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 - Class of 1964

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N W Wf"'Ca yff ifffi 1 'xx X f WW X: The Senior Class ,tvyylrdlw F 44 V ff' maj f of I964 XX V 12621 Q presents tg The Maerinite Mount St. Maerina Academy Uniontown, Pennsylvania T F 1 :Q ', fs, .sz- -st -.uw we f-7" , y ET 5 Xx, v-vi K T-of The memory of the just man who -Q! has lived for others shall be held in benedictionf' Rev. Joseph Schryvers Foreword Because John Fitzgerald Kennedy was of our parents' generation, we felt closer to him than to any other president. In view of his tragic death and of the esteem in which we held him, we, the senior class, have chosen the words of our late president as the keynote of our yearbook. His words spoke of much more than of politics. They expressed the hope of our country moving forward to new frontiers, in such fields as space, medicine and education. He felt our country was young enough for new growth in many fields and expressed a wish to see us, as citizens, help our country realize this growth. His pointed sayings told of ideals and principles that could guide the peoples of the world to a better understanding and to a lasting peace. Often in our youthful en- thusiasm we looked to Mr. Kennedy as an example. Never once did he fail us. Although he is gone, his words will live on in the hearts of men everywhere, and will be for us, the youth of America, a cherished part of our heritage. gi 2 X I 'XJ -iv .E W gf, I qi X? ff' Rs Table of Contents Administration 7 Seniors I3 Underclassmen I9 Organizations 3I Activities 37 Patrons 65 Dedication To the memory of our beloved President, friend to all mankind. l9l7-1963 John Fitzgerald Kennedy We, the graduating class of 1964, wish to dedicate our yearbook to the memory of our late President John F. Kennedy. As freshmen, we avidly followed Mr. Kenr1edy's campaign for the presidency. We felt close to him during the long election night and during the ensuing activi- ties that marked his first months in office. Because of his youthfulness and his young family, we had a firm allegiance to his ideals. We rejoiced at Mr, Kenne- dy's triumphs, felt his anxiety for the safety of the country, and sorrowed with him at the loss of his infant son. We knew inexpressible grief at his death. Through the long struggle of his political career, Mr. Kennedy kept his re- ligion strong and open. If we are ever tempted to denounce our faith in order to "get ahead," we will remember the first Catholic president and be strengthened by his example. Equal rights were an important part of his philosophy. In the Inaugural Address he stated he was, "unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this nation has always been committed." No matter where we go or what we do after graduation we should remember that, "the trumpet summons us again V. . . to bear the burden of a long twilight struggle . . . a struggle against the common enemies of men: tyranny, poverty, disease and war itself." Of the thousands of words written about Mr, Kennedy, those of E. B. White in The New Yorker seem most memorable. "When we think of him, he is without a hat, standing in the wind and the weather. It can be said of him, as of few men in a like position, that he did not fear the weather, and did not trim his sails, but in- stead challenged the wind itself, to improve its direction and to cause it to blow more softly and more kindly over the world and its people." ik s ,Jw xx x X ,ns 1, rn 3 I, an :Ed SQ? ,4 A Q-EH. ap' f The Crucifixion group in Calvary Cemetery The statue of Saint Macrina in its background of evergreen and snow The present motherhouse from the front lawn Campus 4 B f Q Q z K' V A :W iw QS 111 ,gg aim gg P M335 P-ill 53,64 W Q awww 4 W Q iffy f Ni QF-Sw 4 , , i f' '. g - ii My im im, ,aw F' QM W3 iftgivm gk gg? K 15 Q QNX, Tiff 3, si V45 53 gf if if if , Msg Mg, jsggmiwaxw 3 mf? My ag , am 3 f1w HEKi E wafwwf, R JE ii 9,552 gg 3 X at fs M JMR, jf 'Q 2 We WAI? wg 3+ Mm wp, 5 , . .. ' 4 - ... , . ' 3. 'iw gf,.f'QMx,.' , 1 fr ": w, 'I H ,,--:g ",,,i': ' ay, If . f 5 V fem-z,,vf - KT - ,5., z,::, ,- L, 5 N V - x ,' af fi 3 my V Q, 'R' ' 4 fig, -QTL? , ,QQ ,Q f :M ,-,. ., ,LM ,Vi-4' M- N, 1, li 0 . L - ' ,,,, ' A W f if L" ' w iki? Q H 'S , 3 'Q S? ' Y 1 - Q1 ' ff -42 iw YQ , -- - -. 4 ' We y f Ag ng, 2 '45 Mfr! TTL G af' Q V pf V f .,., H' . WH- , M 'f ,, L? W J' ' ' , 1 ' ' V 4 , ., A K ,-'. , ' n ., if 5 5-41 fi i'2vf9W ' K'?yWIf?f1Ei4i 3? x F Aw tj' , Q21 --Y I 5? K' - ' ww A u , A A'.' , V Y an .,-' I 15' xi 1 - vx.. 3 1- R., , if ,W V, W',, 1, ,, ,-lm ,, ua,-i', 2, W YQ- ,gf Q , ' V P- -4 - Q 16 use ' , Mu, . fa- ,. f M Vw Q3 I , A X , M., V ,g2,g,,- +-,,,,f1,,,,Wmnf , ,, . 4, L,, ,, - , 5 X Wh ,711 'Q 3 35 ff YQQSAW51 ff'- ff if 'rm w',L,, ,,, W ,ww A, ,, ,.,, ,-if Av ,. -A ,V , 'Q L 4 W. df If 2 'L 5 'L" 7, ., ' ,"' sing? HIS EXCELLENCY MOST REVEREND NICHOLAS T, ELKO D,D, Bishop of Pittsburgh Byzantine Catholic Diocese HIS HOLINESS POPE PAUL VI REV, MOTHER M. DANIEL O.S. B.M, Provincial Our Lady of Perpetual Help Province REV, JULIAN M. GNALL O.S,B Chaplaing Religion I, II, III, IV SISTER M. VITALIA, O.S.B.M. Principalg Algebra 1,115 Geometryg Chemistryg Senior Moderator SISTER M. BENEDICTA, O.S,B,M, Problems of Democracyg World Historyg Russiang Librarian "There is an old saying that the course of civiliza- tion is a race between catas- trophe and education. In a democracy such as ours, we must make sure that educa- tion wins the race." JFK X W. i ,iswi-V ., rr I SMH If ...A . S..