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 - Class of 1946

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..- A? 3 5' FE f ' , Yi -:7-.sf -V:--.,',,,,z:f .:.,.,-,',, .:,,.--.-V:-,la -,,,gx.f-V .,.,- Cp.: 5- ,LVM-, Z'-,1"-imly,,g47g1,'.'fL Pu: , V ,' , . - 1 . 2 f V 4 I X f , ff X f f 1 . , , I 1 .N 5 uw Adu.,-,gym-5.-I4 uf Obvfr Jfff ' Y ' 4 Q .11 -,Z . f IX X . gffliff. H- ,V - L. ... -..7..,g.,,gd,,--w4'f""'W?YfZF" "'2i'l5f'fA" , f.-22:----W-123"r:"'S'?A""k9""?W"-'Tf"'i"'"x""f'f"'i"" "" ,. ,'q. 1' ,1 . -A - '4':3'f" . F .7 -IFE 'f . J. I ' ,v-ji: - V 1 . X x x A X x 1 f l 29 n A Rf:-4 ,251 Xxmggiigk? The Wlercian 194 6 Q . . Q 5 fp I f HI QS Q 6 6Zfg0CX3' PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE SEN1oRs OF mount St. Waqqfs ftcademy Little Rock, Hvkansas liorewoifel 1-TILE BING CROSBY AND INGRID BERGMAN are, this year, bringing "The Bells of St. Mary's,' to the most remote corners of the globe, we, the "Belles" of MOUNT ST. MARY,S ACADEMY, Little Rock, Arkansas, are handing down to posterity a record of happy years, spent under the sheltering arms of our loved Alma Mater. THOUGH this theme has been previously developed, in a slightly different manner, by a former graduating class, today, its timely use strikes us with a peculiar force. Everywhere we turn we see FATHER O,MALLEY and SISTER BENEDICT, with supporting members of the cast of Leo Mccareyls current film "hit" inviting the public to see and hear "The Bells of St. Mary's'i on the silver screen. In like manner, dear reader, we invite you to come with us through the pages of our 1946 MERCIAN and see the " 'Belles' of St. Mary's" in picture and story formulate that unforgettable refrain: THE BELLES OF ST. MARY'S They are staunch, they are trueg Loved Alma Mater, they are loyal to you. mount St. Wlaqfgfs Qlmpel Qediccztion LOVINGLY do we dedicate chis, our 1946 MERCIAN, ro our BLESSED LORD on che THRONE OF I-hs Lows, asking I-IIM to guard and guide the Belles of St. Maryk down the pathway of LIFE until HE finally takes each by the hand and leads her to che fulhllmenr of I-lls HOLY LovE. I-Irs EXCELLENCY TI-IE MOST REV. IOI-IN BAPTIST MORRIS, D.D. Bishop of Little Rock gf? TI-IE BELLES OF ST. MARY'S .ya T They are staunch, they are truej gg W Loved Alma fllater, they are loyal to you. The 138.6588 Ht prayer I Jixmzargi , ' 5, A,,,,,N mH - ,I Q x C9uIlIL L J ,Ly ..:1.n-,- : I- F. If it .I Q L. .1515 SC-ROLL PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE SENIORS OF MOUNT SAINT MARY'S ACADEMY LITTLE ROCK 51 ARKANSAS Editor ........, .. ,,,..,, .. Associate Editors ...,. ,. Business Manager ........ Feature Editor ........ News Editors .......... Club News Editors ...,,,.,...... . ,............ .,..... . MAR IORIE MEEHAN ........CAROL KEENAN, Lois WILKIE ...,.......MARY HELEN THOMAS IONES ...............PAT CLARK, IEAN SWEENEY ..BILLIE BOWLEY, MARIORIE HARTZ Art Editor ............,.... ....,,..,....,..,,,.......,..... - ...IANIE SKINNER Circulation Managers .,..,,,.,. MARTHA RAUCH, MARIANNE LYONS Advertising Manager ,..,.. .,,,....,.......,,... . ...,.... MARY ANN LUCAS Associate Adv. Mgrs ...,,...... Faculty Adviser ......... HIOHNNIE Ross, PAT MULHOLLAND ..........SISTER MARY IMELDA, R.S.M. DEAR GRADUATES OF THE CLASS OF 1946: IT SEENIS like yesterday that I saw the members of this class arrive at Mount St. Mary's, timid, curious Freshmen seeking to be oriented. I saw you, faces aglow with expecta- tion, standing in line to register, receiving class assignments and books. The years have passed swiftly and I see you, your high school work completed, ready to leave the halls of Alma Mater, dignified, cultured young women. Such a transformation can be brought about only by the sound educational opportunities that have been yours. No human eye can see beyond the present. The future is hidden from us by a kind PROVIDENCE. But it is yours to make of it what you' will if you put your trust in GOD and plan your life in accordance with the sound principles that have been set before you by your devoted teachers, who have given their lives to GoD's service in the Heldiof Catholic education. The world has other plans for you and will do all it can to induce you to abandon your sound Christian principles and to substitute its sinful practices with their counterfeit pleasures and their subsequent anguishes of body and soul. Science has uncovered many marvelous discoveries and inven- tions that make life dangerous because the moral levels have not kept pace with the scientific levels. The goods of this world taken singly or collectively can never make you truly happy, because the longing in your soul for happiness can never be satisfied except by the possession of the Supreme Good, which is GOD. Today, as you go forth, anxious eyes follow you. They are the eyes of your teachers. You are the result of their labors and prayers. If you fail, they feel, in a sense, that they have failed. Put your reliance in GOD and depend upon the help of HIS BLESSED MOTHER and you will not fail. Most of you are sodalists and you have promised before GOD'S altar to be worthy children of MARY. You have entrusted your lives to her keeping and she will not fail you in the hours of temptation and trial. The Bells of St. Mary's will continue to ring after .you have gone. Please, GOD, the Belles of St. Mary's will hear them in their memories and will be mindful of the' anxious watchers in the Mount, whose eyes are on them as they pass down the vista of the years. "A chord is snapped asunder in every parting. Meet again, we mayg will it be in the same way? With the same sympathies? With the same sentiments? Will the souls, hurrying on in diverse paths, unite once more as if the interval had been a dream?" I hope so, but such meetings are rare. In the meantime, may GOD bless you and keep you always. Very sincerely yours, THOMAS L. KEANY Chaplain iirti? A TRIBUTE TO ALMA MATER: THE SWINGING IIENDULUM of the chapel clock has brought to a close the Final and happiest year of the Class of '46, Since the fall of I942, we have traversed the halls of our beloved Alma Mater-fondly called the MOUNT. During our four years we have enjoyed many glorious hours. To our friendly SISTERS OF MERCY we are indeed grateful. The hours they toiled to develop in us the qualities that make for noble, Christian womanhood have not been wasted. Having been equipped with the sound principles of knowl- edge-spiritual, mental, and moral-we shall be able to meet and solve whatever problems may present themselves. Our training has been made even more complete as we have dedicated all our activities to the BLESSED MOTHER OF GOD. We wish to express our appreciation to SISTER MARY DOROTHEA, our Superior, to SISTER MARY MARK, our princi- pal and sponsor, to SISTER MARY IMELDA, our co-sponsor, and to MSGR. T. L. KEANY, our spiritual adviser and athletic coach. Now the time has come for this Class of '46 to sorrowfully depart, but we leave you with this thought: THE BELLES OF ST. MARY'S They are staunch, they are true: Loved Alma Mater, they are loyal to you. -M. MEEHAN Qwfy ...E- THE BELLES OF ST. MARY'S if They are stazlmch, they are trueg if Loved Alma Mater, they are loyal to you. h Y h The YSELESS Hs graduates .XR I MARY ANN ADAMS Born May 18, 1927, in Little Rock, Arkansas Transferred from Pulaski Heights, September, 1943 Latin Club '43, '44g Commercial Club '44. '45, 465 English Club "A sweet, attractive kind of grace." MARY ANNE BALI. Born October 8, 1918, Little Rock. Arkansas Transferred from West Side Iunior High School. September. X943 Sodality '44, '45, ,46Q Commercial Club '45. '46g English Club '46. "A witty woman is a treasure, A witty beauty ir a pau.-er." CAROLYN BAILEY Born Ianuary 5. 1928, in Little Rock, Arkansas Transferred from Mackenzie High School, Detroit, Michigan, February, 1945 French Club -461 English Club '46. "Her eyes are homes of .rilent prayerrf' MARY AGNES BARRE Bom October 31, 1928, in Poahontas, Arkansas Entered from St. Andrew's Cathedral,Scbool, September, 1942 Sodaliry '43. '44. '45: Sodality Chairman of Publicity Committee '46: Latin Club '43: Commercial Club '45, '46g Bio-Chem Club ,452 Glee Club Y43. -44. '46: English Club President ,462 Subiaco Homecoming Queen '46: National Honor Society '46g Co-Editor of the "Sodal1Lrt" '46: Senior Ball Committee Chairman "Long as there is a run that sets, Primrose: will bave their glory." MARGARET ELIZABETH BLANKENSI-IIP Born Ianuary 21, 1929, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Edward's School, 1942 Sodality '43, '44, '45, '46, Latin Club '43, Commercial Club '45, '46, Bio-Chem Club '46, English Club '46, Basketball '44, '45, '46. "Deep brown eyes, running over with glee," BILLIE LOUISE BOWLEY I Born November 9, 1927, in Robstown, Texas I Latin Club '43, '44, Glee Club '43, Secretary of Class '44, Victory Corps '45, Commercial Club '45, '46, Bio-Chem Club '45, Treasurer of Bio-Chem Club '46, Program Chairman of French Club '46, Dramatic Club '46, Press Club '46, Club News Editor of Mercian '46, National Ho11or Society '46, President of English Club '46. "She'.f happy here, she's happy there .She spreads her gladness everywhere." THERESA MARIE BULMANSKI ' he Born March 20, 1929, North Little Rock. Arkansas Transferred from St. Mary's School, North Little Rock, September, 1942 Sodality '43, '44, '45, '46, Latin Club '43, '44, Commercial Club '45, '46, Bio-Chem Club '45, English Club '46, Glee Club '46, Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of Legion of Mary '46, Vice-President of Glee Club '46. "Thou art the sweetest flower, That ever drank the amber shower." RITA IEANINE CALL Born November 30, 1929, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered fron1 St. Anclrew's School, September, 1942 I Sodality '43, '44, '45, '46, Class Vice-President '46, Latin Club '43, '44 Bio-Chem Club '45, '46, Commercial Club '45, '46, Glee Club '43, '46 English Club '46. "The all-.seeing .rung ne'er :aw her match Since first the world began." IOAN MARIE CI-IAMBERLAIN Born August 16, IQZ7, in Tulsa, Oklahoma Transferred from Little Rock Senior High School. September, 1944 Sodality '45, '46, Latin Club '45, English Club '46, Dramatic Club '46 "And more than wisdom, more than wealth, G A merry heart that laugh: at care." l 2 I I Entered from Mount St. Mary's Iunior High, September, 1942 l 2 i 1 ADELAIDE CATHERINE CHUDY Born Iuly 21, 1928, in Haze-n, Arkansas Entered from Skarda School, September, 1942 Sodality '43, '44, '45, '46, Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of the Legion of Mary '43, ,44, ,451 Prefect of Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of the Legion of Mary '46, Latin Club '43, Commercial Club '45, Com- mercial Club President '46, Bio-Chem Club '45, English Club '46. "lt is the heart which inspires eloquence." PATRICIA CLARK Born March 21, 1928, at Lake Village, Arkansas Transferred from Dermott Public School, September, 1942 Latin Club '43, '45, Latin Club President '44, Glee Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Cliaminade Club '45, President '46, Bio-Chem 145, '46, Dramatic Club '46, French Club '46, Press Club '45, '46, News Editor of the Mercian '46, Commercial Club '45, '46, National Honor Society '45, Vice- President of National Honor Society '46, Vice-President of the B-Square Club '46, English Club '46, Quill and Scroll '46, Orchestra '43, I44. "Music is a prophecy of what life is to he, The rainbow of promise translated out of seeing into hearing." KARON IUANITA CLIFFT Born Iuly 23, 1929, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mount St. Mary's Iunior High, September, 1942 Chaminade Club '43, Latin Club '43, ,442 Commercial Club '45, '46, Bio-Chem Club '46, B-Square Club '46, English Club '46. "She wooed the dainty rose with her cheeks of tender red." MARY ANN CUMNOCK Born March 24, 1928, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Edward's School, September, 1942 Sodality '43, '44, '45, Sodality Chairman of Eucharistic Committee '46, Latin Club '43, Commercial Club '45, Commercial Club Vice-President '46, Class Vice-President '45, Maid to Bazaar Queen '46, Bio-Chem Club '45, '46, Basketball '45, '46, English Club '46. "When she had passed, It seemed like the ceasing of exquisite music, BILLIE IEAN DORSEY Born Iuly 11, 1927, in St. Louis, Missouri Transferred from Soldan High School, St. Louis, Missouri, September, 1943 Bio-Chem Club '45, '46, French Club '46, Treasurer of French Club '461 English Club '46. "And lightly was' her slender nose, Tip-tilted like the petal of a flower." FRANCES MAY DOWNING Born May 13, 1929, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Edward School, September, 1942 Sodality '43, '44, '45, '46, League of Sacred Heart '44, '45, "46, English Club '46, Commercial Club '45, '46, Basketball 46, Latin Club '43: "Give me a look, give me a face, That makes simplicity a grace." MARY THERESE ELKINS Born February 2, 1929, in Pine Bluff, Arkansas Transferred from Pine Bluff High School, September, 1944 Sodality '45, '46, Commercial Club '45, '46, English Club '46, English ,Club, President '46, Our Lady 'of Mercy Chapter of the Legion of Mary '45, '46, Treasurer of Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of Legion of Mary '46, National Honor Society '46. "Only the actions of the just, Smell sweet and blossom in the dust." SHIRLEY MAXINE ELMS Bor11 Ianuary 8, 1929, Fort Worth. Texas Entered from St. Andrew's School, September. 1942 Sodality '43, '44, '45, '46, Glee Club '43, Latin Club '43, '44, Commercial Club '45, '46, Bio-Chem Club '45, '46, English Club '46. ' "The Earth seemed to love her, The Heaven smiled above her." NANCY IANE FERRELL Born October 3o, 1928, in Little Rock. Arkansas Entered from Sr. Andrew's School, September, 1942 Re-entered from Grant's High School. Long Lake, Illinois, September, 1944 Sodality '43, '45, '46, Vice-President of Bio-Chem Club '46, Latin Club '43, Commercial Cl11b '45, '46, Glee Club '43, '46, English Club '46. "Her cheeks were so red and so white, dears, And her hair was so charmmglv curled." ROSE WELLA GAINES Born October 15, I927, in'Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Entered from Mount St. Mary's Iunior High School. September. 