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 - Class of 1949

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E f 1. a Y 1 ls I I X r in F 3 if iv 5 2 51213 'ai FL- X1 yQ1g,:3.r 'M QV. I - x E A EH 2, Q . x K I. F 1 A 1 E ? s F I al P. Lam-'E' Qi 2 fi x. 1' Q 4: 1 if?- Diurl , 3155 eg, , I 235 M ' ' 5 , Q Q? 55 A figs lx Va K3 5? , Q 3 F Q Ei :-- .... L 5 5 li ? 4553 f a . , 4 ,gi if f - ff 5 if f , 4 f 23 f I - , f ,fin Q , ,,,,,. W . 9.54 fy - 372.910 .Eg 'QE Z3 - 4 S? N 1, Q 4 1 Q. , Q Q 3 is .12 ' W, . f A , Q ,. . . +5 ,L 3. --ss ' ff' W ,si ,T 'A f Nh 2- , . -q,-,,1,,,-.,y,g , pi - 1 "1 ' , 19 ai? va I -v -1' .- Q! , JL Ez , 4 ,,A::: V J rv 2 'iv f ' 1-"3 . . xx iw 1 2 M, 4 Lcfmwu- , Eff 5 ' P' A I a, MQ 'Q' Y Q5-Q .aww 4 1- i I ' 4 -' , , A 1 1 WE llllll llllli WAY :lt The Mount WTH THE APPROACH of Sepfember, we are well aware of +l1e adveni of school. Since ihe school year, like +l1e seasons, comes and goes, if is possible 'ro observe Hs pro- gression by +l1e movemeni of na+ure. Laie summer brings along all fhe prepa- raiions +l1a+ precede enfrance in+o fhe scholasfic year. Then au+umn wa+ches as we begin our daily siroll along flue free-lined iron? drive foward ihe familiar lower, crowned wi+h flag and cross. We buy boolcs and prepare ourselves for sfudies. Through win+er our aH'en+ion is ceniered indoors, buf we again ven+ure ou+ in spring. Q' , 5 W,- ,Q .,, .6 W4 '. A ,fishy f. Y Jw .44 3 .11 N . 3 .Q' fs Q x A .f 'K f 'X , ,x 'N A W x J A C h W. , K af m 5 5 ' 3 x 'A . , f S ' ' 5 ' Q f S 4 . Y 4 rf i . W J ejxpff' Q - . . X K ,W 4 Y , x A ' 5 f 5 f M- K if vt i 2 K hf' wwf' 1 4' :xv la. f f E f W 3 sg! 0 ,A -lf ' i I 3 ' 1 I 5 x " MX A t , W2-1 MM f , - 'N ' I ,. ' 5 I .W H, ,, 4'.,. . , 1- 4 , if if-x 3-'W y 14+ vw' Y lg"':M,.'- , 5 L 7 T ' Wflc 1 ' sl 5:11, X vm " , 'u.f,". A . ' L , A,w.,U,17 Q 4 2 'QQ I " 1 gk . 1- i Q, f k pr ,Q.,,15gi?' jffy2v,1:i3Qsag2f1g Qs-g N Q, w,g:"" . .. - . 0 ,. , A . , X W 4, gigvig K gJjf'gllZM1gl?i2? , 1:2 a U , Af ' .x 5, , x 'M If 5 A5 vgjgiff . K fi- 3' - , T' y 1 f A :- Q Yr' 1 ' TN 5, -Jgfwwzf y 4 ' f. 3 .x,:F,'1 'fd ., 'Q-.' K I , ,ff 553 E ,giirm-fwif "Ziff - ' ', X f f . - , . W 'f -A Iv . K . . 'zfx f' 'W'rmHfcA: Jw EN V wi' 'rw vw -Q ' . - 3 - 4 1. QM :w,,3g,., ,..-av'v:1:mM fu 5. .. , 2 -'JF A ,4 X Tgx V, ' if 5 'WV QW. 'ig' 'v f ,, - MQ, , ff , ,f 8 , 1. .,:rf- 'gif A K R ,iw ieibiitiw' I 5 ,,'x fl N . my. s H .9 X I V . V K. dn Q wk .. .lW5M:S?nkg5Q? A, . y v, , ,4-LEW 4 A gm-ff , . 7 ,Q fzgwlg, s nw ., X, y , kg. R N . ' " 3 wwf M .49 H , Cx 4 5' ' 1 'XM . ,: -:Q,-- -.1-,:.' - ' Q' 'L' .":fQfzlMi'DQH1 1, K 10. 1- 'I 'V' v ' ' ,- if s f Lfff v iw Y fi ffffiff ,J ,L ,..,- 2 ' - ' 45' ' ' Z Milf M V T , ,33,f,l-3 A ,T 3 ,ii Q ', A v , ,A rf ,D Q ,NSE - ,Q , m0A,i5,5,,, Y, , , qi. "4 5" ' , f f' e 36 -1, f W -1 Q K+ :1'5"'n "x 1 , A ' I-,' Q11 'L A' ,c gf 9553.3 Q - Q I . . - :M s. f f f' K f f-ff xv M +A- 2 My k . :K M31 . Q J' H J X ' gr . A v ., 9? . is ' lfyhff, f. miie., ff .ww I, . I A 3 4 I ggjmkfgx A . ' , ,N ' 'QM' 1 . W 'W ' may A , 5? xewf .x 54. f F X af qkwlifgffyfl Q ,Q -w,fx.s 5' , nf ' ,E .gk ...TIM Y 1 . ' , 2 . ' u e.-ix i 4 y :VIN 1 IIIIIIII PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF MT. ST. JOSEPH UNDER THE EDITOR- SHIP OF ROBERT GUNZELMAN AND FRANK KRATZ MOUNT SAINT JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL BALTIMORE. MARYLAND ...- 1 2 Luau, Q U P cl." W -5 BY ML PEDESTFUANS . . . Sylvesfer Kirsfukas and Geza Feher swung down 'fhe fron? road headed 5or a day of books and classes as fhev Keep an alerf ear ior The Hrs? hell. HITCH-HIKERS . . . Mafihew Murray and hl fhumbers rude in sfyie, his brofher-in-'aw permiifing, when fhey head for lrvingion and fhai firsi' hisfory Ieciure of Brofher Kenan ,,,,,,,. ,, ,..,.vv Y E ,pm .W v fn , v ,Q , .. if i 'W A sg.. V, 1. 'vw - i ,-: , . 44 gm M Q. H Ji if vm ff f' ig ' ,iw W QV ,3v?.NQ.qgaxwwfewV N' ,M W wwf-""' MQ wi- M A Y MW if . ,. X ,aww-.W am W .1 ,, H 'tk i .Q ,. :, il -'-',. 4 f Of ail the modes of iransporiahon ernpioyed bv 8 Mounf siudenis To beef ihe haslrv fhreefrninuie beil, id 4 1 4' the mid iaiihiul No. S froiiey was rnosf used. even Q if noi besf loved, Every morning ihe lrvinqion Charioie. wouid pause, one differ anoiher, and deposii 'rheir load of sleepy- oyod Mounimen. These same half-awake smdenfs wouid have io jump io dear ihe from road for fhe mofor scooferw, which by ihe qrace of God usually nriivsnd in one piece. WEA WF TPOLLEYRIDERS . . . fall in line fo board llie old No. 8 for lhe run inlo lown. The lineup includes Clarence Jones, Vince Rallo, and ice-cream boy, Vince Lombardi, lraclr weiglwfman. TRAVEI 'hduuig .,,.1vt,J lllen, loo, llnere were a goodly number who arf rived by converlibles, sedanb and lruclce, usually so over-crowded llwal llwe rear bumper barely cleared llwe ground. A lew ol llne more energelic groundlnogs pedalcvd lrom llweir nearby llomes, and some even walked. On llle relurn lrib many more used slnanlc! marr- nol because llney lived so close, bul because llleir la5l nickel wenl lor a colce aller llne game. Bul once peel Yale Avenue a properly waved llnumb allen gel resulls. zwir, ,f ill THE CEASO C With linal heal waves and Thunderslorms, summer makes ils exif in blazing glory. Aulumn brings ils own individualism- lhe color of lhe leaves which have faded lo a lighl green lhrough fhe hol humid days ol summer, bul now assume slrange pallerns and designs ol red, yellow, brown and gold. This panorama seems To have changed from a blanlcel of green lo a picluresque old-fashioned quill. Olher delinile signs of approaching fall are 'rhe soulhward migra- fion of birds and influx ol sludenls To school. Soon lhere is a rain of leaves4a rehearsal Sllillilllllllll li' lil If lar a fufure performance by snow. Al lirwl, an inviqerafing freshness is in flue breezes, mixed wifln flue smell of burn- ing leaves. Cold sharpness gradually re- places flwis vifalify and fo a fanfare of winds, winfer makes an enfrance on a floor of frosf. Winfer passes affer several monflns, and flwe flwnw produces mucln mud and swelling river-,. Tlwere are buds on planfs and freesp fields ge under plow: and enerqefic acfion is gen' eral. This is flue prelude fe summer. EAI TY 1' ,,f,,QL, E O 1 X 0 , ff I Q Q 4 5, Vg, Ni J. ' ' I ff I , N. -X E 'TM' an m W. wvfj,,K,,w,L ,, aianwg A MWWA.. ,Ma-1 ,, ' 4 l H,Wm.,,l I QE r V me vm -uw M men Y' 1 V vt :W Y- X? X A K 5 . WX 'WS , ' 'M W ,7 1 ' . 4 A xxggaigf - K iw F , I ' fn-wk A r K f 4 A fi . ,dlp - is 4:9 , L"fQf pi ""E""" A7 . f Q , E? E2 gN 1 A, ,, 4 Q Q K -.LL 4 ,fry tv: ' s Q5 1 .-,,,..-an - 3 ,,.,, -i' --A A x ,,.....,H- nuff 3, x 45. 22 Q3 is E 'r 1' rdf' . ,4 f 9 'I x 1 Q " , ' I 1 Y A Y V M, X' Q . m I 13,44 2 Y 8 v "kg Mx-V' y v X s W A A ' I , 4 Ig tif!! x Q al 3 Q XE Y 'x I' i y 'fig wk gl I Ag 3 gr le' 'I ! ,X ,' 4 Q, I A X 'JAN 1,5 ix -ka:-'XM-y-.m-wwwlwwvlql ,Q g - - N ' N 1 ' xt ' ' 'f' ? ,L",xs ' . 1 5 n U F , , if' 4 5 "n' X X A , S 3 y 3 4 'v in ,f ,AN 1 I Q AQ I - 1 ...., J --T.-. -T.- . --A.. K.. Wm, f'-.4. ' . ...i.. , I A X -is Ai' THEY All.Ili'I' li 'I'0 Guiding The lvlounT Through The pasT school year was an able crew oT BroThers and lay Teachers. AT The helm wiTh his inspiring, quieT iniTiaTive was neadmasTer BroTher BarTholomew. Always an ac' live parTicipanT or an enThusiasTic specTaTor aT MounT acTiviTies, he exempliTied True school spiriT. WiThouT a doubT, The indispensable man behind The .cenes was BroTher Leo, TirsT assisTanT Tor BroTher BarTholomew and purchasing aqenT Tor The school. Shepherd Tor This year's Tloclc QT lO5O boys was lirecTor OT sTudies BroTher f'NnTon. On many ocaa- ions he qave lagging sTudenTs ThaT well needed mush ThaT helped Them Through The year. BROTHER ANTON, direcTor of sTudies, coordinaTes The varied school curriculum. BROTHER BARTHOLOMEW, headmasTer, direcTs The many acTivi+ies of MounT ST. Joseph. BROTHER MARINUS, aThleTic direcTor, BROTHER GUY, residenT direcTor, pro- BROTHER LEO, procuraTor, overs es The plans The mulTiple program of sporTs vides Tor The numerous needs of The physical and maTerial needs of he acTiviTy. residenT body. MounT. l T Q IHITTWNN CIRHUUNDING Fc.. Brofher Brofher Brofher s l Broflwer Brofher Brofher Alvin Aquinas ArThur Bernardus Campion Casimir UFFERI G UUUNCEL T0 ALL School Treasurer and keeper oT The keys was BroTher Casimir. l-le also Tound Time To Teach maThennaTics. Brofher Guy was The man who had The diTTiculT Task of keeping IOO residenT sTudenTs busy and happy, l-le also TaughT physics. BroTher lvlarinus had his hands Tull direcTinq all aThleTic acTiviTies-which were manywand Teaching biology. The lVlounT also has a corps oT reTired Teachers- Thouqh really They conTinue To Teach by Their holy, quieT lives-These include Tour iubilarians BroThers CelesTine, lqnaTius, WalTer, and Cassian. AnoTher ol This noble group BroTher Arcadius passed on BroTl'1er BroTTier BroTl'1er Cle+us Colombiere Columlzille .wmikm Brofher Brofher Brofher Celesfine Chrisiian Clarence Bro+her Broflier Brofher De Paul Didymus Dominic i Nher Maximus, ailer many years' leaching ai Mol-mainlenance man deluxe, indispensable al ,4 school lo handle ihe band and leach music. Broiher Broiher Broiher Brolher Broiher Broiher Edwin Eric Francis De Sales Francis Joseph George Francis Gerald LENIDING THEIR i'Pllil'l' All Alll -ng lhe school year. Brolher Waller, a former 'arian as well as English leacher, made many lillf ippearances lhis year, ' Ulhers in reliremeni because ol ill heallh number 'her Leander, an accomplished sramp colleclorg ierian college, and Broiher Zachary, former wl limes, as lar as fhe siudenis are concerned, - Brolher Cleius, in charge of lhe canleeng and 'her Bernardus, in The caieleria. lrolher Simon commules from S+. Maryls lndus- ine regular iaculiy in order of iheir age in gion include Brolher Clarence, hisiory and Bro+her Bro+her Brofher me-brag Broiher Didymus, algebra: Brolher Christ H090 HYHCFHW 'QHGHUS Broiher Brofher Brofher Brofher Bro+her B,-ofher Jellfrey Kenan Leo Francis Leander Marcellus Mgrfin John i c l Brolher Brofher Brolher Blolher Brolher Brofher Maximus Michael Angelus Norman Palrician Simon Urban Francis ME 'PAL i"lliE,G'l'H 'I'lI i Brofher Brolher Mr. Eugene Braclren Waller Zachary ian, Spanish: Brolher Arlhur, sludenlsl librarian: Brolher Michael Angelus, Typing and economics? Brolher Campion, Laling Brolher Marcellus, chem- is+ry and radio: Brolher Colombiere, geomelry and vocafional guidance consullanfq Brolher Leo Francis, office pracfice, bookkeeping, economics and lyp- ingq Brorher Ricardus, Lalin and English: Brofher Alvin leaches induslrial arls, mechanical drawing and wood work, and Brolher Kenan, hislory. The younger lacully includes Brolher George Franics, English, sociology and head of vocalional guidance: Brolher Flyacinlh, algebra, lrigonomelry, and solid geomelryg Brolher Francis DeSales, Ger- man and algebra: Brolher Urban Francis, French, English, applied marhernalicsg Brolher Eric, me- chanical drawing and general sciencep Brolher Mr. Viclor Mr. Thomas Brown Mr. Wilson Heaps Mr. Ray Kozlowski Mr. John Plevyals Woicihovslri Mr. Slanley Zaleski Miss Claire Ball Miss Camilla Weaver Dominic, melal and mechanical drawing, Brolher Aquinas, English, Brolher Erancis Joseph, English, Brolher Marlin John, English and iournalismq Bro- lher Norman, algebra and lrigonomelryg Brolher Gerald, economics, hislory and shop malhg Brolher Palrician, algebra and English: Brolher Edwin, Eng- lish and vocalional guidance consullanlq Brolher l-lugo, physics, Brolher Jellery, hislory and musici Brolher depaul, hislory and English and vocalional consullanlq and Brolher Columkille, Lalin, hislory, English and general science. Lay leachers ol lhe lvlounl include Mr. Eugene Bracken, American hislory and world hisloryi MV- Thomas Brown, American l-lislory and sociology, Mr. Wilson l-leaps, American hislory and public speaking, Mr. Ray Kozlowski, drawing, Mr. John Plevyak, lyping, shorlhand and bookkeeping: Mr. Viclor Woicihovski, physical lrainingg and Mr. Slanley Zaleski who Teaches English and world his- lory. Flllll ll' 'I'll ALL WHO 'I'Illll'IlL A TEACHER'S REST . . . During lhe year Brofher Arcadius, 5 relired schoolmasfer, quiefly slipped home lo God. Falher Paulinus oFFicia+ed al the burial. STUDENT PROBLEMS . . . are mulled over by camera mod- eralcrs, Brofhers Marcellus and Francis Joseph as Boris Roias, Bob Grauer, and ofher camera clubbers awai+ resulls. HOT PLATE SPECIAL . . . shows approved cafeleria lech- nique Neil Bafhon and Carl Geier star? scanning lhe Chair fo a place while sfill in assembly-line. Juv. SOURCE OF STRENGTH . .. Here high in The convenf OT The good Sisfers is The quief beaufy of Their Tiny chapel. From This house of grace They draw The sTrengTh which en- ables Them To meeT wifh cheerfulness and generosify lhe numerous demands oT boarding-school life. One pa-,Time observers seldom Tound The SisTers engaging in was resT. Qur nuns, The DaughTers oT Thr- Holy Redeemer, under The superior-ship oT SisTer lsonlrudis, handled many duTies al3ouT The school wurh as Caring Tor The Chapel and dining room, fooking meals Tor residenTs and TaCulTy and Taking rharge oT The inTirmary, Si-Ter-. ConsTanTina and lVlarTina looked aTTer The dining room while SisTer Malcoma Took posiTion as The head Cook. SisTer Gobina added To The delighT ol meal Time by her excellenT pasTries. AssisTing 'PHE lIlll5l'I"i' I'il'I'llWAl'i' BroTher Edwin as sacrisTan was SisTer ClariTa. Known To mosT all sTudenTs was SisTer Godwina, inTirmarf ian, and SisTers Tvlaximilla, Fucindina, Ru-.Ticula and SisTer Baldewina who became ill during The year and is now aT Meadowbrook, Pa, Also, The names oT l-lipol Karalavicz, Eva and Fanny have become imporTanT as aids To The SisTers in The kiTchen. They do work oT The same kind in Easfon, Over- brook, Pennsylvania, STaTen Island, Villanova, Wash- ingTon and MassaChuseTTs. There are Tour Thousand nuns oT The same kind in Germany, Trom where The SisTers previously came because oT condiTions al The Time. The guardian angels oT The lVlounT have become indispensable To The school since Their arrival, lTwenTy-Tivel years ago, We saluTe The SisTers oT The Holy Redeemer and exTend our deepesT appreciaTion To Them Tor so willingly laboring To make our school year as plea-rf anT as possible. DAUGHTERS OF THE MOST HOLY REDEEMER . . . upon whom The MounT depends so much Tor The success of Hs chapel, dining room, and in- firmary, Take Time-ouT here To saiisfy The phofographer. The Sisfers are in order as follows: llsf Row L. To R.l Sfsfer Dor- rwina, Sfsfer Ciarifa, Sisler lsenfrudi, and Sfsfer Mar- colma: l2nd Ro.v L. To R.l Sisfer ConsTanTina, Sisfer Mar- linella, Sfsler Facundina, Sisler Gobina, and Sislor Maximilla. 5 I ef IIE IIEIIII . . . IlI'I'I'H 'PHE IlXIII'I'EII FAMILIAR SIGHT . . . Io many a Mouni boy and Io Ihe people of fhe Monasiery parish is 'fhe gafher- ing of Ihe Mounf boys ai SI. Joseph's Monasfery for blessings on Ihe school year and for Ihanlrs on Ihe successful conclusion of Reireat BACK AGAIN, BROTHER . . . are Ilefl Io righfl Charles FRESHMAN HUSTLER . . . Ray Sigwarl seems fo be doing Dvoralc, Joseph Cyran and Charles McGuire Io give Brofher a bit of early Ireding while Ihe marlief is slill weali. Dominic Ihe old order as new classes demand new iexiboolcs and new fools. -A p . IQ! Q 1 P e2'i' ,s':-55. , 4 fb J .JA 5 N fr Wxlfrig' "x i' M" x-A fb f ", 1 m A 1' f' , f p . 5 I - ' ' 'QSQJQ 'xi Fifi 1 XX A-if ff' 1 .Q an M 'wi'-ff' My ,wff i if +ffq,, P' "7fffi'w:s' X 1 f EQ M Q i g ff, f L - ,:x 6' fgpiklg-TN + ,,y,1-ff, 0 -11,-,. WN ff mwv "2 ,fig z-A Q .,, i'T - F ,WH 2,-Visgfjg, 1: ,gf F4Mm.1 gv' .. Q- 5 '-'fab Q, . 3905 I . ., Ki, W wif. ?,jQgjRM V , 3 ,aw Jr? f ,H-fp . vf 'M MK ' M' 1' ,fi 'f 1 N , fffifii 1? 5 A' W3 X S' ,gf F1 v lbly hi gm. I Q 1,v,, , A . x 'Q f N ,Y " , ff"""X QM Z kv! s 'A , J "!X?w2Q'M ' xv , sm J E 4 VNV, Q46 'F s 1 1 V 4 rf +. Q -H -s F ' f, X , mf? - . ? ffm , 1 ' T 2 ' :QQ f ' tw '? A A A I V f , A ,iff fix '2 ,A f fir. , ff. Q f Q fx 1 1 li ' Aul- ..., P Q V... ,... .,., H X ff' W Z5 uf L' I P T, Ag, :A.f -' . QP ,A 4 , gmgx ' Q 'U A 26 f , ,f swim M nf, X 'fag i ly., Yfw, JMX 4 M ya gf. .,. if 4 Qs ad: ' 4 x if A ,M 4xX 5 A W wa 'sa N, sf. Q, sf' ik V 2 Q A 1 ,E Ak Q. Y , wi 'W X WE' x fa' Q A 'f5Ewf.,,N .ge-Q , wffsw W fl 'L ., A 'W H- diff' 5 X., A G 4 .SX .N A ,max Y ff f m ml '57 f f. ,. i mv A Mm . 5 HJX dk Y .4 ,, Q Q -wwf W x'L' Q YL ,A.. ' W M , ' 5 .al x . w S ' .K mi 1 Kifsk 5? M 55,3111 ff L me QQ NEW? 1 W S 45 iw ag wi ,N "W mn A 1 MQ.. . 5 S A Q - AWN fig, , fy? A l Li fi 3 X 5:1 .h r 1154 Wg, ' T K 31' ff S' g . V all , K ff xiai W, A Swv 'V HA ffl :y E,1?'w', v N F tl 4, 1. Q 1 E 'f . 4 'A , , . 4 ' 5 2 ' ' ' 3 ,iq if mi M 0 gn 'Y - 6 L 4 'f v x uv Q K+ 4 if L Q jg., , Vx, SQ A f, Q V - ' a A5 A ' f? 'X . " ,.,, X' A I x .1 ,, , , . 5 .AA, . . .. 1 Nj . I' " Xi! 7 2 A Ur' 'sf K 1 if N N I .vw 24 gk VJ' .W ,be wtf W' A 1 3 ,im K x F x .,,,.ff 1 jx 4 . W Q2 i' GYYQN We sa W Q -mfr . Kllz ...V -'j Xgf:l,gb, A Z wi ,+ X sf 'Q if Y If fy if N w Y . -,x,. x' '- 52 Y Ja' X t, 7 if? sa. 1 v 9 xx W 4 I X V 1:5 y' N1 Y g K 3. 1 'fifwi If Q' gf !A'A't 5 k X V Q N l if si 'if Qi N- N if Sk mfs w Ye Q l lf my 9 N , Q7 rf vf f, S X S qw , 3 X 'Q A-f X! 5 A - Q W 55 W5 Ng A:, Aggm sX A Y! -14 1 z.f Ffff wi if N A 9 ..x. ig , ,,g., N A , gn, 1 ,i.x if xi xx Q K 1 gif V 1,25 5 - Lis 'Z W ,. N X ,K 5 15,-t t , f as 3 awww . Q , wM5 fx w , - 45 W? it ' 4 N4 Ns. Y Y! x rm "M W .,, a g ,, , if 'f 1 YY QV' . .., 'W' "' Bi- : , A M' V if U' V V A V fra . A ,i ' is .. W A if W f if rfr L ' J if 5' X iw N, 3, 3- ' e ff 1 rv qapw xg, gf H K 4 0: A A ,H Wx A .ml nz . s W?fAm ln is V sh .,,, . r ' 2 Q' T .2 an 'Q' A if in wif: WV' Y gf as if aw , 4 1 9 Q N! + Aw 51 S V W if .R J ,ku 1 'f' U . I 1 - 1' ' 1 4. A. D. f , a5' fif ?i5.jaF"x a za Y' ' 'vi ' is Sw J Q in 5 5 Zn M if an M 3 'F' 'V wt' favv A . ,L nw A 4 S v 1 , if Sf Ei 5' ' X me , . 5, ms Q ay ,M N we A' v I .V N .M W, , Q-,L ,mm , X :mm ... f-1-vmvlvw 'WHPW W' n Mwx.-fv-.4 ' ...Jw J ' THE SMILES HAVE IT . . . as Eugene Falaul and Franlm Norwicz, gel' a sideview of Charles Dvorak in acfion. The boy really I1as+aIen'f. Max Hagel furns around iusv as Charles sefs up a real 'forllful of Brother Leo's special haf pIa+e. TWO YEAR IIF 'IH CLASS 2F 4TH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: W. Miller, J. Lorenz, C. Ahlenfeld, G. Ludeman, J. Banged, R. Anfkowialz, J. Wiegard, T. Roslro, G. Marks, C. Russell, R. Bulling- Ion. 3RD ROW: C. Adelman, J. Devanny, A. Oleszciuk, T. Cugle,, A. Narufowicz, H. Ridgely, J. Sianlcowslri, A. Tippeif, D. Jager. 2ND ROW: L. Nevin, W. Weber, J. Anlkowiak, P. Resfivo, P. McCol- gan, F. Vicchio, W. Doda, W. Esser- IST ROW: F. Tarlelon, R. Blume, G. Cherry, C. Kobal, Bro. Jeffery, D. McNamara, J. Sfeudl, C. Leidig, H. Hammann. CLASS 26 4TH ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Gallen, J. Grewe, E. Horn, F. Bernier, A. Moxley, T. O'Connor, W. Sfaley, N. Scully, V. Trombeffa, W. Lyons, R. Smifh. 3RD ROW: W. Hungelman, R. Phillips, T. McMullen, C. Zimmerman, C. Dressler, J. Burke, D. Selvage, 6. Feher, A. Izner. ZND ROW: R. Hall, S. Krupnilc, J. Mc' Enfee, W. Cannella, P. Gibbons, J. Cydylo, F. Eilrenberg, R. Winiermufe, R. Javins. IST ROW: S. Price, J. Kirby, J. Harding, A. Siedleclri, Bro. Alvin, W. Hladlry, J. Edelen, A. Rusnak, J. Kar- cewski. Pwr tv if fi ,:,. E.5 ,, AQ 5 1 Q32 WE? wnvmk I , my , 3: r , ,Q w 5 , Y.- ,Kg-5 9 YY I ' kfffiffx git Q, .x A U 'W Cz 5 fa -fr 7 I I K , . w- -ima .0 --XA if , ,..,- 5 ' is 4 2 5 :Q fm rf .v- 4' A 2 , Q S 2 A W .Us 35' tw , 1 mx 5 E1 Aff J ,gg 5 .5 , P ta 1 'S 1 wb' 8 5. 9, - -,-'7J:C.j.'3. ..,gW Q 1'?1SQ fv- ,, 'W " -I--If'--lj Q', ,3 xx, ,lv VFX efijh x, N 'W ' 'H N. 55 ii N ' if sz y , ' , - 4 f' I 1 1 ,- 6 Q, ' s xg - pw, Av 6 ,. fa- , S5 . 7 I 1,22 3 if V5 I ,. :Xala n-,-: 1 gg awww' pw- W 4 X ., 495 Nw x fax ,, fe 'gy ww . zx , , M , , J 'S - 5 N 4 f ' , v L N- bg A Vi A XM! ff? fl-in? 9 2" " 'E ,. .. .- f If . A i I Vly, A Y V iw . A L Q W sw' ww N fm Wi WY Avg 1 X-we x N , A i 3 f Q 3 ,X 55? 1:1 fir? 11 Q 4' Q 44- ,J A Kiwi . 34 NK: t I Y ,ig ., Q f gf ,W ,N U 104 iw-3 1 f f I M b 5 515 ' 'ff ,I x'.: :" Y - i 9 .222 ei Y 4 '- "W W A 0 y Q? t . 1 i n .f.1 ,'gQ':f1:'E: K fi - uf' 5 1 ,4 Q R I ' ! i ul I ,E Y i x Y S 1 V 1' ' ' W.: 1' yt Q .4 ,ga . : Qgeggt- , , 3- 'F Q' fi jg? XL : a s if sb 4 f -iw QSWLHSQ- x x 7 .5 4 Q ,,,:, . B ,4"5N'5Qgfax . r gf wi M wgm. A W 1, 4 L fp 1 W I 'W fm X 4, V gl gn K Q 'Q i E4 P wg e Y 1 ,x Q fgrwf ' .W ,fl :SSE , f mg Wi? e ww :K f W If ..,.:, i 1 . X 5' fav 1 h I t f Vfwx ' iff " M . .1 .. WY gp, QQ, , QA: x ,Q - gf . . 5 . ig. ., at .5 QQ x k X NTL fy xv f . , 5 . 5 ea if 5 5 nw. 2 sw 1 , X1 Q x, . 4 , 5. 5, 3. f R "QA .1 Q, W W , E,i . , ,M np 3 ,3i,, A ,L W ng 11, mx +1 3: 1 9 L we Nr ls 4 we W ,Q 3:8 v xy A X 1+ ff ww l hx qi, QA? H ,M Q' my M Q. K 'A Ulllllr UE LAMPLIGHTER . . . Andy Eilxenberg handles lhe blinlcer as Brolher Marcellus' radio experls sland around lo checlr signals of a Calhode Ray Oscillalor. Waller Johnslon "ace operalor" is "slanding by" ready lo quole paragraph and line. CLOCKWATCHERS CHECK SUN . . . as Seniors malre final check on year's slarl lo gel olf on lime. Sundial operalors are Roberl Grabarel: and Edward Franczlrowslri and fresh- man Ed Budacz, 'PHE ill Illll' i"I'All'l l In lhe linal lap ol lheir lrudge loward diplomas, lhe seniors hopelully eyed gradualion, yel paf lienlly compleled lheir numerous courses, some- limes wilh dislinclion. Perhaps lhe besl prool ol lheir growlh and malure ily was demonslraled by lhe ease wilh which lhe lourlh yearmen handled lheir various exhibils al Open l-louse. Wilh carelul, yel complele explana- lion ol proiecls in such subiecls as chemislry and biology, and lhe experienced use ol various shop lools and machines well broughl oul lhe lacl lhal lhe seniors' aclivilies weren'l only social. Evidences ol lhe scienlilic inlluence could be lound on all sides al lhe Mounl. Turning numerous dials, luning condensers and adiusling oscillalors lhe senior radio class proved lhal radio playing isn'l iusl pulling lhe plug in lhe soclcel. Answering lhe inquisilive glances ol lhe visilors, lhe radio class explained lhal lhe anlennas and lhe awkward rigs ol lhe lwo lelevision sels were conslrucled by lhey lhernselves, under lhe direclion ol Brolher Marcellus. Proudly displaying lhe speed charls, lhe senior lypewriling classes gave ample prool lhal lhe pracf lice lhey gol in lhe 55 minule periods was pul lo good use. Allhough mosl ol lhe lourlh yearmen had bul one year ol lyping experience, quile a lew ol lhe lads were hilling over 50 words, some 60, TRACKMEN . . . Vince Rosselli, Sleve Semenuk, Bernard Maygers gel physical refresher from biology proclor and lracl: menlor, Brolher Marinus, on how lo keep lhe old body in lop shape . . , Sludenls, no less! EIIIIII IIIATTIIIIS LIKE CALLING C-Q . . . OperaTor ChilTon Kirchmier calling Bosion, France, seTTles down in The shorf wave booTh aTcp The Tower and sTarTs calling SouTh America, Canada and Europe. Cards lining The walls are envelopes Trom far away shores who have Tuned in on our shorT wave s'raTion and acknowledged The conTacT. KEYBOARD SERENADE . . . AI Rossi mighi' explain The rhapsody ThaT has Boris Roias and Ed Coady really worried in Mr. PlevyaI:'s class as The boys in The rear wonder 'whaf happened.' The sending zone of This quinTeT is in chaTTering M-2OI of The main foyer. IIIIMMIIIIIIIT a minuTe. In The biology lab, The senior capably enumer- aTed The phylums and Their examples. poinTed ouT The members oT The digesTive sysTem in Trogs and gave Their opinion To The TradiTional query as To whaT came TirsT, The chicken or The egg, Their gar- dens, Too, explained why The soon-To-be-alumni were so sure ThaT Their biological knowledge was being puT To advanTage. Reveling in new discoveries oT The capabiliTies oT IighT, heaT, energy, and delving inTo wonderTul oxperimenTs in elecTriciTy, cloud TormaTions and Torce, The seniors appreciaTed physics This year. Qnly a Tow TourTh yearmen adorned This class-Those who didn'T acquire The subiecT in Their Third year eiTiier Through lack oT knowledge or a misTake in Their rosTer. The chemisTs puT on guiTe a show and someTimes quiTe a sTenchg They concocTed synTheTic rubber, plasTics, soaps and innumerable indeTinable odors. Tackling Their chores in The chem lab, The seniors delved inTo The Tiner arTs oT experimenTing by varied uses oT vials and measures. Usually, under BroTher Marcellusis guiding hand, The chem-men ended up wiTh The righT Tormula, even Though The visiTors couldnii' undersTand how or why. BUSINESS EXECUTIVES . . . on The way up are Ed Dopkow- ski, Nick Ebner, Henry Vilagner and Charles Shaw of 4E's en- Terprising Office Pracfice squad who feel ThaT absorbed ai- Tenfion To adding machines de+ails now insures Top salaries Tomorrow. Q bi :wk-Q agxijiq x,32'5-ui , gi I ,,.,,.Q,. . 51' 4 xy H SS Sf? ,Q A L mek Q 1 Q v as -:at I, +55 ' Q am W L A W - ,. Y,-3 - 1. ..--ww:32121:-.-f-'5'1'5f':,"-Il'-Iv A NIE-rrE: . 1132552522-Ik' ' -- , X5 X y a ' N 3 3 X K , 'Q gsm f M Z' Nzfls E , ...Z , ,. , ' gif X ' fi 5, A ii if UIIAPEL HA' 'EA '0 IT'S UP TO YOU . . . is The admoniTion of reTreaTmasTer FaTher Paulinus as he sfrives To bring home To The seniors and iuniors during The spring reTreaT The imporTance of a righT use of The Time. 1' 514 lT is lunchTime-iusT a regular school day. Vari- colored sunbeams smile cheerily Through The sTained glass windows. A vigil lighT Tlickers beside The small alTar. ln The back, a Tew lvlounTmen kneel, praying. This is The chapelfnewer TorgoTTen by IIOO sTu' dcnTs. For in spiTe oT scholasTic achievemenTs and aThf leTic championships aT The lVlounT, God came TirsT and ToremosT. From The very Tirsf peal oT The bell on opening day Till The lasT soph-To-be romped ioy- ously Trom The sTone porTals Tor his summer vacaTion, l-le was conTinually kepT in our minds and our hearTs. Way back in SepTember, we sTarTed The year wiTh The Mass oT The T-loly Ghosh IIOO MounTmen aT' Tonded. Then There was ForTy Hours devoTion--noT a class missed visiTing The Blessed SacramenT. OT course There was VocaTion Week. And To climax The relig- ious side oT MounT life, The annual reTreaT was con- fTucTed. WhaT wiTh l-loly Mass, spiriTual reading. lecTures, ConTession and Communion, we couldn'T lielo buT remember our religion. DevoTions To our Blessed lVloTher were even more TrequenT and devouT Than in previous years. During OcTober and May, Thousands oT class rosaries were senT winqing Their way To heaven. Classes vied wiTh one anoTher in erecTing May alTars. ThroughouT The school year There was a varied schedule oT acTi.iTy including ForTy T-loursl, Voca- Tion Week, Rosary DevoTions, l2eTreaT, Crusade Ac' Tion, PropagaTion oT FaiTh Drive, Legion of Decency -all aimed aT True CaTholic AcTion. ln all, we had a good yeargone ThaT should make ST. Joseph as proud oT his namesake as she is oT him. I PROPAGATION OF FAITH LEADERS . . . being com- mended by Their class moder- aTor, Brofher Columkille, for really boosTing The LenTen Drive are Bill Ziegler, Bill Fra- zier, MilTon Speroni and Paul LeTrice-all members of C'ass 25. BRIEFING . . . Brofher George Francis ouflines To Bill Cleary. WHAT'S THE CHARGE? . . . As S-Tudenf Councilors look on. Bob Franuislzowslci and Ed Supilr how To handle an assembly. Chief Judge Jack Melady inferrogafes The offender. ' i'TllIlEll'l lllllllClL TAKES 1lll'l'lllN Under The guiding hand of BroTher George Fran- cis, The STudenT Council reached new heighfs of achievemenTs and influence among The sTudenT body in The pasT year. AssisTing BroTher George were Bill Cleary, presidenT3 Ed Creamer, vice-presidenTg Ber- nard Sulewslqi, secreTary. ToTalling 44 members, and iusT as many alTernaTes, The council organized six commiTTees To supervise all sTudenT acTiyiTies. Ushering pep-rallies, assem- lolies, audiTorium periods, direcTing Traffic, and lceep- ing The cafeferia clean were some of Their manifold duTies. lVlosT radical change, since The sTudenT council was esTablished Three years ago, was The sTudenT courT which handled sTudenT school violaTions. Doing an excellenT iolo of dispensing iusTice were Chief JusTice Jaclc lvlelady and his six assisTanTs, Ed Supilc, Jack Lazarek, Bob Fraunholz, Franlc PuliTano and Jim STrohecleer. lVlosT common offenses were smoking in resTricTed areas, dropping paper in The yard and refusing To piclc iT up, TighTing, disorderly conducT on The sTreeT car, and eaTing lunch in The wrong places. HS. C-" BOYS . . . Brofher George's boys line up from Freshman To Senior Year. These are The boys To loolr for before dropping Thaf buff. The Sfu- clenf Council is The one Thaf keeps The school clean by keep- ing you on your foes. Popular among This group was The Pres- idenf, Bill Cleary, fhird from The end. K...