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yz , , - ' A 2 .V K KS' 5 TITTTTX Q ,'lIl' if If UN THE MERCIAN l 1945 MOUNT ST. MARY'S ACADEMY LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 4 .r rr Lvl H 4 P 2 fc E 4 4 v' FOREWORD APPY over the encouraging turn of events in the present world conflict. we optimistically look forward to a cessa- tion of hostilities and choose as the theme of our Mercian for 194-5, Peacewpeace on earth, among men and nations4peace among ourselves, in our public and private lives-and that peace Hwhich surpasseth understandingf' peace of heart and of con- science, which will bring us to a final enjoyment of the Beatihc Vision with the Prince of Peace. Reviewing our school years in a Catholic institution where Christian principles of right living have been instilled into us, we feel that the theme of peace is most a propos. And so The Mercian records the activities of our busy, happy school years in which we have learned to work together, to play together, and to live together, peaceably and congenially, in preparation for our after-school lives. With Mary as our Model, We go forth inspired and confident, knowing and loving her, who, as Queen of Peace, "Her ways are beautiful ways, and all her paths are peaceablef' Commencement, 1944 HIS Excstteixcr The Most Rev. John Baptist Morris, DD. Bisnop or LITTLE RocK Presiding at his thirty-eighth consecutive commencement exercises at Mt. St. Mz1ry's, confers a diploma on Miss Joan Keith lnow Sister Mary Wernel', R.S.M.l. Pictured assisting His Excellency is the Rt. Rev. Msgr. F. A. Allen. We, the members of the thirty-ninth class to receive diplomas from the hand of our beloved Bishop, happily anticipate the honor of his gracious presence at the graduation of the class of 1945. DEDICATION 110- ur Lady, ueen of Peace "Her ways are beautiful ways, and all her paths are peaceable. She is a tree of Life to them that lay hold on her, And he that shall retain her is blesseflf, -Proverbs 3 117-18. That she may bless us with the gift of peace in our after-school livesg that she may intercede with her Divine Son that peace may be established throughout the world, so that our loved ones may soon return home to a victorious peace, we, the Class of 1945, lovingly and reverently dedicate The Mercian to OUR LADY, QUEEN OF PEACE for our fathers, our brothers, and our brothers-in-law in the Armed Services PAUL BIRNBACH, B. M, Zfu JOHN A. MA'I"I'lYGI.Y. C, M. 3fc SUT. LEON J. SEREDYNSKI CPL. H. A. BOWMAN JOSEPH M. BRUCK. A. S. J. E. GARRETT. P. M, Zfc ZIXD LT. CHARLES F. GERKE MXSGT. JOSEPH J. GOWDY PFC. RUSSELL J. GRINSTEAD SXSGT. JOE HEBERT CPI.. KENNTH B. HEBERT PFC. GLEN HOHNER MAJ. W. W, JOHYSTON PVT. JOSEPH J. LESK LT. C. H. LE VEE. l'. S. N. R. JIMMY LONGINOTTI, Jn., S. Ifc PFC. K. J. LUEKEN PFC. WILEY MITCHELL PFC. FRED O, MULLER CPL. LOUIS C. MULLER. IR. ROBERT F. MULLER. S. Ifv PFC. WILLIAM B. OURY SXSUT, JOHN L. PETERSON! SXSGT. JOHN G. PORBECK R. M. PRITCHETT. B. M. 216 CPL. LOUIS PYSKLO IST I.T. W, B. RADNEDCE CLEM C, REITER. R. T. Zfc SGT. JOE REITER ZND LT. ORVILLE O. SCROGCIV III FRANK SEREDYNSKI. U. S. N. CLARENCE J. TROILLETT. S. 2 CPL. RAYMOND D. TROILLETT CAPT. W. R, WILLIAMS. JR. SXSCT. N. V. WIMBERLY PYT. JULIUS G. WUODELL EVSIGV A. J. WRAPE. JR.. U. S. fc N EVSIGN W. R. WRAPE II. U, S. N. R c. P. YAEGER, sp. V. zfc EYSIGN N. W. YANIGER PVT. Jos!-LPH ZAJAC. U. s. M. FRANK J. ZAKRZEWSKI. C. M. Zfc FRED L. ZAKRZEWSKI. R. M. Sfc PFC. JOHN F. ZAWISLAK IST LT. THOMAS M. SCHRIVER and ENSIGN JAMES A, GARRETT IOUI Gold-Star Heloes-Requiescant in Pace! A Tribute to Alma Mater C n Published Annually by the Seniors of Mt. St. ivlaryis Academy, Little Rock, Ark. f r ,ll A, .s X T H Editor .. ,,,, ,Y,, ,YY,,, . . ... Business Manager . , Advertising Managers Circulation Manager . Feature Editor ,,.....,...,.. Reporters ,,,,, Faculty Adviser ..,,,, rm 1 I C9u 1 l. S CROLL. S T A F F Jean johnson Juanita lngram Patricia Findley, lrene Cerke Mary Evelyn Troillett Dodie Le Vet- Patricia Wrape -- - Mary Alice Scroggin Margaret Ann Porbeck Sister Mary' Frances. R.S.M. 'The Virtues of the mother shall be visited upon the childrenf' -Dickens Dear Graduates of the Class of 1945: Each year as the graduatng class at Mt. St. Marys Academy approaches the end of its high-school days. a representative of the class seeks a message from the Chap- lain for The Mercian. I hope that this is no mere for- mality cr traditional gesture. lt is very evident that the young people of this day need the proper kind of admoni- tion in order to he able to chart their course so as to avoid the prevailing fallacies that are so well disguised that they deceive a large numher of people. The devil uses all his ingenuity to make everyhody feel at home here in this world. He is always suggesting that people forget about Cod and His moral law and set up a plan of living that has the goods of this world for its goal. He points out that virtue is old-fashioned and that comfort and convenience are the prime requisites of a successful life. Freedom is the word to conjure by in this country. Civil freedom, which means that the people rule through their properly chosen representatives. is a splendid system of government. but even a free people must not forget that there is a God and that all authority comes from Him. Our forefathers fought to he free from tyrants and oppressors. but not for licentiousness such as exists here now. It is the consensus of opinion among all right thinking persons. irrespective of their religious tenets. that the fun- damental evil in this nation today is the instability of the marriage bond. From this evil root flows the broken home. juvenile delinquency and many other major ills. Many of you graduates will. in the due course of time. take upon yourselves the duties and the responsibilities of the married life. Remember that marriage is a permanent bond, as it was instituted by Cod. lt is man-made laws that have brought about the present chaotic condition that exists in this country. Divorce and hirth control are a grave threat to this nation's continued existence. During your student days at Mt. St. Mary's you have heen taught the splendid truths that God has revealed. You know what is right. If you are recreant to your duty. you will displease God and make yourselves miserable. You will he a disappointment to your teachers, who spend their lives trying to train girls to be good women. You are equipped to live a good and useful life, May Cod hless you and strengthen you in the day of temptation so that you may he true to Him and a credit to those who follow you with anxious eyes. -T. L, K. -4,- As we come to the close of four memory-filled years. we realize. with mingled feelings of happiness and sorrow. that our care-free high-school days are approaching an end. We are happy because we take with us a wealth of spiritual and mental knowledge. with which we will en- deavor to pattern our lives and the lives of those around us. We experience a feeling of sadness because we leave the protecting inHuence of our lieloved Sisters of Mercy. who. during these past four years. have so patiently and earnestly "guided our steps arightf' During our high-school days. we dedicated all our activi- ties to the Blessed Mother of Cod. the model of Christian womanhood. She is our shining example, and. to us as L'Children of Mary." "she is a tree of Life to them that lay hold on herg and he that shall retain her is blessed." As we near the end of our days at St. Marys. we pause to express to Sister Mary Dorothea. our superiorg to Sister Mary Mark, our sponsor and principalg to Sister Mary Frances. our co-sponsorq to Msgr. T. L. Keany. our spiritual adviser and athletic directorg and to all our dear teachers. our deep sentiments of atiection and appreciation. Realizing that we cannot Htly express in words the extent of our deep gratitude. we pledge to Alma Mater our undy- ing loyalty. praying that our lives may portray her stand- ards. so that it may he said of us also that- i'Her ways are beautiful ways. And all her paths are peaceable." -J. JOHNSON. OUR LADY, QUEEN OF PEACE! f I "Her ways are beautiful ways, f and all her paths are peaceable? 1 . ' T5 I Ex -Proverbs 3:18-19 f AX Q A N f f , 4 , Tl-IE GRADUATES CLASS OF '44 W 'W 1 'fgjfgwif' if find' J , , ,ff FRANCES ATKINSON Born November 23. 1927, in Dermott. Arkansas Entered from Dermott High School. September, 1941 0 letra '43 '44' Cllaminade Club '42. '4-35 Latin Club '42, '43, rcl s' . , Chaminade Club President 744. '45g Clee Club '42. '43. i44, Glee Club President '4-5g Commercial Club '44-g Commercial Club Vice ' " ' " 'l Bazaar Queen '45g President 453 Yictoty Corps 49, ATBIC to National Honor Society '45, "Her ivory hands on the ivory keys Slrnyed in ftfui fHIllHSY.,, MARY LOLISE BANN Born August 12. 1927. in Texarkana, Arkansas Transferred from Providence Academy. Texarkana, September, 1943 Sodality '4-4g Sodality Vice Prefect ,455 Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of the Legion of Mary '44, Vice Prefect of Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of the Legion of Mary '45, Latin Club '44, '45g Commer- cial Club '44. '45g Bio-Chem Club '45: Clee Club '45g Basketball Manager '45g Victory Corps '45. "A sunny girl with a sunny lliSlIOS1'li0ll.,, MARY THERESA BIRNBACH Horn September 13, 1927, in Little Rock. Arkansas Entered from St. Edwards School, September. 1941 Sodality '42. '43. '44, '45, Latin Club '42. '43: Class Secretary 543, Commercial Club Treasurer '44-3 Commercial Club '45g National Honor Society '44, Secretary-Treasurer of National Honor Society '-153 Senior Ball Committee Chairman. SiNHlMl'C was here so lavish of her slore, Tha! she beslow'd until she limi nn more." GEORGIA MARILYN BRUCK Born November 4, 1926. in Little Rock. Arkansas Entered from C-ood Counsel School, September. 1941 Sodality '42, '43, '44, '45g Glee Club '42, Commercial Club '44, '45 Bio-Chem Club '45. "Those happy smilets that played on her ripe lips Seemfd to know what guests were in her eyes." ELIZABETH ANN CARTER Born April 20, 1928, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Patricks School, North Little Rock, September, 1941 Sodality '42, '43, '44, '45, Latin Club '42, '43, Commercial Club '44, '45, junior Red Cross Co-Chairman '45, Victory Corps '45, Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of the Legion of Mary '45. "How pretty her blushing was, and houv she blushed again." PATRICIA MARIE COLE Born .lune 13, 1927, in Little Rock, Arkansas Erxteied from Good Counsel School, September, 194-1 Sotlality '4-2, '43, '44,' 45, Latin Club '42, '43, Bio-Chem Club '44. '45, Commercial Club '44, '45, Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of the Legion of Mary '45. "So gently blending courtexy and art." MARGARET ANN COLLINS Bom October 5, 1927, in Kansas City, Missouri Entered from St. Andrews Cathedral School, September, 1941 Sodality '42, '43, '44, Soclality Co-Chairman of Social Life Committee '45, Le Cerele Francais '4-4, '45, Latin Club '42, '43, Clee Club '42, '43, '44, Commercial Club '44. '45, Class Yice President '44, BiosChem Club '44, '45, Senior Ball Committee Chairman, Victory Corps '45, "A cheery smile and a glad heart." .IO ANN LOUISE Di: BON Born October 25, 1927. in Little Rock. Arkansas Entered from St. PatriCk's School. September, 194-1 Sodality '42, '43, '44, '45, Glee Club '42, Latin Club '42, '43, Commer- cial Cluh '44, '45, Bio-Chem Club '44, '45. "Her raven, curls .... Q hade the bright ' - - h l'vh1." Dark eyes from whirl: they uzlfh t e l,., BETTYE LOU DOLDSON Born March 25, 1927, in Canton, Mississippi E tered from Mt. St. Maty's Junior High School, September. 1941 coming Queen '45, Mai to mittee Chairman. "Thy beauty is as unrlenied As the beauty of a star." ri Spanish Club '42, '43, Commercial Club '44, '45, Bio-Chem Club '44, '45, Basketball '44, '45, Basketball Captain '45, Maid to Trojan Home 'ri Bazaar Queen '45, Senior Ball Com MARILYN ELIZABETH EBBINC Born December 27, 1927, in Little Rock. Arkansas Entered from St. Andrew's Cathedral School, September. 1941 Sudality 112. '43. 'Mg Sodality Secretary '45g Latin Club '42. '43g Com- mercial Cluh '4-1. i453 Bio-Chem Club Secretary '44g Bio-Chem Club llresident '45g National Honor Society '44, WS. Hshl? shalt shim' lion' llillllf' 11 thing A zroman may be marlef' JESSIE MAY EDNIISON Born August 23. 1927. in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered frcm St. Edwardis Sclueol. September. 1941 Sotlallly '42. '-13. '44, '45g Le Cercle Francais '44, 145g Bio-Chem Club 'Mg COl11I!lt'l'C'l2ll Club '4-4, '4-5. "Soft pence she brings 1l'1tere1'e1' she IlI'fil7t"X.,, lllLDA ANY FARRELL Burn April 16, 1928. in Little Hook. Arkansas Entered from St. Andrew's Cathedral Smtliool, Septel ber. 1941 Srmility '-12. 443, i443 Sodalily Chairman of Our Lad ', rrmmittt-'e 44-5: Latin Club '42g Latin Club President '43g Comm rc' Club '4-4. ,431 Glee Club '4-2. '43, '44g Victory Corps '44, '45 Bio-Chem Club '44, '45g Le Cercle Francais '45g National Ho r Scdety '44g Na' tional Honor Society President '45g Class Salu loria . S'She 11111101111 in Su zz ay. A No sun upon an E 'I day, i , 15 half PATRICIA LEE FINDLEY ' lhn n November 5, 1927. in Little Rock, Arkansas Entere rom Mt. St. Nlaiyis ,Iunior High School. September. 1941 Sodality '42, '43, '44-3 Prefect of Sodality '45g Latin Club '4-2. 74-33 Class Treasurer '42, 544g Glee Club 442. '43, '44f. '45g Commercial Club 7455 Bio-Chem Club '44, '45g National Honor Society '44, i451 Our Lady of Lourdes Chauter of the Legion of Mary '44-: Treasurer of Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of the Legion of Mary '45g Victory Corps '44-, '45g Prefs Club '-445 Vice President of Press Club '45g Hklounti' Stall '45g Quill and Scroll '45g "Nlercian" Staffg Class Yaledictorian. "Her noble hearfs the noblest, yes. And liar sure faitlfx the surest." BETTE JEAN FLIPPEN Burn December 23. 1927. in Little Rock. Arkansas Entered from St. Edwards School, Seotember, 1941 Sodality '42, '43. '4-1-. '4-5: Glee Club '4-2: Commercial Club '44, '45. i'And her face so fair Stirfd with lzer dreams, As rose-leaves it-ith the airf' IRENE JEWELL GERKE Born September 1. 1927, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Edward's School, September, 194-1 Sodality '4-2, '43, '4-43 Sodality Co-Chairman of Publicity Committee '4-53 Class Secretary '4-23 Class Treasurer '4-3, Latin Club '42, '43g Glee Club '42, '43, '44, Treasurer of Glee Club '45, Victory Corps '4-4, '45g Commercial Club '44, President of Commercial Club '4f5g National Honor Society '44, '45g Press Club '44, '45, Quill and Scroll '45, "Mount" Stall' '45, "1l1ercian" Staflg Third Claes Honor. "Sweet and nent-in all, Il girl complete." BEATRICE ROSE GLENDENINC Born April 15, 1926, in Plainfield. New lersey Entered from Ht, St, Mary! ,lunior High School, September. 