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vaujviwnn.$ $$a.,..1 .1...1.3.. A . 3.11.11 9:15.13? iii: 1...? x ,, . 1 3w .iumuuum , kwmmbhmu. . LIV ; I'lXIPl MOUNT TOWER 1967 MOUNT SAINT JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL BALTIMORE MARYLAND VOLUME 30 YOUTH IN ACTION This year we commemerate the thirtieth edition of the Mount Tower. In looking back over previous editions, it is readily notice- able that they all differ very little in context. As one turns the worn pages of a nineteen thirty-seven Tower, he can observe that students engaged in and supported the same activities as the students of today's Mount do. They seemed as genuinely interested in their school as the students of the nineteen sixties do. But, there is one important difference. The students of many years past lived a somewh at versatile teen life. After, and even before finishing high school, many teen- agers ended their education and began their full time career. Along with this came a bland, economic spirit of life. The students of present years, however, acquire added vigor and spirit as their high school years are completed. Knowing that education and knowledge are a necessity for future advancement, teenagers pursue both the technical and moral fields of enlightenment. Along with this balance of knowledge comes school spirit. Truly, this year's Mountmen have led in this field. The constant activity and undiminished spirit at school functions have set this year apart from all the others. Whereas this is their yearbook; they definitely have earned and deserve the theme -Youth in Action. CONTENTS Activities Organizations Factu Sports IIinll L ' AIQll I 1'31 thl Underclass Seniors Editor-in-Chief Assistants Moderator Assistant Robert W. Dragin Patrick J. Durkin Gary W. Hill Robert P. Matikiewicz Leo E. Palewicz Joseph Federline Brother Salvator, C. F. X. Brother Declan, C. F. X. Awards Assembly SCHOLASTIC AWARDS -Brother Bartel, C. F. X., presents letters and trophies to g outstanding students. RECOGNITION-D. Kropfelde r, M. Odachowski, W. Graham, R. Connor, D. Neville, R. Mitchell, and S. Straus- baugh receive plaques for their dedi- cated service. Commends Students DRAMA CLUB-Members deserve awards for their two one-act plays. APPREC IAT ION - T h e s e students are definitely proud of t r oph i e 5 just re- ceived. School Dances CHRISTMAS DANCE -- Students enjoying one of the FRUG -Nothing like Mod dancing. many school dances. BEGINNER- Student driver waits to start first lesson. PARK ING Practi ce makes perfe ct . Driver's Education L :gtmw Father-Son REFRESHMENTS-Long lines but fast service. EXHIBITION-A t u m b 1 i n g demon- stration Was 9 i v e n by two college students. 10 Sports Night P R OT EC T ION - Police put German Shepherds through paces. ATTACK ING --Police dog shown in action against intruder. 11 Active Faculty TWO WITH MUSTARD-Mr. Fields serves Brother Melvin, C. F. X. , hot dogs at Father-Son Sports Night. MASTER OF C EREMONIES-Mr. B. Petrilli introduces Sport's celebrities at Thanksgiving Eve gathering. Student Guidance SENIOR GUIDANCE Brother Tobias, C. F. X. , advises senior on college application. UNDERCLASS GUIDANCE - K ru e g a r Preference Test scores are revealed to Sophomore by Brother Dean, C. F. X. Intramural 8 Tasting INTRAMURALS - Sophomore classes battle for class championship. CHECKING OUT -One of the many duties of the library staff is to assist students in their selections. COPYING M. Goodman watches as Brother Donald, C. F. X. , librarian, duplicates a magazine article. Youth And The Law RECRUITING -A Police Captain points out the many benefits of Joining the force. DRUG ADDICTION-The value and harm of various drugs was the topic of Mr. G. Siegel's talk to the Father's Club. Assembly Speakers PREPARING-Sister Ann Paul encourages students to volunteer as Inner City Tutors. MOUNT GRADUATE -Ba1timore Ori- oles answer questions from the audience at Sports Night. Spiritual Functions COME AND EAT - Vocation week comes to a Close with a concelebrated Mass. ACCEPT THIS CUP - Father W. Funk g; offers Mass in the gymnasium on a Day of Recollection. Of The Mount MEMORIAL - A Requiem Mass is of- fered for all friends and benefactors of the Mount. C. Y. O. - Seniors enj 0y a sing-along during their retreat. Mount Scientists AIR POLLUTION - One of the duties of the Science Club was to sample the air. Bring Honor To School NATIONAL SC IENC E SEARCH -J. Holmes was the Maryland Finalist. BASES FOR COMPUTER-T. Christo- vich matches wits with his homemade machine. Inner City Tutors MARTIN DE P O R R E S CENTER - Wednesday afternoons f o u n d many Mountmen in the Inner City. INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION - Personal contact combats poverty. ORGANIZATIONS DISCUSSION - Br ot h e r Thomas, C. F. X. , checks activities schedule with officers: P. Cooke, R. Mox- ley, J. Fish, and T. Hirsch. SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES-First Row: W.Jackson, G. Buchness, and D. Kropfelder. Second Row: ' P. Cooke, T. Hirsch, R. Moxley, and J. Fish. 24 Student Activity Council The Student Council, supervised by Brother Thomas, C.F.X., is probably the most active organization in the school. Among the functions they sponsored were: pep r a l l i e 5, football games, the Sweet Sixteen Tournament, homeroom nights, intramurals, Satur- day m cm i n g basketball, and all the dance 5, including the Proms. In the collection department the representa- tives headed the successful Scholarship Aid Raffle, charity donations, and the obtaining of funds for Mass cards and flowers for the family of deceased relatives of Mount students. As a group they ushered at all the Masses and assemblies, sold school pins, aided the Parent's Clubs, hosted the Freshman Orientation Assembly, and helped with the Band Concert and the Xaverian Guild Bingo. ., S.A. C. also introduced new activ- ities this ' year. They in i t i a t e d an Alumni-Varsity basketball game and provided a student poll on vital ques- tions facing our society. Their project this year was the im- provement of the gymnasium. Cleaning the entire b a s e m e nt, painting and tiling two rooms, improving the public address system and the varsity locker room were part of this plan. Spirit Of Student Life FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVES - First Row: J. Herbert, J. Prestianni, R. White, and W. Ward. Second Row: M. McAllister, V. Maggie, J. Stromberg, and M. Gegner. SOPHOMORE REPRE- SENATTIVES --Fi rst Row: R. Fagen, M. Culotta, M. Mohler, and J. Lancelotta. Second Row: J. Conk- lin, J. Lucas, T. Ho- gan, and M. Andrew. JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES-.First ROW: P. Mc- Ginn, T. Herrmann, L. Brossoit, and J. Johnson. Second Row: J. Engers, R. Long, D. Mohler, H. Muse, G. Hancock. 25 Most Active Organization AUXILIARY MEMBERS-First Row: J. Serio, D. Neville, W. Bures, L. DePaola, and M. Odachowski. Second Row: R. Connor, J. Welch, T. Olear, D. Peter, J. Deponai, T. Dumsha, and W. Graham. ALERT - Brother Thomas, C. F. X., m o d e r a t o r , quickly responds to a c all by a S. A. C. member. REPRESENTATIVES - First Row: C. Proffen, M. Gegner, D. Bibo, J. Prestianni, M. McAllister, J. Stromberg, W. Ward, V. Maggie, R. Pfeifer, T. Sasena, R. White, and V. Glorioso. Second Row: E. Maruszewski, C. Barber, T. Dumsha, W. Bures, J. Deponai, M. Culotta, T. Hogan, M. Andrew, M. Mohler, R. Fagan, J. Conklin, and D. Bace. Third Row: J. Herbert, M. Odachowski, L. DePaola, W. Zephir, W. Jack- son, P. Cooke, T. Hirsch, R. Moxley, J. Fish, D. Neville, G. Buchness, T. Clear, and Brother Thomas, C.F.X. Fourth Row: 5. Strausbaugh, D. Peter, C. Scherf, T. Cero, P. McGinn, H. Muse, J. Engers, R. Long, T. Herrmann, D. Mohler, G. Hancock, M. O'Doherty, S. Vicchio, J. Welch, R. Mitchell, and J. Lancelotta. 26 Religious Activities Fommittee D V IC E-G. McLaughlin, L. ePaola, M. Massimini, J. ownsend, T. Canoles, and M. oodman discuss problems with rother Bemardus, C. F. X. Making religion a vital part of tudent life is the goal of the e l i g i ous Activity Committee. heir main assignment this year as the teaching of underprivileged hildren in the Inner City Tutorial rogram. In conjunction with this ork the Mount and Trinity Prep eld a picnic for the children. he '1 r weekly charity collection, hich totaled a $1500 sum helped he Bolivian Missions, the Bishop's e l i ef Fund, Catholic Charities, nd the C.S.M.C. The annual hristmas Food Drive provided for ifty families. They also sponsored he C onfrate rnity 0f Christian NEW MEMBERS-First Row: T. Posluszny, J. Romeo, R. Hotaling, R. Klein, T. Con- t oetrine Training Program. Ex- nelly, T. Dumsha, and M. Nelson. Second Row: E. Toggart, J. Deponai, J. Holden, enmental folk hymns proved suc- L. Bryant, J. Lucas, 5. Baker, and J. Shaab. essful during Masses and Days of ecollections. D i s cus s i on days ith Spalding High School students 150 proved interesting. C h a i r m a n M. Massimini and oeChairman T. Perry and A. elaragno, with the assistance of rother Bernardus, C.F.X. , com- ined their energies to make this ear rewarding. OLVED-E. Matysek, J. Gruver, K. Free- an, J. Furletti, S. Maggio, J. Blinke, . Melaragno, P. McGinn, C. Jeunette, nd B. D'Agostino decide on Inner City uestion. 27 MEASURING e W. Heuerman, A. Frazer, R. Kirchman, and T. Gollery accurately plan a poster outline. FINAL TOUCHESeCompleting a sketch are D. Muirhead and D. Moran. The Student Activity Council Poster Committee, under R. Mitchell, chairman, was busy advertising school events of the year. Among the activities they promoted were d ances, sport's games, guest speakers, concerts, elections, plays, and many other student functions. Posters and flyers were created with artfulness and originality; a definite characteristic for any eye- catching display. LETTERlNG-R. Mitchell, L. Bry- ant, and W. Soltesz draw scroll letters to attract attention. 28 OFFICERS AND M O D ER A T OR - B. Smith, G. Kerr, Brother Declan, C. F. X. , B. Washburn, and C. Murphy prepare to lead the group in song. LAUGHTERe First Row: M. Murphy, J. Kraft, J. Heaney, and K. Jones. Second Row: M. Holmes, D. Peter, and J. Cathey respond enthusiastically to a French comedy film. French Club x TRES BIEN-B. Washburn, G. Kerr, and B. Smith, converse in French. Under the competent guidance of Brother Declan, C.F.X., the French Club acquaints themselves more thoroughly with the idioms of French life. OfficerszG. Kerr, President; B. Smith, Vice -President; C. Murphy, Secretary, and B. Washburn, Tre asurer; as well as other members, speak nothing but French at all meetings. The meetings featured guest speakers frequently. Brother Louis, C.F.X., was incorporated as such many times. On these various occasions he spoke of his adventures while in France. Also a sampling of French culture was attained at the meetings by including various French portrayals into the lectures. The main event of the year for the Club is the annual French Day at Mercy High School. This year the students won the popularity award for their unusual rendition of several French songs. In May the members went to Washing- ton, D. C. They visited the French Embassy and the famous restaurant Le Petit Paris, while there. DIRECTION-J. Kraft, J. Neels, M. Murphy, G. Saunders meet to plan stage arrangements. PERFORMING- J. P e r r y, M. Boule, J. Sybor, C. Law, D. Peter, and C. Jeunette act out the comical "Dress Rehearsal. " REHEARSlNG-First Row: C. Law, and M. Gould. Second Row: V. Glorioso, and D. Peter. Third Row: J. Perry, S. Brown, andC. Jeunette correct stage movements. Inco rporated New ITechniques "Dress Rehearsal, " a comedy describing the frantic commotion of a play rehearsal, was the opening performance of the Drama Club. Mr. C. Kirby, moderator of the Thespians, directed the play. He noted that toward the end of the year the group improved noticeably. Their second presentation, "The Reluctant Bridegroom," concerned the groom's decision to call off the wedding within hours of the awaited ceremony. For the first time scenery was incor- porated and musical talents were added for effect. M. Boule directed the cast. The organi- zation performed its completed presentation for t the faculty, stud ent body, and both Mother's and Father's Clubs onAmateur Night. A showing READING SCRIPT-R. Raman, K- Jones, J- Heaney, and T. Hirsch memorize lines. .ma t t t was also scheduled for Inner City pupils. WHAT A DUMP-V. Glorioso, G. Saunders, C. Law, and J. Perry comment on appearance of room in "The Reluctant Bridegroom. " 31 CONGRATULATIONS - Brother P e t e r, C. F. X., satisfied with J. Turkos, and B. Smith's playing. is 32 Band MEMBERS IN UNIFORM - First Row: G. Donohue, M. Shacklette, and Brother Peter, C.F.X. Second Row: A. Wagner, B. Harris, T. Hooper, J. Cathey, A. Field, D. Kems, J. Di- Capua, F. Cipolloni, and I. Buck. Third Row: J. Turkos, B. Smith, E. Gil- ley, M. Westover, P. Crone, E. Matysek, T. Donohue, G. Das, and R. Vovak. Fourth Row: L. DeFeo, M. DeLauney, J. Shaab, L. Lentz, R. Biondi, M. McManus, K. Boone, and J. Murphy. Fifth Row: T. Coleman, C. Smith, D. Coakley, R. Sears, I.Wal- lace, A. Longo, and D. Schulz. Sixth Row: J. Palmer, C. Schweinsberg, R. Gary, M. Wolfe, and J. Kropfelder. Without the Band, which provides the necessary background for numerous activities, our school would be at a great loss. When games are at fever pitch and everyone is excited, the music comes across loud and Clear to add to the enthusiasm. Dur- ing sports and non-athletic assemblies, the group is always on hand to promote the functions. Also on the agenda of the Band is the schedule of Sports Night. The Annual Spring Concert was a completely enjoy- able performance, the result of laboring hours of practice and concentration. It contained something for everyone, from soothing rhapsodies to spirited marches. Father's Club Fidelity Awards went to: D. Coak- ley, L. DeFeo, B. Smith, J. Turkos, and T. Donohue and the coveted Arion Award went: to J. Turkos. Perfo rms Admirably VETERANSwD. Coakley, T. Dono- hue, L. DeFeo, and R. Sears display their instruments. 1 CONDUCTING - Brother Peter, C. F. X., instructs ASSEMBLY - The group crosses from the band room band members. to gymnasium for performance. 33 Glee Club TENORS - First Row: M. Mohler, D. Hesch, W. Du- Vall, and W. Ebberts. Second Row: H. Raphel, C. Gallion, and S. Morris wait for the start of a rehearsal period. The Glee Club, under the direction of Miss V. Reinecke, gave numerous vocal performances during the year. Brother Andreas, C.F.X., the club's moderator, asserts that they practiced diliu gently, everyday, for their highlight concerts. An exquisite formal concert was presented by the Mount and Maryvale. This vocal oration has al- ways traditionally opened the Christmas season for all concerned. The Glee Club participated in two festivals. In the Baltimore Choral Festival, the gathering sang at Archbishop Keough High School. In the New York Choral Festival, sponsored by Xaverian High School, business was combined with pleasure. When scheduled vocal duties were completed, the club visited the sights and sounds of "The Big Apple. " Four year members: G. Buchness, J. Heaney, and M. Murphy were awarded trophies at the Spring assembly. PREVIEW e Students listen to portions of a forthcoming concert. RESTING - Taking a break are, First Row: J. Mohler, W. Martin, J. Reger, J. Heaney, E. Richards. Second Row: M. Ricker, J. Kraft, M. Giles, M. Murphy, and T. Richter. 34 Presented Many Concerts MEMBERS -First Row: J.Mi11er, R. Blockston, E. Richards, J. Hooper, P. Votta, J. Reger, D. Hesch, D. Peter, C. Fischer, and I. Neels. Sec- ond Row: T. Brown, P. Di- Martino, J. Mohler, J. Heaney, C. Gallion, W. Ebberts, W. Duvall, F. Buchacz, G. Buch- ness, and R. Heilman. Third Row:M. Holmes, M. Giles, T. Richter, W. Martin, S. Morris, C. Price, G. Ford, and D. Muirhead. Fourth Row: J. Kraft, M. Murphy, M. Mohler, M. Andrew, M. McMullen, and A. Hernandez. Miss V. Reinecke is directing. r REHEARSING -First Row: J. Neels, D. Peter, and R. Heilman. Second Row: D.Muirhead, M. MCMullen, C. Ford, J. Presti, M. Andrew, and F. Buchacz practice for an assembly concert. AGENDA-P. DiMartino, T. Brown, Brother Andreas, C. F. X., J. Miller, and M. Holmes plan score. 