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8 as c e I 4 Z a 4 FOR NINETEEN F ORTY TWO MOUNT SAINT CHARLES ACADEMY Woonsockei Rhode Island nhl IN GRATEFUL APPRECIATION MEMBERS DEDICATE E X C E L S I O R UNITED STATES OE AMERICA M S C ALUMNI O 1' V t I QTLIASS OF T42 ihzs HIS PX ELLENCY THE MOST REVEFEND FRANFIS P KEOUGH f. 1.4 NJ L Bishcp cf Providence JM N.,- Qw 1 M'y"'W1f any If . Vx: V ,m.,1..,,.A24,., H' , f. THE CHAPEL - 3 11. , ,, .,.,, m.V NH iw FHS Qow 1 vr1'1or D r' 'CIS P 1 X EL AFP J 1. Frm ss ' 0 .N-1. V,- x E ff SIC? ST ' f 1 , P-ff Tc riq111 Frxrvis Sxgftigr, Pfaipri Arty, Firliri lux, C11 Ei 1.11 , 1-DN11 irgis ', 12:1 li f7f1:15':. 15 Z"lTfS :11"3f fEf'1'I1I1 S1I'1,:'f.11l'1, 1.1::1 f rs 111 'f'111r11 111,151-', T.f:111'- P' ' lil Lf- f T, 'ff Pi 1 '1 11, Pr 11.11 1.111 1, GQQIQ1. Lvgtcufri, 1..jLllS P,1111gz1g. Iiiiri Fav! '.'.'11Q1'1:t1 S1z11'21 F'i1'i1'-11if':11-15: Pfgrirj' As, iiiil 1111 :3.11':f1, E51Q1"s Pf':1 , ,, , .A, N , . M , F - . 6-Y. I1 , , :Ln rurkf, .1tt1p':1Q.' .J ,,:.:1.r 11:3 :if :':11::1fr, Zlu . , f I 200411 muh It shall be sum us udgmcnt ru nd our hcmris 1 be u Q m us ,mm 1 mmkflspf no Iuuus, Uuesfzr , v,,, W, , . , , Our youths und wildness shfxll no whit xppeur But f:'l' S r1,:1 1' " A ' 'j "1 , " ' . A ' '39 p A CLASS CONGRATULATIONS A l 1 Wm Qaeda' It "'. ' g 11 5 , I 1.11, S.k' 7 1 IQ .f.1:.11 1 11,111 gs up 1" 1. ',r..i'1f1f'i1i 1111 f1:' 1. ANNE ' 1411 :1 ,IS 472611, and this' T' ':','::i'1 zffeii p,,i1iiif1f, if Lllifi I7 CoI'1.gQ.Q,,1, 1112 1171? sith?" -3,17f211 i1L1f1Ltij 11 1 ECVJIUV'-1'O. In 113 illffifi-'i . , '7" 1 1' 'i 'Q F'AI'."F iffri i131 OF '42 15 :een fit TC TGf'f"flfi Cfiiff, T213 s'i1'i11 151:15-3 vsgb 1 ETQAQSTF 11:i:'.'f3 11" f'7 fizi 11151 " .19 2'-111,21 1215311 y:1:1.fnr-1'Q1:1f,.,1Q13, t1':: 'J :1t11:11g z, .1 111311 1.f1:511r 1 13 11131 '111:f1 .1':j' 'Ii gg 'f Q ' IT ,11t1:- 11.51 , 1 1 .1 tj If ., if " ' '1t"'i :,.q':'1 'L1' p 1 .. QXUElg at 'o 'S 'I 1919 REVEREND BRQTHER BRUNO Drm lp 1 gXl'F1g A E wi I 0 x ff 0 REVEREND FATHER Oc AR GUILBAULT EXUEQ9 ai 'I 0 s Q42 o REVEPVND BROTHER LURENZO Prefect cf Studles VVXIC REV BRO ALLYRE RTV BRO HERMYLE CH,qQ Q 6 2 9 2 N O ocvke REV. BRG. FLAVIUS REV. BRO- PHILIPPE , 12 I942 REV BRO ADELARD REV BRO GUILLAUME CH,qQ A 0 0 A' OCKW R V BRO LUDOVIC NAR J ROM? BJCKIFY 13 9 t Q X l! E 1 S I 0 1 0 'HE L' o s 4, YV!!! REV BRO ELISEE REV BRO VITAL 6 CH,q S Q 9 2 f o 4' OCKE REV BRO QIUIOIN REV RRO EYUARD 1 Y' 5 X C E 1 H I s 9 0 0 V 1 1 Qt, V i k Q f H 4 EXLEQS, 19' '00 I942 REV BRO PHILEAQ REV BRO IS ALBERT 6 ,Q Q ocK9 N bfMAv S? C-. X 7 fvvv " EV BRO HENRY REV bRO GEJ ADVLH J 1 CHA 3 9 2 5 O S OCK9 Jin 6 AC 1942 REV BRO MICHAEL REV BRO THEODORE 5 Q A 0 05146 REV BRO VINCENT REV BRO BLAISE 17 g X I! E 1 S 9 Y ' 0 1 0 - 4 . o Q" 'VS 'Y' ? EXl'Els Y I0 s 9 ll ww-f-c ,QE FEV BRO PAUL AUGUSTE RE! BRO MARK k gs 9- Q. ocK9 Lf r. 18 1 x Q19 " xlsf, 2 E 151 9 0 Y , f ,f , 73+ , 15424 K REV BRO THEODORIC REV BRO RONALD A 1CH,q A Q 2 o 19 ' ' 'Pl Q' EE " ,Z f . N K W i NS U ' gXl'Els E I0 4' 0 VVX'f'C X REV BRO HERMAS REV BRO WILBERT 1 CHqQ A Q 9- ff. ocwff 20 REV BRO VICTORIC ,-- f' kj oofv ' Onwurd m sadness ql ld IIN my IV Q Home-r s OdYSSCy Uwxs le V LO Db S 81444 L... ,.,Y . , , ,, H ' , I 'Q Ex' ' 'f Af rl We sailed, yet sorrowmg fzr fgxr jZII1Y11fQS lzsf. ' , , 'ji FS ,mi 11 Wye' 3' .QCHQ K 9 Q 9 2 352 4' OCKB VVXIC EDOUARD ALI ARD 37 Pleosont Street Woonsocket R I Eddle on olloround swell guy hos ottended Holv Family School ond durmg IS stoy at the Mount was C1 flne student tn the Iull meornlnq of the Word Eddte n o pos encore cholsl une cdrr1ere mens st so pdtrle I oppelle 1l sero mcxtelot Bon voyoqe Eddle et que tes ofentures sur lo mer de lo V19 so1ent tres Joyeuses LIONEL E ANDREWS 249 Wood Avenue Woonsocket R I Superman Nel though only seventeen won h1S letters 11 both football cmd baseball Every student speaks hlqhly of Llonel s chczr acter I-Its present c1mb1t1on IS to 1o1n the mdrmes and help mop up the Iops os he drd hzs opponents on the qrtdxron Ce solrde qcullord de Ste Anne cz su deployer Q Ietude comme ou Jeu un espr1t S1 oqress1I et S1 enerqzque que ses odversorres sen souvlendront bten lonqtemps A present 1l ne reve quot Id1re culbuter les pettts M1kodos EDOUARD ARSENAULT 51 Greene Street Woonsocket R I Edouords perservemnce ot work 15 re-worded by the honors of qrodudtlon We all Wrsh l'11m luck ond hcrppmess 1n whatever stdqe of llfe he may choose Lutxle ovont loqredble semble etre le motto dEdouorcl II tort son trovcnl yournoller en preml r lleu et on SUIT cxvec quelle opplx Cl t1on 1l loccompllt Lo Constance loldero ct reohser lGmb1 lon de se procurer une bonne et permonente PCSIIIOH 22 I942 WALTER BACON lO5 North Mam Street Vtloonsocke R I Walter IS one ot the g1fted members of the St Charles gang HIS crolarly ,rtalnments especrallly 1n the SCIGHCQS have been the enfy of many a student And that does not 1mply 'ta' h neglected e1'her hrs soc1al a t1v1t1es or h1s phys1cal developmen s coun less tr1ends and Nortr1y basketball opponents test1ly to the contrary Although ne has made no 'Qf1l'T1CIl revelatlon as to tu ure des1res we eypect h1s attempt at any 1deal to be a huge sua ess lOSEPJ BARRY 75 V1ne Street Vxoonso cet R I A quret studlous and unassumrng gentleman such IS loe H a been falthfully walklng through the portals ot the Mount every school day for the past SIX years HIS chxef scholast1c mterest 15 chem1stry He 1S pr1mar11y a student and the Honor Roll IS seldom wrthout hrs name ln athletrc a'fa1rs he prefers to be a staunch rooter rather than a player Hrs good nature has made for lastmg lr1endsh1ps He deserves to be successful 1n whatever he undertakes LUCIEN B BEAUCHEMIN l55 Sayles Street Woonsocket R I In Butch we f1nd a husky hard workrng youth who shows great power and determ1nat1on 1n all hrs endeavors H1s tavor1te hooby 1S swrrnrnmg Luc1en IS t1ghtl1pped concernmg hls future however h Iaps w1ll soon learn Pens1l mars tcumours gal LUCIGH prend la V19 par son bon cote et demeure calme Son trava1l constant lu1 a merlte les galons de trnzssant Son tutur patron appreclera sa reserve cle qual1tes nombreuses et env1ables I 1. .,fff-f-- f-A 70" .. , ' 23 J ' ' ' on 'C ff 5 K. Qx 4' QC9 CH,q R 41 29 5, it N o VVXIC ROBERT BEAUCHEMIN 89 Merrtll Court Woonsocket R I Handsome Bob attracted many tnends As far as sports are concerned Bob IS tops an Hockey and Baseball However be cause of the doctors orders he hasnt reacned h1s stardom unt1l ate Anxzeux de contmuer ses etudes Robert fera son entre au H1ll College Le servlce c1v1l est son ambztlon Bonne Sante et bonne chance DONALD A BEAUDOUIN 31 Summtt Avenue North Sm1thf1eld R I Meet the Beau Brummel of the class Durmg h1s tour years here Don tmpressed us by h1s beauttful smqmg and hxs off1c1ous etlquette HIS amb1t1on hes ln the musxcal world May your dream come true' Suave et courtoxs Donald possede en plus dune mtelhqence act1ve une volx dOrphee capable de charmer tout aud1to1re Son etolle br1llera sans doute parm1 les artxstes de quelques qrands operas gf .1 14" ,iff RAYMOND W BELISLE l5O LIHCOIH Street Woonsocket R l Ray came to the Mount three years ago from Holy Fam1ly HIS sunny d1spos1t1on soon Won h1m a host of fr1ends Ray plans to enter H1ll College after graduauon but 1f the war needs h1m the U S Navy w1ll acqulre a handsome gob' Beau phys1que volonte forte et lntelllgence pr1me vo1la les matertaux dont Raymond est fabrtque Comme 1l sa1t fatre usage de ses bonnes qualltes 1l trouvera cer alnernent dans lavemr le succes qun lattend 24 l942 NORMAN BERUBE 54 V1ne S r Nasnua N H 111115 YOUIM 'TYIH IS true ,rrmt state boy Ask h1m 1f he 11kes he Nhlte M .1nt11ns Norman was a star IH 1ntramura1 1e qu sports 1-11s r 'med munners nd W111 power 1.1111 he1p h1m 1n 1 c1rcumst1n s Norm ln s 'rm mon IS stn tty fnmerc1a1 tn IS why he IS keepm m tou h ff1h or we111fnof1n 1 ountmq sr'hoo1 A1thouqh h C1 es not prrrle 11s ent1men's 1' 1111 req ef It LUCIEN R BIBEAULT 9 St Barnaby Street Woonsocket R I Meet Bob Hope of the Semor class Whenever a W111Y remark IS heard you can bet that Luclen IS 1n the mood Next year Lou w111 Jom h1s father rn the lumber lndustry Opt1m1ste 1mperturcxh1e Lucren ne v1t que pour le moment Iamcns a court de repornes 11 satt par ses boutades eqayer tout son en touraqe ROGER BISSONNETTE 7 Port1ar1d Street MOHVIHG R I styhsh humorous and easy qomq Roger Manv111es q1ft to the 1 ount always made school 11e about h1m very pleasant He hopes o follow h1s fathers footsteps m the busmess world Par sa borne humeur e son franc r1re Roger est assure de reusslr Nous 1u1 souha1tons tout 1e succes posslble 25 CH.q A tg I B Q. gf 'tsoctae 4 cue, A 6 Ei? ff, Q. . ocK9 'Vviff lOl-IN R BOND 636 Wall Road Sprmg Lake Herghts N I Better known as larrln lack thus human cannon ball comes all the way from New Iersey He contrlbuted mrghtxly tn securlng the Class B trtle 1n Football and was awar ed state honors as the most 9ff9Cl1Ve plunger on the squad lack IS also noted for hrs lrtendly att1tude S1nce has hobby IS yachtmg' we wzsh hlm plenty of smooth sa1l1ng EUGENE R BOUCHER l57 Nonroe Street Wocasocket R l FIVE years ago Gene enrolled at M S C Wlth a th1rst to learn that has kept htm on the Honor Roll Of an obhgtng and klndly nature Gene doesnt lack ir1ends I-le dlsplays expert sktll bu1ld1ng model planes Dans cette personnallte aftable saddltronnent des qualltes precxeuses Dur travarlleur xl parvxent au succes en tout L av1at1on occupe ses lolsxrs Son calme et son sang frotd en feront un pllote redoute IOSEPH O CONNELL 408 4th Street Brooklyn N Y We the members of the 1942 Se-mor Class wlsh to express our deepest regrets to loseph O Connell because ol h1s mabxlxty to gradu ate thls year througn lllness Our best Wrshes to you loe for a speedy recovery and we s1ncerely hope that you w1ll be back at the Mount soon 26 E X l' E 1 g E ' I 0 1 " If 4 A t I A I I, " " ' ' . ' ' in . 'X I-IE XX, ,4T', ON . i942 IOHN BURKE '1 1 a ff e lersey Clty N l '-luscy s'n1l1n, Jr y tftre 1S ne and ne Jer a loss for com ol ,vs steady 1m o soho fs1 ftonors He nas e 1 .na n n rn 'te prom rt n ot good SPIYI nd the sucfess o 'rrnf s ofl or ruz rfns N .ts Very 'IVF IP tn r rnura s D J J J f't,1ne rtn nor EDOUAHD CA RPLNTIER T1 er played v rslty football nd Ho rrsay vvan's 1 that he sn'rll tune to prep re plane rn 'he 1 r remnn 1 redrt for bls Alma 7 Ptne Street Woonsocket R I By hxs qu1et manners and qood sports'nansh1p Edche estabhsl' ed a fme reputatlon durlnq lfus 'wo year stay at the Mount Eddle always dtd hts best and howl After graduation he plans to b a rrtachtntst I-hs amazmq wrll power assures htm success Par son amablllte et son bel esprlt sportlf Edouard fait I conquete de nombreuses am1t1es Apres la qraduatton 1l a l mtentxon dapprendre ta mecamque Nous ses Compaqnons lux souhaltons tous les succes poss1bles ARMAND CHAREST l46 Gaulm Ave Armand IS one of the ltapprest .Joys 1n Class IS easy He always has a pleasant smlle for the prof As a relaxatron from SlUd19S Armand m sports especlally football He has not told future hte but we are sure that he wlll succeed he may choose Woonsocket R I To l'11m everythlng everyone even for has been rnterested us of hls plans for ZH whatever branch H ureux par beau temps e par mauvals Armand roule sa bosse a la meme allure r nqu1l'e Avec martrrse de sol 1l solutxonnera les probl mes les plus epmeux Bon succes Armand 27 1 CHA A 5 G 2 N oo Q el' Q S 4' 4 0:3149 -QCHA A Q 3 gy OCK9 VVXIC NORMAND CHAREST 29 Ward Street Woonsocket R ChGSS1S As one of the ,olnes fellows at the Mount Where he there IS never a dull moment A wxzard m chemrstry Norm always trymq out some new formula Hrs ambltlon IS to become aeronautlcal enqmeer or a pllot for Uncle Sam Normand montre une grande 1n1t1at1ve une orrqxnahte excephon nelle Entre deux QUGSYIOHS serreuses 11 vous qllssera une hlstolre a farre rtre aux larmes Ne parlons pas de ses conquetes presentes ou futures lOSEPH CONNOLLY R F D 2 Woonsoclcet R I loe may be one of the smallest of the qraduatlnq class but he IS dynamtte zn more ways than one Normal m class work he explodes on the playmq fleld He performed as a star on both the football and hockey champ1onsh1p teams of 42 and drew a regular berth on the baseball nme lust what h1s lntentlons are for the future remarns an unknown quantrty but we feel saf IH asserunq that whatever lt may be rt w1ll prove known quallty RAYMOND l CONSTANTINEAU Mount Pleasant Road Slate-rsv1lle R I Easy qomq and happy go lucky Ray represents Slaters conquered the fancy of all hrs confreres Ray wlll do hrs brt for the cause as a leatherneck IH the J S Marmes Quelque peu trmlde legerement espregle ma1s serleux a ses heures Raymond est neanmoms un charmant cornpaqnon La lecture et les trmbres occupent ses lolslrs ll senrolera blentot au servlce de la marme 28 L l942 FRANK COOK lad wt ee' Flusnrnq Long Island N Y PG estll e fe f s arounul nnerr rt rrr IOUSHIP 'fo D- flaunt rs Foots Cook l earn he was really rn tlere 1 , .vr hc strrred 1n rnrrmural basketball and fork rn 1 New York defense r '1d'l'l1SS1OH ln the Arrhy Alr ops 1' e 1 rn rn r fre sfnrn r rnf n app y Corps ' IS lt IS our r tvou ml , t your NIHQQ as soon J ss IEAN L COTE 577 Elrn Street Woonsocket R I Huge hearty and rather hanclsorne lean soon drspels all qloom wherever he goes because of hrs buoyant Splfll He IS one of the schools most loyal fans He wlll become hls fathers rlqht hand man 1n the grocery busrness lean Louls promene alleqrement sa corpulence cr lenvle des rachlllques Caractere Jovlal et sans soucr rl repand la qalte et la bonne humeur Sa connarssance de la comptabrlrte lur servtra avantaqeusement dans les altalres lOl-lN DEMERS 78 Con S'reet Woonsocket R l lohnny a stuclrous fellow has attended M S C for four years Bemq a llnqurst lohnny excels 1n Enqlrsh Latm and French H plans to attend colleqe and law school 1n tne 1rr1mecl1ate future and we know mat he w1ll excel as an attorney lust as hrs father before h1m Lots of luck for the future Iohnny Sr le tact clevalt se personnltler rl cho1s1ra1t lean Gros tranqu1lle rl reqarcle laqltatlon aatcur de lu1 sans 1ama1s semouvorr Cette rna1tr1se de sol le rendra rnartre des hommes et des choses 29 O 4' ef CHAMP K 4 fr m ut k ai O Q S 4 OCK9 1,5 9 4. 