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f, , . Q ' 1' , , fi"-ff . . 4. ' . ,, v- , 'V' I 'gy -5" as 5' pf 6 I' . f-' -, . . , A,a A-f" ff? . ,Y la 'f ' "ix 5.- . Mg' , I Th, . iff' ,kj A215 L 15, ,J x x . 1 f.. Q 4, 4, 490 5 ' " f Db' :I in Y , - yikgwv 1' f ,fl . H :?"i':VT:'Xl' l w1i'f1f Q . 'MXL 'N- 1 4 X ,.d' 4 WW Q3 2956523 93 925223 9379 9525? 0 +2952 VERITA azbnmainfhwfun by THE SENIIIR CLASS GLAlIS'l'0NE, NEW JERSEY ' MCMLVI N252 E55 3 3 Q25 Q15 3 Qi fi 3 Qi H S35 iii E 352 o v o o Q Q o Fi' sza'2seieszswe+sszaaHe+saaw5aaissca+sszsesf9+ssza4fssca+aazs+s,zs+ase+sszafa5za+aHefsasfsszafasefsjzsnszafsszafaii M4 2 'l z 2 1 i ii Z 3 l i PE G-1 5 2 'i' 2 2 2- 3 Z s I-Q 5, . v v v+se+z5asi5za+aza4sse+a5zz+s5zs4eszaasza+saQ4a5z2,+aszs4,szaise+ssaa4 565356 S5Z5'?556fS56?S564 T5ZSi5Z5?55Z3E5L3uv2T6 EWWWWWWWWHWWawww we'rme??2 Turn our storied pages Of four advancing yearsg- ' Set memories in gilded cages, Reflecting without tears- Each major or trifling event g Or pause and see a face once here, Yet no longer present. Now we take liberty to steer Moments memory may misplace, Into a clearer focus. Scene upon scene interlaces Till we arrive at this, The fiinale in our production. Bounties knowledge has bequeathed Resemble cadets at attention, Mischiefs committed being slighted. Do not a reprimanding critic be! Th-'ough faults may not be stressed, Self praise is also hard to see. Straying not to alien atmospheres, Nor grasping romantic fantascies, Four classes, four acts, four years, Crecendoing as in rhapsodies, Fulhlled upon St. lohn's stage. Anticipation becomes too keen to be spurned So enough for this page- The remaining also must be turned ! ! L Z X Louise De Clcco F3 Q5 Xt REVEREND MOTHER GABRIEL C.S.JB. f' - ZX. Q 5 ff' iv 'T 'di 1171 ' ' We dedicate this 1956 edition of "Veritas" to our dear Mother Gabriel, . Superior of Mount St. John. Most of us have only come to know Mother this X X year, but already we have been impressed by her generosity and pleasantness. N To us she is like a sparkling ray of sunshine, penetrating and nourishing each fn of us with her warmth,-better still, she is like a real Mother, for immedi- N ately, upon our first encounter., we knew that her understanding and concern - was personal and individual. Perhaps, though as Seniors we will only be in Y N contact with Mother Gabriel for a few months, we will take away with us GN something of her gentle firmness, staunch denotedness and Christ-like iaiety. Surely such an example will impel us on to make her ideal our own: " ll for i the glory of God? 2 Eiffel . , it 1 X f "vu t - 4 ,: 'QTY ' ' :' - 0 x I , A, Wx 1,1 Q agp. .Ii it ffx 9 Sr, iixmlopgil. A 2 o f 0 S 0 I I 5 ul 10 J X X " ful My 1 . -Ula Dolores Cerullo, Secretaryg Louise D e Cicco, Sandra Satterthwaite, Assistant Editorsg Madeline Oppel, Artist. E 1 l e e n Engerud, Co-Edltor, Mary Alice Young, Editor in Chiefg Elaine Stehnicky, Busi- ness Manager. u V A task without vision is drudgegi A vision without task is a dream. But a task with a vision is the hope qt the world B .:' ' . - " :Q,fsP',., A .5 'fg'-gp. , , .K K,x', ,L I V . 'N'-6 grin Ugg , . 5' 5-, ' Q' ' ,. " ,' , 559' g' 3 .""- Y - ' nf. :Qi ' 2 . .y 1 9 .I Q h . 4 , ,QQ W 'AJ K f, ,. Y, x,- x' A.. ---1 . V., '51, Q' Qgvj 4' , , , " . yt , ' x L ' ' 5. " A "":: ' X 2' 'A N2"'-69+ ' 3Mk"f1 .. Y, ' ,mfxm Q.'u',,-K ts. -,a " 'J ' ,ff if - gg' A v, If -dy, E , b V - nil, P' U' V' '- A' ff ,. - : 5+ ' :swf H TV 4 H-55--, H If -, s ., A ,,- .- , M -M f . 1. W X - - ' x . 'v N . . 3:4 lf- a. A .. Q - J .. w1x. 1 K- 7 ' " ' , '- ' ' . , 'in' 'A' . -' ' A 952112-L. , A, -0 T' 1 in- eI'M' ,,,., - J i 4? 31 - , ' ,- fig? ' . ' p .V -.Q A ,-5 ' ' 1' .-. 2 is -' ' . 'P W:--' - -- f ,, ' ' 0-- f ,-,Q 261 ' V 'QR .-ag . ' ' . - 1Qxfx..g,.w-if 'jg . Jiffy .Inf J- - . ri - A ,K .hh .. N I K 5- ,q I' . gif .-c A 17, vi fd, , W . -1 ff . 4. ' 'va :rcs f , 'fi 'Q ' ' , , 'E S. v 'ju AW' . rf -Q U . ' + I U -,:'i.,5r Hb. ,sm A f , - v vi 5- . ,f , 'yt q ,A , f-.Q I .fi K vi 'H N' la " 'U ff?" , "' A 'Q f - '11-. - -' " -:E IG? - 4f. 4 .2 A' - xj-. , " - -. ' '. ' . , b 1 21 ' A f' . V 1 1 5' V .-MHAO' ,K . - 3 ,Q-JF 11 Elf . - 'xg ' Q -qi . 1 V Cf - 473 gg '5 'jf , -.1-,EL , . - X-A., A-.Q .-' - ,. . Q, ,Q xg.,-. ' 'f-Q . 4,- gm 1 .6 .f 45 5- . f.,'if: . , 'JA . ,Q 3, 1. , V T V4,,..f 5 -Q. I' A ' " sf-Y' f' 'df' - . ' N . . , 4 ,. I-' C' -- 'fx' ,z-I Y, ' . Q. ' me . 4 if Qi N--Q ' - Q- . iff ,P ' Aff! Q, ,-IMC qi -S3-A '-r-,. if Q gf, 'fl' Y . X, 'Q x Jw, f m . -. , A' - . . M.-fm-ff w . ,Q .. '- -1 , .Q -1 -.- Q ..- ,+- 5, Q .Jai I R ...xi Q vb.-. . , .I . 3 U K-Q QT Q .Cu ,xii ,L K 3- ,-EQ ww - , ll D. V , 1 lv.: J s'- i- 3. ' F, .nigh i 1, .V wp I X ,Q Q11 - , , X xl! 1: . , , Q gf' , ' ., f' M1gw?L5,!:'7j, ', 1'-if Q ' 1 I 'f L-fiP' slkffm- T' H-,-' 3' 'ik' -1 in f .I '. t VA" , X-is 5'x?3't" ,Aga X 5 A li flvw ,A 'x""g, A . - ,. ' 1 A 4 ' W 1' f' ' ' fv 4- ' mr w , fd .. 4 ---I .. ' , - -, , f I 2--, V. , - .- T55 H- 'N-' .' , K mmap.. . -, 1- moi-' 1 H j' m ,- V, ,4 I V. 142 - . W :J :gkAqg'.t?J. I 1-,.f-31? V a,,,',f,g 5 X-Q N, I V , ' N :S f gig? I - be ya-ij, 1' , ' '. fi 1- If: gf I 'iq 74 1 ' dia - ,- Q- ' I ' 3 1-v7,,.vl1, - ' fx ' ' 1' 4 ' A ' ' "'f21'fie N . - .,,, ,141 1,5 - f 1, , , ,I Jgf,Q,. 35 fini de: ri is k F hr - an A A V. f :wal 1 13" "3 fp - 4 . ,V f f 1 - -wk. If " 1 ,f f fi N . ?7'3',r 4 1' 3 vi. " A.. V, MQ. 3,-,,' 'A , af- - ,-" 2 A - " A' - ,, ..f " ' 7- - Q'-F5 ' - T wr' ' RH A' V 4 F' ' ,, -' "iv -'AM x..,.q,f,w FQ' ff? t f - ' . " "'t,f ffi' 17 5, 1 'H 3 ' , , ' ' , .fa 6 A 'uf ,.. ,IQ "1-,Tiff 5, ,, .' ' , -4 ' .f' . : , I - 5,9 .7 LJ. 'L .T ,. -3 6 . '- E' ... r, ,ii W! 0 -1 ' ,fi . ' : n .1 - K . - I T3 rr- ki -44 K L 1 y L: .,- ff, 0 f' ix, , F ..,, J' H ' '-W . ..,..,,.,.""X. . - It 5 i 5 I f. . an I Q V A QQ I :'ra..,4 9-si' x Ctiqnnnt Sf EI f , u gn Qtahexlzg Sisters uf Sf Zn! L , ,U 11,2 giapfigf 051-fxhsfunr, QNefu 312rSl' 2 Ab dear Cradzzafes' When Wzllzam Shah 'espeare compared the worlrl lo a siage, wzlh Ihe cgphe lines 'Hll lhe worldfr a V a a' slage n all the men and women merehf plapersfj he utlered an zrrghrtable lrulh, the zrnporl ofwhzkh you can readzlv see. R each Qfjou lhe Masler Plywrzght has asszgnea' a speeyir role zn the conwlzl l calea' drama lflgk. Your happzness or the laelc ry' 12 depends on the way you play your parg regardless Mis nalure. l1f71elher your role be fha! VQIIEEII or mazof' przma donna or Uzllaznj hzghhv esteemed career woman or humbleg unknown housewyi- does no! malleg as long as-you ad zw7h enthusiasm, lhoroughness and an zmderslandmg from mission. Play haraj' alwgas wzlfh a sense yiyour dzgnzbf, ana' lhe consczourzess lhalryour are lhe eaplanz gpyour soul the applause of men ana' angels wzlhznjour power to waz. Lzve girly, never fy?aza' oflhe problems UIQQ no mailer how complex and seemzngly beyond sohnfzon. Plzyuyour own role and not someboajf elses' your convzelzons and Meals so strong as lo enable you to maheyour own deczszonsg znsteaa' qffollowzng a pallem qfcorlducl se! Q1 the erawaf Be happy and ramble happzness znlo other peoples' lzvesg whbzng a fear here and mendzng a brohen spzrz? lhereg hzgh mznded enough lo return kzndrzessjir re- buhq charzlyjbr znsult andgenllenessjir sareasm. Ac! Chrzsllzlce, wah ever a vzew to the final aeg when lhe curlazn oflnne wzll close andyou wzll be ushered mio lhe realms qfblzss. Aly the Master Plzyvwrzghl eommendyour earihba pewrmanee and rewardyou wzkh a more exalted role among its Blessed who szng Ms love and lbs praises unlo elernzb: .... Lovzngbf zn jesus Chrzsg S5456 fig Q Szster Ad' 0021, C :Sf ,XB Prznvzpal SISTER LUCY, C.S. JB. Senior Moderator Algebra, Geometry, General Science, Chemistry. SISTER JULIANA CS. JB.. . junior Moderator Religion, Commercial metic, Italian, French. Arith- REVEREND JUDE CAHILLANE O.S.B. Academy Chaplain Religion. Our Spiritual director, teacher and friend, whose Irish humor has amused and warmed us all, has impressed us most by his undaunted kindness and generosity. These we recognize to he but the children of his "pet" virtue, CHARITY. In his three years at the Mount his Christ-like influence has been felt not only by us, hut by the ,whole area, whose interest he has taken to heart. SISTER MARY ELIZABETH C- S- JB- SISTER VITALINA MARIE Sophomore Moderator . C, S, JB. Latin, English, Art, Music. I Frgyhman Moderglor Business Law, Typing, Stenog- raphy, Transcription, Music. MR. JAMES FENIMORE English, History, Biology 931- MRS. BLANCHE FENIMORE, R.N. Academy .Nurse Health . .. MRS. DOROTHY ZAHRENDT Physical Training PROFESSOR MARSTON HADDOCK Cll0lj3l Singing MRS. MARY LOUISE JACOBUS Academy Secretary MR. WALTER GIANNINI Vocal and Instrumental In struction. The Setting of 0ur Ilra a I lzke the language 0 the trees Thy speak the whole day long Thy know not ora clecezt nor guzle But artless as a lzttle chzla' They tell tlzezr stogf, all the whzle ' 1 JJ Undmznafu Q' all wrong. .Ji fy K 55- -fxwnorrih .-vf ,ff?u2,, , , - - 155- P".-fi' Q' 'C' 5 N N 1 ,+,dg -f -1:55 , , lk- f -wma I r ' H, ,jf 'vs ,' .. ,.1, - , Y- 5:19 In rv- 7 , Q. ,-. .5 1 A . .. .f :?'- P. .. Q., -1 .1 . . I, ,fs QW" ,,v,5.. A 4 Q Y -fi .Y N, . ff. la. .f.. vw- ' Q N, n ,,.,v1T,5,M .ui-gf' Jig 1.,"' '. 'S jk-..f -I . Q. A -i1"f1 ,V ' ' sn' f x ,ax .,. .4 . 2 ft: 'f it 1,. . U , . . if 751 ui , l , -ii. -165' - . db-':'5 - 7-gy: 'v " '- rid ' .pci 4,153 -,-Ag?-'f -S.. TX F'- gg.-"Hc,:" NIIJ' .Wg ., 'NP ' ' .:.' I 557 59 fr ell '1' . 52, H 4 ' - nfti-liz ewlek:-QW? . 'z ,: v wg -5249! 1 ,IN ,f- .iw LL., 313 . .- 3.1,-.3 . '?ffFU 4 -fi .f , . T"f- ,Y ' . " 'A , V ,..l- 1 . "f,2i'l -2+ Q 55-fps L ' 1433! '--ll-'iifT1.'.l.,. A, ' . ANG! " 5' . u L I -V -4.12 .' f-V, A. . - . g f 3 fx ' E: 532. mf' 1452: F 9 QS iff., . 65 yi .5 he . . , -,ggi -pfx i .45 . 1 1 5 I . in ?,.' K ,, . -4511.5-W V' ' .1Yi, - Q ' - S 'H' 4 51" if 'Y V " , 1 as T 1 - Q M fwfm ,,f.1mN 6 is 9,3 - i 'W X K., fm-2 is -V K: ff -- ,F ' - :-' ,-f,...' ,L A by 7 A W 'W V, ' V . fl ' 'UL 5233? ' -4" . , X 'fm J wg' rpg! nag :Wa .V N, , . st, - uw- . 1, ,Q . . ,1-1 " 1:6113 4 :JI 5-x '. "' C r .QQ Mx QQ' Q' I R4 ,Et Jg'f'?f5?"if mf' 'fi' .V - , . ,wt 7 , Wi4fi51.Q1iIQ1gs5'?gM ,. , T 3 ax QR W ,f M :as ff? .- , - wg- .- Zf Tf3f6fV151iLffx r -4 'RQM ff. ,V , " 1 ,. . fm-pf"'? . ix If :M ..., 3X If . wi , .54-,, ,f rx CG "There is a serene and settled majesty in woodland scenery that enters into the soul and delights and elevates it, and fills it with noble inclinations." Earthis crammed with Heaven and every bush afire with God. 11 Q 'fHappiness is not - perfected unless it 'Study nature as the countenance of God." 12 ,g n is shared. " t IMS Q s ' i t Wfff. s fs 'iii-A15 as-'iiifwiluvij is -,qs V c -, - A Q t :ff Q- in .,. N .' .- 1' SQ.. X xx s ' if ' .. Q 1. ,X V . I ,. Q to 1 e a mf.. -, 4 ,Nm-Wat . K . +1 - Act I - Senlor Class "The fairest flower in the garden fy' creation is a young mind, cyjering and unjilding itsey to the influence Qf6Z'Z'Ui726 wisdom, as the heliotrope turns its sweet blossoms to the sunf' mx g Scene One- - - Our Freshman Year g No one can look as young and frightened as new Freshmen. But us! We were exceptional Fresh- men. We arrived at St. John's secretely bewildered, but we could not admit that to anyone. We valiantly showed the rest of the world the very confident and sophisticated demeanor of our whole 14 years. We were ready to face anything and everything. We quickly became accustomed to the uniforms and saddle shoes. We even learned to obey the marshals as we walked around the hall. But there was one rule that took a little longer to get used to: N0 LIPSTICK. Why, most of us had received the privilege of wearing lipstick only recently, and now it was being taken away. Oh well, for the honor of M.S.J.A. .... After we had begin to think of ourselves as almost permanent fixtures, the Sophomores decided to initiate us. We had heard about initiation since the first day of school, but we still had no idea what it would be like.When the Sophomores finally told us we had to come to school with blackened faces, two different shoes and socks and the horrible outfits, we were agahst. "Suppose someone sees us! What would he think?" All of our new found dignity as High School Freshmen was imperiled. But, we decided it would be exciting, so weicntered into the fun with all possible zest. After initiation, we newly recognized Freshmen settled down to our studies. Algebra and Latin were different from anything we had had before! Venimus, vidimus, sed non vicimus. Halloween meant party time. After stuffing our- selves at a party the Sophomores gave us, we went to our .the year. first High School dance, a masquerade given by the Juniors. As winter began and Christmas approached, we practiced the carols we were to sing at the Christmas Play. It was the first of the many times we would don the long choir gowns and give a concert. The week before Christmas brought another experience, new for most of us. Father Finley C.S.P. conducted our three day retreat. Would we ever be able to keep silent for three days? We did, and because of our retreat we experienced a happier Christmas than ever before. We returned from our joyful Christmas vacation only to be faced with the horrible thought of January exams. How the midnight oil burned those last nights! We astounded ourselves and others by the amount of studying we did, only to discover how little we knew. Soon after the exams, Lent came, bringing with it the practice for the Passion Play. On Passion Sunday, we in- vited all our parents and friends to come see the talent which the Freshies added to the "Upper Room." In May we gave our first Spring Concert. For weeks we practiced singing. How would we ever memorize the words and keep the harmony harmonious? Finally the day came when we