1942 Class President '43, Latin Club '43, Sodality '45, '46, Orchestra '43, Basket- ball '45, '46, Bio-Chem Club '46, English Club '46, Commercial Club '45. '46, Semor Ball Committee Chaim1an '46. "Happy am I,' from care l'm free! ' lVhy aren't they all contented like me." -1 2 l In l. PAULINE ANN GILMORE g Y Born Iuly 12, 1929, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Edward's School, September, 1942 4 Sodality ,43, '44, '45, '46, Latin Club '43, Commercial Club '45, '46, Y Bio-Chem Club 451 Bio-Chem Club President '46, English Club Presi- dent '46, Maid to Bazaar Queen '46, Basketball '44, '45, '46. "A dancing shape, an image gay, To haunt, to startle, and waylayf' I ,l , SABENA ANN I-IOYT l Born luly 12, 1928, in Little Rock, Arkansas l x Entered from St. Edwatd's School, in September, 1942 Sodality '43, '44, '45, '46, Commercial Club '45, '46, Latin Club '43, '44, Bio-Chem Club '45, '46, English Club '46. I N "Truth in its own essence cannot be but good." l MARIORIE ELLEN I-IARTZ Born in Stuttgart, Arkansas, September 5, 1928 Transferred from Our Lady of the Lake, San Antonio, Texas, 1944 Sodality '45, '46, Commercial Club Treasurer '45, Le Cercle Francais '45. President '46, Chaminade Club '45, '46, English Club '46, Dramatic Club ,46Q Our Ladv of Mercy Chanter of the Legion of Mary '45, '46, Mount Press Club '46: Glee Club '45, '46, Bio-Chem Club '46, Club News Editor of the Mercian '46. "O give me a place in the garden of song, I would linger and labor there all summer long." DOLORES IANE ILGNER Born March 6, 1929, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Edward's School, 1942 Sodalirv 'am '44, '45, '46, Latin Club '41 '44lnC0l'l1!11Bl'Cl3l Club '4q. '46: Publicity Manager of Dramatic Club '46, English Club '46: Our Ladv of Lourdes Chapter of the Lezion of Mary '45, President of Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of the Legion of Mary '46. "But we have daisies, which, like love and hope, spring everywhere." CAROLYN IUDAI-I Bom in Champaign, Illinois, Ianuary 21, 1930 Entered from Sacred Heart Academy, Galveston, Texas, September, 1944 Latin Club '45, French Club '46, English Club '46, Bio-Chem Club '46. " 'Tis good to live and learn." l BERNADINE KENNEY Born August 23, 1927, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Good Counsel School, September, 1942 Sodality '43, '44. '45, Vice-Prefect of Sodality '46, Latin Club '43, Com- mercial Club '45, '46, English Club '46, Basketball '46. "Better by far, you should forget and smile, Than that you should remember and be sad." THERESA KORDSMEIER Born Ianuary 8, 1929, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Mary's School, North Little Rock, September, 1942 Sodality '43, '44, '45, '46, Sodality Chairman of Catholic Truth Committee '46, Latin Club '43, '442 Bio-Chem Club '45, '46, Commercial Club '45, '46, English Club '46, Maid to Trojan Homecoming Queen '46, Senior Ball Committee Chairman '46. ' "A merry beart that goes all day." CAROL ANN KEENAN Born December 18, 1927, in Chicago, Illinois Entered from Mount St. Mary's junior High in September, 1942 Sodality '43, '44, '45, '46, Latin Club '43, '442 Vice-President of Latin Club '45, Commercial Club '44, '45, Glce Club '43, '46, Dramatic Club '46, National Honor Society '45, Secretary of National Honor Society '46, Bio-Chem Club '45, '46, Secretary of English Club '46, Press Club '46, Co-Editor of Mercian '46, Our Lady of Mercy Chapter ' of Legion of Mary '46, Victory Bond and Stamp Salesman '46. "Gentle and neat, dainty and sweet, A lady, indeed, from ber bead to ber feet." PATRICIA IOSEPHINE IONES Born April 3, 1928, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mount St. Mary's Iunior High, September, 1942 S. P. R. Latin Club '43, '44, '45, Bio-Chem Club '45, '46, Victory Corps '45, '46, Press Club '45, '46, Glee Club '45, '46, Commercial Club '45, '46, English Club '46, Le Cercle Francais '46, Secretary- Treasurer of Dramatic Club '46, Associate Feature Editor of "The Mount" '46, Feature Editor of the MERCIAN '46, Quill and Scroll '46, National Honor Society '46, Victory Bond and Stamp Salesman '46. "A maiden young, of feature fair, Like the careless flowing fountain: were the ripples of ber hair." MARY ADALYN LONG Born Ianuary 14, 1929, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Edward's School, September, 1942 Sodality '43, ,44, '45, '46, Latin Club '43, Commercial Club '45, '46, English Club '46, Bio-Chem Club '46, Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of the Legion of Mary '46. "Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low, An excellent tbing in woman," RITA CLAIR LYNCH Born December 9, l927, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Edward's School, September, 1942 Sozlality '43, '44, '45, '46, Latin Club '43, Commercial Club '45, '46: O11r Lady of Lourdes Chapter of the Legion of Mary '45Q Treasurer of Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of the Legion of Mary '46, English Club '46g Class Secretary '46g Rocket Homecoming Queen '46, Rocket Cheer Leader '46, Program Chairman of the Dramatic Club '46g Senior Ball Committee Chairman. "A form more fair, a face more sweet, It ne'er hath heen my lot to meet." MARIANNE ELIZABETH LYONS Born October 5, I928, i11 Dallas, Texas Entered from Mount St. Mary's Iunior High School, September, 1942 Sodality '43, '44, '45, '46g Latin Club '4z: Glee Club '43, '44Q Le Cercle Francais '45, Bio-Chem Club '45g Commercial Club '45, '469 Press Cl11h '46g Victory Bond and Stamp Salesman '46g MERCIAN Staff '46g English Club '46g Rocket Cheer Leader '46g Maid to Trojan Home- coming Queen '46. "VVho breathes her softest, sweetest sigh lVhene'er the sun is bright above." MARY ELLEN LEWIS Born Iune 19, 1929, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from West Side Iunior High School. September, 1942 Sodality '43, '44, '45, '46g Latin' Club '43, Commercial Club '45, '46g English Club '46g Manager of Senior Maid to Bazaar Queen '46. "Some feelings are to mortals given, . With less of earth in them than heaven." MARY ANN LUCAS Born September 3, 1928, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Patrick's School, North Little Rock, September, 1942 Sodalit ' , ' , ' 5 Secretar of Sodalit ' 65 Latin Club ' 3 English Cli.1b4'l46g4'Coni'1?1ercial Cltib '45, '46gyPr3ss Club '45, '46:'3Bio-Chem Club '45, '46g National Honor Society '46g Class President '45, '46g Quill and Scroll '46s Business Manager of "The Mount",- Advertising Manager of MERCIAN. "To those who know thee not, no words can paint! And those who know thee, know all words are faint." ALINE MARGUERITE MARAK Born February 17, 1929, in Hazen, Arkansas Transferred from Hazen High School, September, 1943 Sodality '46g Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of Legion of Mary '46g Com- mercial Club '45, '46g Le Cercle Francais '44, '46g Le Cercle Francais Treasurer '45j Bio-Chem Club '45, '46g Chaminade Club '44, '45: B-Square Club '46g English Club President '46g Basketball '46. "Little deeds of kindness, little wards of love, Help to make earth happy like the heaven, above." Entered from Cape Girardeau High, Missouri, September, 1944 Le Ccrcle Francais '44, '45, '46, Commercial Club '45, '46, English Club '46. "Nor e'er to the howers of bliss conveyed a fairer spirit." English GLORIA ELOISE MARTELLO Born November 12, 1927, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Saint Patrick's School, September, 1942 Sodality '43, '44, '45, '46, Commercial Club '45, '46, Latin Club '43, '44, '45, Bio-Chem Club '45, '46, English Club '46. "Her very frowns are sweeter far Than smiles of other maidens are." ARETA CLAIRE MCCULLOUGH Born Iuly zo, 1928, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Little Rock Senior High, October, 1943 French Club '45, '46, Commercial Club '45, '46, English Club '46. "A sweet new bl osso m of bimanizy fresh fallen from God's own hand." MARIORIE IEAN MEEHAN Born Iune 6, 1928, in Kansas City, Missouri Entered from Cotton Plant Iunior High School, Cotton Plant, Arkansas September, 1942 Sodality '43, '44, '45, Treasurer of Sodality '46, Latin Club '43, Vice- President of Latin Club '44, Program Chairman of Latin Club '45, Press Club '45, '46, Bio-Chem Club '45, '46, Commercial Club '45, '46, News Editor of "Mount" '46, Quill and Scroll '46, Editor of MERCIAN '46, Glee Club '46, Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of Legion of Mary '46, Victory Stamp Salesman '46, English Club '46, Dramatic Club '46, National Honor Society '46. "Ta win that wonder of world, A smile from ber bright eyes." CLARICE IANICE MARTIN Born Iauary 6, 1928, in Carlisle, Arkansas Q GLORIA IUNE MCSPADDEN Born Iune 20, 1928, in Batesville, Arkansas Entered from Batesville High School in September, 1945 Club '46, Commercial Club '46. "Her voice is blithe, her heart is light, Her eyes are like the stars of night." Sodal BARBARA IEANINE PATTON Born March 23, 1929, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Little Rock Senior High, September, 1945 English Club '46, Commercial Club '46. "The mildest manner and the gentlext heart." HELEN PARNELL Bom May 9, 1927, in Newbern, Tennessee Transferred from St. Cecelia Academy, Nashville, Tennessee, September, 1944 Commercial Club '45, '46, English Club '46, Bio-Chem Club '46. "A kind and gentle heart .the had To comfort friend: and foes." MILDRED METRAILER Born September 12, 1928, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Edward's School, September, 1942 ity '43, '44, '45, Sodality Chairman of Social Life Committee '46, Latin Club '43, Commercial Club '45, '46, English Club President '46, Basketball '46. Com flodal "She'll u-ith her bring a joy divine, All that's good, and all that'.f fine." MARGIE IEANNETTE MORRIS Born April 11, 1928, in Humnoke, Arkansas Transferred from Humnoke High School, September, 1943 mercial Club '45, '46, Glee Club '44, '45, '46, English Club '46, Chaminade Club '46, Choir '46. "There'.v music in the sighing of a reed, 'I'here's music in the gushing of a rill." PATRICIA ANNE MULHOLLAND A Born luly 17, 1929, Memphis, Tennessee Entered from Mount St. Mary's Iunior High, 1942 ity '43, '44, '45, '46, Latin Club '43, '44, '45, Chaminade Club '43 Commercial Club '45, '46, French Club '45, '46, Bio-Chem Club '45 Secretary of Bio-Chem Club '46, English Club, President '46, Vice President of Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of the Legion of Mary '46, Sponsor of Iunior Red Cross '46. "He made them a book, and with laughter they shook." KATHRYN ELIZABETH PROBST Born November 5, 1928, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Edward's School, September, 1942 Sodality '43, '44, '45, Sodality Chairman of Apostolic Committee '46, Co-Editor of the "Sodalist" '46, Latin Club '43, Bio-Chem Club '45, Commercial Club '45, '46, English Club Secretary '46, Maid to Rocket Homecoming Queen '46, National Honor Society '46, General Chair- man of Senior Ball '46. "A sweeter woman ne'er drew breath." IACQUILINE ROSE PRUSS Born August 24, 1928, in Detroit, Michigan Entered from St. Andrew's School, September, 1942 Sodality '43, '44, '45, '46, Commercial Club ,45, '46, Larin Club '435 Bio- Chem Club '45, Bio-Chem Secretary '45, English Club '46. "She is so good-humored, so cheerful and gay, Her heart is as light as a feather all day." FRANCES PAULINE PLAFCAN Born April 2, 1928, in Slovac, Arkansas Entered from SS. Cyril and Methodius'School, Slovac, Arkansas, September, 1943 Sodality '44, '45, '46, Sodalitv Chairman of Our Ladv's Committee '46, latin Club1'44: Commercial Club '45, '46, English Club '46, Chaminade Club '46, Our Ladv of Mercy Chapter of the Legion of Mary '44. ,4S. , Secretarv of Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of the Legion of Marv 46, Iunior Red Cross Co-Chairman '46, National Society ,45, '46. "The sweetest face in all the world to me, Set in a frame of shining golden hair." MARTHA IANE RAUCH Born Iuly 18, 1928, in Hot Springs, Arkansas Entered from Good Counsel School, September, 1942 Sodality '43, '44, '45, '46, Latin Club ,432 Glee Club '43, '44, ,45, '46, Le Cercle Francais ,452 Bio-Chem Club '45, Class President '44, Com- mercial Club '45, '46, Press Club '45, '46, Stamp Salesman '46, National Honor Societv '46, Vice-President of Dramatic Club '46, Maid to Bazaar Queen' '46, Quill and Scroll '46, MERCIAN Staff '46, English Club '46. , "Love, sweetness, goodness, in her person shone, With a graceful mild serenity all her own." IOHNNIE MARIE ROSS Born March 24, 1928, in Morrilton, Arkansas Entered from Mabelvale High School, Mabelvale, Arkansas, September, 1942 Sodality '43, '44, '45, '46, Latin Club '43, Secretary of Latin Club '44, Press Club '45, '46, French Club '45, Secretary of French Club '46, Club '45, '46, Quill and Scroll '46, Iunior Red Cross Chairman '46, Co-Editor of the Mount '46, English Club '46, Secretary of English Club '46, Assistant Advertising Manager of MERCIAN, Victory Stamp Salesman '46. "As pure as a pearl, and as perfect: A noble and innocent girl." National Honor Society '45, '46, Commercial Club '45, '46, Bio-Chem. IANE SHREVE SKINNER AMELIA SCHMIDT Born February 24, 1928, in Paris, Arkansas Transferred from St. Scholastica's Academy, Fort Smith, Arkansas, September, 1944 Sodality '45. '46, Commercial Club '45, '46, English Club '46, Secretary of English Club '46. "Her eyes as stars of twilight fair: Like twilighfs, too, her dusky hair." EMMA LOU SEAMON Born Iuly 13, 1928, in Vimy Ridge, Arkansas Entered from Mount St. Mary's Iunior High, September, 1942 Sodality '43, '44, '45, '46, Latin Club '212. '44, '45, Bio-Chem Club '45, '459 Commercial Club '45, '46, Glee Club '45, '46, English Club '46, Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of the Legion of Mary '46, Bazaar Queen '46. "To see her is a picture, to hear her is a tune." IRENE ANGELINE SHUDY Born March II, 1929, in Hazen, Arkansas Entered from Skarda School, Hazen, Arkansas, September, 1942 Sodalitv '43, '44, '45, '46, Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of the Legion of Mary '43, '44, '45, Vice-Prefect of Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of the Legion of Mary '46, Bio-Chem Club '45, English Club '46, Chaminade Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Orchestra Club '43, '44, lunior Red Cross Co-Chairman '46, Commercial Club '45, '46, Latin Club '43. "The light of friendship is like the light of phosphorus- Seen plainest when all around is dark." Born February 2, 1929, in Glendale, California Transferred from Danville High School, Danville, Illinois, September, 1945 Dramatic Club '46, Bio-Chem Club '46, Commercial Club '46, Glee Club '46, Art Editor of MERCIAN '46, Press Club '46, National Honor Society '46, Victory Stamp Salesman '46, English Club '46, Glee Club President '46. "Charm striker the sight, but merit win: the soul." MIRIAM ELIZABETH STEELE Born Iune 9, 1928, Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Sr. Edward's, Little Rock, Arkansas, September, 1942 Reentered from St. Anthony's High School, Beaumont, Texas, September, 1944 Sodality '43, '45, '46, Latin Club '43, Commercial Club '45, '46, English Club '46, Manager of Basketball Team '46. "Her manner is calm and pleasant, Her sweetness is ever present." IEAN RITA SWEENEY Born August 24, 1928, in Chicago, Illinois Transferred from Mercy High School, Chicago, Illinois, September, 1944 Sodality '45, Prefect of Sodality '46, Latin Club '45, Commercial Club '45, ' ' ' f En lish '46, Glee Club '45, '46, Bio-Chem Club 45, Secretary o g Club '46, Dramatic Club '46, Press Club '46, News Editor of the MERCIAN '46, Victory Stamp Salesman '46, Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of the Legion of Mary '45, '46. "Thou sweet little flower with the dark brown eye, That peepest from the bank so modestly." 