Mount St Joseph Academy - Sheaf Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA)

 - Class of 1947

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Mount St Joseph Academy - Sheaf Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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-L, ix Tl, I I . , , 14, '7 ' .. ,,, ., 'HL Y,',,L , , .. Nu, ,,,,, N-. ,- f'- yxf . . an W.,--uf X V 4 X ? N 1 N! 3 5 f-J, ld IJ '7'i-L-. Ll 4-'I-. 'E f 11 '4 7 r 13' 05' C5 ' , Ti'f1Zf9 1 .... . 'BSB ' Lf A in -Q QWA ""Z75 it.ADe.1.D1 l v-P'O H, 5-.P o ' ww .' 'QR-""'i' ' , QQK .' V . ga OAR, .Q - L.f.'T' X WAYHKNGTOM A , ' Q Avqa JA!fLi.-1836 LOU! -' NL OR'-U17 1-SAR,-5 4336 - N1 ITE AM LOUIS - + To F' L Y f?mLAb1l-"""AN4Y.5' '84-L wx u e X 125 X .x Bmw R KW D+-uf ,M WNQQW 'D A Ov R. ff'G"H1Lf.:T0F -T if px "T EoGf5fYvL'NE! X --D .. emi: -, ,X 4 X in --'1 1 5 .. k - Qvx - - X 'e.b NCQ' X 'N "" f Xxnx X y ,A li f 3 ' , A Y ' .Y V V X ZS, ,rg A ffm-1f1.s-rf, .1 Www X, .-1 1. N.. Q 2 44 f Q. M I k : f J ff Q' o Ja? X HIP TO IDA O f 1 f I I I X ,QV Or-vu..EA wx ,f ! A NEW IYlADf?-aomm THE.vl,CE-jRxfiY o f QQ MOWEQ fAlffVJfgL1NQ FQBLQNIEDX FQQM FIQANQ5 To CWHLADEUWUAvFQQM N 0 A LDlWAD BY NANCY BEL ,,-.- - w :.,,-z 1 . ,. L .x'w u '4 , - . .,,L4-.A-,-wr'-333.3 .am ual, ,-H f..2Qb..:i1'..u:mn-u5n1l'3:,v -:'eAs4'..nln.lL ' -H441 E ik, :Nm if , A mink? .. 5 N m - Q. V V h igwfwgm yn as Wfhemwx eq , W , 'i 'W MM MW' Awww 12- ' 2 eggiZ ii'1f4 Lck ny.. f"""b , x FROM FRANCE lecficallian Courage and humility are qualities which have always heen associated with the Sisters of Saint joseph. Indeed, it was this heroic heritage that hrought Mother St. John Fournier and her sister companions from France to the New Wcirld, over a century ago. Later, in 1847, it was this same spirit which, at the request of Bishop Francis ll. Kendrick, hrought them from St. Louis to Philadelphia. Here, their primary task was to estahlish St, .lohn's Orphanf age on Chestnut Street, in the L'Gothic lvlansionn. Witli centuries of traditional charity and sacrifice hehind them, the Sisters this year commemorate the centenary of their coming to Philadelphia. In recognif tion of this great event, we dedicate THE SHBAF to our dear Sisters. To them also we dedicate our triumphs in the years to come, the fame which we may some day merit, the applause which may some day ring in our ears. Stronger, far stronger than all these, will sound their quiet words of wisdom. And when in memory. they visit the halls of lviount Saint joseph, opening each door, entering each wellfloved room, we trust that they will he proud of their inf lluence on the Class of 1047. lvlitimiiiin lVlcCUiRE, 147. 18 I... I.. V THE GOTHIC MANSION 'CHESTNUT HILL ..I .I MONTICELLO Qaaewaacf After the French Revolution, when the Sisters ol' Saint kloseph had heen reorganized in Lyons, their first task was to reconstruct a course of studies. Today, the Sisters fol' low, as closely as possihle, the same wise curriculum. The course has heen modified to meet modern needs, hut the original ideals, religious, intellectual, and physical, remain the same. We hope to show in Tina Snum-' of' 1947 that in spite of the passage of time, the disruptions of war, and the introduction of a new social order, lvlount Saint Joseph continues to pursue an ideal of education hased on faith and right principles. ROSEk1ARYSKlil,LY, l-17. vi l .UI 'uk Mix I i Xia THE WEST ENTRANCE THE VILLA l -'-'-in-QWQ ' ........-.,... 439' 'N an wg,-gf.. 'M LAN T6 70TH :NCD , SA H9 Fl-O NQHQNA Y E' WRNQER W gw ,ED G0 , G4 - f henvv as Xur 3 6 OK Y vn. '-'N S mms cueaswuw Swim QWHMQ NESWW gn yum- M CJ SAW Leaf Aw! S Wemwe L :STN T J vuxmxxexvnm 1, vm. xg 5800 ' UT H,Lf'Sf:-:pn A "',ry ' PHQLA . ,Q PA e ff W 1 ,,..f K xl' L N , f ?,A'A'0f of 0' bowl ' B 3 9 ,,,rQx ov' li Com- on ff' GW " yur ' x. -aww X xfff x I . xl mnana mean- ,gef 1- X1 g55,f.xo'5- 5' D gf! mu',fos1 C'm'iL . 'H 91-,cf-'GV' QA of X-4' ,YK A JM Q GD fwffff f :Q I 1 L ff f D f wif X al ,X 4 W f x my .H 'l n- of 3 1- CHQ,-A 1 1 'Y ,fai- QNWQH on X '71 Hmm 1:- an '1 Ph . QA X 1 u fllfr f 5 B., , "mg p 11-il Q1 f 77 "Q 4 r If' F XY kX,Jf XR 'ki' fb Pri. I Bill x an ba' W L ib nw 9. H mnhmjh 1 P1- QQ , if ,e x ix '77 no FC xi The Sisters of Saint joseph 1650-FRANCE 18471PHILADELPHIA 1947-CHESTNUT HILL The scene of the first reception ceremony of the Sisters of St. Joseph was the chapel of the orphanage of Le Puy, France on October 15, 1650. The bishop of Le Puy, Rt. Rev. Henry de Maupas and Rev. John Peter Medaille, SJ., coffounders of the Congregation, recommended its extension to the other French Bishops with the result that in an incredibly short time, convents of the Sisters were extablished in nearly every diocese in France. During the French Revolution the Sisters suffered persecution and some of them even underwent martyrdom on the guillotine. Later the Com' munity was entirely disbanded, the Sisters returning to their own homes. As soon as peace was restored, however, the congregation was refestablished at Lyons in 1807 under the guidance of Mother St. John Fontbonne. It was from this convent in Lyons, that eight Sisters, at the request of Bishop Rosati of St. Louis, set out as missionaries to America. After a long and stormy voyage, the Sisters arrived safely in the port of New Orleans from which city by steamboat on the Mississippi and stagefcoach overland, they traveled to St. Louis, where the first foundation of the community in the United States was made at Carondolet. Ten years later in May 1847, Bishop Francis P. Kendrick of Philadelphia, appealed for the Sisters to come to his diocese. Mother St. John Fournier, one of the first group of Sisters to come from France, accompanied by two Sisterfcompanions, responded to the request. On their arrival in Philadelphia the Sisters' first charge was the care of St. John's Orphanage, then located in the "Gothic Mansion" on Chestnut Street near Thirteenth. From this simple beginning, the Congregation of the Sisters of St. joseph has expanded in numbers and activities. Today from their Motherhouse at Mount St. Joseph, Chestnut Hill, the Sisters go to many dioceses to carry on the work begun by Mother St. john Fournier just one hundred years ago. 7 Q if x fn, M W . mf: SQ? .3 W, X it 5 2... f S X 1 , X , I fs ,M . W mf 95? ' s 5 .2 S H Q--2 Q. we 5 22 , 2 li 9 fs. ,.,.,: , , 3 X , . 1 N.:"WQQQ,, W ms,,f Q 'ngggi 'i f , sfvifif: ' ' awww ggi 1 Q 5 . Ziff ,, ' 4 . W MA ' 1. if wkgi sf- Qs assay X .1 X - 3. K , 94 1 vv 1 L 1 3 i' Wm 5 N if: MSS Nil R 6 2 Q , if Q ,W F X V 1 ,R Y jx! S5 1 V fix 5 yt , wf J X. U5 4 M si A sf? wg ig g Q' N aw Q gi E: ' RJ' my f ip Qdrwgyigfkg Q4 f hx My Y 4 3 emffm SX, XS . 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F F Y - ,'.'. .,:V: H V W it I Y Q k 3 2 if 'l X1 ga Y tf . , ii Elf fa QL ,A ay it Q 3 Wiz 0 A ,Z Vgigfflg fx AM - L, 325 ,-W.. 3fq',R,' , A ,af x X y' ' K , V rf . , gr : J " "" ' : SY if if A Y ff VKX : j if W ' T 2 5 -,. , F? , ff RX fmwxewww-"' ' ' if M2 f f ,,A. . wi 1? Y W, f 2 ,L in , J W , TA .V5::A.,:-, W . 37 'hz up W 5 'fx ' K ,iw X NH fi My k gl 5, ,.,... 5, g G R . N.. 12 U5 y, wg? - Q QNX fi' ' 1 'fa L 3 .. 7 A, if A , c "":?r,:5- ' wg , sri KI , ww, K P ave . 'A .W ,. ' "" My 1 :1 ""f' L 1 1:-Q5 X fjif., V 7 ? , LE Q :Q f in V ,. ' :--Y.. 4.1 1 Nm Q sf , z A . -V:-M, , .,,f., -. V I K mum WG.- k k - -:::,j, E :,. .. V .H QL, , .I gk K if 1 ,... A 4' A S Q 3 my .. .:,.. f- x ff ggi- W, f A V 5 ,X f . -3 , ,A 'X 58 W rm 4 ,M gk J, K 1 1 , , ,Q w2,,?V5 -V Q Q z .... ' ,jx fig? fix Q 6 5 W A mad. . f W, 'tunrw M ,,.if JWM.. ' Sw, K Q 5 57339 lm , S ar 4? af if xx L 4 X xy 1 W Q H Q X xx U QMS QT! M2 5 'W ' V57 'N fJf?SW7?L ,gif ,X . - gsm, 1 iw 7 3 Q 6 I 1 , :-. ,Y ,- ,::...-::- . ,X-Qi, J, XL Lg I? Q wqkw ' Mia 1-1' 4 M , ..... 'P , 2 E iw, , W :WLM sv z 5 MM 'W 9 ' K '-KM., N --da.a.,,-- W I AM Nfiwm W 'ff'S121ws, , 7 Lakai ,wi-::,ff-I ,wwf 7 v fa, za, ' ,.,'Y,5Fuif', ,f W 1" ,- ra Q Q if Q , A li f . 'K f 0 1 f lx if X2 .- fy 1 NM f Ae? QW XY, ' MA FsSf? ,amhw www g H-axwzlyg ' M' ml, iv , . f has Q 5,- 'FQF wr 5 231,55 ? If Q may S S S :I Q A its Q . ,fi '4 5 . 3 4, K 1 ab! , ' tion of the Fresh' Art class doing poster work Ballet Chorus from Chimes of Nof y," presented hy Lc e jeanne d'Arc f Geiger, Dolores Ce' viary Metz, Bertha fr, Nancy Gri-mc, Ann Bryan an! la enaife Zfnem N . . '70 aequiae gzfmce, elegance, amf dufzpfeneii is ll :' ,: ' 'I , J, wi .- . xg W w iv 535 ,rye .-.gurzm .. :- X: nav. Q ,.....1,N , W 4 . bfi SX 2 X -Y Mx7fU,, :gif 12 Vwf fir sl? ,f 7 if 4' K KA wwf 5 4 4 ii g Z W , 1 ,vw W if I If .1 ,1 Z, JE ff C3 N f" M QI bo 'L- X' LQ kvf ! 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KELIEEN ov HEARTS. . . KING OF HEARTS. .. TEN OF HEARTS . NINE OF HEARTS EIIIHT OF HEARTS . . SEVEN oi' HEARTS Six OF HEARTS. . . FIVE or' HEARTS. .. . Nancy Bell .Gloria Garcia Hclen liranagaii . -lanet Cooney .Mildred McGuire ALICE IN WONDERLAND CAST Aernxw , M.Iry Lou Kanc -lanyc Hughes Peggy Glarlic . Annc Ryan Betty Ilntly Marianna Wood Mary Mer: Anne Toner Rosemary Skelly Mildred Maguire Helen Branagan Alanet Zitlerlwlatt Marilyn Alhcrga Helene Ferl: Nancy Bell Maureen Grnwc . Adele Ifateman Patricia McGuire . Marguerite Maguirc Rosemarie Callahan lllanclic PalacIo Marguerite Farley -loan Gallagher Gcrardinc Sclintc Anita Shields Anne Bell Dolores Roche . Mary Lou Hicks f:ll4ITIlClfE'Y l'oIIR ov HEARIN. , . THREE OI' HEARTF, Two ov HEARTS. . .ACE ov HEARTS. . KNAVE ow HEARTS. . GRYIIIION ..,. . . Mock TllRl'l,l:. . Com . . . . . REII KIHESS QQIIFEN . TRAIN GLIARIJ. .. liEN'I'I,YiHAN IIREFSIIID I'AI-ER, ...... GOAT... HITARSE Vorcr. . . GNAT. . . . . QIENTLP VoIn:E. . 