35 OFFICERS-G. Ford, W. Brown, J. Friedel, E. Cole, and Mr. M. Carroll, Moderator, inside the darkroom. 36 Camera Club NEW MEMBERS - W. Duvall, M. Wible, M. O'Neill, P. Bush- nell, J. Leake, and M. Cullota are apprentice cameramen. Although devoted to taking clear and crisp photographs of various events, the Camera Club spends most of its time devel- oping the photographs. Walter Brown, the only veteran of the staff and club president, was voted outstanding photographer in the non-athletic awards division. Mr. M. Carroll, 21 new addi- tion to the faculty, is the moderator. The other officers are: I. Friedel, Vice-President; G. Ford, Secretary and Treasurer; and E. Cole, Supply Manager. The members of the Camera Club are helpful in providing pictures for the school and public. Both the Tower and the Quill readily employ their assistance in their publications. In addition to this the club has taken pictures for several teachers and organizations in the school as well as some display work. They gave pictures to local Baltimore papers and were com- mended for their work in the News American. Accredited VVHh Successful Year PREPARING-Getting ready to photograph for the uill are: G. McCormack, F. Weller, W. Aring, T. Jagielski, and W. Mullen. HOLD IT - J. Friedel snaps a shot for the yearbook. LEARNING - Exploring picture developm ent are: L. Nowakowski, J. Cahill, J. Friedel, and W. Bures. 37 Quill PREPARING-An edition of the school paper is readied for the press by: D. Dinan, L. Bryant, W. Bures, I. Schuster, C. Kurtzman, S. Morgan, L. DePaola, J. Engers, T. Hogan, and D. DuBay. PROOFREADING - Correcting an up- coming article are: J. Mianulli, R. Lilley, F. San- tigo, W. Heurman, and W. Soltesz, under the direc- ti on of M r. W. Bauernschub. COMPLETION - Looking at the final results are, Seated: J. Neels, S. Brown, and B. Haske. Standing: T. McCormack, C. Jeunette, J. Hogg, T. Ying- ling, J. Dix, M. Lang, J. Cusson, and M. McAllis- ter. 38 The Quill, under Mr. W. Bauernschub, is the Mount's official school news- F t I paper. Issuing six copies each year, its purpose is to present interesting facts to ac u a the students about school life. Only four pages long, it includes cultural reviews, sports reports, honor roll Classification, and a student personality survey. Starting each year at the Villanova Public ations Conference, the Quill S C h 0 O I columnists listen to and participate in discussions with professional newsmen. Combining knowledge profited at the Conference with their own originality and skill, the members manage to turn out an informative and enjoyable paper. From P a p e r this experience the students learn about the journalism trade which may be of invaluable help in years to come. DUPLICATING ASSIGNMENTS-Quill reporters wait for finished typed copies. Seated: J. Heaney, M. Murphy, and D. Peter. Standing: T. Hirsch, K. Jones, T. McAllister, J. Kraft, J. Coolahan, P. Bateman, and T. McCormaCk. SATISFACTION-Another edition is sent to the press by: C. Yoe, D. Mohler, J. Romeo, W. McCarthy, C. Kurtzman, R. Culp, and E. Russell. 39 Mount Tower DISCUSSION-Brother Salvator, C.F.X. , moderator, plans the p h 0t 0 g r a p h y schedule with R. Dragin, editor. IDENTIFICATION-R. Dragin, editor, and P. Durkin BUDG ETING - Brothe r Declan, C.F.X. , C0- are flanked by students ve rifying the identity of moderator, L. Palewicz, and R. Matikiewicz double student pictures. Check yearbook prices. 40 PubHshed t What this years Mount Tower staff lacked in size it made up for in 3 0th :tature. It consisted of only six members, each of which worked hard ind accurately at presenting the school year in an interesting and I I factual report. Editor R. Dragin juggled copy, layout, proof-reading, Ed It I O n n d typewriting. G. H i 11 and J. Federline, were the c h i e f layout esigners. P. Durkin was a' valuable aid in all departments of the earbook. Heading the financial section were R. Matikiewicz and . Palewicz. Even when the school year had ended for most, Brother yalvator, C.F.X. , and faithful staff members could be seen working h 11igent1y, both day and night, editing final copy. In order to prepare for the upcoming year selected members went 0 the Columbia UniversityYearbook Convention in October. Although tiring job members: R. Dragin, P. Durkin, G. Hill, R. Matikiewicz, nd L. Palewicz felt gratified after receiving Varsity letters at the pring Assembly. VARSITY LETTERS - L. Palewicz, G. Hill, P. Durkin, and R. Dragin accept awards at the Spring Assembly. TYPINGe-P. Durkin types a corrected copy. t LAYOUT ARTISTS - G. Hill and underclassman J. Federline F IR 3 T AND LA S T-The T ow er drive was opened by G. Buchness's purchase and closed sketch a page arrangement. with B. Wood's. 41 Honor Society TUTORS-First Row: J. Coolahan, A. Jackewitz, E. Ricks, G. Hetman, L. MC- Carthy, V. Huebsch- man, J. Holmes, and B. Washburn. Second Row: D. Dinan, J. Heaney, K. Jones, G. Kerr, M. Murphy, J. Kraft, T. Hirsch, D. Muirhead, J. Cusson, and J. Katzenberger. OFFICERS-L e a d i n g scholars are: J. Cool- ahan, J. Heaney, K. Jones, S. Morgan, and J. Engers. SENIORS-First Row: 8. Brown, D. Neville, C. Govatos, W. Mc- Carthy, J. Schuster, J. Turkos, B. Smith, and W. Schaub. Sec- ond Row: J. Gaare, D. Hube, E. Russell, R'. Mitchell, M. Mas- simini, L. Cahoon, T. Olear, M. Land, and M. Magyar. Provided Tutoring Classes TUNIORS - First Row: L. everungen, T. Wise, R. amen, C. Yoe, S. Morgan, F. Yingling, J. Gruver, E. Matysek. Second Row: J. Perry, J. Neels, R. Bourquin, A. Melaragno, M. Kurtz- an, J. Engers, J. Schaub, e dU. Leimkuhler. Third Row: J. Ruggiero, P. Bate- nan, B. Oleksiuk, D. ?ompa, P. Kaspar, J. Welch, F. Lupinek, M. Aversa, C. Gallion, and T. Meyer. Although, the tutoring service for gtudents seeking extra help was the nain objective of the Honor Society; :hey also participated in other activities. Fhe group, moderated by Brother hndreas, C.F.X., provided tickets to aperas and concerts. They were guides iuring Open House, ushers at College Day, and assistants in the correction of :ests; all of which was quite helpful to :he school and its faculty. To provoke 1 little laughter the members conducted 1. "mock trial"; in which they matched :ach others wits. Both informative and :njoyable were their field trips. They lave traveled to Western Electric, the iunpapers Building, and Carlings Brewery. The Regional president, A. Mal- Lragno, c am e from the Saint Joseph's :hapter of the Honor Society. This is 'he third consecutive year a member 3f the Mount was chosen from a choice if thirty schools. SOPHOMORESeFirst Row: J. Lucas, R. Peddicord, R. Pfeifer, W. Brunk, W. Bures, T. Posluszny, J. Campbell, and R. Klein. Second Row: J. Conklin, E. Toggart, D. Powell, J. Cahill, Brother Andreas, C.F.X., T. McAllister, D. Wojnowski, and J. Romeo. 43 Assisted Factu ENGROSSED - Students 9 iv e their complete attention to tutor M. Murphy. MATH HELP-G. Kerr explains a difficult geometry WINNER Brother John Edward, C.F.X. , congratu- problem. lates A. Melaragno on be ing elected the regional President of the Honor Society. Radio Club Brother C ar e y, C. F. X. , moderator, shows members DEMONSTRATION - how to construct a tele- vision. Brother C ar e y, C. F. X. , was this years moderator of the Radio Club. He has been such since his coming to the Mount. The Electronics Lab, the loca- tion of the Club, is the central transmitting and receiving station. In order to participate, the mem- bers had to memorize details about transistors, volts, and radio fre- quencies. After learning the intri- cate operating procedure, the students become official "H a m s " on the W3DYK Mount circuit. In this process the group accumulated profitable knowledge which can be helpful in future studies as well as a career. TEAM-WORKeMembers show a fe e 1 in g of satisfaction after building a receiver. 45 Speec And Debate MAINSPEAKERS-Seated: T. Perry and W. Bures. Standing: T. McCormack, Mr. R. Bastress, moder- ator, D. Dinan, C. Perry, J. Cahill, and C. Hughes prepare "Foreign Aid" debate. The Speech and Debate Club, moderated by Mr. R. Basuess, must be considered in two sections Debate, under President D. Dinan and Vice-President C. Perry, participated in the Johns Hopkins Debate, From a gathering of East- ern Seaboard debaters, the Mount was w e 11 represented with their topic on "Foreign Aid". Debaters have also at various times assem- bled in the cafeteria todemon- strate their methods to the student body. The Speech Club walked away with various awards. In the Balti- more Opt i mist Club Contest B. Harris placed first and G. McCor- mack third. In the Hamilton Competition S. Pfe ifer came in second. W. Bures took first place in the Westview Contest with W. Ward taking second. In the Catons- ville Competition T. Sasena occupied third place. In the zone Contest W. Bures placed third. The CHECKING-M. Murray and F. Molony double-check the debate roster. speakers also participated in the Arbutus Club contest. OFFICERS-D. Dinan, C. Perry, T. McCormack, and T. Perry. ExceHed In loquence DEMONSTRATION Moderator Mr. R. Bastress announces speakers. a WINNER-R. Pfeifer smiles after defeating M. Ward PLANNED ATTA C K-J. Neels, S. Morgan, U. in debate. Leimkuhler, and J. Dix build their defense through research. 47 PLANNING-A match's strategy is planned by: T. Buck, J. Neels, J. Coola- han, M. Massimini, and BrotherAlfred, C.F.X., the club's moderator. W A I T I N G-Anticipating ; the arrival of their oppo- nents are: Sitting: R. Long, W. Soltesz, D. Hesch, and D. DuBay. Standing: B. Smith, A. Jackewitz, and D. Powell. The Chess Team, under the watchful eye of Brother Alfred, C.F.X., posted a four-six season. Held in classroom 21, the meets go on for two hours and sometimes longer, as the battle for the defense runs its course with'the inevitable "Checkmate" ending the game. B. Smith won the Maryland Junior State Championship thus adding to the cre dit of the club. Officers of the group were: J. Coolahan, President; J. Soltesz, Vice-President; L. Palewicz, Secretary; and B. Smith, Treasurer. These, along with the other members, battle their wits for fun and enjoyment; which proved profitable by the club's record. CHECKMATE - M. Mas- simini h o 1 d s J. Coolahan in check. G reat SENIORS-SittingzK. BOOKS Jones, J. Coolahan, J. Heaney, M. Lang, and W. Schaub. Standing: Mr. E. Bishop, J. Schuster, J. Herrmann, Brother An- dreas, C.F.X., B. Smith, and D. Dinan. JUNIORSeSitting: J. Neels, M. Kurtzman, S. Morgan, A. Melaragno, R. Raman, R. Dooley, J. Engers, and P. Bateman, Standing: T. Yingling, R. Bourquin, Brother Ber- nardus, C.F.X., and U. Leimkuhler. SOPHOMORES - Sitting: R.Li11ey, R. Peddicord, R. Pfeifer, J. Lucas, J. Campbell, and T' P051usan- The object of the Great Standing: T- MC- Books Club was to read and Allister, J. Conk- discuss various reknown novels lin, Brother Don- and classics. The dlub was ald, C-F-X- : W- divided into four sub-sections, Btlres, and W- from freshmen to seniors. The t . t . ,. Wlll' books were assigned according T to the student's ability and comprehension in each sepa- rate group. W ith moderatdrs: Brother Andreas, C. F. X., Brother Bartel, C. F. X. , Broth- er Bernardus, C.F.X., Mr. E. Bishop, Brother Donald, C.F.X., Mr. J. Herrmann, B r o t h e rJeffrey, C. F. X., Brother JO 5 e ph, C. F. X. and Brother Melvin, C.F.X. The members argued the philo- sophies of life. The books ful- filled the thirst of the mind h FRESHMAN - Sitting: R. Hogg, J. Doyle, R. Pfeifer, E. Strine,W. and imprinted their timeless Ward, D. Stubbs, R. Burdinski, and W. Mayhew. Standing: E. logic on the character of the Mokinaro, T. Christovich, and J. Long. Students. 49 Father 3 5w Club MEMBERS - Dependable participants in the club '5 activities plan a forth- coming meeting with B r o t h e r Berchmans, C. F. X. , moderator. The Father's Club, moderated byBrother Berchmans, C.F.X. , and Brother Dean, C.F.X., proved itse If successful by promoting a p a r e n t-school rela- tionship. Guest S peaker Doctor Capprio, w h 0 spoke on the topic of drug-addic- tion; h a d the most at- tended lecture. The Air T r affic Control talk, a m o n 9 others, brought much interest to the m o nth 1y meetings. A f i l m on Oceanography proved popular with stu- dents and f athers alike. Father-Son Sports Night presented m e m b e r s of Bullets, Clippers, Colts, and Orioles, along with various active demon- strations, to a n atten- tive crowd. The annual Oyster Roast held at the Lord Baltimore H o t e 1 was well attended as was the Father-Son Communion Breakfast. PRESIDENT - Mr. F. Neville officially opens a meeting. F THER-SON NIGHT - A11 pause for refreshments in the lower gymnasium. Mother's Club MEMBERS -Mrs. F. Neville, Mrs. J. Culley, Mrs. J. Jansen, Mrs. G. Truitt, Mrs. LMurphy, Mrs. V. Morgenroth, Mrs. A. Violi, Mrs. D. Kurtzman, and Mrs. A. Schaffer are about to enter the cafeteria for a meet- ing. PRESIDENT-Mrs. L. McCarthy begins a meeting with a speech. The Mother's Club helped the School Building Fund immensely by donations from their Fashion Show and Operation Mount Bingo. A luncheon and Card Party were also included in the Club's activities. This year Parent-Teacher Meetings were incorporated in conjunction with the club'smeetings. This experiment pro ve d very successful and will probably be continued next year. OFFICERS -Brother Dean, 'C-F- X- : Mrs. T' Herrrhann, The offi ce rs were: Mrs. L. McCarthy, President; Mrs. T. Crlst, Mrs. J. Lupmek, and Mrs. E. McAlllster. Mrs. T. Herrmann, Vice-President; Mrs. T. Grist, R e c o r d in 9 Secretary; and Mrs. E. McAllister, Corte- L sponding Secretary. M o d e r a t o r 5 Brother Berchmans, C. F. X. , and Br 0 th e r Dean, C. F. X. , have dedicated many hours, along with the officers, to the success of the club. 51 Alumni Association ACTIVE MEMBERS - The Association is planning for a successful Oyster R o a s t with their moderator Brother Donatus, C. F. X. The Alumni A s s o c i a t i o 11 Committee, which held its general meeting in the fall, was very actively organized this year. Among its projects were directing the Oyster Roast at the beginning of the year, the Alumni Dance in December, the Communion Mass and Breakfast in March, and the Bull Roast in June with the Alumni-Varsity basketball game earlier in the season. By subscribing to the Alumni News, the group he lped to promote the success of the events. The increase in membership was evident by the increase in school support. ALUMNI DEFENDS - An alumni tries to break up L. Brown's shot. GUEST SPEAKER-A Father's Club member is intro- ducing Mr. T. Phoebus, pitching star of the Orioles and a Mount Alumnus. FACULTY FAREWELL - Mr. Alvin Chilcoat looks over a class schedule while waiting to bid our 1963-1967 principal, Brother Bartel, C.F.X., good-bye. Brother Alfred, C. F. X. Brother Andrew, C.F. X. LIBRARY STAFF-Brother Donald, C. F. X. , and Mrs. Catherine Murphy check on an overdue book. Brother Bernardus, C.F. X. Father William Burke. 54 Mr. Joseph Butler. Mr. Michael Carrol. Mr. Joseph Cegelski. CONFERENCE-Mrs. Belen Schettini and Brother Berehmans, C.F. X. , talk over class problems. BEFORE CLASS - Mr. Eug ene Nieberlein, Mr. Bernard McDivitt, Mr. William Bauernschub and Mr. John Herrmann compare notes. 55 Brother Clarence, C. F. X. Brother Dean, C.F.X. Brother Declan, C. F. X. INFIRMARY - Mrs. Katherine A ndre w s, R. N. , listens to students symptoms. STUDIES OFFICE - Mrs. Mary Bezold, Mrs. Marie Schleicher and Mrs. Anna Marciano be 9 in another day. Sister Dietgera, D.M.H.R. Brother Donatus, C. F. X. Mr. Haywood Elms. Sister Elwara, D.M.H.R. MAINTENANCE CREW--First Row: Mr. W. Crawford and Mr. S. Tynes. Second Row: Mr. W. Yargorough and Mr. W. Bryant. CAFETERLA STAFF-First row: Mrs. H. Snyder, Mrs. S. Solomon, Mrs. W. Atkinson, Mrs. J. Quinn and Mrs. L. Nelson. Second Row: Mrs. R. Huesman,Mrs. C. Herron and Mrs. R. Dawson. 