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- .' f-mf., wmwznwinm- . .-',..- - ..f 1 .-:ms.f.:: 'f-- Q -H.-1. -1--mfs-zzesxm4ess':.f 1 w, nw Y f -Y 1 '-my 1 w w , 1 w ,M-f,QmmW...w -A ..,,, ,..N 1 my .,., fd. ,-'! .' THE EXCELSIQR FCDI2 IXIINETEEN FORTY MCUNT SAINT CHARLES ACADEMY Woonsocket, Rhode Island DEDICATICDN The Class of Nineteen Forty wants to honor by this volume of "The Excelsior" the genial Brother REVEREND BROTHER JOSEPHUS who, sixteen years ago, opened the portals of our Academy to young men eager to receive, with the intellectual knowledge, the sacred truths of Mother Church. May the worth of our lives be the fulfilment . of his cherished dreams when he founded Mount Saint Charles Academy! xv! xv! xv! xv! xv! xv! xv! xv! xv! xv! xv! kvvl xv! xv! xv! THE REVEREND BROTHER JOSEPHUS, SC Founder of Mount Saint Charles Academy His Excellency THE MOST REVEREND FRANCIS P. KEOUGH Bushop of Prowdemco F' . 4 3 . K . i I 1 fi .YL l If 3 . L, k N 5 Q ' K QQ? HILLIQP VIEW T-if 1 M, N . .x pk K A T .QR - gmcegy ik-ff-Qfx ig 5 Lm.. Q K fi 3 ix 5, Sgf.. 215359: A fgff 'Q ' .figgffh Q E. Q ,, S1- 3 'TN Q Sbgwri. as it ' . x X B T 'FX X,xX 'L 2 ki N- .. x Q 'Y N i A xi. -.X CAMPUS VIEW fa PM ' W f 'KJKQYR ' -Z , : ' V, Wf A X 7, ' ' 'V .5 JJ? ,.,z 'wi WH 2159112 '.v' , 1+ H ,, V' 4. f, if if ul A f ,A , i' Z . ,J . Y A , 1 hx 42? U f 0 . f ,Q M1 FROM THE CAV PUS S C M F WO I E AIRV i . Jw Q NIHV TZAL PAR NHRY fx, Qc H NT vo HE T CF NG EN TC A STUDY HALL A RECREATION HALL A CLASS OF MECHANICAL DRAWING PHYSICS LABORATORY MAIN RECEPTION ROOIVI LARGEST OYIVINASIUIVI IN NEW ENGLAND A TYPEWRHING CLASS A PRIVATE ROOM FACULTY E X l' E l g Y ' I 0 0 K 0 VV1'f'C REVEREND BROTHER BRUNO, SC Director I5 l94U QXVIQS XX X Y, ii-MY- I ll X XX 4' HA-.f-C ' 'W-' REVEREND FATHER CHRISTIAN E GUILBXXULT Qlwaplaim 16 l94Il EX l'El g Q '10 4' ll 1Nl'f'C REVEREND BRQTI-IFR BXXRTHOLOMEW, SC Prefcm wflw A gXlTEl9 at 'o 1 lf VVl'f'C REV BRO ALLYRE, SC REV BRG ADELARD SC REV, BRO, FUWIU5, SC REV, BRO, HERMYLE, SC 18 '19-40 Y ll VV1'f'C EXl'El9 at '0 RFV BRO FYMARV, Sf REV HI-10 MUN I AUME, SC REV. BRO SIMON, SC. REV, BRO QEO-ADELAIQD, SC I9 efxtflg 'I X9 00 Vvbf-C REV, BRO PHILIPPE, SC. REV, BRO, LUDOVIC, SC. REV. BRO. VITAL, SC. REV, BRO, LS-JOSEPH, SC 20 gXl'Els Kai '00 VVX'f'C HPV BRO PHILFAS, SC NPV UNO JQAII-ENT QC REV, BRO, ALVAREZ, SC. HPV BRO FLISFF I 9110 EXl'Elg Y I0 9 W ll NM-f-C ' 'x NPV NGO FMHHIQ nf RFV. NRO HOIQIXXN, SC QFV mo MIPODOIQF, SC raw :wo JN Jo 22 l94U EXFEIS E I K9 00 VVl'f'C NV BRO lWCfI!NI QC IW PIO IWNI9 QC QFV, BRO MARK SC IVV HO IIVNIN W :filo exlflfl., at 'o W ll VV1'.f'C REV. BRO ALDEMAR, SC. REV BRO VINCENT, SC. REV, BRO. MATHIAS, SC. REV. BRO, PAUL-AUGUSTE, SC 24 EXFEIY we 'o Y ll NM-f-C REV. BRO BLAISE, SC REV BRO BERNARD, SC REV. BRO. RONALD, SC REV BRO VWLBERT, SC 25 l94U 0 GRADUATES and PGST GRADUATES gXCElg at 'lo K ll 'VVl'.f'C' Eclitor-in-Chief Ol The Excelsior RICHARD RONDEAU l57 Highland Avenue Providence, R. l. Here we have one of the outstanding athletes ever to don a Mount uniform. "Dick" was with us for three years but no other student, in the history of the school, secured so many friends. His nice manners, magnetic personality, excellent behavior won the affection of all. On the football field, on the ice, on the diamond, he was "everywhere" and caused the opposing coaches many headaches. His scholastic rec- ord was worthy of his athletic ability, He wants to study journalism, and some day, we have hopes, he will replace Jack Martin, as sports editor of the "Providence Journal". 1910 gXCEl. 2 51 S9 00 1Nl'.f'C ARTHUR ARTRUC 320 Third Avenue Woonsocket, R. l. The Mount's king of swing! This title certainly fits "Truc", his friends testifying he can swing itl l-le heads an orchestra and plays the drums. "Truc" is a chubby fel- low, the proud possessor of large dimples in each cheekg he thanks God to have endowed him with a sweet temper. A very popular boy, he enjoys playing Bro. Elisee's music records every noon. l-le doesn't go in for sports very much, and in his studies he tries to get fairly good marks counting on the inspiration of the l-loly Ghost. GERARD BEAUCHEMIN 379 Third Avenue Woonsocket, R. l. Gerard has been with us for a number of years. This quiet, good-natured chap has won a place in the hearts of faculty members and students. l-lis untiring efforts have enabled him to have his name grace the honor roll sev- eral times. "Butch", as he wishes the boys to call him, was a valuable asset to the football teamg his smashing tackles were certainly a menace to our opponents on the gridiron, Gerard hasn't revealed his future plans but we feel sure that his genial manner and assiduous work will carry him far in whatever field he attempts to enter in life. l-lere's loads of luck and success to a great friendl 1920 1 EXCEL? ai I0 K 0 'VVX'f'C RAYMOND BEAUCHEM l N 89 Merrill Court Woonsocket, R. l. Eight years ago this amiable lad first ascended the hills to Mount Saint Charles Academy, His name has often adorned the Honor Roll and he is destined to make a place for himself in the lumber industry. Whenever there is a discussion, "Ray" is seen in the thick of it. He's an authority on all sports, rules, and records. Geniality and perseverance are his chief characteristics. Typevvriting and bookkeeping are his pet subjects. Here's to a great pal and likeable chap, may all his undertakings be successful! GEORGE BELANGER 368 Church Avenue Verdun, P. Q. Presenting "Georgie", Verdun's most creditable gift to the Mount! He graced the halls of our Academy for the past three years. His good looks and charming personality have won him many friends. The Mount's Flying French- men are losing a valuable center in George, his fine stick- handling and all-round team play gave the Mount its third consecutive hockey championship. George has also been outstanding in his studies during his stay here, he has se- cured three Honor Roll letters, which proves his merit as a student. George intends to work for his Dad, and during his spare moments to play senior hockey for Verdun. His many friends will be glad to welcome back their lost hero! 1940 A egXUEl9 I 0 K9 0 e1'Vl'.f'C CAMlLl.E BELISLE 325 Grove Street Woonsocket, R. I. Meet "Cam", one of the handsomest of the Senior Classl He graduates with enough credits to pass them down to other students who are not passing. He is one of the wit- tiest of his class. He has been on the Honor Roll for three years. As many students in the school, as many friends he has. He has been on our great hockey team for the past two years. Whatever he intends to do after he graduates from school, we believe that with his unerring personality, nothing but success awaits him, CARL BETZ 426 East 26th Street New York, N, Y. Tall, dark, and handsome are only a few of the masculine qualities this boy possesses. A product from the sidewalks of New York, Carl came to the Mount three years ago. Un- able to attend the Mount in l939, Carl returned to us this year with all of his sparkling personality and brilliant mind, "Tex", as he is called by his fellow students, has proven himself a capable student. "Tex" is one of those boys who has toured a great deal, he has souvenirs from Pennsylvania, New Mexico and Texas. His one great ambition is to own a hunting lodge up in the mountains of Colorado. For what- ever field Carl pursues, we are sure that his efforts will be crowned with success. 1940 gXl3ElS Y- I 1' 00 LAURENT B 3l Willow Street Laurent, better known to us timers". He has been with us tainly say that he has been "Bill's" wit and winning smile classes a pleasant one to be in sity football team and has won his sweater and letter. When not busy with school work, "Bill" keeps himself occupied with his scouting. As a member of the lndustrial Chemistry Course, he has proved to us his ability as a chemist. We are sure that "Bill" will be a gain to Ri l. State Best of luck, "Bill"l ILODEAU as "Bill", is one of our "old nine years and we can cer- "an all-round great fellow". have made everyone of his TVX'f'C Woonsocket, R4 I. He has played on the var- GERARD BIRON 626 Rathbun Street Woonsoclcet, R. l, Presenting jovial and friendly Gerard Biron of the Social section of Woonsocketl Although his scholastic rating did not place him on the Honor Roll, he managed to secure graduation requirements, He was a member of the band for five years and the best cornetist in the group. If you see a white plane circling over Woonsocket, you may assure yourself that it is Gerard piloting it His loyalty to the Mount has been unflinching, His ambition is to become a professional aviator. We wish him the best of success and hope that his parachute is always in good condition. 1940 QXCEL, 2 5: Q9 00 VVl'f'C BERNARD BLAIS l58 Central Street lvlanville, R. 1. .A quiet boy from Manvillel This is the description that anybody will give you ot Bernard. Always striving to do his best in studies, he was well repaid tor his name was never missing from the Honor Roll during his tour years' stay at the lvlount. As a relaxation from studies, "Bernie" has been interested in sports, especially baseball. Everybody knovvs how well he can uphold his point in baseball discussions, No one has ever heard this boy muttering about his bad luck, he takes everything in an optimistic vvay, the reason why we all believe Bernard will succeed in liter h JEAN LOUIS BOLDUC 57 Water Street Waterville, Me. "Johnny" hails from "away up there" in Maine. A prize- vvinning and pleasing disposition have made him an indispens- able member ot our graduating class, Without this beam- ing ray ot sunshine, the campus would have often been a dreary spot, Although "Johnny" has not been a participant in sports, his quarterly papers otten l:ore a 90 plus mark, a probable explanation why he never displayed his wares on the athletic field, As yet he is undecided as to the college he plans to enter, l-le has so tar three, vvith "l-loly Cross" leading. Whatever college he enters, he will certainly bring honor to his Alma Mater. Good luck, "Johnny"l 1940 EXCEL.. 2 5: 4' 00 'VV1'f'C JAMES BOLTON 28 Plymouth Street New Bedford, Mass, Known affectionately as "Jim", he is New Bedford's gift to Mount Saint Charles. A stellar student and a good basket- ball player, he possesses all those traits that endear him to those that know him, l-le personifies the words of the poet who said, "Who smiles receives an answering smile." l-lis good naturedness, and witty remarks, are an integral part of the Senior Class, l-le will enter l-loly Cross in the fall and we expect laudable reports from the Dean. l-lappy landings to a zealous worker and a great friend! ELMER BOURGET l Morton Avenue Woonsocket, R. l, ln Elmer we have the perfect specimen of the quiet fel- low, who thinks over the situation from all angles before voicing his opinion. Never has "EI" been heard to even give the slightest sign of dissatisfaction. l-le has a good word for everyone and is willing to help all. Ohl if only more persons could imitate his calm efficiency! l'm sure that this world would be a better place to live in. Elmer is made of exactly the stuff that is needed to succeed in all undertakings. 16110 - Y QXLEL9 0 '0 W If JAMES BROGIE 222 l.ake Street Brighton, Mass. "Smiley" is a cheerful happy-go-lucky representative of Boston. For a number of years now his favorite exercise has been to purchase the newspapers at Fontaine's every morning for Bros Elisee. Being an ardent sport fan, his boisterous voice is often raised in defense of his favorite team against the arguments of his opponents. l-le plans to realize his ambitions by enlisting with the United States Marine Corps in September, We are sure he will be a credit to his school and to his country. ROBERT BUCKLEY 570 Canton Street Stoughton, Mass. Everybody knows Robert, the smiling lad from Stoughton, who graced the portals of the Mount for the first time last September. l-le came here to prepare for College. His ever- smiling face and attractive personality have won him nu- merous friends vvherever he has gone. ln intramural sports, he set a fine example of how to take both victory and de- feat. l-lis persistency in endeavor is matched only by his desire to get ahead, l-lis sharp vvit and keen humor have enlivened numerous groups of friends. l-le intends to fur- ther his studies at l-loly Cross, the outstanding Catholic College in the East. 16440 EXCELS Y I 19 00 7' sVVlf'C ALFRED CARON 804 Park Avenue Woonsocket, R, l, "Pete", as he is known to his classmates, is a good-natured, pleasant, and most helpful tellow. I-Ie has never tailed to inscribe his name on the l-lonor Roll during his nine years at the Mount. "Pete" graduates with enough credits to allow two "tlunkers" to get the sheepskin, A master of the typewriter, he seldom tails to average a sensational seventy-five words a minute, Not only does he excel in his class-work, but although he is only sixteen years old, "Pete" rates very high among the city's ten leading chess players. Congratulations, l-lill College! THOMAS CADORET lClO Bayvue Avenue Salem, Mass. "Tom" is one of the most prominent Seniors to graduate this year. During the tour years he was here, he made it a policy to be a friend to everyone and an enemy to no one, "Tom" was late in entering this year much to the detriment ot the football team where, in. past years, he was outstand- ing at right tackle. Also known as "Muscles", he'll be re- membered tor his feats ot strength, which included boxing and wrestling, "Tom's" plans tor the tuture are shipbuild- ing and roaming the seven seas. ln the years to come we expect to see some transatlantic steamer named after him. iiffin EXCEL. 2 5 1 0 s " 0 mmflif FRANCIS CARRIER l97 Glenwood Avenue Pawtucket, R. l. During his five-year tenure at the Mount "Fran" has gained praise and honor from all of his teachers. His name has never failed to grace the Honor Roll, His pleasing per- sonality has won him many friends amongst the students. ln both French and English Public-Speaking, he has shown himself an outstanding member. He fared well as a mem- ber of the track team and starred in intramural sports. As associate editor of "The Excelsior", he has contributed greatly to its success. For a man with such ambition we have high hopes for his future studies in Chemistry at Holy Cross. GERARD CAYER 372 Grove Street Woonsocket, R. l. "Jerry" is one of the Mount's big-three, ithe cheerful onel. ln his seven years as a lvlounty, all but one year saw him off the Honor Roll. No events did he pass by. For athletics he cheered, for the band he blew the French horn, in elocution he excelled, in architectural drawing he was a master, Gerard is decidedly a serious young man and we thoughtfully say that he was never reprimanded by the Brothers. As an interior decorator, we are sure that his winning smile and personality will gain him a well-earned success. - 1940 gXCElS Y I 4' oo 1 a 'VIA-f'C PAUL CAYER l98 Transit Street Woonsocket, R, l, l'Paulie" may not be the biggest member ot our football squad, but he is in there giving his best all the time He has for his motto: "The bigger they are the harder they tall." Although not an outstanding student, he has made a scholastic record worthy ot a good athlete. His agreeable and delightful disposition has won the hearts ot all those who came in contact with him. We have not heard what Paul intends to do after he graduates, but we are sure that he will make good. Au revoir, Paul, and the best ot luckl ERNEST CHAMPAGNE l26 Hope Street Woonsocket, R, I. "Champ" is one of the brightest and wittiest students of the Senior Class He has always been a hard worker which he proved by attaining the Honor Roll throughout his High School course. One cannot miss his witty and polished utterances in or out of class. His wonderful ability in bookkeeping and arithmetic will surely help him secure an accountant's job. We are sure that he will succeed in lite because of his amiable and strong character. Best of luck. 1910 QXUEL, 2 51 xo 00 NM-f-C g Rhode Island State College MARTIN COGAVIN I2 St. Germain Street Boston, Mass. I'm certain that everyone knows "Marty", the smiling, cheerful, broad-chested youth from Boston. "Marty", in his junior year, attracted the attention of the sport fans by his brilliant ability as a track man and this year he won fame on the football field. "Marty" is extremely fond of using elongated words. Quite often he will be heard to say, "ln English that means , . . I" In class and study, however, "Marty" is very serious, and continually in search of knowl- edge for which he is much admired by his teachers. We hear that you intend to become a priest. Congratulations! 