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H, L, ' ,.... M ...Wm Ni ,-xmfJ' ,.-. . X N MQ. ,,,NM..,X. 252 .,,.. v szsw 253231 ,'?S5'?liZfiEuQ' sfwggiilv?-353222 : Qwmfmzmmazm xt 1 Mswsgg i ,ww my mx 'x -1 'a 1 fx, YI 1 Ji 155 ' 'v l gf s Q 93 AJ 'ui' 'Q 'fl' lr.: Qx ,. 4 'ff 5, 13. W' . X if 'K . ! .i,3, ,U -: 4, 3 Elm V . 1- V ii? 1 'Q Q l i1mw 'fg is E g I Qi Y 4, ' gllfgrimi ? , 1 Q., V. ,. , Ai .i ,f ' W +15 mf' f5'?3ifff Q' 'Ii , Q ..sfm g . :Q N ,f " ' 5 Q Q Axe at U55 Rf sa? . wi, ' . X N 1 if wr ff' 'W' " 14 T.. iv N. "2'n W 5 X. by . W ., wi 4, :Sb 4' E Q 5 g xg , A x ..,.,.. Q g ws ' u ' Q J WFSG1 Au -Q Q, B .M W gif? V ,1 ' ig ww 1 35' 1 J Xi , :M 5 X K vm 9 , WE an 5-SE x 'N Q f SENIOR PROM "IW WU REMEMBEIW 1950 as recorded by Editors Bob Grauer and Ray O'Donnell in ........ x XA X, . af ' Q 'THE I950 MUU T TUWER Mount Saint Joseph High School Baltimore 29, Maryland Editors: Raymond O'Donnell, Robert Grauer Cover by William Schneider '45 K A-g' ,LW 9 P L ! 'i i E 3 A W 1 G' PM P' 'in ,gi F fu'!"' " sixiffg? ,u , mf 'W' , Q Q ' Q, . -s?,, ilifdfi r , X322 vi 'Q ,x 5' -v -31 . ek , . 'N 'Finn .f . '4 ?'m. '? Q 'I gg N.-rf .SNS 'fx r 'ww , E 2 5 ,Mg A Q S ?' 'ly ,! 4 I , 1 , 4 -, '-."f'r af SMJ1. 'VK sy . f.n. J 4 MTI. Af' 9 Q2 A c' H... A- xg. 1 N' 3 N N ,.:. u it . N ii? QQ-fig" Aa- W .az Q ' "sud ip' Pi 1 X . fly 9 ix 3 e 4 1. QF, 1 -Q , SLN , Q kk . f. we 55, fc-Au' 9 W e Y. wr ' f .IH 'r - H" .3 l ,ff w MA? .,,g,,,, gl: N. . Ygk H+, Lv-k,.,,.:,., ,515 fi?,g.n. 3 11. ,npr N Q ,Mix Al: Q N YQ is Q 'wi x'l"1'..? 4 r . vn llq 'VJ' t ,. 3 uv ' 4K,.' kA,.'Y! ,A In fr W 'QU H W N' 'QA' 5' av . 'ffl Exp , 1' Qfvgy ., V"HUH " X if ,lr iw 'P I f , x 4, , .,. ,wx N .M . . s .,. ' Q m ' I X 1, 'L' l Ki ,Q . 4 ,K " 4 - 'I X2 . Au 4 1,41 . Y ' l dx Q x awww l A, if ' ' .5 Q 4 f' lb' '- A - ' a s K .V 'QQ-, fn v ' 563 X ' ' x 5 I J I y 'V 'J K, fq gas? T ax Q .5f'fi'l:.f . EP'- s, W v, 6 e 163,24 vw "4 5 siv 'E ga 's ,' ra 4 1 ' al 1- QM kgfnxl ip L f, ,qi ' ' , jf , lg if . , . 1 n fu x 1 .rf 9 . ff 1 . K Y 4' gl -tffvwgrt 'jf' . 6 Q I A 51-ff ,- ,Q-ff",.n' Q qui pr V A L, , 2,1 .ff vw!-v' ww 1 ..A. 4? Avnv 5 , iw ff .- -- 4'M?.si,RV .:. -' f a 7 ' Mfg ' IN THE SHADOW OF THE TOWER 14. ,E tff I' X A! T T K2 H L' XX if X TNQ: UT 6 t " ,J X t ,Q -4 N- f fo A 'Pg llbb 5 jg ,, ' ., . Qty, is A ,Q .A . 4. 'M N 43-x 3. A A 1.. Alai H f-tw'-wt tg' i .J x M 5 -ff iq E 'Q N 'AT' pf hifpf 'T QUR SCHQQL-Set back from Frederick Avenue on a spacious, open campus, its tower risina above the trees into the autumn suniiqht, stands Mount Saint Toseph High School. Clustered around the entrances and in the court- yards are its students: younq nien to he drawn tc God throuah Cathoiic education. Since 1900, the tower has seen the boys corne and ao on these paths ot knowiedae to Christ. That tower, iike the statue ot our patron, St. Toseph, which dorninates our front iawn, is an inteqrai part ci the Mount, 4 THE TOWER-Symbol oi Mt. St. loseph as it beckons students and alumni to the campus oi their alma mater. FIRST GLANCE-These rambling residents George Bowling, Ioe Giuliani and Ralph Melady seem a bit apprehensive as they get a close-up ot school and Brothers. J! s A BEST PERIOD-Durinq their popular recess or lunch pe- riod Dick Stacharowski cen- ters the attention ot Fred Boessel, Val Markiewicz, Dave Betz, Ierry Elliott and Ed Cormier on a student coun- cilor in operation. M 7 ' 9 ,Seri-gggtsgna g DEDICATION El' Qar 2' I ' ,,lgd..' ell fl-W7 lt is thus that we learn of the departure from the fvlourit of our yall have I7 beloved headmaster, Brother Bartholomew. ln auidina his school throuqh the problems which beset it in the last days of World War ll and in the difficult postwar period, he displayed the qualities which have gained the respect of all privileged to work under him. Since l944, when he first took the helm at the Mount, all have felt the influence of his quiet viaor and zeal for the activities carried on at school. Always an active participant or an enthusiastic spectator at any St. loe function, he exemplified true school spirit. ln recognition of his qenerosity, loyalty and untirina service to the school we dedicate to Brother Bartholomew this l95O MOUNT TOWER. FINISHING TOUCHES Brother Bartholomew notes with nrlde the large number of graduates ln 1950 as he and Brother Anton Prelect of Studi s slqn the all important diplomas FATHERS TRIBUTE Fathers Club Pres1dentM1 Wil ham Slattery and past president Mr Charles Perry with former members pay a tribute of personal thanks to departing Brother Bartholomew 'XJ' 4...4-nf' Ns. to BROTHER BARTHOLOMEW i , 1 Z.. ' '- ' ' X gf lk ' e if 3 x m ,X R ' ' i . lg J 1 - . ' , 4 ' f x . , 14 .' I 5 -RELIGIOUS 'SCHOLASTIC 'ATHLPHC 'EXTRA-CURRICULAR 7 ADMINISTRATION PREFECT OF STUDIES PREFECT CF STUDIES-Brother Anton. upon whom rests the scholastic studies of our school, is seated here at his familiar desk from which he supervises the constant movement of the 971 boys who compose the student body. Under his personal guidance function 38 faculty members covering some 48 subiects in 28 different homerooms. No problem of school life is foreign to him from study prostration to breakfast club membership. He is a specialist in remembering faces, names-and marks. FALL SCENE-Ioseph Maldonado introduces South American visitors, Iaime and SOFT ANSWERSAMrs. Iohn Finnegan, Iuan Perez and Carlos Rojas tc Brother Anton on their first visit to the Mount. Brother Anton's secretary. does office recording and makes things a mite easier for the boys invited to visit the ot-tice. ATHLETIC DIRECTOR-Brother Ricardus directs and coordinates the complex athletic program that features some 35 teams in 13 difterent sports. RESIDENT DIRECTOR 4 Brother Guy supervises the entire program for the more than 120 resident students. PROCURATOR-Brother Leo attends the multiple problems inherent in provision- ing and maintaining a school oi almost a 1000 students. DAUGHTERS OF THE MOST HOLY REDEEMER-To the Sister Godwina. Sister Facundina. Sister Isentrude. Superior. splendid work ot these Sisters, whose constant zeal in the Sister Dietgera. Sister Clarita, Sister Constantina. Sister chapel. kitchen and inlirmary render them indispensable. Malcoma. Sister Maximilla. Sister Rusticula was absent. the Mount owes much of the year's sucess. They are PART I ga ' TEACHERS MOURNED-Death visited the Mount thrice this year in the persons of Brothers Christian, Leander and Alvin: the tirst was a popular Spanish teacher, famous for his wit: the second, a retired philatelist, known for his patient sufierinq: the third, the industrial arts director, long associated with the extra-curricular activities ot the school. Heading the veterans in length of time served is Brother Celestine, who this year completed his 64th year as a Xaverian, Another Diamond lubil- arian is Brother lgnatius. Three other Brothers who have devoted more than 50 years to the education ot youth are Brothers Benjamin, Walter, and Her- man. Seniors know Brother Clarence particularly because ot his testing bureau. Two men who have given long years ot service at the Mount are Brothers Maximus and Zachary. Familiar to the student body from the first day when the long lines formed tor lockers is Brother Casimir, who presides in the Treas- urer's Office, where his main concern, from the stu- dents' point of view, is locker keys and tuition. Frosh are introduced to the intricacies ot XY and AB by Brother Didymus. Organist and Sacristan, Alexis Hall Pretect, Spanish and typing instructor-Brother Michael Angelus unites all in his person. Since the first of the year Brother Paul Francis has imparted English to Sophs and economics to juniors. Brother Celestine Brother Ignatius Brother Beniamin Brother Walter Brother Herman Brother Clarence Brother Maximus Brother Didymus Brother Zachary Brother Casimir Brother M. Angelus Brother Paul Francis , I COMMUNION BREAKFAST-Brother Bartholo- resented by President Mr. William Slattery, and mew is here caught smiling at one of Father Talbot's quips at the Father-Son Communion Breakfast sponsored by the Fathers' Club, rep- ? J 1 ,a mf ES honored by the presence of Mayor Thomas D'Alesandro, Ir. Affairs like this reveal the secret of the Mount school spirit. IIELIGHHY FOREIGN MISSIONER-Brother Amandus, who joined the start at the opening ot the school. had already received his orders to prepare for overseas assignment. Iust prior to the Christmas recess in a colorful ceremony at St. Mary's Industrial School. he bid goodbye to the Mount and set his sights for Uganda, East Africa. SCHOOLS OPENING Books, Bells and September appears once agam and the last of fragrant summer arr 13 m the atmosphere wrth 1t a shght tlnge of fall After returmng to school we frrst of all renewed frrendshrps wrth old classmates and got acquarnted wrth new faces Then the campus and the burldlngs gamed our surverl ance About the campus we observed the ab sence of the graduates and the Brothers who c uld be seen hurryrng from classes or stroll rng le1surely about the grounds The two hun dred and seventy frve freshmen w1th therr awe frlled eyes could be drstrngurshed walkrng about rn small clusters admrrrng therr new spaclous surrounclrngs Groups of students who experrenced the rank of senror for the frrst trme could be seen amongst the strollers Other unfamrlrar s1ghts are the Brothers who may be here for the frrst trme or may have returned after a perrod of absence when they taught elsewhere KNEELERS Eyes are fastened to the Monastery altar on Opemng Day as Freddy Greenwell Gene Haney Don Manam Bob Martel Paul Buckmaster and Dick Pmxechx pray for the grace to persevere with the books o 0 - I o ' - . Classes CLASS EXCHANGE-This is the 2 Q daily wonder of our school: for three generous MINUTES, some 971 students suddenlv burst out all over and then just as sud- denly disappear. Q: w,,,,W ll' . . 'fsfvi it as P241 ' Mass of the Holy Ghost at St. loseph's Mon- astery officially ushered in the seventy-third year at the Mount. During the serrnon Father Gabriel stated, "Your education is the best ob- tainable. Make the niost of it." After our supplication to God for strength and wisdorn for the coniina school year, we retreated to the Mount for a pep rally. Brother Urban Francis conducted the rally to familiar- ize the freshmen with the school cheers and introduce Brother Ricardus, new athletic direc- tor, and Mr. Vic Woicihovslci, our football coach. When the rally was finished we turned our attention to the gridiron and soccer field and to such social activities as the fall sports and CSMC dances. TYPICAL FRESHMAN-Iohnny Clarke seems to lit that puzzling conception when he manfully inquires from Brother Walter the wav to popular M-206 and the elevator. RAW RECRUITS-Caesar would surely have hailed them thus. had he spotted this contingent of Brother Ricardus' IA boys headed for their first encounter with Latin de- clensions. ul fs . -s ,rw tsl s, sf ix 45 sr. Efjx ,ix W ss is sf, E elf, inte W- it M if iss S? CSMC Highlights Rallies Religious activities functioned well this year as First Friday devotions joined the list of other religious traditions held at the Mount. Center of these activities was as usual the school chapel where practically any time of day, Brothers, Sisters, or Mount students could be found visiting our Lord in His quiet and beautiful surroundings. Every first Friday, early lrvington risers could see 980 Mountrnen on their way to and from Mass at the Monastery. This new inno- vation proved to be very successful as rnany boys had the opportunity to rnalce the nine first Fridays by receiving Our Lord in Holy Cornmunion. On the three days following rnid-year exams silence reigned suprerne at the Mount as students put away their books and other DESTINATION ABROAD-CSMC prexy Al Miller may be passing that word to Iohn Nunn as Pat McColgan hikes another boxfull ot medicals being readied lor the Medical Mission Sisters ot Philadelphia. WEARY MARCHERS-These boys who turned out for the CSMC rally to represent Mt. St. Ioe really filled the Cathe- dral and impressed our Reverend Archbishop Keouqh. In INTERMISSION-That moment of pause during the popular CSMC dances gives Iohn Uhler a chance to step into the camera spotlight surrounded by lovely dates as Don Sacha's be-bop boys take a breather. the loreground are members ol ZC, IG. and 3B, as Herb Duvall and Don Keck eye the flash man, Bob Grauer. Is there a tie missing? Drives and Sociuls scholastic activities to participate in the an- nual retreat. The retreat was conducted by Fathers Cyril and Conon, CP, of the Monastery. lt carrie to a close on Friday, lanuary 27, when Mountrnen iourneyed to the Monastery for Mass, Holy Communion, Benediction and the Papal Blessinq. Lent brouaht a time of thinking about ones past life and daily collections for the war vic- tims of Europe in the Bishops Relief Fund. During May, ardent altar builders competed with each other in constructina altars to horror Mary, the Mother of God. Many classes off fered thousands of Hail Mary's to God in the daily recitations of the Rosary. CSMC activity under the direction of cap- able Prexy Al Miller and Moderator Brother Lambert featured both drives and dances. Most satisfying of the year's events was the thrilling demonstration of the Crusade Rally. FIRST FRIDAY-This custom of student attendance at First Friday Mass at St. Ioseph's Monastery initiated this year is last becoming a very popular tradition at the Mount as 971 boys regularly crowd the beautiiul church of the Passionist Fathers. MAESTRO'-Whether you're searching for Gunod's "Ave Maria", the lost chord, or u flood ol ancient iitterbug blues, Ray O'Donnell. YB editor, is the man on the keys. l'AIt'I' ll PHILATELISTS-Brother Bernardus, an enthusiastic stamp traveler oi tar places. checks Prexy Bob Stachuru's stamp collection as Carmel Libercci and Charles Supik look on. Guardian ot the tornes in the librarian was Brother Arthur, who has held this position for years. Classicist contending with Baltimore accents in the pronunciation of Latin was Brother Campion, who also served as vocation director. Badio, physics, biology, bus driving-these were just a tew of versa- tile Brother Marcellus' activities. Genial Brother Louis Charles taught the mysteries ot science during the day and at 2:40 ruled the domain of jug. His- torian and Spanish instructor Brother Kenan made a name for himself with senior term papers, "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" -and Brother Francis DeSales said yes. Math men both, Brothers Paulus and Elroy, mixed both advanced algebra and ap- plied math. "Have you your poem today?" Brother Aquinas' ott-used words in junior English. Scien- tists Brothers Conon and Camillus likewise shoul- dered coaching duties throughout the year. Brother lei'frey's music classes were completed at the mid- year, when he began Consumer Education, a new course introduced this year. As assistant ot Religi- ous Activities, he introduced religious bulletins, and presided over the Legion ot Decency. Brother Arthur Brother Campion Brother Marcellus Brother Leander Brother Kenan Brother F. de Sales Brother Paulus Brother Aquinas Brother Elroy Brother Canon Brother Ieftery Brother Ccmillus SCHOOL PLAN - Brother Bartholomew and Brother Anton examine at close range the school's master plan iound in the Preiect's office. With this board, Brother can tell at a moment's glance, the teacher, the class, and the subiect active in any part of the school. This is the school nerve center. CHULA TIC SCIENTIFIC HUNTERS-Brother Marcellus' microbe hunters oi 4C make an impressive showing with students Charles Pledge, Don Sacha and Syl Wisniewski scouring their notebooks as Fran Velenovsky and Elmo Wolter work on the microscopes. WORDMASTERS-Brother DePaul's boys, Ierry Pes- sagno, lim O'Hara, Chuck Debelius, Ice Kantorski. and Howland Sanks, pause tor the photographer outside WBAL-TV before taking part in the program of "Iunior Town Meeting". TRIUMPHANT HOUR-Ierry Pessagno, Catholic League Prexy, receives from Reverend Bishop Sheehan the coveted Championship Trophy won by the Mount under the direction of Moderator Brother DePaul. I8 09 CHAMPIONS Hail the Charnpionsl After a season of ups and downs, Mount debaters finally latched on to their first undis- puted championship trophy last year by post! ing a lO-4 record in league competition. Public speaking big wheels loe Kantorski, Chuck De- loelius, Hal Sanks, lerry Pessagno and liniiny O'Hara sparked the tearn throughout the carri- paign under the guidance of Moderator Brother DePaul. Qpening up against Seton, the tongue clashers started off in the win colunin as lerry Pessagno won loest speaker honors. But in the next encounter, despite loe Kantorskis high score, they fell to Notre Dame of Maryland. Undaunted by the defeat they went on to ccziiplete the rest of first round unbeaten as Calvert Hall, Mt. St, Agnes, lnstitute of Notre Dariie, Catholic High and Loyola all suc- curnlged to the Mounirzten. As the league re- cessed during rnid-terrri exarns the losephites posted a 7fl record to lead the league while their bids for hest speaker honors arnounted to tour for Pessagno and three for Kantorski. Opening the second round against Loyola, the hoys frorn St. loe tasted defeat for the sec- ond time as the Dons took the tilt hy a score of 2-l. Following loe Kanorski and Chuck Debelius edged the Catholic High. Their first place position now endangered, however, hee cause of the losses the Mountrnen prepared for the alllrnportant contest with the lnstitute of Notre Dame. Victory rneant first place for Gael deloaters again, and lerry Pessagno and loe ON AIRWAYS Kantorski managed to conquer the girls from the Institute. Wins over Catholic High and Mt. St. Agnes, and losses to Seton and Calvert Hall followed. The season culminated with the awarding of the new trophy to the new cham- pion, Mt. St. loseph. ln the annual Alumni Elocution contest junior Ierry Pessagno took first place, followed by loe Kantorski and Chuck Debelius. loe Kantorski took laurels in the Altmmi Oratorical contest while Ierry Pessagno and Hal Sanks placed second and third. A trio of Chuck Debelius, limmy Q'Hara, and loe Kantorski took victory from Paul Shields, Hal Sanks, and lerry Pessagno in the Annual Alumni Debate. Names will be in- scribed on the plaques in this order: Kantorski, first, Debelius, second, and O'Hara, third. Mount men who participated in the annual Hlunior Town Meeting of the Air" over station WBAL included loe Kantorski, Chuck Debelius, Hal Sanks and lerry Pessagno. Topic was Fed- eral Aid for Education. ln the Hearst Contest loe Kantorski was awarded a 350.00 bond for his third place in the state finals while Ierry Pessagno received S2500 for his sixth place. Hal Sanks was a semi-finalist in the same contest. lerry Pesf sagno also won laurels in the "l Speak for Democracy Contest" and was the state cham- pion in the American Legion Contest. Soph Iimmy O'Hara started off his public speaking career in a blaze of glory by winning the city finals in the Optimist Club contest. AUDITIONS-Gridmen Ed Mylin, Ed Cormier. Humphrey Ridgely, Bob Benz- ing, Ed Yeager and Ioe Ares, find Dick Kerr's "Boogie" a bit mild after their 1949 football demonstration. KNOTTY QUESTIONS-Charles Schwarzhopf, the thinker, Alfred Acher- man, Charles Ketterman. Iohn Mueller. and Patrich O'Brien seem to tind the an- nual Alumni Debate a very meaty problem indeed as they weigh the pros and cons of Messrs. Pessagno and Kan- torski's arguments. 'CN ' we if as gf' ijt X . ,x 'SZ f E.-X, .3 X 'S is. .21-'-I-3i:T'i.. ' -, X- 'llfllis-'.1'Qgf-'QQXSRXX X sly. X gd? xxx X X: N R ltt:lt:3ft2wx x BEWITCHED-Might well explain the Fall Dance sentiment of Charlie Warthen as his attractive date roguishly dazes the mascot. Full Interlude J Mountrrien and their dates gathered at the Elks Club tor the Fall Sports Dance on Novern- ber l8. Gene Faithtuls orchestra supplied the music at the gathering, which was held to honor athletes who played in autumn sports. Awards were presented to Bill Stallings in varsity tootloally Riley Rowan, six-man toot- hally Syl K1rstukas, cross countryg Olcey O'ConA nor, soccer. Recipients ot these awards were selected by their team rnates. Qther couples to prizes were copped by the first tour enter the ballroom. Before the grand finale, a door prize was awarded. ln previous years designated as the "Foote lali Dance ', the title was changed this year ii, "Fall Spot parts. All arrangerxients were iiiade ts Dance" to gain attention for all ayituxnn s rgy Brother Alvin and his dance coinznittee. COAT CHECKINGeEvening's close seems to have taken Ierry Wittstadt a mite by surprise as Danny Riett. Bill Iamison, Bill Staley and their dates stop at the busy check room. 1 Y X se 2 'i VICTORY SMU-ES BIG WHEELS 'Sm yxfd' cunnnous ' I I SOUVENIR HUNTING J I WHITE IACKET MEN WINNERS' CIRCLE Ui LA FRANCE-Mr. Iacques Bernier '47, member of the Georgetown School of For- eign Service. poses with Mes- sieurs Paul Shields and Don' aid Morle on the occasion of the French demonstration sponsored so ably by classes SA and 3B for Open House night. SCHOOL SMILES-Occasion ally the dust and chatter of Caesar's legions and alge- braic tormulas yield place to iust plain fun as Brother lef- fery's IF boys mimic Brutus in Shakespeare's version of "Iu1ius Caesar". FOREIGN DOMESTIC Ad. MAA-, . A cosmopolitan air always seems to hover over the Mount. From the very opening days the frequently heard Spanish chatter of the Latin-American residents lends an air of their homeland to the lrvington campus. Frequently the French class could be heard raising their voices to the delightful strains of ALQUETTE or the stirring sounds of LA MARSEll.l.ES. And down the hall DEUTSCH was the occupation of still other Mountmen. Linguistically all were provided with some foreign tongue, a sure key to the better appreciation of a culture other than the AnglofSaXon of our own country. Languages, however, were not the only strands which bound us to foreign targets. Social studies of all descriptions urged the pupils to look beyond the Baltimore landscape to loroader horizons. Sociology, economics, his- tory, consumer education all emphasized the necessity of realizing Americas position in the air age of l95O. Readings, lectures, movies, trips were all utilized to the fullest extent. lnto all phases of school life penetrated this foreign Oy' iw' 1 I' tt., -ff, PROBLEMS ARE OUR TARGETS Q. CURRENT EVENTS-Recess commentators from Mr. Brown's animated sociology class get their facts hot off the press. Here meditative Ray Menton. George Smith and Syl Kir- stukas analyze the accurate fingertip reporting found in Time magazine. attachment. CSMC made us aware ot our Asia-bound medical supplies: ot our obligations to lndia when we heard Fr. Nayaaan speak in the auditorium. And in a prominent way our thoughts were turned Africa-wards when our own Brother Amandus was assigned to Uqanda. Many were the trips rhade by aroups be 'yond the limits of the classrooms in this quest. Expeditions were sponsored by all deparf- ments, ranainq from the visits to the nearby submarine base to longer iaunts to New York. On busses and in cars went forth IVlountn1eti to broaden their views in iields directly con- cerned with school subjects. MIKE PERSUADER-Ioe Kantorski. prominent member of the Championship Debating Team, and finalist in the Hearst Oratorical Contest, persuades his fellow students that Alexander Hamilton was indeed "A Man Among Men". MEN OE THE ATOMIC AGE... 