Mount St Charles Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Woonsocket, RI)

 - Class of 1951

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Mount St Charles Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Woonsocket, RI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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O N 1 1 l95l EXCE glcfifeol Ly jAe graoluafing 667445 Wounf Sain! CAarAz5 .xdcavlemy LSIUR A M- . J ,,,, .,1aSiES757.IW!!iS92SWnQz?famm5 ESSWW NINETEEN FIFTY-ONE 0 biov XC we fwenfy-Aixflz uofume V earAooL of Wounf .gainf 65011465 .fdcavfemy E"0tA0l"6 of fke Sucre! ,jwlearlg mmonaocgef, E X ,K m S' ' Q 5 1 'V 'X 1 f W M HN , A-xp ,,. W g jf , iw wg iff Q-1 Mfr' lfxlf f, ikxgpff' A 4-I 4,1 QQ 4' ff? .J K Q w fn 1 fm X f w w QS' Q M v ww sf N ff V1 ,, .m dfmfwk ' M Vg wid aw xi, W9 kg ,vw fmfw 1,7 , k ' sf K,-f fyg: lf' gifwfy g . .. W1 ' - Q cl k,-13,1 Wggzfwf. -,i.Q.:g. .- .. gzvp . .2Q. ' Af , LA, ,LA 'fkwiwil' :':3'::f,:-3: '- ' "'- f cgi-fn'Yq,wgm Qggwfi Q .1-1 ' " fn. - Wa 1. my .... - QR? 32315115 1, 1- " f ' is we fig. 'S -4 11 yw,Qg,p,,zQq1fQQ wgg ,b ' -'-' ---' ASQ ..: - mt,-.,h :J mmf uuerenol parade!! Q C? inngy, lm, b. F T BISHOP OF PROVIDENCE Q ,f if , M ' X. J ll D EDICATIO 0 Obll' f WQUQFGIQJ Mala -x x ofaa, our SLQPLQPLL5 ana! .gnirifuaf guicferi in fkede Cl"lftCidf fimegi ef 9 we gfadd of 57 refsioecffuffy cleohcafe Mia uofume o .me gxcegiior wifk fke ladvfge 0 our fogahy ancldugmirmiue co-ofoerafion. A:.V." 2 Ti2 M ,i Q - . .,,A. a,f 1' fiff 3..3. .,-:A.,Q .Vb ' ' X as V ,fa Q W1 ,wx rw. ,Q 1 WW g 3y1A55bXwf?5,f Q M., All gi . K V qw -'A' 1 f- - wi' i f .Md gminence jrancia Cparcbnaf .ggaeffman ARCHBISHOP OF NEW YORK Woof peuereno! glclwaral Efancid Ryan, BISHOP OF BURLINGTON all gn, of ma, "Mary, Our Most Sweet Mother" was the affectionate phrase of the bearded Cardinal Tisserant, acting Dean of the College of Cardinals, in his ceremonial appeal to the Holy Father asking for the proclamation of the Blessed Virgin's Assumption as a dogma of the faith, on November l, 1950. Peter in the person of Pius Xll acceded to the plea of the entire world, whether gathered about his temporary throne set on the steps of St. Peter's Basilica, or united to him in heart and mind everywhere in the world. Speaking with the authority con- fided to him as Christ's Vicar and the immunity from error assured by the Holy Spirit, the Holy Father solemnly promulgated as a truth revealed to the Apostles to be believed by all men, the presence of Mary, both in body and soul, in heaven triumphantly taken there by God to reign as Queen of the Choirs of angels and of the legions of the saints. Never in human history, perhaps, has humanity gathered in such numbers, sending representatives from every corner of the globe, as in the bright, mild sunshine of All Saints' Day in Rome. From the steps of the basilica the mitred heads of more than seven hundred bishops rejoiced in the announcement that answers the petition of over three thousand members of the hierarchy and more than eight million of the faithful during the last eighty years. The formal proclamation of Mary's bodily presence in heaven as a fact places official and infallible seal on an ancient and universal Catholic belief. To honor Mary's Assumption, Catholics have been reciting a decade of the ro- sary for nine hundred years, have filled churches on August 15, the Feast of her Assumption, as the heavenly patron of nations. No other theme has so at- tracted the affection of the Christian art- ist. ln paintings over the altar, in sculp- ture over Cathedral portals, in gleam- ing light from many-colored rose win- dows, the representation of Mary's bod- ily triumph over death and corruption have for centuries expressed the uni- versal belief of Catholics. During the past century, Mary has come to La Salette, to Lourdes, to Fat- ima, in order to remind us that heaven is our home, that heaven is won by prayer and penance, sinlessness and service, that she, our Mother, is ten- derly watching our way. flflxcerpts from "Amerioa".l Respectfully embracing the spiritual guidance ot our Most Reverend Bish- ops, we strive, under the immediate care of our devoted teachers, to realize our citizenship ot two worlds by the consistent building up oi a deeper SENSE OF GOD, through daily prayers and a sincere de- votion to Our Lady ot Fatima, centering our lives in God, and denying our sel- fish whims by a closer imitation ot our unselfish Lord, lesus Christ- SENSE OF SPIRITUAL DIRECTION, by knowing and loving God, and wall:- ing in the steady light of His command- ments in our choice of companions and entertainments- SENSE OF PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY by our total dependence on God, our Father, 'constantly aware that our time and talents belong to God, by sharing tasks with others and by the weekly reception of the sacrament of penance- SENSE OF MISSION , by dedicating ourselves for a better society, ever mindful that the will of God is more important than any per- sonal consideration. fgfta f?l55i'?32 meg 4 it lf? 5 Y? 0 wi 'X' .A 41- 5 ,, i ff? 9' X .4 X ..,,,,37,Q2 - fywg, 453 .ii i ,ffm A Web, 5 it tl V wi gmt f 1 My at Jax. - WZi its ,ggfgggirffyk VN, f f wig? V, , Q., ,. .xv W Q ,, gi , Y, ,vw f f MX 1 Q KW t ,, ,7 1,25 ., t vt if ,L it i 4 up SCHQUL M t I e conriififenffy duff up SENSE OF GOD, through daily p of Fatima, centering our lives in closer imitation of our unselfish Lord we acfuaffg :fee if .... CI since re devotion to Our Lady our selfish whims by Cl ? . NHAXI 44 ,W "7-L A ,Q ffm , ng. X 5 xg? f L14 ,L at :ag W fwh ff 3 h-. , Af mlifxz-f ,vw A , ,gf I ml If fv .. 1 :E A Wifi' 1' 1" ,V U if-. :Hg 5' if af 3 ' ? E ' - , ., ,ii 3 4 5 - - f-f ,... A ? S2 1 Q 5,1 2 + g5v"Zi,s, MQW? 233 ' An' . I gi in 3 7 1 in '1 , , 5 w , ' L 1 ' 1 A Q' YN 'Q " sa ii? ..,:, Z ,. f as . ,ff 1 ' pellefeflbl jatA2I' UJCCI-I' gllidfl-Uh, S wa ol? CHAPLAIN OF THE ACADEMY We! enefif Ay ALA Offm GUIDANCE gtk ..f4fIl!ag5 ITMJ? fo A649 ef pecefafion lgoom .szrsfxslmamwmmmsmnmmwWMmm..W,gf...Mms.f.,LvLA,.,.m,..:,,.MmK.mMv,,.N.,.N,wMM.Mm.M,..,.W,..NMM.MW.N..,,,,.,............................ ..... ,.,.. ..,. ...... . .... , .A lyriuafe po ., .., ,4f0u,w!f CAMPUS .Tan 0l"8lfU0l" Realizing that no other value than the integrating force of religion as taught by Christ can give meaning and worth to our lives, we strive to correct the natural bent of our shiitless wills to- ward self-seeking by training ourselves to self-discipline, motivated by a close imitation of our unselfish Lord, lesus Christ. ,Because of God's presence in all our actions, we try to shoulder our responsibilities squarely, for to us God is a real person, known and loved as such. Realizing also that we are not adults, we crave for spiritual guidance, and rely on the unwavering teaching of the Church and the grace of her sacra- ments to steady our faltering steps, Likewise do we gladly allow our un- controlled preferences to be wisely di- rected in our choice of companions, books, and entertainment. No truly Christ-like education is achieved unless one is held account- able for his actions. We foster this sense oi responsibility by nightly ex- amination oi conscience and weekly confession. We also share the chores around the house, because we know that work is the lot of everyone and must be accepted not as a tiresome necessity, but rather as a means of becoming holier. Having thus placed the will of God above all personal considerations, we are ready to clear the last hurdle. Should We be called, we are ready to devote our entire lives to the special service of God for the salvation of souls. At all events, we look upon our several talents as a sacred mandate, and work to the best of our ability for the im- provement of our society. U0Ll'Lf-FIAOIDOJ HEMPAREZ-VOUS DE LA IEUNESSEV' Telle est la devise de tous ceux qui ont at coeur de batir pour l'avenir. Tel est le cri de ralliment de nos secularis- tes rnodernes. Tel est aussi l'appel pressant de tous nos eveques du pays. Mais pourquoi tant de sollicitude at l'eqard de la generation montante? Les avantaqes dont elle jouit sont-ils moindres quiautretois? Un coup d'oeil superficiel suftit pour constater que les avances dans le domaine du bien-etre physique ne se comparant quere avec les conditions qui prevalaient il y a un demi-siecle. D'autre part, il n'est pas nioins evident que Leducation des en- fants, saturee qu'elle est par toutes les commodites rnises at leur disposition, s'est par deares rarnollie et qlisse peu at peu sur une pente diametralernent opposee at la vote etroite de l'Evanqile. Le bonheur des enfants reclarne une affirmation des donnees spirituelles de l'education en rapport avec les neces- siies de l'heure presente. D'oi1 le mot d'ordre si Clair et si opportun de nos- seianeurs les eveq aux educateurs catholiques ei qui l'ave- ues aux parents et nir des enfants est coniie. lgeuerenfl gfolier jreJel'ic, PRINCIPAL W x ff, L " 1 H lf.-ji -.315 'pf I I X I I J' ADMINISTRATIUN Mofher ilonoriud, PREFECT OF STUDIES Ender ..1L!erma5, PREFECT OF DISCIPLINE .'g'0fAel" .xdafefal-aL TREASURER HOME? y0Ln'y05ePA, 5 C ASSISTANT TREASURER BROTHER HENRY, S. C. BROTHER OSCAR, S. C. BROTHER DONALD, S. C. BROTHER ODILON, S. C jj L 8 g Cl, U Q BTHER GEORGE ADELARD, S. C. BROTH ER IOHN BERNARD, S. C, exerfec! a fading in uence on uri i FELICIAN S C BR OTHER VICTORIC, S. C. BROTHER THEODORIC, S. C. BROTHER CYRIL, S. C. BROTHER EUGENE, S. C. BROTHER CECILIUS, S. C. k i 4 2? as BROTHER MAURICE ALBERT, S. C. BROTHER ROBERT, S. C .gzcwing fkeir T I 1 ZR FRANCIS, S. Y Q 5 3 1 C. BROTHER ELBERT, S. C. BROTHER ARMAND, S. C. LUQCLAA of Ll'l0lllL6!ge PPOKUJQQ WALTER BOUDREA U' B' S' MR. NORMAN DUBE MR. ALBERT P. LAVALLEE, Ph. B. X , BROTHER VICTOR, S. C. Infirmcrriun Udlfzng ,jwlou 4 Ml" Aumgfe 6Ll'l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Hn-Jef' QODJ C1 1 1 moaf newfwf ASSISTANTS BROTHER LUKE, S. C. AW CLLDCLPA Mori mai!!! fddl ?!.,.f..J wifi LEARNING IQ .jvlonor Sociefy Sitting, left to right: G. Garcia: A. Achiny W. Paquing R. Porting Standing, left to right: R. Harnois B. Liblancy R. Gelinasg R. S. Peloquiny C. Crepeaug I. Dubeg E. Lessardg R. Martinezy P. Har- rington. September 1950, saw over 90 boys enter Mount Saint Charles, ready to embark on their fourth and last year of high school. All of them were deter- mined to give it all they had. This they did throughout the school year. The first extra-curricular activity soon ar- rived. The gridiron called and many of our seniors answered. Here they gave the first showing of what they could do. Displaying good sportsman- ship and talent all the way, they proved themselves a true credit to their school. Varsity basketball boasted a team made up almost entirely of seniors. The hockey team used a few. Many played baseball. Whatever they played, whenever they played, they showed themselves full worthy to wear the colors of M. S. C. Early in the school year, we, Seniors, were brought together by Brother George-Adelard. Under his expert guidance, we began to find ourselves, to think straight, and to acquire a solid sense of responsibility. This senior or- ganization promoted much more friend- ship among us. Gur parties and out- ings moulded us all into a solid block who really knew one another, and not simply, well-he's just one more of the boys who are graduating this year. We were honored by prominent, suc- cessful men, who gave us talks about their respective fields. Yes, for all the benefits we received from our class or- ganization, we really have to thank Brother George Adelard, sincerely, and from the bottom of our hearts. Besides sports and the senior class of '51 organization, seniors participated in all other school activities: the Three Hearts Club, the Debating Society, the I-lilltopper, the Band, and even the St. Patrick's Day Minstrel. Yes, the Class of '51 have really left their mark at Mount Saint Charles, and it certainly is a good one, isn't it? Mount Saint Charles has left its mark on them also- the best, which is what we wish to all seniors to come-the best! ehJREFLEC SENIORS SENIGRS LUILU LOL SENSE OF MISSION, by dedi ful that the Will of God is rn QULUQ fo lnelflflelflfl, Ql".... Lu UIQ a eeldel' lves for ci better society, ever mind- nt them any personal consideration. 9- , .L ,,4 3 -swag ,1 A iw li itlztt ali? I W: I 'tit t ttf 5 2 t t if 1 5 XXXL XXMW , ,z R. it' tt 'ts' NX ' t X 'X wft!3X2tX' E 1 XX t X. X 1 'fa Q . mt t Xt X ,X t tits, 5 XA N , ' it ,S tf Q11 X15 t 5 1 11' X:5 XX'X -Tlw ff if EX LX X t' ina A tl Q f t t M X tts ' t tg X if 'if ' " 25X KX XtxtXvXgX1XgWXw1aww awwefezi:vQiammX.xQQt pg 2 ,mmXxX-,X 't+dM zz - 1125, t fg 1511 t r X we KX M XX xf,X,X XX 5 wt X X 2 , , ., X 1 'IMAX Mt ,ww mei XX f wefftwiiwixswq H 1 is fviit ffktbtklilf X t ,, 'zgs t K ,xx t XY gm 55 ' 3 ,gt " Q 2ttftEXXfXeXXffeIi5 t F: 22 , 55 t 5 X Xt 32- ffl I X A: wwe? Q 5 , , X L, - 6 Rtgaxws tug fb ,tg N - QX X 5:9 5 . ' 1 ln gtg 3 t t at t t tt f 'S X4 23 I 5 1 Q 3 '1 mfgegqt X t X X X .J ' "t"t"M gin t 'K emtit if F 5 ' - lt , g wwf ' J? XX wmtkf It ., ft, , ' g.: M t ' ' Fist X tt i ttgtm 2 sw f, t XX tt tt F , 555 9 wit? f gtg ng t -Q N , it s gi I t X' fs? f aw w X H X3 EX L wt tt -3 SPQW1 is ,ta 1 P - ' . 1" .tiff t .tt . t t F tit? t " X. 1 , : X RQ? 1 L k e 1 :ffQ , , igmam W g.msmnA.wWMmmM.N-zvmassm-eww:era:emwwmx:,mewaug'nMmmsmN,W H--..w,N,,:xmmw-Q mmwwf- - -ff: Wwwmww-WM V ,JS if VV ,.,. D A I .:,.e, 121 T ?x K . ' NX-O EOS I oft X. Fatwa' magna .jffzlff XQ ? . Y 5 095. REL Q0 Sxleoxgxvchigke un' X3 YOKO EQIOS Og 8 K L-.5 Q. O PQ? if o so ofdqh XCOX box was X593 gi 1.5 K YROOCQ vi Oi ,Nov -O YVQ -5' 6 5 CV, ' Buiexxwiuxoqaeeloxeidxee YXTXOOEZDOQQ . O 5' 5 O Wax. 9.95 QQ 561995 6 I OK. Xqezdo GGY Y die? Y Cp ,XNOCCQQ .. , E at eq 59- QYO' OA O nd X630 Sv , Y xo. me o? e X99 9 oc x0 E iogw mug Wo x0 Ye qs. fgzzigrgl, E 69 500 ,Jax X001 5 SOXQQ -1, aifigi Qi 'Q QY5 x0 2' 9 eff QOI' OTH ae AGT ,Z raw gg KYXIOYS gy 66 00 9235, Xixflssgi X635 5 QD GX fel XY' M 22255 In I ,yeg geew M5523 Egp'5i5'K on LEO AUSTIN pSQ'CSfU H Mulberry St., lontsvi e o n. Pecrcefu QS bee with ree ears, and W are sorr' o see ht leczve. erever Leo present, ou may be sure ere ' plenty of laugh ' oc. Easy-going excited Pe fof s rn ond 'neveru oceful srnoothly tolfes r weather ond foul tn stride olwoys hopeful that solneho things will turn out scrttsfofctortly. Moy life ever smile on you, Leo, ond brighten oll your undertolc ings to your hem-t's content! 4 .dA....A www-mwmfw V ":n:"A' PET?5TjT ' qeEHKE R R Pete Qqers Ave. Bm . footbCr olqlyn, , Qsk Bczseb Y Inf ll B' efbeu H' ey, Qll 2-.94 H 3-4, EXC I :' 4, , ook - . illtopper, esior, Three HeQrts CI ' DrQInQtics 3. 'Petef d ' her ue hiring h' e Qt th is three yecrrs e Mount nQs 111Q'dG Q Qreut Inczny friends Qnd will be missed 55' fheln Qfter grQduQtion. He QIWCTYS hQs Q smile Qncl likes Q qood lQuqh once in Q while. He nQs Q wonderful p Qnd is liked plQn ersonczlit by eve Qfter to C Y ryone. His 9rQduQtion is to go ollege to become Q dentist. ,l ,. f ,W 099 2598 9 oe x QT 491 is XSK PFD G0 xx W 182082 noe. O. e 6 Q53 X Y vvuigt. 100. B 5 'lime W1 9 QQ K Q90 XX Wen ge Xe HOG Q99 X611 UQ XX. . X Y 5,01 qetd 199 xo mdk xl Q9 e 11' e QW Cho ee 9 5 Gm gba ON1 V 0 , o x ond so 5.0YI to Qlfq in t -5 OX awe 'SOX Wo x 9 5 KO Q W. O e YW B96 on XN 9 Q Good Soi -+1 e 55? Q wax' Cd who KOQK 90 X ,cxftege Qxvqe Y? o ce ood OGGXXOOX c C0239 Q Y KO xl QS ye 56 We Z und x0 YJQ We CSXX guwt Wig V269 we .Sb 19 -+11 Q5 wo . , .,,.-V, - -My .-:M ,.,,, . . .L ch I ,,.,...., w,:,,,. ,,.L. f m.. ,,,.. . M- v -- iw ......,..,. mm ,,, m..,,NM,,...V,, ,. W ,,,,KWNMm. ...,.,..,. z.,ww,N,?,,WW,. V 4 Si jx - fs 3? .3 1 3 2, 5 M , Q ff 1 'L ili lil R""f1 mmwwwwmwmwmwbewewgvwxzfa p1:wMwm,wm:wwwwyny,,f www- ww fa wxfwwwwmgf AMMw.WwwW.W WN., 'W' - W M.-, w-wyjwwwwwvwwzzwmw fy W . 