5 73 Af ocK9 VVl.fC --- ANDRE DESAULNIERS 90 Thomas Street Woonsocket R I Andy Desaulnlers has been a studen at the Hllltop lnstltutlon for slx lonq years Although rrore mterested m Mathemau s than sports Andy was always behlnd the school team He plans to be an avxator so keep em flymq Andy Andre sest touyours montre un eleve enthous1ast ll la1t s n travaxl avec ame Lacadernle perd en lux une de S llqures les plus sourzantes A tor lavemr' HAROLD DENSMCRE 72 Rathbun Street Woonsocket R I Harold locally known as Harry has gr ced th halls o' thl beloved mst1tut1on ever smce h1s sophomore year hl was noted as the most stud1ous boy m class and has proved h1 by regularly GHGIHIHQ the Honor Roll Harry lS reserved and sedate but always wlllmq to help a less fortunate student Wllh h1 SlUd19S Son educatxon en famlllle se dlSlll'lQUG par ses precedes dellcats On peut dlre qull a ete un Joyau de lecole Ste Anne Nous ne lavons Jamals vu presse ma1s cest la caracterlstlque des gens mtellxqents Bon causeur 11 aftectxonne la bonne crmque et les d1scuss1ons ll a complete un cours sc1ent1t1que avec qrand succes CLIFDEN DEVINE 90 Shore Drrve Wlnthrop Mass Before comma to the Mount Cllf attended Manchester Central l-llqh A1 all around athlete he starred IH football hockey and baseball Bestdes qamma fQCOQI'l1l1OH IH sports he has proved hlm self an able student and a friendly companlon When next we hear o C11 we are sure that he wrll be doxnq well Wllh the General blec nc Co of Lynn il: I 30 I942 WILLIAM DOHERTY P O BOX 287 Denrusport Mass B 1 n efer mum, lad IS a 'r1endly easy qolnq student He IS me HICJ 1y rmni and fery m erestlnq to alk to especmlly Nnere mx 'un-ery IS orferned Durlnq 'ns three years at he Mount B111 is e orre quite pf ul,rr Nl h students and Brothers allke B ft sho,-In rerr nk .rble rpll rn to hls work and h1s abxllty as J nord Wffvr en es um mlk IICUCIS Nrth 111 who come rn fontrf P good work HENRY DREWES 14 Seymour Street Wmthrop Mass Meet the ed1tor1nCh1ef of the Excelslor Hank a tall slender slx footer halls from Wlnthrop Mass A brlqht student he IS a lead ma hqure ln all the classes Hank dlcl not take part IH any mater sports but he was the best rooter our school teams had Henry was very actxve m extracurrlcular act1v1t1es be-ma the school hbrarlan and a member of the band Believing Hank s l1'll9f1l1OHS are to enter Harvard IH September hls many frrends all wlsh hrm the best ot luck IOHN DUBOIS lJ8 Church Street Woonsocket R I lohn IS known throughout the school for h1s wltty remarks and allround good humor Whanq as he rs commonly known by hxs c assmates chsplayed great sl-ull as a basketball player rn the mtra neural leaque Iohn no doubt w1ll become one of our most d1s tmqurshed business men havrnq shown a marvelous apt1tude for zqures throughout hlS three year stay at the Mount May your pet am IIOHS materlalrze to your nearts content 31 5 CH,q O Q! 51? N O Q' S 4'-5'ocK94 ' U E X L E 1 S 9 8 ' 0 W ll il',uJ,s"'f'f,' .Q , -' . , ' -Cna'fl',"ed ' 't,' t , -"", ffl., 'C .Ju ' 1' t "' ll' 5VC4-- 'V JF ' "T J .. V ',. illIas ,li julll, ld'.4'c Sift' " f' ' ' 3 r,t wrth hlm. We all know that you will succeed, Bill, keep u the ,V ' , 1 U 'wil' lr 3 . il' ' f . Y Y tr V '.' ' f U' ' ' . I I" 'N if X, 1 U 1 I Y X l , 1 VV .. QV, AVVXIC CH,q A 0 -. Q, N o ne LEO DYER 422 Traple Road Belmwn MUS-S If you are Ioplu versatlle youn man you need ao further than Zetk In h1s hree years at P9 Mount h1s name has often graced th o Cr ll As a valuable member of our champzon ship football e has made a name for h1ms If that future Centers wyltflf-1 ct o rme l1v1nq u, o HIS unassurnmq and rlendly w h hlm a respe ted and fr1endly compamon est C, 53 V321 AUSTIN ERRE 82 Cove Street New Haven Conn Aust1e IS a one year n at cunt co'n1nq here o better IS educatlon a d pre r college He 1S one of t e two post qraduat and erformeo admlrably 1n h1s SIUd16S Austl IS an 1 to t terr1ble x1ce tazz Hes always got h1s phonbqr th 1m 1n s are tlme or some portable rad1o to hear a booq WOOQ1 band A son ew I-Iav Conn he 1ntends to rnatrlculate at Fordham next, ear All e luck 1n tlfe ld Aus IE for your future suc Si! X FRANCIS FINN 430 lVIa1n Street East Greenw1ch R I FTGDCIS may be the qulet type but he 1S the rellable Mrcky to a hcst of fr1 nds No one could pzcture h1m w1thout h1s perpetual qrm and sm1l1nq face In conseauence of sustalned efforts he often deserved honor marks 1n class 'Foo small 1n SIZE and we1aht to become vars1ty mater1al he has been never heless an actrve part1c1 pant 1n local sports contests He expec s to make Rhode Island State College h1s nex abode of learnlna t . 32 u942 RICHARD FLEMING 216 ur Je Street Woonsockft R I avor la lc s ats ln the class roam and from thls posxtron re earses o upkeep rs '1tle of class numorrst Hrs l1vely and good nr ure 'rumor have made many an otherwrse dull perlod entertaln rn, says 'ra e wants to work rn an oftlce but from l1SDI'l1l'1Q t mm d1Sf qree wltn Mr I kes we are 1l'1Cl1l"l9d to belreve I t xl lndustry holds ms 1nterest Nhatever h1s future work CONRAD E FOISY Granby Quebec Canada Th1s scholarly Canadlan gentleman entered our Academy last November We wlsh hvn plenty of IG1lW1f1d as a pilot 1n the R C Ne comptez pas vos pernes avrse Conrad a tous ceux qu1 semerverllent de son savo1r etendu Cest a reqret que nous voyons partlr et son SOUVGDII nous sera toujours Cher PAUL I-'OISY 255 Carrrnqton Ave WOOHSOCICGY R I Paul has boarded here for Irve years Durmq hrs stay at he Mount Paul has had hrs name an the Honor Roll three Consecutrve trmes Bemq a small boy he drdnt take part rn the mayor sports but h1s yell could be heard for males around as a rooter I-Ie mtends to qo to P C next year to study C1v1l Enarneermq We are all wrsh ma you success Fuzzy Servrable armable et attectueux Paul est tres populaxre Lambrtron et lesprrt de sulte QUI le caracterlsent lu1 permettront de Iarre son chemin honorablement dans la v1e J 2 LJ. 33 ALI, f vg,4f ,,-.fzfrf 1' 'I i fylf' ieof 5 2 -ggi A oo be NSOCK9 E X I3 E 1 9 Y- ' I 9 0 'S 0 'DICK' ft s .2 C- e ' ' ' " 9, Tourer" fl fgi . ' ' P' ffl' 'nc' pf 'I - ' f . ' 4, ' , ' A I we expert he will ever perform entirely to his credit. A. F. A A I I " ' ' 'I . ' ' le . Q . . 1 f I y U ' ' ' , 1,1-. . , , , g, . f ' f- . CH 'Y f, GQ . 4 A I 'P I gXl'E1,S Y I sa 00 eNV1'f'C CH,qQ ,X QJ 'YQ 2 97' O OCK9 WILLIAM FOY 58 Pleasant treet Soughton Mass l'I1s na'n was Wrllram once but srnce ne sorted o take Frerrch wx the nch speakmg boys he answers only to the name f u laurne Hts steady growth rn PWYSI al sature does not com rar W h constant cllrnb to dlstlnctron 1I'1 the world of knowledge rs ove ot sports centered mostly around the tootball season al h no o the exclusron of other games Bill IS one of he numer 1rm1n d SGHIOYS and hopes soon o shake hands wr h a cloud ernber f the Army A1r Corps ALBERT FREGEAU 66 Sweet Street Woonsocket R I Albert has ever met the Sllff requxrements of pleasant cornpamon shlp HIS devotlon to mental advancement has been const nt A man of hls type always travels far on the road to success Vorla le garcon dlscret genereux charltable et charrnant com pagnon Ses etudes on' toutours occupe le premrer plan dans sa pensee le Jeu ne le DOSSIOHHG pas Son grand coeur le Iera regretter de tous ceux gut lcnt approche LAWRENCE FROST 25 Frevert Place H1CkSV1ll9 L I Barney IS one of the oldtlrners of the Mount havmg he unusual d1st1nct1on of havlng been a boarder for seven years Hrs serlous attrtude has made h1'n accornphsh all h1s tasks successfully Lawrence has been a constant memoer ot he Honor Roll In sports he d1SDlClYE'd both mtellrgence and ab1l1ty reachmg ms peak as a stalwart hockey wrng on the 42 champron squad A d he 1 upward IS a toss up between Cathedral College or Notre Dame Q4 ',' s" l-VVRVE GAUTREAU rff Woonso ket R I umm, 'ns f Jr s 1 a the Mount Herve Non the pralse anf Jlty and the student body Hrs gentle O I ssoxre mm DODLllf1l'1'Y rn the future lql r' we donne la preferlnfe a ses e udes et sse an rn ses temps llrres vous le lerre lf rfr s rr 1 Hfrvf sera 'ne ll'1flDI'l de professlon LEO GILBRIDE Turner Hill Ipswlch Mass Wany a dull moment has been made happy by Leos Wll and musrcal ab1l1t1es It you meet hrm rn h1s good mood you are un doubtedly 1n for an 1l"1l9f9Sl11'lq evenmq H15 Jovxal personallty has made Lee very much appreclated as an outstandrnq Varslty Man aaer Many thanks Leo It seems that Uncle Sam w1ll determrne hrs future ambltlon Keep em gay' you ll keep em flymq' ROBERT GRAY 40 Rebeckah Sweet NNoonsoCket R I Possessed wlth a lOV1Gl d1spos1t1on a keen wrt and a ready onse ol humor 1t IS no small wonder that Stud has so many H mamtamed hrqh r nds w1th1n and wlthout the Academy scnolastrc standards durrnq ms three years at the Mount Few Honor Rolls were complete wxthout hrs name Due to hls remarkable en he won se ond prlze rn the State Annual Mission Essay Contest We w1sh h1m every happmess for the future and we are conhdent h 1 he wxll reach the 'op rn hrs chosen held t QR G' 0 CHqQ S lut 'V Q . . e f s 4' OCK9 6 I 'WXIC los! CH,q A Q ts ocvle N NORMANID GUERIN 38 Ballou Street Woonsocket R I Say hello to Frankle Brlmsek lr folks' Thls tall blond lad from Woonsocket was the best schoolooy qoahe rn New England thls x or and besxdes bemg the crackertack ot the hockey squadron Norm has a toe hold on a p1tchers berth for the varslty baseball team He IS no slouch 1n h1s studles bemg a laborious and w1l11ng s udent Ncrm repand la lO19 autour d lu En classe l se fait ro'narquor par un travail asstdu De plus 1l a brllle dans les sports ll possede toutes les qarantzes de succes lEAN PAUL HAZEBROUCK 130 Grove Street Woonsocket R 1 Another of our honor pupxls Stud1ous courageous brllllant are but a few of the descrlptxves appllcable to Shorty as we call htm Ram or shlne youll always fmd a b1g smtle llghtlng up hls face study ctvxl engmeerxnq So keep up the good work lean Paul and we are sure that youll emoy a br1ll1ant career lean Paul grace a une arnb1t1on legmrne volt son nom au tableau dhonneur apres chague examen ll possede toutes les cond1t1ons TGQUISQS pour attemdre aux plus beaux succes EDWAPD 1-IEALEY 204 Manthorne Rd West Roxbury Mass Thls good loolclng stx footer was possessor of a hkable character and proved hls worth as a student 1-le was outstanding 1n mtra :rural ootball basketball and baseball Ed plans to further h1s e ucatton at Lowell lnstrtute of Technology where he hopes to re cezve a Degree rn Engmeermg 1-11s tenaclty of purpose should make 1111 atta1n hts goal wtth ease 36- tl J Q X C E l S s 'l 8 I " ll . K T 1 .rt ,, L 1 -1 P YA .i A VI- Gx1l.l If ,1 U f yy 1 y I P, f' ,. 1 I M ' Q ' V1 F V V . V IH , 4 V His main ambition is to attend Rhode Island School of Design to ' .JV ' ' ' ' I- V s I I , - . f"' 'K ls-.1 tt 2 Q 5:1 . W 'Vs ' ' s, Y JJ P Y 'X ' 1 I942 CHARLES HEFREN 1-s Q Hartford Conn Hef en er el lfcun Saint Charles Academy tn the fall of n1neteen c na rn t Jo srtor years he has endeared hlmself to faculty and S uden s 'Jlrke H IS an ardent student and a d1l1gent Worker H played end on ur hamplonihlp football team and was outstanding 1n ID rarrturrl ornpetltlon Our hestw1shes go to Het May you ed NN rever yfu go ani tn whatever l1fe work you undertake CHARLES D HOGAN l29 Sprlng Street Woonsocket R I Better known as Charlle this gaunt athletlc figure halls from St Charles He IS well known for hls good humor and ready smrle Fond sport enthusrast he partrcrpated m most games excellmg m basketball and football Though mte-rested rn busmess he will frrst serve hrs country thus shortenmg the duration of the war lAMES HOWLETT l North Brlgh on Ave Atlantlc Clty N I Ilm Howlett the debonalr young gent from Atlanttc C1ty was on our great hockey team thts year Centermg the second lme he sparked the squad on many occaslons Although hm d1dnt make the honor roll often hrs 'narks were ever of good quallty Itm has blond hair blue eyes and a sweet set of teeth so we fxgure he q1ves a lot of she males neart throbs Betng a quxet f llow he IS popular w1th all Lots of luck hm rn your future hte 37 5 H4 R Q QW octkfe CH.qQ 0 Q octkff VVXIC EDWARD HUGHES 33 Beacon Street Dedham Mass Ned 1S a Dedham boy and has been at the Mount for three years l-te IS liked by all who know htm and IS always seen wlth a smlle on hrs face He has done exceedmgly well ln hrs stay at the Mount 1n September Ned mtends to enroll at Provtdence College where he wtll take up a reserve offxcers tramtng course We are sure that he wtll make good as has been hls cus om 1n the past Good Luck o you Ned WILLIAM HURLEY 77 Lercester Rd Belmont Mass Masqueradmq under the trtle of The Rock IS one W1ll1e Hurley Comma from the town of Belmont Wtllte is one of the few Post Graduates at the Mount When 1t comes to basketball The Rock IS a verttable ball of ftre and th1s IS also true of h1s class work He has a wonderful sense of humor and IS everybodys frtend E trtnq Boston College rn the fall Wtll 1S sure to do well ln all he undertakes IOSEPH lAMIEL 53 State Street Brrstol R I A studtous and well ltked fellow 1S loe Eastly the outstandtng pool player at the Mount loe has taken all the tournaments conduct ed he IS always yokmg laughlng and gettmg mto arguments wtth Bro Ehsee Captam of one of the mtramural basketball teams h led h1s men to the sermfmals m the champlonshtp play offs Well I we wtsh you the best of success and Godspeed 38 AA 'Ha LE KAIAMRITZ 480 Pr nl: rr' AJ arttord onn 4 s l me lays IH rg mza 1on of fun and 1 1 rpen tfxe dull m as t Ho nel r feta um to ten 0 s 1 du tes N d tramural c shaun Jer u lgjw HENRY KAUFMANN 55 Alvln Street Falrheld Conn Everybody for rrules around elther knows or has heard of Booble the man wlth a m1ll1on frlends a qay smlle and a pe-rsonallty that turns on at w11l I-hs he-rv enthus1asm durmq the football season makes a rare page of school ntstorv And he h1mself dlsplays no mean ab1l1ty on a basketball Court For tomorrow he has hopeful eyes turned toward Loulslana State Colleqe FRANK T KEEFE L94 'oney Street West Roxbury Mass Frank the man wrth a m1ll1on tr1ends sports a wmmnq smile and a heart ot qold By d1nt o dard work he concludes successfully hls studles at the Mount Hrs stlvery vorce blended wlth a touch of lrlsh broaue thr1lled many a s ool ge together He IS the Campus de ba or nonpare1l Law appe ls o hts qarrulous propenslty t t I 7 IWVZJ y ffjifffif 5 X. 2 N lf' 1' Q 1 10 Q: ff OCR? 'xml , X X 39 5 X I! E 1 S sk t ' o T 0 1 -9- 3 ... ri. l' U 'Chuil " ha love of life in q fa te ' 1heoa't' ., " n' Arn staff I . mo e.t o. lite. ' 'e, 'le , , e gh 7 gl sch la 5: Y r ith enf: e s e i "Chunk" intend to r.r1f: ' , at 1 Univfity W Al f lf' f f l late Q. , I , M A ' I E I fp!!! 1 ' , QQ ' f " ' . r r e fm o 1' - 0 ' f - I ' , NAIC CH,q K 6 2 o OCK9 WILLIAM A KEEGAN North Mom Street SlCXl9fSV1ll9 R I Blll a handsome lad from Slatersvllle wmds up 11 noble fa hton a successful course at the Mount He dxstmqulshed hlmselt rn the mtrarnural baseball leaque After qraduatlon he lntends to enter the mechamcal lndustry We shall all mlss a fme pal and we Wlsh hrm success mn the held of hls cholce QF FERNAND LAMONTAGNE 1160 Lonsdale Ave Saylesvxlle R I Fern 15 the boy who came here three years aqo to attam hlqh honors IH hJs class work He played two years on the varslty too ball team and d1d much to contrlbute to lts championship He intends qomq to Provldence College where he wlll take a Pre medlcal course We wish you all the luck m the world Fern and hope that all your ambltlons w1ll be reallzed Fernand pourraxt s asseolr a lalse avec les sept sages de la Grece Ses conireres admlrent son bon sense pratlque son esprlt de suite Provldence Colleqe recevra une excellente recrue Ce Jeune homme poss de la cle d or de tous les succes CONSTANT LAVALLEE l5 Old Ftlver Road Manvrlle R l For the past three years th1s smllmq youth has been takmq the Manvllle Spec1al to the Mount A lxkable well dressed fellow IS Conme He was voted one of the most popular day students He IS very l1ke1y to succeed and ao places So long for a whrle Connl Un vrar Roger Bontemps l ll a quand mcme YQSUSI a passer des heures prec1euses dans son travall scolalre Av c ses qualltes 1l se tarllera une bonne tranche de succes 40 I942 GEORGES LEPOUTRE Off Robert Stree Vxloonsocket R l George hrs been Wllh us :1 yeuxrs He nas made quite J name for hlmself espe rally am n, 'ne hockey fans where he Nas o re erred to as we sw1ttest monkey player ln 'ne league He .vas naptaln of he 'earr Georges xntends to turt er hrs educatlon a Prowdertfe College thrs Iune Lamme slncere de Georges ru1 1 qaqne une foule damls ees pre teuses qualltes feront de tul Jn olllborreur lntelllqent pour l Verdun Mfg Bon such s Georges ERNEST E LESSARD 45 Dean Street Woonsocket R I Erme 1S a serrous mmded lad and a relentless worker Besxdes attendmq momma classes he put m a full days work IH a machme shop Moreover he found tlme for his hobby as an amateur photo qrapher Le temps cest letoffe dont la V19 est tlssee Aussx Ernest lemploletll mmutleusement comme etudlant mecanlclen et ama teur pholoqraphe Il servxra son pays en quahte davxateur ROBERT L HEUREUX l2l Wood Ave Woonsocket R I Bob a modest lad but so amlable and helpful that lt has been a real pleasure to have hlm as a frlend and lassmate Small of tature he has been unable to partake ln malor sports yet at every qame h1s presence 1n the cheermq squad proved hrs loyalty to hrs Alma Mater Whenever the Honor Roll at the Mount was publlsh ed one could be certam that Bobs name appeared on the 11st Robert se prepare a conquerlr ses alles dor dans 1av1at1on I. serleux qu xl a toulours montre en fera un as Toulours lheureux Robert' 41 CH4q ,r 's OCK3 QU 'Jax' Q6 Q an 2 3? I Q VVKIC FRANK LIND Mendon Road Manvrlle R I Frank came to us four years aao as a hlushmg freshman from Cumberland I-I1l1 In the classroom Frank was no slouch commg hrough chemlstry solzd geometry and tr gonometry Wlh flymg colors It IS not defmlte as to what 1nst1tu1o'1 Frank will further hls studtes but ln all probab1l1ty rt wtll be a Duke Unlver tty Well all be readmg about hts Icotloall laurels as a