152110 GERALD CHARLAND l37 Division Street Woonsocket R I Let the trumpets sound, let the drums roll let the music swing, 'cause we now present Jerry the optomistic kid This lad, in his nine years of attendance at the Mount has continually chased old man gloom away from our portals lvlany a dull moment in class has been relieved by one of his spontaneous remarks. No doubt we acclaim him as the most popular boy in school whenever a game is played a story is told, a meeting is held or even a iam session is staged you're sure to find "Jerry' in the midst of it The school will long remember his speed on the track team Quite a few boarders expect him to become a mail carrier but he intends to enliven the U. S Air Corps I-le plans to enter Exlffl, t 510 sa O VV!-f'C GUSTAVE COTE 63 Greene Street Woonsocket, R. l. To make a short subject tall, "Gus" has been a member of the student body for seven years. Not a year has passed without seeing this quiet, unassuming youth, inscribing his name on the Honor Roll, l-le has gained the affection of everyone by his friendly smile and pleasing personality: "Gus" is one of the shortest members of the senior class but by no means to be judged by his misleading "altitude". Whether and where he plans to further his studies he has not divulged. We are sure that whatever he undertakes he will reap suc- cess. RAYMOND COTE 203 Summer Street Woonsocket, R. l. Serious, studious, dignified, and friendly-these are a few of the qualities which may be unmistakably attributed to this Connecticut lad for his continual perseverance through- out his three-year stay with us, Although "Ray" did not compete in varsity sports, he has always been a prominent figure in all intramural activities. "Ray" has often led his class in studies, his popularity made him president of his Junior Class last year. Upon graduation "Ray" contemplates entering a Medical School to prepare for the profession of dentistry. We are confident he will succeed in any profes- sion. ififiii Q gXl!El, 2 5: Wll.LlAM CREPEAU 50 Cross Street Woonsocket, R. l. Some seven or eight years ago this ever-smiling, good- natured fellow entered the portals of Mount Saint Charles. A more cheerful and happy-go-lucky student has never been seen at school. '!Bill" is no wizard when it comes to "Trig", but he holds 'his own when it comes to argue. "Bill" was also a worthy member of the Public-Speaking class, and his many speeches delivered with dramatic duality, held audi- ences spellbound. l-lis personality earned him many friends with both students and teachers, and we feel sure that his winning smile and genial personality will win him a place in the world. ROBERT CUNNIFF 402 Weston Road Wellesley, Mass. We take great pleasure in introducing "Bob" Cunnitf, one of the five boys who took a post-graduate course at the Mount this year. A graduate of Wellesley High School, he came here to pursue his studies, and prepare for college. l-le is a tireless worker, and has placed his name among the distinguished group who made the Honor Roll. "Bob" is a quiet and likeable boy, who has made many friends during his one-year stay at the Mount. l-lis quiet personality and tireless energy for his work will always be remembered. l-lis main ambition would be to enter l-loly Cross College, to study under the careful and expert guidance of the Jesuit Fathers. 16210 gXCEl, at S'o W ll ' VVl'f'C X ROBERT DESAULNIERS lOO Blakely Street Woonsocket, R. l. Although weighing a hundred and twenty-five, young Robert has earned the school's monogram in sports for three successive years, Playing for the hockey team, who were National Champions, this capable young athlete displayed remarkable courage by performing against opponents nearly twice his size. ln the classroom, "Bob" used his brains to good advantage. l-laying attained the l-lonor Roll through- out his entire high school course, verifies this scholastic statement. Bob intends to further his school days by spe- cializing in accounting at l-lill College. Best of luck, Bobl HENRI DESROCI-IERS l4 Park Place Woonsocket, R. I. Faithfully walking through the portals of M, S, C., every school day, for the past nine years, has been a happy, in- telligent-looking boys None other than our own l-lenri Des- rochers who usually brought something funny into the Chem- istry Class. l-lenri has acquired four l-lonor Roll letters through diligent, hard work in the classroom, and was a loyal rooter for the Mount in all athletic contests. Photo- graphing is his hobby but another interesting pastime is that of creating original drawings which always produce a laugh, Dairying will be his aim in future business and we are quite sure that he will succeed, tellin EXCEL? Y, I K9 00 VVl'f'C JOHN DILLON l39 Fremont Avenue Everett, Mass. Introducing "Jack", one of the several boys who took a post-graduate course at the Mount this year. He is a grad- uate of Everett High School, where he held a prominent position on two major athletic teams, "Jack's" only show- ing of his ability in sports was in the intramural league where he was a favorite stand-out. His wit and keen sense of humor have won him a constant place in the heart of every student here at the Mount., "Jack's" present ambition is to enter Boston College this fall, where he will study law. We know, "Jack", that your personality and determination will win for you as many cases as it did friends here at the Mount. JOSEPH DONAHUE 29-54 l43rd Street Flushing, N. Y. One of the most popular boys at the Mount is "Joe", For three years he has been here and each year has left his name higher in both athletics and scholastic achievements. On our football team he was several times mentioned for All- State. This year he was Captain of the squad. Although "Joe" plays basketball and baseball very well he has not had the urge to compete on the varsity, ln the intramural basketball league his team found first place. As a scholar "Joe" is a fine example. For the past three years, he has been on the Honor Roll. These two achievements coupled with his wonderful personality made him worth while know- ing and worth while remembering. "Joe" is from New York, the city where a lot of great fellows live. 16210 Excflg 2 1 0 1' If 'i VVl'f'C WILLIAM DUBOIS l38 Church Street Woonsocket, R. I, "Bill" is one of the many fine Saint Charles youths at- tending the Mount. Time and time again, his name graced the I-lonor Roll at the institution and all concerned know that he has deserved it. l-lis refined manners have won him the esteem and respect of everyone. I-le was on Ray Vaud- reuiI's basketball team this winter and, altlcough a second- stringer, he participated in a few games, long enough to prove his worth, I-le is very faithful in everything that he attempts and doesn't stop until he achieves his goal. We are positive that he will be a success once out of school. ROLAND ETI-IIER 208 Elmore Street Woonsocket, R. I. Roland, the man with a million friends, a gay smile and a heart of gold, concluded his fourth year of commercial studies at the Mount. Arithmetic and Bookkeeping are the two subjects in which Roland has found best results. As many students in the school, as many friends he has. For the last four years he has always managed to keep his name on the I-lonor Roll. After graduation, Roland plans ow following his father's footsteps in the Insurance and Real Estate business. We all wish him great success and we know he will bring credit to the Mount. 194310 QXUEL. 2 51 4' 011 VVl'f'C RICHARD EVERETT 44 Edmund Street Woonsocket, R. l. "Dick" to you, that freckled-faced lad, from the North End, may be one of the smallest members of the Senior Class, but on the gridiron he is a giant. l-le's a typical example of the spirit of the "fighting Irish". Besides being promi- nent in athletics, having played first-string half-back in football, he's known for his dignified behavior and polished manners. Like his first cousin, James Everett, he vvill leave at the Mount the best souvenir, Those ever-smiling Irish eyes won him many friends in his three years' stay at the Mount. Success knocks at your door, you've only to let it in PAUL FRIEL l9O Althea Street Providence, R. l. We present the smiling "Duke", Paul is distinguished for his sunny disposition, his ready smile, and his willingness to co-operate with everyone, Though his small stature dicl not permit him to be a varsity man, Paul has participated in many intramural sports where he has found much pleas- ure and renown. If good-naturedness could be coined, Paul would be rich indeed. With these innumerable qualities and sincere ambitions, we feel certain to say that Paul will be a success in whatever he undertakes. l-lere's to your success in everything you do, Pauli 161-210 gXCEl9 E 'I0 10 T'Vl'f'C i FRANCIS GARDELLA 592 Blackstone Street Woonsocket, R. l. "Garchie" came to us three years ago, and since then has won a host of friends with his light-hearted wit and humor. Although some of his jokes are pretty dry, he gets a good one across now and then, Sometimes his wit and joking get him into a little difficulty in class, as the Brother has a knack of handing out 2 or 3 pages to copy, and sure enough our good friend Francis is among those to get them "Garchie" didn't make the varsity in either football or bas- ketball but he tried hard, and in practice sessions he caused the varsity boys plenty of trouble. Francis plans to enter his father's fruit business. With a fresh start before him, we feel sure that "Garchie" will succeed. BERNARD GAUTHIER 28 Central Street Manville, R. l, Bernard is a quiet, unassuming fellow, but this does not prevent him from being very popular with his classmates. l-le resides in Manville and the best part of it is that he upholds that town's rights. As for studies, you often see him at the top of his classy this he has achieved by his constant daily works l-le is a sort of a fellow who minds his own business but on the other hand is always willing' to help anyones l-lis polite and courteous manners are his fortune. Industrial Chemistry is one of his favorite subjects. Greet- ings to the President of the Band Council! 1940 0 gXLElq Y I0 if-Ti " ROBERT GIROUARD 33 Morton Street Woonsocket, R. l, This young gentleman is the smallest fellow in this year's graduating class, but he is nevertheless one of its leading students, having earned two gold letters in two years. He transferred from Woonsocket High last year to join the Mount, He is also athletically inclined, and baseball is his favorite. He makes trigonometry look easy and this is one of his best subiects. He also is in the lndustrial Chem- istry Course. The Boy Scouts of Precious Blood Parish also take part of his time. l.ots of luck, "Nicky"l ROBERT GORDON 49 Burt Street Dorchester, Mass. "Bob" comes from Dorchester, Mass. At the end of this year he will have completed four years at the Mount. Dur- ing his second year he played sports, but however he has not played the past two years. He is an excellent worker and may be given as an example to the butterflies, He is thinking of joining the army and has spent three or four summers at an army camp of the C. M, T. C "Bob" has been known and liked by all the students and he has re- turned the friendship of all. He is a well-built fellow and a thorough man. ln his actions, his manner, he proves this. He will long be remembered in the annals of the school as a good friend and a studious young man. 1640 gXCElS e 10 as as 1'V1'f'C ALBERT GREGOIRE 26 Jenckes Street Woonsocket, R. l. For the last three years, "Greg" has been patroling left field for the Mount baseball team. He has also flashed for the track and basketball teams. His name has graced the Honor Roll many times. Cheerful, fun-loving, and hard- working, "Greg's" witty remarks have caused a great deal of joy and laughter during class time. After graduation, he hopes to secure a position in the Postal Service. Having seen him go through high school with flying colors, we can- not help being optimistic when it comes to predicting his future. We're all pulling for you, "Greg"l WILLIAM GRENIER 473 Providence Street Woonsocket, R. l. "Bill" is one of the guietest boys at the Mount, but never- theless he has made the class appreciate his presence with his ready smile, and numerous manifestations of school spirit, during his two years at the Mount. After his gradu- ation he hopes to become the clarinetist of some well-known orchestra. In his spare time he hopes to help his father in his printing business. We look to him for great accom- plishments in the great game of life, and may he some day become a member of Benny Goodmans Orchestra. 