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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1952 volume:' ' x '.6 I ,-.. -' sl" I xl if , ,Q , ' ,z . is 'Y ,. U ii , M ,-4' 511 , -1 1' -'Vi Q nf D 'S 'Q ' l F 1. -: " 1 -... - his' -u. Y . lknzgfqf ' A, "1 :g. 4. , .fi--313 ".,. . gf."-4, -if-ez' if ' , ii Sa, K. Q51 .ii BQQQQZQK .Q 5 iam .4 , 1 . 4, v L -K A, ..,,.r- A N ' .V ' -.wb ..z is ..V. , ' 5...,. A .W , , la 4 ., . , I ' : 2 'Z' - V '2' ' If wi" v'll1.,aQ V 113 f' - f ff ,, N-fps: L 1, ' Y ,F Z, NLE? . ' Q - ff' Ai f ,LJ , ""' , -1 u ' - 4 5. '1 ' ,iff -2 . 'wr' L- ,L .. 1 I K. 5' . , h 4 . I ,Q -' E3 . L ' V fin" . - , V- ' 4 S - V 5- is . f , 45 -f,"z:5'ff'1a--L ,., JM yf1li1?',2Z. 'i ' .A - J -.1-,Libr 3s',Q,jfL' -1 -145' fig.,-1 an ' "-' Li'5.'21g-1'114'F 4 +12-' 5 ,V 5. 2, 1, ,A f - F ' -,f 1 1"f4T-.f'1'i.? -iafg' Q .ff 3 - .Q'5f:1'. 1' 'gf-4 - f,-5 -, :-,f'Ayi3'211,'-3,512 'fry' A 9+ , '-1.1, rw X"i'f P., .mi-, ,-,-.I , , .pgqvgzh -fa - .-f' ." 1-d5'7!?"'w . H ,A SV. lg' x 5 1' 'L - -Q . ' ' 4 ?2T:',-J-.1-.12 R14 fqfa- -.J-" '-10- -1- 1- ' 1 ,. 4 V' ' Az' '-' -'-.-F-51" Viv " ' H - ' - ---I - J. iw f ffszi .fi 15,1 '-29, 2' H-' , .F '--'Vi ' "A 5.""f'ff,f-'- Thi J '-Q?-1 Mlm 'E'-f 'Q-"bg --- j?i":lfl1:-'fd 1,-, , . .f -, ,R . ,..e.,. r..,p-I -..,..,w ,Q 4 '- '-:"",l"'fg-'E' , ww: -2 3 " -fKg.,.T, gfvf-2 : -5-Q-1' f - ' ' ' L2 'fi :'g.U1j,,,5i.sf.f1 .' wi? f c 52, z.ff14wf wif-. 7 '5 "" ' 4 ,,f,7' E5 2' ' ' 555-5-3"iri-' . ' , ,1 .- Jngg. -5. L, MT 4 - L A . , ,, AA- A H- 1'-L,..aa-r.g5.,l7'1..,'..1 M4 -VNU. - .M mfr ,'?'14if . ' L .31 ' f'1"" -' .. . . ' H If '.g:gig,LL , T X X' " -f- J .. ff- Q -. ' Lf , M 'Um x ,-lm' W T' fx 'Y ' ' A' 1 4-f... - - , - Vs.. L .,'ffS-331' : , ' -"1 V'-1' ' fn- ': n X " .- '-F9-5 asv: ff,-. : iii.-'1"",.-"Ley wx-V -94 '. - . . if ' ,' m1331917 -,,jl,-- T W.. I ',-,Q ., .ft-Ll TF-VI-.,, if-1-54i.i.u .--gi Nw vi g..m. ,,- 4.1. .,w'- 1 - 5" ..'--.1-, p '-- . s IFF ' 15234 A',,y+Iiu-gf. 55 ,f1iQf".. A 1, "1-:gil . C. .ar A I 'f?5ra.1- ' ,'f-'- -1 g ffl? '- 5.1 Q -, -ff 2' QI?-,Q y?"f.i ' A E Q-4'.,g,,,. ? " -A .' f' . ' 1 " , 1 ?'Qfl:7i.1f. .7345 ,E-,:',.. -f-. Q .- ,. . ' Jai 'Lklr -1591 . am, 7 5 i -1 '-- 'lva -4-fl' 1' - Xiflf 4 'uf 'if 7'7- T5 -w.'1 . ' :FQ rg 1.5 ,'- Q' .r 1'fbi.Q,fT"1f -f .E I-ik,-T Y ll -' ' 1 , '-Tiff P . r ,ii f1'F'3'? 'W P, " . F' , v .433 9' P' ' . re. ' ,. 11: K-L- ' 1+ - Va, K, .,. ,, . 4 ' , Q-"'.1i"' ' f" " if-'FT 'V 5 fx, :,. 1 "" h.f.:.Q .QLMY1 il: Ag-E-. 'gn J.. . x .f M! rv I .rv , .. A . .J +2 w ,. MA MA THE1952 Macrinite l 1 I - MCIUNT SAINT MACRINA ACADEMY uNluNTuwN, PENNSYLVANIA +,i-r- - - , WW , . w W . mr X- ' OH! ALMA MATER WE THANK THEE Published by MOUNT SAINT MACRINA ACADEMY LOCATED AT UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA lil CRI ITE OF 1952 0 FAVORITE SPOT-AN IDEAL RESTING PLACE AS ONE ASCENDS THE WINDING PATH ISI Dedication We the class of 1952 deem it a privilege to dedicate this Macrinite to our beloved Bishop Daniel Ivancho, D.D., whose kindly encouragement and support has been an inspiration and an incentive to all of us. We recall with joy the many occasions when despite the press of episcopal duties our Bishop has deigned to grace our simple Academy functions by His presence. For this fatherly expression of His Excellency's concern for so small a section of His flock, as well as for numberless others, we are sincerely, deeply grateful. l5l Cordial Greetings Extended To His Eminence While Visiting Here YoUR EMINENCE, CARDINAL GREGORY, PETER AGAGIANIAN, YOUR EXCELLENCIES, THE MosT REV. Louis BATANIAN AND THE Mos'r REV. DANIEL IVANCHO, VERY REV. AND REV. FATHERS: We are happy to welcome you to Mount Saint Macrina Academy. We feel that, just as one of the greatest honors given to man is a visit from his God, so another great honor for man is a visit from God's high-ranking representatives. Thus, when a Prince of the Church of Christ takes time from his Various duties to Visit a small but true and loyal portion of Christis Church, Mount Saint Macrina Academy, we, the students of that academy, somewhat understand the greatness of the honor given to us. In appreciation, we offer our thanks, our prayers, and our wishes that you enjoy your brief stay with us today. We also humbly ask for Your Eminence's blessing. l6l WE ARE HONORED BY THE CARDINAL'S VISIT TO MOUNT SAINT MACRINA ACADEMY 'Iii O Left to right-Very Rev. Monsignor Francis T. Lallyg His Excellency Bishop Daniel Ivanchog His Eminence, Cardinal Gregory Peter Agagianiang His Excellency, Louis Batanian. J. Cunningham and M. Duray pay homage while E. Duranko looks on. I7l O REVEREND MOTHER OLGA, Provincial With feelings of great joy and deep appreciation, we wish to thank Reverend Mother Olga, Provincial, for her constant efforts in providing the numerous benefits bestowed upon us. Through our four years at the Academy your thoughtfulness and kindness will always remain outstanding within our hearts. E81 if N 5 QS? V V V f1 L N. V .,,.. Q , 3,-Fi, H V IE .au 'vii-y M sw :ME O Left to right-Ann Dayak, Sally Ann Csejpes, Margaret Hnath, Audrey Gmetro. Thejlistory of the class of 1952 begins in the year 1947, with the entrance of our first Senior, Audrey Gmetro, from Braddock. Aud's sturdy build, honey blond hair and blue eyes were a familiar sight in the academy halls for four years. She was always ready to give a helping hand even before one would approach her on the subject. The year 1949 commences with the arrival of two more classmates for Audrey. They were Ann Dayak of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, and Margaret Hnath of Passaic, New Jersey. Ann is well