4 IMELDA ANN THOMEY Born Iuly 22, 1928, in North 'Little Rock, Arkansas d from St Patrick's School North Little Rock, Arkansas, Entere . , September, 1942 Sodality '43, '44, '45, '46, Latin Club '43, '44, ,451 Commercial Club '45, '46, Iunior Class Treasurer '45, English Club '46, English Club Secre- tary '46, Bio-Chem Club '45, '46. "A daughter of the gods, divinely tall, and most divinely fair." GRETCHEN ROSE VOGLER Born Iuly 25, 1928, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Edward's School, September, 1942 Sodality '43, '44, '45. '46, Class Treasurer '43, '46, Latin Club '43, Com- mercial Club '45, '46, Bio-Chem Club '46, Le Cercle Francais '45, English Club '46, Maid to Bazaar Queen '46, Basketball '45, '46. "She'.r all my fancy painted her, She'.v lovely, .vhe's divine." MARY HELEN THOMAS Born Iuly 20, 1928, in Conway, Arkansas Entered from St. Mary's Iunior High School, September, 1942 Soclality '43, '44, '45, '46, Latin Club '43, '44, Latin Club President.'45, Class Secretary '43, Commercial Club '46, Bio-Chem '45, National ' ' N ' l Honor Society President '46, Chaminade I Honor Society 45, atxona ' ' ' - f h Sale of Victory Bonds and Stamps Club 43, 44, 45, Chairman o t e '46' Maid to Rocket Homecoming Queen '46, Rocket Cheer Leader '46, 'll d Scroll ' 6, Press Club '45, Vice-President of Press Club '46, Qui an 4 Co-Editor of the Mount '46, ME1zc1AN Staff '46. "Dear little girl, with the golden heart, You radiate love like Cupid'.r own dart." TILLIE TAYLOR Bom December 2, 1928, in Little Rock, Arkansas Transferred from Gage Park High, Chicago, Illinois, November, 1944 Commercial Club '45, '46, French Club '46, English Club '45, '4 Bio-Chem Club '45. "I see her tripping where the bright stream: play, Happy as the daisies that dance on ber way." 6 LOIS ANN WILKIE Born Iune 7, 1928, in Memphis, Tennessee Entered from Mount St. Mary's Iunior High, 1942 Vice-President of Class '43, '44, Latin Club ,432 Program Chairman of Latin Club '44, Glee Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Chaminade Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Commercial Club '45, '46, Bio-Chem Club '45, '46, Press Club '45, '46, President of the Dramatic Club '46, Feature Editor of the Mount ' 6, Co-Editor of the MERCIAN '46, National Honor Society '46, Quill anld Scroll '46, Vice-President of the French Club '46, English Club President '46. "She is a queen--more wonderful than any that have bloomed on Orient thronesf' FLORENCE VIRGINIA WEEKS Born May 2, 1928, in Wynne, Arkansas Entered from Pulaski Heights Iunior High, Ianuary, 1943 Latin Club '44, Commercial Club '45, Bio-Chem Club '46, B-Square Club '46, English Club '46, National Honor Society '46. "Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts." ADDIE WRIDER Bom November 19, 1928, in El Dorado, Arkansas Entered from Holy Redeemer School, September, 1942 Re-entered from El Dorado High School, September, 1945 Sodality '43, ,44, '45, '46, Latin Club '46, Commercial Club '46, English Club '46, Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of the Legion of Mary '46. "Flowers spring to blossom where she walles . . ." PATRICIA THEREAS WYLES Born May 27, 1927, in St. Louis, Missouri Entered from Little Rock High School, September, 1943 Sodality '43, '44, '45, '46, Commercial Club '45, '46, Bio-Chem Club '46, I English Club '46. "To-know is nothing at all, To imagine is everything." CATHERINE ZALOUDEK Born December 3, 1928, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered in September, 1942, from St. Mary's, North Little Rock Sodality '43, '44, '45, '46, Latin Club '43, '44Q National Honor Society '45, '46, English Club '46, Commercial Club '45, '46, Vice-President of Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of Mary ,452 Secretary of Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of the Legion of Mary '46. "She bears unconsciously the spell of loueliness Glass XYAY infix IN '42, sixty-two Freshmen rather timidly hurried from one class to another: of course, a great many other things happened in '42, like the Fall of Corregidor and the London Blitz, but such events were of minor importance to the Freshmen. Getting init- iated into life at S.hI.A. was a job and a half but well worth all our trouble. That first year at the Niount, for most of us, was a whirl of learning the right names to go with the right faces, conjugating Latin verbs, making x and y equal something, pitching a basketball through a basket, tuning our ears for the right bell, and in general, trying to be like our upperclassmen. Evidently our Freshmen days hadn't discouraged too many of us, because September of our Sophomore year brought most of us back with smiles on our faces to start another year of intellectual research. We were older, more dignihed and definitely belonged on St. Niarvs Campus. There must have been a plentiful supply of vitamins that year, even if food was rationed, for we topped nearly every selling campaign that came along. By the end of our Sophomore year we were well on our way to being young ladies and had no more serious thoughts in our heads than boy friends, skirts and sweaters, and writing letters. As Iuniors, there was no doubt about our being full-fledged belles. We were discovering talents we didn't think we possessed and we were learning to use them. Our first days of frantically trying to get a few lines printed in the Mount and writing an editorial every night will stick with us as a reminder that "the pen is mightier than the sword" and much harder to manage. Something new was added to campus activities- the Queen's Ball, which met with our enthusiastic approval. Our main topic for noon-hour gossip was Hi. tory shoe rationing, V-mail, a skinny guy called Sinatra and a freckle-nosed one called Van Iohnson, and the new song, "Don't Fence zlffe ln". Giving the Seniors a picnic at Willow Springs caused quite a few head- aches but inspired a Iunior program to raise money, which turned out "swell," even if we do have to say so. When we left for the holidays 'last spring, six of us were in the National Honor Society, eight, Press Club, four, members of the basketball team, and others of us held various positions in clubs and other activities. We came back last fall to Finish our twelfth year of school and to be thefirst class to graduate here under peace-time conditions in five years. We were Seniors and the world was ours. Being Seniors, we had more responsibilities and more privileges-cam didates for Bazaar queen came from our class, as well as the queens and maids for the Subiaco-Catholic High homecoming game. We sent a Illount to press nearly every month, tramped the highways and by-ways looking for patrons for the and worked on the MERCIAN, itself for hours. Most of the clubs had a president and accompanying officers from our group. We shouted with joy when our rings came and posed for a picture at Shradersf We danced away the hours at a ball dedicated to us: we were feted at the Alumnae Banquet, Class Day, and the Iunior-Senior picnic. Our years have been long but they have been happy, because so much went into making each day better and more complete. Our brief history is a story many besides ourselves have helped to write and to those who remain here after we leave and to those who have gone before us, we owe a debt of gratitude. Our tears on graduation night will not be tokens of fear or regret, for our future can hold nothing too big or too frightening for us who have learned religion, honor, cheerfulness, and knowledge at St. 1N4ary's. -I. Ross l 1 Class will WE, THE SENloRs OF MOUNT ST. MARY's ACADEMY, Class of 1946, being of sound mind and in an un- usually generous mood, do hereby, in this, our last will and testament, wish to dispose of our many treas- ured possessions fborrowed or otherwise, before our departure into that much talked of cruel place, the world. To our beloved SISTER MARY DOROTHEA, our Superior, to SISTER MARY MARK, our Principal and Sponsor, and to all our teachers, we extend our sincere affection, and our heartfelt gratitude for their unfailing interest and efforts in all our undertakings. To our dear Chaplain, MSGR. T. L. KEANY, we bequeath our appreciation for the spiritual assistance and advice given us daily, as well as the physical training program he constantly promotes. We trustingly leave in the hands of the Iuniors, our Mount and MERCIAN headaches, our tattered books and battered desks, and all the other privileges and worries that come with being a Senior, with sincere hope that they will care affectionately for them in the years to corfie. To other carefully chosen schoolmates we regret- fully depart with various individual assets 1n the follow- ing manner: Mary Ann Adams wills her one slightly used tie and likewise white shirt to Mary Iac Snider. Carolyn Bailey asks that her quiet manners and unexcited ways go to Iosephine Payne. Mary Ann Ball wants her carefree good nature and winning personality to be given to Carolyn Cypert. Mary Agnes Barre and Kathryn Probst leave their work on "The Sodalixf' to Patsy Roe and Margaret Burnett. Margaret Blankenship, Mary Ann Cumnock, and Polly Gilmore leave their appreciation for the talent of the Freshmen basketball players to Pat Hein, Betty Pozza and Rosie Stuart. Billie Bowley leaves that famous before-dawn energy of hers to Anna Ruth Rankin. Theresa Bulmanski and Iackie Pruss leave their report cards to the Oswald twins with hopes that their splendid records will be carried on. Rita Call and Nancy Ferrell gladly hand over their ability for getting into trouble to Martha David- son and Sue Rothman. Ioan Chamberlain entrusts her carefully kept at- tendance record to her sister, Pat. Adelaide Chudy bestows her dimples upon Mar- garet Bednar. Pat Clark bequeaths her roommate to lane Keaton. QThe horse pictures, books, etc., go with her., Iuanita Clifft and Virginia Weeks hope that their places in Sister Mark's math classes will be well taken care of by Iackie Hayes and Louise Kochtitzky. Billie lean Dorsey wishes her love for the name Iohn be given to Betty Powell. Frances Downing gives her familiar giggle to Marie Urbani. Mary Therese Elkins leaves her bobby pins and curlers to Iennie Bornhoft. Shirley Elms bequeaths her love for shorthand to Tommy Hart. ,. Sissy Gaines wills her love for St. Mary's to Bonnie Aldrich. Marjorie Hartz passes her musical 'talent and beautiful voice on to Eleanor Rodwell. Sabina Hoyt asks that her frequent trips to Morril- ton go -to Mary Agnes Morrison. Dolores Ilgner leaves her interest in redheads to Ebby Biltz. Pat Iones asks that her pin-up pictures be left to grace the walls of Iody 'I-ownsend's room that she may sigh over them undisturbed. Carolyn Iudah passes on her fondness for good books to Mary Iean Miller. Carol Keenan hates to part with it, but always willing to help a good cause, leaves her red hair to Bobbie Hestand. Bernadine Kenney asks that her dunce cap and place in the corner be given to Mary Buiarski. - Glass will Theresa Kordsmeier wills her promptness to class, any class, to Marie Whitfield. Mary Ellen Lewis, with a sigh of relief, turns over all her 'iuhsn and "ahs" in English class to Barbara Redmond. - Mary Aclalyn Long desires her dangling earbobs to go to Cecelia Breyel. Mary Ann Lucas wills her ability for sports writing to Betty Frazier. Rita Lynch confers her sweet disposition on Mary Io Wall. Niarianne Lyons asks that her affection for Little Rock Senior High be left with Ann Wrape. Aline Marak leaves her wings, the "Goose', ones to Charlotte Ann Ashcraft. Gloria Martello passes on her various colored hair clasps to Anne Long. Clarice Martin unselfishly bestows her French knowledge upon Phyllis Ann Phillips. Areta McCullough wants all her leftover car checks to go to Iulia Ann Krallman. Gloria McSpaclden and Barbara Patton leave their friendship to Dinda Cassenelli and Pat Lynch. Marjorie Meehan has finally decided to entrust that "eager beaver" attitude of hers to Helen Booth. Mildred Metrailer presents .Pete Massery with her love for talking on the phone. Margie Morris, realizing that it will soon be of no use to her, willingly bestows upon Mary Frances Bill her weekend trips. Pat Mulholland leaves her rambling chatterings to Dolores Glendening. Helen Parnell requests that her economic notes be well taken care of by Ioan Lancaster. Frances Plafcan wants her long blonde hair to go to Nikki Mitchell. Martha Rauch leaves her soft voice and gentle manner to lil' sis, Ioan. Iohnnie Ross leaves her reporterls "nose for news" to Bobbie Zell Prather. Amelia Schmidt wills her naturally curly hair to Rose Marie Schmidt. Emma Lou Seamon bequeaths her clippings of Terry and the Pirates to Iudy McCall. Irene Shudy has at last determined that her typing speed should go to Mary Frances Serio. Ianie Skinner generously leaves her Hgure to be fairly divided between the Ballou twins. Miriam Steele leaves that beautiful blue basketball shirt to Patsy Page. Iean Sweeney, reluctantly, even after much per- suasion, bequeaths her special interest in the chemistry lab to Sue Keith. Tillie Taylor requests that her dainty, feminine ways go to Mary Ellen Cutter. Mary Helen Thomas wants her talent for cheer- leading to go to Ierry Flanigan. Imelda Thomey turns over all her material for day dreaming to Thelma Massery. Gretchen Vogler and Pat Wyles leave their attach- ment to Subiaco to Mary Io Sanders and Iean Hendrix. Lois Wilkie requests that her majestic height be given to Ierry Massery. Adie Wrider has decided that Mary Ann Uhiren may have her tiny waist-line. Catherine Zaloudek bestows her super ability to take shorthand dictation to Mary Zaloudek. In witness whereof, we, the CLASS OF 1946, do hereby set our hands and seal, this fifteenth day of May, in the year of our Lord, one thousand, nine hundred and forty-six. . --IEAN SWEENEY AND PAT IoNEs Glass lflifoplzecg Through the mirror of the future, we see each '46 grad In a gown and good fortune, has been generously clad. Let's look a bit closer, taking each in her turn, And see, of their future, just what we can learn. ULIZBETI-I" CLARK, a piano is playing, "A geniusli' the critics, far and near, are saying. She's appeared many times at Carnegie Hall 'Cause her marvelous music is loved by all. Ancl LOIS ANN, this was no surprise, To wondrous fame in modeling did rise, But gave it all up to marry a sailor And happily keeps house in a sea-going trailer. We see MARY HELEN, now here's a story, She's turned her back on fame and glory, To change Qwe knew it would happen, later or sooner, From a junior Miss to a Mrs. junior. Now BLANKY and GILMORE and CUMNOCK too, Decided to open an exclusive zoo, They've become more famous