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I ...Wu . , . N, ,H-. f .4 'IF' . , , 1 "WY Q' , f ' ' 'Q' ffm' if" as Mil.- ' ' ' ' -. 7 :A . 7.4 4-bf ." " .' a , X, .- ,, J' 6 fs . ff A, " V ,A .. . A. 1.4.1 , V. .--'b '...' .ir ,s--H - 1: .Q A- 1 - v , 'JA .f.. I . W., - . , . '- 'YU . XI' r " . 1 ,'- ,.. ' 1'-1 ' .sw ' IN.. TM-'f . ... X- 1 -+1 ' fi :P Q . 1 'Vf -93 .5 ' 'kF',' ax 5 'r X 7' l 4 .Jr 1 RQ-"A .'-3:.rf"f ' f' ' .' 'f',. '57, . ' '9 , . . ' , H. '7 ' , 1 -. , s ' ' . ' ' M N ,A-25:5 ' x . A I 'W W ' .xi ' -. ff P5131 P- .. " ' df!! 19 'L' W-N ' 'L'-P ' 1 " " fin' ' V' , ' A -,Q W'-.l".P MF- 3:4 C4111 :.g.,.r1fw . Q' ..4. ,. ' ,x.AM. Lx Wd no-4 , V , 5, f .L X " 1 1 I ., , 4, jg 1 IX 1 ff -pf. . 2 ,f 'W ' - . A Q," ' ' ' . N' f QQ ,i W , . ' . ,. 'f 1 1 . :f.:l-2v:':v',.z'f14Y.v- x sr .- : ...f ,M - . f . x s . , AA ' ',..,,f-, , f Q -l. 'A ., f ,. if -sf' -"4-A 'X ""- 'F inch '. 'Af "' -' .- . '- f .fop'f""- ng. - ' ' ' .1-. ' . , . ' v 3' '- .u . ,. ".' ' xr'-ff.'.g If gg :. ,, .g 4' ' 5.48, X 2433 5 - ,n."' n ' . R ' q QA'-. f . 4. .,, .f an . r-.M ,.-- . - , - ,f . A-.5 3- 45 um x x .ng - xl Q5 -' , I I ,L . W7 . ' - - f V". . ' ' ' ' U ' . .NH V Raw . M, ,QSM V 0 ep . 4... 5. J l VI I G 44. 1.5 I f .4 I ' ' .El i f ' rang J, h V. QA QQQT' ,f'g 'j 1 ," ' V Q' Q - f:f,7"'7fJ'g'nh' , L - . ,. .. - .ff Q., I .4 , .. 2' " 49 1, -'4 ' "f A-me . uf?" - , 1 ff 34.5.4-.,'.,--:',y 1l..,Q'-,Q ,K A,,"'X , s f ,V 4 5. A W 4 , I "4 In nb.,-fi 5 v 1 ,nn --1,1 'J f 'A '-Q. ' . X' . 'A "vu "Y .' ' " , Q"'. - F", ' W A711 QS. "5 .f I .ly Mi' ,K :eff f. I x ,Q ' i' X f .nf up-1: Y :. I! -1 V fii"Lxvh .Y Kvfyly, .rg ' . l . af fr. A1-,.. :., L, . 1 J f JT 2. 'J- ,..-v-'L ' A ' 1 'V' '- ..f':vf-.N My -f 1' .fm-C -. Q. 5.14174 1. v 1' , I 99 ' ,A : . qu., 5:43 --, 4. -,IVA - X31 .1 -. I V.--' V. fl' , '-'f-ew, A.. Na ' 5.1 N '-'-:GN g .Ji ' V , A vi' . ,' Q. F 1 S 4 4 . N I - ' ' I 4 ,I v .. , ,,.- I , ' , .Y . - .' .- Y . '-X W , -r -" ' 9 . 'v- , ,L ru, V B,-gif,-, ,, ,Hd - , 1 1. -N W .. , A A , 1 Q. . .-A ' 1- -- ' ff' ' x .- J A ': 'f' I' fr" '- .I .. f . .A ls 4 :iii , 3. -e . , -. -, -v . f ' 7' 7 r gr.. -.- W 'F 7 Qi T ,-1 5 'u rf, - I A ' - 'rv A' S ra w - -. 4,-Q. ff ,. 7: ' .P - . t V v. . -, " - 1 "im-' . I, - rf 2, 1 ' ji., , . 5. 3 A , 1 .t . A 1 A . , f '55 Hf I o.Q-.W .. ' 'L' 8' - . . - Y, 3 " ' fl-7'-gf?-,SL gf-5,l.L' x -:"l ,J 5, -U H' -1. E 'A . "1 - 9! .wi -I " ' ' x' ,, xx . I I R., ' f . ' ' . A . . ",'f'F'b: 4. fc ' f '- .' "F ' , - j2'l',,.- ,ali K gr. . ' - ,- '.-... - - A. ...-, ,--I - N JN, J, , Mt.. ,1 , , A , 5 . ,. V V 4, .. ,, ,H , , 4 f vm.. 4 fb- ' ' ' Q . 'f-""' gf 14. , A it 4 -' 1"- - ' ' - . . . ' , L r, , . f-2 -- ' - H4 ff 5-3 1: A 'H ... .- A, ' ..w.' -. i - H,--44 -- -ll. . . N .,.,. :. -.M . -v . V j, '-',.- , ,hy-,H-24s, ff, --3... ,- 1917- -. N. '., li: If 'ui ' .VF , . . , . ' H. y. . I-,I vlagpfky I. I' -N -' . I x ' 1 Ix-X , . . ' r r -. Q.-Y-, ,..,,- 1 ,xy ,,f1,,'- XIXJL Q Rug.-xx., .if ,' ' . . ,' I 4 ..-'Q I 7 .fv , I -- .- .,f1,A-.- 1-Q. wvg... - . Q .M 2 M .51-v Jr , r ' ' fx' '. ' , . - , "' . ' - " ' -.-,. - n - -Q .,p'-,.'. 5. A. 1" 1 11- ' , 1 I2 "2 ,,.l1' .M ' :. -ff' f'l..N'i ,' -A , '-. ai: ' , N, 'W -.. 'f yr M Q -'rf .fb --l,,, . A A ,!.,,5 .mbnrf - . 1 . Mg, ,T Q 'Z . 3-.4 'L 3,7 ' .Al H . sf. ws ' . YO W 1" raff- K '1!g4,o-.0 b-,, . . . - ' '- 1 Q ,,f'-. '3tQxfjn ,',f vi I ' A' ' ' ' 'A '- '1 .-Y' ,. 'zf ge ,H A ,' D' ' fy" - - ,F .53-'f L -7 Af? '13, -2 'Q ,U1Z. "' oY'44 .U 14 sw.. A ' es.. 1' u Nw ' .1-559' 43 b,:t."9.f-1.7. I x v v. Q Q ar I x I I '-:fu ..-."4',w .- ' Q' if 5 'ni'-f-2 'f 1-. , he -7-:E - . .,. ' 1. QT? ,' K. . -ar ,.,, ,M 3-hae."-.,. :'S-,p.':HJ'r1'-'- ,.,'.- 4. w' x.y1Q: f. , , by " V.-'ffl 1 . ." .f .. ' "' "xv.,,,-'J-M-.1 .- 'V Q53 1- k',g.i.. H .."'v1 :f , 1 .HA . " J '.'44.-A , 54 V. .,.', w -u, I , . gif:-Q"f4K2 .',: h,-mi- -4, ... .1 "' f' if Rf". 'gm' 5 T I fit X" f 1 41.1 in ' Q" 'w' L"-,,-' f' 1.j'X-,. k 'if-N ,w.:'s.,..f,'4 ,. - .,,.n u ff -, .-. R.'l n. u 4. .- . 3 ' It .9 sr J' v. ": , Q -Q 1 wx ! Q M 3 T .Tv ixfgxff . Z SIN Qxx ' In W ' 4 ai, in la ,ia X. ' w 1: 1 N Q Ms o 3 3? 1 ' f 4, I. D ' . X Y.. Y' "" ,W . T 41, X 'UN , ,Z . W 5' f S .I XQLXX V f , ' P . I 'A "3 - J-, i A 14,114 , ff,-f . N-1 5 .ff ff ' E S -Q iff' LJ --. LOYAL IN THOUGHT - ROYAL IN DEED. MOUNT ST. MACRINA ACADEMY PRESENTS THE MACRINITE 1958 . gnu we cZea,fS. ' Saint Macrina was born about 330 A,D, and died about 379. She was the eldest of ten children in a family of saints. Her brother, St. Basil, is revered as a Doctor of the Church. She received an excellent intellectual training, although it was based more on the study of the Holy Scriptures than on the classics. ln the custom of the day, her father arranged a marriage for her when she was but twelve years old. However, her affianced husband died suddenly, and Macrina resolved to devote her life to perpetual virginity and the pursuit of Christian perfection. She exercised great influence over the religious train- ing of her younger brothers. lt was through her that her brother Gregory received the greatest intellectual stimulation. The great St. Basil owed much to his sister, who also guided him through the trying days after he had returned from the University where he had won many distinctions for his oratory and learning, and which were the cause of much pride. So well did Macrina influence Basil in the spirituallife, that it was Basil who, upon the death of their father, took Macrina and her mother to a family estate on the River Iris in Pontus, Asia Minor. Here with their servants and other companions they led a life of retirement, consecrating themselves to God. Prayer, fasting, almsdeeds were the order of the day. All lived in a spirit of detachment from worldly goods. St. Gregory of Nyssa describes their way of life: Contirience was their luxury, obscurity their glory, poverty their wealth. The little community under Macrina's leadership grew and ministered to the poor, the hungry and the neglected. Stories are told of miraculous cures obtained through the intercession of Macrina, even in her lifetime. Macrina's life of prayer, fasting and self-sacrifice led to an early death. However her spirit of prayer, love for the neighbor, and sacrifice continues to live in her followers, the Sisters of the Order of St. Basil the Great. LIFE OF SAINT MACRINA FOREWORD OUR GUIDES HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST HEALTHIER, HOLIER, HAPPIER YOUTH SENIOR MEMORIES OUR BENEFACT ORS 1 .i Us-Y evans..-,,,,..:,1+'nqwe-Vanin ,wwe at , M mir..-Q Q gl O I I ln this the Tenth Anniversary Year of the establishment of Mount St. Macrina Academy we, the students and alumnae, wish to share with you the memories of our school days. We want to show you how our Alma Mater has endeavored to make of us healthier, holier and happier youth so that as adults we might bring Christ to His world, to His children, our brothers and sisters. In her curriculum, Mount St. Macrina provides for a continuous growth in men- tal and physical health through her academic subjects, guidance and physical edu- cation classes. She offers to students many opportunities of becoming holier through the religious activities. Even our daily duties are presented as a means of sanctifi- cation, so that study, rest and play contribute to the attainment of the goal of our student days. Consequently, if her students are healthy and physically healthy and spiritually attuned to the Heart of Christ, happiness, that true happiness, will be the attainment of each student. We are grateful to Our Alma Mater for these many opportunities and treasured memories, And to those who have made Mount St. Macrina possible, we now pay tribute - to the devoted Sisters of St. Basil the Great, to our Parents and to the Benefactors. May Almighty God grant each a large share of good health, holiness and happiness. - i Q U this Nl!!! ,V " P 3 ' , ' ' , ' A ' 71 ky W' ?f1 f?'13fJ! aka O ? 