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 - Class of 1953

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Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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THE E l0E PEE E T THE 1953 MACEI ITE EUR STAFF Ednor m Cluef Carol Knss Assrstant Edrtors Mary Anne Duhn Marlene Pavasko Arust Anne M Arnold Mormt Sarnt Macrrna Academy Unlontown Pennsylvania Busrness Manager Joan Oravetz Asslstanr Buslness Manager Jenny L Cunnmgham Photographer Patncra Plulllps WHERE On a hill that stands so staunch before us, Leads a road to our Academy Happy hearts of girls that work together That's the way we like to be, llf' ' 1 Li - ia.. + f Q- , Q t,.t 'tm xl: . 'I 'ww .,, 0 nfl 0llR ff' H0 Y HALL school just for us us through the year our country fear. and the Seniors as our friend, again in heaven ends MUSICIA -- 1 X- Y ..,fs,HQ'rf,'rfve4, 5. , .L z-gmt - ,.. 'mf ' 9 wwf' 12.50 K .Q iw -A Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and the Seniors, They're the girls you'd really like to meet. And the school that brought these girls together Is this Academy, MUSIC E FLOW :WIT XX X hn7"h gfy . sv . K L" is 7? i A. ' inf' ,V V A , Tfts w ix. : W I "1:+ ' L if L qs Q JA caan. .,,f "'?... 5 , ' , W - v ? 1 ' Q' V' 1: uv: , v'Q ,- I ' . A ' , ' 'YQA '13, 1,531 2 Mgff a' Vw 'fel' R ,. ,915 'W 'xiii x 1 nu., , iw yu.. I 4. - .m Q: x "'Q -KZ'-v ink 96 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR f""'-a if REVHIEND MOTHER OLGA PROVINCIAL Lrlumph ln Splrltual mtellectual and physxcal development In to the ldeals set by them OUR STAGE DlRECTOR 'fim-'K' REVEREND JOHN KOClSKO 0UR CHAPLAIN I inn u 1 One who encouraged, directed, and acted as an improving factor in our performances. 0 R FAC LTY 55-'QA 'ici -..-,, C0 DUUTUR 36 OUR SISTHZS------who directed the symphony, headed the sections and evinced talent, order, harmony and precision from us, their young, aspiring, Macrinite musicians, DEDICATIU We, the graduates of 33, as our flnal trlbute dedrcate thls book to You Our lady of Perpetual Help as a token of grantude for berng our lnsplranon and ldeal dllIll'lQ these happy vears and for tht mam faxors Mother, to accept this Annual which lS fllled wlth sweet and sacred rnemorles Slnce we realize that our lrfework hes ahead we ask you, beloxed Mother to gurde us ln our guest for happ 'less Lead lla IU thts quest so that we wtll have the happrness of CDISIIHQ the Joss of eternal glory wxth wou Our Dt ar ladx o Perpetual Help , 1' ' 4 A - . ' 1 1 k I obtained for us through your intercession at the Mount's beauutul and sacred Shrine, We hen you, dearest I I A' ' , I 1 , . I . X-L Carol Sue KIISS Krrssle St Mrchaels Canonsburg Pennsylvanra W1ll1ng srncere thoughtful and lund 1 A better frrend would be hard to frnd Ambrtron Englrsh and Dramauc Teacher Course Academlc Quote Though we travel the world over to frnd the beauuful we must carry rt wtth tres Sodahty Treasurer Student Councll Echo Edrtor 3 Feature Edttor 4 Macr1n1te 4 Laun French Clubs Drama Club Presrdent Class Presrdent The Brg Day Manslons CLASSES CARRYI G THE BASE MELODY ,. A - .. . , . - . . 