7- m-awfw V,Lfwwwfmmwwmmwmww Q MWxwfA.mW.hw N., v..,, Y ,nf fm-K ,WWxx.,mWwW.W1v,W ,WHNw.,,M-MMfWwWW.,..,..,MW,,m,W,,..W.m,gg,M..,TmN- . ETHIEH "Eddie" IU5 Wood Avenue Woonsoclcet, R. I. A highly esteemed Idd die. His DJGUSQIN courczgih I' is Ed slnii Q word ress h e Qhd stot Qvee S in en hose in dis- Qmed him th ' o QU. Eddi is 1119111 e Irie S CCVU shed b Cr Ud- Qiwdys be y his welt-groom ppe-Qrcznce. Mount Saint C Qi es will have Q good repre- sentative in Eddie Qt State. Best o luck, Eddie! X., Q. ,gm 5 ll... 1 ,X 4m M,W.WM,.,.W,,,,.,,,. H, A.,. ,. , W. , .. ROLAND L P 62 Lyflzeff "GRAND W L' SW .V . God Sl ,Any OFCSSYQ 1 1 , TSS! T J - ' Spem ' Mass. wfunf, qndncgufqur years U Je SMU If F1179 4 md ' F fed O 'ff 'hose J in me . U U79 I' req YSCIIN d 1 CJQSSFOOI1 ISM of Spoffs M Y 10 help Q ,L He is 6 WS WSQFY In Jljfj - Ver Slld. H , ,WJU dosuq Dfeczsqnf Sinyj' I newilbor. Wenlifffzzng Io 1,1805-T Ye? Lefrys U HOW ffm, Wh fi Je, New ujw Uderjuklhgs In QL w ,Q Q GY Ceed b A , , f ,y,,,,f.lSS Wzjj f e o f- A IIS QOOI. Jqjlf w 3 CKE FOB yy. E ,1 kwxO?Y-X132 esejg. Y Swfy 5 MCP . O Yeo dflee. 4,5 , on uY d O Dofxxexzxs K3-nk Qoohe assay V , ,NVQ brou 'now yn To em ' vxovnkwxxh W wa W X . - U ve e O ilk K X anyone pogucxind fgzcqiiscyei W' He. -G25 re- CV sux' K, Ked- CXNX. SW? -5 Oi 5:9 Sei, .XO xx 3 N935 une Q M00 . 4.5300 Khan quo YN C Z2 . 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His und ambition S' goo - ying efforts gn spell success in Whoi- ver Held he intends to specia- ize. ineligible to compete i any Varsity sports, he generous it shared his physicoi obiiity in coaching our foyvees. , ,p,,,.: "" :af r 55 32 Z Z, 1 it ii, A A f N IS mm., as 1 Cfa A 4 i ff ear one thousand We, the graduating class of Mount Saint Charles, in the y nine hundred and fifty-one, being of sound mind, not unduly influenced in any way, filled with precious memories, and cognizant of the inescapable certainty that our days at our Alma Mater are numbered, do hereby solemnly declare this to be our last will and testament. FIRSTLY We hereby acknowledge our monumental debt of gratitude to our F lt Alma Mater,lto its distinguished Chaplain, and to its devoted acu y. SECONDLY, We bequeath and devise as follows: Robert Gelinas leaves Brother George-Adelard the privilege of blowing up the Chemistry Lab. Charles Lyons leaves to Matt Connolly, lames arry honor of upholding the Dorchester tradition. B and Pete Delaney the Al Achin leaves his powerful intellect to "Shmuck". Bill Paquin leaves all his jobs to Bob Madden. Pete Berkery leaves his checkbook, Cadillac and half a tank of gas to C. Phillips. Ioe Niland leaves the French teacher "seeing red". Pete Harrington leaves sweat in the study hall. Don Bradley leaves his sharp personality to future hockey players. Don Vahey leaves his blondes to P. Gibbons and "I-lope". "Chico" Amor leaves his centerfield spot to any aspiring loe Di Maggio. lim Connors leaves his Quarter-back slot to Matty Connolly. leaves the sophomores to Brother George-Adelard for their Lenny Lanza sixteen year high school course. "Lefty" Forand leaves his football trousers to Pete Delaney. Bert Berube leaves his new scientific theories and gay moments of happy dis- cussion with Brother George-Adelard to Owen Galligan. k Rene Fortin leaves his basketball suit to Mike Kelly and consequently the task of extracting splinters from the pants. Barney Fortin leaves Latin class the same as he entered: with one eye open. Benny Gendron leaves just as he came in, "rarin to go". Bob Brand and Mike Sweeney leave sterling examples of what a little study can do. "Gene" Belair leaves, but hopes to return to "clip" a few boarders. Marcos de Armas leaves Enrique Montes his domino set. loseph Dube and Don Pitcher leave their Greek books and a warning to fool- hardy Iuniors. loe Gill leaves his cousin, Bob Gregory, to carry on the southpaw tradition. Maurice Deziel, Eddie Ethier, and Charlie Gagnon leave "No Pep" memories of an undying friendship. Bob Peloquin leaves his first baseman's mitt to anyone who can reach Rocky's wild throws. Iohnny St-Sauveur leaves Hardy his No. 7 jersey. George Callas leaves Ralph Mongeon his notes on the evolution of man. Gerry Tellier leaves Father Guilbault wondering whether man is the most intelligent of all animals. Carn Hetu leaves his reserved seat in the bowling alleys to anyone with nothing to do at night. Bob Ringuette leaves his desk in Brother Eugene's class to any sleepy Iunior. Maurice Bell leaves his quiet disposition to Roland Marquis, a fellow Fair mounter. Marcel Gagnon, a future orator, leaves "Fodder" Guilbault reluctantly. Maurice Gaudette leaves his big drag with Brother Elisee to Segelken. lohn Carr leaves his cigarette "checks" to Pete Delaney. Cfaafs Bill Logue leaves his knowledge of Latin to Seggy. "Yo-Yo" Williams leaves the saying of the morning prayers to "Srnitty". Val Forcier leaves his ability in the deftness of magic to C. Alferes. lohn Kilfoyle leaves his studies with no sorrow. Ernest Flood simply leaves. Ricardo Martinez leaves his saxophone and his mouth to Wiltz. lose Martinez leaves his basketball shoes to Ed. Ed Hicks leaves his football talent to Tieles. Dick Lawless leaves all his money to "Srnitty". Joe Simon leaves all his bottles to "Duky". Larry James leaves his athletic ability to Iolly. and waves of Meriden. Leo Austin leaves to Hogan the angles, curves Homer Gelineau leaves his Mechanical Drawing ability to an unfortunate lunior: Robert Madden. "Pete" Petersen just leaves. Chuck Rioux leaves his geometry book to Casanova. Marcos de Armas leaves his position as right guard to Tieles. Bernard Faulkner leaves his books to some unfortunate Iunior. "Bingo" Cummings leaves his new version of French to C. Phillips. A. Gagne leaves his radio to N. Berube. Gil Garcia leaves the privilege of singing with Father Guilbault to any am- bitious Iunior. B. Bissonnette leaves his ability to write letters to any Iunior. Eugene Lessard leaves his French Page in the I-lilltopper to Carl Fombrun. Father Guilbault's "rar ' aves" leave their titles to next year's seniors. Luc Tousignant leaves his carload of passengers to any enterprising lunior with a car. erard Fontaine leave the student body wondering Charlie Crepeau and G "how come they didn't blow up the Chemistry Lab". Eddie Ayotte leaves his car to any lunior who would relish pushing it a few miles before it starts. Robert E. Heroux leaves his Baby Brownie camera to Bob Calvey. Roger and Maurice Petit leave as proof that last names are often misleading. Albert Pard leaves his seat in "solitary confinement" to any talkative lunior. he Paul De Roche leaves Mr. Boudreau and Brother Oscar wondering what means by "feminine mind". Cam Gelinas leaves his best Friend, Saumur, to plague the teachers for an- other year. Iohn Mahoney abdicates his title of "carrot-Top" to "Red" Laperle. Richard Bernier leaves to future bandsmen his book: "How to Raise Cain in Ten Easy Lessons". The Gadoury brothers leave Brother Eugene wondering how to shut them up in French class. Gill Baillargeon leaves Brother George-Adelard seriously considering a l5- year course in religion. Rosaire Harnois leaves his title as research man in History class. Bernie Rouleau leaves as quietly as he came in. Pete Berkery leaves Seggy the dubious distinction of upholding the noble reputation of "God's Country", the home of the fixed basketball games. The Senior Class of 1951 leave quite seriously as a result of the untimely death of two of the Mount's treasured alumni: George Goulet and Garry Coyne. LASTLY, We do nominate, appoint and fervently beseech the Most Sacred Heart of Iesus to repay in equitable manner the beloved Brothers for having spent themselves so whole-heartedly in our behalf and we here implore Him to sustain their courage and perseverance. X V LE of ,m f t r alertness fair play and especially team Work become essentials on every front we know they will uphold the traditions and the reputation of our be- loved Academy. It is with a liqht and GGY heart that W now leave our Academy for we are certain that these juniors follow- ing the lead of previous classes will ff Ll N llfe 6fl"lUe I it ' l ' . 4 y , r-at I 'ww' , 3 e ,I ? HV, ff t,tt,.,J LM I -Q.. ,r 4,4 Wfiff ffgf- H It is a pleasure for us to bring you the lunior Class of '5l. Through ar- duous efforts and much enthusiasm they have portrayed the characteristics and ability that secure our strong as- surance of success. During the past year, they have shown their resolute spirit and courage towards their studies and in athletics. lt is impossible to elude the sight of their present achieve- ments and much credit is due to these conscientious and zealous juniors. When gazing in a junior class, it is impossible to overlook ambitious stu- dents such as these toiling to attain success they value so highly. Co-op- eration is a noticeable trait of these Iuniors and they have shown Willing ness to build themselves a character both scholastically and in sports. In the field of sports, they have pro- ven to be Worthy of representing the school. Though many athletes are leav- ing, there will be no vacuum in our dif- ferent activities on account of the out- standing performances among the dig- nified seniors of '52, Indeed We may acclaim these boys as the promising prospects of next year. ln these times of arduous living and privation, where courage, stamina, uphold all the fine traditions of Mount Saint Charles. fo emufafe our eniom JUNIURS . 1' ,di we l"8fLU"I'lQ6! fo in your class: Bonald Crepeau, William Frew, and Paul Guerard. Your contribution towards sports is not to be forgotten. Many of the games mond and the rink were due to you. The future stars seem to come from the Sophomore class. You are the backbone of our sports fcr the next two years. In hockey you have given us C. Paquin and M. Lebrun. ln Football such stars as E. Chapdelaine and V. Cameron. In Basketball, E. Wiltz and D. Ducharme displayed their capabili- ties as future stars. Baseball also has other luminaries. By your wonderful co-operation you helped maintain for yourselves a high respect. You have followed the Acad- The sophomores deserve credit for their fine accomplishments both in studies and in extra-curricular activities, and in the Wonderful cooperation which they displayed throughout the year, thus making the 1950-l95l school year a very memorable one. You, the Sophomores, will be taking the third step towards your goal very shortly. You have come here untrained as Freshmen and we are sure that you will graduate well disciplined. Cog- nizant of spiritual values on your ar- rival, you will leave as we, the sen- iors, with moral convictions, with def- inite ethical principles. By attention to your teachers' lectures and compliance to their discipline, you have sought to repay their efforts. We are proud to boast of your intellectual developments and in doing so we proudly present those who have achieved first honors emy's rulings perfectly. You have mas- tered almost everything that you have undertaken. Some of you have made plans concerning the future and we know that if you bear the steadying in- fluence of discipline, mental, physical, and spiritual, instilled in your young souls by our devoted teachers, you shall succeed in whatever undertakings you will choose in the long voyage called "life". Good luck to all of you! won on the gridiron, the court, the dia- W anxioufi fo dfarf GUWW SGD?-EOM RES M Fu 'r 5 , '5g HL gs? 1 1 ' J "1' fa' W1 'LM if H E X' .mwim 'gm' 51 E ? Q ,, 4 .14 ri F H we were conhvfen There is rarely to be found a more interesting aggregation of youngsters than a group of freshmen entering high school. The impressions you receive on opening day are as varied as are the schools represented Whose students usually band together. Apart from a general snooping around to get better acquainted with the school's facilities, attitudes range from the very shy and retiring student to the prospective bully. The Whole gamut of childish patterns mingle on that day and foreshadow the checkered state of our modern society. All of these freshmen are anxious to get things rolling, and the first few Weeks in the classroom literally buzz with activity. When however the gloss of novelty fades off, life takes on quite another aspect. The daily grind of homeworlcs and recitations, and the added burden of Weekly quizzes really bring things to a crisis. Gradually the heterogeneous elements' integrate into one solid knot of boys Whose main am- bition is to live up to the best expec- tations of their parents and teachers. f wiaf awaife J M.. f X -'swwt mmm. slr X 121 frwmsltl get A Ju A QNIWXX tw IINNZI f 93 A f ' Q4 "MI BQ x NIIWNX Sim! A As months go by, each will find his own place in extra-curricular activities. Some will flock to athletic bouts and try to impress the coaches by their bold achievements. Others will talk their way to an all-star berth until their brass is found to be spurious. Many will join the academic clubs While all will Want their name on the s-odality scroll. Thus their youthful enthusiasm finds the proper channel to vent the excess 5,25 fs steam out of their system while they acquire proper habits and valued ex- perience. One hundred and twenty-five strong, the freshman class gallantly strides along, warring against ignorance and immaturity. When they return in the fall, they should be Worthy representa- tives of their Academy in all fields of activity. We O! me GRADES were BROTHER SYLVIO, S. C. LLUXM' BRQTHEB WX - 3 1 3 warm g we camel af . . 4 The students in the eighth grade are now on the threshold of High School. They are about to begin the most unforgettable days of their lives, and no doubt, are anxious to duplicate the feats accomplished by their predecessors whose names appear so often on the Honor Roll. Entraines at de bonnes habitudes de travail et d'application, vous surmonterez les difficul- tes de l'ecole secondaire en autant que vous suivrez les avis et les recommandations qui vous furent donnes par vos devoues professeurs. Last September, Brother William welcomed a group of eager bright-eyed students to his seventh grade. The curriculum of the class consisted mainly of mathematics, English Gram- mar and Spelling. The youngsters readily ab- sorbed this knowledge and four achieved the Honor Roll consistently: N. Archamibault, R. Dautel, G. Deragon, and L. Toupin. The class distinguished itself by its complete co-operation with the I-lilltopper staff and by its successful efforts in athletics and the regular school drives. 1 X W K.. VNQVVXXSW 151 OXCJ 'Ly SKCS PHYSICS .fdnol fAe:5e 5laarLJ are mer-ef? miniafure A9Afning ffafiheml fAr0ugA our Welufon wad rigAf aher Quiz-filne! CHEMISTRY BROTHER GEORGE ADELARD teacher QEHA ex erimenffi, Li AILOWAJ e .... P 9 9 BROTHER CYRIL I teachers journey info E. wma, f., 44, 4 BIULUGY Q S 3 X , S x , El ? 2 G 3 M.,-1: ...HE Eg ' X5 , 5 ,Ex q 62, Hx X 3 1 E ? 5 , ...,. , 4 swgsfsgg s wifi? 3 1 5 I 3 E' 5 ,ye r Z 52353 ass? 2 5231 1 MS 5 isgigii' Qlgiige :QM ' Q iw SX Mwg 5, ii E25 iggsi Hi if SH 3 iii g 4 Wi W as ' fig aim Q 3 Xi , MEL 3, I Q , z Ss!! 5 Q I z X ,X Z xi 3 22 ' ilfmxi ' TM N fy lj X I . + 152, ff 5 Hxgg- , EE 02 ,. Sq' . Hx 51352, ' S, 5 XL x- , if 'Ms-3 I' 1 4 .M mm: , gb 1 fa 3' my gi 5' gm -g , W.!Z,g ME? , 555555917 gf, -X , lg 1 SQ 31A X if gg? iw ew , fi mel ' Vs! ,fl X! ,, In -lf! lf! 3 M 31 KZ 3' , mi ' ' f ' 'f E251-, , 2 N! W 5 1 ' 2 3.x ' Y fx' ' 1 A ,,,7, TQQ AE, MR. NORMAN DUBE, teacher So fAi5 in Low we acluerfidel .x4zQ fomoLiA5 of fomorrow. egra HISTU Y A haf? tv if BROTHER THEODO 'teacher www iue llifiomj teacher .fdccurafe iffudfrafiongi f ence!! fo MGP ,er for Leffer unclerafanchng. j-requent re 80l'lfI,Qfl"g BROTHER FELICIA teacher - id id greel fo me. . . aww BROTHER ODILLON teacher ' GW? BROTHER HONORIOUS teacher .7oufarc!4 Aeffer 5,aeecA unc! wrifing Wine BROTHER HENRY teacher we looziaemiolz oflaelpcf confrof id a uifafgfe a5.4ef. OANADPJ' N,H.+ ,UNE M1955,4r 'X 3 23' Co - I I, .9 P N ' ' ENN. We 6 . f W . fy Alffhoqs WASHlN6rQN Q , .D,c,, " ' X' ' N W -E 7 A 2 Z 1 min im " A.-A-M , fi S1555 C Us . D fm wbponf ' 4: vow Q00 HAITI 'ue x Q50 pak CJD Q vo " Wei-'ies -xW4i:.