Bluedevll aood health and good luck Frank THOMAS M LING 7 Ma1n Street Malden Mass A ter graduatmg from Sacred Heart School IH Malden Tom began a successful busmess course at the Mount A lover of sports he orgamzed and managed the F1ght1r1g Irish wxthout sutfermg a setback Ever srmlmg and helpful he has endeared hlrnself to all Tom lntends to enter the service of the General Electrzc Company FERNAND MANDEVILLE ll7 Central Street Manv1lle R I I-Iere 15 a boy who halls from Manv1lle Fern a tall dark and tt ndsome lad wa a member of the M S C champtonshlp hockey Club tht year He performs Wllh the school band Not only dxd he excel YI sports but also ln studles attamtng honors many a tlme Aeronauttcal Enameermg 1S the vocatlon closest to Ferns heart Au eVo1r Fern and we feel that you wrll be a success ln any fteld that you enter I-'ernand Lest Ieleve tdeeal du MtSt Charles La somme de ses guatrte pourralt doter IFOIS mrssants ordtnalres I.aven1r le plus dere lu1 appartlent 42 W f fwfr I I942 DAVID MARTIN 52 Rrchards Street Dedham Mass Dave has been passlnq through the orrldors of M S C for thre years He has not .xlfvxys obtalned honor marks but has mana,ed to succeed rn hrs work Although he never partr lpated ln any varsrty sports he played on the lntramural I ams Upon graduation Dave hopes to qarn an app mtment to the U S Marltlme Cornm1ss1o'1 School 1n New York So h lfest of luck Dlve we all hope for your suc ess J ,LLM lffw! QU lOl-lN MCCARTHY 56 East Brook Place Methuen Mass Ace as he IS popularly known has been at the Mount for three years He has proved hlmself to be one of the best all around fellows IH the school He played a stellar roll durmq the football campalqn and he IS even better known for hrs abrllty as a baseball player Hrs keen humor has made hrm many frrends So lonq Ace and lots of uck lOHN MCDERMOTT 10528143 Street lcrmulcu N Y Four years ago a small chubby lad entered the portals of our Academy John was a member of the class of 41 but lllness forced hxm to leave rn October 1940 Mac 1S the fellow who rs always smllrnq He 15 always 1n a qoocl argument and h1s mam opponent IS Ed Iackvony Fordham wrll TSCSIVE a boy rn September who has ootalned a fine scholastlc standmq We the class of 42 w1sh h1m the best of luck 1n a brrqht future 1 cH419 A 9 2 o wr OCK9 gl l 43 E X lf E 1 9 we ' 'o K 0 c . JA. A If! xQ,b.!,!'fw,l VV! pw I till f' fe ff' ' U d J 'V, floy-bl CK Q f 1 'f ff 'fn 1 ' . , , i V I. -Q ,' I of v ' gr r uf a w or . 9 Q A Q 4' e w ,,f octke NAIC RUSSELL MCGUINNESS 8 Taylor Street Bellows Falls Vermont Russ ts an outstandmg personaltty mn the Semor Co'nmerc1a1 Class Hts ltve year stay at the Mount wtll long be remembered as the most tmportant perlod of hrs ute ln xntramural league actrvtttes McGee was proved a very good sportsman Hts intentions after graduatlon are to enter the wool lndustry Good luck Russell QMQA-WM DONALD MCPHERSON l23 Rebekah Street Woonsocket R I Mac ts probably the best known student among the day puptls He came to the Mount three years ago from Salnt Charles and has matntamed a good average IH h1S classes A great lover of bastcet ball Mac played on both the varsity and lntramural teams H plans to enter college but he has not yet disclosed h1s chotce 1nst1tu tton We hate to say goodbye to such a swell fellow as Mac bu here s wtshmg htm the best 1n whatever he undertakes GEORGE MELANCON 151 Dana Street Woonsocket R l Though qulet unassumtng and gental George 15 outspoken wh 1 xt comes to showmg school spmt He wtll long be remembered by all w1th Whom he assoclated Dans cette phystonomle plutot calme et serteuse on peut l1re nettement la maxtme Le bien se fart sans brult Ses succes e'1 desstt mecantque factllteront un brtllant cours darchttecture l R School of Des1gn 44 R'-A ' FREDDY I MILLIARD Provrden e Pxke Slatersvxlle R I Th1s mventwe gemus HGIIS from Slaterswlle Methochcal and pams takmq Er ddy never sldesteps a dlffx uliy be 11 IH class studxes or merhamfs HIS norouqnness mdeed presaqes qreater ach1eve'nents to come Ces yeux percan s et s ru at urs revelent nue 1nteIl1qence tou1our en evell e v1de de comprende a fond tout ce qu1 fonctlonde mecamquement AI'abl e symoltluque Fred Joult de lest1're qenerale OMER MILLIARD Prov1dence P1ke S1atersv1lle R I The hardest worklnq boy ln the semor class IS Omer I-Ie IS a qenerous soul who IS always Wllllllq to help anyone He has qamed the respect of both students and teachers by perseverance and con stant apphcatxon to hxs stud1es I-hs IQVOFIIQ sport 15 football Omer s adonne avec ame a lart du puq1l1sme et 11 faut avouer que sur ce terra1n comme sur celu1 de letude 11 s est acqu1s une reputatxon envlable Il pro1ette d entrer en quelqu ecole techn1que cet automme Nous suxvrons tes pas lnteret ROBERT MITCHELL 43 HOWIII Road West Roxbury Mass Bob IS a Boston fellow who has been here for four years He as noted for h1s qood nature and IS called Mltch by all who know h1m He has done well 1n h1s stud1es applymq hlmself at all t1mes Intramural co'npet1'1on has proved hls Iavorxte Bob mtends to qo to Prov1dence College thxs Iune where he Wzll extend h1s knowledge and become a hugh rankmq offrcer m the Army We are all for you Bob and the best of everythmq for all your tomorrows 45 11' CHq A 9 o 'f OCK9 I Z-Q' Vvlff CH.qQ A Q 39 O Q N Q OCKe BERNARD G MGNDOR 46 Vose Street Woonsocket R I Barney a modest loyal and mdustrious lad who kept has name on the Honor Roll four Consecut1ve years He mtends tp further h1s educatlon at yant Cafleqe Where he Wlll malor fn ACCOUHllDq 'fel un volcan en eruptton Bernard deborde dactwrte Son esprlt debroulllard et son Ju ement sol1de le tlrent de toute lmpasse Son nom est ar ve au ta eau d honneur amsz que dans le coeur de tous ceux qux lont cormu. RENE MORIN 35 Cottage Street Manvllle R l Durmq hxs three year attendance at M S C Rene made xt a pollcy to be a frxend to everyone and an enemy to none Also known as Muscles he w1ll be remembered for the two years he played on the vars1ty football team Rene plans to enter Holy Cross and we hope to see htm excel tn both studles and sports Rene est le quatrreme de cett famxlle a obtemr son dlplome au Mont Samt Charles Doue dune mtellxqence vlve 1l obtxent des suc es a plG1S1f Nous lul souhattons un avemr rempll de succes lAMES MURPHY Mfddletown Road East Hampton Conn llm has been at the Mount for four years and he has qamed promm ence on the athletxc fleld by playlnq two years of varslty baseball and three of varslty football He captamed last years football team to a State Champxonshlp .Athletfcs IS not the only thmq ln whlch hmmy has excelled for he was elected SGUIOI' Class Presldent and per ormed credltably as a publlc sp aker He 1S a fme good lookmq chap who has a lot of personahty and pofse The Marme Corps answers hrs arnbt ron to serve hxs country and we feel sure he wall qaln recoqrutlon 46 L ,. l942 TI fC HY OCONNOR J Cranston R I n le rsrn, ers n llly nave made Trm popular no n rn, us lals S Jlrfuls naorts have permitted mm to n rs 1 1 ly r ox, Fl H15 four year s ay at the sfhool 1 s 'r I1 of f llfl x elled rn Frenffr Elocutlon If 'us r 1 rusmfss 1 tl nd lu lc rrn FELIY OLEAGA Q5 57 Cherry o New York C1ty N Y Sedate refmed studlous and frr ndly are but cr few of the eplthets descrromq tlus suave S mor from sunny Spam Fehx never farled to reqrster on the Honor Roll He alms to become an mter preter Este Joven Vasco despues de cuatro anos de eclucacxon amerlcana en este colealo sale on honores y su dlploma en l mane Su CIIIIDICIOH es el ser un oircmzsta Fellx que la suerte te acompane ROBERT OUELLETTE 30 oaunders Street East Hartford Conn Clptam Boo rs one of H mos popular Mount boys He played tnree stellar y ars of varslty football and basketball Never daunted and very ag gressrve Boo lust loves to be rn the thlck of a frqht He wtll enter Ccnnectlcut state aumma to becofne a sports cornmenta We wrs vou luck Boo M LVM M 4,1 uw 51,111.41 CW' 1 Q 753,70 7, VJ,fJA'M,r,,-ff A5 0 H t I V fl .Jw-, V 'ff WM J A-7yrj,iAAnA v Y H 47 E X ' E 1 S I. T' ' 255 fzrwzzd Pile. , . . Palme ess 'md 'r if ' " p L ar' 1 ' t ' t' on and 'ff 'ie 'fr . G . I it f Q' . I - '. ' ' 'l'jlHf:'JG :C C yLrf:C"f:f l in C' 'hott . ' ' - 1 . . Tim Q 2 the rare ..e 'I Q: e C, ' -I ' . l ' plans rnfrerialize, he will en'er Providence College in lune to prepare io ' U ' 1 izreer. "Ad e' " '1 C , T' . T ht ' - .. , . . , , J V , ' , 'fe , ' ' , C ' a ,. , , ' f- ' H l H r 1. 9 T . r ' e- ' , l I . I 1 N ' I H A . ' tor. ' n A , " ' y , , Ag , y n , ,V f f f , I t fn .av , I - V V . . , ' , f 4 P l r + 1 N- ' -1 v ,f , J J ll I lf f fl, if r 1' ' s .5 l 4 V,1!l,... it 'V u. . W vd,,f!1V'pEjr f s ga iq, 7 VVKIC 1 CHAQ A 9 2 E73 O octke l.OUlS PANUZIO 7ll Barnum Ave Bf1dCJ9l0OYT CONT! Lou IS one of the best natured and most consclentxo s studo tts at the Mount He has qamed recoqmtlon and este fn from both the teachers and students because of h1s hard work Hrs lGVOI'1lG sport IS football Lou was the aptaln of th champ1onsh1p Army mtramural basketball team and uved up to h1s reputatlan as a qood athlete He plans to enter enqlneerznq school 1n the fall We feel confxdent that rn future years we wlll hear more about Lous work 1n h1s chosen field More power to you Lou Ayr MAURlCE PEPIN 283 Manvxlle Road Woonsocket R l Better known as Pete Maurlce 1S a gentleman W1 h a proverblal stralqhtforwardness He llkes studymq and excels 1n all hls sublects Meet a future accountant and a talented publlc speaker DQDUIS son entree au Mont le nom de Maurlce parut requherement au tableau dhonneur C t mteressant causeur compte de nombreux amls Laven1r lu1 sourlt THOMAS E PERKINS 85 Farragut Ave Provldence R l Tom the Vtce pres1dent of the Senlor Class IS one of the most popular boys 1n the school HIS brlllxant quarter baclcmq on the foot ball squad and his skilled maneuverlnq on the hockey r1nk attest hls athlet1c ab1l1ty He plans to enter the electro platmq busmess with h1S ather He IS the last of a fam1ly of athletes and scholars at Mt St Charles and he has malntamed all the h1qh rdeals of hls pre aecessors From all of us 'Tom the best of luck ln your career to come 48 1942 lEAN NOEL PICHE 57 Lormq Street Woonsocket R A restdent of Woonsocket lean declzled to become a boarder order to devote all the t1'ne posslble to nts studles HIS pohteness SXQUISITS l-le plans to enter Prov1denCe College soon 1n order to prepare hurself for a career ID medlclne lean un des v1eux d.1 Mont Satnt Charles a fa1t bonne laure par tous les temps Ennemt du de ouraqmen 11 est parveau a se IS tmquer et a letude ct au teu Nos J eux taccompaqnent vers un demam fruftueux MAURICE PLASSE l47 Parad1s Ave Woonsocket R I Doc as be IS known to h1s classmates IS a real model student A l1ttle shy Doc prefers dramat1cs to sports and 1S one of the best actors at the Mount H15 amb1t1on IS to enter Provtdence College where he plans to study med1c1ne Maunce cest le type de leleve modele Pteux polt pret pour le travall comme pour le pla1s1r 11 na Jamats cratnt les examens A futur docteur Plasse nos voeux de succes EMILE ROBERT 2x19 Park Ave Woonsocket R I Whxtey Robert IS a natxve of thls Clly Durmq four years at the Mount he has been a wonderful scholar I-le dld not part1c1pate 1n any vars1ty sports but l1k9 all fellows l1kes basketball and baseball Whttey has been called to enter the qates of God We know that he wtll convert many The members of the class wlsh htm the best of luck 1n h1s samtly VOCGTIOH Parmt les nombreuses qual1tes d Emxle tntelhqence courage ptete brtllent dun Vlf eclat Son enthouszasme pour les sports occupe le second plan apres les etudes 49 1CH4 A 6 o ft' 095 lf f CH,q A Q Q e ,. octke NAIC PAUL ROBERT 227 Cottage Street Woonsocket R l Very studxous and playful Paul has the ftne quahtxes that w1ll make hlm capable of accompltshmq anythmq he undertakes H plans to work m a busxness offxce There we belteve he has a fme future ahead loyeux et tres actlf Paul est mmable envers tous Il dnt voulozr travatller dans un bureau daffaxres et nous croyons qu ll a un bel aventr Bonne chance cher am1 et pulssent tes prolets se realtser tous LUCIEN ROBITAILLE loO Blackstone Street Woonsocket R I One of the most drstmqutshed students at the Mount Law we call hlm xs a studxous and hard worklnq boy Although he dxd not partlctpate tn any varslty sport he was a real supporter of the teams Mornmq and mqht he IS always the same grand cheery fellow l-hs hearts dGS1!'9 IS to become a Flylnq Cadet and what a pxlot he ll make Keep worklnq and you wmll surely succeed l-leureux rnortel Lucien 1ou1t dune personnahte parfa1te rehaussee dune excellente educatron de famtlle Vous le rencontrerez a 1Ecole des Arts et Metlers ou comme toulours 11 br1llera au rang des premzers FRANCIS SAUMUR 209 Rathbun Street Woonsoclcet R I Frankxe a quxet l1kable chap has been attendmg the Mount for three years Hts neat appearance and wmmnq personalxty have won htm a host of fr1ends A very hard and relzable worker he excels xn hrs class work He IS very much mterested tn sports al though he does not partlcxpate m varslty competttton Francrs asplrant au sacerdoce a su dlrxqer ses efforts en classe vers cet tdeal Une personaltte splendtde preconlse un fecond apostolat Nos mexlleurs voeus Francis' 50 iillflg at 'o I942 ERNEST SEGALLA 214 Estes Stre t Woonsocket R I Ernle graduated from Sharon lunlor Hlgh He IS one of the mos cheerful boys attendlng the Mount Hrs fellow students wrll remember hlm as an unassuming but loyal frrend Ernest est surtout fonnu par les grands services qu 11 a rendus a ses condxsclples ll ex elle a renare un clessm vxvant Par son arnbxtton et son esprlt de ulte Ernest fera certamement bonne figure dans le mond lAMES SINATRO 48 Newport Ave West Hartford Conn lrmmy halls from West Hartford Conn He has crowned h1S three year stay at the Mount by bemg recognlzed on the All State select1ons IH football On the basketball court h1s speed has meant polnt after polnt for the Coach Buckley f1V9 He has made a host f frrends wrth hrs congemal mannerlsms and wrtty ways In studres l1ms name graced the Honor Roll more often than not For hrs future studxes Irm wrll seek out Manhattan College To the laspers we say Heres a rlght half you ll never forget and to l1'I'1 we say We ll be lookmg for your nomo IH the sports pages BERTRAND SMITH 62 Plymouth Ave New Bedford Mass Tall dark handsome are only a few of the masculme qualxtxes th1s boy possesses Harlmg from a whale of a town Stretch came to the Mount to put a flnal and serious touch to hrs preparatlon for mural sports Next year he wrll enter North Carollna State and we are sure hls efforts wlll be crowned wlth success x.f L I ff CH,qQ A Q O 5 Q 4' octafl K 0 ' ' U ' . o higher studies. Not a varsity man, "Stretch" excelled in all intra- . 1 1 .. V A f 6 Lf' 1 fl .AV ' 'xx' A C, L V A ' A 1. s 5 . - 4 to 'P EIB 't ' a , 5. gg K, N , f at .Q . V 1 S 4 ,fy P. , '. 