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CME in RE I Q SYM lJ.wx 4 S 3 . .,.,Qff XMNORG IWW L? ANTOZJTPT X nf 2566, Mgziff fx ' gy g'5'?HWAYN f Q IMELE 05' 1 V X S. :QkA'Q N 'Q LV x Qm.cmvLvwH V S 'WI GWB lM.5X4ELD5X - 4615? XX obfrgiij 5' ! S E,Hi2f5 702. S PHT-L-'rang ,QE XX "-Jog S XX H AQQQQSQQX fl'HfUEQ1, V WW AX TH X V 575012 X 5 a Xxy J7! S f2',,35,fQ A if UlL7'f 335 L3 X fiifgy, X ' IABRANAG 52,31 QERKX XX, 'rfsrzxrs f X 424150 IQ -e I X is J... ...av .f ,nf -H"'fn fi,-if.- . ,, 1 Q- 1 ww Wd meh yi' , ... Qi? m Q- if ff? 'ef I O 1 ,J . 931 - , ,jaw fl riff If , " . E vs 1 i lv I V L.. - 4- V55 ff ' 4 Q ,gf - - fl f 'L , . ff f " . Qwffx f Vx g.,,.'2 Q Y" 3 . :A ,yy X , I-31:3 -7v,x , ... fc: 'W CIW' "' iffy? '41, C in 2 ' 'X . ' ' iv' M' 4.3! ,VK i 1 3 v -V "N at 'sf Q Q ' 4 x nv , N k -. J! 1, 7 F , , S X' ' all Q '- -4' ' . .,, ' , .- My N 0 'x 5' ' ,S 2 'fit x 1 X .2 MK 1' C K V . ii .' 4 Q ' 1 A 4 U Q 9 fi-sf, ' ' 4' x f 1 A, . ' J: ' ' 'QQKA 4 1 4' BU! K S V N .1 ,JT 4 "' , ,K4 1 - .I nam 4- t x Q . 3 . Q r N f .h I c ,,, 5 4 W fwifnuf ' .Q .. ' ! .1 1 .1. rf' ,f A I u ' .L f 94.1 .I ,.. :'- . , ffffazz 'Q 1-N7 1 A4 1 J i A , ' 1. 'V I a V , xl , A A 1. AP, Li- nl i up . if , V . ' 4, k ' 4, 1- .V 1. ilbliv' - F' N--,ag . '.J'rf1-.N -lb L, - L' . , ' . U ,l WJ", y l ,- 'X W5 3 X2 ii ii X ' 1 '70 cud' ,, ,.1A....x . K L -lf 4, A, do o ode , 1. , . sr, All -ff x KA bf - B 'qu ' . ,gy I f' '1 N X y B , X g A it ., ,aww B X o X f I . 1- Q KJ X Cf i , 'f I wig xX' ,, "-Qxmxxl X 'Q P-M'14Qk!A'l' X XX " X ,ff J , U' 6, .. X, ' X ,fix 1 J .'Q...iI i S 3 3 vm -iq Le Puy En Velay, France 1950 - 743 '7 The Sislers wilh lhe Blessed Sacramenl flee from lhe Revolu- fionisls The Sislers lmprisoned 57" .di 'W 'wg mar Q 7114 Swim of Saad fofwpfn inaaance . ,fm . 1 1 ll ., GiTliLuiT me oeieve :nur :ne small band ol nuns organized inlo 1 Qomrnunily by lhe Righl Rev. Henri oe lvlaupas, Bishop ol Le Puy, and Rev. John Paul lvledaille, a Jesuil rnissionary, lnree nundred years ago, should have erpanoeo Irllo lne iiowerlul Cornmunily ol 'ne Si 'ers Ll in rl? Joiffiin, now scallered lhroughoul me wo: il, ilhi-me Sislers have wilnulood lla, .ind bmvecl hardships whifjllwooiiihavel1ii.ii'eiiIJ1mrly. The grealesl exarnire ai 'riig-fr vaor VL Qurreo during :ne lrencn lsevfurwn when lhese Daugliler, .ldv e--rin renmirii-d gfead lasl in lheir lailn evs-ri 'nwugn lm-y weir- lorced lronw lnefr ovriveiifi., im, riimied, and even exepuled. lrlowever, ir: l807, .filler lhis reign ol lerior, Mwhor Sl. John lon'- bonne reslored lhe erocr an '1 in l8l2 lhe lvlolher llouse we e'ufaliii.rfp,l fn l.yorin. From lnal lime .JL 'ne Qonirnunily lloui- ished rapidly, ano soon lhe order branehed oul unlil il included lhe rnissionaiy lield ol America. Conlinulng lo oo good work here as lhey had in France, lhe field ol lheir labors widened and embraced lhe careuol orphans and lhc aged, lhe leaching ol elernenlary schools, high schools, and col- leges, lvlay God granl lnern trio grace lo conlinue lor many years lheir labors lor young and old. Al lhe earrieg iequegl ol Righl Rev. Joseph Ro,ali, lirsl Bishop ol Sl, Louis, a band ol six rnissionary Sisleri, lell Lyons in l836 lo rnalce lheir honfig in America, and lhere spread lhe lrulhs ol lhe Calholic re- ligion. They were Soon sellled in lheir lirsl convenl, a log cabin, al Carondelel, Mis- souri, and branching oul, lhey eslablished a lvlolher l-louse in Sl. Louis. Qn May 4, IS47, lvlolher Sl. John Fournier was senl wilh lhree Sislers lo lalce Charge ol Sl. Johnls Crphan Asylum, in Philadelphia, lhen localed in a building known as lhc "Golhic Mansion, on Cheslnul Slreel near Three Sisfers approaching lhe guillioline 7118 Saw of Saw! mdnmzaa ThirTeenTh. Since This building could noT serve as a suiTable dwelling place Tor The combined housing of orphans and The liTe and Training of religious subiecTs, The Sis- Ters purchased Tor Their MoTher House The Mid d l e T o n Mansion, "lvlonTicello," in ChesTnuT Hill. The Venerable John Neu- pomocene Neuman was insTrumenTal in se- curing This locaTion Tor The SisTers and The negoTiaTions Tor iT were made Through Very Reverend Dr, lvloriariTy, O.S.A. B i s h o p Neuman placed The building under The pa- Tronage oT SainT Joseph and appoinTed Rev. Edward lvl. Mullin, O.S.A., To be Their chaplain and confessor. Since ThaT Time The AugusTinian FaThers have a lw a y s Tilled Those oTTices Tor The SisTers aT ChesTnuT Hill. Bishop Wood, The auxiliary Bishop oT The Diocese, named The convenT lvlounT SainT Joseph and here on OcTober 4, 1858, The SisTers opened an academy ThaT shorTly was charTered as an insTiTuTion of higher learning. In The year Tollowing, The school was charTered as a collegiaTe insTiTuTe. ATTer TuncTioning Tor some years as a col- lege, The school was re-organized inTo a Tour-year high school and This iT has con- Tinued To be unTil The presenT. However, in l924, The SisTers, realizing The need Tor higher educaTion, and making use oT Their original charTerI also esTablished a college Tor girls under The name MounT SainT Jo- seph College, laTer changing The name To ChesTnuT Hill College. lT is wiTh iusT pride as well as graTiTude To God, ThaT The SisTers can look baclc upon The pages of Their glorious hisTory: pages eTched by The greaT personal sacrifices and love which They have shown conTinually in Their lives. ln a spiriT of humble graTiTude, leT us pray ThaT God will conTinue To bless and prosper Tor many years The worlc OT These, our SisTers of SainT Joseph. X i yiii , ii ,ir i T , , , ii ,, 4, '.i 1, T "WI, iillilaw. iiawilrb' "ii lilr . CarondeleT - FirsT ConvenT of The Sisfers in America ' ' ,.Ti,4,,,i.,,,T,,,.i 1,1 , , , 1 ll, lfl'if'i g1E:y1'g'2l f A ,fs , , . ' 3- . ,. . ., , ,D . JWLVWMN .,,..,.... ,JM la ' """' M. ,wi gffffzgiis i ' 3' Q A k , si Q Biff- ' ' J-' 'rm N Ill sig s... is , T WH, M f i . H53 . . ' , is-si if 3+ fx i ' - . i if f Ei " ,rs-xi fjiifff. -'iid' 7'.J5:zra'f'i1I,," 4.'-' if if ' , 5 gf Sf,,,.,fTi f T y W Q A ,--M . v , if sfiifr .2 is i r- ' is . f 1 as-'-N V scrfvf? WE-2 ' -R T ,V N . 1 sv-44: sr ' ,Swv ' r sr . w ,. .M - If 'J ., ,za s K ' , 1-J f . s "N?2rf3w- .. " .CC Elvis I-Q13 Q 'Tsar' T5 - f' Z 1- .- 3. ' '- H--X ' H 'V " gg sm -wfyfvar. , . M'-rss - . Wea a ,A '- 'S , +2 56:1 f.4,rs'10' T' g. , . . , lay' V .5 M M . gui' pil. ni gy., T' If ' - fa-i ' -Ji' 'ff Y '11 Q".-W 0 s f 1 ef f - f six' is V. . A . ,, , .. .. . 4v.cr4,3,.,, . , . ,.'E,, 5 . . T - 3. f , T, Tiki U -- i- ,ag -V S - .M ,- 'f " .I "MonTicello"-The FirsT Mounf SainT Joseph ST. John's Orphan Asylum, "The GoThic Mansion' . A. I il-TT-,.1....--l..........-....,- . . .....-,.--. -. . ,, .-..1.---... --....- . 'Q 1 fa' 'Un -Ms.. ,. 'QS'-A Q ' Q' 39. A-'Wd' - "M li Y v , . 2' ' 'L ' 'QQ , L 2 Y, Q. V mn X 'iw .V qi... Q Q ' ' r ' A .a qv , 4 ' .W ... A . 4 01, ,"'. A n 9 -1' ff ,,, , Q hi . . 'V +',g,r. M 1 -1 'J X '1 .ilk b '14 '. iF? , M .f 1 "K ' , V Q, ' +4 M I x- . 111 Av - -gg Qty - S A Vkwf I .MQW iq Ai T!-' N,Afg,L" ,, V ,:.A K - 4 4- HH' f.. r,' 25", . Li . ' -N div. ' 54 ' .Eg in ggi' ' .V ' ' iw ' wp f ' v- , W .34-' ' 6 - 'iff A' Q 1 'fn N V C r' 0' fi 1- rf . 3 Q 3' . I .T 2 A 'Q " M - , 5 Q. Mx IIT!! -5 V als.. tl, I ' 1 e-."Qg4Hv1. V I N I Ali ., W .EJ fn' " 4 , ,ff g L 1 Q ' 1 L-L' Msgs' ,X M, - R .Lf iff ,' 'I 'ff ' . W Si, ,WY fthe 1 1950 -'7!1e July Yfeaa Hrs Holmess Pope Pius XII His Holiness Pope Plus XII, by reason ol lmls Power ol flue Keys, has proclaimed l95O a lwoly year, for Ilme purpose ol summoning all Ilwe Iaillwlul lo explale Ilwelr sins and amend Ilweir lives: also lo enable Ilwem lo oblaln exlraordinary graces, blessings,-and inclulqences. Lel us co-operale wilh our Holy Fallner, flue represenlallve oICl'1risI on earlh, Io make llwis holy year rruly successful splrifually, and lei us all pray for lrim llwal lwe may be wllln us many years Io carry on lnls Aposlolic worlc, and llwal lmls unlirlnq labors and lwls lervenl prayers may be lruillul. lnfil www M eww, s. s. y. sw Mm amaze, s. s. y. "GreaTer Love Than This no man haTh, Than ThaT he lay down his liTe Tor his Triend." This is precisely whaT a re- ligious does when she leaves her dear ones and dedicaTes her life To Our Heavenly FaTher and To The spreading oT our holy FaiTh. We can never Tully appreciaTe or Thank any SisTer Tor The unceasing inTeresT she shows in all our problems, big or small, nor Tor The Time she devoTes To us nor Tor The energy she exerTs on our behalf. This year iT was our misTorTune To lose To God Two oT These zealous laborers in The vineyard oT ChrisT. The TruiTs oT Their endeavors, however, can be seen everywhere, and The sTudenT body, remembering The holy lives oT These Brides oT ChrisT, have Tried To perTecT Their own. AlThough we Teel our loss, we also realize our gain, Tor lv1ounT SainT Joseph and iTs sTudenTs now have in Heaven, beTore The Throne oT God, Two SainTs who will inTercede Tor Them and help care lovingly Tor Them. ln graTiTude To MoTher and SisTer Tor Their many kind- nesses To us while on earTh. and Tor Their inTercession Tor us in T-leaven, leT us TreguenTly pray: May Their souls and The souls oT all The FaiThTul deparTed, Through The Mercy oT God. resT in peace. Amen. 1950 We Gendufi FACULTY ..... ..... p age II STUDENT POPULATION ..... page I2 CURRICULUM ...... .,... p age 36 Courses: College Preparalory General wifh Secrelarial Subiecls General ACTIVITIES S'ruden+ Council ........... ..... p age 47 Children of Mary SodaIi+y .... ..... p age 48 Language Clubs ...,.,r.... ..... p age 50 Acadram .,..... . . ..... page 54 Glee Club ........ ..... p age 55 A+hIe+ic Associafion . ..... page 66 ACCREDITATION Deparfmenl' of Educafion, Slale of Pennsylvania The Calholic Universify of America The Middle Siafes Associalion of Colleges and Secondary Schools Um Zzwuliq Sisfers of SainIJosepI'1. .. .. I0 Lay Teachers .,......,, . 