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gl-..,-QFL -TTQWQ, 1'?a--7-e'l-5.1-.-',?a.:f - -1 -AE,-f -"'EQ"riwvE"Wa,4,-47496 fr" '?wf:1rfyP:-.3A'L:",1:f1ar'k1"1"-W'b43TW'f""' 'S . . . M .i...h - ...I .V-.14--4 -D-5 ,422-1-,,u-21-,levi-41-fm',. ',--1'-:Hz-'Q 1l2:n",4n:.mvl'2"!:':av'-4rs'v.vb'3: ,i:'J::-0-znxv-v-.-:rv . .v 53. 1 carp- v,:-1-5'1.,.:.': sr:-I '1 ru -"v'.:.s -J - r- 'I"'vvs-"zvfrA" - 'iv' f"-f' --S' --' . -- - ' -7 .?.,,. ,....'.,:, . .u ' -'H-Ju - -4 ,-1--ANL -r'1v'.g?:5':.f-, ,715-Q4 -u- uiqoo-ff?-Y ----gr ,'7'Q,q,fA:n'-201 71" -".'L:7'P77- .- 1- , , ,, ,y ., ,- ,YJ . ,.. . ,v . -. . ,-., ... .1 u ,,...... 1... 74, J., w,- -V-M 1- E I .1 1:nfm.L2"wvQ:.,LY. .. . L. , , V Y , .. ',...Z,Lu1-' all: '.. , 1 -J , .'-K:::.:L:i19rllB:::xAm5n?.1E': f5:':..i.:mElilrA'-.L 1lllm1ulmlMu,,,.m1IwwumuWmmm lwwmumwwluwnrm'w1Wwu1,u uwwwum uumuWAn1L.llilllJ1l1Iu1lIlurI..A.J.mlI..,1 ll! H wlhluwumwmmuwmwlwwn MM WIN M1 M .ml mmlm II 1 1 mlm k.IIAll1Mlulll.lmuL1 ummm 1lu!wu1111w1111111mwWwuu,uWNwm11,mw1umuwwwuwwnuwwww1x1,wmuunuawuunwwmmuuwwwuuWllllwn wmxumuwwlxllmliliuwunwlh VRTA I9 Mount Saint John Aoadomy Gladstone Now Jorsoy Foreword Let our .ajectton jtr Thy quiet halls not falterg Let our voices in earnest praise, extol Thy virtues,- Let our autumn days keep green Thy rnem'U1 till the last leejfalls. All the truth which Thou Let us not itil, then, to keep Where else might find a more perfect ur words of o own St oh .S' hor tspan on us bestowed. Mus His Excellency Bishop James A. McNulty whose' fatlwrly HHk?i'1iUIl and sim'vrv illlPI'4'S1 in our undvrtakings has won lum a n'hfh1'isl1m-ml plan-el in our l'1c'arts. 29000-0004 uvonn 5. .. 1: V 5 Qi 2 2.1 2 " N, EL gm 5 B. .N 39: ' PP 659.2 'swf Q af? 3 N. 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Illl 1111i1111'1r11l1l1'11 x1111,uf' 1'r1111'111'11 11111 11111sl1'r 11111 l1'1'h1111l111' 111 1111' I1111' 111l1.vl. 1'11r 111111 1171.1 111'1'11 11111 111'11'.s.111r111 11r1'11A 11111111 111l11 x1111g 111 1111114 111 111111 1111' 1111111111 1111' l111111,ghl.v 111 11 ,11'r1'111' 111i1111f1111'1'. l11'111'1'. 1-1111l1'11l1111'11l 111111'1111111'11111111'1'. .N111 11111 i1 1111 111' 111 1111111' 11.1 111 11111'1 lh11l 11111 1'1111111l11111 111111 11111' 111 111111111 l,'111'1'vl11111 11'11m1'11. 1111 1111' xI11,1g1' 111' 1111. 11'1lh1111l 1111111111 111'.v11l1I111i11111111111 111111.1111'1111'1'. HI Ih1'r1' 1'1111 111' 11111.v1'1' 111111 .v1111,g. Ill 111111 h1'1111. 1'11'11 11 1Il'II 1111111114 111111 11r1111'1'11. .1111 1111' 111'1'111'1 1111' .v11111'r1'11g 111111 I111' 111'1'l11'1 1111' 1111111111, 1111' 1111'11l1'r 1111' 1111 111111 11111r1' 1111111111 1111' l11'111'1'. 11111. C11r1x1-11111'. 11111111 111,71 11111 r111111'1'1'. Illlilllllllllllvllillg, 111 1111' 1'1'1'I111'11l,1 l1111l 1111' 111.11 11r11l1.v 11111 l11.sl1' 111'Ih1' .v11'1'1'l11f'.1x 111111 ix 121111. -1.v,111r f1'1'11111'1i111-x, 1-.1l11'1'i1'111'1'11 11111x11'r.v .v11gg1'x1 111-11 1'1'r1' .v111'1'1-11111111 11.11-11"-r l1r111'1'r 111111 111111111 11-1111 121111. 1111111 11 1111111111111 1111- 111111 111-1111' 1f1111.s111111 111111111 11111111111 111111111 1'1'1'11' 111'1f11 is 11 1111111111 111111111111 111111.111111I1'111'11 111 G1111 111'1'1111.v1' 11111111 111 1111 111111111 -I f11fr.w1111111k1111'1111.vh1l1 111111 l.'1111.1l. 11.1 111111 111111 111111 1111111'1vl111111.w 111111 1'111r1111rlx. 1'1'1'11 11111111 111111'r 1'1111. 11111 .11'111r1'A111r 11111 I111' '111'111'1' 1111111111 111'h1'1111, 1'.x.s1'1111'111 I11 11 1111' 111 111152, 11'1'111'1', 111-11111 111-1111'1'11gr11111111l1'.1.,11'111 1111! 1111' 1111'.S11l11111'x 111' 11111. 1111 111111l1'r 111111 11111111111 111111 1'11111l111'.1. 11111 11111' C1111 11'1'Ih 11 111111 111111 h11r111'rs 1111 I111' l1I1Hll'1l' 111111 l111'r1' 11'111 111' x1111g: 111 11111111111111. I11 111111 1111111 111111 1111 111111 11711. 11'1'11'11' 11111l1rq111r1'k111r1'111' l'1f'l'Il411 111111111111 111111 I111' 111111111 1'1i1'1111'111111111.v11111. 1,111 1111311 111 .11'v11x 1,'111'1'.vl. Cgjffifgffaf , .S'1.111'r 11111111 1' S' 111 111111111111 when-, 1. ' W- , Y Dedication We, the Seniors of Mount St. John Academy in this nineteen hundred and fifty-seventh year of Our Lord, do humbly dedicate this yearbook to our devoted faculty. May they know how grateful and deeply appreciative we are for these four wonderful and fruitful years which have been their gift to us. REVEREND JUDE CAHILLANE, OSB. Academy Chaplain Religion MR. .IAMINIS FPINlNlORE English, History, Biology SISTER LUCY, C.S. JB. Senior Moderator Algebra, Geometry, General Science, Chemistry Z:--X .f no CQ Si! ll X l' Dear Teachers: -5 i Four years have sped by and now we are Q. leaving you with thoughts jilled with memo- l H ries. As in retrospect we remember your words, Father Jude, "stride the center aisle of life, l A lighting the universe with appreciation of + KI! faith." Sr. Aclobfa your rich experience has put X A ' I Y K 2 . l r w F , t i y a definite cultural tone to our years here. lhe inspiration and guidance we have received r l. from you, Sr. Lucy, in matters involving our ,I character formation as young Christian women M' I- has made you a second mother to us all. Sr. 'yt j Vitalina Marie your warm friendship and the excellent training you have given to commer- Choral Singing MRS. JAMES FENIMORE A cademy Nurse Health x PROFESSOR MARSTON HADDOC lx -qi-. SISTER JULIANA, C.S. JB. junior Moderator Religion, Italian, French, Commercial Arithmetic sJ""' SISTER MARY ELIZABETH, C.S. JB Sophomore Moderator Latin, English, Art, Music cial students has endeared you to us. We will l I' ' never forget the good times we had as Juniors l with you, Sr. Juliana, and we have greatly ad- mired the womanly gentleness and professional l skill of Mrs. Fenimore. The personal interest you took in us and our activities has made our I l association with you, Mr. Fenimore, especially I memorable. Sr. Mary Elizabeth, your inualu- , able assistance with our challenge of "Veritas" has been appreciated deeply. SISTER VITALINA MARIE, C.S. JB Freshman Moderator Bookkeeping, Typing, Stenog- raphy, Transcription, Music pages you will remember us as fondly as we remember you. ' Dearfaculty, we hope as you turn these I l MRS. WILLIAM STOUT Physical Training w--- MRS. CHARLES JACOBUS Vw? Academy Secretary MR. WALTER GIANNINI Vocal and Instrumental Instruction "Saint Johnas We Hail Thee" fgAf-fgfJl Qgig'-1 Sowf gosw-5 We y.xq.A1gmee6, sLh..,xa,Ef Dge.-r in 510314 JJJE1 Q UZHJU 5 U' . J J Jil --f J J Ifmuencfjiffiwm Lffffsz evra m3911439 wWQ2sJ mf wEUJ1Jdf new rg A-J J ii ugf1,i'f:,i?TfwE,g?::BQMLi4i 'Hi HH J Q HHH! wwwlwj 1 9 1 Cherish Y A:-ng 1 fr Jwruihl n 1 I Jig fl I W1 QM ' - H4 I I "0 I " We shall always think Of Mount Saint John as home 5 , Mmm A ' Kb Fw 1 ' f nv", V .V . T 4 , iw V V117 " x 3 , ..,, K Q 1. L , ,,,. f' X A , , .5 ' x W T K W 1 Y . PP Spreading thy influence 'far and near . . ." eniors wQesawm,aQaQamfw man4N16m,f , 1 1 l l I 1 r i 1 I M f V- --V 1 N-mors on lim' Llhillilllff thv holl to go lo the' homvroom lor organiza- Iio all Arlr-mi Callois pf'rf'w'l uniform. Day Siudvnts arrive' at 8:59 to begin ll nvw mizlv. n pvriorl. Sr. Luvy talkers Ll look Disvussing riiullvrs we-iglity and lriviall aflvr smiling thc- busim-ss al illlllli. An intvgrul part oi' thc Sf-nior Redi- zgion progruin is Fatltc-1"s intvrc-sting m-xpluiiutloii of thi- sztcrc-d vvssvls. "Around thv mound crept Scout, his nose to tho ground." Julie pmt"- tices her peat'-shaped tonvs as Arlvnc holds the mike at ai safe distanvv and Johann? WUI't'if'diY adjusts the vontrols. if ,Ei i Q E it 5 :Xrlc-nv. how did thc Snprvnn urt assert thi- right to pass on thx 1UI1Siiillli0IliliitN ot' at lam Yi' Bnt tw wviwl xvrx husx in thc' sh st night. Mr. l"v11i111orc-i-ii HT ii .i ifxi. - mgnthiwtili A , Elfriede models her palla and slola for her Cicerunian friends in the Latin III Class. Carol Goepfert attempts to explain how she balanced her accounts by adding her debits and credits. Sw Resident Students gathffr at Fatima Hall anxiously awaiting tho sound of tht' dinnvr bolt. ? l Lunch tirnv at Fatima Hall lmrovidvs a tl-w minute-s for a Y'-Q vhat with Sister lirsulu, hivh ' 'ggi Q , rl ' f 'M sclnml nustrcrss. All "Hello, Mother . . . Cuvss what? W'c.rc having a danve nvxt wvelc a nd... --Q Margie takes advantage ul'tl1Q wt-lcoinvcl addition: A Student Telepllone. AQ' 1 1142 , I 0 7? xg Iixwx J grain! A --w V36 'ww EVQFW MSR is ,S , t if ,w , e Seniors taking advantage oi' thvir noon-time break to enjoy Ihr- mllural befuutw of the vampus. Pat, Margin and Elfrivdv out for a brief' stroll hvforv aflf-rnoon Svssirms. "Inspired by this Confldvnvc Q .gf-.,,,7m ,, if A , ,. 