1941 Sodality '42, '-13. '44-, '45, Spanish Club '42, '43g Clee Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Commercial Club '44, '45, Cllaminacle Club '42, A4-3, '44, '4-55 Chaminade Club Treasurer '44g Oreheftra '42, '43 '44' Our lad of Lourl S Cl - ' - Q A Y fe iapter of the Legifn of Mary 13. '44-3 President of Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of the Legion of filary '45, Hfllong Ilze cool sequeslerezl vale nf life Size kept the rzoiseless tenor of her way." JFSTINA CLEMENTINE GIIDOS Born March 21. 1927, in Slovaktown, Arkansas Entered from St. Cyril and Xiethodius School, Slovalxtnwn, September. 194-1 Sodality '42, '43, '44, '4-53 Latin Club '42, '43g Commercial Club '44, '45, "Content lo follow where others lvml the 1,U1ry." t JVLIA ANN HEAD Born October 6, 1926, in Memphis, Tennessee Transferred from Senior High School, Walnut Ridge, Arkansa September, 1944 Commercial Club '45, "On my ear her language fell As if each word decides a spell." CLAUDIA ELIZABETH HEBERT Born May 16. 1926, in Little Rock. Arkansas Transferred from Little Rock Senior High School. September, 1944- Commercial Club '4-5. "A true friend is forever a friend." BERNlCE ANN HENDERSON Born October 4. 1927. in Memphis. Tennessee High School. El Dorado. Atkaneas, Transferred from Senior November. 1942 Scdality '43. '44, '45g Latin Club ,433 Clee Club '43, '44-5 Vice President of Choral Club '45g Commercial Cluh '44-. '45g Bio-Chem Club 14-5. 'gGenlle and nent. dainty mul street! A Imly, inrleerl, from her head lo her feet." LORRAINE MARIE HOOKS Horn March 6, 1928. in Hazen, Arkansas 'l" nelerted from St. Cyril and Metltodius School. Slovaklown, Arkansas, ia September. 1943 Sodality '44, '45g Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of the Legion of Mary ,44g Secretary ci' Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of the Legion of Mary '45g Chaminatle Club '4-4-. '45g Commercial Club '44. '45g National Honor Society ,45. "When she doth smile her face is sweet 1-1.x blossoms after r111n.', WILMA MERLE HORNEK Born December 26. 1927. in Bonltainflexae Transferred from North Little Rock High School. March. 1944 Commercial Club '45: Victory Corps '4-5. , "Be she' fairer than the :lay Or the flou"ry meazls in fllayf' JUANITA ING RAM Born October 4, 1927. in Memphis, Tennessee Transferred from East Side Junior High School. September. 1942 Class President '44, '45g Commercial Club '4-4, '45: Press Club '44-3 Press Club Secretary-Treasurer 7453 Bio-Chem Club '44-. '45g Maid to Trojan Homecoming Queen '45g Maid to Bazaar Queen '45g Victory Corps ,453 Quill and Scroll ,453 g'lVlount" Staff '45g i'Mer- cian" Stadg National Honor Society 45. 'ilforward and fralic glee was there The will to flu, the soul to rlaref, JEAN JOHNSON Born December 7. 1928, in Little Rock. Arkansa: Transferred from East Side Junior High School, January. 1943 Latin Club '43g Commercial Club '45g Bio-Chem Club A455 Trojan Home- coming Queen '45g National Honor Society '4-4. '45g Victory Corps '44-. '45g Press Club '44g President of Press Club '4-5g Quill and Scroll '45g Editor of Wlhe Mount" ,45g Editor of "The Mercianf .4 . . . Devoted, anxious, generous, cold of gutle, Anrl wirh her whole ltearfs welcome in her smile." BETTY .IO KANE Born August 10, 1927, in Des Arc. Arkansas Entered from St. Andrews Cathedral School. September, 1941 Sodality '42, '43, '44, Sodality Chairman of Eucharistic Committee '45, Latin Club '42, '43, Commercial Club '44. '45, Bio-Chem Club '44, '45, Le Cercle Francais '45, Class Treasurer '45, National Honor Society '45. "The mildest mzmner and the gentlest heart." WANDA .IEAN KISSINC-ER Born ,Iune 13, 1927, in Armona, California Entered from St. Andrew's Cathedral School, September, 1941 sodaiiry '42, via, '44' s d 1' , 0 a lty Chairman of Catholic Truth Committee '45, Latin Club '42, '4-3, Glee Club '43, '44, Commercial Club '44, '45, Bio-Chem Club '44 '45' Le Ceicl F ' . , ,, ,e rancars '45, Rocket Cheer Leader '4-5, Victory Corps '44, '45, National Honor Society '44, '45, Class Secretary '45. "The lustre in your e h ea A your fmr usage. ye, ezzven in your cheek, Pl d' ' V " f 41 M 1 if , N 1 S Y LE I DQROTHY GATE LE WEE VJ 13, 1927. in Poughkeepsie, New York Transferred ir m Little Rock Senior High School, September, 1943 ja bdality '44, Sodality Co-Chairman of Social Life Committee '45, Com- mercial Club '44, Bio-Chem Club Vice President '45, Victory Corps Chairman '45, Class Vice President '45' Maid to Bazaar Queen '45' R k ' oc et Cheer Leader '45, Press Club' '45, Quill and Scroll '45, "lVIercian" Staff, National Honor Society '45, A "Alu'rzys gnyest of the gz1y."' VIRGINIA ROSE LONG Born May 8. 1927. in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Edwartl's School, September, 1941 Sotlality '42, '43, '44, '45, Latin Club '42, '43, Commercial Club '44, '45, Choral Club '45, Bio-Chem Club '45. "Her air, her manner, all who sau' admired." OLGA LOUISE LONGINOTTI Born Hay 16. 1927. in North Little Rock. Arkansas Entered from St. Edward's School, September, 1941 Sotlality '42. '4-3. '44, '45, Latin Club '42, '43, Commercial Club '44, '45, Bi0'Cbem Club Treasurer 'fl-4, Bio-Chem Club '45, Choral Club '45. "Far may we search before we jinll A heart so loyal or so kind." 1 AUDREY ADELINE MARCOTTE Born May 21. 1927, in Kankakee, Illinois Entered from Broadview School. Carlisle, Arkansas, September. 1941 Sodality '4-2, '43, '44, '4-5g Spanish Club '42, '43, Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of Legion of Mary '43, '44, '45, Commercial Club '44, '4-5' Class Treasurer '44-3 Bio-Chem Club '45, "As pure as a pearl and as perfert, A nuble and innocent girl." MAYE M11-I LHAUSER Born ,luly 2, 1926. in St. Transferred from North Little Rock High School, Septeniher, 1944- Commercial Cluh '4-5g Victory Corps '45, "Hui she was I1 soft landscape of mild earth W'll0l'l' all rms harmony, lmrl calm, nnfl quiet CHARLSEY VERA MILLER , v Louis. Missouri v" 3 e Born April 16. 1927, in Tampa, Florigw'-X' ' 3 JJ Q Transferred from Holy Name A adenl?jg5Yari'JAnton.iy, Wmcla. I ,,6vv1wJ S9DlE'l'!1ll9'1jl9 2 .' K U4-IJ- Spanish Club '4-3g Bio-Chem Club '44, '4 om rcialbmlr "Her grace of motion, a of o 2 smool . , And xzrimming mr1fest?7 s and tread! 1 qgjf ' ,VV I ji, 1 .1 .IAMIANN MITCHELL Burn December 16. 19271 in Pine Bluff. Arkansas Entered from St. ,luseplfs School, Levy, Arkansas. September. 1941 Sodality '42, '4-3, '44, '4-53 Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of Legion of Mary '44-3 President of Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of Legion of Marv '45, Commercial Club '44, '4-51 Le Cercle Francais '43, '44-3 . . . . V i -l , Q C. n S ,4- Le Cercle Francais Vice President '4-9, Victory ,mp o. "Yet of manners milrlg Anzl zcinning every henrl, she lflifll' to ple11.w." MARY LOUISE MULLICR Born August 26, 1927, in Little Rock, Arkansas lfntered from Good Counsel School, Septemher. 194-1 f4 Sodality '42. '43, '44. '45g Latin Club '42, '43, Class Yice President 2g Commercial Club '44, '45, Bio-Chem Cluh '44-. 40. "Golden hair, like sunlight streaming On the marble nf her shoulders." Born July 19, 1926, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Andrew's Cathedral School, September. 1941 Sodality 742, '43, '44-, '45g Bio-Chem Club '44, '45, Le Cercle Francais '453 Commercial Club '44-. l45. "The voice so sweet, the worrls so fair, As some sofl chime hurl stroked the air., Born August 25, 1928, in Memphis, Tennessee Transferred from Senior High School. Dardanelle, Arkansas, Bio-Chem Club '4-5. "A happy soul, that all the Milly MARY LOU MIQSGROVE Born March 7, 1927. in Horton, Kansas Transferred from North Little Rock High School, September, 19441 Commercial Club '45, Glee Club '4-5g Le Cercle Francais '45. "She Irurlged along, nnknozring what she sought, And whistled as she u,-ent for want of thought." FRANCES ROSE MUSTICCHI Born November 24. 1927, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from MI. St. Mary's Junior High School. September. 1941 Sodality '4-5g Spanish Club '42, '43, Commercial Club ,44, '45g Bio-'Chem Club '4-4, '45g Senior Ball Committee Chairman. UA little nonsense non' and then Is relished by the wisest menf' AILEEN FRANCES 07CONNOR Born November 13, 1926, in Detroit, Michigan ' Entered from Catholic High School, Memphis. Tennessee. September. 194-1 Soflality 54-2, '43, '44, i45g Latin Club '4-2, '4-3g Commercial Club 744, '4-55 Maid to Rocket Homecoming Queen '4-5g Alumnae Bazaar Queen 7453 Junior Red Cross Chairman '45g Victory 'Corps ,455 Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of Legion of Mary '45. "Is .she not more than paintings can express Or youfhful poets fancy, when they loue?,' MARTHA LOUISE OURY JEANNE PATE September, 1944- To heat-en hath a summefs day." MARGARET ANN PORBECK Born .luly 12. 1928. in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Edward's School. September. 1941 Sodality '42, '41-3. '44, '4-5g Latin Club '42, '43g Clee Club '11-23 Commercial Club '4-45 Commercial Club Secretary V154 Bio-Chem Club '445 Bio-Chem Club Treasurer '45g Press Club '-15: Victory Corps '453 Basketball '45g "N1erCianl' Staff. U .. ' r nature marie lzer rrlml she is and never made another." .3 I, Y I N 9jf!JllWELL FAYE PRITCHETT St Ut. Bor March 22, 1926. in Little Rock. Arkansa- ' Transferred from Little Rock Senior High School. September, 1944 Somiality '45, "She hath a heart with room for every joy." MARY DOLORES PROBST Born August 15, 1927. in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Edwarn1's School. September. 1941 Sotlality '-112. '43, '44: Sodality Chairman of Apostolic Committee '45g Latin Club '42. V133 Glee Club '4-2g Secretary of Clee Club '45g Commercial Club '44. '45g National Honor Society '44-5 Vice Presi- dent of National Honor Society V153 Fourth Class Honor. "The mind, the musiz' breathing from her face." DELI-'INA RAMIREZ Born April 11. 1926. in Terry. Arkansas Entered from Good Counsel School, September. 1941 Sodality '4-2. '41-3. '-14. '45: Spanish Club Secretary '42g Spanish Club '43g Commercial Club '44-. '45. "Reser1ferl but pleasant and xineere ' BETTYE NELL RADNEDCE Born May 2, 1928. in North Little Rock. Arkansas Entered from North Little Rock Junior High School. September, 1942 Somlality 513. '-143 Sodality Treasurer '-155 Latin Club '43, '44g Commer- cial Club '44, '45. "She'll with her bring tr joy divine, All thafs gaozl and all lhatls fine." GENEVA 10SEPHlNE REITER Born September 9, 1927, in St. Vincent, Arkansas Transferred from St. Vincent School. September, 1943 Sodality '44, '45, Commercial Club '44-, '4-5, Our Lady of Luurdes Chap- ter of the Legion of Mary '44, Secretary of Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter of the Legion of Mary '45, Bio-Chem Club '45, Glee Club '45, National Honor Society '45. "They whom lrulh mul zfiszlom leall Can gather honey from 11 1vee1l." MARY ALICE SCROCCIN Born June 15, 1926, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Mary's Junior High School, September, 1941 Sodality '42, '4-3, '4-4-. '45, Latin Club '42, '43, Class President '43, Com- mercial Club '44, '45, Bio-Chem Club '45, Le Cercle Francais '44, President of Le Cercle Francais '45, Press Club '45, "Mercian" Staff, National llonor Society '45. "Born for xuccess, she seem'1l Wllh, grace to ufm aml heart to hold." MARY FRANCES SEREDYNSKI Born September 30. 1925, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered t' 1'fm m Blue Hill Sci ttvci l, Marche. Arkansas, September, 1941 Sodality '42, '43, '44, '45, Commercial Club '44, 'el-5, "Speech ix silver, silenzre is golden," ROSE MARY SCHRIVER Born October 20, 1927, in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Mary's Sch r,vms l, North Little Rock, September, 1941 Sodality '42, '43, '44. '45, Commercial Club '44, '4-5. "Oh, why should life all labour be?" is MARY GENEVIEVE SLUYTER Born November 27, 1926. in Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Good Counsel School, September, 1941 Sodality '42. '43, '44-. '45, Glee Club '42, '43, Basketball '45, Maid to Rocket Homecoming Queen '44, '45, Bin-Chem Club '45, Senior Ball Chairman. "And where she went, the flowers took thiclresl root." , 4' CAROLYN OLIVE STACY Born October 16, 1927. in Little Rock, Arkansas Transferred from Little Rock Senior High Schuol, September. 194-3 Cummercial Club '44. '4-5. "Silenmf often, of p 111' e innufence perszurdes when speaking fails." XIARCUERITE LOUISE STRICKLAND Born September 17, 1927, in Little Rock, Arkansas Ente-red from St. Andrevfs Cathedral School, September. 1941 Soclality '42. '43, '44. '45, Glee Club '42. '43, Latin Club '4-2. '43, Le Cercle Francais '44, '45, Commercial Club '44-. '45, Bio-Chem Club '44-. '45. "And grace that uron who saw to wish her slay," MARY EVELYN TROI LLE'1"I' Born March 15. 1928, in Conway. Arkansas Enteretl from St. Andrew's Cathedral School. September. 194-1 Sotlality '42, '4-3, '44, Sodality C0-Chairman of Publicity Committee '45, Class President '4-2, Latin Club '4-2. '43, Vice President of Bin-Chem Club '44, Commercial Club '44, '45, Le Cercle Francais '44, Secretary of Le Cercle Francais '45, Rocket Cheer Leader '45, Rocket Homecoming Queen '45, Victory Corps '45, Press Club '44-, '45, Quill and Scroll '45, "Mount" Staff '45, "Mercian" Staff, National Hunnr Suciety '45. "Not too serious, not too gay, Bu! an ideal girl in every nay." SHIRLEY JEAN lPDHG1iAFl" Born December 9. 1927, in Elon ittw e, L ciii isiana Transferretl f 1'1ni n Little Rock Senior High Srl ieunw l. September. 1941- Bio-Chem Club '45, Commercial Club '45, "Her looks were like lzeamx of the morning sun. Forth-looking through the ll'illIl0IL'S of the east." VIVIAN WARD Born February 16. 1928. in Little Rock. Arkansas Entered from Mt. St. Nlary's junior High School. September. 1941 Soflality '42, '4-3. '4-4. '45, Latin Club '42, '43, Orchestra '42, Orchestra Club Treasurer '43, '44, Class Vice President '43, Chaminade Club '42. '43, '44, '4-5, Clee Club '44-. '45, Commercial Club '44. '45. "Musick-0 hon' faint, how weak Language fades before thy spell!" BOBBIE .10 WINIBERLY Born December 14-, 1923. in Little Rock. Arkansas Entered from East Side Junior High School. January, 1943 Sotlality '43. ,4-4, '4-55 Bio'Chem Club tel-4. '45: Commercial Clulr '44, '45g Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter ol the Legion of Mary '45. "The brightness of her cheek rroulrl shame those starsf' 'ff . MARY PATRICIA WRAPE ' Born March 15, 1928, in Little Roclgfg k 2 PJ Enter-ed from St. Andrew's Cathedral School. . em . 194V . r 1 , V, Sodality 542, '43, '44-, i453 Clee Club 742: Latin Club , ,fl-3' loltjr. cial Cluh V141 Le Cercle Francais '44-, '455 Bio em Cl ' 4, 53 Press Club '45g Victory Corps '45g "Merciani' affg National Honor Society '-1-5. "Her eyes as stars of twilight fair- Lilfe twifighi, too, her rluslcy hair." HELEN MARIE YAECER B rrr' n October 9, 1927, in Conway, Arkansas Entered f r'Lr m St. EflW8l'Cl,S School. September. 1941 Srrdality '42, 'al-3. 44. '4-53 Latin Clulr '42. '43, Commercial Club '44, '4-5. "Good nature and good .sense must ever join." FLORENCE MARY ZAJA C Born January 24. 