2 Regisfered Nurse ... . I Prie-5+ lnsrrucfor , .. . I Residenr Chaplain .. . I Reverend An+I1ony J. FIynn, Reverend Thomas J, Lynch, Reiigious Insirucfion CI1apIein Mrs. Marshal Anders, Miss Anneffe Danenhower, Miss Jane Merrick, R.N Insfrucior in Speech, Dramaiics, and Dancing Physical Educafion Regidenf Nurse , I 5 5 TOP ROW, leff Io righi: Marie Meeney, Dolores Ryan, Joan Wallers, Ann Woodring, Suzanne Sullivan. SECON ' ' ' D ROW. Anne Mullnhy, Jean Marhm, Mary Joan Robinson Rifa Joyce. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Jo Chrisfy, Marie Traversa, Marian McCauley, Frances Assianle, Maria Chrislina Muchacho. Elm af 7953 EnroIImenI': 39 Average Age: I4 GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION Philadelphia I0 Suburban'PhiIadeIphia I6 Conshohocken 2 Norrislown 2 Phoenixville I KenneH Square I New Jersey 5 Cuba I Venezuela I FRESHMAN ROSTER Religion I - English I - Algebra I - Lalin I - World Hislory Ar+ I - Choral Singing - Physical Educafion x f X 1 2 1 is X y M- ' I 2 O J' ! 5 'ks Q 1 1 xg! R 9 0 h- x -f' -- fwff an 'Q- 61644 of 195.2 i.-V7 TOP ROW, Iefl Io righlz Marianna Fox, Eunice Giuliani, Pelricia Auerbach, Nancy Dallon, Alice Wafers. SECOND ROW: Mildred De Lussa, Marie Slade, Mary Anne Smale. BOTTOM ROW: Suzanne Richmond, Maria Chrisfina Azua, Paula Collins. Enrollmenlz 52 Average Age: I5 GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION Philadelphia 7 Suburban Philadelphia 30 Conshohocken 2 Ambler I Jenlcinlown I Collegeville I PoH's+own I Cedars, Pa. I New Jersey 6 New York I Ecuador, S. A. I SOPHOMORE ROSTER Religion ll - English II - Lalin ll - French I - Spanish I Geomelry - Biology - Speech - Choral Singing Physical Educalion TOP ROW, lefl lo righl: Joan Hayes, Palricia O'Boyle, Joan Palacio, Carolyn De Baeclre. SECOND ROW: Marilyn De Simone, Mary Lorelfa Garrell, Mary Jane Perry, Palricia Johnson, Lorella Kava- lauslzas, Helen Primus. BOTTOM ROW: Anne Spillane, Angela De Sanlis, Mary Louise Gorman, Willa Byrne. ,x TOP ROW, lei! lo righl: Dorolhy Ann Feehan, Sally Mansell, Palricia Reilly, Marie Flanagan. SEC- OND ROW: Adele Murphy, Ann Beirn, Agnes Shields, Anne Marie Fengler, Regina McCorkell. BOTTOM ROW: Molly Sfsphens, Pafricia Weber, Teresa McGroariy, Kalhleen Rhoads. TOP ROW, left lo righf: Claire Mauger, Calherine Crane, Janis Mahoney, Lynn Murray, Mary O'Connor, Mary Louise Gerhard. SECOND ROW: Mary Anne Dever, Nancy O'Neill, Alice Mc- Closlxey, Joanne Naslr. BOTTOM ROW: Marie Teli, Sally Gillies, Lorraine Sulnalslri, Charlolfe Branagan. Kathleen buhrman. SELJUNU KUW: Joan Clancy, Kalhorine Marino, Eleanor Zalensk ROW: Mary Coslello, Dolores Sprowls, Mary Jane Lynch. 61.744 of 1951 Enrollmenl: 39 Average Age: I6 GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION Philadelphia 9 Suburban Philadelphia I8 Phoenixville 2 Norrislown 2 Conshohocken 2 Ambler I Jenlcinlown I Chesler I Belhlehem I Kennell' Square I Mexico Ci+y I JUNIOR ROSTER Religion III - English III - American Hisfory - Algebra II Lalin III -- Spanish II - French II - Slenography I Typing I - Choral Singing - Physical Eclucalion Speech - Home Economics I c 5 . MMM Mmwwm, we I . 5 3 . i X TOP ROW: leff fo rigl1l: Barbara Sullivan, Sally Suplee, Jeanne Norris. SECOND ROW: Julia Boyce, Rosemary Hayes, Rira Golden, Eileen Donnelly. BOTTOM ROWV: Marlene McCloskey, Mar- garef Augello, Aniia Casani. TOP ROW, left fo riglwl: Pafricia James. Joan Yafes, Pafricia Robin, Leslie Slaub, Caiherine Benner Louise Wafers. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Deiler, Doris Mauger, Florence Perlolup, Margaref Mor- genfhaler, Connie Filzgerald. BOTTOM ROW: Ann Brosnahan, Phyllis Hauser. . M 5 l l X i l O i V l s N i sf Y QV 81644 of 1950 EnroIImen'I': 45 Average Age: I7 GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION Philadelphia 9 Suburban Philadelphia 26 Ambler I Phoenixville I New Jersey 2 Scran'I'on I Lebanon I New York 2 Kansas Cily I Cuba I SENIOR ROSTER Religion IV - English IV - Nafional Problems - Lafin IV Spanish Ill - French III - German III - Maihefmalics IV x Chemislry - Slenography II - Typing II - Music Appreciarion Speech - Physical Educaiion - Home Economics II A037040 MOST STUDIOUS .......,.,... Pafricia Phillips MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED, .Rosemarie Eirich MOST AMBITIOUS ,,........,... Sarah Travis MOST TALENTED ....., .... P eggy Reynolds MOST ATTRACTIVE ,... .... A nne Branagan MOST POPULAR ...,..,.,.... Mary Lou Kane MOST VIVACIOUS .,..,..,.., Kalhleen Wenz MOST SCHOOL-SPIRITED ..... Roberfa Bushey MOST MO'DISH 4.....,......., Jean Palermo MOST ATHLETIC ..,.. ......, K afhryn Marra MOST AFFABLE ...,..,......,.. Rifa Dobson MOST INTELLECTUAL. . ,Mary Elizabelh Logan MOST COURTEOUS .,.,. Mary Ellen Brosnahan MOST POISED ,.........,.... Claire Sulcliffe WITTIEST .......... ..,.... E ileen Glackin 3 Raquel Mark! Amram RAQUEL Expressive gesTures and exciTed speech characlerize our liTTle Triend Trom Cuba. Raquel oTTen conluses her "y's" and her and as a resulT "yello" and "iellow" are Two oT her peT words. Raquel always enioys a hearly laugh, and is ever ready To boosT your morale if your iolces Tall llaT, Dancing is her TavoriTe pasTime and The Tea Dance and her Senior Prom were marked on her cal- endar a long Time in advance. Raquel is a greaT help To The Spanish sTuclenTs. and encourages Them in every way, AfTer Tour years in The sTaTes she is going home wiTh an educaTion she will always Treasure. WiTh her delighfful and friendly inTeresT in everyone we Teel ThaT Raquel will become one of Cuba's socialiTes. an-... Wibx Maqgaenre Anne 3arrefr PEGGY ln Treshman year we 'welcomed This refreshing breeze from Wildwood-by-The-Sea. Peggy's many Talenls endear her To our hearTs. Her poeTic abiliTy is excelled only by her courT form, Peggy has been The despair ol more Than one MounT baslceTball Toe. Her TavoriTe expression, de- livered soTTo voce is "This, Too, will pass." When winler comes our liTTle poeT' suffers Trom The cold from Monday unTil Friday. Weelc-ends in The sunny SouTh, Wildwood being The souThernmosT poinT in her geography, are an excepTion, however. RelucTanTly, indeed, do we bid Tare- well To Peggy BarreTT. May Torlune guide her down a brighT and happy road. 5. Y Q sulfur S , J if ' Q' lx' F i f 'Aft 'J i 5 EH Qui-V3-'glirzif . Hfkabeffz Arm Bonner NANCY Because oT her vivaciTy Nancy is a well-lcnown member of The class ol: '50, l-ler parlies, especially Those aller The Tea Dance, were always wonderful aTTairs. Nancy was a very compeTenT chairman oT our Tea Dance and an able PresidenT of The Spanish Club. l'ler TavoriTe expression, "Oh my nerves," eliciTed many laughs from her class- maTes. Nancy's TavoriTe hobby is collecling leTTers, es- pecially Trom Virginia. Her plans Tor The Tulure ari many, among which nursing is included, WiTh her Triendly manner and smiling face, we lcnow she will be a ioy To all her paTienTs. 'Q1"" Anne .loan Branagan ANNE Anne, our Tall blonde Presidenl ol The Acadram, has been inTerc'sTed in dramalics during her enTire Tour years al The Mounf. As The Blessed MoTher in The Chrisimas Play sho caplured our hearts compleiely. Her clear, dis- Tincl, well rnodulaTed voice has always been a pleasure To hear. Anne has won The repuTaTion of being every- ones friend, because she is a paTienT lislener To many a Tale ol woe and is never Too busy To qive a word ol advice when asked. Anne, however, has a liTTle problem. She finds iT difficult To choose belween "Midshipmen" from Annapolis and "Cavaliers" from Virginia, ln laler years Thouqh, we are sure Anne will have no Trouble in selecfinq a suifable leading man Tor lllhe Life STory of Anne Branaqanf' BOBBY Bobby's clliciency and qenerai compeTerice have made her a welcome addiiion To many commillees. She par' TicipaTes in all aclivilies and has Thus oqiined repule lor beinq The "rnof.T school-spiriTed" of The Class ol '5O. Bobbyls booming alTo voice is nel confined To singing class and is larqely responsible Tor her lrequenl male parts in our school plays. The lea Dance has become quire a TradiTion wilh Bobby and her TavoriTe sTory, "The Los? Heel," Tells The hisTory ol her mosT evenTTul one. Bobby is a model ol social eTiqueTTe, her code being friendliness and courlesy To all, We cerlainly wish Bobby a Tond farewell as she sleps srnarTly Through The galeway To The fulure. Roberta Josifa Busfzey Mary fllen Brosnafzan ELL Sweelness personihed is our Mary Ellen. lrler laughing blue eyes, peaches and cream complexion, and nafurally curly hair have made her The envy of all. She is-'always welcorne in any oroup because she is sure To make iT livelier, either by her humorous remarks or by her ap- precialive lauqhler. An eaqer enThusiasT in The line OT spcfrfs, every season finds Eli piayinq a dillerenT one. Uuiinq The school year IT is baslreTball and hoclsey, and during vacaTion, swimming and qoll aT The Criclmei Club. However, oTher Thinqs are noT neq'ecTed because of her inTeresT in sporTs. WhaTever Mary Ellen does, she does well, and ThaT is why we can saTely say our Ell will be welcomed by ali when she leaves our M. S. J. Joan Roberta falfzoan JOAN Joan, with her blonde hair and angelic tace, gives the impression that she is a cherub straight from heaven, but her antics in class and her ability tor getting into mischiet belie her this ancestry. ln Joan's duttel bag ot talents are a lovely singing voice and a special lcnaclc tor acquiring friends. Lively parties, ottering much merriment and a tasty "Bill .ot Fare" play an important part in Joan's lite and in the lives other classmates. Knitting andahorseback riding are among her tavorite hobbies. We are sure that the tuture years will tind Joan happy and content in whatever state of lite she may choose. f-.ZX i'.