1 4 - ,VWXKMWJ ,ffm X A ,J , -, 'suuvuwuwf Q PVD tariffs diligently prvpare- the-in selves bv 1-onstant prim-tivo in lransvription. Grcvk to Iliff uniniiiulvcl. lnul to our a1'c'ornplisl1c'rl S9Ili0I'S this Slltlflllilfltl van lu' rvurlily 1lc'm'ipll1'I'f-tl. Car Sirsu . . . loniorrowls sfwrv - 1 Mrs. Fenimore is always eager to "talk nursing" to an attentive listener. Carol stops to chat with Mrs. Javobus about many interesting facts in the secre- tarial world. NOT A SOLID GOLD CADIL- LAC, but it takes us where we want to go. Pat Dolcey and Margaret Phillipps assist each other with their uniform blazers before leaving for home. Sr. Luc'y's bvautiful grape ivy plant submits "Hmmm, sho walks over to tho door . . . no, to Katlilvenls daily energetic' dousings. to tho window . . .M Lorraine, our talvntod short-story writer. is at it again. Mary Graco helps Ross' down from the rock-a nol-Ioo- unusual invidenl on ihv resi- dent studvntsl after school diversion-a stroll around the grounds. -nf Our Senior leaders: Myriam Dubourt, President fyfStudenl Councz'!,' Julie Cavinato, Chiq' Marshal. Class Officers: Arlene Gallo, Secretayzg Mary Grace Batterman, Treasurerg sxojsnyjsxxffafixxaxaaxx-4 Margaret Phillipps, Presidentg Kathleen Maloney, Vz'ce-President. "With fond love and memory, we'll turn to thee stillfv ' I, t .t "Qx5"iY !'4i!i'5'D Zi Cf: f't ' 't "Q "Q " Q "T f'Q Y'iL'i: '!'iL 'W l North Hunterdon Regional: Regitoni Staj' ' Freshman Dance Committee Mount Saint john: " Veritas" Staj' Yjfpist Marshal Squad Senior Treasurer junior Secretapf Sodaligf, Secretagl Queue 'gatwzmaa Gracie is the fortunate possessor of perpetually joyful spirits, which have often helped "pick up" some of her other classmates. A sound common sense coupled with a solid outlook on life have made her a very favorable influence among us. Mary Grace likes to joke about the fact that she spends her spare time doing cleaning, and in her spare, spare time, she sews. She plans to enter the secretarial field, which her high spirits and optimism will certainly benefit. We have watched julie develop, during the past four years, into a very mature and reliable com- panion, recently topped off by a "pixie,' cut. A sense of order and firmness displayed as chief marshal will serve her well in her future years as a nurse. Her hobbies, knitting and reading, also show us the appreciation and practicality of our classmate for whom we wish worlds of happiness. "Writas, " Chief Yjzpist Chiiftllarshal Student Council, Vice-President, 4 Prom, Co- Chairman Rdreshment Committee SMU Patrol, First Lieutenant, 4 l 'll'llMHll'FlT'lMllMW Literaq Club, Co-Chairman, 4 Prom Committee, Co-Chairman Tzeket Commiltee Basketball Team, 2, 4 775044 ff. Zzemdn A person's truest biography is her friends, and for Mona these are many and loyal. She possesses a keen sense of humor and constant good spirits. Mona has a great love for the outdoors and spends much of her spare time enjoying scenic beauty of the country. Her memory for chemical formulas serves as a source of continuous admiration to her fellow classmates. More characteristic still is her deep appreciation for literature and "finer things of life" which have helped her produce original poetry, delicate and rich in imagery. That we have had the good fortune to enjoy her company is something we will not shortly forget. Pmaaea WL Duma A quiet reserve and placidity of manner combine to characterize the actions of Pat. Yet, we who have been her classmates, know equally well her keen humor, real talent for writing and interest in words, and the depth of thought of which she is capable. These have made her friendship interesting and satisfying. We are earnest in our wish that the future hold for Pat only the fulfillment of her plans and aspirations. "Writas" Staj, Co-Editor Marshal Squad Freshman Secretagf Latin Club, Treasurer, 4 junior Dance Commzttee Basketball , Co-Rkjkree, 4 Safzgz Patrol, 4 "Writas, " Chig' Artist Marshal Squad Student Council, 3, President, 4 Freshman and junior President Sodaligz, Artist, 3 Prom Committee, Chig' Decorator Basketball Committee, 2, 4 14. Dudaafu! Danedagaey Myriam, affectionately called "Monkey," is best characterized, we think, by her indefatigable zest for doing everything and anything for anyone who asks. She has occupied herself with all types of projects, from boosting a spaghetti dinner for the Student Council, to decorating for one of the many social functions at the Academy. Teachers and stu- dents, recognizing this, have grown to appreciate and admire our very diligent Cuban student. Time out for sports, too, has found Myriam excelling in swimming and basketball. After graduation she plans attending college to study in the field of medicine. zmwtn soma, Kate, mysteriously nicknamed S.O.S., has been one of the brighter lights of our class, giving us, when it was most needed, a glimpse into the realm of gaiety. Kate had been at Mountain Lakes High School before she decided to come to the Mount. Her pet peeve? Freckles-! Although good in all sub- jects, she contends that History is her favorite, and her questions have stimulated many a lively discus- sion. We feel that her vibrant personality will assure her advancing in the profession of her choice. Mountain Lakes: M ountaineer, I 'Dstimonial Dinner, 1, 3 Dance Committee, 1, 3 Mount Saint john. Literagy Club, Secreta ry, 4 Wrilasl' Stajj 'ljlpist Marshal Squad Sodaligg Treasurer, 4 Glee Club, 2 F.S.A., Secretagz, Basketball Team, 2, 4 4 ' "fi 'fkicis 54694571 ' 465 ' 'ixiixi 7 I 'isiciaffl ' fade 77Zm6e 71 Rosie hails from Morristown and a fine representa- tive she is. Although generally quiet, just start her on one of her pet peeves like poor operatic singing and our classmate becomes quite loquacious. '4Ro's" hobby is record collecting which, incidentally, has brought as much enjoyment to others as to herself. To Rosie goes much of the gratitude of the Seniors for helping us win those all-important basketball games, especially the Senior vs. All Star contest. Rosie hopes to enter the business world upon com- pletion of her Senior year, where we are sure she will meet with much success. A good-natured, smiling friend is Arlene, whom the better one knows, the better one likes. She has the distinction of attending the Mount since Kinder- garten. A source of irrepressiblegiggles when the mood seizes her, Arlene can be equally serious if the occasion demands. Her famous remark, "Did you see Alfred Hitchcock last night, Mr. Fenimore ?l' will long be remembered as will "I had to work late in the store and-". Whatever the future holds we feel sure she will do the Mount credit. Senior Secretary Prom Committee Soda tigz, Vice- Preszaen t, 4 F.S.A ., President, 4 Basketball Team, Captain, 2, 4 Prom Committee 'YS fblixiie ' X9 S 'oixifib .CTX C' Q-ii 'QXQGQT-c01x CixZY Z'iX!'4E l its dm! 5- Qweem Carol's sincerity and sense of fairness have given her the faculty of making friends easily and permanently. Nicknamed "Goepf,' by her classmates, Carol has won a place in the hearts of all the students at the Mount, as evidenced by the honor of being chosen 'fAutumn Queen." Let us not forget her amazing speed and accuracy on the diamond and in the court which has earned her the companion title of the "Senior One Man Team." After receiving her diploma Carol intends to be a secretary, in which pursuit we wish her' the best of luck and success. .lwnaeae 771. A competent short-story writer, Chemistry whiz and History enthusiast, Lorraine indeed is a