1927, in North Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from St. Mary's School, North Little Rock. September. Sodalily '42, '13, '44-. '45, Commercial Club '44, '45, 'IArt became the shmlou' Of lhe dear star-light of thy haunting rfyc's."' MARY LOLISE ZAKRZEWSIU Born May 31, 1926, in North Little Rock. Arkansas Entered from St. lllary's School, Nor! r rtt e Sodality '42, '4-3. ,44, '41-5: Commercial Club 'll-4, '45. "When, her delicale feel, ln the dance twinkle 'rounfl, Her slaps are of light, and her home is the airf' l L' l Rock. September, 1941 1941 Class History We who wear the Mercy Crest rings of '45, reluctant to part from our cherished high- school days. refrain from saying good-hye without one last look over the events which marked these past four happy years. September, l941ffifty newcomers to the Mountl Wie were enjoying the thrill of being freshmen, green, yes, but doing our Mgreenestv best in all activities. Took first place as bazaar chance sellers and operated our cake booth with a deep sense of pride. December 3 marked a big day in our lives as we became full-fledged Sodalistsl Then, too, we had parties on special days in the cafeteria, but our frrst May Day celebration and luncheon topped them alll Before we knew it, we were green li'l freshies no longer. After a refreshing summer we came back again feeling sure and confident of the coni- ing sophomore year. Though we took part in the same activities as last year, we felt much wiser and manifested a deep sense of patriotism, putting your every effort into buy- ing war bonds and stamps. We ended the year with this thought still in mind. for wc presented the school with a war bond. Fall of 1943, and we registered as juniors -we were upperclassmen! We began writing for The Mount and really got a thrill when five of us made the Press Club. Due to food rationing, the annual bazaar gave way to the sale of chances, which we helped put over with a bang. Then, to our great joy, eight of us were admitted into the National Honor So- ciety and several more were named proba- tioners. Our big undertaking of the year was the farewell picnic given for the seniors at Lakeside Country Club. Another summer passed and we found that we had actually reached our last and most important year-we were dignihed seniors! ln connection with the annual bazaar, live members of the class were featured in a Queen's contest and honored with a ball. Six of us were initiated into Quill and Scroll and nine more seniors were elected to the National Honor Society. Our anxiously - waited -for mother-of-pearl class rings arrived during three-day retreat. Mary Birnbach won the senior baby pin-up contest which was held to help finance our grand Senior Ball, given April 6. Following in close succession were the operetta L4Martha," the Alumnae Ban- quet,,Class Day, Baccalaureate Sunday, the Junior-Senior picnic. and lastly-Graduation. Yes, the day 'finally arrived which had al- ways seemed so far in the future. The night came when we had to sy good-bye forever to our school days at the Mount, to all the familiar surroundings that seemed to he so much a part of us. Yet, we do not really say good-bye, for we will always cherishlin our minds the memory of our dear Alma Materfand now, with tearful eye and sad- dened but thankful heart, the Class of '45 says-Farewell, St. Maryls. -E. TRo1Lr.eTT and I. GERKE. A I e I Class Prophecy As our senior year is coming to a close, About our future, we consult one who knows. So come with us, as Father Time Foretells our fate, in rhythm and rhyme! Frances and Helen Marie, we find Are concert pianists of the finest kind. We see in the papers, theyire sailing soon, For the Court of England, to play a tune. At Charity Hospital, in New Orleans, La., 0lgfl,S a pediatrician, they say. Sheis ably assisted by Nurse Wanda lean- A Tending sick children they may be seen. The uHour of Charm" features Vivian and Bea: They are valuable, indeed, to Phil Spitalny. At St. Maryls they practiced continuously, And now you can hear them on NBC. Elizabeth Ann and Aileen are now famous models, And their pictures appear on beautyfcream bottles. Vlfhile dining at the Waldorf, they meet Nurse Jo Ann, Discussing case histories with Doctor Bann. Running her own Elite Beauty Salon, Executive Mary Dolores is quite at home. She finds her work interesting-quite! With Shirley posing for ads, that's only right. Wilma and Maye chose the nurses, professiong Their efficiency made quite an impression. Now, theyire married and have bouncing boys, And their interests lie in safety pins and toys. Mary Seredynski took the chance, And in Texas started a ranch. Her title now is no longer Miss- She has realized her every wish. A foreign missionary Marilyn became, And traveling away to distant lands the same, Delfina Ramirez became an interpreteri One whose Spanish is never known to err. Former WACs Flippen, Maller and Bobbie fo Enjoy life, while they cook and they sew. They're happily living in New Selkirk Where their ex-soldier husbands do profitable work. Cuidos and Hebert are making lots of dough, Working on an airplane assembly row. Employed by the firm of Birnbach Sz Company ln which Oary and Stacy haul in the money. Lorraine and Bunny have their own enterpriseg Call "Hooks 62 Marcotte, if you wish to adver- tise. Their private secretary is Marguerite Strickland, For mixing play with work sheis always on hand At the summer resort run by Jessie Mae, Youlll find Charlsey Miller most every day. Shels practicing swimming for next winter's meet, When with Johnny Weismuller she'll try to compete. Dorothy Dix now has much rivalry, 'Cause Nita and Pat write a column, you see. Their advice to the lovelorn is always read By farniann Mitchell and Julia Head. Class Prophecy--Continued The Metropolitan has a new sensation In a beautiful dancer who received an ovation. A upremiere danseusei' is our Hilda Ann- With no competition throughout the land. lean fohnson now has her own columng She writes on subjects both witty and solemn. In Pateis '6Style Journali' you may see her by-line, But now, you can bet. her story's on time! Evelyn is married and has children live, The eldest will soon be getting Hhep to the jive." But her younger ones find a source of much glee In the 5'lVloron Joke Book,', by Dodie Le Vee. These two girls have realized their ambition And MCentral Flyingv now has much compeii- tion. Their flying school is well on its wayg Congratulations to Rosemary and Faye. Frances Mastiechi, Boa and Pete Are keeping their homes both clean and neat. Among their boys, they've formed a football teamg This new group of HRockets" will be on the beam. Louise. Bernice, Virginia and Betty R. Are now angels of mercy, both near and far. As lieutenants in the Nurses' Army and Navy Corps, They've done more than a bit on foreign shores. Flo Zajac took rhyme and ryhthm to heartg She's even finished a volume in part. Illustrated with drawings by Mickey Musgrave, Her poems, when published, will sell in droves. The HHappy Wives' Clubu holds its meetings at four. And former belles of ,4-5 are there by the score. Collins, Pat Cole and Georgia Bruek Discuss their families, while rugs they hook. Betty fo and Irene have very good jobs Working for a company that manufactures door knobs. They type and file, and run bookkeeping machinesg Theyire still as efficient as when in their teens. Porbeck and Scroggin are still visiting the Mountg Their offers of marriage they cannot count. But the chemistry lab still has their affectiong To stay there is their greatest ambition. Geneva Reiter and Patricia Findley Are now earning a pretty penny. In large business firms theyive settled down, To them their bosses many praises do sound. Father Time grows tired and hobbles awayg Heis finished his prophecies for today. We've faced our future, so we must part, With memories of St. lVIary's nearest our heart. -D. LE VEE, J. JOHNSON. Class Will We, the Seniors of Mt. St. Mary's Academy, Class of 1945, here in our last will and testament, being of sound mind and purpose, find it right and just to bestow our greatly treasured possessions on the following: To our beloved superior, Sister Mary Dorothea, to Sister Mary Mark, our prin- cipal and sponsor, to Monsignor Keany, our beloved chaplain, coach and friend, and to all our loved teachers, our sincere appreciation, our deep respect and our alfection. A To our schoolmates, we leave behind, with a tinge of sadness, all the little things that have constituted a part of our hap- piness at the Mount: our love for Sodal- ity meetings, basketball games, and an- nual retreats, our scuffed loafers, bright sweaters and messy lockers, but above all, the spirit of St. Marv's which unites faculty and students in a friendly rela- tionship which is pleasantly experienced throughout our school days. To certain particular friends we will the following individual legacies: Wanda Jean Kissinger and Hilda Ann Farrell, in generous moods, will their neat loose-leaf binders to Virginia Cas- sinelli and Mary Arntz. Pat Cole, Bettye Radnedge and Marv Muller ask that Pat Clark, Juanita Clifft and Virginia Weeks take care of their reserved seats in Sister Markls afternoon classes. Betty Jo Kane, after much thought, leaves her job of collecting class dues to Imelda Thomey. Louise Bann hopes that her good ex- ample of arising at 6 a. m. will be fol- lowed by Marv Frances Bill. Jessie Edmison wills her ability to keep a ufinger in every piei' to Pat Meyer. Frances Atkison bequeaths her musical talents to Betty Thorn. Jeanne Pate has reluctantly decided to will her Hone meat balln to Maxine Booth. Pat Findley and Marilyn Ebbing will their love for fourth-year math l?l to Bernardine Kenney and Mildred Me- trailer. Aileen O,Connor and Elizabeth Ann Carter hope that their love for Red Cross work-and its sponsor-be inherited by Rosie Stuart and Gerry Hamling. Evelyn Troillett and Irene Gerke be- stow their jobs of editing The Sodfz'ist upon Margaret Blankenship and Miriam Steele. Bernice Henderson and Virginia Long bequeath their love for letters received from the armed forces to Mary Adalvn Long and Cecilia Breyel. Helen Marie Yaeger and Mary Dolores Probst will their worries over Shorthand H, along with some headache tablets, to Mary Ann Ball and Mary Ann Adams. Wlilma Horner and Mae Mihlhauser. after much debate, have decided that their weekly trips to the post office go to Mil- lie Kirst and Therese Elkins. Beatrice Glendening leaves her long hours of violin practice to Pat Wyles. Geneva Reiter, Jo Ann De Bon and Olga Longinotti hope that their knack for performing chemistry experiments may be inherited by Mary Agnes Barre, Rita Lynch and Kathryn Probst. Justina Guidos hopes that Mary Fran- ces Serio will inherit her place in the cafeteria and enjoy it as much as she has. Classvvdl Martha Oury and Dellina Ramirez will their back seats in every class to Johnnie Ross and Patty Mulholland. Vivian Ward asks that Hallene Lang receive her interest in the orchestra. Charlsey Miller leaves her example of good posture and graceful walk to Thurs- tine Lambert. Shirley Updegralf bestows her love for our principal on Tillie Taylor. Mary Seredynski and Florence Zajac leave their rides on the inter-city lines to and from school to Theresa Bulmanski and Shirley Elms. Bette Flippen and Louise Zakrzewski generously will their marvelous book- keeping ability to Catherine Zaloudek and Amelia Schmidt. Rose Mary Schriver leaves her tiny stature to Alma Jean Hendrix. Jamiann Mitchell bestows4without re- quiring a precious ration stamp-her size ten shoes on Bobbie Roberts. Lorraine Hooks and Audrey Marcotte hope that their knack for getting ads may be inherited by Irene Shudy and Frances Plafcan. Mary Lou Musgrove wills her envied week-end leaves to Teenie Eggleston. Julia Ann Head leaves her various hair-dos to Areta McCullough. Carolyn Stacy wills her speed in typing to Gretchen Vogler. Betty Hebert asks that her habit of wearing perfect uniforms may be adopted by Marjorie Cook. Bobbie Wimberly wills her day dreams in class to Helen Marie Durbin. Faye Pritchett wishes her ability to sell chances upon Patsy Page. Georgia Bruck requests that her prompt arrival at school each morning be con- tinued by Jackie Pruss. ConHnued Genevieve Sluyter reluctantly gives her excellent Shorthand I grades to Theresa Kordsmeier. Bettye Dodson hopes that Mary Ann Cumnock will take up her proud job of coaching the Freshies. Mary Birnbach, after much considera- tion, leaves her love for the South to .lean Sweeney. Juanita Ingram generously leaves her bottomless locker to Martha Rauch. Frances Musticchi bequeaths her per- fect attendance record to Frances Golden. Jean Johnson wills her furious, last- minute rushes for Mount deadline to Carol Keenan. Mary Scroggin and Margaret Ann Por- beck hope that their love for the Mount will be perpetuated by Mary Ann Lucas and Polly Gilmore. Dodie Le Vee regretfully leaves her love for the present C. H. S. Junior Class to her little sister Judy. Margaret Collins a n d Marguerite Strickland give Rita Call and Nancy Fer- rell their c'Fibber McGhee" locker. Pat Wrape reluctantly wills her chair behind the pillar in chemistry class to Marianne Lyons. In conclusion, we, the members of the Senior Class, wish to express to Sister Mary Frances, Mount and Mercian spon- sor, our gratitude and appreciation for her untiring interest and help, both in our class activities and in our work for the student publications. In witness whereof, we, the Class of l945, do hereby set our hands and seal, this sixteenth day of May, one thousand, nine hundred and forty-five. -P. FINDLEY, M. SCROGGIN, M. A. PORBECK. Class Calendar September 6-9-Registration week for a new school year. As seniors, we returned to greet our schoolmates among the "under- classmenf, September I2-School was formally opened with Mass in the Chapel and a sermon by Msgr. Keany. September 15-The Senior Class elected Jua- nita Ingram presidentg Dodie Le Vee, vice presidentg Wanda Jean Kissinger, secre- ' taryg and Betty Jo Kane, treasurer. September 20-The first show of the year starred Fred MacMurray and Harriet Hil- liard in NCoconut Crovef, September 21-Mary Evelyn Troillett, Dodie Le Vee and Wanda Jean Kissinger were chosen by the Rocket team members to be co-cheer leaders. September 24-The boarding students cele- brated Mercy Day with an outdoor supper held on the back campus. September 25- The Mount staff was an- nounced and Work was begun on the Octo- ber issue. September 29-Pat Findley presided as new prefect at the first meeting of the Sodality. October 3fThe jeep campaign was begun with the Press Club members serving as war stamp salesman. October 5-Colonel Daniel B. Byrd addressed the student body and faculty concerning his experiences with prisoners of war. October 9-Basketball practice was started. October 15-First issue of The Mount came out, with Jean Johnson, editor. October I6-Magazine drive started with Irene Gerke and Bernice Henderson as sub- scription team captains. October I8-Wfhe Count of Monte Criston was enjoyed by the student body and faculty. October 23-Mr. and Mrs. Leo Krebs enter- tained the MBellesN with their annual tip- off