known for her mischievous ways. If you happen to be passing through the halls and occasion to see a serious-faced girl conversing with another girl having a terrified look on her face, you would only be looking at our frolic- some Ann at work at one of her pranks, namely, teasing. PF eniors 1952 Finally We have reached our goal . . Ul Our capable girl in sewing and writing was Margaret Hnath. She had an unassuming help- fulness which delighted those who were the re- cipients. We have tangible proof of her motto, "To help others first," which she practiced on so many occasions. The year 1951 brought our determined Senior, Sally Ann Csejpes, from Cleveland, Ohio. She was the last Senior to join our happy group of Academites, Seldom could one ask a favor of her and be refused, for her charity and kindness were evident in all her deeds. In this last year our Seniors were presented in the Operetta, "The Big Day." Other happy days for them were attending the Baccalaureate Services, planting the class tree and, finally, Graduation. Thus with this we close another chapter in the book of our fond Academite memories. SALLY ANN CSEJPES "just Sally" CLEVELAND, OHIO . Besides her school activities, she has taken part in our Sodality as Vice-Prefect and has served as a member of the yearbook staff. In addition to this, she managed and refereed the 'Volley Ball Tournament. "I t depends" Favorite Song-"My Heart Cries for You" ANN DAYAK "Ann" CANONSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA Among the many activities in which Ann has taken part are: Treasurer of the Sodality, mimeographer of The Echo, and she was a member of the yearbook staff. She is also credited with her outstanding work in making the Valentine Hop a success. "l'Il bet" and "No sir" Favorite Tune-"Because of You" AUDREY GMETRO "Aud" FOREST HILLS PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA All remember Audrey as the leader of our gym classes, Prefect of the Sodality, Echo typist and a member of the yearbook staff. Chief wave setter . . . does work conscientiously. Hjiggef' and "Oh, beans" Favorite Tune-"And So to Sleep" MARGARET HNATH "Midge" PASSAIC, NEW JERSEY Midge applied herself to the extra-curricular activities as Secretary of the Sodality and a member of the yearbook staff. Her ability to write and sew won her many lasting friends. Very helpful to others. "jeepers" or "Oh, no" Favorite Tunes-"It Is No Secret" and "Me and My Teddy Bear" LAST WILL AND TESWXMENT We, the members of the class of 1952, having reached the end of our scholastic career, and though somewhat fatigued by incessant mental toil, but still of sound mind, memory and understanding, do make and publish this, our Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking and making void all former wills by us at any time heretofore made. To Reverend John Kocisko we leave our most grateful thanks for pre- paring us to achieve our goal and in recognition of this fact shall make every effort to leave behind us the reflections of your edifying teachings both in words and deeds. To Reverend Mother Olga we leave our loving prayers and immeasurable appreciation for the years of growth and happiness we have known under your care and guidance. We give and bequeath to our teachers all our unfinished lessons and our badly rendered recitationsg we also will to them peaceful nights and undisturbed slumber, for no longer will they have to worry about our examinations, no longer will our grades disappoint them, no longer will they have to listen to our supplications. Rest will be theirs, a long well-earned rest from arduous toil. We Seniors of 1952 leave to Mount Saint Macrina Academy, now our cherished Alma Mater, our sincerest appreciation for the sound and steadfast Catholic education that it has provided. Audrey Gmetro leaves to Mary Anne Dulin the art of stenciling. Midge Hnath bequeaths to Carol Kriss her hand for printing. Ann Dayak pins the mimeographing badge on Patricia Phillips. Sally Csejpes leaves Anne Marie in search of another debater. Audrey Gmetro turns over to Joanne Oravetz the gym whistle to keep the girls in step. Midge Hnath gladly gives Marlene Pavasko her ability to speak the Russke language. Sally Csejpes leaves jenny Lind Cunningham the initiative to get up with the clicker. In order to show our good will to our sister classmates, the Sophomores, we bequeath to them the agility needed to keep in step with the Freshmen. We give and bequeath to the Freshman Class a large pail of unused "brain glue," to be used by them carefully and persistently while preparing 'their lessons, hoping that this wonderful compound, for which we have nothing but words of praise, will aid them in fastening historical data and other dry matter in their minds without too much exertion. All the residue of our property, whatsoever and wheresoever, of ,, what nature, kind and quality soever it may be, and not before herein deposed of fafter all just debts have been paidj, we give and bequeath to our beloved Principal, Sister Loretta, the use of which is left entirely to her discretion. And we do hereby constitute and appoint the said Principal sole executor of this, our Last Will and Testament, without bond, for the faithful performance of her duties. In Testimony Whereof, we, the Class of 1952, have to this our Last Will and Testament subscribed our names and affixed our seals, this thirteenth day of June, one thousand nine hundred fifty-two, in the year of Our Lord. l12l A RECORD ofour ACTIVITIES Th Things We Did Th People We Knew The Places We Remem ' , . I, '11-Q ill Q .I IQ ' JUNIOR CLASS I Seated-Joanne Oravetz. Standing lseconcl row, left to right!