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Augusta County Library 1 759 J3 ft S;OD HW ' . Fisfa : ■ ' g 540 85- 3 SG 1 54 C 3354 To Our Dear ALMA MATER Whose walls have unfolded to us the secrets of knowledge We the staff of 39 dedicate this issue of " Sidney Hi.” Waynesboro Public Library 600 South Wayne Ave. Waynesboro, YA 22980 9 THE FACULTY Back Rows left to right Mr. a, T. Adams-Agriculture Mr. 0. 3. Crute-Commercial Geography, Science, History, Algebra, and Geomtry Mr. Paul M. Shull-Mathematics Typing, Algebra, Biology, and Bookkeeping Front Row: left to right Miss Gertrude Stuart-lst 2nd Grades Miss Fannie Moore-3rd 4th Grades Miss Mary Lou McCutcheon-Civics French, English Miss Arnette Hayden-Seventh Grade Mrs. 0. S. Crute-5th 6th Grades STAFF Editor-in-Chief- Assistant Editor-in-Chief- Business Manager- Assistant business Manager- Assistant Business Manager- Assistant Business Manager- Production Manager- Assistant Production Manager-- Proofreader- Mimeographer- Assistant Mimeograph , r- Social Editor- Assistant oocial Editor- ■Sports Editor- Assistant Sports Editor- Assistant Sports Editor- Senior Class Editor- Assistant Class Editor- Junior Class Editor- Sophomore Class Editor- Freshman Class Editor- Art Editor- Assistant Art Editor- Literary Editor- Assistant Literary Editor- -Geneva Wine -B. J. Wampler Jr. -Junior Johnson -Franklin Fultz -Charles Sutton -blvin Smith -Johnnie Driver -Carl Smith --Virginia Gilbert Rollin Harshbarger -Bessie Saufley --Grace DeCrescent -Eunice Link -Claude Landes Jr. -Frank Johnson -David Houff -Rudolph Sheets -Charles Robertson -Roy Hulvey --Jean Harshbarger -Audrey Wine -Carroll Cline -Claude Jordan Jr. -Louise Tyree -Vernon Landes SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President-Johnnie Driver Vice-President--Charles Sutton Secretary-Treasurer-Franklin Fultz Reporter--Grace DeCrescent MOTTO " We learn not for school but for life, " Color Flower Pink and White Rose and Fern MEMBERS Back Row: left to right Charles Sutton, Elvin Smith, Rollin Harshbarger,Franklin Fultz,Claude Land¬ es, Jr., Frank Johnson,Charles Robertson, B.J.Wampler,Jr., Junior Johnson, Claude Jordan,Jr. Front Row: left to right Vernon Landes, Carroll Cline, John¬ nie Driver, Virginia Gilbert, Grace De- Crescent, Eunice Link, Rudolph Sheets, David Houff. Members not present: Geneva Wine and Louise Tyree Cline, Carroll Clubs--Beta Club Athletics—Basketball, Track Offices--Art Editor " Sidney ‘.Hi " , Class Poet DeCrescent, Grace Clubs- Beta Club, Glee Club Offices--Social Editor " Sidney Hi " President Beta Club Driver, Johnnie Clubs--Beta,Glee, Literary, 4-H Club Athletics--Basketball, Track Offices—Class Orator, Sec. Beta Club, Pres. 4-H Pro. Mgr. " Sidney Hi,” Pres. Sr. Class Fultz, Franklin Clubs--Beta Club Athletics--Basketball, Baseball, Track Offices--Capt. Basketball, Sec. Senior Class Gilbert, Virginia Clubs--Literary, Rotary Award Athletics--Baseball Offices--Proof-reader " Sidney Hi, " Giftorian Harshbarger, Rollin Clubs—Glee Club, Beta Club, Rotary Award Athletics--Basketball, Baseball, Track Offices--Memograph Editor " Sidney Hi " Houff, David Clubs--School Boy Patrol Athletics--Baseball Offices--Asst.Sports Editor of " Sidney Hi " Johnson, Frank Athletics--Basketball, Baseball Offices — — Asst. Sports Editor of " Sidney Hi " Johnson, Junior Clubs--Beta, Glee, 4-H, Literary Clubs Athletics--Basketball, Manager Baseball Track Offices — —Bus• Mgr. " Sidney Hi, " Pres. F. F. A. Valedictorian Jordan, Claude Offices — — Asst. Art Editor " Sidney Hi " Landes, Claude Clubs--Glee Club Athletics--Baseball, Basketball, Track Offices--Sports Editor " Sidney Hi " Landes, Vernon Offices--Asst. Literary Editor " Sidney Hi " Link, Eunice Clubs--Glee Club, 4-H Club Offices--Asst. Social Editor " Sidney Hi " Robertson, Charles Athletics--Track Offices--Asst. Class Editor " Sidney Hi " Sheets, Rudolph Clubs--Glee Club, Literary Club Athletics--Track Offices--Class Editor " Sidney Hi, " Class Hist. Smith, Elvin Offices--Asst. Business Manager " Sidney Hi " Sutton, Charles Clubs--Beta Club, 4-H Club Athletics--Basketball, Baseball Offices--Asst. Business Manager " Sidney Hi " Tyree, Louise Clubs--Literary Offices--Literary