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254: -. r: n , . ,v . .. . . L1,." . .. ..... . .3. ,. u . r... . .,... . .04 . .. v u , . . a N .... I J. . 1.. . . I . . . .3 w , . .. . . . .- .4; . . . .. J r v . . . .e. . .. . I . . f. , J ..! . u u u... . c o ' n u n . J l . .. J . . . . p . . 1 O a E; a .WEJ : way... -' t .w 7; H ii. p 772.4- ii .5; 7n- :J.,,:-. ....,.-,.....Vm. 41. "Hz: . .,::f. .375ij ,. :11; ii; 1.: . my. J. in; $1.15 .... .l IkNQiQKIIMfifNJ w ..-. WWW . .ganlf Hp ".34. J. ...J.-,., ; fifi'od? ? .MJ 0 .r.p . s .4. W :2: 111.. ft. . .1; . i'ro JG 1...? .;5U' Hp! V . ... 115'; . w... ii 11: a. ..........., I M ii inf. ; . W, J l; .1,qu ll Klah-gnJ.-Q--.HQI-Ipr-J. l.'WlI-. - n "J nun Senior Class of 1966 Editor-in-Chief Moderator Financial Advisor Departments Underclass Editor Assistant Activities Editor Assistants Sports Editor Assistants Senior Editor Assistant William J. Von Hagel Brother Salvator, C. F. X. Brother Declan, C. F. X. James Bauman Thomas Fiddes Jerome Hall Boguslaw Suchocki Gerald Gavin Michael O'Connell John Koontz Michael Dooley Thomas Holmes Lorenz Happel The 7966 Mount Tower Vol 29 Presented By Mount Saint Joseph High School Baltimore 29 Maryland "To America, our prayerful wishes for prosperity and peace, under the rule of law, in concord with the other nations of the world; and our heartfelt blessings upon its people, their families, their government, their homes and schools and churches, one Nation, under God, free and indivisible. GOD BLESS AMERICA! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!" tPope Paul VI on this departurei DEDICA TION SENIORS Officers' ; , Commu Jon Bfeakfast Prom I Graguation JUNICJRS Junior Prom ACTIVITIES Alumni Camera Club Chess Club Tennis j FRESHMEN FACULTY AWARDS 31 32 34 35 44 45 46 47 Brother entered the congregation in 1896, but in 1883, in Richmond, Virginia, Brother Walter, C. F.X., just eight years old, decided that he was going to become a Xaverian. He claims that this decision was due to the example of his former teacher, Brother Peter, C. F. X. He was first assigned to Lawrence, Massachusetts, where he remained for nine years. During Brother's fourth year, he was made superior of the community. After this, Brother was sent to Mount Saint Joseph College, now our high school, where he taught Philosophy, Religion, and History. After five years, Brother was sent to Leonard Hall in Leonardtown, Maryland, as superior. Here, Brother Walter, with the help of Brother Gerard, C. F. X. , established the first summer camp for boys in Maryland. Following this assignment, Brother was stationed at St. Johns, Danvers, Massachusetts. After two years, Brother was sent back to Leonard Hall, where he was made Director of Agriculture, a popular science before rural America became urbanized. Other assignments followed at Old Point Comfort College, Virginia, now a suburb of Newport News, Leonard Hall and Richmond, Virginia. Brother has been assigned to the Mount since 1931. Even though Brother has retired from teaching, he is still very active after 70 years. Brother is the librarian for the Brothers. He repairs 01d editions, catalogues all incoming books, and keeps the Brothers informed of all new additions. Because of his many years, Brother Walter has observed many changes in the world. Close to his heart has been the growth of the Xaverian order. During his 70 years, he has seen the Brothers multiply so that there are now two provinces, with each province maintaining missionaries in foreign countries. His father taught him the value of education, and he has seen education grow into one of the necessities of life. Many things have changed since BrotherWalter became a Xaverian, and they will continue to do so, but one thing that cannot change is the fact that Brother Walter has spent 70 happy years as a Xaverian, and the event will be celebrated September 17, 1966, with a mass at 11:00 A. M., followed by dinner in the cafeteria. ABOVE - Brother makes a visit to chapel during Brother's retreat. BOTTOM LEFT - Cataloging books for the library. BOTTOM RIGHT - Brother spends much of his free time reading in his room. Mr. John Plevyak Business Math, History, Typing In 1941, Mr. John Plevyak began his career as a teacher at Mount Saint Joseph High School. Now, 25 years later, in 1966, Mr. Plevyak is celebrating his silver anniversary as a teacher. As a tribute to Mr. Plevyak, a dinner was held in his honor on May 19, 1966 in the cafeteria at 7:00 P. M. Mr. Plevyak has seen many changes since being born in Simpson, Pennsylvania. After graduating from Fell High School, where he played on the Varsity Basketball and Baseball squads, Mr. Plevyak attended Bloomsburg State College. There he played Soc- cer, Basketball and Baseball. While teaching at the Mount, Mr. Plevyak married Miss Phylis M. Toole in 1945. Besides teaching, Mr. Plevyak has coached many teams to M. S.A. championships. His soccer teams won eight champion- ships and his J.V. Basketball teams have also won an M. S. A. Championship. At the height of his career, Mr. Plevyak was made the Mount's athletic director. He schedules games, organizes activities, checks incoming and outgoing equipment, examines field conditions for games and arranges transportation for teams. Mr. Plevyak has held this position for the past five years. Since Mr. Plevyak started his teaching career, many changes have evolved in education. School facilities have improved, and the face of the Mount itself has changed with the addition of three new buildings. The curriculum also has improved, and more emphasis has been placed on physical education. ABOVE LEFT - Mr. Plevyak, rescheduling many of the rained out spring sports events. BOTTOM RIGHT - His students find his classes practical and stimulating, because he fully explains all the difficulties of the sub- ject. BOTTOM LEFT - I-Ie attends all the football games, and is frequently accompanied by his son, JOHN tFOREFRONTi. CHARLES DOUGLAS GORDON The class of 1966 salutes Doug Gordon as one of the finest mount- men ever produced. In a period of four years, Doug has risen to the position of class president, a position of which both he himself and the student body should be proud. Doug has been a prime example of what a mountman should be. He has striven for scholastic achievement yet at the same time has contributed much to extra-curricular ac- tivities. Doug has shown his leadership qualities and displayed fine spirit in such organizations as the junior and senior prom committees. He has exemplified sportsmanship by participation in J.V. Soccer, J.V. Basketball, and the intramural tournaments. Thus, the class of '66 will long remember Doug as one of the truly outstanding men at the Mount. JOHN JOSEPH SWIFT Another figure who stands foremost in this year's graduating class is John Swift. John will be remembered for his outstanding achieve- ments and qualities.Johngained success in scholastics; he also offered his services to other organizations. They included the J.V. Soccet, and Varsity Wrestling teams, the Pep Rally, junior and senior prom, and the Religious Activities committees. Such spirited action was climaxed with a well deserved honor, Vice-President of S. A. C. As John leaves the Mount to continue his studies at some other institu- tion, it can be assured that his outstanding action will be long re- membered. WILLIAM ALBERT VALENTE Well known for his extensive participation in school activities is William Valente. Bill organized the many school social activities. Bill has advanced most rapidly on the scholastic level but that is not where his interests terminate. Bill has contributed much to the Junior Classical League, Honor Society, Glee Club, prom, Poster and Pep Rally Committ e e 5. Bill has also shown his athletic ability byhis participation in J. V. Football and the intr a in ur 211 programs. The class of '66 should be proud that such an achieving person was a mem- ber of their graduating class. WILLIAM KING POUND A real backer of the Mount, Bill Pound, will be remembered for the loyalty he has displayed here. Respected and well liked by his fellow students, Bill has been an active member of the following ac- tivities:Varsity Track, Frosh-Soph Basketball; intramural Basketball, secretary of his homeroom, on the junior and senior prom com- mittees, and elected treasurer of the senior class of '66. "May the cross of blessing which we now trace over your skies E and your land preserve those gifts which Christ gave you and guar- O antee to you: Peace, concord, fre edom, justice, and above all the vision of life in the hope of immortality. God bless this N land of yours. " R t From Pope Paul VI's arrival address in the U. S. S JAMES SCHROEDER MICHAEL J. ATKINSON James Schroeder came to the Mount from St. Peter's Parish Sfcholol. H: was Basketball present on our campus or ess I: an a b year. In that short time he left his if: all mark on the Brothers and the students who knew him. His election to the of- fice of treasurer indicated his stature among his cla s s m a t e 5. Jimmy was called to his reward in May of '62. We think that his 5 m i 1 i n 9 happy per- sonality has contributed much to the Football Mgr. Quill Staff class of '66. HARRY L ALLENDER DAVID J. AUSTIN Baseball Int. Basketball Basketball Honor Society Track Cross Country Bowling Glee Club RICHARD A. AMENT JOHN J. BAGLIONE Int. Basketball Glee Club Soccer Swimming ANTHONY J. APICELLA THOMAS E. BARLAGE Int. Basketball CHARLE E. BARLEY RONALD L. BECKER Cheerleader Int. Baseball Basketball Mgr. . Honor Society Chess Club Int. Basketball ROYJ. BARTOLOMEO GEORGE S. BENTSV JV Wrestling L I Wiestling - Spirits Club - ; b : u , $$$va x, :33, ' 1W 4. 7 ,3 im: :Ww FRANK J. BECCIO ROBERT F. BOUNDS Wrestling Mgr. Basketball Cross Country Track LEONARD F. BOWEN JOHN E. BUTCHER Int . Basketb all Football RONALD M. BROSSOIT WILLIAM T. CAFFREY Basketball Latin Club Soccer Great Books Student Council Intramurals Glee Club Honor Society EDWARD J. BRZOZOWSKI ANTHONY J. CAMPAGNA Camera Club Yearbook Political Affairs Cross Country TTack Intramurals JOHN M. BULLINGER JOHN J. CAPLINS Radio Club Bowling Glee Club FRANK J. BURGESS CHARLIE S. CARNAGGIO Int. Basketball Sodality Glee Club Int. Basketball Bowling Wrestling DAVID J. CAVERO RONALD A. DEASEL Int. Basketb all Wrestling Int. Basketball Bowling EDWIN C. COLLINS FRANK J. DELUCA Footb all Int . Basketb all Band THOMAS J. CRAWFORD JAMES N. DEUTSCH Int. Basketball Band THOMAS J. CRONE STEWART E. DOETZER Radio Club Student Mgr. Honor Society Football Int. Basketball MARTIN L. DAUGHERTY SALVATORE P. DOMINA Int. Basketball Camera Club Football Band Bowling MICHAELJ. DOOLEY WILLIAM L. ETCHISON Int. Basketball Football Quill Staff Glee Club Bowling DENNIS G. DORE JOSEPH A. FAGGIO Band MICHAEL W. DORSCH ALBERT L. FARACE Int. Basketball! Basketball Wrestling Track Football Baseball WAYNE J. EISENHARDT WILLIAM A. FIELD Cross Country Band Track Glee Club Glee Club Honor Society Jazz Club ROBERT E. EMRICH RICHARD W. FETTERS Honor Society Glee Club Int. Basketball THOMAS M. FIDDES Track Yearbook Cross Country Camera Club Honor Society HARRY B. FINKE Football Int. Basketball Wrestling CHARLES N. FINN Rifle Glee Club CHRI STIAN A. FORMHALS Int. Basketball Baseball FRANCIS B. FORMHALS Int. Basketball Sw im mi 119 12 WILLIAM J. FORTIN Football ROBER B. FOS TER JAMES L. FRAZETTI JV Wrestling Int. Basketball PATRICK J. FRAZIER MARK E. FRECH Football Bowling Basketball JOHN M. FREDERICK ROBERT J. GEIS Int. Basketball JAMES E. GACH JEFFREY B. GENTHNER Int. Softball Track Swimming Band THOMAS V. GAFFIGAN LESLIE E. GILBERT Int. Baseball Quill Religious Act. Radio Club MICHAEL C. GARDNER CHARLES M. GLOWACKI Int. Baseball Soccer I Soccer Mgr. Bowling GERALD F. GAVIN WILLIAM A. GOLABOSKI Camera Club Band Honor Society Science Club Yearbook 13 BERNARD V. GRABOWSKI RUSSELL D. HARBAUGH Honor Society J. V. Soccer Int. Basketball RICHARD D. GROSS PHILIP J. HARDING Glee Club Wrestling Wrestling Cross Country Football French Club TTack EDWARD C. I-IAER ROLAND R. HARKUM Glee Club Camera Club Yearbook French Club Quill French Club JEROME M. HALL PAUL F. HARRIS Honor Society Football Band Int. Basketball Glee Club Baseball Chess Club Yearbook Great Books Dramatics LORENZ J. HAPPEL DENIS G. HAUENSTEIN Rifle Int. Basketball Science Club Great Books Radio Club Int. Football Glee Club Honor Society Yearbook Quill 14 DAVID C. HENNEBERRY JOHN F. HERR Honor Soci ety WILLIAM A. HENCIAK HENRY F. HOFFNAGLE Int. Basketball Wrestling J. V. Soccer Int. Basketball TIMO THY N. HOLBROOK Int. Basketball THOMAS J. HOLMES Track Bowling Honor Society Yearbook Int. Basketball DAVID P. HESTER JOSEPH E. HOWELL Honor Society Swimming Science Club Band Latin Club Sodality ROBERT M. HINZ BYRON W. INMAN Baseball Int. Basketball Int. Basketball Swimming F ootball WILLLAM F. JAMESON JAMES J. KAEHLER JAMES K. JARZYNSKI MICHAEL D. KALLAS Iiit. Basketball In $Oftbal1 Football Honor SCEC ety Soccer French 1 b JULIUS J. IUCHNO RAYMOND W. KASPRZAK latin Club Glee Club Honor Society Great Books 16 GERARD A. KASPRZYK THOMAS E. KELLY Bowing Int. Football Int. Basketball Int. Softball JOSEPH S. KAUFMAN JOHN D. KENNEY Bowling Int. Basketball Int. Basketball Soccer Int. Baseball Bowling KEVIN R. KERNS JAMES A. KERR Int. Basketball Cross Country Wrestling Wrestling r Track Track Cross Country Football Quill LAWRENCE L. KEISER GREGORY J. KEYES Int. Bask etb all Int. Basketball CHARLES E. KELLY MICHAEL J. KEYM'ORTH Yearbook Bowling latin Club Int. Basketball Int. Baseball PATRICK M. KINSEY Int. Bask etb all Soccer Int. Football ALLEN W. KIRCHNER Glee Club Intramurals Rifle Honor Society French Club MELVIN H. KNOTT JOHN G. KOENIG