pressed our maroon gowns and then I marched in and let the world hear our singing. May also meant Junior Prom. We helped the Juniors decorate, drawing monkeys in art class, and then putting up palm trees in the auditorium. The night before the Prom, the P.T.A. held a Fashion Show in which we modeled. Would the wonders of High School ever cease! The following night, some of us put on our gowns for the big night of May was over, and it was June. We began preparing for the Seniors' graduation, the first High School graduation at M.S.J.A. It was hard to realize that the beloved Seniors were leaving and that the "Last of the Pioneers" were now Sophomores. A Scene Two--- Our Sophomore Year We came hack in September as experienced Sophomores and looked in pity at the poor bewildered Freshmen, wondering, "Were we ever like tl1at?,'Besides the new Freshmen.there were other newcomers we had to meet. Four members of the faculty: Father Jude, Sister Lucy, Sister Juliana, and Sister Magdalen joined us in September, 1953. Being the largest, noisiest class, we gave the Freshmen sufficient reason for fear when we announced the dreaded initiation. But looking back, we were really thoughtful. Not forgetting the angiush we felt at the no lipstick rule, we let the Freshies wear all the lipstick they wanted. In fact, we made them cover their faces with it, then sat back and laughed at the products of our creative imaginations during those two days. During October the Congreation of the Sisters of St. John the Baptist celebrated its 75th anniversary. On October 17, Bishop James McNulty celebrated a Pontifical High Mass in which the High School Choir participated. Later that day, after dinner, the Glee Club gave a concert in honor of the Bishop. At Halloween the Juniors gave the first dance of the year, the "Spook Session." Besides this dance, we also went to a Student Council "Winter Wonderland" and a Senior "Valentine Dance". Christmas finally came, Maddy Oppel drew Cherubs galore. We de- corated our room as the Sophomore heaven. We had angels on the win- phere at St. J 0seph's. elassmen. . -, gg.. ,t .131 M: . i as-Jae, + .W Ll practice were really worth it! , -1 , R 4 -- . - , 11- ' :Ji Ag' gi- .1 ' . Q,W,.,ggi,, J... in Q .sm . . ., gg! . 4. N ' we . s Q , . .. 58 1 ,V 'il' 'lsfi' , S f .r I ' Engng NR. : v, , N .. 'L . , , fa 3, . .J . -1 EHS :'. -t i Qi -rv W f, 'i cs , .1 ij 1 . w ' -L 1 ' serie '1' i..r-5- ' 1 -wa. . .. .. 3 as W U -1 ga ff ff .. ,, , f af. .., .g , K ,, ,ls 1 -as i R. 2 'e'- K -V Ewa ix . ! , - , I ,Q 2 - , .Y g .. 4.5, il fi it .S " Z use are .4 is 21. ,. , 3 f ii- V X lv f u srl 1 ' ii isnt a i NIS ii: 5 dows, on the blackboard and on the bulletin board. The day before vacation we had a private party, after which we proceeded "solemnly around the school, treating everyone to our melodious caroling. After Christmas we returned full of New Year's resolutions We would faithfully do our work, be quiet, obey rules and, in general be just like our Christmas angels. But this lasted only until after exams when we returned to our normal noisy selves. ' In February of our Sophomore year we began the custom of having First Friday Mass in School. That afternoon we all left for our first closed retreat at St. J oseph's Villa. We were rather awed by St. Joseph s at first, but gradually settled down to the quiet and peaceful routine of the retreat under Reverend Francis Drolet S.J. As the retreat ended with banana splits and soda, we were all sorry to leave the comforting atmos Strains of Gilbert and Sullivan echoed through the hills as we pre pared for "The Gondoliersf' Sr. Mary Louise practiced with us for weeks during school practice periods and after school. We sang, picked flowers marched and sang some more. Finally we were ready, and even though most of us had stage fright, the operetta was a success. All the hours of All the talk of dances and parties came to a climax in May when the Juniors had their Prom. The Sunday after the Prom the Glee Club had their annual concert in an auditorium decorated for the Prom. Soon school ended and at graduation time we were real pp ,fit J ff Scene Three- - - Our ,Junior Year g At Last! After threshing over in our minds the fact of finally being Juniors, we immediately began the year by having a class meeting con- cerning our Prom only 8 months away! Facing our financial problems, our first concrete action was appointing the bakers for a cake sale. By the end of the first cake sale we had our Prom arranged and the decor- ations decided. The "Autumn Frolic" was held at Halloween and saw our Lise crowned Queen. That was our first excitement, to he closely followed by a one act play in honor of the Marian Year, in which a few of us had leading roles. The most united class in the high school, we were accused of pos- sessing a one track mind. Of course our thoughts didn't dwell completely on the Promg we had our rings for diversion. When Christmas came around we literally squealed with delight at our new badges of dignity. However, there was nothing dignified in our ostentatious display of them. After our vacation we returned to begin preparations for the first dance we held. "Modern Daze" proved that our creative and artistic abilities had not decreased since our Freshman year, and we were so fired by our success that we began our decorations for the Prom. In the meantime, as soothing balm to our aches and worries, came our Retreat. It came, and went, leaving a mark on our frenzied souls, making us think, plan, and hope. they had dreamed of. our exams and were at last SENIORS. May 21 approached very quickly. F lnally our long awaited Prom was here. For weeks we secretely planned, designed, wrote letters and visited lumber companies. We drew up plans for our arbor and then made roses to put on it. It seemed that we made thou sands of roses, but we could have used twice the num ber produced. Saturday morning dawned a warm sun ny day, and we were all very joyful. That same day some of us took College Boards, but at night very happy Juniors gathered with their escorts for the night It was only a fleeting moment from our Prom to graduation and the realization dawned: we had passed cone Four ----- 0ur Seniorlear Senior Year at last!! lVe thought it would never come. ,lust imagine, only nine short monthsleft.This thought made us both joyful and sorrow- ful at the same time. But, no matter what our feelings were, NVE were Seniors, the ones who marshalled. edited the Year Book. held important posts. and were looked up to by the younger students, fso we imaginedj We quickly assumed our various duties and became engrossed in just being Seniors. In October. we had our Senior Retreat with the Seniors from St. John's Villa in Staten Island. We spent three quiet days at St. Joseph's Villa, praying, meditating, and listening to Father Fogarty. This Retreat held a special meaning for us: it was our last Retreat at St. John's, and only the first of a succession of lasts. The fall days began getting shorter, and suddenly winter seemed very near. The first crystal snowfall of the year came on the same day as the Student Council Dance, "Autumn Leaves." a seemingly inappro- priate titlc. Our next thought looked toward Thanksgiving. not only in terms of a vacation, for there was work to be done. Our class president, Eileen Engerud, initiated a campaign for Thanksgiving Baskets for some poor families. This was given a "Bon Voyage" with posters and a huge red box displayed at the end of the school hall, a substitute pantry for those families not so fortunate as ourselves. Vacation arrived bringing the end of what we knew' was a successful campaign, for much food and generous contributions had been given in response to our plea. A final chilling blast, and we knew winter was here, carrying in its weight more snow., ice skating, and the happiness connected with Christ- mas preparation. The classrooms changed their dress for Christmas dec- orations. The true spirit, however, of Advent was gained by a few of us in little daily gatherings around the Advent Wreatll in which we were given opportunity for quiet reflection on the meaning of the season. Several times, we gathered with a few more of our companions and tried to share our new- born ideas. We came to realize what we had missed in t-he previous years when we had not considered Advent so deeply. All the classes held a jolly Christ- mas party together and we went home for the Christmas holiday. I The week after New Yearis, the underclassmen had their retreat, so we took those few extra days for Year Book preparation. When we came back, we faced a whirlwind of Yearbook deadlines, College Board Exams, and Mid Terms, one right after the other, in less than a month. February and March passed without excitement and in April. the Dramatic Club presented a Pas- sion Play. These two months were months of waiting: waiting for Easter, an- swers to our College applications and exams. and yes, even waiting for Gradu- ation. April brought Easter and hopeful signs of Spring. The grass really did look greener, and the first flowers that bloomed were brought to school to decorate Our Lady's statue. Suddenly it was May, and even more suddenly we were caught in the close-of-school-rush. With the rest of the school, we prac- ticed for the Spring Concert, and looked forward to the Junior Prom. We saw the Juniors gathered in small groups, and heard snatches of conversations, which abruptly stopped when anyone approached. We talked of gowns, and dates and tried to realize that this year, the Prom was being held in our honor. Secretly, we were busily writing songs, making wills, and dreaming to the strains of "Pomp and Circumstances", as we practiced for our Class Night and Gradua- tion. We wanted graduation to come, yet, we tried to put it off, wanting to- be together just a little longer. At the same time, we were reading the Yearbook, and signing it. We all had writer's cramp, but, after all, "What price glory?" Finally the day we were all anticipating arrived: our High School Com- mencement. If there was any rustling in Chapel, as we lined up for Mass, we didn't hear it. We were all deep in thought, thinking along the same lines, yet, each one's musings were quite distinct and personal. We were reviewing our years of High School which were just ending and looking ahead to the un- certain years of the future which were just beginning. Then .... Graduation itself, at which we had the honor of the presence of our beloved Bishop, the Most Reverend James A. McNulty. His Excellency's presence added immeasureably to the solemnity and the memorableness of the ocassion. . For many of us this would be the last time to kneel in the first benches reserved for Seniors. Now the future remained as always only pressing harder upon us. We had tried to pave the road as best we could in preparation to travel upon it. We realized now our high school years could never be fully for- gotten. All during our lives some occassion would present itself, and the neces- sity would be there to draw some fragment from the content of knowledge learned during those years. I8 i Y "The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary. and she conceived of the Holy Ghost,"Every day at noon the chimes ring. reminding us of God's great gift of the Incarnation. Louise and Lise help Sister Juliana with the new books for the library. Shakespeare and Macbeth! Roberta looks at the witch Eileen made for her English project. us Roberta,Bruna and Dolores search for ideas for their pro- jects. "Girls, please be quiet." The Sopllomores are on the way to class and the Marshals attempt to keep order in the hall. Sister Vitalina Marie watches her "five cats as they diligently practice their transcription. "After all, only a few short months and we'll all be working." "Robbie, is chemistry THAT bad?" For two periods a day, the Seniors try to "Thomas jefferson was a great leader" Yvonne demonstrates her surpass the findings of Lavoiser and Priestley. Who knows, maybe someday Speaking ability as she takes Part in the Preliminaries of the Amer-i. we'll be able to prove that our equations WERE right. can Legion 0ra10riCalC0nIe5Q. Behind The Scenes , b,uSi71g e--.Ill f ' n Q6 Of 41A was , .V Lf of YH? again lomgm . t 01 ' sh that man ugh wa . g tg 11 Hlvm g0U7 haifln 'Ujwu dorfl sneeze il will carry us io lhe simian." Beauty Trealff' 'Therejust weren 'l any chairs." "That bus takes us fo the strangest places." Lzse's pear shaped lorzes - note her audience. "Who said we were pargf poopers? "And lhe smithies stood under the spreading chestnut tree." 1: "Well waitress we are waitin .D , , "There is more to this game than meets the qyef' 1 . ' '-. "'-- -uri . -f ',' . ' ' ' " . , L" '?"QI?ASYi1 A pg--f.'Q. .x" f f :3'f'iA, X' kgwziflm. 'M' :fa 3 '15 G - -H M r I . . , vw 5. ' , , U , RI' 1. I .I IA I I,,I II Is II Q QI III Nl. 'Rav-2 QI -grave I, g:1Ix?I II fr? :I I, 'A I up ,Ifrklr II N- I IIIIIIWII I II I I I4..I IIXXSXI I A . .I , III JIKLQUEYI' if IR s'! Q- -, ' .-G " ' . ' . . f 1 , a t. , , , ' .X 'i '1 L1 x X -5 5- +. ' I 'XXQ2' . .1-Ng " ' z- , ,' .," , my 'K 'V' A , P' - ' 365 . ' -,V -253' il ,-II.-.Ik ' 'Th . . X -. r r 2 .is:Yi.,': .11 I M'af"AL? " ' A A M- FP' " Mft +9-' ,Vx " ww - ff. M, ,Q - fi f s. - 1,-wx. 535513-4-L.. Q-. W' wr. 4 if J .. Q qw IA , ,-- QF . .A ' I ' fin. .1 , K v , ' - - I V I 1 .13 ,Ik I 5A . , - - fl 'ffiiw ' .fiwaz I,., " Q.. , 15,15 v., 'X ,J ,lm-4.5 I . -,m,.xq-10 . , ,IQ f .4 Av, .. -1 ff' Rv , if 1 m 4 , ,I I. Iv I-ji., .Iv-I .4-. - I ,qu gf' ' :fi f-fu, f I,I If I I W, , ix v A.. I , I Tyr' .II I IL, Ixus tv-' N '- ' "' r. vi. ' - .feb 5- . ' wg xi' .. ,Nix -,KI .x q -' ww. ' if HI? ',' 1: 1 P.. . - f .1 ., . I .I f 3, - ' F- ' J: fe. - Im' " 4 5.3 ' Io- ., fIIwI.