1- I Y ' ' ILM., lx 51 . I A . I . CH,q ,X Q t c , rf + N rf' NAIC WILLIAM SMITH Sl Collamore St Mrlton Mass Adrudged by any thevfclass Tyrone Power Brll rn the short space of a ye has rte a name for hrmself A hrgh scorrng varsrty b k all player rs performance on the court wrll long be remembere tat Mo t Sur t Charles Hrs devctron to hrs work has brought xgellfvar fgn Bill rs an honor roll man He has an ardent devotton to the accom lrshments of Lenox l-hgh hrs old Alma Mater where hrs wo rn tlt .tlelpl of sports and studres was excellent EDWARD ST IEAN 339 E School Street Woonsocket H l Edclre rs another of the St Charles group ot 39 l-le rs a very quret boy and has always been larrly hrqh rn hrs studres Eddre never partrcrpated rn any school sports I-le attended all Mount games however and cheered loudly l-lrs staunch support has been a factor rn the promotron of school sprrrt Hrs career rs not decrded as yet but wrth our best wishes behrnd hrs talents he should be a great success GERARD SUTHERLAND 362 Ballou Street Woonsocket Pt l A glrmpse at Gerards scholastrc achrevements reveals htm as a consrstent Honor Roll puprl dur1ng hrs somewhat brlef but colorful stay here at the Mount At hrst glance he mrght seem a brt retrcent but appearances do clecerve for he rs remarkable for hrs wrt and pertrrrent remarks A staunch supporter ot all our teams he hrmself perrormed wtth success rn the Intramural basketball league Gerard a survt les traces de ses freres tous de brrllants eleves au ltfont ll asprre aux nobles foncttons de la pretrrse et espere entrer au Serrrrnarre de Warwrck Neck sous peu Nous survrorrs avec rn erct son ascension vers les sarnts autels 52 an ,- ROLAND THIBAULT 3 Pr1J1le , 5 re Noonsocket enul p IS "G"1llQl"l n Roland has :Ion a hlqh fndm, IW s s J mm, t e Honor Rol seferal '1fnes HIS CJOII9 ho ,I IS pon n s mp ollectlnq He d1splays a rare en ' Me nam Il Dr 'IIS 'avorue sublect n sr IVII 5 '1 s11 If e afquenr de lexperlen D en s yr .tr ny 1 ,rr f ppren1 mqemeur c1v1l GABRIEL TURCOTTE 469 Wood Ave Woonsocket R I About 8 29 every mornmq a small green bus1ness coupe IS seen rushmq up tne Bernon I-Iexqhts At 1ts wheel IS our own Gabe He IS on hand to put 1n a days school work after a Iull days work ourtslde More Cfedll to h1ml Pharmacy holds an czttraCt1or1 Ior h1m and havmq w1tnessed h1S ser1ous and 1r1dustr1ous manner we are sure that h1s amb1t1on W1ll be reallzed Cwabrlel para1t le type ultra ser1eux Ne vous y IIGZ pas Avec IFOIS mots 1l vous Ion r1re oux larmes Une belle ombmon qorantn un avemr ple1n de suoces CHART ES WILLETT 625 Gasklll Street Woonsocket R I Chubby IS the pr1de t the Mount HIS mckname IS due to the way he runs rather than ms general appearance Bes1des bemq an outstar1d1r1q basketoall player he was also a steady performer at mtromural sports Chubby IS prepormq to become a droftsman We know thl ln t es tures of war he w1ll fulhll hlS dut1es a hun dred per zen We w1sh you the best of luck Chubby 1n cmythmq you may undertake 53 9 k gs O 'fn el' X 1. CHAQ A- ut a s owns 4 ocxke 4 gXl'Elg Y 'lo 1' If YVK'f'C BERNARD WOZNIAK l38 No. Main Street Southampton, L. l, An expansive smile and a jovial personality have been great assets to "Wozzie". There is evidence of that in his ability to get around l-Ie has dlsplayed plenty of talent both in mterclass sports competition and in the field of music We have no mklmg of his undisclosed aspiratlons but we have ample proof that he can succeed in any undertaking o' hls choice BENIAMIN MUSSER O7 S Aanstield Ave Margate Atlantic City N I s oine the Order of the Franciscan Friars Our sincerest ngra laticns to you Ben for your noble asp1rat1ons and choice Q voc ion VVe are sorry that you will not be here to graduate in s but cur prayers and thoughts will be with you on that day 54 5 J A .. 1 . 5 A F I i , 4 v I . l Q ' ., " ' , . . Ben, the iirs' member of the Senior Class of '42 to enter the religious life, ha 3 ' Qi , ' ' . ' . gf, Z: . , i , ' ' ' ',-ftl. u , L ' ' ' . lf' IHIIIIVI III GSH" X ri 'le 41111051 Q n 1.m,n U 1 nw Lord Tennyson Liyss S ET, , W- , ,, .. , G YM-4..,...- " . . . j 7' ' 'I ' rl, ' ., T iylcnv kmowloflfgf- 111-ce 1 smkmq sffrr, 59,12 V ' , L, ll Zi cf 21' " ffl' uql if A"'f1d, ' , " 7' EXIEIQ 2 'l, sa 'o -s CL ASS OFFICLRS Fwnt For Wet 10 r1'gnt Bern ra Mondcr Se-fretcry Scnlor Cc e re ry Sclrfrfre COTFWGICIGI P ,1 Cm '1f resrdfln rfsrnent Gr y1v1 ICCJ Nqr d Grf' e Du C1 cr rcs DF Q f 1 Mnncr r efrc rw res rnan oe n r s1dQnt Prfls rran 1 V f-G X If 'YICI 1 ICI? s 'VIS PTGSI un1 Ge-r X1 Q Ffpql fn f ss SD Wi '1 merfm Norrncnd Pe1oqu1n 8'h Gr cl Heber' Lelfours Qne H r Vre Pres1den' 1 s 'fr n r L1 1 ages nay W VICC Pre-s1den f VVQS1 Gn1 S om Q re Q n1 4 4 ' I ,. f .f f' 'J ' . 1, . , V .1 ,V17 M ' S S Qu , '2'f..-. ...V ' .5 :fl E q. sn, P 1, . fx Q, , . ,- , P J 'Q , 7511 cd-ey S ' c Pr' f, S-esrv y, 812: Gm ey Eng- Q1 1, . ' ., 851 ,ci . Ssfnd P:'.'.'-- Rolcn' Czy - ,P - id, .t, S phcrisrey Pix. p Pip f., Pe 1J- 11, In 13r: P013 ,Cl 'rv , S,stzj,P h..yN1Cf1rc,Ps's,.,h. ,'Nh't, fclzzfh, '- .' 1, Sophsrnorey .l5.:'1ih:ny Gonzcfz, Vice President, Freshman. Tklfd 3:1-.' Nurse! Vzgsncis, Qeiretury, Inn ,ry Dcnuki Befzudsin, Vige PW 'is ', snisr C - ..,T"1.- 'fr .': Ivfc..', YVHT? 56:11 I 'sr C.'1ss: '!.":.i6r Efzizn, S C "xy, N3 Cr Sinrenixfxi: ' :rx :.lfEl6YllT1Ci, Vis. P s- is. I, Ssnxir flu- lffz.. ,, E X ll E 1 S Y- I B 0 ' I942 H" HONOR ROLL SENIOFS AND IUNIORS FITSY Row lem to rlqm P Fmsy P E Cheque! R DQ'Y1OH'1jUY G Bells, I P HIYFLDYGU k C Pe-pm L Goudrmm L Belu hmmm P R19bC1' d W 1 Pepm LHQUYQLIY R Gmy W Bu O1 B Mondor E Alxrd I Nadequ Tmrd RJN 0 Vmcr R hronley H Densmo e 5. D sculrmlrs L rmel E Ro er! M Lcvcur M V d n IS Four'h R w VV Smuh R H nnfnssy P IX Oleuqc. E 304 her ITIS F ue onmd F ISI F n Dc E Heloley JV H cket I rerren 1... 4 J b 9-6 aa 4- I' Exfflq at I0 S ll MA-f-C SENIOR CLADS CLASQCAL AIND QCTNWF CUDQVX F1rs1 Row left 'o r1qh Dorwld Nope rson I nes EIU 'rc s W1 Pene Warn Orrer M1111Gfd Robert LHeureux Joseph Co1no1y VN er E o r1 .1 1S er Gr y Tn P441 Hozebrouck Ioseph Ic1m1el Pohl pO1SY second Row Ferncmd Lrnnonmqne 1r11o1 V OC 1111 1,r1 f 5 f r sw re Genre Su herlond Normond Uuer1r1 T C, erxms r es 1 ohores' leon Demers wrurd Row' Iomes 1-Iowle' Fr rm 1114 -2 Fourth Row Femy Dre Jes frmr Qs Icon INACDQITUO' Fran IS P1'lI'1 1 J Q 1' Nozm k fl Few Ea f ROLXITGIND '-err rd Qrr1 D ' A111 1G"'1 Fox Q8 A , , T A . W, f. A 1 nf A...A la .gf x., I .u,4-rv 1 ' . . ' N- 'Nz ' .. ' - 1 , . . - . 1V we , c.1 . ar. , ozone 1'11e,,, W 1 1 , 11 ' ' , ' , 1 W1 , 'alt CIC 11,1321 D' bc' , RoE:,t 3 , , .- "' " ' - C , ' V, T' , 21, '31 .:r, Mi' ip PE: se, H1 old ian .io ,, ' ' .1 1 , . A Q ' , 1111115 P- " , Gee Q., Legzoyrff, Ernie F,::,,er', Am'1r1d f- fl' 1 - ' .:, L1 W -A, Reber' f.fitiE1e,1, 135-3221 Ezrry, 'ffillixrx Dcrierjw, Charles Hefren, Normans! Chcrest, Andre Desfxulmers, Ed:-:ard Sf. fezrx, Louis Pznuzxc, ,lxgstiti Ernie. -- 1 '.' , Frchcrii Fl: Q Dzvid L'f:rt1r1, Cixrl- Kxrxrziutz, Frzrzris Szuriur, l. , .f, 1 :' L , R'.'1Q1"1m Hurley, filin f.'fiC3r'h3', le: qyer, 33312 Burke, Eernurd Fifi' .1 Lwcrd Hughes, fzziswn' L,1',',1..ef Femzrpfi f.f,m'1e':1.Qe 355.931, Lune: . M' "L, Q '3. .M 1:1-Noel P1 Harp' K'l'JfI'Y.JI'1Y1, Pixy. Qzcn, Efl'.'."1,d Hexley, , ,. Qsiyf Senlor Clavs Classlcal and 501111111110 Courses E X C E 1 g ' I xx E "'As "Q, 0 1 ,Jf R M 0 x ' i ,,Y,,, - 1 'I I I - u i ' u 11: '," ' ,Y 'l7': I 1-1 .J 5 1, , ff ., 1. 'Av' V fl ,V 7' ' 1, 'AT i I " 1 1 .1 E I .1 I1-,,f1.I 'f.lf 1'l A 11, 1' ,ri ' . Q ni Q. 2 ill gtf '.1ft'L'y1,f: 'gpzliiy .i 31 ilk. 5172 "1 gif, 5-ff '11, w:'1 f.',1 3 gg, 1,-1' ,L '1 ' 111 " WIT f 13f1ff,1.1, : ' 2. 1 : 14 '51 ff Ji' ii, ,Silk if ':g.y flff, :':.Qf,-"1-sf' 1: 'z 33: f .. ,dpi fit E11 V1 , 121 "'- ' wfi T' 1 1: Qi 1 : 1 ','.' 1' '1.'g 3 fl ly 1 :""f-1,f,'f '1'.I 1' 2 .5 1 ' 1 :1:,' 1 .'JL.L,',' 1" i,fi11'q'.. :: :,I':. 1:-' 5, tt. 15, 1" : 14 2 Vf 5 . . 3 1 5, I - 1 E X I' F 1 Q Y, ' I X 0 SENIOR CLASS 'OMMERCIAL COUPSE First Row 0 r i 'reddy Viiii rd Bernard Moncior Cecrqes Mei nccri Raymond Behsie Maurice P62711 Edouard Vcxrpen ier dourrd Arsencuit Pcrui R in r Albert Preqecu oeccnd Rox Ciiiden Devine Em s S 11 Ro :md Thlodui' F ymorl y,ons1:mt1nef',1 Herve Gau reuu Leo Giibride Tnomds Lin, Normdrid Berube if e im L. r ie r Biss fm e Cnrod F015 e u m rrur f ou rd A 1 Lridre-fs Wus E '1 Lessdr J Lodi OO X, . ' Bef! f iqif .' J' 'Il ', ' , - , " , , 4 1 ' -, fd . ':' , n G . ' N " ' e, et equi e, I " ., .f:' .Q "' ' ds, ' Third Rev: Frcml K efe, Vfiiic, Keegzn, L 'Cie 1 Bb Gulf, Rage ' C. ette, c ' y, Eugeie Ezdcher, Felix Oieczqu, Rcieri Cuelletie, Iohri Bend. Feurth F51-.' -'Hebert B G Che in, Luiien Eexzche J, Id 3 ' Qlzrd, Lene, i. if , ., 3e.l i.iS3',1lEf1CSS, ri est 4 ' d, 251:15 Eexuiein, Tri- ' 's Ccfe, Ckzrles Hcgzn. iii? Senlor Class Commerclal Course A r Jr reluuon th f t l u w f tn unforgettable ye lr rr mm at l e 'nuy Just ur s nolast1 and athl 1 '1 1 1 ta 'tt ass wus w up The honors of outsta'1o1'1g su ss 11 stud1es go to Bernard Mordor lVlaur1 Pepm Felu' Oleaqa and C rrad F 1sy Th1s has been a red letter 1 ar for athletes lack Bond and Bob Ouellette d1st1nqu1shed th mselves on th qr1d1ron To the schools bas ball t a'n we have a1ven l.1onel Andrews Edward Carpent1er and Cl1fd n D v1n lean LOUIS Cote and Lu 1en B1beault are the class humor1sts Thouah Freddy M1ll1ard has a car he IS usually late 1f you saw the car you d know the reason whyl Cl1ff De J1ne was often obs rved w1th a dreamy look on h1s face could he poss1bly be tn1nk1na of lack1e w1th the l1qht blue Ford? What would people say lf Paul Roberts were to add a few mches to h1s flV9 feet two? Someone should re'n1'1d McGee that razor blades are not yet so scarce' When You hear a door slarn a few m1nutes after class has begun you an bet your bottom dollar that Rooert Beau hem1n IS late aqaml Th1s year the Comm rc1al lass as 1n the past has agam q1ven proof of llS capab1l1t1es Much of th cr d1t IS du to our devoted tea hers the Bro hers Elor1an and Alvarez They have pat1ently explamed and re exolarn d l ssons we could not r ad1ly arasp The class appreC1ates the1r kmdness and says Thanks a m1ll1on Brothersl May w v r show ourselves w rthy f the Chr1s'1aneduCat1onrece1v da t'1 1 reverd ar M S C EUGENE R BOUCHER 42 RAYMOND! CONSTANTINEAU 42 ul 5 X C E 1 9 6 Y ' I 0 1 'I tte ' ff C t' , e znjesi memory of our say at the Jlo ni 'ull be that 3 T e ' .J ,C spent 1. Co. 1 eror' lV, Ns . ' e ly be proud of 3 'C' To et: aol letements, ThTs 'le. ed alfa " ell s' '- plied with Honor Boll men, atnleies, ready w1ts, and minor Celebrines. . 'Tr 'Coen T. e' T . , f 'oe X T , . or oT . . Q XS V U ,, ,, ,, H T T ' e e T ' . ' ' e e 1 T T , T ' e e T e. ' ,, . ,, Y , V 9 . 'T - A I , C ' V C T ' ' . T , e T C , T , f ' T T T T ' . e e T T e C , t T . T, ' - t e e e ' . T ' T : " T ' , . e e e o o. . C T 'e tlefo e ',. E. X I P 1 . Q 5 1 yX ,M ll VNU-f'C I Q Q 4, WL. IUNIOR CLA S CLPSS VAL AND V' EN lPlC COJRSES FHS' Row left o r1cr1 Euqpnn Taylor Ncr'r,md MICH u ls1dcre Ncueau PC1111 Erme Choquel Fclqur Desrcsvlrs Normnrxf' Turerme VT11lG Pepm 'J umond Qc 1dOU.X, Loms Be-Juche-m1n L5111r1Q-r Gogdrefu Pl11l1D R1elADr ox 'Mu' f ,1 emf HF .2 ,us A wur B1 Q1 FH E 'v Km y fqnf rcf cle-r' Dames Norm v 116111 ofw G rin sn lAffCO1..Y rle-s L rcgx Flon I1 O19 le' e F 1'1 Hennessy M.1'1"1OI'1Y D1 HC'1f2oe 5:12 'cw 1 '1 G Lgcncxrd MSSDGU Gs L1 rdner .1 1-SU I5 L4 161' 6' SDH-QSSJ JGAY QT Q9 ,J UTY' ,T V L .: Il' Q 02 S . ln, Cul T V. '. .1 -,1 MH, Lcd ' ' ' .'l 4 1 fu -1' f A , uw - , ' .. ,, A, ,LL1 , L Sefgni R lex: Lew r,, P71 GU. -'13, Eckert Chr: law, Vhllixrn Vuw ' , 'ri ll ' I 1 N, doll P:11111ps, ci. um 136 ' 'n ', N31111' , L2 ge, R : , '. 5 , ima "3 L . Yhlrd Row l Q. FJ , , Alphcx V J " ., Chi cmcu q , 1 'C 1 1 .2 , Lk .' .I ' 2-1 ,' tio, Gecrge 1 . L 11, Lude. C rmel, Q 1 Rc" - , lim, he . lfcuri RC'JJ'f'lxAv,lll1CYT1 Hacks? Arhur Lcdezzuche, Ncrrxcnd Dube, Frederick Burnham, Ferncnc. RC' X, " drew FSHC? , PCL-.i Hx L 1, 'N ,ges 3,1314 1, Riymnnd Beihcrd, A -nc Coll" cl. F1521 Fgtu' 593325 EL.l3lf, ,Qrjlgf lff":1'A::1,:.: Pix, 35.112, Pty l.ftl.f1:214el, Tl',1fI',,IS Sgtirngxs Fgzert l.1ffE:'.'-'rf1, l'17:1.s 225-Hi F35-r' .3,.:,r1gI1' F,.5211:"i ff.gtT.'1s, lzhx Keepxrx fhcztifzs ., , i942 Junlor Class Classlcal and Sc1ent1f1c Courses Undoubt dly we have both the pl asure and prrvtlege of presenttng to you the Semors of tomorrow For the past few years they have strrved to marntarn the hrgh calrbre of prmctples whtch thrs rnstltutton holds dear Therr zealous and arduous efforts garned for them a vast amount of knowledg lndubrtably they wrll f1ll the vacancles left by the actual Semor class From past perform ances we Sentors are assured that they wrll ably assume the responsrbrlrtres of true leadershrp Therr prrme purpose of attend1ng thrs Academy has been admrrably ful frlled Needless to say that many of them have attarned hlgh averages Schol astlcally we crte the merrts of Lours Beauchemm and Phrlrp Relber as most outstandrng Paul Emrle Choquet Laurrer Goudreau lsrdore Nadeau can rrghteously be acknowledged as model students We have mathematrcal genruses rn the persons of Arthur Ballou Armand Collard lames Greene and Normand Mrchaud We cannot overlook the merltorrous accornpllshments of Lucren Carmel Marcel Vadenats Thomas Morrrs and Gamllle Peprn Allow us to utter a srncere word of encouragement that they may contmue therr excellent work We shall never cease to remember the comlcal antlcs of therr renowned lass wlts We have Normand Laroche and hrs most untlmely Jokes Hurrr ane Hackett whose wrttrclsms are enloyed by all who have had the pleasure of berng present at h1s rnformal seances Lastly we have Ed Iackvony who strongly wrshed that hrs Hrstory perrod would be changed to a sessron of res the sports freld the lunrors contrrbuted a brrllzant array of performers Charles Lamoureux a three letter man Armand Collard Iohn Hennessy George Bertholet were members of our champronshrp football squad Carmel Phrlllps and Srmmons d1splayed therr wares on the basketball ourt Charles La'noureux Alphonse Marcoux George Bellsle exhtbrted a stellar brand of hockey tn wrnnmg the state cha'np1onsh1p and enterrng rnto the ftnals for the supremacy of New England Lamoureux was the sole representattve of the lunxor Class on our baseball mne He excelled rn baseball as he had 1n hockey and football May the echoes of our v1ctor1es spur them on rn ac qulrrng new laurels Never was a stncere word utterly lost Thus we leave them wrth thrs frnal brt of advrce As Edtson sard Suc ess IS 99 persptratton and l tnsptraron la departtng may th y cr pt our g nutn ws that th 1 s nt r year be as pleasant and frurtful as that wht h we have emoyed HAROLD DENSMORE GERAHD E SUTHERLAND 63 . 5 X L E 1 Q . 9 Y. I 0 1 0 . . . . . e e A ' f ' . . . 9. . - ' l 1 I f l , . , c , 7 - A ,, . . . , K1 f. On ' A ' ' ' . 1 I I r . . . , . ff - I of . . of . , C fo fo ' ' t' . ' e ccce 'e " e th e-'r e 'o t .A , c . gXl'I1, Q 51 xx Y 1 , If -- V XY 1 X f X 1 - W 'QfAL'g"3-i XXVI' C IUNUOP LAQ OMMEQCIAL COURSE l'1fST Row le-f to mah I 'fer a R euumfb Le '-Ye1er Rgvfr r '5io1'1I:11 e Bernard NQJM Rena D 'Wm T11 P rw 5 :Surge r LUSSIFT xmrd Pow J' I e JCFH T1 Af is I1 W1 fl AJ Hn Pu encude 1 J . . C HS--C X .. .H " , 1 Y '- Ccrmlle Desrcse s, I n rd h' N, 'Q 1. Q ', jucfi . .Q '11 , N ,A Q Sue 1'3.v,'fhc.La L ' . Second Row Renb H6-miami, I.'f:r'e1 Lgtgur, Charles Pfilcrqum, TVIIILIHJQ Hcule fiicruzs Borst, RILEY? ' 'J . 4' ' . ' Im C Q Vf lf 113, Niriiiui 3C',1i'flCf, Hen IMI C , X Y lf 'fi C?1'lf:12.f3rQ11nd, . 'J 1-1 s Q42 0 i X C E 1 9 6 Y I 0 Junror Class Commerclal Course You wrll Irke to meet he futur C mm rcral S rors wno d s rve a bu hand F ause of th rr perserverance rn th rr s hoolrn TO THE END rns to be th rr 'notto May I rntrodu to you th rr devoted teach rs Brother Henry wrth hrs wonderful oavrncrng abrlrty has attarned marv lous results rn Bookkeeprng Brother Ald mar rs a capable Tusrtala who adds mter st to hrs Englrsh p r rods Brother Blarse was a'naz d by the excellent marks hrs future salesmen had rn quart rlf exa'nrnat1ons Broth r Gurllaume s wat hword rs Te hnrgue rn performance plus care of mechanrsm By therr good chara ter and pleasrng p rsonalrtres the Iunrors of 42 are a frne group of rntellrgent young men who have exhrbrted much sprrrt and cour age throughout the year Durrng class perrods thrs group of futur Senrors gave therr uttermost rn effort and cooperatron wrth therr teachers They were just on happy famrly The ambrtron of the Iunrors rn gen ral rs to become more capable to help therr government rn any way rf therr servrces are regurred Because of therr advantage rn busrness world the two subrects whrch rate the hrghest wrth the boys are Bookkeeprng and Type Now that we have spoken of the Iunrors as a body let us revrew each one rn hrs place of recognrtron CLASS OFFICER Vadenars a unrversal youth he masters all hrs subrects HONOR ROLL Latour Vadenars Demontrgny Henson Boucher WITTIEST Henson because hrs Jokes paralyze your srdes MOST HANDSOME Rheaume frne manne s and curly harr BEST DRESSED Houle the sherk wrth camera rn hand MOST POPULAR Hemond who never refuses a help FRIENDLIEST Bou her hes everybodys pal FUTURE BOOKKEEPERS Chamberland and Peloqurn do know therr debrts and credrts TYPIST Lussrer the fellow who can make the typewrrter zoom MUSICIANS Desrosrers Chapberland Cplayers rn the bandl BUSINESS MEN Burke Borst Heber Naul Robrtarrle SERIOUS READER Nault rf rts referen e or brolr graphy youre a r a hrm hell t ll you where to get rt MOVIE GOER Pa enaud R mea on th a y OUIET LAD Hebert CID fl W S Ll O C1'y JIS 9 'TID S O SS 'l T '1 'I V1 D lv AURICE PEPIN EDOUARD ALLARD 65 ' ' t e o e 'f err' I e e li ,ecf e' ' ' 'e' c Q. 