Editor " Sidney Hi " Wampler, B, J., Jr. Clubs--Beta Club, Literary Offices ——Asst• Editor " Sidney Hi, " Class Prophet Vice-President Beta Club Wine, Geneva Club 3 --4-H Club, Glee Club Offices--Editor-in-Chief " Sidney Hi " Salutatorian, Vice-Pres. 4-H Club GLASS HISTORY Just as history of nations is divided into periods which are distinct from one another,so divided are our lives in various periods of history. This year twenty seniors of Mount Sidney bring to a close one period of their life’s history; four years of working end plan¬ ning together,with memories and experiences which can¬ not be forgotten, with a store of knowledge that will influence the remainder of our lives.Since it is evid¬ ent that our High School days will greatly shape our future proceedings, it is well that we should glance back and review our actions during the past four years as one body. October 1, 1935 saw twenty-four of us,having emer¬ ged from the seventh grade, standing before the doors of Mount Sidney High.The doors opened, we entered, and with much glee and meaningless talk came to order to the command of Professor Grute, who warned us of what was corning and immediately began making plans for our future. Miss McGutcheon, a new member of the faculty invited us to the study of English, and has faithfully guided us in four years of wrestling with preoostions adverbs and other phases of English grammar as well as Shakespeare, Tennyson, Longfellow, Poe and many other masters of English literature. For the art of math, algebra, biology and commercial courses we flocked to Mr. Shull, for history to Mr. Grute who has also in¬ structed us in civics, chemistry, science, and geom- trv. Many chose to probe the depths of agrarian stud¬ ies and for these Mr.E.B.Craun was available for the first three years, giving way to Mr. A. T. Adams for the fourth year. Perhaps the greatest achievement of our first yr. was the realization on our part, of the seriousness of the task we were undertaking and a dawning on our mind of the fact that to obtain knowledge requires much ao- plication on the part of the seeker. During the first year we lost one member Louise Tyree. At the end of the first term,in the spring of 36,twenty-three Fresh¬ men who were green the precceding fall now showed a slight tint from having been exposed to the strong ray of knowledge for eight months. Upon convening for the second term, we discovered the loss of one member, Frances Hawkins, and later in that same year lost another, Gladys Glinodinst. How¬ ever we were rejoined by Louise Tyree, and in March we gained one B. J. Wampler, who although, he had little to say soon convinced us he contained much wisdom that would greatly aid in the solving of our proolums. This year we saw the dedication of our gymnasium in which ' we have spent many playful hours. The addition of this building added greatly to our opportunities. The clos¬ ing of the second eight month term marked the half way point in our high school course. After the lapse of the summer months we again as¬ sembled in September 1937 to continue our studies,hav-■ ing no 7 been raised to the level of Juniors. Our num¬ ber was added to by Grice DoGrescont and liter in the season Elvin Smith. This year we settled down to work with less gayety and more seriousness. The passing of the third year left only one remaining term to conquer. Upon convening for the last session we were soon to detect a lessening in our force. Gay Cline and Mary Alice Wine being the two ' who had discontinued working with us, and now our force stood at twenty. At last we were Seniors and were we proud, but this we soon found was the hardest period in our whole high school career. To carry on our regular studies, to maintain a dignity worthy of seniors,and the many necessary provisions to bo made for graduation kept us busy and the last year slipped by in great rapidity. Mow comes to close one period of our lives. vVe have been indeed fortunate in having the same faculty, Mr. Crute, Mr. Shull,and Miss McGutcheon the entire four years. As we glance back each one can see where he has made mistakes which can¬ not be remedied now. Let us urge you who are follow¬ ing our course to