- w,..f"' J,-f' SISTER M, CELESTINE, O. S. B.M. Typing I, Hg Shorthand 1,119 Office Practiceg U,S. Historyg Sophomore Moderatorg Sodality SISTER M' MARTIN' O-S- B'M' Moderator English I, II, IH, IV: Junior Moderatorg Prefectg Macrinite Adviser SISTER M. THADDEUS, O,S.B.M Biologyg Glee Club Directorg Echo Adviser H Munn SISTER M, SEBASTIAN, O.S. B. M. Latin 1,119 French 1,115 Pennsylvania Historyg General Scienceg Freshman Moderator: Junior Red Cross Moderator SISTER M, MAXINE, O.S. B,M Office Practice MRS, MARY KELLY Piano Instructor x .wr , Map: 3 i KATHRYN ANN SEFCHECK NANCY LOUISE BARCHECK St. Joseph's R.C. Church St, Joseph's R.C. Church Uniontown, Pennsylvania Uniontown, Pennsylvania Class President 4g Echo Head Typistg Class Vice-President 4, Secretary 2, Macriniteg Junior Red Cross Sodalityg Junior Red Cross Remembered for: Intelligence . . . Remembered for: Quick witg Junior infectious laugh . . . subtle sense Miss Contest . . . first driver's of humor license The Final Step - These officers led us through our last year. Top to bottom: Kathy Sefcheck, President, Nancy Barcheck, Vice-Presidentg Patricia Monaghan, Secretaryg Therese Tar- apchak, Treasurer. I4 PATRICIA MARY MONAGHAN St. Anselm's R.C. Church Tokyo, Japan Class Secretary 4g Echog Macriniteg Sodality Remembered for: Velvet voice . . sophistication . . . style setting ii sf s ii il s Q 5 5 i 5 2 S 2 5 I I. .X ii fs E sf E s 2 S 5 2 5 sr ss s ss 32 is 5 sg -.i THERESE ANNETTE TARAPCHAK St. Joseph's R.C. Church Uniontown, Pennsylvania Class Treasurer 43 Junior Red Crossg Echog Macrinite Editor Remembered for: Leadership . . Corvetres. . . helpfulness s S BRIDGET LYNNE BLAIR St. Michael's G.C, Church Gary, Indiana Class Vice-President 3g Sodalityg Junior Red Crossg Drama Club Remembered for: Cooperation. . . warmth. . . sincerity Georgine Hlebasko, Bridget Blair, Yolanda Garris, and Gloria Helt pause for the "fresher refresher." ' rl YOLANDA ANN GARRIS GLORIA JEAN HELT St. Peter's R.C. Church St. Mary's R,C, Church McKeesport, Pennsylvania Uniontown, Pennsylvania Sodalityg Glee Clubg Drama Clubg Class Vice-President lg President 25 Junior Red Cross Echog Macrinite Associate Editor Remembered for: Courage . . . Remembered for: Dimples . . . tiny stature . . . her round with the good mind . . . dependability book case GEORGINE MARIE HLEBASKO St. Mary's G.C, Church Whiting, Indiana Class Treasurer 35 Echo Editor Sodalityg Junior Red Cross Remembered for: Jolliness . . Echo posters. . . phlegmatic I13.ILlI'6 law MARGARET ANNE JONES St. Nicholas G.C. Church McKeesport, Pennsylvania Sodalityg Junior Red Crossg Drama Clubg Glee Club Remembered for: Reserved humor . . . hair-styling books. . . in- MACRINA IRENE KOCISKO St, John the Baptist G.C. Minneapolis, Minnesota Sodality Prefectg Echog Macrinite Associate Editorg Class President 3 Remembered for: retiring ways . . . butterflies. . . self control MARY KATHRYN MARSINEK St. John the Baptist G.C. Uniontown, Pennsylvania Class Vice-President 2g Macriniteg Echog Sodality Remembered for: Art talent . . . "peaches and cream" complexion dependence . . . determination to enter W.V.U ELAINE JUDITH MCKULKA St. Mary's R,C, Church Uniontown, Pennsylvania Class Treasurer 2g Echog Macrinite l Photographerg Sodality There's always music in the air when these four get Remembered for: Car . . . "no together - seated, Macrina Kociskovand Elaine Mc- admittance" doors I . I unpredict- Kulka, and Standing, Mary Marsinek and Margaret ability 6 Jones. ' S 3 , IOANNE RUTH PENNACCHINI St. Therese's R.C. Church Uniontown, Pennsylvania Sodalityg Junior Red Crossg Glee Club Remembered for: early arrival . shorthand ability . . . fancy-free "Come on in!" says Anna Maria Petrunya to day-hops Barbara Smargie, Linda Salveson and Joanne Pennac- chini. ,- ,A .- gy will l 1 ANNA MARIA PETRUNYA LINDA JEAN SALVESON BARBARA ANN SMARGIF l H0151 Ghost G.C. Church Sr. Peters R,C. Church St. Mary's G.C. Church McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania Brownsville. Pennsylvania New Salem, Pennsldvania Class Treasurerg Macriniteg Business Echo: Meefiflifer Junior Red CIOSSS Junior Red CVOSS President? Lb, 0? Manager: Echo: Sodamy Sgdaljty Class Secretary lg Sodality Remembered for: Practical jokes . Remembered for: Outgoing person- Remembered fO1'r Musical Ielellf . . .sparkle. . . all-American girl alityi . , "Leaclsmen" . . . bounci- . . . Coal Queen contest. . . megs effervescence I7 ROSE MARIE SKOVRAN EILEEN MARIE STEGURA SHARON LEE VALENTINE St. Nicholas G.C. Church St, Ioseph's R.C. Church SI. TheI'CSC'S R.C. Church Brownsville, Pennsylvania Uniontown, Pennsylvania UMOHYOWH, P911f1SYlV21Ui2l Sodalityg Junior Red Cross: Glee Class Secretary 35 Junior Red Crossg Sodaliryz GIGS Club Club Sodamyl Glee Club Remembered for: Hair . . . madcap Remembered for: Kennedy scrapbook Remembered for: Friendliness . . driver - - - P0fCU-tial g6t-up-and- . . . height. . . lovely smile HSDCCZYH . . - llflique giggle 30 "Um-m good!" agree seniors Sharon Valentine, Elizabeth Zober, Rose Marie Skovran and Eileen Stegura. I8 ,s ELIZABETH LOUISE ZOBER St. Thomas Aquinas R.C. Church California, Pennsylvania Sodalityg Vice-Prefectg Echog Busi- ness Managerg Macrinite Photogra- pher Remembered for: Jokes. . . poise . . . thoroughness SQ f-2'-':'7f . :eff , ggi.