffman, Jr. Miss Mildred Fredrick '47 Mr. N. A. Lukas Miss Patsy Malachowskl Miss Carolyn Knlght Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Gilmore Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Karcher Sunderland Mr. and Mrs. Miss Mary Lou Brock Mr. J. C. Naylor Mr. J. D. McPike Miss Elizabeth Carter '45 Rev. Joseph M. Burns Rev. Raymond L. O'Dwyer Rev. Fred Hyland Lawrence Graves Rev. Rev. James P. McDonnell St. Joseph's School Tontitown SS. Cyril 8. Methodius, Slovac St. Patrick's School Sister M. Constance, O.S.B. Mount Sophomore Class Le Cercle Francais B-Square Math Club Mayor dr Mrs. Eldor Johnson Commlssloner Otho A. Cook Mlss Anna Makovec Mr. and Mrsfdohn Hooks Mr. and Mrs. Emil Nahay Mrs. B. D. Brandon Miss Mildred Laux Miss Evelyn Smith, R.N. Miss Helen Shudy The C. C. Curry Family Miss Virginia Hudgins Mr. Julian Woods Mr. Frank Horsfoll Mr. and Mrs. Paul Collins Miss Rose Mary Schriver '45 Cpl. L. A. Schriver, U.S.M.C. Miss Phyllis l-lmpel Mr. Clifton H. Jones Mr. Billy Joe Walch Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Nabholz Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fredrich Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. H. Gaunt Mr. and Mrs. E. D. March Mr. and Mrs. Vlrgil Ward E. C. Winters Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Massery Miss Frances Ford Miss Ruth Gleason Mr. and Mrs. Melbourne H.'MilIer Mr. Walter Blnz Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Powell Mr. and Mrs. Bob Prather Mr. Ben R. Pritchett Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Reynolds Louis Rhein Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Ruckstuhl, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Don See and Mrs. Steve Spinelli Mr. Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Stuart Mrs. lrene Van D sen Mr. and Mrs. E. Lglillareal Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Waggoner Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Wahlgreen Dr. and Mrs. N. F. Weny Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Whitfield Very Rev. Msgr T. L. Keany Rev. Charles McGlnnls Rev. Jesse' C. Cheney Rev. Martin Busby Rev. H. J. Chinery Rev. John Rasbach St. Louis School, Camden Gcod Counsel School, Little Ro Benton-Bouxite Mission Sister M. Carmen, O.S.B. Mount Freshman Class Spanish Club English Club Chief Justice Griffin Smith Sheriff Tom Gulley Roy Truby Mrs. Mrs. J. V. Adams Mrs. Jack E. Rhodes Mrs. C. W. Agy Miss Janet Lee Jones Mrf and Mrs. S. A. Downing .Miss Kathleen King Mlss Mary Helen Thomas '46 Mrs. Mark Francis Wade Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Trolllett C Mr. and Mrs. Cyrll Hollingsworth Mrs. Rose Massery Miss Barbara Hinkson Harry Winters Bill Winters Bobby Byrne J. O. Blaty Mr. E. M. Granoff Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wecker Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Schriver Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Ranney Miss Frances Lay '40 Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Dallas Mr. Joe Wroten Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Roller Mr. Robert Meuer W. D. Tompkins Miss Rose Lafferty JU? fig MM ,If qffvmaf Q ,,W-..m If -'www zwwzfawf' a.M,m I , mm, fm A fm, f my rzf,mh If mu: M ff ' K iw f ,. , I, . l, .QP miwfw. .2 , QMQM, ww., If WW 'Q N iwmmh A XX f 'Sv-11' kfxxxkw Q jf rf: 'bfiwq4Qg,? VY' ':.,w.. ,O fflfs -9 fo ? , ,, f7f 'Nan ' J X . XX at ,f XM if Using I' we Miss Madelon Norbur '47 Miss Pat Roe '47 Miss Gretchen Vogler '46 Miss Dorothy Janik Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Probst Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Zackert Miss Ruth Kirby Mr. J. F. Weinmann Mr. Carl Straessle Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Harrison Miss Millie Harrison '45 Mr. T. J. Arnold Mr. O. B. Courtney . and Mrs. B. W. O'Malley . J. R. Robertson Mr Mr Leo Olberts, Jr. Miss Elizabeth Paulett Mr. W. E. Lokey Mr. Frank Clancy Mrs. Bertha Vogler Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Heinze Mr. and Mrs. Burt L. Roberts Mr. Arthur M. Emmerling Mr. Jennings H. Mize Mr. James B. Freemyer Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Baer . and Mrs, Elia Zini . Herman Lensina Mr. and Mrs. Joe Walters Mr. and Mrs. Tom Krah Mis Mr. Mr s Mr Mr s Joan Heyburn Howard Fulmer . Bill Babcock Mi s Isabelle Guidos Mr. W. M. Wisner Mr. Bill Kelly Mr. Jack Barrier Mr. Jimmy Watts Mr. A. V. Bishop Mr. I. J. Steed Mr. Hendrix Lackey Dr. and Mrs. B. A. Rhinehart Mr. and Mrs. George Hart, Jr. Mr. Jack McKenzie S. M. G. L. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Gleason V Mr. Charles Koppersmith Mr. Joe Peyer Miss Mary Theresa Elkins '46 Madame Florence Hemans Miss Rita Weny '45 Dr. O. B. Evans and Family Miss Reaina Wellman Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd E. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Henry Massa Mr. and Mrs. J. D. DuVal Mrs. Eugene Joyce Miss Tillie Berg Dr. H. W. Hundling Mr. and Mrs. Tony J. Paladino Mrs. Steve Muller Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Haver Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Donald Carroll Miss Jean Massa '43 The R. F, Muller Children Miss Patricia Smith Miss Francis Smith Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Hannum Miss Mariorie Meehan '46 Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rusher Mrs. Betty Sherman Miss lrene Gerke '45 Miss Laura A. Lightcap Mr. Jack Aldridge Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Ballard Miss Marv Carol Eck Mrs. Doris Deutsch Mr. John M. Porbeck Miss Mary Ann Ball '46 18 ifiemals and patlfons Miss Maraaret Ann Burnett '47 Edward McGuire Dr, and Mrs. Hoyt Choate Mrs. Emile Trebing V Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. McOsker Dr. and Mrs. Robert Caldwell Miss Jeanne Fuller '40 Mr. David B. Clanb Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Lang Miss Rose Marie Lang '44 Guy Morris Lana Miss Rose Fussell Miss Bernice Grantham Miss Marie Danforth Mr. Wm. C. Bressler Mr. and Mrs. Willoughby Smith "Stooae" Kaieski Mrs. Sophia M. Phillips Ted Laoad Sharp and Porbeck, "Esq." Miss Mary Jac Snider, '47 Miss Pat Lvnch '47 Miss "Sissy" Gaines '46 Hilda M. Massery '47 Miss Miss Ann Poiahl Mrs. Jay Hill Mr. and Mrs. John P. Matthews Mr, and Mrs. Frank Luyet Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Grimes Mr. and Mrs. Carson Bray Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Morrison Miss Julianne Krallman '47 Mr. Andrew Lucas Mr. Clyde Chaney Miss Nikki Mitchell Miss Geneveive Szczepaniak '41 Mr. John Page Mr. Chester Puszewski Miss Marv Ralphe Miss Joyce Bailey Mr. and Mrs. O. N. Eichelmann Miss Frances Simms Mr. and Mrs. T. Brumfield Mr. and Mrs. K. Sterzenback Gerard Smith Mr. and Mrs. James Barron Miss Gertrude Walter '58 Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Light Miss Frances Walter '42 Mr. Elbert Binz Mr. and Mrs. Tom Battisto Mr. and Mrs. Frank Battisto Mr. and Mrs. Sam Russo Mr. a'td Mrs. Rudy Del Donno s Rosemary Wood . Charles Ouletta . and Mrs. Steve Battisto Mr. Nick Battisto Miss Dodie Krah '47 Miss Pat Hain '47 Miss Dolores lngram Miss Betty Lou Pozza '47 Miss Rose Marie Stuart '47 Mr. J. C. Van Pelt Mis Miss Angela Battisto Mr Mr Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Hogston Mr. Joe Wahlareen, Jr. Miss Thelma Massery '47 Mr. Aubrey Kerr Mr. Mayer F. Gates, Jr. Mrs. W. L. Gardner Miss lrene Barthol Miss Rita Lucas Ida Youngblood Miss Miss Pat Dittemore Miss Loretta Lukas '40 Mrs. Martha Siepiela Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Narrel Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Rouse Rose and Joyce Swartz Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Fortson Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Moore Mr. B. W. Whitfield Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Blankenship Miss Jo Ann Reynolds Mr. P. Luette Mr. Uriel B. Alford, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Massery Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Goss, Jr, Mr. md Mrs. Henrv P. Massery Mr. Wade H. McKnight Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Detert Mr. and Mrs. James Esch Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wilkins Dr. and Mrs. Paul Coyne Mr. and Mrs Geo. P. Showmar Mi ss Jo Sanders '47 Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Angelo James Longinotti, Jr. Miss Mary Aanes Morrison '47 Mi Mi ss Bernadine Narey '47 ss Olga Lonainotti Mr. Pete Lonainotti Mr. Henry Lensing Mrs. Felcia Myers Thorpe '24 Dr. Dr. Ewill l. Thompson Vern E. Moraan Dr. W. J. Schwarz Dr. Carl A. Rosenbaum Dr. Paul L. Mahoney Dr. Dr. H, A. Dishongh Elizabeth Fletcher Dr. Charles C. Reed, Jr. Dr. John G, Watkins, Sr. Dr. Glenn F. Crawford Dr. A. C. Clark Dr. Fred W. Harris Dr. C. Fletcher Watson Mr. Herman Kresse, Jr. Miss Polly Eichelmonn Dr. H. G. Mahoney, D.D.S. Dr. Dr. Dr. Mr J. K. Donaldson Sam Phillips G. W. Reagan . and Mrs. O. A. Ebbing Freddie Lonainotti Mr. and Mrs. Walter Koehler Mr Mr Dr. . and Mrs. John Crossman s. Louise Pabian James V. Gunn Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Saenger Mr s. John Elmer Miller Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Petla Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mis Mr. Mis Paul L. Weare and Mrs. M. Brown and Mrs. J, O. Hale and Mrs. Arthur Zaloudek s Mary Muller '45 and Mrs. O. O. Jeflcoat s Mary Jo Redmond '45 lone Garrett Colquette Dr. Dr. Mr. SXS and Mrs. R. E. McLochlin Joe H. Sonderlin and Mrs. R. F. Muller gt. Fred O. Muller S!Sgt. Lee V. Pierce SXS Mr. Mr. gt. Ed Otto and Mrs. J. P. Winburne and Mrs. H. J. Binz, Jr. Miss Catherine Wecker '38 Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. and Mrs. H. D. Schutter and Mrs. Thcs. J. Jones and Mrs. H, H, Egner and Mrs. Chas. P. Wickard Dr. C. C. Cope Mr. and Mrs. Granville Sutton Mrs. H. G. Mahoney Mis Dr. s Betty Finan '42 Clyde D. Rodgers Miss Marie Petrus '58 Dr. John R. Dibrell Mr. and Mrs. Cecil B. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Joe P. Gilmore Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Pope, Sr. Mr. C. M. Sandlin Mr. and Mrs. Larry C. Cole Mr. and Mrs. Steve M. Cole Mr. Donald Zaloudek Mr. Lawrence Zaloudek Miss lrene Zaloudek '45 Miss Sophia Janesko Mr. and Mrs. John Bednar, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hoyt Miss Mary Frances Serio '47 Mrs. Sam Serio, Sr. Mr, 8. Mrs. Mike George Bednar, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Melkovitz, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Carter Mrs. L. G. Punch Mr. Albert Grabber Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Bruck Miss Theresia Breyel '47 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Craig Miss Dorothy Ballman Miss Generose Breyel Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bruck Miss Mary Ellen Penny '47 Miss Anne Hum '44 Miss Rita Hum '44 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Caldarera Miss Maraaret Marchese Miss Barbara Vick Mr. and Mrs. Paul Perry Mr. Louis Caldarera Miss Vita Marie Caldarera Miss Margaret Mancini '42 Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Cimarossa Miss Dolores Glendening '47 Mr. Joe Schwarz Mrs. J. W. Bailey Miss Mattie B. Granger Mr. Anthony L. Rogoski Mr. and Mrs. Claude A. Rankin Miss Marilyn Ebbing '45 Mr. and Mrs. Martin C. Benetz Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Zaloudek Miss Hilda Ann Farrell '45 Miss Elva Little Dr. and Mrs. C. R. Chesnutt Dr. and Mrs. J. Randle Luten Mr. L. C. Muller, Jr. Miss Maraaret Bea Dagner Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Jones Mrs, W. W. Findley Phil Dixon Miss Kathryn Probst '46 Miss Mary Dolores Probst '45 Miss Gerry Massery Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Balch Miss Susie Gilmore Mr. and Mrs. A, J. Wraps Miss Peggy Lallerty Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Hart Miss Ann Froley Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Finley Mrs. Edith Flanigan '27 Mrs. Louise Keller Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Balmaz Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Truemper Miss Helen Krallman Miss Margaret Ann Collins '45 Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Stedem Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Watkins Mrs. M. A. Biltz Miss Ruth Rauch '43 Miss Martha Rauch '46 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Rauch Mrs. W. E. Austin Miss Helen Booth '47 Mr. and Mrs. Tom D. Noble Mike Makovec Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Wilson Mrs. A. L. Booth Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Wells Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Peters Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bednar, Sr. Miss Agnes Drotar '44 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Uhiren Mr. a'id Mrs. Ed Chudy A Friend Miss Irene Shudy '46 Mr. Louis Hoyt, Jr. Miss Mary Evelyn Troillet '45 Mrs. Robert E. Browning '41 Mrs. F. L. Morrison Miss Marjorie Sharp '44 Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Kemp Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. D. O. Wright Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Crofoot Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Mouton Miss Margaret E. Blankenshi Bill Hiipert Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Hill Miss Marie Benton Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Peters Miss Margaret Ann Cahanin Miss Jean Ann Pratt Miss Majeedah Nahas Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Ball Tommy Jones, Jr. Mrs. Jos. M. McGrath Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Burkhart Miss Maude Craft Miss Ernestine Bush Col. and Mrs. Don M. Scott "Navajo Chief" Margaret Breyel '47 Roberta Straessle Florence Sarna Miss Miss Miss Miss Marie Urbani '47 Dorothy Altenhofel Mr. Jim Finan Miss Aileen O'Connor '45 Mrs. Wylma Cox Mrs. M. L. Lehman Miss Mrs. K. G. Berg Miss Mary Ann Cumnock '46 Mrs. C. R. Johnson Miss Sally O'Connor '47 Miss Pat Hurley '47 Mrs. H. V. Wilson Miss Dolores March Mrs. W. P. Brock Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hoyt lGl!'i8ll0iS cmd ifiatroms Mrs. Miss A. M. Jacobsen Teddy Harrell '47 Mr. Carl Noll Mr. Eugene Keattle Mrs. Vivian