Quill Cinema Club Bowling Int. Basketball Political Affairs Football JOHN P. KOONTZ Soda lity Yearbook Glee Club PHILIP J. KUEBERTH Tkack RAYMOND C. LAVERGHETTA Honor Society Quill Spanish Club Int. Basketball HENRY L LEACH Int. Basketball Soccer Int. Baseball BRUCE A. LEAF Int. Football Int. Basketball JAMES M. LEAHY Soccer Bowling Int. Bask etb all DENNIS C. LIBERTO FREDERICK G. LUCKERT Wrestling Int. Basketball Football Baseball DONALD J. LILLEY JOHN F . MACK Honor Society French Club Glee Club Band Great Books Yearbook Quill Political Affairs JEFFREYJ. LOOVIS ROBERT M. MALLONEE Int. Basketball SAC Int. Softball RICHARD G. LUBINSKI GREGORY J. MARSH Int. Basketball Football Track Soccer Football Int. Basketball Swimming Wrestling Political Affairs MICHAEL J. LUBY JOHN A. MARTELLINI Int. Football Political Affairs Int. Basketball Latin Club Track Wrestling Glee Club Sodality Band 19 HOWARD E. MCALEER Cross Country Baseball Int. Basketball WILLIAM R. MCCORMACK Int. Basketball French Club Honor Society Religous Activities Great Books THOMAS M. MCDONALD Int. Bask etball Bowling LEO F . McGINN Sodality Int. Basketball Bowling Football Tkack Wrestling FRANCIS J. McGLOIN Sodality Cinema Club Great Books Int. Basketball Honor Society 20 DAVID B. MCGREGOR Int. Basketball Baseball HARTMAN C. MILLER Honor Society Rifle JOHN J. MORAN F ootball SAC Basketball RAY T. MOREAU Religious Activities VICTOR H. MORGENROTH Int. Basketball Honor Society Great Books Glee Club Quill CHARLES H. MURRAY Band CARL G. MUSSER Int. Basketb all Swimming Baseball MICHAEL C. MOTSKO MICHAEL F. O'CONNELL Int. Basketball Football Mgr. Swimming Int. Baseball Baseball Yearbook RICHARD D. MUIRHEAD PATRICK D. O'CONNELL Int. Basketball F ootball Int. Basketball Glee Club Honor Society Great Books Track Quill VINC ENT C. O' CONNELL Varsity Football Wrestling Prom Comm. French Club JAY F. O'CONNOR Chess Club Honor Society Int. Basketball PATRICK J. NOLAN TIMOTHY D. O'DOHERTY Int. Basketball Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Swimming Tennis 21 JAMES P. O'MARA MICHAEL V. PEARMAN J. V. Football Basketball Soccer Baseball PAUL L. ORDAKOWSKI RICHARD W. PECORE Basketball Intramurls Baseball Baseball Soccer BELA A. PALLAY JAMES J. PETER Basketball Baseball Mgr. Baseball Track Track French Club Soccer Quill Bowling Honor Society Glee Club RICHARD C. PANELLA LAWRENCE W. PETERS Int. Basketball Golf Basketball Int. Softball MICHAEL J. PASTORE MICHAEL J. PITROFF Intramurals Int. Basketball Baseball Int. Football Soccer Swimming Basketball SAC ROBERT C. PITTMAN DOMINIC A. QUAGLIONE Int. Basketball Int. Softball Soccer 1 I JEROME J. POLLITT MILTON J. QUICK Football Int. Basketball MARTIN J. POWERS STEPHEN J. QUINN Int. Basketball Prom Committees Int. Baseball CHARLES F. RAYNOR Bowling Int. Basketball Int. Football THOMAS C. PRELL l Int. Basketball RICHARD W. PUZNIAK MARK D. REGAN Cross Country Int. Baseball Int. Basketball Football Honor Society Int. Basketball Soccer JAMES A. RENNER THEODORE A. ROMANS Baseb all Int. Bask etball Int. Basketball F ootb all Honor Soci ety MARK W. REYNOLDS ARTHUR L. ROSSBACH Int. Basketball Honor Society Int. Baseball Swimming JOHN J. Rnasmii Int. Basketbin Int. Baseball Tenhis Mgmr 49, Int. Baske ' Football JOHN J. ROLLINGER RICHARD Z. RZEPECKI Int. Basketball Int. Basketball Track 24 JAMES E. SANSBURY Int. Basketball Cross Country TTack ROBERT S. SAUER Int. Baseball Int. Football FREDERICK J. SCHNEIDER Religious Act. Cinema Quill Int. Football Pep Rally Int. Baseball Political Affairs WILLIAM R. SABINS Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Int. Football CHARLES W. SCHUBERT Football Int. Baseball Int. Basketball 25 ROMOLO V. SERANQ Int. Basketball Int. Football Int. Baseball ROBERT L. SERVISS Religious Act. Track Quill Int. Basketball Cross Country MICHAEL J. SHEAHY Int. Basketball Football Int. Baseball WILLIAM T. SMELTER French Club JAMES J. SMITH Honor Soci ety French Club Quill RICHARD J. SORACOE Intramurals F ootb all Golf THOMAS H. SORTORE F ootball Int. Baseball PAUL L. SMITH Prom Committee Int. Basketball Int. Baseball SAC DAVID S. SNYDER French Club Glee Club GEORGE D. SPICER Tennis Band 26 JAMES M. STASIOWSKI Honor Society Swimming Latin Club Intramurals French Club JOHN M. STAUBITZ BRUCE P. STAUCH Baseball Football SAC Basketball MICHAEL J. STEPHENS Intramurals Rifle Glee Club JAMES P. STIEGLER Int. Bask etball Int. Baseball Basketball JOHN P. STRAUSS CARL R. THOMAS Soccer Cross Country Basketball Int. Basketball Int. Baseball Football Track BARRY J. STURM DWIGHT E. THOMEY Cross Country Int. Basketball Int. Basketball Honor Society SAC Int. Baseball MAURICE C. STURM Int. Basketball Baseball Track JOSEPH J. TIROC CHI Int. Football Int. Basketball Int. Baseball F ootb all BOGUSLAW J. SUCHOCKI KENNETH C. TOWLE Great Books Int. Basketball Honor Society Bowling Camera Club Football Yearbook SAC EDWARD F. TAYLORSON THEODOREJ. TREMPER Rifle Football Wrestling Tiack Int. Basketball 27 ROBERT A. TRUCKENMILLER Int. Basketball JOHN T. TRUITT Int. Softball Int. Basketball Int. Football DAYLE W. VAUGHAN Wrestling Camera Club Football JOHN M. VERSACE Honor Society Science Club Sodality Great Books Chess Club Radio Club EDWARD J. VOGEL Basketball Soccer 28 WILLIAM J. VON HAGEL Int. Basketball Ye arbook Bowling JOSEPH H. VON PARIS Int. Basketball ROBERT E. WAGGONER Swimming Int. Basketball DAVID F . WALTHER Chess Club TERRENCE V. WASKEY Radio Club ROBERT J. WEBER GREGORY M. WILLIAMSON Glee Club Int. Football Int. Basketball Int. Baseball MARK L. WEIDENHAN JOHN T. WILLS Int. Basketball Int. Bowling Golf RICHARD E. WEINKAM WOODROW C. WILSON Int. Bowling Football Basketball ROBERT L. WHITE THOMAS J. WISNIEWSKI Soccer Int. Basketball Tennis Baseball TERRENCE L. WIEBER DANIEL M. WITT Cheerleader Baseball Int. Football Track Honor Society Basketball French Club Football DAVID WITT RAYMOND E. YINGLING Int. Basketball Varsity Swimming Int. Baseball Glee Club Great Books gm 3.3 wt: ' Janysleetballmn L Baseball CHARLES U. WOOD RICHARD W. ZITZER Cross Country Intramurals Latin Club Basketball SAC CSMC Intramurals Religous Activity 30 Senior Communion BreakfasiL The Senior Communion Breakfast was held on May 18, 1966 in the cafeteria. It was preceeded by a Mass celebrated by Father W. Burke, who was assisted by Father W. Funk. The seniors took an active part in the Mass by singing, lecturing and serving. The guest speakers were Brother Pastor, C. F. X. , Provincial, and Mr. G. Vaeth, President of the Alumni As- sociation. BANQUET - Seniors enjoy a meal, which culminated four years at the Mount. SPIRITUAL BANQUET - Seniors wait to receive communion. Senior Prom The Senior Prom for 1966 was held at Turf Valley Country Club on May 27, 1966. The music was provided by the Rivers Chambers Orc he stra. The Promenade took place at 11:00 P. M. and the seniors' dates received a beautiful necklace as a favor. The dance ended at 12:30 and everyone was left with the memory of a wonderful evening. ABOVE: CONGRATULATIONS - D. Gordon and his date present Mr. and MrS.J. Plevyak with a gift. LEFT: SMILE - R. Moreau, C. Schubert, R. Waggoner, L Daugherty and their dates relax between numbers. TOP: CLOSING MOMENTS - Seniors and their dates dance to the tune of "More. " ABOVE: SURPRISE - M. Regan, D. Witt, J. Swift, W. Valente, 7 D. Gordon, V. O'Connell, I. Peter, M. Atkinson, J. Moran, J. Loovis, and R. Brossoit present Brother Thomas, C. F. X. with a plaque for his devotion to S. A. C. RIGHT: GRAND MARCH - Mount seniors get in line as the promenade begins. Held at Truf Valley Graduation This year, the commencement exercises was held at 2:30 o'clock on the afternoon of June Shin the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen. Father J. A. Sellinger, 8.1., Presi- dent of Loyola College, delivered the ad- dress to the graduates. Following Father's address, d ipl o m a s were distributed and awards were given to the outstanding seniors by Rev. H. Arliss, C.P., of St. Joseph Monastery, assisted by Brother John Edward, C. F. X. The C er emony ended with the celebration of solemn Benediction. CONGRATULATIONS - J. D e u t s c h, S. Doetzer, S. Domina, M. Dooley, and D. Dore receive d i p l o m a s from Father H. Arliss, with Brother John Edward and Brother Benedict, C. F. X. , assisting. FA R EWELL - Brother Thomas, C. F. X. , g r e e ts M. Atkinson, as the seniors leave the Cathedral after graduation. COLLEGE? - Parents congratulate seniors on their academic achievements. JUNIORS J. Buchness, D. Schmid, M. Odachowski, P. Cooke, T. Hirsch, T. Killen, R. Moxley, and A. Stamer were the junior S.A.C. representatives for '65 :md '66. "We are the bearer of a message for all mankind" Wrom Pope Paul VI'S United Nations speecm K. Danielczyk, J. Cusson, J. Kerr, T. Olear, L. McCarthy, C. Perry. Class 306 On Its Way Home B. Washburn, A. Jacke- w i t 2, M. Lang, R. Mitchell, M. Massimin, K. Jones, W. Zephir, L Cahoon, D. Muirhead, M. Murphy, J. Heaney, J. Coolahan, E. Ricks. J. Turkos, B. Smith, S. Brown, J. Schuster, D. Dinan, W. Katzenberger. M. Boule, T. Hirsch, S. Grube, Schaub, J. S. Kimmey, D. Coghlan, T. Codd, D. Hube, K. Schrier, K. Rescott. J. McDonald, J. Mar- kelonis, T. Bateman, J. Becker, C. D'Adamo, K. Carfine, J. Codd, R. Culp, J. Stamerro, E. Russell, C. Govatos, R. Neuberth. Class 307 Heads For Class BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT: V. Huebschman, J. Holmes, G. Herman, J. Kraft, J. Green, D. Neville, J. Scholl, K. Jansen, J. Gaare. RIGHT: W. McCarthy, E. Cole, J. Derenberger, R. Doyle, M. Magyar, H. Neenan, D. Turner, C. Koterwas. D. Koontz, W. Graham, W. Mullen, J. Steele, M. Bruner, P. Cooke, G. Fox. S. Raley, D. Kropfelder, J. Woytowit' A. Tommesello, P. Hurdel, P. Hark D. Bronis. L. DePaola, P. Kircher, N. Cola, R. Spranklin, J. Antoszewski, J. Dougherty, G. Doetzer, T. Donohue, L. Palewicz. Class 309 Always On Its Fee!L LEFT: M. McDade, D. Jarboe, V. Spence, E. Ottens. BELOW: R. Kondner, M. Saunders, A. Russo, T. Dough- erty, R. Finke, L. Warfield, J. Curran, M. Odachowski. R- Morley, 5. Burchey, M. Marcin, J. Townsend, E. Taylor- son, B. Motsko. P. Thompson, M. Bender, J. Hermann, D. Moran, T. Marr, J. Bishop, C. Hall, 1. Herbert, F. Cusimano, W. Wessel, T. Thingelstad, T. Smith. 39 J. Schwaab, J. Pizzillo, R. Forbes, G O'Neill, E. Chinault, T. Friedil, G. . Kazlauskas, J. Ford, L. Brown, R. Connor, M. Juskelis, F. Weldon, M. Burns, B. Taylor. Class 310 Relaxes During Lunch X! mun mm: L WM .-..... i a ; R. Collins, D. Sakalas, D. Coackley, J. Prenger, D. Pohlhaus, M. Sterm, J. Scheldt, T. Serio, S. Lanza, J. Harris, C. Scroggins. Class 377 Enjoys A Chance Of Pace T. Crist, T. Parsons, J. Goucher, G. Buchness, R; Edwards, A. DeVito, F. Fonte. T. Carney, M. Miller, F. Domey, C. Matthai, M. Now- akowski, E. Ping, M. Hart, L Nowakowski, C. Price, B. Foster, E. Kowalewski, W. Brown, W. Murphy. Class 372 1 The BesiL In Chemistry P. Mi e re 2 ak, M. Zaworski, R. Moran, R. Morraye. H. Dahlen, J. Gasiorowski, S. Greisz, G. Hill, J. Gmurek, R. Kappauf, S. Damico, D. Rest, W. Jackson, T. Canoles. M. McGhee, R. Neale, W. Metz, W. Hart, C. Cladding, R. Sullivan,J. Doherity, P. Durkin, T. Killen, C. Martin, R. Dragin. J. B e r m u d e 2, M. Salooni, P. Flynn, J. Hands. H. Keller, C. Law, M. Dunn, L. Spedden, R. Awalt, W. King, D. Schmid, 5. Marshall, B. Hoffmann. Class 3 73 Appreciates The New Ca feferia J. Donhauser, J. Di Martino, J. Mackabee, S. Kraushofer, F. Maloney, E. Forbes, J. Fish, R. Wright. M. Smith, G. Quinlan, A. Wroblewski, T. Perry, B. Wisniewski. L. Hounshell, F. Fobel, J. Schwarzmann, M. Wolf, A. Przybylski, J. Aquila. Class 315 Waits For School To E. Sokolowski, P. Haspert, W. Hyer, R. Philips, T. Robaezynski, J. Donnelly, S. Schaefer, J. Brookhart, L. DeFeo, W. Staniewski. J. Kepner, D. Parker, M. Norton, D. Jarkowski, M. Goodman, R. Rossetti, K. Rogers, E. Czorapinski, J. Fitzgerald, A. Stamer. Junior Prom The Junior Class of the Mount held its Junior Prom on May 6 from 8 to 12 o'clock at the Holiday Inn downtown. The ballroom resounded with the tunes of the John Moran Orchestra. The juniors were intrigued with the novelty of the Grand March, after which a necklace was pre- sented to their charming friends. B O T T O M LEFT: RELAX- ATION - Juniors and their dates take a break before the Promenade begins. PROMENADE - The Junior Class anxiously awaits the begin- ning of the Grand March. TOP: MEMO RY- S.A.C. members W. Pound, C. G o r d o n, T. Hirsch, M. Ordachowski, J. Swift, and W. Valente presented their dates with bouquets of roses. ENTRANCE - C. Govatos, J. Buchness,D. Edwards and their dates turn in tickets before entering the ballroom. ACTIVITIES "You mark a stage in the development of mankind: from now on retreat is impossible, progress essential. arrom Pope Paul VI's United Nations speecm 45 ABOVE: MAIN SPEAKER - Brother Placidus, former principal of Mount Saint Joseph, compliments the alumni for their support of the school. BELOW: MENEBERS - Alumni with their sons enjoy breakfast. RIGHT: M.C. - E. Danaher, Vice-President of the Alumni, introduces Brother Bartel. 