'S av 'A Tune Qt use t mt tx Fit .-gl. A N. 3 'wg V7 -'XWV DE'MO?t'Sl'RATOR ill L... J' ' s ' hiatt-Lg ld-its Confused by aniceba, atoms and anten- nas, we struggled through another year in the Mounts strange-sinelling science lalos. Under the ahle instruction of Brothers Marcellus, Guy. Canon and Louis Charles, we dissected, analy- zed and otherwise completed our experirnents. Out ot the chem lab, with its lingering odor oi l-LS and SC, carrie many concoctions, all very confusing. We nianaged to get the chlcf rine to stay in the bottles trnost ot it anyway? and it was even fun to wash with our own dubious soap. But through it all carne one startling tact we learned our chernistryl TECHNICIAN-Art Goodwin readily gives out with the sci- entific angles behind the simple operation of radio ire- quency beamed at a charming Open House visitor. ...U U2 'n' .':L" v 'I' I Y tg A L 8 1 0 l 4 Q Qi THE STOKER MAN-YB photographer, Bob Grauer, steps CONTROL MASTER-Gleeiul Ioe Hain, RCA dynamic con- out in a new role on Open House night to show the process- trol operator, dares his fellow students Frank Pulitano and ing of steel from the mines straight through to its flashing Riley Rowan to trip him up with a question on his wired flood from the ladle. zigsaw layout. l Q GUN SHELLS-In Brother Marcellus' class where few scien- tific secrets escape the probing of his senior chemists. Mike Simmons takes different caliber shells apart and explains the cartridge casing methods. 4.-1--fr THE FUTURE-Scientists of tomorrow. Bob Roeder, Don Morfe. and Iohn Conigliaro, get a close look at tomorrow's atomic possibilities in their recent survey of the Pratt Li- brcxry Atomic Display. The boys were impressed. Reveling in new discoveries ot the capa- bilities ot light, heat, energy, and delving into wonderful experiments in electricity, cloud formations and force, we appreciated our physics course. Local hams found, much to their chagrin, that it takes more than the turn of a knob to make a radio work. And when it doesn't play, the trouble can be anything from a bad tube to a worn-out condenser. We also learned a little about television he-reethat is, in our spare time. Not to be outdone by these explorers ot the ether waves, We ot the bio class proved that a radio isn't the only thing that has insides. We not only learned what happens, but how and why. And just to prove we were right, we planted and cared for our post-victory garden. ln spite oi the efforts of weeds and bugs and an uncooperative weatherman, we managed to come up with some tasty vegetables. Supplementing our class work, we took trips-the physics class to Franklin institute in Philadelphia, Pa., the aspiring radio technicians to a marine training base, and the biology boys to good old mother nature. INDUSTRIAL ARTISANS . .. REViEW DAY-Iust prior to examinations we lind Bro. Dominic's tin and metal artisans brushing up with Leo Behr at the machine spot, as Don Childs and Ioe Miller check their projects. TASQUARE BRlGADEeThis group holds its headquarters in M-105 where they desiqn anything from a beat-up skeleton to the atomic home of the iuture. From September to lune the sounds ct sawing and hammerinq poured steadily from the shops oi the lndustrial Arts department. All types ct furnishings, metal irgpleznents arid plans were turned out by the amateur artisans. Under the guidance ot Brother Eric and Brother Alvin QD wood shop and Brother Domi, nic in metal shop, the looys were introduced to the mysteries surrounding lathes, power tools and even the lowly hand tools. ln the drawing courses, Brother Eric and Mr. Kozlowski produced budding architects familiar with the fundamentals oi mechanical enaineerina and architectural drawinq. All oi this work paid oti on Open l-louse niaht, when the boys proudly displayed the practical results ot the hours spent in shop and classroom. ,ft I . CRAFTSMAN-Serious Iohn Athman cradles his shaving chisel as fondly as any sportsman checking his equipment for top performance. . fm' 1 'Q fir Io if ,Q H F E s .,.- .ff 1 .4 We ..--ow""""' f"'D Q 41 K' ' Q ,gf 3 ' S 'lim'-P' 1' W,- P . 4-55' ON THE BANDWAGON DRUM MAIOR-Charles Dvorak guiding the maneuvers of the gael melody men on field calls a halt to signal a change in the field formations as flag bearers Iohn Dunworth. Iames Prather, and Iames Peabody wait for the whistle before initiating a new formation. REED MEN-A forescme found beating up a little 'bebop' between scenes of the Band Concert Minstrel Show in early May were Eugene Moeller, Gene Fafaul, Charles Dvorak and Gene Bonner. In his spare time Gene Fafaul leads his own orchestra. Whenever parade or football game time rolled around, Brother Simon and the Mount music-makers could easily be found some- where in the immediate vicinity. Every morn- ing in the music room above the gym, the band members could be found blaring away at prac- tice under the watchful guidance of Brother Simon. They made their i949 debut at the football game pep rallies where they added the musical background to the cheering and songs. Durf ing half-time entertainment at St. loe football games the musicfmen showed off their fine marchingesteps before the Gael rooters. Cn May 19 in the annual Concert and Va- riety Show, held at St. Marys industrial School, the lvfountmen entertained a large crowd with their fine musical selections of classical and semi-classical numbers and marches. Again on May 29, the band played their rnusical selections at the annual Open House concert on the front lawn. During the second semester, the band was arrayed in new uniforms worth almost EElOUU, as the entrance of 25 new boys into the band made it one of the largest student bands in the city. HOT TRUMPETS-Fingering the keys before taking a real ride down the wind are Matthew Butta, Charles Krause, Patrick Finn and Iohn Tauber. The latter two, departing seniors made their last stand at the concert. ' H-1 , N J' lfxi- N as .. nl' A I , W. . 'K .v. rf 'fl ffl. Q- H ' g' ' N. 1. - - Zia , 5 wp, , 5 'sk -5 .Lt fl W x, if ' , 1 .uf ., 1 nv .M I ,M A-I sz ' f 1 , A i gl I: - .... fx 1 ,lg 4 I ,E c 4 ,ll I y A A JM! .l f-lg f N " r 1 'Q Q ' ' 1 N'Q"1 '95, ' tl-L - " 1 Qu, -,E, . " i Aff X x.. A xi Q. ?gU'l:xx Ml I .., Q! JI 1 I 'I A ,ff ip NLP K f'rf' K x ,III my I X 4-we ' ' ' 5211215 . A " ' g:2':1f"' ff' I X' Z W , :5:c'f", f ' , f ' f f "' f Q. 8 M ff zxii, M.. I . A W . -f.. .T Q' M V' 1-f. L, L 4 3 f ff SQ ' 5.4 ff fQ?.7.N',' QL, fl .vi ' ,IQ s, 1,4 F7 vt a IA I '1 x .ffipygr 255 1 I ' 4 'f ,Q ,V , 3g,,',!.f"'i' i"- ir . 4 351 I "fi ' fbi.. 5. F44 J ,gf I- ?! x1, 9,, fd :QQ f ff' F-f+"f""'5'i ' ' 'W 4, . ' w 'I KEYBOARD EXECUTIVES . .. Amidst clackina typewriters, rattling coniptonieters and scratching pens, we, the rnen behind the key- boards, aot through another year of office and corn' znercial work. Except for a few srnudged fingers and the fact that A and B's accounts were slightly iurnbled, we weathered the storni. ft took a little while to get our debits, credits and balances accounted for, rut we of the bookkeeping class had it all straight by the end of the year. None of us were CPAs but after St. foe-'s course, we were weft on the way. Addressoqraphs, rnirrgeoaraphs and cornptonieters were all a confusing rnass of numbered heaps and irnposinq rnetal contrapticris until Brother Leo Francis took over. lt niust have taken several miles of paper tape before our adding ntachines told us 2 Q 2 .r 4. And the nuftiber of stencils we ruined was too high to count. But we got a lot ot practical experience by getting out the religious bulletins and advertising CSMC affairs. And after we caught on tc it, we werent afraid a few springs would fly up every time we pressed a key or puffed a fever. ALUMNI TOMORROW-The boys of 4C lend an inquisitive ear to Bro. Kenan's interpreta- tion ot the trends ot modern history in the light of past world-shaking influences. Al Smith. Ioe Lentz. and Iohn Bannon seem a bit disturbed by the 1950 vision. FINGER CONTROL-On the keyboards. staccato maestros Fred Diehlman, Iohn Edelen, George Feher and George Flury get ready for a few rapid-fire sallies as Brother Michael Angelus changes the needle tor one oi his march- ing rythmns. 'X ff' BUSINESS EXECUTIVE-Soft-spoken Robert Kohles, a vital member of Brother Leo Francis' bookkeeping quorum, takes a brief respite from his entry work to allot 2 serious moments to the YB photographer tor a llash ol a typical business student. SPEED TEST-Popular business mentor, Mr. Iohn Plevyak, as successful with the machine men as on the soccer field. here readies lst yearmen Paul Leight, Iohn Krupnik and Iames Harrison for the 45 wordeminute goal. DW, ' my ' ,J EW ' ' A 'uma'-J IIJ HVLZ? ft lr: .-"nv 3.4 'Ur' " a,.',- Ov , 'Q X naman-p I... ' ' - - W 1 . - V ' Nw.- 5 . .ff f . if-1, "" . A WW . ' Q A ' - l ., svn," 1 - 5 ' i- O I '--. 'L R ' ..' v '- ., A . . 'N' 1-'32 -. . . vb of 2' f et." 5, -fa GOOD RETURNS-That can be the only matter that can account for radiant smiles on business start managers Iim O'Hara and Don Sacha as they leaf throuqh the mail under the guidance of top-man, Ray O'Donnell. JOURNALISTS AT Work on the i950 Mount Tower began with the opening of school. While Ray C'Don- neil Concentrated his attention on the business work, and veteran Bob Grauer wrestled with the photography, Brother Urban Francis coordi- ...ts-'4"' YEARBOOK FANS-That admiring crowd of Open House visitors gazes with surprise at the details of yearbook make- up, as Don Sacha. Tommy Hirsch, 'Ed.' Ray O'Donnell, and Don Helinski are poised to answer all queries. WORK... nated the multiple tasks ot running a yearbook. Qther rnernbers of the staff were Toe Tyson, Terry Mathai, Paul Boettinaer, Toe Manz, Charles Siford, Walt Weber, Tohn Coniqliaro, and Mike Garrity. MOUNT TOWER STAFF TOWERMEN-The book's iust about "cooked" as YB Mod- erator Brother Urban Francis rounds up Editors Bob Grauer and Ray O'Donnel1 and the staff of Iim O'Hara, Frank Pulitano, Chuck Debelius, Don Helinski. Frank Velenovsl-cy, Iohn Bannon. and Ioe Kantor- ski, for the prize-winning year- book "shot". 'i' INKPOT EDITORS-Paul Boettinqer and Ierry Matthai CO-CHAMPIONS-Quill representative Paul Boettinger and qlance over Iohn Bannon's shoulder to get a preview of his a representative of Mt. St. Agnes receive from Father Cav- new formal for the "Inkpot". anaugh of Notre Dame the Championship Press Trophy. , NN ?.L The Quill room this year was a flurry oi headlines as state titles rnade the Gaels the hottest copy in scholastic circles. Editor Chuck Deloelius and his veteran staff under the direc- tion cl Brother Bandai responded to the chale THE UUILL STAFF TRAVELERS-'Busman's holi- day' finds Quill newsmen Matthew Butta, Bob Grauer. Chuck Debelius. Ioe Tyson, Brother Randal, and Ierry Mathai pausing to marvel at the comfort of modern travel before buzzing off to cover the Maryland Scholastic Press Association Convention at Maryland. lenqe oi the news and rocketed into a tie tor the Catholic Press Championship. Members oi the start included lohn Bannon, Ioe Tyson, Bob Grauer, lerry Mathai, Paul Boettinaer, Charles Silord, loe Manz, and Dick Kerr. SENIOR PROM '50 After months of being fitted for tuxes, order- ing tickets and corsages, reserving tables and just plain waiting, the Senior Prom finally rolled around. And it was worth the prepara- tion! For no sooner had we glided up the heav- ily carpeted stairs with our best girls on our arms than we were greeted by the sweet music of Ad Leider's criterions. We checked our coats and we danced awhile. And then we promenaded. By twos. by fours and by eights we marched around the Emerson ballroom. After singing the Alma Mater, we watched the pleased expressions of surprise on the faces of our dates as they opened their favors. And all too soon, it was over. But as we filed slowly out on our way to various parties, niteclubs and restaurants, never-to-be-forgotten memories of our big night lingered on. I I N.-4, U? V 0 'gigs ex 'D ff, 'k 3 ,aff ' sim Nh-.4 fi Midi! ,f A Ygpg Air- if 5. If , .x, PART Ill Assistant Athletic Director Brother Patrician was a mine of sports information when he wasn't checking equipment and playing handball. Baseball, both yar- sity and legion, was guided by Brother George Francis, who was likewise prefect of the dormitory and moderator of the Student Council. layvee baseball for the third year was mentored by Brother Dominic, who this year completed a textbook for his industrial arts department. Fellow workers in this department as well as in coaching were Brothers Eric and Gerald and Mr. Baymond Kozlowski. Brother Eric had the Cubs and managed the frosh baseball and softball leagues. Heading honors in the triple championships of the football varsiay was Mr. Vic Wojcihovski, who found basketball a bit more trying. After the typ- ing classes had found the last peiod, Mr. Plevyak would head for the gym, where it was coaching either championship soccer or iayvee basketball. Much of the Gael power and drive this year was de- veloped by Mr. Stan Zaleski in his role as line coach. Cross country and track were the special charges of Brother Francis loseph. Athletic coaches as well as instructors in social studies were Mr. Eugene Bracken and Mr. Thomas Brown, the former specializing in CO-OPS PUZZLE-Lay teachers. Mr. Bracken. Mr. Kozlowski, Mr. Woicihovski and Mr. Zaleski gather around their usual meeting table to give Mr. Heaps a little help in solving his Public Speaking Co-ops. Brother Patrician Brother Francis Joseph Mr. V. Woicihovslri Mr. R. Kozlowski lacrosse and the latter in football, Brother Geo. Francis Brother Eric Mr. Stanley Zaleski Mr. Eugene Bracken Brother Dominic Brother Gerald Mr. Iohn Plevyak Mr. Thomas Brown A Xxg X .- UWESIQ 6' , +2 Wg 'fun 10" ...My 'sa 'Vw TROPHY TRAIL Following the close of the Gaels cham auditorium Mr Iohn Schwarz is shown presenting the K pionship season Coach Vic w0lClh0VSkl and his co captains of C award to the coach and boys as Brother Bartholomew Bill Stallings and Len Mahoney started the banquet trophy smiles at a few memories route to receive the recognition of all Here at the K of C THE CROWD CHEERED With the falling of the leaves carne the falling of grid Challengers. Who will ever for- get the deeds ot the team of '49? Here was a team unequaled in over two decades ot Mount football history. Who would have thought that the young, untried squad which turned up for spring and tall practice could have been moulded into champions? Certainly not coach Mr. Woicihovski or his aides Messrs. Zaleski, Kozlowski, lVlCDeri'nitt, and Rehak. But they set about the herculean task ahead of them and soon before their eyes developed a squad ot world beaters. LOCKER ROOM-Sweet is the taste of victory, here en- ioyed to the full by those Gaels warriors. Hailed MSA champions. they hoist to their shoulders Coaches Vic Wojci- hovski and Stan Zaleski, who. with Ray Kozlowski, helped them bring to the Mount its first football crown since 1926. Whatta day! Y .na 2 if -at 5 , . LL- 7 40 Cn the second play of the year, a hole opened at St. Pau1's tackle and through it slipped Bobby Benzina in his first varsity role. Less than two minutes later, Bill Lombardi blocked a punt and set up the next score which was brouaht to a conclusion by loe Ares. Be- fore the half ended, Bob Benzina had made another trek, this time 87 yards. Then Bill Galf laqher swept around end on a 6 yard jaunt. Vince Tamburella added three extra points with placement kicks. Final score 35-7. McDonogh fell next before a powerful Gael around attack. After holding the Mount eleven scoreless ihrouqh the entire first half, the cadets received three rapid stunning blows as loe Ares scored twice and Bob Benzina once. Vince Tarnburella booted all three extra points. END OF THE LINE-Iust prior to the traditional Patterson irey a rip-snorting pep rally that featured East Baltimore stars such as Henry Strempek, Ice Ares and Vince Trom- betta sent the Gael spirit skyward as the gang chanted "End the line at 29". The next day's paper reported "Pat- terson Upset 24 to U". That was the game! MSA CHAMPIONS-lst Row: Brother Patrician, Henry Strempek, Dick Kerr, Bill Lombardi, Iohn Bosley. Pat Carroll, Bill Stallings, Vince Trombetta, Len Mahoney, lack Ares. 2nd Row: Vic Woicihovski-Head Coach, Mickey Clark. Bob Benzing. Tom Sariano, Donald Sibiski, Bob Ant- kowiak, Iohn Magrogan. Ioe Antkowiak, Bob Thurlow. Ray Kozlowski-End Coach. 3rd Row: Stan Zaleski-Line the ew, 5,733 Coach, Frank Debrouse, Hump Ridgely, Iohn Uhler. Iim Dorsey, Richard Novak, Bill Gallagher, Iohn Walker. Charles Frazier, Elmer Smith, Tom O'Connor-Manager. 4th Row: Bob Smith, Ed Mylin, Ed Yeager, Paul Leight, Iohn Elliott, Will Staley. Ed Cormier, Will Tallant, Frank Tamburello. George Smith. E372 If' Yr, was WM, at-,N gf" K ,V 'afxai f W .ww 1 ,g V - if W 5 ' an xag i mt X si? v Q. . ', FE N Q -X W ,W4 Q L M A L gffrhwxi 5 Bi? Q 43 ' L Nm M' 7 Q N1 mg Q! R' Q H tx! ' Q in Q V4 is E ,mm fy N Q Mui rw 35 N 4- W 5 , L W 5 S ,, f. W 5 W- ' xx 5' w A l 'fmcx RABBIT' BENZING j fy-. sl' Q gs!! ,af . mf if 4, 5' , Y 'PEW y' M 'G A x If Q 19 ,3 1 -W! Y it ' Q' X Q x off TO THE RACES ,." i ' l ,iw - wi-9 IN THE CLEAR'-Breaking tus: from U light "T" on G handog INTO TROUBLE-Leaving the tumbled opposition of Forest Pork from Ice Antkowiqk, Bobby Thm-low byeqkg through into Culver, stretched out behind, Ioltinq Hank Strempek crosses another white Hcll's secondary and heads tor the gidelineg, line and qets ready to head into trouble cs a Forest Park mem moves in to cut him oft. 1 i"' , 5 t M , s S gt., tg! , K Q 5 D , erm Nw. ft 1 W M at mfr -W so 'W it-sf :W 2' Q Q- if 4, . ... y x -5 -Q Q , , i Ay 'r ffll f ' ' - F ' 'Q- 6. j A Q v A ' 1 'Ig Q, . 4 r , 1 ,GQ A wf r Q' ,1 ',,., .f f . Y 5. ,ugly 4, knftzd-,ir 1 b - , sv 4-,rl 4 ,fre , fl ' ,Qin : H fig ,f,,y!,.",r,,4,, ' : mf gy, v Vw 1 ,R , kg-1 , bn 5' 4 jf 4' ,1 Q V X W W 'T !fif'i2"'i3f -v ff' ,Aff 3,3 'M if' "'-wE?f2-Qjri Q , ' f Q ,W ,, A , 2 1, -X '. 5. Ugg ,V ' ,L 1 fi - .ff wht ww. Tn , -r,'A.fw.:r ' A ' .t : 9.13655 SE fr' ,Haag li - 4. r 5 ,A 6 5 3 r . , X M .Q ' ,gf 2, iff H- MM, e 9 i if - 1 S e-, if to If 4-. ,, ' gh 'ig' i " V, n v f rm, fn vi '-5' , ' The if if -Q ',bf314Y K .qty A ' lg ' M M A je: ,,,- W A A 't A , ig 1' "' , X' Q A 1 Lf' x 'Q TO THE MSA FOOTBALL CROWN ,md 15 6 X.f v , A., . A .X 1? , ' fr O '34 A X ff K Y rg, ' fx mf a a Lsifkil ix in 'fr -8, Lt bf xqw., .Wg MSA CHAMPIONS-Coach Iohn Plevyak, whose teams have 6 times won the state title, poses his latest champions: llst rowl Bernard Demski, Iohn Quigley, Iames Ginard, Cap- tain Iohn O'Connor, Patrick Clark, Donald Campbell, Leo Brune, Coach Iohn Plevvak. l2nd rowl Francis Croke, Iohn Tewey. Richard Geisendafier, Henrv Eikenberq, Anthony Larichiuta, Edward Leon, Richard Baker. l3rd rowj William Blanco. Richard Stacharowski, Robert Tribull, Robert Goetz, Iohn D'Amico, Iohn Coolahan, Manager William Hunter. IRON-TOED BOOTERS... Gael hooters maintained their supremacy ot the soccer field by coppinq their third straight championship. Veterans lainie Gin- ard, Dick Stacharowski, lackie O'Connor, and Leo Brune were the big wheels of the Gaels successful campaign. Expected good periorrnances on the part ot the relurnees along with the unveilina oi the novices gave Mount rooters hope tor an' other championship and an undefeated sea! son. Although their limeliaht was a hit over- shadowed hy the brilliant performance ot the gridiron eleven, the Mount soccerites proved their rnettle and earned that riaht to glory lor the third consecutive year. SEASONS CLIMAX--At the tall banquet given by the Father's Club tor the victorious soccer and football teams, veteran Iaime Ginard's date cuts the victory cake as foot- ball Captain Bill Stallings and his date await their turn. l' i 1 Y " eff i - gf, i if tl E is I.V. CHAMPIONS-With Mr. Iohn Plev- yak. it's a habit. Here are the boys who turned the trick: llst rowl Coach Iohn Plevyak. Gregory Hopkins, Philip Bannon. Richard Malinowski, Ferdinand Dugan. Henry Maldonado, Vincent Amengual, Robert Sauter, Iames Hop- kins, Lawrence Schneider. t2nd rowl Iames Davis, Samuel Ammerman. Ron- ald Gambel. Salvatore Ramizri. Eugene Horn, Iames Franz. Adolf Siedlecki. Richard Hall, Frederick Wagner. t3rd rowl Robert Hamlin. Richard Stader, Iohn Grewe. luan Perez, Simon Pala- cios, Paul Quiros. Iohn Athman. Wil- liam Hunter tMgr.J. PRE-GAME STRATEGY-Game Captain Dick Stacharowski and Coach Plevyak do a bit of last minute planning and plotting iust prior to the Patterson vic- tory. K Q GAME STARTERS-The boys who bore the brunt of the season's offense and defense here pose with the coach after the season's campaign. 9 N , , 'I-me 2' UNDERSQUADS I.V. FOOTBALL TEAM--4th Row: Allred O'Ferrall, Patrick Duffy, Iames Goodwin, Donald Farlev, William Heinekamp, Earl Hamper. Iames Gibbons-mgr. 3rd Row: Charles Snyder, Charles Krause, Iames Craddock, Andre Calas, Iohn Smallwood, Norman Iohnson, Iames Perry. 2nd Row: Bro. Gerald-Coach. Iohn Fairbanks, Ed- ward Handron, Philip Washiewicz, Iohn Norwood, Iohn Violette, Beniamin Petrilli, Iohn DeBrouse. Bro. Conon-Coach. lst Row: Thomas McMullen, Iames Harrison, Gerald Liverman. Herbert Duval, Frederick Eikenberl, Ralph Iavins, Iohn Burbank, Earl Pope. layvee gridders, under the guidance of Brothers Gerald and Conon defeated Calvert Hall, St. Paul, Loyola and McDonagh to place St. loe in a tie with Loyola for the private crown. Loyola then bowed to the junior Gael eleven 7-O and St. loe garnered the private crown before losing to the public chanie pions, Patterson. FRESHMAN GAELS BACK ROVV: Iohn Meuller. George Morris, Iohn Rakowski, Arthur MacKenzie, Robert Phillips, Ralph Falcone, Francis Newland. 3rd Row: Beniamin Petrilli, Charles Brocato, Iames McCrumb, Benia- min Mitchell, Iohn DeBrouse, Patrick O'Brien. lst Row: Coach Brother Aquinas, Earl Hamper, loseph Shaqena, Iohn Smallwood, Andre Calas, Gene Neberlein, Carrado Tumminello. Undefeated and untied was the record rolled up by the Little Gael eleven at the end of the six-game season. Under the mentorship of Brother Aquinas, the Little Gael Eleven followed the example set by their bigger varsity brothers and downed City, Fore est Park, Southern, St. Mary's lndustrial School, and Loyola. St. Marys lndustrial School was the only ice to score against them. LITTLE CUBS 4TH ROW: R. Lang, L. D'Orazio, I. Cudnik, M. Walker, O. Harri- son, I. Stricker, I. King, R. Sneerinqer, D. Yakel. 3RD ROW: Brother Eric, W. Smith, I. Benzinq, I. Ferrari, I. Bora, M. O'Brien. E. Noppenberger, R. Strassner, Brother Paulus. 