- 4 it A ,gf A g. s-an 'K . Q Ha S i- . f . L -ig' "2 '-fx' rs - :Q-.QR i"3I1'-on-1rL41"' 'IJ i i 'itch P- e , S Pfrylhlv Man? Coleman PHIL "Phil" does not need an introduction tor she has long been the lite ot our class. Witty remarks coming trorn the tront row ot many classes are an indication ot Phil's presence. Her agility enables her to be on hand either at the wrong time or in the wrong place, which has made her a great little conspirator. As an all-round athlete and cheerleader, she has been a great asset to the A. A. Phyllis' pet peeve is her bangs which she is torever arranging in ditterent styles. To say the least Phyllis will head the list of those ot our classmates who will be missed the most. sq 1 se-z Sith!! Mary Jane Connor MARY JANE This tall, striliing, strawberry blonde from Mount Airy is well lmnown at the Mount tor her beautitul voice. She has had main parts in ou'r operettas. Mary Jane has many interests but a strong point in her social lite is that "Good-neighbor Policy." She is a staunch Prep rooter and can be seen almost any Sunday at 54th and City Line. She has a ,wide variety ot pet sayings, but iier tavorite is, "Guess what was on television last night." Some day, Mary Jane will malce her debut in the musical tield but, 'until then, she will trill through lite in her customary goodenatured way. in 1 I ' ' Parncla Ann Connor PAi' Par i. me .rf au' rr wl,, i arden? atiiiefes. Sire has wen many iaure', in The 'ine uf sporiu, bu? espr-eiaiiy on iine basket bfai. Luuri and iionicey fieid, Knewn fer ner friendly srniie i and iinii wfifds, Pin neuidibe apriy caiied "ine besf spmi' in xiii Sports. Her sweeiness and 'firnpiicify have qnined ner many iriends: iwer indusiry' marked iwer as a F1001 ,fudf ai, Dramaiif, preduriions found Pafsy irie baclrbcne' i i Tire 'Jaqe grew. Pa? has been ine obied of inuuv raping becauue of ner iarqe feef, buf srre has ialxen if wiriw a paiieni, qoodinarured srniie. Ali in aii, there is a super abundance of scinooi spirif fo be -found in nur Paisy - The ideai Mounfiei Rfra flllzabefa Dobson This siny, naive 'Wesi Oak Lanef' ims nad in J 'iii uiries durfnq iier four years af rrie Mouni, excep! for ner inabiiiry in siay awake in Ciass. This has noi rmmpered Riia, how- ewi, for slie has neid ine office of Ciass Treasurer ior iiwree years. iDo you have your duesi' is one of lner rn :si rnermvrabic expressions. Rim is wed iii:-fd by aii ai the M-nun? for iier aifabie disposiiien, We undersrand Hut she in iminq io nurses Traininq sqfweoi afier sire is qrad- uafed from M.S.J. Wiiii rwez sympaiiwefii manner, ner Qnwriry, and nwaryeious personaiiiy Rita wiii be a great sufcess. Lo? us nope sive doesnir fail asleep on duryi Wanda flfzaberfr Dawason WANNIE A iieipfui friend and eyerybodys pai ls dur dear Wannle. Because of ner pecuifar ariinmefic and ner queer ioiais when averaginq vocabuiary papers in Lafin Cass, Wanda is ine obiecr of many iaugiis, Snr? parfiffpafes in vii acfiyiries, buf is oufsfandnq on ine Srudeni Ceun-cii. As Secrefary of fiiis organizarion, srie iuifiiis ner iob spien- didiy, Her sense of humor makes Hue deff-niions she gives seem weii-deserved. Wanda is aiways in a difiier abou? iirrie Triinqs Tina? usuaiy furn ou? riqni 'i,1e"qi6ss- roornf' aiias ner bedroom in fine senior Qniridor, is a favorire meefinq piece for ine boarders. We are sure fha? Wanda! friends in Arlaniir Ciry offer: hear abou? "fine fun we had ai ine Mount." l 0 O 0 I U Rosemarie Regina flflfb ROSEMAWE One ot the class's best students and the President ot our .Student Council, Rosemarie is distinguished tor her leadership, dependability, and all-around good nature. Quiet, thoughttul, and authoritive but sott-voiced, she led the Student Government through a successtul year. We have never ceased to marvel at her perseverance and at the quick results which her patient "Quiet Please" received. Coupled with a rare sense ot humor, too otten hidden by her quiet manner, Rosemarie's blushes, which are not so rare, spring torth at the slightest encourage- ment. Just as her charming manner has endeared Rose- marie to us, so it will to others whom she chances to meet in the years to come. Elleen Mary Glackm GLACK "Wait 'till l tell you." These words can easily be traced to Eileen, in the midst ot a happy group ot girls. She is always bubbling over with an account ot her latest escapade. This witty member ot our class lcept us all in rollicking good spirits through our tour years at the Mount. Her tun-loving personality and contagious laugh- ter are her greatest assets. Eileen's capers in the class- room and on the sports tield, have made her a notable personality. Her dissertations on nursing and Sea Isle City will remain tirmly tixed in our minds. We can aptly call Eileen everyl:-ody's friend. -as 5.1.3-.,A'-'qxifx ,s Q. ngfiifgll' . S .,- . 1 . :jx ,LJ ra' on xi . Q EH '.'f,e r.f ,avr -'D-fm-arsufrrf f- 'if-i wif' ' O W" 9:9 Pafnkrh Man? flammeke PAT Pat is one ot the happy-go-luclcy members ot our class. Her gay laugh may be heard at any time here at the Mount. Another one ot her outstanding characteristics is her hospitality. At one time or another, we have a'f heard the tarniliar phrase "come on baclc to my house," Even a slight acquaintance with Pat would be sutticient tor one to understand why she prefers the colors "blue and qoldf' Her vivacity, among other thinqs, malice. Pat one ot those gifls who truly fits the phrase 'ionc of the most unforgettable people we have ever known." Mary Anne ffarbrlvon MARY ANNE This busy member of the class of '50 can usually be found taking parf in an animated discussion about her studies or her activities, That familiar loclx of hair which refuses to be pinned down is perhaps symbolic of Mary Anne's hard wofli and "try, fry again" attitude. Mary Anne has the unfortunate habit of forever losing her belongings. She never loses her head, however, and as a student is both diligent and successful. She can not easily be swayed in her opinions, and, had she nof already decided to become a nurse, would malce an ideal Congresswoman. Hair-stylinq and the re-arranqinq of her loose-leaf note' book are her favorite diversions. We thinlr that Mary Annels franl: nature and high ideals will favor her greatly in the years to come and we wish her the best of success. JONNI Mounties. She is active in every field of endeavor, but her favorite of favorites is sports, Joan Maries prowess as a goalie on the hoclcey field is equaled only by her tactics as a quard on the laaslretball court. l-ler little qreen coupe is ever present and is used as a miniature bus on game dayss .loan Marie is our Vicefpresidenf of the Student Council and custodian of the Senior loclcers. Her soft voice often chimes into an animated discussion with a firm "Quief Please." Joan Marie's ability in Chemistry and Math are well known and we trust that these are her insurance for success in her future career in science. Joan Mark' Hartmann Joan Marie has our loid for one of the best all-around Barbara Mean fiarrrry BABS Though she rniqht have fhe weigh? of the woild on lier shoulders, Balas is always ready with a cheerful smile and an optimistic outlook. Her qood spirits and qay manner have cheered up many a "down in the dumps Mountief' Babs is the class cut-up, taking the phrase literally. The results of her experiments with scissors may be seen fn her own haii-do's, especially the 'frinqeu on top. Her never-ending stream of chatter has made her an important part of any gef-together. Perhaps because of this fluency of speech, Babe has become an active member of the Acadram, and has secured dramatic parts in our annual plays. We all trust that in her future life, Babs will get as much enjoyment out of life as she seems to put into it. W i worries, however, Things always Turn ouT righT Tor Jane. Jane Ann Heller JANE Jane is one of The exeiTable members of our class. She is consTanTly in a diTher abouT her classes and her homework. AlThouqh Jane is very shy, if given The oppoiTuniTy, she always comes Through wiTh Tlyinq COlOrs, which was evi- denT Ln her rendiTion oT "The Pussy CaT Song" on "Baby Day." Jane is also inTeresTed in The Spanish Club and execules her oTTice as Vice-PresidenT r'nosT capably. Chem- islry, however, is one of her qreaTesT Trials and Tribula- Tions. ln TacT, when news of The T-l. bomb reached us, we ThouqhT iT was one oT Janes creaTions. DespiTe her L'yr17la Mkabeffr Hope SALLY Though all The boarders love Their nalive Towns, Sally is The only one who conduds a personal adverlisinq aqency. ScranTon, spelled WiTh capiTals accordinq To Sally, is her home Town. Her visiTs There are Tew and Tar belwecn, buT Sally always awaiTs Them wiTh eagerness, While aT The MounT, Sally's second home seemed To be The inf Tirmary, her consTanT complainT being larynqiTis. Sally's lonq, curly eyelashes have exciTed many commenTs, bul she isn'T a bif evasive, and oTTen oTTers To "show you how," Popular senTimenT claims lhaT our upsTaTe classmarc has an excifinq liTe before her. and we hope They always will. A mlfiu -1 Q' 7."'T 1"i',' -'Iva-of-ns.: ' 3-SD Mary louise Kane MARY LOU This preTly lillle miss, wiTh her warm and friendly per- sonalify, has caplured a noolr in all our hearfs. Mary l.ou's unTirinq school spiriT has made her a popular leader in many oT The MounT's acTiviTies, especially in The SodaliTy, of which she is Piefecl. Mary Lou also carries on her sliqhT shoulders a social schedule crammed wilh parlies, dances, and nolably, Trips To Washinglon, Her peTiTe and liqhT Torm enables her To perTorm diT'liculT sleps in dancing, and Triclcy maneuvering wiTh her hoplrey sTick. Though we are losinq her To The capiTal ciTy, The seTTinq of her TuTure plans, Mary l.ou will always have a place in our memories Tor her sweel manner and ThoughTTul ways, O 0 O Pamela Anne Kelnf KELL A hearty laugh and a friendly air characterize' our Weste ern neighbor. Pat is a real student and otten burns the midniqht oil over the current chemistry