'I " see. e' rr . ' ce e' . e : ' ' "c . ' ' " " ' e ' ' 7 e ' " I " '. e ' ' e - I l r S l ' e ' r ' ' 1 e ' ' c ' " c ' , C . S . . I . , . ' ' ' e ' ' e ' . ' ' ' ' e ' 1 , J ' , ' , , . 2 , ' r ' . : c , ' ' . ATHLETES: Latour, second baseman and Lussrer, goalie. 2 ' , r , ' . . 6 . I ' "I : , ' ' ' c " 'o ' fte , sk ' , ' e '. V I t e, " o e b lcon We, the Seniors, d 1' e hole rt dentf o ' ', v eh th mer 'ers of no :las I '43 all the succe r Ir ey de-se ve r. therr studres a. d er ter rrses. f L L XJ lE gXl'El , Q 5: 9 0 Y 'I 'HMI' C SOPHOMORE CLASSICUL COURSE F115 How 16 c 1'1q Fl n 1 Po1nlo'1 Mons Doq r Normcmd PGTIDGS Wh1tney Wu1luQl1 Paul Doonqn Ar nur Ol.ec1ry Blouxrd G rreuu Secona Wow Robert Ru l Owew Garreli F CIUCIS K1ll1lec1 Rene Gaqn Lu n lf ques lllll l1'Il'H flupl Rovmond BoJtl'11lleTle Th rd Row Paul Sione- Edmcrd Curvrrln s lcsep lullwer Ld Ngrd N11 hell Omer Grenon Thomas Morms Roland Mohciey ...P flfl SJ 'IL N I1 A C'1 le C I I' I L IQQ XI:-.5 Sophomore Class Classmal Course Sophomore Class Commerclal Course 7 i X l' E 1 . Q 'S 1 XX o 1-s so 0 X 1 , O .0 -ijj' ffgyr Q N K hx EXl'Elg at "0 1 ll ,VV1-f'C SOPHOMORE CLASS SCIENTIFIC AND GENERAL COURSES Ers Row' Ie' Io rrfrt Eowfxrd IVI11cheI I.aScrII NOIIH Prerre Barthelemy Lours Godrn Tromos Word Clernen Grord Armand C Ie Edward Connohy ChcrrIes McGarr1qIe Bernard Melcrngon Gerard Bousquet Second Row PouI Pryor Roger Cfryer Ier me If ndey1Ire I.1on I Dron Georce Gerqoru Mourr e BeInunneur E'n1Ie Brrsscri Gercrrf' ron er' u Iosecn P Checo Mcrurrce Iocques rum R 'rr 1 m Anaerson fIJur1 e I r I Q ey J Ison Moynrrd Lucre I. ro Ro r DJsse IV' url e S Ifrrrn Lepoy v 1 n N rmqnd IJI1Ie1Ie Hubert Dex roze n rs rm v 1' 1 P nf INfontcc1Im ote en I mes Q es II rr I: Bern rd Tcrp Q .J ery erard Morrn VI,1rr:1'n B s I eBI n 68 .it ', i. 'ol ' ' I, er ',' I, ', , ' ,, , I I I I A 5 , ' A , v I I , S ' , I , ' L ro ' , ' e ' , , 'Q . , . 1 . -. Q r Y V . ' , , . , V. I .eq , A. 3 , . T' ' ' . ew' Ivhlfez, I I , I ' ': Frirppier, ,snr .I 't1. , Ie' .1 , ' n cs ix, bet ' cult, ro 'ce St- f " , I. 'VE3Ie , in ' ' , . I I Feurii F,o'.'.' Riehcrd Dragon, Ichn Reardon, Ncrmqnci Pcirrer, Eugene Gregoire, Pohnd Cgzyer, Fr: 3 n Sweeney, Vfillcr I-IoweII, Paul Wfesteett, U :Jn Io te, 1 C I, Fifth r'?o'.'.f-Edvxcrd Cuil , o I ..eIIly, Iam I-Ieiren, Robert frIIe 'C , G . Q-ey, 'William .,. Goh t , G' , If . eau cfeil, .A-.bert L .cr C. eQii.Q11' Sophomore Class SC19l'11111C and General Courses M as Llvvl 14 'Q .JJ Beheve It Or Not '11 3 1 J fu L I Q 'VET 1 ofa J T119 1 1 Q X l' E 1 9 A E D ' I 0 X 'X xx ff f J' 1 . A-Y--k L---'W' 51: 5-I 1: " ' 1, ":..r1-if 1-ix' 1 Ei I, '5. :ff fl ff. 1 1: A 5.15 . 3.5 J: 71'1f. f 1.1: 111111 11f1." '1' 51:1"y 1fI11'I4. : 11.1.1 1' 1. ff ,I 5. 1 . 1 r1Ifs1 5--i:",i:. -5: 1' 5. 5. 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T131 few, Q31 yzg 11111 C11 ' 11 ' 19213231 Cxyer, L3 53.1951 11113 L. 1.11:rC1x 113315111 131 tip hair - r 313155. 3972711 ziyg 511 351319 131911151125 1efj11r111',' 5.r'3:1.1:1f251t 121 2' 1112 193211111 116199 C31 .j11.ei, :ie '11 312 1',1.1f111 f.151d 171151 BriLEi1',' A .11 .sCg2H',f1135--, Ed 1',':v'.l '512 'J1r.s1i.f f'1r,t1,'111, 11:,ii14f.y, 'iflfl 1','IS?'If'I11 14111 D131 17123, jerry f,f'1:1:. fi' ',"1yf21 '1ff'.11j'fI11jf"fl'Jf11'1'fVf,''f1f'f'J.f1ff15Y2f,l1'f I111' .1 :1f1:11ff Iiof i:1f'1f:1:-21Q1','-'1-.' ir. 11? e:g1'.1T.ef,1ir1ff11':'1f.1Qf:111 Cf.-:1ff '1'1y1f.,1, flu' 1 1 3.11, '1f.'1 "I,1x..:Lf 1,1'I'f'f17fQ '.11ff iw .911 111:15 1114? 5:1155 '::1'1 wery 11 H1 1,2111 111, '11,g.-,K 9111-'-'51.e:1. ftfffy 21.135 11.15 5.1:::2.s5f'g11',' 5111.-3 T11-, 51-1113 gi Sn1,Q1'.i11Q1'-Q2 '511.,x1 111 11 i:5.31:1151' fiifi 'fill :QQ 51'.1':e we-1. 15: :11'11:.i'11:.1r1L1 i1'.11111'1g1. 11 y'111 -5 i512 5111519 :ge 395155112 :'.p:1 i51f11'1'1f1:111 '511i- 516.51513 1519 '.13g131:ei:.y 1 1 if-15113 ii ','. .. 7.111 "Li f1l'L-f '1111::.'11. 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Dow Roger re1 1 1' FISHTY c Ong E erne Menard R w mon .r:1,1p1er R1 rc 3 qey Hcnrldue S1,1'1er vi Ioec 11 Lows De1'11U.e Norrrrcmd umrf' '11rd Row I,1'1er1 Former G r ld Rov ,1 '1 Olecrqcz INcrrr1ar1d Mener DJVld Howcrr Norw H YHOIS E u rd paergerfn VG vdrd Srrrr xo 1Cr1rcn Peurth Row P J1Pqne P1 wc Har 111 ert es THAI Qerv15 d DGTHLAIG N euruer 5175 rv 2 I' 2 OSSID .NJ D sp: Q PSD FS QS.: F 'FAN fx r ?1er1def'u ocxn eo eeert QV T COUFQ IQFG of 11 HIS 'F N 1 ld O ID' VN 1 r nr J f We ms rgcy f' xx1'h P 'N' 'rl Q N f Q Q' e er '12 use 1 W 1- Pres 1 Q, ,ep M Us N5 f und rx agr L L. 7U fXCEl, Q ' 5: xg oo IQQQX FDESHMAN CLASS CLfOHT1I'1L19d, F S1 F Ar oony Conznfhz Iosoph Meloncon Aioert CITE-Y George- Pxrd 10 9 9153 ooe Fgymfnd L1'19Uf I-lf2nr1 Iolroeur Se ond Row Lourflnt EQUOI Rene b "1 1 TDss1f21' T 11 no ID bl '1 2 of D1 UQ! 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S'::2rQ3i: 221 ff. fsssff. 1:1 2.2 223: f'.l".Lf-F f.ES? Ezvs ze :: 5.33: if fh?1f prefs Ha.-- ...... . . .. -H .. .. .z...- s .... 1.1 .- 1:74-1 .V --.1-- --1-A- ,.,,...: o..-:. A--.1.1: ..1..V- of.-.,,.r.1 .1:1. 1. .1 ..1 3 .1 .-- 1..1:':: 1 b ..f- 1.-. 1:12:-:g.. 11:1 1. fl1S-1.5 1. ffl 1211.121 ':.21: 51.1 M2551 .l..'g'.31gE. 2.21: 1. 1'.'2 1-'--.-:1 .111 ll 12 'Q 5 1:t'1.'1gi.1t2 1:1 '.'..1fS1'1-' 55.315, 3.2 Fr2sE.11.2:1 :1 .i1sg'11Q.'2g1 ig 1211.111 '.1.2:1' 1:1 f'1:.1.: E153 :1':15.::1 1:12 g2r5:t11s1:1.3 gr:sg2."5 fi: C: :it 5.1 11.5115 zggwf .1.1'1gr1 1115.332 .l.. S:111':1 F.. F.. Q2:1:'f :ii I.. Eerifzolet. ":'v 'XTUTZQ ,-.-... J-.-.--M :U-1: : :::H 1.11- ..o-H... X X HXICX ww?-J GRAMMAR SCHOOY SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES Exrst Row lei o rrgn Eugene Fd Rlcfrgrd Plllsy R1 h rd Cgdorel Roger Dupuls Paul bovgrd Pgul Chognon Mcrurxce Menard Conr d Cote Roger Lepoutre Second Row Ernest Lgverlu Ercrnc1s Romer lfdrfel Dron W lter Norm Mourxce Ouellene Eugene Le ry Gerard Molson Rlrhgrd D oxs mud Row Edward Dennet Normgnd Cournoyer Nornn nd Bern1 r ngrles Nulty Ro er Lecour Be-nlto Or e Allred Greene V1 t r Bgdwey Eourh Rom S1lVlO R1 cg Georges Goue Antlrony Mgrflgn 1 Rudolph L1rn uro lfkrurr e Thlledude u Edodlrd Urenler lgcgues More e E1 th Row L on rd Edfgrd Robert Gollgnt Normgn OC egu 1" ff:r'1,::f". ff- 71:1 L'3x,141.f, .Q::.rg': Qt:-, fZ.f,'Qf.I Dy Q11 Pfzx ' "jizz, Adria lreerie ilfflj Ritz, Etgene Hcrt. I942 Grammar School The S 'molar of tcclciv th S9-HIOIS cf tom r owl Th s lgas on whos houlcl s the future of Moun Satn Charl Academy sts ar now undertacmg' the t drous Journey to therr on arrvbrtlon 1n lrfe the at qursrtron of a Hrgh S hool drploma They wrll meet rnuny barrrer to therr success Some wrll 'n rge V1 torrous some w1ll have to s ruggl all th way and some wrll ven fall by th waysrde we are certam however that they shall grve a worthy account of themselves Therr actrve mmds and wrllmg hearts have b en molded and p rfected by he reverend Brothers Vrctorrc Marcellus and Ronald These stalwart young men w1ll prove to b true sons of a proud Alma Mater the year under Bro Ronald s effrcrent coach1ng they have laborrously overcome all clrtfrcultres Therr efforts are now crowned wrth a well earned promotron to he erghth grade The brg boys of thrs department the students of the erghth grade stand as a fm example of Amen an youth So much so that the Hrgh S hool teachers and the varsrty coa hes look forward wrth keen expectatron to the advent of the new term to try out thrs very promrsrng materral To rllustrate the fact that hard work sustarned effort and a wrll to learn brmg results let us mentron a few promrnent students Conrad Cote Roger Dupurs and Robert Lecours made the Honor Roll rn the Seventh whrle rn the Erghth V Badwey P Chagnon M Dron A Greene E Hart R Lepoutre A Martrgnettr C Nulty F Porrrer and S Rrcca attarned the envrecl honors We w1sh to the students of the Grammar school a pleasant and restful vaca tron May they all return o complete the work they have so well begun ln these trmes of uncertarnty and drsaster when foul play and trea hery are oopular wrth som natrons we the S nrors of l942 off r as advrce to the graduatrnq class of th Grammar S hool Grantland R1 e s Vnfnortar words When th great s orer comes to mark down your score he won ask wh ther you ve won or lost bu how you ve play d the ga re' ROBERT OUELLETTE 42 BERNARD G VVIONDGR 4 73 E X C E 1 . 5 xt 1 ' 0 1 ll 5. ' s ' ' l . , . e o X o r . e e r 'W ce sr fer .. t ht es re 1 e V lT.' eT T T e T T, T . ' T s T . r T el e Tc T , s T r 'e e , T e e T 5 T T T ' T. e e l V ' , . T e . ln the seventh grade are the youngest members of the school. Throughout I . T e Tc . I , T c J ' A T . t , . T T T , r c T e ' T . , , e T , 9 ' T , T e c , 'c T' lg r ' ' 1 " e , 'c L , 't .e ' , t ' e cn f"4 1 F . . 4 VVKIC ALL OUT FOR AMERICA The bGS1C 1dea of Amer1 a today 1S VICTOIY vlctory at all costs Wllh thls thought 1n m1nd the author1t1es of Mount Sa1nt Charles 1n1t1ated the fourth quarter w1th an add1t1on to the currlculum Th1S add1t1on was 1n the form of var1ous techn1cal sub1ects wh1ch m1ght be useful to the student 1n later l1fe Wlth the Splfll of a country at war each and everyone Jozned 1n the new move ment determ1ned to do h1s part 1n the cause of h1s country For centurles mathemat1cs has been the basls of all techn1cal endeavors So 1t IS today For all pup1ls w1thout a perfect record IH the sub1ects there are ten math courses three 1n Algebra l one 1n Algebra ll two ln Geometry and one 1n Tngonometry and three 1n Ar1thrnet1c The boys 1n these groups are laylng f1rm foundat1ons for any work that they mrght undertake 1n the future Then there are SIX sub1ects d1rectly connected w1th m1l1tary operat1ons These 1nclude a theoretrcal study of the elements of AV1Gl1OH Here the mysterles of sp1nn1ng d1v1ng plvotal alt1tude and other complex1t1es of av1at1on are delved 1nto Who knows that one day Uncle Sam m1ght boast a Mount Samt Charles squadron under the capable command of such outstand1ng stu dents as Conrad FOISY Gerard Sutherland Henry Drewes and Iames Greene? Potent1al Marcon1s are the boys pursulng the study of Radlo and Electr1c1ty under the guldance of Bro Mark To them 15 g1ven a clear and comprehens1ve knowledge of transm1tters rad1o waves currents etc Bro Theodore s telegraphy group has for 1lS obJect the mastery of the var 1ous codes and once these are learned the students are shown the qu1ck and eff1c1ent ways of send1ng and rece1v1ng The Umted States S1gnal Corps w1ll do well by these classes IH rad1o and telegraphy when such experts as LOUIS Beauchem1n Robert Chronley lean Lepoutre s1gn up The use of a camera practlcal study and how to f1n1sh p1ctures are the mam sub1ects of d1scuss1on 1n Brother Bernard s photography class The course has revealed to us the presence of skrlled cameramen such as Trmothy O Connor and Raymond Bechard An 1mportant factor rn war IS a knowledge of meteorology Taught by Brother Louls Ioseph 1t has for 1lS a1m the study of atmospher1c cond1t1ons cloud maps pressure etc Future weather prophets are Iohn Reardon R1chard Beauchem1n and Armand Cote The sea holds the attent1on of the followers of the nav1gat1on course g1ven by Brothers Iohn Ioseph and Hermas Terms laws and the mstrurnents rela t1ve to naval act1v1t1es are taken up Future adm1rals 1nclude Leo Dyer and Henry St Onge AS1d9 from these there are other sublects wh1ch are connected w1th the defense effort Clerlcal workers are bemg prepared 1n Shorthand and Typlng per1ods under the d1rect1on of Brothers Henry and Flor1an respect1vely For the best students tn Mechan1cal Drawmg Brother Vrtal conducts a per rod 1n more advanced work Anyone w1th asp1rat1ons of becom1ng a drafts man des1gner or arch1tect IS bemg greatly helped An add1t1on to the phys1cal culture program IS a penod at 2 30 P M Cal1s themcs and GXGYCISGS to develop growth and strength are prov1ng to be most beneflclal The good work b 1ng done 1S through the efforts of Brothers Alvarez Elonan Hermas VIHCQHT and Theodor1c Development of the vo1ce and a taste IH mus1c 1S the obJect of the s1ng1ng lessons A good morale 1S half the flght and that IS how s1ng1ng IS conne ted w1th the rest of the courses All 1n all these subJects have been des1gned to sun the ab1l1t1es and tastes of the student W1th th whole hearted effort and c operat1on of everyone the program IS well on 1lS way to success WALTER BACON 42 ROBERT GRAY 42 74 X C E E l - E ' I ,Y-ki 0 x. , . 1 I - 1 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 . 1 ' I I - - 1 1 1 - . . D. . . V , 1 1 - - C 1 . A , . S' - O 1 1 F mlps f 0 5 VOS w f rl Q 1 1' JV 5 f I A Sf bpm 5 QX l'E1wS sat '00 ,WVl'.f'C if l I H . 9 , 1 .K . 6, V , f, ALTAR BOV SOFIETV .Ajvvq 1 - - Frrst Row left to r1qh lose-pn Melancan W'h1tr1cy Wallach Thornas Lrng George Goulet Plllll R1eber Second Row Rev Fa her Guulbault Chaplain Edward Srrlth Robert Morrls Henry Dre ves Lcd Dyer larnes Smotro Omer Grenon Rev Bro loseph Al ert AL1AR BOY SOCTETY As another year comes to end the St lohn Berchrnans Scc1e1y noust be om, l1rner1 ed for th 1 beautlful performances under the expert guldance of our new chaplaln Rev Oscar Gm ault T e cal for alt r boys was fr ltfully answered and only he elle we e rxosen Defnl rules of appearance were glven and each boy lcoked hrs best when serf came A well arranged and balanced schedule was made by the at regular mtervals The sanctuary through th d11gent c re of alv ays adorned vv1th beautltul tlo Ners and lL1IT1HC1'1DS Thls devote lar he beau y at the rellglous ceremomes 'hat have taken place 1r1 our hapel durma 1r1e ceremomes were very unpressrve and only praxse can T e effor was dtsplayed durmg the Holy Vxfeek and ll WllHcSSGS vw an I1 uted rgely ton rd ine fervor www- whlch the suden body CIVGH to our 'XII ee e attended crc he graau tmg c. ss extena 1ts smcerest orrphmen P Fa her Gullbault nd rls al Jr bays We ho e that 1 'ne nd we ray ca to ess 'une lr l h1s L71 akrngs I IU df T5 LA NRE' cr FP 76 chaplaln and tlne ,fs serv-eo Rev Bro Ioseplerf let w s Brother IS grea ly soonsl year xt' we s n J 19S G 1 9 P V116 E X I3 E 1 9 E ' I 0 0 S so I942 E" BAND MEMBERS REV BRO HERIJWLE DIRECTOR Flrst Row left to rlqht Roqer Desyardlns Rlcnard Cadoret Henry Drewes LOUIS Laval Gerard Morm second Row Camtlle Desrosiers Luclen Carmel Iohn Bunce Rrchard Dubols 'l'h1rd Row Edouard Gremer Wxllrld Chamberlond Fernand Mandeville Bernard Waznlak Eugene Hart Some races are especxally well endo v d vvxth must Ol astes Those that have trqdmonxl and lnherlted 'olk sonqs the musm nearest t exr ltves and hearts w1th qlfted Lomposers to h xndle hern snow stans of Creatlnq natlonal schools In our s 'tool oday muslc' never IS laCk1nq Our sand 'houqh small has kept the flaa flying as far as rruslc IS oncerned If the Mount has suets or anv o'her exerC1ses the band IS always the rrost 1HV1f9d quest Under he a le dlrect on of Brother Hermyle the hind 'mas prospered throuqnou 'ne Je r 'la r rnuxnv s wee! tune to the ears of ho h lo Lu y and s udent bu les ms srn tl ,rou ' musmxans nas nat onlw lul1 ed IS ,mes ln mxlxtary nus x e lea ln one r rnuslc as well From 'ze s rrma o r u e o he ellahtful Isa s 'hr ned rzunv CI xs ener 'We 1r"uy Looe t e me-mrners r m IHIH er IS s nr r ass uS ar u e ft ln r nd tso ring IHYO lts 'olds "1 rw new an len'ed ol ye-rs su on s o n lS es crg'm1z uons lOHN I BURCF 77 ' , ' ' , ' 1 ' , . ' 'e ' " - V i . . . , , . YY I 1 I I A I l I I A ' V . 'f E' ' 1 'T l f . . . . . ' 4 4 C H ' t , " , , , , ' ' ' Q 1 . , ' ' ' . cl t , f ' ' . , .. . , ' ' f . ' ' C . ban- ' . , . , t li ' i , . 1 'l t.l..j-a 1' has E ought " A Ll Q 5 he fa' lf I od' . T" . J " p o. ' i'll ' 'S ci' f ' " ' I Lu' it has 5 c ' ' to e 1 . ' ' , '. fl 'i ' f ve Pro t t d " ' wiliz this er xrtikle Ltw -" ' 1' 4 nu .l . . . . A . . . 