supper. October 25-The work of the Mt. St. Mary's Chapter of the Junior Red Cross was re- sumed with Aileen O,C0nnor's appointment as chairman and Elizabeth Carter as co- chairman. November 5-Evelyn Troillett and Jean John- son reigned as queens at the Catholic Hi- Subiaco homecoming game. Genevieve Sluyter, Aileen O,Connor, Bettye Dodson and Juanita Ingram served as maids. November 7-End of the magazine drive. November 7-First class in home nursing be- gan under the direction of Mrs. B. L. Phillips, R. N. November ll-Victor Mature. Louise Platt. Bruce Cabot and Leo Carril-lo starred in "Captain Caution." November I7-End of the successful 4'Pen- nies-for-Pamphletsw drive with the purchase of 600 pamphlets to be sent to the boys in the armed forces. November 20-Students participate in the successful annual Alumnae Bazaar. November 28-Aileen O'Conner was crowned queen at the Alumnae Bazaar Ball. Jua- nita Ingram, Dodie Le Vee, Frances Atkin- son and Betty Dodson served as her maids. November 29-Out for Thanksgiving holi- days! All aboard for home! December 7-The jeep campaign went Hover the top" with enough war bond and stamp funds to purchase also a field ambulance. December 8-Forty-six members were re- ceived into the Sodality for the feast of the Immaculate Conception. December 13-Allan Jones and Susanna Fos- ter. starring in "There's Magic in Musicf, entertained the students and faculty. December l4fBelles opened their season by defeating Routh Furniture Company team, 23-17. Class Calendar--Continued December 20-Before dismissal for Christmas holidays, Le Cercle Francais serenaded the p classes with carols in French. Grade-school pupils also carolled through the halls. January 3-Back to school after a wonderful Christmas vacation. January 8-4'Joan of Arc," presented by the Misner Players, was enjoyed by the student body and faculty. January 10-Miss Emma Jane Randalle read 4'The Passing of the Third Floor Back" and several of Joyce Kilmer's most famous poems. January 10-Bing Crosby and Gloria Jean's Ulf I Had My Way" was shown in the gym. January 17-19-Mid-term exams! January 22-First snow of the year-lasted till noon! January 27-4'The Melody Master" was pre- sented to the student body under the spon- sorship of the Chaminade Music Club. February l-Beginning of the Spring War Bond and Stamp drive with Dodie Le Vee as chairman. February 6-Jean Johnson was appointed edi- tor of The Mercian. February 9-A group of Sodalists presented the play 'tlt Won't Hurt Me" in connection with Catholic Press Month. February 16-Monty Woolley appeared in Wlnhe Pied Piper." February 20-Genevieve Sluyter was elected Senior Ball chairman. February 26-Seniors finally received their mother-of-pearl class' rings. February 26-27-28-A three-day retreat was held with Father McDonnell as retreat master. March 7-Students attended Mass in the chapel on Msgr. Keany's feast day. March 8-Father Keanyis feast day was cele- brated with two basketball games in the gym. March 14-4Dr. Eric Sorantin, concert violin- ist, and former conductor of the Vienna Symphony, entertained a very enthusiastic audience. March 16-A play, "Vocation Room," was presented by a number of Sodalists in con- nection with Vocation Week. March 20-Mother Provincial visited the classes. March 23AClose of the aBaby Beautiful" contest with a program presented by the seniors. March 27-Out for the Easter holidays! April 6-Senior Ball! What happy memo- ries still remain! April 10-Junior issue of The Mount an- nounced the results of the Senior Person- ality Poll. April 12-Seniors served as honorary pall- bearers at funeral of Sister M. Magdalene, academy librarian. April 18fQuill and Scroll initiation. April 27-The hours were happily danced away at Catholic High Senior Ball. April 30-The operetta "Martha" was pre- sented by the members of the Choral Club and Catholic High Boys, Choir, under the direction of Mrs. Paul Fischer. May 1-May Day was celebrated with the crowning of the Blessed Virgin as Queen of May. May 3vSonja Henie and John Wayne starred in 4'Sun Valley Serenade." May 16-The Mercizm was distributed at the Class Day program by the seniors. May 17-The juniors entertained the seniors with a wonderful all-day picnic at Lake- side Country Club. May 20-Baccalaureate Sunday. May 274We were admitted into the St. Mary's Alumnae at the alumnae banquet. May 23-Graduation Day-We bade our Alma Mater and our memorable high- school days a fond farewell. -P. WRAPE. OUR LADY, QUEEN OF PEACE! "Her ways are beautiful ways, X W and all her paths are peaceablef' If fs, -Proverbs 3:18-19 X I I Qi THE CLASSES SEEKING KNOWLEDGE IN THE LIBRARY unior Class NTARY ANN Lrcixs MARY ANN CUMINUCK Cimol. Krzl-AAN President Vice President Secretary Mary Ann Adams Carolyn Bailey Mary Ann Ball Mary Agnes Barre Margaret Blankenship Billie Louise Bowley Theresa Bulmanski Billie .lean Butler Rita Call Joanne Chamberlain Adelaide Chudy Patricia Clark .luanita Cliilt Marjorie Cook Mziry Ann Cumnock Billie .lean Dorsey Frances Downing Helen Marie Durbin Mary Therese Elkins Shirley Ann Elms Mary Lou Fells Nancy Jane Ferrell Polly Ann Gilmore Junior Class Roll Marjorie Hartz Sahena Ann Hoyt Dolores llgner Patricia .lones Carolyn Judah Carol Keenan Jacqueline Kelty Bernardine Kenney Millicent Kirst Theresa Kordsmeier Ma1'y Ellen Lewis Mary Adalyn Long: Mary Ann Lucas Rita Lynch Marianne Lyons Aline Marak Gloria Martello Clarice Martin Billie McAllister Areta McCullough Marjorie Meehan Mildred Metrailer Marjorie Morris lMm.nA ANN THUMLY Treasurer Patricia Mulholland Helen Parnell Frances Plafcan Kathryn Prolist Jackie Rose Pruss Martha Rauch Johnnie Marie Ross Amelia Schmidt Emma Lou Seamon Irene Shudy Miriam Steele Jean Stowers Jean Rita Sweeney Frances Jean Taylor Mary Helen Thomas Imelda Ann Thomey Gretchen Vogler Virginia Weeks Lois Ann Wilkie Mildred Doris Wood on Patricia Wyles Catherine Zaloudek Sophomore Class MARY ELIZABETH BUJARSKI MARY JAC SXIIIIJR PATRICIA Roc MARY JO SANDERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Sophomore Class Roll Bonnie Adair Mary Arntz Mary Frances Bill Helen Ann Booth Margaret Breyel Theresa Breyel Mary Elizabeth Bujarski Alma Marie Bulmanski Margaret Ann Burnett Virginia Cassinelli Patricia Chamberlain Carolyn Cypert Martha Davidson Otelia Drew Ora Lee Eggleston Mildred Fredrich Dolores Clendening Patricia Hain Betty Ruth Hamling Geraldine Hamling Ulah Gay Hart Alma .lean Hendrix Clara Hum Patricia Hurley Betty Ivey Dolores Reed Jones Patricia Knoedl Dolores Krah .lulia Ann 'Krallman Thurstine Lambert .loan Lancaster Louise Ann Lock Patricia Loetscher Patricia Lynch Hilda Mae Massery Thelma Massery Addie Ruth May Patricia Meyer Mary Carolyn Miller Mary .lean Miller Mary Agnes Morrison Bernadine Narey .lo Ann Newby Madelon Norbury Kathleen Nord Sally O'Connor Carolyn Oswald Marilyn Oswald Josephine Payne Mary Ellen Penny Gloria .loan Phillips Laverne Powell Bettv Lou Pozza Patricia Roe Sue Rothman Maly Jo Sanders Mary Frances Serio Mary Jac Snider Rose Marie Stuart Mary Frances Sutter Barbara Toland Rose Toland Marie Urbani Lavinia Wheat ,lean Wilkins Jeannine Williams Mary Zaloudek l:I'CSl"lm5I'I Class BETTY Powizrl, POLLY WENT' Jo STEWART jrm' BICCALI. President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Mary Louise Andreelli Charlotte Ann Ashcraft Dorothy Ballman Allene Ballou Kathleen Ballou Rose Ballou Angeline Bednar Betty Ann Black Grace Booth Maxine Booth Cecelia Breyel Mary Ann Breyel Ava Marie Bryant Henry Etta Buildenberg Earleen Calclarera Marguerite Cumnock Johnnie Lee Dill Peggy Doig Johnnie Fegert Janet Garhacz Frances Colden Freshman Class Roll Lavonne Griffen Anita Culletl Rose Marie Hess Dolores Hollenberg Grace Hoyt Betty .lo Jackson Rosalyn .lones .lane Keaton Louise Kochtitzky Hallene Lang Lenora Marie Leonard Aloise Lvnch Marie Lynch Betty Lou Mabbitt Mary Frances Malachowski Dorothy Louise Massa-ry Judy McCall Beatrice Meyer Radine Miller Alice Muller Mary Myers Patricia Ann Page Phyllis Ann Phillips Betty Powell Bobbie Prather Mary Louise Renz Edith Rhein Bobbie lean Roberts Rose Marie Schmidt Anna Mae Smith innocence Spinelli Helen Stroble .lu Stuart Bettye Thorp Mary Theresa Van Dusen Mary Joan Waggoner Annette Wahlgreen .lean Walpole Polly Weny Carolyn Whitfield Marie Whitfield X w 1 W , N , X fx f I nga 1, f L f 1 ,J OUR LADY, QUEEN OF PEACE! g'Her ways are beautiful ways, and all her paths are peaceablef, -Proverbs 3:18-X19 CAMPUS CLUBS PRESS CLUB LAUNCHES THE '45 MERCIAN Sodality of The Blessed Virgin Seated. left to right: Dodie Le Vee, Margaret Ann Collins, Hilda Ann Farrell, Bettye Radnedge, Treasurerg Marilyn Ebbing. Secretaryg Betty Jo Kane, Mary Evelyn Troillett, Irene Gerke. Standing: Mary Dolores Prohst, Louise Bann. Vice Prefectg Patricia Findley. Prefectg Wanda Jean Kissinger. The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary. under the direction of Sister Mary Mark. cele- brated this year its sixtyvhrst anniversary of affiliation with the Prima Primaria in Rome, The most active organization on the campus. the Sodality had for its main project the con- tinuation of financing a hoarding scholarship for a convert who would otherwise not he ahle to attend a Catholic school, Among the various other activities of the year, the Sodality spon- snred a "Pennies-for-Pamphlets" drive, Sending 600 pamphlets to a chaplain in the armed forces. Two skits were presented under the direction of the Catholic Truth and Apostolic Commit- tees: one during Catholic Press Month, the other during Vocation Week, The Sodrzlisl, the Sodalily news sheet, was distributed twice a month hy the Puhlicity Committee. On December 8. Feast of the Immaculate Conception. forty-six candidates were received into the Sodality hy Very Rev. Msgr. T. L. Keany. At the annual May Day celebration, little First Communicant, Paula Ann Lipsmeyer, as- sisted hy Sodality oliicers and the other mem- bers of the First Communion Class. crowned the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Queen of May. Patricia Findley. Sodality prefect, read the Act of Consecration to the Blessed Mother. The ceremony closed with Benedic- tion of the Most Blessed Sacrament. PATRICKA F1Nrn.r:v Louise BANN Sndality Prefect ' Vice Prefect Maxim' N EBBINC Bi:T'rvi1 RADN ance Secretary Treasurer Chaminacle and Choral Clubs Seated, left to Aright: Frances Atkinson, President: Mary Helen Thomas, Program Chairman. Standing: -Mariorie Hartz, Entertainment Po-Chairman: Patricia Clark, Secretary: Lois Ann Wilkie, Entertainment Co-Chairman: Beatrice Glentlening, Treasurerg Vivian Ward, Vice President. The Chaminade Club, affiliated member of the National Federation of Music Clubs, began its tifth successful year under the direction of Sister Mary Pauline and Sister Mary John Baptist. Under the auspices of the Chaminade Music Club. Dr. Eric Sorantin, former conductor of the Vienna Symphony, was presented in concert at Mt. St. Maryls on March 14. Frances Atkinson, president of the Chaminade Club, was presented in recital at the end of the year. and several other group recitals were given by the members of the club. Besides these activities various members have fur- nished music for many outside organizations. including the Knights of Columbus. whom they entertained with music during their annual banquet. The Chaminade Club closed its activities for the year with a dinner given in May. The Choral Club. under the direction of Mrs. Paul Fischer, presented the operetta "Martha,' on April 30 in the Mount auditorium. The leads for the operctta were taken by Marjorie Hartz and Patricia Meyerg other parts were filled by members of the Choral Club and of the Cath- olic High Boys' Choir. Members of the wind and string section of the orchestra assisted with the accompaniment. A selected group from the Choral Club assisted the choir on several occasions, and the ensemble sang the commence- ment choruses. Seated, left to right: Bernice Henderson, Vice Presidentg Marjorie Hartz, Frances Atkinson. Presidentg Louise Bann, Mary Dolores Probst, Secretaryg Irene Gerke, Treasurer. Stanvding, first row: Mary Zaloudek, Joan Lancaster, Marjorie Morris, Carolyn Cypert, Emma Lou Seamon, Patricia Findley, Jean Sweeney, Patricia Roe, Margaret Ann Burnett, Patricia Clark, Mary Arntz, Virginia Long, Beatrice Glendening, Patricia Meyer. Second row: Mary Lou Musgrove, Judy McCall, Olga Longinotti, Jo Ann Newby, Lois Ann Wilkie, Julia Ann Krallman, Thelma Massery, Mary Frances Suttor, Geneva Reiter, Lavinia Wheat. National l'lonor Society Top, left to right: Hilda Ann Farrell. President: Mary Dolores Piolist. Vice Presidentg Mary Birnhacli, Secretary-Treasurer: .lean johnson, Patricia Findley. Second row: Juanita lngram. Marilyn Ehhing. Frances Atkinson. lrene Cerke, Geneva Reiter, Wanda .lean Kissinger. Third row: Dodie Le Vee, Belly .lo Kane, Patricia Whape. Mary Alice Scroggin. Mary Evelyn Troillett. Lorraine Hooks. Bottom row: Patricia Clark, Mary Helen Thomas, Carol Keenan. .luhnnie Ross. Patricia Mulhol- lanrl, Frances Plafcan. Eight seniors and six juniors were elected to membership in the Fidelis Chapter of the National Honor Society at a special meeting of the faculty Nominating Com- mittee, held in March. Students considered for admittance into the National Honor Society must he of junior or senior standingg must have been at the Mount for at least one full yearg must maintain a minimum scholastic average of 90 per centg and rank high in lead- ership, service. and character. Sister M. Mark is faculty sponsor of the Fidelis Chapter. whose main at-tivitv for the year was assisting to maintain silence and order among the students on their way to and from the chapel for religious exercises. Mount Press Club t Top row, left to right: Mary Evelyn Troillelt, Patricia Findley, Vice President, Jean Johnson, Presidentg Juanita Ingram, Secretary-Treasurerg Irene Gerke. Second row: Margaret Ann Porbeck, Patricia Wrape, Lois Ann Wilkie, Dodie Le Vee. Mary Alice Scroggin. Third row: Johnnie Ross, Mary Helen Thomas, Mary Ann Lucas, Patricia Clark, Martha Rauch, Patricia Jones. Not pictured, Marjorie Meehan. The Mount Press Club, organized in 1938 by Sister Mary Frances, is celebrating its seventh anniversary this year. The club roster, originally containing the names of thirteen charter members, now includes one hundred eight full members, and several probatioriers. Requirements which a student must fulfill for Press Club member- ship are: junior or senior standing, at least a NB" English average, and 200 printed lines of writing in The Mount. Besides writing for the monthly school paper, members of the Mount Press Club received honor- able mention in several Quill and Scroll national writing contests, and have reported school news for the local papers. The weekly sale of defense stamps and bonds was again sponsored by the Press Club. Through this activity, St. Mary's purchased an army jeep, a field ambulance, and several outfits of aviators, life-saving equip- ment this year. S. P. R. Latin Club Left to right: Carol Keenan, Vice President, Janet Garbacz, Treasurer, Mary