57 COMPARING - Brother Andreas, C.F.X., Mr. Michael Egan, Brother Blaise, C. F. X. , and Broth- er Salvator, C. F. X., match ability of students. Brother Emmanuel, C. F. X. Mother Facundina, D. M. H. R. Father Kenneth F arabaugh Father Wayne Funk EM PHA T I CA L L Y Mr. Carl LaVerghetta stresses a point. szmwgammu, WW mam r mwggm m 9? W? FACULTY BREAK-Brother Joseph, C. F. X. , Dr. C a r10 5 Gonzalez, and Brother Austin, C. F. X., pause from teaching routine. Brother Henry, C. F. X. Mr. Paul Kreiner V . , L Brother Lawrence, C.F.X. SKETCHlNG-Brother Carey, C.F.X. , plans for electronic class. CHECKING-Mr. Walter O'Neill verifies a math prob- lem with Brother Thomas, C.F. X. Mr. Robert Lee . Brother Marcian, C.F.X. Died May 31, 1967 LEARNING -Brother Melvin, C.F.X., and Mr. Calvin Kirby try to interest Mr. Edmund Bishop in Biology. Brother Louis, C. F. X. Brother Peter, C. F. X. SWIMMING-Mr. Charles Cronin was one of the new coaches at the Mount this year. Mr. John Plevyak Miss Virginia Reinecke ATHLETICS-Mr. Gerald Savage, Mr. Benjamin Petrilli and Mr. Stanley Zaleski discuss sports schedule. 61 ADMINISTRATION-Br 0 th e r John Edward, C. F. X. , and Br oth e r Jeffery, C. F. X. , welcome Brother Pierce, C.F. X. , standing, the new treasurer. Brother Tobias, C. F.X. John Vicchio. ALERT-Mr. Robert Bastress, Brother Vincent Ferret, C. F. X. , and Mr. Peter Kuhn watch students and film at the same time. Mr. Victor Woods. Brother Walter, C. F. X. Died December 3, 1966 SPORTS Varsity Football Third Row: M. Sturm, K. Rogers, R. Connor, J. Hands, E. Ping, D. Hube, S. Vicchio, T. Perry, R. Groszkowski; Second Row: Mr. B. Petrilli, T. Robaczynski, C. Yoe, P. Beitman, R. Tavenner, C. Eckhardt, G. Von Parris, J. Bermudez, R. Moxley, V. Davis. W. Mullen, J. Olecski, Mr. G. Nieberlein, M. Howard, S. Marschall. First Row: L. Grimmel, R. Spaniel, F. Melony, G. Curran, H. Walker, L. Siejack, E. Toggart, C. Scroggins, R. Long, T. Haney. WE THEY The Gaels got off to a good start under new coaches B. Petrill Howard County E 13 and E. Nieberlein by defeating Howard County 18 to 13. Afte Douglass 12 18 losing a close one to Douglass they rolled over Patterson 22 to 0 Patterson 22 0 After four straight losses they closed the season defeating riva City 0 58 Loyola 20 to 12. Poly 0 22 Edmondson 6 16 Calvert Hall 0 39 Loyola 20 12 64 Demonstrates Spirited Drive TACKLE Mount defense brings down the ball-carrier Just short of the 90a1 line. CHEERLEADERS-A new feature at Mount games this year were: M. DiCapua, D. White, A. Lauftus, B. Gallagher, and D. Logue. Displays Team Coordination COMPLETION-J. Bermudez brings in a score against Poly. ONLOOKERS - Mount players and fans show varied reactions to game. STARTERS-In game formation are, Line: R. Connor, K. Rogers, C. Yoe, R. Moxley, T. Haney, T. Perry, D. Hube. Backfield: R. Groszkowski, J. Bermudez, G. Curran, and H. Walker. Varsity Soccer .- alt First Row: D. Hresko, T. Parsons, H. Kazmirski, D. Kropfelder, T. Bateman, T. Foltyn. Second Row:Mr. P. Kuhn, T. Myer, H. Muse, J. Fronckoski, A. Wroblewski, J. Kapinos, TxTaylor, L. Warfield, M. Bateman, H. Neenan, J. Gaare, P. McGinn, J. Mongelli. The Varisty Soccer Team entered the season possessing the M. S. A. Crown. Even though potential and spirit were eminent; they failed to retain the title by losing to Patterson. M.S.A. performers, H. Kasmirski and D. Kropfelder, led the team to its many rallying victories. Essential elements of the booters were two veterans, A. Wroblewski and T. Taylor, along with varying strength from the bench. J. Gaare, who holds the school record of nine shutouts, appeared in the goal this year after recovering from a knee injury last year. The Gael's coach, Mr. P. Kuhn, felt the reason the team was weak in its decisive games was that it lacked experience on the line and in halfback positions. GAEL DRIVE - A. Wroblewski watches H. Kasmirski attempt to score. SCORES M THEY Mervo 2 Calvert Hall 4 Archbishop Curley 2 Dundalk 2 Park 2 Patterson 1 City 8 Poly 2 Southern 2 Edmonson 6 Northern 3 Hopkins Frosh 6 Mervo 2 Calvert Hall 4 Archbishop Curley 3 Park 3 Patterson M. S.A. 0 Championship Game WHHOOHHHNHONHWHOO Boote rs Deth roned OFFENSIVE DRIVE COMPLETED -P. M cGinn and FOOTWORK-H. Kasmirski moves the ball skillfully J. Kapinos score against Qurley. away from Curley defenders. AGONIZING MOMENT -Mr. P. Kuhn searches for victory against Patterson. SAVE -J. Gaare with an assist from T. Foltyn prevent Curley from scoring. CO-ORDINATION -C1earing the way for J. Kapinos GAELS SURROUND PATTERSON -T. Foltyn and H. Kasmirski steal ball from Champs. is H. Kasmirski. Varsity Cross Country Team The Fall season depicted successful results for the Varsity Cross Country Team. The group was mainly composed of returnees from last year. Because of this previous experience ad- mirable running ability was characteristic of the team. J. Ruggerio, a junior, showed excellent rac- ing tactics in every race. J. Fish, 21 four year man, came through with needed points on many occasions. Other four year veterans: C. Cladding, D. Turner, and B. Washburn were also a strong asset to the team. Brother Louis, C.F.X., the team's new coach, cited all the members for their ability and spirit. The Harriers started off the season with a win over Mervo and Southern. They were also victors over: Hopkins Frosh, Edmondson, and Archbishop Curley. WE. Mervo-Southem M. S.A. Meet Hopkins Frosh Edmondson-Archbishop Curley M. S. A. Meet City-Mervo M. S. A. Me et Xaverian Meet TEAM - First Row: J. Coolahan, W. McDonald, and D. Lehmann. Second Row: C. Law, M. Nowakowski, and B. Washburn. Third Row: C. Cladding, J. Fish, and D. Turner. BEST FOOT FORWARD-J- Ruggiero comes in FIRST STRETCH-Mount players: J. Coolahan, M. Nowa- from his work-out. kowski, B. Washburn, W. McDonald, and D. Lehmann break around a curve. 70 J.V. Cross Country Team TEAM-First Row: J. Farace, W. Quinn, and J. Deponai. Second Row: PRACT IC E RACE -J. Deponai and J. Schaub, T. Fish, M. Aversa, and C. Smith. M. Aversa match each others running talents. The J. V. Cross CountryTeam possessed greater ab 1 lity this year than in previous years. Brother Louis, C.F.X., the team's coach, stated that although there was a lack of men on the team, strenuous practice 5 made the team successful. Many players showed great potential for the Varsity team next year. T. Fish, through his running ex- perience, led the team to unexpected victories. Other outstanding members of the young Harriers were: M. Quinn, C. Smith, and C. Tangerman. 1V2 Mervo-Southem 11th Cardinal Gibbons 4th City-Mervo 2nd M. S.A. Meet 12th Xaverian Meet 3rd LAST STRETCH-M. Quinn, T. Fish, and J. Schaub come in from a practice run. J.V. Football Third Row: M. Andrew, J. Blinke, T. Nawrocki, A. Hernandez, H. Klamp, R. Hotaling, R. Whichard. Second Row: 5, Boone, T. Wilson, J. Soltesz, 5. Morris, J. Moore, J. Presti, G. Jeffers, V. Seibel, C. Hastings. First Row: R. Larkin, T. Cook, C. Fischer, F. Smith, M. Apicella, G. Paulman, S. Rice, E. Fitzpatrick. A summation of this year's J. V. Football team is one of encouragement. Although they posted only one win, the three ties show their noteworthy effort and drive. The little Gael's offense, led by J. Soltesz and V. Seibel, continually drove the ball, but often it fell short of the goal line. Brother Thomas, C.F.X., and Mr. J. Vicchio, the'teafm's coaches, felt the team's spirit was its best asset. Theyfought valiantly, even when underdogs. BLOCKING -Gael defense enables G. Paulman to complete a short pass. m THEY Douglass 8 Loyola 20 Edmondson 3O Calvert Hall 0 Poly 6 City 26 Patterson O Shows Stamina And Drive TRAPPED - Edmondson tacklers grab 8. Boone for a loss. TIME TO TOSS - C. Fischer eyes a receiver. HIKE - V. Seibel snags ball to begin play. 73 J.V. Soccer 9 '13?qu 3w 2'; 4,5, gym Kneeling: D. Fisher, S. Mioduszewski, D. Hall, C. Jansky, W. Bauman, 1. Blair, R. Burdinski, W. Quinn, L. Tribull. Standing: W. Walker, R. Harmon, J. Cook, B. Oleksiuk, J. Norton, W. Talbott, J. Keech, D. Hall, P. Noon, T. Connelly, M. Quinn, J. Joyce. Under the new coaching staff of Mr. B. McDivitt and Mr. , , B THE C. Kirby, the M. S.A. J. V. Soccer champs opened the 1966 Samt Paul Latm 2 1 season against Saint Paul Latin. The season's Gaels featured Pa-Ltterson 2 1 a high spirited and well balanced squad which was supported Clty 3 O by an unusually strong bench. These outstanding assets paid Northwestern 4 1 off when the team re t a in e d its championship by crushing POIY 1 2 Patterson in the title game. Calvert Hall 2 1 Mervo 3 2 Southern 1 O Edmondson 1 0 Park 2 1 Northern 3 0 Archbishop Curley 2 0 Saint Paul Latin 1 1 Patterson Championship 2 1 74 Retains M.S.A. Championship AWA IT ING BOOT - Gael players anticipate W. Bauman's attempt to restore ball to play. HANDS OFF-S. Mioduszewski makes attempt to knee ball away from Patterson man. First Row:W. Chesno, S. Centineo, W. Zichos, P. Connor, M. Gately, T. Ryan, J. Lowicki, R. Pukacz. Second Row: D. Dreibelbis, M. Mohler, F. Seicke, L. Cavicchio, I. McGovern, W. Jeffrey, P. Andresky, G. Ackerman, W. Leim- kuhler, R. Muirhead, E. Strine. Third Row: 5. Knecht, T. Woods, T. Couto, R. Kremer, M. Davis, W. Moran, R. Davis. Under the supervision of a new coaching staff comprised of Brother Austin, C. F. X. , Mr. R. Bastress and Brother Andrew, C.F.X. , the team posted a 1-4 record. Although the record is poor, the little Gael's performed exceptionally well against the strong teams as shown by the close scores. The quarterback position was in the veteran hand's of T. Ryan. The offensive line was strongly backed by S. Knecht and B. Jeff- rey. The defensive linebacker position was effectively handled by M. Mohler. The little GaePs future success in the J. V. spot can be pre- dicted by their last game of the season. They made Patterson taste 32 points of defeat. 76 Douglass Loyola Edmondson Poly C alve rt Hall Patterson E m NOOomOO' LN THEY Varsity Basketball J. Moore, J. Mohler, M. Forton, J. Gaare, R. Connor, R. Fisher, R. Wotthlie, G. Mewshaw, Brother Austin, C.F.X., Mr. E. Nieberlein, C. Scroggins, T. Berends, J. Cieslowski, D. Kropfelder, T. Killen, L. Brown, E. Ping, L. Cavicchio, W. Leppert. This year's Varsity team, despite some tough competition, inished the season being recognized as one of the most spirited .nd enduring teams of the year. The Gaels made a driving comeback toward the latter part of he season. They defeated Loyola, while The Don's won against 'oly, forcing the season to end in a tie. The play-off game was eld at a neutral court, Calvert Hall. This close scoring game ecided that the victorious Gael's would reign as M. S.A. Divi- ion 1 Champions and Catholic Champions. With this victory the l ount earned the right to meet the M.S.A. Division II Champ- Ions, City, in a best-of-three series at the Civic Center, in which he Gaels were defeated after two battling games. Mr. E. Nieberlein, the team's coach, has worked skillfully and tirelessly with the team. He has duly commended R. Connor nor his tremendous scoring ability and D. Kropfelder, L. Brown, and J. Gaare for their impressive defense. City Archbishop Curley Poly Cardinal Gibbons Douglass Southern Mervo Calvert Hall Dunbar Loyola Johns Hopkins Frosh Poly Towson Catholic Archbishop Curley Douglass Cardinal Gibbons Southern Mervo Calvert Hall Dunbar Loyola Towson Catholic Playoffs Loyola City City Division II Champions a AV UP FOR GRA S -Gaels try to save ball from oppo- THE WRONG WAY-J. Gaare looks on as R. Connor nents. tries to maneuver ball to hoop. Portray Remarkable Come Back AGONY- J. Gaare and D. Kropfelder fear the ball will WITH A VI-VO -Gir1 cheerleaders, a new feature fall into enemy hands. this year at the Mount. WORDS OF WISDOM-Mr. E. Nie- berlein and Brother Austin, C.F.X., give advice to C. Scroggins, J. Gaare, D. Kropfelder, and R. Connor. 79 Varsity Wrestling Team First Row: Mr. B. Petrilli, A. Richards, M. Andrew, K. Rogers, R. Long, R. Costanza. Second Row: L. Siejack, R. Groszkowski, P. McGinn, C. Jeunette, W. Brown. Third Row: B. Richards, J. Schwarzmann, J. DiMartino, M. Salconi, R. Richards. The Wrestling Season Closed this year with the Varsity team M THEY posting three wins and six defeats. Although this record is rather Edmondson 13 25 poor, the high scores of the matches prove the ability of the team. Gilman 8 27 The key man on the squad was J. DiMartino, who handled City 7 31 the one hundred-twenty pound weight division exceptionallywell. McDonough 14 23 E. Richards, a sophomore, was successful in his first year of Var- Mervo 28 14 sity with six victories. R. Groszkowski and W. Brown both con- Douglass 9 28 tributed valuable pins on their own weight divisions. Carver 20 18 The Mount made a fine showing at the M. S.A. Tournaments. Poly 18 20 The Grapplers took home five wins in the preliminary matches. Dunbar 27 12 Mr. B. Petrilli, the team's coach, believe 5 that next year the squad's main asset will be experience gained. This is due to the fact that this year's team was mainly composed of under- classmen. 80 Displayed Young Potential BEARING UP-R. Groszkowski attempts to hold his position as Cityman tries to pin him. GROPING -About to suffer defeat at City's hands is J. Schwarzmann. BEWILDERMENT- Looking on City match with view of uncertainty are J. DiMartino, Mr. B. Petrilli and R. Groszkowski. BEAR ING DOWN - J. DiMartino struggles to bring Cityman down. 81 T. Walinski, and Mr. C. Cronin. Even though the Tankmen had a strong determination to win the M. S.A. title, they finished the season with six wins and eight defeats. Mr. C. Cronin, the team's coach, says the team was poten- tially strong. The toughest competition came from Calvert Hall. The squad Was mainly led by returnees from last year. Out- standing in this group were: I. Conklin, H. Dahlen, J. Gruver, P. Haspert, R. Lohmeyer, W. Metz, D. Moran, and M. Nowa- kowski. The team also found valuable men among those who came up from the J. V. team. Brother Declan, C. F.X., the team's moderator, said that the team should be accredited for their outstanding spirit. In prepara- tion for the season, the Mount swimmers practiced everyday, from early in October, at their downtown home pool. M THEY Maryland Fresh 38 57 Mercersburg 15 80 Poly 43 52 Loyola 64 31 Calvert Hall 26 69 McDonogh 45 50 City 52 38 Saint Albans 60 35 Poly 43112 51112 Loyola 68 27 Hopkins Fresh 52 43 Calvert Hall 18 77 McDonogh 34 61 City 57 38 WINNERS -First Row: J. Conklin, M. Norman, R. Lohmeyer, Row: D. Moran, W. Metz, P. Haspert, J. Gruver, M. Nowakowski, and E. Matysek. Third Row: T. Buck, R. Staines, J. Welch, J. Flaig, H. Dahlen, and R. Garner. Second EXERTION - E. Matysek tries to conquer the final yardage of the race. Unsung Hero Sport VICTORY -Another win is pulled in for the Gaels by J. Conklin. RELAY-D. Moran watches Mount- man's relieving dive. WEARY - M. Nowakowski displays a fatigued look as he finishes the race. INCEPTION - The match is opened by dives from J. Welch and L. Flaig. 83 Varsity Rifle Team MEMBERS IN LINE-UP -First Row: W. Parr. S. Baker, E. MaruzeWSki, J. Rettaliati, and J.VBishop. Second Row: 8. Beck, J. Taylorson, J. Hands, D. Taylorson, and R. Rossetti. Poly M THEY Although the Riflemen had a good season, they failed to Southern 488 487 retain the M. S. A. Championship. The team finished the year Mervo 483 469 with seven wins and one defeat. This record placed them in Forest Park 488 473 second place, tied with Patterson. McDonogh is responsible for McDonogh 490 457 snagging the crown away from the Mount. Douglass 495 496 The sharp-shooters had a good start this season by defeating a Severn 497 453 string of six opponents. It was not until the sixth duel that the Patterson 494 461 Gaels went down to defeat at the hands of McDonogh. 494 492 Mr. M. Carroll commends J. Hands, W. Parr, R. Rossetti, D. Taylorson, and T. Taylorson, along with other members of the team, for their admirable spirit. He believes the team has the skillful potential to regain the M. S.A. title next year when the J. V. team moves up to the varsity spot. J.V. Rifle Team ALWAYS READY FOR ACTION-First Row: C. Boarman, R. Barron, R. Davis, R. White, R. Ecker, W. Duvall. Second Row: R. Costanza, T. Nawrocki, R. Hessenperger, W. Clark, T. Jagielski, and W. Bauman. h EVE THEY The J. V. Rifle Team, although only semi-active, showed Patterson 436 486 potential and skill. This fact can be verified by the close score h of the one match they dueled. t Mr. M. Carroll, the team's coach, tried to afford as many practices as possible for the team. Although lacking training, he believes the J. V. will fulfill the vacant varsity spots with capable shooters. 