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The heai Published by Zfhe Sehiar Kiass Maahi joseph ,Academy 6hesihui J-fill Philadelphia, Pehhsylaahia May 1952 Jarwmvci Lw0mwuw?f1MafamZfnw,iZz, awvfmfvfiwawb mmf! Mpwfjwwwdfmgzi M? ww HUYJ-f???Z0f1Z0,4,ZlZ WWW LMOQLLMWZZ f??2Z62flU,0,0f79'LLbMCZ2CZZ! C666 W Lx Wfuwgaffjw ,dm 5406722 maZQWJh M QF ' M A . I cw 0+ Q ' me aw 9 M1 If ' ww. 072613, ' ' mamQZ2mfJ1wm' M ,Yiff . ,M pa sg . . 7 . . U24 M1 ffm .r 0 , . av ' N? PCA LJA I9 Adfd We rerremher the lnstallatlon ofArcl1b1shop John F O llara C S C As the comblned orchestra of the Cathollc Clrls Hlgh Schools played a march HIS Excellency walked slowly down the mam aisle of COHVCHIIOH Hall at the end of a llne of church prelates and lay men Smllmg as he blessed the people of Phlladelphla the new Archbishop was glven a thunderous ovatlon by thousands Catholics and non Catholics who stood to pay homage to hlm Covemor ,Iohn S Flne and Mayor joseph S Clark welcomed HIS Excellency on behalf of the state and Clty Judge Vlncent A Carroll mtroduced the Cathollcs of Phlladelphxa to thelr new spxrltual leader When the Archblshop a humble and slmple man stepped to the front of the bnghtly llghted stage to speak to us hls new flock the audlence sat ln rapt attentxon Archblshop O Hara greeted us vuth a Smlle ln a deep resonant volce he spoke to us of hls happlness at bemg our new spxrltual leader and urged us all to love one another After seexng and hearmg His Excel lency we were proud to be the flock of such a kind and lovmg shepherd When the ClVll cere monles WClCOmlng Archbishop 0 Hara had ended the blshop gave hls blessing to the people of Phlladelphla and expressed the hope that we should work ID harmony for the peace and pros penty of the Cathollc Church ln the City of Brotherly Love l 5 ,l I K H4 - A f e f . Q ,. 17 ' if ,.:A fi 4 .D v , .,--YI j ' N3 . 9 ' Qf A . ' 9 , . . . . , . . . , , . . , . . . . , , . ' 9 9 9 . . . . U . . . . ,, . . . 9 1 ' 9 9 - , . - . D - . L . . . , 7 . . . . , . Q l"Ql'l'l8lfl'l el' . . . the pictorial beauty of red roofs and and green lawns. Nature and the student body have wrought changing patterns annually on our campus as the girls walk briskly among the golden-brown leaves in the autumn, wander about the Mount's winter wonderland, and run across its verdant lawns the Villa affording us shade as we chatted and watched the Wissa hickon lazily washing its muddy banks Our Lady looking solicitously at us as we flushed and disheveled from a game of tennis or hockey stopped to say an Ave at her grotto the peal of the tower clock bell, but most of all, we remember our first glimpse of the tall grey buildings when we turned the bend in the road at Hillcrest Avenue. 'ITIL sv' VMC: X ' A N 4. if .,, Q, Q X Q Pelllelll el' our classmates andthe preclous moments snatched from studies and actlvltles spent In their company the Freshmen, books piled precarlously nn their arms, trlppnng down the back staurs for a double pernod of art or wamng nervously ID the second floor corridor takmg a fmal glance at last night s Latln assngnment the Sophomores, looklng forward to those weekly lab peruods nn brology and their constant mqumes and Salutatlons nn thenr newly acquired modern language the Juniors taking on the turst our of sophlstlcatlon after havlng been lnslgmflcant for two long years and simultaneously dlsplaylng prnde and closs puns the Sensors, In a frenzied rush to complete a chemnstry assrgnment on a Monday mormng discussing a week old test In the cafeteria or engaged rn a never endmg phone call that begnns wlth homework and terminates wlth the latest movie, or smlllng at the thlngs they drd as under classmen and reallzlng nostalglcally that they can never do them again But most of all whenever we thunk of our classmates, we remember their laughter, that laughter wlthout rhyme or reason whlch rs the treasured prlvllege of youth We remember the Freshmen as they tried to conceal their air of timidity and anticipation on the first day of school, and the confusion when they attempted to distinguish the various classrooms. We recall how often we took advantage of their gullible willingness to buy tickets to ride the elevator, or to see our world-famous football team in action, and their enjoyment of the Junior-Freshman Party. We remember, too, their pride as they stood in the rotunda for the first time honoring the Christ Child elfflelffl el' Top Row: Mary Conran, Kathleen McGee, Constance Clodfelter, Nora Tierney Regina Bondi. Middle Rau: Marlene Frank, Barbara Eugenie, llarbara llolaway Mary Louise Simendinger. Front Rau: Roberta Crane, Patricia Smith, Mary Ann Murray, Mary Miles Ryan Top Row: Anne Marie Stead, Helen Rumbarger, Anita McLoughlin, AnitaO'Neill Margaret McCann, Patricia Whelan, Madeleine Higgins. Middle R011 I Mary Walls Nancy Porter, Roberta Kolb, joan Kolb. Front Tout llita Troutman, Leonora Moreschi, Barbara Mignone, ,Ioan Petrone. .vyx I fda I"Q5Al'l'lQl'l Tiff A 1,5 Top Row: ,Ioan Trainer, Dorothy Clark, Alicia d'Empaire, Mary O'Brien. Middle Roux' Mary Ellen Toye, Patricia Torpey, Regina jakubowski, Barbara Thomasson. Front Row: lsis Viciedo, Maureen Lee, Lorraine McDade. Top Rout Ann llrennan, Constance Belcher, Virginia Bradley. Middle Row: LetitiaMcCill, ,Iohanna Cedaka, Doranne llanley, Margaret Conroy, Alice Wisgo. Fran! Rau: Mary Lou Cannon, Barbara llitzer, jane Crasso, llarbara Hollings. with their carols, and soon after, we recall their sophistication as they attended their initial Tea Dance. How could we ever forget their sudden relief when mid-year exams were over, and the time came for Retreat, or their feeling of belonging after they had been received into the Sodality? But most of all, we remember their importance at the end of the year in knowing that the first quarter of their high school careers had been successfully completed, and that the doors to three more adventures but awaited their knock. V fa 0 N K Twp Rau 5 Mary .lane Parks, Anne Flanagan, Noel Bretton, Maryanne Pratt, Patricia Mellon. llzclfllt Rout Anita Olachea, Margaret Beecroft, Claire McCloskey, Regina Berk, Kathleen Murphy Ann Marie Trench. Front R011 .' Elizabeth Timmins, Alice Greene, Mariorie Todd. WM penleni QI" fA8 xSJ0l0A0l'l'l0I"Q6 We remember the Sophomores imagining that their brains were becom- ing angular with the constant study of geometry, and their refusal to eat frog's legs for reasons best known to them. We recall their loneliness when they found themselves without the companionship of a two-ton history book, and their enthusiasm as they made posters for modern lang- uage classesg their eager participation in the intra-mural hockey and basketball games, which meant so much to all of usg their dramatic talent coming to the fore at the operetta when everyone became a Lily Pons or Yma Sumac for the night of the performance, and found herself sounding like a jimmy Durante the next day. But most of all, we remember their realization that their lives at the Mount were half over, and their determin- ation to make their last two years the best and most memorable. 'U Jw . X . Q -4. - ' ' ' ,- ' Q o ' ze 4 ---' 1 ,f-ff-rf-g V ...--ri' xg Q s 1... V, , ' '-.2f' 1. ,y 1 ,f- -.oifr , - ,- -Q Bn IL . Ex' . ,S- . - f eg . A M- W, Top Rout: Suzanne Sullivan, Mary Joan Robinson, Phyllis Sullivan, Joan Karleskind. ,llitldle Rau Sandra Daily, Elizabeth Murray, Mary Jo Christy, Jacqueline Bondi, Dolores Porter. Front R011 Anne Shoup, Constance Zollers, Lysbefh Kunkel. we pememger fAe union We remember the juniors and how excited they were at being upper- classmen, and their exhausting preparation for a party entertaining their new little sisters. We recall their feeling of satisfaction after penetrating the seclusion surrounding the two rooms at the end of the second floor corridor. We recall their persistent collection of dues months ahead of time to finance the never-to-be-forgotten junior-Senior trip, and how they were lost in a haze of silk, net and keys on satin ribbons at the junior Prom. Finally, we recall their tension as they waited on class night for Will and Testament to be read. But most of all, we remember their sudden realization that our graduation day marked their last appearance in the lofty stands, and that the next year they would be the ones who would culminate in less than an hour their four wonderful years at Mount Saint joseph. i , x :fag N? pu-gps d, V O . 1? 4' 5 NJ.. ' -Q14 I. -:wk ns. ga., 4-355' ffl 1 -wb . 