46 Communion BreakfastL tops Alumni Year TOP: HONORED GUESTS - Offices and quest speakers were J. Kasper, W. Emerson, Brother John Edward, C.F.X., Brother Placidus, C.F.X., E. Danaher, N. Kropf e 1d e r, and Brother Bartel, C. F. X. The past Presidents and Moderator are A. Cashour, J. Broening, E. Devanney, A. Russo, L Gary, J. Murphy, H. Henneberger, M. O'Hara, and Brother Donatus, C. F. X. Im m ed i a t e 1y after the general meeting in the fall, the Alumni Association's committees moved into action, directing the Oyster Roast, the Alumni Dance in December, the Com- munion Mass and Breakfast in March, and the Bull Roast with the Alumni-Varsity baseball game in June. These were the main events. The Association's constantly increasing membership subscribing to the Mount Alumni News, shows the organization's continued success. h Camera Club Records School Events PLANNING - Brother Salvator, C. F. X. , and E. Brzozowski discuss a picture for publication. NEW DRYER - W. Brown shows a finished print to T. Fiddes. TEACHING - Learning to take pictures by practicing on the campus are T. Mc- Cormack, G. Summer, R. Harkum and J. Cubbage. The d a rk r o o m is the headquarters of the Camera Club. Here, using the two In 0d e rn labs, President Ed Brzozowski and Moderator Brother Salvator introduce students to photography. Senior Roland Harkum o p e r a t i n g from 102, snaps pictures for the M and Tower. t Almost 200 Mount stud e nts and their dates danced to the music of the Van Dykes in the cafeteria on December 22. ; New equipment and film was purchased from the profit of this annual dance, Sponsored in cooperation with S.A.C. and with the aid of the members of the club. Chess Team poslL Winning Season ABOVE: WELL PLAYED - B. Smith, A. Jackewitz finish a practice game. RIGHT: CONFERENCE - M. Vers a c e, President, and Br ot h e r Alfred, C. F. X. , Moderator discuss strategy before a match. BELOW: POST-MORTEM - J. Hall and L Palewicz rehash their games. On the day of a match, classroom 21 suddenly takes the nature of a battlefield. After school the m embers plot their strategy, choosing their best seven men to battle with the attachers from the rival school. Soon, on all the separate boards, pawns and knights storm castles and attack bishops, kings and queens. After an hour of carefully laid plots and treacherous counter-attacks, the victors begin to assassinate their enemies. When the second hour ends, the war has been won or lost. As the scorers are totaled for report to the Maryland Scho- lastic Chess League, room 21 once again becomes a classroom. BOT TOM: WELCOME - D. Powell, J. Draine and J. Dig na n accept a classmate's congratulations on being accepted by the club. 48 Great Books Mem bers aware of Masters Plato, S op h a c 1 e s, Dante, Aris- totle, S hak e sp e are-their ideas will live for e ve r because of the beauty of their expression or the genius of their logic. In addition to these men, the Great Books members go into the basics of social life. Shaw or Swift can al- ways bring on an argument over Communism or social evils. Mach- iavelli or More start discussions on the extent of good government while Rosseau and de Tuqueville inspire both criticisers and lauders of A m e ri c a n democracy. Thus Gre at Books makes the members culturally and politically able to face the modern world. 49 TOP: SENIORS AND MODERATORS - Brother Bernardus,C.F.X.,J. Hall, D. Witt, M. Versace, J. Rutledge, D. Lilley, W. McCormack, F. Mc- Gloin, J. Juchno, J. Suchocki and Mr. Ondrejack comment on symbolism in Animal Farm. LEFT: JUNIORS AND MODERATORS - Brother Donald, C. F. X., J. Heaney, D. Dinan, M. Boule, M. Lang, T. Hirsch, J. Cusson, K. Jones, W. Shaub, J. Coolahan, J. Schuster, and Mr. Bishop discuss the significance of man in literature. BELOW: SOPHOMORES AND MODERATORS - J. Neels, J. Engers, R. Raman, A. Melaragno, R. Bourquin, M. Kurtzman, S. Morgan, R. Yingling, P. Bateman, R. Dooley, U. Leimkuhler see the enjoyment in even the most serious books. BOTTOM: FRESHMEN - D. Starr, J. Holden, R. Lilley, J. Campbell, J. Lucas, R. Peddicord, R. Pfeiffer, W. Will, T. Posluszny, W. Bures meet to start their program. Dramatics grows One-Acf ABOVE: IN PRACTICE - Mr. Kirby, Moderator, points out an effect 'to J. Hall, President, R. Raman, and M. Boule. RIGHT: TUITION NOT REFUNDABLE - Performance of "Refund" brings J. Kraft, J. Hall, M. Bo ule, M. G o u 1 d, R. Wise and R. Raman to the cafeteri a stage. B O T T O M: LIFE BOAT SCENE- Gently is the catch- woxd as Mr. Kirby helps M. Boule, J. Kraft and J. Hall perfect the fight scene from "Minor Miracle". The first 1: he a t ri c 31 presentation at Mount this year was "Refund by" Franz Karinsky, a farce mocking private schooling and high tuition rates. The student body received this play so en- thusiastically that the members prepared their second play with renewed spirit. Despite many staging problems, "Minor Miracle", at shipwreck drama. by Verne Powers, came off without a hitch. 50 Club with Plays ABOVE: PRINCIPAL'S OF- FICE - Confrontation be- tw e en student and faculty occurs when R. Raman meets his teaches, J. Hall, D. Peter, T. Burkhart, and M. Dombroski, eighteen years after graduation. LEFT;PROPS - Members M. Dombroski, D. P et er, M. Donnhauser and R. Wise also act as Stagehands. BOTTOM: PUBLICITY - M. Gould and T. Buxkhart hang a poster announcing "Minor Miracle. " Eh! RX f, X01, R t OPY MOW jgwmuv mm. , u t The Brothers are not the only ones who await for completion of Freshman Hall. Mr. Kirby alre ady looks forward to putting on a three- act play in the new auditorium. The members also realize the benefits of working before an audience on a full stage and the enjoyment de- rived from such dramatic presentations. 51 "Noblesse Oblige" ABOVE: OFFICERS:J. Heaney, T. Hirsch, J. Rutledge, Presi- dent, J. Stasiowski, W. Mc- Cormack and Adviser Brother Andreas, C.F. X., plan a meeting. LEFT: EXPECTANT- FIRST ROW:Juniors J. Gaare, W. McCarthy, D. Muirhead, D. Coughlan, M. Murphy, J. Holmes, B. Washburn, J. Coolahan, S. Brown and SEC- OND ROW: E. Rick 5, D. Dinan, G. Hetman, K. Jones, G. Kerr, M. Lang, J. Cusson, W. Shaub, J. Schuster, L. Cahoon, M. Massimini, and J. Turkos look forward to de- ciding society policy as sen- iors. BELOW: H E I. P I N G HAND - Seniors W. Valente and D. Lilley Volunte er to tutor Freshmen. Tutoring students in French or Physics. . . helping teachers correct tests. . .showing visitors the sc ho ol-these are the normal at c t 1 vi ti e s of Honor Society members. "Noblesse Oblige", the national society's motto, is their incentive in helping others. They also have duties to t h e m s e 1v e s, improving their minds. During their meet- ings slides are shown and lectures given de- signed to help them understand the mental and cultural needs of the world. Only then canthey effectively serve their fellow man. 52 Scholarship and Service ABOVE: GUIDES - J. Happel and T. Holmes wait to ex- plain the library to visitors during an open house. RIGHT: SOPHOMORES - FIRST ROW: M. Kurtzman, T. Perry, A. Melaragno, T. Yingling, J. Ruggerio, J. Engers, U. Leim- kuhler. SECOND ROW: T. Kimball, J. Neels, R. Ra- man, 8. Morgan, R. Bour- quin, P. Kasper, and P. Stu- pinski wait for their meeting to begin. RIGHT: SENIORS - FIRST ROW: R. 1.2- Verghetta, I. Peter, D. Austin, M. Ver- ace, T. Crone, W. Valente, C. Kelly, R. Muirhead, W. Caffrey, D. Witt. SECOND ROW: J. Renner, R. Puzniak, R. Bolton, A. Kircb ner, R. Harbaugh, G. Gavin, A. Ross- back, C. Miller, F. McGloin, J. O'Con- nor, J. Suchocki, T. Fiddes, A. Jones, D. Lilley, and J. Herr enjoy the i rposition of responsibility in the student body. Fren ch Club discovers The French Club has presented an opportunity for students taking French to develop their conversational and listening skills in that language. The members, under the moderation of Brother Declan, C. F. X. , hear French songs and listen to other students' papers de- livered in French. On April first, the club attended Mercy High School's annual French Day, where the members could learn in the company of scholars from other high schools. TOP: ENTHRALLED - Another story from Brother Declan, helps R. Fetters, A. Zephir, E. Haer, A. Jones, J. Kerr, and J. Stasiowski enjoy a French meet- ing. ABOVE: BEFORE - T. Holbrook brings the re- coxd player to a French meeting. BELOW: OFFICERS - J. Stasiowski, W. Mc- Cormack, and A. Jones set the agenda for the rest of the year. 54 Life and Culture of Europe mmam , LEFT: J. Kerr returns a tape recorder to the library. ABOVE: ALOUETTE - Singing along with Brother Declan, A. Zephir, and R. Fetters are A. Jones, J. Smith, E. Haer, and W. McCormack. BELOW: ATTENTIVE - Listening to A. Jones' paper on the French army are T. Holbrook J. Kerr and P. Harding. 55 L. 1- WWPTIES 0f PMIZJ 56 AAaH1 League spurs Student Interest Clubs, contests and projects comple- ment each other at the Mount. The school is a member of the Baltimore Math Le a g u e, an organization which sp onsors an annual Math Day where students discuss pertinent topics, solve math puzzles and spend a day in a stimulating atmosphere. Mount stu- dents also participate in the contests s p o n s o r e d by the Mathematical As- sociation of America, and the Xave- rian Br 0 t h e rs. Because of the mem- bers interest, the Mount consistently p 1 ac es in the state's top ten schools. They have won the Brother's math con- test for four 5 1: rs. i g ht years and have brought n a t i o n all recognition to the Mount. TOP: MOUN T DELEGATION - Math Lea gue President, J. Hall, explains Math Day preparations to junior rep- resentatives W. Schaub, S. Brown and J. Coolahan. ABOVE: CONTEST - Practicing for the National Math Exam, J. Juchno, D. Witt, D. Austin and F. McGloin work problems in the Guidance Office. LEFT: ATTENDING: Nu m b e r theory project intrigues J. Suchocki, R. Muir- head, D. Hester, and W. Caffrey. BELOW: LECTURE: S. Morgan and W. Zboyan work Geometry problems at the board. Shgas gahw CTedH TOP: SPIRITUAL - D. Hesch solos while FIRST ROW: R. Wise, R. Block- ston, E. Richards, J. Heaney, W. Ebberts, D. Lilley, D. Austin, J. P et er. SECOND ROW: P. DiMartino, M. Brantley, M. Giles, J. Reger, J. Hooper, M. Wolf, J. Buchness, T. Cooke, D. Peter. THIRD ROW: M. Shacklette, T. Rickter, M. Ricker, J. Sikina, J. Neels, G. Jeffers, M. McMullin, A. Hernandez. FOURTH ROW: T. Duvall, R. Feurer, J. Kraft, J. Happel, M. Murphy, J. Presti, D. Muirhead, D. Parker. FIFTH ROW:J. Mohler, L. Tribull, C. Gallion, S. Morris, G. Williamson, C. Price, F. Buchacz, C. Ford. SIXTH ROW: T. Brown, J. Holmes, M. Mohler, J. Hall, The Glee Club incorporated into the school curriculum, bringing instruction in reading music, as well as in school practice, regular grades and credit for the c ourse. A self-imposed demerit syst e m held control, and both inno- vations prepared the members for their work. Miss V. Reinecke Opened the year with the t ra d i ti 0 na 1 Christmas Cone ert with the Trinity Prep Club. This was followed by performances at Charles Center and the Maryland Pen- itentary. Our Spring Concert with the Boys' Choir from Immaculate Heart and Graduation closed the season. W. Valente, J. Juchno, J. Rutledge, G. Hart. SEVENTH ROW: R. Puzniak, A. K i r c h n e r, C. Carnaggio, M. Dooley, and M. Stephens wait to join in on the refrain. ABOVE: UNITED- The two Glee Clubs combine to sing for one of the largest concert audiences ever at the Mount. LEFT:DIRECTORS - Miss V. Reinecke and Mr. N. Sydnor pooled their talents to produce the concert. BELOW: "PUNCH" - Miss V. Reinecke 1e ads the Club in singing a sixteenth century piece. Band leads MouniL Music Program 58 TOP LEFT: PERFORMANCE - Band entertains at Father-Son Sports Night. ABOVE: LESSON -Brother Peter, C. F. X.teaches A Schweinsberg a difficult pattern. LEFT: INTERPRETATION - 1. Catch, R. Sears, D. Coakley and W. Feild consult on the playing of a number. BELOW: FIRST CHAIR - B. Smith, D. Hester, E. Collins, C. Gavin, S. Domina, J. Hall, S. Kaptain, and C. Murray share responsibilities ' as heads of sections. Not only does the school band serve to instruct in playing various instruments, but it also per- forms at many school functions. At many a football game, one hears above the clamor of fans and whistles of referees the rhythmic beat of the band. It was there at Sports Night, and, it again'performed at the activities assemblies. The band's greatest event of the ye ar was the Spring C o n C e r t. Held this year on May 1, "Down Beat at Eight" c onsi sted of marches, Waltzes, and rhapsodies. During the concert, out 5 t a nd i n g graduating band membels were awarded the Fathers' Club Fidelity Awards, and D. Hester the coveted Arion Award. ABOVE: LECTURE - Mr. P. Kreiner, the origins of "swing" to the club. RIGHT: SETTING UP - T. McAllister and W. Wessel, pre- pare to listen to a Gene Krupa album. BELOW: TOMMY DORSEY - Brother Salvator, C. F. X. , dis- Moderator, explains t cusses records with W. Will, T. McAllister and D. Starr. 59 For the first time at the Mount, followers of jazz were able to meet weekly to listen to music and discuss masters of improvisation. They began by studying the origin of jam in the mournful songs of the Negro plantation laborer. From these sad melodies, came the Basin Street Blues of New Orleans. Next they ex- a mine d the vocal and instrumental development of jazz from the first and frantic mumbezs of the twenties,ffom "Bop" and Benny Goodman to the "cool" jazz of today. Political Affairs Con cerned of ABOVE: RA T I F I C A T IO N - The Club's Constitutional Committee, M. Murphy, C. Perry, I. Ma rt e'll i ni, D. Dinan, President, M. Gardner, Mr. J. Omlor, and F. Schneider answer one of M. Versace's question about the club's new constitution. RIGHT: DISCUSSION - Mem- bexs J. Herr, R. Doyle, F. McGloin, C. Ford, P. Stup- inski, R. Raman, T. Fiddes, S. Brown, C. Summers, T. Jagielski, P. Guercio, D. Hester and M. Kurtzman listen to a description of the im- peachment process under the new constitution. 