1 Victorously determined riflemen were: W. Bauman, W. Du- vall, T. Jagielski, and T. Nawrocki. 85 J.V. Basketball Team TEAM4W. Chesno, D. Simons, W. Carey, C. Benzel, M. Boone3 Mr. G. Savage, M. Loskarn, C. Eckhardt, T. Hook, L. Cavicchio, and V. Lombardi. Even though the J. V. team did not do as well this year, as in previous years, they managed to attain a favorable twelve-twelve record. Mr. G. Savage, the team's coach, skillfully trained the inexperienced boys into a strong opposing force. Although the team began the season poorly, experience gained provided the young Gaels with the drive to finish the season admirably. The three leading scorers were: C. Benzel, D. Bibo, and T. Hook. Their most notable victories were over Loyola and Calvert Hall; two consistent rivals. M THEY City 27 42 Archbishop Curley 41 39 Poly 29 37 Cardinal Gibbons 53 52 Douglass 31 24 Southern 4O 37 Mervo 37 7 Northwestern 39 46 Calvert Hall 31 24 Dunbar 21 35 Loyola 4O 35 Poly 44 52 Towson Catholic 37 33 Archbishop Curley 45 24 Douglass 26 36 Cardinal Gibbons 43 46 Southern 41 22 Mervo 38 12 Calvert Hall 37 40 Northwestern 4O 44 Dunbar 35 50 Loyola 35 41 Towson Catholic 49 4O Loyola 41 43 RIGHT-SINK IT-P. Kane goes up in an attempt to score against Cardinal Gibbons. 86 Posts Commendable Record WAI ING-M. Loskarn hesitates as ball balances on rim. SHOOTING wA desperate attempt to score is made by C. Benzel. SURROUNDED-Mountman C. Eckhardt assists C. Benzel WARM-UP Young Gaels shoot baskets between halves. by attempting to break Cardinal Gibbons' block. J.V. Wrestling Team V. TEAM-First Row: R. Pfeifer, R. Tompkins, A. Carozza, S. Maggie, C. Cullen, M. Myer, T. Buck, G. Taylor, Johnson, and K. Weber. Second Row: G. Saunders, A. Kern, C. Tencza, E. Tuer, T. Woods, P. Mayer, F. Smith, Soltesz, P. Connor, G. Jeffers, and Mr. P. Kuhn. TIME- The referee calls for a break between G. Jeffers and City Grappler. 2. THEY Edmondson 28 City 22 McDonogh 26 Mervo 17 Douglass 14 Poly 13 22 lst J.V. Tournament 3rd place 2nd J. V. Tournament 2 3rd place The J. V. Wrestling Team was coached again this year by Mr. P. Kuhn. The team posted two wins and five defeats. Al- though the team was not too successful, the skill acquired will be BRING HIM DOWN - G. Saunders exerts an attempt to valuable for those who 90 up to the varsity- crush City. In the J. V. Wrestling Tournaments the Mount acquired three first places with A. Carozza, G. Saunders, and K. Weber. The team also had eight second place winners: A. Carozza, R. John- ston, S. Maggio m, M. Myer, W. Teurke QL and K. Weber. 88 J.V. Swimming Team START -The race be- gins with P. Bushnell and V. Maggio pushing off for the Mount. 'OISE - C. Gilbert ositions himse 1f or an impressing nive. EVE: THEY Mercersburg 16 69 Poly 35 51 Loyola S3 31 Calvert Hall 60 City 64 21 Poly 43 42 Loyola 51 34 Calvert Hall 25 60 City 67 19 The J. V. team succeeded in clinching second place in their conference. Mr. C. Cronin, the team's new coach, and Brother Declan, C.F.X., the team's moderator, believe the tankmen deserve a great deal of credit for their spirit and sportsmanship. Some of the outstanding young Gaels were: J. Blinke, P. Burdett, R. Carmody, and M. O'Doherty. TEAM BEFORE MATCH - First Row: R. Carmody, M. O'Doherty, J. Justice, D. Metz, C. Gilbert, and P. Bushnell. Second Row: T. McAllister, J. Rayner, J. Boyd, M. McAllister, P. Guercio, S. Krupnik. Third Row: D. O'Brocki, K. Mc- Caffrey, V. Maggio, P. Burdett, M. Davis, Mr. C. Cronin. Frosh-Soph Basketball Team SURROUNDED -Towering above opposing forces, in order to make a good shot, is M. Giffin. City 18 41 Archbishop Curley 31 29 Poly 37 34 Cardinal Gibbons 25 6O Douglass 23 60 Southern 37 42 Mervo 45 39 Northwestern 22 23 Calvert Hall 26 45 Dunbar 27 55 Loyola 27 31 Poly 32 51 Archbishop Curley 38 34 Douglass 26 54 Cardinal Gibbons 3O 34 Southern 35 28 Mervo 42 36 Calvert Hall 27 36 Northwestern 45 37 Dunbar 17 55 Loyola 34 18 The Frosh-Soph Basketball team opened the season losing to City. They closed the s e a son with a win from Loyola. The team's coach, Mr. B. McDivitt, en- deavored to train a group of inexperienced freshmen into a coordinating team. After months of hard training, i m p r o v e m e n t was finally shown. The little Gaels won three out of their last five games. This was the squad's highest ratio of wins for the year. Praiseworthy for their ceaseless energy and spirit were: I. Ackerman, M. Giffin, R. Hecht, and P. Sokolowski; along with every member of the team. TEAM SHOT-Mr. B. McDivitt, G. Carle, D. Fisher, P. Andresky, W. Keagle, T. Kenny, P. Sokolowski, S. Will, M. Giffin, J. McGovern, F. Ellenberger, P. D'Angelo, G. Ackermann, A. Druzgala, J. Joyce, J. Frick, and D. Watson. Varsity Baseball Team TEAM BEFORE PRACTICE-First Row: R. Groszkowski, S. Raley, T. Killen, T. Meyer, B. Hughes, H. Walker, B. Oleksiuk, and L. Brossoit. Second Row: Mr. G. Savage, R. Fisher, J. Kapinos, R. Secoura, D. Kropfelder, D. Schmid, M. Massimini, R. Connor, T. Mills, W. Tuerke. This season the Varsity team was again a potentially strong team. The outstanding feature of the team was hitting. Out- ielders: R. Connor, M. Massimini, and D. Schmid made up an especially strong attack for the team. In addition to this asset, the Gaels also turned out a coordinating infield. S. Raley on first base and S. Kraushofer on second base produced many double plays through their fast and accurate throws. When the pitching of the Gaels is reviewed, we always see is. weakness. The team was somewh at inexperienced on the mound this year due to the loss of many strong senior pitchers. The leading pitcher was L. Brossoit. R. Fisher posted a irecord of giving few earned runs. On top of the hitting column, iweifind S. Raley. Following close behind was D. Schmid and iB. Hughes. WIND UP -J. Raley waits for R. Fisher's strike out pitch. 91 All Around Sportsme OUT AT FIRST -M. Massimini fails to bring in a single. SLOW MOTION -The vital a ctions of a batter are revealed by R. Connor. GROUNDER -: T. Meyer hits a sharp ballto third. Showed Great Skill $ t LAST OUT -M. Massimini chalks up the last out of FAST PLAY S. Raley tries to intercept ball and tag the inning. bag before opponent. SINGLE - First base is about to be snagged by R. Connor. Track And Field Team First Row: M. Nowakowski, J. Fish, H. Klamp, F. Gunter, J. Ruggiero, M. McAvoy, C. Scroggins, J. Haw, M. Doetzer, and L. Funk. Second Row: C. Ford, L. McCarthy, 1. LaHart, R. Culp, J. Gaare, J. Cieslowski, V. Daley, T. Demmitt, B. Washburn, M. Aversa, and F. Hall. Third Row: W. Soltesz, J. Kirby, M. Quinn, D. Lehmann, T. Rachuba, C. Kahler, G. Jeffers, W. McDonald, J. Schaub, J. Coolahan, and W. Aring. Fourth Row:J. Deponia, C. Wharry, W. Leimkuhler, S. Boone, A. Decko, T. Fish, T. McAllister, R. Barron, K. Berberich, G. McLaughlin, J. Phillips, and U. Leimkuhler. Fifth Row: M. Williams, R. Frome, L. Diggs, R. Melendick, E. Gilbert, J. Larkin, T. Dumsha, G. McCormack, M. Murphy, M. Connelly, A. Aversa, N. Bateman, and J. Farace. The Track Team was fairly successful this year. T season started with a tough battle against City and Poly a triangular meet. The Gaels went down to defeat in t bout because of insufficient strength in decisive spo The Mount regained face in the second meet by defeati Howard County. When the Mount met Cardinal Gibbo they won in the track events but lost badly in the fie competition. V. Daley and J. Gaare were valuable assets for gaini points in the high hurdles. In the 100 and 200 yard dash J. Cieslowski and J. LaHart were very successful. In t mile, either J. Fish or W. McDonald often took first plac Brother Austin, C. F. X., commends all the members the team for their strong team effort. BROAD JUMP-In mid-air, readyfor his stand, is J. LaHa Portrayed Expertness HIGH HURDLE-V. Daley, j. Gaare, and L, McCarthy SHOT PUT-Practicing throwing form are V. Keavney bring in well needed points with their impressing and J. Cieslowski. jumps. LIMBERING UP - The track t e a m takes to the track for exercise. Golf Team Under the demanding d i re ct i on of Brother Declan C.F.X. , the Mount Golf Team proved that experienc- definitely aids performance; as the Gaels were tied for th- title with Loyola and Poly. The group has enjoyed one 0' their best seasons to date. Ambition, experience, and talent in the form of to players: B. D'Anthony, W. Bassler, M. McDade, anm W. Murphy were mainly responsible for the team's success The squad was rounded out by J. Derenberger and J. Scholl, who proved to be able back-up men. Although, losing the title, Brother Declan, C.F.X. , takes great pride in thei excellent spirit. He states that the duffers were the mo - spirited team he has ever coached. PROFESSIONA ADVICE - Brother D e c l a n, C. F. X., th- team's coach, shows W. Bassler the correct way to hold . club. Tennis Team ARSITY TEAM- . Tommasello, . Moxley, D. Oran, C. Hall, . N i 1 s e n, I. usson, and R. esenberger. The Varsity team was the most improved team this year, because they finally chalked up some wins. Mr. R. Bastress, the etter's new coach, incorporated many new techniques. The overall improvement of the team was due to the determined attitude pf:G. Hall, D. Moran, R. Nilsen, and K. Schreier; the team's stars. 1 The J. V. team was a new addition to the sport's schedule this year. Mr. R. Bastress took measures to acquire meets for the young Gaels. With this added practice the J. V. should be able to replace the departing Varsity netters. J. V. T EA M - First Row: M. Prenger, J. Palm- er, J. Norton, R. Hogg, J. Gentry, and G. Hancock. Second Row: W. Ward, P. Mullen, I. Rayner, M. Bozarth, and E. Strine. 97 J.V. Baseball Team I. V. T EA M First Row: W Bauman, A. Sear M. Loskarn, T Connelly, G Paulm an, W Brunk, M. Keelan T. D'Adamo, W Bures, and M Boone. Secon: Row: T. Wilson M. Andrew, T Hook, W. Jeffrey J.Castagna,P Kane, and M Apicella. PERFECT ION -- An exampled batting form is shown by QUICK AND SWIFT-A. Druzgala runs out a ground ball. M. Andrew. GROUND BALL-A. Druzgala atte mpts to tag bag SWINGING -T. Connelly is in batting form. before opponent's Catch. The Junior Varsity Baseball Team has had a successful 5 e a s on. The p i t c h in 9 staff consisted of: W. Baman, A. Druzgala, M. Loskam, and T. Ryan. Each and everyone of these players performed exceptionally well. M. Mohler was a surprise to the team. He pitched, played center, and led the young Gaels in batting with a stupendous average. M. Paulman followed close behind with a . 400 average. The team's defense which was poor in the beginning proved to be much stronger as the season progressed. The catching spot was ably filled by M. Andrew. The J.V. possessed many strong points. Brother Alfred, C. F. X. , the team's coach, believes the team will fill the Varsity spot with experience next year. STRAINING-Trying to outrun a ground ball is A. Druzgala. 99 Track Team - Field TEAM-First R0 J. McGloin, J Pilson, D. LaHart A. Shaffer, Booth, R. Rasin ski, E. Fitzpatrick S. Huizinga, an D.Mundt. Secon Row: I. Kovacsi J. McLane, J Soltesz, A. Hem andez, G. Hein rich, 5. Bake P. McGinn, l Forton, J. Hog C. Hobeck, Serio, and Mr. C LaVergetta. Thir Row: C. Yoe, ' Mongelli, ' Spaniol, J. Blink- R. Long, R. Kea ry, M. Pfister, Haynes, and Keavney. The Field Team had a poor start this season. The grou had to travel to other fields to practice. As the season pro gressed, the field competitions were the strong part of th Track Team. J. Gaare and J. LaHart took many first and second place in broad jump. J. Gaare and P. McGinn scored well in th high jump while M. Hobeck led the pole vaulters. G. Heinric was an asset in the discus. POLE VAULTING - M. Booth watches J. Serio attempt to fly. DISCUS -The weight men in this event are C. Heinrich an R. Spaniol. UNDERCLASSMEN Class 11 First Row: G. McCormack and T. Christovich. Second Row: M. Bozarth and J. Long. Third Row: E. Molinaro and W. Tuerke. Fourth Row: D. Turcea and D. Stubbs. Fifth Row: C. Kurtz- man and C. Hastings. Sixth Row: M. Murphy. First Row: D. Watson, R. Bur- dinski, and J. Frick. Second Row: R. Pfeifer, G. Ackerman, W. Ward, W. Zichos, J. Haw, and C. Kahler. Third Row: P. Sokolow- ski, D. Matthews, E. Holub, and P. Shimkaveg. W. Trogler, E. Lohr, E. Strine, T. Atwater, K. McCaffery, W. Keagle, J. Doyle, R. Hogg, E. Tecco, W. Mayhew, T. Sasena, W. Rebstock, and J. Kinlein. Class 12 Waits For The Bell D. Kalski, P. Giulioni, J. Boyd, B. Fox, R. Barron, P. D'Angelo, R. Antkowiak, M. DeMoss, and T. Thompson. T. Murray, R. Emrich, R. Barron, R. J. Perry, T. Oelke, J. Dunn, W. Young, D. DuBay, J. Haspert, batch, and W. Ray. T. Stilling, and K. Stratemeyer. mfg?" fix: :23 First Row: W. Hughes and C. Della Bovi. Second Row: 8. Milio J. Joyce, J. Keech, A. Ingman, J. Parr, T. Stod- and T. D'Adamo. Third Row: LMiller, D.Baier, and D.O'Brocki. dard, J. McHale, A. Urbanas, M. McAllister. Class 1 W. Walker, T. Stockus, B. Wood, M. Nardini W. Antoszewski, R. Wallner, W. Doyle, M. Sidlak D. Wynne, P. Guercio, R. Muirhead, an. K. Berberich. First Row J'. Crom- well, D. Fisher, J. Faggio, D. Hall, S. Mioduszewski, J. Sheehan, M. Getc- ka, a n d C. Mc- Laughlin. S e c o n d Row T. Kenney, J; Blair, J. Sullivan, and R. Kirchman. M. Apicella, P. Andresky, C. Ben- zel, A. Druzgala, M. Harris, C. Mac- Cubbin, C. Gaff, D. Bibo, R. Le- Compte, M. Doet- zer, S. Krupnik, A. Filesi, and M. Lauer. Class 14 J. Herbert, C. Feild, C, Whittington, T. Lauen mann, R. Tompkins, T. Couto, W. Chambers, J. Gossman, F. Ellenberger, T. Moran, M. Quinn, and E. Powers. F i r s t R o w: P. D'Adamo, M. Von- Paris, and D. Brin- zer. Second Row: J. Cook, J. Nico- laus, and N. Bate man. Third Row: A.Aversa, J. Leake, and L. NiCaise. J. Patton, P. Linge- man, E. Hunt, K. Wood, J. Shedlock, R. Zylka, B..Vern- etson, T. Rein- ecke, R. Ruben- stein, C. Smithson, and G. Marcin. Class 15 First Row: M. Wible, P. Staines, D. Hyle, and R. Harmon. Second Row: C. Proffen, E. Rostek, T. Woods, F. Murphy, and M. Royale. Third Row: T. Koenig and E. Peterson. Firts Row: L. Hipp and L. Malloy. Second Row: R. DeFrances, M. O'Neill, L. Funk, W. Chesno, L. Ca- vicchio, R. Davis, S. Garner, and W. Miller. First Row: ' White, E.Gilber D.McDouga11, O Klima, and Hofmeister. Sec 0nd Row: D. Her bert, R. Costanz C. A d a m s, Williams, an F. Smith. irst Row: A. Herr and G. arle. Second Row: D. 5001, J. Frankton, and . Lindsay. Third Row: . Shea, J. Rayner, and . Sullivan. The Stair Climbers Of Class 21 . w; Wu g? I. Palmer, R. Grim, J. Cero, J. Doyle, F. Snyder, J. McGovern, and J. Pica. t ! First Row: W. Moran. Second Row: R. Wagoner and A. Russo. Third Row: F. Wills and W. Smith. Fourth Row: E. Davis. Fifth Row: C. Rogers and D. Costa. Sixth Row: G. Wolff and E. Prevosto. Seventh Row: S. Howard. First Row: D. Metz, J. McIver, and S. Figgs. Second Row: P. Brennan, A. Leone, T. Thanner, R. Maurer, V. Maggio, Linton, and J. Phillips. Around The Locker Roo With Class 22 l First Row: C. Dyson. Second Row: S. Centineo, R. Schroeter, J. Prestianni, G. Baber, and P. Votta. Third Row: C. Cullen and M. Gilbert. Fourth Row: J. Downey and D. Thomas. C. Dobry, J. Murphy, M. Triplett, F. Weller, M. Connelly, W. Lambert, T. Hartman, M. Ruff, T. McGuigan, and G. Deren- berger. M. Davis, T. Hnyla, L. Kovacsi, C. Jones, W. Drew, M. Eichelman, M. Wiedefeld, T. Thompson, J. Wieman, C. Morseberger, R. Sykes, R. Seborowski, and J. Cavey. First Row: E. Snyder, C. Gilbert, and M. Myer. Second Row: B. Zentgraf, E. Tuer, and D. Andrews. First Row: R. Bangert and C. Biggerstaff. Second Row: D. Chandler and R. Chester. Third Row: J. Farace and M. Ge gne r. Fourth Row: R. Hoey and T. Hook. Fifth Row: H. Powell and S. Luebehusen. Sixth Row: B. Shanahan. Class 23 Views The School First Row: R. Lovetinsky and D. Lee. Second Row: J. Stewart, R. Cross, J. Lowicki, and W. Kuchta. P. Schlauch, C. Shawler, M. Thompson, R. Campion R. Ecker, A. Patti, and V. Glorioso. $739372"!th Al . . L ;' ' V ' awnmvm ong L ,, . , The Halls With Class 25 R. Frome, J. Edwards, S. Beltz, T. Fiori, R. Rowzee, M. Farmer, and M. Griffin. First ROW: E- Stewart, J- Carback, and J- Gugliette. A. Oriente, J. Strombert, T. Dore, L. Gonzalez, A. Second Row: W. Tuite. Third Row: P. Cichon, and Mazur, and D. Hresko. T. Anderson. Fourth Row: J. Whitaker. Fifth Row: R. Demmitt, and G. Broadwater. Sixth Row: J.He11man. L. Diggs, G. Rush, M. Hunter, J. Hall, J.Hurman, M. Dun- phy, C. Bents, T. Boegner, P. Rene- han, and T. Fiori. Class 108 J. Conklin, M. Prenger, R. Klein, W. Bures, D. Powell, T. McAllister, D. Schulz, P. Crone, M. Holmes, M. Farina, J. Shaab, E. Toggart, and P. Guercio. Sitting: V. Lombardi, W. Aring, M. Nelson, T. M. Christopher, W. Leimkuhler, M. Loskarn, J. Martell, J. Holden, J. Lucas, R. Lilley, and R. Justice, T. Posluszny, W. Will, J. Romeo, K. Shanks, Pfeifer. Standing: J. Campbell, I. Cahill, C.Hughes, D. Wojnowski, D. Sabins, and P. Burdett. D. Starr, and R. Peddicord. 