versatile person ! Her creative abilities have shown real promise in the field of popular writing. Among her favorite activities are swimming and archery, a sport in which she has much proficiency. Her future holds plans for being a Laboratory Technician, in which capacity because of her interest and ability we are sure she will contribute much. Marshal Squad Sodallgz, Banner Carrier Glee Club, 2 Prom Committee Basketball Dam, 2, 4 Marsha! Squad Studenl Council, 2 Glee Club, 2 Vice-Presidenl, Senior Iflkek Basketball Team, 2 Prom Rwexhment Committee, Co-Chairman -if 565 H : '- JL A 261156454 ,-4am Imac Serious-minded Barbara is considered by all her fel- low students a very likeable person. Her years at the Mount have been spent in characteristic good humor and helpfulness. Her interest in current events is equaled by her clear thinking in such topics. We know her to be an avid reader, and appreciate the deepening effect of this. Whatever the future has in store we know that with such a disposition "Barb" can only be successful. n K 744 A true "Irish gal" at heart, 4'Kit,' is quite admired by her classmates for her lovely red hair and her twinkling blue eyes. An able leader, Kathleen "took over" the school as "Principal" during Senior Week. Possessed of an ingenious imagination and a knack for drawing she has added much variety to the scene. Her scrapbook, full of everything from "soup to nutsf' serves as a constant source of amusement to her classmates. Kit has participated in many of our extra-curricular activities and has always been a staunch supporter of every undertaking of her class. "Veritas," Layout Designer Marshal Senior Vice-President junior Treasurer Sodaliyz, Publicly Chairman, 4 Principal, Senior Week Basketball Team, 4 Prom Committee, C' hairman "Veritas, U Editor- in-Chief Marshal Squad Student Council, 1 2,' Secretagi, 3 Sophomore President School and Glee Club Accompanist, 1, 2, 3, 4 Literagi Club, Chairman, 4 Dramatic Club, President, 3 Latin Club, President, 4 Basketball Team, 4 School Reporter, 2, 3 T J9f fi c 2 , 14,24f:', 5V:,- , . fadcume 14. pained Johanne, our class aesthetic enthusiast with a philo- sophic bent of mind, has contributed generously of her varied talents toward making our school life more interesting and rich. "tIo",has delighted us with her piano versatility, dramatic gifts and her literary contributions. Who will ever forget our staunch and gifted accompanist who helped us through the thick in' thin of concert preparations for four years?An intellectualism tempered with humor and a dignity sweetened by real warmth have proven to us that johanne will do justice to her future years and resultant career. Mmm: 711. Paeeefgepe Consideration. This one word exemplifies Margie who is regarded highly by her fellow students. A proof of this is that she was chosen to hold the important position of Senior Class President. Her sincere nature is reflected in her radiant eyes: her calm unassuming ways manifest a mature and settled mind. More often than once have we enjoyed, too, the clarity of her rich soprano voice set off by a real grace of manner. Diligence in study and upright- ness of character have helped form a classmate we canjustly be proud of. ' Ai Jw Y '4 iii! fb' 1 Nffl A' XffiXZ 'T! 1' ' 'Veritas, U Assistant Editor Marshal Squad Student Council, 4 Senior President jun ior Vice-President Sophomore President Clee Club, 2 Latin Club, Treasurer, 4 Basketball Team, 4 Prom Committee junior Dance Committee Saffgf Patrol Seeretagz " Veritas, " Co-Editor Marshal Squad Student Council, I Sophomore Secretary Freshman Vice-President Glee Club, 2 Latin Club, Secretagv, 4 Prom Committee SMU Patrol, 4 some 4. ma A demure grace and quiet intellectual heart com- bine to make Elfriede one of our most esteemed classmates. With her presence of mind and good humor, she always has a kind word and a smile for everyone. In Chemistry her methodical orderliness has been noted by all, especially Sr. Lucy, and her participation in extra-curricular activities fespecially those of the Latin Clubj cannot be overlooked. Upon completion of high school, Elfriede will go on to college where her studiousness and charm will make her years fruitful. Zecwuy A 'him Owing Betty is South America's gift to the Senior Class, and one without which we could not be the same. Her talents are many, including considerable facility at the piano and unusually fine artistic aptitude. During gym we have admired her eagerness to learn and her "grand slammersw on the baseball diamond are not uncommon. Our quiet friend is fast becoming Americanized and has plans to be a secretary. Marsha! Squad Basketball Team, 4 Prom Commitlee Marshal Squad Glee Club, 2 S odal igf, President, 4 F .SA ., Vice- President, 4 Prom Committee junior Dance Commiitee RSX! 116 SQ! If 13 50x22 Q-fiifix 1 i f Qfh Qfj QyJN3 I3fT!6X!f2 Wing 7. Wide Mary, another of our Brooklyn-bred classmates, cloaks her wholesome good nature under a conta- gious good humor and gaiety. HSmith" has added many interesting anecdotes about life in the Hbig city" to our conversations. Among her talents is an aptitude for hair styling, an ability which has come in handy whenever there is a special event. Although she enjoys all her commercial subjects, stenography is her favorite. Her future includes plans in the secretarial field which we are certain she will enliven and benefit. Who Says ? "Girls, puleeeeeeeeze stand for prayers P' ':There's too much talking in this hall I" 4'Greetings l" "Raaaaaaaaaaather l" "We rose oily to terl the serlf, CCQue?7! 4'But it must be HQSO4 V, "How 'bout that?" Gan You Imagine? Mona Gremin, "straight man" for a T.V. Comedian? Rose Frankenberg, starring in HGarrnen',? Kate Fenelly, winning an "Oscar',? Arlene Gallo with long flowing tresses? Gracie, lost for words? Barb, driving an airplane? Myriam swinging from tree to tree? Lorraine without a bunch of air-mail letters in her pocket? Kathleen a brunette? Meaningful Melodies I Gould Have Danced All Nightn-Junior Prom Orange Colored Skyw-Chem Glass '4Bewitched, Bothered and Bewilderedw- The night before "I've Grown Accustomed to Your Facei'-Mt. St. John Music, Music, Musicw-Every Wednesday at 2:15 'CAnytime',-Youire looking for us you wonlt find us. CC Ci CC Exams Black Magic wHow we manage to be on time for school. cc I'll Be Hornel'-Ifl don,t get into trouble. Auf Weidersehnv-Good ,ole High School Days. CG 1 fy. anal V K .,. W- K, , VJ , .f tJ.,.f'n . L-b fl? 9391" WV r , .M . 3' , -JM", I vw-1 ,. .xv .. Q ka dx Wk: !6:Qf5X!fiRFyiX92XQ,0xQffjA!f1ixf SQ? NYy3'QyiQfi 'Qf 3537 X36 X!f2 Xlfi Xif SNEQN 'C- !"QQ .KY! 1' CWS: Yi , , f R-YlNXY'AYf HffXY N 'iX.Ag.fL,fi e "All those who come to thee, great hall offame . Classes nerr-,rf ,f -X ef 9, '- , XJ' 1,'Qx.,Y,, Q ff 9 9 if sfeiauvcsfuz FRESHMEN It is common knowledge that our Fresh- men have had a very prosperous first year here at Saint Johnis. The school's largest class so far, they have lived up to standards set for them in addition to exerting their own individuality. Besides their curricular tasks, teachers and upper classmen have been pleased to see their activity in the Student Council and Operetta groups, and the success they made of their Tea for vis- iting eighth graders. When, in the late Fall, they teamed together with the Sopho- mores for a trip to the "big city," New York unfolded the marvels of g'The Seven Wonders ofthe World" and the Metro- politan Museum of Art to them. Who will ever forget the race against time to arrive back at school on time to sing carols for the Christmas Performance that night? Begun well and ended better, we hope the first year of our classmates will be a pattern and inspiration for a line school life productive of lasting results. A very gay group of officers on whom has weighed the task of Freshman government. Treasurer, Carol Monsees, Presidenl, Carol Rossi, Secretaw, Mary Tognog Sludenl Council Representative, Brigita Kearney, and V10-Prf'.s'z'derzl, Jean Farley, who does not appear, have proved their trustworthiness and ability this year. INITIATION 'fNine months and