2ND ROW: I. Cain, R. Driscoll, R. Lighter, W. Crawford, F. Mazzadri, S. Sales, E. Wilbourn. B. Iames. IST ROW: C. Maiqrol, I. Hoben, R. Clark, I. Bromwell. R. Griffin, T. Beck, I. Baker. I. Kelly. W. Howard, Mgr. Brothers' Eric and Paulus 85 lb. Little Cubs top- pled four opponents, tied one, and lost three. The opening game was a scoreless tie with l-larve De Grace. Next they split four games with Gilman. Leonard Hall fell 60. Monastery stopped them 6-O. ln the final fray, St. Phillips and lames' yielded in a l3f7 STRIKERS Vorsity bowlers Corrie through the seosori with o record of 19 wins ond 23 losses. Pooing the lceglers was veteron pin rnon Don Geise. The teotnt won five otnd dropped one to Loyolo, took one gorne ond lost five to Poly, ond won two out oi six from City. Qther wins included tour out of six from Edison ond tour out oi six lrorn Patterson. Don Geise, the city's highest scorer in '49, rocked up scores of 148, 359 ond lU8 to tdke high gorne, high set ond high overoge, re- spectively. STRIDERS ff " , FINAL INSTRUCTION-Brother Francis Ioseph. who re- placed Brother Amandus, here briefs his cross-country men Ed Kadlubowski, Mark O'Hara, Charles Devanny and Bill Zanq before they lake oft lor the hills. VARSITY BOWLING SQUAD-lBack rowl Paul Kowalski. Eugene Serge, Patrick Cinnamond. tFront Bowl Iohn Panzer, Donald Giese, Lawrence Bruder. HARDWOOD HEROES... A Gael victory over divisional champ Towson Catholic plus Bolo Behzirtas total ot 208 points tor the season were two ot the hiqhf lights that sparked a comparatively dull seae sori m varsity basketball rariks. Bch Behziha, who was equally prottcierit ori the hardwood as he was ori the gridiron, hit double liqures own gymnasium. the half. 1 5 v "TNQ A nirte tirties and wound up with a seasonal aver- aae ot lU.8 points per qame. l-le, plus veterans Patty Clark, Dick Stacharowski, and Bill Craw- ford, pulled the caaers through a l9-game schedule which was clustered with l2 wiris and seven setbacks. Victories over McDorioah, St. Paul, Towson Catholic, Loyola, and Gilman, AIRBORNE-lack Crawford seems to be stepping oH into space this time as he balances the ball iust out of harm's way in the Poly fray at our VARSITY MANAGER-Little Tommy McCann a key personality for every Gael varsity team seems to have his hands really iull this time as he gathers up the practice balls at the start oi coupled with losses to Calvert Hall twice and already once-beaten Loyola and Towson Cath' olic, aave the Frederick Avenue clan runner-up spot in Division "A" ot the Private School leaaue. The rest ot the squad, Jayyee qrads Bol- Vleehan, Freddie Eikenbera, Bob Antkowialc, Fred Boessel, and loe Antkowialc, and new- corners Vince Trornbetta, Al lzner and Earl l-larnper also saw considerable action as re- serves, Bolt Meehan and Fred Eikenberq both played a fiery brand ot ball as indicated by their porlorniances in the City, Calvert Hall, and Towson Catholic trays. Althouah in rnany instances the te-ani dave way to superior height, their ertorts were al- ways rnarkcd by a lot of speed and hustle. Bill Crawford and llenry Strernpelc, besides treauently hittina the scoring colurnn, were lit eral titans on rebounds. Dick Stacharowski, on the other hand, will always be rernernbered tor his drivinq layup which pulled the second Loyola tilt out ot the fire. Pat Clark can best be described as a deft little ball player who stole rnany a ball trorn under his opponents nose. VARSITY BASKETBALLitlst rowl Robert Antkcwiak, Wil- liam Crawford, Robert Meehan. Henry Strempek. Richard Stacharowski. f2nd rowl Coach Vic Woicihovski. Vincent QQ erlvfi i HQ' lik 'T TT wwregr www" 'f' gif? HAND BALANCING-Dick Stacharowski gets into a stunt of hand-balancing with Tom Gahan ot Loyola which has the rest of the Gaels a mite concerned. Trombetta, Albert Izner, Robert Benzinq, Ioseph Antkowiak. 13rd rowl Anthony Siedlecki, Patrick Clark, Fred Eikenberg, Tommy McCann, manager. L 1 A ten zsasiweaefti i.-I P V 6.33.81 if l- stew layvee cagers were a little rnore lcrtunate than their big brothers who failed to reach the playoffs. Conference victories over St. Paul, Loyola, Towson Catholic, and Calvert Hall qualified the iuniorites to rneet and defeat Diviv sion B charnp, Gilrnan for the Private School title. The victory over the Roland Parkers gave the Gaels the right to rneet Patterson, Public School victors, in a two out of three MSA play- offs staged at l-lornewood. Already the Gaels had been defeated by the Clippers 43-29 in a noneleague tilt, to spoil Mr. Plevyalds charges l3-game victory march. The win only rnade the East Baltirnoreans solid favorites to cop the title. They did so in two ganies, although not without a stiff battle. Frank Dickson, George Vaeth, and Pat Duffy led the scoring parade throughout rnost of the year. Non-league garnes included victories over Poly 67-30, City 47-35, Southern and Mcllonogh. SCORING POSITION-Iim Brady, 6 ft.. 3 in. resident moves in tor a beautiful 2-hand layup in the Iunior Varsity qame with Towson. Twice the Iunior Varsity stopped them. HAD HIGH HOOP-ER RATINGS 35? 'S 42 CW I . E cl, 17l I.V. SQUAD-llst row? Iames Brady, Iohn Walker, Iames Skarda, Eugene Neiberlein, Iohn Smallwood. f2nd rowj Coach Iohn Plevyak. Patrick Duffy, Rowland King. Peter Nilles, George Vaeth. 13rd rowl Iohn Dunworth, Paul Buckmaster, Frank Dickson. Louis Bernier. RESIDENTS-Starting lineup lor the resident varsity are Bob Thurlow, Henry Maldonado, Bill Frazier, Ed Handron, and Milt Speroni here pictured with Coach Brother Guy. Their record lor the season was 6 and 7, with Henry Mal- donado and Milton Speroni taking scoring honors. THIS YEAR CUB TRAVELERS-Brother Eric's hustlinq Cub members pay their respects to Annapolis Tecumseh before moving on to drub St. Mary ot Annapolis. LITTLE GAELS-This corps ot hoopsters repeated last year's record of Brother Francis Ioseph's Little Gaels as they topped Poly, City, Forest Park. Patterson and Gilman. The victors are: llst Howl Thomas Strassner, Louis Schad, Ron- ald Novak, Gregory Hopkins. 12nd Howl Milton Speroni. Thomas Dushel, Charles Fraz- ier, William Costello, Edward Hoinacki, Ierome Komin. Coach Brother Francis Ioseph. xt i I PUCK CHASERS-Veterans Frank Velenovsky and Frank Tamburello, All-Star choice. who spent most of their time hammering at the opponents' cage take positions for a grab at a dropped puck. ANOTHER SAVE-Gaels followers groaned as another 'save' by the plucky Poly goalie stems the purple tide with no. l10l Ioe Phillips closing in to ram home the dancing puck and Iames Harrison in support. STRONG DEFENSE-Unheralded IV Blademan such as Rob- ert Heinlein. James Wolf, William Newcomb and August Panuska stayed battling through a rough season and emerged as co-champions. CAGEY KIDS Though at first glance, Mount skaters did not seem to have too impressive a record, we find that several of the contests which the the Mountmen dropped could have gone either way. Gael pucksters, who were coached by Mr. Knobby Harris, lost two 2-l heartbreakers to Loyola, the Harvard Cup Champions and also bowed to Forest Park by 5-3 and 4-3 scores. Our only victories came against Calvert Hall. ln these contests, the Gaels reached their peak, whipping the Cardinals by 7-l and 7-2 scores respectively. Although the squad did not win any cham- pionships, they carried several individual hon- ors. Center Frank Tamburello won the scoring crown with 16 points for 8 goals and an equal number of assists. Dick Kerr came in fourth with an eleven point total. Frank Tamburello also won a berth on the All-Maryland squad and Kerr won second team honors. ln their first contest the Gaels dropped a 2-1 decision to Loyola. The following week the Mountmen bounced back to swamp Calvert Hall six by a 7-l score. ln their third game the Mountmen dropped a 5-3 decision to the Forest Park pucksters. Poly shut out the Gaels 4-O to terminate first round play. SHINING BLADES-Captain Dick Kerr. a mountain of strength every hot minute of the fray, played hockey with the same courage and rugged football spirit that made him an anchor man in the powerful Gael forward wall. ON ICE Beginning the second round of play, the Gaels again dropped o 2-l decision to Loyola The Mountmen once oqoin swamped Calvert Hall, this time by o 7-2 margin. The Gaels lost all chances ol making the ployoits when they dropped their final encounter to Poly by or 6-3 margin. Mount scoring in this qorne wots hond- led by Fronnie Velenosvsky who had two scores ond Frank Torrnburello. CO-CHAMPIONS IUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY TEAM Uront to rearl William Iames. Wayne Breslin. Iohn Weber, Ralph Melody. George Doyle Uill-Star Choicel, Owen Harrison. Carl Maus. Iames Wolfe. August Panuska, Robert Heinlein lAll-Star Choicel, William Newcomb, Coach Thomas Wag- ner. VARSITY HOCKEY TEAM-tI.eit to Rightl Coach Knobby Harris, Francis Velenovsky, Ierome Wieman, Robert Payne. Frank Tamburello CAII-Star Choicel, James Harrison, George Phillips. Iohn Fairbanks, Captain Richard Kerr. Patrick Car- roll, Lewis Glodek. Edward Cormier. 'Jff S, .gms THEY MET THEIR MATCH ltlm Q ' ' ab, 1' A -. . iff N in -figs w 1 A K V ,aj .V V' wife. Y. X A ' if b Q mi 4 TANKMEN - These habitues J E ,K K - of the K. of C. waterways. f 4 ' L-M Y tback rowl Coach Walter Hur- if lr 7 x 5 . ,Q . in ley, Michael Daly. Iohn 'I gl , L Z T " 4 Kenny. Michael Walker, Iohn j -mf A M, A U N ff R u p p e r t, Riley Rowman, 4 I I ' 1 l"lMlE flront rowl Charles Russell, Q i K gin Robert Gerstung, Iames , . 5 f a 3 I f' Bracken, Frederick Walker , x ' I - H tl' and Eugene Miller. have been A lk y causing increasing concern q 45. to the dominant City mermen Slashina through a dynamic season, the Gael fish swamped Loyola and Poly and bowed to City, 46-29. Poly fell 49-25. ln the Lcyola meets the natators drowned their op- ponents by scores of 52-23 and 44-27. Charlie Russel took first place in freestyle and breast- stroke while Iohn Ruppert and Tim Bracken scored for the 200 yard freestyle and l50 yard individual medley, respectively. Following the splash with the Dons, the Mount squads concerted power battered the Poly sharks at the rate of 49-26. Hitting the water for 41.1 points, Moke Daly made first place in the diving contest. 'l'he Purple tankrnen copped three places in the MSA meet. lint Bracken chopped six- tenths of a second off the standard set by Bob Foresntan for City a year ago in the l20 yard individual medley in l.20.7. lim, age fourteen, is the only freshman ever to set an MSA swim record. Riley Rowan ccpped the l00 yard free- style and lohn Ruppert snatched the 200 yard freestyle. my as they keep chipping away ' at existing records. we me RECORD BUSTERS--This relay quartet ol Gene Mueller. Iames Bracken, Riley Rowan and Iohn Ruppert starts oppo- nents' eyebrows archinq every time they slip into the water . . . Iames Bracken, sensational lrosh star. alone holds 3 lnterscholastic records. AT TANK AND MAT TWO POINTS-Captain Gerry Liverman does a swift re- verse to win topside and a score boost as he applies pressure to pin shoulders oi his Gilman opponent. Grunts and bruises was the rough path ot Coach Ray Kozlowski and his inexperienced grapplers as six ot our eight opponents hum- bled the Gael matmen. Standouts in the twist- ing campaign were Captain lerry l27 lbs., Hal l-lartge l45 lbs. and Ken Truiier l2O lbs. Heartbreakers ot the season were the 2lf2l deadlock with Patterson and the 2096-1992 loss to highly touted Southern. Other cone guerors were Severn, Poly, and McDonogh. TENDER SPOTS-Harold Hartqe applies a head-lock as the Gilman boy qulps air and strives to break loose irom the strangling grip of his opponent. However, it was a win-starved squad that faced the Maryland Frosh and, with an appetite whet- ted by months of diligent practice, devoured the College Park men tor their first win of the season. Under the able coaching ot Mr. Kozlowski, the iayee wrestling team fought their way through a very short season, meeting only three opponents. Patterson, City and Friends were the only schools to battle the midget maulers. vs-Q WEIGHINGAIN - Walt Weber keeps a close check on that extra pound as Coach Ray Kozlowski notes his wrestling weight iust betore the interscholastic Meet. Waiting squad members are Syl Kirstukas, Bill Lombardi and Tom McMullen. CLOSE CONTACT-Donald Campbell is digging lor the ball with contact inevitable as Frank Tamburello presses in to even the battle with Boys' Latin. INDIAN Varsity stickmen started out with an im- pressive slate. After the purple Indians de- feated Dundalk High 6-2 they took to the road to battle with Severn. Only a single goal, however, was needed to upset the dope on Friends, Forest Park and already once defeated Glen Burnie. Regardless ot their poor record of two tri! umphs, the stickmen deserve due praise for their etiorts. Backbones ot the team were Pat Carroll, who last year scored 16 points, Frank Tambu- rello, Bill Stallings, Al O'Ferrall, Bob Bullington, lim Gibbons and lohn Walker who will return to bolster next year's line-up. When handing out "all" honors in la- crosse, the coaches of the various high school stick teams in the city didn't forget to mention Gael attackman Frank Tamburello. He re- ceived honorable mention tor his services around the crease. BETWEEN PERIODS-Coach Gene Bracken suggests ways and measures ol stopping the opponents' scoring spree, as the boys wonder what has happened to their own scoring offense. GOAL SHOT-Donald Shanahan lets the ball ily towards the cage as Boys' Latin defense move in. Waiting lor a pass near the cage is Frank Tamburello. TOP SCORERS-While the varsity seem tio run into trouble as the season progressed, the young Indians stick-wielders, the Iayvee. got better as their experience grew, winning 3 of their last 5 matches. STICK WIELDERS HOT ACTION-Here on the edge of ihe cage, goalie, Ed Cormier, makes a llying save as Iohn Magrogan throws his weight to give Ed every help possible. VARSITY LACROSSE-Reynolds Bucci. Charles Pledge. Robert Bullington. William Foll, Donald Campbell. Allred O'I"errall. Donald Wilenburg. Iohn Bosley, Frank Tambur- ello, Iohn Doran. Richard Novak. Richard Kerr, Francis Stone, Co-capiains William Stallings and Patrick Carroll. Patrick Finn. Iohn Magrogcm, Iohn Walker, Iohn Coolahan. Donald Shanahan, Edward Cormier. Mr. Eugene Bracken. Coach. -sf' Q---in BOY MEETS BAT- Footing for the lainglers in the early stages of the season was a little unsteady, hut once that spark was set all there was no stopping the determined Gaels. Twenty-six games lay ahead, prohahly the largest and fullest schedule in the city lor one high school team. In spite ol inclement weather that curtailed many a game, and ot early season losses to Towson Teachers, Navy layvee, Edison, and Calvert Hall, the Gaels did manage to salvage an impressive record, and came through with some sparkling wins. Patterson lell twice by scores ol 2-l and 70. ln the first Pat test, Tom Bailey set the Clippers down with two hits, loe Ares fired hack in the next encounter to limit them to a single hit, while Bob Thurlow and Bob Benzing aided in the same cause each slarnininq a homer. MSA CHAMPIONS The 1950 corps ot Maryland baseball champions gathers around Coach Brother George Francis and Athletic Director Brother Ricardus to cast land glances on the MSA trophy which eluded their eager grasp until this year when the Gaels really took over This team won BIG LEAGUE-A battery cage which lrames Fred Eikenberg and Ed Yeager reveals some ol the secrets behind the Gael success story. the private title then turned back Polv in two straight games for the MSA title and hnally topped th All Stars a leat never before achieved by any MSA Champion team For these reasons the Gaels are happy as they surround their baseball trophy XXX? lf! 'l T ffl I' K 3 1 sh. cf f N. 1' ,xr 11,4 J 4 tt pl WPQ 0,4 -HUM .t.SUh,, -,msn ,. ,Fe JHS5 f 'QVSfpj?X K TY' " P' GAEL VARSITY-These are the boys who put the Gaels at the top ol the scholastic league: tback rowl Ass't. Coach Knobby Harris. Charles McQuire, William Crawford, Iohn Walter, Iames Newell, William Markiewicz, Robert De- Vaughan, Ioseph Ares, Robert Thurlow, Thomas Bailey. Edward Yeager, Coach Brother George Francis. lFront rowl George Horn lMgr.l, Thomas McCann lbat boyl, Iames Har- rison, Frederick Eikenberg, William Iarboe, Frank Catterton, Michael Clark, Iames Foit, Robert Benzing, Iohn Norwood, Alan Ball, Robert Stanford, Louis Schad, Iohn Mueller, tbat hoysl. FOR "MSA" CHAMPIONSHIP . .. lohn Walter, who had the best won and loss percentage among the pitchers, bested City aces Will Ford and Lefty Oppenheimer in the next tilt 3-U. Following the Patterson and City frays were victories over Calvert Hall, St. Francis Prep of Philadelphia, and McDonagh, who in- cidentally were lambasted by the high-flying Gaels l6e4. Tom Bailey tossed a neat four hitter and racked up ll strikeouts to handcuff the Cadets. ln conference play loe Ares went the dise tance silencing Loyola bats with only two hits in a 2-l victory for the Purple marauders. lt was the second two-hit job for Ares and both against the Dons. lt was also the fourth time that loe had held a team to less than three bingles. Near the end of their parent season only one team stood in their way for their fourth consecutive Private School title, already once- beaten Calvert Hall. Both clubs had identical Gel slates and a loss by either squad would mean sudden death. ln any event, on the 26th of May Calvert Hall lost its last series bid to Loyola and the defeat automatically knocked the Redbirds out of contention. The path was then cleared for St. loe's fourth straight MSA playoff tussle with Poly. HAPPY CHAMPS-A good part of the varsity squad is caught here smiling happily at the close of the second 4-2 game with Poly as they head lor their coach Brother George Francis. IV SQUAD-With cz record of 8 and l our younger squad was iust nosed out of a repeat championship. They are: tStandingl Paul Scheel, Iames Skarda, Stanley Vitek, Robert Bauer, Patrick Cinnamond, Andrew Smutny, Ed Budacz, Bob BAT MEETS B A Hamlin, Tom Strassner, Earl Hamper, and Coach Brother Dominic. lKneelingl William Cline, George Doyle, Ronald Gamble, Bill Frazier, Ed Handron, George Vaeth, Edward Dentz, Tom Dushel, and Iohn Oswald. LL FOR HITS Previously St. loe had played host to the Engineers in a non-conference test and had defeated them and their ace pitcher Ron Iirsa 3-l. The win naturally placed the Gaels odds- on favorites to capture the coveted trophy which had already gone to Poly for the last three years. They didn't waste any time prov- ing themselves as they swept the series in a fast two games. St. loe wrested the first game from the North Avenuers l3fU. loe Ares went the route, scattering five hits, while his mates slammed l4 hits from the offerings of three Poly pitchers, including starter Bill Tanner. Bd Yeager, be- sides playing a sterling defensive game behind the plate, batted an even .lOOO for the day, hit- ting safely in his three trips to the plate. loe Ares aided his own cause with a timely double, while Bob Thurlow and Bill Markiewicz also added extra base hits. Gut at Bloomingdale, the Gaels were all prepared after a threeeday rest to clinch the trophy once and for all. Tom Bailey was elected by Brother George Francis to oppose Poly's mainstay, Bonnie lirsa. ALL-STAR CLIMAX-Ed Dentz has iust stolen home in the exciting All-Star tilt to give the scrappy Gael Champions a 1-0 lead: thus they become the iirst champions to beat the All-Stars. nn. . 3 YC, J ,Q W 4 1. ' W, , - if u G Ref? ' Q "':ll".' Q , V Q 4, f X , .4 - s -1 . 'Ah ' 1' " rr f f- s 4. if Q idk fr bm , . .g xml . CLASSY ACTION-Bill Markiewicz, powerful Gael first baseman, is here displaying that fine field technique that shut off many a hope for a safe hit at the initial sack. RAINCHECK-Loyola wanderer dives for the bag as Ioe Ares fires a warning toss to Bill Marchiewicz before getting down to work on the batter. Stolen bases had high priority and few takers with Ed Yeager in receiving position. And to make good use of that familiar old adage "All's well that ends well", the Gaels came roaring back to clip the scholastic All- Stars' hide l-0. Bill Crawford looked like a professional setting the mythical squad down with only two hits, while whiffing eight. Bd Dentz breaking into the lineup as a second sacker smashed one of Vern Bender's offerings for a single while Bill Markiewicz also cone tributed a timely safety. Season honors came to Bobby Thurlow, Freddie Eikenberg and Ed Yeager. Bobby Thurlow, besides being named to the "Sun" All-Maryland squad, led the Club in five depart- mentsg namely, hitting, rbi's, stolen bases, runs scored, and total bases. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. up 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4 , BASEBALL SEASON'S RECORD We Opponents They 3 Towson State Teachers . . . . 4 2 Navy Iayvee ...,..... . 8 5 Catonsville ..., . 3 2 Patterson . . . , 1 3 Kenwood . . . . 2 7 Patterson . , . , D 2 City .....,.,.. . 0 2 Calvert Hall .,.. . 1 1 Edison .....,,... . 2 3 St. Francis Prep ,. , . 0 16 McDonogh ..... . 4 2 Loyola ....... , 1 3 Calvert Hall .... . 5 3 Poly .........,.. . 1 14 St. Francis Prep .... . 3 5 Loyola ....,...., , 2 2 Alumni .,.. .,...,..... . 7 PLAYOFFS 13 Poly . . .,.,........... . 0 4 Poly . . ...,.......,....... . 2 All. STAR CAMP 1 Schoolboy All-Stars ,....... . 0 4.4.4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4.4. 4.4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4.4. 4. 4. 4. 4. ,levy CINDERFELLAS Under the shrewd tutelage of Coach Ed Matthews, a former Maryland University track star, assisted by Brother Francis loseph, Mt. St. Ioseph's varsity trackmen earned their sec- ond MSA title in three years as they van- quished Poly 7lV2-6l at Homewood. Hank Strempek carried the purple colors to victories in the 220 and 440 yard dashes, while Chris Kirstukas, Bill Kenny, Riley Rowan and Mark O'Hara teamed up to capture the mile relay in 33422, five seconds faster than their previous mark of 3.3913 in the Loyola In- vitational Meet. Len Mahoney's 46 foot three- quarter inch heave was also good enough to earn him first place in the shot put. ln the University of Maryland Meet, the cindermen topped their opponents in every event, taking thirteen firsts. Hank Strempek received an expensive watch for turning in the most outstanding prep school performance. Hank left his opponents in the dust in the 440 and 220 yard dashes and the 100 yard dash, he finished second. 'l'HEY'RE OFF-ln a picture catching the rhythm of gun, smoke, and spikes, the eager 880 yard men, Mark O'Hara, Ed Colbourn and Syl Kirstukas break lor the pole against DASH MEN-Versatile baseball player Bobby Thurlow here demonstrates his territic track ability as he moves out ahead ol City and Patterson in the thrilling MSA 100-yard dash. Bob Thurlow seemed to grow wings as he sailed 21 feet 7 inches in the broad jump and broke the tape at a recorded 10.2 in the 100 yard dash. ln the U. of M. another double victory went to Len Mahoney who won the shot put and discus with heaves of 44 feet 3311 inches and 105 feet 7V2 inches respectively. Poly in an afternoon that produced a double header win over the Poly harriers. Mark O'Hara was the first man to break the tape. hu x 'L 4 i all VJ' jinth Klflzf lg Q --if y fy 4 ng ?t ,wr-.J s .MQ E S , .'l Y . A .4!k 1 S' I . A 4 X Q W t I v 1 I 1 i l lu., I' .sfl , fri -- tg i"..? t .J was . ., 5 nu. 55- 1 . 6? zur: 5 lugs 1 .xl 8, nj V, A E In s Ig l Nl' X-.