- ,ff FELLOW OPPONENTS Jerry Pessagno delivers his FINAL INSPECTION Brolher DePaul reviews speeches speech before WBAL audience as Chuck Debelius looks on. before program begins Jerry Pessagno and Ed Shipley IIIIIIATEIII' Fllllllll AIIIIIMF "I" Aller a llimsy Iirsl round in league compelilion which saw lhern lop Nolre Dame ol Maryland, Cal- vorl Hall, and Ml. Sl. Agnes, and lall lo deleal al fha hands ol lhe lnslilule ol Nolre Dame, Selon, and Loyola, Mounl lonque clashers wenl on lo an almosl perlecl second hall. Being lopped only once in six Irie-i, by Ml. Sl. Agnes, lhey lalked lheir way lo a lillinq climax lo Their league aclivily by gaining a unanimous decision over 'rradilionally slronq Loyola. Jerry Pessaqno, voled besl speaker in ll our ol I2 fries, was awarded lhe leagues lirsl besl speaker lrophy and al lhe leagues lasl meeling ol the year was elecled prefsidenl ol lhe orqanizalion. In lhe annual Alumni oralorical conlesl, Jerry Pes- saqno, Joe Kanlorski and Chuck Debelius, speaking on lhe lopir Alexander I-lamillon, American," cashed in wilh Gold medals in Thai order. Speaking on lhe same lopic. Three lvlounlmen rep- msenled lhe school in lhe I-learsl conlesl. Jerry Pessaqno wenl lhrouqh lo place lourlh in lhe slale linal-., Joe Kanforski made 'rhe semi-finals, and I-lal Sanks placed lourlh in lhe eliminalions. Jerry Pessaqno, the schools acknowledged public -.peakinq big wheel, also won laurels in lhe Qplimisl and 'Il Speak lor Democracy!! Conlesls. WINNER . . . Joe Kanlorslii awails name painler as he eyes first place on public speaking honor plaque. He placed blh in 46-47 and 2nd 47-48. WORD WIELDERS . . . are in order: Lell lo Righl, IST ROW: Bill Schmidl, Chuck Debelius, Will Schewessinqer. ZND ROW: Jerry Pessagno, Joe Kanlorslzi and Howland Sanks. MATHEMATlClANS DIG IN . . . and The Treshmen maTh boys seem To have really grabbed Themselves a Tough prob- lem This Time. Franlr ZiTo and Paul STein- lrirchner :fill in consulTaTion in row Two chocli resulTs. Ed Kazmarelr near The camera sTops smiling long enough To be serious, as IF experiences one of iTs rare serious momenTs. RELAX, BE NATURAL . . . suggesTs Mr. Heaps, speech clirecTor and play menTor, as he cues young Francis Kirby on 'mike' Technique. Big Jerry Fidcles and well- dressed John Oswald seem quiTe con- cerned abouT inTerview. CLASSES llllHll i"l'llllEll'l' VacaTion was over and school days loomed ahead once again. BuT one group oT MounTmen were un- daunTed. They were The sophomores. True, There would be l.aTin, geomeTry, and Tug, buT over- balancing iT all, They ThoughT, was The chesTy Teeling -'lm no longer a lowly Troshlm Taking adv-anTage oT Their "elevaTed" posiTion, They made Themselves heard and someTimes lcnown. Their represenTaTion was TelT in virTually every school acTiviTy. Con:isTenTly, They placed among The leadf ers in various mission and chariTy drives, Tor insTance. BroTher Colombieres QB looys were always Tore' mosT in This Tield. They soliciTed over 3200.00 Tor The lv1oThers' Club card parTy. ln The l.enTen Mission drive The sophs conTrilouTed 5250.00 and Tinished 'TIIAIN 1IlIlII i"I'II IIIILII second behind The Treshmen. Two soph classes were among The Top Tive. They were BroTher Francis de Sales' ZA, in Third spoT, and BroTher Clare-nce's QC in TourTh place. Then Too, Their TavoriTe sons parTicipaTed in assem- blies, speaking conTesTs, The dramaTic club, and even inTramural aThleTic Teams. VarsiTy squads in mosT sporTs boasTed an unusually large number of second year men. Theres a long way To go yeT, and They realize as well as anyone else ThaT being promising isn'T arriv- ing: buT They've goTTen oTT To a greaT sTarT, Those sophomores. Theylre on Their way, and iudging by pasT accomplishmenTs, They'II Tinish in The Top TlighT. SCHOOL LIFE . . . Gosh, how iT"s changed! Early June finds Louis Sched and James Wolfe busy in The pool sfriving To ge? an early win over Their SouTh American buddies Raul Quiros and Jose Luaces. THE SMILES HAVE IT . . .in Junior English, as Brofher Fran- cis Joseph noTes Joe Murphy doing research in his Iunch bag again and gives him his choice of poems To remember. Leo Heid, a 'fellow suFferer, smiles, buT Salvafore BrocaTo is a IiTIIe uncerlain. TSCHAIKOWSKI, OF COURSE! . . . agrees BroTher Jeffrey as he puTs his music appreciaTion masTers Through a spiriTed review in The shadow of The boys' colorful 'Open House' proiecfs . . . "Be-Bop" was noT recognized in The semesTer's survey. ying ,Y , . -w-"Wi5wxrwf I I or ,ww II 'IIIII IIIIAII MENTAL GYMNASTICS . . . seem mild To old geomelry HOW AM I DOING? . . . seems To be The mood of John pupils as Andy Eikenberg and Joe Geriaclr whip Through one Serio as he 'pins' The frog in record Time in BroTher Marinus of BroTher HyacinTh's solid geomeiry formulas. 'lab' period. Bernard Kwolca, Tommy Wagner and Jimmy TreaT us wiTh respecT. Call us "Sir" if you please, you who sTruggIe Through The enTrance exams or you who have yeT To Tlunlc a physics TesT. For now we scorn The earmarks oT a Trosh, and drop ThaT sophomore simpIiciTy in Tavor oT The benign digniTy OT a man oT experience. STaIwarT in body, briIIianT in mind, clever in conducT-Io, The juniors. For This is The sTory behind The iunior class, The arisTocracyATo-be. Having Their Tingers in many school pies, The would-be seniors climaxed Their social season by sTag- ing Tor The TirsT Time in years, Their TirsT junior prom. AIThough planned by members oT The class oT ISO, The aTIair aT The Elks' Club was noT a success. To say The mosT, The number in aTTendance was very sparse, among which were included members oT oTher classes. Perhaps The lack oT cooperaTion mighT be Termed a conservaTion oT energy Tor bigger doin's as seniors. Or maybe The class is iusT shy. AT any raTe, This TRIAL RUN . . . mighf be The caTch line for This professional scene as Ed Doplrowslri, and Niclr Ebner awaiT "Go" signal from inspecTor Bob Gunzelman. Selclrman sTand by. T0 K IIWLEITGE ROME STILL UNCONQUERED . . . beards The boys of Brofher Campion's 3A every afTernoon, and d ds iTs pound of sTudenT sfruggle, 'er The eman final bell releases The boys once more from The shock of bool: baffle. ATOM SPECIALISTS . . . probe Tor new applicuTion ' d J h Rif- of The aTom reachon, as Ed Creamer an o n ' d T h Ter, of senior chemlsTry Toy wiTh molecules an ec - niques suihsble for exhibiTion in Their class proiecT. oor showing exTended To religious colledions, in P which The class oT '50 Turned up aT The boTTom oT The heap, However, we shouldn'T be Too harsh on our aspire ing seniors. By Tar noT lasT in everyThing, our sea- soned veTs soughT oTher Tields To conquer. On The sporTing TronT, The Third year men looasTed many varsiTy championship players. JusT To round ouT The year, These lacks oT all Trades enTered represenTaTives in dramaTics, CSMC, . . .t Camera club and prachcally every oTher achvi y abouT The MounT. All in all, The iuniors seem To be a preTTy Tair beT TT. To eonTinue in l95O where The class oT T49 leTT o For iT was a good year-one Tilled wiTh pleasanT memories . . . In looking Torward To Their senior year, juniors I S II' rex pPaT Clarlce vice-prexyp Do arowslci, secreTary. h elecTed class oT3TiCers Bil Ta 1ngs,p y , n Giese, Treasurer: and Dick STach' -Rs, ' .,, if ei . A w 2 I Q,-YVMS . ' ' W , n- - N 5 1. - ' ?" if, W vi- if ' f V V X8 qi' "'A E 5 K 'ar mils' Rik Q l n 'f "wi Sk L i J ' . Q M. -w , S 3. Li Ss ? aw . 3 f 9 , I ,. QQ! x an Jr' . , -3 ,MA f -X wv ?,,'WW ITITATTIA 0F 'PHI' ITITIITIITTT Under a nine acT sTeady show grind, The lrving Tonians Traveled To Richmond in The season! inaug ural To Tace The non-conTerence BenedicTine High Team, Tollowing wiTh seven local Team Trays in Balli more, wiTh a beneTiT game Tinale againsT naTion' wide Tamous Boys Town oT Omaha, Nebraska. TT is TacTworThy To noTe ThaT, excepT Tor Loyola, ThroughouT The season no Team scored beTTer Than one Touchdown over The TVlounT eleven, and in The scoring ToTals, The Purple PilTerers neTTed IZT poinTs To Sl Tor Their opponenTs. WiTh The opening baTTle againsT The BenedicTine T-Tigh Team aT Richmond, The Gaels Tell To a much lighTer eleven, I5-6, wiTh The lone Tally coming early in The TirsT period, when Mike Frame buclsed over Trorn The4 yard line. ln The second TilT aT TvlounT WashingTon, The Purple squad gave vway To ST. Pauls as The Crusaders regis Tered a I3-7 deTeaT. Again iT was Milce Frame who Tools a piTchouT Trom guarTerbacl4 Joe Ares and skirTed end Tor 20 yards. Then came The Mcllonogh TiTT, wiTh The MounT rallying Trom a 7 poinT deTiciT To Trounce The CadeTs, 35-7. Scoring honors wenT To Tvlilce Frame and Bob Kelly, who accounTed Tor mosT oT The marlaers. Following Through Tor Their second consecuTive win, The lrvingTon squad musTered a sTrong running aTTaclc To Trim PoresT Parlc 410 on a mud soalced Tield. Through The rain The Gaels scored in every period, wiTh blocked punTs by Bernie STorcla and WalT Novalc seTTing up Two oT The scores. Jaclc Shanahan also blocked a lciclc in The PoresTers end' zone To malce good Tor six poinTs. Joe Ares, Bob Kelly, Vince RosseTTi, Bill Gallagher and Tom Sariano lilcewise aided in The scoring spree. AgainsT CiTy, ST. Joe goT an early advanTage, as Jaclc Shanahan blocked a CollegiaTe punT and Toolc possession on The Orange and Black 22 yard THE VAR ITY F00 EIT VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD . .. lines up Colf slyle. They are in order: 3RD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Anlhony Moorcones lMgr.l, Rober+ AnTkowiak, Elmer SmiT'h, Richard Kerr, Charles McGuire, Pai Carroll, Henry Slrempek, John Bosley, Bob Thurlow, Frank Tamburello, and C. Kobal lMgr.l. ZND ROW: Assf. Coach Sian Zaleski, Bill Gallagher, Tom Wagner, Charles Palm, Bill Lombardi, Vince Kelly, Frank Morris, Joe Vallandingham, Tom Sariano, Joe Brazius, Sian Sulewski, Larry Warlhen, Coach Vic Woicihovski. IST ROW: Frank Geppi, Joe Ares, Bob Kelly, Walf Novak, Bernard Sforck, Jack Shanahan, Pai Vifo, Bill S+allings, Vince Trombella, Frank Rehak, Vince Rosse'Hi, Mike Frame. sTripe. BuT, Tumbling on The TourTh down, we losT our chance, as CiTy recovered, and wenT on To score. STill we never gave up, and Tinally in The TourTh guarTer Bill STallings blocked a punT and scored a saTeTy. Then, by virTue oT anoTher saTeTy, we regis' Tered Two addiTional poinTs making The Tinal score 6-4, and a CollegiaTe vicTory. Midway in The TirsT period oT The PaTTerson Tray, we managed To drive To The PaTs 20, buT a Tumble losT our possible chance oT scoring. The EasT BalTi- more Team scored The lone Tally in The second period, and The resT oT The game was a baTTle of The lines, each Team asking no quarTer and giving none. WiTh The Tinal score 7-O in The PaTs Tavor. Beginning The annual CaTholic FooTball series, The CalverT Hall Cardinals meT The MounT in a wind- swepT, muddy sTadium Tield. Early in The Tirsf period, alerT Vince RosseTTi inTercepTed on The Card 47 and romped back Tor a score wiTh Bob Kelly adding The placement However, The Redbirds reTaliaTed in The second quarTer To knoT The game seven up. CalverT l-lall was in possession oT The ball buT Twice in The SPECIAL FEATURES . . V adding Tremendously To The color of The game were our own horn experfs, Ed Creamer, ArT PeHipas, and George Young who plan a lillle 'Be-Bop' wiih head cheer man, Carl Geier. 1 by igwimf n-:iff 5 'M " W I is MQ ' ' . -Q 3 as I QM' A Xb X 4 2 fag fi W ' V VAXM r 3 A S 1 . it , .,,A , f 3 , g 'QQ Ffa, Vx m X .H,', A ,, A Q ..., iv. , . 4,3 5 ' 'WE iv' rw .,,..., , , ,L gif 5 LQQF X 4 Aw, . .,.. r , IH 4 iQ . 9iQ'3Li K ' f , e 4 -A-V , Mxkmfw J Z w R Q, - ' is A gg? - Ai 'A' ,uf 5 - I 'riff' L ,fy + W f ,ff , .5 N , f' I s A M. XL Q-2 K QM L 1 33 ' K Q X ,,, , k at 5? nh., fi 4 ' in Yi! - . - 5 3, bn -Q k , V.: X' . if - Y W - -L., ' n ' 4 i - 'is m v I 9 St. Joe Q Y, ,X g W H X 'N::m.,,..w, 5 7 'gs X 5 1. ' f 0 --I2 1 R41 is .... . fl V is r 4 K wffk 6, Qi Boys Town 'W 'E- QA 9 O 44" ri A if Q! ew J P+V'+ , y em Q f Vgez W S in uns Q J AZN, JUNIIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL . . . 3RD ROW. LEI-T TO RIGHT: J. Craddock, J. Goodwin, J. Perry, J. Burbank, F. CampbeII, F. Cox, F. Bernier, J. Walker, L. Gill, J. Gallagher, T. McMuIIen, A. O'FerraII. 2ND ROW: J. McDougall, J. Gieglein, E. "s4yIin, R. Smifh, J. Harrison, W. Frazier, J. Mc- Cfoskey, M. O'Hara, J. Dorsey, D. Jaeger, R. Javins, Coach R. Kozlowski. IST ROW: G. AIIuIis II'vIqr I, E. Cormier, R. Novak, R. Benzing, H. Ridg- ely J. Anfkoviak, W. BuIIingTon, F. Vicchio, D. Sibiski, P. Disney IMgr.I. ROAD BLOCKING . . . is The fashion in The Boys Town game as WaITer Novak INO. 20, sT'aIIs The plav and Frank Rehak INo. 52I comes up To apply The brakes. IIIIIIITIIIIIIIIY IIIIIKII 'I'lIE JV GRIDDERS, coached by Mr. Kozlowski and Mr. Bracken, Turned in a record oT Two wins, Three Iosses and a Tie. ATTer dropping Their TirsT game To Gilman by a score oT I3-O, The iuniors bounced back To shuT ouT Severn and ST. Paul I9-O and 6-O respecTiveIy, buT Iapsed inTo a 6-6 Tie wiTh Loyola, a I3-6 deTeaT by McDonough and a 6-O shuTouT by CaIverT Hall. Bob Benzing was high scorer wiTh 25 poinTs. OTher paceseTTers included Jim Harrison and Ed IvIyIin. Rich Novak shone on The Iine. SIX-MAN RESIDENTS wound up The season in Third place wiTh a record oT Tour vicTories and Tive Iosses. Twin deTeaTs oT 35-O were inTIicTed by Boys LaTin. High spoT oT The season was a 33-O win over Honey- well High oT WashingTon, D. C. Pollack A. C. was vanquished by a score oT I2-IO. Towson CaThoIic and ShepherdsTown High rode rough-shod over The boarders by scores oT 20-I2 and 34-I2 respecTiveIy. AnoTher 406 deTeaT was inTIicTed by Towson CaTh- olic. In Their IasT game The GaeIs ouTscored ST. STephan's 40-24. LITTLE GAELS coached by BroTher Francis Joseph and BroTher Gerald, The IvIidgeTs won six STRATEGY COOKING as Coach Vic Woiciho- vski whispers IasT minufe insTrucTions To Charles Palm INo. 501 AssT. Coach STan Zaleski keeps an eye on The pIay. 0LlI 'I TIM 'IIIY oT Their seven gamcs. Sole loss was a I3-6 deTeaT by ST. Marys. Twin vicTories oT I3-O over MT. Wash- ingTon and Gilman opened The season. ForesT Park and Severn were snowed under by scores of 26-O and 25-O respecTively. A 26,6 vicTory over Gilman ended The season. Scoring honors wenT To Charley Zimmerman, who amassed 60 poinTs. OTher high poinT men were Jim BenTz and John Norwood. HEAVY CUBS aTTer an opening O-O Tie wiTh Gilman, Mr. Brownls IZO lb. Cubs won Their nexT Two games wiTh ST. Marys and Leonard Hall by idenf Tical scores oT I2'O. Two more scoreless deadlocks wiTh Gilman ended The season. Paul PTeiTTer and Dennis Laumann accounTed Tor all poinTs scored. LIGHT CUBS aTTer Taking Tour oT Their six games and Tying one, BroTher Edwin's IOO lb. cubs dropped Their lasT TilT To Leonard Hall I9-20. In The TirsT game ST. Markls Tell To The Tune oT 35-O. A I4-I3 win over Gilman Tollowed. IvIonasTery was held To a scoreless Tie. ST. Dominios and STS. Phillip and James' were shuT ouT by respecTive scores oT 330 and I9-O. LITTLE CUBS . . . 3RD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Gieron. G. Leidig, L. D'Orazio, J. Kelly, S. Buffa, R. Carroll. 2ND ROW: R. Gamble, O, Vanderberg, G. Doyle, F. Dickson, P. Darby, J. Webber, G. Hopkins, Bro. Edwin, J. Afhman. IST ROW: E. Burkhardi, E. Kelly, A. Nagel, J. Weiman, R. Novak, R. Thiessen, J. Voffa. IMissing: W. Bannon, R. Haas, N. Bruderl. LITTLE GAELS FOOTBALL . . . IST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: T. O'Connor lMgr.l, B. STaIey, J. Mc- Donogh, C. Ahlenfeld, C. Zimmerman, F. Eikenberg, R. Thomas, P. Waskiewicz, A. Pinfo, F. McDonough. ZND ROW: Bro. Gerald, J. Benfz, B. McCoy, J. Gallen, E. Sappingfon, E. Kelly, W. Cannella, C. Morningstar, W. Hungelman, J. Norwood, Bro. Francis Joseph. 3RD ROW: C. Snyder, J. Hladky, R. BonneTT, W. CosTeIIo, J. Wolf, R. Lambasi, R. King, A. Cydylo, D. BurTon. HEAVY CUBS . . . IST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Keepers, J. Marfin, J. Nunn, C. Kachauskas, J. Oswald, K. Truffer, D. Willenburg, J. Morfe, H. Duvall, R. WinTermuTe, L. Shad. ZND ROW: V. Smiih, J. Garpsfas, P. Pfeiffer, D. Keck, G. ZinnerT, E. Brunner, A. BarToIomeo, K. OsTerman, L. Die- Trich, E. Skrobek, Mr. Brown. 3RD ROW: G. Romo- ser, T. Hirsch, J. Kilchenshein, R. Logan, E. Bon- ner, R. Melady, D. Laumann, O. Eisemann, J. Long, J. Gaska. A FALL HIGHITIGHT . . . . UANCE o0T5N'L , F t 9 A 8 Friday, November 6 marlced The holding of The years TirsT maior social evenT, The l:ooTball Dance. Johnny Moran's orchesTra supplied The music aT The Elks Club. Main TeaTure oT The dance was The presenTaTion oT a wrisT waTch To Jaclc Shanahan as The mosT valu- able player on The varsiTy grid Team. As usual, There was a huge scramble Tor The one balloon conTaining The Token ThaT gave The holder a prize oT iewelry. John Peach capTured The award. 0 Ii Illl0'I'li1lLL IIA UE INTERMISSION . . . gives Harry Geel- haar and his daTe a chance To pause and smile 'For The cameras on The opening nighT of The social season a+ The Ellrs Club. All arrangemenTs were handled by The senior social commiTTee under The direcTion oT BroTher Alvin. STudenT commiTTeemen included Charley Palm, chairman: Carl Geier, vice-chairman: Ed Creamer, Treasurer: Bill Long, secreTaryq and Joe Base, Bill Cleary, Vince Diflenbaugh, Lee Gallegos, Vic l-lorniclc, Mel lchnoslsi, Bob KreTT, Jim Kuhn, George Leubecker, WaI+ Mohler, John Serio, Ber- nie STorclc, Ed Supilc, PaT ViTo, Tom Ward and WalT Zaiac. EVENING CHAMPIONS . . are ready 'for The prizes: l. To r.: Charles Lindner and George A' Carey, Balloon Winners: John Serio and his dale, Walz Cham- pions: and Jaclr Shanahan and his da+e. Jacklwas awarded a wafph for, being The jTeam's V mos+ valuable player.' ' " iff: A , fr f wi, . ' lqlu W XL 'IM 8, fr 1 H ,Q-if . 3 f 43,5-Q, L f X 3 A my 'M M .1 N, ,... g , ,A EN M my XY Y '. wp, 'f' .3 W I 3 1 'i I , ff, ' 1 ,, ff B AV QP . Q ' Q 3 Q. h J'-1-2' Yi Q N at 5 l . jg ii A , A 5 as .sv A"A at Q Q f mira Qi 57-T? Q . 1, I :3.', iff, DA Q KN ,, W Y 3 "fee gf .f J 'X A gf Am? 'Q 5 x :F X' A ! x x STRATEGY . . . Cross-Counfry Conch BroTher Ricardus briefs his runners, Ed Colburn and Bill Zeng on The poinf syslem beT:-rv The serious finals. l0PiK 0 'PHE HILL AlThough The harriers piled up an impressive rec- ord in league meeTs, The besT ThaT BroTher Ricardus' squad could musTer in The sTaTe Tinals was Third place. Opening The season by Tinishing Third in The annual novice meeT aT CliTTon Park, OcTober 7, The ST. Joe Thinclads were paced by Bill Zangs TourTh place eTTorT, ln dual compeTiTion Ed Colbourn opened wiTh a lI.56 TirsT place, buT The purple TroTTers losT This one 23-35. Bill Zang Tinished Third wiTh a l2.l5 mark. CiTy bowed To The local leaTher-lungs on The home course 23-22. Ed Colbourn beTTered his pre- vious mark by covering The Terrain in lI.46. Bill Zang's II.54 Time won him Third place while Frank Marshall Tinished TiTTh aT I2.33. Colbourn and Zang were again The big guns againsi' Poly. Ed was The TirsT To cross The line Tol- lowed by Zang who Took second honors. The har- riers walked away wiTh This one, 23-25. Pace seTTing Trio oT Ed Colbourn, Bill Zang and Frank Marshall along wiTh regulars Jack Kadlubow- ski and Joe l.enTz will reTurn nexT season. THE VARSITY BOWLERS . . . who iusf goi edged oui of a championship in The final rounds by a "hoT" Ciiy club were: lL. To R.l Ed Coady, Dick Murphy, Bob Szugai, Charles Hip- pler, Ted Wuielr, Herb Tucker and Don Giese. ..lUNlOR VARSITY CHAMPIONS . . . dream of varsify crown as They recall season's close ones. The bowlers, in order are Sleve Krupnilr, Jim Newell, Paul Kowalski, John Panzer and Capfain Eugene Serge. ll If THE ALLEY. HEADMAN . . . Capf. Hippler eyes fhe alley as he rolls a fasf curve for a familiar sfrilre. His season averaqe was second fo Ed Coady. CROSS-COUNTRY TRAVELERS . . . were in order: Sfandinq lL. lo R.l: Coach Brofher Ricarclus, Ed Colburn, Thomas Coulens, Bill Kenny, Bill Zang, Bernard Hopkins, John Kadlubowslri, John Fairbanks: Kneel- Varsify and iayyee bowlers enioyed lhe mosf sur cessful season since lhe sporf was inaugurafed al Mf. Sf. Joseph. The varsify finished second in the league wifh 3l yicfories and II defeafs, a single game behind Cify, who won fhe Maryland Scholaafic Tifle. In fhe firsf round, fhe Mounf lceglers suffered defeaf only fo Poly: and one defeaf fo Cify in the second round. The iayvee feam, replacing fhe MB" squad of pasf years, did even beffer, nabbing fheir league Cham pionship wifh a record of 24 wins and six losses. Charles Hippler capfained fhe varsily fo fhoir near championship, while Ed Coady shone as lhc oufsfanding performer, rolling a high fhree-game score of 420 againsf Poly. During fhe middle of the season, Don Giese was moved from iayvee lo the varsily, as a reward for his remarkable loowling. In facf his single game of 147 and 4Ol feam score were fops among fhe iayvee, while his l58 score wilh fhe varsify was fhe besf in fhe cify. ON THE HILLS . . . wilh Ed Colburn moving up is lhe squad ouf on a fasf fwo mile pracfice run. lf's a long way ing lL. fo Rl: Roberf Saufer, Ed Denfz, Franlr Marshall, Tom Sfrassner round. and Joe Lenfz. -mf' , o Q E ,,,,,- Q X? 'WMM Y D if if aff' Q3 SE ggi. w. I . Q 'iff 3539 i lTIlll'l'lIIii' IT seemed ThaT Mr. PIevyak's socceriTes were deTer- mined To share The MSA diadem wiTh no one This season as was necessary IasT year when They were Tied by PaTTerson Tor TirsT place. WiTh enThusiasTic spiriT and Teamwork, The piTch- men kicked up a season log oT I I vicTories, Two Ties and no losses. Besides copping The championshop, Tour members OT The squad earned berThs on The Sun's AIIfMaryIand aggregaTe. These were Jaime Ginard, cenTer Torward, who was chosen Tor The second consecuTive year: Claude DeMarTini, inside righTg Dick STacharowski, haITback: and Charlie Wel- Ier, ouTside IeTT. Leading scorers were Ginard wiTh 20 markers, one'haIT oT The Teams ToTaI: DeMarTini, 87 PaTTy Clarke, 3: Jim Quigley, Weller and I"IecTor Padron had Two apiece, while Leo Brune, Don Campbell and Jack O'Connor Tallied one each. CaTonsviIIe was The TirsT To bow To The iron-Toed men, 3-O, as Claude DelvIarTini scored Twice and Jim Quigley once. Sparrows PoinT and CiTy quickly Tollowed suiT as each was blanked. I-Iowever, Purple vicTories sTopped There when They were deadlocked, I-I, in a second conTesT wiTh CaTonsviIIe. As LaTin Americans Ginard and De- lv1arTini neTTed Tour and Two poinTs respecTiveIy, Edison VocaTionaI Tell To a 6-O swamping. BUT again Their sTrengTh was TesTed as Maryland Frosh ToughT The Gaels, booT Tor booT and poinT Tor poinT, To a 2-2 Tie. SOCCER TECHNIQUE . . . finds Charles Weller moving in on a PaTTerson booTer wiTh a brief lesson in ball dribbling A Ia champion sTyIe. OPPOSITE PAGE: , CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER . . . for The winning soccer champions as AThIeTic DirecTor, BroTher Marinus con- graTuIaTes CapTain Dick Shscharowski and. passes ouT IeTTers To smiling John O'Connor, Boris Roias and The resf of The squad. GAME WARM UP . . . prior To The Palfarson Tray finds John O'Connor and Ray Topolski doing a bi? of Teeing off. S s WISHFUL DREAMIN6 . . . may explain Coach John Plevyak and CapTain Dick STacharowski's Thinking as They smile aT veTeran Hecfor Padron, side-lined by age ruling. E? Q- 4 " 2 so gf I figs I ,WMS ,J KK mlm J g,,,,,,..? S 1. my 5, , itvgfgfl QQ Qs? E W . A ""'ixxfA , HH if 4 4 5 5 1 gl j .. A if f 5 vif3T.J0SZ'l Q if i v l X S ' X. 6 ix A .sua A -:- K f kfffw " Y ' N Wi L KR x 3 it lx 6+ ' W Q l'I' LUUNT Il ,,,,-,,., . ..- 1- QUICK COVER UP . . finds John O'Connor a bil puzzled CLOSE INSPECTION . . . sends Leo Bruno riglii' fo fha ball beiween a bool' and a block. No one's in sighf, John. 'fo checlr fhe foo? fechnique of ihe Pafferson husller. CONSISTENT SCORER . . . Claude de Marfini l::oo'rs a free USE THE PLAYS . . . mighf well be 'Phe plea of Coach Plevyak one rlghl' by Park School. as he sends his crew info balfle willw final inslruciions. VETERAN BOOTER . . . fakes a Enal glance ai opponen'r's goal before moving in+o fha fray fha? will boosf his goal iolal. OPPONENTS Cafonsville .. Sparrows Poinf Cify ...,.... Cafonsville . . Vocafional . .. Maryland Frosh Calveri' Hall .. SOCCER RECORD TH EY WE 0 0 0 I 0 2 0 5I OPPONENTS Pafferson . .. Ellicofl' Cily . , Poly ......... Hopkins Froslw Park .,,..,,, Navy Plebes . TH EY 2 0 I 0 0 O WIIILE NATURE HESTS WE l?llNUEN'I'IiA'I'I4l ms-N-km"-"""""""'fHnr 0 ibi 'f H? efurnvofaf M 5043 .pa 'K "' " TTNIT ATl'l'IT'I'PlIh' LiTe and visible energy oT all The planlf. and Trees crawl baclc inTo Their limbs as a oreparalion Tor a seasons coldness, No longer are There The days oT warmTh, as The sun seems To have losT TTT, power oT generaTing heaT. Slcies are no longer clear, buT appear wiTh an aspecT OT illimilable greyne- ,-,. December comes, usually, wiTh The Tir-,T snow. ChrisTmas holidays also arrive-H The Tirsl long recess oT The school year. Then as January and February make Their appear ances, The crisp smell oT snow can always be doTei Ted in The air on The nighT beTore iT comes. WaTching The Tlalces Tall is one of The many de lighTs oT snow, while anoTher is walking upon iT. There is a soTT crunching sound, bul Then during The nighT iT becomes a sharp craclcle, as The surlacri Treezes. While Troliclcing ouTfoT-door ri,, muc h is Taking place indoors. ln The way oT sporTs, we warm ourselves in The chilly SporTs CenTre by enThuf.iasTically cheering The ice hockey Team: or we Talce our school spiril To The gymnasium To urge our baslceTbalT and wre-,Tling squads on To vicTory. There are also assemblies Tor The various om Torical and elocuTional conTesTs, as well as debale-., Bul The greaTesT social aTTair is The Prom, The nighT when everyThing is TorgoTTen excepl The nighT ThaT is ahead. TH l949 IIIIUIIVI 'TUWEII IIIIIINII g5TfI1'...IfI.. V! a-""'N lu- YEARBOOK BUILDERS , . . This is The corps of workers whose inTeresT and enfhusiasm helped To produce The '49 MOUNT TOWER. They are in order ISTanding, leTT To righTI: Joe Tyson, Geza Feher, Ed Kuhl, Frank PuIiTano, George Gib- PHOTOGRAPHER . . . Bob Grauer comes ouT from behind his camera To check a parT of his 600 phoTos wiTh Those of oTher years, 00 N ff! meyer, Joe Kanforski, Joe Hain, Ed Creamer, BroTher Urban Francis, and Chuck Debeliusq IseaTed, I. To r.I: RoberT Gunzel- man and Frank KraT1: Ikneeling, I. To. r.I: Ray O'DonneII, Bob Grauer, and Frank Velenovsky. SepTember had scarcely seen The school doors opened, and The sTudenTs se-TTled in Their seaTs, when copies oT The l48 lvIounT Tower blossomed every' where and work on iTs successor was Tackled. STU- denTs were inTerviewed, volunTeers were requesTed, a sTaTT was assembled, and plans were drawn up- The hecTic iob oT producing The '49 MounT Tower was underway. The new moderaTor, BroTher Urban Francis, wiTh The splendid cooperaTion oT The broThers and oT phoTographer Jim I.iqhTner '45 and arTisT Bill Schneif der '45 broke The work down inTo Three deparTmenTs: phoTography was delegaTed To Frank KraTz and Bob Grauerg ads were assigned To Bob Gunzelman and Ray O'Donnellg copy was apporTioned To The members oT The Quill sTaTT under The experienced guidance OT BroTher lvlarTin John. Then The work oT producTion began as class represenTaTives rallied IT' WILITINTT WTTITKITIT pf' 46' Av .nv y y I9 1 T is , f x --.i wk, in ' T Q iv-.W x A ' fad' X X , x W - NV M g X, J CO-EDITOR . . . Frank Kraiz, layoui spe- CO-EDITOR . . , Bob Gunzelman, business FINANCIER . . . Ray O'Donnell Takes a cialisf, Takes his mind off picfure screen- manager, sfops measuring, fixing, and quick run Through The files To check pay- ing and dummy Technicalifies fo smile for pasTing Those ad sfrips To Turn on The menfs Tor ads and individual class reiurns. The phofographer. charm for The yearbook. sTudenT 5upporT and 5TudenT boosTers Tackled ads and meT paymenT deadlines in The smoking YB oTTice near M-304. PhoTographers popped up every- were Tlashing and recording l'The Thrill oT a liTeTime.l' The Quillmen really moved righT ahead. They Took The senior wriTefupa in sTride and moved righT in on TeaTure copy. DiTTiculTies were meT and overcome in order. In- TeresT was mounTing and cries began To be heard Tor The T49 Tower, as all deparTmenTs seT To work To meeT The deadline. During examinalion week The work was parhcularly heavy as The "darkroom" men Turned ouT The heavy quoTa oT picTure maTerial, while businesa course TypisTs kepT The TypewriTers chaTTer- ing wiTh copy. The YB produdion is now a Thing oT The F765-T, a Torged link To loind close To The lvTounT The sTudenTs whose high school days are porTrayed Therein. '48 MT. TOWER SPOILS . . . Trophies indicaiing Maryland Sfale YB Championship are shown To The SeTon Girls by Ray O'DonneIl ancl Geza Feher. 