'E f' .. A that ' e 3' ' Q aft tn' e 'Q cl ha " xi :t d will sontrnue ihis f' e we k 3 a' L: ' ' ' . ,. a .CQ tam . ' A a who wi 1 is or their 'Sh ol i one of t b t . ' a' . . . . E gXl'F1g ai. K- I0 1 I ,515 X 0 f-g'JN11'f-C PUBLIC SPEAKING GUTSTANDING NPMBERS SENIORS Flrst Row left to r1c1ht Robert Gray Robert I Vlerreux MGUIIC Pe-mn Paul For y Andre Desdulmers Tlmothy OCcnnor Second Row Gerard Sutherland Harold De-nsmore Bernard Mondor W11l1dm Hurley Roger Brssonnewe Thtrd RCW Rev Bm Theodore Ncderc or Nermdnd Chcrrest Ioseph Barry Armand Chdrest Henry Drewes QQ 09 if PUBLI QPEAK J I-W !P 'Dr PPP s R N e't J r e J 'r K P mp RIGPGY Ar B ref ,esr S1CIS e B u r d nef ran e :sem rd R re JV14' P ee homes Mcrrls Ar 16 M C x-fr 1 C 1 11 N, , Y, ' , Qf , , 'Q G, ' r ' 77 ' 1 r . . , A K . ii A I x A r , l , I' I , Q 4 . 1:2 C " flf G- CUfSf,..fDITf'3,f,dQPS- UNDP. VLA3.SSI.fEf' Fir f hc' , L, ic right Arihur F: dnef, Lows E-3"'fh9,,.iYi, Frxnl Pfziden, dinner Gzpdrezu, h"' 'Q , thur align, W:1xt..,j '.'fi.Q:Ti, Cattle P Q f- . Sgznd Pina' Rene Guqne, LUFIG ffues fm 5 'buf' """1'e Re wneur ff" 'H "hte H' Q" "fs f""'r n ug , The, u Qdje, LAM. W ,JL ,i:.u,Q ..f.L f'.,E,,.. f,f-..., fI,...d..l L Che. Tnir Raw 16512 Lepzfre, Relzrrj fff':f.z. Q, Razer' C21 QV, Rxfricnd Eethurd, 'R 'J .F 71' . J, .finds S'.'.p-ie',', !.':r1s Sitter. Fzurf. Rita' Rev. Era. TE.-2Z',fI,I'5, ffzierufcrg P. ' , Cn' ' 3 donald, 'Ie .r. H-hsen, 'ff lfri' Chcrnlzerlxnd. l942 Publ1c Speakmg Classes r hart d n Q 'lls l e r ass 'tr abt s aeaqmg r e una e tr 'np r J Bro Th c e Tn op run, s ss s y ars raw wer ev o re ttau 'ts ana t rurn dts usstc re 'runorf casses were Iarnthartze andtcaps whtch Ire xpe tea IH any sud 'tt mexoerten ed tn tactna an audlen e were tnus aut 4 y rnas'ered When tt ts evtde'1t tnat a lass has cernpletely verco'ne tnese natural hand1caps and that a ao d pronunctatton and clear enun tatton have been vb tarned the 'ne'nbers ot that class pat to a test the a ntevernents they have obtamed Thts tes' onststs ot aebates wtthtn a class The students partaitnq tn these debates not only test thetr capablltty but also dtscover thetr weak potnts and strtve to strenathen thern When two classes seern evenly attted ln the art of speaktna a debate usually ensues calltnq upon neu'ral classes to arbtter Although one and only one stde rnust Wm both stdes show capabtltty to swerve the audtence to thetr stae oy clear and onvln lna enun tatton ln all publt sp alqtna today aut lc thtnlqtna ts a tactor necess ry to control For thts reas n mock tn ls are also tncluded tn thts oroararn Th procedure of these tr1als ts tn all respects strmlcr to that ot the Supreme Court The Judge havtnq been ele t d by the rne'nbers ot tl"e class a case ts broua'1t up The platntttt as W l Us th used onsalts hrs attorney and the la 'er s asststant and the trtal s n The autclc htnkmg t the attorneys has ola d many wttnesses 1n at ern oarrasstnq dt e nrna e resut ootatned dartna the year rre due to e cat etenc me 'ns ru t r ata 'te do er rttcn o t e students The nece t ot s 1 e aa s eet Nell e nons'ratea n e ery or an ' r s reasen l ant amt Ch rr es r ot e ll s aewts ta mg tT'ns c arse have atven thetr ttl oo er 1 ron and ave rv n to 4 asp 1 een ere sucst er urse PAUL FOIDY 79 5 X lf E 1 9 Y ' I 1 YK 0 0 Cert'h.rl',', Li 'mtl ne','Qr bi- :evra initi in lfliurj Saint CT! 'es sta Te t cizxrxat express T Ts' Cpzigzn upgr any sgcteci Thus charaiierlstc quafty ot the szhppt has be,n fade pef"'1r,.e only 1. Guan the p1TTT'c real rf cease Ter tn, d ecmon of ine co. etent rrgcdeator, Rex l . r eodara. Te e. T. " 'eeetons ot :his 67 Te prcg fmt ' V e do ated te scT'f'To. ' ' XT c X Tecueepns. These p elf. . f' X 'loses 1 s s to "' T T' T c the students Wtth public spealctng tn general. Bashtulness, nervousness and other h TJ T c s SI cc ,,T T et' et T. ' s T c T ' f F T F' T VT T'NT V "' Ti c cs, s s. . A .. c . T T I T f' fx 1 fl Tl' s c. c cc a . . s T o T T . c r cT T 1 c . e - A - N R, A A . Ir V A nl , 1 F A I .s 1 . c . t s s . . T I v rt . r FT W T V T T, V V T T V t T T ,T T . F A T T , T V I T T n f T . 5 ' T ' l , fu r1T f sr-1' T c ' efTT ' , Tc T T " casa ' . T c o , Ta s T ' T T A . e s T T . cc e 2 1 c e l c ' , T dl . T T el e e acce et c T f A. It T 'e' , T t o . T tT Qco of c Looe ' T- JT src.- v N E V The Tis T T c ' lf t C c s th, ertpc s e of 'l e Q t co rfhccttpcie thc' s . s cccsst y X cl. a ce' r:e has b ,zu f .T d I N 'Ln 'J T anch ot lite, d .o :hr of eos, No' S nc l s el 'css in that QI tu Tc. . 'kT c' c, ' 'T ,T.'1l c pci? c tTh cstrve fr" 'll the L et1's ctl, ed by ' I - cc ec. A f N gXl'ElS 92 I0 S J 'I NVl'f'C ELOCUTION FRANCAISE MEMBRES DlSTIN UES DES CLASSES SUPERIEURES Prernlere rcrnqee Robert LH ureux lV'c1ur1 e Pepm Cclrmlle Pepm Berndrd Ndult lean Paul Hdzebrouclc Cumtlle De IOSICIS LUC1 n C rrnel Yours Beuuche'n1'1 Bernard Rhedume Deuxleme rdnqee Norrndncl Chures Bernard Mondor leon Derners Raymond Behsle Andre Desdulnlers Luurler Goudrecxu Gerard Sutherland Trolsleme rcmqee Rev Fr lecmloseph Harold Densmcre lvorurme Plusse Florun Ouellet Normcnd Boucher leon Lepoutre Henrl Henson ELOCUTION FRANCAISE Qucmd llnstructlon tend portout G se develooper ll nous semble utlle de repondre une forme denselqnement qul est le complement lndlspensdble de toute oonne educdtlon le veux pqrler de notre belle langue iron ms qu nuos devnons Chelr dovczntuge et pdrler rnleux et plus souvent 'Inner et de rnleux lol b lle et douce lonque de nos on etres Pour olov1er cr tous les unqhctsmes lux hdrburrsrnes et aux toutes de dxcuon qux def1,uren' no re porler run ,ns nous vons des losses xele ut on Duns Les Llusses 1l y Q, des reclutxons ue debns en vers et en prose ics dxsfussrons qul torment e' lesprlt et l9 rug nent tout en mdcrn Z1 mdnler ld ldnque plus c1ement Des rerr rques sont ltes sur lc. prononudtlon des rnors lc ournure des phrases etc 80 fN W" L3- ,. , , B .A , . , , , - e - , - s V . , , , , 0 .F N , . , , U , -I A , - . r , . .. , Q , , , M 4 - - 1 r 1 V fu ' Q ' I' ' ljelocution frdngdise du Mt-St-Charles tend or dtteindre Ce triple but de repdndre, de faire S ' ' e ' . C' . ' K , ' ' ' , I ' 1 4 . ' .' ' 1 V' . ' ' ' uf' 11 ' C .- rw rf' ri . ' N ' ' ' 'f ' N ' r fa . .Cl ' , . fd. ' " ' ' , 1 , . f,Xl!El', 2 5: 0 0 -f r Q- -an ELOCUTION FRANCAISE DISTINCTION Cl-IEZ LES PLUS IEUNES Pre'n1ere ranqee Armand Ialbert Bernard Melanron Gerard Bousquet Edouard Garneau Alclde Vadenals I-lenr1Po1nton Laurent Benort Norrnand Peloqum Robert Pelletler Deuxxeme ranqee Luc1en Lacro1x Rene Gaqne Ermle Brxssart Rene Soucy Rodrrque Sutherland Normand Beaudet Montcalm Ca-e Ncrmand Porrler Trolsxeme range Rev Fr Ieanloseph Gerard Mandevllle Gerald Roy Albert DesRoclfxers Armand l.eCla1r Roland GlfOL1Ufd Ma cel Camtoxs Avec de ons'ants efforts et des encouragem nts aux ne manquent pas leleve apprena a xprrrner plus lucxdefnent sl pense acau1er' un 9 ste plus naturel prend un ton plus aqreable et ,leveloppe un plus grand amour pour sa langue rraternelle Les frults de ce 'ravall ne se ferent at re a endre Car S1 on alme sa lanque on la par e cute of' GSIOH on la cultxve aavantaqe cn se 'ar aoctre de e .el 'xentaqe de nos areux Ces' notre souhalt le plus ardent que ou el v sortan du Men' Samt Charles PUISSS reallser ldeat qu s n Alm Mater sest QLIOFCG d mul n lquer ldonneur OBLIGE 81 ,. t. N. , V X. . ,. -A, -,, , ,V-,,,w.., v h .. A YYY I 1 I I I Y I I A I I . . ,nm , - , . , W . V , . 1 , . , r , c . A f Q , e ' , e, Q .. 'e , . 4 4 .e ,. , , le a 1 ,C , r , . . 1 . c ' . . , A . U V S D t V . I . . ' l e 0 ' a . e i Cu' ',. . . gXCEls we 'o 'Y 0 NAIC The Mechanical Drawing Class Opportunity knocks but once in a students life and he should be well equipped for that great mo'nent Owing to the popularity of our Drawing Class and the enthusiasm with which the boys accept their work without doubt we onclude that many of our students will enioy a better chance of success in the field of industrial work The employment of our graduates in great concerns some in our neighborhood proves evidently the superiority of those who have been privileged to attend Bro Vital s expert courses A student completing at least two years of intensive work in our beautiful studio has a good knowledge in blueprint reading ln addition he acquires skill in making lsometric proiections and putting them into r adable mechanical language of the third View He learns to handle ma hmery parts and to use the mi rometer efficiently The student uses wooden patterns one of the many things we owe to generosity of the Directors of the Taft Pierce Co Our war time Defense Course IH the afternoon brings many useful articles to our eyes Brother Vital our competent teacher will show us how to run a lathe and inform us on the use of many precision instruments At the end of our scholastic year we have a magnifi ent Art Exhibit which attracts to our portals over two thousand visitors yearly Many of these allers are skilled and distinguished men from large defense plants who in the past hav given employment to many of our graduates while visiting our Exhibit Any student interested in engineering and wishing to prepare adequately for that vocation will find at Mt. St. Charles an advanced c urse that he will surely appreciate. IOHN BURKE 82 SVS ovsuui 6 6- Xxv. sv. lf vs i S E 57 f fm fb '-N D P 31 gk F' K f Aooug 1 f -r- 5"-E 1 I 016' as I 50- 5 U 2 Q Q-IA' M-7,3 IQQH w 4 f an I L.- 4 ya. wqm no' ww- - if 9 , A-X' ' 1 1 H I ,Al xnQ1v I 'I -A , , : : 'irL Y ' -M . . 1- e: '1 1 v V 'I I ' I yy ' M Elnluogjgf fl A ' I I - U - ! f..- ,Sn , 1 .Ax .,. , . 5, Nw. f Y .bg 4? AI fi I K ity? ' ' M A ! U? YS""'4 41,1-X I ' - F , Mfff H V 5' F "- Y 'W ff! fi Q, X '-PM-. . ..... ' .jj :cm 1 gb ,ez-,H-Q. ..,, . .... - I Mm' A nf- A 1 X ima-H 3 'il ! jpx. ! ' ' W' H' V" Mayan mmww w 1 ,T 5 sv-ws , "J 42- Q In M. Hg .LU '.. of 'a Emiao, 'Tn .Eva 'M ri E1 I ss Qi oo c, '5 nvEriCJ6TC YN yq I IT A NIH 3 E gl? ,V "',"x-u,Sr-- -1 G0 Nonnag E Nouosg .' ' ' ' sf 25:5 N ' ff .1 7 I' ' ul! r XFX H" Q v v ' I 'Q' , ,,,, W ,- U- ' 1-E UW. ' 'In vfwwwmwwzff f gjiflffzii A A ' A l new - fl-1' 4- az, ' 1 1 ' , ,, ,,,, , , A h A A ., ',:-'ax , TI 1 t I "9 Aawfifg Q ' M' -41 4. 9 1 1 H 91 A ' .KI 5' mix 1 ' :J - Q 11:31 , - uf + 41 w y. ffvlw 4+4 A A 4+ A11 -1 gXCElg at I0 'S 0 C I t LIBRARY STAFF Flrst Row let' to rlqht Leo Dyer Iohn Rfardon Thomas Morrls Robert Morrzs lohn Henn ss, Thomas Burke second Row Henry Drewes Rev Bro Ludovlc Iohrt Burke lohn M Carthy Tlmothy OConnoI The L1brary lt IS aen rally agreed that a llbrary 1S a pr1nc1pal feature of any educahonal 1nst1tut1on and that there IS a d1rect relation between the elh 1ency of a student and the extent of llbrary fGC1l1119a Our lrlorary here at Mount Salnt Charles answers the call of every student and wlth lts many volurnes of Enqlxsh ana French l1te a ure ne student as well eampped to enter any phase rn tne rt of wr1t1nq Our hugh school horary lurmshes nat only good readxnq mateual for 1ts patrons but a a ea' maui ov supplementary mrormatlcn on practlcally every sub1ec 1n the school currlculum Thls well elected and properly oraanlzed department s there'ore a necessary requlsxte for hlqh school work smce the class text book 1S no lonqer consldered the only means of preparlnq the dav s esson VJQ ar proud to say that the oooera 1on o' the lxlorary sa' ever helpful m qrantlnq the lterary wan s o' the s udents merlts the htahest ot crnplunents IOHN BJRKE 84 . . i I .H , D. U 1 A 1 H A 1 1 1 - 1 " , . . ., . , c , . . Q . . . . . . . . I - C . ". V . 1 , Y A b- . . . 1 3 . , ,1 . , . . A r N t, . . 1 , . b . . ,W c. r. . - , 1 . .r ' 'S 1 , r , , , . . . . 1 t t A F - Q. - A I . . . , I A . . F . v . .ul- PHYSICAL TRAINING 85 1 . , PYRAMID BUILDING '1 2 E X I' I- 1 Q A 2 XX ' 1 0 KQJNNX-f-C GLEE CLUB SENIORS Frrst Row left to r1qht Leo Grlbnde Bernard Mondor Charles Kammrrt Henry Kaufmann lohn Bond Norrnand Berube Second Row Ernest Seqalla Edouard Allard Roger Blssonnette Lumen Brbeault Edouard Arsenault Paul Robert Thlrd Row 'l'1'no 'ty OConnor Omer Mtlllard MGUTICG Plas-se Frank Keefe Edward Healey Leo Dyer Donald Beaudom G C JB NDL LLIAS MEN P d lu s r r r 1 tony G nz F I 1 e 1 one! .J ss err r AJ ru, r nn s lflorrrs e Je 5 er Morrrs CJ ll' 'lr P n F erl rc D r am Nlllr m Dc V Geor.,e Rnzuonz Qu ve -.mrfce rrxoqrglm y:'1vP earned Ihp IQISUYQ ll ,Q sons' our LN Honcwst ple-cis ocmu. 1 I--ffenstelr Poem m Drouso of Pructlcollf Notwm, V ,M ,.,,- .,., "--.,. .,,,,. , -Wm. .,.,., 'Y ' . '. rx 1 ' , : . , , ' . Tcl Q"- Lf 5, Ea . ,' ' ure." 'VXAIC -1 Hlghllghts In Our World Ui Sports An tntense surge of school spirit durmg the football season produced a wmntng outht that made school hrstory Foremost rn thas awal-'enmg movemen' was Booble Kaufman whose trery leader shlp and enthusrastrc oratory mrght well have changed the words of a certarn song to I do want to set the world on ttre and he dtd 1n our l1'tle unlverse The cheerleadrng squad deserves honorable mervtron for efhclency They got results Captatn Murphy made qurte a htt as a publtc speaker both at the Mount St Charles nlght at the Stadlum and after the Football Banquet Tommy Perkms chance to be tnserted as regular quarterback turned out to be the dlscovery of the year The drmmutrve underwerght se-mor proved hrmself a grant 1n power ot thought and dtsplay ot courage Coach Terry Buckley was named the Coach of the year for hrs achrevement durmg the football season ln hockey the school presented an all Amerxcan team tor the frrst trme The startxng s1x men were all Rhode Island by the end of the season The tact that they reached he top rung on the ladder of New England fame speaks more than words ot their trghtlng splrtt deserve prarse for then' gentleman l1ke behavror durmg the tournament Therr attrtude and con duct brought many commendable comments from all who had business or friendly contacts wlth them Mount St Charles feels no shame rn havmg had to cede the New England champlonshlp to such a splendrd team as Melrose The school has nothmg but congratulattons to offer to the Massachusetts group tor the lrne performance at the Boston Garden George Lepoutre acqutred no lrttle amount of farne durmg the past hockey season l'l1S out burst of speed and trrcky maneuvers kept the fans on edge rn lust about every game Wrth acttve partlcrpatton rn varstty and Intramural sports swrmmtng or skatlng QXCLTSIOUS and redoubled tnterest 1n general physlcal tratnmg tcalrsthemcs tumbhng games? 194142 sees the close of one of the most successful years tn local physlcal GCl1V1l19S The student body may well be proud rn havtng wrrtten one of the best pages tn the annals of Mount Samt Charles hrstory And there 1S nothmg but prarse to offer for the dtsplay of sp1r1t that accompanred the performance of thxs prograrn Thanks to all teachers and students for un precedented co operatton and may these tradrttons ltve on for many years to come Q 88 E X C E 1 S Y I s " 0 0 O I . 11 l 1: - V . . t, The hockey team made a hit in Boston because of its brand of play. But the members also - i 1' t l' D . . . . . -, W.- , ,W . ,, ,Y ,,, - . A W .,., ,,.