-f X t X ,K if A . gi, xv Q X -. N 2 N , Y g 1 ' .P . Quit: 'Q' 0, l :'h52,l K fri! . I ' f N 6 .xv ' . A X If . f A f 1 YV 'v I ' V I ual. J-'V ' ALl" Ll- f V 1 'qu A - 5. A P I.V. SQUADfl-X group of hard-driving harriers who dupli- cated each leat of the varsity in season meets. and beat all comers. They were edged out in the State meet bv Poly. lst row: Coach, Mr. Edward Matthews: F. Dickson: I. Lotz: R. Gange: I.. Berneir: D. Allgier: I. Stankowski: T. Mueller: W. Hungleman: C. Snyder: Ass't Coach. Brother Francis THEY FLY--ON W Surpassina the torrner rriark ot 44 teet 958 inches, set by Shanon ot St. lohn's, Washing' ton, Len Mahoney put the l2epound shot 47 teet 6 inches in the events at Poly. Total points in the Poly Meet for the Mount harriers were 47 topping Poly by l0lfb points. l-lank Strempek also took top honors in the 440 yard dash in 53.5 seconds, 220 yard dash in 23 seconds. Mount fleettooters swamped Patterson to the tune ol l07-34. ln one ot the top pertorzn- ances ot the day, Mark Ol-lara travelled the halt rnile in 2.03.9 Ed Colbourn was hiah rnan in the rnile in 4.4492 while Bob Meehan and loe McDonagh took the hiah hurdles. Four plaques and numerous medals were awarded to the Mountrnen in the Hanover re lay at l-lanover, Pennsylvania and at the Uni: versity ot Maryland invitational meet. Two records were also broken in the Poly relays which were taken by Anacostia l-liah, with the Mount in second position. , .. I Ioseph. 2nd row: R. Franz: N. Brandyes: D. Nusslein: E. Wuyderer: D. Sibisl-ci: G. Feher: D. Childs: T. Strassner: M. Speroni: A. Pettipas. 3rd row: G. Vaeth: E. Shrabek: T. Griffith: V. Trombetta: F. Cossentino: G. Bowling: P. Pliefler: I. Mettle: Eugene Morris: and I. Perez. INGED FOOT HIGH FLIERS-Courage and daring animated these pole vaulters who took off for a sky ride on a mere pole. They are Max Mueller, Hugh Gardiner, Frank Cossentino, and Ice McDonough. Frank Cossentino won the I.V. title at a height of 10 ft., 4 in. rf w 'V SPRING SQUADS CUB BASEBALL Mount Little and Big Cub binglers had a stupendous slate this year with six wins and no losses. Big Cub swatters under the able instruc- tion of Brothers Eric and Camillus, defeated the Loyola frosh 5-l, and 4-3, while the Little Cubs triumphed over St. Marlds ll-5, West End 9-2, and St. Patricks ll-l. TENNIS Ably coached by Brother Bicardus, ath- letic director, the Mount tennis squad ended its season with four wins, one tie, and five losses. Calvert Hall, St. Francis Prep of Harris- burg, and Patterson bowed to the Gael racket- eers in that order by scores of 7-U, 6-O, 4-3, re- spectively. Forest Park, City, Poly and Loyola inflicted losses on the Mont netters, while the Purple and Cream men swatted their way to a tie and a win against Loyola College. GOLF A small but sturdy golf team wound up the season with a five loss, no win record. The golfers dropped an 8-4 decision to Forest Park, and a 12-O game to Calvert Hall. Defeats by Loyola and City followed, by respective scores of ll-l and 8V2-2V2. A l2-O by Poly finished the season. ln the MSA tournament, Fton Ptykoslcey, a freshman, was eliminated in the quarter-finals by Carl Kromeberger of Poly. CUB BASEBALL TEAM-llst Bowl M. Baden, I. Mannion. F. Mazzadri, I. Bora, R. Colbourn, R. Holland, E. Stevens. Brother Eric, CFX. l2nd Bowl W. Smith, I. Cudnick, S. Sdanowick. I. Keilholtz, R. Grauer, M. Sneerinqer, R. Gay- hardt, P. Bacon. l3rd Bowl L. Knott, H. Amerlunq. I. Shaw. F. Lombardi, M. O'Brien. R. Kakta, I. Bracken. TENNIS TEAM-Frank Dickson. Otto Vanderburq. Iames Schneck. Robert Karwacki, Iames Ginard, Gerald Wittstadt. Brother Ricardus. Record 5 - 5. GOLF TEAM-Brother Leo Francis, C.F.X.. Ronald Rykos- key, George Brunner. Iohn Krupnik, Albert Moxley. Frank McGuire and Bobby Moran lczbsentl. 'SN' PHT! 4 aaM"f' I W. t- x -"F TICKET MASTER--ln his long period at the Mount, Brother Alvin has handled tickets lor many, many affairs. Here at the Mothers' Card Party and Bingo he handles the money for Mrs. Paul Earehart and Mrs. Clarence Wilhelm. Cafeteria supplies were handled by Brother Ber- nardus, who also moderated the Stamp Club. Cheerful Brother Cletus' "What's yours, handsome?" was heard frequently in the Canteen. Man of many activities was Brother Colombierep chief among these was the moderatorship of both the Mothers' and Fathers' Clubs and the Direction of the Campus Shop. Senior Moder- ator Brother Alvin was woodshop instructor, in which capacity he made the scenery for this year's play. l-lis sudden death in luly shocked everyone. ln charge of both athletic tickets and the Alumni Association was Brother Leo Francis. Fellow journalists were Brother Urban Francis tThe Mount Tower? and Brother Bandai CThe Quilll. CSMC affairs kept Brother Lambert on the hop. Trainer of speaking champions was Brother DePaul: likewise engaged in the same work both in class and in play directing was Mr. S. Wilson Heaps. Always helpful were Mrs. Finnegan and Miss Camilla Weaver, the former, the secretary in Brother Anton's office, and the latter, in Brother Casimir's office. Brother Cletus Brother Simon Brother Bernardus Brother Colombiere Brother Alvin Brother Leo Francis Brother Urban Francis Brother Lambert Brother Randal Brother DePaul Mr. Wilson Heaps Miss CamillcrWeaver Q -yr? ,fit ,gg Z I SCHOOL BOOSTERS-Mothers' Club President, Mrs. noon speaker at the popular Mothers' Club meetings. Iames Whelan and Brother Bartholomew chat with Mrs. Clubs such as this enabled the school to provide better Thomas D'Alesandro. Ir., who was the ieatured after- facilities for the student body. CIIIRIC LAR CANTEEN CENTER-With a joke, a smile and rippling laughter, Brother Cletus oHers the best in sweets to Iuan Perez and Carlos Roias. RESIDENTIAL SECTION According to Brother Guy, director oi resi- dents, the total number of boarding students is ll4, one more than that of last year. l-lailing from seven states, the District ot Columbia, and seven South and Central American countries, an international tamily oi boarders was again at the Mount. Leading the parade of students is Mary- land with 32 residents, l2 oi whom come from Baltimore. A close second is Washington with 25 boarders. Right behind these two annual pace setters, comes Venezuela l3, Virginia 8, New York and Puerto Rico 6 each, Mexico 4, getllfffz, Qatar, 3 ffcwphl firms J 7 ,gvgxnf-Vjc E M Q W 'S ' New lersey, Pennsylvania and Cuba with 3 each, Maine and Ecuador 2, and Massachu- setts, Canal Zone and Aruba l. To occupy their spare time the residents have two clubs, the Kappa Chi and the Ryken Club. The Kappa Chi, the senior club, holds dances and contests to provide an outlet for surplus energy. The junior club is outfitted with a luke-box, colce machine, pin-ball machine and pool tables. Ping-pong and pool tournaf ments have been held throughout the year. LV. BASKETBALL-tlst Rowl Andre Calas, Ben Mitchell, Bob Rasmussen, Wm. Phelan. Vincent Amengual. cmd Lou Schad. 12nd Bowl Brother Guy-Coach, Mark Baden, I-'red Parent, Salvatore Mancari, George Morris-Mgr. VARSITY 6-MAN-Under the tutelage of Brother Guy, the season's record ot 4-4-1, included wins over St. Stephen. Villa Cresta. and Honeywell. Members are: lFront Bowl Frank Bernier, Louis Bernier, Hugh Gardiner, Iohn Parent, Milton Speroni. lack Fowler. Thomas Moorcones. tBack Rowl Riley Bowen, Al Bauer. Charles Russell, Richard Van Doren, Coach Brother Guy. NAVAL TRAINING-Brother Guy's residents inspect Uncle Sam's fleet units at Fort McHenry before ioining the cruising squadron. PERISCOPE DEPTH - Officer Richard Ludham is ready to qive the order "Full Speed, "Ahead!" as Stuart Lyddane stands by to relay instructions to the crew. BEES BUZZING-Sam Ammer- man, an enthusiastic biology observer. gets 'on-the-spot' in- struction lrom Resident Direc- tor Brother Guy as they study a laboratory bee comb. Athletics tor the residents were not tor- gotten. ln addition to tootball, baseball, bas- ketball and softball, also open to them were track, swimming and bowling. An outstanding accomplishment ot the year has been the publication ot a resident newspaper under the editorship ot Diego Nu- ceteg "The Resident," printed news ot boarders and their activities. Again at the end ot the term, another resident publication made its ap- pearance. "The Resident Annual", a resident yearbook, climaxed their literary season. SENIOR PROM-A night to be remembered was February 10th, date of the Senior Prom at the Emerson Hotel, when stars shone for Albert Sosa, Riley Rowan, Hugh Gardiner and Iames Ginard. Believing that travel broadens the mind, the residents, at various times throughout the year traveled to Washington, Gettysburg, Ann- apolis and the Skyline Caverns. Later, jour- neying to Philadelphia, they visited the Benja- min Franklin lnstitute ot Science. Responsible for the overall policy ot the residents is Brother Guy, Director ot Besident Students, who tinishes his fourth year in that Capacity. Assisting him were Brothers Colom- biere, Gerald, Michael Angelus, George Fran- cis, lettery, and Camillus. TEST CRAMMING-This quintet of Ice Luaces. Sam Ammer- man. Ronald Langis, Lou Schad, and Vince Amenqual were actually seen cramming during test week. lt's amazing! BN-f 'Sig rr .K I L ,v ,Xi PLAY CAST-Play director, Mr. Heaps. checks last minute details with his actors before dress rehearsal time. Play members are llst Bowl Paul Skarupa, Paul Boettinqer, Ralph Melady, Charles Siford. and Bernie Hopkins. 12nd Bowl I. Gross, Ierry Pessaqno, Iimmy O'Hara, Robert Murphy, Iohn Fairbanks, and Ioe Hunter. 13rd Rowl Ralston Russell, Ray O'Donnell, Ioseph Hartnett, Charles Debelius, Hal Sanks, and Bernie Sulewski. 14th Bowl Iohn Bannon, Ioe Ruth, Bob Lowe, and Ioe Kantorski. FOOTLIGHTERS FEATURE- "The plays the thing!" Such rnight be the sentiment ot some 20 Mount thespians who presented an adaptation ot Brian Dohertys novel, "Father Malachy's Miracle." Director lVlr. Heaps issued his first call tor candidates early in February. An all rnale cast staged the play, a threefact coniedy, which told the story ot a parish priest in Scotland who used his influence in regions above to niove the local tavern from good solid terra firma to a barren rock in the rniddle of Scotlands lesser known loays. STAGE MIRACLES-Here under heavy lights the magical make-up man is wrinklinq years into Paul Boettinqer's face to fit him for the part of Father Malachy's servant. ffl?" 3.- xep i K, ?!"finZ 1 dk ,arf if ji ,fu wg I 'ffl-JJ ' . "' 2, 1 'fl it if' Bk . W i t' 'sms el "FATHER MALACHY'S MIRACLE" 'XJ BACKSTAGE-Iohn Bannon, who also finds time to attend the Maryland School or Art, here touches up a small part of the large backdrop which he painted on the stage wall for the play's initial SCGHE. Brother DePaul assisted Mr. l-leaps in the direction of the play. Mount dramatic society staged its annual play on the nights of May l, 2, 3. For the first time in several years, there were different sets. Brother Alvin and the woodshop boys handled this end of the affair. Led loy lerry "Gribel" Pessaano, who played Father Malachy, five other veterans, Chuck Debelius, Hal Sanks, Bernie Hopkins, Ralph Melady, and lairne Ginard, played sig- FRIENDLY RIVALS-Neighboring pastor, Iohn Bannon, here generously offers to withdraw his challenge to Ierry Pes- sagno, splendid portrayer of Father Malachy's role, but the courageous Scotch priest insists on keeping the bargain and making faith prove itself. nificant roles. New Mount footlighters who participated were Bay O'Donnell, foe Kan- torski, Charles Siford, Paul Boettinaer, lohn Bannon, Bob Murphy, Will Parent, Ioe Ruth, Bernie Sulewski, lirnmy O'l-lara, and loe Hart- net. Reward for the thespians work was a trip to Leonardtown. The day was spent at Carnp Calvert with swirnrnina, horseback riding, ten- nis and other recreational facilities. Anyone who was connected with the play was invited. WATER-WATER-This was a high point of the show when incredulous Chuck Debelius breaking away from re- liqious fanatics found himself suddenly engulfed in the sea. V? '. 32425251 ' 1 inns-w U K ' 4 "3n,'5 x! 1 y x 1 x 1' r, fi , f N qs .. bv 'gn 5 lv: If J S M5 vii' Q' '-427 W 5' M ,Ly J" fu Q' ' W f, X C iss? 'Q' A-li P1 Mfg .fgili fl Q Q QQ' 3 0 f wwf , 3 iii' 3 3 .F IX: 1 ef QF, F5 , X, 1 av . X Y ' r 5? My mx- 1 , W'-"ur -VM ' 1 Sw? 9, 21 ' A 5 I 4 'Q 57' yi? ,- , f ' K g wx fi .1 , , , ,.. 5' ' H KL MK' :QM fy 1, ga af M- Sf M, 65, ff f- va , VQ A I 5 9' 5 , I ,M ffl 'xx Q, 1, NX xx 'F' J g -'W52 I I It I if E fnli-A I A 5 5 4' fl ' fc 1 Q f ' Ni, ,.4, jay?-1: MQ -ful ky y Xin ' Q54 km , 1 A if E NX M".f"'wi,.ff'. . ' G , Aw' 'gi' -55 'T' 1 ,. 5 X M. B f THRILLED ALUMNI COMMUNION BREAKFAST-Left to right: Brother Bartholo- mew. C.F.X.. Rev. I. Delevaque, O.P.. Mark A. O'Hara Hon. George Fallon. Leo M. Gary. H. C. Henneberger, Ir. President Philip T. Bannon. Brother Leo Francis. C.F.X. ALUMNI BANQUET-HEAD TABLE-Seated: Lelt to right Mr. Albert Cashour. Philip T. Bannon. Brother Bartholomew, C.l".X.. Mr. Paul C. Gordon, Rev. I. Delevaque, O.P.. Mr Robert Williams. Mr. Ierome A. Desio CClass of 19001. COMMUNION BREAKFAST-This shows only a part oi the splendid crowd that turned out for this event. ELOCUTION CONTEST-President Phil Bannon here con- gratulates winners Ierry Pessagno. Chuck Debelius. and Ioe Kantorski for their splendid work. tiki THE MOUNT'S FATHERS' CLUB AWARD OF MERIT-Fathers' Club prexy, Mr. William Slat- tery presents the club's offi- cial award of thanks to Mayor Thomas O'1-Xlesandro, Ir., as moderator, Brother Colom- biere, and program director, Mr. Beniamin Philibert look on. TESTIMONIAI.. DINNER - Fathers' Club officers brace themselves for the cork-pop- ping at a special reception given to Brother Bartholomew. The smiles are identified as: Mr. Iohn Schanberg, Mr. Paul Davis, Brother Colombiere. Mr. Charles Perry, Dr. Victor Long, Mr. Richard Kleintank. and Mr. William Slattery. xx? CHAMPIONS FETED-Athletic directors, past and present, Brother Marinus and Brother Hicardus, to- gether with Coaches Mr. John Plevyak and Mr. Ray Kozlowski. Mr. Vic Woicihovski, and Mr. Stan Zaleski turn on the charm during the Fathers' Club top banquet for the Champions. FATHERS AND SONS-The angle is a bit unusual, but perhaps you can recognize a few faces on the Cathedral steps after Mass. COMMUNION BREAKFAST-Mr. Ioseph Martel checks his hat at the Elks Club, scene of the Com- munion Breakfast, as Brother Louis Charles waits his turn. s., :Q f W -as AND MOTHERS' CLUB ARE ACTIVE SALES TECHNIQUE-Mrs. Ioseph Bonner. Mrs. Ruth Ritterman and Mrs. Richard Kleintank demonstrate a bit of high pressure sales- manship at the Card Party Gift table. MEETING TIME-Sunday afternoon's club meeting is in- terrupted by the camerman. We recognize Mrs. Charles Carroll, Mrs. loseph Fiddes. Mrs. Ruth Ritterman. and Madame President Mrs. Iames Whelan. INTERMISSION-Ready for business at the Fall Bingo and Card Party are Mrs. Carolyn Doyle. Mrs. William Beck. Mrs. Iohn Kremer. Mrs. Louis Nopfel, Mrs. Paul Earehart, Mrs. Perry Darby, Mrs. Herbert Arnold and Mrs. Paul Storck. .7 be Ili- 'al BINGO!-Here is Steve Kopchinski yelling the magic word with his mother on his right. and Mrs. Grace Keenan flanked by her son and his wife on the winner's left. TALENTED BAKERS-Every cake's a delight, and talent is plentiful. A few names, we remember. are Mrs. George Vaeth. Mrs. Joseph Fiddes. Mrs. Mary Farley. Mrs. Iames Ward, Mrs. Eugene Kelly and Mrs. Ioseph Becker. -new 54 4 , . 1 if Qey- Pizxeffwae -died fqfif ,N A i J J' gs.. IUNIOR PROMENADEHS-The Elks' Club was the scene of the Iuniors' triumph here pictured at the climax oi the THE JUNIOR After months of waiting the big day finally came. As we walked into the lobby ot the Elks Club, Gil lVlonroe's music, punctuated with barely audible exclamations, drifted through the main entrance. Cokes, dancing, small talk and table-hopping took up most ot 4 promenade as Paul Gross. Prexy Iohn Nunn, Ralston Rus- sell. and Robert Roeder pause after the bouquet presenta- tion. PROM... the evening. Then came the promenade. Dire happenings were predicted, but all came oft well as lohn Nunn led the juniors about the floor. Many faces were tilted upward and many smiles turned on as Brother Urban Francis began taking photos. 9-X vi EXCITING MOMENTS-In the lobby, Paul Sheel and Bill Kirchner tal-re a quick glance at their dates' souvenir pro- grams to be sure all the ' dances are spoken for. qv i -xx 3 l 5-rm jf .MQ ,, . f x -J ffsf any -.P X 1 ff 'fm A W Q, -. ' H4 -Q wx' .1 f ,:,. , ,VS I ' K V ,, If fix . 5: 1 44, , S X . A K Sk Ag wb? 4 x Q. A D E? . GW V 5 ' Q A f x 5 Q W fy , 5 ,ff L L5 " M , ' K Z, . U f 4 f N H fn . -, f : q I ex H 1 A I Q a S2131 . 11. Q fi. ' ' i ,Q N. 5 x, Ng 1 f K , A' Q -'X T . ' , g 4,XA I E A R N it fx L Y, . A 'xg A: A U. ' V1 ,gl x - , 8 1 5 I xx X V7 u. f 5, xl ' , Q: 1-1 'Q gy Y' J '. ,.- f , diff A A i . Q, A , ig A , 4 ..k gm , 1 f- fr mi A i y . X H AFV 1 Q 4 ' I . v A tj if fa bk 7 gh Q n A Alf at M lt . V 4 H if ...B ig ? ,Q as X I F iq VW N A A 1n ": ,, K A , ,npr Tx M Y L5 4 Y ' ' ' 4' x . I' X 'x X -M A H' X : N -' ! X . f is W me P '--' ' 3 Q . Q .A'P 1 In ' 5 Q uv' Q :KN 'vnu D 3 ' 'R' wx 5 3 X my 4. ,mm 'R mg F gl xi N' f 7 , MQ .Q I 'l 2 'g Rf ,,. ' E 'xg x 1, Q- gg, 1 px , ,.. A f ,K :L-Q E K .i Q, ' f' qu 2 if! Q . f ' f 'f ? , ' 5-X29 3' 4 I I 2 4 1. A f 1 .Mi t in 4' H 2 ' ' " ' "'. . ' W K 'ng' arf Q K .' ' A 5 , ' 'H u fr 'A fl a 5 E, gp A--H1 xi . X SX 1 ! K Q A f ' 4 V..,, fx X J. ' Z-f, ' N Q ., 'S ' iv fx ' x N5 FROSH CLASS lA IST ROW-Kenneth Sprankle, Ioseph Marx, Frank Sobcynski. Stanley Faiow- ski. Brother Didymus, Richard Marlinow' ski, Robert Witt, Ioseph Madden. George Roesslein. ZND ROW-Melvin Miller, David Hudson, Robert Bacon, Iames Debes, Iames Shaw, Iohn Spampinato. Wilbur Hurley, Donald Walsh, Edward Wilbourne, Ralph Lightner. 3RD ROWA Iohn Kratz, Ioseph McShea, Francis Lombardo, Thomas Gilbart, Fred Par- ent, William Hiteshew, Donald Griffith. Louis Hehring, Orville Harrison, Walter Damasiewicz, Donald Henniqan, Charles Markiewicz, Milton Kick, Louis Bivens. 4TH ROW--Richard Gniazdowski, Iames McCrumb, Ierome Keilholtz, Robert Dan- nentelser, Frederick Hochrein, Iohn Ra- kowski. Patrick O'Brien, Iohn Cheno- weth, Patrick Cinnamond. CLASS 1B 1ST ROW-Robert Griffin, Fred Keepers. William Crawford, Iames Kehoe, Brother Camillus. Dennis Allen, Welham Bud- reski, Martin Castle, Iames Colbourn. 2ND ROW-Maurice Allen, Richard Maenner, Charles Holland, George Beek. Thomas Murtaugh, Harry Spedden, William Smith, Laurence McLean, Rob- ert Kotka, Iames Kelly. 3RD ROW-Ron- ald Rykoskey, Charles Lenhart. Owen Gilliece, Ronald Brooks. Thaddeus Gol- czewski, Allred Ackerman, Robert Moran, Mark Baden, Henry Stromberg, Richard Kane, Gregory Ciesielslsi, Rob- ert Holland. 4TH ROW-Charles Tray- ser, Charles Diehlman, Peter Nilles, Ronald Baranski, Ioseph Stricker, Ioseph Shagena, Charles McCurley, Owen Har- rison, Andre Calas. CLASS 1C 1ST ROW-Ierome Helinski. Iames Davis, Michael Wagner, Stanley Strauss, Brother Campion, Donald Myers, Rich- ard Strassner, Iohn Cain, Francis Mez- zadri. ZND ROW-Iohn Hoban, Bernard Ziebron, Casimir Maigrof, Iohn Schan- berger. Charles Batterman, Paul Baker. Lloyd Tucker, Ierome Fuchs. Stanley Ziebinski. Daniel Allqeier. 3RD ROW- lrving Day, Edward Smith, Renald Kvech, Michael Walker, Ioseph McCor- mick. Ioseph Taymans, Martin Teves, Robert Armstrong, Iohn Gegorek, Wil- liam Whitesell, Francis Kvech, Frederick Wagner. 4TH ROW-Norman Hannon, Ioseph Comeau, Iohn Debrouse. lerome Komin, Robert Phillips, Raymond Hart- nett, Edward McDonald, Earl Hamper. Benjamin Petrilli. ROOTERS CLASS 1D IST ROW-Iames E. Heller. Ioseph P. Beaven. Donald F. Gayhardt. Iohn C. Mueller. Brother Michael Angelus. I0- seph A. Snyder. Carroll E. Bacon. Lawrence R. Connor. Richard L. Vale- nick. ZND ROW-William M. O'Brien. Robert A. Somers, Ioseph F. Bova. Charles N. Ketterman. Charles A. Lee. Donald F. Yake. Marshall P. Hub- bard. Iohn P. Bacon. Richard H. Halli- gan. E. Stuart Lyddane. 3RD ROW- Ioseph G. Fannelli. F. P. Fry. Altredo Balda. Paul A. Willoughby, Leo W. Franklin. Bernard I. Noppinger. William R. Phelan. Edwin G. Moses. Gerard E. Ward. Iames E. Balderson. 4TH ROW- Iohn B. Kenny. Beniamin W. Mitchell. Arthur P. MacKenzie. Daniel M. Iano- wiak. Iose E. Rivera. Lawrence I. Knott. Louis T. Schwarzkopt. Iohn D. Dodge. Edwardo Leon. CLASS 1E lST ROW-Roger Saurusitis. Aubrey DuVal, Gruszcyski. Donald Driscoel. Brother Marcellus. Salvator Sales. Tom Franz. Andrew Kinsey. Michael Ray- mond. 2ND ROW-Oliver Mattson. Don- ald Gallagher. William Pohler. David Nueslein, Ioe Pteifler. Edward Wund- erer. Genard Madsen. Mike Clark. Charles Franzoni. George Grandy. SRD ROW-Ioe Lotz. Iames Perez. Robert Berigtold, Gilbert Griggs. Iohn Perez. Ioseph Wagner. Kenneth Mullinix. Fran- cis Curran, Donald Geary. Ronald Lange. Thomas Davidson. Louis Pernas. 4TH ROW-William Thompson. William Wiley, Ioseph Mettle. Charles Stutz. Iohn Barry, Paul Sharpley. Robert Steele. CLASS IF IST ROW-Gonzalez Suarez, William Iames. Hugo Vera. Ioseph Mannion. Brother Francis Ioseph. Leo Kolakowski. Eugene Noppenberger. Richard Seery. Iohn Berger. ZND ROW-Michael Doley. Clark Rosendale. Ioseph Ferrare. Ron- ald Tracy. Herman Amelung. Iohn Strickroth. Wayne Breslin. Philip Ban- non. Charles Beck. Frank Slcalski. 3RD ROW-Richard Ludlam. Michael Sneer- inger, Richard Brune. Herberto Salas. Stanley Sdanowich, Charles Hirsch. Iohn Grauer. Simon Palacious. Anthony Larichiuta. Charles Limmer. Iames Gib- bons. Iohn Warga. 4TH ROW-Paul Schultz. William Balser. Iames Bracken. Eugene Nieberlein. Edward Hoinacki. Edward Rutkowski. George O'Hara. Robert Grove. SOPH CLASS 1G 1ST ROW-Iohn Bromwell, Ioe Becker. Bill Sipes, Iohn King. Brother Randal, Iohn Benzing, Bill Howard, Bill Feder- line, Michael Benkert. ZND ROW-Iohn LeCompte. Donald Malone. Sal Mancari, Pedro Martinez, Ice Cudnik, Alfonso Pastrana, Robert Franz. Iohn Blake, lack Corbitt, and Andrew Smutny. 3RD ROW-George Morris. Andres Couselo. Donald Merrick, Charles Brocato, War- ren McMichael. George Benkerl, Ioe Byrne. Ed Stevens, Ed Cole, and George Horn. 4TH ROW--Charles McCormack, Iohn Smallwood, Iohn Dunworth, Louis Bernier, Frank Neuland, and Frank Bohannon. CLASS 2A IST ROW-Iohn Patrick, Dennis Gieron. Barry Silord, Gregory Hopkins, Brother Francis de Sales, Iohn Pavuk, Louis Schad, Richard Miller. Howard Griffin. ZND ROW-Donald Nohe, Charles Ray- nor, Charles Potthast, Perry Dashy, Harry Iones, Donald Burton, Cletus Hor- ner, Lawrence O'Neill, Ioseph Kelly. Robert Mrozinski. SRD ROW-Earl More rison, Ioseph Dix. Iohn Boeren, Eugene Stallings, Thomas Buckle, Ioseph Hart- nett, Thomas Strassner, Iames O'Hara. Rowland King, George Vaeth, Iames Kilchenstein. 4TH ROW-Leo Rollman, Gerard Winterling, Iames Skarda. CLASS 2B 1ST ROW-Ierome Carroll, Ralph Mel- ady, Ioseph Hemler, Iohn Roth, Brother Colombiere, Iohn Weber, Lawrence D'Orazio. Carl Trier, Vincent Wieman. ZND ROW-Nicholas Brandies, Gilbert Wheeler, Christopher Morganti, Gerard Gunning, Fred Feurer, Iohn Philibert. James Donohue. Anthony Kiggins, Rob- ert Benzing, Emile Mohler. 3RD ROW- Ronald Gamble, Thomas Evans. Ioseph Ferteita, Chas. Supit, William Costello, Iames Perry, Richard Lewandowski. Vincent Ingson, Iohn Peters. 4TH ROW -Charles Krause, Thomas Dushel, Fred- erick Walters, Iames Snyder, Michael Gibson, Timothy Hartzell, Mathew Pinto, Donald Shanahan. Frederick Cox. Car- roll Pycha. ENTHUSIASTS CLASS 2C IST ROW-Raymond Sigwart, Richard Thiessen, Edward Burkhardt, Edward Kelly, Brother Clarence, Frank Dickson, Richard Peach. William Cline. Iohn Yeager. ZND ROW-Iohn Martin, Io- seph Ellis, Ioseph Dorsey, Walter DuVall, Paul Buckmaster, Edward Dentz, Ferdinand De Angelis, Gordon Schwartz. Chairles Seibold, Iohn Bur- bank. 3RD ROW - Ioseph Coughlin, Iames Dunnigan, Iohn Donohue, Ede ward Hamilton. Paul Dougherty, Rich- ard Hall, Ronald Langis, William Cain, Iohn Wiegard. 4TH ROW-Donald Keck, Charles Becker, Iohn Violette, Ioseph Thomas, Herbert Greenwalt. Iames Young. CLASS 2D IST ROW-Pete Maldonado, Roy Quiros, Robert Hahn, Edward Bribben, Brother Guy, Vincent Guercio, Salvatore Butta, Robert Heath. 