- I,1IlI ,ISI I I ' ' 0 I +5 I4x3Z55'. I-"' III jf, I .- . XIIIJT 55:44 .- S 'S fgff' .. 1 P - 5:5 M S "ff Q . ff J I 41"-Nf'.. Q -. .- ' vi" 7 K - A fi. in hifi HQ H ws, ' if , S11 mv . I1II Zag. :- .5 .I , I .I . - - I. ,XI . I.,. III.. I,III , I .- , I ,' 9. I, , I1 I . I 1. -w 2- V- ' f' 1 9 .Wt . .- i . Fx 1-2 -I . 'Q' fq f, 15 Au'."bLf -. ' -.5515 if ,V f' 11 "- ' 1' " " '- 1' ' ' 'Pr' 'f -W .ii 'E ', 'Q y 'VS 'nw -Q- '-6.s . f1 fn- A s-Lf N 81. if-f -hw . 5 fm.. is f- . -'Q-, . .G - - g.. Tj .-M15 .-5-,fx , - mg , I ,.,- . . -".-s-fi, - ' Q- Wg' W. - , Q ,:-' rw -,gp -' 'xv :.,. , , . 'Qi, ,III Ita, 1.12-III HQ, 5 II II K 33 . - -:I 1-5 - If: II I, wg I W I ,u. 1 I I ISI I I IJ.-II . I SLTI I I.xI . I. II -J. -'W .Q S, -y 51: . X 2-N - 'i V - 1 ' - ':w1:f.-4... . 5 1- f, , ..vT..- -fc-:fr .'-'1517'Ql"jQ,'q'g?" A Q, L t-' ,Ig I' ,I 3 ,I fum? I. I ' ,ai gf? I -' 'Q a if -'N J-.g n , I 'JS' if :gif ' .lik 1.-.1 '.. ,ff .--fu?" 3- -Tvgl ,. .' - - -r g,x.'..f .-15..."- ' -.r j W? ' '4 v . Ie' ' 1 , 3, gqxg -y , , ,, I 6. Q Gig:-.,.h . . J , .. ., .., , . . ' .: -,' ' ."5 5' - y. r 1- a." .-, ' K -- -f.: -'11, ' 1,-:ft --gfrfzff ' .. 4' -X ',rff."' Ipg :FFA I '4 5 vu, . Q " 1 . 23.3 i - -- 415-.5,1q1-P.: h5'X,2"u4., Eff '-.', .. 'ac Av- "Hy ' asf ' I ,Q. f- 'N jk' Tl' .' ., ,Anka .'-'- ., -Tw. A 1- . . ..' --1.1: ." ,- , 5477.4--r 4M'-pTf'.. Wg , 1".: -, . Q' "I 'E . ,g . 1' ' -1- -'f' +5 2 as ' '. 5' f 'Z - " fit" 'U - 'Q ' .PL Milf 'Av 'S 1 - , I .IM III If 1 ELXI t I .. I- I . Ig III I nga .II, I.J .Sv--.Qu II 1., I If's,I"'w4'i.,,-I1-III.-,,I,II i ' '- " ' LIL '41 qu' 'T ' " I 'if ' ' ff .-'f"' I ta- 3' Alf' -3 'fs' ' ,AT .-"1" 5 I,-L . W A' " w-QI 4. '.'- ',: F Q-" ,fi ga ur.-5 3 . Kg MN. . '- 5- - 0 ,QQ-,ft "'3"x' - 1 .QI ...pI :QI 'I ,., I, 1 F .Q 153, I5 .L if Q. 'A A LII. , 0 QI ,IIC-bghl,-. .-,.. P : af.. 34752 -+. :lf uf -- -. ' Q.-if' .vw li-ff . fig: ' I 3, '.f :..:'ggif.f . Q... f 1- .sg 1 . -,gg '- i '. f- - .ff--. ' L f ' gf- .Eq'.gggI4 emi .. " '1 ' x .Ifg gun-3, fl 3' ,I 1 "I: I . ' hi. II... In 101. 7, , . ' ' .5 ,-, L7,v I I - ..--I I I 7 ' Qin? ""5 -. 'W if ,- l Y -W' 5 gif .'1--Q. . . lg' 'ZNJ 1- P' . ' " uf' ' Y T Wai ," -g ' 'S 1 1 -T5 W-'g '4..'i" ':"'35"i 4'?'?+ Y"9' Q - if .. f II'1 Iigq- fA,14.',fI , I . 1 I Q S I ' "EW ,A ,' ,j-5, .. fi H I ' ' -Q -..",x.'f 1' I' I 'Lf I'iIg- I-NI' Q ,A MT ' ' F, pq . 'J wr... -. " ff-.1'H51' -.M ' ' 'TS' I -' ".-1' U' NI A9523-iq ' A3 0 I. yn 3-" x v5 ...Wi " K ,K ' ' A ""J",g"L ,A U V "" ' " , XA' '-1-55510 'K " " ' - A W RLS Q'-'-si. '1 . .-'Y-1 b '-- N ""' - ' - 1 Q99-..i EH g"egg.y' SVI' N ' ' ' ,, Q". .1 if . I , .xff ' - v I.,S,.,I.:Ij x I. 'JI 5 II51- I I I5 . '7,II X. GILIIIII I I I .I . I -.1 Q, ,.I'1., ,' -:- ff , - I .- ,, gap uw . , , I . " Ifw I I , Ir - .Q ,J ,II I- .. . I I I .", If -I II .,'.. ,Q EQIIII 2' ' I I II g.-II II, tl-1? .I . -T, ., ' I ' ,' . IIQ . II II II I II ., 4, I .. 1 1 I ':.l- ,QIVIIIIII I - ' ' I ,I , I, . Xi .1 NI 'ffi x . Q ',"4':'4 7 xl 3 " ' if , . . , -, -. I . I Id. . II,I.., I ,. I ,, ,II I . A Y, ,, I. - w-JV JA?-5 .I ' "," I 9113- f r .. MQ.-2. . 5-ff 7 Q A I ' - - .2641 f -V . , 2- - "ws I 4 - " -2 13, I . .1 ' . . M f ' 4 A . -fx . - I '- I , s 1' I, ' I f ,Q jf - A 5 M. . Sffj .Q Q - u - 9 4 If . . ' P 5 a. lv' 'f 1 N 1 4 KI In I I i I 'Q Q . Q' 5 4' O W 4' G 35 - 44 Muff fftfffm W we 2 President of Student Council, 4 Dramatic Club, 4 Grail Movement, 4 Marshal, 4 Clee Club, 4 ab F , 2 While at Somerville: Girls Clee Club, 1, 2, 3 French Club, 1, 2, 3 C.A.A. 1, 2, 3 Freshman Basketball Team G.A.A. Play Committee, 1 Marching Band, 2, 3 Secretary Chantelles, 2, 3 , Biology Club, 2 G.A.A. Assembly, 2, 3 Orchestra, 3 Mary Elizabeth Alter A good indication of Mary Lee's warmth and radiant good nature is that, a newcomerto St. John's this year, she found herself President of the Student Council and close runner-up in the election for the "F all Queen", almost before she had time to learn the names of her new school companions. Possessing a seeming boundless array of talents, she has contributed much by her cooperation in projects and as an accompanist for the Clee Club. Her frank and equally sincere opinion has added much to discussions, and often threw a new, invigorating light on the topic. Leadership and an eager following are all but taken for granted. Outside activities include vocal training which has developed a naturally sweet voice, and an active participation in 4-H undertakings. Mary Lee has also won awards in homemaking in this connection. With such an optimistic and mature outlook on life we cannot but visualize a full and successful future for her. Nothing is impossible to the willing heart .... 22 .- ,. 9 r if A ., 1 Mum i "s MLW uw ' v. . W II I es' gi K. L Mission Club, 1, 2, 4 -- S Special Glee Club, 3 Dramatic club, 4 2 E Marshal, 4 ' Treasurer of Sodality, 4 E Banner Carrier, 3 Air Raid Warden, 4 Reception C ommittee, Prom Special Glee Club, 3 Grail Movement, 4 Sodality, 1, 2, 3, 4 , Basketball Team, 3 Q, P E a Z ' ' " f 5 f jf A A 4 H Q .V I Imvrgfi Q . 1 . , " Patricia Anne Bowne Pat, known by her long blonde hair and the gift of a graceful, height, is much better cha,-aaa-ized V by her genuinely Christian spirit of helpfulness and integrity. Arden in nature and a perfec- tionist at heart, Pat overcomes life's tumbles and is a courageous battler in the strife against all that is not "according to the mind of Christ." One of her less publicized traits is a bent for cooking, plus a poetic instinct that at times produces very pleasing results. "But, Sister, I ' Can't," is intermittently her anguished plea, but usually before she finishes expressing the in- ability, she is attacking the challenging task with vitality. Her favorite periods during the day I besides English and History, of courselj are her commercial subjects in which she is quite eflicient. Perhaps they will be a predominant factor in her future, the happiness of which lies for her only in fulfilling whatever the Providence of Cod may have planned for her: 'sFairest and best adorned is she whose clothing is humility." Truth has such at ace cmd sucla at mein . . . 23 Sodality Treasurer, I Sorlality Secretary, 4 Mission Club, Vice-President, 1 Special Glee Club, 3 Nurses Club, Secretary, 1 Vice-President, Junior Class Literary Club, 2 Secretary of Junior Prom Air Raid Warden, 2, 3, 4 Qi ? Grail M ovement, 4 Sodality, 1, 2, 3, 4 Marshal, 4 Future Nurses Club Secretary, 2 Secretary of Yearbook Mission Club, 1, 2, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary of Alumnae Association, 4 Secretary of "Mountain Echo" I 2 Dolores M. Cerllllo Words come hard when one tries to adequately express "Dee's" spirit and our impression of her. Integrity would be her name -her motto: "lf a thing is riffht stand boldly b it, if a thin 2: Y g is wrong then leave it alone." We have seen in her the bud and gradual blossoming of Christian womanhood - her poise and maturity have at times set us "pensing". Seven years at St .lohn's have trained and molded her, and Dolores' indefativable willingness has more than ex re d . p .sse her gratitude. We can still see her hurrying through the halls on an errand for Sister Adolfa - or struggling with her "pet", the Mimeograph Machine. In our memory's ear will linger the harmony she and Bruna sang together, one of the means employed to pick up drooping spirits or dispel someone's "blues" Neither is the spoken word neglected, for our Staff Secretary has de- veloped the art of public speaking and has used her ability in many school and social functions. Whatever the future holds, we are sure Dolores will not merely "get a job' or ube a secretar " Y - she will fulfill her role as a woman, probably as a social worker, and through the self-dedica- tion and fidelity we have happily noticed, be worthy of the wo1'ds of Scripture, "Who shall find the valiant woman? Far and from the uttermost coasts is the price of her." There is nothing so powerful as truth. 24 Mission Club, 1, 2, 4 Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 4 Sodalzty 1, 2, 3, 4 Grail Movement, 4 Marshal 4 Student Council, 4 Brunel A. Uiohn "Life is what you make it." Bruna's high spirits- and buoyancy have shown us that she plans to make her life the joyous masterpiece it should become. She has shown her earnest effort to us while at St. ,lohn's, and we are sure they will continue. Bruna, the "Alto Section" of the Senior class, has been an integral part and group leader in the school Clee Club. N o one will ever forget her knack for harmony and deeply resonant voice. Along with singing ability goes the rhythm Bruna has displayed on the dance floor, and her excellent taste in clothes., Tops on her list of favorites as far as, classes are concerned are her commercial arts, in which steady effort and interest have wrought a high degree of mastery. "Macbeth" also fascinated herduring Senior English. Bruna's time after graduating will be devoted to the secretarial field, and perhaps who knows?-someday to modeling. Happiness is not perfected until it is slmrecl 25 Sadality Secretary 3 Special Glee Club 3 Literary Club, 1 2 Air Raid Warden 4 X Marshalg 4 i Sodalily, 3, 4 Dmmagig Club, 41' f Vice-President Clee Club Assistant Editor of'Yearbook Grai1M0vem6M, 4 Jipsiqg Club, 4 W Louise ll. llelliovo Louise, one of the "high browsl' among us, has a sincere liking for Dostoevsky, Poe, O. Henry and Chekov. Still waters run deep-and we can be sure that "Lou's" quiet moments were not periods of inactivity, but rather, moments when she was nourishing some "brain childl'-or working out a problem of the ages. Intense in completing a task, and at times a real "go-getterw, she has contributed much to literary projects in school. A true talent for writing provides a solid basis for her ambition to enter the field of letters. With such high goals we are sure she has set for herself, Louise will "strive on the highroads of mankind's aspirations." A noble nature can alonef attract the noble. izs l nf! .fy W JI I fs 'v94"0V-f K5 4,66 x s if fffiffwc Axim n ,JVC 2 President Senior Class, 4 Chief Marshal, 4 Student Council, 4 Grail Movement, 4 Clee Club, 3, 4- President of Alumnae Association., 4 Dramatic Club, 4 Mission Club, 4 t f' Masta? y y-,Agreed . Z, if Af , , , l ', W cZA,fLf-. E.-17s While at igh: Library Assgtant,f1,12, 3d President Library' 'Assistaruggf3fg. Home Economic Aids,-2, Q, , Ojice Assistant, 3 ' 'i 1"- -' t 7,,,.geA:f" K 4-ffl .fy 4 M W Elven E. Engerud to fl f If iment to someone's original discovery. "How about that"' is our class presidenfs amusing con h Coming from Flemington in the latter part of her Junior year, Eileen immediately ecame an ' t t and almost indispensable figure in the affairs of her class. Mature as the Church's ideal impor an of young womanhood, Eileen's initiative and sincere desire to do good have accomplished very much in the short time she has been active at St. John. Students and faculty alike have remarked her ability to conceive and carry through projects always with the willing and enthusiastic cooperation of her fellow students. Eileen's plans for the future have exercised a ' ' ' ' ' ' ' l ' . lt d ne: the serving strong influence over everythlng she does and decides, for her idea is an ewa e o of Christ in His suffering members. She can think of no nobler occupation than to be an instru- t ' ielievin her sisters and brothers through the loving practice of a nurse's vocation. Be- fllell. In ' g cause of the intensity of her desire and firmness of determination to follow her calling, we are sure Eileen will prove herself to be the realization of all our high esteem for her. Generous acts bloom rom zmsehislo thoughts. R27 'qi l l 1 1 1 l Ty-ga,-uf-ef gf Senior Class IIB Ell3l5id8 School: Glee Club, 4 Student Council President, 2 Grail M ovement, 4 Smdenf CDW'-Gil Dramatic Club, 4 Representative, 1, 3 Marshal, 4 Foreign Correspondence Mission Club, 4 Club, 1, 2, 3 Horseback Riding Club, 1, 2 Yvonne F. Lellurre Another new addition to our senior class this year has been Yvonne, who has brightened the scheme of things noticeably by her glowing reddish-blonde hair. More important to us, however, than the fairness of her features, has been the extreme gentility and courtesy she has displayed toward teachers and students alike. Her responsibilities and assignments were carried out faith- fully, zealously, yet never ostentatiously, -for the key note of her personality was an unassuming and quiet devotedness. Coming from Paterson to us, she has enriched our class spirit also with her good naturedness and mirth. Our petite and delicate Yvonne, outside of school hours is an accomplished artist with the emery board and Ends much diversion in tennis and bowling. Her years after leaving St. John's will he spent successfully in the secretarial field. Her voice was ever 50112, gentle, and low - nn excellent thing in ez woman. 