-Jenny Cunningham. Patricia Phillips, Anna Marie Arnold. Third row-Carol Kriss, Mary Ann Dulin. SOPHOMORE CLASS O Seated-Madeline Haber. Standing lsecond row, left to right!--Helen Dzuryachko, Mary Louise Vanischak, Barbara Radik. Third row-Anna Fedyszak, Anna Marie Poli, Barbara Silbaugh, Josephine Kovalchik. l L.. ,, 4. THE IOLLY IUNIORS For the past three years that they have been here, our Juniors may be classed as the jolliest and most helpful class. If one is perplexed with a difficult geometry problem or a tedious line of Latin, the juniors are eager to help, even though they are quite busy themselves. Parti- cipation in the first operetta, "The Big Day," revealed their talent for the stage. Publishing the monthly school paper was another extra- curricular activity that they performed very well. Not once but many times they sacrificed free time to assist in setting up educational dis- plays. Having this wide experience equips them to undertake the responsibility of being Seniors in which they will equally do the job well. The oncoming Juniors hope that they fall heirs to these fine characteristics and follow in their footsteps since they have been such a fine example to all. OUR SEDATE SOPHOMORES The Sophomores have come far in their two years at Mount Saint Macrina Academy, not only in physical but also in mental and spiritual growth. They are no longer the giddy Freshmen of last year, but in a short time have grown to have a broader outlook on life. Their self-preservance to make this a better World to live in has been proven by their successful efforts to continuously bring joy to M. S. M. A. It was through their unity of work- ing together that they presented the delightful skit, "Life of Stephen Foster." It was also their prudent management of the Valentine Hop that will always remain a dancing memory. As true Macrinite students they are prepar- ing for the future with eager participation in all spiritual, cultural and social activities. lf14l ...X OUR EVER-SMILING FRESHMEN ......,u..s ,, , FRESHMAN CLASS 0 Seated Ccenterl-Jean Cihota. Second row, left to right-Patricia Nevosky, Phyllis Sanetrik, Constance Mickiewicz, Barbara Krosni, Barbara Ferko, Arlene Dvorchak, Mary Ann Roessler, Mary Wanatt. Third row-Barbara Smolak, Veronica Machesky, Rita Unetich, Evelyn Hovanec, Anna jane Loya, Dolores Baron, Dolores Marek. Last row-Florinda Pepe, Marlene Dvorchak, Yolanda Teplica, Elizabeth Duranko, Barbara Ruglovsky, Joan Duray. This September brought us one of the largest, liveliest and enthusiastic group of Freshmen. At the beginning, it was rather hard for them to get use to the different environment and customs of Academy life. It wasn't long, though, until they were adjusted to it. Getting into mischief seems to be their favorite pastime, especially when the word campus is mentioned. If you by any chance want something done, one doesnlt have to hesitate in asking a Freshie, for "charity begins at home" seems to be their motto. This class has a good sense of humor and a great interest in their studies, which we hope they will continue to possess in the years to come. U51 ,is l'l-l 1 ,.., - ,.. bn 5 WW. Q 'Ms .M iw -me Uv , A ,..,,,s,v: A H n, ' 5 a a , . Xa '0 f ' 5 3 L, 4 , Af.-1,1 ,41, J I pp-" , Mu,44'.11,,, fp! 1 . ' if Ljwidzi 553+ 4, 90,1 EW rv' 1' 1' ,, A 24 77 Hz! W 'QA ffl M1 'E+ f U ML f Ja .D "' Q ,P w 'rj nl 5 3 S '11 mu- 155 I 'i nn I TALENTED ACADRMITRS- , is FUTURE WORLD ARTISTS lf I PN F ont fright?-Madeline Haber. Anna Marie Arnold, Arlene Dvorchak, Helen Dzuryac E171 hk 9 . Q 1.3 . r 'H:.Uf"v'1s ' ? V'0'4 ' 1 8 X, ek- fr 'B S' 'gif' ' 1 i . . , E BI 4' ' ,Qx,,,,?E ,, II aaww' Lf M' J!! nfl, f .km Q 1 93. Wil: -'1.,. t ,S X ' ' ,gg 3 N , 3 .xwkfx L QI V- if ALL SET TO GO I M. Dvorchak, P. Nevosky, D. Marek, B. Silbaugh, J. Kovalchik, B. Krosni, R. Um-tich. A DAYHOP'S LIFE The life of a dayhop is one filled with nu- merous joys and pathos. It begins in the morn- ing with a ride to the Academy in a shiny stationwagon. With its stop at school, each girl scrambles from her place in order to be the first to exchange jovial greetings with the boarders and inform them of any latest startling news. The bell which rings for Assembly interrupts these pleasant discussions but as soon as the morning classes end, the gatherings are again evident as each girl tries to relate the happen- ings of the morning. Then again back to classes and so the afternoon wings its way into eternity. Now these same dayhops are in the station- wagon, but this time they are homeward bound. As they look over the day's events they discover a day filled with much accomplished, and while settling back to enjoy the ride, our Academite daphop finds herself humming the strains of her favorite tune-"A Good Dayhopf' tToph AFTER A HARD DAY'S WORK 0 Left to right-A. Poli, D. Baron, V. Mache' sky, E. Hovanec, P. Nevosky, C. Mickiewicz, A. Dvorchak. RELAXING 0 Left to right-A. Poli, V. Machesky, D. Baron, E. Hovanec, C. Mickiewicz. ' l20l 7 Ill .Will lil . . . Just Fun if-ning, i ROUND AND ROUND THE PHONOGRAPH GOES COMMITTEE OF VALENTINE HOP O M. Dvorchak, P. Ncvosky. B, Silbaugh, R. Unetich 0 Standing lla-ft to right7gH. Duryafhko, M. Haber listen to thc latest hits, M. L. Vanischak. B, Radik Knvc-ling-AA. Fodyszak PAUSE THAT REFRESHES JUST WAITING O A. Dvorchak, V. Machesky, A. Fcdyszak, E. Hovanec. 0 V. Machm-sky, M. A. Dulin, A. Arnold. S1-atvd-M. A C, Miuluewicz. Roossle-r, StanrlingfD. Baron, l21l WE PLANT A TREE . 0 Father Chaplain blesses our tree. 0 We proudly sing at the ceremony. 