1940 - gXCElq 2 I xx! 00 eVV1'f'C MARCEL GUERIN 28 Ballou Street Woonsocket, R, l. Marcel Guerin, more tamiliarly known around the campus as "Marce", is the son ot a Woonsocket mill owner. For close to eight years now, 'lMarce's" pleasant personality and debonair ways have been fixtures on the Mount cam- pus. Through his persistence in study, he manages to get a place on the l-lonor Roll. Although he did not participate in any major sports, he lent his moral support whole-heart- edly to all events, l-le plans to enter the Rhode Island School ot Design next year and later to take over his tather's business, Here's luck to you, "Marce", and may you bring great honors to your Alma Mater! RICHARD HARTWELL Concord Road Bedtord, Mass. Three years ago this quiet, mild-mannered youth entered the portals ot M.ount Saint Charles tor the tirst time, to complete his high school education. To his legion of friends he is known as "Slick", For the past two years he held down lett end on Raymond Vaudreuil's football team, earning his varsity letter and sweater. l-le also plays in the Intramural League ot the Senior Section. While he was here he won the pool tournament two years straight. l-le is undecidegl where to complete his education, but wherever he goes, we wish him the best ot luckl 1940 EXCEL. t 51 K9 00 VV1'.f'C PAUL HEFFERNAN 264 Railroad Avenue Norwood, Mass, Two years ago this distinguished looking youth entered Mount Saint Charles to receive a Catholic education. While here he distinguished himselt by being on the Honor Roll six times. He is an ardent baseball tan, and his favorite team is the "Bees", He was a member of this year's toot- ball team alternating on the right end position, He won the pool tournament held in the Senior Recreation Hall during the winter months. By his quiet personality, he has made numerous friends during his two years' stay. His intention is to matriculate at Holy Cross College, ANDREW HENRY 63 Bradwood Street Roslindale, Mass, Andrew is a newcomer at the Mount, but he is already known by everyone, His nimble tingers are masters of the piano keyboard as well as the typewriter keyboard. "Andy's" witty puns provide laughter tor all. His distinguished man- ners and aristocratic airs gain him respect. Alasl He has been at the Mount only one year. Andrew's hopes are to enter civil service, and we all know that he cannot tail. Best of luck, maestro! ll 9431 U JOSEPH HUGHES gXl,Elq wt I0 S ll AVVl'f'C FRANOS HIBNER 247 74th, Street Brooklyn, N. Y. Frank, the Brooklyn Dodgers fan, has been in our midst for the last three years. The old proverb, "when a fellow needs a friend," surely fits to Hibner, because he is a most popular student. Frank was on the track team in l939, and was one of the outstanding performers, but what Frank really excels in is his studies. He has received his three Honor Roll letters, which prove him an outstanding scholar. Hibner's best friend is his pipe. Frank intends to enter Fordham, where he will study medicine. He certainly will be a great asset to this university. 60 Superior Street Lynn, Mass. Frank comes from Lynn, a city noted for the good humor of its inhabitants, He brought that good humor along with him and distributed it among us freely whenever and wher- ever it was needed, Although this is his first year at the Mount, he was not long in making himself popular with the student body because of his quiet, refined nature, Frank was everybody's friend and always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone who needed it. Frank hopes to be a me- chanical engineer in the future and plans on getting the necessary training at Holy Cross next year. i rieillio xii . we E l5'o 'Y 0 -- 1M'f'C WALTER JALBERT 635 Park Avenue Woonsocket, R. l, Although Walter will never die from over-work, his natural abilities should carry him on top of Mount Olympus, for they have made him outstanding here on the l-lilltop. l-le never was known to rush himselt anywhere. l-le has the dignity and bearing of a true Senior and believes that sports should be encouraged although he never participated, but his support is there, he is seen at almost every sport event. So tar he is undecided as to the path he is to tollow in lite, but whatever it is we are sure it will be a brilliant successl ASBIE JOLIN 85 Oak Street Woonsocket, R. li Asbie, better known as "Streaky", this short, but yet broad-shouldered lad, is a product ot Fairmount. ln his three years' stay at the Mount he has received three let- ters in baseball and one in track. ln studies, he does as equally well as in athletics. lt you happen to see "Streaky" in the yard, you will usually see "Gene Krupa" Artruc, Jo- lin's right-hand man, trailing him, Artruc and Jolin are the Mount's inseparable pair. Ambition and perseverance will some day rush "Streaky" to a high position as a drafts- man in any engineering plantl 1940 1 gXl3Elg e 1 4' 011 VVl'.f'C WlLFRlD JOLIN l87 Boyden Street Woonsocket, R. l, The Mount will sutter a great loss when "Wimpy" grad- uates. "Wimpy" has been a student at the Academy tor the past tive years during which time he has acquired all that the institution could otter in the way ot sports and learning. l-le has played three years ot Varsity Basketball and two years of football, a leg injury hindered his attempt to play baseball. Rarely early tor classes, he trods noncha- lantly along without the slightest thought ot time, but slowly and surely arrives. l-lis clever wit and personality have won him a host ot triends and admirers among both "sexes". "Wimpy" is not a man to look towards the tuture, so his plans have not been determined as yet. LEO LALIBERTE H56 Social Street Woonsocket, R. l. Leo is a rather quiet type ot boy in class, once outside his disposition changes completely, he is ready to tease others and to share in all activities. l-le was an illustrious member ot the track team, and Coach Domina Jalbert had hopes of sending him to a Boston marathon, ln school sub- jects he fared remarkably well in spite ot repeated absences. Leo will always be pointed out as a model ot refined man- ners, excellent behavior, and loyalty to the Mount. l-le will be a credit to the Catholic training he has received since his birth. 1620 gXCElS Y I 4' oo 'VV1'f'C RENE LAVALLEE l5 River Road Manville, R. l. A strong and hard-working youth, Rene is certainly the pride of Manville. During all his high school course he has proven himself to be one of the better students at the Mount by always being a member of the Honor Roll. Last fall intervening circumstances did not permit Rene to play football, but he showed his ability in that sport by his bril- liant work on the gridiron during his junior year. Rather independent this young man has taken the good habit of deciding for himself what is the best thing to do in tight situations. This will certainly prove a great help to him in the world, Every boy in the school wishes the best of luck to you, Rene. THEODORE l.EMlEUX Mowry Avenue Union Village, R. l. This handsome, blond lad entered the Mount five years ago. "Flash", as he is known to his friends, is one of our quiet fellows. l-le's the proud possessor of the red and blue let- ters which he acquired as a star on the former track team. Witty and happy-go-lucky, "Ted" has made countless friends at Mount Saint Charles, l-lis future goals have not been divulged but we are sure he cannot fail in whatever enterprise he may enter. 1930 u n xnf, wee lS'o X 0 VVl'f'C RAYMOND LOUGHMAN 5 Walbridge Street Allston, Mass. Here is the mathematician of the senior class, very thoughtful, very amiable, and very intellectual. Cool, logi- cal thinking, with mathematical precision, exemplifies this Bostonian. "Ray" has the quality of quietness but never fails to make himself heard when his interests are being discussed. In his three-year stay, we have noticed that "Ray" has one of the most congenial personalities in the Hilltop institute. His sunny disposition and willingness to co-operate have won him many friends. "Ray" has set an enviable record, generally receiving ninety percent or bet- ter. He plans to matriculate at lvl, I. T. and become an engineer. If present signs mean anything, "Ray" should go far on the road of life RlCHARD LYNCH l42 Harris Avenue Woonsocket, R. I, Tall, dark and handsome are all the words needed to iden- tify "Dick". His quiet and yet magnetic personality has acquired him a countless number of friends. Never has "Dick" been seen copying his assignments, he does not be- lieve in the onlookers' trustvvorthiness, His impromptu jokes and witty remarks often cause a great deal of laughter. His future plans are worthy of an ambitious young man and l am sure that he will realize them considering his tenacity at work. 15310 EXl'El, 2 5: 19 00 as VVl'f'C JOSEPH LYNCH 3l Greenwood Avenue Hyde Park, Mass, This smooth-looking individual has only been in our midst one year, having transferred from Boston College High, Those who really know "Joe" admire him for his impressive quietness and polite manners. Piano playing, horseback riding, and fishing are his principal diversions outside of school life, "Joe" was also a star baseball player in Bro. Elisee's high school league. He was held in high esteem by all of his teachers and was a model student at all times. "Joe's" future plans are to matriculate at Boston College 'where l am sure he will be as much of a success as he was ere. sorry to see you go, Roger will ROGER MANDEVILLE 38 Burnside Avenue Woonsocket R I Roger came to the Mount with an enviable personality a French accent, and a desire for an education No one can challenge the splendid guality of Rogers disposition and scholastic ability. ln sports he has gained prominence on the baseball diamond, being one of the starting pitchers on this year's nine. After graduation Roger intends to work in a machine shop. His lovable and generous nature has raised him high in the esteem of his schoolmates Were QXCEL9 Y I K0 00 VVVIWC ROLAND MARTELLY 404 l-ligh Street Bristol, R. l. Four years ago "Rollo" entered the portals of Mount Saint Charles to spend four years here as a student. l-le has done well both on the athletic field and in the class- room. For the football team he played right guard and was several times mentioned for "All State" in that position. ln his scholastic achievement he has been on the l-lonor Roll every quarter. As a personality he is tops, as a friend he is worth having. l-le is thinking of taking over his father's contracting business and we wish him much success in this line. So long, "Rollo". We will remember youl GERARD MENARD 3l St. Simon Street Woonsocket, R. l. Whenever the door opens late in the Religion Period, you can wisely bet your dime without looking, that "Jerry" has at last arrived. One of our oldest veterans, he is one of our most illustrious, he has continually adorned the Roll of l-lonor. Though quiet and unassuming at times, he can come up with the most fantastic tales. l-lis liberal smile and sparkling teeth have gained him the esteem of all his class- mates, Assiduity, ability to work, loyalty are but few of his characteristics. As "Jerry" intends to continue his classical studies, you will no doubt find him in Ottawa next year with other former students from our Alma Mater. 1952310 gXCEls Y I K9 00 AVVK'f'C NORBERT MORIN 35 Cottage Street lvlanville, R. l. Again we have a member of the famous Morin clan from Manville in the graduating class. Like his predecessors, Norbert is also a musician. Brother l-lermyle will certainly miss this boy, tor he is one of the best drummers who have ever beaten time for the Mount Band. Always smiling and ever willing to be the subject ot a joke as well as playing a joke on someone else, Norbert has always been popular with the boys. Any one ot his teachers will tell you that our friend is a studious boy and that he is an earnest worker. Keep going that way, Norbert, and you won't regret it. ROBERT NORMANDIN l29 Hemond Avenue Woonsocket, R. l. "Bob" is one of the most genial students in the Commer- cial Class. He has obtained the Honor Roll registration sixteen straight times, which is quite a record. "Bob" is also the possessor of a wonderful vocabulary. l-le has the intentions of getting a governmental position, and we are sure that he cannot tail in his ambition, l-lis sunny disposi- tion has endeared him to all. We all wish him great suc- cess and we know he will bring credit to Mount Saint Charles. 1910 tfxcflg I 0 'Xxx If VVl'.f'C DANIEL O'BRlEN 4l East 4lst Street New York, N. Y. "Brimsek" O'Brien is the Mount's hero ot the nets. "Dannyf' is a tall, slim, wavy-haired lad from New York. l-lis genial manners and sparkling smile have won him a warm spot in the hearts ot most ot the students. ln the class- room he tackles studies with the same determination that gives him All-State rating as goalie. Whatever school claims "Danny" next year, it will have chosen a "winner" and a student who never allows a dull moment to pass in which he could be furnishing the rest of the crowd with a hearty laugh. The Mount will miss you, "Danny"l JOSEPH PAQUIN 44 Water Street Danielson, Conn. "Gentle in manner, tirm in need" tits "Joe" very well. l-le can be best described by the phrase, "a pertect gentle- man". l-lis cool, reserved manner ot acting is really a mir- ror tor his sparkling character and set determination. l-lis achievements in Chemistry, as well as his successes in Eng- lish and French Public-Speaking, have been multitarious and praiseworthy. Known to all as a modest, industrious, friendly lad, "Joe" is always willing to help another. l-le hopes to put to good advantage the knowledge attained in the lndustrial Chemistry Course by being a Textile Chemist. Good luck, "Joe", we are sure that you shall attain success! 195510 Excflg it I K9 00 VVl'.f'C SYLVIO PARENTEAU 68 Brook Street Woonsocket, R. l, "Syl" is one of the quietest students in the Senior Class. Many a day we do not even know he is in class. l-le hails from Social, no wonder. l-le is a very studious lad. Al- though he is very quiet, he has made himself appreciated by his classmates. l-le has not felt the urge to go to col- lege. l-lis ambition is to own a store. l-le is a genial chap, and goes around with a perpetual smile on his face. We are sure that with such a personality he cannot help but get along in lite. We, the Senior Class. wish him all the luck in the world! GILBERT PAUL l27 Grove Street Woonsocket, R. I. This happy-go-lucky chap has been with us three years, but in this period we have learned of his courteous and pol- ished manners. "Pete", as he is known, came to us from Saint Ann's. This lad of winning personality has certainly found himself a spot among his classmates. ln the Ad campaign he has proven to us his ability as a salesman, and when you ask him where he has acquired this ability he answers, "Oh, I got it from my pal Bilodeauf' "Pete" has not yet decided it he will further his studies, however, we know he will succeed in his undertakings. We wish him the best of luck! 195310 Excflg 'I Y 9 0 S A 0 LIONEL PELOQUIN 385 Park Avenue Woonsocket, R. I, The saying "Good things come in small packages" cer- tainly applies to "lNlel". Quiet, unassuming, good-natured and well-liked, he is truly a model student. His name has graced the Honor Roll for the past three years. ln Book- keeping and French, "Nei" is nothing short of a wizard. When it comes to French dictation, very few indeed do a better job than he. Although he has not yet divulged his plans for the future, we are sure it will be an echo of his past success, for the quiet fellow usually does the great things in life. Best of luck, "Nel"l JOSEPH PERREAULT 706 Waterville Street Waterbury, Conn. Here we have' one of the most prominent athletes at the Mount. "Joe" has easily carved his name among. the great personages of the Academy. He excelled in football, base- ball and hockey. He is noted for his ready smile and kind heart, which heart is as large as he is, and if you know "Joe", that's saying something. "Joe" is one of the most popu- lar students. His voice can be heard miles away and the friendly pats on the back which he is in the habit of giving have the effect of a hurricane. l am sure that "Joe" will be a success in whatever he undertakes, for he has what it takes! 