-, - .. .Wk f V 4 QXCEIS 19' '00 I942 Mr Jerome C Buckley The openmg of the school year found us maktng the acquatntance of a new coach 1n the person of lerome C lerry Buckley He came to us w1th a very colorful background whrch tncludes three years of varstty football at Manhattan where he was captaln tn h1s sentor year and four years of teach 1ng and coachtng at La Salle Academy Provtdence Mr Buckley tea hes Hts tory and has charge of the Varstty squads IH football basketball and baseball lmmedtately upon betng tntroduced to the students our new coach out lmed a system that couldn t be beaten Plenty of Splfll and hard work was the motto he asked the fellows to follow And sure enough tt proved to be a most successful one Under hts ortlltant mentortng the Mounttes football team ltmbed steadtly tn tts quest for champtonshtp laurels Wtth the trtcky assort rn whlch he strove to have the boys ex ute them properly success ftnally rowned our efforts and Mount Satnt Charles had tts f1fSl football champton a lp And tt was tn re ognttt 't f thts spl '1d1d suc ess that our own I rry Buck ley was honored by betng v d the outstandtng schoolboy coach of the year tn Rhode Island In football Mr Buckley was capably asststed by loseph Krakowskt of ventral Falls who 1S now a m 'nb r of Uncle Sa'n s ftghtmg forc s LEO DVER 89 I I ' l . I - , . . c - . , - I 1 1 . I v I c' ' ' ' ' . ' . ' ' - ment of plays which he gave our boys to work with, and the untiring manner ' ' ' ec ' , ' c , ' ' ' ' - sh . ' ' c ' 'o. o ' et ' c e - ' ote - ' ' A I 'l r .e. e . r ' t e . J. Exvflg ai I0 K ll A NVX'f'C FOOTBALL SQUAD rrrst Bow let 'o r1qht Frank Llnd Luc1en Turenne Charles Lamoureux lames Smatro Iohn Bond larnes C Murphy Captarn Robert Ouellette Thomas Perkms Lronel Andrews Charles l-letren Leo Dyer second Row lose, n Connolly Armand Coll rd Frank Cook Wrllram Fox lohn Hennessy George Bertholet Paul Sdvore Chrden Devme Maurr e F apprer Iohn Burke Roland Cayer Cayer Fern nd L mend ,te lN1ll1 n B Dchery Leonrde B1he ult Fourth Row Mgr Leo Heber Mgr Leo Grlbrxd Asslstant Coach Ioseph Krakowskr B J B o Gutllaume Co ch lerome L, Buckley Nqr Roland Mahoney 90 f l f ' if ' G I W- Ar ' V I I A lhird Row Edward Cullen, Fred Casey, lohn McCarthy, lames H. Murphy, Willirrrn Dupuis, Roger . ' ' t, . ' 'e, ' '. ', ei r. Football X I' F y ' S Y i 4 9 0 f I J? lg! ix AL xo 322 of-I 02 o I2 wI- ln, 73--4qnU"' No 'Hr eel' aw 313' Q9 'na Q W W' Z 4 'IW AJS 1 gm :Z 1 'Q' Jgzu 221: :K 'sE,0 eww 1: N9 "' , 'AJXIN 522. Q- unmdl 2 :agua 8 U-It Zdwmg QI 9 03PPa 2 th.-oh. WB? 9 2 cur' ' 2252 sm in at 302 QP: lug G J v-KI' Ill xx? Zh Q3 x mf 4 fi 3" ul 9.1322 o:,,,Q Zwngu I M235 Pdlxl-I Qui EEJY5 WB. ff I an H!: dv 7 7 RED CLEA OKE M S THE PTER Z ,. in -,X Q "' gm I-"'5'Q-'E 5 P9 PQJU z L Il- dz-I 3 Fzcgg 30o!.l,5,, o ovJ m P ILYCPQ wg,7miz Q Q ,'1io. fb ,X Rx S lu Va X. ,za cgi x RD H noufu'uL el Twin YOU I ,X ,,-fx u W.: 251 C 02: zzu 0 I cu-,F Q32 wud: 33m LUG 5 'E IW: 5250 Zo cgi TIN I E I I W l "ax ting , - A f - ' ' - ' A 4 - - 53,7 'IA X g L.. i sifif !,f .4 i A 11 759 A g I A 4"' ' 5 , 1' 'N A :K -U. Y v I xl Fyffa A' ' ', E ' H ,f Xin H , 55 I, HATE If 5 5, A I I ---2-........ W' fi 1-CHAMP5N ,I M. 'T' . -X 4 f I I 'ff I Ifwffff I I 'A 1 f I Q , 'H I W X iff, 1 Q Nl.' 6 '- ' '. 'N"' fm I f M ' N I , - f' J SEKLI I-rin' ING ll .2""'.... I4 V A I X V, X ff nf I wFo A My N 4 , Q, 7, f FK: -' f . X W X , 1 M 'g." X , X A I Y Vx X- ,Ahsli -Wh 44 M X," g-,L F- ' A A I 'fl ,'?f A n vnstmi 1' 4 4 ,, -, H ' '-ac? ' ' ' Ll 6:34 L-'va lf' I V ff I-.J 5 ISI 3 A 'ins gli 'tai fi N i -" ' ---3 wx' - L- - lg . ,W 'q"!e1'! ' ,A fu. A M ' xx A - .. - ,vg A N Q. f , gulf' if L " I I , I I "1 I SP ty S I N r V P .-Eg afar ,.-f AISI X7 f ' A. ri I X , X Q - ' QVQI1 "' + ., ,W . I 3 , x , ,- w .pw . , 5 ,L Q ,, , A - --vvxxy -A - 3 un, : kfw T 'ff Q! I f",' K4 I wix "HH ir z I 1 if 51:9 .I 'H I I Q I", D F ng, I .- ' I 4 y, X 2 , - I, I :Q A A 'FV 1 - N .fr I 5 A A 1 ' 'I wh. .Q , A I 3 I Q K ww w N R I ,, M I 1 Kg e I I I I ,fj ,W' 4 IN A A A M r H, fl 4 Aj TH HE. .-L , "1 WA 4- 4 A I ., I --7 ,J "ll xy' gs QIQQGKB: .IZQT 'OIR 'Munn l . -..,A,,.. J 9156- . , A MN, , ' '0- f , C '5 I r , 0 L I l I I" , -igai U Z3 If! I 0 THE Q5 -,' ,vig ,gidn ,' 5 I UC E CRT D I ,I I I EJQ -.--- -- ' xsx 140: I' N f 311 XF fn 'mlm- Wf 'xsnsk f if N- X x 6 fi 5 QLIU 511 I9 9 2 0.3320 1 H Z 2 'FIU' gc C3 50" zx svzfiz Ig O Emzagmf 4 2 poi D04-Q-4m 512292 :,"mf112r' H47-42 -HCIQ Orzcmw 420-14m 220-mm 0, non 3 Ff 230: g m 91313 tow? 4 9.-4,-404 3:2-12m Pmpogn-1 97-4I'n Fx I4 Fffgmm 95129 n 2'-O z za z""'52f-'W S mgg5ma2?, 9Qr, Pg O wp-gig-4 Sresplgmrg I 2"'i,':,tr"4m I -0r..4 gmmgmmwg Z ZAXQ F I IZ agxmwm " 3xzi,4 DI 0 W 163 gg 19992 D m r--1 7. 2 O Cmmmfn pb iC 'CF r-Y .J 5 a...Z 149 :zo Xw,.4 UU D 'VI 1-50 wotx :pgs 39 zcn'J'm 3o X s J t 19' '1 K pu 'HM Mm f'N Fl i O '71 flmyo P 2 :Em mai: fx XX '45 H1 Xgax Q Q U1 s z-1 We ew' PU -SET- 'RSX Q 3: 12:15:50-vDP'4.D lo?"""l'59vn -I 53'-oz .4 Z 'I'N"23'rEIm ,wozmr-our .Z 4 fam oggiom 2 rzr-qmz v4ngrP0 9 -1 ,Q231v:"'2 1m24J2 hcvzgg Wlffmp Y xf 5 N QQ:- U, if xx f Ipf. f H fy V A. - Q, ' ' A g. -X "X ' gg -1 f www 4- 4. 5 ,rv J, 0 f- nn rw 1 ds vm- KX L: P' 'W '5 " ' I an f ' 5 1.14 l lu A oq 4 l .mm M jf X ,Sag sm o . 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I A 1 sa "' f K " W -Q '24, 0 .0 v o ' nv 0 hwuo ,w vxlfls. XX Y ,, , I I1 X f If XX, Q Q SQ ' A' ,wjlii 'M fwr' "0" xxgxx f Qi, - rlrs' P E- AS v Klb C 'JSS1 xy f VARSITY HO KEY DS I" 'wa M41 A X, fn S1 fwsuuv- ,A 1 V I jr F Q N W fu v "' . iii' i: rlglt fizrziuirzfi GLQQIQTL fzri '1cv':.'1eit, ChL11'.F'S L'1:ii2',xrQ"x, Fern :wi Mu: fi I. 1':.'r2n'59 Fxs' 353, V 1. LI, .SQ:':,u"i 135231. ff,:1:.c:..v, 5121.1-fri f.f1.'f"fq fffjr., 15.r:u'1r1"i TTI' ,l..g'?t2rLsf Lf 1r":,11X, CV BQ' le. Yizxri FW.-J Prnt ff .11 ,:1, Cc 1 'J - T' zg ' ilfl M1 frfgr? I. 'I'f,'.,1Yff :Vi flgllnn, .fartfi EC" Thifti 15 Perl 17' 7f'1g,":1n' Prv. Pri. g'iYl' Rss. ':G'1'f1. H Q f- fx, , V H Q ,- Fr':H11:j:,,:fi1 .............,.......,.........,..,.., Q C Ceiirzzl E1QI'. ...................,....,...,. Z H3r'.'1:f2 Friar. ,,............. ...............,... l E Nj. Prcvlzieriie ...................,,...,, Q A.'.v'1'1f'C'.'.'I'. ffzss. ............................ I 2 ECS' Prcvlceiie ,.,............. . .,....... 2 H532 ..,..,,..,...,..................,..,..........,... E 1 is Ccl ..4,............,.....,..,,..,........., N Crixsiiii ...........................,........... 2 E'.1Yf1llV11lE ..,,. ............................ . .7 ffi. P53515 .....,........,,..........,..,.,.... 4 1 E1'j:'9rs'.'Ll1e ..,................,........... .,.., 2 ' N Q A - ' f. :fr Q x ifi'Ef?fi gwfl i:lK'l.S E',lIf11'.'l.l9 Eurrg, 2 , ' , fl. ' T. ?fiS:A.,, . ....,....,,,.. gltfl. t '51 0 0 -me-1 " The 1941-42 Hockey Season 'f' never rains but it pours" is a common expression which 'his year is particularly applicable to Mount Sain' Charles, After winning fame in the field of fovball, the Hilltop warriors atained the acme of public acclarm by their stellar performance during the recent hockey campaign. Their record of sevenveen wins, five losses, and fl lone tie is one of 'he rnosi successful in schoolboy his- tory. The first five games were nine t'a promising. lVlQC:'lIl'5 five oppanens they produced fr vic- 'ory and ff tie as 'he only s'imula'ing efiocts. But the 'earn soon hi' 'fre victory 'rail in fi blazing winning streak. Thirteen rivals fell llefore thern. Bight through The regular season and into the state playoffs they were nothing short of spectacular, Here are some of the reasons why: All Stae All New Engl nd Ceorges Lepoutre who rrnked fou n in s 'ioolboy scoring VVhere ue would have oeen without his boy rs cnyones guess H a umu ated a total of twenty points nine goals and eleven assists and at all times was or superlative player His clean sportsmanlike type of play brought him as much publicity as did 'us skating aoility His last year of Jarsity competition was culminated w'ien he Nas acknowledged to be the outstanding player of the New England tournament Anotner flashy star was center Charlie Lamoureux who also received the dual honor of being chosen All State and All New England He fought like a lion throughout every game and especially in the playoffs His twelve goals and flve assiss were partlcularly appreciated because of the opportune moments at which they came Normand Guerin chosen second string goalie on the same teams as the former two was always e y in the clutch with a brilliant performance Besides the speed with which he could maneuver himself into position Norm also had a calm and assured appearance on the ice a rare thing indeed in such a furious game His record includes four shut outs and twelve games in vhich there was but one tally slipped past him A great player in a difficult position too much redit can never be given him Fern Mandeville who came up with eight goals and nine assists was another regular Nho showed plenty of fast action Operating from the left wing position he is to be remembered tor his winning goal IH tne f1rst Burrillville game Cliff Devine and Emilien Myette shared the right wing spot and fourteen goals and fifteen assists between them Devines angle shots and magnificent dribbling aided in many a victory Who can forget the excitement which accompanied Myettes winning goal in the final game of the playoffs with Burrillv1lle'9 Lepoutres mate at defense was Tom Perkins With all h ability of a great sportsman he played at a pace that few could equal Penalized but three times during tne year you would have to go a long way to find a flaw in Perks makeup To get an idea of what he is to team recall the tension which swept over the school when he was hurt in tne Lewiston game Aside from these regulars there was the second line of Frost l-lowlet and Connolly who were tn equal of many a first line in schoolboy circles Credlt is also due to Boo Lussi r capaole u s bstitute goalie Georges Belisle promising center Ed Cull n and Andy Boucher as power ful defensemen Congratulations go to Bro Simon and Bro Victoric for their aole coach1ng which is responsible for the solid defense and deceptive plays of the team The cheers of the crowd are stilled and the flashing blades are packed a Nay out tne name the lvl S C championship hockey term will never be forgotten lt lives in the simple tribute of one of our rrch rivrls who said Mount 'i ci he rest team ind that is why hey won the stite title l lives in the annals of the 'Rhode lslanol Learslatife Assem ly whr 'i on lar na l94Z resolved Tna' 'ie House o Bepfesen atives now cornrrien s he derronstrar n of te m lvork starrina and fighting spiri on r of th oct ers of e c KD 'r' cf foun S nt Charles Academy ROBERT GRAY OPINIONS ON THE S A. E PEAV OFFS FRON BOTP S DES OF THU FENCE BURRILLVILLE VOUNT es' te rn v s fl cl Le Mols ri e 'n i. t e rea er enaurur e H 0,1 Q H1 lll lf? EJ E ro IU U ere is no aouo 'i ery fine ncckev is Sc son 'C C1 E anic in Wo d i e n si cn ion l iepartrrren e r es 95 ' - T , - J 1 V, - ' f c rtl ' cl ' . ' a V ' ' t ' ' u ' . e cc l . . V , , F , , V V ' ' ' ' 1 Y M V - ' ' ' I read ' ' ' ' . ' ' ' . . Y' I V I . A H I I A I ' ' . ' z Q ' ' f ' ' " ' " . ' . . ' ' the ' . A , 2, . 9 . . . , 4 . , ,, V, .9 I , , , , V . - of . . . ' ' r ' , . ' ' ' ' A f Y ' 1 ' " I: t. E . ' ' t Q . ' 1 ' ' uc -i , t f V t" c b 'cI, l. ch 2 ', . , ' 1 . tl f . ' .' ,, ' ' ' ' . cl 1 . fo . .ca ' , .' , . ' ' ' ' the pa t e A lcyc . 'h h cl cy tea... -. lf f Tai V sm T v -Y ,- v lr . l- fl A A vk .. . I 1 'A Both teams were evenly matched but lt looked had with Burrrllville' but ihe b . ca. t. on. plenty of fight and team pi Z i'i The o . ' a . trick. Tam Perkins The t ar. '.'i.h th g t . ' a .c ' t. The extra perioa Bu l" wcrriea f -zrrb ther tne, although l felt '.-:ed ac it. . T-lor Cuergr The c ' . 'e' ' t about it: Mount l ad a . ' ' 1 :lub ca . Team '.-:crl as the trick. But Eurrill- . r 'll ' o v1l'e c rtai ly gave 's cchpetrt c 'xi that Q t too, Gcc ff Lepcuhe 1 X I' I 1 , Q 5 1 XX fl X L ffl V in X-A If iiigig lu - f - aff, 4 i!4 K D5 LDQUAD -4 r 'N c rm 1 9 11 2 Basketball 'XF KD' ,1 1 es,1J2 V 111 '1 '1 120 11 ,1 212 1 2 1 2 x 12111 1 rc 1 1 01 111 ofO1Q IQ 111 111 1, 1e11011 1 21 141 J1ClOIl9S w2r2 C012 r'12 er y S 11 DD 1 11,1 was 112231231 1 1112 way 01 a l0yal 1ea111 spirit ,md 2 p211e1122 L11 1h y 1 2a 111e '110Q1 V110 ass2' a 02011114 DUN h Th 1 JT N D Dlllll ar0u11d Cap 111 B010 Ou2lle112 a'1d 1lashy S111a1r0 10rward 1 HO 2111 r respe,11v2ly A110111 1e 121 'HGH wh0 re 1,1r11eCl 101 his las1 year 01 VJID1 y p aymg Wae Wal1 Ba J1 WQ0 a all l1'T13m snowed 110 well under 111e Bill Sfflllfl 0r11111q 110m 1.21111 X Hugh w11h a1111e a repu1a11a'1 lived up 10 all exp2 a11011s He led 111e 12a1r1 lvl 1'1d1J1cl11al bC,,1111a h01101s and was a Welcome add111011 0 1he 13CIlT1 ROUI'1d1I'1J 0111 V19 11151 e1r1ha2rs were T01 b1ITl1'1'101"lS Paul Pryor L1121211 Carmel 11111 3 B2h'l y P1111 D0011ar1 ,Vid 112x1 seasah 1 ,1111eD 111 ,md There is h0w2v2r ,11101her p01111 1'1a1 We pr 5 1 Wllh pl2ae11re Th l9NClSI'1CY 01 a 1051111 011111 is 10 41112 up 1h2 Wm 1 1h 1 as a had lOb Y 1 ouqh 0ur boys 21110y2d 1210 V1 101125 IU 1he 2 1122- 1 r Ill 21r Dm 1112 2011210211 11011, they stuck 101he1r guns 1121 a s1eady e11011 1 hfm 1 h011e a few laurels We 1eel qlad 10 C0111111er1d 1h1s 1lgl'1l111Cj Splfll so harra 10 Ill IlI11fI1I'1 when adv2re CODC11l1OI'1S eX1s1 These b0ys will he 10 11er 111 10 11,111 12 l S525 10 v1Q10r125 when he 11ex1 haske1b11 SEELISVV1 0 1125 ,r0,1121d w1e12b 2 QT lu 4 Wex1 111119 PWJTR URF1 H' FY 7 E X I3 E 1 . s 5 1 s 'X 0 If The F!l0'11.' f',',f,S'9'Q5 ,Hier 1111 l1:e'gt1pf1 Zl','1'j11Bl11'K1??Q' h9',I',1f1f119,411-'42 basl ,1h2 ll ee2'sC1. 'fflfi 31. Lriprei' , Qctcry iver Begrrgnaizi 1 :gl . Their Q01,2 12 2 suziessfq. 1zei1:5:r1 W, , 60311 '.1',fSf'l5Q1, nzxvever, '.'11.er1 111, :ext e'.h'1' '02 '5i,1fr'1e, T215 11:13 ',-1111 1' 1111.111 S1127 fI'LFfI. LH ihe 'f1r',:1'j e11Q1 2' " e The 0,9 T115 pf 52112119112 001111 11 ' ww, ::Q11y, The ,rd as 1 ae 1' ' , , .10e11 ,d. H12 1" " 11, 11:01 tl 't 2 1 ,, , 1, 2 A 2 . ,X ,' ,, 10 e laik, ' "1 1 2 ' 1 ,., 2 ' 2 2 2'22-'a2' ' 2 :al ' , 1 2' ' , ,J ' C, e 2 ' , . er 1 1, 1 1 ' f- f-'Q i 4 f A 1-yn l 1 r ' f- 1 1 1 , 1 1. 1 . , , A ' . 1 ' ' , 3 1 , 1 0 " 1 ' '21 ' ,Ct 1 . ' , '. 2 2 2 1 11' 1 1 , .1 rn 1 , , 1 , . 1. , , 1, 'N' ' f Q 3 f ,- 1 1 V V 1 1 V V +-V 1 1 1 A "Windy" Phillips whose 1iah1111a spirit has led us 10 expect much 01 him when M, - , ,, , , , . ', , ,,2 ' 1 hlflf 01,1 Q , 2 . e , ' f 2 i ' 2' , , lcie in: ' ' . e1, h , , 'C ', ' , 1,111 3 0 23 1,1 l,,2, , , .. ,.l- ' ' 2 ' 2 1 0 1 r . ' 'f ' ' ' f- f l f' ' f-A 1 - X '- 1 V 'C' ' ' ' ' D ' nl f 1 M f V- x ' 1 'V 1 . -1 V ,Q Y 0 A 1 I 1 C. 2 2. 0 1 ,2 2' ' . Bea 21 ,2 101 p,1., C. . 1 ' 7 , T 'N 'z' AQ .31 Fl1l.,1,f!X'1.' C11 TEEE fQE.l.f"f7.. 1.1.9 '. .,.. . ..,.. 1':::.-:,1:,, ..,.,,.. ff ,' ,. f'1 :111:,L11.,. Ll. 13. ' .....,,.. ,...... ' f 1 .... ,,.,...' f.. .' ' ,.... .... f-1 1141 l-it ff, S. LQ ...,,,,.....,.... - ,, 1. .,.,. Q2 If ff '. ., ..,..,. .... ' 3 ?:g111f ....., .. f.. ff. ,' ,...,...,. . ....' A F' F :Q 2. , ,... .' .' V' ,,.. .V 'T-:Ir :I 1' 1.15. ., ...r 7 fi ..,.. ... .,.k 1, 1, fl: .1 ,.,. -1 ff, .' ..... ' ff' 1.5 1 'nb '. ,ff 0 'Jw J S3111-1 S'-S gi'-" Q s"-"""" '2- -ii' E bg? 5. -r-'W 'al' 1 ss- I ff! E 'QE 9 -.1-'S '-Q-"i':-E' 4 W4 if N., mwr S'Fff1011 M- Jnframurai I' M DTR! I f L in 6 Z ' Juuwt efhnu " v V' fx Xp 144 'l gXCEl9 xx' 'o I i I942 If Intramural Sports Senior Section J J 'IALL t S 1 If Jil' ef f eartfm e nf e s tore' f e ff snr, rn at-en e S n fs te 'r e 'rfs ff1.r e ff ea st , Anns I "1 'teer srters le' mselfes rue In .J ITIO II'l Olnff ADJ C 'TIC' I1 Y1'I"TIl UCI Q J esenel fl P U I s 1 'ne I f' ul ASKETBAI. n f' te D11 Mlrtrn Bob rrrororrswrp laarnorons of out ere members ee There were ergnt ortly J er the fwnrrstmas re ess ne 'nstce all eague go .meter ,ay ams n 'nely 're spartans E gles rotctns Rooms Prrates Arro IS Navy and Army The ents berng vell mat h d many Close an breath krng games were wrnessecl Toe champron sfnp was Captured by the Army team under the C p axney of Lou Panuzrs The champlons were the Irrst team rn the hrstery of the rntramural league to entoy on uncle eated season They were rresented wr h 1 trophy bf the Rev Os ar Gutboult Chaplarn ot the school I1 the Day student., Lefrgute Nalt Baron s Dceogers were 're outstfrnfitng hght throughout the so :son By de'eat1ng the Orrfles hey ret rnefl the fhampronshrp they nad won mst year HID NINTFR ACTIVITIES Throughout the wrnter frnrlrtres were 'urned o re mrlder sports The spec' cular shots of Irseph Iornrel won for hrrn 'he unfontested trtle ot noel lung whrle Ima Srnatro s aecurate eye and :rm brought hr'n to the tor rn prng pong Other games suoh as chess and eherkers helped greatly whrle away Q rung ho,rrs N ren ou .fl e ss e As th1s book goes to press the Base-to I season gets under va oasey s loom as poterr rrl Iavorres or therr team has been toget .er or 'tree fears we fer h Harps and th e .pox wrl be V1 there ttghtlng for 're 'rtl Intramural Sports J unlor Sectlon rJlDTBAI.I. LSI It tn 51 ts C ,N ft errs 'Dr e qc x ,ef ' Pnl Aneers rm n tt f our rs e f Q fs In se rr n I'I'XSL. f' 'IC I 'IS D oKE'Y NIS S S " I J'U"I'IG "QI I" Q 3 'IQ Nc D to GSSI' 'X can 'I x, SK A 'I IY1t,.I at 'Ib SG S 'I 3 -xr :. 