0 The Senior Arch. 0 Dolores Vanischak in turn shovels another spadeful. BUILDING FOR BETTER HOME LIFE SEWING CLASS 0 M. L. Vanischak, Sister Emili Arnold. C. Kriss. A. Gmetro. 0 P. Phillips well satisfied. 0 M. A. Dulin fits A. Fedyszak very carefully. a, A. M. A fxwsx P. Phillips and H. Dzuryachko roll it' , carefully While Sister Magdalene looks on. J. Oravetz, M. Pavasko and M. L. Van- ischak have the exact recipe. I .VI 5 'S .IQ,k' N n 9. 'x N J! . I? . X-., ALL FOR MARY, OUR QUEEN . , MM- . nun OFFICERS OF SODALITY T A Dayak, Vice-Prefect Sally Ann Csejpes, Secretary Margaret Hnath. Prcfn-rt Audrey Gmr-tro. rt-asurc-r nn odality . . . The Soladity, "Our Lady of Perpetual Help," consists of the following four Senior officers: Audrey Gmetro, Prefectg Sally Csejpes, Vice- Prefectg Margaret Knath, Secretaryg and Ann Dayak, Treasurer. One of the biggest projects of the year was the singing of Christmas carols in Russke over the Uniontown radio station. Some other social activities included bingos and hot chocolate parties. Most of all the girls enjoyed their monthly meetings, which took place on the first Monday of the month. At these meetings our spiritual lives were stressed as well as good advice for our social lives. We all want to thank our Sister Moderator and Father for helping us become better children of Mary. O Rc-citing the Rosary for world peace l24l CAUGHT IN OFF MOMENTS . f2k'af1wt Worthwhile research. 0 How could you say that! It WHS fun Wrapping OUT gifts at 0 An interesting Book Week skit. Christmas time. Keeping fit and trim 0 A good way to remember our ancestors Placing the dab in the right place. i251 si 2 if 1.-,, .L Research 0 Ilimg it straight Audrey. wo want, our display in luv tho bosi river! Luft tu right--A. Ariiulil A. Gmotm. P. Phillips. CATHOLIC PRESS MONTH . . . PENNSYLVANIA WEEK 0 To our su1'pi'isc we found that it was all in Pcnnsylvanm L , x . 2 wignliai liar atqk1!Ei lufrg gi Lili' IN' Jil, i l lull A A i f i Q' All-rl fy 1 Q-l.l2: gilgfll ll A ' My l ,V ff Q A 'xggrvi i M f f 'if' iilf 2 if 4 -E 1 , 'i Q M .b.,, ,iA.,,. .,., 'X S JE A Q Aw QW l25l 4: Q CATHOLIC PRESS MONTH Because February is Catholic Press Month, the Seniors and Juniors present a project to show their interest in good Catholic reading. Our exhibit pointed out that good books are universal and should be read by all. The dis- play was there, not to be admired, but to in- spire the youth of today to read Catholic books by which their minds may be spiritually en- lightened and their lives an example of what they read. As an added activity, a skit was also pre- sented. The real significance of the written word, good and bad, is brought home by various characters representing both immoral and good literature. This skit ended with the deep rever- ent Voice of Christ proclaiming the truth, "My Words will never pass away." 0 Good books are always universal. I2 71 X recall to memory . . . , V f M Remember what these scenes l :lr I - - 7 I 1- Imp! H sfxfluls7llr . 31" L A E 11,6 , 1 ww. vi L 12529-Meg. 'iH2'ps2T1.k fr 4. ' 'ww-A -,xi I AW! Q2gag:.- I , 4 aww ,Y ur fs? il M 'G'Wh M o . . M g'25B'- Nay! e Ml' i I 1 ., . 1 Y WW 85.34 my f- .we mfg. ' wiv WE EDIT OUR SCHOOL NEWSPAPER . . The Macrina's Echo, a monthly publication, is edited by the student body of Mount Saint Macrina Academy under the direction of Sister Mary Martin. The news is gathered and assembled by the editorial staff which includes the following: Editor, Carol Kriss, Feature Editor, Marlene Pavaskog Art, Anna Marie Arnold, Typists, Audrey Gmetro and Mary Ann Duling Mimeo- graphers, Ann Dayak and Patricia Phillips. The students eagerly anticipate working for the success of the Echo as shown in their will- ingness to cooperate with the editorial staff in the making of it. Finally, at the beginning of the month, our dreams come true-the result, "our MaCrina's Echo." "ECHO" IN THE MAKING I Loft to right-A. M. Arnold, M. Pavasko, Sister Martin, P. Phillips, C, Kriss, A. Dayak, M. A. Dulin, A. Gmetro. 1 D 17l 0 TopfP. Phillips, A. Dayak, C. Kriss roll them off. 0 Bottom-M. L. Vanischak, P. Phillips, A. Dayak count the copies. REMEMBER. The first day at the Academy and the hilarious time we had getting acquainted? Oyr new boarder, Phyllis Sanetrik's late arrival? Our trip-destination, Pittsburgh-for the Seminary dedication? The Sophomores' Homemade Spook House - with what apprehension and anxiety we entered it on Halloween? Our anticipation of the Cardinal's visit and Thanksgiving holidays? ik How assiduolusly we practiced for caroling over the radio? Caroling in the rain'and Father Chaplain's treat? The most enjoyable Christmas play presented exclusively by the Freshmen? That.Sunday afternoon that we painted the various Christmas scenes on the windows? How happy the Juniors and Seniors were when they received their class rings? The click-click of the camera for last-minute shots for the Yearbook? Shortsheeting, Miss Lulu, and all the dormitory pranks? How we crammed for mid-terms? February 14th 'and the delightful evening we spent at the Valentine Hop? Our first Volleyball Tournament with Team 4 as the victors? Our first TV set? A Our presentation of the first operetta in the Academy's history? The fun we had while boat-riding at our picnic? How we looked forward to Class Night - Daisy Chain - our class songs - and finally Graduation? E311 A. 1 X fl x ff f " l f' ff! X 1 'll W4 1' ,I fl A X- C . .xf X f lf if K VOLLEY BALL TOURNAMENT . Sixth row Kstandingi-P. Nevosky, B. Radik, P. Phil- lips, H. Dzuryachko. J. Cunningham. Fifth rowfM. Haber, A. Arnold, A. Gmetro, M. Pavasko, M. Vanis- chak. C. Kriss. Fourth row4M. Hnath, M. Dvorchak. Y. Te-plica, E. Duranko, B. Ruglovsky, 1. Duray. Third row-A. Dayak. B. Smolak, V. Machesky, R. Unetich, E. Hovanec. A. Loya. D. Baron. Second row fsittingJ- G. Mickiewicz. P. Sanetrik, B. Krosni, B. Ferko, A. Dvorchak, M. Wanatt. A. Fedyszak. First row-J. Oravctz, J. Cihota, F. Pepe. Q 5 ,W th ' Q 'WM f y .W W fa Q-L 'S T B?l..h'i Ei 3 'A 1 4 8 ., 2 I .Q , ."A "f""1n-- Q if ' fi i . 