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' , MTE'-+4115 . 2, Nwfsffm . , A ,KRW ,EVM .. W7 , VVMA.,.v WN. . lt. , E ,MEX A ww www V W X im Q WM gzgigwxazsgfrggjggv s Af Zliffkiiiifi w f M-...M 2 VMZW EY r 3 4 I 1 B . A W D A 4 W ' ly 3, ,ESS ,VVA.' 1 Y ,B G I X W , 5 fffiul x Q ' x A A 'K ' My ,Q ..,,-- ":. ' ' Q ka 'kkf V I X 4 'QM 5 1l'-2:: Q 'B' FT-, .,.,, -Z1 V, ' E' "l M 5 o 'ty' 1 'cgi ? A H ,E Z A W C 6 4 1 W i , riff f if -5"" 1 ww-x Q Q ,w,,,,-NX F Y .L y ' -w X. 9 fs N KEN? 5 M K M 2 i 2 5 3 s 'iw S 1 2 E 4- wkg ,X -2 -2 .4 , , , 'asv 'RN gf QB Q' X"4f'f' wx 41 -1 Q, ,W V'1 ? ff2'Q 2-,-- A-'-' IAE ':"" :11 1'2A K 9 7 , M M Z ,:-,1L 3 .,-k. " 12 3' 5: V yi ? U!wWW f W f pww W 1 l x 3 Lg , 13:5 1.6. J i l 5,7 gf ff al: 5, ' v"e:- -vll -I fi 'Q - .,., 1.2-, ' K . ' '- X 5,1 , ' Q ...,,A D i ii x 4 f f ,I . K ,l X f ' Q f A A A D ,, ' , K' M, 3 , 5 , j 2 ek vp- QIQAI A X .Q 4 ' ' Y.. .1 D KX ' f Y wg V 3 3 U H i E A I 1 ' ' 1 - M . JL4 K Q, 5531 I Mia 1 'F' 4. X , , M A Q aww u 1 1 1 ff litem A gi . .is Q5 .: , fm H ii ' ft I .xl ..,. ji, , . I , WZ 3 1 3 4. 5 Z: 35 x ' 5 E, p QL . j 4: U A f Q 3 V 'I X Vz., ., i H 3. dl' x B , .A 5 w"'w'g,, 5, 2 . , , K X 2 yflzgii' 'af 'K Rf if ff I 'SES msiawsfm - in ,sxgrflgz 'f' 0. Q 1, :H , ,X.. .,-MW , , 4 Q A . ' I IA. I ' fi I 'W 1 , I 4 4 ' ' M. :A ': fail? ' . , :-:'- ::+iF fs I Q . ,. "if . i 1 F X' 7 K tw I vw. -'v",::,jE' I, I x I K .v w f 1 ' Q 4 Q 3 4.-............ , ' - ,. 1- , 4 W I: rm My I , 3 5 ' ' A VA ' 33 gg wnuiunm Q 6 ii '5,,!. S, , F, M: 3 an E 2 rx 3 4? ff ,BS , i .. ,W Q N Q h 0 di 'J' ' E e if 5 9- Y f X . f f , . Y uf .ff A E AM W Egg ax HHH!!! is ,WDW3?fim,h """'fA fvxwm, x ! I I ! vs E 1 I On Graduation Day DEAR ALMA MA'FERZ We're standing here upon the stage, the final stance of all, It's but a minute, now, until that Hnal curtain call. We've looked forward to this day these past four years, and yet, somehow We cannot seem to realize that it's time for farewells now. The minutes pass so quickly, these hours have fairly flown. It seems 'twas only yesterday, that we'd first called you our own. We were proud to till your halls, our eager spirits rejoiced, And when you welcomed us, 'twas as we'd heard an old friend's voice. Our Sophomore days were happy ones, and many times it seemed, This certain day would never comeg as if it were a dream. As Juniors we were dubbed "The Gay Sophisticatesf' but you, Our dear old Alma Mater, understood and held us true. Then, Senior year, the climax of our cherished days with you, We'l1 ne'er forget these hallowed halls, with memories fond and true. But, we've not much longer, M. S. J., for in a moment or so4 We'll bid farewell to our dear friends, and forward we must go. We stand here waiting anxiously, for something so well known, A speech, a song, kind words, and then . . . it's all so swiftly gone. But, come, it's time to say goodfbye, to bid that fond farewell. Our hearts are heavy and those words don't come so very well. And yet, we'll say those words and pledge our faith to one another, But, to one, the dearest friend of all, we'll say . . . Thank you, Alma Mater Sincerely, THE CLASS or 1947. GRACE Moons, '47, 42 sl ? -MLVLY'-jo 45 x,,,fLI 'Lexx 'A A' tkbif-'F' JJ-a, Q, flfrf-.4 7' K' --Ar. L iv N' L A 1 l I o ! B Vis' , it wxssssomomosswowossssx gg st. ,M IL-. , W - Q, ROSEMARY ELIZABETH SKELLY XSSSSOSSSSSOESSSSOKSSSEOSSSSZOBSSSKEI When we think back on the cherished days at Mount St. Joseph, Rosemary outshines all other friends in prominence. She is a familiar and vvellfloved person at the Mount and her univerf sal friendliness has popularized her with the entire student body. Her unobtrusive leadership and dependability have made her the "peoples choice" and the Class of 1947 is proud of its "pres" Rosemary is active in every phase of Mountie life. Her interests range from sports to dramatics but, despite a very busy life, she never ignores her studies. Her contagious enthusiasm has inf spired us with that famous spirit of '47. Philadelphia stores are her pet peevesg the Norristovvn shopping district her def light. Her subdued voice hardly seems to fit her to be a student oflicer yet ROSEMARY enforces rules with unmatched vigor. In the years to come, we shall remember her best for her gracious friendliness and her gentle leadership. 45 MIM D BELL :P Z Z Z 'Je E rn 9' " , ri V, 5 1 , .S ff Ol ja V , .sc 1. fig Qi-C 5-4 it PL' ' Uur NANCY BELL is always the "belle" of the ball. She rings true -to the "red and blue," to Penn Charter, and to you. Her dimples and her musical laugh are a native camouflage for those "jitters" that are apparent everytime a test is on the morrow's schedule. Despite Nancy's 'Ljittersf' she is not at all nervous when working with paints and water colors, or when she is presiding at an Acadram meeting. NANCY, however does have one fault, namely, her effort to put into her pocketbook, everything and any- thing she might need for the next week. Won't someone please buy Nancy a portable filing cabinet? We do hope that by this time next year, Penn will have learned to evaluate Nancy's talents as highly as we have done at the Mount. Q ,N . , .jeff a kj, r.. Iil' " wx I ' .JI , as J' X J 1,4 ' .VJ L I ,xffzj Ji, X X' 3 'I-U . 'PIL ' Nm ,fb X . sg ... f , I "' X3 1 " H XX ' Y r We welcomed our tomboy in Sophomore year, and even then, she wore her saucy burr haircut with an air. From that very first day, this carefree colleen brought a touch of Ireland to the Mount. With her pert nose, dark hair, and freckles, there can be no mistake that she hails from the Emerald Isle. When trouble brews, Mary quite often finds herself an innof cent victim of' circumstance, and the circumstances are usually rather involved. Active and interested in sports, she is completely at ease in o11e Irish green gym suit. As President ofthe Riding Club, she com- petently directs jodhpur activities at the Mount. Her solitary passion is L'Klipto," her green and yellow monstrosity which occasionally ventures along Gerf mantown Avenue. lt is not the newest model by any means but it runs eso Mary claims. Our little "clown" has endeared herself to the hearts of the Seniors, whose class would lack a bright spot with' out this onefseventh of the Bracken clan. UISE BRACKEN RY L0 A 6 'ffwivsa' V vx fy 4 1 Since Ann appeared at the Moiint in Sophomore year, we have had threefpart singing: soprano, alto and f--youfnamefit. Ann's congenial and gay disposi' tion have made her a favorite with the class of '47 for wherever there's HBRODH you'll inevitably find a lively and joyous atmosphere. That atmosphere is often the "caf" where "The Voice" is a familiar Hgure. She, nevertheless, keeps one eye constantly on that avoirdupois. We've often wondered about her en' thusiastic support of Alaskan migration. Perhaps Ann plans to make Seward's folly, her's. Her unfailf ing vitality keeps this busy beaver active socially and we are all well acquainted with ber enthusiastic sugf gestion, "l.ct's have a party." 'J rn i-4 rn Z O t-+ 52 D L11 II-I TI pg e El BRODERICK Helen, the 'Lbaby' of our class, is a scant sixteen years old. Yet, this cherubffaced miss is fast becoming a sophisticated young lady. "Always" is number one on Helen's hit parade and fears shine in those bright, blue eyes when the soft strains of this Berlin song linger in the air. 'Tardiness is frequently the reason for her attendance at that famous Friday Class Ard on many occasions, this same tardiness has pro voked the exasperated exclamation, "That Helen Ca hill! Late again!" June holds a special meaning for this Moiintie. Wheii vacation and the excitement of Ocean City beckons her for the summer season tht "city of brotherly love" loses a very attractive asset "That's for sure" has become a traditional Cihill slogan. The saucy tilt of a skifjump nose, the dark intriguing widovv's peak and a. very fair complexion all these characterize our HELEN and "thats for sure" as she herself would say. X MARIQN TERESA l N 'QD-Z1 ,srs-X . x if-' O Gd U K-4.39, 4 fl Ixf 'A x ' 'x -. X . If s .,,. ,,, S 'a I ' fa V' , 4 H 7 I r' 1 Q ',. I ' . 1 a A X ' I ' K W You ve never heard of Tuckerton? Don't let Doc-' tor Carmona's progeny hear you admit it. Marion is a onefman Chamber of Commerce for Tuckerton, New jersey. She includes, in the assests of her com' munity, the fact that it is the best place for Alffalii. What the Seniors wouldn't do for a roster like Mari' on's. She, quite graciously, leaves the room at history period and goes on to another class. MARION claims that math and chemistry make up the difference. Speaking of chemistry, we must remember that 'U 23 EE. Q E-f. 'UCD ,.- 25 TQ gf? .hw W Q fe 3 9. :f 3 O 'Y O IU "1 'J' 2 rf 2' -'ff 2 The last of the Catties is this diminutive Irish lass. "Miss Valentine of 1946" sports a "Prep" ring in season and "Her Heart Sings" to the familiar strains of "There's No One But You." Joan's sweet disposition and quick blushes are irresistible. She is dexterous and accomplished in many activities. The most noteworthy of these is probably her ready com' mand of the "TomfTom." Most people think our little Parrot is quite shy and reserved, but her most intimate friends are well acquiantecl with her enthusif astic spirit. joan's friendliness and dependability have made her a popular and efficient ofhcer of the A.A. Her spirit of cofoperation is equally evident from her leadership in every patron drive. It is with regret that we bid a fond Eirewell to an unforgettable friend. RIE 10 Q I . CATTIE , , ff I ' 1 Q fir'-vfr 'Effie I 15,114-016 I .Tf:g',,.,. Q' LQ 1 f ., arp 'lah ' . i I-f' ' .f ,... M f - ' V ,.,' l u -I 4 , f J Y 9 ' ' ,, , .1-f , ,-' ' -- 5 1 1' . P "kr r - 5 ku. I Jj , 1 I I I ., .J 1. - Q q 0 --f A f Rl 0 1- y During her four years here at the Mount, Peg has been outstanding for her capable leadership. The class elected her chairman of both our junior Prom and our Tea Dance. This sophisticated socialite with her peekfafhoo bob, is an ardent West Point rooter, and when she packs for those special weekends, her clothes are strictly from Vogue. PECFS violent likes are icefcream, black satin and green orchidsg black cats and Notre Dame are definitely taboo. Weekend invitations to Peg's house are eagerly anticipated pleasures, her guests are usually bridge addicts. She is strong in her convictions but is just in her opinions. We shall never forget her charming graciousness and sincerity. PU GU e PU F11 '-l Z CLARKE G-rl-42, rr it :sf Z"f: "lst Z :F ips.