1 , . . . , us or we find it not, "g Song, , , , "Because"g Expression, , , , "Jeepers! "g Activi- ' L Q , 1 2 2 ' l "' N 9 5 W Vrce Presrdent Salutatorran C Anne Mane Arnold Arrue St Gregorys Lakewood Ohlo 5 A very true frtend rndeed Always there ln case of need Ambrtron Hlstory Teacher Course A d ca emrc Quote To be or not to be Song, Tennessee Waltz Expressron Let s smg' Acuvrtles S d o alrty Student Councll Class Vrce Presrdent Echo Artrst 3 4 La un French Drama Clubs Macrrnrte 4 Clue of Red Ribbon The Blg Day Mansrons Jenny Llnd Cunnrngham en St Mlchaels Wheelrng West Vxrgrnra Thoughtful and qulet she may be And frrendly too as you can see Ambrtron Arust Course General Quote In Him ln Whose stren th S we can do all thlngs Song Ave Marla Ex ressron F p or pete s sake' ACIIVIIICS Sodallty Student Councll Echo Artlst 4 History Club Mansrons Mary Anne Dulrn Dulre St Marys Freeland Pennsylvanra Cheerful thoughtful klnd and true Wlth always helpful thrngs to do Ambluon Math Teacher Course Academrc Quote Oh lrft me as a wave a leaf a cloud I fall upon the thorns of lrfe I bleed Song Forget Me Not Expression Oh no! Acuvmes Sodallty Prefect Echo typrst 3 4 Macrlnlte 4 Class Secretary French Latrn Drama Clubs Clue of Red Rlbbo h n T e Brg Day Mansrons I . A Il ' lv , . ,. , , , Q, .. - - V " ' .. 1' u I , , -1 ' ' ' fs . ' . v. -, ' ' ' ' v o u U I 1 u u n c . ". , " vv. ' n u 4 nl - - ' 1 ' ' ' v n . . - . - . ' , ' I ' - l vu v. . . . . . . , , , , 5 , H ' ' vw , n - .. .1 - Q 1 1 . , "mm iv ' n '. s ..J .. L . , . . . . 1 D P .. ' - . - .. ,V . . . y . , . I q ,, . . . . . . , . . . . , . . . . , f - ... .. 1 ... - .. . . Q l I D 0 c n I 0 1 o q I . . , . . 1 . I ,, ,, , U . . . . . . . . . . . 7 .. . .. . Al A ay 5 ,. A l .. - .. I . 0 l 1 .. - . . . - - .. ' X - - - .. 4 . . . . . . . . . . - - - - - ..- , , . . . .... .. ... - .. .., A f - - . , . . . . . . . . . . .. .. f . I .. - - .. , l - D . . . . . . . .. - ... .. - ... .. - .. . . . Joan Oravetz Jo Jo St Marys Johnstown Pennsylvanla Joan s a frrend who s srmply grand When you need a helplng hand Ambrtlon Nurse Course Academrc Quote They also serve who only stand and walt Song Glowornr EXDFSSSIOII Oh Boy' Actr vrtles Sodalrty V1ce Prefect Echo Busrness Manager Student Councll Macrlrute 4 French Latrn Clubs The Brg Day Mansrons 1: Valedrctorlan Marlene Pavasko Pavuch St Johns Homestead Pennsylvanta lntelllgence wrt and orlgrnalrty Make up her charmmg personalrty Ambluon Laun and French teacher Course Academlc Quote The language that God hears best 15 the stlent language of love ' Song book Secretary Echo Feature Edrtor 3 Fzlltor 4 Macrrmte A Laun French Clubs Drama Club Secretary Student Councll The Brg Day Clue of Red Ribbon Manstons Treasurer Patrlcra Phlllrps at St Marys Umontown Pennsylvanta Always cheerful always krnd A frrend hke thls 15 hard to fxnd Ambltlon Journalist Course Xcademlc quote T1s not too late to 'Q seek a new world Song You ll Never Walk Alone Expression Flnel Actlvltles Class Treasurer Sodallty Mrmeographer of Echo Student Councll Macrlnlte 4 latxn French Drama Clubs Clue of Red Rtbbon The Brg Day Manslons 5 I ' 5 ' Y 1 5 -- - A I - , l ' yu. T S .... , " 1 Q g , . 0 1 n S Q . ,ti for the Silver Lining"g Expression,,,,"My word!"g Activities....Soda1ity, 3 .. .. . 5 - 5 .. - . .. ,Q - I i ' Q 2 ,. ..: .. - .. .. - .. 1 . up ., , . . 1 w I I , . . I . ' C ,,, . ' Z.. T - ., Z - Y , Z ., 4 ..g V JU l0R -WO0DWl DS. B ILDI G THEME Ann Fedyszak Presldent Anna Marle P011 Josephlne Kovalchlck Barbara Sllbaugh Secretary Madlyn Haber Treasurer Mary Andrus Vrrglma Adams Mary LOUISE Varuschak Vlce presldent Helen Mane Dzuryachko Barbara Radrk wing-Q.,- 'X Sister Mrrram Conductor Woodwmds busy rn therr Art Secuon 7 vis ,W M,-0-5.