6O With All Aspects ;American Life Can war be justified? Should we demonstrate against social in- justice? The Political Affairs Club discussed these and other issues this year. The most popular p oli t i c 31 speaker was Thomas D'Allessandro, President of the Baltimore City Council. Movies led to forums on topics like the government's secretly cashiering men withunpopular ideas and the military's right to work outside of Common Law. By exchanging ideas, members broadened their views on politics in America and in the world. TOP: S UPPLIES - S. Brown, J. Hall, and R. Raman bring the projection equipment to 309 for a meeting. ABOVE: INNER CITY PROBLEMS - Father Joseph Connelly, curate at St. Gr e g ory the Great Church, sp e a k s to the club. Father Con- nelly told of the situation in the inner city and discussed the role of civil rights groups in solving the Negro's problems. R I G H T: RESEARCH - B. Smith, T. Fiddes, J. Herr and D. Hester prepare for a debate with the Public Speaking Club on the escalation of the Viet Nam war. 61 Speech Club Tournament ABOVE: D E C LA MA TIO N: President, D. Dinan, uses a fist-banding oratorical style to address a meeting. RICH T: EXTEMPORE - C. Perry presents x his side of a topic to J. McLeme, F. Gunter, S. Morgan, S. Brown, and C. Murphy. BELOW: FACING OFF - T. McCormack, T. Yi 119 11 ng, and R. Dooley prepare to de- bate the wisdom of right-to-work laws with J. Dix and A. Hernandez. ,r'm mud The Public Speaking Club has done much to put the Mount in the head- lines as a winner. Mr. L Ondre- jack '5 o r a t o r s have consistently c a p t ur e d statewide honors from various contests. Practically every m e mb e r won honors from one of the regional Optimists' Club con- tests. In the American Legion zone finals, C. Fisher c a p t ur e d first prize, and second and third went to S. Morgan and T. Perry. C. Fisher won the state finals. For this he received a $300 scholarship. He also won the Catholic War Veterans' post c 0 nt e s t, and was awarded first prize, a $100 savings bond. In this competition, W. Bures took second place, and T. McAllister and K. Neels tied for third. The school also received a certificate of appreciation for its interests in these contests. 62 63 ABOVE: WELL DONE - Mr. L Ondrejack congratulates U. Leimkuhler and C. Fisher on their excellent contest re- coxds. LEFT: DEBATE - G. Saunders practices before a meet. BELOW: CHAMPIONS - T. McCormack, J. Kraft, W. Bures, U. Leimkuhler and D. Dinan listen attentively as C. Fisher gives the speech that won the intramural contest. Parents Sports NighlL brings Fathers, Sons together This year's Father's Club, presided over by Mr. V. Morgenroth and m o d e r a t e d by Brother Berchmans, C. F. X; ,and Brother Dean, C. F. X. , has continued in its purpose of bringing the father closer to his son's school life. Some of the guest speakers at the monthly meetings were the Am eric an Legion County commander, Sgt. Vought of The Baltimore Narcotics Squad, and a rep- resentative of the Peace Corps. Entertainment was pro- vided by the Am eric an Legion's "Balladeers" at two meetings and by a student talent show at a third. Father-Son Sports Night, featuring members of the Colts, Orioles, Clippers, and Bullets, was, as usual well at- tended. A golf demonstration was given, and after- wards a movie produced by the N. F. L. was shown. Music was provided by the school band. The annual Oyster Roast, held in January in the Lord Baltimore Hotel, received an excellent turnout, as did the Father-Son Communion Breakfast. ABOVE LEFT: OFFICERS - Brother Berchmans, Mr.V. Morgenroth, Mr. F. Furletti, Mr. F. Neville, and Mr. Murphy discuss the success of Sports Night. LEFT: EN- TERTIANMENT - The American Legion's "Balladeers" singing at a me eting. BELOW LEFT: PROGRAM - A Guest Speaker from the American legion checks with Mr. C. Brown and Brother Dean onthe meeting's sched- ule. BELOW: SPORTS NIGHT .. Mr. Gus Johnson of the Bullets, Mr. J. Plevyak, and Brother John Edward, C. F. X. , chuckle over a reply by Mr. Woody Ryan. t Clubs Mothers meetL at 1 Communion BreakwtasiL One of the Mount's most active organizations is not a student-participated activity. The Mothers' Club pro- gram include bake sales, a fashion show, a Communion Mass and Bre akfast and a Day of Recollection. The Moderators, Brother Berchmans and Brother Dean, also supply talks, plays and other activities for the regular monthly meetings. A few times each year, The Mothers and Fathers' Clubs join forc es for talent night or the Spring or Fall Dance. ABOVE RIGHT: OFFICERS - Mrs. G. Truitt, Mrs. V. Morgenroth, Mrs. F. Neville, and Mrs. P. Kelly look bake on a successful year at the Communion Breakfast. RIGHT: COMMITTEE HEADS - Mrs. Sansberg, Mrs. McKay, Mrs. Hermann, Mrs. McCarthy, Mrs. Jarboe, Mrs. Neville, Brother Dean, Mrs. Morgenroth, Brother Berchmans, Mrs. Zabre, Mrs. Truitt, Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Culley kept the Club active and informative. BELOW: COMMUNION BREAKFAST - Presiding over the breakfast were Brother Berchmans, Mrs. P. Kelly, Brother John Edward, Father Blaise, C.P., Brother Nirvard, C. F. X. , Brother Bartel, C. F. X. , Mrs. V. Morgenroth, and Brother Dean. BELOW RIGHT: SPEAKER - Father Blaise listens to the President of Xaverian College, Brother Nirvard. ABOVE: CHECKING IN - T. Hirsch, T. McCormack, T. Govates, R. Raman, J. Smith, W. Heuerman, D. Peter, C. Juenette, T. Yingling, and M. Kurtzman prepare fora hard day's work. RIGHT: EDITORS - L. diPoala, K. Kearns, C. Wood, and R. LaVerghetta discuss a layout with Mr. William Bauern- schub, Moderator. BELOW: REPORTERS - J. Engers, F. Schneider, D. Dinan, R. Harkum, and J. Schuster research a story. Quill Spreads The gill's six issues kept the Mount informed about campus ac- tivities and give the students a chance to learn journalism from experience. In its four pages, the staff members find room for any of their special interests. Mr. Bauernschub, working to help his colum ni sts became more experienced, took them to the Villanova Publications Conference, where they could discuss the paper with professional newsmen. This experience, and the staff's own initiative, combined to make the M better then many college publications. 66 Campus News ABOVE RIGHT: TYPISTS - J. Happel and W. Soltesz work to get a w issue to press on time RIGHT: SPORTS - M. Atkinson, J. Koenig,G. Doetze r, L Gilbert, R. Culp, E. Russell, D. Mohler, M. Dooley and P. Bateman discuss their assignments. BELOW: FINISHED PRODUCT - L. Bryant, P. Bush- nell, J. Cusson, S. Morgan, B. Haske, M. lang, J. Dix, J. Pet er, D. Lilley, W. Bures, and K. dePasquale check theirwork in a completed edition. BELOW RIGHT: VILLANAOVAN - Father Louis A. Ron 9 oi n e takes time out from the convention to compare his college's paper and the M with R. LaVerghetta and C. Wood. Tower int -Preserving the school . "I TOP: CONSULTATION - Editor W. Von Hagel and Brother S alv a t or, C. F. X. , set up a tentative deadline schedule. ABOVE: SPORTS - Editor M. O'Connell decides on the cropping of a picture. RIGHT: EDITORIAL CONFERENCE - J. Hall, J. Bauman, J. Koontz, and T. Holmes try to give the Tower a unifying theme. BELOW: ACTIVITIES - Staff members J. Suchocki and G. Gavin check their assignments before starting write-ups. w Bill Von Hagel edited the Tower this year; Brother Salvator was m 0d e r a t or. They and their assistants began work last Spring, picking up again in the Fall with the experience 9 ained in October at the Columbia Yearbook Convention. Pictures were taken at school events through the year, and as the time for completion approached, the Tower office became a center of feverish activity. ABOVE: PHOTOGRAPHY - R. Harkum and E. Brzozowski confer about cropping pictures. LEFT: MONEY PROBLEMS - J. Mack totals subscriptions to the Tower. ABOVE: TYPIST - J. Happel ran off rough copy and a final approved version of write-ups and captions. LEFT: POSITIONING - Layouts demand the concentration of under- class assistant T. Fiddes. The Radio Club lets students find out more about e lectronic s and helps them apply this knowledge. Transitors, capacitors and circuits were discussed in detail in the meetings before the students could begin working the Mount "Ham" station. Once they had gained a thorough knowledge of the workings of a transmitter and receiver, the members were equipped to operate W3DYK, as they had in previous years. t mew , uessmmwwu'm W3DYK Main Radio Activity TOP LEFT: TESTING - B. Oleksiuk and M. Brzozowski ask Brother Carey, C. F. X. about the use of a ammeter. ABOVE: VOLTMETER - J. Coola- han, L Cahoon, T. Keane, P. Bushnell, E. Stubbs, G. Summers and F. Crispens inspect more testing apparatus. LEFT PARTS - T. Posluszny, T. Jagielski, S. Biernatowski and R. Klein question the working of a transitor. BELOW: WIRING - P. Guercio, C. Hughes, M. Massimini, T. Sikina, J. Happel and M. Stephens discuss circuits. Freshman show i Scientific In iHaHve t ABOVE: BIOLOGY - W. Will and K. Shanks prepare their demon- stration on mitosis. BELOW: CANCER - D. Hall and J. Wdods pre- sent their paper on the detrimental effects of smoking. A rt 5; gram our . cum 1'; zi'r'nzsk iisfxuuxp C 1:? ABOVE: FIRST PLACE - P. Guercio explains his project, "Subsonic Drag on Different Nose Cones" to Mr. J. Omlor. BELOW: THIRD PLACE - J. MCLane greets the judges with an explanation of michrotechnique. On Febru ary 28, Mount students displayed the fruits of their scientific labor at the annual Science Fair. The stu- dents, directed by Brother joseph, C.F. X. , and Brother Melvin, C. F. X. , set up their exhib its and were then judg ed by teachers and students from Xaverian College and Good Counsel High School. Winners in the Junior Division, Freshmen, were P. Guercio,, first, J.Larkin, second, and J. McLane, third. The Senior Division prizes were won by M. Lang, V. Morgenroth, and T. Hirsch; K. Neels, I. Kovacsi and M. Versace were given Honorable Mention for their projects. Upperclassmen PENIULL IN mowmvrw w m mm W A Gain TOP: EFFECT OF DRUGS - V. Morgenroth and T. Hirsch observe the effect of penicillin on virus-innoculated mice. LEFT: THIRD PLACE - K. Neels shows one of the results of his genetics experiment. BOTTOM: ADMIRING PUB- LIC - Many students, their parents and friends attended the evening session of the Science Fair. BELOW: JUDGING - Brother Joseph, C. F. X. , checks M. Lang's first prize entry. DEFERMZNR mmow game Finals in Scien ce Fair SCHI'E k TOP: PELTIER EFFEC T - L. Happel explains his thermodynamics project after school in the Gym. ABOVE: ELECTROBIOLOGY - G. Gavin and F. MC Gloi n study A. Kirchner's work on nerve stimulation. ABOVE RIGHT: PHYSICS - J. Holmes waits to explain his project to an in- terested freshman. RIGHT: OBSERVERS - S. Greisz, R. Connor, Mr. J. Omlor, W. Bures, T. McAllister and J. Cahill inspect a project. Although a science club was not formally or- ganized this year, a seri es of scientific films were shown after school in the Physics lab. The films dealt with Major White's walk in space, nuclear science, cosmic rays, rocketry, tran- sistors and other aspects of science. Sparks RetreatL gives Senior Year Spiritual Start DEPARTURE - Class 212 waits for the bus behind St. Joseph Hall. REHEARSAL - Brother Carroll, S. M. , directs, the first-night singing practice. RELAXATION - Basketball and volleyball courts, a baseball diamond and a football field were available during re- creation. COUNSELING - L.Bowen asks advice from the retreatmaster. During the early months of the year, Monsignor C. O'Dwyer and his staff administered to the spiritual needs of the Mount's seniors at the CYO Retreat House. Every week a different class arrived and stayed for three days, assisting at Mass, Benediction and the Stations, and keeping an atmosphere of peace and serenity. The day's schedule included both individual and group conferences; and discussions of problems pertinent to the teenager were held. This retreat from the activity of the city made it easier to face current problems and responsibilities. 74 Un derclassmen receive Spiritual Guidcm ce at Christmas Retreat The Passionist Fathers from St. Joseph's Monastery conducted the Mount underclassmen's annual retreat. The school chapel and gym became retreat houses as nine hundred boys assisted at Mass and Com- munion, lent an ear to the priest's words at the conferences, and made p eriod s of silent meditation for their own spiritual benefit and the glory of God. Because of the school's effort, many students were able to leave the material world long enough to see it in its proper per- spective. FORUM - Mr. L. Ondrejack asks M. Mohler, M. Westover and W. Talbott their opinion of the first conference. ABOVE: MUSIC - J. Hall and S. Greisz choose the hymns to be sung at Mass. Guitars were first used during Mass, at the Mount during retreat. I'NOW PRAISE WE ALL OUR GOD" - Juniors sing at their class Mass in chapel. BLESS ME, FATHER - C. Martin takes advantage of one of the many opportunities for confession. 75 The Student Activity Council, in its four years of existence, has gained an enviable reputa- tion for services. S.A.C. 