111 Class 110 Takes A Break W. Heuerman, W. Dreshfield, T. Schneider, A. Carozza, A. Fraser, M. Dignan, M.McGuffin, D. Leibig, J. Deponai, B. Harris, C. DePasquale, and T. Haney. J. Newberger, Boone, M. Boot J. L a r k i n, 1 Frank, W. Ba man, C. Bolto E. Fitzpatrick, : Maruszewski, an J. Soltesz. W. O u i n n, Connelly, I Applegarth, I Paulmam, T. Wil son, P. Rostkow ski, T. Jagielsk D. Peter, S. Mil ler, T. 1-1093 C. Somers, an S. Strausbaugh. First Row: H. Klamp, C. Eckhardt, and E. Stubbs. Second Row: C. Eagle, G. Wilson, and C. Boarman. Third Row: K. Schreier, M. Andrew, and R. Hughes. Up The Down Staircase With Class 111 A. Boughton, J. Drane, T. Ryan, P. DiMar- tino, W. Dill, R. Miller, J. Holewinski, R. Mellendick, C. Kunkel, T. Stromberg, T. Buck, andj. McLane. First Row: E. Duffy, M. Gately, and T. Dumsha. Second Row: W. Bassler, and M. Wessely. Third Row: L. Bryant, 8. Baker, and S. Beck. Fourth Row: P. Bushnell, and F. Crispens. Fifth Row: B. Gilley. Class 112 On The Go M. Ricker, G. Jeffers, C. Tencza, M. West- over, D. Poisal, P. Connor, R. Feurer, T. Richter, M. Mohler, R. Heilman, and D. Wickham. First Row: M. Kiskis, J. Castagna, J. Mohler, M. Mannone, and J. Kirby. Second Row: M. deLauney, J. Stratemeyer, D. Mundt, W. Martin, P. Rykowski, and W. Duvall. '1Mi?iiiii?xi$$? , Class 113 Check In The Library ,, 11! First Row: D. Keams, L. Beach, F. Buchacz, and M. Gould. Second Row: L. Lorber, J. Presti, G. Bartnik, J. Loukota, and C. Barber. . E h a r t, R. rain, M. Dew- ng, A. Amato, . Schacklette, . Baldwin, J. orton, B. Sten- el, T. Rachuba, nd E. Richards. F i r s t Row: T. Kuchta, J. Ret- taliata, G. Mack, W. E m g e, R. F a g a n, and S. Z a r o 11. Second Row: W. Jeffery, R. Fiori, W. Eb- berts, I. B 1 u m, and D. Brannon. First Row: T. Cook, H. Redmiles, and J. Pilson. Second Row: G. Chesno, R. Kremer, and G.Rutkowski, Third Row: J. Budzynski, D. Leech, and M. McMullen. Fourth Row: M. Zito. Class 11 Explores The Gy M. Brantley, J. Redding, M. Brinzer, I DeTota, J. Doyle, T. Hooper, B. D'Anthon F. Smollen, P. Fitzgibbons, M. Doyle, '1 Blockston, and W. Huppmann. First Row: R. Buccheri, and J. Hooper, Second Row: M. Keelan, and C. Brown, Third Row: M. Lee, and R. Melvin. Fourth Row: J. Lancelotta, and M. Weeks. Fifth Row: D. Quinn, and C. Schweinsberg. lass 115 irst Row: B. Brown, C. Taylor, and D. Stret- ater. Second Row: P. Curry, J. Cubbage, ndW. Crosby. Third Row: E. Manalis, S. echt, and J. Liberto. Fourth Row: J. Bram- er, C. Bristow, and D. Simons. . Crawford, 8. iernatowski, D. r a w f o r d, T. eane,.A. Shaffer, . Biondi, R. Kel- -r, R. Bell, W. etherton,S. uizinga, D. Rey- olds, and T.Cole- v an. M. Wellham, C. Vanderburg, T. Nelson, J. Cathey, T.Mills,V. Glor- ieso, T. Daniels, R. Baranoski, D. B a c e, a n d T. Burkhart. Class 116 Tramples The School Grounds M. Schuck, J. Ruff, L. Tuite, D. Renehan, D. Leone, J. Bitzelberger, J. Goins, W. Clark, C. Smith, T. Brown, D. Dreibelbis, and W. Johnson. First Row: M. Amereihn, and R. Richards. Second Row: P. Dickson, R. Barrett, and P. Swindell. Third Row: A. Violi, and T. Matelis. R. Pukacz, R. Hotal- ing, W. Schmidtchen, J. Lucas, M. Rankin, R. Hesenperger, P. Noon, G. Ketterman, T. Fish, J. Serio, and J. Tuszynski. Iass117 akes ToThe tands irst Row: T. Cotter, M. Howard, and D. all. Second Row: K. Devilbiss, J. Reed, P. Kane, G. Sullivan, T. Fisher, and T. Horn. Third Row: J. Wallace, T. Turner, P. Hurdel, . Craig, B. McCabe, and J. Wood. J. D'Anthony, J. Parace', A.Wagner, J. Mills, G. Musto, D. Rodney, and D. Kuhnert. First Row. T Duffy, J. Serviss, W. Cary, J. Federline, and J. Reed. Second Row: A Lombardi, R. Garner, V. DeCesare, H. Lindsey, R. Black- ert, K. Weber, and M. Culotta. Class 30 Futu re Scientists First Row: L. Flaig, R. Dooley, R Raman, M. MacKay, and G.Scha.fer Second Row: J. Engers, P. Bateman F. Damico, M. Kurtzman, P. Kaspar and M. Ward. First Row: J. Ruggiero, and W. Soltesz. Second Row: S. Morgan, and A. Melaragno. Third Row: R. Bour- J. Schaub, J. Neels, J. Mianulli, T. Wise, T. Mc- Cormack, T. Yingling, J. Spadaro, C. Scherf, and G. Saunders. quin, and J. McGloin. Fourth Row: J. Moore, W. Zboyan, J. Taylor, U. Leimkuhler, and C. Yoe. Zlass 307 The V Fookwo rms 1r Welch, T. Meyer, W. Mitchell, , Sybor, E. Matysek, G. Hancock, . Zorn, M. Otten, P. Lansella, C. rightson, J. Mongelli, and J. isniewski. . Forton, R. isher, G. Hein- ch, F. Ha11,J. ruver, F. Gunter, . 0'$oherty, nd T. Kimball. C. Czarski, D. Dutrow, M.Aver- 59., L. Beverungen, C. Fischer, B. Oleksiuk, C. Herr, D. Pompa, and W. Cronin. 121 Class 309 um? First Row: T. Gollery, and B. Barnes. Second Row: E. Kavanaugh, and D. Hesch. Third Row: A. Hernandez, and C. Gallion. Fourth Row: V. Daley. Fifth Row: J. Dix, and K. Freeman. First Row: J. Hock. Second Row: M. Dombrosky, and V. Keavne Third Row: A. Kern. Fourth Row: C. Hobeck, and A. Jaworsk Fifth Row: M. McManus, and T. Lupinek. Sixth Row: I. Kovacs and J. Hogg. J. O'Neill, M. Weh er, D. Murphy, ' Middleton, R. Mille H. Raphel, F. Doug erty, T. Renehan, ' Rasinski, D. Mohle L. Walshe, M. Ne stead, G. White, ' Passarello, and ' Morris. 'm tan ll? Ii! 1 1 4?? 13"; f m m; Class 310 Deciding About Vocations R. Lohmeyer, M. McAvoy, T. Nawrocki, T. Burke, M. Pfister, R. Nilsen, R. Keary, and P. Kiel. L. Schiavi, R. Secoura, C. Jeun- ette, D. DeAngel- is, P. W e 1 s h, P. Wojciechow- ski, F. Santiago, H. Betch, and F. Cipolloni. First Row: J.Met- tee, T. Foltyn, J. K a p in o s, V. Musacchio, M. Norman, and B. Haske.Second Row: M. Bate- man, A. N a g y, L. Gielser,J. Sausnock, R. C a r m o d y, C. Moore, S. Crew, L. Ely, F. Giza, and J. Langmead. Class 311 Translatin- Mod-Ling o J. Carroll, S. Benesch, R. Derencz, J. John' son, J. Brill, W. McDonald, W. Parr, P Gary, and J. Iampieri. C. Jansky, V. Seibel, J. Gentry, R. Gros- zowski,F.Molony, M. Jaremczuk, J. Cavey, D. Berrier, R. Gary, and M. Pytel. 1. Buck, J. Herold, J. Taylorson, P B e i t m a n, M Kovacevich, B Struk, J. Baker J. H a y n e s, D Puls, and B. Bu leza. The Scientists Of Class 312 T. Hynes, S. Antoszewski, C. Cholewczynski, G. Das, C. Reynolds, R. Long, W. Birago, and L. Grimmel. J. Jirsa, M. DiCicco, B. Nolan, P. Kapovich, T. A. Feild, R. Wolff, J. Johnson, D. Lehmann, S.Waters, Berends, R. Wotthlie, J. DeAngelis, and D. Walters. L. Pague, G. Donohue, G. Schaum, T. Poisa1,J. Meyers, R. Garcia, J. Dougherty, and S. Maggie. Class 313 Raids The Cafeteria First Row-J. Clark, B. D'Agostino, V. Thompson, C. Thanner, J. Kuhns, I. Fuchs. Second Row-M. Murray, I. Fantocone, V. Vogelsang. W. Leppert, Boehl, J. Laun I. Klimovitz, J Clark, A. Longo Co Wharry, an J. Delaney. First R o w-B Coates, E. Slif ker, J. Pusloskie Second Row-D Reed, T. Murra I. Kropfelder, Jarvis, S. Boone and T. Taylor. V Keys, L. Lentz, L. Siejack, R. Walsh, H. Quenzer, R. Spaniel, A. Richards, R. Larkin, and R. Vogel. Class 315 The In Crowd utside T. Kelly, W.Jordan, T. Walinski, H. Walker, G. Rowan, G. Stepp, L. P. McGinn, E. Bavis, J. Fronckoski, J Bailey, L. Ireland, T. Demmitt, M. Brzozowski, L. Tribull, and M. Brad Class 316 F. Bader, T. Cero, J. Hemp, J. Warrener, T. Hoffman, P. Federline, R. Tavenner, and V. Cinquegrani. P. Snellinger, J. Olecski, J. Rey- nolds, E. Knight, R. Johnston, M. Rouse, G. Wach- ter, K. Shawler, and R. Sapping- ton. wmmwziwwgiwk WNWN$$$ J4 $$$QQNQ;K L x M N$?ww$w Mm ' $$$$ J. Hallameyer, Rice, W. Zaro M. Cavanaug J. DiC apua, D avis, M. M Andrew, R. Etc ison, J. Furlett and L. Brossoit. SENIORS THOMAS J. HIRSCH In the class of 1967, Thomas Hirsch ranked as one of the outstanding members in both character and p e r s o n a 1 i t y. As President of the se nior class, Thomas has been the model of this year's spirited student and has done himself and the student body proud. In the line of scholastic achievements he has a general average of 98. 3th and has been awarded a full scholar- ship to Scranton University. He was also a national finalist in the Elks F oundation Scholarship Program. Thomas worked hard in all activities he joined, which included J. V. and Frosh-Soph Football, Intramurals, Great Books, and as editor of the Quill. His accomplishments and contributions to the school in the line of duty and in extra-curricular activities is innumerable. In terms of gratitude and appreciation it is impossible to thank Thomas for all he has done for the school but we can assure him that the class of '67 will remember him as one of the best men to come from the Mount. PHILIP A. COOKE After four years of extensive participation in school activi- ties and unrelenquished service to S.A. C., Philip Cooke was elected secretary of the se nior class of '67. At almost every school function you could see Philip working diligently at the sidelines. Among his varied extra-curricular activities, Philip participated in J. V. and Varsity Baseball, Frosh-Soph and J. V. Basketball, and Frosh-Soph and J. V. Football. In add ition, he belongs to the basketball and baseball teams of the Wood- lawn Optimist Club. Philip joined the Intramurals and was the star of Brother Joseph's Advanced Chemistry Class. However most students are gr ate ful to him for the impomantpam he played in organizing our new cheerleaders. When all the excitement of graduation dies down we will then realize and be able to look back on the achievements of the officers of S.A. C. that benefited us, of which Philip is a noteworthy and inspiring example. RICHARD T. MOXLEY A n 0 th e r popular figure, Richard M 0 x1 e y, contributed greatly to the support of the school. Richardwill be remembered especially for his us e of a sound truck in campaigning for the S.A. C. elections. But his othe r achievements and qualities make up his fortified character. These include I. V. and Varsity Wrestling, Frosh-Soph and Varsity Football, and the Varsity T ennis Squad. He has been invaluable in promoting school spirit and has worked on the Student Council for the past three years ardently. After the s e zealous efforts he was deservedly elected Vice-President of the senior class this year. Richard also devote 3 his spare time to the Red Cross to serve as 3 Swimming Aide in their Water Safety Program. Richard intends to go to college, preferably to Mount Saint Mary's. What h is future brings is unknown b ut he leaves us knowing that he has completed a job well done. JOHN E. FISH In his loyal support of the Mount, John Fish will be remem- bered for his numerous contributions to the graduating class of '67. During the election campaign this fall, John's name and his supporter's Che ering rose high above the he ads of the competing groups. During the Senior From, John was in charge of the table reservations. Another fine athlete, John was a member of Varsity Tr ack and Cross Country Teams and was e 1 e cte d captain of both teams and later received the Most Voluable Player Award from the Cross Country Team. In his spare time John also participated in the Intramurals, besides being active in performing his other duties. In his four years at the Mount, John has been promoted from President of the fresh- man class to the Treasurer of the senior class which is as fine of a display of student confidence as can be expected. 130 JOHN A. AQUILA JOSEPH D. ANTOSZEWSKI ?resilmg Int. Baseball rac Soccer Int. Basketball Int. Baseball ROBERT W. AWALT JR. TIMOTHY J. BATEMAN Wrestling Soccer Quill Inner City Program Science Fair Finalist R.A. C. MICHAEL V. BENDER Football Swimming Int. Basketball JOHN D. BECKER Int. Basketball Int. Baseball JOHN G. BERMUDEZ Football JOSEPH R. BISHOP Rifle MICHAEL P. BOULE Football Track Int. Basketball Int Baseball LUCLAN E. BROWN Great Books Basketball Dramatics Football C. S. M. C. Int. Basketball Honor Society Cinema Club S. A. C. Entertainment Com STEPHEN R. BROWN WALTER G. BROWN III Honor Society Ssotbill Quill rest mg Dramatics Track Camera Club Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Political Affairs Club Public Speaking MICHAEL S. BRUNER Basketball Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Prom Committees STEPHEN P. BRUCHEY Football Int. Basketball Int. Baseball J. GREGORY BUCHNESS Wrestling Track MICHAEL M. BURNS Glee Club Int Basketball S.A.C. ' Int. Baseball Int. Basketball French Club Int. Baseball Prom Committees Dance Committee LAWRENCE S. CAHOON Honor Society Radio Club THOMAS B. CANOLES R. A. C. Int. Baseball THOMAS M. CARNEY Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Junior Prom Committee KENNETH E. CARFINE Int. Basketball Int. Baseball C. S. M. C. UCHARISTIC FEAST - S e n i or s ?ke an active part in the Mass by eceiving Communion. EARL J. CHINAULT WILLLAM F. CIGANEK Basketball Sodality Int. Basketball Library Staff R. A. C. JOHN J. CODD DONALD T. COAKLEY Swimming Band Int. Basketball C. S. M. C. DAVID T. COGHLAN Honor Society Basketball Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Int. Public Speaking Quill TIMOTHY J. CODD Honor Society Basketball Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Junior Prom Committee C. S.M.C. SENIOR DANCE-T. Hirsch, K. Jones, and dates are one of the first ones to arrive at the annual event. NICHOLAS P. COLA Debating Club Lnt. Basketball Int. Baseball Track EDWARD J. COLE Photography Club Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Track Jazz Club ROBERT M. CONNOR ROBERT E. COLLINS Football Int. Basketball Basketball Int. Baseball Baseball Int. Football S.A.C. JAMES E. COOLAHAN Great Books Honor Society THOMAS C. CRIST Spanish Club Football Radio Club Wrestling Quill Int. Basketball Track Int. Baseball Cross Country Prom Committees Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Chess Club RONALD F. CULP Track S. A. C. Glee Club Quill Cross Country FREDERICK J. CUSIMANO Int. Basketball Int. Baseball EDWARD F. C ZORAPINSKI Football Baseball HENRY O. DAHLEN III Football Swimming Track Int. Basketball Int. Baseball KENNETH M. DANIELCZYK Baseball Int. Basketball Int. Bowling GERARD F. CURRAN Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Football JOHN A. CUSSON Honor Society Debating Great Books Tennis Quill Int. Basketball Int. Baseball CHARLES P. D'ADAMO Int. Baseball SALVATORE V. DAMICO Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Int. Football LEO M. DEFEO Band RECREATION-Seniors spend their free time during retreat to practice folk hymns. LOUIS G. DEPAOLA Quill S.A.C. R A C JAMES L. DERENBERGER Wrestling Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Quill Cross Country Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Prom Committees JOSEPH M. DIMARTINO Cross Country Football Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Wrestling ANTHONY J. DEVITO Band Int. Basketball Int. Baseball DONALD R. DINAN Honor Society Great Books GERALD S. DOETZER Quill . Football Debatlng Basketball Political Affairs Quill Glee Club Track Sodality Int. Basketball Int. Basketball Int. Baseball JOEL M. DONNELLY JAMES R. DOHERTY Football Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Int. Football FREDERICK H. DORSEY JR. Int. Baseball THOMAS F. DOUGHERTY JR. Science Club Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Track ROBERT W. DRAGEN Library Staff Science Club Mount Tower Int. Basketball Sodality Library Club THOMA S J. DONOHUE Band Int. Basketball JOSEPH M. DONHAUSER Dramatics Int. Publi c Speaking JOHN M. DOUGHERTY JR. Wrestling RICHARD C. DOYLE Public Speaking Sodality Public Affairs , MICHAEL J. DUNN Cross Country Track Rifle Int. Basketball Int. Baseball PATRICK J. DURKIN S.A.C. Mount Tower Staff Int. Basketball Int. Baseball RAYMOND F. Fl'NKE Swimming Int. Basketball Int. Baseball FRANK A. FONTE JR- S. A. C. R. A. C. Int. Basketball Int. Baseball RANDALL T. FORBES Wrestling Football Int. Basketball Int. Baseball RICHARD W. EDWARDS Football Int. Basketball Int. Baseball R.A.C. JAMES J. FITZGERALD III Int. Basketball Sodality Student Work Program FRANK J. F OBLE Football Rifle Int. Basketball EDWARD D. FORBES GEORGE A. FORD Glee Club Political Affairs Camera Club Track Student Work Program Int. Basketball Int. Baseball BRADLEY T. FOSTER S.A. C. Poster Committee GREGORY E. FOX Debating JOHN D. GAARE JOHN T. FRIEDEL Basketball Track Soccer . 