'NRG .ff wx : A 5 . f-.Nt f 1, , jf ,eg WW., ii 4. i , n MOST REV. NICHOLAS T. ELKO, D.D. Exarch of the Pittsburgh Byzantine-Slavonic Ordinariate During our four years at the Mount, Reverend Mother Olga has been a friend and advisor to each student. At report card time, especially, did Mother encourage and spur us on. We are sincerely grateful to her for the kind interest and concern. Om We are grateful to His Excel- lency for his kind interest and deep concern for us. May God crown his every effort with holy success. REV. MOTHER OLGA, O,S,B,M, Provincial Superior 605 There are master artists whose daily achievements in education oftentimes pass unnoticed. Daily these artists mold the characters of youth into a pattern of Christian example. Frequently their hands become soiled from the soft clay of discouragement, of inability to see the fruits of their efforts, but they cleanse their soiled hands with the cleansing solvent: patience and faith in Christian youth, and continue to shape and to mold. Striving sincerely they attempt to create worthy masterpieces for A1- mighty God. Indeed theirs is a great responsibility, a work deserving highest praise and recognition. We, the Seniors of 1958, set aside this page in honor of these artists our FACULTY. Sincerely we thank you, our guides and inspiration. REV. GEO. B. PETRO, Chaplain SISTER M. BENEDICTA, O.S.B.M. Religion I, II, IH Problems of Democracy SISTER M. VERA, O.S.B.M. SISTER M. MATTHEW, O.S.B.M. Prefect of Resident Students Typing II, Shorthand I, II Pl. Geometry, Latin I, Biology Office Practice, World History SISTER M. LUCIA, O.S.B.M. SISTER M. MIRIAM, O.S.B.M. United States History Art I SISTER M. BERNADETTE, O. S. B. M. Sodality Moderator, Latin II French II, English I, H Business Mathematics MRS, WILLIAM KELLY SISTER M. GABRIEL, O. S. B. M. Piano H Piano I MRS. JOSEPH MATUSCHAK Physical Education SISTER M. EVANGELISTA, O.S. B. M. Principal, Echo and Macrinite Advisor English III, IV, Algebra, General Science Guidance I, II, III, IV ,....,....,--4 - -,4 s- .T 1 1.-ww--sf ..-a.,.,,a,-U 4 ai Z' 4 High school days are treasured memories, and so, too, is it with the girls of Mount St. Macrina Academy. In 1947 twelve girls arrived at the Mount filled with wonder and excitement. They were our first students. Now ten years later we are a happy family of 75, carrying out the traditions and examples set forth by former faculty members and students. The aim of our school. . . to prepare apostolic women for efficient service to God, to our Country, to our Church, and to society, has been instilled into every student. It was the aim of the late Reverend Mother Mac- rina and the Most Reverend Basil Takach, D.D. , to provide a school for young Greek Catholic girls in order that they might show apostolic leadership among our own people. lnconvenience, lack of comfort and other difficulties beset the school in its early years. However, through the generosity of our superiors, faculty members and benefactors, this school is growing and progressing. At first, the new student to boarding school finds the customs and discipline strange, even hard. However, before the end of the first year, she notices in herself a change toward a more solid Christian maiden. Love of God, of His Mother and of our school instills into each maiden courage and hope for the future. Along with our diligent application to study, we plan for many good times: our annual hayride, Halloween parties, the Valentine Dance and the crowning of Queen, and of course, the Junior-Senior Prom. Each year some event becomes a treasured memory, because of an unexpected and interesting incident. As an example, the time way back in '49 when Irene in Russian Class delivered a 3 minute speech. Its contents: "i ja spala, i spala, i spala, " Q" and I slept, and I slept, and I slept. "J For three minutes these famous words were spoken. Students of 1950-51 recall the plays, "Clue of the Red Ribbon," and the soph's "Dr. Kurall's Magic Oil." They remember the educational tour to Buhl Planetarium. The enrollment that year was nineteen. The year 1951-52 brought with it 40 girls and something new . . . day-hops. Tree planting was a momen- tous occasion as was the arrival of our first television set. Students recall interesting displays of historical and vocational interest which they had to plan and set up. The next year brought with it many firsts. The Drama Club was new, and the Christmas Radio Broadcast was a thrilling new experience. Our first prom in May. This year the enrollment at the Academy was 54. The school year of 1953-54 was a happy one. As in previous years the hayride was looked forward to and afterwards long remembered. The opening of the new Academy Chapel, and the annual retreat are treasured memories of spiritual well-being. The prize winning float in the May Day Americanism Day parade increased the students' pride in their school. This year 55 girls studied and learned a better way of life here at the Acad- emy. The Pennsylvania Program, Sodality Reception and the Book Fair helped to make the 1954-55 year an in- teresting one. Sixty-seven girls were present this year. Extracurricular activities and scholastic achievements in "I Speak for Democracy" and the Handicapped Poster contests helped make that year a successful one. A Chapter of the National Honor Society was formed in the 1955-56 school term, with thirteen charter members. The Alumnae Association was also organized. Fifty-eight girls endeavored to make this year a memorable one. The 1956-57 school term brought with it many new experiences. Our Home Nursing classes were oppor- tunities for fun as well as for learning. Music lessons on various instruments were also given, The classrooms and library took on a "new look." Students were privileged to meet Church dignitaries such as the new Bishop Stephen Kocisko of Pittsburgh, Bishop Gabriel Bukatko of Yugoslavia and Reverend Mother Zenobia, O.S.B.M. Superior General. The 1957-58 school term is a memorable one. It is the tenth anniversary of this establishment. The stu- dents are benefiting from previous years of struggle and difficulty. In '49 there were three graduates and now in '58 there are twenty-one. Gratitude to Superiors, faculty members and benefactors for their continued gen- erosity and kindness, for their firm guidance and help, fill the hearts of students and alumnae alike. May God grant abundant blessings and happiness to our Alma Mater. May it continue to grow and prosper for a firm foundation is laid. A. l ..f ...J Q I qs! , ag J - - C. , - 1 ' Nl! 5'mn 19 n I xx 17 ,f ' A -x I, ,1 K- .1 . I lA5'f f'4. , if-s u n " . ,,'.Q "" A K xx ' Q 1 'Nj' ' Zu, 4 9 - lfffi ' WW' ' 19 pl MH? 41751 4 ' Ll ' 22" , ,vu " f p, "- ""'TQE-R V .0 5 0 Jaxx ' I 5 K I I ' ,T A ff x V Y., Ac- ' fl ff f' ' Af ' 1 fa ' 5 I I fi 1 ff , gy, X 9 5 1 fb- 11' W ,ytrx if wx -M' " " ' " -re, f.,-'-, 1,77 , X K ., ,B I -1: ' ff xl 19 5 '::.':'nx V F V01-N3 UI if els: 7" 9 ,,f"'V -l Z ' Y f 1 .1 6-X xg 'Y P' we , 'Q f? Q wg 5' ' N ,fr 'Y Q, f II I I ' ' f .iv-1 ,y W . , arg, . - :mic ,jr x . E WSI liz s T'-jaf f f w N 51:73 :H ' i. H -, .l 1942 Mother Claudia, principal, Graduates, and Student Body. 1947 Student Body: Barbara Gu- banich, Yolanda Kandra, Helen Evanyo, Mary Sealy, Ellen Sosnak, and Dolores Vanischak, 1947 "And Suzi, what do you want from Santa Claus this year?" Mary Sealy, alias Santa Claus, asked at the Christmas Pajama Party. I0 Me Q 1947 Posed but interesting to look at are the girls in the classroom, 3'l 1948 Dramatic ability was manifested in the first school play, Humming Bird Hiccups, 1947 The first educational trip was to the Bell Telephone Company in Uniontown. The bus could only go that far. ' ' 1948 Anna Mary Puhak is May Queen and Dolores Vanischak is the crown bearer in the May Crown- ing ceremony, 1948 At the Picnic Supper the night be- fore the students left for home. Lilyan Senczyszyn examines her marshmallow, 1948 The only sad day . . . the last. Waiting for the cab are Yolanda Kandra, Helen Evanyo, Irene Sidum, Dolores Vasilcheck, Dolly Vanischak, Mary Sealy, Ellen Sosnak, Lorraine Billy. 1950 A11 prepared for lots of fun before the hayride are: Mary Louise Vanischak Ann Fedyszak, Patricia Phillips, Ruth Gaba, Anna Marie Poli, and Mar- lene Pavasko. 