-. i' X ""' --- gif. was 5 ' ,...-1 I Sister Miriam - Conductor Brass busy in their Art Section 0PHOMORE BRASS, STRO G SUPPURTI G GRO P Barbara Brownfield, Barbara Ruglovsky, Florinda Pepe. Jean Cihota, Secretary, Marlene Dvorchak, Dolores Marek, Barbara Smolak, Barbara Ferko, Anna J. Loya, Treasurer, Bfelyn Hovanec, Dolores Baron, Rita Unetich, Vice-President, Vemie Machesky, Mary Ann Roessler, Arlene Dvorchak, President V P- INN lv FRE HME -PERCUSSNDN. NOI E 4 x""7 5 DLA Bernadette Kazmarek, Janet Lazarz, President, Henrietta Bunda, Barbara Patchan, Mary L. Fabian, Betty Lcfchak, Mary M, Bair, Eileen Vasilchek, Treasurer, Mary A. loya, Andrea Fulem, Geraldine Suhanyc, Kathy Francis, Mary McKulka, Secretary, Mary C. Stofko, Angela Kriss, irene Adamusko, Vice-president, Rosie Pendro, 5 Qi. ,1- ... N7 fn! S Percussion Section - Exhibiting willingness to learn and ability to think. SYMPHONY ARTISTS PARING EOE THE SCENES LISH IV 0UE BUSY COMPOSERS ESTRA PRACTICING TYPING the beauty of the w 'ffm nf' 1 F!-1 THEHII TRUME T H gk Sr Bernadette Conductor xi Qi, As each grrl uses her talents well so shall the harmony of the whole be guaranteed R THENIAN I fr' -Q-, Sr Matcelhne Conductor Our Rutheruan Concerto 0UR PECIAL ,499 g ill C Kriss Scrlba A M Arnold Aedile M Pavasko Consul M A Dulin P Phillips latin Club Th f h Latin Club is to promote in the members a deeper interest in the language through the e aim o t e study of the culture of the Roman Empire This is done by means of reports and playlets at the monthly lTl66U.IlgS .Z I, Qavetz, Bus, Mg,r,, J, Cunningham, Artist, A. Arnold, Artist, M, Dulin, Typist, P, Phillips, Mimeo- grapher, C, Kriss, Co-Editor, M, Pavasko, Editor, Sr, Martin, Mod, To keep the Macrintes informed and to give experience in the field of Journalism are the purposes of the school paper, 'The ECllO,- The aim of the paper is to teach Catholic principles in situations applicable to students, MACRIITE I TERLUDES M Pavasko C KIISS P Phxlhps Sec B Bama V Pres M A Duhn A M Arnold Presldent Sr Marcelhne Hlstory Club Our Hlstory Club keeps the MHCIIHIISS aware of the rmportant events around the nauon and around the world Memberslup requlres an Lnnerest ln current affarrs and the deslre to dlscuss them The club uses WORLD NEWS OF THE WEEK for much of IIS background mater1al Maxn d1scuss1ons for the year were on Atorruc Defense Presxdentlal Elecuon and the New Adm1n1strators DRAMATIC CLUB The drama of hfe holds a speclal place 1n every scene on the stage of hfe TUDENT COUNCIL - YMPHO Y MA AGER 5 KW ' " '- ! ' K. 2 , 'V' gn V- 5 4 I L 1 2 ' 1 M A Dulin C Kriss M Pavasko A Fedyszak B Silbaug,,l1 H Duracliko M Haber A Arnold B Radik P Phillips in btulding school spirit and morale They draw up regulations for maintaining discipline and order in our Academy Since its organization in October U52 the Student Council has been of great assistance to tlic faculty in dealing with such problems as traffic in the lialls cafeteria regulations and points of courtesy and discipline K A. 1 . . ' , U . ' , i , , . , . ' 1 , . , . , . I I I I The Student Council is an organization of student leaders who co-operate with the faculty . . . . , , ,F . f I 1 1 I A I , V ' 1 l I 3 ' 5 ' YEARBOOK TAFF Y 1 r. A X it A B, Radik, M. A. Dulin, A. M, Arnold, H, M. Durachko, M, Haber, P, Phillips, A. Fedys, M. Pavasko, C, Kriss BACK- TAGE