than you'd ever dream NVith a championship monkey basketball team! We find IACKIE PRUSS and MARY ANN BALL Slaving away at the City Hall, They work hard each day from eight to four For they both want to be a lady governor. RAUCI-I and LYONS are right up on top, They're joint owners of "Ye Olde Hatte Shoppen Their dizzy creations have made them rich For they're worn by debs and stars and Hsieh". MARY ANN LUCAS, now a radio name, As a sports announcer has won great fame. She tells her news in such a way That her sponsors have signed her for life and a day. IEAN SWEENEY has married and settled down In little old Chicago town, But back to the Mount once a year she twirls To show Sister Carmelita her fine red-headed girls. MARY ADALYN LONG, no clock-watcher she, Turned out a successful executive to be, She's worked quite hard these years at Kress And now she's the manager's wife, no less! EMMA LOU, chose air hostess as her career And worked quite gaily for almost a year, Then she married the pilot, believe it or not, And changed her name to Mrs. "I-Iotshot". On the New York Times, IOI-INNIE worked for awhile, Meeting each deadline in true Ross style, But she soon retired to write novels instead, She's done ten best-sellers so far, it is said! MILDRED METRAILER round the world went marchin' And in Australia made her fortune, Among the famed of the land she has a place, I-Ier pet kangaroo won the annual race! Our GRETCI-IEN had quite a short career, She posed for a Madonna painting, we hear, More offers? Sure, but Gretchen proved smartest, 'Cause lo and beholf! She married the artist. ADDIE WRIDER, always interested in food, Decided to study it as hard as she could, And now, for the concoctions she fixes to eat, She's known as a chef who just can't be beat. BILLIE DOWIJEY went off' to Newcomb College To gather more of ye olde knowledge, And sure enough, it wasnit in vain For she married the handsomest guy at Tulane! PARNELL and DORSEY and CAROLYN BAILEY Had a triple wedding and now live gaily In hillside mansions that can't be beat, While their hubbies make money on famed Wall Street. PA'I'I'Y MULI-IOLLAND, a Supreme Court bench graces, She's already settled many difhcult cases, A greater success could never be found Than our dignified Patty in a Howing black gown. In a nation-wide contest in art, our IANE SKINNER Came up on top as the number-one winner, The drawings she does are a wondrous sight And she's making millions left and right. What's this exciting announcement we hear? In Little Rock soon, the great KENNEY'S to appear. As a tricky magician she'll bafHe the town 'Cause 'tis said she can change up to down. MCSPADDEN and PATTON and MARY ANN ADAMS Turned out to be society madams, In the fanciest ballrooms of New York, they whirl With a king or a duke or a count or an earl. Our red-headed CAROL, so gay and witty, Settled down long ago with a guy named Smitty, They bougt them a ranch somewhere in the West, And both win honors in bronc-busting contests. A Metropolitan star is our MARIORIE I-IARTZ, She always sings the leading parts, It is no surprise though, we must confess, That our charming "Sis" is such a success Glass lpropliecy To MARTELLO and TI-IOMEY and I-IOYT, too, You can safely go if you want to sue, They'll win your case in the wink of an eye, These practicing "Portia'si' have really gone high! RITA and NANCY, two damsels fair, On Broadway have become quite a famous pair, Doing steps of the most intricate sort, They've danced their way into every heart. VVe find ELMS and KORDSMIER working away just as hard as they can, for the WPA, They're executives though, so don't get upset, They'll be running the organization yet. CLIFFTS and WEEKS have won recognition As remarkably learned mathematicians, The most difficult problems, to work they know how, They deserve a big cheer, right here and now! PAT WYLES, or so the storyis told, Is running a home for ladies old, The care she gives them is great to see A finer nurse there never could be. IOAN CI-IAMBERLAIN, a successful lion-tamer is seeng Audiences say that her act is just keen. She shares her honors with FRANCES DOWNING Who's become quite prosperous for her clever clowning. Happily married to Bill, we Hnd our TILLIE, And right next door are Muller and "MlLLIE," The girls have cooking and cleaning and mending to do, But they're happy as larks all the day through. Two great scientists that you surely know, Are MARAK and MEEI-IAN, now all aglow, 'Cause they're the first to discover a way To make 24-carat gold out of straw and hay. To get on the stage was just a cinch, l For KATHRYN PROBST and RITA LYNCH. These lovely girls have gained renown As the greatest actresses that can be found. CAROLYN IUDAI-I, now dressed in white, Practices surgery by day and night, She's known throughout all the land As the medical carver with the steadiest hand. BULMANSKI and CATHERINE run novelty shops, Where the wealthy buy diamonds and pearl-handled dust mops, While DOLORES and ARETA just across the street, Are making a fortune with cosmetics elite. MARY AGNES and MARY ELLEN are successes we hear, Their names are known both far and near, To the tired housewife they played good neighbor, And invented a robot who does all the labor. FRANCES, MARY TI-IERESE, ADELAIDE, and IRENE, With their 54 children live quite serene, Yes, their talents to an orphanage went And many busy, happy hours there they've spent. SISSY GAINES, MARIORIE MORRIS and our CLARICE Have now a set of twins apiece, They're as happy as I could ever tell Proving that married life is just swell! The radio's on and what's that we hear? A dog's bark, thunder, and a train whistle clear? It's MIRIAM STEELE, the sound-effects man, The best we've heard through all the land. PAT IONES, now this is sad to tell, Is writing away in a padded cell, That the '46 MERICAN is finished she doesn't know So she's working on it still, as fast as she can go! The vision's gone, the mirror is blank, VV'e've seen that these girls will really rank, Success and happiness for all we see, And we sincerely hope that that's what it will be! -PAT IoNEs Glass Calendar SEPTEMBER 4-School reopened with registration of inquistive Freshmen. SEPTEMBER 5-Sophomores registered and exchanged vacation thrills. SEPTEMBER 6, 7-Iuniors and Seniors registered as upperclassmen. SEPTEMBER ro-Ofhcial opening of school with Mass in the chapel celebrated by Msgr. T. L. Keany. SEPTEMBER 14-Mary Ann Lucas elected president of the Senior Class. Rita Call, Rita Lynch, and Gretchen Vogler were chosen as other class officers. SEPTEMBER zo--Mrs. I. B. Finley, newly elected presi- dent of the P.-T. A., held the organizationis first meeting of the year. SEPTEMBER 21-lean Sweeney, Prefect of Sodality, held the first meeting and announced Bernadine Kenny as Vice-Prefect, Mary Ann Lucas as secretary, Mar- jorie Meehan as treasurer. SEPTEMBER 24-Students enjoy gala Mercy Day. SEPTEMBER 25-Iohnnie Ross and Mary H. Thomas selected co-editors of the Mount. SEPTEMBER 26-Work began for October issue of the Mount. SEPTEMBER 28-Sister Mary Imelda organizes English clubs for upperclassmen. Meetings to be 'held each Friday. OCTOBER 2-Home Nursing Course began with Mrs. Alberta H. Iudah as instructress. OCTOBER rr-First issue of the Mount came out, marking its eighth year of publication. OCTOBER 22-Mr. W. E. Calender visited the Mount for the Hfth year to launch the Magazine Subscrip- tion Drive. NovEMBER 8, 9-A.E.A. Convention was held with some of the Mount faculty attending. NovEMBER rr-Winding up Book Week, Rev. I. G. Laughlin spoke at assembly, on books in general. NOVEMBER I4--Mr. and Mrs. Leo Krebs entertained the Belles with a "tip-off" supper at Hank's Dog House. NovEMBER 15-Bio-Chem met for the first meeting of the year. NOVEMBER zz-Grade students held music hour to honor St. Cecilia. NOVEMBER 26-MOUDC St. Mary's held its annual Bazaar sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. DECEMBER 5-Homecoming Royalty was entertained at a dinner at the Marion Hotel. DECENIBER 6--Bazaar Queen and Maids were an- nounced during a dinner given in their honor at the Albert Pike Hotel. DECEMBER 7-Emma Lou Seamon was crowned queen at our Annual Bazaar Ball. DECEMBER 21-SCh00l dismissed for the Christmas holidays. z IANUARY 7-Back to school with hearts filled with many good resolutions for the New Year. IANUARY 17-The first meeting of the New Year was held by the National Honor 1Society. IANUARY 18-A play, entitled "Be A Little Cuckoo," was put on by the Iunior Class. IANUARY zr-25-Mid-term exams-Burning the mid- night oil was a not uncommon sight during those anxious days. IANUARY 28-A brand new semester was ushered in. IANUARY 31-Patricia Clark won Honorable Mention in Fifth Annual Science Talent Search, sponsored by Westinghouse Electric Corporation. FEBRUARY 2-Sodalists began five first Saturdays in honor of the Blessed Virgin. FEBRUABY 4-Sr. M. Carmelita, R.S.M., supervisor of schools conducted by the Sisters of Mercy of St. Louis Province, visited the Mount High School and grade school classes. FEBRUARY 7-The students toured America via slides with Dr. O. L. Heitt as lecturer. FEBRUARY 12-Mr. W. E. Calender, Curtis Publishing Company agent, presented Emma Lou Seamon with a plaque for outstanding accomplishment in the October magazine drive. FEBRUARY 15-Patricia Clark, Patricia Mulholland, Martha Rauch, and Iohnnie Ross took the annual Pepsi-Cola scholarship test. FEBRUARY zo-Sodality reception was held with Msgr. T. L. .Keany presiding. FEBRUARY 21-Students attended the anniversary Re- quiem Mass, at the Cathedral, for Bishop Fitzgerald. FEBRUARY 27-Navy films, based on actual occurrences, were shown to student body. MARCH 1-fKathryn Probst was elected Senior Ball Chairman. MARCH 9-A program was presented for Msgr. Keany, Mount chaplain, in honor of his feast day. MARCH iz-The Commercial Club presented a play, entitled "Third Degree." MARCH 13-The Belles again participated in the State Basketball Tournament. MARCH 13-Lieutenant Iack Rhea presented a movie. entitled "Arkansas," to the members of the Science Classes. MARCH 16-The Webster College Scholarship Exami- nations were given to a group of high ranking Seniors. MARCH 19-Eric Sorantin presented an evening con- cert sponsored by Mount St. Mary's Music Depart- men at Mount St. Mary's Auditorium. MARCH 21--The first of the Spring recitals was held by Patricia Clark. MARCH 26-The Le Cercle Francais Club closed a suc- cessful year with a Spring luncheon. APRIL 17-zz-Out for Easter holidays. APRIL 26-Our gay and never-to-be-forgotten Senior Ball! APRIL 29-Sister Mary Mark, our beloved principal, celebrated her feast day. MAY 1, 2, 3-A three-day retreat was held with Fa- ther Henry Hoppe, O.P., as master. MAY 3-May Day celebrated with the crowning of the Blessed Virgin. The evening was happily spent at the Catholic Hi Senior Ball. MAY 8-Quill and Scroll initiation. MAY 15-Class Day program was presented by the Seniors, and the MERCIAN was distributed. MAY 16-Iunior and Senior picnic! MAY' 19-Baccalaureate Sunday. MAY 26-The Seniors were admitted into St. Mary's A Alumnae Association at the Alumnae Banquet. MAY 28-Graduation night! A night mingled with smiles of happiness and tears of regret marking this night as one never-to-be-forgotten. THE BELLES OF ST. MARY's They are staunch, they are truej Loved Alma Mater, they are loyal to you. Q 'The YSELLES Hs Students 1 'lfHfliO1fS S- iff L Y i? , f' K 'wfffe fe ,- Z-"1'iF?3f ' Y A 'ef L ,ef fifz. it fi ' of-'Q u iw , ,iff in 1 gygizfi . A -, L. MARY IAC SNIDER Mfmcnsr ANN Bunmsrr Pin' HMN DOI-ORES KRAH President Vice-President Snvztary T704-'Wfff f 33:5 V-IE? ' 'sa A Dorothy Aaron ,X G7 Margaret Breyel Carolyn Cypert Ulah Gay Hart 'lv' " J f is -it Vw , "2.4il'i lv- M 'L , X ,fl wi Berry Ivey Bonnie Adair ' EZ,-A .1 V m zgfixflr. . -NYY? ' . .- .'1 ' aEQ?l-Wi T3 1: :ntl N , 1 ef, iw Wi, S 'K Q ' M Q X 225 X A 5? f ate. 3 i Theresia Breyel Martha Davidson f 8 J iq .e Q? Q X Q wa Q 5 wif? Z., -r 93,9 N lb 7 lean Hendrix f' 7 5 1 fi Dolores Iones Bonnie Aldrich Mary Frances Bill ,,.. , .yi ,N M Margaret Bcdnar W .i.,.,,. i..,,,, i 3, I SX i if X an sg K :gain -GY' Mary Bujarski Alma Marie Bulmanski Virginia Cassinelli J' Q ,5-' I, Tillie Drew Mildred Frederick , it U ., , ' 5 fn Qi 'Fl' 'ia fi fl K 4 Bobbie Hestand Clara Hum Pat Knoedl Iuliannc Krallman Dolores Glendcning Pat Hurley Ioan Lancaster Helen Booth Pat Chamberlain Betty Hamling Dolores Ingram Thurstinc Lambert 1 r y, f I Anna Lock Dorothy Miller Kathleen Nord Ma ry Ellen Penny Mary Io Sanders Pat Lynch Mary Iean Miller ,M -535 , ,, ar, , 1, ,,r, l , 5 P -P 'll 4 A 1 g ' ll 4 xl 2 4 2 ir Y Tiki' Milk-,'fw Q - h .4 9 22 9 limi: .T in., iz . ,Q ac Uv sgf Sally O'Connor La Verne Pow ell .Q K Q M ef Q ii i X K will Av s' ui- f x lane Seffens mz101fs Hilda Massery Thelma Massery "Wi:Sg5E4.,1:f'.5il"5i: , kv ' veg ,, 'A Aff' " f 451211 ' Juv' g' 1 fi 's fa is lf?" I il -'il Nl, 'I Mary Agnes Morrison Bemardinc Narey Carolyn Oswald Marilyn Oswald Mil E 5 4 film' 121' M xf., 4 Berry Lou Pozza Patricia Roc Mary Frances Serin Rose Marie Stuart 25129212 .ig L ' 1- in 'i - -H '23-5 Mary Carolyn Miller lo Ann Newby Iosephine Payne Sue Rothman Mary Frances Sutror Rose Toland Marie Urbani Ieanne Wilkins Barbara Toland Mary Zaloudck Soplzomozfes af-ea . ANNEr'rE WAHLGREEN Cakoum W1-u'rF1ELD GRACE Hovr President Vice-President Secnury Mary Louise Andreelli Charlotte Ashcraft Dorothy Ballman Kathleen Ballon Angelin Beclnar Cecelia Brcyel if .15 , 5, K Henry Etta Buddenburg Martha Chapman Marguerite Cumnock 3 HW 'lf Iohnnie Fegert lane! Garbacz Frances Golden Kathryn lames lane Keaton Louise Kochtitzky A H5324 , -Q 5, flew - llmllgig t We 'W S t . Grace Booth Mary Ellen Cutter Iackle Hayes Patsy Lancaster ROSALYN IoNEs Treuurer Betty Black Allene Ballou Maxine Booth Mary Ann Breyel Earlean Caldarera Peggy Doig ,im Q s ., ff-4" ' , X 41 2-' l- Pat Herndon Rose Marie Hess Hallene Lang Lenora Leonard Soplamzzoifes Aloise Lynch Marie Lynch Betty Mabbitt .: Beatrice Meyer Radin: Miller Alice Muller PITSY P236 Angeline Pechoski Phvllis Ann Phillips Bennie Pritchett Rose Marie Radford Mary Louise Rcnz Iean Shores Arzonia Smimh Innocence Spinelli 3 . ' ri , , - Mary F. Malachowski Mary lvfyers Berry Powell Edith Rhein Iosepha Stuart ludy Mfcan Marjorie Page Bobby Prather Rose Marie Schmidt Mary 'nreresa Van Dusen Mary l0 wlgg0n0f Mary lo Wall lean Walpole Polly Weny Marie WhitHeld rv- Bctty Ainsworth Mary Bartach Clara Dent Geraldine Flanigan Anne Long p1fESiQ men SUE KEITH EvELYN BrL'rz President Vin-President Dorothy Altenhofel Rose Baker lagffg-:2'j . ,ft ll gif? E -E Iunv LE VEE CHARLOTTE Buynsxl Serfetary Iennie Bornhoft Frances Byrd Linda Cahanin Wanda Carter in-t 7 f Q if " +- !f wi Dolores Duval Polly Eickelman Carolyn Elms Ioan Glendening Laverne Harvey Ianet Lee Iones Treasu nr Mary Lou Brock Boyce Butler Frances Casavcchia