2 " 4 if t ' B4 ' A -:ti -Q Qi x 4 wt Q - Y I avg Nik X S . . 1 I 45 -f-. - - V . ,. 3 , 4 . if . 5 Q . 5 x ' ff .4 KN 5. . . M, 2 V A - Q.. A V t .., . 3 1 ggi.. K ? ? K .- . I A 4 B 1 1 Q t Bi ni . . fi' -'- ' - - . ,2. .,f.,,W.-x.. .... mm W HX V .QQ 5 S, ., h 1, xi IRL --Q, . I ga tub' X 'i .. .,., I . J f ii. . , . 55' 3 'X' rf , 'f . ff if A - TF I Q A " . 5 he 2 " 'N My N, N X N' A X. 5 .... .. ,... ' iz i . blnlh 5 Q I ,. x . . 7 A n 1 as B t fi... . X my W ,W- vwnz . ' ' .fs K 0 Come on, play!! 0 After a game well-played. 0 Oh! What a game that was! 0 Ready and raring to go on our picnic 0 A11 set! Let's play! 0 Come on, more action, please! E331 !'l51r-391' z .1 ' 504 be , i DQY H ONE or THE YEAR'S HIGHLIGHTS -55,-5' HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR . MAY DAY CROWNING The Greek Catholic Sodalists from both the Western Pennsylvania Marian Union and the Southwestern Pennsylvania Marian Union, the latter of which the Academy is a member, participated in the May-Crowning of the Blessed Mother on our campus. The girls joined together in procession to the Blessed Virgin's altar, carrying a chain of roses. Here the Union directors were waiting to conduct the services. After the living rosary, and Moleben to the Blessed Mother, Miss Martha Gernat of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, crowned the statue of Our Lady. At the conclusion of this impressive ceremony the Sodalists proceeded to Calvary Cemetery for the blessing of the monument ia memory of the late Bishop Basil Takach. E341 5 N Ii? 'A fx- Al X f x 1 fl, V Y ' sf 1-,5Ag'Q, I 2 i 'l 'm , ,X ,. ff X .Ai 5 f h M 1 ififffii' A u 1? A gp rf- ,NL I q -JE. .5 0 The well-worn path that leads to our dear Alma Mater. 0 Remembering to say farewell to our Heavenly Mother at the favorite Grotto. THE CAMPUS On entering the portals to this place of knowledge, both spiritual and otherwise, one finds herself in a wonderland of peace, content- ment and quiet. The campus is spacious and oh so beautiful all year round. Toward the lat- ter part of summer when one arrives-Mr. Sun is still leaving off heat and the air is filled with a yearning for the out-of-doors. Yes, and you know what that means-baseball, of course- plus long walks through the woods under the leafy branches of the large oaks. Then comes autumn with its beautiful shades of green, brown and red leaves which cover the lawn, courtyard and every other little nook and corner. Now is the time for raking parties. Oh, and what fun! Then comes old man winter with his carpet of snow, making the pages of a fairy book come to life. Need I tell you what happens now? Sleigh riding, snow men, games and the like. Finally, spring pushes her head out and brings with it beautiful blossoms, rippling brooks, fresh green grass and the sweet melodies of the birds. Birds? Well, maybe, but I think those are just the Academites going about their daily labor. That's just a sample of campus life in our fairy world. LONG SPACIOUS AND RAMBLING 0 A shorter, less hilly path leading to the Academy. l36l ---f- 'M W- fs wff,a,..f-f 1 . Nav -A T -' V' T ' T T T it E M :g,fw1'Hr ' if, A.,. . A ti, T gr A ,,,,, Lg-A ,fs A ft , ,.- ,',i,,m Q Hifi. , Q K V , I ' T' ff A ' . A 1 3. Q D 1 I M' 191191 iff' A ' f - THE ACADEMITES TAKE PART IN CROWNING THEIR HEAVENLY QUEEN ' Lt-it tu 1'igl1lf-HCICH Jugan. Father Powell. Martha Gernat, Mary Arm Bodnur, Father Doliruxy, Futhc-r Kurty. z V QV FQ, 1 i D E? 2: a an v 1 I V1 l an f S . nu. . ., -I o ' HAPPINESS AT THE MOUNT The happy girls of M. S. M. A. are we-you can tell it by the way we vigorously play a game of ball or energetically dash up the hill to Chapel-by the way we sway rhythmically to a current tune or just relax and listen to records. It shows in our habit of singing no matter what we are doing-walking or working or playing-by the way we rise briskly, ready to begin a new day or sigh peacefully as we slip into our beds at night. There is cheerfulness in our studies, at our meals, at our recreation. It is evident in the sight of a youthful face wreathed with the best possible makeup-a smile. We smile or laugh readily even at our own mistakes. You can see it, too, in the willingness of each one to help her pals. It is good to know someone is concerned enough about us, so as to give us a hand when we need it. We know too that we always have someone to turn to, to confide in, and that makes us happy. We are happy and we want everyone else to be happy tool Then last and most important we are happy because here at the Mount we are so near to God Who is the Source of all Happiness. And when we whisper to Him our thanks for the day, we know that He must be happy too! CO7 CO? Class Flower-Tea Rose. Class Motto-"Not How Much, But How Well." . l ri. , ' ' 'A' ' A . -' V Y . -". in--.' hit' ' gt.. l N4 ikwil? HON ORARY PATRON S THE MOST REVEREND DANIEL IVANCHO, D. D. REVEREND JOHN KOCISKO 'ik THE FRIENDS WE HAVE FATHER EMIL MASICH PAUL HORNICK MR. 85 MRS. PAUL BEZILLA MR. 85 MRS. JOHN DANOVICH MR. 85 MRS. PAUL DURAY MR. GEORGE TEPLICA MR. 8s MRS. ANDREW DZURYACHKO, JR. MR. 85 MRS. STEPHEN DVORCHAK MISS HELEN EVANYO MR. 8: MRS. PAUL HUNSICKER MR. JOSEPH UNETICH MRS. KATHRYN KRosNI MR. LUCIANA PEPE MR. al MRs. GEORGE FERKO A FRIEND A FRIEND MR. 85 