's committees, working under the officers and Moderator, Brother Thomas, C. F. X. , are involved in all aspects of school life. Presenting student petitions to the administra- tion, assisting the many or- ganizations in their special fields, and h a n d i n g the school's apostolate - all are done by S.A.C. No matter what the question, if it's ac- tivity, S.A. C. is there. S.A.C. spells Action CANDIDATES - Senior rep- resentatives and their cam- paign managers J. Peter, W. V all e nt e, B. Stauch, V. O'Connell, J. Truitt, L. Mc- Ginn, J. Swift, F. Schneider, W.Pound, D. Witt, F. Beccio, J. Loovis, P. Smith, and J. Mor an wait to present their speeches. DEMONSTRATION: Students show their support for D. Gordon after he was nom- inated. IN - J. Buchness and F. Schneider take D. Witt's ID as R. Brossoit waits his turn to vote. AND OUT - B. Sturm throws back the curtain after voting. P. O'Connell enters the voting booth and M. Powers waits his turn. REPRESENTATIVES - S.A.C. men, FIRST ROW:J. Peter, D. Bace, J. Buchness, J. Deponai, M. Mohler, J. Johnson, M. Culotta, D. Peter. SECOND ROW: Brother Thomas, J. Delaney, C. Wood, G. Heil, P. McGinn, J. Serio, T. Hogan, R. Fagan. THIRD ROW: R. Moxley, M. Atkinson, T. Hirsch, D. Neville, M. Odachowski, A. Stamer, R. Long, J. Eagers. FOURTH ROW: M. Andrew, P. Cooke, W. Pound, J. Swift, C. Gordon, W. Valente, H. Muse, L. McGinn. FIFTH ROW: J. Conklin, T. Killen, D. Kropfelder, J. Loovis, D. Witt, R. Brossoit, V. O'Connell, and J. Moran gather in the Gym before an assembly. ABOVE: AWARDS A S SEMBLY - C. Gordon thanks the Student Body for its cooperation in the int r a m u r a 1 sports program. OFFICERS - Student Body heads W. Pound, Treasurer, C. Gordon, President, W. Valente, Secretary, and J. Swift, Vice-President, plan an assembly. 77 The Religious Activities Committee this year took over the work of the C. S. M. C. and the Sodality. The students participation in the committee's helping at Rosewood State Hospital, the charity drive, the Christmas food drive and the R. A. 's other activities showed the wisdom of the incorporation of these organizations. ABOVE: TOTALS - J. Blinke, J. Incas, and L McGinn check the results of the yearlong charity drive. RIGHT: PACKING UP - C. Wood, M. Massimini and W. McCormack return mite boxes to the storage closet. BELOW: FOOD DRIVE - G. Kerr helps in the packing of the food boxes. BELOW: RIGHT - R. A. members load cars with food to distribute in the inner city. R.A. helps Students Live their Religion 78 S.A.C. aids Sports Program REFRESHMENTS - S. A. C. men again sold refreshments and did the commentary at games this year. Here, D. Peter, R. Raman, R. Pagan, W. Valente and J. Conklin quench the thirst of J. Wolf, C. Wood and D. Brom's. BELOW: L Brossoit and P. Cooke announce the plays as J. Loovispicks up sideline information on the "walkie-talkie. " MIDDLE RIGHT: SPORTS NIGHT - S. A. C. ran several raffles to pay for the new backstop. Here, T. Poisal, T. Herrmann, I. Peter, D. Peter, J. Johnson, G. Howe and D. Witt wait for the results of. one of them. RIGHT: SCHOLARSHIP - The biggest moneymaker was the one-year scholarship S. A. C. raffled off. As D. Witt and T. Hirsch wait expectantly, M. Atkinson pulls the winning name from the barrel. Poster Committee announces School Activities S. A. C. this year took over the job of publicizing the events of dif- ferent activities. The Poster Committee, S.A.C. 's publicity arm, bore the brunt of this work. TOP MATERIALS - I. Peter, Chairm an, prepares to get his com- mittee's posters finished. ABOVE: COMPLETION - W. Mitchell, R. Mitchell and D. Peter cooperate to get up posters for "Monk's Night Out". RIGHT: HANGING - E. Toggart and W. Heuerman distribute posters through out the school. 80 SOPHOMORES The Sophomore S. A.C. representatives for 1965-66 were:I-I. Muse, J. Engers, P. McGinn, J. Froncoski, R. Long, R. Middleton, G. Heil, and J. Johnson. "Peace, as you know, is not built up only by means of politics, by the balance of forces and of interests. It is constructed with the mind, with ideas, with works of peace. You labor in this great construction. . . . The roads are already well marked out for you. . . " Wrom Pope Paul VI'S United Nations speechJ 81 LEFT: T. Wise, G. Schafer, J. McGloin, J. Taylor, R. Bourquin, J. Moore, P. Stupinski, T. McCormack. LEFT: D. Dutrow, M. Ward, P. Bateman, J. Neels, M. Kurtzman, C. Scherf, G. Saunders, J. Spadaro, U. Leimkuhler, W. Soltesz. BELOW: C. Fischer, R. Raman, M. MacKay, S. Morgan. RIGHT: T. Perry, T. Yingling. A. Melaragno, W. Zbo- yan, R. Dooley, F. Damico, J. Engers, E. Hughes, P. Kasper, C. Yo e, J. Wis- niewski, L. Flaig. 82 FIRST ROW:J. Mongelli, V. Keavney, C. Wrightson, G. Mewahaw, D. Pompa, M. Dombrosky. SECOND ROW: J. Welsh, J. Easley, C. Herr; M. O'Doherty. F. Gunter, E. Matysec, W. C r 0 mi n, R. Rasinski, J. Sybor, G. Heil. FIRST ROW: B. Ole- ksiuk, W. Mitchell, M. Otten, C. Czar- ski, T. Meyer. SEC- OND ROW: R. Zorn, R. Fischer, P. Lan- sella, J. Ruggiero, F. Hall, G. Hancock, L Beverungen, T. Kimball, G. White, H. Raphel. BELOW: K. Freeman, L. Walsh, J. Hock, E. Kavanaugh, M. Aversa, J. Cieslowski, J. Gruver, C. Gallion, M. Mc- Manus, I. Kovacsi. Class 111 Around The Campus TOP LEFT: FIRST ROW: A. Jaworski, T. Renehanl D. Mohler, M. Newstead, M. Fortin, R. Miller, T. Gollery. SECOND ROW: J. Hogg, R. Middleton. THIRD ROW:A. Hernandez, A. Kern. ABOVE: F. Dougherty, J. O'Neill, M. Wehner, T. Sikina, J. Dix, T. Lupinek, C. Hobeck, R. Burch, D. Murphy, B. Barnes. LEFT: F. Passarello, S. Morris, V. Daley. 84 F. Santiago, M. Pfister, C. Moore, D. Hesch, J. Kapinos, V. Musacchio, A. Amereihn, 5- Crew, F. Giza. Class 112 I Discusses The Future R. Nilson, F. Cipolloni, P. Keil, P. Welsh, J. Langford, R. lohnmeyer, D. Deangelis, L. Ely, R. Keary, T. Burke. T. Foltyn, J. Mettee, B. Haske, L. Geiser, M. Bateman, H. Muse, R. Secoura, T. Nawrocki, L. Schiavi, M. McAvoy, C. Jeunette, H. Betch, R. Carmody, A. Nagy. mu - 15mm ABOVE: FIRST ROW: J. Carrol, W. Parr, W. VanSeibel, C. Jansky, J. Haynes. SEC- OND ROW:J. Cavey, W. McDonald, E. Koontz. ABOVE RIGHT: M. Kovacevich, P. Beit- man, J. Pindell, R. Groszkowski. B. Struck, D. Zeller, J. Taylorson, M. Norman, LE. Johnson, F. Malony, D. Berrier, J. Gentry, P. Wojciechowski, M. Pytel. ammlunhuwv . C. Fritts, J. Iampieri, J. F. Johnson, I. Buck, J. Baker, I. Brill, M. Jaremczyk, C. Chole- wczynski, R. Derencz. J. DeAngelus, G. Das, R. Wichard, P. Kapovich, L Pague, R. Garcia, 8. Waters. M. DiCicco, C. Reynolds, B. Buleza, T. F. Callinan, T. Poisal, D. Lehman. Berends, Class 774 On The Go J. Herold, J. Dougherty, R. Long, R. Wotthlie, J. Jirsa, D. Walters, S. Maggie, L. Grimmel, R. Wolff, S. Vicchio. D. DeMuth, J. Meyers, B. Nolan, R. Gary, G. Donohue, A. Feild, W. Birago. Class 115 Enjoys Lighter Moments Of The Day L. Tribull, B. Coates, W. Leppert, J. Jarvis, J. Kuhns, J. Pusloskie, W. lauerman, T. Nunn, J. laun, C. Thanner, L Ireland, J. Clark, V. Thompson, T. Hynes. FIRST ROW: V. Vogelsang, F. Monczewski, G. Hart, V. Tarmon, L. Boehl. SECOND ROW: D. Reed, T. Taylor, S. Boone. J. Blinke, M. Murray, C. Wharry, J. Fuchs, V. Vogelsang, F. D'Agostino, L. Lentz, E. Bavis, W. Benbow, E. Slifker. E. Bavis, A. Richards, T. Demitt, T. Murray, J. Bailey, J. Froncoski, F. Shanty, R. larkin, P. Doherty, J. Krop- felder, T. Cero. R. Spaniel, V. Keys, K. Shawler, P. Snellinger, F. McDaniel, R. Vogel, M. Brady. J. Blinke, B. Harrison, J. Delaney, K. Boone, T. Hatfield, M. Brzozowski, L. Heath, G. Rowan, J. Monmonier, J. Klimovitz, R. Shearer, G. Stepp, A. Longo, T. Walinski, H. Walker. ABOVE: J. Hallameyer, G. Wachter, J. Furletti, V. Cin- quegrani, F. Bader, L Brossoit. J. Olenski, P. Federline, M. Rouse, R. BELOW: J. Reynolds, J. D1Capua, W. Dav15,.R. Tavenner, . M. MacAndrew, T. Hoffman, A. Guyton, S. Rlce, J. Hemp, Kursch, W. Jordan, R. Etchlson, G. Von- R C'e ke J MCD ott M C h Paris, G. Trinite, w. Zaron. ' 1 r s, ' em , ' avanaug ' Class 777 Waits For The Bell E. Knight, T. Webster, P. McGinn, R. Johnston, R. Walsh, H. Quenzer, R. Sappington, L. Siejack. SPORTS CI Tho s 3A wow o INCORPORATED 'Coming upon you at a moment so beautiful, so brief but So important, as this, we have no better greeting, no better remembrance Or you than to repeat that holy salutation of Christ: Peace, His peace !" Grom Pope Paul VI's speech at Yankee stadiumJ 91 Gaels Bow Graciously This year, the Gaels sal- vaged two victories out of eight encountezs. Opening the season with a 25-61055 to Howard County High, the Gaels then faced Washington's St. Albans, losing by a score of 26-0. Favored Douglas was ups e t by the Gaels for their first victory, 8-0. After losing to perennial p o w e r s Poly t44-Oi and City t46-Oi, the Gaels d e f e a t e d Archbishop Curley 12-6. The squad finished the season with losses to C a 1 ve rt Hall tZZ-Oi and Loyola t14-Oi. Four year end Bruce Stauch led a relatively inexperienced offensive line. Ted Tremper, a 245 pound tackle and center Rick Moxley were the only other vet e ran starters in the front seven. Mike Ordachowski did a credible job at quarterback and Bob Connors with his clutch punting moved the Gaels out of many rough spots. TOP: C. Scroggin, R. Spaniol, R. Groszkowski, D. Hube, M. Miller, C. O'Connell, G. Cur- ran, J. Butcher, R. Connor, D. Vaughn, M. Ordachowski, M. Sturm, J. Bermudez, and Mr. V. Woods, Coach. RIGHT: L. Brown, T. Clear, 1,. Flaig, Mr. E. Nieberlein, Coach, J. Wolf, W. Fortin, B. Stauch. B O T T O M: J. Jarzynski, K. tKearns, L. McGinn, R. Lubin- ski, J. Hands, M. Sturm, J. K o e n i g, P. O'Connell, T. Crist, H. Fink, T. Tremper, S. Bents, J. Mullen, T. Haney, T. Perry. OPPOSITE, TOP: NO GAIN - S. Bents stops the ballcarrier for a short gain as R. Connor and K. Kearns rush to make the tackle complete. BOTTOM: SCORE! - C. O'Connell fights his way through tacklers to add six points to the Gael's score. "BesiL In Recent Years" FIRST ROW: Brother Thomas, C.F.X., M. Magyar, G. Von Paris, G. Heinrich, R. Tavenner, C. Yoe, M. Nowakowski, W. Lauermann, R. Wotthlie, M. Andrew, Brother Blaise, C.F.X., F. Damico, M. Otten. SECOND ROW: Brother Louis, C.F.X., Mr. J. Vicchio, D. Mohler, R. Edwards, H. Walker, R. Kappauf, M. Zaworski, F. Molony, L. Siejack, C. Fischer. THIRD ROW: T. Hoffman, C. Moore, R. Morraye, B. Hughes, J. Olecski, W. Davis, V. Seibel, L Grimmel, R. Long, J. Woytowitz. LEFT: BREAKING LOOSE! - H. Walker booms through the op- p os i ti on after an assist from R. Long to put the Gaels closer to pay dirt. RIGHT: HARD MAN TO STOP - H. Walker again takes the ball for a long gain as five foes finally fell him. Mr. Plevyak summed up this year's J. V. Football team as one of our best in recent years. Quarterbacks M. Andrew and G. Curran carried out the strategy that led the of- fensive attacks. H alfb a ck s B. Hughes and H. Walker and Fullback J. Olecski banged through tough defenses for substantial gains. The line protected t h e i r quarterback and ripped apart their foes to allow the backs to char 9 e for points. Ends W. Davis and W. Lauerman played both offense and defense. A good d efe ns e kept the scores close in most games and played a major part in their victories. WE THEY Patterson 0 18 Calvert Hall 0 0 City 0 18 Loyola 12 0 Archbishop Curley 12 8 Poly 0 8 Douglass 14 20 Lady Luck Frowns On LiHIe Gaels FIRST ROW: Brother Blaise, C.F. X., R. Bell, C. Fritts, G. Saunders, W. Clark, D. Dreibillis, D. Walter. SECOND ROW: Mr. J. Vicchio, Brother Thomas, C.F.X., T. Ryan, C. Jeffers, T. Wilson, E. Toggart, M. Keehan, M. Prenger, P. Connor. THIRD ROW: D. Zeller, M. Norman, M. Wehner, G. Paulman, L T. Kuetta, L. Brossit. FOURTH ROW: T. Hogan, J. Jirsa, J. 3 Presti, J. Sausnoek, S. Rice. FIFTH ROW: R. Kappauf, R. Fisher, R. Zorn, S. Vicchio, A. Kern, E. Kavanaugh, 5. Boone, J. Blinke, S. Miller, J. Moore. The little Gael's played tough games. S. Boone and S. Vicchio sparked the team on the offense and did a fine job moving the ball despite strong opposition. T. Wilson showed his great potential as both a ballcarrier and a pass receiver. His talents payed off when the Little Gaels tied Archbishop Curley. Leading a strong defense, whichplayed the key role in the close games, were D. Zeller and M. Norman, aided by J. Moore, who proved valuable to both the offense and defense. They formed the keystone to the wall which kept foes reason- ably in check. Despite good plays and players, the Fresh- Soph team was unable to gain a victory. It looked as though Lady Luck preferred their opponents this year. WE THEY Archbishop Curley O 0 Douglas 6 20 Loyola O 6 City 6 44 . . L , . . POIV 8 16 GOT HIM! - D. Zeller, foils the plans of another opponent Calvert Hall 8 36 by escorting their fullback to the turf. i GOING SOMEWHERE? - The ballcarrier doesn't seem to have i much choice in where to go as G. Jeffers, R. Zorn, J. Presti, S. Vicchio, and G. Bartnik drag him to the ground. Varsity Boofers Defhrone Patterson; RIGHT: GOAL! - H. Kazmierski rushes the ball, 4 to 0. LEFT: HEADS UP! - H. Kazmierski this time heads the ball to teammates to set up another score. RIGHT: QUICK THINK- ING - B. Pallay moves in to steal the ball from Southern with the backing of J. Strauss. 