Helen Tlmma President: Ora Lee Eggleston. Secreiaryg Marjorie Meehan. PI'0gI'8Il'l Chairmanr S. P. R. Latin Club, under the sponsorship of Sister Mary Emmanuel. was reorganized early in the fall. During the first semester, the Latin Club inducted eightyetwo members into the Junior Classical League. Monthly meetings included on the program games. quizzes, and reports on various phases of Latin influence. Meetings held during the second semester were designed to show the influence of Christianity on the pagan civilization of Rome. Club members celebrated Latin Week in Arkansas, April l6-20, with a special program. The club closed the activities for the year with a party honoring the senior members of S. P. R. Le Cercle Francais Left to right: .lamiann Mitchell, Vice Presidentg Martha Oury, Librariang Mary Alice Scroggin President, Aline Marak. Treasurer, Mary Evelyn Troillett, Secretary. Le Cercle Francais, Mt. St. lVlary's Chapter of L'Alliance Fran- caise, national association of French clubs, reorganized early in October under the sponsorship of Sister Mary Frances. The club took for its main project, during the year, the study of Fr nch saints, including St. Therese, Bernadette of Lourdes, Jeanne D,Arc, St. Genevieve of Paris, and the Cure of Ars. Serenading the students before the Christmas hol days with carols sung in French, making valentines with French ve ses for the club scrapbook, and a spring party with bridge played in French were included in the year's activities, besides the usual French word games and quizzes enjoyed at the regular meetings. Le Cercle Francais closed the year's program with an outdoor luncheon honoring the club officers and senior members. Bio-Chem Club Iv se we - Left to right: Marilyn Ebbing. Presidentg Jackie Rose Pruss, Secrelaryg Dodie Le Vee, Vice Presidentg Margaret Ann Porhf-ck. Treasurer. Bio-Chem Club, under the sponsorship of Sister lVl. Declan, was reorganized in October, with the election of officers to serve for the year. Study of the distribution, conservation and use of Arkansas, natural resources was the purpose of the club work for the year. Interest in projects which were assigned to groups was stimulated by collection of native mineral specimens, which are helpful to the war eflortg construction of maps of agricultural and forest prod- ucts. illustrated talks on wild life, field trips, literature received from various state commissions, and description of various state parks and recreational areas. The Bio-Chem Club continues its affiliation with the Science Clubs of America, an association which promotes scientific research. Commercial Club Left to right: liene Gerke, Presidentg Frances Atkinson, Vice Presidentg Margaret Ann Porbeck SCLICISIYQ Marjorie Hartz. Treasurer. Mt. St. Mary7s Commercial Club reorganized in September, under the sponsorship of Sister Mary Thomasine, with the election of officers and formulation of plans for the yearis activities. Several skits and contests were presented at meetings throughout the year, and awards for typing and shorthand speed ceitlicates were Won by several senior and junior Commercial Club members. Shorthand awards include the 100-word certihcate won by Mary Dolores Probst and lrene Gerkeg 30 words, Lorraine Hooks, Vivian Ward, Mary Dolores Probst, Irene Gerke, Mary Scroggin, Frances Atkinson, Mary Evelyn Troillett, Aileen 0,C0nn0r, Mary Birnbach, Juanita Clifft, Mary Therese Elkins, Margaret Blankenship. Virginia Weeks, Catherine Zaloudek and Julia Ann Headg 60 words, Gretchen Vogler. Typing speed certificates for more than 50 words a minute were won by Lorraine Hooks and Frances Atkinsong 40 words, Martha Rauch and Kathryn Probstg 30 Words. Pat Clark. Johnnie Ross, Mildred Wood- son, Mary Agnes Barre, Pat Jones and Juanita Clifft. Commercial Club dues for the first semester were given toward the drive to purchase a Held ambulance through the sale of War Stamps and Bonds. l Quill and Scroll Left to right: .luanita Ingram, Dodie Le Vee, Jean Johnson, Mary Evelyn Troillett, Patricia Findley, Irene Gerke. Six neyv members were admitted into the Mercian Chapter of Quill and Scroll, international honorary society for high-school journalists, the evening of April 18, at the sixth annual initiation ceremony, held in the Recital Hall. The program included a two-piano number by Frances Atkinson and Patricia Clark, and a violin duet played by Vivian Ward and Beatrice Glendening. Miss .Ioan Osborn, '4-2, member of the Mercian Chapter of Quill and Scroll and former Mount and Mercuzn staff member, conducted the initiation and spoke on 6'Putting High-School Journalism to Work in a Business Officef' Newly elected members are: ,lean Johnson, president of the Press Club, editor of The Mount, editor of The Merciang Patricia Findley, vice president of Press Club, Mount staff, co-advertising manager of The Merciang Juanita Ingram, secretary-treasurer of Press Club, Mount staif, business manager of The Merciang Irene Gerke, Mount staff, c0-adver- tising manager of The Merciang Mary Evelyn Troillett, Mount staff, circulation manager of The ATEVCIZGIIQ Dodie Le Vee, Press Club member, feature editor of The M-ercian. , I OUR LADY, QUEEN OF PEACE! 4'Her ways are beautiful ways, and all her paths are peaceable? -Proverbs 3:18-19 CAMPUS ACTIVITIES FORMAL BELLES OF ST. MARYS Belles of Saint Nlaryis Left to right: Polly Ann Gilmore. guard, Genevieve Sluyter. forward: Mary Birnbach. forwardg Louise Bann, managerg Mary Ann Cumnock. guardg Bettye Dodson, fnrwardg Patricia llain. guard: Margaret Blankenship. guarrlg Margaret Ann Porhec-lx. forvxardg Msgr. T. L. Keany. athletic Roach. Not picturecl: Gretchen Voigler. forward. Getting the ball at the tip-off supper, graciously supplied by Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Krebs, this yearis edition of the Belles kept pegging away at the bucket all year and finally came up with fourteen victories, seven losses, and one tie game. Only one regular player was left from last season in the person of Bettye Dodson, a former guard, who shifted position and became a ball-handling forward. Gene- vieve Sluyter, the last of a long line of ball-playing Sluyter sisters, played her first year on the team, as did also Margaret Ann Porbeck, who managed the pivot position. Mary Birnbach, forward, and Louise Banu, manager, complete the roster of graduat- ing Belles. Entering the State A. A. U. Tournament for the fourteenth consecutive year, Mt. St. Mary's Belles is the only team in the state that has never missed being a tournament starter. Although A. A. U. history for the Belles has been glorious in the past, the team's only claim to tournament fame this year was Genevieve Sluyter's placing as runner-up in the free-throw contest. The curtain fell on the seasonis activities with the annual banquet, held in April, with which Mr. and Mrs. Krebs honored the Belles. Homecoming Royalty Sealed. left to right: Rocket Queen, Mary Evelyn Troillettg Trojan Queen, Jean Johnson. Standing: Genevieve Sluyter, Aileen O'Connor, Rocket Ylaidsg Bettye Dodson, Juanita lngram. Trojan Maids. Mary Evelyn Troillett reigned as Rocket Homecoming Queen and Jean Johnson as Trojan Queen at the annual homecoming game between Catholic High and Subiaco. The queens and their maids were elected from St. Maryls girls by the Rocket football squad. Serving as maids to the Rocket Queen were Aileen OlConnor and Genevieve Sluyter. Bettye Dodson and Juanita Ingram were maids to the Trojan Royalty. Corsages of yellow chrysanthemums were given the queens. Then each captain presented his team's queen with a bouquet, matching the corsages. The queens in turn handed the team captains the footballs. Each maid was given a chrysanthemum corsage with the same color ribbon which tied her queenis bouquet. Immediately after the game, which was a 13-to-6 victory for the Trojans, the teams and royalty were honored with a spaghetti supper at C. H. S. gym. That evening they were again honored with a dance at the Cathedral Parish Hall. BGZGGI' CDUZGITS Juanita Ingram. Domlie Ve Lee. Queen Aileen O'Connor, Frances Atkinson. Bettye Dodso The Alumnae Bazaar Queen's Ball, held in the gym, November 28, was highlighted with the crowning of Aileen 0,Conn0r as Queen of the Ball. The title was won by Queen Aileen as candidate for the Senior Class which earned the most votes for its nominee. Each class chose a candidate and backed her with votes earned through pre-bazaar activities. Nominees from the other classes formed the Royal Court. Each lady-in-waiting to the Queen received a beautiful bouquet of white chrysanthemums from her campaign manager. The court consisted of Dodie Le Vee, candidate from the Sophomore Class, with manager Mary Jean Millerg Frances Atkinson, choice of the grade school, with Anna Ruth Rankin assistingg Juanita Ingram, Junior Class representative, with Mary Helen Thomasg and Bettye Dodson, assisted by Carolyn Whitfield. freshman manager. Queen Aileen was crowned with an orchid by Miss Lillian Sum- mers. president of Mt. St. Mary's Alumnae Association. H Qur Senior Bail Left to right: Bettye Dodson. Margaret Ann Collins, Genevieve Sluyter. Mary Birnlvach Frances Musticchi. Spring was the keynote as the boys and girls danced the hours away at the annual Senior Ball. The prom, held April 6 in the school gymnasium, was provided with music by Tommy Scott's orchestra. Seniors were introduced from the stage and each made her entry through a flower-covered arch. At the foot of the steps she was met by her escort and took her place in the Grand March. Led by the Senior Class officers, followed by the ball chairmen, and campus activity leaders, the march was conducted to the strains of L'The Bells of St. lVlary7s.', The program included six "no-break" dances, and four specials: Alum- nae Special, Senior Special, Junior Special, and Catholic High Special. Chaperons were the parents of the seniors. Genevieve Sluyter, chairman of the ball, was assisted by Mary Birnbach, in charge of ticketsg Bettye Dodson, assessments, Frances Musticchi, pub- licity, and Margaret Ann' Collins, decorations. Mount Victory Corps Top. left to right: Juanita Ingram. Frances Atkinson. Mary Evelyn Troillelt, Jean Johnson. Irene Gerke. Patricia Findley, Jamiann Mitchell, Maye Mililhauser. CEIHCFZ P1iIIiCi8 WI'-ripe. Elizabeth Ann Carter, Red Cross Co-Chairmang Dorlie Le Vee, Victory Corps Chairman, Aileen 0'Connor, Red Cross Co-Chailmang Wilma Horner. Bottom: Billie Bowley, Louise Banu. Wanda Jean Kissinger. Hilda Ann Farrell. Johnnie Ross. Margaret Ann Collins, Margaret Ann Porbeck. Patricia Jones. The Mount Victory Corps. which includes Schools-at-War and Junior Red Cross work, con- tinued its main activity of recent years with the weekly sale of war stamps and bonds. Press Club members and probationers, under the spon- sorship of Sister Mary Frances, who served as salesmen were Dodie Le Vee, chairman and salesman to the grade schoolg Juanita Ingram. Irene Gerke, Margaret Ann Porbeck, Jean John- son, Patricia Wrape. Margaret Ann Collins, Patricia Findley, Louise Bann, Jamiann Mitchell, Mary Evelyn Troillett, Wanda Jean Kissinger and Frances Atkinson, senior salesmeng and Billie Bowley, Pat Jones and Johnnie Ross, junior salesmen. Average weekly sales for the year were be- tween ZiliI50 and 25200. A jeep campaign went hover the topl' in the Sixth War Loan Drive, both the ieep and a Held ambulance were pur- chased. During the second semester a drive was conducted to linance purchase of several sets of aviators, life-saving equipment. A citation from the U. S. Treasury Department was received by the school for its laudable participation in the War Bond drives. Mount Chapter of the Junior Red Cross. with Sister Mary Emmanuel as sponsor. was com- posed of 100 per cent student enrollment. With Aileen O,Connor as chairman and Elizabeth Ann Carter, co-chairman, Mt. St. Maryis Chapter ol' the Junior Red Cross donated 100 individual Christmas gift boxes for boys at Camp Robin- son. collected magazines for distribution on troop trains, made an afghan, and contributed to the recent Red Cross drive for funds. The grade school filled two educational gift boxes for the children in the liberated countries of Europe, and all classes took part in the monthly campaign for waste paper, sponsored by the P. T. A. Personality Poll L -Qt Left: Patricia Findley, Jean Johnson. Center: Mary Evelyn Troillett. Right: Mary Alice Scroggin, Juanita Ingram. ln V from top, left. reading down and to top, right: Frances Atkinson, Genevieve Sluyter. Margaret Ann Collins, Margaret Ann Porbeck, Bettye Dodson. Beatrice Glendening. Shirley Updegraff. Jeanne Pate. ln the recent Junior Personality Poll, Evelyn Troillett won the distinction of being chosen "ideal St. Mary's Girlf' as well as "Most Friendly," and second place as the "Sweetesti' senior. Pat Findley won second-place honors as "ideal St. Mary's Girl." She also merited the titles of S'B8st Student," "Most Dependable." and ranked second as "Best Leader" and the senior with the "Most Pleasing Personalityf' Mary Alice Scroggin took the third-place honor as nldeal St. Maryis Girl," second place as "Best All- ,Roundf and tied with Jean Johnson for third place as the senior with the "Most School Spirit." Jean Johnson was voted 'AMost Likely to Succeed." as well as second "Most Dependable" and "Most Likely to Be Missed." and tied for third place as the graduate with "The Most School Spirit? Juanita Ingram was named "Best Leader" and won second-place honors as "Most Likely to Succeed" and the senior with the "Most Pleasing Personality." She also received third-place votes as "Most Dependable." :3M?st Friendly," and was fourth as "Ideal St. Mary's ll' . I The titles of "Most Likely to Be Missedfi senior with the "Most School Spiritfl and "Best All-Around" went to Margaret Ann Porheck. who was also named second 'ABest Athletef, Bettye Dodson, "Best Athlete." also received third- piace titles of "Most Likely to Be Missed" and "Pret- tiestf' Shirley Updegraff took first-placelhonors as "Pret- tiest" and "Most Attractive." Aileen 0'Connor was second as "Prettiest" and tied with Frances Atkinson for third place as "Most Attractive? Pat Wrape ranked second as "Most Attractive." Beatrice Glendening was voted the "Sweetest" senior and tied with Vivian Ward for third place as "Most Talentedfi The title of "Best Natured" was awarded to Jeanne Pate. Margaret Ann Collins received the distinction of being the graduate with the "Most Pleas- ing Personality" along with second-place honors for "Most Friendlyw and a tie with Audrey Marcotte for third place as "Best All-Around? Genevieve Sluyter, "Cutest Seniorf' also ranked third as i'Best Athletef' Frances Atkinson was named "Most Talentedfi second "Best Student," and tied for third i'Most Attractive." I Other seniors who received runner-up positions were Mary Birnbach as second-place winner as 'iCutest," and Joan DeBon, who placed third for the title: Frances Musticchi, second as "Best Natured" senior. and Hilda Ann Farrell, who was voted second as "Most Talented." Campus Activity Leaclers Campus activity leaders at St. Maryis are presidents of the clubs responsible for the various extra-curricular activities. Pictured above are, front row, left to right: ,Ie-an Johnson, President of the Mount Press Clubg Frances Atkinson, Chaminade Music Clubg Patricia Findley, Sodality: Marilyn Ebbing. Bio-Chem Club. Back row. left to right: Irene Gerke, Commercial Cluhg Mary Alice Scrogzgin, Le Cercle Francaisg Hilda Ann Farrell, National Honor Society g Mary Helen Thomas, SPQR Latin Club. SCHOOLS-AT-WAR ACTIVITIES RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES ,IOURNALISM ACTIVITIES CHAIRMAN CHAIRMAN CHAIRMAN PATRICIA I'INDI,IrI Snclality Domi: Li: Vu. JEAN jolmsoy Victory Corps t PYBSS CIUI7 Campus Personalities NOMINEES FOR ALPMNAE BAZAAR QUEEN Seats-41. left IQ light: Aileen 0'Conn0r, Senior Class Tl0IIIlHf'P and vxinnerg Juanita lngram. Junior Class candidate. Standing: Dodie Le Vee, Sophomore Classg Bettye Dod:-fm. Freshmc-ng and Frances Atkinson, grade school nnminee. TWO OF A KIND--TWIN BELLES Marilyn and Carolyn Oswald Kathleen and Allene Ballou Sophomores Freshmen Four Oiconnorsz Senior Big Sis Aileen, center, and. left to right, Pat. Mickey and Sally FOUR OF A KIND-SISTER QUARTETS East Entrance to Convent Annex Mary Dolores Probst, Senior Big Sis of Dorothy Ann. Patsy and Kathryn Auditorium, swimming pool, gynn and fun! CAMPUS VIEWS OF ALMA MATER Front Entrance to Main Building Front Entrance iQ Gym and West Entrance of Academy Top, left I0 iight. S. S. C. A. in San Anlunioflll Beltye. Father McDonald and Pat: KZ! Louise and Father Lord: f3v Betlye and Father Duwlingg 44h Pat, Margaret, Father Rooney, Wanda, Marilyn, Hilda Ann. Betty Ju. and Bettye. Se:-ond row: fl! Mary. "Pete," "Boo," and Genigiag 12h Wilma and Maye purchase War Stamps and window shop un the way home: l4l lietlye. Patsy. Mary and Marilyn. Seniors un see-saws: l5I a visit at Our Lady's altar. Third row: 411 Msgr. Keany inducts new Sudalists: l2l Wing Scouts at Hag raising: 435 Louise, Pat and Bettye in San Antoniug H-P the "pause that refreshes" in the cafeteria. Fourth row: ll! Rocket cheer leadriis Evelyn. Dudie and Wanda: 12. 