196210 EXUEl. t 51 0 0 0 ' JEAN PLANTE Branch Avenue Woonsocket, R. l. Seventeen years ago, fate placed upon this earth a happy- go-lucky fellow, who was fortunately destined to be one of the members of our class, "Johnny," whose motto seems to be, "Take it easy," seldom takes things seriously, and manages to get by well in exams, l-lowever, don't get the impression that 'fJohnny" is lazy for we, with our own eyes, have seen him travel in a hurry, l-lis best subjects are Arithmetic and Bookkeeping. Although "Johnny" has not decided which field he will enter, we are sure he will succeed. JAMES ROGERS 47 Briggs Street New Bedford, Mass. Meet "Jimmy" who was voted the friendliest boy in the school. l-lis jovial nature, ever-present smile, and delightful disposition have won the hearts of all those who came in contact with him. l-le has been an outstanding honor roll student who has averaged over 902, during his stay among us. "Jimmy" is also an outstanding basketball player whose quick-thinking and accurate shooting have won many a game for his team, l-lis assiduous work and his dignified mien will be great assets to him in any field of business, This young man will be given as an example to hundreds of others for his fine spirit, constant work, and excellent be- havior. 196210 Excflg Y I Q9 00 VVl'f'C WILLIAM RYAN 47 Kindergarten Street Woonsocket, R. l. "Red," a fiery, red-headed, treckle-faced lad, is another boy who hails from the North End ot Woonsocket. Although "Red" was absent often he managed to keep up with his class, We must not forget to mention his best subject "pool," "Red" is a whiz at this game of skill, having de- feated all oncomers. His persistency and interest in studies have been admired by all. In Intramural sports, "Red" shines as a basketball player. The reason tor his popularity isthe ever jovial mood and nice manners he displays. We think you'll go places and we're rooting tor you "Red" JOHN SANTANNA Black Plain Road Slatersville, R. I. "Jackie" is probably the best-known student in the school. I-Ie has a great personality. For tour years, he has been one of the best speakers in both French and English debating. I-Ie is also known for his "iitterbug" dances. I-Ie has always attained good marks in school. I-Iis ambition is to be the leader ot a swing band where we are sure he will acquire tame, money, and friends, Good luck, "Jack," we are all behind you. 1940 xcf, ati 151 K 0 VVX'f'C NORMAND TANCRELLE 8 Germain Street Worcester, Mass. lf you notice an airplane flying between Worcester and Woonsocket in future years, don't be surprised to spot "Norm" Tancrelle in the pilot's seat. "Normie" was the outstanding draftsman in Brother Vital's mechanical drawing class. In the field of sports "Norm" shone as center on the famous championship hockey team and was noted for his rough and ready style of play. Never in a hurry, he was usually slow but sure. "Tanc" has served as an .altar boy since grammar school days. We hate to say goodbye to such a jolly, good-natured friend, and we hope that Parks Air School will appreciate him as much as we have, ROLAN D Tl-l EROUX l47 Harrison Avenue Woonsocket, R. ll Meet the "brains" of the Commercial course. Roland has the distinction of being first of his class for the four years of high school. l-le has also led the whole school in marks many times. A typewriting mark which has stood for four- teen years was broken this year by Roland when he attained the extraordinary average of 82 words per minute in a ten- minute test. Cheerfulness, brilliancy, and friendliness are only a few of his many qualities. Roland is tops with all his classmates. After graduation, he hopes to work in his father's office. l-lere's wishing you plenty of luck, Roland! A1940 gXl3El, we S'0 W ll aVVl'f'C JAMES TOBIN 69 Highland Road West Somerville, Mass. Presenting James T. Tobin, a graduate of Saint Clement's l-ligh in West Somerville, Mass. James is one ot the boys taking a Post-Graduate course at the Mount. Although he has only been with us a year, he has engraved his name in our mythical hall ot tame by winning Bishop Keough's Trophy. l-lis pleasing personality and manner ot accomplish- ment have won him many friends l-lis popularity is ac- centuated by his sense ot humor, his love of fun, and his devil-may-care attitude. "Jim" was unable to participate in any varsity sports, but displayed his ability in the various intramural sports. lt is generally agreed that he will be the cause of some political man's rise to power, through his ability to "ascend the platform". LEOPOLD TURENNE lO5 Old Main Street Manville, R. I, Every morning we see Leopold coming up the Bernon heights in the Manville school bus. "Leo" is considered the most handsome boy on the bus. A jolly fellow it there ever was one, he is always ready to joke with his friends. "Leo" talks to everybody and is friendly to all. Whenever invited to participate in sports this boy was never seen to refuse, for he is a typical American boy. ln studies "Leo" is really a good worker, he always strives to achieve higher, day after day. The 'best wishes of his teachers and the boys accompany him when he leaves on graduation day. 15510 EXCElS e 10 Ka - TVX'f'C JOSEPH WILLOUGHBY l3l-O9 2l8th Street Long lsland, N. Y. Here we have New York's gitt to the Mount. "Joe" has been here three years and never a term has passed that his name has tailed to be seen on the Honor Roll. A persistent and diligent worker, his marks have been the envy ot most ot us. "Joe" hopes to be an Aeronautical Engineer and we don't see how he can tail to reach that goal. We may honestly say that "Joe's" name will some day be known to every air-minded person from New York to San Francisco. We wish you luck and lots ot success, "Joe," in the years to come. Best ot luck, 'fGus"l 1510 OSCAR GALIPEAU l49 Maple Street Woonsocket R I Oscar, better known as Gus has been a prominent tigure at the Mount in the last tew years His athletic achievements have made him the idol ot many a youngster "Gus" earned his letter in football hockey and baseball His exceptional ability in baseball secured him a position in the ranks ot professionals having been signed up by the St. Louis Cardinals. Oscars great work on the ice helped the Mount secure two ot its championships He attained high ranks in studies as well as in athletics In years to come we will be proud to see our Mounts product on a major league team, and still a loyal supporter ot the Mount CLASSES xlf WYE lh'0 'V 0 VVK'f'C 19210 '40 939- D JUNIORS, 1 AN MY-ASEN IORS ROLL ACADE CR HON XCEl t E 51 0 sa 0 VVI'f'C 196310 D FRESHMEN, 1939-'40 AN CRES LL ACADEMYMSOPHOM RO HONOR EXCEls at 'o a t l-lonor Roll Acaclemy--4939-'40 We are proud to present the students who constitute the glorious battalion, the Honor Roll Society. During the past ,year they have attained a general average of eighty per cent, with no failure in any subject. This makes them eligible for places in the most coveted society here at Mount Saint Charles. OFFICERS President .................... ................................. ................. F r ancis Carrier Vice-President ........... ...- ....................... Raymond Cote Secretary ................... .............. R aymond Loughman SENIORS Raymond Beauchemin, Georges Belanger, Camille Belisle, Bernard Blais, Jean- Louis Bolduc, Alfred Caron, Francis Carrier, Ernest Champagne, Martin Cogavin, Gus- tave Cote, Raymond Cote, William Crepeau, Robert Cunniff, Robert Desaulniers, Henri Desrochers, Joseph Donahue, William J. Dubois, Roland Ethier, Bernard Gauthier, Robert Girouard, William Grenier, Marcel Guerin, Paul Heffernan, Rene Lavallee, Theodore Lemieux, Raymond Loughman, Roland Martelly, Gerard Menard, Robert Normandin, Lionel Peloquin, James Rogers, Richard Rondeau, Roland Theroux, Joseph Willoughby. JUNIORS Charles Allard, Leon Allard, Robert Boudreau, Lionel Bousquet, Raymond Bran- chaud, Thomas Broderick, John Cadigan, John Carr, Gerard Cartier, William Clancy, Wilfrid Cote, Marcel Crepeau, Thomas DeSisto, Albert Dubois, William Duffy, Herman Fontaine, Edgar Frappier, Alfred Hamel, Omer Houle, Raymond Lambert, Georges Lussier, Hermann Mailloux, John McAuliffe, Walter Morris, James Munson, Henri Peloquin, Marcel Peloquin, Gerard Roberts, Roger Roy, Christopher Sullivan, Robert Turcotte, Robert Misch. SOPHOMORES Walter Bacon, Donald Beaudoin, Henry Drewes, Leo Dyer, Francis Finn, Paul Foisy, Lawrence Frost, Robert Gray, Jean-Paul Hazebrouck, William Keegan, Fernand La- monfagne, Ernest Lessard, Robert L'Heureux, John McHugh,'Bernard Mondor, Ben- gamin Musser, Felix Oleaga, Charles Richard, George Riley, Emile Robert, Gerard utherland. FRESHMEN Louis Beauchemin, William Dupuis, James Greene, Henry Henson, Thomas Morris, Edward Muldoon, Charles Peloquin, Manuel Santanna, Marcel Vadenais. 69 gXLElq v 1 xx 00 VVX'f'C Wim SENIOR CLASSACIJXSSICAI. AND SCIENTIFIC COURSES xcs ati ls'o 'Y 0 " C W!-f-Q a '- X V Senior Class--Classical andbcientilic Courses I OFFICERS President ................... ................................ ............... R i chard Rondeau Vice-President ........... ................. J oseph Donahue Secretary .................................................................................. ............... J oseph Willoughby We have reached the stage where our secondary school course is completed. Some of us will go further into the mysteries of learning and others will step out to face the world. We feel, however, that we are prepared to take our next step into life. We have been as well-trained in our religion as in our studies. The realization that life is just beginning does not daunt us because our teachers have instilled in us the desire to get ahead and the ambition to be worthy citizens of this beautiful country. With all this in mind, we know that God will help us. Many boys among us have been standouts during their sojourn here. Raymond Cote, Raymond Loughman, Francis Carrier, James Bolton, Jean Louis Bolduc and Rich- ard Rondeau are noted for their scholastic achievements. ln the field of sports we have such names as Joseph Donahue, Captain of the football team, Martin Cogavin, Roland Martelly, Joseph Perreault and others who have shown themselves to be good, clean and honest sportsmen. The names of these boys have adorned the honor roll as well as the sports column. They are examples of what true Christian fellows should be. They are typical "Mount" boys. The time has come when we must bid farewell to Mount Saint Charles. We are proud that we have been permitted to attend and graduate from this true Catholic school. We cannot express in mere words the respect, the honor and the love that we hold for our "Alma Mater". To the Chaplain and the Brothers, we wish to bestow our sincere but humble appreciation for the many courtesies shown unto us. To the undergraduates, we leave the duty of upholding the honor of our school. May their sojourn here be as pleasant as ours has been. PAUL l-IEFFERNAN 7l 1940 gXlfEl5 Y I fs' 00 VVl'f'C ! QIQMIQ SENIOR CLASS-COMMERC I AI. COURSE gXl3El t sl 9 0 K A " ' Senior Clas.s-- Commercial Course OFFICERS President ...................... ............... R oland Theroux Vice-President ............. .............. J ames Rogers Secretary ...................... ..... ................ ...................... ....................... G e o r ge Belanger Almost everyone is familiar with the scholastic and athletic achievements of our class. We are all proud of the fact that fifty per cent of the boys have graced the Honor Roll during the year and at least one or more of our fellow-students have been prominent on every athletic team. But since very few are acquainted with their more conspicuous doings, let me take you for a visit through our class on a beautiful Monday morning when our future business men are busily preparing for the big week ahead. There is James Brogie trying to explain to Brother Florian, unsatisfactorily as usual, why he used red ink instead of blue ink in his English work and why he used blue ink instead of red ink in his Bookkeeping work. Grenier and Lemieux are not bothering to close the doors, for the Messrs. Desaulniers and Santanna should make their entrance in about five more minutes. Beauchemin, Caron, and Normandin are still arguing about who pulled the worst "l:oner" in yesterday's Royals' game. Gregoire has just received the result of last week's English examination and yells out, "lt's a gip." Blais wants Turenne to return his English homework pronto. "Peppy" Jolin is fast asleep as usual. Plante is bewildered to see some boys come in with as many as two books. Ethier, proud of his steady improvement in Bookkeeping, remarks to Bour- get, "Boy, am l good! l'm only two thousand dollars out of the way in my last Work Sheet." Biron, who has just noticed that his friend is absent again, wonders what excuse William will have this time. Lavallee should be through with his Commercial Law in a few more minutes. Paul Cayer, straining himself to see what time it is, mut- ters disgustedly, "Why don't they make bigger and faster clocks?" The OH BOY Gum Company sales sheets should show a terrific decrease this month because Pelo- quin has changed his brand. Andrew Henry is polishing up on his shorthand. Belisle asks Rogers if he has collected a list of words in Literature because Cam always likes to have a model to help him along. Champagne and Belanger have started their little daily discussion which begins exactly at 8:30 and ends promptly at 3 il 5. Poor Mande- ville! He still cannot convince the Brother that too much studying is responsible for his being tired every Monday. RO ND O LA THER UX 19610 gXl3El, 2 51 K9 00 NM-f-C C COURSES JUNIOR CLASS-CLASSICAL AND SCIENTIFI nfllw 8 gilllils' ,KB 00 1Nl'f'C Junior Class -- Classical ancl Scientific Courses OFFICERS President ..................... ................................. .............. J o hn Carr Vice-President ............. ............... L eon Allard Secretary ............... Q ............................... . ............................ ,. ..... , .... , ..... James Munson This group of fair-looking students will soon replace us and assume our respon- sibilities as dignified seniors. During this school-year, they have contributed many athletes in the different sports activities, their name has flown quarterly on the banners of honor, they have respected us and they displayed a fine spirit for the Alma Mater. The senior class of '40 will long remember them for their typical habits. We will long visualize the optimistic Toupin-Myette team, we will listen to the echoes of the low sonorous voice of Bob Carignan, the gay songs of Bob Boudreau, we will listen to the famous debating pair, Raymond Linton and Leon Allard, we will overlook the size Of. Mike Vanasse, we definitely will approve the romance of "Charlie" Allard, we will all look forward to the generous smile of Tommy DeSisto. On the field of sports: Marcel Peloquin, Johnny Carr, Jules Guy, William Heffernan and Johnny McNamara were distinguished players on the hopeful varsity baseball team. The Junior Varsity hockey team was represented by Russ Ethier, Marcel Peloquin, and Ray Frost, these boys appear as promising prospects for Brother Adelard's varsity hockey team. ln the first quarterly exams, Charles Allard, Omer l-loule, Christopher Sullivan, John Carr and Marcel Peloquin ranked the highest. The second quarterly exams found James Munson on top followed by Allard, l-loule, Peloquin and Sullivan. -The third quarter results finished with l-loule, Munson and Carr tied for first place, with Sullivan and Tommy DeSisto close behind. Other outstanding class members were: William Duffy, the nervy New Jerseyite, the famous Mousseau brothers, Fran and John, Dick Mulligan, a bright basketball prospect, Leo Dubuc, who earned his sweater and letter on the football team, and Walter Morris, the persistent pupil from Wellesley, Mass. Jack Mahoney tried hard to make the ball. team this year but needs another season of conditioning in Bro. Elisee's minor league loop. John McAuliffe was a Junior Varsity basketball player, an intramural baseball and football star, besides being a member of the Altar Boys' society. Farewell, Juniors, you have worthy reasons to be proud of your group, we know you will spread the Mount's reputation far and wide. RICHARD RONDEAU 75 1940 QXUELS Y I XX 00 VVK'.f'C WQZUQ COURSE !COMMERCIAL JUNIOR CLASS EXCEL 2 U Sl 9 0 0 .Junior Class--Commercial Course OFFICERS President ...................... ............... G erard Roberts Vice-President .............. ................. L eo McDuff Secretary ........... , .... ..., .... ,.....Wilfrid Cote Among the three Junior classes in the school, the Junior Class Commercial deserves special mention for its achievements both in scholastic and athletic ability. The Junior commercial class leads the other Junior classes, by placing the three first students on the Honor Roll in the exams. Under the capable direction of both Brother Henry and Brother Alvarez, the boys have certainly progressed. Three prominent members of the Rhode Island State Hockey Team came from this class, Marcel Pilon, Roland Lemire and Marcel Bessette. ln basketball they were represented by Captain Walter McPherson, who was given honorable mention on the Rhode Island State Schoolboy basketball team for Class B. Robert Dusablon was elected Football Captain for next year. Walter McPherson and Robert Dusablon are also counted upon by the baseball fans to place the Mount on top of Class B. The city of Manville, should we say the borough of Woonsocket, had the largest representation in this class, Roger Roy, Lucien Peloquin, Gerard Roberts were luminar- ies of that city in the examinations. Without fail, we must say that Brother Henry, who hails from that borough, finds it natural that bright boys come from there. JAMES BROGIE 77 1940 eeilffls xx 'o W ll VVl'f'C 78 1940 SOPHOMCRE CL!-XSS CLASSICAI. COURSE EXUEL B sl XX 0 " '- Sophomore Class--Classical Course OFFICERS President ........................ ................................. ............. J o hn McHugh Vice-President ..... . ......... ........... R obert L'Heureux Secretary ........................ ........... ...... .......... . ................ R o b ert Gray Presenting the Sophomore Classical group with its outstanding intellectuals and promising athletes! This class of fine young gentlemen have proved themselves capable of following in the footsteps of the senior-bound juniors. The leaders in the scholastic department are John McHugh, Emile Robert, Robert L'Heureux, Leo Dyer, Lawrence Frost, Jean-Paul Hazebrouck, George Riley, and Gerard Sutherland. This flock of youngsters are the cream of the crop as far as scholastic ability is concerned. However, we must not omit me boys who appear as stars-to-be in the field of athletics. These include George McCormack, Walter Bacon, and John Dubois, Junior Varsity Basketball players who will probably be on the first team-next year. Brother Michael's Junior League this year introduced new up and coming athletes, such as Francis Jeton, Paul Foisy, Lawrence Frost, Joe Connolly, and Henry Drewes. Rene Morin and Normand Andrews added their bit to athletic prominence by being members of the varsity football squad. BELIEVE IT OR NOT: J Daniel iWild Horsel Martin is quite the singer! Francis Greeley has developed a school girl complexion. David O'Brien has become Brother Elisee's right-hand man. Francis Boyd fthe Springfield Special? still doesn't know what the score is yet. Henry Drewes refuses to share his high marks with Edward Greene. Timothy O'Connor is this class's gift to the fair sex. Lawrence Frost came out of Hicksville into civilization. ' JOSEPH PERREAULT isiillnee EX lf E l g Y, I 0 'Xxx ll NND!-C QIQLHIQ RSE SOPHGMORE CLASS-!SCIENTIFlC CCDU Q gXCEls' 4' . 00 'VV1'.f'C Sophomore Class--Scientific Course OFFICERS President ........................ ................. F rancis Finn Vice-President ............... ............... L awrence Klein Secretary .................. .......... N ormand Guerin The Sophomore class is the largest one at the Mount, but this does not prevent it from capturing its share of the honors. In the classroom or on the athletic field, you often see these Sophomores excel. Many of these boys are in the Junior division under the supervision of Rev. Bro. Michael. Tom Perkins, president of last year's Freshman class, is a prominent mem- ber, playing all sports and doing well in his studies. Joe Cannon, however, prefers sports alone, and is doing a good job of it, he should be ready for the varsity next year! Joe Connolly, hailing from North Smithfield, is another fine chap. Joe's the son of the former Boston Braves outfielder. Of course you all know that reckless driver, Mike Borek, from Millville. Lawrence Frost, Dick Rondeau's New York pal, wants to be a hockey star some day, while Louis Panuzio and Francis Jeton desire to stick to the football field. A few of these boys made good with the varsity in their first year out. They are, .lim Murphy in football and baseball, Bob Ouelette in football and basketball, and Walt Bacon in baseball. Joseph Barry is one of the leading scholars while Tom Perkins, Lawrence Frost, and Walt Bacon are not far behind. Fellows, you have just passed that "Sophomore iinx", so from now till your senior year, you should strive to acquire your share of the spoils, especially in the classroom. GERALD CHARLAND Bl 1940 gXlNEl at S'0 W if VV1'f'C SOPHOMORE CLASS-COMMERCIAL COURSE wglw B gXCEls' sa oo 1'VX'f'C Sophomore Class- Commercial Course OFFICERS President .................... ........................... ............ E r nest Lessard Vice-President ............ ...... , ..... D onald Beaudoin Secretary ..... n ............. U .... . .................. William Keegan Among the classes that may rightly be proud of their achievements are the two Sophomore-Commercial classes. These classes have been under the expert guidance of both Brother Mathias and Brother Phileas. , It has been the duty of these Brothers to instruct their classes in the elements of Bookkeeping, English, Commercial Arithmetic and various other studies. Foremost among the student-scholars of this class are Ernest Lessard, Edward Curka, Charles Richard, Ernest Segalla, Fernand Lamontagne, Donald Beaudoin, Felix Oleaga, Thomas Ling, Freddy lvlilliard, and not the least, Gabriel Bessette. Prominent members in athletics, Robert Ouelette, Robert Cormier, Antoine Trudeau, add to the cIass's prestige. It is generally agreed that when the time comes for them to graduate, the school shall be justly proud of their accomplishments. Class of '42 hitch your wagon to the Seniors' star. Pray and work to the best of your ability. Co-operate with the Brothers and do not abuse your many privileges. May your senior year be as happy and fruitful as ours. y FRANCIS CARRIER 151092 ,- XCE e E ls: o 49 ll WVX'f'C 19El1U URSES SCIENT HC CO CLASSMCLASSICAL AN D FREE!-IMAN gXCEls 9 E ' 0 . 4 Freshman Class--Classical and Scientific Courses OFFICERS President ........................ ........... E dward Muldoon Vice-President ................ ................. T homas Morris Secretary ........................ ................ L ouis Beauchemin "First we make our habits, then they make us." Keeping this quotation in mind, we may form a candid picture of this illustrious freshman class of l94O. Their persistency and sincerity have distinguished them from former freshman groups. lt is apparent, through their record of scholastic and athletic achievements, that they realize how the inculcation of the correct habits now, will alleviate the dreaded "last minute" work in time to come. The class could be ideally represented scholastically by "Cluck" Santanna, who has made many an upperclassman look with awe at such an enviable record. Edward Muldoon has also shown considerable ability in studies. Fred Musser ranks high among the leaders. Although they have not been able to participate in varsity sports, the freshmen have displayed splendid talent in the Junior High Sports League. Among the fore- most of these athletes are: Joe Cannon, Fred Sharby, and James Gookin. l n the short months that have intervened since the opening of school in Septem- ber, we have made the acquaintances of some of the most congenial personalities of the academy. A fine example of a friendly, frank lad, is Thomas McManus. After several months of arduous work, these freshmen have attained sufficient knowledge to give their teachers a cause for just pride and to permit the latter to justly promote them to a higher grade. RAYMOND ' COTE 1940 EXCELQ Y I X3 0 'K A ll FRESHM!-NN CLASS-COMMERC I AI. COURSE MQMW EXCELS we 'o S 0 a1'Vl'f'C. '-1 Freshman Class- Commercial Course OFFICERS President ........................ ................................. .............................. H e nry Henson Vice-President ................ ............. R aymond O. Robitaille Secretary ................... ............... A lphonse Marcoux I think it proper and fitting that we, the seniors, salute the "kids" of the busi- ness course, the first year commercial. These boys, under the expert direction of Bro. Louis and Bro. Joseph-Albert, are taught the elementary subjects of the High School course world. These "kids", as they are known, are fresh from grammar school, therefore the teachers must double their efforts to break them into the daily routine work of high school. The freshmen at the "Mount" should consider themselves lucky for they are able to learn the art of typewriting in their very first year, an opportunity available only in the junior year of most schools. The most noted fellows of their groups are Henry Henson, proficient in both French and English, Alphonse Marcoux and Anthony Nardolillo, stellar athletes of Junior High Sports, Frederick Sharby, practically a professional on the piano-accor- dion, Leonard Rousseau, small package of sparkling personality, Eymard Willoughby, argumentative little whipper-snapper, Thomas Mclvlanus, living specimen of joviality, most handsome, and Edmund Robbins, quote, "Ninety next time, Brother", unquote. To our "Kids" we offer our best wishes, and we hope that the class of '44 will follow in the footsteps of our intellectualists and our athletes. GERARD MENARD 87 1940 ORGANIZATIONS X9 0 E X U E 1 Q E ' I WM-f'C ST. JGHN BERCHMXXNS SOCIETY LIBRARY STAFF 89 fl 94 U ll gXl7Elg at I0 K 0 VV1'f'C PROIVIINENT MEMBERS OE THE PUBLIC-SPEAKING CLASSES WINNING CLASS IN THE ORATGRICAI. CONTEST 90 QIQLIU Q EXCEL Q sl B 0 a Public Speaking Classes Realizing the deep significance of being able to express thought in word pub- licly, the faculty reorganized and greatly emphasized the public speaking classes this year. The daily sessions, attended by all the high school students, one class each day, were conducted by the competent moderator, Rev. Bro. Theodore. This tactful, well-versed and ever so popular teacher immediately attracted the attention of all his pupils and stimulated them to earnest endeavor. The class began by learning the fundamental principles of speaking, the basis on which further excellence in style was to follow. Nervousness and timidity were banished by actual speaking, and replaced by confidence and forcefulness. When our teacher believed that we had overcome these primary defects, he stressed the urgent need of other qualities indispensable to good speaking, as the correct pronun- ciation, a clear, well-modulated voice, and the proper use of gestures. Having attained a considerable degree of excellence in simple speaking, our attention was devoted to familiarizing ourselves to the practicable and finer types of discourse. The course was enlivened by our participating in various forms of de- bates, and usage of Parliamentary procedure. Wits were sharpened and humor was enriched by 'open forum and round table discussion. Evidence that these classes have borne fruit may be seen by the remarkable performance of James Tobin, winner of the Bishop's award. Others, like James Rogers, Francis Carrier, Joe Donahue, Raymond Cote, Andy Doherty, Martin Cogavin, Robert Cormier, Charles Dennen, Robert Boudreau, Jules Guy, Raymond Branchaud, Leon Allard, Leo Dubuc and Charles Desmarais are excellent examples. After several months of arduous work, the faculty feels certain that it has pro- duced young men who can forcefully defend their firm ideals, and not be daunted by the prospect of speaking in public, an important capstone of education. ' JOSEPH WILLOUGH BY 9l 1940? gXCEl, 2 51 A 9 0 Q " OFFICIERS DES CERCLES UELOCUTION FRANCAISE ll y a deja un lustre que le cours d'art oratoire est organise au M. S. C. Sous Vintatigable tutelle du Reverend Fr. Denis, ce cours a pour but de per- fectionner les eleves dans la maltrise de la langue trangaise et de les preparer au manlement facile, correct et elegant de la parole publlque. Le mot juste, la phrase correcte et claire dlsposent toujours tavorablement l'auditeur et l'interlocuteur. Voici les noms de ceux qui se sont illustres parmi les quelque deux cents membres de cinq ditferents cerclesi Cercle St-Jean-Baptlstei Wiltrid Cote, Georges Lussier, Gerard Roberts. Cercle St-Charlesi Joseph Raquln, Joseph Rerreault, Rene Lavallee, Laurent Bilodeau. Cercle St-Denis: Robert Carignan, Eugene Toupin, Ovide Myette, Roland Mllette, Normand Demers, Raymond Branchaud. Cercgle Ste-Jeanne d'Arc: Fernand Lamontagne, Jn-Louis Cote, Charles Richard, Cercle Marquette: l-lenri l-lenson, Omer l-loule, Daniel Lozeau, l-larold Densmore, Gerard Sutherland, Lucien Robltaille, GERARD CAYER 41940 EX l' El , 2 51 9 0 W 0 VVl'f'C CLASSE QUI A REMPORTE LE TROPHEE EN ELOCUTION Vainciueurs clu tropbee clelocutioni Presiclent: W Henson Vtce-presiclcnti Omer Houle Secreteirei Harold Densmore Excelsior? vous connaissez ce poenwe ou Longfellow nous montre le ieune bornnie moplele, tescine per la beaute et la grandeur cles cirnes, surmontant les obstacles pour eller planter sur la plus baute rnontagne le clrapeau cle l'irleal, Les ciines Vattirentf il veut inonter, clorniner l'espace clans le Qrancle lurnicre cles sornniets, Certes, il y a cle terribles obstacles A surrnonter, ales passes clitticiles A traverser . , . Mais, les yeux tixes vers l'icleal 5 atteindre, il tient bon et gravit toujours Entin, il y estl S'il pouveit rnonter clevantage, il le tereit, il ne vouclrait