eleven days ago our teachers brought forth upon this institution a new class, conceived in innocence and dedicated to the proposition that all freshies are destined to be initiated." The first day saw red noses, eyebrows meeting under the Chin, blue lips, Christmas ball earrings and newspaper skirts, which couldn't weather the i'crawl" around the hall. Of course there was the profound prostration and recitation of'gWe the frivolous, friendless, fresh freshmen. . ." whenever a Hsweet, suave, sophisticated sopho- more" was encountered. All the trainfare and lunch money was in nice new shiny pennies which required more polishing under the keen eye of stern task-masters. The second day witnessed the addition of the alphabet spelled backwards, alternated with "goo," for the Freshies showed their true colors attired in baby clothes with three-inch eyelashes and milk bottles, Lunch was eaten on blankets spread on the floor, the little ones were "fed" their strained foods by careful handsfthe Sopho- mores', ofcourse IJ. Then came the trial! Freshmen filed silently into the court room to meet the solemn assem- blage of their Sophomore jury. Accusations were read off to the defendants, ample defense pre- sented by their "Counselor" Kearney falso a Sophomorej, and as her gavel crunched a walnut, Judge Darold pronounced sentence. Warders Herdman and McNicholas then administered punishment. Added note: refreshments were served and all the Freshies went home. . . SMILING! "Well, here goes for the 69th time: 'We the frivolous, friendless Fresh- men . . .' Hjoanne Rossi and Denise Stehnicky seem to enjoy making Catherine Honour and "Eloise" Farley repeat the initiation pledge. Who is Brigita planning to take a picture of? Ire- land was never like this "Z, goo, y, goo, x, goo . . .H Little ones enjoy their bottles and toys: Patty Fernicolahjeannie Farley, Ginny Strnard in the first row, and baby Connie Lindsay and Mary Mulhare behind them. Sister Vitalina Marie uses the Guidance period each morning to explain the Mass to the class. This is an invaluable aid toward helping them appreciate to the fullest the central act of Christian worship. Linda Stires explains the process of filtra- tion as Brigita Kearney pours the water into the Clxean flask. Freshman scientists seein interested in testing filtration. 1 Q i 1 Linda Corona begins the painting of her "Highwayman,7' as Linda Stircs puts some last touches on her orig- inal symbol. Nlaryann Monti and Virginia Strnard admire each othex"s costume dolls, lNlaryann wondering how Virginia ever suc- cessfully designed that intricate cone-shaped hat. QE in A Sophomores start their year off with alacrity by planning, secretly and intently, the initiation of the unwary Freshmen. The fun has a solid purpose, however, since the ice is broken for the newcomers, who, in their not-so-bitter humiliation, are made to feel a part ofthe school. Scholastically our Sophomores have shown an unusual diligence, whether in attacking the mechanics of typing, the intricacies of history and geometry or the 2:15 sessions with Caesar, replete with unix de Alpibus Montibusf' Their genuine eagerness for study has been a delight to the faculty and adminis- tration. Home room period has been devoted to a deepening of their awareness ofthe spirit ofeach season of the Church year, including Advent Wfreath ceremony and dis- cussions, the practice of choosing of a "Chris-kin," a pre-Lenten cele- bration and offering, Laetare pro- gram and May devotions. A real law-making ability was evidenced in the production of a masterly and smoothly working constitution. A class trip and re- treat were also participated in with profit, and weekly cake sales were planned to help the poor Treas- urer's endeavor to keep the accounts balanced. OPHCMORE Sophomore Class officers from left to right are: Judy Herdman, Trmszmffjirst lfrm, Vffff-I'nxfz'rlf'r1! .wrwzrl lerm, and Student Cozmcf! RFf176'.YI'Hl'flfZiZ'l' jim! and .S'l'l'07lflI lfrnzsq Lois Darold, PYf?SZ'lZ'67Zffl7'.Yl mm' .wfond lf'r111.v,' Jeanne Kanack, .Skretaryljirsl and sffconrl l'F7'NI.S',' Esther Merlioli, VITY'-PfI'.S'IiI!I'7II first term and Stuffffnl Cnzmrzif RFfl71?,SiFIIfHfl-Z'l' .xwrzfzrl fl'flI1,' Mary Gemma Kearney, Trmsunfr.s'zfz'nnr1'lfr1n, and Paddy Col- ligan, Studffnl Cozzmif If6'f27F.S'6'7If!lfIiZ'Fkfllfff farm. During a class meeting, Sheila McNicholas proudly presents a Sophomore Constitution which after Hdue proeessw is unanimously adopted. An amendment was subsequently added to provide for the possible re-election of officers for a second term. Father Jude explains the details of-a confessional to a group of intrigued Sophomores. Mr. Fenimore shows Denise Stehnicky the fine points of map reading as her class- mates look on amused. E f ll-alll A A Q f 'B t Mafia ass: ----1-.wi "Hens 81 Chickens" an appropriate title for one ofthe Sophomores' favorite games. Kathleen Yee points out the Arar River on the map she made to enable her classmates to keep tabs on Caesar and his legions as they marched to and fro over the Alps. Arlene Hughes listens intently. Pat Duyekinck, Mary Gemma Kearney, Esther Memoli, Marcella Snyder, and Dolores Baacke admire some Listening to Italian records is a favorite with our Italian I scholars. Lois Darold is dilgently keeping up in the dictation book. ofthe class' Health Project work. UNIORS Patricia Leonard, P7'f'.S'Ii!2lz"l1f, entertains herjunior asso- ' M clatesz aryann Case, Trea.surer,' Sheila McHugh, Secre- ffl7:1',' Mary Evelyn Hcrdinan, Sflllllfllf Cfounril R1'pre.wffzIrztz'z'f,' llelen Ike, VIICF-P7'1'.S'l-ll6'7llf. Junior year is notorious for its heavy class schedule and activity program. Students immersed in American History, Biology, Book- keeping, and English still found time to plan a Prom and partici- pate in the other social events of school life. Perhaps most impor- tant among the events was the week-end retreat, high school days seemed fast slipping by and serious thinking was deemed appropriate. Then there was the day spent at the Vocation Exhibit, with a few juniors returning home with a 'fhintw or Nmaybew in their hearts. Class rings added significance and the gradual realization that next HIT" brought the term to an auspicious close. year was l l Plant or animal? Biology students ' equipped with microscopes ponder the riddles of science under the capable super- vision of Mr. Fenimore. A group of-Juniors listens W intently as Father Jude ex- plains the solemn ritual of incensing the altar. Juniors are busy making plans for-what else?-the Prom. From the looks of their faces, it should be a big surprise and success ! Tangos, rhumbas, sarnbas-Mrs. Stout, physical education instructor, shows the Juniors intricate little steps which they are fast to grasp. Axioms, postulates, theorems-Juniors puzzle out the Nwhysancl whereforesn of geometry under Sister Lucy's patient gaze. Those girls are at it again! Carmen is full of amusing little incidents which her classmates are eager to hear. J! .D ii J 39JS3Q6XQyiX,f .J JXQf55E2XQf5XQr6?.f5K!f21Q,-f ,i 2 1 'xifj QJZQPI 3,2 1' "Always remember and cherish thy name .V " Activities wx fr .13 lj 3,573 Staff members, busy as bees, planning 1957 Veritas from left to right are: .Iohanne Peroni, Edzfor-1'n-Chzkyf' Elfriede Roth, Assistant Ea'z'tor,' Rose Frankenberg, Yjfpz'st,' Patricia Dolcey, C0-ea'iZor,' Sr. Mary Elizabeth, Aa'vz'ror,' Margaret Phillipps, A.rsz'5!anl Ea'z'!01,' Myrianl Dubourt, Chiqf Artislg julia Cavinato, Chiqf Yfypzlrt, and Kathleen VERITAS STAFF Maloney, Layout Artisf. Hfand 3575 worth of patrons will entitle you to a free yearbook." Moria and lVIyriam explain the ways and means to help the Seniors publish their book to a group of interested Freshmen. Seniors glance through previous ycarbooks hoping for inspiration. STUDENT COUNCIL y Evelyn IS prepar- ing an announcement as Myriam holds the notes as an aid. President Myriam Dubourt crowns Carol Secretary Mary, EV- Goepfert Queen ofthe Year as ulle elyn Hardman Xposes Cavinato, another candidate, assists behind Julie Cavi- nato, VZIFF-P7'F.YZACZ'f'77l, and Myriam Du- bourt, Presidmt. -..