4' , A4 ' - ,a.. Y am" 4 4. .Z 5 ga-6' f" it ,nu .5 Qs ...AF H' Y afrzcza .yd er acL 8 Never wlthout a knlttlng needle rellable Brooklyn fan loves to sew Deep 1n the Heart of Texas those weekends at home starvatlon dlet before a test Any letters'7 ff' alla I'L:'tfU'l6l Zlla Dark eyes VlV8C1OUS class shy ness Peanut blllngual flash from far away Aunt cestral Azuas Oh my gosh' nn Elf!! Ann Her crownlng glory worrled look helrloom rlng dletprocrastlnator greenChevvy Holy Cross forexer My gosh what am I golng to do? ,Q ' ' nn u A fe, 6 ICP t!! jf ,f I ky' as 5'Maria" L ' ... , - I CAGIEHQ 6Zza6efA Managan Char Slmlty walk O C devotee x1ll8HOV3 letters front rower Chem catastrophes A real Vlhat a party' W Cl OLLLJQ gl'IlQ Almond eyes love that haxrcut llllla talk dlet daffy Prep dllectlon rugged roster red Ford Of Cerse Jem, 0, , comm, Kathy Big blue eyes stentorlan tones'7 pollshed manners modelxng school Penn pal Sprlng Lake ancedotes baked goodxes from home dotlng godmother 41' l3.D.l'..." ' ." q X, 'ff ' 'Cx "Willa" a r A r ' Q l9.uJ1 .SZAMQJW COMM Paula Llkes lots of v1tam1n E red lackets EPIC Howard Johnson habltuee Llsten up What e Whom am I golng to ask? af Clflfle 8I'0l'l ECG Pane SISSY Aquatlc artlst front rower Saturday hlstory major the movles Ah to be at the shore agaln' allffy 001,152 la f0I'l Nance D A halrcut sllpshod knee phonetxc pro nunc1at1on uncertam curtaln romantlc lead lover of Latm sharpshooter In Mlllvllle l i A xxX j 1 .., JT C I. ' ' sc - YD Q . . I Y 3 X mornings in the Buick . . .convertible crazy . . . 'ef ' I, . .,, 1 if d K V H l nn gzzagefk aibafg Ann Lxttle lady w1th a great blg sm1le cowboy galt those western A s Norman sympathles Senlor surprlse frlends from Washlngton Got anythlng to eat'7 XJ 1 A e6!Ca,tAel'U'l2 E ofa Zia Dolly Bangs expresslve eyes calm and collected comed1enne'7 boarder again Cadlllac craze You don t mean' Calwfyll J 50,0642 acter actress Ford C U shaggydog tales Somethlng l1ke a rodeo' ll ff l Oli. ' ., Old . . j I4 5 2 SJ l ae 0 5 Volatile...Oxford accent...grey hairs...char- K Z, . , , 'D 0 0 I' 2 6 Waflfgfl JeAl'le Z U'l'l0l'l2 Illarxly n Lxcltable Cwllldld look I l presldente Atlant1cC,1ty fan EVVIC La Salle booster Walt 11 you hear QA ngefa garmefa Q Sanfzd Angel Doe eyed look poodle cut lmpendlng laryn g1t1S the tease lllyllero partlal to llfe guards I know but II s the pr1n01ple of the thlng fcff QQ Clfganne af QI"U'll! QUQI' Maryanne Carefree glggles cafeterla cutup punctual tennls champ forever on the phone co manager of the hockey tean blfferentl 41' I 8 Q as H ' ' LK 39 ' ' - ,, ., . . , , , , X ' I7 . . . J e up xx' ' , H E LK ' '! I!! . I JT C2 ll ' ll 77 , Y ,V EHIHN' .H If VC Q0l'0fAy Ann jQQAafl Dottie Laughing girl.. huge lunches.. savoir faire library cutup.. Spunky and Fifi test tubes and turmoil.. Well now! line 61112 eng QI' Anne Marie John L Lewis eyebrows H ppy tlptoe six major disasters Tuesday afternoons parish enthusiast Spot that' afle 3 efeife Petsy Second cousin Ralph get propelled speech determined prlzewlnmng nickname wide leather belts summer waitress W ll it s like this as i7 W 14.1 ll .H - x X - I X gi X 0 f sc - n - as a gn ' ... . D H... - H - I. zz H 1 - - rr vs C, ollwffa Weff Maryell The forgetful one Long Island IHSSIC Loretta s pal Kentucky rebel Frank earnest My name IS M a r y e 1 l That s tremendous' aI'LaI'll'lCl QPQJCL Marlanna Sweetand lovely chuckles klnd curly top dalnty d9mOlSSll8 fashlon plate S ll Sher .SZIPQA .xdnn Q Led sany Halr smoother heels hot rodder mlddle man S A M rooter Maybeiou ll Be There And he just looked at me O g ll ' I ... ..- ..- ... T ... --. I .Us ll Y! ll 71 A -.. ... , . IU KL ' I Y! - . . - A ' ' ' ' ' ' . 1 - ll Y I! 3 O I ll Y! I u.. nn. uno KK ' I ll uns Q a n ll ' 77 --0 . arg ouide gerkarcl "Mel" Disarming frankness.ntemperamental hair... sophistication...Class presidentmblack formal ...hour and a half wait for bus..."All booked 4 up". C G fl'LCla nfl 0 H6011 HI Sauer kraut Playmates convulslve laughter phone calls Nlltzl Shoppe the sklrt shrank C n l have a b1te'7 Cl y Ou L52 Offflafn Mary Lou Freshman ldol hxstory major Hlghland lassle mlghty qulck w1th a hockey St1Ck dem bones partlal to G A l lost my I I' It !Y KK !! ' ll 'I' k y.l! -Sr P ' ' A Kip 17 - - ll 11 ' ' ' ll ' i! ll I ' l! olloreffa Q0l"0fAy .!gaUa!alft5La5 4. Loretta Dramatlc gestures MadamCha1rman hearton wlngs cross her palm wlth sllver fan mall from Florlda pllots a convertlble Along Came Blll You know what I mean dont yOu'?'2'P ,M ,Lie ef. W Img, gf Jams That slow sweet swonderful smlle ak' Jenklntown 1111 kelture carpetbag Petlte SYIVIC red socks Rouse yourself ve got my llcense but Sarah .xdnne arwe am Styllsh halrcuts bloomer gal loquac1ty plus Cape May Capers palette pastlmes peanut butter crackers and apples Amerlcan proudest possesslon drlvers llcense G1r1 Scout COOk1CS ir oft, jf X ' f a 1' '...mH ,.,...UUIl M g 1 I . KKS ,, - mm gall? gjfmel' auger Clalre Plllbox on legs schemer fanatlc on falry tales Honey Bun egg cups h1stor1c l1ter ary gems Name dropper' AAC? .xdnn W CAME? Alxce Bunny smlle long n lovely two flnger accessory consclous H C on Sunday nlghts Let s take a walk eg Lila I'lI'l ' COFLQK Gan Tell tale blushes candy lxane Blue and Gold games mlxed roster Beck s seafood ueenxe What are you gomg to wear? Y JT ca - n 6' ,- if A 1 e ' R ' C 6 X ll ' Y, A, salute..."Windu blows, McCloslley goes"... 1 , ' M40 ll Y, 9 J Q ' V - U H L fy' Qfeife nfl W oarfg Trese Pert and petlte angellc SIFHIDS sunshlne IH her Smlle quamt httle Irlsh brogue com petent no hurry Sodahty off1cer Dearest Mother' cl K gugenza llI'l9 g Strawberry blonde gulllble sympathetlc llstener attentlve 1n class the Sunday V1s1tor her freshman dlnkle drlves up any lawn free of charge What dld I say now? 7Wacle!gn .granceri urray Lynn Monday mormng eyes llbrary flnes .ldeal waxtress much ado about everythmg Youth Concerts. 'When I was 1n New York' "D1 you do your French'7" if in 41 .fd ee ' A "Del" ff dd ' X ' Q .511 -d ' "' 1-if gl ul ?i " 06ll'lI'l2 2l'l'l'L6lU'l2 f "' ' Joanne ' - preference for maroon convertiblesmsuits " from Robert Hall the long journey home... What do we have in. .7 You know me ' The girl with the flaxen curl...Moe and Snorky a,lI'lCL6l l'lI'l Og 2 at Country gal expert equestrlenne bunny food Brow me connolsseur Terps1chore e end guests the Rambler a C A g gfleff Onn Ol' Fm Mary Agnes Baby of the class Port au Prlnce natural ln a Nash that s a laugh" La Belle France Bed Soxrooter La Fayette Oh peanuts' 'E ' H144 " ' Km Y l , p , flp I, A Cadillac...Bittenhouse Plaza relative...week- , . fr 7 p X GHC? Lfglnla 'Nancy Back seat dr1ver COOPCFHIIVS Spanlsh star Kmg of the 'Slay busyweek ends afrlend 1n the convent lou re agltatlng me' Llafllta, afle Cl 0,610 oan The artlst s touch face cream kld Consho Waltz Say ll wlth flowers gay revelrles rhumbas and tangos Bless Us' I'U'le alle atf8I"50l'l Nancl Jumor addltlon chewmg gum mllhons of Easter eggs loss to McSherrystown M slster 2601 Camden cutups Wlth an 1 please Q45 r f . . . O ni X L , aff 0 KW X KKJ I, hocken spelled P-A-R-A-D-l-S-E...Skaters' g it . . ,y . X X , 4. H H ...LU '...." y 1 Q ' G alle QPF Mary Jane Tall and tallored thoughtful M ,I P walk mg sweet shoppe master of the keys flrst nlghter 0ur lxathy tiny .NEAR gAl'8l'lCe I'U'l'lU,5 Helen Rellable party plamst Presldent Pr1mus art school tomato allergy lab techmque Whom shall l ask? paffllfld, M g Tmsh Tltlan tresses...those d1mples...act1ve base ball fan...silver whistle...her fairy aunt seam- stressmankle exercises...Tennessee Waltz-er ..."That makes me so mad!" FLD 'lc ff HY 3 ZZ sheared eager beaver nudges lazy buses our perfect Prefect brace I' W A And I fell sound asleep Ml'l'l6lJe!t0QA G ll,ZCll'll'l2 ary LC I'l'l0l'l SUSIE Rosycheeks cheerleader afflnltyforfootball Foundress of Blchmond Lane week ends at Paula s 8001 Ventnor Avenue Ster gfleff pa fflfla Agnes Puckered brow dry wlt the IIIGFHFQ type nephew nerves Anglophlle Ten Tall Ven Sheaf lh1S afternoon 692 gf X 0 UK ., J A JT IQ' e W A- Q4-5 ' X an ' ' .gyziefcld afle rancefi S Gil? Marte Sweet but soph1st1cated mochsh do lover Slade IHXI service Brldgeton Belle kltten on the keys I don t know about that he , y flne l'l'lCl Q Mary Anne Nllsleadlng CICCFOS best frlend Txllanys costume jewelry hockey w1th preclslon and forethought llttle brothers headed for Posemont Pottstown IS three m1les lon I'll'l afle ,QL alle Ann Twmkle toes Wlde open spaces glrl D1me Store helress hope chest wanderlust the old rellable car It s naturally stralbht X N We -'fr 5' ' 5' . . It ,Y . k Ll g Worfon .S?e,aAen5 Many Our gypsy the eyes have II soft VOICE dramatlc to the nth degree