titration. Kell's lonq tonque is attributed to her vast sense ot humor. She may be arqumentative at times, but corrections are smil- inqly accepted. A ready smile and 'ihave a chicletll cover a multitude of sins in the Kelly personality, Brisk autumn days tound Pat riqht up tront at Franklin Field. That Penn team ranks second only to Rockhurst in her esteem. Kell came quite a distance to ioin us tor Senior year and we all hope that happiness will pave the long tourney home tor our Kansas City pal. Mary fllkabeln lee This petite miss trom "West Oak Lane' is known tor her personality and triendliness, as well as tor her imitations and unusual sayinqs, We know she makes a marvelous carbon copy ot 'Howdy Doodyu trom the way she por-i trayed this puppet at our 'Annual Baby Day" entertain- ment, Mary can be heard at any time boosting Roman Cathnlifa and though thrilled to qet her own class rinq it was not the tirst ot its kind to adorn her little hand, Those innocent looks trom her big blue eyes, which are ottcn cast in our direction, are tvtary's cutest teature. These, aloriry with her iiendearinq young charmsfi will surely lead hor on the way to success. Jane Bernadette ledwfrn JANE Floating through lite without a care in the world seems to be Jane's main ambition. t-ter optimistic 'Dont worry about it" has made many little worries seem silly and insiqniticant. Despite this apparent lightheartedness Jane is earnest and painstaking about eyerythinq she does. Her piano lessons especially have shown the truits ot diligent practice and Jane is always in demand at recreation time. Her capable handling ot a typewriter netted her many iobs trom her classmates and made her a great asset to the Sheat statt, After graduatlon, Jane plans to go to Europe. We wish her "bon voyage" on this trip and on her journey through lite. q D Mary flfzabeffz logan LIZ The very helpful and consIderaTe Mary Liz ioined The boarders Tor her lasT Two years aT The MounT and won Their hearis as quickly as she had Those oT The day-hops. Liz's beauTifuI voice is envied by all who hear iT. A smiling Tace makes her one of our preTTiesT MounTies. lihis TalenTed Miss is a giTTed sTory-Teller. The anTics of her Two brofhers always provide a humorous Topic. She also can quoie Shakespeare aT a momenT's noTice buT isn'T quife so glib in The Senior LaTin class. However, iT cannoT be denied Thaf Mary Liz is indeed giTTed. No doubT The world will one day be aT her door. Jane flzzabeffz lougfrran JANE PleasanT and easy going, These Two adieciives besl describe Jane and Tix her in our memories. Tall and wiTh an impish gleam in her big brown eyes, she is always in The midsT of any Tun, and oTTen aT The rooT oi iT. Jane's spiriT on The baskeTl9all courT, combined wiTh her heighT and guarding abiliTy, made her a spark on The baskeTball Team. Her dark curly hair is The envy of many oT The less TorTunaTe MounTies. Jane's summers in Ocean CiTy are always wonderful: perhaps This is because nc-Thing is dull when she is around. Her spiriTed personaliTy made her an acTive member oT The class and a noT soon To be T'orgoTTen one. 'lil' 1 v417een Mary Maguire AILEEN Long blonde curls and a charming smile lend an "Alice- in-Wonderlandu air To Aileen's generally quieT persons aliTy, Calm, cool,.and collecTed, she always successfully reaches her desTinaTion, Her composure on The baskeTb3ll courT is greaTly admired by her Team maTes who, because of her accuraTe shoTs, have dubbed her "Eagle Eye Ma- guire." I-ler quieT reserved manner affords her greaT success in all her classes and esTablishes her as a good, sTeady sTudenT. Aileen will sTill be a Tamiliar Tigure around The MounT aTTer graduaTion as she inTends lo spend The nexT Tour years aT ChesTnuT Hill College. Aileen, here's wishing you all The success in The world. RFK ' 0 0 I Jane Caflzenne Maguire JANlE Janie, our slronqesl Phoenixville rooler, has caplured our hearls cornplefely. Her laughing eyes, and ever smiling lace, loqelher wilh her falkaliveness qive Janie a vivacify which is conlaqious. However, Janie is lar from lliqhly. The lac? lhal she is a qood sludenf and holds lhe ohfizes ol Presidenf ol lhe Lalin Club and Treasurer of lhe class, proves lhis. In lhe former capacily she has shown her abilily 'io lead, and in lhe lafler, her power lo charm The money from our pockels. ln shorl, our lively Janie is all fha? a qood Mounlie should be. Kafnryn Mane Marra KAY A lively, spiriled lass is our :gieal sporls, camp, and Villanova fan. Kay lavcrs coileqiale men, especially lhose she meels al Our Lady of Lourdes Camp. She carries ouf denl of lhe Alhlelic Associalion wonderfully. famed for her dry willicism and is never al a loss lor words excepl al meal lime. ln qym she is lhe slar ol lhe Senior class, and many a qiil has been reduced lo fhe depfhs of despair after walchinq her on fhe baskelball courl. She has won many friends in her days al lhe Mounl' and we know she will do lhe same lhroughoul her fulure lile. her position as Caplain of lhe Baskefball leam and Presi- Kay is Madeleine Ellzabeln Mansell MADGE Madge, a Senior Girl Seoul, has delinile lalenls. Among lhese may be included prowess in baskelball and hockey. She is skilled also in lhe arls, bofn line and domeslicg lhese can be seen in her aclinq, painfinq, and cookinq. Madge always does her best. She is earries? and serious al fhe right lime, buf is lull ol lun also. Her quick blushes, wonderlul l-lalloweien parlies, and Girl Seoul cookies have made her famous, Having so many good qualifies, we know fha? Madge will be a model nurse, just as she is a model Mounfie. Pafrrkra Arm Mcfaaley Margaret Mary Arm Mc6'arrmess PAT The"'Vi-ice" is one of PaT's many nicknames, She- is an avid rooTer Tor ST. Joes Prep and one of The socialiTes cT The Holy Cross dances. She spends her summers aT Ocean Cify and There, her varied inTefesTs have won Tor her The Title "Jack of all Trades." inTeresTed in everyone and everyThing, buT The ioy oT her life aT The MounT' is sporis, especially baskeTball. T-ler many diversions include all Tields, Trom shorT haircuTs To her broTher's Triends, PaT is an experT on The latest perfumes, and TrequenTly Tries Them all aT once, When you see brighT blue'eyes and a blushing smile Thalls our PaT. c s Margaret Elrkaberfz 0 'Hara MARGIE This Tiny, dark-haded Senior, despiTe her size, cerTainly makes a greaT impression on everyone, As a Senior STu- denT Councilor she especially proves ThaT 'mighT does noT make righifl A'Though Margie appears quieT, her inTec- Tious qiggle can always be counTed on To bursT TorTh aT The sliqhTesT encourageme-nT. SaTurday nighf aT La Salle seems To hold a special significance Tor our MargareT Mary, as she is a popular Tigure There. This liTTle qirl wiTh The big name can noT be ouTdone in school spiriT. We shall always remember her as a warm Triend To ali. '1 'P-T' x-"na 'Q' r X' inn'-YJFJ-ir2.41'J"9' MARGIE Margie, one oi The Piepls sTiongesT rooTers, is oTTen seen in a car alfa-cTionaTely called "The burp," which belongs To a cerTain Prep sTudenT. One of her greaTesT problems is To keep her hair curly, she has even Tried an upsweep. Margie is a good sTudenT buT is also inTe'esTed in sporls. Her abiliTy on The baskerbaf couri is ouTsTanding. ATTN knowing Margie Tor Tour years iT is noT necessary To read "How To Win Friends and lniluenie People," as she is ci perTecT example oT This. Margies hcarTy laughTer can oT'Ten be heard ringing ouT even above The sound of The lliom-Toml' ThaT usually accompanies her, ,n! ga , . -3 J Nfl!!-L I win, a o o ' Mary francis Xavier 0 'Keefe MARY Boride hair framing a sweel, bul mischievous lace, de- scribes Mary perfectly. I-ler 'rwinlciing blue eyes, fairly leaping with lun, have llie capacily ol lurning serious ani Thoughtful al a rnornenls nofife, Mary's lavorile pasiime is eaiing, and lo ihe wondefrnenl ol all she never shows if by an added poun'd. Her china doll appearance is quiie deceiving, as she olfen brings forfh an unexpecled gufiaw in her classes because of her guainl pronunciaiions, and The sound of her giiifile. We preclicl fha? Mary will find greaf happiness in her fulure life. Pafrkvh' firm Pfzdhfos PAT Pal, a lall, sophislicaled miss, did noi ioin our ranlcs unlil Sophomore year, however, since lhen she has managed To carve her own special nook in our class. The arrival of reporls always esiablishes Pai as one ol our besl sludenls. Paf's mosl characferislic ioaiure is her hair, and we mighi also say ils appearance is her conslanl worry and pe? peove. A darlc-eyed beauly wiih rosy cheelcs, winning smile, and up-slale accenl, Pai slands our in any group, and will, we prophesy, allain success in her every en- deavor. Angeline Jean Palermo JEAlNlNlE ,Amblens Pride and Joy - lhafs our Jeannie with ihe shorl darlc hair! Jeannie more lhan proved her worlli as Chairman ol ihe Relreshrnenl Comrniiiee ai our annual lea Dance. Her spaghefli dinners, a famous Tradition af fha Mounl, will rnalce her welleremrembered. Jeannie, being lhe besfedressecl girl In our class, always loolcs as 'l she has iusf slapped oul of 'Vogueu' magazine. She never seems To laclc anylhing, above all, friends, and her generosify foward fhem is unsurpassed. lndeed, The length of Jeannie's "shingle" is a far cry from The lengfh of lime Thai' she will live in our memories. K"'v.. O I O I llelene Kafnryn Guilty LENE Helene, alfhough she is noT renowned Tor her over- vivaciTy, is a popular member of The Class of '5O. This parTicular miss Trom Norlh Philadelphia is one ol The loyalisT :ooTers Tor The Mount even Though she does have a solT spol in her hearT Tor Camden. Helene is very skillful wilh lcniTTing needles and her llyellow sweaTer" has become a classic aT The Mount Helene is a very capable sTudenT in The commercial course. Her abiliTy in shorT- hand and Typing will no doubT win her a noTable posiTion, We feel sure ThaT Helene