pas rcclescenrlre vers le rnecliocre Quel bel exemple pour nous, Cloves clu cours special cle francais' Queloues excellents orateurs cle notre ville, entenclus au cours cle ces rlerniores annees, nous ottrent un merveilleux exemple cle ce ou'on peut faire avec cle la bonne xolonte. GERXXRD CXXYER Q3 1940 SECRETS OE TEXT LE CHEMISTRY LEARNING THE xrf. Y e Is S 0 I-13- ' 0 X ff- 0 QA-f-F TI-IE TEXTILE CHEMISTRY STAFF Mr Raul lapis, Fleatl ol the DCIIJVIITTCITI aritl his two assistants, Rey Brother Mark arirl Rey Brother George-Arlelarrl At precisely S WT every Saturtlay morrtihg, several ambitious larlsf riarhely Marcel Cuerirt, Frarifis Carrier, James Itoltort, Rerrrarrl Gauthier, Robert Grrouarcl, Vlfilliam lotleau, Rolvert Gortlorty Joseph Ratrurri arttl Raul Friel, qarhecl irt laboratory attire, yrlurttte irtto the mysteries ot the clyeirtg irtrlustry. This qrouri is arwious to progress rrt the trelcl ot seiertce, heirtq willihq to relirif ,irish their Saturtlay recess to learn the art ot irtlustrial Chemistry so imruortartt to thi I s rttouerri worltl Ihe Course is Coritluctetl hy Mr Raul Taruis with the ahle assistarife o llro Mark ahtl Bro George-Atlelartl Mr Tariis, art exfqratluatey realizrho the possibilities orteh to youth ih this witle lieltl, has ttraeiously Qtyeri his practical Itrtowleclge attairtecl hy years ot research to the worthy hoys ot his Alma Mater The hogs stutly all the tliverse types ol rlyes, their peculiarities artrfl their methods ot artrrltcatiori on almost exery iriiaqirtahle species ot yarrt All the work ot rwrertarirtg, xiritr, aritl actual tl feirtt is tlorie solel I hy the ho 's uritler the su ieryrsrort ot Mr Ta tis I I J I , I I I Ihe course tiives to the stutlerit a uootl rirertaratiori it he rilarts to enter the mill toratory irtiriietliately atter, or a souittl IOUIIKIJIIOIT it he rilaris to lurther his stuclies ilortu that Irrte in College, Lotto rhay this Course live at the Mount. FRANCIS CARRIER PAUL FRIEL 95 IIHII W ll eVVl'f'C ggXUElg 0 '0 l J JAMES TOBlN Winner of the Oratorical Contest James J. Tobin ot Somerville, Mass, the man with a confident personality, was awarded the Bishop Keough oratorical trophy tor l94O in a contest sponsored by secondary schools ot the Roman Catholic Diocese ot Providence at St. Raphael's Academy, Pawtucket, R. l. Well known tor his loguacity in the weekly public speaking classes, Jim achieved the "surprise" ot the year in the Academy records. ln capturing tirst place in the boys' division tor the annual oratorical contest of Catholic high schools in Providence, the high-spirited Jimmy defeated representatives from LaSalle Academy, De LaSalle Academy, and St. Raphael's Academy. The contest had as its theme, "The Catholic Church and Peace". Our energetic and ambitious delegate spoke on the subject, "Peace Through the Church, the Mystical Body" and stressed the necessity ot bringing God back into human lite, Tobin averred that the present state ot the world is due to the neglect ot the Church by the peoples and leaders of the world. Catholics, he said, have the responsibility of leading the world into the way ot peace by leading men to seek God through Christ and His Church. We are very proud ot Jiml RICHARD RONDEAU 1930 1 1 snows LETTERMEN FOCDTBALI. gXCEls ' at 'o 4 0 zmllofo f The Football Review Coach Ray Vaudreuil, the young energetic mentor from Worcester, had many sophomores and juniors playing on the varsity this year in order to produce a strong combination for next year's football campaign. Joseph Donahue, of Flushing, Long Island, captained this year's representation on the gridiron and although it was the poorest team in the history of the Academy, Joe's aggressive fighting spirit and dependable playing was the feature of every game. The following boys on the football team will graduate in June: Capt. Donahue, l-lartwell, Cayer, Martelly, Perreault, Bilodeau, Everett, Cogavin, McDonald, Beauch- emin, and Heffernan. RESUME OE Tl-lE l94O FOOTBALL CAMPAIGN M. S. C. O Westerly l3 Bewildered by a strong aerial attack, the Mount lost their opening game at Barry Field. Living up to all expectations, Capt. Joe Donahue performed brilliantly at right guard. John Mousseau and Marty Cogavin played well also. M. S. C. O Lockwood 6 ln a very evenly matched battle, the visitors came out on top by virtue of a 2l yard touchdown run in the third period. Bob Dusablon's passes to McPherson and Ouellette were a great help to the Mount. Q M. S. C. O ' Aldrich 20 Displaying power, speed, and an excellent aerial attack, Aldrich was more than a match for the l-lilltoppers. Dick Hartwell and Roland Martelly stopped many rushes by their numerous tackles. M. S. C. O West Warwick 33 Dick Everett's quarterbacking and Bob Dusablon's long punts kept the cham- pionship West Warwick eleven from scoring more points than they did. M. S. C. O Classical 27 Aided by a horde of lightning-fast backs, the Providence eleven was the fifth straight victor of the Mounties in the Class B league. M. S. C. O St. Raphael 27 Much after the manner of the preceding games, our boys went down to defeat again. The second-stringers played practically the entire game and they performed very capably. M. S. C. 7 Central Falls 20 Bob Ouellette, promising sophomore halfback, had the unique distinction of scoring 'the team's only touchdown in the football campaign. The score came late in the fourth quarter after the opponents had tallied on two blocked kicks and an intercepted pass. M. S. C. O Woonsocket l4 Touchdowns which resulted after a 73 yard drive and the recovery of a free ball in the end zone spelled the doom to our team in the Thanksgiving Day classic. Bob Dusablon and Capt. Donahue did meritorious work every minute of the game. 1940 gXCElS e 1 4' oo VVX'.f'C X BASKETBALL LETTERMEN Him 5XCEl B sl . I 0 0 The Basketball Season Showing a complete reversal of form from that which was displayed by last year's quintet, which won only two games, the surprisingly strong l939-'40 basketball team completed a highly successful season with an even percentage of seven wins and seven defeats. Coach Ray Vaudreuil was the important factor in the team's abrupt style of play. Ray was well-respected by his charges for his boundless knowl- edge of basketball and they proved their appreciation by turning in an exceptionally good season. ln the Class B loop, victories were won against Lockwood and St. Raphael, twice each, and West Warwick. ln comparison, our toys lost twice to Westerly, Woon- socket, and Central Falls and once to Aldrich. The Red and Blue were also tri- umphant in two exhibition games against South Bellingham High and St. Mary's of Uxbridge. Walter McPherson of Woonsocket, one of the best guards performing in the Class B division this year, was the captain of this plucky team. Jimmy Rogers, Bill Dubois, Wilt Jolin, and Fran Gardella of the graduating class played on the team also. Bob Cormier, high-scoring forward, and Bob Ouellette, an experienced center, have been elected co-captains ot next season's squad and they certainly deserve that honor. ln conclusion, we hope that the l94O-'4l basketball team will rise to equal heights that the preceding team has procured. l94O BASKETBALL RECORD M. S. C. Opp. Dec, ,South Bellingham High .............. ......... . .... 3 5 3l Dec. Lockwood High-.., ....... .. .... - ..... .. ............ 27 25 Jan. Central Falls .......................... ..,............ 3 l 37 Jan. Westerly High ......... - ........................ ............... 3 5 39 Jan. St. Raphael's Academym., ........ ............... 3 6 35 Jan. West Warwick High .............. ......,........ 3 2 28 Jan. Aldrich High... ....... .. ......... ,... .............. .Zl 36 Jan. Woonsocket High ................... - ..... ...................... 3 O 40 Jan, St. Mary's Boys' Club ...... ,. ........ .....-..,..60 24 Feb. Lockwood High- ................. 3 ..... .,.. s ......... 4 5 33 Feb. Central Falls High .............. ................ 3 3 52 Feb, Westerly High- ................................. ............... 40 53 Feb. St. Raphael's Academy .............. ................ 4 5 43 Mar. Woonsocket High .................... ............... 3 8 44 2 15330 RICHARD RON DEAU HOCKEY NATIONAL CHAMPNONS at gXCElsl0 S - E " lVIount St. Charles Wins the I-Ioclcey National Championship M. S.C. Opp. M. S. C. Opp. Dec. 9 Framingham High ............... 4 Feb. I5 Cranston High ....,................... 4 O Dec. I6 Boston College ..................... 9 Feb. I7 LaSalle Academy ..................... 3 I Dec. 2I Alumni ...,..m.....-...-...s ..... W9 Feb. 20 Boston All-Stars,W-...--.5 2 Jan. 6 Central High ........................... 5 Feb. 23 Montreal Catholic ............... 7 7 Jan. I2 LaSalle Academy .................. 3 Feb. 24 Hope High ...,............................. 4 O Jan. I7 Warwick High .............. 5 - Feb. 26 Mount Pleasant. .................... 6 O Jan, 20 Warwick High ....,.....,............. Mar, I Yale Yaks ...........,........................ 5 3 Jan. 25 Cathedral High ..................... Mar. 2 Cranston High ....................,... O Jan. 3O East Providence ........................ Mar. 5 Cranston High ..,...... 2 Feb. 3 Cranston High ........................ Mar. 7 LaSalle Academy .............,..,. O Feb. 8 Classical High ........................ 9 Mar. 9 LaSalle Academy .................. O Feb. 9 Yale Cougars ........................... 7 Mar. 27 Alumni ...... - ............................... 2 Feb. IO East Providence ..................... 8 Mar. 31 St. Francis Prep ................... 2 HOCKEY ROSTER FOR I939-'40 I Daniel O'Brien ................ IO Marcel Pilon ............... L.W. 2 Robert Desaulniers .................................... C. Il Adelard Jourdain ....... ................. L ,D. 3 Louis Marcotte ....................................... R.W. I2 Oscar Galipeau ........... ................ R .D, 5 George Belanger, Co-Capt ,............... ...C. I3 Joseph Perreault .., .... -.. ............... ,R.D. 6 Roland Lemire .......................................... RW. I4 Camille Belisle ............ L.W. 7 Marcel Bessette .................................... L.W. I5 Andre Tremblay ............ RW. 8 Normand Tancrelle .......... .............. C . I6 Gabriel Bessette ............... ............... M gr. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME MS. C. 8 St. Francis Prep. 2 Arriving in Providence on Sunday morning, March 3l, from New York via boat, the St. Francis Prep hockey team was greeted by Rev. Brother Adelard, generalissimo of Mount Hockey affairs, and other school dignitaries. The team was the guest at the Hilltop Institute until game time in the afternoon. Going into the contest with a winning streak over a two-year period, marred by one tie, the New Yorkers retained supreme confidence in themselves. However, their attitude vanished soon after they glimpsed our fast-skating Canadian trio on the first line. Displaying their usual systematic goal-scoring parade, the Mounties racked up four goals apiece in the first periods. Lemire high-lighted the offense drive by tallying four times, Tremblay dented the cords thrice, and Co-Capt. Belanger ac- counted for the other goal. - . Through the victory, Rev. Brother Adelard and his colorful Flying-Frenchmen laid claim to the National Schoolboy Hockey crown, St. Francis having been the only school north, east, south, or west to accept a bid to attempt to dethrone the Woonsocketeers. RICHARD RONDEAU 2 . iilfinv gXCElS E I0 'Y xx 0 wx-f-r ...- BASEBALL SQUAD With a new coach at its helm and many new faces in its line-up, the Saints' baseball team set out with high hopes of conquering all other teams in the Class B loop, Mr. Raymond Vaudreuil, basketball and football coach, succeeded Mr. Louis Lepine as this year's baseball coach. Asbie Jolin, starting his third year at third base, was unanimously elected captain of the team. Six lettermen remained from the l939 outfit, namely: Red Dusablon, shortstop, Asbie Jolin, third base, Joe Perreault, catcher, Al Gregoire and Jules Guy, out- fielders, and John McNamara and Walt McPherson, pitchers. The biggest losses were Dick Rondeau's ineligibility and Gus Galipeau's departure to the St. Louis Cardinal's training camp in Florida. ln the infield, Bob Cormier took over the duties of first baseman, and Marcel Peloquin, a capable youngster, took over the second base obligations. Roger Mande- ville has been retained as a pitcher. The other members of the squad are: Jim Murphy, John Carr, Leo McDuff, Gerard Roberts, Fred St. George, and William Heffernan. The Mount was nosed out 3-2 in the first test of the season against La Salle Academy. In the Class B games, the team has toppled Sacred Heart lO-l, but were beaten 5-4 by St. Raphael's in extra innings These few games have given the M. S. C. fans high hopes for a successful season. RICHARD RONDEALJ IEJO-310 - - FEATURES EXCELKY 'I Y s' 00 aVVK'.f'C THE EXCELSIOR STAFF Editor-in-Chief RICHARD RONDEALJ Associate Editor FRANCIS CARRIER Literary Board RAYMOND COTE JOSEPH WILLOIJGHBY JOSEPH PERREALJLT idflin ROLAND THEROUX JAMES ROGERS FRANCIS HIBNER EXCELS ai. I0 'K 0 .T 'W'f'f g Class Prophecy l looked into the magic ball And all that l could see, Was the senior class in future years, The boys of '40 from M.S.C. James Brogie is the first we see, A captain in the Marines is he. Joe Donahue is a great detective, He makes the New York police very effective. Paul Friel is now a great physician, I wonder how he ever got that position. Arthur Artruc has his own band, lt is considered the best inthe land. Jean-Louis Bolduc from Waterville, Maine, As a lumberman, has earned great fame. Martin Cogavin is now a priest, , And is celebrating his twentieth feast. Francis Carrier, a chemist is he, For that is what he wanted to be. George Belanger the "Canadiens" have snared, We all can see how fine he has fared. Richard Hartwell is a big contractor, ln the success of the firm he is a large factor Robert Gordon is a great M. D. To see him you have to pay a large fee. Joseph Paquin is a political boss, Who leads the Democrats without a loss. Normand Tancrelle is an aviator He has just designed a super clipper. Thomas Cadoret has become a tar, We know that he will go very far. James Rogers has done the best, He has by far outdistanced the rest. Roland Martelly that great contractor, We see him now buying a new tractor. Marcel Guerin owns many a mill, And pays high wages if he will. Paul Heffernan fares very well, A doctor's sign hangs over his bell. Danny O'Brien still minds the net, And not a goal does the other team'get. Joe Lynch that boy from Hyde Park, Mass. His Civil Service exams did pass. Joseph Willoughby is a great designer, Critics claim there is none finer. 