-gjsgfgu,1zgfggiX,-ss-. .fgiizg-fzlf-fZE?L52M X 535:52 XX.XW.X14.X.X--XMfffmX,X..,.XsXz.,,,,. 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Xfpgg,-X--mfg-gg:,ere-ff' 1' J... ,.., L-.,, ,- X-1mXX.fXXXX--+ ..--X.-X Llnderclassmen XXX., Juniors The Juniors pose on their Ring Day in Our Lady's Shrine Charlotte Bilek 20 Marie Antoinette Augustine Mary Ann Casale Anna Marie Dursa Marcia Franks Elaine Iannello Sandra Jones Antoinette Magazine Marcella Utlak ' "Everyone helps" as junior officers decorate main hall bulletin board - Marcella Utlak, Presidentg Mar- garet Merva, Treasurerg Dorothy Seyko, Vice-Presidentg and Anna Marie Dursa, Secretary. Veronica Maxim Margaret Merva Janet Novak Margaret Reposky Dorothy Seyko RoRy Smith "We must strive to acquire knowledge and to apply it with wisdom" JFK Sophomores 1 R. Haefner P. House E. Iubera C. Klucka 22 B. Bock L. Galida L. Galie J. Korba M. Kriss D. Kurcina L. Bantley C. Berestecky B. Loya F. Magazine D. Midlik B. Pillar M. Powers G. Pozonsky K. Rohall S. Roll I. Russo E. Stafire I. Urbani E. Vojtek A. Volek Leading the sophomore class on their way up are, bottom to top, Eileen Vojtek, presidentg Kathy Rohall, secretary: Elizabeth Iubera, vice-presidentg and Lorraine Galida treasurer. V 1 Freshmen J. Bobish I. Brudnak L D. iflerman R. Hornyak R. Joseph G, Kauchuk R. Komanecky w "We have made a "Mt, St. Macrina Academy." Janet Brudnak, fresh- but We have man class secretary, answers the phone while Donna Singel, presidentg Judy Lemak, treasurerg and Joyce Bobish, vice-president, wait their turn. A 24 beginning - only begun." JFK I. Lemak M. MacDonald V. Roll R. Sefcheck D. Singel ' V. Singer A. Szepesi R. Zellez "When did you say the Beatles were coming on?" ask freshman Gloria Kauchuk, Rita Joseph and Rosemary Sefcheck. History Sister M. Benedicta and the Problems of Democracy class faithfully follow the Senior Scholastic magazine each week. 26 Freshmen give an eager response to Sister M. Sebastian's questions in Pennsylvania History class. Linda Galie points out a crucial spot to Sister M. Benedicta and the sophomore World History students. Sister M. Vitalia directs junior Chemi- stry students in the fundamentals of lab work. Math and Science Sophomore biologists explore the world of the microscope, under the direction of Sister M. Thaddeus, Marcella Utlak demonstrates in the proof of a Plane Geometry theorem for Sister M. Vitalia. 27 Business Seniors receive firsthand experience in Sister M. Maxine's Office Prac- tice class. 28 Sharon Valentine and Joanne Pen- nacchini point out brief forms to Sister M. Celestine and the Short- hand class. Sister M. Celestine's Typing class works intently on a speed drill. Le professeur Sister M. Sebastian points out the Qs and 123-I-1'S of French pronouns to the French I class. Languages Sister M. Martin supervises a bulle- tin board display set up by the Eng- lish IV students . The sophomores of Sister M. Sebas- tian's Latin II class review the labors of Hercules . Square-dancing looks like fun as the Academities do a step in Gym Class. Melodious sounds come from the main hall when Music class begins. Acaclemites keep in step as they march in Gym class. 'U r 1 ! Sodality Sodality prefect Macrina Kocisko, treasurer Anna Marie Dursa, and vice-prefect Elizabeth Zober set up the Lenten display. Father Julian distributes medals to the candidates at the Sodality Reception. Sodality officers Anna Marie Dursa and Elaine Iannello present a Thanksgiving turkey to the ladies at St. Basil's Horne 32 9 RoRy Smith points out an article in the E313 to pro- spective staff members Mar- garet Merva and Antoinette Magazine. Macrina Kocisko folds copies of the Echo for mailing, and Kathryn Sefcheck addresses labels. Elizabeth Zober, business manager, supervises. Macrina's Echo Sister M. Thaddeus, adviser, works with the Echo editorial staff around the copy desk. They are, left to right, Georgine I-llebasko, editor, Gloria Helt, Mary Kay Marsinek, Elaine McKulka and Anna Maria Petrunya. Macrinite Staff The staff of the 1964 Macrinite pose on the parlor steps. They are, counter-clockwise, Kathryn Sefcheck, Linda Salveson, Gloria Helt, Macrina Kocisko, Therese Tarapchak, Elizabeth Zober, Patrica Monaghan, Anna Maria Petrunya, Mary Kay Marsinek and Elaine McKulka. 