profit by our mistakes and look upon your high school opportunities seriously and use them to your greatest advantage. Rudolph Sheets CLASS PROPHECY It was about sundown on one of those warm, lazy evenings of spring. Being unable to think properly on prophecy of this class, I wandered out upon a grassy hill,thinking perhaps the beauty of the evening would help me solve my problem. As I sat deep in thought I was unaware of an airplane until it swooped over my head. Looking up I saw a white object drop over the side;it suddenly flared out into a parachute and came gently to earth. On reaching it found a ticket read¬ ing, " To the Prophet of the class of 1P39, Mt. Sidney High School. " Eagerly I tore off the wrappings and to my surprise found a small black box. On one side was a silver screen, on the other a set of keys. While I sat pondering over this strange object, dusk faded into night. The spring breeze came rust¬ ling through the tall grass. I began punching the keys and instantly a strange light seemed to flash on tue screen from within the box. It was Yankee Stadium. I recognized the man on the mound, Frank Johnson and Franklin Fultz as the one covering second base. They were playing with the Yankee’s who were still World ' s Champions. Punching the keys j.gain another picture flashed on the screen. I recognized a busy law office with Charles Sutton at the desk. His effecient secretary was Genova Wine. I punched the keys again and I saw the artist of our class drawing comics for a nation wide magazine. It was trie famous Carroll Cline. The next,was a scene of a modern passenger plane. It was meal time and the charming hostess, Grace De- Crescent was moving among the passengers seeing that everything was all right. The next scene made one almost smell the medicine of a hospital. Doctor Elvin Smith was giving Nurse Eunice Link instructions for the care of a patient. Forgetting the mystery of the box, I punched the keys again. My eager eye was soon rewarded with the gleam of shinning rails. Rushing along like a silver streak was a streamlined train, " whe Presidents Spec¬ ial, " A close up revealed another member of our class at the controls of the powerful was Charles Robertson. Again I punched, and this time I saw a member of our class survying with an inward pride and satis¬ faction rows of shinning jelly glasses, perhaps look- ing forward to the time of testing the flavor. This satisfied homemaker was Virginia Gilbert. It is strange so many Seniors of ’39 are working together,but the next picture was that of a luxurious flying boat. It had a crew of twenty but I knew only two of them. One was the chief radio operator known to us a Johnnie Driver. The other was navigating eng¬ ineer, charterer of the seas whom we knew as Claude Jordan. Strangly enough I again found two classmates in the same firm. It was a cement factory, the greatest in the world. Head bookkeeper in this firm was Rollin Harshbarger while head business manager was our class valedictorian, Junior Johnson. As I punched the keys, the scene changed. This time saw a member of our class conducting scientific expermints before a group of agriculture students. I recognized him as Vernon Landis. The next picture took me into a large hotel in a beautiful city. Many people were going in and out of its doors. I saw on a door at the back of the lobby ’’David Houff, Manager. " Flashing on the screen now was the interior of a style shop. There I found another class mate, Louise Tyree, designing evening gowns. Next was the inside of a large gymnasium. It was a basket ball teem of a large college running through some trick plays. I recognized Landis as their promising coach. As I punched the keys yet another time I saw a huge auditorium filled with people. They were almost swaying to the roll of a symphony orchestra. As the orchestra finished the loader turned and bowed to the crowd and who should he be except Rudolph Sheets, now a great musician. Having seen the futures of all of my classmates I decided to delve into my own future. But this time when I punched the keys, the box only became warm in my hands. Finally it became so hot I had to drop it, and as it touched the ground the silver