28 Zta i ? Literary Club, 1 Clee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 Carr. Sec. of Sodality, 3 Sodality, 1, 2, 3, 4' ,Secretary of Junior Class, 3 Vice-President-of Senior Mission Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 Class, 4 Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 4 Grail M ovement, 4 Marie Lise Lennard A touch of the French spirit in our midst is our "Honey Bunny" from Canada--a real necessity to the Senior Class. Lise could best be described as the girl who was always willing to grant a favor though it meant the expense of much self-sacrifice. Her graciousness always seemed to win over the difficulties. Her motto, "To do, or die" portrayed itself most often in a concrete manner in chemistry class, where, at times, the elements reacted in an unforeseen, and sometimes, dan- gerous manner. She seemed to us to be the type of person who could set the world on fire with her enthusiasm for life and the effortless means by which she derived the greatest pleasure from trivial things. Fatima Hall long celebrated her as Chief Beautician and has known her for her delight in crumb apple pie, even though a few too many days old. In English class, she was known for her ability to summarize assignments in almost equal the length of the original selection. It seemed more difficult for Lise to express herself in two sentences than in six meticulously written pages. Her driving ambition is to fulfill ever more perfectly and fruitfully the will of God and we know that in accomplishing this, Lise will bring to perfection the talents and amiable qualities we have witnessed in her. He who lms resolved to conquer or to die is seldom conquered 29 Xia if Grail Movement, 4 While at Thornton Township: Sodality Banner Carrier, 4 Chairman ofHomeroo1n Marshal, 4 7 Parties, 1 Glee Club, 4 Library Assistant, 2, 3 Dramatic Club, 4 Purple ana' White T. Pin, I, 2 Mission Club, 4 Junior Service Award, 2, 3 Homecoming Dance Committee French Club, 1 Torch Pins, 1, 2 G.A.A. 2 Glce Club, 1, 3 Virginia L. Limestall ' :'lVIalice towards none, charity for all," are words which Virginia strives diligently to convey to others through each work she performs. Our "Chicago halJy's" sunny nature and unassum- ing ways have caused her to he a most welcome addition to the senior ranks. Like the worthy sea captain, 'gGinny" unfailingly has a tale of Chicago to spin to the sparkling amusement of all. Efficiency to the degree of pleasantness, willing hands, always awaiting opportunity to be put to good use. While on the subject of hands, we should also mention her artfulness of manipulating them for conversational purposes: her gestures can relate almost as accurately as her tongue. Virginia has a hardy enthusiasm for apple pie' and a deep appreciation for music: she tries so hard with those weekly piano lessons! Her great aversion is'for selfishness which she herself is careful to avoid. Her simple faith has goneghand in hand with her genuine love for children and these in turn inspired her to become a kindergarten teacher, Virginia's future charges will receive much from so generous a giver. "Charity is a virtue of the heart and not of the hands." The usqful and the beautiful are never separated .... ao fl. 1, If , i i' s , t ' s f X v 'Xp X X ix ,sal at Q65 ', - 13? ox CE Clee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. in E . Special Glee Club, 1, 2, 3 Dramatic Club, I , 2 3 E Literary Club, 1, I2 Dramatic Club Secretary, 4 E Class T reasurer, 2 4 Marsjml, 4 5 ' Chairman of Student Council Yearbook Stag Artist , .1 E 'Decorator of Junior Prom gudem Council, 3, 4 lo Alu-m.nae Association Mission Club, 1, 2,3 1 ' s - 15- fp' In C0"fe5P0"dm5 SCCVEWVJ' '4 - ' ,354 I r s . f l . c V lqsimittffiil q J , ,V ,H , 9-l 'o' '29 "'l ff f " KTA ' Dilihz l' see ' . f Madeline U. tlppel Demure, vivacious and versatile is G'Maddy". Our class artist, winner of a four year scholarship to the Mount, has shown remarkable talent and exquisite taste in the world of fashion, and even the art of the moderns receives an intelligent understanding from her. Although known for her reserve, Madeline has been a most cooperative participator in school activities, especially when there was decorating to be done- for a dance. Talent is not limited to the artistic field, however, for she is also an able writer, and has an appreciative ear for semi-classical music and poetry. All of this, coupled with a philosophy of life as ulf at first you don't succeed, try, try again," will ensure for her a very successful future. We are sure her plans include the field of art to which she will certainly be able to contribute generously. Gentle of slbeeclo, bene cent of mimi Literary Club, 1, 2 Secretary, Sophomore Class Secretary, Senior Class Chairman Refreshment Com- mittee, Junior Prom Home Nursing Club, 2 Athletic Association, 2 Cecilia R. Parker Dramatic Club, 1, 2, Grail Movement, 4 Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 Air Raid Warden, 4 Dramatic Club, 4 Mission Club, 4 5'The best things come in little packages," and surely Cecilia is an evidence of the adage. One of the solid, "grown up" members of the class, Cecelia has impressed us with her quiet domestic virtues and her mature common sense. u Her bubbling humor and dynamic energy amply com- pensate her slight stature. Always ready to be of assistance, she was an important member of many committees-especially in preparing refreshments for the dances. Among her extra- curricular interests she enjoys ice-skating, archery and "speeding" around Gladstone in her '39 Plymouth. The coming years will see even a fuller development of the sterling traits we have noticed - and a pet phrase of hers will insure her safely in many of lifeis hardships: "When you walk through a strom-keep your head up high . . ." The mirror of all courtesy in ? Athletic Association Clee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 Representative, 2 Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 4 Home Nursing, 1 Air Raid Warden, 3, 4 Art Committee Junior Prom Mission Club, 4 Basketball Team, I, 4 Ruhertzt E. Rossi "Be1t,,' as she is known to us, has kept us in good spirits by her amiable sense of humor and ability in uttering witticisms. Easy-going and not easily disturbed, she has turned up with a helping hand whenever the need arose. Un the basketball court we have frequently witnessed her agility and sportsmanship, and many times she has "saved the day" for us. Contrasted with her athletic talents is Roberta's skill with the paint hrushg whenever decorations were needed she was sure to be one of the first to volunteer, In another line, she has pleased her schoolmates with a special punch she has connected for a few of the dances. Her warm and generous nature will leave "Bert" never at a loss for friends and we are sure that her future in the field of Science will he very successful. All human power is cz compound of time and patience. aa. ggkilltftgx, ,. c1., glee Club, 2, 3, 4 Drantatic Club, 2, 4 Junior Class Treasurer M ls-51071 Club, 2, 4 Special Glee Club, 3 Marshal Squad: 4 Decorating Committee Yeaf BQOIC Stag: 4 Junior Prom Air Rand Warden, 4 School Reporter, 3 G' all Movement. 4 Literary Club, 2 'fax YN YN . 'mall T X -NW W.a ,rqirfiillrcx DSVMW7 K s I 'lim X Q: Q Q: Q Q Xf, .K e tt i 1 - . , l ng fefjlgi egisggfe-Q,-H aefl 0 X f 'J 5' a aft? a ess? ,eet , 3 ,ai ieel . i ' ' , Q ,f4'fs E . - 1:75 Id' 'im HMZEW1 I Dew: Sandra S. ,Satterthwaite Quiet, unassuming, yet friendly and invariably in good spirits, Sandra's presence has been a great cultural factor in our years at St. John's. Superior intelligence and sincere scholarship have kept her always at the top of her class, and won for her the well-deserved respect of faculty and companions. A perfectionist in all her works, Sandra possesses a Hne literary style, a talent for playwriting and an artistic ability whiclrdisplays her delicacy of thought and keenness of observation. She has added sparkle to classes and school social life by her dramatic reading and acting in plays. Often, when there is a bit of interesting information to be conveyed, it will be prefaced by her inevitable, "Lise, do you know what?" Even in small matters, enthusiasm and real interest disclose the vitality and freshness of Sandra's spirit, which otherwise reveals itself in a deep, unailected piety. As one'to whom we have always looked up, we can see for her nothing but a higher development of her singular and noble traits in Sandra's years after graduation. A soul of powevg cz well of lofty thoughts ..... 34 as N Qi, Literary Club, 1, 2 Dramatic Club, I, 2, 4 Nursing Club, 1 Vice-Preslllent Dramatic Student Council, 3 Club, 4 Special Glee Club, 5' Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 Athletic Association, 2 Mission Club, 1, 2, 4 Basketball Team, 3 Air Raid Warden, 3, 4 Reception Committee funior Prom, 3 Roberta M. Skelly "Music is a speech of angels," firmly declares Robbie, of the page boy and dark glasses, who possesses an elusive dantiuess everyone admires. The eyes are said to reflect the spirit of the soul and heart, and the eyes of our talented classmate contain a mischievous glimmer that gives real praise to the spirit within. Our "Autumn Queen" can usually he found in the music room during ' her free moments accompanied hy Johanne Peroni and singing the classics or lighter melo- dies. Babysitting, reading, an orange for lunch and the question "What have you got for lunch?" nearly complete her agenda for the day. Our great expectation of Robbie is to see her, "Un bel di," in a request performance at the l'Met," greeted hy well deserved success. The biggest hint of such a future lies in her choice of the question, "the secret of success is constancy in spirit." Music in all its proportions and grandeur is the greatest longing she has for the future. We feel she has much to contribute to this Held,-"Wl1e1'e music dwells lingering, and wandering as loath to die." Next to excellence is the appreciation of it. . . . 35 sf W Q Class President, 1, 3 Business Manager of Yearbook Chairman of lunior Prom. Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 Literary Club, 1, 2 Marslwl Squad, 4 Home Nursing Club, 1, 2 Air Raid Warden, 4 Basketball Team, 1 Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 4 Student Council, 1 Mission Club, 1, 2, 4 Grail Movement, 4 Elaine T. Stehniuky Elaine sparkles most brightly in the galaxy of our Senior class. The winner of a four year scholarship and Latin awards, L'Elena" possesses all the qualities of a real student. Class president for two years and active participant in many different activities, she has led the class scholastically and mirthfully. Her buoyant personality and ability to instill a cheerful outlook into each task performed is coupled with a boundless spirit of cooperation. Having earned fame for a perpetual "100', she has found time to devote for leisure hours to listening to the hit parade, exercising her feet to the notes of a jitterbug, swimming, and being an enthusiastic specta- tor at Bernardsville's football games. Her native intelligence will win her a conspicuous place in society as a landscape artist, in which field we are sure her creative abilities will he developed to the deep joy of all. "The hand that follows intellect can achieve." Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers. . . ,-f i Literary Club, 1, 2 Secretary of Literary Club, 2 Special Glee Club, 3 Vice-President of Sophomore Class Student Council, 1 Refreshment Committee, Junior Class Editor-in-Chief of Yearbook, 4 School Reporter, 3 Mission Club, 1, 2, 4 Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 4 Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 Grail Movement, 4 Marshal, 4 Home Nursing Club, I Athletic Association, 1 Air Raid W arden, 4 Mary Alive Yuung Perhaps the busiest and most active member of our Senior Class is our yearbook Editor-in-chief, Mary Alice. Her warmth of personality and ability to enjoy all the 'good things of life have tempered her talent to organize and lead. Although ever ready to cooperate in anything that might be asked, Mary Alice, throughout her whole school life at Mount St. ,lohn's has achieved a high excellence in studies that has merited many awards and favorable comments. But knowl- edge alone has not been her goal, for the perfection of knowledge is the Wisdom which we feel she has striven for and, to an appreciative degree, acquired. Never too busy for a friendly word, she has impressed us with her true spirit of gaiety and joy. Most rominent in her future lies the idea of college and the furtherance of her education and cultural, development. We are as- sured that the pattern will always remain the same and St. John's will ever be proud of Mary Alice and her accomplishments. The intellect of the wise is like glassy it admits the lzght of heaven and rqtlects it. 37 ,2,3,4 WM-at ' 'WDEWDWET7 N Mmm K V-atfil D311 7 - ZIP t Literary Club, 1, 2 Dramatic Club 1 2 4 ' t .x 415 ' 5 J? 1 I: . ami: 1: s V , ' .i ffa'. I C 1 ie ' V ' Nfvv t . 1. fy Q' 92' Nj D ,sy N 3 Q E l' Qi , , ' il I' '1 11 Glee Club. 1, 2, 3 While at New Jersey State Slifcffll C109 C114-ll 3 Teachers C ollege, Newark Ml'-5-9l0fl Club, 1, 2 I4 College Forum -Eiudeflf Ctgllflfil, 5 lo , wxvgn Costume Committee-- ostess- umor auces - ' 1- -'ax Fr h . P1 Decorating Committee- Lg . 5 es man ay I .' P 4. 0, f' ' K ' unzor rom I. X ltltgqiq . 4 . f ' Xa 0 M Marietta Jean Middelstaedt Our "Teacher" enjoys the unique prerogative of graduating from High School as a Sophomore in College. A few weeks after finishing her Junior year, Marietta surprised everyone by announc- ing that she intended to take her senior subjects at Newark Prep during the summer. Then in September, while the rest of us finished our high school days, Marietta began her college career at New Jersey State Teacher's College, Newark. Certainly our class lost something when Marietta left us. The history classes have been much quieter without the lively discussions which she so very ably led. Although gentle by nature, Marietta contributed much to class projects and was always willing to help with anything we undertook. Even this year, though not with us, she has joined the class for retreat and the various dances. Of even greater importance to her is being able to graduate from Mount St. John's with her class- mates. Her success in her first year of College seems to indicate a very fruitful and promising future in her chosen field of education. Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all ber patios are peace. 381 . 4 . Fi ,1 -5. ..,V , ,.. . -.. .1 , . S - If 1. ,., -5 D 'nn , A , 11 A fi' r ' 2 - qs 'JV . Q-iff ,,., , ,.