+v" -K CENTRAL. Q ' AMERICA 'N Q i, 41' :au 47 1 50004 'k AMEPW 9 lnolflfl, fkg--- .x4rcAc!ioce5e o Z?o.4fon Boston: Cambridge: Millbury: Brocton: West Roxbury: Winthrop: Canton: Noiwell: Dedhcrm: Somerville: Milton: Everett: Woburn: Belmont: Lynnfielcl: Dorchester: Quincy: South Boston: Brookline: Marlboro: Lynn: Shirley: Brighton: Icxmoico Plain: South Middleboro: Lowell: Roslindole. mioceae o mrceafer Fitchburg: Worcester: Ec1stDouqlC1s: Southbridge: North Oxford: Webster: Leominster: Winchendon Sbioceae o ,jvlarfforaf Moosupg Picmtsviiieg Manchester: New Britain: Bridgeport: Danielson: Fcrirtieidg Hartford: Water buryy Norwichg Merideny Norwalk: Forestvilieg East Hczvenp Bristolp Vtfethersfieidy Riverside Eioceae o Wanckedfer, Nashua: Mcznchesterg Keeney Berlin ioceae o lgrouiclence Provide-nceg Valley Fallsg Woonsocketg Pawiucketg Central Fallsy Iohnstonp Apporxauqg Westerlyg Narraqanseti Pierg East Greenwichg Edgewoodg Lakewood: Cranstong Barrinqtong West Warwick flioceae of Sprin ghefv! W'illimar1sel1g Sprinqfieldg Fairview .xdrclvlioceae o f Wew york New York Ciiyy Bronx: Hollis: Long lslornd, Sunnyside, L. Lp Scorsdale Lbioceae of 51006411 Brooklyn: FlorczlPc1rkg Clifton, New Ierseyg Bellemore, L. l.7 Greenport, L. I.: Seoforcl z 5 I, liocede of ,Quaid Fairhaven: Acushnetg New Bedfordp Dennis Port North Attleboroy Fall River ..!4l"CL6li0C252 of indwhingfon. Wczshinqtong Uohnsiown, Penn-J miocebe of Wea! Orfeanb, 0605 jngefeo anal oufb New Orlecmsg Los Angeles: Pork-ou-Prince, Huitip Huvcmcx, Cubcp Venezuekig Bermudciy San S511 A ericog Republics Dominicuncg Quebec, Ccmcidog St. Croix, Virgin Islands vcxdor, Cenircxl m liocegg v , 0 p if an Buren, GrcmdIs1e, portland- Rodd d or 641106 Wye. , Cm MIQUSJ4 T J 'WE M mwsum-,muh L sm W, hm mn JT --W f Y. W -. xi? Wx ,.,,EE1.s, 11 Wa 5 11121 1:5 arodme 1 v recieux- an monaocgef, MCDNSEIGNEUR CHARLES DAURAY Cur6 1875 - 1931 M. GEORGES BEDARD CUIQ 1931 -- 19919 W 74401542 ollelarohon Cure ctctue-1 aroidde Ee-.Anne mondocgef, l,QAov!e .95fan,! : Wondeigneur 3011246 M. NAPOLEON LECLERC Cur6 1899 - 1914 Cur6 1914 - 1929 M. ERNEST MORIN Cur6 1929 - 1941 Cur6 c1ctue1 4 -1.7" Z O Z yn E Q Z m Cf I1 O UP' E w rd m S H E DP' 'SU NU FU U 1111 11 ,L..... .uixfhklibi il 5 "1 '1 M 1 1 " ,H 1 1 111111 1' E, F aroizwe 0tl"Q Ollflfle Woonbockef, MIOCIQ .gfaf Cl Wonbeignelflr 9. Giroux, Cm alexa Mcfoireo all Sainf Chaika lgariff WOONSOCKET, RHODE ISLAND Reverend Iohn I. McLaughlin, Pastor .sjacreol .jwlearf lgarirjk WOONSOCKET, RHODE ISLAND Reverend William D. McKitchen, Pastor f paroidde Sainfe jhereae WOONSOCKET, RHODE ISLAND Rosario Ccmtin, Cure? lyaroizme Sainf JOJEIQA WOONSOCKET, RHODE ISLAND Ioseph Bcrril, CUI6 igaroiue Sainf-oljouia WOONSOCKET, RHODE ISLAND Normcmd Meunier, Cur6 paroidde afe fixgwomfafion SOUTH BELLINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS Albert A. Bergeron, Cur6 .gccilzf punch lgarimlz BLACKSTONE, MASSACHUSETTS Reverend Andrew I. Daley, Pastor Sainf 904113 !9ari5A SLATERSVILLE, RHODE ISLAND Reverend Thomas Gilfillan, Pastor Sainf .xdnfiongg pari5A paroidde Sain! .fdmgroide paroiade Sainfe .7Aere5e WOONSNOCKET, R. I. ALBION, R. I. NASONVILLE, R. I. Rev. Francisco Bruno, Pastor Monseiqneur I. A. Lcdiberto, Curo Lionel I. Dion, Curo paroidde Sainf jacquefi MANVILLE, RHODE ISLAND Ovilor H. Brouillette, Curo paroidae Sainfe-jamifd WOXONSOCKET, RHODE ISLAND Stephen Grenier, Cur6 7 paroiaoe Sainfe-Jeanne 2.f4l'L' MANVILLE, RHODE ISLAND A1d6ric Chuuvin, Cur6 1-wt Agia T Q We Angelic arfare On e a year usually 1n October a day IS set asrde for the re ceptlon of new members ln the Angellc Warfare The purpose of th1s soclety 1S to help young men l1ve ln closer contact wrth super natural values by a fervent devotlon to the Bl ssed Vlrgln and to Samt Thomas Aqurnas patrons of the sodalrty By so dorng young people are more 1ncl1ned to make a darly practlce of the vlrtue of purrty It was rndeed very grat1fy1ng to wltness the devotron w1th whrch the 215 new members warmly assumed the1r engagements The da1ly rec1tat1on of l5 Hall Marys and the constant wearmg of th medal glven out to each new member are not heavy oblrga tlons However lf accepted and performed rn the spmt of self sacrrfrce they rmply they can go far 1n the development of strong p rsonal clean hablts Thls ln turn rnfluences all the other actrv ll19S of the growmg adolescent so that eventually lt becomes one of the most effectlve character burldrng advantages offered rn our schools ffm A . . . - v 1 1 . Q . . V , . Q ' ' - V . , -- 1 1 Q . . . . . - V . Y 1 ere admitted in the z Angelic W rfare tt gtober 6, i950 I .. mgzvf 'QT Robert Heroux ffPhilippe Messier Raymond Chabot ,M Robert Grenon Robert Terrill T A ,lPaul Gagnon lohn Benson ' Miguel Laboy Iohn O'Connor W W Edgar Lavallee Wilfrid Godin BOL1ChCIId Charles T Paul David Peter Iohn Gerald Malboeut Thgxxxgas oran Th as ogan I Richard cre w Roland Bro erg Roland Bedard George Saulnier Paul Menard Lionel Trinque Saint Iglfm Roger Roberts scar DelBarco ames Hughes f ' 1 . mas Fontaine ober Tighe iftor Fong ie fn s D ald ema loclhlqahoney lohn Cummings Elliott Besner Frs. Iulien F Coulornbe Henault N igrelli Bertrand Theriault Ioseph Victor Richard Thomas 1 Livain Gionet Paul Maillotix Ronald Charles Leonard Ianoske Roland Rernillard Donald De ohn Roger Norbert Bleau Edgar Chapdelaine Roland Beauregard Peter Velez Robert Laplante Roger Leroux Richard Curry Gabryelski Bradshaw Ianton Paquette Fernands Payette nnel Messier George Shawn Odilon Larnoureux Coulombe Hebert Robert Beaulieu Leonard Contant Richard Romeo Raymond Raymond Brunelle Roger Van Vooren W. Arsenault ROCCO Burresi Arthur Tardie Richard Cabana Roger Martel Roland Fontaine Francis Wacker Thomas Brew efllleell Aermorw - . . . We had the advantage of having for our Retreat Master Reverend Ioseph Fontaine, a Missionary of La Salette very Well versed in the difficulties that confront the modern youth. The theme of his preaching rested on the Decalc- gue as the norm to the right Way of life. God, being our Creator and the dis- penser of all good things, should hold the first place in our lives, at all times, next should come our parents who hold l-lis place by us: in Whatever position we may be, nothing can dispense us of the obligation of respecting and hon- oring them. nnuai ETR REVEREND IOSEPH FONTAINE, Retreat Master Our neighbor is Gods creature and dear in His sight: We are bound to re-- spect his life, his body, his goods. The retreat Master stressed especially the respect of body which is ever more trampled down by the so-called "mod- ern" generation and disregarded out- right by our legislature on the ground of humanitarian reasons, as exemplified by our divorce courts. To combat evil effectively We must strike at the very roots which lie in the hearts and minds of men: war upon slander, calumny, and falsehood of all shades: War upon unlawful desires: they are evil in them- selves, and, if not curbed, sure to lead us to evil lives. M SS 0l'l fde OIWLB l"0l'lf I t 1 J ' . , ,r C t- 41 5:14 1 1- Qa? Lis -. -X ' . 'WML Q ' ,1 will . 4 is -' r W ll l v V l'll t . M l l r ll Y 'i?QQ '-"4-4' 42+ .Q S' --" !!!!5!5'F'5 s r - e .-1, ' f"'i,t1Efi - 7 ?' 1 2' --r sf ee -- - . -. ll"--"l " c 41iilE:'2I'. .. 4 Y 'kiglzo "f N Q iff! C'est donc un privilege inestimable pour nous de pouvoir cooperer avec le Christ au rachat des ames. Mais c'est plus que cela: c'est un imperieux de- voir. Nos Missionnaires at l'etranger trop souvent souffrent persecution, et s'ils ne tombent pas directement sous les coups des despotes de tout acabit, ils voient leurs oeuvres detruites at me- sure qu'ils les edifient et se trouveni ainsi en face d'un perpetuel recom- mencement. C'est dire combien ils comptent sur le secours de nos prieres et de nos aumones pour soutenir leur courage et pourvoir aux incessants be- soins de leurs missions. Qui he-siteratt or s'imposer pour une cause si noble quelques sacrifices journaliers ainsi qu'une intention particuliere dans ses prieres? No student of Mount Saint Charles would consider himself a good Cath- olic if he were not deeply mission- minded. Yet the number of those among us who will eventually Wind up as foreign missionaries will in no way be staggering. Would there be Ways of spreading the good news of the Gos- pel Without actually forsaking home and friends? The spiritual solidarity binding together all the faithful on earth belonging both to the body and to the soul of the Church in the organic unity of the mystical body under Christ, its head, confirms our faith in the marvel- ous and consoling truth of the rever-- sibility of merits. So it is that the heathen, be they ever so far from us, may share in the fruits of the Redemp- tion through our prayers and good deeds. id never uffad Eh.. SENSE OF SPIRITUAL DIRECTI in the steady light of His com entertcrinmerltsa 12. 15 ,. our ACTI ITIES fo on mg cmd lovmq God, cmd Walking our ChO1C9 of companions cmd ! M10 I1 JQQIOQI' v jk? ,S?6Ll'lCtlfl,6l,l"g BROTHER CECILIUS, Moderator ULU' Jdkar EOW With zest we sing our rnates' success: To Honor Rolls warm praise address, How loud we cheer our meh ot sports On grid, on field, on ice, on courts, But what about our Altar Boys? . . . For touchdown, goal, basket or foul, Strike out or horneruri, we howl! Our Varsity and layvee: all heroes brave, At intramurals how we rave! But what about our Altar Boys? . . . Dear Altar Boys, your role is great. Although we see, we underrate . . . The Angels' part each morn is yours: 'Twill help you reach the Golden Doors. Well done! well done! dear Altar Boys Sen ior cibiuia ion Welllgefif 5742 SUDALITY LU" BROTHER CECILIUS, Moderator The Mount's Sodality is here to stay . . . Her members learn the part they have to play: Renounce themselves and follow Christ alwayg Engage in fighting sin, man's greatest foe, Expand the reign oi Mary here below. Heroic souls true Sodalists must be: Exert themselves, despising worldly aims, Against the human goals ot fame or tee. Reward, O Lord, these other Saulsp they flame To serve our Church, the divine Spouse of Christ, Show men the way to reach the eternal Light. Come blame, staunch Sodalist, come blow, Leave not your work: the devils overthrow. Up, higher, keep your eyes, serve Church, serve God: Beware the flesh, stand fast 'on the holy squad! jun i or liuidion ,Aga , O fgmlaan i5fA af war! ,9f3 fha ,NJA WM iel'5 of fha L6g5 .girige ala me M5556 F748 BAN 69f lL? IOGLCQ BROTHER MAUHICE ALBERT Moderator C6455 gldifoy-5: Achin, Gadoury, Bissonneite, Ringueiie, Faulkner, Lyons, Bradley. . 74' ' ES I L6 lf, 0lfl,l" C0-67g!if0,,5, R. Fortin, W. Paquin. 6 fn Sitting, left to right: Harnois, Gadoury, Faulkner, Bissonneiie, Foriin, Paquin, Lyons, Ringueiie Xce Mor fa 3 Achin, Bradley. Standing: Rouleau, Forcier, Tellier, Sweeney, Gadoury, Connors, Cummings Gelinas, Donovan, Petersen, Dube, Lawless, Forand, Berkery, Martinez. Ulm FXCFI SID BROTHER HONORIOUS Moderator BROTHER ROBERT Advrsor jeClfllI'E l'L!Ol"J Iaroogfeowf ana! faerkcf ssiaorf glbford. Donov n Sweeney For nd Cummmqs Connors 4 , 1 C? ' : Pcrrd, Heroux, Martinez, Hornois, Tellier. o , , cr. , G , ' , . ,!' 51 QM!A0l0l02l" Sitting, left to right: l-Iarnois, Berkery, Vahey, Paquin, Garcia, Fortin, Harton. Lessard, Steen, Donovan. Standing: Phillips, Forand, Connors, Madden, Killfoyle, Cummings, Ryan, Reardon, l-leroux, Fortin, Picard, Lararnee, Dube, LeBlo1'1d. .746 HILLTO BROTHER lOl-IN BERNARD, Moderator BROTHER VVILLIAM, Manager C0'6Mf0l"5 R. Eortin, G. Garcia. 4 Ln I i n and crediv. Furthermore, He apo, for Vergil "bull". In his :pure .iiqpmmnu lo tm nulcisfs W0 are inclinml .wugh in vm at.,-. wrmt task! A l Tops All Prvvinus Efforts GRAND TOYAI. - S23 The Alhlvlln Drwe came to a 'clock Jah, 23, The Sludcwll Hluil an ull-ml! Hilo!! and W0 mm- mm mn- pm-mtlg mt-wa. lt my mt- mn.: umm ro actually un campus. atm to nwrgfnq- nwasm-es. but tht- MN, OXHE. Wllhfrul tx doubt. n was A nm mm in uw nn, ut-mg the nm tw.. W.-M, Un tnumughx-.-Mis mn.-tx mn- H-mm ht-nw: the pifmw Qfmsstrmnxy, We amibuoe our huge success v me spirit amnng she nudems, buf y to she classihcalian of our nrees into Iwo groups oi vhere keen competition he very las! minule. -f.m5n-we M ,ep we Rene Combines o if Gm 5 Q qtuvv Rhode pf X e vox. x U fn i 00" L . . xi - X l ALCVN x :Bw C' M 95 we 0 0 cw Wu' WU.-uf ' tw Wim I dance. 0 uv xy lm an xx ork . S vu- ft QV. A ,t xi Q N. CMG W ,ww bw N I WASQA N- ' -cv' ' .cu ' ' 1 11.7.1 ' ' f 0 . Y 5 , V , 2 X9 . X Xxq. f l .-f 1 l . R at-Nc meg' ' ,f 96 Xtyxe . l . V - .qs Q YF ' f ' A U" G3 ,x Koigxvtc .x - I -2-, o N 'I c66nxx'zAX,'?s0x5- ,qojx v . L ,F Q ff' A Q AAA app 55255-5, N Li 1 f' WW' Q09 .AV We 'egofzsoeg K eqezxx 1-1 Y rg I- 'f' 5 ..x" ,K Xu Q9 .no or R Q51 YMCA V61 1 QXV1' R+ A mx . N59 ,Dew tml , ,. i . f' f -,x OQNKQQV Xcvf ,M WOR was 27 ,M ex' 95 gf ' V9 5 QW ,M te . X X' WC - ,. 'V' QV' 6 4 Q '00 K9 xe -XX 0 . . o vu YN K 0 x c W , -:lays 'QAM 'flirt Qziftg ll o , ,ex ,ax x .. - 0 Q' xo .cv V 2 X O56 9. was qi vw bose 0 as B E wg, lx ,vw ,X get , 6 we xgoX5.C- can WN atv: Aw can X eww . 96" and xg' xi K5 dwg 4966 We wx 5 Nec- ,Q WN .vioxx f A 2,655 fi Wk are 5 6,902 virwco- x GAC xxf A A QNX. ' . give' Nt" G5 wel' M' -Q 0 CWB git WB Nl ff, Q N WN 59 ,nv Nfl" wwe, 8:0 N25 GA YQ-A X 9:9 Kgxfllwe C1 fo 'te llxzixi 'b gyAY2,,ml'h,xM N QNUX 5921 we x0"' ,tm XXGQYXA gcbcovnw ww Qqxxeic A Nl gn- 1 . 1 if .yt ,xi i o ,. gm be at rf QW 6, Je" via-X givin ig N0 950- ...if ,ww ., Wm A wt' I . W,,Xx.W OXQXQW bvtly' Qs Q Mew- 4" Wh l" X H"'l ,df tif , - R 'mfgwv ww new gm WU vcov wtW,v"' ' WG .v'M,,v"6 gt' gl Xeftot Q09 wivlxuls 5 if' m ht ,tt -5 an .,f- S tw it m ue ' x a W , U ,S xv .x , 5 ,xt -rl ,A ,,rf"'? hfaim- -vt-JW,,cx'5 wt' Km ' fold Jw 4- cioxX0Q' Mac' ll f A+ tv wk. tw? .A tt W ' -tm tw -t X" A x xW 0' l .tevlvK,f'tw,,m5 . .W .J . uf' , .w'..ff ,N .ni vw x M, X xv mv' "ltr paving gacford: mings, Steen. RIT RS 1 jeafure gahfora: Gelincxs, Hcrrnois, Lesscrd, Hcrrton. ,Sjmfg gohfora: Berkery, Connors, Paquin, Foriin, Vcxhey. ara page jrancaiae: Heraux, Hczrnois, Bedcxrd, Pombrun, Fredette, Lesscxrd, Dube. LeB1ond, Madden, Killfoyle, Cum There may be splendid libraries in other high schools throughout the state, but OUR library is cur pride and excels all others. its thousands of volumes standing in neat rows on their shelves are a constant invitation to thumb through their pages. Some may do so through curiosity or to seek escape from the daily grind of serious study periods. The younger set of students may even amble to the library for no other purpose than obtaining a picture book. The more serious minded however are not sat- isfied with merely skimming over a book a week. They read with a view of fostering habits of concentration, of broadening their outlook on life, of acquiring the proper information for book reports, and for getting better acquainted with those quiet but ever reliable friends called good books. And there is no shortage of such friends Whether it be in biography or history, in travels or diaries, in religion or philosophy, in science mathematics, fiction, economics or what have you, there is always a book to satisfy your wish for knowledge or entertainment. As a last resort, a fine series of up to date encyclo- 5748 K BROTHER ODILLON, S. C Librarian BROTHER CYRIL, S. C. Assistant mulent dans des boites, faute d'espace sur les rayons, on entend discretement circuler des bruits a l'effet d'amenager un nouveau local plus spacieux, non seulement pour suppleer aux besoins actuels mais aussi pour mieux preparer les developpements futurs. Le Frere Odilon, notre bibliothecaire averti, serait enchante de liberer son present domaine pour une salle mieux appropriee aux exigences pressantes du moment. Trouvera-t-il dans quel- qu un de ses nombreux livres la fagon magiqu de financer le nouveau proJet'? Qui salt s il ne la deia? Nous lui souhaitons plein succes et profitons de loccasion pour lui dire notre ad miration et pour lui offrir nos remerciements pour laide inappreciable qu il nous donne si benevolement pedias is always at hand to an- swer our ever recurring questions. Le bien toutefois ne devrait pas etre un obstacle au mieux. C'est pourquoi, vu l'exiguite de notre bibilotheque ou les livres s'em- pilent sur les tables ou s'accu- an BUUKS ' e , . . . ,. I IIN - I ' X . , , , , . .,...,.. . ...,. ..... . LIBRARY W' " ' .. 