'E Mill lllilrllllllii' WHO MOMENT OF GLORY . . . finds sTarlighT in The eyes of Carl's GET YOUR PROGRAMS, PLEASE. . . seems To be The chanl' daTe as Conference PresidenT Carl Geier wa+cl1es Esiher of Bernie Hopkins and Jim Craddoclc as They meeT and greeT Hennegan presenT bouqueT of roses To his daTe aT The Crusade The invading Crusaders aT The monTl'ily meefings as Jerry Formal. Luderman loolcs over The field. ExacTly as ModeraTor BroTher Urban Francis promised, The school Crusade movemenT enioyed one ol The brighTesT years Tor The largesT CSMC uniT aT The MounT . Many acTiviTies were carried on under The guidance ol presidenT Carl Geier, who was ably assisled by vice-presidenT Ed Kuhl and secre- Taries George Le-ubecker and Mike GarriTy. MosT prominenT oT These were The parcel and medical supply drives held during The Tall and winTer. Worlcing wiTh The Quill in sending ouT paclc- ages To Europe, The Crusaders donaTed proceeds from Their !5xuTumn dances To The mailing lund and assisTed in The collecTion ol iood and cloThing, ln The medical drive, bandages, medicines and surgical eguipmenT were collecTed Trom The sTudenT body and senT To Fox Chase, Pa., where They were dis- pensed ThroughouT The world. School represenTa- Tie Joe Hain was in charge oT The proiecT. MonThly meeTings were given a new TwisT by Tea- Turing guizzes on The Tallcs given during The assem- blies. Big meeTing oT The year was The ciTy-wide aTTair held aT The MounT in February. Among The main lealures were sludenl speakers Trom various schools and a display ol mission arTicles. Two ol The early rnissionesponsored dances ol The year were The "STarlighT Dance' and a Sadie Haw- kins shindig, held in OcTober and November. Pro- ceeds Trom These dances were given To The mailing Tund Tor overseas parcels. WIRE RECORDING . . . I949 sfyle greefs The invading girls from Calholic High as Al Miller and AI Oldewurlel inTer- view CSMC visilors. llIHl.lIlllA."I' Fllli llll0ll x X . ,R SADIE HAWKINS . . . speedsfer J pholoflasher wifh Mr. Gobbler w lradilional sprinf medley. ln fhe floodiiqhfs, fhe qirls showed amazin g rugged spirii. ln lhe Sadie Hawlqin-i mrqcial, a live lurlc-y wa. ill lered as a prize. There wal. one hilrhg lhr- winnrii had lo calch il. Scrappy lawsie Jean VW-bb wiwuncl up on The bellom ol fhe pile, bul un lap nl nnif iliqhlly crushed bird. All her lrie-nd-, wmv inyilwil To a 'rurlcey dinner. In February a prelenlefn danii- wal. he-lil will: aboul IOO coupler, in allendanve. Sir:-pr'iw awniil ol The evening wax a dinner-lor lwii nl ra dcvwnliuwn rewfauranl, wan by Jack Bmlcy. Al fhe annual CSMC rally held an Palm Sunday al The Calhedral, Seven Mounlmen we-rw awarded medals lor oulwlandinq Cru-iade wail.. Carl CJ-iui, lasl year! cily wide CSMC prexidenl, IF'Cli'lV1'Cl lhi- Paladin Jewel for mis-,ion leader-,hip wail.. Al lhnl lime, Joe Hain, Al Qldewurlel, AI Miller, Bwb Vffirln raime, Jaclc Melady and George Li-uber lie: me-rilefil lhe Archbishop Curley Medal lor rvulalandinq mir. :lion aclivilies in lhe achoalr.. All award-i wwf- mailin- by Archbishop Keough. Early in lV1ay,lhe miwzion ollirerf. lm' l949 50 wwii' announced by Brolher Urban Franrii. and lwrmvi preiidenl Carl Qeier. New cwllirialw arf- pre'-Jdunl, Al Miller: yice-presidenl, Joe Hain: ffxcrc uliyi- lmnril represenlalive, Jim Lonqq linanciial wrrelary, luariy Bruderg program chairman, Em-nie Hnplcinuq uiiiial chairman, Pal MaColqan7 and publifily ihairmnn, Ralph Melady. IN THE SHADOW OF A SCARECROW . . . lhe boys break ST. JOE MARCHERS led by Joe Giuliani and Bernie oul in a rush of plaid shiris and dungarees as Li'l Abner's Hopkins finish fhe Crusade Rally parade on lhe sfeps of fhe growing fradifion falres roof ai Sf. Joe. Cafhedral. Our medal winners are already inside. WITH QITILL IN IIMIT The TighT To meeT deadlines is an ever-waged loaTTle in The Quill room and surrounding TerriTory. ln TacT, ll husTling sTaTTmen spenT The greaTer parT oT The school year+approximaTely halT-in ThaT classroom wiThouT classes, MQO8. Nearly eyeryThing was pushed, shoved and crowded inTo The popularly Termed "CounTry Clubl' excepT The imrnediaTe counTryside, Every spare nook and cranny was soon Tilled wiTh eiTher Tood and cloTh- ing Tor overseas parcels or banners and posTers Tor dances and rallies. Many Times The nighT oil was burned wiThouT com- plainT by The crew oT pencilvpushers, hunT-and-peck TypisTs and scissor-and-glue men. Supervising The work and oTTen genTly reminding The somewhaT Tor- geTTul sTaTT was The moderaTor BroTher MarTin John. A lisT oT accomplishmenTs oT The '48-'49 sTaTT and paper should include reTiring The NoTre Dame Club oT BalTimore Trophy aT The CaTholic Press conTerence in Eebruary, and The "ElighT Leader" raTing among All-CaTholic papers in The counTry Trom The CaThf olic School Press AssociaTion. Erom The Maryland ScholasTic Press Associahon came Top billing Tor The STaTe To The Quills liTerary supplemenT, The lnlc POT. The paper iTselT Tied Tor second place among monThly publicaTions. OVERSEAS PACKAGES . . . piling up, please Geza Fehr, Dicll Kerr, Chuck Debelius and Ed Creamer, QUILL proiecf boosfers. BIG WHEELS . . . behind monThly producfion of The "QUlLL" are ediTors Ed Kuhl and Ed Creamer and press enThusiasT, BroTher Mar'Tin John. JAM SESSION . . . Tinds QUILL sTaTTT baTTing oul' a Tew headlines To meeT a deadline. From leTT To righT we have George Gibmeyer, Joe KanTorslri, Dick Kerr, Geza Fehr, Bob Grauer, Chuck Debelius, and Joe Tyson. Several individual awardi were earned by mem- heru ol rho wlail in prev.l0urnan'1enla ln Scholadic Magazine! nalienal wrilinq cronleixl, Joe Kanlorslci rereixed Third nalional prize Tor hia edilorialQ on Bur l and Bill, and a Cemmendalion lor his shorl Qrory, Whc,i Ridew a While l-lorfe, George Gibmeyerl-, Qperl inlerview was iudqed lnevl in lhe Carholiq Prev lvlenlh galherinq and The Quill and Scroll awarded him elale honore Tor Sporlk wriling , . . Fd Kuhlk xporls wrilinq was commended in the Maryland Prew CONTEST . . . Joe Tywon gar- nered ulale honori, lmm Quill and Scroll lor his lealurcv yarn., one of which appeared in The Spring iwxue ml lhrr Quill and Sr roll magazine . . . Ed Creamer mek Third place in newf. wririnq el The Temple Press lwurney and wa-5 named slale winner in column wril- inq by The Quill and Scroll. Wilh lhiw rererd, The slall leels il has held The Qiiilliw lradilirunally high ranlrinq up lo vlandardw. ff' X ,f ri" J' is ff'-', ' 4 .- riff 5 .gm W V" 7 . M- ,-YM gm , ! 'VHS gl Mmwnm 'N-.. 455'-.f. TNSBN 2:-- sw 'T i ' XXII Sfrlu QQXXX A Z NNW 0 is '2s:N:..kS?Xesf 5... 0' QXETQSSS- ' M' owl W ,T J ,N fgfwf 4 J ' P i '- A iii in -Q X ,msg-fo' STAFF ARTISTS . . . big John Bannon and lighf-slrolling Chuclr Debelius do a Touch-up iob on 'their prize winning loo?- ball posfers. Parlerson wasn'f impressed. JOURNALISTIC RECOGNITION . . . brings merifed glory and salisfaciion fo The members of The sfaff as They see The QUILL receiving iop-rafing in compelifion. 'fwxmgavaxx WE I'LANNIIlI AIII g-nnuuuunnnlvw Q! x B'9N..4 "Q""""' ' GOT A PROBLEM . . . Thinks Joe Lorenz in Borfher Eric's LAST MINUTE INSPECTION . . . finds Ioymaker Donald Mechanical Drawing class as he calculafes fhe arc of his Jager giving a hasiy rush job fo fhe Easfer Parade assembly circle. These fhings can reaIIy be annoying. Iine, in Brofher AIvin's woodshop. WOOD EXPERTS... Bob Bull- ing+c"n Warren Doda, Joe Lorenz and Joe Anfkowialu check Open House proiecfs as Inav ge+ ready fo display practical resulis of Ionq hours in We woodshop. This is only a bare' glance af rhe year's numi rous proiecis in fhis field. l'I I J! I Q UB! WIOBLLYS I4'll'JUQVR:Al. 069167: HOUSE BUILDERS . . .Joe Murphy and Donald Nemzek gef PRECISION AND CONCENTRATION . . . seem fo Iypify a few poinfers on b'ueprin1 consfrucfion from Bro+her Eric. fhe spirif of Thomas Cugle af 'fhaf fooIing machine as he The new fashions are hvpassed hy fhe young archifecfs. prepares fo hollow ouf his Iamp base. sw, ASSEMBLY OPERATION . . . seems fo sum up fhis acfion as Frank DeBrouse, Eugene Czyz and Roberf Heinlein do a bi? of fashioning on cuIinary Hams. x V - x' VF lm Nj? . Q N, K 35 i A is HQ X '-Pi 'K :iff A W as K' :QM . W b ,fx Nl' M45 i Q2 XE Q 5? .Ng igfx Q T -Y S 3 ww FQ S Wifi " b 2 4 4 4' 4 W N? A , 3 wx ,XX x Nd' KK n w? wi ::- E, 8 , QI MAS V 4 X it WMA 5 'M 'W ' A 5 '-. film ff' 5 A S x ff 2 5 f Q X f, . in ik afsh ,ff A xi 1 K4 QXN xt X VX f W as 7 Abi 5 A Nj M 3,6 -A 3 , x xg W? ' N if-x 19 f 'N 4,2 X s ,f ff L' k Q 1 ,S 5' ,, 4 V 2 If 5 V! M T x A 'K M .4 f ' :fiN?'Qr- w fs QL ff sf , MH J N , 1 V X no Q , A firku its. ,ff : A J x x A 4 xx ,f Z str W' Q Q xi V s N Xgm I 'xO'4v A 3 Q. M' E +-2, If ig ,K X y X x . 1' vi X QA xy-5 6 fa? LW ,n Q if fwf- X ,A ' . Q ax 0 W xg 22 .d,, ef ,L if QAM 3 5 1 Y X IF' , i M f I- l. . M ' l 52. , T S X fp 'K V M " lx N 1 I Al ,ax Q -V, pn , ,, 2 j X, ' I A-i X x 4. 'W H-Q 5 , . 5, V 'Mr r ul. rf 1Wl iii t T' V mm X3 X w Q .W if ,I sh , 1 F Lf gs . I Zvi 5 A 'g :er .U A q XXX iff ' A Jwfli- ,J 'Lf 4-fl 1 X 1 rg 1 mg 1 W M rg ' ' 1- 1- a 1' 1, flip- ' -' "' ff .N ,il fxkf wk ' ,Q 1 K '13 NL. A Q 1 ' ' ' " L I . We ,ii 06 , I egg' --J 39' I t V X T, 4 fix 5 "fa J' Xl, ' I I X " ' V '-' A ' 13, A Wi- . f lm klaicisfia x ? Q? X ,, If , -.4 MT. ST. JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL BAND 1949 T0 i'Wllll Ill'I'0 'PHE A NIGHT OF SMILES . . . migh+ well summarize The ThoughT of TimoTl'iy Perry and his daTe as They pause Tor a momcnT aT The Senior Prom. SENIORS PARADE . . .in all Their glory and icy on This nighT of nighTs in The year. Lead man for The occasion is PresidenT Paf ViTo, whose c.laTe Audrey Snyder has already received The coveTed Bouqef of Roses. ATTer Three and a halT years oT paTienT, hopeTul waiTing, we Tinally had our Time-The Senior Prom. And as we climbed The carpeTed sTeps To The second Tloor oT The Emerson vviTh our besT girl on our arm, we saw ThaT This was our nighT To sTep-we noT only sTepped, we galloped. We spun around The mirrored ballroom To The soTT sweeT music oT Leo Zollo's orchesTra7 and beTore we realized iT, I I o'cloclc had rolled around, and The promenade was sTarTed. We marched down The cenTer oT The dance Tloor accompanied by some peppy march pieceshTirsT in Twos, Then in Tours and Tinally in eighTs. We sTood and sang The Alma MaTer, all The while marveling over The TacT ThaT aTTer BroTher Alvin's diligenT Train- ing ln The gym, noThing drasTic happened during The promenade. M if I I 5 ,elf I hr. Il ff? .gig is jx 1 X 'Sew ,.:::..1 ,.,, V Q35 ' ' 3 I4 , is ' ,sf ,Q J ww we ff" K ffsi W? W zwvf-5 P I Q N. ,IW M. 'N M5 X . mi, 1 ,X , . 4 is-iw . V 'gpm .... S 5 Y f. 5452 ,, 5531 Q Q , . Q 2 A K X ' K 1511535-wx kuwwi W-M A M -aff. J .YXJE 84? lfkfn X, L , Q 2m 1. 1, 5 wg, Qww ,. , 225255.21 Aw -- A Q,.: w 4, 'if IVQI' .521 A L i K as --:- :f,. '15 H 'l P :J I 25, ZA' -.,., i Q .ff Q1 33 5, ":f - Y f x ,K sf ,, gm ws- Xmiwfv A Vv 5 YR J kwa, X 5 ,wx ' M X1 : -23122. Vw M-nv A W W QNX 'ax ' X, igg mx 8, Q: Q1 ,mx 2 Ill' Flllllilhlllll 25th Before relurning lo our lables, we wailed in line lo gel our individual pliolograplws lelfen . . . and were we pleased wirln flue re-gulls. llien we relurned lo llie polished lloor and danced llnr: remaining numbers, To llwe 'rune ol 'll'II See You in My Dream' ,,NN we linislied a wonderlul eve- ning. Aller a med buf dignified lwe were genllemen llial niglill rush lor coals and wraps, we iumped inlo riabf. and Carr, and headed for parlies and lale Qpols lo indulge in some millf and wallles or coffee and mrrambled eqqa, STARLIGHT . . . slill lingers in llwe eyes as Franlr Krall helps Ann Wrighl wilh her wraps afler flue dance. SOCIAL LEADERS . . . on The Senior Commillee who worlsed so hard for lhe Senior Prom are Charles Palm, Carl Geier, William Long, ancl Edmund Creamer here picfured will1 llweir dales lalring a well-meriled breallwer. QL? Illlllllli i'l'llIi'P' The Gaels conference slale was more presenlable rhan The aclual won-losl record oT o-3. The Tirsl conference lesr lound Them lrouncing Mcllonogh, buf a weelf laler 'rhey dropped a one poinl verdicl lo Sr. Paul levenlual priyale school champsl in The Final six seconds oT play, Then, in lheir lasl league encounler loeTore The holidays, lhey clipped Park. Resuming aclion wilh Towson Calholic, lhe hoop- slers dropped anolher one poinr loss in The fading seconds of lhe lrocas, Boys Larin was The nexl leam lo Teel rhe scoring power oT The lvlounlmen, and lhen rhe Team did a cornplele lurnapoul in sullerf ing rheir worsl drupbing ol The year ar lhe hands of powerful Calverl l-lall. Nexl yiclim in The Gael Closing season s march was arch-rival Loyola. This game was Tollowed by lwo easy rriumphs over Friends and Gilman. TARGET, UP AHEAD . . . sencls Joe Anflrowialz climbing sfraighf up as Referee Gene Braclren wafches The fwo cenfers slrelch for The rising ball in an early +il+ wifh Cify. HOOPSTERS CIRCLE as fhey llne up for a formal selling Woicihovslri. Sealed: Charles Zimmerman, Henry Sfrempeln, eam members lrneellng In order are L f R Francis VVilliam Crawford, Al Neville. Pal Vifo, Richard Siacharow- Morris Pai Clarke Allan Becker Jim Kulwns and Coach Vic ski, and Fred Bo:-sell. i 'l'AIi'l' Wl'l'H liA'KE'l'liALL In non-conTerence compeTiTion, The Team had one oT The l9esT records in The ciTy, in eleven Tussles, losing only To Poly, a deTeaT which was laTer avenged. This ouTsTanding slaTe TeaTured wins over The highly TouTed Trosh Teams oT Loyola and Hopkins. Also included in This vicTorious sTring were Triumphs over TradiTionally sTrong ST. John oT WashingTon, double vicTories over CiTy and Delone, and single wins over The Alumni, Bladensburg, and neighborhood rival, CaTonsville. ln singling ouT any one individual perTormer who is worThy oT special praise, Al Neville naTurally be- comes choice. ATTer Three years oT varsiTy compe- TiTion aT The cenTer spoT, AI was swiTched To Tor- ward where he experienced The besT season oT his career by chalking up 340 poinTs in 20 games Tor an even l7.0 average. ln The Delone Tracas, Al hung up a record ThaT MounT baskeTballers may shooT aT Tor a long Time, as he rang up 32 Tallies on I3 Tield goals and six Toul shoTs. T-le ended his playing days wiTh an amazing ToTal oT 8l7 poinTs over a Tour year span. Rounding ouT The TirsT Team were seniors PaT ViTo and Jim Kuhn, iuniors Dick STacharowski and PaT Clarke. ViTo, playing his Third year on The varsiTy and his TirsT aT cenTer, amassed a ToTal oT ZOO poinTs Tor a TO poinT average, while Clarke, in his second year oT varsiTy compeTiTion, made I36 Tallies Tor a 6.9 average. NexT in line Tor scoring honors came STacharowski wiTh I I7 markers and soph Hank STrempek wiTh I I6. Kuhn's ToTal was 66. The remainder oT The squad consisTed mainly oT juniors who will Torm The nucleus oT nexT year's Team. OT These, Bill CrawTord saw The mosT acTion, while The oThers were Burr Boessel, Guy Zimmerman and AI Becker. ATTABOY, AL . . . growls PaT ViTo To Al Neville who is defi- niTely hoolring The ball as Pai geTs ready To lend a hand in The Calverf Hall fray aT ST. Mary's. Rv.. .. sv-' ' Ill li C0l WIX TER. WERE CROWD REACTION . , . suggesfs +ha+ +he varsi+y is hiHing vicfory row as Fred Eikenberg grins a+ Roberi Anikowiak and iwo of fhe dads wonder if i+'s a bi+ foo early 'fo celebrafe. THERE'S A CROWD . . . bu+ Joe Anfko- wiak moves righf in agains+ Cify io help fhai hidden No. U61 and fo +ry io gef anoiher hand on +ha+ shy ball. i l'llIN'l' ll1l'I'IIIlIillIll' Joe 7l Alumni Joe 37 Cily Joe 54 Loyola Frosh Joe 63 McDonagh Joe 45 Delone Joe. 55 Poly . Joe 38 Sf. Paul Joe 54 Park , Joe 42 Sf. John's Joe 49 Cafonsville . Joe 39 Towson Caiholic Joe 64 Cily Joe, 73 Boys' Lalin Joe. 42 Calverl Hall Joe 56 Poly , .. . Joe 42 Loyola Joe 52 Bladensburg Joe 63 Friends Joe 63 Delone Joe 4l Gilman TOTALS l043 COACHES' BENCH . . . seems a bil uncomforfable for Mr. Plevyak as his boys run info lrouble. Manager Tom McMann and players Joe Ranieri and William Cannella seem worried loo. LEAGUE TOP SCORER . . . Al Neville fires STRATOSPHERE CRUISING . , . under lhe SHARP SHOOTER . James Kuhns draws away from fhe foul line and boosfs his feral baslxei finds Dick Slaclzarowslxi and Henry a bead on ihe baslref from far over in fhe higher as opponenrs fry fo sfem his scoring Sirempelx up in fhe efher wifh Loyola search- corner, as he readies fo fire away iide. ing for Tha? ball. JUNJI-DR VARSITY SQUAD . . . pauses all i -1 close race for fhe cifv crown fo smile lor our pholographer. The sharp- shciwff-rs in order are BACK ROW lL. 'ro R.l Reber? Anllrowialr, Herb Duvall, Tom Dusne-l Joe Ranieri, George Vaelh, Fred Eilci-nlierg, John Riflermann lMgr.l. FRUNT ROW: Marlm O'Hara, Roberl Beiuirq, James Benlz Joe Anllrowialr, Rolrevr Meehan, Pal Duffy, Ed Yeager an: Bill Cannella. JU v1PlNG BOBBY MEEHAN . . . seems lo l e- fneasuring lhe baslrel for size undis- +url ecl by lhe careless hands crowding ovr his shoulder. No. ll8l is a bil sho lfvd. 0'I' Ill 'I'IlE l'lIii'l'l'l' Ill'l s...f IQ Q 4 42544 JV HOOPSTERS ol Mr. Plevyalc won l6 ol lheir I7 games lo lake lhe privale and Calholic school crowns. In The lirsl fill ol lrhe season McDonogh was bealen 34-2l, bul Delone handed The iuniors lheir sole deleal, a 35-39 loss. From lhere lhe young Gaels wenl on lo lrounce Poly 48-40, 5l. Paul 46-27 and Cily 54-48. Nexl viclim was Boys' Lalin, by a score ol 50-20. Parlc School was lhen snowed under 55-8. Sl. Johns Calyerl l-lall and Poly were nexl loppled by respeclive scores ol 42-24, 48-3I and 47-20. Loyola, lhen Pallerson lell lo The rampaging iuniors 35-26 and 48-40. Friends collapsed in a 47- I 8 game. 5l. Marks dropped a 34-30 decision lo 'rhe iayyees. Delone and Calverl l-lall fell by scores ol 55-35 and 50-3l. ln lhe lasl game ol 'rhe season Gilman was bealen 46-25. Freddy Filcenberg was high scorer wilh l72 poinls. Bob Meehan followed wilh I54: Joe Anlkowialc, I48: Bob Anllcowiak, l29. LITTLE GAELS under Brolher Francis Joseph won I I ol lhe I2 games on lheir inlormal schedule. Their lirsl game was a 4l-3I loss 'ro a lacully leam com- posed ol Mr. Pleyyak, Brolher Palrician, Brolher Edwin, Brolher Clydel and Brolher George Francis. Nexl lhree opponenls were Sl. Paul, Parlerson and Poly, bealen by scores ol 4I-I9, 42-40 and 36-34. Class 3F absorbed a 33-25 lacing. Cily was edged 43.-4l. Calverl l-lall was swamped 54-I5, while Sl. Mary's dropped a 52-36 decision lo lhe midgels. Pallerson, Poly and Cily were lhen bealen by respec- live scores ol 30-29, 37-25 and 30-27. ln lhe lasl FILL Ill' I+'llIII'l' game oT Their season, The midgeTs deTeaTed CalverT l-lall 20-lb. Among The high scorers were John Oswald wiTh I I9 poinTs and Tom Bailey wiTh 52. HEAVY CUBS under BroTher PaTrician Turned in a record oT Ten wins and Two losses. Their TirsT game was a 27-I8 win over MT. Wash- ingTon. Loyola nosed ouT The youngsTers 30-28. MT. WashingTon was deTeaTed Tor The second Time 23- I9. ST. Josephs lvlonasTery dropped a 29-I8 de' cision To The mighTy miTes. "The QB PiraTes" Tol' lowed suiT in a 45-28 game. CalverT l-lall Trosh were swamped 59-I8. Loyola again edged The cubs by 2l'2O. ln The nexT game, however, Loyola was walloped To The Tune oT 49424. MosT one-sided score oT The season was a 456 vic- Tory over CalverT l-Tall. NexT The cubs Teamed up wiTh The LiTTle Gaels and deTeaTed The Cardinal T'layes Trosh oT New Yorlc 37-25. ln The lasT Two games oT The season ST. BenedicT's and ST. KaTher- ine's were beaTen 5748 and 24-I3. Rowland King Toolc scoring honors wiTh 88 poinTs. LIGHT CUBS also coached by BroTher PaTrician, won Tive games and losT Two. A 37-IO vicTory over ST. Brigids opened The season. NexT came a 33-27 win over ST. Marlcs. ST. Dominios bowed To The lighT hoopsTers 30-I4. ST. Marys oT Govans edged The cubs 22-I7. ST. Marlcs and The Loyola Trosh were beaTen 23-ll and 34-20. ln Their lasT game, The cubs bowed To ST. Ivlarlcls 32-l8. There were no high individual scorers. UNDEFEATED GAELS . . . wilh wins over PaTTerson, CaIverT Hall and Poly seem saTisTied wiTh The season. They are in order: IST ROW lL. To R.l: Carmel Libercci lMgr.I, Charles MorningsTar, Charles Bauer, John Oswald, James Whelen, Ed Kaczmarelr lMgr.l. ZND ROW: Coach BroTher Francis Joseph, John Norwood, Anfhony NaruTowIcl, Henry Maldonado, Roberf Reeder. 3RD ROW: James Brady, John Uhler, Milfon Speroni and Thomas Bailey. STARTING FIVE . . . Reber? Anflrowialx, Coach John Plevyalz, Joseph AnTl:owialz, Roberf Meehan, Roberi Benzing, and Fred Eihenberg hudclle before answering firsl whisTIe. CUB HUSTLERS . . . mighT well ldenfify Brofher Pafrician's young hoopsfers. They iusT go. They are: IST ROW lL. To R.I: John Linder, Paul Buckmasfer, Tom STrassner, Ronald Novak, Gabriel Kalslni, Frank Diclzson. ZND ROW: Coach Brofher Pafrician, Rowland King, James Slrarda, James Snyder, Jew Coughlin and William CosTelIo. CAGE ACTION . . . picks up a Tasi Tempo wifh Bernie Sforck making a lunge for ThaT puck as Bob Kelly, Tom Wagner, and Dick Kerr Throw up wall of defense againsl Foresi Park. 0 ll VAR l'l'Y I' CKSTEITS f -e-een'-g WiTh a spliT record oT Two wins and Two losses To Their crediT Tor The TirsT round, The ouTlook OT The varsiTy hockey seemed dim. Facing highly praised and raTed Poly in The sea- son inaugural, The Gaels were deTeaTed 5-3. Scor- ing in The Tray wenT To Bill MarTindill, Dick Kerr and Frank Velenovsky wiTh a goal and an assisT apiece. CalverT l-Tall Then TelT The sTing oT The Purple aT- Tack by a 4-3 deTeaT. Here The scoring was spread ouT wiTh Frank Tamlourella, Kerr, lviarTindill, Velen- ovsky and Dave Barry each adding Their share on The conquest Then The lads leT down a noTch and were upseT loy Loyola To The Tune OT lol goals To ln The nexT TilT The Gaels spelled Tinis on The opening round by Triumphing over ForesT Park 6-3. Tangling wiTh Poly in The second round opener, The Gaels Tell prey 4-O To The Engineers. BuT again FAST-STEPPING . . . Bill MarTindill sighTs The Tar cage Tor a long sho'r as he readies The puck for a shoT or a pass. PRE-GAME SMILES . . . explain hopes of Frank Velenovsky, Frank Tamburello and Dave Barry as They waiT for Coach BroTher Norman To name The sTarTing line-up. WEIIIII TITLE IIIIINII Nl CHAMPIONS LINE UP . . . for The phoTographer afTer MarTindill, Andy Eilmenberg, Bernie STorcIr, Coach Brofher beafing Poly in The play-ol? finals. The ice men are IL. To R.l: Norman, Franlc Tamlaurello, Bob Kelly and Marion ResTivo Charles Yosf, Tom Wagner, Dick Kerr, Franlr Velenovslzy, Bill lMgr.l. CalverT I-Iall wenT down beneaTh The Purple barrage, 6-I. This began a period oT marlced improvemenT. Loyola was Tied 4-4 while The Fore-sTers were humf bled again 7-O. In The I-Iarvard Cup series The Gaels and Loyola deadloclced I-I, Tor Two overTimes. Then in a Tinal sudden-deaTh period The JosephiTes added The necessary poinT To win 2-I. Ihen in The grand Tinale The Gaels reached Their pealc by edging Poly 3-2 To reTire The I-Iarvard Cup. For The second year classy and speedy Tom Wag- ner earned a TirsT sTring berTh on The Sunls All- Maryland six, wiTh Bob Kelly and Bill MarTindill gain- ing second sTring laurels. OTher squadrnen were Dick Kerr, Frank Iarnbur- ella, Andy Eilcenberg, Dave Barry, Franlc Velenovslcy, Charlie YosT and neTAminder Bernie STorcIc. HARVARD CUP WINNERS . . . CapTain Tommv Wagner, Coach Brofher Norman, and players Bob Kelly and Bill STorclm Take a second glance aT The Twice-won Harvard Cup. in pd Junior icemen, oulshining Their big brolhers in league play, copped lhe Maryland Scholaslic iunior varsily ice hoclcey championships Brighl and early every winlry Salurday morning, The slarling six of Bob Payne, Jerry Wieman, Ridge Fairbanlcs, Joe Romoser, George Phillips, and Noel Brusl cavorled on lhe Sporls Cenler arena. Surfer- ing a lone selbaclc al lhe hands of Poly l-O. and ballling To a lhrilling 2-2 deadloclc wirh Loyola, lhe iunior sexlel slfaled on To an olherwise periecl sea- son. Those early blemishes were laler avenged as Poly bowed 6-O and Loyola 2-O. Largely responsible lor the +eam's success were The ever scoring sliclcs of Wieman, who rammed QI poinls, and Fairbanlcs, who nelled l8, along wilh lhe nimble nef-minding oi Brusl. All lhree puclcchasers won berlhs on lhe iayvee all-slar squad. Qlher formidable confribulors lo lhe squads im- pressive record were Jim l-larrison, Auggie Panuslca, and Jim Wolfe. HARD DRIVING JV. CHAMPIONS . . . saw plenfy of fhe aciion under iufelage of Brofhers Norman and Ricardus. The slzafers are in order: Kneeling lL. io RJ: Noel Brusf, Joe Romoser, John Fairbanks, Bob Payne, Jim Harrison, George 'I'llE.'ll Illllllllll Wllllll BETWEEN PERIODS . . . Bro+l'1er Norman gives Bill Marlin- dill a bil of a "hard +ime" before sending Yhe boys back info acfion againsf Calveri Hall. Phillips and Jerry Wieman. Slanding lL. fo R.l: Augusl Panuslra, Terry Roslro lMgrl, James Wolfe, George Doyle, Charles Raynor. Roberi Smilh, Roberl Heinlein, John Bosse and Coach Brolher Norman. IIIII PICK .v.. .wg ,N .ps 1. GAME ACTION . . . Ial ICE SPILL . . . finds Andy Eiken- berg lwilling Ihe goal as Dave Barry applies brakes lash Ibl TWO AGAINST ONE . . . doesn'I worry Frank Velenovsly as he cafclnes fhal puck: Icl GOAL TROUBLE . . . snags Dave Barry as Loyola checks: Idl EMPTY CAGE.. .surprises Bill Marlindill who goes Iuunfing for flue puck: lei ROAD- BLOCKS . . . Charles Yosl by passes Loyola as Andy Eilren- berg and Bob Kelly move in lor blocks: III SHOE TROUBLE . . . lies up Cap+ain Wagner as Loyola digs for puclrg Igl Capfain and All-Maryland Tom Wagner slrilres familiar pose. Alihough Mr. Ray Kozlowslcils charges had only mediocre success in dual meeis, The season was en- riched by ihe deiermined iaciics oi capiain Jaclc Shanahan. Everyone, excepi fhe adversaries, found a ireai in waiching Jaclc execuie his manhandling policy oi veni, vidi, vici. Sporiing ihe besi record wirh I I wins and one loss, Jack pinned The qrapplers, while Vince Kelly, Bernie Vallandinqham, Neil Baihon and Jerry Liverman also exerled much eiiori io win a fair share oi iheir bouis. Gilman roughed ihe lvlounl maulers in ihe iniiial meei 28ly"2-I4ly'2 as only Charlie Slauizier, Harold l-iarige and Shanahan were able io siari ihe year wiih viciories while Vallandinqham squeezed oui a draw. In ihe second engagemenl, ihe Gaels almosi won as Ciiy edged loy, 25-23. Bui Paiierson came ihrough io shake any ideas ol viciory from The rass- lers' minds wiih a 395 ihumpinq. TOP WRESTLER . . . wifh ihe Gael Grapplers was Capiain Jaclc Shanahan here shown worlring on a new iechnique wiih heavy Joe Vallandingham. A bil of Japanese, l believe. MATMEN . . . framed in fhe background of our vanished quonsei hui pause afier a season of close decisions. They are in order: Kneeling lL. fo R.l: Roberf Hahn lMgr.l, Ed- ward Kelly, Gabriel Urbanslni, Kenneih Truffer, John Kar- cewslri, Gerald Livermon and Neil Baihon. Sianding lL. +o RJ: Coach Ray Kozlowski, Vinceni Kelly, Thomas McMullen, John Narufowicz, Jaclr Shanahan, Joseph Vallandingham, and Thomas O'Connor lMgr.l. THE GAEL llililllllllli I l We----.l TAKE TOPSIDE, JERRY . . . may well be Coach Ray's prac- iice admoniiion as Neil Baihon braces himself 'io break-oui. MA. NW' swam ssgfi ic, Q Sis GITAPPLEII T0 lllU'l'0liY Maryland Frosh, SouThern and Poly were also suc- cessTul buT noT wiThouT a baTTle. The SouThern maTch was easily The highlighT OT The season. IT broughT an unusually large capaciTy crowd To The gym. The reason was ThaT much enThusiasm had been gener- aTed over The individual duel beTween Shanahan and SouThern's Ernie Fischer. NeiTher had losT during The year. AT The beginning, when liqh+ weighTers were groaning and grunTing, The specTaTors cheered raTher Teebly buT as Time approached The TeaTure l65- pound division, spiriT surged upward and when Shanahan sTepped upon The maT The walls oT The gym were vibraTing Trom Teverish shouTs OT The crowd. MounT sTudenTs were exalTed as Jack nearly pinned his opponenT buT They also groaned when The siTu- aTion was reversed. MinuTes Ticlced by and as The Tinish approached iT was quiTe evidenT ThaT vicTory would only come by decision. And iT was by This meThod ThaT Shanahan losT Tor The TirsT Time in Three years-a 5-3 decision. A vicTory Tinally came by way OT l-loplcins Frosh aTTer which McDonogh reversed The decision, 23lf2- 1255. AT The lnTerscholasTics conducTed by The M.S.A. aT Homewood, Jaclc Shanahan again won champion- ship in his weighT class-l65. Livermon, Kelly and Vallandingham made The semi-finals, buT only Kelly survived To enTer The Tinals where he was deTeaTed by ReinhoTT oT Gilman. PRESSURE'S ON ...wiTh Vince Kelly applying an arm lock To young Fisher, as he moves in To pin Those shoulders To The mai. Vince supplied a good biT of The season's co'or on The home maT. 