- ff 52 Sr. Adolfa pre- s e n t s V i C e - Presidentllulie Cavinato with an award for 6' Homemaker of-Tomorrow. U if ,zz Q sf' 1 1. 5 Ziggy Q ff-i-'i'i'3W Q .gwgg V I J 4 ,gf 'Y' , ,. if:-wg, my K H, - v ' f 't,R? 54? 5 T Chairmanjohanne Peroni and Co-chairman Mona Cremin arouse the amusement of their chums as they explain the Victorian ideal of Courlshzf .9 CATHCLIC PRESS MCNTH Various activities served to deepen the awareness of necessity of wholesome and holy reading. Seniors explored the realms of Catholic thought and reported their gleanings to their class- mates. They thus became ac- quainted with various current periodicals, books, minds and ideas on the Christian theme. Sophomores sponsored a rather obstruse poetry contest to tease the intellects of their friends. All classes made frequent trips to the library where Sister Juliana and Sister Vitalina Marie and their helpers had arranged an attrac- tive and inspiring book display. LITERARY CLUB The Literary Club made its reap- pearance this year, limited to Seniors only. Lively and informa- tive discussions have been held. The members feel that the aim of the club, to cultivate an appre- ciation and understanding of the masterpieces and masterminds of literature, has been realized. The club's activities include a survey of the Victorian Era, analysis of modern literature, and the dramatization of comic sketches. Barbara Jones, Julie Cavinato, and Rose Frankenberg peruse some of the new books displayed in the library during Catholic Press Month. LATIN CLUB A Latin Club has made its debut this year, an enthusiastic undertak- ing of the Cicero Class. The first project was a news broadcast by Johannes Cameronius Swazius given in costume to the student body. Pertinent news items were discussed, and a fashion show was "picked upn from the Coliseum, and a scene from the Senate with Cicero involved in the First Cati- linarian Oration was portrayed. Another project worked on was a paper in English and Latin to aid the students in an undertaking of Roman background and its value. Members of the Latin Club look thoughtful as Helen Ike, President jbr the second term, asks for ideas concerning the Latin newspaper. Unique in that it has as many officers as members, the Latin Club includes Johanne Peroni, Eileen Middelstaedt, Helen Ike, Margaret Phillipps, Elfriede Roth and Patricia Dolcey. Mary White, Vz'ce-Presz'dent,' Carol Goepfert, President, and Rose Frankenberg, Secretagug try to answer the question posed by member Joan Small. FUTURE SECRETARIES OF AMERICA Commercial students have united to form the F.S.A., an organiza- tion designed to further them in their determination to make expert secretaries of themselves. Meetings were held under the guidance of Sister Vitalina Marie and aimed at the character devel- opment of the future business women together with the uncov- ering of new facts about the secretarial world. Two business managers did research into vari- ous phases upon which the mem- bers reported and held discussions. Various projects were also gotten underway for the Building Fund. I Hliaeh heart now rejoices, our lovers are blest ln The cast of 'clzlarbarinai' gathers around the young noble, Cherubino, and his lovely bride, Barbarlna, as Figaro and Susanna join in the happiness. BARBARINA, QUR OPERETTA ln their flight from the wicked Count, Barbarina tNaney Klacobusj and Cherubino Qlilfriede Rothl stop to admire some deer in the forest. o 0 Cherubino is consoled in his sorrow by Figaro CBarbara Jonesj and Susanna QMar'garet Phillippsj. These two later devise a plan to help the young man escape from a wicked plot. Executive Board: First Row: Sister Theresa, C.S. JB., Mr. Frank Pirozzi, Treasurer, Mr. William Iorio, Vice-Presz'denl,' Reverend Jude Cahillane, O.S.B., Spz'rz'tua! Mrzd- eralorg Sister Adolfa, C.S. JB., Przinczlbalg Mr. John McGourty, Presz'denl,' Mr. John Primm, Wiiyx and Xllearzs Con'zrrzz4!tee. Second Row: Mr. William Yarrington, MFWlb6TShZfl,' Mrs. E. F. Beers, Clzazrmarz Clfzm Mr1tlzers,' Mrs. R. Hildebrant, Program C0rmrzz'Ztffe,' Mrs. C.Jacobus and Mrs. F. Artiglere, Wkfflzre Committee, Mrs. A. Alpaugh and Mrs. J. Berry, Hospitalzy C0mWlZ4fl6F,' Mr. Robert Mulligan, former President. PARENT-TEACHER ASSCCIATICN Square Dance Committee planning their November affair: Father jude, Mr. Mulligan, Mr. Iorio, and Mr. Yarrington. The Minstrel Show Committee examines one ofthe striking posters: Mrs. Hildebrant. Mrs. Kearney, Mrs. W'inkler, Mrsujacobus, Father Jude, and Mr. McGourtv. Mr. Walter Stine discusses the Cadillac raflle for the Building Fund with Mother Gabriel, Superior of Mt. St. John, and Sister Adolfa, Principal. Mrs. F.. F. Beers, Chairwoman of Class Mothers, plan- ning the program for the year with her associates. V T l J: ' X- f ws'fr,f1:wffff'?+7w'i ' MfL7fw.Q:'ff,ffs2fN,si'fff,fz,'f L . he X.:: - 'E . Sister Mary, CS. JB. Mary F. Barnes Linda R. Bednar Marie Louise Carballo Susanne M. DeFahiis Bonnie N. Durward Sharyn Lee Dusenberry Elizabeth D. Gregory Louise ,lugovich Mary McNamara Kaihleen 0'Brien Mary E. Parker Grade Elaine Piserchia Leonora Rogers Margarita M. Rovira Nancy Taft Kathleen Townley Rosemarie Vecchio Nancy Waruszewski David Alter Andrew Furlong Samuel Kanach Thomas G. Parker Rudolf R. Roth is rg' rzirr-'x'x'l'X'1'K"X'i KK ll 'fr 'M 4 y Q fu ,,., , M.. l Nancy Taft, Pnfszrlrnt, seated in front of Elaine Piserchia, Sr. Mary endeavors to clear Sf'I7'e"fII7f1,',' Louise Jugoyieh, Tm1.vurer,' and Susanne DeFabiis, up the mysteries of8th Grade VIil'f'- P7'F.S'I4llf'71f. Math to her young scholars. Intense work carefully guided is the keynote to success. The class takes aclvzinlagc of 21 stroll to look 21 little more closely at the sta- tions of the cross. 23 8 DILLEY'S BUS SERVICE FRED J. DILLEY, Proprietor Chartered Buses Route 69 and 202 Flemington, N. J. Telephone: 722 Xf TQ5QpfFQfi ?7SQf SQXGQVSQJ' 4- Ji.. Prescott 7-0901 - 0902 'k 'A' 'A' PELIO 81 PELIO Certified Public Accountants N.Y. and NJ. Registered Municipal Accountants 'k'k'k WM. L. PELIO, C.P.A. 114 Palisade Avenue Ihmw PELIO, C.P.A. Garfield, N. J. BARTHOLOMEW BROTHERS ATLANTIC SERVICE CENTER C-EX? NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J. Telephone: Charter 9-9871 Open 24 hours ex: NIXON, N. J. Telephone: Charter 9-9811 Open 7a.m. to 11 p.m. C-SEQ NIXON, N. J. Telephone: Charter 9-9632 Open 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. ll , l Kindergarten First Grade F W Congmtulations E lemen tag ' ' Students assemble in Chapel. Fourth Grade Fifth Grade rom the School Doctor Spaldo, school physician, examin- L ing Children as MI'S. Fenimore records information. Second Grade Third Grade iw Sixth Grade Seventh Grade I Congratulations to MARY GRACE BATTERMAN X LEBANON FRESH CHEESE CORPORATION Lebanon 42 Lebanon, N. J. Congratulations to MARY WHITE Best wishes for Cod's blessings on all her future undertakings - -from her devoted Dad. ii' ii? In memory of her beloved and exemplary mother, Mrs. Marie Connors White Congratulations to the graduates from REV. GERALD J. GRIFFIN With best wishes to the graduating class of 1957 -rr ,cf 73, 75? 75? -gy -rf MICHAEL ANDRUS Compliments of GLADSTONE MARKET, INC O 9 0 M. W. COOPER, Proprietor J- Best Wishes to Kit., Jr. W KETTI MADISON, INC. Girls, and sub-teen dresses 520 Eighth Avenue, New York, 3' Bryant 9-1703 BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES 0 6 0 Peapack - Gladstone Bank Gladstone, N. J. 0 0 0 Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insinrance Corporation BEST WISHES T0 THE GRADUATES --uf 0 fli- ANTHONY CONFORTI 1082-84 Dewey Place Elizabeth 2, New jersey Congratulations to the Graduates v FLEMINGTON FUR COMPANY Flemington, New Jersey FERD HOCH COMPANY Q23 Paints - Linoleums - Window Shades Picture Framing Q29 77 West Main Street Somerville, N. J. HOWARD J OHN SON 'S Route 22 Somerville, N. J. elf Breakfast - Luncheon - Dinner nl? Open hours: 7:30 A.M. 