1 Int Basketbal R. AI C. Int. Baseball Tennis Honor Society MICHAEL I. GILES Sodality Track Int. Basketball Glee Club Int. Baseball D JOHN GA SIOROWSKI Int. Basketball DCATION OFFICE - Seniors look er college material in order to ,d the school that offers them the urses best fitted for their future reers. CHARLES F. GLADDING Cross Country Track Int. Basketball MARK G. GOODMAN R. A. C. Library Staff CHARLES T. GOVATOS Quill Track Honor Society JAMES D. GREEN Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Track STEVEN J. GRUBE Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Int. Football JOHN V. GMUREK JR. Int. Basketball Int. Baseball JOHN D. GOUCHER Int. Basketball Int. Baseball WILLIAM F. GRAHAM Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Int. Football Prom Committees 8. A. C. STEPHEN R. GREISZ Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Entertainment Committee GREGORY A. HALL Tennis Int. Basketball Int. Baseball DISCUSSION P E R 10 D - Incorpo- rated into the Senior Retreat were group discussions. JOSEPH J. HANDS Football Rifle Track R. A. C. Int. Basketball JAMES J. HANLEY MICHAEL R. HART Int. Baseball JAMES D. HARRIS Int. Basketball Int. Baseball PETER P. HASPERT Swimming Int. Basketball WILLIAM L. HART Soccer Int. Basketball Int. Baseball JOSEPH P. HEANEY R.A. C. JOHN F. HERBERT Sodahty Football Honor Society Wrestling Glee Club Int. Basketball Great Books Int Baseball Quill . Int. Baseball GREGORY D. HETMAN Honor Society Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Int. Bowling Chess Club JOSEPH A. HERRMANN Int. Basketball GARY W. HILL Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Mount Tower Staff Inner City Program Int. Football BARRY C. HOFFMANN Wrestling EXAMS-The time between tests is utilized for reviewing by studious seniors. JOSEPH T. HOLMES Honor Society Radio Club LOYD E. HOUNSHELL JR. Football DENNIS R. HUBE Football Baseball Honor Society Great Books Int. Basketball S. A. C. VERNON H. HUEBSCHMAN Wrestling Honor Society Int. Bowling Int. Baseball Junior Prom Committee WILLIAM HYER F ootball Track Int. Basketball PAUL S. HURDEL Photography Club WALTER L. JACKSON Wrestling Camera Club Int. Basketball Int. Baseball 8. A. C. ALBERT H. JACKEWITZ JR. Honor Society Chess Club Science Club DAVID A. JARBOE Basketball Swimming KEITH W. JANSON Camera Club Photography Club Jazz Club Int. Bowling Int. Basketball Int. Baseball SENIOR COMMUNION BREAK- FAST-The Class of 1967 enjoys one of their last activities at the Mount. DAVID JARKOWSKI Baseball MICHAEL V. JUSKELIS Football Wrestling THOMAS J. KARABAICH Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Int. Football KENNETH W. JONES Honor Society Great Books Wrestling Quill Baseball Prom Committees Dramatics Club French Club Science Fair ROBERT A. KAPPAUF Football Int. Basketball JOHN T. KATZENBERGER Football Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Honor Society C. S. M. C. GEDIMINAS J. KAZLAUSKAS Soccer Int. Basketball Int. Baseball HERBERT W. KELLER Wrestling Int. Basketball Int. Baseball GERALD D. KERR Wrestling Int. Baseball Public Speaking Honor Society French Club R. A. C. STEPHEN M. KIMMEY Track Cross Country Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Glee Club Sodality C. S. M. C. RICHARD D. ,KON'DNER Int. Bowling HENRY W. KAZMIERSKI Soccer Basketball Int. Basketball Int. Baseball JOSEPH W. KEPNER Track Int. Basketball TERENCE J. KILLEN F ootball Basketball Baseball S. A. C. Junior Prom Committee PAUL J. KIRCHER Wrestling CHRISTOPHER W. KOTERWAS Baseball Int. Basketball Int. Baseball JAMES B. KRAFT Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Glee Club Dramatics Honor Society French Club Debating Quill Senior Prom Committee 8. A. C. EDWARD J. KOWALEWSKI Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Int. Football DAVID J. KROPFELDER Baseball STEPHEN L. KRAUSHOFER S B b 11 occer ase a Basketball S.A.C. MARTIN T. LANG Debating Great Books Honor Society Quill Political Affairs JOHN J. LAHART Track CHARLES C . LAW SALVATORE R. LANZA Football Band Track Int. Basketball Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Dramatics Inner City Program MICHAEL J. MAGYAR Football Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Honor Society Inner City Program FREDERICK A. MALONEY Int. Basketball SP IR ITUA L READING -A vital part of retreat life for the seniors was considering the writings of famous inspirational authors. JOHN C . MARKELONIS MICHAEL A. MARCIN Football Wrestling Wrestling Tennis Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Int. Football STEVEN F. MARSCHA LL Football CHARLES C. MARTIN Int. Baseball Int. Bowling MICHAEL F. MASSIMINI ROBERT P. MATIKIEWICZ Football Track Baseball Int. Basketball 1 Int. Basketball Int. Baseball 1 Int. Bowling Glee Club R.A.C. Jazz Club Honor Society Spanish Club Chess Club Mount Tower Staff Radio Club LEO J. MCCARTHY CHARLES C. MATTHAI Football Track Track Football Int. Basketball Int. Baseball C. S. M. C. Honor Society Int. Basketball Int. Baseball WILLIAM J. MCCARTHY MARTIN J, MCDADE Int. Baseball Basketball Int. Bowling Golf Quill Int. Basketball Sclence Club Honor Society Chess Club Int. Baseball Int. Bowling JAMES M. MCDONALD Basketball Int. Basketball Int. Baseball C. S. M. C. MICHAEL G. MCGEHEE Football Int. Basketball STUDY PERIOD - Seniors ,, take advantage of the time alloted for studying. PHILIP J. MIERCZAK Int. Basketball Int. Baseball WILLIAM P. METZ Swimming Int. Baseball MARK G. MILLER Football Int. Basketball Int. Baseball DEAN P . MILNOR Football DENNIS A. MORAN Swimming Tennis Int. Basketball Int. Baseball RICHARD E. MITCHELL Honor Society S. A. C. Poster Committee HOMEROOM-Withthe end of the school day comes activity period. RICHARD A. MORRAYE Football Baseball Int. Basketball Int. Baseball WILLIAM R. MOTSKO Swimming Golf Int. Baseball OFFERTORY PROCESSION-S.A.C. officers bring our gifts to the Lord's table . DANIEL S. MUIRHEAD Lnt. Baseball Glee Club Honor Society S. A. C. Poster Committee CHRISTOPHER A. MURPHY JR. Int. Public Speaking French Club Political Affairs Honor Society WALTER J. MULLEN III Football Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Photography Club MICHAEL E. MURPHY Int. Basketball Glee Club Political Affairs Debating Honor Society Quill French Club Prom Committees Dramatics Golf Int. Basketball RUSSELL W. NEALE Football Int. Basketball Int. Baseball DENNIS P. NEVILLE Football Wrestling Int. Basketball Int. Baseball 5. A. C. LARRY V. NOWAKOWSKI Camera Club MICHAEL F. ODACHOWSKI Football Int. Basketball Int. Baseball S. A. C. WILLIAM J. MURPHY JR. THOMAS W. MURR Int. Basketball Int. Baseball HARRY E. NEENAN Track Soccer Int. Baseball Int. Bowling MICHAEL R. NORTON Baseball Int. Basketball MARK M. NOWAKOWSKI Swimming Track Cross Country Int. Basketball Int. Baseball THOMAS A. OLEAR Football S. A. C. Honor Soeiety LEO E. PALEWICZ Track Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Mount Tower Staff Jazz Club French Club THOMAS D. PARSONS Track Soccer Int. Basketball JOHN T. O'NEILL Wrestling Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Glee Club ERIC W. OTTEN S Int. Basketball Int. Baseball DOUGLAS 1. PARKER C. C. D. Glee Club CHARLES S. PERRY Int. Basketball Int. Bowling Sodality Political Affairs Debating Latin Club Honor Society TIMOTHY L. PERRY Football Int. Basketball Int. Baseball S. A. C. R. A. C. ROBERT E. PHILLIPS EDWARD M. PING Football Basketball Int. Basketball Junior Prom Committee JAMES J. PIZZILLO Int. Basketball Int. Baseball GREGORY M. QUINLAN Football Int. Basketball IOMEWARD BOUND-Seniors wait or the bus that will bring them ack to the Mount from retreat. JOHN L. PRENGER Basketball Int. Basketball Int. Baseball S. A. C. DENNIS M. POHLHAUS CHARLES W. PRICE Baseball Golf Int. Basketball Int. Baseball ALBERT W. PRZYBYLSKI Int. Basketball STEVEN A. RALEY Baseball Int. Basketball Int. Football KEVIN J. RESCOTT Tennis Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Int. Football C. S. M. C. DONALD L. REST Football Int. Basketball Int. Baseball EUGENE G. RICKS Int. Basketball Honor Society French Club THOMAS R. ROBACZYNSKI Football Int. Basketball KENNETH W. ROGERS Football Wrestling Baseball Int. Basketball RAPHAEL G. ROSSETTI Rifle Team EDWARD W. RUSSELL JR. Track S. A. C. Quill Honor Society AUGUST I. RUSSO Tennis Football Int. Basketball MICHAEL J. SALCONI Wrestling Int. Basketball DAVID M. SAKALAS Int. Baseball Glee Club Track MICHAEL E. SAUNDER S STEPHEN J. SCHAEFER Int. Basketball Int. Baseball S. A. C. R. A. C. WILLIAM E. SCHAUB Int. Baseball Honor Society Great Books SENIOR BANQUET-The traditional Communion Breadfast is attended by the graduating Seniors. JOHN J. SCHELDT Football Int. Basketball Int. Baseball DAVID O. SCHMID Football Baseball L Int. Basketball 1 S.A.C. JAMES D. SCHOLL Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Int. Football JOSEPH K. SCHREIER Tennis Swimming Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Int. Football JOHN T. SCHWAAB Int. Basketball Int. Baseball CALVIN J. SCROGGINS F ootball Basketball Track JOHN G. SCHUSTER Int. Baseball Quill Honor Society Great Books JOSEPH J. SCHWARZMANN Wrestling Int. Basketball Int. Baseball ROBERT T. SEARS Band Glee Club Radio Club RETREAT MASS A11 activities of the daycenter around this sacrifice. THOMAS R. SERIO Int. Basketball Int. Baseball MICHAEL H. SMITH Wrestling Baseball Int. Basketball EDWARD J. SOKOLOWSKI JR. Soccer Int. Basketball FREDERICK W. SPRANKLIN Soccer Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Science Club JOHN J. STAMERRO Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Int. Football BRUCE M. SMITH Band Chess Club Great Books French Club Political Affairs Honor Society THOMAS W. SMITH Int. Basketball Int. Baseball LAWRENCE G. SPEDDEN ANTHONY J. STAMER Baseball Int. Basketball Cheerleader S. A. C. WALTER J. STANIEWSKI Baseball Int. Basketball LAST DAY-Seniors leave the Mount for the final time. JAMES W. STEELE Football Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Int. Football Debating MICHAEL R. STURM Football Baseball Int. Basketball DAVID R. TAYLORSON Rifle Team Int. Basketball Int. Baseball BARTGIS W. TAYLOR THOMAS L. THINGELSTAD Int. Basketball Int. Baseball LEO P. THOMPSON Int. Basketball Int. Baseball ANTHONY C. TOMMASELLO Tennis Int. Basketball Int. Baseball JOSEPH A. TURKOS Band Honor Society LAWRENCE J. WARFIELD Soccer Track Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Int. Football Glee Club EDWIN J. WELDON Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Int. Football BERNARD M. WISNIEWSKI JAMES T. TOWNSEND Wrestling Sodality R. A. C. DANIEL D. TURNER Cross Country Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Int. Football BRLAN J. WASHBURN Track Cross Country Honor Society French Club WALTER J. WESSEL Soccer Int. Baseball MICHAEL E. WOLF Baseball Int. Basketball Cheerleader ROBERT H. WRIGHT Band Int. Basketball Int. Baseball JUSTIN J. WOYTOWITZ Football Int. Baseball WILLIAM K. ZEPHIR ALEXANDER J. WROBLEWSKI Track Soccer Honor Society Int. Basketball S. A. C. Inner City Program UNITY - Seniors participate in the sacrifice of the Mass for the last time as a class. Junior Prom REMEMBRANCE- A junior's date is receiving a prom booklet. REFRESHMENTS - Elaborate fountains provide punch for juniors and their dates. The Junior Prom of Mount Saint Joseph High School took place on Friday, May 26 at the downtown Holiday Inn. This year's junior class set a record in the total number of tickets sold. They purchased over 160 tickets; an all time high for any third year class. The Class of 1968 began their gala ball at 8:00 p. m. and ended it at 12:00 p.m. During these four hours an enjoyable time was had by all who attended. Senior Prom m m MOD TO CLASSIC - Both popular and slow sounds are being featured. The Senior From I Mount Saint Joseph Hig School was the grand eve of the school year. The pro was held at the Turf Vall- Country Club; an ideal se ting for any such form . event. An array of Ion gowns and dinner jackets w endless. The event Was dedicat- to Brother Thomas, C. F. X for his unceasing work in r- gards to the student body. touch of sentiment was add- when Brother Bartel, C. F. X gave his farewell address. This formal dance wi not be forgotten by the Cla of 1967 for many years I come. The main reason that this prom m arke d t ending of their high scho social life. g; a BEGINNING -The grand march is now moving into the ballroom. EPA RT ING IFT The Senior lass honors rother Bartel, .F.X., for his ork as principal. Social Highlight Of Four Years P R OM EN A D E- Seniors and their d a t e 5 watch the traditional grand march come to an end. Dedicated To Brother Thomas, C.F.X. xx ii ! i. DEDICATION - Brother Thomas, C. F. X. , is about to thank the Senior class for honoring him. STRICTLY FORMAL- Dinner jackets and long gowns are the status of the evening. Graduation iG R A D UA T E 5- 'Mount seniors file Linto the cathedral as students and leave as alumni. 165 On Jun e 4, 1967, the graduation ceremonies of Mount Saint Joseph High School took place at the Ca- thedral of Mary Our Queen. The Most Reverend Thomas J. Mardaga presided. Rever- end JOS e ph Antoszewski of Saint Alphonsus Church was the main speaker. The major parts Of the ceremony were the presenta- tion of the diplomas and the annual special achievement awards. To sum up the day, Benediction of the B1 e s s e d Sacrament was celebrated for the graduating class and their guests. SCHOLAR - Re- ceiving his w e 11 e a r n e d diploma is J. Coolahan. Finale Of The Class Of '67 FACULTY PRO - CESSION-Brother Bartel, C. F.X., and Brother Jeff- rey, C. F. X. , are leading the fac- ulty. Selected Students Received Awards CONGRATULAT O S - Parents and friends gather around graduates to praise them for a job well done. Senior Awards - 1967 JOSEPH DAMIEN ANTOSZEWSKI Maryland State Teachers Scholarship The John 5. Connor Award-Award for General Excellence. Awarded to .............. JAMES EDWARD COOLAHAN The Brother Isidore Award-Excellence in Religion. Awarded to. . . . . .......... . .TI-IOMAS JOSEPH HIRSCH The Brother Edmund Award-Excellence in English. Awarded to. . . . . . . . . . . ..... KENNETH WILLIAM JONES The Dr. William L. Knell Award-Excellence in Science. Awarded to ............. . WILLIAM EDWARD SCHAUB The Bausch and Lomb Award-Excellence in Science. Awarded to ................. MARTIN THOMAS LANG The Notre Dame Club of Baltimore Award - Excellence in Classical Studies. Awarded to .............. JAMES EDWARD COOLAHAN The Ganster Medal of Council No. 370 -Knights of Colum- bus-Excellence in French. Awarded to ................ KENNETH WILLIAM JONES The Julius Hofman Award - Excellence in German. Awarded to ................. THOMAS JOSEPH HIRSCH The Spanish Award - Excellence in Spanish. Awarded to. ............. JAMES EDWARD COOLAHAN The Brother Vianney Award -The McCormick Post No. 188 American Legion - Excellence in Social Studies. Awarded to. . . .CHRISTOPHER ANTHONY MURPHY, JR. The Theodore James Ryken AwardeExcellence in Mathe- matics. Awarded to .............. JAMES EDWARD COOLAHAN The Thomas Lardner Memorial Award-For Service to the Quill. Awarded to ................. LOUIS GEORGE DePAOLA The Paul DeKowzan Memorial Award -Excellence in Journalism. Awarded to. . . .............. THOMAS JOSEPH HIRSCH The Brother Kenneth Award-For Service to the Mount Tower. Awarded to ..... . .......... ROBERT WALTER DRAGIN The Alhambra Award - For Outstanding Work in the Field of Catholic Action. Awarded to ....... . . . . MICHAEL FRANCIS MASSIMINI The Alumni Seal Award e Award for 5 Ch 0 l a st 1 C Prowess, EXtra-Curricular Achievement, and Exceptional School Spirit over 51 Period of Four Years. Awarded to ................. THOMAS JOSEPH HIRSCH The Fathers' Club Award-For Exceptional School Spirit over 3 Period of Four Years. Awarded to ............... WILLIAM FRANK GRAHAM The Mothers' Club Award-Based on Character, American Leadership, Scholarship. Awarded to. . .............. DENNIS PATRICK NEVILLE The Knights of Columbus Award -Citizenship Award. Awarded to .............. RICHARD THOMAS MOXLEY The Brother Walter Award -For Outstanding Service to Mt. St. Joseph over a period of four years. Awarded to .................. MICHAEL ODACHOWSKI The Brother Eu 9 e n e Award - The Outstanding Gentleman, Scholar, and Athlete. Awarded to. . . . ........... DAVID JOHN KROPFEIDER The AttendanceAward-For students who have not been tardy or absend for four years. Awarded to. . . . . JOSEPH ROBERT BISHOP, LAWRENCE STEPHEN CAHOON, RONALD FRANCIS CULP, JOHN ANTHONY CUSSON, LEO JO S E P H MCCARTHY, THOMAS RAY ROBACZYNSKI, BRIAN JOHN WASH- BURN STEPHEN ROSS BROWN Maryland State Scholarship Senatorial Scholarship to The Johns Hopkins University Finalist in the National Merit Scholarship Program Finalist in the Nati onal Honor Soc 1 e ty Scholarshi Program Parkville American Legion Post Scholarship LAWRENCE STEPHEN CAHOON Maryland State Teachers Scholarship Parti a1 Scholarship to the Carnegie Institute of Tech nology Partial Scholarship to the Drexel Institute of Technology Grant to the University of Maryland DAVID THOMAS COGHLAN Letter of Commendation in the National Merit Scholar ship Program ROBERT McINTYRE CONNOR Full Scholarship to Loyola College JAMES EDWARD COOLAHAN Maryland State Scholarship Partial Scholarship to the University of Notre Dame National As 5 OC 1 ati on of Letter Carriers' William C. Doherty Scholarship Semi-Finalist in the National Honor Society Scholarshi Program Semi-Finalist in the Armco Community Scholarship Program Finalist in the Martin-Marietta Scholarship Program Letter of Commendation in the National Merit Scholar- ship Program IOHN ANTHONY CUSSON Maryland State Teachers Scholarship RICHARD CARROLL DOYLE Senatorial Scholarship to Loyola College GEORGE ALFRED FORD Educational Opportunity Grant to Loyola College JOHN DANIEL GAARE Partial Scholarship to Loyola College JOSEPH PAUL HEANEY Full Scholarship to Mt. St. Mary's College Partial Scholarship to the University of Scranton Letter of Commendation in the National Merit Scholar- ship Program Partial Scholarship to Loyola College Senior Awards - 1967 PREGORY DENNIS HETMAN F Partial Scholarship to Loyola College T Partial Scholarship to The Johns Hopkins University HOMAS JOSEPH HIRSCH Presidential Scholarship to the University of Scranton P arti a1 Scholarship from the Elks National Foundation Scholarship Program Letter of Commendation in the National Merit Scholar- ship Program ? I lOSEPI-I THOMAS HOLMES Partial Scholarship to The Johns Hopkins University Partial S c h 01 a r s h i p to The Massachusetts Institute of Technology State Finalist in the National Science Talent Search XLBERT HARRY JACKEWITZ Maryland State Scholarship iENNETH WILLIAM JONES Partial Scholarship to The Johns Hopkins University State Finalist in the Elks Foundation Scholarship Program Letter of Commendation in the National Merit Scholar- ship Program Maryland State Scholarship VIICHAEL VINCENT JUSKELIS Educational Grant to Loyola College L :ERALD DONALD KERR Letter of Commendation in the National Merit Scholar- ship Program Full Scholarship to the United States Coast Guard Academy LTEPHEN KIMMEY Partial Scholarship to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute AMES BERNARD KRAFT Maryland State Teachers Scholarship AVID JOHN KROPFELDER Partial Scholarship to Mt. St. Mary's College Full Scholarship to Loyola College Partial Scholarship to Randolph-Macon College Full Scholarship to Pennsylvania State University Baltimore Colts Foundation Scholarship RTIN LANG Maryland State Teachers Scholarship Principal's Scholarship to Loyola College Maryland State Scholarship RTIN FRANCIS MASSIMINI DuPont Regional Scholarship to the University of Virginia Partial Scholarship to Lehigh University 169 DANIEL SHEA MUIRHEAD DuPont Regional Scholarship to the University of Virginia CHRISTOPHER ANTHONY MURPHY Letter of Commendation in the National Merit Scholar- ship Program Maryland State Scholarship MICHAEL EUGENE MURPHY Partial Scholarship to Georgetown University Partial Scholarship to The Johns Hopkins University Finalist in the National Merit Scholarship Program DENNIS PATRICK NEVILLE Maryland State Teachers Scholarship MICHAEL FLORIAN ODACHOWSKI Finalist in the National Graphic Arts Scholarship Program CHARLES S. PERRY, III S e n at or 1 a1 Scholarship to University of Maryland of Baltimore County WILLIAM EDWARD SCHAU'B Full Charter Scholarship to New College Archdiocesan Scholarship to the Catholic University of America National Merit Scholarship to Michigan State University Partial Scholarship to The Johns Hopkins University Finalist in the N a t i on a1 Honor S 0c 1 e ty Scholarship Program JAMES D. SCHOLL Senatorial Scholarship to University of Maryland JOHN GABRIEL SCHUSTER Baltimore Archdiocesan Scholarship to the Catholic Uni- versity of America Partial S C h o l a r sh i p to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Partial Scholarship to The Johns Hopkins University Letter of Commendation in the National Merit Scholar- ship Program BRUCE MICHAEL SMITH Partial Scholarship to The Johns Hopkins University Partial S c h 01 a r s h i p to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Partial Scholarship to Cornell University Finalist in the National Merit Scholarship Program Semi-Finalist in the National Honor Society Scholarship Program JOSEPH ANTHONY TURKOS Partial Scholarship to Georgetown University Principal's Scholarship to Loyola College ALEXANDER JOSEPH WROBLEWSKI Partial Scholarship to the University of Baltimore 6 f U" Ackerman G. - 76, 90, 102. Adams C. - 106. Amato A. - 115. Amereihn M. - 118. Anderson T. - 110. Andresky P. - 76, 90, 104. Andrew M. - 25, 26, 35, 72, 80, 98, 113. Andrew K. , Mrs. , R.N. - 56 Andrews D. - 109. Antkowiak R. - 103. Antoszewski J. - 131. Antoszewski S. - 125. Antoszewski W. - 104. Apicella M. - 72, 98, 104. Applegarth D. - 112. Aqdila J. - 131. Arihg W. - 37,94, 111. Atwater T. - 102. Audy C. Avgrsa A. - 94, 105. Aviarsa M. - 43, 71, 94, 121. Awalt Jr., R. - 131. Baber G. - 108. Bace D. - 26, 117. Bader F. - 128 . Baier D. - 103. Bailey 1. - 127. Baker J. - 124. Baker S. - 27, 84, 100,113. Baldwin W. 51115. Bangert R. - 109. Barianoski R. - 117. Barber C. - 26, 115. Barnes B. - 122. Bai-reft R. - 118. 135an R. - 85,94,103. 8g$1er w. - 96,113. ,Bgstress R. , Mr. - 46, 47, 62. Baftiiik c. - 115. Bateman M. - 67, 123. Bateman N. - 94, 105. Bateman P. - 39, 43, 49,120. Bateman T. - 67, 131. Bauernschub W., Mr. - 38,55. Bauman W. - 74, 75, 85, 98,112. Bavis E. - 127. Beach L. - 115. Beck S. - 84, 113. Becker J. - 131. Beitman P. - 64, 124. Bell R. - 117. Beltz S. - 110. Bender M. - 131. Benesch S. - 124. Bentz C. - 110. Benzel C. - 86, 87, 104. Berberich K. - 94, 104. Berends T. - 77, 125. Bermudez J. - 64, 66, 131. Berrier D. - 124. Q0 Betch H. - 123. Bev'grunge L. - 43, 121. Bezo1d M. , Mrs. - 56. Bibo D. - 26, 104. Biggerstaff E. - 109. Biernatowski S. - 117. Biondi R. - 32,117. Birago W. - 125. Bishop E., Mr. - 49,60. Bishop J. - 84,131. Bitzelberger J. - 118. Bla'ckert R. - 119. Blair J. - 74,104. Blinke J. - 27, 72, 100, 127. Blo'ckston R. - 35, 116. Blum J. - 115. Boarman C. - 85, 113. Boe'gner T. .- 110. Boehl L. - 126. Bolton C. - 112. Boone K. - 32. Boone M. - 86, 98, 112. Boone S. - 72, 73, 94, 126. Booth M. - 100,112. Boughton A. 4.113. Boule M. - 301131. Bourquin R. - 43, 49, 120. Boyd J. - 89,103. Bozarth M. - 97, 102. Brady M. - 127. Brammer J. - 117. Brannon D. - 115. Brantley M. - 116. Brennan P. - 107. Brill J. - 124. Bri'nzer D. - 105. Brinzer M. - 116. Bristow C. - 117. Broadwater G. - 110. Brossoit L. - 25,91, 128. Brother Alfred, C.F.X. - 48, S4. Brother Andreas, C.F.X. - 35,43, 49, 58. Brother Andrew, C.F.X. - 54. Brother Austin, C.F.X. - 59, 77, 79. Brother Bartel, C.F.X. - 6, S4, 163, 166. Brother Berqhmans, C.F.X. - 50, 55. Brother Bernhrdus, C.F.X. - 27,49, 54. Brother Blaisg, C.F.X. - 58. Brother Cgrey, C.F.X. - 45, 59. Brother C1 rence, C.F.X. - 56. Brother De n, C.F.X. - 13,51,56. Brother DecKJan, C.F.X. - 29,40, 56.96. Brother Donald, C.F.X. - 15,49, 54. Brother Domains, C.F.X. - 52,57. Brother Emmanuel, C.F.X. - 58. Brother Henry, C.F.X. - 59. Brother Jefijey, C.F.X. - 62, 166. Brother John! Edward, C.F.X. - 44, 62. Brother Josegh, C.F.X. - 59. 170 Brother Lawrence, C.F.X. - 59. Brother Louis, C.F.X. - 60. Brother Marcian, C.F.X. - 60. Brother Melvin, C.F.X. - 60. Brother Peter, C.F.X. - 32, 33, 61. Brother Pierce, C.F.X. - 62. Brother Salvator, C.F.X. - 40, 58. Brother Theophane, C.F.X. - 61. Brother Thomas, C.F.X. - 24, 26,6 164. Brother Tobias, C.F.X. - 13,62. Brother Vincent Ferrer, C.F.X. - 62 Brother Walter, C.F.X. - 62, Brown B. - 117. Brown C. - 116. Brown L. - 52, 77,131. Brown s. - 30, 38,42, 132. Brown T. - 35,,118. Brown III, Wi. - 36, 80, 132. Bruchey S. - 132. Bruner M. - 132. Brunk W. - 43,98. Bryant L. - 27, 28, 38, 113. Bryant W. , Mr. - 57. Brzozowski M. - 127. Buccheri R. - 116. Buchacz F. - 35, 115. Buchness G. - 24, 26, 35, 41, 132. Buck I. - 32, 124. Buck T. - 48, 88, 113. Buczynski J. - 116. Buleza B. - 124. Burdett P. - 89, 111. Burdinski R. - 49, 74, 102. Bures W. - 26, 37,38, 43, 46, 49, 98, 111. Burke T. - 123. Burkhart T. - 117. Burns M. - 132. Bushnell P. - 36, 89, 113. Butler J. , Mr. - 55. Cahill J. - 37,43,46, 111. Cahoon L. - 42, 132. Campbell J. - 43, 49, 111. Campion R. - 109. Canoles T. - 27, 132. Carback J. - 110. Carla G. - 90, 107. Carfine K. - 132. Carmody R. - 89,123. Carney T. - 132. Carozza A. - 88, 112. Carroll J. - 124. Carroll M. , Mr. - 36, 55. Cary W. - 86, 119. Castagna J. - 98, 114. Cathey J. - 29, 32, 117. Cavanaugh M. - 128. Cavey J. - 124. Cavey J. - 108. ndex avicchio L. - 76, 77, 86, 106. agelski J. , Mr. - 55. :gelski W. antineo S. - 76, 108. bro I. - 107. laro T. - 26, 128. mambers W. - 105. 1and1er D. - 109. 1esno G. - 116. aesno W. - 76, 86, 106. lester R. - 109. pilcoat A. , Mr. - 54. Hinault E. F 133. Lolewczynski E. - 125. ,Jristopher M. - 111. Pristovich T. - 21, 49, 102. ,chon P,-- 110. Leslowski J. - 77, 94, 95. ganek W. - 133. nquegrani V. - 128. polloni F. - 32, 123. ,ark J. - 126. lark w. - 85,118. akley D. - 32, 33, 133. ates B. - 126. de. - 133. de T. - 133. Dghlan D. - 133. 31.. N. - 134. 31e E. - 36, 134. Sleman T. - 32, 117. 1llins R. - 134. nklin J. - 25, 26, 43, 49, 83, 111. smelly M. - 94,108. mnelly T. - 27-, 74, 98, 99, 112. mnor P. - 76, 77, 88, 114. mnor R. - 6, 26, 64, 65, 66, 78, 79, 91, 1 92, 93, 134. pok J. - 74, 105. wk T. - 72,116. 1oke P. - 24, 26,130. yolahan J. - 39, 42, 48, 49, 70, 94, 134, 166. 1sta D. - 107. ostanza R. - 80, 85, 106. atter T. - 119. into T. - 76, 105. 19.19 J. - 119. 1awford D. - 117. awford D. - 117. awford W., Mr. - 57. 6w 3. - 123. ispens F. - 113. ist T. - 134. ist T. , Mrs. - 51. 10min W. - 121. omwell J. - 104. one P. - 32,111. ionin C. , Mr. - 61, 89. 1osby W. - 117. toss R. - 109. Cubbage J. - 117. Cullen C. - 88, 108. Culotta M. - 25,26, 36, 119. Culp R. - 39, 94, 135. Curran G. - 64, 66, 135. Curry P. - 117. Cusimano F. 135. Cusson J. - 38, 42, 49, 97,135. Czarski C. - 121. Caorapinski E. - 135. D'Adamo C. - 135. D'Adamq P. - 105. D'AdamtS T. - 98,103. D'Agostino B. - 27, 126. Dahlen 111, H. - 135. Daley V. - 94, 95, 122. Damico F. - 120. Damico S. - 135. D'Angelo P. - 90, 103. Danielczyk K. - 135. Daniels T. - 117. D'Anthony G. - 96, 116. D'Anthony J. - 119. Das G. - 32,125. Davis E. - 107. Davis M. - 76, 89,108. Davis R. - 76, 85, 106. Davis V. - 64, 128. Dawson R., Mrs. - 57. DeAngelis D. - 123. DeAngelis J. - 125. DeCesare V. - 119. Decko A. - 94. DeFeo L. - 32, 33,-135. DeFrances R. - 106. Delaney J. - 126. de Launey M. - 32, 114. DellaBovi E. - 103. Demmitt T. - 94, 127. Demmitt R. - 110. De Moss M. - 103. De Muth D. De Paola L. - 26, 27, 38, 136. De Pasquale C. - 112. Deponi J. - 26, 27,71, 94, 112. Derenberger G. - 108. Derenberger J. - 136 Derencz R. - 124. De Tota L. - 116. Devilbiss K. - 119. De Vito A. - 136. Dewling M. - 115. Di Capua J. - 32, 128. Di Capua M. - 65. Di Cicco M. - 125. Dickson P. - 118. Diggs L. - 94, 110. Dignan M. - 112. Dill W. - 113. Di Martino I. - 80, 81, 136. 171 Di Martino P. - 35, 113. Dinan D. - 38,42,46,49,136. Dix J. - 38,47,122. Dobry C. - 108. Doetzer G. - 136. Doetzer M. - 94, 104. Doherty J. - 137. Dombrosky M. - 122. Donhauser J. - 137. Donnelly J. - 137. Donohue G. - 32, 125. Donohue T. - 32, 33, 137. Dooley R. - 49, 120. Dore T. - 110. Dorsey, Jr., F. - 8137. Dougherty F. - 122. Dougherty J. - 125. Dougherty J13, J. - 137. Dougherty Jr., T. - 137. Downey J. - 108. Doyle J. - 116. Doyle J. - 107. Doyle J. - 49, 102. Doyle M. - 116. Doyle R. - 137. Doyle W. - 104. Dragin R. - 40, 41, 137. Drain R. - 115. Drane J. - 113. Draper G. Dreibelbis D. - 76, 118. Dreshfield W. - 112. Drew W. - 108. szgala A. - 90, 98, 99, 104. DuBay D. - 38, 48, 103. Duffy E. - 113. Duffy T. - 119. Dulo A. - 114. Dumsha T. - 26, 27, 94, 113. Dunn J. - 103. Dunn M. - 137. Dunphy M. - 110. Durkin, Jr., P. - 40,41, 138. Dutrow D. - 121. Duvall W. - 34, 35, 36, 85, 114. Dyson C. - 108. Eagle C. - 113. Easley J. Ebberts W. - 34,35,115. Ecker R. - 85, 109. Eckhardt C. - 64, 86, 87,113. Edwards J. - 110. Edwards R. - 138. Eff, M. Egan M. , Mr. - 58. Ehart C. - 115. Eichelman M. - 108. Ellenberger F. - 90, 105. Elms H. , Mr. - 57. Elsby J. 123. Ely L. - 123. Emge W. - 115. Emrich R. - 103. Engers J. - 25, 26, 38,42, 43,49, 120. Escol D. - 107. Etchison R. - 128. Fagan R. - 25, 26, 115. Faggio J. - 104. Fontocone J. - 126. Farace J. - 71, 94, 119. Farace J. - 109. Farina M. - 111. Farmer M. - 110. Father Burke W. - 54. Father Farabaugh K. - 58. Father Funk W. - 18, 58. Federline J. - 41, 119. Federline P. - 128. Feild A. - 32, 125. Feild C. - 105. Feurer R. - 114. Figgs S. - 107. Filesi A. - 104. Finke R. - 138. Fiori R. - 115. Fiori T. - 110. Fiori T. - 110. Fischer C. - 35, 72, 73, 121. Fish J. - 24, 26, 70, 94, 130. Fish T. - 71,94,118. Fisher D. - 74, 90, 104. Fisher R. - 77, 91, 121. Fisher T. - 119. Fitzgerald III, I. - 13,138. Fitzgibbons P. - 116. Fitzpatrick E. - 72, 100, 112. Flaig L. - 83,120. Foble F. - 138. Foltyn T. - 67, 69, 123. Fonte Jr., F. - 138. Forbes E. - 138. Forbes R. - 138. Ford C. - 35, 36,94, 138. Forton M. - 77, 100, 121. Foster B. - 139. Fox B. - 103. Fox G. - 139. Frank C. - 112. Frankton J. - 107. Frazer A. - 28, 112. Freeman K. - 27, 122. Frick J. - 90, 102. Friedel J. - 36, 37, 139. Fritts C. Frome R. - 94, 110, Fronckoski J. - 67, 127. Fuchs J. - 126. Funk L. - 94, 106. Furletti J. - 27, 128. Gaare J. - 42, 67, 69, 77, 78, 79, 94,95, 139. Gaff C. - 104. Gallagher B. - 65. Gallion C. - 34, 35, 43, 122. Garcia R. - 125. Garner R. - 119. Garner S. - 106. Gary P. - 124. Gary R. - 32, 124. Gasiorowski J. - 139. Gately M. - 76, 113. Gegner M. - 25, 26, 109. Geiser L. - 123. Gentry J. - 97, 124. Getcka M. - 104. Giffin M. - 90, 110. Gilbert C. - 89, 109. Gilbert E. - 94, 106. Gilbert M. - 108. Giles M. - 34, 35, 139. Gilley E. - 32,113. Giulioni P. - 103. Giza F. - 123. Cladding C. - 70, 140. Glorioso U. Glorioso V. - 26, 30, 31, 109, 117. Gmurek Jr. , J. - 140. Goins J. - 118. Gollery T. - 28, 122. Gonzalez C. , Dr. - 59. Gonalez L. - 110. Goodman M. - 15, 27, 140. Gossman J. - 105. Goucher J. - 140. Gould M. - 30, 115. Govatos C. - 42, 140. Graham W. - 6, 26, 140. Green J. - 140. Greisz S. - 140. Grim R. - 107. Grimmel L. - 64,125. Groszkowski R. - 64,66,80,81,91,124. Grube S. - 140. Gruver J. - 27, 43, 121. Guercio P. - 89, 111. Guercio P. - 104. Gugliette J. - 110. Culley 1., Mrs. - 51. Gunter F. - 94, 121. Halinski J. Hall D. - 74, 104. Hall D. - 74, 119. Hall F. - 94,121. Hall G. - 97, 140. Hall J. - 110. Hallameyer J. - 128. Hancock G. - 25, 26,97,121. Hands J. - 64, 84, 141. Haney T. - 64, 66, 112. 