- vvrwg CD . E K D Dr'- 00 AEI For four years, this miniature New Yorker has en' tertained her classmates with hilarious imitations of her innumerable relatives. There is little doubt that JANET'S heart belongs to Brooklyn, and the Dodgers still have a staunch rooter here in Philadelphia. Her Her metropolitan weekends have become the envy of her friends, and her Stork Club adventures-v-well! This gay sophisticate is not blessed with height but when she draws herself up to her full iiveffeetfone, we are inclined to sit up and take notice. When his' tory class begins, this senatorial miss is in her glory. Her lengthy debates indicate future political ambif tions. But if such aspirations are in the ofhng, please lose that very pronounced i'IvIanhattan" accent, jan. Famous for her sudden, surprising parties this young lady has popularized the expression, "the more, the merrierf' Her easy laugh and rosy complexion have so become a part of our lives that it will be a sad day when we lose this vivacious brunette to some north' ern college. r-4 ,EJ Q MARIE ANITA M 1 l , . K' tIr11 "J 1 'sq xl mf" ' ,wjjlfo M i f yall' ' kiwi 'q .V I, 3 4 E I A ,r ' :L 5.9 , Y in ' V lvgl, - ",! gf WH. . I ' G f ' . . fx Marie is known as "Baby Bear" ofthe three, but unlike the one in the fairytale, she is addicted to laughter rather than to tears. Her contagious giggle may be often heard in the corridors at noon time. lncidentally Marie made quite a change this year, she has added her name to the long list of noon cafe' teria patrons. Marie has really lived at the Mount morning, noon, and night, summer and winter and so it is not strange that she went to Fontbonne in prepaf ration for the Academy. Thus we are grateful to Fontbonne for having given Marie her early training in athletics. Her ability has added points to the scores of our hockey games. Since Marie is not too communicative, we are not certain of her next year's activities, but whatever she undertakes, we wish her SIICCCSS. Mary, our fourth term vicefpresident, combines an authoritative voice with a sweet disposition and an DOBSON WP - IC t ven temper. CLEO is active in sports, and was cap' tain of our class hockey team in Senior year. She is one of our most outstanding actresses especially when tnacting the role of the villain. She certainly fulfills the requisites for a Mountie in the variety of her activities. Her scholastic ability has placed Cleo high on the honor roll. Mary's musical interests are cenf tered about the piano and the cello. Although she 91 s the list of avid students, Cleo does not confine her activities to studies alone. Her social life is quite successful and she very definitely underestimates the power of her charms, charms never to he forgotten. ON RY x V l- f A . . . X .'A I 0 s ' ' r . 0 ns. X0' I A V I . . , It was Betty's flashing smile that first attracted us and we quickly fell under the spell of her engaging personality. Her hospitality rivals even that of the famous Southern families. No party is complete with' out her, and a piano rendition by Madame Bette is always the highlight of the evening. Her vibrant personality is evident on all occasions but there is a special something saved for a special someone from Beverly Hills. A very Spanish touch in a very Irish beauty presents a striking, but certainly a most pleas- ant contrast. Her ambitions are quite high. The fuf ture may reveal a photogenic Portia, pleading a case before a completely captivated fury. V HLHHVZITH DUFFY MARY ANGELA 1 4+-11 De PU rn PU . 1 . 3 rv " 0 ?5f71"'54 as!-la 5258 iw , ... - ,.j -U USSQWPV' cnlggr- 'Ug0:33mm 2',.Dv-' Sas-E+'LOs'15'fi-Iam '-2'aLeSa'f1D :HL gmlw N: "Dv-rw'-'i"" rf 5S53gQrfzfor DO .... gr T'-O-1-f's1cmQf",5' NT! :3"o:r-i..-.U- D"-3 -QD",-l2Hmt4Q.psrnWQ. K4 -Pg' .mmt",..,rv UQw-J-.--DW'-wr cn 2-5'm,,:.O-mama' :r ,-gwmomg-DQSPUEE. "-'-"9Q"'D,9, gmc? 52-Off-U-UUQWDHQQL --C:-rg-ff-1CC1..O P-.v-:P frsnrvnrvs-1 "',UgOt4Q Ylggf-Jwaci-v-.oQ,f: 3 ,,.,...3fVr'DOQc,,'-'-v-. 5il4f5l4f?i :'15OiQi9::s D- ...Nmg-313,450 200-FUND p m:,..""':r rv,-,mo,...O-,-1 U-me sa,-mgaov 91gDS?U23c-1-DNDNQ Zur x4""qE'-fgowgi-rl'l'1 53:f-'5-QOH-Dmmg-H ':'.m --:-rfV"'D-"'mCL- 5'a2'no....F-3122-'mg-i W , z-5-mr rv 0:1 9. -p N:-.e-f....,..,Q-23" ...QQf,X:1'OO-'FYMDQQ U---AD: UI:-vans" -??i9+'3- !"::-'Hoag 2fQf,'1'V935f+O Om:-1 EHQQ'-501252103 fwwmewie.-,m..,:L endeared Mary to us for long years to come. iff' I .fw- 4 . l 3 4 1-1 -- I .-' A -' ffl , x YN A ' l thy 'ki ,.' '. no Pg ' for - -. -i , 5,44 -. U X, .K-6 , Q1 MAJ. Cx-.kggtxs V-l'C!'! "V J "'t" " +1 P".-Fi- 15 Nic. hs- 0 . 'V' lf' '.' ""'-A "'-I--'-1'-.Mi -s Klfxkwx- 1...-0 1:- S ' ' '-vhs'-...Q .- '- 1' rv' .wr 'H-. ..' i . ' " "' V' ' a""' ' 'T -"'r"'-tw -. .ficum-.N K--I -x'o.Xg 5-,ggi ,ami ,tgih x-4 . ' . Another Jerseyite, this blonde miss hails from Eastx 'A XL5: od Lu i-1 i.1 D Lu BARBARA Lou1sE Orange. She entered the Mount in Junior year and we were only too eager to accept such an attractive addition to our ranks. Bobbie's carefree charm and cheerful humor captured our hearts from the begin' ning, To Bobbie falls the task of lowering the flag each evening, the care of our National Emblem being her constant worry. Her room in the Senior Corridor is the origin of many "tremendous" plans, for to Bobbie anything worth considering is 'Ltremendousf' Her golden locks are accented by the sheer black clothes which she favors. Bobbie's wardrobe has a Parisian air, and the best dressed woman of 1957 might well be our Ivliss Fuller. v .'i 'If ' I , sf Wu' f'!ix:',7 L15 --4' - .,f ' . , , 1.1.41 IQ 94, 4,.f,,c4,x! , ,, V , , Q 'xfffhs ref :,fL1,,' '23, ,,.:n,,, , 1,3 3' .'.,,--17.4. L,-JL V , fr ll' J --A Did we say her name was Gallagher? "Shure, and she's a fair colleen!" Cassie hails from way up north in Conshohocken, the valley of peace, which no doubt accounts for her even temperament and sympathetic nature. Although the weather "way up thar in the north" is mighty cold, Cass manages to keep warm as toast in her "Barskin" coat. The freezing temperature does not affect her brain either for CASSIE is one of the "Intelligentsia" of the class, especially in Latin. She is not the bookworm type, although Mr. Carnegie may have used her as a character in How to Win Friends and Influence People, because she is certainly a model example of the "charming personality." Her eager spirit of cooperation and friendliness have come to mean more than just a little to all of us, and her name will linger long in the pages of our memories. .pi IE R If C TH RINE ,.,, ,,,.'uLAf..o . W - ,,.f,... J GALLAGHER wx :'sr .. - 'I-' v f 'f, -4 'f'1 my 'Y " ' . "I i ., s'Yi,,' ,J.. ff: I -QI Wi, . 'ls' 5 if bid . L, yr 1, iffy T :AA -fu ...,w1.,- c .web- f .cf 1 ' From her very first day at th , ount, Gloria has proved herself a competent and inspiring leader in class activities and in sports. Her energy knows no bounds and early in her basketball career, she acquired the reputation of "fast as lightning." This year, she directs the Athletic Association enthusiastically and vigorously. Her skill in sports is surpassed only by natural acting ability have enabled her to portray even the most difficult roles. But her mind does not l l l her interest in dramatics. Gloria's dramatic sense and Q 51' rely solely upon bright lights and makefup for enjoy' ment. At the mention of her little brother, Vincent, Gloria's eyes shine. We never tire of his escapades and we will miss Vince almost as much as we will 5 miss GLORIA. Recollection of the gaiety which surf W -i rounded our slim, popular, darkfeyed miss here will ,-4 linger long in our most vivid memories. L11 G A I Q tv" - -1 ' 4 . EVELYN ROSEMARY M cz vw ie P4 A demure, sweet miss-that's BEBE. An asset that adds to the loveliness of Evelyn is her crowning glory, but beneath that is a greater asset-a mass of "gray matter." Her activities vary but her most notef worthy, perhaps, are pursued in her capacity of French Club President and Class Treasurer. Bebe's query every Monday morning is "Who has her class dues?" But her classmates perpetually complain she's "Driving them to the poor house." Bebe is musically inclined and "Evelyn and her magic violin" are inf separable but not from choice we are afraid. But as for being scientihcally inclined, she has learned one thing "Chemistry is an expensive subject." "The Charm of You" is a song which must have been written just for Bebe. - I Q , If fi V D y' x,! it 1.1 I . 