'WIMMERS SET RECORD BREAKER . . . CapTain Bill Egan lifTs his head To gulp a quiclc brea+h of air as he churns up wafer in The IOO yd. dash. Swamping every Team buT CiTy, Gael splashers swam To second place and a 4-2 league slaTe. Coached by WalT Hurley, The naTaTors ouTsored Their adversaries on The average of 3.7 poinTs per meeT. Sparlcplugs during The season included Tour high poinT-geTTers, Bill Egan l67l, John RupperT l63l, Jim Selclcman 1631, and Riley Rowan 54 Top individual TeaT was Bill Egan s 2 20 TlaT Tor The ZOO yard TreesTyle in The second Loyola meeT aT The KnighTs oT Columbus pool EncounTering ST. John's, WashingTon in an off The record dual meeT, The MounTmen scored a 4l 34 WATER SPECIALISTS . . . Talre a breaTher on The diving board and 'face The camera. They are in order: SeaTed lL. To R.l: Riley Rowan, Ronny Clarlr, John Ruppert William Miller, Charles Russell. STanding lL. To R.l: Capfain Bill Egan, RoberT Gersfung, Charles Asplen, Richard BarreTT, Jim Selclcman and Coach Mr. Hurley. EW MARK win. Paced by Egan and RupperT, The Tanlcmen splashed Their way To six TirsTs. ln This meeT, RupperT beTTered The record oT The American UniversiTy pool, where he swam, by doing The IOO yard TreesTyle in 57.9 seconds. AT The Maryland ScholasTics on February 23, Egan Toolc The only lvlounT TirsT. ln swimming The ZOO yard Tree-sTyle in 2:23.7, Bill esTablished a new MSA record. Rowan and RupperT, each Taking a Third place, were The only oTher MounT scorers. ln The annual NaTional CaTholic Swimming Tour' ney aT Philly, local Tish Tinished second and broughT home Three Trophies. Relay Team oT RupperT, Egan, Selckman and BarreTT earned a TirsT place and Ronny Clarlc placed Third in diving. WE OPP. ST. Joe . . I8 Cify . . 57 ST.Joe. 5l Poly .. 24 ST. Joe.. .. . 47 Loyo'a . . . 28 ST. Joe. . ., . I9 Cify .... . .. 56 ST. Joe , . 45 Loyola .. . . . . 30 236 2l4 EYE-CATCHING ACTION . . . is exhibiied here by newcomer John Clark who placed Third in The Nafional Cafholic lnvifa- fionals af Philadelphia. VETERAN SPEEDSTER . . . John Rupperf Talxes a quick glance aT The lanes as he crouches To plunge in The 40-yd. dash. TROPHY HUNTERS . . . John Ruppert, Coach Mr. Hurley and CapTain Bill Egan admire K, of C. Trophy. Laler The relay squad capTured The Nafional Cafholic Medley Relay Trophy at Philadelphia. ga, 'M X sealing., .,-v:o1'v.'fVf:gJrzf .ff A ,' .-f emu A+ f-L91 Wifi wt imiws' IIE IIIEVI' HAVE T . few if'mfeffeaf12z'1fff "ww: 79,1 rife' fx 'ggi LINKS' PROFESSIONAL . . . is smoolh-driving Charlie Kray, who was S+. Joe's lone conlencler in +he MSA Golf Meel. Charlie really moves lhal hall. FAR TRAVELERS . . . Boris Rojas poinfs ouf his home in Venezuela 'lo Residenf Direclor Brolher Guy, as Larry Baldwin of Annapolis, Fernando Solis of Mexico and Bill Joyner of Washinglon walch. VISITING DELEGATES . . . pause oufside Phila- delphia's Planefarium wifh Brolher Guy +o form fhe residenl monogram before slarling inspeclion of lhe scienlilic exhibifs. MASTER MAGICIAN . . . John Parenl warns audi- ence fo walch carefully as he gives a solo per- formance in lhe audi'l'orium. His willing assislanls are Joe Giuliani and Gordon Zinnerl. ' IL 'CHITIT LE This conTingenT oT The sTudenT loody which is un- der BroTher Guyls guidance ToTals I T3. OT This, 86 are represenTaTives oT eleven sTaTes. They are in order oT represenTaTives: Maryland, WashingTon, D. C., Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, WesT Virginia, Maine, MassachuseTTs and MinnesoTa. The remaining 27 looys are LaTin American visiTors. Venezuela leads wiTh eighT ambassadors, while Tol- lowing are PuerTo Rico and Mexico wiTh seven each, Cuba 3, Panama and Brazil, one apiece. ResidenTs have Their spare Time well occupied Through The eT'TorTs oT BroTher Guy. AcTiviTies in- clude Touch TooTball and six-man TooTball in Tall: bowling and baskeTball in winTer, while soTTball, base- ball, Track and swimming raTe a 'lgoll in The spring. AlThough The boarders complain aloouT Tood, sTudy hall and early rising, They adapT Themselves quiTe BETWEEN HALVES . . . Coach BroTher Guy gives a pep Talk To his sTarTing five: CapTain John Hughes, James Fihmaurice, James Currier, John RiTTer and Richard Skelly. PILLBUSTERS . . . line-up Tor a picTure. They are in order: IST ROW TL. To R.l: Roy Quiros, Joseph CasTillo, William Blanco, Charles Zinsmayer, Henry Maldonado, Joseph Capo, VicTor Alamo and Richard Skelly. 2ND ROW lL. To R.l: BroTher Guy, PeTer Maldonado, Charles Russell, Joseph Giuli- ani, Jack Gallagher, MilTon, Speroni, Jerry Ludeman, Jim Currier and Coach BroTher Columkille. readily To The scholasTic environmenT which is mixed wiTh social gaTherings, ouTings and picnics. Dances were a TavoriTe, as well as, roller4skaTing aT Collin's Park. BuT These are only Two oT pleasanT diversions, as The lads wenT picnicking aT sTaTe ToresT reserve and swimming aT K. oT C. pool. ln April various Tours were on The agenda. On The TirsT Trip, They iourneyed To The capiTal ciTy To see The cherry lolossoms, GreaT Falls oT The PoTomac and Rock Creek Park. LaTer in The same monTh, VVashingTon again was The desTinaTion oT MounT TourisTs, when They visiTed l:.B.l. headquarTers and Bureau oT Engraving. Besides ouT-oT-Town excursions, Three Oriole base- ball games were seen. Ending The year, They visiTed l3aTTleTields oT Fredericksburg, Va., and Camp Cal- verT aT LeonardTown. PIGSKIN HUNTERS . . . of The residenT squad are in order: IST ROW lL. To R.l: Richard Skelly, John Harding, Lee Gallegos, James Fihmaurice, Jim NaruTowic1, Al King and Bill Egan. ZND ROW lL. To R.l: Coach BroTher Guy, Riley Rowan, MilTon Speroni, Al Bauer, Charles Zinsmayer, Charles Russell and John ParenT. 3RD ROW lL. To R.l: Vince Amen- gual, Hugh Gardiner, George Bowling, Carroll Lyons, Ed Marsden and Charles DeKold. AWARD DAY . . . finds AThleTic Direcfor BroTher Marinus giving Capfain Mel GoeT1 his 6-Man leTTer as Riley Rowan, Jim Fifzmaurice and The squad look on. .I BALANCING EXPERTS . . . Charles DeKaId, Al Emerson, Au- brey Clernenfs, Harry Melching and Ray Lambiasi pause +o refresh. lT'S NOTHING . . . says sleigh?-of-hand arfisl John Parenl as he fans lhe cards. Elmer Smilh seems a bi+ surprised him- self. THIHGHTC 'lllll 'I'0 DANCE MEMORIES . . . were pleasan+ +he nighl of lhe Junior Prom a+ +he Ellis Club as lhe dancing Murrays of ihe floor indicafe. ln the group we nofe Jim Naru+owicz, Diego Nucefe, Chuclr Debelius, Tom Pizza, Lewis Glcdelr and smiling Frank Geppi. W 1-' 1 fs- sassy' THE .llllllllll Pllllll ' Ns.. LUCKY ME . . . seems To express Pai' Boyle's senTimenT as he smiles back af his aTTracTive daTe. Friday, May I3 was a big daTe Tor The Junior Class. IT was Their TirsT Jun- ior Prom-replacing The annual Spring l-lop, iT also served as Terpsichorean preview and preparaTion Tor The social day oT days nexT year, The Senior Ball. Corsage in hand, Tinancial worries TorgoTTen, we called Tor our besT girl. This was our TirsT dance, our debuT so To speak inTo MounT social liTe. As we arrived aT The Elks' Club, we were greeTed by The sweeT melodies of The Debonnaires. This TirsT Thrill was The beginning oT a beauTiTul evening. Time danced by unTil inTermission. We were enTerTained Then by one OT our Tellow classmaTes, John ParenT. John is an amaTeur magician buT he perTormed his card Tricks and mysTery acTs like a proTessional. AT The end OT inTermission we sang The Alma MaTer. LaughTer and chaTTer were again sub- ordinaTecl To The smooTh Tunes oT The Debonnaires. Time seemed To Tly. Soon our Prom was over. For some ThaT meanT Time To painT The Town. PainTing The Town is merely a way oT saying ThaT The gang breaks up inTo Triendly groups, privaTe homes or resTauranTs To caTch an early morning snack. The wee hours oT The morning Tound us making our way To bed, one iump ahead OT The milkman. IT was a nighT To long remember. TABLE CHATTER Ends Bill Sfallings and his daTe sTopping af Charlie Shaw's Table To plan a bife To eai afier The dance. w 4 . EG' N km iq . 5 1 K Q W gg A ' , fs-1 . K 5 ,lx Y Q EW u'l'lIll'l' A ll HIIPE In ifs sfrange and wonderful way, spring is able lo produce a cluange in flue enlire world, in boflu nafure and manlcind. lvluclu rain, as well as fluose sudden fluundersforms alfer unexpecfed luof days, is evidence fluaf spring is luere, and summer is soon fo come. Fields no longer seem barren, buf on flue confrary appear fo be a crowded mass of various sluades of green mingled willu flue harmonious color blend ol flue many free and flower blossoms. In Marclu, flue annual refreaf falces place and if is fruly liffing fluaf wiflu flue renewal on earflu we sluould refreslu and magnify our relafions wiflu God. Tluere are ofluer signs of spring-signs of publiciz- ing flue currenf scluool play. Mulfi-colored poslers in various posifions abouf flue campus invife flue mulli- fude fo see flue drarnafic comedy "Room Service". As did flue seniors, flue iunior class enjoys a similar social, flue Junior Prom. Tluis replaces flue Spring Hop fluaf luas falcen place in previous years. A sfrong urge lo be oul in flue open resurrecfs in Mounf sfudenfs and fluis feeling adds muclu fo flue prevalenf idleness and drowsiness, as scluool, sud' denly, becomes fedious. Tlue baseball diamond, as well as flue binglers fluemselves, is being worlned info sluape. Alfluouglu flue firsf game luas nof been played fluere are fluouglufs and luopes for a championship year. Baseball is nof flue only sporf fo be acfiveq lacrossers and fraclcmen do flueir sluare. Buf mosf of all fluere are exams, and for seniors, flue sadness and ioy of gradualion, mixed wiflu flue anficipafion ol college. .-ev-Z VARSITY LACROSSE TEAM . . . Iines up for Iheir piclure. They are in order: IST ROW lL. to R.l: Howard Griffin lMgr.l Bernard Vallanding- ham, William Slallings, James O'RourIre, John Shanahan, Thomas Wagner, Alfred Slo- eclre Eugene Finley, Francis Sfonv and Roberl Sfachura lMg'.l ZND ROW IL. Io R.l: Coach Gene Bracken, James Filzmaurice, Harry Geelhaar, John Magrogan, Thomas Sfod- darcI, Frank Morris, Pa? Finn and 'William Long. 3RD ROW IL. fo R.l: Roberl' Waller- hoeler lMgr.l, Lawrence Kacz- marek, Francis Tamburello, Pal Carroll, Franlc Rehaln, Rinaldo Bucc, Charles Yosl and Don- ald Nohe lMgr.l. THESE STIUKMEIII PUT 'IIIEI IIIA Ss WM 5 S2 Xiu vm Q 'MF Wilh a four won, one lied. seven Iosr slaie, The varsily sliclners handed in Ihe following scores: S+. Joe .,....,... I7 Augusla .......... 4 Sl. Joe.. ... I3 Charlolfe Hall .... 3 SI. Joe. .. . 8 Severn ...,.... . . , 7 S+.Joe., I0 Foresf Park ,. 2 SI. Joe.. 2 Boys Lalin .. 3 SI. Joe.. ,,, 3 McDonogh .,. . . b Sf.Joe.. 2 Sf. Paul .... .,. I2 Sl. Joe.. ... 2 Friends .. . . 5 Sf. Joe, ... 3 Cify . ,. . 9 SI.Joe.. 0 Gilman ., 8 SI. Joe .......,.. 4 Navy Jayvee .,.,.. 5 Aiihough ending The season wilh a rafher unim- pressive won-Iosl' record, varsiiy Iacrossemen Ioolced befier Than Their record shows. Paced by high scoring Pai Carroll wifh I6 poinls and second siring all-Marylanders Tom Wagner wiih I3 and Jael: Shanahan wilh IO, Ihe Gael squad racked up a Iolal 66-66 score wilh Ihe combined ehforls of lheir opponenis, Afler opening Ihe season by defeaiing Augusla in a one-sided fill, Gene BracIcen's boys couIcln'i Iceep up Iheir good worlc againsl Boys Lalin in Ihe second game. STICK VETERANS . . . Tommy Wagner and Jaclr Shanahan, old hands al' lhis Indian game, do a bil' of plolfing belween periods. TIPTOE ACTION . . . Iinds goalie Gene Finley slopping a fasl' shof as leammafe Pal Carroll moves in lo help oul. D IGN TIN 'l'lIli 0Pl'0 l'I'l0 A REAL COMER big Bill STallings, here seen brushing up his scooping Tech- nique. Bill is presidenT of The Senior Class. JV LACROSSE HUSTLERS . . . pause for a picfure. They are in order: IST ROW IL. To R.l: James NaruTowicz, Franl Shanahan, Alfred O'Farrell, Edmond Cormier, Richard Novak, James Long and Richard Gersfung. ZND ROW lL. To R.l: Coach Gene Braclzen, AnThony Narufo- wicz, James,Willenburg, RoberT Bulling- Ton, John Doran, Donald Campbell, Gil- herT Wheeler, Carl Pledge and Ass'T. Coach Jaclr RoberTs. BRD ROW lL. To TLT: Howard Griffin and Donald Nohe lMqrs.l, Gabriel Urbanslri, John Wallcer, William Schwessinger, RoberT WalTer- hoefer and RoberT STachura iMgrs.l. ATTer dropping Tive sTraighT TesTs, however, The purple marauders avenged Their deTeaTs by swamp' ing CharloTTe l-Tall I3-3. Giimans 8-O Trouncing didn'T sTop The MounTmen long, Tor iooTh Severn and l3oresT Park Tell prey To The Gaels improved aTTaclc. AlThough losing The Tinal game To Navy's iayvee, The sTicicers puT up a good TighT againsT The college boys. Compiling a won one-losT six record, iayvee war- riors handed in This slaTe: ST. Joe SouThern ST. Joe Glen Burnie ST. Joe Boys Lafin ST. Joe. Cify ,,... ST. Joe Friends ... ST. Joe McDonagh ST. Joe ST. Paul .. In spiTe oT Their low sTanding, MounT undersquad sTicicers boasT such ouTsTanding lacrossers as Jim NaruTowicz, Charley Pledge and Don Willenburg. Boys' LaTin Took The indians in The iniTial TiiT which Glen Burnie Tollowed up by shuTTing ouT The squad. NexT, SouThern, only Team To Tall under The purple aTTack, wenT down. CiTy, Friends, McDonogh and ST. Paul were vicTors in The nexT Tour TesTs. Scoring Tor The undersquad was done by Jim Naru- Towicz Charley Pledge OT and Don Willeniourg 121. AlThough T49 sTandings were low, Coach Bracken hopes Tor beTTer Things in The TuTure. Says Gene, l'WiTh PaT Carroll and a Tew oTher seasoned veTs, plus This year's iayvee sTars, The squad should do much beTTer in I95O." L xr 1 E., 4 , ,,.,, , , ' 2 N xv w s4,itl44 tv Y' X , Vxm Y ' F x K b il tk l y K fi 14, fi G O A H. fy 1 is in, ,,,,.1?,,.i,. M, . . W. givhq Q . W O O ' W ,,. , 1 H . " 44 . 'S 9- ' if , :a"'9! . fs 4x ' ' 1 ' rf 4, ' 1 nm M T-. lx 4' . , y sm, 6 ' Q A T E ' M A . 'P x 'K R H ' P Y 'I' ,- 'LH' A, 1- A 3 3 if wif! Q, R ., Q 0 ' E 5'2" ' V L M 5: V ... :... 'gwy k o , ' - -M..-W 1 f-1.5 .gf A 1 ,I Q , 4 KX WEN A fw- x 1.- 'fvf f5i5 wx www Q5 N Illllllli lIOIilI 0Il'PIl was handed Their bad luck To The Tune oT a 6-3 score under The nine. Loyola was The nexT To aTTord The Gaels a xicTory, going down wiTh only Three hiTs .vhile ViTo and Franczlcowski each banged ouT a double To aid in The 4-2 win. Really sweaTing ouT The nexT Tracas was Gilman who could only snare Three hiTs oTT :oph piTchor Tom Bailey, while The ST. Joe Team managed To cop Tive hiTs and one run, Topping The Roland Parkers, I-O. In The Tinal con- Terence game, CaIverT I-Tall was besTed 6-4 To give The IvlounT iTs Third consecuTive privaTe school TiTle. IT is TacT-worThy To noTe ThaT The success oT The squad seemed To resT on a combinaTion oT abiliTies-f good piTching, Tow errors, bold base running and Timely hiTTing. IT all adds up To Tine coaching and leads-up ball. Remarkable Too, was The TacT ThaT To accomplish This Team eTTiciency, Three oT The regulars were swiTched Trom previous oosiTions. CaTcher Ed Franczlrowslci was placed aT Third: piTcher Bob Thur- uow was senT To The ouTTield and an ouTTielder wenT To shorT. AlThough Twirler Joe Ares piTched The Gaels To a 3-2 vicTory in The TirsT playoTT evenT againsT Poly, They losT Their one game edge by dropping The second slugTesT I I-9 To The Engineers. In The hearT- brealcing Tinale, which could easily have gone The oTher way, Two squeeze plays pulled The game ouT cT The Tire Tor The Poly nine buT ST. Joe had To accepT ihe 4-3 deTeaT and lose Their chance aT The MSA crown. In conTerence and pIayoTTs, The .5I7 sTiclcworlc and perTecT backing-up oT all-Marylander PaT ViTo sparlced The Team To iTs privaTe crown. PaT, who holds The unoTTicial sTolen base TiTle wiTh 2I, and Kenny Biscose oT Poly were The ouTsTanding school- PRE-GAME STRATEGY . . . finds Coach BroTher George Francis giving a few final signals beTore AI Neville, Bobby Thurlow and Joe Ares Talre The Tield. PRIVATE SCHOOL CHAMPIONS . . . 'face The camera. Sfanding lL. To R.I are Coach BroTher George Francis, Ralph Javins, Bill Jarboe, Ed Franczlrowslzi, AI Neville, Charles Weller, Joe Ares, Fred Eilcenberg, James O'Hara. Kneeling: Leo Dono- hue, RoberT Thurlow, PaT ViTo, Tom Bailey, Dave Borsella, James Newell and Tom McCann-BaT Boy. FANS TURN OUT . . . for fhe Gael-Poly series 'lhal was a STRETCH. DAVE . . . goes fhe yell, as Dave Borsella fakes off lhriller righf down fo fhe final inning. low and 'fasf for fhal crowded base in The Calverl' Hall game. STICKMEN READY ARTILLERY . . . as Charlie Weller, Dave Borsvlla, Bill Jarboe and James Newell handle fhe bals for weignl. JV. BASEBALL POWER . . . is well emphasized here by Val S si is-l ' I 1 , Maikiewicz who follows fhrough on a 'lasf one. AS Il0X CURE lVIlL'I'IPLlEll boy ballplayers ol lhe 49 season. Qlher leading Mounf balmen included Tom Bailey .4287 Charlie Weller .3843 Ed Franzlcowski .383 and Bill Jarboe .304. lvlounl 'rwirling records included undelealed Al Nevilles 6-O and Joe Ares' 6-4 slaie. Tom Baileys 2 O chuclcinq was also impressive. On lhe Suns all- Maryland squad were Pal Vilo. lirsl slring calcher. willi Ed Franczkowslci and Al Neville garnering 'rhird learn berlhs. INFIELD BALL HAWK . . . is fleel Fred Eilcenberg who boosis a sfrong average af 'the plale, parlicularly in fhe bunl de- parfmenf. ,N ,,,,.-ef Nia... J' f X XGA' BALL SNATCHING . . . Charlie Weller leans far ouI Io clip TAG HIM, PAT . . . mighl well be Ihe yell as anofher Poly off a Poly runner in 'Ihe close cily playoffs. runner Iries Io bypass Pal enroule Io fhe home plale. H I I Afler winding up an undeiealed season as undis- -IOS I 3 I-OYOIH - I I pufed privale school champions, Mounl binglers -Ive I3 GiIman . I dropped Ihe MSA crown Io Poly in a 4-3 upsei in Ihe -Ive V- I 4 C-HIverI I'IaII I Iinal game of a Ihre-e game series. Wilh an over-aII JOB A I- 6 MCDOHOQIW 3 record of I3 wins and 6 losses, Ihe season included -IOS 5 Navy Plebes 7 Ihe Iollowing games: -IOS 4 I-OYOIB 2 S+ Joe 4 Po' 2 Joe . 2 Mercersburg 3 S+' Joe 0 CNY ' ' ' 6 Joe ,. I Gilman 0 ' ' " Y "'4"' " Joe b Calverf Hall 4 SI. Joe 5 Bladensburg 0 Sf. Joe 4 Soulhern ,.... 7 PLAYOFFS S+. Joe . 5 Foresf Park .. . , 4 Joe 3 Poly 2 SI. Joe I I McDonagh ..... Z Joe 9 Poly I I SI. Joe 8 Hopkins Frosh .... I Joe 3 Poly 4 MSA'S JV. CHAMPIONS . . . pose 'Ior Ihe records: Sfanding R.I: George Vaeih' Don Burfonl Alan Ball, Bob De- IL. Io R.I are Roberi Hahn IMgr.I, Coach Broiher Dominic, Vaughan, Ed Yeager, John Norwood, Ed Denh and Jim Foil. Rowland King, Val Marlziewicz, Ed. Budacz, Sian Vilelr, Franlz Bob Ben1ing was abgem, Ca+'IerIon, Bill Frazier IMgr.I and Ralph Melady. FRONT ROW :- .""-'Ill I xx ass? as ig - W ss c . K as 13551 S CHAMPION 440 MAN . . . Bill Dowy heads 'for 'rhaf lape again in +he Ci+y mee+ fo keep his record unbroken for fhe Season. When The final decision was announced ai' lhe lhirly-second annual Maryland scholaslic lrack meel, Brolher Marinus' lhinclads moaned a well warranled iiuqhlil Running close all lhe way, lhe lraclcmen losl championship honors by less lhan lour poinls. Final Scores slood al 42 8- I 5 poinls lor Poly, 39 8- I 5 poinls lor Cily, and 39 2-5 poinls lor Sl. Joe. VARSITY CINDERMEN . . . +ake a brealher affer placing lhird in lhe MSA Slale Meel. Trackmen are as follows: IL. lo R.l Slandinqz Brofher Ricardus, Brolher Marinus, Gabriel Gregorek, Sieve Semenuk, Bob Kelly, Len Mahoney, Frank DISCUS SPECIALIST . . . Vince Rosselfi, MSA Champion ge+s sei +o heave fha+ plaHer +o ano+her record +oss. 0 ll TRAIIK 'IEII Fleel fooled Bill Dowdy, 'rhe cilyis oulslanding quarler rniler, along wilh Vince Rosselli and Mounl relay learn composed ol I-lank Slrernpek, Lee Gal- legos, Len Mahoney and anchored by Dowdy, led lhe harriers on lo lheir lhird place spol. Rosselli won lirsl laurels in his specially, discus lhrowing, wilh a I I7 fool 8 inch heave, while Dowdy Rehak, Bill Dowdv, Vince Rosselli, Al King. Kneeling: Frank Geppi, "Mike" Frame, Bill Zang, Roberl Rehak, Henry Slrem- pek, Ed Dopkowski Wall Novak, Siflingz Roberl Meehan. l'lugh Gardiner, Mark O'Hara, Leander Gallegos, Max Mueller. ix 'u HIGH STEPPING HARRIERS . . . aT The Loyola InviTaTional shows Bobby Meehan Talcing The hurdle in Top sTyIe. i FIiI'IIEIl 0IlIlIl PAY IIIITT broke The Tape bafh in The 440 yard dash, and in The mile relays. Individual performances by Bobby Thurlow in The I00 yard dash and broad iump, and Gabe Gregorelcls discus Throwing were also im- pressive. ln Their TirsT dual meeT oT The year The Gaels came ouT on The shorT end OT a 75lf2-59lf2 score. Four MounTmen sTarTed The season oTT wiTh a bang, however. They were Mold TaiThTul" Bill Dowdy, who Tinished TirsT in The 440 and 220 runs, Trosh Marlc OI-Iara, who annexed TirsT laurels in The mile, Len Mahoney, who won The shoTpuT evenT wiTh a 473A TooT heave and Vince RosseTTi, whose I I7 TooT heave won him The discus Throwing evenT. The Cindermen redeemed ThaT opening loss when They Trimmed McDonogh 82-25 in The nexT meeT. ConTinuing Their winning spree, The purple Thin- clads downed l3oresT Parlc on Their home grounds 82-50. AlThough Marlc CT-Tara capTured boTh mile and halT mile evenTs, The harriers Tailed To lceep Their heads above waTer againsT CiTy. They dropped This one 6Ily'2-46If2. Dowdy Triumphed in The 440, Len Mahoney gained TirsT laurels in The shoT puT, Vince RosseTTi conTinued his sTride by winning The discus Throwing. ln The lasT scholasTic meeT OT The year, The Joseph- iTes edged PaTTerson Park 58-50. Dowdy Placed a TiTTino climax To his TleeT TooTed running during The year by winning boTh his specialTies, The 440 and The 220 dashes. OThers who were TirsT To brealc The Tape included Trosh Marlc O'l"lara in The mile and Frank Geppi in The low hurdles. In The Tield evenTs Gabe Gregorelc copped The discus Throwing evenT and Monlc Gallagher won The broad iump. Gael Traclcmen held Their own in The inviTaTional meeTs Too. ln The Poly relays The 440 race Tor weiqhT- menT was The only win The MounTmen could musTer, buT This combined wiTh Third place in The mile relay, TourTh in The medley relay and TiTTh in The shuTTle, hurdle relay was good enough To win TourTh place Team honors. Paced by Bill Dowdys TirsT once again in The 440 yard run and Vince RosseTTi's winning lI4 TooT, 6 inch heave. The Gael Thinclads Tinished TiTTh in The Loyola inviTaTional meeT. TAKE IT EASY. BILL . . . musT surely be The warning of coach BroTher Ricardus as Bill Gallagher goes aIofT. I W i SKY-CLIMBER . . . Joe McDonough levels off across lhe up- DOWN THE BACKSTRETCH . . . move one corps of half- righfs in fhe Cily Meef fo sfarf 'rhings rolling. milers wifh Bill Kenny selling ihe pace as McDonagh lrails. LX"er going lhrough an unde- ieffvf-d season, Brolher Marinus' iun- iov vaclcmen capfured lhe Mary- larl Scholaslic lille. Compiling 4I' A poinls, The S+. Joe fhinclads bevhrred four olher squads includ- img Poly, Pallerson Parlc, Cily and Wan. Fiil Kenny won lhe 440 yard da h Riley Rowan scored lirsl in fhi 320, Jimmy Franz loolc honors in 'hi' shofpul evenl, and Jim Brady arwered lirsl laurels in lhe high u' i l f3'her poinl winning perform- ar ei included Joe McDonough's seiofwd place in lhe hurdles, Bill LC-'nrwardis second place in lhe shi ll-ul, Tom lvloorcones' second plf i'r-' in lhe IZG yard dash, and Friimg Puli+ano's lhird place in +he ION yard dash. IX lhouqh F r a n lc Cosseniino la el lo come lhrough in lhe M lwland Scholaslic meel, he was lhi leamls slalwari iield evenl man all xear as he placed lirsi in all iiyr- oole vaull conlesls. P dual meefs lhrouqhoul The ye-if The Josephiles conquered Pc y Cily. Pallerson Park, Foresl Pew and McDonoqh. COACHES' CONGRATULATIONS . . , sound sweei fo long-sfriding Bill Dowdy and MSA scorers as Sfafe Medalisls aqree lo sei fheir siqhfs on fhe Sfaie Crown in '50 for Mi. S+. Joe. PRAY 0F Cl DER MSA JV CHAMPIONS . . . fake a brief pause lo pose afler iop- ping Poly in a close finish. lL. fo R.l are: BACK ROW: Brolher Ricardus Jim Brady, Don Rivera, Ralph Beam, Sylvesfer Kir- Slulras, Joe McDonough, Milion Soeroni. 3RD ROW: Bill Lombardi, Paul Leighl, Paul Pfeiffer, Riley Rowan, Frank Cossenlino, James Devanny, Roberl Roeder, Karle Fox. ZND lllllll. THEIR TRAIL ROW, Kneeling: Andrew Seih, Tommy Mueller, Don Jager, James Fran1, Roberf Tribull, George Bowling, George Feher, Eugene Morris, Jerome Carroll, Arfhur Peflipas. IST ROW, Siifingz John Kadlubowski, Don Childs, Charles Gresdo, John Kirby, Franl: Pulilano, Waller Hungelman, Bill Kenny. heave for dislance. TIMBER-TOPPER . Franlr Geppi reaches for rhaf Hrs! hurdle. SHOT-PUTTER . . . Len Ma honey malmes anolher record REFIOENT BASKETBALL . . . members in order ar- John Hughes, Charles Zinsmayer, Richard Skfflly, Henry Maldonado, Robert Thurlow, Anfhuny Naruiowicz, John Riller, James Br.-dy, James Fifzmaurice, Milfon Speroni and Ja nes Currier. Ll TLE CUBS . . . members in order are: IST RCW' lL. fo RJ: Brofher Pairician, Reber? Seder, Gregory Hopkins, Jerome Carroll, Sa valor Muffaleio, Raymond Sigwari. ZND RVVV: David Cify, James Hopkins, Tommy Mueller, Fred Feurer, Emil Mohler. 