'til Midnight TuoMAs HAYES, Manager C0mPlime11lS Of HILL CHEVROLET CENTRAL JERSEY Eoons, INC. G'ads""'e'Ne"Je'sey Mine Brook Road Bernardsville, N. J. Restaurant and Home Freezer Food Supply Open 8:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Tuesday through Saturday FRED CRAWFORD Telephone: Bernardsville 8-1873 uk 'A' ir Peapack 8-0400 U. S. HAMMERED PIST ON RING COMPANY, INC. Railroad Avenue Stirling, New Jersey BEST WISHES TO Kit, Jr. Q MITEY MISS, INC. Always a friendly welcome Mc DONNELUS FIRE-SITE INN Springfield Avenue Gillette, N. J. ,lack and Rita Mc-Donnell Millington 7-0697 Music - Banquet Hall - Picnic Grove Road Stand - Pizza Pies - Sandwiches Best Wishes to Kit, Jr. O O O Fein Children's Dress Company BERNARD H. STEINKE. INC. SALVIA'S TAXI Heating - Air Conditioning - Plumbing 110 Grand Avenue Gladstone, N. J. Englewood, N. J. O C O Telephone: Lowell 3-7400 Telephone: PeaP3ck 80059 BEST WISHES TU' Kit, Jr. GXQ LIBBY DRESS William R. Acker FANNING AND SHAW Architects -If -4- 1, ,k ,k if 1 49 Ward Street Paterson 1, New Jersey Orange 3-1500 JOHN E. NEWMAN, President THE NEWMAN COMPANY Waterproofng Engineers and Contractors 407 South Jefferson Street Orange, New Jersey I Solving Masonry Problems Since 1910 L. V. LUDLOW 8: COMPANY Far Hills, New Jersey Lumber - Mason Materials -Millwork - Hardware - Fuel Oil Coal - Appliances Established 1890 Peapack 8-0314 THE EDWARD O7TOOLE COMPANY, INCORPORATED Q Church Goods Q 19 Park Place New York 7, New York To Our Parents and Teachers With deepest appreciation for the help you have given us throughout our eight A good place to eat school years, we sincerely thank you WATCHUNG VIEW INN and ask God's blessings on you. Specializing in Italian Dinners a La Carte The Elementary School Graduates New Addition for Private Parties 81 Banquets Phone: Somerville 8-9547 EMILIO LORETTI, Proprietor Route 202-206 North of Somerville State Police Friends Sincere good wishes to the t graduating classes of 1957. i' E05 ir Princeton, New Jersey Dr. and Mrs. John L. Spaldo THE OLD MILL INN Compliments of Route 202 Morristown, New Jersey 9? G. F. HILL sl COMPANY RAY CANTWELL, Inn Keeper Gladstone, New Jersey Congratulations to the Graduates from HUNTERDON GENERAL CONTRACTORS, INC. Contractors and Builders Residential and Commercial Route 12, Flemington Flemington 795-J Mr. and Mrs. Robert White Theresa Mueller Tranquilla Mueller Benedict A. Mueller Roman J. Mueller Mary P. Chanda Mary Tiger Cuhby Tiger Congratulations to the Graduates from those of us who have just begun, THE FRESHMEN Compliments of HILDEBRANT MOTORS Califon, New Jersey 3 33 S3 Telephone: Califon 14-J and 14-N Congratulations to the Graduates from Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Rogers Congratulations to the Graduates from Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Furlong, Andy, and Edith Mary. BEST Wisuns ik 'iff if REGER AGENCY Whitehouse, New Jersey DEBUS DRUGS Quality Service Peapack, New Jersey HUNTERDON COOP G.L.F. SERVICE feed - seeds - fertilizers - farm supplies lawn and garden equipment C29 GEORGE A. DE SEsso, Registered Pharmacist 'NM C522 Telephone: Flemington 876 Peapack 8-0662 Farm Store: Flemington 883 BEDMINSTER MOTORS, INC. FLEMINGTON BLOCK 81 SUPPLY COMPANY New and Used Cars and Trucks Mason Materials - Hardware - Coal Main Street Bedminster, N. J. Rome 69 Flemington, N. J. 0 Q O O O O HAROLD W. CnEssoN, Pres. Peapack 8-0256 Phone: Flemington 14-2 Courtesy of BAILEY FUNERAL HOME EDWARD A. BAILEY, Owner ii? QB Peapack, N. J. Compliments of ENDRESS MOTORS, INC. Your Buick Dealer Since 1915 Q 135 Main Street Somerville, New Jersey Congratulations to the Graduates from BILTRITE SHOES 84 West Main Street, Somerville, N. J. THE BOOTERY 42 West Main Street Somerville, N. J. J. MASTRO SHOES "Prescription Shoe F ittingv 20 Mine Brook Rd., Bernardsville, N. J. 22 Henry St., Basking Ridge, N. J. Compliments of a Friend For a Real Family Dinner Come To LARISON'S TURKEY FARM INN Turkey and Steak Dinners - Luncheons Dining Room Facilities for Banquets and Parties Open Noon to 7:30 P.M. - Closed Fridays Chester, N. J. Phone Chester 114 Compliments of J. L. SPALDO, M.D. J. W. SOMERVILLE, M.D. 32 Grove Street Somerville, New Jersey Q22 Somerville 8-1536 FLEMINGTON FLORAL COMPANY 22 North Main Street Flemington, New Jersey 'i Phone: Flemington 106 BEST WISHES TO Kit, Jr. O 6 6 ELLEN GIRL COAT COMPANY HUNTERDON VALLEY REAL ESTATE AGENCY JOSEPH F. KALETSEY, Proprietor 9 0 0 Three Bridges, New Jersey BEST WISHES T0 Kit, Jr. il? Sf? ik' CY ANSTENDIG 81 COMPANY JOSEPH D'APOLITO K SON Custom Tailor - Menis Wear Peapack Road, Far Hills, N. J. A FRIEND TIRPOK'S CLEANERS AND DRYERS, INC. F ive-hour dry cleaning service Reaville Avenue Flemington, N. J. Phone: Flemington 103 The family that prays together Stays together. With Best Wishes to Kit, Jr. Duhin Lace 81 Trimming Company With Best Wishes to Kit, Jr. Merchants Suppliers Paper Company Best Wishes to Kit, Jr. B. 81 H. Container, Inc. Best Wishes to Kit, Jr. Accurate Notion Company Best Wishes to Kit, Jr. Cooper 81 Rosenblum, Inc. Best Wishes to Kit, Jr. United Box Corporation Best Wishes to Kit, Jr. Dunhill Button Company Best Wishes to Kit, Jr. Carlton Tucking 81 Stitching, Inc Best Wishes to Kit, Jr. Mr. 81 Mrs. Philip Shapiro Best Wishes to Kit, Jr. Jack Weiss Best Wishes to Kit, Jr. Harry Billings Best Wishes to Kit, Jr. William Dorney Best Wishes to Kit, Jr. Benjamin D. Kaswan Best Wishes to Kit, Jr. Bert Preissman Best Wishes to Kit, Jr. Al Krimins Best Wishes to Kit, Jr. Mr. 81 Mrs. Murray Scheier Congratulations and Best Wishes to Mary Elizabeth and Thomas Parker from CECILIA BEST WISHES T0 Kit, Jr. The Wiig Family Congratulations to the Graduates Mr. 81 Mrs. Sam Scozzara Trenton, New Jersey BEST WISHES TO Kit, Jr. D. Mendelsohn Congratulations to the Graduates David Roth Cattle Dealer Annandale, New Jersey Congratulations to the graduating classes James J. O'C0nnell, M.D. 116 Livingston Avenue New Brunswick, New Jersey Compliments of SOMERSET HILLS EXPON ENT News of Your Community Commercial Printing Peapack, N. J.-Peapack 8-0633 Whitehouse, N. J.-Whitehouse 4-4 Compliments of E. A. Stock, Sr. DU MONT'S Greeting Cards and Gifts for all Occasions 82 West Main St., Somerville, N. J. if Somerville 8-1773 BAKUTES' STATIONERY Typewriters and Office Supplies 26-28 West Main Street Somerville, New J erse y Jerry's Somerville Beauty Center Specializing in Raillo Waves, Hair Cutting and Shaping 32 West Main St., Somerville, N. J. Somerville 8-1186 S. and S. STATIONERS 80 West Main Street Somerville, N. J. Compliments of THE BEAUTY NOOK Flemington, New Jersey MR. lYIARTIN PROFITA, Proprietor MARY EYERS Bern ardsville, New Jersey LAYTON FUNERAL HOME GEORGE R. LAYTON, Director Bedminster, New Jersey BARNEY'S BEAUTY SALON AND LADIES' WEAR for the latest in fashions and hair styling 49 West Main Street Raritan 5-14-96 Best Wishes to the Graduates Q The Pattenburg House, Inc. Congratulations to Mary Grace from Mr. and Mrs. Joseph De Stefano Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. William S. Fensel Congratulations to the Graduates HOLIDAY POOLS JosEPH DI BIANCA Flemington, N. J. Wilnler N. Tuttle Realtor - Appraiser - Insurance UIQ! Peapack 8-0456 Compliments of PARKER INSURANCE AGENCY Flemington, N. J. Frank D. Van Arsdale, Jr. Counsellor at Law Madisonville Road, Basking Ridge, N. J -A' Bernardsville 8-1440 and 14-41 PENN-MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO C. R. Molmow Califon, N. J. WALD DRUGS 40 West Main Street, Somerville, N. J. Q Somerville 8-0585 MANSFIELD'S PHARMACY Momus WILLSKY, R.P. 1 Mine Brook Road Bernardsville, N. J. 9 Bernardsville 8-0860 Compliments of A. J. Axelrod AXELROD'S PHARMACY Sun Ray Drugs Flemington, New Jersey Congratulations to the Graduates GRAY,S REXALL STORES Whitehouse, New Jersey Store hours: Daily 8:30 A.M. to 9:30 P.M. Sundays 5 P.M. to 7 P.M. Congratulations and Best Wishes from the MAPLE LODGE Lebanon, N. J. POLLY' S Gladpack Recreation Center Gladstone, N. J. 0 Peapack 8-9734 Congratulations to the Seniors HICKORY GROVE Wliitehouse, N. J. MARTIN EAGLE, Proprietor HOWLAND'S Confectionery - Luncheonette Gladstone, N. J. .IAMES A. BRUSH exp Groceries - Fruits and Vegetables Frozen