'nf ' .V A 5 xj' . fb 'S' X, 4 M t ,. I vs x 5 P ,H V! f, I ik L" J ' 'Lf' 4 ,' l f .2 'V yi,-I y Her fascinating giggle is Helen's most attractive asset. Indeed her friendly smile has made her a very popular member of the Student Government. And in her capacity as 'Treasurer of Student Council, Helen uses her most beguiling charms to collect those ever present Hnes. To her lot also falls the responsibility of preparing the detention lists. Her schedules are well Hlled with music lessons and ballet instructions yet Helen seems to excel in all her studies. Chemistry may puzzle her for a moment but her equations are always balanced. This quiet young lady is unusually sympathetic. She has been the conhdante of many HELEN PATRICIA x w N L Our little Amblerite gives expression to her an' gelic disposition by her sodality activities, her ability to play the harp, and her Willingness to serve on ref freshment committees. Maybe the interest in the pastry business has something to do with the inter' ests in refreshment committees. The morning ritual of lighting the candle in front of St. joseph does not hinder BETTY ANN'S prefschool study, for she has already had one study. Living so far out on the Bethlehem Pike has given her the advantage. Another advantage BAH has is that she is the possessor of 21 carefree air and an unaffected charm which have caused us to envy her more than OIICC. -.- -ww W. 5-f in O : T. 72 :J- 2 P? PY rm "1 .... 3 UQ In fu G "1 na I" N H ET ZB LI K e 4 Y . Q. C2 g, 3 'Q -Q. 4 1- , 15 L f Q ls' 0, ' L. J I7-36? - .Q Q, l Q t1 1. Y' 1' S. l' if .lf X E HARTON S, tYXl ' ix v' .'y, xx 1 1 1 u I ' A W k N w Presenting Miss Marie Hayes, Hayes that is! A warm friendly smilej' a slap 'on thebalflc and a vibrant ul-Ii Ya!" that's our HAYES'UM. A nonchalant manner and a carefree air go hand in hand with this strawberry blonde, for Marie takes everything in her stride, and her stride, by the way, is one of her fa' mous trademarks. Her even disposition and frank simplicity have won her many, many companions. Marie's interest in football is easy to understand since she descends from a long line of gridiron grenadiers, but her most enthusiastic "Hoofray" is for the Navy. Chocolate cake, handfmade sweaters and silver jew' elry are extrafspecial with Marie, but frilly clothes and a certain window pole are petfpeeves. Marie's unaffected manner and straightforwardness have made her a cherished M. S. J. friend. . 5 . 4 L x r Q .s IHV H .LVDI HI-I IH HN w L 't . if S A . A' 5 Xe I , I w ' V' A f L Q fl' K ll, Q W 1, 1.1 f ' ' L, l IS . C, X L Q . , ' J 5 T . C' ,U C ,L In 5 Q . I N I if T by-' X X 3 xi l 0 HAYES ANNE FRANCES AEVIEIEDI Our Nancy needs no introduction for shi. li is long been a favorite at M. S. J. Her winning personality and clever wit have gathered for her a host of friends. Her "gift of gab" is invariably exercised on spell' bound underfclassmen as she regales them with tales of her youth. While her driving instructor sits pa' tiently tearing her hair out, NANCE calmly remarks, "Wait once, I'll learn to get it in first." Potential house party givers are first rate with Nancy and her humor knows no bounds on such gala occasions. Nancy sometimes becomes wistful but these moods soon pass. Our days at the Iviount were brightened by the good nature and geniality of Nance. -A, Rx Q F . 'X S S f 1- iii l . Xp , K X H X, X LD O TH I LE 5 Ce od rn L-' Ce Z Z rn Q ,Air-fur, . And now we come to one omhe most lovable scatterfbrains in the class of '47. Anne is perpetually searching for her glasses or wallet, both of which have an unfailing knack for losing themselves. Anf other characteristic of Anne is her outrageous laugh. Wheimever it is hea.rd, Lightbulb's presence is be' trayed. "Emfn" Anne is a devotee of musicg among her favorite songs are, "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen," and "IvIy Sister and I," Could it be her sister who inspired BULB to write "How to Live Alone and Like It"'? Bulb is also annoyed by the many nicknames which she has fallen heir to, but answers goodfnaturedly to all. We know that we are not losing a classmate, but that some college is gaining a student. This shy, demure miss joined the class when wc reached Sophomore year. Her intricate hair style at' tracted us from the very first, and most of us are still marveling at the originality of this work of art. Dark, expressive eyes highlight a priceless peaches and cream complexion, which, incidentally is the envy of the entire school. The cameo delicacy of this old fashioned belle has been an increasing source of won' der to her classmates. She has a Latin touch but never displays a Latin temper. Extremely dependable and always willing, she is cofoperative to the nth degree. However, there is an evening each week which belongs to Veglia alone. On that particular day her thoughts seem far away in the world of mu' sic. She is an ardent first nighter at the opera and never fails to appear in class on that particular day with a soft, dreamy air. Her thoughts seem far away in the world of music! ARIE VEGLIA MANIERI -'xv ', I , , -.-' .1 I I lv -. 4 1' ' I Because of her height Margaret is easily eligible for membership in the nsixffooters' club." She would be a very welcome member because of her spontanef ous outbursts of laughter and her mild voice. MAR' GARET has an independent spirit, as is apparent when she is subjected to rules and regulations. However, the sweeter side of Margaret's nature is very much in evidence when she is relating some interesting anecf dotes concerning her two brothers, to whom she is extremely attached. Without doubt, the only person who will not be sorry to lose Margaret is the bus driver and he will probably be glad that he is no longer obliged to stop his bus on the downfgrade. ,xv - x If I NU I v- ip, A - l 1 , , MJ J' phil . xi: it X813 l 1 o J l l 'jul A jx Iifl SHVN V HH .XHVN .L McGINNIS MILDRED MARY EIHHTD 9IfNI MIL is universally recognized as one of our better students. She excels also in sports, especially in bas- ketball having been on varsity or J. V. for the last three years. For the last two years Millie, as Class Treasurer, has had quite a problem making ends meet, but they do meet eventually. She is noted for her history discussions, saddle shoes and curly bangs. Something else that is indicative of Mil is "Blue Carf nation," that invariably precedes and follows her into a room. Because of her activity in school during the past four years, we are sure that Millie will lead a very active life and someday, we shall be proud to say, 'LMildred was a classmate of ours at the Mount." F' OY CILR Z De FU '-4 to De '-I E Q De is ,Q . 1 ' bv " . i 's . fx N., -Q3 a . Q n w ii This petite doll, despite her size, is a whirlwind of energy. Pat has true missionary zeal, and her duties as Prefect of Sodality require long hours of hard work. In addition to this tremendous responsibliity, she practices her dancing faithfully. Our charming 'T' Q. z 1 -- Z:bm:r.g"U'?54 e-1-f-'T'V'm"'fvD7'-"" t-. f--P-1'-M F:- :S'USf,E,5-'-I:-1 Gigi'-Q F-513' h-.gQ:jmf9'B"fVE 'I-7 qQ4m f-N'-1 i-JD" CD Ov-1-3:7 to rv'-1:Z',s:,-iw HPC'-'ZS'-1 Uqm' fvwilfv 05-:frm at-'D"g':"1c-rm:f:1h' v--,...m Jmmmm Qwm2""-1,':.',O,,Q "::r--Bgmac g:'.23'913'fy'g D.,-3fD,.,rvC3-1-v E. QSBHSSWE I rv OWN gE.:.::BR'::-"3 mme-rm'-U,,, Q cnfI1f9fV'-1 H-.Uv-1 w'O-gfvcnggf-ig 5U'D'fVf:g5I-'QUQ2:- S25-N .f,...Q-F, SNHEEEDEWW P"gg'Bo-g"S-QUE' 5'x49iD"Cn-+2-2 Q-0 n2Q.'-15,-. mo'5'D',-5-5,5I.'.g- m5 .-rv2K45 UQ . O"'Um"T :gg BZ-'fgggjgw'-1 P13'F+'m5,"'crQf'Q Q-.mx4"h mg, 07545 i:S'15'?3r-QQ Ask anyone who our most competent violinist is and the answer is Alice McVeigh. If we may coin a phrase she is "king on the strings." While on the subject of music, let us mention that AIice's favorite song is "My Sister and I." How we envy those rides to and from school each day. ALICE'S baby blue eyes are one of her most outstanding characteristics and my, what a big voice for such a little girl! She also has a "bit o' the Scotch" in her, as is evident from the plaids she wears. Although she arrived at the Mount in our Sophomore year, we cannot even think of Alice as a newcomer, because our class would be incomplete without her. ,mf ED FR I IN LICE McVEIGH .I .,. I- , 1 Y I .gif .I F A . , ' J I Marirose, one of our most earliest students, is inf deed a credit to the Mouiit. Her interests cover a variety of activities and she shines particularly in the field of music. Her genius at the piano and her position in the orchestra testify to this talent. However, her passion for sports makes it quite clear that we have in our midst a very versatile miss. And her unusual skill in cooking indicates a taste for the culinary arts lin addition to her athletic skillj. Marirose is noted for her Frenchman's French. But her real love is Beethoven. Seldom will we have the opportunity of hearing a more gifted artist than she. Her classmates will long applaud her unusual musical ability. I J 'WiAdVH if D Il 'i ' . ft, iw, .Jn fa .il IJ A J I .' :. I p HLU VY kc' qc 1- vc 'gf' 'Q it V, g '-J gf' fp' .. f ' 'si 1' ' -' 'x I . Y Q1 . L- ,Q ' ' r' V. it 'U' ki . ,Av at - ax of. ,ft sw.. a. LY Q I int! xv i"i Y ills' 'eff' p BARBARA MARY O C? L' Z W, .,Q. , Q, ,f , 0 r IH EISQH 'ID I HH ..- EE" m"1v,T Ulf? OD"- me-e ans.- 53 m O.-U"f-1 wil: rv "' 9,52 CIT' mm? g,..rr' trQ',I'."4 U21-r QF? Om? ECE .- .N,,.,,, DO af? O :ss 39.3- D. HWS :sa 9 2 G :-inf' KU!-I 3.-,Z EQEME VY'-ri METZ name is most a ro riate. The merr blue e es of PP P Y Y this lass continually sparkle with humor and her spirit of mischief has more than once been her undoing. Gloom is quickly dispersed when BUGS enters a room and bubbles of laughter greet her words. She feels a very special tenderness for a certain old fashf ioned town on the Severng for this Ivionaghan miss, 1t's Navy blue and gold, now and forever, ad inlinif tum. She hails from the jersey shores and never doubts for a moment that God created jersey, second only to Heaven. Star of the basketball backrield, BUGS skillfully guards the basket. Height and speed combine to produce a real star and a target terror. After Barbara's graduation it will be more quiet at the Mount, perhaps, certainly it will be more lonely. Mary Elizabeths sweet mmner reminds us of a 4 , K doll and consequently her most intimate friends call her Murphy doll She has llways dressed attracf I I , 5 . 