moonglowmuskrat Fontbonne newest senlor resldent of the dorm Mort Our joe' 0l"I"6lU'lQ dl"LQ .SJMLCLELL Lorralne Petlte paradox elegant s1mpl1c1ty sweet SOph1St1C3IC carhappy heartym als hmgh teen b1g two plus four All shook up 6ll"l8 fllfl eil Marle Slow but sure pl3C1d1tY person1f1ed sphmx studymajor P T C expert 7 40 bus 125 IIHISS7 I don t thlnk that s funny' bv I" ll I7 ll Y1 Z 1 O O O ll ' Y, priced footwear...Sixteen inverted equals nine- ' KS ,I t.1f' Q I I -1 Geri if ' Il N'-.,,f ' ll 3 ' 9 H Y ,Ne ell GEN QULQUQ 0l0l0lfZQl" Topm Reluctant scholar Rocky the walk astoundlng vocabulary motous rad1o lley Good Lookln It s Frlday be LCQ Ql'l'lCLO!Q!iQ wdfefd Alxce Congenlal and sm1l1ng true Mountle sp1r1t baby sltter masterof the Studebaker ln need of a compass How do you spell 1t'7 CLfl"lClCL 0 0l"Q.'5 Q QI' Patsy Q Lncle Pat QUIGI as amouee'7'7 atomlc energy permanent flxture on the hockey f1eld car trouble Sun Ray drugglst I dldn t even open a book NLD f - 3 ' ll , ' ,Y ll I ' 77 A I N -V .N . Xl l ll ' 71 Melrose Park ro0teI'...part-time day hop... I - .n. ll 'I -.rf JT I C ,A I9 13 'IXU We penflenl el' bil' MCM, l l Mrs. Marshall Anders, Speech and Dramatics W We rememher our faculty, the Sisters of Saint joseph, who labored zealously to impart to us the knowledge and culture necessary to enable us to take our places in the world as Catholic women, and instructed us thoroughly in a truly Christian way of life so that we too might carry on the teachings of Christ and liis Church. To them and to our other teachers, who have prepared us so well for our entrance into a different and more difficult life, we give our heartfelt thanlxs. fe ff 0' X, I' 1547 Miss Annette Danenhower Physical Education 1 Min Anna Govan, Resident Nurse 'ri' Qs-A Reverend .John Coffey fJ.S.A., in , Religious Instruction 'QU Reverend Thomas J. Lynch Chaplain 0 felflelll el' . the long hours of concentration spent in "math" with erasers as our principal tools. . . the trying sessions of Latin, last period on Friday afternoon when a phrase of translation lust wouldn't work out-. the questions in history that developed into political arguments and made us feel that if we had a chance, we could indeed change the world. . . . the apprehensive feeling in an English class when, without warning, Sister told us to do some original writing. . . . the pleasant breaks for speech and singing classes. . . . the helpless glance ofa classmate who had been called onto read in French or Spanish . . . the pride felt when an experiment in chemistry was successful. whenever we think of our classes, we remember those in Religion, 'L .El the importance and value of which g we are iust beginning to realize. fl . . . the embarrassment of striking a wrong key in typing, or failing to interpret the correct character in stenography, but most of all, Miriam Fenerty expresses her thoughts on thepresence ofthe Holy Ghost through her poster in the Junior religion class. Patricia Reilly and Agnes Shields demon- strate the assembly of the sick call set in preparation for Extreme Unction. Ae---1 Barbara Brandenburg points out the different parts of the Mass to an interested Sophomore religion class. The Freshmen enloy reading the Bible especially Nancy Porter whose illustrated one attracts the attention of the whole first row. Patricia Whelan provokes a spirifeddiscussion in the Fresh- man World History class. Junior historians,Mirian Fenerty and Joan Karlskind, locate on the map places about which they crestudying in their text. .ix .. Kathleen Collins addresses "Madam Chairman" as the Senior class fhrashes out a problem of democracy. r I , ,Q I 1 ,IA '36 K s Xb ' Q' W. ' 'swf'-4'1-. 2 4 A ,, - X I,v','- ,f5'Af'f' 5,9 f Af, a-ff-"if ,H J' m,.w,,.'.f,,jfff5f 5 ...fy -ffl, ,M '55 - -. A ,E , ,K ,Q ,M 4 " ' - J' ' ' "' -, - Qr,-mf' f ' , r'tf"-'mf:'7- ' -Q . . I f- 5 if ff L Q. X, Hug I 'W J ""' lu..---r.. ,fi-JZZ4-4, .f4L,4f,,,,4.,,y-A 5 5... , A ,I Uy4M,AAJ, 6100144 . , ' 144 dd!-in :A I L1f4,',4,l mm Q I ,ri J-4.1 , 1 1, s ye ., 'f , . " X a Eg , 8 U JW! A ' ,gs 1 X, 1 ' 7 rf If N, Q i ' , I . 6-8 ' 35 1: Q' , -33-'N ,W Q ' -Q, -l',g:-- - Q l u W' X' X L 5'T5?f,',,,7,...., L1 ' 1 fw:T ,- -if K '. is ,I 1 x 'Wx 5-g,,.! .lm They havent blown up the lab yet but sensors Adele Murphy and Cafharune Crane are st ll frying harcl Patricia Auerbach and Patrlcua O Boyle designate the fine points of Trng while SfUdIOUS sensors strive to comprehend Le? s Be Conservchon Minded - these Sophomores make fheir moifo live! .if Ps A-04 lo Recording Spanish lyrics under the direction of Barbara Reinhardt and Betsy Bateman is a pleasant variation for the Sophomore Spanish Class. av-' Wann.: "3 R. Burke, M. Beecroft, and G. Sweeney comprise the most select German group at the Mount. Marianna Fox seems skeptical of Marilyn DeSimone's explanation of a poster in Senior Spanish. IN 1 if idx F Q Jes Q25 W f' - ff, IQ A Jrhqgar-'74 ' Nb L' 'Wm ' ,L -,g' 5 ' ' A 1 . ,, f"V in -Hin. ,A ,VK V JVM., B318 vw IZ SJ! f' ff1:,L- I"L ' 'L-' 4 phil- f I .1 ,mv Q .V ,ggt-Ag ID I Q- ...,,.g.. ff' 'M rf-n fi M -L, 13? ' . ,,. 1 ' 4 A . vii D Q F I Y 1 H i Q ,I El: 1 , ' A K- . -' b 1 L ' Y., I' fi A " Q , -. -,,.'- ., . -can The Freshmen present a colorful picture ,X i 5 themselves asthey attem Practice makes perfect and these Juniors seem well on their way to success. "2 9 llt,fzA-' Sei 'Tha.,-.L pt to convey their ideas in pictures. Juniorseamstresseswatch as Phyllis Sullivan carefully sews a Gne seam. if E sr' -1fLlT,J P3 Q :-A WEL "1 1' ,,,,--- 4. ,...pnv'?-' I ,,,4,' - 'Ri rr 'A , Q , ll K C 4. '1 ' 'J X .-watwwiv-K hl" ' F -4 'ff' V' s .' F , psi 4- F -,ZR -""': PM , gi rr fir., 1 E, M .. Lk, 8 ... w v "Tl 'SQ ' . Q . Q . ! wx-9 x - ft V Q Q if 'OU ,Z , , Z 1 K . !41v'vigM'- XQEN T C0 K ,o FSIQQS 2 Pelflenl el' all the good times we had at our various organizations' meetings: the games, the songs, the refreshments, and how the things we learned in class were carried over into these after school activities. Or raising our voices in many a hearty song at the A.A. picnic. And we shall never forget the experience we gained in taking part in or trying so hard Oui the presentations of the Acadram, or the language clubs, to be an appreciative audience when our friends endeavored to remember lines long enough to impersonate Napoleon, Don Juan, or Julius Caesar. But most of all whenever we think of our clubs, most of all we remember Sodality and the Student Council, whose officers and members have aided us, during our formative years, It Q in becoming strong and fine individuals. ,Q 1 X? LSJXL E Sfudenf Student Council President: Patricia Reilly Patricia Reilly repeats the Oath of Office as President of The Student Council after Senior Classpresident, Mary Louise Gerhard. G ,, ounci ABI emit" Of the many clubs and organizations at the Mount, the Student Council is the one most likely to be remembered. We will no doubt recall locker inspections, fines, and green slips. But we will recall this organization with a deep sense of pride, for although the power of this governing body is vested in fourteen represent- atives, its success depends on the cooperation of all the students, since we pledge to uphold its standards and to obey its rules and regula- tions at all times. We, students, who elect these representatives are deeply grateful for their guidance in aiding us to be better "Mounties." The chief purpose of the Student Council is to promote the general welfare, and to main- tain order in corridors and study periods. One of the most remarkable features of this year's Student Council has been the prog- ress it has made under the self-sacrificing leadership of Patricia Reilly, the president. Let us hope that the "reputation, honor, and ideals of Mount Saint joseph Academy" will be up- held successfully in the future as they have in the past. The Student Council representatives listen attentively to the directions concerning their duties. Front ROLL J. Bondi, M. Mcoscar, A. Senser, B. Reinhardt, V. Dyer. Hack Row. L. McGill, J. Gedaka, M. Lee, C Belcher, M. McCartney. On the far right are the Senior representatives, Mary Anne Smale, Anne Marie Fengler, Marie Teti. K ' S' 4: , 2? F' X . , X-. JN A , ,SX v T F , 5 AJ 43 'W my Yii Fixx I i W 2 1 ,X an A 1 H X 5. 751 rxf ' 2 5x in V" vii! Q i'.?'15x'f x 5iL-ll-Y! 205, 'fa fs , ga ,J Q 1171 . .f. 7 W4 'Jl ' wif .15 '4. QW' Li ,S SW 5 .Q XL -lf, A 775 AO fc? QYfi?V AWN 31 A 4 w 1 ff x",1 X -Mx NQf NEX wf 5 QA A-7 -F' xl 5 C R gf lu!