2ND ROW-Iohn Miller, Robert Stanford, Otto Eisemann. Lawrence Boyle, Richard Bonnett, Arthur Pettipas, Iohn Martin, Thomas Hirsch. Norbert Lutz, Carmen Libercci. 3RD ROW-Iohn Whelan, Iames Hopkins, Karl Maus, Eugene Denver, George Doyle Ronald Logan, Ralph Noe, Eu- gene Morris. Vincent Guercio, Donald Lauman, George McClintock, Edward Kelly. 4TH ROW-Iohn Conigliaro, George Romoser, Ed Budacz, Eugene Marsiglia, Thomas Keepers, Bernard Deinlein. Iames Goodwin, Gordon Zin- nert. CLASS 2E IST ROW-Dick Kreiner, Gab Kalski. George Mezardash, Ioe Romoser, Brother DePaul, Bob Sauter, Ioe Muftoletta, Iohn Votta, Bob Stachura. ZND ROW-Ierry Neuman, Richard Silanskas, lsadore Vaccarino, Bob Phannenstiel, Larry Schneider, Kenneth Osterman, David City, William Bannon. 3RD ROW- Leonard Fillmore, Philip Waskiewicz, Gene Bonner, Bob Keepers, Richard McMahon, Arthur Schier. Norman Bruder, 4TH ROW-Ray Paskiewicz. Bernie Hopkins, Sam Ammerman, Henry Schrank. JUNIOR CLASS ZF 1ST ROW-Bob Walterhoeier, Bob Smith, Charles McKenna, Ron Novak, Brother Ieliery, Frank Ferrin, Iohn Athman, Frank Zito, Donald Lehr. 2ND ROW- Iimmy Peabody, Steve Kopchinski, Iohn Lindner, Iohn Foley, Charles Gresdo, Bill Brennan, Ray Amtmann, Santo Pis- torio. GRD ROW--Edward Kaczmarek, Leo Ginski, Vince Smith, Bill McCoy, Tony Narutowicz, Carmen Cantalupo, Dick Kleintank. 4TH ROW-Iohn Bosse, Ioe Rolles, Tony Razauskas. CLASS 2G IST ROW-Michael Citro, Iames Gaske, Ioseph Eruqe, Charles Hull, Brother Alvin, Lloyd Gill, Robert Rasmussen, Paul Letrise, Daniel Mercer. 2ND ROW -Iames McCloskey, Iohn Ruszala, Fred- erick Zielinski, William Ziegler, Charles Endres, William Quinn, Bernard Vander- berg, Raymond Lambiasi. 3RD ROW- Karle Fox, Frank Tamburello, Charles Snyder, William Frazier, Earl Pope, Don- ald Willenburg, Robert Bacigalupa. 4TH ROW-Stanley Vitek, Iames Crad- dock, Milton Speroni, Donald Farley, Patrick Dufly. CLASS 3A IST ROW-Charles Kendierski, Ioseph Rutkowski, William Schwessinger, Ted Vogelgesang, Brother Elroy, Paul Ska- rupa, Ioseph Manz, Raymond Schul- meyer, Frank Kirby. ZND ROW-Iohn Crawford, Bill Goeller, Ierry Pessagno, Charles Warthen, Ioseph Wallis, Paul Gross, Paul Monaghan, Phil Barnes. Iames Wright, Thomas Shortley. SRD ROW-Iames Long, Ioseph Kvarda, Matthew Butta, Allred O'Ferrall, Iohn Fairbank, Edward Shipely, Richard Pin- iecki, Ralston Russell, Paul Boettinger. Frederick Rupp, Leo Clark, Iohn Walker. 4TH ROW-Ioseph Hunter, Ierry Mathai, Michael McHugh, Hal Sanks, Ioseph Hughes, Thomas Bailey, Paul Scheel, Richard Novak, Iohn Strube. I Q 4' 1 . I1 lg I-W O " 'ef if Us 'if if E1 f ff f Q ' , u A ,Q gs! . Q ff' f t an r 'f f" 9??'5F'4Qfffm fu R t,:' , , L , J V, 5, E 1 i I S ,- . 29 1 T! M 56 146.5 ,ul F , :P Q54 fr' si , xi 3 Sa ! ' P?g'w Q" , S . My new 1 43? A ' v vkvb T 5 Q3 5? 5 5539 in fer B Q . . :V if .25 -vt w. Y 'f ' S Y 1 " Q V f X 5 f X Q- 1 599, 5 4 -wx xiii' .sf - we X Q F YW. ff' M ff? 'Q' if-asia Q . 4 H 3 . :lg Q Q M . W A HJ, W 594.9 wgf, 'yu f' '1 ' fc, 23 .1 , . ,, shi- A ' . if W- V . 2 :f3f'9.,3 v 'Y' M' L ,iz .lan M Kilrpw, y I f vi 5 ' 9. Jsgfsf.f,,,,fJ- ggi V ' ' f . P.. fl- AQ! x A ,I .Q f 'lla Rl ' I f ,Q U ,U . - KK, vi if s EQ I wg? M 'X f H XA ,Qs 6 'G Ni 1 ug' r K i, 1 ' v v A qt yin . fi , . . - " 3 ' 5533 L f I ' ,f?.'f'ff .f Q 1 9 Qt' ,:. - , Q 15" ,F e fu.: 3557 rf, W?- 3 . ' -gm.: .,..:I"'- '-"-"NL f I' . .rw W- A-- dH1p..' -W-'fzcrh---Q, 5 -- ' gm K-,Q-yi., W, - -- .,..,, W M ' 'iw-11,-Jef' 1, mb., , ., W -..un -F... T :J-3g::..'x-13, : , g.:'J'2:'1'-ggvvwr-... .43 In-1: ....:5't':., f"':,.., 1.2 A """"'M W-"'..m-N-'M ww-H fn MN- : tri' ,vg .T-rz...""M-......'--, EXECUTIVES CLASS 3E IST ROW-Robert Kohles, George Flury, Adolph Siedlecki, Charles Kobal, Brother Lambert, Richard Vandoren, Iohn Steudl, Frank Vicchio. Ioseph Kar- cewski. ZND ROW-Gerald Cherry, Ioseph Antkowiak, Walter Weber, Pat- rick McColgan, Ronald Wintermute, Anthony Oleszczuk, Charles Bauer. Wil- lard Rykowski, Iames Paulus. Dalton Selvage. GRD ROW--William Kirkner. George Feher, Iohn Devany, William Bullington. Iohn Yoncha, Iohn Uhler. Edward Sappinqton. 4TH ROW-An- drew Tippett, George Marks, Charles Adelman, George Bahnline, Frederick Diehlmann. Albert Moxley. CLASS 3F lST ROW-Robert Thommen, George Saurer, Iohn Sandowich, Norbert Gole- biewski, Brother Conon, Francis Boeck- man. Edwin Rhoades, Ioseph Rosen- berger, and Leo Behr. 2ND ROW- Carl Day, Francis Campbell. Edward Yaeger, Gerard Hessler, Bernard Rott- man, Ioseph Miller, Robert Bauer, Al- bert Dabrowski. SRD ROW-Francis Marshall, George Maex, William Meier, Donald Siliski, Walter Schenninq, Iohn Goeller, Donald Childs, Francis Catter- lon. CLASS 3G 1ST ROW-Stanley Price, Harry Ham- mann, Iohn Edelen, Warren Dodd, Brother Paulus, Iohn Kirby, Andrew Rusnak, Russell Hall, Iohn Ritter-man. 2ND ROW-Ralph Iavins, Frederick Eik- enberg, William Hladky, Stephen Krupnik. Ioseph Cydylo, Thomas Mc- Mullen, Walter Hungelman, Iames Harding. 3RD ROW-Iohn Mclntee, Iay Grewe, Terence Rosko, Neal Scully. Ioseph Lorenz, Zack Fowler, Iames Burke. 4TH ROW-Albert Izner, Iohn Meredith, William Staley. Thomas O'Connor. Francis Bernier, Eugene Horn. SENIOR LEADERS William D. Stallings President Edward F. Clarke Richard I. Stacharowski Donald E. Giese Vice Presideni Secretary Treasurer I HZ! Slater! WIDE-EYED 2D-Robert Hahn gives "ot't'the-record" demonstration of concentration as Eugene Denver and Ed Budacz get that dreamy look right after English class. MICHAEL A. ALTIERE. Academic. ST. AMBROSE . . . "Mike" prac tically lives in Ocean City . . . one of the Pimlico crew . . . played cub football and baseball , . . "Hey Bunky, got the algebra?" . . . favors football, math and blondes . . . 4529 Pimlico Rd., 15. IOSEPH I. ARES. General. SACRED HEART . . . "loe" cavorted for the varsity footballers for 3 years . . . Varsity Pitcher 2, 3, 4 . . . biggest thrill was scoring first touchdown against Patterson . . hopes to become pro ballplayer . . . 615 S. Savage St., 24. HERBERT I. ARNOLD. Academic. ST. BERNARDINE . . . "Herb" was a dance committee member 3, 4 . . . CSMC 2, 3, 4 . . . one of those West Baltimore boys . , . still remembers the Prom . . . hopes to enter U. of Maryland . . . 751 Edgewood St., 29. RICHARD A. AVERSA. General. ST. CHARLES . . . "Dick" was a 4 year member of the CSMC . . . Notre Dame rooter . . . Biggest thrill was making the honor roll . . . leans toward drawing . . . 5908 Marnet Rd., 8. RICHARD T. BAKER. General. ST. KATHERINE . . . "Bun" was a Gael booter in his 4th year . . . CSMC l, 2, 3 . . . seen with Cossen- E. ALAN BALL. General. ST. BENEDICT . . . "Al" liked to cavort in a baseball diamond . . . jayvee baseball 1, 2 . . . varsity base- ball 4 . . . biggest thrill was Senior Prom . . . Prefers tenpins over duckpins . . . 519 Millington Ave., 23. RALPH H. BEAM. Academic. MONASTERY . . . "Ralph" was a member of the Gael band for 4 years . . . varsity track 3, 4 . . . CSMC . . . Glenn Miller fan . . . partial to Lana Turner and roast turkey . . . 103 S. Kossuth St., 29. IOI-IN E. BANNON. Academic. MONASTERY , . . "l.B." was INKPOT editor and sports editor of the OUILL . . . varsity swimming 1, 2 . . . little Gael football 2 . . . dramatics 4 . . . Student Council 3 . . . CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . artist . . . 206 Athol Ave., 29. THOMAS E. BARRETT. General. ST. MARK . . . A Catonsville lad, "Stubs" was a YMCA pugilist . . . sincere and ambitous . . . "This ought to be interesting" . . . put in a year at football and swimming . . . rabid mystery fan . . . 17 Maple Ave., 28. ALOYSIUS S. BAUER. General. As a senior "Bunky" was prexy of the "Kappa Chi" . . . residents frat . . . CSMC 1, 2, 3 . . . six- tino and Ares . . . "Yeal Moe Baby" . . . loyal Gael rooter . . . man football 2, 3, 4 . . . Kappa Chi 2, 3, 4 . . . 1853 Monroe St., 1237 N. Potomac St., 13. Washington 10, D. C. ALTIERE ARES ARNOLD AVERSA BAKER BALL BANNON BARRETT BAUER BEAM HARRY A. BECKER. Academic. MONASTERY , . . "lohn" played varsity basketball in junior year . . . partial to lND . . . claims chemistry as favorite subject . . . favorite pastime is carving , . . 4223 Potter St., 29. DAVID E. BETZ. Academic. ST. URSULA . . . "Dave" was an an Gag s CAR NUMBER, PLEASE-The boys are taking no chances of losing that habit of noting the conductor's number as they get aboard for the return trip across town. GEORE M. BOWLING. Academic. "Gawage" played six man foot- ball . . . track . . . favors Guy Lombardds orchestra . . . best dish steak . . . biggest thrill being moved from "F" to "A" . . . "Now you know" . . . l-lughesville, Md. PATRICK T. BOYLE. General. ST. RITA , . . "Pancho" was in ardent CSMC man 2, 4 . . . "1 ain't got no . . . " . . . likes straw- CSMC . . . collects match covers . . . biggest thrill-Prom . . . favor- berry cake . . . favors baseball and basketball . . . sticks with the ite song "Begin the Beguinen . . . likes chicken . . . favors Artie "Cards" . . . English fan . . . 3022 Taylor Ave., 14. Shaw . . . "Do it Dadio" . . . 6802 Dunbar Rd., 22. MARION E. BIELATOWICZ. General. ST. STANISLAUS . . . "Mar" SALVATORE I. BROCATO. General. ST. AMBROSE . . . "Sal" played WGS CSMC HIGH 1, 2. 3 . . . hODes to be draftsman . . . student football and baseball . . . best actress Esther Williams . . . thrilled COL1I1CilOrS 2 . . . likes mashed potatoes Cmd meat-balls . S9r1lOr when Mount beat the Puts , , , "Whats your story?" , , , 4036 Park prom committee . . . 719 S. Montsford Ave., 24. Heights Ave., 15. FREDERICK E. BOESSEL. General. STAR OF THE SEA . . . "Burr" GILBERT F. BROWN. Business English. HOLY CROSS . . . "Gil" was a three year CSMC man . . . jayvee basketball l, 2 . . , varsity was a member of CSMC . . . played in the band 1, 2, 3 . . . likes basketball 3, 4 . . . "Pat and Bills" . . . likes swimming . . . favors Harry lames . . . sways to "Stardust" . . . favors Bill Shakespeare Glen Miller . , . Notre Dame . . . 1638 Belt St., 30. . . . 1435 Covington Ave., 30. IOHN I. BOSLEY. Academic. ST. EDWARD . . . "lack" played LAWRENCE F. BRUDER. General. ST. ANDREW . . , "Larry" was varsity football . . . favorite song "National Anthem" . . likes a prom committeeman 3, 4 , . . CSMC l, 2, 3 . . . Student Council 4 Sammy Kaye's band . . . CSMC 1, 2, 3 . . . "Thats bad" . 2707 . . . MOUNT TOWER 3 . . . favors Southern and fried chicken . . . W. Mosher St., 16. 518 N. Washington St., 5. BECKER BETZ BIELATOWICZ BOESSEI. BOSLEY BOWLING BOYLE BROCATO BROWN BRUDER 89 .4 QM.: ww.. .1.'.....e..4 Game FOOTBALL MANAGERS-Otto Vanberberq, Tom O'Connor, Iohn Synder show up in iorrnals after a hectic season of cleats. mud, and 4' 'W , victory. If LEO I. BRUNE. General. ST. ELIZABETH . . . "Lee" cavorted as a DONALD R. CAMPBELL. Business English. 14 HOLY MARTYRS . . . Varsity soccerman 3, 4 . . . Student Council 4 . . . cub football 1 "Soup" played varsity lacrosse and soccer . . . three years in CSMC . . . "C1adzooksl" . , . partial to Sammy Kaye and "With My Eyes . . . soft on Doris Day and "1 Can Dream Can't 1" . . . spends money Wide Open" . . . 646 S. Streeper St., 24. on banana cream pie . . . 1720 W. Lombard St., 23. PATRICK K. CARROLL. Academic. ASCENSION . . . "Pat" is three letter man . . . football, hockey, lacrosse . . . CSMC 1, 2, 3 . . . swing and sway with Sammy Kaye . . . "That's bad" . . . partial RINALDO I. BUCCI. Business English. ST. AMBROSE . . . "Butch" played on the varsity lacrosse team 3, 4 . . . jayvee 1, 2 . . . jay- vee soccer 1, 2 . . . sandlot baseball and football . . . "Play it Cool., h I ' 3722 Spaulding Ave.. 15. to lane Russell . . . jumps to Hlohnson Rag" . . . 4415 Linden Ave., 27. CHARLES I., BURKE, Buginegs English, GQQD COUNSEL , , , IOSE V. CASTILLO. Academic. Resident . . . "There" WGS in CSMC "Chr-1r1ey" 15 gn IND fqn , , , CSMC 2, 3 , , , Cub bqskgtbqll Gnd and Kappa Chi . . . played resident varsity baseball and basketball baseball 1 . . . "Ya Know" . . . Charlie Spivak's "Stardust" sends . . . "Que te PCSU G fi" - - - enioys SSSIUQ AVG Gflfdflef - - . bi0lOQY him . . . history tan . . . 1427 Hull St., 30, bug . . . favors Rafael Hernandez . . . Santurce, Puerto Rico. THOMAS W. CHRISTIAN. Academic. ASCENSION . . . "Tom" was Missionman three years . . . qolt 3, 4 . . . Tommy Dorsey and Elizabeth Taylor . . . "April Showers" sends him and steak brinqs him back . . . longs for a career in chemistry . . . 1815 Park Ave., 27. IOHN F. BURKE. Academic. LITTLE FLOWER . . . "lack" offici- ated as student council judge 4 . . . CSMC 1, 3, 4 . . . Carl Hamil- ton enthusiast . . . "l've seen a better head on a qlass of beer" . . . likes Al Capp . . . 3423 Lyndale Ave., 13. DAVID F. CALDER. General. ST. IEROME . . . "Frank" was a four MICHAEL B. CLARK. General .... "Mickey" saw varsity action year member of the CSMC . . . likes to hear "Some Enchanted with the qridders as quarterback and as second sacker for the bina- Eveninqw . . . Guy Lombardo . . . roots for St. Louis Cardinals . . . lers . . . qot a kick out oi the trip to New York with the football enjoys playing pool and baseball . . . 1180 Cleveland Ave., 30. squad . . . 714 Sylvan Ave., Cumberland, Maryland. BRUNE BUCCI BURKE, C. BURKE. I. CALDER CAMPBELL CARROLL CASTILLO CHRISTIAN CLARK. M. 90 a! Qaeh, Qc! GAEL DRIVE-lt was support from spirited guys and gals like these that sent the Gael tornado rolling. You must be there! WILLIAM M. CLARK. Academic. MONASTERY . . . "Bill" is another EDWARD F. CORMIER. General. ALL SAINTS . . . "Ed" played of the Monastery crew . . . modest . . . CYO basketball and base- both varsity football and hockey . . . three year man in CSMC . . . 19611 - - . SBSH with Elliott - - . CSMC 1. 2. 3. 4 - - . G1'1iOYed the caters to football, lunch, and Mark Twain . . . lacrosse 2, 3, 4 . . . 24-0 defeat of Patterson . . . 23 S. Monastery Ave., 29. 3609 Ferndale Ave., 7. BERNARD A. GLECKNER. General ..,. "Chesley" was a member FRANK F. COSSENTINO. Academic. ST. LEO . . . "Moe" pole of the prom committee . . . CSMC l, 2, 3, 4 . . . favors Seton and vaulted for varsity track . . . member of student council and CSMC puttering in the garden . . . could eat cheese forever . . . likes . . . soft on Tommy Dorsey, Betty Grable, and football . . . Spaghetti swimming . . . Sunset Beach, Pasadena, Maryland. and meatballs . . . 913 Eastern Ave., 2. LEONARD A. CLEMENTS. Academic .... "Gene" is a baseball WILLIAM R. CRAWFORD. Academic. ST. AMBROSE . . . "Bill" was fan . . . roots for the Cardinals . . . enjoyed winning pool tourna- varsity center in his third and fourth years and pitched for the ment . . . CSMC 2, 3 . . . collects stamps and likes chemistry . . . varsity nine . . . would give up a meal for Biology and Louie Prima Ben Alton, Maryland. . . . 2859 W. Garrison Ave., 15. EDWARD W. COLBOURN. Academic. ST. lOSEPH . . . "Saint" was LOUIS D. CROCETTI. Academic. ST. IOSEPH . . . "Crow" is a a four year CSMC man . . . ran track and cross country 3 years Dodger fan . . . Cubs 1 . . . dramatics 1 . . . enjoys dancing to . . . likes lohnny Long, Doris Day, and Pie a-la-mode . . . 1433 Woody Herman's music . . . reads Edgar Allan Poe . . . "Let's go" William St., 30. . . . 210 Warren Ave., 30. IOHN C. COOLAHAN. General. ASCENSION . . . "Ham" played FRANCIS R. CROKE. Commercial. HOLY CROSS . . . "Frank" both jayvee and varsity soccer . . . CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . partial played on the varsity soccer team as a senior . . . jayvee 3 . . . to History and tuna fish . . . Prom committee . . . "Canon Ares" "Sentimental Me" sends him . . . likes football . . . "Who's got . . . 4928 Leeds Ave., 27. the History?" . . . 1129 Riverside Ave., 30. CLARK CLECKNER CLEMENTS COLBOURN COOLAHAN CORMIER COSSENTINO CRAWFORD CROCETTI CROKE 9I My, Bal Qaa .Zack '7m2z' ! IUNIOR FORE SOME-Bob Bullinqton and Charles Bauer with their lovely dates here turn on the charm at the Elks Club on the occa- sion of the Iunior Prom. WILLIAM N. CUMMINS. Academic. SACRED HEART . . . "Bill" FRANK C. DeBOUSE. General. ST. AMBOSE , . . "Debo" goes is a chemistry addict . . . CSMC 2 . . . favors Tommy Dorsey, for submarine sandwiches and lane Russell . . . varsity football 4 noodle soup and Zane Grey . . , softball fan . . . "lt's imma- . . . CSMC 3, 4 . . . "How 'bout that!" . . . biggest thrill was being terial" . . . 3l3 S. Streeper St., 24. on the football team that beat Patterson . . . 3317 St. Ambrose Ave., 15. CONRAD E. CZYZ. General. HOLY ROSARY . . . "Conrad" was in the CSMC for four years . . . leans toward Freddy Martin, Iune Allyson . . . sold on football and French-iried potatoes . . . BERNARD I. DEMSKI. Academic. GOOD COUNSEL . . . "Densie" was varsity soccer goalie 3, 4 . . . senior prom committee . . . "no H1 dong give G Continental.. 10 North Ann St 31 place like Locust Point" . . . baby sitter deluxe . . . biggest thrill was ' E ' H l shutting out 9 of ll soccer opponents . . . l4ll Reynolds St., 30. EUGENE W' EMEEY' Academic' MONASTEEY - - ' "Reds" likes GILBERT E. DEVAUGHN. General. sr. ANTHONY . . . "Gil" was Q to listen to Guy Lombardo's combo . . . jayvee football 2 . . favors basketball and the Bullets . . . "Enjoy Yourself" . student Councilor as a frosh . . . CSMC 2 . . . cub baseballer . . . Yankee fan . . . goes for Fred Waring and spaghetti and meat- "l-low about that!" . . . 4716 Frederick Ave., 29. balls 5008 Eugene Ave, 6- IOHN I- D'AMICO- Business English- ST. LEO . . . "Bud John" ROBERT A. DE VAUGHN. Business English. ST. ANTHONY . . . cavorted for the varsity soccerites in his senior year . . , CSMC "Bob" WGS in the CSMC for three , 4 , jqyvee third Sqckgf 2, 3 , , , lf 2' 3 - - - lOV9S lo GGHCG ' - - blqqesl lllfllls Were Senior Prom goes for lanet Leigh . . . savors chicken and history . . . "Call Of Und wirminq the SOCCGI' title - - - 9l9 Eflslefn AVG-I 2- The Wild Goose" . . . favors baseball . . . 5008 Eugene Ave., 6. CHARLES A. DEBELIUS. Academic. LITTLE FLOWER . , . "Chuck" IOSEPH W. DIETRICH. Academic. LITTLE FLOWER . . . "Bill" is one was editor of the OUILL . . . reporter l, 3 . . . debating team l, 2, 3, of those sandlot football adherents . . . CSMC 2, 3 . . . "l'll bet" . . . 4 . . . elecutionist l, 2, 3, 4 . . . cheerleader l, 2, 3, 4 . . . yearbook ice skating enthusiast . . . medical profession beckons . . . biggest 3, 4 . . . CSMC l, 2, 3, 4 . . . dramatics 3, 4 . . . 2700 Pelham Ave., 13. thrill was graduation . . . 3226 Kenyon Ave., 13. CUMMINS CZYZ DAILEY D'AMICO DEBELIUS DEBROUSE DEMSKI DE VAUGHAN DE VAUGHAN DIETRICH 92 Zffhal, M1 Smile, 1 B ? IUNIOR SOCIALITES-Iohn Doran. Thomas McMullen, Ralph Iavins and their dates prove that pronouncing the word "Cheese" does have very pleasing results. GEORGE F. DIETZ. Academic. ST. MICHAEL, OVERLEA . . . "Petie" CHARLES F. ENDRES. General. LITTLE FLOWER . . . "Buck" was hails from Overlea . . . usually seen with Phillips and Hook . . . a four CSMC man . . . cub football . . . lists his hobby as girls . . . Bullet fan . . . aspires to chemistry . . . member of the 2:40 club . . . prefers math and claims to have lost sleep over it . . . 2808 May- 3800 Overlea Ave., 6. field Ave., 13. CHARLES E. DVORAK. Academic. ST. CLEMENT . . . "Gene" was BERNARD E. ENIS. General. ST. EDWARD . . . "Bernie" was active a band member for four years . . . Band drum major 2, 3, 4 . . . all four years in both the CSMC and the band . . . "Harry is will. "Mother Hubbard" . . . Notre Dame rooter . . . biggest thrill was ing" . . . clings to traditional roast beef . . . bowling enthusiast . . . playing his first concert . . . 8031 Old Philadelphia Rd., 8. 2528 W. Lafayette Ave., 16. FERDINAND W. EAST. General. ST. CHARLES . . . "Ferdie" was ANDREW P. EPIFANIO. General. SS. PHILIP AND IAMES . . . a CSMC member during his first three years . . . hails from out "Eppi" was a three year Mission man . . . lists his hobby as danc- Pikesville way . . . goes for blondes, especially one from Seton . . . ing, preferably to the music of Harry Iames . . . baseball and biggest thrill was the prom . . . 2 Sudbrook Lane, 8. chicken . . . Yankee fan . . . 4l2 Fawcet St., ll. GERALD H. EIKENBERG. Academic. ST. DOMINIC . . . "Ike" ca- EUGENE F. FAFAUL. General. ST. ELIZABETH . . . "Faith" took vorted for the Varsity boaters in his senior year . . . hails from out an active part in the CSMC, playing in the orchestra three years . . . Hamilton way . . . "What he say" . . . will always remember those amateur song writer . . . next to himself, likes Stan Kenton best math classes . . . 5403 Grindon Ave., 14. . . . hopes for a musical career . . . 3320 McElderry St., 5. IEROME D. ELLIOTT. Academic. ST. PATRICK . . . "Irv" was a MELVIN E. FAUBLE. General. MONASTERY . . . "Mel" held a berth tackle on the '49 championship squad . . . played jayvee soccer . . . on the jayvee baseball team as a sophomore . . . lists the St. Louis "The Cry of the Wild Goose" sets him jumping . . , "Mother Hub- Cardinals and Harry Iames as favorites . . . "Who's got the home- bard" . . . 239 S. Collington Ave., 31. work?" . . . I0 S. Culver St., 29. DIETZ DVORAK EAST EIKENBERG ELLIOTT ENDRES ENIS EPIFANIO FAFAUL FAUBLE 93 DANIEL W. FILLMORE. Business English. SS. PHILLIP AND IAMES , . . "Dangerous Dan" is carefree, always smiling . . . jayvee la- crosse 1, 2 . . . Student Council 2 . . . favors school revolution . . . drools over fried chicken . . . 2735 Miles Ave., ll. CHARLES P. FINN. General. ST. ELIZABETH . . . "Pat" spent a three year hitch in the Marine Corp Reserve Band and also three years in the Gael band . . . jayvee lacrosse 2 . . . varsity lacrosse 3, 4 "How 'bout that" . . . 4ll N. Clinton St., 24. SALVATORE I. FIORIGLIO. Academic. OUR LADY OF POMPEII . . . "Frig" picks photograph as a hobby . . . Camera Club 1, 2 . . CSMC l, 2 . . . indulges in thinking a great deal . . . "gods" . . 317 S. Highland Ave., 24. WILLIAM A. FOLL. General. SACRED HEART . . . "Babe" hails from Highlandtown and wants to be an electrical engineer . . . CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . iayvee track 1, 2 . . . little Gael football 2 . . . listens to the sweet music of Guy Lombardo . . . 706 S. Curley St., 24. IULIAN A. FORREST. Academic. ST BERNARD . . . Iulian was a trosh member of the debating squad . . . engaged in drarnatics 1, 2 . . . a mission man l, 2, 3 . . . genuine radio tan . . . favors pota- toes and Arlene Dahl . . . 2635 Cecil Ave., 18. Befaae 7fne .'25cuf'4 guide STUDENT DEVOTION-Vince Rallo. Ed Colburn and Bernard Demski are here caught by the camera during the popular First Friday mass at the Monastery. PAUL I. FORTIER. General. OUR LADY OF MT. CARMEL . . . Paul spent three years in the CSMC . . . still remembers that lirst trip to jug . . . goes for Artie Shaw, banana cream pie and girls . . . 303 Townsend Ave., 2l. DANIEL M. FRANK. Business English. ST. PATRICK . . . "Crow" was a crusade man 2, 3 . . . played cub football as a frosh . . . plays pool and football . . . roots for the Colts . . . listens to King Draper . . . 409 S. Regester St., 31. WILLIAM T. GALLAGHER. General. LITTLE FLOWER . . . "Dock" played jayvee football as a frosh, spent three years on the varsity . . . jayvee track 1, varsity tarck 2, 3, 4 . . . rates the senior year as his biggest thrill . . . 4006 Parkside Drive, 6. MELVIN 5. GARCZYNSKI. Academic. ST. STANISLAUS . . . "Mel" was a mission man all tour years . . . member of junior prom com- mittee 3 . . . midget football l, 2 . . .really enjoyed those Spanish classes . . . 