1 Ao . . 0 U Bedause of Chickie's versatility she is an active member of the class of '47 "For Sentimental Reasons" she likes "The Things We Did Last Summer" and her vacation home in Margate has become the scene of many happy memories CHICKIE has been a long standing member of the varsity hockey team, and her excellence in basketball has made her an indispensable member of that team also. Chickie has established quite a reputation for her "Mademoiselle" styles. Her favorite color is Army blue, and in Chickie's estimation, the cadets wear it to perfection. This fascinating lass never lacks dates or invitations and her accounts of the men in her life seldom fail to inf terest us. We hope that CHICKIE will Hnd life as pleasant in the future as it has been in the past. L 2 if , fl , I 11,1 I I A, I ,410 ff f up ' -"1 I ..-I Q, 1 f Q1 , , f R ' .1 k- 1-f ' J ', " rr' N, , .,1Jw,y "' ' I If , , - V . , . .S , ,f , . I nfvx ll l . f' f wiv" . ETH - 4-1. 't' , its f tively and is often told, I love that hat. MURPH S open house after the annual Tea Dance is always a wonderful affair and Mary Liz is the perfect hostess. She often entertains her guests with piano and organ renditions which could compete with the selections of the m isters Miry Beth however is the outdoor ELIZA type also. Maybe that heavy Notre Dame class ring she wears has incited in her that lighting Irish spirit which, combined with her ability has made her a a member of all varsity teams, and captain of the basketball team. Because of Mary Elizabeth's honest sincerity and unaffected charm, her classmates hail her a favorite companion. p ff ,Ji jf" ' A As the President of Student Council, Marie has directed the student government with capable hands. Her principled leadership and lofty ideals have inf spired most Mounties to better behavior. Her du' ties in this oliice occupy most of her time. And let us say here, MARIE, that we appreciate the wonderf ful work you have accomplished this year. Marie sets the styles at school, and uniforms are being worn long this season. Quite long!! Despite her numerous responsibilities she never slights her music. On the contrary, she displays unusual interest in this par' ticular art. When weekends beckon, Marie is among the first to answer the call to Wildwood. When she makes this trip for the last time a small strawberry blonde will no longer grace the campus of M. S. J. HLLHCIVNHHEI HIHV OLWELL LAURA ROSE d EVIV GH ? USQKSCQEQIEQVQSW 0 -Q wg' 2,--mo..-f5'U5 C-."lC:p.-+43 -'.n::r-H' ,.-. .., How.. CW "'l'-Q53-f-r5C0m-.rbi-1:-r B'-43r::'i.Q'E+,'fTQx-2'zos'Z d",-,-- x :T--. gge2a.g.2565QO2aE WWW, 5, 'za 'H..,, Q.Q,am52aOfc.?:.f ssfgswfff-Qiiofaarrs U83-..Q5grg:-22m aaa zsiizrrric-3OZ'5'rcg: HW C-O L59-,N ..1lT' O-,.'T':.a4C""'-3.-."1 WEN 2.55ws'WE'?E5'oDFrr-fag Q'i5'E.fffn,,jf3',g3fiwg .r-1:"?v'OD'c::-f0Q.:s2'0Q.,o.:'Vgfv'ffD.5,,,E-,, BJ" 'JX4 fsr-1Ov-.,- Ckccms--Wmg-v-1 .-dm ,.,.J D' mir-:..1mq-rffi Cf--N -vslfvxg "1fUn:D"3-.-+"'m '-1,m .-swf-r ,-,mD..Ncfl1O" 53' Q'92sssaf2? 9-0-,hn"'Ff'g SUS-c: 5114! :f2c::""'rf9.,S2o:sE'l"V:f 2-w2Ow Gm? E9 .. as an .. :gs-"fLER',2,U'::?g.w ,...CrQ"1 H'-A'W"' T Eqqviiaaiirimsla CWBO:-nas-sfiwss mgfgp-2,-i""E'Ej:f"2"'32CL'-w rvs2'C'1N'-'3FUQCUcc.9,f1r' 31,40-4"t,-,OmC,..,D-D" imtn'rD'.I3G-KC:-r'T'v-rtO'4rv deared her o all her classmates. . wr! of' l 1 R I 4 mf' N if,-f af V - p V WK . K all 1 If " V 7 ,. N X 4 I I if A- A K JY 1' M K 9 R 1 Ra JEANNINE MARIE .97 fr +-1 i-I U P-' QC as s A O f i 5,1 Q 1 'P ,K S lp , " An outstanding figure in dancing and in drarnatics, jeannine's skill has earned her the title "the future Pavlovaf' Her amazing twists and twirls in ballet are applauded each spring when our friends have the enviable opportunity of witnessing a striking per' formance. This Conover special, during her four years at the Mount, has graced the school with a precious combination of charm and humor. Popuf larity is Patchie's middle name, and it it little wonder that she now enjoys her reign as "Miss Ventnor City, the life guards' choice." Incidentally her classmates will long remember jEANNINE'S pitiable petition, "Won't someone please come to the phone room with me?" This long stemmed American beauty is never at a loss for friends but friends are at a loss without her. Wlieii we saw Kitty driving up to the Mount on the lirst day of school this year we were more sur' prised because we had known her as a boarder for the past three years. The Sodality has used its oflicer and her car profitably because the De Soto is the official "mail car" for packages to Germany. KITTY is also kept busy with her duties as President of the Spanish Club, and as moralefbuilder of the Malvern men, but she does them both quite thoroughly, esf pecially the latter. Because of Kitty's gentle consider- ation and ever present kindliness, we are sure, that no matter what else life brings her, it is certain to favor her with many friends. f if 2 jg llgl ' l ' ' n , ' f 4' Lv H ff H 4 O 9 0 MP4 ,PH ROBERTS cd Q1 Z D-' O6 I E-1 QC ,J 1 -uf .. L Y ' I l I iii-17' l ,D,i,""jf,1j , FVJ ia it . Q.. . , . by j V1 0 1 K J Wi!! lufl LZJHI' ,VV ii , iw .f i L i in r fi-f w Margie's pintfsize and irresistably cute way have endeared her to all of us. These characteristics to' gether with her big innocent eyes and Oh! what a temper have made our little Ventnorite an unforf gettable classmate. When she drove her black Ply' mouth last summer, with one eye on her "House Party Heaven" and the other on the road, we said a prayer that she would be still living by September. Obviously, Margie has become a better driver and has lived to become a fullffledged Senior. Before an M. S. J. class ring ever touched her finger, her hand was heavy with the ruby of Northeast Catholic. Alf though "Margie doesn't live here anymore," she'll always have a place in her heart for her room in the Senior corridor. 'g i 'ri 1' . i l MMM SHV V HH E-INVI .L ssarggaggeaf: C'O-::,Q'25,'Fv"'::-Ez :i-'c..s4:i-5-.::ffgfvF+' WFT fl :J P100 rv f 9 O rf QUMWSSNQQPO :u5OQ.m5-gT'fvNC 15 E'x4'C'-NW CZpJ'F"2u f-rpwnfvo-UQ D- XQHEL'-' 5'D"','2,E-if-+"' W.C.'.':g"2'Or'3'U Ed 2,3 ,..:2fT"93f"'9s fVfU::N4E'1EG-3- 5-'Enl'1'1Q-Q-7 'Ju-HF" C,-, ... O.'4r-+"' mgmggqai-ga? 5"':-o,Q::-gg? m . W3 i-,-fYJ,..f-r,.."D' :hm vcnf-2'-'KVEITTLL'-1-X P335-VfUE4f'?Q"ff'f 3 .. . ,, oO:s-'RFSOQU-rose :Or:.'V5'w'n'5-Crvo TEHSSF-QQUQHW? 5:.:QQ- oooiig .ou m"U"a sw... Cmrvmg,-,B pig 510:-UQ D72 ESQX Pf,9.g-N-canary.-:'Z QT-amz-J: 49:52 ,g,32:g'E5-+102-3 f1.Q..F+:3-gi,-,fl 1-pr-',"fQ..1 O3 TEV' UQJJ-'TL-"' rv-Zl""'f-"'.E.r'7 9 .,,,,-1 N'3" NC'-+-'V-"DNC-as-r'93 deSTEFANO had disappeared. It has been said that good things come in small packages, and there is no better proof of this than Peggy. vf 1 ONE I CCH 'SP Z Q IT.l 5: Z UP L-1 C. E DPVE .. . Ri 1 ,arll Q. x ts- x ,. X-I Tw ,r WY ft ri X N . l I' Q . 2 I J , L I ji Long, dark braids framed a friendly smiling face when we first met Angie. Since that day, four years ago, her hair style has changed but her face has never lost that familiar smile. Although shy by nature, ANGIE easily adapts herself to any situation, and her genial personality has won many friends for her, here at the MOLIDC. Her favorite pastime is horseback riding and her conversation usually includes the latest saddle news. Perhaps her upassion for fashion" does surpass her interest in horses though, for she certainly favors the latest New York models. ANGIE is par ticularly fond of silver jewelry of which she seems to have an inexhaustible supply. She has that Italian complacency, which is always so soothing. It seems that our days with Angie were far too short. Her "voice was ever soft, gentle, and low," but Mair's whisper is quite the opposite. She embar- rasses her friends no end by this means of communicaf tion. She, however, is not annoyed because our Conf shohocken mermaid is the happyfgoflucky type and is 'idiscomboomeratedn by few things. Although Ivlarianna has been a member of the Acadram for four years, she has "trod the boards" in only one performance. Because of this MAIR continually insists that she is the "undiscovered talent" in the Senior class. jewelry, especially showy rings have a soothing eEect on Marianna as does the song, "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes." In years to come we may well expect to hear the great things which she has accomplished in the field of interior decorating. Wi v I5 .iw 4: WOGD Z Z E nd if .:ww ' I I 4 A , - J Despite -Ioan's tiny Hgure, she has proved herself Q capahle of enforcing the laws of the Student Council with a tirm hand. Often we are warned or reprimanded by her. But the position as fourth term Student Counf ciler is not joan's sole asset her love of sports, es' pecially swimming is evident, Her valiant efforts to learn to dive have gained her dubious success. Alf though -ICAN hails from East Philadelphia she is ever true to "West," especially since the reception of that gold class ring. Since she lives so far from the Mount, joan spends most of her time on the PTC. However, her classmates wish that she were close at hand, so that they might see more of her. , . nv" Ill 1 HQ A 'J iffy, v" f ,' I ,, t J , ..f V'- . ' , I . ' if Ji' " ' J 4 HHVI-I NV I .LH YEAGER 14 De Z U1 '-1 L 1 FII U1 LLVTHHHHHIZ 5I as-52: wf?6:f3-90 Qqlwyg 5-S'C"2 -rw 956'--T 2 ofywmgf Uggnlnna 5-mga-7 'Q. HD-Ur-a gygoma' o '-HSD' ETS 'W mv: 'ig mms.. wf :v:3,rU6 gw'g'E'j".i.': :r'S"'U2g : it6.ggJv1-rm -ar'-imc' EWOU,-'fg'5' o"'OO o x-SBQEF 557.