screen became gray as wood ashes. Then the box slowly crumbled to dust and disappeared. Pondering the mystery of the box I slowly walked down the hill toward the house thinking it was best I did not know what the future held in store for me,be¬ cause any young person is often helped over the rough spots of his life by a mere thread of his dreams of a glorious future. B. J. Wampler Jr. GLASS POEM Today our high school days are done, The battle fought, the victory won; The senior class of thirty-nine, Is leaving high school days behing. At many times we must admit It’s taken spunk, it ' s taken grit To do the task to us assigned By our dear teachers good and kind. But they had also passed this way, And knew where many hardships lay, So each surmounted with their aid; We one and all have made the grade. With victory won and school days o’er We sometimes wish there were still more. For after all our toil and care, It almost makes us shed a tear To think as we pass through the gate, One from another must separate. Into a now world wo must go; Exactly where we do not know. But trusting God for all the best, We lay our high school days to rest, Hoping those who follow in our wake; May benefit by our mistakes. Carroll Cline . vf •4 ' I { JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President--Roy Hulvey Vice-president-Melvin Alexander Secretary-Treasurer--Gladys Croushorn Reporter-Bessie Saufley MOTTO " Make the best better. " Flower Color Yellow Roses Green and Gold MEMBERS Bragg, Pauline Byers, Russell Croushorn, Gladys Decrescent, Constance Ellick, Chester Garber, Helen Harman, Esket Harshgarger, Janet Hulvey, Roy Kiser, S amue1 Saufley, Bessie Shumate, Catherine Smith, Carl Smith, Delia Thompson, Eugene Tutwiler, Hilda Wheeler, Evelyn Whitmer, Allegra - SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS president--Frances Ralston Vice-President- Marvin Wheeler Secretary-Bernice Wine Treasurer-Jean Harshharger MOTTO " Where there is a will, there is a way. " Flower Color Rose and Fern Green and Gold MEMBERS Baker, Calvin Cline, Charlene Crutchfield, Ruel Flesher, Oliver Garber, Frances Harshbarger, Jean Johnson, Martha Jordan, Charles Link, Winifred Wine , Lucas, Richard Marshall, Phyllis Ralston, Frances Robertson, Margaret Sheets, Charlotte Shumate, Vera Todd, Ruby Wheeler, Marvin Whitmer, Hattie Bernice OFFICERS president--Audrey Wine Vice-President-Lillian Keister Secretary-Luther Bosserman Treasurer-Buddy Weaver Reporter-Etoyai Garber MOTTO " Knock the T off of can ' t. " Flower White Rose MEMBERS Alexander, Cleo Baker, Charlotte Bosserman, Luther Bridges, Mary Frances Brown, Ruth Brubeck, Ray Byers, Oneitta Crutchfield, Fervan Decrescent, Eria Fultz, Hilda Garber, Etoyal Garber, Malcolm Gilbert, Junior Hess, Edward Johnson, Margaret Keister, Lillian Color Gold and Blue Kiser, Charles Landis, Russell Loftis, Harry Moore,Marhlin McDaniels, Lena powers, Pauline Reed, Winifred Sheets, Weldon Smith, Claude Thompson, Virginia Tutwiler, Lurty Wampler, Gaynell Weaver, Buddy Whitmer, Phyllis Wine, Audrey ’ ' Vine, Norma SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS President-John McBryde Vice-President--Ray Meyerhoeffer Secretary--Thelma Gwin Treasurer--Hubert Stephenson Reporter-Glenna Whitmore MEMBERS Andes, Majorie Brown, Irinest Byers, Orville Carden, Virginia Cline, Helen Eddins, Alda Flavin, John Foley, Gwendolyn Fultz, Evelyn Garber, Cora Lee Garber, J. M. Good, Agnes Gwin, Thelma Harman, Anne Harshbarger, Dallas Houff, Raymond Houff, Winnie Humphreys, Charles Humphreys, Rembert Kcgloy, Thomas Leach, Claudine Meyerhoeffer, Ray Meyerhoeffer, ’William Michael, Mary Ella Miller, Catherine McBryde, J ohm. Rhoadcap, Charlotte Robinson, Dorothy Sheets, Evelyn Shumate, Fay Stephenson, Hubert Sutton, Eugene Thomas, Hugh Tutwiler, Mary Jane Western, Virginia Whitmore, Glcnna Wilbcrger, John Wine, Dennis Wine, Glenn Yancey, Margaret FIFTH and SIXTH GRADES OFFICERS President--Annis Garber Vice-President-James Sheets Secretary-Edith Alexander Treasurer--George Fultz Reporter--jack Caldwell FIFTH GRADE Alexander, Marion Alexander, Emaline Caldwell, jack Alexander, Janie Cline, Olin Andes, Ruby Flavin, Eugene Andes, Ruth Fultz, George