- 'Qs 735. W N L W 5 X 5 1. P ay -v Qx-P ? QUE mum 39215 illllariam bslf X X ZX 1 Senior representatives, Angela Desantis and Terese Ann McGroarty, light a votive candle in honor of Saint Joseph. CAi!c!ren O! War egg, Sodality prefect: Kathleen Rhoads. Father Alban Carroll,C.P., our retreat master. We remember our Sodality under the title of the Immaculate Conception. The Office of the Blessed Virgin presented her many beautiful virtues and attributes tor us to adopt. The Queen's Work magazine filled our minds with that Christian way ot thinking which is so obviously lacking on the news-stands of today. We remember our monthly visits to the Blessed Sacrament exposed in our Academy chapel. Our annual retreat turned our thoughts from the daily routine to things above and served to make us better sodalists. We shall always remember the May Procession and the double crowning of Our Lady at the grotto and in the Convent chapel. All these advantages mode us proud to wear the medal given to each new sodalist at the January reception at the Mount and brought us closer "to Jesus through Mary." group of seniors enioy a private conference with Father Carroll. F 'U' S jy I tj Y 'ff , .A A,-rn 'xg' 1:-,fat-l lj.: Senior sodalists take a minute out to enjoy some recent issues ofthe "Queen's Work." i The solemnity of the ceremony is revealed in the faces of the departing sodalists. Freshmen uphold an ancient tradition of the Mount by examining their Children of Mary medals after their reception into the sodality. Sodality representatives, Mary Maines, Marlene Frank, Suzanne Sullivan, Constance Zollers, and Mary Ryan discuss tentative projects for lent. .DZ W Q CWA gulf de 86ll'll'le . Our efficient "Le Cercle Jeanne L X d'Arc" president, Mary Agnes Q A O'Connor. KA We remember Le Cercle Jeanne d'Arc and all that we learned from its Y A meetings, the first of which was always conducted partly in English, ,, fx for the benefit of the newcomers, who, even at assembly were slightly confused when they had to answer "Presente". sf" f We recall the research and preparation spent on skits which we presented with a flourish and more than one flaw in French. For their topic, the seniors enacted skits pertaining to the lives of the saints, while the juniors selected scenes from the lives of famous musicians i 4,-ffllggg, as their subiect. Y rj y7,,fs.1ff'L'f ef Y General opinion has it that the most enioyable meeting is the annual farewell party. Last year's theme was a salute to the two thousandth birthday of Paris. That afternoon, the lawn was gaily I l '?25f' decorated with colored stalls and brilliant flowers in the style of a sidewalk cafe. But most of all we remember the understanding, the love and interest we acquired for the language and people of France. Such natural camera shyness! French Club members arrange the flowers to be used as the decorative scheme for their party. Senior members L. Sukalski, P. Johnson, and P. Reilly discuss club plans as Mary A. 0'Connor, D. Feehan, and A. Senser listen attentively. 9 Q: N ?"4n Q V Ogid G e ff arcufo gdlaano no 0 We remember "El Circulo Espanol" and the gay, colorful meetings in the inner-rec, the lovelytraditional songs ofthe Latin countries, and the humorous skits and games which made the meetings so Cx enioyable. At the "Fiesta del Navidad", we broke the pinata and scrambled for the numerous gifts which it poured out, and we sang "Las Pasadas", a traditional Spanish Christmas carol, and learned about the Christmas celebrations ofthe Spanish speaking countries. We remember playing the French Club at basketball and a promised reward of "no homework" if we won. But most of ull, when we think of the Spanish Club, we remember the under- standing and appreciation ofthe Latin countries and their customs and culture which the club instilled in us. 0 o A H , . i ., , QQ' 0 0 fwk'flf6l5':iiL'in"'4','fli'i 3 1332535 O C O 2 Q fGf3QfKff?42'lff4PQl1 .ff f Yi-e,4Lwf1?5f1?jQf if 52560 054' 0 Y n 433 ,jg ll Ever-beaming "El Presidente", 'W' Y A ' Y ix f x Marilyn DeSimone. 'X' f . X. if ,tijgf:.' I Ligi- xl Xml 'lf' ills 9 N 5 ll, 'mc' x XX V AA I . lf' l li Q ,f-er-V.,-.., y , ai Needless to say,oppearances are deceiving! Recognize K. Collins, M. DeSimone, and N. 0'Neil? The meeting comes to order and smiles come to the fore - for C. Crane, N. O'Neil, K. Collins, M. De Simone, S. Gamon, D. Porter, and R. Reyes. G f f- fx fx .-X ok 4 Wag ok RXQQ 19,1- Qxwfj 1.111111 Club Prcsizlcnlf Helen Primus Nw Anne Senser, Agnes Shields, and Victoria Fengler look forward to the fun-packed meetings that Helen Primus is planning. Seniors seem both puzzled and anxious as they take the Latin Competitive Examination. S X M0 M1666 Q "Quo vadis, Domine?" Peter asked this of Jesus when the Lord appeared to him in a vision, and through the centuries these words have come down to us. "Quo vadis?" - "Where art thou going?" It is the name of our Latin club. But the Latin club means more to us than just two words. It means stepping beyond the required two years of Latin study into the world of Cicero and Ovid. It means a subscription to Auxilium Latinum, the Latin club magazine, and translations of the profound mystery stories serialized in it. It means a meeting every sixth Friday, and laughter and applause at the skits we presented for entertainment. lRemember how we improvised Roman togas with kerchiefs, and how at Christmas time, we became serious with the beauty of the occasion as we read St.Luke's gospel and portrayed the beloved Christmas characters?l lt means competing for an award in the National Latin Competitive Exam, and hoping to win a medal for our- selves and a trophy for the school. We remember the enjoy- able hours we spent through "Quo Vadis", enioyable and profitable hours we shall keep forever. At our annual Christmas party, Santa Claus and his helper Agnes Shields treat the seniors to cookies and coke. fl J' ' Q. C6L6!I"6Ll'l7, We remember the Acadram and the thrill of learning that we were members of this select group, the monthly meetings in the auditorium, and how we applauded the one-act plays produced for our entertainment. lHow we rushed to memorize those lines in timell We recall the treasurer's incessant plea to "please pay dues promptly," and the tryouts for the Christmas play, our nervousness mounting as our turn grew nearer. Remember how "Pro- fessional" we felt at play rehearsals, and how unfamiliar with the terms of stagecraft - "wings" and "props" and "flies"? We recall perching atop a wobbly ladder to rig up scenery, and searching through musty old trunks for costumes and properties. The glow of foot-lights, the rise of a curtain - The Acadram, iust another of the many memories we take with us from the Mount. vol i af' Our dependable stage crew: Mary Anne Smale Sandra Daily Ann Beirn Eileen Foley and Nancy Dalton Curtain going up' a fe Hnishing 1 touches backstage if A, 5 , ,ix X x l, s e. -,.x "' t iv'- - . i , ' , I 4 X l. X A f' X 1 Xl il s Vice-President, Lynnde Baecke, and l X Secretary-Treasurer, Lee Kunl-cel dis- ik ll! A cuss a future Acadram meeting. QQ if Xxfif Vt its fl igdr 'L . ,f N39 4'-5 -,far x-'X A cadram President: Sully Mansell rf .15 'S f x M Vice-President, Nancy Dalton, and Treasurers Maria C. Muchacho and Anne Shoup surrounded by their A.A. representatives. M... Lau efic ddocia i on Athletic Association President: . i "Jump Ball" as the Freshmen learn the skills of basketball. We remember the Athletic Association and the spirit it fostered throughout the school. At the hockey games, we cheered the team, even though we thought our hands would freeze. We remember the black stockings we ruined on the hockey field, the banquet, and the All-Star game. And when hockey season ended activity shifted to the gym, where the basketball team upheld the name of the Mount, and did it well. The highlight of the year came on Ascension Thursday, when we found out who won the medals, and who earned the letters. Most of all, when we think of the Athletic Associ- ation, we remember the principles and ideals upheld and l f o defended by this organization. Cheerleaders, Connie Zollers, Sue Richmond, Anne Marie Trench and Eileen Foley, and Mascot Leonora Moreschi prepare to cheer the team to victory. X-wi, Nxt sl JL LL QSXXW7 f Ay? J S MY gk? Sli how we stood on the slde lines ofthe hockey field and wlth our cheering encouraged the team s already active splrlt how we fairly flew up the stairs 2 felnefll el' to get a seat In the gym for a basketball game the nall bltlng ordeals of plannlng a party and of how we remodeled ourselves unto the height of the rldlculous for Baby Day the