HA D In editing the 1953 MACRINITE the seniors decided to dedicate their annual to our lady of Perpetual Help, and weave the story of their school days around the theme, "Symphony," Although the days were long, and the nights short, they found great pleasure in editing this book, for their purpose was to get a yearbook you will never forget, They thought, and worked and were blessed with good results. uf .ug HSQQLLQL ,L 5 A ff U! it US EE UQ 'af .s 5 I A xv V' N P uf uf' rf T! I 'LN CZ f"1 ' 5 2 -4 :room ICZSH Q 'H y lr if 1 .,,au Q ,Y X , N F .nj 6 N , an, I Xxx N ' 9 1, P BLICITY AGE T ns yawn PCEHR5QLVAHJA. J, Kovalchik A. M. Poli C. Kriss J. Cunningham M. Vanischak B. Bama V. Adams F fX x MAY, 1 :awp Ja: awww 2 . I nj . , , L J ...J Q mia vi 55 ' 4? 'Balm' , ,L CE:j,f3EUni1S Gr Q3 l'W Hacr MASTERING MUSICAL SCORES P, Phillips M, Pavasko M. Dulin A. Fedyszak H, Dzurachko B. Radik A. Arnold M, Haber I. Qavetz , ,f 5, fann 4. p a rd 7 'M 1 ,G ,Zof ,W ' 420 f MW! 1 l W ' ,U ff M 1071 gf' W ' 'f I' - ff '1 lj' Ot - Q 0 U ITY 0F T MP0 ,5 THE MACRINITE CHORAL GROUP REHEARSINL1 Sweet sounds oh beauuful mus1c do not cease! Reject not into the world agam Edna St Vmccut Mlllay OUR CHRISTMAS BROADCAST ACTIVITIE AT MT. T. MACH! A REHEA I G F03 "Mex Mar' Marlene Pavasko - Barbara Ruglosky - Jean Cihona - Carol Kriss - Patricia Phillips Activities plan an important part in Mount Saint Macrina school life, They provide both education and re- creation, Everyone has a chance to be in the organization of her choice. forth, Activities are both fun and workg all who participate in them should be given credit for the work they put ---"MA I0 " C0 TR CTIVE CHARACTER-BUILDI G FRE CH CLUB D A. Fedyszak - A. M. Poli - J. Oravetz - H. M, Dzuryachko - M. Haber - M, L, Vanischak Our French Club was organized for girls who wished to acquire fluency in conversational French, These gir give reports and sponsor playlets at their monthly meetings, ls The officers are: President - Joan Oravetz, Vice-President - Helen M, Dzuryachko, Secretary - Barbara Silbaugh, Treasurer - Mary L. Vinischak. IS 5 OUR HOME 1 13 0F MOVEMENTS 0UR PRIDE I TERMISSIU 6, lx ,: Xi? 'li .12 Q K if fffgigref ff? fwfr, , W ' - ln K-Q M l . f, V ' 'umnrwm - . r , x, .- f V g M'-X egg, 0UR HAYRIDE "The bow that's always bent will quickly break, But if unstrung 'twill serve you at your need. So let the mind some relaxation take To come back to its task with fresher heed. " Phadrus' Fables THE PAU E THAT REFRESHES my 0UR CHO0L PLAY "MA slows" Above Characters portrayed Anne M Arnold Barbara Ruglovsky Joanne Ora vetz Jean Cihota, Carol Krlss Below: The WISC Vxrgms Barbara Smolak, Helen Dzurachko Angela Kuss, Madlyn Haber, '1- .6-ibm... Aunt Wm determmed rn her plans for Helen dlctates a letter to her secretary, Stella, wh11e Mrs Mackaye hstens portrayed by Mary Anne Duhn Marlene PAYING TRIBUTE UR YN AY THE TREE HARING l if 5... 