5 ,..15f5f-E.:-53111ii::2.g2:::-,. an EW as ,xg -an JEL L' 4 W2 Wm iiiilxizff 531 f - ' 5 , '., . ..., 'si'f:'-2-521.'LI-S"Z"I-'.-.F:'Zf'ZE.5s2.'.v--X 1' MH -1 'fl' EM aa... AURELTO AMOR la, fl .7Ae Campaign BRCDTHER ROBERT, Moderator This year, the Mounties boast of an outstanding scoring threat in Gil Bail- largeon, shitty fullback. He is also the passing halt of the Baillargeon to Amor combination which was so dangerous last year. Rocky Lapierre, broken in at quarterback, improved as the season progressed and developed into a really iine player. Other backtield men who helped are aggressive Otis lolly, Don Bradley and Larry lames, Amor, Peter- sen, De Armas, Laterriere, Tieles and others comprised the line, the unsung heroes of football. ln many games the team has put up a spirited battle. Awed by power house Aldrich's terrific record, it spotted their opponents 20 points in the first half. Then in the second half, the Mounties stormed back to take the play away from Aldrich in such a manner that they had the spectators gasping for End CART. HGH." BAILLARGEON Fullback BILL LOGUE, Tackle FOUTBALL BROTHER ARMAND, Assistant breath. l-lowever, time ran out before they could overtake Aldrich, and they had to be satisfied with a 27-l9 setback. After having suffered two early de- feats at the hands of Gorton and Clas- sical, the team bounced back to a 6-O win over hopeless Central Falls on the strength of Bradley's thrust through the right side of the line. The game was not as close as the score indicates, for twice lolly broke through for a touch- down only to have the play nullified because of a Mount penalty. A handful of rooters witnessed one of the most exciting games of the sea- son when Mount tackled with Paw- tucket West. They were on edge from beginning to end. lt was the whole team who won the game with Gil as the outstanding player. Rocky, time and again, threw some excellent passes and made some important blocks. Amor made one very sensational catch and went on for a touchdown. McMan- LARRY IAMES Fullback MARCOS DE ARMOS Guard W WALT PETERSEN Center sumofl VARSYY V ARSYY Y ur Coariing S T A F TOM PERKINS, Assistant WALLY BOUDREAU, Head Cocr FRANK LIND, IR., Assistcmt geffing rea y . . BAILLARGEON, WALLY BOUDREAU, LAPIERRE if if Aml. .. Cl-WLQ5 CL!! fL2 Wd? X, XfH1f51'S?5fTQ,g' ' 15 , , H 2 X 1' ' s im .h w X f f? I ' - -W i le RCD? MSC 7 CLASSICAL MCS 26 NORTH PROVIDENCE MSC 12 GORTON MSC 6 CENTRAL FALLS MSC 19 ALDRICH MSC O WEST WARWICK MSC 21 PAWTUCKET WEST MSC 12 WOONSOCKET WON 3 LOST 5 yoffg unc! .1244 ibiclnf male .pf 21 6 14 U 27 19 19 25 EDIT 69045 olzoode j0l'..4 jOllCAJ0llll'l 2, Bolduc, Lapierre, Bradley, De Ar- as, lolly, Tieles, Petersen, and Logue l had a lion's share in the victory. mes helped soften the opposition and ought tn the clincher. lThe Woonsoclcet game was a loitter sappointment to everyone. For the st time in many years, We were very wntident that We would emerge vic- ious. We were facing a vastly un- ,rrated team which started oft slowly d gathered momentum as the season 'ogressed. As usual, the unpublicized iemen won the game tor Woonsoclcet. iey got the jump on our linemen, nothered our runners loefore they iuld get started and Wouldn't let our Qssers get rid ot the hall. Oftensively, y opened immense holes for their aeedsters. That is the story ot the mme. lt ended with a score ot 25-l2. lWe congratulate Mr. Boudreau, our :Pad coach, and his Worthy aides, Per- rns and Lind, for the fine job they have ne. They have Wrought near-mir- les and have developed a fine team. ie games won and lost show a slight Eprovement over last year's record. thereas last year the record was 2-6. is year it Was 3-5. However, the dit- 'rence is in the Way the games were st. Last year, all the losses could be Lmmed up in one phrase: outscored, Yttclassed, outfought. This season, our 'even lost five games, but in none of ese Were they outfought, and you'd ve to look hard to find many games which they were really outclassed. i I te ? ' l tl I t , ,, 'l ',jg5f'1EL,LV'l'1h, l U ""' y' "' -X - ll ..-.-TIL. N f rf" "S :- og -iN:eN,:-1-"V 'V' fr- 1, g ' . E525 . titftfftttrt iii . f mf he eeee lj t . so I 1. I ,t ' i , l ,gig .it fl ' I I 'ft 5 tg 74 he I' ll-e sese ---- --'eff tw , M121 ,, st sw 5 X rr, -Milf 1 . - i W 7 , J xl t l ', I lon M61-Jig, Aa MLCLCL CAPTAIN BAILLARGEON GATHERS MOMENTUM AS HE COVERS 65 YARDS FOR A FACE-SAVING TOUCHDOWN BASKETBALL lljarjifg: lst Row, left to rtqht: DeRoche, l?eArmas, Lawless, Oerlclrong 2nd Row, left to r1qht: Donovan, AlVv1llZ, Faulkner, Martmez, Petersen. BERNARD FAULKNER MARCOS De ARMAS IOHN FAGAN, Head Coach BOB BENTLEY, Assistant BROTHER OSCAR, Moderator BENNY GENDRON 1 5 5 1 3 5 jig infer HUC EY BROTHER' VICTORIC, Head Coach WALTER BOUDREAU, Assistant gaiffargeon All-State defense Second team y0AI'lI'ly Sauueur All-State wing Second team campaign 2011. Gy All-Stcrte goalie Third team mf Quan, All-State center First Team E011 All-State defense Third tecxm ward ily: Kneeling, left to right: Paquin, manager, Va hey, Bradley, loyal, Amor. Standing: M'- Wally Boudreau, coach, Latour, Alferes, Gal lant, St. Sauveur, Lemoine, Allard, Le-brun Baillar eon Gibbons Cameron Hardy, Lam- Ql 1 1 1 oureux, Brother Victoric, head coach. .S,L'l,U86L.. ji:-of cane jAreaf St. Sauveur, Gibbons, HC Mount Saint Charles started off the season with a bang and more. How- ever, they lost out to a decisively better Burrillville sextet in the semi-finals and had to be content with winding up in fourth place. Paul Gibbons and Gil Baillargeon, Mount's contribution to the Rhode ls- land All-State Team of 1951, were the spark plugs of the Mounties' squad. Game after game, Gibbons, with his clever playmaking and expert stick- work, and Baillargeon, with his bril- liant defensive and offensive play, stole the show and really gave their oppo- nents a rough, tough time of it. Cap- tain Don Bradley, Marcel Hardy, Iohnny St-Sauveur and Don Vahey were the other starters and were all most formidable in their respective positions. Next year's team will find itself minus the services of only four of this year's crew, namely, Bradley, Baillargeon, St- Sauveur and Vahey. That's quite a loss, but the remaining team Cplus new talent? will be very well able to take care of itself in the league play. Prob- ably they won't be the champs but like all Brother Victoric coached teams, they will be right up there around the top. Congratulations to this year's squad, and to Brother Victoric and Mr. Walter Boudreau for the wonderful job they did. , ..r.. i, r..r,, r V .. .V,,WMf..,,,., ,WW ,,,-,MW x-4-4 Y ,H W.t,,,,.,,,.,,1ys.m,,,,Mfv,.,...-M,, X-e:,M.W,,,w,N,N MM-,,WW,WNM,,,, W V SL RECUR MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC 9440115 Scored WOONSOCKET MT. PLEASANT BURRILLVILLE E. PROVIDENCE CENTRAL N, PROVIDENCE CRANSTON HOPE LA SALLE ST. DOMINIC'S E. PROVIDENCE E. PROVIDENCE BURRILLVILLE BURRILLVILLE LA SALLE LA SALLE lUaAeg mccaferfi fke fiifuafion Rev. Brother Adelcxrd presenis Souvenir-Album to former Mount stars, Roger Bedurd CCir1cinno1iiD, A1 Thurier fC1evelcmd7. ounf .Sizinf fjlrard 7fL9l,f fqproui ence .fduvbforium N 5 .1 H ir! r . ,nl 1 ' I Rev. Brother Adelcrrd, Rhode Is1cmd's Mr. Hockey, proudly admires the Mi. St. Charles Hockey Hall of Fume. ,Q Wil if 555 EFQ ' 55 if ,X 5 at he It fig 5 Q , Egg Ki 51? Y J 1 W 5 if 5C'c5Ch'00LB0 4524125 775 F FEED H45 YO UR D EE6!57'e',QE0 REC-MZ ul' P14 OVER zoo 5gulN'NG 405 eoALsnvr-,vs My NV A MER! CHN LEVMSUET .ptgfl-WY N ED wnf Qo0'4 Mnve H fff 'Z Pow Q I HO0L 5C rU6H LL STATE I955' E NEOF Er5E5'r SLN Tkkfllicjl A NNIA ETICI UCTS 0 l5LAND HOOLBOY N KS apr! lfgyf- xg LVIA 4 -BE Fe-rfo a r CZfL': 7fff41P4 EJ X6 PLAYED Wffen. ZURNYG dfwfffr THE movm' was 7?e-.DJ-B97'Hb CON5l.bEx1usD 'roa FAS1 7,4-T 1901145 FOl2:574ssc1+oo1..:3oY LEAGUE On February 19, the Reverend Brother Louis-Gerard, S.C., assistant-general ot the Brothers ot the Sacred Heart, com- pleted a canonical visitation of one week at Mount St. Charles Academy. The internationally-known educator some months ago was charged with the duty of visiting the institutions of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart in the United States and in Canada. .14 Ukdfinguiakeal I S I T U The purpose of his visit is to observe the conditions at the institutions, including the welfare of the brothers and the progress made in the field ot education. From the data compiled, a report must be sent to the mother house in Rome, , Brother Louis-Gerard is a native of St. Paul of Chester in the Province of Quebec. Ot twelve children in his tamily, tive ot his brothers have become priests, another besides himself is a religious brother, and two ot his sisters are presently nuns. Because of his French-Canadian ancestry, the Reverend Brother speaks French impeccably and ex- pressed interest in the cultivation ot this language among the French-speaking students. Through the medium of out school paper, the Hilltopper, he advised these students to cherish their French heritage and to guard jealously their native language against the infiltration ot incorrect idiom, slang, and unauthorized English terms. Brother Louis-Gerard was impressed by the fine spirit shown by the students on the campus and at sporting events. He particularly rejoiced over the great number ot students receiving the Holy Eucharist daily. Our distinguished visitor assumed his duties as assistant- general in l947 when he was elected to that post at the General Chapter of the Sacred Heart Brothers held at Lyon, France. Atter his visit to the Mount, the Brother's destina- tion was Mobile, Alabama. There he intends to visit the order's scholasticate where several future members ot the teaching order are studying. The Brother is then scheduled to sail from New York on March Zl, en route to Monte Verde, Rome, the mother house of the Community, his long and tedious mission completed. Om- WMM O! DISCIPLINE grader ghaee, Head Master Senior Division N l groflzer Wichaeg Assistant Master Senior Division Maier gfaioe, Heod Master Iunior Division 1 in. Maier olzeanvlre, Assisioni Muster Iunior Division DAY STU EN oggdglfle gglltfafliblfaf BROTHER ARMAND, S. C. Moderator AGLES BEARS CRUSADERS ROYALS PIRATES TIGERS CELTICS i l 5 7 , 1 I 1 3 X , i W . I 3. S I w 1 E 3 S 2 5 5 5 E Q 9 5 E x S N A I3 S H 0 T W S W 'z Qfi n fa 1 55 Q Z 3 1 3 gv 5' 3 Y , 22 fe fl i , X . X ' 5-fi TZ E if S Q 35 E1 22 Junior iuifiion l 3 1 1 . 5 E 5 1 3 S N f A D S H I 0 , T E S I l........... mm., ,,,W m M A M .xdffgar .szicfioho or 550 R. Cummings, End: A. Fitzgerald, Tackleg R. Bernard, Guard, M. Connor, Centerp H. Gel- ineau, Guard: L. Lansa, Tackle: R. Forand, Endg l. Connors, Quarterback, K. St. Peter, Left Half- Eaclip E. Hicks, Fullback, W. Paquin, Right Half- ac . DO YOU REMEMBER 1. Ed Hicks' never say die spirit? 2. Lefty Forand's clinching the championship game by recovering a costly fumble? 3. Colucci's 60-yard dash to the paydirt stripes? 4. Iim Connors' 75 yarder against St. Pats of Boston? Under the careful guidance of the Reverend Brother Michael, the intramural football for '50 got off to a roaring start. Guided by Ed. Hicks, Boston College annexed the championship crown. ln the runner-up position Was Holy Cross, paced by Captain Bud St. Peter. In num- ber three spot Was Notre Dame captained by lim Connors. lt was a tight contest right to the Wire With every team giving its utmost. With Ed. Hicks' locomotive power on the ground, Paul Foley's slingshot arm, and "Bingo" Cum- mings' glue-tipped fingers, Boston College man-- aged to survive the constant threats of their op- ponents. With the superb playing of Captain Bud St. Peter and Bud Tatro, Holy Cross was able to capture second place. Iim Connors' Notre Dame eleven ended in the third position slightly behind Holy Cross. The best defensive players were Lefty Forand and Mike Connor. The best offensive players were Ed. Hicks and Bud Tatro. We sincerely hope that next year's football enthusiasts will come up to par with this year's gridiron greats. lfl fI"6Llflfllfl,l"6L BASKETBALL This year's hoopsters under the direction of Brother Elisee thundered down the court for a thrilling season which culmin- ated in a championship crown which rested on the heads or 'Williams and his team-mates. Fifty-one's basketballers all showed plenty of pep and hustle while on the court, and the first tive teams which figured in the play-offs were really de- serving ot the laurels bestowed on them, for their fighting spirit and a fine brand of play. Those who follow in '52 will have quite a mark to equal, a mark set by a swell bunch of fellows and a credit to the Academy. ALI.. STAR lst Team 2nd Team R. F. I. Colucci R. Forand L. F. B. Cummings W. Logue C. M. Connolly R. Bernard L. G. K. St. Peter I. Connors R. Cr. I. Williams R. Quiery IN OUR OPINION Best Bebounder: Bernard Best Accuracy: I. Colluci Best Playmalcer: Williams r Best Driver: Connolly Most Aggressive: Cummings TEAM CAPTAIN STAND. Eagles Williams I Spartans Bernard 2 Navy Tatro 3 Dodgers St. Peter 4 Celtics Cummings 5 Crusaders Forand 6 Army Donahue 7 Pirates Connors 8 Emfaff VARSITY The Baseball team enioyed a pros- perous season winning ten while losing but four games. However, it had to be content with third place, finishing be- hind the state champions, Burrillville and Woonsocket. Composed mostly of luniors who gained valuable ex- perience during the campaign, the baseballers look ahead to an even more successful season. APRIL 2l: MSC 7, Pawt. Voc. 5 Lefty Bill Kann survived a rocky start to capture his first win, while the Mount stickers combined six hits for seven runs. APRIL 25: MSC 6, Cumb. 4 Behind Baillargeon's long-distance slugging and Kann's steady pitching, the Mounties shaded Cumberland. APRIL 28: MSC 7, Sacred Heart 3 Baillargeon continued his heavy hit- ting with a double and a triple. Rocky Lapierre's pitching held Sacred Heart to six scattered hits. MAY 3: MSC 16, Central Falls 8 Paul Gibbons with four hits, Bob Pel- oquin with three, and Gil Baillargeon with two were the chief malefactors from the C. F. viewpoint. MAY 5: MSC 6, Burrillville 14 Mount fell from the unbeaten ranks at Burrillville's precision attack. Mount errors aided their cause immeasurably. MAY 9: MSC lO, Woonsocket 2 R. Fortin playing his first game con- nected for three hits while Chico Amor and Baillargeon slashed out two apiece. MAY l2: MSC l8, Pawt. Voc. 4 Ben Gendron's fastball kept the base- paths free of enemy runners while he also sparked the Mount stickers with three hits, one of them a triple. MAY 23: MSC 5, Cumb. O Bob Peloquin collected 2 of the 8 hits for Mount while Cumberland amassed the unimposing total of 2 hits off Red's deliveries. MAY 22: MSC 9, Sacred Heart 15 Ineffective pitching proved the down- fall of the Saints as Sacred Heart solved the offerings of two Mount pitch- ers for 15 hits. MAY 25: MSC 9, Central Falls 3 Resnisky connected safely three times while Kann and Peloquin ac- quired two singles. MAY 3l: MSC 3, Burrillville 8 Pete Cavanaugh allowed no Mountie to collect more than one hit. IUNE 2: MSC 3, Woonsocket 17 1 Baillargeon and Peloquin were the only successful Mount stickers, each getting two hits. IUNE 7: MSC 4, No. Prov. l The Mounties concluded their carn- paign in a successful fashion as they bested No. Prov. 4-l. Kann struck out 9 to run his season's total to lOl. Mlefzaf VARSITY Coach lohnny Fagan s basketballers opened the1r 1950 51 basketball season In rmpresslve style by swamprng an outclassed Bellmgham Team 73 41 Drck Lawless rlppled the cords for 19 markers followed by Bernre Faulkner and Walt Petersen w1th 12 and 9 re spect1vely l1m Donovan and Walt Petersen controlled the defensrve and off ns1ve boards Although runnrng