will MasTer The "ArT" oT making her life a success. Marguerite Ceellla Reynolds PEGGY This gay, enThusiasTic miss is a very special member ol The Class oT '50, She has been PresidenT oT our class for The pasT Tour years. Peggy musT cerTainly have been TirsT in line when TalenTs were disTribuTedg her versaTiliTy is a marvel of This school. Though happiesT when cavorling in a balleT cosTume, Peggy also enchanls her lisleners wilh her magic Touch on The keyboard. She is also accomplished in The arT ol mirnicry. Peggy is always hurrying because ol her many acTiviTies buT she never seems To be Too busy To lend a helping hand. No, we shall never Torg'eT The girl who has porTrayed The Tine ideals oT a True MounTie. in-Uflxrsif Kafnenne Teresa Ann Rlekerr RICK Riclc has been a prominenT parT ol our Tour years aT The MounT. Her dry humor has enlivened many a class and in NaTional Problems her Tales oT her experiences aT "lnTersTaTe Finance CorporaTion" have ofTen convulsed us. Her sTories are always enjoyed, perhaps because Riclcs voice, always pleasanl and well-modulaTed, is one of The mosT charming in The Senior class. Because our one brighT spoT in every dull and rainy day has always been Riclcs red - and we do mean red - raincoaT, we cerlainly can say ThaT Rick is our beacon during sTorn'is. Her abiIiTy To geT ahead successfully has always been a noTable characTerisTic oT Riclcs and we are sure ThaT iT will be her guaranlee Tor success from now on. is flzkabeffr Mary Rouse Mary loaflve Sfublds BEHY Sttlll Dllftnl hr.-r tum' yur-5 .it the Mount tni5 paftite Min has "Yrru'ie lrfddinfqm -- many times we hudrd Mary Lou DCHWHO A rqreut favorite witn hr-r rridsswrnatcs. Putt ot hm utter this phrase ae we ,istened syrriputhutigahy tri cm: 'ind touqhtor, Betty 'tives to be with pegpfe except when talg-5 ot woe, Indeed hor gnouidor has withstood the hw ham a flfmd book. Then nhe muy be found in pu, tettinq of mania a sob ttory, Often she kept hor friends rrwQtcfirw13nir,vntquictfipivt, Betty ig quiet and ihouqirifug tauqhing with her wtty rr-rnartw rr owen with atm-'ics wt ind 'WMV 0 fiowd turn or unexp-ictczd favor can be traced he-r immyinaiy heart Qrindtion. 'Snie H is tarnou-, for hor tru he". She is riritc-d for hor pxnrrtptnoss and is nevgr short hair whirh she iw r,cin5t,rw'f-,' quttinrq, Tim, Mount into frir .1 rnoetinq, imprirtfxnt or otherwise, We toot our Airyite atways iootrs to tnrv biiwht s'd0 of Iifr-. and nothinq Bnttv Witt GO fnf in this wortd because she knowg thn can dampen her fqorgd 5pirits. Mary Lmfwqrc-f1?0'.tarnbi 'Uht mid of hte find, true to hor nature, will drive tion is to become a nurre. Abisyrnpittwr-tif,1?-,toner and 'tomq ftnmhf and UV'5V"CVViVtQty. competent asistrrnt, ghc wft be rnmt hetpfut to hor patients. Pamela Mana Smfra ti H For portfw try, Sim tm- .1 vri.1vr'i.J5 votre: and :thc puty it tr? very timid me It tum rriudf: pofzibu r---rpnrt'ripii1tir,n ir: rnuny rat 'wc irnntmi pig-i. Mdden-.' avxe -Prnnu 1 ii in cxaceftcnt F'Cni1n xtudirnt and Madiafru Pruuflentc :lt that Umm, te2r'i,ip', Ltr- rm 1- ave na, ff brothr-ra rwf hifi uwn, turn trxtwf, quite ar n erm in tiff ttrrithvri, mf other iifrtw, iiithfiufgh it i, nfit .riwayz in siatcrty Uno. Durinq hor Senior year, Prim tnmarno in day hrvp and L1 rc--gutar pgasaenqgr un the 8:10 hui. Hir future pinns inctude nratteqfg and me-dirnt patina, WU are sure that with tho some quatitios whirh carried her 5LlCCOSSfUhY thiouqh her tour years at the Mount, Pam witt more than init rmtim her ambitions. l 0 I U 0 Claire louise Sutcliffe CLAIRE This poised Germantown gal with her shining hair and tetching smile has otten been called "The Posture Perfect Girl." l-ter ability to wear her stylish clothes well is one ot her greatest assets, Our "Most Poised" classmate has certainly merited this title because Claire is rarely at a loss in any situation. An ardent shore tan, she has always held Ocean City in tirst place, but now she publicizes the great advantages ot Wildwood. One ot her favorite pastimes is dancing and this hobby is certainly not fwfllected, Claire, with her ambition and slrill in the secretarial tield, will without a doubt, occupy a prominent place in an ottice just as she did here at M.S.J. Sarah Hzzabeffr Traws SALLY Lebanon is home to our big city gal, she'll be sure to tell you all about it at a moment's notice. Sally is slow but sure, and she always arrives on time. Her dependability malres her a model ot department in the Senior corridor, while her sincerity insures a triend indeed to anyone in need. Always the social one, Sally is happiest when she is on the dance tloor and on more than one occasion we've seen stars in those hazel eyes. "Lightning" some- times disaqrees with Webster's spelling, but her neatness rates an "A-plus." With Sally, law is the thing and we wish "Our Gal Sal" success at it. '::' 5' 1 .Q NYY!! T -V .5-b .lraqln F43 5-'lug ,JI ' ' rirxif - Kathleen Maley Wenz KAY Lively chatter, seeming to run an interminable race with quiclc expressive movements, brings Kay into our thoughts. With her magnetic personality, she Is outstanding in ai? activities, serious or witty, as the occasion requires, Kay was impressive as the Mounts idea. cheerieadef, as hr-r dynamic little torm cheered us on. She is the tourth and last ot the Wenz Tribe to attend tv1.S,J, the old adage. 'Good things come in small paclcagssf' seems to reter directly to Kay with her good humor and sincerity. Her tavorite expression, 'Precicusf' describes very adequateiy what Kay will always be tc us. K - . 1 .. , x ,Q. ' '..""' . V. Q ,. -Q-V14 - 4+ 'V . f' . x , VQ:.Q.Qv. I,5Q - Q35 A 1 Qs, . . K- br -as 1. -- " K x 1, - . ' 7' ' ' . 1. - Q ' V , 5 ' Q , ' ,Q -1-..-. 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P . , I . : , 1 y.....x-M 4 1 .ff 5 , 1 ff' . ,. , we X I I K1 la ...:, i. f - 5 Q9 . if s,,,,',.J ' .Kgs 11' gs Q' .3 :, 5 'cw aw- 2, :aim a nur- 1 .1 ,K ' . "fri 5 ' "W " .-if .W 2+ . 'ff 1 , wg. vii 44 Her .45 1 fm 'SH if . . S 4 Q 1: 5 .S 6, Y Q' gif? W X X f o l if A iylffg sfsj A! -f-1 V I mx ,f mm, ' ' ll hw , if A W -, 4 if -..:-514:21 gf Mary Elizabelh Logan unfangles fhe mysleries and inlricecies of solid Geomeiry in Senior maih class. 4 , Pafricia Reilly explains a difficull flleorem lo Claire m"',X"m""g I --. ilk Mauger and Agnes Shields, while fhe Sophomore HA mafh sfudenfs lislen alfenfively, L II G!! QL 5 Sophomore Biology sfudenfs f learn for fhemselves flue need .-nn for viiamins. Senior chemisfs, Mary Ann Harbinson, Joan Marie Harfmann, Madeleine Mansell, and Palricia Kelly H'w""9' discuss The afomic Theory. '-'G MTWVQA. "'lMbL4,4 . V' - WL 2 1,151 K""'j,'-N Q, Aff f ff f N Wu , 4. . M' ' 'N . ' ' Hmmm X , x iff., fc 'THQ . qwir l - g, I f L i, ,Q f- -4, c4f1:ffu,, A 4 D fy 'Mff,fl'2., dak' l ., , I '11 ' LL 4 ll, CL? :Aix J . is 5 Q JRR Q TT! 7 0, xx A 4 A197 We ff-f ,f -- QNX? Lf E , WWA-WNW, a - .1 xx -M 1- , .mlb A abouf hz: 1'W""""" Own. - woucmc some if xl ,:.:.-a- I F ,Id-, , .wx Wfw """W'2'ff"f""' Mon -ifvn-wr ef m sw" I ' E jgr ,QV q Q W I F , A Q, ff x,'N"'NN---... -M"P'Y"f. 5? W -,,,.. I ,A . ""4h K" sw, 2 is U 1 Q x P X 1 ,1 . N Y r M at ' 'fx Q ig lg l fi 3, Q1 , 1 - . n ss A "Good Morning, Mount Saint Joseph Academy," says a prospecfive swifclwboard operafor. Miss McGrillis reveals flie myslery of fl1e + Id . . . .. ange wires fo Senior Secrefarial sfudenfs Pafricne Hammelre, Jean Palermo, and Kafhleen Wenz. mal Mimeograplming during Senio Typing class Y M a r g a rel M. Morgenlhaler Eleanor Zalenslri, and Kallw- erine Marino ialre diclaiion af The blackboard from Jeanne Norris. Sluclenl' Gauncil Rosemarie Eiriclw, STudenT Council Presiclenf The STudenT Council aims To lceep The sTand- ards oT MounT SainT Joseph Academy high, boTh by enTorcing The regulaTions oT our school and by giving good example. The council governing body consisTs OT TourTeen-members: a PresidenT, ViceAPresidenT, SecreTary-Treasurer, Two Advisers Trom The Senior class, and Three represenTaTives each Trom The Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior classes, These girls are noT'chosen by The l:aculTy buT are elecTed To The council by Their respecTive classes. Since The girls choose Their own repre- senTaTives, There is a deTiniTe Teeling oT coopera- Tion beTween The council and The sTudenT body. These Two groups working hand in hand insure a happy, successiul school year. This organizaTion, one oT The oldesT in The TradiTion oT The school, plays a very imporTanT parT in our school lives because iT helps mold our characTers and wills, and sTrives To Teach us To do The righT Thing, in The righT place, aT The righT Time. Rosemarie PresidenT, lisTens as PaTricia Roberts Bushey and MargareT McGuinness. Joan Marie Harhnann, Vice-Presidenig Wanda Davidson, SecreTary-Treasurer, and Senior Advisors To Senior proposes a consishng Faiher Graham, our Relreal Masler, iallns with Mary Lou Kane aifer receplion. The Freshmen are received info fhe Sodalify. Ghzlclwn of MW, seem., The Soclalily ol The Children ol Mary is an aclive orqanizalion here al The Mounl. The aim el The Soflalily is lo insiill in ils members an arclenl devolion, reverence and lilial love Tor lhe Blessed Virgin Mary, We lry lo fulfill This aim lhrouqhoul The school year by spirilual ancl Temporal preiecls, There are Two rebresenlalives lrciim each class. These girls collecl Soclalily dues, Ccinlribulions Tor The missions, and organize lheir secliens so lhal They will become zealous workers in The proieel lor lhe monlh. Every Monday, The V7 Jane Ledwilh. SODALITY OFFICERS Slandmg, left fo right. Connie Zollers, Theresa Ann McGroar+y, Marilyn DeSimone, Kalhy Collins. Palricia James, Kalhy Doyle. Sealed: Sarah Travis, Mary Lou Kane, Prefecf of lhe Sodelify, and Lillle Qllice ol The lmmaculale Cenceplion is reciled by The sludenls in The Convenl Chapel. Al Chrislmas lime The generous Academy qirls qive Toys lo The children ar The Calholic Home. The receprion el The Freshmen, in January, lol- lowecl a very inspiring relreal by lhe Reverend Falher John Graham. The climax ol The Soclalily year is our annual May Procession. All have pul lorlh lheir grealesl elforls lo make l95O a suc- cessful and oulslanding year. 5 1 1: f X f i flx X Sodalify Crowners Curlis, Jean Lane, M64 1 x -Sarah and ,Joan Q J F a + ll e r Flynn receives Our Lady's Crown from Jean Lane. irfwr Q, 36 WIN ,ef 4-9 Sludenf Council Crowners - Grace Rhoads, Pairicia Kelso and Marie Grusemeyer. The Norwood boys lead our procession. Q 55 9 x Presidenls of Clubs - Sfandingz Jane Maguire. Lafin Club. Sealed: Pamela Smirh, French Club: Pafricia Hammelre, German Clubg Nancy Bonner, .E 00464- Upper leff-The German Club: Joan Marie Harlmann, Roberla Bushny, Karherine Riclced, Rosemarie Eirich, and Palricia Hammelce favor us Spanish Club. wiih a rendilion of old German carols, Lower leflz The Lalin Club presenfs a scene from Sr. Lulxe's Chrislmas Gospel. Below: On the lighler side-Peggy Reynolds lells her froubles 'lo Sanla Claus, po'- frayecl by Pai Connor. Pam Smiih fells what happened "The Night Before Chrisfmasf' Le Mardi Gras C O X T ':v',, l TW Q . Q' 1 S ., K N . N 5" f new 'Hu .1 .Os ugh Q 'All I In I 5 s'.u The Carnival The Fashion Show The Grand Finale of a wonderful show. I 'Dr -2 ' -T. f 29 wg .. , 'ibn ' was Nhw x ,x A X A y ,. f fi -. L-19' . 