MRS. GEORGE WANATT 85 FAMILY MISS IREN E KARAFFA If? MISS C29-RIA HAEADIN MISS LORRAINE BILLY MR. 8z MRS. ANDREW DZURYACHKO, SR. MR. 8: MRS. GEORGE PUFKO MISS MARY RUSNAK il? MISS DQLQBES VANISCHAK MRS. SUE VANISCHAK MISS MARY ANN DOMIN 'ik I3 CENTRAL SERVICE STATION ik BEAR WHEEL ALIGNMENT ik BRAKE AND CARBURETOR SERVICE Everything for the Automobile c Sth Ave. Bn 9th st FORD CITY PENNSYLVANIA Ph 62 3171 l40I Compliments of ST. MICI-IAEL'S GREEK CATI-ICLIC CLUB CLAIRE, PEN NSYLV 73? M. I-I. WILTZIUS Sz COMPANY Publishers of ART RELIGIOUS PICTURES wiki? 460 East 30th Street CHICAGO 16, ILLINOIS il? I421 wiki? Sf? Compliments of INQUIRE CLUB MONT CLARE, PENNSYLVANIA il? wiki? I I PHONE 8-4788 : : PHONE 8-211 7 TAKOCH IRY aff PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS ik PASTEURIZED MILK 'ff PASTEURIZED HOMOGENIZED VITAMIN-D wk WHIPPING CREAM ik COFFEE CREAM eil? COTTAGE CHEESE ik DARI-RICH CHOCOLATE MILK Q M LOCAT O ' WN-FAIRC I44I JOHN I. CARSELLO Sz COMPANY Manufacturers and Distributors of CARSELLO CHEMICAL PRODUCTS 1205 Randolph Street MAYWOOD, ILLINOIS ik Floor Maintenance Materials: I REENULITE WOOD MAINTAINER I SOARKOLITE SELF-POLISHING ANTI-SLIP WAX O PREP ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER I TERAZOLITE SEAL AND FINISH I TERATONE CLEANER FOR TERRAZZO FLOORS O ROCK GLAZE WOOD FINISH O CARSOLITE PENETRATING SEAL I ASPHOLITE SEAL FOR ASPHALT TILE FLOORS Offices: Washington, D. C.g Pittsburghg Detroitg Boston PITTSBURGH: 530 William Penn Pl. - Telephone GRant 1-6660 f45I ikik Compliments of LEE CHEVROLET COMPANY 260 East Fayette Street UNIONTOWN PENNSYLVANIA itil? I 1 C mpliments f VERY REVEREND JOHN A. STIM 96 F' t Stree PASSAIC, NEW JERSEY 'ik -"1 C pl sof C mpliment f BALCO FAYETTE 1233 Flrst Avenue Wholesalers of Leading Beers NEW YORK 21' NEW YORK UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA ik --Q- I 1 SAI NT NICHOLAS CHURCH CBYZANTINE-SLAVONIC RITEQ 413 Shaw Avenue MCKEESPORT, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 2020 REVEREND N. J. PAVALICK, O.S.B. K 77 CC 77 Greetings from MCVAN fr COMPANY NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. 44 77 44 D C. MAHONEY Treasurer E491 lPIn1g Qfihnzt Glhnrrh PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA REVEREND GEORGE C. POWELL Pastor CARTER 6' GERMAN : PRINTERS -:- 213 East Main Street UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Telephone 1106 JOB AND COMMERCIAL PRINTING RUBBER STAMPS -:- SALESBOOKS M91 K 77 K 77 SANTARIELLO PHOTO SERVICE PORTRAITS - FAMILY GROUPS D D Compliments of ST. MARY'S CATHOLIC CHURCH OF THE BYZANTINE RITE JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA ik MIROLLI "BIG BOY" and "TWIN PAK" THE FRESHEST BREAD IN TOWN Phone 4769-R UN ION TOWN, PENNSYLVANIA ik CO7 CO7 Best Wishes CARPATHIAN CLUB OF PITTSBURGH NORTH SIDE PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA K D K 77 E511 K D K D Compliments of SUPERIOR DRY GOODS Serving CONVENTS AND INSTITUTIONS 4725 N. Marvine Street PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA CC D K D RENE LORRAIN ET CIE, INC ' CHURCH GOODS ' FINE LINENS ' WOOLENS ' DAMASK ' VEILINGS ' COTTONS ' SPECIALTIES FOR RELIGIOUS COMMUNITIES CC 77 K D 19 Park Place NEW YORK 7, NEW YORK Telephone COrt1and 7-2659 I52I V Sl V: eisffiif. 'iss 55-1:1'V:-ffiff' "Lf .. 2 NY , 9 I2'II'II'Qgffggggg-5:gg'gfq,:rfsffiafrfifi .l gf fti 52 ' - -2 f::557:'1,Sf2SQ. 32:'E i: 5 I.5 1iI5:::,, '21 Ei: Q -. :il it -:jig-ggijijg: ., .:::,.:. : V. ,,..,, 1. .,.v,' I.-A -Q . fl 45,5.s 2 .1 :s:1: ::p -7 i3Q533- if "- V " ' Z Z' 3 5255551 f?sf:'r2,:':a-5'1ij5.:'g2gg5sg55:: 5' - ' , 11" ,3j'J3f.gffx Q, b -,- -' 1 ' 1 ',,, v--v Iigggggiial '-.-, 1 " I -A ff-f' 51 A' ..-...::PE:3v:5:5:,EiE:5:::::EEE:::5::E:::w::::::::i5E23 ., Made wilh SNACKS " OLD WORLD " Skill and Pai CIICI A SWALD 8: HESSCU. uM0kQfI of ilve Famous Norlolk Hams " 1550 Spring Garden Ave. PITTSBURGH 12, PA. 51? Compliments of J. F. HOGSETT 6' SON 48 Mill Street UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA it l53l 7 D THE HOLY SPIRIT SOCIAL CLUB BINGHAMTON NEW YORK D D Compliments of WILLIAM J. HIRTEN CO., INC. 11 Barclay Street RK 8, NE ik K D K D SAINT MARY'S CHURCH 4600 West 35th St. CLEVELAND 9, OHIO Right Reverend Monsignor Nicholas Elko, V. G. K D K D MARHEVKA FUNERAL HOME LICENSED FUNERAL DIRECTOR H AND EMBALMER 4438 Pearl Road CLEVELAND 9, OHIO Phone: Florida 8759 CC D K D 44 D 44 D 44 D K D K D K D il? Everything for the Office W. H. FARWELL CO. 86 West Main Street UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA PRINTING OFFICE SUPPLIES 1 OFFICE EQUIPMENT PHONE 1612 - 3515 cox co: C. O. LACLAIR PLUMBING COMPANY L. B. Bixler, Owner HEATING and PLUMBING 11 West Fayette Street UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA it D K D I55l P4 P4 P4 P4 Compliments of BOTTLING COMPANY 267 Coolspring Street UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA P4 P4 METZLER'S UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA P4 P4 P4 P4 Compliments of ST. MICHAEL'S P. T. A. MONT CLARE, PENNSYLVANIA P4 P4 b 4 b 4 Compliments of PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS COMPANY 51 East South Street UNION TOWN, PENNSYLVANIA P4 P4 E561 i"k'k'k BANNER FLOUR MILLS Manufacturers FLOUR cmd FEEDS GRAIN - FEED - HAY 'kiriri' SAINT MICHAEL'S SODALITY PASSAIC, NEW JERSEY SALT' Etc' IMMACULATE CONCEPTION FAIRCHANCE, PENNSYLVANIA SODALITY ff ff if if if if -x ar 'A' i' 'A' 'k i' i' 'k i' O Phone: Phoenixville 9022 Compliments of PHOENIX DRAWING ROOM SERVICE 167 Bridge Street PHOENIXVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA john R. Russo 'A' 'A' 'I' 'A' DULAN Y OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY 10 Morgantown Street UNIONTOWN'S GREETING CARD STORE 'k'k'k'k 71 G. HIRSCH SONS, Inc. Importers and Manufacturers 119 West 40th Street NEW YORK 18, NEW YORK SENIOR and IUNIOR SODALISTS MCKEESPORT, PENNSYLVANIA ST. NICHOLAS CHURCH Compliments of SLOVAK-AMERICAN CITIZENS' CLUB PHOENIXVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA ,ap BLUE RIDGE V, IT'S CHEAPER TO TRAVEL BY BUS! Sir FREQUENT SCHEDULES ii? COURTEOUS DRIVERS COMFORTABLE COACHES BLUE RIDGE LINES ISBI Adds the artful touch of the experienced Chef to salads, soups or any bland foods. f I' -an .