'H -QI Xi 'hav-, MARY THE GROTTO X E PLANTED Oh Mary we crown Thee with blossoms today. , GLAD SYMPHO Y A-.glfj fn if . ' js' ' Qkffx I 1 ' Ns. Carol Kriss - MAY QUEEN Mary A. Dulin and Mary L. Vanischak - QUEEN'S ATTENDANTS Our lady surely smiles from heaven as she sees the queen crown her as our -- 'Queen of the May' STEPPING TIME TO THE FAST-TEMPOED SOCIAL LIFE OF '53 AMERICA." ' '35, Y MEMORY MAKI G Bs, if 0 R FIR T PROM mmf' I N A . K .4--. in , , ,4,,,,, uf., 'fl ms.,-. SYMBOLIZING YOUTH AND HAPPINESS OF OUR SCHOOL DAYS AT MT, ST, MACRINA . Y I . f a ff f' K 6 , . Q I 3 7 , 'SQ s . , I 5 0 R FAWRITE WHERE CHRlST'S Jn' f s'f If by gr a 4 , 1' , rl "svJ"'9r. ' N 5 4 ti ' I 9, ' WD x id-'43-' r 1,50 D, N Mrtgvqg wap., T WHERE THE STRAINS BROUGHT FORTH TO OUR THE CRUCIFIX, THE RSARY--THE BATONS EFFORTS--WHERE WE WERE ALWAYS ASSURED BATON, IC HALL .,,,,,...1l X' MINDS THE HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS, WHICH REFRESHED AND RENEWEJ OUR DAILY OF THE NEVER-ERRING STROKE OF CHRI.ST'S M DIRECTED OUR Fl ALE ,, 'FE' tt an 5 Q .vi . 1 ef 5 ,g Q f b f 317: if 5351? if 'V li??iz L dwg 5 h , 1, , A . '1 4 , uf ' ,x Now, as gradt1atus,wc have atlast uomplctcd our fyluplwtty rmd tartz ready tv step mtv Li wurld of Catflwltg wuttxatthood, Our hearts are flllvd with joy and tflrxltksgltvtmg lu Our Lady ttf Purpctual Ilclp who 1ox111g1,1'v guided and drrccted us, and set the pattern for our future achtcvcmcnt and the glory of our Eternal Commertcemem, H0 ORARY PATRO S The Most Reverend Danlel Ivancho D D Reverend John Koclsko Our Patrons Mr and Mrs Mlchael Adams M1ss Vera Adams Mr Joseph C Amadee Mr and Mrs Paul Bezllla MISS Lorralne B1lly M1ss Marle E Brownfleld Mr and Mrs Joseph Celento Mr and Mrs John C1hota Mr Charles J Collatta M1ss Sally Csejpes Mrs Nellle P Croft Mr and Mrs James Cunnmgham Mr and Mrs John Danov1ch M1ss Ann Dayak M1ss Anne Dulln Mr and Mrs M1chaelDul1n Mr and Mrs M1chael Dubchak Mrs Esther Edwards Mr and Mrs E11asFedyszak Mr W J Flsher Mr and Mrs Andrew Fulem Mrs Joseph John Mr and Mrs Charles KPISS Mr and Mrs Thomas Lazarz Mrs Sam Morrls Mr and Mrs John Oravetz Mr and Mrs George Paczolt Mr and Mrs John Pavasko Howard and Kenneth Pavasko Mrs Helen Pavllck I' I' r r Mr and Mrs Angelo Pol1 and Mrs James Sllbaugh and Mrs Van Stacy and Mrs Stephen Telatnlk and Mrs Joseph Unetlch Mrs Sue Vamschak Mr and Mrs Paul Walters Mrs Mary WOS1HSkl AFr1end AFr1end Rose M Bastlo Agency Capltal Cublcle Company Joseph J Edel Company Freedman s Super Market Second Nat1onal Bank of Umontown Natlonal Paper and Supply Company Joseph Duscay Serv1ce Statlon L H Parke Company The Famlly Locker Company Pozel s Market Coco Cola Bottlmg Company Marllne s Dress Shoppe Wallace Mlller and Brothers J Schwartz Company Soxman Photo Serv1ce Josef Tama Wanda s Beauty Shoppe Mr and Mrs Edward Moore . . ' M . . ' Mr. Joseph Cunningham Mr. Jesse P. Stark . . ' M . . ' M . . ' LEE CHEVRULET COMPANY 260 East Fayette Street RRUSOA BROTHERS INCORPORATED General Contractors 5131 Cypress Street CE TRAL ERVICE 'l'ATl0 Bear Wheel Allgnment Brake and Carburetor Servlce Flfth Avenue and Nmth Street Ford Clty Pennsylvama "Everything for the Automobile" SANITARY TRANSFER 4808 Perm Avenue 'tt b h 24 P 1 ' TAKOCH DAIRY Pasteurlzed Dalry Products Pasteurlzed Mllk Whlppmg Cream Coffee Cream Cottage Cheese Dam Rlch Chocolate M11k Phone 8 3971 Pasteurized-Homogenized Vitamin D LEO ARD W. EILL Electrlcal Contractor Cornmerclal Home and Industr1a1W1r'1ng 55 Carllsle Street Phone 5509 Quahty and SGFVICE S PERl0R DRY GO0D Servmg Convents and Instltutlons 4725 North Marvlne Street Phlladelphla 41 Pennsylvanla Uniontown, Pennsylvania I J F HUGSETT and SONS SAINT NlCHOLAS UKRAINIAN CA'I'HOLlC CHURCH Compliments of O O Best Wishes and Congratulations To The 1953 MACRINITES 42 Van Buren Street assaic, New Jersey MCVA and COMPA Y Manufacturers of an exclusive line of Religious Articles Compliments of THE GA