4-nv". T . ' f , g1,.x,A ,sy ,Q , 1 K A .9 sl. ' X . W- -,Ji 'E 5' . Y: ,, N' 1 2 V1 . ly pf w ' J, 4' , I 3 Q was Q , A 1 1 N , 1 il ' W ' .. X W , Al I J 1 va A - The flower girls: Marie Teil, Asllele Murphy, Regina McCorl:ell La Gifanille Florence Perkolup serenades Eleanor Zalenslri -vs I Rolnerla Buslwey, Chairman of Enler fainmeni' fqlumnae ef:-ilcffzen 'J fbaq "The Olcl Gray Mare," sfarrlng Joan Marie Harlmann lbaclr legsl, and Mary Ellen Brosnahan lfron? legsl, pufs on an amusing acl. Darlues Sally Hope Belly Rouse Wanda Da xdson and Barbara Harrlly perform a 'lap dance Way Down flu Swanee Rnver "Meow, Meow"-Pam Smirh and Jane Heller give us lheir version of "The Pussy Cal Song" One of +l'ue younger se? seems slighfly slarlled ar ihe anfics of Howdy Doody. 4 's Mr. Smiflr, Jane Ledwilh, "works fhe puppet" li Q + d b Marv Lou Kane, Mr. Smiflw, Clarabelle, impersona e y by Jane Ledwiflw, and Howdy Doody, by Mary Lee, en- ferfa in a young visifor, while Kalherine Rlckerl, masfer of ceremonies, seems 'ro enioy flie liHle scene. bbl G m la ine Blusier- Adverlising Blusfer-Busfer Bu e u y K ll, Joan Calhoun, and Mary Lou- Busrer Trio-Palsy e y Shields. Our mosl appreciaiive audience A flar +ire on a Sun ay a e Mary Elizabefh Logan W lk" iih Pe gy Reynolds "Lef's Talxe an Old-Fashioned a w g and Pai Connor. d H rnoon for Pal Hammelre and 8 . nr xl! i , ua, L'- Bonnie Senior lassies gel a "kick" ouf of fhe Hop-Scorch "lpw-14. iq 4 f al.Bl,'1nl N Polka. y .x u 1, 4- if-', ,lg ? her acrobafics. 'ft' .M is I I Clarabelle, Mary Lou Kane, enferfams flue kiddies wills .aa a ul e..'..e.,. J, i I 5,1 a -.QS l,"'V,.,,,,. Nl A 'I ' ' we g n QM 'ul' l'l. dst? , sllykrh wx ui if NX? 'xli- Acadram Officers: Pai James, Treasurer, Roberfa Bushey, Program Manager, and Anne Branagan, Presidenl, confer wifh lheir direcfor, Mrs. Anders. The Academys Dramalic Club, more corn- monly lcnown as 'rhe Acadram, is a sociely which was formed lo develop lhe poise and dramalic aoilily ol lhe sludenls ol lvlounl Sainl Joseph. This selecl group has many social lunclions, chief among which are monlhly meelings and lwo annual plays. From lhese monlhly club rneelings, lhe girls reap lhe lruils ol lheir en- deavors bolh in enlerlainmenl and knowledge, lor lhey learn nol only acling, buf also slaging and direcling. "They Thar Sir in Darkness" was produced under lhe guidance ol Mrs. Anders al Chrislmas, and nol long aller lhal came "Blos- som Time." The spiril of cofoperalion shown by all wasresponsible for lhese lwo greal suc- cesses, which were lribules bolh lo lhe school and 'ro lhe Acadram. ff M.,- flcadwm Misfleioe Girls - Mary Sweeney, Jacki Bondi, Connie Zollers, and Kafherine Doyle ' . F . 'SQ X 1 gf . K, -12. X .L . ' O , 1' - , , . ,iii 51, uv - , - . Auf 4 V . x r " v Q w gi ,1 if grins!!! 9 1 S I, 2 fu ,ff f Q I ' 'fb Q, X 1g gfg' 4.ggHl 3' Q I' , 1' ayxsl' ' 'f' 2, ' ' i ra, B Q in qi. ,A V N i ' ' 3 . ' H' ZI rica y W Q 1 ' W' f' 1 'fl s ,,- 1 Shepherds: P. Robin, L. confronf oulcasl, Joan K. A Naiivify Scene 'ffmeq 7fnal' Si! fn fbafzkneifi I Z. Murra Yale-s : 1 The Angels lcneel in adoration: Eleanor Zalenslri, Dolores Porfer, Theresa McGroar1y, Joan Clancy ,.,.-K ,Ai y, S. Richmond, M. Mansell We lhree Kings of Orlenl are: Sarah Travls, Lynn Du- Baeclle, Lorrefla Kavalauslrus f Q fe - .,zI.,,.. fl Hua. I l r w w A Dramafic Scene: Joan Yales, Barbara Harrify, Roberla Buslaey, Molly Sfeplxens Around flue well: Ann Brosnalwan, Connie Fifzgerald, Joan Harfmann, Nancy Reilly, Sally Mansell 431- ' - J .-,' r .i , gt' , l : 6 1 i yi , . No room in ll1e inn: Roberla Buslwey refuses enfrance lo Sl. NX X '91 Joseph, Pamela Smilh, and fhe Blessed Virgin, Anne Bran- agan Xi 49 I i, Miriam, Joan Ya+es, lislens fo ilie words of consolalion ol lhe Blessed Virgin, Anne Branagan :Q V Q , 1 f G U' 1 yds I 'Q ml Z . A 's ,P I , . V 1, W Q w a . . ., FRY is ul. 1 - 41 ,, QQ If ,. .,., 3 , N best- A. 'f i gf We "Sophisfica+es" have a marvelous iime The laiesi dance sieps are fried on fhe floor ' Some of our Alumnae enjoy ihe dance My, The refreshmen+s are good! Hope you have your Hckef Aren'f fhey cuie? Eaiing is a wonderful pasfirne! Frank Fighera and his Orchesfra mv mouur S1 JDSEW 'MDE 7""'n'5f I, if X Ns? 3- O I M as 5 X ,, X sf Slwberf, overwhelmed by despair b U . , ecause o nrequnied love. eu? f lwms 4 1' X ,Ml U.Nxn,xg 1 "He loves me love me noi! A glorious ending io a glorious play U ef? """"Sl and MLIMRJ The Springiime Ballet Graceful Soplwomores in "Lei Me Awake" Qlif ,X lf 'fi gli A merry scene from 'llie cafe A graceful ending fo +l'le "Song of Love," by Mary Lou Kane and Dolores Sprowls ff' Q R L., J Y , 1 Ms 55 S X Xu ,A ""7 " 4 b swx cv . .9 p 'SQ WK MN 'S 'e UM' li" wx M ja QL ,, x ar' !'tf I l f -fin' V ik -. . , . 7 Y D v n ' -n.Y-- '-K , ix M- . 's 1 ef ? , , "xx 'QA fungi in za, FQQI my 5, s Y fu 1 N Qi" 5 I x L . E, Q in ff ' ks? 6,46 x nr f if 2 51 ' f-S' N- , "1 A is A F K K If VI!! ss 3, 3 Q , :Vi ' K was i 'fx 358 , ,ik Q s. u 2' 'Q 5 My ,Q-Q .. fgz 'h W f x . MQ ,. xx. Kalhryn Marra, Presidenl of Yhe Athlelic Association The Alhlelic Associalion is one ol The largesl associalions al Mounl Sainl Joseph because all sludenls are aulornalically rnernbers. This As- socialion consisls ol a Presidenl and Vice-Presb denl lrom lhe Senior Class: Secrelary and Treas- urer lrorn lhe Junior Class. ln addilion, each seclion elecls a represenlalive. This board con- ducls all lho aclivilies and social lunclions ol the Alhlelic Associalion. We opened our alh- lelic season in lhe fall wilh a "doggie-roasl" lo welcome bolh old and new rnernbers. Hockey, baslcelball, swimming, and dodgeeball are lhe sporls lavored by lhe girls here al lhe Mounl. fqlfzlelfic squacialfian The Afhlelic Board. Top Row: K. Wem, V. Fengler, L. Kunkel, P. Weber. Second Row: M. O'Hara, P. Barrell, E. Donnelly. Firsf Row: P. Robin, R. Hayes, B. Sullivan, N. Dalfon. I95O HOCKEY SCHEDULE 0 Mercy ..,..... ....... M ounl Sl. Joseph I 5 Raven Hill ,,.. ..Mounl Sl. Joseph 0 2 Sharon Hill .... Mounf S+. Joseph 4 0 Sainl Basil .. . .Mounl Sl. Joseph 2 Besides oulside garnes we conducl inlramural games which enable The girls lo give evidence ol lheir class loyally. l-lere al lhe Mounl lhe alhlelic associalion has a poinl syslem. Any girl who parlicipales in any ol lhe aclivilies spon- sored by lhe A.A. receives poinls, Al lhe end ol lhe year, al lhe annual A.A. Day al Valley Forge, awards are made lor achievemenls in lhe field ol alhlelics. Because ol Miss Danen- howeris conslanl inleresl in lhe associalion we have progressed rapidly and successfully wilhin lhe pasl year. QA' . V " Th h elle leam falres lime ou? "Comes a pause in ihe day's occupa non. e o y 'T ss... Tired buf happy players leave lhe hockey field affer a successful game. ., . , ' , i , 'Z 5 Q X... X 1 "ff I QMS ' i y ?..+ v ,L 31.551 ff Kg. ,- X in vt 'I 6 ' Aggyaxwx wi lfggii ng" V. -,243 l95O BAS Alumnae Eden Hall Melrose Cecilian KET Sain? Mary ,, 3 s Y' BALL S Mounl Mounl Mounf Mounl Mounl f J n Raven Hill Villa Maria Mercy , Sf. Angela Mount Mounl Mounl Mount CHEDULE Sl. Joseph Sf. Joseph Sl. Joseph Sl. Joseph Sl. Joseph S+. Joseph Si. Joseph Sl, Joseph Sl. Joseph Haslrelball squad l lc h oo opeful behind lheir Caplain, Ka -v U 4 1' P 1 ll 1 l 5 ,S r 1 J f , A 1 y Marra Y V From lell lo ' h arsily Baslcefloall S q u a d rig +, slanding' Aileen Maguire, Phyllis Cole man, Pal Robin, Pal Connor, Mary Lou Gorman, Margie O'Hara. Silfing: Joan Marie Harlmann, Peggy Barrefl, Kay Marra, Caplain, Pal Mc- Cauley, Mary Lou Kane, Bar- bara Sullivan. The girls who cheer Their leam lo viclory, From lefl: R i l a Dobson, Connie Zollers, Jane Maguire, Kay Wenz. Good Luck Cheer x . . l . f 1 fr f R+! V lr ' ls Q' i'r ' l .. i l IX .N i ' , r A 1 X X . kv K ,qi . 1, it x X S 3 g t L D -. K wg , rs ' X , 1 ,Q ,mais 5 fm Q SW' V K ' + AW if F' N 4 stiff' ' mb Qs' -Q11 . r 55 g'g, s. Q Q ' . 23,155 My :dh , it fig , ,, Ns J 4 ag. X 1,QXjuXgAx5gbg ,Q Q M, , 5 d r 1 ' 5, 4 Yfxri-X 'SW Q k 4. . L, Q, it Na! Wwwgw fr Q 3 X Q f 5 I xxx! Qmgi 3 f 'en 6 .. 12,4 'K X gs 6 .Q .,Q.-. f 1, ' , gag X . 