Lavinia Craighead -dr loan Eros Mary Ann Finley ,-ss r 2 -Lao ,v 22 5 'Ve a lzslr- V4 Peggy Lafferty Angie Loetscher Elizabeth Anne Long Dorothy Lukas Patsy Malachowskl Catherine Mann Dolores March fires ll 141 9 mr Geraldine Massa-ty Loretta Mennu Lois Ponssartl Martha Nell Rhine-hart Mary Schluttcrer Mary Stolzer , fa r .5317 X, o r Billy Randall Anna Rankin we M Kiwi: - , W W5 wg, ,L .fm Barbara Redmond Dorothy Rodgers Zella Schuller Carol Sharp 5 fb 325 ii Roberta Straesslc Patricia Teasedale Patsy O'Connot Ioan Rauch Eleanor Rotlwell Leona Shook Winifred Thompson rraa ja if K i ,9z,3lL-:i,-kAE,- Iosephine Pasalaqua Donna Ritter Florence Sarna Pat Stedem Io Ann Townsend Mary Uhiren Marion Walton Dorothy Weber Anne Wilson Anne Wrap: Q Mary Reinhardt Mary Ann Schcpp Ann Stipsky Mary Tmcmper Ida Ian: Youngblood MARY ANN ADAMS CAROLYN BAILEY MARY ANN BALL MARY AGNES BARRE MARGARET BLANKENSHIP BILLIE LOUISE BOWLEY TI-IERESA BuLMANsIc1 RITA CALL ADELAIDE CHUDY PAT CLARK IUANITA CLIFFT IOAN CHAMBERLAIN MARY ANN CUMNOCIL BILLIE IEAN DORSEY FRANCES DOWNING THERESE ELKINS SHIRLEY ELMS NANCY FARRELI. SISSY GAINES POLLY GILMORE HSISH HAR1'Z SABINA HOYT DoLoREs ILGNER PATRICIA IONES CAROLYN IUDAH CARoL KEENAN BERNADINE KENNEY THERESA KoRosMIER MARY ELLEN LEWIS MARY ADALYN LONG MARY ANN LucAs RITA LYNCH MARIANNE LYoNs ALINE MARAK CLARICE MARTIN GLORIA MARTELLO ARETA MCCULLOUGH MARIORIE MEEHAN MILIJRED METRAILER MARGIE MORRIS PA1'I'Y MULHOLLAND GLORIA MCSPADDEN HELEN PARNELL BARBARA PATTON FRANCES PLAFCAN KATHRYN PROBST IACKIE PRUSS MARTHA RAUGH IOHNNIE Ross AMELIA SCI-IMIDT EMMA Lou SEAMON IRENE SHUDY IANIE SKINNER MIRIAM STEELE 'EAN SWEENEY TILLIE TAYLOR MARY HELEN THOMAS lMELDA THOMEY GRETCHEN VOGLER VIRGINIA WEEKS LOIS WILKIE PAT WYLES AIJDIE WRIDER Senior Glass Qhouft NAME- She Lf- She Thinks She Is- indilferent sophisticated 5575515 bashful lively matter-of-fact Uny growing happy-go-lucky dumb ChlC too short fYiQnd1Y too loud Srnking unimportant SUICFFC "pekoolyar" gem'-15 nervous likable business-like absent Present A a beauty I haughty sweetness-Itselfl frank unassuming 3 problem gracious neglected unconcerned gaining hubba A hubba-hubba unassuming original full o' fun "the big dog" Okay! a red-head different definitely Southern reserved ree, Shy original in love Pleafanf a man-hater darling independent cute Highry n0lfCh3l3f1f nonchalant qufef unnoticed "blf5Yn naive "an eager beaver" sarcastic lovable not noticed 'UCC IInconcerned swell . excitable easy going too Plump Calm a dummy aloof unimportant Pen A "an impossible chile Well-llkCd tricky mF"Y carefree Wlffy a saleswoman dfllfty daring f1Qld incapable VlVld not interested fefewed too quiet winsome self-conscious 3 Scfeam persecuted ' agfeeablc not noticed studious 3 quiz kid attractive bored 3 uqueenu a dizzy blonde QICVCI' I working hard Irresistible "skinny" efficient 3 hermit carrot top he-,sey Petite silly gay ' vivacious attractive Serious exotic too fat "flWfUl f1iCC" bothersome "BO" a pessimist talkative overlooked busy havin' fun calm timid CATHERINE ZALouInEIc u Sbe'd Liles To Be- out of school a Detroit bum brilliant commercial artist a pharmacist a Mrs. a steno married in Hazen an Einstein a wife in school lazy an M,D. Iohn's other wife with joe speedy in shorthand hubba-hubba-hubba satisfied a professional loafer a Met star success a secretary understood a librarian the perfect wife a nurse an Alumnae taller in Heaven "a loafer gopher" a model wife smarter master mind a blonde??P career woman "a private sec" somebody's somebody a humorist another Lily Pons gay old maid noticed Dr.'s assistant drafted settled in business Il janitor a pin-up girl a novelist graduated a socialite in Hazen eating thinner in "Chi" Mrs. Bill shorthand expert studious an actress famous a Vogue model pinned "Lou" daring Always Seen with- high-heels-3" or 6 her putty eyes "Iackie" Probst SMA sweater stationery plenty-o-pep "Nacobane" dimples straight "A's" Virginia blouse-out "That" crowd a hair bow Mary Ellen "specs" pappy's shirts Rita 'out a book one of the "5" "his" pin yummy lipsticks gum "those" wings wavy hair them "redheads" Mickey 'out of uniform Mary Long dangling earrings a comeback Rauch and Lyons "Marty" gym keys Margie that worried look 'out a car check sparklin' peepers "Bernie" drape shape I an odd expression no tie Billy lean Gloria a friendly smile Mary Agnes "Baldy" something "poiple" pen-in-hand Catherine Addie "Goose" chewed-up pencils them "Belles" green glasses a feather cut "Iunior" , Shirley the "hacks" "Mabbie" cIIpid-bow lips 'out her lessons fourth four girls Theresa I Hobby- primping perfume bottles fun drawing coaching letters whistling dates Commercial Club bridge typing' chattermg snoozing clever remarks "those" jackets being helpful resting torch songs "Tontitown" B.B. a rusty fellow Morrilton friends breaking bottles pointless jokes the Turtle Club giggling N.L.R. I-li jus' sittin' jabbering bossing "Fink" Henry blushing goin' home driving day dreaming can't you guess? wisecracks singing horses loafing skating trouble jokes-hmm? the Senior Ball cuttin'-up her diary golf her hair "I-lot-Shot" bowling losin' weight managing Lab personnel new songs C.l-l.S. "collecting" ashtrays Subiaco dancing crazy bonnets gossip Iakie cooking X . THE BELLES OF ST. MARY'S NiT ...lg ii They are staunch, they are trueg gy Loved Alma Mater, they are loyal to you. y xx The YSEQLEES Hs Qrgantizefrs Soolality of the Blessed Virgin SEATED, left to right: Mary Agnes Barre. Kathryn Probst, Theresa Kordsmeier, Bernadine Kenney, vice-prefectg lean Sweeney, prefertg Frances Plafcau, Mary Ann Cumnock and Mildred Metrailer. STANDING, left to right: Mary Ann Lucas, xecretaryg and Marjorie Meehaii, treasurer. FHE SODALITY or THE BLESSED VIIQGIN MARY, under the leadership of SISTER MARY MARK, began its year of activity with lean Sweeney, Prefectg Bernadine Kenney, Vice-Prefectg vlary Ann Lucas, Secretaryg Marjorie Meehan, Treasurer. Committee Chairmen were: Mildred Metrailer, Social Life committeeg Mary Ann Cumnock, Eucharistic committee, Kathryn Probst, Apostolic committeeg Mary Agnes Barre, Publicity committee, Theresa Kordsmeier, Catholic Truth committeeg Frances Plafcan, Our Lady'S committee. Because of repairs being made in the chapel on December 8, the official date of reception, the admittance of candidates into the Sodality was postponed until February when the Very Rev. Msgr. T. L. Keany received the aspirants into the organization. Sodality meetings are held every Friday afternoon during the Religion period. Debates, quizzes, book reports, and general discussions constitute the greater part of the meetings, while on the Hrst Friday of every month, the Sodalists spent the period in the chapel, saying the little office of the Blessed Virgin. M The Qralfiicztic Qlula LEFT TO RIGHT: Rita Lynch, program cbairmang Dolores Ilgner, program chairmang Lois Wilkie, presidentg Pat Innes, secretary-treasurer Martha Rauch, vice-president. THE DRAMATIC CLUB, a newcomer to the Mount's list of outside activities, was organized in October by SISTER MARY IMELDA for the purpose of promoting better speech habits, voice culture, and interest in plays. The Dramatic Club held its meetings every Monday and Wednesday afternoon from 3:30 to 4:00. At the first meeting of the year Lois Ann Wilkie was elected presidentg Martha Rauch, vice-presidentg Patricia Iones, secretary-treasurerg Dolores llgner and Rita Lynch, Program chairmen. The project of the year included the choral recitation of several poems. The poems recited were from the works of well-known English and American poets. The Choral Choir participated in several assembly programs and did much toward promoting interest in the one-act play. C9 tam 'wade Club LEFT TO RIGHT: Margie Morris, secretaryj Pat Clark, presidentg Lois Wilkie, vice-presidentg Ianet'Garbacz, entertainment committee Mary Frances Suttor, Iudy McCall, program chuirmeng Mary Louise Andreeli, entertainment committee. UNDER TI-IE SPONSORSHIP or SISTER MARY PAULINE and SISTER MARY IOHN BAPTIST, the CHAMINADE CLUB, affiliated with the National Federation of Music Clubs, was reorgan- , ized this year with the following girls as officers: Pat Clark, Presidentg Lois Wilkie, vice- presidentg Margie Morris, secretaryg Marjorie Hartz, treasurer, Mary Frances Suttor and Indy McCall, program chairmen, and Ianet Garbacz and Mary Louise Andreelli, entertainment committee. During the year many of the members participated in various programs. On March 19, the Music Department presented Dr. Eric Sorantin, the famous former conductor of the Vienna Symphony, in a recital in the auditorium. Other activities for the year included I a recital given by Par Clark, pianist, on March 21, and a series of recitals, presented in May by 'other members of the Chaminade Club. , miie Choral FRONT ROW, left to right: Lois Wilkie, Ianie Skinner, president, Marjorie Hartz, Marjorie Meehan, Theresa Bulmanski, vice-prexidentg Margie Morris, Nancy Ferrell, Rita Call. SECOND ROW, left to right: Shirley Elms, Carol Keenan, lean Sweeney, Marianne Lyons, Mary Agnes Barre, Martha Rauch, Emma Lou Seamon, Pat Iones. THIRD ROW, left to right: At the piano, Patricia Clark, -Marilyn Oswald, Carolyn Oswald, Ioan Newby, Thelma Massery, Virginia Weeks, Mary Frances Suttor. FOURTH ROW, lefz to right: Iuanita Clilft, lane Keaton, Louise Kochtitzky, Charlotte Ashcraft, Ianet Garbacz, judy McCall, Iulianne Krallman, Margaret Burnett, Ioan Lancaster, secretary, Mary Iac Snider, lane Seffens, librariang Mary I. Miller. LAST ROW, left to right: Martha Nell Rhinehart, Lavern Harvey, Halene Lang, Pat Roe, Louise Renz, Carolyn Cypert, ludy LeVee, Sue Keith, Mary A. Finley, M. L. Andreelli, Bernardine Narey. CHORAL CLUB officers for the year are: Ianie Skinner, president, Theresa Bulmanski, vice- president, Ioan Lancaster, secretary, Iane Seffens, librarian. The First activity of the year was a Christmas Pageant given in assembly before the Christmas holidays. Besides the various other activities, a group of the girls assisted at the recital given by Pat Clark and, during the year, with. the music at the religious services in the chapel. The choruses presented at Commencement concluded the year's activities. Ia 2 TOP Vlotiomal Honor Society ROW', left ta right: Mary Hele left to ri h rl n Thomas, Carol Keenan, Patricia Clark, Pat Mulholland, Frances Plafcan, Iohnnie Ross: SECOND ROW g L: Marjorie Meehan, Lois Wilkie, Patricia Iones, Martha Rauch, Billie Bowley, Catherine Zaloudek. THIRD ROW, 'left ta right: Mary Therese Elkins, Mary Ann Lucas, Kathryn Probst, Ianie Skinner, Mary Agns Barre. FOURTH ROW, left to right: Virginia Weeks, Dolores Krah, Pat Knoedl, Marilyn Oswald. BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Mary Bujarski, Carolyn Oswald, Mary Iac Snider, Mary Io Sanders. THE Fmeus CHAPTER or THE NATIONAL Honor: Socrerv, which has been in ekistence at Mount Saint Mary's since 1932, elected twelve Seniors and seven Iuniors to full membership at the meeting of the faculty in late February. Admittance into National Honor Society requires that a student be of Iunior or Senior standingg must have attended the Mount for one full yearg must maintain a minimum scholastic average of go per cent: and rank high in leadership, service, and character. mount press Gluln A--1-s ,11- M h Rauch SECOND ROW, left to right: Marianne Lyons, TOP ROW, left to right: Patty Mulholland, Pat Clark, Mary Ann Lucas, art a . Iean Sweeney, Ianie Skinner, Mary Io Sanders. THIRD ROW, left to right: Mary Iac Snider, Thelma Massery, Marjorie Hartz, Billie Bowley, Pat Iones. FRONT RONV, left to right: Mary Helen Thomas, Carol Keenan, Iohnnie Ross, Lois Wilkie, Marjorie Meehan. rom thirteen to THE IVIOUNT PRESS CLUB was organized in 1938 and its membership has increased f one hundred and fifteen since its founding. To become a Press Club member a student must be either a Senior or a Iunior with at least a "B" average in English and have zoo lines printed in the Mount. Press Club members who are still in school are responsible for the publishing of the school news- paper, the Mount. The Mount has won awards from Quill and Scroll Society, Catholic School Press - Association, and the Arkansas School Press Association. Sister Mary lmelda is the club's sponsor. Staff positions on the Mount are held by Mary Helen Thomas, lohnnie Ross, Marjorie Meehan, Lois Wilkie, and Mary Ann Lucas. Other Press Club members and probationers served as reporters. I S. lg. YR. Latin GMD y 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 LEFT TO RIGHT: Iudy McCall, program cbairmang Pat Chamberlain, assistant program cbairmang Marilyn Oswald, prcsidentg Mary , Iean Miller, trea.surer,' Ioan Lancaster, secretary. S. P. R. LATIN CLUB, Mount St. Mary's Chapter of the Iunior Classical League, was reorganized early in the fall under the sponsorship Sf SISTER MARY EMMANUEL. 'During the first semester the club carried out a theme in its meetings centered around Italian artists of the Renaissance period and lives of early Roman Saints. The fall semester was delightfully highlighted by a Christmas play, contrasting the pagan festival, Saturnalia, with our present-day celebration of Christmas. A series of debates constituted an interesting program during the spring semester with timelysubjects such as "Did the Roman soldier of zooo years ago undergo more severe hardships than the G. l. Ioe of today?" "Latin Week in Arkansas" was celebrated the third week in April with the theme ' "The Latin Humanities in American Life." The Latin Club climaxed its year of activities by holding a picnic on the school campus. fe Qeifcle Francais LEFT TO RIGHT: Billie lean Dorsey, treasurerg Lois Ann Wilkie, vice-presidenzg Marjorie I-Iartz, presidentg Iohnnie Ross Secretary Billie Bowley, program chairman, LE CERCLE FRANCAIS was reorganized in October by SR. M. IMELDA, French instructor. The club took for its main project, persons and places Prominent in French history. At the First meeting of the year, Marjorie Hartz was elected president, Lois Wilkie, vice-president, Ichnnie Ross, secretary, Billie lean Dorsey, treasurerg and Billy Bowley, program chairman. Meetings of the club were held the second Tuesday of each month durin fifth- eriod class time. French son s were sun , events in French histor were g P g g dlscussed and French conversations by senior members were enjoyed. All activities of the year were closed with a luncheon in honor of the officers and graduating members of the French classes. The program at the luncheon consisted of two skits, "G, I. lack, Envahit le Coeur de France," and "A Cafe Scene," were given by Pat Mulholland, Billie Bowley, Pat Iones, Thelma Massery, Dolores Ingram, and Mary Iac Snider. Bio-Qhem Qlula LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Clark, Polly Gilmore, prexidentg Nancy Ferrell, vice-presidenlg Billie Bowley, zreasurerg Iohnnie Ross, and Patty Mulholland, secretary. THE B10-CHEM CLUB was reor anized in Se tember. Election of ofiicersg discussion of a science activitv ro ramg and dedication P . P g of the club to St. Alhertus Magnus were the agenda of the first meeting. This year the club selected for its project the study of significant developments through the periods of history beginning with Democritus to the present time. The reports given by the students of their historical research furnished interesting and enlightening material for discussion at the monthly meetings. The Bio-Chem Club continues its affiliation with the Science Clubs of America, an organization which promotes scientihc research. This organization conducts an annual national science aptitude examination, and this year, Patricia Clark, a Bio-Chem member, was given honorable mention for ranking in the upper percentile of the three thousand competitors. Bio-Qllem Students Ht Work BACK ROW: Mary Adclyn Long, Helen Parnell, Emma Lou Seamon. MIDDLE ROW: Theresa Kordsmcicr, Rita Call. Pat Wyles, Gretchen Vogler. FRONT ROW: Sissy Gaines, Alina Marak, Nlnrgnrct Blankenship. ' if . .. .f 2' X K7 'V f . S -fx f ' Z rf.w:f'fr-Q ' ' -' "ar" ' ' J. f -wr 12 'ir ,gk t .4333 .,, . . ,,, fx S. - 'fl wJf.'19'3ii'af 5,62 I L if:z'zQflfEr 2i1i - A FV' 'N s,"'1 , , .Sy .. 