1954 "Come and dance and trip lightly . . . " at May Day on the Mount. fffifff 1951 1951 A trip to the Buhl Planetarium proved to be The art of sewing was not easy to acquire but of interest to the girls. determination, hard work, and material, produced well-made clothes, 1951 1952 Discussion at a class meeting looks interest- 'Busy as bees' were these girls in their cook- ing to the bystander. ing class as they prepared to make pie crusts. 1952 The main hall was the scene of hilarity at the annual Valentine Hop. I4 1 H5 Y fexf Lygg .KX bx 5, f 5 E I my Kill 1953 - FIRST PROM They could have danced all night . . . war,-:ww 1953 Class of '54 plant their Maple tree. 1954 The academites were overwhelmed with Captain A. Gallegherg an ex-Swiss guard if 1 ji: l 5 Q S 1956 1957 Mary Io McKu1ka, Nancy Barna, Mrs. L. Seniors participate in a Home Economics Cunningham, instructress and Joan Puskar class provided for them through the kindness pose after they passed their driving test. of Miss O'Brien, Home Economist. 1957 Above are pictured the Freshmen in the May Day Float, prepared for the Americanism Day Parade on May 1 in Uniontown, .-,,.rv 1956 1956 Aoademites get the highlights in the editing Court procedures are explained to the acad- of local in newspapers in Uniontown. errlites at the Fayette County Seat. 1879-1949 In Gratitude to Mother Macrina We're overflowing with gratitude To our beloved Mother Macrina, Who gave us hope and guidance, And a school for Catholic youth. Ten years have lapsed, forever, But an indelible mark is left, On the characters that were formed, Through patience, love and prayer, Dear Mother Macrina, our foundress We offer our prayers and thanks. May you always intercede for us, And the girls who'11 take our place. dim I ,4 Sr. Mary Leah Kelly '57 with the Trinitarian Sisters in Philadelphia, M, A, Kovaly '57, M. J. Subrick '56 and B. George '57 prepare their gowns and white veils for reception of the habit. Sr. Josetta '56, Sr. Jean Marie '55 and Sr. Maria Theresa '55 admire the cincture and crucifix presented at profession of vows. N A graduate of St. Fran- ces' School of Nursing is Rita Une- tich '55. f L. A busy Soci- ety Editor for the Ameri- can-Herald is Mary Kay Stofko '56. Dolores Ba- Wu... 17" ron '55 at St, J'oseph's school as second grade teacher. bi' Manipulating the comptometer is Evelyn Hovanec '56 at the Berko- witz Shirt Factory S, in Uniontown. Mary Jo McKulk '56 as a student i. nurse at Union- town School of 4-'A Talented Mary Ann Rosseler '55 qcenterj starred in a musi- cal play "Swing Mikado" while at- tending the Univer- sity of California, I9 --12-W ---f-rw e-sw-.s-f..,......- W, 1947-1948 Sister M. Evangelista, Principal Sister M. Augustine Sister M. Emilia Rev. John Kocisko 1948 -1949 Sister M. Evangelista, Principal Sister M. Emmanuel Sister M. Constance Sister M. Joseph Rev. John Kocisko 1949-1950 Sister M. Constance, Principal Sister M. Augustine Sister M. Daniel Sister M. Emmanuel Sister M. Evangelista Miss Cecilia Mondalek Rev. John Kocisko 1950-1951 Sister M. Loretta, Principal Sister M. Daniel Sister M. Vera Sister M. Bernadette Sister M. Martin Rev. John Kocisko 1951-1952 Sister M. Loretta, Principal Sister M. Lucia Sister M. Bernadette Sister M. Miriam Sister M. Martin Mrs. Joseph Matuschak Rev. John Kocisko 1952-1953 Sister M. Marcelline, Principal Sister M. Vitalia Sister M. Bernadette Sister M. Martin Mrs. Joseph Matuschak Rev. John Kocisko -WZ I 1953-1954 Sister M. Marcelline, Principal Sister M. Vitalia Sister M. Loretta Sister M. Bernadette Sister M. Martin Sister M. Anastasia Mrs. Joseph Matuschak Rev. John Kocisko 1954-1955 Sister M. Marcelline, Principal Sister M. Vitalia Sister M. Loretta Sister M. Michael Sister M. Martin Sister M. Emilia Sister M. Miriam Mrs. Joseph Matuschak Rev. Bernardine Hvizdos, O. F.M, 1955-1956 Sister M. Marcelline, Principal Sister M. Basil Sister M. Romayne Sister M. Lucia Sister M. Vitalia Sister M. Martin Sister M. Emilia Sister M. Miriam Mrs. Joseph Matuschak Rev. Bernardine Hvizdos, O.F.M 1956-1957 Sister M. Evangelista, Principal Sister M. Vitalia Sister M, Matthew Sister M. Martin Sister M. Lucia Mrs. Joseph Matuschak Rev. Bernardine Hvizdos, O. F. M. 1957-1958 Sister M. Evangelista, Principal Sister M. Vera Sister M. Matthew Sister M. Bernadette Sister M. Lucia Sister M. Benedicta Sister M. Miriam Mrs. Joseph Matuschak Rev. George Petro + T' X - Q ,. ' I ff r ,V I ,. :-N -xii? f. '. ' r'-'1' X -' H .fp , . ,, ml-X xg M1 , 'M' ,tp 3. ' 9 'K .1 4 W . gy ul. 1, a , Y If , :ff X 1-. ,X - ' ,U -- -, I 1 5 x .'-Ng. ' ff '. , 1 " "QM 7 I ' X . f I x , - , A , r n X , j . . M .rg fig ., .5 .H 4 T.- 1, , 3192 V v r ' l ,"' r ' s "3 X If 1+ , 'XIII , f ., 1 . , 1 5 , .1 ? r s y, K- r , .J I gl rg 1 - I f. , I " f 4. X 4 1 XXXXXXXT SI HAIRM Q ACAD MY X -4-r: -v W , , 1 X b X! 4. .4 X X , ! t 1 X I :Jin 5 l If 0 ffl mr r pls 0 4 0 O v I 'y Ill? jfv lggh AN: X f" .A X ' I 5 N . T I 1 Q :Xl av Eg I x j ',,. - gli-I ffug E 1 Q ' 'E 5:5 7,54 x " 'Q W 'X' ,fe- ..-f"' F, ' -:x A N 'gf ' -T fain if-e?s Sc i. 'N .19 'A .51 N. cfi JN , sl X NNE? x : i - f, Us n , 4, 1 5 ' T T- CVS J X ZX Wxi Z' N , ,JJ HE A - f .xv ' X ,Ar J XJ -1,-lguyl'-'Hts ' xc, ,' P .ge - 15" 1 TZ ff I It As ' 13. ' NSN xfi ff! SN ' ,Q .gg 'Q B x 'f,r,., sua. . v ,uri PM V ,V-L, . Slam-P Wil X UIQ dll ii' F WI! f s:-' 'I 'fiat TAX 5 'if ' ' W - 'H i A - ---ff' ' i" X . .PV f f Z!,+ .-ff-'2"'-P X il 'I -T .' IN ,, "-? -1: L ' 2' ' ' 1, I :X X, - 3. . 1 -, ui .a gig: ' zz: in ' I' " .. 1' Y I " X Z 410 ' X ' ' ' "' l 1 u'7f TZ, 5' ' ' .- 4 zz V ,I ff' ff .Nhk K," -, 7,71 X f X ff 5 ' 'W' 'I' " --' 'P-5' ' ' Q " A, , - I' ?L ' r- "Ti , il,-fi If f I Iii- 1. 2 iff' ,M , f X527 I 22' ff !! H X' ' efvf - Ik! ! , 'W 0 .A f 1 WN X X . 'K ' 9 ' , 'X X XX K' av xs., ,xx f' .exp X ,ggi K.. X an X if C g X g P Xp' IX' A af f -Q - L 1K Mm y f ! V is I iliir! 'F N X' XXX :I f IX I -- . X X f " Q X Y I ' XX r ' Q , V .lu 5 I ' X1 I Q , - 11' ' , - Eff ia' X " 3 5 :H V I I ff ix 1 , f Jf .V 4 f 1L f ' Y Y - i H I 5 7 in X 'Lf5-- NX Q nf gi ' X F- I 'IX ,zQi1 g. , X ,Q X X XX . . X , if A-A '11-Q-fu XA 'X 5 M . Q rf ,, M If W ' -, k if X 4 I X X !7KVf5,4-if-'A--' K J' X Z .i-N. f f X 1 -zu: K X ig.-li. I 70 ?, t six 'Q ft s 4, R. 'M I I I A small but smart French II class corrects their daily assignment with Sr. Bernadette. The six sen- iors are N. Medvig. I. Knafels, B. Marek, L. Franzczak, J. Krz- ton, and M. Lucas. A familiar scene in an academites day is their study hall in the Li- brary. Busy at study are: L. Fran- czyk, P. Lukasavage, N. Medvig, and C. Jacobson, Scrapbooks can be fun to compile! This is proven by the Pennsylvania History class as they work on their project. 4' ibn W 1 bw I .t ,S' f?" , Industrious chemistry students ex- periment with chemical reactions. A Sister Vera guides the work of C. A. Macko, J. Petruska, M. Pe- truska, F. Cerul, and B. Sholtis, Eager sophomores dissect amicable little animals in their biology class. In the foreground are: A. Thomas, C. Cenker, L. Suba, J. Smorada, and M. A. Kasarda, x2 - 25 2 hard work and fun for algebra students. This is proven by M. C. Timo as Sister Evangelista looks on. 23 fend Zettez ' 700:05 Writing shorthand from dicta- tion is a skill which is dis- played by: C. Jacobson, M. Lucas, M. A. Valint, and M. Benish as N. Medvig dic- IBIBS. The Office Practice class tackles the confusion of filing as Sister Matthew checks for errors. W9 f - ,-."'-Ki Typing I1 students under the direction of Sister Matthew strove for accuracy and speed. ,ima WMM Smiles are displayed by Poetry Contest Winners, C. Wozny, M. A. Sha- lansky, and N. Medvig. The Echo Staff works earnestly to spread truth for the Catholic Press. Members of the staff are: N. Medvig, M. Makuch, copy readersg M. Ortu- tai, feature editorg S. Vanischak, C. Wozny, co-editorsg B. Tuskan, busi- ness managerg P. Lukasavage, copy readerg C. Petrasovich and J. Blas- zczak, typists. Sister Evangelista, principal, presents awards to C. A, Macko and L. Fran- czyk for their winning handicapped essaysg M. A. Petrunya fourth place winner ofthe Democracy contest, and M. A. Kozosky for the Homemaking Contest. 