LEY COMPA Y PROVIDENCE RHODE ISLAND Religious Articles THE IIIILY SPIRIT SIICIAI. CLUB SANTARIELLII PHIITII SERVICE Of Binghamton, New York Portraits - Family Groups eddings - Parties A H NO0NAN SACRAMENTAL WINES JOSEPH J GRACIANO COMPANY I C 403 Cedar Avenue Scranton, Pennsylvania I MASONRY POINTING of mm BAKERY Al 'I' JOHN'S SCHO0L 41 West Pike Street Brldgeport Connectlcut Canonsburg Pennsylvanla of MARSHALL MONUMEN'I'S GULDE DAWN STORE 1833 Elm Road N 1:1 ES't8.bA.lSh8d 1865 Quahty Meats Grocerlesdnd Produce 343 347 East Mam Street Warren Qhlo Uruontown 8 5200 Pennsylvama GATE GENE MASEYMS DURKOTS RESTAURANT SERVICE STATl0N SLGVAK WDMEN S B It DEMOCRATlC CLUB U WN Wm TAX COLLEC'l'0R Compliments of Compliments of 9 O 58 Clinton Street Binghamton, New York Front and Dickinson Streets Compliments of Compliments of Q Mae Lulick - President Anne Knapp - Vice-President of - ' - North Union Townshi A FRIEND JOSEPH HAKY and SON A FRIEND l Compliments Of Funeral Directors Since 1902 U'Mewmwmwm LUFFREDO BROTHERS Of Religious Articles 5 Park Row CENTRAL PRDDUCE CDMPANY DIANA DRUG STDRE A FRIEND GERIACH and KASHAK AERIAL PIIDTDS Compliments of 89 - 93 N Beeson Avenue Uniontown, Pennsylvania Uniontown, Pennsylvania Compliments of 851 Beech Avenue Pittsburgh 12, Pennsylvania 20 th Century Plckle Ch1pS THE SHERMA Br1ght and Crlspy Sweet and Splcy WILLIAMS CUMPA Y of E T0 CUMPA Y Uruontown Pennsylvanla Quallty Foods The Bank of Personallzed Serv1ce Our offlcers are constantly seekmg Merchants Indlvlduals and Corporat 1ons Jkwfwkakwkwkwkwf Comphments of THE AMERICAN sLovAKTHE WND WW TAL WELFARE ASSOClA'I'l0 BA K 0F UNl0NT0W Unlontown Pennsylvama 88 West Mam Street New Salem Pennsylvanla Umontown Pennsylvama Masontown Pennsylvania Pklklkvkvkikiffif Member Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporatlon C opportunities to be of service to I EW YORK Manufacturers 8L Importers Vestments Altar Hangmgs Lmens Laces Trlmmmgs e c 4 Barclay Street New York New York gmflqf butcher hop X fo the ' super maflftf-ff 1 fT' here w .5 featured all MEQPRQDUCTS 1550 Sprlng Garden Avenue Plttsburgh 12 Permsylvama BEST WISHES FOR CONTINUED SUCCESS FAYETTE CHEMICAL COMPA Y Umontown, Permsylvama Comphments EHI BOTTLI G COMPA Y CH RCH PPLY, I C. Cornpllrnents PHILLIP BIWTHER Cornpllments of O LaCla1r Plumbmg Co L B B1xler Owner 86 McClellandtown Rd Unlontown Pennsylvanla T W Srnlth Electrlc Company Electrlcal Contractlng Repalrs Apphances 63 Morgantown Street Unlontown Pennsylvanla Cornpllrnents of Cathollc Cultural Centre of P1ttsburgh Comphrnents V1ctor A DeCarlo Funeral D1rector 136 N Galletm Avenue Unlontown Pennsylvanla Compllments of St 'Nhcholas School Mclieesport Pennsylvanla Compllments of Art Snyder Company 64 Arch Street Unlontown Pennsylvanla C. . ' ' . . . , J of 9 -V I . . . J of J . it I ' - 1 3 SAINT MARY S GREEK RIT CATHULIC SCHO0L E G HIRSCH SONS INC JERRY 'PNESI SAINT BASILS HOME for AGED woMEN Y 9 0 o 119 West 40th Street New York, New York Chicago, Illinois Compliments of 9 Auto Repair Shop . . Uniontown, Penns lvania Cornphrnents of ldeal Food Market 328 Clmton Street Bmghamton New York John Dramchlk Sr Prop Comphme nts of Fayette DlStF1bUt1Hg Co Unlontown Pennsylvanla Compllrnents of 621 Broad Street Johnstown Pennsylvanla Compllments of Mr and Mrs Andrew Loya Compllments of Paul Hornlck Hardware and Pa1nts 316 Broad Street Johnstown Pennsylvanla Comphments of Mr George