'ef 'P Yr z,' Sabina Hoyt, Shirley Elms, Gloria Martcllo, Imelda Thomey, Carolyn Iuclah, lunnirn Clift, Virginia Weeks. YB-Squmfe GMD LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Bujarski, secretary Clara Hum, in-asnrerg Carolyn Oswald, presidenzg Iuanita Clift, program cbazrmang Patricia Clark, vice-president. THE B-SQUARE CLUB was organized this year under the sponsorship of SR. M. NIARK. Oflicers eleeted for the year were: Carolyn Oswald, presidentg Patricia Clark, vice-President: and Mary Bujarski, secretary: Iuanita Clift, treasurer, and Betty Hamling, program chairman. The purpose of the club is to stimulate interest in the different branches of higher mathematics. The history of mathematics, the study of the lives of such famous men as Euclid. Pythagoras, and "Theory of Equations" have fumished the members with material for many interesting discussions. The activities of the year were concluded with a party honoring the senior members of the club. Commercial Qlub ' Q. 'I .i A ' Q mww i LEFT TO RIGHT: Adelaide Chudy, presidentg Margaret Bednar, serretaryg Mary Ann Cumnock, vice-president, Virginia Cassinelli, treasurer. THE CONINIERCIAL CLUB was reorganized in September under the sponsorship of Sister M. Thomasine for its fourteenth consecutive year. The officers elected at the first meeting were: Adelaide Chudy, presidentg Mary Ann Cumnock, vice-presidentg Margaret Bednar, secretary, and Virginia Cassinelli, treasurer. Mary Agnes Barre was appointed to give talks on business etiquette at all future meetings. The club met at 1220 on the second Tuesday of each month. Several skits and quiz programs, with theaddition of short talks on business etiquette and office practice, constituted the entertaining and educational factors of the meeting. Many certificates and awards were won by both shorthand and typing students. Gregg awards for ioo words a minute with a 95 per cent accuracy were won by Catherine Zaloudek, Frances Plafcan, Mary Agnes Barre, Mary Therese Elkins, Kathryn Probst, Addie Wrider, Mary Ann Cumnock, and Margaret Blankenship. These girls with Mary Adalyn Long, Rita Lynch, Irene Shudy, Imelda Thomey, and Frances Downing won certificates for the 80-word test. A difficult theory test was given to the first-year shorthand pupils in March. Those who passed with a grade of 90 or more were: Martha Rauch, Dolores Krah, Mary Bujarski, Marilyn Oswald, Carolyn Oswald, Mary I-Ielen Thomas, Iane Skinner, Sally O'Connor, and Pat I-Iain. Typing certificates for 50 or more words a minute with no more than five mistakes were won by Mary Ann Cumnock, Patricia Mulholland, Patricia Clark, Mary Therese Elkins, Kathryn Probst, and Mary Agnes Barre. , Two Iuniors, Pat I-Iain and Mary Zaloudek, won awards for typing between 40 and 50 words a minute with less than Eve errors. Senior English Qlulv LEFT TO RIGHT: Mildred Metrailer, Aline Marak, Pat Mulholland, Mary Agnes Barre, Billie Bowley, Lois Wilkie, Mary Therese Elkins, Polly Gilmore. vmioif English My FRONT ROW. left zo right: Mary Frances Suttor, Dolores Ingram, Mary Io Sanders, Marie Urbani, Marilyn Oswald. BACK ROW, left to right: Virginia Cassinelli, Dolores Krah, Pasty Knoedl. THE SENIOR AND IUNIOR ENGLISH CLUBS were organized in October under the sponsorship of SR. M. IMELDA for the purpose of stimulating interest in public speaking. Officers of the clubs are a president and a secretary elected to serve for a six-week period. Meetings are held every Friday at the regular class sessions. The iflfleifciom Staff FRONT ROW, left to right: Mary' Hclen Thomas, Marianne Lyons, Marjorie Hartz, Carol Keenan, Marjorie Meehan, Lois Wilkie, Pat jones, Martha Rauch, and lean Sweeney. BACK ROW, left to rigbt: Billie Bowley, Iohnnie Ross, Patty Mulholland, Ianie Skinner, Pat Clark, and Mary Ann Lucas. THE MERCIAN Staff, all PRESS CLUB members from the Senior Class, were appointed in December by SR. M. IMELDA, MERCIAN sponsor. The preparatory work on the MERCIAN such as picture making, snapshot taking, and the program to finance the yearbook was launched early in the year. The staff started preliminary arrangements immediately. Marjorie Meehan was chosen editor. Assisting her were Carol Keenan and Lois VVilkie, associate editors, Mary Helen Thomas, business manager, Pat jones, feature editor, Pat Clark and Iean Sweeney, news editors, Billie Bowley and Marjorie Hartz, club news editors, janie Skinner, art editor, Martha Rauch and Marianne Lyons, circulation managers, Mary Ann Lucas, advertising manager, johnnie Ross and Patty Mulholland, assistant advertising managers. uiff find Scroll LEFI' TO RIGHT: Mary Helen Thomas, Marjorie Meehan, Pat Clark, Pat Iones, Lois Wilkie, Iohnnie Ross, Mary Ann Lucas and Martha Rauch. Eici-ir NEw MEMBERS were admitted into the MERCIAN CHAPTER or QUILL AND Scnou., the evening of May 8, at the seventh annual initiation ceremony, held in the Recital Hall. Quill and Scroll is an international honorary society for high school students who are admitted after -they have had 700 lines or more of their work printed in the paper. The program included piano selections by Iudy McCall, and a song ensemble by Therese Bulmanski, Iuanita Clift, lane Skinner, Ioan Lancaster, Mary Iac Snider, lane Seffens, Mary Louise Andreelli, Mary Frances Suttor, lane Keaton, Iudy McCall, and Mary Louise Renz, with Marjorie Hartz as soloist. The initiation was conducted by Miss Doclie LeVee, ,45, Press Club and Mercian staff member. Her talk was, "High School Ioutnalists on the College Staff." Newly elected members are: Pat Clark, Mount staff, news editor of the MERciAN,- Pat Iones, Mount staff, feature editor of the MERCIAN,' Mary Ann Lucas, advertising manager of the lllount and MERCIAN,' Marjorie Meehan, Mount staff, editor of the MERCIANQ Martha Rauch, Mount staff, circulation manager of the MERCIANQ Iohnnie Ross, co-editor of the Mount, assistant advertising manager of the MERClAN,' Mary Helen Thomas, co-editor of the Mount, and business manager of the MERcIAN,' and Lois Wilkie, Mount staff, associate editor of the MERCIAN. HOME NURSING CLASS oan Smith, Radine Miller, Bobbie Prather. Arizonia Smith, Rose Toland, Mary Carolyn Miller Annette Wahlgreen, Louise Kochtit- zky Theresia Breyel, Carolyn Iudah. r ' fi C-'QRQII MOUNT ST. MARY's CHAPTER or THE AMERICAN IUNIOR RED CROSS, under the sponsorship of SISTER MARY EMMANUEI., has engaged in many activities in cooperation with the Pulaski County Iunior Red Cross. Patricia Mulholland and Iohnnie Ross serve as co-chairmen of the chapter, they are assisted by Iuniot Red Cross Council members in each class. Frances Plafcan and Irene Shudy are councilors for the Senior Classy Margaret Bednar and Mary Frances Bill, Iuniorsg Iohnnie Fegert and lean Walpole, Sophomoresg Sue Keith and Iudy LeVee, Freshmen, Betty Moore and Betty Frazier, Grade School. The home nursing class, taught by Mrs. Leopold Iudah, is an extracurricular activity connected with the Innior Red Cross activities. All members who completed the course were given certificates at the March meeting of th Pulaski County Iunior Red Cross held at the Public Library. Those who received certificates were: Carolyn Iudah, Pat Hurley, Mary Carolyn Miller, Rose Toland, Margaret Breyel, Annette Wahl- green, Radine Miller, Arizonia Smith, Ioan Lee Smith, Bobbie Prather, and Louise Kochtitzky. Members of the home nursing class and the chairmen took part in a parade sponsored by the Red Cross chapter in October. Educational boxes were I-illed for the use of children overseas in war-torn countries. junior Red Cross chairmen worked in the Red Cross booth at the Robinson Memorial Auditorium during the State Teachers' meeting. For Christmas, a bushel basket of fruit was collected for distribution to the soldiers hospitalized at Camp Robinson. In addition to these activities, ash-trays and comic books were collected, Christmas napkins were decorated, scrapbooks, St. Patrick's Day menus and placecards were made for use in local military hospitals. 'iz' ee-ff' ' f 7u0. I ,,, I ' law ',A .JJ Ii. pa- AMERICAN JUNIOR REI5 C1105 wr?-A Mary France fBill, Irene Shu Frances Plafcan, -' ra , ohnnie moss, at Mulholland, Bettyflvfvore, Sue Keith, Iudy LeVee, Iohnnie .I-1 ff-A Jqrouml The Qampu AR 0 THE BELLES OF ST. MARY's i - Qfg They are staunch, they are tmeg X ml Loved Alma Alater, they are loyal to you. bi The 335.6188 In Social Life gwlgelles Of St. lflflaifgifs FIRST ROW left to right: Mary Ann Lucas, Mildred Metrailer, Bernardine Kenney. SECOND ROW: Gretchen Vogler Miriam Steele Frances Downing, Sissy Gaines, Polly Gilmore, Aline Marak, Margaret Blankenship. THIRD ROW: Mary Ann Cumnocl. Pat Hem TOP, at Center: Msgr. T. L. Keany, coach. a . 'THE TIP-0F12 SUPPER generously given by Mr. and Mrs. Leo I. Krebs was the starting signal for the 1945-46 season of the Belles. The season was quite successful, with the Belles hitting the loop to bring the total count for the entire season to I2 wins, 4 losses, and I tie game. The Belles entered the State A. A. U. Tournament for the fifteenth consecutive year. The tournament this year was an exciting and unusual experience for the Belles. Although defeated by Scotland in the first round, the Belles remained in the tournament because of the disqualification of the Scotland team. The Belles then advanced to the quarter-finals to be defeated by Smackover, the tournament winner. The Belles' claim to tournament fame this year was upheld by Gretchen Vogler, who was selected in the beauty contest as one of the maids to the tournament queen, and Polly Gilmore, who was selected as an All-State guard on the tournament's second team. The season was brought to a close with the annual banquet, in March, which Mr. and Mrs. Krebs gave honoring the Belles. CATHOLIC HIGH-SUBIACO BELLES READY FOR ACTION LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Hein, Sissy Gaines. Margaret Blankenship, Polly Gilmore, Mary Ann Cumnock, and Bernardine Kenney. ROYALTY ON THE FOOTBALL FIELD in the stadium the game are front row: Mary Agnes Subiaro Queen, Rita Lynch, Catholic Queen. Back Row: Theresa Kordsmeier, anne Lyons, Illaidx to Queen Mary Kathryn Probst, Mary Helen Thomas, to Queen Rita. before Barre, H i gh Mari- Agnesg M aids IUNIOR BELLES CHEER C. H. IUNIORS A' Iudy LeVee, Ierry Flanigan, Mary Kay Treum- per, Mary Ann Finley and Peggy Laflerty. SENIOR BELLES CHEER C. H. SENIORS Mary Helen Thomas, Marianne Lyons and Rita Lynch. maplin X ,ll as Bazaar faeemys Ball Martha Rauch, Gretchen Vogler, Emma Lou Seamon, Polly Gilmore, Mary Ann Cumnock. EMMA LOU SEAMON was crowned Queen of the Ball with an impressive ceremony at the Alumnae Bazaar Queen's Ball, held in the gym, December 7. Queen Emma 'Lou won her title as a candidate for the grade school which eamed rhe greatest number of votes for its nominee. Each class chose one Senior as its candidate and backed this girl with votes earned through pre-bazaar activities. The Royal Court was formed by these nominees from the different classes. Each lady-in-waiting to the Queen received a beautiful bouquet of pink carnations before she was presented on the stage where the crowning ceremony took place. The court consisted of Polly Gilmore, candidate from the Sophomore Classg Gretchen Vogler, choice of the Seniorsg Martha Rauch, Iunior Class representativeg and Mary Ann Cumnock, the Freshmen's choice. Queen Emma Lou was crowned with an orchid by Miss Lillian Summers, president of Motint St. Mary's Alumnae Association. QW Semiovf Bali Rita Lynch, Mary Agnes Barre, Kathryn Probst, general cbairmang Sissy Gaines and Theresa Kordsmeier BELLS FOR THE BELLES AND THEIR BEAus was the keynote used for the annual Senior Ball. The prom, held April 26 in the school gymnasium, was provided with music by Tommy Scott's orchestra. - Seniors were introduced from the stage and each made her entry through a silver- trimmed bell, a Htting tribute to Alma Mater. At the foot of the steps she was met by her escort and took her place in the Grand March. The march was lead by the Senior Class ofhcers, followed by the ball chairmen, and campus activity leaders to the strains of "The Bells of St. Mary's." The program included six "no-break" dances, and four specials: Alumnae Special, Senior Special, Iunior Special, and Catholic High Special. Kathryn Probst, chairman' of the ball, was assisted by Mary Agnes Barre, in charge of tickets, Sissy Gaines, assessmentsg Theresa Kordsmeier, publicity, and Rita Lynch, decorations. omecoming Royalty SEATED, left to right: Rocket Queen, Rita Lynchg Trojan Queen, Mary Agnes Barre. STANDING: Mary Helen Thomas, Kathryn Probst, Rocket Maids: Theresa Kordsmeier, Marianne Lyons, Trojan Maids. RITA LYNCH AND MARY AGNES BARRE, attractive Belles, were chosen from a group of 67 Senior students at the Mount to reign as Queens over the Catholic High Rockets home- coming tilt with the Subiaco Trojans at the Little Rock High School Stadium, Sunday afternoon, October 28. Attending Queen Rita of the Rocket team as maids were Mary Helen Thomas and Kathryn Probstg and attending Queen Mary Agnes of the Trojan team were Theresa Kordsmeier and Marianne Lyons. In the ceremony immediately preceding the game, the customary exchange of footballs and kisses between the captains and the queens was the signal for the game to start. Ierry Brizzolara was the captain of the Rocket team, and Fenton Painter was captain of the Trojans. The Rockets' victory over the Trojans was a delight to the reigning Rockets royalty, for it broke a seven-year jinx. Members of the Rocket squad chose the queens and maids for both