Baker, Helen Good, Charles Carson, Ruby Houf.f, Earl Craun, Burnadine Michael, Lester Dull, Gladys Robertson, Thomas Eddins, LaRue Wampler, Harold Gwin, Norma Whitmer, Charles Houff, Eva Wiseman, Floyd Smith, Dorothy Wine, Ellen Wine, Alma SIXTH GRADE Carson, Calvin Alexander, Edith Croushorn, Carl Dull, Phyllis Dickerson, Ocie Garber, Annis Hess, Thomas M.cBryde, Ruth Link, Stanley Moore, Peggy Michael, Charlie Sheets, James Smith, Roy Wampler, Glenn Wine, Benjamin Wine, Palmer Yancey, John THIRD Almarode, Betty Jo Craun, Hildred Foley, Reba Fultz, Phyllis Good, Adele Hahn, J ame s Hess, Catherine Propst, Herman Reed, Garland FOURTH Brown, Raymond Cline, JaNell Crutchfield, Dennis Diehl, Ollie Mae Fifer, Leslie Humphreys, Teddy O’Baugh, Donald GRADE Sheets, Lena Shifflett, Owen Shumate, Marvin Strickler, Hunter Thomas, Glenn Todd, Gilmer Todd, Johnnie Wampler, Claude Yancey, Vivian GRADE Smith, George Strickler, Harold Thomas, Mary Lee Tutwiler, Rodney Webb, Polly Wilberger, Billy Ann Zigler, Virginia FIRST GRADE Bowers, Catherine Craun, Arbeatrice Flavin, Paul Humphrey, Earl Humphrey, Robert Moore, william Wiseman, Rhoadcap, Hazel Robertson, Mary Sanger, Betty Jo Smith, Reese Strickler, Junior Tutwiler, Imogene Johnnie SECOND GRADE Alexander, James Bowers, Hugh Caldwell, Patricia Diehl, Raymond Filer, Everett Flavin, Glenn Garber, June McBryde, Mary Zigler, Moore, Samuel Moore, Robert O ' Raugh, Beverly Reeves, Warren Shifflet, Raymond Sousa, Peggy Webb, Nannette Yancey, Dorothy Hazel THE GLEE CLUBS HIGH SCHOOL Bosserman, Luther Brubeck, Ray Byers, Oneitta Cline, Carroll Cline, Charlene Crutchfield, Ruel DeCrescent, Connie DeCrescent, Eria DeCrescent, Grace Driver, Johnnie Garber, Frances Harshbarger, Janet Harshbarger, Jean Harshbarger, Rolin Johnson, Margaret Johnson, Martha Keister, Lillian Kiser, Charles Kiser, Samuel Landes, Claude Link, Eunice Loftis, Harry MEMBERS Moore, Marhlin Ralston, Frances Robertson, Chas. Sheets, Charlote Sheets, Rudolph Sheets, Weldon Smith, Carl Smith, Claude Wampler, Gaynell Wine, Audrey Wine, Bernice Wine, Geneva Wine, Norma Whitmore, Hattie GRADE Andes, Marjorie Andes, Ruby Andes, Ruth Caldwell, Jack Carden, Virginia Cline, Helen Cline, Olin Croushorn, Carl Garber, Cora Lee Gw in, Thelma Harman, Anne Leach, Claudine Moore, Peggy McBryde, Ruth Rhodcap, Charlote Shumate, Fay Smith, Dorothy Wampler, Glenn Wampler, Harold Wine, Alma ’Wine, Benjamin Wine, Ellen This is the first time,that a Glee Club has been fully organized at Mt. Sidney School,since its decline four years ago. We have been very fortunate in having as our instructor, Miss Spitzer, from Madison College and under her direction, the club has succeeded in do¬ ing a fine piece of work. Miss Dunbar,Supervisor of Music,in Augusta County has worked with the club and made it possible for the girls chorus to sing at Churchville and Richmond. The girls attended the State Musical Festival at Richmond. They came back much delighted as they were well complimented for their singing. The club has done very well the first year and we are hoping for a bigger and better club next year. OFFICERS President--Grace Decrescent Vice-President--B. J. Wampler Jr. Secretary-Treasurer--Johnnie Driver MOTTO " We lead, others follow. COLORS Black and Gold MEMBERS Cline, Carroll Croushorn, Gladys Decrescent, Grace Driver, Johnnie Fultz, Franklin Harshbarger, Rollin Johnson, Junior Saufley, Bessie Sutton, Charles Wampler, B. J. Jr. LITERARY SOCIETY District G Winners Debate Harshbarger, Janet Sheets, Rudolph Smith, Carl County Winners Debate Croushorn, Gladys Driver, Johnnie Harshbarger, Janet Johnson, Junior Sheets, Rudolph Smith, Carl Extemporaneous Reading Smith, George Webb, Polly District A Winners Reading Wampler, B. J. Jr. ' Wine, Audrey School Winners Carden, Virginia Crutchfield, Dennis Gilbert, Virginia Harman, Anne Harshbarger, Dallas Johnson, Martha Wine, Benjamin MEMBERS McBryde, John McBryde, Ruth Sheets, Rudolph Smith, Dorothy Wampler, Claude Wilberger, Billy Ann Almarode,Betty Jo Alexander,Edith Caldwell,Jack Carden,Virginia Cline,Helen Croushorn,Gladys Crutchfield,Denis Driver,Johnnie Eddins,Alda Foley,Gwendolyn Gilbert,Virginia Gwin,Thelma Harman,Anne Harshbarger,Dallas