-'zo '35 C4 :Q--.S".U:m"H mf-+oU'f:g- games 335825 D"uzC-.-:QFD way of dressing which wins for her the admiration of all her classmates. Speaking of admiration, ZIPPO, a second Arthur Murray is an authority on rhumha variations. janet must learn these steps over her weekends which really seem exciting. They must end with a hang since we often wonder whether that streak up the drive every Monday is janet in her hlack Ford or a bullet just shot out of a gun. But tell us janet, "Where is that Lincoln?" J' ,,,, 1 ADDQEIJEI UNH DAY BI :armor-xy " Q , 'QAQQ-,1-M, gy,-,g-,a Q lA? 6 gu- ' 4-f6'ip lhy- fin-4 , -M -A lVkLXl2.- Q M 4 4 iAN'4-QLZaJ .,,-,- ,, NZ ' '7- SU 19 7f+?4f4ff2f1f bZ7'f,Qff4zQ4azfo,fza , 17 64,441.1-42 'wife ,H . A ffl Qwwfi-:fm Z Q,,,QLf,L,4,QQgQ.,..4.,, 122 ,QQQ Q VM - QrfQ'1J 3 -,,,,, , ,wajmudhngutol-W'---Q-,bww-lbv A W- A-- 5QiGfjv0QQL9lMQ9mf2g5-SGYW 1-0 ffl' f +U91f2Qe- , F E f,-fi .,,,- -JxpQ..m,..,.7,L4L..e1T.... Qigzfl M1 L. J..9.G.f'l. ., W . , V ..-----.... 5. G61--1-4.111 4 Q7 !?Zf-. ,.Qfl4fZe.J.1!Q.1Z14'1f4i'U4.l-0f5?fsf'L , I ' "J A Q! , , U-WW ,q, H, ,,,,. ,Q ,,. 4. L,.,,.-, f 93ff..2i 4v 'I I lf-'iff ,iff-f I V-W.-M .gfgr.Q4l-.' -f'60.17 l,f . .r " fl MAQfM'L,1gfJi'Z'?J f 1g.i1' H25 " i f ,- - 22,QfmuM-zSf44 4114- -. f-.,-.-- ,-M.,- V ' LEIELDAY JULY Eaarunay f U A-UU!-df JJCJ 'U UV SEPT Q g f , fm,,.MM 17 Q - -. - 55 JUQQ' SEPT ""Ma?Z M A?5M9Jrf5-L?7ZFlm5?i i 5mQUG Q3 EE51 QLM Lfig ii? Q! DEC' lfgeiicfzifgi AUG. M29 4Q . .mfaJf R7 1' U C ' m5' ZQ,hjZi?ZfiZ4i,1i 1 ,,ggij,,g,, 7 2 QQZM5 . 'TAT- "And Now, Tomorrow . . "Well, that's the last of them, Mary. I suppose now we are elected to straighten out the confusion." "Fine, Rosemary, let's get started. I really think our tenth class reunion was quite a social success. Renewing old ac' quaintances always gives one a feeling of nostalgia." "Isn't it marvelous that one of our class' mates has finally achieved international prestige?" "You mean MARION CARMONA'S attaining the presidency of the U. N.?" "Yes, and wasn't HELEN CAHILL thrilled that she is finally old enough to vote for Marion?" "BETTY ANN HARTON was showing me snapshots of the cake she made for Marion's inauguration ball. It looked good enough to eat!" "MARY BRACKEN is another one who should reach the 'Hall of Famef She is cur' rently receiving ovations for the first non' stop flight around the world." "And did you hear that VEGLIA MANIERI has written a book?" "No!" "Yes, it's one of the best sellers: Shyness Suppressed. I notice that NANCY KEEf LEY bought the first copy and Ends it more interesting at every reading." "Apropos of sports, I heard that PEGGY THOMAS is the champion woman golfer of the United States and that MARIROSE METZ broke the record for scoring the most points in any one season of hockey. I heard also that the Lehigh football team, coached by MARIE HAYES, is currently occupying the last place in its league." "Although she is not an active particif pant, NANCY BELL is an avid rooter for Penn Charter and has not missed a game since she was graduated from the Mount." "And MARGARET MCGINNIS has reserved seats at Municipal Stadium for all the Northeast Catholic games." "If you follow those kites that are seen sailing over our magnificent city, you would probably End KITTY ROBERTS on the other end of the string. Kitefflying seems to be her favorite occupation these days." "Have you seen all those fullfpage spreads of Charlotte Atlas in all the latest maga' zines? It's really PAT MCILROY, you know." "I hear that BETTY PALERMO'S res' taurant is quite the rage with Philadelphians. Her specialty is Italian sphaghetti and red wine. Regular among her outfofftown cus' tomers is MARIANNA WOOD, who just loves Italian food." ulncidentally, JANET ZIFFERBLATT and MARIE OLWELL have entered the same field. Janet has taken over Arthur Murray's establishment and Marie's avocaf tion takes her to the floor show at the Click." "JOAN YEAGER was proudly display' ing the gold medal which the P. T. C. awarded her as the most traveled passenger in 195'7." "Another who is sporting a gold medal is GLORIA GARCIA who found that the old style typewriters were too slow for her, and invented a new one with which she is able to type two hundred words per minute." "And did you know that BARBARA MONAGHAN confided to me that she is the 'Benevolent Barbara' who gives advice to the lovelorn at Annapolis?" "We had been wondering where GRACE MOORE acquired most of her stunning clothes, until we found out that JOAN CATTIE has started a Wardrobe Bureau." HEVELYN GRAY also seems to sport a new dress for every occasion. Could it be that she patronizes Joan's Wardrobe Bu' reau also?" "No, Evelyn designs her own clothes, but isn't it odd she always said she couldn't sew a stitch." "And BARBARA FULLER, the famous movie actress, has just endorsed a special brand of hydrogen peroxide, which assures any girl the same color hair as this glamorous 'femme fatale'." "Speaking of beauties, ,IEANNINE PATCHELL is enjoying her tenth year as Miss America." NANGELINE VECCHIONE is model' ing for the Deb Shop and MARY FARM' ER has recently opened up her salon, in which she instructs all six'footers in the art of carrying themselves gracefully." "In the field of science, ANN LEITH' OLD has received great acclaim for having invented a revolutionary method of making black shoe polish adhere to brown shoes." "HELEN GROSS is very dennitely keep' ing the mailman busy. Is it he to whom she is attracted, or is it the LETTER?" L'By the way, did you hear the sad news? One of our most beloved classmates has just passed away. JANET COONEY died from lack of breath, the effect of talking too much." 'iAnd ANN BRODERICK has taken over the 'Feelin' mighty low' commercial. They couldn't find anyone else with a voice deep enough." "MARY ELIZABETH MURPHY is also on the radio. She and her keyboard are much in demand." "We always knew that BETTY DUE' F Y'S piano lessons would get her some place too: she is now a piano tuner." HCATHARINE GALLAGHER, as rep' resentative to Conshohocken's Chamber of Commerce, goes in for quite a bit of travel' ing these days, and it was she who brought to my attention that ALICE MCVEIGH is employed by the Pennsylvania Railroad in the capacity of train announcer." "And MILDRED MCGUIRE is also do' ing her bit toward facilitating the intellec' tual aspect of travel by conducting a sight' seeing tour around Washington." NMARGIE DESTEPHANO, on the other hand, has decided to remain close to her old stamping ground and has bought MARIE DITTMAN'S house. Marie, in her turn, journeyed to South Africa, where she is now teaching the pygmies to enun' ciatef' "PEGGY CLARKE has been jumping hither and thither, spending a night here and a night there, and has thus received the nickname of the 'perennial vagabond'." "Peg told me she spent a few nights with you and she informed me of your brilliant leadership of the Old Maids' Club, and also of your column, 'My Day with the Girls'." "Oh yes, Mary, and I heard that you are in the journalistic field, too. You have been causing quite a sensation as editor'in'chief of that new publication, 'For Women Only, or, Oh, Well, You Didn't Want That Man Anyway'." "It seems that our girls have made out quite well in the past ten years. Say, we'll miss the 3 :30 bus if we don't hurry." "Come on, let's run." JANET COONEY, '47 CATHARINB GALLAGHBR, '47 QJVE last will ants Gliestament We, the Class of 1947, being of sound mind and body and wishing to leave something by which we shall always be remembered, do make the following bequests: To Our Alma Mater-Our never'ending loyalty and love. ' To the Faculty-The knowledge that we will try to carry on the ideals that they instilled in us during our To To To To To To To To To To years at the Mount. the juniors-That "breeze of a Senior Year" you hear so much about. the Sophornores-The thrill of being upperclassmen, and wearing an M. S. J. Class Pin. the Freshmen-The joys of dissecting their Hrst frogiin biology class. the Day'l1ops-The indoor sports of the "Hut," the juniors, individually, we make the following bequests: Beatrice Agostini-Janet Zifferblatt's dancing skill. Adele Bateman-Mary Farmer's height. Helen Branagan-Barbara Fuller's New Jersey accent. Barbara Britt-Marirose Metz's ability to get along with the faculty. Constance Buchse-Gloria Garcia's versatility. To Dolores Buchse- -Rosemary Skelly's job of locking up at night. To Rosemarie Callaghan-Mildred McGuire's lipstick brush. To jean Carley-Marie Olwell's clever sarcasm. To Mary C. Carroll-Mary Bracken's hairfcutting sprees. To Mary Ellen Carroll-Marion Carmona's nicely arched eyebrows. To Dolores Cecil-janet Cooney's dry wit. To Nancy Coleman-janet Cooney's clever remarks delivered in "sotto vocef' To Marina Comas-Kitty Roberts' Dayfhopping in her last year. To Anne Marie Cooney-Laura Palermo's allfout class spirit. To Maureen Crowe-Marie Dittrnan's Wellfmodulated voice. To Eugenia Dziwura-jeannine Patchell's ballet technique. To Marguerite Farley-Margaret McGinnis' short Walks to school. To Theresa Felix-Marianna Wood's giggles. To Helene Folz-Mary Dobson's party personality. To Mary Fenerty-Anne Leitholdls gallonfjug of peroxide. To Mary P. Gallagher-Peggy Clarke's chauffeuring job. To joan Gallagher-Angeline Vecchione's love of boots and saddle. To Muriel Gardiner-Marie Hayes' gliding gait. To Gloria deGennaro-Betty Anne Harton's Saturday night dates. To Delia Heuer-Veglia Manierils blushes. To Nancy Hohan-Marie Hayes' tactlessness. To joan Hofmangklelen Gross' ability to arrive punctually an hour late. To jayne Hughes-Peggy Thomas' sophisticated manner. To Pauline jarvis-Pat McIlroy's petiteness. To Shirley johnson-joan Cattie's extrafcurricular activities in Oak Lane. To Kathy Kennedy-Nancy Bell's excited gestures with her left hand. 