thrrll of the frrst performance of the Christmas ploy and of the carols echoing through the Mount s long corridors the long hunger filled hours of practice and the musty smell of trunks rlvallng the heavy odors of stage make up during preparation for the aperetta the magical evenlng of the tea dance wrth the swlsh of tafetta and the clrck of heels on the rotunda floor how we tried to seem blase In sophisticated New York and looked more like wonder fllled youngsters on their first trlp to the bug city the processlon In white dresses honoring Our Lady In May These actlvltles these noemorles that make the Mount lnve these we remember :fi e, fe yt jg Z7 ,N V Qs Wffz , a 1, bdlx dr! A X c , 166 Q I I W K T "i'XwXgfc Ly M I N 5 l l 5 t ff ' K ,iw x tx gif li lt NX c Q ,f Nj 'l U l ' . L? fkW't5 f T , N . . . Q' , . , X, , 7 t l at f ,ft K y Q If-L t .' K. X Cancliecl apples and the portable radio divide the attention of Helen Toppitzer, Mary Ann Smale and Gloria Garcia. lngredients of a successful party - food, smiles and relaxation as proved by Betsy Timrrons, Angela Desantis and Lorraine Sukalski. r"5....,. enior ,S70laA0more puffy Sophistication low and spirits high - the Seniors at a party. J! Qwdlf 1 . Q3 . of? , 4. rw A' J ll 1 of-1gre3Amq IZA pdrffg 'Wi 99 0 an :gy if .Wy , Brand-new pins merit close scrutiny. flbove Left: Their broad smiles show that the Juniors ore still entronced by their clusspins. ing oc Angela DeSantis' face mirrors the spirit of eager anticipation felt by all the Seniors. .-iq, S in: Agnes Shields, Sally Mansell, Adele Murphy and Kay Rhoads seem tc think it was worth waiting for as they admire the sparkling symbols of their seniority. The Senior class relaxes alter the hard moments 'K - of tension. Now everyone is happy' ,f -a I A . ' -f. .- sgilm - "Gloria in Excelsis Deo" is the predominant chord on fhehearfstrings of K.Murphy, P.Sullivan, M. Fox, S. Richmond, H. Primus, M. Slade A. Trench, and C. Dalaway. Our heavenly choristers, S. Daily, K. O'Connar, D. Feehan, M. Meaney, J. Karleskind, A. Senser, K. Rhoads, A. Desantis, J. Diamond, and S. Sullivan make a reasonable facsimile of a stairway to heaven. l ' x 'QW . P451 1 l lk sl lr Q, i I-i -i lt -x I X. l. I 'Y-1.1 A 'N -5... ' Q.- ,V. ,. The wisdom of the kings, P. Johnson, L. deBaecl-ce, and L. Kavalauskas leads Yhem to the Saviour. J x Q. . J: --S V e I-All l 4 1 ll' .-, Q 1 f 6 "r,gF.!,I... ' ' . ' .,f if-' - -4 -ex A i . ' .Q . A. 1 ' 2 ff' 'lr-,f ' "-fi V 1 xi ,iv 'Y Q :1 I rw- .YG . 1 ,.. Q H .1 s .' . 8 ' s in ' 'gl I .t I . 4 x 4 . hw' .3 fgggi,Uf2g,s:" , . 2.0 fa f xfz,g . C A' X 1 A . Q., fffj ' W gg- ,,g.,,g . ' , 1 V -5, 'Q 1, '1:"'3 1 - u is 'vs 54:5 4 lx':'i . -. ' fu' m A I x .,.,4 :MLQQ A '4,', ,J ' .1 V xrh D-azx-lv -- , ,e . if . 4,. ,!4.+k:.".:KFi'n." - 1 ul I -. . :tk-1-.,'1,,Aj I ,,' PM 2 'av . b 9 V D '- F134-w? ' wi. " - 13 f - J 1 ' .ew ,f - "'Q"r2 ' - ' Y Y ' fig! 9 5 -. -' I X L . X I ' ,' . 0... 1 .4 ,J f. ..- . ' ' rx , I , I t 7- Q , 5 ,- .9 i. 1 I x 3 t ' Y g,. .-1' iii. k. -s x .IL ,ff---' A0 ' W A Yi ,f -. I L1 .' 2349 'IQJX I V wx f, 1 " 4771.11 s. M5555 ...f fwp. uxqfji izdfrl' 'fini if 'xy -me f- 5 ,Ta 'X gn ' .W ' f 1 4 ff'F'W"Y . 'E ' - , . mf . , . mt .,,xl-f A 111 1 -Q 1' W, QA 1 rv' v-.r,,'f,.-, - ".s, 5, -xrljnii 'C'nv, , ff Mtn Qi 4411.- I Y - 4 ',1.. o , a f' I M x I 'M I L 63 4.. -4 I A n c x 51 '- .,'.,'- 2-.nw . f - .,! it .s.- 1 lj'4,N ,I ' jg .",, . H" ' . l Q. .x ff 1 'A . K fin 'I - . I J , 'I 1 3 .'., , ' 581:- fszr' . V . , ' 1 " 4.5 H 4 lil qv, , Y. ! s ,af--U L U . o,, 'Z 'ss' 'z ? ' , 1. Eb I A fl ,- 'J 1,-If .arf , Q! xf' 5 I . 2 1' ' M ..-4 iq, .K I' T4 2 3 5 . a 1, 1 9 GHC? g , 9 fri A good time was had by Clii- The iong-awaited evening has arrived - Seniors take their places of honor on the Bishop's stairs. Eli lj!! Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Rhoads, Mr. and Mrs Fred Reilly, and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kavalauskas, our chaperones,are about to enioy the refreshments. XQQ-1 A 2 Q d W e all rateful to Joan Petrone for The enchanting music of Roger Kent's orchestra is an important ingre ient e ar g ofa charming Tea Dance. her wonderful support of the Tea Dance by submitting the greatest number of patron s. 'lop How: Jackie Bondi, Petsy Flanagan, Katherine O'Connor, Sally Mansell, Mary Anne Smale, Helen Racquet. Bottom Row: Anne Shoup, Maria C. Muc acho, Mary I.ou Gorman, Patsy Weber, Anne Spillan Paula Collins. VARSITY Co-captains: Mary Lou Gorman and Patsy Weber congratulate next year's co-captains: Maria C. Muchacho and Jackie Bondi. Ir el ocLeg JUNIOR VARSITY 'lop Itow: Rita Reyes, Alice Waters, Emily Peltier, Barbara Reinhardt, Mary O'Brien, Christine Moranz, Doranne Hanley. llotlom ltowz Betsy Bateman, Helene Haggerty, Peggy Conroy, Loretta KavaIauskas,CharIotte Branagan,Barbara Brandenburg, Mary Joan Robinson. I, l'wo Mounhes guard the goal cage apprehenslvely as their adver- oach Danenhower confers with star players, Pat Weber and Mary All we can do now is watch. The action seems to have shifted to the other end of the field. It looks like victory for fheMounf as Mary Lou Gorman and Pat Weber fear down the field foward the goal. 4 gq . 4. A " 1-'. 6 L' ni f IL: V2 If 2 ' ew . 1 1 I xx fl? i First How: J. Bondi, J. Diamond, A. Beirn, Captain Petsy Flanagan, J. Flanagan, A. Daly, M. McCauley. Second How: R. Joyce, A. Flanagan,A. Farrell, J. Coacher, K. Hibbs, H. Gleadall, K. McGee, J. Karleskind. JUNIOR VARSITY . I Q . ,IX 6, I Laughter and chatter mingle freely during half-time at theCecilian game VARSITY Center: Nancy Dalton, Captain. Standing: D. McClelland, K. O'Connor, B. Rein- hardt, M. L. Gorman, M. Rios. Q Our wonderful couch and frnend Mass Annette Donenhower. A ,lg ln trying fa 'rake each other tealous, Sonia Marlene Frank, and Danilo, Agnes Shields, draw the attention of a group of rivals. err i ow 348 'IJUJ Al I 4 i "l am a dutiful wife" - Natalie, Angela DeSanti s, tells the downhearted Jolidon, Molly Stephens. Right: Prince Danilo, Agnes Shields, "takes the first at hand" as he sings of his escapades at Maxim's. X w I l St. Brioche, Helen Gleadall, proposes a toast to the "charming Baroness Populi", Angelo Desantis. . . N, Soma, Marlene Frank, sings oi life In Marsovia to these hopeful gentlemen. 3 all i Marsovian Folk Dancers perform at a reception given in Sonia's garden. Q 7 -is " - -3, ', c..,su. . . -sap -,, Qu. u I 'ik ' . Prince Danilo, Sally Mansell, is .,L .A popular with the ladies. '. f' 0 X " fb i X . . 1 gf. li 't Baron Popolf, Loret1a Kavaluus- - b ' kos, suspiciously looks into the f ' 1 L ll I ' arbor in an attempt to discover 5 ' its occupants. - if i x , yy . U 3.5 it if .- Silly, Silly Cavalier" - Sonia, M wTerese A. McGroarty, teases the , A Q.. " " Prince, Sally Mansell. 5 " A. "mtl ff' f ' ,L , 5' ' ' The Merry Widow, Terese A. McGroarty, surrounded by a host of suitors at the Marsovian Embassy. Anne Woodring, accompani st. was l "A woman's too much for a manl" -- Prince Danilo learns at last. Nisch, Anne Marie Fengler, proclaims himself "a most distinguished man". Maxim's wouldn't be Maxim's without these "little Paris Ladies' llr Q ' ,,i?qn-RA. The "Merry Widow Waltin r danced by Sonia, Marlene Frank, and the active Prince, Agnes Shields. This chorus modestly boasts 1 K that they are "Maxim's greatest ' glories". -fv- .e F "W " an , 5 S V . K Z ,if F "A rose by any other name -" -vjgw ay a ! 7 ty l I , L l Junior Mechanical Dolls smile mechanically at the camera. These Juniors would be an interest- ing spectacle in the Security Council as they portray friendly Russians. - 'ff ef, eie or vga.. charming supporting cast for "The Sheik" CL .748 WutCI'LlC el' Suzi Senior Arabian Beauties would make The May Court gaily attends their Queen, Carolyn Deiter. CL K Q Q 1 'M X 1" The happy ending ofthe story comes as the little girl, Sally Gillies, and the Prince, Alice Waters, sit ioyfully under the watchful eyes of the Sugar Plum Fairies and their queen, Dolores Sprowls. Looking at the world through rose colored glasses, is an ambition realized by these Sophomore Lollipops. .- ' 'P it .I ' ' ' V V Freshmen wield twin flutes as they colorfully depict these instruments. 3 vi w ' ,P N 7 ' x, ,if 5 ll NWNM if 0 :- H. Primus, J. Palacio, M. Stephens and N. Patterson proudly display their precious purchases from Saks', as they wait for the bus by the doors of Saint Patrick's. XQQW 2--14 Lf, wi , LfQ'i"'L, I 1' neg? QQ 1 K i I ' . l s 54 R X il di' Dressed for the occasion, members of the Senior class smile in anticipation of their trip. unior- enior filo J-.J Typic al scenes of a happy day, long to be remembered. .3 I 45. 