4 . -. xi ,V " 3 F A ff- Q5 wg! M 'ss ,,,4 Ss ,M 5x ,ini Wiih ine arrival of Spring, ine siege of our sporis acfivifies siwiirs from Hwe gyrn io ine our doors, Many siudenis parficipafe in ionnis rnaichesy soirbeii games, horseback riding and , bicyciing. AH fnese are evidences of Hue afnlefic versafiiiiy here ai' ine Mount an rv V 5. --ir . K A at -'bg A i V O' K uniofz-Seniofz. fb in New Wada The gurls we leff behind er classmen wish us "Bo Voyage Our dinner af Sclwraffls-one of The liighliglmfs of flue irip ag: 'ami NW' iaflildl' Top row Mary Lou Shields Bobby Bushey Joan Calhoun Kay Marra, Mary Ellen Brosnalwan, BoHom row: Pal Con- nor, Peggy Reynolds, Mary Jane Connor, Jane Loughran, Eileen Glaclrin, and Joan Marie Harlmann smile af the birdie. Pal McCauley, Raquel Amram, Sally Hope, and Peggy Barrelf aclcl glamour fo Fif+h Avenue I Mal q mf - fqmeaica in Song ana! lance -:lx 0', F" Pre-show fension is apparenf in fhe faces of flue cas 9' Two" A..-Q7 If Louise Wafers and 'J Doris Mauger on a "Bicycle Builf for of Loolnng over the programs Walhng for fhe show fo begin 'U' out Z ici' wi , L 14 On ihe way fo fhe ouidoor siege Pea 2-r' 04:5 1 ?'7 folks Our May Queen, Berfha Weber, as crowned by Helen Lamberf and Pal Scanlon 4'-A 'W-me "Shorlnin' Bread" is sung by fhe Quaclrille and colored a 4 'wg' The lovely May Court lends beaufy lo The scene The ballet group performs for The May Queen and her Court A colorful mlnuel is presenled before fhe May Couri Anne Spillane, Lorelia Kavalauslras, Mary Norfhrop, and Anile Casani are lapping lheir way fo success -icdmpwwn Races-I is Sung BY me Colored folks a V 5, . Ms. my y . x i an 7. , '.'i,'f , in "Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer hue." I ..-.v AA Belles of fhe Civil War Era wiili Their soldier heroes prepare for a dance +ve The Moun+'s old fashioned baflwing beaulies are sfrong compeiifion for flue famed Roclleffes. f ,g1n..Q', , J"P'6L Gemua am Peuonal Pfmpmiq We, The class oT Ninefeen Hundred and FiTTy of MounT SainT Joseph Academy, ChesTnuT Hill, being oT sleepy minds and sTarved and worn-ouT bodies, buT wishing noT To leave our beloved school bereTT of our aTTribuTes do, in a mosT unselfish manner, bequeaTh To Those we leave behind, The following: To The FaculTy-The model sTudenTs you've always hoped Tor To The Juniors-our knack for giving good exam- ple To The lower classmen To The Sophomores-as nice a sisTer class as we had To The Freshmen-our many and assorTed virTues To The Day Hops-a ieT-propelled bus.ThaT leaves The loop aT 8:40 To The Boarders-a modern R.C.A. phonograph Tor The recreaTion hall To The Sheaf STaTT-an original Theme To The Juniors individually: MargareT Augello-Aileen Maguire's reTicence Mary Lou Barbera-Bobby Bushey's deep re- sounding voice Julia Boyce-Pam'SmiTh's sTage skill CaTherine Benner - Kay Wenz's dresden-like proporTions BeTTy Lou Bodor-BeTTy Rouse's and Mary Lee's love of school Ann Brosnahan-Eileen Glackin's curly hair KaThleen Buhrman-Kay Marra's leTTers and loves from Villanova ' AniTa Casani-Nancy Bonner's worldly knowl- edge KaThy Collins - Phyllis Coleman's c a r e T r e e manner Joan Clancy-Mary O'Keefe's abiliTy To eaT and noT gain weighT Mary CosTello - Jane LedwiTh's capaciTy Tor- Triendship Carolyn Deiier-Wanda Davidson's proficiency aT The piano Eileen Donnelly - Madge Mansell's and Mary Jane Connor's unique school shoes PaT Donahue-PaT McCauley's singing voice Barbara GarreTT-Rosemarie Eirich's blushes Connie FiTzgerald-Joan Calhoun's 'lschool-girl pranks" R.iTa Golden-Sally Hope's eyelash curler Phyllis Hauser-Liz Logan's blaze manner Rosemary Hayes-Anne Branagan's sophisTica- Tion Mary Heminway-MargareT Mary McGuinness' muscles PaT James--Sarah Travis' sTories of The long Trek home Mary Jane Lynch-PaT Hammeke's golden locks CaTherine Marino-Mary Ann Harbison's ele- phanT-like memory Doris Mauger-Peggy BarreTT's unassuming air MargareT Mary MorgenThaler - Mary Louise Shields' wisdom TeeTh Marlene McCloskey-PaT Phillip's slender figure Florence Mullin-Mary Lou Kane's."sweeT Talk" Jean Norris-Raquel Amram's scruples Mercedes Palacio-Margie O'Hara's "ball and chain" Florence Perkolup-Mary Ellen Brosnahan's and PaT Connor's love of mankind PaT Robin-Jean Palermo's and Peggy Reynold's closely cropped hair Anne Seydel-RiTa Dobson's Tea Dance "daTe" Dolores Sprowls - KaTherine RickerT's aThleTic prowess and dancing abiliTy Leslie STraub-PaT Kelly's abiliTy To keep up an incessanT line of chaTTer Sally Suplee-Helene QuilTy's simpliciTy Louise WaTers-Claire SuTcliTle's' perfecT pos- Ture Barbara Sullivan-Janie Maguire's curly dark eyelashes Joan YaTes-Jane Heller's and Joan Marie HarT- mann's calm, cool, collecTed, manner Eleanor Zalenski-Jane Loughran's sTarring role aT The MeT ln wifness of The above, we hereunTo sign our hand and seT our seal on This, The sixfh day of June, in The year of our Lord, One Thousand Nine Hundred and FiTTy. Signed: THE SHEAF STAFF WiTnessecl by: Rosemarie Eirich Anne Branagan 144 lfae Qewuut of 1960 wi: RAOUEL AMRAM - chief salesman Tor The "Jello Yellow" Company MARGUERITE BARRETT-chosen PoeT LaureaTe by .King AusTinius NANCY BONNER - SuperinTendenT OT Nurses aT Belle VisTa ANNE BRANAGAN-running a daTe bureau'Tor The MOunT Airy socialiTes MARY ELLEN BROSNAHAN - preparing Tor her Third aTTempT To swim The English Channel ROBERTA BUSHEY-capable "Speaker OT The House" and promoTer OT The Public Address SysTem JOAN CALHOUN-Bill cOllecTor PHYLLIS COLEMAN-Though all OT The bobby soxers have changed idols, Phyllis is sTill swoon- ing over Frankie MARY JANE CONNOR-a Torch singer aT LOu's Moravian Bar PAT CONNOR-sTill Teaching kindergarTen aT her mosT beloved mission, LiTTle Flower WANDA DAVIDSON-successor TO EinsTein and TurTherer OT his Theory RITA DOBSON-adverTising The opening OT The "Dobson Sewing School," which will prove To be compeTiTion Tor "Singer" ROSEMARIE EIRICH-undersTudy Tor The "An- swer-man" EILEEN GLACKIN-in charge OT a modern hos- piTal aT Sea Isle CiTy PATRICIA I-IAMMEKE-Laughing Lady in Bar- num and Bailey's Three-ring circus MARY ANNE HARBISON-bobby-pin salesman aT The "5 and lO" BARBARA HARRITY-invenTor OT a new Type of scissors Tor The Barbers Inc. JOAN MARIE I-IARTMANN-winner of The TiTle "The FasTesT Driver in The MidgeT AuTO Races" JANE HELLER-Noxzema saleslady Tor Thurs- day morning burns SALLY HOPE - besT-informed member OT The New York STock Exchange MARY LOU KANE-sTarTing her TiTTh year as GeorgeTown's TavoriTe house mOTher PATRICIA KELLY - a composer whose laTesT cOmpOsiTiOn, a Sequel To The Missouri Walfz, is a greaT TavOriTe JANE LEDWITH-making a concerT Tour of The counTry wiTh her dueT parTner, Sugar Child .Robinson MARY ELIZABETH LEE-giving lessons Tor Tacial expressions To achieve "ThaT innocenT look" MARY ELIZABETH LOGAN-her TiTTh season singing "Carmen" aT The MeTropoliTan Opera JANE LOUGHRAN-sTill selling her magic Tor- mula Tor curly hair AILEEN MAGUIRE-puTTing her TirsT million inTo The bank Trom The sale OT "Sparkle PIenTy Dolls" JANE MAGUIRE - enforcing her TavoriTe rule of silence as Principal OT Phoenixville High MADELEINE MANSELL - making a name Tor herselT as baker OT Those ever Tamous Girl ScOuT cookies KATH RYN MARRA-Physical EducaTion Teacher aT Villanova College PATRICIA MCCAULEY--Teacher OT medicine aT Jacksonville College MARGARET MCGUINNESS -- sTill in Training, hoping To Take The place OT The sTrong lady in The circus MARGARET O'HARA-morTician in a success- Tul parTnership wiTh ThaT cerTain physician MARY O'KEEFE-sTar OT The "Russian BalleT" JEAN PALERMO-Manager OT The "MOST For Your Money" Tlower sTand aT'The Broad and Erie subway sTaTiOn. PATRICIA PHILLIPS - a prominenT hairdresser specializing in Tinger-waving HELEN OUILTY-making her name in Washing- Ton as a polished lobbyisT MARGUERITE REYNOLDS-sign painTer in The employ OT The CiTy OT Philadelphia KATHERINE RICKERT-leading The Penn band down The Tield as Their snappy drum-maioreTTe ELIZABETH ROUSE - renowned "c a n - c a n dancer" aTTer years OT experience MARY LOUISE SHIELDS-On The BulleTin sTaTT in charge OT The "EThical Problems" column PAMELA SMITH-world-Tamous song wriTer sell- ing her lyrics To The popular composers OT The day CLAIRE SUTCLIFFE-aT The peak OT her search Tor The real McCoy SARAH TRAVIS-an aucTioneer OT unequaled skill KAY WENZ-gliding gracefully across The Tloor as The direcTress OT ArThur Murray's School PATRONS We offer our deepesi ihanlcs io all our Palrons, whose generosiiy has made ihis bool: possible. We are especially grafeiul io Mr. Harry Baliban and Mr. Randolph Green oi ihe Sarony Siudios for iiheir kindness and cooperaiion wiih us in assembling 'rhis boolr. We falre ihis opporiuniiy also, io exrend our graii- iude io Mr. Daniel Solari of ihe Campus Publishing Company for his help and encouragement in 'rhe Complimenfs of Miss Qeafrice A. Agosfini Panama, R. P. Besl' Wishes fo ihe Class of '50 Mr. 81 Mrs. Jose V. Amram Habana, Cuba Mrs. J.V. Amram Wishes fha Senior Class "Felicidades" Habana, Cuba Complimenls of Ann, Barbara, Mary Jane, Mary Lou and Pai' Complimenis of Mr. E. F. Armsirong 8004 Traymore Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. Complimenfs of Mrs. Rose C. Assianie Mr. and Mrs. Henry Axua Casillo Il, Menlo, Mranabi Ecuador, S. A. Complimenis of Mrs. Rose C. Assianie Ocean Ciiy, N. J. Good Luck fo ihe Graduafes The Barreii Family 7600 Pacific Avenue Wildwood, N. J. Complimenfs of Mr. 8: Mrs. Dane Barse Vineland, N. J. Complimenis of Mr. lr Mrs. Thomas J. Benner 6234 N. 3rd Sfreef Philadelphia 20, Pa. Besf Wishes io ihe Class of '50 Beiiy 8: Jeannie Complimenis of Mr. In Mrs. L. A. Bonner 7807 Froebel Road Philadelphia IB, Pa. Complimenis of Mr. 81 Mrs. Francis B. J. Branagan Complimenis of Dr. In Mrs. John C. Brosnahan publiciafion oi The Sheai. . Complimenfs of Mary Ellen lr Ann Brosnahan Complimenis of Mr. lr Mrs. A. Brownsiein Vineland, N. J. A Happy and Successful Fufure io fha Class of '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. R. J. Bushey 8: Family Complimenis of Mr. lx Mrs. P. Wm. Callahan 5l38 Wayne Avenue Philadelphia 44, Pa. Complimenis of Mr. lr Mrs. John Casialdi 300 I0lh Sfreef Ocean Ciiy, N. J. Complimenis of Ella P. Connor Complimenfs of