3 and -ll "On Vlfilh the Danceug 15? Thurstine. Helen. Bobbie and Betty at tennis. Fifth ruvx: Belles on the court and on the side lines. Bottom row: ihflnuirme un inl The water? fine!" Top: Bettye. informal-quitel Bazaar Queen Aileen aml Court: 'Nita, Dorlie. Frances lWl1at's so funny?l. and "Boo" go formal. The Monsignor-infnrmall Center: Stutlious Hilda Ann. National Honor prexy. Two of the Belles' best friends, Msgr. Murray and Father Bann, Baseball stat' Bill Dickey gets the gate receipts from basketball star Bettye. Prima ballerina Hilda Ann. Bottom: Aline, Irene. Jamiann, Martha, Mary Alice and Evelyn select a matinee. 5 ' Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Scroggin Mr. Rt. Rev. John B. Scheper OUR PATRONS Very Rev. Joseph C. Feldkamp Rev. Jesse C. Cheney Rev. R. E. Maus Very Rev. T. L. Keany Rev. H. J. Chinery Rev. Louis B. Stemac Rev. John E. Murphy Sisters of MercyfGood Counsel School ,,,,., Sisters of Mercy-St. John's School ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,... Sisters of Mercy-S. S. Cyril and Methodius School ,,,..,,, Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Andrews Mrs. 0. M. Atkinson Alice and Carl Babbitt Mr. and Mrs. Joe Beck Mrs. Bonnie D. Bewley Miss Mary Biltz. '44 Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Blankenship Mr. and Mrs. Henry Breyel Miss Mary Jane Brooks Mr. and Mrs. John Bruck Mr. H. C. Buchanan Miss Gloria Bujarski, '44 Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Bujarski Dr. Wm. M. Burns Mrs. J. T. Todd, Jr., '30 Mr. Mr. Lucas Camacho Jesse Carter Mr. Maurice Carter Mr. and Mrs. Edward Chudy Mr. Wendel Chudy Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Cole Mrs. Alta K. Conly Dr. K. W. Cosgrove Mr. and Mrs. George Cross Mrs. Mellie Cross Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Dodson Miss Agnes Drotar, '44 Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Dunlap Mr. J. R. English Miss Juanita Finney Mr. J. F. Flippen Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Fortson Miss Joyce Frazier, '44 Miss Mary Lou Fredrick. '41 Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Fredrick Sgt. John A. Fullex Mrs. Tillie A. Gaines Miss Dorris Gerke, '41 Miss Rita Gerke, '43 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Gerke Mrs. Exa Gibson Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Glendening Mr. Lee Gordy MfSgt. and Mrs. J. J. Gowdy Pvt. Virginia Grinstead Miss Gloria Jean Harmon. '44 Lt. Dr. and Mrs. Harold L. Haskins J. Harry Hayes Sarah Jane Hayes Mr Mr. M r. and Mrs. Roy Head and Mrs. R. F. Heene and Mrs. C. E. Henderson Miss Charlus Mae Henderson. '43 Miss Jean Hendrix Dr. Mr. Mr. A. K. Hicks Edward Hooks and Mrs. Joe Hooks and Family Miss Antoinette Hum. '44 Pvt. Clarence Johnson Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Johnson and Mrs. Tilmon Johnson Miss Virginia Kelone, '44 Mr. Lt. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Kissinger Tom Krah and Mrs. C. H. Le Vee and Mrs. John Lisko and M1's. M. A. Long Henry Longinotti Johnny Lorince Very Rev. Joseph A. Murray Rev. John M. Bann Rev. Lawrence Graves A Friend Little Rock Hot Springs Slovaktown Miss Madeline Pierpaoli, '43 Mr. Cyril Plafcan Mr. J. K. Poch Mrs. W. C. Pope Miss Irma Pozza. '44 Mr. and Mrs. John S. Reiter Miss Janet Richard, '39 Mr. R. E. Rives Mr. Bobby Robertson Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Rohken Miss Vera Jean Rohlman. '44 Mr. Merion Rowe Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Scott. Sr. Mrs. K. J. Lueken, '33 Miss Helen Louise MacCulloch. '44 Mrs. Pearl MacDonald Dr. W. H. Ma1'shall Miss Jean Massa. '43 Mrs. Bob Massey Mrs. J. A. Mattingly, '41 Mr. Ben McLarey Sgt. A. G. Mondzelewski Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Mosley Miss Rita Joy Mouton, '41 Miss Anna Muller, '43 r M . L. C. Muller, Sr. Mrs. Charlotte Musgrove Mr. H. J. Newcombe Mr st. Doris Oberlag Miss Gertrude O'Brien, '41 Miss Janet 0'Brien. '43 Mr. and Mrs. M. C. O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. R. E. O'Connor Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Old Miss Joan Osborn, '42 Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Oury Miss Betty Park. '44 Mr. and Mrs. Roy D. Pate Mrs. H. S. Peacock Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Peters Mr. W. W. Scroggin Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Seamon Miss Catherine Seredynski Mr, and Mrs. Leon Seredynski Miss Rosie Seredynski Mis s Peggy Shields, '43 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Shofner Mr. and Mrs. George Showmar Miss Helen Shudy, '37 Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Sluyter Mr. and Mrs. John S. Stacy Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Steele Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Strickland Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Tate Mr. J. M. Taylor Mis s Mildred Thessing Miss Carlene Throop. '43 Mr. and Mrs. Dan Troillett Charles M. Peters. Jr.. S K lfc Cpl. Raymond Troillett S 2fc Clarence Troillett Mr. Billy Uhiren Mr. and Mrs. Joe Uhiren Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Warren 1st Lt. and Mrs. G. P. Weisman Mr. and Mrs. 0. D. Welch Mr. R. K. Wetsell Mrs. J. G. Wendell Miss Geraldine Wright, '44 Mrs. N. W. Yaniger. '40 Mis Mis lda s Elizabeth Zanone, '43 s Mary Zurcher, '40 Rhea Beautv Parlor Western Auto Associate Store 1 ,ff 02 MJ an 1 I ,ff4MVg111Vii11e1'?igg9 A WWW ,ff VW ,M My ,W fgfij 0 N R ' Ll- . jr J' Q . nf' . I I f , F '14 ff A' xv ,1 , If . PATRONIZING OUR ADVERTISERS Congratulating . . . OUR DAUGHTER LOUISE and the OTHER GRADUATES My, MR. and MRS. W. E. BANN Congatulating Our Daughter and the Other Graduates ...if- MR. and MRS. PAUL COLLINS Congratulating Our Daughter and the Other Graduates MR. and MRS. S. M. CARTER, SR. Congratulating Our Daughter and the Other Graduates MR. and MRS. C. M. FARRELL Congratulating . . . Our Daughter and the Other Graduates Petty OfIicer. and Mrs. G. P. Yaeger Congratulating the Graduates Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Meidert Congratulating the Graduates . . . SISTERS OF MERCY St. Elizabeth's School ADONA ------- ARKANSAS Congratulating the Graduates . . . SISTERS OF MERCY ST. LOUIS' SCHOOL CAMDEN ------ ARKANSAS Complimenting the Graduates And Congratulating our Editor Daughter Jean and the Other Members of the Mercian Staff -'A' To K MTSOTO we JOHHHSUH Congratulating . . . OUR DAUGHTER OLGA and the OTHER GRADUATES -4,- MR. and MRS. JAMES LONGINOTTI Congratulating . . . OUR DAUGHTER and the OTHER GRADUATES MR. and MRS. GEORGE F. PORBECK Congratulating Our Daughter and the Other Graduates MR. and MRS. JOHN M. HOOKS Complimenting Aunt Pat and the Other Graduates .1 Q T JAMES ALEXANDER GARRETT II Congratulating Our Daughter and the Other Graduates MR. and MRS. J. RAMIREZ Congratulating Virginia and the Other Graduates E. J. HINZE gratulating the Graduates . . . SISTERS OF MERCY ST. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL TONTITOWN, ARKANSAS With Congratulations to the Graduates . . . SISTERS OF MERCY ST. JOSEPH,S ACADEMY MENA ------ ARKANSAS Compliments of FIDELITY CO. PAN LITTLE ROCK - - - ARKANSAS N. Henry Simpson . . . . . . Raymond Lindsey Compliments of . . Compliments - 'A' - Of ST. ANDREW'S Our Lady of Good Counsel CATHEDRAL Church - if - .. -k - Rt. Rev. Msgr. F. A. Allen, Rector Rt. Rev. Msgr. H. H. Wernke, Pastor Rev. H. .l. Chinery Rev. J. P. McD onne ll Rev. Louis Stemac Compliments of SLE. lpatrlclgs Qhurc REV. JOSEPH M. BURNS, Pastor Qi,- Congratulations to the Graduates . . . SISTERS OF MERCY Warner-Brown Hospital . . . . EL DORADO :-: :-: ARKANSAS Compliments of ST. MARY'S CHURCH .i Q 1 Rev. Peter Bartodziej, Pastor 1-o Congratulating the Graduates SISTERS OF MERCY Mercy Villa - Fort Smith, Ark. The primary appeal of this little Prayer Book is to pastors who have a sympa- thetic understanding of the problems of the teaching faculty in trying to keep children employed and orderly while at Mass, and to help them to take a more active part in the Holy Sacrifice. It contains five Mass forms, one for each school day, besides all prayers and devotions needed hy children in grade schools. To schools 81.80 pcr dozen. Re- tail 20 cents. I .. ,gf - BENEDICTINE FATHERS Little Rock, Ark. Subiaco, Ark. --Af- Congratulations! ST. VINCENT'S INFIRMARY Complimenting the Graduates Sisters of Merc ST. JOSEPl'l'S HOSPITAL HOT SPRINGS- ---- - - -ARKANSAS "The Guardian in Every Catholic Home . . . THE GUARDIAN Official Publication ...of- The Diocese of Little Rock 309 E6 West Second Little Rock Complimenting the Graduates . . . SISTERS OF MERCY ST. ANNE'S ACADEMY FORT SMITH ..... ARKANSAS Congratulations and All Good Wishes . . . To the Graduates isters of Mercy ST. EDWARD'S HOSPITAL FORT SMITH - - ARKANSAS Complimenting the Seniors AA . ..- Mrs. Dorothy Hendrix and Daughter Compliments of . . . HERFF - JONES Jewelers and Stationers -. to .. ST. MARY,S ACADEMY Compliments 1 I -4- Uf ELDOR JOHNSON :-: Representative E. B. DILLON Compliments of DELTA SIGMA FRATERNITY GAMMA PSI CHAPTER RAMSEY TOP HOP 811 BROADWAY LITTLE ROCK, ARK. ' If you have a car to sell or want to buy one, see us . . . EDWARDS 81 MORRIS MOTOR CO. Used Cars Bought and Sold Give Us a Trial -- Phone 44-5626 SAVE MORE MONEY By Using Our Cash-and-Carry Service! MASSEHYS 1111-1123 W. 7 h S. Ph 9181 710 Spring st. Little Rock, Ark. t t one SCHWARZ GROCERY Compliments 5'The Home of Good Things to Eat" if of W 1 Phone 4-2546 F DELIVER 2218 Cross H' .f i Best Wishes to the Graduates Compliments of from JUSTIN MATTHEWS MADISON CADILLAC COMPANY Compliments of i FRANK D. CLANCY Congratulating . . . The Junior Catholic Daughters of America And the Other Graduates THE SENIOR CATHOLIC DAUGHTERS OF AMERICA Peerless Engraving Co. Arkansas' School Annual Engravers Artists - Designers - Photo Engravers --: PHONE 8266 :-- PEERLESS BUILDING LITTLE ROCK, ARK. Stop...Eat... Drinkat... BROWNE,S DRIVE-IN P, H, RUEBEL 81 CO, Complimenting the Graduates . . . i Phone 4-0207 Phone 3-9987 3100 West Roosevelt Road 1210 Wolf Lime Rock, Ark Compliments of . . . H. Grower of Cut Flowers and Plants Cleaners QQ: Laundry Florist and Larllscape Gardener 1015-1017 CENTER PHONE 7105 Tel phone 2-9950 .. 1623 College St SNACK SHOP . . . Choice Steaks . . . Chops . . . Chicken Dinners . . . Lunches Sandwiches .tif Q COMFORTABLE BOOTHS DRIVE - IN CAR SERVICE .ANA . 1.- GORIIOX ADKINS, Proprietor 1000 Broadway Phone 4-0514 LOUIS SCHNEIDER c A N D 1 E s --k.. The Gus Blass Company Little Rock TIPTON 81 HURST, Inc. igi FLOWERS F O R , ALL OCCASIONS Congratulations, Graduates! ROGERS TIRE sz SERVICE "4 Phone 9101 -- Night 6045 Kavanaugh and Highway 10 509 Main Street Little Rock Phone 3-9961 Joe T. Rogers, Mgr. Capital it Business Colleges --: PHONE 6327 :- EIGHTH and MAIN STS. - LITTLE ROCK, ARK. PROBST PHARMACY Prescription Druggist L . , 2608 E. Sixth St. Phone 2-9061 Typewriters . . . Adding Machines . . . Cash Registers . . . CAPITAL TYPEWRITER CO. Sales - Rentals - Service 204 W. CAPITOL PHONE 2-2433 J. E. TUCKER 81 SON Floor Finishing Surfacing and Finishing PHONE 74-20 Room 223 ---- Exchange Building PALACE CAFE 218 W. Capitol - Phone 2-9856 Compliments of . . . NATIONAL CLEANERS PHONE 3-3558 1315 Woodrow Little Rock, Ark. 9 We Solicit Your Business . . . C. METRAILER Fine Shoe Repairing - All Work Guaranteed .T Q ... 1308 MAIN ST. LITTLE ROCK Lovely Fresh CORSAGES ' CUT FLOWERS FAMOUS FOR COLLEGE FASHIONS Graduates' Mixed One of the Southss BOUQUETS POT PLANTS Most Beautiful Stores X 9 ...- The Heart of Little Rock for THE GRADUATES ON MAIN -:- -:- NEAR FIFTH Compliments of . . . U11 SHUP Slfliiit C H A R L E S 3 3513 Beauty Salon Compliments Kempnefs of Phone 4-2721 4-18 Main ARKANSAS FUR COMPANY i Arkansas, Largest aml Most Complete Music Store . . . REED MUSIC COMPANY gs X PIANOS . ORCANS - INSTRUMENTS I SHEET MUSIC . RADIOS - RECORDS lx I Zfw I hx A ' Main at Eighth Phone 5151 'UseYourCredil... SUPER CAFE LAMAN FURNITURE CO. Good Food Low Prices :: Easy Terms Steaks and Chaps 312 Main Street North Little Rock, Ark. S, Hopsgn, Prgp, Phone 2-8959 GEORGE H. WILLIAMS C""'P'i"'e"'S of - -- GROCERY SI MARKET LOWBER I'IENDRICK'S - I - POOL HALL 2310 E351 3111 St. North Little Rock 216 West Capitol Little Rock, Ark- GUENTER'S SERVICE STATION 1 Phone 5208 1 'A' 223 West Broadway North Little Rock JOHN KIERRE MEAT MARKET Home-Made Sausage and Fresh Dressed Chickens . . . Also Buy Live Stock-Best Cash Prices Paid PHONE 4-2456 104 Wvest Washington Ave. North Little Rock Best Wishes to the ' The Shopping Center of Arkansas -,g.. CRITZ CHEVROLET COMPANY - if - North Little Rock, Ark. For Over 79 Years Longer than you could possibly remem- ber . . . longer than even your mothers remember . . . PFEIFERS has been a place to shop where you are assured of friendly, courteous service! lt's a matter of pride with us that our loyal customers recognize this and know that they can always depend on us to give them qualf ity, value and service . . . with a smile! Best Buy - - Bonds Twelfth and Fair Park Blvd. Telephone 3-2500 C. S. Douglass Dair Butter . . Milk . . Cream . .Cottage Cheese LITTLE ROCK-- - :- - :- :- - :- -ARKANSAS Compliments of . . . Jennings Fixture Co. ZAUK 0. JENNIXGS, Owner Distributors of McCray Refrigeration T- . ,T Hobart Food-Preparing Machines Store and Restaurant Equipment T Q ., 1110 Main Street Little Rock, Ark 701 E. THE BROADWAY Staple and Fancy Groceries Fresh Meats and Feed 1 g ..