2. SIX V Sis seg: E-3111 99 1 so rfjxs ere rn e ef1'ed wr lr ,er helm I-Irjr srvro er Jeorg Lzergor anfi N, gr! 1..Il'I nese trope 3 " rcs x,f1C IOFS W s Q my 'ne e If uni L1no'e Q e I'1 .te xg 'Pt 'X s s -I ms. S "' .19 JSE Ulu X -.NUZI 'WX LC lf' f""' Urtfinr 'gftgnzple 'ltre "tin if Fffl. Ere. Ilgseff, 'he 1:'r'1r:.'gr'1l I. :ate T'J'1S ferrari . " '. 'h- fart. It 1.-ms "cron: ef' cf fvtr Warts. They 'rs follows: The Ecnetrushers, Eesti oollxge, ffz' J ' ne ': 1 'na ful.-C"1I Ll .,1f. 'rue rfsg1f:i1"1 Qeaderel C if Id. I',..n,s y, he ' 1 , frfrtinell, '1 'I Ifeph I'1:r.i:l. After .Any -X"jI'IH'5 gan.. The 'lf,i'f'l.g one fzr The gnu' ' I ig,k piaw '1' st"1'1'r... 'Ihe Bo. f, 'Q l . shox- ,a fhe. ., ' - T , C . A' " - '1'1se nf' Nc? , Pla , .' . 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' 1 .Q Zn, Lf, ' CI ft Cl 1 T "UI, fi. 9 A. 2 'I A - No 1 'z Cvrrn yer, 'ne If., rv Iunrf : rn,re '11 rn neli '1 -rr e'.'n 'zrns' :ll :p,..:nf,nts. fl., fvgt1Q :rs r 3 R Q1 r' Pu-1 Ie' ren Zu Xe, A 'hong' f.fir't3ne"1, XI' 'e Fra fls, aflrn fy - 1 , Qty: I ' ILI-fHlIIi, :nel P111. f.fTQer.1 TC. '.'.'e '.-:nl :ex ...:r, of " , toys next yairr. HOA A, Tl. ea ons lun :rs los: 1: 2 C det:1s1en to Earrrllvzlle, but , ,ea all aber f:,s. . CQ' :I d A e 4 fl.- r '.'1:',.1s 1.-gr, fl f rin PYC'.'1C'l,H1'9 Iayvaf 3 2 'lac' tone A..-.ff rs Q 2, and ...e Ter: I Olympus, ciiarnprsns of that ertys 11. ter league 2--I. BA ETB'l.L At '4 :amen ef the keen rgvalry of both Capt Anaefo. N :na 'S A i. pleas: s tear: 1 the faii tztat 'he basketball a :ri e.1i,a 1.-:rin the awararng ei a :o-Czarnp' . zip, lo. Mirhaels :eachlna has preauieii rn 'ie past :any keys later earned fan., as zxzr tj high sjhgel afhle'-es, '.'r'e ar, sur, that :tanj-' :ine e ire also on the :me road e :at :Z Ere. lflenaq ' spl r1'cl efforts. I. 'fl P.' "' C P.:-.UL off., EXPEL , 2 51 XX 0 1 1 , 0 'WPI' C BASEBALL SQUAD Flrst Row lelt to rraht Chfden Devme lcseph Connolly Charles Lamoureux Iean Noel Plche Normand Guerln lohn McCarthy Walter Bacon Second Row Llonel Andrews Robert Beauchemm Wlllram Smrth Thomas Perklns Edward Cullen Robert Bentley Marcel Latour Thlrd Row Edouard Carpentzer Coach Ierom C Buckley Bev Bro Gurllau'ne Boland Cayer Fourth Row Managers Albert Lefebvre Leo G1lbr1de Leo Hebert Baseball Wlth the advent of sprrnq the cry Play Ball was heard and rmmedrately the call for base ball candldates went out 1n Mount Saint Charle School Thtrty odd candldates responded and under Coach Ierome C Buckleys able quldance a prormsrnq club was soon wh1pped 1nto shape W1th such veterans as Charlle Lamoureux Nel Andrews lohn McCarthy and loe Connolly Coach Buckley has a farrly good nucleus around whtch to butld h1s team McCarthy and Connolly are outlrelders and toqether w1th Boland Cayer a sophomore form a fast outireld Bill Smlth a transfer from Lennox l-lrqh where he played varsity for two years IS holdmq down the 1'11t1al sack vvhzl Tom Perkms and Walt Bacon are taklnq ca e of the keystone co'nb1nat1on duties Bob Bentley another sophomore seems to have clrched the thrrd base POSITION Coach Buckley boasts a fme prtchma staff OHSISTIHC-I of Nel Andrews Norm Guerln Cltff Devme and Emrllen Myet e and a strrnq of dependable catchers mcludma Charles Larroureux Ea Cullen and Iohn Ptche Several of these also serve IH a Ul1l1lY rol lt he s ymq A team IS as qcod as rs reserves IS true 'hen Mount has nothmq o worry about 'or Jn add1t1on to the above we have Marcel Latour Ed Carpentler who may ft 1nt n 1nf1eld and awe a aood a count ot themselves ln lctr cel ut aanns Burrtllvrlle Mount made r Jcry su ess ul snc nn 1n Jowmn, 'rerr J onen s LJ score o 4 U ln hrs ame Nel Andrews nd Chl' Defme crnt me-a urrrllvxle c oree 1lS Ad ed to t IS eam ,layed errcrl ss all 'una t e'n VV su n an ausp1c1ous s art the Sam s oromrse to s ow up well rn 're R'1Od6 lsland Class B Le que wucn starts Aprn 28 WALTER BA Ol 42 100 A fr 1 A - 1 ' 1 . f - 1 Al 51 I A , . f , e . , . . ' t , , f f . , r , . r . . . , , r . .. A . . . . t , . . , , A . ,, . .5 ,, . . Y LA , t , , . t ,r , . . 7 3 t e Nw ' l l ' ' f v 1 y f-- I ' -A' N ' v ' rv l ' .r- 1 J 4 t , . . f ti r V d f .I , , 4 ' . . I Q ' rw, v v . ' - ' aft l A or rr , A J . . t a , . cr . ' L J , .o hold B ' 'l ' " h' d ht 'he ' 'J e b ' be" ' 'iv' 'c' ' t , T A n t. . a -, . , ,. ., C N ihe sum keepb some VIIJI x'1L,u qomg There IS your '1e.xr' cmd Tn t IS you And li the peoole m y Why hddle yo,1 must in 'J 1 fO,11' hfe E gqr use Vins rs uilfr ones ' A fld cu ccnfiddle, df' . AQ,I:'v,JI," E X U E 1 9 Q ' I 9 0 'S 0 VVl'.f'f A Reverend Oscar E Gu1lbault Father Gurlbault cur beloved chaplam came to us from St Iames Parrsh rn Manvrlle at the begrnmng of the present school year ln the few short months that he has been wrth us w have gleaned rnuch rn the way of good example from thrs humble man of God Hrs prety and devotron trme and tlme agarn have rnsprred hrs boys to strrve to better therr own lrves In class as well as rn church he rs at all trmes everythrng that one could ask for rn way of a gurde Tolerant understandrng helpfulness and frrendly manners are hrs factors whrch have led us to consrder Fatrrer Gurlbault not only as a prrest but as a true frr nd What else could we thrnk watchrng hrm play hockey as rf he were one of us or at other trrnes taklng an actrve rnterest rn our basketball games and other sports Ordarned on May 3l l93l h has thus far grven eleven years to hrs God regret that more of thes years could not hav b en spent wrth us To you Father Gurlbault w can ffer lrttl rn th way of worldly thrngs But from our hearts w can say thrs The work such as you do frnds rts reward Your unceasrng labors rn cur behalf wrll not be forgotten for wherever we may be whatever we may do your nc rnory w1ll be cherrshed and your name frequent rn our prayers The world would b a far better place to lrve rn Father rf there were rn re 'nerr lrke you llay y u emoy a long and happy stay at the Mount Nfl S C ALUMNl OF 42 CROBERT GRAY? 102 . 9 t , - . , I, 1 I r . .9 ' . . . ' , , e T ' and Church. Now, as we are about to leave Mount Saint Charles, we sincerely e e e ' . , ' , e r o ' e '. e ' ' , 9 . I ,, I I . . , , .e. ' ' . n Q . . I , I C r r I ' . v C - I r N ,, 1 . '. . r ' fl x Tlme Marches On E X l' E I 5. xx Q K' W 1 0 ab ! Q Li L gXl'ElS at 'o W 'I N1f1'f'C Class Wrll Be rt remembered that we the class of 42 of Mount Sarnt Charles berng of sound mrnd an memory do make thrs our last wrll and testament We bequeath and devrse as follows To Reverend Father Chaplarn we leave our utmost gratrtude for hrs unfarlrng sprrrtual leader shrp throughout our stay at the Academy To Reverend Brother Lorenzo we bequeath our srncere thanks and genurne apprecratron for hrs undrssemblrng drrectron of our socral athletrc and scholastrc gurdance here rn our tenure t Mount Sarnt Charles To the Brothers of the faculty we foster your expert gurdance and we sympathrze wrth you rn losrng the best class that has ever come to Mount Samt Charles Academy To the Mrnders we donate a group of boys for next year and we wrll always cherrsh your abrlrty to make thrngs pleasant for us To lerome Buckley the greatest coach that has ever rnstructed the students of Mount Sarnt Charles we hope that he wrll frnd as good materral next year as he drd thrs year Dutch Cook breaks down and rmparts the secret of hrs famous frreball to Omer Grenon Roger Brssonette leaves hrs book keeprng talents to Alphonse Fats Nerbonne The all around athletrc abrlrtres of Nel Andrews have been donated to that emrnerrt strong man Norm Laroche Boobre Kaufmann leaves the captarncy of the cheerrng squad to that vrvacrous Hartford boy Gene Taylor Omer Mrllrard bequeaths hrs abrlrty of keeprng srlence rn class to lerry Morrn Curley McDermott donates a years subscrrptron of the New York News to Henry Super man Henson Harry Densmore cedes hrs remarkable memory to another brarntrust Arthur Paddy Patenaude Gene Boucher yrelds the acolyte posrtror' on Sunday mornrng to Bob Morrrs Conrad Forsy presents hrs rntellectual genrus to such strugglrng sophomores Leonrde Brbeault and loseph Pacheco Snrpe Connolly surrenders the varsrty center spot to that hefty Iunror Paul Savrolr Savore The Latrn profrcrency of Wrldhorse Martrn has been gracrously handed over to F Maurrce l prefer rt that way Ouellette lohnnre Dubors surrenders hrs talents for sleeprng durrng hrstory perrod to Sprke McMrchael Ioe W lamrel leaves hrs fancy pool shots to the rncomparable pool shark Montana Westcott The melodrous vocal chords of Don Beaudorrr have been forever yrelded to the orrgrnal Hart ford Whrp poor wrll Frenchre Rheaume Irrrrmre Murphy hands over hrs generalshrp of tmngs rn general to none other than Chuckrn Charlre Lamoureux Wrllre Keegan submrts to Irm Greene hrs abrlrty o be the frrst one out of class at two thrrty Stud Gray bequeaths hrs eloquent humor and abrlrtf at obtarnrng hrgh marks to the poor lunrors who surely could use these talents Norm Berube grudgrngly hands over hrs trtle of class sharpre to flashy Wrllre Howell Bobbre LHeureux donates plenty of fresh vegetables from LHeureuxs Market for e skrmpy undernourrshed lunrors Eddre Hughes submrts hrs knowledge of 'notron prcture photography to Tom Morrrs Frankre Saumur surrenders hrs genral marners and wrnnrng ways to LaSalle Nolrn The grant stature of Ed Healy has been grven to Leonard Pee Wee Rousseau Whrtey Robert leaves the seed of hrs sarntly vocatron to some prous under classman Leo Krtzel Grlbrrde cedes hrs magrcal gurtar to L o Lovesrck Hebert Gabby Turcotte vacates hrs seat rn hrstory to any other member who wants to snatch a darly cat nap The Woonsocket Call Jacket of Chub Wrllett has been grven to Dynamrte Drck Dragon who seefns to collect them Bernre Mondor bequeaths hrs drawrng talents to Nelson Moose Maynard Don McPherson donates the basketball talents of hrs entrre famrly to Long but not least Torn Srmmons Felrx Oleaga turns hrs leadershrp of the Mount Latrn Ouarter to he Caracas Venezuela youngster Morrs Dager foe Barry surrenders hrs hrgl' posrtron as leadrng member of the Honor Boll to that mathematrcal genrus Armand Collard Charlre Hefren cedes hrs leftenct posrtron as leadrna member o' the football squad to bro her lrm Maurr e Plasse secretly grves hrs treatrse on How to Translate Vrrgrl rn Ten Easy Lesscns to Lours Beuuchemrn re rnusrtal gerrrus uf Ber re Bnrrr cnc f 'rc ef: Cntr rsseurs r r rtrzz at he Morrn equeaths nrs trtle to Keenan who needs rt lean Paul Hazebrouck cedes nrs trtle as class mrdget o lames Ar Ferren lohnnr Cnrrstmas Prcne leaves the ca c'rrng aepartrrent of the Mount varsrty open to c. lr tle robust lad Weasel Connolly 104 I ' ' 1 ' ' , ' . A ' , ' , a . . . . . as . ' ' l ' ' ' ' ' 1 ' - ' . Ray Belisle gives his ability with a basketball to Fern Champigny, another coming court star. . , ,. , . ,, th Tl 4' V' ' . t' ' r'!', - o ll 1 f ' -'Q' o' ' of ez l '. t t t, l Y I I K A EXISEQS Y- I Henry Drewes says that the position as librarian is going to "Red" Gelineau. "Fern" Mandeville leaves the grease from his slide trombone to Maurice Houle, the future musician Baritone Bernie Wozniak donates the entire music room o Vtfee Willie Chamberland Frank Lind surrenders his Blue Mercury to lean Lepoutre s collection Cas if he needs itl Bob The Rlpper Ouelle te yields hrs captaincy and classy basketball shots to Wndl Nendell Phillips The winged skates of Lightning Georgie Lepoutre go to glamorous fat least he thrnks sol Al Marcoux Bill Hurley bequeaths h1s glistening curly locks to Arthur Fu7z Wuzz OLeary anoth r Frenchman Andy Desdulniers and Ray Constantineau varate he leadership of the Blackboard Wio r Association to Laurier Goudreau and Norm Dube Maurice Pepin gives his Fr nch knowledge to Normand Langelrer the star of the Iunior Fren n Class Fishy Finn removes his slick shmy well combed pompadour and donates it to Hairless Bud Mottley the pride of lolsey Mouse McCarthy bequeaths his cute way of getting mto Bro Elises bad graces to Robert l dldnt mean to do it Brother Dusseault To Armand Cote the sophomore luvenlle Eddie Allard leaves a cheery smile Bob Mitchell leaves his excellent knowledge of feminine psychology to that immortal lover lack Reardon Tiger Burke donates his feminlne photographs locker to Arthur Peckerhead Gardner The airplane models of George Melancon have been donated to the collection of Hubert Dex traze lohnny Cote gladly gives an extra ton of his solid flesh to Art Skin and Bones Ladebauche Luclen Beauchemm gives hrs brute strength to Georgle The Shrimp Belisle Little Dickie Frost inherits his hockey wrzardry from that shining star who just missed the Varsity Albert Fregeau Freddie Milliard will lend his ancient rattle trap to Cam Desrosiers in order that he can deliver his milk The height of Paul Robert will be passed on to Roger Deslardins who cant quite reach the knob on his classroom door Ernie Lessord who has a qualnt way of getting by leaves his sly tricks to Frankie Killilea The Bookkeeplng Blues of Roland Thibault have gladly been yielded to Rene Hemond Bob Beauchemin the good looker of the Commerclal Course transplants his handsome features to Luke Carmel the Iunior class Beau Brummel Marcel Vadenais inherits the very studious disposition of that Honor Roll Kid Eddie Arsenault Lucien Bibeault offers his exciting and va ied repertoire to Robert Killer Dunne Hammerin lack Bond vacates the varsity fullback position for another worthy bone Crusher larrin lzzie Nadeau Timmre OConnor hands over his miniature black volumes full of telephone numbers to Frankie Hip boots Sweeney another admirer of the fair sex Handsome Dlck Fleming departs but not without giving Ray Bechard some wise hints on Why the Girls Wont Look at Me Lucy Robitarlle willingly donates to Billie Anderson and Paul Stone his second and third helpmgs of Mulligan stew The limousine belonging to Wally The Whang Bacon has been surrendered to Dickie Thomas who w1ll use it up here Pl next year Fatso Demers yields his well worn seat in study hall to Normand Never Study Michaud Bill Smith cecles his blue eyes and rosy complexion to Fred Glamor Girl Burnham Frank l Told You So Keefe will let the Reverend Brother Elisee do all of the talking from DOW on Class Robert Croaky Chronley Zeke Dyer sends by railway express his oversized win er woolies to Archie McDonald Willle Gulllaume Fox donates his extraordrnary talents in French Public Speaking to that Prima Donna of stage screen and raaio Ed lackvony Cliff Devine bequeaths his find em and leave em technique to 1ovial limmie Reilley Eddie St lean leaves the leadership of the St Cha les clan to Robert McGovern Tom Foo Ling sadly yields every one of ms boy scou badges to Rollo Tenderfoot Mahon Flasn Howlett tenders his blond hair and remarkable wooing qualities o Whit Wallach he Romeo of the IUUIOT Section Tommie Perkins surrenders rs a o keeping alrr l and collected rn he football Hiidle o Tnomas Mortimer Burke Barney Frost hegueatns ti Nc l Glamor Boy of he Mount to lonnme Hennessy e Kid w1t the Carr y Comp exion Norm Guerm w 1 his p s n af ur n s o Ska e n Your Ba f S cl it H c ett Lieu enant Red Dc er ,f le s s innui ra e milidry qutaliic trons our beloved Ger ra Douglas MacAr 'iur Iirn Fleetfoo Sinatra aona es il of nis speed o the Uni ed Sta es Navy or a speedy attack on lap n lU5 Y H ' 1. 1 f V 4 4 J t Y A 1 ,, 1 .A O S V I r A Q I ' nl c , , y V L , . , In - rr . , , . if ry , . 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Suggestions in the Mount St Charles Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Woonsocket, RI) collection:

Mount St Charles Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Woonsocket, RI) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


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Mount St Charles Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Woonsocket, RI) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 139

1942, pg 139

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Mount St Charles Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Woonsocket, RI) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 22

1942, pg 22

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