34 Editor-in-chief Therese Tarapchak supervises the work of layout editors, Kathryn Sefcheck and Mary Kay Marsinek, while Gloria Helt, associate editor, writes captions for pictures. Business managers Linda Salveson and Anna Maria Petrunya check the lists of patrons. Glee Club Sister Thaddeus conducts the students in the selections to be sung at St. Vincent's Music Festival. Barbara Smargie, director, Marcella Utlak and Margaret Kriss, accompa- nists, pose at the piano with Sister Sebastian and Sister Thaddeus. The Glee Club on the stage at St. Vincent's. 35 National Honor Society Newly invested members of the National Honor Society light candles symbolizing the required characteristics. Sister Vitalia presents Kathryn Sefcheck with her membership card for the Society. All members are here shown with Sister Vitalia. Kneeling are Kathleen Rohall, Barbara Pillar, Dolores Kurcina, Joyce Korba, Margaret Kriss, Elizabeth Iubera, and Monica Powers. Standing are Margaret Merva, Gloria Helt, Kathryn Sefcheck, Sister Vitalia, Therese Tarapchak, Linda Salveson, and RoRy Smith. 36 . . ' ' f f 'Wi' x' ffa:f!ee:f5..2,3..525.::::-:f:a..g:.:Q,..:: Ja. Q fw - 2: -7' ' 9, 1 u ' .9 f 1 ,sd S33 , S dv ,E A ms , QQ 5 K K f 1 3 5 W A : " -:f: 5 51225. ififffsmkf , fi: 'i5E:?: '- - - - .. . 9 QS, ., .. A w.5k4.,..- Q f wlvf , p k t Q1 Initiation 5 Q -5 Freshmen greet Georgine Hlebasko with "Hail, mighty senior!" on Initiation Day. Rita I-Iornyak, Victoria Roll and Mary MacDonald make eating with knives look easy. 38 Rita Hornyak performs an Initiation Day stunt, as seniors and freshmen look on. Margaret Reposky pins Rosemary Komanecky's nickname on her. Little Sister Party Delcine Herman does the honor of pouring for Victoria Roll at their dolly tea party. Victoria Roll cuddles a stuffed animal that she received from her big sister. 39 Hayride Make room for Sister Sebastian, sophomores! Seniors Sharon Valentine, Eliza- beth Zober and Macrina Kocisko managed a smile, despite the wind Patricia Monaghan and Georgine Hlebasko "Who says I can't have seconds?" asks Mary flash million dollar smiles. Ann Casale, as Anne Marie Dursa looks startled. 11 Halloween Margaret Merva, Victoria Singer and Dorothy Seyko won prizes for the best group with these original cos- ILIITISS. "Anybody know her?" ask Eileen Vojtek and Monica Powers. Margaret Merva and RoRy Smith pass out favors to the ladies at St. Basi1's Home. 4l rm wa Charlotte Bilek and Elaine Iannello portray Mary and Joseph in the Christ- mas play, "Love's Gift, " Guests help themselves to refreshments at the Christmas party. The cast gathers around the manger. ,Y Eileen Vojtek poses before the Christmas tree in the main hall 42 'W Mr.. . ., The shepherds gaze at the angel, portrayed by Margaret Reposky, who tells them the message of Christ's birth. Mary and Joseph lead the Wise Men through the audience. The cast and the student body join together in the finale. Ring Ceremon ,L Q ,, . 1 VJ ,ei w Z l 2 After the ring ceremony, the juniors kneel before the Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Anne Marie Dursa receives her class ring from Father Julian. Father Bonaventure Stefun speaks to the Academites in the opening conference at the Motherhouse Chapel. Seniors Anna Maria Petrunya and Bridget Blair make a visit to the Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help during the Retreat. K. .E Academites listen to Father Bonaventure's morning conference. Retreat Marie Augustine, Marcia Franks, Kathleen Rohall and Luella Bantley consult with Father Bonaventure. alentine Hop Hs H'--2 ... ,YI -I' f' :JE5,,.'g,qa5 -i:,1f:5 -- A:- .-' 5. 31. X ::.g,,"-- A 19, IWW ' 4 ' AWIS3 ,WV ' S3 'hr ' 5,-r'l?1.ii:' ,:f5jggg,1r9fQ?fP:51. L3f'15Zf'o rwffe 1451 L HW 'JGWT .'Ev,,"-:Egg-5: , 555 S55 f,:':":i-.: ':'v1?'i"E:' i---WT:-Z"L'F ."': ' fiilfif 1? 1193575 ggi-A Q2zii?f-1515,-S5-fin A-zxvgffizmofi. ""1 59,-r'f,'?VSS'f5ix?Q1'1 15- ',i?zari5Ny7e?fmQ WVU W: V- SEEN ,i 555954-' is ml., , .,,,, ..,:,.. ,-,.5.:, ...,.,-,,-.. ,. 24,..a-aims,-.,3im-21,f.,fa,. sg-fgrvi--1-z--uxu:,, , ,- ,,:-,,,,,o,- Q. ,ui.,if,--,af-,Qs,wN,im,ra,.if-2-,aiia-,gif-xg 7 sig.,-1. was fs: M1353 ir,-8,5-aw-2 wasf,vaxg,5g,f.,ggi.15,fe5iN 22,ggf2,s,,q,g,5, 'fs ff -,Fiat:-?fQgisa,fg,.QM-.,fPf-ieiagw-ginrgii ,S g igs f Q fi Y 3 ge .. -5,3H:.1.. 'g9,:i:1.r::::. .: lsr- 492155555 V' ,gif-5535? 195 :-E: Yi,'i?i'LQEif 'mv!.5f'tffJ'SsQ34'f 7122? r-Viar IEzz5:vfl,,. ' 'a AP:5,'1?VSli.5g:5i21o's-'Zi5f'iA-1rgzgfl12? l'i'2:5lQF-rfaxfv f- -- , z--txsinf -5, -.s -:t, ..iff5 Kg:am,s,,if.5,Q2m-rw-,,, Q.,,i,ia3,y,5,,m,,.-if-ya,sa:s,W-.f,,,fe,,g,,.,i1v,mf g,,2.5,-VM,-.,,: 2 , -,-,5,fs4lM,,2,i?1 ,Sui2,3,r3gs51,,,y,,,,,.m,gQ7,,Q -1,9 f o r We Wwe,f5fi??Nf"fi?415feg?fff1, g M2Ff5ie?1f'55ig's:55,fg15?1?rg?ggzg-gi,5,35 :?1gz71Pfsi,?iQi,'f Q ai a95geg3?5g3S:g1fgQ1gf5,y ' f ia: '2?g?si4?fas's,5?:svt f2f2?fsz1f:igsff 1' ' 1--fwff 3 3 Q 3 s s,:?1f-s'ff2Qisv-- as 1- W N Q 1 e vg,,-a,ge54gf,5aaQ '5 .. i'-: -, 14fY2?fld1?f? Mi 2 , 55' Q P 2 " ' k"55:'1?iSEf?V? 'ts 2 P , ef'ff,1 . .s - . K -2 -1 1 a s ,. . me--f , 3 ,sw - f .. If f,, ,. , , fs-f, 1- if -, if Q, f M s , 3 - - ' i g e - - -- " -1"z, 1 3 WH: ' 'wr :'.,- :Puff Q 'is'-. : '! . ' 'V 3,111 - 75-"f,ln": :' ' , T. , ' I ' ...ts-,r, H - b 1 ,,,,V: - .- yi -gg P 3 sig fp sw,-if K, ' ' R, 2 .- -. TU r --ESM ws- - Q fer, E f.,,,1,,-zmgf,-' ' f 4 - ,, ' ,f -vggfis ,fsfff i-' s gif 'ff'f1z'g' -- 1, , f ,, - f : .ss-, L, ,:g.,.. ,. -Q 1 . -f - .A Sea ix. , P- ., SH-,J ".- -'i2'f:i,'i- 31s,'9:s,: f - sT'2'sfsP2,:,1sf ' ,-- 9 J : ,iigif 5,5 5,4 ,QS'vii-if-'fs,Z5fgg.ul,--f'.f,,g ,A ag . ' P 112 "!2fTfKis 5 7 xg, 'E . 