Into unexpected opposltlon our towerrng qulntet reeled off 1ts second strarght wrn when It handed North Prov1dence a 62 58 set back Cuba DeArmas and Peter Pet ersen shared scor1ng honors Wlll'1 12 and 11 pomts l1m Donovan and Berme Faulkner were our defens1ve stars A stubborn Bellmgham Team 1n an attempt to snap our two game w1nnIng streak fell before therr taller opponents by a 54 45 score Hank Qumn wrth 15 and Petersen Lawless and Berme Faulkner wrth 10 ap1ece paced our scormg l1m Donovan and B1g Pete handled the maJor1ty of rebounds The Mountres took thelr 4th stralght wrth a 54 43 conquest over Sacred Heart Bernre Faulkner and Cuba D Armas led the Faganmen wrth 12 pomts aprece followed by Benny Gendron wrth 10 Petersen and Donovan dom mated both the front and defenslve backboards throughout the game Our hoopsters were handed then' frrst setback of the season at the hands of a strong Westerly team by a 8962 score The downstaters burlt up a 54 19 halftrme lead to offset our w1nn1ng streak Hank Qulnn led the scormg parade wrth 13 followed by Petersen and DeArmas wrth 12 aplece Bernle Faulkner and Dlck Lawless played well defens1ve1y Explodmq for 24 polnts 1n the 3rd perlod a gallant Sacred Heart basket ball team upset our Mountles by a 54 51 score Our hoopsters were unable to hold a commandmg 12 pomt lead 113 the second quarter Drck Lawless had 11 pomts for the I-lllltoppers and lose Martmez nme Breakmg the game w1de open rn the frnal mrnutes w1th a fourteen pomt erup tlon Pawtucket West downed the Mountres by a 58 46 score Captam lose Martlnez W11l'1 11 pomts and l1m Donovan wlth 9 were best for Mount Brg Pete and Bernre Faulkner played good defensrve games De La Salle Academy defendlng state basketball champrons squeezed past our stubborn qumtet w1tl'1 a 53 5? declsron Coach lohn Fagans attack refused to be awed by the heavlly favored Crusaders and outplayed the boys from Newport for most of the game Hank Qumn and lose Martmev wrth 14 and ll tallles respectlvely were the b1g guns 1n the Mount attack Ber me Faulkner and Pete Petersen played outstandlng defenswe games for the Mount ln one of the season s maJor upsets Woonsocket p1nned a 45 43 setback or- the Hrlltoppers 1n a great game The contest was a thrlller all the way wlth our arch rlvals takrng over 1n the late stages of the fray Cuba DeArmas was our top pomt getter wrth nme whrle Pete Petersen had e1ght Rompmg Into a 154 lead ln the lst perrod East Provrdence overwhelmed our hoopsters 5122 lt was the 6th stra1ght loss for our fast s11pp1ng Mount IGS who put on one of the poorest ex h1b1t1ons rn srx years Hank Qumn was our only pomt producer w1th 7 tallles I . . . - I - . .L . I , . A 3 . se -If -If V . sk sr- :I- . , . I I . . . . . - I ' ' 11 If . . - ' -4- 1- -I- -r -1- -k , I 1 ' .I I I I I I 'I ' - I ' I . I I . .I . . . . I . I ll ll -I -4- -I- . . Us I I . . - 1- -I- -I- . II If . 9 . . I . I I I I ' L . . . . . . . ll ll -I ir -I ' . . -I- -k -I- . - . . . . . ' I - . - . . I I - . . . . . , ' . . . . . . - , . . . . A- A- si -I- -A- Exploding for 21 tallies in the 3rd quarter, our quintet broke its six game losing streak as it handed its Alumni a 55-50 setback. lim Donovan and Ben Gendron paced the Mountie attack with 12 points apiece. Petersen and Faulkner were our defensive standouts throughout the game. Q 'I' 'k Fading badly in the final three min- utes after losing five men on personal fouls, Coach lohn Fagan's forces drop- ped another heartbreaker to St. Raph- ael's 52-47. Paced by big Walt Peter- sen, Mount held its own against the favored Saints for three periods and entered the final quarter boasting a 9 point bulge. Petersen, playing his best game of the seas-on, led the Mount with 21 points. "Pete" was also a defensive bulwark clearing rebounds time and again. 1' i' i' After a fairly close opening period, Westerly put the steam on in the sec- ond stanza and rolled to a 90-24 victory over our completely outclassed hoop- sters. Mount was unable to solve Wes- terly's pressing defense and made only 8 points during the first half. lim Don- ovan was our only consistent scorer with 13 markers. k 'I' 1' Coming from behind in the final six minutes of play, Killingly High of Dan- ielson, Conn. handed Mount a 60-57 defeat in a rough and tumble exhibition contest. lim Donovan led our scorers with 15 tallies followed by "Pete" Peter- sen with 10. Dick Lawless and Bernie Faulkner played a fine defensive game. i' k 1' Scoring 20 times in the second period, Coach Iohn Fagan's hoopsters broke in- to the win column routing Pawtucket West 58-35. Play was close in the first period but our quintet opened up with a barrage of points in next period to coast to their first league triumph. Our scoring was split between six men. lim Donovan and "Cuba" DeArmas led with 10 points apiece, while Gen- dron had 9, Lawless and Quinn eight apiece and Petersen 7. I' K' I' Romping into a commanding 28-5 first period lead, De La Salle Academy swamped our unpredictable Mounties 76-30. There was no doubt of the out- come after the opening whistle with our hoopsters being completely out- classed. lim Donovan was high man for Mount with 10 points. 'k 'k 1' Woonsocket High School basketball- ers swept their annual two-game series and clinched the city championship by scoring a brilliant 52-48 win over the Mounties. Our hoopsters played a courageous game, but failed to use its superior height to advantage. lim Don- ovan dropped in 13 points while DeAr- mas and Petersen followed with 12 and 9 respectively. 'k 'lr 'k Scoring only two field goals in the lst half, Coach lohn F agan's basketball- ers dropped its 10th league decision when it was thurnped by East Provi- dence 56-22. The Mounties were never in contention as they fell behind by a 23-7 halftime score. Ricardo Martinez was top scorer for the Mounties with eight points. 'A' 1' 1' The curtain came down on our long and disastrous basketball season as the Mounties once again faded badly in the last five minutes and dropped a 58-43 decision to St. Raphael's Acad- emy. The winners iced the verdict with an 18 point spurt in the waninq minutes. Walt Petersen was high man with 11 points followed by DeArmas and Deltoche with 8 apiece. lim Don- ovan and Bernie Faulkner performed well defensively. l Ca.. PRUPHECY Year: 1970 Place: Cuba's Chile Cabana Location: Latin Quarter, New York City As the Honorable Charles I. Lyons, Governor of Massachusetts, walks toward the Cocktail Lounge, he looks down and spies a Naval Cf- ficer's cap covered with gold braid from port to starboard, and underneath all the scrambled eggs-why if it isn't his old school mate, now Admiral Albert I. Achin, Commander-in-Chief of the United States Navy in the South Pacific! So it is, and as they begin to talk about old times, they look up Ca-w-a-y upl and can just make out the features of that Minneapolis Laker's Basketball Star, Walt CShoot againl Petersen. The conversation turns to thoughts of the boys who graduated from the Mount in '5l and Pete mentions the name of the inventor of "klunk"! fthe only patented square ball bear- ingl, who is none other than Ioe C"So'Kaysee"l Simon, the world champion stock car racer. Then, as they sample the evening meal, they send their compliments to the chef, who hap- pens to be none other than that great con- noisseur of Armenian Crockery and French cui- sine, Iohn "Hashknife" Gurun. The name next brought to mind is that of the great atomic scientist Bert Berube, who has re- cently devised a rocket ship capable of reach- ing the moon. He is trying desperately to find out where Vaughn Monroe found his moon maids. Don Bradley is remembered for his suc- cess in reaching the position of Chief Iustice of the Supreme Court. Don Vahey is mentioned for his completion of the boast to be the out- standing hockey player of the pro-ranks for his cage-tending on the Bruins Team. Val Forcier has continued to mystify his audiences at Radio City Music Hall when he climaxes his Magic Act by making "Peaceful" disappear. Bob Gel- inas has gone into business with Dr. Gil Gar- cia who is an expert on which cigarette is milder. "Chico" Amor has received the sum of Sl50,000.00 for playing centerfield for the sec- ond place New York Yankees while lim Don- ovan pulled down a salary of Sl50,000.50 for guarding the "Hot Corner" for the world Champion Bosox. No need to mention who has made a million or so from the new washday soap' and spot remover, "Faulkner's Foamy Fuzz . Everyone agrees: "For the best clothes money can buy" lplugl see Carr Clothiers. Connors and Cummings have hit the top in show business, as everyone expected they would. ln their Two-some, one may find the tops in comical entertainment. Bill Paquin has also come a long way. He is currently the Headmaster and President of M.l.T. Pete Berkery is to be found in the offices of the N. Y. Herald Tribune where he has pounded out countless books and articles on the world of sports. "Lefty" Forand is the man- ager of the Brooklyn Dodgers and is doing a fine job. tHe has won five pennants thus far.l Ernest Flood has become general manager of Uncle Sam's millions at Fort Knox, Ky. Del Gagne has became "Lumber Magnate" in Ver- mont. He is in business for the sole purpose of manufacturing wierd creations that he calls pipes. Homer Gelineau is presently singing the lead in the great opera "Sweet Little Buttercup". Maurice Gaudette and Ed Hicks are still star football players, from that ,famous College "Weybelownormal". Bill Logue is one of the school's finest coaches, and between halves at every game he gives his boys an academy award-winning, three bell, six handkerchief tear-jerker that drives them on to . . . victory? lohn Kilfoyle and Dick Riley have become famous for their expeditions to the never-never lands and through the entire States of Texas, Missouri, Insanity and Bankruptcy. Bert Bis- sonnette has currently written a book called "How To Stay Single and Like lt" Cwhich, we might add, is being carefully studied by the Army because of the subjects of evasive action described? Pete Harrington has lived up to his promise to build a Cigarette Plant, which has for its brand name "El Check'o". Lennie Lanza has been appointed as chief arbitrator to the U. N. to settle disputes between the two countries of Seglanistine and County Connelly. Dick Lawless has gone into the used car business and is commonly known around "Canton Iunction" as "Honest VPD Dick, the man to see for anything that has four wheels and moves!" lose and Ricardo Martinez have gone into a firm of Law as partners in El Salvador. The sign on their door reads: Martinez, Martinez, and Epstein. loe Niland has become one of America's greatest surgeons. His motto is: "I never lost a man, CWomen and Children don't countl." Don Pitcher has become an expert at lan- guages. His repertoire includes German, French, English, Latin, and while studying Greek, he picked up a sixth-profane. Chuck Rioux is at present top salesman for the Singer Sewing Machine Co. His sales talk is guaran- teed to keep you in stitches. Bud St. Peter has made his mark in the world by being High lm- perial Omnipotent Grand Councillor of the Maine Chamber of Commerce. Bill Tandetzke has found a home in the Army and is presently up for promotion to P.F.C. And last but not least, Yo-Yo Williams has made a name for himself. He is a mortician, and on his new "Vehicle" the license is U-2. Thanks, Yo- Yo. We know you wouldn't let us down, Cat least not yet.l Rosaire Harnois. His book about his adven- tures in historical research is a best seller. lules Gadoury. He has recently publicized his widely-read book, "Pathetic Poems". Ioseph Dube. Successor to Mario Lanza, "Ioe" is the idol of bobbysoxers. Luc Tousignant. Employed by Bernard For- tin's Slumber-Sleep Mattress Co., as chief Mat- tress Tester. Bernard Eortin. He also owns the Boston Red Sox as a sideline. Barney was very much in the headlines recently as a result of a salary squabble with his slugging first baseman, Bob Peloquin. Bob Peloquin. He grudgingly signs for SlO0,000.00. Charles Crepeau and Bert Pard. Their inven- tion of invisible gyp-note paper should prove a great boon to faltering students. Gil Baillargeon. With no more world to con- quer, Gil has cast his lot with the Boston Celtics basketball club. Iohnny St-Sauveur. Iohnny has made a hit in the National Hockey League. Since his de- but, the fair sex seems to have awakened to the sport. Rev. Eugene Lessard, S. I. His thesis "Bovis laciendi Causa" has created a sensation in the upper strata of society. Rene Fortin. Rene has received offers from clubs in every sport because of his exceptional ability to warm a bench. Bernie Rouleau and Gerry Tellier. Their band has played three successive weeks at the Olympia Theater. Maurice Deziel. He is doing very well for himself as a B. O. O. B. CBoss of Office Boys? at City Hall. Mike Sweeney. Mike has just taken the last step in his "office boy to editor rise". Mayor Bob Ringuette.. This famous politician has become the target of Mike's scorching edi- torials, because of his excess of office boys, an "example of bureaucracy". Charlie Desaulniers. Charlie has finally real- ized his ambition of winning the jackpot on lulien Gadoury's "Take It or Lump It" quiz show. Red Mahoney and Ioe Gill. These lucky lads are now wearing uniforms splashed with gold braid. Admirals? No, but doormen at a Prov- idence Hotel! Edgar Ethier. Eddie has cornered the news- paper market: his paper route now numbers 250 customers. Marcel Gagnon. One of two models from the class of '5l, Marc portrays the "satisfied usher" in sleeping-pill ads. Roger Bibeault. Rog has invented an elec- tric-eye door which opens for a salesman and suddenly closes as the unsuspecting soul is half-way past the threshold. Maurice Bell. Union head of door-to-door salesmen, he protests that the invention is il- legal and unconstitutional. George Callas. Supereme Court lustice Cal- las rules that Bibeault's device be altered since in its present form it is a lethal weapon. Roger Petit. Champion wrestler, Roger has devised a hold so complex that a locksmith is needed to pry him from his opponent. Maurice Petit. Moe has concocted a sausage Cfrom sawdustl Which does not shrink nor shrivel away. The concoction is not edible, but it is economical anyway! Richard Bernier. Leading undertaker in Woonsocket, he claims that his is a grave bus- iness and that he has never let a customer down. I Gerard Fontaine. Gerry has invented a de- hydrated food tablet containing a dinner com- plete to the toothpicks. CHe probably had the Mount boarders in mind.l Robert Brand. The second model in the group, Bob depicts the poor soul trapped in an un- sanforized shirt. Paul De Roche. The typical Mount alumnus, Paulie has recently become the father of trip- lets, but did not pass out cigars. He simply passed out! Ben Gendron. After 15 years in the army, Ben was promoted to Pvt. first-class. He was recently seen at the Stork Club with his high school dreamgirl. Charlie Gagnon. Charlie, having risen to owner of the Central Theater, is now heading a crusade to clean up the movies. CAM SUDERLATIVES Most Popular Most Humorous Most Athletic Best Looking Best Dressed Most Co-operative Most Bashful Most Serious Most Temperarnental Most Cheerful Most Mischievous Best Actor Noisiest Moodiest Dreamiest Tallest Wittiest Ouietest Smartest Best Physique Best Lady-killers Most Least War ww Shirley didn't Write to Bert? Don Pitcher got a crew cut? lim Connors had cigarettes? BOARDER DAY STUDENT Petersen Baillargeon Connors De Roche De Armas Baillargeon Petersen St. Sauveur Flood Fortin Achin Lessard St. Peter Bell Pitcher Dube Donovan De Roche Cummings Fortin Ricardo Ayotte Connors Gadoury Gelineau Marquis Faulkner Brand Kilfoyle Ethier Riley Petit Hicks Gadoury Gaudette Bell Paquin Harnois Tandetzke Gendron Vahey Fortin Austin Tousignant Achin Tellier HAPPE i . Del Gagne lost his pipes? Bingo lost lim? Iohnny Mahoney took up Weight-lifting? Brother I-Iermas had no P. A. System? Horner Gelineau was at a loss for some- thing to say? Father Guilbeault gave 98's? Charlie Phillips played football? More than one person at a time at M. S. C. had Brother E.'s sense of humor? Ernie Flood was broke? Don Vahey lost his touch with the fair sex? Cabbage-head bought a comb? Rene Fortin flunked English? Paulie De Roche lost his "savoir faire" on a date? Peaceful lost 50 lbs.? Old Faithful Lessard was late for class? Bill Paquin had a day With nowhere to go or nothing to do? Iules Gadoury lost his timely Wit? Seriousness was possible in Mr. Boudreau's Law Class? M. S. C. and a winning basketball team? Brother Theodoric taught the seventh grade? lack Gurun lost his appetite? Ed Hicks had nerve enough to contradict Brother Victoric? L .jwlome for CL WQQLBFLUI We extend our hearttelt thanks to our business and professional friends who have so generously contributed to our advertising section and thus have greatly helped to make possible the publication of the EXCELSIOB. We also Wish to thank those who have contributed their time and their talent in real- izing this yearbook, specially the Staff, Brother Hon- orious, our Moderator, Brother Robert, our Advisory Mr. Normand Dube, our Designer, Brother Blaise, Mr. Van Dale, Mr. Beausoleil and Mr. Guilbert, our photographers. Special mention also to the Woon- socket Call and Marcello tor all football and hockey action shots. The Seniors ADVERTISEMENTS 2 1 E E E E 2 6 2 2 2 E 102004 402020061 '02-0? -0 101201 -05 101 '01'-0N0'N?f0i6'2Z5'-01'0W'01' f01'0161f01C7C0'+f01'0X-0'2f0 20161100 2.0f'0f'0'r02' Z Q 'KI CD 4 V193 CK! O gn SL' 33 Q25 Du-P as W6 QQ, gs U,B mf-r 23" CD El' C "4 CD 2022010220 Comphments of V A N D A L E 0t0gl"al0A6 0 iLl'l5tLl'lCtL0l'L FOR CLASS CF 1951 We Wlsh to extend congrcmtulcrtlons to the Class of 1951 of Mount Smnt Charles Academy one of the best classes W1th whlch we have ever been pr1v11eqed to Work 401'-01 '01'-01 50. E 3 9 Q 5 5 2 9 1 Q 9 2 3 3 E 2 2 0. 