- -N fu-in ,fl Af, 3-,-1'-'pf' L .,,,,f- 1,-,!'f - . -pg ' "5 f" i" " ., -f-fa--ff' fx-11 .f-iff! Qyfl 3, 'ff - Vik-'ri Q 1 ' 1,3 wfgnfibiam fx. - gf 3 -fm. .ai-' --35354, f -L P:-QQ.. .ffw ifxazsw-ffm' ' im' -- fQf-,f-vf- . 4 ' . 'ISP'-74'.1 . . ." , , P1 Q 4.1 -1 f hw., ,WM ' if . X , - a-A9"S-f+::- f -Q IM , Lf-1 - sg V 'za Dj v Af f-4: f " "' il E- '-Q V 3-5, b ' k.-- 'V x" " - 5,9 . ,, K 5 , ,wk -gg A-,xml ..,iVM. Q A . Y gl ,K 4, JE- xx' - n i ffsa. g.,,v.'f- , 'f .,,, 'rx W wsfa . -. . x 5, 5.0 5 . ' f X . - . W - ,l N x, A '41, av -art' 'zfmxf A - , 53 , 3"?fiNs,if., A . . 1-1 ' ' ', A iff-1'f5Hf f FL. ' I N Q . Q' -wif! TE In Q , X s , , Y W, f - m , - If 5, gf Q V X, E -a ff . f F5 ggi 'gf' 1 if .1-fi ff.-'S . .Qi ., af.. I 'E ,,, r A.- mi E f , gs F -L , , my 5 V Yf 7 QQ W QW" K 'V M, ,aff - ' B Sister Juliana, Junior Class Moderator, discusses some "weighty matters" with her officers. Vice President Margaret Phillipps helps President Myriam Duhourt make plans for the class's husi- est year yetg Secretary Mary Grace Batterman records all the important proceedings. As for the Treasury Department?-Kathleen Moloney has that well under control and is here counting some hills of "higher" denomination. Class Scholars, Elfriede Roth, Margaret Phillips and Joanne Peroni f gold medal winner of last yearj are en- grossed in deep study, in prep- aration for the competitive Diocesan Religion Exam. Geometry class is certainly interesting - Patricia Dolcey smiles contentedly as she challenges her classmates to explain the example she has successfully worked out. Margaret Phil- lipps waits her turn patiently while Sister Lucy makes sure no new axioms or postulates are invented by her eager students. 40 When the Seniors take a "day off" the Juniors help maintain order in the halls. Here Marshal Julie Cavinato keeps her eye on a long line of Freshmen on their way to Art Class. A dally occurrence is the noon time gCl1l.0g8tllC1 of I'I'lllSlCIllI!1d6d Roberta 142 ' vafifv ' fi? 0660900099 60000000000 1 OOOQBDUOGGG L 9 08000030906 - .. 000 Sister Vitalina Marie seems to have no trouble motivating her eager young secretarial students master the art of the Commercial Department. Under Mr. Fenimore's guidance each Junior Biologist studies through her microscope the specimen she has prepared and gotten in focus. Eager for the success of their Prom, Junior salesmen urge their classmates to "come to buyi' at their weekly cake sale. Margaret Weber seems delighted that the piece she ,is cutting will make the class richer by a whole dime. As a culmmation of the time devoted to the study and reading of short stones, Mona Cremin hands in her com- Class artists busy making pos- ters for Catholic Youth Week: Betty Valles and Mary Grace Batterman seatedg Kathleen Moloney and Myriain Duhourt working at the hoard. t. 1 X 1573037 - . it J '7 L , 4 Nl I 5.76.55 " "Parle vous Francais? 'LMai oui!" avid French fans examine advertise- 97 ments and posters: Lor- raine Hickey, Mary White, Elfriede Rothg Jo- anne Peroni and Margaret Phillipps would rather peruse through some lit- erature and try their skill at free translation. 2:15 means study period for this in- dustrious group of Juniors. Lengthening shadows and new rings re- mind a group of ufuture Seniors" that their days at Mount St. ,John are more than half completed: a thought to urge themselves on to make the best use of the opportunities still awaiting them. 'Q 1? V V 2. ,fy Q 3 Q pf- 'fav fn, We fi .07 ,Q Q K... f .ak - ,,.z2+"'W""'-,rl ti- -X 152.21-"3-gf senses Ai-'Q Y it-'L H 8g'1nl'5' -if Kathy mo men- tarilary gives Mr. Fenimore a rest as she points out to the Sophomore historians the topic under dis- eussion. The Romans keep nothing hidden from the Latin II class as they busily decipher their verbs and Caesar's ad- ventures. "We come to bury Caesar a n d to parse him." Josephine, Irene and Pat know where to go when they want the latest in health news, and Mrs. Fenimore readily an- swers their onrushing questions. . N. lc ff- ' , This assignment calls for more then one head. and four heads are better then one. In their groups the sophomores energetically tackle tl1e assigned project. The traditional Sophomoreflinglish project "Tale of Two Cities" has won colors, brushes and pencils to its cause. Helen and Maryanne display the portraits, each waiting for the other's work to appear. A5 "Do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth?" asks Ruth of Mary. The honorable Judge Case presides during the Business Law Trial. .jk , t With the agility of any old time country dancers, the Mrs. Zahrendt. 5 Sophomores dance spontaneously to the rythmical call of Helen Ike, Student Council Vice Presi- dent, whips up a snack to please the taste of guests at the "Autumn Leaves? dance. ' f i-Q., Allemand lef and back again Y-1 Mary Evelyn Herdnlan poses with Santa after reciting "Twas the night before Christmas" for the P.T.A.,s Christmas Party. 46 FH. lk . . 425- rf! 3 2 an 'E' g X Sf W 53 , fi wffZff'f.w2+'24+fP+f fzffff of - f ,gf .qu Qs 'Jw-f.J:,fsf: As 6 Q ' l 74 21 di K 1 . 14 w ,i-fig x' -A-.X V ga, 'fir-N .off 'gh 1 1' 1 Y f 1 . f,, ,,ff.,N,y 5 'e i X A. ' , Y .X ,, ff zu-Am ME .- Z ' '.,.J, My ,X Y W .i in- Q. V-mmf-. av ff -' - , The latest mode in hearing tests. "Listen care- fully." cautiously advises Mrs. Fenimore to the three Freshmen about to take the test. Getting acquainted with the new gym teacher and at the same time receiving the latest rules in basketball, the Fresh- men are found in a typical gym class. V f ar Jeanne reads the message contained in one of the caskets from Shakespeare's "M e r- c h a n t of Venice." Freshmen students of Literature try to cap- ture the lesson taught t0 the three ambitious suitors. First year Latin students are kept on Proving rehearsals can be fun, the Freshmen prac- tice one ofthe songs from the score of "Oklahoma" an assembly program which they gave in the Seniors' honor. their toes during vlass. as Diana holds up vocabulary cards testing each as she comes to the head of the line. Art, the favorite in the Freshmen curriculum. Here many brushes employ all colors llHI'0lIl0lll0llSly to produce an effective design. is x 1. "Three little girls from school are we ......... " 2. "Let's take the long way to Latin Classf' 3. "We, the frivolous, friendless, fresh Freshmen of '59 ...... " 4. Who's having more fun - Freshies or Sophs? 5. Paddy bearing the weight of the world's woes. 6. "Coma come, girls. - where's your enthusiasm for General Science?" 7. Shiela's prize-winning hat - stunning, isn't it? 8. "Ever catch a raw egg -- broken?,' 9. The easiest way around the hall ........... 10. "Marcella you look apprehen- sive!" 0 . GQ I - fa ,R 4-r-.,, .: I , 1 -5 1. I x I 1. Q r vi if 1 . E , 3 ,fy 1 ' -:' E" 3: X , ' 39: if . if if l .5 I gr f,. L""'F-P-'fm 52 fx 1 -! sf! if li Ti' , Q :fx i. + f gf A new trend in our Annual Retreat was introduced by the Class of '56 this year: instead of the customary single weekend for the entire school. we Seniors joined those of St. John's Villa in Staten Island for a "Senior Retreat" in mid October. Father Fogarty, who is very active in the Grail Movement in Brooklyn, was our guide on those few days when we put aside the business of studies and extra curriculars and tried to deepen our awareness of the spiritual world around us. Withdrawing ourselves from distractions and re- flecting quietly on the thoughts proposed by Father or culled from our reading, we came to distinguish between the self-seeking motives and those whose end is God - which itlthen became our duty to crush and cultivate, re- spectively. Before the exercises, and during the recreation "breaks" we were able to find some warm friends in our fellow Seniors from St. ,lohn's. Then, early in January, the three underclasses packed their valises for their Re- treat. Father Raymond Balduf, SJ., was Retreat Master., helping the students derive most fruit from those few precious hours of silence and grace. Catholic Youth Week Catholic Youth Week was not just another seek with an odd title like "Be kind to dough- lut dunkers week" which is heard once and hen forgotten. Instead. each day was marked vith a special function reminding everyone of he position Catholic Youth hold in determining he future of our country and the world. The week began with the celebration of father Jude's Feast day. First. Father celebrated , High Mass which was sung by the Seniors' and ioarder's Chior. The Freshmen sang the proper ,nd the Ave Maria at the Offcrtory. After mass. i Communion Breakfast was held at which Eileen Engerud. Mistress of Ceremonies. intro- luced the guest speaker. Monday. Uctober 31st. Father addressed he entire school over the P. A. system on the ,ignificance of Catholic Youth W'eek. After chool three Seniors: Patricia Bowne. Eileen Engerud and Mary Alice Young went to St. 'ohn's Villafor a day of Christian Living. which :he Grail held the next day. A Special Holy Flour was held on Thursday in which the whole school participated and prayed for the conver- Miss Mary Ann Holthouse from the Grail Center in Brooklyn. explained the Grail Movement to the students. Miss Maureen Gilmore of St. .lohn's ,ri Villa Academy in Staten Island. spoke of the ac- tivity of this lay group in her school. sion of the world. Friday. a special Catholic Youth Week Assembly was held. The Sophomores participat- ed in a drill "The Cross and the Flag". Roberta Skelly sang Shubert's "Ave Maria"g then she. Bruna Ciobo and Dolores Cerullo sang "Lovely Lady Dressed In Blue." This was followed by Francis Giannini's violin piece. The final part of the program was a panel discussion given by the Senior class on the duties of Catholic Youth. Dolores Cerullo was Mistress of Ceremonies and the speakers were Elaine Stehnicky. Pa- tricia Bowne. Eileen Engerud. Mary Alice Young. and Louise De Cicco. The assembly Youth and Education." bel closed with everyone-is singing a Catholic Action song learned especially for the occassion. Louise. member of the panel discussion. discusses "Catholic V7 4' if Mayor Howard Pcirson. of Pcapack. spoke about the duties of modern youth. . -. .--4 ,, ,.... , . vi i 155315 --A. it Li r ' .. :fl vt , 'F f -vi . . 'fi u "'lf'ifT"Q1-'W . gy 'Wiz fi-as 1 wi at t' s iii.. g 'HI- , . ,tg 1xg,..,... las. e A i- is-T-. " W Class mothers or- ' ganize and execute the kitchen prep- arations for the breakfast- an in- valuable assistance. A group picture of guests' la ble, dents and Element- al breakfast. High School stu- ary representatives f-I tt? Tffi ' it il ,J Our own dear Santa: Mr. Frank Artiglere in person! Parent-Teacher Association This year the P. T. A. has been very active, and the fruits of theirworkhave been abun- dant as they drew nearer to the visualizing of their long-sought-dream: the new gymnasium! The first of their activities was a successful and delightful Speghetti Dinner held in Nov- ember. which was so attended that two sittings had to be provided. Members spent days pre- paring. and everyone was pleased with the results. At their next regular meeting in December. the High School Students presented a candlelight procession prefacing the Para-Liturgical Ceremony of the Advent Wreatli. The annual Christmas Package Party followed Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament to which all had walked in procession after Ceremony. During the social, Santa distributed presents to all the members and the girls received a souvenir. a token of gratitude from the parents. On February 27th. a Day of Recollection was held at the school during which many parents met together for a day of peace and prayer to deepen their spiritual life and prepare themselves better for the coming of the Kingdom of God into their families. The Broadway Production. "I Remember Mama" was presented late in April. a very heart warming story,which. through the combined efforts of parents as players and Sister Adolfa as directress. filled all with a deep feeling of satisfaction. Although their activities and efforts have been many. it can be safely said that the organization has derived much enjoyment and contentment not only from their successful outcomes. but also from the preparation of their affairs. The P. T. A.'s big production of the year - the memorable play, "I Remember Mama." Students in a candlelight Procession sing. "Veni Emmanuel" as they try to share with their parents the joy and longing of the Ad- vent Season. Students serve guests at Spaghetti Dinner sponsored by the P. T. A. Mrs. Glynn, Mrs. Artiglere, and Mrs. Youngs display students' prize winning posters for the St. Patrick's Day Dinner Dance. Assemlilie 1 The High School assemblies are awaited sometimes with enthusiasm, sometimes uncertainty, but always with interest. They are a symbol of the interest and enthusiasm the students have for their studies, and in reality there is a warm and friendly competition for those cherished awards: "Honor", "Diligence", Conduct". "Cooperation", e'Cour- tesy", and that elusive "Highest Averagef' Before the actual assembly begins, different classes enjoy exhibiting their dramatic abilities in short skits and excerpts from popular shows. This was very successfully attempted for the first time this year, and now often var- ious or combined classes delight everyone with their enter- tainlnent. First tl1e Freshmen gave a show with scenes and songs from "0klahoma!" which everyone enjoyed tremendously. especially the Seniors. to whom it was dedicated. fTl1e pictures show Shirley Hildebrandt. Mary Nadine Gillig, Ann W'urzburg, and Lillian Cerullo accompanying their favorites. "Surry Vfith the Fringe on Top", "Many a New Day", and the well-loved title song "Oklahoma!"i , flesh would melt. .... " ,'-5-P' ii Si! 65525 S25 .br lar: - ,Q "Oh, that this too. too solid Then the combined Sophomore and Senior classes gave a production of the life of William Shakespeare, written by Louise De Cicco. called "This ls Your Life". Wfoven into the show were various scenes, songs. and portrayals of Shakespeare's characters which pertained to his writings and works. Mary Alice Young as emcee pointed out the vital statistics of his life to Shakespeare fSandra Salter- waitej. Marked indelibly on it were his uncle,Arthur Golding fElaine Stehnickyl, Queen Elizabeth fYvonne Le Correl, his beloved wife. Anne Hathaway QLise Leonardj, and his good friend, Lhe actorRichard Burbage tMadeline Uppeli. Mary Evelyn Herdman plays Shakespeare as a young man working on his sonnets. and the Sophomore chorus with solos sang the lovely, lyrical songs he wrote. Shall I compare thee to a A snmmer"s day? ........ " . 'Q - Q fd 1 xx :Aff f fx 5 e Q' 4 X ' 1'- if - fe - . Ci ..., in Y' im, . 'R 1: fr x E 7 ,.,, K , " L, -Q-. 1. f- t S - 'Lf-ff' . gm 35:51 ,, , Vi, , -gl .5 .5 " I Vgify- 'k.v with ' 5 rl- fs Q 1 f ' - .. 1-2 A . we , - - 'yi 1' y ' 5 51 si - L X x V, :Vr Q kk i Q V, , x - ,. WY .: K Q x I: if i .N -' ' A . , '. 3, 'Z z g y 55 9 J N W Y wav- 5' , -x J. A Sak Z 32 5251 5, ,,.. ,, ,M 5 3 5 s 'T R . gk F 11, Vim. Al 5 A 4- , ff' M A3 E A . V5 'ff A- i EH' :5 ' af E' -Y i 3 Working well into the evening to prepare the throne for thel"Queen"' of the "Autumn Leaves" dance. The Student Council, a small, but energetic organization, guided by Sr. ' Adolfa, C. S. JB., our principal, and comprising members selected from each class has for its aim the furthering of general academic spirit and is an effort to incorporate the students into the administration of school af- fairs. One of its most important activities this year was the "Au tumn Leaves" Dance and the crowning of the "Queen" who was elected from among her schoolmates. The honor . f went to Roberta Skelly, '56, who is shown in the above pictures. Here "Queen Roberta" receivesa bouquet 0 from her court and a sincere congratulations from schoolmates on her newly won honor. ll 6 ll 0 Il n U I Father Jude conducted the crowning ceremony. Faithful Student Council members decorate for their big social event of the year. Dramatic Club A rebirth in our schedule, the Dramatic Club re- appeared this year after slipping out of last year's list of activities, and enjoyed a membership of nearly the enrollment of the whole school. At the firstmeetings nominating and voting were accomplished, from which process President, Vice President, Secretary, Trea- furer, and Program Manager were chosen. .lohanne Peroni. Roberta Skelly, Madeline Oppel, Mary Robin- son, and Helen Ike held the respective offices. One primary chore completed and thoughts turned to the future, namely, the Spring production of the pas- sion play, "Thy Will Be Done," to be given in March. Aside from rehearsals, the regular meetings paraded on in a gala of skits, monologues, pantomines, singing solos and duets, give for the purpose of coloring the meetings with entertainment. Fun making of this nature served a purpose, for many members timid of appearing before a group and sharing their talents, summoned from with- in a store of poise, which, brought to light, was not for- gotten soon. Planning, entertaining and practicing in an orga- nized group provided necessary enthusiasm for dra- matics - a proof that the club will always be a welcome activity for the future years. Father Jude Cahillane, O.S.B., signs the Sophomores with ashes, reminding them: "Dust thou art-and into Dust thou shalt return." Lent ln the Middle of February the Church's "great retreat" started, and each student received the blessed ashes on her forehead, symbol of the pen- ance and seriousness of those forty days. Each had her own personal "fast" and struggle to undergo in order to rise triumphant, vivified, with the risen Christ. As a help to keep us united to our Leader as He fearlessly approached His impending passion, the entire school followed Him around the Stations of the Cross every Friday afternoon. Lenten decora- tions in the classes, and brief reminders by faculty and Chaplain kept the idea alive in us. Very appropriately, Sr. Adolfa and the members of the Dramatic Club worked tirelessly to perfect their Passion Play to be given on Palm Sunday, despite such obstacles as the "blizzard of '56," offering their efforts with the redeeming action of Christ which they were depicting. Meanwhile, the Glee Club prepared corresponding Lenten hymns in keeping with the spirit of the play. Toward the end of Lent, through Sr. Juliana and Father Jude of the Religion Department, Missals according to the new rite for Holy Week were pro- cured for the entire student body, and the beautiful ceremonies of the holiest time of the year were explained. All were urged to attend these services either in their parishes or in the Academy Chapel. The last three Lenten days in school were further sanctified by a Vocation Triduum including a talk, Holy Hour and Mass. On Wednesday, after the Mass, students gathered in the Music Room for a brief but memorable Assembly, and, with Easter greetings being exchanged by all, left at noon for their vacation. Sr. Juliana explains the Holy Season to the Freshmen, lightening the subject a little with the cartoons of "I Love Lent? ! !" 60 533.1 Eighth Grade . .. tloose wloose :imma is just about to begin. iff-,LX I Denise H. Connell Margaret Ann Cilheany Catherine R. Honour , Lv.:lll Q., My Elaine L. Jacobus Carlotta S. Kosynsky Jean L. Farley fffiy- . in AA A x , L A ' A ' Rosemary M. Peters fp bbw-5!.Carol A. Bpssi f f'?'fW Sister Mary. C. S. JB. Patricia M. Fernie-nla Iune A. Rossi Loretta M. Saling 5 J 1 W Maryann J. Salonish Mane E. Slavmsky Linda Stires Virginia A. Spaldo Heather R. Wilson Marianne Young S' J I OW-41 rip' 'Q PFW! 4, Q B Al 1 xr Erimy X by W dag,-1 vs - . V ' K .V " 1 ' .F d ,212 - A . Li , in ' fi K .7V, ll 1 h ,, gi. 5' . , Aa, 2. .2 - . nrrr A . ,?Ei43g.v5'5: M ' .L . Q M I - VA.. 2 . '- " -- f 'H ' TI". I ' 5 .' . E 2: -if T cf- 3591 ff r L M 1,-- 1 5,4 r h ng ' .V ...fa .. i . . . . M M V - - - kffwfg 5 A ' 15? VW? 'fx 7 ? - .Mx .K 1 U Page-sn? 1-. K I-flu? i j, I . F- . br rr 4 r 'n LY' f f . " ' M ,ifhfx - 1 mr Q. . Q ij I .,.. ' ' V . ' 2 M 1 2 3: X .MMX -. di -' f . ff-.wif M M 2aK,f,. xr.: ,- 3, 4 , 5 T- .-7239" -' Q -if-if i 7 . ' il 4 -5.-iam Q 22-FAA J - x"' , ,X it V Y F V' ' Y I- k.: ,A Y'AA'g 'pg' T- . I "A 4- I rx .- 73 'fx Ll Bruce E. Alpaugh William E. Iorio Pasquale J. Lardieri V A Francis X. Longordo James G. Scarponi Gerard P. LaPointe James William J. Weiss Robert A. Soriano Congratulations to the graduates from MR. DOMENICK NAT ALE 0 igsgykgons ' u qi , l V Ky M W Those wljo backed up this pewrmance i:.iQm,fx.,,..fv--"v"'f"" "Mk -,.Y- ,t GLADSTONEfMARKET,INC Compliments of KOEHLER MASON'CONTRACTORS INCORPORATED Bound Brook, N.J. BEST WISHES to the GRADUATES PEAPACK-GLADSTUNE BANK Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COMPLIMENTS OF THE MULTIPLE LISTING LIBERTY CORNER Edward J. Egan Millington 7-0985 BASKING RIDGE F. H. Bockoven Bernardsville 8-0163 I-I. B. Thomson Bernardsville 8-0563 Village Realty Bernardsville 8-1212 WEST MILLINGTON Ralph C. French Millington 7-0273 BEDMINISTER W. G. Holmes FAR HILLS Russell S. Wood BERNARDSVILLE Carl H. Booth David D. Booth Ellsworth Dobbs W. W. Hill Philip B. Lawrence Peapack 8-04-30 Bernardsville 8-0801 Bernardsville 8-0585 Bernardsville 8-1288 Bernardsville 8-0558 Bernardsville 8-0505 Congratulations to the graduates from Rev. Gerald J. Griffin Congratulations to Yvonne Le Corre from REN -LAK FARM Ringoes, New Jersey DILLEY'S BUS SERVICE Fred J. Dilley, Prop. Chartered Buses Route 69 and 202 Telephone: 722 Flemington, New Jersey Congratulatons to the Graduates from A FRIEND SOMERSET CRUSHED STONE INC. Congratulations to the graduates from PEAPACK LIMESTONE QUARRY JOSEPH KANACH Real Estate Broker Phone: Flemington 608 R-6 F 5 I B.D. Ringoes, NJ. Anthony errante Son nc' Poultry and Dairy Farms a Specialty Bernardsville 8-1080 FANNING 8: SHAW Architects 4-9 Ward Street Paterson 1, New Jersey U. S. HAMMERED PISTON RING COMPANY Rail Road Avenue Stirling, New Jersey Phone: SOmerville 8-0509 Congratulations to the graduating class of '56 DR. AND MRS. JOHN L. SPALDO HENRY J. CONDO, INC. Manufacturer Concrete 8 Cinder Blocks Concrete Products Office 8: Yard - First Ave., Raritan, NJ. Henry J. Condo Ezra Allegar Ollange 3.1500 A Joi-IN E. NEWIVIAN, President THE NEWMAN COMPANY Waterproofing Engineers and Contractors 407 South Jefferson Street Orange, New Jersey Solving Masonry Problems Since 1910 Congratulations to the graduates HARRY B. CLAY Photographer from Year Book Photographer CO-OPERATIVE Studio at 25 Morristown Road INDUSTRIES INC. Bernardsville, N. J. Phone: BE 8-0208 Weddings - Portraits - Photostats Chester, N. J. A. A. BOCCHINO Contractors Excavating Bulldozers Grading Ponds 81 Lakes Roads Shovels Permanent Drives Rollers Fill Dirt - Sand - Stone - Top Soil Bernardsville 8-1065 Mendham 3.1191 THE MAGIC SHOP Bernards Avenue Benardsville Toys' Music Boxes, Antiques Oldwick, N. J. Tel. -29 - J THE EDWARD O,TOOLE COMPANY., INCORPORATED Church Goods 65 Barclay Street New York 7, New York 1 FARMERS sl CONSUMERS DAIRY Quality Milk Dairy Products Ice Cream 0 For Home Deliveries Phone L. V. LUDLOW 81 CO. Jefferson 9-1900 or Save Toll - Call WX 94775 Far Hills, N. J. Visit Our Beautiful Modern Milk Bar Air Conditioned Lumber Hardware Mason Materials Fuel Oil - Coal Park Avenue., M0rristown,N.J. Millwork APPHHHCCS Est. 1890 Peapack 8-0314 Congratulations to the Senior Class From 9 FERD HOCH CO. MR. AND MRS. N. STEHNICKY Paints - Linoleums - Window Shades Picture Framing Wall 8E Floor Tiles Installed 77 W. Main St. Somerville, N. J. A Good Place To Eat WATCHUNG VIEW INN Specializing in Italian Dinners A La Carte New Addition For Private Parties SZ Banquets Compliments of IORIO GLASS SHOP Route 202 Flemington, NJ Phone: SO 8-954-7 Emilio Loreti, Prop. Route 202-206 North of Somerville Congratulations M. J. DOHERTY, INC. 'O the Class of '56 Plumbing and Heating Telephone: Bernardsville 8-0167 or Bernardsville 8-1544 NEW JERSEY POWER 81 LIGHT COMPANY J. H. Miller, Division Manager Compliments of JOHN F. GOELLNER Compliments of ENDRESS MOTORS INC. Your Buick Dealer Since 1915 Congratulations to the graduates from THE SOMERSET STAR 128 W. Main St. Somerville, NJ 135 W. Main St., Somerville John D. Bowlby, Manager Compliments Congratulations of YOUR SCHOOL JEWELER POL!-AY,S Class Rings, Pins, Medals SWEET SCHWARTZ, KIRWIN sf FAUSS SHOPPE JEWELERS, INC. Main Street 22 Hudson sm. New York 13, N.Y. Gladstone, NJ- Congratulations to the Seniors from ELEANOR CON NELL School of Dance and Allied Arts with Studios in Clinton and Flemington, N.J. THE ADORIA SHOPPE Congratulations to the Good Sisters for their wonderful work. Compliments of PEAPACTON KENNELS Far Hills, N. J. Congratulations to Cecelia Love, Daddy, Momie, Danny, Thomas, Mary-Elizabeth, Loretta, Joe, Paul, Chris, Larry, Dennis, and Mike Axelrod's Pharmac Al Monte Accordion Studio Bob's Flower Shop Brookdale Delicatessen Blaher's Style Center 011 Y Berkaw 81 Mathews, Flemingt Billies Fountain Barney's Beauty Salon Clinton Jewelry Store The Claremont Delicatessen Courtesy House Clinton Floor Covering Charlotte's Dress Shop Clinton Paint and Hardware Chester Insurance Agency Dittman's Hardware D0myluk's Market De Vito's Meat Market, Stirling Diehl's Jewelers Dunster's Propane Gas Company Don-Ru Beauty Salon Daeker's Barber Shop De Foe's Music Center Mary Eyre Shop J. Philip Exton, Inc. Boo ter Ed's Market Firestone Stores, Somerville Fantasy Mode Shop Franchino's Dairy H. G. Geist Company Green Groceries Gray's Drug Store Glaser"s Granetz Department Store Grassois Beauty Salon George's Radio Shop Helen's Beauty Shoppe Hobbie's Garage H0lcomb's Irene's Sandwich Shop Jersey Hills Dairy Just Kids. Somerville Komline-Sanderson Engineering Corporation Lou's Barber Shop Lamp Post Soda Fountain Lee's Textile Store McClintock Studios Merritt Wells Publishing Co. McLaughlin,s Flower Shop Mrs. Maey's Shop Main Street Electric Mickey Barbershop The Needle Craft Shop 0rcutt's O. K. Shoe Store Peapack-Gladstone Woman's Club Paradise Park Sz Lnncheonette Price SI Company Peapack Hotel Regers Gift Shop Rocky's Department Store Raritan Valley Hardware Co. Reliable Cleaners Somerset Textile Store Stirling Dry Goods Store Stirling Hardware Store Strauss Store - Raritan ' Sack's Shoes Sack's Shoe Store-Flemington Tony's Garage Towne Pharmacy-Raritan Tiny Tot Nursery School Tarantino 8: Sons Woldin's, Somerville Congratulations to the graduates from ASBESTOS TRANSPORTATION CO. INC. DU MONT'S Greeting Cards and Gifts for all Occasions 82 West Main Street Somerville, NJ. OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP CHURCH Pastor - Father Torney Bernardsville, N. J. Congratulations to the graduates from I.G.A. WEST ORANGE MARKET 28 Main Street West Orange, N..l OLD lflffff HIPPLE'S GARAGE Home 202 Auto Repairing on all Makes of Cars Be rnar dsviue Three Bridges, N..l. R. M. Cantwell, Innkeeper Phone: Flemington 649 R-12 CHURCH OF ST. MAGDALENE DE'PAZZI Flemington, N. J. Congratulations to the graduates from DR. H. W. PIERSON, JR. Congratulations to the graduates from A FRIEND Bonded Roofers Listed Dun 81 Bradstreet GARDEN STATE ROOFING CO., INC. General Offices - North Branch, NJ. SLATE - BUILT UP ROOFS Johns Manville - Ruberoid -Flintkote, Shingles All metal and tin work-leaders, valleys Inquiries Invited-Large or Small Prompt Attention Given Industrial Roofers -- All Work Guaranteed Somerville 8-0800 Somerville 8-1109 Washington 1026 Clinton 226-R HOT ASPHALT OUR SPECIALTY Successor to more than 20 years experience Phone: BE 8-0952 Metal 8x Wood Cabinets F ITTERER 8 BORNMANN Linoleum