172 Hanley J. - 141. Hanncock A. Harmon R. - 74, 106. Harris B. - 32, 112. Harris J. - 141. Harris M. - 104. Harrison B. Hart M. - 141. Hart W. 4 141. Hartman T. - 108. Haske B. - 38, 123. Haspert J. - 103. Haspert P. - 141. Hastings C. - 72, 102. Haw J. - 94, 102. Haynes J. - 100, 124. Heaney J. - 29,31, 34, 35, 39, 42, 4 142. Heath L. - 127. Heilman R. - 35, 114. Heimrich G. - 100, 121. Hellman J. - 110. Hemp J. - 128. Herbert D. - 106. Herbert J. - 25, 26, 105. Herbert J. - 142. Hernandez A. - 35, 72, 100, 122. Herold J. - 124. Herr A. - 107. Herr C. - 121. Herrmann J. , Mr. - 49, 55. Herrmann J. - 142. Hermann T. - 25, 26. Herrmann T. , Mrs. - 51. Herron K. , Mrs. - 57. Hesch D. - 34,35,48, 122. Hesenperger R. - 85, 97, 118. Hetman G. - 42, 142. Heuerman W. - 28, 38, 112. Hill G. - 41,142. Hipp L. - 106. Hirsch T. - 24, 26,31, 39, 42, 49, 13 134. Hnyla T. - 108. Hobeck C. - 95, 100, 122. Hock J. - 122. Hoey R. - 109. Hoffman T. - 128. Hoffmann B. - 142. Hofmeister M. - 106. Hogan T. - 25, 26, 38,112. Hogg J. - 38, 100,122. Hogg R. - 49, 97, 102. Holden J. - 27, 110. Holewinski J. - 113. Holmes 1. 21, 42, 143. Holmes M. - 29, 35, 111. Holub E. - 102. Hook T. - 86, 98, 109. Hooper I. - 35, 116. ndex iooper T. - 32, 116. lorn T. - 119. ,otaling R. - 27,72, 118. rounsheu L. - 143. Poward M. - 64, 119. joward S. - 107. fowell J. Iresko D. - 67, 110. ;ube D. - 42, 64, 66, 143. iuebschman V. - 42, 143. Euesman R. , Mrs. - 57. iughes B. - 91. 1'ughes C. - 46, 111. tughes R. - 113. Iughes W. - 103. tuizinga s. - 100, 117. Iunt B. - 105. unter M. - 110. uppmann W. - 116. urdel P. - 119. urdel P. - 143. urman J. - 110. yer W. - 143. yle D. - 106. ynes T. - 125. bach R. - 103. gman A. - 103. beland L. - 127. Empieri J. - 124. ckewitz A. - 42, 48, 143. ckson W. - 24, 26, 143. ,agielski T. - 37, 85. ,ansky D. - 74, 124. 1anson J., Mrs. - 51. Eanson K. - 143. 1arboe D. - 143. M. - 124. ?arkowski D. - 144. arvis J. - 126. aworski A. - 122. ett S. - 114. 1effers G. - 72, 88, 94,114. ieffrey W. - 76,98,115. eunette C. - 27, 30, 38, 80, 123. irsa J. - 125. ohnson J. - 25, 124. ohnson J. - 88, 125. ohnson W. - 118. Johnston R. - 128. Iones C. - 108. Iones K. - 29, 31, 39, 42, 49,134, 144. Iordan W. - 127. Joyce J. - 74, 90, 103.. Iuskelis M. - 144. Justice 1. - 89, 111. Kahler c. - 94,102. kalski D. - 103. Kane P. - 86, 98, 119. 3 Kapinos I. - 67,68,69,91,123. Kapovich P. - 125. Kappauf R. - 144. Karabaich T. - 144. Kasper P. - 43,120. Katzenberger J. - 42, 144. Kavanaugh E. - 122. Kazlauskas G. - 145. Kazmierski H. - 67, 68, 69, 145. Keagle W. - 90, 102. Keane T. - 117. Kearns D. - 115. Keary R. - 100, 123. Keavney V. - 95, 100, 122. Keech J. - 74, 103. Keelan M. - 98, 116. Keller H. - 145. Keller R. - 117. Kelly T. - 127. Kenney T. - 90, 104. Kepner J. 145. Kern A. - 88,122. Kerns D. - 32. Kerr G. - 29,42, 44, 145. Ketterman G. - 118. Keys V. - 127. Kiel P. - 123. Killen T. - 77, 91, 145. Kimball T. - 145. Kimmey S. - 145. Kinlein J. - 102. Kirby C., Mr. 4 60. Kirby J. - 94, 114. Kircher P. - 145. Kirchman R. - 28, 104. Kiskis M. - 114. Klamp H. - 72, 94, 113. Klein R. 4 27,43,111. KlimaC. - 106. Klimovitz J. - 126. Knecht S. - 76, 117. Knefel S. Knight E. - 128. Koenig T. - 106. Kondner R. - 145. Koterwas C. Kovacevich M. - 124. Kovacsi I. - 100, 122. Kovacsi L. - 108. Kowalewski E. - 146. Kraft J. - 29, 30, 34, 35, 39, 42, 146. Kraushofer S. - 91, 146. Kremer R. - 76,116.- Kreiner P. , Mr. - 59. Kropfelder D. - 6, 24, 67, 77, 78, 79, 91, 146. Kropfelder J. - 32, 126. Krupnik S. - 89, 104. Kuchta T. - 115. Kuchta W. - 109. Kuhnert D. - 119. 173 1Y9 7110 Kuhn P. , Mr. - 62, 67, 68, 88. Kuhns J. - 126. Kunkel C. - 113. Kurtzman C. - 38, 39, 102. Kurtzman D. , Mrs. - 51. Kurtzman M. - 43, 49, 120. LaI-Iart D. - 100, 114. LaHart J. - 94, 146. Lambert W. - 108. Lancelotta J. - 25, 26, 116. Lang M. - 20, 38, 42, 49, 146. Langmead J. - 123. Lansella P. 1 121. Lanza S. - 146. Larkin J. - 94, 112. Larkin R. - 72, 127. Lauer M. - 104. Lauermann T. - 105. Lauftus A. - 65. Laun J. - 126. LaVergehtta C., Mr. - 58, 100. Law C. - 30, 31, 70, 146. Leake J. - 36, 105. LeCompte R. - 104. Lee D. - 109. Lee M. - 116. Lee R. , Mr. - 60. Leech D. - 116. Lehmann D. - 70, 94, 125. Leibig D. - 112. Leimkuhler U. - 43, 47, 49, 94, 120. Leimkuhler w. - 76,94,111. Lentz L. - 32, 127. Leone A. - 107. Leone D. - 118. Leppert W. - 77, 126. Liberto J. - 117. Lilley R. - 38,49, 111. Linardi F. - 114. Lindsay H. - 119. Lindsay W. - 107. Lingeman P. - 105. Linton J. - 107. Logue D. - 65. Lohmeyer R. - 123. Lohr E. - 102. Lombardi A. - 119. Lombardi V. - 86, 111. Long 5. - 49, 102. Long R. - 25, 26, 48, 64, 80, 95, 100, 125. Longo A. - 32, 126. Lorber L. - 115. Loskam M. - 86, 87,98, 111. Loukota J. - 115. Lovetinsky R. - 109. Lowicki J. - 76, 109. Luebehusen S. - 109. Lucas J. - 25, 43, 49, 111. Lucas I. - 27, 118. Lupinek J., Mrs. - 51. Lupinek T. - 43, 122. MacCubbin C. - 104. Mack G. - 115. Mackay M. - 120. Maggie S. - 27, 88, 125. Maggio V. - 25, 26, 88, 107. Magyar M. - 42, 146. Maloney F. - 146. Manalis R. - 117. Mannone M. - 114. Marciano A. , Mrs. - 56. Marcin G. - 105. Marcin M. - 147. Markelonis J. - 147. Marshall S. - 64, 147. Martell T. - 111. Martin C. - 147. Martin W. - 34, 35, 114. Maruszewski E. - 26, 84, 112. Massimini M. - 27, 42, 58, 91, 92, 93, 147. Matelis T. - 118. Matikiewicz R. - 40, 147. Matthai E. - 148. Matthews D. - 102. Matysek E. - 27, 32, 43, 121. Maurer R. - 107. Mayer P. - 88. Mayhew W. - 49, 102. MazurA. - 110. McAllister E. , Mrs. - 51. McAllister M. - 25,26, 38,89. McAllister T. - 39, 43, 49, 89, 94, 111. McAndrew M. - 128. McAvoy M. - 94, 123. McCabe B. - 119. McCaffrey K. - 89, 102. McCarthy L. - 42,94,95,148. McCarthy L. , Mrs. - 51. McCarthy W. - 39, 42, 148. McCormack G. - 37, 94, 102. McCormack T. - 38, 39, 46, 120. McDade M. - 96, 148. McDaniel F. - 127. McDivitt B. , Mr. - 55, 90. McDonald J. - 148. McDonald W. - 70, 94, 124. McDougall D. - 106. McGehee M. - 148. McGinn P. - 25, 26, 27, 67, 68, 80,100, 127. McGloin J. - 100, 120. McGovern J. - 76, 90, 107. McGuffin M. - 112. McGuigan T. - 108. McHale J. - 103. McIver J. - 107. McLane J. - 100, 113. McLaughlin G. - 27, 94, 104. McManus M. - 32, 122. McMullen M. - 35, 116. Melaragno A. - 27, 43, 44, 49, 120. Mellendick R. - 94, 113. Melvin R. - 116. Mettee J. - 123. Metz D. - 89, 107. Metz W. - 149. Mewshaw G. - 77. Meyer T. - 43, 67, 91, 92, 121. Meyers J. - 125. Mianulli J. - 38, 120. Middleton R. - 122. Mierczak P. - 149. Milio S. - 103. Miller J. - 35, 103. Miller M. - 149. Miller R. - 113. Miller R. - 122. Miller S. - 112. Miller W. - 106. Milnor D. - 149. Mills J. - 119. Mills T. - 91, 117. Mioduszewski S. - 74, 75, 104. Mitchell R. - 6, 26, 28, 42, 149. Mitchell W. - 121. Mohler D. - 25, 26, 39, 122. Mohler J. - 34, 35, 77,114. Mohler M. - 25, 26, 34, 35, 76, 114. Molinaro E. - 49, 102. Molloy L. - 106. Molony F. - 46, 64, 124. Mongelli J. - 67, 100, 121. Moore C. - 123. Moore J. - 72, 77, 120. Moran D. - 28, 83, 149. Moran T. - 105. Moran W. - 76, 97, 107. Morgan 5. - 38,42, 43, 47, 49, 120. Morgemoth V. , Mrs. - 51. Morraye R. - 150. Morris 5. - 34,35, 72, 122. Morseberger C. - 108. Motsko W. - 150. Moxley R. - 24,26,64,66,97, 130. Muirhead D. - 28, 35, 42,150. Muirhead R. - 76, 104. Mullen P. - 97, 114. Mullen III, W. - 37,64, 150. Mundt D. - 100, 114. Murphy Jr. , C. - 29, 150. Murphy C. , Mrs. - 54. Murphy D. - 122. Murphy F. - 106. Murphy J. - 32, 108. Murphy 1., Mrs. - 51. Murphy M. - 29, 30, 34, 35, 39, 42, 44, 150. Murphy M. - 94, 102. 174 Murphy Ir. , W. - 96, 151. Murr T. - 151. Murray M. - 46, 126, Murray T. - 103. Murray T. - 126. Musacchio V. - 123. Muse H. - 25, 26, 67. Musto G. - 119. Myer M. - 88, 109. Nagy A. - 123. Nardini M. - 104. Nawrocki T. - 72, 85, 123. Neale R. 4 151. Neels J. - 30, 35, 38, 43, 47, 48, 49, 12. Neenan H. - 67, 151. Nelson L. , Mrs. - 57. Nelson M. - 27, 111. Nelson T. - 117. Netherton W. - 117. Neville D. - 6, 26, 42, 151. Neville F. , Mr. - 50. Neville F., Mrs. - 51. Newberger J. - 112. Newstead M. - 122. Nicaise L. - 105. Nicolaus J. - 105. Nieberlein E. , Mr. - 55, 64, 77, 79. Nilsen R. - 97, 123. Noon P. - 74, 118. Norman M. - 123. Norton J. - 74, 97, 115. Norton M. - 151. Nowakowski L. - 37, 151. Nowakowski M. - 70, 83, 94, 151. O'Brocki D. - 89, 103. Odachowski M. - 6, 26, 151. O'Doherty M. - 26, 89, 121. Oelke T. - 103. Clear T. - 26,42, 151. Olecski J. - 128. Oleksiuk B. - 43, 64, 74, 91, 121. O'Neill J. - 122. O'Neill J. - 152. O'Neill M. - 36, 106. O'Neill W. , Mr. - 60. Oriente A. - 110. Often M. - 121. Ottens E. - 152. Pague L. - 125. Palewicz L. - 40, 41, 152. Palmer J. - 32, 97, 107. Parker D. - 152. Parr J. - 103. Parr W. - 84, 124. Parsons T. - 67, 152. Passarello F. - 122. Patti A. - 109. ndex I iatton J. - 105. laulman G. - 72,98, 112. leddicord R. - 43,49,111. my C. - 46, 152. my J. - 30, 31, 43. ierry J. - 103. gerry T. - 46,64,66, 152. yeter D. - 26, 29, 30, 35, 39, 112. Eeterson E. 4 106. zetrini B., Mr. - 12,61, 64, 80,81. ,feifer R. - 43, 47, 49, 111. ffeifer R. - 26,49, 88, 102. 1fister M. - 100, 123. fhillips J. - 94, 107. fhoebus T. , Mr. - 52. lica J. - 107. ilson J. - 100, 116. ing E. - 64, 77, 152. izzillo J. - 152. levyak 1., Mr. - 61. ohlhaus D. - 153. oisal D. - 114. oisal T. - 125. ompa D. - 43, 121. osluszny T. - 27, 43, 49, 111. owell D. - 43, 48, 111. owell H. - 109. owers E. - 105. renger I. - 153. renger M. - 97, 111. resti J. - 35, 72, 115. restianni J. - 25, 26, 108. revosto E. - 107. rice C. - 35, 153. roffen C. - 26, 106. rzybylski A. - 153. ukacz R. - 76,118. ls D. - 124. sloskie J. - 126. Md M. - 124. uenzer H. - 127. uinlan G. - 153. uinn D. - 116. uinn J. , Mrs. - 57. Puinn M. - 74,94,105. uinn W. - 71, 74,112. Eachuba T. - 94,115. aley S. - 91,93,153. aman R. - 31, 43, 49,120. ankin M. - 118. aphel H. - 34, 122. Fasinski R. - 100,122. Ray W. - 103. ayner J. - 89,97,107. ebstock W. - 102. edding J. - 116. edmiles H. - 116. eed D. - 126. Reed J. - 119. Reger J. - 34, 35. Reinecke T. - 105. Reinecke V. , Miss - 35, 61. Renehan D. - 118. Reneham P. - 110. Renehan T. - 122. Rescott K. - 154. Rest D. - 154. Rettaliata J. - 84,115. Reynolds C. - 125. Reynolds 13, - 117. Reynolds J. - 128. Rice S. - 72, 128. Richards A. - 80,127. Richards E. - 34, 35, 80, 115. Richards R. - 80,118. Richter T. - 34,35, 114. Ricker M. - 34,114. Ricks E. - 42, 154. Robaczynski T. - 64, 154. Rodney D. - 119. Roesser E. - 114. Rogers C. - 107. Rogers K. - 74,66,80,154. Romeo J. - 27,39,43,111. Rossetti R. - 84,154. Rostek E. - 106. Rostokowski P. - 112. Rouse M - 128. Rowan G. - 127. Rowzee R. - 110. Royale M. - 106. Rubenstein R. - 105. Ruff J. - 118. Ruff M - 108. Ruggiero J. - 43, 70, 94, 120. Rush G. - 110. Russell Jr. , E. 9 39, 42,154. Russo A. - 154. RuSSO A. - 107. Rutkowski G. - 116. Ryan T. - 76,113. Rykowski P. - 114. Sabins D. - 111. Sakalas D. - 154. Salconi M. - 80, 154. Santiago F. - 38,123. Sappington R. - 128. Sasena T. - 26,102. Saunders G. - 30, 31, 88, 120. Saunders M. - 155. Sausnock J. - 123. Savage 6., Mr. - 61,86.91. Schaefer S. - 155. Schafer A., Mrs. - 51. Schafer G. - 120. Schaub J. - 43, 94,120. Schaub W. - 42, 49, 155. Schaum G. - 125. 175 Scheldt J. - 155. Scherf C. - 26,120. Schettini B., Mrs. - 55. Schiavi L. - 123. Schlauch P. - 109. Schleicher M., Mrs. - 56. Schmid D. - 91,155. Schmidtchen W. - 118. Schneider T. 4 112. Scholl J. - 96,155,167. Schreier K. - 113. Schreier J. - 156. Schroeter R. - 108. Schuck M. - 118. Schulz D. - 32,111. Schuster J. - 38, 42, 49,156. Schwaab J. - 156. Schwarzmann J. - 80,81,156. Schweinsberg C. - 32, 116. Scroggins C. - 64, 77, 79, 94, 156. Sears A. - 98. Sears R. - 32, 33,156. Sebrorowski R. - 108. Secoura R. - 91,123. Seibel V. - 72,73,124. Seicke F. - 76. Serio J. - 26,100,118. Serio T. - 157. Serviss J. - 119. Shaab J. - 27,32,111. Shacklette M. - 32,115. Shaffer A. - 100,117. Shanahan E. - 109. Shanks K. - 11.1. Shawler C. - 109. Shawler K. - 128. Shea M. - 107. Shedlock J. - 105. Sheehan J. - 104. Shimkaveg P. - 102. Sidlak M. - 104. Siejack L. - 64,80,127. Simons D. - 86,117. Sister Ann Paul - 17. Sister Dietgera, D.M.I-I.R. - 57. Sister Facundina, D.M.H.R. - 58. Sister Elwara, D.M.H.R. - 57. Slifker E. - 126. Smith B. - 29, 32, 42, 48, 49,157. Smith C. - 32,71,118. Smith F. - 72,88,106. Smith M. - 157. Smith T. - 157. Smith W. - 107. SmithsonC. - 105. Smollen F. - 116. Snellinger P. - 128. Snyder E. - 109. Snyder F. - 107. Snyder H. , Mrs. - 57. Sokolowski JL, E. - 157. Index Sokolowski P. - 90, 102. Solomon S. , Mrs. - 57. Soltesz J. - 72, 88, 100, 112. Soltesz w. - 28, 38, 48, 94, 120. Somers G. - 112. Spadaro J. - 120. Spaniel R. - 64, 100, 127. Spedden L. - 157. Spranklin F. - 157. Staines P. - 106. Stamer A. - 157. StamerroJ - 96, 157. Staniewski W. - 157. Starr D. -111. Steele J. - 158. Stengal B. - 115. Stepp G. - 127. Stewart E. - 110. Stewart J. - 109. Stilling T. - 103. Stockus T. - 104. Stoddard T. - 103. Stratemeyer J. - 114. Stratemeyer K. - 103. Strausbaugh S. - 6, 26, 112. Stretmater D. - 117. Strine E. - 49,76,97,102. Stromberg J. - 25, 110. Stromberg T. - 113. Struk B. - 124. Stubbs D. - 49,102. Stubbs E. - 113. Sturm M. - 64,158. Sullivan G. - 119. Sullivan J. - 104. Sullivan W. - 107. Swindell P. - 118. Sybor J. - 30,121. Sykes R. - 108. Talbott w. - 74, 114. Tavenner R. - 64,128. Taylor B. - 158. Taylor G. - 88,117. Taylor J. - 120. Taylor T. - 67,126. Taylorson D. - 84, 158. Taylorson J. - 84, 124. Tecco E. - 102. Tencza C. - 88,114. Thanner C. - 126. Thanner T. - 107. Thingelstad T. - 158. Thomas D. - 108. Thompson L. - 158. Thompson M. - 109. Thompson T. - 108. Thompson T. - 103. Thompson V. 4 126. Toggart E. - 27, 43,64,111. Tommasello A. - 97,159. Tompkins R. - 88, 105. Townsend J. - 27,159. Tribull L. - 74, 127. Triplett M. - 108. Trogler W. - 102. Truitt 6., Mrs. 4 51. Tuer E. - 88,109. Tuerke W. - 91,102. Tuite L. - 118. Tuite W. - 110. Turcea D. - 102. Turkos J. - 32, 42,159. Turner D. - 70, 159. Turner T. - 119. Tuszynski J. - 118. Tynes S. , Mr. - 57. Urbanas A. - 103. Vanderburg C. - 117. Vernetson B. - 105. Vicchio 1., Mr. - 62. Vicchio S. - 26, 64. Violi A. - 118. Violi A. , Mrs. - 51. Vogel R. - 127. Vogelsang V. - 126. VonParis G. - 64. VonParis M. - 105. Votta P. - 35, 108. Vovak R. - 32,114. Wachter G. - 128. Wagner A. - 32,119. Wagoner R. - 107. Walinski T.- - 127. Walker H. - 64, 66,91, 127. Walker W. - 74, 104. Wallace J. - 32,119. Wallner R. - 104. Walsh L. - 122. Walsh R. - 127. Walters D. - 125. Ward M. - 47,120. Ward W. - 25, 26, 49, 97, 102. Warfield L. - 67, 159. Warrener J. - 128. Washburn B. - 29,42, 70, 94, 159. Waters S. - 125. Watson D. - 90, 102. Weber K. - 88, 119. Weeks M. - 116. Wehner M. - 122. Welch J. - 26, 43, 83,121. Weldon E. - 159. Weller F. - 37,108. Wellham M. - 117. Welsh P. - 123. Wessel W. - 159. Wessely M. - 113. Westover M. - 32, 114. Wharry C. - 94,126. Whichard R. - 72. Whitaker J. - 110. White D. - 65. White G. - 122. White R. - 25, 26, 85,106. Whittington C. - 105. Wible M. - 36,106. Wickham D. - 114. Wiedefeld M - 108. Wieman J. - 108. Will S. - 90. Will W. - 49,111. Williams M. - 94, 106. Wills F. - 107. Wilson G. - 113. Wilson T. - 72, 98, 112. Wise T. - 43,120. Wisniewski B. - 159. Wisniewski J. - 121. Wojciechowski P. - 123. WOJnowski D. - 43, 111. Wolf M. - 159. Wolfe M. - 32,114. Wolff G. - 107. Wolff R. - 125. Wood B. - 41,104. Wood J. - 119. Wood K. - 105. Woods T. - 76, 88,106. Woods V. , Mr. - 62. Wotthlie R. - 77,125. Woytowitz J. a 160. Wright R. - 160. Wrightson C. - 121. Wroblewski A. - 67, 160. Wynne D. - 104. Yarborough W. , Mr. - 57. Yingling T. - 38, 43, 49,120. Yoe C. - 39,43,64,66, 100,120 Young W. - 103. Zaleski S. , Mr. - 61. Zaron S. - 115. Zaron W. - 128. Zboyan W. - 120. Zentgraf B. - 109. Zephir W. - 26, 160. Zichos W. - 76, 102. Zito M. - 116. Zom R. - 121. Zyika R. - 105. Jury: .1 , I

Suggestions in the Mount St Joseph High School - Mount Tower Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) collection:

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