806 S. Port St., 24. HUGH C. GARDINER. Academic .... "Hugh" was a pole vaulter for tour years on the track squad . . . CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . six-man football 3, 4 . . . student council 1 . . . resident . . . Kappa Chi frat . . . Faulkner, Maryland. FILLMORE FINN FIORIGLIO FOLL FORREST FORTIER FRANK GALLAGHER GARCZYNSKI GARDINER rqlfenlean, .fcufalal fi! LAST HONORS-Students and volunteer pallbearers get set to bestow appropriate wake ceremonies on Loyola before our varsity trampled them 34-0 on the way to the State Crown. FRANCIS A. GAYO. Business English. SACRED HEART . . . "Frank" WILLIAM N. GILL. General. ST. IAMES . . . "Bill" was on active was a student councilor in his senior year . . , CSMC l . . . cub member of the CSMC for four years . . . student council 1, 2, 3, 4 football l . . . "I Can Dream Can't I?" . . . partial to bookkeeping, . . . jayvee football 2 . . . varsity wrestling 4 . . . member of the Poe . . . 311 S. Newkirk St., 24. senior prom committee . . . 1024 McCleer St., 2. LAWRENCE X. GEIPE. Academic. ST. MARK . . . "Larry" was in RAYMOND I. GILNER. General. ST. BRIGID . . . "Bud" claims his the CSMC for four years . . . football dance committee 3, 4 . . . biggest thrill was graduation . . . CSMC 2, 3 . . . cub football 1, 2 favorite sport is football . . . likes steak, English, pool and Notre . . . Little Gael football 2 . . . "I-leck No" . . . ardent Bullet fan . . . Dame . . . 900 N. Rolling Rd., 28. 2714 Elliott St., 24. RICHARD W. GEISENDAFFER. Academic. ST. BRIGID . . . "Goose" C. IOSEPH GIULIANI. General .... "Ioe", a resident, sang in the was varsity fullback for the soccer team 3, 4 . . . cub football 1 . . . glee club for three years . . . six-man football 1, 2, 3 . . . basket- enjoys sweet potatoes, Poe, Tex Beneke . . . "I Can Dream, Can't I?" ball 2 . . . CSMC l, 2, 3, 4 . . . Spike Iones fan . . . "You fool, you!" . . . 424 Folcroft St., 24. . . . 3619 Patterson St., Washington 15, D. C. FRANCIS I. GEPPI. General. ST. IOI-IN . . . "Jeep" played jayvee LEWIS P. GLODEK. Academic. LITTLE FLOWER . . . "Lew" was and varsity football 1, 2, 3 . . . track 1, 2, 3 . . . student council 1, 2 goalie on the hockey team as a senior . . . wrestling l, 2 . . . . . . favors football, English and Mark Twain . . . "It's Magic" . . . CSMC 1, 2, 3 . . . rabid Fred Waring enthusiast . . . partial to 647 W. Fayette St., 1. hockey, chemistry . . . 4311 Sheldon Ave., 6 . ROBERT I. GERSTUNG. Academic. ST. ELIZABETH . . . "Buns" swam ROBERT M. GOETZ. Academic. ST. DOMINIC . . . "Bob" played the 150 medley on the swimming team for four years . . . jayvee varsity halfback for the soccer team as a senior . . . jayvee lacrosse 2 lacrosse 2, 3 . . . student council 4 . . . served on the senior prom . . . cub football, baseball and basketball 1 . . . "I-low about that!" committee . . . 2708 Orleans St., 24. . . . 3504 Southern Ave., 14. GAYO GEIPE GEISENDAI-'PER GEPPI GERSTUNG GILL GILNER GIULIANI GLODEK GOETZ 95 Men af fbadlinclian SENIOR PROMENADERS-Charlie McGuire and Don Sacha parade their lovely dates who seem to be smiling iust for the camera. ARTHUR D. GOODWIN. Academic. ST. DOMINIC . . . "Bud" was an honor student for four years . . . CSMC 3 . . . student council 1 . . . enjoys rnath, fried chicken and O'1-lenry . . . "You're a real gone Dad!" . . . 3011 Fleetwood St., 14. ROBERT T. GRAUER. Academic. ST. EDWARD . . . "Bob" was year- book photographer for four years . . . OUILL 3, 4 . . . camera club prexy . . . favors Connie, chemistry and cameras . . . "Go de bed!" . . . 2832 W. Lanvale St., 16. IAMES C. GREENWELL. Academic. IMMACULATE CONCEPTION . . . "Bob" ranks among the four year missionmen . . . served on junior prom committee . . . picks Latin, basketball, and Al Capp as favorites . . . 206 Gaywood Rd., 12. THOMAS E. GRIFFITH. Academic. MONASTERY . . . "Grif'f" was a Councilor in his junior year . , . likes Notre Dame football, Ralph Flanigan, chemistry, steak and ham . . . 401 Rosecroft Ter., 29. RICHARD I. GROSS. Academic. LITTLE FLOWER . . . "Rich" is an active member of St. Dom1nic's drum and bugle corps . . . partial to biology and all food . . . four years CSMC man . . . 2886 Ken- tucky Ave., 13. IOSEPH M. HAGEI.. General. ST. RITA . . . "joe" lists his hobby as wine, woman, and song . . , clrools at Ave Gardner's curves and Frankie Carle's chords . . . 1977 Snyder Ave., 22. IOSEPH F. HAIN. Academic. ST. EDWARD . . . "Ice" was city- wide vice president of the CSMC in his fourth year . . . yearbook staff and senior dance committee . . . leans to Iohnny Long and history . . . 3038 Presstman St., 16. EDWARD F. HAINKE. Business English. ST. CECELIA . . . "Ed" was a mission man . . . an INKPOT cartoonist . . . likes dances, girls and hotrods . . . enjoys softcrabs, root beer and Lisabeth Scott . . . "l'l1 see ya" . . . 2304 Ellamont St., 16. EDWARD I. HANDRON. Academic. TROY, N. Y .... Ed was a resident scholar from the Empire State with a relish for sports and medicine . . . saw action in 1.V. football and basketball and found proms interesting . , . Holy Cross and medicine are his targets . . . 160 Oakwood Ave., Troy, N. Y. RUSSELL W. HARPER. General. ST. ELIZABETH . . . "Russ" was a senior and junior prom committeeman . . . CSMC all four years . . . student council 4 . . . hobby is girls from Seton . . . roots for Notre Dame and Navy . . . 1701 Summit Ave., 6. GOODWIN GRAUER GREENWELL GRIFFITH GROSS HAGEL HAIN HAINKE HANDRON HARPER Ely Ziff:-eeh In We! PUBLICITY CORPS-The big wheels oi the "Quill". Ice Kantorski and Chuck Debelius combine with yearbook editors. Ray O'Donnell and Bob Grauer to make this a true public-relations' photo. HAROLD R. HARTGE. General. ST. EDWARD . . . "Babe" grappied DONALD H. HERBERT. Academic. ASCENSION . . . "Herb" was a tor the varsity wrestlers 3, 4 . . . CSMC . . . "Got any money?" . . . member oi the junior and senior dance committees . . . CSMC l listens to Glenn Miller . . . favors English, Notre Dame and ice 2, 3, 4 . . . cub football l . . . pals with Geipe . . . hopes to be an cream . . . 1423 Poplar Grove St., 16. electrical engineer . . . 1219 Circle Drive, 27. LEO L. r-min. General. sr. WENCESLAUS . . . "Worm" got e thrill IOSFPH H' HOBAN' G?"e"'1' ST' BERNARD "" Hoboll managed . . . varsity baseball and midget football as a soph . . . good natured out of seeing the pigskinners bowl over Patterson . . . CSMC 3 . . . 4 , . . . . ,. . . . . . likes ham and cabbage . . . makes a hobby of saving football Esther Williams ian . . . gets a kick out of Spike lories . . . Aint it the qremesy, 3024 E Monument St 5 programs . . . hopes to run a hardware store . . . 944 Montpelier ' ' ' ' " ' St., 18. ROBERT W. HEINLEIN. General. ST. WENCESLAUS . . . "Bob" ADRIAN I- HOFFMAN- Academic- ST WENCESLAUS - - - 'WHOH' played center on the jayvee hockey team for three years . . . CSMC WGS G member Of The bflfld in his S0PhOm0T9 YGGT - - - makes C1 1, 2, 3 A . . jqyvee track 1 , . I Segn with P4-muskg , . . enjoys fggd, hobby of aeronautics . . . tinkers with radios . . . herpetology irep drawing and Shakespeare . . . 905 N. Linwood Ave., 5. 111951 ill his SPGTG time - - - 2008 Ashlmid AVQH 5- OSEPH S. HOGG. R. A d ' . ST. BERNARDINE . . . "Sh ' DONALD R. HELINSKI. Academic. ST. STANISLAUS . . . "Don" wee I I I cu mm ., . . ep. , was a member of the 2.40 club . . . Navy tan . . . Whats it to ya! business manager of the yearbook statt . . . prefers Lana Turner . . . . . . .g , , , , . . . goes for chemistry, ice cream and Esther Williams , . . 702 N follows the Bullets and the Fighting lrish . . . 1725 Aliceanna St., 32. Augusta Ave., 29. IOHN E. HENNICK. Academic. ST. ELIZABETH . . . "led" was on AUGUSTINE L. HOOK. Academic. LITTLE FLOWER . . . "Gus" is the senior and junior prom dance committees . . . jayvee hockey 3 one oi those Belair Road boys . . . cub baseball 1 . . . student council . . . CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . also served on the Football Dance committee 2 . . . seen with Phillips and Dietz Dodger tan . . . Supt. Home . . 513 N. Highland Ave., 5. Clifton Park, 13. HARTGE HEID HEINLEIN HELINSKI HENNICK HERBERT HOBAN HOFFMAN HOGG HOOK 97 t funk, 7lff1.a'4 .faagfninqf WHATS NEXT?-Dan Raflerty. Ioe Phillips and Ed Novak are seen ready for most anything as they leave the Emerson Hotel after the Senior Prom, and get ready lor the next stop. WILLIAM I.. IARBOE. General. ST. BERNARDINE . . . "Bill" roamed the pastures for the varsity binqlers for three years . . . jayvee base- ball . . . jayvee football 2 . . . Yankee fan . . . 628 Wicklow Rd., 29. WILLIAM H. IUNG. Academic. ST. BENEDICT . . . "Sweetie Pie" is a model train enthusiast . . . "Arnold did it" , . , Red Sox fan . . . biqqest thrill was 240 victory over Patterson . . . 2702 Wilkens Ave., 23. IOHN F. KADLUBOWSKI. Academic. ST. AMBRCSE ...' lack" ran for the varsity track and cross-country squads . . . cub baseball and football l . . . CSMC 3 . . . "Now you know!" seen with Pulitano . . . 3304 Belvedere Ave., 15. IOSEPH F. KAMMERER. Academic. SACRED HEART . . . "Fritz" was voted the best singer in 4B . . , entertained at assemblies . . . all around Red Shield athlete . . . CSMC 3 . . . intends to take up sinqinq as a career . . . 3310 Hudson St., 24. IOSEPH T. KANTORSKI. Academic. ST. BRIGID . . . "lee" was feature editor of the OUILL . . . debated four years . . . elecution Contest 2, 3, 4 . . . oratorical contest l, 2, 3, 4 . . . cheerleader 2, 3, 4 . , . vice president ol student council 4 . . . 930 S. East Ave., 24. HOPKINS HOHNER HUNT HUNTER IAMISON IARBOE IUNG KADLUBOWSKI KAMMERER KANTORSKI , I I 7' W 5 V 7114 ,Alf-.mb .qw aamzlliaa WELCOME COMMITTEE-At the door to greet by name each guest is Brother Anton. Here he is checking the invitations ot Frank Nor- wicz and Ed Supik, the latter is a member of the class of '49. ROBERT I.. KARWACKI. Academic. SACRED HEART . . . "Bob" FRANCIS R. KLEINSMITH. General. ST. STANISLAUS ...' 'Kilneru played varsity tennis 3 . . . cub baseball, football, basketball l . . . hails from Highlandtown . . . CSMC l . . . senior prom committee one of those Dundalk boys . . . CSMC 2, 3 . . , dislikes showoffs and man . . . partial to Veronica Lake, hamburgers, and pool . . . favor- Yankee rooters . , . 6709 Danville Ave., 22. ite subject is drawing . . . 708 S, Montford Ave., 24. WILLIAM I. KEARY. ACdd9mlC. VVll.l..lAlVl . . . "Willy" WGS G I. LQMANTIA. General' ST. AMBROSE . ' v"IOhn" is Lx sand- CSMC member 3' 4 r ' - usuuuy Seen QOUIQ ru rounds Wuu r-ruz lot sport adherent . . . leaps towards Seton and chicken . . . "Go Krrmmerer ' - - Scmdror drrbbrer for Wrrdwood AA --'- rrrvors IND' get him, Tennessee" . . . Could sit and listen to the Ames brothers Spcrusrri and Fred Waring ' ' ' rurure producl or Notre Durrre ' ' ' singing "Sentimental Me" all day . . . 4040 Park Heights Ave., l5. 5116 Greenwich Ave., 29. GEORGE E. LAUPP. General. ASCENSION . . . "G.L." follows Guy Lombardo both on the podium and in his speedboat . . . jayvee track l . . . varsity track 2, 3 . . . CSMC l . . . dislikes cabbage and Bal- timore's climate . . . "Hey Oleyu . . . 1227 Elm Ridge Ave., 29. RICHARD N. KERR. Academic. ASCENSION . . . "Dick" was varsity hockey center for two years . . . varsity football end 3 4 . . . OUILI. staff 3, 4 . . . varsity lacrosse 4 . . . biggest thrill was blocking punt in Patterson game . . . l0l7 Francis Ave., 27. LEANDEH I. KIESSLING. General. ST- WENCESLAUS l I U "Lee HARRY l. LEE. General .... Harry WGS a mlSSiOr1 man all four years . . . vice prexy of the Ryken Club 2 . . . Kappa Chi member 3, 4 . . . band 2, 3, 4 . . . prom committeeman 3, 4 . . . likes drafting and the Boston Pops . . . Perryman, Maryland. claims that passing his exams gave him his biggest thrill . . . CSMC 3 . . . student council representative . . . lune Haver and Tommy Dorsey rate . . . 525 Rose St., 5. SYLVESTER I. KIRSTUKAS. General. ST. BENEDICT . . . "Chris" IOSEPH F. LENTZ. Academic. ST. MARK . . . "Reds" firmly believes was selected most valuable runner on the cross country team in that algebra is a noble subject . . . hates all languages, especitlly 1949 . . . CSMC l, 2, 3 . . . varsity track 2, 4 . . . varsity wrestling Spanish . . . dotes on football, roast beef and potatoes and Charles 4 . . . "You phoneyu . . . 2540 W. Pratt St., 23. Dickens . . . 226 Beaumont Ave., 28. KARWACKI KERRY KERR KIESSLING KIRSTUKAS KLEINSMITH LAMANTIA LAUPP LEE LENTZ 99 -fzmw. we new., gaze. CRUSADE MARCHERS-Frank Velenevsky, Bill Blanco. Iose Castillo and Ed Dailey head the Crusade Rally Paraders as they overflow the Cathedral. EZRA P. LITTLE. Academic. ST. AMBROSE . . . "Bunky" played IOHN W. MacKENZIE. General. SACRED HEART. . . "Little Willie" cub football l, 2 . . . cub baseball, basketball l . . . dislikes history, was a four year CSMC man . . . jayvee track . . . math, cabbage homework and the name "Ezra" . . . goes basketball, math and and potatoes, and Guy Lombardo are favorites . . . professes his turkey wild . . . 3416 St. Ambrose Ave., 15. hobby to be clowns . . . 3217 Foster Ave., 24. CHARLES M. LOSKARN. General. ST. EDWARD . . . "Reds" was a Au:-RED L MCGRA1-H. General. ST. WENCESLAUS I . I "Mack" CSMC mall lf 21 3' 4 - - ' leans lawafa females lfam A-Valeflf Vif' was a grappler in his senior year . . . four years with the CSMC . . . ginia . . . likes history and fried chicken . . . that famous laugh is Sem by the aroma of Steaming Shrimp l . . thrilled by Maraaret . . . follows Notre Dame . . . "What the heck" . . . 3013 W. Q'Brien h 1 I Q28 N. panel-san Pk' Ave., 5. Lanvale St., 16. CHARLES C. MCGUIRE. Business English. ST. ROSE . . . "Mack" won letters in varsity football, baseball, and basketball . . . favors "Daddy's Little Girl", but is soft on Esther Williams . . . bookkeeping and basketball . . . 807 Pontiac Ave., 25. IAMES C. LOUGHRAN. Business English. ST. MARK . . . "lim" was a junior prom committeeman . . . CSMC l, 2, 3 ,... hobby is eating and sleeping . . . partial to Sammy Kay, "Too Soon To Know", and bookkeeping . . . hopes to be a CPA . . . 16 Sanford Ave., 28. WILLIAM E. LOWE, IR. Academic. ST. ALQYSIUS m."51im1'WaS FRANCIS I. MCGUIRE. Academic. ST. lOl-IN EVANGELIST . . . an active CSMC ana Kappa Chi member for faar Years . . u looks "Mac" seldom missed the Honor Roll while at the Mount . . . golf 3, 4 forward to a career in Coast Guard . . . leans toward baseball and - -A -A Cala baseball l - - - leans lewafa GUY l-OUT-baffle and Esther algebra . . . 45 Ridgeway Ave., Oaklyn, N. l., 6. Wllllams - - ' 1125 Easel Sl-f 2- THOMAS I. LYNCH. General. MONASTERY . . . "Tom" ranked FRANCIS R. MCMAHON. Business English. MONASTERY . . . "Skip" among the Mission-minded Mountmen for three years . . . swoons was a student judge as a senior . . . CSMC . . . jayvee basketball 2 at Sammy Kaye and whistles at lune Haver . . . favors Poe and . . . partial to Stan Kenton, "Stardust" and roast beef . . . "Where's basketball . . . 153 Monastery Ave., 29. the coffee?" . . . 717 Devonshire Rd., 29. LITTLE LOSKARN LOUGHRAN LOWE LYNCH MacKENZIE MCGRATH MCGUIRE MCGUIRE, F. MCMAHON I00 HARRY L. MABEN. IR. General. ST. AGNES . . . "Bud" was on the senior prom committee . . . CSMC 3, 4 , . . Little Gael football 1 . . . "Who, me?" . . . favors drawing, Vaughn Monroe and "Rag Mop" . . . 1407 Dorchester Ave.,7. IOHN I. MAGROGAN. General. MONASTERY . . . "Mac" was varsity tackle on the championship football squad . . . jayvee l, 2 . . . varsity lacrosse 2, 3, 4 . . . biggest thrill was making Maryland Lacrosse A11-Stars as soph . . . 266 S. Monastery Ave., 29. luufucal fbaeamlaml MISSION INTERLUDES-Helping the mission cause the pleasant way are Bob Roeder, Max Mueller and Fred Diehlman here seen dacinq at one of the popular CSMC affairs presided over by prexy Al Miller. ALBERT E. MEYER. General. ST. AGNES . . . "Ice" was a mission man for three years . . . jayvee football and wrestling . . . hops to Stan Kenton and "Begin the Beguinen . . . fond of Iune Allyson and history . . . "Oh, dear" . . . 613 Colelaine Rd., 29. ALBERT C. MILLER. Academic. ST. BENEDICT . . . "Al" was local of the CSMC . . . manager varsity gridders . . . "lust president A Gardn in th Rain" . . . Marta Toren and sour beef and dump- lings are tops . . . "No stuff" . . . 416 Fronthill Ave., 23. VALENTINE W. MARKIEWICZ. General. ST. MARK . . . "Val" was in CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4 . , . student council 3, 4 . . . favors Zane Grey, Polish sausage, math and Iune Allyson . . . 'Ain't mad, are you?" . . . 101 Beaumont Ave., 28. FRANCIS W. MILLER. Academic. SACRED HEART . . . "Nook" is another algebra whiz . . . spends his spare time collecting stamps . . . gives the nod to basketball and potatoes . . . reads Churchill . . 3500 E. Fayette St., 24. EDMUND P. MARSDEN. Academic .... "Ed" was a member of Kappa Chi 3, 4 . . . jayvee football . . . resident baseball . . . likes Glen Miller . . . lanet Leigh, history, and steak . . . "Going home on weekends" . . . 3255 Queenstown Dr., Mt. Ranier, Maryland. EUGENE L. MOELLER. General. ST. ELIZABETH . . . "Gene" played in the band all four years . . . senior prom committee member . . . CSMC 2, 3, 4 . . . wrestling 1, 2, 3 . . . track 2, 3 . . . swimming 4 . . . music is his hobby "Got a smoke?" . . . 117 N. Potomac St., 24. RAYMOND D. MENTON. IR. Academic. ST. MARK . . . "Bo" played three freshman sports . . . football, basketball, baseball . . . CSMC 1, 2, 3 . . Chi" and Guy Lombardo , . . enjoys chemistry . . . l04V2 Osborne Ave., 28. IAMES GINARD MONIO. Academic .... "lim" was a resident who promoted plenty of soccer glory in his tenure at the Mount . . . CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . varsity soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . varsity tennis 3, 4 . . . dramatics 3, 4 . . . Elba, 53, Mexico City. . student councilor . . . sweet on "Sweetheart of Sigma MABEN MAGROGAN MARKIEWICZ MARSDEN MENTON MEYER MILLER. A. MILLER, F. MOELLER MONIO zu lOl for a flash. THOMAS F. MOONEY. General. LITTLE FLOWER . . . "Art" is another Belair Road boy . . . a mission man 3, 4 , . . takes plenty of kidding . . . hopes to be an architect someday . . . attracted by Notre Dame and mechanical drawing . . . 2817 Brendan Ave., 13. MAXIMILIAN V. MUELLER. Academic. ST. MARK . . . "Max" was a pole vaulter for three years . . . jayvee track 2, varsity 3, 4 . . . CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . was jayvee football manager as a frosh . . . slings hash in a cafe . . . favors Elizabeth Taylor . . . 210 Park- CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Mount orchestra . side Ave., 28. Monument St., 5. IOSEPH F. MURPHY. General. ST. BENEDICT . . . "Ioe" was a mis- sion man all four years . . . once a wrestling manager . . . favors Vaughn Monroe, shrimp and Shakespeare . . . favorite actress, Iune Allyson . . . 2627 DuLaney St., 23. ROBERT E. MURPHY. Academic. . . . "Murph" was a member of Ryken Club . . . dramatics . . . played football . . . favors Mae West, Rag Mop, lunch . , . "Never get excited" . . . reads Poe's works - - - PhilC1d9lP1'1iC1f PSUUG. "Schools out" . . . 2809 Fait Ave., 24. IAMES I. NEWELL. General. SS. PHILIP AND IAMES . . . "Iimmy" DIEGO NUCETE. Academic .... "Chino" was three letter man . . . football, basketball, baseball . . . three . . . CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Kappa Chi . years in CSMC . . . prefers Ava Gardner, Rag Mop, St. Louis . . . Paul Weston and "Rhapsody In Blue" . algebra no problem . , . "You're nowhere" . . , 331 llchester Ave., 18. . , . "No Stuff" . . . I Paraiso 1111. MOONEY MUELLER MURPHY, I. MURPHY. R. NOPPENBERGER NORWICZ NOVAK NOWAKOWSKI fbanf Ee .7 I I BETWEEN WALTZES--Here at the Iunior Prom. we interrupted Robert Qs' Martel. Iames Barnes, their friend and their dates iust long enough IAMES A. NOPPENBERBER. Academic. ST. PAUL . . . "Slow lim" was mission man 2, 3 . . . senior prom and football dance com- mittee . . . student Councilor . . . sways to Guy Lombardo and "Sentimental Iourneyu . . . partial to Seton, biology, fried chicken . . . Colmbia Pike, Ellicott City, Maryland. FRANK I. NORWICZ. Academic. ST. ELIZABETH . . . "Frank" joined . . student councilor . . . livens up math classes . . . goes progressive with Kenton . . . true wit . . . thrills to Ava Gardner and "Body and Soul" . . . 2050 E, EDWARD F. NOVAK, IR. General. ST. WENCESLAUS . . . "Sport" centered for football team . . . savors fried chicken . . . jump to Iohnny Long and "We'11 Build a Bungalow" . . . doesnt mind algebra or history . . . "Oh Icleckleberriesu . . . 2446 E. Eager St., 5. IOHN A. NOWAKOWSKI. Academic. HOLY ROSARY . . - "Iaun" took part in mission work 2, 3 . . . keeps his ears on "With My Eyes Wide Open", Sammy Kaye . . . not cold to Shelley Winters . . . edited resident newspaper . . goes sentimental over aspires to doctors career NEWELL NUCETE I02 '7fzi4 eamwza Ready WMM IT'S THE EYES-That's where the sparkle is as Iohn Strubes, Leo Clark. Iohn Malone, a friend and Paul Disney rivet the attention of the photographer on their table. wi x 5 , IOHN F. O'CONNOR. Business English. ST. BRIGID . . . "Okie" was IOHN H. PANZER. General. ST. KATHERINE , . . "Pickles" was ct on prom committee . . . three year soccer man . . . freshman ioot- varsity kegler as a senior, jayvee 3 . . . CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . student ball and basketball . . . King Draper and "Iea1ous Heart" , . . soft council 3 . . . Paul Whiteman ian . . . favors driving, biology and on banana pie and lane Wyman . . . "Thats bad, dad" . . . 924 S. steak , . . 1438 Milton Ave., 13. Clinton St., 24. RAYMOND 'r. o'DoNNEI.L. Academic. LITTLE FLOWER . . . "Bayou JOHN W. PARENT- II. Academic ---- 1'Wi2f1rd". G resident. fsof his edited yearbook , , , CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4 , , , member of honor Society nickname from his magic at assemblies . , . Ryken Club 1, 2 . . . . . . organist . . . likes Fred Waring and "Blue Moon" . . . drarnatics KCIPPC1 Chi 31 4 - - - SiX'mCU'1 footbdl 3' 4 ' - - dmmmlcs 4 - - ' Van 4 . . . graduation ball committee . . . "Take it easy" . . . 2731 Buren. MCIU19. Chesterfield Ave., 13. ROBERT M. PAYNE. Commercial. ST, IOHN EVANGELIST . . . "Kid" skated in the center position on the varsity hockey team 4, jayvee 2, 3 . . . CSMC 1, 2 . . . cub football 1 . . . likes to listen to lohnny Long and "Stardust" . . . 606 E. Biddle St., 2. MICHAEL D. OLERT. General. ST. FRANCIS . . . "Bugs" was in CSMC 4 . . . Christmas assembly . . . builds model airplanes . . . warms up to Shelley Winters and lohnny Long . . . "Enjoy Yourself" . . . doesnt mind English and ice cream . . . "Oh poo" . . . 2425 Pelhan Ave., 13. THOMAS A. PERRY. Academic. MONASTERY . . . "Tom" likes to spend his spare time around boats . . . played cub and 1itt1e gael football . . . crew team coxswain 2 . . . Notre Dame footer . . . WALTER L. OLIVER. General. ST. ROSE OF LIMA . . . "Walt" was a student Councilor as a junior . . . CSMC l, 2 . . . cub baseball and basketball 1 . . . cub football 1, 2 . . . sandlot bingler . . . "What "What's doing?" . . . 4221 Vermont Ave., 29. say, Ace?" . . . 3615 St. Margaret St., 25. AUGUST C. PANUSKA. Academic. ST. WENCESLAUS . . . "Gus" THEODORE A. PETERSEN. Academic. OUR LADY OF GOOD COUN- cavorted on the jayvee hockey squad 2, 3, 4 . . . CSMC 2, 3, 4 . . . SEL . . . "TWerp" is usually seen with Demski and Ouigley . . . jayvee track 1, 2 . . . cub football 1 . . . partial to Spike Iones basketball and IND are co-favorites . . . Little Gaels dribbler 1 . . and chemistry . . . "C'mon, Cat" . . . 