-1 2-'-"' si"-E' iea , 4' If you cannot purchase this in your home town-write us-P. O. Box J. S., Chicago 1901 E I Sexton QW JOHN SEXTON 8a COMPANY Manufacturing WHOLESALE GROCERIES P. O. Box I. S. - Sexton Square CHICAGO 90, ILLINOIS ik A. H. NOONAN SACRAMENTAL WINES "Gold Seal New York State Special Altar Wines" 403 Cedar Avenue SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA ik Compliments of CENTRAL PRODUCE COMPANY 89 N. Beeson Avenue 'ik WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA SODALITY UNION Extends good wishes and prayers to the teaching Sisters, the Students, and Graduates UN ION TOWN, PENNSYLVANIA of the Academy. ik ik I5 C pl'ments of IULIUS H. COHEN SONS COMPANY 713 Penn A PITTSBURGH 22, PENNSYLVANIA Z-.. . Compliments of ST. NICHOLAS UKRAINIAN CATHOLIC CHURCH 42 Van Buren St. PASSAIC, NEW JERSEY Reverend Walter Bilynsk P t -- Qi. THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS COMPANY 85 West Main Street UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA IOSEPH HAKY 6. SON FUNERAL DIRECTORS Since 1902 UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA i.. Q l. I J fr? The Bank of 73? Personalized Service Our officers are constantly seeking Compliments of opportunities to be of service to Merchants, Individuals and Cor- Poftafions- FAYETTE NATIONAL I I BANK :S TRUST SECOND NATIONAL COMPANY K Member of Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation UNIONTOWN NEW SALEM Member.' Federal Deposit Insurance Corporat ii? Compliments of ST. BASIL'S HOME FOR ik THE AGED UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of ST. MICHAEL'S SCHOOL GARY, INDIANA HOLY NAME SOCIETY MONT CLARE, PENNSYLVANIA vi? ISU A X X Best Wishes HOLY NAME SOCIETY ST. MARY'S BYZANTINE CATHOLIC CHURCH JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA ANDREW LITVIN. SR. ANDREW LITVIN, IR. IOHN KOHAN ANDREW MLEY x x Compliments of GEORGE MASEYKO'S SERVICE STATION Front 85 Dickinson Streets BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK FRANK ZACK STEPHEN IUGAN IOHN SMURO GEORGE PIATAK IOHN WEYOWERSKY IOHN DANOVICH, SR. MICHAEL CHANDA, SR. IOHN DANOVICH, IR. X JG 'C DG X -36 -D6 X -D6 -56 Compliments of DURKOT'S RESTAURANT 58 Clinton Street BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK Phone: 2-9657 -X- 96 96 Compliments of RADIK "TEXACO" SERVICE 2300 Youngstown Road WARREN, OHIO Telephone: 33247 'c X Nc I52l it Compliments of THE FRANK I. LEARY CO. CRANSTON, RHODE ISLAND it Compliments of I. A. SULLIVAN CO. if Religious Articles ik' Church Goods 287 Thayer Street PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND ii? iff KNIHI MOLITVENNIKI 1 FRIGIDAIRE ' MAYTAG Insure Your Home w1th Quality Mozete Dostati U Kniharni Sabova Piste Po Cennik: George Sabo Box 25 PEARL RIVER, NEW YORK HARDWARE ELECTRIC Joseph Chupko SEWARD, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of POTTER-MCCUNE COMPANY MCKEESPORT, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of COURY ci UNGUREAN ESSO SERVICE STATION Pittsburgh Zz Penn Streets UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA I63I 'P WILL 61 BAUMER CANDLE COMPANY, Inc. CANDLES - VIGIL LIGHTS A SANCTUARY OIL BEESWAX --- STEARIC ACID - RED OIL WAX SPECIALTIES Main Office and Factory SYRACUSE 1, NEW YORK, U. S. A. FRANK H. KIRNER PUBLISHER - BOOKSELLER - IMPORTER CHURCH AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES 309 Market Street PITTSBURGH 22, PENNSYLVANIA BRUCK UNIFORM CO. 643 Liberty Ave. Keenan Building PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA OUTFITTEHS OF SCHOOL APPAREL tor MOUNT SAINT MACRINA ACADEMY Compliments of THE CAMPBELL-HATHAWAY COMPANY 73 West Main Street UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of TRI-DOR CAFE 4703 Pearl Road CLEVELAND, OHIO Compliments of IOSEPH A. PROKOPOVITSH 431 Ninth Avenue MUNHALL, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of FRENCH CLEANERS, Inc. Compliments of HAGAN TAXI PHONE 377 IOHN A. GALIE Distributor PEPSI-COLA - KECK'S BEVERAGES Box 49 FAIRBAN K, PENNSYLVANIA EDWARD HAGAN PLUMBING and HEATING 132 Lenox Street UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA I5-11 N. KAUFMAN'S, Inc. Uniontown's Best Store Box 1 5 90 UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA THE FAYETTE COMPANY KSuccessor to Fayette Candy Companyl Wholesalers 333 Pennsylvania Avenue UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of BOSTON SHOE STORE UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA IUNIOR and SENIOR SODALITY SS. PETER 6. PAUL CHURCH BRADDOCK, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of cocA-coLA BOTTLING CHISNELL' Inc' COMPANY 244 Pittsburgh Street UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA 27th and North Church Streets HAZLETON, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of Compliments of I. N. HAGAN ICE CREAM ST. I OHN 'S CATHEDRAL COMPANY SCHOOL UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA MUNHALL, PENNSYLVANIA PENTRACK FUNERAL HOME 631 Broad Street JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA PHOTOGRAPHIT, Inc. A COMPLETE LINE OF PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES 12 South Gallatin Avenue UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 2565 IGS! "TF" ,JN Compliments of IEDNOTA CLUB 230 Pittsburgh Road UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of IDEAL FOOD MARKET 328 Clinton Street BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK John Dranichak, Sr., Prop. Compliments of PAUL'S MARKET 237-239 Clinton Street BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK Paul Tronovitch, Prop. Compliments of IOSEPH GRESKOVIC 161 Clinton Street BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK Compliments of ST. IOHN THE BAPTIST SCHOOL BRIDGEPORT 8, CONNECTICUT Compliments of CANA SODALITY JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of UNION MARKET 13 East Peter Street UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA SUCH'S RADIO CENTER RADIO 85 SOUND SERVICE 138 East Main Street UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Best Wishes ST. MARY'S BLESSED VIRGIN SODALITY JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of I. SCHWARTZ CHINA, GLASSWARE, Etc. 16 West Peter Street UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA ISSJ ?I,'P'P5 . BASTIAN BROS. COMPANY ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Designers and Producers of EXCLUSIVE CLASS IEWELRY - GENUINE ENGRAVED COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS and PERSONAL CARDS MR. CHARLES E. MCDONALD 920 Investment Bldg. 239 Filth Avenue PITTSBURGH 22. PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of MR. :S MRS. GEO. PACZOLT JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Best Wishes DANIEL 6 ANTHONY SMURO The Friendly Food Market 141 Iron Street JOI-INSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of IOHN MOSKAL :Sf SONS MORTICIANS 413 Broad Street JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of BEVEREND PAUL SI-IOGAN MONT CLARE, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of PETER DURAN KO "GRILL" 54 Barron Avenue JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of FAMILY LOCKER PLANT 645 Arch Street UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Best Wishes MRS. HELEN PAVLICK The Finest Hotel in Morreville 61 Fairfield Avenue JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Best Wishes IOHN TRUHAN MEATS and GROCERIES Broad Street JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA MIER'S BOWLING ALLEY 17 East Peter Street UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA I67I -vw'-A1 .AQ ll I HH HW H 3 n.u.fJ.aLu4.1 42 4. .2 R Xu'-QJ WG atv' ., f 5 4 0 '1 Q .. as , .-gd f -HN ' f -fa lfffl 92'9"I"!" .f . " ' 1" ' , 'V W5,'55'fSf"'f'!" . n ,-. V I lu Uv, vl:,R-X .Y I CQQ. ,V A F I Q.. , I A I 1 xv ' ' r I F' 5' W M- 'I' - 11, ,, 1 Q . ff- ,Y in , y . f. ,KWQ AWE, ,gl X if tv if '.-.. fi , ,N . ff: . A f - ' , 'M ' H, Nil ,d4Jf"""d!ff'U , fr- " AL . "1 'R W TLS? 7363. 'Qlll-6- 'I J TZQQJ Q L' . 760 -all "ff . if:,r 7 5' 'J . Dfw, if ,,, W ff ffiif -f M we mf' .' ' :,Tfef"'1., X 1--. b4jzA-MV' - 'J W1 W ' a .'-xr. l'x..' ' r I if 3 W , . A4 qv, wx, ,, . f S "0"7j X ,S Wfffffw O -EW S Y X .. 6 . . U 'J I , J . . s ,I -,ly N gal? , .J . ' I 5 0 sfal I fry' "5 M' - 'AV 3 H. y an J r I N ,,.4t,.ttf,. 4 " , 4 f' '7l":" -fy 4, V. . . ' 'ttf-ff? " W J f - Q ,- I , . 'l' 1 , - , ctQ'4.i 4- Wynn P I . 1 I . x ' Q 'git-cztlkd, lr 0 Qu, A. A . . , l F9 if 5 ' . 9 I 4 , Q , ' , "iv "z-1' - -.' 5 ""5f""' '. - ' " - I . 1 . f- Saw - ,. . . , - A ff " .pia,, L' ' F le gal, 1' ,"' .t'9 , fd' , , 4-5111 " - ' ' ' f. a 'Q'-.I EV , ' x'4f"A4 'Src 'V 'FST-'HA "-iii " ' L 5 ml' -alfa' ' 1 , 1 H ,:-, V V mv . 1 1 'vi '1 ,-xg.,i,lL,mYff'g -lg . rin ' rg, fl WL. . 5-' j,,L, l5z6"f J' F 8511 , ' - .J 1- ., -A 4 ' lu k , . . ,.,-.. 'f ff ' k 'Hg-E' mf,-' ' i, ,Q . .-, v11l,.,. I f1'gi4.l W V- 'Nj I-Wi :ga g +I -1, M I t 3' 1. 15514451 up pl 2 is W ' -3' I1 an al? 'F I 1 y 40 hh F Y .. ,. ff.:-, 1 , 4, 1 ir A- V r H ' 1 1 7' - U"'f5 M' 'S.V9'- ffv f f, - 1 - '- 1 ." "'-Q-'T , ' 4 .' 1 T4 1 l" l f' V w' 'affix - Fr" '-if t 'f J 'J-i' ' " ' 5' 'fgflxfr .4 fn V 'H-if-: W '-R ' -' ' !: f"f EW ,i -if '-J I 'S 'SQ 'TS' - -"-f Q . -. -f 4 fi n.f,"f "ff, man -f If - .,- ' -.:, - : . - cf-qx fa, " '-V fv, ' ' ' I - 'wah 'gr ff nf- f '-,.q. , 6, - .- . 7? va-..-3-. -.-..t of : . 'W .. V r,. L 5, -... if -v Qi' L 1 K if w J , ,. . ,,,, E 1-H , L 4' P -P' S- 'F f 1 . QW , ff .A-J 1' ff 1 5 " ' 1 "' J' f 4 .s A. 1 ' G, f - . ,T Hit yu,-Q if X33 , I X . lg: W M-Y-Q-1?-f7.!L LJ 3-.p.n.y-'j.M. , v,', it Y, '-- 7-. , eg I-, I I' LS! i, iv.:-'E-V -K i 'A p7.7:y.n-'1"f'Y'-5 ,Lf - ' 2 Z K. i I I 4, I 'Q jk 3 6 s Y , L lx. P r F. 5 ! 5 W F 1. 1, 1 w 1" 1 1 1 I ,1 4 1 ' 1 I ff? U N ' ' E ll ,V .'9 ff, , VEEi5i11vli-g- , WWW A140044 WW o'Z.J g p,f-1.0-77 H' H ' Y I- N ' Q 27:12 x' uf 74-a7xAt,f.7eb4U'-QZfiI! ,, ,Ig , :UV :.-.W 'GY '. 5, sf' ' A QTMJ 11 , 3- 1,. ' ' " ' ' - V lr: Vx ' ' ' .- ' w w - V A, -, 1- , .1 - . I ' . U Sf' xxk.. X f , 76 sl If K f f K X . 1 3' - 0 1 K 9 1 -I J 4 'ra 'T' YJ, , .A - .' - -7' .- 4 Q ' J Lv 's I 4 . U I ll ' o u . . 1' 4 ' ' '4 4 ' f I- Q I . Q -Q Q " C u I 1 fi, ?,EfA:7'f tr A ii- Z A 5 V-f , -V ...Z '5 1 .3 -4, 'Q , -gf ,Q .. , ,zf l rc 4 - . ,f- 1 1+.,1,f,,a v " 1 du- 7 M iavisnii f '

Suggestions in the Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) collection:

Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 59

1952, pg 59

Mount St Macrina Academy - Macrinite Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 23

1952, pg 23

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