teams. personality lpoll rx Grdene Kathryn vox V49 Patty - .gXQ'6d Bernie -Wy xx Maid NX I . QM A ri ,, p fA, , Q? ,J ,Q IN THE RECENT Personality Poll the Seniors seeing themselves through the eyes of the Iuniors find Mary Ann Lucas winning three top places, "Ideal St. Mary's Girl," "Best Leader," and "Most School Spirit." Polly Gilmore, also a top three-place winner, has "Most Pleasing Personality," is "Best All-Around," and "Most Likely to Be Missed." Pat Clark, a two-place winner, is "Best Student," and "Most Likely to Succeed. Gretchen Vogler, another two-place winner, is "The Prettiest," and "Most Attractive Senior." Lois Wilkie, also a two-place winner, is "Sweetest," and Most Helpful to Undergraduates." Individuals winning top honors in one placing are: Kathyrn Prohst, "Most Friendly Senior", Mary Helen Thomas, k h B A hl t "9 "Sis" Hartz, "Most Talentedug Bernardine Kenney, "Best- "Most Dependable", Margaret Blan ens ip, " est t e e Naturedug Rita Lynch, "Cutest Senior", and Patty Mulholland "Wittiest Senior." Emma Lou Seamon, Mary Therese Elkins lllagfecmt Scenes F1fO'WL C9h1fistmas program The Hnnunciation The Visitation Shepherds, Margaret Blankenship, Mary Ann Lucas, Polly Gilmore, Mary Ann Cumnockg Tbe Blessed Virgin, Mary Therese Elkins, St. loseph, Adelaide Chudyg The Angel, Emma Lou Seamong Adoring Angels, the grade school children. Mary Therese Elkins, lean Sweeney The lflativity BALLET GROUP A ballet dancing group on the Christmas program. Standing: Betty Mabbitr, Vir- ginia Weeks, Ioan Lee Smith. Seated: Ierry Flanigan. PATRICIA CLARK as she ap- peared in Senior recital, March 21, at the Academy Recital Hall. l Hround The Qampus THE BELLES OF ST. MARYS jk Q. They are staunch, they are true,' 5 qi Loved Alma Mater, they are loyal to yo I The YQELLSS Hmong Friends Hou' REDEEMER SCHOOL, El Dorado ST. ELlZABETH'S SCHOOL, Adona - - S. S. CYRIL AND METI-iomus, Slovak Goon CoUNcxL SCHOOL, Lizrle Rock - ST. IoHN's SCHOOL, Hoe Spring.: - - Sr. Louis Sci-root., Camden - ST. IOSEPH,S Sci-lool., Tanrizown - Miss Miserely Marcus Goldpot Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Goss Mr. Artic Gregory Miss Gladys Greenwood '40 Miss Agnes Hain '44 Miss Carrie Grimsley Mr. and Mrs. Iack Gray Mr. Iohn A. Gublo Mr. H. H. Gudger Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Miss Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Claude S. Hall and Mrs. R. H. Hammond and Mrs. Earl Harris Hugh Harrison Iackie Hayes A. Haynes and Mrs. Scott Haynes and Mrs. Iohn A. and Mrs. Jeanette and Mrs. Charles Heman Hemphill M. E. Herdman Hinze Earnest Hinze Mrs. Ada Hobbs Mr. Miss Ierry Lee Hobbs Modena Holland Miss Lorraine Hooks '45 Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hooks Mrs. L. M. Hoover Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Hospel Mr. and Mrs. Albert I. Hoyt Miss Dorothy Hoyt Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Hoyt Mr. and Mrs. Lawerence A. Hoyt Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hoyt Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hughes Miss Rita Hum Mrs. Anna Ilgner TlSgt. Robert C. llgner Miss Iuanita Ingram Mrs. T. Iames Mr. Buddy Iamison Miss Elsie Iansen Friends Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Iarrett Mr. and Mrs. Olin Iernigan Mr. Iames Iohnson Mr. and Mrs. Q. V. Iohnson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Iones Mr. W. C. Iones Mr. W. A. Iordan Major and Mrs. L. N. Iudah Mrs. C. A. Iullian Miss Betty Io Kane Miss Margaret Kaufman Mr. Charles Kayler Miss Iudy Keeton Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Kelley Mr. Ioc M. Kempner Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Kendall Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Kerby Miss Kay Louise Kerby Mr. Iack Kerr, Ir. Pfc. I. R. Killroy Mr. William I. Kirby Miss Edith Kirspel Mr. Anthony N. Kordsmeier Mr. Ben Kordsmeier Mr. Herman I. Kordsmeier Miss Mary Ianet Kordsmeier Mr. Leo Kordsmeier Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Kordsmeier Miss Rose Marie Kordsmeier Mr. Max Koonce Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Krah Miss Leona Kresse Mrs. Ioseph Kuryer Mr. Herman bcefield Mr. Fay H. Lair Mrs. D. V. Leatherman H Lt. and Mrs. French E. Leatherman Miss Dodie LeVee Mrs. Elida Lewis Mr. Richard Lewis Miss Ethel Lienhart MOUNT ST MARY'S SENIOR CLASS MOUNT ST MARY'S IUNIOR CLASS MOUNT ST MARY'S SOPHOMORE CLASS MOUNT ST MARY'S FRESHMEN CLASS MOUNT ST MARY'S SODALITY ST. CYRIL METHODIUS SODALITY Mr. and Mrs. Maurice A. Long Miss Virginia Long Mr. Freddie Longinotri Mr. Iimmie Longinotti Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Olga Longinotti Alice A. Lorbach A. C. Low E. B. Lowe and Mrs. A. I. Lucas Miss Dorthy Lukas Mr. and Mrs. Nick Lucas Major Elmer Lumplump Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Lynch Mr. A. V. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. T. I. Lyons Miss Nancy Macklem '43 Mrs. Pete Magnoni Mr. and Mrs. P. I. Maher Miss Patricia Mahoney Miss Iosephine Mancini Mr. T. O. Manion Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Maralt Miss Bunny Marcotte '45 Mr. and Mrs. Blick Martin Mr. I. A. 'Martin Mrs. Bob Massey Mr. and Mrs. Lee I. Massery Mrs. Rose Massery Miss Thelma Massery Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Masters Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Mathews Miss Dorothy McCarty Di. Virgil McCarty Mrs. I. K. McClerkin Mr. D. R. McClurg Mr. and Mrs. C. C. lkCu1lough Mriand Mrs. Arvin McDonald Mr. and Mrs. C. M. McGow'an Miss Dorothea McGowan Mr. Randall McGowan Mr. and Mrs. Larkin McKex1zie MscR. FRANCIS A. ALLEN VERY REV. REV. Iol-IN M. 'BANN REV. PAUL R. BUJARSKI REV. H. I. CHENERY Mr. Iames Aanderton Mr. Iasper Adkins Mr. Charles S. Allen, Ir. Fifi!-WIUIS REV. I. C. CHENEY REV. LAWERENCE HoY'r, O.S.B. VERY REV. MSGR. T. L. KEANV REV. W. I. KORDSMEIER Mrs. Dan Byrne Mr. Dan Byme Mr. and Mrs. Leo I. Byme Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Andrews Miss Pifiie Arntz Mr. I. M. Bailey Mrs. M. Bailey Mr. W. A. Bailey, Sr. Mrs. W. A. Bailey, Sr. Miss Miss Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. Margaret Ann Cahanin Ethel Cannon Etoile Canterberry Glenn Carlton Elizabeth Ann Carter Minnie Carter Mr. Wilbur A. Bailey, Ir. Mr. Louis Balders Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Ball Mrs. W. L. Bamett Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Barre Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Barrett Mrs. Mary Bearden Dr. William Bedroed Mr. and Mrs. Ice Bednar Mr. Harold E. Bell, Ir. Mrs. Harold E. Bell, Ir. Mr. 1. w. Belts 1 Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Bergstrom Miss Mary Biltz '44 Miss Mildred Binz '41 Miss Mary Birnbach '45 Mrs. H. I. Black lvfr. Iames Blackwood Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Blankenship Mr. and Mrs. Alez Bodak Mr. and Mrs. Ben Booth Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Booth Mr. and Mrs. Ioe Bornhoft Mr. Herman Brashear Miss Dorothy Breyel '44 Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Breyel Miss Mary Lou Brock Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Brock Mr. L. A. Brummer Miss Gloria Bujarski ,44 Miss Marie Bujarski Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bujarski Mrs. Hedwig Bulmanski Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Bulnianski Mr. and Mrs. Iim Burkett Mrs. Madge Cary Mr. and Mrs. Fred Casavechia Mr. R. A. Cassinelli Mrs. Iuanita Ceskowski Mr. Bob Chamberlain Mr. Iack Chamberlain Miss Betty Ann Chambers Miss Mary Theresa Chambers Miss Ineeda Chapman Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Chessher Mr. W. E. Chester Mr. and Mrs. Leigh Christian Mr. and Mrs. Edward Chudy Miss Evelyn Chudy Mr. and Mrs. Frank I. Chudy Mr. Wendel Chudy Mr. M. C. Churchill Mr. and Mrs. Tony Ciganek Mr. C. C. Clark Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Cloud Mr. I. F. Cochlin Miss Patricia Cole Mr. Otto Coleman Mrs. Wallace Coleman Mt. and Mrs. Louis Connerly Mr. and Mrs. H. Cook Miss Gloria Marie Cooper '44 Mr. A. M. Corley Mr. and Mrs. Wil:-ye Coyle Mr. Lester Crawford Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Dalrymple Miss Marie Danforth Mr. and Mrs. R .D. Davis Ivfr. and Mrs. I. Delamore Mrs. Charles Detrich REV. IAMES P. MCDONNELL VERY REV. MSGR. I. A. MURRAY REV. IosEPH S. QUINN Rr. REV. lox-iN B. Sci-iEPER Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dismuke Miss Teddy Dodson Mrs. Edwin A. Doig Miss Dorothy Donelson Mr. Bill Downing Mr. and Mrs. E. I. Downing Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Downing Mr. Bill Dorsey Miss Billie Iean Dorsey Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Dorsey Mr. and Mrs. Sam Dramer Miss Adeline Drobrovich Miss Agnes Drotar '44 Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Drotar Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Dullea Mt. and Mrs. F. A. Durbin Mrs. Ed Dyer Dr. and Mrs. Edgar I. Easley Miss Iessie Mae Edminson Miss Mary Catherine Elkins Mr. Ignatius W. Elkins Mr. and Mrs. Robert Elkins, Ir. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Elkins, Sr. Mr. Harry W. Elliot Mr. R. L. Ellis Mr. A. M. Embry Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ezell Mrs. Patsy C. Farell Mr. Vaughan Fell ' Mr. and Mrs. L. I. Fellhauer Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Ferrell Miss Betty Finan Mr. and Mrs. Iames B. Finley Mrs. Edith Flanigan Mr. Mr. Charles Ford T. B. Foster Miss Ioyce Frazier '44 Mrs. Frank F. Fuller Mr. Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Gaines and Mrs. S. M. Galusha Miss Doris Gerke '41 Miss Irene Gerke '45 Miss Rita Gerke '43 Mrs. I. R. Goff Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Meehan Miss Martha Meehan '44 Mrs. C. Metrailer Miss Rose Metrailer Mr. Carl I. Meurer Mr. and Mrs. Earl D. Miller Mr. I. W. Miller Mr. Doc Montgomery Mr. Emmet Moran Mr. Dudley Morris Mr. and Mrs. Ioe Morris Lt. and Mrs. W. C. Morris Mr. I. S. Moseley Miss Ellen Mulherin Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Mulholland Mr. and Mrs. Iohn P. Murphy Dr. Tena S. Murphy Mr. I. I. Murtagh Mr. and Mrs. Iimmie Nahay Mrs. Ralph Nelson Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Newby Miss Mary Novak Mr. O. T. Oates Mrs. S. P. O'Bannon Mr. and Mrs. Frank Oberle Miss Ianer O'Brien Mr. Dutch O'Neal Mr. Aloysius O'Toole Mr. Charles Ouletta Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Pahlman Mr. and Mrs. Vail Paschal Mr. D. Patton Mr. and Mrs. Val Pechoski Mr. Thurman Penn Mr. Iohnny Petrus Mr. Philip Petrus Mr. Aloys T. Pfeifer Mr. William Photioo Mr. Arch P. Pickens Mr. Cyril Plafcan Mr. and Mrs. Iohn P. Plafcan Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Powell Mrs. V. F. Poussard Mr. Bob Prather Mr. Iohn Prince Miss Faye Pritchett Miss Mary Dolores Probst '45 Mr. G. W. Procter Mr. and Mrs. Ed Pruss, Sr. Edward Pruss, S :fc Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Pruss Mrs. Frederick Quick '30 Friends Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Rauch Miss Martha Rauch Miss Ruth Rauch '43 Mrs. Ioseph G. Rea Mr. T. M. Reardon Miss Mary Ioe Redmond '43 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Rhein Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rhein Mrs. W. R. Richardson Miss Annie Rieglar Miss Donna Ritter Mrs. G. T. Roberts Mr. George Thomas Roberts, Ir. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A. Robinson Mr. C. M. Rocks Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Sargent Mr. T. M. Savary Mr. Claude A. Sayle Mr. Leonard Schaeffers Mr. I. I. Schictel Mr. T. Schoptaw Mrs. W. W. Scott '43 Mr. and Mrs. Ierry Screeton Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Scruggs Mr. Iames Seafraff Mr. I. H. Seamon Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Seamon Mr. H. W. Seamon, Ir. Mr. M. ll. Seamon Miss Mary Seredynski Mr. and Mrs. Sam Serio, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Sam G. Serio, Ir. Mr. Claude A. Sayle Mr. and Mrs. Ora Sherwood Mr. and Mrs. Tony I. Shudy Miss Emily Siebold 143 Mrs. Paul Simon Mr. Billy Simpson Mr. C. M. Sims Mr. Frank P. Slack Miss Genevieve Sluyter '45 Mrs. Iohn M. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Snider Mr. and Mrs. Vinc Sokora Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Stedem Mr. L. I. Stout Mr. Sonny Strait Miss Ann Stuart Miss Dorothy Summers Mr. Iames Sweeney I Mr. and Mrs. Ios. Sweeney Miss Peggy Sweeney Miss Iean Talburt Mr. A. L. Talkington Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tarbutton Mrs. B. E. Tate Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Taylor Miss Tillie Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Dolhpus Thomey Mrs. Carolyn Thomison Mr. Walter George Tilton Miss Barbara Toland Mr. Floyd I. Trantham Mr. W. M. Treadwill Miss Ruth Tribble Clarence Troillett, F :fc Mr. and Mrs. Roy Truby Mr. and Mrs. I. I. Truemper Mr. L. M. Tucker Dr. and Mrs. I. I-I. Turner Miss Shirley Updegraff, '45 Miss Iennie Valenziano Mrs. Irene Van Dusen Lt. Kenneth W. Wade Miss Frances Walter ,42 Miss Gertrude Walter Miss Vivian Ward '45 Mr. and Mrs. Iack Watterson Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Way Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Way Mr. R. W. Weber Miss Katherine Wecker Mr. T. O. Weeks Mrs. T. O. Weeks Mr. L. A. Weisbrod Dr. and Mrs. N. F. Weny Mr. and Mrs. Earl Williams Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Wilson Miss Bobbie Wimberly '45 Mrs. I. B. Wirgcs ' Mrs. Theresa Wirges Mrs. Lawrence Witherspoon Mr. and Mrs. Perry Wrider Miss Helen Yaeger '45 Mr. and Mrs. A. Zaloudek Mr. Arthur C. Zaloudek Miss Lrene Zaloudek Mr. Lawrence Zaloudek Miss Mary Zaloudek Miss Hattye Zarnoski Mr. H. R. Zook Miss Mary Zurcher '40 IPTV! TI-IE BELLES OF ST. MARY'S They are staunch, they are trueg Loved Alma Mater, they are loyal to you. The 7885588 go Shopping patrons STANDARD LUGGAGE SHOP HEGARTY DRUG STORE LOUIS SCHNIEDER'S CANDIES D Bc D LAUNDRY Bl CLEANERS IOE L. HEBERT 64 SONS PROSPECT DRUG COMPANY CASH DYE WORKS 6: CLEANERS ALLIED TELEPHONE 6: ELECTRIC COMPANY SPATZ BAKERY BOBBYE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE BEN ISGRIG SEED COMPANY DAN WEBSTER SEED COMPANY MASTER ELECTRIC COMPANY MRS. IACK FINE DRESS SHOP THOMAS AUTO COMPANY BEAN MUSIC COMPANY THE NATIONAL CASH REGISTER COMPANY PINE CREST MEMORIAL PARK GENERAL APPLIANCE COMPANY REMEMBRANCE FLOWER SHOP BAUMAN'S CLOTHING EUGENIA FRANK CAPITAL HAT HACKETI' SEED 6: FEED STORE W. C. 