4 Tension and anx- iety prevails as N. Medvig and M. Hudock battle for the championship in the ping-pong tournament. .r sw 'F '1' ' V' '..Sl 45 yy' 45 1.25322 '1 :jf Uniontown citizens showed appre- ciation for the students marching and float entered in the annual Americanism Day Parade, Calisthenics - a part of the gym- nastic Review. Miss O'Brien demonstrates that good food is necessary for good health to the seniors, M, Ortutai, M. Makuch M. A. Kozosky, N. Medvig, M. A. Petrunya, and A. Majcher, I Euvxxm 1 'HX A 1 '---v-. . , V V Q 2,5 seg KRW. N A lr x J, X P L, X.. ,, . -. '- 1 1 . 3? fx fn Q , 1 3 10? In ffj' T, h' f t fair fvpggz ' 4:-W --iff' if 'HZ ,, x 51,571 Nuts ---'-" 1 - - yi" .Iv IZ' f-'gf A KJ: 7' J lm K -Q 1' Q ,J 1 I, ,mx 3 nu' K ,A-,fl fl. Viv' Ca f m 1-. .1 uf 1415 - ' 'f Eisf. . ,T"4 ' "1,5f,afb. vi' ,ff .322 if " 'J ' 4 -, if 177. X :-ggi? V K ' 7 - ' N X QQ? 5:2 - ffr -,', ' 5 pp f .J gg- M 1 . 6 ,I ' "' f , 419 ,, v ,.i",. ,r1 ,, fix ,V wg Q, T'-.HL-i -Q'-V X 1' WZ Qi' . , HW yy E I -H H. . i I A id' l " ,11 S I ' W 2 Y - l 1h':r -H2-E wr, ' H 21 A 5 . mm sm mmm is .--3 fu., I - K ,451-I ' I 4 - W MH ll Q 4 ACADEMY A 'IW 1 WI' 1 'N 1 I,l' Vx 0 2 I ii .L :jig 1? Q " ' 1f'T- Ci? Q I ' E K 'Q' 'M' H 2 W 111 5 'JQQ ,,-1 , I W 5 Pla! 5 If f 4 F 53 , 3 sg X N L' f kr L xgi , Qs: f .gawk .-.1 f 1. -A ,ff -,,,.1f-Z:-2 3 73 lm ff "UW 51 . Q., K EHUUTH iiijf U. H u I .1--vw-af wx 1 I' jf ' "Fixx YK A ,n -HA--1-WM W X x XX X . If 4 2 X - M A f .. -52 . Qu, Lf-f b , f- ' ! if ff 15" ' gi g g I f x X X lj? f Z gf , ' Qi-Yr if X J f"'X -- J '-r f 4. , ff M - Ax f -li X L 7 ,141 f ,' , 7' 'jf " X !ff,,,4:,,4f,-:'l," ! :1,9g,4,' f ,,,,.-, i,fff .....-- f' ff ' l -in-Y.-R? l""k V .L " ff! , 17' I h N.. ,wx g - 1 27? New Sodalists, M. A. Troyan, M, A, Ka- sarda, and F. Kuhta receive certificates from Father George Petro on reception day, it 2:13 i, J. Midlik, A. M. Loncaric and M. A. Popp prepare basket for the poor. WY: was ..g,ros i me cenietxi. O Q 5 Ct iq ance' wav? tn Objibomdes' 5 l . Q. Oi Ou? XLXQQRXCBG eS?e'o .. oil.. 'NDA The 42 ff 5 S 0 the fjron Curtain sep 1' ee WOII afates mana d' but . Colmrr' ge to visit b Rusnan H Studies from ,V dress and In enrg As Sister Benedicta explains how to fill out income tax forms, Seniors find that money is scarce in P, O, D, class, ltepature Seniors lost in thought - the guidance books say this - the future what? .SN I N Volpe D Krevrnko M Moxie and B. Bobak await their turns for reception of the Sacrament of Penance. Seniors present crucifix at the blessing of the -newly remodeled chapel. .figs I W WM S Retreatants steal away from their daily tasks to spend a few days in prayer and meditation, T he "Crossroads of Destiny," must be met by everyone, and the So- dalists M. A. Petrunya, N. Med- vig, B. Marek, M. Rugola, C. Jacobson, and P. Lukasavage help their fellow classmates towards a decision. Golden rings and golden memories of their Junior year are recalled by the Seniors. Q NN "May this ring which you have received this day bea symbol of the unselfish ser- vice which you will joyfully give to your school and your fellow man. May it by its endlessness, be a symbol of your striving for ETERNAL VALUESg by its blue color, be a symbol of your LOY- ALTY to the high ideals which Holy Mother Church instills in you at Mount St. Macrinag and by its gold, be a symbol of the ROYALTY which is yours as a CHILD OF GOD, and which should find its expression in your every action, fFrom the School Ring Ceremony 19561 fr' On Campus is W Ar - . 90916: Plcfllc P- f 'J-.Ai In Glen f.n :J-2 A + ' ,. ., A yr- 5, 'l "XX A 1 v ' Vu ,I X, I I X I L 4 1 I 1 rf p q f X 1 fl. Y up ' xg N fu . x A , X xl Iixx 'xx pl 1 n 1 U' I 1 xl ' ,. , 'N ,Qt If lx K' N rf . u rf Ev 1' f , '5 7 X ' ef V V, , I Wh x ' fl I, 0 4 Y K' 1' A., I ,1 :X N 4. go" ' ,U V x ,- , ,,.. ,I-, . x -. V 4:1 N '- ,nuff A , -,.?-, .. ,... .' 'Hu J., A, 'f .Am ,V-, ' - MII' , JL! ww ' fs, I 'A' ' Klui l ' . 1" ' ' , ,w Mm pm,' x fxx fl ,.-y .jf ,3l . 1 ',V"'N 2 35 L 4 , MQEN Y l VL- fff-1m ff l ply , 5 .51 Q A N . 4 yxWX15IMAIR0g4 ,, Q QQ ACADEMY 'IP .25i.i Ing f22iFL ?ff?R2fa,. f K lfgvg 3 g I E gf 5 'Q wi W 9 mg' V zilul Eg!! 4Elg. HQ! UQ' , Iv -1 F: .x Nk l. ' f ' --ws W N QW 4 UTP' ii2Q f ?ili'ff" ' ' LJ ?, 'K al . lf, f 5 X X 7 W J, S Ufifgp- f f f 7:11- f X A 'E xs - VL. , 44' 53 ' ' Y' -5: " ' C" V"'..l-n ' ' iff 'L ff' '-L, , KX , , - Lrg,-,,,-,. X Lv- Y fq ? f Z Z f,, :J-'-EA Q ' -.f X4 f fbififn X 1 ,f'-T.-s- 429, if W ffkip .Q- X , of A f , , -.- ,A ., . 4, H J, , I ,... r I 7 J, 'f "- NG!- " , fx J Q 1 ' ,f ,ff ' -- ,9'Zf fi, - . ,, -f - 'yf , 2 f ,. -yi. . ff Z ,f-"'X :, - ,sy ,Six 1 Yf W' 33 X 'Zn ' 4 I Ng 5 F My N . i V , 11 u A6 .S K ' N Q Z .X Ahh lf, s, H, Q x, 55166 A Q, f. .Wx - Ah 0 Q X , 5, KN W , 3 H ' T. v ' Z fn ' vi' 23' 'J I If .1 j J 1 1 vang N A- gg 'fu H' 1f'S:f1 rig! lfg sf Q Nl N 6 2 p' 1 V 7 CGI? .1 , t S g A DIL. fix fn? t I PM 1,3 . K ,gay ,Ur tm . A' .2g2f,7,gf, If X' 4 - 1 ', f 'R -' ki 1 fu, ff! d' "" fi ' X 4, .41 J F--.1 Ti' X 3 'Gi NX Y If X' 'Til xx vhimu' V 4 W W 5? Na' gy? A '-:.2I, '71 1. 1 I I Q ,vzf f 0 lb." 'pn 'i ff A ' f W me www wi 1 4- 'I' 1J IP I N m 1 110 , . I P p l' flwmw' IP4 Q23 X Ml K X N Y I ,Q T X b ,XF tguglll Q ll. 4 ,-' Zz. , 1 My : 1 Qi ' D I , 4 'Ml 51' 4 4 Y ll' . ,T I! I Q Z , J Fm 'N N D f .iQ. 1 -- Q! EI 1 5 ll!!! I f 4. f9'hl.'l N ,4 X W 11 I J , 1 I f 3 f X NNI 'V ll' 4, f j Q , A M kv, X 'g V w 1' ' Ishii 1 X Q 'all ku QW' P' v ff 'll I ' ' lf M X g N -9--""'-' X ff In x X f ,-5:9 PHX xx u ' 'i :kiwi-aux X f-1' N k 'Q .2 K. , and ' 56? S ,fir lf S Study hall outdoors is tops with the Academites when spring comes, and M. A. Valint, M. A. Kozosky, M. Petruska, M. Lazarz, and J. Petruska look forward to them. Class Night Program brings back memories of Seniors' First Grade School days. Sketching scenery down the glen can be helpful and healthful. This is the pop- ular argument of the Art I class when thoughts of staying indoors occur. APR 1958 ,ra 42114661-if' Winter fun for everyone is proved by a group of Academites as they have a snowball battle during lunch period. M. L. Tajc is crowned Queen of the Hop by M, Rugola as the seniors, her attendants, look on. "You'd better watch out" calls P. Lukasavage to C. Jacobson, M. A. Kozosky and M. L. Tajc as the seniors enjoy an afternoon in the SHOW, Is it dancing, or what is it? Look- ing back we find it was dancing to the latest tunes at a Sodality Sock Hop. 'We ' ,E s fs i., ' C . r. mf " '-5 ' W E T' . xv: Y . ' T -' ' - .W f s. - ,qs "Who's winning?" M. Ortutai asks J. Petro, who is playing solitaire. M. Rugola, M. C. Timo and M. Smith are spending their Sunday afternoon reading, Enjoying a few leisure moments in the dorm are C. Petrasovich, C Jacobson, M. A. Sha- lansky, E. Starzetski, and M. Makuch. L. Kosty entertains at the Valen- 2 tine Hop with her impersonation ,Y of Minnie Pearl. 9 I . an - 2 . 'S-11 ,ss ,gs . iz: Yagi: 36 3' C is fw M V 1 s fu -If Along with many other Christmas activities, the Sophomores, A. M. Loncaric, J. Smorda, D. Kre- vinko, and C. Cenker help to make Christmas a bit happier by decorating for the ladies at the St. Basil's Home. 044.2190404014014 Preparing for a party is lots of fun and J. Petruska, B. Sholtis, M. Lazarz, J. Cutler, M. Petruska, and C. A. Macko enjoy it. Along with many other Christmas activities, the sophomores, A, M. Loncaric, I. Smorada, D. Kre- vinko, and C. Cenker help to make Christmas a bit happier by decorating for the ladies at St. Basil's Home. 660, 'E X .V 4' Q , w lei. . 'ltr O One rainy afternoon found our dayhops, B. 'AW . Bobak, I. Lazarz, F. Kuhta, M. Hudock, I. Marek, A. Majcher enjoying them- f AZ, fry selves in the parlor, After a long day in school the day students depart for home on the 'ole school bus. Surprise! A birthday party for Susan Bas- sala at which all the boarders had a won- derful time. 'Q . A week end home is not unusual in the life of our boarders but N. Win- terburn, M. A. Shalansky, H. Kor- ba, and S. Bassala look forward to them, Most popular Skating spot on campus, skills exhibited, ,"'7,, - f ' ' A xg ii' . x ?. Archery - A Spring Sport. e VE.. my K, 'uni Sew, rip, rip, sew, Second most popular spot on Campus Close of a school day, Gym class amid Christmas Cleanup time decorations, after Halloween Party. Freshmen visit Radio station. Beauty parlor skills are demonstrated by the blindfolded. Nh . ..' .74 .x JK v7 K W., X - .Q L i951 ,I .a.ZI:.,?z,. I " ' 'X ,ig ,.,,, -L I g' 'L S - NACR IN 4 W " iff , I 3 .MI x ' .I -I 1' .ff Ii: ' II' Tiij Vimiih hh!! I- I 2' ,.1-Qif' I I 4. -A5114 Im' ,r f I ' A13 X e I 'III' ff' If ,f"'I I' I IEIIIIIIII ., 151. A I W in I,,,Y,' 'LJ I ,,:II.:g:?'