2 rd '-1 E K: City Poly Edmondson Calvert Hall Southern Patterson Mervo Park Southern Poly Hopkins Frosh Archbishop Curley Edmondson City Play-Offs Patterson vahoxcxmxluxmoop NHOONNHOOHH Take M.S.A. Championship VARSITY BOOTERS - E. Sokolowski, T. Wisniewski, J. Mon- gelli, mgr. , M. Wolf, and P. Kinsey take a break during prac- tice. The Varsity Soccer Team enjoyed its greatest season in a num- ber of years. They won the M. S. A. Championship by defeating Patterson in a thrilling contest that was called the best soccer game in this area in twenty-five years. This winning season was a great example of teamwork. Both the offense and defense per- formed excellently. H. Kasmierski led the power-paced offense and also led the M. S. A. in scoring. He was assisted by C. Glo- wacki, M. Pearman and R. Ament. Heading up the strong de- fense were D. Kropfelder and A. Wroblewski. The Gaels showed their power by placing six men on the All M. S.A. Team with tothers receiving honorable mention. This is a great tribute to t Mr. Kuhn.and his excellent coaching. He got the most out of all his booters and utilized his bench to the utmost. Many boys are t returning next year and another great season should be in store. ' M. Pearman and C. Glowacki receive congratulations and an admiring glance from Mr. Kuhn. R. Pecore, J. Strauss, B. Pallay, M. Pastore, T. Taylor, E. Vogel, A.Jones, and A. Wroblewski move in forpracticekicks to warm up for a game. 97 J.V. Takes Another M.S.A. Championship ABOVE: G. Heil, L. Warfield, R. Spranklin, M. Bateman, T. Foltyn, T. Meyer, P. McGinn, J. Kapinos, T. Bate- man, P. Federline, and T. Parsons. LEFT:P. McGinn, C. Jansky, W. Bauman, M. Ward, W. Talbott, Brother Bernardus, C.F.X., B. Oleksiuk, M. Mohler, T. Nelson, W.Quinn, P. Noon, and P. Federline. BOTTOM: L.War- field moves in to boot the ball past defenders for another Gael point. The J.V. Soccer Team had an amazing season. Theywon the M. S. A. C ha mpio nship. Their record was an im- pressive nine wins, one defeat, and two ties. This was the first season of coaching for Brother Bernardus. Every player gave a great effort in each game zmd the result was a championship. Some players responsible for this successful season were T. Meyer, T. Foltyn, J. Kapinos, M. and T. Bateman. WE THEY St. Paul's Latin 2 0 Mervo 2 Archbishop Curley 2 2 Park 1 0 Northern S 0 Southern 3 O St. Paul's Latin 0 1 Patterson 2 1 Edmondson 1 O Calvert Hall 0 O Poly 2 0 City S 1 Serviss and Fish Spark Cross Country HUSTLE! - This familiar sight is Brother Austin's Cross Country team straining up the hill from the lower road. P. Harding, R. Culp, C. Gladd- ing, D. Turner, M. Ruggiero, B. Washburn, and D. Lehrman work out under Brother Austin's watchful eye. The 1966 Mount Cross Country team, headed by coach Brother Austin, C. F. X. , ended the season with a good record. Hampered somewhat by a lack of experience, with only two seniors on the squad, the Varsity was still able to produce two first and two second places, out of seven league meets. Leading the Varsity runners were senior R. Serviss and junior J. Fish. The J.V., com- prised mostly offreshmen and sophomores, didn't fare as well as their older counterparts. Sopho- more J. Ruggiero lead the J. V. and took second in the Novice Race. Varsity J.V. Novice Race --- 2nd City, Patterson, St. Paul 2nd 3rd M. S. A. Meet 5th 11th Douglas, Mervo, McDonogh lst 2nd Xaverian Meet 2nd 3rd M. S. A. Meet 6th 12th Archbishop Curley, Poly, Dunbar lst 4th M. S. A. Meet 10th 12th BEST FOOT FORWARD - R. Serviss goes into the final leg of his work- out. FOLLOW THE LEADER - A. Hernandez, J. Shaub, D. Crawford, T. Carrol, and W. McDonald start off from the track on a run that will take them around the school grounds. NEARLY THERE - J. Fish strains to finish his practice run. Varsity Takes Second In M.S.A. City 62 33 Poly 61 34 Loyola 77 18 Calvert Hall 35 6O McDonogh 45 50 City 65 30 Poly 62 33 Loyola 66 29 Calvert Hall 28 67 McDonogh 48 47 LEFT: FIRST ROW: H. Dahlen, J. Stasiowski, M. Motsko, T. O'Doherty, R. Lohmeyer. SEC- OND ROW:J. Genthner, W. Metz, M. Nowakowski, D. Moran, Mr. A. Stasiowski, Coach. THIRD ROW: P. Haspert, J. Conklin, J. Gruver, and W. Motsko. Under new coach Mr. A. Stasiowski, the Gael Team put fOrth a good effort to take second place in the M. S. A. and end the season with a good, though not outstanding, seven wins and three defeats. Leading the Gael attack in the 400- yard Freestyle Relay,four seniors, J. Stasiowski, M. Motsko, J. Genthner, and C. Baugher, did a commendable job and went on to win the event in the M. S. A. In individual events, J. Genthner scored 84 out of a possible 100 points for the sea- son, won a gold medal in the St. Alban's Invitational Meet and was named the team's Most Valuable Swimmer. R. Loh- meyer scored 41 out of a possible 50 points for the season in individual events, took seven first place wins and was cited by the team for his outstanding contributions in the breast- stroke events. ABOVE: PUSH - D. Moran strains his muscles to get the jump on his oppo- nents. LEFT: STROKE! R. Loh- meyer pulls ahead of his rival in a breast-stroke race. Wins 400 yard Freestyle Relay Championship GO! - M. Motsko and W. Metz take off from the starting line on their way to another victory for Mount tankmen. RIGHT: CONCEN A ION - H. Dahlen concentrates on his landing spot and his form in the diving competition. ABOVE: FINISH e J. Genthner looksvery glad to see the finish line and to see that he has taken first place. RIGHT: CANNON BALL - B. Inmanimpresses the judges with a summersault in the Mount meet against Calvert Hall. FIaig Breaks 500 Yard Freestyle Record ABOVE: SPLASH! -J. Welch, named the most improved swimmer on the J. V, team demonstrates his backstroke. RIGHT: PERFECTION - R. Garner excecutes an e x c e 11 e nt jack-knife to the satisfaction of the judges. Facing tough opposition. Brother Declan's stars still had at least two fine moments. One was the win over Loyola which saved them from being blanked in wins for the year. The other was L Flaig's record time in the fifty-yard Freestyle event; 26. 2 seconds. WE THEY BELOW: FIRST ROW - City 18 68 J. Justice, J. Blinke, Poly 35 50 J. F1aig,J.We1ch, Loyola 33 53 BrotherDeclan, C.F.X., Calvert Hall 14 72 Coach. SECOND ROW: City 25 57 M. Norman, J. Reger, Poly 29 56 J. Deponai, T. Walin- Loyola 58 35 ski, T.McA11ister, Calvert Hall 17 69 and P. Burdett. 102 WiH Scores Mos!L Points In M.S.A. ABOVE TOSS UP - R. Bounds leaps above his Towson Catholic opponent to tap the ball to his teammates, D. Witt, and R. Connor. BELOW: FIRST ROW - J. Mohler, J. Moore, H. Allender, D. Witt, C. Scroggins, and W. Leppert. SECOND ROW: Brother Austin, C.F.X., Coach, D. Kropfelder, R. Connor, L. Brown J. Gaare, R. Bounds, and Mr. E. Nieberlein, Coach. In 4 years Of all the sports personalities of this year, the one who will be most r e m e m b er e d by Mount students is Danny Witt. Danny played football and baseball but was at his best on the basket- ball court. He started on the Varsity squad in his freshman year and played in 103 out of 105 games in four years. In his four years he s c or e d 1, 676 points, an M. S. A. record. He broke and set school records. He has the record for the most points in one year, the highest averag e for one year, the most field goals completed, the most foul shots completed, the highest individual total of points in one game at home or away, the highest career average at 16.3 points, and finished his senior year with 25 points per game. AIIencIer Named "Unsung Hero" For 1966 r g REBOUND - R. Connor and R. Bounds both try for this muffled Towson shot. DUNK IT! - R. Bounds stretches for a lay-up shot while D. Kropfelder waits below in case he should miss. BELOW: INTERMISSION - "When the going gets tough, the tough get going. " With this a ppr opriat e motto behind him, Mr. E. Nieberlein goes over the mistakes and plans new maneuvers for his team during the intermission. Gaels End Season With 77 98 Points Led by coaches, Mr. E. Nieberlein and Brother Austin, C.F. X. , the Varsity had one of its best years. They compiled a record of 17 wins and 8 defeats. In a playoff for the Catholic Loop Cham- pionship, they narrowly lost to Loyola, 62 to 58. WE THEY WE THEY Woodlawn 76 52 Calvert Hall 66 54 Hopkins Frosh 58 57 Patterson 58 46 McDonogh 86 67 Cardinal Gibbons 68 56 Cardinal Gibbons 71 54 Carver 84 54 Towson Catholic 70 82 Loyola 75 73 Edmondson 66 71 Poly 80 69 Carver 57 72 City 55 88 Poly 69 62 Towson Catholic 71 City 50 57 Archbishop Curley 66 55 Loyola 74 77 Mervo 84 57 Archbishop Curley' 77 63 Calvert Hall 56 7O Mervo 67 61 Patterson 79 47 Towson Catholic 62 61 Loyola 58 62 BELOW: FAKE - H. Allender feigns a shot in order to slip the ball to R. Connor while D. Kropfelder clears his way. RIGHT: MVP-D.Witt flies above his rival to block this shot. J. V. Basketball, Catholic Champions FIRST ROW: A. Vioki, L. Brossiot, B. Muse, G. Meushaw, T. Berends, J. Holden, SECOND ROW: R. Wottlie, R. Sappington, M. Forton, Mr. J. Savage, Coach, E. Ping, D. Pompa, D. Coghlan. GOAL! - G. Meushaw leaps above defenders to drop a 11 ot h e r one in the Gael's basket. Off to a poor start in their first six games, the J. V. team und e r the c caching of Mr. J. Savage, re- vived and wenLon to win 18 out of their last 19 g a m e s and end the season with an excellent 21 wins and 4 defeats. In addition to this, theJ.V. also took the Catholic Loop title losing only one game to Cardinal Gibbons. With the com- bination of high 5 c o r e r R. Fisher and leading rebounder M. Forton, Mr. Savage's boys were able to take revenge on the teams which had beaten them. Woodlawn Cardinal Gibbons Edmondson Carver Poly City Loyola Archbishop Curley Northern Mervo Towson Catholic Calvert Hall Patterson Cardinal Gibbons Carver Loyola Poly City Towson Catholic Archbishop Curley Northern Mervo Calvert Hall Patterson Loyola WE 52 31 3o 51 49 3o 49 59 40 45 44 6o 55 72 46 54 43 39 50 4o 37 45 46 50 56 THEY 32 47 56 39 47 42 34 23 35 32 38 33 25 38 37 46 38 64 33 25 35 30 41 22 33 SHOOT! - E. Ping strains sky-ward to lob the ball toward the basket. Frosh-Soph Takes Second Place In M.S.A. Under the leadership of coa ch Brother Louis, C.F , the 1966 Little Gaels put together an e x c e 1 1 e nt season and ended the year with 17 wins and6 losses. Lead by D. Dutrow, the team spirit award winner, I. Engers, the most v a In a b 1 a player, and G. VonParis, the Frosh-Soph team took second in the M. S. A. and tied for first place in the Catholic League. U 1: i 1 i zi ng both their talent and good teamwork, they played 0 u t s 1: an d in g games and won by as many as 26 points. T Cardinal Gibbons Edmondson Carver Poly City Loyola Archbishop Curley Northern Mervo John Carroll Calvert Hall Patterson Cardinal Gibbons Carver Loyola Poly City John Carroll Archbishop Curley Northern Mervo Calvert Hall Patterson LEFT: SINK IT! - G.VonParis goes up to lay the ball in the basket as G. Wachter and J. Engers wait for a possible rebound. RIGHT: REBOUND - G. Wachter gets the jump on his opponents to take the re- bound. BOTTOM: FIRST ROW - D. Dutrow, B. D'Anthony, E. Duffy, T. Ryan, M. M cG u ffi n, M. Dombrosky, D. Simons, V. Lombardi. SECOND ROW: W. Carey, M. Loskam, W. Schmidtchen, Brother Louis, C.F.X., P. Kane, G, VonParis, J. Engers. G. Wachter. Varsity Wrestlers FIRST ROW: A. Jaworski, J. Swift, L. McGinn, L. Siejack, P. McGinn, K. Jones, and Mr. B. Petrilli, Coach. SECOND ROW: H. Hoffnagle, R. Lubinski, T. Tremper, K. Kearns,R..Grosz- kowski. THIRD ROW: J. DiMartino, R. Gross, GRAB HIM! - K. Kearns takes hold of his I. Warner, W. Brown. opponent and quickly gets the upper hand. TAKE DOWN - Under the watchful eye of the referee, J. Swift tackles his adversary to boost the score for the Mount. Sucessful On Mat This year's Varsity team, led by Mr. B. Petrilli, c omp i 1 ed a fine record, five wins and three losses with one tie, and e nd ed the year on a happy note by winning their last three matches. Grapplers such as T. Tremper, J. Swift, and K. t Kearns led the team, putting to use the strategy imparted to them by their coach. D. Vaughn also proved valuable in the final games and was named the team's most im prov ed player. K. Kearns, after many fine displays of hisprowess on the wrestling mat, was honored by being named the team's most valuable player. WE THEY Archbishop Curley 37 3 Dunbar 19 19 MeDonogh 13 25 Forest Park 25 13 Gilman 7 28 D ouglass l 1 21 Friends 32 5 Mervo 23 15 Loyola 19 16 TIME - R. Groszkowski in a match with Mervo, has difficulties keeping his opponent in the ring. HEADS UP - J. Swift brings his Mervo opponent to the ground INJURED - Mr. B. P etri 111 and K. Kearns call time out to just prior to pinning him. look over injured R. Lubinski's right leg. 109 J.V. Grapplers Place Third In M.S.A. Meet THE BEST - The J.V. Wrestling team's two top w r e st 1 e r s M. Smith and C. Jeunette take time out to receive the congratulations of Mr. P. Kuhn, their coach. FIRST ROW: J. Neels, J. Schwarzmann, E. Richards, K. Weber, R. Richards, M. Brzozowski, SECOND ROW: A. Richards, P. Connor, C. Hobeck, V. Daley, L. Tribull, 8. Rice, A. Carozza. THIRD ROW: G. Saunders, G. Heinrich, A. Kern, C. Thanner and M. Andrew. PINNED! - R. Long pins teammate L. Grimmel in a practice match designed to help them develop their skills. Although the J.V. Wrestling team had a Chance to play in only one match and the M. S.A. Meet, they Still were able to prove their exc e 1 1 e no e on the mat. In their only match, they de- feated Dunbar by a score of 17 to 15 and placed third in team standing 5 in the M. S.A. Meet held here at the Mount. M Smith and C, Jeunette both took first place in their respective classes. These two, along with other promising J.V. Grapplers, R. Long and M. Andrew, firmly established the Mount as the home of good wrestling. Varsity Rifle Defeats Patterson, . Takes M.S.A. Underthe excellent coaching of Mr. E. Hall, this year's Varsity rifle team compiled an out- standing number of r e c or d s in M. S. A. play. A m 0 ng these, were the high scorer, Lorenz Happel, the highest team aver- age, 97. 8, and the highest team average score, 496. 1. Their first victory was the de- feat ofPatterson, the team which had kept them fro m capturing last year's championship. With the score tied through the first four shooters, C. Miller took his turn and b e a t his opponent by one point to give the Gaels their most important victory; 494 to 493. McDonoghproved an easier foe as our marksman won by a comfortable nine point margin. Poly proved to be the toughest team to beat. The match went tied to the eighth man and the Gaels m a nag ed to squeak by with a one point lead, 788 to 787. The final six matches were easier v i c t or i e s as the Gaels sharpshooters defeated Calvert H a 1 1, Southern, Mervo, Forest Paxk, Douglass, and Severn by as many as 69 points, and completed one of the most suc- cessful s e a s o n s in Mount rifle history. VARSITY R I F LE M EN: KNEEe LING - W. Parr, Ci Miller, R. Rossetty, E. Taylorson. STAND- ING - A. Kirchner, J. Taylorson, J. Hands, and D. Taylorson. CONGRATULATIONS! - Mr. E. Hall offers his hand in congratula- J'. V. RIFLEMEN: PRONE: E. Maru- tions to Varsity Rifle high scorers, zewski, T. Jeg i elsk i, S. Baker, L. Happell and J. Bauman who led SECOND ROW: W. Ba um a n, T. the Varsity to an undefeated season r Nowrocki, C. Boarman. with a 9 and 0 record. 