1940 Y gXCElsl sa 00 ee'VVl'f'C X Class Prophecy lContinuedl Joe Perreault is among Baseball's great How did he guess it was to .be his fate? Francis Hibner is now running for mayor, And all his opponents had better beware James Bolton has gone a long way. As we can readily see by the size of his pay. A great composer is Andrew Henry, His greatest is called "The Long Lost Key". Gerald Charland is in the army now, You should see him smile when the corporals bow. Carl Betz has just written a book, He calls it "The Flight of the Little Brook". Raymond Loughman is an engineer, And has massed a fortune, so we hear. A dentist has been Raymond Cote's choice, A patient never has to raise his voice. For the "Cubs", Asbie Jolin plays third base, We see he has done well by the look on his face. Richard Lynch is a movie star, He rides around in a chautfeured car. Jack Santanna is an eminent cyclist, He daringly rides through rain or mist. Gerard Menard has a case in hand, He is the smartest lawyer in the land. Desrochers and Co. reads the sign, To be an Apothecarian has entered his mind. William Crepeau had attracted many eyes, With his latest picture "Paradise". Francis Gardella is a fruit man, He'll sell his fruit to whomever he can. And Gus Cote our great reporter, Writes his news for the Woonsocket Quarter. Richard Rondeau now manages a team, And still in his eyes he has that gleam. y Who's this we see attending the mission, Why 'tis James Tobin the politician. PAUL HEFFERNAN FRANCIS HIBNER RGLAND MARTELLY -eidiiu gXl3Els at 'o " ' DEVOTION TO THE SACRED HEART IS FOREMOST AT THE MOUNT "Behold the heart that loved men so much"l Such were the words of Our Saviour, Jesus Christ, at the time of his revelation to Saint Margaret Mary. Previous to this, devotion to the Sacred Heart had not been widespread. Now, however, convents and monasteries were set up to further this special devotion to Jesus, We, the fortunate students of this splendid Academy, are instructed by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, sterling educators, who have dedicated their lives to the spreading of this great devotion to Our Lord. Devotion to the Sacred Heart may be defined as Devotion to the adorable Heart of Jesus Christ in so far as this heart represents and recalls his love, God gives his heart to us as a symbol of his love. Our duty is to cherish and return this love. We, students of Mount Saint Charles, are well aware of the powers of the Sacred Heart. ln our lovely chapel the statue of the Sacred Heart tops the main altar, before which students constantly pray and burn vigil lights to obtain needed spiritual aid, Before every game athletes may be found in the chapel appealing to the Sacred Heart for protection and for victory, if agreeable to Him. The front wall of every room is adorned by a picture of the Sacred Heart and each student dedicates every work sheet to the Sacred Heart by the letters: A, C. J. which mean, "The Sacred Heart Be Loved." With an environment such as this, it is no wonder that the Mount boys believe the Sacred Heart to be their staunchest advocate, And when they go forth to fight in the amphitheater of life they will constantly turn to the Sacred Heart for succor, banking their assurance on His words. MARTIN COGAVIN lO9 1940 gXlfElg we 'o W 0 ,V1A'f'C Sl-lRllNlE OE OUR LADY OE LOURDES ON Tl-lE CAMPUS AVE MARlA O were I a tiny bell, Svveetly rny silv'ry knell To one and all should tell, "Ave Marial" Were l a pretty bird, Ev'ryvvhere l'd heard Singing the soothing word, "Ave Marial" Were l a flovv'ret gay, Ever, by night and day, To ev'ry heart l'd say, "Ave Marial" Bell, bird, and tlovv'ret tair, May l torever share With you your anthem rare, "Ave Marial" WILLIAM CREPEAU llO A1940 1 1 Y ll EVV1'f'C EX l' El , 2 5 I 9 0 STUDENTS EROM GREATER BOSTON 'Qi K E T STUDENTS FROM GREATER NEW YORK HI l94U gxllflg at '0 Q f 0 THE CONNECTICUT YANKEES STUDENTS OF THE TOWN OF NORTH SMITHFIELD H2 M940 Q Exlfflg E I 9 0 0 -' VETERANS QE MOUNT ST. CHARLES Attended the Academy for 7, 8, 9 Years Band Council President, Bernard Gauthier, Vice-President, Gerard Biron, Secretary, Eernand Mandeville, Treasurer, Geraid Charland, Cotinciiors, Norbert Morin, John McAuliffe, Wiiiianw Scjhnorbiis, Christopher Suiiivan, 1620 E EXCELS I ,SKY 00 4VVl'f'C Class Will We, the Class of l94O, of Mount Saint Charles Academy, of sane mind and em- powered by law, do hereby bequeath all our trinkets, chattels, moneys and all other personal estate of every kind, by last will and testament in writing, executed as pre- scribed by the laws of this state: To Reverend Brother Bartholomew we leave our sincere appreciation for his expert guidance in our studies, without which we would never have successfully arrived at Graduation. To the various and sundry members of the faculty we leave our gratitude, and sympathize with their sorrow due to the loss of such a fine class which has made their life pleasant and peaceful. To Reverend Father Chaplain we leave our most heartfelt thanks for his spiritual and scholastic guidance throughout our happy tenure at the Mount. To the versatile mentor of the Mount's athletic forces, "Ray" Vaudreuil, we leave a new football team and our sincere hopes that the Mount's forces will forge to victories galore under his superb tutelage. To the minders we leave a group of quieter boys whom we hope will uphold the traditions of honor and fidelity set by the Class of '40, "Truck" Artruc leaves his Gene Krupa complex to "Drummer Boy" Perkins. "Tom" Cadorette's splendid physique goes to "Mike" Vanasse who is well on his way of becoming asecond Charles Atlas. "Shark" l-lartwell gives his pool playing ability to "Bugs" Gresser. "Sergeant" Charland leaves his pinto piebald to "Rodeo" Toupin. "Joe" Perreault bequeaths his well rounded figure and boisterous voice to "Dapper Bill" Duffy. "Jim" Rogers bestows upon "Swisher" Desisto his position on the Red 8 Blue Basketball team. "Walt" Jalbert bequeaths his command of the French language to "Ed" Archam- bault. 1 "Gable" l-libner leaves his secret code handwriting to "Wild Horse" Martin who is also a secret agent. George Belanger leaves his movie star complexion to Roland Lemire, "Nimble fingers" Henry leaves his precise tuning on the piano to "Two Gun" Boyd. "Marc" Guerin leaves to "Bobby" Cormier his three shares of "Mulligan Stew", the others must starve. To "Slim" l-lassey is donated Jim Tobin's superb baseball powers. lf you don't believe us ask Jim. llJ:lU QXCELS Y. I 0 0 " ' Class Will A 1 lContinuedl The ardent admirers of Jack Dillon's wavy locks will have to be content with "Weasel" Doherty. W "Joe" Willoughby donates his power to make model airplanes to :'Glidder" Dellay. To the Junior Class we express our hopes that they have the good fortune to see the return of the "l-lilltopper". , To the Sophomore and Freshman Class we leave the most coveted gifts of fine sportsmanship and school-spirit. ' i To our Alma Mater we bequeath our life-long loyalty and sincere thanks for all received. T Signed this fifteenth day of June, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and forty. FRANCIS CARRIER MARTIN COGAVIN JAMES BOLTON K6-.-Q2 H5 H E at -e1940e- i EXCELS at '0 W 0 e 1Nl'f'C GRADE Vlll---BROTHER Bl.AlSE'S CLASS A Short anol Sweet Description Authier-always obliging and eager to study, Barnabeea good friend but not too studious, Barthelemyethe best student in making French compositions, Berard-an excellent reader, Bousgueteeethe peewee of the class, Cabanae-homework always done neatly, Armand Cotefarithmetic ace and a strong rooter at Mount hockey games, Herve Cote-A-happy-go-lucky chap, Montcalm Cote-runner-up as outstanding boy of class, Desrosiersebaton tvvirler de luxe, good athlete, Gregoireehigh ranking pupil who likes to protest, Grenon-courteous and helpful, Jacgueseea model student for any teacher, Lamarrefalways ready with a big smile, Landry-quiet and studious, Laferriereea future hockey star for Bro. Adelard, Lavalleeea cheerful asset to the class, Moisonelikes to sleep, lvlorinewide awake all the time, Nlyette-prospective varsity pitcher in a few years, Picard-outstanding boy of class in all departments, Rondeau-works hard all the time, Rousseauepromising athlete, could do better in studies, Ruhlandetops the class in penmanship, St. Germain-superior in literature, Trudeau-chubby, happy, capable pupil, Vezina-best athlete, Dunneffair in class, better on the ball-field, Belhumeurvalways late but works well, Revs Brother Blaise- genial, patient, and well-respected RICHARD RONDEAU , 1950 n t EXUE1., 1 K9 00 Q-f-C GRADE VlllaaBROTHER BERNARDS CLASS Snapshots at Random This distinguished graduating class ot the grammar school course displayed promptitude, courtesy, and intelligence throughout the entire year. What more could a teacher demand ot them? Heading the list ot individual characters were the names ot David Buckley and Franny lVlcAulitte. These two youngsters will certainly attain scholastic honors in their high school days it they continue such outstanding class work. Jimmy Coyne, Jack Turner, and James Reilly also proved they could get results by constant ettorts. Dicky Frost, who relishes the goal-tending position ot Davey Kerr, New York Rangers, captained the Indians who won the Class B hockey title ot the Junior League. Robert Dusseault was a member ot that team also Tom Gallagher played on the Junior l-ligh Baseball team. Arthur Carson took care ot the managerial reins for all Brother lVlichael's athletic teams. "Tex" Welles, the loguacious lad, is well-known tor his tall stories. Joe "Teeth" Woodlock played guard on the Robins team, Class B basketball champions ot the Junior League. Edward Lutz, and Richard Bonneville, late-comers to the class, and Joseph Zumbo were capable students who never got in trouble. Brother Bernard, who had the honor ot teaching these boys, was very proud ot his class and he wishes that the boys continue their fine work in first-year high. RICHARD RONDEAU ll7 l94U EXUEL., at 'o W ll VIA'f'C ,f , . A , N GRADE VllaBROTl-lER ROlNlALD'S CLASS l-lere we have the babies of the school, They are apprentices beginning on a long and strenuous journey through many years of work in studies. The hard and happy years of high school and college lie before them. Perhaps at times, their footsteps may falter, some may fall to the wayside but for the most part we are sure that with the sterling qualities of perseverance and loyalty that they now display, they will forge ahead slowly and surely to the time when the Mount shall be proud to present them its highest honor, the high school diploma symbolizing their success in secondary work. l-lighest honors of the year belong to Rene Soucy and Robert Pelletier with Ray Gervais, Al Derochers, and Roger Poirier following close behind The "Beau Brummelf' we are told, is handsome Paul McDermott. The class athlete is Rudy Chioffi having won his letter as guard on Brother lVlichael's Junior l-ligh football team. Robert Donahue, following the footsteps of brother Joe, varsity football captain, won the title of the most popular boy. Julian Oleaga, the little Spanish boy, keeps in good with Brother Ronald furnish- ing him with stamps. The most gentlemanly is Charlie Trainor, the young red-head from Providence. Bob Sheridan, Ray Beaudry and Louis Bertholet are all-round athletes Robert "Doc" Savage and Ray Gaudet are new-comers who give promise of doing great things, JOSEPH PERREALJLT IQRU ADVERTISEMENTS Compliments of VAN DALE photographs ol Distinction OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER OF CLASS OF l94O We wish to extend congratulations to the Class ot l94O of Mount St. Charles Academy, one ot the best classes with which we have ever been privileged to work. 0 O May every student vvrest trom the future his success and happiness. iizoi In GrateIuI Appreciation MARY C. GOLIRLEY ADELINE R CRORRER OXFORD PRESS Printers oItI'1is BooIc GENERAL PRINTING DEx'rer 5463 IOO SOUTI-I STREET PROVIDENCE, R. I, a5lP: R ODE ISl.AND'S COMPLETE SER CE PLANT Your plate problem is completely solved when placed with 6,4ckfcrb:L ADVERTISING ART - PHOTO RETOUCHING - PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTO-ENGRAVING - ELECTRO- TYPING - STEREOTYPING - MATS 20 Mathewson St., Providence East Woonsocket Trap Rocl4 Co., Inc. formerly "Tl-IE IROIN TRAP ROCK CO." FREDERICK PELLETIER, President and Treasurer Office: 173 Bailey Street Telephone: office 2980 Quarry 2038 Relletier Construction Co., Inc. Contractors ancl Builders Fire Appraisers FREDERICK PELLETIER, President and Manager I73 Bailey Street Telephone 2980 FRANK A. RINGE cu-xss Rimes AND CLASS Pins F. A, RINGE 96 RIVER ROAD VALLEY FALLS, R. l. C mpliments of Compliments of EMERY DEMER5 BAKERY oioisrs ouALiTY rooosroiae Telephone 654-R Park Avenue Woonsocket 6l7 Elm Street Woonsock t FOR BETTER HEALTH D R I N K I-I O O D ' S M I L K U22 MCCARTI-IY'S VVoonsockefs Largest Department Store Cpl td Rev. GEORGES BEDARD Cure FUEL OIL OIL BURNERS Domestic and Industrial 'II-IE ourmr coivipf-my PEIRGLEUM I-IEAT and POWER CO Rhode khnds Largest Department Store 32 Franklin Street Providence WOONSOC ET T ONE 31 Compliments ot BRANCH RlVER WCDQL CGMBING CQMRANV, lnc. Compliments ot Arcluino Collamati, 1081 Social Street Albert Robert, 112 Gilbert Street M. and Mme. Louis l-l, Forcier, 16 Rathbun Street Mrs. Pratte Dress Shop, 515 Social Street J. Earle Brown, Main Street Jeremiah D. Crowley, Brighton, Mass, Auguste J. Cote, Woonsocket Bernon Diner, 207 Bernon Street Grignon's lv1en's Shop New York Cleaning, Social Street Captain Crowley, Woonsocket Leon Vanhouwe, 128 Hamlet Avenue Berard Brothers, 621 Social Street S. Bernstein, 161 So. Main Street E. L. Vaine, 137 Main Street Abbe Arthur Bienvenue Thomas Lavoie, DDS. Mme, Rose Beaudoin Dr. A. S. Weeden Bob's Men's Shop Paroisse Ste-Anne F. W. Rounds Mr. Henri A. Roberge Rev. Adelard Laliberte Mr. and Mrs, Gustave I.. Cote 11241 PROGRESS PRINTING COMPANY Mfxuizics N. CREPEAU, Mgr, C0mPlIme'IIS Ol I27 Third Avenue Woonsocket, R. I, OWNERS AND OPERATORS OE "PRINTING MASLIREI. WORSTED BEST DOES EOR LESS Singleton Street Woonsoclcet 2672 WOONSOCKETS FASTEST, FINEST AUTOMATIC VERTICAL PRINTING PRESS Compliments ot Compliments of ARGONNE WORSTED J. B. FARNUM CO. COMPANY Monument Square Woonsocket Hamlet Avenue Woonsocket H251 Compliments of WOONSOCKET INSTITUTION FOR SAVINGS I 44 Main Street Woonsocket Compliments of SYDNEY WORSTED CO. 90 Allen Street Woonsocket Compliments of A F R I E N D Compliments de G. G. DUPRE, MD. 80 Hamlet Avenue Woonsocket Compliments of BRIEN BUILDING COMPANY, Inc. GENERAL CONTRACTORS l28 Clinton Street Woonsocket Telephone 28I O TH EROUX BROS. TRUCKING - FORWARDERS Telephone 700-70l if Poncl Street Woonsocket H I L L C O L L E G E iNcoRPoRATEo A School of Commercial Sciences OFFERING BACHELOR DEGREES IN BUSINESS SUBJECTS Compliments of WOONSOCKET CHAMBER OF COMMERCE H261 Compliments of DE NEVERS FURNITURE 599 Social Street Woonsocket Compliments of CITY HARDWARE CO. 25 Rathbun Street Woonsocket BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME Telephone 3I86 O. J. LALIBERTE GENERAL PAINTER Decorating and Paper Hanging KEOUGH o- PRATT, inc. Real Estate and Insurance SURETY BONDS AND APPRAISALS PAINT NOW AND SAVE MONEY- WILLIAM KEOUGH JOSEPH PRATT EXCELLENT SERVICE LONGLEY BUILDING I I56 Social Street Woonsocket 194 Main Street Woonsocket Compliments of REV, FATHER C. J. HOLLAND No. Main Street Woonsocket Compliments of WOONSOCKET RAYON CO. Clinton Street Woonsocket Compliments of PHILIPPE LUSSIER BLACKSMITHING, BODY WORKS AND SPRING REPAIRING 95 Bernon Street Woonsocket Where You ALWAYS Shop With Confidence 