Bowlin Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Irvin Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Moore Miss Doris Manville Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Fraley Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Nipper Mrs. George Taylor Mr. W. S. Morgan Mr. a-id Mrs. Grady H. Forgy, Sr. Mrs. Ralph E. Hill Mr. J. H. Carmichael, Jr. Mr. Glen Woodruff Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Mr. Judith Keith Dorothy Lukas Juanice Camell Shirley Elms '45 Donna Ritter Mary Ann Pardo Louis Hess K. W. Cosgrove Ruth Osburn Rita Sarna Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Andrews Miss Josephine Pasalaqua Mrs. William J. Rohlman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Noll J. Harold Niemann Mr. A. M. Jacobsen Miss Betty Jo Kane '45 Mr. 'and Mrs. -RClDh Walley and Mrs. Tom Gaisbauer Richard- Noll Mr. Mr. and Mrs. William Zimmerman Tony Beck, Jr. and Mrs. Joe Weber, Jr. and Mrs. W. L. Muller Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Schlereth Miss Frances Byrd H. S. Vick and Mrs. Paul Brisson Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Harold V. Collins Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Kaufman Mr. Mn and Mrs. John L. Niehaus John Kooistra Mr. Dr. and Mrs. A. K. Wayman Mr. John C. Bergman and Mrs. Joseph W. Kelone Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lisko and Mrs. Pete Pitonyak and Mrs. John Lisko Miss Lorraine Hooks '45 Mr. and Mrs. John Konecny Sam Konecny Miss Annie Konecny Mr. Ray Boehn Miss Frances Plafcan '46 Mrs. Annie Hiznay Mr. and Mrs. Vince Sokora Dr. and Mrs. Ellis P. Cope D. K. Hawthorne Harold R. Parker Col. and Mrs. K. L. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Arnold Mr. Joe Reiter Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hampel Miss Cecilia Reiter Miss Zella Schuller Mr. and Mrs. Nathan J. Fletcher, Jr. Mr. Grant Hampel Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Beck Mrs. R. J. Dennis Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Montalvo Mrs. P. W. Freyaldenhoven Miss Mary Ann Lucas '45 Mrs. Lena Berg Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Finley Mr. and Mrs. J. B. McKinney Mr. Frank W. Heffner C. .H. Parker Mr. Oscar Oswald Dr. and Mrs. A. W. Strauss Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Gentry Mis Mr Mr Mr Mr s Mary Lou Fletcher s. C. S. Bouton Arthur Bouton Jack Fletcher . John Pierpoali Mr. Mr Mr Julio Pierpoali J. E. Page s. B. E. Tate Frank Cupples Mr. and Mrs. R. E. O'Connor Mrs. J. J. Martin Mr. and Mrs. V. King Mr. and Mrs. Bill Smith Mrs. Marcella Garstka Miss Alma Bulmanski '47 Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Spatz Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Carter Mr Mr. Mr Mr. and Mrs. Steed Huggins and Mrs. Henry Featherston and Mrs. W. W. Binford Thomas S. Wilcox Miss Ruby Novak Mr. Nob Grimmett Mr. John D. Grimmett Mr. and Mrs. Mark Chambers Miss Ellen Griffin Miss Laura Griffin Mrs. George T. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Pinckney Mr. and Mrs. George Griffin Chief and Mrs. Marvin Potts and Mrs. E. M. Phillips Mr. Mr. Wm. Greshem Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Craig, Jr and Mrs. A. W. Matthews and Mrs. Al Johnson Mr. Mr. . and Mrs. Paul Fischer . and Mrs. J. L. Thomas Miss Pat Mathies Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Dittemore Dickie Bennett Mr Mr Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mooser Miss Nona Alley Mr. Andrew Such Howard G. Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Culp Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Creason Mr. and Mrs. V. F. Semasek Oscar Kochtitsky, Jr. Miss Pat Clarke Mrs. Sarabelle Treadway Mr. Mr. Wilton Treadway Mrs. Lottie Somers Mr. Bill Somers Mrs. Marie Long Mr. and Mrs. Jim Somers Miss Charlotte Somers Mrs. Dade Benton Miss Ann Benton Mr. and Mrs. John Kochtitzky Mr. and Mrs. Truman Daw Mrs. Mabel L. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. McCary Mrs. Mildred Bergman Mr. Raloh Bergman Garvin Fitton W. R. Harrison Mr. and'Mrs. F. E. Powell Mrs. Mabel Julian Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Wiggins, Jr. Mr. Bob Prather Mr. and Mrs. Wayman Rowe Mrs. H. W. Seaman Complimenting the Graduates Sisters of Mercy HOT SPRINGS- Chase 8. Gaunt, Auditors Dixie Beauty Shoppe Walthour-Flake Realty Co. Lee F. Tucker, CIO State Director Floyd Johnson Service Station Dixie Life Bt Accident Ins. Prospect Drug Company Consolidated Electric Service Helen's Grocery 6: Market De Soto Hardware Company Heights Drug Store A. 81 J. Electric Company Enterprise Harness Company Fendley Drug Store lrby Dairy Products Branch's Beauty Shoppe Mail-Me-Monday of Little Rock Shrader, Photographer Howard Halley's Service Station Haverty Furniture Company Majestic Meat Market