172 ,O Hn 'll Q IP' F' I E . - Qs I .'O QQ - W, DP' so . . IIE' m mi Q Q Q Q Q 3 L" 5 2 Z 2 O Q E Q Q Q DP' E E 52 Q U 5 Q Q U1 5 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q FELICITATICDNS et r761r0X0l614?'0P2?f?'02'-?176N0110bf01ZWf01f04'02476'-6'N9Q-7 mu. 012,01-olwn Cure PRECIEUX-SANG Q Q Q 5 0+Q0W2Q0r0Q0r010010fWHf00w0r0WfW10W1WvW1r00w0Q0r0Q0Ww020Q00K5 -173-- 'M -.'.-.'.:.:.:I:I:.-Iglgfgiifflg. "'5:5:5:I:3:E f:' :-:'+ '-f , -. .-. 1 7, I I I I I I l.i.l. 'I' :Q-:-:-:-:::" ' '1:1:5f3:f:5:3:2:2:5:2:ff1:1:-: n n u u A n'n'u' 'u' n' ' 1 ' ' 'u'n'n'n n'n'n'-'n ' ' 'u'.'n' 1.5. Z-I-.'.'.-.'.-.-.'.-.:f'I'Z-.'.-.- '.D.5.:.1.:.g.:.:.:IgIgIgI:I:I:2'I:Z'i. ' 'IgIglgfglglgijigljg2:23233 -'-'PI'I+!-I-I'I'I'I'I'I-I-If-7 I- :P"2-I-I-Z-I-3-I'Z-I-IPI' . . . ' -.3.gI:IgIg.gI:I:I:5gIgI:I:I:IgZgI'. .'.. :IgI:I:IgIgI:I:Z ' . .Z:I:I:I... ' ' ' ' ' ' 'H ' 'E-'t5qS:1:3:2:3:3:2:3 .-.-:3:!:3:3:!:?: -: . . . ., . .,... . .........,. ,. .., i 7:-1'-5:-:-:2:2 .-:-: . , . '.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.g . .g.:.g.:.g .- ..g.-. . .' 1.'.-I-1-1-D+!-Z' I- ' '-'-' -' 1 lllxlllllll -l.l.l . . . 1.-.'.'.-. .'.'.'.- .'. . . . .,. .,...,..... . . .. .... . .. l 4. ,.g. .,. ..... . . . , . ..g. F I I I . .I I U 'lv I ' 0 .' 51' T . ' ' 35 . Q I If I , o ' 0 ' M0 . .i.t'i-4.-" '5 al" .-:1.- FEI" f , -.g.g.g.g.g.g.-4232513252525 4.2:-3 I .ff'5'3'5:5:f:f:f:f:5:3:5: ffgggf' -'. 1, .1 ff IL' 'll' I '::: :': .3 . :-:'-:- 4 "fb - -. -:g:5:::-".,:f''.g:g:5:::!::g:g:g:g::: , X ,-.:.j'2:f:2:-.-. 3'?'3'.-:2:' :1:2:2:1:151:151515I' M ' .' .:-.3:-.ffzfzfz-E3i53'1'!'1' '"'g.gIgIgZ:I:IgIgIg!'Z' 4,,,.x25 " " """ ' These Queer shapes are homone dots 5:5 fly magnified. - from 0 Plate and greg 3:55 picked at rand0m ,, - ic dots are the 3-3.3 Seemingly insignificant, these ITIICFOSCOP - avers. 5:35 prime concern of P51070 engr , - ravings. Their perfection is assured with Barbett eng . . , , . .... . , . I . . . . . . . . . . .-'Q' ...--I--I-....'. . . . 1 . . ....-'ff'-J...-. '.' ' l.l.l.0-U.:-g.g..'.'.','.'.'.l I I I 5 q l.l.l.l.xl.c.l.l. I I I . ' l.l.o.n.l.l.l D.:- U 0 l 1 I 0. l.a'l.c'l.n . . ..... ..--..'.'-'-'.'-'.' 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BARBEU PHOTO ENGRAWNG CO".'f'f1.-.3fx.:-r-f.r:1:::::::I:f:5:5:5:5:5:5:555S5555555f5555f555555555555555?555?5?55s555555E5 -.- 174 - 6 5 5 9 9 5 5 5 9 6 5 S S 5 9 5 5 5 6 5 2 5 5 6 5 S S I 5 S REE-NU-LITE 5 REE-NU-SHEEN 5 Q CARS-o-LITE 2 3 NITE-o-soi ' 5 ASPH-o-LITE 5 Q TERAZ-o-LITE 5 5 NEo-oHRoME 3 2 ROCK-GLAZE 5 5 PREP 202201 0202 E Cameffo Chemical! lgroalucfzi E A Division oi Oarsolite Corporation E Chicago-Baltimore-Washington--Los Angeles 3 Factory and General Offices-MAYWOOD, ILLINOIS Q 205204201201 612-72-00201201 27272-052-012-012-022012-022-01612-0' FLOOR MAINTENANCE MATERIALS 202202 2-02 O"fj""fj 655 O 99.9 EL Ego EL LQ5-Eg Q52-'O 5:-HQKD fj-,Qtr-4-. QEJQ.: QM- 233' 50: LQQ,w 05'-1 522 its-2 U?-fs 3 Q. 3:3 QPU, 9550 "fo 5525 me ae Dam P-sQ..5'l, .-+fDCD p-4 ogg 5. E53 5579 20?-012012022-022042-01 2 H5 6 5 2D 5 gg I 5 ' 5 5 Q Q 2 S it 9 S 2 2 3 5. 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Telephone Plantations 1-2121 With the Compliments of jne Dominican jafnero of providence Cofdge - 177 - W'2f0f02f02G0- '0f'01C0-'0lf04102'04 0000000 5 5 0 1011-7'-0X01102102'.9'110461 102101' PLYMOUTH -- DODGE DODGE "Iob-Rated" TRUCKS Value and Dependability in Every Purchase A from OKEEFE MOTORS, INC. 1200 North Main St., Near City Line It's O.K. if it comes from O'KEEFE C groude Co. North Attleboro, Mass. Makers of MOUNT ST. CHARLES ACADEMY RINGS 1951 5 5 5 9 2 5 9 5 6 2 5 5 5 S 2 9 5 S 5 3 6 9 5 5 5 5 5 5 -178- 1 9 S Q Q S 1 Q 5 9 9 9 9 Q 9 1 1 Q S 1 1 Q E S 1 S 101 102102 1021010102 1011-01102 102101005102 101101 101101 102101100102 f-0x0f1-02-0210-10' 10' 105101 010-101101 6920101 9 5 9 I 9 5 5 I I 9 5 5 5 5 Q 9 5 5 5 Q Q 9 5 I Q E Q 9 5 -000K f0'r0Y 620' Q71-01' 00 L01 f0X01 010' 20561 Wnacle-mfe produclo AT YOUR SERVICE WITH HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS CONNECTICUT-MASSACHUSETTS-RHODE ISLAND RENE DUPUIS. Owner .xdrrow guzi cane PROVIDENCE-HARTFORD-ALBANY Ride in Comfort 616N0K01n0'm04'7Q-02C0'-10"0l'-0N-01'-0'2 I 2 E Q E E I I 5 3.0, I 6N0R0120lf0K-016' RENE R. DUPUIS, Mgr. -- 179 -- 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 E 5 5 5, 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 W5 1-7 f-01 E O O Z U1 O Q PTI III -4 DP' Cl -4 O E O od F III DEALERS Assoc1AT1oN E Custer Motor Sales, 330 Social St. HUDSON 3 Q Doyle Motors, lnc., Pond St. DODGE G PLYMOUTH 5 5 lones Motor Co., ll Front St CHRYSLER G PLYMOUTH Leclaire of Monty, lnc., 372 Social St. STUDEBAKER 5 5 Mack-Buick, lnc., ZOO Social St. BUICK 5 5 Marcoux Bros., lnc., l77 Social St. CHEVROLET 5 Q National Motor Sales, 45 Social St. EORD Q 2 Pepin Motors, 647 Social St. DESOTO G PLYMOUTH Chester K. Roberts, lnc., 63 Hamlet Ave. MERCURY ci LlNCOLN 5 sem Mom co., lO3 North Main st. , PoNTtAc 5 5 Ward Motors, 28 Social si. CADILLAC 5 Willys of Woonsocket, 35 Eront St. WlLLYS 5 'Wood Ave. Motor Sales, 634 Wood Ave. PACKARD 61 5 3 INTERNATIONAL Q Woonsoclcet Nash Co.. 3l5 Social St. NASH 5 5 3 - 5 5 5 5 5 5 ' 5 2 Compliments oi 5 5 PETERSENS MOTOR SALES DEsoTo PL'YMoUTH 1026'vf0Y0'Pf01 '02 Jb- OO E? 41 CD '-s SQ -1 CD Qt 01202 2-01202 Q WINTHROP f52l MASS. E 5 5 5 5 5 31804 '0'L0'P10"-01 f0"1'-0561 0101010 O O B 'QI 3 CD El m 9.. Q S 54 1-1 fp Q- gj CD 9.19 Digi oe-DU Q33 f-12' 55111 UQ.-QA ? I3 Q cn 5 "1 m wwoffaxo- Power Lawn Mowers SALES of SERVICE El . I G .ll 5 Model Dye Works, ectrc rass ears 5 2 I-Ieolashears 61 Generators ' Inc, 3 Wakefield 5 Branch Company 5 3 Vtfoonsoclqet, R. I. 212 Mqjn SL, Q Wolcetielol, R. I. I Phone: Narra. l47O 5 I I 2 1 arrar la ,I ,::,,z,111:,111,111 I 5 I , , 9 W1th Best W1shes to the 5 5 Compliments ot 1 Class of '51 3 201f0'2f-f.?2 114011-02 INGALLS 5 , 5 2 CO., lnc. CQMPANY E PRINTERS OE TI-IE 2 205 East 42 Street EXCELSIOR E New York City I Danielson, Connr 5 R l8l - I- 9 S S E Q 9 E S 5 9 S 9 5 3 9 1021021-01621?10"'10'21710'262 102 102 122 102 '0110'2102102'J711021-02 102 1? 0562201 2 Compliments oi What Cheer Foods Company 510 Manton Avenue Providence, R. l. Phone: TE. 1-8900 Compliments oi Fortin's Tire Service Inc. l Pond Street and Fortin's Home Appliance Inc. 21 Pond Street Woonsocket, R. l. Congratulations Class of l95l Valmore H. Forcier, Sr. CLASS OF i927 8 Center Street DANIELSON, CONN. INSURANCE I. B. Farnum Company Monument Square W OONSOCKiET'S SPORTS HEADQUARTERS ld 102102 1021011021021-0210 .0401 102 1-02 10510119 521-02 102102102 2102 ' Compliments oi Argonne Worsted Co. l48 I-lotmlet Avenue Woonsooliet, R. l. Compliments oi Compliments ole lo Verdun Mtg. Co. Monville Rd. WCCNSCCKET, R. I. Compliments of CHRISTIANSEN i Broinch River Wool 5: COMPANY Combing Company 162 Main -l83- Inc. 'Q 5 5 9 5 9 5 5 5 9 9 5 6 S 5 S S 9 5 5 S 6 5 5 9 6 S 9 S E Wt f01'0'f0'-f-0Pl0'2f-9101 4-010' S0 Q S 5 5 S E 3 Brien Building 5 I n R Compcmlff Inc' Automatic I-leatin S Q 5 3 General Contractor Corp' of AIR tB I ,P . clT Q 5 GI' l'lGl'l TGS CID TGCIS 5 l. A. Brien, Vice Pres. Q I ' 5 5 I I 5 3 Tel.: WOOD. 2810 880 Commonwealth Ave. I In cm street ROSTQN Q 2 Woonsoclcet, Rhode lslana E 5 5 5 9 5 -A ARL 4 AA A 5 2 E 5 Dauraycif Barolsley' g Compliments oi 2 INDUSTRIAL SRECIAEISTS 2 S I. 5 and Arthur W. Plante E 2 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS 5 5 FUNERAL DIRECTOR 2 N I. 5 9 5 Telephone Q 5 WOONSOCKET 960 Telephone 2270 ' I S E 897 Social Street 1 From Street Wbonsocket, B. l. g 5 WCCNSCCKET, R. I. 2 -- l84 - 5 S S S 2 5 5 Q 5 5 5 5 5 9 5 9 5 5 S 9 S 5 9 5 5 S 5 S it 5 .0005 'H Q IT' ?. Q N4 Q, E fb' F O Q.. IA? CID 5 Ni P9 S 5 jo X: O :V EQ Q 3 .1 :S CD Ui Q2 QQ Q OPEN ALL NIGHT f0'2'0N-01101 101201 'OW 155 Charles Street Boston, Massachusetts 5 L 5 6 000000009 000000000000000000000000000000 g 5 3 505-513 CLINTON STREET U WOONSOCKET, RHODE ISLAND 5 .g G ,jg 3 E if PAINTS' ,.t,: E 5 2 mmrs 5 O I, 'V ' I 1-: 2 5 K . ,. ,tt. T. G, ' t 5 3 Tiumgr :meant-:.4zV1:5:2: M2261-Esifcm 3 E "The Store of Friendly Service" Q 0 , 4 U Q 2 WALLPAPER-HARDWARE s S 3 PITTSBURGH PAINTS 0 KEYSTONA PAINTS 5 6 S WALLPAPER MTL SUPPLIES O TQARDWARE O HOUSEWARE I SPORTING G00-D5 I 3 5 - - '-' 5 5 Compliments of 5 5 'H I III Cl r-I P4 '41 me 100201 101001 2-02201 5 9: F EE G+-I ZZU2 gm 0r"'3 v-1'-Um wild 5:21 HO Z Q- 185 -. 5 5 Q MSGR. L A. FoREsT MSGR. 1. M. L. GIROUX Cure 5 5 5 5 Notre Dame des Victoires 82 Cumberland St' 6 SAINTE ANNE 5 5 .Q -, ,AA ,,Q L or L, W 5 Q Meilleurs Voeux E Compliments of 5 Q STEPHEN A. GRENIER, Ptre. 5 3 Reverend 3 5 414 So. Morin Street 5 5 FRANCISCO BRUNO 5 Q SAINTE FAMILLE Q 5 Pastor Q 5 5 5 .--geese- .T1l L.. L , -LLL Q 3 Meilleure vcoeufcgsux 9 3 REV. NoRMAND MEUNIER qmdues 9 5 5 M. LE CURE ROSARIC 5 5 Cm CANTIN 5 E Pdroisse Socinte Therese 3 SGW LOLHS 535 Rdthbun st. 5 Q EAST BLACKSTONE, MASS. Q 5 ,r...h,,., I eeoe L 5 5 5 5 Reverend 9 5 Compliments de WILLIAM D. MCKITCHEN 9 5 A 5 5 136 becond Avenue 3 3 MESSIEURS LES VICAIRES Pam 5 Precieux-Sang Church of the Scrcred Heart 3 5 Wotonsrocket, Rhode Islotnd 3 go-aeaawwwffowaemfowfowfaweaweaaeonaafoweoxoaeowfowanoweowoxafeaaea2-0f1mf0w0x0m5 -186- Compliments of SAINT CHARLES SCHOOL Earle and Daniels Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. Compliments of SAINT CLARE HIGH SCHOOL M. GAULIN G SON, INC. TRAVEL SERVICE General Insurancem Real Estate 50 Cumberland Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. Telephone 2331-2332 A. Edgar Parent, Pres. 6: Gen. Mar. A. IVI. Gaulin, Sec'y'cS. Treas. R. Fontaine C. ci E. PAINTING CONTRACTORS Interior Decorators Tel. Canal 7193-M R. F. D. No. l WOONSOCKET, R. I. Tel. 5993 Dry Cleaning SUNSHINE LAUNDRY COMPLETE LAUNDRY SERVICE We Specialize in Pillow Sterilizinq Compliments of MR. IOHN F. DORIS 91 Brook sf, woonsooicsfr, R. 1. 13 Monument Square Best Wishes to the Class of '51 WOONSOCKET HIGH SCHOOL BEST WISI-IES SAINT XAVIER HIGH SCHOOL M187- 00-02-042020 ff 4051052-0110 ff 0 01201 0K0 -01-021-021-052012?!!5 01-7-02-0140! Comphrnent ot W G S LAUNDRY 23 Marn Street BLACKSTONE MASS Te1 Cana12080 Comphments ot DIILLY CS SON MOVING STORAGE 557 Pro pect Avenue HARTFORD 5 CONN Comphments of TOUPIN S CA FE 103 Mount St C1'1ar1es Avenue WOONSOCKET R I 1 I-IE CLAFLIN COMPANY 40 Mathewson Street PROVIDENCE R I EVA SOUCY Pres Treas WILFRID RIVET Sec Mar Phones 2218 3565 OCEAN STAR INSURANCE 61 STEAMSI-IIP AGENCY INCORPORATED Insurance Surety' Bonds Real Estate Notary Pubhc 362 Rathbun St Woonsocket R Cornphrnents ot TI-IE GANLEY COMPANY 28 Gordon Avenue PROVIDENCE R T Te1 IAckson 18855 DORAN SIGN CO NEON SIGNS SIC NS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS 835 Cranston Street CRANSTON R I COURTESY CARD TI-IE RECORD SHOP Two S ores 'Io Serve You Maln Store 155 Asy1urn St HARTFORD CONN -0210 0 C0210 1011052-0110110110 101051-0' C0vl-70 0 9195499039 1021-012024-7K-01'-0 40 -01 . . . I. ,, ,. I. ,, . ,. . . . . . . Y I , .- . S , .' . . J ' I ' 1..: . I I , . - 1 'E -4 I 1 - - S , . ,. ' . L , -, fx 'A' L. 1 - - , . . 1 1 1 L , . . , . o 1 4 n 1' 1' 4 1 5 Compliments of 5 Compliments of 5 ANTHCNVY P. SIFCAK S . 3 VVQQNSQCKET Reotltor-Appraiser Q ASSQCIATIGN TQX Service 2 of A 1 ' 5 INSURANCE ACEENTS freeman Builchnq-V257 Mom ot. 2 wooNsoo1cET, H, i. Q e , 5 5 1 Compliments of C t t i 2 omp imen s o MARQUIS E DR. In E. DARRQXN SEP1VlCE STAFHON 5 283 oio street Q 55 W. Main 3 NEW BRITAIN' CONN Dealer in Gos ci Fuel Gil 5 Tel.: 7675 5 3 We ,Co,,f,.Co 5 Compliments ot 3 Compliments oi LCDDIE BEEN E niAMoND Hti,L1CE CREAM ' 144 cm square 3 WOONSCCKET, R. l. 5 Q ,...m.4 .,-, f-,-I .1 L- AH., , . 3 5495 Compliments of 5 Greetings 5 ITALIAN' TEXTILE VVORKERS UNION WORKING MEN S CLUB Cl? AMERICA, CIC 5 Tet. 3214 3 405 Stadium Buildinq Diamond Hin Road WOON SOCKET, R. I. W0 '-0162 - '. Q15 4.7 ff-OWQY4' 1-011-0110- '-71-0' f-0' I-02 t0'2f-05 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 9 5 9 5 5 5 5 Q 6 5 5 5 E 5 5 5 5 5 to WOONSOCKET, R. I. .- 189 me , 9 5 "If It's from BToWn's Compliments du 5 3 It's Got To Be Right." 3 3 ICSEPE BROWN COMPANY DR. A- GARNEAU Q 5 THE REXALL STORE OPTOMETRISTE DE RENOM 5 Q ISS M S I Weeneeeke E I 5 5 600 Clinton St. Woonsocket, H. I. 5 5 1' 1, , 1, , J 4-, , ,, ,.L',,:,., sg ,m 1 1,, L' 1r A ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' V Q 1 Telephone 159 g 5 WConsocket's Largest Union Plant FIRST NA-TIUNAL B-A-NK l OF SMITHFIELD 2 5 . Q STAR PRINTING COMPANY 5 5 SLATERSVILLE, R, 1. 5 5 COMMERCIAL end MILLWCEK 5 E ' STATICNEEYS. OFFICE SUPPLIES Member O, F C, 1 D p . 5 530-534 Cumen SI. Woonsooket, E. 1. I C P 5 5 IIIL 5 S 5 TCNIDEES 5 3 Compliments of EAIJIC S TELEVISION Co. Q 5 wooN. S558 g g ELACKSTCNE VALLEY 5 5 3 GAS 6' ELECTRIC Main St., Forestolofle, B. I. 3 I Clinton Soles Instollottton ci Service 5 I eeee I I 5 3 Telephone 381-382 3 5 BLACKSTONE DYE MILoT BROTHERS 3 3 COMPANY 5 5 WORKS' INC' LUMBER, PAINT fs MASoN'S 5 3 Allen Street MATERIAL Q PI ol 5 Younqsiwlfqiitchens 5 5 E. P. HEBEBT KNITTING MILLS, lnc. 217 Social Sweet 5 3 wooNSoCIcET, E. I. Q Y-190 S 5 9 5 S 9 9 S S 5 9 9 S S 5 S 9 1 S 9 S S 5 9 5 5 5 5 9 1 S 9 6261 101 '0110Y0'4 101 101102104 W' 201 1-05101104 1-05171051011-710'162 FLORENCE DYE WORKS Drown Street WOONSOCKET, R. 1. Compliments of E. BRODEUR :St SON, INC. Wood Work Hardwood and Finish Lumber 46 Gabeille VYOONSOCKET, R. L Compliments of FRANK l. GELINAS Civil Engineer 65 Main Street, Woonsocket, R. 1. F. M. LALLY Oldest Store in Woonsocket Established 1845 Stationery, Blank Books, Periodicals OFFICE SUPPLIES 80 Main Street, Woonsocket, R. I. Telephone 3691 ALBERT SILLS GENERAL CONTRACTOR Repairing of All Kinds 121 Elmore St. Woonsocket, R. 1 Compliments of THE FRENCH WORSTED COMPANY 153 Hamlet Avenue WOONSOCKET, R. I. Compliments ot LAFAYETTE WORSTED SPINNING CO. 148 Hamlet Ave. Compliments of GENES GROCERIES 394 Willow Street Eugene Gelinas, tAlumnus7 191 - 5 9 9 5 5 5 5 S 5 5 9 5 9 10'Pf0Sl0'2t-019'-0'1f0"f0"Q01 SW' Compliments ot COCA COLA BOTTLING CO. OF WOONSOCKET 640 Winter Street Tel.: 2634 Morcel A. Lefebvre, Mgr. Compliments of DUNBAR FROZEN FOODS G GROCERIES FO.: 8-0360 2806 Eighth Avenue NEW YORK CITY Compliments oi NASI-IU A BUFFET LUNCH ll9 W. Peorrl Street NASHUA, N. I-I. Compliments of W ATUPPA GAS CS: FUEL CO., INC. 1672 Pledsomt Street FALL RIVER, MASS. '71-01 I Tel.: 7263-Willicrm Porpineou, Prop. C ci. B MOTOR SALES, INC. Used Corrs with morny Unused Miles Buy the Best for Less Cor. South ci South Morin Streets WOONSOCKET, R. l. Compliments ot FI-IILIP GENDREAU I Meats G Groceries Red G tWhite Food Store l Dyer Street DANIELSON, CONN. Compliments of SPEEDWELL 95l Slccde Street FALL RIVER, MASS. ICE CREAM Compliments of ALFRED BERUBE, SONS. CONTRACTOR 62 Kennedy Street FALL RIVER, MASS. Q01 Y 192 10'f02C0N01C-0'101!0110vv01f0120N0162f01f0fL026"f0140110il-02 bt S Tel. Woonsocket 6920 3 DR. CI-IARLES F. LALLOUETTE 5 Chiro ractic Ph sician and 2 Physio-Thelapist S By Appointment Only 5 Menclon and Homestead Roads 5 R.F.D. MANVILLE, R. 1. BELLIVEAU 9 ELECTRICAL SUPPLY 5 Z Monument Square 9 wooNsocKET, R. 1. 