Foods FOGELSON'S MODEL BAKERY Newton, New Jersey Compliments of LONG VALLEY GENERAL STORE Long Valley, N. J. Compliments of BILL'S GROCERY 8: LUNCHEONETTE WILLIAM G. CROWLEY Ironia, N. J. Justice 4-7984 SMALLEY'S FISH MARKET Dunellen, New Jersey PARK,S MARKET Basking Ridge, New Jersey Compliments of D. 81 S. SANDWICH SHOP Corner Main and Warren Sts., Chester, N. J Phone: Chester 185 Pleasing You, Pleases Us PISTILLPS RESTAURANT Spaghetti - Pizza - Lasagne - Ravioli Sandwiches - Cocktail Bar Morristown Road, Bernardsville, N. J. Phone: Bernardsville 8-2393 Good Food, Fine Drinks LONG VALLEY INN Route 24, Long Valley, N. J. Open all year - Cocktail Lounge Phone: Long Valley 223-R-2 Fine Food, Banquets THE CHUCK WAGON Manville, New Jersey Best Wishes To The Graduates: STUCKEY'S PECAN SHOPPE Highway 22 W'hitehouse, N. J. YE OLD MAPLE TREE INN Jennie DiLnlIo Dinners - Lunches - Sandwiches I Italian Style Spaghetti Route 24,,Chesler, N. J. Spaghetti and Steak Dinners Our Specialty Best Wishes to the Graduates TOWNE LIQUOR STORE Whitehouse, New Jersey Joseph and Nicholas Ros:-mia, Proprietors Compliments of JERSEY HILLS DAIRY Peapack-Gladstone Dairy, Distributor 107 Sherman Avenue Raritan, N. J. Raritan 5-0355 Congratulations to the Graduates DELBERT F. SIMON Distrihutor of Sehmalz Dairy Products Lebanon, New Jersey PEACOCK - GLADSTONE DAIRY COMPANY Golden Guernsey Milk Peapack, N. J. Peapack 8-0448 RONALD CARPET COMPANY Largest Floor Covering Shop in Somerset County 132 Main Street, Somerville, N. J. Telephone: Somerville 8-3394 LUDLOW REFRIGERATION CO. Commercial and Domestic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Sales and Service 114 West Oak Street, Basking Ridge, N. J. Telephone: Bernardsville 8-2269 ELLIS TIGER COMPANY Farm Machinery DOOLEY BROTHERS Chevrolet - Oldsmobile Garden Tractors , Lawn Mowe,s 46 East Main Street, Somerville, N. J. Lumber - Coal - Hardware Q Gladstone, N. J. Peapack 8-0321 Telephone: Somerville 8-3030 Compliments of TERESHKO LUMBER COMPANY Service is Our Motto Call Flemington 1020 Compliments of FLEMINGTON LUMBER COMPANY Building Materials U. S. Route 202 - One mile north of Flemington Circle Flemington, New Jersey WILLIAM FAVIER 81 SONS, INC. Surge Milkcers and Coolers - Goodyear Tires Jamesway Barn Equipment - Quonset Buildings Somerville, N. J. Telephone: Somerville 8-2339 KUHL BROTHERS Coal, Feed, and Farm Supplies Three Bridges, New Jersey 0 0 0 Telephone: F lemin gton 2 13-J FLEMINGTON CHICK SEXING .l. OSTER LEGHORN FARM SERVICE For Baby Chicks that Make Great Layers Flemington, New Jersey R. D. 1, Flemington, N. J. 0 0 FICIUIIIQIOII 463-M Flemington 987-R2 TAYLOR CHEVROLET COMPANY The Place to Buy Your Finest "OK" Used Cars Route 202, at the Circle Flemington, New Jersey i' Telephone: Flemington 804 NEVINS BROTHERS Flemington, New Jersey Compliments of SAMMIS' GARAGE Lebanon, New Jersey BRIDGE GARAGE General Repairs 2 Mount Airy Road 33 Telephone: Bernardsville 8-1167 TRI-STATE SERVICE 30 West Main Street Somerville, New Jersey GX? Somerville 8-3415 Congratulations to the Graduates 0 0 0 BRYANT'S TULSA SERVICE Whitehouse, New Jersey ECKHARDT 81 SMITH, INC. Radio - Television - Appliances Florham Park, N. J. Frontier 7-1095 BURKETT BROTHERS CO., INC General Electric Sales and Service Flemington, N. J. Flemington 500 ALPAUGH EXCAVATING CO. Blacktopping and Excavating Lebanon, N. J. Lebanon 136 FLEMINGTON JEWELRY STORE Sales and Service 32 Main Street, Flemington, N. J. Eugene Derda, Proprietor Telephone: Flemington 224-R CARL R. BURD Electrical Contractor Califon, N. J. Califon 126-R T. H. FULTON INCORPORATED Frigidaire and T.V. 199 W. Main. St. Somerville, N. J. DANIELSON BROTHERS Floor Contractors Lebanon, N. J. Lebanon 113 NATIONAL GYPSUM COMPANY Compliments of SAM MAIMONE AND SON Building Contractor Bound Brook, N. J. Phone: EL-6-1065 C. R. MCCOLLUM, INC. Electrical Contractor-Dealer Q22 General Electric Merchandise J. J. KEEFE Carpentry 8: Masonry - Woodworking Shop P. O. Box 404, Madison, N. J. I Telephone: Frontier 7-2682 LESLIE M. APGAR Engineers and Surveyors Bedminster, N. J. BILL'S TV CENTER Radio - Phonograph - T.V. Sales and Service 17 Olcott Square, Bernardsville, N. J. 6 Telephone: Bernardsville 8-2291 GRANETZ Fine Furniture 175-181 West Main Street Somerville, N. J. Compliments of DOUBLE INN Main Street, South Bound Brook Phone: EL-6-9718. H. G. GEIST COMPANY Califon, New Jersey HIPPLE'S GARAGE Auto Repairs on all Makes of Cars Three Bridges, N. J. Phone: Flemington 64-9 R-12 Compliments of FLEMINGTON CUT GLASS Best Wishes STRYKER'S PAINT STORE, INC. 16 Bloomfield Avenue Flemington, N. J. GREENS PHARMACY JAMES L. RYAN Flemington, N. J. Est. 1878 Congratulations to the Graduates -0 Q 0 CLIFFORD L. NEWMANN Flemington, N. J. Church of St. Magdalene De' Pazzi Flemington, N. J. Elizabeth Anderson Mrs. Lucy Anderson Mrs. Fred M. Apgar Mary E. K. Applegate Anthony Aveta Jerry Aveta Pep Aveta Ralph Aveta A Friend Dolores A. Baacke James Barker Victoria Barrett Mrs. M. Bartholomew Angelo Basilone Mrs. Elma Beam Mrs. Julia Bolash Edward F. Beers Susan 0. Beers Bob and Joan Mr. Bodine Mrs. DeMaine Boetcher Harold Boltner Af2c Edward J. Boudreau William F. Boudreau Angie Brown Mrs. Guy F. Bush Mrs. T. C. Catchings Joseph J. Cirillo Mrs. Flora W. Coakley Mrs. Mary Colanduomi Compliments of a Friend Miss Peggy Cook Connie and Ev Corrado's Market Courtesy House, Clinton Joseph Darold Lois Darold Della Dombrowski Regina Dombrowski Mrs. A. J. Eichson Charles Emmons Rita FitzGerald Shorty Fleming Elizabeth Farkas Clarence Frone Jack Frost William T. Fulton Andrew Furlong Edith Mary Furlong John F. Gall Mrs. Bertha Gall Dorothy A. Gasdia Mrs. Ernest R. Gentile Richard E. Gilpin Mrs. James Ginnie Kathie Glynn Carolyn Gordon Mrs. Alice Gordon The Greelish's Green Groceries Harry Guttman Mrs. James E. Healy Wally Helbing Frank Hernandez Mrs. Mary Hock Mrs. A. Hockenhery Warren G. Holmes E. Hutchungs Mary Jane Jasinski Mrs. Mary Jensen Mrs. Eleanor Jones Margaret Kane Grace B. Keefe Mrs. William Knight Karl Knab Joey Kouilie Mrs. Mary Kraemer Kramer Store, Three Bridges George R. Layton A. Lane Mrs. N. Leoncavallo Walter Leffman L. V. Ludlow K Co. Lib and Tillie Victor Liccione Mrs. William T. MacRoberts Ralph J. Maiello Joseph J. Maimone Kenneth Maimone Mrs. Santa Marino Mike's Barber Shop Mrs. Caroline Moloney Mr. Anlice Macdonald Edward Minetti Mary Ann Monti Kathleen B. Murdock Mrs. Margaret Mullin Harvey Nelson, Jr. Mrs. Harvey Nelson, Jr. Maurice R. Nulty Cliff Newman Dottie Packer Mrs. M. Paganessi Modest Palombo Betty Philhower Joe Penisidi Earl Philhower Mrs. Charles Pomnitz Dan Prashker Mrs. Eva Primm Frank Ratfren Henry P. Robinson P. and R. Rondondo Roy and Bev William G. Russel Loretta Saling Mr. Harold Saling Mrs. Harold Saling Harold J. Saling James Sauerhoefer Catherine L. Stoddard Mrs. Pauline Saling J. and M. Scagliotta Vincent F . Schiavone Samuel Seitman Mary Simms Emma Smith Daniel J. Solow Somerville Typewriter Virginia A. Spaldo Caroline M. Stole J. R. Spencer S. Sturges Clare Terlizzi Bernie A. Terlizzi Bernadette M. Terlizzi Rosina M. Terlizzi Julie Tirpok Mrs. Susan Togno The Tracy's Wilmer N. Tuttle Two Friends Sue Uhl Mrs. Alice Van Gaalen Glenn Van Gaalen Gordon Van Gaalen Emory Van Horn Mrs. Eleanor Wagner William Wagner Mrs. B. R. Waldron Mrs. J. Waldron Mrs. Norman Weiler Harold O. Wilson Jean Winicki Mrs. R. Wittack Donald Yuhas J. and D. Zastko Florence Zehnder C Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. 