J. V. Flack Grocery Federal Auction Company Franklin Paint 8: Wallpaper Company Beverly Dress Shop Eugenie Frank Shop Allsopp Bt Chapple Auto Paint 84 Color Company Nabor Theatre Falstaff Distributing Company Russ Market 1 I 1 i ST. .IOSEPH'S HOSPITAL -ARKANSAS W. C. Tabor Shoe Repair The Heim Brothers Stacy's Fine Foods Boyd's Milk Products Company Max 6. Jimmy's Drive ln Capital Monument Company Belcher's Hardware, Stuttgart Selig's Sandwich Shop, Stuttgart Kline's Stuttgart West Brothers, Stuttgart L. H. Morphew Company, Stuttgart Jones' Bakery, Stuttgart Farmers 8. Merchants Bank, Stuttgart George L. Clark, Abstracts, Stuttgart Cox Electric Company, Stuttgart Tweedy's Ben Franklin Store, Stuttgart Smith 8t Scott, Carlisle Carlisle Cash Store, Carlisle Carlisle Reddy to Wear, Carlisle Les 8t Ollie's Grocery, Carlisle Frozen Food Market, Carlisle Sumner's Service Station, Carlisle Spark's Cash Store, Hazen George Jensen's Appliance Company, Hazen C. B. Westbrook Burial Association, Hazen J'ack's Place, Hazen Young's Dept. Store, Hazen Stanley Saranie Grocery, Slovac W. H. Cathey's Grocery, Slovac Ridgeway Liquor Store, Monticello St. Mary's Cafeteria Congratulations and All Gogd Wishes To the Graduates Sisters of Merc ST. EDWARD'S HOSPITAL FORT SMITH ARKANSAS Congratulating Zelma and the other Graduates RALPH E. SHELBY Congratulating our Daughter PATSY MR. at MRS. M. P. PAGE Congratulations from 0013 MDV of ffle 000' 5'00l5' PARISH Rt. Rev. Msgr. F. A. Allen, Pastor Rev. Francis J. Janesko, Asst. C 0 Complimenting the draduates S H Ol CHllDREN'S , ST. MARY S CHURCH Pnmrensoox AND MlssAL North Lime Rock Rev' Lawrence Hoytf O' S' B' Rev. Peter Bartodziej, Pastor Complimenting the Graduates Uur Lady of Gooo' Counsel Church Rt. Rev. John B..Scheper, Pastor Rev. Martin E. Busby, Assistant Compliments of . . . I . St. Patrick s Church Congratulating the Graduates ST. ANDREWS CATHEDRAL Rev. joseph M. Burns, Pastor Rev. J. P. McDonnell, Assistant Compliments of ROBB 81 ROWLEY THEATRES PULASKI ARKANSAS LEE ROYAL THE HEIGHTS ROXY CAPITOL PROSPECT NEW ASHER DRIVE-IN A ibut: iii-1 Congratulating the Graduates of '48 THE OLD FOLKS OF THE CONFEDERATE HOME Compliments of TIPTON 8: HURST Flowers for All Occasions Phone 9101 Night 3-4170 Capitol Ave. 8a Izard Congratulations to the Graduates . . . SISTERS OF MERCY Compliments of LINCOLN NATIONAL LIFE INS. COMPANY . N. D. Warner-Brown HOSPILHI T- Q --- r .Loor N. B. Weese and Associates EL DORADO :-: -: ARKANSAS Third Floor A Donaghey Bldg. Compliments of W. A. BARNARD'S ESSO STATION 2nd and Ferry Ph. 4-8603 Little Rock, Arkansas PARKER DRUGS Llnzxmaf Drug Store! Markham and Main Ph. 4-0965 Little Rock, Arkansas Complimentsf of NATIONAL Business surnv x 3117 West Markham :Street Little Rock, Ark. MUSIC COMPANY o+o "Everything in Music" I I3 East Fourth Street Little Rock, Arkansas RELIABLE LIFE INSURANCE co. I ARKANiAskB?DgKarL0U5E' 'Nc' 326 Donaghey Building Phone 8468 809 Main 52:3 :zine 2-5955 C- B- Ca"0"' Manage' LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS COMPLIMENTS TO the ' I . A GRADUATES , 4 . ' VI A r I 'Q' 5 ff , MABEL MAY E 'V' f Makes St. Mary's Rings and Invitations i-'- v,,I1 I-.'.' :': Zzi Rep resemto tive - Ask Your Grocer for MAGNCLIA DRY CLEANERS CHURNGol.D MARGARINE 23rd Ez Arch Streets Phone 2-5981 It Costs No More Mr. 85 Mrs. W. R. Mernah '- -:X ' .n if' ,. Quality Merchandise at 5 ' r- Lowest Possible Prices! 5 LII: lllil r-- X. IL: . La- Q Hhs-ii. -Ir X: I " "w .Yr-f 0 Is l Wil- EE: WF w,,..,. +1 IuIIIIIIIIMIILIIILKLLIIIIIILILISIIIIUI F ' , -HM A IL IMI !! ' ' t Qidwfi-f DepartmentStore .J +1 f""ffL5Z7f94' If CAPITOL AVENUE AT CENTER Ie A -A' -if -A' 1' 'A' .:'-E-f'5I."I:, , "I", 1 I. 'I1"-,. I ,-fff?:1?'IifS B' fwli ' I. Q me . II , I ati 1 xii - ll 'WI-rig- ij ',f f'.I.I1 III I-4 imma? ,, l 1 ,U I T Q l I r' i Q 1 A' JI'IAL5gI'Q1'5 rn. i , , 1 H' e BH 1 lk ,. l I ' ' lrlvdi H-4 . ,W ,w ii-inftfli , 'II -- --f I1 is ! gel--L.:.:.Qu .i.. f'fg1-ff: f COMPLIMENTS OF I GUS LASS CO. For 75 Years Arkansas' Largest and Best Store Uflfere livery Customer Nlmt Be .Skztisfed 0 I BEAUTY BARBER SUPPLY 0 -i....4 m7z,aafLq I. Q2 ' ...-1 X 'IA Shears, Razors, Surgical UEIT 'A , Instruments Sharpened IT LIKES I YCU O I' ' Fort Smith, Ark. Jackson, Miss, ' 59 Little Rock, Arkansas Memphis, Tenn. Shreveport, La. 0 ' 222 East Markham St. , L Phone 8460 ke? FR ann H.,'P0'ifiBECK1 r,,. CUITTPHNU 'l- - li . . Our C011Qrf1t1rf11!1m1.v I0 the Gm1Il4atc,i Wm. T. Stover Company, Inc. HOSPITAL .md PI-IYSICIANS' EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES 721-723 Main Street I.iT'1'1.i2 Rock, ARKANSAS P110116 5-1211 M. J. Slesel 5' Company Compnmems of M cm" S"""'ie' Ai. su'r'roR's GARAGE Leather and 1507 Chester St. Phone 4-8636 Shoe Findings Phone 4-8208 9I3 Main St. Little Rock, Ark, 30 Years Experience a HWS' --?"".....c":Z!3g,,.:+f., 'txlrkanszzx Lfzrgwt ana' Maxi Complete flflmic Store" if? 