Harshbarger,Janet Humphrey,Charles Johnson,Junior Johnson,Martha Johnson,Margaret Loftis,Harry McBryde,John McBryde,Ruth Sheets,Charlotte Sheets,Rudolph Wilberger,Billy Ann Smith,Carl Smith,Delia Smith,Dorothy Smith,George Todd,J ohnnie Tyree,Louise Wampler,B.J.Jr. Wampler,Claude Whitmore,Hattie Wine,Audrey Wine,Benjamin Wine,Dennis 4-H CLUB OFFICERS President--Johnnie Driver Vice-President--Geneva Wine Secretary-Treasurer--Bessie Saufley Reporter-Samuel Kiser Song Leader--Constance Decrescent MOTTO " To Make the Best Better. " Color Green and White This year the combined boys and girls 4-H Club had a total of 69 members.With the aid of our local leader Mrs. E.O.Shumake and our county leaders Miss Alverson and Mr.Coiner the club has had a very suc¬ cessful year. We won a banner for having the best combined high school and grade club in the county,and also a plaque for the best c-ldb in Augusta County. In our club work this year the girls have learn¬ ed many useful things to be used about the home.The boys have also learned many useful things that will be a help to them in their future work. £ I F. F. A. President--Junior Johnson Vice-President--Roy Hulvey Secretary--Oliver Flesher Treasurer--Carl Smith Watch Dog--Junior Gilbert Reporter--Samuel Kiser Advisor--Mr. A. T. Adams MEMBERS Baker, Calvin Johnson, Junior Bosserman, Luther Kiser, Charles Byers, Russell Kiser, Samuel Crutchfield, Ruel Landes , Russell Elick, Chester Link, Winfred Flesher, Oliver Loftis , Harry Garber, Malcolm Moore, Marhlin Gilbert, Junior Smith, Carl Hulvey, Roy Smith, Claude Wheeler, Marvin Captains: Roy Hulvey Carl Smith Lieutenants: Junior Gilbert Edward. Hess MEMBERS Bosserman, Luther Brubeck, Ray Garber, J. M. Gilbert, Junior Harmon, Esket Harshbar-ger, Dallas Hess, Edward Houff, David Thomas, Hugh Hulvey, Roy Johnson, Frank Kegley, Thomas Kiser, Charles Michael, Charlie McBryde, John Smith, Carl Sutton, Eugene The Mount Sidney Patrol Boys have achieved quite a lot this past year. They have been helpful to the whole school. On all occasions they have been ready to help, when called upon. The Patrol Boys have shown us that it is very worth-while to have such an organization. Every men- ber is ready to help at the command. Vi e hope that in the near future, the organzation will continue to do its good work. GIRLS BASKETBALL This year the girls basketball team was not so suc¬ cessful. They were ably coached by Mr. Shull but just couldn ' t get started.In contest games they won two out of six games played. In practice games they were more successful winning eleven out of nineteen games played. Garber our left forward who has been a regular for three years was high scorer with 190 points. Johnson our other forward has 98 points to her credit, Ralston a close runner up with 58 points. Cline was started at center and later shifted to forward scored 40 points. Shumake and Cline showed their playing ability, and at center proved very successful. Whitmore and Wine our hard fighting guards will be back next year with the rest of the team to take their regular places. We are looking forward to a more successful year of basketball next year, as there are some fine prospects from the seventh grade. MSHS 22 North River 15 MSHS 22 North River 14 25 Port Republic 28 18 New Hope 13 22 Mlddlebrook 10 8 Weyers Cave 12 15 Spotswood 15 15 Fishersville 28 23 Middlebrook 10 27 V.S.D.B. (B) 10 14 New Rope 16 13 V.S.D.B. 2 18 Port Republic 28 7 Keezletown 23 23 Weyers Cave 7 16 New Hope 12 12 Stuarts Draft 17 11 Keezletown 18 11 Fishersvillo 34 21 New Hope 11 21 Spottswood 16 12 McGaheysville 34 13 McGaheysville 27 15 V.S.D.B. (B) 5 26 V . 