- o. H. CULVERT, Prop. Broadway North Little Rock, Ark. OKLAHOMA TIRE 81 SUPPLY COMPANY Phone - - - 2-3176 220 Main St. North Little Rock, Ark. BARD'S CAFE 612 Louisiana The Graduates, Pictures Were Since Made hy- People Have Come to J ' Z6 Little Rock's Leading Photographer l ' .M Q M ,I E W E L E R S We Make Special Rates on Photographs to All Students 3 1 0 M a i n 1 Q .. 305 MAIN ST. LITTLE ROCK For Finer Quality Diamonds Memphis, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Little Rock, Ark. . ,viii J. B. COOK AUTO MACHINE CO., Inc. South's Oldest Regrinders ,MM O MM 6244 West Seventh Street -:- Little Rock, Ark. 'A' REPLACEMENT PARTS nl' SPECIALISTS With Best Wishes from 8 WILLIAMSON - ,I - DRUG STORE . Finest Barbecues .1 . M PHONE 4--5400 T k T 128 Main St. North Little Rock West Capitol Phone Compliments of . . . KORTE SERVICE STATION 1300 Main Street North Little Rock Little Rock, Arkansas SCOTT SASH 81 DOOR CO., Inc. Hrebs Brothers Supplu Co. Complete Equipment for HOTELS . . RESTAURANTS . . CLUBS HOSPITALS AND INSTITUTIONS . . . 1 Lim, . 1-7 413-415 West Capitol Avenue Little Rock, Arkansas Compliments of TAYLOR 81 RICHTER, Inc. C. J. NEIGHBORS -- Watch Shop I 618 Louisiana Pecan Nougat Bar v - 0 Little Rock, Arkansas i .k L-- ffgnade in ,he 5,,,,,h , , , R. M. HUDSON GROCERY Where the Sugar and Pecans Grown Quality GROCERIES and MEATS L A Y i S C A F E wk The Home of Good Food L L 'A' 900 Park Phone 8263 Ninth and High Phone 2-9944 Robb 84 Rowley Theatres Are happy to have this opportunity to extend their compliments to the MERCIAN and to offer their best wishes for its continued success in future years ' PULASKI ' NEW ' ARKANSAS ' ROYAL ' LEE ' CAPITOL ' PROSPECT ' ROXY Compliments of Brueggeman, Swaim 81 Allen GAZETTE BUILDING LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Compliments of . . . t MILDRED REAMEY SCHOOL " ' 0F DANCING GLEASON GRILL r Womanls City Club Little Rock, Ark. Steaks a Specialty J' J. X OPEN ALL NIGHT Nursery, Landscaping 81 1 . 1 214- West Second Little Rock Floral Company uA"""'5"s, FTS: 'fling F""is'n R. E. moss, HARRINGTON Fon FINE FLOWERS Radio Smice Public-Address Repairs 3700 Kavanaugh Phone 3-4106 2921 Kavanaugh Phone 3-1946 Compliments of . . . For the Best in Matched Luggage, See . . . MRS. ADKINS' STANDARD CAFETERIA LUGGAGE SHOP 'lr 'A' 415 Main Street Liule Rock, Ark. 303 Main St. Luggage Repaired Compliments of .S flf4'5!'3' A Cash PURCHASE Is a Cash SAVING Coffee Fresh Roasted and Ground Teas, Spices and Mayonnaise R9Udy'l0-Weaf 914 M AIN ST. 1 , i' PHONE 9901 Mezzanine Floor - Exchange Bldg. .lULIAN'S CAFE HOLLY HILLS GARAGE Italian Spaghetti - Plate Lunches Genefal Aww ReP'li"i'lg Sandwiches 1- Cold Drinks CARL SMITH 1015 West 7tl1 Street Little Rock, Ark. 725 Holly Hills SL Louis, Mo' Compliments of . . . DAN WEBSTER SEED CO. Garden and Field Seed Wholesale . . . Retail Phone 4-1077 'A' 614 CENTER ST. LITTLE ROCK, ARK. 3604 Kavanaugh Blvd. Phone 3-1889 Meats and Fancy Groceries Fresh Vegetables KERN - LIMERICK, Incg - ,gf - Road Building and Maintenance Machinery -4,- ' Contractors' Equipment and Supplies . . . Kempner's 5 ja MQW' M W KEMPN1-:R's is the Little Rock home of snazzy Joan Miller, Minx Modes, Syd Junior-and many other famous designers. Kempneris dresses are date bait from way back! BIG noun Qiiiieisfnafefial cn. C""""i"'e"'s of ' ' ' SHILLCUTT DRUG CO. Prescription Druggist Suits Pressed While You Wait PHONE 6632 908 MAIN ST' LITTLE ROCK, ARK. 1001 West Markham Little Rock, Ark. CHARLIE DIETZ E-S-S-0 STATION - Q - 2701 West Markham Pictures - - Frames A R K A N S A S Upholstering 8: Cabinet Co. 409 CENTER ST. PHONE 7547 CON WAYS GROCERY Phone 2-3243 .. Q - 624 West 16th North Little Rock The HILLCREST PLUMBING CO. ffneigms Plumbing for Heights People" if Phone 3.2305 2715 Kavanaugh Blvd. Compliments of . . . A D D Y , S Best in Ice Cream and Fruit Juices STINSON'S JEWELERS Dr. E. Y. Stinson Optometrist 222 WCS! CaPi10l Little 130014, Ark- 604 Louisiana si. Little Reek, Ark. STEINKAMP FURNITURE CO. . '6House of Friendly Service Owen Motors Sz Oil Co. 1 PACKARD 1 Denman Tires ' RPM Products ,gi .--kT 1120 West Seventh Phone 4-2204 310 West Third St. Little Rock, Ark. Compliments of . . . E. ZINI EAT SHOP Phone 2-9873 STACY'S FINE FOODS Groceries - Meats - Vegetables Z Q M 401 West Seventh si. Little Roek N.,?Sfi?ig'IiZiif1ck M 'Hliifehiilif Sw' Compliments of 101 LIQUOR STORE -A' MINT LIQUOR STORE 101 West Third St. PIKE LIQUOR STORE Mint Building North Little Rock 303 Pike Avenue Levy, Arkansas if North Little Rock if I. SCRINOPSKIE, Proprietor 5-'FE' ss Yi 0 I 0 BEAUTY BARBER SUBPLY Shears, Razors, Surgical.. Instruments Sharpenefl Z g ... STERLING STORES Fort Smith, Ark. Jackson, Miss. Little Rock, Arkansas CCAll over Arkansasn Memphis, Tenn. Shreveport, La. Compliments of . . . LONC'S BOOK Sz GIFT SHOP BLUE RIBBON SHOE SHOP lk Specializing in Invisible Soles h ' ' k' - - - M . 719 Main Street Little Rock, Ark. 220 W Ciglilgi Brewcms I PH2.NE 2.9177 ARKANSAS BOOK EXCHANGE New and Used Books 'K 809 Main St. Phone 5955 LASTER 81 BASKIN I e w e l e r s i' 109 West Third St. Phone 6948 For Healtlfs Sake . . . Eat More Fresh Fruits and Vegetables . . . if DILLAHA FRUIT CO. Compliments Of B0hbie's Beauty Shoppe PHONE 4-2076 510 E. Sixth St. Little Rock, Ark. Welcome to- CRESCENT THEATRE Compliments of . . . SMITH PHARMACY ff if Little Theatre :- --: Big Programs 301 W. Capitol Plwlle 7264 H UJQV N Compliments of . . . 4 ff C:'t,, For 74- Years Arkansas, ' i'-:Y 1- Liv-' il-siflfllimrg f-- -3 "M Largest and Best Store " P' , Qr XE ,,N31,,,i111.1 2-'ry-, -1-M L. ,fii 31 'lf 5 -. . . i .tu - ' -1 ,4.., Fifi. -4af."?Zq ,Y " f":"f'v-H 1 1, Q ' Where Everv Customer .:. if Must Be Satisfied 1 Compliments of . . . Owens Funeral Home 4-0312 - PHONES - 4-0313 500 Main Street North Little Rock, Ark. Cabot Nursery'8z Floral Co. CUT FLOWERS FOR FOR ANY OCCASION Home-Grown Nursery Stock 3022 East Broadway North Little Rock ---- Arkansas Compliments of . . . ENTERPRISE HARNESS CO. B. L. FLETCHER President anal Manager 707 Center Street Phone 4-5721' Congratulations to the Class of 194-5 FAGAN ELECTRIC COMPANY r W' 2 , elgwsf . Wf- r omndkkej DON UTS H771 ' pig-aqqyqke See them made-Always fresh U ,. sucnnsn, My cnmnraon THE ORANGE BOWL 119 West Capitol Fruit Juices Sandwiches fp 314147176 gf 5 6555 b V, ' ' 1,t . it . x "": i . . . use Sexton Spices, MQQJQ preferred for their fra- grunce and fresh-milled SPICE potency by leading chefs and bakers since 1883. Y O 716 fffayw fined! ZSEXTON Country Cluh Variety Store t YL, School Supplies, Notions, Paints Hardware, Toys, and Gift Goods .mimi Country Cluh Station Van Buren 81 Club Road Little Rock ----- Arkansas Compliments of . . . OLE KING COLE 17 Years' Service Quality Foods and Drinks 504 BROADWAY Compliments of . . . Covey's Appliance Kc Furniture Phone 2-4-522 323 Center Street Little Rock, Ark. OLGA'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 8343 336 Donaghey Building Compliments of . . . C. FINKBEINER Manufacturers Capital Pride Meat Products .L .k ..... 900 High Street Little Rock, Ark. TATE LOAN SHOP Luggage, Sporting Goods, Clothing Musical Instruments and Jewelry A FRIEND TO ALL Phone 4-1324 4-14-4-16 Center Compliments of Anthony Mills .mm O mm.. Manufacturers of PINE LUMBER if Compliments of TI-IE FINDLEY A COMPANY ir Compliments of Rebsamen 8: East, Inc. 'QINSURANCE' C,,,,,,,,i,,,e,,,s SMITH'S GROCHIY 31 MARKET of Staple Groceries 9 Fresh Meats A . Fruits and Vegetables I915P S LttleR k Ak 9 m F arri0r's Army Store Military Outfitters ' U. S. Army Officers' Uniforms ' Insignia and Accessories ' Also Industrial Uniforms PHONE 6819 209 Main Street Little Rock, Ark. CRANE CQMPANY Plumbing and Heating Supplies 1 g .- 120 Commerce l 0 Compliments of Compliments of i' 'ir J. I. PORTER JACOB HARTZ COMPANY SEED C0- ul' if Stuttgart, Arkansas Stuttgart, Arkansas Over 40 Years of Drug-Store Service in Stuttgart - -Ar - L. H. Morphew 81 Company The Rexall Store Since 1903 Compliments of . . . E LoU1S G. SELIG ,. .tt , fc' A Public Accountant KA' ,t S 95 ,, ,o qi X --k.. X EQ T er XXX X C Stuttgart ---- Arka S Compliments of A. R. THORELL SUPPLY COMPANY STUTTGART, ARKANSAS Congratulations' Compliments of - S ' 4 'A' E-S-S-O LAYNE SERVICE CENTER ARKANSAS CO' -..- 'lr Stuttgart, Arkansas Stuttgart, Arkansas Congratulations from Walton Rice Mill, lnc. STUTTGART, ARKANSAS I L. R. LEIGH sl C0. , General Agents Compllments - , - of FIRE AND CASUALTY RICELAND HOTEL INSURANCE - i, - 1 . 1 Stuttgart . . . Arkansas 210 Louisiana S L ttl R k, A k. Compliments of BLACKMON MACHINERY COMPANY STUTTCART, ARKANSAS TOPS ron QUALITY Pepsi-Cala Lang Island City, N. Y. Fr hsed Bottler: ARKANSAS BEVERAGE CO., Hot Springs, Ark. Congratulations Congratulations R. S. 03013, PETERS L. A. fLouieJ MASHBURN County and Probate Clerk County fudge Compliments of ceomgcegs Steak House Markham and Louisiana Sts. Little Rock, Arkansas Compliments of WM. SCHMAND CANDY CO. HEGARTY DRUG COMPANY -' - Fourth and Main sts' Phone 9111 Pal-o-Mine Candies 1144 W. 8th Street ff.'F'ZL'fJ-nlf1L'Sf,'iFfl' C""'P'i"'e"'s of ' ' ' LOU M. O'CONNELL,S READ, STEVENSON 81 DICK Cottage Beauty Shop - 0 - 820 North van Buren phone 3,2868 109 South Main St. Little Rock, Ark. Trade at . . . Compliments 0f B 81 fl0LB,f4E0RE LITTLE ROCK 1421 Barber Little Rock TENT 3K AWNING CO. U HARRY L. HASTINGS oon Distributing Co. WHOLESALE LIQUORS - -k - 715 East Markham Phone 3291 Congratulations . . . Sherif and Collector - Your Circuit Clerk Pulaski County, Arkansas ' Permanent Waving by the Hanll of an Artist U O , I We Achieve Most PHONE 4-5173 f , L F lattering Effects -CJ uns. iLuu:,uu-:'r Ml'NI"l"I', ifmpru-mr 116 West Eighth Street Little Rock, Arkansas C0"'PlimeMS0f BREIER'S CAFE B E N S K Y , Furrier CEstablisherl 1901 Q 811 Main - O - Little Rock- Arkansas 124 West Markham Little Rock, Ark. C""""i"'e"'s of ' ' ' ALLSOPP sf CHAPPLE PARAGON PRINTING CO. B . ooks 1 Stationery LEO J, BYRNE Ojice aml School Supplies 502 Easy Sgeqnd St, Phone 9676 307-309 Main Street Little Rock, Ark. WM. F. BINZ IRON WORKS BLOCK REALTYQCUMPANY Real Estate . . . Rents Loans . . . Insurance 910 MAIN ST. Phone 4-3732 . . . Phone 2-4920 Res. Phone 2-2841 212 Spring Street Little Rock, Ark Welding - Burglar-Proof Window Guards Compliments of . . . LILLY IMPLEMENT CO. McCormick-Deering Farm Machinery Phone 9 Phone 258 Carlisle, Arkansas Lonoke, Arkansas .lACKSON'S Barber and Beauty Shop 6'We Begin Where Nature Left og" PHONE 102 CARLISLE, ARK. W. H. MANN, Druggist The Rexall Store ir Carlisle - :- Arkansas Compliments of . . . CARLISLE LEADER Phone 168 Carlisle -:- --- -:- Arkansas Compliments of . . . LONG'S PHOTO STUDIO Kodak Finishing and Enlargments M Q M. Compliments of . . . ROYAL FEED STORE 1 Phone 97 - LARLISLE ----- ARKANSAS Carlisle - :- - :- - :- - :- Arkansas Compliments of CARLISLE FELT 81 BEDDING CO. CARLISLE, ARKANSAS Compliments of . . . ECONOMY GROCERY Compliments of . . . LILLY IRON Sz S1 FEED STORE BOILER WORKS - 0 - Irrigation Wells and Pumps Phone 85 " ' -' Carlisle -2- -2- Al'k8I1S2lS Phone 47 Carlisle, Ark. Compliments of . . . G. M. SCROGGINS Livestock Dealer - -k .. Stuttgart - Arkansas Compliments of . . . THAD McCOLLUM SALES COMPANY - 4, - STUTTGART -2. g. ARKANSAS Compliments of MRS. W. L. BOONE Carlisle - Arkansas Compliments of KOHLER HAY CO. Carlisle - Arkansas V -if- CITIZENS BANK Carlisle, Arkansas -4,- Compliments of . . . CARLISLE Drug Store i' Carlisle - Arkansas PERKINS HARDWARE STORE 1 General Hardware 1 Farm anrl Home Supplies Compliments of . . . BOYD HARRISON Vulcanizing and Tire Shop .i Q H T O -l PHONE 24 CARLISLE, ARK. CARLISLE - - ARKANSAS ARKANSAS FUEL OIL COMPANY H. K. SMITH, Distributor ' PHONE 167 CARLISLE, ARKANSAS Compliments Compliments of . . . of MOLL AUTO SUPPLY R PARK'S CAFE COMPANY - if - Carlisle, Arkansas Home Owned Since 1914+ - -k - STUTTGART - :- - 2- ARKANSAS Compliments 0f MORRIS BLOOMFIELD - .k .. Stuttgart, Arkansas Compliments of . . . V Y O U N G ' S Department Store "The Right Merchandise at the Right Price" Carlisle -:- -:- -:- Arkansas KThe Friendly Bankn Compliments of . . . K L I N E 7 S T H E P E 0 P L E S "The House of a Thousand Gifts" N B PHONE 577 STUTTCART, ARK. 1 f 1 Compliments of Resources 0ver 35,500,000.00 STUTTGART -:- -:- ARKANSAS Stuttgart -- Arkansas Compliments of With Congratulations and JONES BAKERY Best Wishes to the ' ' CLASS OF 1945 Stuttgart -- -- Arkansas FLOYD A. DENMAN Jeweler Enjoy . . . FALSTAFF BEER 4cThe Choicest Product of the Brewers, Arr, ' In Stuttgart Since 1892 MCCOLLUM EQUIPMENT COMPANY Modern M. M. F arm Machinery Heavy-Duty Twin City Power Units "KEEP 'EM FARMlNG" Stuttgart -:- -:- -:- Arkansas Compliments of . . . Compliments GEORGE L. CLARK of Abstracts of Title DRUG COMPANY STUTTGART -:- -:- ARKANSAS Stuttgart, Arkansas Compliments Compliments of . . . of J. 1. CASE WEST BRUTHERS MACHINERY CO. Department Store .. , ., -Av Stuttgart, Arkansas STUTTGART - :- :- ARKANSAS Compliments of . . . BOGARD PRODUCE CO. Home of Nutrena Feed Stuttgart - Arkansas Phone 401 West Second St. Compliments of . . . TWEEDY'S Ben Franklin Store Stuttgart -- -- -- Arkansas Congratulations, Seniors! THE FARMERS 81 MERCHANTS BANK Capital Surplus S100,000.00 STUTTGART - - - ARKANSAS Best Wishes to Seniors From . . . VICTORY GIFT SHOP Gifts for ALL OCCASIONS Compliments of . . . SHEARMAN CONCRETE PIPE CO. North Little Rock ----- Arkansas 0 All Kinds of Mill Work . . . DIXIE LUMBER COMPANY Dealers in Paints, Lumber, Shingles Sash Doors and Building Materials 222 South Main Stuttgart, Ark. PHONE 2-3073 3223 East Third St. North Little Rock Compliments of Stuttgart Co-op Buyers Association STUTTGART, ARKANSAS Compliments of . . . CITY CAFE Regular Dinners - Short Orllers Steaks anrl Chops MII DRI' D SIL FERT and EX If LYX RIUHEY Owners Stuttgart - :- Arkansas Compliments of . . . CROWE DRUG. CO. if PHONE 139 STUTTGART - :- - :- ARKANSAS Compliments of . . . G 0 O D Y E A R SERVICE STORE .-'k- PHONE 124- Stuttgart - :- - :- Arkansas Compliments and Best Wishes . . . W E L L W O R T H Department Store oLDEsT . LARGEST . BEST L. D. RUTSTEIN, Owner Stuttgart -:- - Arkansas LITTLE ROCK BARBER Sz BEAUTY SUPPLY COMPANY AUGUST PROBST, JR., Manager 117 MAIN STREET LITTLE ROCK, ARK. - -Af - Ask your favorite Beauty Salon for: ' REVLON Nail Enamel, Lipsticks, and Face Powder ' BRECK Scalp Preparations and Scalp Treatments ' FAREL DESTIN Cosmetics ' REALISTIC Permanent Waves ' DOROTHY ANN Machineless Waves niggiin " LITTLE STEVE,S EAT SHOP . . . Compliments of . . . SUMMERS 81 CORBIN GARAGE -if- ' Italian Spaghetti with Meat Balls . . . ' All Kinds of Sandwiches 0 THE COMPLETE Q Plate Lunches 0 I . 