3RD ROW: Ckaries PoHhasl, John Schaefer, Timoihy H. rfzell and Paul Ellis. Missing were Offs Van- dewburg and Ronald Hawkins llal. C118 BASEBALL . . . IST ROW lL. io RJ: VViiiifim Coslello, Gregory Hopkins, Donald -wz, Alberf Lecosie, Paul Ellis. ZND ROW ll le- R.l: Jerry Keilliolfz, Robferf Sauier, Ray Siqwwrf, Kenny Lang, Joseph Dix, Francis Mc- DL 'vc ugh, Jerry Wieman, Brofher Hugo. WERE il 'Mi 1 - - - Q Q Q ,wo if O 4 4' ?' CAPT. JOHN RITTER . . . laacluhand arfisf gels sei lo frap a volley near fhe nef as he moves in on his opponen'r's bacihand. NETMEN . . . who capfured fhe Cafholic Tille were in order: Sfanding lL. io R., are John Riffer, James Currier, Offs Vanderberg, Jerry Wifisfadf, Frank Dickson, James Ginard, Eu- gene Dailey, Coach Brofher Edwin, Roberf Karwaclri. GOLFERS . . . who managed fo parficipaie in 'three marches were, leff fo righl: William Sneeringer, John Krupnilr, James Cosden, Charles Kray, Paul Scheel, Francis McQuire, Joseph Trageser, Thomas Chrisfian, Brofher Leo Francs CAMERA ENTHUSIASTS , . . in order are as lollows: BACK ROW lL. fo R.l: Gordon Zin- neri, Sa'valore Fioriglio, Philip Nolan, Bob Grauer, Andrew Rusnalr, John Schruefer, Bro+her Francis Joseoh. ZND ROW: Charles War+hen Joseph Hun+er, Edward Sappinglon, Raymond Sigwari, Lawrence Schnieder, John Wiegard. IST ROW: Brofher Marcellus, John Afhman, Kennefh Oslerman, John Conigliaro, Joe Dorsey, Boris Rojas, James Paulus. X l F. 1 BUT, DOCTOR! . . . was The surprised reacfion of Bill John- son when Dr. Sanlrs had The gall To ques+ion his medical back- ground in The case of PaTienT WiTT. Z E 2 S T S 2 I zv: fi 525 T S? i g 2 il 2 3 3 5 T 2 ,i E ll ll PIII G PLAY W0 HOW WAS l TO KNOW? . . . groans hoTel manager Jerry Pessagno To efficiency experf Carl Geier as he Tries To explain his houseful of sponging players, MounT TooTlighTers Trod The local boards Tive Times Tor Their presenTaTion oT The hilarious Murray- Bore-Tz comedy, Room Service. Enlivened by boTh exTremiTies in apparel lToo much and Too liTTlel The Thespians' smash hiT greaTly amused, To say The leasT, The l5OO specTaTors. Mr. S. Wilson Heaps, assisTed by Mrs. VicTor Woj- cihovslci, once again direcTed The presenTaTion while BroThers Alvin, DePaul, Leo and Marcellus managed The scenery consTrucTion and lighTing eTTecTs. BroTher Colombiere, prop man, was assisTed by sTage hands John CrawTord and RalsTon Russell. A comedy in The True sense oT The word, The play lcepT The audience in sTiTches Trom curTain To curTain. NoTable were Bill Johnsons anTics, Chuck Debeliuss "muscular" scene, Jerry Pessagno and Carl Geiens aTTempTs To ouTshouT each oTher, and The eTTorTs HOW'S THIS BOSS? . . . queries Bill Johnson as he shows up wifh bananas To Tide over The hard-pressed sTage players who are lighfing a baTTle againsf evicfion. PUPULAR AUULAIM oT Al King and Frank WiTT To maTch each oTher Tor lack of wiTs. OTher Thespians included Jim Ginard, Bernie Hopkins, MaTT BuTTa, Hal Sanks, Ralph Mel- ady, Joe Bienlein and Lou Carper. As a background Tor The laughs, The ploT was laid abouT a group oT shrewd acTors who sTopped aT noThing To swindle any sucker wiThin call. MosT Taken among The laTTer was Mr. Gribble, Jerry Pessagno, manager oT The WhiTe Way l-loTel, which served as headquarTers Tor The moTley group. FurTher dihfi' culTies were added when The casT was abouT To be Thrown ouT oi The hoTel. JusT To save The play, Leo Davis, Frank WITT, Tell ill, died, and was resTored. All complicaTions cleared Themselves up aT The end, however, and Davis's brain child proved To be a smash hiT. Which makes iT all very confusing-acTors acTing as acTors presenTing smash hiT in smash hiT. 6,25 0 33 I e e4eaZ"4 POSTER FASHIONS . . . warning all and sundry of The com- ing comedy display fhe facile brush of Chuck Debelius. GREETINGS, PARDNERS . . . seems To calch The spirif of This closing scene as hofel owner Col- onel Carper appears on The spof To sfraighien ouT all difficuliies. PLAY CAST RELAXES . . . They are in order: Sealed lL. To R.l: Chuck Dehelius, Bill Johnson, Joe Bien- lein, Greg Hopkins, Ronald Voyce, Carl Geier, Jaime Ginard and Frank WiTT. STanding lL. To R.l: Al King, Ralph Melady, Malihew BuH'a, Howland Sanks and Coach Mr. Wilson Heaps. IIPET H0 E FROG-STICKING . . . Joh lion of dissecl' e n Seric does a masferl non for The folks as B nberg, and Bill Cosfell y demonsha- rolher Aquinas, Andy Elk- o wafch. QUILL GAZERS . . . iusf fhe men of di ' ' Ch can'+ help marveling af copy and shnchon mel in ihal 'Friendly afmosphere. Oh uck! I02 2 MACHINE OPERATION . . . wifh a bi? of gear shiffing in- frigues Open House visi+ors and amazes Frank Krai' larofher. 1 young VITAMIN DETECTIVE . . . Joe Schruefer in fhe Chemisfry Lab amazes fhe folks wifh inside facfs of fhe confenfs of fheir regular diet rouiine. WA APPL A llllll ALUMNUS HONORED . . , was Lemuel Hamlel of lhe Class of '99, visifing from Cal- ifornia, and shown here receiv- ing from Presidenl' Joseph Lalchford a special plaque sfruclr for lhe occasion. Also presenl was Philip Warren of fhe Class of '95. COMMUNION BREAKFAST . . . held al lhe Mounl furns fha spollighl on the principal speaker, Felher Duggan, here flanked by Mr. Joseph Kilner and Mr. Henry Henneberger. ALUMNI OFFICERS . . . the men who keep eclivilies moving are in order: Leo Gary, Phil Bannon, Presiclenl Joe Lafche ford, Lou Dursch and Henry Henneberger. YEARS CUMAX . . . is fhe Alumni Banque? sponsored by lhe crganizalion for ihe gradu- afing class. The year's affair held in fhe gymnasium drew a splendid crowd lo a well- organized program wifh Nevy's Rip Miller as The principal speaker. 'PHE llA'l'HIlll ' UL li T FATHERS' CLUB OFFICERS . . . smile before closing books on The year's successful aciivifies. They are in order: Sealed lL. lo R.l: Mr. Frank Abell, Vice-President Brofher Colombiere, Faculiy Adviser: Mr. Charles Perry, Refiring President Mr. William Slafiery, Presiclenf. Sianding lL. fo R.l: Mr. John Pefers, Mr. Hugh Flynn, Mr. James Sfauffer, Mr. Thomas Welsh and Mr. Paul Davis. MEITING NIGHT . . . shows fypi- cal sci-ne as Brofher Chrisfian fallrs ove, old memories wifh Mr. Thomas Welsh as we recognile Mr. Will'am Bec' amd Mr. Richard Balmerf. FAT 4lR-SON COMMUNION BRE Ak FAST . . . finds Mayor Thomas D'A esfmdro wi+h his son Roosevelf leavncq 'Phe Calhedral followed by a 4 cup of fhe B'o+hers and by Comm Hee Chairman Mr. William Slal T- v and reporfer Ray Thomp- son Xllrlfllrl' 4 '13 ,F 'S B-I' .4512 'Q' MOTHERS' CLUB LEADERS . . . smile very happily eller a very successful fall card parly. They are in order: Sfanding lL. lo R.l: Brother Barlholomew, Mrs. Fred Koenig, Mrs. Herberf Arnold, and Brolher Colombiere. Sealed lL. lo R.l: Mrs. Rufh Rillerman, Mrs. Joseph Bonner, Mrs. Hobson Colburn, Mrs. James Whelan lpresidenll, Mrs. George Wisl and Mrs. Clarence Wilhelm. CARD PARTY WORKERS . . . were many, buf fhe camera records here Mrs. Napfel and Mrs. Slorclr smiling as ihey sell chances fo Kay and Joan Whelan and their friends. OPEN HOUSE SMILES . . . are everywhere as worliers linallv relax . . . A few names we remember are in order: Slanding lL. lo R l: Kay and .loan Whelan, Mrs. Koenig, Mrs. Rillerman, Mrs. Arnold Mrs. Whelan, Mrs. Eareharf, Mrs. Ridge- ley, Mrs. Wrighf, Mrs. LaManlia, Mrs. Mariel and Mrs Wilhe'm. Sealed ll.. lo R.l: Mrs. Slorclc, Mrs Slaufler, Mrs. Carroll, Mrs. Colburn and Mrs. Palusliievicl. PATRICK J. VITO. Academic. ST. FRANCIS ASSISI. C 'I s presidenf. "PaI" was a Inree-IefIer man . . . Iooi- L I as an end basl: and center, I, 2, 3, 4 . . . baskelball 2 'I 4: iayvee I .. . basebail 2, 3,41 iayvee I ... Headed I 'Nlofre Dame . . . "The moose is loose' '.... sfudenl C I. cil . . . senior execulive commiliee . . . qufei, mode-sl . Ioiqqesi Ilwriil Iwifiinq winning Inornerun aqainsi Poly . . i605 Hariliord Rd., I8. SENIOR LEADERS . . . Pal Vifo, Carl Geier, Cllarles Palm and Bill Cleary pause cufside fhe Acfivilies Office io promo+e a few big plans for +he year as flny gel' sei fo laclrle Hue iob of senior officers. WILLIAM V. CLEARY, JR. Academic. Residenl. Class Irvasurer. "Bill" was presidenf oi Ilwe sfudenf council . . . Prbisidenf oi Kappa Chi . . . band Trombonisf and barifone . . . six-man quarferbaclc . . . senior execufive comrniffee .. . CSMC 3, 4 . . . debafer, elocufionisl and orafor . .. looks for a career in music . . . I3Ol 33rd SI. N. W., Wasningfon 7. D.C. CARL H. GEIER. Academic. ST. MICHAEL. Class vice- presidenf. Carl was prominenf in religious activifies . . . sclwool and city-wide CSMC prexy . . .senior dance com- millee . . . sfudenl council . . . cheerleader I, 2, 3, 4 . . . crosscounfry 3 . . . dramalics I, 2, 3, 4 . . . hopes Io be a chiropracfor . . . collecfs siamps and coins . . . 603 S. Warwick Rd., 29. CHARLES J. PALM. General. ST. ELIZABETH. Class secreiary. "Charley" was one oi few ic-make varsify ioofball as a 'irosh . . . played cenfer all four years 5. . . Iraclc iayvee I . . . senior execuiive comrniiiee . . . Ink- pol carioonisi . . . earnest loyal . . . 2920 E. Madison S+., 5. TRIAL RUN EXPERTS . . . finds Felipe Solis, Vicfor Alamo and Tom O'Connor climbing info fhe cab al Philadelphia for a brief run around Ihe exhibit JOSEPH S. ALLULIS. Academic. ST. BERNARDINE. "Slice" is a boxer :rem way back . . . quiel . . . sludious . . . cross counrry 2, 3 . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 , . . leans foward chemislry .,.' 'Never Tor- qel firsl day al Sl, Joei' . . . 34I4 W. Franklin Sl., 29. JOHN F. AMER. General. MONASTERY. "Ace" praclically lives on lhe campus . . . eleclricily buq . . . favors English and works ol Shakespeare . . . cub baseballer . . . CSMC 3, 4 . . . Nolre Dame rooler . .. II6 S. Culver SI., 29. THADDEUS D. ANDRZEJEWSKI. Academic. ST. STANISLAUS. "Andy" was always quiet and sleepy . . . Freshman baseballer and caqer . . . deliqhls in pholoqraphy Sian Kenron and chemislry . . . biqqesi Ihrill was "becoming a senior' '..- 326 S. Folcroff S+., 24. CHARLES H. ASPLEN. Academic. ST. MARY G,-OVANS. "Reds" ran cross rounlry 2 . . . swimming feam I, 2, 3 . . . lacrosse . . . slucleni ouncil . . .scholarship srudenl . . . collecfs sfarnps and Kenlon records ...never misses a Bullet dame . . , IOO7 SI. DunsIan's Rd., I2. LAURENCE V. BALDWIN. Academic. ANNAPOLIS. "Larry" fooled lor fhe band in lrosh and soph years . . . rennis manager 3 . . - Kappa Chi , . , member ol Ihe Annapolis Yachl Club and Power Squadron . .. CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . Horn Poirir, Annapolis. GERALD A. BALMERT. Academic. ST. MARK. "Gerry" look Ihe No. 8 from The village every day . . . cub Ioofball I, 2 . , . leans Toward ice skafinq and Enqlish , . . lour year CSMC man . . , "Biqqesl lhrill will be qradualionu . . , 6326 Frederick Rd., 28. JAMES W. BARNES. Academic. ST. DOMINIC. "Jim" has played his Irumpel lor lour years bolh band and CSMC orcheslra . . . Cub Ioofball I . - . makes weiqhl-liflinq a hobby . . . loves Io arque wilh Barrel? . . . Parkville producl . . . 2909 I-Iarview Ave., I4. JAMES S. BARNICKEL. General. ST. KATHARINE. "Barny" hopes fo become a drailsman . . . slill looking for Ihe riqhl peroxide . . . sour beel and dumplinqs make his moulh wafer . . . CSMC I, 4 . . "Fishing lakes all my spare lime' '... I429 N, Millon Ave., I3. RICHARD E. BARRETT. Academic. ST. MARK. Member nl swimminq leam's championship relay four . . , "Dick" has unusual hobby ol horli- cullure . . . Calonsville boy . . . likes chemisfry - , . I7 Maple Ave., 28. DAVID E. BARRY. Academic. WASHINGTON D.C. "Pal" is a Kappa Chi member . . . played iayvee hockey I, 2, 3, and favorled on lhe varsily 3, 4 . . - iayvee ioolball as a freshman . . , ioyvee baseball in sophomore year . , . leans loward malh . . . I4I4 Madison Ave., Wash, inqlon Il, UC. N. sq JOSEPH T. BASE. General. ST. WENCESLAUS. "Dodo" served on si-wior execulive commillee and in CSMC . . . enioys a mess of clunrlings and sleak . . . Follows lhe Michigan pigskinners . . . likes Towimy Dorsey . . . hopes io be a drallsman . . . 73l N. Collinglon Ave., 5. BERNARD N. BATHON. Academic. ST. AMBROSE. "Neil" earned his ifllers in four years ol varsily wreslling . . . big cubs as a irosh . . 'widgefs second year . . . lavors chemisrry . . . four year Crusader . . 2-06 Universiiy Pkwy., IO. JAMES L. BEERE. Academic. MONASTERY. "Jim" likes hislory and bGtwkP'bBlI . . . enjoys a lall milkshake ...likes Balmerl's Iechnique - .. CSMC I, 2, 3 ...reads Hans Fisher . . . 327 S, Yale Ave., 29. CHARLES E. BELL. General. LITTLE FLOWER. "Charley" is anolher of Ihr' Belair Road boys . . . Iollows sporls , . . favors lhe Keniucky ami Nolre Dame reams . . . likes drawing besl . . . 321 I Lyndale Ave., I3. JOSEPH G. BIENLEIN. Academic. ST. BENEDICT. "Joe" is an honor sociew member . . . eloculionisl I, 2 . . . CSMC I . . . dramalics 4 . . college aspiranr . . . lelevision and chemislry . . . one ol 'rhe shi 'lf'Sl seniors . . . 3I I2 Wilkens Ave.. 23. PETER C. BIGELOW. General. Residenf. "Pele" hails from Morris- Iown, N. N. . . . likes lhaf Hudson . . , also fall blondes . . . ardenl pool player. . . glee club warbler . . . can'l srand Ihe boarders' meals - . . 39 N. Bayler Ave., Porl Washinglon, N. Y, HENRY F. BOECKMAN. Academic. ST. BENEDICT. "Hank" can'I gel enough fried sausages . . . sandlol foofball . . . cubs I, 2 . . . slamps his hobby ...' 'WeII, I'lI fell ya" . . . chemislry his Iavorire . - . 2827 Georgerown Ave., 30. DAVID T. BORSELLA. Academic. ST. IGNATIUS. "Dave" is much like his broflner . . . varsiiy baseball 3, 4 ...Legion ball . - . CSMC l, 2. 3, 4 . . . 'IBrielly. boys" . . . Iavors AI Capps Daisy Mae . . . ZI3 E, Biddle ST., 2. FRANK X. BORSELLA. General. ST. IGNATIUS. "Frank" played iayvee ioolball 2, 3 . . . varsify breaslroke . . . rnasfering chopslicks on fhe piano . . . spagherli and mealballs . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . 2I3 E. Biddle SI., 2. JOSEPH V. BRAZIUS. Academic. ST. PETER. "Joe" arrayed Ihe varsily gridiron 3, 4 . . . bandman I, 2, 3, 4 . . . sandloi baseball . . . Universily of Maryland hopeful . . . "Thar Esfher VVilIiams" . . . biggesl worry, chemislry . . . B74 W. Lombard S+., I. STARS IN THE SHADOWS . . .shows a bi+ of 'Fool- ball spirif in evidence as Iailback John Parenl raflles olif Ihe signals +ha'I will send Vince Ferrari, Darryl Soliclay and Joe Giuliani info aclion. HAROLD D. BREIDENSTEIN. Academic. ST, BERNARDINE. "Bud" was a cub lullback I, 2 . . .sophomore baskerball rournamenf . . .Ocean Cily philanlhropisl . . . Edmondson Villaqe his hanqoul . . . crew cul ...836 MI, Holly SI., 29. TIMOTHY J. BRESNAN. Academic. ST. PETER. ' Tim" hopes Io qraduaie mos? ol all . . . quiei and resourceful . . - can'I gel enough Io ea? . .. CSMC . . . 2:40 member . . . loved ihar chemislry . . . 34 Parkin Sl., I. ALBERT J. BUSCHMAN. Academic. ST. BERNARDINE. Lonq and lean "Wacker" played lor rhe cubs I .,,baske'rbaIl lover. . . "A cerlain brunelle from Wes? Balfimoreu . . . CSMC I 2, 3, 4 . . . radio ham . . . 37I9 Colbourne Rd., 29. CHARLES F. BUSSELLS. General. LITTLE FLOWER. "Buss" hails from Belair Road. . . never forqel qradualion . . . can'T ge? enough sour beef and sweel music oi Guy Lombardo - . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . 2730 Pelham Ave., I3. JOSEPH G. BUXTON. General. ST. AMBROSE. "Shorty" favors baske?- ball because il his his 651. 3 in. irame . . . Fried chicken . . .Johnny Lonq . . . "Hey, Eilzi '... CSMC I, 2, 3 4 ...I 'Slar Duslu in his eyes . . , 44I6 Reisierslown Rd., I5. OUIET LAN ES AFTER SCHOOL . . .surprise Alberf Zidwick, Paul LiHIe and friends as flney forge? abou? M-206, and Sunday aflernoon busy wiih books. GEORGE G. CAREY. General. ST. KATHERINE. "Jack" hopes Io be- come a dralrsman airer qradualion . . . life-guard . . . likes swimminq and soccer . . . "Where's Tom Ward?" . , . CSMC . . . hares fhouqhl of army life . . . 23OI E. Preslon Sf., I3. LOUIS A. CARPER. General. ST. MARK. "Lulu" was often heard warbl- Inq al school assemblies . . . four years CSMC . . . likes dancing. any kind . . . hopes Io conlinue singing aller hiqh school . . . sludenl council iudqe and usher.. . I4I Newburq Ave., 28. JAMES E. CARROLL. General. ST. CECILIA. "Jim" expecls biqqesl Ihrill in qradualion . . . can'r qef enouqh malh . . . doesn'I know wheiher he likes sleeping or ham sandwiches berier . . . 2I I8 Allendale Ave., I6. DONALD J. CHILDS. General. ST. BERNARDINE. All week IonC1 Don looked forward fo Friday aifernoon . . .cross counfry 3 . . . CSMC . . . builds model airplanes . . . likes +o lislen Io Spike Jones and June Allyson , . . 308 Monaslery Ave., 29. DOMINIC J. CIARAPICA. Academic. ST. VINCENT, "Dom" states his ambilion Io be a millionaire . . . b.I.o.'s irk him . . . fools a horn in a local drum corps . . . Iavorire is drafiinq . . . CSMC I. 2. 3, 4 . cub loolball I, 2 . . . lrosh baskelball . . . 4609 Kavon Ave., 6. MARlO D. ClARAPlCA. Academic. ST, VINCENT. "Cherry" is a member of l' ew Belair Five . , . never misses a Coll game . . . CSMC 3 . . . "Jus+ glac' 'J qraduafe' '... liked Bro+her Marinus biology class , . . 4609 Kov ri Ave.. 6. CARL J. CIHLAR. General. ST. WENCESLAUS. "Slush" hopes lo malce a si. "ess ol himself in lile . . . always seen wi'rh Joe Base . . . CSMC I, 2 F 4 . . . "How vulgar" . . , lilaes +o dance To Tommy Dorsey and "Madre You'll Be There' '... 833 N. Maderia ST., S. FRANK D. CITY. Commercial. MONASTERY. Frank played cub loo?- ball l:raslce'rball and baseball . . . claims Thai shorlhand is his favorile peri To . . , biggesf Thrill was winning a baslcefball championship . . . ll N. Culver Sl., 29. EDWARD R. COADY. Academic. ST. CECILIA, "Ed" was a varsiiy bow ef for 'rwo years . . . manager looiball 2, fraclc I, 2 . . . greaf lcidder . . arrof lop . , . cub loolball and baslcelball . . . 3Ol9 Poplar Terrace, I6. LOUIS D- COCCO. Academic. ST. AMBROSE. "Coke" is one of The earl. boys . . . "Drop fhe gun, Louie" . . . quie+ humor . . . Tex Benelce and Sfarduslu his lavorifes . . . can'+ decide befween siealr and pork . . . 4tw22 Pimlico Rd., l5. COMES THE STUDENT . . . Francis Murphy seri- ously benf on school as he plods 'Through Hue locker room and barely misses 'trampling unsuspecting Bob Bacigalupa. TERRENCE F. COLES. Academic. ST. MARK. "Terry" is a coin and sfamp colleclor . . . biggesl Thrill came when his chemislry noleboolc was accepled . . . "Wonder why Arabs invenfed algebra?" . . . 49 Edmondson Ridge Rd., 28. GEORGE L. COOK. Academic. ST. ROSE of LIMA. "l.ovey's" favorife subiecr is radio . .. Member of honor sociefy . . . "Where's Johnson?" .. . cub ioofball I, 2 . . . manager of swimming, ioofball . . . 4lOO Mariban Courl, 25. THOMAS F. COUZENS. Academic. MONASTERY. "Monk" prefers Sammy Kaye . . . cross counfry 3, 4 . . - Track 3, 4 . . . sandlol Toolball and baslcelball . . . Tried chicken . . can'1 sfand girls . . . Bullel fan .. .43 S. Monasfery Ave., 29. EDMUND J. CREAMER, JR- Academic. ST. BERNARD. "Cuddles" was vice-presidenl oi sfudenf council . . . class Salu+a1orian . . . co-edilor "The Quill" . . . CSMC 2, 3, 4 . . . debafing 3 . . . elocufion 3, 4 . .. band 2, 3, 4 . . .senior execulive commiifee . . . 6I6 E. 29fh S+., I8. RALPH J. CROCAMO. Academic. STS. PHILIP and JAMES. "Joe" can'+ figure ouf how he passed geomefry . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . frosh baseball . . . "Wha'r ya say, lciller?' '... likes chocolale pie and sfealc . . - Doris Day lan . . .2440 Maryland Ave., IS. e'f1,,'iX. Q 'ffegixf ir iff QQ 99.f?N' "1 , .ii if 'iakiw -' r.., Q.:xgg,.N'Z3f 7 M512 3 " :. . 5 'efaffi' Haggis? - . J .4 .ffzfflihi 1 1 " - Mei , . FUTURE FARMERS . . . gel a close view of life . . . Men al work are Mario Ciarapica, Bill Maczis, Tom Wagner, Barney Kwoka and Jack Kleinsiuber. JAMES E. CURRIER. Academic. CUBA. " Flaco" is one ol lhe Lalin Americans . . . Kappa Chi 3, 4 . . . residenl baskelball 3, 4 . . . iayvee soccer 3 . . . lennis 2, 3 . . . aspires lo mechanical engineering - . . hopes lo play college baskelball ...' 'Anoz con poIlo" . . . Banes Orienle, Cuba. JOSEPH G. CYRAN. Academic. HOLY ROSARY. "Joe" was a wresller 3, 4 . . . lrosh baseball and baskelball . . . member ol 2:40 club . . . likes "Cruising Down lhe River" wilh Guy Lombardo. . . "Who's gol lhe algebra??" . .. I22 S. Clinlon Sl., 24. LEON P. CZARNECKI. Commercial. ST. PATRICK. "Lee" played lor the Crusader band I, 2, 3 . . . likes Sefon, fried chicken wilh gravy ...aspires lo accounling or music 2, 3 . .. l92l Aliceanna Sl., 3l. JAMES J. DAVEY. General. ST. JOHN. "J, J." is a greal loolball enlhusiasl . . . CSMC I, 2. 3, 4 . - . Coll lan . . . roams around wilh Guerin . . .dislikes homework . . , lavoriles are women in general . . . "How ya doing?" . . . wreslling I, 2 . . . lrosh baskefball . . . l303 Hillman Sl., 2. WILLIAM B. DAVIS. Academic. ST. MARTIN. "Bill" is an honor sociely member . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . "Tha+'s The cal's whiskers!" - . . only one jug slip . . .yearning lor a "Slow Boal lo China" . . . 22l2 Penrose Ave., 23. CLAUDIO A. DEMARTINI. Academic. Residenl. "Clevi+o" earned his leller in yarsily soccer 3, 4 . . . praclices weigh? lilling and iudo on his own lime . , . leans loward drawing . . . lislens lo Tommy Dorsey . . . senior club member. . .Sales a Belconcilo . . . Caracas, IB, Venezuela. JOSEPH G. DICARLO. Business. ST. AMBROSE. "Joe". presidenl ol his parish club . . . indulges in spaghelli . . . "gel a cigareIle?" . . - follows 'rhe Colls and lislens 'ro Tommy Dorsey . . . biggesl lhrill will be gradualion . . . 3325 Belvedere Ave., l5. VINCENT J. DIFFENBAUGH. Commercial. SACRED HEART. "Dill" was a senior commilleeman , . . played lrosh baskelball, iayvee baseball as a iunior and midgel loofball as a soph . . . CSMC 2, 3, 4 . . . likes bookkeeping and sour beel wilh dumplings . , . BIS S. Ealon S+., 24. ROBERT F. DILLMAN. General. LITTLE FLOWER. "Bob" was a Cru- sader in his lirsl Two years . . . goes lor fried chicken and lhe music ol Guy Lombardo . - . biggesl lhrill: gradualion . . . likes "Casey Lowerecl lhe Boom" . . . 2804 Mayfield Ave., I3. GEORGE A. DONAHUE. General. ST. MARTIN. "Baldy" lisls draw- ing as favorile school subiecf . . . biqgesl fhrill was geffing 80's in class . . . enioys hamburgers smolhered wilh onions . . . 'lWhal are you, a brain?" . - . 308 S. Slricker S+., 23. LEO F. DONOHUE. General. LITTLE FLOWER. "Buz" likes baseball ani' wllows Ihe Philadelphia A's . . . played cub loolball in soph yen . . cub and iayvee baseball I and 2 . . . varsiiy in his 4Ih . . . enif sf Tried oyslers and spaghelii . . . leans Toward drawing . - 28C" lheslerlield Ave., I3. EDVJARD M. DOPKOWSKI. Commercial. ST. BRIGID. "Ed" ran varsi+y Irai - n lourih year . . . loves Polish dishes . . . wanis Io be a millionaire . . r ayecl sandlof baseball and ioofball . - . likes office pracrice . 29C' lillon SI., 24. DENNIS J. DRISCOLL. Academic. LITTLE FLOWER. "Tiny" claims pas-.wi physics was biggesi Ihrill . . . likes Io hear Vaughn Monroe play "Rf-1 Roses lor a Blue Lady' '... hobby is lood . . . "Lel's gel some- fhif 1 'o ea?" . V . 2857 Lake Ave., I3. GEORGE C. DUKE. General. LEONARDTOWN. "Dukie" was a drum- me buy in The band 3, 4. , . CSMC 2, 3, 4 . . . elocurionisl in iunior yea . . managed iayvee baseball as soph and iayvee Irack as iunior .. li ibby is Tire lighfing . . . likes counlry ham - . . Leonardlown, Md. ROBERT S. DURACZYK. General. ST. MICI'-IAEI.. "Bob" lisls passing as "is biggesi Thrill . . . picks sleak as lavorile ioocl . . . likes Jimmy Lori and June Allyson . . . leans foward drawing... IO7 E. Elm Ave., 6. NICHOLAS J. EBNER. Commercial. ST. JEROME. "Nick" is a loyal member ol: Ihe wolf gang . . . siudeni council invesligarion commifiee . . . seeing Janis Paige in movies his biggesl thrill . . . wanis a dale wiih Al Capp's Daisy Mae . . . CSMC . . . IIO5 Scoii Si., 30- EUGENE H. EDWARDS. Academic. ST. MARTIN. "Gene" was cox- swain wilh Arundel Boar Club crew . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . prefers dancing and reading Io sleak . . . ardent Noire Dame lan - . . English his iavorile . . . wailing lor gradualion . . . 23I2 W. Ballimore Sl., 23. WILLIAM M. EGAN. Academic. Resident "Bill" is Maryland Scho- Iaslic 220-freesiyle champion and record-breaker , . . CSMC I, 2. 3, 4 ...Kappa Chi ...six-man foolball 3, 4. . . varsily swimmer 3, 4. . . would like Io swim wilh Eslher Williams . . . aims lor Wes? Poinl . .. I42 Virginia Ave., Phoebus, Virginia, ANDREW E. EIKENBERG. Academic. ST. ANN. "Ike" was a varsily hockey slalwarl This year . . . J. V. Baseball I, 2 . . . Varsily 3 . . . Iavoriie hobby is daring . . . good old chemislry . . . CSMC 3, 4 . . likes loafing and meal Ioal . , . 608 Gulrnan Ave., I8. GEORGE A. ERPENSTEIN. General. ST. KATHERINE. Quiei and con- genial, "Erp" collecfs all kinds of slamps . , . member of 2:40 club ...CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 , . . envies Glenn Davis in his choice of Elizabeih Taylor . . . melfs Io Ihe fume ol "SIL Louis Blues" . . . mafh man . . . I5I6 N. Collingfon Ave., I3. ALUMNI AWARD WINNER . . . is popular Pai Vifo here receiving fhe AIumni's Special Award from Mr. John Devanney ai' fhe Alumni Banquei in 'lhe Qvm- . if , : .V fe 333: ,.1.' " - :Mfg I . 4 JOHN E. FALTER. Academic. ST. EDWARD. "Fall" is a Walbrook confribulion Io lhe Mounl . . . ardenl lollower ol Fearless Eosdick . . . varsily wrestler as soph . , , CSMC I, 2 . . . likes fried chicken . lavors hislory - . . I40O Rosedale Ave., lb. GEZA J. FEHER. Academic. ST. RITA, "Vic" was a Crusader in firsl and lasl years . . . Quill sfalf as senior . . . usually quiel, good sense ol humor . . . "Ink Pol" edilor . . . lavors iournalism . . . "Thal's lileI" . .. hobby is writing poelry . . . I908 Adams Road, Dundalk 22. WILLIAM L. FELGER. General. ST. CLEMENT. "Bill" lwillered in lhe glee club as iunior . . . CSMC 2 . - . wanls lo gel a job drawing . . . likes all sporls . . ,linkers with model gas planes , . . lislens lo hillbilly music . . . 2929 Balfimore Ave., 27. ANTHONY W. FILIPIAK. General. ST. ELIZABETH. "Tony" earned his lellers on varsily soccer 3 4 . . . layvee boolers I, 2 . . . varsily baskele ball manager 4. . . iayvee baseball 2 . . .cub basekelball as lrosh . , enioys mealballs and pofaloes . . . 2205 Easlern Ave., 3l. EUGENE T. EINLEY. Academic. STAR OF SEA. "Sieve cavorled as lacrosse goalie lor lhree years . . - iayvee baskelball . . , says passing physics was biggesl lhrill . . , lislens lo Spike Jones and eals sleak . . I4OO Bell ST., 30. RINGSIDE ACTION . . . recalls a smoker sponsored by fha Falhers' Club in lhe winler fo galher old clolhes lo be senl overseas by lhe Sfslers. JEROME M. FINNERTY. General. SACRED HEART. "Finn" is a member ol Sacred I-Iearl's drum corps.. . Sl. Joe band I, 2, 3, 4 . . . loves all women, especially blondes, brunelles, and redheads - . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . , biggesl lhrill was making lhe honor roll in lrosh year ...I 'Sweel Georgia Brown" . . . 33I5 Mueller Sl., 24. ROLAND W. FISHER. General. ST. AGNES. "Fish" played cub loolball lor Two years , . . varsily squad 3 . . - Calonsville his hanqoul ... "Oh, lhal Calonsville girl of mine!" . . . come on gradualion , . . IBI6 Ridgelop Road, 7. JAMES J. FITZMAURICE. Academic. Virginia. "Jim" has been a residenl since 61h grade . . - six-man loolball 2, 3, 4 . . , residenl baskel ball . . . Kappa Chi . . . aiming lo be a railroad surveyor . . . 4-D pleasure club . . . "Where's Hughes?" .. .5827 Illh Sl., Arlinglon, Va. ALFRED F. FLORIAN. Academic- OUR LADY OF POMPEI. "Al" is a lennis enlhusiasl every summer . . . "Where's Williams?" . . . prefers Millon Berle lo Rachmaninolll . . . biggesl lhrill was llunking chemislry . , . I28 S. Ealon Sl., 24. JOHN J. FOX. General. ST. ELIZABETH- "Jack" played varsily soccer 2, 3, 4 . . . weakness Tor girls in general . . . movie lan . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . Spike Jones admirer . . . soccer his lavorile sporl and Sl. Joe his lavorile Team . - . 2606 Fleel Sl.. 24. CLARK B. FRAME. Academic. Residenl. "Mike" played foolball in his I is' and only year al SI. Joe . . . Kappa Chi . . . pool lable commillee . . . Qiill slafl 4 ...' 'Noi a liie wifhoul a wife' '.., 324 S. 23rd SI., Clafrsl-urq, Wesl Va. ROBERT J. FRANCIZSKOWSKI. Academic. ST. BRIGID. "Frenchy" is alwa.s ready lor a good game of ball . . . qlad ol qradualion, bul sorry Io si 'he qanq qo . . . willing and able - . . biggesl Ihrill is a day oI'l ... 'U'4 Dillon ST.. 24. EDWARD J. FRANCZKOWSKI. Academic. HOLY ROSARY. "Kimbro" cauww' and played fhird on The varsiry nine 3, 4. . . biq and burly.. . Hiql andlown - . . hopes lo lurn pro in baseball . . . always on Ihe go . , . 11" S. Linwood Ave., 24. WILLIAM F. FRAUNHOLZ. General. LITTLE FLOWER. "House" played inlrainiwal baskelball . . . ioolball I, 2 . . . iayvee lrack . . . always oo? i Ward luck slory . . , has his own gang . . . sludeni council 4 . . . 3506 C iffmonf Ave., I3- DONALD P. FRAZIER. Academic. BLESSED SACRAMENT. "Don" likes fo g 'zu barn dances ai Happy Hollow . . . quiel, blonde . . . CSMC I, 2 I 4 . . . frosh baskelball . . . "Say, Ray' '... Colf ian . . . "I Love You Much" . . . 4I02 Alameda Blvd., I8. MUSICAL TREAT. . . mighf well describe Ihe con- cerf puf on by Brofher Simon and his boys in Iafe May a+ S+. Mary's. LEANDER T. GALLEGOS. Academic. "Lee" is a residenf . . . 'rrack I, 2, 3, 4 . . . six-man loolball 2, 3, 4 . - . sludenl council 3, 4 . . . Kappa Chi . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 , . . aspires lo denlislry . . . 208 Mancure Drive, Arlinqfon, Va. WILLIAM P. GANLEY. Academic. MONASTERY. "Bill" played Cub Ioofball I, 2 - . . lrosh baskelball and baseball . . . sandlof ballplayer . . . quiei, yel siill wafer runs deep . . . CSMC l, 2, 3, 4 . . . moulh walers Tor Tenderloin sleak . . . 5458 Frederick Ave., 29. FRANK C. GARDNER. General. MONASTERY. "Graechenk" won IO5 lb- lrosh wresfling 'tourney . . , Irosh baskelball . . . baseball ...happy- qoflucky . . - praclical ioker ...' 'Ohhh Toni . . . leans io Wesiern High . . . 3602 Old Frederick Rd., 29. HARRY F. GEELHAAR. Academic. ST, CHARLES. "Smoky" swam For The varsify fanlcmen 2, 3 ...lacrosse J. V. 2, 3 . . . varsiiy 4. . . CSMC I. 2, 3, 4 . , . hobby is Ocean Cily and beer . . . likes Io sing "Moonlight Serenade" . . .Winans Rd, Pikesville. JOSEPH F. GERLACH. Academic. ST. MARK. "TermiIe" rides durinq summer vacaiions as a iockey . . . knows anyfhinq you wanl Io find oul abou? horses . . - CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . , . besi aclivify is roofing for SI. Joe . . . Morerick Ave., 28. K SWEET MUSIC . . . is fhe large? of frombone wheel- ing Jack Melady who was feafured in a dual role al fha Chrislmas session. He's quile versalile. JAMES M. GERMACK. General. ST. BERNARDINE. "Gremilin" says he'lI lake a mess ol mashed spuds anylime . . . leans loward drawing , . . spenl lrosh year cayorlinq lor cub baseball . . . Iislens lo Gene Krupa . . , 408 Denison Sl., 29. GEORGE J. GIBMEYER. Academic. MONASTERY. "Gib" is always Linlhicurn bound . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . - Ouill slail 3, 4 . . . yearbook 3, 4 . . . "Where's Leubecker?' '... lrosh baskelball . . . liked Thai physics sialic machine . . . lacelious .. .4228 Frederick Ave., 29. JOHN F. GIZA. General. ST, STANISLAUS, "Beany" was a Crusader in 2, 3, 4 . . . likes chicken . . . hobby is Ioaiinq . . . lavorile song is "AlIer Gradualion Day" . . . always wanls lo ea? , . . lislens lo Sammy Kaye , . . 222I Gouqh Sl., 3I. MELVIN S. GOETZ. Academic. GOOD COUNSEL. "rv1eIz" spenl his time al lhe Mounl as a residenl . . .six-man ioolball . . . cub ioolball I, 2 . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . .airplanes slrike his fancy . . . boals, Selon, ealinq are his lavoriles . . . "Are you kidding?" . . . I4OO I'IulI Sl., 30. RAYMOND J. GOETZ. General. GOOD COUNSEL. "Ray" luqqed away as oarsman 3, 4 . . , sludenl councillor - . . iusl a one-girl man ...CSMC 2, 4 . . .claims being a senior is biqqesl Ihrill . . . lavors drawinq . . , likes Tex Beneke . .. I404 I-lull Sl., 30. WALLACE J. GOLEBIEWSKI. General. GOOD COUNSEL. "WaIlie" says his hobby is girls . . . likes algebra . . . enioys a nice sleak . . lollows rhe Colls . . . says his biqqesl Thrill was socioloqy class . I336 Hull Sl., 30. ROBERT L. GRABAREK. General. SACRED HEART. "Wise" is base- ball minded . . . rnidqel loolball I . . . iayvee 2, 3 . . . iayvee baseball I, 2, 3 . . . can'l find anylhinq beller lo do lhan wail lor his diploma ...CSMC I, 2, 3, 4. ..609 S, Robinson Sl., 24. GABRIEL B. GREGOREK. Academic. HOLY ROSARY."GilI" is John's Hopkins aspiranl . . . frosh baskelball and baseball . . . CSMC I, 2 ,3, 4 . . . lrack 2, 3, 4 , . - biqgesi lhrill was winning iayvee discus champion- ship . . . 236 S, Washinglon Sl., 3I. JOHN P. GUERCIO. Academic. Residenl lrom Bel-Air ...' 'Lilrla John" was one ol Brolher Guy's all slars . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . Kappa Chi .,.' 'Gel oul oi here" . . . will rool for The Mounl unlil his dying day . . . 50 Main Slreel, Bel-Air Md, WILLIAM J. GUERIN. Academic. ST. PAUL. "Bill" is an ardenl loo?- ball, baseball and baskelball lan . . . Iols ol school spirit . . . Those weekend parries are his hobby . . . seen wilh Jim Davey . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 ...biology and Irishmen make a big hit wilh him , . . "You know il, loo? '... I324 Aisquilh SI., 2. I ' I I v ROBERT J. GUNZELMAN. Commercial. ST. ANN. "Bob" is coeedilor ol 'he yearbook . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . iyping experl . . . pholo bug . . lacelious . . . "Dime anylimeu . . .dreams over Sian Kenlon and "M-:ybe Yau'Il Be There" - . . 230I Robb Sl., I8. JOHN I. HARDlNG. General. Residenl. "Hardingle" led a versalile life a' lhe Mounl . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . midgel foolball I . . . six-man 2, 3, 4 . . . Track 3. 4 . . . Crusader orcheslra 2, 3 - . . regular band member I, 2, 3, 4 . . . hunling and girls his hobbies . . . 4808 Berwyn Rd., Berwyn, Md. JOHN F. HEINLE. General. ST. ELIZABETH. "Jack" cavorled wilh lhe qvapplers in firsf year - . . cub loolball . . . CSMC 3, 4 . . . iayvee frack . . . likes chicken and Shakespeare . . . smilinqly admils passing hiss rx exam biggesl lhrill . . . 605 N. Curley Sl., 5. MILES C. HENDRICKS. Commercial. ST. ROSE OF LIMA. "Hen" gels a kilk reading Mopey Smilh . . . shools pool as a hobby . . . follows Nowe Dame's loofball squad . . . lislens lo Sammy Kaye . . . claims gelhrl oul will please him . . . 3839 Brooklyn Ave., 25. CARROLL B. HIGDON. General. ST. EDWARD. "Dub" appreciales lhe music ol Spike Jones . . . CSMC . . . roofs lor lhe Yankees . . . like In hunl and ea? sour beef . . . lunch period his lavorife . . .30I4 MONHF-I' Sl., JOHN M. HINTERBERGER. General. SACRED HEART. "John-John" can si'r down +o fried chicken anylime . . . "Huh" . . . Favors "Shar Dus+" and Glen Miller's orcheslra . . . follows lhe Irish loolballers . . . reads Charles Dickens.. . 8I3 S. Bouldin Sl., 24. CHARLES M. HIPPLER. General. LITTLE FLOWER. "Hupp" is anolher ol' lhe Belair Road boys . . . was a pinsler 2, 3, 4 . . . caplained 'rhe "A" bowlers as senior . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . hobby raking Margie oul . . . leans foward hislory . . . enioys seafood . . . 3400 Woodsfock Ave., I3. THOMAS H. HODGE. General. MONASTERY. "Tom" is anolher Irv- inglonian . - . favoriie sporls are baseball and bowling . . . likes Selon girls . . . varsify bowler 4 . . . would like 'lo lake up radio . . . loyal, generous Mounl' rooler . . . 303 S. Collins Ave., 29. GEORGE F. HOF. Academic. ST. PETER. "Hull-Puff" is always gelling info 'things . . . cub loolball I, 2 . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4. . . lrack 3, 4 . . . anolher champion rooler lor lhe Purple and Cream . . . likes his roasl beef hol . - . 708 Porlland Sl.. 30. WALTER J. HOOK. JR. Commercial. ST. ELIZABETH. "Bunk" is an ofher Highlandfowner . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4. . . loofball cub I, 2 . . iayvee cross counlry 2, 3 . . . soccer manager 3, 4 . . . movie fan especially Maureen O'SuIIivan . . . "You're crackin' up, Buslerlu - IO2 S. Rochesler Place, 24. SERIOUS YOUNGSTERS . . . here picfured are Felipe Solis, Howard Griffin, and undergraduales infenf on Refreal Mass a+ 'I'he Monasfery. . JAMES L. HOOPER. Academic. MONASTERY. "Jim" likes To spend his lime dancing and sleeping . . . oogles aT 'LizabeTh ScoTT - . . rollecls slamps . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . quieT and resourcelul . . enioys a good laugh . .. lO5 N. Hilton ST., 29. DONALD W. HORGAN. Academic. ST. DOMINIC. "BuTTs" geTs inlo pIenTy Tor a liTlle guy. . . cub TooTball l, 2 ,... cub baskerball I . . . varsiTy swimming 3, 4 . . . Phi Alpha Pi, gamma chapTer . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . " Kide goT The car" - . . 49I8 Arabia Ave., I4. ROLAND J. HORNE. General. MONASTERY. "Book" passes away his Time llirling wiTh The girls or playing cards on The corner . . , s+ill Tinds lime To Tinker wiTh his '40 Buick . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . pleniy oT chaTTer . . . 4006 MassachuseTTs Ave., 29. VICTOR H- HORNICK. Academic. ST. JAMES. "Vic" was a con- sisTenT elocuTionisT . . . senior commiTTee . , . sTudenT council repre- senTaTive ...plans on CaTholic U. evenlually . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . .. "Dish me some golabkilu . .. I I22 WilmoT CourT, 2. JOHN J. HUGHES. Academic. ResidenT. "Hugger" is anoTher one oi BroTher Guy's cohorTs . . . boarder baskeTball, baseball, TooTball . . . biggesT Thrill was ST. Joe's M.S.A. baskefball Championship in '47 . . . CSMC l, 2, 3, 4 . . . 43l2 I2Th Place N. E., WashingTon, D.C. OCTOBER MEMORIES . . . finds Frank DeBrouse IighTing The candles on Our Blessed MoTher's allar before Carl Geier or Roberf Verdaime begin The Rosary. JOHN T- HULSMAN. General. ST. JEROME. "Jack" dribbled lor The iayvee baskeTball Team 2, 3 . . . sTudenT council . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 ...biggesT Thrill was The N.S.A. baskeTball crown . . . Tollows The Yanks . . . l253 Carroll Ave,, 30. JAMES E- HYLAND. General. SI. EDWARD. "Apples" is one ol The mosf popular guys . . . always blushing . . . quick wiTh The reTorTs . . . Flamingo Club employee . , . loyal MounT rooTer , . . liTlle Gaels I . . . can'T Tigure how he passed hisTory . . . "Hi, cap' '... 93I Poplar Grove ST., I6. MELVIN J. ICHNOSKI. General. ST. ELIZABETH. "lTch" is one oi The beTTer resulTs ol ST. Joe . . . senior execuTive . . . sTudenl council . - Trosh baskelball . . . "Oh, Theresa' '... courTyard soccer experl . . praclical iokesTer . . . CSMC I. 2, 3, 4 . .. IO3 N. Lakewood Ave., 24. HILARY C. JANISZEWSKI. General. ST. RITA. "Hill" comes from Dundalk, "The land ol The blessed" . . . member ol The 4-H . . . aspires To sporTs expecially TooTball and basketball . . . haies ealing and dancing . . . Triend ol all - . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . 25l7 LiberTy Pkwy., 22. WILLIAM A. JOHNSON. Academic. ST. JEROME. "Bill" was a regular class wiT . . . hopes To become famous . . . "lnkpoT" winner . , . cub TooTball I, 2 . . . lrosh wreslling Tournamenl . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . dramaTics 4. . . "Where's Cook, Peher, Davis?" . .. I334 Sarqeanl ST., 23. Q WALTER D. JOHNSTON. Academic. Commuler. "Ardie" lraveled iroi-I Laurel everyday.. . a Iolal ol 8,000 miles a year.. .sky minded .- Iolrod '33 Plymoulh . . . prinler . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4. . . hafes how? -... 204 Cheslnul Ave., Bowie, Md. CLARENCE V. JONES. Academic- SACRED HEART. "Bill" is con- linnally razzed aboul his ialopy . . . sharp dresser . . . "Hey, Jo-Jo" . . likes Nolre Dame, pork chops, hisfory, and Kipling . . . biggesl Ihr I s gradualing . . . II9 S. Clinlon Sl., 24. WILLIAM F. JOYNER. Academic. Residenl. "Russian" was a gilf fron Leonard Hall . . . Kappa Chi . . . quiel buf always ready for a go: il vaugh . . . loves 'em all . . . can'r gel enough sleep . .. I35 Easl Wi iohouse Ave., Washingfon, D. C. GERALD M. KACZMAREK. General. ST. ELIZABETH. "Counl" played cuL Iiolball I, 2 . . . clarkhorse of lhe senior year . . . lakes The razz gra e'uIIy . . . member ol 'rhe 2:40 club . . . envies Jimmy Duranle's nos' . . . "Bul, BroTher" . . .28 N- Lakewood Ave.,'24. LAWRENCE F. KACZMAREK. General. STAR OF THE SEA. "Kacz" earieil his Iefler on iayvee and varsify lacrosse leams . . . CSMC . . . clains becoming senior as biggesl' lhrill . . . leans loward drawing . -esfurkey . . .and Vaughn Monroe. , . II6 W. Osfend Sf., 30. JUNIOR PROMENADERS . . . line up wilh smiles. They are Frank Krall, Herb Arnold, Joe Hain, Viclor Long, Bob Grauer and dales af The Elks Club. NORBERT A. KANE. General. ST, ELIZABETH. 'INorb" pullers wilh rifles as a hobby . . , "Wha'r's il fo you?" - . . likes lo hear Vaughn Monroe and "Tonight We Love" . . . enjoys cherry pie . . . reads Dickens . . . iusl wailing io graduale . . . 2703 Easlern Ave., 24. MICHAEL J. KATALINICH. General. ST. PATRICK- "Czark" spenl his lasl 'three years as Crusader . . . gradualion fhrills him . . .also likes lurkey . . . hobby is Ioaliing . . . "good gravym . . . lavors malh . . - I628 Aliceanna Sl., 3I. EDWARD F. KEHL. Academic. ST. PATRICK. "Ed" likes +o pulfer wilh radios . . - camera clubsier . . . follows lhe Bullels . . . likes ice cream . . . quiel boy . . . senior prom altiorcled biggesl ihrill . . . I904 Bank Sl., 3I. ROBERT J. KELLY. Academic. Residenl, "Bob" earned lellers as a ioolballer, lracksler and puck-chaser .. . leans foward hislory headed for Nolre Dame , . . follows lhe Minnesola leams . . . "Jusl lor a gag" . . . Duluih, Minnesola. THOMAS B. KELLY. General. ST. PAUL. "Tom" was reverenlly known by his plump physique . - . hear? as big as his frame . . . can'+ decide belween Franny or Rose . . . baseball manager 2. 3 . . . cheerleader 2,3 ... CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . dreams ol apple pie . .. I739 Darley Ave., I3. PROGRAM SOUVENIRS . . . are passed ou? fo Clarence Jones and Charles Hippler and fheir daies by Brofher Alvin af The Gradua+ion Ball. VINCENT T. KELLY. Academic- MONASTERY, "Vinny" is a squa+ gianfs . . . blaclchaired iesler . , .wrestling 3, 4 . . . Foofball 3, 4 . .. ou? lor a good laugh all fhe Time .,,' 'Hey, Ding" . . . Monday morning quarlerbaclr . . . 4708 Amberley Ave., 29. JOHN F. KENNEDY. General. Resident "Curly" is a blonde haired, crew-cu? boarder . . . honor sfudenf once in a while. . . Kappa Chi . .. regularly seen wifh Hughes . . . a Gonzaga gif? . . . I38 Carroll Sl., Washingion, D. C. EDWARD A. KERNAN. Academic. ST. EDWARD. "Big Ed" is silenl' yolcumlype ...glee club . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . Ioofball 3, 4 . .. favorifes are fried chicken, Ocean Cify, Sefon . . . consranrly wailing for 2:40 "Sfardus?' '... i305 N, Longwood Sl., lo. DONALD P. KILNER. General. ALL SAINTS. "Par" claims worlc as his hobby . . . could ea? Ions of spagheffi while lislening ro "Galway Bay" . . . lilnes ioolball and baskeiball . . . CSMC I . . . "Whoa, hoss" . . . 44I2 Maine Si., 7. ALFRED N. KING. Academic. Residenf. "Al" comes from Virginny ,.. Kappa Chi . . . track 2, 3 . . . six-man foofball 2, 3 . . . dramaiics .., manager in various sporfs . . . CSMC 3, 4 . . . reminisces ai foofball games . . . noi enough food . . . 34 Hamplon Rd., Hamplon, Va. CHILTON B. KIRCHMIER. Academic. Resident "Chick" was voled mosf handsome senior . . . Kappa Chi secreiary . . . CSMC 3, 4 . - . sleady companion of Shelly, Hughes and Marfindill . . . biggesf ihrill is riding lhe ierlcwaler bus home . . . 204 Easl Rd., Porfsmoufh, Va. JOHN F. KLEINSTUBER. Academic. Resideni. "Jack" is noled for his lamous Crew-Cul' - . . six-man fooiball 3, 4 . , . residenl baskelball 2, 3, 4 . . . lennis 2, 3, 4 . . . "Thais Gods couniryu . . . SIO lslinglon SI., Silver Spring, Md. JOHN R. KNOPP. Academic. ST. PAUL. "Jack" led a very quiet life af 'rhe Mouni . . . conslanily seen wifh Bresnan and Boeckman . . . a iolce for any subjecf.. .member of rhe 2:40 club . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 .-."Gosh, whal a parly!" , . . I9I7 N. Reqisfer SI., I3. BERNARD J. KOENIG. General. STS. PHILIP AND JAMES. "Nose" iolres abouf his olfacfory exfension . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . lacrosse 4 . . . crew Team . . . iayvee iooiball 2, 3 , . . Phi Alpha Phi Ira? . . . shrimp, beer, hof sauce his lavorifes . . . 4l8 E. 28lh Sl., IB. RICHARD C. KOTZUM. Commercial. ST. WENCELAUS. "Dick" pre- fers Hedy Lamarr, slealcs and fooiball . . , would love fo gel losl af Se+on . . . headed for The hardware business . . . member of 2:40 Club . . . 9l7 N. Collingron Ave., 5. 1. I ' -. W In . IY ' - QR I I less , - signal. ROBERT J. KRABBE. Academic. ST. BENEDICT. "Bob" held variou parlf ir assemblies and radio programs ...glee club 2, 3 . . . cub fool- ball ...lillle Gaels 2 . . . iayvee baskefball 2. 3 . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 ... Whal did you say?" . .. 2516 Ashfon Sl., 23. JAMES G. KRATOCHVIL. General. ST. WENCESLAUS. "Jim" was lhrillf-d wilh 'the prom . . . lrosh baskelball . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . biggesl ioy is his la'rher's Chrysler . . . flushed blonde . . . casanova ...26-28 E. Biddle S+., I3. FRANK P. KRATZ. Academic. ST. BERNARDINE. "Frank" was co- edifcii of lhe yearbook . . . pholographer lor "The Quill" . . . besl piclmes are of girls . . . likes anyfhing edible. . ,CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 - .. sileni and resourceful . . . arclenl Mounl rooler . . . 8I3 Ml. Holly S+., 29. CHARLES F. KRAY. Academic. Residenl. "Charley" was anolher boardef' . . . Kappa Chi . . . goll 3, 4. . . all-slars . . . loves 'ro roam lhe nreen . . . "Far Away Places" . . . Georgefown hopeful . . . Ben Hogan 'an . .. I3 Coulden Rd., Indian Head, Md. ROBERT A. KREFT. General. ST. CHARLES. "Whi+ey" hails lrom Pikesville - . .social club prexy .. .band I, 2, 3, 4 . . . CSMC. I, 2, 3, 4 ...likeable characfer . . . 2:40 bell no? displeasing . . . ice cream diel ... My Wild Irish Rose" ... IOI Church Lane, 8. X H- . f., ,Zo-1-f ,,,.- ls l i.l - EDWARD C. KUHL. JR. Academic. I4 HOLY MARTYRS. "Clammy" shared fhe edi+or's posilion on "The Quill" . - . "Ink Pol" conlribulor .. . band I, 2, 3 . ..vice-prexy CSMC . . . sluclenl council . . . iayvee cross counlry 3 . . , Track 3 . . . "Templafion" his lavorile 'rune . . - 325 S. Monroe S+., 23. ' JAMES E. KUHN. Academic. SACRED HEART. "Jimmy" is a friend lo all . . . carrol-lop played iayvee baseball . . . varsify baskefball 3, 4 . . . sfudenl council . . . biggesf 'rhrill was fossing lhe winning baske? in a Gilman game . . . 32l9 Eleel S+., 24. BERNARD P. KWOKA. General. ST. ELIZABETH. "Bu+ch" Alpha Gamma Sigma lral' member . . . lace conlorfionisl . 2, 3 . . . "I fold you, Wagner" . . . loves 'rhal 2:40 bell . experl . . . 2905 E. Ballimore Sl., 24. JOHN B. LATTERNER. Academic- Resident "Bud" is one Kenan's righl hand men . . . border whoihales ihe food . Chi . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . Naval Academy aspiranf . is a loyal . lacrosse . . lyping ol Brolher . . Kappa . biggesl lhrill is riding Willy... lOI4lf2 Eirsi Sl., Charleslon, 2 W- Virginia. FRANK J. LAVIN. Academic. BLESSED SACRAMENT. Frank is usually seen al lhe Sporls Cenfre . . . Track I, 2 . . . cross counlry I, 2, 3 . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 .... shorl and chubby . . . wailing for a good laugh . . . dreams aboui Jane Powell . . . 550 Radnor Ave., l2. RECESS-TIME . . . 'Finds fhe old crowd down in The yard Talking over The weekend plans and wondering abouf fhe iug's popularity. l WILLIAM H. LAWSON. General. "Bill" is one oi The sugar-Tools ...happy-qo-lucky . . . glee club I, 2, 3 - . . dramaTics . . . once upon a Time he was a boarder . . . member oT 2:40 club . . . CSMC I,2, 3,4 . . . airminded . . . soTT spoken buf wiTTy . . . Georgian Terrace, Sykes- ville, Md- JOHN M. LAZAREK. Commercial. I-IOLY ROSARY. John was a sTudenT councilor . . . iayvee soccer . . , sTudenT courT judge . . June Allyson, bookkeeping, qoTampki his IavoriTes . - . "Always" . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . airminded . . . noT enough women in The world for him . .. I625 Thames ST., 3I. ALEXANDER J. LEAKAN. Academic. "Shark" is one of The greaT rural farmers . . .daily commuTer from Laurel . . . CSMC 2, 3, 4. . . boarder and Kappa Chi 2, 3 . . - lacrosse 2, 3 . . . Tex Beneke, biology and wafiles are his TayoriTes . . . hoTrods . . . Laurel, Md. RouTe I WashingTon Blvd. GEORGE A. LEUBECKER. General. ST. ELIZABETH. A TavoriTe wiTh The girls, "ScoTTy" claims Essex as his hunTing ground . . . Trosh baskeT- ball . . . social secreTary CSMC 4 . . . senior execufive commiTTee . . . "Hey Gibb" . . . sworn againsT hairculs . . . 27Ib E. EairmounT Ave., 24. CHARLES V. LINDER. General. ST. BENEDICT. "Buddy" was a Tresh- man bone-bender . . . claims To be one ol The besT pool shooTers in BalTimore . - . CSMC 2, 3 . . . likes soTTbaIl and STan Kenlon . "Can'T waiT unTiI The big nighT" . . . 2673 Frederick Ave., 23. SPEED NOTE-TAKERS . . . gafher round iusT prior To ThnT firsl period bell To do a biT of hasfy home- work wiThouT Too much simiIariTy, if possible. FRANCIS X. LINGEMAN. Academic. MONASTERY. "Pele" was one of BroTher Marcellus' righT-hand men . . . cub baseball . . . cub and iayvee Toofball . . . liTTIe Gael baskeTbaIl . . - radio bug . . . 42l3 PoTTer ST., 29. ROBERT P. LINZEY. General. ST. MICHAEL. Overlea. "Lim" was sTudious, quieT and neaf . . .cub Toolball I, 2 . . .cross courilry 4. . . CSMC - . . likes The girls-or aT IeasT one ...' 'I-li, honey" . . . 4300 Powell Ave., 6. VICTOR H. LONG. General. ST. BERNARDINE. "Doc" spenT lour years in The CSMC . . . The sTudenT council . . . Tollows Michigan . . . quieT and earnesl . . .spends his Time fishing and swimming . . . haTed Those poems . . . "Take Gas" , . . 742 G-ranTIey ST., 29. WILLIAM A. LONG. Academic. ST. BERNARD. "Bill" claims he had a greaT Time aT The MounT . . . lacrosse defenseman 3, 4 - . . sTudenT council . . . senior execuTive commiTTee . . . CSMC . . . senior prom was his biggesT Thrill . . . 6I4 E. 33rd ST., I8. WILLIAM J. MACZIS. Academic. ST. BENEDICT. "Mase" was a CSMC member in his Third year. . . played varsiTy and iayvee baskel- ball . . . spenT Two years on The bowling Team . . . iayvee baseball 2, 3 ... varsiTy 4 . . . cub TooTbaII and cross counlry I ... likes Tex Beneke - . . 2720 Wilkens Ave., 23. LEONARD F. MAHONEY. General. LITTLE FLOWER. "Len" played vi s Ty TooTball in his lasT Two years . . . OuiTe a rnan on The Track Tearn . weighTman and quarTer-miler . . . usually seen wiTh Bill Gallagher a- T Bill Dowdy . . . ahfable . . .6222 Copore Way, 24. MARION J. MARCINKOWSKI. Academic. SACRED HEART. "Marzo' p iv'-d end on The varsiTy TooTball Team , . . iayvee Track as a junior . nixes chemisTry, Track and Tried chicken ...reads Poe . , . collecTs q 1- and sTamps . . . Vlb S. Ponca ST., 24. VVILLIAM D. MARTINDILL. Academic. ResidenT. "Bill" was a husTler o 'He ice . . . iayvee hockey I, 2 . . . varsiTy 3, 4 . . . preT'ers blondes . avors biology, June Allyson, crab cakes . , . iusT waiTinq Tor gradua- Ti vw . , 202 Taylor ST,, Chevy Chase, Md. FRANCIS E. MASKELL. General. ST. KATHERINE. "Whip" was a CHMC man . . . likes The Temales . . . won'T complain abouT hoT roasT bi i- '... Tond oT Algebra, NoTre Dame's TooTball Teams and baseball . I?b2l E- Hoffman ST., l3. BERNARD J. MAYGERS. Academic. ST. DOMINIC, "Bernie" was a CXMC regular. . . cub TcoTball in his TirsT year . . . likes science and si ii beeT . . . lisTens To STan Kenfon . . . loves ThaT 2:40 bell! . - . 3'?'1flb Gibbons Ave., I4. BUTTERFLY ARTIST . . . James Selckman does a bi+ of warm-up aT The K. of C. pool before being clocked by Coach WalT Hurley. JAMES F. MCCRORY. Commercial. ST. AMBROSE. 'Mao' served as prexy oT The Legion oT Decency in '47 . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . likes pork and sauerkrauT . - . swoons To Sammy Kaye . . . sTudenT council 2, 3 . . . TavoriTe subiecT is bookkeeping . , . 2900 GranTley Rd., I5. JOHN C. MELADY. Academic- "Jack" aspires To be a musician . TrombonisT Tor band and orchesTra 3, 4 . , . sTudenT council . . . 6 man TooTball . . . iayyee hockey . . . carToonisT . . . hobby is girls . . H78 Union ST., Brooklyn, New York. CHARLES H. MENGELE. General. ST. ELIZABETH. "Charley" was an ardenT Crusader . . . rabid baseball Tan . . . TavoriTe song is "More Beer" . . . likes drawing and nibbling on cheese . . . graduaTion biggesl' Thril5 ...4I4 N. Belnord Ave., 24. FRANK J. METZ. Academic. ST. JAMES. "Frank" was one of The raclic Tribe . . - CSMC . . . usually quieT . . . one oT The swiTchboard boys -. . peT dish is Tuna Tish . . .goes balmy wiTh Spike Jones . . . Tollows TooTball . . . III6 Webb CourT, 2. BERNARD W. MEYLER. General. GOOD COUNSEL. "BuTch" hails Trom LocusT PoinT . . . undersquad TooTball . . . Trosh wresTler . . . CSMC 2, 3, 4 . . . maTh boy . . . likes To eaT and swim . . . "Far Away Places" sends him . , . I447 Townson ST., 30. NATIONAL RELAY CHAMPIONS . . . posing wifh a few of Their Trophies are Ronny Clark, John Rup- perf, Jim Selckman and Caplain Bill Egan, iusl back from Philadelphia. FRANK H. MILLER. General. ST. MICHAEL. "Frank" is a loyal baskel- ball rooler . . . amaleur hunler . . . hopes lo be a drallsrnan - . . "Wish il was Friday" . . . sleady Bullel roofer . . . likes Tried chicken . . . envies Vaughn Monroe . . . wanls To meel June Allyson . . . 7 Manor Ave., 6. JOSEPH J. MINGIONI. Commercial. ST. LEO. 'Minge" was a fresh- man cager and bingler . . . hails Irom Lilfle llaly .. . "Cul if our" . . . CSMC 2, 3, 4. . . likes boxing and bowling . . . biggesl lhrill making honor roll , , , Iavorire food is ravioli . , . 2l6 S. High Sl., 2. WALTER R. MOHLER, Academic. ST. MARK. "Wall" is a bigelime parly crasher - , . senior execufive cornmirlee . . . sluclenl council . . . played cub and midgel baskelball and varsily lacrosse . . . collecrs minialure dogs . , . Caronsvill boy . . . biggesl Thrill gradualion . . . 3Ol Monlrose Ave., 28. ANTHONY P. MOORCONES. General. "Tony" lisrs his biggesl rhrill and favorile paslime as lunch . . . CSMC . , . Kappa Chi - . . varsily Ioofball manager 3, 4 ...dreams abou? June Allyson . . . "You Know" ...sober and reserved . , . Television admirer. . . Purcellville, Va. PAUL E. MORAN- Academic. LITTLE FLOWER. "Pablo" likes hunling and girls . . . beller lale Than never , . . "GOT The chemislry workbook done, Joe?" . . . one of The big Tour . , . besl cymbalisl in Liflle Flower's drum corps . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . likes Spanish and chemislry . . . 2747 Cheslerfield Ave., I3. FRANCIS J. MORGERETH. Academic. ST. DOMINIC. "Morgie" says he can live on meafballs and spaghelli , . , football enrhusiasf - , . Bullel, Oriole and Coll Ian . . . "Gel in The car, Sarah' '... inrriqued wiih Ava Gardner . . . sporls hobbyisl . . . 3lOO Rorslon Ave., I4. FRANCIS H. MORRIS. General. "Frank" came ro The Mounr as a iunior - . . CSMC 3, 4 . . . Kappa Chi . . . baskelball manager 3 . . varsiry Ioolball 3, 4 . . . amused af Filzmaurices anrics . . . can'l complain aboul scrambled eggs, or Elizabelh Taylor , . . 303 S. Finehursl Ave., Salisbury, Md. RICHARD J. MURPHY. Academic. LITTLE FLOWER. "Murph" is an orher one oi 'rhe Belair Road b'hoys . . . bowling l, 2, 3. 4 . - . never loo fired Io eal . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . , band I. 2 . . . plays no feminine Iavoriles . . . horse laugh . - , 3IO6 Brendan Ave.. I3. MATTHEW R. MURRAY. General. STAR OF THE SEA. "Bob" is The Mounl's congenial Mr. Pear-Shape humorous and modes? sludenl council 3, 4 . . . CSMC I, 2 . . . biggesl Ihrill was reaching The senior year. . . his pride and ioy is The yellow converlible . . . 837 Vsfildwood Parkway, 30. . JOHN J. MUZDAKIS. Academic. LITTLE FLOWER. "Moose" claims a Belair Road abode . . . CSMC 3, 4 . , , dancing experl . . . cub loolball I . . . Iavoriles are Ingrid Bergman, Vaughn Monroe and Zane Gray . . , "Toughl" . . . roasl Turkey addicf . . . gradualion hopeful . . . 3859 Pelham Ave., I3. g 1 I .. li WI 2 PX ' vr ni. . Q . C. EUGENE MYERS. General. ST. CECILIA. "Gene" gol a big lhrill ou? ol fhe baskelball games . . . CSMC 3, 4 . . . Irosh baskelball - . . eniovs Esfher Williams, Malh.. spaghelli and Gene Krupa . . .one of lhe 2:40 Club . . . 3803 Clillon Ave., I6- JAMES A. NARUTOWICZ. Academic. Residenl. "Mouse" was varsily wresller 4 . . . iayvee lacrosse 3 . . . cub loolball I . . - osrnan loolball 3, 4. . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . Kappa Chi . . . wailing for rhe boarders 'fo have sleak . . . 2506 Snyder Ave., Sparrows Poinl, Md. JOSEPH C. NEMEC. Academic. LITTLE FLOWER. "Nemo" is one ol lhe big four . . . "Where's Pablo" . . . likes lhe girls and "Goodnighl Sweelhearln . - . honor sociely . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . rales Tex Bem-ke solid . . . conslanlly dreaming of graduafion . . . 5I29 Benlon Heirxhls Ave., 6. ALBERT A. NEVILLE. General. ST. MARK. "Big AI" is noied for his crevi iu+s . . . varsily basketball I, 2, 3, 4 . - . iayvee baseball l . . . varsifx' baseball 2, 3, 4 . . . iayvee loofball I . . . varsily loolball 2 . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4. ..OverhiIl Rd. and Frederick Ave., 28, PHILIP P. NOLAN. Academic. MONASTERY. "Bud" was presidenl of the camera club . . . Irvinglon nalive , , . roams around lown - . . Coll lan . . . Maryland aspiranl' . . . "drop fhe gun, "Louie" . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . , can'l find 'laull wilh lunch . . . 2l5 S. Augusla Ave. 29. MAGNETISH JOHN L. NORRIS. Academic. ST. AGNES. "John" has a hearl as big as his body , . . midgel loofball I ...iayvee loolball 2 . . . varsily 3 . . . Cub baseball I . . . irosh baskelball I . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 ...lhe one and only Jane . . . "Hey, Murph!" . . . less homework lhe belier . . .624 Aldershol Road, 29. WALTER C. NOVAK. Academic. ST. CASIMIR. Ouief and modesl, "Wall" was a Iavorife wilh all . . . CSMC 4 . . . cub loolball I . . . varsilyfoolball 3, 4. . . 'rrack 3, 4 ., ."Gol lhe biology, George?" . . . can'l 'lorgel his louchdown againsf Boys Town - . . 