Dlrda Compllments of John Moskol and Sons Funeral Home Cornpllments of Peter Duranlco Grlll 54 Barron Avenue Johnstown Pennsylvanla , . . . . v . , , , ., . Pentrack Funeral Home , . . . I' J , . J Cornpllments R ISHE R DAIR Y COIDP111'I19f1'fS of Garrettsvllle Ohlo JOHNS CATHEDRAL SCHOOL Munhall Pennsylvarua Proprletor M1chael R adlk Varuschak s Bar 1236 Braddock Avenue Braddock Permsylvanla Compllments of J V NARA COMPANY Comphments of Alb1r1o Chubby Egldl Beer D1str1butor' Phone New Salem 2231 Bunda S Produce Fru1ts and Vegetables 38 42 E Penn Street Umontown Pennsylvama Butler S T1re Serv1ce R D 4 Box 61 A Uruontown Pennsylvarua Compllments of SAINT JOSEPH S CHURCH , h , . Wholesale and Retail I Congratulatlons and God Bless You' Arnerlcan Carpathlan Club 411 Power Street Johnstown Pennsylvanla Van Eman Brothers General Hardware Stoves and House Furnlshlngs 53 W P1ke Street Canonsburg Pennsylvama Compllments of Stephen Stanko 33 E Plke Street Canonsburg Pennsylvanla Compllments of A FR IE ND Jlrnmle S Wallpaper and Palnt Store 35 N Jefferson Avenue Canonsburg Pennsylvanla Jeffreys Drug Store P1ke and Jefferson Canonsburg Pennsylvanla Penner s Hollywood Super Market 173 E P1ke Street Canonsburg Pennsylvanla F J Buckley Insurance Agency 24 N. Jefferson Avenue Canonsburg Pennsylvanla Insurance and Real Estate . , I l I - ,mul l X , 1 . . . Compliments of , . .F - ' ' 9 I i . J ' . 3 Boston Shoe Store 53 West Mam Street Umontown Pennsylvama Cornphments of VERY REVEREND STEPHEN LOYA Congratulatlons and God Bless You' George Much1sko Farnlly M1dd1e Taylor Townshlp Johnstown Pennsylvanla Be st Wlshe s Damel and Anthony Smuro THE FRIENDLY FOOD MARKET 141 Iron Street Best Wlshes John Truhan Meats and Grocer1es 211 Broad Street Johnstown Pennsylvanla Comphments of HOTEL TITLOW Unlontown Pennsylvama Comphments of Frank H. Klrner 309 Market Street P1tt sburgh 22 Pennsylvama Cornphments of Joseph Greskov1c 161 Chnton Street Bmghamton New York . ' . , ' Johnstown, Pennsylvania . . ' . ! . 3 . . ' Cornpllrnents of Glbson s Shop for Men Canonsburg Pennsylvanla Thmgs to wear for men who Care a Frlend I Yoney s Funeral Home Comphments of Canonsburg Pennsylvanla a Frlend The Sports Shop Everythlng for the Sportsmen Sollon Funeral Home 30 East College Street 146 East Plke Street Canonsburg Pennsylvanla Canonsburg Pennsylvanla Sun K1SSGd Frult Market Mamrach Photo 46 West P1ke Street Canonsburg Pennsylvanla Canonsburg Pennsylvanla Phone 2512 ' 1 J 9 J ll - ,, Q I a I - Pollock s Shoe Store 4 East Pike Street Canonsburg Pennsylvania Compliments of The Senior and Junior Sodality of Braddock Pennsylvania Leroy s Muslc Mart Q West P1ke Street Canonsburg Pennsylvanla The Edward O Toole Company Church Goods New York New York HC Wmona Monument Company John G Gaydos J Canonsburg Pennsylvama Compllments of A Frlend Compllments of Kuhns 18 North Jefferson Avenue Canonsburg Pennsylvanla C1ty L1ne Serv1ce Statlon Wllllam Dlenes Owner Unlontown Pennsylvanla 1 - , I I 34- ' . , r. R. D. 1 , Compliments MR WILLIAM E BOLTMAN THE FAYETTE COMPANY Wholesalers Uruontown Pennsylvanla Compllments of VILSECK CLEANERS 166 West Maln Street Unlontown Pennsylvama Phone 721 DULANY S 10 Morgantown Street Umontown s Greetlng Card Store W H FARWELL COMPANY 86 W Maln Street Umontown Pennsylvanla Estab 1888 65 years of serv1ce Prmtlng Offlce supplles 8: Equlpment Cornpllments of MER CHANTS SPE CIALTY COMPANY Carl R Altfather