111 Varsity Baseball Takes Division Title SWISH - D. Witt takes a cut at the ball. WIND-UP - H. Allender prepares to fire a hot one down to the opposing batter. This year's Varsity Bateball team enjoyed one of it's best seasons in recent years. Led by the fine coaching of Mr. J. Savage, the team realized 20 wins, 4 losses, and 1 tie and went undefeated in its first 12 games. Sparked by ace pitcher R. Pecore, hitters M. Massimini, and H. Allender, fielder D. Witt, and the Clutch hitting of D. Krop- felder, the '66 Gaels took the Division Cham- pionship, narrowly losing the M.S.A. Champion- ship in the third game, 4 to 2 to Poly. WE E: K: Edmondson Baltimore U. Frosh Howard County Mervo City Cardinal Gibbons Johns Hopkins Frosh Forest Park Howard County Loyola Carver Dunbar Calvert Hall Towson Catholic Mervo City Forest Park Loyola Carver Dunbar Calvert Hall Towson Catholic Poly tM. S. A. PLAYOFFS H H H opxlmewxlwe-mupmm ,4... Orb H 1- leHHi-kr-KUIHOK VPmeNOvbOHWWWOGHNOObOw$wWD 112 ABOVE: SLIDE! - D. Schmid goes feet-first into third base and successfully beats the throw. RIGHT: THE BUNT - T. Killen moves in closer to the plate in anticipation of a bunt down the third base line. BELOW: HE'S OUT! - S. Raley, after executing the out at first, prepares to throw to third to hold another runner. BELOW: SCORE! - D. Schmid triumphantly touches home plate. Ends Season With 20 Wins, 4 Losses, And 1 Tie km M ' m coun-r n-Miulmn :mnv THE PITCHERS - Mr. J. Plevyak, Athletic Di- rector, A. Apicella, H. McAle er, R. Pecore, R. White, K. Daniel- czyk. THE INFIELD - S. Kraus- hofer, T. K i l 1 e n, S. Raley, P. Ordakowski, D. Witt, P. Harris, H. Allender, Mr. J. Savage, Coach. THE OUTFIELD - R. Con- nor, B. Stauch, B. Barnes, M. Wolf, M. Massimini, A. Farace, D. Schmid. 114 SMASH! - C. Moote b 0 cs 1: 5 his batting aver- age by belting the ball over the heads of the in- fielders into left-center field. STRIKE! - R. Fisher puts another one by the batter. THE PICK-OFF - G. Stepp makes the tag on this over c onfident base runner c a u g h t straying too far from first. Putting together 15 wins and 3 losses, including a 10 game win streak, the J.V. Baseball Team managed to tie Calvert Hall in their division for first place only to lose their bid for the cham- pionship by losing the playoff 5 to 0. Brother Alfred, C.F.X., the Coach, led an all-star team comprised by top-men B. Hughes, T. Meyer, R. Fisher, J. Kapinos, L. Brossoit, G. Stepp, H. Walker, R. Groszkowski, M. Paulman, and M. Norm a n. Together they led the team to their most successful season in recent years. 1 WE THEY i Edmondson 6 4 Mervo 8 4 City 13 4 Cardinal Gibbons 4 9 , Forest Park 12 1 Loyola 2 7 Carver 16 4 Dunbar 1 0 Calvert Hall 6 2 Northern 6 1 y h Mervo 6 0 kg 5 , g L t L h t b , . - SS City 6 0 ,, t, ForestPax-k 11 6 M. Norman, T. Murray, M. Paulman, T. Meyer, B. Hughes, R. Fisher, G. Stepp, 16031013 3 g P. Crown, F. Callinan, J. Kapinos, J. Sausnock, C. Moore, L. Brossoit, R. Groszkowski, awe: , Dunbar 9 7 R. Larkm. Calvert Hall 0 1 Northern 7 2 Calvert Hall aDLAYOFn o s Varsity Track Performs We" LEFT: FIRST ROW: M. Nowakowski, C. Cladding, C. Scroggins, B. Wash- bum, D. Austin, R. Ser- viss, L. McCarthy, J. Coolahan, C. Kunkel. S EC 0 ND ROW: Brother Austin, C. F. X. , Coach, J. LaHart, J. Sansbm'y, J. Fi sh, C. Matthai, J. Ruggiero, B. Pallay, S. Kimmey, D. Lahart, R. Culp. B E L O W: THE BACK- S TRETCH - R. Serviss pulls ahead half-way through the race and is quickly followed by J. Fish in third. With Brother Austin, C. F. X., coaching the trackmen and Mr. P. Kuhn as coach for the fieldmen, the Varsity Track team compiled a good four wins and two losses record. Good players inboth the track and field made for a well rounded team. On the track side, R. Serviss in the mile, C. Scroggins in the half- mile, and M. Saunders in the 100 yard dash sparked their teammates to many triumphs. Mr. P. Kuhn's men were led by T. Tremper in the shot-put, and j. Garre in the broad- jump event. The six league games and four non-league games with Johns Hopkin's, St. John's, Poly, and Forest Park proved the strength of the Mount Track team. GO! - The starter's gun goes off to signal the beginning of another ex- citing race featuring Mount trackmen M. Nowakowski, B. Washburn, and C. Scroggins. 116 Serviss And Tremper Star LEFT: GUNG HO! With a tremendous leap, J. C ar r e hurls himself for- ward, straining every muscle, to try for a re- cord jump. RIGHT: UP AND OVER - R. Serviss floats over the bar feet-first to complete a no t he r successful pole vault. BELOW: STUDENT MANg AGERS - J. Koenig, G. Doetzer, and K. Free- man pass out uniforms and m e d i 0 a1 supplies to T. Tr 6 mp e r. The student managers helped Mr. J. Plevyak and the Athletic Department is providing services which freed the coaches and directors from many small but important tasks. Hopkins Fresh 73 Poly 47 75 Patterson 85 44 Cardinal Gibbons 73 49 f V Dunbar 55 67 7777777777 7 . , Mervo 50 172 70 172 McDonogh 62 60 Forest Park 44 78 Archbishop Curley 63 RIGHT: FIRST ROW: T. Wieber, K. Kearns, W. Hyer, W. B r o w n, A. Wroblewski, Mr. P. Kuhn. SECOND ROW: J. Rey- nolds, R. Lubinski, M. Sturm, L. McCinn, J. Genthner, T. Tremper. J.V. Track Has Losing Season IN STEP - D. Lehman and W. McDonald pull in front in this race against Poly. F I R S T ROW: J. Lucas, I. Stratemeyer, J. Mohler, T. Schneider, S. Dewling, J. Kir- by, R. Mellendick, J. John- son, M. Mohler, A. Shafer. SECOND ROW: M. McManus, T. Demmirt, W. Heuerman, T. Carozza, J. Deponai, D. Lehmann, W. McDonald, R. Klein, C. Jeffers, R. Burch, J. Conklin. THIRD ROW: D. Peter, K. Neels, F. Hall, J. Gentry, T. Carroll, P. Mc- Ginn, M. Hobeck, V. Daley, J. Cavey, T. McGrain, C. Wharry. FOURTH ROW: L. Grimme11,J. Schaub, W. Leim- kuhler, T. McCormack, S. Baker, T. Hogan, G. Das, J. McGloin, J. Soltesz, J. Serio, M. Averso. FIFTH ROW: V. Keavney, G. Heinrich, A. Booth, J. Haynes, P. Beitman, H. Klamp, F. Guntner, A. Hernandez, M. McAvoy, T. Fish. The J. V. Track team, under the coaching of Brother Austin, C.F. X., and Mr. P. Kuhn was only able to put together one win versus five losses in their d i vi sion. Though there were strong runners in the mile and half-mile such as W. McDonald, D. Lehmann, and G. Jeffers, and J. Cieslowski in the broad jump and dash, the J.V. had too many weaknesses in it's other d ep 3 r t m e n t s to put together an exceptional season. WE THEY Poly 39 74 Patterson 44 64 Cardinal Gibbons 45 66 Dunbar 42 7O Mervo 57 54 Northern 36, 79 Forest Park 40 69 Archbishop Curley 44 69 OUT IN FRONT - G. Jeffers and D. Lehmann pull in front of their rivals in the far turn of this mile run. Y VARSITY DUFFERS - M. Weidenhan and L. Peters discuss the condition of the equipment: ABOVE: THAT FAR, The Mount Golf Team, under the HUH? C. Price shows direction of Brother Declan, asceptical Brother C.F.X., combined talent and Declan and W. Mur- spirit to make this another success- phy how far one of ful season. Loyalty, organization, his drives traveled. and plenty of hard work, on the part LEFT:ANXIOUS MO- of C. Zake, M. McDade and C. M EN TS - C. Zake, Price provided the momentum to W. Motsko, W. Bass- carry the team througha tough sea- ler and M. McDade son. Brother Declan's duffers-per- idle the moments formed excellently as a team and away before leaving showed other teams the meaning of for another game. Mount spirit. WE THEY Edmondson 8 U2 3 U2 Howard County 2 10 City 7 U 2 4 U 2 Mervo 12 O Calvert Hall 3 9 Carver 5 7 Forest Park 11 1 Loyola 3 9 Douglass 8 U2 3 U2 Northern 12 0 Archbishop Curley 9 U2 2 1l2 Poly 1 U 2 10 U 2 Towson Catholic 8 U2 3 U2 Dunbar Nefmen Ne!L Nothing LEFT: THE RETURN - D. Moran returns the serve as his doubles partner K. Sch- rier follows the ball. BELOW: BAC K-HANDED - C. Hall pulls a fancy return after a difficult shot. BOTTOM: FIRST ROW: P. Mullen, D. Moran, J. John- son. S EC OND ROW: T. Jagielski, mgr. , R. Mox- ley, R. Nielson, K. Sch- ri er, C. Hall, G. Russo, Brother Blaise, C. F. X. Despite the fine coaching of WE THEY Brother Blaise, the '66 Mount Cilman 0 7 T e n mi 5 team was unable to win Friends 0 7 one of its 9 a m e 5. Good players Boys Latin 0 7 were at h a nd but inexperience McDonogh 0 7 h a m p e r e d most of them. There Loyola 0 7 were no 5 e ni or s and the starting Severn 2 5 players were mostly juniors. Lead- Park 2 5 ing juniors were D. Moran, K. Calvert Hall 1 6 S 0 hr i e r, C. Hall, R. Moxley, G. Russo, and the top sophomore was R. Nielson. 120 FRES HM EN I For 1965-66, the Freshman S. A. C.representatives were: S. Deponai, M. Mohler, R. Fagan, J. Conklin, T. Hogan, and C. Barber. "We have at most a desire to express and a permission to request: namely, that of serving you in so far as lies within our com- petence, with disinterest, humility, and love. 67mm Pope Paul VI's United Nations speechJ A B O V E: M. Nelson, M. Christopher, F. Toggart, W. Brunk, J. Cahill, P. Burdett, V. Sha ab, P. Crone, T. McAllister, V. Lom- bardi. RIGHT FIRST ROW: J. Lucas, J. Holden, T.Posluszny, D. Apple- garth, M. Hinkel, C. Hughes, W. Aring. S ECOND ROW:M. Farina, C. Peddicord, M. Prenger, R. Pfeifer, J. Justice, T. Connelly. ABOVE: R. Lilley, T. Wilson, D. Starr, J. Rom e o, D. Schulz, J. Campbell, W. Leimkuhler, . Bures, K., Shanks, M. Loskarn. LEFT: D. Powell, 1 Conklin, . Guercie, W. Will. $i MW- 2, RIGHT: FIRST ROW: W. Heuer- man, A. Boughton, E. Duffy. SECOND ROW: E. Fitzpatrick, T. Jagielski, G. Paulman. THIRD ROW: D. Wojnowski, D. Leibig, M. Booth. FOURTH ROW: W. Quinn, H. Klamp, T. Haney. FIFTH ROW: B. Harris. BELOW: T. Hogan, M. McGuffin, S. Miller, R. Klein. M. Holmes, M. Strempek, K. Schreir, W. Bauman, D. Sabins, M. Wessely, M. Gately, A. Carona. Class 72-Experfs In Biology Somers, C. Bolton, C. DePasquale, M. Boone, J. Newberger, A. Fraser, C. Frank, T. Martell, D. Peter, T Stromberg, G.. J. Soltesz, P. Rostkow- l BELOW: E. Nunn, W. Bassler, R. Vovak. L. ; . ., ; ' ; L ; BrYant, E. Maruszew- L LEFT: F- Ryan, S. ski, C. Boarman, R. i L, L - L , - Baker, R- Hughes, E. Miller, P. Bushnell, ' ' i 1 , ; , ' ; 3 , , S tubbs, R. Mellen- G. Wilson, E. Gilley, ' L - ; . dlck, J. Bogdon, T. J. McLane, T. Mc- ' , , . M Buck. Grain, J. Deponai, ; W. Dreshfield. wag? Class 13 Changing Classes RIGHT: TOP TO BOTTOM: J. Sears, P. Callender, P. Rykowski, F. Crispens, C. Eagle, C. Kunkel, J. Holewinski. BOTTOM: 5. Beck, T. Dumsha, W. Dill, T Schneider, M. Dignan, J. Cox, J. Drane, J. Larkin. ABOVE: P. DiMartino, M. Kiskis, M. Mannone, W. Duvall, J. Mohler, W. Martin, J. Castagna, T. Richter, D. Mundt, P. Connor, P. Miller, J. Presti, C. Bartnik, F. Buchacz. LEFT: M. DeLauney, M. Wolfe, M. West- over, M. Andrew, M. Mohler. BELOW: W. Talbott, E. Roesser, G. Jeffers, J. Loukota, A. Decko, D. Poisal, D. La- hart, S. Jett, J. Stratemeyer, F. Linardi, R. Feurer, J. Reger. J. Kirby, M. Dewling, T. Rachuba, J. Blum, A. Amato, E. Richards, J. Bermudez. BELOW: M. Gould, R. Fagan, T. Cook, T. Kuchta, D. Quinn, 8. Zaron, J. Rettaliata, J. Norton. BELOW RIGHT: M. Shacklette, R. Wise, W. Emge, A. Dulo. 126 M. Brantley, W. Bald- win, W. Ebberts, M. Brinzer, M. Kroeger, M. McMullen, D. WickHam, J. Sikina, D. Kearns, R. Heilman, J. Hooper. T. Nelson, L Lorber, M. Lee, G. Mack, K. Nowakowski, W. Netherton, R. Wood. KL F. Smollen, H. Redmiles, G. Rutkowski, M. Zito, M. Weeks, C. Schweinsberg, B. Stengel, J. Redding. BELOW: FIRST ROW: W. Hupp- mann, L. Detota, J. Brammer. S E C O N D ROW: T. Keane, J. Doyle, D. Brannon. THIRD ROW: S. Kenfel, R. Drain, J. Budzynski. FOURTH ROW: R. Kramer, C. Ehart, G. Chesno. FIFTH ROW: J. lancelotta, P. Fitzgibbons, T. Class 21-North, South, East or Wesf.8 133333333333135623: ? A ber, R. Gervasio, R. Blockston, T. Coleman, D. Gay. B. Brown, R. Buccheri, C. Bristow, J. Bitzelberger, T. Burk hart, W. Crosby, R. Baranoski, R. Biondo, D. B a c e, B. D'Anthony, T. D anie ls, G. Cubbage, S. Knecht, D. Crawford, J. Cathey. W. DeBaugh, J. Tuszynski, A. Shaffer, D. Stretmater, G. Taylor, C. Vanderburg, M. Schuck, M. Groff. B. Okonski, V. Glorioso, R. Melvin, E. Manalis, J. Pilson, S. Huizinga, J. Goins, J. Liberto, B. K e 1 1 e r, G. Ketterman, T. M i l l s, T. Hooper, M. Keelan. S. Biernatowski, M. Ame- reihn, D. Reynolds, C. Chambers, G. Sullivan, P. Noon, B. McCabe, J. L u c a s, M. Doyle, P. ;Dickson, D. Dreibelbis, D. Rodney, R. Bell. 1.. Tuite, T. Fish, W. Johnson, D. Renehan, C. Read, D. Leone. Class 23 Supports The 129 FIRST ROW: P. Swin- dell, M. Howard, J. Serio, M. Wellham, M. Rankin. SECOND ROW: R. Richards, J. Feder- line, T. Matelis, F. Krull, A. Violi, T. Curran, T. Cotter, R. Hesenperger. THIRD ROW: W. Clark, D. Simons, R. Barret, B. Prytula. FIRST ROW: A. Wagner, T. Brown, J. Woods, M. Capp, G. Goebel, G. Musto, J. Farace, C. Claytor. SEC- ONDROW: D. Hall, R. Kulacki, P. Hurdell, M. Culotta, H. Lindsay,T. Duffy, K. Weber Class 25 Really Gets Around LEFT: D. Kuhnert, M. Brown, J. D'Anthony, R. Garner. BELOW: K. Devilbiss, L. Korb, J. Mills, P. Kane, T. Fisher, J. Reed, T. Horn, J. Serviss, W. Cary, W. Schmidtchen. J.My1ander, R. Pukacz, J. Ruff, R. Wade, C. Smith, T. Turner, R. Hotaling, R. Blackert. 130 FA CULTY "WW! I "M Imr . L . L X Ck L s y . . 