'To Ann McCloskey-Margie deStefano's temper. To Eileen McDevitt-Barbara Monaghan's list of freshman admirers. To Rozanne McGrath-Alice McVeigh's briskness. To Mary Merz-Gloria Garcials viola. To Pat Overdorf-Nancy Keeley's practical jokes. To Blanche Palacio-Mary Elizabeth Murphys neat hairdo. To Rosemary Reillykjoan Cattie's ability to extract money from unwilling patrons. To Mary jean Robertson-Mildred McGuire's position as first team guard. To Madeline Rooney-joan Yeager's curly hair. To Ann Ryan-Evelyn Gray's mathematical mind. To joan Schmitt-Helen Cahill's big blue eyes. To Mary Schreiber-Catherine Gal1agher's sunny disposition. To Ann Toner-dHelen Cahill's many quaint acquaintances. To Rosemary Toohey-Nancy Keeley's collection of bus transfers. To Terry Walters-Barbara Monaghaifs jaunts to Annapolis. To joan Waters-janet Zilferblatt's directing ability. To joan Ward and Ellen Wenz-Betty Duffy's favorite remark, "Let me tell you about my operation." To Mary Wilkin-Grace Moore's curly hair on certain days of the week. To Mildred Zussy-Anne Broderick's booming stage Whispers. In Witness of the above, we have hereunto set our hand and seal this second day of june in the year of Our Lord, one thousand, nine hundred and fortyfseven. THE CLASS or 1947. Wirunssas: PEGGY CLARKE IviARY DOBSON pwiaana In Tribute Before concluding our book, we pay tribute to two grand persons. Through long years they have inspired our every effort to strive for perfection. That our names should appear on the pages of this book, their sacrifices have been great, indeed. Whether or not it be our fortune to achieve distinction in our chosen paths of life, we shall strive always to justify their profound faith in us. And, in after years, when we fondly turn the pages of this book, may this page serve, always, as a reminder of the two whose devotion and care have inspired us to higher ideals, the greatest patrons of all-MOTHER and DAD. GRACE M. Moons, '47 Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Agostini, Panama, R. P. Mrs. Jewell Alberga, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr . and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Jose Amram, Havana, Cuba Luis Arana, Santurce, Puerto Rico Gerald A. Barrett, Wildwood, N. J. Edmund Bateman, Philadelphia, Pa. Paul Behr, Bridgeton, N. J. Walter Bell, Philadelphia, Pa. Arthur R. Bell, Mount Airy, Pa. Dr. and Mrs. John Bergen, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bernert, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. John Best, Ventnor City, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. James Billera, Allentown, Pa. Mr. and Mrs Leonard A. Bonner, Chestnut Hill, Pa Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John B. Boucher, New York, N. Y. Leonard Bracken, Chestnut Hill, Pa. Edward J. Brady, York, Pa. Francis B. Branagan, Mount Airy, Pa Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Britt, Mount Airy, Pa. Mrs. Mary Broderick, Philadelphia, Pa. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Brosnahan, Philadelphia, Pa. S. W. Bryan, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Buchse, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Bushey, Brooklyn, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Byrnes, Philadelphia, Pa. Mrs. T. F. By Mr . and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. rne, Brooklyn, N. Y. Edward P. Cahill, Philadelphia, Pa. Robert Calhoun, Jr., Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Callaghan, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. P. Wm. Callaghan, Philadelphia, Pa. Joseph L. Carley, Philadelphia, Pa. Dr. and Mrs. L. Roberto Carmona, Tuckerton, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin C. Carroll, Mount Airy, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. John Carroll, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs ose h P Cattie Oak Lane Pa -J P - ' , , . Mr. and Mrs. Clarence S. Cecil, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Chester, Ocean City, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Clarke, Torresdale, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Coleman, Philadelphia, Pa. Dr. and Mrs. Cornelius F. Coll, McAdoo, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Jeanette Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Comas, Santurce, Puerto Rico Martin F. Connor, Philadelphia, Pa. Harry A. Connor, Philadelphia, Pa. Thomas A. Cooney, Philadelphia, Pa. Philip H. Cooney, Chestnut Hill, Pa. Robert J. Crowe, Mount Airy, Pa. Curtis, Philadelphia, Pa. William Daly, Philadelphia, Pa. Dr. and Mrs. Harold Davidson, Atlantic City, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. Agostino De Gennaro, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Dominick de Rossi, Vineland, N. J. Mrs. Julia DeSimone, Atlantic City, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Peter de Stefano, Drexel Hill, Pa. Michael Diorio, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Victor Dittmann, Chestnut Hill, Pa. Charles Dobson West Oak Lane, Pa Mr. and Mrs: John Donnelly, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs Robert C. Duffy, Mount Airy, Pa. Mr. and Mrs: Stephen Dziwura, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd H. Easlick, Flourtown, Pa. Francis P. Eflinger, Jenkintown, Pa. Max Eirich, Philadelphia, Pa. David F. Farley, Philadelphia, Pa. Patrick Farmer, Erdenheim, Pa. George S. Fenerty, Philadelphia, Pa. John Flannery, Philadelphia, Pa. Edward J. Folz, Philadelphia, Pa. Joseph V. Fritz, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fuller, East Orange, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Gallagher, Conshohocken, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Gallagher, Mount Airy, Pa Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gallagher, Philadelphia, Pa. and Mrs Vincent L. Garcia, Lenola, N. J. Mr. . Mrs. M. Garrity, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Geiger, Philadelphia, Pa. Dr. and Mrs. Vincent Giacolone, Vineland, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Gindele, Philadelphia, Pa. Edward J. Glackin, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. George Mills Gray, Moorestown, N. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Greene, Philadelphia, Pa. Joseph F. Greene, Vineland, N. J. Herman Gross, Philadelphia, Pa. Arthur D. Grusemeyer, Bridgeton, N Hugh Haggerty, Mount Airy, Pa. William Hammeke, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. George Harbison, Torresdale, Pa. Mrs. Kathleen S. Harrity, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. 'and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Hartman, Glenside, Pa. Paul Harton, Ambler, Pa. Denis Havas, Philadelphia, Pa. Louis J. Hayes, Mount Airy, Pa. Harry W. Heller, Philadelphia, Pa. Edwin Hicks, Mount Airy, Pa. Martin J. Hoban, Philadelphia, Pa. Edward M. Hoffman, Philadelphia, P Eugene P. Hughes, Chestnut Hill, Pa William Hyland, Philadelphia, Pa. Edward C. Jarvis, Haverford, Pa. Sidney T. Johnson, Mount Airy, Pa. Paul A. Jones, WinstonfSalem, N. C Joseph Kaiser, Philadelphia, Pa. James Keeley, North Hills, Pa. Leo M. Kelly, Philadelphia, Pa. Samuel J. Kelso, Norristown, Pa. Lee J. Kennedy, Easton, Pa. Leroy King, Philadelphia, Pa. Andrew Knowles, Philadelphia, Pa. John Kolb, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr. . and Mrs and Mrs. George R. Kooker, Wildwood, N. j. Daniel Lane, Mount Airy, Pa. Alfred T. Langdon, East Falls, Pa. Frank J. Ledwith, Chestnut Hill, Pa. W. H. Lares, Caracas, Venezuela, S. A. Matthew j. Lee, Philadelphia, Pa. Harry Leithold, Philadelphia, Pa. joseph Little Philadelphia Pa Mr . , , . Lt.fCol. and Mrs. Geo. J. Logan, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr . and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Claire E. Mrs. Alber Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Rv. George F. Loughran, Mount Airy, Pa. john Lynch, Philadelphia, Pa. Joseph A. Maguire, Philadelphia, Pa. William J. Maguire, Phoenixville, Pa. Orazio Manieri, Philadelphia, Pa. Wm. G. Mansell, Philadelphia, Pa. Anthony C. Marra, Brooklyn, N. Y. Agostino Martire, Philadelphia, Pa. Lawrence Meehan, Philadelphia, Pa. Charles F. Merz, Philadelphia, Pa. Metz, Philadelphia, Pa. t Miller, Mount Airy, Pa. Wm. A. Monaghan, Wildwood, N. j. joseph P. Moore, Philadelphia, Pa. joseph E. Murphy, Mount Airy, Pa. Charles L. McCarron, Norristown, Pa. Dr. and Mrs. Francis P. McCauley, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs.Anthony L. McCloskey, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Simon P. McCloskey, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius McDevitt, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. john F. McGrath, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McGinnis, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Michael McGinnis, Chestnut Hill, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Chester McGuire, Germantown, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Mcllroy, Glenside, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McVeigh, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Neihaus, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. joseph O'Connell, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. O'Hara, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. O'Keefe, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Olwell, Wildwood, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. Charles O'Neill, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Fred. H. Overdorf, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Francis C. Palacio, Conshohocken, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. james F. Palermo, Ambler, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Thos. F. Patchell, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. George Popper, Oak Lane, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. John Porter, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. William F. Quilty, Philadelphia, Pa. The Class of 1947, Mt. The Class of 1948, Mt. The Class of 1949, Mt. The Class of 1950, Mt. 70 Mr. and Mrs. james J. Reilly, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. T. Reynolds, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Rhoads, Oak Lane, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Rickert, Sr., Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. John F. Roberts, Wyncote, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Robertson, Merchantville, N. -I Eleanor Roche, Philadelphia, Pa. and Mrs. Francis A. Rooney, Philadelphia, Pa. Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Roses, Santurce, Puerto Rico Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Roscovich, Moorestown, N. j. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rouse, Philadelphia, Pa. Mrs. William J. Ryan, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. joseph Sanzare, Philadelphia, Pa. Mrs. jean Scanlon, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Schmitt, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. jos. C. Schreiber, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schute, Philadelphia, Pa. Dr. and Mrs. john Sedlock, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. James Shields, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Skelly, Norristown, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Bentley Smith, Wildwood, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sullivan, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sullivan, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. Edward J. Sullivan, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. F. Sutcliffe, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Supplee, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taylor, Philadelphia, Pa. Mrs. John S. Thomas, Sr., Norristown, Pa. Mrs. A. M. Tierney, Philadelphia, Pa. Dr. and Mrs. John Tierney, Philadelphia, Pa. Mrs. Bartley P. Toner, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius Toohey, Oak Lane, Pa. Mrs. joseph Vecchione, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Ernesto Vinas, Arecibo, Puerto Rico Mr. and Mrs. James Walker, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Walters, Wawa, Pa. Mr. and'Mrs. Thomas B. Ward, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. Walters, Philadelphia, Pa. Mrs. Helen Weiland, Phoenixville, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Weber, Philadelphia, Pa. Mrs. May Wenner, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. J. Maley Wenz, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Wilkin, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Wilson, Philadelphia, Pa. Mrs. Mary Wood, Conshohocken, Pa. Mrs. Cecelia Yeager, Philadelphia, Pa.. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ziferblatt, Chestnut Hill, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. William J. Zussy, Philadelphia, Pa. St. joseph Academy St. joseph Academy St. joseph Academy St. joseph Academy Miss Marguerite M. Barrett 1320 Fayette Street Conshohocken. Pa. John J. Tierney, D.D.S. 5100 N. Broad Street Philadelphia 41, Pa. Rosemary Garage Ambler, Pa. Compliments of a Friend The Roxborough Company 363 E. Price Street Philadelphia, Pa. Miss Mary Jean Robertson 22 Ambler Road Merchantville, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Robertson 22 Ambler Road Merchantville, N. J. Rhoads Sheet Metal Works 1315 N. Front Street Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Wilson 5201 N. 15th Street Philadelphia, Pa. Insurance Company of North America 1600 Arch Street Philadelphia 1, Pa. Adelphi Coal Mining Company Girard Trust Company Building Philadelphia, Pa. The Deb Shop 7841 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia 18, Pa. Joseph E. Murphy, "JEM" Fabrics Belheld Avenue and Wister Street Philadelphia 44. Pa. Brecht and Hayes, Wool and Waste 10 S. Front Street Philadelphia, Pa. The Herald Newspaper 7135 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia 19, Pa. Havas and Shields Automotive Company 325 W. Girard Avenue Philadelphia 23, Pa. Rambo U Regar, Inc.. Hosiery Norristown, Pa. Joseph P. Cattie Es? Brothers Galvanizing Works Philadelphia, Pa. Quaker City Foundry Meadow Street at Hedge Philadelphia 24, Pa. BUSINESS PATRCNS 530 DeKolb Street Norristown, Pa. Northern Bronze Corporation Torresdale and Warmrath Avenues Philadelphia, Pa. Mobile Motors, Inc., Oldsmobile 4640 N. Broad Street Philadelphia 40, Pa. J. P. Moore Ee? Company, Inc.. Real Est. and Ins 4717 N. Broad Street Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. Joseph J. Hayes, Funeral Director 108 E. Price Street Philadelphia 44, Pa. Fontbonne Hall, Mt. St. Joseph School for Girls Resident and Day Pupils Primary and Grammar Grades Norwood and Sunset Avenues WI 7-3665 Chestnut Hill, Philadelphi Roxborough Cnder Go. Roxborough, Philadelphia, Pa. William H. Horn fs? Brothers, Inc. 451--57 N. 3rd Street Philadelphia, Pa. David McCosker Complete Outhtters of the Sisterhood 70 Park Place New York 7, N. Y. Mr. Ralph L. Chester 801 Central Avenue Ocean City, N. J. John M. Duffy and P. Hughes 6? Son 15 N. 59th Street Philadelphia, Pa. Peggy and Joan Clarke 4600 Fit'er Stree. Torresdale, Pa. Frank J. Clarke, Realtor 6909 Torresdale Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Carmona 141 Wood Street Tuckerton, N. J. Norwood Academy Mt. St. Joseph School for Boys 8891 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. ' a 18, Pa. G. E-9 L. Sigel, Meats. Poultry and Sea Food 37 S. 19th Street Philadelphia 3, Pa. Monaghan's Rubber Company Wildwood, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. Barris Poley and Son 317 N. Bowman Avenue Merion, Pa. Mr. John F. Roberts 138 Glenview Avenue Wyncote, Pa. O. Manieri E-2' Son Wholesaler of City Dressed Meats--Abattoir 30th and Oakford Streets i.Philadelphia, Pa. Olwell's Doughnut Shop 3414 Cedar Avenue Wildwood, N. j. Hotel Cromwell 2601 Atlantic Avenue Wildwood, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lalli 6502 Grays Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. Hennings' Paint and Hardware Store 5809 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. Mitchell's Garden Supplies Seeds-Bulbs-Plants 518 Market Street Philadelphia 5, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Walters 7604 Montgomery Avenue Melrose Park, Pa. Central Mortgage Company 1627 Walnut Street Philadelphia, Pa. Roslyn Lingerie Company 46 N. 8th Street Philadelphia, Pa. John McShain, Inc., Builders N. W. Cor. 17th and Spring Gard Philadelphia, Pa. en Streets Penn Instrument Works 828 Race Street Philadelphia, Pa. Rothe and Son, Florist 7150 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia 19, Pa. Wagner's, Religious Goods 427 W. Girard Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. Blumenthal and Hayman Foreign and Domestic Fruit Produce 8512 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia 18, Pa. Pino's Meat Market 1424 S. 12th Street 1818 E. Passayunk Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. Seabrook Frosted Foods Norristown, Pa. Philadelphia Dairy Products Co., Inc. Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Martin l.. Riesman Providence, R. I. Joseph V. Fritz 4100 N. Broad Street Philadelphia, Pa. james A. Kenney Casket Manufacturers 120 W. Norris Street Philadelphia, Pa. Beneficial Savings Fund 1200 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pa. Westbrook Publishing Co. 5800 N. Mervine Street Philadelphia 41, Pa. Lang Company, Engraving Philadelphia 7, Pa. fjwfwyglfy J.. , f M xi f- f A " - L-QZQXGW f'r!LaA,f,L x,jfyQ 2fcQLf4,f5 Q . xX x N gcgdffyj ' 5 4 ..- . fx 5 ' I Y , l 1 , - , jg 1 A b' x fgfgsgn -- , D ,Mf,f3f' Aim . H .l f 1 f 1 W'W MiM MMM Mr W W L13 J R Wk- 4 V X 0 5 QA X Xsk 4' H, Q x N 1 4 f f Q -If ff ffl" 1 W L 1 1 ' . ' I 1 , A E? X ' f S . xg QS' ,k'f , ' -VA A E N gg ..., . mmm - f"g'6iv0H"K - 58' if 'J' QHU' bHll.A'oe.x.p, V 'nuzgh 40 V , H f Q2 59 23 rf c,A:,o ur.-r T, ."' 0 M J' ..1Z! :g::: Q ,.' WAYHINGTOM fT'L0urf A,-QAVQE J,,ylH-,8'5: ' f1's:A.MaoA1- JVEVORLEAJY pyuq,-5l33Q . N 'TBI-g1.L.OUuf IT LOUIS- NlAqV2xFlg.7 , '5Tx f?Hu,Aoe.L.nH1ANAY5-g847 Q x fb W . X L I , Mgmpx-any I f Qi f' 1 " .JN A 1 ERE: gf,jZfHE1f-STOP' E -r E UQ.juL.lyJ-ef L, N X If Emil 3 f gi H C ...Ii E ' ,"' i X gr i 1 I Gai '-' E f XX , X, wwwwu 503 f"'-157, i' ff X' f 2 X W! ' 'ff' fm, HIP TO flaw ORn.emff A Maw MACD!!-aovwwca THLJQJRAFY of 4? MUPHZQ fAaNTJq14N Q ITJUZNIEFL FQOM FQANCE To CWHLADEUWUAvFQQM CN AN ULDIWAQ BY NANCY BEL If! ff -6528 E x M 5-, Sf' A f , -1 ,Y - ir! 1 51' . mfg 'Q . 1 ff K., Zi pi fi r we ' QL? 'wi Nr H E :lf ff!! T , i Q 93' FL H2 ft , 'E 'xx . 1., W. V, M .H Q S ' Ffa. was f T " Q-1 A ' ' F "- 1 f."'.' .-. 1' ' ' '. ' Q , 1 'LY' . - "T V ' 4': 4

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