3. D. B. 8 426 415 With plenty of good material to pick from and the excellent coaching of Mr.Shull boys basketball got off to a good start and had the most successful year in Mt. Sidney’s history of basketball. Winning nineteen out of twenty-six games played. Although we lost to Weyers Cave in a tie for District A. Championship,we were very successful in the Gold Medal tournament staged at Bev¬ erley Manor, winning second place and the silver cup. Smith,Hulvey,Sutton,Landes,Johnson all newcomers, saw plenty of action.Fultz high scorer with 223 points. The team looses Fultz, Sutton, Johnson, Landes by graduation. But we are hoping for a fair team for a large number of boys reported last fall for practice. MSHS 26 North River 10 MSHS 13 Broadway 22 23 Port Republic 19 17 Weyers Cave 14 25 Middlebrook 21 29 Fishersville 7 10 Spottswood 8 49 Keezletown 7 21 Middlebrook 18 21 MS Indies (E) 8 30 New Hope 19 24 Keezletown 17 30 Port Republic 31 25 A.M.A. 26 16 Weyers Cave 22 20 McGaheysville 33 36 Staurts Draft 23 17 MeGaheysville 41 27 p’isher sville 24 18 Waynesboro 17 38 Spottswood 26 19 Craigsville 13 26 North River 16 23 Weyers Cave 29 31 New Hope 15 26 New Hope 23 Squad; 635 509 Forwards-Landes,C.,Sutton,Driver,Landes,R.,Lucas,Byers Centers-Johnson,Cline,Cnutchfield Guards-Fultz,(C),Hulvey,Smith,Harshbarger,Johnson,Link TRACK Last year our team was considerably weakened by graduation, and with practically a new team to start with;and with the sufficent coaching of Mr.Shull the team showed much progress. We placed second in the County meet held at S M.A. sending six men to the District meet and one to the State meet. Point winners in the County meet were: Harshbarger-First in shot put third in discus Driver-Second in the 880 yard run Smith-Second in; tied fourth in hi jump Landes,C.,-Fourth in the discus Loftis--Third in 880 yard run Harshbarger-First in shot put in District meet Relay Team;Harshbarger,Cline,Harman,Hulvey,Smith took second place in County meet and fourth in the District meet. We are looking forward to a better and more suc¬ cessful team next year as there are plenty good pro¬ spects found in Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior Classes. BASEBALL Harshbarger p-cf Smith c Kiser S. lb Landes C. 2b Landes R. 3b Fultz ss-p Hulvey If Houff cf A larger squad reported to day of practice and prospects Flesher rf-3b Sutton rf-3b-ss Lucas ss Kiser C. rf Harman cf Gilbert 3b-ss Elick rf Johnson p Mr. Shull on the first seemed good for a suc¬ cessful defense of our county championship which we won last year. After winning two practice games from the M.S. Independents and Lee Hi by identical scores of 6-5,we lost our first contest game to Weyers Cave 1-5. Then we took two from New Hope 10-5 and 8-6. In our crucial game with Fishersville we were nosed out in the late innings 8-9.In our final contest game of the year Fishersville scored 3 eake out 7-8 win. In another from Stuarts Draft 5-1. Much new material was found in the Freshman class and although five first team players are lost this year by graduation,prospects for the future of base¬ ball at Mount Sidney seems very bright. runs in the ninth to practice game we won 3 . autograph tf jcVLu ; ( uStbs ui on vU O ' 2 ' J2y ' i-txU9 z v ' Q ' GlrA i ' _ TO BETTER HEALTH Have Seaw right Mineral Water Delivered to Your Home Weekly Recommended by Doctors for Stomach, Kidney and Bladder Troubles Inquire SEAWRIGHT PRODUCTS CORPORATION Mount Sidney, Virginia or New York, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS BARTH-WEINBERG COMPANY for Half a Century Staunton’s Leading Clothiers Staunton, Virginia H.B.CLEVELAND MOTORS INC. Dodg©-Plymouth Sales and Service Telephone 401 Johnson Lewis Streets Staunton, Virginia Wm. P enn Motor Oils Greases EVERY DROP SAFE for THE FASTEST FINEST Guaranteed 100% Pure Pennsylvania B. Crawford Weaver-AGENT Mount Sidney, Va, Rose’s hair was dry and stringy Violet’s hair was oily and straight Susan went to the ’’Modern” regular She always looked just right. DO YOU? A PERMANENT IS A PERFECT GRADUATING GIFT Phono 1479 for your appointment MODERN BEAUTY SHOPPE 12 West Fredrick Street Staunton, Virginia Eat IMPERIAL ICE CREAM The Ideal Graduation Gift A PORTABLE TYPEWRITER We Sell All Makes Easy Monthly Payments HASSELL OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY 132 East Beverley Street Staunton, Virginia Across from Dixie Theatre If You Care To Look Right Have Your Clothes Cleaned and Pressed at SHIFFLETT f S CLEANING AND DYING WORKS Mount Sidney, Virginia Branch Offic e 10 South New Street Staunton, Virginia COMPLIMENTS of STAUNTON INDUSTRIAL LOAN CORPORATION Central Avenue Staunton, Virginia REID STORES INC Staunton, Virginia Eight Complete Food Markets Better Health Through