3- 3. SKKA... u std. L LII! '10 tututudi t a . . a Li . coonwmua: the education of mankind in the ways of peace". v. L f :35 v "Gentlemen, you have performed and you continue to perform a great work J Wrom Pope Paul VI's United Nations speech 131 BROTHER BERNARDUS, C. F. X. Mathematics, Religion MRS. MARY BEZOLD Treasurer Secretary FATHER WILLIAM BURKE MR. JOSEPH BUTLER Chaplain English, Social Science BROTHER CLARENCE, C. F. X. MR. THOMAS COULSON Retired Staff Consultant, Food Service LEFT: Brother Thomas, C.F.X. performs one of his many duties as moderator of student activity council. Brother teaches Algebra and Geometry. BELOW: Brother Canisius, C. F. X., treasurer, and Mr. Haywood Elms, cafeteria manager, discuss the menu for the week. SISTER DIETGERA, D. M. H. R. y... m .- a a on u an o: a C! a gr 9,, E MR. MICHAEL EGAN English, Social Science TOP LEF : Mr. Peter Kuhn 0431911511, Social Sciean and Brother Ernan, C. F. X. have a friendly discussion before class begins. TOP RIGHT: Brother John Edward, C. F. X. , Superior, Brother B e ne d i ct, C. F. X. , Vice-Principal, and Brother Bartel, C. F. X. , Principal, discuss a student's school record. BOTTOM RIGHT Mrs. Ann Marciano, administrative as- sistant, Mrs. Marie Schleicher, school secretary, and Mrs. Katherine Andrew, nurse, perform their duties as part of the administration, while Mr. William Bauernschub picks up his homeroom's reportcards. Mr. Bauernschub teaches English. LEFT: Brother Blaise, C. F. X. Wrench, Religion; Mr. Calvin Kirby 5cienceb and Mr. Lawrence Ondrejack Englism have a friendly discussion during underclass retreat. LOWER LEFT: Brothe r Theophane, C. F. X. Retired and Brother Ernan, C. F. X. Uieligion, Typing watch as Mount soccer players score goal. LOWER RIGHT: Brother Dean, C.F.X. Re1igion, Spanism goes over an ALM dialogue with one of his Spanish classes. SISTER ELWARA, D. M. H. R. BROTHER EMMANUEL, C. F. X. FATHER KENNETH FARABAUGH SISTER FACUNDINA, D. M. H. R. Retired Chaplain x Brothe r Jeffrey, C. F. X. English, Religiom expresses his opinion of a student's interpretation of a poem. FATHER WAYNE FUNK Chaplain MR. ROBERT LEE Superintendent of Buildings MR. EDWARD HALL Science Brorher Andreas, C. F. X. Q21 tin, Religiom has a ready answer for Brother Henry's C. F. X4Re1igion, Spanism and Brother Berchman's, C. F. X. English, German, Reli- giom question. 135 Mr. Joseph Cegelski Mathematics explains a difficult math problem to his freshman class. 3: 3k M .- . mm $1:wa Mrs. Audrey Mills, Mrs. Agnes Weber, Mrs. Emma Leach, Mrs. Winifred Atkinson, Mrs. Elizabeth Kernan, Mrs. Katherine Herron, and Mrs. Lena Nelson say good-bye to Mrs. Keman, who has worked in the cafeteria for nine years. BROTHER MARCIAN, C. F. X. MR. JOSEPH OMLOR MR. WALTER O'NEIL Retired Social Science Mathematics, Science Band Mr. Woodrow Crawford, Mr. John Tynes, Mr. Robert Dorsey, Mr. William Yarborough, Mr. Jack Bryant and Mr. Walter Bryant on their lunch hour. 136 Mr. Gerald Savage wnglish, Social Sciean, Brother Donald, C.F.X. assistant, look for History materials. Mr. Paul Kreiner QCienceL Brother Joseph, C.F.X. LSCienceb Brother Salvator, C.F.X. Mathematics, Science , and . Mathematics, Religiom discuss plans for the science fair. RIGHT: Mr. Alvin Chilcoat A1gebraQ and Brother Melvin, C.F.X. Re1igion, Sciencw enjo one of the lighter m ments of a LEF T Brother Austin, C. F. football game. MR. BENJAMIN PETRILLI Science MISS VIRGINIA REINECKE MR. ALBERT STASIOWSKI MR. JOHN VICCHIO Glee Club Physical Training Physical Training Brother Tobias, C. F. X. Mathematics, Religiom and Brother Donatus, C.F. X. German, Religiom have a friendly dis- cussion during their free period. Brother Declan, C. F. X. Wrench, Religiom reads a French Mr. Edmund BiShOP English, Social Sciean listens t0 a classic to his French Iclass. recitation in English class. 138 Mrs. Belen Schettini and Dr. Carlos F. Gonzales, Spanish iteachers, greet Brother Louis, C.F.X. Wrench, Religiom during their lunch period. Mr. Eugene Nieberlein $001911 Sciencw corrects tests during Brother Alfred, C. F. X. , Mathematics and Brother Carey, study period. . C. F. X. Mathematics, Religion, Scienca watch the Mount band perform during at halftime. .ROTHER VICTORIAN, C.F. X. BROTHER VINCENT FERRER, MR. VICTOR WOODS MR. STANLEY ZELESKI Retired C. F. X. Physical Training English, Social Science English, Re ligion 139 SCHOLARSHIPS, HONORS, AND AWARDS HAVE BEEN WON BY THE CLASS OF 1966 AS FOLLOWS: JANES LAWRENCE BAUMAN NROTC Scholarship to Iowa State University General Maxyland State Scholarship FRANK JAMES BURGESS Harbison-Walker Foundation Scholarship to the University of Maryland CHARLES SAMUEL CARNAGGIO Baltimore Representative in the Armco Civil Engineering Scholarship Program THOMAS JOHN CRON'E Knights of Columbus "Pro Dee and Pro Patria" Scholarship to the Catholic University of America Semi-finalist in the National Honor Society Scholarship Program Letter of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Program MICHAEL CHARLES GARDNER General Maryland State Scholarship Letter of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Program GERALD F. GAVIN General Maryland State Scholarship JEFFREY BEAUMONT GENTHN'ER Partial Scholarship to The Johns Hopkins University CHARLES MICHAEL GLOWACKI Athletic Scholarship to Loyola College RICHARD dePAUL GROSS Full Scholarship to Hampton Institute Grant to the University of Notre Dame Finalist in the National Achievement Scholarship Program JEROME MICHAEL HALL Finalist in the National Merit Scholarship Program Semiefinalist in the National Honor Society Scholarship Program Full Scholarship to St. Isaac Jogues PHILIP JOSEPH HARDING Grant to the University of Maryland JOI-N FRANCIS HERR Maryland State Teachers Scholarship DAVID PAUL HESTER Maryland State Teachers Scholarship General Maryland State Scholarship Semi-finalist in the National Honor Society Scholarship Program ALBERT T. JONES Partial Scholarship to Loyola College JULIUS JOSEPH JUCHNO Partial Scholarship to the Case Institute of Technology Semi-finalist in the National Honor Society Scholarship Program THOMAS EDWARD KELLY Maryland State Teachers Scholarship ALLEN WILLIAM KIRCHINER Honorary Scholarship to The Johns Hopkins University Partial Scholarship to the University of Virginia Letter of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Program RAYMOND CHARLES LaVERGI-IETTA Principal's Scholarship to Loyola College Partial Scholarship to The Johns Hopkins University DONALD J. LILLEY Partial Scholarship to the University of Virginia FRANCIS JOSEPH MCGLOIN Letter of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Program General Maryland State Scholarship Partial Scholarship to Loyola College RICHARD J MUIRHEAD National Honor Society Scholarship Letter of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Program MCHAEL FRANCIS O'CONN'ELL Maryland State Senatorial Scholarship to Mt. St. Mary's College RICHARD WILLIAM PECORE Athletic Scholarship to Wake Forest IANEES JOSEPH PETER Partial Scholarship to the Catholic University of America Partial Scholarship to Bucknell University Partial Scholarship to the Carnegie Institute of Technology Partial Scholarship to the University of Virginia Letter of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Program JEROME JOSEPH POLLITT Maryland State Teachers Scholarship MARK WILLIAMS REYNOLDS Maryland State Teachers Scholarship The John S. Connor Award-Award for General Excellence. . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . .. . . .. . . . . . .. . . ' RICHARD JAMES MUIRHEAD, JR. The Brother Isidore Award-Excellence in Religion...................................... RUSSELL DAVID HARBAUGH The Brother Edmund award-Excellence in English....... ............................... JAMES JOSEPH RUTLEDGE The Dr. William L. Knell Award-Excellence in Science. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . JOHN MICHAEL VERSACE The Bausch and Lamb Award-Excellence in Science.................................... THOMAS JOHN CRONE The Notre Dame Club of Baltimore Awaxd-Excellence in Classical Studies. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . RAYMOND CHARLES LaVERGHETTA The Ganster Medal of Council No. 370-Knights of Columbus-Excellence in French. . . . . . . . . JAMES JOSEPH RUTLEDGE TheJuliusHofmanAward-Excellence inGerman...................................... RICHARD JAMES MUIRHEAD, JR. The SpanishAwardeEXCEIIEnce in Spanish............................................ RAYMOND CHARLES LaVERGI-EETTA The Brother Vianney Award-The McCormick Post No. 188 American L eg ion Excellence in Social Studies........................................W'ILLIAM THOMAS CAFFREY The Theodore James Ryken Award-Excellence in Mathematics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . JOHN MICHAEL VERSACE JAMES JOSEPH RUTIEDGE Full Scholarship to Carnegie Institute of Technology Full Scholarship to Loyola College Partial Scholarship to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Partial Scholarship to the Johns Hopkins University Partial Scholarship to the University of Miami Armco Community Scholarship DuPont Regional Scholarship George Westinghouse Scholarship Martin Marietta Corporation Foundation Scholarship National Honor Society Scholarship National Society of Professional Engineers Scholarship General Maryland State Scholarship Alternat Archdiocesan Scholarship to the Catholic University of America Representative in the Elks National Foundation Scholarship Program-Catonsville Lodge Letter of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Program FREDERICK JOHN SCHNEIDER Maryland State Teachers Scholarship CHARLES WILLIAM SCHUBERT Grant to the University of Maryland JAMES MICHAEL STASIOWSKI NROTC Scholarship to the University of Nebraska AROTC Scholarship Appointment to the United States Naval Academy Partial Scholarship to the University of Virginia Partial Scholarship to Vanderbilt University Finalist in the DuPont Regional Scholarship Program Letter of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Program BRUCE PATRICK STAUCH Athletic Scholarship to Clemson University MICHAEL ION STEPHENS Appointment to the United States Naval Academy BOGUSLAW JOHN SUCHOCKI Maryland Senatorial Scholarship to The johns Hopkins University Semi-finalist in the National Honor Society Scholarship Program Letter of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Program WILLIAM ALBERT VALENTE Letter of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Program JOHN NHCHAEL VERSACE Full Scholarship to Northland College Full Scholarship to Hiram Scott College Partial Scholarship to Carleton College Partial Scholarship to LaSalle College Archdiocesan Scholarship to the Catholic University of America Armco Community Scholarship General Maryland State Scholarship Shell Foundation National Merit Scholarship to College of Choice National Honor Society Scholarship Ford Foundation-Futuxe Scientists of America Program-Regional Winner Westinghouse Science Talent Search-Honors Group State Representative in the National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium Regional Representative in the Eastern Conference of Junior Achievement Finalist in the Martin Marietta Foundation Scholarship Program iunior Achievement Scholarship TERRENCE LAWRENCE WIEBER Commercial Credit Company Scholarship to Loyola College DANIEL MELVIN WITT Athletic Scholarship to the Long Island University Athletic Scholarship to Loyola University of Los Angeles Athletic Scholarship to the American University Athletic Scholarship to Mt. St. Mary's College DAVID WITT Partial Scholarship to the Carnegie Institute of Technology Partial Scholarship to The Johns Hopkins University General Maryland State Scholarship Semf-finalist in the National Honor Society Society Scholarship Program CHARLES UNCLES WOOD, JR. Full Scholarship to The Johns Hopkins University Partial Scholarship'to the University of Dayton Partial Scholarship to Tuskegee Institute Finalist in the National Achievement Scholarship Program L AUGUST MASON ZEPHIR, JR. Marlaud State Teachers Scholarship The Thomas Lardner Memorial Award-For Service to the Quill. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . KEVIN RHETT KEARNS The Paul DeKowzan Memorial Award-Excellence in Journalism. . . . . . . t . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . RAYMOND CHARLES LaVERGHETTA The Brother Kenneth AwardeFor Service to the Mount Tower. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WILLIAM JOSEPH VON HAGEL The Alhambra AwaId-For Outstanding Work in the Field of Catholic Action. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LEO FRANCIS MeGINN, JR. The Alumni Seal Award-Award for Scholastic Prowess, Extra-Cun-icular Achievement, and Exdeptional School Spirit over a period of four years. . . . . . CHARLES DOUGLAS GORDON The Fathers' Club Award-For Exceptional School Spirit over a period of four years. . . . . . . . .. MICHAEL JOHN ATKINSON The Mothers' Club Award-Based on character, American leadership, scholarship. . . . . . . . . JOHN JOSEPH SWIFT The Knights ofColumbusAward-Citizenship Award..................................... RONAID MICHAEL BROSSOIT h The Brother Eugene Award-The Outstanding Gentleman, Scholar, and Athlete. . . . . . . . . . . . . DANIEL MELVIN WITT The Attendance Award-For students who have not been tardy or absent for four years. . . . . . . . EDWIN CORNELIUS COLLINS crfirl' :l 1 O h... 2.: JV ,1?! .. ... . , ,. .4 , .. . . .. . . . . , .. . . a .97 I . L , . ,. . . . , H .. , . . n . . : , ,nsuuilvig A. . , . , .Euzkxizi g . tagging g A3, d .3. 52 5.2 xiihm. mu; 1 0...! vii! l.gnH-Iir 7 .1 .rxfglllawax Lit, A . C L . L . $1 a: . , . . gigsainhimni , ,, 2 . $...;3.:.35u . gag gull 5c Illihnl 5A1, ..Jl..l... ,1. a. . h5h.1ilqhw.lgm6.f .m. .1 . HQ :5 m . k tinihtuhtMH . in. swig! lunaHmeam-dLvnu: 953;...

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