'N j :. '51, " 55,1 w .fr .sn-ff:viff1f1Qf2Q2gszf :,1 'fsi:2 -2 51 --fr,,.:::tH s5,. ,,y'7 'ff 50,-A :'f, ' , , Q ET,-"1li:f5'r:,5Q, -p, Iwi, ,. s- sea: 5 ' , 55-5 .. 'Pi 3 fr. . " - 1-. ' -Q xp - igflw-Hi -1-if ?:,i,'Pm' ei12iQ,f4s 2,1 - .1 -, ,M ,.H15,s'f-fm' 'iisnsfz 'fi '- K wir, as ,'2w,s 4 ' 1:-5 , ffm 5 ,m r -gg s - 2 a, y5f,s,.-szisryi' ia,--ie ,g,,,, .V , -fis h 2 , 11 Q , , : fy " 3: -z,g'i9 -5' . ag ' , --.. ,af '-,ff'3g?::1- as -52,-'r5E'?5f-7 .,,.f5g'P fx, ,-we -uw -" 191 5 mx t.f,r,. ::- . ' 5 'lin jffr -- H - P x H 1 . . X. a ,sm G if on , A rw, KH-as , .1 L N v- i . - - "1 .- I IWW- - f ::f5t'fs:'--1- .:"-rr :rw.- -r - M c: - r,, as,sf--- f'-ssfxivkifl' -' x '- ,E ff "ii mYf?a,-1 7 2 ,,i: ' X ' 4 X 4 1, . ,,.:fsz-9fls1- :L ie. V maize, . f t we ,. .,N- fgW,f,s ii1fffa,, K Y, :, 1 - 'I' ' wh. ,..r'1 1' V X,-' 1- E.':E:,,f' ' . ' .. r: ' :' ,vf5gf:s.l?fiiH 4 N - , aggl 3 -: I-.r5,--L,4f::ggw,H , I A . . ' ., f , 1 i t . F I 'X 2 - ' 5, :Wu at-., :-5: , 3,5 ., x N---fr"-M 'i1i,M"" ' 2 -- -- f -.2u5I.ff-afi ' ,.., ' - :f .X -a,gi'1i,'2- V- , A 'f ' e.'C,:- s ff: 1 .:'E - H :' :-155: :ii 'R ,H ,mix . -- 1 . f-QQ' ' "6" , ."'-'-' -i " : 2. , M. Q, .,,. V- .. . .. -. i . ,:-- , . ,- , -,-, --,, f V , , N-- Q . ,.,, .. 3 ,,. ,,, ..,,. , i Sophomore president, Eileen Vojtek, crowns Bridget Blair as Valentine Queen while seniors and sophomores look on. Valentine Queen Bridget Blair poses with her senior court. Margaret Kriss, Bernadette Loya and Joyce Korba acting their roles. .44 The sophomores enact a scene from their play, "The Court- ing of Marie Ienvrin. " Macrina Kocisko watches as Bridget Blair crowns a statue of the Blessed Mother. EE I Bus Blessing Father Iuliar- blesses the interior of the new school bus. Rev. Mother M. Daniel mounts the steps of the bus and poses with Father Julian, and Anthony Yanosek our driver. Juniors and seniors try out their seats. There's always room for one more! 48 Freshman Rita Joseph, Victoria Roll, Donna Singel, Delcine Herman and Rita Hornyak per- form in their skit, "A Night In The Library." Book Fair Sister M. Sebastian, Donna Singel, Ruth Zellez, and Sister M. Vitalia Cleft to rightj get a sneak preview of the books to be sold at the Book Fair. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Powers, parents of sophomore Monica Powers, came all the way from Cleveland, Ohio, to the Academy's Book Fair. 49 l Tree Planting Academites watch Father Julian bless the Arbor Vitae. Seniors and underclassrnen march to the scene of the tree planting ceremony. 50 Seniors standing around their tree, Gloria Helt shovels dirt on the tree while the other sen- iors wait for their turns. It's juniors vs. seniors as Anna Marie Dursa and Bridget Blair battle it out at the ping- Tournament pong table . "Yea, team l" Junior Cheerleaders Marcia Franks, Janet Novak, Marcella Utlak and Toni Augustine lead a cheer. The playoff game between Dianne Midlik and Bridget Blair determined the championship. Ping-pong champion Dianne Midlik poses at the courtyard wall. p 5 I l l Americanism Day Gloria Helt and Elizabeth Zober decorate the side of the float. The Acadernites get in practice for the Americanisrn Day parade. Marcia Franks and Janet Novak are the flag- bearers. Toni Magazine and Toni Augustine carry the Academy's banner, The float prior to leaving for the parade, 52 The seniors proudly sit on their completed float. Margaret Merva, the Echo Queen, poses on the Motherhouse lawn. '45 1 Seniors smile from another view of the float. Academites and seniors walk in procession to the grotto. Crown bearer Elizabeth Zober precedes the May Queen, Macrina Kocisko, to the grotto. Seniors look on as Macrina Kocisko crowns the statue of the Blessed Mother I iv ,. ,,V,L Y,i 3 ,L QL.. A Ll M O ay Crown I n g V A V. h A 1 VK, S Jigs, HRX ku , 41' ' -. , f. -3 In fm ,, ,, W' o, io if Macrina Kocisko crowns the Blessed Mother. The Academites kneel before the grotto. May Queen poses with her court. 55 5a -Q i I-,zur I .K .-y ig .X if 6 X 3 :fi if ig M, rr 1 f .WW 2 1 Seniors gather for a group picture "Ulu- The girls and their escorts catch their breath while the band takes a break. V Prom 1 N Everybody changes partners for the waltz after the grand march. Seniors and juniors sitting out a dance with their escorts. n S 2 5 Q Some ofthe juniors ':"' ,nll p ose around the statue ,gzl A . H of the Blessed Mother. 57 We Salute These two pages are dedicated to those Acaclernites who have put forth special effort in extracurricular activities, have received awards for their scholarship and talents, or have represented the Mount in various functions. The top three candy salesmen were Anna Marie Volak, Joyce Bobish and Barbara Pillar. 