9 AUTOMOBILE REPAIR SHOP -4,- 10?- 323 W. Markham Phone 2-9435 2814 Arch St. Little Rock, Ar k Compliments of LEE WEBBER AND HIS MAJESTIC MARKET BEEF - PORK - LAMB - VEAL 1200 Denison Street ' Ph0Il6 4--6370 Compliments of . . . THE VOSS-HUTTON COMPANY AUTOMOTIVE Parts, Supplies, Equipment Machine Shop Service ARKANSAS lk Wholesale Tobacco Co. Wholesale Tobacco anll Canlly - and 1 Arkansas Cigarette Service Cigarette Vending Machines 1'-'44 , " 'A' - siiizi :1': PHONE 2-3320 1118 S. Main St. Little Rock, Ark. t 4 Compliments of DEWEY OPTICAL CO. -.. g 1 302 Louisiana Phone 8884 McLEAN BEAUTY SHOP All Types of Beauty Service 2nd Floor Exchange Bldg. Phone 6895 Meet . .' . RUBE Sz SCOTT At the Men's Shop ... if - 417-419 Main Little Rock, Ark. SON OTONE Hearing Service of Little Rock MAX W. FRIEND, Manager Wishes The Graduates Success and Prosperity in Their journey in Life Compliments Df MAYFLOWER DAIRY CO. All Popular Brands of Beer . . . THE LUCKY DINER Steak and Chicken Dinners .81 Short Orders - Sandwiches - Plate Lunches 1224 MAIN ST. LITTLE ROCK Complimenting the Graduates PHELPS MANUFACTURING CO. As Close to You as Your Phone REAGAN,S Compliments CENTRAL DRUG STORE of PHONE szss 7th and chester sus. Little Rock, Ark. Walthgur-Flake C0,, Inc, MAGNOLIA DRY CLEANERS MR. and MRS. W. R. MERNAH ... Q .- 23rd and Arch Streets Phone S981 Real Estate and Insurance - .k ... 402 LOUISIANA STREET ACE ELECTRIC CO. ir We Repair All Makes Electrical Appliances 615 Center St. Phone 4-4-738 W. C. TABOR For Finer SHOE REBUILDING 801 Main Street Little Rock, Ark. FELIX ZINI Groceries and Meat , ' ... Phone 7173 514 Center M. J. SIESEL Sz COMPANY Leather and Compliments of . . . DR. ANNIE M. BREMYER Chiropractor - Registered Nurse 21 Years' Experience lt.. Shoe 310 E. NINTH PHONE 2-2684 1 f 1 NEEL DRUG COMPANY Prescription Druggists 913 Main St. Little Rock. Ark. Ph""e:'2219 1723 Wfright Avenue Little Rock, Ark. JOE L. HEBERT 81 SONS Esso Stations ..- Q .-. Kavanaugh and Ash and 5707 Kavanaugh M O R R I S O N The Hatter 523 Main St. - Phone 9976 Best Wishes to the Class of '45 . . . BEN'S MILITARY SHOP 107-A Main St. Little Rock, Ark. Compliments of J. F. WEINMANN MILLING COMPANY LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS A- -af M A J E S T I C . . . Laundry SI Cleaners 1000 West Markham Phone 2-2277 HENDERSON INSURANCE AGENCY .T Q T. 117 W. Second St. Phone 4-2054 Compliments of TOMMIE PERKINS Your Safeway Manager at Country Club PUCKETT Sl MASON Veterinarians 906 Broadway ' Phone 2-2644 ?- 0 Compliments of SCRUGGS W. C. COLEMAN DAIRY FLOUR 81 FEED STORE CRoCER1i-zlgalelgnhfn . SEED 0 ,, 2920 College sn. Phone 9636 ' l 'N K1 x .92 gli, ., 1 ywlv ll J Wt We l' ,E . kxbx Q 6 9 Compliment! Compliments of . J n N F of W' , H ACME BRICK Co. -' SCOTT-MAYER Cgfnlnigsign Cglnpany 208 Louisiana Street - J - V5 fl 7.3 I . i Mn ffjl WMM Qtlllojfy 'MlM4f'l,4, . 'iff irl1f'fQl1. l ' I Compliments of X '1 f Houck Music Company "EVERYTHING IN MUSIC" , . L... 113 East Fourth Street Little Rock, Arkansas STAR GROCERY Compliments of . . . Meats and Groceries H A V E R T Y 9 S .... Q ,. Phone 4-2384- Phone 4-1515 2424 Summit 4-11-13 MAIN LITTLE ROCK DAN'S SHOE SHOP C""'P'f"'e"'S Phone 3-5319 of 2815 Kavanaugh -- Little Rock K CO, 9 Compliments of . . . U STEVE film B Q SNODGRASS sf BRACY Italian Spaghettl Plate Lunches Phone 4-2690 424 Louisiana Little Rock - lk - 110 MAIN STREET LITTLE ROCK, ARK. Congratulations, Graduates, O and Best Wishes for Your Future . . . Drug Store H ogue Photos - t - Little Rockis Finest Studio i A 2 i PHONE 4-1673 CONVENIENT PARKING .. if ... 4 if j 320 West Capitol Phone 2-1645 122 Main St. Little Rock, Ark. Our Congratulations to the Graduates . . . CZQ3m.CZ5. Qgtouer Company, Inc. ' HOSPITAL and PHYSICIANS' EQUIPM 716 MAIN STREET ENT and SUPPLIES - -k 4 LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS A Compliments of Complimintsllg ' D R . A . V . D 0 A N ' ' ' , De Luxe Cleaner Optometrist 2615 KAVANAUCH BLVD. PHONE 3-2839 23rd WEBB PHARMACY Prescription Druggisls l . l and Arch Sis. Little Roc GEORGE'S SHOE SHOP and . . . SHINE PARLOR GEO. C. VORSAMS, Prop. ak k, Ark. 109 Wes: Markham sn. Little Rock, Ark. Compliments of PETER BROS. CAFE 106 E. Fifth Street CURRY 81 McMAHAN CITIES SERVICE STATION PHONE 2-9719 9th and Louisiana Sis. Little Rock, Ark. FLOWERS f All 0 ' t CO- Reasonable Plrices . Sulsmns a BAUMAN,S FLOWER SHOP Phone 2-2267 WE DELIVER ' ' ' OIT' Ph - 6575 l20M ' S. Flfth and Main North Little Rock' Ark. Resi?ence0Phone 5650 North Littlealiloclc, Ark. .lOBE,S CAFE Known from Coast to Coast 1. . .-. OPEN ALL NIGHT ' ..... JEAN John F. Hum's MARKET .-Q.. 218 East Washington 119 E. Second St. North Little Rock, Ark. North Little Rock - - - - - Arkansas Compliments of CHAS. ACKER CLOTHING CO. Compliments of . . . COOK FURNITURE CO. 603 E. Washing1on Ave. North Little Rock, Ark. North Little Rock ---- Arkansas R. F. DRUMMOND COMPANY FUNERAL DIRECTORS Ambulance Service Telephone 4-02 5 1 Compliments of STANLEY JEWELRY CO. North Little Rock, Ark. TIMES PRINTING 81 PUBLISHING CO., Inc. Plione 4-3208 217 Main Street North Little Rock , C' X SAODA F x': 'nh I Distributed by ARGENTA BOTTLING CO. ' Try Our Delicious Bar B-Q . . . .T i T JOHN ROSSI CAFE ITALIAN SPAGHETTI PLATE LUNCHES , .t 1. 301 Main St. North Little Rock, Ark. Compliments of MOORE'S GROCERY 81 MARKET PHONE 4-4887 522 West 22nd St. North Little Rock ' Save on All Auto Needs . . . S. 81 S. SUPPLY CO. 303 Main Street North Little Rock For Good Food Come .ln aml Eat With Nick at the . . . POST OFFICE CAFE T t m 120 MAIN STREET LITTLE ROCK, ARK. Commercial Standard Insurance Company of Fort Worth, Texas JIMMIE LYNCH INSURANCE AGENCY Lynch Building . . '. . 113 Maple Street Telephone 2-1386 North Little Rock, Ark. Portraits . . . Commercial . . . Photo Finishing . . . Woliifls Photo Shop f0pposite Post Oficej North Little Rock, Arkansas 419 Main Street Phone 8838 O. K. FURNITURE CO. Dealers in Furniture - Carpets - Rugs - Stoves L t -. PHONE 4-4039 321 Main St. North Little Rock, Ark. FRED J. BARGIEL Block Realty Company Res. Phone 4-7348 Little Rock, Ark. L. Y. COHEN Block Realty Company 1 Q .- Res. Phone 3-3823 Little Rock, Ark. GGWhere the Sick Get Wellv DR. TENA S. MURPHY CLINIC 400 W. Eighteenth St. -:- -:- - :- - :- Little Rock, Arkansas HIGHLAND PHARMACY 3924 West Thirteenth .. g i Phone 3-4196 Little Rock, Ark. Compliments of ELROD CROCERY Geyer Springs ' Phone 3-9470 Compliments of . . . STANLEY SARANIE aWhere All Friends Meetv ' Cold Drinks . . . Ice Cream ' Beer . . . Groceries .... i m 'SLOVAC - - - - ARKANSAS JACK JUSTICE GARAGE General Auto Repairing Fine Duzro Painting -- Electric-Welding m. Q .- f'HEVlt0Ll'I'1' AND FORD BODY AND l"l-IXDER SERVICE REPAIRING m . m 1200 CENTER STREET Phone 2-3838 Night Phone 7512 ARTHUR' FULMER - Seat Covers - 209 Spring Street Little Rock, Ark. W. F. SINGLEY Dairy Products Phone 2-8598 Little Rock, Ark. TONY MASSA CAFE We Serve Breakfast, Plate Lunches, Bar B-Q, Italian Spaghetti, Homemade Chili J. J. C. A. HEALEY 81 ROTH Funeral Directors Ambulance Service Sandwiches gg . ' k ' B U R I A L P L A N 119 E. Markham St. Phone 4-4137 Phone 4-3738 Little Rock Compliments of Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. ' PITTSBURGH PAINTS The Best in Paints and Wallpaper 419 WEST CAPITOL PHONE 4-1661 DOCICS DRUG Sz GROCERY 2307 Main Street Meats - Vegetables - Groceries Drugs - Sundries - Beer - Wine . 7 .. Little Rock - - Arkansas ir J. E. HORNIBROOK MBONE DRY" PRODUCTS 209 E. Markham Phone 4-2494 if i Compliments of . . . ARKANSAS ABSTRACT Sz HOBBY HOUSE GUARANTY COMPANY Compliments of Phone 2-9410 -4,- 114 East Markham Street 106 West Second Street i LITTLE R0-CK - - - ARKANSAS Little Rock Piano Company . Pmnos 64Where Satisfaction Is a Certaintyn 9 Organs 0 Band Instruments PHONE 455328 0 Radios 210 West Second Street - Only One Block from Main 0 A Square deal Complimenting ' It is trallitional of Cave's t b ' th BEST . . . the Graduates . . . 0 rmg you e for only the BEST will live up to the reputation that QUALITY' has given this STORE! Tim DRUGS C AV E 2800 Arch Street J Personally Owned and Operntefl by T. M. Cave Little Rock - - Arkansas 102 East Capitol Avenue McCORMACK FOOD MARKET Compliments of . . . Fancy Groceries and Fresh Meats if at 700 N. Van Buren St. Phone 3-1659 1106 East 15th St. Phone 4-0818 United .Credit Jewelers Arkansas, Largest Credit Jewelers 106 West' Capitol Avenue Little Rock, Ark. U Expert Watch and Jewelry Repairing z F l d BOB ROSSPS Green Mill . . . ' Bar B-Q and Plate Lunches ' Beer and Coltl Drinks L i 1. 9 Hearlquar ers for ine Diamoms an Watches 113 West Third Phone 4-2468 Cgynplifnents We Specialize in a of Variety of Bread Little Rock Fish 81 Oyter Co. if 1200 West Seventh St. Phone 4-2735 Compliments of Plunkett-,Iarrell Grocer Co. WHOLESALE GROCERS and COFFEE ROASTERS Compliments of . . . B A N N E R PARK AVENUE DRUG STORE MATTRESS 81 RUG COMPANY Mattress Renovating-Rug Cleaning l.'- - Upholstering ---- Sixteenth and Park Phone 2-9378 920 West Markham Phone 4-2307 F. 0. GRIFFIN . . . Conoco Service Station It Pleases Us to Please You Z. Q .- Open 7 Days a Week - 6 A. M. to 8 P. M. Third and High Sts. Phone 2-9743 LITTLE ROCK REF RIGERATION CO. llncorporatedi Frigidaire Appliances - ,Q - 417 W. Capitol Phone 2-3126 U. S. STAMPS Repairing . . . Engraving . . . mo Mm-a United Staines Stamps lncludl g Designing - - - Diamond Setting ' ' ' 11. ny f'0mmem0rnt ves and Old Issu '- 0 ly 281' per Packet-3 Packets for Sl Postp ll H. G- JUNGKIND W JEWELEF R k Ak Box sos 1. s. Ll'l'1'LI-1 ROI It uni. 235 L"q"ha"' Bmldmg Lune oc ' r 'mms Compliments of F R A N K L I N ' S Smart Womenis Apparel 1 . 1 4112 MAIN STREET the halls 44 44 Foods for the Discriminating COUNTRY CLUB STATION RESTAURANT 1923 North Van Buren Compliments of . . . F. BAER Sz SON GROCERY 1 Q i 4115 East 13th Phone 4-3013 Compliments of . . . PULASKI FEDERAL Savings 81 Loan Association 201 West Second St. Little Rock, Ark. X! pppppp uppppppp compnnu Liifle Roclmiirlx. Compliments of Groceries, Feed and Produce WE DELIVER FENDLEY'S DRUG STORE 5403 West Twelfth St. Phone 3-4042 826 Main Street Sandridge Service Co. All Types Auto Repairing L f T 400 Center Street Phone 2-2105 Wines . . .Rums . . Liquors . . . BILL HILPERT'S Hob Nob Liquor Store T Q l 1012 Main Little Rock of F. H. KUIPER RAY O. BURKS , 206 West Capltol R E A L T 0 R - -k - ' For Quality Jewelry Stuttgart A ka ' . and Better Repairs Stanford Furniture Co. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS - ,gf - . PHONE 4-2537 411 Main Str t N th L ul Rock, Ark. Distributors of -G gp Sz, PAINT ,bf ' X, 'cThe Miracle Wall Pai t 32 Awfifgki ' Q f' lg3,SC' lf: THE SHER WIN- VWLLIA Ms Cove U, Your Paint Headquarters XJ iw 720 Main street Little Rock Phone 6276 gl X 1-f f Ask for your Copy of the gHome Painting Guide and Catalog' A 'Q'f'7,! Best Wishes to the Graduates . . . Follow the Crowd to HWUP DANCING NIGHTLY One Mile Out on Pine Blujf Highway l?,, . iii ,1 Eddie Summers, Prop. Phone 2-9551 ak Compliments of COATES Sl COATES 617 Boyle Building uk F AUSETT'S STUDIO -- : Portraits :-- Photo Finishing Supplies 116 Main Street Phone 4-1746 THE CAMERA CENTER Cameras . . . Home Movies Photo Finishing Supplies 108 Main Street Phone 4-34-03 Compliments of Arkansas Farm Machinery Co. OLIVER TRACTORS and IMPLEMENTS DeLAVAL SEPARATORS and MILKERS 'P TWINE and FERTILIZER 'lf SHELF HARDWARE -4,- Phone 567 Stuttgart, Arkansas ir HELM9S BAKERY PHONE 2-9841 Garrett Bros., Florists, Inc. Direct From Growing Bench to Recipient .1t,, 1209 W. Thirty-third. Little Rock D A Y O R N I G H T t 2611 W. 13th St. Phone 4-2244 "Good Furniture Since 18879 f l. i Arkansas Carpet Sz Furniture Company Arkansas' Most Beautiful Store if M, FRITOS -and- P O T A T O C l-I I P S Speak for Themselves At - - - 709-11-13-15 Main Street f 1 Q-X -. 66 SPQG X v 0 Q Q 1 .a, N lf . " F , ,gl 'A 5 R, ,, ,I Xml X rl Um' .YV wi fi! I ' Nllmuug D 1 1 ' I ll I e iciuus ann ff' fa, 'Q ,L HMM X ' Reffeshing ff' 5? EDWARDS' COMMUNITY BEAUTY 8 BARBER PHONES 2-9660 and 2-9776 , fwiggpl-Y COMPANY . firfxla. Fifteenth and Barber ir Little Rock, Ark. ' Let Us Fix Your Front Wheels anfl Brakes . . if BERY 81 AL General Auto Repairing and Storage Lk Phone 6810 418 Broadwav Beautyphone 2-4010 l g L 812 MAIN ST. LITTLE ROCK We Carry All Nationally Advertised Lines SPAULDING'S ATHLETIC GOODS CO., Inc. ' WHOLESALE-RETAIL ' 206 Louisiana Ph0l'lC 2-2218 CARSON'S Millinery, Sportswear Bags . . . Jewelry 406 MAIN STREET ' Individualized Cosmetics . . . SALLYE HARMER Laboratories at Lansdowne, Pennsylvania 1. . .1 sms. BERT McCU'L'LOCl-I Regional Director Ll . .T Phone 3-5159 4800 Hillcrest Compliments of A. 81 J. ELECTRIC SHOP II'LIAN P. XABHOLZ -. t 7,17 1023 West Third Phone 7696 Compliments of . . . TWIN CITY CANDY CO. Wholesale Candies and Tobaccos PHONE 5587 610 E. Washington Ave. No. Little Rock Iloc's Tmlus Post E 5 IIS LUUISIANQIQIE Roglrone 2-9066 SX :NSI x Our low Overhead Saves You Money on I xx' MONEY T0 LOAN on Anvmme OF vAl.uE wucuss DIAMONDS lKBuy Sell or lradelnyfhinq from afkedle foallaysfaclc LUGGAGE A see ooc... HE HAS wHAI You wANI C"'Qf2A5 For Best Results . . . Secure a Skilled Painter and Specify -Q., 1 "' .,..-- 'lEeIarns chfalnts mlm ' uw" L fn- HZ Z ,I ff 51442 GILMORE PAINT 81 PAPER CO. .HH-1 P. GILMURI-1. Manager :zo I oI'IsIxv,x s'r. PHONE 6814 Compliments of CLINTON ROAD GROCERY J. F. Stohaugh Compliments of RIGHTSELL, COLLINS, BARRY Sz DONHAM 218 LOUISIANA STREET Compliments of . . . Dundee Clothes Factory to You , SUITS - SPORTS COATS -- PANTS 308 Main St. Phone 5701 D U N D E E "The Man Who Knows, Wears Dundee Clothes' 9 ARKANSAS FOUNDRY COMPANY . . . IRON and STEEL BUILDING MATERIALS Compliments of . . . JACK'S ESSO SERVICE STATION Sz CAFE A--pf, ' Machinery Repair Work Drinks of All Kinds ' Ornamental Iron Work ' Steel Building Specialti -1 N ' ' I. M. Rock Wool for Insula ' Mechanical Rubber Cool Ti., Phone 40 Office, Plant and Stock in HAZEN - - ARKANSAS L l Rock, Ark at 1501 East Sixth S Compliments o f CAPITAL CREDIT CLOTHIERS 423 MAIN STREET 4 'K If 4'91.?I.fs'5'23- ST E R LI N G VARNISHES STEBBINS As. RDBERTS, mc. L.m'EASBEA.ZTXSi'?i.sAs 'K 11' Cvmplimenls Of - - - LEWIS 81 NORWOOD 8 GENERAL AGENTS COMPANY - 'A' - l M l I Wholesale Grocer e uma mmm e .. f m m. . Ph ne 2-2181 LlRkAk EgldAk 406EhgBldg LlRkAk Compliments of i A. METRAILER Sl COMPANY 110 EAST FOURTH STREET ik Compliments of A, iiiusurielr Beverage 81 Ciqer Ce. Budweiser Distributor 223 Ferry Street Little Rock Arkansas 'K ' 11' Our jeff Qyislzes io file Gfass of 1945 Jordan Printing 84 Stationery Co. Printers of THE MERCIAN ' Printers ' Office Cuttitters ' Stationers MANUFACTURERS S FURNITURE CO. 600 WEST SEVENTH STREET 'A' PHONE ----- 92 1 1 t1 -- Armstrong's Inlaid Linoleum -Complete House Furnishings

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