'ifffftl it Z 1? 1 ' Q PIANOS ' 'NSTRUMENTS 0 RECORDS iff, l'T1f'9"y!'41" I SHEET MUSIC f V' o FLOOR FURNACES 112-114 East 7'l'l'l Street Phgng 2.5151 1 . T 1 Compliments of COMPLIMEN S OF PARAGON PRINTING CO. LEO J BYRNE 5 5 5 Pfmfmg sfdffmefy offffe sffppzfef Little Rock, Ark. Phone 9676 311 East Capitol Ave. Arkansas, M031 Beautiful store "GOO" F"""1"'e Since 1887 Arkansas Carpet 81 Furniture Company At 709-11-13-15 Maigsstreet Compliments Of TAYLOR Cr RICHTER, Inc. COMPLIMENTS OF J' J' 8 THE Nursery, Landscaping 81 Floral Company ' 45-irkansas' Fastest Growing Florisf, 1 Q ... FOR FINE FLOWERS BOTTLING COMPANY 3700 Kavanaugh Phone 3-4106 Little Rock' r Compliments of ...- KORTE TIRE 81 SERVICE CO. -II9 Main sneer - Phone seas lOpposite Post Officei 1300 Main North Little Rock, Ark. NORTH LITTLE ROCK Photo Finishing I . TYPEWRITERS .... ADDING MACHINES CASH REGISTERS .... CAPITAL TYPEWRITER COMPANY SALES - RENTALS - SERVICE 216 W. Capitol Phone 5-1111 DRINK A BfTE'T0 EAT AT 10, 2 8 4 DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. Little Rock, Ark. SHERWIN IWHMMS PAINTS 720 Main St. Phone 6276 ? fwtm + The Shopping Center of Arkansas for over 80 years. Longer than you -could possibly remember . . . longer than even your mothers remember . . . PFEIFERS has been a place to shop where you are assured of friendly, courteous service! It's a matter of pride with us that our loyal customers recognize this and know they can depend on us to give them quality, value, and service . . . with a smile. Accurate Compounding JOHNSON APOTHECARY Donaghey Building FRUIT TR E5 ORNAMENT LS NUT TREES LITTLE ROCK NURSERY CO. 3314 W. ROOSEVELT ROAD LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS PHONE 3-7 I 72 Phone Liu-le Rock, Ark' WILLARD H. BALLARD JAME E IRVIN I N-EMYER TIMES PRINTING 3. I PUBLISHING CO., Inc. GRAIN CO. Phone 4-3208 4800 Asher Ave. nr Main sneer North Lame neck T-T, ' I' Z- Compliments of-- E METRAILER a. HART ' Better Shoe Repairing 303 Main St. Phone 5-0105 '10 EUS' Foum' Sffeef "Friendly Service You'Il Like" JOHN HUM'S 0 9 M A R K E T 5 218 E. Washington Phone 4-5438 If 0 M E F U R N I S H E R 8 Noam I.n"n.E Rock, ARKANSAS Fancy Groceries Sz K. C. Quality Meats LITTLE ROCK. ARKANSAS ,, ,ni-" Compliments of BEVERAGE CO. 515 West 12th St. Little Rock Congratulations to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1948 KEIIIPIIEFS O ready-to-wear O fine shoes Little Rock Hot Springs TRY 7 POTATO CHIPS Little Rock, Ark. Compliments of I. K. ELECTRIC COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF Arkonsos Sign 81 Neon Co. X MANUFACTURERS FURNITURE COMPANY O40 "The Half Block nr Seventh and Arch Screen? Complete Furnishings - - - For the Home For the Business For the Closs of 4-8 fs'-Y' 600 West Seventh Phone 92ll LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS Brueggeman, Swaim 86 Allen ARCHITECTS G A251-rg BUILDING LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Iirehs Brothers Supplu Co. Complete Equipment for HOTELS . . RESTAURANTS . . CLUBS HUSPITALS AND INSTITUTIONS . . . . ,fiii 413-415 West Capitol Avenue Little Rock, Al'k3US3S The Graduates' Pictures NNere Made by cgffd Kochi cleankng pAofograpAer 117 West Sixth Street Phone 4-1195 Little Rock, Ark We make special rates of Photographs to all Students Compliments of HOTEL SAM PECK wO0DY'S llQUOR STORE Compliments of 5225 Asher Avenue NESCAFE i Phbhe 5-9842 "Delicious Coffee in on instant" Mrs. J. F. Beard B. G. Beard BEARD'S FURNITURE COMPANY "The Home of Satisfied Customersi' 318-24 West Seventh Phone 7484 'H W i J. J. C. A. HEALEY Sz ROTH Funeral Directors Ambulance Service BURIAL PLAN Little Rock Phone 4-3733 OWEN MOTORS 8: OIL CO. C0mP1imem5 of PACKARD-RPM PRODUCTS ZANN'S 1100 West Capitol Ph. 4-6463 5022 Club Road Ph. 5-0950 . 'V Compliments of ASHER AVENUE DRUG STORE 5502 Asher Avenue Phone 3-7289 619 Main St. Little Rock, Arkansas Compliments of DRENNAN'S FINE FOODS 3604 Kavanaugh LITTLE ROCK PHOTO-ENGRAVING COMPANY Advertising Art Printing Plates 21416 Louisiana St. CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Accept our best wishes, and our sincere hopes that your future be the brightest "Send Flowers, But Send Ours" COLONIAL FLOWER SHOP I ever' 2017 Kavanaugh Phone 3-4191 STANDARD LUGGAGE CG. sos Main sr. o Little Rock Compliments of Dentists' Laboratory and Supply Co. Compliments of MRS. ADKINS' CAFETERIA 415 Main Street Little Rock, Ark. TONY MASSA Compliments of We Serve Breakfarl, Plate Lumber, Bar-B-Q THE RHYNECLIFFE NECKTIE CQ' Imlim Spaglaezzi, Home-Made Chili, S d 'IJ Little Rock, Arkansas an