and Wall Tile Rugs - Carpets - Formica Tops Asphalt Tile Ernest Bornmann 27 Olcott Square Bernardsville., N .J . DEBUS DRUGS Peapack, N. I. Phone: PE 8-0662 PLUCKEMIN GREENHOUSE Pluckemin, N..l. Congratulations to the graduates fro m WITS END GIFT SHOP Congratulations to the graduates from A FRIEND Compliments of THE REGER AGENCY Whitehouse Station Whitehouse, N. J. TO OUR DEAR PARENTS AND TEACHERS With deep appreciation for all you've done, we extend to you our thanks. The eighth grade graduates CHARLES MIRTO Printing Press Machinist 116-6th Avenue 918 Pennin gton New York City Elizabeth 2, N. J. WA 5-6139 EL 2-884-2 Congratulations to the graduates from HOWLAND,S ALLEN 'S GARAGE John Lucas, Owner De Soto 8r Plymouth Bernardsville, N. J. J. L. SPALDO, M.D. J. W. SOMERVILLE, M.D. 32 Grove Street Bernardsville. N.J COMPLIMEN TS OF LINN MOTORS INC. A FRIEND Your Studebaker Dealer in Bernardsville Office Phone: PE 8-0075 Shop Phone: PE 8-14-40 CHARLES S. HAMILTON AL BARROS General Contractor Main Street, Peapack, N. J. Permanent Driveways Grading Plumbing 8 Healing Excavating Trenching Somerville N J Dump Trucks Bulldozers ' ' ' Power Shovels Top Soil Phone: S0 8"'2233 Sand Cinders Stone Pond The world is like a mirror, Reflecting what you dog And if your face is smiling It smiles right back at you. May Our Lord bless you all The Fifth Graders Compliments of THE HILDEBRANTS. Compliments of a friend JAMES J. OICONNELL, M. D. 116 Levingston Avenue New Brunswick, N. J. FLEMINGTON CHICK SEXING SERVICE Flemington, New Jersey Phone: Flemington 931 R-11 Compliments of MR. AND MRS. FRANK GRADL "So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see, So long lives this, and this gives life to thee." Best wishes from The Sophomores Compliments of MILDRED'S BEAUTY SHOP Mildred Schneider Clinton, N. J. Phone: Clinton 158-J Best Wishes to the Class of '56 GRACE LOTITO Lebanon, N. J. Compliments of FLEMINGTON PACKING COMPANY Flemington, N. J. Phone: Flemington 191 HUNTERDON TRADING POST Hardware - Paints - Electrical Plumbing Route 69 81 Church A. Hendrick, Proprietor MRS. MACY'S SHOP Lamington Road Far Hills, N. J. TOWN AND COUNTRY CLOTHES TERESHKO LUMBER CO. INCORPORATED Millwork 8 Roofing Materials Copper Hill, Flemington N. J. Phone: 597 J G. I. JIMMY'S Best Wishes PARKER INSURANCE AGENCY Complete Insurance Service 17 Bloomfield Ave. Flemington, N. J. ARTHUR MEROLE Congratulations to the graduates from WHITEHOUSE SPORTS CENTER Corner of Oldwick Road and Route 22 Formerly Vlahaki's Clothing Phone: Elliot 6-2330 MIKE'S WOOLEN SHOP Established since 1930 Michael Barber, Proprietor Woolens Cottons Prints Drapery Fabrics Mill Ends from Factory to You 7 West Main Street Bound Brook, N.J. Hours: 9:30 A.M. to 7 P.M.- Congratulations to the graduates from TRANSOMATIC CURP. OF AMERICA Flemington, N. J. Compliments of the BEAUTY NUOK Flemington, N. J. Mr. Martin Profita, Proprietor Compliments of GREEN KNOLI.. TAVERN Phone: S0 8-1186 .IE-RRY,S SOMERVILLE BEAUTY CENTRE Electrolysis, Hair Removing S ecializing in Radio Waves, Iilair Cutting, and Shaping above W. T. Grants Co. ffl? 26 P fix .7'2-fwufefl, 94 ' . f7na,c!i4,! we 24556- Zn,4Zo'z.fia,Z' www. 32 West Main St. Somerville, N. J. -- 121 .,. LECK'S CONFECTIONERY I 'Q-4' W i- T at Chester serves Alderney Ice Cream WENDELL INC. Morris Mayer, and the staff of the FAR HILLS INN pays tribute to the Teachers and Students of Mount Saint John Academy. Somerville is growing Boys and Ivy on Main Street. IDOOLEY BROS. Chevrolet Oldsmobile 46 East Main Street Somerville, N. J. Phone: S0 3-3030 Sow an act, reap a habit. Sow a habit, reap a character. Sow a character, reap a destiny. JOHN M. SAUMS Farm Equipment - Refrigeration Home Appliances some 69 - 202 Phone: 211 . 212 Flemington, N. J. Congratulations to the graduates from C 81 D SUPER MARKET Basking Ridge, New Jersey NEMETH MOTORS Flemington, N. J. HAMPTON'S AUTO SERVICE Studebaker - Sales Q Service - Parts Flemington, N. J. Compliments of ST. ANN'S CHURCH Raritan, N. J. CENTRAL LIQUORS 4-0 Main Street Flemington, N. J. Phone: Flemington 505 S. Sturges - Proprietor Congratulations RIDGE PHARMACY Basking Ridge, N. J. Best Wishes STRYKEIPS PAINT STORE INC. 16 Bloomfield Ave. Flemington, N. J. Do the ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Farewell from the "Freshies Phone: Flemington 710 Best Wishes WHITE BUICK CO. Rt.202 and Reaville Avenue Robert White F lemington, N. J. C. R. MORROW ' Real-Estate Insurance Califon Box 77 Phone: 131 Congratulations to Cecelia Love REGINA Congratulations to the graduates From J. J. MECADON, OPTICIAN Morristown Compliments of HILDEBRANT MOTORS Califon, N. J. Phone: 14-J - 136 MANSFIELD'S CHESTER HOUSE Chester, N. J. SOMERVILLE INN Highway 22 Somerville, N. J. Hotel Accomodations Cocktail Lounge - Restaurant A wish for only that wisdom which Phone' S0 8'1415 Florence M- Nash descends from the Infinite to influ- Congratulations to the graduate, ence your actions and follow you to from the earth's farthest corners. BILTRITE SHOES . The Seventh Graders 84 West Main Street Somerville, N. J. - Compliments of A FRIEND A. J. Smith Union City, N. J Compliments of PRESTON SUPPLY CORPORATION Equipment and Sup lies for Dairy and Food Indlustries Congratulations to the graduates from MR. AND MRS. WILCZEK AND CHILDREN Compliments of CHICK MC FADDEN Lebanon, New Jersey Sign Lettering Paper Hanging Phone: Lebanon 36 LEWIS A. MOORE Painter 8 Decorator Pottersville, New Jersey NELSON RAMSEY Plumbing and Heating Repairs Oil Burner Service Phone: Oldwick 67 R Lebanon New Jersey Congratulations to the graduating class GRANO'S MARKET Clinton, N. J. PURPLE COW MILK BAR Route 202 - 69 Flemington, N. J. C f Phone: 3-0004-0005 Established 1916 1. OIIIP IIIICIIIS 0 MURDOCK MANUFACTURING COMPANY G. T. GIANQUITTI K SON General Hardware 8 Supplies 33-35 Claremont Rd. Bernardsville, New Jersey WILLIAM FAVIER 81 SONS, INC. West End 8 Frelinghuysen Avenues Somervil e, N.J. Allis Chalmers Tractors K Implements Phone: RA 2-0250 Phone: Flemington 106 Vincent Mina FLEMINGTON FLORAL COMPANY 22 North Main Street Flemington, N.J. Congratulations to the graduates from MR. 8a MRS. ARMANDO ROSSI NEVIUS BROS. INC. Flemington, N. J. RARITAN VALLEY INN On the Traffic Circle Somerville, N. J. N. J. Route 28 U. S. Routes 22, 202, 206 Restaurant -- Cocktail Loun e Phone: SO 8-9632 Fully Air-Congitioned Management: Mrs. Frank Buck Weddings Banquets Congratulations to the graduates MR. AND MRS. CHARLES MIRTO We wonder where on the globe we'll find our seniors next year. PARATE VIAM DOMINI The Sixth Graders TIRPOK'S CLEANERS 8K DRYERS, INC. Five hour dry cleaning service ' Reaville Avenue Flemington, N. J. Phone: 103 Congratulations to Linda from her MOTHER AND FATHER Congratulations to the graduates from SOMERSET GRAIN 8 FEED COMPANY JERSEY HILLS DAIRY' Golden Guernsey 100070 N. J. Produced Milk and Cream Phone: RAndolph 5-0355 Congratulations to the graduates from ART'S SHELL SERVICE Compliments of BARZ BAKERY 57 Main Street Flemington, N. J Restaurant and Home Freezer BE 8-1873 Food Supply We Deliver CENTRAL JERSEY FOODS, INC. Mine Brook Road, Bernardsville, N. J. Prime Meats and Provisions Open 8:30 A. M. to 6 P. M. Tuesday through Saturday Congratulations to the graduates from JERILYN ANTIQUES Long Valley, New Jersey Congratulations to Linda from HER GRANDPARENTS HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY SALON 3 Division Street Somerville, New Jersey Phone: SO 8-0710 Best wishes to all the graduates 4 from LAME'S JEWELRY J. OSTER LEGHORN FARM Oster Leghorns are profit makers R. D. 1 Flemington, N. J. WALD DRUGS 4-0 West Main Street Somerville, N. J. Phone: 8-0585 THE GASTON STORE, INC. Somerville, N. J. Compliments of BOROUGH GARAGE Peapack, N. J. Compliments of SMOKE HOUSE KITCHEN Route 202 Flemington, N. J. We borrow from Emerson: "Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in our own sun- shine." The Fourth Graders Compliments of the PATERSON FIRE COMPANY Engine No. 2 Paterson 4, New Jersey Compliments of WILLIAMS BROTHERS 156 Main Street Flemington, N. J. Phone: Flem. 800 RONALD CARPET COMPANY Largest Floor Covering Shop in Somerset GRAN ETZ Fine Furniture Mohawk Carpets 132 W. Main Street Armstrong Linoleum Near Daven ort 175-181 WGN Main Sifeei Phone: S 8-3394 Somerville, J. Somerville, N- .I- Hello, Seniors! Keep close to our Litte Infant and keep smiling. The Second Graders Congratulations to Robhie and the Senior Class from MR. sf MRS. J. Skelly Compliments of THE CHESTER CLOTHES SHOP Phone: Chester 360 George Schafer., Proprietor Route 202 at the Circle Phone 804 TAYLOR CHEVROLET COMPANY The Place To Buy Your Car Flemin ton, N. J. Finest "OR" Used Cars Compliments of CHARLES R. FISHER Flemington, N. J. Free Delivery Phone: S0 8-6360 SOMERVILLE INN TOWNE PHARMACY 72 W. Somerset St. Raritan, N, J. Somerville N. J. "We are never undersoldi' ' Pharmacists Angelo Zeland, Donato Tricarico FLEMINGTON CUT GLASS COMPANY Flemington, N. J. Est. 1908 Congratulations to the graduates from WARGO MOTORS New alld Used Cars and Tl'1l0kS BEDMINSTER GREENHOUSES BEDMINSTER MOTORS, INC. William Frey H ld W. Ch s P 0 Main Street. Peapack 8-0112J Phone: Peglligck 8-02525011 rgiaain Street Annualarchld Col-sages"HouSe P11321 n ni als Beminster, N. J. Office of MANSFlELD'S PHARMACY LESLIE M. APGAR ' Engineers and Surveyors Morris Willskvw R' P' Bedminster, New Jersey Phone: Pepack 8-0416 Mine Brook Road Phone: 8-0860 Bernardsville, N. J. TROPIANO BROTHERS Raritan, New Jersey G, E. Appliances R Jewelry Congratulations from JERSEY HILLS DAIRY Mendham, New Jersey Bob and Virginia Stinson BILIJS TELEVISION CENTER 7 Olcott Square Phone: BE 8-2291 Bernardsville, N. J. T.V., RADIO 8 PHONO. SALES Sz SERVICE JOSEPH D'APOLITO 8: SON Custom Tailor ---- Men's Wear Peapack Rd., Far Hills, New Jersey Hi Seniors! We are thinking hard, trying hard to find words of congratulations and best wishes for you. The Third Graders S and S STATIONERS "TOYS THE YEAR 'ROUND" Phone: SO 8-9832 80 W. Main St. Somerville, N. J. A. BATTI AND SON Department Store Phone: 8-0850 2 Olcott Square Bernardsville, N. J. Congratulations to the graduates from DOOLEY BROTHERS Construction and Repairs-Sales and Service HUGH J. MCBRIDE Electrical Contractor "Maximum Quality - Minimum Cost Phone: 526-R Box 658 - Clinton, N. .l ANTHONY CONFORTI 1082 - 84 Dewey Place Elizabeth 2 New Jersey Congratulations to Linda from NANNA M R J LAUNDRY MACHINERY CO. 35 Court Street Elizabeth 1, N. J. COUNTRY CRAFTS SHOP Congratulations Antiques, Norcross Cards, Hand-Knits and to the Senior Polrazlggvgivolqs J graduates Telephone - Oldwiizk 113 - J-4 from the eeweess ROSelllal'y SIIIIPBOII graduates. Compliments of . . KEEFE The C J J d M - ar entry an asonry Kindergarten Wgrodworking Shop Madison, N. J. Tel. - Frontier 7-2682 Only DODGE builds "Joh-Rated" trucks DOLFE MOTORS, INC. 17 Division Street Somerville, N. J. Sales and Service Phone: 8-0113 W Compliments of HARTMAN HARDWARE 8z SUPPLY COMPANY Compliments of CHARLES W. L. SUMMERILL Somerville 8-2349 Budget Terms ERNEST JEWELERS Gifts for all Occasions Harold Starkman 17 West Main Street Somerville, N. J. Permanents That Satisfg - Hair Coloring onsultation BARNEY'S BEAUTY SALON 4-9 W. Main Street Somerville, N. J. Phone: 8-14196 Congratulations to June and Carol from MR. AND MRS. WILLARD ERRERA Congratulations to the graduates from VAN'S GROCERY 8: DELICATESSEN TRI-STATE SERVICE 30 West Main Street somewille, New Jersey Phone: SO 8-34-15 Congratulations to Linda from her Aunt and Uncle Compliments of FLEMINGTON LUMBER COMPANY Building Materials U.S. Route 202 One Mile North of Flemin ton Circle Flemington, Ng. Phone: CHester 9306 YE OLD MAPLE TREE INN Jennie DiLullo Dinners Lunches Sandwiches "Spaghetti and Steak Dinners Our Specialt " Route 241 Chester, N.J. Congratulations to the graduates from PARKWAY BOWLING ALLEYS Congratulations to the Graduates from FAR HILLS DELICATESSEN Far Hills, N. J. Phone: Clinton 110 Clinton, N.J. J. C. JOHNSON Heating and Plumbing Authorized Distributor G lEl t ' enera ec nc Sales and Service, Automatic Heating Amoco Gasoline and Motor Oils American Fuel Oil and Gasoline CHARLES KERSTIN G MARKET Prime Meats, Fancy Groceries 81 Vegetables 14-5 West Main Street Somerville, N.J. Phone: 8-0123-4--5 We Deliver Compliments of KUHL BROTHERS Three Bridges. New Jersey Congratulations to the Graduates from M. PAUL Th h , ou we re HAIRDRESSER only iegmini to learn the Phone: Be-8-0733 Ras, we can still F. COZZE say, "God bless you". The First Graders FOGELSON' S MODEL BAKERY Newton, N,J. WM. MCCREERY 81 SON Plumbing - Heating - Rooiing 3 Maple Avenue Flemington, N.J. Compliments of LEBANON FRESH CHEESE CORP. Lebanon, New Jersey Lebanon 42 Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr. Mr Mr. Mr Mr Mr. Mr. Mr Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr Mr. Mr Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. James C. Attaway Wm. Apgar 8I Mrs. Rufus Apgar Mrs. Raymond B. Apgar 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 8 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. K Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 ,Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. Charles C. Andrews Walter Ader Felix Ardin A. Bulsing Jos. M. Battista Henry Butler F. Berlinback C. Batterman Walter E. Barrett F . H. Bragg John F. Buhager William A. Black Geo. C. Conover Andy Coaches John Cimilura Collins P. J. Cooper Edward Diesbusky H. Clinton De Witt Joseph Di Bianca Arthur D,Ambrosio C. De Santelo F . De Nyse T. E. Davy William J. Dreyer John E. Donnelly Joseph J. Darold Phil De Walsche Umberto Darold Sidney A. Dean Fred J. Elsis Essbach B. D. Edgar Harold Funk J. K. Fogleman Paul Frank J. T. Fenimore Harland Frost David M. Fox Maurice W. Fox Sam F ernicola Pat Fernicola G. Furlong Gerald Furlong J. Fallah Anthony Forte Joseph Gallia Sam Giardino E. Gasser Oscar J. Gallant Gilmore Robert J. Grant Steven Gavarnick Boo ters Mr. 81 Mrs Mr. 81 Mrs Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. K Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. Q Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. K Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Dr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. Q Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. Q Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Rocci Garrier Nick Genovese Charles Grill J. L. Gilheany Alois Gans Charles E. Goudreau Alfred Garfall Theodore F. Hering Raymond Hess F. J. Haskell Francis Hang T. L. Hill Arthur Hoffman William Herzog Stanley Hulmes Herron Edward Hoey C. K. Hageman Philip Kunze Erich Klockmann Kaletay John Karpack Alexander Kasckow Krehely Joseph Le Rose Joseph G. Leneco A. A. Lotito Henry Lun T. A. Linkroum A. J. Lutz Albert Lupshevicz N. Leoncavallo S. H. Leigh T. J. Machala H. M. Moskowitz John J. Merrigan J. Metz John J. Moore Charles Maggs J. Roy Murdock James McIntyre Fred Markewicz Clarence McCathern T. Maher, Jr. Charles M. Menach Charles Messler, Jr. Louise Matera Leroy MacPherson Joseph J. Mattle Daniel Memoli Joseph Memole Otto E. Nelson Curt Overk J. F. O'Brien John A. 0'Nei1l Jacob Oster Wilton T. O'Callaghan Lester W. Oliver Sr. 92 Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr Mr. Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mr. Mr Mr: 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. Q Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. Q Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. Q Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 8 Mrs. Q Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 5 Mrs 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 8 Mrs. G Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs 81 Mrs '81 Mrs 81 Mrs 81 Mrs 81 Mrs 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs 81 Mrs 81 Mrs 81 Mrs . Joseph W. O'Keeffe James Pedrick Pappas Brandon Pusey G. F. Poe C. H. Parsons John Pirozzi, Jr. Russell Perry Vernon R. Parks Joseph P. Puchalik Herbert Ronca B. R. Rosania William Riley Alex Rosi Stanley Reynolds James Russo Rudolph Runge Louis J. Smith Lloyd Simcox William Shader John Swartzmiller Harold Shields H. James Savage Ray Soriano Harold Stephens John E. Schorh A. Staiano T. Sullivan Joseph Sostir Gilbert Snyder H. Scheffer William Stalnaker Anthony Swain Charles Stockhurger Joseph Stupensky Gilbert Snyder W. H. Stires Gerald Stires George Switlyk Wilmer N. Tubble George J. Tiger W. Tymczsk Ralph Truippi Henry Van Nest Vliet B. Van Hoorebeke Fred Vones Maurice Wells R. Weinberg E. J. Warrick Harvey Whitten Wilson Joseph A. Young Mahonri S. Young E. Yarrington Wilbur Yarrington Walter Zyck Lester M. Apgar Mrs. Lucy Anderson Elizabeth Anderson Mrs. Ross Archer Mrs. Robert W. Alpaugh Mrs. Ada Al augh Joseph C. Afpaugh Charles Aller Miss Jo ce Allison Charles C. Hoges Armanmfo Avena J. Amrick Anonymous Anthony Averoa Joseph Attardi Mrs Russel J. Apgar Mrs. Angelina Adamo Mrs. Lewis K. Applegate Mrs Mary Boudreau Mrs. Victor Boschi Paul Bergan Mrs. Leo Boylan George Burke Mrs. Mary T. Boudreau Geo'rge M. Burns Edward Brannan Jeannie Berger Mr. Jack Bruno Mr. John Bevis Mrs. Mary T. Boudreau James Barker Theodore Brelsford 81 family Mr. R. A. Bodine Nick Boyer Samuel Bartles Dot Bischoff William Beam Thomas J. Brucia David E. Bowlus Mrs. John Basar Ey Bayus Mr. John Buccini Howard Brey Francis A. Brucia Mrs. J. A. Cullen Mrs. Kate Close Mrs. S. Coaches Lillie Cassotti John M. Conover Mrs. P. J. Cooper A. H. Christensen Anthon Jennie Contos Mr. J. Cusick James Cas-.sara Mrs. Lance Call Mr. Rocco J. Caterino Eleanor Craig Mrs. Kice Cleveland Stella Chimleski Michael A. Cooper Mrs. Hen Cramer J. J. Costerflo Alex Christensen Mrs. Michael A. Cooper Charles M. Cohen Dominic Comandini Audrey Clawson Connie Condrack Mrs. F. Colantuono Mr. Howard Cain A. M. Conover Boo Com liments of a friend Charlies P. Conover Mrs. Albert V. Collins Miss Frances Craig Mrs. Margaret Corkery M. Carmon Virginia Corcoran Fred Corona Josephine A. Cullen Mrs. William Corevelyn Mrs. E. H. Day Michael De Cicco Helen M. Dilts James D. Delhagen, Jr. Mrs. R. V. Dowgin Mrs. Olav Danielson Mr. Albert Dusey Mrs. John Decker F. W. J. Duffy Vincent F. Duffy Mrs. F. Duffy Mrs. F. Duffy C. H. Dilts Mrs. Steve Domovich Mrs. John Daniel Mrs. A. Di Lullo Phyllis Di Lullo Ray F. Dickerson Mary B. Dickerson Chester De Stefano Pauline De Stefano J oe De Stefano Mrs. Mary Drumel Mrs. A. V. Dougherty Joseph J. Darold, Jr. Mrs. Marie De Bono Mary J. Dolan M. B. Doaley James De Cicco M. B. Doaley Mr. Fred J. Dilly Mrs. Mary Donato Mrs. De Vitalis F. P. Dorell, Jr. F. P. Dorell, 3rd Ed Derda Patrick Di Pietro Paul B. Dittmann Mr. Ugo Darold Dallesios The Donohue Family Eleanor Di Lullo Rita Di Lullo Leus C. De Lille Harold Englert Margaret Englert Vincent Esoldi Mrs. Harry Eick Mrs. L. C. Eberle Louise Enders Charles Emmons Howard E. Emery' A Friend Mr. Fred Fernandez Mrs. Fred Fernandez Mrs. Joseph L. Foley Mrs. A. Fracaroli Theresa Fitzgerald Mrs. C. Foremny Q ter From a Friend "Friend', Mr. Francis J. Fox Mr. Edward M. Fox Miss Ellie F ernicola Mrs. Elvira Fernicola Edith Mary Furlong Dotty M. Fletcher Jason Flomerfelt E. J. Fagan Ray F. Farley Lucille Farley Jean Farley Joan Fischer Vincent Fedele Mrs. Fowley Denise -F allot Mrs. Raymond Gordon H. M. Goetchius Virginia Gronsky Howard Goellner John F. Goellner Paul Gallo Benjamin Gregory J. Giasullo Mrs. Frank Grether Mrs. Timothy A. Gearty, Mrs. Margaret Graham Alfred T. Garburo The Greer Family Edward V. Grant Carol n Gordon Mrs. A. Gianetti H. L. Gunn John F. Goellner John F. Goellner Mrs. John Garboski Mrs. H. W. Gutteher Francis Germaske Mrs. John Gustavson Mrs. Timothy Gearty, Sr. Mr. Ralph Goldsmith Claire Garbarini Ernest P. Gentile, M. D. Mrs. F. Goellner Jose hine Goellner Siegfjried Gansfuss George and Patsy Mary Grob Christopher Gambino Mary Griffin Edward Gieter Philip R. Gebhardt John P. Hunter Thomas J. Hunt R. J. Hartenstine Mrs. He den Mrs. William Hassinger Mrs. Dorothy Harris Rose Hudak Oliver M. Hunt G. Hughes William C. Hill Jackie Haren Anna Harman James R. Hunt Louis Holland William Halsey Theresa Hoch S Mrs. Arthur Hall Mr. Harry Henderson Ruth Honour Mrs. T. J. Hunt Cecily S. Hunt Mr. Walter S. Hunt Mrs. Walter Hunt Rex 81 Lois Harrison Mrs. William Howard Andy Holock Elizabeth Hutchings Edith Horton Mrs. Thomas J. Hunt Henry C. Hardgrove Marion Hoch Nellie Hoffman Floyd R. Hoffman Edwin Hoch Theresa Hoch The Howe Family Miss Helen Hanchan 81 Joe Miss Jane Iorio Louis Iorio Dean Iorio Mrs. William Iorio William L. Iorio Mrs. Anna Ifkovits Jane Iorio Mr. Benjamin Jaffey Arthur T. Jorgensen Walter H. James Mr. Frank J aouen Robert W. Kanach Mr. Walter Kanach Mrs. Walter Kanach Irene Kunze Mrs. Jean Kilick Mrs. Joe Kouflie Milton Kahn Mary Kurilla Mr. John Kotran C. P. Karl Mrs. Jacqueline Kee Mr. Edward R. Koeniger Leo Keller Mrs. Edward Keleher Eugene F . Keegan Barbara A. Keegan Mrs. Eugene Keegan, Sr. Mr. Eugene Keegan Hu h Kent A. Kiszonak Edward C. Kane A. E. Kluep elberg A. I. Eleanor L. Kieefe Mrs. A. Knab Mrs. J. Kline Mrs. E. Keegan Mary I. Kahn Mrs. L. Kerwin John V. Kendra E. Krachun Ann Kempf Viktor Lesser Magdalena Lesser M. 81 H. Leek Charles Leek John E. Leck Frank L. Leek Mrs. W. Logan Mr. Joe Le Bec Mrs. A. E. Ludlow Mrs. Marie Lazo John Longordo, Jr. Arthur Lane Mrs. C. B. Lawton Mrs. W. E. Lawton Harley Lance Mrs. Paul Lassen Mr. Nicholas La Hart Mr. U. G. Lanterman Mrs. U. G. Lanterman Curt Lippert Mrs. John Liscak George R. Layton Miss Betty Longordo Mrs. Mary Lally Mrsf Harold Lupas Mrs. W. E. Lawton Ida C. Lowe Nick La Hart Charles Morrell Cathy Moran Mr. Miller Justin McAghon Mrs. E. J. Murray Rev. B. Miller Kristicw G. Mount Thomas A. Maxted Tony Maretti Mrs. Martha MacDonald Frank K. Morrow Mrs. Carlo Maltese Mrs. Joseph Michaels Mrs. G. F. Magee Mrs. H. A. Moreau Miss Georgianna Moreau Rev. James F. Murphy Charles C. Messler Dr. George Michell Antonio Mancuso Rita Moretti Mrs. M. R. Mulligan John Modzeleski, Jr. J. Miller Mrs. Frank Morano Mrs. Lawrence McKenna Mrs. Bernard Major Cathy Moran Walter S. McDonald, Jr. 81 Family Bill Moore Mrs. M. E. Maturin Mrs. Aurora Morelli Joseph Anthony Munang Mrs. Alfred Marelli Mrs. M. J. Mulli an Mrs. Cecil McNaJly John Mc Williams Juliet Mc Willans Monsignor William A. Margerum Mr. Amilio P. J. Metta Mrs. Marie R. Mineruino Mr. Anthony M. Mineruino Le Roy Mattis Mrs. C. Natale Mr. D. Natale Mrs. F. Natale Mrs. J. Natale Boo ter Miss R. Natale Miss C. Natale Miss Mary Natale Miss Nancy Natale Mauriel N ulty C. L. Newman Elsie N attoe Andrew Neubauer Irene Naubauer Mr. Harry Nelson Louis Orlando Anthony Orlando Alfred Orlando Joseph Orlando Mrs. Oakes Mr. O'Dowd Anthony Orlando Jr. Robert T. Picone Mrs. George Paulishak Virginia Puza Mrs. Pauline Parenti Wayne Sr Jimmy Pedrick Rosemary Peters Walter Peters Walter Peery Mrs. Agnes Papcun Miss Irene Petras Mrs. Albert Procassini Mrs. Frieda Perrone Mrs. Anne Perceval Brianne Perceval Carol Pellegrino E. Primm Mrs. Mary Pam ani Mrs. N. Pontarolllo Karl, Jay St Schaffer Jr. Post Mrs. Charles C. Pomnitz Mrs. Walter A. Petryshyn, Jr. Bernard F. Philhower Mrs. Michael Pellechio l. L. Pellechio H. M. Potters, D. D. S. Mr. Alphonse Pepe Rose Pepe George R. Parker, Jr. Mr. Edward Pampani Hazel Perrine Elizabeth Philhower Blanche Piciocchi David Pessaroff Joseph M. Pirozzi Mrs. F. Rogers Leonard Rambo Mrs. Betty Rashuba Frank Raffren Mary H. Russell Mrs. G. Roth Trudy Roth ' Rudolf Roth Leopold Roth Mr. Adam G. Roth Mrs. Germaine Roth Elfriede Roth Mrs. Joseph Resch Dick Robinson 8 Son Dr. Ben Rabin Frank B. Rabertie P. G. Rakutes Mrs. Carmella Ruffa Henry Robinson Ruth Ratiff Mrs. John Rosello Mr. J. Rowe Mr. Jim Ryan R. Reddy Jean Ratti Mamie Russo Artie Riley Miss Anna Robb Mayor Anthony J. Santorz Catherine M. Smith Angie San Giovanni John Scarponi Ray Soriano Christine Stadtmueller Mrs. Sprague Alexander Stepanchuk Mrs. Anita Stepanchuk Mrs. Jennie Scarponi Peter Salegna, Jr. Miss Bernice Shimalla June Strulle Veronica Smertick Steve Smolen H. J. Schultz Anthony S ino George G. Smith Maria Singleton Cecile Soley C. Gregory Soley S. Sargent Harry D. Schenck George E. Snook, Sr. -Connie Sz Ann Scarponi Mrs. Thomas Serridge Mrs. James Serridge Mrs. Thomas Serridge, Jr. Mrs. Francis Serridge Louis Serridge Mr. Jose h Serridge John A. Stewart Weeks Satterthwaite Mrs. Weeks Satterthwaite Raymond G. Schapley Harold Sueter Mr. Harold Saling Amelia Soriano Mrs. Alice Slavinsky Charles G. Shipman Clifford H. Smoch R. P. Seals Norman Seely Mrs. L. G. Simone Mrs. Pauline Saling Mrs. Beatrice Saling Mrs. Harold Saling Alfonso Soriano Florence Soriano Dr. Marvin Skowronek Mar'orie Swackhamer Evellyn P. Simon Bobby Schumacher John Spaldo, Jr. Miss Frances Smith James Scordo Mrs. M. L. Smith Delbert Simon Harold Susser Me. Lyle Sundquist Mrs. Stoltz Dr. Elliot Shtler Cathy Stratis Thomas Stabile Newton C. Shafer Miss Helen Stryker Kenneth Smith Sr Family Mrs. E. M. Specht Mrs. F..Specht Mrs. Schoen Mrs. Schoen Herman Smith Mrs. R. L. Saunders, Jr. Stanley and Francis Skroliacz Mrs. F. Trout Katherine Tozzi Third Grade "Trader" Mrs. James Thrash Mr. James Thrash Andrew F. Tersak Frances Tiger Claude Tiger Mary Ellen Tramutola Mrs. D. Tricarico Arthur T. Trimmer Mrs. E. Tuttle Bernie A. Terlizzi Rosine M. Terlizzi Bernadette Terlizzi A. N. Tropiano Mr. Richard Uhl Mrs. Richard Uhl Christine Uhl Susanna Uhl Margaret Uhl Mrs. Frank Urbston Dr. Howard Vogel Gleen Van Gaalen Mary Volpe Ida R. Van Doren George Van Dyk and Family Gordon Van Gallen R. L. Van Marter Mrs. A. Villani William W. Wehrle Anna May Weaver Mrs. Frances Waliky William Wederkehr Mrs. H. W. Weber Mrs. Doroth Wagner Eva M. Wack Mrs. Harold Weber Howard E. Warren Mrs. Paul C. Wildgen Mrs. Joseph Wildgen Rev. John Walsh Mrs. Eleanor Wagner Mrs. John Young Alice Yankowski Mrs. Harry Young Mrs. John H. Young Mrs. Mildred Yawger Mr. Sr Mrs. Yurek Bruce Yarrington Mrs. A. Zelasko Mrs. Charles Zweifel Mrs. Yurkavic 9.u,owIh1-juY3lQ ' , 10,41 .a,Q01Jwl+w?o wlJ:9w,vm9c9. QW PDMVJDLQ " 4w1L"v2'WfjDfzfN Qodzwadfwjehadfmwwfguf ff- WWW V ,, j ,, in W f . .-- x? J' - I, Ka 1 f, I. E I. 7 A 1, F 'I QL., I i 1 D ,A 6 C", 'QV Wfefr xl-'-:Af-' .,-"'1"1"k'fZf-'iff-"5-"',1' Qt' Z J frlw i, raw- .1 ' ,.-" '--""t'fcJ .4 f'7 y 1 1 ffl' 1 9' I ry fx, - 'C X. ff. 1 I-'fp s ' I, .. V 'ff . -. ff A . 'KL' .-,14!,,f:,f',,,-" . ,, .f I - - , . 1 mfr. .pflsz-wi. aff' - X345 Q. .M,, .4--UL MP' iff' ' f' 3 ' f -N I ,fff J' ' I -- 4 ' Vi 5 if .ff ., ,, .. ," f:'--- g2. f,?-Q1 .4 y nge ff-.-Qt t ff." 1 , . 1131125 YEIRIOOKS a . , r 1- - - A Q ffiwix- aff'-r " - ,. .-,, 4 e ,,. . 8,41 .. x C' N- at-f " , V - - 1 1 Q.-v.. , f - .' 4 1. 'igs' 1- ff- V V. , 7'-I XL -. 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Suggestions in the Mount St John Academy - Veritas Yearbook (Gladstone, NJ) collection:

Mount St John Academy - Veritas Yearbook (Gladstone, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Mount St John Academy - Veritas Yearbook (Gladstone, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Mount St John Academy - Veritas Yearbook (Gladstone, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 88

1956, pg 88

Mount St John Academy - Veritas Yearbook (Gladstone, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 97

1956, pg 97

Mount St John Academy - Veritas Yearbook (Gladstone, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 90

1956, pg 90

Mount St John Academy - Veritas Yearbook (Gladstone, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 59

1956, pg 59

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