58 Nancy Barcheck represented the Academy in the Uniontown Area Junior Miss Pageant. Coal Queen representative was Barbara Smargie. Rita Joseph and Dolores Kurcina brought in the most coupons. The three highest girls for yearbook ads were Gloria Kaucheck, second place, Joyce Bobish, first, and Bridget Blair, third. Mother Daniel gave Gloria Helt the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow award. Four girls, Rheba Haefner, Rosemary Sefcheck, Patricia Monaghan, and Marcella Utlak received awards from the local Catholic Daughters for their poetry entries. Rosemary Sefcheck placed first in state competition. and Francine Magazine brought in the most magazine subscriptions. N , , Ao Patricia Monaghan, Bernadette Loya, We Class Night Anna Marie Dursa pins a corsage on Kathy Sefcheck as Maggie Merva waits to present the gift. 60 Seniors begin the program for Class Night with their original songs. Father Julian and seniors smile at the camera before refresh- ments are served. Nancy Barcheck, Therese Tarapchak, and Linda Sal- veson reenact a junior chemistry experiment. Outings Seniors treated themselves to an evening in Pittsburgh, cli- maxed by attending the Dave Clark Five Show at the Civic Arena. Joanne Pennacchini, Rose Marie Skovran, Eileen Stegura, and Sharon Valentine flash expectant smiles. Mike Smith of the Dave Clark Five, one of the reasons for the smiles, is caught back stage before the show. Maggie Merva prepares to swing a mean bat at the school picnic at Hutchinson Gun Club, Hopwood. "Oh, those sizzling hotdogsl" Sister Vitalia supervises the food department while hungry Academites drool nearby. 61 Graduation Kathryn Sefcheck greets the audience with the salutatorian address. Macrina Kocisko receives her diploma from His Excellency. 62 Graduates stand as the student body sings the National Anthem Gloria Helt delivers the valedictory. Graduates rise at the presentation of Class of '64, U W K 5 Qs isiiik 514 QRS F WW, is lv ' nnlsgsj yn'- 'V 5? we 3 E , Q Graduates pose with His Excellency, Most Reverend Bishop Nicholas T. Elko, D,D, for their last formal portrait. NANCY BARCHECK 42 Leith St. Uniontown, Pa. BRIDGET BLAIR 305 Garfield St. Gary, Ind. GLORIA HELT 173 Wilbur Ave. Uniontown, Pa. GEORGINE HLEBASKO 3704 Grover Ave. Hammond, Ind. MARGARET JONES 230 Dale St. McKeesport, Pa. MACRINA KOCISKO 1021 41st Ave. N,E, Minneapolis 21, Minn. 64 Senior Directory MARY KAY MARSINEK 500 Pittsburgh St. Uniontown, Pa. ELAINE MCKULKA 310 W. Berkeley St. Uniontown, Pa. PATRICIA MONAGI-IAN 1 W. Berkeley St. Uniontown, Pa. IOANNE PENNACCHINI 300 Dixon Blvd. Uniontown, Pa. ANNA MARIA PETRUNYA 1243 Island Ave. McKees Rocks, Pa. LINDA SALVESON 132 Park Ave. Brownsville, Pa. KATHRYN SEFCHECK 101 Continental ffl Uniontown, Pa. ROSE MARIE SKOVRAN 408 5th Ave. Brownsville, Pa. BARBARA SMARGIE Box 1 R, D, 1 McClellandtown, Pa. EILEEN STEGURA 190 Downer Ave. Uniontown, Pa. THERESE TARAPCHAK 11 Victoria St. Uniontown, Pa. SHARON VALENTINE 416 Clarendon Ave. Uniontown, Pa. ELIZABETH ZOBER Box 156 Coal Center, Pa. a S -1 K GOLD STAR PATRONS ST. .IOHN THE BAPTIST CHURCH Uniontown, Pennsylvania C. O. LaCLAIR PLUMBING COMPANY 86 McClellandtown Road Uniontown, Pennsylvania HOLY GHOST GREEK CATHOLIC CHURCH McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania HOLY TRINITY BYZANTINE CATHOLIC CHURCH 155 Scofield Avenue Bridgeport 5, Connecticut FAYETTE BANK 8: TRUST COMPANY Main Street Uniontown, Pennsylvania L.'7'E1:'3 GOLD STAR PATRONS GALLATIN NATIONAL BANK Uniontown, Pennsylvania HENRY J. COOPER COMPANY IO W. Coffey Street Uniontown, Pennsylvania PTG Johnstown, Pennsylvania ST. JOHN BAPTIST BYZANTINE CATHOLIC CHURCH 717 Arctic Street Bridgeport, Connecticut ST. MARY'S GREEK RITE CATHOLIC CHURCH Whiting, Indiana Very Rev. Msgr. John Macko, Pastor SILVER STAR PATRONS LADIES GUILD SAINT NICHOLAS GREEK CATHOLIC CHURCH Brownsville, Pennsylvania ELECTRICAL SERVICE COMPANY P. O. 849 Uniontown, Pennsylvania CONSUMER FOOD SERVICES "Home Delivery of Quality Foods" Hopwood, Pennsylvania FAYETTE CHEMICAL COMPANY 70 S. Gallatin Avenue Uniontown, Pennsylvania HOLY NAME SOCIETY ST. NICHOLAS GREEK CATHOLIC CHURCH Brownsville, Pennsylvania MR. AND MRS. MICHAEL VOJTEK AND FAMILY 233 Deacon Street Bridgeport, Connecticut ST. MICHAEL'S GUILD Gary, Indiana ADRIAN'S FOODLAND Hopwood, Pennsylvania ST. MICHAEL'S LADIES CLUB Donora, Pennsylvania JOSEPH PACKING COMPANY Connellsville, Pennsylvania SILVER STAR PATRONS ST. MICHAEL'S PTC Gary, Indiana HALLMAN'S CHEVROLET 91 Central Avenue Johnstown, Pennsylvania ST. .IOHN'S G. C. PARENT-TEACHERS GUILD 201 E. Main Street Uniontown, Pennsylvania UNIONTOWN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 144 E. Main Street Uniontown, Pennsylvania GALLATIN PLUMBING SUPPLY COMPANY 40 Monroe Street Uniontown, Pennsylvania ST. MICHAEL'S BYZANTINE CATHOLIC CHURCH 410 W. 13 Avenue Gary, Indiana ST. NICHOLAS G. C. CHURCH PEROHI WORKERS Market Street Brownsville, Pennsylvania NICHOLAS E. LEMAK FUNERAL HOME 400 W. Grant Duquesne, Pennsylvania TOWNE HOUSE Brownsville , Pennsylvania BRQNZE STAR PATRONS Uniontown, Pennsylvania R. S. Goldsteins Brownsville, Pennsylvania Rev. Joseph Chornyak of Saint Mary s Church New Salem, Pennsylvania Mr. and Mrs. William E. Blair Gary, Indiana Robert' s Place Coolspring, Pennsylvania Abel Funeral Home Washington, Pennsylvania Rev. John Kaczmarczyk Uniontown, Pennsylvania Haky Funeral Home Uniontown, Pennsylvania Nehi Bottling Company Uniontown, Pennsylvania Rev. William Sabo Johnstown, Pennsylvania Pentrack Funeral Home Johnstown, Pennsylvania I American Women s Slovak Democratic Club Uniontown, Pennsylvania John C. Meighen Duquesne, Pennsylvania First Federal Savings 8: Loan Association Green