ww ex 119 East Markham Street Phone 4-4137 People Who Know Paint With HIGHLAND PHARMACY D E V O E 4 W h Devoe 81 Reynolds Co., Inc. 392 est Bt 425 W Capitol Ave Ph' 5-4196 Little Rock CHRONISTER 81 WRIGHT GROCERY .624 W. Sixteenth Street Phone 2-3243 North Little Rock, Arkansas I MAGGIFS BEAUTY SHOP 208 Main St. North Little Rock SMITH'S DRUG STORE Country Club Station Call 3-4118 Compliments of MANHATTAN CAFE 323 E. Markham Ph. 2-9118 COLEMAN DAIRY "Beit Milk in filfdllfdfi, Tru-Me Bottling Company "Drink A Better Beverage" 1325 EAST NINTH STREET LITTLE ROCK, 0 ARKANSAS Compliments of DUNDEE CLOTHES 306 Main sf. "The Man Who Knows Wears Dundee Clothes" Compliments of SILBERNAGEL CO., INC. Wholesalers of fine Wines Distributors of Golden West Wine and Griesedieck Bros. Beer Flowers oi Exquisite Beauty for Every Occasion 'Creators ,Bn Designers Call 4-2244 GARRETT BROTHERS, INC. FLORISTS Compliments of ROSE BUD CLEANERS 8th at Gaines Ph. 2-9904 Compliments of lITTlE ROCK MOTOR COMPANY KEElEY'S LIOUOR STORE 100 South Rock Street Phone 2-9118 MRS. FAYE STANTON Massage Treatments Gentlemen-Ladies-Children Reduce or Gain Weight Sciatic 8a All Nerves-Sinus--Circulation 422 East Capitol Ph. 2-3796 Compliments of U-DRIVE 'EM BAUMANS FLOWER SHOP Ph. 6575 Night 2-5650 118 Main St. North Little Rock Congratulations KRYSTAL KIDDIE SHOP Arkansas Largest and Most Complete Childrerfs Specialty Shop ROSE SLIPPER SHOP 404 Main St. Little Rock, Ark. 119 W. Capitol Ph. 4-6106 Compliments of BLANCHE'S STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHERS TOM'S LIQUOR STORE Ph. 2-9845 712 Main St. 801 Izard Street Little Rock, Arkansas "Parts for all makes of cars" Dumlaoslci Wrecking Co. We buy late model burnt and wrecked cars and trucks PHONE 20-1125 North Little Rock HEIGHTS PASTRY SHOP 5600 Kavanaugh Ph. 3-6334 "The S0uth'5 Mort Beautiful Burial Gr0und" PINECREST MEMORIAL PARK Office 220 W. Second Ph. 2-1818 Little Rock, Arkansas DARLING SHOP Little Rock: Largert Ludier' Specially Shop COMPLETE LINE OE SPORTS AND COLLEGE WEAR ' 515 Main Phone 4-0698 FAUSETT'S CAMERA CENTER 108 Main Street Ph. 4-3403 Little Rock, Arkansas "Poultry Drefred While You Wait" Guaranteed Fresh Eggs MODEL POULTRY MARKET 1900 W. Third Ph- 4-9757 . " it Al if 74 4' , ' ff ! , 'z g Z Y U 1 . b ij: A S -L! my . " - 5512 ., X" ,V- ?--T-- f A V- frf- . i in i 5 paarg ffi,,,,:.,f Ui., Blue - ' - -V "Wu -fvf num" ui' '- U- illlfllf' ""' Wiy.,,,,: Wxiiiiiii- -N' Z ' .M ' . I 7 ,W ' il -' MUSWICK BEVERAGE Sz CIGAR CO., Inc. - DISTRIBUTORS - 223 Ferry Street Little Rock, Arkansas E. E. RAINES COMPANY INSURANCE GENERAL AGENTS Little Rock Fire, Camalfy, A1110 G Marine Izzyfzmzzre 410 Spring St- Ph. 8189 an 8180 Congratulations to C0mPiim9f1iS of "Inny" ond all the Seniors JoHN P. Powsns co. THUMAS BATNSTU Steve's Place 422 Louisiana TOM 8. ANDREWS Compliments of U BAR B-0 1HoMAs Auto coMPANY ' DESOTO PLYMOUTH Ph. 2-9415 210 West Capitol Sales--Service ATLAS TRANSIT 8. WAREHOUSE COMPANY LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE MOVING AGENTS CLIPPER VAN LINES "Aaron lhe Sfreel or Acroff the C'0zmt1'y" Phone 9270 LITTLE ROCK 501 Chestnut Phone 5091 PINE BLUFF 700 W. Markham T wlfx ' X .-. ml K'-Ffxm illlll ll-f." 05 sl lf! 'lb -ii A, Q-155-352-ERE-ll from the 'll L' 551 Ei f' li' W il Q1 "Fashion Center of Arkansas" 'la Q gg! 5 su liii ar iiii i I ls-A -f H in all :nl in lm si ii sin ll fffl' ,s.T If fl C m.m. O Fl company I, .,., 1 . WJ ., 'm m ' W.: L n 1' 'r 1. z uno cu Compliments of Compliments of ARTHUR FULMER J. E. HORNIBROOK COOPEIT 8: SONS BOTTOM DOLLAR SHOE SHOP Amo Fleck" c9"'Pa"V 110 West Capitol Avenue Generators-Electric Motors-Winding Little Rock, Arkansas 5011 Asher Ave. Liiile Rock, Ark. "Arkansas' Finest Shoe Repairers" COMPLIMENTS OF BENSKY FURRIER an Mum Little Rock Phone 2-2288 Compliments of CHAS. ACKER CLOTHING CO. 203 Main St. North Little Rock, Ark. WALTHOUR-FLAKE COMPANY, Inc. Real Estate-Insurance-Rentals 402 Louisiana Street Phones: 4-2274-4-2275-4-2276-4-2277 I BEVERAGE COMPANY 'Uirkansas' Most Famous Service Restaurant, 6 BEAUTYGBARBER BREIER'S CAFE PPLY COMPANY CEstablished 19015 1024 Main Street Wholesome, Well-Prepared Foods Courteous, Ejficient Service Little Rock 124- W. Markham Little Rock, Ark. , , , A - ESTABLlSH!D 1875 I a 1 , AE-X,-f-., -1 E'-Nr-x L -1 'ff'-, VAQ-H'-' -fl 2 1 1 ' -fe - - '-E' T F BEN ISGRIG SEED COMPANY it I f E 3 1 Ef51ixEs'ct0Sr -xiaulnriazfm ?7u s.cHEs'rEn s'rs., LITTLE Rock, ARK. 616 Center L ' PHONE ezee , , I SAVE MORE MONEY BY USING OUR CASH-AND-CARRY SERVICE! 