9 9 IAcoB EINKELSTEIN G SONS 128 Singleton Q Manufacturers of E - C L o T H 1 N G - VVOONSOCKET, R. I. S -ALBA-1--vf:::rie,.-,, 3 Meilleurs Voeux 9 9 CLUB CANADIEN DE WOONSOCICET. INC. 5 240 Roberts Street E Lucien A. Decelles, President. BONOLLO PACKING COMPANY Mario Bonollo, Prop. Wholesale Dealers in BEEF, VEAL AND PROVISIONS Tel. Woonsoc.1cet 1910-1909 104 Bertha Avenue WOONSOCKET, R. I. IUNIOR'S Restaurant and Ice Cream ARTHUR RAINVILLE, Owner Louisquisset Pike LINCOLN, R. I. TAP GLASS WORKS Telephone 7340 EVERYTHING IN GLASS 631 River Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. GOUIN PLG. ci I-ITG. CO. HEATING and PLUMBING CONTRACTOR 115 High Street M- Woonsocket, R. I. .4 193 - 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 f-05'0'5Z'5f0'5f05'0'5 f-6-'W 65105 '0'5h0'5'05 -f-0527 f0'54'-0'510'5f-05 '05105 9" 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 5. I 9 9. 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 I I I I I I I I I I I I 01000 105020 Cornphments of AVON CLEANERS 75 Central Street MANVILLE R I 20120"0N0P401 -011012-05102100101 01 01 -01 ,010-0' Comphments of LAMBERT MACHINE WORKS MANVILLE ROAD WOONSOCKET R I Comphments WOONSOCKET DYEING CO INC 10' 156 Allen Street WOONSOCKET R I Comphments of 0010101 PHILS SHOE STORE OV ILA E VALOIS PHIL S MARKET LEOPOLD E BOUTIN HENRY SHORT 0 F L THE BOSTON TEXTILE SPRING GROVE SPINNING CO 99 Allen Street WOON SOCKET R WOONSOCKET SPINNING CO INC ll5 R1cctrd Street WOONSOCKET R I Compllments 020' I I I I Importers cmd Wholesalers Inst1tut1onc:tl Dry Goods CLUB PLAN MDSE 93 Summer Street BOSTON 10 MASS MR AND MRS N A PITCHER MANCHESTER CONN Q0 20110101104 I I I I I g ' . ' :1: I ' I I - ad if , I I IQ I i Q sc 'I l ' eg , 'I ' - Q -I I . . I I ' I I if I , 1 I ' I Q, Q I . Q. I . - , - Q ' . I 5 I ff - ' 3 I I I I I I 5 . JS I - I I I lg I I . - I in , ' C I I . I Q 1 , h I - n QI . I . , . - - I ' . I ' - f 1 I I 6 3 5 9 5 5 3 5 5 E 9 S S S 5 5 9 6 3 E 6161101 '05 .05 JN-761 10161101401 201'0Wv9"1l0'1f.0"1 6161 '01 '-01 1-0'1'01'-012-01 Compliments of HARBOR HOSPITAL YORK HARBOR, MAINE Compliments of A G. H. LAWLESS CHEVROLET 869 Washington Street CANTON, MASS. Food You Will Remember by MARION GILMOUR LAWLESS When in Boston eat at 39 Newbury Street or English Room at 29 Newbury Street Durinq the Summer Months We Open THE CARRIAGE HOUSE in I NORTH FALMOUTH Tel. PA. 5-8289 SUPREME SAUSAGE COMPANY Manufacturers of QUALITY PRODUCTS 790 Roosevelt Avenue PAWTUCKET, R. I. Compliments of KENT LACE COMPANY Hopkins Hill Road Washington, R. I. Valley l-1722-R-l HILLYARD SALES CO. ST. JOSEPH, MISSOURI Best of Future Success to the Class of '51 in All Their Undertakings Dr. QS Mrs. AUSTIN ci DAUGHTERS Compliments of IOE MINIERI 16 Beacham Street EVERETT, MASS. Compliments of GELINAS BLUE RIBBON BAKERY MOOSUP CONN Compllments of PINSONNEAULT CAFE Te 3733 MANN TLLE R I C mphments of LOUIS F I-IEBERT Compllments of INTERSTATE FIRE BRICK CO 108 Brookside Avenue WEST WARWICK R I Compliments of H I BERNARD REAL ESTATE Tioque Avenue Tel Val I2OU4M Compliments of SOUCY ROOFING COMPANY 1369 Main Street WEST WARWICK R I Valley I294W Compliments of EMPIRE WOOLEN MILLS 81 Allen Street WOONSOCKET RHODE ISLAND Compliments of MISS MARY AUSTIN Mulberry Street PLANTSVILLE CONN Compliments of SPENCER SHOE CORPORATION I5 East Street Telephone 1678 P 61 Q CLOTHES ROY T SI-IERWOOD Manager BOSTON MASS 85 Main Street WOONSOCKET Compliments of MONCEON S FRIED SEA FOOD MONGEON SEA FOOD 628 S cial Si eet SSO So ial St eet Op-n Every Friday 8 a.m. to I1 p.m. Woonsocke s Largest Distributor oi Sea Food Compliments of Compliments oi B, P. PAPER CQ. J. H. I-IINDS, Representin IO East 40th Street NEW' YORK S. GUMPERT CO., INC. OZONE PARK, N. I. P 172740'-?6'1200f01l70f61171?'QW5l?4?'0N?272?r?f7Q?l?6501W5Wf96f -- I96 -- 1. : O , CLASS OF '4Q I , -. O I' L C I' Q Meilleurs Voeux Compliments of 5 OVlLA H. BROUILLETWTE 5 Paroisse Saint Iacques WO'ONSOCKET , CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Q MANVILLE, E. 1. 285 Main Street 5 Meilleurs Voeux Compliments of 5 REV. PAUL E. DESROSIERS MAINCO TRADING CO' 5 Paroisse St. Ioseph S WOONSOCKET R I WQQNSQCKET R 1 3 F5liCi1C1fiO1'1S Meilleurs Voeux REV. OSEPH BARIL 5 I M. GERARD HARTON C . 5 Pqroisse Joseph 21.5 CU1'l'inq101'1 AVG. 3 WOONSOCKET, R. I. WOONSOCKET, R, I, 6 Congratulations and Best Wishes compliments of E REV. OSCAR GUILBAULT REV I I M LAUGHLIN CHAPLAIN - - ' C ' 9 .. . . . 9 F3121?fZQl2t.mZQHl322.YSST X Sf' Charles Meilleufs Vow BOWEN EUS LINES INC 6 Best Wishes ' ' 5 REV. C. E. GUILBAULT We Specialize in Charter Trips 5 Sqcreflg-Ii'ZBAIfEVmq1e Main Street--MILLVILLE, MASS. Q PASCOAG R. 1. Tel.: cami 5450 5 'WZ Compliments of 5 Compliments of WESTON BISCUIT oo 5 English Quality Biscuits 5 FATHER A, CHAUVIN 275 vase.. Street 3 CAMBRIDGE 39, MASS. 5 Meilleurs Voeux Meilleurs Voeux 6 REV. H. T. LEFEBVRE, Ptre. . MSGR. I. A. LALIBERTE . Ste. Anne l The Senior Class of 1951 and the faculty of Mount Saint Charles Academy 5 Wish to thank you for your friendly interest in patronizinq the current issue of g the "EXCELSIO'R". Les qradues de la classe de 1951 et le personnel du Mont-Saint-Charles remer- cient du fond du coeur tous les announcers qui ont rendu possible la publication de 1' "EXCELSlOR" cette annee. S frQonaxoxmaauoz00000raemtmeaeoweoaeoitaemfaeaataawweaeaaowwuwfnoatm -197- '-04 '05 201'0w0'2h04 104 '-01204 205 Q02 f-0'HG0v6'2f-05 -198- SP ,, H k,, 9 Q31 Q Q7 FU 5 E , Q if ,U 5 mg E E E EP 9. E N Q 2 5 r-l- U1 '-' ,-, 'L' Q23 2 51925-U3 ff Q: ' UU 2 QE, 3 rd Q 5 1-' Q fl 3 0 9-EQQ Q ggm gl m ESU, gm 4 Q S:mm4gZ 2 H5 Q Esfsdgg Emmowiag 205 Q-WUQ5? 9352255299205 TP' OQHVUOO 56 F' O - :DO U' HW SH Q. f- LD 0 Q, mg mmm 111 ..3 ,I."'J U Z - Z,4m,,,o Zuxl-11 -,3 5 524851 EUMTEZQ 2? 3,5 SL 513 g IMO MEEUY w5i3:U53SQwz'UP1 QQ 5 gifgglg 8TSgQ:w5'a EU g 530 52 Q53 gg 5255353252-mwEAg --'D ,L WN Q'-M-4 F- O OZ P1 'H ,.. O-4 ml-4 "UL-rj 5 EL mg moo Zz. :UH ' -1 j -1 F10 V10 U' V193 - QSEVIQHQ fwgg-gan: gg m- s QQ, m gg5gf1IQ2 wgzalnmwagowi 0 Z'Uvv:F"19h ' 3' 5 DU F35 :UE3 O :U xwmifll-':u9. C3 9.. O :Xt :U "' 20 VZ o U' 0 OG - 'tp' Wm: - '-1 :Q Emp, l-.9'5'mZ 3 mm O m 50 P3"3 :-rd :-'g3"'5'QC: z-1 '-3G H C: .:s::.-fp. :s :1 O,-, U, U2 ,pm C E ... H . X, , 3 Q. ,Tl mgzz 3 gm 3 Q 59. 3 m0 00 '11 Q ww 2 O Q M2 N Q Q M Q 5 N ,., - :f Z :' Q Q, 'SU :U I1 A 'Ji Q- L4 ' O L-, O 6 CU 5 L-' 'U gg 3 U 2? E3 E ' 2 D4 Q El' DP' 252 W Mp: SE 8 E Q on E E2-1 wg gggf m gm Z5 5 U5 2wU3O5Zf,,E 5550 wi'-5 fm Og Q F m Q WF as Q52 0 Q5 9 Io OZ Fw1QOmE- 5 SP Q 2523 5,2 ff :cms 5 15 :G mm ciwmg 5 P25 5 E F5-U5 Til WE: WE SZ mi H15 'ii fa 51'U Z3Qff"1S'2-:1: 5 Q 'H Q 1" 3 A vm 7115 OH- O S QQ' 0 997212255 an O Q 50 Q Fifzfgj 3 UQ. '-I-jg rn E 413 is Ugg gg 5.4 EmEm4Q Z S Q5 CI H gm W DP' 3 l"fv E H+ s ff H Q z ' gp. HOH1"'w ' A cn fu M www H mc :E M H aw mg gamma 5 U, ,.. 530- :-4 L'f'.1 Zn: -1 ,'-3 . P1L'rjf- sz 2 3 :Hg 9. D-qw SQ' P-3 9.. 3,2 fi-19.. gg 3 ,gm A 5 Q Qs - ew 'Uv U1 3 - N1 rn 21- HHUP2 m H 5 U S3 Q 522 E ' H los 'O 2 WEP ' 25 . .. Z cu I . - 5 U '14 Q gg Q E. Q 5 Q ' "'!3 O Q 5 6 Ol In Q 105'-011021-01 'J I 9 E 9 5 9 9 5 5 5 E 3 9 E 9 5 5 9 5 6 3 f01'0l' 1-09' Q00 1? 10161 P7101 'JINOW 52200101 '27 '0"f0'0 '-01 Compliments of PINAULT HARDWARE STORE 582 Social Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. Phone Woon. 352 E. C. CI-IAGNON CS SON INC. For 50 years-Woonsockefs Headquarters for Floor and Wall Covering of Every Description 56 Arnold Street-Woonsocket, R. I. BELISLE FURNITURE INC. 144 Cumberland St. WOONSOCKET, R. I. MRS. IDA PAGE REAL ESTATE 220 Carrington Ave. ' Tel. 4358 WOONSOCKET. R. I. Time Payments Tel. 5086 FOURNIER CS: FOURNIER The World's Best Furniture TRAI-IAN FURNITURE CO. -- UNWRTAKERS - Noiiifphogbtiissiiitll Tallies 168 Cumberland Street 99 Cumberland Street Woonsocket, R. I WOONSOCKETI R' L Compliments of LAROCHELLE BODY 6: WELDING CO. 351 Cumberland Street WOONSOCKET, R. l. Compliments of GAGNE'S BOOT SHOP 567 Social Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. Compliments of WOONSOCKET AUTO PARTS G CO. 377 Cumberland Hill Road WOONSOCKET, R. I. SlMONEAU'S INC. We Furnish Your Home With TASTE-COMFORT-ECONOMY Distributors of UTILITY GAS Phone 3807-585 Social Street Compliments of WRIGHT DEPARTMENT STORE 542 Social Street WOONSOCKET, R. l. Compliments ot ALPHONSE E. LEBLANC, Pres. Social American Club l73 Cumberland Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. Compliments -of LOUIS LANOIE G SON 563 Social Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. Compliments of NORTHERN FRUIT CO. 86 Page Street Dealers in FRUITS G VEGETABLES Homer Mercier Tel. Woon. 5607 WOONSOCKET SHEET METAL WORKS CO. trearl 56 Cumberland St. WOONSOCKET, R. I. YVONNES PHOTO SUPPLY WHOLESALE c. RETAIL Photographic Supplies 557 Social Street--Tel. 4486 WOONSOCKET, R. I. 910f0ff0N0vC70f0P0R0I40'G05G01'0f0h0N-01W1G02f02G0w7r0X0110 -199- THE BELL COMPANY OF R. I. Compliments ot 2 IANET'S Mason Street CANDY WOONSOCKET, R. 1. 291 Main Street 2 5 FAIRMOUNT FOUNDRY wooNsooKE'r TYPEWRITER co. Q GRAY IRON CASTINGS TYPEWRITERS I Sold-Rented-Repmred 25 Second Avenue ' Woonsocket, R. 243 Main St- Woonsocketn R. In Telephone 1585 'Q Telephone 709 5 ENTERPRISE DYE WORKS, INC. Compliments Of 5 E DYERS AND FINISHERS 229 First Avenue 285 Main Street 5 WOONSOCKET, R. I. WOONSOCKET, R. 1. 3 WCONSOCKET Compliments of HOME FURNITURE CO. MOUSSEAUS INC. 241 Social Street Main Street 5 WOONSOCKET. R. 1. woowsocicm, R. 1. 3 C0mP1imeI1fS Of Compliments oi , DR. O. I. PLASSE MINNIE S BEAUTY SHOP DENTIST 285 Main Street 517 Social Street WOONSOCKET, R. 1. WOONSOCKET, R. I. Compliments of THE GARNETT CORPORATION COMMISSION GARNETTING Registered Iewelers American Gem Society 507 Social Street Hazel Street-Tel.: Woon. 7490 Q wooNsooKET, R. 1. WOONSOCKET, R, 1. 5 . . Q CARRIER'S OIL SMITH PENN OIL CO. 5 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Paul Smith Alphonse Carrier Agents for Oil Burners, Boilers, Etc. Tel. 4683 - R.F.D. No. 1 WOONSOCKET, R. I. 201' RANGE 62 FUEL OIL Call 565 Fairmount, Woonsocket 3158-I or Filling Station 52 Terminal 275 Second Ave. Woon. 3158-W 2 A. H. BEAUCHEMIN fs. soNs Compliments of 334 Social St.-Woonsocket, R. I. Robert L. Beauchemin 5 Raymond I-I. Beauchemin F Richard I. Beauchemin 5 Louis H. Beauchemin 9 Roland H. Beauchemin 171 First Ave, sf-OW!-7!0'ft05201l01!-010101 l?h01C0K-0N02i-7Q-0'lL-0'C01l0'220N0"f0N02'-0P'-0'N0P'-? -- 200 --- 02 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 f01'-70 '01 f-0'2'0'f0f6'w0'N-0N0W0'161 101C01f-9 l0"-01201 -90'-2 20110402 -102 -201 101'-01 292:02 6520701 290100 GUERIN MILLS INC. 292 East School Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. I. H. CHAGNON WOODWORKER Interior Finish Sushes, Windows, Doors, Screens, etc 313 Pond Street-Tel. 4085 WOONSOCKET, R. I. Compliments of EISENBERG ci TICKTION Cor. Clinton cmd Cumberland Sts. WOONSOCKET, R. I. Compliments of I. MEUNIER :Sf SON. INC. 330 Clinton Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. TI-IEROUX BROTHERS, INC. 417 Pond Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. Tel. 700-701 Compliments of SAMUEL'S 114 Mcxin Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. CONSERVONS NOTRE HERITAGE FRANCAIS l Sociorl Street M. le juqe et Mme Eugene L. Iolbert Compliments of ROBERT'S OHILDREN'S SHOP 124 Morin Street Woonsocket, R. AMERICAN PAPER TUBE CO. 93 Hazel Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. MODERN SHOE STORE 94 Morin Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. GENE'S EXPERT SHOE REBUILDING 259 South Main Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. Compliments of DUPRAS BAKING CO. Bakers ot Por-X Bread 39 Sweet Avenue-Phone 4080 WOONSOCKET. R. I. FELLMAN'S LIOUOR STORE, INC. 292 South Mcxin Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. LAGACE SERVICE OIL CtO. 345 North Moin Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. Tel. 1305 Herve A. Lcrqoce, Trecs I. C. MAILLOUX ci FILS Mcrrchcmds de Prelczrts Topis et Meubles MAC'S VARIETY STORE 548 North Main Street 605 Clinton Street Woonsocket, R. I. 102r0'w0"G02G-0'ff-011?17l0'610f026N0K02r026N?v?t0M7h7G?1?h012012011?C?Q01!0l0m -20l- SENN MOTOR CO. 5 139 Hamlet Ave. Wholesale Gt Retail Q Your Authorized Pontiac :S GMC Truck Dealer W.?3f1 gilgEt' R' I' Solid GF-Liggld , WOONSOCKETS ONE STOP SERVICE " 103-143 North Mm st.-Telephone 2300 WOON CEJUMEBS Open Thursday 51 Friday Evenings Till 9 p.m. Automatic Heating Equipgnem 5 GOODWILI. USED CARS 'SALES 61 SERVICE S Compliments of Compliments of ' ARTHUR I. DARMAN 5 QQM1:-ANY, INC. DR. D. P. FERRUCCI Wool. Tops Noils, Waste Dorman Building 80 Hamlet Avenue 5 565 North Main Street 5 WOONSOCKET, R. I. WOONSOCKET, R. l. . 2 Compliments of DINER 5 WOONSOCKET BRUSH COMPANY Park Avenue 581 North Main Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. Compliments ef FORESTDALE STORE KRESGES A. I. STCKE, Prop. 5 Green From - Red From GRCCERIES and PROVISIONS 5 WOONSOCKET, R. I. FORESTDALEI R- I. 5 MCCA-RIiHY'5 RAYMOND F. MURPHY 191 Main Street QS, Northern Rhode Island's Great Store ACCOUNTANTS and AUDITORS Heartiest Congratulations to the Class Of 1951 206 Hospital Trust Building Woonsocket SS 1- -- - :- Q Comlilimfnls Of IOHN PI-IANEUF OIL AND , RVI E BARNEYS MEN SHOP BURNER SE C 23 Social Street 188 Willow Street 5 WOONSOCKET, H. 1. WOONSOCKET, H. 1. 5 Compliments of WHOLESALE TOBACCONIST Confectionery PAUL E' COTE 9 Social Street DENTIST 5 Tet. 2466 S WOONSOCKET, R. I. 34 Hamlet Ave. Woonsocket, R. I. 3 Compliments of Compliments de I-IARRY'S VARIETY STORE 566 Social Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. ARMAND PICARD D.D.S. 52 Hamlet Avenue Woonsocket, R. I. 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 2 5 2 5 5 5 5 5 f01L0'1 v-0-10261 101 0 402205 f-0802 -102 C0804 -'01 l04'01'-0447 5' 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 3 5 5 5 5 5 5 87104101 PHILIP AND Compliments oi - BENIAMIN A. MACKTAZ 5 WOOLEN-WORSTED WASTE 5 Residence 239 Grove St.-Tel. 4287 Q Warehouse 64 Elbow St. - Tel. 3840 1265 Mendon Road B 383 5 WQGNSCECCKETI R, In WOONSOCKET, R. I. 2 WOONSOCKET COMB CO., INC. CITY HARDWARE CO. 193 S St, t GIFTS AND I-IOUSEVVARE 5 new lee Telephone 2965 5 Lucien C, Verhulsq General Hardware, Paints, Oils and Glass 5 24-30 Rathbun Street Q WOONSOCKET, R. I. WOONSOCKET, R- I- S NEW Compliments of 'HOME QF CQMFORTH WOON. TIRE SALES fs SERVICE Q INC. 5 Phone 1500 197 Social Street River Street T I Felicitations ' FEMININE FASHIONVS VALMQRE M. CARIGNAN 5 l Social Street 5 Stadium Building Avocat et Notaire I WOONSOCKET, R. l. NVOONSOCKET, R. I. 5 Compliments of DOYLE MOTORS INC. "The H PID cl D cl b'lit " EAZAAR GIFT SHOP, INC. me O ge em G 1 Y Tel. 6800 Q 1 Monument Square Comer of Pcnd and Snow Streets Q WOONSOCKET, R. I. WOONSOCKET, R. I. 2 Compliments of IIHOIVIAS L. LAVOIE, D.D.S. CLUB EMBASSY 5 77 Havelock St., Woonsocket, R. I. Woonsocket 3496 9 Tel.: 7043-Res. 1582-M H Rmhbun street S Accommodation for Weddings Showers' Banquets WOONSOCKET, R. I. Compliments of 'Established l9ll - Telephone 2537 3 DR. CARLO I. DESTEFANI IOSEPH LAUZON G SONS 5 689 Wood Avenue FUNERAL DIRECTOR AND EMEALMER YVOONSOCKET, R. I. 35 Rathbun St. WOONSOCKET. R. I. Best of Luck to the Class of '51 ROBINSON'S 5 MOWRY IEWELRY 12-l8 High Street 10 High Street-opposite Depot WOONSOCKET, R. I. -203- ff-0'f0'f!