County Mr. and Mrs. Nick Senak Gary, Indiana SS. Cyril 8: Methodius Church Fairchance, Pennsylvania 1.4 BRONZE STAR PATRONS Ideal Food Market Johnstown, Pennsylvania Genovese Coal Company Masontown, Pennsylvania Saint Michael's Athletic Asso. Gary, Indiana Congratulations From Rev. N. M. Kohut, OSBM Uniontown, Pennsylvania St. Mary's Booster Club Uniontown, Pennsylvania St. Mary R. C. Church Uniontown, Pennsylvania Rev. Joseph Bodnar Cleveland, Ohio Central Produce Co. , Inc. Uniontown, Pennsylvania Msgr. John Kocisko Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania I-Ii-Way Hardware Johnstown, Pennsylvania Uniontown Motors Council Uniontown, Pennsylvania Midwest Byzantine Catholic Churches Bowling League Fred Dorazio Insurance Agency Carl Galie - Fairbanks, Pennsylvania Life - Accident - Fire - Casualty Insurance St. John the Baptist Greek Catholic Church Lyndora, Pennsylvania PATRONS V. F. W. Post 47 Uniontown, Pennsylvania Knights of Columbus Council No. 1275 Uniontown, Pennsylvania Saures Men's Store Uniontown, Pennsylvania Miss Nancy Volek McClellandtown, Pennsylvania W. T. Grant Co. Uniontown, Pennsylvania St. John the Baptist Church Perohi Ladies Bridgeport, Conn. Dudley Electric 81 Machine Company Uniontown, Pennsylvania Thomas J. Kalman, Attorney at Law Uniontown, Pennsylvania Uniontown Thrift Corp. Uniontown, Pennsylvania Mount Vernon Motel Uniontown, Pennsylvania Colonial Pharmacy Canonsburg, Pennsylvania Ski-rpan's Funeral Home Brownsville, Pennsylvania Howard Johnson Restaurant Uniontown, Pennsylvania Hagan, Inc. Whiteline Transfer 8: Taxicab Co Uniontown, Pennsylvania Carl Silbaugh Vault 8: Burial Service Uniontown, Pennsylvania Rev. E. P. Gearing Brownsville, Pennsylvania N. Kaufman's, Inc. Uniontown's Best Store Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. Speshock Uniontown, Pennsylvania - F PATRONS V 8: G Supermarket Uniontown, Pennsylvania Paradise Re staurant Uniontown, Pennsylvania The Family Locker Plant Uniontown, Pennsylvania Service Radio 8: Electric Company Uniontown, Pennsylvania Metzler's Department Store and Home Furnishings Store Uniontown, Pennsylvania Santareillo Photographer Uniontown, Pennsylvania W. H, Farwell Uniontown, Pennsylvania M 8: S Tire Service Uniontown, Pennsylvania Magazine Lumber Company Cardale, Pennsylvania CONTRIBUTORS American Citizens Russky Club of New Salem, Pennsylvania F. J. Buckley Agency, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania Mary Ann Loya, Cleveland 4, Ohio Kapalko's Pontiac, Fairchance, Pennsylvania Tito Cantlamessa 8: Sons Tailors - Cleaners, Uniontown, Pennsylvania R. M. Maher, M. D., Uniontown, Pennsylvania A. W. Dice Co., Uniontown, Pennsylvania Cohen's Furniture Store, Uniontown, Pennsylvania R. Bruce Fike 8: Sons, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sulich, Whiting, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dur sa Jr. , Uniontown, Pennsylvania 1:7-11 EF1 1 CONTRIBUTORS Little Printing Co. , Uniontown, Pennsylvania Santore Cleaners and Dyer s, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Wrona's Service Station, Hopwood, Pennsylvania Fayette Tire Co. , Uniontown, Pennsylvania Burton E. Tarr, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Q The Spellman Studio, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Flora Smith, McClellandtown, Pennsylvania Allen Monument Co. , Uniontown, Pennsylvania Mr. and Mrs. Stephan W. Marsinek, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Mr. Peter Lapenta, McClellandtown, Pennsylvania Medical Pharmacy, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Frank's Music Land, Uniontown Shopping Center North Pole Ice Skating Rink, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Frank Sholtis, Fairchance, Pennsylvania Central Drug Store, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Tom's Bargain Center, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Blumerschein Pharmacy, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Null Ford Sales, Inc. , Uniontown, Pennsylvania Mr. Alfred Dellirocili, Vestaburg, Pennsylvania Mr. and Mrs. Michael Powers, Cleveland, Ohio Patchan's Store, Lemont Furnace, Pennsylvania CONTRIBUTORS Dr. Mary Cavasina, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania Mr. and Mrs. Dernik, Gary, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Andrako, Maple Heights, Ohio Rev. Andrew Varda, Euclid, Ohio In Memory of Michael Pernik, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania Connie's Hat Shop, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Miss Bonnie Ann Bantley, R. N. , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Zoaach's Food Market, McKeesport, Pennsylvania Mrs. Anna Bantley, Johnstown, Pennsylvania Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Kocisko, Minneapolis, Minnesota Jackson Farms, New Salem, Pennsylvania Skylark Hotel, Smithfield, Pennsylvania Dr. C. M. Mhley, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Mr. and Mrs. John Zober, Coal Center, Pennsylvania The Edward Gift Box, California, Pennsylvania Zache Fashion Shoppe, California, Pennsylvania Saint John the Baptist Senior Sodality, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Pat