1 V 5 45 c .QJV if Sodality Prefectsi C. Fitzgerald, P. James, and J. Yates approach the chapel singing, to honor Our Blessed Lady. I , ,,r- x i1"wv5St',L6E rg' . I' Gly I"0CQ5ffl0l'l 'fr fi N, QA - 5 I I , kv g 4, ss' ' Q. H-r Sodalists L. Kunkel, A. Senser, H. Toppitzer, and M. DeLussa walk reverently down the patb singing Mary's praises. P. Robin is about to crown Our Lady of Lourdes with a wreath presented by P. Hauser. Y L Senior Student Officers: L. Straub, P. Hauser, and J. Norris gracefully lead the procession to the grotto. X X .A ffl J X ala 6556 0,0 QC I Granny opened the leatherbound trunk and pulled out a paper yellowed wuth age She wlnked at her grandchnld snttmg by her slde and sand This paper IS better than any nursery rhyme It tells s about the most pronwnent world fngures In 1962 Granny opened the paper to the news sectuon is . ,P ' Wm 1 and began to read 94 Kathy Collins, fsrst woman president of the Natlonal Cheerleaders Unlonandpatron ofthe hot rod , recently announced her desire to sponsor anyone who would set a new round the world record In Ann Spillane s car Mary Lou Gorman and her husband volunteered But Ann well skilled ln the art of souplng up , had done too thorough a 'ob on her Chevy The car went so fast that lt broke through the earth s atmosphere and landed on Mars It may now be seen nn the Martian Art Museum which IS designed like the one bullt by Nanci Patterson to replace the old Phlladelphxa Art Museum The Martlans call thus museum The Kavalauskas Memorial Institute' after Loretta Kavalauskas, famed engineer ofVnllanova College Loretta IS an lnspnratlon for many a hot rod builder Lynn Murray has won the loving cup for the Hambone League by runnmg the 440 yard dash In 4 seconds Lastweek, Jean McCorkeII Queeme to her colleagues, won the shot put contest for LaSalle College where she IS stall a mayor In the art of basketball Marla Crlstlna Azua recently renounced her monastic hermltage In Ecuador to represent her country as a pole vaulter In the Olympics being held In Japan While In Japan Marla met Wnlla Byrne and Nancy ONelll who were sent to that country by the presndent of the U N. General Assembly X Agnes Shlelds. Agnes was elected presldent on the basls of herllterary achleve 1 imp., ,QC 'Q A' i ments and particularly for hernovel, "Callsthenlcs, A Means to Good Health". Wrlla and Nancy are now wx ,M l Kx A, fM.j' entertaining as Gelsha gurls f A fa tj l X 'lf' at Pat O Boyle s hotel, Pamlla Arms, the Japanese branch of the famous chaln of hotels flrst establushed at Cedars, Pa Patsy Weber, lnternatlonally famous for her Coy glances, IS stationed at the door to draw ln customers Also working there as bouncer to escape the wlles of Joanne Nask lt seems that Joanne has some old scores to settle with Reds Really Far on the other slde of the globe, Marne Slade has retired to her home on the Rnvnera bought with the fortune she accumulated by her South Jersey Tax: Service She IS reported having been seen at the gaming tables wnth ruthless gambler, Adele Murphy Goldmine Murph IS wanted by 72 countries for bankruptlng the national treasurles Also worklng on the Rlvlera IS Marulyn DeSlmone, prlmadonna of the Russian Theatre of Ballet Marulyn s former teacher, Alice McCloskey, gave Trlsh Renlly trylng up a lucrative positron as ballerina at the Holy Cross School of the Dance to replace Johnny on the Philip Morrus ads Alice has often danced to the clang clang rhythm of Sally Glllles Anvil Chorus Sally IS the world s most outstanding Blacksmith Also vacatuonlng at the Rlvlera IS the Admiral of the Fleet and his cabln boy Kay Rhoads On the home front, Pat Auerbach IS campaign mg for president If elected Pat promises to make Brooklyn a state She may meet opposition from Lorralne Sukalskn the hard boiled manager of the Cleveland lndlans Lorrame, first lady of the diamond fears that uf Brooklyn becomes a state, her lndlanswlll never have a chance for the series Clssy Crane has lust had an article published In the National Geographuc Magazme The article IS a report of the fmdmgs of her excavatlons at Valley Forge ln the same Issue of the Natlonal Geographic IS the fnrst comlc strip ever printed there, Cartoonlst Paula Collins' "Donald Dope '. Molly Stephens of the Navy Nurse Corps has lust won the Nobel Peace Prlze for promoting good will among nations. Lieutenant Commander Stephens generously donated four pounds of flesh to an undernourlshed Russian soldier who needed lt. ln the theatrxcal field, Jams Mahoney IS enter talmng the troops overseas. Janls,one of the fore most actresses of today, recently won an oscar for A lin w Z' "Y J AQIIA, j Q X 311' 0 -E 1 axle'- E1' 7 YQ-.'u'XiA',' ' ,Z ' ':'4'f.'gQ -,jgvgv V -Q -fer-,,'--1 ' X 'wfr-015' , I' dfgfjla 1 1 ,- an ' 9 E' A z . . . . . gg . ' I - O ' ' ll ll ' , x . U XX X . lxff ' f . - M , l ,, . , ,, . . . . M If I c ,Ng , IS " ' ' . ' 1 ff U. K , - n 1: f 3+- V, , I Q l ff H e A 4 e I 45 ' ' . , ,, . . . . , u - ' ' ll ' ll ' , , , . . . . , . . , ' D n - H - ' ' X , . , . , . . . . . I . . . . . . . . . - ' ' I ' , , H . , . . . . I ' ' I . , . . . I . ll - n ' ' - ' . , I . . . . - I - . . . . . I . . , . - . I . . . , 5 I her performance of Ophelia In Hamlet" Also entertammg the troops IS torch snnger Nancy Dalton, who lmmortallzed Julle In Show Boat" Her rendltuon of Just my Bull can stall brung tears to one s eyes Marianna Fox IS starrmg un the tntle role of a new Broadway show The Lnfe of Snster Kenny The muslc crutlcs are raving about Terese Ann McGroarty who IS now smgmg with Mary Agnes O Connor s LatmAmerlcan band on tour from Ham After the Metropolltan Opera Company had dns charged Terese for shattering all the glass In the housewlth her hugh notes, Tess could find employ ment only with Mary Agnes She needed the help of former classmate, Helen Primus un gettlng thus job Helen plays the glockensplel In the band and Influenced the Conshohocken Rhunba queen to glve Tess the posltlon Looking Into the world of society, we fund Petsy Flanagan as leader of the Junlor set Petsy entertains many lunlor executives at tea every afternoon Dottle Feehan has lust won another blue rlbbon for the fune strarn of French poodles she has raised To all dog fanclers this breed IS called F fr "" Susle Rrchmond, the Elsa Maxwell of Atlantnc Cnty socuety IS fast be ' commg a pauper from grvnng extravagant parties Charlotte Branagan has managed to pass customs safely on her return from Africa where she conducted a head hunting party Charlotte brought some sou vemrs back wlth her and feared that the customs officials would never pass her During her hunting expedltlon, Charlotte ran into Marne Tetl, who had married a medlcme man ln an attempt to bring modern medrclne to the tropics Maryanne Dever has been assigned by the Pope to re wrlte the calendar of the samts There IS a discrepancy ln the dates ofsome ofthe samts feast days and Maryanne alone knows how to correct them She has also been mstructed to add Sally Mansell sfeast day to the lust Sallywas swlmmlng off the coast of Cape May and an looking at the coast guards,bumped her head agaunst a lighthouse and drowned She rs known as the patroness of lnghthousekeepers Sad to relate, Claire Mauger IS occupying a padded cell In Bella Vista When the authorxtles saw her trying tosled down thehlll ofthe PS D In mud summer, they decided somethlngwas deflnltely wrong ln the business world we fund that Angela De Santls has opened a toupee shop for bald headed women Afterworknng for Charles Antell fora number of years, her haur became straught and thenfellout To save others from the same embarrassment, she opened thus shop However, Anne Marne Fengler, now known N11 as the orlglnal shaggy dog,alsoworked for Charles Antell demonstrating how the famous formula would work on eye brows Maryell Garrett as the President of the United Mme Workers After John L dled, the umon massed hrs eyebrows, and elected Maryell to keep hrs memory alive Maryell has had much trouble In suppressmg the communists rn the Umon Mostduffl cult of these IS Mary Anne Smale, quute a fanatlc over Uncle Joe Mary Jane Perry, the perfume tycoon, has lust put two new perfumes out on the market Mlle Perry calls them ENH and ENH ENH Pat Johnson IS teaching Inu lltsu at nrght school Pat leamed the oriental art as a means of self defense against hold up men who frequented her former place of business Lynn deBaecke IS edltmg a magazine, Fash lonable Halr do s for Scrub women She offers a galvanized