-01 016264905990 'aff 405 C05 011-011011-04'-01l01201l7f7101l0110'1200 '01 02011761 1011-01'-01201 -011012-01 Q01 101 IOV01-01 76161 0'1v01'-01 L01201 'Tel 652R11 or 3Z84R5 PhI1Ip Leboeut Prop PHILS SERVICE STATION Wcxshmg SImonIz1ng Tlres R capped RQCIICIIOFS Cleaned 24 Hour Road Servlce 6 Old Rtver Road MANVILLE R I AUGER IEWELER Telephone 7355 EXPERT WATCH and CLOCK REPAIRING 5 Day Serv1ce 77 Heroux Ave off Elm St WOONSOCKET R I Comphrnents of NAULTS TIRE df BATTERY SHOP Rallroad Street MANVILLE R I Smcere Wlshes LAMOUREUX FURNITURE CO 539 Clmton Street WOONSOCKET R I Comphments of RICHARD BROS MANVILLE R I 256 Raxlroad St BUS HIRE Complurterts of CITY LUMBER COMPANY 333 Rrver Street WOONSOCKET R I CLUB CAFE Woonsocket 3985 R 1 Ed Mlnvllle Prop FLOOR SHOW Every Fr1 Sat :S un Nlte 53 Summer Street MANVILLE R I Tel Woon 38B5M GEORGE I'I ROBERTS Real Estate and Insurcxnce MANVILLE R I Comphments of RHODE ISLAND PLUSH MILLS 1112 Rrver Street WOONSOCKET R I A B RANKIN Gt SON INC WHOLESALE BEEF 5 PROVISIONS Veal Lamb Butter Cheese :S Eggs Agent to IOHNI P SOUIRES G CU PROVISIONS 91 and 95 Hlgh St Te1s 1285 :S 1286 e Woon 5191W Henry Menard Prop MANVILLE ELECTRIC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Agent for Hot Pomt Products 95 97 Wmter St MANVILLE R DENIS CAFE Hlgh Street Woonsocket R Tel -4567 Telephone Woonsocket 1825 MEN ARD S HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES COMPLETE HOME FURNISI-IERS A U Menard Owner 58 60 Sprlng Street MANVILLE R I Comphments of IOAN PLUSH MILLS INC 719 Rlver Stre t WOONSOCKET R I Telephone IO41 WOONSOCKET OIL HEATING SERVICE Leo A I Brlssette FUEL OIL SERVICE OIL BURNER SALES and SERVICE 77 Greene St Store 20 Central Ave Mexlleurs voeux M et MME LAURE B LUSSIER Old Rwer Rocxcl MANVILLE R I 64-72-0110'1'-01014-0120'1 101f0'l0'1'-?h01101'-01f?101v01G0W10'11-01W161'-01l-0'1 5 I 5 5 5 S I 5 5 f-761001 '-3 . . 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I. 101 TI-IE MIRABAR COCKTAIL LOUNGE 66 Bernon Street WOONSOCKET, R. 1. Margaret and Ioe Fugere GAGNON BROS. GULF SERVICE STATION f0210W6'21-05 all 3 51 4: U' rf: Z E 2 GD rl 5. U5 9 5 . 5 w 3 5 3 Z 72' Q Z 3 3, L: 'Z' m O l"'J Ln I U7 51 53 3 o '4 5 SU gg IP-Q C71 25 gr' O 9. mg Q iff Q F37 Z L-'S Q E3 O Z0 g 5 32 'U Q, YP' 3 Z gg '42 9, '0"0i'0"-0"0" Cor. Arnold and High Sts. Telephone 4973 WOONSOCKET LUMBER COMPANY, INC. Lumber and Building Materials of all kinds 58 Rivulet DEVOE-PAINTS--MODENE NARRAGANSETT KNITTING MILLS, INC. 6554 148 Bernon Street WOONSOCKET, R. 1. Compliments of ADAMS DRUG STORES 86 Main Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. Compliments of FRANK KEARNS Auto Supply 100 Bernon Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. NORTH ATTLEBORO, MASS. 1-0'f101101h0510110110W10110'210'210110S CD NJ E :E 3 O 5 E' 2 Z Q U1 E an 5 be Q' :U w Ei if rn Q 2'-3 52 552: -:UZQ CD ',-. C',1'oU2D QQ, 'Q 3E.:D'm nl-I-ag. 15591 aawl 5.29: red? 2.5125 gig U1 'J' HZ? 0 1010102 61 Bertenshczw Rd. Off Mcrnville Road WOONSOCKET, R. I. 1-0N0N0i1?010W0v1011-01102171-051-0'210A -ZOB- Sf0"'-0'7C-0"0790?H9i17'-7107f0N0N05'-0N0l40'7C0"'5N?' 1022-0'ff0WQ0'0N-02'-05'-0" 5 Compliments oi UNITED RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT CO. 54 East School Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. 65 Compliments of MASUREL WORSTED MILLS INC. SAMOSET WOONSOCKET, R. I. 5 Compliments of Compliments of WATERTOWN LIME G CEMENT, INC, ROSENFELD WASHED SAND 5. STONE CO. 400 Arsenal Street E WATERTOWN, MASS. MILFORD' MASS. Q Compliments cf 5 WALSH BROS- Compliments of Lonq Distance Movers CANTON OIL COMPANY 3 KITTERY, MAINE 5 Compliments of Q I Compliments of 5 LEE S PHARMACY 48 Noflh Main Street MR. 6: MRS. IOHN T. FLANIGAN WOONSOCKET, R. I. Compliments oi Compliments of COURT SQUARE IOSEPH DEGUIRE SERVICE STATION 5 Distributor of PAR X BREAD WQQNSQCKET' R, 1, Phone 38981 Tel.: 4757 Robert Lemieux, Prop. 5 Compliments of Compliments of ADAMS DRUG STORE VETERANS' SQUARE MARKET 86 Main Slfeel 101 Warwick Avenue S WOONSOCKETI R- 1- WEST WARWICK, R. 1. E Compliments of Compliments of 5 ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION POTTER of OOLLONAN E Harry E. West, Prop. INSURANCE S MOOSUP, CONN. MOOSUPI CONN. ? RUDY'S BEXALL PHARMACY Comwmems of 5 Prescriptions. Cameras, Bioloqicals, Cosmetics Dedicated to Serve You-The Doctor-The Sick 100 Main Street Danielson, Conn. If It's Rexall -- It's Right TI-IE TOWN PHARMACY I. Dwonczyk, B. S. Req. Pharmacist MOOSUP, CONN. 000000000000000000470000000000000 -- 206 -- 0:01 2-0120"-0R02-020-02'-05 102200 105205 10 101 2010-011-01201 -'01 104101 Compliments of PHILIP H. SHERIDAN 99 Main Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. Compliments oi DRS. I. H. of T. S. MCCOOEY 99 Main Street WOONSOCKET, R, I. FALL RIVER 5: NEW BEDFORD EXPRESS CO. 573 Bedford Street FALL RIVER, MASS. Compliments ot PLEASANT MOTORS CHRYSLER 61 PLYMOUTH Sales 6: Service - 7-9334 FALL RIVER, MASS. Compliments of MATHIEU OOAL CO. 653 Rodman Street FALL RIVER, MASS. Compliments of MR. 6. MRS. EDGAR I. PELOQUIN POSTMA STER MANVILLE, R. I. H. E. FORTIER ci SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS Plumbing - Heating IZ Division Street Tel.: Woonsocket 1186-R-2 MANVILLE, R. I. Compliments of MANDEVILLES GARAGE ' Railroad Street MANVILLE, R. I. CLOVER FARM STORE MANVILLE, R. 1. Alfred Gladu, Prop - Woon.: 2266 Compliments of GILBERT R. PAUL DENTIST 30 Railroad Street MANVILLE, R. I. Compliments of PAULINE'S VARIETY IB Church Street MANVILLE, R. I. Compliments of MAURICE'S BARBER SHOP 54 Winter Street MANVILLE, R. I. Maurice Durand, Prop. Tel.: ll32-R-l-Herve Charpentier, Prop CO'S SPA Fishing Tackle-Salt G Fresh Water Rods-Reels+Supplies Sporting Goods 47 Summer Street Manville. R- Compliments of MANVILLE DAIRY Pasteurized G I-Iomoqenized Milk U. Desmarais, Prop- Woon.: 3128-W Compliments of AL'S BAR MANVILLE, R. I. Alclor Cournoyer, Prop. Compliments of EMPIRE WOOLEN MILLS 81 Allen WOONSOCKET, R. 1. A 101101'-01LQQOIP-041-ON-02-0110'1G0N0WG0N0N0N01f01l00Q06l?Q0W101205l0N01h010'05f02f0W05 -207- 3-?6210"2f024-02202202G02'-0210'220'240N7'0'2'-7' Compliments of CHERRY BROOK WORSTED Compliments of F. F. MCLAUGHLIN, D.D.S. S 2 t 2 Wt l01'402f02'02C01f0'2 1022-02'7 '0'2f02 204202 '0'2f02i026261WW102 105 '02202h02'7f0'2 102 5 MILLS, INC. 5 Compliments of COmP1imGHlS Of BOSTON ci 'VVOONSOCKET 5 EXPRESS co. LIDO S CAFE Q 418 Diqmond Rogd Di.CI1'1'!OI1d ROCld 5 WOONSOCKET, R. I. WOONSOCKET, R, 1, Compliments of KIRBY'S Good Gulf Gas DON'S NEWS ROOM Canal5552e-l5O Main St.-Blackstone,Mass. Q General Repairing and Towing S Bl-ACKSTONE. MASS- Used Cars Bought and Sold 5 NEWSPAPERS---MAGAZINES For the Life of Your Car- -"GO GULF" E Compliments of COmPliIf1Gf1lS Of 6 LENOX GRILL - CARRIER ICE MANUFACTURING and COCKTAIL LOUNGE 5 Crooks Corner 5 ' SOUTH BELLINGHAM, MASS. Lobster, Broilers, Steaks, Chops. 5 Tel.: 4159 or 1765 T91-3 Canal 4882 Tel: 3810 C- POUHOV Prop' cami: 5320 us. Dept. Agriculture NO. 125492 HOME COAL CO. IOE WOICIK 5 256 Privilege Street Fresh Fruits 61 Vegetables Coal 6 Wood-Trucking, Building, Moving 2 Godnbrd Street 9 WOONSOCKET' R- I- BLACKSTONE, MASS. 5 Compliments of Compliments of BEVERLY CLUB INC. BLACKSTONE PHARMACY SQUTH BELLINGHAM' MASS Donlon :S O'Brien, Registered Pharmacists 3 Lucien A. Deceues 147 Main Street- Blackstone, Mass. Telephone 6917 A Prescription clerk ALWAYS in attendance Compliments of Compliments of CLOVER FARM STORE "DUNCAN INN" 5 Pete Thibault 6- Son For the finest of Foods Tel.: 344 ff - Monument Square BLACKSTONE' MASS. Compliments of - -W I : Compliments of ARMAND D. DU ROCHER 5 GENE ROUSSEAU 99 Main Street 5 W W O N Certified Public Accountant 5 5 5 2 5 9 5 5 5 5 5 2 5 5 5 5 E 5 9 2 E 9 5 5 btw ' Compliments of E UNITED PAPER CO. S 54 East School Street Q wooNsocKET, R. 1. 101 Woonsocket's only exclusive Sporting Goods Store SPORTS DUGOUT Z1 Rathbun Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. 1011011-01' Compliments of BERTHELOT A. LECLAIRE and LAURENT C. BILODEAU Compliments oi BREAULT IR. st-1oE REBUILDING 16 Rathbun Street WOONSOCKET. R. 1. Telephone 5324 Tel.: Ga. 1-6737 Res. Pl. 1-0298 "Pictures that tell the Story" THE GRAY STUDIOS GENERAL PHOTOGRAPHY 101101101 63 Washington St., Providence, R. I. Compliments of Earl D. Crandall, Manager ROYAL TYPEWRITER CO., INC. 450 North Main Street PROVIDENCE, R. I. 1-019195101 SECURITY FENCE CO. BUILDERS Iron-Wire-Rustic Wood 925 Broad Street PROVIDENCE, R. I. Fred M. Dooley - -4 -- Wi. 1-1500 NELLO'S MOTOR SALES 629 Front St. - Tel.: 2494 WOONSOCKET, R. I. High Grade Used Cars Bought, Sold 6: Exchanged Compliments of DOLOR IVIOREL 601 Fairmount Street WOONSOCKET, R. 1. 10161 Compliments of TOWN LINE SHELL STATION 1210 Social Street -4 Route 126 BLACKSTONE, MASS. Mail Address: R.F.D. No. 1, Woon. R. I. Compliments of 10117101 Generators and Starters Rebuilt Armatures Rewound 131 Center Street Telephone 6461 1-01101171-0'110'1 Compliments of MISS ANNE MARIE SULLIVAN Newton College ot the Sacred Heart 885 Centre Street NEWTON, MASS. WOONSOCKET ARMATURE CO. Compliments of CI-IAUVIN SPINNING CO. 219 West Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. Compliments of WHITE BIRCH CAMPS ATLANTIC SALMON FISHING P. I-I. Calhoun Bloomfield Ridge, York Co., N. B. C A N A D A Compliments of DR. THOMAS P. FOGARTY DENTIST 141 Main Street WOONSOCKET. R. I. 101'0'-110116100 Compliments of ARTHUR A. FONTAINE 61 SONS MILL SUPPLIES 621 River Street WOONSOCKET, R. 1. A2101-01101 10110W1?1-01f0A?WW10110110110'10110'110101611-010'110"- -209-- Compliments of VVINSOR MFG., CO. ' 44 Hazel Streei WOONSOCKET, R. I. A FRIEND - 210 --- 2 5 9 2 5 9 5 9 6 E Q E 5 9 9 6 5 6 5 S 5 5 5 5 201201 10W'40D 014-01 f0'1'0'f'0'1C0'2WPf-05 h0N0N0'f762f01L747f01f0v'0- 4 s W "1 U U -fi S fu gm U ggi FU E 5 m 2 EU QLD' F3 5295 -1 .-. U7 QQ 502 2 oouj Z Q gm-U ,- ,.. U1 H10 '-- 'U PUNZ Ugpg O2 l"0 QUPOOU' 0:11 mfflobf' gwotwgv gw4:E?23P1M9ow3'zD2Og1g,:noOSwgmgnrrngz QE-2553 mgpssw5wg5wsaUs5ag.sU25vQUmgfihlva HO E " H-I H-rn: :Y-'M Hr- ::O0.:U mm: Ez H' 59.EH'k4Q'2:' 5339-308 mQ'B03m3m09 533 6-omga W5 5 Q"'U1'g'cu ?Q:"3m WO' 'DW 5305710 uf? - 511.8 gmmg 5135415315 mlmw Q 55362 5323, 5 4QgE5 zu -- .-A H-H " m,f-1 - '-' Ewilim Eamm1-3m'P-:1c1"'Tl?El1:U'25lb3'-03,3530g:uff:u9.F? 5"-ICIQ.. S20 9- w55'?U 27191 ?U:1E'g by PU p.L-.H . HIT! " "4-5 E U1 gm Q rd Sm?-'LT-1 3-16,00-,HI" 33:17 7" O Z-'91 3 frj O 'T' 2 3 N96 O 52 U2 O 'th A 'U . ' :r Q Q 5 5 5 U 1 lu l 5 W Q 2 P 5 Q1 ,551 :li ' QQ .H 40... L-1-I g :Dt 52 E 2 :-,Qagffgm Z 2 SQ w E v1 H 211611-'AQ owz L-' Q wiv' Q 583900 ONz:uOv'o.COo m o 0069529 mo O 0 gzvms Qgffwzf Sauna gs zmwws F42 21192 H, 'j.-. EP'U'o 11 U1Z'T1 '51 'H -1 wif? fiigw 2545 2 5 22-S25 Pi E355 QQQQ WSOQF' QEHG' H13 W Emu? Q3 an Z2 5Ei"m5' 525203 mga' P1 5 Effgrnoi 5 vlgpm SX? 0 'glw 355' 0 X 9 :UEEHSL Z 9h g,'Z'4-'9- DUGJZH- EI'-QU :WOM Q ' v-1 :U -9 Hmwjonmzo 1-1 5 DUI L-' 2 ' ,,, X ,-4 '11 QLQFT1 U1 l..4 - O - Ha .-350,20 L11 U3 5 U' mc- U9 U1 Q U7 CD vi - -.z -11 5 m Nc' Q ,-. E sn :U Z 5 U ffl O 5 P4 bw- 2016141 '02 '0'vQ0'2'4011-02'01'0'1'-02 Q01 af 200 H0227 '0ll0410'1h7f?'0'-1102 10117 Compliments of GER'I'RUDE'S BEAUTY SALON 34 Prospect Street WOONSOCKET, R. l. Compliments of DAURAY TEXTILES, INC. 748 Winter Street Specialty Yarn Manufacturer Compliments of W OONSOCKET GARNETTING CO. 533 Second Avenue WOONSOCKET, R. I. Meilleurs voeux aux gradues CLUB FRANCO-AMERICAIN du Zieme quarlier 153 Sayles Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. TOWN LINE SHELL STATION IZIO Social St. mr Route l26 BLACKSTONE, MASS. Mail Address: R.F.D. NO. 1, Woon. R. I. Compliments of MRS. T HELENISE BELAIN l693 Stanley Street NEW BRITAIN, CONN. Best wishes to the Brothers and Students Ot Mount Saint Charles Academy MR. G MRS. C. S. BRADLEY Compliments of DR. H. R. LASCH, IR. 55 W. Main NEW BRITAIN, CONN. Compliments of THE COUNTRY STORE PAINTS- HARDWARE--1-IOUSEWARES Park Square NO. SMITHFIELD LARRY'S RADIO-TELEVISION SHOP 292 Arnold Street---Tel.: 2714 WOONSOCKET, R. I. Complete Radio and T. V. Repairs Compliments of BELGIAN MAID MALT CO. choice LIOUORS-BEERS-WINES 13 Cumberland St.,-Tel.: 1474--We Delive WOONSOCKET, R. I. I Compliments of TRINQUE BROS. RESTAURANT OF TOMORROW 8 Cumberland Street WOONTSOCKET. R. I. Compliments of PARKER'S BRASS FOUNDRY 32 Parker Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. Compliments of ART GARMENT COMPANY 26 Avenue C WOONSOCKET, R. I. Compliments of THE ONE O'CLOlCK CLUB 909 Cumberland Hill Road Compliments of CAR AND TRUCK RENTALS Drive Yourself DRIVING LESSONS Dual Control Cars Standard Cab Co. Tel.: Woon. 5000 '0K0"2-0'VQ20f2-00'-7105205102205'-0N7C0'120f10'4f?M0fh71-0Wf0W10f2020'N01Q7Q0410P'-0f20' DEsEooHEEs fs. BRUNELLE 9 PHARMACY I-terve I. Brunelle, Prop, 3 Cumberland Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. '-0"f0" Tel.: GA. 1- 2240 CULL G WILLIAMS CO. TILE- ---- MARBLE--SLATE I'-flofiern Kitchens---Tile Bathrooms 272 Washington Street PROVIDENCE, R. I. BELAIR'S BARBER SHOP EUGENE BELAIE, Prop. GERARD BELAIR EUGENE M. BELAIE 28 Cumberland Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. Compliments oi W. IACQUES of SONS, INC. I5 Island Place WOONSOCKET, R. I, 610613 h0"'0N7'02f-00100 '01 '02 WALDORF TUXEDO CO. DESLAURIERS 212 Union Sweet BREAD- PIES---PASTRIES Corner Weybosset PROVIDENCE, R. I, 107 Front Street Woonsocket, R. I. LARAMEE'S TRANSIT, INC. Y-01 Servicing Rhode Island and Massachusetts WOONSOCKET, R. I. C041-0"-02 BOURCIER BROTHERS STORAGE Household 6 Office Furniture Movers Local and Long Distance PACKING SHIPPING Electric Refrigerators our Specialty 'tl Elbow Street----Telephone 1602 VVOONSOCKET. R. I. Q0Wf0'f Compliments of BELISLE BROS. BAKERY 35 Rathbun Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. '-01 Compliments oi TOUSIGNANT VARIETY STORE 302 Rathbun Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. 61'-0iv71 Compliments of MARTINELLI'S BAKERY 439 Rathbun Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. 0' -- 212- STORAGE Our Business is Moving CRATING Compliments ot FAIRMOUNT DAIRY 545 Front Street WOONSOCKET, R. I. 1012-762061 PRIMEAU - -AUTO RADIATOR REPAIRS-- 99 Front Street Tel. 2974 WOONSOCKET, R. I. '0'G021f7110'4 ZANZIBAR Visit Our Beautiful COCKTAIL LOUNGE AND DINING ROOM IULES HENRARD, Prop. 754 Front St. - Phone 3735 VVOONSOCKET, R. I. Telephone 6276 VOGUE BEAUTY SALON l70 Front Street WOONSOCKET, RHODE ISLAND Compliments of PRATTE'S DRUG STORES Lionel Theriault, Ph. G. Reg Phar. 198 Front Street - -vff Phone 4893 E. P. Theriault. Ph. G. Reg. Phar. 504 Elm Street W- Phone 2102 WOONSOCKET, R. I. 2-0"461'01h0'1f0'42!lW Q01 62102 5 S 5 5 5 5 9 5 5 5 t S 5 9 5 5 6 5 5 5 5 9 6 5 5 5 t .j4lfL t0gl"6l,l0Af5 .fall f0gI"6Ll0A5 .fda f0gl"Cl,l0A.6 Ingalls Printing Co Danielson, Conn,

Suggestions in the Mount St Charles Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Woonsocket, RI) collection:

Mount St Charles Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Woonsocket, RI) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


Mount St Charles Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Woonsocket, RI) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Mount St Charles Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Woonsocket, RI) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Mount St Charles Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Woonsocket, RI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 40

1951, pg 40

Mount St Charles Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Woonsocket, RI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 187

1951, pg 187

Mount St Charles Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Woonsocket, RI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 41

1951, pg 41

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