4 11271 Avec mes meilleurs voeux de succes ABBE THEODORE PELOQU I N Compliments du REV. FRANCIS DESIVIARAIS Cure de St-Jacques 33 Division Street Manville LODIE BRIEN GENERAL INSURANCE I26 Clinton Street Woonsocket Telephone 3595 ULRIC DESMARAIS RAW AND PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM PASTEURIZED IN GLASS Tel. 3l28-W Reservoir Street Manville A FRIEND M. GAULIN 6 SON, Inc. Compliments of the REV. GEDEON LAMBERT SHRINE OF THE LITTLE FLOWER Nasonville Rhode Island Compliments of J. J. CORRIGAN 8 SON FUNERAL DIRECTORS Telephone Pascoag I37-W I-Iarrisvi l le H281 East Woonsocket Trap Roclc Co., lnc. autrefois la "Iron Trap Rock Co." M. Frederic Pelletier - president et tresorier Bureau-l73 rue Bailey Telephones: Bureau 2980, Carrie-re 2038 Pelletier Construction Company UNCORPORATEDJ Entrepreneurs-Constructeurs - Evaluateurs de dommages d'incendies Frederic Pelletier - president et gerant l73 rue Bailey Telephone 2980 WHEN YOU BUY . . . SPECIFY B A lvl B Y BREAD CAKE Donuts SOLD BY OVER 4000 RETAIL GROCERS 'THROUGHOUT SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND New England Bakery GENERAL OFFICE PAWTUCKET RHODE ISLAND 11291 QJVG CQUVENT JESUS-MARIE Woonsocket, Rh d Il d QJQ Compliments of POUND HILL DAIRY GRADE "A" MILK "The Milk M. S. C. Boys Like" BRANCHAUD BROS, Pound Hill Road ALLARD MOTORS Service Chevrolet Service NEW AND USED CARS Telephone I66 Great Road Branch Village Compliments of REV. O. J. PLASSE Mapleville Compliments of GUERIN MILLS, Inc. East School Street Woonsocket Compliments de M. et Mme. OVIDE E. CI-IAGNON l56 Park Avenue Woonsocket Compliments of ROC HAMBEAU WORSTED CO. Providence "KEEP MOVI NG" LEFRANCOIS TRANSFER and TEAMING CO., Inc. "We Move Anything from a Bobbin to a Boiler" OFFICE, 357 ARNOLD STREET Telephones IOOO-IOOI-IOO2 PROVIDENCE OFFICE AND TERMINAL l89 Charles Street, Rear Telephone GAspee 9073 BOSTON OFFICE 33 South Street Telephone LIBerty 5680 Our Best Wishes to the l94O Graduating Class! I94O JUNIOR CLASS I3I1 Cpltf MILD-I' BROS. CQ. Lumber, Paint and Mason's Cpltf Tl-IE FRENCH WCDRSTED Material Roofing Supplies, Hay and Grain MAURICE E. MESSIER CI 28 C pl f C pl f BLACKSTONE VALLEY FLORENCE DYE WORKS GAS 84 ELECTRIC CO 11321 NORTHERN FRUIT CO. Compliments of DEALERS 'N MODEL LAUNDRY FRUITS 5' VEGETABLES LAUNDERERS, DYERS e CLEANSERS HORACE H, MERCIER PAUL JACOB Cor. Front 6 So. Main Woonsocket 86 Page Street Woonsocket Compliments of J. B. GENERE X U E. P. HEBERT REAL ESTATE KNITTING MILLS, Inc. 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Capitol II74 Woonsocket Office, 4l8 Diamond Hill Telephone 4l05-W BERTHA'S HAT SHOPPE HATS, HANDBAGS, STOCKINGS Give Us a Trial to Be a Steady Customer 5l5 Social Street Woonsocket Telephone 3471 Compliments of CHAMP'S DINER Park Square Woonsocket Compliments of SAYLES HILL ROD AND GUN CLUB BERGER WOOL COMPANY 50 East School Street Woonsocket ROSE BEAUTY PARLOR On Plait a tout le Monde l202 Social Street Tel. 2627 Compliments of LAMOUREUX FURNITURE CO. 539 Clinton Street Woonsocket PRIMEAU AUTO RADIATOR REPAIR ZI9 Bernon Street Woonsocket PHILIP A. MULVEY PAINTS, WALL PAPER, WINDOW GLASS HARDWARE 2 Arnold Street Woonsocket Telephone l738 OSCAR J. LOZEAU FUEL OILS-KEROSENE AND MOTOR OIL GULF PRODUCTS 303 Sayles Street Woonsoclcet Telephone 37I-W I FOURNIER G EOURNIER UNDERTAKERS 90 Cumberland Street Woonsocket Compliments of LEE'S PHARMACY 48 North Main Street Woonsocket WOONSOCKET TRUST COMPANY II7 Main Street 52l Social Street Woonsocket Compliments of PARISIAN CLEANERS G DYERS THEODORE BELISLE, Proprietor Bernon Street Woonsocket Telephone I44 Compliments of CITY LUMBER COMPANY 333 River Street Woonsocket H361 ABRAMS' MEN'S SHOP ' A V E D O N Stadium Building Woonsocket Stadium Building Woonsocket Compliments of Compliments of ARMAND J. MEUNIER W. J- RAINVILLE MGR- MOWRY JEWELRY CO- 234 Burnside Avenue Woonsocket High Street Woonsocket Compliments de QUALITY PLUS QUANTITY AT PHILIPPE ST. GERMAIN Tol-VVS RESTAURANT SHEET METAL 245 Main street T. sI-IIZARI, Prop. I6 Brook Street Woonsocket Home Made Candy and Ice Cream DR. EARL S. SIMMONS Compllmems of Kresge Building l28 Main Street p 6. Q SHOP Woonsocket Main Street Woonsocket Compliments of Compliments of BUOU THEATER PEPlN'S ELECTRIC SERVICE Main Street Woonsocket 647 Social Street Woonsocket Compliments of ARTHUR MORRISSETTE EISENBERG e TICKTON 1 CONTRACTOR Cor. Clinton and Cumberland Sts. Woonsocket A Estlmares promptly Gwen 45l Benefit Street Pawtucket Cl-OVER FARM STORE OCEAN STAR INSURANCE 6 TOBACCO HEADQUARTERS STEAMSHIP AGENCY, lI'1C. D, LAPERLE, Proprietor ASSURANCES DE TOUTES SORTES 605 Rathbun Street Woonsocket 366 Rathbun Street Woonsocket KORNSTEINS DR. A. GARNEAU WoonsoCket's Largest Boys' and Girls' Outfitters OPTOMETRIST "From High Chair to High School" Eyes Examined-Glasses Fitted 55 Main Street Woonsocker 600 Clinton Street Woonsocket H371 Compliments of DONAT LUSSI ER Compliments of RED CAP CIGAR ' WELDER 36 Pine Street Woonsocket 95 Bernon Street Woonsocket Tel, Perry 3658 C I' f L E M , S - omp :ments o CATERERS NI. J. JAMIEL Banquets-Luncheons-Wedding Parties DEPARTMENT STORES . HERVEY J. LEMIELJX ALBERT L. LEMIEUX 55.5'afe Sffeef l45l 50- llflam 289 Pawtucket Avenue Pawtucket Brlslol Fall Rwer Compliments de DR. O. J. PLASSE J. JELJNIER EJ SON, inc. WHOLESALE GROCERS l47 Paradis Avenue 5l7 Social Street 330 Clinton Street Woonsocket BELISLE FRERES Compliments of B l Ouangem DES ROCHERS za BRUNELLE, inc. GQTEBUX de Nlariage, de Fetes, de BBFIQUSTS 35 RBTLIDUH Slfeel' WOOnSOClQEf 3 Cumbefland Sffeef Compliments of BELHUMEUR BUTTER STORE I36 Cumberland Street Woonsocket Compliments ot DR. E. L. TREMBLAY 66 Hamlet Avenue Woonsocket EDWARD' T. MEE INSURANCE 6 REAL ESTATE WALTER F. FONTAINE SONS ARCHITECTS 2 l M ' W lc 5 am Street Oonsoc el 285 Main Street Woonsocket Telephone l8l2-W Gaspee S575 Woonsocket 4075 ROBERTS CHlLDREN'S SHOP DR. A ZWODEN OLJTEITTERS TO CHILDREN FROM BIRTH DENTIST TO GRADUATION 2Sl Main Street Woonsocket 5 Broad Street Pawtucket 32 Broadway Providence 42 Main Street Woonsocket Compliments of HILL VIEW FARM DAIRY RAW MILK H. PLANTE Telephone 3675-R Manville Compliments of FORTIN'S TIRE SERVlCE Cor. Clinton and Pond Streets Woonsocket 11381 PARK SQUARE SERVICE STATION TIRES-BATTERIES-LUBRlCATlON- BRAKES Park Square Telephone 4734 Woonsocket SPRING WATER ICE, Inc A. LAQUERRE, Mgr. ICE, WOOD-FUEL OIL Tel. 6 Blackstone WILLOW STREET CASH MARKET MEATS AND GROCERIES Willow Street Telephone 909 PETER PAN'S ICE CREAM PARTY SPEC l ALT I ES-WHOLESALE 67l Manville Road ' Woonsocket Compliments of VICTOR H. MONTI, M.D. Carington Avenue Woonsocket Compliments of I CRYSTAL LUNCH C7 ELITE CLUB LUCIEN A. DECELLLES, Prop. 560 Social Street Woonsocket WOONSOCKET CONSUMERS' COAL CO. Hamlet Avenue Woonsocket Compliments of NATHAN I EL A. FELLMAN 274 South Main Street Woonsocket Compliments of JOSEPH BROWN COMPANY "lf it's from Brown's, it's All Right" BELLIVEAU ELECTRICAL SUPPLY A. P. BELLIVEAU, Prop. I Electrical Supplies, Lighting Fixtures 2 Monument Square Phone 1937 WHERE GOOD FELLOWS GET TOGETHER AT A L ' S B A R I73 Cumberland Street Woonsocket J. J. HAYES, SALES REP. 239 Summer Street Woonsocket N. BELANGER G SON EXPERT SHOE REBUILDING 233 So. Main Street Buy Good Shoes-Keep Them Repaired ARNOLD SEAGRAVE CIVIL ENGINEER Telephone 3532-W Commercial Building Woonsocket "Reasonable, Reliable Funeral Service" MENARD'S FUNERAL HOME ALFRED U. MENARD Funeral Director and Embalmer 58 Spring Street Telephone I825 Compliments de M. L'ABBE OSCAR GUILBAULT Manville ll 391 COMMERCIAL TRUCK BODIES 407 Park Avenue Woonsocket Cumberland Hill Road Woonsocket Compliments of ALFRED A. CARON U N A M l HOME MADE ICE CREAM l8 Flavors-29C a Quart Patent Medicines 804 Park Avenue Woonsocket ICOTE'S PURE FOOD MARKET BOURCIER BROS. E. J. COTE 6 SON, Props STORAGE AND MOVING Best Service-Prompt Delivery 91 Elbow Street Woonsocket 570 No. Main St. Tel. l28l-i282 Telephone 1602 Compllmenls of WOONSOCKET 'WPEWRITER CO. UNITED PAPER CO. TYPEWRWER5 Sold-Rented-Repaired 54 East School Street Woonsocket 243 Main Street Woonsockef Tel. 709 Compliments of Compliments de MODERN SHOE STORE ALBERT BERARD , VIANDE G EPICERIES 95 Main Street Woonsocket 56 Crawford Street Woonsocket Compliments de GEORGE R. ETHIER IMMEUBLE ET ASSURANCES ALFRED GLADU Manville 208 Elmore Street Woonsocket CLOVER FARM STORES, Inc. PELLAND'S SERVICE STATION LAROCHELLE BODY WORKS Center Street 35l Cumberland Street Woonsocket South Bellingham Massachusetts J. A. SIMONEAU Compliments of ARTISTIC AND HIGH GRADE FURNITURE DR. THOMAS pa FOGARTY We Furnish Your Home With Taste DEN-I-IST Telephone 3807 l4l Main Street Woonsocket 585 Social Street Woonsocket II4oI DOWNYFLAKE DOUGHNUTS J. GRAVEL, Prop. IO4 Main Street Woonsocket BRAGARD PHARMACY EDMOND v. BRAGARD, Reg. Ph. Telephone I9 254 Main Street Woonsocket LEON'S TAVERN LIONEL DRAINVILLE I4 Main Street Woonsocket E. BRODEUR Cr SON, Inc. BUILDING FINISH, HARDWOOD AND FINISH! LUMBER 46 Gobeille Street Woonsocket LAMBERT BOTTLING WORKS Established in I908 PENETO COBBLE ROCK BEVERAGES 590 Clinton Street Telephone I236 Compliments de M. et Mme. ERNEST E. DUPRE B. 6' S. ELECTRIC AUTO SERVICE AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICIANS Telephone 227l ZIO Front Street Woonsocket BON - TON WE CLEAN, DYE, REPAIR Quality Work-Quick Service LESTER W. LATAILLE, Prop. 628 Social Street Woon..346 332 Fairmount Street Woon. 346 Compliments of J. F. oc. L. KIRBY, Inc. REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE l62 Main Street Woonsocket TWIN SILVER SPRING FARM BOUCHARD BROS., Props. Milk Direct From our Farm Pound Hill Rd. Telephone 4l8-R4 Compliments du DR. W. C. ROCHELEAU 38 Hamlet Avenue Woonsocket Woonsocket Tailoring Company COMPLETE TAILORING SERVICE We Sell Ready Made Suits, Overcoats, Topcoats, Sport Coats and Pants 60 Blackstone Street Woonsocket Compliments of T. F. KENNEDY, M.D. Longley Building Woonsocket Compliments of ' FORESTDALE GARDEN JOSEPH KOZLIK, Prop. IAain Street Forestdale Compliments of REV. FATHER A. BAKER Church Street Slatersville CORA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE CORA BOUCHARD, Prop. Telephone 4l79-R School Street Slatersville I I 4 I I COfT1pllfT1et'lfS of HHAMBURGERS DE Luxe" DR. LEO DUGA5 Carpenter Corner Slatersville Slatersville Rl't0de lsland W A L T ' S Compliments of For a Bigger and Better Sandwich HAMBURG Sc-FRANKFORT Sc l28 Court Sfiuare Woonsocket NORMANDIE MANUFACTURING CO. 85 Fairmount Street Woonsocket PICARD MOTOR SALES CADILLAC-LA SALLE Always a Complete Line of Used Cars and Trucks Tel. BOO Union Square Woonsocket JOSEPH C. MAlLLOUX 6 SONS FURNITURE, CARPETS, LINOLEUMS 605 Clinton Street Woonsocket Compliments of MADAME VlC'S BEAUTY Sl-IOPPE I36 Court Street Woonsocket Compliments of ALPHONSE CARRIER 197 Glenwood Avenue Pawtucket Compliments of FONTAlNE'S DRUG STORE 92 Maple Street Woonsocket Homages of REV. FATHER L. E. DEERY Compliments of REV. FATHER FRANCIS DRISCOLL SHRINE OF THE LITTLE FLOWER Nasonville Compliments of CARRIER ICE MANUFACTURlNG CO. Compliments of LAFAYETTE WORSTED SPI NN l NG CO. Hamlet Avenue Woonsocket Congratulations and Best Wishes REV. C. E. GUILBAULT CHAPLAIN Felicitations et meilleurs voeux aux finissants WOONSOCKET SUPPLY CO. l2S South Main Street Woonsocket CHEVROLET SALES 5 SERVICE MARCOUX BROS., lnc. ' l77 Social Street Woonsocket H421 PIETTE BROTHERS PAT'S VARIETY STORE Wholesale CIGARS-CIGARETTES-CANDY-ICE CREAM TOBACCO-CANDIES Prop, PATRICK CARNEY, City Sergeant 100 North Main Street Woonsocket II7 North Main Street Woonsocket JOHN B, DESROSIERS DAIRY Compllmenfs Of ALPHQNSE A. SEYNAVEI Agent DR. RODOLPHE I.. DESAULNIERS Lait et Creme en Gros et en detail OPTOMETRIST U5-l32 Sweet AVSYTUS WOOYTSOCISSY 63 Cumberland Street Woonsocket COVTTDIIYUGVTTS of Compliments of PAUL ST. JACQUES HARDWARE ARTHUR PLANTE STORE FUNERAL DIRECTOR 24 Cumberland Street Woonsocket 897 Social SWEET WOOHSOCIKGI Compliments of COYTTDIIVOGUTS Of A PINAULT HARDWARE STORE DIAMQND HILL ICE CREAM 582 Soda' Slfee' Woonsockef Brook and Diamond Hill Rd. Woonsocket Compliments du Compliments de DR. J. EDGAR TANGUAY L'ABBE ARSENE J. CORBEII.. 28I Harris Avenue Woonsocket Paroisse du Precieux-Sang Compliments de AMERICAN PAPER TUBE CO. JOSEPH E. GUERTIN 98 Hazel Street Woonsocket 83 Cumberland Street Woonsocket Compliments of VERDUN MANUFACTURING CO. STAR CARBONIZING COMPANY 4l3 M 'Il R d Diamond Hill Road Woonsocket any' e Oa Woonsocket I-IUGO'S MARKET H. COLLAMATTI, Prop. Meats, Groceries, Provisions Tel. 2422 A. DEXTRAZE "McCANN'S ICE CREAM ROLL" STATE LINE SERVICE STATION 480 Diamond Hill Road Woonsocket Quakel' HIQIWWSY Uxbridge, Mass. 11431 Compliments of ARCH IE'S LUNCH 45 North Main Street Woonsocket Compliments of CITY DAIRY Tel. 283-284 I84 Burnside Avenue Woonsocket Compliments of REV. FATHER JAMES V. GREENE Valley Falls EUGENE NILLO EXPERT SHOE REBUILDER Cordonnier Francais Maison Lafleur "Invisible Half Soles" 485 Social Street Woonsocket Compliments of DR. BERTRAND BEAULIEU DENTIST Hospital Trust Building Main Street Tel, l57-W Woonsocket I Compliments of LAGACE SERVICE OIL CO. 345V North Main Street Woonsocket Compliments of TEDDY'S SHOESH I NE Main Street Woonsocket Compliments of FR. T. J. C. BRENNAN II79 Elmwood Avenue Providence WOONSOCKET AWNING CO. AWNINGS and CANVAS PRODUCTS ALBERT DURAND, Prop. Telephone 4l95 H99 Social Street Woonsocket BICKN ELL MOTOR SALES DODGE 6 PLYMOUTH SALES Cr SERVICE Telephone l3OO 28 Social Street Woonsocket Compliments de REV. ARTHUR A. LAFAYETTE Notre Dame de la Consolation Pawtucket ' Compliments of GUSTAVE MOUSSEAU Compliments of 'T ' MARTIN SODA WORKS Telephone l39O I Rathbun Street Woonsocket A FRIENDS it TeIF'266O Opposite Post-Office THE NEW KANE'S LARGEST FURNITURE STORE 320 Main Street Woonsocket CHRISTIANSEN, MURPHY e co. ACCOUNTANTS and AUDITORS Main Street . Woonsocket I 1441 w -umm-naw., ,NJ-..g..,,:. v, M , , . , ,, .. .. uf . - -Af.--fv awam,--1'-v , -11.-V ,mmmd -.I - . Y I x . ,. f'THT?iIL7""ALG., 3.55 :ij-. w , , Qu .A N 1. 1.5 1 , .M ,f . f, . .,,,,. , , .. ,.. Q, , W-.. . , 65,4 W., ,mu vawwl TQQLZQ A ,-5-' U L ,qw .H - gp.. fn: ' ,- 71,4 7, 7,g,, A t LA'-,Q-A.!' , ,. . V, . 45? , ' w 1 Q--1-mm mme: un:

Suggestions in the Mount St Charles Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Woonsocket, RI) collection:

Mount St Charles Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Woonsocket, RI) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


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Mount St Charles Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Woonsocket, RI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Mount St Charles Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Woonsocket, RI) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 151

1940, pg 151

Mount St Charles Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Woonsocket, RI) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 150

1940, pg 150

Mount St Charles Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Woonsocket, RI) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 12

1940, pg 12

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