-E- 1::lnu I ,Q-IIN 255' I X I ' I ' a515.I I if f X , ,:!3i,gg"' "55'E5'I III I Fi II I .I f ,II , III,g'I!!g51I , we I I If ' ,J I ' Efffsfi I ,imsae II II I .zizysi IQ I I' I I ieefazii' III ,ilII5II"' If II I Ififiii ii' -,- - v Igsrlgfzwi ,I ,d-Ffff i "IFR 15" EW ifiII'III5"55'Q9' 1' -- . I --Is- 11- -7:1 I -I' f- 2 ,s'I.IrI:'f gI - TH" i FI!!! ' zrj! Eff!! 'ggii' I EI I- IP' I!! 55IIIIIqg:II -I-air A ,Il ,,. , :gn Iggy.: La, .Il , . AY -,Y I III I I fee: . ig: III i?1I5II'5'V4IF ' 'iii K I ' gi Elgin U ' -:F " A g'IIIIQ rI III II! I ii nw 7 I I: I - - iqi""Q'iL' f:!:IgIE as I II Ira! I II :Q I K 5215 'I I.saaI5g1IFII'5IIf I lie? I -I ,f ' ' 7' 'I I I 23 I I If III?-2-JIIIII. IIII.. :I Y 'I f - EIEIIIIIIII 51533 59 SIII 52" 'P I ' Ii' 3 xl i' ifjfisi' .II ,III I I I - . I L 5 521212.59 -, -, If-232555 :ITL , I fi. 2 I , E'IIIH'II 2 I,::-gig. II lege 1 , I V 5IIguplI. I I 1 23 f' ,115 :U I 1 ' I II II argl. ff ' ffgyfWpI'ffI I , IE IIIII I I I 'f f 'I+' I ff if g,,.f I ,I -I--5 I. Ia I 1' Igg1a11I1!-I-,fn I. III I- :xiii T ' I I ,,....I I I I II 55154, I ,Egg F pq Q: I If I I I I if ,-, . I I I I I I ISI . I I I ff. I , IIS? F III. III ILE-5 III ' I I I I I I wif, I III IEE !1ffE5!'II ' IQ me-I , I , . 2. "' , II, I ,,5IE45IiQ:'LiI: 'I ff 1-I III! I isa ' I ' I ' f 'I I I IENQ . 1' --:Sl .:" I I II I 5' .a,.:II!'fr:I-I I ,II Ing-I., '. IIEEQQE "Ii I I . "'-' 3j3,?1IiIii555g:2" 'I I Ii I L - . I I I I ,- , , I II :Q 4I"I III 5' W I :II I I I, -J' ,f I Winn I 'II "I, 1 II I' I II 1 if f I .5753 'I I" ' ' Ig' I,' I If '5gj'1"H'Q!i!seze,, EIEIQEE1' I .-.EI 'I I ' ' ' I I '., ' 1 FFF-i II' 'IW 5'-EH ' I I I I"'z2:::':1Q22::.ai2 A 455211:-II ,III ' I I' I I , - N-.. I I ' , Il I . I l'::::::2.'1:E5ux E. 353 U Im I I I ' I I ., .... 2' uulndiiizlis' :-g- Ig:-. .. I1 Igggqg I I .. ' -1 I If I I ,...!'IeI--Ilnelw . I'f:I:, E 5, gfggg::ia I EE" 55- ', ' ' . I , , - I I 'I ' :?I1l'iIijQZ'E?fE'?5eI 7 ----. if,,.N. I-- :: :gn I I:III I I I :I I . 5' v!':::.,,iggI5gg55g I E555 II, I in I E! 1' 5 V 1 I ' I 5 II I I Na! ' I I L1:'I.iIIEEEHSEIIQII' -f5T:I Iisi IIE - I ,I I 1 I I4 . I :I I I I'IEE3ESI5?I?5F5?'I FI Irqiu ,IIQII ' I 5 - H L -I ' I' 115.52353IIIQIQQII A- ifgifiivv IIwI:5i2?:1?!ii I' I , I - II Q !iIg1 . . iLC"?f?i5?,-J", x -QI ,,,fi.EI1 ' I ani- Q- II ' 5 'I " .. If 'II 5?'E' xf-E 'sm I , p I I I III' III 331, 'Ziff' X-X --- Ir' - ' I ' I 'I In-Im I 'la ,-TQ., -3 ' Gif ' -. I'lsi2i5fI"" 'I ' I A -'-4 W-, - "1-.M x 4-'- ' "'f'.l:'-- K XX Q, "- XX livl I "' - ,' I -jfixk ni YW-k I A-gg Aj- I RQ ,,3 'YM 'gl' : v Y .eww H ,Y ,V ff-V 'metal' 1'-' fl'-' ' 41' gn' gf' H- YYIY- W Y ,,,,, l .-:Y -- Exif A fan W, ,ii PATRICIA A. LUKASAVAGE "Loyalty in her actions is well displayed. Pat is attractive and has talents that rate." Pat - R.F,D, ffl Booth Hill, Stepney, Conn, , St. John the Bap- tist G. C. Parish. Activities: Sodality 1,2,3,4. . .C1. Secretary 4. . . Cl. President 4. . . Vice-President 1. . . Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4. . . YEARBOOK DRIVE. . . Echo Staff 3,4. . . Macrinite Staff 4. . .Dra- ma 1, 2. . . President Student Body. . .National Honor Society 3,4, . . .Quotes Life is eternal and love is its law." Favorite Song: "Tammy" Favorite Saying: "O Lordy" Course: Academic, Am- bition: Elementary T eacher. CAROLE WOZNY "Peppy, diligent, and sincereg Wozzie is always such a dear," Wozzie - 7430 Roland St. , Detroit, Michigan. Sts. Cyril and Methodius R. C. Parish. Activities: Sodality 2,3,4.. .Drama 2 . . .Echo 2.3,4. . .Macrinite 4. . . Glee Club 2,3,4. . . Librarian 3 . . .Cl. President 3. . . YEARBOOK DRIVE. . . Quote: "It is always darkest just before the day dawneth. " Favorite Song: 'True Love Favorite Saying: "What madness is this!" Course: Academic, Ambition: Journalist. CAROL E. PETRASOVICH "A lady with a mild expression, who in work and play makes a fine impression." Petras - 1509 Howard Ave. , Cleveland, Ohio. Holy Ghost G. C Parish. Activities: Sodality 1, 2, 3,4. . . Echo 3, 4. . . YEARBOOK DRIVE. . . School Play "Seven Nuns at Las Vegas" 2. . . Drama- 2 . . .Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4. . .Macrinite 4. . . National Honor Society . . .Quotes "Life is being, not having." Favorite Song: "You'll Never WalkA1one" Favorite Saying: "Well, glory be and halle- lujah. " Course: Academic, Ambition: Elementary Teacher. 42 MACRINA I. MAKUCH "T.N.T, best describes this Miss: Tiny n' terrific and full ofbliss." Mac - 4431 Lincoln Ave. , Parma, Ohio. St. Mary's G. C. Par- ish. Activities: Sodality 1, 2, 3,4. , . Echo 3,4. . . Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. . .Macrinite 4. . .Drama 2. . .Cl. Sec. 1. . .Treas, 4. . , YEARBOOK DRIVE. . .Quote: "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." Favorite Song: "More" Favorite Saying: "I'm here you lucky people." Course: Academic, Ambition: Nurse. - iii e x ,IE -'wi ... ,LY ha ppiness. " 5.3.2 :ii-fxEti'1 - Q 'mffre failing 3 W m W9 Y L W .1 Y: J :MU 'iffy , ' SUSAN N. VANISCHAK "By doing her best Sue will progress: Her joy in life is spreading 1 ' 211' 831, Suzie - 1306 Quinn Way, N. Braddock, Pa. Sts Peter and Paul G. C. Parish. Activities: Sodality 1, 2,3,4. . .Glee Club 1,2,3, 4. . . Macrinite 4. . . Echo 3,4. . .School Play "Seven Nuns at Las Vegas" 2. . .Drama l, 2. . .Cl. President 1. . . Vice-Pres. 4. . . Stu- dent Council I. . . National Honor Society 4, . ,Quote: "Happiness is the harvest of a quiet eye," Favorite Song: "Peg O'My Heart." Favorite Saying: "Good Heavens." Course: Commercial, Ambi- tion: Secretary. 353791 T MARGARET O. ORTUTAI "Your joys double with her facial expression: Sincerity and kind- ness add to her attraction. " Margie - 10 Burlington St. , Carteret, N. J. St. Elias G. C. Par- ish. Activities: Sodality 1, 2, 3,4. . . Echo 3, 4. . . Macrinite 4. . . Glee Club l, 2,3,4. . . Drama 1,2. . . School Play "Seven Nuns at Las Vegas". . .Quotez "I was made for Thee O Lord, and my heart cannot rest until it rests in Thee, " Favorite Song: "Some- where Over the Rainbow." Favorite Saying: "But is's true." Course: Academic, Ambition: Dietitian, NLKOLETTE E. MEDVIG "Poise and charm all in one: Nike is friendly and lots of fun Niki - 42 Cooke Ave. , Carteret, N. I. St. Elias G. C. Parish. Activities: Sodality 3,4. . . Echo 3,4. . . Macrinite 4. . . Glee Club 3, 4. . . Librarian 3. . . National Honor Society 3,4. . .YEARBOOK DRIVE. . .Quote: "Before me even as behind, God is all is well." Favorite Song: "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewi1dered" Favorite Saying: "Tell me why?" Course: Academic, Ambition: Inter- national Buyer. 43 MARY ANN PETRUNYA "A friendly smile with eyes that gleam, Display happiness and Joys supreme, " Daisy - 1243 Island Ave. , McKees Rocks, Pa. Holy Ghost G. C. Parish. Activities: Sodality 1, 2, 3,4. . . Macrinite 4. , ,Glee Club 1. 2, 3.4. . . Drama 1, 2. . . YEARBOOK DRIVE. . .Quote: "Happiness is a tear wiped away and a smile made to appear," Favorite Songz "Twilight Time." Favorite Saying: Honest kids - ul-,-huh, " Course: Academic, Ambition: Elementary Teacher. - ....--uv-f-W""""'m .... .yp JOAN L KNAFELS "Studious, attractive, and tall, Joni is helpful to all. " iw- BARBARA ANN MAREK Joni - 301 Holland Ave, , Braddock, Pa. Sts. Peter and Paul G. C. Parish. Activities: Sodality 3,4. . .Echo 3,4. . .Glee Club 3,4 . . . Macrinite 4. . . YEARBOOK DRIVE. . .Quote: "A man's true wealth is the good he does in this world. " Favorite Song: "Twelfth ofNever." Favorite Saying: "Gosh, Big deal." Course: Academic, Ambition: Social Worker. .. . ......,,, ,. . ,',.,".. fs ' "Earnest and faithful is her endeavor, Kindness she possesses in great measure," Barb - 140 Virginia Ave. , Uniontown, Pa. St, Joseph's R. C. Par- ish. Activities: Echo 4. . .Glee Club 1, 2,3,4. . . Macrinite 4, . . Drama 1, 2. . . Student Council 2. . . National Honor Society, . . Quote: "That which is striking and beautiful is not always good, But that which is good is always beautiful." Favorite Song: "Love is a Many Splendored Thing." Favorite Saying: "Oh, really." Course: Academic , Ambition: Nurse. H "ff':E.iV f .w nrt' sw ...,..