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CROOK PARKING COMPANY ALLSOPP st CHAPPLE PI'I'I"S GROCERY BISHOPS GENERAL STORE IOE MORRIS SERVICE STATION, Humnake IIM Bc BILL HENDRICKS, Fort Smith DYER FUNERAL HOME, McGahee MR. Bt MRS. DAVE MEYER STORE, McGahee BECK'S DRUG STORE. McGehee THE FARMERS dt MERCHANTS BANK, Stuttgart CROWE DRUG COMPANY, Stuttgart BEN FRANKLIN STORE, Stuttgart WEST BROTHERS' DEPARTMENT STORE, Stuttgart VICTORY GIFT SHOP, Stuttgart COKER-HAMPTON DRUG COMPANY, Stuttgart GEORGE L. CLARK-ABST RACT, Stuttgart IONES BAKERY, Stuttgart FLOYD A. DENMAN-IEWELER, Stuttgart KLINES, Stuttgart THE PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK, Stuttgart MOLL AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY, Stuttgart ESSO SERVICE CENTER, Stuttgart . A. R. THORELL SUPPLY COMPANY, Stuttgart REXALL DRUG COMPANY, Stuttgart IACOB HARTZ SEED COMPANY, Stuttgart BILLY ROBBS SERVICE STATION, Gurdon GURDON MOROT COMPANY GURDON MACHINE WORKS W. I. WILKIE LUMBER COMPANY, Gurdon GURDON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY MILBURN DRUG STORE, Gurdon RUDOLPH 64 COMPANY, Gurdon CABE'S DRY GOODS, Gurdon AUSTIN'S FOOD STORE, Gurdon MRS, ANNA MARK WADE Wm ? P 3? SEMCO COLOR PRESS LI THOGRA PHERS . .. PRINTERS. . . DESIGNERS FINE cotusct and I-nel-lscl-loot. ANNuAl.s 129 N. W. 3rd STREET OKLAHOMA CITY 'I, OKLAHOMA B. L. SEMTNER - - - President PAUL BENNETT, Manager, Yearbook Division ROY H1 NOEL, Representative Keeping Faith with the Alusic-Loving People of Arkansas + Exclusive Home of World Famous Musical Instruments Wurlitzer Orgatron Kimball Pianos o+o CAPEHART RADIO - PHONOGRAPH TEACHERS' SUPPLIES -- CENTURY MUSIC When in Little Rock meet your friends in our beautiful store. You will always find an atmosphere of cordial welcome. mms Rock Pm 0 comm Y PHONE MAIN 4-5328 Congratulating the Graduates I Congratulations, Graduates! SISTERS OF MERCY SISTERS OF MERCY ST. EDWARD'S WARNER-BROWN MERCY HOSPITAL HOSPITAL F r Smith Arkansas EI Dorada AVICCDSUS Congratulations Graduates! Compliments of , , , SISTERS OF MERCY I SISTERS OF MERCY ST. JOSEPH'S ACADEMY SAINT ANNE'S ACADEMY Mena Arkon Fort Smith Arkan 5 JoBE's CAFE . ' ,l I Known from Coast to Coast SODA " ,. E , I 'A Surf" .M ' OPEN ALL NIGHT Distributed by CQ. II9 E. Second St. North Little Rock, Ark - I 1 ! Complimenting the Graduates Arkansas Foundry Co' + 'I lron 8. Steel-Building Material Machinery Repair Work Ornamental lron Work st. Steel Building Specialties J M. Rock Wool for Insulation I,-I Mechanical Rubber Goods Offrce, Plant and Stork in Hof Springs - Arkansas Little Rock Arkansas 1501 East 6th St. Compliments of TAYLCR Cr RICHTER, Inc. 1:07. we Best In The Graduates, Pictures Were Made By Matched Luggage, See ..... STA DARD Little Rocks Leading Photographer l LUGGAGE REPAIRING TV: make speczal rates on 303 Main sr. Little Rock pHOT0GRApH5 TQ Arkansas ALL 'ZX 305 Main Street Little Rock, Ark. COHN'S DARLING SHOPS Famous for College Fashions Little Rocky: Largest Ladies' Specialty Shop One of the Sou1'h's Mosf Beclullfl-II Stofes Complete Line of Sports and The Henri' of Little ROCK College Wear on Md" - - - Nea' 'im' 515 Main Phone 4-0698 Cornplimentx of-- Compliment' Of' METRAILER a. HART WIWS BAKERY Bene' Shoe Repairing Frank Wild, Proprietor no East Fourth sneer 27,8 Arch Good Things 'O EO' Phone 6777 Congmtulating the ---- GRADUATING BELLES OF ST. MARY'S Krebs Bros. Supply Company OQO Complete Equipment for Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Hospitals and Institutions 413-415 West Capitol Avenue Little Rock, Arkansas WOLFFS PHOTO SHOP BECKETTS BARBER SHOP Ma St et Ph e B838 120 W M kh 6826 f Of Lt Ro ks Mot Pop lc op N tl Lttie R k Ak C T Be kett Ltt Ro k Compliments o '+P Diamonds 0 Watches SCOTT MAYER PZ' Wt' Y d W T h COMMISSION CO l'ul Lttle Rock Ark I I 419 in re - on . ur arn Phone COpposi e Post ficel ifle C ' S U Y Sh 'or 1 i oc , r . . . c i Ie c Photo Finishing Propr-e1'or Arkansas -I 0 Ex r a ch and Jewelr Repair 0 H a u r rs f Fine Diamonds an c es . Phone 64I4 II6 W. Capitol Ave. i , . Compl ments of CHAS ACKER CLOTHING CO North L ttle Rock Ark Arkansas Wholesale Tobacco Company TIPTON 81 HURST INC o+o Flowers for All Occasuons N gh: 6045 L rr gt I Ill HJ lhl ml llp4, -H ,.,,,f ml ya Wholesale Tobacco and Candy an Arkansas Cigarette Servsce Cngarette Vendmg Machine 2 'l'll8 S Mann St Little Rock Ark COMPLIMENTS OF GUS BLASS C0 For 75 Years Arkansas Largest and Best Store llfvfnere Every Customer Must Be Sam ed Congratulations Graduates and Best Wtsbes or Your Future HOGUE PHOTO PICTURES IN OR OUT Ol- STUDIO 320 West Capntol Phone 2 I645 Compliments ana' best wzsbes WELLWORTH Department Store Oldest Largest Best L D RUTSTIEN Owner Stuttga t Arkansas CARSON'S Mlllmery Ready to Wear Bags and Jewelry Two Convenient Shops 308 and 406 Mann Little Rock i i , . C .l I 1 0 d Phone 91o1- i Phone 2-33 0 509 Main Street i le Rock ' I U . ' ' ' ' ,f an tlw:BPi.r.,,.tr. ,f fr f: 1-.Ar 1 ,X-'H ff" tw- ""i5ff-+,f"f,g L "'w' ,."- , fy? , .Ai "" Pwltfr ef? Elm ljlft, ,I-dill Ui-lhllulwev V . ' L , I , f isles? 1 ' Q Q ! V ::z-.'-'-l'-- Ili ,l'l'E-'1l'lv -"Wi "l'l', ff' -i l1:-alqcllsglll -,, Q2 -.,.i2i1l: - V, . f C r I I - - COSMETICS GIFTS NAIL PREPARATIONS LITTLE ROCK BARBER 81 BEAUTY SUPPLY COMPANY II7 Mann Street LLITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS 1 C I SQUARE DQAL JEWELER Hattaway Plumbing 8t Heating 8 M 22 9 M AI 8908 4 487 ROBB Cr ROWLEY THEATRES Are happy to have thus opportunuty to extend their complnments to the MERCIAN and to offer thenr best wishes for Its contnnued success nn future years 0 PULASKI O ARKANSAS 0 NEW 0 ROYAL 0 CAPITOL 0 LEE l SEAMQN 5 GROCERY DR ANNIE M BREMYER p 22Y 3oEN A Ph 2284 Compliments of HOUCK MUSIC COMPANY + Everytbm zn Mus1c I I3 East Fourth Street Luttle Rock Arkansas Comp iments of Om? imem-9 of Harr Scher Il ll l . 20 ain St. Q C rnonf Phone Little Rock, Ark. phone -1 L'ttI R k A k Q i " J 2' Compliments of Comp imevzts of I D Chiro ractor-Registered Nurse- ears' experience Alexander, Arkansas I t im one . 6 0 0 U . 0 . . ,, o I BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF '46 R H E A L E E MILLINERY AND BAGS 414 Main Street Little Rock Compliments of . . . Harry L. Hastings Moon Distributing Co. Wholesale Liquors 715 East Markham Phone 8291 Lxrrus RocR ARKANSAS Compliments uf . . . R. F. Drummond Company FUNERAL DIRECTORS Ambulance Service Phone 4-0257 ' L1T'r1.iz Rocx ARKANSAS Compliments of Brueggeman, Swain Cr Allen GAZETTE BUILDING Compliments of . . l l "D and C" Roller Rink l'ul 122-24 East mia LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS Manager RALPH COVINGTON LITTLE ROCK. ARKANSAS P F E I F E R S ofARKANSAS + The Shopping Center of Arkansas for over 80 years. Longer than you could possibly remember . . . longer than even your mothers remember . . . PFEIFERS has been a ploce to shop where you are assured of friendly, courteous service! It's o matter of pride with us that our loyal customers recognize this and know they can depend on us to give them quality, value, ond service . . . with a smile. KQRDSMEIERHFlUIRr3iirMURE COMPANY HARDWARE - - FURNITURE - - APPLIANCES PHONE 427 MORRILTON 203 N. MOOSE ST. "4-lrlefznsas' Largest and Most Complete Music Store" REED MUSIC COMPANY O PIANOS O ORGANS O SHEET MUSIC ' O RADIOS O APPLIANCES O EURNACES O INSTRUMENTS O RECORDS II2-114 East 7th Street Phone 5151 TYPEWRITERS .... ADDING MACHINES and CASH REGISTERS .... I JOHN HUM S CAPITAL TYPEWRITER M A R K E T COMPANY 2I8 E. Washington Phone 4-5438 SALES -1 RENTALS - SERVICE Noam LITTLE Rocx, ARKANSAS 204 W- CPIPIIUI Phonf P2433 Fancy Groceries Sl K. C. Quality Meats MANUFACTURERS FURNITURE CUMPANY Oil "The I-Ialf Block at Seventh and Arch Strectsu Complete Furnishings - - - For the Home For the Business T For the Class ot 46 fi' 600 West .Seventh Phone 9211 LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS Compliments of "The Guardian in Every Catholic Home" Steinkamp Furniture Co. THE GUARDIAN I Official Publication I l 120 West Seventh of Little Rock ix Arkansas The Diqcese of Little Rock P5009 4-2204 309V2 West Second Little Rock Compliments of A W LK i l REALTY Co. U' ci..iN1'oN.AnKANsAs. I C 1' 5 . . . . amp ,ment of Compliments of . . St. Andrews Cathedral b St. Pal'rick's Church Sf? 4 Very Rev. Msgr. F, A. Allen, Rector Rev, Joseph M. Burns, Pastor Rev. H, J. Chinery Rev. J. P McDonnell Compliments pf HERFF-JONES JEWELERS AND STATION ERS -TQ- Mt. St. Mory's Academy ELDOR JOHNSON, Representative Compliments GEORGE RIEDMUELLER, JR. RIEDMUELLER GROCERY Complete Food Market MORRILTON at Compliments of . . . PUBLISHING COW 'nc' Stanford Furniture Co. Phgne 4.3203 411 Main Street North Little Rock Arko 217 Main Str I N III LMI R k Compliments of LEE WEBBER AND HIS MAJESTIC MARKET 1200 Denison Street Phone 4-6870 C0mPlimem-5. of Compliments of I HTH HAVERTY'S A FRIEND Phone 4-2384 4ll-l3 Main Lttl R k l Compliments of Cnmplirnemy, of HB 8' MH Food Store CHIC BEAUTY SALCN l42l Borber Avenue LITTLE Rock ARKANSAS 1002 Main Sf- Phfmc 4-79 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES MoRmLToN FURNITURE sl CARPET co. In front of Morrilton Post Office 'fverytbingffor the Hamel' A NORBERT KORDSMEIER' COMPLIMENTING MY DAUGHTER. LOIS, AND THE OTHER GRADUATES W. I. Wilkie Lumber Co .ff "Um Shipments Merit Repeat Order,v,' GURDON ARKANSAS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF '46 GURDON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Contractors Gurdon, Arkonsos PHONE 77 We Solicit Your Business C. Metrailer M Fine Shoe Repairing All Work Guaranteed l308 Main St. Little Rock KARCH ER'S Pecan Nougat Bar . . C+. "Mode in the South . . . Where the Sugar and Pecans Grow" RITZ GRILL Specialize in Dinners, Steaks, and Sandwiches 521 Main St. Phone 2-9791 Compliments of . . . SNODGRASS 8. BRACY DRUG STORE 110 Main Street Little Rock COLONIAL FLOWER SHOP One of the largest assortment: cf Pottery, Novelties and Vases in Little Rock We Wire Flowers Anywhe 2017 Kavanauglu 3-4191 i 9 7 Congratulating the Graduates! Walton Rice Mill, Inc. Stuttgart Arkansas Complimenting the Graduates from' Compliments of Moses Melody Shop 303 Main 9191 organized Labor ENGINEERS-CONTRACTORS Interior Wiring-Repair Shop Appliances Local Union, 2864 A F. 0, L Fagan Electruc Co., Inc. Little Rock Arkansas 9Ol Swing St' M2366 Compliments of - - - Little Rock U 0 o - Refrigeration Co. .IiII's Beauty Salon umrmmed, 9 Frigidaire Appliances 604 W' 23ff' 4'56'9 417 w. copifoi Phone 2-3126 C0mPlim9l'1fS of Congratulations Graduates STANLEY SARANIE "Where all Friends Meet" MORRILTON 5 8- lO HENRY KORDSMEIER, Owner Slvvu 0 Arkansas Morrilton o Arkansas C OMPLIMEN TS OF The Fidelity Company Peoples National Bank Building Little Rock ----- Arkansas N. HENRY SIMPSON THOS. TATUM Congratulations R. S. CBOBP PETERS County and Probate Clerk Congratulations TOM NEWTON Your Circuit Clerk Complimen ting the Graduatrx HIMSTEADT PLUMBING 81 HEATING CO. 321 Capitol Avenue LITTLE ROCK - - - ARKANSAS SAVE MORE MONEY . . . By Ufing Our Cub-and-Carry Service "El li L ll.lS3 l B llll-1123 W. 7th St. Phone 9181 Compliments of CLINTON ESSO SERVICE STATION 8: CAF E sus STATION Clinton Arkonsos Joe Whillock, Mgr Compliments of K N 0 I Nssmmgagiinsfn sumv 0 Shears, Razors, Surgical Instruments Sharpened F t Smith Ark. J kson sl Lttl R k Ak ' M ph T Sh p Compliments of ,... REBSAMEN C1 EAST, INC. I PEERLESS ENGRAVING CO. ARKANSAS' SCHOOL ANNUAL ENGRAVERS ARTISTS-DESIGNERS-PHOTO ENGRAVERS Phone 8266 Peerless Building Little Rock, Ark C pl nfs of ' EDWARD A. BARRETT LITTLE ROCK TENT 8. AWNING C ont t r moi cem, 4309 w Tenth sr. - Littl R k I. I iz k rim-e 2-2209 ' 'rel ph 3 3589 Compliments! of . United Credit Jewelers Momikfs Shoe Shop Arkansas' Largest Credit lewelers North Little Rock 106 W. Capitol Avenue A f Little Rock, Ark. Comp"me"'S O 0 Expert Watch and Jewelry Repairing O Headquarters for Fine Diamonds and Watches 811 Main Little Rock Phone 2-2288 Compliments of M. J. Siesel 6' Company Arkansas Carpet G' Leather and Furniture CQ. sh'-We Fi"din95 On Main ot Sixth Phone 4-2571 Little Rock 913 Mdln Sf. Little ROCl4, Ark. Arkqngqs Our Congratulations to the Graduates - - - Wm. T. Stover Company, Inc. HOSPITAL and PI-IYSICIANS' EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES 716 MAIN STREET LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Mallard's Gulf Service Station E C Q N Q M Y 3rd 81 Maple Street North Little Rock Phone 7928 l D r u g S t o r e St Compliments of Phone 4-1673 Windchester Auto Co. 122 Main Little Rock 415 West Seventh St. U Arkansas Little Rock Arkansas Telephone 4-3729 CAPITOL CITY ffompffmfmf of BUSINESS COLLEGE I The Select School S Secretarial, Accounting and General Business Courses 6 Active Employment Service fo' Gmdffm'-' 2804 Arch Street 8th and Mal? Streets "" Phone 6327 Little Rock, Arkansas Phone 2-3510 Little Rock, Arkansas Compliments of Complimentx of MAYES FOOD STORE See's Variety Store No. 2 2727 Arch St. 4-0051 "SHOP WITH EASE AT SEES" Compliments of GEORGE'S STEAK HOUSE S5 S! Markham and Louisiana Sts. Little Rock, Arkansas Phone 66Ol llOl Cumberland RED cRowN Cleaners Cr Laundry ., STERLING STORES Quality 55' Service MARTINE FUNK, Prop. Little Rock, Ark. "All Over Arkansas" l For Best Results- COMPLIMENTS OF ' ' ' Secure a Skilled Painter and Specify BURROUGHS le-- 'melanfs ',Ea1nts it lilll. cf Illlllll l 5 aa ,C'e""e's 8' L""""Y GILMORE PAINT s. PAPER co. lOl5-lOl7 Center Phone 7lO5 JDE P- G"-M0552 Manage' azoi. " se, ' ' Ph sau Compliments at . . . JOHN TUCKER FURNITURE, INC. Seventh and State Little Rock Ark. Compliments ot . . . RAY WOODS-ESSO SERVICE Ninth and Rector Little Rock, Ark. Phone 2-1947 "Personal Service" Compliments ot . . . KORTE TIRE 81 SERVICE CO. 1300 Main NORTH LITTLE ROCK Compliments of . . . BILL HILPERTS DRIVE-IN LIQUOR STORE 1012 Main Little Rock Compliments of . . . W. A. BURTON CO. PLUMBING 81 HEATING 2510 Schiller Phone 7972 Compliments of . . . Thad S. McCollum Sales Ca. BUTANE GAS PLANTS PLYMOUTH 81 DESOTO FARM APPLIANCES Stuttgart, Arkansas Complimenrx of , . Fendley Drug Store 9th and Main Streets Phone 2-1809 Congmtulazzons . . . MARJORIE ELLEN McCOLLUM HARDWARE CO. Stuttgart, Arkansas Compliments at . . . BUICE DRUG STORE 3013 West Markham Little Rock Phone 3-4133 Compliments of . . . F. M. WITKOWSKI 8. SONS Flower and Vegetable Plants "Plants That Grow" John Witkawski Phone Manager V +5493 Compliments ot . . . Bumpass Cleaners and Dyers Phone 3-6200 2090 W. Markham Little Rack. Ark. Compliments at . . . MRS. ANNA JONES MADE TO ORDER DRESS SHOP Room Il, M ond P Building Pine Bluff Phone 5373 MORRISON Compliments of . . . BOB ROSSI'S GREEN MILL o Bar B-Q and Plate Lunches The Hauer 0 Beer and Cold Drinks 523 Mm Sfffff Phone 9976 na west 'rmfa Phone 4-use Compliments ot . . . COMPLIMENTS GREEN MILL LIQUOR TAVERN OF 304 Louisiana St. HERMAN GRADY Owner Arkansas Sign 8. Neon Co. Compliments at . . . ADDY'S BEST IN ICE CREAM AND FRUIT JUICES 222 West Capitol Little Rock, Ark. Compliments of . . . SPAULDING ATHLETIC GOODS CO., INC. 206 Louisiana Phone 2-2218 Little Rack CQSAM-Nxgss--I-MX Mgxrgwxfgiqm Sip, . K KWWSN T35 CWVM. y ' W5 My MNC" if Wwyy - M59 4' W f W .S :QQWWQW QW Wu W3 WM wi fl JQPMBWJV W Q w Z' z',Kk1:f':f-Em: 5 r. ,. 1 ' FH! Ev ,, 2 2 4522 HQ Em EH

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