26OI Fail' Ave., 24. JEROME P. OFFUTT. General. MONASIERY. "Fool" likes lo ioy ride . . . CSMC I, 2, 3 . . . usually seen in lrvinglon proper . . . likes fiddling wilh molors . . . lavorile is Spike Jones . . . member ol lhe 2:40 club . . . I69 S. Morley Sl., 29. ALBERT T. OLDEWURTEL. Commercial. ST. PATRICK. A familiar figure al mosl' oi 'rhe assemblies, "AI" likes lo horse around . . . GSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . dance commilfee 4... sandlolloolball ...dreams ol lhe gradualion ball . . . "Jusl like up +own" . . .227 S. Broadway, 3I. JAMES E. O'ROURKE. Business. SACRED HEART. "Charley" slales lhal he's named aller lhe O'Rourke ol fhe Colls . . , Iillle Gaels l, 2 ...lacrosse 2, 3, 4 . . . CSMC 2, 3, 4 . ..quiel, serious. .. nolhing like a lacrosse game- . . milk drinker . .. l42l Tennenl Way, 24. PROJECT WRESTLERS . . . Ray O'DonneII and Roberl Schafz pul' on a Ii++Ie display of physics Io give Ihe Open House guesfs somelhing Io 'talk about wr ' - . M . .l E' iw 2' I f K ll ' Q Q., FRANCIS S. PALUSKlEVlCZ. General. ST. RITA. "Skelch" is a loyal Mounl loolball rooler . . . likes crab cakes . . . swoons lo lhe lune ol "l Wonder Whos Kissing Her Now' '... dislikes women . . . 43 Town, ship Road, 22. GEORGE W. PANZER. Academic. ST- KATHARlNE. "Pickles" was a band man and a lrack manager . . . "Holy Mackerel" . . . he likes boals . . . no homework and holidays give him lhe mosl pleasure . . . a Coll lan . . . expecls lo allend Calholic U .,.. I438 N. Millon Ave., l3. JOHN B. PEACH. General. ST. BERNARD. "Burl" is a sludenl council represenlalive . . . CSMC 2, 3, 4 . . . assembly slall . . . cub loolball l .. . cross counlry 2 . . . "Wol Hoppened?" . . . ardenl Selon rooler ...likes Linda Darnell and chocolale sundies . . . 805 Gorsuch Aye., l8. TIMOTHY L. PERRY. Academic. MONASTERY. "Tim" is an amaleur model builder. . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . played cub and midgel loolball as freshman and soph . . . likes English and fried chicken . . . lively loolball lan . . . 422I Vermonl Ave., 29. JOSEPH P. PETROFF. General. GOOD COUNSEL. "Moose" is a colleclor ol loolball scraps . . . lillle Gael baskelball I . . . his moulh wafers al lhe lhoughl ol chili-con-carne . . -goes lor Slan Kenlon and Dorolhy McGuire . . . "Hello, baby" . . . wanls lo be an accounlanl ., . l409 Hauberl Sl., 30. EDISON ROOTERS . . . Julian Forresl and Wil- liam Zeigler give a blow by blow descriplion ol the flow ol slalic eleclricily lo inleresled friends of lhe Mounl. ll l 4 -2 GEORGE A. REINSFELDER. Academic. SACRED HEART. "Bangle" played sandlol loolball lwo years . . . swoons lo lhe slrains ol "Twelllh Slreel Rag" . A . lavorile is sour beel and dumplinqs.. .likes Selon . .. "Yea, man!" . . . 32OI Lake Ave., I3. EUGENE C. REST. Academic. ST. PAUL. "Bunk" spends his spare lime rooling lor lhe "Bullels" and doing malh . . . likes Tommy Dorsey . . . picks ealing as his hobby . . . biqgesl lhrill was Senior Prom . - . 62I Resl Ave., 28. JOHN T. REYNOLDS. General. ST. THOMAS. "Jack" picks baskelball as his lavorile sporl . . . delighls in seeing Belly Grable on lhe screen . . . could lislen lorever lo "Big, Wide, Wonderful Wonderful World" . - . "Ah, lhose Bullelslu . . . 92l Wesl 38lh Sl., II. JOHN C. RITTER. Academic. Residenl. "Jack" was a Kappa Chi member lor lwo years . . . played bolh i.v. and varsily sixfman . . . loolball and residenl baskelball . . . picks arl as his hobby . . . biggesl lhrill was qradualion . . . Winchesler. Va. JAMES J. ROACH. General. ST. KATHERINE. "Jim" was a member ol lhe CSMC and a roller skaling lan . . . likes Nolre Dame and Guy Lombardo . . . biqgesl lhrill was lirsl passing mark . . . 2428 E. Hoffman Sl., l3. in W' LAWRENCE G. ROCKSTROH. Commercial. ST. ELIZABETH. "Rocky" was 'iyyee and varsily booler 2. 3, 4 . . . lollows Sl. Louis Cardinals . . iles hol dogs and Sammy Kaye . . . biggesl rhi-ill was winning soccf. 'hampionship . . . longs lor lunch period . . . IIB N. Curley Sl., 2-1 RICHARD G. ROEDER. Academic. ST. MARK. Calonsville boy ..., "Dick olayed cub loolball and basketball and Iillle Gael baskelball in his si i: year. . . lavorile dish is lried chicken . . - wanls lo meel Belly Grak f -... longs lor gradualion day . . . 432 Soulh Rolling Rd., 28, PASCHAL A. ROGERS. General. ST. BENEDICT. "Pal" is a sludenl couni member . . . amaleur model builder . . . likes Selon high and sleak . "Ho, Dad' '... a Harry James lan . . . loves lhal algebra periol . . I Il's Too Soon lo Know" . . , 804 Warwick Rd., 29. BORIS ROJAS. Academic. Boris is a residenl sludenl lrom Lirna, Peru - . . -I "ree year CSMC man . . . played lhree years ol residenl baskel- ball .ir-11 bowling ...a pholo-bug ...likes sleak, lyping and swimming ,,, y ii ily soccer 3, 4 . . . Embassy ol Venezuela. VINCENT F. ROSSETTI. Academic. ST. MARY OF GOVANS. "Rosy" playf-l 'oolball lull- and hallback 2, 3. 4 . . . wresller lwo years . . . lrack dash and weighl man . , . member Alpha Gamma Sigma ...hobby is girs . . . likes spaghelli and U. Penn , . . Susan Hayward lan . . . 5409 9+ Albans Way, I2. YEARBOOK TRAVELERS . ..Broll1er Urban Francis. Ray O'DonneII, Ed Creamer and Geza Felner ex- amine lI1elropI'1ies won by 'lhe '48 MOUNT TOWER al Maryland Universily. ALBERT F. ROSSI. Academic. LITTLE FLOWER. "Rossi" spenl lour years in lhe CSMC, played iayvee soccer and cub loolball . . . lwo years wilh iayvee lrack learn . . . lisls Ocean Cily and Wildwood, N. J.. as happy hunling grounds.. . 3637 Elmley Aye., I3. JOHN G. RYAN. General. I4 HOLY MARTYRS. John was a CSMC member in his senior year . . . played iayvee lacrosse as a iunior . . . lond ol hunling, lhe Colrs and sleak . . . reads H. G. Wells . . . 3Ol S. Payson Sl., 24. JOSEPH A. SAFFRAN. General. ST. BENEDICT. "John L." is vice presidenl ol his parish social club . . . CSMC in his lhird year . . . devoles his spare lime lo home movies and bowling . . . likes Nolre Dame, Longlellow and bacon . . . 2653 Wilkens Aye., 23. WILLIAM A. SAPP. Academic. ST. MARK. "Bill" was in lhe CSMC all lour years . . . played cub loolball, cub and Iillle Gael baskelball . .. likes baseball, chemislry and lried chicken . . . member ol Calonsville gang . ,. II7 Glenwood Ave., 28. THOMAS F. SARIANO. General. "Tom" played yarsily loolball and ran lrack in his lourlh year.. . collecls slamps . . . plugs lhe Keyslone Slale . . . lives on spaghelli . , . "You ain'l kidding' '... l4I2 Thompson Sl., Harrisburg, Pa. 'Y' . 0 I I . Ili' 0 LAZYMAN'S SHUFFLE . . . is demons+raIed in Ihe Quill room +o George Feher and Ed Kuhl as John Parenf brushes up on his rouline. ROY A. SAUER. Academic. MT. CARMEL. "Li'rIIe Will's" Iavorile paslime is aflending barn dances and lislening lo 'the fender relrains ol hill billy music . . . likes Ioofball and is a regular "Coll" rooler . . 'ThaI's wild' '... 829 Easlern Ave., 2I. LOUIS M. SCHAEFER. Commercial. SACRED HEART. "Pickles" played a year of iayvee loolball and fossed Ihe disc and shol for The 'rrack feam . . . swoons af fhe sighl' of Esfher Williams and The lunes ol Sammy Kaye... 3729 Fosfer Ave., 24. JOSEPH P. SCHRUEEER. Academic. ST. PAUL. "Joe" served as an allernale iuclqe on +he sludenr council . . . prolesses chemis+ry is his hobby . . . Iavorile sporl is wresflinq . . . fhrills in reading O. Henry... I6l5 N. Broadway, I3. GERARD L. SCHULMEYER. General. ST. ANDREW. "Jerry" was a Tour year member ol' Ihe CSMC . . . played cub Ioorball and baskelball . . . idles away his 'rime wi+h phofography . . . prefers malh and fried chicken . . . managed iayvee loofball . . . 6l8 N. Collingfon Ave., 5. JOHN W. SCHWARTZ. General. ST. PAUL. "Jack" hopes some day Io have his own business . . . plays piano . . . was a Tour year CSMC member . . . preiers marh Io all ofher subiecls . . . bigges+ 'fhrill was qraduarion . .. l705 N. Broadway, I3. FRANCIS L. SECOURA. General. ST. ROSE. "Zeke" is an ardenf Dodger fan , . . CSMC I . . .weakness lor model airplanes . . . likes Io hear "Slar Dusf' . . . "Drop dead" ...woman hafer . . . 5726 Pope SI-, 25. JAMES E. SELCKMAN. Academic. ST. JAMES. "Jim" was ace Mounl breasrslroke arfisl . . . enjoyed copping fhe Loyola meef . . . CSMC 2, 3. 4. . . Yale ian . . . biology bug . . . "Gloria" . . . I808 N. Chesler S+., I3 STEVE J. SEMENUK. Academic. SACRED HEART. "Sieve" is an "Ink- poI" arfisi . . . cub Ioofball . . . Track weighlman 3, 4 . . . likes Io sway wifh Sammy Kaye . . . enioys a good meal anyfime . . . Nolre Dame. . . 673i Youngsrown Ave., 22. JOHN J. SERIO, JR. Academic- ST. EDWARD. "Big John" is a slu- denr councilor . . . senior execulive commillee . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . jayvee loolball . . . "No slut?" . . .dancer . . Nolre Dame . - . 304I Presslman S+., I6. CHARLES G. SHAW. Commercial. ST. MARK. "Charley" swam varsily in iunior year. - .wreslling I, 2 . . . midgef ioolball I ...iayvee soccer 3 ...grease monkey. . .always a wise answer... l807 Frederick Rd., 28, Calonsville. JOSEPH A. SHAW. Academic. ASCENSION. "Joe" played end for 'rhe varsily ioofball Team as iunior and senior . . . sandlof baseball for his parish ...winning essay on "Selling as a Career" . . . likes hillbilly rerwrds and Al Capp . . .4600 Poplar Ave., 27. RICHARD D. SKELLY. Academic. Resident "Dick" has Three years of mavauing varsify baskefball and baseball . . . good al ofliciafing . . . bi. in-:ual . . . residenr sporfs . . . willy carroi-'rop . . . likes chemislry ann Iwmeicooked food . . . 43l3 Church S+., Bane-s, Cuba. JOSEPH F. SKRIVAN. Academic. LITTLE FLOWER. "Joe" was a irosh CSMC member . . . one of fhese rare honor socieiy boys . . . follows rho Colfs faifhfully . . - longs for graduafion day . . . one of fhe "Big Form' . . . baskerball and baseball ian . . . 2882 Pelham Ave., I3. FRANK S. SMRCINA. General. SACRED HEART OF MARY. "Puppy" is .i Dundalk boy. . . CSMC member... biggesf ihrill was gradualion . - hobby is loafing . . . likes turkey . . . an Ava Gardner fan . . sardlsvf baseball . . . "Go fo iuice" . . . 69I6 Home-way Rd., 22. STANLEY E. SOBCZYNSKI. Academic. HOLY ROSARY. "Sian" is a rec wrd collecior . . . CSMC 2, 3, 4 . . . cub ioolball as a frosh . . . likes To 'wave his picrure raken , . . "Well, la de da" . . . Tavorife dish is baked ham . . . Ingrid Bergman fan . . . headed for Cafholic U. . . . 60.1 Maryland Ave., 2I. DARRYL C. SOLIDAY. Academic. Resident "Derry" was born in lndia ...rides in Willy . . . Kappa Chi . . . band 2, 4. . . nafural born hunfer . . . goes wild over curry and rice . . . English accenr . . . Army iooiball ian . . . New Maiamoras, Ohio. FERNANDO SOLIS, JR- Commercial. Larin residenf. "Pulque," a siudy Bosron Tan, wanis 'ro be happy and live a long lime . . . likes chicken . . , favorife subiecf is bookkeeping . . . hobby is reading . . . "Tafa+i+a" . . . Xavier Cugaf sends him . . . Calle 56 If,-l'432, Merida, Yucafan, Mexico. FRANCIS A. STANEK. Academic- ST. FRANCIS. "Franny" is full of mischief . . . ready for a hearly laugh . . . dislikes dancing and blue Mondays . . . dreams of Ocean Cify . . . '34 s+a'rion wagon . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4. . . "Oh, Lana" . .. 3OI3 Weaver Ave., I4. VINCENT L. STEVENS. General. ST. WENCELAUS. "Junior" played in lhe school orchesfra . . . enioys music . . . "Hey, Pear Shape!" . . . favorires are foofball, drawing, spaghefri, Sian Kenfon . . . biggesf fhrill was becoming a senior- M2906 E. Monumenr S+., 5. JOHN E. STICKLINE. Commercial. ST. THOMAS. "Jack" loves lo laugh V . . likes Vaughn Monroe or foofball . . . "Hi, gen+s" . . . ofher favoriles are girls in general and a ialopy . . . wanled and prayed for his diploma . . . 3I27 Criilenion Pl., II- SADIE HAWKINS' FANS . . . re'axing befween dances in Ihe gym are Paul Gross, Paul Disney and Bob Grauer. Where's fhe Turkey? Whai, no cam- era, Bob? WILLIAM F. STINCHCOMB. General. ST. ANDREW. "Bunk" warbled Tor the glee club . . . Crusade orchesfra . . . swoons over Gene Krupa . . . likes to see Sl. Joe swamp Paflerson . . - spaqhelfi and rnea?bSllS . .. Colflan ...member of 2:4-O club . . . 2909 E. Monumenl Sl., 5. THOMAS G. STODDARD. General. HOLY CROSS. "Tom" didn"r rhink he'd make The senior class . . . iayvee lacrosse I, 2 . . . varsily lacrosse 3 4 . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 ...' 'Yea. Dad" ...cake and Nofre Dame his lavoriles . . . boaling his hobby... l29 E. Wes? Sl.. 30. ALFRED A. STOECKER. Academic. ST. DOMINIC. "Pecker" is willing and ready 'ro add his share . . . debarinq 3 . . . soccer 3, 4 . . . lrosh baskelball . . . lacrosse 3, 4 . . . Firs? sfop was The ca? . . , "Who's go? the chemisfry?" . . . biggesl fhrill is arguing wilh Finley . . . 68l8 Old Harford Rd., l4. BERNARD F. STORCK. Academic. ST. RITA. "Bernie" has a likable characler . . . senior execulive commilfee . . . varsiry Toolball 3. 4 . . . varsily hockey goalie 4 . . . Dundalk dude . . . enjoys hunling . . . CSMC I, 2 3, 4 . , . physics class heckler . , .2466 Keyway. 22. ANTHONY H. STROMBERG. Academic. ST. MARK. "Tony" is a mem- ber ol the Caronsville gang . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . cub loolball I, 2 . .. cross counlry 3, 4 . . . frack 2, 3. 4. . . saridlof baskelbal' . . - "How abou' fhal?' '.,, Daisy Mae . . . Deveres Lane, 28. CRUSADE SWINGSTERS . . . give lhe camera man a real larger al fhe Slarlighl Dance, as we recognize Ed Creamer, Don Campbell, Bill Tayman and Ed Kuhl. STANLEY R. SULEWSKI. Academic. HOLY ROSARY. "Epo" is always singing while going from class fo class . . . enjoys reading Enqa lish novels . . . chemistry aspiranl . . - ham Tor lunch nearly every day . . - varsily looiball 4 . .. glee club . . . CSMC 2, 3, 4 . . . lrosh wreslling lournamenf . . . 2022 E. Prafl Sl., 3I. EDWARD A. SUPIK. Commercial. ST. WENCESLAUS. "Sup" was a sax looler for The Mounl orcheslra . f . lhinks Venfura is fhe qrealesl . . . loves The baked-ham lunches . . . lrequenlly seen in chapel . . . longing for 'the 2:40 beli . . . sludenl council . . .senior acliviry commillee . . . CSMC 2, 3, 4 . . , 732 N. Pafferson Park Ave., 5- ROBERT D. SZUGAJ. Academic. ST. STANISLAUS. "Dave" bowled four years on The Mounf varsify . . . likes hisfory and Guy Lombardo's music . . . fond of whisTling "Far Away Places" . . , played cub foolball , . .2240 Fleet Sl., 3l. ALBERT J. SZYMANOWSKI. General. ST. MICHAEL. "Sim" was a Three year CSMC member . . . picks sporls Tor his hobby . . . likes The music of Vaughn Monroe and home Tried chicken . . . a regular Col? rooler . . . II2 S. Caslle Sf., 3I. LOUIS J. TAUBER. General. ST. WENCESLAUS. "Louweqe" professes fha? he could lisfen all day lo The lunes of Vaughn Monroe . . . likes baseball . . . favorile subiecl is English . . . Belly Davis on lhe screen . . - 822 N. Linwood Ave., 5. 3 fe 3 ..4s X .fI55f.? as 1 4 -, GEORGE E. THOMMEN. General. ST. ANTHONY. "Big Ed", a B.R.B. boi irayed bolh cub loolball and baskerball . . . was a lhree year CSI-Aff member. . . managed lhe lacrosse leam and boxed for one year . . 'ivoriie ream is Nolre Dame . . . iavorile subiecl is mafh . . "W" a' have you go? to ear?" . . . 43l7 Annlana Ave., 6. RAYMOND W. TOPOLSKI. Commercial- ST. KATHERINE. "Ray" Ola'-M11 soccer, fullback varsiry and iayvee 3, 4 . . . hobby is Ioaling . . .1 Sl. Louie lan . . . wails lor ll-ie day he will meer Eslher Williams .. i-es Tried chicken .. . loves "Those Ear Away Places" . . . l43l N. Ellv. rr l Ave. I3. VINCENT R. TOPPER. General. ST. BENEDICT. "Russ" was lhree yeas 1 CSMC member . . . biggesl lhrill was having his chemislry lab ri ok accepied , . . a .lane Wyman lan . . . amaleur hunier and ancr- '...' 'Whai's up?" . . . likes pork and beans - . . IO37 Pine He f's Ave., 29. JOSEPH M. TRAGESER. Academic. ST. DOMINIC. "Jack" was a 'ner o--r of rhe goli learn . . . likes rurkey dinners. . . "Drop dead" .. qoc-1 irlisl , , . hopes lo reiire young . . . amaleur drallsman . 270' lrglewood Ave., I4. HERBERT H. TUCKER. Commercial. ST. BENEDICT. "Herb" was a Moi keqler lor lhree years . . . biggesl rhrill was senior prom , . . like- r iseball and pork ...' 'Judas Priesllu . . .a sleady Chicago Cub 'oowr . . . 2674 Wilkens Ave., 23. CALLING BOSTON, FRANCE . . . is short-wave operalor Brolher Marcellus as he gives his hook-up a brief check before moving downslairs lo opera- fions. FRANCIS J. TYBER. Academic. ST. PATRICK. "Skip" performed Three years wilh lhe drama club . . . cheerleader lwo years . . . hobby is wood finishing . . . loves argumenis . . . wanls io be a dairy larmer .-.spunky . . . cooperarive . .. l9lO Bank Si., 3l. FRANK J. VALLADO. Commercial. "Tala+iia" was one oi fhe iunlovinq Lalins . . . shorlhand. roasl beel and baseball are his lavoriles . . . member ol Cahill and Edmondson Village clubs . . . Kappa Chi . . . CSMC l, 2. 3, 4. . . "Are you worried, I-leclor?" . . . Merida, Yucalan, Mexico. JOSEPH B. VALLANDINGHAM. Academic. "Ding-Ding" lraveled lrom Annapolis every day . . . big. burly redhead . . . band I, 2, 3, 4 . . .CSMC l, 3, 4 . . . varsily looiball 3, 4 . . . lrack l, 2 . . . daily argumenl wilh Kelly . . ."Well, so whal?' '.., wreslling I, 2, 3, 4 . . . lacrosse 3, 4. . .7 N. Cherry Grove Ave., Annapolis, Md. ROBERT C. VERDERAIME. Academic. ST. AMBROSE. "Bob" was legion oi decency presidenl . . . baskerball lor parish . . .quiet earnesl . . . Selon and Mr. De Sales his lavoriles . , . will never iorqei' lhe '46 loolball le-am . . . headed lor Loyola ...' 'Sure 'noughw . . . cub iooiball l , . . 3lO3 Sumrer Ave., l5. HENRY G. WAGNER. Commercial. ST. JOHN. "Hank" likes lried chicken and Dagwood combinalions of lood . . . CSMC l, 3. 4 - . . hobby is being a quiz show criiic . . . "Wa I-loppen' '... swoons when he hears "You Can"r Be True, Dear' '... biggesl lhrill was passing geometry . . . 945 E. Chase Sl., 2. COME IN BOSTON, FRANCE . . . responds Wil- liam Davis high in fha iower siafion of 'ihe Mouni as he geis se? 'Io do a busy period of radio beaming. LAWRENCE G. WAGNER. General. ST. ELIZABETH. "Wag" is one oi lhose Bullei fans . . . sludenl council . . . "Whipperwill" . . . likes baskeiball and mashed polaloes . . . iavorire subieci is drawing . . . wresllinq 3 . . . 535 N- Glover Si., 5. THOMAS J. WAGNER. Academic. ALL SAINTS. "Tommy" played lacrosse for varsiiy I, 2, 3, 4 . . . haliback on iooiball squad as senior . . . All-Maryland hockey wing Iwo years . . . likes sirawberry shorlcake . . all around alhlele . . . 5523 Sloningron Ave., 7. THOMAS J. WARD. General. MONASTERY. "Tom" says he doesn'I mind school . . . siudenl councilor . . . senior commiilee . . . CSMC 4 . . . a Holy Name man - . . Iavorile dish is any desseri . . . likes drailing . . . iavorile Iune is "SIardusi' ',,, 408 Swann Ave., 29. JOHN L. WARTHEN. Academic. ST. WILLIAM. "Larry" likes sramp collecfinq . . . iooiball I, 2, 3, 4 . . - biggesi Thrill was winning ihe freshman wreslling iournameni ...' 'LeI's roll" . . . iavorire dish is iurkey . . . favorire sporl is baseball . . . 402 Wesishire Rd., 29. CONRAD J. WEGNEROWICZ. Academic. ST. CASIMIR. "Cue" was a CSMC member in his iirsl and second years . . . played cub base' ball and iayvee and varsiry soccer . . . likes Sian Kenfon, hisiory, English and pork . . . "Hey, Jim, lend me your chemisiryw . . . Illl S, Ellwood Ave., 24. BERNARD M. WEIGMAN. General. ST. WILLIAM- "Bud" is half of The Weigman lwin combinaiion . , , cub Ico.ball baseball and baskel- ball . . . iayvee baseball , - . "Ah, ihose Bullelslu . . . 6l0 Norllw Bend Road, 29. ' WILLIAM F. WEIGMAN. General. ST. WILLIAM. "B'll" is Ihe oiher half oi The Weigman combo . . , played cub ioolball, baseball and baskelball . . . iayvee baseball . . . ihe Colis and baked polaloes . . 6.0 Norlh Bend Road. 29. PAUL E. WEISENGOFF. Academic. ST. WILLIAM. "We-isie" enlored irom S+. Mariin High in '47 . . .spends his spare lime fishing, lisleninq Io Vaughn Monroe . . . chemislry, iried chicken and Sabelini . . . SI3 Old Orchard Road, 29. JOHN C. WELCH. Academic. John was a Kappa Chi member . . . managed iayvee lacrosse . . . long disiance driving is his hobby . . . eais corn on cob, reads Mark Twain . . . worked airer school wilh Brolher Kenan and his crew . . . 3808 Kecoughion Road, Hamplon, Va. CHARLES C. WELLER. Academic. ST, URSULA. "CMH" played iirsl base on the varsily nine. . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . iayvee baseball 2, 3 . . , soccer iayvee 2, 3 . . . varsiiy 4 . . , claims baseball as his hobby ...welcomes lhe 2:40 bell . . .wishes for pleniy oi Iurkey . . . "Whores Bill?" . . . 9503 Hariord Road, I4. ilvliil-. I if -I I I . WILLIAM T. WELSH. Academic. ST. BENEDICT. "Bill" was a favorife of assemblies wifh his musical solos . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . band I, 2 3 4 . . . cub foofball 2 . . . manager for loolball, baskefball, base- ball . . enioys Glenn Miller, June Allyson, and English . . . 2I28 Wilkin. Ave., 23. JAMES L. WILLIAMS. Academic. ST. ELIZABETH. "WilI" is lean and lank. . .CSMC'I, 2, 3, 4. . . algebra whiz . . . 'rrack 2, 3 . . . longhair . . . .Ialopy-riding his favorire . . . wishing and wailing for gradualion ... TnaI's a good queslionu . .usually seen wifh Florian . . . 3504 E. Balfilnnre Sf., 24. FRANCIS J. WITT. Academic. I4 I-IOLY MARTYRS. "Frank" was class valedicforian . . . when nor engaged in social acfivifies or doing homework, can be found in his radio shack . - . honor sfudenl . . . draniarics 2, 3, 4 , . . glee club . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4. . . "Gad, no" . . , helpful . . . 330 S. Calhoun S+., 23. THADDEUS J. WUJEK. General. ST. PATRICK. "Woody" is an ardenl member of fhe 2:40 club . . . cub baskefball . . . iayvee baseball 2 . .. lrosl 'ournamenr . . . bowling 4 . . . gof his biggesl fhrill from 'the senirf orom . . . lavorife with his friends . . . I63I Shakespeare ST., 3I. CHARLES A. YOST. General. ST. AMBROSE. "Smilin' Jack" was a favoiife amongsf fhe b'hoys . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4. . . iayvee hockey 3 ... .asify 4 . . . iayvee soccer 2 .. .lacrosse 3, 4 . . . "I-Ii, borlle-head" . .. cur beef, drawing, Spike Jones and Army sfrike his fancy . . .2336 Penis vania Ave., I7. .. ALVIN R. ZACZEK. Commercial. ST- CASIMIR. "Bee'rIe" claims his boxing career was cul loo shorl af Ihe Mounf . . . varsiry wresrler 3. 4 .. . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . Spanish class afforded him mosl' pleasure . . . favorire food is golumki . . . 606 S. Linwood Ave., 24. WALTER C. ZAJAC. Academic. HOLY ROSARY. "Wall" hafes gef+ing oul of bed for school . . . se? for civil engineering . . . senior execu+ive Commirree . . .Irosh baseball . . . fresh baskefball . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 ... considers hisfory class grear . .. I27 S. Ann Sf-, 3I. JOSEPH C. ZEILER. General. ST. MICHAEL. "Joe" was deemed rhe giggleseboy ol lhe '49 class . . , model airplane builder . . . one of Ihe Overlea crowd . . . member of The 2:40 club . . . Miller's yes-man ...CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . skicks wifh Ihe Bullefs . . . 708 Elmwood Rd., 6. JOSEPH A. ZIEBRON. Academic. ST. CASIMIR. "Joe" was a public speaker . . . debaring 3 . . . orafory 3 . . . sfudenl council 4 . . . midger Ioofball I . . . soccer 2, 3 . . . biggesr Ihrill was reporring fo school I5 minures earlier each day . . . CSMC I, 2, 3, 4 . . . 5l7 S. Luzerne Ave., 24. FALL IN, MEN . . . There's no chow line ahead, if's Mr. Zemsky's own assembly maneuver +o sei up 'the class picfure. Barney Enis and Charles Loskarn are up front SENIOR PO!! Money Merclianf Mosl Lilcely 'ro Succeed. Soonesr 'ro Marry Besr Polilician Hard Luck Boy Hardesf Worker Besl Mounl Boosler Happiesl Guy A Besl Nalured Besl Aclor Tallesl Luckiesl Mosl Loyal Shorlesr Did Mosl for llie Sclwool George Kaczmarelc A .Frank Will ,George Carey James McCrory .Charles Palm A Carl Geier Carl Geier Bernard Sforclc Pal Vifo A Al King Al Neville A Pal Vilo Carl Geier George Tlwommen Carl Geier Noisiesl , Modesl Genllemanly Biggesl Gravy Besl Oralor Hungriesl Earliesl Lalesl A Besl Dancer Earnesl Williesl Beef Scholar Mos? Popular Besl Alhlele Sleepiesl A Besl Dressed A Riclward lvlurplwy Terrence Coles A A Bob Kelly A Francis Lingeman Ed Creamer lvlalllmew Murray Louis Cocco and Giza Eelwer Paul Moran Bill Lawson Ed Supik Al Gldewurlel Ed Supilc Pal Vilo Par Vilo Ed Dopkowslci Vince Rosselli 611455 of 1949 'A' ir f gg. 5-4 4 i--I ,Simi ,U 1 , Q .ll ' 2' Legg! , V A T L A fl" M,-1 Q A V Y. 'O , gf. , A CLIMA 0F 0 li SEASO Q wi I- CulminaTing Tour years oT sTudy, worlc and happi- ness, 257 MounT graduaTes received Their diplomas Trom The MosT Rev. Bishop Shehan, Auxiliary Bishop OT BalTimore, aT The Lyric on June l5. OTher dig- niTaries presenT included l-leadmasTer BroTher Bar. Tholomew, Rev. EaTher Cronin, Rev. EaTher Gabriel and BroTher AnTon, PreTecT oT STudies. Eranlc WiTT delivered The valedicTory on The ChrisTopher movemenT enTiTled "A Challenge To CaTholics.l' Also spealcing on The ChrisTophers was Edmund Creamer who gave The saluTaTory address l'An Appeal To CaTholics." The principal speaker. FaTher Cronin, addressed boTh graduaTes and audi- ence on some imporTanT poinTs OT The ChrisTophers. The MounT band, under The direcTion oT BroTher Simon, supplied music Tor The occasion. The gradu- aTing class was ushered in To The maiesTic "pomp and Chivalry", and escorTed ouT wiTh The sTaTely "STouT- hearTed Men." Bishop Shehan, assisTed by BroTher BarTholomew, presenTed The Tollowing awards: John S. Connor Award Tor General Excellence S257 Dr. William L. Knell Award Tor Excellence in Science, S53 The Julius l-loTmann Award Tor Excellence in German, SIO and Bronze Medal-Francis WiTT. BroTher lsadore Award Tor Excellence in Religion, S53 BroTher James Award Tor Excellence in Comf mercial SubiecTs, 55-Edward Andrew Supilc. The BroTher Edmund Award Tor Excellence in The STudy oT English, S5-Joseph Francis Slcrivan. The Miss Delia LesTer Award Tor Excellence in ln- dusTrial ArTs, S5-Charles l-lenry Mengele. The NoTre Dame Club oT BalTimore Award Tor Ex' cellence in CreaTive WriTing, SIO and Medal-Geza Joseph Eeher. The Thomas Lardner Memorial Award Tor Service To The Quill-Edward Carl Kuhl, Jr. The Paul DeKowzan Memorial Award Tor Excel' lence in Journalism-Edmund John Creamer, Jr. The Richard Barron Memorial Award Tor SporTe WriTing-George John Gibrneyer. The BroTher Eugene Trophy Tor The OuTsTanding GenTleman, Scholar and AThleTe-PaTriclc Joseph ViTo. ink Finishing an already compleTe nighT Tor some l5O MounT seniors and Their daTes was The C5raduaTion Ball. The Emerson ballroom resounded The soTT-and- sweeT "rainbow music" oT Hayes Russell and his or- chesTra. As usual, IvIounTmen were greeTed aT The ballroom door by BroThers Marinus and Urban Francis. Inside. senior moderaTor BroTher Alvin checlced decora- A II 'IIIII 'llllll Tions and Tables To make sure ThaT all was in order. Adding varieTy To The dance numbers were a rhumba, a samba and a Tew walfzes. Vocal pieces by Mr. Russell and a quarTeT consisTing oT orchesTra members livened The proceedings. l'IighlighT oT The evening came when The orchesTra "iusT happened To have" The music To The Alma MaTer. As The couples gaThered beTore The large BETWEEN DANCES . . . aT The GraduaTion Ball boTh Bernard Maygers and Frank Tyber T' I seem To be cooking up some good plans Tor really celebraTing. TABLE FOR TWO . . . Tinds dancer Bill Law- sor and his lovely daTe waiTing Tor Hayes Russell To once more signal The magic music of souTh of The border. OPPOSITE PAGE, LEFT TO RIGHT: A REAL PROBLEM . . . has Florida-Tanned John Harding as he Tinds iT a liTTle diTliculT To geT ThaT corsage To sTay puT, even wiTh The helpTul encouragemenT oT John STiclline and his daTe. DANCE MAGIC . . . weaves iTs spell over The graduaTes and Their daTes as They dance and dream aT The GraduaTion Ball. In sighT are Eugene Edwards, John Maczis, John Barnes, and Carl Geier. BEABOP ARTISTS . . . Ted Andrzeiewski and Timofhy Bresnan Try a biT of iive-beaTing Them- selves. TIMEOUT . . . I:JeTween dances gives George Leubecker, senior social commiTTee man, a chance To inTroduce his aTTracTive daie To Brofher Alvin, senior acTiviTy moderaTor. is ...,....,J. llIiAlllA'I'ION BALL Ji over The bandsland and sang, a louch ol sad- ness finled +heir las+ farewell. Laler in lhe evening Fresidenf Pal Vifo 49 sym' bolically handed over +he reins lo Presidenl Bill Slall- ings 50. Slallings infroduced his cohorls and ex- pressed his congralulalions. Between numbers 'fables were vifiled lor a lasr soflong +o friends ol four years. Flashbulbs winlced and cauqhl laughing couples or some of lhe boys posed wi+h fhe Bro+hers. And all foo soon The clock neared one. The or' cheslra finished lhe program wilh lhree senlimenfal oieces, and lhen polifely shooed us oul wilh lheir own rendilion ol "Show Me lhe Way lo Go Horne. X13 WE MIIVE FURWAIIII . . N NEW T0 li WITH THE CLIMAX of fhe school year and graclua+ion, we look +o +he fufure wi+h hope, and look back fo 'Phe pasf