614 N. Clover St., 5. 1335 E. Clement St., 30. O CONNOR O DONNELL OLERT OLIVER PANUSKA PANZER PARENT PAYNE PERRY PETEPSEN I03 Ewihw, We Ioan! Y ! PRESS HONORS-Brother Randal and "Quill" Stalfmen Ioe Kan- torski, Paul Boettinger, Ierry Mathai, Ioe Tyson. Editor Chuck Debel- ius. Charles Siford. Iohn Bannon and Ioe Manz take the Catholic Press Championship. GEORGE P. PHILLIPS. Academic. LITTLE FLOWER . . . "Phil" DANIEL I. RAFFERTY. General. ST. CHARLES . . . "Dan" was in played on the varsity hockey squad in his fourth year . . . one mission activities for three years . . . goes for Tex Beneke and Iune of those Belair Road boys . . . jayvee hockey 2, 3 . . . cub football 1 Allyson . . . "Blues Stay Away From Me" . . . favors cabbage and . . . seen with Hook and Dietz . . . 3324 Dudley Ave., 13. potatoes . . . likes history . . . "By cracky" . . . 6547 Fairmount Ave., 15. THOMAS D. PIZZA. Business English. ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI . . . "Tom" was made a member of the senior prom committee . . . stu' dent council 2, 3, 4 , . . CSMC 1, 2, 3 . . . likes going to dances and listening to records at Fred Walkers . . 2400 Pelham Ave., 13. VINCENT M. RALLO. Academic. ST. DOMINIC . . . "Midge" goes Latin with Xavier Cugat . . . artist . . . French fiend . . . avid St. loe football lan . . . "Embraceable You" . . . crazy for meatballs and macaroni . . . "Greatest, dads" . . . 3303 Batavia Ave., 14. CHARLES W. PLEDGE. Academic. ST. PAUL . . . "Charlie" played attack on the lacrosse team 3, 4 . . . CSMC 1, 2, 3 . . . cub football and baseball 1 . . . "Kiss me quick" . . , carefree and unconcerned . , . 1735 N. Washington St., 13. ROBERT A. REI-IAK. General. ST. LUKE . . . "Iimmy" served as student councilor . . . tour years CSMC man . . . jayvee footballer . . . varsity wrestling and track . . . "l Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now" . . . favors lune Hover, English and steak . . . "Hi, ba1dy" . . . 7312 Waldman Ave., 19. FRANCIS I. PULITANO. Academic. ST. AMBROSE . . . "Fran" served as advertising manager of Yearbook . . . ran track . . . IOHN E. REILEY. General. ASCENSION , . . "lack" was student student councilor . . . Vaughn Monroe and "Stardust" . . . radio councilor . . . enjoys swimming . . . thinks "Stardust" is mellow man . . . roots for Dodgers . . . Vera Allen . . . 5619 Highgate . . . lives for sleep and lunch . . . member of 2:40 Club . . . biggest Dr., 15. thrill was graduating . . . "lm tired" . . . 738 Beechlield Ave., 29. IOHN I. QUIGLEY. General. OUR LADY OF GOOD COUNSEL . . . MARION P. RESTIVO. General. ST. CHARLES . . . "Rusty" man- "Cup" participated in Christmas assembly and CSMC . . . played aged ice hockey team . . . CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4 , . . mad tor cars . . . tour years of soccer . . . All-Marylander . . . "Through a Long and hockey tan . . . sweet on lane Russell . . . "lt lsn't Fair" . . . Sammy Sleepless Night" . . . "Real go'in dads" . . . 1405 Hull St., 30. Kaye is tops . . . "Are you with it?" . . . 4120 Colby Rd., 8. PHILLIPS PIZZA PLEDGE PULITANO QUIGLEY RAFFERTY RALLO REHAK REILEY RESTIVO I04 wwf ,um k1...pz.M.f TROPHY COLLECTORS-That term may well be applied to track coach. Mr. Ed Matthews and Mark O'Hara here shown with some of the hardware earned by his boys at Maryland, Loyola, Invita- tional Relays, and the MSA State Meet. RALPH E. RICKELI.. General. ST. AMBROSE . . . "Rick" played IOSEPH K. RUTH. Academic. CATHEDRAL . . . "Sugar cane" par- freshman football . . . ran cross country for iayvee team . . . man- ticipated in the school play in his soph and senior years . . . elo- aged baseball team . . , Yankee rooter . . . "Music, Music, Music" cution contest 2, 3, 4 . . . oratorical contest 2 . . . has a liking for . . . prefers Guy Lombardo and Betty Hutton . . . "When does the pineapple upside-down cake . . . 705 St. Paul St., 2. bell ring?" . . . 3312 Virginia Ave., l5. DANIEL 1. mn-'r. General. sr. RITA . . . "Dan" was Q mission rnnn DONALI? FA SAQHAA Agcdfmick ST- VZ'ENfESLAUS ' - - jot Epi for three years . . . ran track . . . adores that trumpet of Harry looted ls Om m t e Ge Orc fstmy or our Yea? ' ' ' em OO . i. . staff 4 . . . CSMC l, 2, 3, 4 . . . Dont bug around . . . favors Les lames . . . finds math easy . . . l Dont See Me In Your Eyes Any d HS d H 725 P P k A 5 More" . . . Colt rooter . . . "You know it" . . . 6559 St, Helena Brown Cm mr ust ' ' ' Guerson Gr Ve" ' Ave., 22. nomar: M. mvsnn. General. sr. MARK . . . "Don" was in csmc JOHN R' SANDERS' Ge"e""' LITTLE FLOWER ' ' ' ,lock ,WGS G , , CSMC member for four years . . . cub football l , . . rabid Oriole fan l, 2, 3 . . . on football and track teams . . . airplane enthusiast . . . , , ,, , ,, , , , , , , , . , . English fiend . . . Dont worry . . . prefers Vaughn Monroe nothing like Catonsville and turkey with trimming . . . sings cow- nd Gail Russell 3019 MG held Ave 13 boy songs . . . "The Cowboy's Lament" . . . 618 Harlem Lane, 28. G ' ' ' Y " ' GEORGE R- ROWBN- ACUdemiC- - - - "Rip" P1UYed Six mfm foot- ROBERT M. SCHATZ. Academic. ST. PAUL . . . "Bob" was a CSMC ball . . . swimming and track boy . . . collects match covers . . . man 1, 2, 3 G D , Couecting Coins in his hobby . . . fond of hum. IOVGS his GPP19 Pie G'lU'm0d9 - - . "SYG1'dUSl" - - . honor Student burgers, chemistry and the Colts . . . "l Can Dream Can't I?" . . . . . . member of Kappa Chi frat . . . likes Vaughn Monroe . . . Beth- College Aveu Euicon City. escla, Maryland. IOHN G. RUSNAK. Academic. HOLY ROSARY . . . Iohn sprinted IAMES R. SCHNECK. Academic. SACRED HEART . . . "lim" played for the track team as a sophomore . . . "With My Eyes Wide Open" tennis for two years . . . CSMC 3, 4 . . . another pool shark . . . . . . got a kick out of beating Patterson in football . . . chemistry favors chemistry, math and thick steaks . . . enjoys the works of and hamburgers are right down his line . . . 2540 Fait Ave., 24. Maureen Daly . . . "cheez" . . . 6724 Railway Ave., 22. RICKELL RIIFF RIVERA ROWAN RUSNAK RUTH SAC!-IA SANDERS SCHATZ SCHNECK IOS qw., pm.. .aw mc. .1 SPRING MEMORIES-Pretty girls thrilled by well-chosen corsaqes and intrigued by good music assured lay Grewe. Iack Uhler, Frank Vicchio and Walt Weber pleasant memories of the Iunior Prom. IOHN W. SCHRUFER. Academic. MONASTERY . . . "Iohn" is an- EDWARD I. SI-IANKS. General. ST. MARTIN . . . "Eddy" was a other of the lrvington b'hoys . . . cross country runner 1, 2 . . . jay- CSMC man for all four years at the Mount . . . Stan Kenton enthusi- vee track l, 2 . . . dabbles in photography . . . favors football, Notre ast . . . favors chicken, lunch and "Sentimental Me" . . . "Drop Dame and algebra . . . 101 S. Monastery Ave., 29. dead!" . . . 2761 W. Fairmount Ave., 23. MELVIN L. SCHULTZ. General. ST. BRIGID . . . "Bimmy" was var- EDWARD W. SHERIDAN. Academic ..., "Bibbs", a resident, was sity baseball manager for two years . . . CSMC 1 2 . . , goes for in the Kappa Chi 4, Ryken Club 3 . . . six man football 4 . . . Iune l-laver and Polish food . . . sociology is his subject, graduation resident all stars 3 . . . "Whose the wise guy?" . . . likes football day his big thrill . . . 1800 Elliott St., 24. and Notre Dame . . . 64 Greene Ave., Brooklyn 5, N. Y. CHARLES W. SCHWARTZ. Academic. MONASTERY . . . "Charlie" IOSEPH A. SHUGH. General .,.. "Shu-shu" was a student coun- was a mission mari in his junior year . . . collects classical music cilor 4 . . . resident . . . CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . favorite sports are , . . favors baseball, the Yanks and chemistry . . . fond of fried basketball and Notre Dame . . . "Come off it" . . , Tex Beneke fin chicken, rice and Poe . . . 4217 Connecticut Ave., 29. . . . "Begin the Beguine' . . . Reviera Beach, Maryland. ANDREW I. SEITZ. General. SACRED HEART . . . "Iack" cavorted MICHAEL I. SIMMONS. Academic. ST. BRIGID . . , "Mike" goes on the varsity track team during his junior year . . . CSMC l, 2, 3, for the girls in a big way . . . band 1, 2 . . . student council 3 . . . 4 . . . rabid Tex Beneke tan . . . Gail Russel sends him . . . so does jayvee football 2 . . . easy to get along with . . .biggest thrill was fried chicken . . . 3210 Fleet St., 24. listening to world series . . . 738 S. Ellwood Ave., 24. EUGENE L. SERGE. Commercial. ST. EDWARD . . . "Larry" bowled RICHARD M. SLOWAKIEWICZ. Academic. HOLY ROSARY . . . for the varsity pin-tropplers 3, 4 . . . Little Gaels football 2 . . . par' "Rich" is one of those Cantonites . . . favorite pastime is comparing tial to biology, Iohnny Long and Doris Day . . . 'Whatta ya say?" algebra homework . . . "Arnold did it" . . . good natured and easy . . . 3001 Presbury St., 16. to get along with . . . 3131 Foster Ave., 24. SCHRUFER SCHULTZ SCHWARTZ SEITZ SERGE SHANKS SHERIDAN SHUGH SIMMONS SLOWAKIEWICZ I06 Jfaw fqae We fbaing., gan fzw? PROM ORGANIZERS-These were the men behind the successful Iunior Prom. Here seen in the lobby of the Elks Club with their dates are Iohn Krupnik. Francis Kveck. Robert Roeder, Iohn Nunn and George Allulis. ALBERT I.. SMITH. Academic. ASCENSION . . . "Al" is a future graduate of Towson State Teachers . . . cub football halfback 1 . . . goes for Tommy Dorsey and spaghetti and meatballs . . . biggest thrill was seeing St. Ioe beat Patterson . . . 1812 Selma Ave., 27. ELMER M. SMITH. General. 14 HOLY MARTYRS . . . "Bunk" played halfback on the varsity 3, 4 . . . CSMC 1, 2, 3 . . . midget football 1 . . . jayvee 2 . . . goes for Stan Kenton, Gloria Del-laven and math . . . Red Sox fan . . . 422 S. Gilmor St., 23. GEORGE C. SMITH. General. ST. BERNARD . . . "Chuck" played tackle on the varsity in his fourth year . . . jayvee football 2 . . . jayvee baseball 1 . . . CSMC 3, 4 . . . Notre Dame fan . . . biggest thrill was the '49 championship football squad . . . 2561 Robb St., 18. WILLIAM I. SNEERINGER. Academic. MONASTERY . . . "Bill" was a three year mission man . . . golfer and football player . . . tropical fish hobbiest . . . "Arkansas Traveler" . . . Spike Iones listener . . . loves hamburger . . . 151 S. Collins Ave., 29. ALBERTO SOSA. Academic .... "Al" was treasurer of Kappa Chi fraternity . . . CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . also printed the Resident . . . likes fishing, biology and hot tamales . . . "All girls are dolls" . . Caracas, Venezuela. I. ROBERT SPRANKLE. Academic. ST. BERNARDINE . . . "Bob" was a mission man in his first three years . . . hobbies are eating and hunting . . . favors biology, Notre Dame and fried chicken . . . "1 Can Dream, Can't 1" . . . 403 Denison St., 29. ST. STANISLAUS . . . RAYMOND I. STACHOWSKI. Academic. "Ray" ran cross country 1 . . . track 1 . . . likes all sports . . . fond . reads Kenneth Roberts of football, Notre Dame and history . . . . follows the horses faithfully . . . 813 S. Rose St., 24. LAWRENCE M. STANLEY. General. ST. CHARLES . . . "Larry" served on the prom committee and was a four year CSMC man . . . leans to football . . . favors chicken for the stomach and brunettes for the eyes . . . 7016 Alden Rd., 8. DANIEL P. STANTON. Academic. ST. WILLIAM . . . "Dan" hopes to make a career in aviation . . . favors the tunes of Tex Beneke and the delicacy of turkey . . . chemistry his enlightening subject . . . 220 Westshire Rd., 29. CHARLES L. STAUFFER. General. ST. EDWARD . . . "Charley" was a member of the cheerleading squad for three years . . . wrestling 2, 3 . . . soft on math, milk, and Mark Twain . . . 2417 Calverton Heights Ave., 16, SMITH. A. SMITH. E. SMITH, G. SNEERINGER SOSA SPRANKLE STACHOWSKI STANLEY STANTON STAUFFER I07 -mzf. ,ue new 74... .1 CONGRATULATIONS-lust outside the Lyric. parents. relations and friends search for the new graduates to congratulate them on their successful conclusion of their school studies. EUGENE W. STEVENS. Academic. SACRED HEART OF MARY . . . IAMES E. TALLANT. General. . . . "lim" was a Kappa Chi member "Stiff" was a four year CSMC man . . . lays claim to membership . . . varsity football 4 . . . resident basketball 4 . . . cars are his in the breakfast club . , . prefers Al Capp, Bob Hope, and chem- hobby . . . Yanks his team . . . biggest thrill was playing varsity istry . . . 1325 Bethlehem Ave. ball . , . 2910 "O" St., S.E., Washington, D. C. FRANCIS C. STONE. Academic. ST. PAUL . . . "Shucky" was a ANDERSON F. TARR. Commercial. ST. BENEDICT . . . Anderson Councilor in his third year . . . managed varsity baseball . . . played was a Crusader 2, 3 . . . enjoys outdoor sports like fishing and hunt- both jayvee and varsity lacrosse . . . 1411 N. Collington Ave., 13. ing . . . leans toward bookkeeping, fried chicken and Earl Stanley Gardner . . . 118 Willard St., 23. IAMES F. STROHECKER. Academic. ST. MARY . . . "Stro" was chairman of the senior prom committee . . . student council 1, 2, 3 IOHN G. TAUBER. General. ST. BITA . . . "lack" played in the . . . CSMC 3 . . . jayvee track 1 . . . jayvee football 2 . . . wrestling band for three years . . . orchestra 3, 4 . . . music and photography 1 . . . fond of math and science . . . 602 Nicholl Ave., 12. take up his sparetime . . . "Enjoy Yourself" . . . math no problem . . . "How About That" . . . 284 St. Helena Ave., 22. IAMES P. STURLA. General. ST. DOMINIC . . . "limmy" was a mission man 2, 3 . . . likes biology and motorcycle races . . . swim- WILLIAM E. TAYMAN. General. 14 HOLY MARTYRS . . . "Eddie" ming his favorite sport . . . IND and Emily Bronte are two more was two years a student Councilor . . . CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4 . . .played favorites . . . "natcherly" . . . 2514 Hamilton Ave., 14. football for jayvee . . . Baltimore Bullet ian . . . "Theres No Tomor- row" . . . "Whata day" . . . 119 S. Fulton Ave., 23. BERNARD A. SULEWSKI. Academic. HOLY ROSARY . . . "Bernie" was secretary and president of the student council 3, 4 . . . glee ROBERT I.. THURLOW. Academic. ALL SAINTS . . . "Bob" was a club and dramatics 4 . . . CSMC l, 3, 4 . . . wrestling 2 . . . goes resident who spent two years on the varsity football team . . . for history and steamed crabs . . . aspiring Hopkins man . . . 2022 varsity baseball 3, 4 . . . varsity track 2, 3, 4 . . . 2700 Gwynmore E. Pratt St., 31. Ave., 7. STEVENS STONE STROHECKER STURLA SULEWSKI TALLANT TAHR TAUBER TAYMAN THURLOW l08 i 'Wm 94 91, Qellafll BIG MOMENT-Marion Fauble receives the much sought after high 'Lg school diploma irom the Most Reverend Bishop Sheehan as William ' 5.5 " g Fillmore and Charles Finn step up to receive theirs at commencement m ' exercises. X-. X 1 xxx IOHN F. TIGHE. Academic. MONASTERY . . . "Irv" was a gun IOSEPH F. TYSON. Academic. ST. PETER . . . "Ioe" debated in collector . . . listens to the tunes of Gordon Ienkins . . . seeks a freshman year . . . QUILL and Yearbook man 3, 4 . . . sole member career in the FBI . . . favors Gail Russel . . . B3 S. Morley St., 29. of Wine and Song Club, which he founded . . . never tires of steamed hard crabs . . . Phil Harris . . . "No use kicking" . . . 826 W. Baltimore St., l. IOHN I. TOULAN. Academic. ST. PAUL . . . "lack" played midget football as a sophomore and wrestled as a freshman . . . partial to FRANCIS X. VELENOVSKY. Academic. ST. WENCESLAUS . . . baseball and the Harlem Globetrotters . . . l70l Holbrook St., 2. "Fran" was advertising manager of Yearbook . . . mission man . . . student councilor 3, 4 . . . pushed hockey puck for four years on jayvee and varsity . . . "Blue Moon" . . . "lend me the homework" ROBERT M. 'rmBU1.L. General. sr. KATHERINE . . . "Bob" pisyefi - - - 823 N. Glover 51-1 5. halfback for jayvee and varsity soccer . . . ran jayvee track . . . - collects stamps . . . CSMC l, 2, 3 . . . loves his fried chicken . . . IOHN S. VIZZINI. General. ALL SAINTS . . . "Fuzz" was on Year- math class for pleasure . . . likes Yvonne DeCarlo . . . 820 N. book staff one year . . . CSMC l, 2, 3 . . . student Councilor two Lakewood Ave., 5. years . . . "Call of the Wild Goose" number one on his Hit Parade . . . played hockey two years . . . "Whats your story" . . . 3902 Boarman Ave., 15. CONRAD I. TURNER. General. SACRED HEART . . . "C.I." played in band . . . model train enthusiast . . . Notre Dame first with him IOHN E. WALTER. Commercial. ST. ANTHONY . . . "Iohr1ny" . . . "I Can Dream Cant I" . . . lives for lunch bell . . . favors thinks Glen Miller is smooth . . . baseball fan . . . Detroit Tigers rate Barbara Stanwyck . . . baseball fan . . . 606 S. East Ave., 24. . . . "Stardust" . . . bookkeeping . . . savors ice cream . . . "Go to bed" . . . 4405 Frankford Ave., 6. LAWRENCE I. TURNER. General. ALL SAINTS . . . "Larry" par- IOHN A. WEAVER. Academic. MONASTERY . . . "lack" was in ticipated in CSMC for four years . . . "Sentimental Me" . . . name- CSMC for two years . . . midget basketball l, 2 . . . not cold on sake Lana Turner tops . . . photo bug . . . fond of hamburgers and Gene Krupa, history . . . roots for Red Sox . . . likes Esther Williams English . . . "l like that a little bit" . . . 4209 Liberty Heights Ave., 7. . . . thrilled over Pats defeat . . . 55l0 Frederick Ave., 28. TIGHE TOULAN TRIBULI. TURNER. C. TURNER. L. TYSON VELENOVSKY VIZZINI WALTER WEAVER. I. IO9 were mem were eww .1 PROUD PARENTS-Here is iust a passing glance of the large crowd that attended the 71st Mt. St. Ioseph Commencement on Iune Sth marking the graduation of 231 students. WILFRID A. WEAVER. IR. General. SACRED HEART ..,' Bill" was in CSMC , . . sparetime is taken up by photography and draw- ing . . . "Old Master Painter" . . . goes sentimental over Tommy Dorsey . . . sour meat and dumplings lead his list . . . "Let's eat" . . . 3412 Noble St., 24. SYLVESTER F. WISNIEWSKI. Academic. HOLY ROSARY . . . "Sly" was a CSMC member for four years . . . jayvee track 2 . . . soccer manager 3 . . . goes for lane Wyman, "Stardust" and religion . . . intends to carry on mission work as a Maryknoller . . . 231 S. Chester St., 31. GERARD W. WITTSTADT. Academic. ST. RITA ...' 'lerryw pounded the tennis courts for four years . . . Little Gael football 1, 2 . . . a Dundalk product, he favors basketball and chemistry ...' 'Cut if 3111, Schruferw . , . 86 Shipway Rd., 22. ELMER S. WOLTER. Academic. ST. KATHERINE ...' 'Moe' was Q: Bullet and biology booster . . . lists steak, french fries, and Guy Lombardo as favorites . . . biggest thrill was making the honor roll in his senior year . . . 1213 Milton Ave., 13. WILLIAM A. WOODARD. General. SACRED HEART . . . "Bill" in- dulges in the sweet music of Guy Lombardo and potatoes in all GEORGE E. YOUNG. Commercial. MONASTERY , . . Shamholi- gan" was a band member for four years . . . favors flying . . , goes for Iohnny Moran and Doris Day . . . gets a kick out of bookkeeping . . . roots for Yankees . . . "Get off my back" . . . 330 Marydell Rd., 29. WILLIAM F. ZANG. Academic. ST. DOMINIC . . . "Bill" was a cross country and track enthusiast . . . cub football . . . thrilled by Benny Goodman and lune Allyson . . . partial to history , . . cant wait to go to Ocean City . . . "You're too Much" . . . 4914 Arabia Ave., 14. CLASS OFFICERS PICTURED ON PAGE 87 EDWARD P. CLARKE. General. ST. BRIGID ,..' 'Pat' was vice president of the graduating class . . . jayvee basketball l, varsity 2, 3, 4 . . . varsity soccer 3, 4 . . . CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . seen with Ares and Baker . , . 3320 O'Donnell St., 29. DONALD E. GIESE. Academic. SACRED HEART . . . "Don" was treasurer of the senior class . . . crack performer on the bowling . . . CSMC 1, 2 . . . varsity bowling 3, 4 ...' 'Arnold did it" Spzzmsh and Lizabeth Scott rank . . , 1019 S. Clinton St., 24. RICHARD I. STACHAROWSKI. General. HOLY ROSARY . . . 'Stack' was secretary of the senior class . . . jayvee soccer 1 . . . played varsity soccer 2, 3, 4 . . . varsity basketball 2, 3, 4 . . . three years All Maryland soccer player . . . 2104 Fleet St., 31. WILLIAM D. STALLINGS. Academic. ST. MARKS . . . "Bill" played varsity football 1, 2, 3 . . . All Maryland guard in '49 . . . CSMC 2, 3 . . . iunior prom committeeman . . . varsity lacrosse 3, 4, jayvee manner and form . . . "With a Song in My Heart" . . . Esther Wil- lacrosse 2 . . . fond of giving parties and dancing . . . 107 S. liams and math tops with him. 3401 Noble St., 24. Rolling Rd., 28. WEAVER. W. WISNIEWSKI WITTSTADT WOLTER WOODARD YOUNG ZANG IIO were Wm .f .f .f Best Scholar. Most Popular. . . Handsomest . Best Athletes Witriest .... Noisiest .... Sleepiest . . . Most Earnest Best Dancer Hungriest .. Earliest .. Latest .... Best Orator . Best Actor . . . Best N atured SENIOR . .Chuck Debelius . . . .Bill Stallings . . . .Gene Moeller Bob Thurlow and Joe Ares . . . . .Al Becker .Donald Herbert . , . . .Joseph Ruth . .Frank McGuire Frank Consentino . . . .Lou Glodek . .Ray O'Donnell . . . .Gene Stevens . . . .Joe Kantorski . .Chuck Debelius .Fran Velenovsky Yfafecfaclaaian, efzuck. VALEDICTORIAN CHUCK-Ch k D b 1 h g h t g with his d'pl mu tightly 1 t h d F k D b d B dDmskiprp t th pgk POLL Most Modest ............ John Bosley Did Most for School. . Best Dresser .... Most Gentlemanly Most Loyal ..... Soonest to Marry . Chuck Debelius . . . .Tom Pizza .jim Strohecker ......Joe Ares . . . . .Skip McMahon Most Likely to Succeed . Chuck Debelius Best Politician ....... Peppiest . . . Luckiest . . . Tallest .... Shortest ..... Hard Luck Boy . . Happiest ....... Herbert Arnold . . .Patty Clark .john O,Connor .Frank McGuire . .Vincent Rallo Monk Gallagher . . . .Bob Gerstrung Best Mollnt Booster . .... Al Miller Money Merchant . . . .... Bill Jarboe Hardest Worker ...... Ray O,Donnell Ami u .W A 4 5 , 5 Y S- M, m y e Ex ,Q , at 5 K f . ,W fir? , ..., 4 'Q k 39 , , S' ,,. Y 1' 0 if , Q Y QE if PRESIDENTIAL BOW-Class President Bill Stallings here receives his diploma from the hands of Most Reverend Bishop Sheehan and is followed by Lawrence Stanley and Daniel Stanton. Brother Bartholomew, valedictorian Charles De- belius and salutatorian loseph Kantorslci. Debelius spoke on "the progress of the halt centuryug Kantorslci spoke on "the inspiration ot the halt century." Music was supplied by the Mount hand under the direction of Brother Simon. COLLEGE MEN-Ioseph Kammerer and William Cummins well illustrate that new and wonderful leeling of confidence and sophistication that is the proud ioy of every graduate. we T0 THE MOUNT Bishop Sheehan, assisted by Brother Bar- tholomew, presented the following awards: The Iohn S. Connor Award for General Ex- cellenceg The Brother Edmund Award for Excel- lence in the study oi Englishg The Thomas Lardf ner Memorial Award tor Service to the Quill Charles Alan Debelius The Brother Isidore Award tor Excellence in the study ot Religion ........ George Riley Rowan The Dr. William L. Knell Award for Excellence in the study of Science. .Arthur David Goodwin The Iulius Hofmann Award tor Excellence in the study ot German ....... Robert Matthew Goetz The Brother Iames Award tor Excellence in Commercial Subjects .... Daniel Michael Frank The Miss Delia Lester Award for Excellence in lndustrial Arts ..... Marion Edward Bielatowicz The Notre Dame Club of Baltimore Award tor Excellence in Forensic Activitiesg The Paul De-Kowzan Memorial Award tor Excellence in lournalism .......... loseph Thomas Kantorslci The Brother Eugene Trophy tor the Outstanding Gentleman, Scholar and Athlete loseph lohn Ares and Rohert Leonard Thurlow THE GRADUATES-lust prior to that final long walk to the stage, a few of seniors got together lor a last glance at the photographer. Are you there? AS GRADUA Less iha11 11:1 hour after the :1ga1est1C tome-S '1 Elgar s Pomp and Circumstance had Clised igie eg exercises ai the LYTLC Rudy Kliliiil 5 Crcheeira 11911304 the Qr:dLgat1c:1 Bah x-,ifh quite IZ flIYF?V9UI pl9CS X 114513. Gayer 'md less restra.r.e:i Chcras g"fea1i::11r1atQa 111 f'1-YY,-'M 2 ., ,1 A ez-t',.