Mr. lr Mrs. Mariin F. Connor Besf of Wishes io 'I'he Class oi '50 from Connie In Viclor Habana, Cuba Complimenis of Mr. 8: Mrs. M. W. Collins, Jr. Complimenis of Mr. 81 Mrs. John Dalion Millville, N. J. Complimenis of Mr. li Mrs. Carlos J. d'Empaire Maracaibo, Venezuela, S. A. Compiimenis of Mr. 8: Mrs. Dom DeRossi Vineland, N. J. Complimenis of Mr. lr Mrs. Romolo DeSan+is Vineland, N. J. Congrafulaiions fo fhe Class of '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. John J. Dever Complimenis of Mr. 8: Mrs. A. DiPaola Vineland, N, J, Complimenis of Mr. 81 Mrs. Max Eirich 322i N. Newkirlr Sireei Philadelphia, Pa. Compliments of Miss Rosemarie Eirich 322I N. Newlrirk Sfreei Philadelphia, Pa. Complimenis of Mr. 81 Mrs. Louis Feii Vineland, N. J. Besi Wishes for Success Freshman A Complimenis of Freshman B Besi Wishes io ihe Graduafes from a friend of Mounf Sainl' Joseph Besi Wishes fo fha Graduafes from a friend oi Mouni Sainf Joseph Complimenfs of A Friend Complimenis of A Friend Congraiulaiions '50 Complimenfs of A Friend Congraiulaiions Seniors Dr. Joseph A. Furey Wildwood, N. J. Complimenis of Mr. lr Mrs. Edward J. Glachin Complimenis of Mr. li Mrs. Alberi Guiliani Vineland, N. J. Complimenfs of Mr. lr Mrs. Wm. A. Hammeke b2lI N. Fairhill Sireei Oak-Lane, Philadelphia 26, Pa. Good Luck fo fhe Class of '50 The Harriiy Family Bas? Wishes io fhe Class of '50 Mr. ln Mrs. Francis X. Harimann Besf Wishes io fha Class oi '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry W. Heller Good Luck io -lhe Class of '50 Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Sianley Hope Best Wishes Jane, Nancy, Marion, Ann, Pat and Shirely Congratulations to the Class ot '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. Joyce Compliments ot The Junior Resident Students Best Wishes to the Class ot '50 Leo 8 Kitty Kelly Best Wishes to the Class of '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. Leo M. Kelly II2 W. 69th Street Terrace Kansas City, Mo. Compliments of Mr. 8:'Mrs. Charles G. Ker Wyndon Apartment Wynnewood, Pa. Compliments of Mr. 8: Mrs. Herman Kravitz Vineland, N. J. Congratulations Seniors Le Cercle Jeanne d'Arc El Circulo Espanol Mount Saint Joseph Academy Compliments ot Frank J. Ledwith 73l8 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia I9, Pa. Plumbing - Heating - Irrigation Compliments of Mr. In Mrs. Matthew J. Lee 7496 Tulpehoclren Street Philadelphia 38, Pa. Compliments of Mr. In Mrs. Sidney Levin Vineland, N. J. Compliments ot Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Levine Vineland, N. J. Compliments ot Col. 81 Mrs. George Logan Compliments ot Rev. Charles L. McCarron Saint Patrick's Rectory Norristown, Pa. Compliments ot Dr. lr Mrs. F. P. McCauley 3225 Magee Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. Compliments ot Mr. 8: Mrs. Carl J. Seydel 522 E. Gorgas Lane Philadelphia, Pa. Compliments ot Sophomore A Best Wishes to the Class ot '50 Mr. 81 Mrs. Thomas I. Shields 4I4 E. Montana Street Philadelphia, Pa. Compliments ot Dr. 8: Mrs. George Shoup send best wishes to the Graduating Class ot '50 Compliments of Mr. 8: Mrs. R. F. Smale, Jr. Pottstown, Pa. Congratulations Seniors Mr. 8: Mrs. B. T. Smith Wildwood, N. J. Compliments ot Sophomore B Resident Students Compliments ot Sophomore B Day Students Compliments of Mr. dm Mrs. Henry Sorg Vineland, N. J. Compliments ot Mr. 8: Mrs. C. T. Travis Compliments of Sally dx Jane Travis Best Wishes to the Senior Class Mr. lr Mrs. Lawrence J. O'Hara 7I7l Georgian Road Philadelphia, Pa. Congratulations to the Class of '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas A. O'Keete, Sr. Compliments of Mr. lx Mrs. Jose A. Ortiz Oriente, Cuba Congratulations to the Class ot '50 Mrs. Maria V. Vde de Ortiz Santiago, Cuba Best Wishes to the Class of '50 Mr. 81 Mrs. James Palermo Compliments ot Mr. 81 Mrs. John Pino Vineland, N. J. Compliments of Mr. lr Mrs. William T. Reynolds Mrs. Anna Rowsey sends her best wishes to the Graduating Class ot '50 Compliments ot Mr. William R. Schmerling 260i Parhway Philadelphia, Pa. Compliments ot Senior A Compliments ot Senior B Compliments of Francis P. McCauley 3225 Magee Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. Compliments ot Mr. 8: Mrs. Marshall McCloskey 7I5 Vernon Road Philadelphia, Pa. Best Wishes to the Holy Year Class Mr. 8: Mrs. William J. Maguire Phoenixville, Pa. Compliments of Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward F. Maneely 20I7 N. Broad Street Philadelphia, Pa. Compliments ot Mr. In Mrs. Marien 85 South Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. Best Wishes to the Class of '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. A. C. Marra Wood Acres, Brookville Long Island, N. Y. Compliments of Mr. 8: Mrs. Ramon Muchacho Maracaibo, Venezuela, S. A. Best Wishes to the Senior Class Mr. In Mrs. l. L. Murray 509 E. Durham Street Philadelphia, Pa. Congratulations to the Seniors Lynn lr Joan Murray Good Luci: to the Class ot '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. J. J. O'Connor 2207 W. Tioga Street Philadelphia, Pa. Compliments of Gerald Trench Atlantic City, N. J. Compliments of Mr. In Mrs. D. F. Waters, Jr. 7I39 Ardleigh Street Philadelphia, Pa. Compliments of Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul V. Waters 7604 Montgomery Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. Best Wishes to the Class ot' '50 Mr. 8: Mrs. H. L. Zollers Compliments ot' Joseph Adam 81 Son Co. Caterers 20th Street 8: Godfrey Avenue Philadelphia 38, Pa. Ambrose-Augusferfer Corp. 247 E. Ashmead Sfreel Philadelphia 44, Pa. Complimenfs of The Greaf Aflanfic 8: Pacific Tea Co. Aflanfic Division Philadelphia I, Pa. Complimenls of Gerald A. Barreff Road Paving Confracior Cape May Courf House, N. J. Complimenfs of Beneficial Savings Fund of Philadelphia 7 l2fh 81 Chesfnuf Sfreefs Complimenfs of Bondi's Furnifure Sfore 625 Arch Sfreaf Philadelphia, Pa. Complimenfs of Ira S. Bushay 81 Sons Shipbuilders Besf Wishes and Success fo fhe Class of '50 Calbor Painf 8: Varnish Co. Philadelphia, Pa. Complimenfs of John J. Coleman Plumbing lr Heafing 47I6 Wayne Avenue Complimenfs of College Girls' Tailors I38 S. 20fh Sfreef Philadelphia, Pa. Complimenfs of Casa Conii Famous for Fine Food Glenside, Pa. Complimenfs of Sam D'Amico, Jr. Acme Plumbing Supplies Philadelphia, Pa. Complimenls of "The Deb Shop" Springfield 8: Germanfown Aves. Junior Miss Fashions Edwards Shoes for Children since I900 Celebrafing fheir 50fh Anniversary Complimenfs of Arnold Barfschi-Presidenf See felephone direcfory for dealers Chesinuf Hill Lumber Co. Befhlehem Pike 8: Monfgomery Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. Complimenfs of Erie Mefers Sysfem, Inc. Complimenfs of Fonfbonne Hall Norwood 8: Sunsef Avenues Philadelphia I8, Pa. Francis J. Flanagan Funeral Home 253i-33-35 E. Clearfield Sfreaf Gerald F. Flanagan, Direcfor Hammonfon Inveslmeni 8: Morfgage Co. Hammonfon, N. J. J. S. Hope 81 Co. Invesfmenf Broker Firsf Nafional Bank Scranfon, Pa. Congrafulalions fo fha Class of '50 Kenmar Manufacfuring Co. Philadelphia, Pa. Congrafulafions fo fhe Class of '50 KoIb's-Dew Drop Inn Luncheoneffe-Soda Cify Line In Germanfown Avenue WHifemarsh 8-9804 Laky's Resiauranf Air-condifioned for your comforf Luncheons and Dinners Sfenfon Avenue 8: Durham Sfraef Complimenfs of Joseph F. Loughran, Realior Appraisals - Morfgages - Insurance Complimenfs of John McCann 54-56 W. Riffenhouse Sfreef Roofing Confracfor Complimenfs of John J. McDeviH, Jeweler 5I2 Commercial Trusf Building I5ih 8: Soufh Penn Square Miss Rosemarie Mansell, Mus.B. Teacher of Piano For appoinfmenf call VI 4-I23l Class of '46 John C. Muller, Inc. Roofing and Heafing Confracfors 709 N. 63rd Sfreef Philadelphia, Pa. Joseph E. Murphy, Inc. "Jem Fabrics" Belfield Avanue 8: Wisier Sfreef Philadelphia 44, Pa. Complimenfs of A. C. Newland Co. 259 N. Fronf Sfreef Complimenfs of A Friend A. A. Perry Exclusive G. E. Appliances 4709 Frankford Axenue DE 6-9730 CU 8-I265 Complimenls of Ferdinand Primus Confracfor 8: Builder I35 E. Upsal Sheet Germanfown, Pa. Complimenls of William S. Reilly Guild Opficifan 28 S. 20+h Sfreef Tulpehoken 8: Limekiln Pike Complimenls of Rhoads Sheef Mefal Works, Inc. l3I5-I7-I9 N. Fronf Sfreei Philadelphia, Pa. Complimenis of Joseph G. Richmond, Inc. Insurance 81 Securify Bonds 309 Guaranfee Trust Bldg. Complimenfs of W. E. Ryan, Esq. Reading Terminal Markef Complimenfs of Al Rofelle Ambler, Pa. Complimenfs of Ronan Mofors, Inc. 5+h 8: Allegheny Avenue Philadelphia 33, Pa. GA 3-4000 Dodge - Plymoufh Complimenfs of Sarony I3I6 Walnuf Sfreef Philadelphia, Pa. Complimenls of G. 8: L. Sigel Meafs 27 S. I9fh Slreef Complimenls of The Sfenfon Beaufy Salon 6362 Sfenfon Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. Edward A. Carroll Co., Inc. Monumenfs-Headsfones Bala-Cynwyd - Philadelphia, Pa. IVyridge 3-0l66 lm 3-4I40 Complimenfs of Viclor Silk Hosiery Co. New Brifain Bucks Counfy, Pa. 4 l 4 J mf sr S .Y i 1 if in ff :z 'g i Q 'S rffz' 515' X ng C? W 1, 2 it mx' S M 73' ffQ.Q' l F -x ,xx .9 in I -,xvgr-Y' aM' :.fp E' iw. If n-. - ' 'if . i v'. 1 ' 4 . fn I I V I I.IIVIII,,.IIIxI5II. , I " -P "1--Vi:-V ,I .iw .4 .' ' V. V ' .V.. I I II I II.VIIII,,:IIIIIIE15:1-Ir'-I: IIQIII III II . - -I-5 L-L IV.I.II5.':-' II 1' . ,.f' 12,1 Pj If .IO 'f ' .' , ' ' ' i'3I!f -'V ' E Q'-far ig-VI3',9':-fullf'-1-I. 1' g.J"'V J-Q4-2' " - - - -V-fV:z.F'VV-f.- fi- Q - I I I . I III? -I 1. I ,..5w.IfII I IIvIII,,- gg. ,gm .'.I,I.I.. . , . .I. . .., II I,,wII,,fz.a ...- V V I px V -IVIV fs. Ii I,.I ,LJ 3- .III,,,,7,Jwg qgglgf , '- -' .. - V V VV V+ . M-:Vu-"1 -. . .V - - ' V VV Vg '-'fie'. '?'g11? 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Suggestions in the Mount St Joseph Academy - Sheaf Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) collection:

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