Bettor Foods Distributors of Foods For Twenty Years DONATED COMPLIMENTS of JOSEPH NEY SONS 50 Main Street Harrisonburg, Virginia Sporting Goods for All Sports STAUNTON SPORT SHOP Staunton,Virginia COMPLIMENTS of Foot Long Hot Dogs Jumbo Sandwiches Fountain and Curb Service a Speciality NEVER CLOSED l COMPLIMENTS : SHEETS and HAWKINS of : OK Rubber Welders HILL ' S CAFE : Tire and Tube Repairing : OK Used Tires for Sale 24 North Central Avenue Staunton, Virginia : 245 North Central Avenue : Staunton, Virginia RETREADING VULCANIZING : WILLSON BROTHERS : the HENSJjEY TIRE BATTERY CO. REXaLL, DRUGGISTS :W.Main Street, Staunton,Va, General Tire Battery Service : A boy.,, a girl, springtime : A Kodak and Love Phone 207 209 North Central Avenue Staunton, Virginia :Let us do your developing. : WILLSON BROTHERS COMPLIMENTS : Chevrolet Oldsmobile : Cadallac La Salle of : Sales and Service B. NEY SONS : COMMUNITY MOTOR CORP. :212 214 N. Central Avenue Harrisonburg, Virginia ; Staunton, Virginia 4 HIGH-WAY TIRE TREAD CO. : COMPLIMENTS : of Recapping-Vulcanizing 274 North Central Avenue : CENTRAL NEWS STAND : 16 North Central Avenue Phone 1784 Staunton, Va.: Staunton, Virginia LINK AND SHEETS GARAGE MRS. A. J. RITCHIE Mount Sidney Virginia If We Please You Tell others If Not, Tell Us Complete line of General Merchandise and Groceries We buy and sell all kind of country produce Mount Sidney Virginia Amoco and Orange Gas Compliments Lubricating Oils Greases of F. H. LACKEY Fort Defiance Virginia JOHNNIE AUSTIN Fort Defiance, Virginia COMPLIMENTS of SNELLS QUICK LUNCH Phone 1126 Staunton, Virginia GUSS DULLS TRANSFER CO. Coal and Wood at The Right Price Hauling of all Kinds 32W.Johnson St, Phone 337 Staunton, Virginia COMPLIMENTS of DONATED KAUFMANS Staunton, Virginia RALPH’S GASH GROCERY Mount Sidney, Virginia Fresh Meat Tobacco Candy Soft Drinks HOSTETLER ' S CUTRATE STORES 6 S. Augusta Street Staunton, Virginia Home of Low Prices Patent Medicines, Tobacco Toilet articles. Candy Lunches, Dinner Service, Cabins Showers, Running water in Cabins Trailer and Truck Parking Service VERONA TOURIST SERVICE Rolla, Virginia E. H. Trainum, Manager Quality Cut Rate Drugs Sherwin Williams Paints THOMAS HOGSHEAD INC. The Corner Drug Store Staunton, Virginia AUGUST A FURNITURE COMPANY The Store of Largest Assortments Carpets, Stoves and House Furnishing Goods 114-116 West Beverley Street Staunton, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF Jewel Box Expert in watch repairing Staunton, Virginia ' WE INVITE The 1939 Mt. Sidney Senior Class to Investigate The Record of Past Graduates of This School Who Have Attended Dunsmore Business College " What They Have Done You Can Do " " Over Twelve Thousand Successful Graduates " DUNSMORE BUSINESS COLLEGE Sta unton, Virginia MICK OR MACK Cash Talks Harrisonburg, Virginia Quality Groceries and Meats at Lowest Prices SENIORS of 1939 Do You Know that you can purchase a very appro¬ priate gift for your school—a gift that will perpetuate the memory of the class of ’39 for as little as $3.60? catalog contains pictures and full descriptions with prices on more than 300 items which have been se¬ lected for their suitability as class gifts and which you can purchase at a saving at prices ranging from $1.50 up. You will be pleased with the up-to- date suggestions offered thru this service. L C. P. SCHOOL GIFT SERVICE 615 Wyandotte Street Kansas City, Missouri OUR COMPLIMENTS TO THE GRADUATES TO THE UNDER GRADUATES TO THE SUPERINTENDENT TO THE PRINCIPAL AND TEACHERS We hope that our cooperation has enabled you to enjoy a better Year Book than would Otherwise have been possible. HOOVER BROTHERS, Inc. KANSAS CITY. MO. Distributors for MILTON BRADLEY COMPANY SPRINGFIELD, MASS. 3 y t y l4r

Suggestions in the Mount Sidney High School - Sidney Hi Yearbook (Mount Sidney, VA) collection:

Mount Sidney High School - Sidney Hi Yearbook (Mount Sidney, VA) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


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Mount Sidney High School - Sidney Hi Yearbook (Mount Sidney, VA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 90

1939, pg 90

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