'and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund K. Abele L. M. Apgar Raymond B. Apgar L. M. Apgar Russell J. Apgar Ross P. Archer Jerry Aveta Edward C. Baacke Ballintine Joseph Balestrine Lewis R. Barker J. Bartholomew Jacob Bartholomew, John Bartholomew W. Barz Edward F. Beers Leon Beiser Fred Bischoff William E. Blazure R. A. Bodine Henry P. Bowen Sam Brandt Francis E. Braxmeier Jack Bruno Robinson D. Burbank Chris Buttenweck Gordon l. Button August J. Cavinato D. J. Coughlin Henry Cramer, Jr. Vladimer F. Ctibor Thomas P. Dante Joseph J. Darold John Decker Marion Dombrowski John De Coster Victor De Lucas Frank De Matteo C. H. Dilts Charles E. Drake Albert P. Dusey, Sr. A. Eifenback Everett J. Fagan Francis J. Ferratti Carl C. F ichert Stanley Fila Franklin Fischer William Foerster David M. Fox Joseph Gallia Albert Gallo Paul Gallo William Gallo Paul Gallo John Garbaski Frank R. Gasdia George W. Gehlbach Michael Giaquinto Mr Mr Mr Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mr: Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr: Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr. Mr Dr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr. Dr. Mr Mr Mr Mr. Mr. BOOSTERS and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. D. W. Graham Robert J. Grant David Gronenberg H. Gross Charles S. Hamilton H. Hersperger Raymond E. Hess George W. Hildebrant William C. Hill Lester Hittle Peter E. Hogehoom Theodore J. Holz Peter J. Housman and Mrs. Harold Hopping and Mrs. H. P. Hoyt and Mrs. T. R. Hughes and Mrs. D. Jack and Mrs. Sheldon Jerome and Mrs. Bob Kaplan and Mrs. James Kearney and Mrs. Francis Kelly and Mrs. George J. Kenna and Mrs. C. H. Kerlin and Mrs. Kilss and Mrs. Alois Knab and Mrs. Walter J. Kossman and Mrs. John Kostik and Mrs. John Lance and Mrs. Jacob Lasner and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs Michael Lapinski Charles C. Lee, Jr. Sam Leyton D. Lockwood Frank Logel M. H. Lutkin Joseph Maguire Vincent J. Maguire Bernard F. Major E. H. Maier Henry Martin Barney Mozdzen John McGourty Walter P. Miller Larry Mitchell Leo Mogilefsky Pat Monti C. T. Mulligan and Mrs. Andrew Neubauer and Mrs. Edward O'Rourke and Mrs. Jakob Oster and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Stacy Opdyke C. Overk Edmund D. Pellegrino Edson Perry and Mrs. Russell Perry and Mrs. Jerry Petoia and Mrs. and Mrs Edwin V. Phillipps Frank G. Pirozzi Mr Dr. Mr. Mr Mr. Mr Mr. Mr Mr. Mr. Mr Mr. Mr. Mr Mr. Mr Mr Mr. Mr Mr. Mr. Mr Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Hr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Hr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. John J. Pirozzi George F. Poe Shaffer Post Frank Ralfren Vincent Ramunni Lawrence Rice Bruce P. Russell Harold V. Ryno Stephen Sargent David Solarz Harry Sallman Alfred S. Sansonetti Robert W. Schaefer Raymond G. Schapley Edward Schenck Kenneth Schenck Kurt Schott Carl Schroeder Albert Seals Thomas Serridge Thomas Serridge, Jr. James Serridge Norman Seeley Thomas Sibilia Martin Slavick Oscar Sliker Ivan McK. Smith, Jr. Russell S. Smith Sidney Smith J. P. Sorace Alex Stepanchuk Walter A. Stine, Sr. John L. Stoddard Sam Strauss Danny Sullivan Kenneth Swick L. Tayler Jerry Terlizzi D. C. Townsend John A. Tozzi William Vail Howard Van Horn Walker John Walsh William Wehrle Gordon. Wilbur Chester J. Wilder Ralph Willison Stanley Winicki George Wisokay George W. Young G. W. Young Arkay Department Store Flemington, N. J. B and C Market South River, N. J. Becker Heating and Plumbing Somerville, N. J. Bedminster Greenhouses Bedminster, N. J. Bill's Food Market Raritan, N. J. Blaher's Style Shop Flemington, N. J. ' Blinker Inn Stirling, N. J. Bob's Flower Shop Peapack, N. J. Bob's Hobby Center Somerville, N. J. Bodine's General Store Long Valley, N. J. Champion Food Products North Plainfield, N. J. Charlie's Bootery Clinton, N. J. Creasy's Candy Store Lebanon, N. J. Crystal Ice 81 Fuel Division Somerville, N. J. Diehl's Jewelers Bernardsville, N. J. Dooley Brothers Somerville, N. J. Dorsi's Store Stirling, N. J. Far Hills Market Far Hills, N. J. Flemington Auto Body Service Flemington, N. J. Gaston's Somerville, N. J. BOOSTERS F. E. Geis 81 Company Bound Brook, N. J. Gladstone Motors Gladstone, N. J. Glasstetter's Bakery Scotch Plains, N. J. Hunterdon Valley Real Estate Agency Three Bridges, N. J. Ingalsbe's Scotch Plains, N. J. John's Meat Market Scotch Plains, N. J. Kilmer Distributors Edison, N. J. Lebanon Hotel Lebanon, N. J. Lillianette Beauty Salon Peapack, N. J. Martini's Ladies Shop Flemington, N. J. McLoughlin's Flower Shop Somerville, N. J. E. Meller 81 Sons Plainfield, N. J. Neigh Brothers Clothing Califon, N. J. The Olde Log Cabin Stirling, N. J. Paul's Sunoco Service Flemington, N. J. Pessaroifs Cleaning Shop Somerville, N. J. Polly's Luncbeonette Gladstone, N. J. Price and Company Somerville, N. J. Purple Cow Flemington, N. J. Rambo's General Store Califon, N. J. Beharber's Nixon, N. J. River Game Farm Ironia, N. J. Ryan's Pet Shop Somerville, N. J. Sachs Shoes Flemington, N. J. Sanatto Bros. Garden Center Bernardsville, N. J. Serova School of Dancing Somerville, N. J. S 81 S Stationers Somerville, N. J. Smith's Service Station Bedminster, N. J. Somerset Hills Pastry Shop Bernardsville, N. J. Somerset Textile Store Somerville, N. J. Staiano Wood Products Califon, N. J. Stine's Auto Body Shop Somerville, N. J. Theismann's Esso Edison, N. J. Trapiano Brothers Raritan, N. J. Towne Pharmacy Raritan, N. J. Van 's Grocery and Delicatessen Peapack, N. J. Wargo Motors Clinton, N. J. Welsh's Motor Sales Far Hills, N. J. Whitehouse Florist Whitehouse, N. J. Woldin's Footwear Somerville, N. J. Ill! .Wf- S V. . 1. nf ..-. , ...LL :- we , 1 .1553-5 Q, . -. J. .,,. 4,2 , - u. R 1 ,iz Y'- 'if LF? -r L , .IA vl '? Lg. -5-img, .'r:, . 3 .1 'L :'.:,'-1-Ll. ,- 1 '. 'iff-Af' . -- '. cf 'FJ '211.',g-.- 'Z ' 5. 1 ulizigif . . , 'Q ' 'J' V 2 +1 U l ffl- . , . 4 '. xlibs. . 54. 2 f- lf' 1 L - --11? ' -. - eg- A. K -' " -.".,-fE- -,.,l", 1 ,Ql-,:L53-!- -, -z .- 9 M, L .1 1 'r fi 1 .J :L i"Q' -' T V --My 1 55.-, - , 1:-1 .A 4 ,. .f,....i, f .. 412?1!'1!N , , -N11i'Qnk41rsf.,5.-gpg..-,N . ' ,-..A. 1,-.4 ,lf Y x .1 j' An 3 sz :efsyv--are-e " j-'J' . Afiifx I -. mf. -' i-1'.:f1,g -,fri . 11 7.51 ' . '1 "ffm nf. wgubfgii, .H 3 . Qtr: :X- E gnrffr - 'ljs - 7fi6,h:+-M. .1-.Q v.,-, HL, gffz-iff! 131' W 'f'-if-vb' fl! ' .' ' fi .mf ' '.1i'Q Qu . v, +.-61.33545 II44: . 4, 1. '--..,1: '- , 'Q ., 3 . ' 'PE-I ............-,,. . .a.,p.:...... . 1Wl1 WvmMlKUlwlH ,213 1. -1 Q xx Q 'Y'-. '... 4:75 1: V' uf'-L 4 W f ,- 1:45-.-15 uh ..., LUSH Q: ,PAL "TW, T'.f -1 M .-an 1 1 avi' ,. I, ..,"f1f'-ui, 41 I A, ,.v,..., '.x- ,M L --,..1,,'-,,.r. ' - .3 " xv-J H .V - t 5 .mans , 1 '-,. -m, , V ., -.. , A vi Wm.. J -. 1 'xfrn ' -Y 4'-2H2f?TZ1, ' .1. , .L V' Av .:q.v.W,..' 3'.:1 , ' .- ..J fbi.: -X 1 1P'.V.- .-Q1 ,'-I -f .,-- ..--1. xv. - . ,-- .1'..- : ,,-. V A- 7 lx- X 11- .- :'9?Eggs2.lfqe-,l.-Zgihgme. ij? ,-'. -' f '-Q. ypf b Lf! z: vnnooxs VM Nwmmm lrlmmlm lmmnulumw wwmmwlmnmuml1'11m111,Mu Mvwlww lmnmmlmmlnwrmmlamnlmwmwmvvnwmlllm lwln 1limi!!!mlwmnlnuwnuwlmmmw11111111lN1Awuummu IIl1nwulwuuwwumaw'vww1211,1111,111,'!"'N1,,1'1N 'f- 1 ' 'Lf""lT'!:.: 'af' , M ,K fr., , .- ,..,u-- - - ,117-gl 3-12-3-'-:A gl'e1',:-.-'a ,,,n-.1 112: " ' ... , ,.-,..-.:4.' .. - ,,- .- -nl :'L..:'u---':E:+i-'X I 7. 'F' 4.1. ,.' . 4. ,L W . J 0 .,,,.-.-, .. .,. .,,.. W.. ,,..,,1g,...,.1': ,,.,..'.'-'iv' , ,,-.-.., 4, v . A H: of--1-..'.i7' x u '-1-':'-1: :'2:7-' I--" fun 1 - ..,,.. -wI:f-1:- .x-pfve-1' -' f ,W-u,Av , .-' fn, -ur 1. - -pt -f- ' ' ' ' ' I I N v u 1 1 v ., : ..'-1-.wa-'-'ff-'Q -37371""'5 r . , .. ,T , ,, 4 .Y, -41-4 -1-. ' A mfn I - ,-1.. -f0'r,Y-' "'t"'f?:"r1-"'..-1' " 1 gg. ,-Y n V5.7 - 1... xl I 1 In u . I "W ,1 .1, ,. Q u -. r ff -9' r-- K , ,L 1 ,rx . ks -,,,,. 1. nr- ff. , 1 Q

Suggestions in the Mount St John Academy - Veritas Yearbook (Gladstone, NJ) collection:

Mount St John Academy - Veritas Yearbook (Gladstone, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Mount St John Academy - Veritas Yearbook (Gladstone, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Mount St John Academy - Veritas Yearbook (Gladstone, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 44

1957, pg 44

Mount St John Academy - Veritas Yearbook (Gladstone, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 11

1957, pg 11

Mount St John Academy - Veritas Yearbook (Gladstone, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 25

1957, pg 25

Mount St John Academy - Veritas Yearbook (Gladstone, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 15

1957, pg 15

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