scrub bucket to all new subscribers Mildred DeLussa, renowned halr stylist, IS actmg as technical advisor Mildred IS famous for her revolutionary style the Boxer Bob Ann Daly has recently been appointed Dean of Social Dasclplrne at West Point Mlss Daly has inaugurated a new system of reform whereby any cadet In poor standlng must escort her to the dances Mary Louise Gerhard as the newly elected president of the Bachelor Girls Club Mel has resigned herself to the fact that she s lust not the type men go for A celebrlty much In demand IS Ann Belrn, the sclntlllatmg redhead, who IS the relgnlng Miss Tootsie Roll of 1962 Workmg for the betterment of souls IS Helen Toppltzer who has entered the convent As Sister Suzanne of the order of St Stephen, she advises wayward gurls Also working ln rellglon IS Joan Palaclo,avery active member of the Salvation Army Shewas recently promoted from her postat the corner of 5th and Fayette Streets, and she now plays the drums at 42nd and Broadway Granny stopped readnng and put the paper back unto the trunk But Granny," the llttle vonce besude her pnped up Whowere you? What was your name then 7" Granny smiled and sand, name? Why my name was Allce Waters - L4 V,-,--,TL J 4 -Cz I 1.1 -1. Q QL! 17 J- Q' 'TS ff N2 .. . . . I g ywgifu ,I V , i' . H . i H. . .1 . . vw, 'P 'J ' . W ww ' . A ll . ' A dl l s 1 I-. . . KLM' lx U . H U.. . . I. - lx . . . . . . . . - . . .. H .n 51. 31.345 .W .LL - . S f T -1 -of so ig n l -D ' - HMY l H JTYKXIM i L LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT e the Senlor Class of n1neteen hundred and L-1fLylVl0 of Mount Samt Joseph Academy belng of threadbare mlnds and elbows do hereby w1ll and bequeath the followmg treasures to those who have know1ngly otherwise mented them To the Faculty A box of asp1r1n the large economy slze To the Junlors Lynn Murray s llttle black book of excuses To the Sophomores Our lnnate and mvaluable knowledge of the Unxted NGIIODS To the Freshman An lncomlngclass ofphoto- genlc Senlors To the future Sheaf Staff A box lunch to stave off the pangs of sxx o clock hunger To the Day llops l reedom of speech ln the locker room To the Boarders A speclal order of electrlc blankets for those cold cold nlghts .lacquelme Bondl Mary Anne Smale s enloy ment of quaint French customs Joanne Brandt Janis Mahoney s love of Room 34 Joan Coacher Patsy lleber s basketball unlform Janice Dlamond Charlotte Branagans shy retlrmg personallty Dlane Doucett Sally Mansell s salad bowl haircut and Al1ceWater s knack of falllng asleep ln class 'lllrxam Fenerty Petsy Flanagan s goalle pads and Clalre Mauger s lnlmxtable wlt VLCLOFIH Fengler Pat Johnson s 2 30 Latm class on Tuesdays and Molly Stephens stones about Our Joe Shlrley Gamon Dottle Ann Feehan s recently acqulred llarvard accent Joan lfarleskxnd lynn de Baecke s gay nalvete and Adele Murphy s devll may care attitude DoloresMcClelland Ixayflhoads bell bottom trousers Marle Meany Lorralne Sukalskls tltle of Sophxstlcated Semor Anne Mullahy Maryanne Dever s passport to LaSalle and Marle Slade s cooklngunlform LIZ Murray Allce McCloskey s membershlp card to the SIX footer club Latherlne O Connor Joanne Nasks rubber neck ,hz Dolores Porter Trlsh Rellly s Gene 1us and llelen Prlmus mldday Pomp and Clrcum stance Dolores Ryan Maryell Garrett s chronlc disease of belng on tlme and Marle Tetl s blologlcal descrlptlon of desserts nne Shoup Marla Azua sspeedy speech and Mary Jane Perry s dlet nne lloodrlng Nancy O Nelll s hrgh ratlng by Petrlllo onnle Lollers Paula Colllns place IH the chorus llne second from the left rances Castaldl LNHHCI Pattersons name d1fflCUlly and Marlanna Fox s grapefruit MaryJo Chrlsty Joan Palaclo s Come on a my llouse attltude andra Dally Kathy Colllns dlploma from modellng school Masula d Empalre Nancy Dalton s eccentrlc pronunclatlon lxathy Doyle Mlldred delaussa s pony tall Georglna llernandez Clssy Crane s mllltary flnxsh from Valley Forge Rlta Joyce Ann Belrns and Mary Agnes O Connor s parklng spaces Lysbeth lxunkel Helen Toppltzer s extensive French vocabulary and Terese Ann McGroarty s frlvolous fem1n1n1ty Marlan McCauley Mary Lou Gorman s gulle less look Maureen McOscar Pat OBoyle s and Ann plllane s long dlstance telephone conver satlons on Math Chr1st1na 'lloranz Agnes Shxelds SIX o clock ed1tor shlp blues and Jean McCorkel s super salesmanshlp Marla C Muchacho Pat Auerbach s sunny dlsposltlon Marla R105 Sally Glllles prowess on the basketball court Mary Joan Roblnson Susle Rlchmond s gestures Anne Senser W11laBwne s SXOLIC appearance and Loretta Kavalauskas open book method ln class Phyllis SUll1V3n Anne llarle Fengler s llght footed strxde and Ann Daly s cowboy galt Susxe Sulllvan Angela deSant1s rendmon of Music MUSIC MUSIC Joan Vlalters Marllyn deS1mone s lnfectlous glggles and Mary Lou Gerhard s svelte fxgure ttstn .WJKL Jvimffmzy S. GNED B, Qmw fyyyojw, 6+ DATE 3 Wfaf . , I . . , . xx , . 1 - ' Y- , ' ' 7 - vu ' 1 1 ' ' ' 11 1 . . . I I ' . . . . ., , OI' I I . . . . 'Z N - A . - 1 . . 7 ' ' ' : 7 ' A , . I y , . , . . : ' ' F . , I . , . . . L I ' I - F -, 1 ' 1 I . . . , . I - I ' 1 41 - - . 1 . . , 11 - - : 3 4 ' Q . I . , . t . I . . I I I I I I I . . I . .I , . - I I I I I - at - 11 I ' I I I . ' 7 G - ' f l 7 , 1 1 ' ' , 1 1 - - . ' . ' 1 ' . . I , .4. . J' I , . . . . ' - ' 1 . , . ' 'IA - ' - 1 - . I - I I I . . - I , . ' ' ' 1 , . ,, S ' I ' - . , . . . . . ' 1 ' ' g I ' : ' . . I . , . , 1 . ' . . , - u 11 I . . . , I I I I K 1 J : J . , . 1 ' - ' . . . , . ' Y . , . . I . ., . 1 ' - Q I 4 - 1 ' . 7 . A ' ' . , . . , . . I , . , . I I . , I , , . I . , . , ' 1: ' ' - 11 . , , . ' . , I . . , . . -I - 1 , 1 ' . . . , f We greatly appreciate the kind generosity of our friends a and advertisers who have helped to make the publication Corrplrn ents ot Acadram Joseph Adarr CS Son Co 6146 N 20th Street Athletic Assocratron Arrstocrat lce Crearr 4th G Poplar Streets Phrladelphra Pa Best wrshes to my classmates lx rss l3atr1c1a Auerbach Best wlshes to the Class of 52 Dr and lvrrs H W Auerbach 272 East 19th Street Brooklyn New York Complrrrents of Mr and Mrs Henry Azua Fcuador South Arrerrca Congratulatrons 52 Nrcholas Beal Co lDl1l1'1GYll.S of L Levrn Manager A S Beck Shoe Store 5601 Gernanto vn Ave D9 t ushes of 53 Barclay Street New York 7 N Y Conqratulatrons to the Class Mrs Frank Belrn 233 F Sedgwrck Street Prrladelphra 19 Pa lr Jar' es A Be-rrn Phrladelphra Pa Benetrclal Savrng Fund 1200 Chestnut Street Phrladelphra 7 Pennsylvanra Con plrrrents of Beverly Novelty Co 4971 Wakefield Street Phrladelphra Pa ln Merrory of Lawrence N Blanche Success to the Class of 52 Francrs B J Branagan Burlder and Developer of this book a reality Mr and Mrs Wrllram A Byrne Byrne Manufacturrng Co 116 Shurs Lane Phrladelphla 27 Pa Edward A Carroll Inc Monuments Headstones Bala Cynwyd Pa lvyrrdge 3 0166 and 3 4140 Corrplrments to the Class of 52 Casa Conrrercral Azua Casrlla 4771 'vlanta Manabr Ecuador S A Casa Contr Glensrde Pa ll rnous for frne food Mr and Mrs John Castaldr and Hose Castaldr Le Cercle Jeanne d Arc 1952 Chestnut H111 Lumber Co 13h1lade1ph1al8 Pa John T Earley Chestnut H111 Market Blu enthal QS Hayrran Phrla delphra 18 Pa Good luck to the Class of hr and Mrs V1 B Chrrsty Congratulatrons to the Class of lr and Mrs F' V'1l11arr Clayton College Grrls Tarlors 138 S 20th Street Phrladelphra 3 Pa Corrplrrrents of 5 Mr and Mrs Maurrce N Collrns Jr Congratulatrons to the Class of '52 lvr and Mrs Francrs T Crane lxrss Crssy Crane Mr and Mrs John Dalton 3rd and Srnrth Streets Mrllvrlle N J Mr and Mrs John Dalton Jr Mrllvllle N J Complrments of Mr and Mrs C J Daly 1600 E lvhddleton Street Phrladelphra Pa Congratulatrons to the Class of 52 Dr and Mrs Henry L de Baecke Phrladelphra Pa Sweet memorres Class of 52 Mrsses Lynn and Clarre de Baecke Complrments of Mr and Mrs Leonard De Santrs Jr Phrladelphla Pa Best of luck from Evelyn and Julra De Srrrone Congratulatrons to the Class 5 Mr and Mrs John J Dever 1926 W Venango Street Phrladelphra 40 Pa Complrments of Maryanne and Johnny Dever Phrladelphla P Elsre G Ellrs Germantown Placerrent Servrce 1 19 W Chelten Avenue Phrladelphta 44 Pa Congratulatlons Classrrates Mrss Anne Marte Fengler Overbrook Pa Congratulatrons to the Graduates Mrs Thon as H Fengler 1921 Wynnewood Boad Mrs Charlotte Frne Dr and Mrs John C Flanagan 507 E Boumfort Road Phrladelphra 19 Pa Corrplrrrents of John C Jr Marte Therese Anne Marre Joseph C and Kathleen Anne Flanagan Fontbonne Hall Sunset and Norwood Ave Phrladelphra 18 Pa Mr and Mrs EdwardJ Fox Salerr New Jersey ur I9 1 , - - . 