-,V ' or .vs .1 13: D..r.,.-1: 7. -W ,gpg , ,tj 1 ul ....A., .A , 9l'1.'r?GnfT? gn v ,ova i film: :ass J: sau qa1he1eQ' 1 tie C..'i,lIX 5 the Txiipgit Sflillii season. A1131 a pleasxhq p1c1L11e IY 5 ij ,ehmla as he iz'-rtiiafy 1551.-fried ails were lea arauha the QT kj' 'hegr s11111r':1er4iuX :Qi 59 iiffff. Semi 1' fufiiierizff Eritfer Affli heart ' 1115 app? 'xiii ' i111 the S1ClGi1T1ifS happy that :Lire se111c,11 ggrwect had iiiatemahzea so s1.1:iessf1,11.y. Nfgtea :Lit ilff S',1ff1C1eht1',' ,. gfeeiiitea was 1111 Cfia1i1Ci,QtLq wh1Ch aa'.':"i1iage was 111-'I eip iyea by ,ther prffigs Eiela Qi, the hetel that evening. Chce aqam the fvi3u11z had emded up CTX ICQ and the last act of the dass 195C had been earned out 1:1 fitiizig styfe. MUSIC MAGIC-Couples dreamed of starlight and roses as Rudy Kilian's soft music filled the Charles Room with a hundred memories of other days and dances. TES COMPLETE A F -ef 1 v x Mg, ' D 3 I P. 1 'y, ' lafesgki E , 1 Q I x Q. TABLE SERVICE-Underclassman Tom Strassner does the honors as graduates Ed Colbourn and Bill Demski put in for a short order of cokes M15 x X f YJ! PERFECT YEAR N in 'X U., 'W ., , "i INTERMISSION-Pat Carroll, Henry Eikenberq and Senior Committee President Iim Strohecker relax at the Gradua- tion Ball after an anxious week oi busy preparations. DANCE FAVOR-Ed Hainke watches with amused interest as his date immediately puts the tiny compact to work. EVENlNG'S CLIMAX-A little dancing, a little talking. and a fund of wonderful dreams. it -was Mr and Mrs George Adelhardt Mrss Mary Margaret Adelhardt The Alexander Brothers Mrs Nell Atherton and Mrs Wrllram Baker Ierry Banks Samuel Bacon and Mrs Iames Barry Albert Bartalameo and Mrs Lewrs Baumann Mary M Bechman Edna Bentan Rosemary Bentan Mrs Wrllram Bentan Mr and Mrs Iames Benzrng Mr and Mrs Iohn Benzrng Mr Thomas Benzlng E E Booze and Mrs Edward Borgerdmg and Mrs F Borkorwrcz Stephen Borkorwrcz and Mrs Ioseph Bongerdrng Madelene Bowen Mr and Mrs Davrd I Boyle Mary M Boyle P F C Wrllram Boyle U S M C E Bosley Braun Mr and Mrs Charles Brookes Mrs Edrth Brown Mr Grlbert Brown Mr Henry Brown Mr and Mrs Hugh Brown H W Buckler Ir Mr and Mrs Edward Bu1er A Frrend A Frrend Mane Caccamrse Mr Frank Cectro Mr and Mrs I Chetelet Mrs Lrllran Clark Mrs Mary Clark Mr and Mrs I Clutter Mr Iohn Garpatas Mrss Carmen Croke Mrs Germame Croke Cecelra C Darloy and Sons Mr and Mrs Iohn Dtetz Mrs Sarah Donaldson Mr and Mrs Fred Dorbrt Mr I C Dougherty Mrs I C Dougherty Mrs Margaret Dowdy Mr Thomasl. Doyle PATRONS Mr and Mrs W1ll1amK Ellrott Mr and Mrs W1llramA Err-ge Ellen M Engel Mrs Margaret Engel and Mrs W1ll1amI Eyrma and Mrs Iohn Fennrngus V1ncentF Fern and Mrs Donald Frddes Ierry Frddes and Mrs Ioseph Ft Frddes Mrs Loursa Frscher Mrss Mane Frscher lrma Foster Mr and Mrs Iames W Flattery Catherlne Flynn Patr1c1a Foster Mrs Clemtrna Frazter Dr H P Frredman T Fnday and Mrs Iohn Fuchs and Mrs lgnatrus Garpstas and Mrs Iohnl Garpstas Mary W Gephardt Frank Geppl St Gerard s Y M H A Agnes M Grllease B I Grllease Mrs Carolma Gllnka Mr Edward Glrnka Brchard Glrnka Harry Granlrng Kathryn D Green Anton Grrczrn Ir EVanI Grrffrth Mary E Hallman Vlr and Mrs Edward Hargan Mrss Sophra Herbert HenryA Hertel Ir George Herman Dr and Mrs Harber Francrs X Horn Mrs Horn Wrlllam L Horn and Mrs F lamprerr Charles P Clautrce M D Howard W Iackson and Mrs Iames Iohnson Mary C Iohnson Mr and Mrs Edward Kane Mr C Markland Kelly Mrs C Krrcher Krtchen Parnt and Hardware Irm Wrllram Kohloft Ir Mr and Mrs W1ll1amE Koerug II6 Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' ' . A - Mr. Mr. . ' Mr. Mr. ' . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. Mr. ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . Mr. ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . Mr. Lawrence I. Boyle . ' .... . Mr. . . ' ' ' Mr. . ' , .. . ' Mr. . ' . Mr. . Mr and Mrs Bernard Koluck Mr Andrew H Kopp Mary Iane Kuhl Mrss Iean Lawler and Mrs Thomas Lawler and Mrs Lawrence Robert Levy and Mrs B Levrtt A Lew1s Wrllrarn Long C Lotrto Marre Mareckr Mr Vrctor St Martrn Mr and Mrs Charles Matthar Mrs Lrllran Maydwell Mrs Anna Meehan Mr and Mrs lrvrng Merson Mrss Marre Meyd Mrss Pyrna Meyd Mr and Mrs V1ncentCr Meyd M C Mrlasle Mrs Wrllrarn Mrles Mrs Ehzabeth Mltchell Mr LeonardB Mogul Mr and Mrs BobertE Moran Mr and Mrs Rerllylj Muller Mrs I Stewart Mullrgan Nrcky Nrckolson Mr and Mrs HarveyCf Nrckolson Mrs EstherD Norrrs and Mrs ErankI Norwrcz and Mrs W1ll1arnI Nugent and Mrs G Nelson O Donnell and Mrs C I O Hara and Mrs Andrew Olert Mrchael D Ole-rt Mary Lrllran Olert and Mrs Leonard A Olrver and Mrs Ioseph Opprtz and Mrs Frank Otenasek Francrs Paluskrevrcz and Mrs S E Paluslcrevrcz and Mrs Iohn N Paulus I S Peters Mrs I S Peters Mrs Wrllrarn Pllert Helen B Prtrnan Mrss Bernardrne Powrchroskr Mr and Mrs Iarnes Powrckrockr Col and Mrs Puchard Prather Mr and Mrs Wrnslow Qurck Mr and Mrs Iohn Qurnn Skrpper Qurnn Mr Vrncent Iohn Rarnananskas Helen Rrce Mr and Mrs FrankO Hrchardson Mrldred Brchardson Cpl Herman P Brttermann Mr Iohn Brtterrnann B Ruth Rrtterrnann Pat Brpham Mr and Mrs Clarence Bobrson C A Bodowskas Mrs Camrlle Bosko Mrs Edward Rottman Mr Bernard Ruth Mrs Mrldred Ruth Mrss Vrrgrna Ruth Mr Eranc1sI Buzrcka Dr and Mrs E Erederrck Buzrclca Mr and Mrs Ioseph Sacha Mrs Teresa Sarna F rank Schafer and Mrs Iohn N Schuster and Mrs Iack Sersrnan and Mrs Q Srnrth and Mrs Sneerrnger Mrs Tersa Sprrngler Mrs M Sprllrnan Mr and Mrs Edward? Stallrngs Mrss Eleanor Stallrngs Mr and Mrs GeorgeE Stallrngs Mr IamesH Staufter Mrs Iarnes H Stautfer Mr Ste1dle Mr and Mrs George Stoddard Mr Bernardlz' Storck Mrs CfloraP Strassnea Eugene Sugar Mrs A E Taylor Mr and Mrs W Lours Taylor Mr and Mrs Rrchard Teano Mrss Constance Trawenskr Mr Frank Trawenskr Vlr Mattl'1ewA Varden Mrs E Votta Mrs Conrad Wagner and Mrs H C Walterhoeter and Mrs Weaver s Carnrlla Weaver Phrlrp Weber I Bernard Wrlls Frank W Wells Mrs I Werprecht Mr and Mrs Wrllram Wrllcrnson Mr Erancrs Wrlls Mrs Agness Wolter Mr and Mrs Yeager Mrs Wrllrarn Zang Evelyn T Zoltowskr Ieanette Zoltowskr Charlotte and Elarne Zorne Mr and Mrs Iohn Zorne Mr. . ' Mr. . ' ' I Mr. ' ' I Mr. . . ' ' Mr. , ' ' Mr. ' ' ' v ' ' Mr. V' I ' Mr. . . V A Mr. . ' I Mr. . . ' ' I ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . ' ' ' Mr. r . ' ' . ' ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' ' .' Mr. I . ,' ' . Mr. . . ' ' Mr. . ' A ' ' Mr. . ' 1 Mr' I I Mr. . . . Mr. . . . Mr. . MT. . . I Mr. . . Mr' - - ' ' V Mr. . ' ' I Mr. . II7 AMRHEIN BROS. Compliments P1Es AND CAKES THE ARCHER LAUNDRY CO VE 7600 "The Quality Pie of Today" GI 1473-4 AVERSA WHOLESALE FRUIT AND PRODUCE Camden St eet BQIIIIIIOIE I Md PI.czc 4240 o LOng ood 2731 919 S ANDREW S GROCERIES AND MEATS Clinton Street 8708 Compliments of BAY STATE REALTY Inc 1526 West Baltimore Street EDmondson 1261 Property Bought and Sold BALTIMORE ELECTRIC BLUEPRINT CO 4 EAST CENTRE STREET SA 0310 MARY MACGILI. DUGAN Prop THE ARUNDEL CORPORATION BALTIMORE 2 MARYLAND Dredgmg Constructlon Englneermg and Dlstrlbutors of Sand Gravel Stone and Commercml Slug of 17 W. r ' . . ' PE ' , ' ' QUICK - PROMPT - RELIABLE ARUNDEL-BROOKS CONCRETE CORPORATION Pre Mlxed Concrete Certlfled Quallty from Gladed Mater1als Ofhce and Plant 921 SOUTH WOLFE STREET BALTIMORE 31 MARYLAND Eastern 8200 BELL HAVEN RESTAURANT FRED APPEL Prop Beer Wmes Lxquors 4604 EASTERN AVE BALTIMORE MD Phone BR 9041 THE ALCAZAR Phone LOngwood 7102 BOSCH BROS STEAM Pnsssmc CLEANING DYEING Altermg Repamnq Relmmg Orders called tor and delxvered Better Cleamng' Renew the beauty ot your garments Our cleamng methods wlll do 4105 FREDERICK AVENUE BALTIMORE MD BUCK GLASS COMPANY BROOK S TAVERN 504 WASHINGTON BOULEVARD Manufacturers of Baltlmore s Glass Mrlk Bottles for Halt a Century BALTIMORE 30 MARYLAND BENIAMIN H BIEN Pl mo Steam and Hot Water Heating Rootmq me 0 Spouttng Furnace Work PLUMBING d HEATING on Biflners See What You Buy Buy rn Glass 0H1Ce2ll4EGS1ernHve1we M11k Is Better nn Glass Bottles Res 2714 E Chase St Res 924 Leeds Ave II9 . . . . . 1 . , . 1 1 I . . ' II. 1 1 1 . 1 1 11 . 11 CLx11on 3737 BELAIR ROAD HUDSON Inc 4709 Belcnr Road Sales HUDSON Servlce HAm1lton 1633 J HENRY CARSTENS 8: C0 Inc 1-:smbhshed 1922 PAINTING AND DECORATING 5700 FAIR OAKS AVENUE BALTIMORE 14 MARYLAND Member of Pamtmg and DGCOIGLIHQ Contractors of Amenccx Comphments of C. MARKLAND KELLY Presldent of the Clty Councll I20 VI' I X3 ll Y 'UD 50 , . O O' I I Compliments of ct FRIEND Mothers Club Sf Fw-'M THE UNITED STATES ARMY ORGANIZED RESERVE CORPS GUARDIANS OF THE PEACE PREPAPED POR WAR INFORMATION 45POB1d B1 'vid MU 8320 I l U . . ui Cltimore, . SAFE coURTEoUs RIDE DIAMOND CABS RADIO EQUIPPED CALL BELMONT 3333 DEPENDABLE DRIVERS Store Phone LE 7769 Res Phone CH 1291 LEX 5198 Have Your Furmture Made Luke New By the JOHN COOK CLIFTON UPHOLSTERING co I A FOX 6 SON Plans' and Hageman Wmdow Shades Oversiufied Suns Slip Covers Made to Order Chair Canemq 318 N CHARLES STREET BALTIMORE MD LET Us ESTIMATE 16291631 HARFORD AVE BALTIMORE 13 MD Edwma C M Drushler Iohn G Hobler Phone BRoadway 12212 3 phone Lgngwood 2373 THE IRVINGTON SHOP Waste Paper Shredded Paper Dry Goods Nolrons Novelties ELEET AND EDEN STREETS Greetmq Cards For All Occasions BALTIMORE 31 MD 4114 FREDERICK AVENUE BALTIMORE 29 MD CALL WILKENS 4200 AFRIEND IARBOE BROS STORAGE WAREHOUSES MOVING PACKING RUG CLEANING MOUNT ST IOSEPH Agent Allred Van Lanes Natron Wrde Moving 3930 32 34 FREDERICK AVENUE F L E C K E N S T E I N DECKER S RESTAURANT 1219 EAST CHASE s1'nEE'r ROCKAWAY BEACH ANDREW C OLERT Essex 464 I22 FRANK P' R' BOHAGER 6' SONS' Inc' I.adies'. Men's and Ch1ldren's l-'urfzishinqs of . S 1 ROLAND L FISHER FUNERAL HOME CARROLL I CONWAY 2112 DUNDALK AVENUE CANNED FRUITS VEGETABLES AND IUICES 5310 MORELLO ROAD BALTIMORE 14 MD Phone I'IAmxlton 1981 Phone Dundalk 3100 3101 FOLKEMER PHOTO SERVICE DIETZ S FOOD MARKET Bell G 1-lo ell Educahonal Dealers 8057 PHILADELPHIA ROAD Essex 1655 I POPLAR GROVE STREET BALTIMORE MD COMPLETE FOOD SERVICE BUTLER 61 NEALE Compllmenls Realtors 3529 EDMONDSON AVENUE L0 ,285 HARFORD CLEANERS a. DYERS Conqratulahons and Best Wlshes BRADFORD FEDERAL SAVINGS 6. LOAN ASSOCIATION ELITE FOOD MARKET 5808 Belaxr Road The Best of E erylhmq INSURED SAVINGS HOME LOANS Open Dally ORleans 7025 EDMON DSO VILLAGE has efvefjfflizng 'XC R15 Ol PRILI' PARKINC I23 W . 927 ' of FREE DELIVERY - CLifqQn 5350 2500 Block E. Fayette Sireet, cor. Luzerne Avenue v ' h 0 I X 1 1 X N A I I, l , ' , 1 Mulberry 2397 Since 1855 Best Wishes to the CLASS OF '50 M I FREDERICK 6. BRO Heatmg Plurnblng Roofmq Complxments o I M Frederick 1800 Maryland Avenue BALTIMORE 13 MD J JENKINS SONS CO Inc Manufacturers MT ST IOSEPH S COLLEGE RINGS zo w REDWOOD STREET MU 3394 Legal for Trust Funds Orqanlzed 1916 Attractlve Dlvldends IF YOU WANT SAFETY FOR YOUR SAVINGS open an account 111 the FAIRVIEW FEDERAL Savmgs and Loan ASSOCIHIIOII Balumore 23 Maryland Each account IS Permanently Insured Aqamst Loss up to S5 000 00 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation an mstrumentallty of the United States Government Phone Gllmor 3484 S1 00 Starts an Account Open Darly also Monday Nxghts Edmundl Flck G Rob! Comphrnents ot RO0FING ot All Types Erected and Repau-ed MRS ANNAI RILEY SHEET METAL HOME INSULATION EDW G FICK 8: C0 Estabhshed 1915 BElmont 6620 21 22 200810 HAR!-'ORD AVENUE IOKER S BAR 1723 s cL1N'roN STREET Frck S I24 . ., . 2013-2015 FREDERICK AVENUE J D M c M A H O N GENERAL CONTRACTOR Wxlkens 4135 WILLIAM R EBERLING Cemetery Memor1a1s S nce 1876 Phone PLaza 1671 1672 1673 IOHN DITTMAR 6. SONS Inc 4 Sq Lumber and Variety M111 Work FOX S MEAT MARKET nc Dxstrtbutors of Homasote Masomte Trle Board Ply ood Statrwork and all types of Wall Boards Pratt St and East Falls Ave Baltlmore 2 Md Telephones Coal Dlvlslon Belmont 1066 O11 D1 xslon Night and Holrday Servlce Belmont 3368 Ltbeny 0575 Pamtlng and Decorat1nq 3403 ST AMBROSE AVENUE BALTIMORE The CARROLL INDEPENDENT FUEL Co O11 Burners Fuel O11s COMPLIMENTS Ma1n OHICB 750 East 25th Street BALTIMORE 18 MARYLAND MR and MRS PHILIP E CVACH Phones Essex 64 65 H J MUELLER and SONS Inc Cement Ltme Plaster Sewer Plpe Hardware Sheet Rock Lumber Mtllwork Rooftnq EASTERN AND MACE AVENUES ESSEX 21 MARYLAND Terms Cash I25 - -- . 7 ,Be1m.,ntms THOMAS 1. GIBBONS . 15, MD. ol . . , . EST 1916 IOHN W GEIPE MGR J NORMAN GEIPE Local cmd Long Dxstcmce Household and Comrnerclcxl MOVING STORAGE ln the Great Port of Bcxlhmore MAd1 on 7100 520 36 W LAFAYETTE AVE Comphments Best W1shes from LOUIS CROCETTI AL NEVILLE IZ6 Providing the Most Complete and Efficient MOVING cmd STORAGE Service of Weddmgs G oups Kodaks Banquets Commercxal Supplies GUILL PHOTO Comphmems PIKESVILLE S PI-IOTOGRAPI-IER 1221 REISTERTOWN ROAD Plkes 112 M Llberty 4859 Best Wlshes THOMASI GIBBONS CHAS O IEREMIAS Phone Plaza 6200 MR and MRS DANIEL A FORD IR GOOD DICKENS 0 1751 E PRATT ST ANTON HAGEL Pastry Fancy Cakes Bread Rolls GOOD 6. CRAFT Inc Lxqhhnq Fixtures Wmng Repairs EIC 421 N LOUDON AVENUE Phone Long ood S966 IAMES IOSEPH HOPKINS Furmture Rugs Bedding 512 N EUTAW STREET BALTIMORE I THE BEST LINES OF BETTER FURNITURE I-Exlnfiion 5714 Establlshed 1924 KACHAUSKAS FUNERAL HOME Charles W Kachauskas Ir FUNERAL DIRECTOR 637 Washmgton Boulevard IVIUlberry 8617 Ofhce 703 MCHENRY STREET BALTIMORE 30 MD I27 ' r ' of . . H. H. 575 , . A KAUFMAN S Quahty Food Market Grocenes Meats Prov1s1ons THOMAS J KENNY 1013 Leeds Avenue Balhmore 29 Call Arbutus HALVER B KAUFMAN Arbutus 2121 P1-opnetor FUNERAL HOME In Memory ot my Classmate and Fnend Llmouslnes for Occqslgns CHARLES I KUTCHER Class 1947 Dred Aprll 7 1947 H HOLLINS and GILMOR STREETS GI 5473 Best Wxshes to the CLASS OF 1950 Hank 47 HART G CLARK TRANSFER CO 1625 RIDGELY STREET BALTIMORE 30 MD THE FAIRWAY REALTY CO 1300 Walnut Avenue S1ncere best wishes from your nexghborhood REALTORS HIGH S ICE CREAM STORE 4110 FREDERICK AVENUE Da 1d Edwards Auihonzed Dealer LOngwood 1738 GILMORE 8857 LOYOLA CULLEGE A College of Llberal Arts and Sclences BALTIMORE 10 MARYLAND I28 I - , ' . Md. ' 976 . 1-1. A. .,1f. V. I . NRA C new GLASSIPS The Ongmal See As You S1p Transparent Dnnklnq Straws Manufactured by GLASSIPS INCORPORATED 1'owsoN 4 MARYLAND THE LOOP 4238 FREDERICK AVENUE HEER BROS Inc 105 E zsm STREET CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES OF 1950 HUTLLFR BROTIILRS I0 Howmm AND SARATOGA s'mEz-:Ts LE mqton 5787 P I MCEVOY Incorporated IMPORTERS WEST BALTIMORE STREET BALTIMORE, MD. GEORGE 6. HARTMAN Consulting Eng neers 105 E PLEASANT STREET BALTIMORE 2 MD Four Fme Stores for FAMILY SHOPPING HOCHSCHILD, KOHN 6. CO. We Invite Your Membershlp NEW MICHAELS Permanent Savmgs and Loan Assoclatlon Money Loaned To Home Buyers CURRENT 47, DIVIDENDS 400 NORTH MILTON AVENUE Open Wednesday 1 to 8.30 BRoadway 3495 A . ' so A VA ,.A,I , s..t,y...,Q,,yQ L , mm ' Bob Flannery, Prop. Lf' 1 ggfalliw HM if e me i 'F ll ll f W 'W Y 1 A A Q X. ' i . . 310 l29 Res 4509 FREDERICK AVE Phone WI 5611 E B HARRIS 6. SONS 61921 LEXINGTON MARKET Phone SAratoqa Iass 296 297 HoI.I.INs MARKET Phone P1.I-Im 'lass C0mPl1menl5 IRVINGTON THEATRE FOR TI-IE BEST IN MovIEs South 0641 FRED A KRAUSE 6 SON MORTICIANS Funeral Home August F Krause 1216 S Charles St Dons S Krause Baltxmore Md K R O Z A C K S MEAT GROCERIES and VEGETABLES sol DENISON STREET WILKENS sasa TWENTY MILES HOUSE Hanover Road ARCADIA MARYLAND I NEIL MCCARDELL Maryland Ofixce Supply Company Commercial and Domestxc Sales G Servxce APPLIANCES RADIO TELEVISION KRATZ ELECTRIC Irvmgton s Store I.Onqwood S023 4112 FREDERICK AVENUE BALTIMORE 2 Compliments of S G N KATZ Inc IEWELERS AND SILVERSMITHS M 61 G ARMATURE AND GENERATOR SERVICE nc Starters and Regulators Repaued You Wlll Like the Attentlon and Servlce We Gwe You Phone PEabody 4135 IOHN KRYSIAK REGISTERED PLUMBER 322 S PATTERSON PARK AVE Baltxmore 31 Md WM KALB 6. SONS Inc 612 EAST 25TH STREET FEED DEALER Baltxmore BElmont 6010 1 131 Washxngton Boulevard 1662 GILMOR 0338 of ses: wishes GENERAL Elrcrnlc 9.MD. I . l30 Phone COMPLIMENTS MICHAEL ADLER The Onglnal PANZER COMPI. MENTS Plckles and Kraut I MEADOW GOLD ICE CREAM CO Mfg by 1726 E. PRATT STREET GEORGE PANZER s soNs Zone 31 608 S Bond Street KOLB S TAVERN Inc 300 02 S STRICKER STREET Drrect from the Keg GUNTHERS and ARROW Sea Food Stalls BR 0300 86 240 Broadway Mkt Tele lsron Bar and Dmmg Room Hemi-qlf,'ffeBlf,Z,f,'e"m MEYER 5. THALHEIMER Statxoners Pnnters Toys WM C SCHERER G CO Inc 10 N HOWARD STREET LUMBER MILLWORK PLazcx 6340 808 820 W Baltimore St Tel MUlberry 4077 Reverence for the Departed Conslderatlon for the Bereaved LEONARD J BUCK 8: SONS FUNERALHOME No Parkmg Problems for Patrons and Fnends Use Our Parkxng Lot 1n Rear oi Home Entrance on Grbbons Avenue 5303 09 HARFORD ROAD HAm11ton 1517 I3l of I ot TERRACE DRIVE IN Comphments of P I NEE COMPANY the MAY company Extends Best Wlshes to THE CLASS OF 1950 COMPLIMENTS MR cmd MRS E I BANNON NATIONAL WALL PAPER 6. PAINT CO Inc 317 N HOWARD STREET Tel VErnon 2033 for prompt dehvery Great Names ln Pamt DURON Rxde YELLOW CABS Excluswely COMPLIMENTS WM S I-'IALKOWSKI COMPLIMENTS A FRIEND F B COMPLIMENTS BUSH DRESS SHOP 753 WASHINGTON BLVD GOOD WISHES to the GRADUATES RIVERSIDE FEDERAL Savlngs 6. Loan ASSOCICIIOII 132 E FORT AVENUE PL 1191 COMPLIMENTS ZIMMERMAN BROS PENNSYLVANIA PRODUCE TERMINAL BEST WISHES TO THE COMPLIMENTS BILL ZILVIS and IEAN McLAUGHLIN so4 SOUTH PACA srnnsr of I ' . ' ' oi I DUTCH BOY - LUCAS - MURPHY of I 0, - - - I of of I I l32 COMPLIMENTS Phone: WILKENS 7860 of MRS. M. SPILLMAN 1184 CLEVELAND STREET LUCAS BROTHERS STATIONERY OFFICE FURNITURE PRINTING 219 223 E BALTIMORE STREET Baltlmore 2 Md MICHELS FOOD MART Meats Groceries Frozen Foods 2701 HARLEM AVENUE BaltImore 16 Md Phone LO 2174 For Study and Sport You Need Clear VIs1on Have your eyes examined at F W MCALLISTER CO 110 WEST FAYETTE STREET Baltimore l Maryland M C SNEERINGER Pamtmg and Decoratmg Industnal Spraymg 416 S AUGUSTA AVENUE BALTIMORE 29 MD CLOPPER TREE CARE Prompt and Efhcrent Servrce In the care and mamtenance of Shade-Evergreen and Frurt Trees H STEVENSON CLOPPER 6. SON 2831 RIDGEWOOD AVENUE Llberty 6081 Since 1912 Pruning Spraying Cavity Treatment Fertilizmq Member National Arborists Association When you are ready for your NEW FURNITURE Consult us and we guarantee to save you 20 to 40 6 on Bed Room Llving Room Breakfast Room Dining Room Furniture Rugs and Bedding Our 20 years experience In the Furniture Business qualifies us to be of valuable assrstunce to you m your selectlons of QUALITY STYLES and COLORS We Invite you to call on us tor miormatxon and pnces OPEN EVENINGS ON WEDNESDAY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SUPERIOR FURNITURE SHOP 1728 BLOOMINGDALE ROAD 16 Longwood B580 THE NEWEST IN NEW FURNITURE COMPLIMENTS KIBBY SCHMITZ 711 POPULAR GROVE COMPLIMENTS or M 6. M CAFE 1554 ROYLI: STREET Beer Wme Liquors Marie Marowslu Prop Electrical and Radio Repairs New and Old Lamps and Appliances House Wiring a Specialty Prompt Service Wiring lor Light and Power Phone CATONSVILLE 5950 FREDERICK P MILLER 6. SON Licensed and Bonded ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Catonsville s Oldest Electrical Contractors 818 FREDERICK AVE CATONSVILLE 28 MD MARKIEWICZ Grocery and Meats . . . l . I 0 - - - - ot - .1 1. . Boltinq Cableinq. Lightning Protection u : I33 Est. 1888 I. P. PFEIFFER 6 SON, Inc. Refrigerators : Refrigeration : Freezers 200 N. PACA STREET, BALTIMORE 1. MD. PLaza 3167-3168 COMPLIMENTS ol GOETZ'S CAFE 1400 HULL STREET PL-9391 COMPLIMENTS ot MR. HARRY IOSEPHSON RACKL'S BAKERY 5810 nELAm noAD CL-5015 Wedding and Birthday Cakes a Specialty We Bake Twice Daily FRANK s PARLETT RALPH L PAm.E'r1' PARLETT MOTOR COMPANY Direct Factory Ford Dealer COMPLIMENTS Eu-'Con CITY MARYLAND FOURTEEN HOLY MARTYRS CHURCH Phones E C 192 and 620 WE DELIVER PHONE LOngwood 7052 CARROLL A READ HARDWARE Run Right to R E A D S Pittsburgh Paints Housewares Tools Electrical Supplies For All Your 4102 4104 FREDERICK AVENUE DRUG STORE NEEDS SHORE DISTRIBUTORS Iohn E Moms Wholesale Plumbing and Hecrhng Supplies Amencan Standard National and Amencan Bethlehem Steel Iohns Manvllle Products SALISBURY MARYLAND BElmont 35003501 GEORGE I STORCK 6. SON LUMBER slNcE 1840 Millwork Paints Appliances 240618 GREENMOUNT AVE BALTIMORE 18 MD Gilmor 1277 IOSEPH M STROHMER HOUSE FURNISHINGS Paints Hardware Glass 2002 W PRATT STREET S P U R R I E R S BALTIMORE DRESSED POULTRY CO Hotels Restaurants Hospitals and Institutions Promptly Supplied Fresh Eggs and Frosted Foods LEXINGTON MARKET 42 to 46 FRONT ST BROADWAY MARKET BALTIMORE 2 MD PLaza 1389 STEFFE BROS 3216 FREDERICK AVENUE Frozen Foods Groceries Fresh Meats Poultry Vegetables FREE DELIVERY CALL GILMOR 9430 of Lumber : Hardware : Electrical 0 I 34 coMPL1MEN'rs and MRS ALBERT W FOLL LEXINGTON 1390 Its SMART to Buy from The SMART WEAR CO CASH CREDIT 10301032 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE Baltxmore I Maryland AL SOUKUP ATLANTIC GASOLINE 6, OIL Good Ior Ialoples Too PACA STREET AT WASHINGTON BLVD COMPLIMENTS MR and MRS CONRAD CZYZ ELECTRIC LOVE she wants a date-Meter she comes to call Recexver she wants an escort Conductor I you thmk she s pxclung your pocket Detector I she s slow oI comprehensxon Accelerator she goes up IB the an Condenser she s hungry Feeder she s a poor cook Dlscharqer she eats too much Rectxher I her hands are cold Heater she Iumes and sputters-Insulator she wants a holiday Transmxtter she s narrow ln her vxews Amplxher II she s a pest Extermxnator VOGEL RITT OF BALTIMORE Inc IUST CALL LExmqton 6344 FOR PEST CONTROL SERVICE 23.5 St Paul Place Best Wrshes THE REDEMPTORIST FATHERS Sacred Heart Church Complunents CLASS 3A BEST WISHES from Baltxmores Fastest Growmg FURNITURE STORES M SHAIVITZ :S SONS 816 28 S CHARLES STREET 5407 HarIord Road Go to he Cloclr m the Mxddle oI th Block B SEGALL 6. SONS Inc BUILDING MATERIAL 1040 PENNSYLVANIA AVE Phone LEx1ngton 8440 COMPLIMENTS LUKE DUFFY COMPLIMENTS RABAI S BAKERY B C LUCAS G SONS Book Binders 210 N GREENE STREET Phone SAratoga 8520 Phone Gllmor 9436 WENCK S SERVICE STATION Your Betholme G Sxnclaxr Dealer WASHINGTON BLVD and CATON AVENUE Goodyear Tues Tubes Battenes CAR and HOME SUPPLIES APPLIANCES ACCESSORIES COMPLIMENTS GEORGE BENKERT of I MR. . . '- oi II II - ' II - I . . . . - - I . . - II ' ' -- II ' - II ' - ' II - " I 1 II It - ' i II ' ' ' - " Hlghlandtown of , ., I . . e ., M. . . . of oI . . . of I35 Compl1ments LORD MOTT COMPANY Inc Foot of Fell Street Balhmore Maryland PACKERS OF FINE CANNED FOODS SINCE 1836 Phone MU1berry 0284 85 NATIONAL SPORTING GOODS CO Inc 310 E Bcxltunore Street EVERYTHING FOR SPORT BEST WISHES STEARLING 6. SCULL Inc 8081 EASTERN AVENUE SILVER SPRING MD COMPLIMENTS DR FRANK OTENASEK coMPL1MENTs MICHAEL ALTIERE V S H E L L PRESCRIPTIONS wnk 7536 COMPLIMENTS A FRIEND I36 of - I . George A. 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Suggestions in the Mount St Joseph High School - Mount Tower Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) collection:

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