'MASSERYS For Best Results . . . Secure a Skilled Painter and Specify F lnts 1 ,,, fi' -'W LAUNDRY-'CLEANERS J PA T PAPER CO. 1111-1123 W. 7111 sr. Phone 9181 GH MOREOC Rlglmof Mgn 320 Louisiana Street Phone 6814 Complim nts of . . . SPAULDING MORWSON ATHLETIC GOODS CO., INC The Hatter 206 Louismna 523 Main Street Phone 9976 Phone 2-2218 Little Rock RIIIEALEE MILLINERY Ano BAGS Costume Jewelry 414 Main Street' Little Rock Distributed By 212 SPRING STREETl Real Estate . . . Rents . . . Loans . . . Insurance IDEGJIE NMMM. LITTLE Ro-CK: fARK,i l COMPLIMENTS OF J I M ' S P L A C E Italian Spaghetti-Chili-Plate Lunches ' - -B Steaks Sandwrches T one Little Rock, Ark. ARGENTA BOTTLING C0. 122 W. Second St, 'li-l ii Ti., 1 r :hi gag, FARMERS ASSOCIATION noNAHus's onus stone 51 D 04' Corner of l5th and Chester Sts. ROD 224 EAST MARKHAM l PHDNE 4-5311 LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS ' Q I ' 0 618-24 Main Little Rock, Ark. Phone 4-4511 PI-Ion: 8924 Thofoqraphs We You WM me E V A N S S T U D I O PLUMBING, HEATING sc GAS FITTING seos KAVANAUGH SECOND FLOOR EVENTH AND MAIN sN'rnANcE mi w. 'ITHV PHONE' 34323 NITE PHONE 3-2252 I , , . til: HELM'S BAKERY 1209 W. 33rd Phone 2-9841 LITTLE ROCK Compliments of OWENS FUNERAL HOME James A. Henry, Jr., Manager 500 Main Street Telephone 4-0312 North Little Rock JENNINGI MDTCDI Distributors for CHRYSLER 81 PLYMOUTH AUTOMOBILES Capitol Avenue at Spring Street Stanplhmillll-Criner Furniture Co. 713 MAIN STREET LITTLE ROCK, ARK. Meet . . . RUBE Sz SCOTT At the Men's Shop Compliments of REBSAMEN 81 EAST, INC. .. ,gr ... 417-4-19 Main Little Rock, Ark. ECONOMY DRUG CO. EVANS LABORATORIES .- Professional Pest Control 5th 8' .Loflmana -sts' Fort Smith Hoi Springs Phones. 4 0307, 4 0508 . rm R k time Rock ' 9 'C Compliments of lfAx tl4ansas Farm Nlaclwinery Co. OLIVER TRACTORS and IMPLEMENTS DeLAVAL SEPARATORS and MILKERS O SHELF HARDWARE and FERTILIZER LE ROI POWER uNlrs Dewitt Stuttgart Camplimenting the Graduate: FO' EM? PEW Hllvlsrsor suww co. 2120 Louisiana Ph. 4-5914 f 521 Capitol Avenue Little Rock Little Rock, Arkansas CApITAL CITY CARPETS and LINOLEUM BUSINESS COLLEGE ffom The Mm School America's Leading Manufacturers Secretarial, Aecounting and General ActiveBlE::Z?ciy?n0eL:ie?S'eruicc a co. fo' Gmd""m Phone 5-0219 Phone 5-0210 8th and Mairm Streets ---- Phone 6327 116 w. 41h SL Little Rock, Arkansas HAROLD-LEE'S SHOE SHOP Compliments of invisible Half-Sgling CHARLES' BEAUTY SALON 404 East umm uma :mu KEMPNEWS ERHART, EICHENBAUM, AND RAUCH Architect: Wallace Building Little Rock THURMAN SUPPLY CO. Baf'B'Q 5Pa8heffi Wholesale Diflributorr ' 115 West Eleventh Ph. 7308 S I-We Rock, Afkanm 422 Louisiana sf. Ph. 4-2690 Compliments of No Job Too Large F. L. Uootlel Htll'l'l80n Congratulations to the Graduates Representing . PARKIH ' MAC NASH MOTOR CO' munne a. smnonsnv co. 215 Main St. Phone 4-2504 f A , MCCOLLUM EQUIPMENT COMPANY Modern M. M. Farm Machinery Heavy-Duty Twin City Power Units 'QKEEP 'EM FARMINGH W A Stuttgart -:- -:- -:- Arlcansas Compliments Compliments of . . . gf C A R L 1 S L E RICELAND HOTEL D 1' H s 5 Y 0 1' 6 i JOE HUTSON Stuttgart . . . Arkansas i Carlisle :- - :- Arkansas Compliments of GEYER 8a ADAMS CO. Congratulating the Seniors W' H' D r Ugglst Palmer National Beauty School The Rexau Store new Main sr. Ph. 2-9444 Carlisle -:- Arkansas North Little Rock ARKANSAS STATE RICE MILLING C0. Carlisle, Arkansas Little Rock Refrigeration Co. 4 VILLYARD PLUMBING llncorporatedl 81 co' Frigidaire Appliances 417 W. copifoi Phone 2-3126 617 Center Ph. 4-4058 Compliments of Carlisle Felt -sa Bedding Co. Mmzufacturerx of Inner-Spring Mattreffef and Living Room Suite: Carlisle, Arkansas - Y M Compliments of A. R. THORELL SUPPLY COMPANY STUTTGART, ARKANSAS Compliments and Best Wishes . . . CITIZENS BANK W E L L W 0 R T H Department Store - 'A' - OLDEST - LARGEST - BEST Carlisle, Ark, Stuttgart l A , r Arkansas HCTEI. RIDGEWAY YZ? Monticello, Ark. Q "The South's Finest Small Hotel" RAY WOOLS MOTOR CO. THE SHACK Fifth 84 Spring Phone 2-5l74 Famous HiCk0"Y Baf'B'Q Yth Zz Bishop Little Rock Little Rock, Arkansas CARLISLE MERCANTILE Grocery, Carlisle, Arkansas Dry Goods, Feed and Seed Phone 3121 J. I. CASE FARM MACHINERY Parts and Service STUTTGART, ARKANSAS FARMERS EQUIPMENT CO. With Congratulations and Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1948 FLOYD A. DENMAN I e w e l e r ' In Stuttgart Since 1892 COKER-HAMPTON DRUG COMPANY Stuttgart, Arkansas I, i Ill' fllf 'sgfyee .4lllPIlIBI4llf sowfmo muuucz P H O N E cuuo no CENTRAL FLYING SERVICE I 'Ijcuw YEARBOOK Lithographed by . . . SPIRIT EPIREIWIINEEE B,L,SEMTNER 129 N. W. 3rd ST. P""i'l""' OKLAHOMA CITY 0' A141'af?a:-1seefa-r':L::sf-,5:gesaw.'c2,!r?f:ff?YfTf""F8F" remix- kia ,, 1 5- A4 -fi A4 if F' L, Q, ' 4. ' 5 D . W awk? ,hh ... , Tn pry My 1 Kb S. f ,Q L if .,. ,Q 3, 4: 'xi 1. gs ,A -5 Q 41 r F. r' ,A 1 -e 5 if .r

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