C. Trusio, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Charleston Farm Dairy, Brownsville, Pennsylvania Midlik 8: Sons Dairy Bar, Uniontown, Pennsylvania I-Iixenbaugh's Drug Store, Inc. , Uniontown, Pennsylvania Brownsville Siding 8: Roofing Co. , Brownsville, Pennsylvania -5975 75 CONTRIBUTORS Anthony M. Volek, McClellandtown, Pennsylvania Wahler's Memorials, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Shady Side Inn, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Solomon 8: Teslovich, Masontown, Pennsylvania Weinberg's Service Station, McKeesport, Pennsylvania Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Loya, Republic, Pennsylvania Mr. and Mrs. John Chernicky, McKeesport, Pennsylvania Larson Drugs, McKeesport, Pennsylvania Duran's Grocery, Allison, Pennsylvania The John .Iubera Family, Whiting, Indiana Capuzzi's Super Market, Republic, Pennsylvania Louis N. Sollon, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania The Richard Guiden's, Highland, Indiana Class of 1965, Mt. St. Macrina Academy Kieffer's Garage, Duquesne, Pennsylvania Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bryan, Gary, Indiana Saint Cecelia's Booster Club, Lemont Furnace, Pennsylvania Mike Kloc, Wynn, Pennsylvania Rev. Myron I-Iorwath, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania Vito De Carlo Funeral Home, New Salem, Pennsylvania Ladies Aux. V.F.W. Post 4584, Masontown, Pennsylvania 4.7-To CONTRIBUTORS Assad Iron 8: Metal Co. , Brownsville, Pennsylvania Compliments of a Friend, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Campbell-Hathaway Co. , Uniontown, Pennsylvania Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Hornyak, Pottstown, Pennsylvania Sawchuli's Garage, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Frank Rico, Brownsville, Pennsylvania Lukey Brothers, New Salem, Pennsylvania George Hornyak, Pottstown, Pennsylvania Di Marco Food Products Co. , Uniontown, Pennsylvania American Carpatho Citizen Club, Uniontown, Pennsylvania St. Michael's Holy Name Society, Donora, Pennsylvania Compliments of a Friend, Pottstown, Pennsylvania J. W. Martin, D. D. S., Uniontown, Pennsylvania Tressler Body 8: Fender Repair, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Confraternity of Christian Mothers, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Danko 8: Son, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Mrs. Julia Jurysta, Butler, Pennsylvania Mr. and Mrs. George Assef, 152 Raven Terrace Mr. and Mrs. Authur Casale, Stratford, Connecticut Herzog 8: Komlos, Fairfield, Connecticut Art Snyder Sanitary Supply, 64 Arch Street Jendral's Pharmacy, Uniontown, Pennsylvania DONORS Patrick Motors Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cari Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pivarnik Mrs. Mary Bryan Motor Supply Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Whitco Vickies Rowes Run Garage Mr. and Mrs. George Branick Sr Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kanca Mr. and Mrs. George Branick .lr Vilsecks Cleaners Nolla Shop Sylvester Verry Mrs. Bitner Rev. Thomas M. Rodgers Youngs Market California Bottling Works Louis Polish Ford Tractor Sales G. C. Murphy Co. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Loden Steve Vasko's Texaco Station AXelrad's Ellis Music Store Anna and Mary Kovach Eugene Pennacchini Mr. and Mrs. P. Petrunya Moss Supermarket The Alpha Florist DONORS Liturgical Music Sz Record Barton's Flower Shop George Macko Sr. Elizabeth Linko Mr. and Mrs. Albert Torrill a Mrs. Rose Toth The John Haburays Mr. and Mrs. John Singel Maier's Market Mr. and Mrs. John Timo Josephine B. Kropilak Mary Ann Kropilak Mrs. Mathilda A. Tarapchak Andrew Kukla Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zelinsky Saint Michael's Sodality Diana Drug Store John P. Barron John Skovran Jr. St. Nicholas Cr. C. Youth Jerome Ciarrocchi Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kriss Morris Bufferd Dr. Paul J. Rheinfeld Nick Komanecky nd Family Mitchell Long's Automobile Necessities Salvatore's Cleaners Ficks Restaurant Office Machine Service Tiberi Radio 8: TV Ptak 8: Son Tailors f1U DONORS Bitner's Grocery Saint Michael's Sodality Saint Michael's Altar Boys Saint Michael's Altar Society Amber's Jewelers Keystone Furniture Company The Sherwin-Williams Company P. J. Russo Liberty Shoe Shop Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vojtek Jr. Saint Michael's Ladies Guild White Swan Flower Shop Central Drug Store Saint Michael's Holy Name Socie Tommy Shaffer's Barber Shop Dr. William Larkin William D. Gallagher Laurel Lanes Berish Agency Firestone Stores Ross Brothers Mr. and Mrs. A. Augustine New Salem Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rideg and Mr. A. Augustine MaXwell's Religious Store Rossi's Clothing Store McCoy Heating 8a Plumbing Mr. and Mrs. John Makaloski Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smargie fy Family

Suggestions in the Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) collection:

Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 79

1964, pg 79

Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 30

1964, pg 30

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