wi+h memories. Some of +he gracluafes will go on 'ro various col- leges, some 'ro work, and o+hers +o fhe armed forces. Bu+ in every case, each will have his own goal +o a+- lain. 73 Mr. and Mrs. Herberf Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Augusfyniak Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Balmer? Richard P. Balmer? H. J. Banahan Mr. Leo J. Bannan Mr. and Mrs. Karl Bauer Philip T. Bannon Mrs. Clemenl' Beinlein Mr. Clemenr Beinlein Mr. Joseph L. Bonner Mrs. Joseph L. Bonner Joseph Bonner Eugene Bonner Mrs. H. Brandi Leonard Brazius Mr. and Mrs. Ann Brooks J. Paul Brehm Kennedy Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brow Jean Brown P. K. Brooks n Roberl Brown Lillian Bullerworlh Mrs. Miles J. Mr.and Mrs. Mr.and Mrs. Byrne Hugh Cahill Charles Carr Frank Ceselsky Tony A. Ceselsky Miss Emma Mae Cessna Mr. and Mrs. N. Chesno Mrs. Calherine Coogan Mrs. John Cook Mr.and Mrs. Mr.and Mrs. Mr.and Mrs. Mr.and Mrs. Mr.and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. John Doluika Thomas Couzens C. E. Crandall Anfhony W. Creamer Edmund J. Creamer. Sr. Roberf T. Creamer, Jr. J. Roland Creamer Mrs. S. Dulskis Mr. and Mrs. James Evans Capl. and M Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J. Ardin Dunly rs. F. l. Fenlon Joseph C. Finley Joseph L. Finley Mrs. Louisa Fischer Miss Marie Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Roberl J. Flannery Calherine Flynn Joseph L. Foley ' James F. Francizskowski Mrs. Hanora Fra ncizskowski Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Frazier Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Gahan Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Gerber Miss lda Gra Mr. and Mrs. ham Roberl E. Guerin Mr. Edward Guiqan Mr.and Mrs. E. F. Hainke Mr. Claude Hanson Mr. Micheal Hanson Mr. Ronald Hanson Ben Harris J. Harris 8: Co. Milion Harris Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Heilmann Mr. and Mrs. Henry Henneberger, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Rila B. Hippl Ross T. Hill er Joseph H. Hodge Par and Tim Hodge Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Hodge Max Hoefler Carroll H. Horne Mr. Duncan C. Horne Pil'l'llll Mrs. Duncan C. Horne Roland J. Horne Mrs. Frank lampieri Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jacobs Jarboe Bros. Mrs. Elizabelh Johnson Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Johnson Mrs.'Lillian Johnslon A. S. Jones Mrs. Irene Karczewski Joseph F. Kaspar Miss M. D. Kelly Key Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Vincenl L. King Mr. H. C. Kleinsluber Mrs. H. C. Kleinsiuber Mrs. Margaret Klipper Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kremer Augusl' Laber Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lane Renee M. Lanciolli Mr. and Mrs. Henry Larkin Jackie Leonard Veronica Leyko Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lilley Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Linhardl Mr. and Mrs. E. Linlhicum Agnes G. Loflus Mr. and Mrs. B. F. C. Luliehusen Rose E. Lufz Mr. and Mrs. Leon Maassen Mrs. Mahlsled Mrs. Emma Marlin Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Merriken Miss Audrey Miller Emma B. Miller Mr. and Mrs.John Miller Mrs. Ann Misfer Anne T. Molloy Mrs. F. X. Molloy Mr. and Mrs. John E. Morris Mrs. Eleanor Murphy C. Eugene Myers P. Richard Myers John K. Myers Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Myers Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mynar Ed McGahee Mrs. Louise McGahee Joseph D' A. McGra'rh Mrs. E. Neal Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Neville Belly M. Nolan John J. Nolan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Nolan, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Norris John L. Norris Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Norris Mr. and Mrs. James A. Novak Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Parks Mr. Anfhony Paszkiewicz John Paszkiewicz Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Penninglon Joseph Pelrulionis Mrs. Josephine Pefrulionis Frank J. Pinfner Mr. and Mrs. Alberl' J. Rachuba Miss Dorolhy Rachubo Mr. and Mrs. Redmiles Mr. and Mrs. Vincenl Reilly Eugene Resf Miss Eva Res+ Mr. and Mrs. William Resl' Mr. and Mrs. Marion Reslivo Mr. and Mrs. Augusl Reuding Miss Florence Reynolds I39 Mrs. H. B. Reynolds Mary C. Reynolds Mary W. Reynolds Skip and Bob Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Kennefh Ridinqs Mrs. K. T. Rigby Col. and Mrs. George Rowan Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Sallerlield Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sauer Alex Savage Shirley Jane Schmid Mr. and Mrs. A. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. William Schmidlbaur Mr. and Mrs. William F. Schoenfelder Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Schruefer Mary Jo Schrueler Mr. and Mrs. Augie Selckman Mrs.Joseph Selckman Mr. and Mrs. William Selckman Mr. and Mrs. Alberl Sherman Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Shue Mrs. Mary Sigwarl Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Sipes Mr. and Mrs. Roberl G. Smilh Mr. and Mrs. Edward Slallings Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Sfallings Francis Slanek Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Slanek De Sales and Rose Marie Slanek J. Leslie Sfuarl Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Supik Mrs. Helen Suprowicz Mr. and Mrs. William A. Sydnar Alberf Szymanowski Frank S1ymanowski Waller Szymanowski Mr. James Szymanowski, Sr. Mr. James Szymanowski Miss MarieSzymanowski Mrs. Mary Szymanowski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Talbo Mr. and Mrs. Ernesl Thumel Mr. and Mrs. Frank Topolski Mr. and Mrs. James E. Turner Margarel Turner Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ulz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Velenovsky, Jr. Mrs. Joseph F. Vifek Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Voelker Mrs. Theresa Wallenhorsl Dorofhy Weilord Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weilord Mr. and Mrs. Francis Weiner Mr. and Mrs. James J. Welsh Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Welsh William Welsh Mr. Charles H. Wenger Mrs. Charles H. Werger Francis Wills Mrs. Cora Wirlh Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wirfh Mrs. Edward Wolf Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wood Shirley Wood Miss Anna M. Zanq Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ziebron Bunk and Marqie Gloria and Pal Jack and Clair Jack and Mary Jean John and Jane Kay and Jay Morey Amslerdam "Leaky" M. G. Robin and Billy Rose Marie and Bill F ATHERS' CLUB OF MT. SAINT J 0SEPH'S Consistent Booslers of All School Acliviiies MOUNT SAINT JOSEPH ALUMNI ASSOCIATION l Rev. Charles M. Delaviqne, OP. 'O5 ................. Chaplain Ioseph W. Latchtorcl, '27 ............................ President Philip T. Bannon, '24 ....... ......... F irst Vice-President Leo Gary, '41 ............. ...... S econd Vice-President Gerard Bures, '35 .......... ........ H ecordinq Secretary Brother Martin Iohn, C.F.X. ........... Correspondinq Secretary Mark A. UI-Iara, '28 ....... ................ T reasurer ARUNDEL-BROOKS CONCRETE CORPORATION Pre-Mixed Concrete Certified Ouality Irom Graded Materials - OFFICE AND PLANT - 921 South Wolfe Street Baltimore 31, Maryland Wolfe 8200 I4I BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF '49 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Patrick Vito ....................................... President Carl Geier ..... ..... V ice-President Charles Palm ...... Secretary William Cleary .... Treasurer SENIOR CLASS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Charles Palm .... ......... C hairman Carl Geier .... ..... V ice-Chairman William Long .... ...... S ecretary Edmund Creamer . .... Treasurer loseph Base A William Cleary Vincent Diitenbauqh Victor l-lornick Melvin lchnoski Robert Kreft George Leubecker Walter Mohler Bernard Storck Edward Supik lohn Serio Patrick Vito Thomas Ward Walter Zajac I42 MOTHERS' CLUB I Mount St. Joseph I F. W. MCALLISTER CO. 110 W. Fayette Street Baltimore 1. Md. HEER BROS., Inc. l05 E. 25th Street Hotel, Hospital and Steamship Supplies and Equipment The G. L. PRICE COMPANY CHINA . GLASS . AND . SILVER Ianitor Supplies S00 West Pratt Street BALTIMORE, MD. MATHEW C. BUTTA Phone Plaza 0537 STATUARY CEMETERY WORK WILKENS 4135 WILLIAM R. EBERLING Granite M o N U M E N T s Marble 4203 OLD FREDERICK ROAD BALTIMORE 29. MD. Opposite Cathedral Cemetery Compliments MR. and MRS. FRANK CARSANITI R U E H L ' S 3316 Frederick Avenue Open: 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Beer, Wine. Liquors and Delicatessen John W. G MOVING Since 1916 J. Nomvmw umm vmv LINES, mv. ' M d' 7 G HN W. GEIPE, Mcmag STORAGE Compliments of HENRY P. IRR ST. WENCESLAUS BUILDING ASSOCIATION NO. 1 OF BALTIMORE CITY 840 N. CHESTER STREET Meets every Monday night 7 to 9 p.m. Savings Home Financi g LOYOLA COLLEGE A College ol Liberal Arts and Sciences BALTIMORE 10. MARYLAND R 0 0 F I N G Compliments oi PIKESVILLE TAILORS of All Types CHARLES F. MARSHALL. Prop. Erected and Repaired SHEET METAL HOME INSULATION EDW. G. FICK 8: C0. Belmont 6620-21-22 2008-10 HARFORD AVENUE PETERS' RESTAURANT Eastern Avenue at Stemmers Run Road ESSEX, MD. A Complete and Modern Restaurant Serving Good Food in a Quiet and Pleasant Atmosphere Club Room Available for Meetings. Dinners. etc. Call ESSEX 184-M or 1098-M tor Reservato s 1407 V2 Reisterstown Road Compliments oi and MRS. IOSEPH D. DOM ENICO CORNER CAFE IOHN E. O'CONNOR. Prop. BEER - WINE LIQUORS WO1ie 5000 4801 Eastem Avenue Baltimore 24, Md. Compliments r of RITA FREYER SODAS CIGARETTES MARIE'S CONFECTIONERY 3225 Foster Avenue Baltimore 24. Md. CANDY No'r1oNs YORK'S FOOD MARKET 4421 Parkmont Avenue Phone CL 1748 Home ol YORK'S Famous Foods Compliments of ST. WENCESLAUS CHURCH FRESH MEATS - - POULTRY - - SEA FOOD George T. Evans Edward T. Evans CHAS. F. EVANS 8: SUN INC. FUNERAL DIRECTORS 118-120 West Mount Royal Avenue MUlberrY 4226-4227 At the price you desire to pay Charles F. Evans I ames S. Evans Compliments cf Recap Tires Auto Repairs Brake Service FIELDS OLD TRAIL HAMILTON AVENUE SERVICE sTATIoN COMPLETE A M O C O SERVICE IOHN H. FIELDS and SONS 5704-06 York Road Fine Foods - Mixed Drinks Hamilton and McCormick Avenues Baltimore. Md. BILL BRUEN'NG Essex 2794 Compliments of CARROLL I. CONWAY Phone WOlIe 0575 1751 E. Pratt Street ANTON HAGEL Baker ot High Grade Goods Pastry - Fancy Cakes - Bread - Rolls I47 LEO B. CASSIDY RICHARD E. RING President Secretary-Treasurer Phone: EDMONDSON 5323 Cnssmv gl! Mmm L-E I -. - - INCORPORATED Lumber - Celotex - Plastic Board - Plywood - Shingles Millwork - Sheet Rock - Beaver Board Masonite - Mouldings 201 N. WARWICK AVENUE At Penna. R. R. BALTIMORE 23g MD. FOLKEMER PHOTO SERVICE Bell 6 Howell Educational Dealers 'I' 927 Poplar Grove Street Baltimore. Md. Phone: Broadway 9181 Open Sundays SOPHIE'S TAVERN BEER, WINES a LIQUORS Meals Served at All Times Ladies Dining Room Dlckens 8579 M. Niewiadomski. Prop. MAX'S TAVERN LIQUOR - WINE and BEER The Place Where Good Friends Get Together 1820 E. Pratt sneer Baltimore 21, Md. 2200 Gouqh Street Baltimore 31' Md- CONGRATULATIONS AND Compliments BEST WISHES 'ro THE f O GRADUATES OF 1949 llLl'l'ZLl'IlI IIIIOTIIEIIS C0. Howard and Saratoga Streets GEORGE and HARTMAN CONSULTING ENGINEERS The Original PANZER Mfg. by GEORGE PANZER'S SONS 608 S. Bond Street Stalls Phone BR 0300 86-240 Broadway Market K0LB'S TAVHHN- Inc- " U IIIUEIISIW of BIIITIIIIUIIE "' 300-02 S. Strrclcer Street coedueanonal Direct from the Keg GUNTHERS and ARROW 3-YEQR E:lEN,I'NGMPro?rag1SIreadirBg tgxthe. Lb! degree, queues or e ar an ae ar amlnauons. Sea Food 5:5-EAM ?-YEAR DAl or EVENING Program qualifies for c o. Television Bar and Dining Room SCHOOL OF BUSINESS INDUSTRY. AND MANAGEMENT 1:-ive Oaks Restaurant and Drive Inn :AYEAR DAY and Q-YEAR EVEINING Programs leading to e B.S. degree In Accounting, Business Management, OPEN ALL YEAR Flnanie, Industrial Management, Marketing, and Trans- f . From I0 a.m to 2 a.m. po a mn JUNIOR col-LEG: DELICIOUS FOOD AND MILK SHAKES 2-YEAR DAY and 3-YEAR EVENING Programs in Liberal Frederick and Rolling Roads argyinsniio EELEAARAIDAY Medical Secretarial Program, Catonsville. Md. Write or Call for Booklet Phone: CCL 1851 M. Vernon Griffiihl Prop. 1420 N. CHARLES ST. BALTIMORE 1, MARYLAND I48 Cars STUDEBAKER Trucks Compliments CLEMENTS MOTOR COMPANY Of LUCAS BROTHERS, Inc. Liberty Road at Edelsburq Weddings Groups Kodaks SYKESVU-LE' MD. Banquets Commercial Supplies GUILL PHOTO 'l'. R. CLEMENTS, Prop. Sykesville 222 PIKESVILLEIT PHOTOGRAPHER 1221 Rerstertown Road Pikes 1112 M Liberty 4859 Phone. Clifton 1589 CARROLL BROS. 6. CO. Brushes and Ianitor's Supplies 2720 OVERLAND AVENUE THE ARCHER LAUNDRY CO. Emmons M, MD. LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING Iames B. Maqroqan SERVICE BALTIMORE SANITARY CHEMICAL CO. 5-7B:::::n:Tpl::L::laSI:lee' Eutaw and Madison Streets Lexington 2356 Mulberry 9424 Manufacturers of Soaps-Soap Powders and Chemical Baltimore 1. Md. Cleaners. Distributors of Complete Line of Ianitor's Supplies Gene Coakley '28, General Manager COBLE E. GRIMES Grower and Processor COLLEGE HILL "Cut-up" Chicken Retail Markets in Eastem Cities Home Office: Freedricksburg. Penna. In Baltimore 12 Good Places to Buy Chicken W. H. SHERMAN, District Manager Buy Your Favorite "Parts" oi Chicken SPORTSMANS CENTER OF BALTIMORE THE FAIRWAY REALTY Co. BACHRACH RASIN CO., Inc. 1300 Walmll Avenue REALT RS Complete Sports Outfitters from O Head to Toe 4' 14 N. HOWARD STREET LOngwood Gllmore LE aoss 1738 8857 I49 Phone Gllmor 8648 TONY'S AUTO GLASS SHOP SHATTERPROOF AND PLASTIC GLASS For Any Year. Make or Model Bus, Truck or Car GLASS INSTALLED WHILE YOU WAIT 3215 Washington Boulevard Near Caton Avenue Baltimore 30. Md. WHEN IT'S TIME TO BUY THAT DIAMOND RING Come to ' f fmrrteznd' QUALITY IEWELERS Since 1898 1035 Light Street 3559 Hanover Street IOHNNIES TAVERN uquons - BEER - wmr: 2915 Eastern Avenue, Zone 20 Iopposite Balto. Signal Depotl Legal lor Trust Funds Organized 1916 Attractive Dividends IF YOU WANT SAFETY FOR YOUR SAVINGS open an account in the FAIRVIEW FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 2013-2015 Frederick Avenue Baltimore 23. Maryland Each account is Permanently Insured Against Loss up to 35000.00 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, an Instrumentality ot the United States Government Phone Gllmor 3484 51.00 Starts an Account Open Daily. Also Monday Nights ARUNDEL-BROOKS CONCRETE CORP. Pre-mixed Concrete CERTIFIED QUALITY FROM GRADED MATERIALS -Office and Plant- 92l South Wolfe Street Baltimore 31. Md. Wolfe 8200 Compliments ol DR. IOHN COSTANTINI Sea Foods Home Cooking Steaks IRVINGTON DELICATESSEN AND DINING ROOM DINNERS - SANDWICHES - LUNCHEONS 4031-33 Frederick Avenue Hans K. Heinze. Prop. LO 9604 Compliments of A. G. ROSSETTI DANIEL A. FORD. IR. and COMPANY. Inc. INSURANCE 225 E. Redwood Street Baltimore 2. Md. Plaza 2787 Congratulations to the CLASS OF '49 KRESS FARM DAIRY. Inc. DURATILE Metal Wall Tile for Beauty, Color, Permanence, Economy. Set and sealed in cement, No nails. Applied Easily in Individual pieces. Special Rates to Builders DURATILE SALES OF BALTIMORE 5802 Harford Road Baltimore 14. Md. N- l. Forthuber HAmilton 8211 IOHN DITTMAR 61 SONS, Inc. 800-808 E. PRATT STREET PLaza 1671 BALTIMORE 2, MD. Lumber and Millwork Compliments of THE STAG BAR 933 E. Preston Street RUBEROID ROOFS : : : Choice ol America SIMON ROOFING COMPANY 1002-04 Mason Street Phone: MUlberry 0517 U Q AT va 1 ssnvics sf! fi, .fl fklil u l-ll -'ll 4c.l4A44I 0 Since 1929 LAURENCE V. BALDWIN CLASS or 1949 YACHT BROKER ANN APOLIS. MD. WASHINGTON, D. C. SOUTH 0641 FRED A. KRAUSE 6 SON Mormcmns SAratoqa 3060-3061 ALUMINUM Storm Windows - Storm Doors - Casement Windows ANRO ALUMINUM STORM WINDOW CORP. August F. Krause Funeral Home Doris S. Krause 1216 S. Charles Street 1220 E' Lanvale shea' Baltimore 2, Md. Compliments ol FRANK SEVERA'S BAKERY 2622 MADISON STREET Cor. Glover Street KRALICEICS FOOD MARKET Fancy Groceries. Meats, Fruits and Vegetables 5939 Marluth Avenue Baltimore, Md Hamilton 6638 LExington 5714 Esiablished 1924 KACHAUSKAS FUNERAL HOME CHARLES W. KACHAUSKAS. IR. FUNERAL DIRECTOR 637 Washington Boulevard Ofiice 703 MCHENRY STREET BALTIMORE 30, MD. MU1ber1'Y 8617 Compliments of NEVILLE'S PARADISE GARDENS 6412 Frederick Avenue IRVINGTON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Insured Savings Accounts Home Purchase Loans 4106 Frederick Avenue Baltimore 29. Md. 552 Commercial and Domestic Sales 6 Service APPLIANCES :: RADIO :: TELEVISION KRATZ ELECTRIC Irvington's O O GOODS NATI NAL SP RTING ceusnu Q ELECTRIC St co., Inc. Ore 4112 Frederick Avenillgngwood 6023 Baltimore 29. Md. 310 E' Baltimore Sheet HENRY'S TAVERN EVERYTHING FOR SPORT 2677 Frederick Avenue Beer - wines - Liquors Phone, Mulberry 0284-85 TELEVISION GEORGE A. muwr. In.. Pres. Phone GIL 2415 Henry Linder. Prop. TO THE WAR VETERANS FAMILY Funeral Services Without Forleitinq Any Veteran's Allowance LEONARD I. RUCK 6. SONS Famous in Maryland tor HOME COOKED MEALS Seaiood. Oysters. Chops. Steaks. Chicken Businessmen's Lunches Flamingo Restaurant and Cabins LAUREL Open: I0 a.m. to 1 a.m. LEONARD F. RUCK EUGENE A. RUCK AL' Your Host CFormer1y A1len'SJ Funeral Directors "A Rendezvous for Friends from Far and Near" 5305 HARFORD ROAD HAMILTON 1517 Phone: Laurel 278 Compliments of ELDERSBURG MARKET ELDERSBURG, MARYLAND Slate - Flat and Asphalt Roofing - Skylights Gutters - Spouts - Insulation ARUNDEL ROOFING CO. Joseph B. Marx. Prop. u Repair Work a Specialty 1640 I-IOLBROOK STREET Phone: Plaza 5295 Baltimore 2. Md. THE IRVINGTON SHOP Edwina C. Drushler Iohn G. Hubler Ladies'. Men's and Children's Furnishings Dry Goods. Notions and Novelties EMERALD CATERERS Let us BUDGET to Fit Your Pocketbook DINNERS and LUNCHEONS WEDDING RECEPTIONS Greeting Cards for All Occasions CLUB BANQUETS BUFFET SPREADS 4114 FREDERICK AVENUE Private Dining Rooms Available BALTIMORE 29' MD- 3U9 E. 25th Streel Ch. 9411 cuss. o. 1EnE1vuAs H. H. soon c"mpume"'s Phone: vEnNoN 2-7-3-7 of A FRIEND GOOD 6 CRAFT. Inc. Finer Apparel lor Men and Boys Lighting Fixtures :: Wiring :: Repairs. Etc. 512 N. EUTAW STREET BALTIMORE I The PRINCE SHOP Men . . . Boys 5211 BELAIR ROAD BALTIMORE 6, MD. Phone: CLIFTON 3169 J. D. McMAHON General Contractor Compliments of SCHEUPNER'S LIQUOR STORE FOX'S MEAT MARKET. Inc. 900 Frederick Avenue Catonsville 28. Md. Fayette Street at Pine A. D. MOTOR Used Cars and Trucks Baltimore' Md- Proprietor ANDY DeSANTIS EDMONDSON VILLAGE C0mP1imenfS of IOHN RABAI SHOPPING CENTER Compliments of All the Needs tor the Family I HARRIS PHARMACY 4400-4500 Blocks Edmondson Avenue MILTON FRIEDMAN Lombard and Poppleton Street NES: MULBERRV B820-B821 ESTABLISHED Complimenls of lvicfaafad 14. Qadfimann B. STORCK Gjfmi Pauling and fludlufang savage, Md. 390.5253J'2'1'2'T'S'gffZTfSNUE BALTIMORE 24. MARYLAND SCHAEFER AND STROHMINGER FLEET AND EATON STREETS - BALTIMORE 24. MARYLAND Kaiser-Frazer Sales and Service Phone Peabody 1923-1922 I54 GOFFlVIAN'S HOBBY CENTER Headquarters for PHOTO Supplies Kodak : Ansco : Argus : Bell-Howell : Arnpro Grailex : Busch : Dejur : Defender: FR : GE and others. MODEL Supplies American Flyer : Lionel : Mantua : Skyline Strombecker 2 Testors : Bersted : Ideal Globe 1 Xacto : Drernl : Casco and others. GUFF MAN 'S HOBBY CENTER 330 Park Avenue Baltimore l. Md. We Mail Anywhere in the World WITZKE FUNERAL DIRECTORS PRIVATE AMBULAN CE SERVICE Hollins and Gilmor Streets 4101 Edmondson Avenue LOngwood 2500 Harry I-I. Witzke Le Roy M. Witzlce Harry H. Wit zke BLUE COAL FUEL OIL CATON CHAPMAN FUEL CORP. 410 S. CATON AVENUE GILMOR seas Compliments of DUNDALK LUMBER CO. 7201 SOLLERS POINT ROAD DUNDALK 22. MD. Electrical and Radio Repairs - Lamps and Appliances PROMPT SERVICE CATONSVILLE 499 - New and Old Housewiring a Specialty Comphmenls Wiring tor Light and Power gf FREDERICK P. MILLER 6. SON Licensed and Bonded ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Catonsville's Oldest Electrical Contractors 818 Frederick Avenue Catonsville 28. Md. BEST WISHES GRADUATES WALKER'S LIQUORS IOpp. Food I-'airl SEARS. ROEBUCK and CO. Baltimore 13. Maryland Lawn - Garden - Golf Course Equipment A. P. PECKWORTH 1409 Reisterstown Road Pikesville 8. Md. CATONSVILLE, MD. SALES - Phone: PIKES. 518 - SERVICE LAfayette 2136 or 0912 FRANK A. REGER 5. SONS Plumbing - Heating - Roofing 730 POPLAR GROVE STREET WOLFE 7893 EDWARD KELCH CO. 2125 Boston Street SCRAP IRON AND METALS Stainless Steel C. G. Beckman Baltimore 31. Md. Compliments of CRESMONT SOCIAL CLUB Compliments of FRESHMAN CLASS A IOS. SERIO 6 SONS Wholesale and Retail FANCY FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Heart Celery and Lettuce a Specialty STALLS 889-891 Lexington Market Baltimore. Md. In Your Charity Remember Compliments THE LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR of ELITE VENDING CO. Plaza 4737 T E X A C O HEINLEIN'S SERVICE STATION Wm. and Iohn Heinlein, Props. BR. 9353 4000 Fleet Street Baltimore 24. Md. KELLY PONTIAC. Inc. Direct Factory Dealer SALES . . . SERVICE Clifton 4642-3-4 5801 Belair Road Compliments ot BELVEDERE REALTY CO. 6713 York Road Baltimore 12, Md. WE INVITE YOUR MEMBERSHIP NEW IVIICHAELS Permanent Savings and Loan Association 400 NORTH MILTON AVENUE Money Loaned to Home Buyers Open Wednesday 3 to 8:30 Blzioadway 3495 CURRENT DIVIDENDS 41, Give a Gift with a School or Lodge Seal THE JOHN TROCKENBROT CO. - Designers of - SCHOOL, COLLEGE, CLUB, LODGE RINGS AND PlNS For all local Schools and Colleges BANOUET FAVORS, TROPHIES 310 North Paca Street MT. ST. IOSEPH RINGS AND PINS SINCE 1882 MULBERRY lO52 Open Sundays and Holidays TROPICAL and GOLD FISH YOST'S FLOWER SHOPPE Flowers tor All Occasions Orchids - Potted Plants - Gardenias - Cut Flowers - Floral Designs 2336 Pennsylvania Avenue Baltimore 17, Maryland LAiayette 8777 SHORE DISTRIBUTORS WHOLESALE Plumbing and Heating Supplies American-Standard National 6. American Bethlehem Steel Iohns-Manville Products SALISBURY. MARYLAND Iohn E. Morris I57 Compliments of a FRIEND Run Right to READ'S MORRISON G FIFER ior all Your Drug Store Needs Professional Pharmacists C""""i"'e"'S 0' LINDEN AVENUE and DOLPHIN STREET gton 6141 LExington 2449 MARYLAND SPORTSWEAR CO. sas WEST PRATT STREET I-A 3419 BALTIMORE 1, MARYLAND Waichmaker 4511 Eastern Avenue 704 NORTH EUTAW STREET Compliments of BALTIMORE, MD. CHRIS. I. BRAUN STAG BAR LADIES' DINING ROOM TELEVISION I'IAI.I..'S CAFE 2200 E. F ayette Street WOlie 9652 Shuftleboard The Best in Food l58 SA 0310 I Instruments Sold and Rented - Music Instruction BALTIMORE ELECTRIC BLUEPRINT CO. 4 E. CENTRE STREET Repairing THE MEGHAN AND BALDWIN MUSIC CO. 521 N. Howard Street. Baltimore Saratoga 7755 WM. HORNER and T. HOEY Quick - Prompt - Reliable 5 BINGO S Every Monday Night at Mary M- Dugan. Mqr- zs Ensrsnn Av:-:Nur-: ESSEX 21. MD. NADDEO BROS. Iewelers 3221 EASTERN AVENUE Phone: Eastem 8819 Phone Pike 1296 THOMAS SEIBOLD Lawn Mowers Hand Power and Gang Res. 4509 Frederick Ave. Phone: WI 5611 Sales - Parts - Service E. B. HARRIS G SONS SEA FOOD REISTERSTOWN ROAD 619-21 Lexington Market Phone: SAratoqa 1396 GARRISON, MD, 296-297 Hollins Market Phone: PLaza 7396 Compliments of THE AL BLANK MOTOR CO. 29th and Greenmount Avenues IOHN T. WILLS 637 N. Howard Street Baltimore 1. Md. L. NEWBURGER 6- SON 613 W. Lexington Street Baltimore I. Md. PATTERSON PARK PHARMACY B. C. Malanowski. Ph.G. Req. No. 4240 I, 2245 Eastern Avenue at Patterson Park Avenue Phone BRoadway 9217 BALTIMORE. MD. 5309 Harford Road Compliments Baltimore 14. Md. S, 5, N, KATZ 3522 Eastern Avenue Compliments Maryland Ullice Supply Co. I . Neil McCardell BRUNSWICK PHARMACY 2701 Wilkens Avenue at Brunswick Street Prescriptions Called for and Delivered Call ED 2222 for Free Delivery Compliments oi WESTERN WELDING CO LOngwood MONARCH CLEANERS 103 St. Helena Avenue Dundalk 22, Md. 2904 Practical Since 1909 IOHN A. CLARKE :Sf CO. DEPENDABLE noormc 102 S. Monastery Avenue Baltimore 29. Md. Compliments of IIM HEAPS W H I T E ' S B A R 3208 E. Lombard Street WILLIAM I. FOLEY REALTOR - 1NsunEn . APPRAISALS 1413 Reisterstown Road Pikesville Phone Pikes. 530 EASON BROTHERS Electrical Contractors Electric Appliances HAMILTON 1633 OR Established 1922 CLIFTON 4 l 92 I. HENRY CARSTENS 6. CO.. Inc. PAINTING AND DECORATING 5700 Fair Oaks Avenue Baltimore 14, Md. Member of Painting cmd Decorating Contractors of America I I I60 Young enough to appreciate your requirements old enough to take care of them. LLOYD C. HUGHES 8: CO. Paper Products Janitor Supplies ATTERY AVENUE MU. 4590 THE ARUNDEL CORPORATION Baltimore 2. Maryland Dredging - Construction - Engineering and Distributors of Sand - Gravel - Stone -and- Commercial Slag ......- Phone South 0904 SCULLY'S RESTAURANT Sea Food in Season Ladies' Dining Room 140 W. Ostend Baltimore. Md. Phone BR 9041 BELL HAVEN RESTAURANT Fred Appel. Prop. BEER - WINES - LIQUORS 4604 Eastern Avenue Baltimore. Md. MEYER 6. THALHEIMER BUSTER'S TAVERN STATIONERS PRINTERS DINING ROOM and TELEVISION BAR 10 N, Hqwqrd sgreeg 1513 S. McHenry Street Tasty Sandwiches Compliments Compliments of oi BRAZIUS FAMILY EDWARD C. KUHL Compliments oi MR. DONALD OETTINGER Compliments of the IRVINGTON THEATER Choice Beers and Light Wines FRED'S CAFE 340 Stinson Street Baltimore 23 STAG BAR Gil 2448 Gilmor 5473 THOMAS I. KENNY, Inc. FUNERAL mm-:cross Gilmor and Hollins Streets Baltimore 23. Md. E C K H A R D T ' S COLLEGE PHARMACY Frederick Avenue and Marydell Road Baltimore, Md. HALF MILE TRACK Farrell and Van Horn. Prop. ELECTRIC LOVE lt she wants a date-Meter lf she comes to call-Receiver li she wants an escort-Conductor li you think she's picking your pocket-Detector It she's slow ol comprehension-Accelerator It she goes up in the air-Condenser lf she's hungry-Feeder It she's a poor cook-Discharger It she eats too much-Rectifier lt her hands are cold-Heater ll she fumes and sputters-Insulator It she wants a holiday-Transmitter If she's narrow in her views-Amplilier ll she's a pest-Exterminator JUST CALL VOGEL-RITT LEXINGTON 6344 FOR PEST CONTROL SERVICE 233 ST. PAUL PLACE BALTIMORE 2. MD. The LOOP Robert I. Flannery Woodington and Frederick Avenues IRVINGTON H. J. MUELLER and SONS, Inc. Cement - Lime - Plaster Sewer Pipe - Hardware - Sheet Rock Lumber - Millwork - Roofing EASTERN AND MACE AVENUES ESSEX. 21. MARYLAND TERMS: CASH Compliments of WORDEN-YOUNG, Inc. Dodge - Plymouth Cars Dodge Trucks Sincere Best Wishes from C. MARKLAND KELLY. President KELLY BUICK SALES CORP. Mulberry 2397 Since 1855 M. I. FREDERICK 6. BRO. Heating - Plumbing - Roofing H. A. FREDERICK M. I. FREDERICK 1800 MARYLAND AVENUE Best Wishes to the CLASSES OF '49 PRIESTS OF ST. IOHN THE EVANGELIST Harry E. I-Iart Michael L. Clark HART 6. CLARK TRANSFER CO. MOTOR TRUCK SERVICE Local and Long Distance 1625 Ridqely Street Baltimore 30. Md. H LE 1757 F. R. DIEHLMANN SAWDUST CU. Sawdust and Shavings 1 Dutton Court Phone: Catonsville 1578 CATONSVILLE 28. MARYLAND t I I-I N G 5 I can CAMPUS ' ' I on Your next Yearbook. I Learn WHY this Organization is the Largest 'Produoer , of Fine School and College Annuals. .' CAMPUS PUBLISHING V uno wmnuv sr., PHILADELVFIIIAIL r 1 ar wAu. sr., New vonk I 4.- ART SERVICE ' ENGRAVING ' LETTERPRESS AND OFFSEIT PRINTING II i 2 2 i a I, L , 41, - . uw 44 :Vx -n 5' .13 ,Nw f '1 1 - ,VZ A I i nf 4. ,w . ,j u il! i fgiwk ws 2 ws A 17. .YVZL if N Qf1ithPY'ffX 5 . ' ,Q-Q.1,,W ,vb X, 1 I f. WE? 9 .L AKLL x 3, W 0' ,L-, ro ig . M1 .2-,g,w5,,q :Q M55 A -X v N.. i'ffS"T 1 ' BWV 1 , , ...wi Y z l " 3 in N, . ,A r, ws. L - - - . ., ,l' I 'V K ' 1' 1 3? L . A ,A 3 5 K 1 4 ff i i . 4 i F E. I. rt -V gL.. M -f ,Lv I sf ex f - ,Q-ff if-ff. , ji BQ: L ,is -S : easy., n 5 wi' .Y X QI' QI'-' F . 5' N t ,gtljii M X 'sk Y s 4 5 Z 2, R i E 1 xv f Q. A a iw Q F XY, s ' S - 1 . I 1 Q - 1' g , if Sl 12 ff aa- as si it 3- S53 E' 'jak ' kv .- .- Qs W- : 3 5i?,f A 3 " ,, X S 'S' ' R 5 Nr 595' ky 'S K' ? W 'J ' , A f' 234 Na f 1, .Q x 6 V K' ,r gif ' 3 ' xg, Q ' Q1 fgix at 6 ii 3 U X 3 Q K 5: sw S V5 ,Qs fs 3 H if A , Q. Y: J E 5 .W 5, Q . ,V aw ,, .h 4 5 fi I , 3 P ' 5 y Y ,,f"+eN.,, li As wh , s fy i 3 2 we 'Wai S 15' va if 3 ? 'V g..: 'K' 4 SY X E 1. 21 Q + I Ysag

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