1 I A A . 1 I I 0 A 1 I Q n a s l I ' I ' . , . - I . , . ' r ' I ' r - 7 7 - 1 I ' I . A . , - ' H A - II II S.A. , A I . . ' , . A ' " ' I ' ' 1 4' , . I - 1 I , ' ' A Fa ' " ' ' of' 2 ,. , . ' . , . , 1 I ' Il ' ' - . , 1 ' ' - I G' . . . 4 H , I '-N . l S Q .. L 1 K. Beetar, lnc. 8512 Germantown Avenue . , . , , . , I . lvl n n I A I 152 A -I J ' ' Of '52 l . . . l. . V , . 1.'. '. , . ' 2 Al lv I l I ,, . rl . '. .. v . 1 1 1 ' . 1 . . , , , N . C v. Du 1. a 1 ' , 4 I 1 . I I A . A . . . , , , . , , . 1 -1. 1 4 1 l A ' -r 'I I l'l ll' l - l 1 -I , . , I . . . I I 1 I I 0 4 I I u ' . I . . , . , . - . . ' I 4 , . . A, Best of luck to my classmates Mrss Marranna Fox Freshman A 1952 Freshman B 1952 Complrments of a Frrend Complrments of Mr Harry Gerhard Jr 707 Westvrew Street Phrladelphra Pa Good Luck to the Clas of 52 Mrs Edward Grllres Complrments of J L G111resCo lnc Chestnut H111 Pa Sa'rue1S Goodman 213 Frtzwater Street Phrladelphra Pa Conqratulatrons to the Class of 5 Mr and Mrs Albert E Gorman Hennrnqs Parnt G Hardware Store 5809 Gerrrantown Avenue Phrladelphra 44 Pa Henry A Hurst 1208 Chestnut Street Phrladelphra Pa Best wrshes to the Class of 52 Joan and Kathleen Best wrshes to the Graduates of 52 Mr and Mrs Edward G Johnson 315 W Fern Street Phrladelphra Pa Jumor A 1952 Junror B 1952 Kolb s Dew Drop Inn Ltncheonette Crty Lrne and Germantow WH 8 9804 Avenues Lou s Sandwrch Shop 414 E Maln Street Norrrs town Pa Norrrstown 8 9084 Complrments of Mack Transportatron Co 4330 Torresdale Avenue Phrladelphra 24 Pa Complrments of Mr and Mrs Gerald Mahoney J enkrntown Pa Best wrshes to rry classmates Sally Mansell 8445 Emlen Street Phrladelphla 19 Pa Mrs Lourse Marten Modern Beauty Shop 85 South Avenue Brrdqeton N J Corrplrments of Mr and Mrs George Martrn Wrllram C lxartrn 801 Walnut Street Phrladelphra 7 Pa Comp11r'ents of Mr and Mrs W Mauqer Best Nrshes from Mrs Freada Meekeey Mount Sarnt Joseph Alumnae Assocratron John C Muller Inc Hoofrnq and Heatrnq Contractors 709 N 63rd Street Phrladelphra P Mr and Mrs Francrs J Mullrn John J McSha1n lnc 17th and Sprrnq Garden Streets Phrladelphra P Complrrrents ot Mr and Mrs Joseph Nask 6624 Malvern Avenue Overbrook Pa Norwood Academy 8891 Germantown Avenue Chestnut H111 Phrladelphra 18 Pa Conqratulatrons to the Class of 52 Mrs Florence O Boyle Complrrrents of Mr and Mrs Thomas J O'Connor 814 Hector Street Conshohocken Pa Best wrshes to the Class of 52 Mr and Mrs John B O Nerll Conqratulatrons to the Class of 52 Mr and Mrs Wrllram E Murphy 531 Lrndley Road Glenslde Pa Conqratulatrons to the Class of '52 Mr Harry L Murray Best wrshes to the Class of 52 Mr and Mrs S P McCloskey Best wrshes to Class of '52 Mr and Mrs Janres McCorke11 Mrss Jean McCorkell Good lucl' to the Class of 52 Mrs Francrs McGroarty Conqratulatrons to the Class of '52 Mrss Lrnda lV'cGroarty Complrn ents ot Mr and Mrs Francrs C Palacro 208 E 5th Avenue Conshohocken Pa Jeanne and Betty Palermo Conqratulatrons to the Class of Mrss Nancr Patterson Complrments ol Mr and Mrs Lawrence Patterson Phrladelphra Pa A A Perry G E Applrcances Hunter A1urrrnurrStor 4709 Frankford Avenue Sash Ferdrnand Prrmus Contractor G Burlder 135 F Upsal Street Germantown Pa Conqratulatrons to the Class of 52 Mr and Mrs Fred Herlly 243 Laveer Street Phlladelphra 20 Pa Good luck classmates Trrsh Rerlly Wrllram K Bernhardt Realtor 3rd and Mrtflrn Streets Phrladelphra 48 Pa Complrments of Mr and Mrs Samuel M Rhoads 601 W Medary Avenue Phrladelphra 28 Pa Complrments ot Hhoads Sheet Metal Works lnc 1315 N Front Street Phrladelphra Pa Joseph G Hrchmond 309 Guarantee Trust Burldrnq Atlantrc Crty New Jersey Alfred Hotelle RD No 1 Ambler Pa . ' I , . I , . . . ' . , . . I , I I I I ' . . V ' ' I s ' ' ' 1 ' 1 1 . A 4 1 ' ' , . . Q ., . I U A I ' 0 1 s I . '52 11 . ' ' I ' ' I I 2 , .I I. , . . . . I I I ' f ' ll ll I- I m I , a. ' ' Congratulations to the Class ot '52 Phi10de1DhiU 24. PC1- . I , . V ' I ' ' .41 . , ' ' , a. , . . . , I ' ' . , v - I I , . , . , . ... I ' ' I - ' .- J 1 I 0 w . I ' ' ' I I ' ' n . . .. . , Jr. I , - . 1 ' ' . . , . , . , - 1 , ' I a . 1 - ' ' , . . I I I I . . I I . , , I r I ' I ' . . , , Best vrshes to the Class of 52 lt rs Agnes Wall and Mrss 'llary E O Connor Conshohocken Fa Mr and Mrs Paul V Waters Melrose Park Pa Congratulatrons to the Class of 52 Mr and Mrs Joseph P Weber Chestnut H111 Fhrladelphra P lxr and Mrs Wrllrarr Wrggrns 6929 Stenton Avenue Phrladelphra Fa Best Nrshes frorr Mr and Mrs F C Woodrrng and famrly West Oak Lane Fa Congratulatrons to the Class of 52 Mr and Mrs Francrs B J Branagan Carr O Brren Company 1500 Walnut Street Phrladelphra Pa lnvestments 500 Vernon Road Phrladelphra 19 Pa Thomas Francrs and Roberta Crane 333 E Meehan Street Fhrladelphra 19 Pa Complrments of Mrss Anne Daly West Oak Lane Fa Complrments of Mr Eugene A De Boyrre Olgurn Cuba Mr and Mrs C E Dolafvay 501 E Sedgwrck Street Phrladelphra 19 Pa Mr and Mrs Joseph Eugenre 1008 W Clrveden Street Phrladelphra 19 Fa Complmaents of an rnterested and generous frrend Best Nrshes to the Class of '5 Mrs Loretta V Garrett 48 Woodale Fload Chestnut H111 Fa Complrments ot Ho w ell Manufacturrng Company Cottman and Hasbrook Streets Backed by 20 years of experrence Good luck to the Class of 52 Jams and Ronald Mahoney 150 Washrngton Lane Jenkrntown Pa Malco1m's Flowers 613 Bethlehem Frke Fh11adelph1a18 Pa Whrtemarsh 8 0500 Best wrshes to the Class of '52 Mr and Mrs W G Mansell Gerrrantovvn Pa Menz Brothers Sanrton Cleaners Broad Street Brrdgeton N J Complrmerrts of Mr EdwardB Moranz Jenkrntown Fa Best wrshes to my classmates 1v1ss Adele Murphy Complrments of Mr and Mrs H Bruce Murray J T Nulty and Son Funeral Drrector srnce 1888 Levrck and Battersby Streets Frankford Avenue and Church Streets CU 8 3333 JE 5-4461 W E Byan lnc Down Home Farms Beadrng Termrnal Market Fhrladelphra Pa H J Sangmerster MD 1900 Brttenhouse Square Phrladelphra 3 Pa Mrss Marte Slade B D No 2 Brrdgeton N J Sarony Studros 1316 Walnut Street Fhrladelphra Fa Sen1orA 1952 SenrorB 1952 Congratulatrons to the Class of 52 Mr and Mrs Charles Shrelds Dr and Mrs George Shoup West Oak Lane Fa Emll Shurgot Beal Estated lnsurance Notary Publrc Mortgage Funds 4207 Gerrrantown Avenue Phrladelphra 40 Fa G G L. Srgel 37 S 19th Street Phrladelphra 3 Pa Complrments ol Mr and 1v1rs George Slade Mr and Mrs B F Smale Sr 826 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood Florrda Mr and Mrs B F Smale Wrndrng Boad Fottstolvn Fa Sophomore Class 1952 The Spamsh Club Best of luck classmates of '5 Ann Sprllane Best wrshes to the Class ol '52 for a happy future The Sprllane Famrly Success to the Class of '5 Mrs Catherme E Stephens Student Councrl Assocratron We re wrth you 52 Lorrarne Mrtchell and Celene Sukalskr Success to the Class of '52 Mr and Mrs Mrtchell E Sukalskr 7160 Charles Street Phrladelphra 35 Fa Complrments of Sunshrne Premrum Beer Sunshrne Brewrng Co Beadrng Pa John J Feehan Phrla Manager Complrments of Mr Gerald Trench Neptune Inn Atlantrc Crty N J Complrments of Mr and Mrs Francrs P Tetr 8919 West Chester Prke Upper Darby Fa God Bless the Class of '52 Mrss Marre Tetr Mr and Mrs GeorgeC Topprtzer Mrss Helen G Topprtzer Drexel H111 Fa Wagner's Relrgrous Artrcles 425 427 W Grrard Avenue Fhrladelphra 23 Pa Establrshed 1888 .,I' I I . I . - 1 1 1' . 1 1. . , . I ' , . 'I 1 n . I D 1 , . 1 I I - 1 I I . . . . , . n I a I V - -I GI ,I I I I . . . . ,Jr. I I I A ' , . 1. 1 .v 1 I 1, I , . , -1 I 'I 1 V ' 1 2 lu o n s . , . , . . , 6 . 1 ,. I ' 1 I 2 ,. . , ,I I I I 1 - I ' I Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Clodfelter ' I ' , . I 1 I I I I . . . . . . 1 I I I . , . I . .I I I o I I I ' ' I I I ' ' 'I . I , I I I ' I 1 . 1 ' ' ' I . . - . . ' ' I.. . , L ' ' 1 I, .- , . n . I I 1, . . . , . , . .I - 1 , I I I I I . I ' ' I ' ' ' -- -, - , - I ' ' ' ' I . . I I . uf mmf of Q we ,mem W But most of all we remember the last daysot school All too qulckly June and graduatlon swept upon us Gowns final exams the Baccalaureate Mass and lnvltatlons to the graduation dance made our world a bright bubble of bustlung actlvlty But suddenly the bubble broke and there eyed ln our newly acquired roles And so with the addntlon at this dlplorra to our album we closed the door of hugh school and opened the door of memories emerged the brand-new alumnae of Mount Saint Joseph Academy, starry- 'Z , v.. Q 'o ,A ll 1 if 5, , r ,f - ,.4 .. l 0421.21 .41 ,, I .a"f'L-4' ! . -, , 4-4 -sail Q.. f A .4 4 fa-4 "... L .-.,.. 4 '-can . '44-A l I' -. f .JE

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