- W -f LAURETTA M. FRANCZYK "Her shy smile, reserved manner and earnest ways, Will remain with us for the rest of our days. " Retta - 36 Easy St. , Uniontown, Pa. St. Ioseph's R. C. Parish. Activities: Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4. . . Drama 1,2, , , Cl. Vice-Pres, 2. . . Student Council 2. . .National Honor Society 3,4. . .Quote: "Simplicity of character is the natural result of profound thought." Favorite Song: "Twelfth of Never." Favorite Saying: "Are you kidding?" Course: Academic, Ambition: Nurse. BARBARA J. TUSKAN "Earnest in work and indeed she is kindg Dependability in her is well defined." Barb - 6 Franklin St. , Uniontown, Pa. St. John's R. C. Parish. Activities: Echo 4. . .Glee Club 1, 2,3,4. , ,Drama 1, 2. . , Class Secretary 3. . .Quoteg "We must always have old memories and young hopes." Favorite Song: "Earth Angel. " Favorite Saying: "There she be!" Course: Commercial, Ambition: Court Steno- grapher. JOAN BLASZCZAK "Happy-go-1ucky-and-never-a-careg Friendship and joy she's willing to share, " Joannie - R,F.D, ffl, Uniontown, Pa. St, Ioseph's R. C. Parish. Activities: Sodality 4. . .Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4. . .Drama 1, 2, , , Librarian 4. . .Class Sec, 2. . . National Honor Society 3. . .Quoteg "Into every life some rain must fall." Favorite Song: "Maybe Tomorrow," Favorite Saying: "Not bad, huh?" Course: Commer- cial, Ambition: Airline Hostess, MARY ANN KOZOSKY "With curly hair and pretty eyesg With friendship we all recog- nize. " ish, Activities: Glee Club 1, 2,3,4. . .Drama 2. . -QUOIS: "IMO each life some rain must fa11." Favorite Saying: "All right al- ready." Courseg Academic, Ambition: Nurse. X WN-A. SUZAN BENISH "Petite in size but her ambitions great with silence as her out- standing trait. " Sue Jean - 305 Latrobe St. , Liberty Boro, , McKeesport, Pa, St. Peter's R. C. Parish. Activities: Sodality 3,4. . .Glee Club 3,4 . . . Favorite' Song: "Chances Are. " Course: Commercial, Ambi- tion: Secretary. Mary Ann - 141 Easy St. , Uniontown, Pa. St. Mary's R. C. Par- 1 ,,g.,. N liiifiiff , -M .i I.:-1 . -- - : ,Wi : V X ., IUDITH ANN KRZTON - "Judy, a demure little lass: Liked by everyone in her class." Judy - 87 Dela- ware Ave. , Uniontown, Pa. St. Joseph's R. C. Parish. Activities: Glee Club l,2,3,4. . .Drama 2. . . Quote: "Precaution is better than repentance. " Favorite Song: "Summertine. " Favorite Saying: "You're terrific." Course: Academic, Ambition: Airline Hostess. MARY LOUISE TAJC - "Silent, industrious and true: Ever such will be our dear Lou. " Lou - 137 Easy St. , Uniontown, Pa. St. Mary's R. C. Parish. Activities: Glee Club 1,2,3,4. . .Cl. Treas. 3. . .Dra- ma 1,2. . .Quote: "The true art of memory is the art of attention." Favorite Songi "There Were No Angels." Favorite Saying: "O Mother." Course: Commercial, Ambition: Secretary. AGNES PAULINE MAJCHER - "Pleasant in her manner: Quiet, sweet and thoughtful." Aggie - 113 Hog- sett St. , Uniontown, Pa. St. Joseph's R. C. Parish. Activities: Glee Club 1,2,3,4, . .Quote: "If a task is once begun, never leave it till it's done." Favvfire S0ng: "Maybe Tomorrow." Favorite Saying: "How about that." Course: Commercial, Ambition: Secretary. CECILIA A. JACOBSON - "Frolicsome and kindness together: Form a memory of her forever." Jake - 108 Lorraine Ave. , Logan, W. Virginia. Our Lady of Mount Carmel R. C. Parish. Activities: Drama 1, 2. . .Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4. . . Sodality 1, 2,4. . .Cl. Sec. 4. . .Quote: "Better by far you should forget and smile than to remember and be sad." Favorite Song: "B1ue Tango" Favorite Saying: "This is the living end!" Course: Academic, Ambition: Elementary Teacher. FREDERICKA KUHTA - "Persevering, pleasant, and nice: Quiet, sweet and thoughtful." Freddie - R.F,D. 41, Box 349, Uniontown, Pa. St. Therese's R. C. Parish. Activities: Glee Club 1,2,3,4. . .Cl. Treas. 2. . .Drama 2. , .Quote: "When all is lost the future still remains." Favorite Saying: "l'm going berserk!" Course: Commercial, Ambition: Air Force. MARCELLA MARIE LUCAS - "History and more history's her story: Lively will be her glory." Dolly - 60 Delaware Ave. , Uniontown, Pa. St. Mary's R. C. Parish. Activities: Glee Club 3,4. . .Quote: "Our sweetest songs are those that tell the saddest things." Favorite Song: "Follow Your Heart." Favorite Say- ing: "Prove it!" Course: Academic, Ambition: Teacher. CLASS PATRON St. Jude CLASS COLORS Blue and White CLASS MOTTO "The Future I may face now I have proved the Past." CLASS POEM It seems as though it was just yesterday, C LAS S FLOW ER Red Rose When we walked through these portals with a sigh. So after four years of study and play, We do now go forth with ideals high, Classmates and underclassmen united To the dear mem'ries we shall always kee To them we unceasingly confided, "Loya1ty in thought, Royalty in deed." Though we are leaving our "Ha1ls of Ivy," A part of our hearts will ever remain. We won't forget all that made us happy P. Nor our teachers who have been so benign. Our days here are ended, and so to you, Mount Macrina, we bid a fond adieu. M. Makuch C. Petrasovich Most Rev. Stephen Kocisko, D, D, , Dr. Michael Duda, Ph.D. , com- mencement speaker, and Miss Patricia Lukasavage delivering the Salutatory, 'iq lla og S . , Most Rev. Stephen Kocisko, D,D, , Auxiliary Bishop of the Pittsburgh Byzantine Catholic Diocese and the Class of 1958. 48 TO OUR BENEFACTORS, PATRONS, AIDES, AND ADVERTISERS May the Giver of Gifts give unto you Choice blessings of peace and courage true, May His Providence take care of your every need, May His Love overshadow your every deed. St. Stephen's Catholic Church, Allen Park, Michigan Rev. Emil Masich, Pastor J 4-Q ajax . .ri W, gif l ' k r N,N, , Altar Society, Eva Uram, Mary A, Maternick, George Usztics, The Choir, Sokol Branch G.C.U. 384, Mr, and Mrs. M. Bayus, Mr, and Mrs. G. Kepshire, Mary Kasay, George Berez- nay Sr. , C. Rosen Jr. , St. Nicholas Branch 785, Mary Burja, George Green, Frank Sidun, Mi- chael Sileck, Mrs. A. S. , Andrew Soltis, John Hemlock, Andrew Urda, Michael Kepshire, Mr. and Mrs. John Lukas, Agnes Veselnak, Julia Prolopchak, Mr, and Mrs. Frank Huzenec, C,Y,O, Teen Club, Irene Parvensky, M. Soltis, Steve and Mary Croskey, M. Hanuscak, Anna Malinich, Elizabeth Labick, George Sabo, Anna Chippi, Mary Bobovski, Joseph Danko, John Yurko, Anna Davis, John l-Ianasack. St. Mary's Eastern Rite Catholic Church, Scranton, Pennsylvania Very Rev. Msgr, John K. Powell, Pastor Mother's Club, St. Ann Guild, St. Mary's Sodality, Holy Name Society, Boy Scout Troop 17, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sanko, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Pidick, Mrs. Mary Pidick, Miss Anna Po- toma, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stanko, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pekar, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Joyce. 49 f-fwivqfryv-irc WW-it '1--fm-as-1. T 1-IQFEW1-qi.-. fmafvv-vswqu-M St. Joseph's Greek Rite Catholic Church, New Brunswick, New Jersey Rev. C. S. Roskovics, Pastor St, Joseph's Church, Rosary Society, Altar Society, St. Joseph's Lyceum, Father Constantine Roskovics and his family. St. Mary's Church, Beaverdale, Pennsylvania SS. Peter and Paul Church, Dunlo, Pennsylvania Rev. Blaise Kovach, O. S.B. , Pastor The Girls of the Choir St. Michae1's Catholic Church of Greek Rite, Toledo, Ohio Rev. Simon Galvach, Pastor St. Michael's Church, Altar Society, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dandar Sr. , Rev. Simon Galvach, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Szilagyi Sr. , Mr. and Mrs, Joseph Ostafi Jr. , Mrs. Frank Semersky, St. John's Catholic Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota Rev. Basil Shereghy, S,T,D. , Pastor legion of Mary, Sodality, Rosary Society, Harry Mihalchik, Mr. and Mrs. John Kocisko, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Kocisko, Mrs. Anna Zelinsky, Anna Vanusek, Mrs. Mary Buczynski, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hnath, Helen Haluska. Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Sykesville, Pennsylvania and St. Mary's Mission Church, Dubois, Pennsylvania Rev. John Bobby, Pastor St. Gregory's Greek Catholic Church, Lakewood, Ohio Rev. Nicholas Pavlik, O,S.B. , Pastor Rosary Society, Mrs. Paul Misenchik, Joseph Misenchik, Barbara Oller, Mrs. Michael Rudlow, Mrs. Victor Yanon, Mrs. George Megles, Mrs. Mary Bogdan, Mrs. Mary Garbak, Mrs. Michael Slavik, Miss Anna Petro, Mrs. Mary Yasko, Mrs. Anna Pavko, Mrs. Peter Harron, Anna Lesock, Anna Chorey. St. Mary's Greek Catholic Church, Monessen, Pennsylvania Rev. Andrew Parvensky, Pastor St. Mary's Church, Ladies, Guild, Rev. Andrew Parvensky. St. Nicholas Church, Brownsville, Pennsylvania Rev. Demetrius Yackanich, Pastor Ladies Guild, Sodality, Holy Name Society. St. Nicholas Greek Catholic Church, Perryopolis, Pennsylvania Rev. Robert Monera, Pastor Holy Name Society, Ladies' Altar Society, Holy Ghost Greek Catholic Church, Charleroi, Pennsylvania Rev. George Kuzma, Pastor St. Elias Church, Carteret, New Jersey Rev. Augustine Medvig, Pastor Catholic War Veterans, Mothers' Club, Holy Name Society, Ladies Guild, Sodality and Cateche tical Group. St. Mary's, Whiting, Indiana Rev. Andrew Sokol, Pastor Senior Sodality, Junior Sodality, P,T. A. St. Mary's Church, East Pittsburgh, Pa, Rev. Michael Felock, Pastor Ladies Guild, St, John's Greek Catholic Church, Lyndora, Pennsylvania Rev. Joseph Ridella, Pastor Mothers' Club, Mrs. Anna Raskowski, Mrs. Michael Capko, Mrs. Frank Gavula, Holy Ghost Greek Catholic Church, McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania Very Rev. Basil Smochko, S.T.D. , Pastor Rev. Paul Bovankovich, Assistant St, Michael's Lodge 390. SS, Peter and Paul Junior Rosary Society, Ladies Guild, Rev. Nicholas Repko, Pastor Struthers, Ohio Q 1 rv. 1,,.,-.fww-fr St. John the Baptist Greek Catholic Church, Bridgeport, Conn. Very Rev. Msgr. Daniel Maczkov, Pastor St. John Parochial School Holy Ghost Greek Catholic Church, Cleveland, Ohio Rev. Joseph P. Hanulya, Pastor-Emeritus Rev. George Durisin, Pastor Rev. John Borodach, Assistant Rosary Society, Charity Club, St. Mary's Lodge 414723. Sacred Heart Society and The Ladies Club St. Michael's Church, Donora, Pa, Catholic Knights of the Eas ern Rite, Detroit, Michigan St. Mary's Greek Catholic chool, Chicago, Illinois Rev. Eugene Bereczky, Pastor Mother's Club of St. Mary's Church, Joliet, Illinois :tl: St. Mary's Greek Catholic Church, Johnstown, Pa, Rev. John Kurty, Pastor Senior Sodality and Children of Mary St. Michael's Church, Gary, Indiana Rev. Michael Fetsco, CSsR, Pastor The Parent-Teachers Association, Holy Name Society, Sodality. St. John's Greek Catholic Church, Hazelton, Pa, Very Rev. Joseph Jackanich, V,F, , Pastor Holy Name Society and School Children, St. Michael's Church, Campbell, Ohio Rev. Paul I. Vasko, Pastor St. Joseph Greek Catholic Church, Toronto, Ohio Rev. IvanTy1avsky, Pastor Ladies Guild. SS, Peter and Paul Church, Portage, Pennsylvania Rev. A. M. Bihary, Pastor MLMQFM St. John's Greek Catholic Church, Barnesboro, Pa. Rev, Victor Romza, Pastor St. Nicholas Ladies Club, Barberton, Ohio St. Michael's School, Mont Clare, Pennsylvania Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Very Very Rev. Rev. and Mrs. Arnold Suba, Freeland, Pennsylvania and Mrs. Joseph Shakaley, Forest City, Pa. Peter Tay, East Chicago, Ind. Alexander Bobak, Cleveland, Ohio Rev. John A. Stim, V.F., Passaic, New Jersey Rev. Theodore Mankovich, V.F. , Punxsutawney, Pa Myron Horvat, Maple Heights, Ohio Joseph Chornyak, Bradenville, Pennsylvania Very Rev. and Mrs. George J. Chegin, Trenton, New Jersey Rev. John G. Pohorilak, Youngstown, Ohio Very Rev. Julius Marina, J.U.D. , McKeesport, Pennsylvania Very Rev. Msgr. Tomislav Firis, S,T.D. , V.F. , Cleveland, Ohio Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev, Very Rev. John Loya, Yonkers, New York. and Mrs. Stephen Gulassy, Cleveland, Ohio Paul Barnyock, Nesquehoning, Pa, Michael B. Rapach, Barberton, Ohio Paul Tigyer, Hawk Run, Pa, Michael B. Warady, Pittston, Pa, William Lesko, Detroit, Michigan Eugene Chromoga, Van Nuys, California Rev. Stephen Loya, V. F. , Duquesne, Pa, Emery Nemeth, New York, New York St. Mary's Catholic Church, Cleveland, Ohio Rev. Joseph Bodnar, Pastor Holy Name Society and Altar Society. O C O OO St. Michae1's Church, Newton Falls, Ohio Rev. Vladimir Fedeles, Pastor Rosary Society, Ladies Guild, Holy Name Society. o o o oo St. Nicholas Catholic Church, Lorain, Ohio Rev. Andrew Pataki, Pastor Altar Society, Holy Name Society, Rosary Society, Our Lady's Guild, Sodality O O O OC Holy Trinity Hungarian Catholic Church, Bridgeport, Conn. Rev. Laszlo Orosz, Pastor o o 0 oo St. John's Senior Sodality, Junior Sodality, School Children. Munhall, Pennsylvania o 0 o 00 Altar Society, SS. Peter and Paul Church, Erie, Pennsylvania o 0 0 Oo Holy Spirit Social Club and Church Choir, Binghamton, New York o co oo Maseyko Brothers Service Station, Binghamton, New York o 0 0 0 o American Carpatho Citizens Club, Uniontown, Pa. Attorney and Mrs, Joseph Matrushak, Uniontown, Pa. Barbara Gubanich, Irwin, Pennsylvania St. Nicholas P,T.A, , McKeesport, Pennsylvania Our Ladies Guild, St. John's Church, Uniontown, Pa. St. Stephen's Holy Name Society, Leisenring, Pennsylvania A Friend, New Salem, Pennsylvania Mount St. Macrina Academy Alumnae Association Western Pennsylvania Greek Catholic Sodality Union Croation Ladies Auxiliary, Uniontown, Pa. Independent Slovak Citizens Club, Connellsville, Pa, Mrs. Susan Vanischak and Mary Louise, Braddock, Pa. Mary Ann Roessler, Lemon Cove, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Heald Perryopolis, Pa. Mr, and Mrs. Michael Hatzakis McKees Rocks, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. John Honjosky Detroit, Mich, Spc. and Mrs, James Hunt Detroit, Mich. Mr. Michael Karolcik Perryopolis, Pa, Mr, and Mrs. John Kowanick Allentown, Pa, Mr. Paul Kokiko Uniontown, Pa, Miss Mary Krafcik Cleveland, Ohio Mr, and Mrs. Frank Knafels Braddock, Pa, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Karaffa Steubenville, Ohio Mr, and Mrs. Paul Lavelle Scranton, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lucas McKeesport, Pa, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lockavitch Bridgeport, Connecticut Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lukasavage Bridgeport, Connecticut Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Makuch Parma, Ohio Mrs. Elizabeth Petrasovich Cleveland, Ohio Miss Barbara Ann Ruglovsky North Braddock, Pa. Miss Anne M. Shak Detroit 13, Mich. Dr. Bernard L. Shapiro, Dentist Perryopolis, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Hobart Ashley Euclid 19, Ohio Mr. and Mrs. Emil N. Bizub Carteret, New Jersey Mr. Donald R. Broadwater Isabella, Pa. Dr. Fred Ezoto Uniontown, Pa, Mr. and Mrs. John Hunera Gary, Indiana Mr, Eugene Brown Carteret, New Jersey Mr. and Mrs. John Timo Bentleyville, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Varhol Uniontown, Pa, Mr, and Mrs. Raymond West Birmingham, Mich, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Winterburn MCI-Ceesport, Pa. St. Ann's Guild Elizabeth, New Jersey Helen Taninetz Philadelphia , Pa. Mr, and Mrs. John Petty Trenton, New Jersey St. Nicholas Ladies Club Barberton, Ohio St. Michael's Bowling League Allentown, Pa. St. Mary's Greek Catholic School Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Mrs. Susan Petrun Fairbanks, Pennsylvania Sts. Peter and Paul Parent-Teachers Guild Braddock, Pennsylvania .sa . ,, h A Adrian's Food Center Alpha's Florist Amend's Market Barton's Flower Shop Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Barrett Bunda's Produce Market Miss Margaret Bezilla Mr, and Mrs. Michael Bassala Bittner's Grocery Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cubakovic and Family Clingan's Market M. A. Chodosh, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Calvin Theodore Chenkin, M.D. Carter and German Printers Dices Sports' Store Dr. Michael A. DiLe1la, D.S.C. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dubiel Du1any's Office Equipment Co. Ellis Music Store A Friend Faris Grocery Mr. and Mrs. Peter Franczyk Mr. Pete Giatilis Mr. and Mrs. Michael Glagola Hirsh's Department Store Hixenbaugh's Drug Store Miss Barbara Harry Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hennessey The Michael Klocek Family Mr. A. Kalabus Mr. John R. Kairush Mr. and Mrs. John Kapko Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Komesarchik Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kallok Mrs. Elizabeth Karosik Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kosty Louis' Floral Dr. and Mrs. H. J. Levin and Family Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Lapso Dr. Theodore T. Levy Mr, and Mrs. Michael Labik Mrs. Mary Molchan Mr. and Mrs. William Molnar Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Matuschak Mrs. Mary Makuh Mariotti's Cleaners Dr. Daniel Mazzosci Mr, and Mrs. Stephen Macek Orchid One Hour Cleaners Office Machine Service Mr. and Mrs. Oris Dr. and Mrs. WilliamA. Pujia cvleo Mr. and Mrs. Louis Puhala and Sons Mr. and Mrs. George Petro Photographit, Inc. Mrs. Helen Petro Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ruglovsky Mr. and Mrs. George Rebar Shepa's Grocery Misses Ann and Helen Smolak Sauer Men's Store Mr. Joseph Synowiechi Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Smorada St. Joseph's Young Ladies Sodality Sisters of St. Basil, Gary, Indiana Mr. Edward Timko Toth Photo Service Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tomajko Uniontown Construction Co. Vilseck Cleaners Mr. and Mrs. John Wozny White Swan Flower Shop Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Weishar Mr. and Mrs. Norbert wilk Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wozny Young's Bakery Tito Cantalamessa and Sons Dudley Electric and Machine Co. A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Korba Mr. and Mrs. Morotta Mrs. Irene Grabovoy Mr. John Virostko Miss Julia Lesko Mr. Michael Vahaly Mrs. Rose Watchelow Mr. George Shedlosky Mrs. Mary Bobko Mrs. Mary I-lavrilcsak Mrs. Mary Hrobuchak Mr. and Mrs. Walter Maceluch Mr. and Mrs. George Yurko Mr. and Mrs. Paul Zipay Mrs. Mary Ivan and Helen Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr, and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Andrew Zaborski Joseph Petrik, Sr. Charles Popovics, Sr. George Preslock John Rusin, Sr. John Roman, Cpt. Andrew Belus John Bereznak Michael Fecko Frank Kalinich F. Kardos O Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America Local 131 Jamieson-Institution Supplies Chicago, Illinois Potter McCune McKeesport, Pa, O'Neills' Institutional Supply Baltimore, Maryland Joseph A. Prokopovitsh Funeral Home Munhall, Pa. McDonald Bros. representing Josten's Pittsburgh, Pa, K, A, O, Mills Corporation New York City Standard Office Supply Pittsburgh, Pa, Baker and Kincaid Appliance Center Uniontown, Pa. Such's Radio and TV Center Uniontown, Pa, Sherwin-Williams Paint Store Uniontown, Pa, N. Kaufman's Department Store Uniontown, Pa, Bruck Uniform Company New York City Hickory Publishing Company Greeting Cards Will and Baumer Candle Company Syracuse, New York A. I. Root Candle Company Medina, Ohio A. Gross Candle Company Linden, New Jersey G. Hirsh Sons, Inc. New York City Rene Lorraine, Vestment Materials New York City New York Church Supply Company New York City Church Goods Company, Inc. Patterson, New York T. M. McEvoy. Inc. New Rochelle, New York Superior Dry Goods Company Philadelphia, Pa. Prescription Optical Company Pittsburgh, Pa. George Sabo-Slavic Books R. 1, Box 903, Lakewood, Florida Pittsburgh Envelope Company Pittsburgh, Pa. Gypsy Camp - Micheal Demeter Carteret, New Jersey Joseph Greskovics Funeral Home Binghamton, New York We extend our sincere congratulations to all the members of the 1958 Graduating Class of Mount St. Macrina. We wish to take this opportunity to extend to you our best wishes for con tinued success in -your future careers. Greek Catholic Union of the U.S,A, 3528-30 Forbes Street Pittsburgh 13, Pennsylvania , ,qu I+. Congratulations and Best Wishes to The Sisters of the Order of St. Basil, The Great and The Faculty and 1959 Graduates of Mount Saint Macrina Academy From THE UNITED SOCIETIES OF U. S, A, - SOBRANIJE A Catholic Fraternal Benefit Society 13 Sinclair Stree-t McKeesport, Pa. Congratulations! Our heartiest congratulations to the graduating class of 1958, We hope sincerely that the lessons of thrift 'and ood m g anagement which you learned during your school years will be of value all your life, Best wishes for the years to come. GALLATIN NATIONAL BANK Serving Southwestern Pennsylvania Since 1896 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Uniontown Brownsville Connellsville Dawson Fayette City Jefferson New Salem Perryopolis Point Marion Republic Con ll 'll ne svi e Shopping Center Compliments of W. H. FARWELL 86 West Main Street Uniontown, Pa. Established 1888 70 Years of Service to Business Printing - Office Supplies and Equipment KAPALKO PONTIAC COMPANY Pontiac and International Sales and Service ALBERT S, KAPALKO 31-33 Morgantown Street Phone JO 4-7456 Fairchance, Pa, MIDTOWN MOTORS Rear of Second National Bank Masontown, Pa. Phone JU 9-6541 BROOKS FUNERAL HOME 111 East Green Street Connellsville, Pa. Compliments of EAST CONNELLSVILLE GREENHOUSES Connellsville, Pa. Compliments of SCHIEN BROTHERS JEWELERS Morgantown Street Uniontown, Pa. HAVIES SERVICE STATION 5270 Northfield Road Maple Heights, Ohio MICHAEL HAVERLACK Proprietor NICK'S MARKE T Choice Meats - Fresh Cut Up Poultry - Homemade Sausage 4536 Pearl Road Cleveland, Ohio Phone SH 1-4408 JEDNOTA CLUB The Only Slovak Catholic Club in Uniontown, Pa. Every Catholic Should Be a Member of This Club Compliments of KALLOK FUNERAL HOME JOHN W, KALLOK, Director Phone RE 6-4374 Cemetery Road Perryopolis, Pa. LEONARD W. NEILL 55 Carlisle Street Uniontown, Pa. Electrical Contractors for Commercial Industrial, and Home-Wiring Repairs "Service Is Our Motto" No Job Is Too Large or Too Small Phone GE 7-4091 SWEEN EY MOTOR SALES Fayette Street Uniontown, Penna, MICHAEL PETRO'S RESTAURANT 46 Searight Avenue . Uniontown, Pa. AMERICAN SLOVAK WELFARE ASSOCIATION Organized 1928 88 West Main Street Officers: JOSEPH M, UNITECH President ANDREW J. STEFANIK First Vice President M, MAE LULICH Second Vice President Uniontown, Pa. Directors: JOSEPH R, VILSECK Chairman of Board FRANK McKULKA Secretary of Board EDWARD P, KUBICHAR, SR r YY ' wvvvqk ,.l....., :W--'f,..t,,,,,L 4 -r wvrwlrw-v AUSLANDER'S 40 Morgantown Street Uniontown, Pa. The Largest Wallpaper, Paint and Drapery Store in the Tri-State Area" Compliments of BOOKS SHOE STORE BOSTON SHOE STORE CAMPBELL -HATHAWAY SHOE STORE FREEMAN SHOE STORE K1NNEY'S SHOE STORE McKENNA'S SHOE STORE Compliments of jvseph flaky 4 Sans FUNERAL DIRECTORS Since 1902 Uniontown, Pa. MACKO BURIAL VAULT AND MONUMENT COMPANY 1526 West Crawford Avenue Connellsville, Pa. Phone Market 8-8810 Best Wishes to the Class of '58 ZAYAKOSKY'S BAKERY Perryopolis, Pa. Compliments of H. E. MEDLEN M,o, Compliments of SILBAUGH VAULT AND BURIAL SERVICE Airsealed or Topsealed Concrete Vaults and Steel Vaults Recommended by Funeral Directors Phone GE 7-3002 Owner. CARL D, SILBAUGH Best Wishes to the Class of 1958 FAYETTE NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY OF UNIONTOWN Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Pai 61 Crusirf ASSEMBLYMAN Gallatin Avenue Uniontown, Pa. 'F' W z-wv fi' ' Grocery and Meats ALEX KUCHTA MARKET 4611 West Run Road Homestead Park Phone HO 1-482.1 MAGAZINE LUMBER COMPANY Cardale , Pa. Paul Qi Zak FUNERAL HO ME 418 North Pittsburgh Street Connellsville, Pa. KOCHEK'S PHARMACY WM, A, KOCHEK, Ph.G 55 Washington Avenue Phone CA 1-5855 Cor. Atlantic Carteret, New Jersey EVANGELISTA 'S TAVERN Lunches Sandwiche Beer Liquo 15- 16 South Mount Vernon Aven Uniontown, Pa. S 1' L16 Comp1iments of LESKO FUNERAL HOME North Braddock, Pa. ZALEWSKI INSTRUMENT COMPANY South Amboy, New Jersey MARHEVKA FUNERAL HOME 4438 Pearl Road Cleveland 9, Ohio 352 '2 4'- 4 5 4 g f 934- ' QS if lv. JI. 7 P3- f 3, 2 D" P. fgfi QR 2 Y ,. 5 1 f i is .

Suggestions in the Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) collection:

Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 32

1958, pg 32

Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 50

1958, pg 50

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