Owner Whole sale Grocerle s and Sugar Umontown Pennsylvama RIGACCI S ART WORKS Manufacturers of Fme Art Cornposltlon Ware 2 128 W Court Street C1nc1nnat1 2 Ohlo Glfts For All Occaslons of . to business A FRIEND ' ' 1 6 - . u St Mlchael 5 School Gary Indlana Compllments of P T A Wlth Comphments of SIEG S OUTDOOR STORES Plttsburgh Permsylvanla MUENCH KREUZER CANDLE C0 INC. NEW YORK CHICAGO 'LOS' ANGELBI NEW ORLEANS' IAN FRANCISCO Compllments A FR IE ND Comphrnents of Att Sn Mrs Matuschak Uruontown Pennsylvama Comphrnents of ALPHA F LOR IST PHOTOGRAPHIT INCORPORATED A Complete Lme of Photographlc Equlpment SL Supphes 12 South Gallatm Avenue Umontown Permsylvama Phone 2565 Compllments of KAUFMAN S Umontown S Best Store ' I , . l I 4 , , ' of Syracun 1, N. Y. Q I - I , 1 - . . I l COMPLIMENTS OF Mr. A. M. Brownfield Rural Television Company Columbus, Ohio SUCH'S RADIO CENTER Radio and Sound Service 138 East Main Street Uniontown, Pennsylvania FREEMAN OPTICAL COMPANY 31 West Main Street Uniontown Pennsylvania MCINTYRE S BIG BOY Enriched Bread Uniontown l724W Guido Gentile Blackstone Building Uniontown Pennsylvania Bastian Bros Company 1600 Clinton Avenue Rochester New York Knihi Evanhelii Oktoich Sluzebnik Molitvenniki 1 druhi cerkovny 1 Svitski knihi mozno dostati u Kniharni Sabova Mr Sabol Box 25 Pearl River No. 3 3874 D1 Cio Motor Company 24 Murdock Street Canonsburg Pennsylvania ' Apostol Compliments of Rlchey s Bakery 16 Keystone Avenue Unlontown Pennsylvanla Will and Baumer Candles Company Inc Syracuse New York Compllments of A FRIEND Compllments of A FRIEND Frank H Bonln and Son Hazleton Pennsylvanla Compllments of Metzler s Bruck Un1form Company Inc 643 Llberty Avenue Keenan Bulldlng Compllments of P1ttsburgh Pennsylvan1a A FRIEND ' D - J I J . 1 J . Unlontown, Pennsylvanla . . , . , . COMPLIME NTS OF Margaret Hnath l COMPLIMENTS OF A Frlend Edward Hagan PLUMBING AND HEATING 132 Lenox Street UDIOHIOWH Pennsylvanla SERVICE RADIO 8: ELECTRIC COMPANY Umontown Penn sylvama Whltehall 3 5026 Estab 1861 Smlth gl N1cho1s Inc Manufacturers of Church Candles 121 Malden Lane New York 38 New York FACTORY Carlstadt New Jersey Ru 2 0497 Church Goods Company Inc LACES TRIMMINGS New York COMPLIMENTS OF Mr Joseph Prokopov1tsh Homestead Pennsylvanla Juhus H Cohen Son s Company 713 Penn Avenue P1ftSbUFg Pennsylvanla ' VESTMENTS - FABRICS - LINENS I Compliments FAYETTE ATIO AL BA K and TR 'I' COMPA Y 0F llNl0N'l'0W Member of Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposlt Insurances Corporahon FREE llluslraled I0 Ideal Glfl for a Treusured Friend o each volume complele for a Church season o lngh+ weughf easy fo hold Malce yours a gulf of mspnrahon a gulf 'rhal may be used every day of 'rhe year' Popular wnlh lhe lraveler or busuness person because Hrs easy lo slap Info poclcel' or handbag Has new sumpluhed ar rangemenl and Improved fype age folder on 'rhe Sam? Andrew P Dauly Mnssal wnlh bmolnqs and prnces THE E M LOHMANN COMPANY U Compllments Latln I II IV Clubs French I II Clubs Cornphments Salnt Mary s School of Johnstown Penna ff H ,X Z t x Y ", f W' X 5 f ,4 2 f x ,P ' x X K 1 1, I r X in H N

Suggestions in the Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) collection:

Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 75

1953, pg 75

Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 45

1953, pg 45

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